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04/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140096656 - Method of cutting tubular members and apparatus therefor: A method and apparatus for cutting a polymeric tubular member is provided. The method includes moving the polymeric tubular member along a central longitudinal axis into a position to be cut and providing a cutting blade operably connected to an actuator. The method further includes actuating the actuator to move... Agent: Federal-mogul Powertrain, Inc.

20140096657 - Method of cutting tubular members and apparatus therefor: A method of cutting a polymeric tubular member and apparatus therefor is provided. The method includes moving the polymeric tubular member along a central longitudinal axis into a position to be cut. Further, providing at least one actuator with a cutting blade operably connected to the at least one actuator,... Agent: Federal-mogul Powertrain, Inc.

20140096658 - Heated utility knife: A heated utility knife is disclosed for heating a material to be cut in order to soften the material before cutting the material. The heated utility knife comprises a knife portion defining a distal cutting edge, and a heat source configured to direct heat to a region adjacent said cutting... Agent: Torch Knife LLC

20140096659 - Wrap case: A wrap case includes: a case; a support rod which is separably provided inside the case and is formed to be able to support a wrap film roll; and a cutter unit which is provided to the case so as to cut a wrap film which is pulled out to... Agent:

20140096660 - Sugar cane knife: A knife includes a knife body defining a longitudinal axis. The knife body includes a support portion and a beveled blade portion extending from the support portion. The beveled blade portion includes two end regions in a direction of the longitudinal axis and an intermediate region positioned between the end... Agent: Fisher Barton Specialty Products, Inc.

20140096661 - Reorientable rotatable processing tool: A tool includes first and second tool parts that move toward one another, at least one processing device provided on the first tool part, and at least two counter devices provided on the second tool part. The processing device and the counter devices are rotatable relative to one another about... Agent: Trumpf Werkzeugmaschienen Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140096663 - Bearing assembly for a pipe machining apparatus: Pipe machining apparatuses and bearing assemblies are provided. In one aspect, a pipe machining apparatus includes a frame, a tool carrier, a first roller bearing and a second roller bearing. The tool carrier is coupled to and movable relative to the frame and defines a race therein. The first roller... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140096662 - Coupling members and pipe machining apparatuses including coupling members: Coupling members and pipe machining apparatuses including coupling members are provided. In one aspect, a coupling member includes a shaft and an engagement member defining a cavity there through and including a projection. The shaft is at least partially positioned within the cavity and extends through the cavity, and the... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

04/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140090527 - Screw cutting tool: A screw cutting tool for cutting a screw comprising a first grip having a first cutting aperture, a second grip pivotally connected to the first grip, the second grip having a second cutting aperture, a measuring scale attached to a proximal end of the first or second grip, and a... Agent: Stryker Trauma Sa

20140090528 - Method and device for transporting a fiber contour cut out from a planar woven fabric in the course of producing fiber-reinforced plastic molded parts: A method and a device for transporting a fiber contour cut out from a planar woven fabric for producing a preform by a vacuum gripper. The method comprises the following method steps: a) a fiber contour is cut out from the woven fabric on a cutting table, b) a vacuum... Agent: Dieffenbacher Gmbh Maschinen-und Anlagenbau

20140090529 - Dust protection method for glass substrate cutter: A dust protection method for a glass substrate cutter includes the following steps: (1) providing a cutter and a glass-substrate-to-be-cut, wherein the cutter includes a cutter body, a cutting blade, a cover plate assembly, and suction tubes, the cover plate assembly forming a first slit corresponding to the cutting blade:... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140090530 - Power tool with circuit for sensing contact between an implement and an object: A power tool includes a sensing circuit mounted on a printed circuit card is electrically connected to a switching power supply that supplies electrical power to the sensing circuit. The sensing circuit is not connected to earth ground to enable detection of an operator approaching a moving implement without the... Agent: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

20140090531 - Microtome for producing sections of specimens: A microtome for producing sections of a specimen having a knife for sectioning the specimen and a cooling apparatus for cooling a gaseous coolant cooling the specimen. A database stores data of various tissue types and target temperatures that are allocated to these various tissue types. A reading unit is... Agent: Leica Biosystems Nussloch Gmbh

20140090532 - Dresser drive link for saw chain: Embodiments herein provide a drive link having a conditioning portion to be used in conjunction with one or more dresser links of a saw chain to condition a sharpening element. The dresser links may include left and right dresser links configured to contact the sharpening element in first and second... Agent: Blount, Inc.

20140090533 - Die cutting system: A rotary die cutting system includes a die cutting roll having at least one blade thereon for cutting a web, and an indicator on the surface of the die cutting roll indicating the position of the at least one blade. An anvil roll, spaced from the die cutting roll defines... Agent: Mark Andy, Inc.

20140090534 - Saw with circular blade: The invention relates to a powered saw (2) of the chop saw or mitre saw form. A circular blade is mounted to be rotated and is pivotally movable between raised and lowered position via movement of a support arm (26) with respect to the base (4). The support arm (26)... Agent:

20140090535 - Method, device and measuring device for cutting open foodstuff: e

20140090536 - Tailored slicing: A blade clamp for use in an automated, high speed potato slicing apparatus to slice chips to a predetermined size for packaging purposes. The blade clamp includes a cutting head; a blade mount having a slot therein; a first knife element between the cutting head and the blade mount, the... Agent: Frito-lay North America, Inc.

20140090537 - Reciprocating saw blade: A reciprocating saw blade comprising a longitudinal body having a first end and a second end and a first longitudinal cutting edge parallel to a second longitudinal cutting edge. The blade includes a mounting, structure located at the first end which is angled at an acute angle relative to the... Agent: Sm Products, LLC

20140090538 - Method for stripping long segments of buffered optical fiber and a tool for performing the same: A method and optical fiber stripper for removing one or more coatings from an optical fiber is disclosed. The method includes inserting an optical fiber into an optical fiber stripper comprising a pair of fiber stress distributing elements, wherein a normal stress is applied to the fiber by the fiber... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

03/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140083266 - Apparatus and method for cutting products: Apparatus for cutting products, comprising: a base; a cutting head rotatably fitted to the base; an impeller adapted for rotating concentrically within the cutting head to urge products fed into the cutting head towards the circumference of the cutting head by means of centrifugal force; an impeller drive mechanism for... Agent:

20140083265 - Shaving systems: Shaving assemblies are disclosed that include a blade unit, an interface element configured to connect the blade unit to a handle, on which the blade unit is pivotably mounted, and an return element disposed between the blade unit and interface element. The return element serves as interface piece, connector and... Agent: Shavelogic, Inc.

20140083267 - Method and apparatus for making a fiber reinforced article: A method and apparatus for producing an article. The method includes providing a fiber material, splitting the fiber material with a splitting roller having a set of grooves that extend continuously around a circumference of the splitting roller, and cutting the fiber material to a desired length.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140083268 - Food processing apparatus and method for sequentially scanning food products: There is disclosed relates to a food processing apparatus with a scanner with a scanning unit for determining properties of a food product, in particular a food bar, with at least two substantially parallel separately drivable conveyor tracks for supplying the food products to the scanner, and with a control... Agent: Weber Maschinenbau Gmbh Breidenbach

20140083269 - Power tool safety mechanisms: A sensing mechanism (12) for detecting user contact with an active portion (26) of the power tool (10) is provided. In addition, a safety mechanism (14) for preventing prolonged user contact with the active portion (26) of a power tool (10) is provided. The safety mechanism (14) is configured to... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20140083270 - Methods and systems for imaging and cutting semiconductor wafers and other semiconductor workpieces: Methods and systems for imaging and cutting semiconductor wafers and other microelectronic device substrates are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a system for singulating microelectronic devices from a substrate includes an X-ray imaging system having an X-ray source spaced apart from an X-ray detector. The X-ray source can emit a... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140083271 - Synchronous cutting mechanism for pipe mill: A synchronous cutting mechanism for a pipe mill includes a carrying table having a sliding pedestal; a speed-adjustable driving set having a speed-adjustable power source, an axle coupled to a driving wheel of the speed-adjustable power source, and a link having one end pivotally connected to the driving wheel at... Agent: Aurora Metal Corp.

20140083272 - Punch system: A punch system includes a set of die plates having a first and second plate. The first and second plates are configured to align with each other. A series of die slots are arranged longitudinally along each die plate to create a pattern. The slots extend through the first and... Agent:

20140083273 - Optical fiber scribing tool: A portable, hand tool for scribing optical fibers in a cleaving process. The scribing tool comprises a body within which the optical fiber is supported for rotation with respect to the body, about an axis within the body. The optical fiber is constrained by supports from movements along its axis.... Agent: Nanoprecision Products, Inc.

03/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140076117 - Cutting insert, cutting tool, and method of manufacturing machined product using the same: A cutting insert of an embodiment of the present invention includes an upper surface, a lower surface, a side surface connected to each of the upper surface and the lower surface, and an upper cutting edge located at an intersection of the upper surface and the side surface. The lower... Agent:

20140076118 - Device for the transverse cutting of cellulose-pulp bands: Device for the transverse cutting of cellulose-pulp bands that comprises a first transverse-cut rotating roller (1) with at least a first cutter (2) and a second transverse-cut rotating roller (3) with at least one fixed cutter (4a) and at least one retractable cutter (4b); the cutters (2, 4a, 4b) being... Agent: Pasaban, S.a.

20140076119 - Operator face shield for outdoor power equipment: A face shield for outdoor power equipment of the type having a power source, an operating element, and a substantially straight shaft extending between the power source and the operating element, includes a sheet of transparent material and a holding member attached to both the transparent sheet and the shaft.... Agent:

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