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Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications

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05/21/2015 > 70 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150142135 - Door/window sensor: A control system for use with a control device in a network. The control system includes a sensing device to monitor a distance of the sensing device from the control device, and to communicate a first indication in response to the distance exceeding a predefined value through the network. The... Agent:

20150142136 - Calculation device: A calculation device includes a plurality of calculation processing units configured to perform different processes with each other, a plurality of calculators configured to perform a same calculation, and a control unit configured to control a number of the calculators to be operated during each of a plurality of divided... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150142137 - Wireless network of low power sensing and actuating motes: Embodiments include a wireless mote network having a plurality of motes, wherein each of the plurality of motes includes a processing unit in communication with a communications device. Each of the motes includes at least a sensor configured to monitor an environmental condition in an area around the mote or... Agent:

20150142138 - Physical presence verification by an industrial control system controller: Physical presence verification by an industrial control system controller is described herein. One industrial control system controller includes a mechanism configured to verify that a user of the industrial control system controller is physically present at a location of the controller, a memory, and a processor configured to execute executable... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150142139 - Methods and apparatus for tuning circuit components of a communication device: A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a process that assigns a respective priority level to each of a number of tuning algorithms controlling different tunable elements of a communication device. A first tuning algorithm is executed according to a first priority level assigned... Agent:

20150142140 - In-home-presence probability calculation method, server apparatus, and in-home-presence probability calculation system: Specification of a time is received from a device that uses an in-home-presence probability calculation system, a probability that a person is at home at the specified time is calculated on the basis of a specified operation time and a specified correlation when the specified operation time is a time... Agent:

20150142141 - Electronic device and remote control method: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a first detector, a memory and circuitry. The first detector detects either attachment of the electronic device to a human body or removal of the electronic device from a human body. The memory is configured to store control data. The circuitry executes... Agent:

20150142142 - Method and system to assist in player development: A system for assisting in player development is disclosed. The system includes a server maintaining a database including a plurality of player development records, each player development record including at least training data, competition data, and biographic data. The system also includes an application hosted by the server, the application... Agent:

20150142143 - Wearable device assembly having athletic functionality: A wearable device assembly has a housing supporting a controller, display and indicator system thereon. The controller has at least one sensor wherein activity of a user wearing the device is detected. The controller selectively illuminates the indicator system to indicate a level of activity of the user.... Agent:

20150142147 - Audio system for rhythm-based activity: Methods, systems, and apparatus for generating an audio experience are described. A tempo value of an activity is obtained and one or more songs characterized by a tempo that matches the obtained tempo value are identified. A playlist of songs that match the obtained tempo value is generated.... Agent:

20150142145 - Determining quality of experience for communication sessions: A computer-implemented method, computer program product, and computing system is provided for determining quality of experience for communication sessions. In an implementation, a method may include determining a plurality of intrusive quality of experience scores associated with a plurality of intrusive audio transmission samples. The method may also include determining... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142146 - Determining quality of experience for communication sessions: A computer-implemented method, computer program product, and computing system is provided for determining quality of experience for communication sessions. In an implementation, a method may include determining a plurality of intrusive quality of experience scores associated with a plurality of intrusive audio transmission samples. The method may also include determining... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142148 - Interactive sound reproducing: An audio system attachable to a computer includes a sound reproduction device for producing audible sound from audio signals. The sound reproduction device includes a radio tuner and a powered speaker. The audio system further includes a connector for connecting the sound reproduction device with a computer. The computer provides... Agent:

20150142144 - Label and system for infant care having provision for automatic updating: A method and system for providing suitably audio programmatic material for enhancing a baby's experience in distinct contexts employs a connected device having communicative access to a WAN and further includes a camera capable or reading a QR code and responding to instructions contained thereon. The system includes a media... Agent:

20150142152 - Intelligent 3d printer and method: A 3D printer system and related methods. The 3D printer system includes a processor and an accessible memory. The accessible memory includes a CAD kernel and a product file that defines a CAD solid model. The 3D printer system is particularly configured to execute the CAD kernel using the processor,... Agent: Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

20150142149 - Method and computer-based tool for composite-structure fabrication design: A computer system and method are provided for generating a composite-structure fabrication design. During execution of the method on the computer system, a plurality of user interfaces prompt a user to enter generic design criteria as well as specific fabrication rules. Both generic design criteria and specified fabrication rules are... Agent: Collier Research And Development Corporation

20150142151 - Method for transforming a three dimensional digital model in a space object made of sheet material: The invention relates to a method for transforming a three dimensional digital model in a space object made of sheet material. The method allows the shape forming elements of the sheet matrix to be permanently or temporarily fixed so that it can be used for circulation copies or unique pieces... Agent:

20150142150 - Method of digitally constructing a prosthesis: A prosthetic limb and process to digitally construct a prosthetic limb which includes first, digitally producing a modified mold of a residual limb via 3d scanners and software known to the industry; constructing a test socket from the digitally modified mold and be equipped with an alignable system; for example,... Agent:

20150142153 - Three-dimensional object development: A computer implemented method and an object development system (ODS) for developing a three-dimensional (3D) object are provided. The ODS receives a 3D image in one or more image formats from one or more sources. The ODS determines object development requirements and a display type of the received 3D image.... Agent: Hankookin, Inc.

20150142154 - Modular system for real-time evaluation and monitoring of a machining production-line overall performances calculated from each given workpiece, tool and machine: The present invention provides a modular system and method for real-time evaluation and monitoring of a machining production line overall performances, calculated from each given metal workpiece, consumable tool and machine. The present invention is configured for an iterative and incremental calculation and evaluation of the machining production-line overall performances,... Agent:

20150142156 - Flexible manufacturing system: There is provided a flexible manufacturing system that can reliably place a workpiece that isn't defective piece in a state where the workpiece will be machined again. After a pallet is conveyed to a standby position and before machining of the workpiece attached to the pallet is started, controllers determines... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20150142155 - Holding and transporting device: The invention relates to a holding and transporting device for intermediate products (10), in particular for boards heated for hot forming or pre-formed shaped components, having at least one tactile temperature measuring sensor (6), which is integrated in the holding and transporting device in such a way that the sensor... Agent:

20150142157 - Automated bender and systems and methods for providing data to operate an automated bender: An automated bender and its method of operation according to some embodiments of the disclosure is provided. The automated bender includes a carousel which has all of the necessary components for bending a variety of conduit sizes provided thereon. The carousel can be rotated to a desired bending position to... Agent:

20150142159 - Color or multi-material three-dimensional (3d) printing: A three-dimensional (3D) continuous color printer includes one or more cartridges each with a building material stored therein, a mixer coupled to each cartridge, and a single printhead coupled to a mixer output, wherein the building material stored in the cartridge is transported to the mixer and the single print... Agent:

20150142158 - Method and device for producing a three-dimensional object in layers: Method for manufacturing a three-dimensional object by a layer-wise solidification of a building material at positions in the respective layer corresponding to the cross-section of the object to be manufactured by introducing energy by means of electromagnetic radiation, wherein a calculation, which stresses will occur inside of the object during... Agent: Eos Gmbh Electro Optical Systems

20150142160 - Three-dimensional modeling method: A three-dimensional modeling method having a high degree of flexibility in selecting sheet materials, and capable of performing modeling with high accuracy is provided. In each of a plurality of sheets used for the three-dimensional modeling method in one aspect of the disclosure, a body layer 2 to be cut... Agent:

20150142161 - Method and apparatus for mobile cleanspace fabricators: The present invention provides apparatus for a mobile cleanspace fabrication facility. Various methods relating to moving a mobile cleanspace fabrication facility and to the locations that a mobile cleanspace fabrication facility may be moved to are discussed.... Agent:

20150142162 - Multi-protocol multi-client equipment server: A multi-client multi-protocol equipment server includes: a host interface that facilitates communication with a manufacturing execution system (MES); a plurality of client interfaces, wherein each client interface facilitates communication with a client based on a Common Equipment Model (CEM) for a semiconductor manufacturing tool; and a plurality of tool interfaces,... Agent:

20150142163 - Utilization of wall thickness measurement in combination with thermal imaging of containers: A closed loop temperature and wall thickness-based control system for improving process yield and quality while reducing dependence on operator skill utilizes intensity information from a hot end container imaging system and wall thickness information from a hot glass container wall thickness measurement system. By utilizing both the container intensity... Agent: Emhart Glass S.a.

20150142164 - Machine tool for chamfering and chamfering method: After a Z-axis on which a chamfering tool is mounted is located in a machining position for chamfering, two orthogonal axes (X- and Y-axes) perpendicular to the Z-axis are positioned to be ready for the chamfering. The Z-axis is compensated simultaneously with the X- and Y-axes in accordance with a... Agent:

20150142165 - Utilization rate calculation method and system thereof, embedded system and computer readable storage medium: A utilization rate calculation method is disclosed. The utilization rate calculation method comprises steps as follows: scanning an operation signal of I/O ports via a I/O port capturing module; continuously receiving the operation signal via the I/O port capturing module; determining whether a machine tool is running according to the... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150142166 - Numerical control device having function of simultaneously executing plurality of commands using data in table format: In a numerical control device, a command read out unit sequentially reads out time or a position of an axis or a spindle which is a reference and a position of a different axis or spindle from the axis or the spindle which is the reference or an auxiliary function... Agent:

20150142167 - Method for producing structures or contours on a workpiece, and moulder: In a moulder, at least one rotatably driven tool (7, 8, 10, 11) is used to produce the structure (27) or contour on the workpiece (1) by workpiece removal. The workpiece positions along the workpiece (1) for producing the structure or contour are set depending on the data of the... Agent:

20150142168 - Route builder: Systems, methods, and devices of the various embodiments enable graph based routing of containers and adjustments of container routing based on one or more current material handling system state. The various embodiments enable examination and evaluation of the material handling systems using graphs to find an optimal route from a... Agent: Intelligrated Headquarters LLC

20150142169 - Cleaning robot and method for controlling the same: A cleaning robot including a main body, a pad mounted below the main body to implement cleaning, and a drive assembly to apply drive power to the pad. The drive assembly moves the main body to a target position by adjusting the drive power. The cleaning robot may move at... Agent:

20150142170 - Method for controlling the walking motion of a mobile robot, and robot implementing said method: A computer program and a system for controlling walking of a mobile robot, notably a humanoid robot moving on two legs. Conventionally, control was guided by driving a zero moment point. Such driving was performed within a fixed coordinate system connected to a progression surface and assumed knowledge of the... Agent:

20150142171 - Methods and apparatus to calibrate an orientation between a robot gripper and a camera: Disclosed are methods adapted to calibrate a robot gripper to a camera. The method includes providing a robot with a coupled moveable gripper, providing one or more cameras, providing a target scene having one or more fixed target points, moving the gripper and capturing images of the target scene at... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150142172 - System and method for controlling a teleoperated robotic agile lift system: A method for controlling a tele-operated robot agile lift system is disclosed. The method comprises manipulating a human-machine interface of a master robot located on a mobile platform. The human machine interface is kinematically equivalent to a user's arm with a plurality of support members. A position value and a... Agent:

20150142176 - Air conditioning management system: An air conditioning management system manages air conditioning units having unique physical addresses using logical addresses. The system includes a local controller collecting driving information for the air conditioning units, and an operating unit for each air conditioning unit. The local controller has a memory section which stores identification information... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150142174 - Crane and related method of operation: The present invention relates to a control system for operating a crane (101). The control system includes a central control module (125) for controlling operation of the crane (101) and a control unit (121) for outputting control signals to the central control module in response to user inputs. At least... Agent:

20150142175 - Machine component of a drivetrain and a method for configuring and/or putting into operation and/or operating such a drivetrain: The invention relates to a machine component of a drive train and to a method for configuring and/or putting into operation and/or operating such a drive train (2) of a machine (1), which drive train comprises machine components that can be controlled by means of a control unit (9) as... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150142177 - Method and apparatus for retrofitting a pedestal crane: A method and apparatus are disclosed for retrofitting a pedestal crane, the method comprising removing an existing motor generator controller for a motor in the pedestal crane; and replacing the motor generator controller with a digital controller.... Agent: Electronics Power Design, Inc.

20150142178 - Normalized control of an ihs component: A component control system includes a component. At least one component element is included in the component. A component controller is included in the component, coupled to the at least one component element, and operable to couple to an Information Handling System (IHS) controller. The component controller is operable to... Agent:

20150142173 - System, a method and a computer program product for controlling a group of actuator arrays for producing a physical effect: A system which controls a group of multiple arrays of actuator elements, each of the actuator elements including a moving element which moves between a first and a second extreme positions; the system including: a controller, configured to generate control commands for at least one array of the multiple arrays... Agent:

20150142179 - Air-conditioning management device, air-conditioning management method, and program: A standard schedule creator creates a standard schedule that makes it possible to achieve a target presented by target data. A seasonal schedule updater, monthly schedule updater, weekly schedule updater, and current day schedule updater update the created standard schedule using the corresponding weather forecast data to create an operation... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150142180 - Control unit with automatic setback capability: Methods for controlling temperature in a conditioned enclosure such as a dwelling are described that include an “auto-away” and/or “auto-arrival” feature for detecting unexpected absences which provide opportunities for significant energy savings through automatic adjustment of the setpoint temperature. According to some preferred embodiments, when no occupancy has been detected... Agent: Google Inc.

20150142181 - Staggered start-up hvac system, a method for starting an hvac unit and an hvac controller configured for the same: One aspect of the disclosure describes a controller for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. In one embodiment, the HVAC controller includes an interface and a processor. In this embodiment, the interface is configured to receive a delay originating signal. In one embodiment, the processor is configured to:... Agent:

20150142182 - Active anti-vibration apparatus, anti-vibration method, processing device, inspection device, exposure device, and workpiece manufacturing method: An active anti-vibration apparatus is provided that supports a wide range of vibration accelerations using only one type of anti-vibration mechanism. Upon occurrence of an excessive acceleration, the active anti-vibration apparatus performs switching such that an acceleration detection gain 14b of an acceleration amplifier 14 is multiplied by a prescribed... Agent:

20150142183 - Control device for a hydraulic cylinder unit with an individual valve controller: A control device controls a hydraulic cylinder unit having a piston. The device receives a setpoint variable and an actual variable and determines, based on a difference between the setpoint variable and the actual variable, a preliminary manipulated variable for valves of the hydraulic cylinder unit. The setpoint variable and... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150142186 - Methods and systems for control of general purpose microfluidic devices: The present invention provides control methods, control systems, and control software for microfluidic devices that operate by moving discrete micro-droplets through a sequence of determined configurations. Such microfluidic devices are preferably constructed in a hierarchical and modular fashion which is reflected in the preferred structure of the provided methods and... Agent:

20150142184 - Pneumatically actuated computer input device: A pneumatically actuated computer input device comprises an input device circuit member having a hollow body, at least one switch member within the hollow body adapted to send electronic signals to a computer terminal, and a pneumatic actuator within the hollow body adapted to be inflated and press against and... Agent:

20150142185 - Pressure control method for process chamber and pressure control device for process chamber: A predicted outflow rate (Qo) at which gas is discharged from a process chamber 2 via a vacuum pump 3 is computed, and an input flow rate (Qi) is calculated in order to reach a preset target pressure (Psp). The input flow rate (Qi) is calculated, on the basis of... Agent:

20150142187 - System and method for controlling power system: To control a power state of a power system properly according to a communication state. A system for controlling a power system includes a plurality of sensor devices configured to output measurement data; a first control apparatus configured to estimate a first power state of the power system by using... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150142188 - Automated commissioning of a gas turbine combustion control system: Systems and methods for automating commissioning of a gas turbine combustion control system are provided. According to one embodiment of the disclosure, a system may include a controller and a processor communicatively coupled to the controller. The processor may be configured to run a gas turbine under a plurality of... Agent: General Electric Company

20150142191 - Control system for a wind turbine: A control system for a wind turbine is provided. The control system includes a plurality of controllers distributed in the wind turbine or the wind power plant; and a plurality of data storage units, each data storage unit being arranged at a respective predetermined position in the wind turbine or... Agent:

20150142189 - Power generation control system, method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium of the same: A power generation control system is provided. The power generation control system includes power generation devices electrically connected to form an array, a MPPT module, a power control module and voltage control modules. Each of the power generation devices includes an energy generation module for generating input supplying power and... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150142190 - Power system with an energy generator and a hybrid energy storage system: Systems and methods are disclosed to control a power system with an energy generator and a hybrid energy storage system. The system includes two or more energy storage system, each with different energy storage capacity and energy discharge capacity. The system includes developing data for one or more control variables... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20150142192 - Method of regulating a plant comprising cogenerating installations and thermodynamic systems intended for air conditioning and/or heating: A method of regulating an installation associating one or several cogeneration machines and one or several thermodynamic systems (e.g., air conditioner (whether or not reversible), water cooler or heat pump (whether or not reversible)) intended for air conditioning and/or heating.... Agent:

20150142194 - Dynamic load curtailment system and method: A system and method are disclosed for dynamically learning the optimum energy consumption operating condition for a building and monitor/control energy consuming equipment to keep the peak demand interval at a minimum. The dynamic demand limiting algorithm utilized employs two separate control schemes, one for HVAC loads and one for... Agent: Gridpoint, Inc.

20150142195 - Methods for optimizing an analysis of energy consumption to reduce cost and devices thereof: A method, energy usage analysis device, and non-transitory computer readable medium that obtain an amount of energy generated from wind resources and thermal resources at a plurality of intervals over a specified time period. An amount of energy consumed by a user at each of the intervals is obtained. An... Agent:

20150142193 - Utility console for controlling energy resources: A system and method for managing power consumption and storage in a power grid. Measurements are received from a plurality of geographically distributed energy management controllers. Each energy management controllers has energy storage units with stored energy. The measurements comprise the energy production and storage capacity of the energy management... Agent: Gridpoint, Inc.

20150142196 - Method, a system, a computer-readable medium, and a power controlling apparatus for applying and distributing power: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to power management and the like, and more particularly, to an apparatus, a system, a method, and a computer-readable medium for providing power controlling functionality to generate configurable power signals and to deliver power during fault conditions. In at least some embodiments, a power... Agent: Global Embedded Technologies, Inc.

20150142197 - Automated identification of components connected in a power grid: Automated identification of components connected within a power grid is facilitated by: obtaining by one component of the power grid a request to broadcast a power-connected beacon identifying, at least in part, the one component of the power grid; and responsive to the request, automatically broadcasting by the one component... Agent: Intelligent Power & Energy Research Corporation (iperc)

20150142198 - Packeted energy delivery system and methods: Methods and apparatus for packetized energy distribution are provided. A data and power delivery network, called a digital grid, is provided to facilitate delivery of power upon request. Energy bits (quanta) serve as a means to deliver energy as well as coding. Voltage pulses of varying time scales are used... Agent:

20150142199 - Methods for managing power consumption for a hands-free dispenser: Methods for managing power consumption of a battery-powered device such as a fluid dispenser are disclosed. One method includes setting a duty cycle of a sensor used by the device to a first range and setting a timer upon detection of a triggering event and also setting the duty cycle... Agent:

20150142200 - Demand controller, charger, and remote charging control system control method using the same: Provided are a demand controller, a charger, and a remote charging control system and control method. The remote charging control method includes transferring current power usage from a demand controller to a total operation center (TOC); transferring usable electric energy from the TOC to a remote controller according to current... Agent: Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.

20150142201 - Method and apparatus for actively managing electric power over an electric power grid: Systems and methods for managing power supplied over an electric power grid by an electric utility and/or other market participants to multiple power consuming devices, each of which having a Power Supply Value (PSV) associated with its energy consumption and/or reduction in consumption. Power flow to the power consuming devices... Agent: Causam Energy, Inc.

20150142202 - Methods and systems for remotely managing water heating units in a water heater and related water heaters and circuits: A method of managing electrical power storage can include remotely controlling operation of one of a plurality of water heating units included in a single water heater, separately from controlling a remainder of the plurality of the water heating units, at a customer location in response to a remotely transmitted... Agent:

20150142203 - Variable precision thermal sensor: A high accuracy on-chip thermal sensor includes an integrated circuit and sensing elements. The thermal sensor finds application in various mobile and battery powered devices and includes a processor that analyzes a measured temperature signal and decides if the thermal sensor operates in low or high power operational mode, or... Agent:

20150142204 - Temperature control equipment and communication equipment cabinet: The present invention is applicable to the communication equipment field, and in particular, relates to temperature control equipment and a communication equipment cabinet. In the embodiments of the present invention, the temperature control equipment uses an inverter to perform regulated filtering for an alternating current and uses a DC/DC boosting... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 59 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150134082 - Method for operating an automation system: A method for operating an automation system provided with a first subsystem and a second subsystem which each process a control program in order to control a technical process, one of these subsystems operating as a master and the other subsystem operating as a slave, wherein measures are provided which... Agent:

20150134083 - Controller and process monitoring method: A controller and processing method includes executing, using an execution unit, a plurality of processes for controlling an operation of a device, monitoring an execution sequence of the processes executed by the execution unit, storing execution sequence information regarding multiple series based on identification information assigned to the processes, outputting... Agent:

20150134084 - Novel bump-less transfer term for proportional action controllers that eschew the integral action term: In automatic control systems, the Integral action term is used primarily to prevent any continued deviation from the set-point, and concomitantly to secure a bump-less transfer from manual control to automatic control. However, there are serious set-backs when using this term. Hence, unless the control system is required to maintain... Agent:

20150134085 - Association of a portable sensor device in a building management system: There is provided a building management system and a method for associating a portable sensor device with a stationary control device in such a system. Upon detection of a movement of the portable sensor device, the portable sensor device starts to transmit signals more frequently to the stationary control devices.... Agent:

20150134086 - System and method for an input-driven, switching-enabled, display device for an automation controller: Present embodiments include a system and method for providing an input-driven, switching-enabled display device for an automation controller. The display device may include a communication interface port, such as a universal serial bus (USB) port, which is installed in the display device so that it may be easily accessible by... Agent: Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific Business Center Pte Ltd.

20150134087 - System to enable/disable weapons: A weapon control system comprising; a weapon; and a weapon controller in communication with the weapon, wherein said weapon controller is configured to receive data and determine whether to enable or disable the weapon.... Agent:

20150134088 - Automated physical therapy systems and methods: A system for providing automated exercise management includes: a motion sensor configured to be worn by a user during a prescribed exercise routine and to sense motion of the user's body during the performance of the prescribed exercise routine; a first wireless communication interface communicatively coupled to the motion sensor;... Agent: Breg, Inc.

20150134089 - Personalized high intensity interval training platform: Consistent with embodiments of the present disclosure, a Personalized High Intensity Interval Training (PHIIT®) platform may be provided. The platform may be comprised of systems and methods disclosed herein. Embodiments of the PHIIT platform may be used by individuals to complete various predetermined workout plans. A predetermined workout plan may... Agent:

20150134090 - Electronic devices and audio signal processing methods: An electronic device includes an acoustic sensor, a storage module, a signal-processing unit and a processor unit. The acoustic sensor is configured to receive a sound and generate a sound signal according to the sound. The signal-processing unit is coupled to the acoustic sensor for receiving the sound signal, processing... Agent: Htc Corporation

20150134091 - Generating audio representative of an entity: Within a network-based system, an entity may be identified by an identifier of the entity. An audio generation machine may be configured to generate an audio piece that represents the entity, and the audio generation machine may generate the audio piece based on the identifier of the entity. Hence, the... Agent:

20150134092 - Method and system for producing a pharmaceutical product using a mes: A method produces a pharmaceutical product using a manufacture execution system (MES), and an automation system, such as a batch system. The automation system is configured to drive and to monitor production machines located at a plant floor level. The method is characterized in that it communicatively couples the MES... Agent:

20150134093 - Springback compensation in formed sheet metal parts: Finite element methods for compensating for springback in aircraft parts meet the visual appearance and aerodynamics of complex parts including those made of fabricated sheet metal. The methods can be used to make narrow parts (e.g., leading edge and slats) and double negative curvature parts, and do not need to... Agent: Embraer S.a.

20150134096 - Colour 3-dimensional printing with 3d gamut mapping: Provided is a Layered Object Manufacturing, LOM, system configured to form a coloured three-dimensional (3D) object, the system comprising: a 3D object gamut mapping module configured to define a 3D object formed from a plurality of surfaces and provide a printing regime consistent with the defined 3D object, wherein the... Agent:

20150134095 - Method and apparatus for automatically adding utility holes to printable 3-dimensional models: A computer implemented method and apparatus for automatically adding utility holes to printable 3D models by accessing a digital representation of a 3D model; accessing specifications that define the geometry of a utility hole to be included with the 3D model; performing a heuristic evaluation of the digital representation of... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150134094 - Systems and processes for forming anatomical features in dentures: The system of a preferred embodiment uses a process whereby a true replication of the patient's jaw structure is created in a digital three dimensional model. This true replication is then used to precisely locate and/or copy the anatomical landmarks of the patient for use in fabricating a denture base... Agent: Global Dental Science LLC

20150134097 - Electronic component mounting system and component management method for electronic component mounting system: Necessary component data indicative of the type and number of electronic components used in component mounting operation is obtained on the basis of production plan data, and mounting data in advance for each of production lots in advance. New allocation processing for allocating an electronic component necessary for production execution... Agent:

20150134098 - Manufacturing process management support device: There is a provided manufacturing process management support device that has an input means for inputting information indicative of the fact that work related to a manufacturing process is performed, and is capable of increasing the reliability of result information. A handy terminal 10 is used to input relevant information... Agent: Osg Corporation

20150134099 - Workpiece machining device with calibration function and workpiece machining device: A workpiece machining device with a calibration function, which is capable of correcting for positioning such that zero points of an industrial robot and a workpiece coincide with each other, is capable of: simplifying a configuration of a workpiece support as compared to when movement of the work support holding... Agent:

20150134100 - Numerical control device: A numerical control device of a machine tool capable of controlling its spindle rotating speed includes: a program analyzing unit that reads ahead a machining program by one block or more and analyses a command for the machine tool; and a command determining unit that determines, based on a result... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150134102 - Method of controlling a gear cutting machine and gear cutting machine: The invention relates to a method of controlling a gear cutting machine having at least one tool for cutting gears into a workpiece clamped in a workpiece mount, wherein the machine control carries out a three-dimensional collision monitoring during the gear cutting machining.... Agent:

20150134101 - Numerical control device: A numerical control device has: a program reading unit reading a machining program; an inclined-surface setting unit setting an inclined-surface coordinate system regarding an inclined surface; an indexing-angle generating unit calculating an indexing angle where a tool used for machining of the inclined surface is oriented perpendicular to the inclined... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150134103 - Numerical control apparatus: A numerical control apparatus that controls a machine tool including a plurality of linear axes and rotation axes, and controls a relative tool posture with respect to work on a table includes a program reading unit that sequentially reads a tool posture with respect to the work from a machining... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150134104 - Dual hidden point bars: A system is provided including a first elongated object proximate a first surface on a first side of a structure and a second elongated object proximate a second surface on a second side of the structure, the second surface and the second side opposite the structure relative to the first... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150134105 - Numerical control apparatus: A numerical control apparatus includes a program analyzing unit configured to pre-fetch a tool replacement command and a post-replacement positioning command from a machining program and output these commands, a tool-replacement-command output unit configured to cause, based on the tool replacement command, a machine tool to execute a tool replacing... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150134106 - Control system for and method of controlling product delivery systems: A control system for and methods of controlling a product delivery system are provided.... Agent:

20150134107 - Devices, systems, and methods for automated medical product or service delivery: Various embodiments disclosed herein include systems, methods, and devices for automated delivery of medical services and products. In certain embodiments, the systems and/or methods are at least partially controlled by a computer.... Agent:

20150134108 - Apparatus and system with pre-loaded cassette for dispensing multiple medications and methods therefore: An apparatus for dispensing medications, including: a dispensing device storing prescription information including: identification of each medication included in a first plurality of medications; a respective dosage for each medication; and a plurality of time spans, including respective points in time, for dispensing the first plurality of medications; a cassette... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150134109 - Switched capacitive devices and method of operating such devices: A switched capacitive device includes a stator including a plurality of first electrodes extending substantially in a longitudinal dimension. The switched capacitive device also includes an armature including a plurality of second electrodes proximate the plurality of first electrodes. The plurality of second electrodes is translatable with respect to the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150134110 - Robot system and article transfer method: A robot system according to an aspect of an embodiment includes a plurality of robots, an information acquisition unit, and a distribution unit. The robots transfer the articles from the carry-in path into which the articles are successively carried, to the predetermined region of the carry-out path through which the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150134111 - Control method for robot apparatus and robot apparatus: A control method for a robot apparatus including a power supply unit, an articulated arm having a plurality of joints each having an actuator and a driver, and a control device includes determining by the control device whether a total of required power in all of the actuators is equal... Agent:

20150134112 - Mechanisms for positioning robot blade: Embodiments of mechanisms for measuring the distance between a robot blade and at least one measurement target are provided. A method for measuring the distance includes emitting a signal to the measurement target by a signal source assembly. The method also includes receiving the signal reflected from the measurement target... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150134113 - Method for operating a robot: The invention relates to a method for operating a robot, including detecting the spatial position and/or location of at least one delimiting structure which causes a kinematic delimitation of the work space that can be reached by an instrument connected to a robotic arm of the telemanipulation robot; and continuously... Agent: Deutsches Zentrum F&#xdc R Luft-und Raumfahrt E.v.

20150134114 - Master apparatus for master slave apparatus, method for controlling the master apparatus, and the master slave apparatus: A master apparatus for a master slave apparatus, the master apparatus controlling a slave apparatus, includes a hand operation mechanism configured to perform operating instructions for opening and closing a hand mechanism including a pair of opening and closing members, the hand mechanism being connected to a slave mechanism, the... Agent:

20150134115 - Commanding a mobile robot using glyphs: A method of operating a robot includes receiving image data from an image capture device of the robot. The image data is representative of a glyph viewed by the image capture device on the display of a computing device within a field of view of the image capture device. The... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20150134117 - Determining states and modifying environments according to states: Methods and systems for determining states of environments and modifying the environments according to the states are disclosed. In one aspect, the method includes a robot device determining for an environment a state comprising a plurality of state attributes for the environment. The method further includes receiving a request for... Agent:

20150134116 - Method and device for remotely controlling household appliance, and computer readable storage medium: The present invention provides a method and device for remotely controlling a household appliance. The method includes: sending, by a social application client, a control command for a target household appliance, wherein the control command includes an account of the target household appliance, and the account of the target household... Agent:

20150134121 - Control unit for air conditioner: A control unit controls a first DC motor and a second DC motor by detecting a rotational position thereof and includes first control means and second control means. The first control means performs a detection of the origin position pattern by controlling each DC motor to rotate toward one side... Agent:

20150134118 - Driving controls and diagnostic methods for communicating motors: In exemplary embodiments, driving controls and diagnostic methods are disclosed for communicating motors. In an exemplary embodiment, a method generally includes generating a signal for sending to a communicating motor using transmitting hardware in a driving control, detecting the generated signal before it is transmitted to the communicating motor using... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20150134119 - Multiple alternative automation input system and method: Components and devices are provided for controlling and monitoring a machine or process using an automation controller that may be capable of receiving inputs from a digital source, an analog source, or a thermistor source. In one embodiment, an automation controller may include first, second, and third input terminals. The... Agent: Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific Business Center Pte. Ltd.

20150134120 - Online heurisitc algorithm for combined cooling heating and power plant optimization: A method of real-time optimization for a Combined Cooling, Heating and Power system, including determining a first operation sequence of a plurality of chillers and at least one thermal energy storage tank in the system over a time period (410) and determining a second operation sequence of the plurality of... Agent:

20150134122 - Radiant heating controls and methods for an environmental control system: Embodiments of the invention describe thermostats that use model predictive controls and related methods. A method of controlling a thermostat using a model predictive control may involve determining a parameterized model. The parameterized model may be used to predicted ambient temperature values for an enclosure. A set of radiant heating... Agent:

20150134123 - Predictive monitoring and control of an environment using cfd: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can be used for modeling environment characteristics and for controlling instrumentation in sensitive environments, such as in an office building, datacenter, hospital, enclosed arena, airport, or other environment. In an example, power consumption characteristics from physical equipment assets in an environment can be used by a... Agent: Ces Group, LLC

20150134124 - Predictive temperature management system controller: A controller for a temperature management system for heating and/or cooling a room in accordance with a schedule of set point temperatures over a control period as a data processor arrangement (10). A signal indicative of the current temperature of the room is received at a temperature input (9) for... Agent:

20150134125 - Systems and methods for predicting and preventing a cabinet strike event in a washing machine appliance: Systems and methods for predicting and preventing a cabinet strike event in a washing machine appliance are provided. An exemplary method includes ramping a target speed of a motor from a first speed to a second speed over a ramping period. The method includes computing an average deviation of an... Agent: General Electric Company

20150134128 - Component temperature control by coolant flow control and heater duty cycle control: Methods and systems for controlling temperatures in plasma processing chamber for a wide range of setpoint temperatures and reduced energy consumption. Temperature control is coordinated between a coolant liquid loop and a heat source by a control algorithm implemented by the plasma processing module controller. The control algorithm may completely... Agent:

20150134126 - Intelligent drainage system: A method for diverting water flow of a drainage system is provided. The method comprises receiving monitored information from a plurality of sensors of a drainage system. In one aspect, the drainage system includes at least one valve to control water flow of the drainage system, and wherein the plurality... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150134127 - Systems and methods for optimizing facility limited production and injection in an integrated reservoir and gathering network: Systems and methods for determining operating settings for a fluid production system that includes wells and a processing facility, the method including identifying at least one swing well and one or more non-swing wells and determining at least one target parameter equation that is a function of at least one... Agent: Landmark Graphics Corporation

20150134129 - Continuously calibrating chemigation injection unit: This invention relates to a method and means to control an irrigation system and an apparatus for chemical input. A chemical injection apparatus interfaces with the irrigation system in an automated way to control the application of fertilizers, nutrients, pesticides, plant growth regulators and modifying agents, water conditioners, soil conditioners... Agent: Syngenta Participations Ag

20150134133 - Apparatus, server and method for managing energy usage and energy volume per energy consumer: Disclosed is an apparatus for managing energy. The apparatus includes a user recognition unit configured to recognize each of users who use an energy consuming device; an energy usage receiving unit configured to receive energy usage that is consumed by the user; and a communication unit configured to communicate with... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150134134 - Bridge-intelligent electronic device of routing messages between sub-networks: A Bridge-Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) is disclosed to route IEC61850 GOOSE messages between sub-networks (SN—1, SN—2 . . . SN_n), wherein the Bridge-Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) can include a component with functionality for signal mapping, and more than one communication interface (CI-1, CI-2 . . . CI-n), wherein each communication... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150134132 - Method and apparatus for security constrained economic dispatch in hybrid power systems: The teachings herein disclose an advantageous method and apparatus for performing Security Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) for a hybrid power system that includes one or more AC grids interconnected with one or more multi-terminal High Voltage DC (HVDC) grids. The teachings include optimizing a non-linear objective function, subject to a... Agent:

20150134130 - Microgrid control system: A method, apparatus, and computer program product is provided for configuring a microgrid. A first configuration of the microgrid having a set of microgrid elements is initialized. An address for each element in the set of microgrid elements of the microgrid is verified. In response to receiving status data from... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150134131 - Microgrid control system: A method, apparatus, and computer program product is provided for configuring a microgrid. A first configuration of the microgrid having a set of microgrid elements is initialized. An address for each element in the set of microgrid elements of the microgrid is verified. In response to receiving status data from... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150134139 - Apparatus and method for controlling consumer electric power consumption: A computer-based electrical power management and allocation system is provided that collects demand for electric power usage and allocates electric power supply in satisfaction thereof. A load control server is used to collect and schedule electrical power start and stop requests according to policies established by either or both of... Agent:

20150134140 - Electric device, power management system including the electric device, and method for controlling the same: A power management apparatus includes an electric device including a plurality of operation algorithm information and power information for each operation level corresponding to each operation algorithm information, and a power management unit to receive power rate information from a power provider, determine an operation level of the electric device... Agent:

20150134138 - Electric power management: The disclosure is related to a method for controlling an electric power consumption amount of a consumer by a server coupled to a smart grid for managing electric power distribution. The method may include receiving signals having information on electric power consumption amounts from a meter of a consumer through... Agent: Kt Corporation

20150134137 - Electrical energy distribution network in a transport vehicle, such as an aircraft, and an electrical installation in an aircraft: e

20150134136 - Multi-mode control device: A multi-mode control device is provided for controlling an external load device. The control device includes a high-power interface, a low-power interface, and a control module. The high-power interface can be electrically coupled to a high-power module providing current from an external power source to the load device. The low-power... Agent:

20150134135 - Systems and methods for grid operating systems in electric power systems: In an embodiment, a power distribution automation applications network includes multiple intelligent nodes in communication with each other, each having a hardware and software platform, with data processing and communications functionality. The intelligent nodes are integrated or embedded with grid components. The nodes each implement a part or whole of... Agent: Opus One Solutions Energy Corp.

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20150127120 - Device class information support for multi-option devices: A system for defining information for multi-option devices connected to an industrial network is disclosed. Each device has a single electronic data sheet (EDS) defining options associated with the device as well as each of the choices associated with those options. An option data sheet (ODS) is included for each... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150127121 - Method for determining a performance indicator for a processing system: A method for determining a performance indicator for a processing system is disclosed. The processing system is divided into a number of processing lines comprising a first sub-level, said processing lines being divided into a plurality of machine units comprising a second sub-level. The method comprises receiving a request for... Agent:

20150127122 - Power device, power control device, and operating method therefor: A method of operating a power control device that controls a power device includes subscribing an event for a change in a resource usage state of the power device; and receiving the event for the change in the resource usage state of the power device if the resource usage state... Agent:

20150127123 - Multiple boolean inputs and outputs for device function blocks: The present invention provides techniques for splitting bundled inputs and outputs into separated Boolean inputs and outputs for function blocks of automation devices. More specifically, previously-defined bundled inputs and outputs may be used, whereas separated Boolean inputs and outputs may be used as well. In other words, the newly added... Agent:

20150127124 - Information processing system, information processing method, information processing apparatus, portable terminal, and control method and control program thereof: An apparatus of this invention is directed to an information processing apparatus that controls a device from an information processing apparatus in conformity with an operation condition of the device acquired by a portable terminal when the device is connected to the portable terminal. The information processing apparatus includes a... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150127126 - Exercise amounts calculation method, exercise amounts calculation device, and portable apparatus: A determination unit determines a first direction appearing in the distribution of a detected acceleration by an acceleration sensor which configured to be worn on a body of a user. A calculation unit calculates exercise amounts during a moving exercise of the user using a variation cycle of the value... Agent:

20150127125 - Golf information providing system, information provision guidance apparatus for providing golf information, and golf information providing method: Disclosed herein are a golf information providing system, an information provision guidance apparatus for providing golf information, and a golf information providing method which are capable of efficiently inputting information generated during a round of golf in a golf course, creating predetermined golf information content based on the input information... Agent:

20150127127 - Apparatus, system and method for digital media competition: Disclosed herein is a method for managing a web-based digital media competition that includes presenting on graphical user interfaces of a plurality of first computing devices a competition between at least two digital media. The method also includes receiving at a feedback module of a second computing device competition-related input... Agent:

20150127129 - Audio media mood visualization: An audio media visualization method and system. The method includes receiving by a computing processor, mood description data describing different human emotions/moods. The computer processor an audio file comprising audio data and generates a mood descriptor file comprising portions of the audio data associated with specified descriptions of the mood... Agent:

20150127128 - Electronic device and method for outputting sounds: A method for outputting a sound in an electronic device is provided. The method includes generating a loop module corresponding to a loop element; displaying the generated loop module; and outputting a sound included in the displayed loop module.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150127132 - Method and system for generating custom-fit eye wear geometry for printing and fabrication: Embodiments disclosed herein provide a system and a method for generating custom-fit eyewear frame geometry that can be used for custom-fit eyewear frame modeling, fabrication and printing. The custom-fit eyewear frame geometry is obtained using a basic eyewear frame geometry template having predefined measurements. The predefined measurements of the basic... Agent: West Coast Vision Labs Inc.

20150127131 - Method for implementing design-for-manufacturability checks: One variation of a method for implementing design-for-manufacturing checks during construction of a virtual model of a real part includes: in response to insertion of a virtual feature into the virtual model, estimating a minimum stock geometry for the real part based on the virtual feature; selecting a first material... Agent:

20150127130 - Robotics connector: A modular industrial robotics (MIR) connector object module has a graphical image property for a 3D solid model program. It also includes a component identifier property configured to identify a component in the 3D solid model program and an abstract data type property having a coordinate transform matrix describing a... Agent:

20150127133 - Planar positioning system and method of using the same: A positioning system having a flat base comprising (i) a X-axis assembly having a X-axis linear actuator means arranged orthogonal to the Y-axis; (ii) a Y-axis assembly having a pair of Y-axis linear actuator means mounted onto the flat base forming a H-configuration; (iii) a Z-axis assembly having an aerostatic... Agent: Akribis Systems Pte Ltd

20150127134 - Target signature closed loop control system and method: A system and a method for improving process yield and quality while reducing dependence on operator skill by automatically adjusting I.S. machine timing and motions. Container pixel data information indicative of certain measurements of hot glass containers manufactured by the I.S. machine obtained with a multipoint, multispectral glass container measurement... Agent: Emhart Glass S.a.

20150127135 - Methods for machining sharp internal pocket corners with rotating cutting tools: Methods of machining a housing of a portable computing device are provided. A cutting tool may be moved perpendicularly to a rotational axis during each rotation thereof to machine a substrate and define pockets and holes including substantially non-rounded corners. In this regard, the cutting tool may be translated perpendicularly... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150127136 - Wire-cut electrical discharge machining machine and method of machining therein: A wire-cut electric discharge machining machine which machines an object to be machined based on a command of a machining program includes a machining condition storage unit for storing machining conditions, a machining program analyzing unit for analyzing a machining condition search command specified in the machining program and acquiring... Agent:

20150127137 - Identifying components in a material processing system: An automated material processing system is provided for processing a workpiece using a processing table. The system includes a replaceable component comprising at least one cutting head consumable, one or more radio frequency identification (RFID) signal devices disposed in or on the replaceable component, and at least one reader communicatively... Agent:

20150127138 - Adaptive fastener access tool: A tool may be configured at least with a fastener that can be accessed with a shaped bit. A controller portion of the tool can be arranged to predict bit deflection that enables a tool configuration to be adapted in response to actual bit deflection to conform to the predicted... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150127139 - Real-time numerical control tool path adaptation using force feedback: A method for machining a workpiece using a cutting tool attached to a spindle. The method comprises: (a) defining an initial tool path of the cutting tool relative to a workpiece using part definition data; (b) causing the cutting tool to cut along the defined initial tool path relative to... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150127140 - Numerical control device and numerical control system: A numerical control device includes: a switching unit switching between a first processing mode in which a position command for an amplifier is generated by performing interpolation process and acceleration/deceleration process on a program command in a machining program, and a second processing mode in which a position command every... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150127141 - Robot, control device, robot system and robot control method: A robot includes a force detection unit and an arm including an end effector. The arm applies a force acting in a predetermined direction to a first workpiece so that the first workpiece is pressed against at least a first surface and a second surface of a second workpiece.... Agent:

20150127142 - Receiving items into inventory: The present disclosure involves the receipt of inventory items in a materials handling facility. In one embodiment, a listing of inventory items associated with an inventory is maintained in a memory accessible to a computing device. An attempt is made to identify a match between a first image of a... Agent:

20150127143 - Storage systems and methods for retrieving units from a storage system: A system and method suitable for storing multiple product lines in an automated warehouse environment are disclosed. The storage system includes a frame containing a plurality of stacks of containers, a first handling device capable of lifting a plurality of containers from a stack in a single operation, and a... Agent: Ocado Limited

20150127144 - Method, apparatus and enveloping system and electronic interface for electronic communication with a system or apparatus for the order-based processing of flat items: An electronic interface for electronic communication includes a system or apparatus for the order-based processing of flat items that can be categorized into flat item types. The interface has an exclusive input of formulations that combine features of flat item types to be processed in an order and the processing... Agent: B&#xf6 We Systec Gmbh

20150127145 - Medicine dispensing system and control method thereof: Disclosed in the present invention is a medicine dispensing device comprising: a medicine storage portion for storing a medicine; a medicine discharge portion for discharging the medicine stored at the medicine storage portion; a communication module for communicating with a hospital server; and a control portion for controlling the operation... Agent: Jvm Co., Ltd.

20150127146 - System and method for modular robotic system: A user-customizable modular robotic method and system that includes a robot base unit that has a battery housing containing a power source and a magnetic tower connected to the battery housing that includes a plurality of magnetic sockets. The method and system further includes modular components that each include magnetic... Agent:

20150127148 - Robot system and article transfer method: A robot system according to an aspect of embodiments includes an information acquisition unit, a plurality of robots, and a distribution unit. The information acquisition unit acquires information indicating a two-dimensional position on a surface of a conveyance path of an article conveyed on the conveyance path. The plurality of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150127147 - Robot, controller, and robot system: A robot includes a robot arm, a drive unit that drives the robot arm, a first control unit that controls drive of the drive unit, a plurality of detection units at least one of which is an angular velocity sensor as an inertial sensor, and a wiring unit that series-connects... Agent:

20150127150 - Apparatus and methods for haptic training of robots: Robotic devices may be trained by a trainer guiding the robot along a target trajectory using physical contact with the robot. The robot may comprise an adaptive controller configured to generate control commands based on one or more of the trainer input, sensory input, and/or performance measure. The trainer may... Agent: Brain Corporation

20150127149 - Apparatus and methods for online training of robots: Robotic devices may be trained by a user guiding the robot along a target trajectory using a correction signal. A robotic device may comprise an adaptive controller configured to generate control commands based on one or more of the trainer input, sensory input, and/or performance measure. Training may comprise a... Agent: Brain Corporation

20150127151 - Method for programming movement sequences of a redundant industrial robot and industrial robot: A method for programming sequences of motion of a redundant industrial robot by manually guided adjustment of the pose of a manipulator arm having a plurality of successive links connected by adjustable joints actuated by at least one robot control unit and including at least one redundant joint. The method... Agent:

20150127152 - Robot apparatus, assembling method, and recording medium: A robot apparatus includes a gripping unit configured to grip a first component, a force sensor configured to detect, as detection values, a force and a moment acting on the gripping unit, a storing unit having stored therein contact states of the first component and a second component and transition... Agent:

20150127153 - Robot, control apparatus, robot system, and control method: A robot performs, after i-th (i is a natural number) work, i+1-th work different from the i-th work and performs, after j-th (j is a natural number satisfying j≠i) work, j+1-th work different from the j-th work. The robot performs the i+1-th work after the i-th work without changing information... Agent:

20150127155 - Apparatus and methods for operating robotic devices using selective state space training: Apparatus and methods for training and controlling of e.g., robotic devices. In one implementation, a robot may be utilized to perform a target task characterized by a target trajectory. The robot may be trained by a user using supervised learning. The user may interface to the robot, such as via... Agent:

20150127154 - Reduced degree of freedom robotic controller apparatus and methods: Apparatus and methods for training and controlling of, for instance, robotic devices. In one implementation, a robot may be trained by a user using supervised learning. The user may be unable to control all degrees of freedom of the robot simultaneously. The user may interface to the robot via a... Agent:

20150127156 - Telepresence robot with a camera boom: A remote controlled robot with a head that supports a monitor and is coupled to a mobile platform. The mobile robot also includes an auxiliary camera coupled to the mobile platform by a boom. The mobile robot is controlled by a remote control station. By way of example, the robot... Agent:

20150127159 - Force detecting device, robot, electronic component conveying apparatus: A force detecting device includes a first base section, a second base section, and a charge output element arranged between the first base section and the second base section. The charge output element includes a first board formed by a Y-cut quartz plate and a second board formed by a... Agent:

20150127157 - Robot system, method for inspection, and method for producing inspection object: A robot system according to an embodiment includes a sensor, an arm, and an instructor. The sensor is configured to detect an interface of a liquid. The arm includes a holding mechanism that holds a container containing the liquid. The instructor instructs the arm to cause the container to enter... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150127158 - Robot, robot system, and robot control device: A robot includes a robot arm, a force sensor, and a control unit configured to control the operation of the robot art. The control unit initializes the force sensor while the robot arm is moving at uniform speed. It is preferable that the control unit initializes the force sensor while... Agent:

20150127161 - Apparatus and method for picking up article randomly piled using robot: An article pickup apparatus configured so as to measure surface positions of articles by a three-dimensional measurement instrument to acquire position information of three-dimensional points, calculate a density distribution indicating a degree of a distribution of the three-dimensional points in a three-dimensional space based on the measured position information, calculate... Agent:

20150127162 - Apparatus and method for picking up article randomly piled using robot: An article pickup apparatus configured so as to set a grip unit model including a substantial region of the grip unit in an opened state and a grip region inside the substantial region, set position posture candidates of the grip unit, calculate a grip success possibility of any of the... Agent:

20150127160 - Robot, robot system, and robot control apparatus: A robot includes, a holding unit configured to hold an object, an image pickup unit, and a predetermined first portion of the robot. The image pickup unit picks up images of the holding unit and the object using the first portion as a background.... Agent:

20150127163 - Robot system controlling method, robot system, and control apparatus for quadrupedal robot: An object of the present invention is to provide a robot system controlling method and robot system which perform link angle control and joint stiffness control through feedback control.... Agent:

20150127164 - Performance management system, method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium thereof: A performance management system, method and a non-transitory computer readable storage medium are disclosed herein. The performance management system includes a value-driven management module and an integrated control module. The value-driven management module includes a value-driven model configuration unit and a value-driven target configuration unit. The value-driven model configuration unit... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150127165 - Remote building monitoring system with contractor locator: A system allows a contractor to remotely monitor and/or interact with its customers' building control systems, such as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and analyze information obtained from the building control systems over time. Such a system may help the contractor monitor and diagnosis customer building control systems,... Agent:

20150127173 - Hvac system controller configuration: A method for configuring a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system controller and an HVAC system controller are disclosed. The method includes displaying an installation profile icon on a user interface of the HVAC system controller, the installation profile icon representing an installation profile that includes one or more... Agent:

20150127175 - Interactive navigation environment for building performance visualization: A tool for providing a visualization of a system may reveal an interactive navigation environment for building performance observation and assessment. The tool may be associated with a processor. The environment may incorporate a treemap, a graph pane, a treemap filter, a graph pane selector, a selected units box and... Agent:

20150127174 - Methods and system for obtaining access to building automation systems: A system that allows a contractor to remotely monitor and/or interact with its customers' building control systems, such as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and analyze information obtained from the building control systems over time. Such a system may help the contractor monitor and diagnosis customer building control... Agent:

20150127168 - Remote contractor system with case management: A system that allows a contractor to remotely monitor and/or interact with its customers' building control systems, such as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and analyze information obtained from the building control systems over time. Such a system may help the contractor monitor and diagnosis customer building control... Agent:

20150127171 - Remote contractor system with data analytics for identifying needed products or services: A system that allows a contractor to remotely monitor and/or interact with its customers' building control systems, such as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and analyze information obtained from the building control systems over time. Such a system may help the contractor monitor and diagnosis customer building control... Agent:

20150127172 - Remote contractor system with data analytics for identifying site specific operational abnormalities: A system that allows a contractor to remotely monitor and/or interact with its customers' building control systems, such as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and analyze information obtained from the building control systems over time. Such a system may help the contractor monitor and diagnosis customer building control... Agent:

20150127169 - Remote contractor system with site specific energy audit capability: A system that allows a contractor to remotely monitor and/or interact with its customers' building control systems, such as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and analyze information obtained from the building control systems over time. Such a system may help the contractor monitor and diagnosis customer building control... Agent:

20150127170 - Remote contractor system with site specific energy audit capability: A system that allows a contractor to remotely monitor and/or interact with its customers' building control systems, such as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and analyze information obtained from the building control systems over time. Such a system may help the contractor monitor and diagnosis customer building control... Agent:

20150127167 - Remote contractor system with summary display screen: A system that allows a contractor to remotely monitor and/or interact with its customers' building control systems, such as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and analyze information obtained from the building control systems over time. Such a system may help the contractor monitor and diagnosis customer building control... Agent:

20150127166 - Warehouse management system: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a novel management system that is highly convenient for warehouse managers. A warehouse management system (10) comprises a host computer (core server) (20) and an Internet connection terminal (30) (personal computer (31), tablet terminal (32), portable terminal (33), or the like),... Agent:

20150127176 - Remote control of an hvac system that uses a common temperature setpoint for both heat and cool modes: An HVAC system includes an HVAC unit having a cooling mode and a heating mode for conditioning the air in an inside space, and a programmable thermostat located remotely from the HVAC unit. The HVAC unit may have an onboard controller configured to control when the HVAC unit is in... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150127177 - Simulated rain with dynamically controlled dry regions: A simulated rain enclosure includes a ceiling supporting a tightly packed two dimensional array of water ejecting ceiling tiles having a direct presence detector associated with each ceiling tile. Detection of one or more persons under one or more said water tiles by the direct presence detectors turns off water... Agent:

20150127178 - System, method, and apparatus for electric power grid and network management of grid elements: Systems, methods, and apparatus embodiments for electric power grid and network registration and management of active grid elements. Grid elements are transformed into active grid elements following initial registration of each grid element with the system, preferably through network-based communication between the grid elements and a coordinator, either in coordination... Agent: Causam Energy, Inc.

20150127179 - Energy allocation system: The present invention relates to an energy allocation system for operating at least an energy storage device to substantially balance the energy consumed by the energy storage device with the energy supplied thereto, comprising the steps of: determining a power flexibility of the energy storage device by generating an upper... Agent:

20150127181 - Energy management device, energy management method and program: Surplus power generated by a power generator is sold, a target value of an amount of electric power sold in a predetermined period of time is set, whether or not the amount of sold electric power reaches the target value is estimated, and power limitation is implemented according to a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150127180 - Method for generating information for power grid optimization, and agent device: The present invention relates to a technique for generating information for power grid optimization. The present invention allows information for power grid optimization to be generated by another agent device even when an agent device fails by providing a technique for generating the information for power grid optimization through one... Agent:

20150127183 - Master intelligent electronic device for high level applications: A master-IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) is disclosed for high level applications (e.g., in power management or load shedding applications in power generation facilities or in electric power transformation), which can include at least one communication interface supporting MMS client and GOOSE functionality (CI-1, CI-2 . . . CI-n), wherein each... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150127182 - Power management method, power management server, and office machine for managing electric power: According to one embodiment, there is provided a power management method for connecting a server to office machines to control electric power of the office machines. The office machines respectively store machine side power plans, which are operation states with respect to transition times. The server stores server side power... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150127184 - Water heater demand side management system: A system for shifting energy demand from on-peak time windows to off-peak time windows by using hot water heater load shifting, while providing the end user with the level of service (i.e., availability of hot water) according to the user's customary use described by service quality criteria. The shift is... Agent:

20150127186 - Power supply device: A power supply device including: (a) a power supply unit group composed of a plurality of power supply units and connected with a power consuming appliance; and (b) a control device configured to control the power supply unit group, wherein the control device and each of the power supply units... Agent:

20150127185 - Power supply-demand control method and power supply-demand control apparatus: A power supply-demand control method is related to a method of a power supply-demand control system configured to adjust power supply-demand between a consumer and a power system by controlling electric equipment via a communication network during a supply-demand adjustment period. The power supply-demand control method includes receiving a request... Agent:

20150127187 - Display interface temperature compensation: A method of adjusting port parameters. A source device establishes an initial output voltage swing and an emphasis level for output signals from a display port interface as a result of executing a link training process with a target device. A processor determines that a prescribed temperature threshold has been... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150127188 - Reversible contra-rotating fan system: A contra-rotating fan system includes a fan chassis. A first fan in the fan chassis includes blades that provide airflow in a first direction when the first fan rotates in a second direction, and provide airflow in a third direction opposite the first direction when the first fan rotates in... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 82 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories.

20150119999 - Communication apparatus, communication system and communication method: A communication apparatus according to the embodiment, which is capable of receiving a control command from an operation terminal and transmitting the control command to at least one equipment, includes a communication unit that receives the control command which controls the equipment, an equipment state determination unit that determines whether... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20150120000 - Adaptive home and commercial automation devices, methods and systems based on the proximity of controlling elements: A LED based illumination source with integrated communications and processing functions, which can communicate via wireless communications to a mobile phone, smart phone, smart pad, notebook, tablet, desktop or other computing device. The LED based illumination source is programmed to operate autonomously, and is able to alter its behavior, based... Agent: Smartbotics Inc.

20150120003 - Control device, air conditioning system, and equipment system: A device control determiner outputs a control information request containing a condition of facility devices in a data possessing device group possessing control information, and a kind of the control information. A connection relationship manager manages information regarding a connection relationship among each of the plurality of facility devices. A... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150120001 - Decentralized process controller: A decentralized process controller comprises at least two programmable interface modules in operative communication with each other. Each of the interface modules includes a processor and is configurable for connection to separate field devices comprising at least one sensor device and at least one actuator device. The at least two... Agent: Sputtering Components, Inc.

20150120002 - Method for controlling network-type actuator module: Described herein is a method for controlling a network-type actuator module, and provides a method for controlling a plurality of network-type actuator modules which are connected to a main controller through a multi-drop scheme including the steps of: the main controller transmitting to the actuator module one instruction packet comprising... Agent:

20150120004 - Signal processing apparatus: A signal processing apparatus includes an interface module and a signal processing module. The interface module includes an identification resistance for identifying the interface module, the interface module being connectable to a device configured to perform at least one of measuring of a measuring target and operating of an operation... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150120005 - Method for determining and optimising the energy consumption of a production system: A method for determining the energy consumption of a production system includes a) determining a load profile of the production system via of a load calculating device, b) estimating an energy requirement of the production system based on the determined load profile and an electromechanical model of the production system... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150120006 - Communication apparatus, communication relay apparatus and communication system: The communication apparatus which is connectable with a server through a wired or wireless network and remotely operable by the server, includes a holding unit that holds information as to whether the communication apparatus is in a state of being remotely operated by a certain method; a determination unit that... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20150120007 - Adaptive fall and collision detection and injury mitigation system and method: A safety device assembly is disclosed. The assembly includes a brain signal sensor adapted to receive a first electrical signal and to transmit a first electronic signal based on the first electrical signal, a muscular signal sensor adapted to receive a second electrical signal and to transmit a second electronic... Agent:

20150120008 - Industrial equipment management system, industrial equipment management server, industrial equipment management method, and information storage medium: A receiver of an industrial equipment management system receives setting information to be set for an industrial equipment. A generator generates identification information in a case where the setting information is received, and associates the identification information with the setting information. An equipment manager associates, in a case where setting... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150120009 - Independent operation of control hardware and a monitoring system in an automation controller: The subject matter disclosed herein describes an improved system for self-monitoring of an industrial controller. Two processors are provided on a control board for the industrial controller. One of the processors is designated the control processor and executes the control program for the industrial control system. The other processor is... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150120010 - Industrial machine management system, industrial machine management device, industrial machine management method, and information storage medium: An industrial machine management system includes a maintenance-use portable terminal and a cloud server. The maintenance-use portable terminal includes a data communication unit for transmitting management information for a user, which is set in accordance with an input from the user in regard to an industrial machine to be managed.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150120011 - Method for influencing a control program of a control device: A method for influencing a control program having a plurality of first functions and at least one of the first functions is configured to control an actuator, and a memory is provided and the memory has memory regions occupied by subprograms assigned to the first functions, whereby there is a... Agent:

20150120012 - Apparatus and method for synchronization of control logic: Approaches are provided whereby synchronization is achieved between control logic at an automation controller and a representation of this logic at a communication network. Control logic is initially deployed to an automatic controller and a representation of this control logic is stored at the communication network. The automation controller is... Agent: Ge Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

20150120013 - Method for reproducing the sequence of a program in an automation device: A method for reproducing the sequence of a program provided for process control in an automation device, wherein a program that corresponds to the program in the automation device with regard to process control is provided for processing using a backup device, where suitable measures can be used to image... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150120014 - Industrial equipment production system, industrial equipment production server, industrial equipment production method, and information storage medium: A register of an industrial equipment production system acquires setting information adjusted in an industrial equipment and registers the setting information in a server. A receiver receives a production instruction for the industrial equipment. An identifier identifies, in a case where the production instruction is received, the setting information on... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150120015 - Automated handling of a package delivery at a smart-home: This patent specification relates to apparatus, systems, methods, and related computer program products for providing home security/smart home objectives. More particularly, this patent specification relates to a plurality of devices, including intelligent, multi-sensing, network-connected devices, that communicate with each other and/or with a central server or a cloud-computing system to... Agent:

20150120023 - Entertainment content fitness gaming system: A method for correlating fitness workouts to entertainment content includes providing a workout game corresponding to entertainment content presented to a user, receiving information corresponding to an entertainment content segment viewed or otherwise consumed by the user, receiving information corresponding to physical activity of the user while consuming the entertainment... Agent:

20150120021 - Method for analyzing the game of a user of a racket: Impacts that are not related to strokes from a set of pre-determined strokes are eliminated on the basis of angular rotational velocity measurements, provided by a gyrometer (G) of the sensor assembly with at least one measurement axis and linked to the racket, taken during an interval of time around... Agent:

20150120016 - Motion analysis method: The present invention relates to an automated system of measuring and assessing an individual's improvement in motion (for example, a patient's recovery) through exercise performance. In an embodiment of the system of the present invention, two approaches for monitoring movement are introduced for quantifying an individual's performance. Both approaches consider... Agent:

20150120025 - System and method for creating a dynamic activity profile: A system for creating and dynamically updating a user activity profile includes a processor, a sensor module, and a memory module. The memory module includes stored computer program code that, along with the memory module and the processor, is configured to carry out a number of operations to create and... Agent: Jaybird LLC

20150120017 - System and method for identifying fitness cycles: Systems and methods for identifying and presenting information regarding a fitness cycle are provided. Fatigue level associated with fatigue experienced in response to a stimulus and recovery from such fatigue may be determined based on heart rate variability (HRV) data and learned user characteristics. One or more cycles of fatigue... Agent: Jaybird LLC

20150120018 - System and method for identifying performance days: Systems and methods for identifying and presenting information regarding performance periods are provided. Fatigue level associated with fatigue experienced in response to a stimulus and recovery from such fatigue may be determined based on heart rate variability (HRV) data and learned user characteristics. One or more cycles of fatigue and... Agent: Jaybird LLC

20150120024 - System and method for promoting and tracking physical activity among a participating group of individuals: A system and method of tracking physical activity of a person in order to help motivate that person to add more exercise to their lives. Each participant is provided a motion sensor that detects forces incurred by the participant. The motion sensor creates electronic data that corresponds to the forces... Agent:

20150120019 - System and method for providing lifestyle recommendations: A system for providing a lifestyle recommendation includes an apparatus for providing a lifestyle recommendation. The apparatus includes a movement monitoring module that monitors a movement to detect an activity and create an activity score associated with the movement. The apparatus also includes a fatigue level module that detects a... Agent: Jaybird LLC

20150120022 - Training supporting apparatus and system for supporting training of walking and/or running: A training supporting system has a training supporting apparatus and an exercise form analyzing apparatus, the both apparatuses being connected to each other through a communication network. The training supporting apparatus is worn on the arm of a user and measures acceleration rates of motion of the user's body where... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150120020 - Wearable activity monitoring device secured by a wristband with an interchangeable section: A wearable activity monitoring device secured by a wristband with an interchangeable section comprises a first semi-elliptical component including a band element configured to hold an activity monitoring device capsule, the band element terminating on each end with a female connector that includes magnets and a pin receiving socket, and... Agent: Jaybird LLC

20150120026 - Analog-to-digital converter: A system includes an analog-to-digital converter receiving a plurality of input signals. One particular input signal has a particular analog value and the analog-to-digital converter uses a fixed reference to convert the particular analog value to a particular digital value. The analog-to-digital converter uses the particular analog value as a... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150120028 - Analog/digital audio converter and a method thereof: An analog/digital audio converting apparatus enables listening to both digital and analog audio signals received from a digital receiving apparatus and analog audio signals input from an external source using the same receiver by providing a formatter capable of converting the analog audio signal into a digital audio signal with... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150120027 - Audio recording system and apparatus: A system and apparatus for recording and archiving diverse communications over radio transmissions. The system and apparatus enables unattended airports to generate a useful archive of all radio communications made by aircraft and ground personnel. A combination of hardware and software components are provided to record and store radio transmissions... Agent: Invisible Intelligence, LLC

20150120029 - Manufacturing process and apparatus having an interchangeable machine tool head with integrated control: A modular manufacturing system and methods of using are provided. The modular manufacturing system includes a plurality of manufacturing heads that perform different manufacturing processes. These heads may include multi-axial machining heads, fiber placement heads including fiber tow and fiber tape lay-up heads. The heads are fixably attachable to a... Agent: Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc.

20150120030 - Cutting data generator, cutting apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable medium: A cutting data generator includes an editing unit configured to edit a plurality of figures into a desirable pattern and a control device. The control device is configured to detect superposition of outlines of the figures adjacent to each other and/or an intersection of the outlines of the adjacent figures... Agent:

20150120032 - Device and method for verifying cnc production accuracy: In a production accuracy verification method to verify a production program installed in a computer numerical control (CNC) machine, wherein the production program is used to produce a product, coordinates of points on an ideal processing path of the production program are obtained to fit a first curve. A CAD... Agent:

20150120031 - Method of generating a patient-specific bone shell: The exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure are described and illustrated below to encompass methods and devices for designing patient specific prosthetic cutting jigs and, more specifically, to devices and methods for segmenting bone of the knee and the resulting cutting guides themselves. Moreover, the present disclosure relates to systems... Agent:

20150120033 - Three-dimensional printing apparatus, method for three-dimensional printing, and computer-readable storage medium: When first cross-sectional image data representing a target model corresponding to a shape of a three-dimensional printing object, and second cross-sectional image data representing both of the target model and a support model corresponding to a shape of a member assisting the creation of the three-dimensional printing object, are recognized... Agent:

20150120034 - Device and non-transitory computer-readable medium: A device includes a processor and a memory configured to store computer-readable instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the device to perform processes that include acquiring image data, extracting one or more first pixels, arranging one or more first line segments in one or more first positions, determining... Agent:

20150120035 - Systems and methods for linking trace information with sensor data: A trace correlation system includes a data source, a controller, a probe component, and a tool. The data source is configured to provide raw data. The controller is configured to receive the raw data and generate trace information in response to the raw data. The probe component is configured to... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150120036 - Machine tool: A machine tool includes a movable structure 3, a numerical control unit 22, an external input unit 39 having a dedicated operation key for inputting an operation signal associated with at least a movement end point to which the movable structure 3 is moved, a display unit 39 displaying an... Agent: Dmg Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.

20150120037 - Computing device and method for compensating coordinates of position device: A computing device compensates a coordinate of a position device for a computerized numerical control (CNC) machine. The computing device generates a point cloud according to contour points of the position device. The computing device deletes selected contour points from the point cloud upon the condition that the distance corresponding... Agent:

20150120038 - System and method for detecting and further processing the position of at least one storage space device moving bulk material: A system and method are disclosed, which can detect and process a position of at least one storage space device moving a bulk material. A first storage space device can have a gantry having two gantry legs, each of the two gantry legs supported on a linearly displaceable foot element.... Agent: Mitteldeutsche Braunkohlengesellschaft Mbh

20150120039 - Medicinal agent filling device: There is provided a medicinal agent filling device that allows reduction of the operator's time and effort when the operator fills a medicinal agent into a container. A medicinal agent filling device includes: a supply device for supplying a medicinal agent of interest to a container capable of being filled... Agent: Takazono Technology Incorporated

20150120040 - Transaction machine with multiple transaction access points: Aspects of the present disclosure are directed towards a transaction machine. The transaction machine may include a first transaction access point configured to provide a first set of transaction options and a second transaction access point configured to provide a second set of transaction options. An item cartridge may be... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20150120042 - Robot: A robot includes a tool shaft, a first supporting mechanism attached to one portion of the tool shaft and tiltably supporting the tool shaft, a second supporting mechanism attached to a different portion of the tool shaft and tiltably supporting the tool shaft, a first in-plane movement mechanism that moves... Agent:

20150120041 - Tooling system with electronic signal maintenance: Devices and methods for providing power to tools when the tools are not attached to a robotic device. The power source may be an energy storage device that is attached to a tool frame of a tool cluster. The power provides for the tools to be maintained in a ready... Agent: Apex Brands, Inc.

20150120043 - Methods and systems for facilitating interactions between a robot and user: Methods and systems for facilitating interactions between a robot and user are provided. The system may include a robot and an electronic device communicatively coupled to the robot. The robot may include a plurality of actuators ones of which are configured to cause a mechanical action of at least one... Agent:

20150120045 - Gliding robotic fish navigation and propulsion: A robotic submersible includes a housing having a body and a tail. In another aspect, a pump and a pump tank adjust the buoyancy of a submersible housing. In a further aspect, a first linear actuator controls the pump and/or a buoyancy, and/or a second linear actuator controls a position... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

20150120044 - Method for gait generation and tracking control for a bipedal walking robot: A control method that executes a numerical non-linear optimization procedure with forward simulation of the full dynamics of the bipedal robot (including ground collisions) to compute a foothold, which produces the desired center of mass velocity during the next step of the walking cycle. The controller includes a gait generator... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150120046 - System, method and robot terminal apparatus for providing robot interaction service utilizing location information of mobile communication terminal: A system and a method for providing a robot interaction service utilizing a location-based service of a mobile communication terminal. The system for providing a robot interaction service utilizing location information of a mobile communication terminal, includes: a mobile communication terminal for performing a mobile communication service through a wireless... Agent: Kt Corporation

20150120047 - Control device, robot, robot system, and control method: A control device includes a reception unit that receives first operation information and second operation information different from the first operation information; and a process unit that instructs a robot to execute operations based on the first operation information and the second operation information using a plurality of captured images... Agent:

20150120048 - Control synchronization for high-latency teleoperation: Robotic system (100) includes a processing device (512) and a plurality of robot actuators (501) to cause a specified motion of the robot (102). The processing device (512) responds to one or more user robot commands (115) initiated by a control operator input at a remote control console (108). A... Agent: Harris Corporation

20150120053 - Robot control device and robot: A robot control device controls the operation of a robot including a base; a robot arm that has at least three links, at least three joint portions, and at least three drive sources; an inertia sensor; and at least three angle sensors. The robot control device includes a first coordinate... Agent:

20150120050 - Robot control device, robot, and robot system: A robot control device controls the operation of a robot including a trunk that is rotatable around an axis, first and second robot arms that are provided at the trunk and rotatable with respect to the trunk, and first, second, and third inertial sensors. In an operation in which the... Agent:

20150120049 - Robot, control device, and robot system: When a robot in which a first arm is rotatably provided at a base via abase joint portion and the first arm is provided with a first joint portion including a plurality of joints is controlled, a first inertial force is detected on a tip side of the first arm,... Agent:

20150120051 - Sensor device, force detecting device, robot, electronic component conveying apparatus, electronic component inspecting apparatus, and component machining apparatus: A sensor device includes a charge output element including a plurality of piezoelectric bodies and an internal electrode formed between the piezoelectric bodies, a package that houses the charge output element, first conductive paste electrically connected to a plurality of the internal electrodes, and second conductive paste that electrically connects... Agent:

20150120052 - Sensor element, force detection device, robot, electronic component transport device, electronic component inspection device, and component processing device: A sensor element includes, when three axes orthogonal to one another are set to be an A-axis, a B-axis, and a C-axis, first piezoelectric plate that is configured to have an X cut quartz crystal plate and outputs a charge in response to an external force along the A-axis direction,... Agent:

20150120054 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method: An orientation designated in advance as an orientation that a grip unit is to take to grip an object having a shape of rotational symmetry with respect to at least one axis is acquired as a reference orientation. The relative position and orientation of the object and grip unit when... Agent:

20150120056 - Mobile robot: Disclosed is a mobile robot including a main body and a pattern irradiation unit emitting a cross-shaped optical pattern including a horizontal line optical pattern and a vertical line optical pattern intersecting the horizontal line optical pattern. The pattern irradiation unit includes a light source and a lens converting light... Agent:

20150120057 - Mobile robot: A mobile robot including a robot body, a drive system supporting the robot body, and a controller in communication with the drive system. The robot also includes an actuator moving a portion of the robot body through a volume of space adjacent the mobile robot and a sensor pod in... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20150120055 - Robot control device, robot system, and robot: An image acquisition unit acquires an image including an object, and a controller starts a visual servo using the acquired image, on the basis of at least one of an error in calibration, an error in installation of a robot, an error resulting from the rigidity of the robot, an... Agent:

20150120058 - Robot, robot system, and robot control apparatus: A first finger portion and a second finger portion of an end effector are brought close to each other, and when the first finger portion is brought into contact with an object to be grasped, an arm is moved in a direction where the first finger portion is provided while... Agent:

20150120060 - Apparatus control method, apparatus control server, notification apparatus, robot terminal, apparatus control system, and storage medium: The apparatus control method includes the steps of designating at least one notification apparatus, determining notification information, judging a status of the designated notification apparatus, and transmitting the notification information to the designated notification apparatus in accordance with a judgment result obtained in the status judging step.... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150120059 - Axis angle determination method for six-axis robot and control apparatus for six-axis robot: In an axis angle determination method, an angle or a position of each axis of a six-axis robot is determined. The robot is capable of taking an attitude of a singular point being a state in which rotation axes of fourth and sixth axes match. Based on teaching results of... Agent:

20150120061 - Melt processable poly(vinyl alcohol) blends and poly(vinyl alcohol) based membranes: Technologies and implementations for providing melt processable poly(vinyl alcohol) blends and poly(vinyl alcohol) based membranes are generally disclosed.... Agent:

20150120062 - System and method for enabling a motor controller to communicate using multiple different communication protocols: A motor controller including a communication port and a computing device coupled to the communication port is described. The computing device is capable of communicating using a plurality of communication protocols and is configured to detect that an external device has connected to the communication port. The computing device is... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20150120064 - Retrofitting a constant volume air handling unit with a variable frequency drive: A system and methods providing real-time monitoring, management and control of a variable frequency drive retrofit to a constant volume air handling unit without making significant mechanical or control system changes. Customers and vendors are provided with a more informative and economically attractive air handling unit. The system also provides... Agent:

20150120063 - System and method of configuring hvac components in an hvac system: A system and method of configuring HVAC components in an HVAC system including a main system controller in operable communication with at least one auxiliary controller, wherein the main system controller and each of the at least one auxiliary controllers include a near field communication interface. The HVAC system components... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20150120067 - Apparatus for treating a respiratory disorder with a power source connection: A respiratory device, such as a ventilator, for use in treating respiratory disorders and for preventing respiratory disorders. The respiratory device is configured to be powered from a range of different power sources including an internal battery, an external battery, AC power source or a DC power source. The device... Agent:

20150120065 - Parameter selection and calculation system for control valves: A parameter selection and calculation system for control valves has a file manage unit for integrating and storing the files generated in operation. In that, the control valve specification table for control valves of similar forms can be stored in one control valve design file instead of being stored in... Agent:

20150120066 - System and method for preventing total plant shutdown due to low temperature excursion: A system of interlocks for controlling flow of low temperature process streams in a manufacturing process through a cold box to equipment not specified for such temperatures by opening and closing valves and stopping pumps. At least one interlock affects streams heated in the cold box. At least one interlock... Agent: Wpt LLC

20150120068 - Method and apparatus for energy control in an energy storage: The disclosure provides a method, performed in an apparatus 30 for energy control in an energy storage 306, for determining a composition of energy in the energy storage 306 using a data storage 304 holding information of a determined composition of the energy in the energy storage 306. The composition... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150120069 - Systems and methods for effective selection of disparate distributed power sources for smart grid: This technology relates to systems and methods for effective selection of disparate distributed power sources for smart grid in near real time manner to meet the specific power demand. Power from the plurality of disparate power sources is received and then one or more power sources among the plurality of... Agent:

20150120070 - Method for coordinating frequency control characteristics between conventional plants and wind power plants: The present invention relates to a method for operating an electrical power system, comprising at least one wind turbine generator and at least one other power source, the method comprises the steps of, setting a set of technical requirements and limits for the electrical power system, including a total power... Agent:

20150120071 - Method for optimization of control and fault analysis in a thermal power plant: An exemplary control system performs a control and fault analysis method in a thermal power plant using plant data specifications during normal operation of the plant. The method includes obtaining information for at least one set point from the plant data specification which includes a list of process parameters and... Agent: Abb Technology Ltd

20150120072 - System and method for on-demand electrical power: A system and method for system for providing on-demand renewable energy are provided. The system comprises at least one power unit for converting environmental energy into electrical power, wherein the electrical power is drawn from the at least one power unit; and a regulator for controlling an amount of the... Agent: Nova Lumos Ltd.

20150120073 - System and method for modeling of target infrastructure for energy management in distributed-facilities: This disclosure relates to modeling of target infrastructure for energy management in distributed-facilities. In one embodiment, an energy management modeling method is disclosed, comprising: obtaining customer facility information and a customer business type; obtaining energy management industry standard information related to the customer business type; generating a baseline customer knowledge... Agent: Wipro Limited

20150120074 - Power management device, method, and program: A power management device includes a processor that executes a procedure. The procedure includes: gradually increasing a power-equivalent value that is equivalent to an amount of permitted power consumption by a plurality of power consuming appliances and that is accumulated in a management accumulation section; and according to requests from... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150120075 - Analytics for consumer power consumption: A system and method for centralized statistical analysis and control of power consumption is provided. The centralized statistical analysis, performed by a centralized power utility management system, may then be compared with one or more goals of the customer. Based on the comparison of the statistical analysis with the one... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20150120076 - Electronic device having intelligent temperature adjusting function: An electronic device includes a storage unit storing a predefined temperature value range, a heat generating element, a processor, and a temperature adjustment module. The temperature adjustment module includes a temperature sensor for detecting the temperature of the heat generating element, a power generating module, and a temperature adjustment board.... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150120077 - Energy management system, energy management method and computer-readable medium: An energy management system of an embodiment includes first and second registration processors, first and second receivers, an aggregation processor, first and second transmitters, and a proration processor. The first registration processor registers a first energy management system as a host system. The second registration processor registers a second energy... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150120078 - Electric power system control with planning of energy demand and energy efficiency using ami-based data analysis: A method, apparatus, system and computer program is provided for controlling an electric power system, including implementation of an energy planning process (EPP) system which can be used to plan a voltage control and conservation (VCC) system applied to an electrical distribution connection system (EEDCS). The EPP system plans modifications... Agent:

20150120079 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and image display apparatus: An information processing apparatus includes an input unit, an output unit, a change amount determination unit, and an instruction unit. The input unit is configured to input a measured temperature that is a measured value of a temperature of a measurement point. The output unit is configured to output a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150120080 - System and method for providing three-dimensional paths: A system and method are provided for obtaining a 3D cue path and timing. In one example aspect, this path and timing may be manipulated in software. In another example aspect, one or more conditions may be specified which pertain to the path, timing, state of the path's environment, or... Agent: Cast Group Of Companies Inc.

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