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Data processing: presentation processing of document April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110099463 - Structured documents and systems, methods and computer programs for creating, producing and displaying three dimensional objects and other related information in structured documents: A structured document file which includes graphical and non graphical information. The graphical information includes the vector and coordinate description of a representation of at least one three dimensional object and at least one of the following group of view attributes or features: rotation, translation, view angle, lighting, colors, specific... Agent: Molsoft LLC

20110099464 - Mechanism for adding content from a search to a document or message: Methods and apparatus for adding content from a search to a document or message such as an electronic mail message are disclosed. A graphical user interface may be provided, where the graphical user interface includes an input portion and a template for generating a document or message. A query including... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20110099465 - Butterfly diagrams enabling multi-dimensional performance analysis: A method for multi-dimensional performance analysis may be provided. A plurality of data may be displayed in a butterfly diagram comprising a data grid, a histogram associated with column sorting criteria, and a histogram associated with row-sorting criteria. Additional information depth may be provided with conditional formatting of the cells... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110099466 - Multiple bindings in web service data connection: The invention features a method, system, and computer program product. User input defining a form that has one or more fields is received. User input defining a set of entries associated with the form is also received, the set of entries identifying available connections to data repositories and fields of... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20110099467 - Configurable and dynamic transformation of web content: Dynamically transforming web content is described. An HTTP request is received from an Internet client. The web resource identified in the HTTP request is accessed. The content of the web resource is analyzed. A set of transformation instructions are applied on a set of identified portions of the content of... Agent:

20110099468 - Document display system: A document display system and method for enhancing the effectiveness of a user interface includes one or more tiles, a spatial modifier, and a variable display region. Document data of multiple abstraction levels is obtained and represented at one of the abstraction levels in a document representation within a variable... Agent:

20110099469 - Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium: An information processing apparatus for editing a document including a first layer and a second layer. The information processing apparatus determines, when a first layer is selected as a target layer, whether an object in a second page of the first layer, which follows a first page, can be relocated... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110099470 - Harvesting assets for packaged software application configuration: Harvesting assets for packaged application practices, in one aspect, may include obtaining one or more work products associated with deployment of packaged software applications, extracting content and style, enhancing content and style with models of work products, and storing assets in asset repository.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110099472 - Document processing apparatus, preview display method, and storage medium: An input of document data, in which a rule for retrieving an object from a database has been specified for each region, is received. For each region, the number of times that the database is referenced for retrieving the object is counted by applying the rule. A reference value and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110099471 - Product preview in a product selection and management workflow: A product preview method for a plurality of selected products populated with a selected plurality of digital images includes causing a display of an image selection control. A digital image is identified that corresponds to a user's manipulation of the image selection control. A display is caused of a preview... Agent:

20110099473 - Input signal processing device for portable device and method of the same: A method of processing an input signal of a portable device is provided, including collecting an input signal generated from at least one of an input unit and a touch screen; generating a preset repetitive input signal when the collected input signal corresponds to a preset condition input signal; and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110099475 - Method and system for providing data-related information and videos to software application end-users: A user operations engine allows an end-user to select a specific region of a document. The user operations engine then provides the end-user with access to one or more video clips that demonstrate modifications that were made to the selected region of the document using one or more tools associated... Agent:

20110099474 - Method and system for providing software application end-users with contextual access to text and video instructional information: A tool data engine displays instructional information to an end-user of a software application that pertains to one or more tools associated with the software application. The tool data engine displays the instructional information within a graphical user interface (GUI) after the user has indicated interest in that tool. The... Agent:

20110099476 - Decorating a display environment: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for decorating a display environment. In one embodiment, a user may decorate a display environment by making one or more gestures, using voice commands, using a suitable interface device, and/or combinations thereof. A voice command can be detected for user selection of an artistic... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110099477 - Systems and methods for dynamic historical browsing: Systems and methods for dynamic historical browsing of a collection of documents, such as a collection of webpages. In some embodiments, the entry point of the browsing experience may be a timestamp-based or version-based. The entry point may be established by a navigation parameter, such as a graphical slider, for... Agent: Morgan Stanley (a Delaware Corporation)

20110099478 - Identifying collection images with special events: A method for associating event times or time periods with digital images in a collection for determining if a digital image is of interest, includes storing a collection of digital images each having an associated capture time; comparing the associated capture time in the collection with a special event time... Agent:

20110099479 - Information management system and method: A method for information management using a computer communicates with a plurality of electronic devices through a network. The method establishes a communication with each of the electronic devices, and installs an application sent from one of the electronic devices that is in communication with the computer. The method further... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110099480 - Method and system for machine identification: A method and system for identifying a machine used for an online session with an online provider includes executing a lightweight fingerprint code from a provider interface during an online session to collect and transmit machine and session information; generating and storing a machine signature or identity including a machine... Agent: Arcot Systems, Inc.

20110099481 - Anchoring a remote entity in a local display: A remote desktop application displays a remote graphical interface on a local computer screen. A remote entity, for example, a taskbar, is anchored along an edge of the remote graphical interface on the local computer screen. The anchored taskbar and the remote interface are displayed on the local computer screen... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110099482 - Interactive management of web application firewall rules: A computer implemented method, information processing system, and computer program product manage web application firewall rule configuration. A web application is analyzed. A set of data elements within the web application is identified. Each data element in the set of data elements stores information that is sent from a web... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110099483 - Website recording of reactions of a designated user through interaction with characters: The current invention is a Website Recording of Reactions of a Designated User through interaction with characters. It consists of a system on a website running on a computer processor where a user can connect to, the system will ask the user questions through the use of animations or recorded... Agent:

20110099484 - Internet session initiation on personal cellular telecommunications devices, and customization protocol therefor: A customizable client application capable of running on all seven classes of Internet-enabled personal cellular telecommunications devices whose Internet browser launching capabilities range from being Class 0 non Internet-enabled to Class 6 automatic Internet browser launching. The client application facilitates minimum subscriber intervention for Internet session initiation from an Internet... Agent:

20110099485 - Acoustic echo cancellation (aec) with conferencing environment templates (cets): In at least some embodiments, a computer system includes a processor and a network interface coupled to the processor. The computer system also includes a system memory coupled to the processor, the system memory storing a communication application having a conferencing user interface. The conferencing user interface, when executed, enables... Agent:

20110099486 - Social messaging user interface: Hubs for social interaction via electronic devices are described. In one aspect, a data processing device includes a display screen displaying a social interaction hub, the social interaction hub including a collection of records. Each record includes a counterparty identifier identifying a counterparty of a past social interaction event, a... Agent: Google Inc.

20110099487 - End-to-end solution for an end-user to obtain desired information in user interfaces: Provided are apparatuses and methods in a digital broadcast transmission system for providing user interfaces to a mobile device. The user interfaces (e.g., “widgets”) may provide information to a mobile device user by displaying the interfaces in a predetermined location on a mobile device display. For example, the user interfaces... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110099493 - Image auxiliary data searching and displaying method and document camera using such method: An image auxiliary data searching and displaying method is used in a document camera. The document camera includes a processor and a user interface. The processor is accessible to a database. The image auxiliary data searching and displaying method includes steps of performing an image-selecting operation on an image of... Agent: Avermedia Information, Inc.

20110099490 - Method and apparatus for presenting polymorphic notes in a graphical user interface: An approach is provided for presenting polymorphic notes in a graphical user interface. A polymorphic note manager receives a request to display a plurality of polymorphic notes on a graphical user interface of a device. In response to the request, the polymorphic note manager determines an order of the plurality... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110099488 - Method and apparatus for presenting video assets: An approach is provided for presenting video assets. An asset manager determines a plurality of factors for positioning of video assets represented on a graphical user interface. The asset manager then determines weighting of the factors using one or more rules that are based on a search operation or a... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20110099492 - Method and apparatus for providing ui animation: A method and apparatus for translating between an object displayed in a first mode of a user interface (UI) and a second mode of the UI. The method includes determining a current UI mode from among UI modes, which include a physics animation mode and a non-physics animation mode, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110099489 - Systems and methods for computing emission values: A system and method for computing emission values. In one aspect, a system and method is described to include an input module operable to receive raw activity data to define a record for an activity; a data provisioning module operable to compute standardized activity data using the raw activity data;... Agent:

20110099491 - User-interface testing: A user-interface testing process involves generating plural display-data representations of a common subject for plural respective user-interface instances. The resulting display data is tracked for each of the application user-interface instances so as to generate respective object-level descriptions of the user interface instances. The object-level descriptions are compared to detect... Agent:

20110099494 - Dynamic graphical user interface layout: A system and method for laying out graphical user interface elements at a client device. A client device receives a set of containers, each container including program instructions and specifications. The program instructions of each container are executed to determine a size and position of each graphical user interface element.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110099495 - Method for enabling internet access on a multifunction reprographic machine: A system and method are described that enable a multifunction reprographic machine with limited display means to perform retrieval of documents or web pages by allowing a user to enter the address of a web page. The retrieved web page is examined for any links embedded in the retrieved web... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110099496 - Application sharing security: A method, apparatus and computer-readable medium for facilitating application sharing. In operation, a user selects at least one of a plurality of applications operating on a first computer to share with at least a second computer. The user then selects at least one of a plurality of security measures for... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110099497 - Method for enabling a mobile user equipment to drag and drop data objects between distributed applications: The invention concerns a system and a method for enabling a mobile User Equipment (81) to drag and drop data objects between at least two remote applications (7, 9) or between a local application (2) and a remote application (7, 9), the system including a Drag Source (10), a Drag... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110099502 - Developer interface and associated methods for system for querying and consuming web-based data: A graphical user interface (GUI) for a system for querying web data includes a query entry component defined to receive textual input of a query language (QL) statement. The QL statement identifies one or more QL tables associated with one or more web data sources. The GUI also includes a... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20110099499 - Graphical user interface component identification: Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with graphical user interface (GUI) component identification are described. One example method includes identifying a set of GUI components. The identifying may be based on a screen image of a GUI. The screen image may comprise data describing a visual representation of the GUI.... Agent:

20110099498 - Graphical user interface hierarchy generation: Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with graphical user interface (GUI) hierarchy generation are described. One example method includes generating a graph based on an image of a GUI. Nodes in the graph may represent GUI components depicted in the image. Edges in the graph may represent relationships between the... Agent:

20110099500 - Historical network event viewing: A computer-implemented method, comprising determining a displayable sub range of events from among event records in a stored repository of network event data; determining a start time; in response to determining the start time, loading from the repository, a subset of a specified number of event records representing only network... Agent:

20110099501 - Previewing and editing products in a product selection and management workflow: A method for previewing a plurality of products populated with a plurality of digital images includes identifying a layout of a selected product page of a selected one of the plurality of products and identifying one or more controls that correspond to the identified layout. In a user interface, a... Agent:

20110099504 - Scale with automatic offline indication and related method: A scale and associated method automatically identify when a food product pricing scale is in an offline condition and changes a color condition on the scale display to alert scale operators of the offline condition.... Agent:

20110099503 - User interface display for monitoring a database load engine: The invention described herein provides a load engine and method for efficiently accomplishing mass conversions of customer data into an existing customer database, such as an IBM® Websphere® Customer Center (WCC). In particular, the method incorporates existing business rules for validating new customer data and for creating tables for the... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20110099506 - Predictive text entry for input devices: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer program products, for providing predictive text functionality to input devices. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a selection of a first character from a plurality of characters displayed in a virtual representation of an input device; generating one or more first selectable suggestions... Agent: Google Inc.

20110099505 - Touch screen keypad layout: A apparatus includes a touch-screen display. A virtual keypad is displayed wherein the keys are sized in accordance with their location. Keys located in a corner of the display are smallest, keys located on an edge but not in a corner are larger, and keys not having any contact with... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110099507 - Displaying a collection of interactive elements that trigger actions directed to an item: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for displaying of collections of interactive elements that trigger actions directed to a particular contact, message, media file, or other item. In one aspect, a method is performed by a system comprising one or more data processing... Agent: Google Inc.

20110099508 - Mobile device and method for operating a user interface of the mobile device: A mobile device and a method for operating the mobile device are provided. The method initializes the mobile device to support a multitasking environment, and synchronously executing multiple software applications in the multitasking environment. The method generates a user interface on a home screen of the mobile device, and divides... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110099509 - Scroll display program, device, and method, and electronic device provided with scroll display device: A storage unit is configured to store a document to be displayed in a predetermined display area on a display. An instruction acknowledging unit is configured to receive a scroll instruction signal for scrolling the document displayed in the display area. A range identifying unit is configured to identify a... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20110099510 - System and method for scrolling among categories in a list of documents: A system and method is provided to assist a user in selecting, identifying, and handling email messages. A selection color module may provide for the display of color coding and selection highlighting. The selection color module may provide a secondary highlighting color to indicate messages related to a selected message.... Agent: Ibm Corporation

20110099511 - Method and system for displaying, locating, and browsing data files: A computer-implemented user interface is described that includes a display window displaying data files having a data file descriptor associated with each data file. The data file descriptor describe at least a data file size, a data file date, a data file name and data file type. A slider bar... Agent:

20110099512 - Method for displaying windows: A method for displaying a plurality of windows includes dividing a display screen into first and second display areas. The plurality of windows may be rearranged in the first and second display areas and new windows may be displayed in the first and second display areas based on prior windows... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110099513 - Multi-touch graphical user interface for interacting with menus on a handheld device: A computer-implemented method for interacting with a graphical user interface (GUI) displayed on a multi-touch surface. The method includes segmenting the GUI into a first portion and a second portion, wherein the first portion and second portion do not overlap, causing an activation area to be displayed that overlaps at... Agent:

20110099514 - Method and apparatus for browsing media content and executing functions related to media content: A method and apparatus for browsing media content and executing functions related to the media content are provided. Under the state that a collage image generated by combining a plurality of image elements corresponding respectively to a plurality of media contents is displayed, if a selection input is generated on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110099515 - Alignment technology: A user interface is displayed, including first and second portions. A group name list is displayed for the one or more groups of the first version in the first user interface portion and of the second version in the second portion. A list of one or more tables within each... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110099516 - Method for centralized application package distribution: A package installer identifies a utility tool that is capable of opening a file attempted by a user based on metadata downloaded from a remote server, where the metadata includes information identifying one or more packages available for download from the remote server, including mime types of files that the... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20110099517 - Product option presentation in a product selection and management workflow: A product option selection method for a plurality of products populated with a selected plurality of digital images includes causing a display of a first option selector and a second option selector. The first option selector corresponds to an additional product related to one or more of the plurality of... Agent:

20110099518 - Recording device and control method: A recording device is disclosed which has a push switch and no display. A menu item is sequentially changed out of a plurality of menu items, which are arranged in a specific order, by operating the push switch. Sub-pluralities of menu items are sequentially skipped based on the continuous operation... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110099519 - Menuing structure for media content: Methods, systems, articles of manufacture, and apparatus for causing a computer system such as a media device to perform operations may include receiving input from the user selecting a media type category, identifying media content items within the selected media category that the user has previously selected for presentation, prioritizing... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110099520 - Motor vehicle operating device: A motor vehicle operating device has a display device, an operating element and a control device, which are mutually coupled and set up such that an operating element symbol that corresponds to the operating element with respect to its outline shape is displayed on the display device. Navigation through a... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20110099521 - System for browsing through a music catalog using correlation metrics of a knowledge base of mediasets: A system and method to navigate through a media item catalog and generate recommendations using behavioral metrics such as correlation metrics (FIGS. 1,2) from a knowledge base (400) of mediasets (FIG. 4, 1-7). One implementation uses a knowledge base comprising a collection of mediasets. Various metrics (Metric 1-Metric m) among... Agent: Strands, Inc.

20110099522 - Mobile device and method for supporting list search based on item grouping: A mobile device and method support an effective and quick search for a specific item in a list of many items through a simple, convenient and intuitive input process and interface. When one of the lists is selected, the mobile device detects the total number of items contained in the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110099523 - Product selection and management workflow: A method includes causing, in a first frame of a user interface, a display of thumbnails each corresponding to a different digital image. With the thumbnails displayed in the first frame, a display of a series of product controls is caused to be displayed. Upon a user's selection of a... Agent:

20110099524 - Method for controlling icon display in mobile terminal and mobile terminal thereof: The present disclosure relates to a method for controlling an icon display in a mobile terminal and a mobile terminal thereof, wherein the method comprises: generating a plurality of menu screens having a plurality of icons and displaying a first menu screen on a touch screen, the first menu screen... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110099525 - Method and apparatus for generating a data enriched visual component: An approach is provided for generating a visual component. The visual component configured to create a visual object to retrieve and present place data stored in a repository is generated. The visual object is to be embedded within a website for the presentation of the place data. Storage of the... Agent:

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110093769 - Computer form action zone summary system and method: A system and method for facilitating the entry by a signer user of information into a scaffold electronic document having multiple information entry fields, over the internet or similar network. The system includes a document summary server, in communication with a document execution server, and associated with a scaffold electronic... Agent: Rightsignature, LLC

20110093770 - Program for displaying and operating table: In columns of a table, a list of labels of records of a table referenced by the table as a relation is displayed. A correlational display function of the record of interest enables information on a table involving an operator to be grasped in one table. When a record of... Agent:

20110093771 - System and method for superimposing a document with date information: System and method for enhancing the display of a document by maintaining in a computer system information associated with a plurality of content elements, including a date. A document is parsed to identify content elements contained within the document, wherein at least one content element contained in the document is... Agent:

20110093772 - System and method for managing dynamic document references: Document fragments are managed by the use of fragment objects. Fragment objects contain a reference to a portion of a source document. Referencing documents contain a reference to a fragment object which delivers the content of the fragment of the source document to the referencing document. The source document can... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110093773 - Automated application compatibility testing: A hardware and/or software facility for automated application compatibility testing. The facility automatically detects visual discrepancies between rendered versions of a web page produced by different browsers. The facility may identify differences in a web page rendered by two or more browsers by progressively comparing, for each browser, the corresponding... Agent: Browsera LLC

20110093774 - Document transformation: Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to transforming documents. In aspects, a transformer obtains a source document and a transformation document. The transformation document indicates changes to make to the source document to transform the source document. The transformation document also includes location information that indicates where the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110093776 - Information processing apparatus, processing method thereof and computer-readable storage medium: An information processing apparatus includes: an image management unit configured to manage a plurality of images; a priority information management unit configured to manage, associated with each image, priority information indicating a priority that has been instructed by a supplier of the image; an approval information management unit configured to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110093775 - Method for displaying digital images: A method for presenting images to a user on a display, the method comprising the steps of providing one or more stored images each with at least a day and month of capture; based on the stored images, determining which day and month at least an image was captured; and... Agent:

20110093777 - Document signing systems and methods: A system and method for enabling electronic signing of an unsigned electronic document over the internet or similar network. Responsive to receipt of document and signer information from a document sender, a document execution server makes available to all signer users over a network, the unsigned electronic document, together with... Agent: Rightsignature, LLC

20110093778 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed. The mobile terminal includes a stereoscopic user interface. The stereoscopic user interface includes a display unit capable of implementing a 3D stereoscopic image. A 3D object is displayed on the display unit. And, the 3D object can be manipulated by a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110093779 - Wizard in a wizard engine: A method for managing a web application initiated by a user is disclosed which enables navigation between two or more wizards while executing said web application. Predefined instructions ensure that a user can execute a plurality of steps in different orders when navigating between two or more wizards without losing... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110093780 - Advertising avatar: An advertising avatar provides an engaging advertising experience. To create an advertising avatar, a user provides information that may be used to target advertisements to the user. The information is stored in a user profile and associated with an avatar ID. Additionally, an avatar image is created for the advertising... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110093781 - Declarative task-based user interfaces: In one embodiment, a method for building wizard-style user interfaces (UIs) for a business task includes identifying a collection of metadata associated with the business task, and processing the collection of metadata to provide a set of wizard-style UIs pertaining to the business task.... Agent: Oracle Corportion

20110093782 - Methods and apparatuses for providing message information in graphical user interfaces based on user inputs: Improved methods and apparatuses are provided for determining when and how to display non-modal messages relating to user input portions of a graphical user interface (GUI). One method includes displaying at least one user input portion within a GUI and determining if the user input portion is in an invalid... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110093784 - Apparatus, system and method for a web-based interactive video platform: An apparatus, a system, a method and a computer program product are provided. The system includes a controller configured to broadcast a web-based meeting between a first user and a second user. The system further includes a graphical user interface configured to display the broadcasted web-based meeting. The controller is... Agent: Vokle, Inc.

20110093783 - Method and system for linking media components: A system and method for linking media components may include a processor that executes a handshake protocol according to which a video component is rendered conditional upon receipt of notification of rendering of an associated media component. The system and method may additionally perform a keyword comparison algorithm to determine... Agent:

20110093785 - Apparatus for network traffic classification benchmark: The present invention relates to a network management system for analyzing Internet application traffic. An apparatus for Internet application traffic classification benchmark according to the present invention configures two or more Internet application traffic classifications in plug-in scheme to perform a benchmarking function for the performance of each Internet application... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20110093786 - Geographical vulnerability mitgation response mapping system: Systems and methods for geographically mapping a vulnerability of a network having one or more network points include receiving vulnerability information identifying a vulnerability of a point of the network, correlating the vulnerability information with location information for the identified network point, and network identification information for the identified network... Agent: Verizon Corporate Services Group Inc.

20110093787 - Supplying enhanced computer user's context data: Techniques are described for providing information about a current state that is modeled with multiple state attributes. In some situations, the providing of information includes receiving from first and second sources indications of ability to supply values for, respectively, an indicated one of the state attributes and another of the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110093789 - Method and system for completing an edit area of a web page: Disclosed is a method and apparatus that detects an input focus proximate an edit area of a web page navigated to by a user of a computing device via a web browser. The edit area is configured to receive input in a particular format. The method also includes the step... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20110093790 - Preemptive caching for web-based systems: The present invention provides a system and methods for pre-fetching of customized web content associated with a user profile in a cache upon receiving user identification, but before the user provides authentication details. Further, the present invention provides a method and system for rendering of the cached customized web content... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110093788 - System and method for personalizing content for a mobile device: A system and method for personalizing content for a mobile device is provided. The system for personalizing content for a mobile device may comprise an acquisition module that may capture user identifiable content associated with the current user of the mobile device. The acquisition module may be coupled to the... Agent: Firstpaper LLC

20110093791 - Managing activity reuse in a collaborative computing environment: A method, system and apparatus for managing activity reuse in a collaborative environment. The method can include the step of creating a new activity instance based upon an existing activity instance. Specifically, the creating step can include the steps of selecting an activity template and creating the new activity instance... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110093793 - Method for attaching data and mobile terminal thereof: A method controlling a mobile terminal, and which includes displaying, via a display included on the mobile terminal, a text message input window for creating a text message to be sent to at least one other terminal; receiving, via a controller included on the mobile terminal, a generation signal indicating... Agent:

20110093795 - Methods and apparatus for efficiently managing the storage of e-mail message information for a mobile station: A mobile device receives, via a wireless network, a plurality of messages and stores message information of the messages in memory. Each message includes at least one correspondent address and conversation text with the at least one correspondent address, as well as metadata comprising an identifier for uniquely identifying the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110093792 - Methods and systems for identifying, assessing and clearing conflicts of interest: Methods and systems for identifying, assessing and clearing conflicts of interest are described herein. Consistent with some embodiments, a conflicts management system receives a conflict search request, and processes the request utilizing a risk matrix that encompass and represents the risk tolerance or risk profile of a law firm. The... Agent: Frayman Group, Inc., The

20110093794 - Mobile electronic communications dialog using sequenced digital images: The present disclosure provides a system and method for electronic communications dialog between a plurality of users using digital images. The user selects a template for entering a plurality of words and associated images that constitute an initial electronic message. The user then enters a plurality of words into the... Agent:

20110093796 - Generation and data management of a medical study using instruments in an integrated media and medical system: In general, a computer-implemented method is described for receiving one or more requests to generate a medical study, retrieving from one or more data repositories one or more medical study instruments, receiving a selection of a particular medical study instrument to use in the medical study, generating by one or... Agent:

20110093797 - System and method for dynamically changing the content of an internet web page: A host Web page includes an evolving interactive dialog box wherein an Internet user may enter user data to be processed. When the user completes entering user data in a first revolution of the interactive dialog box, the first revolution is replaced with a second revolution of the evolving interactive... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20110093801 - Application extension system, extension method, extension program: Provide are an application extension system, an extension method, and an extension program which can perform customize over a plurality of pages in a Web system and modify the customize method in accordance with the content of the Web pages. The application extension system includes; An interface (11) which receives... Agent:

20110093798 - Automated content detection, analysis, visual synthesis and repurposing: A content summary is generated by determining a relevance of each of a plurality of scenes, removing at least one of the plurality of scenes based on the determined relevance, and creating a scene summary based on the plurality of scenes. The scene summary is output to a graphical user... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110093800 - Hmi framework for extensible automation system engineering platforms: A GUI framework leverages interfaces of extensible engineering platforms to provide a tool that easily constructs HMIs for automation systems. The GUI framework can import existing GUI components and/or create new GUI components. The GUI framework can also combine basic GUI components to create complex composite GUI components. An import... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110093799 - System and method for configuration of controlling device functionality: A user interface of a hand-held device is provided with a widget which is activatable to cause the hand-held device to perform at least one action. The widget is created by a user selecting programming blocks from a library of pre-defined programming blocks where each programming block is graphically represented... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20110093802 - Elicitation method for custom image preferences using keywords: A method and user interface for eliciting and processing user feedback includes displaying on a computing device display a digital asset, wherein the digital asset has an associated list having at least one keyword; displaying on the computing device display a user feedback interface, the user feedback interface comprising at... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110093803 - Server geospatially organized flat file data: A flat file data organization technique is used for storing and retrieving geospatially organized data. The invention reduces transfer time by transferring a few large files in lieu of a large number of small files. It also moves the process of locating a given data file away from the file... Agent: C/o Google Inc.

20110093804 - Screen object placement optimized for blind selection: An improved handheld electronic device includes an input apparatus, an output apparatus, and a processor apparatus. The input apparatus includes a multi-axis input device such as a rollerball, trackball, joystick or touchpad, allowing the focus of a user interface program to be moved about a display from one screen object... Agent: Research In Motion

20110093805 - Digital canvas system: The invention regards a system and a method which has a digital primary canvas hosted in a server displaying its content on a multiple of screens connected to a computer on a client canvas operated by participants in a specific project, and the client canvas is adapted to receive canvas... Agent:

20110093806 - Obfuscating reception of communiqué affiliated with a source entity: A computationally implemented method includes, but is not limited to: receiving a communiqué that is affiliated with a source entity and that is directed to a receiving user; and presenting, in lieu of presenting indication of reception of the communiqué, a covert indicator that covertly indicates reception of the communiqué,... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110093807 - Form completion rate enhancement system and method: A system and method for facilitating the entry by a user via a network, of information into a scaffold electronic document. A flag server modifies the scaffold electronic document to include user-entered information in a information entry field and displays a graphic flag at a next one of a succession... Agent: Rightsignature LLC

20110093808 - Systems and methods for indicating and predicting views: Further aspects may receive, from each of the plurality of other users, a prediction of a composite degree of agreement with at least one of the alternative answers, and identify, from among the received predictions of the composite degree of agreement, a received prediction of the composite degree of agreement... Agent:

20110093809 - Input to non-active or non-primary window: This document describes methods and/or apparatuses for enabling a window to be scrolled without the window having to be selected to become active or primary, along with other techniques.... Agent:

20110093810 - Method for digitally labelling websites: A host website, method and system for digitally labelling websites or subscribers with digital labels which represent characteristics or qualities of the website is disclosed. Digital labels are stored on host websites, each of which is directed to a specific subject or activity. The host website can also provide digital... Agent:

20110093811 - System and method for performing auto scroll: Provided is a system and method for performing an auto scroll. The system for performing the auto scroll may include an auto scroll determination unit to determine whether to perform the auto scroll on a page, an auto scroll performing unit to perform the auto scroll on the page so... Agent: Nhn Corporation

20110093812 - Displaying lists as reacting against barriers: A first set of entries in a list having multiple entries is displayed. Different ones of the multiple entries are displayed as the list is scrolled through in response to a first user gesture. Additionally, in response to the first user gesture when a second set of entries at an... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110093813 - Image forming apparatus and program controlling method: A disclosed image forming apparatus includes a management unit configured to receive an instruction for operating a second program which can be dynamically inserted into a first program installed in the image forming apparatus, a control unit configured to carry out a process corresponding to the instruction for operating the... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110093814 - System and method for using image data in connection with configuring a universal controlling device: A method for configuring a universal controlling device to enable the universal controlling device to communicate commands to one or more target appliances. A system having an associated database of original equipment remote control images that are cross-referenced to configuration information for a respective plurality of appliances receives identification data... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20110093815 - Generating and displaying hybrid context menus: Hybrid menus can be generated and displayed, where the hybrid menus comprising primary and sub-menus having different geometries. Depending upon the context in which a user provides selection input for menu display, the context-appropriate model elements are retrieved from a tree model. A layout generation component transforms the tree model... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110093816 - Data display method and mobile device adapted to thereto: A shortcut icon display method and a mobile device adapted to the method are provided. The method includes displaying, if a group icon including at least two icons is selected, at least two icons included in the group icon, and performing a function corresponding to a selected one of at... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110093817 - Image display and method for controlling the same: Provided are an image display device, a key input for controlling the image display device, and a corresponding operating method. The method includes detecting an input of at least one of control keys provided at a predetermined area on the image display device and displaying a control key OSD corresponding... Agent:

20110093818 - Method and apparatus for providing a generic interface context model: An apparatus for providing a generic interface context model may include at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program code. The at least one memory and the computer program code may be configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus to perform at... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110093819 - Zeroclick: A GUI interface, a method of programming a GUI interface, and an apparatus which enables functions of controls in the GUI to be activated by a movement to a control and then another subsequent movement related to that control. It may be defined more precisely below, A GUI in which,... Agent:

20110093821 - Displaying gui elements on natural user interfaces: A computing system for displaying a GUI element on a natural user interface is described herein. The computing system includes a display configured to display a natural user interface of a program executed on the computing system, and a gesture sensor configured to detect a gesture input directed at the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110093820 - Gesture personalization and profile roaming: A gesture-based system may have default or pre-packaged gesture information, where a gesture is derived from a user's position or motion in a physical space. In other words, no controllers or devices are necessary. Depending on how a user uses his or her gesture to accomplish the task, the system... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110093822 - Image navigation for touchscreen user interface: Various embodiments relate to a local computing device that includes a display and a touchscreen interface. The device is operable to establish a remote network computing session with a host computer system, transmit touch event information associated with touch events, receive graphical display information corresponding to a host image associated... Agent:

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110087953 - Automated embeddable searchable static rendering of a webpage generator: A computer program that creates a static rendering of a web page as an image and as text representing the page, by rendering an image of the web page from a web browser, storing the image on a server, extracting only the readable text from the source of the web... Agent:

20110087954 - Data analysis expressions: Methods and systems are disclosed for receiving and processing data analysis expressions. A particular method includes receiving a data analysis expression at a pivot table of a spreadsheet. The data analysis expression is executed for a particular cell of the pivot table by determining a context associated with the particular... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110087955 - Computer-aided methods and systems for e-books: One embodiment includes a portable e-book reading device for reading a paginated e-book, where each page includes one or more sections, with at least one section including a piece of text linked to an illustration. The device includes a controller, a display and a screen layout module coupled to the... Agent:

20110087956 - Reading and information enhancement system and method: A written document (hereinafter referred to as a “work,” on electronic format which includes, stories, novels, education texts, biographies, compilations, collections, anthologies, tracts, and any other traditional format for relatively extensive texts) provides access to reference, bibliography and/or definition material through an electronic software capability associated with the work. Depending... Agent:

20110087957 - Method and apparatus for uniform presentation of documents on a mobile communication device: A mobile communication device, comprising a display, a persistent store, at least one input device, and a processor for executing (i) an invoking application for generating a request for document data responsive to an input via the input device, (ii) an attachment viewer for receiving the request and generating a... Agent:

20110087959 - Method and device for processing the structure of a layout file: Disclosed are a method and a device for processing the structure of a layout file, comprising: obtaining document content structure information and/or document layout exhibition information of the layout file; dividing document contents of the layout file into content blocks according to the document content structure information and/or the document... Agent: Peking University

20110087958 - Method for extracting document data from multiple sources for display on a communication device: A method operable on a mobile communication device, comprising opening a browser session and issuing an HTTP request for document data, wherein the request includes an XML descriptor added to headers of the HTTP request for identifying the request and the document data being requested, and receiving an HTTP response... Agent:

20110087960 - Power metering and control in cloud based computer: According to one general aspect, a method of regulating the system resource consumption of an apparatus may include monitoring one or more system resources of the apparatus. The method may also include receiving a request to display, via the apparatus, a requested multi-element document. The method may include retrieving by... Agent: Google Inc.

20110087961 - Method and system for assisting in typing: The invention relates to a computerized system for predicting completions to input text which is typed by a user to a text-oriented active application within a client computer, which comprises: (a) an off-line server that gathers texts from textual repositories, analyzes and processes the same to produce entries for an... Agent: A.i Type Ltd.

20110087962 - Method and apparatus for the automatic predictive selection of input methods for web browsers: A method and apparatus for predictively selecting an input method at a web browser. Once a user has entered information identifying a web page, contextual information at the web page is examined in order to automatically, predictively select an appropriate input method for the web page. Once the input method... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110087963 - User interface control with edge finger and motion sensing: Devices and methods are disclosed which relate to controlling the interface of a communications device using edge sensors that detect finger placement and movements. The invention combines edge sensors and outputs with left/right hand detection and an associated soft key adaptation. This combination allows a user to make handset inputs,... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20110087964 - Method for indicating a volume of an audio sink of a portable electronic device: A method includes rendering data for display on a display screen of a portable electronic device and rendering an overlay for display on the display screen, the overlay being superimposed over the data and including a volume indicator and an audio sink indicator.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110087965 - Method for setting up a list of audio files for a mobile device: A method for setting up a list of audio files for a mobile device, and a mobile device utilizing the method for setting up the list of audio files are described.... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110087966 - Internet customization system: An apparatus for structuring web content including a structuring web server. The structuring web server includes a data collection server, a data analyzer, and a structured content server. The data collection server is configured to collect usage data associated with at least one user. The data analyzer is configured to... Agent:

20110087967 - Social networking in a non-personalized environment: A social networking website allows users to interact socially without revealing any information about themselves. The only information they reveal is about their virtual pets in the virtual website world.... Agent: Ganz

20110087968 - Managing connections between real world and virtual world communities: A method, information processing system, and computer program storage product manage connections between a virtual world and a social network. A set of virtual world information and a set of social network information are analyzed. A graph including a plurality of vertices is generated. Each vertex represents one of virtual... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110087971 - Music/video messaging: Device(s) and computer program products for creating custom music/video messages to facilitate and/or improve social interaction. The created music/video messages include at least portions of: music, video, pictures, slideshows, and/or text. The music/video messages enable feelings or emotions to be communicated by the user of the device to one or... Agent:

20110087969 - Systems and methods to automatically generate a signature block: Systems and methods for automated signature generation. In one aspect, a method implemented in a computer includes: storing information relating to a plurality of persons on a computer readable medium; and generating a signature block applied to a message composed in a user interface, based on one or more addresses... Agent: Xobni Corporation

20110087972 - Systems, apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage media facilitating heterogeneous messaging for a communication device: Apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage media for threading calls and messages are provided. A method can include: receiving messaging content; and displaying the messaging content in a single thread, wherein the messaging content is threaded and a thread of the messaging content comprises at least one text message and at... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20110087970 - Systems, apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage media for facilitating integrated messaging, contacts and social media for a selected entity: Systems, apparatus and methods are provided. In some embodiments, a computer-implemented method is provided. The computer-implemented method can include executing, using at least one processor, computer-readable instructions for performing various acts. The acts can include executing at least two applications, wherein at least one of the two applications is for... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20110087973 - Distributed system and method for management of multiple users and workspaces: A distributed system for managing users and workspaces comprises a network cloud comprising at least one server configured to store and run at least one application and at least one meeting appliance configured to communicate with the network cloud, to run the at least one application on the network cloud,... Agent: Smart Technologies Ulc

20110087974 - User interface controls including capturing user mood in response to a user cue: Embodiments provide a method for operating a control in a graphical user interface (GUI) concurrently or in association with receiving a user indication of the user's state of mind. For example, a GUI control may include navigation controls in a web browser (page forward, page back, open or close a... Agent:

20110087976 - Application-based backup-restore of electronic information: Systems and methods for storing and restoring backup data. One method includes receiving, while a current view of an application is displayed in a user interface, a first user input requesting a history view associated with the current view of the application. The history view is displayed in response to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110087975 - Method and arrangement in a data: The invention relates to user equipment for recording data within the user equipment is provided. The user equipment includes a receiving unit to receive application data from a database within the user equipment, which application data is associated with at least one application. The user equipment further includes a monitoring... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110087977 - Method for selecting shapes in a graphical display: A selector shape may serve as the background to a configurable composite shape and may include one or more expressions that are evaluated to select between several composite shape definitions via links to the definition. Each selector shape includes an animation expression and a lookup table converter to select an... Agent: Fisher-rosemount Systems, Inc.

20110087979 - Method, apparatus and system for stacking network captured traffic distribution devices: A network captured traffic distribution device including a plurality of bi-directional ports, an egress port, a stacking port, and a processor is disclosed. The stacking port may be configured to enable the stacking of the network captured traffic distribution device with at least one additional network captured traffic distribution device... Agent: Vss Monitoring, Inc.

20110087980 - Methods and systems for providing content: A method of providing content through a content providing system is provided. The method includes dividing content into objects and associating the divided objects with corresponding codes; storing the objects associated with the codes in a database; accepting a connection of a specific medium among the plurality of media; receiving... Agent: Ein's I&s Co., Ltd.

20110087978 - Usage based process for selecting hardware and software in a build to order environment: A usage based process for selecting hardware and software in a build to order environment. During the configuration of an information handling system, the usage based process presents a survey to a customer and uses information derived from the survey to automatically populate an information handling system configuration. In certain... Agent:

20110087981 - Method for removing icon in mobile terminal and mobile terminal using the same: A method for removing an icon in a mobile terminal is presented. The method includes, displaying an icon display area and a menu area on a display screen of the mobile terminal, wherein the icon is displayed in the icon display area and a predetermined executing icon menu is displayed... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110087983 - Mobile communication terminal having touch interface and touch interface method: A mobile communication terminal having a touch interface and a touch interface method provide a touch selection process for the purpose of menu selection. The mobile communication terminal includes a touch unit to generate a touch signal in response to a received touch, a touch signal determination unit to receive... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20110087984 - Movable information panels: Various techniques, methods and apparatus are disclosed. In some example embodiments, a movable information panel may be moved to be displayed as a tabbed web page, moved to a different application window, or docked to a horizontal or vertical panel bar. Other example embodiments are also disclosed.... Agent: Google Inc.

20110087982 - Workspace management tool: A method for providing a workspace management tool includes presenting a workspace overview graphical user interface (GUI) having a first area and a second area. The first area includes visual indicators of favorite applications of a user, and the second area includes multiple regions, each region representing a different work... Agent:

20110087987 - Appliance interface system: An appliance includes a user interface and a controller. The user interface comprises a plurality of selector buttons. Each selector button respectively comprises a display and a touch sensitive input area. The display can render an image thereupon for the selector button. Further, the display of the selector button can... Agent: Electrolux Home Products, Inc.

20110087985 - Graph viewer: Embodiments of the invention provide apparatuses and methods for providing a graphical user interface on the display device, where the graphical user interface includes a graph viewing tool for charting data. The graph viewing tool includes: (a) a first display area displaying a first axis and a second axis of... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20110087988 - Graphical control elements for building management systems: A building management system includes graphical control elements for viewing and interacting with the building management system. Graphical control elements conduct analysis of information received from the building management system and may be used to control building equipment, monitor operational statuses, diagnose faults, or conduct other building management system tasks.... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110087986 - System and method for graphical representation of business documents and effectivity: A system and method to graphically represent historical product structures. When a computer extracts all change states for a data set corresponding to a first product structure having a plurality of items. The change states associated with each item are concatenated. The concatenated change states relative to each item and... Agent: Sap Ag

20110087989 - Activity management tool: A method for providing an activity management tool includes receiving a user request for an activity overview, identifying currently running applications, applications that are likely to be run in the future, and open windows of the currently running applications. The method further includes presenting an activity overview graphical user interface... Agent:

20110087990 - User interface for a touchscreen display: A device, which may have a touchscreen display, and methods for its operation are provided using a graphical user interface and an overlay user input interface such as a virtual keyboard. The graphical user interface may include one or more user interface elements displayed in a first region of the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110087991 - Methods and apparatus for reliable entry and enhanced presentation of ipv6 addresses: A technique for establishing an IPv6 address for a network device involves displaying a prefix field for accessing a list of IPv6 address prefixes, an interface identifier field for accessing a list of interface identifiers, and a fillable address field for entering an IPv6 address. An IPv6 address is constructed... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20110087992 - Thumbnail image substitution: Thumbnail image substitution is described. In embodiments, a navigation input is received that is effective to move from a first view of a media content page to a second view of the media content page. The second view includes a region of the media content page that is not included... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110087993 - Displaying messages on handheld devices: A method of displaying messages on handheld devices. The device displays messages in a scrollable viewport of vertically arranged fields. Date separators inserted into the vertically arranged list of messages to enable the user to associate the messages with a date. The date separators have “sticky” operation, meaning that the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110087994 - Systems, apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage media facilitating information retrieval for a communication device: Systems, apparatus, methods and computer-readable media are provided. In some embodiments, a method can include: detecting a selection of an item, the item being displayed via user interface (UI); searching for information associated with the item for which selection is detected, wherein the searching is performed automatically based, at least,... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20110087995 - Method for simplifying the input, by a user, of a very long numerical sequence, and corresponding device and computer program product: A method is provided for simplifying the input, by a user, of a very long numerical sequence, via an input module of a communications terminal. The method includes: inputting, via the input module, at least one word forming alphanumerical sequences, the word or words being previously associated with the numerical... Agent: Campagnie Industrielle Et Financiere D'ingenierie Ingenico

20110087996 - Handheld electronic device having improved help facility and associated method: An improved handheld electronic device and associated method in accordance with the invention provide an improved help facility that displays a list of hot key assignments. The help facility is context-specific, meaning that it displays the hot key assignments that are activatable in the context of the specific portion of... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110087997 - List scrolling method and device adapted to the same: A list scrolling control method, system, and device are provided. When scrolling is controlled, the change in data is not displayed on the list area but scrolling information is provided via an information region additionally provided by the scroll bar, thereby quickly performing a list scrolling process. The list scrolling... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110087998 - Thumbnail based image quality inspection: An input image (7) having a first pixel resolution is acquired from an image capture system (2). A respective characterization of each of at least one visual quality feature of the input image (7) is determined. An output thumbnail image (9) is produced from the input image (7). The output... Agent:

20110087999 - Set definition in data processing systems: The invention defines sets of items in a data processing system where the items can be visually represented in a graphical user interface by respective graphical elements which are individually selectable via the graphical user interface to permit indication by a user of items on which actions are to be... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110088001 - Automated system and method for managing goals: A goal management system stores at least first and second goals. The goal management system also stores a relationship between the first goal and the second goal. In one aspect, the goal management system detects modification of the first goal and, in response, causes the second goal to be automatically... Agent:

20110088000 - Systems and methods for displaying a hierarchical set of building management system information: A computing system for displaying hierarchical set of building management system information is shown and described. The computing system includes a processing circuit configured to render a shape for each software defined building object and to render the shapes for lower level software defined building objects as nested within the... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110088003 - Apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage media for security provisioning at a communication device: Apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage medium are provided for security provisioning at a communication device. In some embodiments, a method can include: executing a high security application on a communication device based, at least, on detecting that high security is enabled for the communication device and detecting execution of a... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20110088002 - Method and platform for gestural transfer of digital content for mobile devices: A platform is provided which allows for gesture-initiated transfer of digital content from a mobile device to at least one other device which may also be a mobile device. The platform includes an application that leverages components which help in determining the pose of the mobile device. Upon detecting a... Agent:

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110083067 - Web browsing environment provider system for multiple users and control method thereof: Provided are a web browsing environment provider system for multiple users, in which a remote server computer is used, and a method of controlling the system. The system includes a user device on which a user interface is displayed for reading a web page and controlling web browsing, and a... Agent: Logicplant

20110083068 - Managing digital annotations from diverse media formats having similar content: A method of managing annotations in digital media includes receiving an input of at least two media files. Each of the at least two media files includes a media format and contains primary content and annotated content. The method also requires creating a merge file having a single media format... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110083069 - Method and system for providing applications to various devices: A method for providing applications to one or more requesting devices is provided. The method comprises a step of first receiving an application request from the one or more requesting devices. The method includes extracting details of the request. Further markup language structure for corresponding page of the application is... Agent: Infosys Technologies Limited

20110083070 - Systems and methods for rendering and increasing portability of document-based user interface software objects: Systems and methods for rendering document-based user interface software objects are disclosed. User interface software objects may be represented in a document object model on a first computer system. These objects may then be communicated to a second computer system on which they are similarly rendered through use of a... Agent:

20110083071 - Method for displaying string of basic input output system: A method for displaying strings of basic input output system (BIOS) is provided. In the present invention, a BIOS storage unit includes a first globally unique identifier (GUID), a default string area, and an overriding string area with a second GUID. The first GUID and the second GUID are read... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20110083072 - System and method for user-adaptable interface presentation for document processing devices: The subject application is directed to a document processing device and a system and method for generation of user-adaptable interface presentations on the document processing device. A visual output associated with the operation and the status of the document processing device is generated on a display of the device that... Agent:

20110083073 - Synchronized recording and playback of a plurality of media content: An apparatus, method, and logic for the synchronized recording and playback of a plurality of media content are described herein. According to an embodiment of the present invention, first and second media content provided by at least one source are selected via a media control device configured to receive and... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20110083074 - Graphical user interface for content management: A Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows a user to control multiple media streams at the same time. A user can display and configure multiple regions of the GUI to display information about, and control broadcast properties of, multiple media streams being broadcast at the same time. Multiple display regions of... Agent: Clear Channel Management Services, Inc.

20110083075 - Emotive advisory system acoustic environment: An emotive advisory system for use by one or more occupants of an automotive vehicle includes a directional speaker array, and a computer. The computer is configured to determine an audio direction, and output data representing an avatar for visual display. The computer is further configured to output data representing... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110083076 - Image forming apparatus, method for providing user interface content, and method for receiving user interface content in host device: A method of providing user interface (UI) content in an image forming apparatus is provided, which includes receiving attribute information of a second web browser installed in a host device, if the host device accesses the image forming apparatus using location information of the image forming apparatus and the second... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110083077 - Site controller discovery and import system: An approach for site controller discovery, import and integration. A customer may purchase site controllers to be put at its remote location, sometimes prior to having network connectivity to the remote location. Eventually, the customer may want to integrate the remote site controller with a supervisor at its home facility.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110083078 - Mobile terminal and browsing method thereof: A mobile terminal may be provided that accesses the web through a browser, searches data including a search keyword inputted by a user on the accessed web, displays a list of the searched results, loads web pages linked to at least one or more search results from among the searched... Agent:

20110083079 - Apparatus, system, and method for improved type-ahead functionality in a type-ahead field based on activity of a user within a user interface: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for improved type-ahead functionality in a type-ahead field based on activity of a user within a user interface. The method includes identifying a user activity context including one or more activities of a user within a user interface. Each activity includes an associated... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110083080 - Client server system and connection method: In at least one embodiment of the disclosure, a computing device comprises a network interface that receives terminal information corresponding to a terminal connected to a network. A storage device stores profile information defining that the terminal is permitted to connect to the computing device. A central processing unit refers... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110083081 - Systems and methods for allowing a user to control their computing environment within a virtual computing environment: The present invention provides systems and methods for allowing a user to control their computing environment within a virtual computing environment. Specifically, various systems and methods as provided by the present invention allow for users to configure their computing environment within a virtual computing environment based on changing locations within... Agent:

20110083082 - Fractional download based on currently presented portions from large content pages: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer program products, for fractional download of content pages in a data network including one or more servers and client devices. A single page layout is identified for a content page to be downloaded from a server to a client device in the data network.... Agent:

20110083083 - Screen generation method, and screen generation appratus: An apparatus, method and screen recording medium are provided. The apparatus includes a determining unit which determines, in response to a request to perform processing including a screen transition and the request is transmitted from a client device via a network, whether a screen definition data, as a transition destination,... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110083084 - Method and device for employing editors to compoile data for competence functions: Methods and devices are described with which screen displays, screen contents and screen layouts, for instance, job searches, are all available to users of competence functions (competence profiles) depending on the occurrence of certain types of data in databases. By means of the methods and devices, such screen displays, screen... Agent:

20110083086 - Dynamically depicting interactions in a virtual world based on varied user rights: Embodiments of the invention generally manage dynamically depicting interactions in a virtual world. Embodiments of the invention may receive one or more content restrictions associated with a first user of a virtual world, and may analyze the activity history of a second user in the virtual world. Embodiments of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110083085 - Rules-based fan interaction engine, system and method: A rules-based fan interaction engine, system and method. The engine, system and method include a fan interaction software mechanism for execution by one or more computing processors, including at least one data source associated with at least one relational computing database including a plurality of data indicative of at least... Agent:

20110083087 - Video processing system providing association between displayed video and media content and related methods: A video processing system may include a display and a video processor coupled to the display. The video processor may be configured to ingest a time-referenced video and media content, correlate the media content to corresponding points in time in the time-referenced video, and generate on the display a video... Agent: Harris Corporation

20110083088 - Navigation of electronic backups: Systems and methods for navigating within snapshots are provided. In one implementation a method is provided. The method includes receiving, while a current view is displayed in a user interface, a first user input requesting that a history view associated with the current view be displayed. The history view is... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110083089 - Monitoring pointer trajectory and modifying display interface: Apparatus and methods for improving touch-screen interface usability and accuracy by determining the trajectory of a pointer as it approaches the touch-screen and modifying the touch-screen display accordingly. The system may predict an object on the display the user is likely to select next. The system may designate this object... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110083090 - Apparatus and method for creating and using documents in a distributed computing network: An authoring application for allowing users to create, control and distribute electronic content including a canvas interface for constructing a project of the electronic content from a plurality of resource files, the canvas interface having: a canvas area for constructing screen elements of the selected resource files to create screens;... Agent: Trintuition LLC

20110083091 - Graphical computer programming for a digital signal processor: A computer program for creating a computer program executable on one or more digital signal processors each having a predefined function set. The computer program includes computer code for receiving user input selecting one or more digital signal processors. The computer program also includes computer code for defining one or... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110083092 - Plant monitoring control system: Without using any drawing command of a commercially available OS or library, screen information that will be screen elements has preliminarily been registered in a screen information database, and based on a touch position information detected by a touch position detecting section, a request control of a display screen or... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110083093 - Apparatus and method for displaying log information: The present invention relates to an apparatus for displaying log information, comprising: a receiving unit for receiving at least one content and correlation information; the correlation information including correlation that correlates each of a plurality of segments formed at a display and each of the at least one content outputted... Agent:

20110083095 - Display method, display method of image forming apparatus, display device and image forming apparatus: A display method for displaying a schedule screen which indicates an execution reservation state of JOBS on a display section, the method including the step of displaying a part or the whole of information concerning two or more of the JOBs, by superimposing on the schedule screen, according to a... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110083094 - Systems and methods for displaying hvac information: Described herein are systems and methods for displaying HVAC information. One embodiment provides a method for displaying HVAC information including obtaining data indicative of a plurality of HVAC components of an HVAC system. For example, this data may be maintained by a building management system. The method further includes defining... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110083096 - Updatable menu items: A menu is displayed within a graphical user interface. The menu of one exemplary embodiment includes a plurality of selectable menu items within the menu. One of the menu items includes a first region and a second region. The first region presents a static title for the menu item, and... Agent:

20110083097 - Address bar user interface control: An address bar user interface control includes a plurality of interactive segments, each segment including one or more filters or selection criteria for selecting content from physical and/or virtual locations. A segment may include two or more filters or selection criteria which are logically combined such as by a logical... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110083098 - User interface for backup management: Systems and methods for providing a user interface including earlier versions of data. In one implementation, computer program product is provided. The computer program product generates a user interface. The user interface includes a view display area for presenting a current view and a history view display area for presenting... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110083099 - Mobile device and overlay display method thereof: A mobile device and method for displaying content in overlay form are provided. To remove user's inconvenience due to limitations on the size of a display unit, the mobile device outputs a first portion of content in a display unit and simultaneously outputs a second portion of the content or... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110083100 - Apparatus and method for invoking a function based on a gesture input: An electronic apparatus is provided including an input assembly. The input assembly includes a graphic display layer, a masking layer, and an input device. The graphic display layer includes a plurality of function icons. The masking layer includes a plurality of function icon windows for displaying functions icons associated with... Agent:

20110083102 - Information processing system, information processing apparatus, terminal device, and control methods thereof: An information processing apparatus displays a window screen based on screen information transmitted from a terminal device. Upon detection of a resize operation for the window screen, the information processing apparatus transmits a window size finally decided by the resize operation to the terminal device. The terminal device transmits screen... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110083101 - Sharing of location-based content item in social networking service: A method and/or system allows a user of a social networking service to publish a content item tagged with location information for sharing with other users of the social networking service. The user publishing the content item performs operations on the originating device to generate the content item. The originating... Agent:

20110083103 - Method for providing gui using motion and display apparatus applying the same: A method for providing a Graphic User Interface (GUI) and a display apparatus applying the same are provided. According to the method, a screen on a specific face is displayed on a Three Dimensional (3D) GUI, and if a user's manipulation is inputted when the screen of the specific face... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110083104 - Methods and devices that resize touch selection zones while selected on a touch sensitive display: An electronic device includes a controller circuit that is configured to display selectable indicia on a touch sensitive display device. The controller defines a default size and location of a plurality of selection zones on the display device that are each associated with different ones of the displayed selectable indicia.... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication Ab

20110083105 - List-editing method and mobile device adapted thereto: A list-editing method and a mobile device adapted to the method are provided. The method includes displaying a plurality of items on a screen, selecting at least one of the plurality of items according to an input signal, fixing at least one selected item at one side of the screen,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110083106 - Image input system: An image input system includes: a display device that displays a three-dimensional image; a plurality of cameras; a controller that controls the display device and the plurality of cameras, wherein the controller causes the display device to display the three-dimensional image that includes a plurality of icons, the controller performs... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110083107 - Electronic device, content reproduction method, and program therefor: An electronic device includes: a communication unit to connect to a different device on a network, the different device storing contents; an output unit to connect to a display apparatus; a control unit; an operation input unit; and a reproduction unit. The control unit searches for contents stored in the... Agent:

20110083108 - Providing user interface feedback regarding cursor position on a display screen: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for providing user interface feedback regarding a cursor position on a display screen. A user may use a suitable input device for controlling a cursor in a computing environment. The displayed objects may provide feedback regarding the cursor's position. Particularly, a position of the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110083109 - Electronic whiteboard: A method and apparatus for use with an electronic display system including a display surface wherein the system is capable of identifying a touch location on at least a portion of the display surface of a contact with the display surface, the display surface having a display area, the method... Agent:

20110083112 - Input apparatus: An input apparatus including an input unit to which a predetermined motion image signal is input, a motion detection unit for detecting a motion from the motion image signal which is input to the input unit, a video signal processing unit for outputting a predetermined video signal, and a control... Agent:

20110083110 - Touch-sensitive display and method of control: A method includes displaying one or more selection options on a touch-sensitive display and detecting a hovering touch associated with a first option of the one or more selection options. Information associated with the first option is previewed in a first format in an information field in response to detecting... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110083111 - User interface gestures and methods for providing file sharing functionality: Methods and devices provide a gesture activated file sharing functionality enabling users to share files with other nearby computing devices. The file sharing functionality may include establishing wireless links with nearby devices and determine their relative locations. The computing device may detect a file sharing gesture and transmit files to... Agent:

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