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Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications

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11/13/2014 > 57 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140336784 - Plc communication system: The PLC communication system associated with the invention is characterized in that the system comprises a programmable logic controller (PLC), a plurality of processing devices, at least three communication processing nodes provided at the PLC and at the plurality of processing devices respectively to establish communication of the PLC and... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140336785 - Using cloud-based data for virtualization of an industrial environment: A cloud-based virtualization generation service collects industrial-automation-system-related data from multiple industrial automation systems of multiple industrial customers for storage and analysis on a cloud platform. A virtualization management component analyzes the data and generates a virtualized industrial automation system of the industrial automation system based on the analysis results. The... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140336786 - Using cloud-based data for virtualization of an industrial automation environment with information overlays: A cloud-based virtualization generation service collects industrial data from multiple industrial automation systems of multiple industrial customers for storage and analysis on a cloud platform. A virtualization management component (VMC) generates a virtualized industrial automation system of an industrial automation system based on data analysis results. The VMC facilitates remotely... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140336787 - Index generation and embedded fusion for controller performance monitoring: A system calculates a first ratio of a prediction error variance of a model of a controller error, and the lesser of a variance of a prediction error of a naïve predictor model and a variance of a controller error. The system rates a process controller as a function of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140336788 - Method of operating a process or machine: An operator tool is provided to assist an operator of a process or machine in decision making. The tool is initiated by the operator selecting a key variable, “Variable of Interest”, at the user interface. The variable of interest usually is an output variable of interest (such as quality, cost,... Agent: Metso Automation Oy

20140336789 - Controlling dynamical systems with bounded probability of failure: A computer-based method controls a dynamical system in an uncertain environment within a bounded probability of failure. The dynamical system has a state space and a control space. The method includes diffusing a risk constraint corresponding to the bounded probability of failure into a martingale that represents a level of... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140336790 - Automatically adjustable industrial control configuration: An industrial control configuration can be a dynamic entity where different controllers are added, are subtracted, fail, etc. When dynamic functions occur, bindings of the configuration can benefit from a modification. Therefore, automatic adjustment of bindings can occur to facilitated improved operation. Automatic adjustment can be practiced when the industrial... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140336791 - Predictive maintenance for industrial products using big data: A cloud-based predictive maintenance service collects industrial data from multiple industrial customers for storage and analysis on a cloud platform. The service analyzes data gathered from multiple customers across different industries to identify operational trends as a function of industry type, application type, equipment in use, device configurations, and other... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140336792 - Safety system: This invention relates to a communication system assembly comprising a communication module and a safety module, wherein the communication module is adapted to be connected to a network and to a host system, wherein the communication module is adapted to receive data from the network and provide a subset of... Agent: Hms Industrial Networks Ab

20140336794 - Duplexed control system and control method thereof: A duplexed control system comprises: two control devices, whereof one is set to operate as a reserve system and the other is set to operate as a regular system; a tracking bus that connects the two control devices to enable these to exchange tracking signals; and a control transmission channel... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140336793 - System and method for wireless control using a deadman switch: The present invention provides a system and method for wirelessly controlling an operating device by way of a wireless connection between the operating device and a computing device. The computing device provides an interface for controlling the operating device. The interface includes a switch for use as a deadman switch,... Agent: Terydon, Inc.

20140336795 - Remote assistance via a cloud platform for industrial automation: A remote technical support system leverages a cloud platform to automate technical support interactions, facilitating rapid diagnosis and solution of detected performance issues in industrial systems. The technical support system facilitates automated collection of relevant system data from a customer's industrial assets in the event of a detected performance issue... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140336796 - Skateboard system: Example embodiments may relate to a system, method, apparatus, and computer readable media configured for monitoring a user performing various athletic movements and generating performance characteristics based on the data corresponding to such athletic movements. Users may also be encouraged to participate in athletic challenges or competitions against other users... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140336801 - Acoustic apparatus: An acoustic apparatus includes a signal processor configured to generate an analog audio signal based on a digital audio signal. The digital audio signal includes a first silent part and a sound part subsequent to the first silent part. The signal processor starts an operation in a period during which... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140336800 - Adaptive audio processing based on forensic detection of media processing history: A media signal is accessed, which has been generated with one or more first processing operations. The media signal includes one or more sets of artifacts, which respectively result from the one or more processing operations. One or more features are extracted from the accessed media signal. The extracted features... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20140336797 - Audio content monitoring and identification of broadcast radio stations: A method and system to monitor and audit the audio output of a broadcaster to determine songs and commercials that are played by the implementation of a computer application at a broadcaster that receives the broadcaster's audio output, determines transitions between audio content, upon detecting a transition, creates an acoustic... Agent:

20140336798 - Discovery of music artist and title for syndicated content played by radio stations: Radio stations broadcasting syndicated content for which the broadcast automation system is not provided with the artist and title of songs has a software application in an associated computer that receives and analyzes the audio stream to detect songs, and creates a digital fingerprint of the songs. Fingerprints are compared... Agent:

20140336799 - Discovery of music artist and title via companionship between a cellular phone and a broadcast radio receiver: Radio receivers have wireless communication to an associated smart phone, and transmit a copy of the audio output in digital format to an application in the smart phone. The smart phone application detects the beginning of a song, creates an acoustic fingerprint of the song, and obtains the artist and... Agent:

20140336804 - Providing a radio station at a user device using previously obtained drm locked content: A system and method are disclosed for providing a radio station for playback at a user device using previously obtained Digital Rights Management (DRM) locked content for the radio station. In one embodiment, a radio station application provides the radio station and DRM locked content to be used by the... Agent:

20140336802 - Sound processing apparatus: A sound processing apparatus communicates with a terminal apparatus through a communication network and includes a main storage device, and an auxiliary storage device that stores a management program and a sound processing program. A management element is implemented by making the management program resident in the main storage device.... Agent:

20140336803 - Time management and task persistence method, apparatus and system: A time management system, method and apparatus is adapted to assist users in completing a series of routine tasks. The user generates a play list by entering a task transition, a task name, a task description, a song, and a task duration. A playback device plays the first task transition... Agent:

20140336805 - Dental device: The invention relates to a dentel device for the treatment of a dental restoration part, comprising at least one operating program, a storage of the dental device and at least one detection device for at least one object. The detection device can detect data of the object and this data,... Agent:

20140336808 - Manufacturing process for 3d printed objects: The present invention relates to a computer-implemented method of manufacturing customised 3D objects. The method includes retrieving a source model for a 3D object and a plurality of defined control points for the 3D object from a database; receiving modifications to at least some of the control points from a... Agent:

20140336809 - Method for preparing a physical plaster model: The invention provides a method for creating a physical teeth model. The method comprises the following steps: providing a virtual three dimensional (3D) representation of a patient's dentition that comprises at least a region of the teeth that includes a tooth stump on which a crown is to be fitted... Agent:

20140336806 - Systems and methods for non-destructive evaluation of molds and crucibles used in investment casting: The present disclosure relates to systems and methods useful for non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of molds and crucibles used in investment casting processes, including, without limitation, for producing aircraft engines, land-based turbine engines, and the like. According to one aspect, the present disclosure provides a system for non-destructive evaluation that includes... Agent:

20140336807 - Systems and methods for translating three dimensional graphic molecular models to computer aided design format: Described herein are systems, methods, and apparatus that allow a user to convert various styles of three dimensional graphic representations of molecular models to computer aided design format to enable printing of a physical model using three dimensional printing equipment such as rapid prototyping equipment, additive manufacturing equipment, and/or three... Agent: Cambridgesoft Corporation

20140336810 - Method and system of using an usb user interface in an electronic torque wrench: A communication port interface facilitates downloading of torque and/or angle log information from an electronic torque tool to an external device. Torque and/or angle preset job information may be entered in client software and uploaded from the external device to the electronic torque tool via the communication port interface. Additional... Agent:

20140336811 - Article processing apparatus, generation method and computer-readable storage medium: An article processing apparatus having a movable member for processing an article, includes an information processor configured to generate a transition order of states of the movable member. The information processor is configured to respectively set a plurality of clusters each including, as a plurality of nodes, a plurality of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140336813 - Method and apparatus for locating a pickup point for an object in an installation: A method ascertains a tolerance location which differs from a target location for a pickup point for an object which is at rest in an installation and which is intended to be picked up by a means of transport. An identification mark is put onto the object in a known... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140336812 - System and method for monitoring the condition of a conveyor belt: A system and a method are disclosed for monitoring a condition of a conveyor belt arranged to rotate about at least a motor drive pulley and an idler pulley. A sensor unit can determine at least one sensor signal representing at least one operating variable of the electrical motor. A... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140336814 - Mobile picking method: A picking method includes having in a mobile device data and an application running on the mobile device. An order made up of a number of items to be picked from the warehouse is communicated from a host to a client application of the mobile device. The mobile device provides... Agent: Dematic Corp.

20140336815 - Variable offset positioning antenna array for enhanced guidance of automated guided vehicles (agvs): An automated storage system for storing a plurality of objects in storage locations, the automated storage system comprising a master control computer, a guidance network, a plurality of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) each having an onboard microprocessor for providing a position of each AGV relative to the guidance network to... Agent:

20140336816 - Sorting system and sorting method: A sorting system is provided with conveying section, distance detecting section, article detecting section, determining section, acquisition section, and sorting section. The conveying section conveys an article. The distance detecting section acquires distance data indicating a distance, from above the conveying section, from the distance detecting section to an object... Agent:

20140336817 - Beverage mixing system and process: The present invention relates to a system and process for a nutraceutical beverage mixing system. Provided is a customizable supplement beverage system and method for personalizing and operating the same to a particular user and optionally for operative tracking Proposed additionally is an operative system for receiving and individually identifying... Agent:

20140336818 - Control architecture for multi-robot system: A multiple robot control architecture including a plurality of robotic agricultural machines including a first and second robotic agricultural machine. Each robotic agricultural machine including at least one controller configured to implement a plurality of finite state machines within an individual robot control architecture (IRCA) and a global information module... Agent: Cnh Industrial America LLC

20140336819 - Robotic device tester: A system, method, and device may include software and hardware which simplify and quicken configuration of the system for testing a device, enhance testing procedures which may be performed, and provide data via which to easily discern a cause and nature of an error which may result during testing. A... Agent: T-mobile Usa, Inc.

20140336820 - Arm control apparatus, arm control method, arm control program, robot, and integrated electronic circuit for arm control: There is provided a display information acquiring unit for acquiring display information on a screen of a touch panel display, a touch pattern estimating unit for estimating a region on the screen likely to be touched by a person and a motion direction of the touch based on the display... Agent:

20140336822 - Electrical actuator system: An electrical actuator system for adjustable furniture, in particular height-adjustable tables (1), comprising at least one linear actuator (4), at least one operating unit (22) and a control box (12). By arranging therein at least one connector for cables into mutually opposing wall sections of the control-box cabinet for connection... Agent: Linak A/s

20140336823 - Electronic device and system for controlling applications implementing at least one piezoelectric, electrostrictive or magnetostrictive transducer: The electronic device (1) for controlling comprises an electric power generator (10) suitable for supplying at least one piezoelectric, electrostrictive or magnetostrictive transducer (2), with a control signal (S), electronic controlling means (11) capable of automatically controlling the electric power generator by using a control macro-function (M), and an electronic... Agent: Sinaptec

20140336821 - System and method for dynamic device discovery and address assignment: A pool or spa system includes networked pool or spa devices that can be dynamically configured with network address by a controller. The controller can transmit a device discovery request on a network and can receive a discovery response from pool or spa devices that require a network address. The... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

20140336825 - Air conditioning control system: An air conditioning control system adjusts a consumed energy amount of air conditioners installed in a property in an adjustment time period. The air conditioning control system includes a control apparatus and an assessment apparatus. The control apparatus performs adjustment control of the air conditioners so that the consumed energy... Agent:

20140336824 - Control method for information apparatus and computer-readable recording medium: In the case where selection of a device icon representing an air conditioner among one or more target devices is sensed in a region corresponding to one room on a floor plan, an operation screen for operating the air conditioner corresponding to the selected device icon, is displayed on a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140336826 - Showcase having zones with different climatic conditions: This showcase for preserving and displaying objects in a protected environment comprises a display space and adjustment and control means for maintaining predetermined climatic conditions of the air in the display space. The adjustment and control means comprise an air treatment path outside the display space as well as openings... Agent: Goppion S.p.a.

20140336827 - Adaptive control system: The present invention provides a system and method for wirelessly controlling an operating device by way of a wireless connection between the operating device and a computing device. The computing device provides an interface for controlling the operating device via a control unit which is removably connected to the operating... Agent: Terydon, Inc.

20140336828 - Mechanism for remotely controlling water jet equipment: The present invention provides a system and method for wirelessly controlling a water jet machine by way of a wireless connection between the water jet machine and a computing device. The computing device provides an interface for controlling the operating device either directly to the water jet machine or via... Agent: Terydon, Inc.

20140336829 - Method for configuring a fluid control unit, computer program product and fluidic system: A method for configuring a fluid control unit including the provision of a processing device with information on the fluid control unit, the moving device and fluid control valves, the determination of possible basic states of the moving device for the fluid control valves and/or of possible movement sequences, and... Agent: Festo Ag & Co. Kg

20140336831 - Non-intrusive load monitoring apparatus and method: A non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) apparatus and method which detect state change of a load using a power factor of power consumption as a feature or detect state change of a load using both a power factor and apparent power, and identify the load using the superposition theory. The NILM... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140336830 - Optimising use of energy: Electrical apparatus comprising an electrical device provided with, or having associated therewith, an energy usage profile.... Agent: Building Research Establishment Ltd

20140336832 - Information issuance apparatus, information issuance method and program: According to one embodiment, there is provided an information issuance system including: a segmentation unit, an information generating unit and a transmitting unit. The segmentation unit segments a plurality of travelling apparatuses existing within a demand-and-supply adjustment district and travelling by use of electric power into first to N-th groups... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140336833 - Wind park with real time wind speed measurements: A system for producing electrical power based on wind energy is capable of predicting its power output. The system includes a set of wind turbine units, a first plurality of sensors each adapted to sense at least one wind characteristic at some of the wind turbine units, and a second... Agent:

20140336837 - Display terminal, power control system, and display method: A display terminal 10 displays information about a power controlling state of an energy management apparatus 20 capable of communicating with a power conditioner 40 connected to a power generation system 50 and a power storage system 60, a connection device 30 connected to the power conditioner 40 and a... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140336836 - Energy consumption management: Methods, systems, and devices for controlling electrical energy consumption in an electricity distribution network, so as to reduce net energy consumption in a given area during a given time period are described. In particular, a method of controlling electrical energy consumption within an electricity distribution network is described. The method... Agent:

20140336835 - Responsive load control method: The responsive load control method manages the allocation and adjustment of service triggering grid frequencies across a population of responsive loads. The responsive load control method is particularly suited to responsive loads that have substantially no duty cycle or which have a long duration (>1 hr) duty cycle. With this... Agent:

20140336834 - Systems, apparatus, and methods of a solar energy grid integrated system with energy storage appliance: An enclosure for integrating distributed energy sources, provides a compact enclosure that fits within a utility workspace and enclosures that can be mechanically coupled together, placed in parallel or in a series.... Agent:

20140336840 - Method and system for performance management of an energy storage device: Approaches for managing and maintaining a state of charge of an energy storage device by adjusting (biasing) responses to electrical grid operator commands to perform ancillary services are disclosed. In embodiments, methods and systems regulate a set point regulation in an energy system. In an embodiment, a method determines when... Agent:

20140336839 - Power management system, electronic apparatus, and computer-readable medium: A power management system includes an electronic apparatus including a notification unit, a recording unit, a switching unit, and a transmitting unit, a management apparatus including an apparatus control unit, and a relay apparatus relaying communication between the apparatuses. In the first mode, the notification unit notifies the management apparatus... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140336838 - Resource control system with local reallocation: The invention provides a means for allowing an end user to determine how a finite amount of a measurable resource is allocated among the various balanceable and feature zones of control defined within the overall measurable resource control system, and which can be implemented using a wide variety of hardware/components.... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 53 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140330395 - Systems and methods for modeling interdependencies in batch processes: According to various embodiments, an interdependency modeling method for controlling a batch process with an industrial automation system includes evaluating an input parameter expression residing in a level of a supervisory system of the industrial automation system to determine a value, transferring the value of the input parameter expression to... Agent:

20140330396 - Device control system by physiological signals and method thereof: A control system and method based on a physiological signal are disclosed, by which a user wears a detection device on the user body to be detected with a physiological signal of the user body, a control server may process the physiological signal to generate a corresponding control command, and... Agent:

20140330397 - Multi-channel control switchover logic: A multi-channel control system includes at least a primary control microprocessor and a back-up control microprocessor operable to control a device. The primary control microprocessor and the back-up control microprocessor assert control over a controlled device according to a locally stored method of controlling a back-up microprocessor assumption of control... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140330398 - Production process monitoring system and control method therefor: A production process monitoring system is used to monitor a set of production parameters in a production process of a plurality of production units that perform parallel production operation. The production units comprise at least one reference production unit and at least one distribution production unit. The reference production unit... Agent:

20140330399 - Power control apparatus, power control system, and power control method: An HEMS 200 includes information indicating a process that equipment performs in a higher layer in lower layer processing information that is to be transmitted to the equipment. The HEMS 200 determines a timeout period in which the equipment should complete the process performed in the higher layer, in accordance... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140330400 - Method for setting up a functionality for a control unit: A method is provided for populating a function for a control unit with data, in which method measurements are performed on a system at different measuring points on a test stand, and a global data-based model is set up based on the obtained measured values, and virtual measurements which simulate... Agent:

20140330401 - Test device for testing a virtual electronic control unit: A test device for testing at least a portion of a virtual control unit with a simulation environment in a simulator, having the virtual control unit and the simulation environment. The virtual control unit has at least one software component with an external data interface. The simulation environment has a... Agent: Dspace Digital Signal Processing And Control Engineering Gmbh

20140330402 - Computer apparatus and method using model structure information of model predictive control: A system and method of model predictive control executes a model predictive control (MPC) controller of a subject dynamic process (e.g., processing plant) in a configuration mode, identification mode and model adaptation mode. Users input and specify model structure information in the configuration mode, including constraints. Using the specified model... Agent: Aspen Technology, Inc.

20140330403 - Method for preventing system invalidation: The present invention relates to a method for preventing system invalidation including the microcontroller transferring the specific packet to the primary electronic device which operates according to the operation commands sent from the upstream device to provide the specific service, the primary electronic device returning the return packet, the microcontroller... Agent:

20140330404 - Systems and methods for decoding intended motor commands from recorded neural signals for the control of external devices or to interact in virtual environments: Systems and methods for decoding neural and/or electromyographic signals are provided. A system can include at least one single channel decoder. Optionally, the system can include a demixer in operable communication with the single channel decoders. Each single channel decoder can include a filter to attenuate noise and sharpen spikes... Agent: The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

20140330405 - Test device for testing a virtual electronic control unit: A test device for testing at least a portion of a virtual electronic control unit with a simulation environment in a simulator, having the virtual electronic control unit and the simulation environment. The virtual electronic control unit has a software component with an external data interface. The simulation environment has... Agent: Dspace Digital Signal Processing And Control Engineering Gmbh

20140330407 - Intelligent reconfigurable locker system: This invention involves the configuration of locker sizes during installation that can be reconfigured periodically to conform to the packages that arrive at the locker location. Locker control software can enable the efficient selection of locker size so that the locker bank can be optimized to the size of the... Agent:

20140330406 - Sanssoil (soil-less) indoor farming for food and energy production: To produce food, plants rely on three main ingredients, sun energy, water, and carbon dioxide, the cost of which is zero. To address the food and energy security concerns, two mysteries are resolved for the first time: i)—Photosynthetic efficiency is known to be very low, the scientific full accounting for... Agent:

20140330409 - Multi-sensor monitoring of athletic performance: Athletic performance monitoring systems and methods, many of which utilize, in some manner, global positioning satellite (“GPS”) data, provide data and information to athletes and/or to equipment used by athletes during an athletic event. Such systems and methods may provide route information to athletes and/or their trainers, e.g., for pre-event... Agent:

20140330408 - System and method for collecting, analyzing and reporting fitness activity data: In one aspect of the invention, a system for monitoring a fitness activity of user performing a fitness activity with an exercise device is described herein. The system includes a sensor for sensing and transmitting data indicative of an exercise that is being performed with an exercise device, a user... Agent:

20140330411 - System and method for detecting a user-dependent state of a sport object: The invention relates to a system for detecting a user-dependent state of a sports object, comprising a detection device (101) for detecting a plurality of positions of the sports object, and a determination device (103) for determining the state of the sports object based on the plurality of positions detected.... Agent: Friedrich-alexander-universitaet Erlangen -nuernberg

20140330410 - System and method for supporting an exercise movement: The invention relates to a system for supporting an exercise movement, comprising an object, a detection device (101) for detecting an actual position of the object, a determination device (103) for determining a desired position of the object, and a display device (105) for displaying information on the desired position... Agent: Friedrich-alexander-universit&#xe4 T Erlangen-n&#xfc Rnberg

20140330412 - Computerized interactive sports system and a method of assessing sports skills of users: A computerized interactive sports system is provided wherein a plurality of sports areas is provided where users undergo physical or technical exercises. Sensor systems associated to the plurality of sports areas for sensing the user's success when undergoing the technical or physical exercises and based thereon output sensor signals. A... Agent: Maelingar Og Thjalfun Ehf

20140330415 - Method and apparatus for detecting audio sampling rate: It is inter alia disclosed to receive a set of encoded audio parameters for an audio frame, wherein the set comprises indices representing at least two quantized line spectral frequency coefficients, wherein the audio frame when decoded comprises audio samples digitally sampled at a sampling frequency, wherein the sampling frequency... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140330414 - System of an internet interactive service and operating method thereof: A system of an internet interactive service and operating method thereof is disclosed. A network host is to transmit an audio watermark not only to connect with multiple devices but also to set the multiple devices as a specific group. The invention comprises following steps: connecting at least one multimedia... Agent:

20140330413 - Unordered matching of audio fingerprints: A method includes receiving an audio fingerprint from a listening device. The method also includes, in response to determining that a portion of a stored audio fingerprint substantially matches a portion of the received audio fingerprint, identifying a longest unordered match between the received audio fingerprint and the stored audio... Agent: Clear Channel Management Services, Inc.

20140330416 - Method of designing orthopedic implants using in vivo data: The present disclosure is directed to orthopedic implants and methods of rapid manufacturing orthopedic implants using in vivo data specific to an orthopedic implant or orthopedic trial. Specifically, the instant disclosure utilizes permanent orthopedic implants and orthopedic trials (collectively, “implants”) outfitted with kinematic sensors to provide feedback regarding the kinematics... Agent:

20140330417 - Adaptable 3d patient immobilization: A method for customizing, based on medical imaging data for a patient positioned on a treatment couch, a medical immobilization device is disclosed. Medical imaging data, for example, CT image data, MRI image data or the like, is received, and a selection is made of an immobilization device that anchors... Agent:

20140330418 - Single action three-dimensional model printing methods: Methods and techniques of using 3D printers to create physical models from image data are discussed. Geometric representations of different physical models are described and complex data conversion processes that convert input image data into geometric representations compatible with third party 3D printers are disclosed. Printing templates are used to... Agent:

20140330419 - Solid identification grid engine for calculating support material volumes, and methods of use: A method for calculating a support material volume, the method comprising generating a grid of cells for a tree data structure of a digital part, where the cells define a plurality of cell arrays, and pinging the cells of one of the cell arrays until a cell containing a subset... Agent:

20140330420 - Composite part manufacturing method and system: A system and method for designing and manufacturing of composite parts wherein the planner can design the part on a computer and analyze the entire work flow process from design to manufacture so as to determine the most efficient design and method of manufacture including resource costs including time, machines,... Agent:

20140330421 - Single action three-dimensional model printing methods: Methods and techniques of using 3D printers to create physical models from image data are discussed. Geometric representations of different physical models are described and complex data conversion processes that convert input image data into geometric representations compatible with third party 3D printers are disclosed. Printing templates are used to... Agent:

20140330422 - Apparatus and methods for low temperature measurement in a wafer processing system: Implementations disclosed herein relate to methods and apparatus for zoned temperature control during a film forming process. In one implementation, a substrate processing apparatus is provided. The substrate processing apparatus comprises a vacuum chamber, a plurality of power supplies coupled with the plurality of thermal laps and a controller that... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140330423 - Wire electrical discharge machining apparatus: A wire electrical discharge machining apparatus includes a target-control-section calculating unit calculating a target control section, which is indicated by a start point and an end point of the corner control in a current electrical discharge machining during the finish machining, based on a machining parameter; an actual-control-section calculating unit... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140330424 - Method for controlling redundantly actuated machines for cutting a pattern of disconnected contours: A method controls a machine with redundant actuators according to pattern of disconnected contours, wherein the machine includes redundant actuators by first generating a set of initial trajectories from the pattern. Each initial trajectory corresponds to one of the disconnected contours, or a path from an exit point of one... Agent:

20140330425 - System and method for configuring workstations: A method for managing an inventory system includes receiving an operation request that identifies an inventory item and selecting, from a plurality of workstations, a workstation at which to fulfill the operation request. The method also includes moving an inventory holder storing the identified inventory item to the selected workstation... Agent:

20140330426 - System and method for order fulfillment: A system includes a first mobile drive unit and a second mobile drive unit. The system also includes a first inventory holder, a second inventory holder, and a third inventory holder. An inventory station includes a first location and a second location and the inventory station operable to receive a... Agent:

20140330427 - Device and method for storing and ordering biological sampling blocks: The device for storing and ordering biological sampling blocks, each block being in the form of a housing provided with identification information on one surface thereof, includes: storage for at least one element as a horizontally-extending drawer for positioning the blocks vertically in columns and rows with the above-mentioned surface... Agent: Dreampath Diagnostics

20140330429 - Method and system for controlling items on a production/distribution line: The disclosed method, and corresponding system, for controlling items on a production/distribution line relies on secure identification of items transported arranged according a given disposition along a transport path at different sites of the line and checking operation according to a protocol which allows reducing processing load while ensuring high... Agent: Sicpa Holding Sa

20140330428 - System and method for locking a carrier/container for tracking, controlling access, and providing delivery confirmation: A system and method for tracking/controlling access to transported articles, includes a computing module in signal communication with sending and receiving stations. A first input device at the sending station receives identifying information identifying a carrier (“carrier ID”) and an item (“item ID”) placed within the locked carrier. The carrier... Agent: Aethon, Inc.

20140330430 - Conveyor carriage position monitoring: A conveyor system including a conveyor belt; a conveyor rail including a track having a proximal end and a distal end, and a conveyor take-up for collecting excess conveyor belt; a conveyor carriage configured to move along the track between the proximal end and the distal end, the conveyor carriage... Agent:

20140330431 - Joint torque augmentation system and method for gait assistance: A joint torque augmentation system includes linkage assembly configured to couple to a user. Linkage assembly includes a unidirectional link and a device joint. The linkage assembly is worn by a user or is configured to couple to footwear. An actuator is coupled to the linkage assembly to provide a... Agent:

20140330432 - Systems and methods for safe compliant insertion and hybrid force/motion telemanipulation of continuum robots: Methods and systems are described for controlling movement of a continuum robot that includes a plurality of independently controlled segments along the length of the continuum robot. The continuum robot is inserted into a cavity of unknown dimensions or shape. A plurality of forces acting upon the continuum robot by... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20140330433 - Human safety provision in mobile automation environments: A computer-implemented system and method for operating mobile automated workstations in a workspace including a workpiece is disclosed. A computer device defines an exclusionary volume having an outer exclusionary surface at least partially surrounding a mobile workstation that is operably disposed in the workspace. The computer device receives data from... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140330434 - Tool grip calibration for robotic surgery: Telerobotic, telesurgical, and surgical robotic devices, systems, and methods selectively calibrate end effector jaws by bringing the jaw elements into engagement with each other. Commanded torque signals may bring the end effector elements into engagement while monitoring the resulting position of a drive system, optionally using a second derivative of... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140330435 - Devices and methods for interacting with a control system that is connected to a network: A building automation system may be controlled in response to a natural language voice message. The natural language voice message may be recorded and then sent to a voice command manager via a network. The natural language voice message is then translated into a command recognizable by a building automation... Agent:

20140330436 - Door closer assembly: A door closer assembly is provided, including a valve regulating an amount of hydraulic fluid that flows through the valve. The amount of hydraulic fluid flowing through the valve controls a force generated by the door closer assembly on a door. A first sensor measures an angular position of the... Agent: Yale Security Inc.

20140330437 - Facility management device, facility management system, facility management method, and program: A facility management device manages communication data that is transmitted and received between remote controllers and an outdoor unit and/or indoor units. A temporary-memory controller stores communication data that was received by a communicator, and transmission-waveform data that was acquired by a transmission-waveform data acquirer for a specified amount of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140330438 - Intelligent hvac register: Intelligent HVAC register is an HVAC register outlet which can control the temperature in a space by operating independently. The Intelligent HVAC register works in network with other vents within the system using low power wireless technology and a smart application so that the temperature of multiple individual spaces can... Agent:

20140330439 - Field service device and method for facilitating a processing system replacement in a vibratory flowmeter: A field service device (280) for facilitating a processing system replacement in a vibratory flowmeter is provided. The field service device (280) includes a field service device processor (282) configured to interface with one or more vibratory flowmeter processing systems and a storage system (285) configured to store pre-replacement operationally-derived... Agent: Micro Motion, Inc.

20140330440 - Apparatus for displaying the state of a multi-control system of a power plant: The present invention relates to an apparatus for displaying the state of a multi-control system of a power plant, and to a method for same which can easily and rapidly find out the state of a multiplexing system by displaying the state of the multi-control system of a power plant... Agent: Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

20140330443 - Method for measuring frequency of phasor of power system: The present invention relates to a method for measuring the frequency of phasor of a power system, belonging to the technical field of power systems and automation thereof. A grid-connected photovoltaic generation system is provided with a control module, a data buffer module, an inverter, a sampling module and an... Agent:

20140330442 - Operation planning system and method for creating operation plan: A power supply curve matching one of the patterns of a demand curve stored in advance is created by combining power generation quantities of various power sources. An environmental load index to a supply quantity indicated by the supply curve is calculated based on environmental load information stored in advance.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140330441 - Techniques to determine settings for an electrical distribution network: Techniques to determine settings for an electrical distribution network are described. Some embodiments are particularly directed to techniques to determine settings for an electrical distribution network using power flow heuristics. In one embodiment, for example, an apparatus may comprise a model reception component, a forecast component, and an optimization component.... Agent: Sas Institute Inc.

20140330444 - Apparatus using time-based electrical characteristics to identify an electrical appliance: Disclosed is an apparatus for analyzing the time-base electrical load characteristics of an electrical appliance on a micro-grid to identify the type of the appliance, and to monitor its utility usage and condition. The apparatus has a signal conditioner; a signature engine; an ID engine; and a database. A system... Agent:

20140330445 - Intermediate apparatus: An intermediate apparatus manages a plurality of lower-level apparatuses, and includes an individual adjustable amount receiving unit, a memory unit storing lower-level apparatus management information, a total adjustable amount calculation unit, a demand adjustment request receiving unit, an allocation unit, and an individual request unit sending an individual demand adjustment... Agent:

20140330446 - System and method for managing a power system with multiple power components: According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, the system for managing a power system with a plurality of power components that includes power source components and power consumption components includes a central power bus, a plurality of adaptable connectors that each electrically couple to a power component and to... Agent: Motiv Power Systems, Inc.

20140330447 - Dropped ceiling system cooling prediction: In one embodiment, there is provided a computer-implemented method for evaluating ceiling plenum airflow patterns and cooling performance of equipment in a data center. The method includes receiving data related to equipment in the data center, receiving data related to the ceiling plenum, determining first parameters related to airflow and... Agent: Schneider Electric It Corporation

10/30/2014 > 55 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140324192 - User activity-based mode creation in an automation system: Method, device, and storage medium for receiving a request to change a state of one or multiple elements of an automation system; changing the state of the one or multiple elements based on the request; storing usage activity data of the one or multiple elements; analyzing the usage activity data... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20140324193 - Power control apparatus, power control system, and power control method: THE HEMS 500 controls equipment provided in a consumer 10. The HEMS 500 comprises a transceiver unit 510 that transmits a command to instruct processing executed by the equipment and a control unit 530 that acquires start time information indicating a time from when the equipment receives the command to... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140324194 - Method for communicating data between a control system of a power tool and a computing device: Arrangement and methods for communicating data between a control system (100) of a power tool (10) and a computing device (20). The arrangement (1) comprises a control system (100) with a plurality of electronic control units, ECUs (110, 120), a computing device (20), and a connecting unit (30) comprising a... Agent: Husqvarna Ab

20140324195 - Control system: According to one embodiment, a control system includes an electric apparatus and a control unit. The electric apparatus operates in a first mode which is controlled based on an instruction from a user and in a second mode in which operational status is automatically managed. The control unit disables the... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140324196 - Real-time debugging systems and methods: Embodiments of the disclosure relate to real-time debugging systems and methods. In one embodiment, a system that includes a server module and a client module can be provided. The server module can be executable on a first computer and can be adapted to use a native communications format for interactive... Agent: General Electric Company

20140324197 - Controller: An objective of the present disclosure is to provide a highly reliable controller in which shapes that are not susceptible to false recognition are set as cue signs. The controller includes a control circuit which is implemented by a microcomputer or the like, an image sensor unit, and a memory.... Agent:

20140324198 - Method for detecting a point of impact on a real moving target: A method for detecting an impact point of a projectile or beam fired by a light weapon on a real moving target includes recording a first equation defining a predetermined finished surface capable of covering a target portion that has parameters to be replaced by values that are a function... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140324200 - Audio control of multimedia objects: In some examples, aspects of the present disclosure may include techniques for audio control of one or more multimedia objects. In one example, a method includes receiving an electronic document that includes a group of one or more multimedia objects capable of generating audio data. The method also includes registering... Agent: Google Inc.

20140324199 - Audio pipeline for audio distribution on system on a chip platforms: An audio pipeline for audio distribution on a system on a chip platform is described. In one example, a method includes adding an audio input to a hardware audio module using a pipeline manager coupled to an operating system running on a processor, connecting the audio input to an audio... Agent:

20140324201 - Inconsistent queues: Embodiments described herein may involve inconsistent queues. An example implementation may involve sending, to a playback device of a media playback system, a queue update message indicating a queue identification that indicates a first version of a playback queue at the playback device, and a playlist at the computing device.... Agent:

20140324202 - Queue identification: An example method includes receiving, by a playback device, one or more messages from a control device, wherein the one or more messages identify (i) a playlist and (ii) an application identifier associated with an application; and based on receiving the one or more messages: populating a playback queue with... Agent: Sonos, Inc.

20140324203 - Zone group control: Method and systems are provided for detecting and handling, by a controller device, a loss of control of a playback queue of a zone group of a media playback system. Detection of loss of control of the playback queue of the zone group may involve one or more of determining... Agent:

20140324206 - Method and system for three-dimensional fabrication: A method of three-dimensional fabrication of an object is disclosed. The method comprises: forming a plurality of layers in a configured pattern corresponding to the shape of the three-dimensional object, at least one layer of the plurality of layers being formed at a predetermined and different thickness selected so as... Agent:

20140324205 - Method of manufacturing an arthroplasty jig: A method and system for performing a total joint arthroplasty procedure on a patient's damaged bone region. A CT image or other suitable image is formed of the damaged bone surfaces, and location coordinate values (xn,yn,zn) are determined for a selected sequence of bone surface locations using the CT image... Agent: Otismed Corporation

20140324204 - Methods and apparati for implementing programmable pipeline for three-dimensional printing including multi-material applications: A programmable pipeline for synthesis of multi-material 3D printed objects supports procedural evaluation of geometric detail and material composition, using program modules allowing models to be specified easily and efficiently. A streaming architecture enables only a small fraction of the final volume to be stored in memory. Output is fed... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140324207 - Operation-time calculation device and method for calculating operation time: The operation-time calculation device is configured such that the following processes are performed: a process in which operation-data information, work-time information, and operation-time information are stored in a storage unit, an input unit receives from a user parameter input at least including steps to be aggregated, aggregation start time, aggregation... Agent:

20140324208 - System and method for monitoring wafer handling and a wafer handling machine: Systems, machines, and methods for monitoring wafer handling are disclosed herein. A system for monitoring wafer handling includes a sensor and a controller. The sensor is capable of being secured to an assembled wafer handling machine. The controller is in electronic communication with the sensor and includes control logic. The... Agent: Globalfoundries, Inc.

20140324209 - Apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium: An apparatus includes a processor and a memory. The memory is configured to store computer-readable instructions. The computer-readable instructions cause the processor to perform a process that includes arranging, based on image data of an image that is an aggregate of a plurality of pixels, a plurality of line segments... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140324210 - Embroidery data generating device and non-transitory computer-readable medium: An embroidery data generating device includes a first storage device, a processor, and memory. The first storage device stores a plurality of stitch data used to sew a unit pattern that includes special stitches causing the sewing workpiece to be locally puckered. The memory is configured to store computer-readable instructions.... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140324212 - Method and apparatus for concurrent multi-user toolpath creation: A method for generating a toolpath includes providing a plurality of machining target models based on a model of an engineering object, assigning the machining target models to CAM clients operated by users, receiving a machining instruction sequence from each CAM client, and machining a part by executing each of... Agent: Brigham Young University

20140324211 - System and method for performing undo and redo operations during machining simulation: A method associates a cell in the cADF with a machining instruction that changes a type of the cell or a type of a distance field in the cell in forming a composite surface of the workpiece to produce at least part of an association, and associates the distance field... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20140324213 - Extrusion press systems and methods: Systems, devices, and methods are described for extruding materials. In certain embodiments, one or more hollow billets are loaded onto an elongate mandrel bar and transported along the mandrel bar to a rotating die. The billets are transported through fluid clamps, which engage the mandrel bar and provide cooling fluid... Agent: Manchester Copper Products, LLC

20140324214 - Vehicle lift system with speed equalization and centralized control station: A lift control system and method including a plurality of lift columns with a lift unit having a lift mechanism configured to respond to a motion command, a lift processor configured to determine a lift speed value, and a lift transceiver configured to transmit the lift speed value. The lift... Agent:

20140324215 - Computer controlled article classification and processing system: A system for processing and classifying articles that classifies a set of articles based at least upon the locations of the articles within a structure. The system provides a notification over a computer network to a user, wherein the notification informs the user that the user has a time period... Agent:

20140324216 - Method, system and apparatus for managing medication delivery: Method, system, and apparatus are disclosed for managing medication delivery. The method includes registering a plurality of patients with a system, associating a registered patient with personal biometric data, recording a plurality of patient tasks for subsequent recognition of task-events, associating the registered patient with an identifiable medical device, performing... Agent:

20140324217 - Fuel island redundant monitoring system: A fuel island redundant monitoring system having sensors of varying purpose to transmit data signals to dual remote monitoring stations. One monitoring site is a live monitoring station manned by personnel. The other monitoring station is a data receiving station utilizing unmanned machines, e.g., computers. The unmanned data station is... Agent:

20140324219 - Control method for controlling a robot and control system employing such a method: A control method for the control of a robot by an operator, using control means which may be positioned at will at different locations of an item to be manipulated, comprises at least a step of determining the position and attitude of the control means on the basis of measurements... Agent: Commissariat Al'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140324218 - Grip apparatus, control method for the grip apparatus, and robot manipulator: A grip apparatus includes a robot hand including plural fingers and pressure sensitive conductive rubber provided to the finger and configured to output a detection signal equivalent to acting force. The pressure sensitive conductive rubber is covered by a cover member. The grip apparatus also includes a control unit configured... Agent:

20140324220 - Remote testing method and system: In one example, a method is provided for a computing device to facilitate testing of an electronic apparatus. The method includes receiving a request from an apparatus coupled to a network to which the computing device is also coupled. The method further includes retrieving a command for a robot controlled... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20140324221 - Force sensing system for substrate lifting apparatus: A system and method for monitoring forces on a substrate lifting apparatus. The system includes a platen cartridge with a platen and a movable lifting portion. The movable lifting portion includes a plurality of lifting arms coupled to a plurality of lift pins. A plurality of force sensing elements are... Agent:

20140324222 - Determining combinations of odors to produce a target olfactory pleasantness: An apparatus comprises a decoder and an actuator. The decoder is configured to receive a signal comprising a target olfactory pleasantness, to determine one or more combinations of odors which produce the target olfactory pleasantness, and to select a given one of the combinations of odors. The actuator is coupled... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140324225 - Electronic device and method for controlling household appliances: A household appliance control method sets a number of orientations of a number of household appliances in a particular area. Each orientation corresponds to one of the household appliances. A sliding operation applied to a touch screen of an electronic device is obtained. When a direction of the sliding operation... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140324224 - Integrated human machine interface system and method for entryway systems: A HMI (human machine interface) system integrated into an entryway system is disclosed. The HMI (human machine interface) system integrated into an entryway system may include a one or more HMI units in electronic communication with a main controller of the entryway system.... Agent: Boon Edam, Inc.

20140324226 - System for operating modes for an electric toothbrush: Various operational mode arrangements of an electric toothbrush (10) include pre-programming a controller portion (16) of the electric toothbrush such that a single brushing event of approximately two minutes comprises automatically at least two different operating modes and specified times for each mode. Another operational mode includes the capability of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140324223 - Water treatment control apparatus and water treatment system: According to one embodiment, a water treatment control apparatus generates an indication to a water treatment facility referring to conditions including a drought status and a water treatment cost at the water treatment facility. The indication indicates a type of water to be taken by the water treatment facility between... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140324231 - Air conditioning system and remote controller: An air conditioning system includes a plurality of air conditioner bodies that perform air-conditioning operation, a plurality of remote controllers that operate each of the air conditioner bodies, and pairing-setting unit. The pairing-setting unit has a main machine registration function and a sub machine registration function. A mode of operating... Agent: Fujitsu General Limited

20140324230 - Hvac control system for household central air conditioning: An HVAC control system for a household central air conditioning, including an HVAC system controller, a centrifugal blower motor, a compressor motor, and an axial fan motor. The HVAC system controller includes an HVAC microprocessor, a sensor, an interface unit for motor control, a power supply part, and a signal... Agent:

20140324227 - Hvac controller having a fixed segment display with an interactive message center: An HVAC controller may include a controller and a display operatively coupled to the controller. A first region of the display may have an array of pixels arranged in a plurality of rows and a plurality of columns for displaying an image in a dot matrix format. A second region... Agent:

20140324228 - Hvac controller with multi-region display and guided setup: An HVAC controller including a controller and a display operatively coupled to the controller. The display may include a first region and a second region. The first region of the display may have an array of pixels arranged in a plurality of rows and a plurality of columns for displaying... Agent:

20140324229 - Versatile hvac controller: An HVAC controller for providing control signals to one or more HVAC components to control one or more environmental parameters in an inside space. The HVAC Controller may include a housing for housing a controller, a wired control port, and a wireless interface for optionally wirelessly connecting the HVAC controller... Agent:

20140324232 - Facilitating ambient temperature measurement accuracy in an hvac controller having internal heat-generating components: A thermostat may include one or more temperature sensors, and a processing system configured to be in operative communication with an HVAC system. The processing system may be configured to operate a first operating state characterized by relatively low power consumption and a corresponding relatively low associated heat generation, and... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20140324233 - Fluid control device: The present invention is intended to inhibit a communication program from crashing in the case where a power source is turned off while writing or rewriting of a measurement control program from an external device is performed by a communication part, and includes: a first recording part for storing the... Agent: Horiba Stec, Co., Ltd.

20140324234 - Water-based coating compositions and systems with improved sag resistance and related methods: The present invention provides a system for monitoring and controlling an industrial paint operation, where a five-sided intermodal shipping container is painted with a water-based coating composition. The system includes a paint application system, a drying system with a chamber configured to handle one or more intermodal shipping containers, and... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20140324235 - System and method for controlling states of a dc and ac bus microgrid: Systems and methods are described herein for controlling the states of a microgrid module. The microgrid module includes transformers and/or power converters necessary for modifying the input AC or DC power sources to meet the required characteristics of the output power. The microgrid module further comprises a control software module... Agent:

20140324236 - Condition monitoring arrangement: The present invention relates to a system configured to monitor a condition of a rotating system comprising a main bearing, the monitoring arrangement having a first measurement device configured to be arranged at a first location in proximity of the main bearing for determining a first measurement indicative of a... Agent:

20140324237 - Hydroelectric power generation plan adjusting device, hydroelectric power generation plan adjusting method and program: The economical load distribution adjusting device 10 acquires an optimal hydroelectric output, optimal demand, and unit power generation cost from the supply-demand planning device 23, acquires the planned hydroelectric output planned by the water level planning devices 21 by providing a price signal created by converting the unit power generation... Agent: The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

20140324238 - Self powered fluid metering units: A system includes a metering module that receives fluid through a fluid inlet. The metering module includes a rotating component driven by the fluid, an electric machine, and a controller. The fluid is received from the fluid inlet at an inlet flow rate, and the rotating component provides the fluid... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140324240 - Method and system for disaggregating thermostatically controlled appliance energy usage from other energy usage: An apparatus includes processor and a memory communicatively connected to the processor. The processor is configured to receive total energy usage information that is related to a thermostatically controlled appliance and receive ambient temperature information related to the thermostatically controlled appliance. The processor derives a physical model for the thermostatically... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20140324239 - System and method to adaptively regulate an energy consumption of a device: A system and method to regulate an energy consumption of a medical device having a plurality of subsystems is provided. The system includes a controller connected in communication with the medical device. The controller has a series of program instructions for execution by a processor to perform the steps of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140324242 - Method and system for analyzing user loads in combination with time information: A method for analyzing a user load in conjunction with time information and a system thereof are provided. In the case that an enterprise operates in a non-full-time operational mode, operation periods of the enterprise are adjusted, electricity prices for respective adjusted operation periods are obtained, and the electricity prices... Agent: Guo Dian Tong Network Technology Company Limited

20140324241 - Multiphase electrical power construction and assignment at minimal loss: In a multiphase electrical power construction and assignment, a processor: determines a phase and voltage configuration for bi-directional power device pairs; determines a given bi-directional power device pair is to be coupled to a given phase connection based on the configuration; determines whether the given bi-directional power devices in the... Agent:

20140324243 - Method for delivering control power by using energy stores: The present invention relates to a method for delivering control power to stabilize an AC electricity network, the AC electricity network operating at a set frequency, comprising an energy store that can take up and deliver electrical energy, the energy store being connected to at least one unit for charging... Agent: Steag Power Saar Gmbh

20140324245 - Application processor and dynamic thermal management method thereof: Provided is a dynamic thermal management method performed by an application processor which stores a first dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) table and a second DVFS table, the method including comparing a surface temperature of a mobile apparatus with a critical surface temperature, controlling performance of the application processor... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140324244 - Centralized controller for intelligent control of thermostatically controlled devices: A control module for controlling a thermostatically controlled device includes a processor apparatus adapted to obtain first values for a plurality of parameters for the thermostatically controlled device, the parameters including actual power consumed by the thermostatically controlled device and a number of input parameters, determine a learned correlation function... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140324246 - Autonomous working device: An autonomous working device, in particular an autonomous lawn mower, is configured to travel across a surface that is to be worked. The working device includes a processing unit configured to divide the surface that is to be worked into at least two dynamic partial surfaces to be traveled across... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

10/23/2014 > 72 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20140316535 - Ecu monitoring system and monitoring method: An ECU monitoring system includes: an ECU that includes an input interface unit, a computer unit, and an output interface unit; a storage unit that stores a normal input signal and a normal output signal; a comparing unit that calculates a compared difference by comparing the current input signal with... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20140316536 - Dnc operation system: When a numerical controller enters a DNC operation mode, a host apparatus transmits NC data to the numerical controller. When the received NC data includes a sub program call, a repeat instruction or a branch instruction, the numerical controller stores search information that is required for executing these instructions. When... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140316538 - Assistance system: The invention relates to an assistance system (1, 25) for providing support in situation-dependent planning and/or guidance tasks of a controlled system (2), comprising a state detection unit (3) for detecting at least one state (5, 5a) of the controlled system (2), an acoustic receiving unit (9, 27), which is... Agent: Deutsches Zentrum Fuer Luft- Und Raumfahrt E.v.

20140316537 - Safety critical control system and method: This disclosure involves a method of controlling a safety critical control device, the method comprising: sending user inputs to a first state machine, identifying user inputs by the first state machine, determining the correct state to communicate to a second state machine, the correct state being determined by selecting one... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140316539 - Drivers and controllers: Disclosed herein is a technique to transfer at least one unfinished operation from one controller to a second controller, if the first controller has ceased.... Agent:

20140316540 - Method for producing plc and hmi tag database and system: A method and system for producing a plc tag database is provided. The method is for use with a set of fragment types, a set of tag values for each fragment type and a collection of PLC programming logic. The collection contains a PLC programming code for each of a... Agent:

20140316541 - Intelligent building automation node: Apparatuses and methods for use in connection with a Building Automation System (BAS) are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the present invention comprises an intelligent power node comprising a JAVA-enabled device and serial communication cable that provide a seamless open protocol and aggregation point to broadcast internet protocol communications. In... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20140316542 - System and method for fitting golf clubs and sets: The invention relates to devices, systems, and methods for fitting golf clubs. A golf club set is selected from among many golf clubs. A golfer can give information about an existing club set or hitting abilities. Systems of the invention use that information to identify a yardage gap to be... Agent: Cobra Golf Incorporated

20140316543 - Configuring audio for a coordinated display session between a plurality of proximate client devices: In an embodiment, a control device configures audio parameters for an audio component of a coordinated display session. The control devices maps, for proximate client devices registered as presentation devices for the coordinated display session, a different portion of visual data for the coordinated display session to respective display screens,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140316544 - Electronic music box: Music data memory includes pieces of music within a group and other pieces of music outside the group. The next piece to be played is automatically determined by random table among pieces within the group. Favorite or newest piece is weighted to be more frequently played in the group. Piece... Agent: Nl Giken Incorporated

20140316545 - Method and system for planning/guiding alterations to a bone: A computer-assisted surgery system for guiding alterations to a bone, comprises a trackable member secured to the bone. The trackable member has a first inertial sensor unit producing orientation-based data. A positioning block is secured to the bone, and is adjustable once the positioning block is secured to the bone... Agent: Orthosoft, Inc.

20140316547 - Design for a part made from 3d woven composite material: A method designing a part made of 3D woven composite material, performed by a computer, the method including: obtaining shape data representing an outside surface of the part; for each point of a set of points of the outside surface, determining a distance between the point and a projection of... Agent: Snecma

20140316546 - Method and system for direct additive manufacturing from an advertisement: A method and system form physical objects from digital files generated from transactions carried out on internet enabled devices. The system comprises: (a) an internet enabled device capable of receiving an advertised offer and transmitting communications from a user regarding a purchase based upon the advertised offer; (b) a digital... Agent:

20140316548 - Sibling lot processing: A supply chain management system for controlling component processes includes a computer device that is adapted to: detect a plurality of component processes; create a relative value of each one of the plurality of component processes; prioritize each one of the plurality of component processes according to sibling relationships; and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140316549 - Method for producing a three-dimensional object by means of a stereolithography process, including a computer graphic design of said object: A three-dimensional object (1) made by way of a stereolithography process, includes a plurality of supports (3) that are connected to the body (2) of the object through joining elements (4) in each one of which it is possible to identify a shaped area (5), recessed with respect to the... Agent: Dws, S.r.l.

20140316550 - Spectra based endpointing for chemical mechanical polishing: A computer implemented method of monitoring a polishing process includes, for each sweep of a plurality of sweeps of an optical sensor across a substrate undergoing polishing, obtaining a plurality of current spectra, each current spectrum of the plurality of current spectra being a spectrum resulting from reflection of white... Agent:

20140316551 - Method for on-line control of a manufacturing process for a multicomponent sheet material: A method of controlling a process for the manufacture of a multicomponent sheet material having a desired pre-determined parameter comprising applying an acoustic or an electromagnetic signal to interact with the sheet material whereby the interaction modifies the applied signal, detecting the modified signal, comparing the modified signal or data... Agent: Hexcel Composites Limited

20140316552 - Method for determining a machining means in hybrid ultraprecision machining device, and hybrid ultraprecision machining device: There is provided a method for determining a machining means in a hybrid ultraprecision machining device for manufacturing a micro-machined product from a workpiece, the machining device comprising: an electromagnetic-wave-machining means for roughly machining the workpiece; a precision-machining means for precisely machining the roughly machined workpiece; and a shape-measurement means... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140316553 - Numerical controller capable of displaying and inputting tool direction relative to workpiece: A numerical controller controls a five-axis machine which machines a workpiece mounted on a table by means of at least three linear axes and two rotation axes. The numerical controller calculates a tool direction relative to the workpiece as a tool direction vector, roll-pitch-yaw angles, or Euler angles, based on... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140316554 - System and method for generating machine marking instructions: A system and method of generating machine marking instructions for marking an ophthalmic lens is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of receiving lens order data related to a lens order, receiving an initial marking layout and calculating, using the lens order data, ophthalmic lens data of an ophthalmic lens... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie General D'optique)

20140316555 - Method of generating a tool path: Method for determining an adaptive tool path: provides an aerofoil with deposition plane; determines deposition plane points corresponding to leading and trailing edges and circle centre constrained by suction and pressure surfaces at their greatest distance apart; determines circle centre point edge position passing through deposition plane points; determines trailing... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140316556 - Pharmacy picking device comprising a universal supply- and- control module: The invention relates to a pharmacy picking device (I) comprising a housing (I 0) with a plurality of shelf bases (II) disposed one above the other, at least one operating device (12) a conveyor device (14), a housing-coupling interface (15), and a universal supply-and-control module (20). This universal supply-and-control module... Agent: Carefusion Germany 326 Gmbh

20140316557 - Methods and systems for maintenance and other processing of container-grown plants using autonomous mobile robots: A system is provided for processing container-grown plants positioned in a given area. The system includes a processing station positioned in the area for processing the container-grown plants. It also includes one or more autonomous mobile container handling robots configured to: (i) travel to a source location in the area... Agent: Harvest Automation, Inc.

20140316558 - Automated mailpiece processing: System and method for the addressing of mail pieces by a variable printing system. Information allowing a mail piece to be associated with a mailing list of address information is printed on the mail piece prior to processing of the piece by a variable printing system. As the piece is... Agent: Vistaprint Schweiz Gmbh

20140316559 - Apparatus for the handling of containers with a mobile display: An apparatus (1) for the handling of containers (10), with at least one handling device (2) which handles the containers (10) in a pre-set manner, a conveying device (4) which conveys the containers (10) along a pre-set conveying path, with a control device (12) for controlling the apparatus, with an... Agent:

20140316560 - Vending machine controller with innovative display features: A vending having a vending machine controller for calculating credit acceptance, calculating credit return, signaling product dispensing, displaying information on a display, monitoring environmental conditions, and controlling lighting. Coin and bill acceptors are also included that receive and validate coins and bills and, optionally, pay coins and bills back as... Agent: Coin Acceptors, Inc.

20140316561 - Vending kit and method: One variation of a method for controlling access to products from a vending machine includes: locking a door of the vending machine; recording an initial inventory of products arranged within the vending machine based on signals received by a radio antenna arranged within the vending machine and read by a... Agent: Pantry

20140316562 - Identification card dispenser and operation method thereof: Identification card (ID) dispenser comprising an ID card storage module (20) for receiving and coupling with one or more ID card containers (30) with a plurality of positions for receiving an ID card; an ID card extractor (60) for picking ID cards from the ID card containers (30); wherein the... Agent: Vision Box-solucoes De Visao Por Computador

20140316563 - Vending machine for change round-up: Vending machines for rounding-up donations for charities. The machines allow consumers to donate change from transactions, or other amounts, to a charity through a purchase of goods or services from the machines.... Agent:

20140316564 - Mobile robot, positioning system of mobile robot, and positioning method of mobile robot: A mobile robot has a seating part, a moving apparatus to move the seating part, and a robot part with a base part to be attached to the seating part, a body capable of rotating around a vertical axis normal to an attaching surface which the seating part to be... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140316565 - Numerical controller: A numerical controller includes a numerical control unit for executing a numerical control program, a robot control unit for executing a robot program, a multicore processor having a plurality of cores, and a peripheral control LSI. The numerical control unit is assigned to one of the cores of the multicore... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140316566 - Humanoid robot provided with a manager for the physical and virtual resources thereof, and methods for use and programming: A humanoid robot is provided with a manager for its physical and virtual resources, a method of use and a method for programming said manager. Said resources (140, 1410, 1420) are requested so as to execute behaviors. The resources and the behaviors are organized into hierarchical subsets, optionally defined in... Agent: Aldebaran Robotics S.a

20140316567 - Animatronic system with unlimited axes: In an animatronic system, recording and playing performances of individual axes of character movement involves, during recording, continually commanding speeds and rotational directions of a stepping axis motor in response to manual movement of a joystick. The joystick commands are modified by means of a feedback motor electrically coupled to... Agent:

20140316568 - Device and method for controlling weaving motion in real time: A device and method for controlling a real time weaving motion are provided. In order to control operation of a robot in a working space, a main moving path of the robot in the working space is determined, a unit motion constituting the determined main moving path is generated, while... Agent:

20140316569 - Method to prevent interference and detect collision between mechanical members: Method to control the interference and/or collision between mechanical members of at least two operating or one operating unit with respect to fixed positions. At least one operating unit is associated with a position detector or with a position simulator, and is equipped with an electric which drives a mechanical... Agent: Gima Tt S.r.l.

20140316570 - Systems and methods for communicating robot intentions to human beings: In one embodiment, communicating robot intentions to human beings involves determining movements that a robot will make to complete a task, visually communicating a long-term intention of the robot that provides an indication of the movements the robot will make in completing the task, and visually communicating a short-tem intention... Agent: University Of South Florida

20140316571 - Articulation module for a robot and control method for the same: An articulation module for robot and a control method for the same are provided. A plurality of buffer springs are sleeved on a passive element sleeved on a reduction mechanism. A sensor is sleeved on the buffer springs to form a multi-sleeved articulation module. By detecting a difference angle of... Agent: Quanta Storage Inc.

20140316572 - Control device for robot for conveying workpiece: A control device for controlling a robot which has a tool for holding a workpiece and a force measuring part for measuring a force acting on the tool. The control device includes a calculating part for calculating a center-of-gravity position of the workpiece, based on force data measured by the... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140316574 - Horizontal articulated robot: A robot includes an angular velocity sensor installed to a second horizontal arm and for obtaining the angular velocity of the first horizontal arm with respect to a base, and suppresses the vibration of the first horizontal arm by driving a first electric motor based on the angular velocity of... Agent:

20140316573 - Robot system having a robot for conveying a workpiece: A robot system includes a three-dimensional measuring device for obtaining positional information of a workpiece, a robot having a tool capable of holding a workpiece, and a control device for controlling the robot. The control device stores association data which associate the positional information of the workpiece with a center-of-gravity... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140316575 - Robot device, robot control method, program, and recording medium: A joint torque computing unit computes a joint torque T1 of a joint necessary to move a joint angle to a target joint angle. A summing unit obtains a sum value U1 indicating the sum of generated forces generated at actuators, from a target stiffness. A setting unit sets a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140316576 - System for optimizing and controlling particle size distribution and for scale-up of nanoparticle production in an aerosol flame reactor: The present invention relates to a system for optimizing and controlling the particle size distribution and scale-up of production of nanoparticle in an aerosol flame reactor. The method provides nanoparticles with desired, optimized and controlled particle size and the specific surface area in aerosol reactors using a simulation tool with... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20140316577 - Apparatus and method for controlling fan: An apparatus and a method for controlling a fan are disclosed. The apparatus comprises a subtractor, a decision unit, and an adjustment unit. The subtractor calculates a rotational speed difference between a current rotational speed and a target rotational speed. The decision unit decides an adjust factor according to the... Agent:

20140316578 - Method for operating an industrial controller and industrial controller: Regarding a method for operating an industrial controller, a control program executable in a processor that is arranged in the industrial controller is subdivided into a main block and several program blocks. The program blocks are processed under event control that takes a processing priority into consideration. The processor includes... Agent:

20140316580 - Method of constructing a reference data structure and method of controlling an actuator: Method of constructing a reference data structure and method of controlling an actuator. The present invention is aimed at a method of constructing a reference data structure (DR) comprising at least one setpoint parameter (PAR) for at least one actuator (12) of an item of equipment of a building-automation installation,... Agent:

20140316579 - Process control of an industrial plant: A system 10 for controlling an industrial plant 12 comprises automatic control equipment 14 comprising a plurality of measurement sensors 16 for sensing predetermined variables associated with components of the industrial plant 12. The sensors 16 generate measured data relating to operation of the components of the industrial plant 12.... Agent: Auckland Uniservices Limited

20140316582 - Automated facilities management system having occupant relative feedback: An automated facilities management system has the ability to predict occupant behavior by identifying recurring patterns in the way that people use buildings and comparing them with environmental characteristics. This technology is not limited to human behavior patterns, but extends to any mechanical systems or data points that tend to... Agent:

20140316581 - Systems and methods for energy-efficient control of an energy-consuming system: Systems and methods are provided for efficiently controlling energy-consuming systems, such as heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) systems. For example, an electronic device used to control an HVAC system may encourage a user to select energy-efficient temperature setpoints. Based on the selected temperature setpoints, the electronic device may generate... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20140316583 - Systems and methods for optimizing the efficiency of hvac systems: Aspects of the present disclosure disclose systems and methods for controlling the operation and shut down of a plurality of HVAC units in a facility to improve efficiency. More particularly, a target number of inefficient HVAC units may be identified and systematically shut down while monitoring the environmental conditions in... Agent: Level 3 Communications, LLC

20140316584 - Automated adjustment of an hvac schedule for resource conservation: Apparatus, systems, methods, and related computer program products for optimizing a schedule of setpoint temperatures used in the control of an HVAC system. The systems disclosed include an energy management system in operation with an intelligent, network-connected thermostat located at a structure. The thermostat includes a schedule of setpoint temperatures... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20140316585 - Remote maintenance: The invention relates to a thermostat for communicating with a remote maintenance server. The thermostat being configured for receiving and sending network data from and to the remote maintenance server. The thermostat is configured to receive network data provided by a maintenance interface service for receiving and displaying network data... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140316586 - Thermostat for a hvac: The operating parameter may express a fraction of a nominal load of the HVAC, the thermostat being arranged to estimate the energy consumption from a multiplication of the operating parameter and a nominal energy consumption parameter of the HVAC at the nominal load.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140316587 - Zone based system for altering an operating condition: According to an aspect of the disclosure, a processor is configured to detect a location of a mobile device associated with a site and detect at least one geofence operably associated with the site. The processor is further configured to detect a manual input condition provided at a network device... Agent: Allure Energy, Inc.

20140316590 - Control system for electromagnetic pumps: A control system and method for controlling electromagnetic drive pumps as, for example, electromagnetic driven membrane pumps are provided in which the control system is formed by at least one microprocessor and at least one sensor, whose microprocessor controls the power supply to at least one electromagnet whose changes in... Agent:

20140316589 - Securing product storage tanks against unauthorized delivery: A system prevents unauthorized delivery of product to a bulk storage tank, allows authorized delivery, and controls the flow of product at a product entry port of the tank. A remote controlled valve includes a disk flap that is displaceable between an opened position and a closed position, and a... Agent: Soneco LLC

20140316588 - Systems and methods for evaluating fuel pump data: Various methods are described for evaluating fuel pump data and determining a fuel pump flow rate. One example method may comprise receiving fuel pump information associated with a fuel pump. The method may further comprise updating previous fuel pump information associated with the fuel pump based on the received fuel... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20140316591 - Water supply apparatus and water supply method: A water supply apparatus is provided to meet demands for energy saving by controlling the rotational speed of a pump (1), for example, so as to lower the rotational speed in the time zone when water is not used much while avoiding the time zone when water is used in... Agent:

20140316593 - Multi-generator applications using variable speed and solid state generators for efficiency and frequency stabilization: A system includes at least one variable speed generator system configured to provide power to a load bus and at least one fixed speed generator configured to provide power to the load bus. The system also includes a solid state generator (SSG) system including at least one energy storage device... Agent: Earl Energy, LLC

20140316592 - Selective droop response control for a wind turbine power plant: A power plant controller (36) is described. The power plant controller (36) controls a power generation system (10) having one or more power generators (12) and an energy storage system (22), and provides a utility grid or transmission system operator with the capability to select the droop response provided by... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140316595 - Advanced measurement and verification of energy curtailment: A logic ladder is utilized for conducting Advanced Measurement and Verification (M&V) of energy utilizing devices under curtailment control as part of organized energy management and/or demand response programs. The logic ladder starts with the most accurate method of conducting M&V and steps down from there: first step is measuring... Agent:

20140316596 - Information processing method and information processing system: An information processing method includes: calculating, by a computer, a time differential of internal energy that corresponds to a coefficient and is based on radiative cooling, the coefficient corresponding to a degree of exposure of each particle in a collection of particles to a surface of a continuum represented by... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140316597 - Method and apparatus for optimizing self-power consumption of a controller-based device: A device and method are disclosed for optimizing self-power consumption. The device may sense one or more operating conditions of the device. The device may further select one or more operating parameters associated with at least one of the one or more operating conditions. The device may also estimate a... Agent: Strategic Patent Management, LLC

20140316594 - Systems, devices, and methods for reducing safety risk and optimizing energy use: The present disclosure is generally directed to reducing a safety risk in an automation system such as an automated electrical system in a structure such as a residential, commercial, or industrial building. More particularly, the present disclosure includes systems, devices, and methods for intelligently monitoring and controlling conditions in components... Agent:

20140316599 - Consumer energy management system and consumer energy management method: The present invention adjusts the operating status of consumer devices in a manner meeting the consumer's needs when the electric power usable by the consumer is limited. There are provided: an information acquisition part (S10) which acquires operation request information indicative of requests with regard to the operating status of... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140316598 - Method and apparatus for managing demand response resources in a power distribution network: In one aspect of the teachings herein, demand responsive loads are selected for involvement in a given DR event using an advantageous approach to selection that is based on using a mathematical network model to evaluate power loss in a power distribution network as a function of different combinations of... Agent: Abb Research Ltd.

20140316602 - Control device, control method, and recording medium: A control device has a monitoring section that monitors an amount of electric energy of a first machine, and a power supply controller that controls power supply of a second machine in accordance with an amount of electric energy of the first machine and schedule information indicative of an operation... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140316600 - Electricity control system, apparatus and method: A system, apparatus and method for controlled provision of electricity through an integrated dual system, in which a first part of the dual system both provides electricity and charges the second part of the dual system.... Agent:

20140316601 - Method for providing control power with an energy store using tolerances at the time of providing the control power: A method for providing control power for an electricity network in which at least one energy store connected to the electricity network supplies energy to the electricity network as required and/or takes up energy from the electricity network as required, such that, when there is a change of required control... Agent: Steag Power Saar Gmbh

20140316603 - Computer system, arrangement for remote maintenance and remote maintenance method: A computer system includes a power supply unit providing at least one first supply voltage for operation of the computer system, a system board has at least one first power supply line that distributes the at least one first supply voltage; at least one processor arranged on the system board... Agent: Fujitsu Technology Solutions Intellectual Property Gmbh

20140316604 - Method for active control of frequency and voltage in a power supply grid with decentralized power supply systems: The invention relates to a method for actively controlling in a feedback control at least one output parameter (fi, Vi, Pi, Qi) of a decentralized power generating unit (1) feeding power into a power supply grid (14) having a plurality of such decentralized power generating units, the power generating unit... Agent:

20140316605 - Cooling system management: A cooling system controller, method, and computer program (or product) for an installation of heat generating machines having variable cooling requirements, the cooling system comprising two or more thermal components sharing a first cooling fluid circuit and first cooling fluid for cooling the installation, the cooling system controller comprising: a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140316606 - System for reducing the thermal inertia of an electronic display: A system for controlling the cooling fan within an electronic display based on the amount of ambient light present. An ambient light sensor is used to measure the amount of ambient light which is contacting the display. To anticipate a temperature rise and lower the thermal inertia of the display,... Agent: Manufacturing Resources International, Inc.

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