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20150148915 - Method, computer-readable medium, and system for discovery and registration of controlled devices associated with self-describing modules: A system, method, and computer-readable medium for the discovery and registration of controlled devices associated with self-describing Modules in a control system are provided. A controlled device associated with a self-describing module is coupled with a master controller on which the self-describing module is installed. A remote monitoring system is... Agent:

20150148914 - System for dynamic connection of distributed advanced process control components with control level applications: Systems, methods, and apparatuses are provided for a “path affinity” engine that may work in the background to discover route information needed to connect industrial control components to control level data using “tag names.” Connections may be established dynamically through the path affinity engine, thereby simplifying the commissioning process and... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150148916 - Control device able to connect to a communication network linking a control interface and an equipment: s

20150148917 - Dynamic facility management system: In order to set automatically related software in a facility management system and to start quickly and easily a state monitoring when various measuring instruments are attached to or removed from a facility to be monitored, secured, and maintained, when a sensor which is the measuring instrument is connected, a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150148918 - Optimized communications with hart instruments: A device, such as a HART multiplexer, may allow access to one or more HART instruments from a single interface. The device may also support access to the HART instruments from a second interface. Requests for reading or writing data to or from a HART instrument may be combined at... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20150148919 - Method and apparatus for artificially intelligent model-based control of dynamic processes using probabilistic agents: A system and method for controlling a process such as an oil production process is disclosed. The system comprises multiple intelligent agents for processing data received from a plurality sensors deployed in a job site of an oil well, and applies a probabilistic model for evaluating risk and recommending appropriate... Agent: Adept Ai Systems Inc.

20150148920 - Electronic control unit: An electronic control unit mounted in an object includes: a rewritable memory of control and reprogramming software; a not-always-on power supply system micro-computer operating in control and reprogramming modes and connected/disconnected with a power source; and an always-on power supply system micro-computer operating in the control and reprogramming modes and... Agent:

20150148921 - Wireless device, controlled device controlled by the same, control system including a wireless device and controlled device, and program for causing a computer in a wireless device to control a controlled device: A wireless device (1) searches a database that stores positional information of the wireless device (1), a device (2-4) and control identifiers for controlling the devices (2-4) in an associated manner, acquires a device (2-4) located near the wireless device (1) and a control identifier for controlling the device (2-4)... Agent:

20150148922 - Embedded system, fool-proof control method and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: An embedded system is disclosed. The embedded system is used for preventing a processing machine from an abnormal phenomenon when at least one processing parameter setting value is inputted into the processing machine. The embedded system is electrically connected to the processing machine, and the processing machine comprises an input... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150148923 - Wearable device that infers actionable events: An embodiment provides a method, including: collecting, in a passive state of a wearable information handling device, one or more sensor inputs via a sensor of the wearable information handling device; mapping, using a processor, the one or more sensor inputs to one of a plurality of predetermined events; and... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150148924 - Feasible tracking control of machine: A method for controlling an operation of a machine determines a feasible region for states of the machine and states of the reference trajectory defined by constraints of the machine, constraints on a reference trajectory and constraints on bounds of a tracking error and selects a subset of the feasible... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20150148925 - Control method, communications terminal, and control system: A control method includes receiving setting information containing a first property representing a property of an operation performed by one or more target appliances and a setting of the first property, obtaining correspondence information between device information identifying each of the appliances and a second property representing a property of... Agent:

20150148926 - Athleticism rating and performance measuring system: A universal athleticism rating system and related athletic performance measuring systems for accurately detecting and recording athletic performance are disclosed. The athleticism rating system evaluates individual athletes against a common, standardized, set of athletic performance tests. Each athlete performs the athletic tests and his or her scores in the individual... Agent:

20150148928 - Audio output device that utilizes policies to concurrently handle multiple audio streams from different source devices: An audio output device maintains a collection of policies, and concurrently receives multiple audio streams over a wireless network. The wireless device re-streams a first audio stream of the multiple audio streams to a second audio output device of one or more other audio output devices, based at least in... Agent:

20150148929 - System and method for engaging a person in the presence of ambient audio: A computerized method for engaging a user of a mobile computer system, The mobile computer system may be connectable to a server over a wide area network. An audio signal of ambient audio is autonomously sampled in the vicinity of the mobile computer system to capture one or more audio... Agent:

20150148927 - Systems and methods for portable audio synthesis: A method of performing audio synthesis has a first audio event input to an audio algorithm along with associated parameters. A synthesis algorithm accesses a soundbank to generate audio output. The soundbank has two or more levels for a first desired sound. A first level is associated with a first... Agent: Medialab Solutions Corp.

20150148930 - Method and apparatus for preserving structural integrity of 3-dimensional models when printing at varying scales: A computer implemented method and apparatus for preserving structural integrity of 3-D models when printing at varying scales, by use of a cueing model.... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150148931 - Method for generating and building support structures with deposition-based digital manufacturing systems: A method for generating data for a support structure to be built with a deposition-based digital manufacturing system, the method comprising generating a convex hull polygon based on a boundary polygon of a layer of the support structure, offsetting the convex hull polygon inward, offsetting the boundary polygon outward, and... Agent:

20150148932 - Device for checking the construction of an extruder screw: A device for checking the construction of an extruder screw having a shaft and screw elements that are to be pushed or have been pushed one after the other onto the shaft in a defined sequence. Each screw element has an element-specific external geometry. A recording device being provided for... Agent:

20150148934 - Electronic component mounting system and equipment unit management method for electronic component mounting system: Necessary unit data indicative of the type and number of equipment units used in component mounting operation is obtained on the basis of production plan data, mounting data, and component library for each of production lots in advance. New allocation processing for allocating an equipment unit necessary for production execution... Agent:

20150148933 - Monitor system and method for semiconductor processes: A method for monitoring a process in a semiconductor processing facility and a monitor system are provided. A plurality of wafers are processed according to a process. Data on the processing is collected, and the collecting includes, for each wafer of the plurality of wafers, determining that a processing event... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20150148935 - Substrate processing system, substrate processing apparatus, data processing method, and storage medium: A substrate processing system includes a substrate processing apparatus for generating apparatus data on substrate processing and a management apparatus connected to at least one substrate processing apparatus via a network for receiving and storing the apparatus data periodically reported from the substrate processing apparatus. The substrate processing apparatus includes... Agent: Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

20150148936 - Methods to control macro shrinkage porosity and gas bubbles in cast aluminum engine blocks: A method for estimating proper eutectic modification level in a liquid metal to minimize macro shrinkage porosity and gas bubbles during casting of aluminum automobile components, and a system and article for casting.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150148937 - Arrangement with a hand-guided machine tool and a grinder: An arrangement includes a grinding wheel and a hand-held power tool. The hand-held power tool comprises a housing, a drive shaft, a drive unit configured to drive the drive shaft, a first handle and a second handle which are each fixed on the housing, a sensor, and an evaluation and... Agent:

20150148938 - Computing device and method of pairing accessories: Method of pairing accessories includes obtaining coordinates of outline points of first accessories and second accessories of a product. The outline points of the first accessories and the second accessories are assigned numbers. Each of the first accessories and each of the second accessories are transported to a corresponding location... Agent:

20150148939 - Distribution warehouse and method for arranging different articles in an order-oriented manner by means of a reduced buffer: A method for arranging different articles in an order-oriented manner from a long-term warehouse in accordance with a plurality of orders, in particular picking orders, is proposed, comprising the following steps: a) defining an analysis quantity, which comprises a quantity of n orders, wherein each of the orders of the... Agent:

20150148940 - Systems and methods for treating and handling cardboard sheets: System and methods of treating or handling cardboard sheets.... Agent:

20150148941 - Identification of plastic material composition: Identification of a material composition. The material composition is configured with a color additive that is embedded or otherwise not visible. The color additive identifies the specific material composition. A discrete section or sub-section of the material is deformed such that the embedded color additive is made visible in the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150148942 - Control board and dispenser security monitoring system: The invention is a dispenser security system which has a control board that controls one or more fuel dispensing components to prevent the flow of fuel from the dispenser if the security system detects that dispenser is being tampered with. If the control board detects tampering based on a select... Agent:

20150148943 - Programmable time motorized tamperproof blister pack dosage dispenser and method of preventing unauthorized use of pharmaceuticals and other items: A dispensing device for dispensing medications or other items required to be dispensed according to a predetermined schedule includes a mechanism for advancing a bandolier containing the medications or other items to a dispensing position only when activated by an authorized user at predetermined time intervals. Access to the bandolier... Agent:

20150148944 - Bodyimmune enhancing compositions: Disclosed herein are method and system for preserving freshness and effectiveness of a composition of natural organic or non-organic ingredients for multiple ailments by stimulating the immune system. Also provided herein are method and system for ordering such compositions via a vending machine or a web interface.... Agent:

20150148945 - Data processing device, cash processing terminal, and data processing system: A data processing device is provided between a cash processing terminal cluster in a local network and an external network outside the local network. The data processing device includes a data acquisition section that acquires, in the local network, serial numbers obtained from banknotes read by a cash processing terminal... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20150148946 - Electromechanical latch and ejector: An electromechanical latch and ejector to selectively unlatch and eject an object.... Agent:

20150148947 - Wireless medication monitor: Methods and apparatus are provided for determining when a medication is removed from a dispenser. The dispenser may include a plurality of compartments for receiving one or more medications. One or more circuits are associated with each compartment. In addition, each circuit may be unique. Each circuit is altered by... Agent:

20150148948 - Mixing machine motion in a handheld marking device: t

20150148950 - Robot control device, robot control method, robot control program, and robot system: A robot control device of a vertical articulated robot having seven axes and an offset structure includes: a storage unit which stores a condition of a status of the vertical articulated robot including a position of an elbow in the vertical articulated robot and control information for controlling the vertical... Agent:

20150148949 - Structural assessment, maintenance, and repair apparatuses and methods: Systems for cleaning a structure via a robot are described. The robot includes a body. The robot further includes a tool coupled to the body and configured to hold a structural maintenance tool. The robot includes a sensor coupled to the body. The robot includes a drive system configured to... Agent:

20150148951 - Method and control apparatus for cooperative cleaning using multiple robots: Provided are a method and a control apparatus for cooperative cleaning using multiple cleaning robots, including monitoring an overall cleaning condition of an extensive space and automatically assigning multiple cleaning robots to a space required to be cleaned, and when a cleaning area is fixed based on a cooperative cleaning... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150148952 - Robot control apparatus and robot control method: A robot control apparatus includes a transformation-matrix generating unit that generates, on the basis of N first command values for learning per one robot, which are position-corrected command values for positioning a master robot and a slave robot on tracks of their respective robots during the synchronous driving, concerning the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150148953 - Discrepancy detection apparatus and methods for machine learning: A robotic device may comprise an adaptive controller configured to learn to predict consequences of robotic device's actions. During training, the controller may receive a copy of the planned and/or executed motor command and sensory information obtained based on the robot's response to the command. The controller may predict sensory... Agent: Brain Corporation

20150148954 - Robot apparatus: A robot apparatus includes a manipulator including a hand and an arm, a teaching apparatus that teaches operation of the manipulator, and a control apparatus that controls the manipulator that operates in a regular operation status or an erroneous manipulation avoiding status based on a control signal from the teaching... Agent:

20150148956 - Robot control method, robot control apparatus, robot control program, and storage medium: An evaluation value Ek on a trajectory error ek between an actual trajectory yk and a target trajectory x is calculated. In a case where the calculated evaluation value Ek is better than a best evaluation value Ebest, the best evaluation value Ebest is updated by the evaluation value Ek... Agent:

20150148955 - Structural assessment, maintenance, and repair apparatuses and methods: Systems and methods for cleaning a structure via a robot are described. The system includes a first robot and a second robot. The first robot includes a body, a tool arm, a sensor coupled, a drive system configured to allow vertical and inverted positioning of the first robot, a transceiver,... Agent:

20150148957 - Systems and methods for determining a status of a component of a device: Methods and systems for determining a status of a component of a device are provided. An example method includes triggering an action of a component of a device, and responsively receiving information associated with the action of the component from a sensor. The method further includes a computing system having... Agent:

20150148958 - Method and apparatus for failure handling of a robot: A method and apparatus for failure handling of a robot having at least a first and a second movement axis are disclosed. In one embodiment the method includes receiving a first position information of the first movement axis for a first point of time and a first position information of... Agent:

20150148959 - Robot cleaner, controlling method of the same, and robot cleaning system: Disclosed are a robot cleaner, a controlling method of the same, and a robot cleaning system. The robot cleaner can perform a cleaning operation with respect to only a user's desired region, in a repeated and concentrated manner. Further, as the robot cleaner runs on a user's desired region in... Agent:

20150148960 - Robots comprising projectors for projecting images on identified projection surfaces: Robots including projectors for projecting images on identified projection surfaces are disclosed. A robot includes a housing, an electronic control unit coupled to the housing, a projector coupled to the housing, a human recognition module coupled to the housing, and a projection surface identification module coupled to the housing. The... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150148961 - Building data managing apparatus and building management system comprising thereof: A building data managing apparatus according to an embodiment of present invention, includes a first processing unit for receiving from equipments within a building a first management data having BACnet protocol and a second management data having wireless communication protocol via the Ethernet communication interface, and converting the first management... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150148962 - Method for controlling the fill volume of a grapple: A method for controlling the fill volume of a grapple, such as a bulk-material crane grapple which includes at least one hoist-and-closure unit, may include adjusting the fill volume of the grapple is during the grapple closure process by adjusting/controlling the grapple hoist height. The grapple hoist speed and/or grapple... Agent:

20150148966 - Air conditioner testing system, air-conditioning system simulator, and program: A test device simulator simulates the behavior of a test device to be tested on the basis of content indicating an input operation by a user, data transmitted from an air-conditioning system simulator, and device object data stored in a data storage. In the case in which the simulation generates... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150148964 - Hvac controller with proximity based message latency control: Message latency between an HVAC controller located within a building and a remote server may be reduced in response to a determination that a user is in proximity to the HVAC controller, and message latency may be increased when a user is not expected to be proximity to the HVAC... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150148968 - Method for controlling information apparatus and computer-readable recording medium: In the case where selection of an icon representing an air conditioner is sensed in a region corresponding to a certain room on a floor plan, a region corresponding to the certain room on the floor plan is switched to an adjustment region for changing the set temperature of the... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

20150148969 - Method for controlling information apparatus and computer-readable recording medium: In the case where selection of an icon representing an air conditioner is sensed in a region corresponding to a certain room on a floor plan, an operation screen for changing the setting of the air conditioner installed in the region corresponding to the certain room is displayed as overlapped... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

20150148965 - Method to control a communication rate between a thermostat and a cloud based server: A communication rate between a cloud-based server and an HVAC controller located within a building may be controlled based on the amount of power available at the HVAC controller. The cloud-based server may notify a user if the amount of power available at the HVAC controller is determined to be... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150148967 - Methods, systems, apparatus and software for controlling local interior environments: Methods, systems, apparatus and software for controlling environmental conditions of an interior location, such as a room or office, are provided. In one aspect, the invention provides a computer-controlled system for determining an improved energy configuration for a structure. In some embodiments, the invention includes: an electronic memory storage device... Agent: Twin Harbor Labs, LLC

20150148963 - Setup routine to facilitate user setup of an hvac controller: An HVAC controller may be programmed to execute a guided set up routine that may guide a user through configuring the thermostat to control a particular HVAC system configuration based, at least in part, on which wires from the HVAC system are connected to terminals of the HVAC controller. The... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150148972 - Device and method for operating parallel centrifugal pumps: A device and a method for operating multiple centrifugal pumps are disclosed. The device can include a communication interface for receiving as at least one input information, an instantaneous pressure drop and an instantaneous flow rate per pump or speed of the centrifugal pumps, and for transmitting output information to... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150148971 - Methods and apparatus for remotely monitoring and/or controlling a plumbing system: Methods and compositions for controlling and monitoring residential and commercial pumping systems. Preferably, the controlling and monitoring functions include a remotely located controller component capable of displaying alerts and/or from which a user may input commands regulating the functioning of the plumbing system. In particularly preferred examples, the plumbing system... Agent:

20150148970 - System and method for enabling wireless communication with a motor controller: A motor controller coupled to a motor is described. The motor controller includes a wireless communication device and a computing device coupled to the wireless communication device. The computing device is configured to communicatively couple with a client computing device using the wireless communication device, wirelessly receive at least one... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20150148973 - Fuzzy logic based integrated power coordination system for hybrid energy storage system: A method of managing power between the multiple components of a hybrid electrical energy storage system (HESS) that includes providing at least two power storage elements, and at least one renewable power source. The method further includes managing the power flow among the at least two power storage elements with... Agent:

20150148974 - Method for controlling a wind park: The invention relates to a method for controlling a wind park comprising several wind power installations to feed electrical power into an electrical AC grid at a point of common coupling (PCC). The method comprises feeding a 3-phase current at a point of common coupling, identifying a grid voltage on... Agent:

20150148975 - Smart grid integrated electric power control system based on ess distributed control: The invention is a smart grid integrated electric power control system based on ESS distributed control, in which the households on a smart grid are grouped into plurality of local ESS areas and the electric power supplied to the households in the local ESS area is controlled distributedly by a... Agent:

20150148976 - Method of predicting the energy consumption of a building: Method for forecasting the energy consumption of a building, characterized in that it comprises a step of taking into account the heat exchanges from received solar radiation and/or heat convection and/or conduction between the building and the outside environment based on a physical model implemented by a computer, and in... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20150148977 - Power control device, power control method, and power control system: A power control device, power control method, and power control system can suppress an increase in the processing load on the server when simultaneously controlling load devices belonging to power control devices and can suppress an increase in communication traffic between the server and the power control device. Provided are... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150148978 - Power consumption measurement and control apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium thereof: A power consumption measurement and control apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium thereof are provided. The power consumption measurement and control apparatus includes a power input line, a power output line, a sensing interface, a processing unit, a button, and a power consumption measurement and control unit. The... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150148979 - System, method, and data packets for messaging for electric power grid elements over a secure internet protocol network: Systems, methods, and messages of the present invention provides IP-based messages associated with the grid elements, wherein each IP-based message includes an internet protocol (IP) packet that is generated autonomously and/or automatically by the grid elements, intelligent messaging hardware associated with the grid elements, at least one coordinator, and/or a... Agent: Causam Energy, Inc.

20150148980 - Cooking system power management: A cooking environment is described for allocating power between multiple cooking systems and providing a calculated amount of energy to a cooking system. The cooking systems can each include a receptacle and a heating/cooling element to heat a product within the receptacle. A controller can receive requests for power from... Agent:

20150148981 - System and method for multi-correlative learning thermal management of a system on a chip in a portable computing device: Various embodiments of methods and systems for multi-correlative learning thermal management (“MLTM”) techniques implemented in a portable computing device (“PCD”) are disclosed. Notably, in many PCDs, thermal energy levels measured by individual temperature sensors in the PCD may be attributable to a plurality of processing components, i.e. thermal aggressors. Generally,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150148982 - Protective cover for electronic device: A protective cover for protecting an electronic device and maintaining a proper operating temperature for the electronic device includes a housing sleeved on the electronic device, a sensing element, a heat generation element, a power supply, and a microprocessor. The sensing element is arranged in the housing and is configured... Agent:

20150148983 - Remotely operating a movable barrier operator with auxiliary device: An apparatus for use with an auxiliary device for commanding a movable barrier operator, the apparatus having a first communication interface, a processor device, and a second communication interface. The first communication interface being configured to receive a status change request from the auxiliary device. The processor device runs a... Agent: The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

05/21/2015 > 70 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150142135 - Door/window sensor: A control system for use with a control device in a network. The control system includes a sensing device to monitor a distance of the sensing device from the control device, and to communicate a first indication in response to the distance exceeding a predefined value through the network. The... Agent:

20150142136 - Calculation device: A calculation device includes a plurality of calculation processing units configured to perform different processes with each other, a plurality of calculators configured to perform a same calculation, and a control unit configured to control a number of the calculators to be operated during each of a plurality of divided... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150142137 - Wireless network of low power sensing and actuating motes: Embodiments include a wireless mote network having a plurality of motes, wherein each of the plurality of motes includes a processing unit in communication with a communications device. Each of the motes includes at least a sensor configured to monitor an environmental condition in an area around the mote or... Agent:

20150142138 - Physical presence verification by an industrial control system controller: Physical presence verification by an industrial control system controller is described herein. One industrial control system controller includes a mechanism configured to verify that a user of the industrial control system controller is physically present at a location of the controller, a memory, and a processor configured to execute executable... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150142139 - Methods and apparatus for tuning circuit components of a communication device: A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a process that assigns a respective priority level to each of a number of tuning algorithms controlling different tunable elements of a communication device. A first tuning algorithm is executed according to a first priority level assigned... Agent:

20150142140 - In-home-presence probability calculation method, server apparatus, and in-home-presence probability calculation system: Specification of a time is received from a device that uses an in-home-presence probability calculation system, a probability that a person is at home at the specified time is calculated on the basis of a specified operation time and a specified correlation when the specified operation time is a time... Agent:

20150142141 - Electronic device and remote control method: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a first detector, a memory and circuitry. The first detector detects either attachment of the electronic device to a human body or removal of the electronic device from a human body. The memory is configured to store control data. The circuitry executes... Agent:

20150142142 - Method and system to assist in player development: A system for assisting in player development is disclosed. The system includes a server maintaining a database including a plurality of player development records, each player development record including at least training data, competition data, and biographic data. The system also includes an application hosted by the server, the application... Agent:

20150142143 - Wearable device assembly having athletic functionality: A wearable device assembly has a housing supporting a controller, display and indicator system thereon. The controller has at least one sensor wherein activity of a user wearing the device is detected. The controller selectively illuminates the indicator system to indicate a level of activity of the user.... Agent:

20150142147 - Audio system for rhythm-based activity: Methods, systems, and apparatus for generating an audio experience are described. A tempo value of an activity is obtained and one or more songs characterized by a tempo that matches the obtained tempo value are identified. A playlist of songs that match the obtained tempo value is generated.... Agent:

20150142145 - Determining quality of experience for communication sessions: A computer-implemented method, computer program product, and computing system is provided for determining quality of experience for communication sessions. In an implementation, a method may include determining a plurality of intrusive quality of experience scores associated with a plurality of intrusive audio transmission samples. The method may also include determining... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142146 - Determining quality of experience for communication sessions: A computer-implemented method, computer program product, and computing system is provided for determining quality of experience for communication sessions. In an implementation, a method may include determining a plurality of intrusive quality of experience scores associated with a plurality of intrusive audio transmission samples. The method may also include determining... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142148 - Interactive sound reproducing: An audio system attachable to a computer includes a sound reproduction device for producing audible sound from audio signals. The sound reproduction device includes a radio tuner and a powered speaker. The audio system further includes a connector for connecting the sound reproduction device with a computer. The computer provides... Agent:

20150142144 - Label and system for infant care having provision for automatic updating: A method and system for providing suitably audio programmatic material for enhancing a baby's experience in distinct contexts employs a connected device having communicative access to a WAN and further includes a camera capable or reading a QR code and responding to instructions contained thereon. The system includes a media... Agent:

20150142152 - Intelligent 3d printer and method: A 3D printer system and related methods. The 3D printer system includes a processor and an accessible memory. The accessible memory includes a CAD kernel and a product file that defines a CAD solid model. The 3D printer system is particularly configured to execute the CAD kernel using the processor,... Agent: Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

20150142149 - Method and computer-based tool for composite-structure fabrication design: A computer system and method are provided for generating a composite-structure fabrication design. During execution of the method on the computer system, a plurality of user interfaces prompt a user to enter generic design criteria as well as specific fabrication rules. Both generic design criteria and specified fabrication rules are... Agent: Collier Research And Development Corporation

20150142151 - Method for transforming a three dimensional digital model in a space object made of sheet material: The invention relates to a method for transforming a three dimensional digital model in a space object made of sheet material. The method allows the shape forming elements of the sheet matrix to be permanently or temporarily fixed so that it can be used for circulation copies or unique pieces... Agent:

20150142150 - Method of digitally constructing a prosthesis: A prosthetic limb and process to digitally construct a prosthetic limb which includes first, digitally producing a modified mold of a residual limb via 3d scanners and software known to the industry; constructing a test socket from the digitally modified mold and be equipped with an alignable system; for example,... Agent:

20150142153 - Three-dimensional object development: A computer implemented method and an object development system (ODS) for developing a three-dimensional (3D) object are provided. The ODS receives a 3D image in one or more image formats from one or more sources. The ODS determines object development requirements and a display type of the received 3D image.... Agent: Hankookin, Inc.

20150142154 - Modular system for real-time evaluation and monitoring of a machining production-line overall performances calculated from each given workpiece, tool and machine: The present invention provides a modular system and method for real-time evaluation and monitoring of a machining production line overall performances, calculated from each given metal workpiece, consumable tool and machine. The present invention is configured for an iterative and incremental calculation and evaluation of the machining production-line overall performances,... Agent:

20150142156 - Flexible manufacturing system: There is provided a flexible manufacturing system that can reliably place a workpiece that isn't defective piece in a state where the workpiece will be machined again. After a pallet is conveyed to a standby position and before machining of the workpiece attached to the pallet is started, controllers determines... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20150142155 - Holding and transporting device: The invention relates to a holding and transporting device for intermediate products (10), in particular for boards heated for hot forming or pre-formed shaped components, having at least one tactile temperature measuring sensor (6), which is integrated in the holding and transporting device in such a way that the sensor... Agent:

20150142157 - Automated bender and systems and methods for providing data to operate an automated bender: An automated bender and its method of operation according to some embodiments of the disclosure is provided. The automated bender includes a carousel which has all of the necessary components for bending a variety of conduit sizes provided thereon. The carousel can be rotated to a desired bending position to... Agent:

20150142159 - Color or multi-material three-dimensional (3d) printing: A three-dimensional (3D) continuous color printer includes one or more cartridges each with a building material stored therein, a mixer coupled to each cartridge, and a single printhead coupled to a mixer output, wherein the building material stored in the cartridge is transported to the mixer and the single print... Agent:

20150142158 - Method and device for producing a three-dimensional object in layers: Method for manufacturing a three-dimensional object by a layer-wise solidification of a building material at positions in the respective layer corresponding to the cross-section of the object to be manufactured by introducing energy by means of electromagnetic radiation, wherein a calculation, which stresses will occur inside of the object during... Agent: Eos Gmbh Electro Optical Systems

20150142160 - Three-dimensional modeling method: A three-dimensional modeling method having a high degree of flexibility in selecting sheet materials, and capable of performing modeling with high accuracy is provided. In each of a plurality of sheets used for the three-dimensional modeling method in one aspect of the disclosure, a body layer 2 to be cut... Agent:

20150142161 - Method and apparatus for mobile cleanspace fabricators: The present invention provides apparatus for a mobile cleanspace fabrication facility. Various methods relating to moving a mobile cleanspace fabrication facility and to the locations that a mobile cleanspace fabrication facility may be moved to are discussed.... Agent:

20150142162 - Multi-protocol multi-client equipment server: A multi-client multi-protocol equipment server includes: a host interface that facilitates communication with a manufacturing execution system (MES); a plurality of client interfaces, wherein each client interface facilitates communication with a client based on a Common Equipment Model (CEM) for a semiconductor manufacturing tool; and a plurality of tool interfaces,... Agent:

20150142163 - Utilization of wall thickness measurement in combination with thermal imaging of containers: A closed loop temperature and wall thickness-based control system for improving process yield and quality while reducing dependence on operator skill utilizes intensity information from a hot end container imaging system and wall thickness information from a hot glass container wall thickness measurement system. By utilizing both the container intensity... Agent: Emhart Glass S.a.

20150142164 - Machine tool for chamfering and chamfering method: After a Z-axis on which a chamfering tool is mounted is located in a machining position for chamfering, two orthogonal axes (X- and Y-axes) perpendicular to the Z-axis are positioned to be ready for the chamfering. The Z-axis is compensated simultaneously with the X- and Y-axes in accordance with a... Agent:

20150142165 - Utilization rate calculation method and system thereof, embedded system and computer readable storage medium: A utilization rate calculation method is disclosed. The utilization rate calculation method comprises steps as follows: scanning an operation signal of I/O ports via a I/O port capturing module; continuously receiving the operation signal via the I/O port capturing module; determining whether a machine tool is running according to the... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150142166 - Numerical control device having function of simultaneously executing plurality of commands using data in table format: In a numerical control device, a command read out unit sequentially reads out time or a position of an axis or a spindle which is a reference and a position of a different axis or spindle from the axis or the spindle which is the reference or an auxiliary function... Agent:

20150142167 - Method for producing structures or contours on a workpiece, and moulder: In a moulder, at least one rotatably driven tool (7, 8, 10, 11) is used to produce the structure (27) or contour on the workpiece (1) by workpiece removal. The workpiece positions along the workpiece (1) for producing the structure or contour are set depending on the data of the... Agent:

20150142168 - Route builder: Systems, methods, and devices of the various embodiments enable graph based routing of containers and adjustments of container routing based on one or more current material handling system state. The various embodiments enable examination and evaluation of the material handling systems using graphs to find an optimal route from a... Agent: Intelligrated Headquarters LLC

20150142169 - Cleaning robot and method for controlling the same: A cleaning robot including a main body, a pad mounted below the main body to implement cleaning, and a drive assembly to apply drive power to the pad. The drive assembly moves the main body to a target position by adjusting the drive power. The cleaning robot may move at... Agent:

20150142170 - Method for controlling the walking motion of a mobile robot, and robot implementing said method: A computer program and a system for controlling walking of a mobile robot, notably a humanoid robot moving on two legs. Conventionally, control was guided by driving a zero moment point. Such driving was performed within a fixed coordinate system connected to a progression surface and assumed knowledge of the... Agent:

20150142171 - Methods and apparatus to calibrate an orientation between a robot gripper and a camera: Disclosed are methods adapted to calibrate a robot gripper to a camera. The method includes providing a robot with a coupled moveable gripper, providing one or more cameras, providing a target scene having one or more fixed target points, moving the gripper and capturing images of the target scene at... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150142172 - System and method for controlling a teleoperated robotic agile lift system: A method for controlling a tele-operated robot agile lift system is disclosed. The method comprises manipulating a human-machine interface of a master robot located on a mobile platform. The human machine interface is kinematically equivalent to a user's arm with a plurality of support members. A position value and a... Agent:

20150142176 - Air conditioning management system: An air conditioning management system manages air conditioning units having unique physical addresses using logical addresses. The system includes a local controller collecting driving information for the air conditioning units, and an operating unit for each air conditioning unit. The local controller has a memory section which stores identification information... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150142174 - Crane and related method of operation: The present invention relates to a control system for operating a crane (101). The control system includes a central control module (125) for controlling operation of the crane (101) and a control unit (121) for outputting control signals to the central control module in response to user inputs. At least... Agent:

20150142175 - Machine component of a drivetrain and a method for configuring and/or putting into operation and/or operating such a drivetrain: The invention relates to a machine component of a drive train and to a method for configuring and/or putting into operation and/or operating such a drive train (2) of a machine (1), which drive train comprises machine components that can be controlled by means of a control unit (9) as... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150142177 - Method and apparatus for retrofitting a pedestal crane: A method and apparatus are disclosed for retrofitting a pedestal crane, the method comprising removing an existing motor generator controller for a motor in the pedestal crane; and replacing the motor generator controller with a digital controller.... Agent: Electronics Power Design, Inc.

20150142178 - Normalized control of an ihs component: A component control system includes a component. At least one component element is included in the component. A component controller is included in the component, coupled to the at least one component element, and operable to couple to an Information Handling System (IHS) controller. The component controller is operable to... Agent:

20150142173 - System, a method and a computer program product for controlling a group of actuator arrays for producing a physical effect: A system which controls a group of multiple arrays of actuator elements, each of the actuator elements including a moving element which moves between a first and a second extreme positions; the system including: a controller, configured to generate control commands for at least one array of the multiple arrays... Agent:

20150142179 - Air-conditioning management device, air-conditioning management method, and program: A standard schedule creator creates a standard schedule that makes it possible to achieve a target presented by target data. A seasonal schedule updater, monthly schedule updater, weekly schedule updater, and current day schedule updater update the created standard schedule using the corresponding weather forecast data to create an operation... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150142180 - Control unit with automatic setback capability: Methods for controlling temperature in a conditioned enclosure such as a dwelling are described that include an “auto-away” and/or “auto-arrival” feature for detecting unexpected absences which provide opportunities for significant energy savings through automatic adjustment of the setpoint temperature. According to some preferred embodiments, when no occupancy has been detected... Agent: Google Inc.

20150142181 - Staggered start-up hvac system, a method for starting an hvac unit and an hvac controller configured for the same: One aspect of the disclosure describes a controller for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. In one embodiment, the HVAC controller includes an interface and a processor. In this embodiment, the interface is configured to receive a delay originating signal. In one embodiment, the processor is configured to:... Agent:

20150142182 - Active anti-vibration apparatus, anti-vibration method, processing device, inspection device, exposure device, and workpiece manufacturing method: An active anti-vibration apparatus is provided that supports a wide range of vibration accelerations using only one type of anti-vibration mechanism. Upon occurrence of an excessive acceleration, the active anti-vibration apparatus performs switching such that an acceleration detection gain 14b of an acceleration amplifier 14 is multiplied by a prescribed... Agent:

20150142183 - Control device for a hydraulic cylinder unit with an individual valve controller: A control device controls a hydraulic cylinder unit having a piston. The device receives a setpoint variable and an actual variable and determines, based on a difference between the setpoint variable and the actual variable, a preliminary manipulated variable for valves of the hydraulic cylinder unit. The setpoint variable and... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150142186 - Methods and systems for control of general purpose microfluidic devices: The present invention provides control methods, control systems, and control software for microfluidic devices that operate by moving discrete micro-droplets through a sequence of determined configurations. Such microfluidic devices are preferably constructed in a hierarchical and modular fashion which is reflected in the preferred structure of the provided methods and... Agent:

20150142184 - Pneumatically actuated computer input device: A pneumatically actuated computer input device comprises an input device circuit member having a hollow body, at least one switch member within the hollow body adapted to send electronic signals to a computer terminal, and a pneumatic actuator within the hollow body adapted to be inflated and press against and... Agent:

20150142185 - Pressure control method for process chamber and pressure control device for process chamber: A predicted outflow rate (Qo) at which gas is discharged from a process chamber 2 via a vacuum pump 3 is computed, and an input flow rate (Qi) is calculated in order to reach a preset target pressure (Psp). The input flow rate (Qi) is calculated, on the basis of... Agent:

20150142187 - System and method for controlling power system: To control a power state of a power system properly according to a communication state. A system for controlling a power system includes a plurality of sensor devices configured to output measurement data; a first control apparatus configured to estimate a first power state of the power system by using... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150142188 - Automated commissioning of a gas turbine combustion control system: Systems and methods for automating commissioning of a gas turbine combustion control system are provided. According to one embodiment of the disclosure, a system may include a controller and a processor communicatively coupled to the controller. The processor may be configured to run a gas turbine under a plurality of... Agent: General Electric Company

20150142191 - Control system for a wind turbine: A control system for a wind turbine is provided. The control system includes a plurality of controllers distributed in the wind turbine or the wind power plant; and a plurality of data storage units, each data storage unit being arranged at a respective predetermined position in the wind turbine or... Agent:

20150142189 - Power generation control system, method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium of the same: A power generation control system is provided. The power generation control system includes power generation devices electrically connected to form an array, a MPPT module, a power control module and voltage control modules. Each of the power generation devices includes an energy generation module for generating input supplying power and... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150142190 - Power system with an energy generator and a hybrid energy storage system: Systems and methods are disclosed to control a power system with an energy generator and a hybrid energy storage system. The system includes two or more energy storage system, each with different energy storage capacity and energy discharge capacity. The system includes developing data for one or more control variables... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20150142192 - Method of regulating a plant comprising cogenerating installations and thermodynamic systems intended for air conditioning and/or heating: A method of regulating an installation associating one or several cogeneration machines and one or several thermodynamic systems (e.g., air conditioner (whether or not reversible), water cooler or heat pump (whether or not reversible)) intended for air conditioning and/or heating.... Agent:

20150142194 - Dynamic load curtailment system and method: A system and method are disclosed for dynamically learning the optimum energy consumption operating condition for a building and monitor/control energy consuming equipment to keep the peak demand interval at a minimum. The dynamic demand limiting algorithm utilized employs two separate control schemes, one for HVAC loads and one for... Agent: Gridpoint, Inc.

20150142195 - Methods for optimizing an analysis of energy consumption to reduce cost and devices thereof: A method, energy usage analysis device, and non-transitory computer readable medium that obtain an amount of energy generated from wind resources and thermal resources at a plurality of intervals over a specified time period. An amount of energy consumed by a user at each of the intervals is obtained. An... Agent:

20150142193 - Utility console for controlling energy resources: A system and method for managing power consumption and storage in a power grid. Measurements are received from a plurality of geographically distributed energy management controllers. Each energy management controllers has energy storage units with stored energy. The measurements comprise the energy production and storage capacity of the energy management... Agent: Gridpoint, Inc.

20150142196 - Method, a system, a computer-readable medium, and a power controlling apparatus for applying and distributing power: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to power management and the like, and more particularly, to an apparatus, a system, a method, and a computer-readable medium for providing power controlling functionality to generate configurable power signals and to deliver power during fault conditions. In at least some embodiments, a power... Agent: Global Embedded Technologies, Inc.

20150142197 - Automated identification of components connected in a power grid: Automated identification of components connected within a power grid is facilitated by: obtaining by one component of the power grid a request to broadcast a power-connected beacon identifying, at least in part, the one component of the power grid; and responsive to the request, automatically broadcasting by the one component... Agent: Intelligent Power & Energy Research Corporation (iperc)

20150142198 - Packeted energy delivery system and methods: Methods and apparatus for packetized energy distribution are provided. A data and power delivery network, called a digital grid, is provided to facilitate delivery of power upon request. Energy bits (quanta) serve as a means to deliver energy as well as coding. Voltage pulses of varying time scales are used... Agent:

20150142199 - Methods for managing power consumption for a hands-free dispenser: Methods for managing power consumption of a battery-powered device such as a fluid dispenser are disclosed. One method includes setting a duty cycle of a sensor used by the device to a first range and setting a timer upon detection of a triggering event and also setting the duty cycle... Agent:

20150142200 - Demand controller, charger, and remote charging control system control method using the same: Provided are a demand controller, a charger, and a remote charging control system and control method. The remote charging control method includes transferring current power usage from a demand controller to a total operation center (TOC); transferring usable electric energy from the TOC to a remote controller according to current... Agent: Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.

20150142201 - Method and apparatus for actively managing electric power over an electric power grid: Systems and methods for managing power supplied over an electric power grid by an electric utility and/or other market participants to multiple power consuming devices, each of which having a Power Supply Value (PSV) associated with its energy consumption and/or reduction in consumption. Power flow to the power consuming devices... Agent: Causam Energy, Inc.

20150142202 - Methods and systems for remotely managing water heating units in a water heater and related water heaters and circuits: A method of managing electrical power storage can include remotely controlling operation of one of a plurality of water heating units included in a single water heater, separately from controlling a remainder of the plurality of the water heating units, at a customer location in response to a remotely transmitted... Agent:

20150142203 - Variable precision thermal sensor: A high accuracy on-chip thermal sensor includes an integrated circuit and sensing elements. The thermal sensor finds application in various mobile and battery powered devices and includes a processor that analyzes a measured temperature signal and decides if the thermal sensor operates in low or high power operational mode, or... Agent:

20150142204 - Temperature control equipment and communication equipment cabinet: The present invention is applicable to the communication equipment field, and in particular, relates to temperature control equipment and a communication equipment cabinet. In the embodiments of the present invention, the temperature control equipment uses an inverter to perform regulated filtering for an alternating current and uses a DC/DC boosting... Agent:

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