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10/02/2014 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140294174 - Efficient prime-number check: In a method for checking whether a value represents a prime number, for a cryptographic application, a Fermat test is carried out, which includes a modular exponentiation of a base with an exponent (e) and a module (m). The exponent (e) and the module (m) respectively depend on the value... Agent:

20140294175 - Validating a user's identity utilizing information embedded in a image file: A mechanism is provided for validating an identity of a user. A signed electronic identification document is received from the user. A signature of the signed electronic identification document is compared utilizing a public key obtained from a certificate authority forming first information and a first image associated with the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140294176 - Generating device, encryption device, decryption device, generating method, encryption method, decryption method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a generating device includes a first key generator, a second key generator, and an output unit. The first key generator is configured to generate a first key according to a first key rule in which the first key is generated from a random number, the first... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140294177 - Identity based public key cryptosystem: A method for generating cryptographic parameters comprises generating a private_IGTABLE based on an Euler totient function of a composite number (φ(n)), where the private_IGTABLE includes a plurality of random numbers (x). Further, a public_IGTABLE based on the private_IGTABLE, a composite number (n), and a group generator element (g) is generated,... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20140294178 - Electronic electricity meter with integrated digital-certification mechanism for secure communication: Electronic electricity meter with integrated digital-certification mechanism for secure communication, comprising current sensors 1(a), voltage sensors (b), electronic circuit (c) for conditioning the current signals and voltage signals in the electrical levels required by the processing unit (d), processing unit (d) able to continuously sample the current signals and voltage... Agent: Cas Tecnologia S/a

20140294179 - Method and apparatus for ciphering packet units in wireless communications: A method and apparatus are disclosed relating to ciphering and de-ciphering of packet units in wireless devices during retransmission in wireless communications. The packet units are re-segmented with the ciphering done on the re-segmented packet unit or on a radio link control protocol data unit (RLC PDU) with or without... Agent: Interdigital Technology Corporation

20140294180 - Personal assistance safety systems and methods: Disclosed are methods and systems related to a Personal Assistance Safety System. In one aspect, disclosed are methods and systems for vehicle communications comprising an antenna selecting unit configured to select an antenna according to an antenna selection strategy and a first antenna switch coupled to the antenna selecting unit... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 7 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140286486 - Block encryption method and apparatus: In accordance with an embodiment, the logical exclusive operation on the random number RAND and the OPc value are performed several times, the logical operation and encryption processing using a random number RAND and logical operation and encryption processing using a random number S are done in any order, which... Agent:

20140286488 - Determining a division remainder and ascertaining prime number candidates for a cryptographic application: A device and/or computer program uses a method including determining the division remainder of a first value (b) modulo a second value (p′) and executing a first Montgomery multiplication with the first value (b) as one of the factors and the second value (p′) as a module. A correction factor... Agent:

20140286487 - Method for generating a one-way function: A method for generating a one-way function, as well as a circuit arrangement, which implements the one-way function, are set forth.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140286489 - Wired communications systems with improved capacity and security: Provided are methods and systems of using division-free duplexing (DFD) in a cable communication network. Techniques for applying DFD in a cable communication network may enable data to be transmitted and received over a coaxial cable without using division duplexing techniques. For example, the cable communication network may include DFD... Agent: General Electric Company

20140286492 - Access techniques using a mobile communication device: Access techniques using a mobile communication device are described. In implementations, a mobile communication device comprises a processor, hardware configured to implement multi-mode wireless communication in which at least one of the modes involves telephone communication, tamper-resistant hardware implementing a secure element as storing one or more credentials, and memory... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140286490 - Radio communication apparatus: An inexpensive radio communication apparatus is provided which can safely generate and share a key to be used for encryption/decryption and lower the possibility of loss of the key even if a packet error occurs at the time of reestablishment of a radio link. When a request for position registration... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140286491 - Radio frequency identification technology incorporating cryptographics: Disclosed is a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag comprising: an RFID functional portion configured to enable wireless communication between the RFID tag and an RFID reader; a data processing functional portion with asymmetric cryptographic capability; and a power source configured to power the data processing functional portion.... Agent: Mikoh Corporation

09/18/2014 > 29 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140270152 - Efficient hardware architecture for a s1 s-box in a zuc cipher: Efficient hardware architecture for a S1 S-box for a ZUC cipher is described. One circuit includes a first circuit to map an 8-bit input data of a Galois field GF(256) for a 8-bit data path for a ZUC cipher non-linear function component into 4-bit data paths for the ZUC cipher... Agent:

20140270155 - Method and a device for fault-resistant exponentiation in cryptographic systems: In a generalization, for an a priori selected integer t=br2 (where b is an integer) co-prime to a modulus N, the processor has a modular inverse iN=N−N mod t. The processor generates the extended base by computing {circumflex over (x)}=x+N·[iN(1+ar−x) mod t] and then computes an extended modulus {circumflex over... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140270153 - System and method for content encryption in a key/value store: System and method embodiments are provided for content encryption in a key/value store. The embodiments include encrypting both the key and value of client data blocks for storage so that the data can be retrieved reliability without compromising the key. An embodiment method includes obtaining a key from a data... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140270154 - System and method for encrypting and recording media for a contact center: A system and method for recording media for a contact center where a processor is configured to determine that media exchanged between first and second communication devices during a telephony call is to be recorded; bridge a media path between the first and second communication devices; cause replicating of the... Agent:

20140270156 - Cryptographic devices and methods for encoding-free encryption on elliptic curves: Encoding-free encryption on elliptic curves is obtained by a device having a processor choosing an integer r∈/q; computing in E(p) the a first point C1=[r]P and a second point C2=[r]Y, wherein E is an elliptic curve defined over p, P∈E(p) is a point of prime order q, Y=[s]P∈E(p) is an... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140270158 - Connection key distribution: A system and a method implementing the method pertaining to securely providing a mobile device with a cryptographic key in a vehicle. The method includes generating a cryptographic key pair. The key pair may include at least a first cryptographic key and a second cryptographic key. The method may further... Agent: General Motors LLC

20140270160 - Digital signature authentication without a certification authority: Systems and methods for managing private and public encryption keys without the need for a third party certification authority. An initial value is generated by an authentication server. The initial value is divided into at least two portions and each portion is communicated with a user using different communication channels.... Agent:

20140270157 - Internet protocol network mapper: A network mapper for performing tasks on targets is provided. The mapper generates a map of a network that specifies the overall configuration of the network. The mapper inputs a procedure that defines how the network is to be mapped. The procedure specifies what, when, and in what order the... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20140270161 - Method and apparatus for secure storage and retrieval of live off disk media programs: A method and system are provided for securely storing and retrieving live off-disk media programs. Events delineate media segments, each of which are encrypted with a different key so as to be streamable to a remote device via digital living network alliance (DLNA) or HTTP live streaming protocols. Media segments... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20140270159 - System and method for providing compressed encryption and decryption in homomorphic encryption based on integers: The present invention relates to a technique which provides a function of compressed encryption large pieces of plaintext information in a single ciphertext in order to improve a space efficiency of the encryption data which occupies most of a storage space to design an efficient SHE technique which is a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140270164 - Configurable key-based data shuffling and encryption: A data shuffling and encryption system may include data storage to store a key and a coding module to shuffle and encrypt an input data sequence. The shuffling and encrypting may include determining an n-dimensional space and populating the n-dimensional space with the input data sequence. A quasi-random function may... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20140270165 - Cryptographic system based on reproducible random sequences: A cryptographic system implementing a cryptographic process based on a random sequence generating process (1) generating a random key, as long as the data to process, for a ciphering process (2) or a deciphering process (3). The random sequences generated by the random sequence generating process (1), being perfectly random,... Agent:

20140270162 - Instruction for performing a pseudorandom number generate operation: A machine instruction is provided that includes an opcode field to provide an opcode, the opcode to identify a perform pseudorandom number operation, and a register field to be used to identify a register, the register to specify a location in memory of a first operand to be used. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140270163 - System and method for counter mode encrypted communication with reduced bandwidth: In a counter mode encryption scheme, a sending device sends a first message including first cipher text and a first counter used to generate the first cipher text to a receiving device for decryption. The sending device subsequently generates a second counter for generating second cipher text. The sending device... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140270166 - Master key encryption functions for transmitter-receiver pairing as a countermeasure to thwart key recovery attacks: A method operational on a receiver device for exchanging and/or generating security keys is provided. A first encrypted master key Km is received at the receiver device from a transmitter device, the first encrypted master key Km secured by a receiver public key Kpub-rx. The first encrypted master key Km... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140270167 - Video data delivery protection: An aspect of the subject matter described in this specification can be embodied in one or more computer-implemented methods that include obtaining a master playlist document including references to sub-playlist documents that reference video documents of different video quality for use in a video streaming on demand system, parsing the... Agent: Startal, Inc.

20140270168 - Forensics in multi-channel media content: Embodiments of the invention relate to encoding multi-channel media content. In one embodiment, a set of multi-channel media content is received. The set of multi-channel media content includes a plurality of content frames. Each content frame includes a first channel content frame and second channel content frame. Each of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140270169 - Randomizing current injection circuit to obscure gate noise for added security: A circuit for obscuring gate switching noise includes a synchronous clock source; an asynchronous clock source; at least one current source; and a random number generating circuit for receiving clock inputs from the synchronous clock source and the asynchronous clock source, the random number generating circuit generating randomly changing asynchronous... Agent:

20140270170 - Enhanced smartcard reader with multi-level reading contacts: An enhanced smartcard reader having a row of first reading contacts, a row of second reading contacts, and a row of third reading contacts. The first reading contacts have arm portions that are cantilevered off a first mounting member of the reader, the second reading contacts have arm portions that... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20140270171 - Method and apparatus for secure distribution of digital content: A method and apparatus for secure distribution of digital content is provided. In accordance with at least one embodiment, an intermediate device maintains an authorized content sink list which it uses to allow reauthorization of a first content sink for access to first content from a first content source when... Agent: Rgb Systems, Inc.

20140270176 - Environmental monitoring device: An environmental monitoring device that monitors the operation of a legacy electronic device is described. In particular, a sensor in the environmental monitoring device provides sensor data that represents an environmental condition in an external environment that includes the environmental monitoring device. This environmental condition is associated with the operation... Agent: Leeo, Inc.

20140270173 - Personal digital identity device responsive to user interaction: A personal digital ID device provides a digital identifier to a service for a predetermined duration in response to user interaction. The user interaction may include a button press. The personal digital ID device may be in the form of a bracelet, a key fob, or other form factor. The... Agent:

20140270174 - Personal digital identity device responsive to user interaction with user authentication factor captured in mobile device: A personal digital ID device provides a digital identifier to a service for a predetermined duration in response to user interaction. The user interaction may include a button press. The personal digital ID device may be in the form of a bracelet, a key fob, or other form factor. The... Agent:

20140270175 - Personal digital identity device with imager: A personal digital ID device provides a digital identifier to a service for a predetermined duration in response to user interaction. The user interaction may include a button press. The personal digital ID device may be in the form of a bracelet, a key fob, or other form factor. The... Agent:

20140270172 - Securing a command path between a vehicle and personal wireless device: A system and a method using that system is provided for establishing a secure communication channel between a vehicle and a mobile device. The method may include providing at least one unique mobile device identifier and at least one unique vehicle telematics unit identifier associated with the mobile device identifier... Agent: General Motors LLC

20140270177 - Hardening inter-device secure communication using physically unclonable functions: Embodiments of an invention for hardened inter-device secure communication using physically unclonable functions are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a first storage location, a second storage location, a physically unclonable function (PUF) circuit, a PUF key generator, and an encryption unit. The first storage location is to store... Agent:

20140270178 - Remote key management in a cloud-based environment: Systems and methods are disclosed for facilitating remote key management services in a collaborative cloud-based environment. In one embodiment, the remote key management architecture and techniques described herein provide for local key encryption and automatic generation of a reason code associated with content access. The reason code is used by... Agent:

20140270180 - Distributed storage network and method for storing and retrieving encryption keys: A method begins by a distributed storage (DS) managing unit receiving an encryption key to store. The method continues by determining an encryption method and encrypting the encryption key with the determined encryption method to produce an encrypted key. The method continues by encoding and slicing the encrypted key to... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20140270179 - Method and system for key generation, backup, and migration based on trusted computing: The present invention relates to the field of computer technologies and discloses a method and a system for key generation, backup, and migration based on trusted computing, including: receiving a key generation request input by a user; controlling a trusted platform module to generate a platform migratable key, encrypting the... Agent: Peking University

09/11/2014 > 18 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140254792 - Masked nonlinear feedback shift register: An NLFSR of length k, configured to output a sequence of masked values xi′=xi+mi according to a masked recurrence xn+k′=f(xn′, . . . , xn+k−1′), the NLFSR including a nonlinear feedback function configured to compute f(xn′, . . , , xn+k−1′) so as to obtain a feedback value, a correction... Agent:

20140254793 - Shannon security double symmetrical cryptogram method by coding information for telematic and electronic transmission: An invention in the field of information society for making data and information inaccessible to unauthorized persons in order to protect the privacy of data and information during electronic transmission using a cryptographic method for reliable, fast and secure encryption widely used in industry (private and public telecommunications sectors, computing,... Agent:

20140254794 - Session key generation and distribution with multiple security associations per protocol instance: A single instance of a session key generation protocol is executed in a manner that generates a plurality of security associations between user equipment and a first network element of a communication system. In one aspect, a first one of the security associations is utilized to secure data sent between... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20140254796 - Method and apparatus for generating and/or processing 2d barcode: A computer-complemented method for generating a 2D barcode, including retrieving a predetermined private key, a predetermined digital signature method and an issuer identity of a 2D barcode; generating a signature for at least one data with the retrieved private key in accordance with the retrieved digital signature method; inserting the... Agent: The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

20140254795 - Rights management in a distributed scan system: Approaches are provided for processing scan data based on a scan process definition (SPD) that defines a set of instructions for acquiring image data based on one or more printed documents. An SPD may include extension data that is used to store additional data in association with the scan data.... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140254797 - Method and filter for erasing hidden data: The application refers to a method and a filter of hidden data characterized by the fact that in order to eliminate the hidden data, the data signal is subject to operation of the degradation in a degradation function module.... Agent:

20140254798 - Architecture for reconfigurable quantum key distribution networks based on entangled photons directed by a wavelength selective switch: A system and method for securing communications between a plurality of users communicating over an optical network. The system utilizes a fixed or tunable source optical generator to generate entangled photon pairs, distribute the photons and establish a key exchange between users. The distribution of entangled photon pairs is implemented... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.

20140254800 - High-security outdoor wireless communications bridge: An appliance for transmitting and receiving encrypted wireless network signals, preferably, in a 900 MHz band, includes a radio frequency module, coupled to a cryptographic module, which, in turn is coupled to an Ethernet interface module and a power-over-Ethernet splitter. The components are affixed to a thermally conductive substrate that... Agent: Avalan Wireless Systems, Inc.

20140254799 - Systems and methods for secure high-speed link maintenance via nfc: Systems, methods, and devices for communicating with a second apparatus in a wireless communications network are described herein. In some aspects, a first wireless communication unit is configured to communicate with the second apparatus via a first wireless protocol. The first wireless communication unit may transmit a first message to... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

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