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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 10 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150149390 - Method and system for creating an intelligent digital self representation: One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for advising a user. During operation, the system generates a set of rules for a digital representation of the user. Next, the system obtains data indicating the user's digital trace, wherein the digital trace is a data trail associated with the... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20150149392 - Software application for managing a collection of robot repairing resources for a technician: A software application that is able to manage a collection of robot repairing resources can be used to assist technicians in repairing and solving hardware or software malfunctions within an electro-mechanical robot. The software application is able to simultaneous monitor multiple different electro-mechanical robots by receiving diagnostic information from them.... Agent:

20150149391 - System and a method for prividing a dialog with a user: A computer-implemented method for providing a dialog with a user, the method comprising the steps of: (a) creating (501) dialog's plot scenario as a narrative graph structure containing the dialogs; (b) assigning (502) coefficients of dialog transitions maps to narrative graph nodes; (c) providing (503) speech input for recognition in... Agent: Akademia Gorniczo-hutnicza Im. Stanislawa Staszica W Krakowie

20150149394 - Boundary graph machine learning algorithm for regression and classification: There is provided a system and method for training and utilizing a boundary graph machine learning algorithm. The system including a processor configured to receive a plurality of entry nodes, each of the plurality of entry nodes including an entry node input and an entry node output, add each of... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150149393 - Predictive computer system resource monitoring: A method, system and computer-usable medium are disclosed for monitoring a computer system to predict failed or degraded operational states and respond with an alarm or corrective action. Resource collection and consumption are analyzed to derive velocity and acceleration. A hidden Markov model with the resource collection and consumption data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150149395 - Incremental updates for ordered multi-field classification rules when represented by a tree of longest prefix matching tables: An apparatus includes a memory and a processor. The memory may be configured to store at least a portion of a multi-level tree representation of an ordered multi-field rule-based classification list. The tree representation includes at least one non-leaf level and one or more leaf levels. Each entry in the... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150149396 - Non-technical loss detection and localization: Embodiments of the present invention provide a system, method, and computer program product to detect and localize non-technical losses in an energy distribution system. A computing device determines the energy consumption of a link and/or node that is associated with an energy grid. The computing device determines the mismatch between... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150149397 - Predictive locations based on context: Systems, methods, and devices use search terms, current state information, historical data, and expected location hints to predict where a user may be when a search may be relevant. In an embodiment, search terms entered on a first user computing device may be combined with location information resident on a... Agent:

20150149398 - Method and apparatus for decision migration in a multi-component robot: A method and apparatus for decision migration within a multi-component robot are disclosed. The method of supporting decision migration between components for a multi-component robot may include: recognizing at least one subcomponent; generating at least one rule corresponding to a respective action of the at least one recognized subcomponent and... Agent: Foundation Of Soongsil University-industry Cooperation

20150149399 - System for engaging experts and organizing recorded media: m

05/21/2015 > 25 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150142704 - Adaptive virtual intelligent agent: Embodiments of an adaptive virtual intelligent agent (“AVIA”) service are disclosed. It may include the functions of a human administrative assistant for an enterprise including customer support, customer relationship management, and fielding incoming caller inquiries. It also has multi-modal applications for the home through interaction with AVIA implemented in the... Agent:

20150142699 - Driving an interactive decision service from a forward-chaining rule engine: Disclosed techniques include generating a plurality of questions, each question based upon one or more conditions of a plurality of conditions, wherein the plurality of conditions are generated a plurality of business rules associated with a forward changing rule engine; identifying, as a side effect of evaluating the plurality of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142703 - Driving an interactive decision service from a forward-chaining rule engine: Disclosed techniques include generating a plurality of questions, each question based upon one or more conditions of a plurality of conditions, wherein the plurality of conditions are generated a plurality of business rules associated with a forward changing rule engine; identifying, as a side effect of evaluating the plurality of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142700 - Dynamic risk evaluation for proposed information technology projects: A user interface comprising a plurality of questions regarding a proposed information technology project may be generated. The user interface comprising the plurality of questions regarding the proposed information technology project may be communicated to a computing device. A plurality of responses input via the user interface may be received... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20150142701 - Evidence based medical record: Various embodiments provide systems, computer program products and computer implemented methods. In some embodiments, a system includes a method of providing a confidence-estimation-based inference, the method includes receiving a query concerning a patient from a user, accessing an electronic health record (EHR) for the patient, the EHR including a first... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142702 - Predicting call quality: The disclosure relates to a communication client application for running on a user terminal to conduct calls over a network. The client is configured to access a model which models quality of user experience for calls based on a set of technical parameters of each call. The model itself is... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150142705 - String prediction: In a mobile device, the text entered by users is analyzed to determine a set of responses commonly entered by users into text applications such as SMS applications in response to received messages. This set of responses is used to provide suggested responses to a user for a currently received... Agent:

20150142706 - Systems and methods for creating and implementing an artificially intelligent agent or system: A system and associated methods for creating and implementing an artificially intelligent agent or system are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, a target personality is implemented in memory on an at least one computing device and configured for responding to an at least one conversational input received from an... Agent: Risoftdev, Inc.

20150142709 - Automatic learning of bayesian networks: A method of learning a structure of a Bayesian network includes computing an ordering of the random variables of the Bayesian network; wherein computing the ordering of the random variables of the Bayesian network is performed by computing an approximate solution to the history dependent traveling salesman problem.... Agent:

20150142710 - Directed behavior in hierarchical temporal memory based system: A hierarchy of computing modules is configured to learn a cause of input data sensed over space and time, and is further configured to determine a cause of novel sensed input data dependent on the learned cause. At least one of the computing modules has a sequence learner module configured... Agent:

20150142711 - Interestingness recommendations in a computing advice facility: The present disclosure provides a recommendation to a user through a computer-based advice facility, comprising collecting topical information, wherein the collected topical information includes an interestingness aspect; filtering the collected topical information based on the interestingness aspect; determining an interestingness rating from the collected topical information, wherein the determining is... Agent:

20150142707 - Method and system for clustering, modeling, and visualizing process models from noisy logs: A process discovery system that includes an offline system training module configured to cluster similar process log traces using Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) with each cluster representing a process model, and learn a Conditional Random Field (CRF) model for each process model and an online system usage module configured to... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150142708 - Retrieval of similar images to a query image: Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for annotating of an image are disclosed. These include scoring the image using a plurality of trained classifiers, wherein each of the trained classifiers corresponds to at least one of a plurality of image groups clustered based upon image similarity, and wherein each image... Agent: Google Inc.

20150142713 - Real-time adaptive decision system and method using predictive modeling: An apparatus, system and method for automatically evaluating a transaction request are provided. An adaptive modeling platform builds models and deploys them in a very systematic manner, without requiring much or any human intervention. This system ensures an end to end data management; encompassing variable generation, model building and evaluation... Agent:

20150142712 - Rule discovery system, method, apparatus, and program: A system includes a free itemset generation unit to generate a set of free itemsets, each having a frequency in the database greater than or equal to a predetermined threshold value set in advance, a valid rule candidate generation unit to generate rule candidates and store the generated rule candidates,... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150142714 - Dynamic lighting system: A dynamic lighting system may comprise a base node having a broadcast range, a plurality of lights being operatively associated with a set of basic nodes, and a network brain configured to communicate with the base node and store a node list with the unique identifiers for the set of... Agent:

20150142715 - Neural network frequency control and compensation of control voltage linearity: Systems and methods of using an artificial neural network processing module to compensate a control voltage and create a linear output response for an electronic oscillator to produce a target frequency. The artificial neural network processing module includes one or more neurons which receive one or more inputs corresponding to... Agent:

20150142717 - Providing reasons for classification predictions and suggestions: Technologies are generally provided for a prediction system to provide reasons corresponding to suggested classifications. The prediction system may predict classifications such as user actions on incoming messages to help users triage email, and may provide one or more reasons for classifications to a user. The prediction system may identify... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150142716 - Tracking player role using non-rigid formation priors: Approaches are described for assigning roles to agents in a group of agents engaging in an activity. An assignment analysis system receives a first set of detections, where each detection in the first set of detections comprises a physical location. The assignment analysis system defines an exemplar formation comprising an... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150142718 - Ontology-aided business rule extraction using machine learning: An approach for distinguishing a business rule from a non-business rule in a computer program is provided. A rule in the program is identified based on a conditional statement within the rule. Whether the rule performs underlying operation of the program independent of a business function of the program is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142719 - Automatically self-learning bidirectional synchronization of a source system and a target system: A method and associated system for an automatically self-learning audit of a bidirectional synchronization means for synchronizing a source system and a target system. A processor identifies a mismatch between an element of production data of the source system and an analogous production-data element of the target system. If the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142720 - Predictive intelligence for service and support: Embodiments regard predictive intelligence for service and support. An embodiment of a method includes receiving at an interface for a database system data entered in one or more data fields regarding service of a first case for a first client, the data being received from the first client or from... Agent:

20150142722 - Apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium thereof for recommending an electricity consumption behavior: An apparatus, a method, and a non-transitory computer readable storage medium thereof for recommending an electricity consumption behavior are provided. The apparatus is stored with an appliance efficiency value and an electricity-consuming parameter value for each of a plurality of users. The apparatus generates a plurality of first temporary values... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150142723 - Determination of uncertainty measure for estimate of noise power spectral density: Systems/methods for computing a power spectral density estimate for a noise signal. Where the noise signal appears in two channels (a single channel), n successive data acquisitions from the two channels (the single channel) are used to compute n respective cross (power) spectral densities, which are then averaged. The averaged... Agent:

20150142721 - Selecting users to receive a recommendation to establish connection to an object in a social networking system: A social networking system identifies users to receive a recommendation to establish a connection to an object maintained by the social networking system. The social networking system determines one or more classifiers identifying attributes of users to receive the recommendation based on attributes of users connected to the object and... Agent: Facebook, Inc.

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