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Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications

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12/04/2014 > 70 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140358250 - Method and device for the control of at least one appliance by at least one other appliance, appliance and system implementing such a device: A device for the control of at least one so-called slave appliance provided to be controlled by touch, by at least one so-called master appliance including apparatus for commanding, in particular a control pad, the device including a device for transmitting at least one command sent by action on the... Agent:

20140358252 - Cloud based command and control system: A command and control system is provided which links users and platforms in real time and with touch screen ease, delivering a highly intuitive, integrated user experience with minimal infrastructure. Capitalizing on a cloud based architecture, from the cloud, to the touch table, to a hand held device, the command... Agent: Aai Corporation

20140358251 - Incorporating fdt/dtm technology into a system-level configuration application for integrated device configuration management: Provided is a system hosted on a computer and configured for managing field devices. The system includes a configuration server configured for executing a system level configuration application responsive to first type interface specification standards. The configuration server manages (i) at least one of the field devices in accordance with... Agent:

20140358253 - Number-of-machines control device for heat source system, method therefor, and heat source system: A control device and method for preventing the start and stop of heat source machines from being frequently repeated. Whether or not basic conditions for decreasing the number of machines are satisfied when the number of currently operating machines is increased by one is determined if a current operational status... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140358254 - Technique for converting a model predictive control (mpc) system into an explicit two-degrees of freedom (2dof) control system: A method includes obtaining a reference tracking performance ratio and a disturbance rejection performance ratio associated with a model predictive control (MPC) controller. The method also includes filtering an output target signal for the controller using a first filter based on the reference tracking performance ratio. The method further includes... Agent: Honeywell Asca, Inc.

20140358255 - Information output device, information output method and information output program: According to at least one embodiment, an information output device, including, a communication module configured to receive first operation schedule information of an external device, a reproduction module configured to reproduce content, and an outputting module configured to output the first operation schedule information based on a reproduction progress state... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140358256 - Systems, methods, and software to present human machine interfaces on a mobile device: A Human Machine Interface (HMI) system to present HMIs on mobile devices. Graphical HMIs are created in an editor application. The graphical HMIs are published and transferred to a server. To ease viewing of the graphical HMIs on mobile devices, the graphical HMIs are mobilized. A content conversion node analyzes... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140358257 - System and method for providing a control program code: A system for providing a control program code (SPC) for controlling a device connected to a control device has: an authentication service which, after successful authentication of the device with respect to the authentication service, transmits a device ID (FG-ID) of the authenticated device to a commissioning service which, on... Agent:

20140358258 - System and method for controlling a plumbing fixture: The present application relates to a system and method for controlling a plumbing fixture. The system includes a Bluetooth receiver module configured to receive a wireless signal from mobile equipment, a micro control unit in electrical communication with the Bluetooth receiver module, an asynchronous receiver and transmitter in electrical communication... Agent:

20140358261 - Athletic performance monitoring systems and methods in a team sports environment: Systems, apparatuses, and methods estimate the distance between a player and a ball by transmitting a chirp (sweep signal) to a radio tag located on the ball. During the chirp, the frequency of the transmitted signal is changed in a predetermined fashion. The radio tag doubles the transmitted frequency and... Agent:

20140358260 - Dynamically variable advertising incentive rewards in online games: A system and method for managing a computer-implemented online game provides dynamically variable rewards to incentivize player interaction with sponsored content presented within the game. The particular reward offered to incentivize player interaction with particular sponsored content (e.g., a particular advertisement) can be dynamically variable based on the attributes of... Agent: Zynga Inc.

20140358259 - Method and system for soccer sports training and management: A method of providing integral soccer sports training for youth comprising providing an age-specific training program; an age specific neuropsicomotor development program; and a computer-based sports management system. The computer-based sports management system incorporates a database, administrative functions, and use of mobile field devices by coaches and referees for field... Agent:

20140358266 - Analysis of decomposed representations of a sound field: In general, techniques are described for identifying distinct audio objects from spherical harmonic coefficients (which may also be denotes as higher order ambisonic coefficients). A device comprising one or more processors may perform the techniques so as to identify the distinct audio objects from the spherical harmonic coefficients (SHC) associated... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140358264 - Audio playback method, apparatus and system: An audio playback method is provided. The method includes identifying a captured audio data frame according to a type of the audio data frame and sending the identified audio data frame to an audio receiving end. The method also includes receiving the audio data frame that is identified according to... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140358265 - Audio processing method and audio processing apparatus, and training method: Audio processing method and audio processing apparatus, and training method are described. According to embodiments of the application, an accent identifier is used to identify accent frames from a plurality of audio frames, resulting in an accent sequence comprised of probability scores of accent and/or non-accent decisions with respect to... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20140358262 - Multiple concurrent audio modes: Embodiments described herein include devices and processes for concurrently processing different audio streams with different hardware-based audio processing modes. A computing device for such embodiments may have multiple hardware audio signal processing modes capable of parallel execution. An operating system or audio stack thereof may manage audio paths or streams... Agent: Microsoft

20140358267 - Scheduling advertising during restricted periods: When a request is received from an advertiser to prohibit scheduling advertisements during or near a restricted show, an order entry system can add the advertiser to a list of advertisers specifying prohibitions. An automated media scheduling system can implement rules to prevent advertisements linked to advertisers in the list... Agent: Clear Channel Management Services, Inc.

20140358263 - Triggering control of audio for walk-around characters: A control system for selectively operating a sound system provided in a walk-around character costume. e.g., to play audio files in an order defined by a dialog tree that can be navigated by a performer wearing the costume. The control system includes a trigger mechanism provided in the costume operable... Agent:

20140358268 - Method and computing system for designing a sheet-metal-forming process: In a method for designing a sheet-metal-forming process in which a sheet-metal part is formed, a visual representation of the sheet-metal part is computed and displayed. Visual labels are displayed, each label being visually linked to the representation of a feature of the part. The labels indicate one or more... Agent:

20140358270 - Device for assisting with setting of manufacturing conditions for silica glass crucible, device for assisting with setting of manufacturing conditions for mold for manufacturing silica glass crucible, device for assisting with condition setting for pullin: A vitreous silica crucible is manufactured by rotational molding in such a manner that the three-dimensional shape thereof matches design data to a high degree. If the degree of matching between three-dimensional shapes of simulation data obtained based on initial property parameters and measurement data falls below a predetermined level,... Agent:

20140358269 - Feature geometry aspect recognition and machining: Various disclosed embodiments include methods, systems, and computer-readable media for managing feature geometry-aspect machining using a PLM data processing system. According to one embodiment, a method includes identifying a feature geometry in a graphical design. The method also includes identifying an aspect of the feature geometry. The aspect includes a... Agent: Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

20140358271 - Processing instructing device, processing instructing method, computer program and processing device: A processing indicating device to improve the efficiency of processing on an object. The device includes a first communication unit which communicates information with a plurality of processing devices for processing the object and a second communication unit which communicates information with a conveyance controlling device controlling conveying of the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140358272 - Method for powdered drug reconstitution: Method of robot control is disclosed that includes the steps of: providing a user interface for introducing data indicative of a drug to be subjected to a reconstitution process; accessing an internal data base for outputting, for a selected drug, a list of primitive movements P1, P2, . . .... Agent: Aesynt Topco B.v.

20140358273 - Platen planarizing process for additive manufacturing system: A method for printing a three-dimensional part with an additive manufacturing system, the method comprising generating and printing a planarizing part having a substantially-planar top surface relative to a build plane, and a bottom surface that substantially mirrors a topography of a platen surface, and printing the three-dimensional part over... Agent:

20140358274 - Tool management system, tool management method, and computer-readable storage medium storing computer program for allowing computer to act as tool management system: A tool management system configured to managing a life of a tool in a processing device includes an acquisition unit configured to, when it is detected that a target tools is in use, acquire a stocker number of a position at which the target tool in use is accommodated from... Agent: Roland Dg Corporation

20140358275 - Support system for magnetically supporting an object on a support: A support system includes a support, a root magnet, an object, and a cover magnet. The root magnet is fixedly attached to the support. The cover magnet is fixedly attached to the object. The root magnet and the cover magnet are configured to be magnetically attracted to one another such... Agent:

20140358277 - Fulfilling orders for serialized products: Various embodiments are directed to a method for fulfilling orders from an inventory comprising serialized products. For example, a computer system may receive an order and derive from the order a plurality of products, a unit quantity for each of the plurality of products, and a serial identifier referencing a... Agent:

20140358276 - Pharmaceutical storage and retrieval system and methods of storing and retrieving pharmaceuticals: A pharmaceutical storage and retrieval system and a method of storing and retrieving pharmaceutical containers from the system. The system includes a pharmaceutical storage and retrieval and a controller operatively coupled to the device to control storage and retrieval functions of the device. The device includes a gantry assembly, a... Agent:

20140358278 - Smart automated pill dispenser: Dispensing machine. The machine includes a number of silos for the storage of smaller objects and a mechanism for dispensing the stored objects into a central receptacle at a designated time or frequency in a combinatorial manner, regardless of the size, shape, or other physical characteristics of the pill to... Agent:

20140358279 - Prediction system: A prediction system includes an acquisition device, an execution device, and a prediction device. The acquisition device is configured to acquire a value of electric resistance of a cable secured by fixing members to a pair of link members configured to rotate relative to each other through a joint. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140358280 - Robot arm control apparatus, substrate transfer apparatus, substrate processing apparatus, robot arm control method, and program: A robot arm control apparatus for controlling the operation of a robot arm device having at least two arm portions and at least two rotational joints configured to rotate the arm portions includes a control unit configured to control rotation of the joints to move generally rectilinearly the distal end... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140358281 - Robotic smart sign system and methods: Described are robotic signs comprising: a sign post; an arm movably attached to the sign post, the arm having a positioning apparatus configured to allow the arm to rotate independently and contiguously around the sign post, the arm having at least one face comprising an electronic display configured to present... Agent: Points Labs Co.

20140358283 - Robot and robot control method: An arm drive mechanism which rotates an arm, an angle sensor which detects a rotation angle of the arm drive mechanism and outputs angle information, an angular velocity sensor which is attached to the arm, detects angular velocity acting on the arm and outputs angular velocity information, a control command... Agent:

20140358282 - Robot system and method for producing to-be-processed material: A robot system includes a robot, an operation control device, an impulse calculation device, and a first detection device. The robot includes an end effector and a force sensor. The force sensor is configured to measure a force applied to the end effector. The operation control device is configured to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140358284 - Adaptive robotic interface apparatus and methods: Apparatus and methods for training of robotic devices. A robot may be trained by a user guiding the robot along target trajectory using a control signal. A robot may comprise an adaptive controller. The controller may be configured to generate control commands based on the user guidance, sensory input and... Agent:

20140358286 - Building management system: An operation control apparatus and an operation control system are provided in which facility equipment operation is performed according to a facility environment. In the building management system including a facility equipment and a control device to control the facility equipment, the control device obtains an operation time in an... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140358285 - Distributed building control system: An example of a building automation system utilizes intelligent system elements, some of which are lighting devices having light sources, and some of which are utility building control and automation elements. Some utility building control and automation elements include a controllable mechanism for use in control of some aspect of... Agent: AblIPHolding LLC

20140358288 - Fan speed control system, method, and computing device: In a fan speed control method, when a current working mode of a CPU is a Turbo mode, a current temperature of the CPU is obtained for every predetermined time period. A slope of a curve formed by obtained temperatures and corresponding times of obtaining the temperatures is computed. Then,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140358289 - Method and apparatus for conditional control of an electronic pressure regulator: An intelligent pressure regulator in a process control system is controlled according to a profile constructed by a user on a computer connected to the device. The profile is a multi-step command sequence. The profile includes at least one conditional statement and, optionally, at least one branching statement. That is,... Agent: Tescom Corporation

20140358287 - Refrigerator and method for controlling the same: A refrigerator includes a communication unit to receive a list of food purchased by a user from a food server; a control unit to read information with respect to food on the received list of food, and identify a representative image that represents the food based on the read information;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140358290 - User coupled human-machine interface: An input device for commanding an exoskeleton worn by a person, adapted to be coupled to the person, the input device comprising: at least one signal generator adapted to be coupled to the user's finger capable of generating at least one electric signal when said one signal generator gets contacted... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140358291 - Comfort controller with user feedback: An HVAC control system is provided that is configured to prompt a user to indicate whether or not they are comfortable under current environmental conditions. In some instances the HVAC control system may be configured to prompt the user to provide additional information regarding other factors that may affect their... Agent:

20140358292 - Dynamically modifying temperatures at positions in a room having a plurality of positioned people responsive to input requests from individual positioned people: Controlling the temperature gradient in an enclosed auditorium with positioned people by initially generating, by thermal input, a level selected base temperature plane coextensive with the plane of the enclosed room. Each of the positioned people is enabled to dynamically input a request for a temperature change in the base... Agent:

20140358293 - Thermostat user interface: A thermostat user interface for a network-connected thermostat is described. The thermostat includes a frustum-shaped shell body having a circular cross-section and a sidewall extending between first and second ends, the second end being user-facing when the thermostat is wall-mounted; a circular rotatable ring being user rotatable for adjusting a... Agent: Google Inc.

20140358296 - Air conditioner: An air conditioner capable of achieving both user comfort and power reduction is provided. The air conditioner includes a mean room temperature sensing mechanism 13 for sensing the mean room temperature of an indoor space, a normal target pressure memory 14 storing a normal target pressure set to a target... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140358294 - Perceived comfort temperature control: Many different factors may affect a user's perceived thermal comfort level within a building. Controlling a room temperature according to what the temperature may feel like to a user (i.e. the “feels-like” temperature) may increase a user's comfort level in the building. An HVAC controller may be programmed to determine... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140358295 - Power management in energy buffered building control unit: A thermostat includes a plurality of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) wire connectors for receiving a plurality of HVAC control wires corresponding to an HVAC system. The thermostat also includes a thermostat processing and control circuit configured to at least partially control the operation of the HVAC system and... Agent:

20140358297 - Thermostat user interface: A user-friendly, network-connected learning thermostat is described. The thermostat is made up of (1) a wall-mountable backplate that includes a low-power consuming microcontroller used for activities such as polling sensors and switching on and off the HVAC functions, and (2) separable head unit that includes a higher-power consuming microprocessor, color... Agent: Google Inc.

20140358298 - Alignment tool: In embodiments, one or more targets, each comprising one or more dots, may be permanently or removably affixed to one or more components of a mechanical system such as a bicycle. A computing device may capture a two-dimensional image of the one or more targets. The two-dimensional image may be... Agent: Dwfritz Automation, Inc.

20140358299 - Controlling device and controlling method: The controlling device includes a set point obtaining portion that obtains a set point from a feedback controlling system for calculating, and outputting to an actuator, a manipulated variable based on the set point and a process variable, and an actuator controlling portion that changes a gain of an actuator... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20140358302 - Apparatus having gesture sensor: An apparatus having a gesture sensor is provided. The gesture sensor includes an image sensing unit and a processing unit. The image sensing unit can capture at least a gesture image of user. The processing unit is electrically connected to the image sensing unit. The processing unit can send at... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140358301 - Pilot operated gas regulator with diaphragm protection: A method of controlling a regulator with a pilot device includes periodically detecting an outlet pressure at an outlet of the regulator with a feedback pressure sensor. The method also includes comparing each detected outlet pressure with a set-point control pressure. Additionally, the method includes opening an exhaust valve of... Agent: Tescom Corporation

20140358300 - Portable control system for cylinder cabinet: An apparatus for controlling a gas supplying system comprises a monitor system configured to monitor a parameter related to ensure safety delivery of gas from a cylinder to a semiconductor manufacturing process. The cylinder is placed in a gas cabinet. The apparatus further comprises a control circuit. The control circuit... Agent: Macronix International Co., Ltd.

20140358304 - Method and apparatus for managing fluid supply in a process control system: A method of managing fluid supply in a process control system is provided. The method includes identifying, via a controller of a pilot device, a predetermined minimum source pressure, the predetermined minimum source pressure being the minimum pressure required at a fluid supply source to permit a simultaneous operation of... Agent: Tescom Corporation

20140358303 - Method and apparatus for stabilizing pressure in an intelligent regulator assembly: A method of stabilizing pressure in an intelligent regulator assembly is provided. The method includes receiving, at an on-board controller of a pilot device, a request to activate a suspend control mode. The method also includes activating, via the on-board controller, the suspend control mode. The activation of the suspend... Agent: Tescom Corporation

20140358305 - Sprinkler sensing device: The present invention is directed to an irrigation sprinkler sensor for sensing if a sprinkler riser has elevated, if water is flowing through the sprinkler riser, if the sprinkler is rotating, or if a sprinkler valve has properly closed.... Agent: The Toro Company

20140358306 - Apparatus and method for processing data in energy management system: Provided is a data processing apparatus. The apparatus includes a user input unit generating a user input signal for generating and editing a note corresponding to data collected in a long-distance control system, a control unit generating the note corresponding to the data, synchronizing the generated note with one of... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20140358307 - Operation plan creating method, computer product, and operation plan creating apparatus: An operation plan creating system, by simulation based on a supply and demand scenario, extracts for each time point during operation for one day, a scenario that raises the effect of correction of the operation at the time point. The operation plan creating system classifies action-requiring scenarios by action similarity.... Agent:

20140358308 - System for intelligent automated response to line frequency and voltage disturbances by a central control point communication with a plurality of load control devices: Systems for intelligent automated response to line frequency and voltage disturbances by a central control point communication with a plurality of load control devices. The systems may include a load control device adapted to communicate with one or more energy consuming devices. The load control device may have a load... Agent:

20140358310 - Electrical appliance energy consumption control: A power control system that includes a plurality of electrical appliances and a controller. Each of the electrical appliances includes an energy storage device comprising a heat storage medium, a heater, and a temperature sensor. The heater is configured to heat the storage medium at a heating rate. The temperature... Agent:

20140358309 - Grid-friendly data center: Methods and arrangements for calculating a power budget. Data are received, the data including data relating to a current state of an electrical grid at a power-drawing location which draws at least one variable electrical load, the at least one variable electrical load being subject to variable pricing. At least... Agent:

20140358311 - System and method for collecting appliance standby electricity-saving information: A system and a method for collecting appliance standby electricity-saving information use a plurality of device-standby power-saving controllers to respectively transmit power-saving messages from a plurality of remote user ends through a data transmission network to a server side for recording and statistics. The system includes a data transmission network,... Agent: Sget Corp.

20140358312 - System, method, and apparatus for actively managing consumption of electric power supplied by one or more electric power grid operators: A server manages consumption of power supplied by utility or electric power grid operator(s) to multiple power consuming devices. Power flow to the consuming devices is enabled and disabled by controllable devices controlled by one or more client devices. The server includes a command processor, event manager, database, and client... Agent: Causam Energy, Inc.

20140358315 - Intelligent power utilization system and method for parks: A system for intelligent electric power utilization of park and a method thereof are provided. The system includes an acquisition system, a data processing system, an application system and a service system through which the acquisition system, the data processing system and the application system are connected to external system.... Agent: Guo Dian Tong Network Technology Company Limited

20140358313 - Method for selecting optimal central controller in power line network: The present invention is to provide a method for selecting the optimal central controller in a power line network, which is applicable to the power line network including at least one terminal device, at least one network device and a plurality of controllers. The controllers are respectively installed with a... Agent: D-link Corporation

20140358314 - Power control unit and program: Provided is a power control unit including a receiving unit that receives information about commercial power, and a control unit that controls use of power generated by private power generation and use of the commercial power in accordance with the information received by the receiving unit.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140358316 - Power generation amount prediction apparatus, method for correcting power generation amount prediction, and natural energy power generation system: A power generation amount prediction apparatus includes a first detector, acquisition unit, database, and controller. The first detector detects a measured value of the power generation amount of a photovoltaic power generation device. The acquisition unit acquires a predicted value of the power generation amount by the photovoltaic power generation... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140358317 - Output value correction method for physical quantity sensor apparatus, output correction method for physical quantity sensor, physical quantity sensor apparatus and output value correction apparatus for physical quantity sensor: A first acquiring unit acquires initial output values of a physical quantity sensor. A second acquiring unit acquires target output values for the physical quantity sensor. A first calculating unit extracts first characteristic values by calculating a second-order first characteristics formula which indicates corrected output characteristics of the physical quantity... Agent:

20140358319 - Apparatus and method for controlling heat in wireless communication terminal: Disclosed herein is an apparatus and a method for controlling heat according to a use environment of a wireless communication terminal in the wireless communication terminal. The method includes measuring an internal temperature of the wireless communication terminal when the wireless communication terminal performs communication by using a predetermined channel... Agent:

20140358318 - Thermal control method and thermal control module applicable in a portable electronic device: A thermal control method for a portable electronic device includes: providing at least one capacitive temperature sensor corresponding to at least one particular location of the outside surface of the portable electronic device, the capacitive temperature sensor having a thermal characteristic which is temperature sensitive; monitoring the change of the... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 51 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140350696 - Ilg: The instant invention is related to methods and means for interacting with and controlling and/or regulating things—from appliances to environments, from potential mates to proprietors, and just about everything in between. Various embodiments of the methods and means of the invention may be performed by and/or implemented in hardware, in... Agent:

20140350697 - Transducer access point: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for exposing (i.e. bridging) data and services offered by low power, low duty cycle transducers (e.g. sensors and actuators) in a standardized format over existing and established home networking technologies. A transducer access point is a functional component that serves as a... Agent:

20140350698 - Status controlling system, computer system, and status detecting method thereof: A status controlling system, a computer system, and a status detecting method thereof are disclosed. The status controlling system is used in the computer system. A main control module is used for indicating a shutdown status or an active status by a first level of an active-shutdown indicating interface. The... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140350699 - Method for controlling a plurality of machines, control system and description: A method for controlling a plurality of machines and at least a first assembly; the plurality of machines comprises at least a first machine and a second machine; the first assembly is associated with the first and second machines and is arranged to provide a first auxiliary function to the... Agent: Nuovo Pignone S.p.a.

20140350700 - Power control apparatus, power control system, and control method: A HEMS (200) connects to a plurality of devices furnished to a consumer's residence, and performs control relating to power management of the plurality of devices. The HEMS (200) is provided with a controller (240) for transmitting control information for the purpose of respective control of the plurality of devices,... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140350701 - User control interface: A user control interface (1), the interface comprising a host module (2) and a first user module (3), the first user module arranged to provide to the user at least one input and/or output functionality in relation to equipment external to the interface, the host module and the first user... Agent:

20140350703 - Method and device for assessing muscular capacities of athletes using short tests: A device (1) for measuring muscular capacity. The device includes removable fastening device (12) for fastening the device to the athlete or to the moved weight (3; 2). An autonomous electrical power supply means (15), and a display (11) are provided. A three-axis accelerometer (14) delivers a sequence of accelerations... Agent: Myotest Sa

20140350704 - System and method for augmented reality gaming using a mobile device: Disclosed is a method and system for preventing replay attacks for mobile promotions associated with gaming devices. Upon the occurrence of a promotion winning event such as a designated outcome of a game played on the gaming device the user, via a software application accessible to their mobile device, forwards... Agent:

20140350702 - Wearable fitness device and fitness device interchangeable with plural wearable articles: The present invention relates to a fitness device comprising a display having plurality of lights that are configured for illumination as fitness intervals are achieved by a user. The fitness device is interchangeable with plural wearable articles. This functional fitness device allows a user to track their steps while at... Agent:

20140350705 - Music playing system and method: A music playing system is provided. The system includes a control module, an acquiring module, and a playing module. The control module controls the electronic device to enter a predetermined playing mode in response to a first input operation received by the input unit. The acquiring module acquires the name... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140350706 - Sound generator device and sound generation method: A sound generator device includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire biological information on a subject user, an estimation unit configured to estimate, based on the biological information, a mind and body state relating to sleep of the subject user. The sound generator also includes a sound generator configured to... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20140350707 - Robot system: A robot system according to one aspect of an embodiment includes a robot and a control unit. The robot performs multi-axis operations based on instructions on the operations from the control unit. The control unit causes a power source to supply power to a partially fabricated item that includes a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140350708 - Work process management system, work process management terminal device, computer program, and work process management method: An imaging device and a first terminal device are provided for plural work areas. Image data sets, capturing time data sets, and imaging unit identifiers transmitted by the imaging device are associated with each other in an image database. A control unit of a second terminal device displays progress display... Agent: Kobayashi Manufacture Co., Ltd.

20140350709 - Numerical controller for controlling feed speed: A numerical controller obtains a necessary moving distance for the completion of movement in each interpolation period, based on a moving distance for each block and the input ratio of a distance by which movement is completed in each interpolation period to the moving distance for each block. If the... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140350711 - Inventory tracking: This disclosure describes a system for managing inventory as it transitions into a materials handling facility, as it transitions between locations within a materials handling facility and/or as it transitions out of a materials handling facility. In some instances, a user (e.g., picker or picking agent) may retrieve an item... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140350713 - Substrate transfer robot, substrate transfer system, and method for detecting arrangement state of substrate: A substrate transfer robot includes a hand and a controller. The hand includes at least one detector configured to detect an arrangement state of a substrate in a substrate storage. The controller is configured to control the at least one detector to detect the arrangement state of the substrate in... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140350714 - Substrate transfer robot, substrate transfer system, and method for transferring substrate: A substrate transfer robot includes a hand to approach a substrate storage on which a substrate is placed, and to hold the substrate. An arm moves the hand. A controller controls a position and orientation of the hand. When in plan view, a substrate holding center at a time when... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140350710 - Tote based item tracking: This disclosure describes a system for managing inventory as it transitions into a materials handling facility, as it transitions between locations within a materials handling facility and/or as it transitions out of a materials handling facility. In some instances, a user (e.g., picker or picking agent) may retrieve an item... Agent:

20140350712 - Transporting device for substrate of liquid crystal display and using method thereof: A transporting device for transporting substrate of liquid crystal display and using method thereof are provided. The transporting device comprises a fixing arm, at least two forks mounted on the fixing arm, laser emitting devices respectively mounted on the forks that are used to carry two ends of the substrate,... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140350716 - Battery monitoring in a networked inventory control system: An inventory control device, such as an electronic toolbox, monitors the identity of battery packs that are mounted in the device and used to provide electrical power to the device. The device retrieves a unique identifier for each battery pack, and monitors the operation of each battery pack. The monitored... Agent: Snap-on Incorporated

20140350715 - Inventory transitions: This disclosure describes a system for managing inventory as it transitions into a materials handling facility, as it transitions between locations within a materials handling facility and/or as it transitions out of a materials handling facility. In some instances, a user (e.g., picker or picking agent) may retrieve an item... Agent:

20140350717 - Order fulfillment method: An order fulfillment method and order fulfillment system includes picking items from inventory according to orders for the items and placing the picked items into picked receptacles. The picked receptacles are forwarded to an unloading station where an identifier of each item is identified at the unloading stating and the... Agent: Dematic Corp.

20140350718 - Correction of customer mailing information: Apparatus, methods, media and code for applying a mailing label are provided. The apparatus may include a mail receipt conveyor; a mail registration station that is configured to receive from the mail receipt conveyor a mail item that includes on an exterior surface of an envelope a printed message indicating... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20140350719 - Monitoring and control of a transport device for containers: Method for monitoring and controlling a loading rate of a transport section with one or several individually speed-controlled consecutive partial sections (T1, T2, T3) in a filling line, including detecting a container loading over a certain region at an incoming region (E1) of the transport section; simulating a container flow... Agent: Krones Ag

20140350720 - Home medication manager: A portable self medication management system and method comprising at least a plurality of receptacles, a scanner, a display screen, a housing for a compact electronic box, a compact electronic box and a processor to acquire medication information from a medication container, determine whether the medication information exists in a... Agent: The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

20140350721 - Vending devices having as-watching as consideration: Systems and methods for vending devices having ad-watching as consideration are described. In some implementations, a vending apparatus includes a dispensing portion operable to dispense a product (e.g. electricity) to a user; a communication portion operable to provide a communicable content (e.g. an advertisement) to the user; and a control... Agent:

20140350722 - Apparatus and method for enabling rapid configuration and reconfiguration of a robotic assemblage: Modular components form a robotic assembly. the mod-components include modules and tools, each have a set of functions and capabilities, are rapidly configured-reconfigured to function cooperatively, creating a configurable robotic assemblage. Each mod-component incorporates a standardized connector mating with any other standardized connector in an interchangeable manner providing mechanical stability,... Agent:

20140350723 - Universal construction robotics interface: A method and a system of integrating anew robot into a work environment are provided. A controller receives a signal indicating a presence of a new robot in the work environment. The controller then establishes a negotiation channel between the controller and the new robot and begins to negotiate with... Agent: Fluor Technologies Corporation

20140350725 - Autonomous mobile robot for handling job assignments in a physical environment inhabited by stationary and non-stationary obstacles: An intelligent mobile robot having a robot base controller and an onboard navigation system that, in response to receiving a job assignment specifying a job location that is associated with one or more job operations, activates the onboard navigation system to automatically determine a path the mobile robot should use... Agent: Adept Technology, Inc.

20140350724 - Bolt tightening robot for wind turbines: A robot to bolt down a series of nut bolts in a joint circular flange connection of a wind turbine, which robot comprises at least two wheels and a drive to transport the robot along the series of nut bolts and a tool to bolt down a nut bolt with... Agent:

20140350726 - Master device for master slave apparatus, method of controlling the same, and master slave robot: A master device is provided to a master slave apparatus in which a hand mechanism opens/closes to grip a target object and a slave mechanism performs a task on a target article. The master device includes a hand manipulation mechanism for manipulating the hand mechanism. A person remotely manipulates the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140350727 - Methods and systems for providing functionality of an interface to control orientations of a camera on a device: Methods and systems for providing functionality of an interface to control orientations of a camera on a device are provided. In one example, a method includes receiving an input on an interface indicating a command for an orientation of a camera on a robotic device, and the interface may be... Agent:

20140350730 - Actuator control method and actuator control device: In an actuator control method and an actuator control device, time optimal control is used, and a switching time at which an acceleration output is switched to a deceleration output, and an end time of the deceleration output are calculated using a maximum acceleration and a maximum deceleration at the... Agent: Isuzu Motors Limited

20140350729 - Combustion control system: A combustion control system includes: a memory section having stored therein each control data corresponding to each of the models; a switch input section designating setting contents of each model, the setting contents being set for each of the setting items relating to the operation by switched-on/switched-off state of each... Agent: Rinnai Corporation

20140350731 - Driver self-tuning method using electro-hydraulic actuator system: The present invention relates to a driver self-tuning method using an electro-hydraulic actuator system, the method comprising: a step in which a specific EHA system is selected by a HMI; a step of displaying a graph defining the mapping relationship of an actuator speed command with respect to a joystick... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment Ab

20140350728 - Method of operating a home appliance: A method of operating a home appliance having a treating chamber for receiving an article for treatment according to an automatic cycle of operation stored in memory of a programmable controller operably controlling one or more actuators to implement the cycle of operation, the method includes implementing the cycle of... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140350734 - Communications system, a hvac system employing the same and a method of manufacturing a component for the hvac system: In one aspect, the disclosure provides an HVAC system. In one embodiment, the HVAC system includes: (1) an air handler configured to condition and circulate air for the HVAC system, and (2) an air handler controller for the HVAC system configured to control operation of the air handler, the air... Agent:

20140350732 - Device interface for a building appliance: A smart phone or a tablet may execute an application program code to identify a diagnostic status associated with a time-coded signal emitted by a low-cost user interface of a building appliance such as a furnace or water heater and suggest a recommended action to the user. The signal emitted... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140350733 - Facilitating installation of a controller and/or maintenance of a climate control system: Disclosed are exemplary embodiments of apparatus and methods for facilitating installation and/or connection of controllers such as thermostats. In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus for facilitating installation and/or connection of a controller in a climate control system generally includes a communication device configured to execute software instructions to receive user... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20140350736 - Fluid density valve access system: A fluid density valve monitoring and access system secures the operation of an actuator that opens or closes a valve to a storage vessel, well or pipeline. The fluid density valve monitoring and access system includes a valve, an actuator, a mass flow meter, and a communication device that communicates... Agent: Remote Monitoring Systems, LLC

20140350737 - Optimized hydromodification management with active stormwater controls: A system, methodology, and programming logic for active stormwater controls to optimize sizing and design of Hydromodification Management (HM) structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) to achieve optimal flow duration control. Control logic enables the controlled release of stormwater from a BMP in a manner most akin to pre-development flow duration... Agent:

20140350735 - Systems and methods for detecting compressor surge: System and methods for detecting surge conditions in a compressor system are presented. In some embodiments, a method for detecting surge conditions may include receiving a plurality of flow measurements relating to a flow rate through the compressor system. Amplitude calculations may be performed based on at least one of... Agent:

20140350740 - Method for controlling an electrical system: A method is provided for controlling an electrical system. A first characteristic value of the electrical system is determined. For the first characteristic value, a suitable first group of optimizing variables is determined. A first group of command variables suitable for the first group of optimizing variables is determined. For... Agent:

20140350738 - Predictive alert system for building energy management: A system for managing energy use of buildings and the like uses predicted meteorological data, for example from weather forecasts, applied to models of the energy systems of the building to predict future energy use and costs. This predicted information is used to produce automatic alerts allowing future energy use... Agent: Utility Programs And Metering Ii, Inc.

20140350739 - Sensors for power distribution network and electrical grid monitoring system associated therewith: A network of sensors is associated with a power distribution network. Sensors are positioned at each connecting line in the vicinity of each node of the power distribution network. The sensors regularly report the following measured data to the central processing unit: a geographical position of each sensor, direction of... Agent: The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

20140350741 - Demand regulating system, demand regulating apparatus, and consumption device management apparatus: The priority of a demand regulating control for a device is changed in accordance with a simple operation by a consumer. A demand regulating system has an operation unit that selects from among a plurality of consumption devices, on the basis of priority information and a regulating quantity, a plurality... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140350745 - Method and apparatus for actively managing consumption of electric power over an electric power grid: A client device manages consumption of power supplied by an electric utility to multiple power consuming devices. Power flow to the power consuming devices is selectively enabled and disabled by one or more controllable devices controlled by the client device. The client device receives a power control message from a... Agent: Causam Energy, Inc.

20140350742 - Power transfer management for local power sources of a grid-tied load: A power transfer system provides power factor conditioning of the generated power. Power is received from a local power source, converted to usable AC power, and the power factor is conditioned to a desired value. The desired value may be a power factor at or near unity, or the desired... Agent:

20140350744 - Queuing access to a shared power supply: A method of queuing access to a power supply shared by a set of electrical access points. The access points turn on independently from one another and thus have independent power draws. Each access point has a specific power draw when on. The on state and associated power draw of... Agent:

20140350743 - Tiered power management system for microgrids: Systems and methods to perform multi-objective energy management of micro-grids include determining, by an advisory layer with Model Predictive Control (MPC) using a processor, long-term power management directives that include a charging threshold that characterizes one or more power sources, where the advisory layer provides optimal set points or reference... Agent:

20140350746 - Method and apparatus for controlling the strip temperature of the rapid cooling section of a continuous annealing line: Provided are a method and apparatus for uniformly controlling the strip temperature of the rapid cooling section of a continuous annealing line. A plurality of sets of cooling nozzle blocks for controlling the strip temperature is installed at the front and back sides of the strip, and is divided into... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 55 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140343694 - System and method for online automation: A changepoint detector for modeling data received from at least one sensor in a process in the hydrocarbon industry. The data is segmented into a plurality of segments and for each segment a model is assigned and the data corresponding to the segment fit to that model. A plurality of... Agent:

20140343695 - Mpc controller using parallel quadratic programming: A method controls an operation of a machine using a model predictive control (MPC). The method determine, in response to receiving a state of the operation of the machine, a dual solution of a dual parametric problem of a parametric form of the MPC using a parallel quadratic programming (PQP)... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20140343696 - Binding graphic elements to controller data: Graphic element definitions are bound to industrial automation data types in an industrial control system. Moreover, a system provides automatic data searching and filtering of an item based on user interactions with either the graphic element definition or a controller data type. Further, a graphic element definition is associated with... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140343697 - Selectable operating modes for machine operator input devices: A machine supports multiple selectable operating modes for operator input devices. An operator input device and associated input sensor convert physical operator actions into operator input control signals. A force feedback device, associated with the operator input device, exerts a resistive force based upon force feedback signals issued by the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140343698 - Device control apparatus, device control method, and device control system: The storage unit stores operational sensor change information in which a controlled device, operation status of the controlled device, and change attribute of the controlled device set based on sensor information obtained by collecting a change in sensor measured value at regular time intervals, are associated with one another. The... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140343699 - Methods and apparatus for controlling lighting: Inventive methods and apparatus for interactive control of a lighting environment. In some embodiments an interactive system for controlling redirectable lighting in a lighting environment is provided. The system enables a user to control one or more desired lighting effects. In some embodiments a method of controlling a lighting system... Agent:

20140343700 - Systems and methods for redeeming user activity level for virtual currency: Systems, electronic devices, and methods for redeeming user activity level or other desired user behaviors for virtual currency are disclosed. In some implementations, a method includes: at a computer system, obtaining user activity information indicating an activity level of a user; and computing an in-application credit based on the activity... Agent: 473 Technology, Inc.

20140343701 - Impedance-based impact determination and scoring: A conductive material of a plurality of separate conductive materials are coupled to a first participant, the conductive material configured to move when the first participant delivers an impact to a second participant. An impedance-based impact sensing mechanism including an impedance changing mechanism that changes impedance as the conductive material... Agent: Cnowire, Inc.

20140343703 - Detecting media watermarks in magnetic field data: Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture (e.g., physical storage media) to detect media watermarks in magnetic field data are disclosed herein. Example methods disclosed herein to detect media watermarks can include accessing multidimensional magnetic field data representative of values of a magnetic field measured within a first distance of... Agent:

20140343702 - Gospel song rearrangement and player platform: The purpose of this invention is to make available worship songs (in audio form) that have undergone song segmentation processing and to provide the consumer a platform to purchase, rearrange, and replay these segmented songs. The characteristic lies in the fact that the service platform contains a storage of numerous... Agent:

20140343704 - Systems and methods for program identification: Systems and methods are provided for program identification. For example, a first audio fingerprint corresponding to a first audio signal is acquired; whether one or more second audio fingerprints in a predetermined fingerprint database match with the first audio fingerprint is detected, a second audio fingerprint corresponding to a second... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140343705 - System and method for customized, on-demand production of minted metal and minted metal assemblies: A computer-based system and method for the customized, on-demand production of minted metal pieces or minted metal assemblies is presented herein. Particularly, the system includes an on-demand management system and data storage device comprising a plurality of selectable metal data and/or selectable housing data for ordering, customizing and the on-demand... Agent:

20140343706 - Customizable healing abutment: A custom healing abutment and a method of manufacturing the same. The custom healing abutment can include a head with a customizable geometry configured to engage the surrounding gingival tissue to form an anatomically desirable emergence profile in the gingival tissue during healing. The method of manufacturing the custom healing... Agent:

20140343707 - Prosthodontic device: A framework for a removable, partial or complete prosthodontic device is made by machining, using a CAD/CAM technique, a disc 2, made from polyetheretherketone, to define the framework 4. Prosthetic teeth and gums can be secured to the framework to define the prosthodontic device.... Agent:

20140343710 - Manufacturing vehicle floor trays: The three-dimensional positions of points on a surface of a vehicle foot well are digitally measured and are stored in a memory. The stored points are used to construct an electronic model of the vehicle foot well surface. The electronic model of the vehicle foot well surface in turn is... Agent: MacneilIPLLC

20140343709 - Method for configuring and/or checking the operability of a machine having a gearbox, and control programme: In order to provide information for the functioning of housing bores or openings on a gearbox, pictograms are displayed on each housing bore or opening on a graphic user interface depending on the installation position, said pictograms displaying the respective functioning of the individual housing bores or openings.... Agent:

20140343708 - System and method for double rotation optimization: A system and a method for optimizing a rotational orientation of a cylindrical workpiece for a shaping process. The system having a first scanner configured to perform a first scan of the workpiece. A processor configured to perform a first optimization using data from the first scan to determine a... Agent:

20140343711 - Decision support system for order prioritization: A method for order prioritization includes calculating a cycle time for a product order of a plurality of product orders using an artificial neural network, determining a first order priority of the product order based on a priority index using an analytic hierarchy process, determining a second order priority of... Agent: The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York

20140343712 - Switching between workpiece processing operating modes of a processing machine: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for switching between different operating modes on a processing machine. The operating modes are different from one another in respect of operator intervention requirements of an operator of the processing machine, One of the methods includes switching from... Agent: Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140343713 - Automated storage and retrieval system and control system thereof: An automated storage and retrieval system includes a storage space with storage locations defined therein, an automated transport system connected to the storage space and configured to transport store units for storage in the storage locations and retrieval from the storage locations, and a control system disposed for managing throughput... Agent: Symbotic, LLC

20140343715 - Method for need-based order-picking of medicine portions in dispensing packs: In a method for need-based order-picking of medicine portions, several medicine portions of a defined type are firstly identified in several blister packs of different dimensions having receiving chambers and are placed in an automated storage facility. Data identifying the blister packs are saved in association with designations of their... Agent:

20140343714 - Robotic induction in materials handling facilities with batch singulation: Methods and apparatus for robotic induction in materials handling facilities with batch singulation inventory areas are disclosed. A control system directs the one or more robotic devices to transport a particular portable storage unit of a plurality of portable storage units to and from a particular induction station of one... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140343717 - Automated storage and retrieval system with integral secured personnel access zones and remote rover shutdown: A transportation system having a transportation space including destinations distributed in the transportation space, multiple independent automated vehicles configured for free roving through the transportation space to and between the destinations so that the vehicles are dynamically distributed through the transportation space, a control system communicably connected via a remote... Agent: Symbotic, LLC

20140343716 - Multiposition lift: An automated storage and retrieval system includes a first independently operable section having a first number of predetermined storage and retrieval transactions, and a second independently operable section in communication with the first independently operable section and having a second number of predetermined storage and retrieval transactions. The first and... Agent: Symbotic, LLC

20140343718 - Batch creation: Apparatus, method, and system for combining a plurality of items into a batch having a set number of items. Number of items are put together onto a production line to form a batch along with non-batch items which are not suitable for inclusion within the batch onto the production line.... Agent: Marel Food System Hf

20140343720 - Conveying systems and methods of associating data with an item transported by a conveying system: Systems and methods of associating data to an item being transported by a conveying system are disclosed. The item and data associated with the item are received at a first zone of the conveying system. The data is stored in a first computer-readable storage medium associated with the first zone.... Agent:

20140343719 - Method and system for controlling packaging of items on a production/distribution line: The disclosed method, and corresponding system, for controlling items on a production/distribution line relies on secure identification of items transported arranged in a given disposition along a transport path at a site of collection and packaging of the items, and association of ID data of some of the packed items... Agent: Sicpa Holding Sa

20140343721 - Transport apparatus having a measuring system and methods therefor: A transport apparatus includes a bearing assembly for transporting an article. The bearing assembly includes a support structure for receiving the article, and a plenum housing for receiving the support structure. The plenum housing and the support structure define a plenum cavity, the plenum cavity being configured to receive and... Agent:

20140343725 - Automated adjustment system for star wheel: A universally adjustable star wheel for conveying articles on an automated handling line is disclosed. In one embodiment, the adjustable star wheel includes rotatable elements that are configured to rotate around a central axis. Each rotatable element has a central axis, a periphery, and at least one control surface for... Agent:

20140343723 - Electric mover for swing away conveyor: An electric drive apparatus for attachment to a swing away auger assembly includes a bracket and drive wheel adapted to be attached to the assembly and configured to pivot an attached swing auger. An electric drive motor rotates the drive wheel, and a control circuit assembly is connected to the... Agent: Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd.

20140343724 - Pneumatic transport delivery control: The presented inventions seek to create a verifiable and closed loop chain-of-custody for a specific transaction in a pneumatic tube transport system while allowing a sender and recipient to perform asynchronous activity. That is, one aspect the presented inventions allows a sender to securely send a carrier to a desired... Agent: Translogic Corporation

20140343722 - Vibration detection system, apparatus and method: A system for monitoring an endless belt conveyor, comprising a sensor for sensing a vibration of an idler roller and generating a signal corresponding to the sensed vibration, at least one of the frequency and amplitude of the generated signal being indicative of a condition of the idler roller, the... Agent: Intium Enrgy Limited

20140343726 - Machine for selling precious metals and method of use thereof: A machine is used for selling precious metals. The precious metals include gold, silver and the like. The precious metals could be either in a form of bullion coin or a bullion coin embedded into a plastic card for the purpose of protection. The machine contains a shell, a frame,... Agent:

20140343727 - Robot positioning: In an example embodiment, a robot positioning device includes a first interface configured to communicate with a robot and a second interface configured to communicate with a location measuring system. The robot positioning device includes a calibrator, a modeler, and an instructor. The calibrator is configured to direct the location... Agent:

20140343728 - Multi-joint underwater robot having complex movement functions of walking and swimming and underwater exploration system using same: Disclosed is an underwater exploration system using a multi-joint underwater robot having a novel complex movement concept in which the multi-joint underwater robot moves through walking or swimming with multi-joint legs closely to a seafloor, differently from a conventional underwater robot to obtain a thrust through a propeller scheme. The... Agent:

20140343729 - Arm control apparatus, arm control method, arm control program, robot, and integrated electronic circuit for arm control: In a touch panel display with an arm, a torque calculating unit calculates a torque to be loaded on a touch panel display based on a position acquired by a touch position information acquiring unit and a force acquired by a touch force information acquiring unit, and a stiffness parameter... Agent:

20140343730 - Robot control methods: A robot control method of controlling a robot that has a flexible module including ‘n’ first nodes participating in pan motion and ‘n’ second nodes participating in tilt motion may include: measuring a translational motion distance, a pan motion angle, and a tilt motion angle of the flexible module; calculating... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140343731 - Common automation system controller: A common automation system controller configured using a hierarchical approach for use in a building automation system.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140343732 - Dynamic configuration of an industrial control system: A controller module, method, and a non-transitory computer program product are disclosed for the dynamic configuration of an industrial control system, which can include a current settings receiver configured to receive current configuration and security settings of the industrial control system, a changed settings receiver configured to receive changed configuration... Agent: Abb Research Ltd.

20140343733 - Systems and methods for compressor overspeed control: A method for controlling a system includes receiving system demand data; processing the system demand data; defining a first value of a first system operating parameter; receiving system condition data; associating the first value of the first system operating parameter with a first operating map function; determining whether the system... Agent:

20140343735 - Drive control device and method for electronic expansion valve: A drive control device and method for an electric expansion valve is disclosed. In the disclosure, before applying a drive pulse signal corresponding to a rotary pulse number to a motor of the electronic expansion valve, a secondary positioning is performed on a relative position between stator magnetic field of... Agent: Qingdao Hisense Hitachi Air-conitioning Systems Co Ltd.

20140343734 - Substance control system: A system for substance control flowmeter, level meters and other sensors to determine problem events and communicate problem events to a control unit. A valve may be turned off in the event of a leak and system status may be viewed. Embodiments employing battery power during loss of power such... Agent:

20140343736 - Substance control system: A system for substance control flowmeter, level meters and other sensors to determine problem events and communicate problem events to a control unit. A valve may be turned off in the event of a leak and system status may be viewed. Embodiments employing battery power during loss of power such... Agent:

20140343737 - Techniques for controlling fluid distribution: A technique for operating an irrigation controller includes receiving, via a communication interface, a request from a computing device. First data is communicated, via the communication interface, to the computing device in response to the request. The first data includes a user interface that is displayable via a web browser... Agent:

20140343739 - Method of controlling a rotating electric machine, control system and rotating electric machine corresponding thereto: The method of controlling a polyphase rotating electric machine, the machine operating as a generator and being linked to an electrical network (1), is of the type of those consisting in short-circuiting at least one phase winding in the event of load shedding. A short-circuit command (SAND) is generated for... Agent: Valeo Equipements Electriques Moteur

20140343740 - Modular control system for a wind turbine or a wind power park and wind turbine or wind power park with such control system: A control system for a wind turbine or a wind power park is disclosed, comprising a plurality of control stations arranged in a hierarchical master/slave configuration using a real-time communication system, each comprising a generic control unit in the form of a fully equipped computer module and a generic power... Agent:

20140343738 - Power generation system that prevents a generator from supplying power to a load: A power generation system includes a generator that includes an alternator and an internal combustion engine configured to drive the alternator to generate power. The power generation system further includes a sensor that detects the presence of a fire condition and a controller that prevents the generator from supplying power... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140343741 - Management system for refrigerated containers: A system for and a method of supplying electrical power to a plurality of refrigerated containers. The method includes the steps of: obtaining carriage criteria of one or more refrigerated containers, processing said carriage criteria in a central processor configured to control power supply to a plurality of refrigerated containers,... Agent: Apm Terminals Management B.v.

20140343742 - Method for determining a power consumption in an electric installation and alternating current electric installation: A group including a plurality of individual distribution branches connected in parallel is connected to an alternating-current power supply. A method includes: a) detection of a change in the electrical consumption of one specific branch among the branches; and b) determination of individual power consumption of the specific branch, based... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20140343743 - System, method and apparatus for computing, monitoring, measuring, optimizing and allocating power and energy for a rod pumping system: A system and method for correcting energy consumption for a set of loads in an oil and gas field lease includes a network, a network server connected to the network, a set of energy monitoring devices connected to the network, the set of loads connected to the set of energy... Agent: Long Meadow Technologies, LLC

20140343744 - Autonomous smart grid demand measurement system and method: An energy savings device, system and method are provided to improve electric utility grid stability by reducing power demand at a point of consumption. The method may include monitoring a power signal characteristic, obtaining a stability parameter for the utility grid, determining a stability condition based on the monitored power... Agent:

20140343746 - Field bus device with the possibility for inputting energy data: A method for operating an automation machine having a field bus device and an energy consumer connected to the field bus device, includes storing energy data relating to the energy consumer in the field bus device before operation of the automation machine, the energy data identifying an energy mode being... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140343745 - Modular data center: Described are methods, systems, and apparatus relating to a modular data center. In some embodiments, a modular data center includes one or more data modules. The modular data center includes a network module connected to the one or more data modules, the network module containing equipment for facilitating data communications... Agent: Io Data Centers, LLC

20140343748 - Cooling method for cooling electronic device, information processing apparatus and storage medium: A cooling method for cooling an electronic device that is performed by a processor included in an information processing apparatus, the cooling method includes acquiring a temperature history of the electronic device during a guaranteed period of the electronic device; determining a remaining lifetime of the electronic device by using... Agent:

20140343747 - Smart heater system: A smart heating system is described that generally comprises at least one heater element, optionally, at least one temperature sensor, a set of predetermined or predictable performance information used to control the heating system; and, optionally, an electronic conditioning module (ECU) capable of storing and processing the performance information. The... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 57 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140336784 - Plc communication system: The PLC communication system associated with the invention is characterized in that the system comprises a programmable logic controller (PLC), a plurality of processing devices, at least three communication processing nodes provided at the PLC and at the plurality of processing devices respectively to establish communication of the PLC and... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140336785 - Using cloud-based data for virtualization of an industrial environment: A cloud-based virtualization generation service collects industrial-automation-system-related data from multiple industrial automation systems of multiple industrial customers for storage and analysis on a cloud platform. A virtualization management component analyzes the data and generates a virtualized industrial automation system of the industrial automation system based on the analysis results. The... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140336786 - Using cloud-based data for virtualization of an industrial automation environment with information overlays: A cloud-based virtualization generation service collects industrial data from multiple industrial automation systems of multiple industrial customers for storage and analysis on a cloud platform. A virtualization management component (VMC) generates a virtualized industrial automation system of an industrial automation system based on data analysis results. The VMC facilitates remotely... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140336787 - Index generation and embedded fusion for controller performance monitoring: A system calculates a first ratio of a prediction error variance of a model of a controller error, and the lesser of a variance of a prediction error of a naïve predictor model and a variance of a controller error. The system rates a process controller as a function of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140336788 - Method of operating a process or machine: An operator tool is provided to assist an operator of a process or machine in decision making. The tool is initiated by the operator selecting a key variable, “Variable of Interest”, at the user interface. The variable of interest usually is an output variable of interest (such as quality, cost,... Agent: Metso Automation Oy

20140336789 - Controlling dynamical systems with bounded probability of failure: A computer-based method controls a dynamical system in an uncertain environment within a bounded probability of failure. The dynamical system has a state space and a control space. The method includes diffusing a risk constraint corresponding to the bounded probability of failure into a martingale that represents a level of... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140336790 - Automatically adjustable industrial control configuration: An industrial control configuration can be a dynamic entity where different controllers are added, are subtracted, fail, etc. When dynamic functions occur, bindings of the configuration can benefit from a modification. Therefore, automatic adjustment of bindings can occur to facilitated improved operation. Automatic adjustment can be practiced when the industrial... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140336791 - Predictive maintenance for industrial products using big data: A cloud-based predictive maintenance service collects industrial data from multiple industrial customers for storage and analysis on a cloud platform. The service analyzes data gathered from multiple customers across different industries to identify operational trends as a function of industry type, application type, equipment in use, device configurations, and other... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140336792 - Safety system: This invention relates to a communication system assembly comprising a communication module and a safety module, wherein the communication module is adapted to be connected to a network and to a host system, wherein the communication module is adapted to receive data from the network and provide a subset of... Agent: Hms Industrial Networks Ab

20140336794 - Duplexed control system and control method thereof: A duplexed control system comprises: two control devices, whereof one is set to operate as a reserve system and the other is set to operate as a regular system; a tracking bus that connects the two control devices to enable these to exchange tracking signals; and a control transmission channel... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140336793 - System and method for wireless control using a deadman switch: The present invention provides a system and method for wirelessly controlling an operating device by way of a wireless connection between the operating device and a computing device. The computing device provides an interface for controlling the operating device. The interface includes a switch for use as a deadman switch,... Agent: Terydon, Inc.

20140336795 - Remote assistance via a cloud platform for industrial automation: A remote technical support system leverages a cloud platform to automate technical support interactions, facilitating rapid diagnosis and solution of detected performance issues in industrial systems. The technical support system facilitates automated collection of relevant system data from a customer's industrial assets in the event of a detected performance issue... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140336796 - Skateboard system: Example embodiments may relate to a system, method, apparatus, and computer readable media configured for monitoring a user performing various athletic movements and generating performance characteristics based on the data corresponding to such athletic movements. Users may also be encouraged to participate in athletic challenges or competitions against other users... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140336801 - Acoustic apparatus: An acoustic apparatus includes a signal processor configured to generate an analog audio signal based on a digital audio signal. The digital audio signal includes a first silent part and a sound part subsequent to the first silent part. The signal processor starts an operation in a period during which... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140336800 - Adaptive audio processing based on forensic detection of media processing history: A media signal is accessed, which has been generated with one or more first processing operations. The media signal includes one or more sets of artifacts, which respectively result from the one or more processing operations. One or more features are extracted from the accessed media signal. The extracted features... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20140336797 - Audio content monitoring and identification of broadcast radio stations: A method and system to monitor and audit the audio output of a broadcaster to determine songs and commercials that are played by the implementation of a computer application at a broadcaster that receives the broadcaster's audio output, determines transitions between audio content, upon detecting a transition, creates an acoustic... Agent:

20140336798 - Discovery of music artist and title for syndicated content played by radio stations: Radio stations broadcasting syndicated content for which the broadcast automation system is not provided with the artist and title of songs has a software application in an associated computer that receives and analyzes the audio stream to detect songs, and creates a digital fingerprint of the songs. Fingerprints are compared... Agent:

20140336799 - Discovery of music artist and title via companionship between a cellular phone and a broadcast radio receiver: Radio receivers have wireless communication to an associated smart phone, and transmit a copy of the audio output in digital format to an application in the smart phone. The smart phone application detects the beginning of a song, creates an acoustic fingerprint of the song, and obtains the artist and... Agent:

20140336804 - Providing a radio station at a user device using previously obtained drm locked content: A system and method are disclosed for providing a radio station for playback at a user device using previously obtained Digital Rights Management (DRM) locked content for the radio station. In one embodiment, a radio station application provides the radio station and DRM locked content to be used by the... Agent:

20140336802 - Sound processing apparatus: A sound processing apparatus communicates with a terminal apparatus through a communication network and includes a main storage device, and an auxiliary storage device that stores a management program and a sound processing program. A management element is implemented by making the management program resident in the main storage device.... Agent:

20140336803 - Time management and task persistence method, apparatus and system: A time management system, method and apparatus is adapted to assist users in completing a series of routine tasks. The user generates a play list by entering a task transition, a task name, a task description, a song, and a task duration. A playback device plays the first task transition... Agent:

20140336805 - Dental device: The invention relates to a dentel device for the treatment of a dental restoration part, comprising at least one operating program, a storage of the dental device and at least one detection device for at least one object. The detection device can detect data of the object and this data,... Agent:

20140336808 - Manufacturing process for 3d printed objects: The present invention relates to a computer-implemented method of manufacturing customised 3D objects. The method includes retrieving a source model for a 3D object and a plurality of defined control points for the 3D object from a database; receiving modifications to at least some of the control points from a... Agent:

20140336809 - Method for preparing a physical plaster model: The invention provides a method for creating a physical teeth model. The method comprises the following steps: providing a virtual three dimensional (3D) representation of a patient's dentition that comprises at least a region of the teeth that includes a tooth stump on which a crown is to be fitted... Agent:

20140336806 - Systems and methods for non-destructive evaluation of molds and crucibles used in investment casting: The present disclosure relates to systems and methods useful for non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of molds and crucibles used in investment casting processes, including, without limitation, for producing aircraft engines, land-based turbine engines, and the like. According to one aspect, the present disclosure provides a system for non-destructive evaluation that includes... Agent:

20140336807 - Systems and methods for translating three dimensional graphic molecular models to computer aided design format: Described herein are systems, methods, and apparatus that allow a user to convert various styles of three dimensional graphic representations of molecular models to computer aided design format to enable printing of a physical model using three dimensional printing equipment such as rapid prototyping equipment, additive manufacturing equipment, and/or three... Agent: Cambridgesoft Corporation

20140336810 - Method and system of using an usb user interface in an electronic torque wrench: A communication port interface facilitates downloading of torque and/or angle log information from an electronic torque tool to an external device. Torque and/or angle preset job information may be entered in client software and uploaded from the external device to the electronic torque tool via the communication port interface. Additional... Agent:

20140336811 - Article processing apparatus, generation method and computer-readable storage medium: An article processing apparatus having a movable member for processing an article, includes an information processor configured to generate a transition order of states of the movable member. The information processor is configured to respectively set a plurality of clusters each including, as a plurality of nodes, a plurality of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140336813 - Method and apparatus for locating a pickup point for an object in an installation: A method ascertains a tolerance location which differs from a target location for a pickup point for an object which is at rest in an installation and which is intended to be picked up by a means of transport. An identification mark is put onto the object in a known... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140336812 - System and method for monitoring the condition of a conveyor belt: A system and a method are disclosed for monitoring a condition of a conveyor belt arranged to rotate about at least a motor drive pulley and an idler pulley. A sensor unit can determine at least one sensor signal representing at least one operating variable of the electrical motor. A... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140336814 - Mobile picking method: A picking method includes having in a mobile device data and an application running on the mobile device. An order made up of a number of items to be picked from the warehouse is communicated from a host to a client application of the mobile device. The mobile device provides... Agent: Dematic Corp.

20140336815 - Variable offset positioning antenna array for enhanced guidance of automated guided vehicles (agvs): An automated storage system for storing a plurality of objects in storage locations, the automated storage system comprising a master control computer, a guidance network, a plurality of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) each having an onboard microprocessor for providing a position of each AGV relative to the guidance network to... Agent:

20140336816 - Sorting system and sorting method: A sorting system is provided with conveying section, distance detecting section, article detecting section, determining section, acquisition section, and sorting section. The conveying section conveys an article. The distance detecting section acquires distance data indicating a distance, from above the conveying section, from the distance detecting section to an object... Agent:

20140336817 - Beverage mixing system and process: The present invention relates to a system and process for a nutraceutical beverage mixing system. Provided is a customizable supplement beverage system and method for personalizing and operating the same to a particular user and optionally for operative tracking Proposed additionally is an operative system for receiving and individually identifying... Agent:

20140336818 - Control architecture for multi-robot system: A multiple robot control architecture including a plurality of robotic agricultural machines including a first and second robotic agricultural machine. Each robotic agricultural machine including at least one controller configured to implement a plurality of finite state machines within an individual robot control architecture (IRCA) and a global information module... Agent: Cnh Industrial America LLC

20140336819 - Robotic device tester: A system, method, and device may include software and hardware which simplify and quicken configuration of the system for testing a device, enhance testing procedures which may be performed, and provide data via which to easily discern a cause and nature of an error which may result during testing. A... Agent: T-mobile Usa, Inc.

20140336820 - Arm control apparatus, arm control method, arm control program, robot, and integrated electronic circuit for arm control: There is provided a display information acquiring unit for acquiring display information on a screen of a touch panel display, a touch pattern estimating unit for estimating a region on the screen likely to be touched by a person and a motion direction of the touch based on the display... Agent:

20140336822 - Electrical actuator system: An electrical actuator system for adjustable furniture, in particular height-adjustable tables (1), comprising at least one linear actuator (4), at least one operating unit (22) and a control box (12). By arranging therein at least one connector for cables into mutually opposing wall sections of the control-box cabinet for connection... Agent: Linak A/s

20140336823 - Electronic device and system for controlling applications implementing at least one piezoelectric, electrostrictive or magnetostrictive transducer: The electronic device (1) for controlling comprises an electric power generator (10) suitable for supplying at least one piezoelectric, electrostrictive or magnetostrictive transducer (2), with a control signal (S), electronic controlling means (11) capable of automatically controlling the electric power generator by using a control macro-function (M), and an electronic... Agent: Sinaptec

20140336821 - System and method for dynamic device discovery and address assignment: A pool or spa system includes networked pool or spa devices that can be dynamically configured with network address by a controller. The controller can transmit a device discovery request on a network and can receive a discovery response from pool or spa devices that require a network address. The... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

20140336825 - Air conditioning control system: An air conditioning control system adjusts a consumed energy amount of air conditioners installed in a property in an adjustment time period. The air conditioning control system includes a control apparatus and an assessment apparatus. The control apparatus performs adjustment control of the air conditioners so that the consumed energy... Agent:

20140336824 - Control method for information apparatus and computer-readable recording medium: In the case where selection of a device icon representing an air conditioner among one or more target devices is sensed in a region corresponding to one room on a floor plan, an operation screen for operating the air conditioner corresponding to the selected device icon, is displayed on a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140336826 - Showcase having zones with different climatic conditions: This showcase for preserving and displaying objects in a protected environment comprises a display space and adjustment and control means for maintaining predetermined climatic conditions of the air in the display space. The adjustment and control means comprise an air treatment path outside the display space as well as openings... Agent: Goppion S.p.a.

20140336827 - Adaptive control system: The present invention provides a system and method for wirelessly controlling an operating device by way of a wireless connection between the operating device and a computing device. The computing device provides an interface for controlling the operating device via a control unit which is removably connected to the operating... Agent: Terydon, Inc.

20140336828 - Mechanism for remotely controlling water jet equipment: The present invention provides a system and method for wirelessly controlling a water jet machine by way of a wireless connection between the water jet machine and a computing device. The computing device provides an interface for controlling the operating device either directly to the water jet machine or via... Agent: Terydon, Inc.

20140336829 - Method for configuring a fluid control unit, computer program product and fluidic system: A method for configuring a fluid control unit including the provision of a processing device with information on the fluid control unit, the moving device and fluid control valves, the determination of possible basic states of the moving device for the fluid control valves and/or of possible movement sequences, and... Agent: Festo Ag & Co. Kg

20140336831 - Non-intrusive load monitoring apparatus and method: A non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) apparatus and method which detect state change of a load using a power factor of power consumption as a feature or detect state change of a load using both a power factor and apparent power, and identify the load using the superposition theory. The NILM... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140336830 - Optimising use of energy: Electrical apparatus comprising an electrical device provided with, or having associated therewith, an energy usage profile.... Agent: Building Research Establishment Ltd

20140336832 - Information issuance apparatus, information issuance method and program: According to one embodiment, there is provided an information issuance system including: a segmentation unit, an information generating unit and a transmitting unit. The segmentation unit segments a plurality of travelling apparatuses existing within a demand-and-supply adjustment district and travelling by use of electric power into first to N-th groups... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140336833 - Wind park with real time wind speed measurements: A system for producing electrical power based on wind energy is capable of predicting its power output. The system includes a set of wind turbine units, a first plurality of sensors each adapted to sense at least one wind characteristic at some of the wind turbine units, and a second... Agent:

20140336837 - Display terminal, power control system, and display method: A display terminal 10 displays information about a power controlling state of an energy management apparatus 20 capable of communicating with a power conditioner 40 connected to a power generation system 50 and a power storage system 60, a connection device 30 connected to the power conditioner 40 and a... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140336836 - Energy consumption management: Methods, systems, and devices for controlling electrical energy consumption in an electricity distribution network, so as to reduce net energy consumption in a given area during a given time period are described. In particular, a method of controlling electrical energy consumption within an electricity distribution network is described. The method... Agent:

20140336835 - Responsive load control method: The responsive load control method manages the allocation and adjustment of service triggering grid frequencies across a population of responsive loads. The responsive load control method is particularly suited to responsive loads that have substantially no duty cycle or which have a long duration (>1 hr) duty cycle. With this... Agent:

20140336834 - Systems, apparatus, and methods of a solar energy grid integrated system with energy storage appliance: An enclosure for integrating distributed energy sources, provides a compact enclosure that fits within a utility workspace and enclosures that can be mechanically coupled together, placed in parallel or in a series.... Agent:

20140336840 - Method and system for performance management of an energy storage device: Approaches for managing and maintaining a state of charge of an energy storage device by adjusting (biasing) responses to electrical grid operator commands to perform ancillary services are disclosed. In embodiments, methods and systems regulate a set point regulation in an energy system. In an embodiment, a method determines when... Agent:

20140336839 - Power management system, electronic apparatus, and computer-readable medium: A power management system includes an electronic apparatus including a notification unit, a recording unit, a switching unit, and a transmitting unit, a management apparatus including an apparatus control unit, and a relay apparatus relaying communication between the apparatuses. In the first mode, the notification unit notifies the management apparatus... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140336838 - Resource control system with local reallocation: The invention provides a means for allowing an end user to determine how a finite amount of a measurable resource is allocated among the various balanceable and feature zones of control defined within the overall measurable resource control system, and which can be implemented using a wide variety of hardware/components.... Agent:

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