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Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications

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08/07/2014 > 76 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20140222169 - Apparatus administration system, display device, and program: Apparatus administration system includes control device that controls operation of apparatuses and display device communicable with the control device. In the control device, control unit controls each apparatus in accordance with operation schedule stored in schedule storage unit. Operation history storage unit stores operation history in which past operation states... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140222168 - Method for controlling component for network system: Provided is a method of controlling a component for a network system. The method of controlling a component for a network system, which is communicable with the other component, includes recognizing energy information or additional information except for the energy information; and providing recommended information related to an operation of... Agent:

20140222170 - Plc functional modules for energy management functionalities: A method for programming a programmable logic controller for controlling at least one energy consumer of a machine, includes providing at least one energy consumer functional module and at least one energy control functional module in a programming device for selection by a programmer in order to program an energy... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140222171 - Controlled application of external forces to a structure for precision leveling and securing: Methods provide for the controlled application of forces to a structure during leveling and securing procedures. According to embodiments described herein, a structure is supported at a number of support locations. An upward force is applied to the structure by the force application devices to counteract an equivalent downward force... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140222172 - Control apparatus for automating the operation of machinery: A control apparatus consisting of various componentry that are included together in a single, self-contained casing, the control apparatus for providing real time control of machinery and vehicles. The control apparatus includes a casing that defines a storage area therein. An integration card is positioned within the storage area, the... Agent:

20140222173 - System and method for analyzing athletic activity: A system for analyzing athletic activity is usable with an article of footwear including a sensor system with a plurality of force sensors configured to sense force exerted by a user's foot, an electronic module contained within the article of footwear, and a plurality of sensor leads connecting the sensors... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140222175 - Team sport system: System, apparatus, and computer program for team sport are disclosed. The system includes three parts: electronic tags attachable to players, a reader configured to read player identification data from the electronic tags, and an apparatus. The apparatus performs the following: obtains player data including the player identification data from the... Agent: Kuru Digital Creations Oy

20140222174 - Wearable apparatus to detect and monitor sleep and other activities: Various methods and apparatuses for measuring a state parameter of an individual using signals based on one or more sensors are disclosed. In one embodiment, a first set of signals is used in a first function to determine how a second set of signals is used in one or more... Agent:

20140222177 - Basketball sensing apparatus: An apparatus includes a non-transitory computer-readable medium to direct a processor to: receive signals indicating a made basketball shot or a missed basketball shot of a basketball by a person during a basketball shooting session, receive signals indicating a location from which each made basketball shot is made, and determine... Agent: Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

20140222176 - Computing device, software, and methods for indicating multiple sports: A method of determining game play is provided including providing a plurality of game options; determining a desired quantity of game play; determining a proportion of total game play duration for each of the plurality of games by a computing device, and providing a timer for each of the plurality... Agent: Aryaball, LLC

20140222178 - Data-driven media management within an electronic device: A method and apparatus for intelligently routing and managing audio signals within an electronic device is disclosed. The routing is responsive to a set of logical and physical policies which are stored in data tables which can be updated as needed.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140222179 - Proxy file pointer method for redirecting access for incompatible file formats: A system, method and computer readable medium which provides for the playback of a media file (e.g., audio files, video files, etc.) through a separate media organizer (e.g., Apple's ITUNES®, WINDOWS® Media Player, etc.) when the target media file is in a format that is incompatible with the media organizer... Agent: Channel D Corporation

20140222181 - Automatically updating graphical symbols in a control loop strategy diagram: Editing an appearance object corresponding to a control object having a plurality of attributes and displayed on a graphical user interface. The graphical user interface displays a plurality of interconnected appearance objects in a strategy diagram, where each of the plurality of interconnected appearance objects corresponds to an aspect of... Agent:

20140222180 - Batch conversion: Batch conversion systems and methods by which residual ingredients from a previous product batch can be used in a subsequent product batch, with the required amount of ingredients in the subsequent batch being adjusted accordingly.... Agent: Mettler-toledo, LLC

20140222182 - Process for the manufacture of custom optical elements: A process for the manufacture of custom freeform optical elements utilising parameterized modelling. A system for the automatic manufacture of a custom optical element is also described with the manufacturing being by laser micro-machining. The process and system allow customers to specify and order via a web interface and so... Agent:

20140222183 - Method for checking an article with material-free regions: A method for checking an article with material-free regions, a three-dimensional test structure of the article is set up, this test structure comprising a negative formation of the material-free regions.... Agent: Eisenmann Ag

20140222184 - Methods for the manufacture of intraluminal endoprosthesis: The application provides molds for the manufacture of intraluminal endoprostheses and methods for their manufacture. In particular embodiments, the methods comprise the steps of providing a 3D model of the mold, meshing the model, manufacturing a mold based on said meshed 3D model. Also provided herein are methods for manufacturing... Agent: Materialise N.v.

20140222185 - Apparatus and method for generating bill of materials for inspection: An apparatus and a method for generating a bill of materials for inspection are disclosed. The apparatus for generating a bill of materials for inspection comprises a risk operation module, a data filtering module, and a data outputting module. The risk operation module selects a material risk index, a manufacturer... Agent:

20140222186 - Control method and control device: Provided are a control method and a control device that can make the range of periodic activity (amplitude of reciprocal movement) of an object of control, such as an industrial robot, the same as a case in which the reduction device has no backlash or the same as the amplitude... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140222187 - Substrate processing apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium: Provided is a substrate processing apparatus capable of efficiently resuming processing of unprocessed substrates after an error occurs during processing of substrates. In the substrate processing apparatus that executes a recipe defining an order of processing substrates and manages process status of the substrates, the process status are changed to... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20140222188 - Endpoint control of multiple substrates of varying thickness on the same platen in chemical mechanical polishing: A difference between a first expected required polish time for a first substrate and a second expected required polish time for a second substrate is determined using a first pre-polish thickness and a second pre-polish thickness measured at an in-line metrology station. A duration of an initial period is determined... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140222189 - Computing device and method for measuring probe of computer numerical control machine: A computing device is connected to a computer numerical control (CNC) machine, and an object positioned on a work table of the CNC machine includes one or more touch points. A probe from the CNC machine touches each touch point on an object and measures actual 3D mechanical coordinates of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140222190 - Maintenance access zones for storage and retrieval systems: A maintenance access system for a storage and retrieval system having a storage and retrieval space and automated transport vehicles disposed in the space. The system includes at least one maintenance access control unit associated with a portion of the space, at least one barrier in the space and defining... Agent: Symbotic, LLC.

20140222191 - Robotic storage and retrieval systems and methods: The present invention is directed to a system and method for storage and retrieval of items including a control server and a database. The database receives the shelving configuration information of a particular user environment and the control server is operable to issue travel control signals to a robotic carriage... Agent: Voodoo Robotics, Inc.

20140222192 - Method of merging non-machine-sortable postal articles with machine-sorted mail pieces: e

20140222193 - Rfid for location of the load on a tower crane: A radio frequency identification (RFID) tower crane load locator is disclosed. One example includes at least four RFID components to provide RFID range measurements between the at least four RFID components. In addition, a load position determiner utilizes the RFID range measurements to determine a location of the load. A... Agent:

20140222194 - Medication dispensing cabinet systems and methods: A medication dispensing cabinet provides controlled access to medications and supplies stored in it. The cabinet may include at least one lockable storage compartment, and a controller that controls access to the at least one lockable storage compartment. The cabinet may include multiple printers integrated into the cabinet. The cabinet... Agent: Mv Circuit Design, Inc.

20140222195 - Bulk vending apparatus, system and method: A vending machine is provided. The vending machine includes a number of bins, with each bin sized to contain a consumable product. The vending machine also includes a consumable product collection area, with the consumable product collection area accessible by a vending machine user. A conveyor communicates at least a... Agent:

20140222196 - Medical cabinet access belt optimization system: A cabinet for securely storing items includes a drawer enclosure, a drawer, a cover, an electric actuator, and a switch. The drawer is slidable at least partially into and out of the enclosure, and includes a compartment. A cover which is configured as a metal belt is designed to selectively... Agent: Automed Technologies, Inc.

20140222197 - System and method for monitoring operation of an autonomous robot: A system and method for monitoring operation of an autonomous robot. In one aspect, the invention can be a method comprising: defining, with a central processing unit of the autonomous robot, a perimeter of an area of confinement; storing the perimeter of the area of confinement within a memory device... Agent: Robolabs, Inc.

20140222198 - System, method and computer program for autonomously emulating robot manipulators of continuously-varying configurations: The invention is a modular and autonomously reconfigurable manipulator system which introduces a new dimension to the versatility of robot manipulation for diverse tasks. The hardware component is a redundant mechanism which can lock any number of its joints at any relative position to form a particular configuration with a... Agent:

20140222199 - Grasp assist device with shared tendon actuator assembly: A grasp assist device includes a glove with first and second tendon-driven fingers, a tendon, and a sleeve with a shared tendon actuator assembly. Tendon ends are connected to the respective first and second fingers. The actuator assembly includes a drive assembly having a drive axis and a tendon hook.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140222200 - Method of controlling a machine with redundant parallel actuation, associated control device and machine: A method of controlling a machine with redundant parallel actuation includes a frame and a mobile element driven by a plurality of mechanical transmissions parallel to one another and each being activated by an actuator (2) including a body fixed to the frame, an actuating member and a position sensor,... Agent:

20140222203 - Anti-intrusion method in an automated system with robot: The invention particularly relates to a method for making use of an automated system with robot, comprising the following steps: (i) a management controller (12) authorizes the extraction of a pallet (2) and communicates information to a safety controller (11) concerning the extraction authorization, (ii) a series of presence detection... Agent: Sidel Participations

20140222201 - Directional position control method: A directional position control method uses an instructor device and a controller to control motion of a robot, and a directional-control starter is used to actuate a directional control function. The directional-control starter controls the controller to drive the robot to move according to the instructor direction reference by converting... Agent: Hiwin Technologies Corp.

20140222204 - Maneuvering system having inner force sense presenting function: When automatic operation of a slave manipulator 105 that follows manual operation of a master manipulator 101 is bilaterally controlled by means of communication, the force acting on the slave manipulator is fed back to the master manipulator by operating the master manipulator primarily under electrically-driven speed control and the... Agent: Tokyo Institute Of Technology

20140222202 - Transfer position teaching method, transfer position teaching apparatus and substrate processing apparatus: The transfer position teaching apparatus is provided with a teaching substrate having a shape identical to a semiconductor wafer to be processed by substrate processing apparatuses and having an electrically conductive coating thereon. The transfer position teaching apparatus is also provided with a base member having insulator coating thereon and... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co. Ltd.

20140222205 - Electronic docking system and method for robotic positioning system: An apparatus includes a robotic positioning device and a locating mat. The locating mat includes a location pattern and can be disposed on a floor at a desired position relative to a movable cradle of an imaging system. The robotic positioning device is configured to be disposed, at least partially,... Agent: Perfint Healthcare Private Limited

20140222206 - Polarized enhanced confidentiality in mobile camera applications: A system for selectively controlling visibility of information and for reducing or eliminating light energy in a robotic telepresence environment is provided. The system includes a robotic device in a work environment that is occupied or operated by a pilot at a station in a workspace remote from location of... Agent: Steelcase Inc.

20140222207 - Surgical manipulator capable of controlling a surgical instrument in multiple modes: A method is provided for detecting a disturbance as an energy applicator of a surgical instrument traverses a cutting path. The method includes determining actual torques for each active joint of an actuated arm mechanism and calculating expected torques for each active joint of the actuated arm mechanism, wherein the... Agent:

20140222208 - Maneuvering system having inner force sense presenting function: When automatic operation of a slave manipulator 105 that follows manual operation of a master manipulator 101 is bilaterally controlled by means of communication, the force acting on the slave manipulator is fed back to the master manipulator by operating the master manipulator primarily under electrically-driven speed control and the... Agent: Tokyo Institute Of Technology

20140222209 - Systems, methods and apparatus for providing comparative statistical information for a plurality of production facilities in a closed-loop production management system: For each of a plurality of production facilities, a series of operations is performed. For each of a plurality of batches of a concrete mixture produced at the respective production facility based on a formulation, a first difference between a measured quantity of cementitious and a first quantity specified in... Agent: Digital Site Systems, Inc.

20140222214 - Bending operation system: A bending operation system includes an elongated tubular portion including a bending portion, a first linear member and a second linear member which cause the bending portion to bend, and a drive portion which displaces the first linear member and the second linear member. The bending operation system further includes... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140222213 - Configuring a plurality of sensor devices of a structure: Systems, methods and apparatuses for commissioning a set of devices of a structure are disclosed. One method includes communicating, by a mobile computing device, with one or more of the set of devices, communicating, by each of the one or more of the set of devices, a device identifier, and... Agent: Enlighted, Inc.

20140222215 - Device control apparatus, program, device control server, and device control system: An agent 10 is associated with a user as a representative of the user. The agent 10 includes a utility value calculation unit 15 that calculates an expected utility value indicating utility for the user with respect to an operating condition of the load device 20 and a cooperation processing... Agent:

20140222212 - Dynamic simulated motor: A controller is configured to generate control signals to control a variable frequency drive coupled with a load. A simulator receives the control signals and processes the control signals. The simulator simulates a variable frequency drive and a load by generating feedback signals based on a model and the control... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20140222210 - Dynamically adaptive personalized smart energy profiles: A facility employing systems, methods, and/or techniques for dynamically and adaptively configuring configurable energy consuming and producing devices (e.g., smart energy devices) based on user profiles and user presence information is disclosed. In some embodiments, the facility periodically detects the presence of users, and retrieves preference information for those users.... Agent: Tendril Networks, Inc.

20140222211 - Fan speed control system and method: A fan speed control system performed by a fan control board for controlling a fan shared by a number of servers in a server cabinet includes a instruction receiving module and a speed adjusting module. The instruction receiving module receives fan speed control instructions from the number of servers, wherein... Agent:

20140222218 - Method for operating and/or monitoring an hvac system: The invention relates to a method for operating and/or monitoring an HVAC system (10), in which a medium circulating in a primary circuit (26) flows through at least one energy consumer (11, 12, 13), the medium entering with a volume flow (φ) through a supply line (14) into the energy... Agent: Belimo Holding Ag

20140222217 - Thermodynamic modeling for enclosures: Modeling the behavior of an enclosure for use by a control system of an HVAC system is described. A model for the enclosure that describes the enclosure's behavior for use by the control system is updated based on weather forecast data. The weather forecast data can include predictions more than... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20140222216 - Wireless hvac vent: A self-contained wireless HVAC vent which can be independently controlled via a wireless communication link. The HVAC vent is capable of regulating the airflow in to a zone by using adjustable damper(s). The control settings of the HVAC can be configured in conjunction with an application and user interface (UI)... Agent: E3control, Inc.

20140222221 - Hvac controller having a parameter adjustment element with a qualitative indicator: An HVAC controller is described that is configured to be more intuitive and user friendly to program and operate than convention HVAC controllers. In some instances, the HVAC controller may include a touch screen interface that provides greater flexibility in displaying information to the user and/or soliciting information from the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140222219 - Method for opearting an hvac system: A method for operating an HVAC system of a building is provided. The method includes providing a model for an indoor temperature of the building, a model for an operating cost of the HVAC system, and predicted future outdoor temperatures. Utilizing at least the models for the indoor temperature and... Agent: General Electric Company

20140222220 - Thermostat user interface: A thermostat for controlling an HVAC system is described, the thermostat having a user interface that is visually pleasing, approachable, and easy to use while also providing ready access to, and intuitive navigation within, a menuing system capable of receiving a variety of different types of user settings and/or control... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20140222222 - Method and system for controlling operation of a pump based on filter information in a filter information tag: The disclosure describes systems and methods relating generally to filtration. Even more particularly, this disclosure relates to controlling the operation of a pump using filter information. A removable filter can include an electronically readable tag storing filter information. The filter information can be read by a tag reader and rules... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20140222223 - Web-based irrigation controller: A web-based irrigation controller with application server can avoid need for access points for irrigation controller communications to the application server, need for configurations on any number of any type of web-based appliances to communicate to the application server, and can provide easy access to giant databases of weather and... Agent:

20140222224 - Energy and data distribution system: An energy and data distribution system includes at least one monitoring and supply unit that is connected via a cable connection to at least one power control and communications unit, in which the power control and communications unit is connected to a number of on-site control means, each of the... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140222226 - Cascade adaptive regulator tap manager method and system: A method is disclosed of controlling the operation of a system for providing electrical power to one or more electrical devices, the system comprising an adjustable power source root node and a plurality of adjustable power source remote nodes located remotely from the root node.... Agent: Utilidata, Inc.

20140222230 - Energy management device and program: Acquiring unit acquires, as power usage amount, amount of power for each measurement time, for each of branch lines through which power is fed to electrical loads, respectively. History storage unit stores a plurality of power usage amounts for each branch line so that each amount is made to correspond... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140222225 - Energy management system and method: An energy management system utilizing a home automation aggregation controller provides a retail energy supplier with means to manage electric energy supply characteristics.... Agent:

20140222228 - Forecast system and method of electric power demand: A plurality of forecast weather groups in a period comprising a plurality of days including a forecast target day for forecasting the electric power demand, and a plurality of actual weather groups in a period in a plurality of days in the past are set as the target period, and... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140222227 - Method for calculating continuation power flow of electric power system: A method for obtaining a continuous power flow of an electric power system is provided. The method comprises: establishing first power flow equations for PQ buses, and establishing second power flow equations for PV buses; establishing power flow equations according to the first flow equations, the second power flow equations,... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140222229 - Power control apparatus, electronic computer, and power control method: A power control apparatus includes a processor configured to collect first information related to operation of a performing unit configured to perform data processing and information related to operation of a bus configured to transfer data; determine an operating frequency and an operating voltage for the performing unit, based on... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140222231 - Energy search engine methods and systems: Systems and methods dynamically assess energy efficiency by obtaining a minimum energy consumption of a system, receiving in a substantially continuous way a measurement of actual energy consumption of the system, and comparing the minimum energy consumption to the measurement of actual energy consumption to calculate a substantially continuous energy... Agent: Expanergy, LLC

20140222232 - Energy search engine methods and systems: Systems and methods dynamically assess energy efficiency by obtaining a minimum energy consumption of a system, receiving in a substantially continuous way a measurement of actual energy consumption of the system, and comparing the minimum energy consumption to the measurement of actual energy consumption to calculate a substantially continuous energy... Agent: Expanergy, LLC

20140222234 - Electronic apparatus, and control method and control program of the same: According to one embodiment, a receive signal analyzing unit is configured to recognize a demand for power saving. An other-device state recognizing unit is configured to discriminate whether a notification indicating that a response has been made to the demand has been received from other apparatus or not. And an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140222233 - Entry of electric power delivery system data in a web-based interface: Disclosed herein are a variety of systems and methods for entry of data relating to an electrical power delivery system using a web-based interface. One embodiment may include a computer program product having a client-side module to communicate with a server-side module. The client-side module may further include a web... Agent: Schweltzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

20140222237 - Load controller, program, load control system: A load control apparatus receives information regarding the consumed electric power in load devices and the generated electric power by a power generator. The apparatus includes a control unit, which controls a device based on the received information. A determination unit determines whether the device can execute a predetermined process... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140222235 - Methods and apparatus for allocating amounts of energy: The present invention relates to methods and apparatuses for allocating amounts of energy for prosumers, wherein the prosumers provide minimum and maximum amounts of energy for a future interval of time and the respective amounts of energy from the prosumers are generated in such a manner that, on the one... Agent:

20140222236 - Power transmission device, power transmission system, power transmission method, and program: A power transmission device includes a power reception notification receiving unit configured to receive from a power receiving device a power reception notification indicating that the power receiving device has received power, a power determination unit configured to determine, if the power reception notification receiving unit has received the power... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140222238 - Grid optimization resource dispatch scheduling: Data comprising a request specifying a desired change in electrical load for a defined period of time is received. The electrical load is associated with a plurality of resources under control of resource agents and on a utility grid. Available capacity of resources within the control of each resource agent... Agent: Innovari, Inc.

20140222239 - Method of controlling frequency, frequency control system, frequency control apparatus, and program: A method of controlling frequency of a power system by a frequency control system includes: obtaining a frequency control command to keep frequency fluctuation of the power system within a predetermined range; obtaining information on electric power to be received or supplied by m second apparatuses, and determining n first... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140222240 - Method and device for simulating an electric/electronic load: A device connectable to a control device for simulating an effect of at least one electrical or electronic load being connected to at least one terminal of the control device includes: a processing unit configured to at least one of compute and make available a control variable corresponding to the... Agent: Dspace Digital Signal Processing And Control Engineering Gmbh

20140222241 - Climate control: A system is provided in which the dampers may be individually controlled. The climate control system may be retrofit to an existing climate control system by connecting the controller to the existing climate control equipment through the thermostat interface. The climate control system may be monitored and set via a... Agent:

20140222242 - Adaptive thermal throttling with user configuration capability: An apparatus for adaptive thermal management of a device with user configuration capability, including a secure memory configured to store a thermal management policy; thermal monitoring circuitry configured to monitor thermal states associated with one or more sensor sub-systems of the device; and policy enforcement circuitry configured to implement the... Agent:

20140222243 - Foot-operated controller: Highly expressive and flexibly programmable foot-operated controllers are described. Specific implementations are intended for musical applications and allow musicians an unprecedented degree of control of a wide variety of musical components and subsystems for recording and/or performance.... Agent: Kesumo LLC

07/31/2014 > 76 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 53 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140207254 - Cpu unit for plc, plc-use system program, recording medium in which plc-use system program is stored, plc system, plc support device, plc support program, and recording medium in which plc support program is stored: A system program includes a procedure library in which at least a procedure for controlling execution of a control program and a procedure for controlling output of output data and input of input data are included. If schedule-building data including execution order specifications for the procedures included in the procedure... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140207255 - Apparatus and method for determining an aggregate control connection status of a field device in a process control system: A method includes identifying a plurality of elements in a process control system that uses a process value from a field device. The method also includes identifying an aggregate control connection status of the field device by (i) determining whether one or more of the elements can use a manual... Agent: Honeywell International, Inc.

20140207256 - Electric device and electric device control method: An electric device includes operation unit, working unit, and a number-of-times detecting unit that counts the number of times of instructions being against energy savings. In addition, the device includes time measuring unit that measures time from when the number-of-times detecting unit starts the counting, and a controller that generates... Agent: Pansonic Corporation

20140207257 - Guidance system by control of derivative: Guidance System for controlling output variables of single-input single-output or multi-input multi-output processes, where the process parameters are known or unknown and time-varying. The guidance system of the present invention generates a desired trajectory for a process output variable, and based on said desired trajectory, computes a set point for... Agent: Universidad Nacional De Educacion A Distancia

20140207260 - Data creating device and method: A data creating device includes an instrument control data generating portion that creates instrument definition data wherein fields for defining a field instrument in an instrument controlling device, including instrument tag information for the field instrument, are added to point definition data. The data creating device also includes a display... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20140207258 - Low energy environmental sensor that receives inputs via movement thereof, and a method of operating a rocking environmental sensor: A low energy environmental sensor is provided herein that is configured to receive user inputs from movement of the sensor itself. A method of operating a rocking environmental sensor is also provided. In one embodiment, the rocking environmental sensor includes: (1) a base having a fulcrum point and (2) a... Agent:

20140207259 - Machine control panel: A key switch on a machine control panel is provided with two contacts such that the machine control panel can include two independent communication circuits. Signals from a double-contact key switch are received by the two communication circuits, and safety-related signals are transmitted from the communication circuits to a numerical... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140207262 - Firearm locking system user interface: A locking system for a firearm is disclosed. A lock has a set state and an unset state, and substantial movement of any one or more fire control group components is inhibited with in the set state. A biometric sensor attachable to a grip of the firearm is receptive to... Agent: Intelligun, LLC

20140207261 - Systems and methods for automated display of permissive logic in control systems associated with a power generation unit: Certain embodiments herein relate to automated display of permissive logic in control systems associated with a power generation unit. A control device may be configured to provide automated updates of system data, such as signals received from power generation equipment, to an HMI or SCADA display, as non-limiting examples. A... Agent: General Electric Company

20140207263 - Evaluating a fitness level: A system for determining fitness level includes an electronic interface operable to receive an event performance measurement for each of a plurality of athletic events, a processor communicatively coupled to the electronic interface and operable to associate one or more fitness categories with each of the plurality of athletic events,... Agent:

20140207264 - Method and apparatus for exercise monitoring combining exercise monitoring and visual data with wireless wearable devices: Embodiments of the invention provide a method and apparatus for a wireless exercise monitoring system for interactively monitoring an aspect of exercise, sports, or fitness utilizing a wearable device, such as a watch, eyewear, or smart apparel. The device is equipped with, or connected to, a digital camera. Sensors integrated... Agent: Q-tec Systems LLC

20140207265 - Systems and methods for dynamic audio processing: Systems and methods presented herein may provide for processing audio with increased loudness and dynamics. A first clock frequency associated with a digital audio file may be increased to a second clock frequency, which speeds up the playback of the audio. The digital audio file may then be converted to... Agent:

20140207266 - Systems and methods for real time sound effect modulation based on attitude variations: Provided are systems and methods for real time sound effect modulation based on attitude variations. The system may include one or more position sensors installed on a moving object, with the position sensors reporting positional data associated with the moving object. A memory may contain predetermined criteria for altering characteristics... Agent:

20140207267 - Metric based on estimate value: A method includes obtaining an estimate value generated by an estimation process and obtaining an actual value corresponding to the estimate value. The method further includes computing a metric based on a ratio of a loss function and a weighted sum of the estimate value and the actual value. The... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140207268 - Operating arrangement: An operator control device includes an operator control element configured to provide haptic feedback to an operator. The operator control element is activatable by an input member of the operator and has: a first planar component; and a second planar component oriented in parallel with the first planar component, the... Agent:

20140207269 - Method of process stability: The present disclosure relates to an APC method and tool architecture to elaborate process stability, comprising a two-loop architecture for fine tuning by an APC loop and recovery tuning by an equipment performance optimization (EPO) loop of one or more process parameters. Fine tuning by the APC loop comprises neutralization... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140207270 - Component mounting device and component mounting method: A mounting turn that is going to be performed from now on and the identifiers of the feeders that are the supply sources of the components for the mounting turn are read out from a mounting program, and it is determined whether there is a non-supply feeder which does not... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140207271 - Tool optimizing tuning systems and associated methods: The present disclosure provides various methods for tuning process parameters of a process tool, including systems for implementing such tuning. An exemplary method for tuning process parameters of a process tool such that the wafers processed by the process tool exhibit desired process monitor items includes defining behavior constraint criteria... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140207272 - Wire electric discharge machine including control means for holding wire electrode at desired angle: A relationship between a weight of a reel supported by a column of a wire electric discharge machine when a wire electrode is wound around the reel, and an amount of slanting of the wire electrode when the wire electrode extended between an upper wire guide and a lower wire... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140207273 - Control device for machine tool with time estimation unit for estimating time until motor reaches overheat temperature: A control device for a machine tool including a motor for driving a spindle includes: a current detection unit that detects a current driving the motor; a storage unit that stores overheat temperature specified for the motor; a temperature detection unit that detects temperature of the motor; a time estimation... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140207274 - Effort modulation for process control of friction stir operations: A system and method for making adjustments to output effort from a spindle driver using a multi-stage nested control loop of an active controller to provide constant power to a friction stir zone during a friction stir operation. Providing constant power facilitates temperature control within the friction stir zone and... Agent: Brigham Young University

20140207275 - Electric hand having force sensor: An electric hand for grasping an object by opening and closing fingers includes a force sensor for detecting forces acting on the fingers. The fingers are actuated based on a detected force value detected by the force sensor. When it is judged that the detected force value has reached a... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140207276 - Automated collating conveyor system: A method of moving and boxing packages, including positioning a conveyor belt assembly having distal and proximal ends to receive a package at the distal end, sending a signal when a first package is placed upon the distal end, generating an air pulse to reorient the first package into a... Agent:

20140207277 - Apparatus for the delivery of a product: An apparatus for the delivery of a product having a delivery outlet, a delivery control device, a remote command device, and a mobile communications device is disclosed. The delivery control device is connected to the remote command device via a communications network and is adapted to activate the delivery outlet... Agent:

20140207278 - Medication dispensing system: Medication dispensing system for remote monitoring of the daily dispensing of medication and pre/post dispense monitoring of medication effected physiological functions is disclosed. In one embodiment a dispensing unit equipped with weight sensing mechanism such as scale or balance communicates with a monitoring application residing in a wireless terminal. The... Agent: Ipcomm LLC

20140207279 - Robot apparatus: A robot apparatus includes an arm that includes an outer skin and a detector that detects the deformation of the outer skin. The detector includes a sending unit that sends a signal, a receiving unit that receives the signal, and a transmission route that is provided along the outer skin... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140207280 - Environmental management systems including mobile robots and methods using same: A computer-implemented method for receiving user commands for a remote cleaning robot and sending the user commands to the remote cleaning robot, the remote cleaning robot including a drive motor and a cleaning motor, includes displaying a user interface including a control area, and within the control area: a user-manipulable... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20140207281 - Environmental management systems including mobile robots and methods using same: A mobile robot includes a microprocessor connected to a memory and a wireless network circuit, for executing routines stored in the memory and commands generated by the routines and received via the wireless network circuit. The microprocessor drives the mobile robot to a multiplicity of accessible two dimensional locations within... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20140207282 - Mobile robot providing environmental mapping for household environmental control: A mobile robot includes a processor connected to a memory and a wireless network circuit, for executing routines stored in the memory and commands generated by the routines and received via the wireless network circuit. The processor drives the mobile robot to a multiplicity of accessible two dimensional locations within... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20140207283 - Robot with handling unit: The disclosure relates to a robot for picking up a food product from a support and for shifting it to a desired location, said robot comprising at least one robot arm with a handling unit for picking up the food product, and the food product being displaceable by moving the... Agent: Weber Maschinenbau Gmbh

20140207284 - Wafer center finding with kalman filter: A device is provided having a robotic arm for handling a wafer, the robotic arm including one or more encoders that provide encoder data identifying a position of one or more components of the robotic arm. The device also having a processor adapted to apply an extended Kalman Filter to... Agent:

20140207286 - Interfacing with a mobile telepresence robot: A telepresence robot may include a drive system, a control system, an imaging system, and a mapping module. The mapping module may access a plan view map of an area and tags associated with the area. In various embodiments, each tag may include tag coordinates and tag information, which may... Agent:

20140207285 - System and method for monitoring entry of object into surrounding area of robot: A monitoring system monitors entry of an object into a surrounding area of a robot. The monitoring system includes visible light irradiation section, a sensor section and a monitoring control unit. The visible light irradiation section irradiates visible light from a level higher than that of the robot toward at... Agent:

20140207287 - Actuator control apparatus: An actuator control apparatus includes an analog-digital conversion circuit, a servo circuit, a sampling circuit, and a driving circuit. The analog-digital conversion circuit is configured to sample a position detection signal with a first sampling period, convert the sampled signal into a digital signal, and output the digital signal, the... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20140207288 - Control unit for an hvac system comprising an economizer and method for operating such control unit:

20140207290 - Devices, systems, and methods for communicating with rooftop air handling units and other hvac components: A device for communicating information from a controller for a rooftop air handling unit to a portable electronic device includes a wire terminal for wiring to the controller and for receiving a signal including information from the controller. The device further includes a transceiver configured to form a direct wireless... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20140207289 - Hvac system configured based on atmospheric data, an interface for receiving the atmospheric data and a controller configured to setup the hvac system based on the atmospheric data: A HVAC system that employs atmospheric data, a controller for an HVAC system and a graphical user interface that receives atmospheric data are provided is disclosed. In one embodiment the HVAC system includes: (1) an interface that receives atmospheric data for an installed location of the HVAC system and (2)... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20140207291 - User interface screens for zoned hvac systems, a controller employing the screens and a method of operating a zoned hvac system: A controller for a zoned HVAC system and interface screens for controlling a zoned HVAC system are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the controller includes: (1) a processor configured to direct operation of the HVAC system according to operating data for zones thereof and (2) a display configured to provide... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20140207292 - Method and system to control thermostat using biofeedback: Illustrative embodiments of the present invention are directed to methods and systems for receiving physiological data of occupants of a building and using the information to control or regulate a controllable setpoint of a climate-control system for the building. The system may operatively interface with biofeedback sensors including wearable sensors... Agent: Opower, Inc.

20140207293 - Energy production from fluid: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, computer program product, and system for energy production from fluid. In a step, the computer determines if the rate of the fluid level increase in the one of the one or more fluid reservoirs is above a predetermined threshold. In a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140207294 - Method, managing apparatus and natural gas storage system for the automated management of a plurality of throughflow apparatuses: Methods for automated management of a plurality of throughflow apparatuses, the throughflow apparatuses being configured for producing a total throughflow of a fluid into and/or out of a storage apparatus, such as a natural gas store, include inputting predefined values for the throughflow apparatuses into an input unit, transferring the... Agent:

20140207295 - Energy grid device commissioning: A commissioning method and system. The method includes receiving details of a configuring process enabled by a power grid monitoring/control device associated with a power grid network topology comprising monitoring points associated and a power distribution grid. The power grid network topology is validated with respect to a configuration of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140207296 - Disablement of wind turbines in a wind park: Embodiments of the invention generally relate to wind turbine generators, and more specifically to the deactivation of wind turbines in a wind turbine park. A wind park controller may be configured to retrieve data indicating fatigue experienced by each wind turbine of the wind turbine park, and deactivate those turbines... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140207297 - Method of operating a wind farm: Method of operating a wind farm comprising a plurality of wind turbines, each of the turbines having a plurality of blades, the method comprising determining a possible wake situation at a first wind turbine caused by a second wind turbine, the second wind turbine being located upstream of the first... Agent: Alstom Renovables Espa&#xd1 A, S.l.

20140207298 - Applications of non-intrusive load monitoring and solar energy disaggregation: Aspects in accordance with embodiments of the invention may include a method for remotely setting, controlling, or modifying settings on a programmable communicating thermostat (PCT) in order to customize settings to a specific house and user, including steps of: receiving at a remote processor information entered into the PCT by... Agent:

20140207299 - Energy-saving measurement, adjustment and monetization system and method: System and method include precisely modeling of a facility's energy usage over time based on historic data, and precisely predicting or measuring its actual, reduced energy usage over time after a redesign, retrofit, or renovation, or other positive change to the facility. The energy cost savings, whether over a time... Agent: Energy Resource Management Corp.

20140207300 - System and method for managing a power distribution system: Disclosed herein is a system and method for managing a power distribution system in which has an improved system protection and fault section determination structure in consideration of distributed power supplies, has an improved server and communication structure for one-to-one synchronization measurement, and conducts real time system management and control.... Agent: Korea Electric Power Corporation

20140207302 - Control unit for an electrical generation/consumption system: The invention relates to a control unit for an electrical generation/consumption system including generation sources (200) and consumption units (300) connected by a distribution network (100), including a control center (400) which transmits, to controllable consumption units (310) and to controllable generation sources (210), modulation orders based on warning information... Agent:

20140207301 - Methods and systems for restoring power based on forecasted loads: A method for restoring power based on forecasted loads is described. The method includes identifying at least one zone within a power distribution network and predicting an energy demand of the at least one zone. The method also includes identifying at least one alternate source of power for the at... Agent: General Electric Company

20140207303 - Power distribution algorithm: A method and apparatus for distributing power through a network (1), the network comprising consumer units (C1-C4) and provider units (P1-P6), the method comprising: for each provider unit (P1-P6), allocating some production capacity of that provider unit (P1-P6) to each consumer units (C1-C4) to which that provider unit (P1-P6) is... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140207304 - Control device and control system for electrical equipment: Convenience of a control device for controlling an operating state of electrical equipment is enhanced. To achieve the enhanced convenience, a control device for controlling an operating state of electrical equipment includes a receiver, a tough-panel liquid crystal display, and an operation controller. The receiver receives power demand information transmitted... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20140207305 - Electrical energy supply system: An electrical energy supply system providing voltage to a load and including an external power group and a DC supply device is disclosed. The external power group provides an external voltage. The DC supply device includes a bus, a converting unit, a storage unit and a smart energy management system... Agent: Chung-hsin Electric & Machinery Mfg. Corporation

20140207306 - Welding along a seam using a multiple-point alignment method: A method for generating a weld path aligned along a seam between two parts uses a computer having a control unit and a storage medium. The method includes aligning a crosshair line at a plurality of points along the seam and storing a position value for each of the plurality... Agent: Eaglepicher Technologies, LLC

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20140200683 - Laboratory system: A laboratory system and a method for controlling a laboratory system comprises multiple subsystems; each subsystem being configured to receive and carry out a command; and a master control device configured to process command groups and/or command(s) within the same command group simultaneously; to process command groups and/or command(s) of... Agent: Tecan Trading Ag

20140200684 - Control device and control method: A control device efficiently performs priority-dependent data transmission through a communication line and a control method aimed at the priority-dependent data transmission. The control device includes a transmitter that transmits data as a frame to another unit through the communication line and a generator that generates the data to be... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140200685 - Thermal mitigation in dual sim dual active devices: A system, a method and an apparatus are described. The apparatus includes a modem that responds to a thermal mitigation request by invoking different levels of thermal mitigation for different concurrently active connections. In some instances, the modem may invoke thermal mitigation with respect to a first active connection and... Agent:

20140200686 - Systems and methods for monitoring of equipment using a configurable rule base: Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for monitoring of equipment using a configurable rule base are disclosed. Configuration information associated with equipment may be identified, and a set of one or more configured rules may be generated from one or more configurable base rules based at least in part on the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140200687 - Method for operating a safety control device: A safety control device for safely controlling a hazardous installation has a first and a second calculation unit and an output unit for driving at least one actuator. The control device acquires an input signal and determines a floating point value depending on the input signal. The first and second... Agent:

20140200688 - System and method for distributing and exchanging elements for planning and/or for operating automation operating equipment: A system and method are disclosed for distributing and exchanging elements for planning and/or operating automation operating equipment, which include at least one interface device, at least one processing device and at least one data store, wherein the interface device effects an integrated connection to at least one engineering tool... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140200690 - Method and apparatus to monitor and control conditions in a network - integrated enclosed ecosytem for growing plants: A method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling a hydroponic system and its various electrical and environmental parameters through electronic interfaces in communication with third parties. Such electrical and environmental parameters can be determined by users through “grow plans ” to initiate, maintain, and/or cease particular environmental conditions corresponding to... Agent:

20140200689 - Quantum computer and quantum computing using ising model: For each pair of a plurality of slave lasers B for which injection synchronization is performed by a master laser M, by controlling the intensity of light exchanged between two slave lasers B and an optical path length between the two slave lasers B using a slave-to-laser intensity control unit... Agent: Inter-university Research Institute Corporation, Research Organization Of Information And Systems

20140200692 - Basketball sensing apparatus: An apparatus includes a non-transitory computer-readable medium to direct a processor to: receive first signals indicating a made basketball shot or a missed basketball shot by a first person during a first basketball shooting session, receive second signals indicating a made basketball shot or a missed basketball shot by a... Agent: Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

20140200691 - Fitness monitor: A fitness monitor comprises a housing, a wrist band, a motion sensor, a display, a non-transitory memory element and a processing element. The wrist band is coupled to the housing and configured to attach to a wrist of a user. The motion sensor is configured to sense motion of the... Agent: Garmin Switzerland Gmbh

20140200693 - Process and system for managing a bowling centre: A process and a system for managing a bowling centre, which includes one or more bowling lanes along which a bowl is rolled, one or more pin setting up machines at one end of the lane and one or more bowlers' bays at the opposite end of the lane, one... Agent: Qubicaamf Europe Spa

20140200695 - Audio signal receiving device and system for transmitting audio signal, audio signal receiver device, audio signal transmission system: An audio signal receiving device and a system for transmitting an audio signal are provided. The system comprises an audio signal adapter device and an audio signal receiving device; the audio signal adapter device comprises an audio interface and an adapter end interface; an audio pin of the audio interface... Agent: Tendyron Corporation

20140200694 - Radio capture: A system may allow users to automatically record radio programs for later consumption. When a user is listening to a radio program in the car, and arrives at the destination, the user's mobile device may capture an audio sample of the radio station, along with a GPS location of the... Agent:

20140200696 - Process flow optimization in manufacturing: Optimizing a multiple machine production line, in which operation of at least some of the machines depends on others. A productivity system examines performance indicators of a set of machines, which are disposed to cooperate in a production line, and sets control variables for each of those machines, with the... Agent:

20140200697 - System, method and apparatus for three-dimensional digital design content rights management: The present invention comprises a system and method for providing three-dimensional and maintaining digital design rights management. The invention comprises a first server computer configured to transmit, to user terminals, images associated with three-dimensional designs. The server receives at least one request, from at least one user terminal, to fabricate... Agent:

20140200698 - Thin plate spline: A method of modeling may include obtaining an input file defining a first geometry, establishing a control related to the first geometry, adjusting the control, and using a thin plate spline transform to adjust the first geometry to a second geometry based on the control.... Agent: Jostens, Inc.

20140200699 - Support system: A design support system and a method of generating and using a customisable analysis report comprising functional safety data for an electronic component, such as microcontroller, are described.... Agent: Renesas Electronics Europe Limited

20140200700 - Inspecting device monitoring system: In a monitoring system, when there is an evaluation that a product is defective, in a solder print inspecting device that is subject to monitoring, that information is sent to a mobile terminal possessed by an operator. The operator who views the notification performs, through the mobile terminal, a checking... Agent: Ckd Corporation

20140200701 - Systems and methods for detecting and rejecting defective absorbent articles from a converting line: The present disclosure relates to systems and processes for detecting and rejecting defective absorbent articles from a converting line. In particular, the systems and methods may utilize feedback from technologies, such as vision systems, sensors, remote input and output stations, and controllers with synchronized embedded clocks to accurately correlate inspection... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140200702 - Digital wireless data collection: The present disclosure provides an apparatus for fabricating a semiconductor device. The apparatus includes a portable device. The portable device includes first and second sensors that respectively measure first and second fabrication process parameters. The first fabrication process parameter is different from the second fabrication process parameter. The first and... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140200703 - Recognition program evaluation device and method for evaluating recognition program: A recognition program evaluation device includes an imaginary data acquisition portion to generate or acquire imaginary scene data that includes position data of each of a plurality of workpieces and indicates the plurality of workpieces in a randomly stacked state. An imaginary recognition portion recognizes each of the plurality of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140200704 - Fine processing method, fine processing apparatus, and recording medium with fine processing program recorded thereon: According to one embodiment, a fine processing method includes determining a resist amount required for each first region of a pattern formation surface and a total amount of resist. The method include dividing the total amount of resist by a volume of one resist drop to determine the resist drops... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140200705 - Systems and methods for controlling phasing of advancing substrates in absorbent article converting lines: The present disclosure relates to systems and processes for controlling the relative positions or phasing of advancing substrates and/or components in absorbent article converting lines. The systems and methods may utilize feedback from technologies, such as vision systems, sensors, remote input and output stations, and controllers with synchronized embedded clocks... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140200706 - Method and system for simulating a work process on a machine tool: A method and system simulates a work process on a machine tool using a virtual machine. The virtual machine is set up to simulate the work process on the machine tool using machine data, workpiece data, and tool data as a function of numerical control (NC) control data and programmable... Agent: Dmg Electronics Gmbh

20140200707 - Numerical controller having function of re-machining thread cutting cycle: A numerical controller controlling a machine tool calculates a number of incisions to a thread on the basis of an incision start position in a feed axis direction and an incision start position in a direction of an incision axis of a thread which are measured in a state in... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140200708 - Electrical discharge milling machine: n

20140200709 - Machining condition estimating apparatus and machining condition estimating method: A machining condition estimating apparatus, for estimating a long life-time machining condition, by suppressing boundary wears, from among plural numbers of choices of machining conditions, without building up database, comprise: a means for defining an analysis model presenting shapes of a tool and a cutting material, to be a target... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140200710 - Computer-implemented simulation method and non-transitory computer medium for use in molding process, and molding system using the same: A computer-implemented simulation method for use in molding process by a computer processor includes specifying a simulating domain having a mold cavity configured to connect a tube of a molding machine, creating a mesh by dividing at least part of the simulating domain, generating at least one flow parameter of... Agent: Coretech System Co., Ltd.

20140200711 - Press machine braking performance verifying apparatus: A press machine braking performance verifying apparatus verifies performance of brakes applying braking to a slide. The press machine braking performance verifying apparatus includes a speed detecting component, a stopping instruction detecting component, a stopping time measuring component, a maximum stopping time calculating component and an evaluating component. The speed... Agent: Komatsu Industries Corporation

20140200712 - Palletizer for corrugated bundles: Techniques that palletize bundles at high-speed. A robotic controller includes a vision system that determines a location and orientation of incoming bundles, a tracking system that communicates between the controller and a conveyor, and a robot that coordinates its movement with the bundles. The tracking system identifies the location and... Agent:

20140200713 - Operating a mobile robot: A method of operating a mobile robot includes grasping a feature of a door of a doorway with an end effector of a manipulator arm mounted on the robot and driving the robot while grasping the door feature to move the door to an open position. The method also includes... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20140200714 - Display control device, display control method, computer program product, and communication system: A control system, a control method and a non-transitory computer readable storage medium cooperate to assist control for an autonomous robot. An interface receives recognition information from an autonomous robot (22), said recognition information including candidate target objects to interact with the autonomous robot (22). A display control unit (42)... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140200715 - Systems and methods for adding or subtracting energy to body motion: A phase oscillating device for affecting movement of a limb or a primary body includes a sensor coupled to the primary body. A physical state of the primary body is measured using the sensor. A phase angle of the primary body is determined based on the physical state measurement. The... Agent:

20140200716 - Chemically-operated turing machine: The present disclosure relates to a Turing machine having a reactor comprising a reactant solution comprising a reactant; a first chemical species source to provide a selected amount of a first chemical species; a second chemical species source to provide a selected amount of a second chemical species; one or... Agent:

20140200717 - Node manager in an energy distribution system and related methods, devices, and systems: Aspects of the disclosure are directed to, for example, methods for operating a node manager such as a node manager operably coupled to a solar tracker assembly. In one embodiment, the method includes providing control signals to motors of the solar tracker assembly to control an orientation of a photovoltaic... Agent: Questar Energy Systems

20140200718 - Systems and methods for facilitating diagnostic testing of an hvac system: An HVAC controller is configured to transmit a service request to a service provider over a network. In some cases, the service request may contain information that is indicative of the performance of the HVAC system. Upon receiving the service request, the service provider may send an acknowledgement that the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140200719 - Systems and methods for updating climate control algorithms: A combined business and technical method is described in which a paid subscription service is offered to provide “premium” HVAC algorithms for a network-connected, multi-sensing learning thermostat. The users who have chosen to pay for the premium subscription service are provided with at least one additional feature, capability, and/or option... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20140200720 - Method for actuating valves for controlling a flow path and machines, especially medical treatment machines: A method is provided for the control of valves for flow path control, in particular in a medical treatment machine, having a plurality of processes for the manufacture of flow paths by control of a group of valves, with each process claiming a group of valves suitable for its carrying... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20140200721 - Stabilizing a gas turbine engine via incremental tuning during transients: Methods and systems are provided for automatically tuning a combustor of a gas turbine engine during a transient period, such as when a state of the gas turbine engine is changing. Once it has been determined whether the state of the gas turbine engine is changing, it is then determined... Agent:

20140200722 - Method and system of anti-islanding of a microgrid in a grid-connected microgrid system: A system for detecting islanding of a microgrid includes a number of power sources to output real power and controlled reactive power injection; a number of controllers each controlling one of the number of power sources; and an output from the microgrid powered by the number of power sources. A... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140200725 - Device and method for disaggregating a periodic input signal pattern: The invention relates to a device (10) and a method for disaggregating a periodic input signal pattern (20), the input signal pattern (20) resulting from a superposition of element signal patterns corresponding to respective source elements. The invention further relates to a corresponding computer program. The input signal pattern (20)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140200724 - Methods and systems for bidirectional charging of electrical devices via an electrical system: Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and devices that may be implemented by an energy aggregator to control, or regulate, the electric load placed on an electric grid by an aggregation of electrical devices, such as electric vehicles. Generally, the disclosed methods and systems may provide for the bidirectional modulation of... Agent: University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

20140200723 - System and method for energy distribution: A Dispatch Planner (DP) is a component in an Energy System Controller that controls the operation of energy resources interconnected into one energy system to provide optimal energy management for a customer. In one embodiment, the energy storage system includes an electric load, dispatchable sources of energy such as an... Agent: Bosch Energy Storage Solutions LLC

20140200726 - Method of distance protection of parallel transmission line: The present invention is concerned with a method of distance protection of parallel transmission lines applicable both to series compensated and uncompensated electric power lines, using a distance relay. The method is characterized in that a pair of flags (ff1, ff2) are calculated for indication faulted and healthy circuits in... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140200727 - Energy assist system selection supporting apparatus, capacity selecting apparatus, power consumption calculating apparatus, and layout generating apparatus: An energy assist system selection supporting apparatus is an energy assist system selection supporting apparatus that supports selection of an energy assist system including a step-up/step-down chopper unit, an electricity storage unit, and an electric motor and configured to drive a machine. The energy assist system selection supporting apparatus includes... Agent:

20140200728 - Mesh delivery system: A mesh delivery system for controlling electricity supplied to one or more electrical devices from a power source are disclosed. Signals relating to characteristics of the electrical devices are uniformly or non-uniformly sampled at discrete intervals are provided along with associated sampling time indications via the mesh network to a... Agent: Utilidata, Inc.

20140200729 - Power system state estimation device and power system using same: A power state of any point of a power system is estimated with high accuracy to appropriately perform monitoring of the state of the entire power system. A power system state estimation device is provided which includes a power system data database which holds node information indicative of positions in... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140200730 - Time controlled switch: A time controlled electrical switch operable in a Sabbath state and in a working day state, comprising a switching component for selectively directing the supply of electrical power, or for selectively transmitting a logical input, to a device; a memory device in which is stored local sunset information, calendar information,... Agent: Bar-ore Computers Ltd.

20140200732 - Motor control system, motor control method, and motor control device: A host controller is incorporated with a plurality of different pieces of control software which are applicable to a plurality of destinations for a cooling blower to cool a main battery incorporated in a vehicle. The host controller transmits a destination-signal request pattern for requesting a destination signal pattern to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140200731 - System and method for thermal management guidance: The present disclosure describes one or more systems, methods, routines and/or techniques for thermal management. One or more systems, methods, routines and/or techniques may provide advice or guidance (e.g., to a repair technician) regarding how to perform a hot bond repair, for example, on an aircraft component that has been... Agent:

20140200734 - Positioning device for automated hair cutting system: Disclosed herein are various embodiments of positioning devices and methods for use with an automated hair cutting system. The positioning devices comprise a frame, the frame comprising at least a front frame and one or more side frames; and a plurality of positioning interfaces, the positioning interfaces configured to at... Agent:

20140200733 - Support apparatus and support method: A distribution of a load between right and left of a user is designated. The load is occurred at body parts of the user by a stand-up motion of the user. A projection position of a center of gravity of the user onto a floor is calculated. A region of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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