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01/22/2015 > 10 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150023495 - Change-tolerant method for generating identifier for collection of assets in computing environment using error-correction code scheme: A secure and change-tolerant method for obtaining an identifier for a collection of assets associated with a computing environment. Each asset has an asset parameter and the computing environment has a fingerprint based on an original collection of assets and on a codeword generation algorithm on the original collection of... Agent: Irdeto B.v.

20150023496 - Pairing computation apparatus, pairing computation method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a pairing computation apparatus receives two points on a predetermined elliptic curve defined on a finite field, and outputs a pairing value that is an element on an extension field of the finite field. The apparatus includes a Miller function computation unit and a final exponentiation... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150023497 - Apparatus and method for key update for use in a block cipher algorithm: A method herein is for encryption key update in a station. In the method, a first data block is encrypted using a first plurality of round keys over a first plurality of rounds to generate a first encrypted data block, wherein the first plurality of round keys are generated based... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150023500 - Apparatus and method for skein hashing: Described herein are an apparatus and method for Skein hashing. The apparatus comprises a block cipher operable to receive an input data and to generate a hashed output data by applying Unique Block Iteration (UBI) modes, the block cipher comprising at least two mix and permute logic units which are... Agent:

20150023498 - Byzantine fault tolerance and threshold coin tossing: A coin share generator (5) is employed in a system for performing a threshold coin tossing scheme. The coin share generator (5) comprises a coin determining unit (6) for determining a coin value, and a coin share generating unit (7) for generating a coin share based on a coin value... Agent: Koninklijke Philips A Corporation

20150023499 - Cryptographic key generation: A technique for generating a cryptographic key is provided. The technique is particularly useful for protecting the communication between two entities cooperatively running a distributed security operation. The technique comprises providing at least two parameters, the first parameter comprising or deriving from some cryptographic keys which have been computed by... Agent:

20150023501 - Method and apparatus for hardware-accelerated encryption/decryption: An integrated circuit for data encryption/decryption and secure key management is disclosed. The integrated circuit may be used in conjunction with other integrated circuits, processors, and software to construct a wide variety of secure data processing, storage, and communication systems. An embodiment of the integrated circuit includes a run-time scalable... Agent:

20150023503 - Apparatus and method for transmitting secure data in wireless communication system: An apparatus and method for transmitting secure data in a wireless communication system are provided. The apparatus includes a key generation unit, and a transmission and reception unit. The key generation unit generates an encryption key stream that is used to convert plain text data into an encrypted data signal.... Agent:

20150023502 - Communicating rf fingerprint-based geofences: Systems, apparatus and methods for communicating and using a geofence while maintaining privacy are presented. A geofence is based on at least one RF fingerprint. The RF fingerprints include absolute information that is transformed into a one-way matrix (A) by application of a one-way function. The absolute information may identify... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150023504 - Correcting deciphering mis-synchronization in a mobile communication terminal: A method includes, in a mobile communication terminal, receiving a signal, which carries media content that has been encrypted after being compressed in accordance with a compression protocol having a plurality of predefined configurations. Each configuration specifies a respective compression mode of the compression protocol. The received signal is decrypted,... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150016603 - Device and method for managing electronic facilities of buildings: A device and a method for managing electronic facilities of buildings. The device may include one or more interface elements for connecting the device to one or more electronic facilities of a building, a connection element for the connection of a portable storage device, and a control unit for reading... Agent:

20150016602 - Method and apparatus for providing secure image encryption and decryption: Methods, non-transitory computer readable media and apparatuses for decrypting an image are disclosed. For example, a method captures a portion of an encrypted image and decrypts the portion of the image using a decryption key. The portion of the image contains partial information for an adjacent portion of the image.... Agent:

20150016604 - Systems and methods for distributing and securing data: A robust computational secret sharing scheme that provides for the efficient distribution and subsequent recovery of a private data is disclosed. A cryptographic key may be randomly generated and then shared using a secret sharing algorithm to generate a collection of key shares. The private data may be encrypted using... Agent:

20150016605 - Unique surrogate key generation using cryptographic hashing: The present invention relates to a method or system of generating a surrogate key using cryptographic hashing. One embodiment of the method of the present invention may have steps such as selecting a field or group of fields that is or are unique among all records in the database and... Agent:

20150016606 - Generating device, re-encrypting device, method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a generating device includes a first key generator, a second key generator, an output unit, and an update unit. The first key generator is configured to generate a first key that is a sequence of bits according to a first key rule on the basis of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150016607 - Systems and methods for performing transport i/o: Systems and methods for implementing a Transport I/O system are described. Network encrypted content may be received by a device. The device may provide the network encrypted content to a secure processor, such as, for example, a smart card. The secure processor obtains a network control word that may be... Agent:

20150016608 - Systems and methods for performing transport i/o: Systems and methods for implementing a Transport I/O system are described. Network encrypted content may be received by a device. The device may provide the network encrypted content to a secure processor, such as, for example, a smart card. The secure processor obtains a network control word that may be... Agent:

20150016609 - Authentication in heterogeneous ip networks: The invention proposes a system for authenticating and authorizing network services comprising: a mobile device being adapted to, upon receipt of an information message indicating at least one network access type, determine the network access type, to create a start message containing at least a user identity, and to encapsulate... Agent:

20150016610 - Optical cryptography systems and methods: Systems and methods for encoding a message are disclosed. A message may be passed from a first node to a second node via a communication link using a multi-stage cryptography algorithm distributed between the first node and the second node and applied by circuitry within the first node and the... Agent:

20150016611 - Method of handling data transmission and reception in device to device communication in wireless communication systems: A method of handling data transmission and reception in device to device communication for a first communication device in a wireless communication system is disclosed. The method comprises connecting to a network of the wireless communication system, using a first ciphering key to cipher a first plurality of data blocks... Agent:

20150016612 - System and method for remote reset of password and encryption key: Data is secured on a device in communication with a remote location using a password and content protection key. The device stores data encrypted using a content protection key, which itself may be stored in encrypted form using the password and a key encryption key. The remote location receives a... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150010142 - Method for authenticated encryption and decryption: In this invention, a new authenticated encryption and decryption technique has been proposed. In general, conventional encryption modes like (CTR, CBC, and CFB etc.) cannot provide integrity support and in order to ensure both the privacy and integrity, they require two passes and additional support like MAC, CRC etc. However,... Agent:

20150010143 - Systems and methods for signature computation in a content locality based cache: The present disclosure relates to methods and circuits for signature computation in a content locality cache. A method can include dividing a received block into shingles, where each shingle represents a subset of the received block. The method can include, for each shingle, determining an intermediate fingerprint by processing the... Agent:

20150010144 - Information processing apparatus, image processing method, and program: Provided is an information processing apparatus including a number acquisition unit configured to acquire a number used for a coefficient of each term constituting a set of a multi-order multivariate polynomial F=(f1, . . . , fm), the number generated using a predetermined function from information shared between entities that... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150010147 - Cryptographic system, cryptographic method, and cryptographic program: The present invention aims to allow for addition of an attribute category without reissuing a public parameter. A cryptographic system 10 uses an indexing technique in dual system encryption in dual pairing vector spaces. Specifically, for a transmission-side vector tj for index j, the cryptographic system 10 sets information J... Agent: Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation

20150010145 - Electronic key registration method and electronic key registration system: A method for registering first and second electronic keys, which are capable of controlling a communication subject, to a controller of the communication subject, wherein the first electronic key is to be initially registered, and the second electronic key is to be additionally registered, the method including: performing an additional... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20150010146 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: Speed-up of a cryptographic process by software (program) is realized. A data processing unit which executes a data process according to a program defining a cryptographic process sequence is included, and the data processing unit, according to the program, generates a bit slice expression data based on a plurality of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150010148 - Key management using security enclave processor: An SOC implements a security enclave processor (SEP). The SEP may include a processor and one or more security peripherals. The SEP may be isolated from the rest of the SOC (e.g. one or more central processing units (CPUs) in the SOC, or application processors (APs) in the SOC). Access... Agent:

20150010149 - Unpredictable number generation: A method of generating an unpredictable number in a computing device is provided. The method comprises the computing device performing the following programmed steps: obtaining a plurality of data elements; performing a first one way function on an internal value P and the plurality of data elements to update the... Agent:

20150010150 - Signal security in a satellite signal distribution environment: Certain embodiments provide a set top box, comprising: a processing entity configured to obtain data for a channel stacking switch, to obtain a security data element and to formulate a message for the channel stacking switch by combining the security data element with the data; a communications interface configured to... Agent:

20150010151 - Receiver software protection: A method of obtaining descrambling information at a receiver, the descrambling information for enabling descrambling of scrambled content. A provider verification key is used to access a software image, which has been secured by a provider using a provider signature key corresponding to the provider verification key. A secured version... Agent:

20150010152 - Secure service management in a communication network: In one embodiment, a tunnel to be affected by configuration of a service in a network is identified and key information for the identified tunnel is obtained from a corresponding router. The tunnel is assigned to a key group based on the key information, and provisioning information associated with the... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

20150010153 - Method and apparatus for attack resistant mesh networks: A method, apparatus, and system for improved approaches for allowing new links of a mesh network to be formed during an attack of the network are described. The method includes selectively initiating a plurality of communication session establishment procedures to share connection information over a plurality of respective paths with... Agent:

20150010154 - Method and device for processing srvcc switching, and terminal: A method and device for processing Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) switching, and a related terminal are disclosed. In a technical solution of the disclosure, two sets of authentication parameters can be stored during the process of SRVCC switching, one set of which is stored into a card and... Agent: Zte Corporation

01/01/2015 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150003607 - Secure connection method and apparatus of electronic device: A secure connection method and apparatus is provided for establishing secure connections among a plurality of electronic devices forming a group network. The data communication method includes generating, when creating or joining a group network, an encryption key using a password entered by a user. The data communication method also... Agent:

20150003608 - Method and device for authorizing video contents during video call: A method of authorizing video contents during a video call initiated by a first device to a second device, includes capturing the video contents of the video call, generating a watermark payload from information about at least one of the first device and the second device, applying the watermark payload... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150003609 - Implementing encrypted content in a game: A device, method, and an action figure toy for implementing encrypted content for implementation in a game are disclosed. The encrypted content may relate to physical objects, such as action figure toys corresponding movie characters and/or any other physical objects. Such content may be encrypted separately and distinctively during a... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150003612 - Information-theoretically secure secrecy generation: A method and apparatus are provided for performing information-theoretically secure cryptography using joint randomness not shared by others. Two valid communicating entities independently generate samples of a shared source that is not available to an illegitimate entity. The shared source may be a satellite signal, and each legitimate entity may... Agent:

20150003610 - Reducing detectability of an encryption key: Methods and systems are provided for reducing detectability of encryption keys, which may be used to encrypt messages transmitted in a network (e.g., between a base station and a mobile station, such as over the air). Random bit errors may be introduced into the messages to artificially lowering transmission quality,... Agent:

20150003611 - System for transmitting a data signal in a network, method, mobile transmitting device and network device: A system for transmitting a data signal is provided, comprising a plurality of network devices; a network connecting the plurality of network devices based on at least a first communication carrier, wherein the first communication carrier is a wired communication carrier; a network key generator configured to generate a network... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150003613 - Portable device registration system and portable device registration method: An immobilizer ECU generates an encryption key using key generating logic, from a SEED code included in an ID code signal sent from an electronic key, and registers the encryption key to the immobilizer ECU. The immobilizer ECU receives an instruction from a registration and deletion tool and sends, to... Agent:

20150003614 - Method and apparatus for providing secure internet protocol media services: A method and apparatus for securely and remotely enabling the playing of a media program encrypted by a content encryption key over the Internet is disclosed. A license encryption key and a content decryption key are separately and securely transmitted to the receiver. The license encryption key is stored in... Agent: Syphermedia International, Inc.

20150003615 - Key agreement protocol: The present invention relates to data communication systems and protocols utilized in such systems.... Agent:

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