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Data processing: presentation processing of document February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 51 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120047420 - Method and system for directed documentation of construction projects: Methods and systems for directed creation of construction documentation are provided. Example embodiments provide a Directed Documentation System (a “DDS”), which directs, in a computer-assisted manner, the creation of a historical record of a portion or an entire construction project. In one embodiment, the DDS comprises a directed construction data... Agent:

20120047421 - System and method for creating and displaying a timeline presentation: A system and method for creating and displaying a timeline presentation. A timeline presentation enables a presenter to provide a dynamic and animated display of a timeline and associated information. Events may be added to a timeline by providing information about an event (e.g., date, time, and description) and associating... Agent: Holman Enterprises, LLC

20120047422 - Hovercard pivoting for mobile devices: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for invoking execution of web based applications. In one aspect, a method includes receiving user input at a computing device, displaying a contact hovercard on a display of the computing device in response to the user input,... Agent: Google Inc.

20120047423 - Virtual html anchor: A method allowing a reader of a document who is not the author of the document to reference and link to some specific portion or location in the document so that others may navigate directly to the specific portion of the document even where the author of the document has... Agent:

20120047424 - Image annotation for image auxiliary information storage and retrieval: Embodiments of the present invention provide a novel and non-obvious method, system and computer program product for image annotation for image auxiliary information storage and retrieval. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for image annotation for image auxiliary information storage and retrieval is provided. The method includes loading... Agent: Lmr Inventions, LLC

20120047425 - Methods and apparatuses for interaction with web applications and web application data: A method of enabling content distribution for various electronic devices which comprises providing a content adaptive application for an electronic device, wherein the content adaptive application is designed to parse an abstraction schema to retrieve data or a data source, and format information. The content adaptive application further formats the... Agent:

20120047427 - System, method and computer readable medium for determining user attention area from user interface events: During an interaction with a web page, user interface events are recorded and augmented with page layout data from the document object model. An event stream is formed with the page layout data and communicated to an event server. The event server processes the event stream to determine a location... Agent: Suboti, LLC

20120047426 - System, method and computer readable medium for recording authoring events with web page content: A web page that includes content form fields may be modified to include an event observer module and an authored content module. The authored content module adds a hidden “events observed” field to the form fields. Events generated during the authoring of content by a user are recorded by the... Agent: Suboti, LLC

20120047428 - Method for creating browsable document for a client device: This invention relates mobile servers and client devices (150) and the data that is transferred between them and that is browsable in the client device (100). In particular, this invention relates to a method for creating browsable document with personalized and/or context dependent look for the client device (100). In... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120047429 - Methods for further adapting xsl to html document transformations and devices thereof: A method, computer readable medium and apparatus for further adapting XSL to HTML document transformations includes identifying with a web computing device one or more rules in an HTML document. An action associated with each of the identified one or more rules is identified with the web computing device. The... Agent: Usablenet Inc.

20120047430 - Orthogonal transformation of web pages: A multivariate web page testing system includes a content retrieval module configured to receive a web page request from a visitor's browser and determine corresponding HTML content corresponding to the web page in the web page request. The multivariate web page testing system further includes a content determination module configured... Agent:

20120047431 - System and method for content selection for web page indexing: An indexing system for documents such as web pages divides a document into elements, such as document object model elements. User attention data from prior interactions with the document are analyzed to determine those elements of a document that satisfy a threshold requirement of user attention. Elements meeting the user... Agent: Suboti, LLC

20120047432 - Aligning content in an electronic document: Aligning the contents of document objects on an electronic document page. Organizing a page of document objects so textual content is aligned to natural eye scanning patterns promotes readership and usability. When a user creates a new island of text, the new text can be snapped into alignment with an... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120047433 - Document reviewer system: A computer system for reviewing electronic documents is provided. The system comprises a computer processor implementing a method including sequentially displaying documents from the ordered list of documents on a monitor. The documents are displayed by automatically displaying pages from a user selected document in the ordered list in a... Agent:

20120047434 - Method to preview an undo/redo list: A method identifying an element in a document corresponding to an edit selected from a list of available edits to distinguish the selected edit from the other edits in the list. The identifying may reflect the type of edit, or otherwise demonstrate the change to the element effectuated by the... Agent: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

20120047436 - Method and system for meta-tagging media content and distribution: A unique application within Video that allows for user generated Meta-tagging to be delivered in real time to individual clips is provided. This meta-tag creates its own tail based upon the user generated words population, which is searchable via a “spider network” that runs invisible behind the web pages of... Agent:

20120047435 - System for configuration and management of live sound system: A computing system automates the configuration and management of a live sound system that includes a processor and memory for building in a GUI of a display a representation of the live sound system for a venue. The system loads a venue template that includes loudspeaker arrays and related properties... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20120047437 - Method for creating and navigating link based multimedia: A method, in combination with or on a computer, for defining, editing, and jumping to predefined points in time in audio, video and other multimedia playback by selecting a point of interest from a scrolling list of choices, rendered with dynamic transparency if superimposed on motion graphics or video. Additionally,... Agent:

20120047438 - Customized system and method for website user data collection, analysis and reporting for an entire website: The present invention relates in general to web site administration. In particular, the present invention relates to a system and method for collecting information and user reactions to an entire website and reporting to the website owner.... Agent:

20120047439 - User-initiated mode for remote support: Some embodiments disclose a remote support system having an analyzer and a communication link to connect to an event log associated with a monitored system. The analyzer is to monitor the event log over the link and to create a report using information in the event log. In response to... Agent:

20120047442 - Hovercard pivoting for mobile devices: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for invoking execution of web based applications. In one aspect, a method includes receiving user input at a computing device, displaying a contact hovercard on a display of the computing device in response to the user input,... Agent: Google Inc.

20120047440 - Shipping address population using online address book: A method for automatically generating a custom name list for use in an order form which can be submitted to an Internet shopping site to complete an order. The method utilizes address book data, stored primarily online utilizing a third party service. In one method according to the invention, names... Agent:

20120047441 - Update management method and apparatus: An update management method and apparatus therefor are provided, the update management method including the operations of storing one or more pieces of update information related to at least one channel from a plurality of channels in a storage unit of a user terminal; and displaying the one or more... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120047443 - Method and apparatus for a virtual desktop: An approach is provided for managing desktop components. A device determines to facilitate access to at least one interface for subscribing to one or more inputs of one or more desktop components, advertising the availability of one or more subscriptions to one or more outputs of the one or more... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120047444 - Relating web page change with revisitation patterns: Web page change may be related to revisitation patterns to support web interaction. In an example embodiment, a method involves analyzing change and revisitation data for a web page, determining a relationship between the data, inferring consumption intent by a user for the web page, and utilizing the inferred consumption... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120047445 - Pre-fetching pages and records in an on-demand services environment: An approach for pre-fetching pages and records in an on demand services environment is disclosed. This approach for pre-fetching pages and records provides for rendering data directly from a locally saved copy. Particular embodiments can include providing a user interface (UI) for a user of the on-demand services environment. According... Agent:, Inc.

20120047446 - Establishment of message context in a collaboration system: A processing device used to support communications between users of the collaboration system is provided with a graphical user interface. A graphical context activation mechanism associated with a discussion between users of the collaboration system may be displayed. Responsive to a selection input, a graphical illustration of information regarding the... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20120047447 - Emotion based messaging system and statistical research tool: A system that allows users to convey their emotional state of mind by means of selecting their mood from a toolbar when using applications such as instant messaging, SMS, MMS, emails, blogs, commenting etc. Different moods appear as different icons or in a drop-down box as text. Emotion intensity can... Agent:

20120047449 - Integrating a user browsing feed into a co-browsing session: A method for integrating a user browsing feed into a co-browsing session may include allowing a computing device of a user in a co-browsing session to independently navigate a network from each other user in the co-browsing session. The method may also provide an indication of content being viewed by... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120047448 - System and method for social browsing using aggregated profiles: Systems and methods are disclosed for providing social crowd data for a number of social locations. In one embodiment, a social browsing system processes social crowd requests using social locations collected for users over time. In one embodiment, upon receiving a social crowd request, for each of one or more... Agent: Waldeck Technology, LLC

20120047450 - Information processing apparatus and method of controlling same: An information processing apparatus having a web browser analyzes a request that has been input using an operation screen being displayed by the web browser, refers to information, based upon result of this analysis, identifying the type and issuing source of a request, which has been issued from the application... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120047451 - Transferring data between applications: In one embodiment, a method for transferring web browser data between web browsers includes collecting browser data pertaining to a first web browser, packaging the browser data into an intermediate format, and storing the packaged data for a subsequent import into a second web browser.... Agent: Google Inc.

20120047452 - Information processing apparatus, display control method, and storage medium: An information processing apparatus configured to display a user interface on a display unit according to screen information acquired from an outside device changes the screen information according to a display attribute set by a user, and if setting of a display attribute of an object included in the screen... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120047454 - Dynamic soft input: Devices and methods are disclosed which relate to improving the efficiency of text input by dynamically generating a soft input based upon current context information. In some embodiments the dynamic soft input may comprise a reduced set of input areas (e.g., keys), which may be sized and/or positioned according to... Agent:

20120047453 - System and method for performing calculations using a portable electronic device: An apparatus and method for performing calculations is provided so that a paradigm of a tape is utilized in a calculator application that executes on a computing platform and which is configured to enable a user to see and interact with multiple virtual tapes that each show numerical values and... Agent: Hale Software Concepts, Inc.

20120047456 - Electronic device and method for implementing icon board based operation interface thereof: An electronic device and a method for implementing an icon board based operation interface thereof are provided. In the method, a plurality of areas within a screen frame on a screen of the electronic device are arranged for respectively displaying a plurality of function boards, in which each of the... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20120047457 - Method and apparatus for searching contents: A contents searching apparatus that includes a level setting unit configured to group contents according to specified regional standards and set an expansion level to at least one group based on contents distribution, and an interface unit configured to select one of the at least one group to which the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120047455 - System for social networking using an ebook reader: An eBook reader that includes the capability of interfacing with a human-centric social network and a book-centric social network.... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

20120047458 - System and method for selecting individual parameters to transition from text-to-graph or graph-to-text: A system and method for selecting individual parameters to transform from text-to-graph and graph-to-text is disclosed. The system includes a display device having a display screen for showing multiple views, including a non-graph view and a graph view. The non-graph view includes a plurality of demarcated portions, each having a... Agent: Snap-on Incorporated

20120047459 - Information processing apparatus: In order to efficiently display a plurality of images on a display screen, the display screen is divided into a number of areas based on the number of images that are designated for display. For example, if four information items are selected and designated for display, the screen is divided... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20120047460 - Mechanism for inline response to notification messages: In response to a first message received at a desktop of a data processing system from a message source, at least a portion of the first message is displayed in an area along an edge of a desktop screen presented by the desktop. In response to a first signal indicating... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20120047462 - Display apparatus and control method thereof: A display apparatus includes an image processor which processes an image to display an image content; a display unit which displays thereon an image content that is processed by the image processor; and a controller which displays a user interface (UI) menu including a plurality of UI items to search... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120047463 - Method of configuring menu screen, user device for performing the method and computer-readable storage medium having recorded thereon program for executing the method: A method of configuring a menu screen is provided. The method includes generating at least one area within a display area; and arranging at least one menu item in the generated area, a user device for performing the method, and a computer-readable storage medium having recorded thereon a program for... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120047461 - Reputation-based safe access user experience: Reputation-based resource lookup may include determining the reputation of resources that are to be accessed. Based on the reputation of the resource, a user experience is provided. Protection can be provided from known and suspicious resources, by providing warnings, such as unique graphical visual warnings and textual messages. Furthermore, additional... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120047464 - Electronic device and method for managing user interface of the electronic device: An electronic device and a method for managing a user interface include setting a movement speed of the interface elements in the user interface corresponding to an angle of change of the electronic device, and setting a movement direction of the interface elements in the user interface corresponding to rotation... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120047465 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: There is provided an information processing device including an acquisition section configured to acquire a curved movement of a body of a user as an operation, a display control section configured to display an object in a virtual three-dimensional space, and a process execution section configured to execute a process... Agent:

20120047466 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: There is provided an information processing device including an acquisition section configured to acquire an operation vector based on a movement of a body part of a user, a correction section configured to correct a direction of the acquired operation vector, and a process execution section configured to execute a... Agent:

20120047467 - Port compatibilty checking for stream processing: A port compatibility connection engine for a large scale stream processing framework is provided. The port compatibility management unit analyzes port definitions of processing elements (PEs) to validate interconnectivity between said elements. In particular, the port compatibility management unit determines the ability of the PEs to produce and/or consume data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120047469 - Method and apparatus for adapting a content package comprising a first content segment from a first content source to display a second content segment from a second content source: An apparatus may include a user interface configured to display a content package including a first content segment from a first content source. A gesture interpreter may be configured to receive a gesture input in a positional relationship to the first content segment. The apparatus may further include a content... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120047470 - Method and apparatus for browsing an electronic book on a touch screen display: A method is disclosed for navigating in an electronic book comprising a plurality of pages, the method comprising displaying in an interface a first given page of the electronic book with a fore edge section representative of a fore edge of the electronic book; detecting a finger motion in the... Agent:

20120047468 - Translating user motion into multiple object responses: A system for translating user motion into multiple object responses of an on-screen object based on user interaction of an application executing on a computing device is provided. User motion data is received from a capture device from one or more users. The user motion data corresponds to user interaction... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

02/16/2012 > 60 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120042231 - Expanded text excerpts: A system provides a list of search results, where one of the search results in the list of search results includes a snippet from a corresponding search result document. The system receives selection of the snippet and provides an expanded snippet based on the selection of the snippet. The expanded... Agent: Google Inc.

20120042230 - Method of creating graph structure from time-series of attention data: Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods and computer program products for generating search results comprising web documents with associated expert information. One embodiment of a method for generating such search results includes receiving one or more search queries, selecting one of the one or more search queries, determining... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20120042232 - Placement of hyperlinks in documents: Methods, systems, and apparatus relate to technologies generally relating to the placement of hyperlinks within the body of text of a document. The placement of hyperlinks can be on specified words or phrases, according to a specified link distribution function across the body of the text content of a document.... Agent: Perfect Sense Digital LLC

20120042233 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method and non-transitory computer readable recording medium: An information processing apparatus includes a vector data acquiring unit, a partial vector data generating unit, and a partial image data generating unit. The vector data acquiring unit acquires vector data contained in image data representing a document image. The partial vector data generating unit generates plural pieces of partial... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20120042234 - Xslt/xpath focus inference for optimized xslt implementation: Techniques are provided for performing focus inference when compiling an Extensible Markup Language Transforms (XSLT) stylesheet into a compiled XSLT processor. In XPath/XSLT, expression evaluation occurs with respect to the dynamic context. In XPath, the part of the dynamic context, related to the context node-set, is called the “focus” of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120042235 - Design support apparatus, design support method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing design support program: A design support apparatus includes a search unit configured to refer to a first database including annotation information pieces added to a first product model and site identification information pieces associated with the annotation information pieces, respectively, and to search, in a second product model, a second site corresponding to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120042236 - Integrated document viewer: In various embodiments of the present invention, documents (eg, PDFs) are converted into HTML 5 (and CSS 3) formats and integrated into existing HTML 5 web pages to preserve the original embedded fonts. The fonts can also be integrated or embedded (e.g., via the standard HTML “iframe” tag) into other... Agent: Scribd, Inc.

20120042237 - Method and apparatus for detecting changes in websites and reporting results to web developers for navigation template: A computerized appliance includes a non-transitory physical memory medium couple to the computerized appliance, and software executing on the computerized appliance from the non-transitory physical memory medium. The computerized appliance performs a method comprising steps of accessing an electronic information page on a network by proxy on behalf of a... Agent:, Inc.

20120042238 - Embedded device and three-dimensional user interface realization method: A three-dimensional (3D) user interface in an embedded device supports programming languages which are supported by the X3D standard, and may embed an extensible 3D (X3D) file into a hypertext mark-up language (HTML) file using one of the programming language. Then the X3D file in the HTML file is parsed... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120042239 - Document templates: A method of creating a template for presenting content within a document. The method includes defining a plurality of components, each including at least one content region and at least one of a frame, a template perimeter and an object. A number of links are then defined between the components,... Agent:

20120042240 - System and method for automatic page layout: The present disclosure includes a system and method for automatic page layout. One automatic page layout method includes dividing a plurality of ordered graphical items into groups, and bisecting a space into regions having a reading order corresponding to an order of the ordered graphical items, each region corresponding to... Agent:

20120042241 - System and method of object simulation in an intermittently connected mobile application: The generation and comparison of a first time stamp and a second time stamp allows for the active operation of a mobile device that is intermittently connected to a middleware system. A document is created with a first time stamp, where this document relates to a particular activity associated with... Agent: Sap Ag

20120042242 - Multiple synchronized views for creating, analyzing, editing, and using mathematical formulas: A computerized method and system for creating, analyzing, and editing complex formulas so as to facilitate their use in software applications such as spreadsheets and database applications. The method and system employ multiple synchronized views for formulas, one view presenting the linear text required by the software application and the... Agent:

20120042243 - Electronic system and controlling method thereof: An electronic system comprises an electronic processing device and a reading device having a display screen. When the electronic processing device is connected to the reading device through a data-transmitting interface, the electronic processing device transmits an electronic file in the electronic processing device to the reading device by a... Agent: E Ink Holdings Inc.

20120042244 - Software application for the method of creating, engaging in and completing (or failing to complete) allowances on pre-programmed activities or newly created activities: The software application for creating, engaging in and completing (or failing to complete) allowances on pre-programmed activities or newly created activities are disclosed. A user creates an allowance for a selected activity and inputs allowance details (i.e. time period from “start date” to “end date,” specific number of uses, per... Agent:

20120042249 - Audio signal output apparatus and method: An audio signal output apparatus is provided. The audio signal output apparatus includes an audio receiver, an audio processor, an audio output unit, and a controller. The audio receiver receives an audio data which is transmitted from outside and has a plurality of combined sounds. The audio processor signal-processes the... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120042246 - Content gestures: Content gestures are described. In implementations, one or more controls are output to control output of content and for display in a user interface by a computing device. An input is recognized, by the computing device, which was detected using a camera as a gesture to interact with a particular... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120042248 - Gradual visual fading of subsequent songs to represent a streaming playlist: In one embodiment, a system includes a database module to store a seed data and a collection of songs. A music server is configured to generate a playlist based on a preference of a user to hear one of a plurality of songs that are known to the user and... Agent:

20120042245 - Method and system for sorting media items in a playlist on a media device: A computer-implemented method and system are provided for sorting media items in a playlist on a media device that are ranked by score. One embodiment includes changing a user preference associated with a sort criteria selected by the user, wherein each of the media items includes a profile score that... Agent: Napo Enterprises

20120042247 - User-selected media content blocking: Presented herein is a method of blocking user-selected media content, such as, for example, audio and/or video content. In the method, at least one media content stream is presented to a user, wherein the at least one media content stream includes multiple showings of an identifiable contiguous segment of media... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20120042250 - Embedded video player: A system, method and various user interfaces provide an embedded web-based video player for navigating video playlists and playing video content. A website publisher can create and store a video player with customized parameters (e.g., player type, appearance, advertising options, etc.) and can associate the player with a playlist of... Agent: Google Inc

20120042251 - Tool for presenting and editing a storyboard representation of a composite presentation: Some embodiments provide a storyboard tool for displaying and editing a storyboard representation of a set of clips that forms a composite presentation in a media-editing application. For the set of clips in a composite display area, the tool displays a set of thumbnails corresponding to the clips in a... Agent:

20120042252 - Cloning or extending a computer desktop on a wireless display surface: Techniques are provided for cloning a computer desktop to a wireless display surface. A source computer and a display in communication with a destination computer establish a wireless connection. A user console session of the source computer has a virtual display driver that corresponds to the wireless display. An application... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120042253 - Population segmentation: Segments used to select content to be targeted to a user are recursively refined based on continuously derived user characteristics. Based on information gathered from new requests for targeted content and/or user interaction with previously delivered content the user is assigned to one or additional candidate segments. The candidate segments... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120042254 - System for initiating communication between a user interface and a vision processor: A method is disclosed for instructing a user interface (UI) in communication with a first of vision processor (VP) to establish communication with a second (VP). The invention is useful in a machine vision system having a plurality of VPs and at least one UI. The method includes the steps... Agent: Cognex Corporation

20120042256 - High performance computing as a service: A scheduling system and method for high-performance computing (HPC) applications includes a network management component stored in physical memory and executed by a processor. The management component is configured to transform HPC resources into a schedulable resource catalog by transforming multi-dimensional HPC resources into a one dimension versus time resource... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120042255 - Method and system for anomaly detection and presentation: A system and method for anomaly detection and presentation. The method of anomaly detection and presentation comprises receiving information for a plurality of traits from a plurality of servers. A first server has fewer of the plurality of traits than a second server. A first trait is on fewer of... Agent: Symantec Corporation

20120042258 - System and method for dynamically generating, maintaining, and growing an online social network: An on-line community/social network system and method for provide a novel technique that enables an on-line community system to obtain information necessary to provide additional and more robust features to its users, solely from the user's participation in the community, and without requiring the users to do anything else (i.e.,... Agent: Redlands Technology, LLC

20120042257 - Updating application data after anticipating imminent use: Obtaining application data for applications executing on a computing device in anticipation of imminent use of the computing device. The computing device detects an occurrence of a pre-defined event on the first computing device and obtains the application data in response thereto. The application data updates applications executing on the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120042260 - Backdoor adoption process and tool: A customer service tool which is used to locally adopt a virtual item in a virtual world.... Agent: Ganz

20120042259 - Webconnect: website for increasing ease of website and media accessiblity on the world wide web: WebConnect is a collection of methods combined onto one website. These methods include: an advanced bookmarking method, a social network, time-management tools, a personal media, and simple mail transfer protocol tool. WebConnect allows easy access to websites, specifically those that require accounts with passwords. When a user has bookmarked a... Agent:

20120042261 - Sub-component instantiation and synchronization using a shared worker: The techniques of this disclosure are directed to a shared worker application configured to create one or more instantiations and/or to locally synchronize status of one or more sub-component instantiations for one or more web applications. In one example, a shared worker of a browser facilitates creation of sub-component instantiations,... Agent: Google Inc.

20120042262 - Population segmentation based on behavioral patterns: The present technology analyzes a user's behavior to assign a user to targeted segments. The segments to which the user is assigned can be a reflection of a user's context with respect to potential targeted content. While a user can be assigned to many different segments, the user is likely... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120042264 - Configuring a policy for sharing browser history: A browser history is shared with peers in a social network by configuring a policy. What websites and what members are to be shared are defined in the policy. A history of the usage of the links to the defined websites by the defined members is gathered. The browser histories... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120042265 - Information processing device, information processing method, computer program, and content display system: A method is provided for initiating display of information relating to content having a plurality of portions. The method comprises acquiring a capability of a first user device in a first location and a capability of a second user device in a second location. The method further comprises respectively acquiring,... Agent:

20120042266 - Method for providing a private and confidential web-based discussion forum where participants can develop ideas and solutions to various problems in a controlled and managed environment: We present a method to provide a private and confidential web-based discussion forum where participants can develop ideas and solutions to various problems in a controlled and managed environment. The primary user of the method posts a challenge, inquiry for solutions to problems, or ideas on a website accessible only... Agent:

20120042263 - Social-topical adaptive networking (stan) system allowing for cooperative inter-coupling with external social networking systems and other content sources: A cross-pollination subsystem is provided within a Social-Topical Adaptive Networking (STAN) system. The cross-pollination subsystem cooperatively interacts with external platforms to bring fresh cross-pollination data to topic nodes or on-topic Notes Exchange rings (TCONE's) of the STAN system. Users are provided with an interface that allows them to browse through... Agent:

20120042267 - Inferring that a message has been read: A technique for inferring whether a message has been read includes the following: identifying at least part of a message that is in a viewport of a computing device, determining a value that is based on the at least part of the message, comparing the value to a threshold, tracking... Agent: Google Inc.

20120042268 - Processing user interfaces: The present invention discloses automatic and manual processing systems for a versatile graphical user interface comprising one or more N-dimensional background elements each of which is divided into one or more arbitrarily-shaped N-dimensional partitions, wherein each partition may contain one or more user interface elements and is associated with one... Agent:

20120042269 - System and method for nesting timelines: A system and method for creating, editing, and displaying nested timelines. Using the disclosed system, a user can create linked timelines within a timeline and represent the linked (or “nested”) timelines as single elements in the timeline. Nested timelines allow a user to remove elements from a timeline to avoid... Agent: Holman Enterprises, LLC

20120042270 - User interface visualizations: Aspects of the invention pertain to user interface visualizations, enabling efficient display of content on a display device. At least some content is presented having diagonal views to emphasize certain portions of the content while deemphasizing other portions of the content.... Agent: Google Inc.

20120042271 - Enabling user interactions between user interface components: An apparatus, method, and computer program product are disclosed for enabling user interactions between user interface components. An initial event module detects an initial user input event to a graphical user interface. The initial user input event is associated with a user interaction between a source user interface component and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120042272 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same: According to an embodiment of the present invention, a method of controlling a mobile terminal includes displaying, on a display module of the mobile terminal, an operation screen on which a plurality of icons including a first icon and a second icon are arranged, displaying at least one pocket area... Agent:

20120042273 - Machines, program products, and computer-implemented methods for interactive aircraft performance substantiation: An interactive aircraft performance substantiation is provided by determining maneuvers for a user-selected aircraft, determining operation and performance variables for a user-selected maneuver, displaying a scale graphic representation of the user-selected aircraft according to aircraft dimensions, displaying load selection fields according to aircraft dimensions and load-sites dimensions, interactively updating the... Agent:

20120042274 - Method and system for evaluating live or prerecorded activities: Method of and system for evaluating and annotating live or prerecorded activities, such as live or prerecorded public speaking. Evaluations and annotations may be generated in real-time while the activity is taking place or afterwards without the need for a video or audio recording, or may be generated while recording... Agent:

20120042275 - Cloning specific windows on a wireless display surface: Techniques are provided for cloning specific windows of a computer desktop to a wireless display surface. The user console session of a source computer and a destination computer establish a wireless communications channel. The user console session determines a specific window or windows to share with the destination computer, such... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120042276 - Monitoring application for automatically requesting content: Embodiments of the instant invention are directed to a system, apparatus and method for monitoring a user's activities and displaying and presenting unsolicited content to users over a wide area network. Embodiments of the instant invention include a monitoring system comprising an activity monitor and a content transfer and display... Agent: Hoshiko LLC

20120042277 - Dynamic array presentation and multiple selection of digitally stored objects and corresponding link tokens for simultaneous presentation: A system and method for the multiple selection of digitally stored objects and the link-tokens of each selected object for simultaneous presentation and examination of the selected objects with their associated linked objects and information, including organized array presentation for graphical thumbnails that represent the selected objects, as well as... Agent:

20120042279 - Accessing multi-page data: In one embodiment, a method of accessing multi-page data via a user interface can include: displaying a scrollbar on the user interface, where the scrollbar includes a page index and a scroll indicator; receiving a selection of a page of the data using the page index in the scrollbar on... Agent:, Inc.

20120042278 - Method and apparatus for providing a user with selective control over scrolling functions: A method for providing a scrolling mechanism may include receiving an indication of a stroke event at a display generating a content view of at least a portion of a content page, classifying the stroke event based on characteristics of the stroke event, and determining whether to generate a scroll... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120042280 - Intelligent display of information in a user interface: User interfaces such as web pages may be customized in terms of appearance and content based on user interests. For example, information items may be arranged such that items corresponding to strong user interests are displayed in more visually identifiable locations while items corresponding to weaker user interests are displayed... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120042281 - Same-display comparison of content for different renditions of a single computer program: An method for use in a computer system for determining correspondence between at least two renditions of a single computer program includes enabling the identification of a selected screenshot related to navigation within the computer program and, as a response to the identification, accessing a reference screenshot captured during navigation... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20120042282 - Presenting suggested items for use in navigating within a virtual space: An exploration system is described for assisting the user in navigating within a virtual space that can be represented using a tiled multi-resolution image. The exploration system receives various selection factors that have a bearing on the selection of suggested items from a collection of candidate items. The selection factors... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120042284 - 3d tag clouds for visualizing federated cross-system tags: A sphere is displayed on an interactive graphical user interface with a central circular disk that represents a current computer system, and a second circular disk that represents a second computer system as part of the sphere positioned parallel above or below the central circular disk. A current tag representing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120042283 - Graphical user interface with a concentric arrangement and method for accessing data objects via a graphical user interface: A graphical user interface (1) and a method (20, 27) for providing access to task data objects as well as a method (37, 44) for navigating through a set of task data objects is provided. The graphical user interface (1) may comprise a reference area (2) representing a reference data... Agent:

20120042286 - Graphical computer application recall system and method: A method for recalling application programs in a computer having a memory includes accepting a first user input for indicating a program configuration of application programs running on the computer and storing the program configuration in the memory in association an icon to provide a stored program configuration. The icon... Agent: Rmt, Inc.

20120042285 - Item switching method, man-machine interface and cordless phone handset: An item switching method for a man-machine interface having a plurality of objects includes generating a stack list for recording selecting information related to the plurality of objects, receiving a command for selecting an object from the plurality of objects, and determining a procedure to select the object according to... Agent:

20120042287 - Emphasis-adding system and emphasis-adding method: A display part is provided with a display screen with a horizontal axis representing a time and a vertical axis representing an amount of modulation and a pre-emphasis waveform image is displayed on the display screen. In the pre-emphasis waveform image, a cursor can be arranged on a tap which... Agent: Anritsu Corporation

20120042288 - Systems and methods for interactions with documents across paper and computers: Systems and methods provide for mixed use of physical documents and a computer, and more specifically provide for detailed interactions with fine-grained content of physical documents that are integrated with operations on a computer to provide for improved user interactions between the physical documents and the computer. The system includes... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20120042289 - Avoiding display of browser content that may induce a seizure in viewers with photo-sensitivity: Embodiments of the invention provide a browser safe for use by individuals with epilepsy. Embodiments of the invention include retrieving content in response to a request from a user, identifying one or more unsafe portions of the retrieved content, modifying the one or more unsafe portions to be epileptic safe... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

02/09/2012 > 66 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20120036420 - Document validation system and method: The present invention relates generally to the field of self-validating documents in supply chain management, documentation services and method for creating the same.... Agent: Decernis, LLC

20120036421 - Electronic template converting method, apparatus, and recording medium: The present disclosure relate to an electronic form converting method, apparatus, and recording medium. The apparatus includes unit for receiving an electronic form conversion request along with requested form; analyzer for analyzing requested form to generate analysis information based on analysis result and determining whether requested form is valid based... Agent: Kl-net Corporation

20120036422 - System and method for rendering forms based on an identification number: A system and method for rendering a form based on an identification number. A client device including an extensible interface platform (EIP) application can be configured in association with a centralized server via a network. A form category can be selected and the identification number with respect to a form... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120036423 - System for and method of collaborative annotation of digital content: The present invention provides a system for and a method of collaborative annotation of digital content. In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a method of annotating digital content is provided. An annotation related to a portion of a volume of digital content is created. The annotation is... Agent: Copia Interactive, LLC

20120036426 - Content management application for an interactive environment: The content management application is an intranet application which provides a process for implementing changes to an internet website of a company by providing the company the ability to define and enforce a common style of page layout. The application can be accessed via a desktop browser and multiple users... Agent: American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

20120036425 - Information processing apparatus, information processing system, control method for the information processing apparatus, and recording medium: An information processing apparatus according to this invention, if a user instructs execution of a function of the information processing apparatus via a first operation screen displayed in a display unit by a Web browser based on screen information provided by a Web server, generates a script including a preset... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120036424 - Method and system for receiving and displaying information: A system 40 which separately extracts geometric data 12 and metadata 14 from a CAD environment and places them in a PDF environment 20.... Agent:

20120036427 - Document processing apparatus, document processing method and computer program: A document processing apparatus which performs layout processing using first and second pages having first and second regions respectively on which content data is arranged. An obtaining processor obtains the content data and a generating processor generates a new page based on the first page in a case where the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120036428 - Advanced scrolling: A device may receive a selection of a first one of portions of a document, changing sizes of at least some of the portions based on the selection, determining a first location of an index button in an index bar, identify one of the portions based on the determined first... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20120036429 - Electronic book system and content server: An electronic book system, which provides a service for improving usability for users by sharing, acquiring, and analyzing text information and image information contained in an electronic book and various information items added to the electronic book, is provided. A typical aspect of the present invention includes a content server... Agent: Co., Ltd.

20120036430 - Input shortcuts for a communications device: A method of inputting an electronic address into a text field on a communications device is disclosed, as well as a device and controller for implementing the method. The method includes: receiving, through a user input interface of the device, an input corresponding to a predetermined delimiter; selecting a non-text... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120036431 - Server apparatus, electronic apparatus, electronic book providing system, electronic book providing method, electronic book displaying method, and program: [Object] To lead a user to various types of information easily with an electronic book as a starting point. [Solving Means] A server apparatus includes a storage, a communication section, and a controller. The storage stores an electronic book obtained by digitizing a book having at least one page in... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120036432 - Data processing apparatus, image display method, and recording medium: When generating image data for preview image corresponding to document data of a plurality of pages, for each page, and displaying preview images based on the generated image data, a preview image display based on the already-generated image data is started before the image data generation for all the pages... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120036435 - Apparatuses and methods for rearranging menu items: An electronic interaction apparatus is provided with a processing unit. The processing unit detects a drag event on a touch screen to indicate a first position to which a menu item is moved, and determines whether the first position corresponds to a page indicator other than a currently highlighted page... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20120036434 - Configurable pie menu: Systems, methods, and other implementations for a configurable pie menu are described herein. A pie menu has sectors of which at least one sector is both associated with a currently assigned menu item and at least one configuration menu. The operation of the pie menu is started by a pie... Agent: Tavendo Gmbh

20120036433 - Three dimensional user interface effects on a display by using properties of motion: The techniques disclosed herein use a compass, MEMS accelerometer, GPS module, and MEMS gyrometer to infer a frame of reference for a hand-held device. This can provide a true Frenet frame, i.e., X- and Y-vectors for the display, and also a Z-vector that points perpendicularly to the display. In fact,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120036436 - Contextual web page system and method: A system and method for controlling a media generation system where a media event may be selected via a stateless software module, the system receiving a media event protocol file corresponding to the selected media event. The media generation system generates the media event based on the received media event... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120036437 - Method, devices, and system for delayed usage of identified content: A method (300) and portable electronic device (100) can be configured to delay the presentation of content (103) until a user (102) is available. The portable electronic device (100) can received, from a user interface (204), a user indication identifying content (103) to be used at a later time. One... Agent:

20120036438 - Computer system with enhanced user interface for images: A computer system and method are presented that enhance a user experience when viewing images displayed on the computer. The system includes a user interface for the computer that displays a number of thumbnail images that are small representations of image files existing on the computer. The thumbnail images are... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120036439 - Method and system for message transmission and display in computing device: A method and system for message display and transmission in a computing device are disclosed. The method includes a step of determining whether a storage unit of the computing device stores at least a set of communication data or not. If the storage unit does not store the communication data,... Agent: Insightek Corp.

20120036441 - Interface for mobile device and computing device: An interface between mobile devices and computing devices, such as a PC or an in-vehicle system permits a user to use the better user interface of the computing device to access and control the operation of the mobile device.... Agent:

20120036440 - Supervisory portal systems and methods of operation of same: A managed services platform and method of operation of same are described herein. The platform can include a device management service (DMS) server in which the DMS server can act as a gateway for communications with one or more computing devices, and the computing devices are associated with a first... Agent: Openpeak Inc.

20120036443 - Information terminal, information presentation method for an information terminal, and information presentation program: An information terminal enables a user to simply and easily confirm a plurality of pieces of update information handled by a plurality of various application programs without any troublesome operation. An information storage stores a plurality of different types of information. An update information storage stores a part of information... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications

20120036442 - Managed services portals and method of operation of same: A managed services platform and method of operation of same are described herein. The platform can include a device management service (DMS) server in which the DMS server can act as a gateway for communications with one or more computing devices, and the computing devices are associated with a first... Agent: Openpeak Inc.

20120036445 - Secured client-server computer system for interactive applications: A client-server type computer system for graphical applications is provided, that is to say, for displaying data in the form of software units called “widgets” on display screens called “display units”, said system being intended to control the operation of a machine, the machine including at least one human-machine interface... Agent: Thales

20120036444 - Systems and methods for interactive web-based social networking and activities coordination: Automated, user-centric, interactive web-based social networking systems and methods for at least two groups of users, including customer users, which are individuals, and service provider users, which are associated with restaurants, businesses, and/or service provider individuals; also automated appointment event notification matching or corresponding to user-indicated interests that are customized... Agent:

20120036446 - System and method for optimizing access to a resource based on social synchrony and homophily: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for managing resources. A system for managing resources is configured for categorizing users according to at least one of common user characteristics and common user behaviors with respect to at least a first domain to yield a group of users.... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20120036447 - Job processing apparatus and control method for the job processing apparatus: A job processing apparatus for performing a job process for a job input by a user includes a job determination unit configured to determine whether there is a job being executed or waiting to be executed for a user when the user logs into the job processing apparatus, and a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120036448 - System and method for predicting user patterns for adaptive systems and user interfaces based on social synchrony and homophily: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for managing user interfaces. A system for managing user interfaces is configured for categorizing users according to at least one of common user characteristics and common user behaviors with respect to at least a first domain to yield a group... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20120036449 - System for creating customized web content based on user behavioral portraits: A method is provided for determining a website user behavioral portrait based on navigation on the website and dynamically reconfiguring web pages based on those portraits. In accordance with the method, data relating to the progress of a user through a website is recorded, and an ongoing behavioral portrait of... Agent: 7 Billion People, Inc.

20120036451 - Electronic device and method for facilitating recording meeting contents: An electronic device includes a screen, a processor, and a storage unit. The storage unit stores one or more computerized instructions. The storage unit includes a meeting user interface (UI) module. The meeting UI module includes a meeting information display sub-module and an application control sub-module. The meeting information display... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120036450 - Method for providing indication of communicatively coupled device: A system, method and apparatus are described herein for communicatively coupling a communication device to a computing device. In one implementation, identification information of the communication device is transferred to the computing device. For example, the identification information can include wallpaper from the communication device that is loaded onto the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120036452 - Masking sensitive information in a screen sharing session: A system can mask specific components of an application, such as a web page, displayed during a screen sharing session. As the web page is being displayed on a first computer screen (i.e., screen), the system can automatically mask specific components of the web page. Thus, when the first screen... Agent: Art Technology Group, Inc.

20120036453 - System and method for graphical creation, editing and presentation of scenarios: s

20120036454 - Social media engagement system console: A social media engagement system is configured for aggregating a plurality of messages originating from a plurality of social media networks, routing each of the plurality of messages based on predetermined workflow rules into a plurality of queues wherein the queues are categorized based at least in part on types... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20120036455 - User interfaces for navigating structured content: User interfaces for navigating structured content. In one example embodiment, a user interface for navigating structured content includes a grid and a plurality of multi-dimensional cells each having a unique position in the grid. Each cell is configured to display only a first dimension of structured content before selection and... Agent: Surfwax, Inc.

20120036457 - Integrated development environment for rapid application development: A method for developing and executing a web application to be used in a data processing system. The method includes instantiating an object in a memory, the object associated with a first web page of the web application. The method also includes displaying the first web page to an end... Agent: Real Software, Inc.

20120036456 - Method and system for revisiting prior navigated pages and prior edits: A system and method for navigating or editing may include storing multiple forward or redo stacks and a single back or undo stack. The forward or undo stacks may include separate stacks for each page from which navigation occurs to a page of lower hierarchical level or for each operation... Agent:

20120036458 - Automatic context passing during management application navigation: Various embodiments of systems and methods for automatic context passing during management application navigation are described herein. When management applications work with different managed entities, the managed context is preserved by following the relations between the managed entities. These relations are followed from a mediator framework during the navigation between... Agent:

20120036459 - Apparatuses and methods for arranging and manipulating menu items: An electronic interaction apparatus is provided with a processing unit. The processing unit configures a touch screen to display a first set of the menu items in a first row on the touch screen, and to display a second set of the menu items in a second row on the... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20120036460 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for creating a new folder: An electronic device concurrently displays a plurality of user interface objects and a list of folder icons. The list of folder icons includes a first new folder icon. The device detects a first input by a user using a first user input device, selects a folder icon in the list... Agent:

20120036461 - Graphical user interface for emergency apparatus and method for operating same: A communications system for emergency services personnel can include portable devices to be carried by emergency services personnel while at an emergency site. The portable devices each may have at least a first transceiver configured to communicate over a first network and the portable devices are configured to communicate with... Agent: Scott Technologies, Inc.

20120036462 - Mechanism to communicate and visualize dependencies between a large number of flows in software: In various embodiments, techniques for communicating and visualizing dependencies between a large number of flows are provided. One or more user interfaces can be generated that enable users to interact with information needed to complete each tasks in an ordered or unordered listing of tasks. In some aspects, elements of... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20120036463 - Metric navigator: Embodiments of the invention provide a software framework for hierarchically organizing individuals or other objects. For example, the software framework may be configured to hierarchically organize employees at a company. One embodiment provides a technique to aggregate one or more metrics associated with the individuals or objects and display the... Agent:

20120036464 - Power grid visualization: A method in a power transmission or distribution system, an operator terminal in such a system as well as to a computer program product from such an operator terminal, wherein the operator terminal presents graphical objects representing electrical power transmission control stations together with graphical objects representing power lines on... Agent:

20120036465 - Supervisory control system for controlling a technical system, a method and computer program products: A control system and methods for controlling a technical system includes one or more display units constituting a display working environment. The control system further includes an arrangement thumbnail, in turn including graphical representation of the display working environment, the arrangement thumbnail being provided on one of the display units.... Agent:

20120036467 - System and method for producing a tour: Systems and methods are provided for producing tours. The system includes, but is not limited to a data storage device that is configured to store a plurality of POI inputs and/or routes. A server is operatively coupled to the data storage device and is configured to host a website accessible... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120036466 - Systems and methods for large data set navigation on a mobile device: Example systems and methods provide navigation and review of images within a large data set via a handheld or other mobile device. A computer-implemented method includes providing a clinical data set divided into a plurality of portions. Each portion is associated with a graphical representation and includes a plurality of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120036469 - Reduced keyboard with prediction solutions when input is a partial sliding trajectory: A reduced virtual keyboard system for text input on electronic devices is disclosed. Text input is performed by creating a tracing trajectory. Dynamic prediction solutions are created during the tracing process, thus avoiding the need for a user to complete the entire word trajectory. The system also allows a mixture... Agent:

20120036468 - User input remapping: An apparatus and method for receiving an input at a first location on an input-sensing surface, the first location being mapped to the activation of a first user interface component; receiving a correction of the activation to the activation of a second user interface component; and based at least in... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120036470 - Information processing apparatus, control method for the information processing apparatus, and recording medium: An information processing apparatus according to the present invention includes a tab browser that can hold a plurality of pieces of screen information provided by a Web server in different windows and that can switch any of the windows into an active state by a user selecting a tab relating... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120036471 - Tool bars along lateral edges of a mobile computing device display: Tool bars are provided along lateral edges of a display of a handheld computing device. The tool bars include icons that represent application features. The user may interact with the application by touching the icons on the display. Since mobile computing devices are commonly held at the lateral sides of... Agent: Misys

20120036472 - Display control apparatus and method for selecting an interactive object on a display frame by a numeric controller: A display control apparatus is applied to generate an interactive object mark on a display apparatus to enable a user to select the interactive object in a display frame via a numeric controller. The display control apparatus includes a content receiving module, for receiving a display control data; a display... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20120036473 - Method and system to control the display of information: An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a system for displaying information. The system may include an input device, a display, and a processor. The processor may be configured to obtain an input from the input device and redraw a plurality of objects in a different location on the... Agent:

20120036475 - Menu display apparatus, menu display method and program: Provided is a menu display apparatus that displays a menu of a plurality of applications, including an acquisition unit that acquires display data of content information representing content to be displayed in the menu of the content managed by each application from each application and a display controller that controls... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120036474 - Table management: The different illustrative embodiments provide a method, computer system, and computer program product to manage a display of objects. A processor unit displays a graphical control configured to receive a user input of a value to control the display of a set of objects relative to a group of properties... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120036477 - Mini toolbar user interface: A toolbar in a client application such as a web browser may be miniaturized. The miniature toolbar annexes itself to a part of the chrome region of the client application, modifying the functionality of the annexed part. The annexed part may be a search box. At least a subset of... Agent:

20120036476 - Multidirectional expansion cursor and method for forming a multidirectional expansion cursor: A multidirectional expansion cursor and method of implementing the same are provided. The multidirectional expansion cursor displayed on a display screen and moved under input control of a user includes selection keys, wherein the selection keys are displayed on the display screen such that the selection keys correspond to one... Agent:

20120036478 - Semantically aware, dynamic, multi-modal concordance for unstructured information analysis: An apparatus includes a data processing system for generating and displaying a semantic type concordance. The data processing system includes memory storing a computer program, a display to display data of a concordance generated by the program, and a processor configured to execute the computer program. The computer program includes... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120036479 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program: The present disclosure provides an electronic device, the device including, processor, a display, and an interface configured to, detect non-contact proximity of an operation member, determine whether the member is within a first selection region corresponding to a first selection object; and display a second selection object adjacent to the... Agent:

20120036480 - Two-dimensional slider control: Some embodiments provide a computer program that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for controlling an application. The GUI includes a contiguous two-dimensional sliding region for defining several values. The GUI also includes several sliders for moving within the sliding region. Each slider selects one or more values from the... Agent:

20120036481 - Method of and system for browsing and displaying items from a collection: In accordance with an embodiment, a method of browsing and displaying items from a collection is provided. Information about each of plurality of items is stored in machine-readable storage media. A group of the items is selected for display. One of a plurality of image sizes is assigned to each... Agent: Copia Interactive, LLC

20120036482 - Method of and system for browsing and displaying items from a collection: In accordance with an embodiment, a method of browsing and displaying items from a collection is provided. Information about each of plurality of items in a collection is stored. A plurality of user-entered tags is obtained. Each tag comprises a term associated with one or more of the items in... Agent: Copia Interactive, LLC

20120036483 - Device, method for displaying a change from a first picture to a second picture on a display, and computer program product: A device is described having a memory storing data specifying a change animation between pictures to be displayed successively on the display, a setting circuit configured to store a setting specifying that a change animation between pictures to be displayed successively on the display is to be carried out in... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120036484 - Relationship visualization and graphical interaction model in it client management: Displaying a hierarchy. A method includes identifying a set of nodes representing sites in a hierarchy. The set of nodes share one or more common characteristics not shared by any other nodes in the hierarchy. The method further includes determining that the set of nodes, as a set, meet a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120036485 - Motion driven user interface: A motion driven user interface for a mobile device is described which provides a user with the ability to cause execution of user interface input commands by physically moving the mobile device in space. The mobile device uses embedded sensors to identify its motion which causes execution of a corresponding... Agent: Xmg Studio

02/02/2012 > 88 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20120030550 - Method for editing multimedia: A method for editing multimedia includes the following steps. First, use a client-side device to establish communication with a serve-side device, wherein the client-side device includes a plug-in and shows a user interface with a plurality of layers and a timeline. Next, send a plurality of multimedia files from the... Agent:

20120030552 - Attaching links to email: The subject matter discloses a computerized apparatus for linking to an attached file from a text, the apparatus having a processor, the apparatus comprising a receiving module configured to receive an object comprising the text, wherein the object further comprises the attached file, wherein the receiver is further configured to... Agent: Sap Ag

20120030553 - Methods and systems for annotating web pages and managing annotations and annotated web pages: Methods and systems are provided for annotating content and managing annotated content, one or more annotations, and one or more web pages with the one or more annotations. The present invention provides a method that may include embedding a user interface in a web site. The user interface may include... Agent: Scrible, Inc.

20120030551 - Repositioning of hyperlinks for common functions: In one embodiment, common functions of hyperlinks are listed and associated with alternative terms, which may be words and phrases that are commonly used to identify hyperlinks in web pages and other documents. A common icon is associated with each common function, and a predetermined position on a display screen... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120030554 - Bookmark using device, bookmark creation device, bookmark sharing system, control method and recording medium: A bookmark using device of the present invention includes: a feature information extracting section (64) for extracting a feature information indicative of a subject of a content from a bookmark including at least (i) a content retrieval address used in retrieving the content and (ii) the feature information; and an... Agent:

20120030555 - system and method for providing dynamic normalization of terminal source excel files: A system and method are disclosed for providing dynamic normalization of terminal source Excel files. Embodiments of the system and method automatically, continually and non-destructively transform terminal source Excel files from formats that are simple to use by end users into a format that is optimized for automated analysis. Embodiments... Agent:

20120030556 - Method for enabling interactive content within messaging application: Systems, methods and/or computer program products for presenting data to a user. In some cases, there is an additional processing of data for presentation, as some or all of the data received via a communication channel is replaced by data derived inter-alia by execution of instructions which were not executed... Agent: Activepath Ltd.

20120030557 - Method and apparatus of accessing and modifying the content of an electronic data form: Example embodiments of the present invention may include a method that includes receiving values entered corresponding to a data form and providing interactive text boxes to a transparent layer that overlays the data form. The method may also include automatically entering the received values as data input entries into the... Agent:

20120030558 - Electronic book and method for displaying annotation thereof: This disclosure provides an electronic book and a method for displaying an annotation used for displaying an annotation image at an electronic book. The annotation image is located at an annotation position of an electronic book document and is capable of being displayed on a screen of the electronic book... Agent: Pegatron Corporation

20120030561 - Computer-readable non-transitory recording medium storing program for electronic device, electronic device system, and control method for electronic device system: A non-transitory recording medium stores a program including program codes for causing a computer (a) to read information necessary for a display from a base file, (b) to display information according to base file contents, (c) to read machine type dependent information that (i) is necessary for the display on... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20120030559 - Enhanced delivery of content and program instructions: A tag/content management system delivers customized content and/or program instructions to a user terminal. The system may deliver several groups of program executable instructions, including instructions that are global to all web domains controlled by a client server and those that are specific to a web page/group of web pages.... Agent:

20120030560 - Website browsing system, server, recording medium, and website browse assisting method: A website browse assisting method according to an aspect of the presently disclosed subject matter includes the steps of: receiving a request for desired page content from a client terminal; acquiring the requested page content; converting the acquired page content into an image; extracting UI information from the acquired page... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120030562 - Device and method for generating customized webpages: A device and method for generating a customized webpage creates a root folder that includes a base folder and language folders. The method creates a symbolic link between each of the language folders and the base folder, and analyzes the web address sent from a terminal device to determine which... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120030563 - Real-time collaboration in a hosted word processor: A computer-implemented method for coordinating documents between computer systems includes identifying, on a computing device, changes made by a user to a document having a model stored on the computing device, with corresponding models stored on a remote client and a server system; generating from the identified changes, one or... Agent: Google Inc.

20120030564 - Domain-specific spell check overlays: The present invention provides a method, system, and program product for using a domain-specific spell check overlay. An overlay application determines a domain. The overlay application retrieving a domain-specific overlay for the domain, the domain-specific overlay comprising domain-specific modifications for a spell check word list. Then, the overlay application modifies... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120030565 - Text creating and editing method and computer-readable storage medium with dynamic data loading: Embodiments consistent with the invention include a method of creating a document on a computing device and a computer-readable storage medium. The method includes: receiving input text in the computing device to initiate the document creation process, the computing device including a first portion of font data for a particular... Agent: Verisign, Inc.

20120030570 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for copying formatting attributes: An electronic device simultaneously displays on a touch-sensitive display a first user interface object and a second user interface object. The second user interface object has formatting attributes, one or more of which are distinct from corresponding formatting attributes in the first user interface object. The device detects a first... Agent:

20120030568 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for copying user interface objects between content regions: An electronic device displays a user interface object in a first content region on a touch-sensitive display. The device detects a first finger input on the user interface object. While detecting the first finger input, the device detects a second finger input on the touch-sensitive display. When the first finger... Agent:

20120030569 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for reordering the front-to-back positions of objects: At a multifunction device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface, a plurality of objects are displayed on the display. The plurality of objects have a first layer order. A first contact is detected at a location on the touch-sensitive surface that corresponds to a location of a respective object... Agent:

20120030567 - System with contextual dashboard and dropboard features: A user may select content that has been displayed. The selected content may be provided to multiple applications as input in response to detection of a user command such as a touch gesture. The applications may be widgets that are displayed in respective application regions surrounding a focus region. The... Agent:

20120030566 - System with touch-based selection of data items: Computing equipment may display data items in a list on a touch screen display. The computing equipment may use the touch screen display to detect touch gestures. A user may select a data item using a touch gesture such as a tap gesture. In response, the computing equipment may display... Agent:

20120030571 - System and method for controlling local computer applications using a web interface: A system for a user to control one or more Local Applications of a Computing Device via a Web Browser, said system comprising: the Computing Device and one or more Local Applications located thereon, wherein said Local Applications are capable of accessing resources located on said Computing Device; an Interpreter... Agent: Topeer Corporation

20120030572 - Network visualization system: A system to visually represent a network may include a publisher, a subscriber, and a communication network linking the publisher and the subscriber. The system may also include a broker to visually represent on the communications network a relationship between the publisher and the subscriber based upon a topic associated... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120030573 - Framework for ad-hoc process flexibility: The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer implemented methods for providing a unified runtime framework and graphical, process-centric user interface for ad-hoc business process flexibility. One process includes operations for providing process instances of one or more business processes in a process visualization user interface. A request to initiate... Agent: Sap Ag

20120030574 - Key-configured topology with connection management: Systems, methodologies, media, and other embodiments associated with key-configured topology connection management are described. One exemplary system embodiment includes a logic for mapping a resource to a port through which it can be accessed and a logic for determining whether a requestor will be granted a connection to the machine... Agent:

20120030575 - Automated image-selection system: A computer system comprising storage for storing a plurality of digital image files, each digital image file including a digital image and metadata defining the included digital image. An input system of the computer system enables a user to select first and second dates to define a date range and... Agent:

20120030576 - Reducing the value of a browser fingerprint: A method, operable on a processing device, for reducing the value of a browser fingerprint may include receiving, by the processing device, a request to provide a list of plugins installed on a browser. The method may also include generating, by the processing device, a fake list of plugins installed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120030578 - System and method for context enhanced mapping within a user interface: A system and method for Context Enhanced Mapping. A request is received from a user over a network for a map comprising an identification of a physical location, and at least one criteria. The physical location is mapped. Spatial, temporal, topical, and social data available to the network relating to... Agent:

20120030577 - System and method for data-driven web page navigation control: A system and method for web application navigation control includes updating navigation data models used in navigation constraints with received data from an end-user or system. Without needing a centralized application-specific controller, from a collection of extensible navigation rules associated with each page of a plurality of pages, the extensible... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120030579 - Method for the remote sharing of computer desktop(s): A method for the remote sharing of a computer office generated by an application executed in a server in response to commands issued by client terminals accessing this server via a telecommunication network, the commands of a client terminal being entered by means of an entry area termed the focus.... Agent: Sagemcom Broadband Sas

20120030580 - Stable anchors in user interface to support life cycle extensions: According to some embodiments, a business service provider may define a stable user interface anchor entity associated with a business object data structure. A reference field may be associated with the stable user interface anchor, the reference field representing a path to a persistent node of the business object data... Agent:

20120030582 - Information delivery system, information delivery server, informaton presentation terminal, and information delivery method and program: An information delivery server of the present invention delivers information to information presentation terminals, and includes a control unit and a storage unit. The storage unit includes: a user attribute information storage unit that stores user attribute information; and a presentation information object storage unit that stores a presentation information... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120030581 - Mashup component framework for business enterprise user interfaces: According to some embodiments, a business user interface page associated with a business service provider may be established. The user interface page may have, for example, at least one in-port to receive data from components and at least one out-port to provide data to components. A mashup component may be... Agent:

20120030583 - Personalized kiosk: A method is provided for personalized touch-based computing devices for individual users. A user would provide identification data to a touch-based computing device. The touch-based computing device, or ordering system that supports the touch-based computing device, identifies the user from the identification data and retrieves user interface format data from... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20120030584 - Method and apparatus for dynamically switching between scalable graphical user interfaces for mobile devices: A method, apparatus and system enable mobile platforms to dynamically switch between scalable graphical user interfaces. Mobile device users may couple their mobile devices to computing platforms with larger display devices. Upon detection of the larger display device, the mobile platform may select an appropriate user interface scheme to display... Agent:

20120030585 - Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same and storage medium: This invention provides an information processing apparatus capable of, on an operation screen that can be customized in accordance with user's need, customizing the operation buttons of an application provided by an external apparatus, and a method of controlling the same. To accomplish this, an information processing system displays, on... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120030586 - Systems and methods for sharing media using social media guidance applications: Systems and methods for social media guidance applications are provided. A social media guidance application may be integrated with one or more social networks associated with a user. In some embodiments, the application may receive input from a user to publish a media recommendation to the user's social network profile.... Agent:

20120030587 - Systems and methods for sharing media using social media guidance applications: Systems and methods for social media guidance applications are provided. A social media guidance application may be integrated with one or more social networks associated with a user. In some embodiments, the application may receive input from a user to publish a media recommendation to the user's social network profile.... Agent:

20120030588 - Providing social likeness within a messaging context: Embodiments are directed towards providing a likeness application that may be integrated into one or more different messaging applications to provide a user with an indication of how much the user may be liked by their messaging contacts. Such application is directed towards providing a level of fun to a... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20120030589 - Electronic shipment planner: An electronic shipment planner is adapted for electronically presenting shipment and scheduling information to a user. The shipment and scheduling information includes at least one shipment event date. The shipment planner is linked to a shipment data repository containing shipment and scheduling information. A system interface communicates with the shipment... Agent:

20120030590 - System and method for selecting and displaying webpages: A computer-implemented method of dynamically selecting and presenting a webpage includes: receiving a request, at a server, from a client device to display a webpage; determining, at the server, a homepage defined by a user of the client device; accessing, at the server, a list of one or more webpages... Agent:

20120030591 - Logical data model abstraction in a physically distributed environment: A component object binds business driven services to a graphical user interface (GUI). The object includes a data model, view model and controller. The view model graphically presents, and the controller manipulates data used by the object. The controller includes an event handler that respond to events generated within the... Agent: Sap Ag

20120030592 - Mashup component authoring tool for business enterprise user interfaces: According to some embodiments, input may be received from a designer via a runtime authoring tool associated with a business service provider user interface page. The designer input defining at least one in-port to receive data from components and at least one out-port to provide data to components. A mashup... Agent:

20120030593 - Method and apparatus for enabling real-time bi-directional transactions on a network: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for providing real-time, two-way transactional capabilities on the Web. Specifically, one embodiment of the present invention discloses a method for enabling object routing, the method comprising the steps of creating a virtual information store containing information entries and attributes associating each of... Agent:

20120030595 - Information storage medium, terminal apparatus, and image generation method: In an information storage medium in which a program readable by a computer is stored, the program allows the computer to execute generating a configuration change image containing an individual image based on image information from one or more terminal apparatuses and containing an individual image arrangement area showing arrangement... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120030594 - Information storage medium, terminal device, display system, and image generating method: A terminal device includes: an image generating unit generates a configuration change image used for changing a configuration of an entire image displayed by a display device which includes an individual image on the basis of image information supplied from one or more terminal devices; and an input unit to... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120030596 - User interface: A method for rendering a user interface including selecting a user profile to be loaded as the user interface in response to a user accessing a digital display device, identifying and loading one or more content associated with the user profile, and rendering the user interface to include the content... Agent:

20120030598 - Decision aiding user interfaces: Various embodiments include at least one of a system, method, and software providing at least one user interface allowing a user to rapidly choose an optimal item, as represented by multi-attribute data objects, among a set of comparable items. One example method embodiment includes receiving a dataset having a plurality... Agent: Sap Ag

20120030599 - Enhanced zoning user interface for computing environments: Exemplary method, system, and computer program embodiments for managing a computing environment are provided. In one embodiment, a plurality of information, including each of an available plurality of devices, an interconnected plurality of communication paths, and quality of service (QoS) information, is gathered for at least one of the available... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120030601 - Information display control apparatus, information display control method, storage medium storing information display control program: An information display control apparatus that is capable of displaying a plurality of filenames on a display unit so that the filenames are easily distinguished and original filenames are easily recognized. A first determination unit determines whether the number of characters of each filename is larger than the predetermined number... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120030600 - Isochronous data transfer in a graphical program: System and method for transferring data. A system diagram is displayed, where the system diagram includes multiple device icons corresponding to respective devices, each device icon having associated executable function nodes specified for deployment on the corresponding device. The function nodes are interconnected to form a distributed graphical program that... Agent:

20120030597 - Method and apparatus for controlling a workflow: The disclosure identifies a system and method for defining variable parameters to control a workflow. The control of the workflow is achieved in part through presentation and control of a user interface to a processor-based system that identifies variable parameters to the workflow and provides a mechanism by which such... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120030602 - Methods and system for viewing genomic data: A computer-implemented method for viewing experimental data is provided. In certain embodiments the method comprises: a) inputting genomic array data and cytogenetic data into a computer memory; and b) producing a graphical user interface comprising: i) a chromosomal map of the genomic array data comprising a first positional indicator that... Agent:

20120030603 - Displaying current task lists on graphical user interfaces of processing machine control: Methods, computer program products and devices for displaying a current task list on a graphical user interface of a control computer of a processing machine. In implementations, a running task list is provided, each task of the running task list including a task that is running on the control computer,... Agent: Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh + Co. Kg

20120030607 - Controlling a keyboard: Devices, systems, methods, and other embodiments are associated with controlling a keyboard. In one embodiment, a remote control comprises an initiation button configured to cause a keyboard with keys to be displayed upon a remote display device. The remote control includes a keypad with a button set, where the button... Agent:

20120030610 - Infusion pump system with disposable cartridge having pressure venting and pressure feedback: Embodiments are directed to portable infusion devices, systems, and methods of using the same for dispensing materials. In some cases, the devices, systems and methods may be used for infusing a material such as medicament, e.g., insulin, into a body in need thereof.... Agent: Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

20120030608 - Method, functional arrangement and software means for searching and processing information with user interface of a terminal in which an address field and virtual function keys are modified to correspond to an invoked service through data input to a brows: The invention relates to a method for making it easier to carry out information search and processing with a communications device. Furthermore, the invention relates to a network browser employing the method and a www service at a server in a communications network as well as a cellular network terminal.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120030604 - Mobile terminal and method for controlling virtual key pad thereof: A mobile terminal and a method for controlling a virtual key pad thereof are disclosed. The mobile terminal identifies a touch pattern of a touch action of each of a plurality of virtual keys, and changes at least one of an area and position of a sensing zone corresponding to... Agent:

20120030605 - Operation apparatus, image forming apparatus having the same, and operation method: Provided is an operation apparatus including: a touch panel which selectably displays a plurality of function item keys, and selection item keys corresponding to each of the plurality of function item keys; a shortcut acceptance unit which generates an icon-attached function item key by pasting to a pasting target function... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20120030606 - Selecting alternate keyboard characters via motion input: In general, this disclosure describes techniques for selecting alternate keyboard characters via motion input provided by a user. One example method comprises displaying a graphical keyboard via a user interface and receiving, via the user interface, initial user input specifying a selection of a key on the graphical keyboard, wherein... Agent: Google Inc.

20120030609 - Virtual keyboard text replication: Text that is selected at a virtual keyboard is submitted to and displayed at an application data field and is echoed at a keyboard data field that is in relatively close proximity to virtual keys used to select the text. Thus, a user does not have to alter their field... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120030611 - Display of respiratory data graphs on a ventilator graphical user interface: The disclosure describes improved systems and methods for configuring the layout of a graphical display in a ventilatory system. Specifically, the present methods provide a user interface for configuring one or more layout categories associated with data on the graphical display. Upon selection of a layout category, a clinician is... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120030612 - Dynamic property attributes: A non-transitory recordable storage medium having recorded and stored thereon instructions that, when executed, may perform the actions of assigning an object as a selected object in a property window in response to a selection of the object, the object including a driven property and a driving property, reading one... Agent: Sap Ag

20120030613 - Zooming and panning widget for internet browsers: In one aspect, a widget mechanism for zooming and panning a content item is provided. The widget mechanism includes a first region including a miniaturized and complete version the content item. The widget mechanism further includes a second region including a displayed version of the content item. The displayed version... Agent: Hillcrest Laboratories, Inc.

20120030614 - Displaying information: A method comprising causing to be displayed in a display window at least one of a defined plurality of information items, causing to be displayed in a scrolling region a moveable element, in response to a scrolling input, moving the moveable element within the scrolling region and causing others of... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120030615 - Information processing apparatus and information processing apparatus control method: In order to efficiently determine a screen to be displayed when the operation mode is changed, an information processing apparatus is provided that is configured to display a user interface (UI) screen on a display unit, and includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire data that includes a plurality of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120030616 - System and method for optimizing window display: A system and method for efficiently displaying multiple windows is disclosed. The system displays two adjacent windows such that adjusting a first window also adjusts a second window adjacent to the first window. For example, the system determines whether to resize or move the first window in response to receiving... Agent:

20120030617 - Methods of manipulating a screen space of a display device: Methods to manipulate a screen space of a display device are disclosed. A plurality of application windows of a plurality of applications are displayed on a screen space. At least a first application and a second application are executing to display a plurality of windows. A user interface of system... Agent:

20120030619 - Method for providing user interface and display apparatus applying the same: A method for providing a user interface and a display apparatus applying the same are provided. According to the method for providing the user interface, if a flick touch manipulation of a first axis direction is sensed, a category of a displayed content list is changed, so that a user... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120030618 - Systems and methods for assigning attributes to a plurality of samples: Systems and methods for assigning attributes to a plurality of samples are provided. An exemplary system includes an instrument configured to perform an experiment on a plurality of samples in a multi-sample support device and to produce a plurality of measured values. The system further includes a computer system in... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120030621 - Temporally sequenced adaptive recommendations of activities: A system and method for temporally sequenced recommendations of activities delivers to users temporally sequenced objects comprising user activities, wherein the delivered objects are selected based, at least in part, on inferences of preferences from usage behaviors. The delivered objects may include activities associated with processor-based devices in addition to... Agent: Manyworlds, Inc.

20120030620 - Temporally sequenced recommendations in subscription-based systems: A system and method for temporally sequenced recommendations in subscription-based systems delivers to users of a subscription-based system multiple recommended objects that are arranged in a temporal sequence. The delivered recommended objects are in accordance with user subscriptions and/or inferences of preferences that are based, at least in part, on... Agent: Manyworlds, Inc.

20120030623 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for activating an item in a folder: A portable electronic device displays a plurality of icons on a touch-sensitive display. The plurality of icons includes a folder icon that corresponds to a folder that contains a plurality of items. The folder icon includes respective selectable item indicators for at least some of the items in the folder.... Agent:

20120030622 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus includes a display and a controller. The controller displays a plurality of menus in a hierarchy order on the display. One of the menus contains a plurality of selectable items. When one of the plurality of selectable items is selected more than a predetermined number of times,... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120030624 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying menus: An electronic device displays one or more user interface objects on a touch-sensitive display. The device detects a finger contact on the touch-sensitive display at a first location away from any of the displayed user interface objects, and determines whether a predefined condition is satisfied. The predefined condition includes that... Agent:

20120030625 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method and information processing program: An information processing apparatus includes: an operation section; and a control section adapted to cause, when dragging is carried out through the operation section, a cursor interconnecting a start point and an end point of the dragging to be displayed on a display section in response to the dragging and... Agent:

20120030626 - Hybrid knob/slider control: A control object including a knob element is displayed in a GUI. A first user input can be detected that indicates selection of the knob element. In response to the first user input, the knob element can be visually augmented. The visual augmentation can include displaying text labels of range... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120030627 - Execution and display of applications: Apparatus comprises at least one processor, at least one memory including computer program code, where the at least one memory and the computer program code are configured, with the at least one processor, to cause the apparatus at least to store an identifier associated with a first application-type data item... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120030628 - Touch-sensitive device and touch-based folder control method thereof: A touch-sensitive device has a touch-based input interface and includes a touch-based folder control for creating, moving or arranging folders in response to an input of a touch-based user interaction. The touch-sensitive device receives an input from a touch-based user interaction on a home screen of the touch sensitive device... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120030629 - Visual browsing system and method: A visual browsing method allows a user to look at an item closely by hovering over, instead of clicking on, an icon representing the item. The method also enables the user to browse items in different levels of a multiple level category without waiting for web pages to be loaded,... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20120030630 - Multiscale three-dimensional orientation: A multiscale data engine is configured to generate a three-dimensional (3D) environment based on a multiscale 3D dataset. The multiscale data engine is also configured to generate a spatial hierarchy within the 3D environment by selectively grouping 3D objects within the 3D environment. The multiscale data engine is further configured... Agent:

20120030631 - Tree control with enhanced hierarchy visibility: A hierarchical display system is described herein that provides an indication of a node's hierarchical position in a tree of nodes regardless of a user's present viewing position within a tree control or similar user interface control. Rather than displaying only the currently visible nodes closest to a particular active... Agent: International Computer Consulting Organization, Inc.

20120030633 - Display scene creation system: Provided is a display scene creation system that can cause a display scene to make a transition when a gesture is input to a touch panel, without a processing program that relates the touch panel to the gesture. A design of a display scene is set. One or more display... Agent: Sharpkabushiki Kaisha

20120030636 - Information processing apparatus, display control method, and display control program: An information processing apparatus includes: an operation unit; and a control unit performing a process corresponding to dragging and displaying, on a display unit, a cursor which elongates from a start point of the dragging to an end point of the dragging and of which at least one of a... Agent:

20120030635 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method and information processing program: An information processing apparatus includes: an operation section; and a control section adapted to execute a process in response to dragging through the operation section; the control section changing, when dragging is carried out continuously after a particular operation by the operation section, a process to be executed in response... Agent:

20120030634 - Information processing device, information processing method, and information processing program: An information processing device includes an operating unit, and a control unit for switching, when dragging is performed which is an operation to change a predetermined value via the operating unit, between changing the value by an amount equivalent to the amount of dragging, and setting a change speed of... Agent:

20120030637 - Qualified command: A method for executing a qualified command including detecting a hand gesture input for identifying a command, detecting one or more non-hand gesture inputs to qualify the command, and configuring a processor to execute the qualified command on a machine in response to the hand gesture input and one or... Agent:

20120030632 - System, method and apparatus for controlling presentation of content: An application for a system that enables cooperating devices to transfer presentation of content from one device to the other by sending either the content or an identification of content from a source device to a destination device. In some embodiments, the actual content is transferred while in other embodiments,... Agent: Vizio, Inc.

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