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12/18/2014 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140369493 - Method for validating a cryptographic parameter and corresponding device: An electronic device is proposed, which is configured to receive at least one cryptographic parameter and validate the at least one cryptographic parameter. The electronic device is is configured to validating the parameter by determining an imprint from a one-way function and from at least the cryptographic parameter; detecting at... Agent:

20140369492 - Method to calculate square roots for elliptic curve cryptography: A method is presented to compute square roots of finite field elements from the prime finite field of characteristic p over which points lie on a defined elliptic curve. Specifically, while performing point decompression of points that lie on a standardized elliptic curve over a prime finite field of characteristic... Agent:

20140369494 - Signature verification system, signature device, verification device, and signature verification method: A group structure preserving signature system that can be applied to groups based on symmetric bilinear mapping, that reduces the signature length, and that enables efficient computation of verification equations is provided. At least, information indicating p, G1, G2, GT, e, g1, and g2, information needed to obtain e(ku, hv),... Agent: Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation

20140369496 - Key implementation system: An LSI includes a first decryptor which receives first encrypted key data, and decrypts the first encrypted key data using a first cryptographic key, thereby generating first decrypted key data, a second cryptographic key generator which generates a second cryptographic key based on a second ID, a second encryptor which... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140369495 - Secure modules using unique identification elements: Various embodiments of the invention relate to secure systems and modules, and more particularly, to systems, devices and methods of generating and applying identification elements uniquely associated with modules or elements. These unique identification elements provide an improved, statistically random source from which keys may be derived. The application of... Agent:

20140369497 - User access control based on a graphical signature: A user inputs a pattern consisting of a plurality of lines. The lines are classified by relative length, overall direction and degree of curvature. Where a line is started from a new position, the direction from the previous starting point is taken into account. The series of lines is then... Agent: Barclays Bank PLC

20140369498 - One-time-pad encryption with central key service: A one-time-pad encryption system where encrypted one-time-pad keys can be distributed to users on physical media or on a computer network from a central server. Each one-time-pad key has a key identification number that facilitates key management. Each encrypted data set includes a header specifying an offset within the one-time-pad... Agent:

20140369499 - Cryptographic device, cryptographic processing method, and cryptographic processing program: According to an embodiment, a cryptographic device includes a first operation unit that receives a shared key and generates plural expanded keys; and a second operation unit that receives plaintext or ciphertext and performs at least one of encryption and decryption using the expanded keys. First data pieces are obtained... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140369500 - Utilizing data reduction in steganographic and cryptographic systems: The present invention relates to methods for protecting a data signal using the following techniques: applying a data reduction technique to reduce the data signal into a reduced data signal; subtracting the reduced data signal from the data signal to produce a remainder signal; embedding a first watermark into the... Agent: Blue Spike, Inc.

20140369501 - Demand based encryption and key generation and distribution systems and methods: Systems and methods providing a key management platform that generates and distributes demand-based encryption and decryption keys are described.... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140362986 - Parameterized random data generator providing a sequence of bytes with uniform statistical distribution: A random data generator, a method, and a non-transitory machine-readable medium each operate a plurality of random number generators. Each random number generator is coupled to receive inputs comprising seed numbers, and generates an output stream of n-bit numbers. A bit-swap module receives each n-bit number and reorders the bits... Agent:

20140362988 - Method and apparatus of communicating security/encryption information to a physical layer transceiver: An apparatus for providing link layer security in a Physical Layer Transceiver (PHY) is disclosed. In one embodiment, the apparatus may comprise analog circuitry configured to interface with a data transmission medium, digital circuitry configured to interface with a Media Access Controller (MAC); and a crypto engine coupled to the... Agent:

20140362987 - Securely providing secret data from a sender to a receiver: The invention provides a system and a method for securely providing a secret data from a sender to one or more receivers. The receiver uses a sequence of functions originating from a hierarchy of functions to migrate the secret data from an input transform space to an output transform space... Agent: Irdeto B.v.

20140362989 - Securing virtual lane physical layers: A data stream with a given data rate is distributed into a plurality of virtual lanes or streams, each with a lower data rate than the data stream. Virtual lanes permit the use of lower cost electronics at the optical-electrical conversion points. Security information is generated that includes a unique... Agent:

20140362990 - Link aggregator with universal packet scrambler apparatus and method: Apparatus and methods are presented for using configurable additive data scrambling or descrambling circuitry for multichannel link aggregators in which a scrambler or descrambler polynomial is specified by binary data in a programmable register, and the polynomial data is used to compute a polynomial matrix. A scrambler or descrambler pattern... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140362993 - Method and apparatus for wireless communication using an acoustic signal: Systems, apparatuses, and methods for securing wireless communication using an acoustic signal are described. In one method involving a first and second device, the second device generates, when connecting to the first device, connection initiation information including key information for secure communication, converts the connection initiation information to an acoustic... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140362991 - Method of connecting an appliance to a wifi network: A method of provisioning an appliance to connect to a Wi-Fi network includes a mobile device having an encryption key to enable secure communication in the network, and a means to wirelessly communicate with the appliance. A wireless communication device and a software protocol in the appliance are configured to... Agent:

20140362992 - Systems and methods for conducting secure wired and wireless networked telephony: The present invention relate to systems and methods for conducting secured telephony and transaction authentication via electronic devices. More specifically, the embodiments of the present invention relate to systems and methods for conducting secure networked telephony, including but not limited to communications over the internet, other computer networks, wired or... Agent: I.d. Rank Security, Inc.

20140362994 - Revocation status using other credentials: Providing revocation status of at least one associated credential includes providing a primary credential that is at least initially independent of the associated credential, binding the at least one associated credential to the primary credential, and deeming the at least one associated credential to be revoked if the primary credential... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140355755 - Apparatus and method for performing compression operation in hash algorithm: An apparatus and method for performing a compression operation in a fast message hash algorithm, which receive a 512-bit message and 512-bit chaining variable data, repeatedly calculate a 128-bit register-based step function, and then produce updated 512-bit chaining variable data. For this, the apparatus for performing a compression operation in... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140355754 - Partial ciphertext updates using variable-length segments delineated by pattern matching and encrypted by fixed-length blocks: A re-encryptor compares hashed digests of updated segments and original segments to located changed segments that must be re-encrypted. A new initialization vector is input to a block cipher engine for each changed segment. Since only changed segments need to be re-encrypted, transmission bandwidth to remote encrypted storage may be... Agent:

20140355756 - Search system, search method, and program: A search system has a management device that stores compound data and a searcher device. The management device defines a similarity between query sequence data q representing a substructure or property of a substance that is input as a search condition at the searcher device and sequence data pi (i=1,... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20140355757 - Encryption / decryption of data with non-persistent, non-shared passkey: The method herein teaches encrypting a Private Key using a Passkey from an RSA generated private key/public key pair; the encrypted Private Key is split and then the portions are stored in two different databases. To encrypt data a new AES key is created that encrypts the data that is... Agent:

20140355758 - Method of generating prime numbers proven suitable for chip cards: The invention relates to a method for generating a prime number, implemented in an electronic device, the method including steps of calculating a candidate prime number having a number of bits, using the formula: Pr=2P·R+1, where P is a prime number and R is an integer, applying the Pocklington primality... Agent:

20140355759 - Robust watermark: A method and system for embedding a watermark in block encrypted content, including encoding a bit string, the bit string including n bits, denoted b0-bn−1, the encoding including translating each bit, b0-bn−1, into a block of data, according to the following rule if bi=1, then translate bi into a block... Agent:

20140355760 - Method of third party identification for cryptographic communications: The invention is aimed to work on XOR operation safely in cryptographic communications with third party identification, wherein a sender in FIG. 1B encrypts an 1D plaintext with a 2D authorized image to get two ciphertexts, such that, one is sent directly to a receiver and the other is forwarded... Agent:

20140355762 - Method, apparatus, and system for establishing security context: Embodiments of the present invention discloses a method, an apparatus, and a system for establishing a security context and relates to the communications field, so as to comprehensively protect UE data. The method includes: acquiring an encryption algorithm of an access node; acquiring a root key and deriving, according to... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140355761 - Wireless communications system: A wireless communications system that regularly executes verification between an electronic key and an immobilizer ECU, and sends and receives deletion request signals unrelated to verification, between the electronic key and the immobilizer ECU. The sending and receiving of deletion request signals is executed at intervals between the regularly executed... Agent:

20140355763 - Method and apparatus for generation and distributing a group key in wireless docking: Provided is a communication method using a group key for security of a wireless docking-based service, the communication method including grouping peripheral devices for each wireless docking-based service in association with the peripheral devices and generating a group key that is effective for a time being predetermined for each group... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 5 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140348322 - Displaying content associated with code embedded in an image: A method to communicate content is disclosed. An apparatus also performs the functions of the method. The method includes capturing a rendering of at least a portion of an image. The image has an embedded cryptographic representation of at least one character in a code and the code corresponds to... Agent: Video Expressions LLC

20140348323 - Protecting against white box attacks using column rotation: Various embodiments of a computer-implemented method of information security using block cipher column rotations are described. The cipher state column rotations provide resistance to white box side channel memory correlation attacks designed to reverse-engineer a symmetric cipher key associated with the information security system. The column rotation operations can be... Agent:

20140348324 - Reversible cipher: A cipher device having a number of data bits in an input register corresponding to a data unit element, a sudoku filter coupled with the input register, and a data selector coupled with the sudoku filter and the input register. A fob cipher device has a FPGA programmed to perform... Agent:

20140348325 - Displaying video retrieved from embedded code in a still image: An apparatus for communicating content includes an image capturing module that captures a rendering of at least a portion of a first still image. The first still image includes a shot from a sequence of images of a video. The first still image includes an embedded cryptographic representation of a... Agent: Video Expressions LLC

20140348326 - Decrypting data: The invention relates to a device (1) for decrypting data, said device having a number of means (3-5) secured by at least one security device (2). The secured means (3-5) comprise receiving means (3) for receiving calculation data (B) encrypted using a homomorphic encryption function (f) and a decrypting means... Agent:

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