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Data processing: artificial intelligence

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01/22/2015 > 14 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150026100 - System and method for viewing, modifying, storing, and running artificial neural network components: A system and method for artificial neural network processing includes, for example, modifying, by a computer processor, a value of a charge of a node of an artificial neural depending on a number of elapsed steps since a prior predefined significant event. A system and method includes, for example, providing... Agent:

20150026103 - Automatic detection of anomalies in graphs: A method, apparatus and product for automatic detection of anomalies in graphs. The method comprising obtaining training data, the training data comprising a plurality of graphs, each defined by nodes and edges connecting between the nodes, at least some of the nodes are labeled; determining a statistical model of a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150026102 - Directory service discovery and/or learning: In the context of a client sub-system that requires the use of directory services on behalf of a tenant (such as an overlay tenant), learning an identity of a server node, that can provide such directory services by: (i) sending, by the client sub-system to a first server node, a... Agent:

20150026101 - Image search system and method for personalized photo applications using semantic networks: A system and method for searching a finite collection of images using at least one semantic network. Upon receipt of a query from a user that includes a theme and one or more initial keywords, a set of keywords based on the theme and including the initial keywords is generated... Agent:

20150026106 - Non-factoid question-answering system and computer program: In order to provide a non-factoid question answering system with improved precision, the question answering system (160) includes: a candidate retrieving unit (222), responsive to a question, extracting answer candidates from a corpus storage (178); a feature vector generating unit (232) for generating features from combinations of a question with... Agent: National Institute Of Information And Communcations Technology

20150026107 - System and apparatus that identifies, captures, classifies and deploys tribal knowledge unique to each operator in a semi-automated manufacturing set-up to execute automatic technical superintending operations to improve manufacturing system performance a: A system and method for the capture and storage of industrial process and operational machine data including operator input and environmental factors, the analysis thereof in order to identify elements of tribal knowledge therein, the storage of such elements of tribal knowledge for future reference and analysis and the deployment... Agent: Manufacturing System Insights (dba System Insights

20150026104 - System and method for email classification: The present invention generally relates to an improved system and method for providing email classification. Specifically, the present invention relates to an email classification system and method for analyzing the signature of an email for proper classification.... Agent:

20150026105 - Systems and method for determining influence of entities with respect to contexts: Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are provided that help advertisers identify and bid for valuable display advertising impressions made available through advertising exchanges. An influence determination system builds an influence graph that includes representations of entities that make advertising impressions available and interactions between such entities. The influence determination system... Agent:

20150026108 - Managing computer server capacity: Systems and methods are disclosed for using machine learning (e.g., neural networks and/or combinatorial learning) to solve the non-linear problem of predicting the provisioning of a server farm (e.g., cloud resources). The machine learning may be performed using commercially available products, such as the SNNS product from The University of... Agent: Citrix Systems, Inc.

20150026109 - Method and system for predicting power consumption: In order to predict power consumption, previous measurements, which indicate the actual amount of power consumed in the past, and errors between previous estimates and the previous measurements, are used as first input data, and power consumption estimates for each prediction technique are simultaneously calculated by using the first input... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150026110 - Spiking model to learn arbitrary multiple transformations for a self-realizing network: A neural network, wherein a portion of the neural network comprises: a first array having a first number of neurons, wherein the dendrite of each neuron of the first array is provided for receiving an input signal indicating that a measured parameter gets closer to a predetermined value assigned to... Agent: Hrl Laboratories, LLC

20150026111 - Method for engaging isolated individuals: Methods and systems for engaging isolated individuals. In an example implementation, a variety of historical information about a client is received, indicating that certain prior events have occurred in the life of the client. The historical information is stored in electronic storage, and one or more patterns are detected, using... Agent: Greatcall, Inc.

20150026112 - Renormalization-related deployment of a quantum representation for tracking measurable indications generated by test subjects while contextualizing propositions: t

20150026113 - System and method for identification of deviations from periodic behavior patterns in multimedia content: A method and system for identification of a deviation from a periodic behavior pattern in a sequence of multimedia content segments are provided. The system comprises receiving the sequence of multimedia content segments; generating at least one signature for each multimedia content segment of the sequence of multimedia content segments;... Agent: Cortica, Ltd.

01/15/2015 > 16 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150019460 - Active labeling for computer-human interactive learning: A collection of data that is extremely large can be difficult to search and/or analyze. Relevance may be dramatically improved by automatically classifying queries and web pages in useful categories, and using these classification scores as relevance features. A thorough approach may require building a large number of classifiers, corresponding... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150019461 - Interactive segment extraction in computer-human interactive learning: A collection of data that is extremely large can be difficult to search and/or analyze. Relevance may be dramatically improved by automatically classifying queries and web pages in useful categories, and using these classification scores as relevance features. A thorough approach may require building a large number of classifiers, corresponding... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150019459 - Processing of gestures related to a wireless user device and a computing device: In a general aspect, a computer-readable storage medium can be configured to store instructions that when executed cause a processor to perform a process. The instructions can include instructions to detect a gesture defined by an interaction of a user with a surface of a computing device, and initiate a... Agent: Google Inc.

20150019462 - Systems and methods for semantic reasoning: A system for providing semantic reasoning includes an extended semantic model, a semantic knowledge database, and an inference engine. The extended semantic model includes existing concepts for a specific knowledge domain, existing relationships among the existing concepts, and logic including conditions and processes that cause a new concept or a... Agent: Senscio Systems

20150019463 - Active featuring in computer-human interactive learning: A collection of data that is extremely large can be difficult to search and/or analyze. Relevance may be dramatically improved by automatically classifying queries and web pages in useful categories, and using these classification scores as relevance features. A thorough approach may require building a large number of classifiers, corresponding... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150019464 - Method and apparatus for supplying interpolation point data for a data-based function model calculation unit: A method for identifying a set of interpolation point data points from training data for a sparse Gaussian process model, encompassing the following tasks: successively selecting training data points from the set of training data for acceptance into or exclusion from a set of interpolation point data points in accordance... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150019465 - Mitigating media station interruptions: A media receiver identifies attributes of a media station to which the media receiver is currently tuned. The media receiver monitors the signal quality of the media station. If the signal quality of the media station drops below a quality threshold, the receiver chooses an alternate station having similar content,... Agent: Iheartmedia Management Services, Inc.

20150019466 - System and method for automated generation of web decoding templates: Methods and systems for decoding communication protocols having an unknown structure. In the disclosed embodiments, a decoding system analyzes network traffic that uses such a communication protocol, and semi-automatically generates a structured template for decoding the protocol. In an example embodiment, the traffic comprises HTTP transactions used in some unknown... Agent:

20150019467 - Framework for the evolution of electronic neural assemblies toward directed goals: Methods and systems for the evolution of electronic neural assemblies toward directed goals. A compact computing architecture includes electronics that allows users of such an architecture to create autonomous agents, in real or virtual world and add intelligence to machines. An intelligent machine is composed of four basic modules: one... Agent:

20150019468 - Thermodynamic computing: Methods and systems for thermodynamic computing based on the attractor dynamics of volatile dissipative electronics attempting to maximize circuit power consumption. A general model of memristive devices based on collections of metastable switches, adaptive synaptic weights can be formed from a differential pair of memristors and modified according to anti-hebbian... Agent: Knowmtech, LLC

20150019469 - Method of recommending items to a group of users: A method for generating a recommendation item for members of a group includes registering a plurality of users as members of the group, identifying a subgroup of members of the group of users wherein the subgroup requests a recommendation item from a recommendation engine, calculating, using a multi-armed bandit algorithm,... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150019470 - Clinical decision support system and device supporting the same: A clinical decision support system provides a process of multiple data collection related to the targeted disease, a process of collecting the first rule based on the clinical knowledge on the above targeted disease, a process of collecting the second rule with application of decision making tree on the above... Agent: Brc Co,. Ltd.

20150019472 - Data quality management for profiling, linking, cleansing, and migrating data: A data quality management system includes a rules repository configured to store profiling data quality rules, cleansing data quality rules, and linking data that links profiling data quality rules to cleansing data quality rules. The data quality management system also includes a rules management module configured to manage the rules... Agent:

20150019471 - Method and apparatus for generating decision tree: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and an apparatus for generating a decision tree. The method includes generating an encoded rule set according to a rule set, generating a first weighted undirected graph, and calculating a weight of each side in the first weighted undirected graph. If a... Agent:

20150019473 - Diagnosis support system, method of controlling the same, and storage medium: A diagnosis support system obtains input information corresponding to a case, identifies a diagnosis corresponding to the case based on the input information, obtains the inference probability of the diagnosis, and displays supporting information corresponding to the inference probability of the identified diagnosis on a display unit.... Agent:

20150019474 - Influence maximization with viral product design: The disclosure includes use of a feature-aware propagation model to identify one or more features of a product and one or more person(s), or members of a social network, to target, or user, for marketing the product having the identified features. The one or more person(s) identified using the model... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 13 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150012463 - Method, system and program product for perceiving and computing emotions: A method, system and program product comprise monitoring inputs, into a system, for detected actions from a user. At least one detected action is identified. At least a first database storage location associated with the user is accessed. The first database storage location is at least configured for storage of... Agent:

20150012464 - Systems and methods for creating and implementing an artificially intelligent agent or system: A system and associated methods for creating and implementing an artificially intelligent agent or system are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, a target personality is implemented in memory on an at least one computing device and configured for responding to an at least one conversational input received from an... Agent: Risoftdev, Inc.

20150012470 - Auto-maintained document classification: Machines, systems and methods for maintaining a representative data set in a document classification system, the method comprising: including an initial set of seed representative data in a representative data set (RDS) implemented for a knowledge base (KB), wherein the KB is trained to classify documents provided to a document... Agent:

20150012467 - Computer-aided decision systems: Decision systems and processes implementing digital personas are presented. A digital persona is a digital representation of an entity in accordance with a specific set of rules, preferences, or priorities with respect to a defined situation or opportunity. A digital persona may interact with a universe, which can be a... Agent:

20150012465 - Decision tree learning: A method of generating a decision tree is provided. A leaf assignment for each proposed split in generating the decision tree is incremented using a Gray code.... Agent:

20150012469 - Flight caching methods and apparatus: According to some aspects, a system is provided comprising at least one computer readable storage medium storing a cache of flight information comprising a plurality of flight solutions, the cache capable of being accessed to obtain flight solutions that meet a criteria specified in one or more flight search queries,... Agent: Kayak Software Corporation

20150012466 - Method for a brain region location and shape prediction: A volumetric segmentation method is disclosed for brain region analysis, in particular but not limited to, regions of the basal ganglia such as the subthalamic nucleus (STN). This serves for visualization and localization within the sub-cortical region of the basal ganglia, as an example of prediction of a region of... Agent:

20150012468 - Recommender control system, apparatus, method and related aspects: A recommender system (18) is described which is capable of being controlled using training data provided by an external controller (16). The controller (16) is arranged to control the input of training data from client devices (22) to a recommender system (18) to drive the recommender system's performance towards a... Agent: British Telecommunications Public Limited Company

20150012471 - System for user psychosocial profiling: A profiling unit is provided herein. The profiling unit comprises a statistical module that characterizes user activity data statistically; a normalization module that normalizes the statistical data related to each user with respect to user populations; and an analysis unit that analyzes a correspondence between normalized user study data and... Agent:

20150012472 - Systems, methods, and media for updating a classifier: Systems, methods, and media for updating a classifier are provided, in some embodiments, systems for updating a classifier are provided, the systems comprising: a hardware processor that is configured to: receive a sample; for each of a first plurality of weak learners, classify the sample using the weak learner, determine... Agent:

20150012473 - Webpage comprising a rules engine: A webpage comprising at least one rule rendering element including definition of a rule trigger is provided to a client. When a rule trigger is detected, the rule definitions are analysed by means of a rules engine, including evaluation of the rule definitions. At least the evaluation takes place client-side.... Agent:

20150012474 - Medical decision making support apparatus and control method for the same: A medical decision making support apparatus performs the inference processing of obtaining an inference result by performing inference processing associated with medical diagnosis based on a plurality of pieces of input medical information, and the calculation processing of calculating the degree of denial or affirmation of the inference result in... Agent:

20150012475 - Determination method, system and recording medium: A determination method includes: generating, when a logical formula is received, another statement group that shares either one of individual statements and one or plural statements of statement groups with each of the individual statements and statement groups that are included in the logical formula or a changed logical formula... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

01/01/2015 > 29 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150006437 - Automating natural-language interactions between an expert system and a user: A method and associated systems for automating natural-language interactions between an expert system and a user. Characteristics of and relationships among elements of a set of business processes are captured, organized into a data structure, and stored as a set of business process models. The format, contents, and organization of... Agent:

20150006438 - Method and system for exploring the associations between drug side-effects and therapeutic indications: A system and method for analyzing chemical data including a processor and one or more classifiers, stored in memory and coupled to the processor, which further includes an indication predictive module configured to predict whether a given chemical treats a particular indication or not and a side effect predictive module... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150006439 - Method and system for exploring the associations between drug side-effects and therapeutic indications: A system and method for analyzing chemical data including a processor and one or more classifiers, stored in memory and coupled to the processor, which further includes an indication predictive module configured to predict whether a given chemical treats a particular indication or not and a side effect predictive module... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150006441 - Service control apparatus, service control method and computer readable medium: According to one embodiment, a service control apparatus includes an acquisition unit, an estimator, and a generator. The acquisition unit acquires a user request. Intention knowledge items associate user requests with user intentions behind the user requests. The estimator estimates user an intention corresponding to the user request with reference... Agent:

20150006440 - Systems and methods for predictive analysis: Systems and methods are provided relating to predictive analysis, and more specifically to predictive analysis of one or more data types in a data center environment. The data center environment itself includes a power manager in communication with at least one cabinet power distribution unit (CDU) that is in power-supplying... Agent:

20150006447 - Diagnosis support apparatus and method of controlling the same: A diagnosis support apparatus which supports diagnosis based on information associated with a diagnosis name in advance is provided. In the diagnosis support apparatus, an acquisition unit acquires the diagnosis name set by a user. A providing unit provides negative information for the diagnosis name set by the user based... Agent:

20150006449 - Enhanced document input parsing: An approach is provided for an information handling system that includes a processor and a memory to analyze documents. In the approach, an electronic document is received with the document including content, such as text, and revision metadata that is associated with the content. The revision metadata is analyzed and... Agent:

20150006442 - Facilitating machine learning in an online social network: Automatic machine-learning processes and systems for an online social network are described. During operation of the online social network, a system can automatically collect labeled training events, obtain snapshots of raw entity data associated with subjects from the collected training events, produce training examples by generating features for each training... Agent:

20150006444 - Method and system for obtaining improved structure of a target neural network: When it is determined that a minimum value of a cost function of a candidate structure obtained by a training process of a specified-number sequence is equal to or higher than that of the cost function of the candidate structure obtained by the first step of a previous sequence immediately... Agent:

20150006446 - Motion recognition apparatus, motion recognition system, and motion recognition method: Provided are a motion recognition apparatus, a motion recognition system and a motion recognition method that enable ‘event motions’ to be recognized with a small number of calculations. The motion recognition system, which recognizes user motions by using sensor data, is configured to be provided with: a cyclical loss detection... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150006445 - Pathway analysis for identification of diagnostic tests: The present inventive subject matter provides apparatus, systems, and methods in which a diagnostic test is identified, where the diagnostic test is for determining whether a particular treatment is effective for a particular patient based on one or more characteristics of a patient's cells. When a treatment is developed with... Agent:

20150006443 - Systems and methods for quantum processing of data: Systems, methods and aspects, and embodiments thereof relate to unsupervised or semi-supervised features learning using a quantum processor. To achieve unsupervised or semi-supervised features learning, the quantum processor is programmed to achieve Hierarchal Deep Learning (referred to as HDL) over one or more data sets. Systems and methods search for,... Agent:

20150006448 - Work-item notification classifier: Embodiments of the present invention provide a system, method, and program product for predicting the classification of a work-item notification generated by an issue tracking system. A computing device analyzes a new work-item notification using a trained binary classifier that was trained using at least a past and/or current work-item... Agent:

20150006450 - Iterative learning for reliable sensor sourcing systems: Providing a registry of sensor devices may comprise obtaining a device, determining one or more information types returned by the device, determining one or more communication protocols used by the device for transmitting information, determining one or more encoding schemes used by the device to format the information, adding the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150006451 - Document classification system with user-defined rules: Machines, systems and methods for classifying documents, the method comprising: classifying a document from among a plurality of documents in a first class, in response to applying statistical analysis to data associated with the document; classifying the document in a second class, in response to determining that a rule from... Agent:

20150006452 - Method and apparatus for store dependence prediction: An apparatus and method for store dependence prediction is described. For example, one embodiment of the invention includes a processor comprising a store buffer for buffering store operations prior to completion, the store operations to store data to a memory hierarchy; and a store dependence predictor to predict whether load... Agent:

20150006453 - Systems and methods for predicting characteristics of an artificial heart using an artificial neural network: A system configured to predict characteristics of an artificial heart is described. The system includes a processor and memory in electronic communication with the processor, and an artificial neural network configured to receive an input vector of a predetermined length to train the artificial neural network, produce an output vector... Agent:

20150006454 - Network-probability recommendation system: A method/apparatus/system for generating a recommendation based on user interactions with nodes and associated tasks within a prerequisite graph. The recommendation is generated by identifying the user's current position within the prerequisite graph and identifying potential next nodes to which the user could move. Based on the user's past interactions... Agent:

20150006455 - Artificial neuron comprising a resistive memory: A circuit for implementing an artificial neuron comprises: an integrator for an input signal to produce a voltage signal; a signal generator linked to the integrator output producing two output signals when the voltage is at or above a predetermined voltage, a first signal for an output pulse of the... Agent:

20150006457 - Method and apparatus for generating an explanation for a recommendation: A method and an apparatus for generating an explanation for a recommendation based on the content of a recommended multimedia content item and a multimedia content item forming the basis for the recommendation are described. Concepts associated to the recommended multimedia content item are compared with vertices of a directed... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150006456 - Systems and methods for creating and selecting models for predicting medical conditions: Systems and methods are provided for selecting one or more models for predicting medical conditions. An exemplary method may include receiving data related to a patient and extracting metadata from the received data. The method may further include selecting the one or more models from a library of models based... Agent: Welldoc, Inc.

20150006459 - Alarm correlation analysis method, apparatus and system: According to an alarm correlation analysis method, apparatus, and system, alarm analysis rules are grouped according to a certain policy; each alarm analysis rule group is correlated with one analysis engine, and the analysis engine performs, according to an alarm analysis rule in the alarm analysis rule group corresponding to... Agent:

20150006458 - Method and system for determining configuration rules based on configurations of complex systems: The current document discloses an automated method and system for inferring the logical rules underlying the configuration and versioning state of the components and subcomponents of a complex system, including data centers and other complex computational environments. The methods and systems employ a database of configuration information and construct an... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150006460 - Cross-domain topic expansion: Automated method and systems are provided for determining a gap exists in an enterprise's knowledge base. Once a gap is determined, a question is developed in accord with the gap. An answer is then developed to answer the question and the knowledge base is updated accordingly. The source of the... Agent:

20150006461 - Recommendation information providing device, mobile terminal, recommendation information providing method, recommendation information provision supporting method, and recording medium: A recommendation information providing device that communicates with each of a mobile terminal used by a provider of recommendation information and a requester terminal used by a requester of the recommendation information includes: acquisition means for acquiring location information of the mobile terminal; memory means for storing the acquired location... Agent: Biglobe Inc.

20150006465 - Methods and systems for employing artificial intelligence in automated orthodontic diagnosis & treatment planning: A method for treating an orthodontic condition can include receiving patient data, such as through a website, accessing a database having information derived from patient treatments, generating a model of an orthodontic condition defining one or more anatomic features of a set of teeth, identifying a diagnosis of an orthodontic... Agent:

20150006463 - Occupancy pattern detection, estimation and prediction: Systems and methods are described for predicting and/or detecting occupancy of an enclosure, such as a dwelling or other building, which can be used for a number of applications. An a priori stochastic model of occupancy patterns based on information of the enclosure and/or the expected occupants of the enclosure... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20150006462 - Systems and methods for managing medication adherence: Systems and methods are provided for managing medical adherence. An exemplary method may include managing medical adherence utilizing data aggregating and processing to determine impact on a user's health based on their behavior related to prescribed medication. The method may entail utilizing data related to a medication regimen and patient... Agent: Welldoc, Inc.

20150006464 - Systems and methods for trend aware self-correcting entity relationship extraction: Methods and systems for trend aware self-correcting entity relationship extraction are disclosed. For example, a method can include receiving a selected entity, determining a plurality of entities related to the selected entity, determining a plurality of most probable entities, calculating relevance scores, and displaying a subset of the plurality of... Agent:

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