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Data processing: presentation processing of document September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 68 patent applications in 49 patent subcategories. class, title,number

20110239100 - Inspection information processing apparatus and method: an inspection sheet creation unit which sets, on a portable information processing apparatus, an inspection image and an inspection result corresponding to the inspection target, and sets the drawing information contained in the inspection data received by the inspection data input unit to a predetermined output template, to thereby create... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110239099 - System and method for video poetry using text based related media: There is provided a system and method for creating video poetry using text based related media. There is provided a method for creating a video poetry media, the method comprising receiving an ordered list of text phrases selected from a defined plurality of text phrases, presenting a plurality of video... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20110239101 - Enabling electronic documents for limited-capability computing devices: System(s), method(s), and/or techniques (“tools”) are described that enable electronic document functionality for a limited-capability computing device. The tools may enable a computing device with limited display capabilities to present and enable navigation through nested items or hierarchical view levels of an electronic document. The tools may also build renderable... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239102 - Document processing apparatus, document processing method and storage medium storing document processing program: A document processing apparatus has an attachment unit and a storage. The attachment unit attaches a comment to an electronic document as additional information. The comment relates to a modification of the electronic document. The storage associates the comment with modified place information and stores them. The modified place information... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110239103 - Detecting virality paths and supporting referral monetization: A content embedding system allows publishers to expose and deliver embeddable content in a way that a referral path of the content can be traced to determine what steps led the content to the site(s) on which the content is hosted. Content typically makes its way across the Internet in... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239104 - Facilitating automated validation of a web application: In one embodiment, a method includes accessing one or more document object model (DOM) representations of one or more pages of a Web application that comprises one or more instances of a web-application artifact. For each of one or more of the instances, the method also includes identifying a first... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110239106 - Sequential layout builder: Layout processing techniques have been described that allow processing of structured documents to be conducted, and for associated layout to be accomplished in a sequential manner. The layout process is split into multiple, smaller steps that can be executed sequentially. In at least some embodiments, a layout builder is utilized... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239105 - Sequential layout builder architecture: Layout processing techniques have been described that allow processing of structured documents to be conducted, and for associated layout to be accomplished in a sequential manner. The layout process is split into multiple, smaller steps that can be executed sequentially. In at least some embodiments, a layout builder is utilized... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239107 - Transcript editor: A transcript editor enables text-based editing of time-based media that includes spoken dialog. It involves an augmented transcript that includes timing metadata that associates words and phrases within the transcript with corresponding temporal locations within the time-based media where the text is spoken, and editing the augmented transcript without the... Agent:

20110239108 - Configurable dynamic combination of html resources for download optimization in script based web page: One embodiment may be practiced computing environment including a web page server. The embodiment includes a method of optimizing delivering of web page content resources. The method includes referencing script source code to identify a web page content resource to be delivered to a web page client. A configuration file... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239109 - Methods and apparatus to display process data: Example methods and apparatus to display process data are disclosed. A disclosed example method includes receiving a request to view process data via a web browser, identifying a server that stores the process data, wherein the server receives the process data from a process control system, retrieving the process data... Agent:

20110239110 - Method and system for selecting content using a touchscreen: Systems and methods allow a user to select a subset of displayed content using a touch screen. A user can touch the screen at or near a portion of the displayed content that the user would like to select. The touch module can display the selection of the selected portion... Agent: Google Inc.

20110239111 - Spell checker interface: The system also allows for spelling and/or grammar checking of multiple documents at the same time. Checking of multiple documents is accomplished by a user interface that can check multiple documents serially or in parallel. This provides a robust mechanism for managing spelling and grammar checking of directories of documents... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20110239112 - Computer readable storage medium having input program stored therein, system, and input method: A game apparatus, when receiving an input of an input character by a user, obtains and displays option character strings corresponding to the input character. The option character strings displayed here are option character strings that are connectable to a word preceding the input character. Displayed as the option character... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20110239113 - Systems and methods for redacting sensitive data entries: Embodiments of the invention relate to systems and methods for redacting sensitive data entries. A command to a document is received, where the document comprises data entries, wherein each data entry comprises text-based content. One or more sensitive data entries in the document are identified. A link between each identified... Agent:

20110239114 - Apparatus and method for unified experience across different devices: Improved techniques for interacting with media content so as to provide a unified experience of media content across different devices are disclosed. A media content may be displayed on first display of the first device. A status of the media content may be communicated from the first device to a... Agent:

20110239115 - Selecting an avatar on a display screen of a mobile device: Disclosed are techniques that allow the user of a mobile device to select an avatar within a virtual world presented on the display screen of the mobile device. In some embodiments, a user manipulates a thumbwheel. As the thumbwheel is turned, the avatars on the display screen are highlighted one... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110239116 - Electric vehicle charging stations with touch screen user interface: Disclosed herein are representative embodiments of methods, apparatus, and systems for using and operating electric vehicle charging stations (“EVCSs”) or electric vehicle supply equipment (“EVSE”) having a touch screen. The touch screen display device can be used, for example, to facilitate user interface with the EVCS/EVSE. The touch screen display... Agent: Optimization Technologies, Inc.

20110239117 - Natural user interaction in shared resource computing environment: Sharing and exchanging information in a Shared Resource Computing (SRC) environment are disclosed. Example systems include a shared resource computing server and a plurality of peripheral devices. The SRC server may include functionality configured to share and exchange information between the peripheral devices, including functionality to determine the physical position... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239118 - Gesture input device, gesture input method, and program: There is provided a gesture input device including an input unit to which at least one of image information and voice information representing a user's action is input, a detection unit that detects the user's action based on the input at least one of the image information and the voice... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110239119 - Spot dialog editor: Automated methods are used to augment an original script of a time-based media program that contains speech with timing metadata and an indication of a confidence level with which script portions are matched with the speech in the program audio track. An editor uses a spot dialog editor tool to... Agent:

20110239121 - Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and computer readable medium storing information processing program: The present invention provides an information processing apparatus including: an acquisition section that acquires first display content information indicating display content being displayed at a display section of a device used by a user, and user information indicating the user that displayed the display content at the display section; a... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110239120 - On-demand feature server activation in the cloud: A feature activation system provides a mixed computing environment that includes a server and cloud computing. The hybrid model splits the execution of a communication feature between the cloud and the enterprise server installed at or with the enterprise. Service activation is linked to a portal that can communicate with... Agent: Avaya, Inc.

20110239122 - Sharing of information associated with events: Techniques are provided that allow users to collaborate in relationship to data views, application displays, applications or events. A user can type in a text view related to a specific view in an application display, and the information is shared with other users that take part in sharing that view.... Agent:

20110239123 - Multifunction apparatus and multifunction apparatus control system: A multifunction apparatus 21 includes: a web browser section 5; a second web server section 8; and a setting information database 6 for storing Cookie information which is transmitted from a first web server section 53 of an information processing apparatus 51 to the web browser section 5. The web... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110239124 - Multi-functional peripheral and multi-functional peripheral control system: A multi-functional peripheral 21 according to this invention operates in accordance with a web browser software, and includes: a web browser section 5 configured to store cookie information received from a web server section 53 into a setting information database 6; and an apparatus control section 7 configured to manage... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110239125 - Using multiple display servers to protect data: A first display server and a second display server execute on a processing device. The first display server provides a secure environment for data presented in first application windows of the first display server and the second display server provides an unsecure environment for data presented in second application windows... Agent:

20110239126 - Workflow-based session management: Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods that provide a workflow-based session manager or workflow engine for a content delivery system, such as for delivering video-on-demand, streaming audio, streaming video, etc. Such techniques increase velocity and flexibility of deploying new features and services in a video delivery system. Techniques include... Agent:

20110239127 - Customizing system and method for converting desktop application into web application: The present invention provides a customizing system and a customizing method for converting a desktop application into a web application. A required processing logic may be added by locating an interface element which is needed to be modified, and modifying a callback function of the interface element (interface description data),... Agent: Nec (china) Co., Ltd.

20110239128 - Data transmission method and data transmission system: The present invention relates to a data transmission method and system. The system includes a connection module for setting up a transmission path between a computer end and a device end, a display unit, a capture unit disposed at the device end for capturing an image of the screen including... Agent: Inventec Appliances Corp.

20110239129 - Systems and methods for collaborative interaction: A method for allowing multiple users to interact utilising a common user interface, the method comprising the steps of: for each user, receiving input data from said user and displaying said input in a user interface portion associated with the user, and, on receiving an instruction from the user, transferring... Agent:

20110239130 - Method, system and computer program product for conducting formal debates: A method, system and computer program product include a plurality of clients in communication with a network enabling bidirectional communication between the clients. Each of the clients includes a client application for enabling users to issue a request for engaging in a selected formal debate. Users are enabled to issue... Agent:

20110239131 - Real time sharing of user updates: Techniques for sharing user updates in real time are disclosed. A user can type in a text view related to a specific view and that text can be shared with other users that take part in sharing of that view. Other users can specify interest in user application events and... Agent:

20110239132 - Systems and methods for webpage creation and updating: A method is closed for providing a private website for communications among a group of users. The method includes hosting a private website by one or more computer server, providing a user interface accessible to a first user who is the owner of the private website, allowing the first user... Agent:

20110239133 - Shared resource computing collaboration sessions management: The administration of a shared resource computing environment involves the establishment of direct input/output (I/O) connections between a plurality user interfaces and a single computing device. Each of the user interfaces provides a corresponding computer user with access to the single computing device. One or more desktop sessions are launched... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239134 - Systems and methods for collaboration: In some embodiments, the disclosed systems and methods provide a client-server infrastructure capable of supporting a variety of asynchronous and synchronous collaboration activities in a so-called collaboration place. Some of these activities include chatting, viewing and/or editing one or more data files, and sharing one or more applications, data files,... Agent: Open Text Corporation

20110239135 - Systems and methods for collaboration: In some embodiments, the disclosed systems and methods provide a client-server infrastructure capable of supporting a variety of asynchronous and synchronous collaboration activities in a so-called collaboration place. Some of these activities include chatting, viewing and/or editing one or more data files, and sharing one or more applications, data files,... Agent: Open Text Corporation

20110239136 - Instantiating widgets into a virtual social venue: A method and social media platform are provided for hosting social media. A virtual social venue is provided comprising a virtual three-dimensional representation of a structure and a virtual representation of a screen, billboard, window, or other viewing surface within the structure. The viewing surface is operable to host, run... Agent: Oddmobb, Inc.

20110239137 - Mood-based organization and display of instant messenger buddy lists: A mood state may be modeled using mood information for a content selection (e.g., a digitally-encoded song) and/or by using mood information determined by how a user is interacting with a media player. For example, a playlist engine on a host may determine that a particular song is associated with... Agent: Aol Inc.

20110239140 - Desktop widgets for presentation in a layer: A user-activatable dashboard (also referred to as a unified interest layer) contains any number of user interface elements, referred to herein as “widgets,” for quick access by a user. In response to a command from a user, the dashboard is invoked and the widgets are shown on the screen. The... Agent:

20110239139 - Remote control apparatus using menu markup language: Provided is a remote control apparatus using a menu markup language, which arranges, within an area, a virtual menu map for controlling electronic devices from menu map information that is defined by a menu markup language (MenuXml) having an extensible markup language (XML) format, extracts control information corresponding to motion... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110239138 - Tracking navigation flows within the same browser tab: Various embodiments enable navigation flows that occur within a single tab to be tracked through the use of identifiers that are created and passed between client-side and server-side software. The client-side and server-side software work in concert to utilize these identifiers to track navigation within a particular tab. In at... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239141 - Method, apparatus and system for identifying gui element: Here is disclosed a method, an apparatus and a system for identifying a Graphical User Interface (GUI) element. According to an aspect of the present invention, a method of generating a GUI element identification information comprises: displaying a GUI which includes a target GUI element; analyzing the displayed GUI, to... Agent: Nec (china) Co., Ltd.

20110239142 - Method and apparatus for providing content over multiple displays: An approach is presented for providing content over multiple displays. A display manager causes, at least in part, presentation of a first content on a first display. The display manager then receives an input for activating one or more second displays. The display manager selects a second content based, at... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110239143 - Modifying avatar attributes: Techniques are disclosed herein for changing a user's avatar attributes based on information that is pertinent to the user and that comes from a variety of sources. The user's electronic device may contain a multitude of information about the user, their lifestyle, their current mood, etc. Embodiments provide an application... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239144 - Custom user interface presentation: The present disclosure relates to the generation of distinctive presentations of an interface for different devices. In this manner, the interface is presented differently on different devices. In one embodiment, the interface is customized based upon a unique sequence or identifier associated with each electronic device such that the interface... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110239145 - Mobile terminal and icon control method for the same: A mobile terminal and an icon control method for the same are provided. The icon control method includes detecting a selection event in relation to displayed icons, determining, when the selection event is detected, a number of icons mapped to a zone in which the selection event is detected, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110239146 - Automatic event generation: A text input is received in a calendar context. The text input is processed with a context-neutral extraction process to generate a first set of elements and with a calendar-specific extraction process to generate a second set of elements. A calendar event is created from the first set of elements... Agent:

20110239147 - Digital apparatus and method for providing a user interface to produce contents: A digital apparatus that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for producing contents is provided. The digital apparatus may provide multiple screens, for example, a first GUI screen, a second GUI screen, and a third GUI screen. The first GUI screen may be used for setting at least one background... Agent:

20110239148 - Method and apparatus for indicating historical analysis chronicle information: An apparatus, comprising a processor, memory including computer program code, the memory and the computer program code configured to, working with the processor, cause the apparatus to perform at least the following: receiving historical analysis chronicle information associated with an analysis criteria, the analysis criteria being associated with a plurality... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110239149 - Timeline control: Timeline control techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a timeline is displayed that is divided into a plurality of intervals, each of which corresponds to a respective period of time. Responsive to selection of one of the plurality of intervals, a control is displayed within the selected interval... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239150 - Method for controlling a software direction pad of an electronic device, electronic device and computer-readable medium thereof: A method for controlling a software direction pad of an electronic device, configured to display a software keyboard and an editing area, includes the following steps: displaying the software direction pad in response to a start input, wherein the software direction pad is used for moving a cursor on the... Agent:

20110239151 - System for preparing a patent application: A method of preparing a patent application by running a software macro to present a Tool bar to display options including Setup and Number Claims and Build Description and Build Intro Sections for duplicating the claims into the description section for dividing selected claims into portions preceding and following a... Agent:

20110239152 - Direction-based data entry system: A direction-based data entry system displays a field having an initial value and a field location. When the user selects the field, the direction-based data entry system enters a data entry mode in which an auxiliary data entry tool is not displayed. To enter a new value for the field,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239155 - Gestures for controlling, manipulating, and editing of media files using touch sensitive devices: Embodiments of the invention are directed to a system, method, and software for implementing gestures with touch sensitive devices (such as a touch sensitive display) for managing and editing media files on a computing device or system. Specifically, gestural inputs of a human hand over a touch/proximity sensitive device can... Agent:

20110239153 - Pointer tool with touch-enabled precise placement: A pointer tool in a touch-screen display is disclosed. The method includes activating a pointer tool in a touch screen display in response to contact with an area of the touch screen and persisting the displaying of the pointer tool in the touch screen display after the contact with the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239154 - Scrolling behavior-influenced algorithm selection to facilitate adaptive scrolling: Methods, apparatuses, and articles for receiving one or more input factors associated with scrolling behavior of a user are described herein. Based on the received one or more input factors, at least one of (1) a tunable scrolling algorithm and (2) one or more non-linear scrolling algorithms of a plurality... Agent: Varia Holdings LLC

20110239157 - Multi-display electric devices and operation methods thereof: Multi-display electric devices and operation methods thereof are provided. The operation method is applicable to a multi-display electronic device including a screen, a touch-sensitive screen, and a processing module. A window is displayed in the screen, and a thumbnail corresponding to the window is displayed in the touch-sensitive screen by... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20110239156 - Touch-sensitive electric apparatus and window operation method thereof: Touch-sensitive electric devices and window operation methods thereof are provided. The window operation method is applicable to an electronic device including a touch-sensitive screen, a storage unit and a processing module. The window operating method includes the following steps of: storing a touch-control database including a touch-control event in the... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20110239158 - Method and apparatus for providing soft reminders: An approach is provided for presenting soft reminders (e.g., reminders for notes with no triggering criteria). A reminder manager receives an input, from a user, for specifying a note. The note is not associated with triggering criteria. In response to the request, the reminder manager retrieves contextual information from a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110239160 - Apparatus and method for detecting messages in a parsing process: The subject matter discloses a method of handling messages received to an email client of a computerized device, the method comprises detecting the received message, said message is generated by a machine in a structured format; identifying the detected message to be conformant to a structured template related to a... Agent: Mobilmate Ltd.

20110239159 - Method and apparatus for selection of default media based on media size in an image production device: A method and apparatus for selection of default media based on media size in an image production device is disclosed. The method may include receiving a request to display a printer user interface, displaying the printer user interface, the printer user interface having selections to enable a user to select... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110239161 - Method and device for displaying information, in particular in a vehicle: In a method for displaying information, in particular in a vehicle, a list of multiple graphic objects is graphically represented on a display, a display area of the display being associated with each represented graphic object and the objects being selectable for executing a function. Prior to the selection of... Agent: Volkswagen Ag

20110239162 - Image display device and computer-readable storage medium storing a display control program: A multifunction peripheral is provided with a thumbnail image generation instruction receiving section that receives an instruction to generate a thumbnail image of a page designated by an operator, a thumbnail image generating section that generates thumbnail images of pages constituting image data, a display controller that causes the display... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20110239163 - Display screen control method, graphical user interface, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a tree structure generation unit that generates a tree structure in which a leaf node represents content data associated with position information, serving as metadata, representing a location of a feature space defined based on a predetermined feature quantity, and a set... Agent:

20110239164 - Breadcrumb navigation through heirarchical structures: A viewer may be used to navigate through diagrammatic views of hierarchically structured documents. Expansion and collapse controls may be used to show or hide details regarding a particular node in the hierarchy. Furthermore breadcrumb navigation may be employed to show and hide details regarding the ancestral chain for a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110239165 - System and method for using a cursor to convey information: Methods and systems are provided for the controlled cursor's behavior. According to one example method, any desired data may be linked to a cursor and a desired cursor behavior could be defined to convey the linked data using the cursor. When a change in the linked data is detected, the... Agent: Trading Technologies International Inc.

20110239166 - Method and system for controlling functions in a mobile device by multi-inputs: A method and system for providing control functions in a mobile device according to modes of inputs are provided. The method includes receiving a proximity signal via a sensing module, detecting a touch signal via a touch screen while the proximity signal is being retained, and executing a function set... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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