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Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications

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01/22/2015 > 50 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20150025655 - Traffic management system: A real-time traffic management system comprising a main light controller module configured to monitor and control functionality of one or more traffic lights, a master control unit server software application, a network operations control module, and a network watcher application program. The main light controller module communicates with one or... Agent:

20150025656 - Support device, recording medium having support program recorded thereon, and method for generating executable program: Provided is a support device that supports easier data exchange between PLCs without relying on a type of a PLC of the other communication party. The support device includes: a first input unit for receiving information defining, on a data-by-data basis, variables for data handled by the first programmable logic... Agent:

20150025657 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes a first machine assembly, a second machine assembly, a first sensor, a second sensor, and a control circuit. The second machine assembly is pivoted to the first machine assembly. The first sensor is located on the first machine assembly and configured to generate first sensing data... Agent: Ite Tech. Inc.

20150025658 - Systems and methods for chaotic entanglement using cupolets: Systems, methods, apparatus, and techniques are presented for maintaining cupolets in a state of mutual stabilization. A first cupolet and a second cupolet are generated. A first control code is applied to the first cupolet for a first time to produce a first visitation code. The first visitation code is... Agent:

20150025659 - Home automation network: Systems and techniques are disclosed for implementations of a home automation network. A first input can be received from a first sensor on a home automation network and a second input can be received from a second sensor on the network. A condition can be determined based on both inputs... Agent:

20150025660 - Training devices, attachment sets, control circuits and method for controlling a training device: The invention relates to a training device, which can comprise a drive that can be configured for the locomotion of the training device and a control circuit that can comprise an interface configured for receiving a physiological parameter of a user of the training device. The control circuit can be... Agent: Locomotec Ug (haftungsbeschrankt)

20150025661 - Associating playback devices with playback queues: An example method includes receiving a first command by a device to group a first playback device with at least a second playback device for synchronous audio playback. In the example method, the group is associated with a first playback queue comprising a list of one or more items for... Agent:

20150025663 - Delivery of synchronised soundtracks for electronic media content: A method and system for streaming a soundtrack from a server to a remote user device for a reader of electronic media content. The soundtrack is defined by multiple audio regions. Each audio region defined by an audio track for playback in the audio region, a start position in the... Agent:

20150025664 - Interactive audio content generation, delivery, playback and sharing: Control data templates are generated independent of a plurality of audio elements based on user input. The user input relates to parameter values and control inputs for operations. In response to receiving audio elements after the control data templates are generated, audio objects are generated to store audio sample data... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150025662 - System and method for audio augmented reality: A system, controller, and computer readable medium for providing an audio augmented reality to a user. The system can detect an object, event, or the like in the environment of a user and play a digitized sound and/or a synthesized sound in response to the detected object, event, or the... Agent:

20150025665 - Digital exposure device: A digital exposure device includes: a stage having a substrate seated thereon where a pattern is to be formed and moving in a scan direction; a data modification unit receiving design data and generating modified data by extending the design data; and a digital exposure unit receiving the design data... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150025667 - Method for creating machining data for use in hybrid ultraprecision machining device, and hybrid ultraprecision machining device: There is provided a method for creating machining data for a hybrid ultraprecision machining device for manufacturing a micro-machined product from a workpiece, the machining device comprising: an electromagnetic-wave-machining means for roughly machining the workpiece; a precision-machining means for precisely machining the roughly machined workpiece; and a shape-measurement means, wherein... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150025666 - Three dimensional printed replicas of patient's anatomy for medical applications: A system and method of creating a 3-dimensional (3D) replica of a patient's anatomy. The method includes acquiring 3D echo images of the patient's anatomy using ultrasound waves, selecting a filter that reduces noise in the 3D echo images, selecting a segmentation algorithm to segment the filtered 3D echo images,... Agent: Children's National Medical Center

20150025668 - Computational process control: The present invention provides a number of innovations in the area of computational process control (CPC). CPC offers unique diagnostic capability during chip manufacturing cycle by analyzing temporal drift of a lithography apparatus/ process, and provides a solution towards achieving performance stability of the lithography apparatus/process. Embodiments of the present... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150025669 - Production line system and controlling method thereof: A production line system includes n operational stations L1, L2, L3 . . . Ln. Each operational station includes: m operational devices D1, Dn2, Dn3 . . . Dnm in each operational station, and the operational devices used for processing operated products with m specifications, respectively, in which n=1, 2,... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150025670 - Substrate processing including correction for deposition location: Substrate processing including correction for deposition location is described, including a combinatorial processing chamber that incorporates the correction. The combinatorial processing chamber can be used to process multiple regions of a substrate using different processing parameters on different regions. For example, one region can have one material deposited on it... Agent:

20150025671 - Food product preparation: Among other things, one or more techniques and/or systems are provided for preparing a food product. Data indicative of a first ingredient and a second ingredient of a food product (e.g., requested in an order) may be received. One or more indicators (e.g., LED lights) associated with the first ingredient... Agent: Nextech Innovations LLC

20150025672 - System and method for selecting cutting tools: A method of identifying a plurality of cutting tools for machining a feature having defined attributes associated therewith in a workpiece. The method comprises: assigning a characteristic to each cutting tool; receiving an indication from a user of a specific feature to be machined and at least one associated attribute;... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20150025673 - Machine tool including coolant apparatus: A coolant apparatus of a machine tool includes a coolant pump that sends out a coolant from a coolant tank, a controller that drives or stops the coolant pump, and a condition setting unit that sets conditions for driving or stopping the coolant pump. Then, the controller drives or stops... Agent:

20150025674 - Coordinating end effector and vision controls: An apparatus and associated methodology providing a processor-controlled end effector that is selectively moveable according to end effector coordinates. A camera is positioned to detect objects according to camera coordinates that overlap the end effector coordinates. Logic executes computer instructions stored in memory to obtain a plurality of paired values... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150025675 - Pneumatic tube carrier routing and tracking system: A system and method provides for a pneumatic tube carrier routing and tracking system having a system control module that captures and presents tracking information associated with sending and receiving carriers. The pneumatic tube carrier tracking system comprises sending and receiving stations connected by pneumatic tubing, and which are configured... Agent:

20150025676 - Carrying device and controlling method: A carrying device includes a rack and a platform. The platform that loads goods, is moveably arranged on a handle of the rack. The carrying device further includes a sensor that detects the goods loaded on the platform, a motor that is connected to the platform, and a controlling unit... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150025677 - Device for detecting gap in product and related method: The processor detects whether the product is transported to first predetermined position; controls the lifting mechanism to lift the product until the product is lifted within the field of view of the sensor, acquires the captured image of the product from the capturing unit, determines whether the captured image matches... Agent:

20150025678 - Intelligent bidirectional multifunctional carrier and integrated automation system for material distribution and transportation: An automation system for an in vitro diagnostics environment includes a plurality of intelligent carriers that include onboard processing and navigation capabilities. A central management controller can communicate wirelessly with the carriers to direct the carriers to carry a fluid sample to testing stations along a track within the automation... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150025679 - Automatic prescription drug dispenser: An automatic prescription drug dispenser including a remote dispenser, a prescription entry system, and a communications network. The remote dispenser transmits and receives information from the communications network and dispenses prescription drugs to the patient. The prescription entry system transmits and receives information from the communications network and provides an... Agent: Instymeds Corporation

20150025680 - Vending machine: A vending machine is disclosed. The vending machine may include a main body, a pathway, a shaft having a circular surface and a receiving space, a selection button, a sliding path, an opening, a plurality of merchandises and a payment managing system, wherein one or more merchandises are disposed in... Agent:

20150025682 - Robot controller and robot system: A robot controller includes an input unit that receives operation instruction information, a database that stores grasp pattern information, and a processing unit that performs control processing based on information from the input unit and information from the database, and the input unit receives first to N-th operation instructions as... Agent:

20150025681 - System and method for robotic patient synthesis: Some embodiments of the invention include a robotic patient system including a computer system including a processor and a coupled sensor, and a control system configured to receive control data. The robotic patient system also includes a synthetic patient robot including a feature detector and action selector configured to actuate... Agent:

20150025683 - Robot system and calibration method of the robot system: A control apparatus calculates a calibration value based on a position in the robot coordinate system 41 and a position in the vision coordinate system 42, for at least three teaching points set within a calibration area. Markers 21 of two of the three teaching points have the same inclination... Agent:

20150025684 - Robot controlling device, robot apparatus, robot control method, program for executing robot control method, and recording medium on which program is recorded: Disclosed is a technique that reduces the amount of calculation necessary for time optimal control. An interpolation function calculating part 361 calculates an interpolation function that passes through a plurality of interpolated teach points for interpolation between respective teach points. Further, a differential coefficient calculating part 362 calculates each differential... Agent:

20150025685 - Batch authoring tool and bioreactor control system: A bioreactor control system comprises a batch server for controlling a bioreactor system in response to a recipe, a batch software system for generating a control sequence for the bioreactor system via the batch server for implementing the recipe, and a recipe conversion system that inputs the recipe into the... Agent: Xcellerex, Inc.

20150025688 - Control unit for furniture adjustment drives and auxiliary device for a control unit: The invention relates to a control device (9) for at least one electromotive adjusting drive (7, 8) of a piece of furniture (1), comprising at, least one adjusting drive connection (91) for connecting to the at least one electromotive adjusting drive (7, 8), and an interface (92) for coupling to... Agent: Dewertokin Gmbh

20150025689 - Method and system for realtime performance recovery advisory for centrifugal compressors: A system and computer-implemented method for generating real-time performance recovery advisories for a centrifugal compressor of a fleet of centrifugal compressors are provided. The method is implemented using a computer device coupled to a user interface and a memory device and the method includes determining a performance deviation of the... Agent: Nuovo Pignone Srl

20150025686 - Method of correcting position error of amt actuator: A method of correcting a position error of an AMT (automated manual transmission) actuator may include a stuck determination operation of determining whether a stuck phenomenon occurs, the stuck phenomenon being a phenomenon in which a finger that may be being moved by operation of a shifting actuator in a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150025687 - Remote-controlled food-related appliance: A system includes: a smoking appliance; a remote computing device; and a communication network; wherein the smoking appliance and the remote computing device are in communication via the communication network; and wherein a user of the remote computing device controls the smoking appliance remotely.... Agent: Homesquared Corporation

20150025691 - Dynamic device-associated feedback indicative of responsible device usage: Methods and devices for controlling a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system by a thermostat are provided. Input can be received from a user via a thermostat, the input being indicative of an adjustment of an HVAC-related setting. On a real-time basis, the HVAC-related setting that is being adjusted... Agent: Google Inc.

20150025690 - Hive of smart data center tiles: A smart tile system and methodology, each tile having a sensor device and control unit for monitoring an environmental condition of a room or space. A plurality of smart tiles form a hive community resulting in a tightly coupled sensor network configured to communicate in clusters and collaborate to accomplish... Agent:

20150025692 - Telecommunication device for water damage mitigation management: A telecommunication device for water damage mitigation management is described that includes a transceiver, a data input/output mechanism, a display mechanism, and a processor. The processor causes at least one of the transceiver to transmit over a telecommunication network, the data input/output mechanism to transmit through a hard-wired connection, and... Agent:

20150025693 - System and method of temperature control: A structure and method for temperature control includes determining a schedule for a climate control device needed for an inside temperature to reach a desired temperature, determining a perceptual temperature factor based on at least the schedule and the inside temperature, adjusting the desired temperature based on the perceptual temperature... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150025694 - Control apparatus having a microprocessor controller for energy conservation and fuel economy: A control apparatus having a microprocessor controller for energy conservation and fuel economy includes a liquid container containing a combustion supporting agent; a metering pump having a liquid inlet and a liquid outlet. The liquid inlet communicates with the liquid container; a vaporizer communicating with the liquid outlet of the... Agent:

20150025695 - System for fluid processing networks: This invention relates to a method of monitoring a fluid processing network having a plurality of fluid processing regions including the steps of: receiving measured current parameter values at known points of the network; determining from the measured current parameter values regions of the network that are active, all other... Agent: Process Systems Enterprise Limited

20150025696 - Distributed methods and software for balancing supply and demand in an electric power network: Methods and software for managing electric power networks in a distributed manner. A supply and demand balancing scheme is used across a network of agents to facilitate agreement on the optimal incremental price for energy provision in an electric power network subject to the constraint that the total generation in... Agent:

20150025697 - Energy management system and method: According to an aspect of the disclosure, a system includes a controller disposed at a site which includes a communication device capable of initiating an 802.11 based network to communicate with a mobile device. The controller is configured to detect the mobile device establishing or losing a 802.11 based connection... Agent: Allure Energy, Inc.

20150025700 - Apparatus and method remotely monitoring building state: An apparatus for monitoring a building state, the apparatus comprising: a receiver configured to receive state data of a building from a plurality of sensors that are used to measure a building state; a state database configured to store the state data; a reference database configured to store a reference... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150025698 - Demand response automated load characterization systems and methods: Demand response automated load characterization systems and methods are described herein. One method includes identifying a plurality of load models that include a variable that influences an energy demand, normalizing the plurality of load models, aggregating the normalized plurality of load models to generate an aggregated model for the variable.... Agent:

20150025701 - Power flow measurement and management: Methods and systems for measuring and/or managing power consumption by power units connected to an electricity distribution network are disclosed. Power flow to and/or from a power unit connected to an electricity distribution network is controlled in accordance with a control sequence, such that the consumption and/or provision of power... Agent:

20150025699 - Terminal device, vehicle management information generation method and non-transitory computer readable recording medium for recording a vehicle management information generation program: According to one embodiment, a terminal device includes a use schedule extractor and a vehicle management information generator. The use schedule extractor is configured to extract information related to a use schedule of a rechargeable vehicle from a use state of the terminal device. The vehicle management information generator configured... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150025703 - Current protection for an electrical distribution component in an electrified vehicle: A primary current threshold is fit between an electrical capacity and electrical load for an electrical distribution component. When a first measured current exceeds the primary threshold, a power limit for the battery powering the component is reduced. When a second measured current is less than a secondary current threshold,... Agent:

20150025702 - Energy management system: An energy management system controlling energy flowing into or out of a battery is provided. The energy management system includes a data receiving unit receiving load data and energy data; a total load amount calculating unit calculating the total amount of power consumption by using the received load data; an... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150025704 - In-vehicle communication system: An in-vehicle communication system capable of performing power supply control of the system according to the user's preference while simplifying the configuration of a control device for controlling a device based on information to be relayed. A control part of a GW device extracts information required for power supply control... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 65 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150018978 - Jog push button: Systems and methods are provided to facilitate correct execution of a machine jog operation where a plurality of interfaces can generate a machine jog command, which is received by an industrial controller. One or more machine jog commands can be received and state data is maintained regarding whether a machine... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150018977 - State machine function block with user-definable actions on a transition between states: A control system, a safety system, etc., within a process plant may each use one or more state machine function blocks that can be easily integrated into a function block diagram programming environment. Such a state machine function block may include one or more inputs, which may cause a state... Agent: Fisher-rosemount Systems, Inc.

20150018979 - Electronic apparatus: In order to acquire suitable information related to an apparatus, an electronic apparatus has a first acquisition unit that acquires usage status of a first apparatus that belongs to a given category, and a second acquisition unit that acquires information about a second apparatus that belongs to the given category... Agent:

20150018980 - Method for the fail-safe operation of a process control system with redundant control devices: A process control system is provided which has at least one OPC client and one OPC server which communicate via a standardized OPC interface. Furthermore the process control system has at least two redundantly operated control devices which each communicate with the OPC server by means of a coupling device.... Agent:

20150018981 - System and method for feedback error learning in non-linear systems: A method for operating an actuator is disclosed. The actuator may be a linear or non-linear actuator. In one example, a pseudo-inverse piecewise bilinear model is adapted in response to output of a feedback controller to improve feed forward control.... Agent:

20150018982 - Automation of a programmable device: A method and apparatus for a computer-implemented adaptive automation module comprising an event recorder to store one or more events for a predetermined period, and a timeline pattern generator logic to create a timeline for the predetermined period. The module further comprising marker creator logic to generate a marker to... Agent:

20150018983 - Security, safety, and redundancy employing controller engine instances: The claimed subject matter provides a system and/or method that facilitates employing safety within an industrial environment. An enhancing component can implement at least one of a security level, authentication, authorization, or an access right to a validated action to at least one of the controller or the controller engine... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150018984 - Monitoring interface: A device receives diagnostic data related to the operation of a machine. The device is configured to receive a first user input related to a manner in which the diagnostic data is to be displayed on a display. The device is further configured to receive a second user input related... Agent:

20150018986 - Electrical switch assembly: An electrical switch assembly is suitable for use in an electrical appliance requiring a descaling procedure after a predetermined number of operating cycles. The switch assembly has a first switch and a second switch. The first switch has a housing, a switch mechanism, contact terminals for the switch mechanism extending... Agent:

20150018987 - Method and a device for controlling a home wireless system: A home wireless system and a method of controlling it wherein the home wireless system comprises a plurality of wireless peripheral nodes (14; 16; 19; 21; 23) and a first gateway (12) having wireless communication means for communicating with and controlling wireless peripheral nodes. The method comprises: a) installing at... Agent: Securities Direct Ab

20150018985 - Predicting responses of resources to demand response signals and having comfortable demand responses: An approach where a utility/ISO may dispatch demand response (DR) resources in real time without notification of a DR event. DR dispatches may involve sending specific load level commands to power generators that can respond to such commands in a predictable fashion. DR resources do not necessarily have the same... Agent:

20150018991 - Fitness monitoring device with user engagement metric functionality: Methods, apparatuses, and systems are provided for determining a level of user engagement with a fitness monitoring device and, when a level of engagement metric for the fitness monitoring device for a person meets certain criteria, encouraging user engagement with the fitness monitoring device.... Agent:

20150018990 - Smart-court system and method for providing real-time debriefing and training services of sport games: A Smart-court system, adaptive to constrained sport environment, for enabling real time analysis and debriefing of sport activities is provided herein. The Smart-court system is comprised of: (i) an automatic recording system comprising a plurality of video cameras located in a court, arranged to real-time (RT) recording of a sport... Agent: Playsight Interactive Ltd.

20150018988 - System and method for player performance evaluation: The present invention relates to a computer implemented system and method for evaluation of performance of an individual player or team. The present invention considers the combined effect of information pertaining to a plurality of attributes based on the physical, mental, psychological, personal, sport environment to determine a quantifiable and... Agent:

20150018989 - Wireless exercise signal receiver system with personal portable unit as relay transmitter: Disclosed is an exercise signal receiver system with a personal portable unit as a relay transmitter. Users, when using individual exercise devices, each put on a portable unit to transmit a wireless body signal and a wireless identification code of each user to a common receiving station. The common receiving... Agent:

20150018994 - Obtaining and transmitting audio: Examples include a method that involves (a) detecting, by a network device, a command for a playback device to play an audio program, (b) obtaining, by the network device from a wide area network (WAN), audio information corresponding to the audio program, and (c) transmitting, by the network device to... Agent:

20150018993 - System and method for audio processing using arbitrary triggers: The present disclosure relates to audio processing for playback, and more particularly to processing audio files to provide a smooth transition between successive audio tracks during playback. According to some examples, a flow includes determining, with a computing device, a first audio characteristic of a first audio track and determining,... Agent: Aliphcom

20150018992 - Systems and methods to provide play/pause content: Embodiments are disclosed for providing play/pause content. An example method includes receiving a command to play audio from a zone, the zone including one or more playback devices, wherein the zone is configured to play items from a playback queue responsive to the command to play audio. The example method... Agent:

20150018995 - Method for calculating support structures and support elements for attaching a support strut of same: Method for calculating support structures, consisting of support struts, for a three-dimensional layered object on a platform, comprising: for each layer, determining a surface of the layer that is open in relation to a lower layer, and determining support points, on which the layer is to be supported; assigning a... Agent:

20150018997 - Antenna inspection system, antenna inspection apparatus and antenna inspection method: A POL-axis driving unit, an EL-axis driving unit, a Cross-EL-axis driving unit and an AZ-axis driving unit of an antenna apparatus drive respective axis drive motors controlled by a control unit of a control apparatus, such that the antenna performs an origin detection operation for each axis. The camera control... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150018996 - Device setting apparatus, recording medium recording device setting program, information transfer system, and information transfer method: A device setting apparatus is configured to communicate with a field device, and to acquire information from the field device and to set information with respect to the field device. The device setting apparatus includes a generator configured to generate an information code using at least one of acquired information... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150018998 - Vehicle welding quality inspection device and the method thereof: A vehicle welding quality inspection device for checking welding parts of a vehicle body transferred along a transferring line may include a welding part shooting unit fixed on an outside of the transfer line, shoots a welding inspection part of the vehicle body, and outputs the shot data to the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150018999 - Joint guarantee system for vehicle assembly and control method of the same: A joint guarantee system for vehicle assembly is applied to a vehicle assembly line that assembles an assembling object to a vehicle carried through on a conveyer line as an assembling element, and includes a vehicle detector that detects the vehicle entering the conveyer line, tool detectors disposed along the... Agent:

20150019000 - Image projection system and image projection method: An image projection system projects a single image on an image projection region from a plurality of image projection sections and includes section that detects checker intersection coordinates in a corrected checkered sheet image, a section that calculates a first projective transformation matrix from the checker intersection coordinates, a section... Agent:

20150019001 - System and method for selecting a tool assembly: A method of identifying a multi-component cutting tool assembly to a user includes the steps of: receiving an indication from the user of a desired characteristic of at least one of the cutting tool assembly or of a workpiece to be machined, determining at least a portion of a first... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20150019002 - Machine tool: A machine tool includes a machining chamber, an illuminator in the machining chamber, and an NC unit. The NC unit includes a manual execution unit for executing the machining operation via a pulse signal generated in response to operation of a manually operated part, and has a one-block stop mode... Agent: Citizen Machinery Miyano Co., Ltd. A Japanese Limited Company

20150019003 - Robot system: A robot system according to an aspect of an embodiment includes a robot, a determination unit (work determination unit), a selection unit (chucking direction selection unit), and an instruction unit. The robot has a robot hand (hand) including three or more chuck jaws. The determination unit obtains information on a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150019004 - Transfer device and transfer method: A transfer device includes: a transfer unit configured to transfer a substrate from a transfer original position to a corrected transfer destination position; a plurality of position detecting units installed between the transfer original position and the corrected transfer destination position and configured to detect a position of the substrate... Agent:

20150019007 - Method for processing items such as pieces of meat: A method of processing items such as pieces of meat, by providing a stream of items by means of a primary conveyor means, allocating at least partly by means of a computer system one or more of said items to one of at least two workstations where said items are... Agent:

20150019005 - Packaging line: The present invention relates to a packaging line comprising a packaging machine and at least one additional component, wherein the packaging machine and the component each have an at least partially local control and the packaging line has a line regulation/control. The present invention further relates to a method for... Agent:

20150019006 - Robot system and robot controller: The robot system includes a first robot, a first robot controller, a loading information storage device, a second robot, and a second robot controller. The first robot holds and loads one or more target objects to form a loaded body. The first robot controller controls a movement of the first... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150019008 - Vending machine container labeling and dispensing method: A vending machine, in communication with a remote station, delivers a labeled container to a user from storage holding containers of different sizes and shapes and containing different products such as medicaments. A control system is operable to select a specific unlabeled container from among the other containers in storage,... Agent: Medavail, Inc.

20150019009 - Automated method of recording contents of medication packages vended from a plurality of vending machines in an electronic record that stores records for a plurality of patients associated with respective vending machines: An automated method is provided for recording contents of medication packages vended from a plurality of vending machines in electronic records, such as an electronic medication administration record (eMAR), that store records for a plurality of patients who are associated with respective vending machines. A vending event causes the electronic... Agent: Sequon, Inc.

20150019010 - Shared video vendor: Embodiments of the invention provide a vending machine for enabling a transaction between a user and one of a plurality of remote sources. Vending machine may include a communication interface communicatively coupled with each source. Vending machine may include an input interface for receiving an input regarding the selection of... Agent:

20150019011 - Robot system and work facility: This disclosure discloses a robot system including one or more work facilities, and a central information processor. The work facilities comprise a robot, a robot controller, and a sensor. The robot performs predetermined work. The central information processor includes an information accepting part, an algorithm storage part, an information analysing... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150019012 - Robot system and work facility: The robot system includes work facilities and a central computer device. The work facilities comprise a robot, a robot controller. The robot controller includes a storage part which stores teaching information. The central computer device comprises a teaching information database, an information accepting part, a correlation determining part. The teaching... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150019013 - Touch sensitive robotic gripper: A displacement measuring cell may be used to measure linear and/or angular displacement. The displacement measuring cell may include movable and stationary electrodes in a conductive fluid. Electrical property measurements may be used to determine how far the movable electrode has moved relative to the stationary electrode. The displacement measuring... Agent:

20150019014 - Device and method for quality inspection of automotive part: A device for quality inspection of an automotive part includes i) a jig unit for securing and supporting an inspection object, ii) rotary vision imager mounted to a fore end of a robot arm rotatable in a turret type for vision photographing a plurality of processed portions of the inspection... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150019015 - Unit and method for the automatic hooking of parts onto complex supports: d

20150019016 - Method for controlling the action of a robotic arm and robotic arm using that method: Method for controlling the action of a robotic arm which comprises the following stages: a) moving the robotic arm by means of an action programmed in a controller; b) measuring the force which the robotic arm applies at specific points in the movement in stage a); c) comparing the force... Agent:

20150019020 - Control unit for a piece of furniture: The invention relates to a control device (9) for at least one adjusting drive (7, 8) which is to be associated with a piece of furniture (1) and which is designed to control the at least one adjusting drive (7, 8) based on control data (20) captured by a wireless... Agent: Dewertokin Gmbh

20150019019 - Driving mechanism: The invention is a driving mechanism for exerting a pre-determined torque characteristic, comprising a stepper motor (12) having a motor shaft, a rotation measuring device detecting the angular position of the motor shaft (14), a motor control unit effecting the torque characteristic on the basis of the angular position of... Agent: Optoforce M&#xfc Szaki Fejleszt&#xf6 &#xe9 S Innov&#xe1 Ci&#xf3 S Kft.

20150019021 - Fire prevention in a network device with redundant power supplies: A device may include multiple power supplies that are cooled by a system fan. The power supplies may be cross-connected to supply power to one another and the device may monitor temperatures of the power supplies. Based on the temperatures of the power supplies, the device may determine whether any... Agent:

20150019017 - Home appliance and method of operating a home appliance: A home appliance having a treating chamber for receiving an article for treatment according to an automatic cycle of operation, a treating chamber having an open face, a door for selectively closing the open face of the treating chamber, a sensor configured to sense a user at a predetermined location... Agent:

20150019018 - Monitoring apparatus and system: Also provided is a monitoring system including an individual signal unit; said individual signal unit communicating with a central control facility when an event sensor activates said individual signal unit; said central control facility executing a number of predefined steps on receipt of a communication from said individual signal unit;... Agent:

20150019024 - Environmental control system including distributed control elements: An apparatus may include at least one sensor and a transmitter coupled to the at least one sensor and configured send data to a gateway through a wireless communication link. The apparatus may further include a solar cell configured to provide power to the at least one sensor and the... Agent:

20150019022 - Fluid control measuring device: Systems and methods for measuring and controlling fluid flow include an orifice plate defining a variable opening. The orifice plate includes an outer assembly comprising a central opening and an inner assembly extending through the central opening. The flow device regulates high and very low volumes of fluid with precision,... Agent:

20150019023 - Heat pump system energy management device: A management device manages plural heat pump systems to bring a total amount of energy consumed by the heat pump systems closer to a target value. The management device includes a request transmitting unit, a consumption information receiving unit, a database, and a learning unit. The request transmitting unit transmits... Agent:

20150019025 - Wireless node auto-reset function: A method for wireless communication within a building automation system is disclosed. The method includes establishing a communications link between a first automation component and a second automation component, detecting a change in the communications link at the second automation component, and initiating a reset function on the second automation... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20150019028 - Dynamic support apparatus and system: A control unit system. The system includes a control unit which includes a control unit charging interface, at least one magnet located proximate to the control unit charging interface, at least one actuator, a detachable manifold including at least one magnet, fluidly coupled to the at least one actuator, a... Agent:

20150019027 - Hot water control systems: An energy management system and method for water heater system is arranged for control of the water heater system based on user demand, and control the of water distribution base on demand and water temperature of the recirculation loop. The energy management system includes a control center collecting operational parameter... Agent:

20150019026 - Systems and methods for detecting appliance pump cavitation or dry state: Systems and methods for detecting appliance pump cavitation or dry state are provided. An exemplary appliance can include a current measurement circuit configured to provide a feedback signal that describes an inverter current drawn by an inverter providing three-phase power to the pump motor. A control unit of an appliance... Agent:

20150019030 - Bias setting in a scent delivery system: A scent delivery system includes scent delivery units that are configured to deliver scent at a variable scent level by being turned on and off successively according to a variable duty cycle. The scent delivery units are associated with corresponding base scent settings. The scent delivery system also includes a... Agent:

20150019029 - Relatedness in a scent delivery system: A scent delivery system includes first and second scent delivery units and a central controller. The central controller is configured to generate command data capable of affecting operation of at least the first and second units based on one or more scenting schedules. The central controller is also configured to... Agent:

20150019031 - Integrated control circuitry and coil assembly for irrigation control: An irrigation control device comprises a coil adapted to develop an electromagnetic flux sufficient to cause actuation of irrigation equipment. Control circuitry is electrically coupled to the coil to receive control signals from an irrigation control unit and to control the flux at the coil. A housing covers at least... Agent:

20150019032 - Arrangement for communicating demand response resource incentives: An approach for influencing demand response event performance through a variable incentive signal. Automated demand response programs may achieve an energy demand reduction by signaling participating consumers to curtail energy usage for a certain period of time, referred to as an “event”. Customers may be free to “opt-out” and withdraw... Agent:

20150019033 - Providing user interface of a frequency converter over a wireless connection: A user interface of frequency converter over a wireless connection is disclosed. The frequency converter can be connected to a mobile communications device over a short range wireless connection. The mobile communications device can be connected to a wide area network to a service center maintaining information associated with frequency... Agent: Abb Oy

20150019034 - Device for smoothing fluctuations in renewable energy power production cause by dynamic environmental conditions: A renewable energy generator imposes costs on a power grid from rapid fluctuations in output. A device is disclosed that collects data on renewable power production, meteorological and other information, forecasts short timescale renewable power production then mitigates costs incurred by power fluctuations by modulating the power output, while maximizing... Agent:

20150019036 - Energy management server, energy management method, and program: According to an embodiment, management server includes estimator, scheduler, acquisition unit, monitoring unit, receiver and setting unit. Estimator calculates estimated value of energy demand in building with electric appliance. Scheduler creates schedule of appliance based on estimated value. Acquisition unit acquires actual value of energy demand. Monitoring unit monitors error... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150019035 - Operation planning system: In formulating of a power generation operation schedule to a power grid network including multiple power plants and transformer stations, and, multiple batteries installed in association therewith, an operation planning system stores in advance power generation basic unit information of the power plant, and derivation information of the stored energy... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150019038 - Smart-grid adaptive power management method and system with power factor optimization and total harmonic distortion reduction: A method and system of power factor optimization and total harmonic distortion are provided under the premise of efficient power management and distribution on an electrical grid. The method and system include a novel optimization technique based on a novel current profiling methodology enabling real-time power management with power factor... Agent:

20150019037 - System having customer defined demand response signals: An approach that allows a demand response (DR) resource owner to specify the DR signals that are sent from the utility/ISO as opposed to the utility/ISO dictating what the signals are. DR resource owners may be allowed to create custom signals that are most appropriate for their systems and operations.... Agent:

20150019039 - Line drop compensation methods and systems: This disclosure is directed to regulating electric power at a node of a system for distribution of electricity. A voltage controller can identify properties of branch structures in a system that includes a voltage regulation device that controls a voltage source supplying electricity to nodes via the branch structures. The... Agent:

20150019040 - Controlling system and data collecting/displaying method: A regulator has: a data recording portion recording a setting value; an elapsed time measuring portion measuring elapsed time after commencement of data collection; a data collection initiating portion initiating the data collection if a direction of change of the setting value is a direction of change of the setting... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20150019041 - Scent delivery system scheduling: A method for controlling one or more scent delivery units includes maintaining one or more scheduled events, maintaining one or more scheduled anti-events, and generating, based on the one or more scheduled events and the one or more scheduled anti-events, command data to be communicated to the one or more... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 37 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150012115 - Operating environment parameter regulation in a multi-processor environment: A method includes receiving, at a control server, data related to a parameter of an operating environment of a number of processors. Each processor is associated with a data processing device of a number of data processing devices. The method also includes transmitting, through a processor of the control server,... Agent:

20150012116 - System and method for state-transition-controlled processing of objects: Proposed is a control device (10) and method for state-transition-based processing of objects following a state-structured process flow (12) with a plurality of process states (121,122,123), wherein for each process state (121, 122, 123), one or more tasks (131) are selected in order to process the transition of the selected... Agent: Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd.

20150012117 - Power control device, electrical apparatus, and image forming device: A power control device includes non-volatile memory, a controller, and a logic circuit. The non-volatile memory includes a function of externally outputting a logical state of a bit stored in a specific area as a state hold signal that indicates an ON/OFF state of a device function unit before a... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150012118 - Method for engineering a distributed control system and an engineering tool thereof: An exemplary method for engineering a Distributed Control System (DCS) having at least one Input/Output device and at least one controller that are communicatively connected. A user is prompted to request an application type and select a variant from one or more variant options, at least one device is identified... Agent: Abb Technology Ltd.

20150012119 - Machine controller: A machine controller intercommunicates with, and issues machining program commands to, a plurality of peripherals. The controller receives work status information on the peripherals, calculates the total power consumption by the plurality of peripherals based on the received information, and decides the work start timing for the peripherals such that... Agent:

20150012120 - Motion controller capable of specifying program execution pace: A motion controller is provided which allows a program to be executed in a specified time. The program is executed, and the execution time of each of the blocks of the program and the execution time of the entire program are measured. Then, a predicted time until an in-position state... Agent:

20150012121 - Automation management system and method: Disclosed herein is a method for monitoring performance of equipment located in an automation environment including identifying a sequence of tasks performed by the equipment, wherein each task in the sequence is defined by a series of signals; for each task in the sequence: (a) collecting data pertaining to the... Agent:

20150012122 - Conditioner with weight sensors for nutritional substances: Nutritional substance systems and methods are disclosed enabling the tracking and communication of changes in nutritional, organoleptic, and aesthetic values of nutritional substances, and further enabling the adaptive storage and adaptive conditioning of nutritional substances.... Agent:

20150012123 - System for synchronizing remotely delivered audio with live visual components: A method and system are provided to synchronize an audio program output at a location remote to a site of a visual display such as a fireworks show, a water and light show, or other event or show with a large visual display visible from distances over which the originally... Agent:

20150012124 - Maintenance system, and substrate processing device: The present disclosure provides a maintenance system, installed in a substrate processing device, is comprised of an equipment control unit, a sensor acquisition unit and determination unit and control signal generation unit. The equipment control unit operates the monitored equipment within the substrate processing device. The sensor acquisition unit and... Agent:

20150012125 - Numerical control apparatus having function of reducing path to start point in canned cycle: In a canned cycle, a straight path is set from a cutting completion position in a cycle to a cutting start position in a next cycle. Furthermore, when there is a possibility that the set straight path interferes with a workpiece, a region for which the workpiece has been already... Agent:

20150012126 - Thermal displacement correction method and thermal displacement correction unit: A thermal displacement correction method for a machine tool includes: estimating a thermal displacement of a support and a thermal displacement of the movable body independently of each other; acquiring a displacement of an attachment position of a scale that detects a position of the movable body; a movable body... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20150012127 - Numerical control device for controlling five-axis processing machine: A numerical control device for controlling a five-axis processing machine includes a tool-direction instruction correction unit, and corrects a tool-direction vector so that a tool direction of a processing program smoothly changes. The tool-direction instruction correction unit refers to a tool-direction correction tolerance set in advance by a tool-direction correction... Agent:

20150012128 - Buffer station for stocker system: A buffer station provides potential improvement for the operation of a facility. By storing to-be accessed workpieces in the buffer stations of an equipment, the operation of the facility is not interrupted when the equipment is down. The workpieces can be retrieved through emergency access port of the buffer station,... Agent:

20150012129 - Industrial vehicle: An industrial vehicle includes an engine, a hydraulic pump, a cargo handling tool, a mast, a first hydraulic actuator, a second hydraulic actuator, an instruction member, a supply oil passage, and a controller. When the mast is being tilted forward, the controller performs revving control that raises the engine speed... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150012130 - Medical product dispensing systems and methods: Methods and systems for transferring restricted distribution medical products to an over-the-counter general sales environment are provided. Methods and systems of dispensing non-prescription, behind-the-counter medical products from a vending machine in a general sales location are also provided. In some embodiments, methods and systems are provided for dispensing a medical... Agent:

20150012131 - Medication dispensing and control unit: A medication and dispensing system tracks the medication of multiple users over time and preferably combines this information with periodic test results provided to the system. The system is designed to allow remote access electronically to authorized users whereby doctors or other medical professionals can review the data of actual... Agent:

20150012132 - Enhancing sensor data by coordinating and/or correlating data attributes: A method includes receiving first sensor data acquired by a first sensor in communication with a cloud computing system. The first sensor data has a first set of associated attributes including a time and a location at which the first sensor data was acquired. The method also includes receiving second... Agent:

20150012133 - Working robot and robot system: The working robot includes a plurality of link members coupled rotatably around shafts, a motor driving the link members, and a controller switching a state of use of winding wires of the motor based on a result of sensing a moving object including a human in a predetermined area. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150012134 - Adaptable integrated energy control system for electrosurgical tools in robotic surgical systems: A method for a minimally invasive surgical system is disclosed including reading first tool information from a storage device in a first robotic surgical tool mounted to a first robotic arm to at least determine a first tool type; reading equipment information about one or more remote controlled equipment for... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20150012136 - Mobile tele-presence system with a microphone system: A remote controlled robot system that includes a robot and a remote control station. The robot includes a binaural microphone system that is coupled to a speaker system of the remote control station. The binaural microphone system may include a pair of microphones located at opposite sides of a robot... Agent:

20150012135 - Position adjusting system and method: A position adjusting device includes a movable mechanical arm, suction, an adjusting mechanism, a bottom plate, a first camera, a second camera, and a processor. The processor controls the movable mechanism arm and the suction to move to a top of the first camera in response to a user operation,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150012137 - Production apparatus: A production apparatus ensures wireless communication without interference. An antenna portion 310 at a robotic arm includes a transmitting antenna portion 311 having a plurality of transmitting antennas 321 to 328 and a receiving antenna portion 312 having a plurality of receiving antennas 331 to 338. A transmitting side switcher... Agent:

20150012138 - Fan operation control system: A fan operating control system includes a magnetic sensor unit, a control unit, a rectifier unit and a coil unit. The control unit is electrically connected to the magnetic sensor unit and the rectifier unit; the rectifier unit is further electrically connected to a ground; and the coil unit is... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20150012141 - Method and system to support technical tasks in distributed control systems: A method and computer system are disclosed to support technical tasks in distributed control systems. The system can store a workflow-aware object of a plurality of workflow-aware objects, wherein the workflow-aware object represents at least one component of an automation system. A computation component can be associated with the workflow-aware... Agent: Abb Technology

20150012140 - Motor drive controller: According to one aspect, there is provided a motor drive controller for use in a network of motor drive controllers, the motor drive controller comprising: a sensor configured to detect a status of a network controller controlling operation of the network of motor drive controllers; and a processor configured to... Agent: Pteris Global Limited

20150012139 - Updating method for fan control table file: An updating method for a fan control table file includes the following steps: generating a fan speed controlling file in a client device; outputting a fan control table updating command from the client device to a baseboard management controller (BMC) of a sever, which stores a first fan control table... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150012143 - Air conditioning control apparatus: An air conditioning control apparatus adjusts an amount of energy consumed by air conditioners installed in a property. The air conditioning control apparatus includes an adjustment control part that executes an adjustment control during a predetermined adjustment time period, a measurement acquisition part that acquires a measurement of the amount... Agent:

20150012142 - Displaying device and method: A displaying device used in an air-conditioning system includes a blowing vent with a variable airflow direction, that blows conditioned air, as supply air, into a subject space that is subject to air-conditioning, an occupant location detecting unit that detects a location of an occupant within the subject space, a... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20150012146 - Dynamic distributed power grid control system: A system for dynamically managing and controlling distributed energy resources in a transmission/distribution power grid is disclosed. A plurality of regions within a transmission/distribution power grid is autonomously managed using regional control modules. Each regional control module oversees the management and control of the transmission/distribution power grid and is further... Agent: Spirae, Inc.

20150012145 - Intelligent circuit breaker apparatus and methods: A system and associated components for providing an intelligent circuit breaker being adapted to communicate with, monitor and control various devices within a commercial or residential premises. In one embodiment, the system is adapted for low cost, ease of installation and operation, and ease of manufacture. The intelligent circuit breaker... Agent:

20150012144 - Method and apparatus for optimizing a hybrid power system with respect to long-term characteristics by online optimization, and real-time forecasts, prediction or processing: An apparatus optimizes a hybrid power system with respect to long-term characteristics of the hybrid power system. The apparatus includes a real-time controller of the hybrid power system and a processor. The processor cooperates with the real-time controller and is structured to input current measurements of information from the hybrid... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20150012147 - System and method of compiling and organizing power consumption data and converting such data into one or more user actionable formats: A method and system for use in creating a profile of, managing and understanding power consumption in a premise of a user, wherein said premise comprises two or more power consuming devices comprises measuring, via at least one sensor, aggregate energy consumption at the premise, receiving at a mobile computing... Agent:

20150012149 - Control apparatus, control method, and control system: A DR controller which is connected to a server via a network and performs control on power demand of a load resource includes: a communication determining unit which determines whether or not communication between the server and the DR controller is available; and a control unit which executes one of... Agent:

20150012148 - Updating distribution management system model responsive to real-time asset identification and location inputs: Models of a distribution network grid are automatically updated in response to real-time location data of uniquely identified temporary devices. Current geographical coordinates are determined within a distance tolerance that is selected as a function of a type of device indicated by the identity indicia. The geographical information system model... Agent:

20150012150 - Regulating device control system, regulating device control method, and recording medium: A regulating-device-control system for controlling the operation of regulating devices for regulating the balance between electric power supply and demand includes: memory means storing, for each regulating device, correlation information expressing correlation of a state of the regulating device, an amount of power allotted to the regulating device, and an... Agent:

20150012151 - Power supply device, micro server having the same, and power supply method: A power supply device to supply power to a micro server includes a plurality of power supplies configured to be redundant and supply DC power, and an output unit to output the DC power output from the plurality of power supplies to the micro server, wherein one of the plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

01/01/2015 > 82 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20150005899 - Electronic device and method for controlling: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes, control signal receiving module, control signal determining module, transfer control module and displaying control module. The control signal receiving module configured to receive control key corresponding to instruction input. The control signal determining module configured to determine that control key received by... Agent:

20150005900 - Devices and methods of function-based control in automation systems: The present disclosure is generally directed to automation systems and methods of use thereof to control devices. More particularly, the present disclosure includes systems including function-based controls and methods of assigning function-based controls to allow a user to add, relocate, and/or remove a device without requiring the user to reprogram... Agent:

20150005901 - Iterative learning for reliable sensor sourcing systems: Providing a registry of sensor devices may comprise obtaining a device, determining one or more information types returned by the device, determining one or more communication protocols used by the device for transmitting information, determining one or more encoding schemes used by the device to format the information, adding the... Agent:

20150005902 - Adaptive sample-by-sample controller for under-determined systems: A device and method to adapt a model in a underdetermined adaptive system that provides an output in response to an input. A controller provides parameters to the model in a transceiver system, composed of linearizers, equalizers, or estimators as a function of an error signal. The controller and the... Agent:

20150005903 - Non-intrusive data analytics in a process control system: An on-line data analytics device can be installed in a process control system as a standalone device that operates in parallel with, but non-intrusively with respect to, the on-line control system to perform on-line analytics for a process without requiring the process control system to be reconfigured or recertified. The... Agent: Fisher-rosemount Systems, Inc.

20150005904 - System and method for shutting down a field device: A diagnostic system and method for a field device implemented in a safety instrumented system includes detecting an occurrence of a safety event associated with the field device, overriding normal control of the field device to cause the field device to enter a safe state in response to the detected... Agent:

20150005905 - Programmable control apparatus, method, and program: Provided is a programmable control apparatus for performing a self-diagnosis process using a short-period single loop. The programmable control apparatus includes: a signal processing unit configured to sequentially process inputted external signals based on a program in a memory; a data acquisition unit configured to acquire data from a specified... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150005906 - Goal-driven human-machine interface: A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for industrial equipment which is operable to assume several operating states, and to achieve several user-selectable goals, each achievable from one or more operating states. The HMI is designed to be coupled with an equipment control unit of the industrial equipment. The equipment control unit is... Agent: Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

20150005907 - Sequence-program design support device: A sequence-program design support device includes a display unit displaying a work screen corresponding to a designing work, an input unit receiving a setting operation of work phases, a zoom-in operation, and a zoom-out operation, a state storage unit storing the work phases and a current work, a work-model storage... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150005909 - Communication device, communication method, and management device: A communication device according to an embodiment includes a reception unit, a determination unit, a generation unit, and a transmission unit. The reception unit receives a telegram which is transmitted to a node. The determination unit determines whether or not the telegram which is received by the reception unit includes... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20150005908 - Method and apparatus for automatic ambient device control: A method and apparatus for automatic ambient device control. The devices to be controlled automatically include, but are not limited to, an electronic lock, smart glass, light fixtures, ambient temperature regulator, such as a thermostat, and an ambient light regulator. Furthermore, in one embodiment of the method and apparatus or... Agent:

20150005912 - Methods for detecting and recording activity and devices for performing the same: Data is received from an activity tracking device. The received data indicates an amount of movement of the activity tracking device. The received data is associated with an account of a user of the activity tracking device. Feedback is generated for the user based on the amount of movement of... Agent:

20150005910 - Motion information processing apparatus and method: A motion information processing apparatus according to an embodiment includes an obtaining unit, a judging unit, and a controlling unit. The obtaining unit obtains motion information of a subject who performs a motion of at least one of a squat and a jump. On the basis of predetermined conditions for... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20150005911 - Portable computing device and analyses of personal data captured therefrom: A personal computing device comprising: a processor, an onboard memory, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a display; a computer program to create an exercise analysis application comprising: a software module configured to receive data from the accelerometer and the gyroscope that are associated with the bodily motion of a user... Agent:

20150005913 - Golf handicap systems and methods to calculate a golf handicap: Embodiments of golf handicap systems and methods to calculate a golf handicap are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.... Agent:

20150005914 - Power increase based on packet type: Techniques for controlling one or more audio amplifiers in or associated with a device coupled on a local area network are disclosed. An example playback device includes a processor, an amplifier, a network interface, and a memory. The memory includes a software module that, when executed by the processor, causes... Agent:

20150005915 - Computing device and method for generating manufacturing program of product for cnc machine: In a method for generating manufacturing program of a product for computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine, a graphic file of a product is read, and lines of the graphic file are extracted. The method generates a point cloud according to the lines of the graphic file, the point cloud includes... Agent:

20150005916 - Deformation state analysis method, resin molded article deformation improvement method, and resin molded article weight reduction method: There is provided an analysis method whereby, when a proposed plan for deforming a resin molded article (for example, a countermeasure plan for warpage) is created and designed, it is possible to create a more effective proposed plan in a short time and in which computation cost is considerably reduced.... Agent: Polyplastics Co., Ltd.

20150005917 - Method and apparatus for database-assisted requalification reticle inspection: A method embodiment includes providing a reticle design data that specify a plurality of printable features that are formed on the wafer using the reticle and a plurality of nonprintable features that are not formed on the wafer using such reticle, wherein the reticle design data is usable to fabricate... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150005918 - Dental superstructure, and method of manufacture thereof: A dental superstructure with integrated spacers including a main body and at least one integrated spacer. The superstructure is intended to be connected to the at least one osseointegrated dental implant through connection between the integrated spacer and the osseointegrated dental implant. A manufacturing method thereof is also provided.... Agent:

20150005919 - 3d manufacturing platform: Embodiments relate to an operating system configured to enable arbitrary applications to output 3D models to be physically formed by arbitrary 3D manufacturing devices. The operating system manages the 3D manufacturing devices, including installation of related software, device drivers, device properties, and so forth. The operating system also provides a... Agent:

20150005920 - 3d printing device, 3d printing system and 3d printing method: The three-dimensional printing apparatus includes a main unit and movement means that is connected to the main unit, in which the main unit has a printing unit for printing by laminating a target printing object and a stage portion at a printing locus, the movement means moves the three-dimensional printing... Agent: Pita4 Mobile LLC

20150005922 - Embroidery data processor, sewing machine and non-transitory computer-readable medium: An embroidery data processor includes a processor and a memory configured to store embroidery data moving an embroidery frame and computer-readable instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to perform processes including calculating a sewing time in which a first moving mechanism and a second moving mechanism... Agent:

20150005921 - Sewing machine, computer-readable medium storing sewing program, and sewing method: The memory stores computer-readable instructions causing the sewing machine to perform operations including: extracting feature points of a design based on a captured image; extracting feature points of a unit design; generating feature points of a symmetrical design; cross-checking the extracted feature points of the design and the generated feature... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150005923 - Deburring device including visual sensor and force sensor: A deburring device includes a deburring tool for removing burrs from an object, a robot for moving an object or the tool, a force sensor for detecting force acting on the tool, and a visual sensor for detecting a position of a burr portion of the object. According to the... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20150005924 - Machining program creating apparatus, machining program creating method, and machining program creating program: A machining program creating apparatus includes a tool-route generating unit sequentially executing, concerning each line segment, processing for setting an end point of a set tool route as an endpoint of interest and setting a line segment connected to the endpoint of interest as a next tool route and an... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150005925 - Conveyance control apparatus: A conveyance control apparatus includes a stacking base that stacks ejected paper sheets, a sensor that detects a paper sheet after the paper sheet is ejected according to job data before the paper sheet is stacked on the stacking base, a detection time measuring unit that measures sensor-on time during... Agent:

20150005927 - Flexible, scalable freight loading system: The invention relates to a scalable freight loading system, in particular for an aircraft, comprising driving and securing means or freight packages, which are controlled by it central control device (DCB), wherein the loading surface is split into sectors, a local control (SCB 1-x) being assigned to each sector, and... Agent:

20150005926 - Packaging station system and related methods: Implementations of the present invention relate to systems and methods for processing paperboard and similar fanfold materials into packaging templates and packaging orders using the packaging templates. More specifically, the described embodiments relate to methods of processing orders available for packaging, such as to reduce the time and cost of... Agent:

20150005928 - Substrate processing system and substrate position correction method: In STEP 1, a mapping operation is carried out by a mapping device. In STEP 2, based on position information for the wafer (W) detected by the mapping operation, it is determined whether or not a wafer (W) position is in an abnormal state or not. When the wafer position... Agent:

20150005931 - Adjustable speed control system, method and computer readable medium for use with a conveyor and a reader: An adjustable speed control system includes a reader, databases, processors and a conveyor controller. The databases store data concerning conveyor stops and failed attempts by the reader to identify conveyed items. Based on the failed attempts and the conveyor stops, the processors calculate an optimal speed of the conveyor. The... Agent:

20150005932 - Adjustable speed control system, method and computer readable medium for use with a conveyor and a reader: An adjustable speed control system includes a reader, databases, processors and a conveyor controller. The databases store data concerning conveyor stops and failed attempts by the reader to identify conveyed items. Based on the failed attempts and the conveyor stops, the processors calculate an optimal speed of the conveyor. The... Agent:

20150005929 - Conveyor and conveying method: A conveyor is provided with a conveyor section, a controller, a confirming part and a detecting part. The conveyor section conveys a belt-shaped work having a plurality of reference points arrayed discontinuously on a surface. The controller selectively operates the conveyor section for intermittently conveying the work for each prescribed... Agent:

20150005930 - Printing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium: A printing apparatus according to one aspect of this invention includes a sheet holding unit configured to hold an envelope, and a detection unit configured to detect an opening width between guides for guiding an envelope held by the sheet holding unit. The printing apparatus further includes an identifying unit... Agent:

20150005933 - Mobile device assisted retail system and process in a vending unit, retail display or automated retail store: Systems and methods for users of an automated retail store, vending unit, digital signage or interactive retail display (self-service units) to interact with such display/unit, collectively referred to in this text as a machine, directly and/or simultaneously using a one or more mobile devices. In addition, system and methods are... Agent:

20150005934 - Secure medication transport: A smart carrier has a housing comprising one or more docking locations configured to accept a secure receptacle, a wireless interface module disposed within the housing, and a processor disposed within the housing and operatively coupled to the one or more docking locations and the wireless interface module. The processor... Agent:

20150005935 - Central dispensing management system: A central dispensing management system, which includes an integrated management server and a plurality of dispensing management clients. The integrated management server transmits dispensing data of prescription drugs to the plurality of dispensing management clients in conjunction with a prescription server. The plurality of dispensing management clients control dispensers to... Agent: Infopia Co., Ltd.

20150005936 - Control method for robot system and robot system: Provided is a control method for a robot system including: working units; and a robot having unit related processes that include moving between two of the working units and executing work. The control method includes: determining, in a case of detecting a first working unit that has come into a... Agent:

20150005937 - Action selection apparatus and methods: An action for execution by a robotic device may be selected. A robotic controller may determine that two or more actions are to be executed based on analysis of sensory and/or training input. The actions may comprise target approach and/or obstacle avoidance. Execution of individual actions may be based on... Agent:

20150005938 - Motion setting method: A motion setting method that can set motions to a standing and sitting motion-supporting robot so that a care receiver can make standing and sitting motions comfortably is provided. The motion setting method is a motion setting method of a standing and sitting motion-supporting robot that supports standing and sitting... Agent: Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150005939 - Tool head, with wireless monitoring system, for performing industrial operations: A system for performing industrial operations comprises at least one tool head provided with a tool and at least one sensor associated to the tool head. The system further comprises a control module mounted on the tool head including a data-acquisition unit connected to the sensor configured for acquiring the... Agent:

20150005940 - Working robot and robot system: Provided are a working robot and a robot system serving as a type coexisting with humans and improving reliability in safety. The working robot includes an arm, a driving mechanism, and a controller. The arm includes a plurality of link members that are coupled rotatably around shafts. The driving mechanism... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150005941 - Dynamic predictor for articulated mechanisms: A dynamic predictor usable for rapid and accurate calculation of joint commands of an articulated dynamical mechanism describes the relationship between the joints in the form of a differential equation. The predictor solves this differential equation for predicted joint states by fitting a polynomial equation having free parameters describing the... Agent:

20150005942 - Portable operation panel having vibration motor: A portable operation panel having a vibration motor capable of tactually providing an operator information, wherein a problem due to failure of the vibration motor is solved. An operation panel has a controlling part, a plurality of vibration motors and an inputting part to which an operator can input information,... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20150005944 - Apparatus for securing a computing device to a surface: A vacuum based apparatus that will, when activated, inhibit relocation of a computing device. The apparatus includes a first surface of a main body. A suction cup is attached to the main body. The suction cup faces outward from and protrudes from the first surface. The suction cup is connected... Agent:

20150005947 - Electronic device and method for controlling rotation speed of fan thereof: A method for controlling rotation speed of a fan includes the following steps. Obtaining a temperature value T of an electronic device. Comparing the obtained temperature value T with a standard work temperature value T1 of the electronic device and a critical temperature value T2 greater than the standard work... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150005948 - Electronic device and method for controlling rotation speed of fan thereof: A method for controlling rotation speed of a fan is applied in an electronic device, which stores a standard work temperature value and a critical temperature value greater than the standard work temperature value. The method includes following steps. Periodically obtaining a temperature value of the electronic device, comparing the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150005951 - Flooring sensors for occupant detection: Apparatuses, methods and systems for occupant sensing are disclosed. One embodiment includes an occupant sensing apparatus. The occupant sensing apparatus includes at least a portion of flooring structure, and one or more sensors associated with the at least the portion of flooring structure, wherein the one or more sensors sense... Agent: Enlighted, Inc.

20150005943 - Laundry treating appliance and method of operation for a laundry treating appliance: A laundry treating appliance and a method operating a laundry treating appliance having at least one automatic cycle of operation, a plurality of components selectively operable by a controller to implement the at least one cycle of operation on a load of laundry received within a treating chamber of the... Agent:

20150005952 - Method for controlling information apparatus and computer-readable recording medium: A control method according to the present disclosure causes a computer of an information apparatus to: display on a display, a display screen representing a floor plan of one floor including at least two or more rooms; display each device icon representing each of one or more target devices in... Agent:

20150005946 - Multiple level computer system temperature management: In a method for designating cooling fan control management in a computing system, a processor causes one or more cooling fans to be managed by a first process, wherein the first process utilizes a first set of temperature sensors of a plurality of temperature sensors. A processor receives temperature data... Agent:

20150005949 - Multiple level computer system temperature management: In a method for designating cooling fan control management in a computing system, a processor causes one or more cooling fans to be managed by a first process, wherein the first process utilizes a first set of temperature sensors of a plurality of temperature sensors. A processor receives temperature data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150005945 - Real-time feedback control for performing tooling operations in assembly processes: A method and apparatus for controlling a tooling operation to be performed by a tooling system in an assembly process. A current set of parameter values for a set of parameters for the tooling system are modified iteratively, until the current set of parameter values are determined to result in... Agent:

20150005950 - System and method for food processing and preparation by cooking and computer programme implementing the method: m

20150005953 - Thermostat user interface: A thermostat for controlling an HVAC system is described, the thermostat having a user interface that is visually pleasing, approachable, and easy to use while also providing ready access to, and intuitive navigation within, a menuing system capable of receiving a variety of different types of user settings and/or control... Agent:

20150005956 - Method and system for controlling a flow ratio controller using feed-forward adjustment: A processing device determines a plurality of initial flow setpoint commands, each of the plurality of setpoint commands corresponding to one of a plurality of valves, and sends each of the plurality of initial setpoint commands to a corresponding one of the plurality of valves. The processing device monitors the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150005955 - Method and system for controlling a flow ratio controller using feedback: A processing device determines a plurality of initial flow setpoint commands, each of the plurality of setpoint commands corresponding to one of a plurality of valves. The processing device sends each of the plurality of initial setpoint commands to a corresponding one of the plurality of valves. The processing device... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150005957 - Pump controller system and method: A method and apparatus for a pump control system. One or more embodiments of the invention include a pump controller that can perform a self-calibrating procedure, can provide precise motor speed control, can provide a limp mode before shutting down the motor when system parameters are exceeded and/or fault conditions... Agent:

20150005954 - Transportable fluid pipeline system and control: Rapidly deployable and reconfigurable fluid pumping systems may include a central controller communicatively coupled with one or more local pumping stations connected with a fluid pipeline. The local pumping stations may include at least one pump, and a local controller in communication with the central controller configured to monitor each... Agent: Drs Sustainment Systems, Inc.

20150005963 - Backup watering instructions and irrigation protocols when connection to a network is lost: The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for generating and optimizing irrigation protocols. The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for optimizing water usage in growing plants for yard and crops. The disclosure also extends to methods, systems and computer program products for providing... Agent: Skydrop, LLC

20150005962 - Compensating for municipal restrictions within irrigation protocols: The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for generating and optimizing irrigation protocols that are in compliance with municipal restrictions. The disclosure also extends to methods, systems and computer program products for providing automated irrigation.... Agent: Skydrop, LLC

20150005961 - Duration control within irrigation protocols: The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for generating and optimizing irrigation protocols. The disclosure also extends to methods, systems and computer program products for providing automated irrigation.... Agent: Skydrop, LLC

20150005958 - Generating and optimizing protocols: The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for generating and optimizing irrigation protocols. The disclosure also extends to methods, systems and computer program products for providing automated irrigation.... Agent: Skydrop, LLC

20150005964 - System, method, and apparatus for optimizing efficient use of resources in a controlled farming environment: A system, method, and apparatus for optimizing efficient use of resources in a controlled farming environment is disclosed. Various inputs to a controlled farming environment, wherein the controlled farming environment includes a plurality of plants, are controlled based on the nutrition information for the plurality of the plants. Third party... Agent:

20150005959 - Water reduction optimizing irrigation protocols: The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for generating and optimizing irrigation protocols. The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for optimizing water usage in growing plants for yard and crops. The disclosure also extends to methods, systems and computer program products for providing... Agent: Skydrop, LLC

20150005960 - Watering instructions and irrigation protocols sent over a network: The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for generating and optimizing irrigation protocols. The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for optimizing water usage in growing plants for yard and crops. The disclosure also extends to methods, systems and computer program products for providing... Agent: Skydrop, LLC

20150005965 - Wireless irrigation control: Several embodiments provide wireless irrigation control and related methods. In one implementation, an irrigation control system includes a transmitter unit including a controller and a connector to be coupled to an irrigation controller having station actuation output connectors. The controller is can receive an indication that the irrigation controller has... Agent:

20150005967 - Method of determining remedial control actions for a power system in an insecure state: A method of determining remedial control actions for a power system in an insecure and unstable operating condition is provided. The power system has a plurality of generators injecting power into a network and each generator has a generator injection impedance and a stability boundary in the injection impedance plane.... Agent:

20150005966 - System and method for controlling a wind turbine: Systems and methods for controlling a wind turbine are disclosed. The method includes: measuring a loading condition acting on the wind turbine; determining a first scaler factor based on the measured loading condition; determining a correction parameter for the wind turbine, the correction parameter a function of at least two... Agent:

20150005968 - Apparatus and method for determining device participation in an energy management program: A mechanism for determining device participation in an energy management program is provided. The mechanism includes a network operations center (NOC) and a device accountability system. The (NOC) commands one or more energy control devices to change one or more states responsive to energy management program events, where the one... Agent:

20150005969 - Energy control device: An energy control device adjusts an amount of energy of a plurality of pieces of equipment placed at a property. The energy control device includes a receiving unit, a basic adjustable amount calculation unit, and a control instruction generation unit. The receiving unit receives an energy suppression request including information... Agent:

20150005970 - Distributed control in electric power delivery systems: This disclosure includes various systems and methods for determining an operating stage based on electrical conditions in electric power delivery systems and identifying a control strategy based upon the operating stage. The control strategy may be selected and customized to avoid or to ameliorate stresses in an electric power delivery... Agent:

20150005972 - Electric power system tree display system and electric power system tree display method: An electric power system tree display system includes: a specification information storing unit for storing specification information of the mounted parts; a tree information creating unit that reads out the specification information corresponding to design information input from the outside, from the specification information storing unit to prepare system tree... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150005973 - Energy control device and energy control system equipped with the energy control device: An energy control device adjusts an amount of energy consumed by mechanical equipment placed at a property. The energy control device includes a first control unit and a second control unit. The first control unit executes a first adjustment control during a prescribed adjustment period. The first adjustment control adjusts... Agent:

20150005971 - Power distribution algorithm: A method and apparatus for power through a network (1), the network (1) comprising consumer units (C1-C4) and provider units (P1-P6), the method comprising: performing one or more times a first process, the first process being a process of performing step (a) followed by step (b); wherein step (a) comprises... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20150005975 - Method and system for controlling a portable power system having a single battery bank: A method for controlling a portable power system, comprising: using a processor, selecting an engine efficiency range for an engine of a generator set of the portable power system, the engine efficiency range corresponding to a power output range of the generator set and to a power demand range of... Agent: Eco-h Technologies Inc.

20150005977 - Network architecture for data communication: This invention relates to a network architecture for data communication between data sources and data destinations via network nodes and at least one data concentrator. According to the invention the nodes (2, 4) are conceived to communicate with a data concentrator (1) in both directions either via a permanently operative... Agent:

20150005978 - Power management device and power management system: A controller includes a request acquisition unit that receives an operation permission request from a device, a calculation unit that calculates margin electric power derived from measurement by a measurement unit and an upper limit electric power, and a suppression unit that instructs the device to lower electric power consumption.... Agent:

20150005976 - Power supply switching circuit, electronic device, and control method of power supply switching circuit: There is provided a power supply switching circuit including a first control signal output unit that outputs a signal exceeding a predetermined potential using a main power supply as a first control signal when a power supply voltage of the main power supply exceeds a predetermined reference voltage, a second... Agent:

20150005974 - Techniques for adaptive demand/response energy management of electronic systems: Techniques for adaptive demand/response power management. Power consumption and battery charge level of a platform having a battery with a smart power module are monitored. Information indicating the power consumption and battery charge level for the platform is provided to a remote demand/response management device. The remote demand/response management device... Agent:

20150005979 - Power-distribution-system voltage control system: A cooperative voltage sensor (CVS) issues a target voltage change request when a voltage moving average at an end thereof deviates from a proper voltage upper or lower limit value. A cooperative voltage controller (CVC) also can issue a target voltage change request when a voltage moving average at an... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150005980 - Method and apparatus for controlling temperature: A method of controlling a temperature of a terminal apparatus includes measuring a first temperature of a heat source area where at least one heat source is included in the terminal apparatus, and measuring a second temperature of an external area that is distant from the heat source area; determining... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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