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Data processing: presentation processing of document December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 63 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20110320923 - Method, apparatus, processor-readable media and signals for acquiring and presenting acquired multimedia content: The present invention provides a method, apparatus, processor-readable medium and signals for building a presentation by receiving user input identifying multimedia content to be included in a presentation and copying multimedia content identified by such user-input from a multimedia source to memory, for access by a presentation application. Copying may... Agent: Nortel Networks Limited

20110320924 - Handwritten paper-based input digital record management: A handwritten paper-based input digital record management system and method to facilitate record management by directly accepting handwritten pen-based data input on ordinary paper forms. A user places a paper form on the digitizing surface of a digital computing device and then fill outs the form using handwritten input. A... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110320925 - User interface with inbox mode and document mode for single input work flow routing: A user interface for a portable computing device provides two modes of operation. In a first mode, an inbox of all documents accessible by the portable computing device are presented. Each of the items in the inbox is selectable, and if selected, the user interface transitions to a second document... Agent:

20110320929 - Construction and analysis of markup language document representing computing architecture having computing elements: A markup language document representing computing elements of a computing architecture, such as data storage elements of a data storage architecture, is constructed and analyzed. A first computing element contained by a second computing element is represented; a first tag of the document corresponding to the first computing element is... Agent:

20110320926 - Generating xml schemas for xml document: The present invention is directed to implementing methods and systems for automatically defining XML document rules by generating an XML schema for a given XML document to an extent that the schema can be generated without human intervention. Further, developers working on XML technologies are benefited by this solution as... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20110320928 - Information transmission apparatus, control method thereof, and recording medium storing computer program: An information transmission apparatus generates a web page showing information of the information transmission apparatus and containing image data indicating a common screen with a screen to be displayed on a display unit provided in the information transmission apparatus, and transmits the generated web page to an information processing apparatus... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110320930 - Method and means for identifying valuable documents: A method and means for identifying valuable documents is proposed. Wherein the method includes the following steps: collect multi-mode information of the valuable document to be identified, according to the pre-generated fusion strategy and the multi-mode information of the valuable document to be identified, identify the valuable document to be... Agent: Grg Banking Equipment Co., Ltd.

20110320927 - Methods and apparatus utilizing xooml: cross (x) tool markup language: Methods and apparatus are presented related to one or more cross-tool markup language (XooML) fragments. A document including a XooML fragment is assembled. A XooML fragment includes tool-independent attribute(s) and tool-dependent attribute(s). The document is presented. A selection of a portion of the presented document is received. The selected portion... Agent: University Of Washington

20110320931 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for handling data of a database for a website: t

20110320932 - Systems and methods for creating photobooks: A method for producing a photo album includes providing a library of page layouts, selecting a first group of one or more images to be placed in the first page of the photo album, selecting a second group of one or more images to be placed in the second page... Agent:

20110320933 - Editing apparatus, layout editing method performed by editing apparatus, and storage medium storing program: A region used as a reference for laying out objects selected on a page is set as a closed region within a predetermined region so as not to include an unselected object. The closed region is enlarged until it contacts on either an object that exists outside the closed region... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110320935 - Automatic attachment of a captured image to a document based on context: A portable computing device for automatic attachment of a captured image to a document being displayed triggered by the act of capturing the image is disclosed. A new page is added to the current document being reviewed and displayed on the portable computing device, and then the image and metadata... Agent:

20110320936 - Method and software for enabling n-way collaborative work over a network of computers: Method, software, and system for efficiently enabling n-way collaborative work using common software over a network of computers. In a preferred embodiment of the invention, each participant in a collaborative session starts up a common software application, which includes a collaboration component. This collaboration component is used to establish a... Agent:

20110320934 - User selection of flaw present within digitally scanned document: A page of a digitally scanned document and graphical user interface elements (GUI) are displayed. Each GUI element corresponds to a potential flaw within the page and includes an example image of the potential flaw. After the GUI elements are displayed, a user is permitted to select a user-detected flaw... Agent:

20110320937 - Editing apparatus, editing method performed by editing apparatus, and storage medium storing program: A template in which an object is editable is acquired, and it is determined whether the size of an object targeted for editing is different from a corresponding object size defined in the template. If it is determined that the sizes are different, the acquired object is modified in accordance... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110320938 - Dynamic text adjustment in a user interface element: This is directed to efficiently identifying alternative display attributes for displaying text in a display region when default display attributes are inadequate for displaying the text. Many electronic device user interfaces are designed based on text in a default language. When interfaces are translated for use in other languages, the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110320940 - Electronic device and method of switching working modes: An electronic device includes a touch screen, a user interface module, a detecting module and a process module. The user interface module is configured to create a user interface on the touch screen. A number of hidden active areas are defined in the user interface. A detecting module is configured... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110320939 - Electronic device for providing a visual representation of a resizable widget associated with a contacts database: There is disclosed an electronic device and method for providing a visual representation of a contact widget. The electronic device includes a display and an input component. A display provides a first representation of the contact widget including a first quantity of task representations. An input component then detects a... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110320942 - Computer program and methods for automatically initializing an audio controller: A computer program of the type commonly known as a “wizard” is disclosed that initializes user interface software for controlling an audio conferencing device. The wizard allows the desired audio inputs (e.g., microphone, telephones, etc.) and audio outputs (speakers, recording devices, etc.) to be chosen by an audio system administrator.... Agent: Polycom, Inc.

20110320941 - Stereoscopic 3d content auto-format-adapter middleware for streaming consumption from internet: Stereoscopic (3D) content streaming on PC from internet may become a commonplace practice. However, expecting a user to learn which formats and eyewear type to select for a particular display configuration type may be a challenge. Embodiments automatically discovers the PC system configuration and content formats being delivered, and using... Agent:

20110320943 - Process and apparatus for computer training: An adaptive and interactive training system and method is provided. The system provides training content to a user of an application program based upon a variety of factors. The system selects the training content based upon the user's individualized needs vis-à-vis an application program. The system may customize the training... Agent: Brainstorm, Inc.

20110320945 - Method and apparatus for intuitive navigation of a media program: A jog control for navigating a media program having a plurality of frames and a method for using the navigation control is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, the control comprises a radial control at one of a plurality of user-selectable radial distances from a center of the jog control, the... Agent: Hulu LLC

20110320947 - Method of generating a guidance route to a target menu and image processing apparatus using the same: A method of guiding a menu, including storing route information generated based on hierarchical relationships of menus according to a tree structure, and displaying menu items using an on screen display and displaying a location and a function of a menu a user would like to find through a simulated... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20110320946 - Pay-per-play audiovisual system with touch screen interface: An audiovisual reproduction system triggered by payment from a user is developed around a microprocessor device. The system includes memory containing, in compressed digital form, audio and visual information , and a display and digital audio reproduction unit, for creating a multimedia environment. The display includes a video monitor and... Agent: Touch Tunes Music Corporation

20110320944 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses for generating an integrated user interface: Methods and apparatuses are provided for generating an integrated user interface. A method may include obtaining, in a client apparatus, first user interface information generated by a client application residing on the client apparatus. The method may further include obtaining, in the client apparatus, second user interface information generated by... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110320948 - Display apparatus and user interface providing method thereof: A UI providing method includes inputting a user signal to select one from among a plurality of modes corresponding to an arrangement of a video wall system, inputting screen setup information corresponding to the mode selected according to the user signal, and displaying a video wall setup UI window to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110320949 - Gesture recognition apparatus, gesture recognition method and program: There is provided a gesture recognition apparatus including a recognition unit for recognizing a gesture based on a set of gesture information input in a given input period, a prediction unit for predicting the gesture from halfway input gesture information among the set of gesture information, and a notification unit... Agent:

20110320950 - User driven audio content navigation: Systems and associated methods configured to provide user-driven audio content navigation for the spoken web are described. Embodiments allow users to skim audio for content that seems to be of relevance to the user, similar to visual skimming of standard web pages, and mark point of interest within the audio.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320951 - Methods for controlling and managing an interactive dialog, platform and application server executing these methods: In this method for controlling an interactive dialog, the platform sends the application server intermediate requests comprising data representative of a part only of the interaction between the user and the terminal, prior to the end of the interaction, to which the application server responds via intermediate responses. This method... Agent: France Telecom

20110320952 - Network device capable of editing and configuring setting information, device controller, network system, and storage medium: A network system enables a common setting information item and different setting information items on a plurality of network devices to be displayed, and collectively configured and edited on a Web browser on a PC. The device controller accesses a network device to acquire and display setting information on network... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110320953 - Method and apparatus for projecting a user interface via partition streaming: Various methods for projecting a user interface via multiple encoded streams are provided. One example method includes generating first and at least second data streams. The data included in the first and second data streams may be configured to cause respective partitions of a unified user interface image to be... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110320954 - Related web feed correlation with dynamic content access: At least one element of received first feed content of a first feed is determined by a computer client device to include a first feed correlation identifier. The first feed correlation identifier identifies a portion of a second feed associated with the at least one element of the received first... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320955 - Methods and systems for accessing a resource with multiple user identities: Systems and methods for providing concurrent access to a resource via multiple user identities via a single client entity. The client entity is allowed access to the resource utilizing a first user identity. An attempt to access the resource with the client entity utilizing a second user identity is detected.... Agent:, Inc.

20110320956 - Interaction between ads and applications: Various technologies, methods, systems, processes, and compositions of matter pertaining to advertisements, and advertisement interactions with users and applications may be described. A single advertisement may be selected for a user based on a single lookup of the user profile at an advertisement server. The advertisement server may send a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110320957 - Method and apparatus for analyzing usage patterns and customizing a graphic interface for individual users: A method employing software running on a data processor for producing and displaying customized home pages for internet users. The software using established criteria tracks usage by individual users and generates internet home pages for individual users customized to their usage. The system may be configured to run on a... Agent:

20110320958 - Conference recap and recording: A method, system, and device are provided for presenting event views via a calendaring application or the like. In particular, the event view is alterable depending upon whether or not the event currently being viewed is a past event or not. Past events may posses additional attributes not possessed by... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20110320960 - Flexible automatic reply features for text messaging: Systems and methods are disclosed for providing automatic reply features that send a personalized reply message to a sender of a text message. In one embodiment, a system includes a network interface that receives information on a text message sent to a recipient that has activated an automatic reply feature.... Agent:

20110320959 - System and method for real time inspection information recording and reporting: A method and system for delivery and display of a completed inspection report to a recipient listed in a recipient list, the recipient associated with a recipient address, the recipient list associated with a respective inspection template, the respective one inspection template selectable from a plurality of inspection templates accessible... Agent:

20110320962 - Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program: Display of a pointer on the display screen of a display output apparatus is controlled in accordance with first pointing information obtained from an input apparatus. Second pointing information obtained from an input apparatus of an information processing apparatus at another site connected via a network is received from the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110320961 - Method and apparatus for sharing virtual workspaces: An approach is provided for sharing the virtual workspaces of a plurality of user devices. One of the plurality of devices is designated as the only active device. The active device submits an update of the virtual workspace of the active device. Then an update of the virtual workspaces of... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20110320963 - Systems and methods for controlling multiple user access to media devices in a connected platform environment: Systems and methods are presented for utilizing multiple communication channels to determine whether a media device is nearby and whether the nearby media device is a media device associated with a user request. In some embodiments, user input devices may be equipped with IR and RF transceivers. IR signals may... Agent: Rovi Technologies Corporation

20110320964 - Real-time preview of uniform resource identifier addressable dynamic content: The disclosure identifies a dynamic content associated with a content provider that can be a portion of markup content which automatically changes over time and can be user-interactive. The dynamic content can be a uniform resource identifier (URI) addressable content. The dynamic content can be received from the content provider.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320965 - Dynamically responsive virtual characters: Methods for conducting a virtual simulation are provided. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a request to generate a virtual simulation between a user and a virtual character, generating the virtual simulation for the user that includes the virtual character, and determining a desired outcome from the user within... Agent: Brainpool, Inc.

20110320966 - Networked computer system for communicating and operating in a virtual reality environment: The present invention relates to interactive virtual reality networked computer systems and methods that facilitate communication and operation in a virtual reality environment. The virtual reality networked computer system has an infrastructure that includes a number of users, hosts and servers. The interconnected hosts and servers allow users to effectively... Agent: Xdyne, Inc.

20110320967 - Systems and methods for enterprise branded application frameworks for mobile and other environments: An application framework for mobile devices may provide a variety of application modules directed towards enterprise brand extension. The application modules are organized into five main categories: (1) featured, (2) community, (3) play/engage, (4) media, and (5) shop. The “featured” category may allow enterprises to push specific content onto its... Agent:

20110320968 - Shared user interface services framework: This disclosure provides various embodiments for providing UI services. An application-independent, reusable UI framework receives a request from a first application, to perform a first operation on a first set of data relating to presentation of the first set of data on a UI. A subset of the first set... Agent:

20110320969 - Apparatus for processing an interactive three-dimensional object: Provided is a three-dimensional (3D) object processing apparatus. The apparatus is capable of interacting with a user and utilizes a stereoscopic effect of a 3D user interface (UI) as information. The apparatus includes a combination of various units, including but not limited to, a display panel, a sensing unit and... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20110320970 - Method and system for controlling a user interface of a software application: A method and system for controlling a user interface of a software application which is executed in a runtime environment are disclosed which are easy to implement and manage, yet at the same are also flexible. It is provided according to at least one embodiment of the invention to store... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110320971 - Cross-domain business service management: Systems, methods, and machine readable and executable instructions are provided for cross-domain business service management. Cross-domain business service management can include receiving event indications from domains. The event indications can be standardized into standardized event indications independent of domain manager or domain-specific syntax. The standardized event indications can be aggregated... Agent:

20110320972 - Method and system using heuristics in performing batch updates of records: Computer method and apparatus processing batch changes to a plurality of records employs heuristics. The system includes a computer based source of a plurality of records subject to a batch update. Each record in the plurality has respective meta data information. A computer processor projects application of changes forming the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320973 - Method and electronic device providing schedule management: An electronic device processes received messages, such as text messages, text-based emails, and push notifications, received by the electronic device. The electronic device extracts event information from the received messages. The electronic device enters the extracted event information in a calendar system of the electronic device.... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20110320975 - Inputting symbols into an electronic device having a touch-screen: A graphical user interface for inputting symbols into an electronic device having a touch-screen, especially a portable consumer device like a terminal for use in a mobile communication network according to GSM, GPRS, UMTS and/or LTE standard, including a display for representing a plurality of selectable keys of a keyboard... Agent:

20110320974 - Method and system having a virtual keyboard on devices with size limited touch screen: A method for providing and using a touch screen to enter letters or symbols which form a desired word entry input to a smart mobile device includes a touch screen display configured to display one of a plurality of regions of a replicated standard keyboard display. Key buttons are displayed... Agent:

20110320977 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling a group operation therein: A mobile terminal and method of controlling a group operation therein are disclosed, by which tasks can be controlled with ease in a manner of designating one or more tasks to a task group in case of performing the one or more tasks simultaneously. The present invention includes a memory... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110320976 - Position bar and bookmark function: A graphic user interface combines a position bar for moving between pages in a document and with a page bookmarking or referencing function. The position bar includes a selectable box that can be used to set a reference mark on a particular page of a document. The user interface also... Agent:

20110320978 - Method and apparatus for touchscreen gesture recognition overlay: Methods and devices provide a user interface featuring a gesture recognition overlay suitable for the small display of a mobile device equipped with a touchscreen user input/display. Such a gesture recognition overlay functionality may enable users to enter alphanumeric text and edit text by performing simple gestures on an overlay... Agent:

20110320979 - Method and apparatus for creating a to-do item based on selection of a function to be performed by an application: An apparatus may include a to-do item creator configured to create a to-do item based on selection of a function to be performed by an application using an operational characteristic. An application multi-tasking module may allow for multi-tasking of applications as well as movement of applications from a multi-tasking environment... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110320980 - Electronic device for providing a visual representation of a widget associated with a contacts database: There is disclosed a method of an electronic device for providing a visual representation of a contact widget, in which the electronic device includes a display and an input component associated with the display. A display provides a contact widget including positions for task representations. An input component then detects... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110320981 - Status-oriented mobile device: One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for providing a status-oriented mobile device. A user interface (UI) is provided that concurrently presents a plurality of user-related status-oriented sections in a display of the mobile device. The respective status-oriented sections are provided to be organized in a cylindrical representation as... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110320982 - Method and system for activating an application on a portable electronic device: A method and system for activating an application on a portable electronic device are disclosed. A method of activating an application on a portable electronic device includes displaying a plurality of elements on a display device of the portable electronic device, wherein each element of the plurality of elements is... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20110320983 - Method and system for controlling stereoscopic menu display, and mobile communication terminal: A method and system for controlling stereoscopic menu display and a mobile communication terminal are provided. Wherein, the method includes: generating and displaying a stereoscopic menu including icons; obtaining a moving track inputted by a user; determining the corresponding rotation tangent planes, rotation directions and rotation speed of the icons... Agent: Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110320984 - Selectable parent and submenu object display method: Selectable objects in a computer display are arranged in a cascading menu including parent menu and submenu objects in which an activation area is provided in association with each submenu displayed which spans between the submenu and the associated parent menu object. The activation area provides the function of maintaining... Agent:

20110320985 - Information landscape modeling, analysis & validation: Managing and validating a project using an information landscape. Embodiments include providing an information landscape including a topology of landscape elements for the project, linking the topology of landscape elements to a plurality of solution artifacts, and validating at least one of the plurality of solution artifacts and semantics of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

12/22/2011 > 70 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20110314361 - Generating recommendations for improving a presentation document: User actions, content, and other elements related to a presentation document are received. These elements are analyzed to generate recommendations for improving a presentation document. The presentation document may be modified in accordance with the recommendations.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314363 - Information processing device, information processing method, program, and information processing system: In a case where a link to jump to a destination page is included within a source page, when movement information indicating that the link is moved to a predetermined position while being selected is input via an input section, a control section determines whether or not the link is... Agent:

20110314362 - System and method for displaying relevant data in relation to tiled document images: Devices and methods are provided for displaying digital publications and related information. In one embodiment, the method may involve: receiving a user selection for at least one of a digital publication and a new location within the publication; loading tiles into a viewing area of a display page, each tile... Agent:

20110314364 - Generating financial data documents using templates: A computing system is disclosed including a computer processor configured to receive a selection of a template and identify a data field in the template. The data field indicates financial data to fill in the data field. The computer processor is configured to retrieve the financial data for the data... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314365 - Decompiling loops in a spreadsheet: The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for decompiling loops in a spreadsheet. Embodiments of the invention detect loops by walking a dependency graph on a spreadsheet. As nodes are encountered, sequences of the same formulas are looked for in a normalized representation of the spreadsheet... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314366 - Integrating a web-based crm system with a pim client application: A customer relationship management (CRM) system utilizes a form definition, user interface (UI) definitions, and UI code to generate Web pages for interacting with CRM data. A CRM plug-in is configured to execute in conjunction with a personal information manager (PIM) client application and to utilize the same form definition,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314367 - System and method for annotating and searching media: A system and method for labeling and classifying multimedia data is provided that includes novel label propagation techniques and classification function characteristics. The system and method corrects and propagates a small number of potentially erroneous labels to a large amount of multimedia data and generate optimal ways of ranking, classification,... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110314368 - Method to generate a software part of a web page and such software part: The invention concerns a method to generate a software part of a web page comprising: receiving (24) from a browser downloading the web page a request for a software part to be executed by the browser, said request comprising at least an identifier of said web page, loading (26) from... Agent: Buzz Advertising Network Group

20110314369 - Specifying and processing composed patterns: A method, computer program product, and system for specifying and processing composed patterns are described. A method may comprise receiving, by a pattern process executing on a computing device, a first pattern definition comprising one or more outputs. The method may further comprise receiving, by the pattern process executing on... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110314370 - Tiered pageview generation for computing devices: A page controller module is provided for generating a pageview on a computing device according to a page definition that identifies a plurality of blocks corresponding to the pageview. In response to the page definition, and for each of the plurality of blocks, the page controller module initializes a block... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314371 - Web-based electronically signed documents: Techniques for electronic signature process management are described. Some embodiments provide an electronic signature service (“ESS”) configured to manage electronic signature processes represented by way of templates. In some embodiments, the ESS transmits a URL or other identifier of a template that specifies required electronic signature data, such as a... Agent:

20110314372 - Document representation transitioning: One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for transitioning between representations of an electronic document. Elements, such as visual elements, common between a first set of elements from a first representation of the document and a second set of elements from a second representation of the document are identified.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314373 - System, method and computer program product for performing actions associated with data to be displayed, utilizing a widget: In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for performing actions associated with data to be displayed, utilizing a widget. These mechanisms and methods for performing actions associated with data to be displayed, utilizing a widget can enable enhanced and expedited data development, improved data display, etc.... Agent:, Inc.

20110314374 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling communication data transmission and communication list display therein: A mobile terminal including at least a first identity module and a second identity module; a wireless communication unit configured to transceive communication data; a touchscreen configured to receive a touch input on a predetermined touch area for selecting one of the first and second identity modules; and a controller... Agent:

20110314375 - Personal assistant for task utilization: An electronic personal assistant that uses task information to obtain task performance assistance and help content is provided. Tasks from an electronic tasks application may be utilized by the personal assistant application to search a variety of information sources for task performance functionality and help content related to the tasks.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314376 - Method and system that displays a tooltip: When zooming in on (or magnifying) a field of a user interface (UI) it would be advantageous to be able to dynamically view a label of the field and input into an input element of the field without having to scroll a magnified or zoomed UI. By providing a tooltip... Agent:

20110314377 - Automatic hierarchical categorization of music by metadata: A method, performed by software executing on the processor of a portable music playback device, that automatically files tracks according to hierarchical structure of categories to organize tracks in a logical order. A user interface is utilized to change the hierarchy, view track names, and select tracks for playback or... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20110314378 - Content purchases and rights storage and entitlements: Storing asset ID and entitlement data of purchased and rented media from various sources in a media contents account and allowing access to the stored asset ID and entitlement data from various devices is provided. A user may access a media contents account via a network-connected device to view his/her... Agent: Cox Communications, Inc.

20110314379 - Select drag and drop operations on video thumbnails across clip boundaries: A computer-implemented method includes displaying, within a user interface in a digital media system, a media pane, and a project pane, displaying, within the media pane, a thumbnail group representing a media item, the thumbnail group comprising one or more thumbnails, enabling a user to select, from the thumbnail group,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110314380 - Extensible video insertion control: Extensible video insertion control is described. In embodiments, a media asset is received to render as video for display. Mapped video data is also received that identifies object insertion spaces in the media asset. A selectable display object is received that conforms to an object insertion space in a scene... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314381 - Natural user input for driving interactive stories: A system and method are disclosed for combining interactive gaming aspects into a linear story. A user may interact with the linear story via a NUI system to alter the story and the images that are presented to the user. In an example, a user may alter the story by... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314383 - Secured and filtered personal information publishing: Selectively shared and filtered personal information collections are provided. Personal information collections include calendars, task lists, address books, and other collections of information that may be provided by personal information manager (PIM) software. Personal information collections published on a server may be limited on a user-by-user basis as to who... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314382 - Systems of computerized agents and user-directed semantic networking: A system, method and computer program product in which semi-autonomous agents interact with a semantic network. In a basic embodiment of the system, a data structure providing a semantic network is provided in a non-transitory, computer-readable medium within a computer network. A plurality of computer-implemented agents are deployed within the... Agent: Primal Fusion Inc.

20110314384 - method for handling email messages and attachments in a mobile communication system: An email handling system having a mobile terminal with a processor, a user interface and an email database for storing email messages with attachments. The processor is arranged for fetching from the email database and displaying on the user interface, a list of email messages of an email account, responsive... Agent: Visiarc Ab

20110314385 - Method and apparatus for producing graphical machine vision content for distribution via a network: A method and system is provided for viewing machine vision information. The machine vision information includes machine vision data representing a sequence of machine vision processing steps. The machine vision information pertaining to a machine vision process on a given machine vision processor is produced. The machine vision information is... Agent: Cognex Corporation

20110314386 - Image display apparatus and method for operating the same: A method for operating an image display apparatus is discussed. The method according to an embodiment includes storing a Web site list including a plurality of Web sites and login information for the Web sites, connecting to servers of at least two of the stored Web sites using the stored... Agent:

20110314387 - Intelligent filtering for render status determination in a screen sharing system: A shared space can be identified that represents a portion of a graphical user interface that is shared and concurrently viewable among of set of at least two different computing devices. Data can be determined for a synchronization status representing a degree to which one of the two different computing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110314388 - Method and apparatus for generating a collaborative playlist: An approach is provided for generating a collaborative playlist. An input for initiating creation of a collaborative playlist is received. The collaborative playlist can be based, at least in part, on one or more criteria. A notification of the collaborative playlist is determined to be transmitted to one or more... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110314389 - Systems and methods for integration of an application runtime environment into a user computing environment: Systems and methods for creating application runtime environments or application environments that can be downloaded and integrated into the computing environment of a computing device are disclosed. One embodiment of the invention includes a computing device on which an operating system is installed that creates a computing environment, an Application... Agent: Sweetlabs, Inc.

20110314391 - Method, system, and graphical user interface for dynamically updating transmission characteristics in a web mail reply: A method, system and graphical user interface for dynamically updating transmission characteristics in a web mail reply are described. In one embodiment of the invention, a graphical user interface includes a web mail reply form that includes: one or more address fields; an input area for inputting a reply message;... Agent:

20110314390 - Techniques to dynamically modify themes based on messaging: Techniques to dynamically modify themes based on messaging. An apparatus may comprise a processor and a memory communicatively coupled to the processor. The memory may store a theme manager component and a user interface component. The theme manager component, when executed by the processor, may be operative to receive a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314393 - Filtering shared content: The application concerns sharing content generated within a system for one or more application displays to be displayed on a first computing device of a first user. A second user is sent a message concerning sharing sharable content wherein the sharable content includes at least a portion of content from... Agent:

20110314392 - Incorporating calendar interfaces to dynamically adjust presentation information: In one embodiment, a method includes identifying a group and determining an authorization associated with the group. The group includes a plurality of parties, and the authorization is indicative of a privilege level associated with the group. The method also includes obtaining a set of data and processing the set... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20110314394 - Dynamic adjustment of user-received communications for a real-time multimedia communications event: A real time communication session can be defined in which more than two participants communicate with each other using at least two different types of bidirectional communication. In one embodiment, the different types of bidirectional communication can include audio and video. During communication session, demoting one of the participants can... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110314396 - Integration of personalized portals with web content syndication: Personal portal pages for individual users are integrated with web content syndication. For example, when a search query is received from the user, a list of hits is generated. For each hit, it is determined whether there is an associated syndication feed, such as an RSS feed. The list of... Agent:

20110314395 - Sequential and non-sequential access to records within a list: The disclosure provided herein allows a user of a web application to sequentially or non-sequentially open records from a single or multi-page list across page boundaries without leaving the current viewing window. According to one aspect, a list is provided having a number of records presented sequentially in one or... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314398 - Information terminal, computer program product and method thereof: According to one embodiment, an information terminal is provided with a launcher graphical user interface (GUI), and includes a detector, a determination module, and a display module. The detector detects a change in the state of an application. The determination module determines whether the application is set in the launcher... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110314397 - Moderator control for managing delegates of an electronic communication session: Within a communication system, a real time communication session comprising a set of participants and a session moderator can be defined. At least a portion of the participants can be geographically remote from each other and can be communicatively linked via networked computing devices, each enabling participation with the real-time... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110314399 - Windowless runtime control of dynamic input device: Windowless runtime control of a dynamic input device is provided by a computing system including a container module to host one or more runtime environments, including a windowless runtime environment. The computing system further includes an input-device user-interface runtime application executed within the windowless runtime environment to receive dynamic-input messages... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314400 - Assisted filtering of multi-dimensional data: Interactive and dynamic exploring of filter criteria for large amounts of numerical data having multiple dimensions is described. Exploration occurs without excessive amounts of computation or querying of a database based on a data set summary that may be obtained from a server in a search system and applied by... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314401 - User-profile systems and methods for imaging devices and imaging devices incorporating same: User-profile systems and methods that allow the users of imaging devices to create, store and retrieve user profiles that allow users to readily set operating parameters of the imaging devices. Such user profiles are useful, for example, in situations where a user encounters differing imaging scenarios having differing preferred operating-parameter... Agent: Thermoteknix Systems Ltd.

20110314404 - Context-based task generation: A triggering mechanism for generating task reminders based on contextual information associated with the tasks is provided. Contextual information may be extracted from a variety of sources and may be related to one or more tasks. Based on the contextual information, task reminders may be generated and may be presented... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314402 - Flagging, capturing and generating task list items: Generation of a task or reminder in an electronic task list authoring surface from a variety of data or information locations or media without the need for launching a separate task or reminder application and without the need for moving focus away from an information location or media presently in... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314403 - Systems to provide data visualization and business process action in an on-demand enterprise dashboard: Some aspects include presenting, in a graphical user interface display panel, a graphic visualization of a business metric; and presenting, in the same graphical user interface display panel, a mechanism to initiate a business process action associated with the visualized business metric. Some aspects include providing multiple visualization and levels... Agent:

20110314405 - Contextual control of dynamic input device: A computing system includes one or more input-device user-interface runtime applications to dynamically display images on a dynamic input device. The one or more input-device user-interface runtime applications are executed in a currently active desktop. The computing system further includes a dominant application configured to execute in the currently active... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314406 - Electronic reader and displaying method thereof: An electronic reader and a displaying method thereof are respectively provided in the present invention. The electronic reader includes a recognition unit recognizing an identity input; and a displaying unit displaying a screen corresponding to the identity input after the recognition unit identifies the identity input. The method includes steps... Agent: E Ink Holdings Inc.

20110314407 - Custom visualizations in tab groups: A multi-document application that includes a multi-document interface that includes a view area that displays one document at a time and includes a tab group element that displays tabs, each tab having a control that permits a corresponding document to be visualized in the view area. When a new document... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314408 - Method and system for operating multiple web pages with anti-spoofing protection: Method and system for operating tabbed browsing with anti-spoofing protection. Tabbed browsing operates to detect pop-up dialogs sent from malicious web pages operating in a background browser. Keystrokes and keyboard messages are prevented from being delivered to background browsers. Unauthorized movement of background browsers are detected. URLs are inspected before... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314409 - Information terminal, computer program product and method thereof: According to one embodiment, an information terminal is capable of connecting to a network, and includes an associating module and a display module. The associating module associates a virtual desktop with network identification information. The display module displays, according to network identification information acquired when the information terminal is connected... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110314410 - Competitive event statistic delivery device, system, and method: A competitive event statistic delivery system, device, and method is disclosed. The system may include a primary display configured to display a competitive event. The system may also include a secondary display configured to display multiple streams of statistics as they relate to events displayed on the primary display. A... Agent:

20110314412 - Compositing application content and system content for display: Application content and system content are composited to create composited frames for display by drawing foreground application content into an application buffer, building a reconstruction buffer, drawing system user interface content on top of the foreground application content in the application buffer, and displaying a composited frame by sending the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314411 - Rendering and sorting book search results as three dimensional icons: Illustrated is a system and method to prepare for display, within a Graphical User Interface (GUI), a subset selection pane, an icon and summary pane, and a sort pane. The system and method further to include to prepare for display, within the icon and summary pane, a result set that... Agent:

20110314413 - User interface: A graphical user interface (10) is disclosed. The interface has a display area (16) having a first area (18) and a second area (20). A graphical interface unit (22) is displayed in the display area (16) and is moveable between the first area (18) and the second area (20).... Agent:

20110314414 - System wide text viewer: A method of magnifying text across a computer operating system platform, the method including the steps of loading a background text viewer process on a computer operating system, the background text viewer process having access to internal operating system messaging relating to text sent to a graphics display driver for... Agent: Freedom Scientific, Inc.

20110314415 - Method and system for providing custom tooltip messages: A computer-implemented method for providing custom tooltips to an end-user of a software application. The method includes receiving a selection of a user interface (UI) element associated with the software application; and causing a custom tooltip to be displayed on a display device in response to the selection, where the... Agent:

20110314416 - Collected media content data: Collected media content data is described. In embodiments, browsing inputs are received from a client device when a user interacts with the client device to browse media content available via the Internet. Media content data associated with the media content that is displayed for viewing at the client device can... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314419 - Customizing a search experience using images: Systems, methods, and computer storage media having computer-executable instructions embodied thereon that present images customized for a user. In embodiments, a search query input by a user and user data associated with the user are referenced. The search query and/or user data is utilized to select one or more images... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314418 - List authoring surface: A list authoring surface (LAS) is provided that includes a lightweight user interface component for entering, displaying, manipulating, and providing reminders for one or more tasks that takes the place of hand-written notes, scraps of paper, or “sticky” notes. The list authoring surface may be deployed across a multitude of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314417 - Queuing method and system: A queuing method and system. The method includes retrieving by a computer processor of a stationary computing system or a computing device, queue data placing an individual onto an initial queue list for receiving a service and ID data identifying the individual. The computer processor presents a status of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110314420 - System, method and computer program product for performing actions associated with a portal: In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for performing actions associated with a portal. These mechanisms and methods for performing actions associated with a portal can enable an improved user experience, increased efficiency, optimized productivity, etc.... Agent:, Inc.

20110314421 - Access to touch screens: A method for activating objects displayed on a touch screen by using a finger of a user. The method includes the steps of displaying one or more objects on the touch screen, detecting an activation event of a specific one of the one or more objects caused by the user... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110314422 - User interface and method for object management: A computing device includes a processor executing instructions to provide a graphical user interface displayed on a display device and for facilitating navigation through a collection of files stored in a storage device, the user interface including a primary icon displayed on the display device and representing a selected file,... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20110314423 - Image display device and image display method: An image display device includes an image generator, a controller, and a display unit. The image generator generates a guide image which is to be displayed differently with a lapse of time to change the sequential selection mode to the skip selection mode when a user input indicates a long... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110314424 - Scaling type overlay icons: A method and system are provided for displaying icons in accordance with user preferences. The method includes providing a user with a size selection mechanism for selecting an icon size from a range of sizes. The method additionally includes searching a set of stored resources related to the underlying file... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110314425 - Air gesture recognition type electronic device operating method: An air gesture recognition type electronic device operating method for operating an electronic device having multiple sensors in each of multiple peripheral sides thereof by: approaching an object to the sensors to produce sensing signals and determining whether or not the object has been continuously sensed, and then determining whether... Agent: Holy Stone Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20110314429 - Application programming interfaces for gesture operations: At least certain embodiments of the present disclosure include an environment with user interface software interacting with a software application to provide gesture operations for a display of a device. A method for operating through an application programming interface (API) in this environment includes transferring a scaling transform call. The... Agent:

20110314430 - Application programming interfaces for gesture operations: At least certain embodiments of the present disclosure include an environment with user interface software interacting with a software application to provide gesture operations for a display of a device. A method for operating through an application programming interface (API) in this environment includes transferring a scaling transform call. The... Agent:

20110314428 - Display apparatus and control method thereof: A display apparatus includes: a display unit; a user interface (UI) generator which generates UI information to be displayed on the display unit; a user input unit which includes a touch pad; and a controller which controls the UI generator to display a plurality of selective items per item page... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110314427 - Personalization using custom gestures: A method and apparatus allow users of touchscreen-based devices to create custom gestures on the touchscreen that are associated with behaviors and recognized throughout the operation of the device. The method and apparatus include sensing a user interaction on a touchscreen and detecting whether the sensed user interaction is a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110314426 - Risk-based alerts: Some embodiments provide a system that facilitates use of a computer system. During operation, the system obtains notification of a risk associated with a user action on the computer system. Next, the system generates an alert within a user interface based at least on a severity of the risk. The... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

12/15/2011 > 73 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories.

20110307771 - Method for generating financial report: The present invention relates to data query technologies, and provides a method for generating a financial report, comprising: generating a query instance module in an operation window when a user dragging and dropping a query instance button in the operation window is detected; generating a query condition input module which... Agent:

20110307772 - Scrolling in large hosted data set: A computer-implemented method of presenting an electronic document via a web browser includes maintaining on a computing device a client data model of the electronic document, the client data model comprising data that defines content of the electronic document and formatting of the content of the electronic document, and rendering... Agent: Google Inc.

20110307773 - Systems and methods for performing project management functions in a spreadsheet application: A system and method is provided for performing project planning functions within a spreadsheet application program.... Agent:

20110307774 - Computer-aided morphological analysis of data items: Improvements to computer-aided methodology of morphological analysis of a set of text data objects and associated graphic images. The methodology, named contextual data modeling (CDM), involves personal discovery of meaningful interrelations of parametric values and names of text data objects using automated permutation of a data table; plus viewing for... Agent:

20110307775 - Information architecture for the interactive environment: A system and method for providing management such as creation, manipulation, storage, control, and retrieval of digital content for a company on a global basis. Digital content is created and stored in, for example, the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) format using the relationship between component mapping information and content information... Agent: American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

20110307776 - Transcoding a web page: A transcoding system (1) comprises a mobile communication device (2) that connects to the internet (4) via a mobile communication network (3). When the mobile communication device (2) requests a web page of a web site stored at a web server (5), the request is routed to a transcoder (6).... Agent: Mtld Top Level Domain Limited

20110307777 - Web service user experience without upfront storage expense: A system and method is provided for creating accounts for users of a service. An infrastructure associated with an invited user enables the invited user to view a document that is stored in association with another user. A server computer is capable of receiving an indication to associate a second... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307778 - Mobile electronic apparatus and method of switching application programs thereof: The present invention discloses a mobile electronic apparatus and a method of switching application programs thereof, the method is applied for the mobile electronic apparatus which has a screen, a storing unit and a processing unit, and the method comprises the following steps of: executing a plurality of application programs... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20110307779 - System of retaining, managing and interactively conveying knowledge and instructional content: An instructive content creation and viewing system, including a first microprocessor assembly, an intuitive viewing interface, a second microprocessor assembly in communication with the first microprocessor assembly, and an content creation interface. The viewing interface is housed on the first microprocessor assembly and the content creation interface is housed on... Agent:

20110307780 - Cloud-based application help: A cloud help system is described herein that is a confederation of both internet and product help content that gives the user of a software application a rich web-based user interface for searching the internet in conjunction with and in the context of the software application. An application developer associates... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307784 - Av apparatus: A scrollable list of AV contents to be displayed in an AV apparatus which outputs AV contents is provided. If the scrolling on an artwork list stops, the album attribute text of albums included in an artwork list is read from a portable music player. After that, the artworks of... Agent: Alpine Electronics, Inc.

20110307781 - Seamless playback of composite media: A streaming composition system is described herein that provides easy workflow and playback capabilities for content producers to create composite media assets from existing and on-going media content and for streaming clients to seamlessly playback composite multimedia streams provided from different sources. These assets provide broadcasters an option to quickly... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307782 - Smooth playing of video: A computer-implemented method, including detecting an event associated with an image displayed on a display device within a software application, loading a media player into the software application behind the image, where the media player is configured to play a media file associated with the image, and causing a representation... Agent:

20110307783 - System and method enabling visual filtering of content: There is presented a system and method enabling visual filtering of content. The system comprises a server, a content database storing content units and accessible through the server, and a filtering and display application. The filtering and display application is configured to enable visual filtering of the content units by... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20110307785 - Replacing an image with a media player: A computer-implemented method that includes receiving a request to generate an interface within a software application that is configured to play back one or more media files; for a first media file, generating an image representing a frame of the first media file; and causing the image to be displayed... Agent:

20110307786 - Method and apparatus for bookmarking and retrieval of video content: A method providing for bookmarking a point within a video stream is disclosed. The method involves sampling via a microphone an audio segment from a broadcasted audio/video content received on an audio/video device, converting the sampled audio segment to digital data, receiving a signal to set a bookmark, and transmitting... Agent:

20110307787 - System and method for accessing online content: An example method of accessing a web page includes receiving audio output from speakers of electronic equipment; detecting a cue in the received audio output; determining a web address based on the detected cue; and connecting to a web page using the web address.... Agent:

20110307788 - Role-based presentation views: A presentation state that includes a presentation and other information is synchronized between one or more client computers executing a presentation client application. A client computer executing the presentation client application receives the presentation state, including the presentation, and is assigned a role. The client computer then provides a user... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307790 - Extending revalidation-time of diameter sessions: Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method performed by a Policy Charging and Control Node (PCRN) for updating a session associated with a subscriber in response to an event. The method may include receiving at the PCRN an event message indicating that an event has occurred within the session; retrieving... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Canada, Inc.

20110307789 - Publish/subscribe overlay network control system: A system may include an overlay network linking a plurality of publishers, a plurality of subscribers, and a plurality of brokers. The overlay network may include a first computer network having a first network protocol carried by a second computer network having a second network protocol. The system may also... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110307792 - Accessing elements in an operating system: Providing access to an element in an operating system executed by a processor includes: with the processor, tracking behavior of a user with respect to multiple elements managed by the operating system; displaying a tag cloud to the user with a display device, the tag cloud having multiple objects, each... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110307791 - Social networking application for knowledge sharing and management: A web-based Social Networking Application for Knowledge Sharing and Management which provides for permissive based communication for knowledge transfer among all levels of personnel within organizations using configurable conditions and criteria for determining a target audience, or various classifications of accessible users based on configurable groups and sections. Users of... Agent: Wall Street Network, Inc.

20110307793 - System and method for visualizing an address space: The disclosure relates to a method and to corresponding systems for visualizing an address space and for organizing automation-related data, wherein according to a first method variant the user interface of a display device of a computer system is divided into a plurality of configurable address space display regions. Each... Agent: Abb Ag

20110307795 - Data storage management method, device and user interface: A method of managing data storage for a device having a local storage memory and a user interface, the device being capable of transferring data to a network having a remote storage memory, the remote storage memory having a higher storage capacity than the local storage memory. The method comprises:... Agent: France Telecom

20110307796 - Methods, apparatus and systems for designing and executing an initiative: An initiative may be designed by accessing initiative data stored in one or more databases and using the accessed data to design the initiative. Often times, the initiative may include a link to supplemental information. The initiative may be provided to a user who may select the link. Supplemental initiative... Agent:

20110307794 - Web application navigation domains: Various embodiments provide a mechanism to allow end users to install web applications and websites onto their desktop. In accordance with one or more embodiments, client-side code can be utilized to allow developers associated with a website to define boundaries associated with user interaction, and have those boundaries enforced by... Agent:

20110307797 - File exchange system and mobile device: A mobile device includes a file information acquiring unit, a file information display unit that displays the file information acquired on a display unit, a file presence identifying unit that determines whether or not a file specified by file information designated by a user from among the file information displayed... Agent:

20110307798 - Merging modifications to user interface components while preserving user customizations: An application displays a user interface (UI) component. A client can apply customizations to this UI component. After the client applies customizations to the UI component, the client modifies a solution set containing solutions that modify the UI component. After the client modifies the solution set, the application displays a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307799 - Scripting application with privacy mode coordination: In at least some embodiments, a computer system includes a processor and a computer-readable storage medium coupled to the processor and storing a scripting application. The scripting application, when executed, is configured to coordinate use of a browser engine privacy mode with emulation of user operations on a browser-hosted application.... Agent:

20110307800 - Methodology for creating an easy-to-use conference room system controller: In embodiments, a user interface provides for manipulating one or more physical devices for use in a conference room setting. The user interface includes a touch screen for presenting a variety of options to a user. The touch screen includes controllers, such as buttons, to enable the user to select... Agent:

20110307803 - Community interest network: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and computer program products for providing a community interest network that is developed on a societal relationship platform. In various embodiments, the platform is based on a collection of online, virtualized social communities oriented around interests. Further, in various embodiments, the... Agent:

20110307801 - Contributor compensation system and method: Described are computer-based methods and apparatuses, including computer program products, for contributor compensation. In some embodiments, a user contributes content data to a wiki. The user is compensated for the contribution of the content data to the wiki. In other embodiments, a reviewer reviews contributed content data. The review is... Agent: Wikiatlas Corp.

20110307802 - Review of requests to modify contextual data of a programming interface: Some embodiments of a system and a method to review contextual data of programming interfaces have been presented. For instance, a processing device may generate a user interface to collect feedback from a group of reviewers on a programming interface in response to a request to modify contextual data of... Agent:

20110307804 - Electronic message management system and method: Embodiments of the invention relate to the creation of electronic message handling rules and to the creation of groups of electronic message recipient addresses. An automatic creation of electronic message rules or filters is dynamically based upon routine user actions or inputs that can have purposes other than only for... Agent:

20110307805 - Minimizing delays in web conference switches between presenters and applications: A method for minimizing delays in web conference switches between presenters and applications may include receiving a key frame of content selected by a user for sharing in response to the user being a presenter and having content to share. The method may also include storing the key frame of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110307806 - Multiple party decision process: The present invention is directed to a multiple party decision process. The parties include an inquirer and an audience. The inquirer posts a question along with a series of weighted factors statements that are analyzed according to a function. The output of the function is represented in a visual indicator... Agent:

20110307807 - Game invitations through peer-to-peer chat: A web-server engagement invitation system operates from a computerized internet-connected server having a plurality of clients, and serves content as web pages or presentations to individual ones of the clients through software executing from a machine-readable medium. A chat system operable by the server through the software provides chat communication... Agent:

20110307812 - Creating task sessions: Various embodiments provide a mechanism to allow end users to install web applications and websites onto their desktop. In accordance with one or more embodiments, client-side code can be utilized to allow developers associated with a website to define boundaries associated with user interaction, and have those boundaries enforced by... Agent:

20110307810 - List integration: Various embodiments provide a mechanism to allow end users to install web applications and websites onto their desktop. In accordance with one or more embodiments, client-side code can be utilized to allow developers associated with a website to define boundaries associated with user interaction, and have those boundaries enforced by... Agent:

20110307808 - Rendering incompatible content within a user interface: An increasing amount of the world's content resides on the web in a form targeted to web browser rendering. It may be advantageous to utilize this web content within non-web-based rich client applications because such rich client applications may provide robust features and/or interactions that web-based platforms lack. Unfortunately, integrating... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307809 - Rendering web content with a brush: A content display system is described herein that combines the positive attributes of brushes and web content by allowing web content to be applied as a brush. The content display system renders web content and creates a bitmap of the rendered web content. The bitmap of the web content as... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307811 - Web application home button: Various embodiments provide a mechanism to allow end users to install web applications and websites onto their desktop. In accordance with one or more embodiments, client-side code can be utilized to allow developers associated with a website to define boundaries associated with user interaction, and have those boundaries enforced by... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307813 - Interactive ring-shaped interface: A computer method and system for interactive visualization of a user interest model via an interactive graphical user interface is described. The method and system comprise displaying at least one keyword in a circular sector on a ring on the interactive graphical user interface, wherein the keyword represents an interest... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110307814 - Method for associating and manipulating documents with an object: A non-transitory computer-readable medium adapted to store thereon computer-readable instructions that, when executed with a computer, provide a method for managing information elements in relation with an object on a display of a computer, the method comprising providing an information element, providing a visual distinctive element associated with the information... Agent:

20110307815 - User interface and method for collecting preference data graphically: The present invention enables a user to intuitively collect and share information on his personal preferences and priorities through the relational placement of graphical objects in a graphical user interface. This information can then, with the express permission of the end user, be used by Internet services to deliver highly... Agent: Mygobs Oy

20110307816 - Multi-layered online calendaring and purchasing: A computer-implemented method and system for generating and displaying a calendar containing user-selected events from user-selected categories. A plurality of categories of events are provided. The user can select which categories are of interest, and then select individual events within those categories. Events are overlaid on a calendar unique to... Agent:

20110307817 - Secure application interoperation via user interface gestures: Techniques for facilitating secure application interoperation via user interface (UI) gestures in computing devices that strictly isolate applications operating thereon are described herein. For instance, applications may define one or more specific UI gestures that, when executed by the user, express that the user desires for the computing device to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307818 - Workflow authoring environment and runtime: A workflow authoring system is described herein that provides a design-time authoring environment and a runtime component for displaying interactive, structured instructional content. The authoring environment provides custom controls, templates, and sample pages that allow authors to create a runnable workflow application. The application is a structured, interactive content type... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307820 - Methods and systems for managing facility power and cooling: Systems and methods are provided for determining data center cooling and power requirements and for monitoring performance of cooling and power systems in data centers. At least one aspect provides a system and method that enables a data center operator to determine available power and cooling at specific areas and... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20110307819 - Navigating dominant concepts extracted from multiple sources: Graphical user interfaces, methods, and computer-storage media for navigating dominant concepts are provided. The method is executed by a computer system that generates a graphical user interface having dominant concepts associated with a contextual query. The contextual query is issued to a search engine that searches multiple sources to locate... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307821 - Exercise system with graphical feedback and method of gauging fitness progress: A system and method for providing visual feedback to a user of an exercise machine for gauging fitness progress of the user. The system provides a user of an exercise machine with a virtual competition in which the user competes against virtual competitors based on his past performances or those... Agent:

20110307822 - Letter input method and apparatus of portable terminal: A text input method and apparatus of a portable terminal supporting a virtual keypad including a plurality of character keys are provided. The method includes displaying, when a text input mode is activated, a virtual keypad including a plurality of key regions, each key region being assigned plural letters, compounding,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110307823 - Electronic book reader and displaying method of electronic book reader: An electronic book includes a display, a first area displaying module, a second area displaying module, a processing module, and a browsing module. The display includes a first displaying area and a second displaying area. The first area displaying module is configured to control a list of applications to be... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110307825 - System and method for creation of advertising space independent from web site design: In one implementation, user's browser loads the web site document containing reference to an advertisement and one or more site elements; browser issues request for an advertisement to the ad server and starts positioning one or more site elements; ad server responds with a script, containing computer instructions; first set... Agent: Anchorfree, Inc.

20110307824 - Vehicular manipulation input apparatus: A vehicular manipulation input apparatus includes a display device and a remote manipulation device. A manipulation to a manipulation member of the manipulation device is enabled by several manipulation manners. One of the several manipulation manners is designated as a valid manipulation manner in the manipulation device according to a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110307826 - User interface with mouse-over function: Systems and methods to provide a user interface with a mouse-over function are provided. A system may comprise a detecting module to detect a user interface event received from a user device and to detect an event type. A pointer is detected as being within an area of interest of... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20110307827 - Display processing apparatus and display processing method: According to one embodiment, there is provided a display processing apparatus, including: a display unit configured to display an image, the display unit having a screen on which the image is displayed; an input module configured to receive a first manipulation and a second manipulation, the first manipulation being a... Agent:

20110307828 - Memory allocation visualization for unmanaged languages: A “Memory Allocation Visualizer” provides a dynamic visualization that animates memory allocation event trace information over a time period of execution of a program. Consequently, the Memory Allocation Visualizer provides a visualization and understanding of a program's memory system behavior. Various modes of display with custom color mappings and zooming... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307830 - System and method for simplifying discovery of content availability for a consumer: There is presented a system and method for simplifying discovery of content availability for a consumer. The system comprises a content availability database storing content records accessible through a server, and an aggregator configured to update the content records. The system also comprises a content discovery application configured to display... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20110307829 - Device, system and method for selecting, sharing and displaying electronic content: The present disclosure provides a device, system and method to present electronic content on a first mobile electronic device in communication and configured to receive electronic content from a second electronic device.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110307831 - User-controlled application access to resources: A host application on a computing device displays an icon or other visual representation of a resource of the computing device, and receives a request from one of one or more applications hosted by the host application. The request is a request to access the resource represented by the icon... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307832 - Graphical multidimensional file management system and method: A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium tangibly storing computer-readable code thereon that provides, when executed by a computer, a method for displaying a plurality of information elements on a display is hereby provided, the method comprising displaying a plurality of juxtaposed information elements defining a first axis thereof, selecting one information... Agent:

20110307833 - Control selection approximation: A method includes displaying a user interface of an application on a device's touch-sensitive display. The user interface includes a plurality of regions, including a respective region at a respective hierarchy level. The respective region has two or more child regions at a hierarchy level below the respective hierarchy level.... Agent:

20110307834 - User interface and electronic device: A user interface for an electronic device having a monitor includes a geometric polyhedron and a plurality of selecting objects. The geometric polyhedron is shown on the monitor, and composed of a plurality of blocks. Blocks of the plurality of blocks in a surface of the geometric polyhedron are capable... Agent:

20110307835 - Method for displaying thumbnail group on idle screen and mobile communication terminal: A method for displaying a thumbnail group on an idle screen and a mobile communication terminal are disclosed. The mobile communication terminal includes: a storage for storing a communication program; a terminal controller for executing the communication program; a display for displaying the communication program executed by the terminal controller;... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

20110307836 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: According to one embodiment of the present invention, a mobile terminal includes a touchscreen configured to display a list including a plurality of categories and at least one content grouped for each of the plurality of categories, and a controller, if a command for a reduced display of the list... Agent:

20110307837 - Region of interest tracking for fluid simulation: A method of simulation comprises controlling an avatar in an environment. Movement of graphical elements is simulated in a fluid coordinate frame surrounding said avatar, wherein said graphical elements in said fluid coordinate frame obey a first rule set. Said graphical elements and a first region surrounding said fluid coordinate... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20110307838 - Fast edge routing for interactive diagramming: An edge routing system is described herein that uses a spatial decomposition to achieve faster routing, and more quickly generates a sparse visibility graph using a cone spanner. The system provides two approaches that can be used separately or in combination to achieve faster—and hence more scalable and more interactive—edge... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307839 - Implementing website navigation: Implementing website navigation includes deriving a confidence level for at least one leaf node of a website navigation category diagram using historical user operation data; generating one or more navigation hierarchical structure diagrams based on the website navigation category diagram; determining a searching cost associated with each of the one... Agent: Alibaba Group Holding Limited

20110307842 - Electronic reading device: This invention provides an electronic reading device which comprises an eye glass frame and a camera-projection component mounted on the eye glass frame comprising a projection unit to project an image onto a projection surface and an optical sensor unit to perform a scan of a region near the projection... Agent:

20110307840 - Erase, circle, prioritize and application tray gestures: Techniques involving gestures and other functionality are described. In one or more implementations, the techniques describe gestures that are usable to provide inputs to a computing device. A variety of different gestures are contemplated, including an activate gesture, a fill gesture, a level gesture, a jump gesture, a checkmark gesture,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307843 - Information processing apparatus, operation method, and information processing program: An information processing apparatus includes an operation unit; and a control unit performing a process in response to an operation executed through the operation unit. Different gesture operations are able to be assigned to an operation corresponding to copy of information and an operation corresponding to cut of information, respectively.... Agent:

20110307841 - Method and apparatus for binding user interface elements and granular reflective processing: An approach is provided for binding user interface elements and granular reflective processing. An information management infrastructure determines to detect an event, from a first device, for specifying one or more user interface elements for transfer to a second device. The information management infrastructure further identifies one or more processes... Agent: Nokia Corporation

12/08/2011 > 57 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20110302482 - Method and apparatus for improved information transactions: Methods and systems for analyzing an image, such as a newspaper or magazine pager or the like including text by mapping the image to determine regions of text and analyzing portions of the image in accordance with characteristics of selected regions of the text to develop a desired ordering of... Agent:

20110302483 - Forms integration toolkit: The invention is a Forms Integration Toolkit (FIT) application, which is a zero-footprint software toolset that allows users to create forms without the need for software development. The FIT consists of a two-module forms tool and a two-module wizard tool. The forms tool modules are the FIT Configuration Manager and... Agent:

20110302484 - Electronic forms completion method: An electronic forms completion method and apparatus. In one embodiment of the method, first and second data stored on a memory device is read. The first data and the second data is mapped to first and second columns, respectively, of a first record in a database. After mapping the first... Agent:

20110302485 - Component-based content rendering system: A method to perform component-based rendering of a webpage includes identifying a component hierarchy from which to render the webpage. A set of components are selected from the component hierarchy as an evaluation component set. The evaluation component set is evaluated by determining that a particular component of the evaluation... Agent: Quora, Inc.

20110302486 - Method and apparatus for obtaining the effective contents of web page: A method for obtaining the effective contents of a web page comprises steps of: loading an HTML web page: converting the HTML web page into a corresponding DOM tree; finding a title label of effective contents according to the DOM tree, determining the text contents in the found title label... Agent: Beijing Ruixin Online System Technology Co., Ltd

20110302487 - Web client command infrastructure integration into a rich client application: A command interface for a software application is implemented on a client computer. A first definition of the command interface is received from a server computer. The first definition includes rules for encoding the command interface on a web browser. A conversion of the first definition to a second definition... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110302488 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling mobile terminal: A mobile terminal is provided that includes: a display unit configured to display a webpage having a plurality of sections; a wireless communication unit configured to provide Internet access; a memory unit configured to store history information regarding usage of the webpage; and a control unit configured to control a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110302489 - Transcription editing: A computer program product for use with text transcribed from audio information, the computer program product residing on a computer-readable medium, includes computer-readable instructions for causing a computer to: enable defined keystroke combinations for use in editing the text transcribed from audio, the defined keystroke combinations corresponding to formatting functions... Agent:

20110302490 - Image processing apparatus, image forming system, and image displaying method: A preview image generating part acquires printing data and then generates a plurality of preview images. A display control part stacks the plurality of generated preview images in the page order and displays two adjacent preview images in the front row. A reverse display control part page-feeds one preview image... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110302491 - Portable electronic device and method of controlling same: A method includes displaying a selectable feature on a display of an electronic device, detecting a touch on a touch-sensitive input device, wherein the touch is associated with the selectable feature, and displaying a preview of information from an application associated with the selectable feature.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110302492 - Remote user interface cooperative application: In a first embodiment of the present invention, a method for operating a remote user interface (UI) client is provided, the method comprising: establishing a first connection with a UI server; receiving a document over the first connection; closing the first connection; running the document, wherein the document contains first... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110302493 - Visual shuffling of media icons: An apparatus and method for shuffling a media file in a playlist. A first playlist order of a plurality of media files is created for displaying a plurality of icons corresponding to one of the plurality of media files. The plurality icons are arranged according to the first playlist order... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110302494 - Smart presentation application: Disclosed is a computer-implemented method to create a presentation having at least one sheet, where each sheet contains one or more visual elements, as well as a system and computer program embodied on a computer-readable storage medium. The method includes, in response to input from a user, representing visual elements... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110302495 - Interpreting a gesture-based instruction to selectively display a frame of an application user interface on a mobile computing device: In general overview, the present disclosure is directed to a system and method for selectively displaying a frame of an application user interface on a mobile computing device. A user interface analyzer on a mobile computing device analyzes a user interface for an application executing on a remote server. The... Agent:

20110302496 - Network management system and graphical user interface: A network management system and graphical user interface for configuring a network connection between first and second service access points utilizes a configuration manager and information manager to provide a generic set of models so that different manufacturer's nodal processors and other network hardware can be inserted into the network... Agent: Qwest Communications International Inc.

20110302497 - Method and system for supporting a user-specified and customized interface for a broadband gateway: A method and system are provided in which a user interface application may be received by a broadband gateway and may be configured to generate a user interface for display in a display device. The user interface may be generated based on programming information and/or associated metadata received through one... Agent:

20110302499 - Generation of macros: A method and apparatus that learns and generates procedures for machine-to-machine interactions by monitoring user browser interactions with the server. Based on an action by a user of the web browser, a communication is sent from the web browser to the server, which is recorded by a macro recorder. The... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20110302498 - System and method for using web browser to display advertising materials to user: A computer-implemented system including a memory, a storage device and a processing unit, the memory storing a set of instructions, which, when executed by the processing unit cause the processing unit to perform a method for displaying promotional materials to a user using a browser executing on a client computer.... Agent: Anchorfree, Inc.

20110302500 - Method and apparatus for reminding and browsing related information of contacts and recording medium using the same: A method and an apparatus for reminding and browsing related information of contacts, and a recording medium using the same are provided. In the present method, a communication device displays a contact list comprising at least one contact on a screen thereof. Meanwhile, the communication device checks whether each contact... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110302501 - Control device and control method: A control device is connected to at least one objective device to be controlled via a network. The control device includes an operation control unit for acquiring a request to display a device list screen; a communication control unit for acquiring attribute data of the at least one objective device... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110302502 - User interface for electronic backup: Systems and methods are provided for storing and restoring digital data. A method includes receiving, a first user input requesting that a backup interface be displayed, displaying the backup interface, the backup interface including a display area for presenting at least a first visual representation of an earlier version of... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110302503 - Feature set differentiation by tenant and user: A system for online collaboration includes an application for online collaboration, the application including an application feature set, a control module programmed to receive a request from a user to access a tenancy associated with the application on the system, the tenancy including a site provisioned for a tenant, the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110302504 - Mobile application for proximity based awareness system: A proximity-based awareness system that includes a mobile computing device for each user and a system server in communication with the mobile devices. The system server may enable the user to create and edit a personal profile; broadcast the profile to another user; enable the user to search for and... Agent:

20110302505 - Sharing of content associated with events: Techniques are provided that allow users to collaborate in relationship to data views, application displays, applications or events. A user can type in a text view related to a specific view in an application display, and the information is shared with other users that take part in sharing that view.... Agent:

20110302506 - Method for multi-user collaboration on visual content based upon the exchange of session data objects including new parameters: A method and system for coordinating visual content collaboration is disclosed. A collaboration session is first established from a server with a plurality of participant nodes. The visual content is transmitted to each of the participant nodes. A session data object is received by the collaboration server from a first... Agent:

20110302508 - System and method for enabling user cooperation in an asynchronous virtual environment: An asynchronous virtual environment may be provided to users in which synchronous, time-sensitive cooperation between the users is enabled in spite of the asynchronous nature of the virtual environment. Synchronous, time-sensitive cooperation between users may have an impact on gaining and/or retaining users in a virtual environment, such as a... Agent: Maslow Six Entertainment, Inc.

20110302507 - System and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space: The present invention provides a highly scalable architecture for a three-dimensional graphical, multi-user, interactive virtual world system. In a preferred embodiment a plurality of users interact in the three-dimensional, computer-generated graphical space where each user executes a client process to view a virtual world from the perspective of that user.... Agent:

20110302509 - Promoting communicant interactions in a network communications environment: In a network communication environment in which communicants operating from respective client network nodes connect to different server applications, communicants who are related to a target communicant are ascertained, statuses of the related communicants with respect to the different server applications are determined, and indications of the related communicants and... Agent: Social Communications Company

20110302512 - Information transmission apparatus, control method of information transmission apparatus, and recording medium storing computer program: An information transmission apparatus receives information indicating a display language type of a web page to be displayed on a web browser included in an information processing apparatus, and determines whether a display language type of a screen displayed on a display unit included in the information transmission apparatus matches... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110302511 - Method for providing an operating menu for a field device of process automation technology: A method for providing an operating menu (OM) for a field device (FD) of process automation technology, wherein the operating menu (OM) is displayed on a display unit of a servicing device (SD) remote from the field device (FD) by means of a web browser (WB). Settings of the field... Agent: Endress + Hauser Flowtec Ag

20110302510 - Reader mode presentation of web content: Methods and apparatuses that automatically detect availability of a reader mode for article content in a web page addressed by a URL are described. Availability detection may be progressively performed such that cheap operations are performed first to reduce the need to perform more expensive ones. A retrieval status of... Agent:

20110302513 - Methods and apparatuses for flexible modification of user interfaces: A method for modifying a user interface of an apparatus is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of: receiving user interface key data, wherein the user interface key data comprises at least one reference to at least one user interface modification algorithm, generating user interface user interface modification data based... Agent:

20110302514 - Method for designing a graphical interface program: A computer implemented method of generating a graphical interface including receiving and displaying a selection of elements among a plurality of graphical and/or data entry elements, each element having at least a property among a plurality of graphical and/or activation and/or content properties; receiving and displaying formulas, each formula linking... Agent: Creative Information Technology

20110302515 - Mobile terminal capable of providing multiplayer game and operating method of the mobile terminal: A method of operating a mobile terminal is presented. The method includes displaying a list comprising at least one item on a display module, displaying a first display screen showing a content of a first item on the display module when the first item is selected from the list, and... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110302517 - Learning method for a device for controlling home automation apparatuses in a building: The invention relates to a training method for a device for controlling home automation apparatuses in a building, said method including: a display screen on which each home automation apparatus is represented by any apparatus icon or, failing that, by an apparatus-type icon combined with an apparatus name, an information... Agent: Somfy Sas

20110302516 - Mobile design patterns: A mobile design pattern. In an example embodiment, the design pattern includes a first user interface display screen that depicts a list of user interface controls organized in rows. Each row in the list includes a different set of one or more controls. Each different set of one or more... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20110302519 - Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for accessibility via a touch-sensitive surface: An accessible electronic device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface: displays a first plurality of user-selectable objects; detects a finger contact on the touch-sensitive surface; detects movement of the finger contact across the touch sensitive surface to an activation region that corresponds to a first user-selectable object; while detecting... Agent:

20110302520 - Image reading apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product: An image reading apparatus includes a touch panel, a storage unit, and a control unit, wherein the control unit includes a screen displaying unit that displays, on the touch panel, a screen area containing a text input area, wherein user input is possible, and a keyboard displaying unit that displays,... Agent: Pfu Limited

20110302518 - Selecting alternate keyboard characters via motion input: In general, this disclosure describes techniques for selecting alternate keyboard characters via motion input provided by a user. One example method comprises displaying a graphical keyboard via a user interface and receiving, via the user interface, initial user input specifying a selection of a key on the graphical keyboard, wherein... Agent: Google Inc.

20110302521 - Related tasks and tasklets for search: Systems and methods are provided for performing tasks and related tasks. While a user is performing a task, a group of related tasks is presented. When a new task is selected, a new group of related tasks is provided. This allows a user to perform a series of tasks without... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110302523 - Method and apparatus for sharing user service classes: This disclosure describes a system in which individual employee records can be updated across multiple services by an administrator at the interface to a particular service. Multiple services may be provided with this capability. This will eliminate the need in the current art for a central directory that contains a... Agent: Mitel Networks Corporation

20110302522 - Sketching and searching application for idea generation: A sketching and searching application for idea generation is described. In an embodiment, a software application is described which has a user interface which comprises a sketching area. When a user draws or annotates a sketch in the application, the application automatically searches for images based on the sketch and... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110302524 - Progress indicators for loading content: Methods and apparatuses that automatically detect a stall of progress to download additional portion of a web page addressed by a resource address registered by a user of a browser are described. In response to the detection, whether a majority of usable content of the web page has been retrieved... Agent:

20110302525 - Method and apparatus for displaying message list in mobile terminal: A chat window type message list display method and a mobile terminal employing the method for displaying messages communicated with a messaging counterpart are provided. A message list display method for a mobile terminal according to the present invention includes loading, when a contact item that represents a messaging counterpart... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110302526 - Method and system for constructing business rules in a business software system using intelligent tiles: Methods and systems for constructing rules enable a simultaneous display of multiple windows on a display screen of a computer system. The multiple windows include a first window configured as a library and a second window configured as a canvas. Custom configuration of tiles in the library is enabled, and... Agent:

20110302527 - Adjustable and progressive mobile device street view: Intuitive and user-friendly user interface (UI) techniques are provided for navigating street view applications on a mobile device enabling users to view different angles and segments of available street level images. Additionally, retrieval and presentation of street view images are managed to mitigate delays in retrieval of desired images from... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110302529 - Display control apparatus, display control method, display control program, and recording medium storing the display control program: A display control apparatus includes an input unit configured to be operated to change the display state of a plurality of content items displayed on a display screen, a circling detector configured to detect a circling operation, detect the circling direction and number of revolutions thereof, and also determine an... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110302528 - Intelligent window sizing for graphical user interfaces: A device displays a drop down detection area. When the computing device detects the presence of a cursor hovering over the drop down detection area, the computing device displays a tiling navigator on the display, which includes multiple window resizing options for a user to select in order to resize... Agent:

20110302530 - Jump, checkmark, and strikethrough gestures: Techniques involving gestures and other functionality are described. In one or more implementations, the techniques describe gestures that are usable to provide inputs to a computing device. A variety of different gestures are contemplated, including an activate gesture, a fill gesture, a level gesture, a jump gesture, a checkmark gesture,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110302531 - Information providing apparatus and information providing method: A store server provides an online site for introducing content. The store server displays, on a user terminal, a screen on a hierarchical level that is lower than that of a currently-shown screen when a predetermined entry button is operated by a user and displays, on the user terminal, a... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20110302532 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating through a user interface using a dynamic object selection indicator: A device that is in communication with a display and a touch-sensitive surface sends instructions to the display for displaying at least a portion of a user interface, the user interface having one or more selectable objects. The device receives an input that corresponds to a first gesture detected on... Agent:

20110302533 - Operating device for an electric domestic appliance and operating method: An operating device for an electric domestic appliance has an operating panel with operating elements, wherein the operating elements are touch switches, which can be actuated by placing a finger on the operating panel or moving a finger over the operating panel. The operating device advantageously has a large touch... Agent: E.g.o. Elektro-ger&#xc4 Tebau Gmbh

20110302534 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a display unit for arranging and displaying the plurality of items in a guide region, the display unit enlarging a series of items included in a specified range specified in the guide region to a size larger than a size of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110302535 - Method for selection of an object in a virtual environment: e

20110302536 - User movement interpretation in computer generated reality: Technologies are generally described for a system for interpreting user movement in computer generated reality. In some examples, the system includes a user interface effective to generate movement data relating to movement of the user interface. In some examples, the system further includes a processor receive the movement data. In... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110302537 - Systems and methods for facilitating access to documents via a set of content selection tags: Systems and methods are provided to facilitate access to documents via a set of content selection tags. According to one embodiment, information is received from a content reader. For example, a content controller may receive information from a content reader via a Web site. A set of content selection tags... Agent:

20110302538 - System and method for distinguishing multimodal commands directed at a machine from ambient human communications: A method and system of distinguishing multimodal HCI from ambient human interactions using wake up commands is disclosed. In one embodiment, in a method of distinguishing multimodal HCI from ambient human interactions, a wake up command is detected by a computing system. The computing system is then woken up to... Agent:

12/01/2011 > 71 patent applications in 51 patent subcategories.

20110296287 - System and method for adaptive media playback based on destination: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and computer readable-media for adaptive media playback based on destination. The method for adaptive media playback comprises determining one or more destinations, collecting media content that is relevant to or describes the one or more destinations, assembling the media content into a program, and outputting... Agent: At & T Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.

20110296289 - Information processing device, content display method, and computer program: An apparatus includes a processing unit configured to determine, using a control application, a type of schema of a selected link. When the schema is of a first type, the control application causes processing associated with the selected link to be performed by a content display module. When the schema... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110296288 - Specifications automation system and method: A method of leveraging computer technology to guide the user to create, display, and edit architectural and engineering information in ways specific to the architect's or engineer's needs in specification development is provided. This is provided in software that allows the automatic creation and management of architectural and/or engineering workflows,... Agent:

20110296290 - Methods and systems of providing information to computer users: Methods and systems of providing information to computer users are described. In one embodiment, the methods and systems can provide a ranked list of favorite links. The list can be based upon the recency and frequency with which a user accesses items associated with the links. A most recently added... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110296291 - System and method for transforming documents for publishing electronically: The invention of the present invention is directed to a rules based engine for taking large numbers of documents and publishing them electronically using a rules based segmentation, linking and versioning engine. The invention is primarily concerned with the ability of the system to perform the following steps. Receive a... Agent:

20110296294 - Advertising and mobile site builder: A content builder creates content for a layered panel on a web page, using pre-configured templates as building blocks for the content. The layered panel is created using a template wherein the template is selected from a plurality of templates and the layered panel created is a micro-website, or content... Agent:

20110296295 - Apparatus and method of viewing electronic documents: A method of generating an e-book document comprises representing some or all of a page of an electronic document as a graphic textures sequence derived from the document page. The sequence comprises successively smaller graphic textures, arranging them to form a first mip-map suitable for use by 3D graphics hardware,... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited

20110296292 - Efficient application-neutral vector documents: One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for generating application-neutral vector documents that provide for improved performance. A first glyph run for rendering a first portion of an application-neutral vector document is received, and assigned to a first set, based on its rendering characteristics. A second glyph run for... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110296293 - End user viewable web element: A user viewable web page element is placed in an unused screen area in a browser. According to one embodiment, the user viewable element is a layered panel in an HTML web page and is displayed on an edge of the web page. The panel is activated by an embedded... Agent:

20110296296 - System and methods for displaying user modifiable server-rendered images: A system and method permits design of customized items on a client device using a web page. The client device receives a web page from a web server that includes, among other things, a design document encoding graphic elements that completely characterize a design image. The client device receives edits... Agent: Vistaprint Technologies Limited

20110296297 - Display device, display method, and computer-readable non-transitory recording medium encoded with display program: A display device displaying presentation data including a plurality of pages includes: a presentation data reception portion to receive the presentation data from a presenter device; a page number reception portion to receive from the presenter device a page number of a page displayed by the presenter device among a... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110296298 - Providing a quote template in a multi-tenant database system environment: In a method, system, and computer-readable medium having instructions for providing a quote template in a multi-tenant database system, information on a selection of a first database object is received for use in creation of a document template, representations for one or more database fields related to the first database... Agent:, Inc.

20110296299 - Concurrent utilization of a document by multiple threads: A computing system concurrently executes a builder thread and a reader thread. The builder thread modifies a document by modifying an active representation of the document. The reader thread perform operations regarding the document using a non-active representation of the document. The active representation of the document and the non-active... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110296300 - Concurrent editing of a document by multiple clients: A first computing device opens a local copy of a document. The first computing device updates the local copy of the document to reflect a remote change. The remote change is a change made to a remote copy of the document by a user of a second computing device. The... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110296301 - Document processing apparatus, document processing method, and program: In a system for displaying, in a text to which only one font can be designated, a character that cannot be output in the font designated in the text in an alternative font, the whole text is changed to the alternative font, so that a rendering result on the display... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110296302 - System and method for advertising on computing devices: This specification generally relates to systems and methods for advertising on computing devices, wherein an arbitrary application installed on the device can be advertising-enabled with specially designed device side components capable of detecting certain application events, requesting an advertisement, displaying it, and reporting on the user's reaction to the advertisement,... Agent:

20110296303 - Replicating recorded actions across computer systems in a collaborative environment: A first computer system in a collaborative environment receives a plurality of indications of actions executed on content of a second computer system in the collaborative environment. A mapping between the content of the second computer system and corresponding content of the first computer system is determined. A subset of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110296304 - Adaptive gesture tutorial: A system and a method are disclosed for determining and presenting a gesture tutorial comprising audio and/or video presentation on a gesture that is not frequently used by the user. To determine a tutorial, the system determines the user's gesture repertoire comprising information about gestures already learned by the user,... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20110296305 - Methods and apparatus for media management: Methods and apparatus are provided for matching media files stored in a media player device to media files stored in a computing device. In one embodiment, a method includes scanning a media player device for one or more media files, detecting an identifier associated with each media file stored on... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110296306 - Methods and systems for personal support assistance: The various embodiments disclosed herein relate to network-based personal support systems and related methods. The systems and methods relate to providing support to a user through various types of interactions between the user and a personal support unit. The systems and methods can also relate to collecting and analyzing data... Agent: Allina Hospitals & Clinics

20110296307 - Object selecting apparatus, object selecting program, integrated circuit used for the object selecting apparatus, and object selecting method: In an object selecting apparatus for allowing a user to select an object in a video image: when the object sought to be selected by the user moves, the user selects the desired object intuitively and without feeling uncomfortable; an input operation from the user is received and anticipated paths... Agent:

20110296308 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: According to an embodiment of the present invention, a mobile teriiiinal includes a display unit configured to display at least one display data, a communication unit configured to exchange the at least one display data externally, and a controller configured to establish a data path to an external display device... Agent:

20110296309 - User interface generation with scoring: A system assists in user interface generation by using scoring and providing viable component options to a developer. The system receives a new user interface that comprises a plurality of components and compares the new user interface against a plurality of repository benchmark user interfaces. The system then determines a... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20110296310 - Determining whether a composite configuration item satisfies a compliance rule: At least one selection relating to at least one element of a compliance rule is received through a user interface. The compliance rule is for a composite configuration item that has a collection of configuration items that are related to each other. Each of the configuration items represents a configuration... Agent:

20110296311 - Identification system for network data processing systems: A method, data processing system, and computer program product for identifying network data processing systems. A first number of attributes for a network data processing system are identified by a processor unit. A second number of attributes for a number of potential network data processing systems are identified by the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110296312 - User interface for managing communication sessions: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for displaying a user interface for managing communication sessions on a communication device. A system configured to practice the method displays, on a first side portion of the user interface, a first set of user-configurable communication information. The system displays,... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20110296314 - Extracting training scenarios from test cases for user-interface component recognition: In one embodiment, a method includes accessing a set of use cases of a software application and selecting, from the set of use cases, a subset of use cases that has a goodness-to-cost ratio that satisfies a predetermined requirement. Computing the goodness-to-cost ratio for the subset of use cases includes:... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110296313 - Translating input from devices to appropriate rui commands: A method for mapping input from input devices used for controlling a device to appropriate Remote User Interface (RUI) commands to be transmitted to an RUI server for controlling the device is described herein. An intelligent mapping of commands to exchange input button and feature information between an RUI client... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110296315 - Method and system for transferring content from the web to mobile devices: A web page architecture is provided for enabling a user browse a web page and identify items of multimedia media content that the user desires to deliver to his mobile device. The delivery mechanism to transmit such content on the user's mobile device may be either through push messaging and... Agent: Oomble, Inc.

20110296316 - Managing an electronic mail in a communication network: A method, a system and a computer program product for managing an electronic mail in a communication network is disclosed. A plurality of recursive parameters in a command list of a communication protocol associated with the electronic mail is provided. At least one of the recursive parameters is a DATA... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110296317 - Method enabling collaborative editing of object in content data, computer system, and computer program product: A program product and a method with which a server computer enables an object in content data to be edited collaboratively. The server computer is connectable through a network to a first client computer associated with a first user and a second client computer associated with a second user. In... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110296319 - Graphical interactive interface for immersive online communities: The present invention discloses a computer system within a computer network having multiple computers connected together using telecommunications mechanisms for graphically interacting within immersive online communities. A user selects a set of desired characteristics associated with a personality for creation of a first intelligent virtual object. The first intelligent virtual... Agent: Numedeon, Inc.

20110296318 - Virtual reality space provision system, virtual reality space provision method and program: A main processing unit in a virtual reality space provision system builds a virtual reality space online. An action evaluation unit evaluates an action of a user participating in the virtual reality space by use of an avatar. A point allocation unit allocates a point to the user to be... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20110296320 - Mobile terminal and group chat controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and group chat controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which a chat content transceived in an performed group chat after a join-impossible state can be received in the course of performing the group chat if impossible to join the group chat. The present invention includes performing a... Agent:

20110296321 - Automated report generation system and method: A computer implemented system and method in a client-server environment, is provided for document research, aggregation, and compilation. The system and method includes a server having a search module configured to generate a search interface displayable to a client communicably coupled to the server, and responsive to instructions received via... Agent:

20110296322 - Markup based extensibility for user interfaces: Methods, systems, and computer products are provided for exposing the programming of an application user interface to allow modification of the associated user interface to include adding, removing, disabling, enabling and repurposing new or existing user interface components.... Agent:

20110296323 - Web page management method and apparatus and storage medium thereof: A web page management method and apparatus are provided in which a selection signal is received for a plurality of web pages, and identification information is received. The plurality of web pages are grouped and managed based on the identification information.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110296324 - Avatars reflecting user states: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for creating and using customized avatar instances to reflect current user states are disclosed. In various implementations, the user states can be defined using trigger events based on user-entered textual data, emoticons, or states of the device being used. For each user state, a customized... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110296326 - Method and apparatus for image acquisition, organization, manipulation, and publication: To better realize the great potential of amateur digital photography, the present invention introduces an integrated system for the acquisition, organization, manipulation, and publication of digital images by amateur digital photography enthusiasts. The system of the present invention first acquires images from a number of different image sources. Images acquired... Agent:

20110296325 - Method and apparatus for user interface display: A device and methods are provided for operating a computing device to display a user interface for an application. In one embodiment a method includes executing code of an application program stored in the memory to display a user interface on the computing device, and detecting a display command in... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110296327 - Display apparatus and display method thereof: A display apparatus and display method are provided. The display apparatus includes an image receiving unit which receives a 2D or 3D image, an image outputting unit which displays the 2D or 3D image received through the image receiving unit, an OSD processing unit which generates an OSD picture overlapped... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110296328 - Display method and information processing apparatus: A display method executed by an information processing apparatus having an operating section, a display section, and a control section exercising display control over the display section, wherein a folder having a plurality of objects stored therein includes: displaying a folder icon representing the folder on the display section; and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110296329 - Electronic apparatus and display control method: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a first touch screen display, a second touch screen display, a detector and a moving module. The detector is configured to detect a touch operation, which indicates a moving direction of a first object displayed on the first touch screen display. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110296331 - Generation of a best-fit rigged body model: A best-fit rigged body model can be generated for a user based on body measurements provided by the user. Existing, and already known, rigged body models can be filtered, such as via a Principal Component Analysis to eliminate body models that are very similar in a measurement space whose dimensions... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110296330 - Method and apparatus for providing industrial plant information: The apparatus comprises a display module configured for setting, displaying, and removing marks in a distributed control system and an asset management system of the industrial plant; a mark definition module configured for defining attributes of a plurality of marks including a first mark and a second mark; and a... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20110296332 - Systems and methods for managing staging and choreography: Systems and methods for managing choreography in a simple and efficient manner are disclosed. The disclosed systems and methods allow a user, such as a choreographer, director, or producer, to document the movement of each performer in a performance or other choreography. Choreography of each performer can be documented in... Agent:

20110296333 - User interaction gestures with virtual keyboard: A method and device are described that provides for operating system independent gestures and a virtual keyboard in a dual screen device.... Agent:

20110296335 - Method for automatically creating book definitions: Book definitions can be dynamically created based on content provided by a user. Such dynamic creation can include organization of user-supplied content into appropriate form, adjustment of book cover properties to match the user-supplied content, and verification that the user supplied content is appropriate for presentation in book form. Various... Agent: Making Everlasting Memories, LLC

20110296334 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the mobile terminal: A mobile terminal includes a display module displaying an electronic document screen showing at least one full page among a plurality of pages of an electronic document, and the display module receives a first input for setting a number of pages to be turned among the plurality of pages. The... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110296336 - Side tab navigation and page views personalization systems and methods: Systems and methods for displaying tab elements representing viewable page elements. A set of one or more main tabs are displayed on a first portion of a display, each main tab defining a link to a database object stored in a database. A user selection of a first one of... Agent:,inc.

20110296337 - Methods and apparatuses to control application programs: Methods and apparatuses for controlling application programs arc described. A first item and a docking interface having a second item are displayed on a screen space. A selection of the first item is received. A proxy of the first item is positioned over the second item. Next, a window is... Agent:

20110296338 - System and method for cross-domain communications for web browsers: A system and method for cross-domain communications for web browsers are provided. A local computer system operated by a user executes a web browser in communication with a first domain and a second domain. A first frame in the web browser is associated with the first domain, a second frame... Agent:

20110296339 - Electronic device and method of controlling the same: An electronic device having a display; a communication unit configured to communicate with a plurality of external electronic devices on a network; and a controller configured to cause displaying of a graphical user interface (GUI) on the display, the GUI having a plurality of areas, activate the GUI responsive to... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110296340 - In-vehicle input system: An in-vehicle input system includes: a display device for displaying screen images having selection items; a selection operation device for moving a cursor from a first selection item to a second selection item to select and input the second selection item; a first image switching device for switching from a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110296341 - Method and system for organizing and displaying data: A method and system are provided for a user interface. The system can include a plurality of information categories and option nodes organized into a hierarchy. A plurality of menu columns can be contained within a window. The menu columns can each be configured to display a portion of the... Agent: Laas & Sonder Pty Ltd

20110296342 - Translating overlapping states into representative states: A computer application program can comprise multiple overlapping states associated with functionality or components of the application program. Simultaneous output of all such states can be impractical. Representative states can be defined in terms of the statuses of individual states relevant to a particular representative state. Additionally, representative states can... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110296343 - Method for swapping display contents between multiple screens: A method for swapping display contents between a first and a second screen. The first screen is a primary screen. A window is displayed on one of the first and the second screen. The method includes: calculating a window movement distance according to a relative position between the first and... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20110296344 - Apparatus and method for digital content navigation: An electronic device includes a processor, a memory for storing digital content and a display. The processor forms a content navigation bar for the digital content. The content navigation bar is rendered on the display and includes a first section marker corresponding to a first section of the digital content.... Agent: Kno, Inc.

20110296346 - Action tool bar for mobile applications: According to one embodiment, a computer-implemented method for dynamically providing a tool bar in a user interface is provided. The method includes determining at least one action that is commonly performed based on data displayed on a current page of a graphical user interface of a communications device, creating a... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20110296345 - Technique for determining and indicating strength of an item in a weighted list based on tagging: A weighted list may be visually shown on a website, e.g., as a tag cloud, object cloud, etc. The font size of each item in the weighted list indicates its strength relative to the other items in the same. The strength of a weighted list item is determined based at... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20110296348 - Fast geometry-based list-entry selection providing associated data retrieval for use in hand-held and other devices: A method for selecting an entry from a list of entries on an electronic device is described. The method includes a displaying at least a portion of a list of entries along with a plurality of distinct, non-overlapping groups of text characters, the groups displayed in a geometric pattern. Additional... Agent:

20110296347 - Text entry techniques: Techniques for entering text are provided. In a particular implementation, a first input control is assigned to a particular group of text characters of a plurality of groups of text characters and a second input control is assigned to a particular text character based on user input. A user interface... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110296349 - Recent contacts and items: The present invention provides a method and system of displaying items that gives the user the ability to easily access recently accessed items. The recent items list includes both incoming and outgoing correspondences that are attempted to be matched to the corresponding contact stored in the device. The user can... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110296350 - Apparatus and method of data organisation: A method of organising data items in an n-dimensional space comprises, for each of a plurality of iterations, the step of generating a relative displacement of position for each data item within the n-dimensional space in accordance with a similarity value between each data item and respective other data items,... Agent: Sony United Kingdom Limited

20110296351 - User interface with z-axis interaction and multiple stacks: A user interface presents a plurality of items configured as a stack in a display of a device. The stack is scrollable in a direction oblique to a plane of the display for successively viewing the items in the stack. Some implementations provide multiple stacks of items laterally navigable into... Agent: T-mobile Usa, Inc.

20110296352 - Active calibration of a natural user interface: A system and method are disclosed for periodically calibrating a user interface in a NUI system by performing periodic active calibration events. The system includes a capture device for capturing position data relating to objects in a field of view of the capture device, a display and a computing environment... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110296353 - Method and system implementing user-centric gesture control: A user-centric method and system to identify user-made gestures to control a remote device images the user using a three-dimensional image system, and defines at least one user-centric three-dimensional detection zone dynamically sized appropriately for the user, who is free to move about. Images made within the detection zone are... Agent: Canesta, Inc.

20110296354 - Content-driven navigation: Solutions for providing intuitive, content-driven navigation through communications and multimedia services offered through, e.g., a user supersystem as a communications hub. For example, in some implementations, various data flows are traversed to move between applications according to interactions with content on those screens, rather than by using icons. In some... Agent: Qwest Communications International Inc.

20110296357 - Method for providing a user interface using three-dimensional gestures and an apparatus using the same: Provided is a method capable of making various modifications to widgets, graphic objects, or images, which are displayed on a display device, according to motions of a plurality of input units such as finger or stylus pen, with the use of a three-dimensional multi-sensor configured to detect the motions of... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110296355 - Techniques for self adjusting kiosk display information: Techniques for self adjusting kiosk display information are provided. Presentation information is centered within a display of the kiosk. A center location for the presentation information is custom recalibrated within the display based on direction of a user.... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20110296356 - Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image: A device with a touch-sensitive display may be unlocked via gestures performed on the touch-sensitive display. The device is unlocked if contact with the display corresponds to a predefined gesture for unlocking the device. The device displays one or more unlock images with respect to which the predefined gesture is... Agent:

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