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Data processing: database and file management or data structures

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09/25/2014 > 110 patent applications in 56 patent subcategories.

20140289182 - System and method for a neural metadata framework: The embodiments herein provide a method and process for storing and provisioning system catalogue(s) of metadata object relationships, from diverse and disparate physical data elements. The method comprises the steps of creating a logical enterprise data warehouse by assembling a plurality of nanomart storage structures; visually mashingup a plurality of... Agent: Nanobi Data And Analytics Private Limited

20140289183 - Key figure data filters in olap with heirarchies: A system and method of key figure data filters are presented. The key figure data filters are implemented in an analytical engine of a business warehouse system. The key figure data filters employ conditions, which can be expressed as a kind of selection that describe a set. A key figure... Agent:

20140289184 - License structure representation for license management: Embodiments herein include a license provisioning application that organizes licensing information into a licensing data structure in a multi-application environment. The license provisioning application can use the licensing data structure to increase the efficiency of license management operations by representing complex licenses and their relationships, including locale-based licensing and flexible... Agent:

20140289185 - Apparatus and method for policy based rebalancing in a distributed document-oriented database: A method includes storing a partition of a distributed document-oriented database in a computer. It is determined whether an assignment policy is unsatisfied, where the assignment policy specifies locations for documents within the distributed document-oriented database. A request for a transfer transaction to move a document from the computer is... Agent: Marklogic Corporation

20140289188 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for batch and realtime data processing: A traditional data processing system is configured to process input data either in batch or in real-time. On one hand, a batch data processing system is limiting because the batch data processing often cannot take into account any data received during the batch data processing. On the other hand, a... Agent: Factual, Inc.

20140289186 - Managing attributes in strem processing using a cache: A method and system for managing attributes in a streaming application is disclosed. The system may contain a receiving stream operator that is communicatively coupled with a stream manager. The receiving stream operator may have a capability of storing a selected attribute and creating one or more unique identifiers. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140289187 - System and method for evaluating claims to update a record from conflicting data sources: A system and method for evaluating claims from sources to update database records. A trust score is developed for each source. If a source submits a claim, the trust score for that source and the value of the claim are evaluated against prior conflicting claims. If the current claim is... Agent:, Inc.

20140289190 - Classification of data objects in a distributed file system based on application creation and/or access information: Technology is disclosed for classification of data objects (e.g., files) in a distributed file system based on application creation and/or access information. In some embodiments, data objects of a user are stored across multiple computing devices associated with a user, e.g., mobile computing devices such as a tablet, a laptop,... Agent: Nextbit Systems Inc.

20140289191 - Context sensitive distributed file system synchronization and merging semantics: Technology is disclosed for context sensitive synchronization of a distributed cloud-based file system across multiple devices and for providing seamless merging of conflicting data objects. In some embodiments, data objects of a user are stored across multiple computing devices associated with a user, e.g., mobile computing devices such as a... Agent: Nextbit Systems Inc.

20140289189 - Prioritizing file synchronization in a distributed computing system: Technology is disclosed for performing a priority synchronization of a computing device to download a selected set of data files to the computing device from a distributed backup system. Data files are downloaded to a computing device by synchronizing the computing device with a server of the distributed backup system.... Agent: Nextbit Systems Inc.

20140289192 - Providing procedures: For providing procedures, a synchronization module stores a plurality of equipment procedures in a procedure database. Each equipment procedure corresponds to an equipment instance of a plurality of equipment instances and each equipment instance corresponds to an equipment reference code. The synchronization module further synchronizes the plurality of equipment procedures... Agent:

20140289193 - Synchronizing forwarding databases in a network device background: Synchronizing forwarding databases in a network device. A first forwarding database may be maintained in a database engine portion of the network device. The forwarding database may include a plurality of entries, each of the entries comprises a synchronization field. The forwarding database may also include a global synchronization value... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140289195 - Configurable application state synchronization: Technology is disclosed for providing configurable synchronization mechanisms for automatic synchronization of application states across multiple devices using cloud storage. In accordance with the techniques introduced here, a method includes steps of receiving a request for supplemental application synchronization information associated with a first application on a first remote computing... Agent: Nextbit Systems Inc.

20140289194 - Game state synchronization and restoration across multiple devices: Technology for a method for backing up and restoring game application state across multiple devices is disclosed herein. The method includes running an instance of a game application, by a distributed system, at a first electronic device, determining a backup event that occurs in the first electronic device, wherein the... Agent: Nextbit Systems Inc.

20140289196 - Prioritizing synchronization of audio files to an in-vehicle computing device: Technology is disclosed for synchronizing audio files from a computing device of a user to an in-vehicle computing device, such as an audio system, installed in an automobile. In one example, when the user plays an audio file on the in-vehicle computing device from the computing device, the audio file... Agent: Nextbit Systems Inc.

20140289197 - Method and apparatus for ensuring consistent outcomes in updates to distributed databases: Methods of conducting database transactions. One such method comprises receiving data to be written to a database; identifying a set of shard replicas corresponding to the database to which the data is to be written; transmitting, to each of the replicas in the set, a request to write the data... Agent:

20140289198 - Tracking and maintaining affinity of machines migrating across hosts or clouds: Affinities between hosts in a virtualized environment may be monitored, such as by analyzing application interactions and network communications. Hosts that are determined to have dependencies on each other may be migrated together to improve performance of the hosts, such as by reducing network traffic. A method for migrating hosts... Agent:

20140289200 - Control method, and information processing system: A control method is used in an information processing system which has a plurality of computers. The control method includes receiving, by a first computer of the plurality of computers, an update request of data from a first client device, receiving, by a second computer of the plurality of computers,... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140289199 - Extensible and queryable strong types: Data type configuration data is expressed and deployed to a database system to obtain a relational representation of the data types in addition to the compile code representation. Users or developers extend the data types by adding data to the relational representation, and the runtime environment operates off of the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140289201 - Electronic device system restoration by tapping mechanism: Technology disclosed herein includes a method for system restoration between computing devices by a tapping mechanism. A first device detects (e.g., via NFC) a second device in proximity. The first device transmits a user credential of the first device to the second device. Either directly or via a cloud storage... Agent: Nextbit Systems Inc.

20140289203 - Using mobile devices of a user as an edge cache to stream video files: Technology is disclosed for using computing devices (“the devices”) of a user as an edge cache of a distributed backup system to stream video files. In the distributed backup system, the user can store different data files of the user at different devices of the user and/or at a server.... Agent: Nextbit Systems Inc.

20140289202 - Utilizing user devices for backing up and retrieving data in a distributed backup system: Technology is disclosed for backing up and retrieving data in a distributed backup system (“the technology”). Files of a user can be stored across multiple computing devices (“the devices”) of the user, e.g., mobile devices, and/or at a server, e.g., a cloud storage server, in the distributed backup system. The... Agent: Nextbit Systems Inc.

20140289204 - Executing a file backup process: A technique to execute a backup process efficiently when an identical file is owned by multiple persons in order to decrease storage capacity and traffic volume requirements. In a backup system including a backup execution terminal, backup destination terminals, and a management server, the backup execution terminal executes a deemed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140289205 - Data transfer apparatus, system, and method: An apparatus includes a memory, and a processor coupled to the memory. The processor is configured to determine a transfer purpose of data to be transferred from a first storage device to a second storage device via a network, and select transfer target data from data in the first storage... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140289206 - Cooperative grid based picture archiving and communication system: It uses service-oriented and event-driven concepts and methods to design and implement a new grid-based image communication and management system to solve the problems encountered in distributing archived image information, coordinating work and managing in a virtually centralized way (Virtual Super-PACS) of different PACS or archiving systems under varied operating... Agent:

20140289207 - Quality assurance checks of access rights in a computing system: Systems and methods for ensuring the quality of identity and access management information at a computing system are described. Access right information that respectively corresponds to one or more access rights may be stored at a data store. The access right information may be stored in accordance with a data... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20140289208 - Data compression apparatus, data compression method, data decompression apparatus, and data decompression method: In a data compression apparatus, a search unit examines the sequence of symbols in compression target data, and searches for a second symbol string having the same sequence of symbols as a first symbol string that occurred previously, and a code generation unit encodes the second symbol string into a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140289209 - Providing record-level sharing (rls) to local data sets: Systems, methods, and computer program products are described for providing record-level sharing (RLS) for data sets to local users of a system. In one embodiment, a process includes requesting access to a data set from a record-oriented file system in which the file system manages records on behalf of one... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140289214 - Landing page search results: Systems and methods for providing content are disclosed. In an embodiment, information encoding at least one keyword that is associated with first content accessed by a user is received. A search query based at least in part on at least one keyword is executed to identify items. In response to... Agent:

20140289211 - Method and system for resolving search query ambiguity in a product search engine: Techniques for providing improved search results for queries are provided. The techniques include obtaining a candidate pair from a query log comprising a single word unigram and a two word bigram which expresses the same content as the unigram, receive customer interaction data from the query log for the unigram... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20140289210 - Re-ranking results in a search: The present disclosure is directed to positioning a new item in search results that may additionally include previously-released items. Items in a search result may be ranked by popularity scores. In embodiments of the present disclosure, a new item may receive a popularity score boost to compensate for that item's... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20140289213 - Search engine with term cloud: A search system includes a server receiving content from one or more content sources. The server is in electronic communication with a user computer over a network and receives search criteria from the user computer to conduct a search of the content. A cloud generator executing on a computer readable... Agent:

20140289212 - System and method for providing mobile url in mobile search environment: Provided is a system and method for providing a mobile uniform resource locator (URL) in a mobile search environment. The system includes a collector configured to collect a mobile URL associated with a search target. The search target includes website information, where the website information is included in a search... Agent: Naver Corporation

20140289215 - Systems and methods for generating context specific terms: Various embodiments are described herein that generally relate to systems and methods for generating context specific terms and performing various actions based on the context specific terms. One example embodiment includes a computer-implemented method for generating context specific terms comprising obtaining a collection of terms from at least one electronic... Agent:

20140289216 - Computerized internet search system and method: The present invention provides a system and method that can search social media and Internet websites, and can analyze and display the results according to a variety of criteria including virality on social media websites. The results are presented in a user friendly format such as a magazine, newsletter, newspaper,... Agent:

20140289217 - Aggregate crowdsourcing systems and methods: Systems, methods, and computer program products that facilitate aggregation and organization of crowdsource assets and coordinate crowdsourcer access to relevant crowdsource assets are disclosed. In an aspect, the crowdsource assets are aggregated within a pool of crowdsource assets stored in a community network infrastructure and accessible to members of the... Agent: Praxol Investments Corp.

20140289218 - Personalizing commercial content in requested web pages: When a user requests display on a computing device of a web page that contains commercial content, the existing commercial content is replaced by other commercial content that matches a stored shopping profile of the user if such matching commercial content is available. Otherwise, the existing commercial content is replaced... Agent: Helpa Research Inc.

20140289219 - Ranking search engine results: A method of determining search engine rank for digital content. The method may include performing a search for digital content on a network using a search term to obtain search results. The method may also include obtaining search engine optimization data from the search results and analyzing the search engine... Agent: Brightedge Technologies, Inc.

20140289220 - Tanner project for personalized medicine: A method for providing recommendations to a user based on user activity, where the user activity data encompasses health and medical data for the user. The activity data including the health and medical data is recorded on a transportable recordable medium (TRM) that can be a component of any type... Agent:

20140289221 - Method for processing stream data and system thereof: A network interface receives stream data and a processor processes the stream data. The processor: constructs an operator graph comprising information regarding a plurality of operators for processing the stream data based on a query; assigns an operator execution order to the plurality of operators based on an inter-operator input... Agent:

20140289224 - Fast search in a music sharing environment: A method, apparatus and system of method and system of directory sharing and management in a group communication environment is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of a fast-search server includes processing a character of a query of music data, referencing the character with a reverse index of a music... Agent: Beats Music, LLC

20140289227 - Fixed phrase detection for search: A set of search requests may be analyzed to detect fixed phrases suitable for inclusion in a search index. Sets of candidate phrases may be identified among the search requests. Fixed phrases may be detected among the candidate phrases using statistical techniques, for example, by identifying phrases having a relatively... Agent:

20140289222 - Method and system for archiving and retrieving items based on episodic memory of groups of people: A method and system are provided for archiving and retrieving digital media items based on episodic memory for predefined associated groups of one or more people. The method and system may comprise identifying one or more groups to which an archiving user belongs; receiving a user input identifying select groups... Agent: 6s Limited

20140289223 - Methods and systems for federation of results from search indexing: Systems and methods enable federation of search results. An identification of a first data source associated with a first schema is received by the system, the first data source comprising data of a first type. An identification of a second data source associated with a second schema is received, the... Agent: X1 Discovery, Inc.

20140289225 - Prioritizing downloading of image files: Technology is disclosed for downloading image files associated with a user to a computing device of the user from a distributed backup system. Each of the image files is associated with a popularity score that is determined as a function of a user-related access pattern and a group-related access pattern... Agent: Nextbit Systems Inc.

20140289226 - System and method for search and display of content in the form of audio, video or audio-video: The invention relates to the field of computer search on a network and is particularly directed to searching for and displaying content in the form of audio, video and/or audio-video (“A-V”) results wherein the content that results from the search includes a textual transcript associated with the content. A system... Agent:

20140289228 - User behavior model for contextual personalized recommendation: A user behavior model provides personalized recommendations based in part on time and location, particularly to users of mobile devices. Entity types are ranked according to relevance to the user. Example entity types are restaurant, hotel, etc. The relevance may be based on reference to a large-scale database containing queries... Agent:

20140289231 - Combining topic suggestions from different topic sources to assign to textual data items: Disclosed are systems, apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage media for combining topic suggestions from different topic sources to assign to textual data items. In some implementations, a first automated topic source provides one or more first topic suggestions to associate with a textual data item. Each first topic suggestion has... Agent:, Inc.

20140289230 - Media object query submission and response: Methods and systems for submitting media object queries and receiving suggested answers for the media object queries. In one aspect, a method includes receiving from a first user a first media object and a first query relating to content in the first media object, presenting the first media object and... Agent: Google Inc.

20140289233 - Part number search method and system: A computer implemented method and system for identifying one or more part numbers stored in a digital memory comprises parsing of each part number into its primary and secondary components and assigning a relevance score to each; parsing a query part number into one or more primary and secondary components... Agent: Waypart, Inc.

20140289232 - Search system and methods with integration of user annotations from a trust network: Computer systems and methods incorporate user annotations (metadata) regarding various pages or sites, including annotations by a querying user and by members of a trust network defined for the querying user into search and browsing of a corpus such as the World Wide Web. A trust network is defined for... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20140289234 - System and method for location based exchanges of data facilitating distributed locational applications: Provided is a distributed system and method for enabling new and useful location dependent features and functionality to mobile data processing systems. Mobile data processing systems interact with each other as peers in communications and interoperability. A mobile data processing system may dynamically take on roles, depending on the environment... Agent:

20140289229 - Using content found in online discussion sources to detect problems and corresponding solutions: A method for detecting solutions to a problem using content in online discussion sources. The method includes receiving a request, such request identifying a problem, and searching multiple online discussion sources for content related to the problem. Responsive to finding content related to the problem, the method searches the multiple... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140289235 - User interface and geo-parsing data structure: A method to allocate memory, in response to application requests, for a compact data structure having location data and a trailer section is provided. The trailer section of the compact data structure is checked to determine an offset for listings and indices representing the location data. Upon determining the offset,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140289236 - Refining search results for a compound search query: A method for refining search results. The method includes receiving a search query and in response to determining the search query is a compound search query, the method includes parsing the compound search query into at least two sub-queries. The method includes performing a search for each of the sub-queries... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140289237 - Suggesting connections to users with low activity in a social networking system: To suggest new connections to a user of a social networking system, the system generates a set of candidate users to whom the user has not already formed a connection. The system determines the likelihood that the user will connect to each candidate user if suggested to do so, and... Agent:

20140289238 - Document creation support apparatus, method and program: According to one embodiment, a document creation support apparatus includes a determination unit, a search unit and a presentation unit. The determination unit determines a document type that is a type of a document containing a target character string, based on feature values including a first character recognition result and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140289239 - Recommendation tuning using interest correlation: A search technology generates recommendations with minimal user data and participation, and provides better interpretation of user data, such as popularity, thus obtaining breadth and quality in recommendations. It is sensitive to the semantic content of natural language terms taken from user profiles, which can include interests, eccentricities, age, gender,... Agent: Piksel, Inc.

20140289244 - Associating a file type with an application in a network storage service: Techniques are described for associating file types with application in a network storage service. A user environment manager at the storage service receives a file identifier for a specific requested file from a user operating a computing device and obtains a file format type identifier associated with the file identifier... Agent:

20140289242 - Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium: An information processing apparatus includes an input unit configured to input a keyword to be added to a first image and a structuring unit configured to structure, based on an input order of a plurality of keywords input by the input unit, the plurality of keywords.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140289240 - Managing attributes in stream processing: A method and system for managing attributes in a streaming application is disclosed. The system may have a stream manager communicatively coupled with processing elements for tracking a stream of tuples. The system may also have a first stream operator communicatively coupled with the stream manager and capable of receiving... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140289243 - Method and system for centralized issue tracking: In one example, a method for facilitating centralized issue tracking. The method includes receiving information on a case from an issue tracking system (case information). The method facilitates executing a tagging method stored in a memory device that reads the case information, determines whether a part of the case information... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140289241 - Systems and methods for generating a media value metric: Systems and methods for determining a media engagement metric for a media content item are described. Respective exposure times for one or more respective segments of a media content item are received from each of one or more users, wherein the media content item is divided into a plurality of... Agent:

20140289247 - Annotation search apparatus and method: According to an embodiment, an annotation search apparatus includes a feature extractor and an annotation search unit. The feature extractor is configured to extract an annotation feature from an input document and an annotation appended by a user to the input document. The annotation search unit is configured to search... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140289250 - Data collection apparatus and data collection program: Provided are a first storage unit 411b configured to store the data which are transmitted among the control apparatuses 21 to 24; a group selector 414a configured to divide the memory area in the first storage unit 411b into multiple groups, to further divide the memory area in each group... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20140289251 - Data collection system and data collection system program: Provided are a group selector 431 configured to select collection groups from multiple subgroups obtained by dividing a memory area in a first storage unit 411b; a collection group assigner 432 configured to assign the selected collection groups to data collection apparatuses 41 to 43 in order to distribute load... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20140289248 - Display apparatus and method for displaying information regarding activities thereof: A display apparatus is provided, which includes a display; a storage storing information regarding user activities performed in the display apparatus for a time period; and a controller analyzing a pattern of the user activities performed for the time period based on the information regarding the activities, dividing the time... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140289245 - Optimizing a clustered virtual computing environment: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, computer program product, and system for optimizing a clustered virtual computing environment. In exemplary embodiments, performance attributes are identified for a set of operating devices within the clustered virtual computing environment. Historical data of the identified performance attributes is obtained to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140289249 - System and method for message clustering: The disclosure describes systems and methods delivering communications associated with delivery conditions in which the occurrence of the delivery condition is determined by monitoring information received from a plurality of sources via multiple communication channels. The message delivery systems allow messages to be delivered to any “Who, What, When, Where”... Agent:

20140289246 - Systems and methods for the distributed categorization of source data: Systems and methods for the crowdsourced clustering of data items in accordance embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, a method for determining categories for a set of source data includes obtaining a set of source data, determining a plurality of subsets of the source... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140289252 - Method and system for managing webpage links in a browser: A method for managing webpage links in a browser is provided. The method includes receiving an instruction signal from a user of the browser for merging at least two specified webpage links of the browser. The method also includes automatically generating a new folder using multi-level path information of the... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140289255 - Application of community-defined descriptors to mobile content: A method of organizing mobile content in a network environment is provided that includes providing pieces of mobile content on a database, selecting one of the pieces of mobile content, receiving a descriptor to be associated with the selected piece of mobile content from user activity, and associating the descriptor... Agent: Funmobility, Inc.

20140289256 - Method and system for managing faceted data: A method, system and computer-readable medium for performing hybrid processing of prescribed and dynamically defined attributes for one or more entity instances is provided in one or more implementations of the present invention. The inventive architecture of the present invention including a data structure having a dynamic object abstraction layer... Agent:

20140289254 - Methods and apparatuses for presenting content: Methods and apparatuses are described for organizing audio/visual content and prefetching selected audio/visual content configured to be displayed to a user. In one embodiment, the methods and apparatuses for presenting content identifies a preference corresponding to a user; detects a current display window; and prefetches at least one audio/visual content... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140289253 - System for management of sentiments and methods thereof: Systems and methods for improved management of sentiments over conventional approaches are disclosed. Supervised approach is used to augment the rule-based approach for classification. Initially, sentiment evaluation is performed by the system using a rule based approach and an interface is provided to the user to give feedback on the... Agent: Infosys Limited

20140289258 - Email tags: Suggesting email tags. A non-transitory machine-readable storage device includes executable instructions that when executed, cause one or more processor to provide a suggestion for at least one suggested tag based on content of an email, receive a selection of a selected tag store the email in a computer database, thus... Agent:

20140289257 - Methods and systems for providing file data for media files: A method of providing file data for a media file from a file system, where the format of the file requires that the file comprise a plurality of segments of file data located at pre-declared locations within the file. The file data making up the file is based upon derived... Agent: Quantel Limited

20140289261 - Calculating trust score on web based platform: A method for calculating trust level of a user on social networking sites, comprising: consolidating information related to users operatively associated with at least a web based social platform; assigning weight to each of the consolidated information; computing aggregated score for at least an information; computing weighted average of the... Agent: Infosys Limited

20140289262 - Generating an ordered list of managed targets: An apparatus generates an ordered list of managed targets. A list generating hardware unit generates a list of managed targets. A list displaying hardware unit displays, on a display device, the list of managed targets. The list generating hardware unit further acquires, from a predetermined storage device, history information relating... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140289260 - Keyword determination: Examples disclosed herein relate to keyword determination. In one implementation, a processor determines a summary of a text and identifies a keyword related to the text based on a comparison of the summary of the text to the remaining portion of the text. The processor may output the identified keyword.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140289259 - Social cue based electronic communication ranking: A set of electronic communications of different types that the user has sent and/or received, such as email messages, text messages, instant messages, and so forth is obtained. The set of electronic communications can be obtained in various manners, such as by searching the electronic communications of the user for... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140289263 - Management of thumbnail data associated with digital assets: According to example configurations, a digital asset manager receives a digital asset. The digital asset manager generates multiple sets of thumbnail data based on the digital asset. Each of the multiple sets of thumbnail data can be encoded to support display of a different thumbnail resolution of the digital asset.... Agent:

20140289264 - One pass submatch extraction: A method for one pass submatch extraction may include receiving an input string, receiving a regular expression with capturing groups, and converting the regular expression with capturing groups into a finite automaton M to extract submatches. The finite automaton M may be evaluated to determine whether the regular expression belongs... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140289265 - System and method for generating a task list: A method includes receiving at least a portion of a task. The method also includes parsing the task as the task is being received to identify a keyword in the task. In addition, the method includes, in response to identifying the keyword, applying the keyword to one or more parameters... Agent:

20140289266 - Method and/or system for tree transformation: Embodiments of methods, apparatuses, devices and/or systems for manipulating hierarchical sets of data are disclosed.... Agent: Robert T. And Virginia T. Jenkins As Trustees For The Jenkins Family Trusted Dated Feb 8, 2002

20140289267 - Method and apparatus for two dimensional edge-based map matching: An approach is provided for two-dimensional (2D) edge-based map matching. The 2D edge-based map matching platform receives at least one request to match a probe data point to one of a plurality of thoroughfare segments. Next, the 2D edge-based map matching platform determines respective edges of the plurality of thoroughfare... Agent: Navteq B.v.

20140289268 - Systems and methods of rationing data assembly resources: The technology disclosed relates to identifying unmet demands of users within the context of contact data search. In particular, it relates to identifying those search criteria that, upon being executed on an on-demand system, generate an overall number of search results below a threshold value. The threshold value can represent... Agent:, Inc.

20140289272 - Automatically subscribing users of an enterprise network to a record: Various implementations are directed to systems, apparatus, computer-implemented methods and storage media for detecting a change in a status of a record and, in response to the detection of the change in status, identifying related users that are currently relevant to the record based on the change in the status.... Agent:, Inc.

20140289269 - Method, device and system for data searching: A method, device and system for data searching are described. The method includes: acquiring a searching string input by a user; acquiring an attribute type of a first character string in the searching string that at least includes the first character string and a second character string; performing a data... Agent:

20140289270 - System and method for tracking fitness progress from a server: The invention is generally a system that enables a user to visually and graphically track their fitness goals using an interactive device connected to a server, wherein fitness progress data of the user is stored and made available to the user via a user interface, for example on a mobile... Agent:

20140289271 - System, method and computer program product for integrating a multi-tenant database system and a user information management application: In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for integrating a multi-tenant database system and a user information management application. These mechanisms and methods for integrating a multi-tenant database system and a user information management application can provide sharing of tenant data between the multi-tenant database system and... Agent:, Inc.

20140289273 - Method and system for enhancing metadata: A method for retrieving enhanced metadata. A media content delivery network has a Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) connected to a server node including a search proxy device. The search proxy device is connected to content servers on a further network. The search proxy device receives a request for information about... Agent: Liberty Global Europe Holding B.v.

20140289275 - Access system and method for accessing signal data: Signal data from a sensor is stored in a storage device. The signal data is accessed by means access request that includes an identification of a base signal that may indicate the signal data from said sensor and an identification of a derivation to obtain a requested signal from the... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20140289274 - Method and device for acquiring structured information in layout file: The present application discloses a method and an apparatus for obtaining structured information in a fixed layout document to improve the structuring speed for information management of a fixed layout document. The method may comprise: determining initial page number information corresponding to current directory entry of the document; segmenting first... Agent:

20140289276 - Method and system for navigating within a body of data using one of a number of alternative browse graphs: A facility for navigating within a body of data using one of a number of distinct browse graphs is described. Initially, a navigation request is received. Based upon information contained in the received navigation request, the facility selects one of the plurality of browse graphs. In response to user input,... Agent:

20140289277 - Fixed content storage within a partitioned content platform using namespaces: Content platform management is enhanced by logically partitioning a physical cluster that comprises a redundant array of independent nodes. Using an interface, an administrator defines one or more “tenants” within the archive cluster, wherein a tenant has a set of attributes including, for example, namespaces, administrative accounts, data access accounts,... Agent:

20140289278 - Enumeration of trees from finite number of nodes: Embodiments of methods, apparatuses, devices and/or systems for manipulating hierarchical sets of data are disclosed.... Agent: Robert T. And Virginia T. Jenkins As Trustees For The Jenkins Family Trust Dated Feb. 8, 2002

20140289279 - Method and/or system for manipulating tree expressions: Embodiments of methods and/or systems of manipulating tree expressions are disclosed.... Agent: Robert T. And Virginia T. Jenkins As Trustees For The Jenkins Family Trust Dated Feb. 8, 2002

20140289280 - System and method for bi-directional conversion of directed acyclic graphs and inter-file branching: A system and methods for bi-directional conversion of directed acyclic graphs (DAG) and inter-file branching are described. The system for bi-directional conversion of directed acyclic graphs and inter-file branching includes memory, one or more processors, and one or more modules stored in memory. The one or more modules are configured... Agent: Perforce Software, Inc.

20140289281 - Systems, methods, and graphical tools for representing connectedness of individuals: An embodiment of a system for representing connectedness of individuals includes nodes representative of individuals and strands connecting the nodes. The nodes include a first node representative of a first individual and a second node representative of a second individual. The strands connect the first node and the second node.... Agent:

20140289282 - Decoding device and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a decoding device includes: a holding unit including a first level cache to hold a result of decoding binary data into a structured document by a decoder with the binary data, and a second level cache to hold partial data pieces into which the binary data... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140289283 - System and method for audio and video portable publishing system: A system that allows consumers to manage content and create audio/video presentations in a small portable media device, and to share media files with other users of small portable media devices, without requiring access to a computer.... Agent: Silver State Intellectual Technologies, Inc.

20140289284 - Geospatial smoothing in web applications: A system acquires geocoded data, smoothes the geocoded data, and displays the smoothed geocoded data in a graphical visualization representative of the physical locations of the acquired geocoded data. The system obtains an indication of operational parameters for smoothing geocoded data, such as a data precision level, viewing window, data... Agent:

20140289285 - Equi-joins between split tables: A join operation between split data tables includes providing reduction data from first partitions to each partition among second partitions. The reduction data serves to identify actual values in one of the second partitions that also occur in one of the first partitions. Global IDs are assigned. Translation lists including... Agent: Sap Ag

20140289286 - System and method for performance tuning of garbage collection algorithms: Methods and apparatus are provided for tuning a garbage collection algorithm. The apparatus includes a request generator configured to generate a transaction request including parameters Ta, Te, and M, where Ta represents a transaction request inter-arrival time, Te represents a transaction request execution time, and M represents a transaction request... Agent:, Inc.

20140289287 - Methods and systems for managing data: Systems and methods for managing data, such as metadata. In one exemplary method, metadata from files created by several different software applications are captured, and the captured metadata is searched. The type of information in metadata for one type of file differs from the type of information in metadata for... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140289290 - Concatenating multiple media files into a single file based on timecode and other metadata: A method and system concatenate multiple media files into a single, continuous media file. The method includes receiving a group of media files and metadata about the group over a network connection. The method also includes in response to receiving the group of media files, determining an order of the... Agent: Latakoo, Inc.

20140289289 - Information processing device, information processing system, and computer readable medium: There is provided an information processing device having: a distribution portion that distributes an update data to a client terminal updating, on the client terminal, a first manual information constituted as a structured document; a PDF generation portion that generates a PDF file having a second manual information updated with... Agent: Pfu Limited

20140289288 - Relay apparatus, system, and non-transitory computer readable medium: A relay apparatus includes a receiving unit, a downloading unit, and an uploading unit. The receiving unit receives a file operation request from a client apparatus. The file operation request includes storage source information identifying a file stored in a storage area of a first server apparatus providing a cloud... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140289291 - Systems and methods for folder redirection: A method for redirecting, to a second machine, without user intervention, a request for access to a folder on a first machine, the request made by a resource executing within a remote access session on the first machine, includes receiving, by a component on a first machine, folder mapping information... Agent:

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