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Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications

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04/10/2014 > 42 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140100668 - Method and apparatus for managing process control configuration: Flexible configuration of process control systems or plants allows draft changes or modifications to be made to parent process objects, e.g., in a configuration environment, without automatically triggering corresponding instantiations and/or downloads of the parent process objects and/or their derived children objects into a run-time system. Parent objects to which... Agent: Fisher-rosemount Systems, Inc.

20140100669 - Derived and linked definitions with override: Flexible graphic element objects in a process plant are configurable both in a run-time operating environment in which a process is being controlled and in a configuration environment. An instantiated flexible graphic element object may be a display view or may be another graphic element included on a display view.... Agent: Fisher-rosemount Systems Inc.

20140100670 - Method and a system for online and dynamic distribution and configuration of applications in a distributed control system: Exemplary embodiments are directed to a method and system of online and dynamic distribution and configuration of applications in a Distributed Control System (DCS) of a plant. One or more applications of at least one controller of the DCS is divided into a plurality of blocks. The application is changed... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20140100671 - End-user based backup management: A device includes a network interface and a processor. The network interface is configured to receive one or more preferences of a customer related to the charging of at least one backup device of the consumer. The network interface is also configured to receive at least one notification of at... Agent: General Electric Company

20140100672 - Utility based backup management: A device includes a network interface configured to receive one or more preferences of a consumer related to the charging of at least one backup device of the consumer. The device includes a processor configured to utilize the one or more consumer preferences to generate a charging schedule of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140100673 - Methods and apparatus for process device calibration: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for process device calibration. An example method includes determining if a first position of a process control device is a first end position, and in response to the first position being the first end position, calculating a second end position of the process control device... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20140100674 - Model-free adaptive (mfa) control with intelligent engine and loop inspection: A method and apparatus for intelligently controlling continuous process variables. An automatic controller comprises an Intelligent Engine mechanism and a number of Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) controllers, each of which is suitable to control a process with specific behaviors. The Intelligent Engine can automatically select the appropriate MFA controller and its... Agent: General Cybernation Group, Inc.

20140100675 - Sicherheitssystem: A safety system includes a safety unit and at least one safety related participant which comprises a protective device and a first and a second interruptible signal transmission path which can be interrupted together on the occurrence of a non-secure state of the protective device. The safety system includes at... Agent: Sick Ag

20140100676 - Dynamically reusable classes: Techniques for flexibly configuring an operating process plant or process control system enable a change to a parent object to be selectively propagated to child objects derived from the parent object, so that a first subset of child objects and their respective instantiations are updated with the change, while a... Agent: Fisher-rosemount Systems, Inc.

20140100677 - Performance monitoring systems and methods: We have disclosed systems and methods for monitoring an individual's performance during a physical activity. The portable performance monitoring devices may include a satellite positioning system receiver adapted to obtain position data during the physical activity, an accelerometer module adapted to obtain acceleration data during the physical activity, and a... Agent: Adidas Ag

20140100678 - Athleticism rating and performance measuring system: A universal athleticism rating system and related athletic performance measuring systems for accurately detecting and recording athletic performance are disclosed. The athleticism rating system evaluates individual athletes against a common, standardized, set of athletic performance tests. Each athlete performs the athletic tests and his or her scores in the individual... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140100680 - Devices for managing data associated with an audio communication: An electronic device for managing data associated with an audio communication is described. The electronic device includes a processor memory in electronic communication with the processor. Executable instructions are stored in the memory. The electronic device establishes an audio communication. The electronic device also receives data. The electronic device further... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

20140100679 - Efficient sharing of intermediate computations in a multimedia graph processing framework: An audio processing system including filters configured to process audio buffers, to retrieve auxiliary data from at audio buffers, and to store auxiliary data in audio buffers, concatenators configured to transmit audio buffers from one filter to another filter, to retrieve audio buffers from a shared buffer cache, and to... Agent: Dalet Digital Media Systems

20140100683 - Multimedia mp3/mp4 pace responsive sensored footwear: Footwear (10), that has (2) sensing means (20), on toe and heel end, under both left and right ground engaging body (14), when user is moving, as in jogging, will trigger automatic audio signal of transmitter (16) located in compartment (15) on upper (12) and compartment (25) in ground engaging... Agent:

20140100681 - System and method for audio file conversion: Provided are an apparatus and method for converting an audio track. The apparatus includes an audio track converter to convert an audio track included in a computer-readable medium into an audio file playable in a terminal, and a file sharer to share the converted audio file with the terminal. Accordingly,... Agent:

20140100682 - System and method for digital signal processing: The present invention provides methods and systems for digital processing of an input audio signal. Specifically, the present invention includes a high pass filter configured to filter the input audio signal to create a high pass signal. A first filter module then filters the high pass signal to create a... Agent:

20140100684 - 2d/3d analysis for abnormal tools and stages diagnosis: A method for analyzing abnormalities in a semiconductor processing system provides performing an analysis of variance on a production history associated with each of a plurality of tools at each of a plurality of process steps for each of a plurality of processed wafers, and key process steps are identified.... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

20140100685 - Hot-glue application system and method for controlling and monitoring the hot-glue application system: A hot glue application system includes a melter and components attached to the melter. The components comprise at least one heatable feed hose, and at least one heatable application valve. The components comprise a data storage medium which is configured to be machine-readable which comprises on at least one of... Agent: Baumer Hhs Gmbh

20140100686 - Operating method for a rolling train: A control computer for a rolling train is supplied with prescribed stand parameters of a rolling stand of the rolling train. The control computer sets variables describing a rolling pass of the rolling stand that together with initial data of a flat piece to be rolled and the stand data... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140100687 - Power tool hall effect mode selector switch: A mode selector switch for a power tool that can have a source of a magnetic field and use a magnetoresistive component to produce an output signal that changes when the strength of the magnetic field changes. The power tool can have a microprocessor that changes an operational mode of... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20140100688 - Tool trajectory display device having function for displaying inversion position of servo axis: A tool trajectory display device capable of displaying an inversion position of a servo axis on a tool trajectory. The display device has a position information obtaining part and velocity information obtaining part which obtain position information and velocity information of at least one servo axis, respectively, from numerical controller;... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140100689 - System for auto-exchanging of electric vehicle battery: A system for automatically exchanging a battery of an electric vehicle, the system including a horizontal frame of a predetermined area formed at a location higher than the electric vehicle; a plurality of battery stands formed on a bottom surface of the horizontal frame at a predetermined interval; a pair... Agent: Kookmin University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation

20140100690 - Kiva transporting inventory items #3: A method for transporting inventory items includes moving a mobile drive unit to a first point within a workspace. The first point is a location of an inventory holder. The method further includes docking the mobile drive unit with the inventory holder and moving the mobile drive unit and the... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140100691 - Vending accommodation and accessibility: Vending accommodation and accessibility is described in connection with completing transactions by a machine. In certain aspects, the method includes entering an accommodation mode based on a user selection, displaying an accommodation menu comprising at least one selection button and a list of items available for vending, and announcing a... Agent:

20140100692 - System and method to process transactions at retail fueling stations using a mobile device: A method of processing a transaction includes receiving a site location code. Site configuration information corresponding to the received site location code is received from a database. That information includes more product record(s), each corresponding to a reservable product or a non-reservable product. A selection of one or more of... Agent: Dresser, Inc.

20140100693 - Robot management systems for determining docking station pose including mobile robots and methods using same: A mobile robot system is provided that includes a docking station having at least two pose-defining fiducial markers. The pose-defining fiducial markers have a predetermined spatial relationship with respect to one another and/or to a reference point on the docking station such that a docking path to the base station... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20140100694 - System and method for camera-based auto-alignment: A camera-based auto-alignment process can include gripping a first calibration tool by a gripper unit of a robotic arm. Images of the first calibration tool can be captured by a camera coupled to the gripper unit. The gripper unit and camera unit can be aligned on two roughly parallel axes.... Agent: Beckman Coulter, Inc.

20140100695 - C frame structure configured to provide deflection compensation and associated method: A C frame structure, a robotic system and an associated method are provided respond to and accommodate the loads placed upon the C frame structure during actuation of a working tool. The C frame structure includes a plurality of links and a plurality of pins interconnecting the links to form... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140100696 - Working method using sensor and working system for performing same: Disclosed is a working method using a sensor, which increases recognition of a component to increase mounting of a component and enhancing productivity. The working method includes: extracting an object to be picked from a pile of objects using the sensor; picking the extracted object to move the picked object... Agent:

20140100697 - Operating an in-line legged robot vehicle in ballistic flight: A single track legged vehicle having a body and at least three in-line legs aligned one behind the other is operated by controlling each in-line leg to develop a desired ballistic flight trajectory, by controlling foot force and torque during a first phase that produces thrust; controlling foot movement during... Agent:

20140100698 - System and method for autonomous adaptive cleaning of pv panels based on high level control signals: A solar energy system and method of cleaning photovoltaic panels is provided. Measurements relating to weather at a photovoltaic panel are received by the system. Measurements relating to output current and voltage at the photovoltaic panel are received by the system. Expected power of the photovoltaic panel is determined based... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140100700 - Air conditioning control system, air conditioning control method and recording medium: An air conditioning control system comprises an air conditioning controller, air conditioning outdoor equipment and air conditioning indoor equipment. The air conditioning controller acquires the age of a user and causes this age to be stored in an auxiliary memory device. In addition, the air conditioning controller measures the time... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140100699 - Monitoring user position to determine a time for providing a specified state at a user premises: An embodiment directed to a method for providing a specified state at a premises to which a user travels. Comprises determining a time of operation needed by a device located at the premises to provide the specified state, after device activation. One or more positions of the user are detected... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140100701 - Control device: A control device configured with a torque/current computation section, an actual current computation section, a current feedback control section, and a voltage control section. A two-axis rotating coordinate system has a first axis defined in a direction of field magnetic flux of a magnet provided in the rotor, and a... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20140100702 - Distributed coordinated wide-area control for electric power delivery systems: Distributed controllers in an electric power delivery system obtain measurements and equipment status, calculate derived values, and determine IED state, and share such with other distributed controllers and coordination controllers. Distributed controllers and coordination controllers further refine measurements, equipment status, derived values, and IED state. Control of the electric power... Agent: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

20140100703 - Method for the computer-supported generation of a data-driven model of a technical system, in particular of a gas turbine or wind turbine: A method for the computer-supported generation of a data-driven model of a technical system, in particular of a gas turbine or wind turbine, based on training data is disclosed. The data-driven model is preferably learned in regions of training data having a low data density. According to the invention, it... Agent:

20140100704 - System and method for providing cloud service system for power system: A cloud service system and method for a power system are provided. The cloud service system includes: at least one power system; a remote control server configured to receive collected data from the power system and generate and transmit a control signal to the power system; and a cloud server... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20140100705 - Distributed generation control for microgrid during islanding: System and methods are disclosed to handle power imbalance in one or more distributed generation (DG) units: detecting islanding at time t1; selecting Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) measurements during a pre-defined time window [t1-τ, t1]; checking the time window for an abrupt voltage change; if no sudden change of voltage... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20140100707 - Health care device and power management method therefor: A power management method for a health care device is included. The method includes: detecting whether a smart garment is in contact with a user body; operating the health care device in a normal mode when the smart garment is in contact with the user body, or operating the health... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20140100708 - Information processing device, information processing method, program, recording medium, and information processing system: There is provided an information processing device including an acquisition unit that acquires power supply request information that includes information on a supply period during which an electric power system is requesting supply of electric power, and reservation information for a vehicle, a calculation unit that, on the basis of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140100706 - Power system utilizing processor core performance state control: An information handling system includes a power supply coupled to a processor that includes a plurality of cores. A power system controller is coupled to the power supply and the processor. The power system controller may set each of the plurality of cores to a performance state that is below... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140100709 - Electronic system, electronic system control method, and recording medium: A monitoring processor controls a plurality of electronic devices that each include a cooling fan that cools inside of a casing and a fan controller that controls the cooling fan. The monitoring processor includes a fan speed controller that performs control on the fan controllers of the respective electronic devices... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

04/03/2014 > 54 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20140094934 - Control device, system containing the control device and method of using the same: Disclosed is a control device for a serial network protocol controller configured to selectively disable control of a parameter of a controllable media device by at least one channel while the serial network protocol controller continues to transmit the at least one channel to the at least on serial network... Agent: Revolution Display

20140094933 - Pch thermal sensor dynamic shutdown: Particular embodiments described herein provide for a system, such as a computing system, that includes a processor operable to execute instructions associated with the electronic code, a thermal sensor operable to measure a temperature associated with a device, and a controller in communication with the thermal sensor. The controller is... Agent:

20140094935 - System and system control method: An object is to provide a system in which components can overall operate in concert with one another by using only functions about the components, without using the theory of probability. The system includes a plurality of function blocks correlated to one another. The plurality of function blocks each include:... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140094936 - Multi-function touch screen wall switch with video sensor system, wifi connectivity, and other integrated sensor systems: A method is provided to simplify programmable control of and/or other electrical devices of at least a portion of at least one room in a building structure. A multi-touch flat panel switch with integrated sensors is adapted to e mounted in a receptacle in the building structure. The switch is... Agent:

20140094937 - Control device: A control device for a process, in which a controlled variable can be influenced with the aid of a plurality of different regulating units, which in particular are based on different physical principles. A set point and the controlled variable are fed to both a first controller and a second... Agent:

20140094938 - Method and system for updating tuning parameters of a controller: A method and system for updating tuning parameters associated with a controller without repetitive compilation of a controller code. The controller code represents an algorithm associated with the controller and can be compiled separately from a data set representing a solution for an optimization problem and also from a data... Agent:

20140094939 - Industrial control system with position offsets embedded in remote devices: An industrial control system provides for distributed processing of position related signals by remote I/O modules to correct for spatial offsets of sensors or actuators associated with the I/O modules, the latter which may receive position data and may correct timing signals detected at the I/O modules according to a... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140094942 - Determination of custom information based on golfer performance data: The present embodiments relate to the determination of custom information based on golfer performance data. In one embodiment, a device receives round information that identifies a round of golf of a user. Based at least in part on the round information, at least one performance category exception based on a... Agent:

20140094941 - Physical activity feedback systems and methods: We have disclosed systems and methods for providing outputs to an individual during a physical activity. The methods may include generating performance data based on an individual's performance during the physical activity, providing a first output based on performance data to the individual during the physical activity via a first... Agent: Adidas Ag

20140094940 - System and method of detection of a mode of motion: A method includes processing sensor data received from one or more sensors based on the one or more signatures to produce processed data and determining a mode of motion associated with a movement of a user based on the processed data.... Agent:

20140094943 - Audio content playback management: Systems and methods are provided for adding audio content to a playback queue. In one example, a method involves receiving a request to add automated streaming audio content to a particular playback position in a playback queue. The playback queue may indicate a plurality of audio content and a corresponding... Agent:

20140094944 - Method and system for simultaneous playback of audio tracks from a plurality of digital devices: A method for simultaneous playback of audio tracks from digital transceiver devices, which are adapted to define a communication network. The digital devices store audio tracks to be played. One of the digital devices is actuated as a Master device (M) and the remaining N digital devices as Slave devices.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

20140094945 - Manufacturing system with interchangeable tooling heads and tooling nests: A manufacturing center configured for use with a plurality of tools and a plurality of nests. The manufacturing center includes a base configured for coupling with one of the plurality of nests. The base includes a base electrical connector. The manufacturing center also includes an arm configured for coupling with... Agent: Clover Technologies Group, LLC

20140094946 - Online recipe synchronization in a real-time batch executive environment: A method of executing a batch process in a manufacturing environment according to a product recipe, such that the product recipe specifies a plurality of actions and a plurality of parameters, includes performing at least one action of the batch process corresponding to a first version of the product recipe,... Agent: Fisher-rosemount Systems, Inc.

20140094947 - Recipe command steps and recipe inputs from external logic: A method of generating a product recipe for execution by a batch process in an automated manufacturing environment, such the product recipe is associated with a plurality of actions, a set of transitions, and a set of parameters, and such that the plurality of actions define a plurality of logical... Agent: Fisher-rosemount Systems, Inc.

20140094948 - Process for cutting one or more glazings: A process for cutting several pieces of glass from at least one glass sheet, includes reading information relating to defects in the at least one glass sheet; and automatically and dynamically generating an optimum cutting layout for each of the at least one glass sheet as a function of at... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20140094949 - Monitoring tablet press systems and powder blending systems in pharmaceutical manufacturing: Methods of monitoring pharmaceutical manufacturing processes are disclosed herein. The methods described herein provide an ability to control and monitor pharmaceutical manufacturing processes (for example, tablet press systems and powder blending systems) and can ensure data and product integrity and ultimately minimize overall manufacturing cost.... Agent:

20140094950 - Method for the production of an abradable spray coating: A method for producing an abradable spray coating for a component of a turbine engine by a thermal spraying process is disclosed. A process parameter pB1 is calculated according to the formula pB1=pB2+HB1−HB2−(Δx·y)/z+n where pB1 is a process parameter of a spraying process that is to be conducted, pB2 is... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

20140094951 - Working unit control device, working robot, working unit control method, and working unit control program: A working unit control device includes: a recognizing unit that recognizes the three-dimensional position and the three-dimensional posture of a first target; a setting unit that sets an access start location and an access route based on the three-dimensional position and the three-dimensional posture of the first target thereby recognized,... Agent: Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140094952 - Automatically generating embroidery designs: A method and system are disclosed for automatically generating embroidery designs. A described method includes identifying vertices in a set of chain-code points defining an edge of a first object to be embroidered; filtering the vertices by: determining whether a height of a first triangle defined by a first one... Agent:

20140094953 - Thread cutting machine: A thread cutting machine for cutting a thread by rotating a main spindle and moving a feed axis includes a main-spindle speed computing section that computes and outputs a rotation speed of the main spindle based on a main-spindle rotation speed instruction for each thread cutting pass, and an acceleration/deceleration... Agent: Okuma Corporation

20140094954 - Method and system for adaptively controlling a laser-based material processing process and method and system for qualifying same: A method and system for adaptively controlling a laser-based material processing process are provided. The system includes sensing equipment to measure a process variable or condition of at least one of a laser-based material processing system and a workpiece processed by the material processing system and to provide a corresponding... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20140094956 - System and method for identification of contact between a human and a static implement in a power tool: A method of operating a power tool detects human contact with a non-moving implement in the power tool. The method includes generating a series of samples of an electrical signal passing through the non-moving implement, identifying a component for each sample in the series of samples of the electrical signal,... Agent: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

20140094955 - System and method for identification of contact between an object and a static implement in a power tool: A method for operating a power tool detects human contact with a non-moving implement of the power tool. The method includes sampling an electrical signal that passes through the non-moving implement, identifying in-phase and quadrature phase components for the sample, identifying a first distance between the components of the sample... Agent: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

20140094957 - System and method for identification of implement motion in a power tool: A method of operating a power tool identifies motion of an implement in a power tool. The method includes obtaining a plurality of samples of an electrical signal that passes through the implement, identifying a parameter for the plurality of samples corresponding to a variation in values of predetermined groups... Agent: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

20140094959 - Apparatus for dispensing and/or vending a bulk product: An apparatus for dispensing and/or vending a bulk product. The apparatus comprises one or more bins for holding a bulk product, a dispensing mechanism operatively coupled to each of the bins, a controller operatively coupled to the dispensing mechanisms, and an interface for receiving a request for one of the... Agent: 646840 Alberta Ltd. D/b/a The Mentor Group

20140094958 - System and method for filling and dispensing orders: A method of filling prescription orders includes inputting the prescription orders into a pharmaceutical storage and retrieval device, processing the prescription orders with the pharmaceutical storage and retrieval device to fill a plurality of vials with desired pharmaceuticals, and transferring the plurality of filled vials from the pharmaceutical storage and... Agent:

20140094960 - System and method for filling and dispensing orders: A method of filling prescription orders includes inputting the prescription orders into a pharmaceutical storage and retrieval device, processing the prescription orders with the pharmaceutical storage and retrieval device to fill a plurality of vials with desired pharmaceuticals, and transferring the plurality of filled vials from the pharmaceutical storage and... Agent: Rxsafe, LLC

20140094961 - Unloading system: A unloading system for unloading a first workpiece and a second workpiece hanged on different sides of a rack from the rack, the unloading system includes a transferring mechanism, a sliding rod, a rotating assembly, at least two robot arms, at least two unloading mechanisms, and a controller. The transferring... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140094962 - Pneumatic tube carrier routing and tracking system: A system and method provides for a pneumatic tube carrier routing and tracking system having a system control module that captures and presents tracking information associated with sending and receiving carriers. The pneumatic tube carrier tracking system comprises sending and receiving stations connected by pneumatic tubing, and which are configured... Agent:

20140094963 - Method of dispensing material based on edge detection: A dispensing system for depositing material on an electronic substrate includes a frame, a dispensing unit gantry movably coupled to the frame, a dispensing unit coupled to the dispensing unit gantry, a vision system gantry coupled to the frame, and a vision system coupled to the vision system gantry. A... Agent:

20140094964 - Automated customized cosmetic dispenser: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for the creation and dispensing of a custom formulation within a package at a retail point of sale. In one aspect, the invention includes an automated dispensing apparatus including at least a two-axis robot arm. In another aspect, the invention includes an... Agent:

20140094966 - Direct access dispensing method: A method for operating an access and storage system including providing a storage component storing items therein or thereon, each item being stored in an associated storage position. The storage component provides a user direct manual access to at least some of the items in their storage positions. The storage... Agent: Apex Industrial Technologies LLC

20140094965 - Method of dispensing a product item: A method of dispensing a product item is disclosed. The product item has packaging. On the packaging are a number of coded data portions. Each coded data portion encodes an identity of the product item and a part of a signature. A sensing device senses one or more coded data... Agent: Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd

20140094967 - System and methods for locking and docking: Embodiments of the present invention relate generally to a modular system for facilitating automated transactions. Specifically, in some embodiments a modular system includes a plurality of lock modules that are controlled by one or more primary lock control boards. The lock modules control access to products or services through one... Agent:

20140094968 - Teleoperative-cooperative robotic system: A combined teleoperative-cooperative controllable robotic system includes a robotic actuator assembly, a control system adapted to communicate with the robotic actuator assembly, and a teleoperation unit adapted to communicate with the control system. The control system is configured to control at least a first portion of the robotic actuator assembly... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140094969 - System and method for automated dilution and delivery of liquid samples to an optical particle counter: A system for the automated dilution and delivery of mixtures of diluent and liquid samples to a particle counter comprises a container positioning member for receiving and retaining congruent sample containers with a volume of liquid sample therein. An automated diluent pumping mechanism draws a respective volume of a diluent... Agent: Cinrg Systems Inc.

20140094971 - Laboratory machine and method for the automatic treatment of laboratory samples: The invention relates to a program-controlled laboratory machine and to a method for the automatic program-controlled treatment of laboratory samples. The laboratory machine has a display having a first display area, via which program parameters that are required by the user are input, and has a second display area in... Agent:

20140094970 - Translation/rotation error compensation amount creating device: A translation/rotation error compensation amount creating device creates, for a multi-axis machining apparatus having two rotation axes, a translation error compensation amount and a rotation error compensation amount both depending on the rotation axes. The translation/rotation error compensation amount creating device calculates the translation error compensation amount and the rotation... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140094972 - Intelligent controller providing time to target state: The current application is directed to intelligent controllers that continuously, periodically, or intermittently calculate and display the time remaining until a control task is projected to be completed by the intelligent controller. In general, the intelligent controller employs multiple different models for the time behavior of one or more parameters... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20140094973 - Sensed sound level based fan speed adjustment: Sounds sensed by a microphone of a device include sounds from a cooling fan of the device that varies based on the speed of the cooling fan, and other sounds used by a program of the device such as voice inputs. The sound level of sounds used by the program... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140094975 - Control system for a mobile water filtration unit, and related devices, components, systems and methods: A standardised, modular mobile water purification unit for the production of safe potable water and for treatment of wastewater is disclosed to fulfil the water need for humans, animals and households. In one embodiment, the unit can be based on a standardized climate-controlled container that is robust both physically and... Agent:

20140094976 - Firefighting monitor and control system therefor: A firefighting monitor system includes a monitor, a controller selectively generating signals to the monitor for controlling the monitor, and a computer. The computer is configured to receive input from a user relative to the monitor or the controller. The computer generates an output based on the input, and the... Agent: Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc.

20140094974 - Lift and choke control: A method can include selecting two control variables for a fluid production network; providing data acquired from the production network, the data associated with values for the two control variables; providing an interpolation model for interpolating the data over a domain defined by operational bounds for each of the two... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140094977 - Methods and systems for use in controlling irrigation: Some embodiments provide systems and methods of controlling irrigation, comprising: communicating an assumption broadcast from a first irrigation controller to each of a plurality of other irrigation controllers defining assumed states of control elements, wherein the control elements are shared with one or more of the first irrigation controller and... Agent: Rain Bird Corporation

20140094978 - Methods and systems for detecting an oscillation error: Methods and systems for detecting an oscillation error are provided. According to one embodiment, a system may include a controller, and a processor communicatively coupled to the controller. The processor may be configured to detect an oscillatory event and increment a delay timer based on a duration of the oscillatory... Agent: General Electric Company

20140094981 - Availability prediction apparatus for electric power storage device: An availability prediction apparatus includes an access section that accesses a storage section and a prediction section. The storage section stores availability specified periods occurred before a present time associated with respective frequencies of the availability specified periods, and the access section acquires the availability specified periods from the storage... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140094980 - Electric/thermal energy storage schedule optimizing device, optimizing method and optimizing program: A device includes a setting unit setting a control target value for setting an activation, an operation, and a deactivation at a next day for control-target devices including an energy supplying device, an energy consuming device consuming energy, and an energy storage device storing energy, a predicting unit that sets... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140094979 - System and method for predictive peak load management via integrated load management: Devices, methods, and systems for predictive peak load management via integrated load management comprising the steps of: determining a target peak load based on a capacity of an energy storage device and a value of a load management capacity of a set of one or more manageable load assets, determining... Agent:

20140094982 - Generator controller that detects liquid: Some embodiments relate to an example power generation system. The power generation system includes an electric generator and a generator controller that operates the generator. The power generation system further includes a sensor that determines the presences of liquid (e.g., water). The sensor exchanges data with the generator controller relating... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140094983 - Method and system for allocating energy: A method for allocating energy to a plurality of devices, wherein each device is configured to consume, store and/or supply energy, the method includes the steps of: assigning each device to a group of devices; assigning an aggregation node device to each group of devices; for a selection of devices... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140094984 - Method and system for allocating energy: A method for allocating energy to a plurality of devices, wherein each device is configured to consume, store and/or supply energy, the method includes the steps of: assigning each device to a group of devices; assigning an aggregation node device to each group of devices; for a selection of devices... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140094985 - Power supply system: A demand measurement unit measures load demand power and a power generation measurement unit measures solar cell output power. A threshold storage unit stores a discharge control threshold for determining whether to discharge remaining storage cell power. When demand power exceeds generated power, a command unit controls storage cell discharge... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140094986 - Power supply thermal profile selection management: An electronic system employs multiple power supplies that provide electrical energy to components of the server system. Each power supply exhibits or experiences a uniquely different air flow within the system chassis. Different air flows correspond to different component temperatures for each power supply. Each power supply stores a collection... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

03/27/2014 > 58 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20140088731 - Apparatus and methods for controlled switching of electronic access clients without requiring network access: Methods and apparatus for providing controlled switching of electronic access control clients without requiring network access are set forth herein. In one embodiment, a method for swapping of subscriptions and/or profiles for electronic Subscriber Identity Modules (eSIMs) without network supervision that prevents possibly malicious high frequency switching is disclosed. The... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140088733 - Apparatus and method for machine parameterization by means of smart devices: A method for operating a machine having at least one working device configured to carry out predefined working sequences, and a control device configured to control the at least one working device. At least one operating parameter of the at least one working device being changeable by an input device.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140088732 - Methods and systems for configuration and management of electronic control unit: Various disclosed embodiments include methods and systems for configuration and management of an electronic control unit (ECU). According to disclosed embodiments, a method for configuration and management of an ECU includes receiving by a data processing system at least one calibration parameter and a corresponding value for the ECU and... Agent: Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

20140088734 - Controller support device, controller support program to be executed in said device, and recording medium storing said program: A controller support program causes an arithmetic unit to execute total execution time acquisition processing of acquiring a total execution time and output processing of outputting the total execution time. The total execution time is an elapsed time until execution of a control program is ended in an execution cycle... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140088735 - Control device and system program, and recording medium: A control device capable of appropriately switching operating modes when multitasking is being performed is provided. A CPU unit is provided with a task executing unit for executing a plurality of tasks in parallel, and for executing each task in cycles based on each task; and a mode switching unit... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140088736 - Consistency analysis in control systems during normal operation: A consistency analysis system provides consistency analysis for a control system that includes sensors for monitoring a number of different physical parameters. The analysis system uses a rules set and overlapping or redundant sensor data to determine alterations in system behavior or parameters even in the presence of subversion designed... Agent: Management Analytics

20140088737 - Machine controller and method for controlling a machine: A machine having at least one drive and at least one input device for inputting control commands for controlling the drive, the input device being configured in such a manner that at least occasionally at least two different actuating actions must be performed by a user on the input device... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140088738 - Home electric appliance: A home electric appliance of the present invention includes an input operation unit for inputting desired time information indicating any of a desired operation start time and a desired operation end time; a receiving unit for receiving a time shift calculation result including any of an operation start time and... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140088739 - Performance monitoring, apparatuses, systems, and methods: We have disclosed systems and methods for monitoring an individual's performance during a physical activity. The systems may include a mount adapted to releasably secure the portable performance monitoring device to the individual's body during the physical activity and a main body coupled to the mount. The main body may... Agent: Adidas Ag

20140088740 - Systems and methods for displaying performance information: We have disclosed systems and methods for displaying information about a physical activity conducted by an individual. The methods may include defining a performance parameter zone for a particular performance parameter, receiving and storing in a memory device data associated with a physical activity, initiating a graphical display on a... Agent: Adidas Ag

20140088743 - Audio web-link codes for accessing media content: Systems and method for monitoring media content consumed by a user through employment of audio web-link codes (AWR codes) associated with respectively consumed media content, and accessing the consumed media content as well as supplemental information regarding the media content via the AWR codes.... Agent:

20140088741 - Generating audio impressions of data: A system for generating audio impressions of data for a visually-impaired user. The system receives data that is displayable by a chart. The data comprises a plurality of values. The system generates an audio impression of the received data. The audio impression includes a first portion and a second portion.... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140088742 - Methods and apparatus for identifying media: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for identifying media and, more particularly, to methods and apparatus for decoding identifiers after broadcast. An example method includes a portion of an identifying code from a media signal, determine a partition of the look-up table based on the portion of the identifying code wherein... Agent:

20140088745 - Removing network delay in a live broadcast: A first stream of audio data is received a into a data store. Excess pauses are identified in the audio data. A second stream of audio data is transmitted from the data store comprising the first stream of audio data with the excess pause removed, the second stream of audio... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140088744 - Selective invocation of playback content supplementation: A system, method, computer program product, and carrier are described for obtaining one or more positions in a playable message and at least an indication of a playback system configuration and signaling a decision of which supplemental content to use in supplementing the one or more positions in the playable... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20140088746 - Contact patch simulation: A method and an apparatus for smart automation of robotic surface finishing of a three-dimensional surface of a workpiece is described. A finite element analysis simulation is conducted providing data for generation of a three-dimensional path along the surface of the workpiece. The finite element can include properties of the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140088747 - Near non-adaptive virtual metrology and chamber control: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method for a near non-adaptive virtual metrology for wafer processing control. In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a method for processing control comprises diagnosing a chamber of a processing tool that processes a wafer to identify a key chamber... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140088748 - Method for storing and/or order-picking product units: A method for storing and/or order-picking product units in a storage and/or order-picking installation (P1), in which incoming transporting units are stored on an interim basis in a store, are supplied, if required, to a depalletizing station (4) and are individually stored on an interim basis in a buffer store... Agent: Swisslog Ag

20140088749 - Apparatus and method for web-based tool management: A method for controlling an automated manufacturing tool for semiconductor fabrication is provided, including the following method operations: receiving, over a network, a request from a client, the request defining an action for an automated manufacturing tool; authenticating the request; and, in response to receiving the request, triggering performance of... Agent: Peer Intellectual Property Inc.

20140088750 - Systems, methods and processes for mass and efficient production, distribution and/or customization of one or more articles: A system, method and/or process provide mass and efficient production, customization and/or distribution of one or more customized items in digital or physical form. A 2D image of a user may be utilized to create a plurality of 2D images or 3D models of the user having a plurality of... Agent: Kloneworld Pte. Ltd.

20140088751 - Multicoloured fused deposition modelling print: The invention relates to a modified fused deposition modeling process for production of multicolored three-dimensional objects. More particularly, the invention relates to a 3D printing process with which 3D objects with particularly good color appearance compared to the prior art can be produced. The process according to the invention is... Agent: Evonik Roehm Gmbh

20140088752 - Control method for mill train: A current temperature is ascertained for sections of a strip ahead of a first mill stand. The temperatures of the strip sections are predicted with a prediction horizon corresponding to multiple strip sections, including when each strip section is milled in the first mill stand for which time a nip... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140088753 - Control system for a fastening power tool: A fastening power tool such as a nailer is provided including a tool housing, an input unit actuated in response to an operator input, and a motor assembly including a motor housed within the tool housing. A control unit is provided including a controller programmable to control an operation of... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20140088754 - System and method for enhancing reach of a robotic arm: A system and method for machining a work-piece in restrictive access operating position is disclosed. The system includes a robot arm adapted to access the bottom face of the work-piece; a computation means adapted to compute a central line on the bottom face while ascertaining an area of overlap that... Agent: Plazma Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

20140088755 - Numerical controller with inter-path waiting function: A pre-read/analysis process is carried out to analyze a code in a block, and whether or not the analyzed data contains an inter-path waiting code is determined. When the block contains an inter-path waiting code, the pre-read/analysis process is suspended, and whether or not a preset specified condition is met... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140088756 - Method for electronic temperature controlled curing of concrete and accelerating concrete maturity or equivalent age of precast concrete structures and objects and apparatus for same: The invention comprises a method of forming a concrete structure or object. The method comprises detecting the temperature of a quantity of curing concrete and selectively adding heat to the curing concrete, so that the temperature of the curing concrete follows a predetermined temperature profile during at least a portion... Agent:

20140088757 - Injection device, molding machine, and method for controlling injection device: An injection device is provided with a stationary-side frame supporting a barrel, a movable-side frame rotatably supporting a screw, a pair of ball screws, and injection drive mechanisms includes servomotors configured to rotate the ball screws. A force detector such as a load cell and the like is disposed between... Agent: Toshiba Kikai Kabushiki Kaisha

20140088758 - Control system for storage and retrieval systems: A warehouse storage and retrieval system including an array of multilevel storage racks having at least one transfer deck, picking isles and storage areas disposed along picking isles, the storage areas being configured to hold differing loads, and a controller including a management module configured to variably size the storage... Agent: Symbotic, LLC

20140088759 - Method and tool for giving out information in a container flow system: A method and a tool for information output. The method involves determining and/or assessing one or more physical parameters of one or more components in a system or apparatus. Also included is a first assigner which associates a first is-information or a first is-not-information, respectively, to several parameters, which first... Agent: Krones Ag

20140088760 - Computer connected cash drawer status and control: A computer monitors a connected state of a cash drawer and the open/closed status of one or more trays by way of circuitry and a BIOS program code. The computer opens the respective trays of the cash drawer by way of the circuitry and the BIOS program code. Alert messaging... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140088762 - Position control method and robot: A position control method for controlling a position of a movable portion, includes: performing control of allowing the movable portion to approach a predetermined position by moving the movable portion; and performing control of moving the movable portion to the predetermined position by moving the movable portion and detecting a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140088761 - Proximity sensing on mobile robots: A proximity sensor includes first and second sensors disposed on a sensor body adjacent to one another. The first sensor is one of an emitter and a receiver. The second sensor is the other one of an emitter and a receiver. A third sensor is disposed adjacent the second sensor... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20140088763 - Methods and systems for determining efficient robot-base position: Various disclosed embodiments include systems and methods for determining an efficient robot-base position. The method includes receiving available robot-base positions and determining valid robot-base positions from the available robot-base positions. The method includes generating for the valid robot-base positions respective directed graphs providing a plurality of robotic-paths. The method includes... Agent: Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

20140088764 - Tactile array sensor: A capacitance based tactile array sensor is disclosed that provides for close resolution of sensing pixels by using insulated conductors as electrodes, and allows for eliminating the need for a joint or connection interface near periphery of the sensor array. Optional aspects of the invention include provision for allowing use... Agent:

20140088765 - Method for invalidating sensor measurements after a picking action in a robot system: The invention relates to a method and system for invalidating sensor measurements after a sorting action on a target area of a robot sorting system. In the method there are obtained sensor measurements using sensors from a target area. A first image is captured of the target area using a... Agent: Zenrobotics Oy

20140088767 - Computation unit, output control method, and program: A CPU unit of PLC executes a motion control and a sequence control. The CPU unit stores a control program for executing the motion control using a CAM table, and a first CAM table and a second CAM table. When a microprocessor receives a predetermined instruction during execution of the... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140088766 - Health management having system level diagnostic feedback and information fusion: A method of fusing information within a turbomachine health management system according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, sending information collected within a first subsystem from the first subsystem to a system level reasoner, and adjusting a different, second subsystem based on the information... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140088768 - Automated spray drier control system: A spray drier monitoring and control system is provided for a spray drier device adapted to spray dry a liquid sample such as blood plasma. The system may receive information regarding an operator of the device, the liquid sample, a spray drier assembly used by the device for spray drying,... Agent:

20140088769 - Control device for a powder spray coating device: A control device for a powder spray coating device and a powder spray coating device are specified. With the aim of ensuring operational reliability during the coating operation of the powder spray coating device, while at the same time preserving the required coating efficiency, the solution according to the invention... Agent:

20140088770 - Irrigation controller and system integrating no-watering restrictions and an empirically-derived evapotranspiration local characteristic curve: A convenient, water-saving and labor-saving FROG irrigation controller and system are provided, which determine the appropriate water budget and schedule for the property's landscaping based on evapotranspiration data for the geographic area, regulation data (any mandated and voluntary watering restrictions), and property-specific data, with consideration given to reduction in watering... Agent:

20140088771 - Irrigation system with et based seasonal watering adjustment and soil moisture sensor shutoff: An irrigation system includes at least one environmental sensor, such as a solar radiation sensor that is installed on an irrigation site, and a soil moisture sensor that is also installed on the irrigation site. Programming allows an estimated ET value to be calculated based at least in part on... Agent: Hunter Industries, Inc.

20140088772 - Methods for automatically commissioning of devices of a networked control system: The invention relates to automatically commissioning of devices of a networked control system, particularly to automatically commissioning of wireless switches in lighting control systems. A basic idea of the invention is to derive from an installation constraints with regard to a networked control system and to consider these constraints during... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140088773 - Systems and methods for part load control of electrical power generating systems: Disclosed illustrative embodiments include systems for part load control of electrical power generating systems and methods of operating a system for part load control of electrical power generating systems.... Agent:

20140088775 - Apparatus control system, mobile terminal and program: Apparatus control system includes control device controlling operation of apparatuses and portable mobile terminal communicable with the control device. In the control device, control unit controls each apparatus in accordance with control schedule stored in device-side storage unit and control request from the mobile terminal. In the mobile terminal, date... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140088774 - Configurable baseline calculation in demand response: A baseline editor is provided for creating a baseline calculator. A user interface allows description of the baseline algorithm in demand response domain terminology. A processor compiles the demand response domain terminology into computer code for calculating the baseline (i.e. a baseline calculator). Rather than relying on programmers to custom... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140088780 - Automatic local electric management system: An automatic local electric management system provides a comprehensive method and apparatus for consumers to more efficiently use energy. The system includes an intelligent service panel, numerous smart connectors, and system operation software. The intelligent service panel comprises microcontrollers, program controlled circuit breakers, sensors, and various interface and control circuits.... Agent:

20140088778 - Control device for distributed generators: A control device for distributed generators connected to a power main grid includes: a load power measuring unit measuring power consumption of loads connected to the plurality of distributed generators; a distributed generator power measuring unit measuring powers outputted from the plurality of distributed generators; a power flow reference value... Agent:

20140088776 - Energy harvesting load control switch: A method, device, and system for controlling power delivered to a power-consuming device. The device can harvest power from a conductor carrying a high voltage using a power harvesting device. The device can include a power storage device to power a hardware processor and a communication component when there is... Agent: Cooper Technologies Company

20140088782 - Energy-saving apparatus and energy-saving system: The present disclosure provides an energy-saving apparatus that can switch a plurality of templates containing procedures for controlling the connected devices. The energy-saving apparatus comprises a template storing section that stores a plurality of templates containing procedures for controlling the connected device; an operation controlling section that selects a template... Agent: Ubiteq, Inc.

20140088777 - Low voltage load control switch: A method, device, and system for controlling power delivered to a power-consuming device. The device can receive a control signal from a thermostat, where the control signal activates the device. The device can then determine when a control event is to occur. At such time, the device terminates power delivered... Agent:

20140088784 - Power supply device and method, and program: The present technique relates to a power supply device and method as well as a program which allow a billing process to be surely performed in charging a vehicle. When a vehicle ID registered in advance in an external storage matches a vehicle ID acquired by a reader/writer, a control... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140088779 - Smart power strip and smart home system using the same: A smart power strip applied to a smart home system includes at least one socket connected to an electronic device, a plug configured to connect the smart power strip to the power supply, a storage, a wireless receiver, a Power Line Communication or Optical Fiber Power Line Communication modem unit,... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140088781 - System for optimizing the charging of electric vehicles using networked distributed energy storage systems: Embodiments of the present invention include control methods employed in multiphase distributed energy storage systems that are located behind utility meters typically located at, but not limited to, medium and large commercial and industrial locations. Some embodiments of the invention use networked multiphase distributed energy storage systems located at an... Agent: Stem, Inc

20140088783 - System for the delivery of electrical energy, and method for the delivery of electrical energy, program, and computer program product: A system for delivery of electrical energy includes a first electrical power distribution station assigned a first electrical power distribution identifier and a second electrical power distribution station assigned a second electrical power distribution identifier. An electrical power distribution control entity is configured to receive, when electrical power is requested... Agent: Deutsche Telekom Ag

20140088785 - Management of the energy supply for a local energy transport network: The invention relates to a system for managing the supply of energy of a client device connected to an energy transport network, said system comprising a switching device connected to said network, said system comprising an energy storage means connected to said network via the switching device, wherein the switching... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140088786 - Power control device, power control system, and power control method: A power control device includes a control circuit configured to control a power source as a control target; and a control calculation unit configured to calculate a manipulation amount by which the control circuit controls the power source, wherein when a disturbance occurs in the power source, the control calculation... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140088787 - Methods and systems for energy balance control for feed flow and feed temperature disturbances: The present disclosure provides methods and systems for mitigating finished product temperature transients caused by changes in product flow, raw product temperature, or other disturbances in an aseptic sterilization process. The methods and systems include applying an energy balance feedforward control scheme to the aseptic sterilization process to compensate for... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140088788 - Rack server system and operating method thereof: A rack server system and an operating method thereof are disclosed herein. The rack server system includes a rack, a rack management controller, a plurality of servers, a plurality of fan modules, and a plurality of fan controllers. The rack management controller includes a plurality of different first bus ports,... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

03/20/2014 > 50 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140081426 - Control system auto-tuning: A control system includes a controller. The controller repeatedly excites a control loop characterized by parameters having randomly selected values for each excitation and scores a response of the control loop to each excitation relative to a target signal until the scores no longer achieve a value less than a... Agent: Horiba Instruments Incorporated

20140081427 - Tuning methods of the pi and pid controllers parameters: The invented controller tuning method relies on the following procedure. To the controlled system with known proportional gain the integral type controller is connected in series. The controller gain kl is increased to get the closed loop system to the stability limit. At this stage the controller ultimate gain ku... Agent: Politechnika Swietokrzyska

20140081428 - System for locating a machine and/or a part in a coordinate system: The system includes a software program for locating a machine in a fixed reference coordinate (FRC) system for a manufacturing system, such as a fiber placement machine used in the construction of a composite part. The software system also locates a part in the FRC, and further includes locating an... Agent:

20140081431 - System construction supporting apparatus and system configuration diagram creating method: A system construction supporting apparatus searches through, when receiving an input for arranging a component on the system configuration diagram anew, association information in which combinations among components connectable to one another are described and extracts a component connectable to a component selected by the input, connects a display object... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140081430 - System, method, work station and computer program product for controlling an industrial process: A work station for monitoring and control of an industrial process includes a human machine interface unit for presenting the industrial process in process graphics for an operator. The interface unit is communicatively and operatively connectable to an industrial process, and the work station is provided with a shortcut navigator... Agent:

20140081429 - Systems, methods, and software for presenting parameter set(s) for industrial automation devices: Systems, methods, and software for presenting predefined parameter subsets for industrial automation devices and equipment are provided herein. In one example, a non-transitory computer readable medium having stored thereon program instructions executable by a computing device is presented. When executed by the computing device, the program instructions direct the computing... Agent: Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific Business Ctr. Pte., Ltd

20140081432 - Method and apparatus for rehabilitation using adapted video games: A participant, engages in healthcare provider prescribed physical rehabilitation exercises utilizing specifically designed controllers, and these exercises are mapped to one or more video game commands. These commands are coupled with other inputs to control the video game that will be used to ensure adherence to a prescribed rehabilitation regimen.... Agent: Brown University

20140081433 - System for managing home appliances and push service method thereof: A system for managing home appliances can provide a push service with respect to status information of a home appliance. Further, push service can be stably implemented using a response message to a push message. This can allow home appliances to be managed efficiently.... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140081435 - Connecting players to professional athletes to receive evaluations: The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for connecting players to professional athletes to receive evaluations from the professional athletes regarding the players' abilities within a sport. The present invention can be embodied as a website that allows a player to select one or more participating... Agent: Coached By Pros, LLC

20140081434 - Handheld device workout coach system: A handheld device workout coach system includes: at least a handheld device installed therein with a coaching program and having a near field communication (NFC) module and a ID recognition data; at least a fitness device having a master control unit, a near field communication (NFC) module corresponding in position... Agent:

20140081436 - Monitoring of physical training events: A computer-implemented method is disclosed that includes instructing a human player to perform a plurality of different actions in a determined order with a physical basketball, including actions of bouncing the physical basketball, and obtaining, with one or more electronic sensors, data that characterizes motion of the physical basketball being... Agent: Infomotion Sports Technologies, Inc.

20140081438 - Method for implementing a computer game: A method of displaying scores of players in a game tournament played on connected computing devices, each with an integral display, in which one or more processors cause the scores for each player for a specific round of the game to be recorded and then causes the scores for that... Agent: Limited

20140081437 - Performance based sports scoring system: An automated, replicable, process-based original concept that provides a self-validating, defined quantification of the relevance of a series of plays or physical and/or mental efforts of competing, simultaneously occurring diametrically opposed strategy and tactics of two or more different teams or individuals engaged in a contest or exhibition of athleticism... Agent:

20140081439 - Recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus: An apparatus has a microphone, an analog to digital converting circuit, a semiconductor memory, an input device, and a controller. The analog to digital converting circuit converts an output signal from the microphone into a digital signal. The semiconductor memory stores the digital signal. The input device at least carries... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140081441 - Generation of tool paths for shoe assembly: A tool path for treating a shoe upper may be generated to treat substantially only the surface of the shoe bounded by a bite line. The bite line may be defined to correspond to the junction of the shoe upper and a shoe bottom unit. Bite line data and three-dimensional... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140081440 - Method and apparatus for automatically generating trim lines for cranial remodeling devices: A method for manufacturing a custom cranial remodeling device of a type comprising plastic material is provided. The method includes the steps of: providing a first database of three-dimensional digital surface images of trim lines for cranial remodeling devices of a first type; providing a second database of three-dimensional digital... Agent: Cranial Technologies, Inc.

20140081442 - Product quality improvement feedback method: A product quality improvement feedback method is provided. The method includes the following steps. Provide a first checklist, a second checklist, and a third checklist in a design period, a trial production period, and a mass production period respectively. Execute a failure mode and effects analysis to the first checklist,... Agent: Askey Computer Corp.

20140081443 - Plate member reversing system and reversing/transfer method thereof: A plate member reversing system adapted for sequentially reversing and transferring a plurality of plate members, includes a second delta robot, a reversing device and a second transfer device. The second delta robot is configured such that it sequentially holds the plate members and transfers and places them onto the... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140081444 - Sequencer system for an automatic tape laying and projection system: An integrated system for building a fiber composite part which includes an automatic fiber placement machine and a laser projector for verification of proper fiber placement. The CNC machine is controlled by a build file, with the laser projector being controlled by a part projection file. A sequencer, responsive to... Agent:

20140081445 - Automated delivery vehicle, systems and methods for automated delivery: Provided are methods and systems for automated delivery using a delivery vehicle transported by a carrier vehicle. The automated delivery method comprises receiving, by a processing device, an order from a buyer. The order specifies one or more products to be delivered to the buyer and itinerary information. The processing... Agent:

20140081446 - System for automatically sorting mailpostal matter and method thereof: A system for automatically sorting a mailpostal matter and a method thereof are provided. The system for automatically sorting a mailpostal matter includes a mailpostal matter supply unit configured to convey two inputted mailpostal matters by controlling a distance between the two inputted mailpostal matters to be equal to a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140081447 - Systems and methods for receiving shipment parcels: Disclosed are various embodiments of systems and methods for receiving shipment parcels at, for example, materials handling facilities. In some embodiments, a parcel monitoring system detects an exception for a shipment parcel. The parcel monitoring system identifies a vendor associated with the shipment parcel. In response to the exception being... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140081448 - Control of pneumatic carrier system based on carrier or payload identification: A system and method provides for controlling a pneumatic carrier system based on identification information read from a carrier or a payload of the carrier. Each carrier or payload which is to be employed within the system includes an identification device such as a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip which... Agent: Translogic Corporation

20140081450 - System and method for communicating vending information: A system and method for communicating vending information is provided. The system includes a plurality of vending apparatuses, each containing a vending inventory comprised of vendible products, and a control center in communication with the plurality of vending apparatuses configured to receive user information. The user information can include a... Agent: Redbox Automated Retail, LLC

20140081449 - System and method for redemption of credits in a variable value transaction: A system and method of processing a variable value transaction with credits and a payment card are provided. The variable value transaction may involve a piece of media content and include an initial balance and a remaining balance. The initial balance and the remaining balance may be dependent on the... Agent: Redbox Automated Retail, LLC

20140081451 - Systems and methods for dispensing soft goods: Systems and methods for dispensing soft goods are provided. A described method includes receiving a soft good supply at a loading zone of a soft good dispensing device, receiving an indication of a desired quantity of the soft good at a processing circuit of the soft good dispensing device, using... Agent: June Tailor, Inc.

20140081453 - Industrial robot having electronic drive devices distributed on the robot structure: In an industrial robot, the electronic drive devices for the electrical supply and control of electric motors of the robot are distributed on the robot structure, each being adjacent to the respective electric motor. The electronic drive devices are connected in series to each other and to a central processing... Agent: Comau S.p.a

20140081452 - Robot apparatus: A robot apparatus includes a robot main body, a distance determining section, an order determining section, and an operation controlling section. The robot main body transfers a plurality of to-be-processed objects in order so as to subject every predetermined number of the to-be-processed objects to processing, and includes a robot... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140081454 - Brain machine interface utilizing a discrete action state decoder in parallel with a continuous decoder for a neural prosthetic device: A brain machine interface for control of prosthetic devices is provided. In its control, the interface utilizes parallel control of a continuous decoder and a discrete action state decoder. In the discrete decoding, we not only learn states affiliated with the task, but also states related to the velocity of... Agent:

20140081455 - Methods and systems for assigning input devices to teleoperated surgical instrument functions: A method of assigning an auxiliary input device to control a surgical instrument in a robotic surgical system can include automatically assigning an auxiliary input device to control an auxiliary function of a surgical instrument based on a position of the auxiliary input device and which of a user's hands... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140081456 - Robot calibration method: A robot calibration method which aligns the coordinate system of a gantry module with the coordinate system of a camera system is disclosed. The method includes using an alignment tool, which allows the operator to place workpieces in locations known by the gantry module. An image is then captured of... Agent:

20140081457 - Calculating apparatus, transfer robot system, and calculating method: A calculating apparatus includes an acquiring portion and a calculating portion. The acquiring portion acquires a center position of a wafer placed on an alignment apparatus, and a wafer angle corresponding to a marker such as an orientation flat. The calculating portion calculates by using the wafer center position and... Agent: Daihen Corporation

20140081459 - Depth mapping vision system with 2d optical pattern for robotic applications: A depth mapping device equipped with a 2D optical pattern projection mounted on a tool attached to a robot may be used to measure distance between the tool and an object. Depth data generated by the depth mapping device can be used to generate an augmented-reality image to provide real-time... Agent:

20140081458 - Robot system and article manufacturing method: A robot system includes a controller that performs control such that corner portions of a glass substrate, which is different in size from a reference glass substrate, are detected by cameras in a state in which the glass substrate is held and shifted by an end effecter of a robot... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140081460 - Method for adjusting parameters of impedance control: In a method for adjusting parameters of impedance control, an overshoot amount allowable value is set as an allowable maximum value of an overshoot amount of a time response of a force feedback from a force sensor provided for an end effector of a robot manipulator, and a setting time... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140081461 - Constraining robotic manipulators with redundant degrees of freedom: Redundant robotic manipulators may be constrained in their motions during operation in a gravity-compensated mode by applying, in addition to gravity-compensating torques, constraining torques to one or more of the joints. The constraining torques may urge the manipulator to a specified canonical posture, and may be modeled by virtual springs... Agent:

20140081462 - Custom cosmetic blending machine: A spectrophotometer 300, webcam 302 or other instrument measures the color composition and texture of a person's face 400 or other body part. A computer system 301 includes a processor 501 and a non-transitory, non-signal computer readable medium 500 containing machine readable instructions that accept data from a spectrophotometer 300... Agent:

20140081463 - Custom cosmetic blending machine with handheld colorimeter: A colorimeter or other instrument measures the color composition and texture of a person's skin and an individual custom formulation is produced. A computer system accepts data from a colorimeter 300 or like instrument and uses a main executable program 502 and a subroutine 504 for color analysis to derive... Agent:

20140081464 - Wire sorting machine and method of sorting wires: A wire sorting machine includes a frame and a fixture held by the frame. The fixture is configured to support a cable having a plurality of wires. A positioning system is supported by the frame. A guidance system is supported by the positioning system. The guidance system has a camera... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140081467 - Air-conditioning management apparatus: An area that is within an air-conditioned space to which a specific position P belongs in an arrangement plan and that is within a predetermined range from the specific position is obtained as a control target range. An air-conditioning device whose installation position in the arrangement plan is included in... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140081466 - Gateway round-robin system: A round-robin system having a suspend mechanism. The system may solve a synchronization issue relative to wireless communication with several hosts. With round-robin, a gateway device may permit user communication with one host at a time. The suspend mechanism, during a round-robin sequence, may enable a user with a request... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140081465 - Remote access gateway configurable control system: A remote access gateway configurable control system. There may be a series of control commands to set or adjust a gateway device's running parameters and modify the behavior of the device or start process action. There may be configuration commands for remote control of the device and server commands for... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140081468 - Integrated attic ventilation, air conditioning and heating system electronic controller and system and method for use of same: An integrated attic ventilation, air conditioning and heating system electronic controller, with a system and method for use of the same, is disclosed. In one embodiment, the integrated electronic controller includes a housing configured to be secured within an attic space in a building structure having a living area. A... Agent: Paul Stuart & Associates, LLC.

20140081469 - Expandable irrigation controller: An expandable irrigation controller for controlling a plurality of watering stations in an irrigation system includes a removable front panel and an inner housing, connected to the front panel. The inner housing includes a circuit board including control connectors which are connected electrically to the controller and a station module... Agent:

20140081471 - Irrigation system with et based seasonal watering adjustment: An ET based irrigation system includes a stand alone irrigation controller with a seasonal adjust feature and a stand alone weather station including at least one environmental sensor. The ET based irrigation system further includes a stand alone ET unit operatively connected to the irrigation controller and the weather station.... Agent: Hunter Industries, Inc.

20140081470 - Landscape irrigation management with automated water budget & seasonal adjust, and automated implementation of watering restrictions: Embodiments of the present invention provide methods and apparatus for water conservation with landscape irrigation controllers, plug-in and add-on devices, and centralized systems. In embodiments of the invention, a water budget percentage is determined by comparing current local geo-environmental data with stored local geo-environmental data, and the preliminary irrigation schedule... Agent:

20140081472 - Power grid data monitoring and control: A method for identifying conditions that correlate with one ore more events related to operation of a power grid. The method includes the determining one or more distinguishing characteristics of a first chunk. The first chunk includes data elements relevant to operating a power grid. The method also includes determining... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140081473 - Distributed fault-tolerant control and protection system: The present invention relates to a distributed fault-tolerant control system for a modularized wind turbine or wind power plant system comprising sub-assemblies, the control system comprising 1) fault-tolerant control means adapted to generate control set-points and/or data values, said fault-tolerant control means being distributed in sub-assemblies in accordance with the... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140081474 - Power measurement in a two-wire load control device: A two-wire load control device may be configured to compute an accurate estimate of real-time power consumption by a load that is electrically connected to, and controlled by, the two-wire load control device. The load control device may be adapted to measure a voltage drop across the device during a... Agent:

20140081475 - Automated system for monitoring, protecting and controlling electrical substation equipment: The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering and can be used for monitoring, protecting and controlling the operation of electrical substation equipment. The essence of the invention is that the device for monitoring, registering and controlling electrical substation equipment is in the form of a server cluster consisting... Agent: Limited Liability Company "laboratoriya Intellektualnikh Setej I Sistem"-llc "lysis"

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