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Data processing: financial, business practice, management, or cost/price determination

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20150149191 - Apparatus and method for matching large-scale biomedical ontologies: An ontology matching apparatus for large-scale biomedical ontologies according to the present invention is provided, and the ontology matching apparatus includes a preprocessing unit configured to classify received candidate ontologies into one or more ontology subsets to generate ontology subsets, a distribution processing unit configured to divide the generated ontology... Agent: University-industry Cooperation Group Of Kyung Hee University

20150149196 - Cloud-based clinical information systems and methods of use: An example method includes monitoring healthcare information employed by a local information system of a first healthcare entity via an edge device located at a facility of the first healthcare entity and in communication with a local information system. The edge device is to implement a local cloud system. The... Agent:

20150149199 - Integrated point of care and home medication delivery method: A method for supplying a prescribed medication to a patient. A medication prescription order and information on a patient is sent by an authorized person in a medical office to a PPC for verification of insurance and billing information. Alternatively, the information may be sent to a PDU in the... Agent:

20150149202 - Medical advice via the internet: An Internet site provides medical advice to users. Accurate data collection and a summary of medical information is constructed by using a combination of Virtual Resources, pre-determined questions/questioning provided by physician moderators, and confirmatory patient data to provide a differential diagnosis based on a statistical likelihood of diagnosis as determined... Agent:

20150149198 - Method and apparatus to synchronize drug information: Devices of a networked system for transmitting communications at a healthcare institution, including drug labeling and formulary management devices, can be updated by supplementing received drug information with drug information from a similar drug already in the formulary. The received drug information is compared with other drugs already in the... Agent:

20150149189 - Methods and apparatus for establishing a healthcare data interface using a practice management system: Methods and apparatus for establishing a healthcare data interface for a healthcare provider associated with a practice management system, wherein the healthcare data interface is established between the practice management system and a healthcare trading partner to enable electronic transmission of data between the practice management system and the healthcare... Agent: Athenahealth, Inc.

20150149197 - System and method for medical billing systems to submit transactions for services covered under pharmacy benefits: A system and method for medical offices and other non-pharmacy providers using management systems or other billing systems based on the ASC X12 transaction standards to perform eligibility transactions, perform benefit predetermination transactions and to submit claims to pharmacy insurance companies or their pharmacy benefit managers that must receive the... Agent:

20150149201 - System and method for remote encounter and status assessment using parallel data and voice communication paths: A system and method for providing remote encounter and status assessment, such as a health care encounter for remote patients is provided. The system includes a patient's mobile device and a health care provider's mobile device, both coupled to a network for providing voice and data transfer therebetween. A body... Agent:

20150149188 - System and methods of obtaining reimbursements for patient treatment: A method of selecting a dressing for treating a patient's malady includes providing a database of medical instrumentalities and medical instrumentality information corresponding to each medical instrumentality, the medical instrumentality information including an indication of whether the medical instrumentality is reimbursable. The method also includes observing a patient's malady, recording... Agent: Global Health Products, Inc.

20150149194 - Systems and methods for evaluating medical billing: Systems and methods for providing medical information are provided in which a medical bill and line items summarized by the bill are received from a care provider. A revenue code in the bill and a subset of line items associated with it is identified. Respective line items are matched to... Agent: Corvel Corporation

20150149200 - Systems and methods for providing customized therapeutic presentations: Systems and methods are provided for providing a personalized therapeutic presentation. A system includes a treatment presentation data store configured to store one or more data structures associated with a personalized therapeutic presentation for a client, where the one or more data structures include client biographic data, client symptom data,... Agent:

20150149193 - Systems and methods for workflow modification through metric analysis: An example system to manage a radiologist workflow includes a first interface to monitor a distribution status of at least one medical exam. The medical exam is to be at least one of automatically allocated or assigned to an examiner work queue based on one or more rules. The example... Agent: General Electric Company

20150149190 - Systems and methods to facilitate locking medical exams in a healthcare system: Example systems, methods and machine readable storage media to facilitate locking medical exams in a healthcare system are disclosed herein. An example method for locking a medical exam in a workflow queue for a clinical user includes authenticating the clinical user during a user session. The example method also includes... Agent: General Electric Company

20150149192 - Systems and methods to optimize radiology exam distribution: Example methods, systems, and computer readable media are disclosed to allocate a medical exam. An example method includes identifying an exam characteristic associated with the medical exam. The example method includes determining a plurality of allocation scores for a plurality of radiologists by comparing the exam characteristic to a radiologist... Agent: General Electric Company

20150149195 - Web-based interactive radiographic study session and interface: An interactive radiographic study session and method of invoking the session are disclosed. The radiographic study includes one or more radiographic images viewed on a computer monitor or other display-type device. The interactive radiographic study session enables a radiologist to share a view of the radiographic study with one or... Agent:

20150149216 - Biological information measuring apparatus, biological information measuring system, individual registration information registering method, and program: A biological information measuring apparatus includes: an individual information storage unit configured to store individual information for a plurality of persons in which individual registration information and biological information are associated; a transmission request reception unit configured to receive a transmission request of the individual registration information; an individual registration... Agent: Tanita Corporation

20150149214 - Clinical information display apparatus, method and program: When plural clinical-items are classified as a major clinical-item or as a related clinical-item and clinical-data of the major clinical-item or items are mainly displayed in initial display, whether each of related clinical-items includes clinical-data judged as data that need to be displayed is decided by judging whether each of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150149210 - Cloud-based clinical information systems and methods of use: An example method includes storing healthcare information related to a patient on the cloud-based clinical information system and determining if a first local information system of a first healthcare entity includes a first existing patient record associated with the patient. The example method also includes communicating a first command from... Agent:

20150149211 - Cloud-based clinical information systems and methods of use: An example method includes receiving patient information in a cloud-based clinical information system from a first healthcare entity registered with the cloud-based clinical information system as a first entity type of a plurality of hierarchically organized entity types. The example method also includes storing a contractual agreement between the first... Agent:

20150149207 - Health information prescription: Certain examples provide systems, method, and computer-readable media to facilitate a health information prescription and associated interaction. An example method includes generating, at a health provider system, a prescription for a patient including an information component, the information component instructing monitoring of patient data at a frequency using at least... Agent: General Electric Company

20150149205 - Integrated clinical decision supporting system and method: Integrated clinical decision supporting system and method are provided. The system includes a CDSS application terminal configured to consume a user's clinical information including medical data, social media data, and sensor measuring data, and transmit the collected user's clinical information, and an integrated clinical decision supporting apparatus configured to convert... Agent: University-industry Cooperation Group Of Kyung Hee University

20150149213 - Medical care information display control apparatus, method, and medium: A medical care information display control apparatus, including a medical care item selection receiving unit that receives a selection of any of a plurality of medical care items, a medical care item sorting unit that sorts out a medical care item having medical care data with values that satisfy a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150149203 - Medical event tracking system: A medical event tracking system includes memory which stores instructions for detecting new records in a personal health record of a single individual, identifying one of the new records that refers to an event for which an action is to be performed by at least one of the individual and... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150149204 - Method and system for integrating medical data with transaction data while maintaining consumer privacy: A method for linking medical data to transaction history includes: storing, in a database, a plurality of consumer profiles, wherein each consumer profile includes data related to a consumer including at least a plurality of consumer characteristics and a plurality of transaction data entries, each transaction data entry corresponding to... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20150149217 - Method and system for real time visualization of individual health condition on a mobile device: A method and technology to display 3D graphical output for a user using body sensor data, personal medical data in real time is disclosed. A consolidated methodology to bring user meaningful life information based on real-time sensor results, analysis, expert Q&As, “What if” scenarios and future emulation all in one... Agent:

20150149212 - Patient information interface: Examples of the present disclosure may include methods, systems, and computer readable media with executable instructions. An example method for providing a patient information interface can include accessing patient health record (PHR) information for a particular patient, and referencing medical care guideline information. A medical process associated with the particular... Agent:

20150149209 - Remote/local reference sharing and resolution: Certain examples provide systems, methods, and apparatus for decentralized cross-enterprise interaction between clinical systems. An example method includes receiving, from a user at a first clinical information system in a first enterprise, a request for content. The example method includes identifying a target system for the requested content. The example... Agent: General Electric Company

20150149215 - System and method to detect and visualize finding-specific suggestions and pertinent patient information in radiology workflow: A system for detecting and visualizing finding-specific suggestion and information includes a clinical database storing one or more clinical documents including clinical data. A natural language processing engine processes the clinical documents to detect clinical data pertinent to a patient. A context extraction and classification engine extracts clinical findings from... Agent:

20150149208 - System for anonymizing and aggregating protected health information: A patient anonymizing system includes a plurality of hashing appliances and data sources. Each appliance receives medical records containing at least confidential protected health information (PHI). A salt value is appended to each confidential PHI, and a hash is generated, which replaces the confidential PHI to generate an anonymized record.... Agent:

20150149206 - Systems and methods for intelligent radiology work allocation: An example system to distribute a medical exam to an examiner includes a first interface to display a medical exam identifier associated with a medical exam stored in a patient record database and an examiner availability indicator to be displayed via the first interface. The examiner availability indicator is to... Agent: General Electric Company

20150149218 - Detection system for analyzing crash events and methods of the same: Method for analyzing a crash event. The method may comprise receiving an acceleration of a vehicle over a predetermined length of time, the vehicle involved in the crash event, determining a change in velocity of the vehicle based on the acceleration, determining vehicle information relating to the vehicle involved in... Agent:

20150149219 - Methods using a mobile device to provide data for insurance premiums to a remote computer: A method for providing vehicle operation data to a remote computer or server for calculation of a vehicle insurance premium for a period of time based at least in part on collected vehicle operation data, wherein the method includes steps of: collecting vehicle operation data via a mobile device while... Agent:

20150149222 - Booking method and system: The invention relates to a method and system for booking reservations in a booking system and synchronizing bookings among several booking systems. The system comprises at least one booking system; at least one service provider; a mediator service; a client, and at least one client terminal device that can be... Agent:

20150149220 - Methods and procedures for a travel assistance platform: A system and method for providing travel assistance and travel event processing. Travel events may include, for example, a cancellation associated with a travel reservation, a delay associated with a travel reservation, a timing change associated with a travel reservation, a travel reservation transaction, an environmental change potentially affecting travel,... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150149221 - Methods and systems for charging electric vehicles: A charging service for electric vehicles is provided. The charging service may allow electric vehicles to be charged when certain conditions are met (e.g., at certain times, when certain battery charge levels are reached, when located at certain sites, etc.), without users of these electric vehicles having to charge the... Agent:

20150149224 - Iterative method, system, and user interface for analysis, pattern detection, predictive modeling, and continuous improvement of quality, health, safety, and environmental (qhse) operations: Disclosed is an iterative method, system, and user interface for analysis, pattern detection, and predictive modeling of quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) from multiple, disparate sources. This iterative method, system, and user interface makes use of user generated qualitative and quantitative data from multiple quality, health, safety, and environmental... Agent:

20150149223 - Motivation management device, motivation management method, and computer-readable recording medium: A motivation management device 1 includes: a motivator calculation unit 2 that acquires positional information of a target employee and other employees and utterance information of the target employee and the other employees, and calculates a degree of a motivator as a factor of a motivation of the target employee,... Agent:

20150149225 - Automatically determining targeted investigations on service delivery incidents: Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for automatically determining targeted investigations on service delivery incidents are provided herein. A method includes creating an incident profile for a given set of incidents, wherein the incident profile comprises one or more details associated with the given set of incidents; matching the created... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150149226 - Automated notification systems and methods that communicate advertisement related information based upon personal profiles: Systems and methods are disclosed for automated computer based notification systems. A representative method, among others that are disclosed herein, can be broadly summarized by the following steps: monitoring travel or location information of a mobile thing (MT) that is destined to pickup or deliver a good or service at... Agent:

20150149227 - Providing a task notification based on a dynamic attribute of an entity: Methods and apparatus related to providing an indication to a user that a task may be completed based on the values of one or more dynamic attributes of an entity related to the task. An entity is determined based on information that is associated with the task. An indication related... Agent: Google Inc.

20150149228 - Personal data lending system and method: A personal data lending system and method. Data may be generated by a communication device for transmission to another communication device. The data may be contact or scheduling data. The owner can selectively choose to share portions of the data. The data remains in control of the owner even after... Agent: U-seeme, Inc.

20150149229 - Travel plan apparatus, method and storage media: A travel plan apparatus, method, and a storage media are provided. The travel plan method includes: providing tourist attractions, travel days and travel configurations; determining at least one candidate hotel according to hotel configuration of the travel configurations; determining groups according to at least one candidate hotel and the travel... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150149232 - Method and system for scheduling an event at a computing device: A method and system for scheduling an event at a computing device is described herein. The method includes the steps of receiving an event request at the computing device and—in response to the reception of the event request—presenting at least one event parameter. The method also includes the steps of... Agent:

20150149230 - Playdate scheduling system: A social scheduling system includes member profile information. Each member profile includes information about a member and one or more of the member's associated entities. For example, a member/associated entity pair may be parent/child. In some embodiments, the system may allow a host to create an event invitation that includes... Agent:

20150149231 - System and method for auto detecting and informing missing meeting attendees to join a meeting: Embodiments are provided for detecting and handling missing meeting attendees. The embodiments include mechanisms to detect and notify missing attendees to join a meeting, and inform a meeting organizer of the status of missing attendees. The missing attendees are detected using user equipment (UE) and location determining technology. Additionally, UE... Agent:

20150149233 - Supply chain network strategic design system: A system is provided that designs a supply chain network. The system identifies a service level agreement metric definition. The system further generates a grid including cells, where the grid is located over a representation of a geographical region. The system further computes a service level agreement metric for each... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150149234 - Systems and methods for airline fleet retirement prediction: Systems and methods for airline fleet retirement prediction are provided. One methods includes obtaining market information for the airline that defines at least one market for the airline, determining a plurality of aircraft types (priority groupings) for the airline within the at least one market to define an airline fleet... Agent: General Electric Company

20150149238 - Job site material tracking and discrepancy reconciliation: Utilities designed to track and report on numerous aspects of the movement of assets from an organization and/or customer's location to one or more job sites of a project and vice versa to allow the organization and/or customer(s) to monitor such asset movements. Broadly, the utilities employ a number of... Agent:

20150149236 - Merchant action recommendation system: Systems and methods for recommending merchant actions include a physical merchant location having a plurality of beacon devices. A system provider device receives a plurality of first location information from the plurality of beacon devices that is collected from a customer beacon communication device that is associated with a customer.... Agent:

20150149235 - Methods and systems to improve a quality of data employed by a healthcare analytics system: An example method disclosed herein includes receiving a data submission in a healthcare analytics system. The healthcare analytics system is to generate an analytic solution based on the data submission. The example method also includes determining, by the healthcare analytics system, an opportunity to improve a quality of data to... Agent: General Electric Company

20150149237 - Systems and methods to improve sales effectiveness utilizing a moving, contextually relevant navigator to guide sales representatives in prospect communications based on prospect's digital and conversational behavior and organization's best sales practice: Systems and methods to optimize sales performance operating in the manner a sales rep works: capturing prospect interactions real-time, providing a navigation tool and talking points to facilitate timely and relevant communications, and automatically updating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other systems—enabling users to effectively execute sales strategies. Prospect interactions... Agent:

20150149240 - Identifying control improvement opportunities for key processes: Embodiments of the invention are directed to apparatus, methods, and computer program products for identifying process control gaps and process control improvement opportunities in a financial institution. The present invention leverages both Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), specifically implementation of a risk priority number/score and Federal Financial Institution Examination... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20150149242 - Methods, apparatus, and systems for acquiring an enhanced positive response for underground facility locate and marking operations based on an electronic manifest documenting physical locate marks on ground, pavement, or other surface: A positive response notification to provide information regarding locate and/or marking operations for underground facilities may include time-stamp information to provide proof of a time at which the locate and/or marking operation was completed by a locate technician, and/or place-stamp information to provide proof of a presence of the locate... Agent:

20150149241 - Scenario state processing systems and methods for operation within a grid computing environment: Systems and methods are provided for generating multiple system state projections for one or more scenarios using a grid computing environment. A central coordinator software component executes on a root data processor and provides commands and data to a plurality of node coordinator software components. A node coordinator software component... Agent:

20150149239 - Technology element risk analysis: A quantitative approach to analytically assess technical elements within a system design. Numerical analysis and sorting is performed across the technical elements. Risk analysis is performed by evaluating criteria and ranking the evaluated criteria. The ranking criteria are placed into groups, with the groups identifying area that will be mitigated... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150149243 - Method and system for distributing consumer analytics to a point of sale device: A method for distributing consumer analytics to a point-of-sale device includes: storing a plurality of consumer profiles, each profile including data related to a consumer including a consumer identifier associated with the related consumer, a plurality of consumer characteristics, and a plurality of transaction data entries, each entry corresponding to... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20150149244 - Method and system for integrating biometric data with transaction data: A method for linking biometric data to transaction history includes: storing, in a database, a plurality of consumer profiles, wherein each consumer profile includes data related to a consumer including at least a plurality of consumer characteristics and a plurality of transaction data entries, each transaction data entry corresponding to... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20150149248 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: An information processing device which selects a set of items to be recommended for a user out of a set of items. The information processing device includes: (a) a selection unit which: (i) calculates priority which is high in the case of a high score of an item itself and... Agent:

20150149245 - Method and apparatus for determining presence: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, determining a first linear model and a first log-linear model according to first explanatory variables and a first plurality of occupancy estimates, determining a second linear model and a second log-linear model according to second explanatory variables... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20150149250 - Method, apparatus, and computer program product to ascertain supply and demand analytics and outputting events based on real-time data for proximity and movement of individuals and objects: A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided herein for ascertaining supply and demand analytics and outputting event. An example method comprises receiving blink data comprising at least a tag unique identifier from a tag, calculating, using a processor, tag location data, wherein the tag location data is based... Agent:

20150149249 - Methods and systems for energy arbitrage: A system and method are provided for performing energy arbitrage among different pre-defined regions. The system includes a plurality of power management devices within the different pre-defined regions to obtain power consumption data from corresponding customer facilities. An arbitrage server communicates with the plurality of power management devices and aggregates... Agent:

20150149246 - Projected maintenance revenue for future time periods: A computing device receives a first user input requesting an estimated revenue for a projected time period. The computing device receives a second user input. The computing device determines an expected revenue for the projected time period from new maintenance contracts and renewed maintenance contracts and an expected revenue for... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150149247 - System and method using multi-dimensional rating to determine an entity's future commercical viability: A method and system for determining an entity's future commercial viability which comprises: (a) using a first predictive modeling, determining a future commercial viability of the entity, the first predictive modeling is derived by identifying patterns in data and relating to predictive attributes, thereby generating a viability score; (b) using... Agent: The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation

20150149253 - Method and system for integrating device data with transaction data: A method for linking device data to transaction history includes: storing a plurality of consumer profiles, wherein each consumer profile includes data related to a consumer including at least a plurality of consumer characteristics and a plurality of transaction data entries, each transaction data entry corresponding to a payment transaction... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20150149251 - Method and system for integrating phone numbers with transaction data: A method for linking phone data to transaction history includes: storing, in a database, a plurality of consumer profiles, wherein each consumer profile includes data related to a consumer including at least a plurality of consumer characteristics and plurality of transaction data entries, each transaction data entry corresponding to a... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20150149252 - Psychographic analysis and classification system: A method for psychographically classifying a respondent based upon the respondents' health values. The method includes receiving a respondent's answers to a series of queries relating to health and analyzing the answers to determine a psychographic characteristic of the respondent. The method further includes providing information to the respondent based... Agent: C2b Solutions, LLC

20150149254 - Merchant action recommendation system: Systems and methods for recommending merchant actions include a physical merchant location having a plurality of beacon devices. A system provider device receives a plurality of first location information from the plurality of beacon devices that is collected from a customer beacon communication device that is associated with a customer.... Agent:

20150149255 - Robust pricing solution for products and services: In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes identifying a plurality of origin-destination (OD) pairs within a transportation network. A plurality of ranges for price elasticities may be calculated, where the ranges include at least one price elasticity range for each of the OD pairs, and where, for each OD pair,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150149256 - System, method, and apparatus for settlement for participation in an electric power grid: Systems, methods, and apparatus embodiments for electric power grid and network registration and management of physical and financial settlement for participation of active grid elements in supply and/or curtailment of power. Settlement is provided for grid elements that participate in the electric power grid following initial registration of each grid... Agent: Causam Energy, Inc.

20150149258 - Enterprise performance management planning operations at an enterprise database: According to some embodiments, input data may be received from a data source in an enterprise database in accordance with an enterprise performance management planning model, stored by a processor at the enterprise database. An operation may then be performed on the input data to produce a result. The result... Agent:

20150149257 - Systems and methods for enterprise profit optimization: Systems and methods that provide profit optimization and give manufacturers adequate information and object data for making capital and strategic sales, operational, and procurement decisions. Disclosed are embodiments for comprehensive machine-executable decision-making systems that provide executives with tools that identify the best possible plan to optimize profits. The systems and... Agent:

20150149259 - Enterprise performance management planning model for an enterprise database: According to some embodiments, actual business data in an enterprise database may be used in accordance with an enterprise performance management planning model, stored and executed by a processor at the enterprise database, to automatically generate predicted business data. The predicted business data may then be stored in an instantiation... Agent:

20150149260 - Customer satisfaction prediction tool: A customer satisfaction prediction tool is usable to determine a point value for each of a plurality of leading and lagging service indicators associated with a plurality of service cases. The leading indicators may be based on currently open service cases and the lagging indicators may be based on closed... Agent: Brocade Communications System, Inc.

20150149261 - Measuring quality of content items presented by a digital magazine server: A digital magazine server determines a quality score for content items receiving less than a threshold amount of interactions from digital magazine server users. A distribution of quality scores for a content item is determined from quality scores of content items having one or more characteristics matching characteristics of the... Agent: Flipboard, Inc.

20150149262 - A system for setting a delivery count rank: A system is provided for setting an appropriate delivery count rank expressing the delivery capability of a deliveryman. There is provided: a storage device that stores a delivery count rank for each deliveryman, a progress flag indicating whether or not each deliveryman is subject to a progress check, and a... Agent:

20150149263 - Automated parking payment: A code for a parking location for a vehicle is identified. The code may be encoded in a scannable image. A processor analyzes the code for metadata for the parking location. The metadata is sent from a mobile device to a parking server along with data indicative of a beginning... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20150149265 - Controlled parking of autonomous vehicles: Systems and methods for controlled parking of autonomous vehicles are provided. In one embodiment, a method includes sending a request from a vehicle to park within a parking area controlled by a parking control system using a bi-directional trust system employing a digital authentication certificate, receiving at the vehicle a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150149264 - Method and system for generating parking meter alert notifications: A method for providing parking meter alert notifications includes: storing a plurality of parking rate data entries, each entry including data related to a parking meter including at least a point of sale identifier associated with the related parking meter and a timing rate; receiving transaction data for a payment... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20150149266 - Reward granting system, reward granting method, reward granting device, reward granting program, reward-related information display program, and reward-related information display method: A reward granting device includes a determination unit that determines whether address information from a user terminal corresponds to reward address information, a reward-related information generation unit that generates reward-related information indicating that a website indicated by the address information is a website related to reward granting when it is... Agent: Rakuten, Inc.

20150149267 - Systems and methods for authenticating, tracking, and rewarding word of mouth propagation: According to this invention, there is provided a system and method for authenticating, tracking, and rewarding word of mouth propagation, said system and method comprising a system/module for accessing social graph index; a system/module for accumulating points and incentivizing word of mouth propaganda; a system/module for WOM membership platform (coalition... Agent:

20150149268 - Mobile couponing system and method: There is provided a method and a system for enabling a transaction using electronic coupons. The method comprises assigning an electronic coupon to a given customer and transmitting information related to the electronic coupon to a mobile device of the given customer. In the course of the transaction, a predetermined... Agent:

20150149269 - Systems and methods for transaction verification: Methods, systems and device for verifying a transaction in a loyalty or advertising system are described. One such method includes: receiving, at least one processor, transaction data associated with a transaction between a customer and a merchant; determining, at the at least one processor, from the transaction data whether the... Agent:

20150149270 - Trusted internal interface: An interface and device architecture for a payment device. An interface between a payment application installed in a payment device and one or more value-add applications (such as loyalty programs, transit applications, etc.) that are also installed in the payment device. The API or interface design permits communications and data... Agent:

20150149271 - System and method of redeeming loyalty points at a point of sale: The systems and methods for redemption of loyalty points to satisfy a transaction are provided. The systems and methods may include APIs that are capable of determining a balance of loyalty points in response to initiation of a payment transaction at the POS. The system may also include APIs that... Agent: American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

20150149272 - Systems and methods to communicate loyalty reward information during payment transactions: A system and method configured to use an authorization messaging system for payment processing to communicate, in real time during authorization of a payment transaction, loyalty reward information, such as reward balance and conversion rate between a loyalty currency and a payment currency. For example, loyalty currency conversion rate is... Agent:

20150149273 - Method, server and computer program to optimize online advertising: A method, a server, and a computer program for optimizing online advertisement that is booked via a communication network in a system for realtime booking of online advertisement in the communication network on a particular network page, at a particular time, in association with a particular search term, and/or as... Agent:

20150149274 - Internet marketing-advertising system: This present patent builds on 61/494,133 by providing specifics on the advertiser/marketer interface, advertisement feedback and reports on the advertising campaign effectiveness. The marketer interface allows the advertiser/marketer to set up an advertising campaign, link data to their 4P key words/phrases and generate reports to show the effectiveness of their... Agent:

20150149276 - Dynamic machine-readable codes: A method for determining a condition under which a sign has been viewed includes receiving a uniform resource locator from a user endpoint device, where the uniform resource locator is embedded in a machine-readable code displayed on the sign, and extracting information from the uniform resource locator, where the information... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150149275 - Quasi-proportional allocation of combination items for serving in an online auction-based marketplace: Methods and systems are provided that can include value-based quasi-proportional allocation of combinations of online content items, such as online advertisements, for potential serving on Web pages. Combinations may be assembled and valued. A highest valued or otherwise qualified subset of combinations may be identified for serving. Combinations of the... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20150149277 - Systems and methods for tracking advertisement efficacy under consumer transactions: A technique for tracking advertisement efficacy using consumer transactions is disclosed. An information tracking agent maintains and stores information related to users identified by a unique identifier. A user is presented with an online/offline advertisement. An information tracking agent records and stores the advertisement transaction. When a user performs a... Agent:

20150149278 - Method and apparatus for determining content recommendation time using context awareness: Disclosed is an apparatus for recommending content using user context awareness. A content recommendation method performed by the content recommendation apparatus includes monitoring content use information of a user, calculating a profit of the user for content recommendation and an annoyance of the user with the content recommendation based on... Agent:

20150149280 - Method and apparatus for transmitting an offer for an item: A method, computer-readable storage device and apparatus for transmitting an offer for an item are disclosed. For example, a method receives from a social network an indication of a desire of a user for an item and receives from a device of a retailer an indication of an offer for... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150149279 - Targeted advertising for broadcasted content: A server device may broadcast programming content; identify a received indication that a particular user device has received the programming content; determine device analytics information regarding the particular user device; identify, based on the device analytics information, targeted advertising for the particular user device; and output, to the particular user... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150149281 - Apparatus and method for synchronizing advertisements: An apparatus and method for synchronising advertisements published on a group communications network with advertisements in a broadcast, the apparatus comprising: a receiver for receiving broadcast data; a communications interface in communication with a group communications network; a broadcast data content extractor adapted to derive search terms and advert data... Agent:

20150149283 - Notification systems and methods that communicate advertisements based upon location and/or personal profiles: Systems and methods are disclosed for automated computer based notification systems. A representative method, among others that are disclosed herein, can be broadly summarized by the following steps: engaging in a first communication session with a personal communication device (PCD) that involves one or more data transfers; during the first... Agent:

20150149282 - Social platform with enhanced privacy and integrated customization features: A social networking platform offering various services, such as, facilitating aggregation and management of a user's interaction on one or more social networking platforms, offering enhanced control over the level of privacy associated with the flow of user data, offering tools to customize the user's exposure to advertisement-related content on... Agent:

20150149284 - Method and system for providing loyalty enhanced user interface in a fuel dispensing environment: Systems and methods for managing loyalty applications in fuel dispensing environments are provided. At least one processor can execute a master mobile application comprising an interface for rendering content and/or accepting input. The master mobile application can be configured to communicate with one or more dispensing components to obtain parameters... Agent:

20150149288 - Contextual based information aggregation system: A system automatically and continuously finds and aggregates the most relevant and current information about the people and things that a user cares about. The information gathering is based on current context (e.g., where the user is, what the user is doing, what the user is saying/typing, etc.). The result... Agent: Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC

20150149286 - Mobile provider advertising and scheduling platform: Systems and methods for matching consumers with providers are provided. A method includes obtaining scheduling information and provider information associated with providers, the scheduling information comprising availability information and location information associated with each of the providers for different time blocks, and the provider information including goods or services information... Agent:

20150149287 - Responding to an advertisement using a mobile computing device: A technique for selecting and presenting advertisement information is disclosed. The technique includes, in part, receiving a first set of data from a portable computing device. The first set of data corresponding to measurements performed by one or more sensors. The technique further includes, in part, determining a location of... Agent:

20150149285 - Targeting media delivery to a mobile audience: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may perform, for example, operations including determining a representative trajectory of a number of mobile devices relative to a media presentation device, such as a digital billboard. An audience of the number of mobile devices is identified and user characteristics are obtained of... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20150149289 - Providing content in a timeslot on a client computing device: In particular embodiments, a client computing device identifies an available timeslot for displaying content on a screen. The client computing device notifies one or more applications of the available timeslot and receives from each of one or more applications a bid to fill the available timeslot with content associated with... Agent: Facebook, Inc.

20150149293 - Advertisement storage method and advertisement insertion method, device, and system: Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of mobile communications and provide an advertisement storage method and advertisement insertion method, device, and system; the advertisement insertion system includes an advertisement providing device, an advertisement policy and charging control function, an advertisement storage, an advertisement insertion device, and a... Agent:

20150149290 - Digital coupon system for smart phones: A phone is adapted to receive a digital coupon for a business after the business is called with the phone. The digital coupon is displayed in one of a call log, call screen or contacts at a position associated with the business.... Agent:

20150149292 - Leveraging sensors on smart mobile phones and tablets to create advertisements to replicate a real world experience: Systems, methods, and apparatus are described herein for replicating a real world experience consuming a product or service to advertise products or services. Data from sensors on mobile devices, tablets, computers, etc. may be read and translated into data corresponding to an action. A user of the computing device (e.g.,... Agent:

20150149291 - Magnetic card transaction system based in cloud computing and simulated magnetic cards: A system based in cloud computing able to manage financial transactions related to debit and credit cards provided by financial institutions or service providers, using software applications or web application accessed by mobile devices or computer units and magnetic card simulators able to excite coils to simulate up to three... Agent:

20150149298 - Dynamic list creation: In various example embodiments, a system and method for dynamically creating an aggregate list are presented. For one embodiment, sensor data associated with a first data source type is received from a network. The sensor data represents at least one item to be added to the aggregate list from the... Agent:

20150149300 - Image content and advertisement data providing method, system, and apparatus: To provide an image contest providing method capable promoting advertisement effect by dynamically inserting an advertisement image to a distributed image content, an image content reproducing apparatus requests an image content providing apparatus to distribute the image content. Then, the image content is distributed to the image content reproducing apparatus... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150149297 - Method and apparatus for scalable data broadcasting: A data-publishing system facilitates broadcasting a data stream so that each client device obtains a personalized data stream. During operation, a publisher can generate an encoded data stream that does not include a reproducible version of the data stream's contents, and generates an encoding sauce to provide to at least... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20150149295 - Method and system for generating recommendations based on media usage and purchase behavior: A server generates item recommendation lists for users, whose behaviors are registered related to user library items and assigned relevance in relation to available inventory items. First, similarity computed between any pair of inventory items based on user-specific relevance factors. Second, similarity is measured between inventory items by over content... Agent: Kobo Incorporated

20150149294 - Presence-based content recommendations and advertising: Systems and methods for providing content recommendations or advertisements based at least in part on the identity of users that are within an experiential range of a primary device for rendering the content recommendation or advertisement are disclosed. A home service gateway may be configured to identify users within the... Agent: Cox Communications, Inc.

20150149299 - System and method for providing relevant advocate endorsements in digital media: A system and method are disclosed for displaying relevant advocate endorsements in paid or other digital media.... Agent:

20150149296 - Targeted content for ultimate fans: Methods and systems for providing targeted content to a user, such as an ultimate fan, are described. A user is able to attend a current event and have behavior information associated with the current event collected. Based on the behavior information, the user can be identified as an ultimate fan.... Agent:

20150149301 - Coordinated virtual presences: Various embodiments that may generally relate to presentation of information in a coordinated manner. One or more output devices may make an advertising offering. One or more commercial offerings may be offered in coordination with the advertising presentation made through the output devices. The offerings may be limited in time... Agent:

20150149302 - Method and system for unifying workflow processes for producing advertisement content: Methods and systems for generating device-optimized content from source data. The method and system include computing hardware which is operable to execute one or more software products for providing a graphical user interface for enabling user-manipulation of the source data to generate intermediate content. In addition, the method and system... Agent: Wayve Ltd.

20150149303 - Photographic stage: A photographic stage is provided that includes at least one camera, a scanner, and a computer configured to capture a plurality of images from the at least one camera. The computer is also configured to detect a tagged item based on data from the scanner and to identify the tagged... Agent: Stylinity, Inc.

20150149306 - Method and apparatus for managing multimedia content: The invention includes a system, apparatus, and method for storing media content within a service provider network. The system includes multi-service servers associated with access points adapted to allow end-user devices to access the service provider network. Each multi-service server includes a common storage partition adapted for storing media content... Agent:

20150149304 - System and method for client-side advertisement retrieval: Techniques are described for retrieving advertisements for insertion into a document. Embodiments receive a document comprising a request to retrieve a plurality of advertisement creatives. In response to transmitting the request specified within the received document to the advertisement management system, a single software object defining all of the plurality... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150149305 - Triggered presentation of third-party interactive content channels on electronic devices: Techniques for transmitting and presenting content may be provided. In particular, systems and methods are provided for allowing third parties (e.g., “publishers”) to specify content items to be transmitted, via channels, to a plurality of devices (e.g., subscriber devices). Content items can include, e.g., product information, promotion details or institution-level... Agent:

20150149307 - Location-based ordering: Some embodiments provide a novel process for ordering items available in a menu or specials at a particular location. In some embodiments, the location can be any one of a table in a restaurant, a lounge, a bar, a hotel room with room service, a seat in a sports arena,... Agent:

20150149308 - Method and system for credit card selection at a point of sale: Embodiments herein provide systems and methods for selecting a credit card for a user at a point of sale. One method generally includes determining an identity of a business establishment corresponding to the point of sale where the user intends to complete a purchase transaction with one of a plurality... Agent:

20150149309 - Card reader emulation for cardless transactions: Disclosed are method and apparatus that enable a cardless payment transaction to be executed from a merchant point-of-sale (POS) system. A user is enabled to check in at a merchant by using a mobile device of the user and then to pay by simply appearing at the merchant and mentioning... Agent:

20150149310 - Wearable communication devices for secured transaction and communication: A wearable device for capacitive coupled communications is described. The wearable device includes capacitive sensor transceiver circuitry configured to receive a capacitive coupled signal from a host device. The capacitive coupled signal is received through a body of a user of the wearable device and is modulated to include a... Agent:

20150149314 - Active transaction receipts: A system for collecting data relating to a transaction and generating an active transaction receipt is disclosed. An active transaction receipt that includes one or more objects that may be displayed on a computing device is disclosed. One or more of the objects may dynamically change based on the data... Agent:

20150149311 - Compact point-of-sale system: Various systems, methods, and apparatuses are described for facilitating a customer transaction via a point-of-sale terminal. One example system may comprise a point-of-sale terminal for facilitating a customer transaction. The system may further comprise a receipt printer for printing a receipt associated with the customer transaction. The printer may be... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150149312 - Display an item detail with a receipt snippet: The present disclosure extends to displaying a portion of an image representation of a paper receipt, the image portion corresponding to a selected item from a completed transaction. In embodiments, an “eReceipt,” a digital representation of a paper receipt, is transmitted to and displayed on a customer computing device, such... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20150149313 - Method for providing a customer with information at a point of sale (pos): A method for providing a customer with information at a POS, comprising the steps of: identifying the customer at a POS terminal; requesting a bill from a cash register system and sending it together with the identification information to a personalization server; creating and/or supplementing the customer's profile within the... Agent: Smart Engine Gmbh

20150149315 - Feedback service: Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for providing and interacting with a feedback service. A processor such as a computing system or a server computer can execute a feedback service. The feedback service can detect activity associated with an item at a user device. The item can an item for... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150149316 - Method and system of conducting online group purchase: A method and system of conducting online group purchase is implemented through a computer network including a seller's computer device and a purchaser's terminal device. The method includes showing a product on a website and displaying an initial price and a time period of an online sale of the product,... Agent: Taobaby Ltd.

20150149321 - Social-marketplace system and method: The present invention discloses a system and method for facilitating commerce between accounts of individual client computing devices with preexisting relationship and more particularly, a system and a method that provides a host computing platform to enable related client accounts of client computing devices to transact products, with an embodiment... Agent: Fullglass, Inc.

20150149322 - Information transaction apparatus and information transaction method: Provided is an information transaction apparatus including a receiving unit, a storage unit, and a transaction unit. The receiving unit receives user information on an information provider or a provider terminal from the provider terminal used by the information provider. The storage unit stores the user information received by the... Agent:

20150149317 - Virtual custom framing expert system: Disclosed are various embodiments for facilitating an electronic framing process. A virtual framing system may access a digital image provided by or otherwise selected by a user of the virtual framing system to be examined on a pixel-by-pixel basis to identify relevant and/or dominant colors located within the digital image.... Agent:

20150149323 - Method for surfing purchase information on shopping website: A method for surfing purchase information on a shopping website comprises the steps of: logging into the shopping website by account data of a first user stored in a social network site; displaying a user icon of a second user who has purchased an article before in a recommender display... Agent:

20150149318 - System and method for determining and displaying the metabolic energy of skin cells: The present invention is related to a computer-based system and method for determining and displaying the metabolic energy of skin cells of an individual, based on a set of biological data collected from the individual, including but not limited to: skin wrinkling, skin texture, skin pigmentation, skin hydration, age, UV... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150149319 - Performing marketplace actions based on social networking tags: Aspects of the present disclosure relate to managing a user account based on information received from a social networking service. In accordance with aspects of the present disclosure, a user can associate an account on a social networking service with a separate account on a marketplace system. The marketplace system... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20150149320 - System and method for ordering a transportation vehicle using a near-field communication device: Systems and methods for ordering a transportation vehicle using near-field communication (NFC) are disclosed. A method includes detecting that an NFC device of a client computing device is in physical proximity of a NFC target device. In response to the detecting, execution of a transportation application is initiated. Data is... Agent:

20150149325 - Purchase management device, purchase management method, program, and computer readable memory medium: Provided is a technology for more flexibly managing a maximum amount of payment in e-commerce. A purchase managing server causes a storage unit to store a maximum amount of payment, which is input by a user, in a predetermined period, executes purchase processing according to a current purchase including one... Agent: Rakuten, Inc.

20150149324 - Systems, methods and computer program products for managing remote execution of transaction documents: Provided are methods, systems and computer program products for providing remote document execution. Such methods, systems and computer program products may include storing an electronic document as a secure electronic file, identifying a signature space in the electronic document, the signature space, after being executed, includes a signature of a... Agent: Caffeination Signings (series 3 Of Caffeination Series, LLC)

20150149327 - Integrated content provider-distributor network: An graphical user interface for providing a digital platform including interactive tools to a plurality of content providers to enable broadcasting via digital streaming by the content providers, side-loading and cross selling between content providers, connecting one or more content providers with each other and with selected content consumers is... Agent: Live365, Inc.

20150149326 - System and method for generating multimedia accompaniments to broadcast data: A method and system is presented for coordinating the transmission of supplemental digital data to accompany broadcast data, and in particular, analog radio broadcasts, among a plurality of broadcasters. The supplemental digital data may provide information about the particular broadcast data being transmitted or may be supplemental to such data.... Agent: Impulse Radio Inc.

20150149328 - Image recognition method for offline and online synchronous operation: An image identifying method for offline and online synchronous operation is disclosed. When the mobile device focuses on an recognition target, images frames of an recognition target are retrieved and sent to an recognition server. The mobile device executes an offline recognition operation, and synchronously an recognition server executes an... Agent: Viscovery Pte. Ltd.

20150149329 - User curated collections for an online application environment: An online application store may include an interface that provides collections to users of the application store. In one implementation, a webpage may be provided that presents, to a user of the online application store, a number of applications that are available, to the client, as applications for installation. The... Agent:

20150149330 - Integrated surgical implant delivery system and method: Systems and methods for medical device inventory tracking are described. One embodiment is a medical device inventory tracking system, including a shipping container configured to contain a medical device, a sensor coupled to the shipping container and configured to detect the presence of the medical device, and a processing circuit... Agent:

20150149331 - Taking device inventory using dynamically generated symbols: A method for inventorying one or more devices may be initiated by receiving an input command to request a device identification (ID) for one of the devices. A unique ID image that is indicative of the ID of one device may then be dynamically created. The unique ID image may... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150149333 - Cash flow management: Methods and systems for managing merchant cash flow are described. A service provider accesses a large volume of merchant financial data collected and/or received to provide a meaningful forecast on merchant cash flow. Based on the forecast (e.g., positive or negative cash flow position), the service provider can provide options... Agent:

20150149332 - Systems and methods for monitoring cardholder return activity: A computer-implemented method for monitoring cardholder return activity associated with cardholder transactions is implemented by a monitoring computer system coupled to a memory. The method includes receiving a set of first transaction data associated with a first transaction initiated by a cardholder at a merchant, determining that the first transaction... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20150149334 - Transfer pricing systems and methods: A method includes identifying a plurality of functions performed by at least one of a sales division of an entity, a manufacturing division of the entity, or a supplier division of the entity during an intra-entity transaction by the at least one division. The method also includes determining, for each... Agent: Thomson Reuters (tax & Accounting) Services Inc.

20150149335 - Common air conditioner operating system having billing calculation function: Provided is a common air conditioner operating system having a billing calculation function, including: at least one outdoor unit and a plurality of indoor units, at least one heat transfer unit, and a system operating apparatus configured to entirely control the above units, and calculate billing corresponding to use energy... Agent:

20150149337 - Apparatus, method, system, and storage medium: An apparatus of outputting notification data, the apparatus includes: a first memory configured to store a history of contact with customer in association with identification information of the customer; and a processor coupled to the memory and configured to: read the history associated with the identification information from the first... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150149339 - Methods for enhancing debt collection efficiency: The methods of this invention solve the problem of low recovery of debt by allowing debtors to communicate with debt collectors through a secure electronic portal, thus allowing debtors to work with debt collectors on their own schedules and reducing embarrassment and tension that may arise during telephone conversations.... Agent:

20150149336 - Provisioning of credentials on an electronic device using passwords communicated over verified channels: Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for provisioning credentials on an electronic device are provided. In one example embodiment, a secure platform system may be in communication with an electronic device and a financial institution subsystem. The secure platform system may be configured to, inter alia, detect a selection of a... Agent:

20150149338 - System and method for indexing, monitoring, and inventorying digital assets: Method(s), system(s), apparatus(es), and computer program products are provided that can index, monitor, inventory, and/or monetize digital assets, such as documents, photographs, videos, blogs, online accounts, social media accounts, e-mail accounts, online banking accounts, etc.... Agent:

20150149388 - Investment management system: An investment management system includes aspects of a points based social network. The system assigns point values, badges, levels and statuses to investors. The system permits investors to create investment proposals for a particular investment target company, including an amount of money and other terms. The system can group compatible... Agent:

20150149386 - Piggy bank account/penny bank account/pba: Piggy bank account or penny bank account(PBA) is a new model of interne banking business that do like a merchant to charging assigned debit and credit cards to feed a PBA account that is saving and retirement account for customers. PBA is a system and methods that track expenses of... Agent:

20150149387 - Systems and methods for construction of exchange traded products: A method of creating one or more exchange traded products is provided. The method includes the steps of: (a) analyzing a plurality of investor managed individual security accounts to determine at least one investment characteristic for each of a plurality of investors; generating an investment objective and risk profile for... Agent:

20150149342 - Customer service controller: Information about a caller is provided to an agent, such as a customer service operator in a customer service call center. In one embodiment, the agent may receive detailed account and/or personal information about the caller before being connected to the actual or live call. For example, the agent receives... Agent: Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

20150149340 - Tandem options contracts providing fixed binary payout: Systems and methods are described where two call options (or two put options) on futures may be bundled, traded, and processed in tandem accordingly. The two options may form a tandem option that may be constructed with strike/exercise prices that are scaled to be one minimum price increment or tick... Agent: Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc.

20150149341 - Transaction support system: Disclosed is a transaction support system comprises a transaction information processor that communicates with terminals of traders via the Internet; a generation rule storage unit that stores a correspondence between a data item of order data and a data item of delivery data in a transaction; and a transaction information... Agent:

20150149343 - Self-aware token: A token file is received from an e-Commerce platform having a veracity grade capability. An off-line transaction is made using the token which records events of the transaction. Subsequently, the token re-enters the e-Currency platform and transfers the recorded off-line events. The platform rebuilds the token's past state based upon... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150149347 - Stylus, mobile terminal and information processing method: A stylus, a mobile terminal and an information processing method is described. The stylus includes a Near Field Communication (NFC) reading module, a sending module and an interface module, wherein the NFC reading module is for acquiring information of a smart card using an NFC technology, the sending module is... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150149344 - Synchronous split payment transaction management: A software- and/or hardware-based transaction manager that reflects the application program interface(s) and/or system(s) for establishing sessions used to commit to, rollback and/or execute multiple payments made pursuant to a single financial transaction. This is accomplished by sharing sessions through co-browsing, or by continuous event logging and maintaining synchronous payments... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150149345 - System for management of customer self-service terminals: A system for managing customer self-service terminals that includes a plurality of customer self-service terminals, and one or more mobile management devices each containing at least one processor, and configured to communicate with each of the plurality of customer self-service terminals and display an indication that assistance is needed at... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150149346 - Systems and methods for supporting charitable contributions: A method may include receiving a notification of a charitable action by an actor. In the method, a goodness magnitude of the charitable action is measured, the goodness magnitude providing a quantified moral value of the charitable action. The actor is assigned an amount of exchangeable currency, the amount being... Agent: Goods Exchange

20150149348 - Transaction cost mirror: Methods and apparatus may include a calculator for use in determination of a cost of acceptance associated with a purchase and/or group of purchases. The calculator may determine one or more surcharge attributes based on input provided by a transaction participant and one or more transaction fee rules. Apparatus and... Agent:

20150149352 - Processing transactions in connection with a physical supply chain: A method for processing a transaction includes receiving a notification of a change in status of physical goods or other event in a physical supply chain, and automatically transferring funds in response to the notification. The automatic transfer of funds may be performed according to a stored rule for automatically... Agent:

20150149349 - Redeemable code to text: A method and system of processing a sale of an article, a virtual article, a service or a functionality such as a game is described. A code is generated by a server. A charge request is transmitted to an account server to charge an account of a user for a... Agent: Boku. Inc.

20150149350 - Synchronous split payment transaction management: A software- and/or hardware-based transaction manager that reflects the application program interface(s) and/or system(s) for establishing sessions used to commit to, rollback and/or execute multiple payments made pursuant to a single financial transaction. This is accomplished by sharing sessions through co-browsing, or by continuous event logging and maintaining synchronous payments... Agent:

20150149351 - Transaction management system and transaction management program: A transaction setting information storage part stores an upstream trader from whom an intermediary trader purchases a product identified by a product ID. A price storage part stores a first sales price and a second sales price. An order management part receives, from a downstream trader to whom the intermediary... Agent:

20150149353 - Methods and systems for obtaining merchant identification within payment authorization networks: Exemplary methods and systems for enabling a multi-merchant gift card program are disclosed. In particular, the present application details exemplary methods and systems for obtaining merchant identification information associated with a merchant. Upon obtaining the merchant identification for a merchant, the present application further details exemplary methods and systems for... Agent: Facebook, Inc.

20150149354 - Real-time data recognition and user interface field updating during voice entry: According to some embodiments, an apparatus comprises a microphone, one or more processors, and a display. The microphone receives a spoken command. The one or more processors communicate the spoken command to a server and receive an interpretation of the spoken command from the sever. The interpretation of the spoken... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20150149361 - Electronic device for contactless payment: An electronic device and an authentication method thereof are disclosed herein. The electronic device includes a sensor module, a network module, at least one processor and a non-transitory computer-readable medium. The non-transitory computer-readable medium stores a first prestored biometric signature and computer-executable instructions to be executed by the at least... Agent:

20150149358 - Linked user accounts: Separate user accounts can be linked into a group of linked user accounts so that content items assigned to each of the user accounts can be accessed by each user account in the group. Linking user accounts in this way allows the individual user accounts to share content items while... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150149356 - Method and system for authenticating cross-border financial card transactions: A method for scoring a cross-border transaction includes: storing a consumer profile, the consumer profile including data related to a consumer including an account identifier corresponding to a payment account associated with the related consumer and a device identifier corresponding to a computing device associated with a first country; receiving... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20150149360 - Method for validating an electronic transaction, and system thereof: m

20150149357 - Mobile payment hotspot: Exemplary methods, apparatuses, and systems determine that a geolocation of a first mobile device is within a threshold distance from a geolocation of a second mobile device. In response, a list of one or more mobile devices within the threshold distance from the geolocation of the second mobile device, including... Agent:

20150149359 - Out-of-band device verification of transactions: Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for out-of-band device verification of transactions. A processor can execute a verification service. The verification service can receive a verification request with data relating to a transaction between a computing device and an application. The verification service can identify an out-of-band device associated with... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150149355 - System and method for staging voucher transfers: Various embodiments concern methods of operating a server to facilitate transfer of a voucher to a receiver. Such methods include receiving a request at a server from a sender, the request indicating an identity of a receiver and a value designation, and receiving a selection of one or more vendors... Agent: Moneygram International, Inc.

20150149362 - Encryption and distribution of health-related data: System and methods to reversibly encrypt health-related personally identifiable information (PII) are described allowing the distribution of health-related information to multiple subscribers while remaining under the control of patient consent directives.... Agent:

20150149363 - Electronic license management: In one aspect, this application describes a method for determining a license status of a software application. The method includes receiving a license status request to obtain an indication of whether a software application is licensed for use on a client computing device. The method also includes identifying identity information... Agent:

20150149364 - System and method for enabling a mobile communication device to operate as a financial presentation device: A provisioning system for enabling a mobile communication device to operate as a financial presentation device (FPD) which is presentable to providers of goods or service is provided. The provisioning system relies on a transaction processing system that normally routes authorization requests from merchants to issuers of FPDs for purposes... Agent:

20150149365 - Secure payment card: A payment card includes interface circuitry and a processor coupled to the interface circuitry. The processor initiates operations using the interface circuitry as part of a transaction. The operations include receiving a certificate from a merchant system, encrypting the certificate, and sending the encrypted certificate to the merchant system with... Agent: Zanguli LLC

20150149366 - Methods to notify user of dead remote batteries: A method for providing technical support to a user of an electronic device includes requesting that the electronic device transmit a status message to a technical support network. The status message indicates that a component of the electronic device needs attention. The status message is automatically sent to the user... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20150149367 - Rental casket distribution system and method: A rental casket distribution system includes a distribution system administrator in communication with a supplier network, a distributor network and a service provider network to provide rental caskets to service providers for temporary use by a client deceased. A rental casket order is received by the administrator and dispatched to... Agent: Thacker Caskets Inc.

20150149369 - Method and apparatus for establishing usage rights for digital content to be created in the future: Usage rights for a digital work are established prior to creation of the corresponding content. The rights can be associated with the content after the content is created. A content creation, such as a video recorder or a still camera, device can store labels of the rights and can associate... Agent:

20150149368 - System and method for tracking patent ownership change: A computer-implemented method and system are provided for automatically tracking change in ownership of a patent listed in a database. The method comprises receiving input identifying the patent to be tracked for changes in ownership. The input further including data associated with a plurality of selected fields relating to the... Agent:

20150149372 - Document classification system, document classification method, and document classification program: A document classification system is provided. The document classification system analyzes digital document information which is collected to be submitted as evidence in a lawsuit and classifies the digital document information. The document classification system includes an extraction unit that extracts documents from the collected document information, a document display... Agent:

20150149370 - Method for lawyers to communicate to courts: A method for lawyers to communicate to courts has a client browser in bi-directional communication with a web application server and database. The database stores records and procedures for each court system and common functions applicable to any court system. A messaging subsystem provides messages populated with information from database... Agent:

20150149371 - System and method for generating and formatting formally correct case documents from rendered semantic content: A case document generating method implemented by a computer processor for automatically generating formally correct case documents within an electronic network connecting a plurality of desktop and mobile clients to the computer processor. The method including presenting a user interface over the electric network for inputting information on a legal... Agent: Red Ball Express, LLC

20150149373 - Brand scoring for social media users: Techniques for brand scoring for social media users are described. In at least some embodiments, brand-related content that users post to a social media environment (e.g., social media website(s)) is identified and characterized. Based on attributes of a user and brand-related content posted by the user, a brand score for... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150149375 - Crowd endorsement system: In one aspect, this disclosure provides a crowd endorsement social engine for endorsing an athlete. In various aspects crowd endorsement of athletes includes income and training support for semi-pro, amateur, Olympic athletes, sponsorship from family, friends, fans, and social community. In one aspect, individual athlete campaigns highlight goals, progress and... Agent:

20150149374 - Relationship circle processing method and system, and computer storage medium: Disclosed are a method, system and computer storage medium for processing relationship circle. The method includes: acquiring subgroups from a relationship circle; extracting subgroup attributes shared between members of the relationship circle from the subgroups; obtaining at least one recognition result from the subgroup attributes shared between members of the... Agent:

20150149376 - System for providing community-based accelerated learning: Community-based accelerated learning provides a system where knowledge can be obtained in a simplified and optimized manner by presenting information in an incremental manner using a canonical curriculum. Community-based accelerated learning also provides an economic model for exchanging knowledge for currency. Community-based accelerated learning also provides an environment in which... Agent:

20150149377 - Modeling potentially hazardous sites and predicting hazardous conditions: Implementations include methods for monitoring and reporting on actual hazardous conditions at a facility including actions of receiving data associated with a site, the site being susceptible to potentially hazardous conditions, processing the data, one or more models, and one or more prediction rules, determining that a hazardous condition is... Agent:

20150149378 - Job recall services in online education platforms: An online education platform manages and integrates a number of education services for users of the platform, including job recall services. These job recall services include management and distribution of job recall materials that test whether job applicants have acquired desired knowledge or skills for a particular job opening or... Agent: Chegg, Inc.

20150149379 - Student evaluation enrollment system: A student evaluation enrollment system may obtain two or more student associated variables. The system may determine a training population data set and a predictive population data set for the student associated variables. A probability distribution may be determined by applying at least one probabilistic model to the training population... Agent:

20150149380 - Method and system for college matching: The present invention generally related to a system and method for selecting a college wherein student providing individual input such as GPA, SAT, and or ACT scores, further from there it is compared to the average student accepted into a particular college, after compared, the student is given a report... Agent:

20150149381 - Delivery area management method: A system is provided for appropriately assigning LP gas cylinder deliveries to a limited and variable number of deliverymen. A total delivery count of a delivery base is assigned to respective deliverymen according to a rank of deliverymen. Postal codes are managed as the minimum unit of an area, and... Agent:

20150149382 - Computer systems and computer methods for automated on-demand customizable assembling and high throughput printing of documents: In some embodiments, the instant invention provides for a computer-implemented method that includes at least the following steps of: periodically receiving investment transactional data identifying investment transactions of a plurality of investors; automatically determining, based on the investment transactional data, a document to be mailed to each investor of the... Agent:

20150149383 - Method and device for acquiring product information, and computer storage medium: The document applies to the field of information processing, and provides a method and device for acquiring product information, and a computer storage medium. The method includes that: original comment information of a user relevant to a product is collected from a public platform; the collected original information is filtered;... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150149384 - Method and system for displaying information and computer readable medium: Disclosed is a method for displaying information, including: receiving and storing a manner for acquiring user assessment information of a product; when published information of the product is exhibited, after a mouse hover event is detected, acquiring the user assessment information of the product according to manner for acquiring the... Agent:

20150149385 - Visualization of reputation ratings: In one embodiment, a system and method is illustrated including receiving a feedback request identifying a particular user, retrieving a feedback entry in response to the feedback request, the feedback entry containing a first term, building a scoring model based, in part, upon a term frequency count denoting a frequency... Agent:

20150149389 - Electricity load management device and electricity load management method thereof: An electricity load management device and an electricity load management method thereof are provided. The electricity load management device is connected to a plurality of data centers via a network. Each of the data centers comprises at least one server. For each data center, the electricity load management device allocates... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

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