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Data processing: database and file management or data structures

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12/18/2014 > 128 patent applications in 64 patent subcategories.

20140372366 - Adaptive warehouse data validation tool: Techniques for data validation may include dynamically generating one or more database queries to be performed on a target data warehouse and a baseline data warehouse based on warehouse model metadata for the target data warehouse and the baseline data warehouse. The techniques may further include executing the one or... Agent:

20140372365 - Optimization of business warehouse queries by calculation engines: A query is received by a database server from a remote application server. The query is associated with a calculation scenario that defines a data flow model that includes one or more calculation nodes with each calculation node defining one or more operations to execute on the database server. Thereafter,... Agent:

20140372368 - Removing group-by characteristics in formula exception aggregation: In one embodiment, a method receives a query for analyzing data in a database. The query includes a first level calculation that is performed before a second level calculation. The method determines an operator in the query configured to explicitly remove group by information for a reference characteristic in the... Agent: Sap Ag

20140372367 - Retrieving stored data using a web service: Retrieving stored data using a web service is provided. An access request from a user account may be received at a web service via a proxy. The web service may decode information received in the access request. The web service may then authorize the user account utilizing the decoded information.... Agent:

20140372369 - Managing changes to shared electronic documents using change history: Embodiments are disclosed for a system to manage changes to a shared electronic document. In embodiments, a client side method is used to manage changes to a shared electronic document. The method includes receiving a change to a locally stored rendition of a shared electronic document, and updating a change... Agent:

20140372370 - Systems and methods for multiple document version collaboration and management: Systems and methods consistent with various disclosed embodiments provide for managing and collaborating information over a computer network. In one embodiment, a system is disclosed for managing documents over a network. The system may include a storage device and one or more processors. The processor(s) may receive a first version... Agent: Litera Technologies, LLC

20140372371 - Managing contact records between service provider accounts of a user: A user can manage personal contact information in a contacts application across multiple writable service provider accounts with only a minimum of user action required. An update function of the contacts application gives the user the ability to easily copy one or more contact records brought up in the contacts... Agent:

20140372373 - Media content discovery and character organization techniques: Techniques for recommending media are described. A character preference function comprising a plurality of preference coefficients is accessed. A first character model comprises a first set of attribute values for the plurality of attributes of a first character. The first and second characters are associated with a first and second... Agent:

20140372372 - Systems and methods for collecting information from digital media files: Systems and methods for collecting information from digital media files. More specifically, a collection module may be used to communicate with a social networking system and analyze the digital media files associated with a user profile. The collection module may generate media-based profile information based on media content and/or location,... Agent:

20140372374 - Difference determination in a database environment: Techniques are disclosed to determine differences between a source table and a target table in a database environment, as being persistent or transient. A first set of differences between the source table and the target table is determined at a first point in time. A second set of differences between... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140372375 - Contact data sharing: Contact data sharing is disclosed. Contact data sharing as disclosed provides various approaches to update contact data in devices that are remote to the person referred to in the contact date. In this way, contact data can be updated on remote devices when a person updates their own contact data.... Agent:

20140372376 - Systems and methods for synchronization event building and/or collapsing by a synchronization component of a cloud-based platform: Techniques for monitoring local and/or remote file systems by a synchronization component (e.g., client/server) of a cloud-based platform are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method of building synchronization events by a synchronization component (e.g., a synchronization server/client) includes obtaining a set of items that have been changed and their new... Agent:

20140372377 - Determining user key-value storage needs from example queries: Technologies are generally provided for conveying tree and index needs of a database by collecting and forwarding a statistically representative set of data requests so that a new datacenter can use its existing auto-learning and adjustment techniques to create local indices before receiving its first real or live requests. In... Agent:

20140372378 - Consolidating analytics metadata: A single system merges primary data storage, data protection, and intelligence. Intelligence is provided through in-line data analytics, and data intelligence and analytics are gathered on protected data and prior analytics, and stored in discovery points, all without impacting performance of primary storage. As data is written it is automatically... Agent: Datagravity, Inc.

20140372379 - Method and system for data backup: The present invention relates to a method, system, and computer program product for data backup, the method comprising: performing first chunking on current data by using the same chunking method as that used by original backup data to obtain a current chunk; calculating hash value of the current chunk; and... Agent:

20140372380 - Methods and systems for managing and querying a journaling-capable file system: A method for managing a journaling-capable file system is implemented by a computing device including a processor and a memory coupled to the processor. The memory includes a set of meta commands, a set of standard journaling commands, and a journaling-capable file system that is responsive to the set of... Agent:

20140372381 - Methods and apparatus for data restore and recovery from a remote data store: Methods, apparatus, and computer-accessible storage media for restoring data from a snapshot to a data volume. The blocks in the volume may be treated as an implicit tree structure, for example a binary tree; each local block corresponds to a block on the snapshot. A local block on the volume... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140372382 - Virtual private cloud that provides enterprise grade functionality and compliance: Techniques to enforce policies with respect to managed files and/or endpoints are disclosed. A policy to be applied with respect to a synchronization set is received at a file management system. Compliance with the policy across a plurality of heterogeneous endpoints associated with the synchronization set is ensured by propagating... Agent:

20140372383 - Log access method storage control apparatus, archive system, and method of operation: A file shard store includes high performance encoding and compaction circuits. An apparatus and its method of operation avoids duplicate storage of file fragments. A plurality of tables control write operations into a plurality of log segments. Shard keys are transferred to uniquely identify fragments of files which may have... Agent: Barracuda Networks, Inc.

20140372384 - Live restore for a data intelligent storage system: A single system merges primary data storage, data protection, and intelligence. Intelligence is provided through in-line data analytics, and data intelligence and analytics are gathered on protected data and prior analytics, and stored in discovery points, all without impacting performance of primary storage. Real-time analysis is done in-line with the... Agent: Datagravity, Inc.

20140372385 - Dynamic social network relationship determination method and apparatus: A method for a computer system includes receiving an identifier from a user, initiating a user session in response to the identifier, determining a social map for the user in response to the identifier and in response to a plurality of social network relationships, receiving a first change to the... Agent:

20140372386 - Detecting wasteful data collection: A method and system comprising a duplication identifier module to analyze data input information to automatically identify duplicate expected inputs associated with a process are shown. The system includes logical process model information defining a logically structured series of process activities and data input information representing a plurality of expected... Agent:

20140372387 - Method and mechanism for reducing client-side memory footprint of transmitted data: The present invention is directed to a method and mechanism for reducing the expense of data transmissions between a client and a server. According to an aspect of data prefetching is utilized to predictably retrieve information between the client and server. Another aspect pertains to data redundancy management for reducing... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140372389 - Data encoding and processing columnar data: Aspects of the invention are provided for accessing a plurality of data elements. A page of column data is stored in a format that includes compressed and/or non-compressed elements, with the format including a plurality of arrays and a vector. Each of the arrays stores elements with common characteristics, with... Agent:

20140372388 - Hashing scheme using compact array tables: Embodiments include a method, system, and computer program product for creating an array table. In one embodiment the method includes identifying keys associated with values in a database and identifying bits common between the plurality of keys using logical functions and removing the common bits to form condensed keys. The... Agent:

20140372390 - Information device, server, recording medium with image file recorded thereon, image file generating method, image file management method, and computer readable recording medium: The information device includes an imaging unit that images a subject and generates image data of the subject, a meta information generating unit that generates meta information related to the image data generated by the imaging unit, a possibility information generating unit that generates, with respect to the meta information,... Agent: Olympus Imaging Corp.

20140372391 - Content validation for documentation topics using provider information: At least one processor may determine one or more issues in one or more of a plurality of documentation topics that document at least one software functionality based at least upon applying one or more business rules to the one or more of the plurality of documentation topics. Responsive to... Agent:

20140372392 - Reducing collisions within a hash table: Collisions in hash tables are reduced by removing each empty bucket from a hash table and compacting the non-empty buckets, generating a map of the hash table indicating a status of the buckets of the hash table, and accessing data in the hash table by applying a hash key to... Agent:

20140372393 - Data archiving system: An encrypted file storage solution consists of a cluster of processing nodes, external data storage, and a software agent (the “File System Watcher”), which is installed on the application servers. Cluster sizes of one node up to many hundreds of nodes are possible. There are also remote “Key Servers” which... Agent:

20140372395 - Non-destructive data storage: Non-destructive data storage is disclosed. An information change is stored that is associated with a business object such that tracking of the information change is enabled with respect to one a transaction time and/or an effective time. The stored information change is accessed with respect to a time.... Agent: Workday, Inc.

20140372394 - System, method and a non-transitory computer readable medium for transaction aware snapshot: A method for generating transaction aware snapshots, the method may include: (a) starting a creation of a certain point in time snapshot for a consistency group that comprises at least one logical volume; (b) detecting that at the certain point in time there is an uncompleted transaction for writing multiple... Agent:

20140372396 - Database system lock operation method and device: A database system lock operation method is provided that includes: acquiring, by a first processing node, a lock operand of a target lock; using, by the first processing node, the target lock to perform a lock acquiring operation on a target data object; when the lock operand meets a condition... Agent:

20140372397 - Reducing lock occurrences in server/database systems: Limiting the number of concurrent requests in a database system. Arranging requests to be handled by the database system in at least one queue. Defining a maximum value (SS) of concurrent requests corresponding to the at least one queue. Monitoring at least one queue utilization parameter corresponding to the at... Agent:

20140372398 - Native language support for intra-and interlinked data collections using a mesh framework: A mesh structure can be a type concept that extends internal tables or other data structures of a business programming languages (e.g., ABAP) by associations, as known from a data object meta-model. A mesh can include a set of operations, such as for example iteration via an iterator object and... Agent: Sap Ag

20140372400 - Dynamic landing pages: At least two key-value pairs are received as part of a uniform resource identifier. A Web page definition is retrieved by a processor based on at least one of the key-value pairs and includes multiple sections of a Web page, wherein at least one section is associated with a key... Agent:

20140372399 - Dynamic query resolution using accuracy profiles: In various embodiments, methods and systems for dynamic validation of selectable data are provided. This may be accomplished by referencing search engine session data of a user. The search engine session data includes a plurality of search queries each having an entered-attribute and a resolved-attribute. A variation between the entered-attribute... Agent:

20140372402 - Enhanced searching at an electronic device: Presented herein are enhanced techniques for searching content using an electronic device. In accordance with the enhanced searching techniques, the electronic device detects a user's selection of information displayed at the electronic device. The electronic device subsequently detects that the user has dragged the selected information to a search field... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140372404 - Method and apparatus for using a discriminative classifier for processing a query: A method and apparatus for using a classifier for processing a query are disclosed. For example, the method receives a query from a user, and processes the query to locate one or more documents in accordance with a search engine having a discriminative classifier, wherein the discriminative classifier is trained... Agent:

20140372403 - Methods and systems for information matching: A method and system for information matching in an instant messaging user interface are disclosed. The method includes monitoring, in real time, chat records in an instant messaging interface to identify a keyword and starting a search application interface if the keyword is identified. The method further includes obtaining key... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140372401 - Methods and systems for searching utilizing acoustical context: Systems, controllers and methods for contextual-based searching are provided. A system includes one or more devices configured to collect at least one audio stream and a contextual search system. The contextual search system includes a data analyzer and a search engine. The data analyzer is configured to receive the at... Agent: Ambientz

20140372405 - Computer-based collaborative research service: A web-based computer system is programmed to present a user interface to a user for viewing with a browser program or mobile application. The user can enter a search query into the interface and the computer system forwards the received search query to a search engine. Search results are received... Agent:

20140372407 - Join operation partitioning: Partitioned join operations are performed between a first database object and a second database object by determining an agent group for an agent in response to the agent receiving rows of the second database object to process; partitioning the rows to determine a target hash table for each row and... Agent:

20140372406 - Method and apparatus for implementing dynamic database traversal: A method, apparatus and computer program product are therefore provided for implementing requests for data using independent data objects. In this regard, the method, apparatus and computer program may receive a request for set of data. The request may include an identifier for the particular set of data. The method... Agent:

20140372408 - Sparql query optimization method: Prior to query execution a compressed table and compressed RDF data are created by use of: RDF data stored in an external storage device; and a compression reference table entered from an input device. The compression reference table is used to create a compressed query from an original query entered... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140372409 - Data flow graph optimization using adaptive rule chaining: A query is received and an initial data flow graph comprising a plurality of nodes is generated for executing the query. The initial data flow graph is optimized using a model optimizer that accesses at least one of a plurality of patterns to identify a matching pattern and executes at... Agent:

20140372412 - Dynamic filtering search results using augmented indexes: Methods and systems for using dynamic filtering for searching content items in augmented indexes are provided. A search query is received. The search query is associated with a sort attribute whose order is different from the implicit ordering of content items within the augmented indexes. A plurality of search query... Agent:

20140372418 - Method and apparatus for displaying non-standard-compliant images: Provided is a method of converting a medical image used in a network at a patient care facility, the network including an enterprise network storage solution optionally dedicated for storing medical images in a standardized medical imaging format that are to be retrieved over the network. The method includes us... Agent:

20140372417 - Method and system for auditing processes and projects for process improvement: The present invention provides for tracking time spent on various activities in a software development project by one or more users working on the project. The present invention also stores this data to derive metrics and best practices. The metrics and best practices are compared with project data to analyze... Agent: Rally Software

20140372415 - Method and system for identifying and delivering enriched content: Methods, systems and programming for providing content. In one example, a request for content is received from a user. One or more parameters associated with a platform on which the requested content is to be presented are obtained. A plurality pieces of addition content are obtained based on the requested... Agent:

20140372414 - Multiple parameter graphical display system and method: A network based system for comparing options resulting from a query, the system comprising a computer accessible from at least one remote location, the computer being configured to provide a user interface, the user interface being capable of receiving query related information from the remote location. The computer is further... Agent:

20140372411 - On-the-fly encoding method for efficient grouping and aggregation: Embodiments include a method and computer program product for encoding data while it is being processed as part of a query is provided. The method includes receiving a query request and determining a set of values associated with data to be encoded for completing the query request. The method also... Agent:

20140372413 - Reading object queries: Disclosed herein are a system, non-transitory computer readable medium, and method for responding to a query having a plurality of input objects. A subgraph based on a main graph of objects is used to generate a list of objects associating the input objects.... Agent:

20140372416 - Systems and methods for rapid delivery of tiered metadata: In one embodiment of the present invention, a computer-implemented method includes receiving a set of alphanumeric information on a single storage device. First, second and third sets of metadata that are different from each other and that are associated with different subsets of the alphanumeric information are generated by processing... Agent:

20140372410 - Upper bounds for matching: Methods, computer systems, and computer-storage media are provided for refining results. In order to display accurate counts for refinements, an upper bound may be assigned to the refinements such that one the upper bound is reached, counts no longer need to be generated for that refinement. This allows for more... Agent:

20140372419 - Tile-centric user interface for query-based representative content of search result documents: Architecture that represents search results as tiles in a tile-based user interface. The tiles can be images or icons selected to represent a search result or multiple search results. In a broader implementation the tiles can be related to entities as derived from the search results. A web document is... Agent:

20140372422 - Method and device for displaying microblog dynamics, and computer storage medium: Various embodiments of the present invention disclose a method for displaying microblog dynamics. The method includes: obtaining a microblog viewing request containing first location information; searching microblog dynamic information containing second location information, wherein a distance between the first location and the second location is within a preset range; and... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140372421 - Optimal zoom indicators for map search results: A system and computer program product for indicating an optimal magnification level for displaying search query results in a mapping application running in a computer device. The method comprises: obtaining search results for a business or category of interest in a geographical area; determining the search results to be displayed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140372420 - Systems and methods for providing search results for mobile businesses: Embodiments include a computer-implemented method that includes receiving mobile business location information indicative of a geographic location of a mobile business, receiving a search request, identifying a set of search results responsive to the search request, the set of search results including a search result corresponding to the mobile business,... Agent: Google Inc.

20140372424 - Method and system for searching video scenes: A method and system are provided for searching video scenes. The method includes receiving user inputs specifying one or more titles of one or more respective video contents and an item relating to one or more scenes in the video contents. The method further includes performing a scene-based search using... Agent:

20140372423 - Personalized entity preferences model and notifications: Architecture that performs the automatic modeling of user preferences for entities (a personal entity preference model) based on user's actions such as search history and temporal search behavior to determine content on the web relevant and of interest to a given user at any given time. Explicit and implicit user... Agent:

20140372425 - Personalized search experience based on understanding fresh web concepts and user interests: Architecture that employs a search engine to unobtrusively understand the concepts (topics) and entities in which a user is interested, while simultaneously understanding the current events of the world. These concepts/entities and current events are then mapped to each other to provide a personalized experience for each user that is... Agent:

20140372432 - Active platform system: In the case of a web-based platform apparatus for collecting and editing information, which platform apparatus can be networked to a plurality of subscribers that can be identified by means of an identifier, wherein the information on the platform is formed by a plurality of dual units (DuUs), wherein a... Agent:

20140372433 - Analysis of event driven information: Event driven information may be analyzed. A plurality of electronic documents may be received. The plurality of electronic documents may represent activity in a plurality of cases. A respective plurality of event identifiers for each case may be generated based on the plurality of electronic documents. For example, each of... Agent: The Patent Box, LLC

20140372430 - Automatic audience detection for modifying user profiles and making group recommendations: Disclosed herein is a system and method for determining that a current user profile in a system should be modified or changed. An audience detection component detects that a characteristic has been detected that does not match at least one characteristic in the current user profile. The audience detection component... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140372437 - Comparison of multi-dimensional datasets: Methods, systems, and apparatuses for comparing multi-dimensional datasets are provided. A multi-dimensional dataset comparison includes receiving a plurality of datasets, each including a plurality of coordinates, wherein a subset of coordinates defines a geo-fence. For a coordinate within a geo-fence of one of the plurality of datasets, determining analogous coordinates... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20140372436 - Event based metadata synthesis: Event based metadata synthesis is provided. In some embodiments, event based metadata synthesis includes determining time and location information for a first digital asset (e.g., a photograph, video, or recording) associated with a first user based on a first set of metadata associated with the first digital asset, in which... Agent:

20140372426 - Filtering event log entries: A method for efficient logging in a control system is provided. A first plurality of registers, frequently accessed registers, is identified. A request is received from a server to access at least one of the first plurality of registers. The request includes a second plurality of registers and a plurality... Agent:

20140372431 - Generating differences for tuple attributes: A sequence of tuples, each having one or more attributes, is received at one of one or more processing elements operating on one or more processors. Each processing element may have one or more stream operators. A first stream operator may be identified as one that only processes an instance... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140372429 - Incorporating user usage of consumable content into recommendations: Disclosed herein is a system and method for generating a user profile for a user based on the way the user interacts with consumable content in an application, such as an electronic book in an e-reader. The actions of the user with regards to the content are monitored and the... Agent:

20140372428 - Integration flow database runtime: The present disclosure describes methods, systems, and computer program products for providing application integration functionality directly on a relational database according to an implementation. One computer-implemented method includes inserting relational data into a start table of a database, detecting a change in the start table, retrieving the inserted relational data... Agent: Sap Ag

20140372435 - Personal content streams based on user-topic profiles: A personal content stream comprising a plurality of videos is generated for a user. The user selects topics used in the generation of a personal content stream. The plurality of user selected topics is expanded to include topics related to one or more of the user selected topics. Each of... Agent:

20140372427 - Real-time analytic report analysis and retrieval framework: The present disclosure describes methods, systems, and computer program products providing real-time analytic report analysis and data retrieval. One computer-implemented method includes receiving extracted metadata associated with a first analytic report, identifying the first analytic report using the received metadata, retrieving updated data used to generate the first analytic report,... Agent: Sap Portals Israel Ltd

20140372434 - System and method for determining social connections based on experimental life sciences data: Technologies are provided for data dependent socialization for life scientists and organizations. Data dependent socialization may be based on statistical correlations between experimental life science data. A service may provide individuals with an interface for providing experimental data, and the service may generate a visual connection report representing potential connections... Agent:

20140372441 - Conflating entities using a persistent entity index: Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media are provided for conflating entities using a persistent entity index. Information (including attributes) pertaining to a plurality of entities is received. The received information is either matched with one or more existing entities in the persistent entity index or, if no match is found,... Agent:

20140372444 - Data clustering apparatus and method: Provided are a data clustering apparatus and method, which can rapidly and accurately cluster data. The data clustering apparatus includes an index discriminating unit discriminating an index corresponding to an input position of new data input to a space for data clustering, including a lattice-type segmented space having lattice unit... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140372438 - Deterministic progressive big data analytics: A plurality of data items that are annotated with progress markers may be obtained. The progress markers may indicate progress points associated with atemporal processing progress of the respective data items. Deterministic, massively parallel, progressive processing may be initiated on the plurality of data items on a plurality of devices,... Agent:

20140372442 - K-grid for clustering data objects: Algorithms and systems for clustering information objects. Objects including metadata may be populated within a k-dimensional grid (K-Grid). A distance function between objects may be calculated, and a cost function may be calculated. Optimization may occur over several iterations by applying random mutation operations on the K-Grid and re-calculation of... Agent: Venor, Inc.

20140372440 - Mma glove incorporating a tightly secured wireless impact processing circuit: An improved mixed martial art (“MMA”) glove includes an impact sensing circuit board that holds a microcontroller, a three-axis accelerometer, a wireless interface chip, and is coupled to an impact sensing circuit. The circuit board is securely mounted to the wrist portion of the improved MMA glove by one or... Agent: Boxng Tech Limited

20140372439 - Systems and methods for creating a visual vocabulary: Systems, devices, and methods for creating a visual vocabulary extract a plurality of descriptors from one or more labeled images; cluster the descriptors into augmented-space clusters in an augmented space, wherein the augmented space includes visual similarities and label similarities; generate a descriptor-space cluster in a descriptor space based on... Agent:

20140372443 - Tracking system and method: A method of tracking an entity includes generating data relevant to the entity at a first location, storing the data at a server, and accessing at least a portion of the data at the first location or at a second location. The data can include location information, time information, image... Agent:

20140372445 - Systems and methods for indexing and linking electronic documents: The present disclosure provides various systems and methods for indexing digital (electronic) documents. The systems and methods may utilize various software, hardware, and firmware modules to identify notations, such as sheet names, anchors, and anchor references on construction documents. The identified notations are indexed and used to create hyperlinked pages... Agent:

20140372446 - Email content management and visualization: Embodiments of the present invention provide a system, method, and program product to manage and visualize email content using metadata tags. In an embodiment, the method comprises a computing device receiving an email message that is addressed to a recipient and includes a metadata tag; associating the metadata tag with... Agent:

20140372449 - Image-based indexing in a network-based marketplace: A method and system to index and search item listings in a network-based publication system, such as a network-based marketplace. For example, a listing query may be received from a user, the listing query including a query image. The query image may then be processed to generate a plurality of... Agent:

20140372447 - Knowledge index system and method of providing knowledge index: A knowledge index system and a method of providing a knowledge index are provided. The knowledge index system includes: a knowledge graph storage unit that includes a plurality of nodes representing a core word or a subject word about knowledge of a specific field and an edge representing an association... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140372448 - Systems and methods for searching chemical structures: Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are provided for distributing structured data sets. In accordance with one implementation, a computer-implemented method is provided that comprises operations performed by one or more processors, including receiving structured data, the structured data including a plurality of entity data elements and one or more relationship... Agent:

20140372450 - Methods of viewing and analyzing high content biological data: The invention relates generally to a method for interactive viewing and analysis of high content data in a biological pathway context. The high content data maybe related to the expression of biomarkers within a tissue, cellular, or cellular compartment of individual cell such that the data may reveal patterns of... Agent:

20140372451 - Discovering and scoring relationships extracted from human generated lists: A computer-implemented system and method for extracting Human Generated Lists from an electronic database is described. The system searches for objects of the same class within a context window to identify Human Generated Lists and stores them to an archive. The archive may be used to generate a relationship network.... Agent:

20140372452 - Managing changes to one or more files via linked mapping records: A method for managing changes to one or more files via a link is associated with the changes that result in an updated version of the one or more files. A changed section determiner determines which sections associated with the one or more files have changed. The changed section operator... Agent:

20140372453 - Managing data entities using collaborative filtering: In a method for managing a plurality of data entities, data pertaining to transactions by a plurality of users with respect to the data entities is collected and a collaborative filtering operation is applied on the data entities to determine similarity levels of the data entities with respect to each... Agent:

20140372454 - Method, system and apparatus for efficiently determining priority of data in a database: A method and apparatus for determining priority of data in a database managed by a computing device are provided. The data comprises a list of events, the computing device comprising a processing unit interconnected with a memory device and a display device. Context data is processing at the processing unit... Agent:

20140372455 - Smart tags for content retrieval: An aspect provides a method, including: storing an object; obtaining data associated with the object; analyzing, using one or more processors, the data associated with the object to identify one or more key words in the data associated with the object to create one or more tags; and storing the... Agent:

20140372457 - Method and device for processing data: A method and device for processing data in the field of data process are disclosed. The method includes: sorting samples according to primary keys, wherein the primary key includes a feature serial number and a sample serial number, and wherein a column value corresponding to the primary key is used... Agent: Tencent Technology Shenzhen Company Limited

20140372456 - Method and system for bin coalescing for parallel divide-and-conquer sorting algorithms: A system and method for performing sorting. The method includes partitioning a plurality of keys needing sorting into a first plurality of bins, wherein the bins are sequentially sorted. The plurality of keys is capable of being sorted into a sequence of keys using a corresponding ordering system. The method... Agent:

20140372459 - Social data filtering system, method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium of the same: A social data filtering system is provided. The social data filter system comprises a database, a retrieving module, a filtering module and a determining module. The database stores personal data and corresponding identification information. The retrieving module retrieves the personal data and the identification information corresponding to a designated person... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20140372458 - Systems and methods for mapping nodes of disconnected graphs: A computer-implemented method of associating a node of a first graph with a node of a second graph, each of the first and second graphs comprise sets of nodes each corresponding to a physical entity having a physical geographic location and one or more node attributes associated therewith. The method... Agent: Google Inc.

20140372460 - Trusted download toolkit: A method of extracting unclassified data from a collection of data including both classified data and unclassified data, includes: providing a plain text format file including a plurality of attributes; using the attributes to identify unclassified data within a collection of data that includes a combination of unclassified and classified... Agent:

20140372462 - Data management system and method: A data management method enabling translation of content of a first data source into a second data source using an information platform is provided having a control layer, a definition layer and an execution layer.... Agent: Trustee For The Mmw Family Trust

20140372461 - Namespace transformations: A method of transforming source and union names, to allow namespace operations to be performed across any number of independent file systems, regardless of the object names present within those independent file system namespaces.... Agent:

20140372463 - Identification of load utility: Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for converting MLOAD and TPUMP operations. In some embodiments, a system is configured to: receive a first information, wherein the first information comprises at least one piece of data; count the number of pieces of data; compare... Agent:

20140372464 - Method and apparatus for population of customized channels: A method includes associating a channel with a profile, where the channel is configured for use with a client device. The client device detects the channel as a new customized channel based on the profile. A new customized channel icon configured to represent the new customized channel is generated. The... Agent: Roku, Inc.

20140372465 - Method for automatically detecting and repairing biometric crosslinks: Systems and methods for repairing cross-linked biometric records receive a set of biometric records. Each biometric record contains at least one biometric sample in a non-textual modality. One or more of the biometric records in the set of biometric records is potentially a cross-linked biometric record having at least two... Agent:

20140372466 - Method and system for operating on database queries: The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer implemented methods for operating on database queries. One example method includes identifying a parameterized input query in a first database query language. The parameterized input query includes one or more parameter placeholders. A random value is generated, for each parameter placeholder. A... Agent: Sap Ag

20140372467 - Contextual smart tags for content retrieval: An aspect provides a method, including: obtaining, at an information handling device, user input search data; accessing contextual data; refining, using one or more processors, the user input search data based on the contextual data; searching, using one or more processors, a repository of stored tag data with refined user... Agent:

20140372476 - Acceleration of tag placement using custom hardware: A hardware device is configured to accelerate the process of determining the location of a query sequence (a tag) within a sequence library (such as a reference genome) using one or more comparison units having inputs for receiving the query sequence and a subsequence of the sequence library (a k-mer)... Agent:

20140372477 - Conditional string search: A method and a system for efficient search of string patterns characterized by positional relationships in a character stream are disclosed. The method is based on grouping string patterns of a dictionary into at least two string sets and performing string search processes of a text of the character stream... Agent: Trend Micro Incorporated

20140372472 - Data augmentation: A data augmentation machine may form all or part of a data augmentation system that is configured to augment data. The data augmentation machine may be configured (e.g., by one or more software modules) to access data (e.g., by crawling one or more public or private networks), extract metadata based... Agent:

20140372474 - Employing organizational context within a collaborative tagging system: A computer-implemented method of employing organizational context within a collaborative tagging system can include receiving at least one tag for an artifact from a user, determining at least one attribute of the user, and storing a tag record including the tag, the attribute of the user, and an association of... Agent:

20140372471 - Monitoring system for an avionics platform with three-tier architecture: The invention relates to a monitoring system for an aircraft platform implementing a set of avionics functions using a plurality of heterogeneous hardware and software components, including: an acquisition module for operating parameters of the components, configured to implement a plurality of communication protocols adapted to query each the component;... Agent:

20140372470 - On-the-fly encoding method for efficient grouping and aggregation: Embodiments include a system for encoding data while it is being processed. The system includes a processor, an encoder and a decoder. The processor is configured to process a query request by determining a set of values. The encoder is configured for encoding the set of values, such that a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140372469 - Searching by use of machine-readable code content: A method of searching the Internet or onboard database or other source through devices that contain or are coupled to cameras or other imaging devices, the method including extracting search terms from the human-understandable content encoded in a machine-readable code and displayed to the recipient on the device following the... Agent:

20140372475 - Segmenting documents within a full text index: A system, method and computer program product for searching documents within a collection includes partitioning the collection into a plurality of document segments based on a range of values for a document attribute. Each document segment is associated with a different value range for the document attribute and includes documents... Agent:

20140372468 - Systems and methods of selecting content based on aggregate entity co-occurrence: The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for refining content selection criteria to facilitate content selection via a computer network. In some embodiments, a tool identifies a first entity used to select content of a first content provider. The first entity can correspond to a canonical stable identifier in... Agent:

20140372473 - Unsupervised extraction of facts: A system and method for extracting facts from documents. A fact is extracted from a first document. The attribute and value of the fact extracted from the first document are used as a seed attribute-value pair. A second document containing the seed attribute-value pair is analyzed to determine a contextual... Agent:

20140372478 - Learning objects and facts from documents: A system, method, and computer program product for learning objects and facts from documents. Embodiments of the method comprise selecting a source object and a source document and identifying a title pattern and a contextual pattern based on the source object and the source document. A set of documents matching... Agent:

20140372479 - Music searching methods based on human perception: A method for characterizing a musical recording as a set of scalar descriptors, each of which is based on human perception. A group of people listens to a large number of musical recordings and assigns to each one many scalar values, each value describing a characteristic of the music as... Agent:

20140372480 - Interactive content search using comparisons: In interactive content search through comparisons, a search for a target object in a database is performed by finding the object most similar to the target from a small list of objects. A new object list is then presented based on the earlier selections. This process is repeated until the... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140372481 - Cross-model filtering: Presenting data from different data providers in a correlated fashion. The method includes performing a first query on a first data set controlled by a first entity to capture a first set of data results. The method further includes performing a second query on a second data set controlled by... Agent:

20140372482 - Performing data mining operations within a columnar database management system: Data mining operations are performed within a columnar database management system. The columnar database management system stores input sets of data for a data mining operation. An input set of data is represented as a column of data in the columnar database management system. The columnar database management system stores... Agent:

20140372483 - System and method for text mining: A multi-user system for text mining a large population of research documents in an efficient and cost-effective fashion includes a content repository, a text mining processor, and a derived data repository that are linked via a user-accessible, central project manager. The content repository includes a data storage device for storing... Agent:

20140372484 - Database multiplexing architectures: Techniques for database multiplexing. Within a group of two or more logical databases, each having a plurality of database nodes, the group of logical databases being part of a multitenant database environment that stores data for multiple client entities each identified by a tenant identifier (ID) having one of one... Agent:

20140372485 - System and method for managing personal and professional contact information: The present invention encompasses a system and method for managing and sharing personal and professional contact information. The present invention allows users to exchange distinct and complete information profiles that are tied to an individual user ID and allows users to manage themselves and contacts as relationships, information and points... Agent: Atmospheir, LLC

20140372486 - In-database sharded queue: A method and apparatus for an in-database sharded queue that supports JMS session ordering is provided. Messages from a plurality of enqueuers are stored in a plurality of shards of a particular queue. For each enqueuer, all messages are stored in only one of the shards. Each shard includes one... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140372487 - Navigation database customization: Custom geographic databases are created by analyzing a geographic database to determine database structure elements. The database structure elements may involve road attributes or points of interest. Database structure elements are then selected to include in a customized geographic database. A customized geographic database is created that includes the selected... Agent:

20140372488 - Generating database processes from process models: Methods and systems for generating and executing a database process are described. One example method includes identifying a database process within a database, the database process being generated based on an identified process model and including one or more procedures, an input location, an output location, and execution instructions configured... Agent: Sap Ag

20140372489 - In-database sharded queue for a shared-disk database: An in-database sharded queue for a shared-disk database is provided. First messages from at least one first enqueuer are stored on a first queue shard. The first enqueuer/s execute in a first instance of a shared-disk database system. The first shard includes a first plurality of subshards. Second messages from... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140372490 - Hybrid garbage collection: Disclosed is a method for hybrid garbage collection of objects in a file system. An example method includes associating, with each object in the file system, a reference counter, an expiration time, and a version identifier. The object is can be kept in the file system while the reference counter... Agent:

20140372491 - Cooperative resource management: Deleting content is disclosed. A delete request is received for a file that is distributed with a plurality of nodes. The file is replaced with a first delete token. A determination is made as to whether all nodes in the plurality of nodes have replaced their respective copies of the... Agent: Translattice, Inc.

20140372492 - System and method for file sharing and updating: Embodiments of the present invention include a method and system for sharing changes made by an application to a file on one computer, coherently with other computers, over the Internet. if the application changes multiple files (also referred to as a file group), changes made to all the files are... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 120 patent applications in 56 patent subcategories.

20140365425 - Statistical applications in oltp environment: The present disclosure provides a method of statistical application in an OLTP environment to reduce the intensive computational load of invoking SQL statements for statistical calculations. The method introduces a time element into statistical records, and use the time element to determine the time status of previously computed statistical records.... Agent:

20140365424 - Systems and methods to manage online analytical and transactional processing for an in-memory columnar database: According to some embodiments, a database, containing entries, may be stored across first and second storage medium, entries in the second storage medium being default invisible for online transactional processing. A central software layer processor between the database and an application may identify a subset of the entries stored in... Agent:

20140365426 - Computerized sharing of digital asset localization between organizations: A computerized system and method provides for sharing digital assets among multiple different organizations in a multi-organization system, and further providing that one or more of localized digital assets can be assembled using digital assets, templates and rules specified by different organizations. Further, the various organizations can contribute and share... Agent:

20140365430 - Information processing apparatus, system, and control method: An information processing apparatus includes a reception unit, a first determination unit, a saving unit, a second determination unit, and a transmission unit. The reception unit receives a file and file information. The first determination unit determines, based on the file information, whether the file has been saved. The saving... Agent:

20140365429 - Method for issuing multipart receipts in connection to extensive database operations: Disclosed herein is a technique for providing status feedback on the execution of a database request. The technique involves receiving a database request that defines an operation to be performed on at least one data record stored in a database. The data record is updated in the database in accordance... Agent:

20140365431 - Role based notifications in a modular learning system: A system and method is disclosed for providing role based notifications to users of the modular learning system (MLS). The modular learning system includes a variety of types of users interacting with the modular learning system and with one another. The MLS enables users to create learning applications, purchase learning... Agent: Monk Akarshala Inc.

20140365427 - Smart polling frequency: For smart polling frequency in datastores by a processor device in a computing environment, individual polling operations are performed for refreshing each one of the datastores according to polling frequencies. Each one of the polling frequencies depends on recent system activity and each one of the datastores. Each of the... Agent:

20140365428 - Updating object attributes in a lock-coupled namespace traversal: A deferred mechanism of rolling attribute changes to objects at transaction commit time is described. To support rolling updates, attributes are categorized into three types—increment, decrement or replace. Since transactions are committed in order, the update process uses a notification list of dependent transactions to propagate attribute changes as a... Agent:

20140365432 - Dropsite for shared content: Embodiments are provided for a dropsite. In some embodiments, information is received on a creation location and a date and time of creation of a content item, and a determination is made if (i) the date and time of creation is within a predefined span of time, and (ii) the... Agent:

20140365433 - Cross domain locking in a distributed environment: In a distributed system, multiple nodes of a cluster update target data using a cross-domain lock. In the distributed system, data is separated into different domains, where some data elements are part of multiple domains. Multiple nodes each store a copy of the target data, which can be part of... Agent: Netapp, Inc.

20140365434 - Data collecting method and apparatus, and mobile terminal: A data collecting method and apparatus, and a mobile terminal are provided. The data collecting method may be applied in an apparatus including multiple data collecting units. The method includes collecting, by at least two data collecting units, initial data simultaneously at their respective collecting frequencies and at a collection... Agent:

20140365435 - Method of concerted data synchronisation: A method for concerted synchronisation of data across a wireless mesh network comprises transmission of a broadcast message to a target device via a predicted route that is capable of being acknowledged by at least one network device not on the predicted route. The data is assimilated from at least... Agent: Texecom Limited

20140365436 - Automated synchronization of client-side database with server-side database over a communications network: A computer-readable storage medium including instructions for synchronizing a client-side database on a mobile computing device with a server-side database on a server is disclosed. The computer-readable storage medium includes instructions automatically generating source code configured for synchronizing user selections of the server-side database with the client-side database, and compiling... Agent:

20140365438 - Distributing and synchronizing objects: The described embodiments distribute and synchronize objects in a network. More specifically, the described embodiments distribute copies of objects locally (i.e., store copies of objects in local address spaces). By storing a copy of a given object in a local address space, the object's methods may be executed locally, which... Agent:

20140365439 - Service desk data transfer interface: A system and method for managing data transfer operations includes at least one data server including data stored in a plurality of data fields, at least one transaction server operatively coupled to the at least one data server and configured to provide at least one customizable business rule and a... Agent:

20140365437 - System and method for implementing database replication configurtions using replication modeling and transformation: A reverse engineering database replication data system is disclosed. In one embodiment, the replication data system receives an input of replication configuration data for a plurality of databases and builds memory models based on metadata accessed from the plurality of databases, which are then transformed to a first platform-specific replication... Agent: Wipro Limited

20140365440 - High availability snapshot core: A high availability contact center is described along with various methods and mechanisms for administering the same. The contact center proposed herein enables snapshots of one instance of a work assignment engine to be transmitted to another server instance where they can be loaded and used as a backup to... Agent:

20140365441 - Systems and methods to determine security holes of a backup image: A system and method provide for backing up and restoring using patch level data for operating system and application files. Patch level data for the files in the backup image may be displayed along with current patch level data. Further, files in a backup image may be replaced based on... Agent:

20140365442 - Archival management of business processes in a cloud environment: A method for product for archival management of business processes in a cloud environment is provided. In one aspect, the method comprises archiving managed pool including one or more versions of a business process instance or business process execution in a cloud computing environment. The method further comprises a provisioning... Agent:

20140365443 - Framework for running untrusted code: A processing platform is described herein for performing a task on a physical system. For example, the task may entail testing untrusted code on the physical system. The processing platform provides the same isolation guarantees as a virtual machine, but without using a virtual machine. A processing framework is also... Agent:

20140365444 - Tracking redo completion at a page level: Embodiments are directed to implementing a transitional redo phase to allow pre-redo phase data access and to determining which data pages including unprocessed transactions are to be processed during a transitional redo phase. In an embodiment, a computer system initiates an analysis phase of a database recovery that scans a... Agent:

20140365447 - Making address book a source of latitude and longitude coordinates: A method for determining latitude and longitude coordinates for geographic addresses input into an address book on a mobile device is provided. For each geographic address received for storing in a contact record, latitude and longitude coordinates are automatically determined and associated with the geographic address in a database of... Agent:

20140365445 - Server with file managing function and file managing method: A server communicates with a number of terminal devices. Each terminal device stores a file having a same file name. The server generates a trace log. The trace log records modification of the file in each of the terminal devices. The server further determines whether or not one of the... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140365446 - Verification system, verification method, and medium storing verification program: A verification system include: a server that receives each of a first data group and second data group, and transmits a third data group and a fourth data group to respond to each of the first data group and second data group received; a database server that receives the third... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140365449 - Inline learning-based selective deduplication for primary storage systems: A computing device receives a plurality of writes; each write is comprised of chunks of data. The computing device records metrics associated with the deduplication of the chunks of data from the plurality of writes. The computing device generates groups based on associating each group with a portion of a... Agent:

20140365451 - Method and system for cleaning up files on a device: The effects of the present invention comprise enabling the timely and effective cleanup of the junk files on the mobile terminal, releasing more storage space, and leaving no junk file in the mobile terminal storage space, while at the same time enabling the greatest extent of prevention of misidentification and... Agent:

20140365450 - System and method for multi-scale navigation of data: A system configured to generate a macro-fingerprint from at least one predefined set of summaries is provided. The system includes data storage storing a first predefined set of summaries associated with a first region of data, each member of the first predefined set of summaries characterizing data within the first... Agent:

20140365448 - Trending suggestions: Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to paragraph snapping. In aspects, trending data is collected and prepared for sending to one or more target machines. Upon receiving the trending data, a target machines installs the trending data locally and deletes previously installed trending data. After installation, the trending... Agent:

20140365457 - Active platform system: In the case of a web-based platform apparatus for collecting and editing information, which platform apparatus can be networked to a plurality of subscribers that can be identified by means of an identifier, wherein the information on the platform is formed by a plurality of dual units (DuUs), wherein a... Agent:

20140365452 - Discovering trending content of a domain: Systems and methods for identifying trending content on one or more domains is presented. In response to receiving a request for trending content on each domain of a set of domain, network activity data corresponding to network activity of a recent period of time is obtained. According to various embodiments,... Agent:

20140365454 - Entity relevance for search queries: The relevance of entities to search queries is determined using a triangulation approach. The triangulation approach determines the relevance of entities to documents and the relevance of documents to a search query. The relevance of each entity to the search query is then determined as a function of the relevance... Agent:

20140365455 - Evaluation of substitution contexts: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for evaluating substitute terms. One of the methods includes receiving a query having an original term and determining one or more substitution contexts for the original term, wherein a substitution context includes one or more context terms and... Agent: Google Inc.

20140365458 - Interleaving search results: Methods, systems, and computer program products are provided for interleaving search results. A method includes presenting multiple first search results received from a first search engine. The first search results satisfy a search query directed to the first search engine and are presented in an order. A second search result... Agent: Google Inc.

20140365456 - Item-based recommendation engine for recommending a highly-associated item: Disclosed relates to a recommendation engine. The recommendation engine includes a query generation module configured to store a plurality of item vectors as a plurality of documents, configured to search for a reference document associated with the reference item among the plurality of the documents to extract a reference item... Agent: Neowiz Internet Corporation

20140365453 - Projecting analytics based on changes in search engine optimization metrics: A system and method effective to generate search engine report data to be displayed on a display. A processor may send a keyword to a search engine and receive a result set. The processor may generate historical search engine report data based on the keyword, a URL and the result... Agent:

20140365459 - Harvesting addresses: Some embodiments of the invention provide an address harvester that harvests addresses from one or more applications executing on a device. Some embodiments use the harvested addresses to facilitate the operation of one or more applications executing on the device. Alternatively, or conjunctively, some embodiments use the harvested addresses to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140365460 - Adaptable real-time feed for site population: Aspects of the subject disclosure are directed towards increasing a community of interest group users of an interest group, e.g., a network site having a feed of posts generally related to a particular topic. Many newly created interest groups do not have enough content to keep users interested and attract... Agent:

20140365461 - Customer support solution recommendation system: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer-readable storage medium and a method for automatically providing support solutions in response to user feedback items. The method comprises receiving user feedback items and corresponding support solutions. The method further comprises identifying, using clustering techniques, associations between the user... Agent:

20140365462 - Index data for native applications: Methods, systems, and apparatus for determining, for a native application that generates an application environment for display on a user device within the native application, the native application operating independent of a browser application that can operate on the user device, a set of environment instances of the native application,... Agent:

20140365463 - Modular image mining and search: A system for modular image mining and search, comprising a plurality of image capture devices, a search engine, an indexing engine, a database, and user interface software. A plurality of image capture devices capture images and store them to a database. The indexing engine indexes images to create image data... Agent:

20140365464 - Calculation scenarios with semantic nodes: A calculation engine is described that executes calculation scenarios comprising a plurality of calculation nodes that each specify operations to be performed to execute the query. One of the nodes can be a semantic node that is used to modify the query for operations requiring special handling. Related apparatus, systems,... Agent:

20140365465 - Optimization of business warehouse filters on complex calculation models: A query associated with a calculation scenario comprising a plurality of calculation nodes can be received by a calculation engine. The calculation scenario is instantiated and the query is transformed into a convex hull filter based on the at least one multiple selection condition that can be executed at any... Agent:

20140365473 - Electronic device, information distribution system, information distribution method, and information distribution program: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes, a search condition storage configured to store search conditions presented by a first device equipped with a recording function, a search module configured to search a content on the basis of the search conditions stored in the search condition storage, a reception... Agent:

20140365471 - Knowledge base search utility: A method is disclosed. The method includes performing a first search in response to initiating a communication session between an agent and a customer. The first search is performed using first data, attributes of a service interaction, and second data. The first data represents a second search requested by the... Agent:

20140365468 - News results through query expansion: Systems and methods for providing improved news results to a news query according to entity expansion are presented. In response to receiving a news query from a computer user, a news engine identifies one or more interest entities of the computer user. Expanded entity data corresponding to the one or... Agent:

20140365467 - Queries of a topic-based-source-specific search system: Approaches for facilitating queries of a topic-based-source-specific search system are disclosed. In certain implementations, an input relating to a query may be received. Suggested ones of predefined sources and suggested ones of information items of the predefined sources may be determined based on the input. A set of suggestions including... Agent: Sheer Data, LLC

20140365472 - Scalable visual search system simplifying access to network and device functionality: In one embodiment, an indication of information desired by a user is received, and a list of candidates for the desired information is provided for presentation on a mobile device of the user.... Agent:

20140365466 - Search result claiming: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for transmitting instructions to display a user profile page associated with a user, receiving user input associated with a resource of a plurality of resources, the user input being provided through the user profile page, storing the... Agent: Google Inc.

20140365474 - System and method for sharing content over the web: A system and method for sharing content over the web. The method comprises: receiving a request from a user via a first user device to share at least one content item with at least a second user device, the request includes at least a search term related to the at... Agent: Doat Media Ltd.

20140365470 - System and methods for generating quality, verified, synthesized, and coded information: The present invention relates generally to gathering, verifying, and providing information in an easy-to-understand format. Representations are obtained and evaluated to extract selected content or content information from which certain synthesized information can be gathered, collected, estimated, calculated, or determined. In addition, supplemental synthesized information may be be gathered, collected,... Agent:

20140365469 - User address book data management system: One or more techniques or systems are disclosed for allowing a first user to control what information is available to other users in the first user's address book on an address book system. A first user can import user contacts from one or more devices into the first user's address... Agent: Contactrev LLC

20140365475 - Retrieving a specific sentence from a document: An apparatus retrieves and outputs a specific sentence from a document. An acceptance hardware component acquires a retrieval key. An importance calculation hardware component calculates the level of importance of each sentence included in a search target document. A document processing hardware component extracts a sentence including the retrieval key... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140365476 - Virtual tag, client hosted and client sourced content/services rating and ranking support: A technique in which a tag associated with a target object is sent to a user device to provide information regarding the target object. The tag includes a rating indicator for a recipient of the tag to respond to the rating indicator, in which the rating indicator is used to... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140365478 - Method, program, and system for processing space-time database: A method, system, and a computer program product for querying a database. The system includes: a storage means; a processor communicatively coupled to the storage means; and a feature selection module communicatively coupled to the storage means and the processor, wherein the feature selection module is configured to perform the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140365477 - Ordering of ranked documents: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for distributing and presenting of electronic content. One method provides an enhanced ordering of ranked documents, in which one or more lists of documents that have been published in a web feed, a time that each document was... Agent: Google Inc.

20140365479 - Searching and restoring of backups: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer program products, for searching for and presenting backups. A first search result including a first version of an item is presented. The first version is associated with a first date range having a first start date and a first end date. User input requesting... Agent:

20140365480 - Personalized low latency communication: Embodiments relate to personalized low latency communications. A method may include receiving a description of content of a message, receiving recipient data corresponding to at least two possible recipients within a population of possible recipients, and selecting a relevant subpopulation of the population. The selecting may include, for each of... Agent:

20140365481 - Semantic grouping in search: A system and method are disclosed for intelligent grouping and presentation of search results. In embodiments, the present technology groups results into relevant categories, and presents the categorized results on a single screen or small set of screens. The most relevant results for each category may be displayed in graphical... Agent:

20140365482 - Method of presenting internet search results: A method of presenting Internet search results includes obtaining Internet search results in response to a search request from a first user of a site. Users of the site have profiles with information regarding the users. The first user has a profile with information associating certain of the users to... Agent:

20140365484 - Comprehensive user/event matching or recommendations based on awareness of entities, activities, interests, desires, location: A method for comprehensive user/event matching or recommendations is described. The method includes a network environment which receives one or more pieces of user data, event data, or social data from users or third party data sources, determining the relevance of the data for users, and displaying the identified data... Agent:

20140365489 - Management of annotated location aware assets: A method may include storing a plurality of floor maps, each floor map indicating a structural layout of a respective physical location, storing a plurality of point-of-interest (POI) data structures, each POI data structure including a physical location of an associated POI that is associated with the respective POI data... Agent:

20140365485 - Method and system for setting relationship between users of service using gestures information: A method for setting a relationship between users of a plurality of mobile terminals includes receiving, from a plurality of mobile terminals, information on gestures made on, and recognized at, the plurality of mobile terminals, respectively, with respect to a single user gesture; determining a gesture correlation between the recognized... Agent: Naver Business Platform Corporation

20140365487 - Method of remotely critiquing an image and software application therefore: A method of remotely critiquing an image is disclosed that includes receiving an electronic image at a portable electronic device of a user, wherein the electronic image visually depicting at least one of plurality of steps physically performed by the user. The method also includes then transmitting the electronic image,... Agent:

20140365483 - Methods and systems for media file management: Methods and systems for media file management are provided. A music file including music samples is provided. The music file is analyzed to calculate a gain for each music sample. At least one valley point is detected based on the gains of the respective music samples. A first and a... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140365486 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for tagging a resource: Methods and systems are described for tagging a resource. In an aspect, a matched tag is created by associating a user identified tag with a tagging criterion that is based on data other than the tag. A determination is made that the tagging criterion is met for each resource in... Agent: Cedar Point Partners, LLC

20140365488 - Positioning system: There is disclosed a method of managing a database of positioning data, the positioning data including electromagnetic signal source data for use by a positioning system, and the method comprising: receiving signal data relating to signals received from a plurality of electromagnetic signal sources; associating an appropriate one of a... Agent:

20140365492 - Data partitioning method and apparatus: A data partitioning method and apparatus. The method includes: determining tuple relationship information according to received mixed loads and structure information of a database; determining tuple split cost information according to the tuple relationship information and a feature about whether the mixed loads are executable in parallel; obtaining multiple partitioning... Agent:

20140365490 - Method and system employing graphical electric load categorization to identify one of a plurality of different electric load types: A system for different electric loads includes sensors structured to sense voltage and current signals for each of the different electric loads; a hierarchical load feature database having a plurality of layers, with one of the layers including a plurality of different load categories; and a processor. The processor acquires... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140365491 - Method for managing personalized playing lists of the type comprising a url template and a list of segment identifiers: A first splicer manages a get-list request coming (1-1) from a player and parameterized with an identifier of a first content and a group identifier. It obtains (1-2, 1-3) an initial playlist comprising a first URI template (pointing towards a first server and pre-parameterized with the identifier of the first... Agent:

20140365493 - Data processing method and device: A data processing method is provided, which includes: performing a fingerprint calculation for each data element of a set of data elements to obtain fingerprint information of the data elements; grouping the data elements into data groups in accordance with the fingerprint information, including by grouping data elements with the... Agent:

20140365494 - Search term clustering: When conducting the same or similar search, different users can use different search terms and phrases, resulting in an increase in the quantity of unique search terms and phrases. The intent of the various search terms and phrases is determined based on clustering of the terms and phrases of the... Agent:

20140365497 - Document handling in a web application: The preferred implementation of the invention provides several specific features: (1) Presentation and control of heterogeneous document content through the service of the Enterprise Application Development Platform, (2) An efficient scheme for group level and user level security, (3) Presentation of heterogeneous document types, (4) Presentation of heterogeneous data types... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140365496 - Menu configuration method and system of smart device: The present invention relates to a method and a system for configuring a menu in a smart device, which configure a menu of an application in a smart device, and the method of configuring a menu includes: collecting, by a smart device, information about one or more of a keyword,... Agent:

20140365495 - Systems and methods for storing and identifying connections between people, places, and things: The present subject discloses computer implemented systems and methods including: a processing engine embodied in a processor that is in operable communication with a user interface, wherein the processor receives data elements including a plurality of categories and a plurality of connectors, wherein each category represents a person, a place,... Agent:

20140365498 - Finding a data item of a plurality of data items stored in a digital data storage: A computer implemented method for finding at least one data item of a plurality of data items (11) stored in a data storage, comprising the steps of creating metadata for the at least one data item, linking the metadata to the at least one data item, indexing the metadata of... Agent:

20140365499 - System and method for determining concepts in a content item using context: The present invention is directed towards systems and methods for indexing one or more items of content. The method of the present invention comprises extracting one or more items of text from a given item of content. The one or more items of extracted text are tokenized into one or... Agent:

20140365500 - Fast, scalable dictionary construction and maintenance: A computer-implemented method of constructing and maintaining a record keeping dictionary data structure can include: generating a PATRICIA trie from a set of strings; generating multiple kth-level elevator-stairs data structures at exponentially reducing k-levels, wherein each of the kth-level elevator-stairs data structure includes a kth-level trie corresponding to the PATRICIA... Agent:

20140365501 - Content distribution method and content distribution server: A content distribution method executed by a computer includes referring to a result of comparing information identifying content data stored in a storage unit with information identifying content data stored in one or more other storage units included in one or more other computers; and collecting representative image data of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140365502 - Determining answers in a question/answer system when answer is not contained in corpus: Mechanisms are provided for generating an answer for an input question when the answer is not directly present in a corpus of information. An input question is received from a computing device and analyzed to determine whether the input question is requesting an answer that is calculable. In response to... Agent:

20140365503 - Estimation of closeness of topics based on graph analytics: Embodiments relate to estimating closeness of topics based on graph analytics. A graph that includes a plurality of nodes and edges is accessed. Each node in the graph represents a topic and each edge represents a known association between two topics. A statistical traversal experiment is performed on the graph.... Agent:

20140365504 - Estimation of closeness of topics based on graph analytics: Embodiments relate to estimating closeness of topics based on graph analytics. A graph that includes a plurality of nodes and edges is accessed. Each node in the graph represents a topic and each edge represents a known association between two topics. A statistical traversal experiment is performed on the graph.... Agent:

20140365507 - Generating a feed of content items associated with a topic from multiple content sources: A newsfeed generation system generates feeds of content items related to specific topics. The newsfeed generation system receives content items from one or more content sources, and matches the content items to topics based on a measure of affinity of each content item for one or more objects in a... Agent:

20140365505 - Harvesting addresses: Some embodiments of the invention provide an address harvester that harvests addresses from one or more applications executing on a device. Some embodiments use the harvested addresses to facilitate the operation of one or more applications executing on the device. Alternatively, or conjunctively, some embodiments use the harvested addresses to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140365509 - Smart address book: An apparatus, method, system, and computer-readable medium are provided for maintaining contact information associated with a contact. In some embodiments a request associated with a contact may be received. Contact information may be obtained from one or more external or internal sources. One or more confidence scores may be generated... Agent:

20140365508 - Systems and methods for scoring geographic locations and for providing related searching tools: Systems and methods for scoring geographic locations and for providing related searching tools are disclosed herein. According to an aspect, a method includes receiving one or more property identifiers. The method also includes receiving geographic attributes for the one or more property identifiers. Further, the method includes assigning, for each... Agent:

20140365506 - Video searching: Method and processor for searching for a target within video data comprising the steps of receiving a target selected from within video data. Identifying a current selection of target matches for the selected target within further video data. Ranking the current selection of target matches. Receiving a signal confirming or... Agent: Vision Semantics Limited

20140365510 - Device and method for determining interest, and computer-readable storage medium for computer program: A device for determining interest includes a storage portion configured to store, on a user-by-user basis, a co-occurrence frequency in correlation with a user, the co-occurrence frequency indicating how many times a pair of words is used in a same cluster of a first document, on a pair-by-pair basis, to... Agent:

20140365511 - Filtering content on a role tailored workspace: A workspace display includes a plurality of different groups, each group including a plurality of different components. Each group corresponds to a task, set of tasks or topic of information related to a user's role. The particular components included in each group are user interface display elements that are each... Agent:

20140365512 - Object filtering in a computing network: Presented herein are object filtering techniques that optimize the communication of information over an infrastructure that supports publish-subscribe (pub-sub) and direct query (synchronization) communication. In the object filtering techniques, a single information publisher can share that information in an associated object graph with many different consumers over the infrastructure without... Agent:

20140365513 - Providing information to users based on context: Selecting and providing context information relevant to a user at a particular time and location. Input parameters such as a location and time are selected. Context information is obtained for the selected location and time based on the input parameters. Exemplary input parameters include a user activity history, user content... Agent:

20140365514 - Apparatus and associated methodology for automatically selecting content using stored criteria: In an information processor which records many contents or has many contents already recorded therein, and can generate an arbitrary combination of the contents, a weight is computed for each of the contents based on either data stored in a history data file (184) or data stored in a display... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140365515 - Evaluation of substitution contexts: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for evaluating substitute terms. One of the methods includes receiving a query and identifying an original term occurring in the query. One or more substitution contexts are determined for the original term, wherein a substitution context includes one... Agent: Google Inc.

20140365516 - Optimization of join queries for related data: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, computer program product, and system for optimizing execution of a query that includes a JOIN against a system utilizing data relationship concepts. A computer determines whether one or more data structures in JOIN include a parent/child relationship. The one or more data... Agent:

20140365517 - Qa based on context aware, real-time information from mobile devices: A common infrastructure collects data from a plurality of mobile devices and traditional sensors at Internet scale to respond to natural language queries received at different applications. The infrastructure includes a semantic interpreter to translate the natural language query to a data request specification that is processed by the data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140365518 - Qa based on context aware, real-time information from mobile devices: A common infrastructure collects data from a plurality of mobile devices and traditional sensors at Internet scale to respond to natural language queries received at different applications. The infrastructure includes a semantic interpreter to translate the natural language query to a data request specification that is processed by the data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140365521 - Central registry for binding features using dynamic pointers: A first feature (e.g., chart or table) includes a reference to a dynamic pointer. Independently, the pointer is defined to point to a second feature (e.g., a query). The first feature is automatically updated to reflect a current value of the second feature. The reference to the pointer and pointer... Agent:

20140365519 - Intelligent processing of user input to a business intelligence software application: A computer-implemented method of processing an input via a user interface of a business intelligence software application for a database, wherein the software applications performs: listening for a user's input, and processing said input while it is received to identify input elements thereof; said input elements comprising at least a... Agent:

20140365520 - User directory system for a hub-based system federating disparate unified communications systems: A user directory for a hub-based system federating disparate unified communications systems is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the computer-implemented method includes connecting a first unified communications system and a second unified communications system through a federation server, synchronizing a directory entry from a directory of the first unified communications... Agent: Nextplane, Inc.

20140365523 - Push subscriptions: Techniques are disclosed for delivering push subscription notifications in large scale distributed systems. Subscription notifications can be delivered to mobile devices of subscribing users by monitoring, at a server, an application database comprising a data record having one or more data values, detecting, at the server, in accordance with the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140365522 - Using a graph database of a virtualization infrastructure: In a computer-implemented method for providing management of a virtualization infrastructure, a query related to the virtualization infrastructure is received. A graph database of the virtualization infrastructure is accessed, the graph database including nodes associated with members of the virtualization infrastructure and edges associated with relationships of the members of... Agent:

20140365524 - Incremental aggregation-based event pattern matching: Aspects of the present invention provide a solution for recognizing a pattern in a set of data, such as data streaming over a data communication system. In an embodiment, a set of data events is retrieved in the data stream. The retrieved objects each have a plurality of characteristics that... Agent:

20140365525 - System and method of merging text analysis results: A system and method of merging text analysis results. The system uses a set of three corrected, weakened Jaccard factors to determine whether the respective results of multiple text analysis operations are equal, subtypes of each other or associated with each other, in order to merge the results.... Agent:

20140365526 - Content management apparatus and content management method: A content management apparatus as an embodiment of the present invention associates content information on content with group information on a user participation group in a posting management service that approves control for the content, and stores the associated information. The apparatus then acquires group information on the user participation... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140365527 - Secure access to hierarchical documents in a sorted, distributed key/value data store: Policy-based, cell-level access control is provided in association with a sorted, distributed key-value data store. As data representing a hierarchical document is ingested into the data store, the data is interpreted to identify fields and any sub-fields in the document, each identified field and its associated protection level as identified... Agent: Sqrrl Data, Inc.

20140365528 - Online dating danger prevention system: An online dating danger prevention system is disclosed. The online dating danger prevention system includes a database that holds information, including geo-location data and photographs, to make online dating safer. An online dater enters a set of contacts that the system can reach in the event of an emergency.... Agent:

20140365529 - Agglomerative treelet restructuring for bounding volume hierarchies: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for modifying a hierarchical tree data structure. An initial hierarchical tree data structure is received, and treelets of node neighborhoods are formed. A processor restructures the treelets using agglomerative clustering to produce an optimized hierarchical tree data structure that includes at... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140365530 - Systems and methods to edit a hierarchical tree structure: Media items in a media library are organized into a hierarchical tree so that a particular media item can be found by referencing similar media items. The hierarchical tree has nodes that are the media items and each node further includes a prominence level that indicates a relative popularity of... Agent:

20140365531 - Creation of a graph database of a virtualization infrastructure: In a computer-implemented method for creating a graph database of a virtualization infrastructure, data defining entities and relationships of the entities of a virtualization infrastructure is received at a graph database, wherein the relationships of the entities are in accordance with an inventory structure of the virtualization infrastructure. The graph... Agent:

20140365532 - Bounding volume hierarchies through treelet restructuring: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for modifying a hierarchical tree data structure. An initial hierarchical tree data structure is received and treelets of node neighborhoods in the initial hierarchical tree data structure are formed. Each treelet includes n leaf nodes and n−1 internal nodes. The treelets... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140365533 - Methods of micro-specialization in database management systems: Systems and methods for utilizing relation- and query-specific information to specialize DBMS code at runtime based on identifying runtime locally invariant variables. Runtime invariant is often of the form of variables in code that hold values that are constant during a portion of code execution. Micro-specialization is applied to eliminate... Agent:

20140365534 - Management method and system for implementation, execution, data collection, and data analysis of a structured collection procedure which runs on a collection device: Methods for performing a structured collection procedure by utilizing a collection device are disclosed herein, in which a collection procedure is initiated for performing one or more data collections for one or more data event instances occurring according to a schedule of events. Each data event instances comprises a data... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140365535 - Visual data definition for identifying data items in loosely-structured data: A computer-implemented method is provided for identifying items in loosely-structured data. The method generally includes constructing a composite data definition for items which are to be identified and parsing input data using the data definition. The composite data definition is constructed by defining a layout for a composite data definition,... Agent:

20140365537 - File storage system, apparatus, and file access method: Embodiments of the present invention provide a file storage system, an apparatus, and a file access method. The system includes a storage management apparatus and an adapter, where the storage management apparatus is configured to receive an operation instruction sent by a user interface apparatus and send a invoking command... Agent:

20140365536 - Method and apparatus for writing images into memory: A method for writing images into a memory is provided. The method includes steps of: establishing a first configuration table for configuring the memory into a plurality of first buffers according to a first resolution of a first image; establishing a second configuration table for configuring the memory into a... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20140365538 - Methods and devices for mapping data files: A method of mapping interconnections between a plurality, of data files, such as files of the world wide web. The method comprises a step of, for a first file, in a display area displaying a first region. Then, according to a first distance scale, displaying one or more second regions,... Agent: Symtec Limited

20140365539 - Performing direct data manipulation on a storage device: A method and system for performing data manipulation on a storage device is disclosed. A data manipulation command is created on a computing device, wherein the computing device is separate from the storage device. The computing device is a client or a server that requests services of a storage system... Agent: Netapp, Inc.

20140365542 - Data processing system and method: A data processing system and a data processing method for a number of electronic devices are disclosed. All the electronic devices are connected to the same network. When an electronic device performs a task, the system broadcasts a request to other electronic devices, and the request contains an attribute of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140365543 - Document management server, document management method, and non-transitory storage medium storing program: A document management server includes: a generation unit configured to generate, by using a request received from a client, a character string for identifying a requested document; a determination unit configured to determine whether or not an image file of the document exists in a location represented by the character... Agent:

20140365540 - Remote enumeration of a directory: When enumerating of a set of content items in a directory in a remote file server, an electronic device provides a request for information associated with the set of content items. The electronic device and the file server may use, respectively, use an OS X®-based operating system and a Windows®-based... Agent:

20140365541 - Storing an object in a distributed storage system: A method and system for storing an object in a distributed storage system are provided. An example system includes an object name identifier that receives a request to save an object having an initial object name within a file system space and determines, based on a set of regular expressions,... Agent:

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20140358845 - Data warehouse compatibility: A compatibility processing module, for executing one or more processes to format and manipulate data, such that communication between previously-incompatible data warehouses is facilitated. In particular, a first warehouse is disclosed, wherein the first data warehouse is configured with a compatibility processing module, for receiving a large number of data... Agent:

20140358844 - Workflow controller compatibility: Aspects of the disclosure relate to workflow controller compatibility for in order to format workflow data such that communication between incompatible workflow controllers is facilitated. A compatibility processing module may execute one or more processes to format a workflow such that communication between previously incompatible workflow controllers is facilitated. A... Agent:

20140358846 - Apparatus and method for harmonizing data along inferred hierarchical dimensions: A server includes a data processing module with executable instructions executed by a processor to produce a first inferred data type from first received data and a second inferred data type from second received data. The first inferred data type is utilized to augment the first received data with computed... Agent: Clearstory Data Inc.

20140358849 - Database system and methods therefor: A control module for controlling data stored in at least one database is disclosed. The control module comprise at least one memory and at least one processor configured to extend the at least one database in accordance with at least one predetermined rule stored in said at least one memory,... Agent: Limited

20140358848 - Interconnect partition binding api, allocation and management of application-specific partitions: Systems and methods for operating a database in system memory within a virtual partition are described. One system includes one or more host computing systems, each host computing system including at least one execution core and a system memory. The system includes a plurality of virtual partitions executing on the... Agent: Unisys Corporation

20140358847 - Method and system for document update: Method and system for document update are provided. Information related to document update in the database is obtained. A stochastic model is generated based on the obtained information. An update sequence is determined based on the stochastic model. The update sequence indicates at least one document that needs to be... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20140358850 - Open feedback apparatus and method of operating the same: An open feedback apparatus and a method of operating the same are disclosed. The open feedback apparatus includes a storage unit, an improved content management unit, a reliability review unit, and a version management unit. The storage unit stores content based on open source. The improved content management unit registers... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140358851 - System and method for universal storage and presentation of data: A method includes receiving, on an electronic device, one or more logical entities from a storage system having a universe of data. The one or more logical entities encapsulate data from the universe of data on the storage system. Each of the one or more logical entities belong to one... Agent:

20140358852 - Method of synchronizing data within database clusters: A database cluster is provided. The database cluster includes a plurality of nodes. When a change is implemented at a first given node of the database cluster, the change is communicated to other nodes of the database cluster to synchronize data between the nodes. For this purpose, the first given... Agent:

20140358853 - Optimistic concurrency utilizing distributed constraint enforcement: Optimistic concurrency is effectuated to manage constraints in a synchronization environment at multiple computing device endpoints in a consistent fashion without utilizing concentrated centralized constraint logic. Implemented data synchronization constraints that identify false violation scenarios may be automatically resolved without user intervention by using an etag system directed by a... Agent:

20140358854 - Live upgrade: A method and corresponding system upgrades a live computer system. The method begins with migrating a copy of data from a first system to a communicatively coupled second system at a first time. Next, at one or more subsequent times, a copy of changed data is migrated from the first... Agent:

20140358855 - Replicating data to a database: Techniques for replicating data to a database include determining a change to at least one database value in a database table on a source repository; updating, based on the change to the at least one database value, a snapshot value associated with the change to the at least one database... Agent:

20140358856 - Information processing system and method for controlling the same: The present invention concerns one of the plurality of first storage apparatuses, prior to a file migration to the second storage apparatus, notifies to the second storage apparatus of file migration information being information relating to the file migration, the second storage apparatus calculates an increment of a load on... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140358857 - De-duplication with partitioning advice and automation: Migrating a sub-volume in data storage with at least two de-duplication domains, each of the domains having at least one sub-volume. A first sub-volume is assigned to a de-duplication domain and a first content summary is computed for the first sub-volume. Similarly, a second sub-volume is assigned to a second... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140358858 - Determining a schedule for a job to replicate an object stored on a storage appliance: A technique includes queuing jobs to replicate object data stored on a storage appliance. The technique includes, for at least one of the jobs, selectively regulating when the job appears in the schedule based at least in part on a number of failed attempts to complete the job.... Agent:

20140358859 - File sharing system and file sharing method: In a computer system according to an embodiment of the present invention, a first slave server includes copy management information associating a master file system identifier with an identifier of a slave server including a copy of the master file system identified by the master file system identifier. The first... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140358861 - Managing a multi-version database: Managing different versions of a data record is provided. A mapping is maintained between a version-independent logical record identifier and a version-dependent physical record row identifier that correspond to each data record within a plurality of data records of a data table using a logical record identifier to physical record... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140358860 - Sync framework extensibility: Embodiments described herein may involve enabling applications to cooperate with a system-level sync framework. The sync framework may provide system synchronization of files between user devices and a cloud storage service. Arbitrary applications on a user computing device can communicate with the sync framework to temporarily suspend synchronization of a... Agent: Microsoft

20140358862 - Automatic mobile device backup: Embodiments of systems and methods for automatic backup of a user's data stored on a mobile device are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes storing a user information from a memory of a mobile communication device into a database; determining a status of the mobile communication device; and when... Agent:

20140358863 - Tiered-archive maintenance: Embodiments of the present invention relate to systems, computer-implemented methods, and computer program products for managing a tiered archive. In some embodiments, a method is provided that includes: (a) providing an archive having two or more tiers for storing data, where each of the two or more tiers is assigned... Agent:

20140358864 - Policy based population of genealogical archive data: An approach for managing a family tree archive is provided. The approach includes creating an electronic archive based on a family tree. The approach also includes automatically discovering Internet-based data associated with at least one member of the family tree. The approach additionally includes adding the Internet-based data to the... Agent:

20140358865 - Processing a technical system: Rules of a rule base are transformed in an automated fashion in order to be able to conduct consistency checks and generate explanations and thus classify and correct existing rules. This is beneficial in particular in large systems with existing rule bases, e.g., wherein each rule is associated with at... Agent:

20140358866 - Full file repair using schedule description fragment in embms: A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. The apparatus determines that a file of interest is transmitted within a service, determines a failure to download the file of interest, and triggers a repair procedure of the file of interest at a time corresponding... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140358867 - De-duplication deployment planning: Assignment of files to a de-duplication domain. Address space of data files is divided into multiple containers. For each of the containers, a file metadata scan is performed to obtain file system metadata, which is aggregated and summarized in a content feature summary. A content feature summary prediction measurement is... Agent:

20140358870 - De-duplication deployment planning: Assignment of files to a de-duplication domain. Address space of data files is divided into multiple containers. For each of the containers, a file metadata scan is performed to obtain file system metadata, which is aggregated and summarized in a content feature summary. A content feature summary prediction measurement is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140358871 - Deduplication for a storage system: A method and system for deduplication of data to be stored on a storage system. A deduplication system performs a method that includes the steps of: segmenting a storage object into a plurality of data segments; generating a content similarity key indicative of a content of a data segment as... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140358868 - Life cycle management of metadata: The program code assigns a first record to a first object having a first life cycle and a second record to a second object having a second life cycle, wherein the first object is associated to the second object, and wherein the assigning is based on configurable predefined rules. In... Agent:

20140358872 - Storage system and method for performing deduplication in conjunction with host device and storage device: Provided is a method for performing deduplication in conjunction with a host device and a storage device, and a storage system therefor. The host device includes a brief examination device which is configured to briefly examine whether data to be stored is duplicated or not based on a hash value... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140358869 - System and method for accelerating mapreduce operation: Provided are a system and method for accelerating a mapreduce operation. The system for accelerating a mapreduce operation includes at least one map node configured to perform a map operation in response to a map operation request of a master node, and at least one reduce node configured to perform... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140358873 - Systems, methods, and computer program products for scheduling processing to achieve space savings: A method performed in a system that has a plurality of volumes stored to storage hardware, the method including generating, for each of the volumes, a respective space saving potential iteratively over time and scheduling space saving operations among the plurality of volumes by analyzing each of the volumes for... Agent:

20140358874 - Compression system and method: A plurality of lines of data from a file are stored in a cache. The lines of data typically come from a file that is being compressed. The process gets an additional line of data to compress. Based on a compression level, the additional line of data is compared with... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20140358875 - System and method of font compression using selectable entropy encoding: A request for a font file including a first font table and a second font table is received. A first entropy encoder is selected, based on characteristics of the first font table, front among a plurality of entropy encoders. A second entropy encoder is selected, based on characteristics of the... Agent:

20140358876 - Managing a multi-version database: Managing different versions of a data record is provided. A mapping is maintained between a version-independent logical record identifier and a version-dependent physical record row identifier that correspond to each data record within a plurality of data records of a data table using a logical record identifier to physical record... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140358877 - Method and system handling images on a multi-touch device: Disclosed is a system and method for gesture-based content-object rendering. The present disclosure provides for optimized display of a high-resolution image upon receiving input, such as a spread gesture, from a user respective of a displayed low-resolution image. The low-resolution and high-resolution image are subdivided into content objects or blocks... Agent:

20140358878 - Maintaining database consistency when nearing the end of a database recovery log: Log records are generated by a computer system and stored in a computer readable storage area for recording changes to database objects responsive to receiving transaction requests, wherein the locators for the log records are of a predetermined maximum size that provides a maximum trackable size limit of the storage... Agent:

20140358880 - Methods and systems for team searches in a social networking service: Techniques for team searches within a social graph are described. Consistent with some embodiments, a search request initiated by a searching member profile is received. The search request includes search criteria. A team membership connection between the searching member profile and a team profile is then detected. Based on the... Agent:

20140358879 - Search engine suggestion: A search engine suggestion method, apparatus, and non-transitory article of manufacture embodying computer readable instructions for data search. The method includes: obtaining a query input by a user; obtaining a query suggestion set for the query for each of a plurality of different search engines, the query suggestion set including... Agent:

20140358881 - Search infrastructure supporting identification, setup and maintenance of machine to machine interactions: A technique in which autonomous machine-to-machine interactions are identified, setup and maintained between machines by utilizing a registry that may be searched to identify a registered machine. The search may be for a particular target machine or for content. By identifying a target machine, the registry may provide an address... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140358882 - Device content used to bias a search infrastructure: Biasing of search query inputs based on local content, device profile and/or activity information. In various embodiments, biasing operations are performed on a search input to a client device in order to improve search result relevancy. The biasing operations produce additional search query elements/context options based on locally-hosted content or... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140358883 - Semantically associated text index and the population and use thereof: The construction of a semantically associated computer search database is disclosed. A text catalog containing the text particulars and contents of a plurality of electronic documents, a term association database which joins text search terms with their semantic meanings or definitions, and a content association database which contains records associating... Agent: Semanti Inc.

20140358884 - System sand methods for searching items of fashion and other items of creation: Systems and methods according to the invention make feature-based and visual search possible. They allow users to provide us a visual representation that we can apply against available items of creation and return items that are like the visual representation in terms of features and other parameters that user can... Agent:

20140358886 - Internal search engines architecture: A pipeline of memory banks is configured to store and retrieve a forwarding address by distributing portions of the address across the memory banks and subsequently searching for the distributed values. A first value of the address is recoverable by searching for a value, stored by a first memory bank,... Agent:

20140358885 - Trending topic identification from social communications: Systems and methods for identifying trending topics from social communications are presented. Social communications from one or more social networking sites are obtained. Links within the social communications are extracted. In various embodiments, the extracted links are filtered such that the linked content corresponding to the extracted links that can... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140358887 - Application content search management: A search service accesses application content accessible via one or more enumerated applications. The search service ranks the accessed application content in combination with non-application content to produce a combined ranking. Responsive to a search query, the search service provides one or more search results based on the combined ranking.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140358888 - Method, system, and computer program product for monitoring online reputations with the capability of creating new content: The present invention provides the capability to quickly and easily determine the online reputation a target, and to quickly and easily take steps to improve the online reputation of the target. For example, a method of monitoring and affecting online reputation may comprise gathering information potentially related to an online... Agent: Reputation Rights, LLC

20140358889 - Natural language search results for intent queries: Systems and methods provide natural language search results to clear-intent queries. To provide the natural language search results, a system may parse a document from an authoritative source to generate at least one heading-text pair, the text appearing under the heading in the document. The system may assign a topic... Agent:

20140358890 - Question answering framework: Described herein is a technology to facilitate automated question answering. In one implementation, an input question is first received. Different search strategies may be used to search multiple types of data from multiple types of knowledge databases to generate one or more candidate answers to the input question. The one... Agent:

20140358891 - System for collecting, calculating, and ranking interest in information in real time: A method of measuring multiple digital social interactions around a topic or news story for the purpose of providing real-time insight on which topics are of greater importance to a particular audience. The invention provides the apparatus and structure to collect information deemed to be a topic, to take a... Agent: Listener Driven Radio LLC

20140358893 - Rules-based knowledge-driven search filters: Methods for product data management and corresponding systems and computer-readable mediums. A method for rules-based knowledge-driven search filters includes receiving metadata for a plurality of searchable objects, the metadata including at least one of an object type definition and object properties. The method includes defining search filter rules based on... Agent: Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

20140358892 - Single-point metadata driven search configuration, indexing and execution: Systems and methods for application search configuration, indexing, and execution. A method includes receiving a metadata definition for search and indexing configuration and generating a transfer mode definition to export objects for indexing. The method includes identifying objects to be indexed according to the metadata definition and extracting data according... Agent: Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

20140358894 - Optimizing query statements in relational databases: Optimizing query statements in relational databases including determining filtering performance for each of at least two complex predicates in a predetermined layer of the query statement based on a result of a query performed on predetermined data records by using only the complex predicate. The results are ranked based on... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140358895 - Eigenvalue-based data query: Embodiments relate to an eigenvalue-based data query. An aspect includes receiving a query request that includes a query statement. Another aspect includes calculating eigenvalues of key component elements in the query statement. Another aspect includes matching eigenvalues of nodes in an execution plan of a historical query statement to the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140358896 - Centrally managed driver and vehicle ratings system updated via over-the-air communications with telematics units: A system and method are described herein for acquiring and maintaining, in a centralized repository, driver and vehicle information for the purpose of rendering a rating for individual drivers and vehicles in accordance with established criteria and standards. A driver rating indicates the relative desirability of the particular driver given... Agent: General Motors LLC

20140358901 - Display apparatus and search result displaying method thereof: A display apparatus including an input unit configured to receive a keyword, a display configured to display a screen based on search result received from a plurality of sources, and a controller configured to control the plurality of sources to perform search based on the keyword, receive a plurality of... Agent:

20140358902 - Faceted search results: A data processing system receives a first user input comprising a search query. The data processing system displays in a search interface accessible across a plurality of computer application programs, a plurality of results matching the search query. The results are categorized into a plurality of categories and only a... Agent:

20140358897 - Location awareness using local semantic scoring: Systems and methods are provided for determining continuous scoring models that describe one or more features regarding a geographic area. The scoring models can be fit to incorporate information from both point sources as well as area information. Based on the scoring models, a user can obtain feature values for... Agent:

20140358898 - Method and apparatus for presenting media to users: An approach is provided for determining at least two associated users who are presented media items based on respective playlists of media items. The approach further involves analysing media items in the respective playlists to determine similarity information for the media items in the respective playlists. The approach further involves... Agent:

20140358899 - On-the-fly calculation scenario provision during query runtime: A query is received by a database server from a remote application server. The query encapsulates an on-the-fly calculation scenario that defines a data flow model that includes one or more calculation nodes. Thereafter, the database server instantiates the on-the-fly calculation scenario. The database server then executes the operations defined... Agent:

20140358900 - Search systems and computer-implemented search methods: Search systems and computer-implemented search methods are described. In one aspect, a search system includes a communications interface configured to access a plurality of data items of a collection, wherein the data items include a plurality of image objects individually comprising image data utilized to generate an image of the... Agent:

20140358903 - Search-based dynamic voice activation: A method, apparatus, and electronic device for voice navigation are disclosed. A voice input mechanism 310 may receive a verbal input from a user to a voice user interface program invisible to the user. A processor 104 may identify in a graphical user interface (GUI) a set of GUI items.... Agent:

20140358910 - Integrated search results: A storage management system receives at a computing system one or more search results from a search operation based on a search query. The search operation had performed a first search on content in a database accessible through an application, a second search on local to the computing system content,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140358907 - Method for clustering results from a same channel: An initial plurality of search results is obtained based on a search query pertaining to a topic of interest. A determination is made of whether to perform clustering on the initial plurality of search results. Upon determining not to perform clustering on the search result, a user interface with the... Agent:

20140358908 - Minimization of surprisal context data through application of customized surprisal context filters: A method, system, and computer program product for minimizing surprisal context data. The method includes the steps of: identifying characteristics of a data event; receiving an input of rank of at least two identified characteristics of the data event; generating a hierarchy of ranked, identified characteristics based on the rank... Agent:

20140358906 - Query suggestions based on search data: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for generating query suggestions based on search data. In one aspect, a method includes receiving, by one or more computers, a first query, determining query refinements based on the first query, generating, from the query refinements, refinement... Agent:

20140358911 - Search and discovery system: A system for search and discovery of information in a real time network, comprising: means for gathering data indicative of a message posted in an real time network, the data comprising information identifying a uniform resource locator, URL and textual information associated with the URL; means for indexing the gathered... Agent: University College Dublin, National Uniaversity Of Ireland

20140358909 - Search result contexts for application launch: A search service executes on one or more computing systems and searches at least one index associated with content accessible through an application based on the at least one portion of the search query to provide search results associated with the application. A search results interface returns one or more... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140358904 - Synonym identification based on selected search result: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for evaluating terms that are candidate substitute terms for query terms, and revising search queries to include substitute terms. When search results are returned in response to a search query, text associated with a search result is... Agent: Google Inc.

20140358905 - System and method for answer aggregation: A system and method of answer aggregation that receives a querying user supplied question, provides the user supplied question to multiple responding users, receives one or more answers to the question from responding users, performs an answer aggregation algorithm to generate a collective answer, and displays the collective answer.... Agent: Unleash The Crowd Incorporated

20140358912 - Identifying event-specific social discussion threads: Techniques, systems, and articles of manufacture for identifying event-specific social discussion threads. A method includes identifying a spatial relationship and one or more additional relationships across two or more topical clusters derived from a text source, extracting one or more temporally evolving discussion sequences across the two or more topical... Agent:

20140358915 - Determination of a service description most closely matching a specified service name: A method and system for determining a service description most closely matching a service name provided by a user. It is determined that the service name provided by the user is not an exact match to a service name in a service registry that comprises service names and associated service... Agent:

20140358913 - Hierarchical entity information for search: A fast browsing architecture for exploring hierarchical lists of entities through a search user interface. A graphical UI operates to handle the hierarchical lists and sub-lists in different ways for different scenarios such as a hierarchical level is zero (only one list of entities associated with a query and the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140358914 - Search method, search device and storage medium: Disclosed are a search method, a search device and a storage medium. The method comprises obtaining all relevant documents of information to be sought; calculating a relevancy between each relevant document and the information to be sought based on a word matching algorithm and a semantics matching algorithm; performing sequencing... Agent:

20140358916 - Personalized prioritization of integrated search results: A search management system receives at a computing system one or more search results from a search operation based on a search query. The search operation performed a first search on content in a database accessible through an application, a second search on local to the computing system content, and... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140358918 - Method and apparatus for handling data-related requests: A method and a request distributor (302) for dispatching data-related requests to application functions (304) connected to a data storage (306). When a first data-related request is received (3:1), a characteristic of the re-request quest is determined and a specialized application function (C) is selected (3:2) out of a set... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140358917 - System and method for remote image organization and analysis: A system for remote image organization and analysis. The system includes at least one remotely-accessible computer including a processor, and a software program stored on a non-transitory computer readable medium accessible by the processor. The software program is operable to access at least one multi-dimensional library of image data stored... Agent: Duke University

20140358919 - Automatic isolation and selection of screenshots from an electronic content repository: Automatic isolation of screenshots from other captured content items stored in an electronic content repository is provided. When a screen capture is performed on an electronic device, such as a smartphone, screen resolution information for the capturing device is stored with the captured content item (e.g., screenshot). When a user... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140358924 - Data analysis apparatus and method: The present invention relates to a heterogeneous data cluster generation apparatus and method and a data clustering method and apparatus, and more particularly, to a data clustering method and apparatus which cluster data measured by different sensors into a number of groups. Aspects of the present invention provide an apparatus... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140358921 - Delegating resembling data of an organization to a linked device: A computerized method for pooling objects in a computerized system having a storage for objects, comprising identifying in the computerized system objects having an at least one common metadata entity associated with the objects, and including the identified objects in a pool of objects, and an apparatus for performing the... Agent:

20140358927 - Override of automatically shared meta-data of media: An override of automatically shared meta-data of media method and apparatus are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of a server device includes automatically populating a hierarchy using a play-list history data associated with a media data of a client device, and modifying the hierarchy based on a user override.... Agent:

20140358920 - Resolving pairwise links to groups: The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for resolving pairwise links to groups. Embodiments of the invention use an iterative algorithm to transform a collection of pairwise links to groups of records that correspond to the same entity. The algorithm can be stopped after any number... Agent:

20140358922 - Routing of questions to appropriately trained question and answer system pipelines using clustering: Mechanisms for selecting a pipeline of a question and answer (QA) system to process an input question are provided. An input question is received and analyzed to identify at least one feature of the input question. Clustering of the input question, with one or more previously generated clusters of questions,... Agent:

20140358925 - System and method for storing content on a content delivery network: Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, computer program products, and the like, for grouping a plurality of content files in content delivery network (CDN) for easier storage and access. In one embodiment, the CDN may store related files in one or more container files within the CDN to... Agent: Level 3 Communications, LLC

20140358926 - System, method and computer program for multi-dimensional temporal and relative data mining framework, analysis & sub-grouping: The present invention relates to a system, method and computer program product that is a multi-dimensional data mining environment and that operable to apply a series of temporal and relative rules (i.e., STDMn0) and is further operable in at least one of the following ways: to incorporate a framework to... Agent:

20140358923 - Systems and methods for automatically determining text classification: A software product and a method a method determines classification of text displayed within a browser on a computer. A processor within a server is used to generate a consolidated index of tokens contained within the text. The processor is used to identify a first classification of the text by... Agent:

20140358928 - Clustering based question set generation for training and testing of a question and answer system: Mechanisms for selecting questions for a cluster of questions to be used with a question and answer (QA) system are provided. An input question is received and analyzed to identify at least one feature of the input question. Clustering of the input question with one or more other questions in... Agent:

20140358929 - Methods, apparatus and software for analyzing the content of micro-blog messages: Methods, systems and software are described for analyzing micro-blog messages to detect activity of interest. The system includes a clusterer for clustering micro-blog messages received over a first period of time, a classifier for scoring the clustered messages; a knowledge base, a rule generator for generating classification rules from the... Agent: Ebh Enterprises Inc.

20140358930 - Classifying message content based on rebroadcast diversity: A computer system running a program of instructions may classify content of a message. The message may be re-broadcasted in whole or in part by one or more re-broadcasters. An amount of time interval diversity may be determined in the time intervals between each successive pair of re-broadcasted messages. An... Agent: University Of Southern California

20140358931 - Product record normalization system with efficient and scalable methods for discovering, validating, and using schema mappings: Systems and methods are disclosed herein for generating a normalized record from an import record, the normalized record having attribute-value pairs corresponding to a native schema. In import records, a plurality of attribute-value are identified each having an attribute label not found in a native schema. One or more attribute... Agent:

20140358934 - Database system and method for searching database: A plurality of servers are each coupled to a different one of a plurality of databases that are synchronized with each other. A search request specifying a search range is sent from a search-requesting device to the servers. Each server calculates a search subrange from the search range specified in... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140358932 - Entity integration using high-level scripting languages: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a new method of entity integration using high-level scripting languages. In one embodiment, a method of and computer product for entity integration is provided. An entity declaration is read from a machine readable medium. The entity declaration describes an entity including at least... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140358933 - Information association and suggestion: Methods and systems for processing, analyzing, and managing information are disclosed. An example method can comprise receiving at least two data groups. Each of the at least two data groups can comprise one or more values. An example method can also comprise associating the at least two data groups based... Agent:

20140358935 - Systems and methods for using metadata to enhance data identification operations: Systems and methods for managing electronic data are disclosed. Various data management operations can be performed based on a metabase formed from metadata. Such metadata can be identified from an index of data interactions generated by a journaling module, and obtained from their associated data objects stored in one or... Agent: Commvault Systems, Inc.

20140358936 - Temporally-correlated activity streams for conferences: Techniques are provided for capturing events and activities that occur during a conference, generating metadata related to the events, and correlating the metadata with specific points in time, within the conference, at which the corresponding events occurred. The resulting temporally-correlated event metadata may be stored as part of the conference... Agent:

20140358938 - File upload based on hash value comparison: A server determines whether a the stored on a computing device matches a file stored on the server by comparing hash values for a first portion of the files. Based on the comparing, the server determines whether to upload the first portion of the file. The server uploads second portion... Agent:

20140358937 - Systems and methods for snp analysis and genome sequencing: In one embodiment, a system comprising a processor and a memory storing instructions executable by the processor creates an index for a nucleic acid sequence. The index comprises a plurality of elements. Each element corresponds to a permutation of a nucleic acid sequence. Data representing a nucleic acid sequence is... Agent:

20140358944 - Assessing user performance in a community of users of data storage resources: According to certain aspects, a method of assessing users of a data storage system can include receiving configuration information relating to a deployed configuration of a first data storage cell and including number of installed data storage hardware and/or software components, the first data storage cell comprising a plurality of... Agent: Commvault Systems, Inc.

20140358942 - Inferring gender for members of a social network service: Systems and methods for determining a member of a social network service is of a certain gender, and performing various actions associated with the determined gender, are described. For example, the systems and methods may access information from a social network service that is associated with a member of the... Agent: Linkedln Corporation

20140358939 - List hygiene tool: A computer-implemented method of assessing the veracity of a list of email addresses for use with an e-mail messaging campaign is described. The method comprises: receiving the list of email addresses; categorizing and marking any email addresses from the received list of email addresses which are considered to have predetermined... Agent:

20140358943 - Method and system for determining suitability and desirability of a prospective residence for a user: Novel tools and techniques for determining suitability and/or desirability of a prospective residence for a user. In some embodiments, a computer might receive a list of real estate listings, each pertaining to, and including a plurality of attributes about, an available home. The computer might collect information about factors relating... Agent: N35t, Inc.

20140358941 - Minimization of surprisal context data through application of a hierarchy of reference artifacts: A method, system, and computer program product for minimizing surprisal context data. The method comprising the steps of: identifying characteristics of a data event; receiving an input of rank of at least two identified characteristics of the data event; the computer generating a hierarchy of ranked, identified characteristics based on... Agent:

20140358940 - Query suggestion templates: Methods and apparatus related to identifying a query template that includes one or more terms and a member of an entity category and ranking the query template. Query suggestions may be determined based on the query template. The ranking of the query template may be utilized to determine if the... Agent:

20140358945 - Systems and methods for matching users: Systems and methods are provided for matching users. For example, a user list that includes multiple users to be matched is maintained; one or more first users are retrieved from the user list; one or more first user groups including the one or more first users are retrieved, the one... Agent:

20140358946 - Method and system for collecting, searching and determining the strength of contacts from a mobile contact list: The method allows users of mobile devices or desktop/laptops in an organization to perform a search on a collated list of contacts for a particular contact and determine who, within the system/organization, may have that contact in their list. Contact lists from individual mobile devices are collated and stored and... Agent:

20140358947 - Method for ranking messages: A computer implemented method for user-enhanced ranking of messages, the method comprising: receiving a datastream, the datastream comprising a message generated by an end-user, an identifier of an earlier message and an attribute defined by the end-user, the earlier message being stored in a computer-based database (4) comprising a collection... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20140358949 - Database controller, method, and program for handling range queries: a query receiving module configured to receive a range query specifying a value of the or each of one or more data elements as a search prefix portion which each data item returned as a range query result must include in its prefix portion; an ordered list storage module configured... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140358948 - Discovery of unusual, unexpected, or anomalous information and trends in high throughput data streams and databases using probabilitstic surprisal context filters: A method, system, and computer program product for detecting anomalous events from a data input comprising a plurality of events. The method comprising the steps of: selecting at least one filter selecting for context data determined to be probabilistically present within a specified degree of certainty in the data input;... Agent:

20140358950 - Method and system for using mobile phone numbers to uniquely identify mail recipients and preferred medium for delivery: The present subject matter relates to techniques and equipment for creating and managing a directory of individuals and businesses/enterprises by their mobile phone number, and using the directory to effectively store, manage and direct mail communication information to the individuals and businesses using preferred delivery methods of the individuals and... Agent: Bell And Howell, LLC

20140358954 - Biometric social network: A first program component having a access to a body of information comprising biographic an biometric information about people; a second program component adaptable to search the body of information for information linking biometric and biographic information; and a third program component adaptable to identify other people by returning linked... Agent:

20140358952 - Generation and maintenance of synthetic events from synthetic context objects: A method, computer program product and system for generating and maintaining synthetic context events. The steps include searching a data structure of synthetic context-based objects and associated data for a pattern of context exhibited at a first specified frequency within a first specified time period; combining the synthetic context-based objects... Agent:

20140358955 - Media retrieval method: The disclosure provides a media retrieval method. The media retrieval method is applicable to a media database. The media retrieval method includes: receiving a retrieval request; determining according to the retrieval request whether the media database has at least one piece of media description data that matches the retrieval request;... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20140358953 - Problem management record profiling: According to embodiments of the invention a method for servicing a problem management record are provided. The method may include creating a problem management record profile from information provided in a problem management record, wherein the information includes characteristics of a client computer system and symptoms of a problem. The... Agent:

20140358951 - Smart media device ecosystem using local data and remote social graph data: Techniques associated with a smart media ecosystem using local data and remote social graph data are described, including identifying an account associated with a user based on a detection of a presence of a compatible device, the compatible device being associated with the account in a profile, receiving an input... Agent: Aliphcom

20140358956 - Expanding high level queries: One or more computer processors identify words in a natural language query that have previously-established associations with stored data upon which the query will be executed. The natural language query is formatted to a query template that includes at least one first component and at least one second component. One... Agent:

20140358957 - Providing search suggestions from user selected data sources for an input string: Provided are a computer program product for generating suggestions for an input string. A determination is made of strings in a user selected data source having at least a substring matching an input string, from a computer implemented user interface, comprising at least one character for use by a computer... Agent:

20140358961 - Grid queries: Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to grid queries. In aspects, a client sends search criteria that represent two or more dimensions to a service. The service obtains results that satisfy the search criteria and performs intersection operations to populate a data grid. The data grid is then... Agent:

20140358963 - Information retrieval from a database system: A processor-implemented method retrieves information from a database system. A data query, which includes a specification of information to be retrieved from the database system, is generated. A first parameter specifying a condition to be met by the retrieved information is defined. A second parameter specifying one or more data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140358966 - Method for customizing software applications: In one example embodiment, a method includes, in one of an interpreted computer environment and a compiled computer environment, generating a software application. Generating the software application includes associating at least one first overlaid object with a first overlay group, the at least one overlaid object having a corresponding base... Agent:

20140358965 - Method of searching character string, character string searching device, and recording medium: A method includes comparing, in units of a first bit length, a first bit sequence of the first bit length included in a search character bit sequence to a second bit sequence of a second bit length included in a target character bit sequence; when a third bit sequence of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140358964 - Natural language processing (nlp) query formulation engine for a computing device: A computing device includes a query formulation engine having a data collection component that collects metadata associated with the device or its operation. Typically, the metadata describes a characteristic about the device (e.g., which components or applications are resident, their current operating states or characteristics, what applications are active, which... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140358960 - Rapid nearest neighbor searching using kd-ferns: A system includes a transceiver, processor, database, and memory. Instructions for executing a nearest neighbor search are recorded in memory. Receipt of a query point by the transceiver from a camera or other input device causes the processor to construct a KD-Fern having nodes as an ordered set of splitting... Agent:

20140358962 - Responsive input architecture: A responsive input architecture that provides an intuitive and consistent layout and organization for search input across many different types of user devices. The architecture provides user interface consistency for all devices thereby enabling a user to seamlessly resume a search for information started on one device, on another user... Agent:

20140358958 - Surfacing direct app actions: One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for surfacing direct app actions. For example, a search interface may be configured to provide search results based upon queries submitted by users. Direct app actions may be surfaced through the search interface based upon a search context associated with search query... Agent:

20140358959 - Value based windows on relations in continuous data streams: Techniques for managing value-based windows on relations are provided. In some examples, an input relation is generated. The input relation is a bounded set of data records related to an application. A continuous query that identifies the input relation may be received. Additionally, a configurable window operator associated with processing... Agent:

20140358967 - Service search method and server device in distributed processing: A service search method, judges when receiving a service search request from a service search requester whether or not a local server matches a service search condition stored in the service search request by referring to the attribute about the local server; selects according to the route information a server... Agent:

20140358968 - Method and system for seamless querying across small and big data repositories to speed and simplify time series data access: Included herein is a method for providing seamless access to time series data located in multiple time series data storage units. A user makes a data query without knowing where the data is stored or in what format. The data request is received and parsed by a query interface and... Agent:

20140358970 - Context-based actions from a source application: An action framework system provides context-based actions in association with a source application. The source application detects selection of a content element presented by the source application. The content element is associated with an application identifier identifying a target application and an action identifier identifying an operation to be executed... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140358969 - Method for searching in a database: The present invention relates to a method for searching in a database containing at least one set of objects each linked to at least one descriptor, the search being done by a search engine from at least one request by a user in order to return at least one result... Agent: Xilopix

20140358971 - Techniques for identifying chain businesses and queries: Aspects of the invention relate generally to providing useful search results from chain business queries. More specifically, various algorithms may be used to identify chain businesses and queries for chain businesses. Chain businesses may include, for example, various types of businesses which are associated with other businesses with the same... Agent: Google Inc.

20140358972 - Interconnect partition binding api, allocation and management of application-specific partitions: Systems and methods for operating a database in system memory within a virtual partition are described. One system includes one or more host computing systems, each host computing system including at least one execution core and a system memory. The system includes a plurality of virtual partitions executing on the... Agent: Unisys Corporation

20140358973 - Methods and data structures for multiple combined improved searchable formatted documents including citation and corpus generation: Searchable annotated formatted documents are produced by correlating documents stored as photographic or scanned graphic representations of an actual document (evidence, report, court order, etc.) with textual version of the same documents. A produced document will provide additional details in a data structure that supports citation annotation as well as... Agent:

20140358974 - System and method for integral management of information for end users: System and method for integrated management of end-user information. The system is composed of a unique computer application and a single object-oriented database. The unique computer application creates and edits objects of information of different types. The objects of information of different types are organized into hierarchical structures providing high-level... Agent:

20140358975 - Apparatus and method for ingesting and augmenting data: A server includes a data ingestion module with executable instructions executed by a processor to produce inferred data types from received data and utilize the inferred data types to augment the received data with computed values that aggregate the received data along a hierarchical dimension.... Agent: Clearstory Data Inc.

20140358976 - Taxonomy based database partitioning: In one aspect of the invention, a memory is described for facilitating splitting data by taxonomy. The memory is accessed by an application program, and includes one or more top-level categories, where each top-level category comprises a subset of the items; and also includes a category group corresponding to at... Agent:

20140358977 - Management of intermediate data spills during the shuffle phase of a map-reduce job: A system and a method for spill management during the shuffle phase of a map-reduce job performed in a distributed computer system on distributed files. A spilling protocol is provided for handling the spilling of intermediate data based on at least one popularity attribute of key-value pairs of the input... Agent:

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