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Data processing: presentation processing of document July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110185269 - Audio/visual editing tool: Analyzing data sequences, such as video and audio segments, and extracting metadata from the data sequences for providing information related to events of the data sequences. The metadata extracted is used for making editing decisions, such as for an audio-visual production comprised of a collection of video and audio segments.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185270 - Dynamically manipulating content to force web browsers to open more connections: A system may identify a group of first links in a document, where the first links correspond to a group of objects within the document and are associated with a same identifier. The system may replace the first links in the document with second links that point to a number... Agent: Juniper Networks, Inc.

20110185272 - Computer method and apparatus for creating sketch geometry: A sketch tool for CAD systems extends geometric templates. A markup type language file (e.g., XML file) is used to define an additional basic geometric shape. The file schema also enables definition of constraints and drag points of the subject shape.... Agent:

20110185275 - Device and method for updating structured information: Disclosed is a device and method of updating Structured Information (SI). The device and the method may define a standard for updating SI based on information described in Presentation Information (PI) and may update the SI based on the defined standard.... Agent: Net & Tv Inc.

20110185274 - Mark-up language engine: The invention relates to a mark-up language engine which is intermediate software for automation of data processing for data having a mark-up language structure. More particularly, the invention is related to extensible Markup Language (XML) and XML-based languages. The engine according to the invention uses a tree-based structure that uses... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20110185271 - Marking documents with executable text for processing by computing systems: Techniques for processing documents with executable text are disclosed. The techniques, among other things, can effectively address XSS attacks to Internet users when browsing web sites. Content deemed not to be trusted or fully trusted (“untrusted”) can be marked in a document that can include executable text. Remedial action, including... Agent:

20110185273 - System and method for extracting content elements from multiple internet sources: A system for automatically extracting data from at least one electronic document accessible through the Internet or other computer network. The system records a sequence of actions operable to electronically navigate to a target page of the electronic document, the target page including a plurality of elements each having contents... Agent:

20110185277 - Smart space insertion: A system and method for inserting space is described. A user may designate content to be inserted into a document and have the system insert space to accommodate the new content. The system and method permit some content to overlie other content as may be intended by a user.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185276 - Text output method and apparatus: A text output method and apparatus are provided. The text output method includes outputting characters in horizontal lines on a screen, and the outputting the characters includes outputting the characters by performing line breaking in a lower-to-upper direction.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110185279 - Methods and systems for requesting and delivering melody messages: A method for requesting and creating a personalized message by selecting a song clip, entering a recipient's phone number, and recording a personalized message, which is then sent to the identified recipient at a scheduled date and time by phone. The personalized message can be received by a recipient who... Agent:

20110185278 - Methods for providing a playlist by acquiring radio data system information from multiple radio stations: Wireless electronic devices with two frequency modulation (FM) tuners are provided. An electronic device may use a first FM tuner to tune to a current radio station and may use a second FM tuner to scan other radio stations to obtain a list of radio data system (RDS) information. The... Agent:

20110185280 - Computerized toolset for use with oracle forms: A method for automatically operating an Oracle Forms application, the method comprising: intercepting, using a Listener component of the Oracle Forms application, a communication between the Oracle Forms application and an Oracle Forms server, and storing the intercepted communication; identifying, in the intercepted communication, data associated with at least one... Agent: Oraplayer Ltd.

20110185281 - Message data management: A workflow manager application transfers message data received from an originating device via a communication network to a target application for processing. A graphical user interface displays the received message data and allows the user to view and designate one or more target applications for processing the message data. The... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185282 - User-interface-integrated asynchronous validation for objects: An asynchronous data validation mechanism integrated into a user interface by a binding engine is provided. Application object properties are bound to user interface data fields. The asynchronous validation mechanism communicates with a validator and with the object properties. Data input to a single field can be flagged with multiple... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185283 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal: A mobile terminal and a method of controlling the mobile terminal are provided. According to the mobile terminal and the method of controlling the mobile terminal, it is possible to automatically change widgets on a home screen in accordance with a user-defined time or location condition. Therefore, it is possible... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110185285 - Social network notifications for external updates: In embodiments, various technologies for notifying users of a social network service of updates to services external to the social network service by members of the social network are described. An indication that a member of a social network service made an update to an external service can be received.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185284 - Techniques for grammar rule composition and testing: Techniques are provided for composing and testing grammar rules that are configured to provide feedback on violations of target grammar guidelines in the text of documents. Tests may be performed to determine whether a new grammar rule produces false positives, is redundant or conflicts with other rules, or is expensive... Agent:

20110185287 - State persistence and background initialization for post-back web applications: A system is disclosed for reducing the time required to generate web pages on post-back of collaborative web applications. Content from web pages of the collaborative web applications may be displayed in respective foreground and background IFRAMES over a display. Upon post-back to load content from a new web page... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185288 - Techniques to restore communications sessions for applications having conversation and meeting environments: Techniques for restoring communications sessions for applications having conversation environment and a meeting embodiment are described. A system may include a meeting component of a communications application for selecting a meeting from multiple meetings, a conversation component of the communications application for managing multiple conversation threads, and a recovery component... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185286 - Web browser interface for spatial communication environments: A web browser interface for visualizing realtime network communications in spatial communication environments allows communicants to interact with other communicants in an immersive spatial communication environment without having to install any specialized communication software and without requiring special proxies or firewall additions or exceptions.... Agent: Social Communications Company

20110185290 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, which facilitates a terminal to be used in further consideration of user's convenience. The present invention includes if a user having a prescribed ID logs in to an instant message server, receiving and displaying a pre-registered buddy list from the instant... Agent:

20110185289 - Portable tablet computing device with two display screens: A portable tablet computing device is disclosed. The device comprises a main display screen on a first planar surface and an auxiliary display screen on a second planar surface. According to the preferred embodiment, the main display screen is of a touchscreen type and is used as the display for... Agent:

20110185291 - System and methods for an online debate: A system for online debating hosted on a server that allows a first and at least a second participant to engage in an online debate created by an administrator. The system for online debate may comprise an administrator interface, and system module, and a participant interface. The administrator interface may... Agent:

20110185292 - Accessing virtual disk content of a virtual machine using a control virtual machine: Methods, systems, and techniques for facilitating access to content stored remotely, for example, as part of a virtual machine infrastructure or elsewhere in a networked environment, using a uniform mechanism are provided. Example embodiments provide an Enhanced Virtual Desktop Management Server/System with a Content Abstraction Layer which enables users to... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20110185293 - Interaction management system and methods of use: A communication transaction management system has a computerized appliance executing software from a digital medium for a particular enterprise, a holding function of the software tracking received transactions initiated by associated persons, and selecting individual transactions for connection to live agents, and a monitoring function for determining behavior of the... Agent:

20110185295 - Information processing apparatus, plug-in interaction method, and computer-readable storage medium: In an information processing apparatus, each plug-in includes a notifying part to notify a processed result of a logic part of the plug-in to another plug-in or, a receiving part to receive the processed result from the other plug-in. A first plug-in at an interacting source notifies the processed result... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110185294 - Pattern-based user interfaces: An intended usage of information to be displayed by a software application can be described. A selection of a user interface pattern module for displaying the information can be performed. The user interface pattern module can be designed for the intended usage. While running the application, user interface constructs for... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185296 - Displaying an environment and related features on multiple devices: A method for displaying an environment is described. The method includes causing displaying of an environment on a primary device visible to at least a first user and a second user of a plurality of users; causing displaying of first user-specific features associated with the environment on a first mobile... Agent:

20110185297 - Image mask interface: Systems and methods are disclosed for an image editing process on an electronic device that uses an image mask to edit an image object. The image editing process may include an image mask overlying the image object and having a frame and an aperture. The image editing process may crop... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110185298 - Method and apparatus for a distributable globe graphical object: A method and system for providing enhanced intelligent agents that are moveable by a user from a browser application to a desktop. In specific embodiments, agents provide advanced interactive graphics and communications back to a server.... Agent:

20110185300 - Brush, carbon-copy, and fill gestures: Techniques involving gestures and other functionality are described. In one or more implementations, the techniques describe gestures that are usable to provide inputs to a computing device. A variety of different gestures are contemplated, including bimodal gestures (e.g., using more than one type of input) and single modal gestures. Additionally,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185301 - Providing sensory information based on detected events: An electronic device is described. During operation, the electronic device may receive information associated with an event, which was detected by a hooking software program while the information was conveyed to an environment (such as an operating system) of the electronic device. For example, the event may be a user-interface... Agent:

20110185299 - Stamp gestures: Techniques involving gestures and other functionality are described. In one or more implementations, the techniques describe gestures that are usable to provide inputs to a computing device. A variety of different gestures are contemplated, including bimodal gestures (e.g., using more than one type of input) and single modal gestures. Additionally,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185302 - Monitor for uvc/ir decontamination systems: A Measuring and Monitoring Software Program which is running on a computerized Data Acquisition and Control platform, and which is part of a complete UVC and/or IR disinfection and decontamination systems for air, water or of other physical state of matter. Qualitative and quantitative determination of decontamination efficacy is achieved... Agent:

20110185303 - Power management apparatus, and display method: There is provided a power management apparatus including an authentication processing unit that carries out an authentication process on each individual electronic appliance that is to be managed, a consumption amount acquiring unit that acquires information on power consumption from the electronic appliance, and an information display unit that displays... Agent:

20110185305 - Application module for managing jobs asynchronously: A method to synchronize data between a spreadsheet application and a marketplace application is disclosed. The method includes receiving a request to synchronize data items between the spreadsheet application and the marketplace application, the data items relating to a type of listing of items associated with the marketplace application. Additionally,... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20110185304 - Graphical guides to aid user selection of groups of instruction packages: The invention provides a method and system for graphically mapping compatible processing updates. The method includes employing a processor for tracking updates for processing instruction packages. The method further includes determining compatibility between each of the processing instruction packages. The method additionally includes linking combinations of compatible processing instruction packages... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110185306 - Methods and systems for a linear character selection display interface for ambiguous text input: Methods of and systems for entering ambiguous text input via a linear character selection display are provided. A system for entering an alphanumeric string includes presentation logic for displaying on a presentation device an alphabet arranged into a row of letters and indication logic for presenting visual cues grouping a... Agent: Veveo, Inc.

20110185307 - Generating equations based on user intent: Some embodiments provide a system that facilitates the creation of an equation. During operation, the system obtains a user selection of a function to be used in the equation. Next, the system determines a state of a graphical user interface (GUI) associated with a software program. More specifically, the system... Agent: Synopsys, Inc.

20110185309 - Gesture-based user interface: The invention includes methods, systems, computer program products and means for providing an intuitive user interface for interacting with a game console that obviates the need for, or use of, a typical game controller. In one embodiment, the user interface comprises an analog-like mechanism for manipulating a menu and icon... Agent: Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.

20110185308 - Portable computer device: In one embodiment, a portable computer device is equipped with a display for displaying information, a sensor for detecting a touch to the display, and a control unit. The control unit displays a first image data and a second imaged data which is an enlarged image data of the first... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110185310 - Method and system for detecting a finger contact on a touchpad: A method for executing a scroll control operation on a touchpad comprises receiving a first contact signal induced by a first contact with a first section of the touchpad, receiving a second contact signal induced by a second contact with a second section of the touchpad, the first section and... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20110185311 - Motion enabled multi-frame challenge-response test: A method for generating a multi-frame image rendering of a challenge-response test on a display is presented. The method begins by identifying a pattern with graphical elements, and a display region for rendering an entry object of the multi-frame image of the challenge-response test. Then a foreground sampling window having... Agent:

20110185312 - Displaying menu options: A method for displaying menu options is described. The method includes causing displaying of a first content on a first device, the first content comprising a video content and a plurality of menu options; causing displaying of a second content on a second device, the second content comprising a still... Agent:

20110185313 - Method and system for customizing a user-interface of an end-user device: A mobile device includes a storage unit and an add-on user experience engine. The storage unit stores an instruction table which defines at least one contextual menu which is associated with multiple applications of the mobile device according to the context. The add-on user experience engine parses the instruction table... Agent:

20110185314 - Interactive thumbnails for transferring content among electronic documents: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to computing devices and systems, software, computer programs, applications, and user interfaces, and more particularly, to generating a reproduction of an electronic document, such as a thumbnail, that includes an input field.... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20110185315 - Simplified user controls for authoring workflows: A workflow design system provides user interface controls that allow a workflow author to focus on the steps of the workflow before deciding on how to control the flow of the workflow. With the system, an author can change the control flow of a workflow without re-ordering the sequence of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185320 - Cross-reference gestures: Techniques involving gestures and other functionality are described. In one or more implementations, the techniques describe gestures that are usable to provide inputs to a computing device. A variety of different gestures are contemplated, including bimodal gestures (e.g., using more than one type of input) and single modal gestures. Additionally,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185316 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing user interface content and user interface elements: Alignment guides configured for velocity-sensitive behavior are disclosed. In one embodiment, during a user interface element move gesture, the gesture velocity is determined, and while moving the user interface element during the gesture, the user interface operates in a first or a second state with respect to displaying alignment guides.... Agent:

20110185321 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for precise positioning of objects: A method includes, at a computing device with a touch-sensitive display: displaying a user interface object on the touch-sensitive display; detecting a contact on the user interface object; while continuing to detect the contact on the user interface object: detecting an M-finger gesture, distinct from the contact, in a first... Agent:

20110185317 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for resizing user interface content: Aspect ratio locking alignment guides for gestures are disclosed. In one embodiment, a gesture is detected to resize a user interface element, and in response, a first alignment guide is visibly displayed, wherein the first alignment guide includes positions representing different sizes the user interface element can be resized to... Agent:

20110185318 - Edge gestures: Techniques involving gestures and other functionality are described. In one or more implementations, the techniques describe gestures that are usable to provide inputs to a computing device. A variety of different gestures are contemplated, including bimodal gestures (e.g., using more than one type of input) and single modal gestures. Additionally,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110185319 - Virtual pin pad for fuel payment systems: A method and system for displaying a virtual PIN pad in varying locations on a touch screen in order to prevent fraud or the interception of personal identification numbers.... Agent:

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110179343 - Information display apparatus and computer readable medium: An information display apparatus that includes a judgment unit that, in the even of receiving the input of the position coordinate through the operation unit while one page of the image data is being displayed on the display screen, judges which area is selected from areas in the page being... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110179344 - Knowledge transfer tool: an apparatus and method for knowledge transfer: A method for transferring knowledge including the steps of organizing an author's source documents including presentation and reference material into units of presentation and units of reference, establishing one or more sets of rules of presentation of the units, defining one or more components of presentation, preparing one or more... Agent:

20110179345 - Automatically wrapping text in a document: The described embodiments provide a system for formatting a document in a word processor. The system starts by performing at least one operation on an object in a section of text in the document. Before the operation is performed on the object, the text in the section of text is... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110179347 - High performance php: Markup language documents including server side scripting code using PHP syntax are executed efficiently in response to requests received by a server. The processing of the markup language document results in generation of a transformed markup language document that is returned in response to the request. The server side script... Agent:

20110179348 - Image processing apparatus and control method: An image processing apparatus includes a browser which obtains an external resource or internal resource of the apparatus and displays the resource on the display unit, and a storage unit for storing an internal resource that can be displayed on the display unit. The image processing apparatus performs control not... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110179346 - Systems, devices, and/or methods for managing messages: Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a method comprising automatically rendering a message to a webpage user, the message created by a webpage operator via an automatic merger of a customized message content that corresponds to a message-generator-selected message identifier with a message template that corresponds to a message-generator-selected message template... Agent:

20110179349 - Enabling pseudo-class styles without revealing personal information: Various embodiments enable particular CSS pseudo-classes to be employed, but limit particular functionality aspects of those pseudo-classes that can lead to divulging personally identifiable information. Thus, various embodiments can change how a CSS pseudo-class is allowed to function. For example, in at least some embodiments, CSS pseudo-classes are permitted to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110179351 - Automatically configuring white space around an object in a document: The described embodiments provide a word processor for formatting a document. During operation, the word processor places an object in a section of text in a document. When placing the object in the section of text, the word processor adds a specified amount of white space on a set of... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110179350 - Automatically placing an anchor for an object in a document: The described embodiments provide a system for formatting a document in a word processor. During operation, upon receiving a command to move an object in the document, the system moves the object in the document. When moving the object in the document, the system dynamically arranges other content in the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110179352 - Systems and methods for providing content aware document analysis and modification: Systems, methods and consumer-readable media for providing content-aware document analysis and modification are provided. A system for analyzing document content according to the invention may include a rules server that stores a set of expressions. Such expressions may define predetermined confidential information and/or patterns of confidential expressions. The system may... Agent: Bank Of America

20110179353 - Mobile electronic device and associated method providing proposed spelling corrections based upon a location of cursor at or adjacent a character of a text entry: An improved mobile electronic device and method enable the outputting of proposed spelling corrections that are based upon a location of a cursor at or adjacent a character of a text entry. Advantageously, therefore, the proposed spelling corrections that are output in a window on a display can be fewer... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110179354 - Image forming apparatus and method for displaying preview image, and server and method for providing preview image: A method of displaying a preview image from an image forming apparatus. The displaying method includes receiving a preview image request, requesting to an outer server a preview image requested from a user among total pages comprising a pint data according to the preview image request, receiving a preview image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110179355 - Virtual information input arrangement: An enhanced display device may include a touch screen having a display surface configured to display images, the touch screen being configured to output a signal indicative of where on the display surface the touch screen is touched. The display device may also include a controller configured to generate a... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110179356 - Methods and systems for dynamically inserting an advertisement into a playback of a recorded media content instance: An exemplary method includes maintaining data representative of a recorded media content instance comprising a media content program and a first advertisement and an index file corresponding to the recorded media content instance, playing back the recorded media content instance in accordance with timestamp data and storage location data included... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20110179357 - Method and apparatus for providing supplemental video content for third party websites: A method, apparatus and article of manufacture for providing supplemental video content for third party websites is disclosed. In one embodiment, coded instructions are transmitted from a content enhancement server to a host server, for incorporation into the webpage source code. The host server is controlled by a first entity... Agent: Hulu LLC

20110179359 - Self-targeting local ad system: A system for serving localized advertisements receives data that defines an advertisement from an advertiser and determines a geographic location of the advertiser. The system also receives a request to serve an advertisement from a browser operated by a user and determines a geographic location associated with the user. The... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20110179360 - System and method for presenting option data using animated 3-dimensional graphical display: System juxtaposes filtered and analyzed option data in a three-dimensional dynamic graph, which is displayed, for example, on a computer display terminal to the option trader. The option trader views the selectively filtered option data presented by the system in a way that reveals trends, risk and pricing over time.... Agent: Livevol Inc.

20110179358 - System for managing a plurality of appointments, events, and reminders: A system for managing a plurality of appointments, events and reminders related to at least one user is disclosed. The system comprises at least one electronic device adapted to create the plurality of appointments, events and reminders and at least one central server adapted to store the plurality of appointments,... Agent:

20110179361 - Predetermined presentation of patient data at bedsid: Techniques for presenting patient data at the patient's bedside include receiving predetermined presentation style data that indicates a subset of fewer than all parameters available from an electronic medical records (EMR) system and a first arrangement on a display device of related parameters in the subset. Without human intervention, the... Agent: University Of Maryland, Baltimore

20110179362 - Interactive email: A system and method are disclosed for providing an extensible email having rich, interactive browser capabilities. The system includes a service provider for receiving extensible emails from a third party platform and presenting the emails to a user's computing device. The extensible email includes URL metadata which allows a mail... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110179365 - Gui evaluation system, gui evaluation method, and gui evaluation program: The uniqueness of the screen name for each screen of a system to be evaluated is evaluated simply and with high precision. The GUI evaluation system includes GUI information acquisition means for acquiring a screen name that is classified according to a hierarchical level and displayed in an evaluation target... Agent:

20110179366 - Method and apparatus for privacy protection in mobile terminal: A method and an apparatus for privacy protection in a mobile terminal are provided. Upon detection of a user interaction through a detecting module during use, screen data containing private information can be temporarily hidden. The method includes displaying screen data of an application in execution on a display unit,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110179363 - Method for displaying information in a motor vehicle and display device for a motor vehicle: In a method for displaying information in a motor vehicle, at least one two-dimensional object is represented graphically with the aid of a display mounted in the motor vehicle, the graphical object including a display field and an operating field. A user-interface device generates graphics data which control the display... Agent:

20110179364 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for automating operations on a plurality of objects: Methods and systems are described for automating operations on a plurality of objects. In one aspect, a method and system receives, based on a user input detected by an input device, a do-for-each indicator; identifies a target application for the do-for-each indicator; and, in response to receiving the do-for-each indicator,... Agent:

20110179367 - Simplifying application access to schematized contact data: The present invention is directed to utilizing contact data controls to simplify access to schematized contact data. Contact data controls abstract the formatting of schematized contact data from applications. In some embodiments, applications that lack the configuration to natively access schematized contact data (e.g., lack the functionality to convert between... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110179368 - 3d view of file structure: A file structure or data hierarchy can be navigated using 3D gesture inputs. For example, objects can be arranged in a plurality of layers. A user input, including a 3D gesture input having a movement in proximity to a display surface can be detected. Different layers can be navigated in... Agent:

20110179369 - Managing and indentifying multiple memory storage devices: A management hub is disclosed. The management hub comprises an interface; a master hub controller coupled to the interface; a plurality of ports coupled to the master hub controller; a microcontroller coupled to the master hub controller; and hub setting switch and a slave hub controller coupled to the microcontroller... Agent: Kingston Technology Corporation

20110179370 - Method of graphically representing a tree structure: In a data visualization system, a method of creating a visual representation of data points from metric data, wherein the method includes the steps of: a data retrieval module retrieving the metric data from a data storage module in communication with the data visualization system, a determination module determining the... Agent: Business Intelligence Solutions Safe B.v.

20110179371 - Provisioning workflow management methods and systems: An exemplary method includes associating one or more workflow tasks with each of a plurality of universal workflow steps, the one or more workflow tasks being specific to a provisioning workflow that corresponds to a first type of network circuit, receiving a request to provision a network circuit of the... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20110179373 - Api to replace a keyboard with custom controls: A method and system for display a user interface object. A user interface object for receiving user input to the application program is determined and the user interface object is displayed on the display. A first set of characteristics of the user interface object is control in accordance with the... Agent:

20110179372 - Automatic keyboard layout determination: A method for configuring a hardware keyboard without user intervention. At least one of language information and location information from one or more hardware and software information sources associated with the electronic device is obtained. The hardware and software information is prioritized based on the reliability of their associated language... Agent:

20110179374 - Information processing apparatus and program: A display apparatus includes a housing, an operation position specification section, and a display control section. The housing includes a touch panel, and is configured to display a predetermined software keyboard including keys on a display screen. The operation position specification section is configured to specify an operation position of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110179375 - Popping and ghosting tabs from tabbed groups in graphical user interfaces: A method, system, and computer-usable medium are disclosed for the management of tabbed panels within a graphical user interface (GUI). A tabbed pane, comprising a plurality of overlying panels, each with a viewable tab, is displayed within the GUI. A tab is selected and its corresponding panel and associated elements... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110179377 - Intelligent rendering of information in a limited display environment: Methods for the intelligent rendering of information in a limited display environment are provided. Display environments, especially in mobile devices, are limited with regard to physical space and technical capability. The present invention provides for the scaling of information in the display in light of those limitations. Additional methods for... Agent:

20110179376 - Three or higher dimensional graphical user interface for tv menu and document navigation: A three or more dimensional (3+D) graphical user interface (GUI) uses detected three dimensional (3D) hand movements or other input devices to navigate a displayed two dimensional (2D), three dimensional, or 3+D representation of a corresponding menu, document, or data set. Specific hand motions may be used that correspond to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110179378 - Method generating a message for one or more social networking websites: A mobile device includes a message entry area on a display for the user to view input text, the size based on the smallest message size permitted by the one or more destination content providers. The content from the user interface input populates the message input area. A warning is... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110179379 - Emergency facility information system and methods: A method, computer-readable medium, and system for providing communication circuit information from a communication system database of a communications facility information system via a graphical user interface are provided. A reroute option window that includes at least a circuit identifier input field is displayed on the graphical user interface. A... Agent: At&t Labs, Inc.

20110179380 - Event recognition: An electronic device executes one or more software elements. Each software element is associated with a particular view, which includes one or more event recognizers. Each event recognizer has one or more event definitions based on one or more sub-events, and an event handler. The event handler is configured to... Agent:

20110179382 - Method and apparatus for scroll information input in electromagnetic induction way: There are provided a method and an apparatus for scroll information input in an electromagnetic induction way. The method comprises steps of: definition of scroll bars, where a horizontal scroll bar and a vertical scroll bar are defined for an electromagnetic board by means of a controller of the electromagnetic... Agent: Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd.

20110179381 - Portable electronic device and method of controlling same: A method includes displaying a first part of information on a touch-sensitive display of a portable electronic device, detecting a gesture on the touch-sensitive display, determining attributes of the gesture, when the gesture comprises a first type gesture, performing an imaging function on the information, and when the gesture comprises... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110179383 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for automatically selecting objects in a plurality of objects: Methods and systems are described for automatically selecting objects in a plurality of objects. In one aspect, a method and system receives, based on a user input detected by an input device, an iterate indicator for automatically iterating through a plurality of objects; determines a target application, wherein the target... Agent:

20110179385 - Content classification utilizing a reduced description palette to simplify content analysis: A system, method, device and interface for classifying content. The system, method, device and interface provide for rendering content, providing to a user a plurality of reaction indicators, receiving a user selection of one of the plurality of reaction indications, and associating the user selected reaction indication with a portion... Agent:

20110179384 - Profile-based performance tuning of computing systems: Some embodiments of a system and a method to tune a computing system based on a profile have been presented. A profile as used herein broadly refers to a file containing various parameters of a computing system, such as kernel parameters (e.g., buffer size, network setup, etc.), usable to configure... Agent:

20110179386 - Event recognition: A method includes displaying one or more views of a view hierarchy, and executing software elements associated with a particular view. Each particular view includes event recognizers. Each event recognizer has one or more event definitions, and an event handler that specifies an action for a target and is configured... Agent:

20110179387 - Event recognition: While displaying one or more views of a first software application, an electronic device detects a sequence of touch inputs. The electronic device, in accordance with a determination that at least one gesture recognizer in the first software application recognizes a first portion of the sequence, delivers the sequence to... Agent:

20110179388 - Techniques and systems for enhancing touch screen device accessibility through virtual containers and virtually enlarged boundaries: Techniques for increasing accessibility of touch-screen devices are disclosed. In one aspect, container regions on a touch-sensitive user interface of a touch screen device are defined. A touch event corresponding to a location on the user interface is received, and it is determined that the location corresponds to a particular... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110179389 - Systems, methods and articles for managing presentation of information: Disclosed are methods, systems, and articles, such as computer program products, including a method for managing presentation of information, performed by execution of computer readable program code by a processor of a computer system, is disclosed. The method includes retrieving information relating to one or more subject matters from one... Agent:

20110179390 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for traversing nodes in path on a display device: Methods and systems are described for traversing nodes in path on a display device. In one aspect methods and systems include, detecting a first navigation input from a user. Determining a first path including a first plurality of nodes in a hierarchy. In response to the first navigation input, traversing... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110173521 - Presentation content management and creation systems and methods: A presentation content management and creation system (10) comprises a database (30) of sorted media components coupled to be in communication with a controller (50) for scheduling and rendering media components selected from the database into a real time media presentation. At least one output device (14) is coupled to... Agent: Direct Tv Pty Ltd

20110173522 - System and method for displaying status of electronic messages: Methods, systems and computer program products are displaying one or more electronic messages on a user interface. In one method, the method records timestamps of one or more activities of a user in a first user session. Subsequently, the method compares the timestamp of an initialization of a second user... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20110173523 - Web media asset id system and method: Methods of dynamically identifying a server provided media asset on a client device are provided herein.... Agent: Realnetworks, Inc.

20110173524 - Digital media bookmarking comprising source identifier: A method for bookmarking digital media includes receiving bookmark content by a digital media device, the bookmark content corresponding to an instance of digital media; determining a source identifier corresponding to the instance of digital media by the digital media device; and storing the bookmark content and the source identifier... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110173525 - Monitoring and tracking application usage: The present description refers to a computer-implemented method, a computer program product and a computer system for monitoring and tracking application usage, the method comprising: determining, during a first interval, a first indication of whether a first user has provided a first input. The method further comprising obtaining, during the... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20110173526 - Automatic context management for web applications with client side code execution: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for providing automatic context management for simulating virtual users for testing and monitoring web applications, including those web applications that execute code on the client side, without requiring the actual execution of client side web application code or the execution of... Agent: Borland Software Corporation

20110173527 - Determining semantically distinct regions of a document: A structured document is translated into an initial hierarchical data structure in accordance with syntactic elements defined in the structured document. The initial hierarchical data structure includes a plurality of nodes, and each node corresponds to one of the syntactic elements. The method then annotates a node with a set... Agent:

20110173528 - Determining semantically distinct regions of a document: A structured document is translated into an initial hierarchical data structure in accordance with syntactic elements defined in the structured document. The initial hierarchical data structure includes a plurality of nodes, and each node corresponds to one of the syntactic elements. The method then annotates a node with a set... Agent:

20110173529 - Template processing engine for business systems: A template processing engine is used for generating and/or modifying reports in business systems. The template processing engine receives predefined templates and structured data from the business system, enables a user to select a template, clones appropriate template rows or columns, and adds them to an output report. The output... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110173530 - Layout constraint manipulation via user gesture recognition: Systems and methods are described herein for enabling a user of a diagramming system to select elements of a diagram and apply a layout constraint thereto. In accordance with certain embodiments described herein, the systems and methods provide the user with a means to perform these tasks in a manner... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110173531 - Digital document editing method, digital document editing program and digital document editing apparatus: The invention relates to an editing of a digital document containing an image, a text, a pattern and the like on pages constituting the digital document. In response to an operation for deleting an image positioned in a page, such image is not added to another page but is moved... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110173532 - Generating a layout of text line images in a reflow area: A decomposition specification is received. The decomposition specification includes specifications of locations of text line images corresponding to complete lines of text in a document image. Based on the decomposition specification, a layout of the text line images in respective lines of a reflow area is generated, where each of... Agent:

20110173534 - Notification system for increasing user engagement: A content and context aware method and system taking one or more of multiple inputs based on user behavior, user context, content access times, content access frequency, or other settings and preferences to present one or more of multiple triggers to notify user of suggested actions or motivate users to... Agent: Peerspin, Inc

20110173533 - Touch operation method and operation method of electronic device: A touch operation method and an operation method of an electronic device are provided. The touch operation method comprises judging whether an await-selection object displayed on a touch screen is touched; outputting a floating menu corresponding to an attribute of the await-selection object when a touch time period of touching... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20110173535 - Mechanism for a vending machine graphical user interface utilizing xml for on-the-fly language selection by an end user: Text for a vending machine customer interface is supplied from one of a plurality of markup language descriptions of the customer interface text contained within storage media in the vending machine. Each markup language description is configured to cause the customer interface text to be displayed in a different human... Agent: Crane Merchandising Systems, Inc.

20110173537 - Integrated data processing and transcription service: A system and method are provided herein to support text and data entry for computer applications and the collection, processing, storage, and display of associated text, audio, image, video, and related data.... Agent: Everspeech, Inc.

20110173536 - System and method for facilitating on-site stain removal: A interactive system for removing stains is provided. The system includes a software program loaded onto an all-in-one touch sensitive display. The program displays step-by-step stain removal instructions and educational information about the stains, fabrics, methods and tools used in the stain removal process. The program can be advanced by... Agent:

20110173538 - Browsing or searching user interfaces and other aspects: User interfaces for browsing and/or searching are described. In one embodiment, a method includes displaying a first display area for display representations of documents matching a search query, the first display area configured to display content of the documents which can have a plurality of different types of content including... Agent:

20110173539 - Adaptive audio feedback system and method: Various techniques for adaptively varying audio feedback data on an electronic device are provided. In one embodiment, an audio user interface implementing certain aspects of the present disclosure may devolve or evolve the verbosity of audio feedback in response to user interface events based at least partially upon the verbosity... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110173540 - Dynamic user interface for wireless communication devices: A user interface for a wireless communication device has a visual interface that includes multiple visual elements representing events of the same type where non-textual visual characteristics represent unique information of the events. Accordingly, the visual interface includes at least a first visual element representing a first event occurring at... Agent:

20110173541 - Mass configuration tool for network telephone devices: The subject matter of this specification can be implemented in, among other things, a computer-implemented method for generating a plurality of configuration files including receiving user inputs indicating a structure of buildings in which network telephone devices are located and receiving a user selection of a field to be configured... Agent: Telematrix, Inc.

20110173542 - Mobile energy management system: According to an aspect of the disclosure, an energy management apparatus for a mobile energy management system and method includes detecting an availability of at least one network device at a site, displaying a proximity control selector within a graphical user interface of a mobile device associated with the site... Agent:

20110173543 - System and method to assist customers in selecting compatible components of a product: Systems and methods to assist buyers in selecting compatible components of a product are described. The system identifies a product associated with a plurality of component classes. Next, the system identifies a list of items by searching for items based on the component classes. The system then receives a selection... Agent:

20110173544 - Method and apparatus providing omnibus view of online and offline content of various file types and sources: An online service provider (OSP) operates online data centers to store members' data objects relating to various online member services of the OSP. An aggregated catalog lists members' data objects residing in the online data centers and also those residing in member computers' local storage. An aggregator monitors contents of... Agent:

20110173545 - Third party control of location information access: Controlling access to location information by entities hosted by an execution extension environment. After receiving a request from the entity for location information associated with a computing device, access rights of the entity for the requested location information are accessed. A request is sent to another computing device to determine... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110173546 - Information management: An approach to managing information makes use of a multi-program graphical user environment (e.g., a virtual desktop). The graphical environment includes a first part in which information elements are presented to a user. A user selection of one or more information elements is accepted and corresponding representations of those elements... Agent:

20110173548 - Mechanism for implementing labels and reminders in a email system: A mechanism is disclosed for generating a composite email for an email conversation. The composite email includes content automatically extracted from a plurality of the emails in the email conversation, and may be generated in response to a user accessing just one of the emails in the email conversation. A... Agent:

20110173547 - System and method to facilitate real-time communications and content sharing among users over a network: A system and method to facilitate real-time communications and content sharing among users over a network are described. In one preferred embodiment, multiple links to content information are dynamically generated for a sender user. Responsive to selection of a link by the sender user, the link and associated metadata information... Agent:

20110173549 - Interactive kiosk system and method: Provided is an interactive kiosk system and method of use. Certain embodiments of a kiosk system may provide users with a wide variety of targeted information, materials and/or services that can be separately administered remotely by multiple unique parties, such as, for example, a plurality of advertisers and one or... Agent:

20110173550 - Data driven user interface animation: A data driven method of animating a user interface includes managing a virtual variable with a cloud computing device. The method further includes, in response to receiving user input at the cloud computing device, using a physics engine of the cloud computing device to update a value of the virtual... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110173551 - Gui evaluation system, gui evaluation method, and gui evaluation program: An evaluation data specifying section specifies, as an evaluation data set, a test input data combination selected from plural pieces of test input data and for which no warning message is displayed when these test input data are input into all text input components on the screen to be evaluated... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110173552 - Gui evaluation system, gui evaluation method, and gui evaluation program: A GUI evaluation system includes: a screen information recording section for storing, as screen information, information on text and input/output components as elements on the evaluation target screen; an input/output component group specifying section for specifying a group of elements; and an input/output component layout determining section for evaluating the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110173553 - Relevance oriented graphical representation of discussion messages: Messages to a focal user are organized by relevance of the message originators. A visual representation of the messages includes a focal user representation (textual or graphic) and multiple contact representations (textual or graphic). The contact representations are displayed at respective relevance distances from the focal user representation. Text regions... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110173554 - User interface for controlling three-dimensional animation of an object: A user can control the animation of an object via an interface that includes a control area and a user-manipulable control element. The control area includes an ellipse. The user-manipulable control element includes a three-dimensional arrow with a straight body, a three-dimensional arrow with a curved body, or a sphere.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110173555 - Using style elements to copy and paste a selected area of a screen display: A copy and paste operation allows selection from a copy source display area to be copied from a display screen of a display unit and pasted to a paste destination display area without losing the original appearance and style. A processing unit determines from data generated on the style of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110173556 - System and method for managing software applications in a graphical user interface: A system and method for managing software application windows in a graphical user interface having a desktop and taskbar display area are provided. Each instantiated program is represented as one or more graphical windows in the desktop and as a control tile in the taskbar. Control tiles are grouped into... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110173557 - Storage medium, information processing method and information processing system: A game apparatus includes a CPU, and a relationship diagram displaying screen is displayed on a second LCD according to an instruction from a first user of the game apparatus. On the relationship diagram displaying screen, a display manner of an arrow displayed between a user image of the first... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20110173558 - Input device for pictographic languages: In some embodiments, input devices and related systems and methods for electronically inputting characters of a pictographic language are disclosed. In one embodiment, an input device for a pictographic language includes a touchscreen display, and a display controller programmed to display a first arrangement including a first set of characters... Agent: Ideographix, Inc.

20110173560 - Electronic form user interfaces: A system and method validating entry of data into a structured data file in real-time is described. The system and method also described a real-time validation tool that enables a developer to create custom validation rules. These custom validation rules can include preset validation rules, which the real-time validation tool... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110173561 - Gui evaluation system, gui evaluation method, and gui evaluation program: A GUI evaluation system includes: an expression information extracting section for extracting an expression element on a plurality of evaluation target screens based on information capable of specifying a restriction on input into an input component; a data input expression specifying section for comparing respective expression elements extracted by the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110173559 - Method and system for publishing an online post from a device: A method and system for publishing an online post from a device that includes obtaining information for a post and receiving user input from a single-interaction interface on the device. The received user input initiates selecting a context descriptor for the post based on the user input; creating the post... Agent:

20110173562 - Apparatus and method for display navigation: A method for facilitating window navigation on an electronic display including the steps of rendering at least one elongated strip on opposing sides of a first window wherein the strips are selectable by a user through a user interface device, associating at least one strip with a second window and... Agent:

20110173563 - Information processing apparatus and display method: An information processing apparatus displays a window in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional manner on a display screen of a display device. When a starting of an annotation operation on a window displayed in a three-dimensional manner is detected, the window is rotated about a rotational axis intersecting an origin at... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110173564 - Extending view functionality of application: The viewing functionality of an application may be extended by use of an adapter. An application is instantiated, and the application may provide a view box that contains a scrolling feature as part of its interface. The adapter uses the application “behind the scenes” to collect information in a way... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110173565 - Viewing media in the context of street-level images: A system for displaying hybrid image data produced by embedding additional media objects within street-level panoramic images includes a user interface through which a user may view, search for, and/or navigate through additional media objects in the context of browsing a virtual environment of a location at street level. In... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110173566 - Method and apparatus for dynamically resizing windows: The present invention provides a method for resizing windows and an apparatus for resizing windows. The method, in one embodiment, involves selecting a seam bordering a window, building a list of windows, and resizing more than one window in response to a single seam movement by a user. The apparatus,... Agent:

20110173567 - Display-controlling device, display device, display-controlling method, and computer readable medium: A display-controlling device includes: a display-controlling unit that controls a display unit to display an image indicating an item selected upon receipt of an instruction at a receiving unit, wherein if a first image indicating a first selected item is displayed at a first position, and an item instructed to... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110173568 - Mechanism for a vending machine graphical user interface utilizing xml for a versatile customer experience: Logic for a vending machine customer interface is supplied from one a plurality of markup language descriptions of the customer interface contained within storage media in the vending machine. Each markup language description is configured to cause the customer interface flow between different sets of application states, and content that... Agent: Crane Merchandising Systems, Inc.

20110173569 - Preview functionality for increased browsing speed: An application such as a web browser obtains a set of data items, such as search results received in response to a search query, or a set of articles received from a web feed, the data items collectively comprising links to do external documents, such as web pages. Previewing functionality... Agent: Rockmelt, Inc.

20110173570 - Data feeds with peripherally presented interesting content: A social data feed, comprising a set of data items submitted by individuals in a social network, may be presented to the user, but the frequency of new data items appearing in the social data feed may be overwhelming, and may cause the user to miss data items that may... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110173571 - Graphical user interface guide: A graphical user interface (GUI) is disclosed. The GUI includes a menu bar to display one or more menus, a GUI guide button and a GUI guide to simultaneously display commands in each of the one or more menus in response to a selection of the GUI guide button.... Agent:

20110173572 - Method and interface for displaying locations associated with annotations: Methods, systems and computer program products for displaying geographical locations with the one or more annotations. In a particular embodiment, a language model is used to obtain the probability distribution of the locations over one or more annotations. Further, the system and the method utilizes the probability data obtained from... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20110173573 - Method for inputting a character in a portable terminal: Disclosed is a character input method, by which it is possible to input a character through one touch-and-drag action. The method includes displaying a predetermined character at a location of a cursor on a display area when a predetermined character is selected in a selection area, displaying a next selection... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110173574 - In application gesture interpretation: In a gesture-based system, gestures may control aspects of a computing environment or application, where the gestures may be derived from a user's position or movement in a physical space. A gesture-based system may have a plurality of modes, each mode a hardware configuration, a software configuration, or a combination... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110173575 - Method and device for inputting texts: There is disclosed a method for the detection of the selection of a character of a character string to be input from a character set on an input surface, wherein the selection of at least one character of the character string is detected by evaluating a direction vector of a... Agent: General Algorithms Ltd.

20110173576 - User interface for augmented reality: The disclosed embodiments are directed to a method, an apparatus, and a user interface. The disclosed embodiments include acquiring an image, identifying one or more objects of interest in the image, and providing an indication that additional information is available for the one or more of the objects of interest... Agent: Nokia Corporation

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110167327 - Method for preparation of a digital document for the display of said document and the navigation within said: The present invention relates to a method for preparation of a digital document for the display of said document and the navigation within said document in a mobile device, said display and navigation operations being realized by a computer program, said document comprising a plurality of elements and at least... Agent:

20110167328 - Accessible content reputation lookup: Implementations of accessible content reputation lookup are described. In one implementation, before a user activates a link in a document, such as a hyperlink on a webpage, the user can designate the link. For example, the user can float a cursor over the link or interact with an icon placed... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110167329 - Mindmap illustrator: A method of generating a linked client master mind map. Client actions and documents are linked to a client master mind map to generate a linked client master mind map. The linked client master mind map and a client relationship management program are reviewed and packaged.... Agent:

20110167330 - Dynamically filtering aggregate reports based on values resulting from one or more previously applied filters: Methods, systems, and computer program products dynamically filter an aggregate report based on values resulting from one or more filters previously applied to the aggregate report. A method involves maintaining a collection of filters to be applied in a designated evaluation order to the aggregate report, applying a first filter... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110167331 - Method and system for annotating documents using an independent annotation repository: A method and system for generating workflow messages based on adding annotations to a file repository or database independent of an original document that they annotate. By separately storing the annotations in a searchable annotation repository, original documents can be preserved unchanged while still providing the ability to comment on... Agent:

20110167332 - System and method for generating web pages: A page resource builder provides an interface between development source files and a production Web page or other compiled file. The page resource builder may identify components in the source files and compile them into production files, each of which includes only those components used by the production Web page.... Agent: Neopost Technologies

20110167334 - Visual document structure indicator system: Systems and methods for represent and manipulate (i.e., processing) the underlying structure of a structured document (e.g., a mark-up language document), while maintaining a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) environment. The traditional WYSIWYG editor view is paired with a Visual Document Structure Indicator (VDSI) pane to allow... Agent: Madcap Software, Inc.

20110167333 - Web page distribution system: Provided is a web page distribution system capable of distributing web pages that satisfy the output condition of a distribution target. The web page distribution system comprises a plurality of mobile phones and a web page distribution server. The mobile phones can communicate with Internet and have individually set output... Agent: Symmetric Co. Ltd

20110167335 - System and method for generating web pages: Systems and methods for creating Web pages are provided. Web page development components, referred to as “pods,” may be used to encapsulate discrete functionality for use and re-use within Web pages. The pods may be contained in a library, from which a developer may select one or more pods that... Agent: Neopost Technologies

20110167336 - Gesture-based web site design: A method of generating a web site including one or more web pages includes receiving user input including a selection of one of a plurality of web site layouts, each web site layout including a plurality of elements configured to be customized by a user. The plurality of elements of... Agent: Hit Development LLC

20110167337 - Auto-trimming of media files: A system (and a method) is disclosed for processing a media file for transmission. The system determines a size of the media file and a threshold size for transmission of the media file to a destination. In responsive to the size of the media file exceeding the threshold size for... Agent:

20110167339 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for attachment viewing and editing: A method is performed at a multifunction device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface. The method includes, while in a first application: displaying content from an object in a read-only viewer and concurrently displaying one or more application start icons with the read-only viewer. The method also includes detecting... Agent:

20110167338 - Visual history multi-media database software: A virtual library of photographs stored in electronic pages, volumes (“album”), and bookshelves (“collections”) for easy retrieval. An extended multimedia database is created to provide a method of distinguishing and sorting consumer photographs in a meaningful manner conducive to network sharing by interested groups. By providing a graphic representation of... Agent:

20110167340 - System and method for issuing commands to applications based on contextual information: A system and method for issuing commands to an application based on contextual information. A control application receives an indication that a text manipulation event has occurred in a user interface of a second application. Next, the control application queries the second application to obtain contextual information established by the... Agent:

20110167342 - Child-safe media interaction: A safe-media interaction system includes distinct child and parent interfaces through which a child can interact with content and applications that are selected and authorized by a parent through the parent interface. The child interface allows a young child who has not yet acquired any reading skills, verbal skills, or... Agent:

20110167341 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating through multiple viewing areas: A method includes: displaying a first viewing area, the first viewing area including a first plurality of selectable objects; in response to detecting activation of an object in the first plurality of selectable objects, overlaying a second viewing area on a portion of the first viewing area while maintaining display... Agent:

20110167343 - System and method for applying link analysis tools for visualizing connected temporal and spatial information on a user interface: A system and method for analyzing a plurality of data elements having both temporal and spatial properties, where a first data element and a second data element of the plurality of data elements are linked by at least one association element. The system and method include selecting the first data... Agent: Oculus Info Inc.

20110167349 - Annotation feature for production parts in a media production system: A system providing a user interface to annotate different items in a media production system such as in a digital non-linear post production system. Parts of the production, such as clips, frames and layers, that have an associated annotation are provided with a visual annotation marker. The annotation marker can... Agent: Sony Electronics, Inc.

20110167344 - Media delivery system based on media assets stored in different devices connectable through a communication means: A media delivery system is disclosed. The system comprises a plurality of devices connectable through a communication network and/or a connector. Media assets may be stored in different devices. Metadata of all the media assets may be stored in each device and is updated whenever it is necessary. A user... Agent:

20110167345 - Method and apparatus for selective media download and playback: A computing device is capable of playing embedded media inline in a network application. A playable validation procedure is performed for the embedded media objects, which have a media source remote from the computing device, to determine whether those embedded media objects are playable on the computing device. The playable... Agent:

20110167347 - Method and apparatus for setting section of a multimedia file in mobile device: A method and an apparatus for setting a section of a multimedia file in a mobile device are provided. The apparatus may allow a user to select a section of multimedia file in an intuitive and simple manner. After selecting a multimedia file, the mobile device activates a section selection... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110167346 - Method and system for creating a multi-media output for presentation to and interaction with a live audience: A method and system for creating a multi-media output for presentation to and interaction with a live audience. The method comprises the steps of playing a substantially continuous multi-media clip using a multi-media unit for substantially real-time display on a display unit; receiving, during the substantially real-time display of the... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20110167348 - Programming environment for configuring a system of audio/video components: In one embodiment, a component library stores representations of audio/video components, the representations of audio/video components corresponding to physical audio/video components that are available for inclusion in a system. A configuration workspace is provided into which a selected plurality of representations of audio/video components from the component library are placed... Agent: Savant Systems, LLC

20110167350 - Assist features for content display device: Systems, techniques, and methods are present for allowing a user to interact with the text in a touch-sensitive display in order to learn more information about the content of the text. Some examples can include presenting augmented text from an electronic book in a user-interface, the user-interface displayed in a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110167351 - Method of remotely controlling a presentation in loop mode using a portable electronic device: A system and method are set forth for remotely controlling a presentation in a loop mode to allow the presentation to continue in the absence of a communication channel between the portable electronic device and remote presentation device. In particular, the portable electronic device can issue a command to the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110167352 - Exclusive operation control apparatus and method: Provided is an exclusive operation control apparatus which, when input operations of a plurality of users compete with each other, displays a content on which the plurality of input operations are reflected, instead of performing only one of the input operations. An operation determination section (102) receives input information from... Agent:

20110167354 - Rich media notice board: A rich media notice board enables users to communicate with others in their own and related communities who use the rich media notice board or other rich media notice boards, such as those in related communities, as well as with others who use conventional interfaces via the Internet. The users... Agent: Google Inc.

20110167353 - System and methods for creating and editing photo-based projects on a digital network: A system for creating and editing image and or text-based projects includes a server connected to a data network, the server having access to a digital medium containing an executable graphics user interface (GUI) accessible by computer browser, at least one data repository residing on the network, the repository accessible... Agent:

20110167355 - Method and system for providing users login access to multiple devices via a communication system: Multiple user, multiple login access to electronic devices in a communication system is provided. In response to user login requests, login access is controlled by providing multiple users login access to plural electronic devices capable of communicating via the communication system. Each electronic device allows multiple users to be logged... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110167356 - Method and system for scheduling a meeting for a set of attendees via a special attendee: A method for scheduling a meeting for a set of recipients is provided. The set of recipients includes a special attendee and at least one additional attendee including a meeting organizer. The method includes obtaining an initial meeting request from the meeting organizer. The meeting request does not specify meeting... Agent: Aol Inc.

20110167358 - Online cooperative story building method and system: A computer implemented method for allowing users to cooperate in iteratively building a story, the method comprising setting a seed material for the story, starting a material submission period, prompting the users to submit materials, uploading the submitted materials, ending the material submission period, starting a voting period for the... Agent:

20110167357 - Scenario-based content organization and retrieval: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for scenario-based content categorization, retrieval, and presentation are disclosed. At a first moment in time, a first event scenario is detected by a mobile device, where the first event scenario is defined by one or more participants and one or more contextual cues concurrently monitored... Agent:

20110167359 - Methods and systems for providing online chat: The present disclosure relates generally to digital conferencing. A chat server causes a chat user interface to appear as a popup window hovering over a web page. In response to a first event, the chat server causes the chat user interface to appear as part of the web page.... Agent: Touchcommerce, Inc.

20110167360 - Incoming web traffic conversion: A method implemented by a server hosting a web site includes storing a plurality of market-specific data structures that are each associated with a different market corresponding to a particular geographic area. Each market-specific data structure includes content customized for a corresponding market. The server receives, from a client device,... Agent: Hit Development LLC

20110167361 - Web browsing system, control method for web browsing system and intervening server: When a user ID received from a mobile phone is authenticated, the intervening server retrieves those operation histories which are stored in association with the same user ID as received one, and sorts the retrieved operation histories in the order from most often executed operation sequence to least. The sorted... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110167362 - Customizing at least one computer software application for at least one user based on data associated with the user: The present invention provides a processor-implemented method and system of customizing at least one computer software application for at least one user based on data associated with the user. In an exemplary embodiment, the method and system include, (1) allowing the user to specify the data, (2) permitting the user... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110167363 - User interface generation apparatus: A user interface generation apparatus is provided, the apparatus being capable of switching over between a compound user interface and a stand-alone user interface by simple operations. When an input unit receives a second input while a control unit controls to display a compound user interface object group, the control... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110167364 - Methods and apparatuses for improving application startup: Methods and apparatuses are provided for improving application startup. A method may include determining, in response to a first loading of an application, an initial application user interface screen generated by the application. The method may further include directing storage of the initial application user interface screen. The method may... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110167367 - Accentuated graphical user interface: A graphical user interface in which entities of the interface are manipulated using manipulation operations. The graphical user interface comprises a selectable interface entity upon which manipulation operations are commence-able, a first interface entity distinct from the selectable interface entity, and a second interface entity distinct from the first interface... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110167366 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for modifying a multi-column application: A method includes: displaying simultaneously a plurality of columns in a multi-column application that comprises: a first column that includes user-modifiable content items; and a second column that includes user-selectable items; detecting a first input that corresponds to a request to enter an edit mode for the first column; in... Agent:

20110167365 - System and method for automated interface configuration based on habits of user in a vehicle: An adaptive interface system and a method of configuring a user interface are disclosed. The interface system includes a user interface having a display and a processor for receiving a data relating to a pre-determined trigger event, analyzing the data based upon an instruction set to determine a preference of... Agent:

20110167368 - Information-processing device and program: An information-processing device according to the present invention displays plural windows in a certain arrangement. The information-processing device selects one of displayed windows as a selected window, and in response to an operation to specify a direction, sets a window located in the direction as a selected window. The information-processing... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110167369 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating through a range of values: A multifunction device displays a navigation user interface that includes: a navigation bar having a plurality of unit regions and a plurality of subunit regions. Each of the unit regions represents a range of values. Each subunit region represents a subset of a respective range of values. The navigation user... Agent:

20110167370 - Electronic device including touch screen and operation control method thereof: An electronic device having a touch screen and an operation control method thereof are provided. The electronic includes a touch screen which receives a plurality of manipulations; and a controller which determines whether a second manipulation is made on a screen displayed on the touch screen during a predetermined time... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110167371 - Method and apparatus for sending, retrieving, and planning location relevant information: The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for sending and retrieving location relevant information to a user by selecting and designating a point of interest that is displayed on a graphical user interface and sending the location information associated with that point of interest to a receiver... Agent:

20110167372 - Apparatus for providing combination module data: A combination module (CM) database (21) stores: CM types associated with assembly examples of a plurality of combination modules; a variation map in which constituent component data pertaining to combinations of constituent components in the examples is registered in association with the CM types; and CM information in which CM... Agent: Misumi Corporation

20110167374 - Substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus which can securely show the status of recipe transition is provided. In a substrate processing apparatus including a main control unit which sends a control instruction to process a substrate, and a sub control unit which carries out control of the apparatus in accordance with the... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20110167373 - System for storing data of interventional procedure: A system (10) is provided for collecting data elements relating to events in an interventional procedure. The system (10) comprises an input (11), a clock (12), a storage (13) and a display (14). The input (11), during the interventional procedure, receives the data elements from at least two systems (16)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110167375 - Apparatus and method for conditionally enabling or disabling soft buttons: A method of operating a multifunction device includes displaying a soft keyboard having a plurality of unconditionally enabled buttons and one or more conditionally enabled buttons, detecting a first input with a first button at a first time, and responding to detecting the first input by activating the first button.... Agent:

20110167376 - System and method for pinning tabs in a tabbed browser: The techniques and mechanisms described herein are directed to a method for pinning a tab in a tabbed browser. Briefly stated, browsing software is configured to recognize a “pin” event, such as a hot key, a menu selection, and the like. Upon recognizing the pin event, the browsing software splits... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110167378 - Adding interrogative punctuation to an electronic message: Interrogative punctuation is automatically added to a sequence of characters entered into a handheld device upon termination of the sequence, such as by double actuation of the spacebar, when the first word, or the first and third words at the beginning of the sequence, of after a comma or semicolon,... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110167377 - Object identification system: A system and method for identifying objects possessing minute but significant details is described. At its core, the system includes a user interface, means for comparatively identifying the object and means for displaying results. Notably, because the system does not rely upon highly specialized or complex equipment, the invention is... Agent:

20110167379 - Method and apparatus for providing a three-dimensional task gallery computer interface: The present invention provides a three-dimensional user interface for a computer system that allows a user to combine and store a group of windows as a task. The image of each task can be positioned within a three-dimensional environment such that the user may utilize spatial memory in order remember... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110167380 - Mobile device color-based content mapping and navigation: A mobile device associates a distinct background color with each graphical window of a sequence of graphical windows, and displays, on a touch-sensitive display, a first graphical window from the sequence of graphical windows, where the first graphical window includes a first background color and one or more display elements.... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20110167381 - Contextual document map: Techniques are described for providing a document map of structure elements (e.g. headings) when a user interacts with a scroll control in a document window. Embodiments provide means of selective pruning (with optional folding/unfolding), differential emphasis, varying line spacing, and/or zooming of structure elements such as when there is insufficient... Agent:

20110167382 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating selectable user interface objects: A multifunction device displays a plurality of selectable user interface objects. Each respective selectable user interface object has a respective activation region. The device detects a first input; and, in response to detecting the first input, the device selects the first selectable user interface object and the device additionally: deactivates... Agent:

20110167383 - Notification in immersive applications: A notification framework delivers notifications in a manner that is appropriate for a user's current experience. An API is implemented in the notification framework and provided to developers to develop applications utilizing such API to communicate with the framework. A display mode of an active application is determined by the... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20110167384 - Content display device and content display method: An operation location and an operation amount of an operation that has been made on an operation member is detected. Based on the operation location, one content is selected from among a plurality of contents that have been arranged in sequence, and a display unit displays the selected one content.... Agent:

20110167386 - Method and device for producing a selection from an items list: A device (1) for producing a selection from an items list (IL), the device comprising: a storage unit (21) for storing the items list (IL), an input/output unit (22) for interacting with a user (25), and a selection unit (20) for selecting items from the items list and supplying the... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepastnatuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20110167385 - Processing of data for improved display: A method and system relate to the processing of data in order to display thumbnails, when commanded by a user, containing information concerning multimedia content, for example television programs, having respective durations and available via a plurality of respective sources and at respective times. The thumbnails are distributed across a... Agent: France Telecom

20110167387 - Grouping of related graphical interface panels for interaction with a computing device: A stage-based user interface for a mobile device may include a sequence of panels that each include a cluster or grouping of items, such as graphical links, application shortcuts, representations of documents, or representations of other data associated with the mobile device. The panels in the sequence of panels may... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20110167388 - Electronic device and method of browsing images thereon: A method of browsing images on an electronic device is disclosed. The method includes confirming a first distance in which an image is desired to be moved. The image is moved a second distance along a first direction. The second distance is shorter than the first distance. The image is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110167389 - Information-processing device and program: The information-processing device according to the present invention, if a subject operation direction is “rightward,” specifies in a coordinate axis across a rightward direction, a range that overlaps an area between coordinates (Yamin to Yamax) of an area where selected window Wa is displayed, and each of areas between coordinates... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110167390 - Apparatus and method for utilizing an information unit to provide navigation features on a device: The present invention relates to a system and method for interacting with digital media that permits creating, editing, combining, producing, and using digital media content. In one aspect of the invention, these features are implemented using a “virtual container” or unit that contains structured information. This structured information includes the... Agent: Ingram Dv LLC

20110167391 - User interface methods and systems for providing force-sensitive input: Methods and systems implement touch sensors or force sensitive materials disposed on the case of a computing device in order to enable user input gestures to be performed on portions of the device case. The force sensitive elements may generate an electrical signal in response to a gesture, such as... Agent:

20110167392 - Methods and apparatus for retrieving and displaying map-related data for visually displayed maps of mobile communication devices: A cellular telephony device operatives to receive map data via a cellular network map data, and causes a region of a map having one or more selectable map elements to be displayed in a display in accordance with the map data. The cellular telephony device then causes selectable map element... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110167393 - Portable terminal: A portable terminal displays a menu screen in which small screens respectively corresponding to categories are shown on display positions of a display unit, wherein the display positions respectively correspond to operation positions of an operation panel.... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

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