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Data processing: database and file management or data structures

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05/21/2015 > 140 patent applications in 56 patent subcategories.

20150142725 - High-throughput extract-transform-load (etl) of program events for subsequent analysis: An event tap associated with a server, such as a Web server, at a machine can transform a server event into a tuple, select a database node for the tuple, and place the tuple in a queue for that database node, and then flush the queue periodically directly into database... Agent:

20150142724 - Method and system for representing olap queries using directed acyclic graph structures in a datagrid to support real-time analytical operations: The various embodiments herein provide a method for representing OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) queries in a data grid in real time. The method comprises of providing a new OLAP query, building a directed acyclic graph structure for the OLAP query, initializing the graph structure by generating signals for one or... Agent: Nuwafin Holdings Ltd

20150142727 - Analytic operations for data services: Embodiments regard analytic operations for data services. An embodiment of a method includes: receiving a request at a database system from a user to embed a representation of analytics data on a first page generating by a processing unit of the database system an embed area in the page in... Agent:

20150142726 - System and method for decision driven business performance management: A decision-driven performance management system comprises storing a decision dependency model in a decision dependency repository, the model identifying relationships and dependencies among sub-decisions, information sources and knowledge elements that form a decision and impact a performance measure of an organization. An extended dashboard and decision space enables a user... Agent: Decision Management Solutions

20150142732 - Continuous image analytics: A method, system, and computer-readable set of instructions on a storage medium are provided for querying, analyzing, and processing image data and data/metadata associated with the image data. For example, a tissue sample is made into a slide. A digital or electronic image is made of the slide. That electronic... Agent:

20150142730 - Methods and systems for populating and searching a drug informatics database: The present invention provides a method for populating and searching a drug informatics database that includes receiving unprocessed data associated with a chemical compound from one or more data sources. The unprocessed data is parsed into a plurality of data objects based on a categorization associated with each of the... Agent:

20150142729 - Photo file displaying method and dlna system: A photo file displaying method includes the following steps. Firstly, a judging step is performed to judge whether a coordinate data of a photo file in a first electronic device is acquired. According to a result of acquiring the coordinate data, a location information or a no available location information... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20150142733 - System and method for efficient management of big data in a database using streaming tables: A system including a shared disk database cluster with multiple database nodes, the nodes configured to perform multiple processes, each database node configured to: insert data to a table, assign a unique location for the insert, the location representing a primary key and update the table without requiring contention between... Agent:

20150142731 - System for saving sensing data, apparatus for saving data, method for saving data: A system for saving data according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises an apparatus for data collecting data generated from a sensor; an apparatus for saving data saving the data in database corresponding to a cumulative data table and a latest data table; an apparatus for providing data... Agent:

20150142728 - Upgrade of heterogeneous multi-instance database clusters: A method, system, and computer program product for management of large multi-database installations. The method form commences by analyzing a multiple database installation to determine a set of candidate upgrade operations to apply to individual instances of heterogeneous databases in the multiple database installation, and then scheduling an order in... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150142735 - Memory searching system and method, real-time searching system and method, and computer storage medium: Described is a memory searching system, including an indexing module and a searching module. The indexing module, provided with multiple indexed databases, acquires and records updated indexed data in an indexed database provided to the indexing module and synchronizes the searching module with the updated indexed data recorded in the... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150142734 - Meta model driven data base replication and synchronization: The present invention relates to a method of executing an export process for an automated meta model driven export of entity parts from a source data base (10), wherein the meta model specifies an abstract model of the source data base (10) and comprises a description of an entity part... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150142736 - Techniques for data retention: Systems and techniques for managing data in a relational database environment and a non-relational database environment. Data in the relational database environment that is static and to be maintained beyond a preselected threshold length of time is identified. The data is copied from the relational database and stored in the... Agent:

20150142738 - Computer system: The management system includes pair management information for managing pair groups and resource management information for managing resources allocated to the pair groups. The management system monitors data transfer latencies in asynchronous remote copy in the pair groups. In a case where data transfer latencies in a first pair group... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150142739 - Data replication system: Systems and methods are provided for an asynchronous data replication system in which the remote replication reduces bandwidth requirements by copying deduplicated differences in business data from a local storage site to a remote, backup storage site, the system comprising: a local performance storage pool for storing data; a local... Agent:

20150142737 - Efficiently firing mapping and transform rules during bidirectional synchronization: A method and associated system for efficiently firing mapping and transform rules during a bidirectional synchronization of two or more systems. A processor loads a set of mapping and transform synchronization rules and a set of cross-reference tables. When an event message received from a source system identifies a revision... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142740 - Automatically managing mapping and transform rules when synchronizing systems: A method and associated system for managing rules that synchronize operations of a source system and a target system. A set of linked worksheets is generated as a function of the internal logic of the synchronization rules and of worksheets that represent data models of the source and target systems.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142741 - Information aggregation file synchronizing method, device, and system: The present invention relates to an information syndication file synchronizing method, comprising: acquiring and saving the latest information publishing time in an information syndication file located on a first information publishing platform; acquiring the information syndication file, and comparing the latest publishing time with the publishing time of each piece... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150142743 - Location assignment daemon (lad) for a distributed storage system: A system and method for generating replication requests for objects in a distributed storage system is provided. For a respective object in a distributed storage system the following is performed. Replication policies for the object that have not been satisfied are determined. Replication requests are ranked for the object whose... Agent:

20150142742 - System and method for syncing local directories that enable file access across multiple devices: A computing system may include multiple computing devices. A file at a computing device may be accessed based on a reference file stored at the device that comprises a hash value of the content of the file. The hash value may be independent of the file location or file name... Agent:

20150142744 - Systems and methods for media file management: Systems, apparatus, methods, articles of manufacture, and interfaces for electronic media file (e.g., e-book) management are provided. Data descriptive of electronic media files (e.g., e-books, video, and/or audio files) may be searched, scanned, looked-up, and/or otherwise acquired. Such data may be utilized to determine an authenticity and/or availability of a... Agent:

20150142745 - Computerized methods and apparatus for incremental database backup using change tracking: Computerized methods and systems are disclosed for creating an incremental backup of application data by creating a snapshot associated with a current incremental backup of a data file using a change tracking bitmap such that a data file associated with the current incremental backup can be restored from just the... Agent:

20150142746 - Manipulating electronic backups: Systems and methods are provided for storing and restoring digital data. In some implementations, a method is provided. The method includes initiating a backup operation of data including a plurality of items, interrupting the backup operation, where interrupting occurs after a portion of the data has been completed, receiving an... Agent:

20150142748 - Computerized methods and apparatus for data cloning: Systems and methods for creating a live copy of a data object from a production system for use by third party applications. The systems and methods include receiving at least one request for a copy of production data from an application; creating a live backup copy; creating a flash copy... Agent:

20150142747 - Snapshot generating method, system, and apparatus: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a snapshot generating method, computer system, and apparatus, which can determine a plurality of virtual machines where an application runs and a deployment server where the plurality of virtual machines is deployed, and send a snapshot instruction to the deployment server of the... Agent:

20150142750 - Data management virtualization: Methods and systems for backing up data in network attached storage such that data in the network attached storage can be backed up without a backup device attached directly to the network attached storage. A series of successive copy operations are scheduled over time of at least one file system... Agent:

20150142749 - Method and system for a safe archiving of data: A method for archiving a predefined portion of a table residing in a database system includes: creating a first backup copy of the portion of the table; assigning to the portion of the table an access state flag; setting the access state flag; using the access state flag for preventing... Agent:

20150142751 - Techniques for data retention: Managing data in a multitenant environment having a relational database and a non-relational database. A set of one or more policies for data retention corresponding to data stored in the relational database environment is received. The policies for data retention are defined on a tenant-by-tenant basis within the multitenant environment.... Agent:

20150142752 - Priority based reliability mechanism for archived data: A method and system for determining priority is provided. The method includes generating a list defining specified data objects stored within a back-up/archived data storage system and applying importance levels to the specified data objects. Reliability urgency levels for the storage devices are determined and in response groups of data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142753 - Event archiving, systems and methods: Method of retrieving event information is presented. Memento objects can be recognized by an archive engine. Based on the recognition, the archive engine obtains information related to the memento object, possibly one or more recognizable features, and uses the information to search for events associated with a timeline that have... Agent:

20150142754 - Repairing a link based on an issue: Repairing a link based on an issue includes associating at least one metadata segment with a link, identifying, in a resource repository, at least one resource that matches the at least one metadata segment, determining if there is an issue between the link and the at least one resource, and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142756 - Deduplication in distributed file systems: Deduplication in a distributed file system is described. Key classes are determined from a set of potential keys, the potential keys used to represent file content stored by the file system. Control of the key classes is apportioned among index nodes of the file system. Nodes in the file system,... Agent:

20150142757 - Information processing method and electronic device: The disclosure provides an information processing method and an electronic device. The electronic device generates M components to be embedded into a first application program when installing a recording application program, M is an integer greater than or equal to 1. There is an association relationship between the M components... Agent: Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.

20150142760 - Method and device for deduplicating web page: A method and a device is described for de-duplicating a web page. The method includes: extracting at least one core sentence from a target web page; mapping each core sentence to a unique numeric value to form a first numeric value set; determining an intersection set of the first numeric... Agent:

20150142759 - Method for detecting the playback of a data packet: A method of detecting whether a packet from a plurality of packets transmitted by at least one transmitting station over a network has been played back is disclosed. Each packet includes a message and an identifier, the packets being successively transmitted over several consecutive time periods. The method includes receiving... Agent:

20150142758 - Method for intelligently categorizing data to delete specified amounts of data based on selected data characteristics: A method assigns stored documents within a distributed storage system (DSS) to various document categories to enable a target number of documents to be deleted. An intelligent storage management (ISM) utility identifies a data storage threshold value used to control data storage within the DSS. If a current storage usage... Agent:

20150142755 - Storage apparatus and data management method: A control unit of a storage apparatus divides received data into one or more chunks and compresses the divided chunk(s); and regarding the chunk whose compressibility is equal to or lower than a threshold value, the control unit does not store the chunk in the first storage area, but calculates... Agent: Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Ltd.

20150142763 - Bitmap compression for fast searches and updates: Bitmap compression for fast searches and updates is provided. Compressing a bitmap includes receiving a bitmap to compress, and reading the bitmap to determine a value of a bit location for all bits in the bitmap. In one embodiment, a compressed bitmap is created by encoding a variable number of... Agent:

20150142761 - Changing the compression level of query plans: In an embodiment, a query plan is compressed to data in a cache at a high compression level if a runtime of a query that the query plan implements is greater than a high time threshold. The query plan is compressed to the data in the cache at a medium... Agent:

20150142762 - Changing the compression level of query plans: In an embodiment, a query plan is compressed to data in a cache at a high compression level if a runtime of a query that the query plan implements is greater than a high time threshold. The query plan is compressed to the data in the cache at a medium... Agent:

20150142764 - Language tag management on international data storage: According to one aspect of the present disclosure, a system and technique for language tag management includes a data source categorized using language tags and logic executable by a processor unit to: access a standardized language tag repository to identify changes in repository language tags; search records of the data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142765 - System and method for enabling remote file access via a reference file stored at a local device that references the content of the file: A computing system may include multiple computing devices. A file at a computing device may be accessed based on a reference file stored at the device that comprises a hash value of the content of the file. The hash value may be independent of the file location or file name... Agent:

20150142766 - Creating data in a data store using a dynamic ontology: In one embodiment, a method comprises creating and storing an ontology for a data store in response to receiving first user input defining the ontology, wherein the ontology comprises a plurality of data object types and a plurality of object property types; creating one or more parser definitions in response... Agent:

20150142771 - Adjusting search result user interfaces based upon query language: Disclosed are various embodiments of adjusting a search result user interface when a foreign language search query is detected. A search query associated with a search request is obtained. A language of the search query is identified. An alternative search result user interface is generated when the language varies from... Agent:

20150142769 - Scalable computer arrangement and method: An embodiment relates to a scalable computer arrangement and method, which enables the accessing of certain stored information by utilizing algorithms. The validity of the algorithms and/or retrieved data are determined by a validity management module. If the algorithm and/or the retrieved data is determined by the validity management module... Agent: Clinicomp International, Inc.

20150142767 - Scoring authors of social network content: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for scoring authors of social network content. One method includes obtaining a directed interaction graph having nodes representing users and directed edges including interaction edges representing interactions with one or more posts, assigning a weight to each interaction... Agent: Google Inc.

20150142768 - Stored device with searching engines: A self-search storage device includes a data buffer coupled between a host and a data storage medium and configured to receive a configuration information including keywords from the host. The self-search storage device further includes a data compare engine coupled to the data buffer and the data storage medium and... Agent: Sage Microelectronics Corp.

20150142770 - Systems and methods for improved web searching: Systems and methods are provided for improved web searching. In one implementation, suggested search queries are provided based on previous search queries and click data. A weighted bi-partite graph or index may be used to identify related search queries based on overlapping clicked URLs. According to a method, query-click log... Agent: Aol Inc.

20150142772 - Method and system for unified searching and incremental searching across and within multiple documents: A user-interface system and method for searching among multiple documents and searching for subsections within individual documents using a single search interface on an input-constrained user device having a screen and a keypad.... Agent:

20150142774 - Join optimization in a database: A database server receives a query from a remote application server that is associated with a calculation scenario. The calculation scenario defines a data flow model that includes one or more calculation nodes that each define one or more operations to execute on the database server. The database server can... Agent:

20150142775 - Join type for optimizing database queries: A query complier analyzes a query to identify a correlated scalar subquery. The query complier transforms the query having the correlated scalar subquery into a query of AGGREGATION INNER/OUTER JOIN or MAX1ROW INNER/OUTER JOIN depending on a result type of the correlated scalar subquery. The AGGREGATION INNER/OUTER JOIN performs JOIN... Agent: Tibero Co., Ltd.

20150142773 - Optimizing database queries having hierarchy filters: A query is received by a database server from a remote application server. The query is associated with a calculation scenario that defines a data flow model that includes one or more calculation nodes and that includes at least one hierarchy filter. Each hierarchy filter is a filter of at... Agent:

20150142780 - Apparatus and method for analyzing event time-space correlation in social web media: Provided are an apparatus for analyzing an event time-space correlation in a social web media and an operating method thereof. The apparatus includes a collection unit configured to collect a text type of document data from the social web media, a storage unit configured to store an event keyword indicating... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150142777 - Consistent aggregation in a database: A query is received by a database server from a remote application server. The query is associated with a calculation scenario that defines a data flow model that includes one or more calculation nodes and that includes a pre-defined aggregation property. Each calculation node defines one or more operations to... Agent:

20150142781 - Interacting with resources exchanged using open data protocol: One example is related to computer-implemented methods, computer-readable media and computer systems for interacting with resources exchanged using Open Data Protocol. A client computer system receives multiple resources defined according to a first data structure from a server computer system connected to the client computer system through a data network... Agent:

20150142779 - Method and apparatus for saving search query as metadata with an image: A computer implemented method and apparatus for saving a search query as metadata with an image, comprising receiving image search results from an image search string query, receiving one or more image files from the image search results as one or more selected image files for storage, generating metadata based... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorported

20150142782 - Method for associating metadata with images: A method for associating metadata to a set of images of a subject, the method executed on a computer processor obtains a taxonomy with initial attributes that are associated with the subject and forms an image set by receiving at least one initial image that contains the subject and accessing... Agent:

20150142783 - Multi-tenancy for structured query language (sql) and non structured query language (nosql) databases: Techniques and structures for providing a multitenant environment having both a relational database and a non-relational database. A database query is received with at least one server computing device providing a multitenant environment having a relational database system and a non-relational database system, the database query in a format corresponding... Agent:

20150142778 - Presenting previously selected search results: The disclosed subject matter provides methods and systems for presenting previously selected search results to a user. A first previously selected search result may be obtained from a first search provider. The first previously selected search result may be a first result, selected by a user, of a first prior... Agent: Google Inc.

20150142784 - Retrieval device and method and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a retrieval device includes an obtaining controller, a retrieving controller, and a display controller. The obtaining controller obtains handwritten data indicative of a position of a component part of a targeted piece of content. The retrieving controller retrieves, based on the handwritten data, the targeted piece... Agent:

20150142776 - Techniques for managing writable search results: Techniques for shared writable search results using a writable topic board system are described. An apparatus may comprise a processor circuit; and a server application for execution by the processor circuit. The server application may comprise a query processing component to receive a first search query comprising one or more... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150142785 - Generalized graph, rule, and spatial structure based recommendation engine: One embodiment of the present invention provides a recommendation system. During operation, the system receives context information associated with the user, updates a plurality of user models based on the received context information, and identifies at least one spatial data structure that stores a plurality of items. A respective item... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20150142787 - Method and system for search refinement: A search refinement method and system to select items from a plurality of items using a user device connected via the internet to a server apparatus. The server apparatus includes a database of items and item attributes. Images of a first subset of the items are transmitted to the user... Agent:

20150142786 - Modification of cloud application service levels based upon document consumption: An approach for modifying cloud application service levels based upon analysis of documents is provided. The approach performs automated ingestion of documents to determine criticality and needs of certain applications, and develops an understanding of existing cloud environments and service level agreements. The approach may further suggest or automatically reassign... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142788 - Repair information management apparatus, repair information management system, and repair information management method: A database stores a parts list, a tools and materials list, a repair information list, and an equipment list. The parts list and the tools and materials list are associated with regulation information, which indicates that the parts, the tools, and the materials are subject to a regulation, and updated... Agent:

20150142789 - Content recommendation based on efficacy models: The disclosure includes a system and method for providing recommendation items to users. The system includes a processor and a memory storing instructions that when executed cause the system to: receive identification input data associated with a user; identify the user using the identification input data; receive sensor data; determine... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150142790 - Generating logical expressions for search queries: In one embodiment, a method comprises, by a computer system, receiving a search term, determining a search constraint for a search query, and generating a search query. The search query includes the search term and the search constraint. The search query requires that at least a first number of search... Agent:

20150142791 - Generating visualizations of a display group of tags representing content instances in objects satisfying a search criteria: Provided are a computer program product, method, and system for rendering search results. A search request is received having a search criteria to perform with respect to objects having content instances. A determination is made of the objects having qualifying content instances that satisfy the search criteria, an attribute value... Agent:

20150142792 - Automated highest priority ordering of content items stored on a device: A method and device relate to prioritizing content items stored on a device and, more particularly, relate to automatically ordering highest priority content items stored on a device according to multiple criteria. The method and device enabling presentation, on a display of the device, the high priority content items in... Agent:

20150142793 - Systems and methods for categorizing and presenting performance assessment data: The field of the invention relates to systems and methods for data mining and processing, and more particularly to systems and methods for automating content from performance assessment data. In one embodiment, an automated notes and categorization system may include a primary database comprising performance assessment data. The primary database... Agent:

20150142795 - Configurable media processing with meta effects: Systems, methods and computer readable media for configurable media processing with meta effects are disclosed. In some implementations, the systems, methods and computer readable media can process a media file based on one or more meta effects (e.g., an ordered list of effects and their corresponding parameters).... Agent: Google Inc.

20150142798 - Continuity of content: A method and system for media consumption are described. The method including tagging each one of a plurality of content items with at least one metadata tag, the metadata tag including a descriptor of at least one topical attribute describing the content item, the plurality of content items being adapted... Agent:

20150142797 - Electronic device and method for providing messenger service in the electronic device: An electronic device and a method providing a messenger service in the electronic device are provided. The electronic device includes a display configured to display a timeline bar in a dialogue window of a messenger application, the timeline bar including a plurality of time points, each time point associated with... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150142799 - Establishment of an association between an object and a mood media item: A method comprising identifying a mood media item association with an object media item, the mood media item being a media item of a face of a user while the object media item is being viewed by the user, determining an object that is associated with the object media item,... Agent:

20150142794 - Hierarchical linguistic tags for documents: Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with linguistic tags for documents are described. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a document. The example method includes applying a language tag value to a language tag of the document and applying a locale tag value to a locale tag of the... Agent:

20150142796 - Processing search queries using a data structure: The disclosure relates to of generating a data structure stored in a computer memory for use in performing a search query to determine a separation between nodes in a network of interconnected nodes, wherein the method comprises: selecting a set of landmark nodes from the network; and for at least... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150142805 - Data processing apparatus and data processing method: To obtain a clustering result which is less unnatural to the user, a data processing apparatus clusters at least one data arranged in time-series; generates, if new data is added, a reference value for defining a group division criterion in the clustering using at least one existing data that exists... Agent:

20150142800 - Generating electronic summaries of online meetings: An improved technique of organizing content of online meetings involves generating an electronic summary based on a textual metadata derived from content presented in an online meeting. An online meeting server collects content such as audio, video, and slide files presented in a particular online meeting. From metadata associated with... Agent: Citrix Systems, Inc.

20150142802 - Industrial geospatial analysis tool for energy evaluation: An industrial analytic system processes industrial data. A database engine provides access to a plurality of database management systems that serve energy consumption and product sales data. An input filter that selectively passes the filtered data streams that comprise energy sales data, location data, and a business classification code data... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20150142804 - Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for utilizing subtyping to support evolution of data types: An apparatus utilizing subtyping to evolve data types includes a processor and memory storing executable computer program code causing the apparatus to at least perform operations defining a subtype relationship in an object model supporting types of instances to share data. The program code further causes the apparatus to define... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20150142807 - Methods, systems and computer program products for using a distributed associative memory base to determine data correlations and convergence therein: Associative memory systems, methods and computer program products are provided. An associative memory system includes a distributed associative memory base including a network of networks of associative memory networks. A respective associative memory network includes associations among a respective observer memories and a plurality of observed memories that are observed... Agent:

20150142803 - System and method for communication between repositories: At least one of the embodiments described herein relate generally to a method of communicating between a first repository and a second repository. The method can be performed at a second repository, and may include the acts of: identifying a content object stored in the first repository; identifying metadata for... Agent: Desire2learn Incorporated

20150142808 - System and method for efficiently determining k in data clustering: A system is configured to perform an iterative method for efficiently determine a value k in k-means data clustering. The method includes performing a k-means algorithm for each number k of a set of numbers in a range of 1 to Kmax for a space of data to determine a... Agent:

20150142801 - System and method for intelligently categorizing data to delete specified amounts of data based on selected data characteristics: A a data processing system and a computer program product assigns stored documents within a distributed storage system (DSS) to various document categories to enable a target number of documents to be deleted. An intelligent storage management (ISM) utility identifies a data storage threshold value used to control data storage... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142806 - System and method for presenting user generated digital information: A system and method for presenting user generated digital information. The system includes geo-located objects (GLOBs), GLOB Data Sheets (GDSs), a grouping of GLOBs, an implicit location module and a display device. The plurality of geo-located objects (GLOBs) includes at least one GLOB having a geographic location tag generated by... Agent: Geopeg, Inc.

20150142809 - Systems and methods for providing a content item database and identifying content items: Systems and methods are provided for identifying unsolicited or unwanted electronic communications, such as spam. The disclosed embodiments also encompass systems and methods for selecting content items from a content item database. Consistent with certain embodiments, computer-implemented systems and methods may use a clustering based statistical content matching anti-spam algorithm... Agent:

20150142811 - Content categorization system: Representative implementations of devices and techniques provide a system for categorizing electronically stored information without the need for user input, direction, or guidance. In an implementation, the system determines meanings of input textual data items and groups of textual data items, identifies equivalent meanings between textual data items and between... Agent: Agile Legal Technology

20150142810 - Photo file displaying method and dlna system: A photo file displaying method includes the following steps. Firstly, a face detection operation is performed on a photo file of a first electronic device. According to a result of the face detection operation, a first photo property or a second photo property is written into a data field of... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20150142812 - Methods and systems for query segmentation in a search: The present application discloses a method, a server and a computer readable storage medium for segmenting a search query. The server receives a query segmentation request including a search query, and the search query further includes an ordered sequence of semantic elements. Each semantic element is correlated with one or... Agent:

20150142815 - Categorizing social networking system users based on user connections to objects: When a social networking system receives a report of malicious activity, the social networking system calculates disabled connectivity score for a user reporting the activity or identified by the report. The disabled connectivity score indicates how strongly the user is associated with other objects that have been disabled by the... Agent:

20150142813 - Language tag management on international data storage: According to one aspect of the present disclosure, a method and technique for language tag management includes: accessing a standardized language tag repository to identify changes in repository language tags; searching records of a data source categorized using language tags to identify language tags present in records of the data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142814 - Method and system for providing object information on the internet: Providing object information on the Internet includes configuring a plurality of front-end categories for a plurality of network objects and a plurality of screening conditions for screening the plurality of network objects, where each of the plurality of screening conditions uniquely corresponding to a respective one of the plurality of... Agent:

20150142820 - Association strengths and value significances of ontological subjects of networks and compositions: The present invention discloses methods, systems, and tools for evaluating a number of value significance measures of ontological subjects of compositions or networks. The method breaks a composition into its constituent ontological subjects of different orders and builds a participation matrix indicating the participation of ontological subjects of the composition... Agent:

20150142817 - Dense tree volume metadata update logging and checkpointing: In one embodiment, a node of a cluster executing a storage input/output (I/O) stack having a volume layer, stores a multi-level dense tree metadata structure. Each level of the dense tree metadata structure includes volume metadata entries for storing volume metadata. One or more non-volatile logs (NVLogs) are updated. The... Agent: Netapp, Inc.

20150142819 - Large string access and storage: Techniques for handling large string values in a string dictionary within an in-memory database system are presented. The string dictionary can be a paged-column main dictionary. For example, a value block of a dictionary may be loaded into memory, where the dictionary stores values for dictionary compression. The value block... Agent:

20150142816 - Managing searches for information associated with a message: A method for managing information about a product. A processor searches documents for a location of a message of the product using a set of rules that are based on instructions for generating the message. The instructions are in a resource of the product. The processor then adds the location... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142818 - Paged column dictionary: A request for an entry of a dictionary having multiple dictionary blocks may be received, where the dictionary stores string values associated with corresponding value identifiers (IDs) for dictionary compression. One of the dictionary blocks may be selectively loaded into memory, and the dictionary block that has been loaded into... Agent:

20150142821 - Database system for analysis of longitudinal data sets: A database system performs analytics on longitudinal data, such as medical histories with events occurring to patients over time. Input data is processed into streams of events. A set of indexes of event characteristics is generated. A set of patient event histories, partitioned by patient, is generated. Several copies of... Agent:

20150142822 - Method and apparatus for providing crowd-sourced geocoding: An approach is provided for providing crowd-sourced location geocoding. A geocoding platform determines one or more location strings associated with at least one event, wherein the at least one event is associated with one or more users. The geocoding platform further causes, at least in part, a geocoding of the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150142825 - Converting procedural text to an actionable knowledge form: Disclosed is method and system for converting text used to perform an operation to reusable actionable knowledge form. Procedural knowledge available in run books is converted into reusable actionable knowledge form. The method comprises structuring the text by performing merging, grouping, editing, removing statements and marking statements present in structured... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20150142827 - Query suggestion for e-commerce sites: Query suggestions are provided using a query log including a number of user sessions that comprise training data. The training data includes a sequence of a plurality of sets of queries, some of the sets of queries including query transitions followed by a purchase related event. From a cleaned and... Agent:

20150142824 - Situational content based on context: Situational awareness is determined to retrieve related content. Historical usage of a mobile device is analyzed to generate a rich mapping of different contexts to different categories of content and other interests. At any time the mapping may be consulted to determine the user's historical interests for the same operational... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20150142823 - System and method for finding matches between users in a networked environment: Finding a match for an end user on an online social platform is not a trivial task. To improve match making, various methods and systems are disclosed which are configured to compute heuristics for various end users, which help to predict the likelihood that two end users would ultimately engage... Agent: L.L.C.

20150142826 - Systems and methods for management and improvement of romantically linked relationships: A system and method for managing and improving a romantically linked relationship allows each partner in the relationship to self-report and enter quantitative measures related to various dimensions of their relationship. The quantitative data entered by both the partners is used to compute the romantically linked couple's relationship satisfaction scores... Agent:

20150142828 - Ontology based categorization of users: Systems and methods are disclosed for categorizing a user. An example method includes marking one or more graphical user interface (GUI) features of an application. The method also includes monitoring a user's usage of the one or more marked GUI features of the application. The method further includes generating one... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20150142829 - System, apparatus, program and method for data aggregatione: Embodiments include a method, apparatus, program, and system for distributing data items among a plurality of data storage units, the data items being an aggregation of data from a plurality of data sources. The method comprises generating a semantic description of each of the plurality of data sources; calculating, for... Agent:

20150142831 - Computerized method and a computer program rpoduct for determining a resulting data set representative of a geological region of interest: A computerized method where one provides first and second data sets, representative of the geological region of interest, each associating a signal to a bin of a four-dimensional input grid of the region of interest. Then one interpolates the first data set to determine both an interpolated first data set... Agent: Cggveritas Services Sa

20150142832 - Hashing algorithm for network receive filtering: Roughly described, a network interface device is assigned a maximum extent-of-search. A hash function is applied to the header information of each incoming packet, to generate a hash code for the packet. The hash code designates a particular subset of the table within which the particular header information should be... Agent: Solarflare Communications, Inc.

20150142830 - System and method for finding matches between users in a networked environment: Finding a match for an end user on an online social platform is not a trivial task. To improve match making, various methods and systems are disclosed which are configured to compute heuristics for various end users, which help to predict the likelihood that two end users would ultimately engage... Agent:, L.L.C.

20150142834 - Method and apparatus for generating agricultural semantic image information: A method and apparatus for generating agricultural semantic image information are provided to manage crop image information and agricultural environmental information as an object in an integrated manner. The apparatus generates agricultural semantic image information through these steps: receiving primary agricultural environmental information from each sensor of an agricultural environment... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150142835 - Method and system for providing recommendations and performing actions based on social updates in social networks: A method and system for providing recommendations based on status messages of contacts added in social networks is provided. The method includes parsing one or more status messages of one or more contacts added in one or more social networks. Further, the method includes extracting information from the one or... Agent:

20150142833 - System and method for obtaining metadata about content stored in a repository: At least one of the embodiments described herein relate generally to a method of obtaining metadata for content stored in a first repository. The method may be performed at a second repository, and may include the acts of identifying a content object stored in the first repository, the content object... Agent: Desire2learn Incorporated

20150142836 - Dynamic database mapping: A method for providing mapping between a first data model and a second data model may include sending a request for metadata to a data producer providing data using the second data model. The metadata may be received from the data producer and analyzed to determine a structure of the... Agent:

20150142838 - Method and system for automated analysis and transformation of web pages: A method and system for modifying web pages, including dynamic web pages, based on automated analysis wherein web pages are transformed based on transformation instructions in nearly real-time, and wherein analysis is performed and transformation instructions based on the analysis are prepared prior to a request for the web page.... Agent:

20150142837 - Methods and systems for wavelet based representation: Methods and systems for representing data are disclosed. An example method can comprise providing a first representation of data and receiving a request to change resolution of the data. An example method can comprise, transforming, based on at least one wavelet function, the data to at least one of reduced... Agent:

20150142841 - Data model optimization: A name of one or more entity classes of the data model may be refined to conform to a naming convention. A semantic meaning of each of the names and one or more attributes of each entity class may be determined. It may be determined that the name of a... Agent:

20150142840 - Repairing a link based on an issue: Repairing a link based on an issue includes associating at least one metadata segment with a link, identifying, in a resource repository, at least one resource that matches the at least one metadata segment, determining if there is an issue between the link and the at least one resource, and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142839 - System and method for finding matches between users in a networked environment: Finding a match for an end user on an online social platform is not a trivial task. To improve match making, various methods and systems are disclosed which are configured to compute heuristics for various end users, which help to predict the likelihood that two end users would ultimately engage... Agent:, L.L.C.

20150142842 - Uniform storage and search of events derived from machine data from different sources: Methods and apparatus consistent with the invention provide the ability to organize and build understandings of machine data generated by a variety of information-processing environments. Machine data is a product of information-processing systems (e.g., activity logs, configuration files, messages, database records) and represents the evidence of particular events that have... Agent:

20150142843 - Fault-tolerant search: In an embodiment, a method comprises performing a first search based on a first text string; based on the first search, identifying one or more search results; after identifying the one or more search results, causing the one or more search results to be displayed; while the one or more... Agent:

20150142844 - Scalable objects for use in an on-demand services environment: Techniques and mechanisms to manage data. A relational database environment having at least a relational database storage device is coupled with a server entity. Data stored in the relational database is stored in a custom object, which is one or more custom database tables that allow a customer/tenant/organization to store... Agent:

20150142846 - Asynchronous search for big objects: Techniques and systems for completing a database query. A time to complete a synchronous query in response to receiving an original database query is estimated by a database management system provided by one or more computing devices. A synchronous database query corresponding to the original database query is performed with... Agent:

20150142847 - Generation of a data model applied to queries: Embodiments include generating data models that may give semantic meaning for unstructured or structured data that may include data generated and/or received by search engines, including a time series engine. A method includes generating a data model for data stored in a repository. Generating the data model includes generating an... Agent: Splunk Inc.

20150142845 - Smart database caching: A system and method for smart caching, in which caching is performed according to one or more functional criteria, in which the functional criteria includes at least time elapsed since a query was received for the data. Preferably at least data is cached.... Agent:

20150142848 - Device management apparatus and device search method: In a technology for allowing accurate and easy search of a device which satisfies a request of a user from among a large number of devices present at various places, an area ID capable of uniquely identifying a target area of the device is registered in a storage section as... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150142849 - Profile-enabled dynamic runtime environment for web application servers: Techniques are disclosed for allowing administrators to manage runtime environments (RTEs). An RTE configuration component prompts for metadata characterizing a plurality of dynamically configurable runtime environments (RTE) for executing data queries. The RTE configuration component generates an RTE definition to associate with each of the plurality of RTEs. When a... Agent:

20150142850 - Contextual community paradigm: A contextual community paradigm is engineered to define context between human and machine. This contextual community paradigm enables support of multiple taxonomies for any given object. Human and machine share context. The contextual community paradigm simplifies resolution of the user's intent, enabling automated interactions between human and machine spanning functions... Agent: Universal Natural Interface LLC

20150142851 - Implicit question query identification: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for identifying implicit question queries. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a query in unstructured form, comparing terms of the query to query templates, determining, based on the comparison, a match of the query terms to... Agent: Google Inc.

20150142852 - Declarative authorizations for sql data manipulation: The present disclosure describes methods, systems, and computer program products for providing declarative authorizations for SQL data manipulation. One computer-implemented method includes defining a data access model by: defining at least one aspect to be used as an authorization-relevant attribute for a resource entity, defining a path definition from the... Agent:

20150142854 - Deep cloning of objects using binary format: Techniques are described herein that are capable of deep cloning (a.k.a. deep copying) objects using a binary format. A deep clone of a designated object includes references to other objects (and potentially copies of the other objects) included in the designated object. A binary representation of each object in an... Agent:

20150142853 - Reconstructing documents from n-gram information: A method for reconstruction includes providing a directed input graph generated from a set of n-grams and statistics for the n-grams, edges of the graph being joined through nodes of the graph. Each edge has an associated label and a multiplicity of at least one. Each of the n-grams in... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150142855 - Mobile database initialization and update for offline consumption: A server system may include a request handler and a database generator. The request handler may receive at least one request from a mobile client device on a user side or from a source server. If the request handler determines that the at least one request requires an initialization of... Agent:

20150142856 - Providing a database as a service in a multi-tenant environment: In one embodiment, the present invention is directed to a system with multiple computing hosts each having a hypervisor to provide a virtual environment for the host and one or more containers each including a database instance and at least one database. These databases, and the database instance can be... Agent:

20150142857 - Utilizing metadata for automated photographic setup: In an approach for utilizing photographic metadata for automated photographic setup, a computer receives photographic metadata. The photographic metadata is contained within an image file. The computer transmits configuration information to one or more photographic devices in a photographic setup. The configuration information is based on the photographic metadata. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142858 - Identifying and formatting data for data migration: Data formatting, migration and corresponding application acceptance for cloud-based applications may include various operations. One example operation may include identifying a data object eligible for migration to a cloud application and identifying a number of field groups linked to the data object, each of the field groups may include at... Agent:

20150142859 - Document collections distribution and publishing: The publishing and distribution of productivity documents to collections are described. Document collections distribution and publishing can be facilitated by a service that receives documents to publish and stores the documents at a storage of the service. The documents can be stored in the file formats they were created in,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150142860 - Method and system for forward reference logging in a persistent datastore: The embodiments described herein are methods and systems to enhance the reliability and performance of a persistent datastore (e.g., non-volatile memory such as flash memory). The method includes generating a log entry associated with first write data. The method also includes generating a first record including the log entry, the... Agent: Sandisk EnterpriseIPLLC

20150142861 - Storage utility network: A storage utility network that includes an ingestion application programming interface (API) mechanism that receives requests from data sources to store data, the requests each containing an indication of a type of data to be stored; at least one data processing engine that is configured to process the type of... Agent:

20150142862 - Reducing application input/output operations from a server having data stored on de-duped storage: The present disclosure relates generally to the field of reducing application input/output operations from a server having data stored on (e.g., remotely stored on) de-duped storage. In various embodiments, reducing application input/output operations from a server having data stored on (e.g., remotely stored on) de-duped storage may be implemented in... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142863 - System and methods for distributed data storage: A systematic distributed storage system (DSS) comprising: a plurality of storage nodes, wherein each storage node configures to store a plurality of sub blocks of a data file and a plurality of coded blocks, a set of repair pairs for each of the storage nodes, wherein the system is configured... Agent:

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20150127600 - Report data management server and report data management program: A report data management server includes a report data storing unit storing position information and report data in association with each other. The report data management server receives a request for supply of information containing position information, extracts information corresponding to position information contained in the request for supply from... Agent: Ips Co., Ltd.

20150127599 - Stateless database cache: A cache and method of caching for a database are provided, in which the cache and the database are in the same state. Responsive to a query for data, the method extracts search terms from the query and maps filter settings to an appropriate format. The method also (a) outputs... Agent:

20150127601 - System and method for improving and managing smart grid unread meter investigations: The system and method of the present disclosure generally comprises a widget that collects and organizes pertinent meter-centric investigation information; allows quick and easy access to additional detail; provides the ability to make updates; and interfaces with other applications through, for example, automated meter change orders. The system and method... Agent: Florida Power & Light Company

20150127602 - Pattern mining based on occupancy: An example method of pattern mining includes identifying, via a logic circuit, a plurality of patterns present in a plurality of transactions, the transactions including sets of items, and selecting, via the logic circuit, one of the identified patterns based on an occupancy of the identified pattern in the transactions.... Agent:

20150127603 - Inline user addressing in chat and document editing sessions: A computer-implemented method is executed on a server having one or more processors and memory storing one or more programs to be executed by the one or more processors. The method includes receiving document editing commands, for editing a respective document, from one or more users in a document editing... Agent:

20150127604 - Systems and methods for remote updating of electronic historical records: A computer-implemented method for managing family history records is described. Family history data is collected. The collected family history data is compared to data in an existing family history record. Upon determining the collected family history data matches at least a portion of the data in the existing family history... Agent: Otter Creek Holdings, LLC

20150127607 - Distributed data system with document management and access control: Data management systems and methods include a cloud-based platform coupled to a system of agents or folders hosted on client devices. The platform does not store actual data but instead makes use of metadata provided by the agents to track a location of all data in the system and manage... Agent:

20150127605 - Frame based data replication in a cloud computing environment: A device may receive information associated with a write operation to be performed on a storage volume included in a cloud computing environment, and may divide the information into a group of write frames. Each write frame may include a respective portion of the information. The device may determine information... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150127606 - Plural architecture master data management: According to one embodiment of the present invention, a system for managing data within a plurality of data management architectures comprises at least one processor. The system persists an entity managed by a first data management architecture to a second data management architecture. The first data management architecture manages entity... Agent:

20150127608 - Manifest-based snapshots in distributed computing environments: Scalable architectures, systems, and services are provided herein for creating manifest-based snapshots in distributed computing environments. In some embodiments, responsive to receiving a request to create a snapshot of a data object, a master node identifies multiple slave nodes on which a data object is stored in the cloud-computing platform... Agent:

20150127609 - Plural architecture master data management: According to one embodiment of the present invention, a system for managing data within a plurality of data management architectures comprises at least one processor. The system persists an entity managed by a first data management architecture to a second data management architecture. The first data management architecture manages entity... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127610 - Sharing and synchronizing electronically stored files: Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to architectures, methods and systems and structures that facilitate the sharing and synchronization of electronically stored files among and between cloud entities and a number of computers, systems, devices and/or users. One particular exemplary aspect includes the mapping and/or translation of files electronically... Agent:

20150127611 - Multi-tenancy storage node: A multi-tenancy storage node is provided. The storage node hosts partitions of multiple databases accessed by multiple applications. Each database is governed by a corresponding service-level agreement (SLA) or policy that specifies a maximum load or level of operation of the database in terms of one or more metrics (e.g.,... Agent: Linkedln Corporation

20150127612 - Method and apparatus of managing application workloads on backup and recovery system: Featured are a method and apparatus for managing various point-in-time copies of workloads or applications using a software system called workload manager. An aspect of the invention is to receive backup images of point-in-time backup images of workload from a backup client and realize corresponding virtual resource from backup image... Agent:

20150127613 - Method, apparatus, and application platform for updating application object attribute: Methods, apparatus and application platforms for updating application object attribute are provided herein. In an exemplary method, a task for updating an attribute of an application object corresponding to an application can be established via task configuration, to obtain task configuration information of the task and form a task list.... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150127614 - Point in time snapshots using copy on predicted write: Systems and methods of writing to a storage system comprise analyzing a plurality of snapshots of data blocks of a storage device and determining a likelihood that a next first write will be to a respective data block based, at least in part, on the analyzed plurality of snapshots. A... Agent:

20150127615 - Data backup method and system: The present disclosure provides a data backup method, comprising: A. receiving a data type of data which is selected by a user to be backed up; B. calculating a first capacity of data having the same data type, detecting a residual user second capacity on a server side, and comparing... Agent:

20150127616 - Support for worm cartridges realized by linear tape file system (ltfs): When a WORM cartridge is formatted for Tape File System (LTFS) in advance, such as prior to shipment, Linear Tape File System Library Edition (LTFS LE) is expanded by software to reduce consumption of the index partition and to support elimination of the appending of unnecessary data. More specifically, instead... Agent:

20150127617 - Digital aging system and method for operating same: The present invention relates to a data-processing technology allowing data to be recognized as a being, i.e. an organism having life, by applying, to all digital data, a birth/old-age/sickness/death concept derived from nature and giving the time-limited functions of naming, changing, and extinction to the digital data which has traditionally... Agent:

20150127618 - Sharing of snapshots among multiple computing machines: A solution is proposed for managing each one of a plurality of computing machines. A corresponding method comprises taking one or more snapshots of the computing machine or part thereof, the snapshots being organized in a snapshot tree of nodes representing the snapshots according to a dependency thereof, expanding the... Agent:

20150127619 - File system metadata capture and restore: Example apparatus and methods create and maintain a functional mirror of file system metadata for an active file system. The functional mirror may be implemented as a set of database tables that allow a journal functionality for information received from the active file system. Example apparatus and methods also restore... Agent: Quantum Corporation

20150127620 - Object loss reporting in a data storage system: In response to receiving a request from a client to store an object, a key-durable storage system may assign the object to a volume in its data store, generate a key for the object (e.g., an opaque identifier that encodes information for locating the object in the data store), store... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20150127622 - Methods and apparatus for network efficient deduplication: Mechanisms are provided for performing network efficient deduplication. Segments are extracted from files received for deduplication at a host connected to a target over one or more networks and/or fabrics in a deduplication system. Segment identifiers (IDs) are determined and compared with segment IDs for segments already deduplicated. Segments already... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20150127621 - Use of solid state storage devices and the like in data deduplication: Systems and methods of data deduplication are disclosed comprising generating a hash value of a data block and comparing the hash value to a table in a first memory that correlates ranges of hash values with buckets of hash values in a second memory different from the first memory. A... Agent:

20150127623 - Allocation aware heap fragmentation metrics: An illustrative embodiment of a computer-implemented method for estimating heap fragmentation in real time, models a runtime view of free heap memory, models a runtime view of heap allocation patterns for the heap memory and takes a snapshot of the heap memory. A batch allocator simulator is executed at a... Agent:

20150127624 - Framework for removing non-authored content documents from an authored-content database: The specification relates to framework for removing non-authored content documents from an authored-content database by recording a sequence of authorship data for at least one authored-content document over a period of time. The at least one authored-content document can be indexed in an authored-content database. The sequence of authorship data... Agent: Google Inc.

20150127625 - Cluster-node load balancing in a distributed database system: In one exemplary aspect, a method of a cluster-node load balancing system of a distributed database system includes receiving a request from a cluster with at least one node of a cluster of the distributed database system. The request includes a query for an identity of all other nodes known... Agent:

20150127627 - Method for recommending browsing objects: The present invention provides a method for recommending browsing objects. First, browse a first webpage via a first device. The first webpage is the search result of the search engine by searching a first object. Alternatively, the first object can be the webpage element of the first webpage. When the... Agent:

20150127626 - Video search system and method: Provided is a video search system and method. The video search system includes: a search engine configured to extract video data matching a search condition from an original video; and a browsing engine configured to generate a summarized video based on the extracted video data, render a plurality of objects... Agent: Samsung Tachwin Co., Ltd.

20150127628 - Method and system for display dynamic & accessible actions with unique identifiers and activities: A methods, systems and apparatus for enable dynamic actions on unique identifier including mobile phone number(s) and activities are described. A method includes dynamically, manually or automatically attach, associate, provide, present and access on demand, integrated, unified, in-mobile, inline, loosely coupled, user friendly, personalize, customized, all-in-one, unified, contextual, interconnected, abbreviated,... Agent: Onepatont Software Limited

20150127636 - Automated event attendee data collection and document generation apparatuses, methods and systems: The AUTOMATED EVENT ATTENDEE DATA COLLECTION AND DOCUMENT GENERATION APPARATUSES, METHODS AND SYSTEMS (“GST”) transform pre-event guest data aggregation inputs using GST components into customized pre-event documents. In some implementations, the disclosure provides a processor-implemented method of aggregating visual and textual guest data from social media servers and combining the... Agent: Guesterly LLC

20150127631 - Best available alternative dialog: Recommending problem resolution knowledge, in one aspect, may comprise determining a given product information associated with a product by searching an information network. The given product information may comprise a type of the given product, one or more features associated with the given product, and temporal information associated with the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127633 - Content rotating software: A content rotating software system and method are described. In one disclosed embodiment, a system includes a program to receive a text message originated request, access and query a database in response to the request, and generate a rotating page of results and an address to the page to send... Agent:

20150127634 - Electronic document retrieval and reporting: An approach is provided for retrieving electronic documents. The approach provides a Web-based graphical user interface that allows users to construct complex queries that include Boolean clauses, proximity clauses and/or keyword phrases, without requiring the users to have a working knowledge of query languages. The Web-based graphical user interface also... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150127635 - Mapping system for not provided keyword in secure search: A keyword estimation process and tool provides data for on-line visits to websites within a secure search environment. Blocks having probability mass functions are created to build a base using data from sources. The blocks include categories for keywords. Using an algorithm, the keywords for a target number of visits... Agent: Acronym Media, Inc.

20150127632 - Structured user graph to support querying and predictions: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for receiving user-specific content, the user-specific content being associated with a user of one or more computer-implemented services, processing the user-specific content using one or more parsers to identify one or more entities and one or more... Agent: Google Inc.

20150127630 - System and method for processing virtual interview using division content: A method for processing a virtual interview using division content, the method including generating a distribution inversely proportional to a usage amount of division content divided into a minimum unit to implement a virtual interview, extracting the division content in response to cache information of a user terminal, which includes... Agent: Combustec Co., Ltd

20150127629 - Trust network effect: An invention is disclosed for systems, methods, processes, and products of providing information to users based on their relationships with other users. Such a system, method, process, or product provides a more reliable, accurate, or otherwise effective way of determining and presenting relevant information to users, consumers, and the like.... Agent: Pushrank Limited

20150127638 - Automatic selection of an intermediate dating location: In an example, a system and method are disclosed for providing functionality for two users of a matching service, such as an online dating service, to identify a midpoint at which they may conveniently meet. User locations may be based on exact coordinates, or may be more generalized, such as... Agent:, L.L.C.

20150127639 - Graphically representing associations between referents and stories: Systems and methods are provided for graphically representing associations between one or more stories and one or more referents of interest. In some embodiments, a score may be determined for each of a set of stories based at least in part on a number of associations between the given story... Agent: Audible, Inc.

20150127641 - Method and system for searching on mobile terminal: Methods and systems for searching on a mobile terminal are provided herein. In an exemplary method, a matching box can be provided on the mobile terminal in response to a click on a search box on the mobile terminal. An operation of a user can be determined. The operation of... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150127637 - Real-time search tuning: Embodiments are directed to dynamically tuning search result rankings to control how the search results are presented in a user interface and to dynamically updating search result rankings based on tuning inputs. In one scenario, a computer system receives search results with associated search result attributes. The search results are... Agent:

20150127640 - Referent based search suggestions: Computer-implemented methods for providing suggestions for a search based on previously viewed content are provided. In one aspect, a method includes receiving information on previously viewed content, and receiving a request to enter a query into a search field subsequent to receiving the information on the previously viewed content. The... Agent:

20150127642 - Active chronicle comparison system using websites: An active chronicle comparison system using websites, including: a database unit for arranging and storing occurrence dates and contents of events that occurred for respective topics into the DB; an engine unit for operating in conjunction with the DB unit, and generating chronological table data using the contents and the... Agent:

20150127643 - Digitally displaying and organizing personal multimedia content: An apparatus, system, method, and program product are disclosed for digitally displaying and organizing personal multimedia content. A content module is configured to receive content associated with a user. The content includes one of user-generated content and third-party generated content. The content also includes an associated user rating. A chronological... Agent:

20150127645 - Content management with rdbms: According to some embodiments, a method and an apparatus of using a relational database as an underlying structure of file storage are provided to receive a file and store non-content information associated with the file in a row of a first relational database table. If the content associated with the... Agent:

20150127644 - Method and system for incremental collection of forum replies: The present application discloses methods and systems for incrementally collecting replies in a forum and belongs to the technical field of collecting network information. The method comprises periodically determining whether there is a newly-established post and a post having new replies in all forum list pages needed to be collected:... Agent: Peking University

20150127646 - Big data analytics: Data may be processed based on a type of application, a user, a type of device, a user profile, and/or a device profile. Data may be processed, in real time as it is received. The data may be segmented and/or partitioned into portions. For each portion, a user identifier associated... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150127651 - Computer-implemented system and method for grafting cluster spines: A computer-implemented system and method for grafting cluster spines is provided. Cluster spines, each having two or more clusters of documents, are obtained. A score vector is generated for each of the cluster spines based on the documents within the clusters for that spine. The score vectors of the cluster... Agent:

20150127649 - Efficient implementations for mapreduce systems: In some embodiments, a processor configured to function as at least a first Reducer in a MapReduce system may receive a set of mapped [key, value] pairs output from a Mapper in the MapReduce system, identify within the set of mapped [key, value] pairs one or more [key, value] pairs... Agent: Cognitive Electronics, Inc.

20150127647 - Element computation-communication parallelization method implemented on cubed-sphere grids based on spectral element method and hardware device performing the same: A method of parallelizing computation in an element and communication between elements in a cubed-sphere coordinates system based on a spectral element method is disclosed. The method is performed in a hardware device including a computation part, a memory and a communication buffer. A first grid value at a first... Agent:

20150127648 - Image descriptor for media content: A method for generating image descriptors for media content of images represented by a set of key-points, fn, is recommended which determines for each key-point of the image, designated as a central key-point, a neighbourhood of other key-points, fml, whose features are expressed relative to those of the central key-point.... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150127650 - Systems and methods for metric data smoothing: An exemplary method may comprise receiving a matrix for a set of documents, each cell of the matrix including a frequency value indicating a number of instances of a corresponding text segment in a corresponding document, receiving an indication of a relationship between two text segments, each of the two... Agent:

20150127652 - Labeling/naming of themes: The disclosed solution uses machine learning-based methods to improve the knowledge extraction process in a specific domain or business environment. By formulizing a specific company's internal knowledge and terminology, the ontology programming accounts for linguistic meaning to surface relevant and important content for analysis. For example, the disclosed ontology programming... Agent:

20150127655 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: An information processing device includes a comment collection unit that collects comments on a submission target that progresses with the passage of time, a comment selection unit that selects comments to be presented from collected comments to a user based on the characteristics of the user, a display control unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150127654 - Method for managing user information and electronic device thereof: An apparatus and method for storing and displaying user information in an electronic device is provided to categorize information and designate importance. The method includes identifying a plurality of user information, extracting overlapped common information from the plurality of user information, and storing information which is not overlapped among the... Agent:

20150127653 - Systems and methods for behavioral segmentation of users in a social data network: There is provided methods and systems for analyzing data from a plurality of users within a social networking platform, comprising: receiving a query for a topic associated with the social networking platform; determining a set of users having at least one social networking behaviour on the social networking platform related... Agent:

20150127656 - In-advance indexing: A method for in-advance obtaining properties of objects of a computerized system, the method comprising receiving a request for properties of a first object, and responsively providing the requested properties along with properties of an at least one another object that are similar to the properties of the first object,... Agent: Varonis Systems, Ltd.

20150127657 - Method and computer for indexing and searching structures: A method for indexing a plurality of structures, which are derived from a plurality of externalizations of users' mental models, is provided. The method comprises receiving at least one of the plurality of structures; analyzing the at least one structure according to a predetermined principle of normalization to obtain a... Agent:

20150127658 - Key_value data storage system: According to an aspect, a key-value store (KVS) system includes a data management unit that stores a data KVS storing a pair of a data KVS key including information on a storage location of application data to be an access target object and the application data; and a key KVS... Agent:

20150127662 - Dwell-time based generation of a user interest profile: A method is provided for building a user interest profile, including the following method operations: identifying features of each of a plurality of articles; for a given user, logging views of one or more of the plurality of articles; for each view, measuring a corresponding dwell time for the view... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20150127660 - Method and apparatus for calculating ranks and trust levels for data sources: An approach is provided for determining one or more attributes associated with extracting data from one or more data sources. The approach further involves processing and/or facilitating a processing of the one or more attributes to cause, at least in part, a ranking of the one or more data sources,... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20150127659 - Method and system for document data extraction template management: User acceptance of a given data extraction template and the number of data fields that the data extraction template can extract accurately is used to calculate data extraction template ranking, or a ranking score, to be associated with the data extraction template. Then the data extraction template having the highest... Agent: Intuit Inc.

20150127661 - Rapid cloud-based image centralization: A system for a mass centralization approach to full image cloning of multiple computing devices is provided. The system includes a plurality of computing devices and a server. The server includes a processor programmed to receive, from the plurality of computing devices, metadata for files stored on the plurality of... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150127664 - Pre-fetching items in a virtual universe based on avatar communications: The present invention pre-fetches objects, textures and scripts (collectively referred to herein as items) through analysis of the communications of an avatar. Furthermore, if an object, texture or script is not pre-fetched upon arrival to a region the virtual universe's object, texture and script download system is augmented to prioritize... Agent:

20150127663 - Ranking objects by social relevance: In one embodiment, one or more computing systems may implement a social networking environment and may be operable to access, in a social graph associated with one or more computing systems of a social network environment, a user node representing a particular user, the user node connected to a plurality... Agent:

20150127665 - Personalized quantitative measure of accessibility: A mechanism is provided in a data processing system for personalized quantitative measure of accessibility. For a given web site or web application, the mechanism accesses existing crowd sourced user ratings. The mechanism generates a crowd source score for the given web site or web application based on the crowd... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127667 - Devices and methods for processing network nodes: Devices and methods are provided for processing network nodes. For example, a sorting request is detected; one or more first network nodes to be sorted are acquired corresponding to the sorting request; a first characteristic matrix is constructed based on at least information associated with the first network nodes; association... Agent:

20150127666 - Processing a database table: Processing a database table comprises receiving a multi-dimensional processing instruction for processing at least two columns of the database table, wherein the two columns comprise a selection column and a sort column, wherein the multi-dimensional processing instruction is for selecting a plurality of candidate rows by sorting based on the... Agent:

20150127669 - Device, system and method for generating an accompaniment of input music data: A device for automatically generating a real time accompaniment of input music data includes a music input that receives music data. A music analyzer analyzes received music data to obtain a music data description including one or more characteristics of the analyzed music data. A query generator generates a query... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150127668 - Document generation system: The invention describes a system and method for dynamically composing and generating documents, by breaking down text and multi-media content into small, independent content blocks and then re-ordering and recompiling them in different ways to create a plurality of different documents on demand. The system allows users to select a... Agent:

20150127670 - Methods and systems for processing a log file: Disclosed are methods, apparatus, systems, and computer program products for provisioning log file data. A server may parse through log files by selecting particular log entries and data fields. Customer-facing log files may be generated based on the selected log entries and data fields.... Agent:

20150127671 - Managing a template in an operator graph: Embodiments of the disclosure provide a method, system, and computer program product for managing a template on an operator graph. The method for managing a template on an operator graph can include receiving the template for processing a stream of tuples. The template can have a plurality of template elements... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127672 - Plural architecture master data management with supplemental attributes: According to one embodiment of the present invention, a system for managing data within a plurality of data management architectures includes at least one processor. The system persists an entity managed by a first data management architecture to a second data management architecture. The first data management architecture manages entity... Agent:

20150127674 - Image information processing apparatus, image information processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium: An image information processing apparatus includes a memory, a list screen display, a detector, and a screen controller. The memory stores plural pieces of image information and plural pieces of related information related to the plural pieces of image information. The list screen display displays a list screen showing a... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd

20150127673 - Method and system for searching visually similar goods in e-commerce web-sites: This present method of searching for visually similar images comprising: computation of the images descriptors on physical or digital media; computation of the difference of the images descriptors and storing the computed results on physical or digital media; receiving a user's request comprising an image identifier; displaying the computed results... Agent: "kuznetch" Ltd.

20150127675 - Display apparatus and method of controlling the same: A display apparatus for and a method of providing to users additional information associated with a broadcasting signal that is being output via the display apparatus are provided. The display apparatus includes a communication unit configured to perform data communication, and a control unit configured to acquire a keyword from... Agent:

20150127676 - Method and system for distribution of content using a syndication delay: Embodiments of methods and systems for incorporating user generated content into a web page are disclosed. In particular, embodiments of such systems and methods may incorporate user generated content into a web page such that the user generated content can be consumed by indexers associated with search engines in association... Agent:

20150127677 - Enterprise graph search based on object and actor relationships: Systems, methods, and software are disclosed herein for implementing enterprise graph search. In at least one implementation, an enterprise search service receives a search request that includes a graph query directed to an enterprise graph. The graph is representative of a various objects and actors associated with an enterprise, as... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150127678 - Event triggered service for the lightweight directory access protocol: A method and system for notifying a destination when information within a database that is accessible from an LDAP server has been changed, e.g., information within the database has been added, updated, or deleted. The method and system persistently searches the database to identify change events to entries in the... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150127679 - System and method for identifying and synchronizing data from multiple backend enterprise computer systems to multiple types of mobile devices: A mobile framework server (MFS) may periodically obtain from an enterprise system information for a user who subscribed or is assigned to receive enterprise data. The MFS may determine whether the information indicates a change and whether the change is associated with a new record. If so, a new subscription... Agent:

20150127680 - Protected handling of database queries: Embodiments regard protected handling of database queries. An embodiment of a method for querying database system views and tables includes: receiving a user query from a user, the user query being directed to one or both of a view and a table of a database, wherein the user is not... Agent:

20150127681 - Electronic device and search and display method of the same: A search and display method of an electronic device using handwriting is provided. The search and display method includes recognizing the handwriting, determining whether the recognized handwriting is a gesture or text, recognizing the gesture if it is determined that the recognized handwriting is the gesture, and registering gesture information... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150127682 - Data connectors in large scale processing clusters: Systems, methods, and software described herein facilitate interfacing between processing nodes and a plurality of data repositories. In one example, a method of interfacing between a processing node and a plurality of data repositories includes identifying, for the processing node, a data access request using a first data access format,... Agent:

20150127683 - Vehicle-end database management system: A vehicle-end database management system is revealed. The vehicle-end database management system includes a read/write controller and a vehicle-end database manager. Data related to vehicles is written into the vehicle-end database manager by the read/write controller. Or data related to vehicles is read from the vehicle-end database manager by the... Agent:

20150127684 - Data management and distribution: Techniques associated with data management and distribution are described, including receiving at a content distribution and management system activity data associated with a user from a client, the client having an interface configured to display commercial content and a player configured to access the content distribution and management system, storing... Agent: 1776 Media Network, Inc.

20150127685 - Intelligent electrical distribution grid control system data: Aspects of a multi-level electrical distribution control system associated with an electrical distribution grid are disclosed. Data access and processing across the multi-level control system and the electrical distribution grid can provide improved utilization of energy within the electrical distribution grid. Further, dynamic reconfiguration of the electric distribution grid can... Agent:

20150127686 - Experience information managing apparatus and method thereof: An experience information managing apparatus is provided. In particular, a processor is configured to interpret structures of first and second UCX files when the first UCX file and the second UCX file have a file format that are different from each other. The processor then tags information indicating a source... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150127688 - Facilitating discovery and re-use of information constructs: A method, system, and computer program product are used to facilitate discovery and re-use of information constructs. The method includes providing an information construct database including a plurality of information constructs, and providing an access interface allowing a user to access the information construct database. The access interface comprises a... Agent:

20150127689 - Mapping device, mapping method, and recording medium: A non-transitory computer-readable recording medium has stored therein a mapping program that causes a computer to execute a process. The process includes: first calculating a matching rate between top-level parent items in a hierarchical relationship between a first plurality of items of a first data and a second plurality of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150127687 - System and methods for creating and modifying a hierarchial data structure: A computer device, system and method are provided which enable a hierarchical computer data structure to be created and modified as a cooperative activity involving a plurality of individuals or workgroups using independent computers and data structures without being connected by, or continuously connected by, a linking infrastructure such as... Agent:

20150127690 - Plural architecture master data management with supplemental attributes: According to one embodiment of the present invention, a system for managing data within a plurality of data management architectures includes at least one processor. The system persists an entity managed by a first data management architecture to a second data management architecture. The first data management architecture manages entity... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127691 - Efficient implementations for mapreduce systems: Techniques for use with at least one processor configured to execute one or more MapReduce applications that cause the at least one processor to function as at least a Mapper in a MapReduce system include accessing data stored in a file system implemented on at least one nonvolatile storage medium.... Agent: Cognitive Electronics, Inc.

20150127692 - Information processing device, program, and recording medium: An information processing device includes: a metadata retaining section retaining metadata of a file formed by a plurality of data blocks; a correspondence file retaining section retaining a correspondence file associating information identifying a recording location of a data block with information identifying the metadata retaining section retaining the metadata... Agent:

20150127693 - Content fetching and caching on a mobile device: A device may receive application information associated with an application. The application information may include information associated with a native homepage associated with the application, and may include a single file that includes content associated with the application. The device may receive an indication associated with running the application. The... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

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