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05/31/2012 > 60 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20120137200 - System and method for displaying electronic publications: A file format and a reader for electronic periodicals composed a digital replica of a hardcopy of a periodical. The file format includes a plurality of primarily text-only files corresponding to articles in the digital replica. The reader displays the digital replica, and when a user activates a control to... Agent:

20120137201 - Enabling predictive web browsing: A system and method for determining and displaying, in a predictive manner, relevant “next clicks” based upon historical web-usage patterns of previous visitors (the browsing user and/or other users) to referring web pages. In one embodiment, identification of one or more links selected by previous visitors on a plurality of... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20120137202 - System for exploring connections between data pages: A system to explore connections between a current and other pages by stepping through and seeing connections by successive juxtaposition. Content links each represent a connection between a first and second pages, where such content links each include at least one departure point in the first page and arrival point... Agent:

20120137203 - Computer-implemented method for displaying data values calculated by a spreadsheet-function: s

20120137204 - Automatic spreadsheet validation: A spreadsheet validation method may provide a validation input value to an input field of a computer spreadsheet application and identify a calculated result from an output field of the computer spreadsheet application. The result is calculated based on a formula associated with the output field and the formula uses... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20120137205 - Transparent business data composition systems and/or methods: Certain example embodiments described herein relate to techniques for enabling a business process model (BPM) to be transparent (in whole or in part) from the source of data that triggers it. More particularly, certain example embodiments relate to techniques enabling transparent composition and decomposition of e-form data from one or... Agent:

20120137206 - Method of inputting information into an electronic form: Described is a method to communicate to a third party information for part of an electronic form that cannot be competed and then to incorporate returned information into the electronic form. In various embodiments, while filling in an electronic form, a requestor requests assistance in the form of information from... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120137210 - Computer networking system and method with javascript injection for web page response time determination: An apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium comprising program code which when executed by an apparatus causes the apparatus to effect the method, for pre-fetching web content. Preferably, a proxy server performs the pre-fetching. Techniques such, for example, as executing Javascript in pre-fetched pages, modifying pre-fetched pages to address URL... Agent: Hughes Network Systems, LLC

20120137208 - Document creation system, document creation method, image processing apparatus, and recording medium: A document creation system including a document creation apparatus and an image processing apparatus, the document creation apparatus including a requesting portion which requests the image processing apparatus to provide dummy data to be temporarily inserted into the document, and the image processing apparatus including an address analyzer; a dummy... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20120137207 - Systems and methods for converting a pdf file: A method can comprise parsing a PDF file to collect a plurality of primitive objects. The method can also comprise iteratively joining a subset of the plurality of primitive objects to form editable design objects for a corresponding design file.... Agent:

20120137209 - Visualizing total order relation of nodes in a structured document: A method, system, and a computer readable storage medium for visualizing total order relation of nodes included in structured document. The method includes the steps of: acquiring log information, where the log information is created by storing information on transitions between nodes in a structured document in chronological order; specifying... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120137211 - Method and apparatus for specifying mapping parameters for user interface element presentation in an application: A method and apparatus are provided that may enable the specifying mapping parameters for user interface element presentation in an application. In this regard, for example, a user interface element layout for a native application may be specified by augmenting the source markup for the user interface. Accordingly, for example,... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120137212 - Programmatic conversion of support documentation into executable programs: Embodiments of the present invention provide an approach to automatically convert existing support materials (support manuals, troubleshooting guides, content, help files, etc.) into machine-executable programs so as to obviate for manual execution of the steps described in the support materials. That is, the embodiments of the invention will (among other... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120137213 - User role mapping in web applications: Roles and policies are used to provide display and access to data in a flexible manner. Users and/or web applications can be mapped to user roles that dictate which displays or other application resources are available to the user or application. Roles are assigned to web applications individually, allowing for... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20120137214 - Systems and methods for producing a plurality of customized integrated missal bulletins based on common base content: A system and method for producing an integrated missal bulletin having a base content origination system, a first and a second local entity system, and a production system. The base content origination system compiles the base content portions and assigns each base content portion a base content portion reference identifier... Agent: Haubrich-rupp Partnership

20120137215 - Document processing apparatus, method for processing document, and program therefor: A method for processing a document includes: analyzing an input document file having a first format; and setting, when it is analyzed via the analyzing the input document file that the input document file having the first format includes an attached document file having a second format, two different filters:... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120137216 - Mobile terminal: A mobile terminal and an operation control method thereof are provided. The operation control method includes displaying a first image on a display module; in response to a user input with first directivity being detected from the first image, displaying a second image obtained by applying a different screen effect... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120137218 - Method to automatically display filenames encoded in multiple code sets: A computer implemented method, computer program product, and computer system for viewing content encoded in at least one code set and stored in a file system. A computer identifies a unified code set covering all characters used in the file system. The computer, responsive to a user input to view... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120137217 - System and method for adjusting inactivity timeout settings on a display device: In general, embodiments of the invention provide an approach to proactively adjust timeout settings on a display device based on user activity. Specifically, a system and method are presented to adaptively adjust the inactivity timeout settings on a display device based on the application being used, the content being displayed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120137219 - Document viewing device for displaying document data: A MFP is a document viewing device for displaying document data divided for each page. The document viewing device includes a processing device which performs a process of generating a viewing history of a document by a user based on a user operation performed for the document currently displayed on... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20120137220 - Navigating a network of options: A method, system and controller is provided for navigating a network of options on an interactive display. A navigation pane on a display is defined (1201) and a first set of options is displayed in the navigation pane as divided subregions which may be separated by lines (1202). The options... Agent:

20120137221 - Web browser toolbar: A system and a method are disclosed for displaying page elements embedded on a webpage displayed on a handheld computing device. Tools provide one or more functionality to a user, including an ability to view a webpage, to share a webpage, to view webpages within a domain that are popular... Agent: Skyfire Labs, Inc.

20120137222 - Program synthesizing device and program synthesizing method: The program synthesizing device according to the embodiment of the present invention includes: a coupling unit configured to couple an information acquiring plug-in module, an information processing plug-in module, and a presentation plug-in module through their input interfaces and output interfaces based on a mashup scenario; a plug-in module driving... Agent:

20120137223 - Methods and systems for selection of multimedia presentations: Described are a variety of techniques for viewing multimedia-based information in accordance with user controls for the speed and direction of the multimedia presentation. Different techniques for presenting multimedia data items are disclosed. User controls providing control for speed and direction in accordance with a user selection device being in... Agent: Verizon Laboratories Inc.

20120137224 - Customizable and measurable information feeds for personalized communication: A system and a method to provide a personalized feed to a user. Information regarding the user is obtained from the user via customization content. The customization content indicates various categories of content for the user to select from. In response to the user selecting his or her categories of... Agent: Simplefeed, Inc.

20120137225 - Display screen user identification card for access to secured databases: An identification card with a planar member having a plurality of apertures formed therein and a plurality of prisms, each respectively mounted in one of the apertures so as to produce a refraction of a selected color of light transmitted through the aperture different from the refraction of a color... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120137226 - Educational support system: A system to integrate all aspect to the operation and administration of an educational institution, including customized interfaces for different classes of users, allowing differing levels of access and functionality, including, teachers, parents, students, administrators, secretaries, and school nurses.... Agent:

20120137227 - Multi-environment widget assembly, generation, and operation: Widget creation, editing, augmentation, tracking and deployment is provided. Embodiments may include a Widget Assembly Application (“WAA”). The WAA may employ generalized widget templates selected by a user for customizing or assembling widgets. A generator may render previously assembled widgets when requested. The generator may use a skeleton specific to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120137229 - Content distribution systems and methods using digital images: A content distribution system includes a host server communicatively coupled to at least one data store, at least one user, and a network communicatively coupling the at least one user to the host server and the content. The host server includes instructions executable by a processor therein, and in response... Agent: Beyondvia Technologies

20120137230 - Motion enabled data transfer techniques: A method of transferring data between computing devices by way of asynchronous enablement is disclosed, the method comprising: receiving a user gesture input at a first computing device; receiving a user voice command; determining whether the user gesture input forms one of a plurality of different motion types; determining whether... Agent:

20120137228 - Point-to-point file transmitting device and file transmitting method thereof: The present invention relates to a point-to-point file transmitting device and a file transmitting method thereof, the point-to-point file transmitting device comprises: at least one first USB connecting unit, at least one second USB connecting unit, at least one micro-control unit, and a network transmission application, wherein the first USB... Agent: Action Star Enterprise Co. Ltd.

20120137231 - User interfaces for facilitating merging and splitting of communication sessions: An exemplary method includes a communication device maintaining multiple active communication sessions with multiple other communication devices, displaying, on a touch screen display, multiple graphical objects representing the multiple active communication sessions, detecting a pinch touch gesture provided by a user on the touch screen display in relation to the... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20120137232 - Methods and systems for operating a virtual world: A virtual world is operated by an automated system, in which choices available to be made by avatars are assigned point values. As an avatar makes a choice, a corresponding point values is tabulated by the automated system in a record specific to that avatar, and an updated points total... Agent:

20120137233 - Method and apparatus for enabling generation of multiple independent user interface elements from a web page: A method and apparatus are provided that may enable generation of multiple independent user interface elements from a web page. Some embodiments may utilize source data comprising one or more web pages with corresponding web content and map a user interface element of the source data to a corresponding native... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120137234 - Electronic apparatus, display control method for the electronic apparatus, graphical user interface, and display control program: An electronic apparatus, display control method thereof, graphical user interface, and display control program are provided. The electronic apparatus includes a total-number obtaining unit to obtain information about a total number of items to be provided from a source; a first display unit to display undetermined representation images on a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120137235 - Dynamic user interface generation: A user interface of an application is identified as designated for presentation to a particular end user of the application, the user interface rendered based at least in part on a user interface template, the user interface template including a plurality of placeholders, and the user interface adapted to receive... Agent:

20120137236 - Electronic device: An electronic device disclosed herein includes a display unit and an operation unit. The display unit is configured to display a customized screen. The customized screen is configured to display a settings item area and a customized item area. The setting item area is configured to include a plurality of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120137237 - System and method for digital image and video manipulation and transfer: A system, method, and computer program product for automatically manipulating and sharing multimedia content items by acquiring them, defining related item information via graphical user interface, and transferring the items and the related item information to selected destinations whereby the related item information is retained. The related item information includes... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120137238 - Data visualization interface including range control and treemap integration: Data visualization features include visual range controls and treemap representation integration, but the embodiments are not so limited. A computer-implemented method of an embodiment provides a visualization interface that includes a treemap visualization and a number of visual range controls to control rendering of the treemap visualization. A system of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120137241 - Medical image diagnostic apparatus and operation information recording apparatus: According to one embodiment, a medical image diagnostic apparatus includes a user operation input unit, operation information generation unit, and display unit. The user operation input unit accepts user operations for medical examinations. The operation information generation unit generates identification information of the input user operation in real time in... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120137239 - Systems and methods for managing drug therapeutic class information: Systems and methods are described for managing drug therapeutic class information. For each drug, a class describing the drug at a particular level of specificity is indicated for display and/or for use in grouping the respective drug, and a display name is associated with the drug class. Thus, the user... Agent: Mckesson Corporation

20120137240 - Systems and methods to display dependencies within a graph of grouped elements: According to some embodiments, for a set of elements a plurality of dependencies between source elements and target elements may be determined. It may also be determined that a first subset of elements are associated with a first group and that a second subset of the elements are associated with... Agent:

20120137242 - Computer system and control method thereof: A computer system includes a number of input devices, a storage unit storing a plurality of modules, and a processing unit to execute the plurality of modules. The plurality of modules includes instructions executable by the processing unit to switch the operation mode of the computer system from a normal... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120137243 - Rationale development and evaluation tool: A tool and method for capturing information gathered during an analysis project is provided. The tool comprises a storage means for storing the analysis information generated or acquired during progress of an analysis project, wherein the analysis information is in the form of a plurality of graphical representations. Each graphical... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20120137244 - Touch device input device and operation method of the same: A touch device operation method is provided. The touch device input method comprises the steps as follows. A display frame is provided on the touch display module of the touch device, wherein the display frame comprises a software keyboard having virtual keys. A touch input on the touch display module... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20120137245 - Device and method for searching for e-book in portable terminal: A device and a method for searching for an electronic book (e-book) in a portable terminal are provided. More particularly, a device and a method for searching for an e-book in a portable terminal, which can conveniently manage and search for a plurality of e-books in a portable terminal, are... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120137247 - Method and apparatus for providing an electronic book service in a mobile device: A method and a mobile device of providing an electronic book (e-book) service are provided. The method can independently create processed data, without altering the original contents, and share it with other mobile devices. The method includes displaying original contents, overlaying and displaying processed data according to a user's input... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120137246 - Method and system for supporting an electronic book application service, and mobile device adapted to the method: A method and system for supporting an electronic book (e-book) application service and a mobile device adapted to the method are provided. The method includes reproducing an e-book stored in a storage unit, creating, when a number of words related to place names are selected in the e-book, e-book auxiliary... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120137248 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for automatically scrolling items in a selection control: Methods and systems are described for automatically scrolling items in a selection control. A first portion of a plurality of items is presented in a selection control in a user interface via an output device. A second portion, of the plurality, is automatically presented subsequent to the presenting of the... Agent:

20120137249 - Ventilator-initiated prompt regarding detection of double triggering during ventilation: This disclosure describes systems and methods for monitoring and evaluating ventilatory parameters, analyzing those parameters and providing useful notifications and recommendations to clinicians. That is, modern ventilators monitor, evaluate, and graphically represent multiple ventilatory parameters. However, many clinicians may not easily recognize data patterns and correlations indicative of certain patient... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120137250 - Ventilator-initiated prompt regarding detection of fluctuations in resistance: This disclosure describes systems and methods for monitoring ventilatory parameters, analyzing ventilatory data associated with those parameters, and providing useful notifications and/or recommendations to clinicians. For example, many clinicians may not easily identify or recognize data patterns and correlations indicative of a fluctuation in resistance during mechanical ventilation of a... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120137251 - Method for managing menu function in mobile station: The method for managing menu functions in a mobile station includes the steps of executing menu edition, selecting menu items the user uses frequently in the executed menu edition, to set up a menu, executing the menu, and displaying the menu of the selected menu items at first. The basic... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120137252 - Gui device and gui display method: A GUI (Graphical User Interface) device includes a function detecting circuit for detecting whether a plurality of functions is valid or invalid, a controller for changing a display style of icons corresponding to the functions and an icon corresponding to function groups based on the detection done by the function... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120137254 - Context-aware augmented communication: Systems and methods of providing electronic features for creating context-aware vocabulary suggestions for an electronic device include providing a graphical user interface design area having a plurality of display elements. An electronic device user may be provided automated context-aware analysis from information from plural sources including GPS, compass, speaker identification... Agent: Dynavox Systems LLC

20120137253 - Portable device and method for providing user interface mode thereof: A portable device and a method for providing a User Interface (UI) mode are provided. The portable device includes a display unit, a sensor unit for sensing a user's motion, and a control unit for controlling, if the user's motion is sensed by the sensor unit, the display unit to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120137255 - Note management methods and systems: Note management methods and systems are provided. First, inputs are received along a timeline, and at least one note is generated according to the inputs. The at least one note is recorded and arranged along the timeline. In some embodiments, a thumbnail is generated for a respective predefined interval on... Agent: Htc Corporation

20120137257 - Human readable iconic display: The invention is directed to providing a method for managing a human-readable icon associated with a user for displaying the human-readable icon on one or more target displays in response to a request for a service from the user. A user-operable device is used to transmit a request for the... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

20120137256 - Human readable iconic display server: The invention is directed to providing a method for managing a human-readable icon associated with a user for displaying the human-readable icon on one or more target displays in response to a request for a service from the user. An icon server is used to manage and validate a unique... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

20120137259 - Associated file: A method for accessing a file on a computing machine including configuring a sensor to detect an object and a user interacting with the object, associating the object with at least one file on the computing machine, and configuring a display device to render an associated file being accessed in... Agent:

20120137258 - Mobile electronic device, screen control method, and storage medium storing screen control program: According to an aspect, a mobile electronic device includes a touch panel and a control unit. The touch panel displays a screen thereon and detects a gesture performed on a surface thereof. When a sweep gesture is detected by the touch panel, the control unit cause an object corresponding to... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

05/24/2012 > 95 patent applications in 63 patent subcategories.

20120131426 - Document generation and services management: Methods, systems and program products for generating a document of understanding. Embodiments of the invention may provide an interface allowing a user to select from a plurality of component documents. Upon receiving a selection of component documents from the user, embodiments may generate a document of understanding based on the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131427 - System and method for reading multifunctional electronic books on portable readers: A platform agnostic digital publication format that supports rendered and resizable text, illustrations and graphics, “read to me” features and interactive functionality. The format takes advantage of the alternate renditions feature of the OCF of the EPUB® specification and includes both a ShockWave Flash (SWF) based rendition and a HyperText... Agent:

20120131429 - Magnifying the text of a link while still retaining browser function in the magnified display: A web browser magnifies the content of the whole page in memory and displays the relevant portion in a magnifier with hyperlinks. The web browser then maps the magnified display to the original document. Thus, manipulation of the mouse in the magnified display may result in an action with respect... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131428 - Web page crawling method, web page crawling device and computer storage medium thereof: A web page crawling method, a web page crawling device and a computer storage medium thereof are provided. The web page crawling method analyzes a web page to create an object list which comprises a dynamic triggering object according to a DOM. And it creates a triggering mission list which... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20120131430 - Multimedia bookmark method and system thereof: The present invention discloses a multimedia bookmark method and a system thereof. The method of the present invention comprises steps: providing a plurality of digital annotations for an information object; creating a bookmark containing an ordered set organized according to a time relativity, a file relativity or a user-defined attribute... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20120131431 - Tag aggregator: A system for managing tags on a web page is disclosed. Tags are managed by implementing primary and secondary tags. The secondary tags are aggregated to provide network and tag management efficiency.... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20120131432 - Systems and methods for delta encoding, transmission and decoding of html forms: A system comprising a Web Browser that performs delta encoding of HTML form data for HTML form submission over HTTP, and a Web Server that performs delta decoding of delta encoded HTML form data received over HTTP from the Web Browser, where delta encoding comprises encoding only HTML form elements... Agent:

20120131433 - Apparatus and method for automatically determining a version of a file: A method for versioning is provided. The method includes receiving a command to compose a primary communication, and receiving a command to include a secondary communication with the primary communication. The method also includes determining a version of the secondary communication, and transferring the primary communication, the secondary communication, and... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20120131434 - Document renewal and translation: Methods, systems and program products for renewing documents relating to an agreement between two entities. Content from an existing document is extracted, the existing document having been created from component documents. A selection of one or more updated component documents is received. An updated document is then generated based on... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131435 - Virtual notes in a reality overlay: Virtual notes are provided that enable virtual communications between users. A user is enabled to input content into a note using an electronic device. The user is enabled to associate a virtual representation of the note with an entity to generate a virtual note. The user is enabled to position... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20120131436 - Automated report generation with links: An example method for image review and reporting includes providing access to a report including one or more entries associated with image content. The method includes facilitating user selection of an entry in the report. The method includes displaying one or more images and image annotations associated with the entry... Agent: General Electric Company

20120131443 - Apparatus, system and method for sports video publishing and delivery and api for same: The present invention is and includes a device, system and method for providing an image enhancement widget. The device, system and method include a javascript component that, upon execution, obtains at least one subject of primary content on a networked page, and at least one permission for enhancement of the... Agent:

20120131444 - Automated scrolling of browser content and automated activation of browser links: An automatic scrolling mechanism converts an information repository into media that can actively present and “push” information to the users/viewers while retaining existing “pull” and interactivity functions. Automatic scrolling can be controlled by placing a cursor on control icons, such as boxes, lines, and arrow clusters. While the cursor is... Agent:

20120131438 - Method and system of web page content filtering: The present disclosure provides a method and system for web page content filtering. A method comprises: examining the web page content provided by a user; obtaining at least one high risk rule from a high risk characteristic library when the examining of the web page content detects a high risk... Agent: Alibaba Group Holding Limited

20120131440 - Method for context-sensitive presentation of patient-related information: A computer-implemented method for displaying chronic illnesses on a graphical user interface of a data processing system, where the graphical user interface includes a first and a second display window.... Agent: Compugroup Medical Ag

20120131437 - Method, apparatus and system of displaying webpages: A method of displaying a webpage includes: receiving a first request message from a client requesting to browse a webpage; sending a second request message to the client requesting for a screen resolution adopted by the client; receiving, form the client, information indicative of the screen resolution adopted by the... Agent: Alibaba Group Holding Limited

20120131442 - Methods and systems of generating and editing adaptable and interactive network documents: A method of generating an adaptable and interactive network document which comprises selecting a layout of an interactive network document having a plurality of discrete interactive elements, automatically calculating at least one relative arrangement rule defining a relation between a layout parameter of one of the plurality of discrete interactive... Agent: Armadil Com Ltd.

20120131441 - Multi-mode web browsing: A computer-implemented method for displaying web pages includes receiving code for a first web page, the code defining formatting for displaying the web page in at least two different display modes, displaying web page in a first display mode in a browser, the first display mode being a full page... Agent: Google Inc.

20120131439 - Scripted dynamic document generation: A dynamic document template having static data, dynamic data, and/or procedural statements may be called by an application on a server. The dynamic document template is separate from the application program and is processed to form an interim script, which is then executed by a host computer system. The script... Agent: Unisys Corp.

20120131445 - Template-based content creation: Methods, systems and program products for generating content from a user-created template. Embodiments of the invention may provide an interface configured to allow users to create templates, where the templates further include a user-specified formatting. Embodiments may receive a template created by a user using the provided interface, and responsive... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131446 - Method for displaying web page in a portable terminal: A method for displaying a Web page in a portable terminal is provided, in which a Web page to which access is requested is downloaded and divided into a body component and an input component by paring the Web page, then the body component is displayed in a predetermined area... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120131447 - System, method and apparatus of providing/receiving service of plurality of content providers and client: A service providing method providing at least one of service provided from a plurality of contents provider to clients includes receiving metadata related to at least one of service provided from the contents provider; converting the received metadata into the metadata of XML format; and providing the metadata of the... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120131448 - Secure inter-module communication mechanism: Methods, apparatuses, and systems directed to facilitating secure, structured interactions between code modules executing within the context of a document processed by a user agent, such as a browser client, that implements a domain security model. In a particular implementation, a module connector script or object loaded into a base... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20120131449 - System and method for rapid document conversion: In one embodiment, a method of providing a modular document for display on a wireless communication device is disclosed. The method comprises receiving a request for the modular document from the wireless communication device for display thereon; requesting the document from a document server; retrieving user preferences for display of... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120131450 - Apparatus and method for providing electronic book service: An apparatus and method for changing electronic book (e-book) contents in an e-book system are provided. The method includes displaying e-book contents on a display unit, identifying at least one first information to be changed in the e-book contents, identifying change information for changing the first information, and, collectively changing... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120131451 - Electronic dictionary device with touch panel display module and search method of electronic device with touch panel display module: The electronic dictionary device, when one character in text displayed on a touch panel display module is specified by a cursor operation, retrieves entry words in a dictionary stored in a dictionary storage module in descending order of length of an entry word that matches a series of character strings... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20120131452 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus includes a document reader, a storage for storing image data, a display image generator for generating a display image, a display panel and a control unit-side controller for giving display guidance on the input status of image data from the document reader, on the display panel.... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120131454 - Activating an advertisement by performing gestures on the advertisement: An advertisement shown on a device with a touch-sensitive display may be activated via gestures performed on the touch-sensitive display. The advertisement is activated if contact with the display corresponds to a predefined gesture for activating the advertisement. The device may display on the touch-sensitive display an indication of a... Agent:

20120131453 - Gui control improvement using a capacitive touch screen: A system includes a processing device, a touch screen display, a memory coupled to the processing device and a graphical user interface (GUI) control module, executed from the processor and the memory. The GUI control module identifies a control element displayed on the touch screen display near a location of... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20120131455 - Method for differentiating haptic feelings by a select menu of a rotary switch: The present invention relates to a method for differentiating haptic feelings by a selection menu of a rotary switch, in which haptic feelings of the switch or rotary switch can be differentiated by each menu when scrolling the rotary switch in order to setup or select a variety of functions... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120131456 - Capture and playback for gui-based tasks: Described herein are techniques for capture and playback of user-performed GUI-based (Graphical User Interface) tasks across multiple GUI-based applications. The described techniques include performing the playback of such tasks without depending upon the playback environmental conditions matching the original capture conditions.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120131457 - Conflict switches for implementation guide node changes: An enhancement implementation analysis method and system are provided. A processor may determine a node in an implementation guide hierarchy to be analyzed for conflicts. Based on the determination, a list of all switches assigned to the node in the implementation guide hierarchy may be retrieved from a data store.... Agent: Sap Ag

20120131458 - Flick to send or display content: In an embodiment, a flick motion is detected on a touch screen interface of a first device. In response to detecting the flick motion: data associated with the flick motion is identified and transmitted to a second device. The data may be automatically displayed in response to detecting the flick... Agent: Tivo Inc.

20120131459 - Method and apparatus for interacting with a plurality of media files: Methods, apparatus and computer program products are provided for facilitating interaction with a plurality of media files. In this regard, a method may be provided that includes causing the display of an image of a respective function and a plurality of images of respective media files. The display of the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120131460 - Playlist creation: A method, apparatus, and computer program product for: defining a graph of interconnected nodes, each node representing a content item; presenting the graph to a user; receiving a first user input defining a first route through one or more nodes via the interconnections, the route beginning at a first initial... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120131461 - Dynamic synchronization tool: The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for synchronizing one or more mediatations with a video timeline. A mediatation may refer to any media content displayed in a separate window from a video stream. Example mediatations include, but are not limited to, portable document format (PDF) documents, text documents,... Agent: Levels Beyond

20120131462 - Handheld device and user interface creating method: A handheld device stores mapping relationships between a plurality of user sound types and a plurality of user situations. The handheld device detects a user sound signal from surrounds of the handheld device, and analyzes the user sound signal to obtain a corresponding user sound type. The handheld device determines... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120131463 - System and method for assembling and displaying individual images as a continuous image: A system for continuously displaying individual images to present a visual narrative is provided. The system includes a storage module that stores multiple digital images. The images include image data that corresponds to a portion of a least one panel of narrative artwork. At least one of the images includes... Agent: Literate Imagery, Inc.

20120131464 - Sections of a presentation having user-definable properties: In general, this disclosure describes techniques that employ user-defined values of properties of sections of an electronic presentation. As described herein, a user may configure a presentation to include a plurality of sections. Each of the sections includes zero or more slides of the electronic slide presentation. In addition to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120131465 - Digital image display device with remote viewing interface: A method for remotely viewing digital images provided to a digital image display device, the digital image display device including an image memory for storing a plurality of digital images, a display screen, and a network interface for communicating with a network, the method comprising: providing a remote viewing interface... Agent:

20120131466 - User-based monitoring and control: Novel tools and techniques to give a customer greater visibility into network performance and/or utilization, particularly with respect to the customer's broadband connection to a provider's access network (and/or the Internet more generally). Some tools can track the amount of bandwidth assigned to each class of service on a customer's... Agent: Embarq Holdings Company, LLC

20120131467 - Method for selecting one or more functions of an implementation guide: A computer-implemented method for selecting one or more functions for display is provided. The selection may be performed via an implementation guide that is a hierarchy comprising nodes. A node may represent one function. The method may comprise retrieving a first list of switches in response to selection of a... Agent: Sap Ag

20120131468 - Template for optimizing it infrastructure configuration: A computer implemented method, system, and/or computer program product provides hierarchical templates to optimize a configuration of an information technology (IT) infrastructure. A technology rule set, which defines technology weights of an IT infrastructure by mapping capabilities of IT infrastructure components to IT infrastructure attributes needed to execute a specific... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131469 - Runtime usage analysis for a distributed policy enforcement system: In one set of embodiments, methods, systems, and apparatus are provided for determining, by a server, a policy association between a web service policy and a policy subject associated with an application hosted by the server, the policy association being made while the server is offline, generating a runtime usage... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20120131470 - Integrated application feature store: An application feature store may be integrated with an application. The feature store may be accessed by a user through a feature storefront hosted within the application. The user may search the feature store for additional desired features available for the augmentation of the productivity application.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120131471 - Methods and apparatuses for protecting privacy of content: Methods and apparatuses are provided for protecting privacy of content. A method may include determining a predefined trigger for activating a private mode. The method may further include, responsive to the determined trigger, causing content at a display location to be concealed by causing display of an altered representation of... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120131472 - Apparatus and method for look and feel customization including context annotation: An apparatus and method for providing Look and Feel Customization (LFC) in a mobile terminal are provided. The method includes receiving an LFC Package including a plurality of LFC Element Settings to the mobile terminal, wherein at least one of the LFC Package and one of the LFC Element Settings... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120131473 - Scripting web services: A process performed on a server includes configuring the server to enable script for a Web service to be defined dynamically, where the Web service includes an application program interface (API) for enabling access by, and interaction with, a computer program executing on a device other than the server. The... Agent: Axeda Corporation

20120131474 - Switching of emails in a conversation thread: A method is disclosed for rendering messages in an email application on a client computer. A plurality of email messages is received from a server computer, including a first email message, a second email message and a third email message. The first email message is rendered on the client computer... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120131475 - Social network based on video recorder parental control system: A computer system, computer program product, and method of sharing and creating social network reviews of selected programs that may be viewed and shared over a social network. If a user agrees with a social network review already present for a selected program, the categorization and editing of inappropriate content... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131477 - Social network device: The device 100 has a display 102 and a content management system 104. The device is used for showing local social networking information contained on the content management system. A user interacts with the device through an interface connected to the content management system. Information can be added to the... Agent:

20120131476 - System and method for unmoderated remote user testing and card sorting: A system for performing remote usability testing of a website includes a module for generating particular tasks, a module for moderating a session with a number of participants, and a module for receiving usability data. The system further includes a analytics module for analyzing the received usability data. The module... Agent: Xperience Consulting, Sl

20120131478 - Method of controlling avatars: A method of controlling the position and orientation of user controlled computer generated avatars in computer generated virtual world in a manner that tends to bias the user controlled avatar positions and orientations in a way that sends useful non-verbal social cues to outside observers. These non-verbal cues can include... Agent: Scene 53 Inc.

20120131479 - Resolution independent user interface design: Graphical user interface material map objects are specified by a collection of attribute-value pairs, the collection of which comprises a complete description of the material map and may be used by a rendering engine to create a visual representation of the material map at any resolution. That is, material map... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120131480 - Management of virtual machine snapshots: A virtual machine snapshot mechanism takes snapshots of virtual machines on a computer system, generates relationships between a snapshot and resources on the computer system, and provides a graphical display of one or more snapshots that allow visually determining which snapshots include which resources. A user may search the snapshots... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131481 - Dynamic de-identification of data: The present invention relates to a method, computer program product and system for masking sensitive data and, more particularly, to dynamically de-identifying sensitive data from a data source for a target application, including enabling a user to selectively alter an initial de-identification protocol for the sensitive data elements via an... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131482 - Optimizing a user interface for a computing device: In general, embodiments of the invention provide an approach to organize a user interface, such as a computer desktop, based on the role or activity of the current user. Specifically, a display area configuration of a user device is defined by selecting resources from a plurality of available resources to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131483 - Drag-and-drop actions for web applications using an overlay and a set of placeholder elements: In order to improve performance and responsiveness for drag-and-drop actions for Web applications, the amount of JavaScript loaded and executed at each increment of the mouse as it moves during a drag-and-drop action should be minimized. This can be achieved by harnessing the efficient and native-code algorithms built into Web... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131484 - Cohort-selectable faceted display: A computer-implemented display of semantically characterized information can include cohort indicators representing a group of one or more specified cohort parameters applied in such a way so as to filter a dataset comprising RDF structured data items. Each cohort indicator can be associated with a set of RDF structured semantic... Agent:

20120131485 - System and method for providing interactive tab management in tabbed browsers: The invention is directed to a method, computer system, and computer program for providing grouped tabs in a web browser. When multiple web pages are open in multiple tabs, a user initiated event indicating the creation of a group of tabs can be detected and at least two tabs may... Agent: Opera Software Asa

20120131486 - Online logo tool: An online tool allows a user, such as an online merchant, to access a page of a service provider, select a format, customize funding sources and designs, and copy and paste the code to the merchant page to quickly and easily create a customized funding source graphic.... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20120131487 - Analysis, visualization and display of curriculum vitae data: The claimed system and method is directed to the extraction, scoring, visualization and display of employment-related data, particularly data typically found in a resume or curriculum vitae seeking professional employment. The curriculum vitae dashboard and scorecard streamlines the graphical presentation of professional experience data. The holistic approach creates an overview... Agent:

20120131488 - Gui controls with movable touch-control objects for alternate interactions: Systems, methods and circuits for providing GUI controls with touch-gesture inputs with movable alternate interaction objects.... Agent:

20120131489 - Evaluating and comparing the requirements of a task with the capabilities of an entity: A method for evaluating the requirements of a task with the capabilities of an entity includes generating a first visual representation, creating a mask based on the first visual representation, applying the mask to a second visual representation, and generating a third visual representation conveying which task requirements the entity... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131490 - Touch-controlled device and method for displaying a virtual keyboard on the touch-controlled device thereof: A touch-controlled device includes a touch panel, a recognition module, and a control unit. The touch panel is arranged for generating a touch signal according to a plurality of blocks on the touch panel triggered by a gesture, and for displaying images. The recognition module is coupled to the touch... Agent:

20120131491 - Apparatus and method for displaying content using eye movement trajectory: An apparatus and method for displaying content are provided. The apparatus tracks the movement of the eyes of a user and generates an eye movement trajectory. The generated eye movement trajectory is mapped to content that is displayed by the apparatus. The display of the apparatus is controlled based on... Agent:

20120131492 - Apparatus and method for providing electronic book function in portable terminal: An apparatus and method for providing an electronic book (e-book) function in a portable terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a controller for loading an e-book, and a scrap processor for applying a specific effect to a partial region of a text of the loaded e-book and, if a user's... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120131493 - Computer information display method and computer system using the same: A computer system and a computer information display method thereof are provided. In the method, a computer information management unit stores computer information of an application program in a storage unit. During a system login process of the computer system, a processing unit reads the computer information form the storage... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20120131494 - System and method for tagging data: A system and related methods for tagging data, especially in the context of a web-based application, includes various features associated with a tag bar. A text field is displayable in conjunction with such tag bar, as is a list of any potential tags. Data can be received corresponding to a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120131495 - Browsing and interacting with open windows: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for managing open windows in a desktop GUI are disclosed. In various implementations, within a three-dimensional desktop, the open windows can be displayed in a three-dimensional browsable parade. As the user browses through the open windows in the browsable parade, the open window passing through... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120131496 - Grouping and browsing open windows: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for managing open windows in a desktop GUI are disclosed. In various implementations, open windows displayed within a 2D desktop plane can be organized into one or more 3D browsable stacks in a 3D desktop space, where each stack includes open windows associated with a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120131497 - Orthogonal dragging on scroll bars: A computer-implemented user interface method includes displaying content in a first window on a display of a computing device, receiving a dragging user input on an element at a periphery of the window, and in response to receiving the dragging input, generating and displaying a second window on the display... Agent: Google Inc.

20120131498 - Systems and methods for applying series level operations and comparing images using a thumbnail navigator: An example image layout and display navigator system includes a navigator that includes a miniature layout representation corresponding to the layout of images on the display. The navigator is to appear on the display based on user action with respect to displayed content and to allow a user to select... Agent: General Electric Company

20120131500 - Communication apparatus, portable electronic apparatus, and control method for portable electronic apparatus: According to an aspect, a portable electronic apparatus includes a display unit for displaying an image; an input detection unit for detecting contact with an area in which the image is displayed by the display unit as input; and a control unit for causing the display unit to display a... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120131499 - Computer method and system for topographical representation of textual data: Computer system, method and apparatus generate and display a graphical representation of a body of text. The graphical representation serves as a text map allowing navigation operations and other user interaction. The text map enables improved navigation of the body of text. Computer-based geographic mapping operations (e.g., zoom, pan, highlight,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131501 - Portable electronic device and method therefor: An electronic device is provided including a display, a processor and a memory. The processor is coupled to the display and the memory to carry out a method of facilitating user interface navigation in the electronic device. In a first view shown on the display, a first application interface provides... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120131502 - On-screen reminder program:

20120131503 - Application displaying method for touch-controlled device and touch-controlled device thereof: A method for displaying applications of a touch-controlled device includes the steps of: generating an electronic signal according a gesture applied on a touch panel of the touch-controlled device; generating a detection result according to the electronic signal, wherein the detection result includes a first position of the gesture corresponding... Agent:

20120131504 - Thermostat graphical user interface: A thermostat for controlling an HVAC system is described, the thermostat having a user interface that is visually pleasing, approachable, and easy to use while also providing intuitive navigation within a menuing system. In a first mode of operation, an electronic display of the thermostat displays a population of tick... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20120131505 - System for providing a handling interface: This invention pertains to a system for providing a handling interface. More specifically, a display module for displaying the contents as images, and a control module for displaying a handling interface having a shape corresponding to a handling device is shown on the display module when an access signal is... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120131506 - Information processing apparatus and method, and program: An apparatus and method provide logic for processing information. In one implementation, a method may obtain metadata associated with corresponding values of a first characteristic and a second characteristic of a plurality of content elements. A display including a plurality of display elements may be generated, and the content elements... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120131507 - Patient information timeline viewer: An example patient information viewer timeline includes a timeline arranged to provide a longitudinal visualization of a patient's record. The timeline provides visual indicators of clusters of patient encounters. The timeline expands to provide further detail on a patient encounter based on user input. The timeline includes a plurality of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120131508 - Information display method and apparatus of mobile terminal:

20120131510 - Location based tracking: Location information is used to build a database of locations having associated audio, video, image or text data. In some implementations, a device includes a touch-sensitive display and collects data associated with a geographic location of interest. The geographic location of interest can be displayed on a map using an... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120131509 - Portable terminal and method of utilizing background image of portable terminal: A method of utilizing a background image of a portable terminal, and a portable terminal for implementing the method, are provided. The method includes displaying the background image, determining whether an input event is detected in the displayed background image, identifying a coordinate of an area in which the input... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120131511 - Output apparatus and method for portable terminal: An output apparatus capable of grouping menu items is configured for operation of a portable terminal into items with similar functions and outputting the grouped items. The apparatus includes an output management unit for determining sub-menu items included in a selected menu item when a user selects the menu item... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120131512 - Displaying posts in real time along axes on a computer screen: Sequentially displaying posts apart from each other on a computer screen, including prompting a user to input a dimension element including one or more of a character, graphic, or symbol on the computer screen; identifying posts containing one or more dimension elements; sequentially displaying the identified posts apart from each... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120131518 - Apparatus and method for selecting item using movement of object: An item selecting apparatus includes a movement detecting unit detecting a movement of a user, a screen displaying image information, a display image storage unit storing data to generate an image to be displayed on the screen, a display image generating unit generating an image to be displayed on the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120131514 - Gesture recognition: Gesture recognition is described. In one example, gestures performed by a user of an input device having a touch-sensitive portion are detected using a definition of a number of regions corresponding to zones on the touch-sensitive portion, each region being associated with a distinct set of gestures. Data describing movement... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120131513 - Gesture recognition training: Gesture recognition training is described. In an example, a gesture recognizer is trained to detect gestures performed by a user on an input device. Example gesture records, each showing data describing movement of a finger on the input device when performing an identified gesture are retrieved. A parameter set that... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120131520 - Gesture-based text identification and selection in images: A device with a touch-sensitive screen supports tapping gestures for identifying, selecting or working with initially unrecognized text. A single tap gesture can cause a portion of a character string to be selected. A double tap gesture can cause the entire character string to be selected. A tap and hold... Agent:

20120131517 - Information processing apparatus and operation method thereof: There is provided an information processing apparatus with an interface with high convenience for a user. A reference speed is set according to an amount of movement or a movement time period of a pointer of a stylus or a finger. It is determined based on a movement speed of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120131515 - Method and apparatus of error correction in resistive touch panels: A method and apparatus of generating display data based on at least one input display value received from a touch screen device is disclosed. According to one example method of operation the method may include receiving an input display value in a predefined enclosed area of an input domain, and... Agent: Amx, LLC

20120131516 - Method, system and computer readable medium for document visualization with interactive folding gesture technique on a multi-touch display: A method, system and computer readable medium for folding a document page object are provided. A method for folding a document page object in a graphical user interface using multi-touch gestures includes establishing at least two contact points on a display; moving at least one of the two contact points... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20120131519 - Surfacing off-screen visible objects: A computer-implemented user input process for a computing device includes receiving, on a touch pad surface over a graphical display, a user input motion dragging across the touch pad surface, identifying the dragging input motion as originating off an edge of the touch pad by identifying a sensed first location... Agent: Google Inc.

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20120124456 - Audience-based presentation and customization of content: A system and method are disclosed for delivering content customized to the specific user or users interacting with the system. The system includes one or more modules for recognizing an identity of a user. These modules may include for example a gesture recognition engine, a facial recognition engine, a body... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124457 - Presentation progress as context for presenter and audience: A presentation tool that includes visual progression graphics which represents progress of a presentation. The presentation tool automatically creates and presents the progression graphics for viewing by the presenter and the audience. As the presentation progresses, animation can be applied to the progression graphics to track the progress through the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124458 - Social networking website & web-based system for collecting & presenting real-time user generated information on parties & events.: This invention is a social networking website & web-based system that allows users to post ‘party reports’—detailed, real-time information about current ongoing parties and events that they know of; allows users to comment and upload pictures & videos on the posted information in real-time; and presents this information in an... Agent:

20120124459 - Predictive cursor interaction: Embodiments include providing multiple discernible indicia that provide an indication of behaviors associated with selection of a particular link. The multiple discernible indicia may include visually-discernible graphical icons configured to be displayed as a pictorial image that visually represents a behavior associated with selection of the particular link. The visually-discernible... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124460 - System and method for allocating, scheduling, tracking and reporting usage of training assets and facilities: A system and method for scheduling, managing and reporting usage of two or more training facilities by two or more grade levels xl of instruction with two or more classifications of instruction defining typical student experience and hours including user defined multi-criteria queries, using a computer and a spreadsheet with... Agent:

20120124461 - Techniques to annotate street view images with contextual information: Techniques to annotate street level images with contextual information are described. A map application may comprise a street level component that when executed by a processor is operative to generate annotated street view images of a location. The street level component may comprise a street view component operative to generate... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124463 - Method and system for distribution of content: Embodiments of methods and systems for incorporating user generated content into a web page are disclosed. In particular, embodiments of such systems and methods may incorporate user generated content into a web page such that the user generated content can be consumed by indexers associated with search engines in association... Agent: Bazaarvoice

20120124462 - Web application optimization: A method of optimizing a web page includes selecting an original web application code. A server-side executable associated with the original web application code is identified, and an object used in the server-side executable is identified. An evaluation is made of how the server-side executable uses the object. Then a... Agent: Codekko Software, Inc.

20120124464 - Apparatus and method for extracting cascading style sheet rules: Provided are an apparatus and method for extracting cascading style sheet (CSS) rules. The apparatus includes a generation unit configured to generate an identification list that includes identification symbols that correspond to one or more selectors, for each document object model (DOM) node. The apparatus also includes a rule extraction... Agent:

20120124465 - High fidelity conversion of documents: One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for high fidelity conversion of a document to a less rich format. A bounding area can be identified in the document that comprises an unsupported element, and/or a blending of elements that is not supported in the less rich format. The bounding... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124466 - Combination creative advertisement targeting system: A system and method for serving ad creatives to a user includes steps of: monitoring open conversation windows of a client during a login session, wherein each open conversation window is a conversation between the client and a correspondent; receiving client state information associated with each open conversation window; sending... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20120124467 - Method for automatically generating descriptive headings for a text element: A method to automatically generate descriptive headings for each paragraph in a document analyzes each paragraph for keywords, identifies the clause in the paragraph that is most likely to contain the key ideas in the paragraph using the keywords previously identified. The subject predicate and object are extracted from the... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120124470 - Audio display system: An audio display system includes a pointing device configured to address locations within an interaction field, a sound system adapted to communicate with the pointing device, and—an object mapping unit adapted to communicate with the sound system. The object mapping unit is configured to generate a map identifying locations within... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20120124469 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating a list of identifiers: An electronic device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface displays a portion of a list of identifiers. The list of identifiers are associated with: a first number of first content items associated with a first language, and a second number of second content items associated with a second language.... Agent:

20120124468 - Electronic apparatus having a touch-controlled interface and method of displaying figures related to files within a certain time period: An electronic apparatus having a touch-controlled interface includes a display unit, a touch-controlled unit, and a display interface. The touch-controlled unit is provided on the display unit, while the display interface is arranged on the display unit for showing figures related to files. When the touch-controlled unit is touched, a... Agent: Altek Corporation

20120124471 - Virtual tour, display and commerce: A virtual tour and display begins with an initial view of a start location. The user navigates by clicking on navigational arrows located on the various spaces, such as halls or galleries or store areas, in each case initiating an animated movie which either turns the user within the same... Agent:

20120124472 - System and method for providing interactive feedback for mouse gestures: The invention is directed to a method, computer system, and computer program for providing a user feedback regarding available mouse gestures. Each of the mouse gestures comprises a predetermined sequence of one or more mouse movements, and corresponds to a predetermined action or command. After the gesture is initiated, the... Agent: Opera Software Asa

20120124473 - System and method for playing music using music visualization technique: A music playing system using a music visualization technique includes: a music information extraction unit for extracting one or more pieces of music information regarding basic characteristics, meta-characteristics and emotional characteristics of music, the music including music being played at present, music selected for playing, and music selected for visualization;... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120124474 - User presentation settings for multiple media user interfaces: Embodiments provide methods and apparatus for simultaneous presentation of multiple media user interfaces (UIs) based on user presentation settings. In some embodiments, a user may select presentation settings for a specific combination of at least two media UIs. The presentation settings may be stored and then retrieved and used when... Agent: Rovi Technologies Corporation

20120124475 - System and method for interacting with an internet site: A system and method for enabling a user to interact with a social networking structure for an internet website on a video device connected to a network enabled host device is provided. The present disclosure provides for accessing an internet site in response to a user input, the user input... Agent: Thomas Licensing, LLC

20120124476 - Method for interacting with a multimedia presentation served by an interactive response unit: A system for interacting with a multimedia presentation includes one or more machine-readable codes embedded in a plurality of sequential frames or in individual slides of a multimedia presentation, the frames or slides defining at least one interactive portion of a larger multimedia presentation, a touch-screen driver extension resident on... Agent:

20120124477 - Alerting users to personalized information: The claimed subject matter provides a system and/or method for alerting users to personalized information. An exemplary method comprises storing information relating to a subscription to an alert type from a content provider. An alert of the alert type may be received from the content provider and added to a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124478 - Metadata browser: A metadata browse system supports the capture of metadata from multiple sources and formats, its conversion to a standard format, the linking of concepts from disconnected namespaces, discovery of hidden information, and the display of this data.... Agent: Ipv Limited

20120124479 - Method and system for tagging content: Systems and methods for tagging digital content are provided. In some embodiments, a method comprises receiving and storing personal data of a first user of an internet-based social network. The personal data of the first user can include one or more digital images or other digital content that the first... Agent: Path, Inc.

20120124480 - Systems and methods for generating customized user interfaces: Systems and methods consistent with the invention may include receiving, over an electronic network, a contract description message including description information corresponding to a computer device being used to display the contract to a user, retrieving, by using a processor, the description information from the contract description message, comparing the... Agent: Sap Ag

20120124481 - Interacting with a device: A method for communicating with a device including configuring a sensor to detect the device and a user interacting with the device through at least one gesture, identifying the device with a computing machine, and initiating a file transfer between the device and the computing machine in response to identifying... Agent:

20120124482 - Methods and systems for monitoring and encouraging personal dream achievement: Methods and systems are provided for use in monitoring and encouraging the attainment of personal dreams. Users can publish dreams and action steps to online social networks and receive comments related thereto. Third-party users can write suggestions in connection with the dreams or action steps to help the user achieve... Agent:

20120124483 - Multi mode message reply interface: A messaging system that organizes and presents messages to users of the messaging system. The messaging system includes a mailbox module that receives messages and generates conversation threads from the messages. Messages received from different electronic message channels may be aggregated into a common conversation thread. The conversation threads are... Agent:

20120124485 - Embedding tools in a collaboration window: A computer implemented method, system and/or computer program product automatically extends a collaboration window. An initiation of an interactive teleconference, which utilizes a collaboration window that is displayed on two communication devices, is detected. The topic of the interactive teleconference is determined by a starting context of the interactive teleconference.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120124486 - Linking users into live social networking interactions based on the users' actions relative to similar content: A system and method that uses interne content and/or content metadata as a means to establish social networks. Examples include linking internet users, searchers, viewers and/or listeners of the same and/or similar internet content to each other via a platform that enables any of the following in n-dimensional environments: social... Agent: Addnclick, Inc.

20120124484 - System and method for collaboration in project development: A system for collaboration in project development includes a central server including a collaboration controller configured to support a virtual whiteboard and two or more remote servers located in different locations and coupled to the central server. The two or more remote servers are configured to receive user information from... Agent: General Electric Company

20120124489 - Implement method, operation method, and system for no installing data card driver: An implementation method, an operation method and a system of a data card driver free installation are provided. The implementation method includes following steps. Device side software of a data card is taken as a compound device with a HID function interface. The device side software of the data card... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120124487 - Issuing behavioral and contextual notifications: The claimed subject matter provides a system and/or method for issuing behavioral and contextual notifications in browser toolbars. An exemplary method comprises discovering usage behaviors and usage context. A trigger event may be defined based on the usage behaviors or the usage context. The trigger may be stored in an... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124488 - Network client optimization: A method of rendering an optimized web page or other resource includes requesting a resource and receiving a response including a user interface control declaration and a data array containing properties for the user interface control. The data array is parsed to produce a first property value, and a property... Agent: Codekko Software, Inc.

20120124490 - Full-screen annunciator: A dual-screen user device and methods for revealing a combination of desktops on single and multiple screens are disclosed. Selected desktops and/or running applications are displayed on dual screen displays. Desktops and applications can be shifted between screens by user gestures, and/or moved off of the screens and therefore hidden.... Agent: Imerj, LLC

20120124491 - System including multiple display screens: An example system includes a first display screen and a touch-sensitive, second display screen physically separate from the first display screen. A processor is configured to generate respective images for both the first and second display screens. The processor is further configured to interchange images on the first and second... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20120124492 - Display and resolution of incompatible layout constraints: User interface layout is defined using constraints on the position and size of visual elements. Constraints may be explicit and/or implicit. Interactive design code helps designers create constraints without conflict or redundancy. The design code determines whether a proposed layout constraint is incompatible with established constraints, receives a designer's selection... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124494 - Graphical user interface typing and mapping system: A graphical user interface (GUI) type model helps application designers create error free graphical user interface applications (GAPs). The GUI type model provides a reference set of GUI element types. The application designer assigns a selected GUI element type to each GUI element in a GAP design. The GUI element... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20120124493 - Rendering dynamic contents with static file based graphical user interface form control: The invention provides a method for rendering dynamic web contents with static file based graphical user interface (GUI) form control The method includes the steps of trapping an event which requires to draw or redraw an image in a file based GUI image control in a current local environment; initiating... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120124495 - System and method for object relationship identification in a user interface: A computer-implemented method is provided for identifying an undifferentiated object (210) in a script used to access a user interface (UI) (200). A target object (210) is selected in the UI 200. The target object 210 is checked for unique attributes as compared to attributes common to at least one... Agent:

20120124496 - Geographic volume analytics apparatuses, methods and systems: The GEOGRAPHIC VOLUME ANALYTICS APPARATUSES, METHODS AND SYSTEMS (“GVA”) transform requests for on-demand and flexible monetization and related services via GVA components into currency transfers, purchase receipt notifications, social networking communications and transaction analytics reports. In some embodiments, the GVA obtains a merchant identifier of a merchant, and aggregates data... Agent:

20120124497 - Method and apparatus for data virtualization and display: A method of data virtualization and display, the method comprising providing a first data set; providing a first view container for displaying data items therein and associating the first view container with the first data set; loading the first data set with selected data items obtained from a first master... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20120124499 - Electronic device with widgets and method for configuring widgets: An electronic device which includes a widget management module, a processor, a source acquiring module, and a display. The widget management module adds a new window and new viewable symbols or representations (views) inside the new window. The processor counts a number of existing windows and a number of existing... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120124498 - System and method for simultaneous display of multiple information sources: A computerized method of presenting information from a variety of sources on a display device. Specifically the present invention describes a graphical user interface for organizing the simultaneous display of information from a multitude of information sources. In particular, the present invention comprises a graphical user interface which organizes content... Agent:

20120124501 - Display of controllable attributes for a controllable item based on context: In one embodiment, a method includes determining focus on a focus item associated with a controllable item. The focus item is displayed on an interface that includes a plurality of display positions. A context for the controllable item based on the focus being on the focus item and a set... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20120124500 - Use of discrete input to control controllable device: In one embodiment, a method includes determining focus on a focus item associated with a controllable item. The focus item is displayed on an interface used to automatically control the controllable item. A controllable attribute is determined for controlling the controllable item. The controllable attribute is controllable by a first... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20120124502 - File management user interface: File management user interface techniques are described. In one or more implementations, properties of a file are displayed in a user interface by a computing device. In response to selection of a particular one of the properties in the user interface, one or more representations of one or more other... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124504 - Debugging in a multi-processing environment: Technology is described for debugging in a multi-processor environment. An example system can include a plurality of process icons representing processes executing on compute nodes. A plurality of relationship arc icons between the process icons can represent messages being sent between source processes and destination processes on the compute nodes.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124503 - Method and system for easy correlation between monitored metrics and alerts: A method and system for correlating, for at least one managed system, at least one monitored computer metric and a plurality of associated alerts, comprising selecting a monitored computer metric designated by a user, selecting a time scale designated by the user; and selecting a number of alerts associated with... Agent: Sap Ag

20120124505 - Riffler interface for an electronic reading device: Methods and a system for an electronic device to allow for riffling through pages of a document. A fore edge view of page edges is displayed in a user display of the device and enables pages to be turned to while skipping other pages via inputs received at the user... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120124506 - User interface for medical imaging system applications: A user interface configured to display a first set of subject data in a first image workspace on the at least one display. The user interface is further configured to provide for user selection of at least one of a plurality of subject data related to a plurality of image... Agent:

20120124507 - Electronic backup of applications: Systems and methods are provided for storing and restoring digital data. In some implementations, a method is provided. The method includes receiving, while a current view of an application is displayed in a user interface, a first user input requesting that a history view associated with the current view of... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120124508 - Method and system for a personal network: Systems and methods for asynchronous communications within an information sharing platform are provided. Traditional social network models use bi-directional friendship or unidirectional following. In contrast to these models, embodiments of the present invention provide for a unidirectional sharing friendship model. The unidirectional friendship model allows people to share information through... Agent: Path, Inc.

20120124509 - Information processor, processing method and program: The present invention provides a configuration that allows for a cursor or other object that has moved outside the display section to be displayed as a virtual object and observed. A cursor or object lying in an area outside the area of the display section of a PC or other... Agent:

20120124510 - Graphics items that extend outside a background perimeter: Described herein are methods and systems that allow a user to reposition or size a graphics item or background such that a portion of the graphics item resides outside the background. This permits tailored operating spaces based on user preference and allowable conditions, which are particularly useful with display devices... Agent: Transpacific Image, LLC

20120124511 - Information processing device, table, display control method, program, portable terminal, and information processing system: An information processing device includes a touch panel that detects a first user input, a communication unit that communicates with a portable terminal which detects a second user input, a data obtaining unit that obtains content data including an operable object, a display output unit that outputs a content image... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120124512 - Unlocking a touchscreen device: A method for unlocking a touch screen device includes providing a touch screen device in an idle mode. An area or region displayed on a screen of the device in the idle mode is contacted or activated to reveal at least one application icon associated with an active/unlocked state of... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120124513 - Method and apparatus for displaying user interface capable of intuitively editing and browsing folder: Provided is a method and apparatus for displaying a user interface by displaying a first screen including at least one icon and a second screen including a first region obtained by reducing the size of the first screen 3-Dimensionally depending on an input of a user to edit or browse... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120124514 - Presentation focus and tagging: Architecture that facilitates the directing of viewer focus on selected content in the presentation document. Focus is visually represented using a focus viewport, which provides a bounded area in which the content of focus is enhanced for viewing, while content outside the viewport is impaired from being viewed. Selecting on... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124515 - Border menu for context dependent actions within a graphical user interface: A border menu can be presented on four sides of an outer border of a graphical user interface. The border menu can be presented at the top of a stack of a graphical user interface. The border menu can include a set of user-selectable options, each selectable via a pointing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120124516 - Electronic device control based on gestures: Systems and methods for electronic device control based on gestures are provided. A particular method includes sending a menu from a gesture controller to a display device. The menu includes selectable options to control at least one electronic device. The method includes detecting a first user gesture at the gesture... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20120124517 - Image display device providing improved media selection: A digital image display device for displaying a collection of digital media assets, comprising a display screen; a processor; a network connection for receiving digital media assets provided by a plurality of individuals; an image memory for storing the received digital media assets together with associated metadata; and a user... Agent:

20120124518 - Managing operations via a user interface: Techniques for managing operations via a user interface are described. In implementations, a user interface is displayed that includes an option to cause serial processing of multiple operations. In response to a user selection of the option, the multiple operations are processed serially.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124519 - Facilitating interaction with system level search user interface: A system level search user interface that includes both a data entry portion and a search identification portion is displayed. Data input by a user as a search term is displayed in the data entry portion, and identifiers of each of one or more scopes on the computing device that... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124521 - Electronic device having menu and display control method thereof: An electronic device includes a graphical user interface, a display unit, a moving unit, an input unit, and a processor. The graphical user interface includes a menu. The menu includes a main menu having at least one main option. The display unit defines a first displaying region for displaying the... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120124520 - Graphical user interface component: A user interlace component for an electronic device having a display. The user interface component, when instantiated is arranged to provide a representation of a hierarchical structure of interlinked objects arranged in a plurality of levels. The representation is displayed as a plurality of concentric rings, each corresponding to a... Agent: National University Of Ireland

20120124522 - Information processing device, method for controlling screen display and storage medium: A web application makes a registration request of a web top button to a web browser. The web application designates the title to be displayed on the button, the access URL to the web application, and the position of the icon which the web application has. The web browser makes... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120124523 - Method and apparatus for displaying cascading menu: The present disclosure discloses a method of displaying a cascading menu that includes a plurality of submenus. The method determines a first submenu as indicated for browsing by a user based on a clicking event of the user. When an operation interface of the first submenu is in a collapsed... Agent: Alibaba Group Holding Limited

20120124524 - Quick data share: The subject disclosure is directed towards allowing a phone or other mobile device, or a computer user, to select some portion of content and then quickly share that selected content with a message recipient. A user selects content, and then interacts with the program that displays the content to select... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120124526 - Method for continuing a function induced by a multi-touch gesture on a touchpad: In a method for continuing a function induced by a multi-touch gesture on a touchpad, the object number of the multi-touch gesture is monitored during the function is performed, if the object number is detected changed so that one or more objects are still on the touchpad, the objects left... Agent:

20120124525 - Method for providing display image in multimedia device and thereof: A display device includes a sensor to track movement of at least one body part of a person and a processor to compare an amount of the tracked movement to a reference value, recognize a position shift when the amount of tracked movement exceeds the reference value, and perform a... Agent:

20120124527 - Portable electronic device, and control method and control program for the same: An object of the present invention is to provide a portable electronic device capable of performing character inputs of which usability is improved for users, and to provide a control method and a control program for the portable electronic device. Depending on a predetermined operation detected by a detecting unit,... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

05/10/2012 > 69 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20120117449 - Creating and modifying an image wiki page: An ImageWiki architecture is used to generate an image-based web page for an image on the Web. An ImageWiki page may be created automatically or individually, by a user of the Web. Additionally, a user may revise existing ImageWiki pages to update a particular page or correct an incorrect or... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120117450 - Display apparatus, remote controller and control method thereof: A display apparatus, a remote controller and a control method thereof, the display apparatus including a first communication section which receives web page data including a plurality of link items, a receiving section which receives a video signal, a signal processing section which processes the web page data or the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120117451 - Method and apparatus for displaying webpage: A method and apparatus for displaying webpages connected to links of a first webpage are provided. The method includes displaying a first webpage having at least one link corresponding to another webpage, detecting a touch to select one of the at least one link, and loading a second webpage corresponding... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120117453 - Computer systems and methods for automatically viewing multidimensional databases: A method for automatically forming the clearest and most useful visual plot for a given dataset of tuples. A best view type is selected for a view that includes a subsequently added new field. The visual plot is populated with the data in the view and then automatically rendered for... Agent:

20120117452 - Synthetic navigation elements for electronic documents: A computer-implemented method for managing the display of items in a web-based document application includes providing an electronic document that includes a plurality of content items, anchoring a plurality of base layers to different discrete positions of the electronic document, and anchoring ones of the plurality of content items to... Agent: Google Inc.

20120117454 - Preventing the inclusion of a reference to a host cell in a formula: Preventing the inclusion of a reference to a host cell in a formula to avoid a circular reference in the formula is disclosed. In some embodiments, an indication of an attempted user gesture for inserting into a formula being entered into a host cell a reference to the host cell... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120117455 - Anthropomimetic analysis engine for analyzing online forms to determine user view-based web page semantics: An analysis engine executes under client control to review web pages in real-time and control interaction with the web pages of a website to assist the user of the client in providing selections, providing information and otherwise interacting with the website. In analyzing web pages, the engine uses rule-based logic... Agent: Kwift Sas (a French Corporation)

20120117456 - Method and apparatus for automated interfaces: An approach is provided for using scripts to utilize a service. A request specifying one or more tasks of the service with respect to a target object is received. One or more scripts are determined for performing the one or more tasks. It is determined to initiate the one or... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120117457 - Version history inside document: Architecture that provides a technique whereby version information is tracked and presented for a given document, in the document. The version information can be presented or accessed using a dropdown user interface (UI) navigation model which employs animation to assist users in tracking which user is making a change and... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120117458 - Internet-based proxy service to modify internet responses: A proxy server receives from a client device a request for a network resource that is hosted at an origin server for a domain. The request is received at the proxy server as a result of a DNS request for the domain resolving to the proxy server. The origin server... Agent:

20120117459 - Method and system for distribution of content using a syndication delay: Embodiments of methods and systems for incorporating user generated content into a web page are disclosed. In particular, embodiments of such systems and methods may incorporate user generated content into a web page such that the user generated content can be consumed by indexers associated with search engines in association... Agent: Bazaarvoice

20120117460 - Url document viewing through a plug-in application for a mobile browser on a wireless device: A method is set forth of displaying a document identified by a URL on a mobile browser, comprising registering an attachment viewer plug-in to the mobile browser for a predetermined data stream content type, registering a mobile data service transcoder for predetermined document types, sending a request for the document... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120117461 - Document generating apparatus, document generating method, computer program and recording medium: A document with a supplementary explanation in which a supplementary explanation character string is given in a ruby form in a character size which conforms to a character size of a document is easily, effectively generated. Information on a character size of a character in a character area is stored;... Agent:

20120117462 - Dynamic data association: Methods, program products, and systems implementing dynamic data association are described. Relations between a first data item and a second data item can be created in an ad hoc manner. The first data item can include a row of data in a table in a relational database. The second data... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120117464 - Document processing system: A document display device for displaying a document on a screen on the basis of document information, includes: a sensor for detecting an action made on the document display device; a document information storing means for holding the document information of documents to be displayed on the screen; and a... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20120117463 - Large scale document generation: Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for large scale document generation. A method includes receiving edits made on a document by one or more contributors, receiving votes taken by the one or more contributors to decide which edits will create a new version of the document, reducing an overall... Agent:

20120117465 - Context specific analysis: An automatic critique of resumes, cover-letters, and/or other types of documents is provided. The invention employs an input document, a processing device, and a set of rules specific to the document type. The processing device searches the document for specific patterns described by the rules, generates a list of potential... Agent:

20120117468 - Image preview: A method, apparatus, and system are provided for displaying a graphical representation of at least a portion of a file by interfacing with a graphical interface relating to the file. A request for viewing a file content is received. A window for viewing a graphical representation of at least a... Agent:

20120117466 - System and method for revealing hidden information in electronic documents: Methods, systems and computer readable medium allow a user to open an electronic document in one of various applications while revealing hidden information, without having to know or execute manual steps or procedures to reveal the hidden information. A user interface of a reveal hidden information application is displayed, the... Agent: Nativereveal, LLC

20120117467 - Transaction automation and archival system using electronic contract disclosure units: A transaction automation and archival system is provided for controlling, real-time logging, and archiving complex commercial transactions such as the purchase and financing of an automobile. An electronic contract disclosure unit or ECDU includes a digitizing display that includes a video display for imaging to participants the various documents involved... Agent:

20120117469 - System and method for custom product design: Computer-implemented electronic document design systems and methods allowing a user to integrate user-specific location maps into custom printed products. During the creation of an electronic design of a product intended for subsequent printing, user-provided location information is received by a server computer and used to generate a user map suitable... Agent: Vistaprint Technologies Limited

20120117470 - Learning tool for a ribbon-shaped user interface: A computing device displays a user interface containing a ribbon-shaped user interface. The ribbon-shaped user interface contains multiple tabs. Each of the tabs contains multiple controls. Furthermore, a challenge and a tab visualization control are displayed in the user interface. The challenge instructs a user of the computing device to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120117471 - System and method for aggregating devices for intuitive browsing: A media device includes a communication interface communicatively coupling the media device to one or more other media devices and a display, and a controller associated with the communication interface. The controller is adapted to access one or more templates comprising a layout of a graphical user interface (GUI). The... Agent: Eloy Technology, LLC

20120117472 - Systems and methods for application of special effects to a captured video stream: A method is implemented in a computing system for controlling the application of special effects to a video stream. The method comprises identifying applications requesting access to the video stream and retrieving identifiers associated with each of the applications requesting access. Based on the identifiers, a query operation is performed... Agent: Cyberlink Corp.

20120117473 - System and method for creating photo books using video: A system and method are described for creating photo stories using video. For example, a computer-implemented method according to one embodiment comprises: receiving a user request to upload a user-specified video stream; determining whether the video stream meets one or more predetermined requirements, wherein if the video stream does not... Agent:

20120117474 - Image data display system and image data display program: An image data display system classifies image data into a cluster based on a predetermined condition regardless of whether or not the image data conforms to DCF standard and displays information specific to the image data when displayed as a slide show. A CPU creates a cluster, including a plurality... Agent: Visionarist Co., Ltd.

20120117476 - Performance data user interface: A user interface and methods for providing a user interface comprising graphical representations of data, metrics, and other information specific to a particular user. The data, metrics, and other information may be derived from publically available information, private information, or both.... Agent: Press Ganey Associates, Inc.

20120117475 - System and method for generating an information stream summary using a display metric: A system and method for generating an information stream summary using a display metric is provided. An information stream including a plurality of information stream items is received. A display metric is calculated for each of the plurality of information stream items. The information stream items are grouped into one... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120117477 - System and method for flashing a wireless device: A system and method for flashing wireless devices. One or more wireless devices are received. The testing device being operable to receive the one or more wireless devices simultaneously. A selection of one or more original equipment manufactures (OEMs) is received. Models of wireless devices associated with the one or... Agent: Atc Logistics & Electronics, Inc.

20120117478 - Managing network usage per application via policies: Defining and applying policies to manage data traffic including data transmitted and/or received by each of a plurality of applications executing on a computing device. The data traffic is monitored per application and attributes are defined for the monitored data traffic to enable the user to evaluate the data traffic... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120117479 - System and methods for creating and authoring internet content using application media packages: An Application Media Package is a software component for accessing and displaying Internet content which includes a definition for rendering a graphical user interface and a URL pointing to Internet content to be downloaded and presented within said user interface. An Application Media Viewer may be used in association with... Agent: Mainstream Scientific, LLC

20120117482 - Automatic selection of user-oriented web content: A toolbar is provided, which may be downloaded and installed in a user's web browser. The toolbar uploads the user's browsing history to a server. The server determines, based on the browsing history, which sites the user visits frequently. Additionally, the server determines, based on an analysis of web content,... Agent:

20120117481 - Partial loading and editing of documents from a server: On a client computer a request is sent to a server computer to open a first portion of a document. The document is stored at the server computer. The first portion of the document is smaller than the entire document. The request includes information used by the server computer to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120117480 - System and method for locating document processing devices: The subject application is directed to a system and method for locating a document processing device. Device data corresponding to the physical location of a plurality of uniquely identified document processing devices is stored in a location data storage device coupled to a location server. A user device obtains user... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120117483 - System and method for distributing and managing media content on multiple devices: A method, system, and apparatus for a consumer electronics device that allows access to stored data, media files, and/or content on a remote storage device through a profile. A menu is then provided on the consumer electronics device that contains information relating to stored data, media files, and/or content located... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120117485 - Layered augmentation for web content: Embodiments of the present disclosure include methods (and corresponding systems and computer program products) that augment content in web pages with resources and provide the resources based on user interaction with the augmented content in the web pages. The disclosed embodiments analyzes a web page to identify a keyword, locates... Agent: Vibrant Media, Inc.

20120117484 - System and method for providing mixed-initiative curation of information within a shared repository: A system and method for providing mixed-initiative curation of information within a shared repository is provided. Static content is retrieved from a shared storage associated with a shared information management client. Dynamic content including one or more information items satisfying a similarity threshold with the static content is identified as... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120117486 - Method and apparatus for web page glancing: A method and a system for a personalized web page display an image that captures at least part of a targeted web page. The image of the at least part of the targeted web page displayed on the personalized web page is updated by creating an updated image of the... Agent: Peoplestring

20120117487 - Interaction with networked screen content via mobile phone in retail setting: A portable computing device may be configured to allow a user to interact with one or more displays in a retail environment. The portable computing device may establish a communication link with a communication device in the retail environment and the user may be able to use the portable computing... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120117488 - Distributed aggregated content guide for collaborative playback session: A system and method are disclosed for enabling a distributed group of users to collaboratively select a media item for a collaborative playback session. In one embodiment, a distributed group of users for a collaborative playback session is formed, where the distributed group of users includes a number of users... Agent: Eloy Technology, LLC

20120117489 - User-configured management of im availability status: A method includes associating a user-defined shortcut command with at least two different user-drafted status responses. In response to a user receiving a first instant message from a first sender at an inopportune time and the user then inputting the user-defined shortcut command, the method includes automatically transmitting a first... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120117490 - Methods and systems for providing access, from within a virtual world, to an external resource: In a method for providing access to resources, a virtual world application executing on a first server transmits, to a client, data representative of at least one virtual world object. The virtual world application receives, from the client, a request to access a resource executed on a second server. The... Agent:

20120117493 - Configurable metric groups for presenting data to a user: A dashboard application can enable a user to quickly view data (and, in a particular aspect, data from one or more business applications) in an efficient manner. The dashboard application can be used to view data about one or more metrics that reflect the performance of a business, as derived... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20120117492 - Method, system and apparatus for processing context data at a communication device: A method and apparatus for processing context data at a communication device is provided. Icon data associated with an application is rendered at a display device, thereby providing rendered icon data at the display device, the icon data and the application stored at a memory. Context data associated with the... Agent:

20120117494 - System and method for expediting information display: Exemplary systems and methods for expediting information display on a user device are provided. In exemplary embodiments, a request for information is received. An application server then generates and provides source code for a web page containing the requested information. In exemplary embodiments, a removal module is returned with the... Agent:

20120117491 - Web interface for remote platform build: A system may include reception of a request from a Web browser identifying source code and a computing platform, creation of a build environment corresponding to the identified computing platform, executing a build based on the source code, using the second build environment, to create build output, and transmission, to... Agent:

20120117495 - Dragging an application to a screen using the application manager: A dual-screen user device and methods for revealing a combination of desktops on single and multiple screens are disclosed. Selected desktops and/or running applications are displayed on dual screen displays. Desktops and applications can be shifted between screens by user gestures, and/or moved off of the screens and therefore hidden.... Agent: Imerj, LLC

20120117496 - Declarative and multi-mode wizard framework: A user interface mechanism may be defined by a story from which a wizard engine may create a user interface. The engine may present the story using various user interface containers that define a layout and general functions of a user interface, along with styles that may define the ‘look... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120117497 - Method and apparatus for applying changes to a user interface: An approach is provided for applying changes to a user interface. The window manager receives an input for specifying at least one change to one or more components of a first user interface. Next, the window manager determines respective execution states of one or more applications associated with the user... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120117498 - Secondary output generation from a presentation framework: A secondary output of a user interface created using a presentation framework may be created by making a clone of the user interface, then modifying the cloned user interface by expanding various components. The cloned user interface may also be configured to the output characteristics of the secondary output, which... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120117499 - Methods and apparatus to display mobile device contexts: Example methods and apparatus to display mobile device contexts are disclosed. An example method includes displaying a first context in a user interface of a mobile device based on first device platform information, the first context including a first arrangement of information, graphics, and application icons that are associated with... Agent:

20120117501 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating soft keyboards: A method includes, at an electronic device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface: concurrently displaying a first text entry area and an unsplit keyboard on the display; detecting a gesture on the touch-sensitive surface; and, in response to detecting the gesture on the touch-sensitive surface, replacing the unsplit keyboard... Agent:

20120117500 - Method for the extraction, combination, synthesis and visualisation of multi-dimensional data from different sources: The invention relates to a method for the automatic combination of multi-dimensional data depending on manipulations at the level of their dimensions in a computer environment that comprises computer equipment capable of accessing multi-dimensional data sources. The method comprises the following steps: a) providing a first multi-dimensional data source; b)... Agent:

20120117502 - Virtual room form maker: A method consistent with certain implementation involves presenting a graphical user interface (GUI) to a user on a display, where the GUI presents a visual representation of a room that is adapted to be adjusted in size and shape by user manipulation of a controller; the GUI has a drop... Agent:

20120117503 - Ce device for home energy management: A CE device employs user interfaces to allow a user to define energy management rules within the user's premises, visualize energy use in the home and in neighbor's homes for comparison and competition in saving energy, and receive tailored advertisements for appliances that are more energy efficient than what the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120117504 - User interface for application management for a mobile device: This specification describes technologies relating to user interfaces for mobile devices. In general, one aspect of the subject matter described in this specification can be embodied in methods that include the actions of receiving a touch input to access an application management interface on a mobile device; presenting an application... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120117505 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating soft keyboards: A method includes, at an electronic device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface: concurrently displaying a first text entry area and an unsplit keyboard on the display; detecting a gesture on the touch-sensitive surface; and, in response to detecting the gesture on the touch-sensitive surface, replacing the unsplit keyboard... Agent:

20120117506 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating soft keyboards: A method includes, at an electronic device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface: concurrently displaying a first text entry area and an unsplit keyboard on the display; detecting a gesture on the touch-sensitive surface; and, in response to detecting the gesture on the touch-sensitive surface, replacing the unsplit keyboard... Agent:

20120117507 - Notification of mobile device events: A computer-implemented user notification method includes displaying, in a status area near a perimeter of a graphical interface, a notification of a recent alert event for a mobile device, receiving a user selection in the status area, and in response to the receipt of the user selection, displaying, in a... Agent: Google Inc.

20120117508 - Window management for an embedded system: Methods and apparatus are provided for providing a window management system for an embedded system. In one embodiment a method includes configuring an operating system of an embedded system based on a protocol provided between one or more application windows and a window manager, each application window associated with an... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120117509 - Intelligent data caching: Methods, program products, and systems implementing intelligent data caching are disclosed. A client can send a request for data to a server. The request can include a query and a query context. The query can retrieve more data than can be displayed in a current page. The query context can... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120117511 - Method and apparatus for providing an external menu display: Systems and methods are provided for sending a data request from a secondary display device to a main display device for menu data present on the main display device, wherein the main display device is capable of performing a set of functions and wherein the menu data corresponds to the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120117510 - System and method for automatically establishing a concurrent data connection with respect to the voice dial features of a communications device: A system and method for automatically establishing a concurrent data connection between a communications device and a remote data server upon initiating a voice call. A data connection application can be configured in association with a communications device in order to concurrently connect the communications device and a remote data... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120117512 - Apparatus and method for presenting menu items on user interface of consumer electronics device: A consumer electronics device has a video display, a processor controlling the display, and a computer readable storage medium accessible to the processor. The storage medium bears instructions executable by the processor to cause a user interface (UI) to appear on the display, where the UI includes plural alpha-numeric elements.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120117513 - Information processing terminal: Provided is an information processing terminal that can accurately obtain an image having the title of an application program displayed, and display an image that conforms to the content of the application program, on an application-program list. The information processing terminal (1) is provided with an inputting means (2) for... Agent:

20120117514 - Three-dimensional user interaction: Three-dimensional user interaction is described. In one example, a virtual environment having virtual objects and a virtual representation of a user's hand with digits formed from jointed portions is generated, a point on each digit of the user's hand is tracked, and the virtual representation's digits controlled to correspond to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120117515 - Method and apparatus for generating a visual representation of information: An apparatus, comprising computer program code configured to cause the apparatus to perform at least generating visual representation of a message chain comprising a plurality of nodes, each node representing a message, and a plurality of node connectors, identifying messages of the message chain that are associated with at least... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120117516 - Systems and methods for information management using socially vetted graphs: The present invention allows for an easy-to-use, web-based, schema-less database system that provides organizations the ability to organically model, store, and access information in an iterative and evolutionary manner. Users are encouraged to grow and explore the information domain intuitively. One embodiment is a method of collaboratively managing an entity-relationship... Agent:

20120117517 - User interface: A method of controlling a user interface comprising the steps of: detecting movement of a contact continuously between a first contact point at which contact is made and a second contact point at which contact is released; determining a state of a selection/de-selection mode of operation in dependence on: a... Agent: Promethean Limited

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20120110425 - Electronic device and method of controlling an electronic device: An electronic device and a method of controlling the electronic device are provided. The electronic device receives information related to a bookmark generated by another electronic device and provides bookmarked contents based on the received bookmark related information to thereby improve user convenience.... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120110424 - Electronic device and method of controlling the same: An electronic device and a method of controlling the electronic device are provided. The electronic device can automatically generate a bookmark with respect to contents currently output from the electronic device when an event is generated in another electronic device while the electronic device is outputting the contents in order... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120110426 - Framework for providing visual context to www hyperlink: A method and a system for presenting Internet information to a user including providing to a user a visual image of a web page containing at least one hyperlink, and at least partially concurrently providing a visual image of another web page of at least one web site which is... Agent: Inc.

20120110427 - Method and apparatus for consolidating network information: A method and apparatus for consolidating network information, in some cases for use as a start/portal page. The invention provides means for “framing” Internet content, as well as creating links on the fly, to a single web-page that can be accessed by a single user, or by a set of... Agent:

20120110428 - Spreadsheet model for distributed computations: A spreadsheet model is employed to facilitate distributed computations. Spreadsheets and cells are generalized to correspond to arbitrary data sources that can be remote from each other, among other things. Functions can be specified with respect to these arbitrary data sources to produce combinations of data or mashups, for example,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110430 - Cooperation-based method of managing, displaying, and updating dna sequence data: Cooperation-based method of managing, displaying, and updating DNA sequence data is provided. According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a cooperation-based method of managing DNA sequence data, the method comprising receiving annotation data inputted for an anchor corresponding to at least one base of a DNA... Agent: Samsung Sds Co.,ltd.

20120110429 - Platform enabling web-based interpersonal communication within shared digital media: The invention consists of a new form of digital media document comprising content, applications and services that facilitate sharing and social expression on the Internet within a unified media object instead of being confined to specific websites such as social-networking services. This invention transforms content into content which is reusable,... Agent: Webdoc Sa

20120110431 - Touch-based annotation system with temporary modes: One embodiment provides a system for processing gesture inputs on a touch screen display. The system receives a gesture input on the touch screen display. When the gesture is recognized as invoking an annotation canvas, the system determines the height, width and location of an annotation canvas, and displays the... Agent: Perceptive Pixel, Inc.

20120110432 - Tool for automated online blog generation: Techniques for the design and operation of a blogging tool for automated blog creation and automated upload to a server are described herein. A content capturing process may obtain a plurality of images, including still images or video, as well as audio capture of voices and other sound, according to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110434 - Automated document governance: A method, system, and computer usable program product for automated document governance in a data processing environment are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A set of structured documents is received at an application executing in a computer in the data processing environment. A structure is recognized, parts of which structure... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120110436 - Integrated document viewer: In various embodiments of the present invention, documents (eg, PDFs) are converted into HTML 5 (and CSS 3) formats and integrated into existing HTML 5 web pages to preserve the original embedded fonts. The fonts can also be integrated or embedded (e.g., via the standard HTML “iframe” tag) into other... Agent: Scribd, Inc.

20120110433 - Parallel web page processing: Methods and systems for parallel Web page processing are usable to parallelize Web page document parsing, Web page layout calculations, Web page style formatting, and Web page script engine processing. Such parallelized parsers may be used to enhance Web page processing and exploit multi-core and multi-processor computing device resources. The... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110435 - Updating the display of a page with predictively downloaded content: A page update handler enables a browser to update the display of a page with data received from a server. For example, a server may predictively retrieve data in anticipation of a user performing a particular action on a page, and may send this data to the browser in a... Agent:

20120110437 - Style and layout caching of web content: Methods and systems for style and/or layout caching of Web content are usable to build reusable style caching trees and cacheable layout calculations. Such style caching trees may be used to avoid recalculating style content of Web pages for document object model (DOM) elements that have not changed. Additionally, the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110438 - Proportional font scaling: The font size of text included in web page content is proportionally scaled based on proportional container widths and/or a minimum readable font size. The proportional font scaling improves web content readability on small-screen devices while maintaining relative proportions of font sizes between text containers when the text containers are... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110439 - Efficient creation of documents: Some embodiments provide a method that efficiently designs a document. The method provides the user with a selection of templates, each with a default configuration for content. The method provides the user with a selection of page designs to add to a selected template. The method adds a selected page... Agent:

20120110440 - Efficient creation of documents: Some embodiments provide a method that efficiently designs a document. The method provides the user with a selection of templates, each with a default configuration for content. The method provides the user with a selection of page designs to add to a selected template. The method adds a selected page... Agent:

20120110441 - Using a layout engine to display an overflowed textbox: A method for managing electronic documents (EDs), including obtaining an ED defining an overflowed textbox with a vertical justification, a paragraph for the overflowed textbox, and a horizontal justification of the paragraph, where the paragraph comprises a plurality of characters, generating, based on the ED, an intermediate document (ID) defining... Agent: Konica Minolta Systems Laboratory Inc.

20120110442 - Utilizing document structure for animated pagination: In general, this disclosure describes techniques for visually emphasizing information displayed on a computing device. In one example, a method that includes receiving a first portion of a document for display by the computing device, the first portion of the document including multiple elements separated by one or more delimiters.... Agent: Google Inc.

20120110443 - Collaborative cursors in a hosted word processor: A computer-implemented collaborative editing method includes receiving input from a user of a browser-based document editing application on a document displayed by the application; identifying a current location in the document for a cursor of a first user executing the application; receiving from a central server system data that reflects... Agent: Google Inc.

20120110444 - Help document animated visualization: Data for performing help document animated visualization is obtained by generating operation records from a text-based help document of an application. Each of the operation records may include data for animating an operation action that is performed on a user interface (UI) element of the application. The help document is... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110445 - Realtime synchronized document editing by multiple users for blogging: A method includes sending to the plurality of clients copies of the document for realtime editing, and obtaining respective changesets for two or more respective clients in the plurality of clients. A respective changeset represents one or more changes to a respective copy of the document at a respective client.... Agent:

20120110446 - Data management apparatus, data management method, and computer-readable recording medium thereof: A computer-readable recording medium on which a program is recorded for causing a computer to execute a data management method includes the steps of obtaining document identification data used for identifying a target document, obtaining page identification data used for identifying a page of the target document, obtaining document use... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120110447 - Control of virtual object using device touch interface functionality: A virtual object can be controlled using one or more touch interfaces. A location for a first touch input can be determined on a first touch interface. A location for a second touch input can be determined on a second touch interface. A three-dimensional segment can be generated using the... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20120110448 - Seamlessly share and reuse administration-console user-interaction knowledge: An approach is provided that captures an admin-console context. The first admin-console context includes a set of state attribute values corresponding to elements that are included in a context hierarchy of a console software application that is being executed at a computer system. A number of events that occur at... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120110450 - Dynamic help user interface control with secured customization: A help interface is generated to present static help content and customized help content for an application. Help content data is accessed to define the static help content and a control command to support incorporation of the customized help content. The control command is implemented to determine a configuration of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110449 - Method and system for guiding user selection of a replacement watercraft propeller: A computer implemented system automatically launches a video to assist a computer user in navigating through a set of menus on a graphical user interface (GUI) without separately requiring the computer user to select a link to a video file or launch a software program designed to playback the video.... Agent:

20120110451 - Providing help information: A method of providing help information for an application program includes capturing, with a computing device, an operation performed for completing a task; recording the operation in correspondence to the task; and indicating the operation in an application program interface for a user to perform the same operation in response... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120110453 - Display of image search results: Techniques involving display of image search results are described. In one or more implementations, an image search result is displayed having a plurality of images. Responsive to selection of a particular one of the images, a filmstrip is displayed having a contiguous series of representations of at least a portion... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110454 - Method and apparatus for providing user interface for media contents in user equipment: Apparatus and method for providing a user interface for media contents in a user equipment. In order to provide the user interface, the background screen of the user interface may be formed from at least one image. Each image of the at least one image may represent a respective one... Agent:

20120110452 - Software application output volume control: Apparatus comprises means for independently controlling the output volume levels of a plurality of software applications associated with the apparatus; means responsive to a user command to change a master volume level for changing the volume levels of each of the software applications in the same sense; and when one... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120110455 - Video viewing and tagging system: Systems and methods are provided to view, manipulate, and share videos within a gaming platform implemented as an advisory services network. Within the context of a serious game designed around a complex business problem of an organization, players can review videos conveying ethnographic information, mark segments of the videos, tag... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110456 - Integrated voice command modal user interface: A system and method are disclosed for providing a NUI system including a speech reveal mode where visual objects on a display having an associated voice command are highlighted. This allows a user to quickly and easily identify available voice commands, and also enhances an ability of a user to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110457 - Method and apparatus for automatically updating a primary display area: Receiving commands from a remote controller and automatically activating display areas for cursor navigation. Content display areas within a display frame respectively correspond to a variety of content items and include a primary display area wherein cursor navigation is activated and secondary display areas wherein cursor navigation is prevented. Remote... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120110458 - Mobile content capture and discovery system based on augmented user identity: A system and a method is provided for collecting information and discovery of the information based on an augmented user identity. A note creation function allows a user of a computer device to create notes. A note interaction function allows the user to interact with notes and/or Cloud information available... Agent:

20120110459 - Automated adjustment of input configuration: A method and system for automatically adjusting input configuration are disclosed. The method may include monitoring information input by a user into a graphical user interface (GUI). The method may further include determining an input configuration state of the computing system set by the user for the information input into... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120110461 - Headless appliance: A headless appliance includes a network chassis management interface determiner configured to determine a network chassis management interface. The headless appliance is configured to be disposed in a network chassis. The headless appliance also includes a management interface command mapping configured to associate commands of the network chassis management interface... Agent:

20120110460 - Methods and systems for monitoring network performance: Methods and systems for monitoring performance in electronic networks are provided. In some embodiments, a system may comprise a data collection server, a processor, and a user interface. The data collection server may be in electronic communication with a switch disposed in an electronic network. The processor may receive data... Agent:

20120110462 - Providing cloud-based computing services: In a method for providing a cloud-based computing service to a user, a request for the computing service to be performed for the user is received, in which, the request includes a selection of at least one flow-slice, the at least one flow-slice comprising a network abstraction of a network... Agent:

20120110463 - Application recommendation: A method for application recommendation performed by a computerized application recommendation system includes receiving usage data for applications within a category of applications from a plurality of users, and providing a first user with a recommendation for a first application in the category of applications based, at least in part,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120110464 - Content sharing interface for sharing content in social networks: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for presenting, within a web page, a graphical representation of a content sharing interface including at least one button icon, receiving user input to the button icon, in response to the user input, expanding the content sharing... Agent: Google Inc.

20120110465 - Method for presenting information to a host vehicle having a user interface: A method for presenting information to a host vehicle having a user interface. The method comprises remotely creating an information set including user accessible information pertaining to troubleshooting onboard components of the host vehicle, wirelessly communicating a portion of the information set to the host vehicle, and operating the user... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20120110466 - Method for presenting information to a host vehicle having a user interface: A method for presenting information to a host vehicle having a user interface. The method includes remotely creating an information set including user accessible information pertaining to troubleshooting onboard components of the host vehicle, detecting a host vehicle condition, selecting a portion of the user accessible information based on the... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20120110467 - Centralized user preference management for electronic decision making devices: Systems and techniques for centralized user preference management for electronic decision making devices are provided. A user preference profile is received. A user preference profile manager may transmit a user preference from the user preference profile to a requesting user transaction terminal. the user preference manager may also receive a... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20120110468 - Business network gui: A computer program product tangibly embodied in a computer-readable storage device includes instructions that, when executed, generate in a display device a graphical user interface comprising: a business view area with first objects representing business entities participating in a business network and second objects representing business connections between the business... Agent: Sap Ag

20120110469 - Systems and methods for cross domain personalization: The present invention relates to systems and methods for anonymously personalizing web content to a particular user. The methods and systems may include listening for requests including code and tags that stand for personalized information. Once a request is identified, the personal information for the user corresponding to the tags... Agent:

20120110470 - Touch-based system for transferring data: Data transfer system. The system transfers data by touch from a first digital device to a second digital device and includes a first digital device having a touch screen along with a second digital device also having a touch screen. The first and second digital devices are connected to a... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120110471 - Systems and methods for collaborative interaction: A method for allowing multiple users to interact utilising a common user interface, the method comprising the steps of: for each user, receiving input data from said user and displaying said input in a user interface portion associated with the user, and, on receiving an instruction from the user, transferring... Agent: Smart Internet Technology Crc Pty. Ltd.

20120110473 - Avatar-based communications launching system: In one embodiment, a social networking system automatically establish a connection to a target user by selecting an avatar representing the target user, and establishing a connection by a communication channel based on current context and one or more rules configured by the target user.... Agent:

20120110474 - Content sharing interface for sharing content in social networks: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for displaying, within a web page, a representation of a content sharing interface, the content sharing interface including a content input area, receiving user input to the content input area, in response to the user input, expanding... Agent: Google Inc.

20120110475 - Dynamically controlling the process of an electronic meeting: A mechanism is provided for dynamically controlling the process of an electronic meeting that includes at least two sub-meetings. A monitoring module monitors the occurrence of a trigger event for triggering switching between different sub-meetings in the process of the electronic meeting. A control module breaks the connection between the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120110472 - Persisting annotations within a cobrowsing session: A request to navigate to a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) can be received within a cobrowsing session. The cobrowsing session can be associated with a unique session identifier of a cobrowsing application. The cobrowsing application can be part of a collaboration software. An annotation previously associated with the URI from... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120110476 - My online 3d e library: My online 3D E library is invented. Visitor goes to the library online; check what the materials in each section in a 3D environment. They can borrow, read, listen, watch the materials in the study room or reading room and renew. They also can buy the materials. Business can create... Agent:

20120110478 - System and method for supporting software: Provided are a software service supporting system and method to a plurality of clients using a software virtualization technology in a server-based computing environment. The present invention is configured to allow a server to execute software selected by a request of a client by using a resource of a client... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120110477 - Systems and methods for enabling virtual social interactions: A system and methods that enables virtual social interactions for digital representations through the use of virtual objects. A digital representation may be a three-dimensional avatar or a two-dimensional image, and may be animated or static. A power item is received via a network, the power item being a virtual... Agent: Mimesis Republic

20120110479 - Party chat system, program for party chat system and information recording medium: The present invention is based on the finding that there is employed a scheme to display, on a predetermined position of a display screen, character information of characters included within a certain party to display text information inputted with respect to respective characters in a manner adjacent to the character... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Square Enix (also Trading As Square Enix Co., Ltd)

20120110481 - Automatic formatting of display screen to reflect past correlative changes to data display windows: A method for automatically formatting a display screen upon initialization or refresh to reflect a user's prior resizing of frames with respect to one another.... Agent: Thomson Reuters (markets) LLC

20120110480 - Method and apparatus for rendering a web page: A method and apparatus for rendering a web page comprising multiple widgets, comprising: upon receiving a widget, receiving or associating a priority with the widget, and associating the widget with a hidden area of the page; creating a wrapper for the widget, enabling rendering the widget and communication between the... Agent: Sap Portals Israel Ltd

20120110482 - Method and apparatus for generating widget: A method and an apparatus for generating a widget are provided. The method includes: obtaining identification information of elements to be reused in a source widget; generating a logical relation between the elements to be reused; and generating a widget including the identification information of the elements to be reused... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20120110484 - Centralized registration for distributed social content services: A system and method are directed towards enabling centralized registration for managing a selective display of visitor information to distributed social networking websites. A visitor may enter selective personal information, and determine what information is made available on a social networking webpage. The visitor may then return to the social... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20120110483 - Multi-desktop management: A transparency percentage value is associated with each application icon defined for active executable applications using a computing system. At least one application that is active on a desktop screen is collected for each of at least two different visual attribute values collected from a user. The different collected visual... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120110485 - System for and method of field mapping: A system for and method of field mapping utilizing a user interface allows efficient and accurate mapping of fields on two or more devices. Fields that match between a first device and a second device are automatically mapped. For the fields that do not match, the user interface provides a... Agent: Fusionone, Inc.

20120110486 - Universal clipboard: A multi-screen user device and a universal clipboard application are described. Specifically, the universal clipboard application can be open on one screen of the multi-screen device while another application, from which data is either being copied to the clipboard application or pasted from the clipboard application, is open on another... Agent: Imerj LLC

20120110489 - Dynamic loading of device feature specific graphical user interface presentations: A device in a machine automation environment is controlled by executing a primary software application to generate a primary graphical view of controls for the device, executing a secondary software application to generate a secondary graphical view of controls for the device, and displaying an integrated graphical view comprising the... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120110490 - Dynamic menu for device specific graphical user interface presentations: A machine automation system for controlling a device in a machine automation environment is provided. The machine automation system includes a device and interface software. The interface software is configured to receive a selection of the device, display a control window associated with the device, identify at least one device... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120110491 - Method, system and computer product for distribution of data objects: A method, computer system and computer program for distributing data objects within a bounded region, whereby the data objects may be positioned as far apart from one another as possible. The output may be created entirely automatically, or may incorporate user input. The bounded region may be a variety of... Agent:

20120110487 - Numerical graphical flow diagram conversion and comparison: Each of a group of user interface element representations that each represents one node of a captured graphical logic flow is translated, by a computing device, into one of a group of numerical strings that represents the respective node and connections to and from the respective node. The group of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120110488 - Simplified views of meta model entities of data objects: Simplifying views of meta model entities of data objects can include determining, using a distribution function calculated for each data element of a plurality of data elements available for use in executing a business process in an object-based software platform, a usage frequency ranking of the plurality of data elements.... Agent:

20120110492 - Method and system for time sheet messaging: A method and system for time sheet messaging is presented. The method includes providing a time-sheet application for managing a plurality of projects, each project associated with at least one organizational unit. A graphical user interface is provided which includes a time-sheet information area for display and entry of time... Agent:

20120110494 - Character input method using multi-touch and apparatus thereof: A character input method and apparatus enable a user to input characters rapidly and easily using multi-touch on a touch screen. The character input method using a multi-touch, preferably includes: executing a character input mode; displaying a virtual key pad including a plurality of key regions for character input; generating... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120110493 - Text entry using a steering wheel in a vehicle: The present invention describes an in-vehicle text entry method and system using controls of a steering wheel. The in-vehicle text input system provides a graphical user interface (GUI) keyboard layout that is conducive to memorization.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120110495 - Controlling electronic equipment with a touching-type signal input device: Electronic equipment is controlled with a touching-type signal input device. An inputted navigator-calling request is received. A request mode of the inputted navigator-calling request is compared with a predefined request mode. It is determined whether the request mode of the inputted navigator-calling request matches with the predefined request mode. A... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120110497 - Changing stack when swapping: A dual-screen user device and methods for revealing a combination of desktops on single and multiple screens are disclosed. Specifically, a determined number of desktops and/or running applications can be selectively displayed on dual screen displays conditioned upon inputs received and the state of the device. Desktop displays and applications... Agent: Imerj, LLC

20120110496 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal including a memory including at least first and second OSs (Operating Systems) and applications dedicated to each of the first and second OSs; a display unit configured to display a first OS (Operating System) dedicated screen including the applications dedicated to the first OS among the first... Agent:

20120110498 - System and method for using a visual password scheme: A system and method for inputting a password. The system and method operates to associate unique non-descriptive graphical features with unique text-based characters. The system and method operates to receive in sequence, a plurality of text-based characters. The system and method operates to display in sequence, in accordance with a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120110500 - System and method for message grouping: Embodiments of the present invention may provide a message handling system for displaying messages in a structured way. The message handling system may store template messages in a table of a database and generate messages using the template messages. The message handling system may further assess a display area for... Agent: Sap Ag

20120110499 - Virtualized layouts: One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for virtualizing data in a user interface (UI). A virtual layout viewport is identified which comprises an area that may be viewed in a UI, where at least some data from one or more tuples of data is to be realized in... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110501 - Mobile terminal and screen change control method based on input signals for the same: A screen change control method based on input signals and a mobile terminal supporting the same are disclosed. The mobile terminal includes a display panel for outputting a screen assigned to a user function, and a control unit for collecting screen ratio information based on at least one of a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120110503 - Imaging product selection system: A computer system for selecting image products includes a display for displaying digital images, and for displaying representations of image products. Digital images are composited into the displayed representations to form digitally composited image product views. Programming controls displaying the composited image product views separately from the unselected representations. One... Agent:

20120110504 - Method and system for project and portfolio management: A method and system for project and portfolio management is disclosed. The method may include tagging one or more data records of projects of a plurality of projects with one or more tags, and displaying on a display device the one or more tagged data records with information relating to... Agent:

20120110502 - Using screen captures to provide automatic contextual smart input-in device selection menu: A two-way smart input-in device recognition mechanism determines which input slots of a multi-input display device (such as a television) are actually occupied, and obtains a screen capture of a graphic image for each such device. An embodiment of the present invention automatically associates the screen capture graphics with input-in... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120110505 - Automatic updating apparatus, automatic updating method, and programmable storage medium embodying program to perform method for automatic updating: An automatic updating apparatus includes a traffic receiver that receives numbers per unit time of the access of more than one menu displayed in a screen and calculates rates of variability with respect to the numbers of the access to each menu, and a menu updating unit that updates a... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120110506 - System and method for file navigation: The subject application is directed to computer file navigation. The identification of a user is received followed by a menu selection instruction. Uniquely identified data storage areas and uniquely identified secondary data storage areas are then defined in a data storage. Each secondary area includes history data relative to the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120110507 - Context menu: Context menus are described. In one or more implementations, an option is displayed in a user interface by a computing device, the option selectable to cause a representation of an object to be added to a context menu. In response to selection of the option, the context menu is configured... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110508 - Enterprise resource planning oriented context-aware user interface: An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) context-aware user interface may be provided. A task list comprising a plurality of objectives may be displayed. Upon receiving a selection of at least one of the plurality of objectives, a context state may be updated according to the selected at least one objective. A... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110509 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and surveillance system: An electronic apparatus includes a thumbnail preparation unit configured to retrieve thumbnail images, each thumbnail image representing a scene of a different time of one or more moving images, a first thumbnail line display unit configured to time sequentially display a first plurality of thumbnail images corresponding to at least... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120110510 - Electronic device and method for adjusting settings thereof: A method for adjusting settings of an electronic device is disclosed. The method includes the steps as follows: providing a user interface including a plurality of main setting menu keys and a control unit; selecting one of the main setting menu keys to call a main setting value corresponding to... Agent:

20120110512 - Integrated content guide for interactive selection of content and services on personal computer systems with multiple sources and multiple media presentation: A integrated content guide for multiple sources is provided with hyper-text type links to allow for the selection of various programs. The hyper-text links are provided for a transmitted and then stored digital bit stream. This allows for the embedding within the content guide what could be additional commercial information.... Agent:

20120110511 - Integrating user interfaces: An external interface to a portable device that has its own native interface is provided. The native interface of the portable device presents options of a first level of a hierarchy, and upon selection of a first one of the options, replaces the display of options with a new display... Agent:

20120110513 - Aggregating based on hierarchy and scaling input: According to an example embodiment, a method may include accessing, by at least one processor from at least one non-transitory computer-readable memory device, a map and a hierarchy of places included in the map. The method may also include accessing, by the at least one processor from the at least... Agent: Sap Ag

20120110514 - Graphical user interface for managing virtual machines: A graphical user interface (GUI) for managing virtual machines (VMs) that are running in one or more hosts provides a search interface that is intuitive and presents search results in a tree structure that lists or marks items that meet user-designated search criteria. User-designated search criteria include favorite VMs, powered-on... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20120110515 - User interface for a digital content management system: A graphical user interface and digital content processor for the management of digital data. The graphical user interface is characterized by two treeview controls capable of transforming the screen display of items under management by acting as a filtering mechanism for the category value pairs inherent in every item under... Agent:

20120110520 - Device for using user gesture to replace exit key and enter key of terminal equipment: A device for using user gesture to replace the exit key and the enter key of a terminal equipment, comprising a CPU module, a gesture input module, a gesture processing module, a terminal application module, a memory module and a terminal function module. The CPU module can be connected with... Agent: Beijing Borqs Software Technology Co., Ltd.

20120110519 - Graphical manipulation of data objects: In an embodiment, a user input defining an enclosed, graphical shape on a video display is received. A number of graphical items are identified as being included within the enclosed, graphical shape. Here, each graphical item is displayed on the video display and represents a data object that has a... Agent: Sap Ag

20120110517 - Method and apparatus for gesture recognition: A touchscreen device is configured to display a number of user interface elements in accordance with a menu hierarchy. Upon receipt of a predetermined touchscreen gesture (e.g., the circular motion of a manipulator) the menu hierarchy is bypassed and the user is given immediate control over a selected function, for... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120110516 - Position aware gestures with visual feedback as input method: A gesture based user interface is provided for a user to interact with a device in order to operate and control the device through detection of gestures and movements of the user. Visual feedback of the user gestures is provided to the user to aid in the user's operational and... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120110518 - Translation of directional input to gesture: A user device is disclosed which includes a touch input and a keypad input. The user device is configured to operate in a gesture capture mode as well as a navigation mode. In the navigation mode, the user interfaces with the touch input to move a cursor or similar selection... Agent: Avago Technologies EcbuIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

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