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07/10/2014 > 13 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140192973 - Encryption processing apparatus, encryption processing method, and computer program: A common-key blockcipher processing configuration with enhanced immunity against attacks such as saturation attacks and algebraic attacks (XSL attacks) is realized. In an encryption processing apparatus that performs common-key blockcipher processing, S-boxes serving as non-linear transformation processing parts set in round-function executing parts are configured using at least two different... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140192974 - System and method for cryptographic processing in a time window: A method is disclosed for providing first data and a first secret key to a cipher processor for ciphering. The first data is ciphered in accordance with a first cipher process and the first secret key to provide output data. Before ciphering of the first data, extra data is inserted... Agent: Elliptic Technologies Inc.

20140192975 - System and method for multichannel cryptographic processing: A processor is disclosed for ciphering of first data. The processor includes a key store and a first data store. In use the processor for ciphering the first data in accordance with a first cipher process and a first secret key to provide output data, during ciphering of the first... Agent: Elliptic Technologies Inc.

20140192976 - Method and system for id-based encryption and decryption: Provided are identifier (ID)-based encryption and decryption methods and apparatuses for the methods. The ID-based encryption method includes having, at a transmitting terminal, a transmitting-side private key corresponding to a transmitting-side ID issued by a key issuing server, generating, at the transmitting terminal, a session key using the transmitting-side ID,... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140192977 - Mutiplication method and modular multiplier using redundant form recoding: A multiplication method and a modular multiplier are provided. The multiplication method includes transforming a redundant-form multiplier by adding a recoding constant to the multiplier, performing recoding by using the transformed multiplier, and performing partial multiplication between the multiplier and a multiplicand using result values of the recoding.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140192978 - System and method for secure communication of components inside self-service automats: m

20140192980 - Data encryption system and method: An improved method for data encryption has been developed. The method includes storing data, multiple prime numbers and random numbers within an electronic memory storage device. Next, calculating a public number using the multiple prime numbers and providing a public number to a recipient apparatus that has knowledge of the... Agent: Key Holdings, LLC

20140192981 - Information processing apparatus, signature generation apparatus, information processing method, signature generation method, and program: Provided is an information processing apparatus including a random number generation unit configured to generate a pair of random numbers from a seed, a message generation unit configured to generate a message based on a pair of multi-order multivariate polynomials F=(f1, . . . , fm) defined in a ring... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140192979 - Method and apparatus for generating large numbers of encryption keys: Entropy obtained from a series of key generation exchanges may be combined with entropy from a strong entropy source to allow the strong entropy to be stretched to generate a larger number of keys for use on a communication network, without requiring additional information from the group members and without... Agent: Rockstar Consortium US Lp

20140192982 - Transport of partially encrypted media: A method of facilitating transport of partially encrypted video is disclosed. The method re-packetizes or otherwise de-concatenates packets carrying the partially encrypted video into packets where all the video in each packet is either encrypted or unencrypted. The re-packetized video packets may include data that identifies whether the packet is... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140192983 - Cryptographic sequencing system and method: A method is disclosed for intermixing a first stream of data and a second stream of data. An associated first secret key is expanded to form a first associated expanded secret key. An associated second secret key is expanded to form a second associated expanded secret key. The first stream... Agent: Elliptic Technologies Inc.

20140192984 - Recovery from decryption errors in a sequence of communication packets: A method in a receiver includes receiving from a transmitter a sequence of communication packets, which carry data encrypted with an encryption scheme. The encryption scheme depends on a counter value that is incremented independently by each of the transmitter and the receiver. Attempts are made to decrypt the data... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

20140192985 - Implicit rekeying mechanism: Certain aspects of the present disclosure provide methods and apparatus for secure transmission of packets with short headers. The methods may include temporarily suspending the use of packets that use a short MAC header (that lack a Key ID) during re-keying procedures and resuming the use of such packets after... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

07/03/2014 > 17 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140185794 - Encryption processing apparatus and method: A device that uses homomorphic encryption is disclosed. The device obtains a first encrypted polynomial, a second encrypted polynomial, a first encrypted weight, and a second encrypted weight by respectively encrypting a first polynomial, a second polynomial, a first weight, and a second weight by using a homomorphic encryption scheme,... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140185793 - Instructions processors, methods, and systems to process secure hash algorithms: A method of an aspect includes receiving an instruction. The instruction indicates a first source of a first packed data including state data elements ai, bi, ei, and fi for a current round (i) of a secure hash algorithm 2 (SHA2) hash algorithm. The instruction indicates a second source of... Agent:

20140185797 - Cryptography processing device and cryptography processing method: A device that uses homomorphic encryption is disclosed. The device includes a public key data generator configured to generate public key data, and a secret key data generator configured to generate secret key data that includes, as a secret key, an integer that is an element of a matrix obtained... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140185795 - Fuse attestation to secure the provisioning of secret keys during integrated circuit manufacturing: Embodiments of an invention for fuse attestation to secure the provisioning of secret keys during integrated circuit manufacturing are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a storage location, a physically unclonable function (PUF) circuit, a PUF key generator, an encryption unit, and a plurality of fuses. The storage location... Agent:

20140185796 - Geographical passwords: An access credential based on geographical information. Users can select geographical locations (such as favorite places, mountains, trees, rivers or others) as their access credential to different systems. Selecting a geographical area can be done using different ways and shapes, a user—for example—can place a circle around his favorite mountain,... Agent:

20140185798 - Method and apparatus for encrypting and decrypting data: A method and system is disclosed for encrypting and decrypting data, with decryption contingent upon user-defined conditions being met. The encryption process comprises a method for using pointers to indicate the locations and sizes of encryption components, utilizing randomly determined patterns to be used for a random number of characters... Agent:

20140185799 - Method for generating large prime number in embedded system: A method for generating a large prime number in an embedded system, comprising: (1) setting all identifiers in an identifier group in a first storage area; generating and storing a random number with preset bit length in a third storage area; modulizing the data in the third storage area by... Agent:

20140185800 - Secure printing between printer and print client device: Systems and methods of operating a computing system may involve securely printing a print document sent from a client device to a target printer. In one example, the method may include verifying an operating environment of the target printer and generating a plurality of security keys to implement asymmetric encryption... Agent:

20140185801 - Secure video transcoding with applications to adaptive streaming: An apparatus comprising a processor configured to perform at least one transcoding operation on a first encrypted video frame to generate a second encrypted video frame. Also, a method comprising performing at least one transcoding operation on a first encrypted video frame to generate a second encrypted video frame. Also,... Agent:

20140185802 - Real time composition of a composite window from content maintaining unique security domains: In general, in one aspect, a multi-content composition pipeline encrypts protected video streams that may be utilized as part of a composite window using different encryption keys so that each encrypted video stream has a unique security domain. The protected video streams may be received as encrypted and compressed video... Agent:

20140185803 - Secure network coding for multi-resolution wireless transmission: Described herein is a method and system for hierarchical wireless video with network coding which limits encryption operations to a critical set of network coding coefficients in combination with multi-resolution video coding. Such a method and system achieves hierarchical fidelity levels, robustness against wireless packet loss and efficient security by... Agent:

20140185804 - Level-two decryption associated with individual privacy and public safety protection via double encrypted lock box: Systems and/or processes related but not limited to a machine configured to create a physical reality of receiving a level-one encrypted output of a surveillance device; a machine configured to create a physical reality of decrypting at least a part of the level-one encrypted output of the surveillance device with... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140185807 - Delegation based mobility management: A method of handling mobility-related signalling in a communications system comprising a mobile node, a mobile router, and a peer node. The method comprises providing the mobile router with a delegation certificate that is cryptographically signed by or on behalf of the mobile node. At the mobile router, a mobility-related... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140185806 - Secure short message service (sms) communications: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide systems and methods for secure Short Message Service (SMS) communications. According to an embodiment, a method of providing secure Short Message Service (SMS) communications comprises requesting that SMS data to be sent from a client device to a remote location be encrypted. The method... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20140185805 - Securely exchanging cipher keys: Methods and systems for securely exchanging cipher keys between an implantable device and an external device are described. An example method includes: receiving an authorization request from the external device, wherein the authorization request is a request to receive a first cipher key of a cipher key exchange; receiving an... Agent: Neuropace, Inc.

20140185808 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for encryption key distribution: Systems and methods are provided for distributing an encryption key. In some examples, a first computing system may be paired with a second computing system. A pseudo-random sequence of bytes may be generated for use as an encryption key in response to requests from the first and second computing systems,... Agent: Cloud Star Corporation

20140185809 - Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system: A method in a User Equipment (UE) of an Evolved Packet System (EPS) establishes a security key (K_eNB) for protecting Radio Resource Control/User Plane (RRC/UP) traffic exchanged with a serving eNodeB. The method comprises sending a Non-Access Stratum (NAS) Service Request to a Mobility Management Entity (MME), the request indicating... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

06/26/2014 > 20 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140177825 - Asymmetric tokenization: An asymmetric encoding environment includes a plurality of secure computer systems, each configured to perform one or more encoding operations on received data using one or more encoding components inaccessible to the other secure computer systems. A first secure computer system receives sensitive data and tokenizes the sensitive data using... Agent:

20140177823 - Methods, systems and apparatus to reduce processor demands during encryption: Methods and apparatus are disclosed to reduce processor demands during encryption. A disclosed example method includes detecting a request for the processor to execute an encryption cipher determining whether the encryption cipher is associated with a byte reflection operation, preventing the byte reflection operation when a buffer associated with the... Agent:

20140177824 - System and method for securing scalar multiplication against differential power attacks: The system and method for securing scalar multiplication against differential power attacks (DPAs) delays required point additions in elliptic curve cryptosystem scalar multiplication. A buffer is used to store the points that will be added later in a random manner. Then, a randomly selected one of the stored points in... Agent: Umm Al-qura University

20140177826 - Techniques to strengthen one-time pad encryption: Apparati, methods, and computer-readable media for strengthening a one-time pad encryption system. A method embodiment of the present invention comprises the steps of encrypting plaintext (1) with an OTP key (2) in an XOR operation to produce ciphertext (3); and obfuscating the ciphertext (3) with an AutoKey (4) in an... Agent: Vadium Technology, Inc.

20140177827 - System and method for securing scalar multiplication against simple power attacks: The system and method for securing scalar multiplication against simple power attacks (SPAs) delays required point additions in elliptic curve cryptosystem scalar multiplication. A buffer is used to store the points that will be added later until the buffer is full or the last bit of a multiplier k is... Agent: Umm Al-qura University

20140177829 - Key creation and rotation for data encryption: Embodiments are directed towards enabling cryptographic key rotation without disrupting cryptographic operations. If key rotation is initiated, a transitional key may be generated by encrypting the current key with a built-in system key. A new key may be generated based one at least one determined key parameter. Next, the new... Agent: Dark Matter Labs Inc.

20140177831 - Key protecting method and a computing apparatus: A key protecting method includes the steps of: in response to receipt of an access request, configuring a control application program to generate a key confirmation request; in response to receipt of the key confirmation request, configuring a key protecting device to generate a key input request to prompt a... Agent:

20140177828 - Managed secure computations on encrypted data: The subject disclosure is directed towards secure computations of encrypted data over a network. In response to user desired security settings with respect to the encrypted data, software/hardware library components automatically select parameter data for configuring a fully homomorphic encryption scheme to secure the encrypted data items while executing a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140177830 - Method and system for providing a public key/secret key pair for encrypting and decrypting data: A method for providing a public key/secret key pair for encrypting and decrypting data, wherein the public key of the public key/secret key pair and a master secret key are generated based on predefined policy information, and wherein the secret key of the public key/secret key pair is generated based... Agent: Nec Europe Ltd.

20140177832 - Provision to an application of a random number not generated by an operating system: A data processing system includes data storage that stores an operating system and an application that performs a security operation and a processor communicatively coupled with the data storage and a random number generator separate from the operating system. The processor executes the operating system and the application. The processor... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140177833 - Downloadable security and protection methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus for control of data and content protection mechanisms across a network using a download delivery paradigm. In one embodiment, conditional access (CA), digital rights management (DRM), and trusted domain (TD) security policies are delivered, configured and enforced with respect to consumer premises equipment (CPE) within a cable... Agent:

20140177834 - Method to enforce watermarking instructions in a receiving device: A method to enforce watermarking instructions by a security module in a receiving device, comprising the steps of receiving a security message by—a security module, comprising at least a content key, watermark instructions and security message signature, said watermark instruction activates or deactivates a watermarking module, decrypting—a security message with... Agent: Nagravision S.a.

20140177835 - Method and a security module configured to enforce processing of management messages: A method and a security module configured to enforce processing of management messages. The security module is associated to a multimedia receiver configured to receive broadcast access controlled multimedia services. The management messages are transmitted by a managing center to the multimedia receiver. The method comprises steps of: receiving by... Agent: Nagravision S.a.

20140177836 - Picture delivering system based on visual cryptography and related computer program product: A picture delivering system is disclosed including: a picture generating device for outputting a flat picture corresponding to an encrypted picture and for providing a picture ID corresponding to the encrypted picture; and a picture presenting device for utilizing an optical imaging device to capture an image of the flat... Agent: Jrsys International Corp.

20140177837 - Method and apparatus for direct counterfactual quantum communication: It has long been assumed in physics that for information to travel in empty space between two parties (the Sender and the Receiver), “physically real” entities have to travel between the parties. The recently discovered technique of interaction-free measurement—wherein the presence of an object is inferred without the object directly... Agent: The Texas A&m University System

20140177838 - Method and apparatus for the secure storage of audio signals: In one embodiment, a method, system and apparatus for recording audio is provided so that the recording can be authenticated. The system may be implemented as a central server that is accessed via one or more lines for audio communication, or as a stand-alone unit. The system operates by encrypting... Agent: Zynga Inc.

20140177839 - Secure app-to-app communication: Secure application-to-application communication is disclosed. A shared encryption key may be used to encrypt data to be transferred from a first mobile application to a second mobile application. The encrypted data is provided to a shared storage location. The second mobile application is configured to retrieve the encrypted data from... Agent: Mobile Iron, Inc.

20140177840 - Cellular backhaul load distribution: A mobile carrier may selectively offload backhaul data traffic between cell sites and the core network to existing alternative relay networks to increase available backhaul bandwidth to meet higher data traffic demands without adding additional network ‘infrastructure. Data traffic may be offloaded from a cellular network to the alternative relay... Agent: T-mobile Usa, Inc.

20140177841 - System and method for user-privacy-aware communication monitoring and analysis: Methods and systems for monitoring, analyzing and acting upon voice calls in communication networks. An identification system receives monitored voice calls that are conducted in a communication network. Some of the monitored voice calls may be conducted by target individuals who are predefined as suspects. In order to maintain user... Agent: Verint Systems Ltd.

20140177842 - Optimizing use of hardware security modules: Use of cryptographic key-store hardware security modules is optimized in a system having a first scarce high-security key storage device and a second more plentiful low-security key storage device comprising securing a cryptographic key to the higher security level by initially storing the key in the first storage device, then... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

06/19/2014 > 15 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140169555 - Information processing apparatus, tampering detection apparatus, information processing method, tampering detection method, and computer product: An information processing apparatus includes a processor configured to identify a data length that is longer than a data length of plain text data and that is a multiple of a predetermined block length; calculate a data length difference of the data length of the plain text and the data... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140169553 - Masking with shared random bits: A non-linear transformation including a plurality of non-linear logical operations is masked to a second or higher order. The masking includes receiving a set of random bits, and machine-masking two or more of the plurality of non-linear logical operations with a same random bit from the set of random bits.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140169554 - System, processing device, computer program and method, to transparently encrypt and store data objects such that owners of the data object and permitted viewers are able to view decrypted data objects after entering user selected passwords: A cryptographic system makes everyday data objects, such as a document or conversation, unreadable to anyone other than the owner or those currently having permission to access the data objects. The cryptographic system is transparent by requiring no additional effort on the part of any user in the encryption/decryption process... Agent: Verifyle, Inc.

20140169556 - Schemes for signcryption: In some examples, a method performed under control of a receiver device may include calculating a public key of the receiver device based on a system parameter, calculating a temporary common key of the receiver device based on a temporary public key of the sender device and a secret key... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140169557 - Generating a session key for authentication and secure data transfer: A key-generating apparatus is provided for generating a session key which is known to a first communication apparatus and a second communication apparatus, for the first communication apparatus, from secret information which may be determined by the first and second communication apparatuses. The key-generating apparatus includes a first module operable... Agent:

20140169558 - Secure node admission in a communication network: A system and method for node admission in a communication network having a NC and a plurality of associated network nodes. According to various embodiments of the disclosed method and apparatus, key determination in a communication network includes an NN sending to the NC a request for a SALT; the... Agent: Entropic Communications, Inc.

20140169559 - Electronic device and audio processing method: An audio processing method for an electronic device includes a first audio file, a second audio file, and a first digital watermark to perform an audio processing method. The first digital watermark has ownership information regarding the first audio file. A first discrete audio array of the first audio file... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140169561 - Authentication and data security for wireless networks: A method and apparatus of providing a security system. The method includes the steps of a registering sensor having a secret key and an IEEE or MAC address automatically forming a commissioning key, the registering sensor forming a registration request including the IEEE or MAC address and the commissioning key,... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140169560 - Enhanced wireless communication security: Systems, methods, and devices are directed to an electronic device that includes a first wireless communication module configured to facilitate transmission and reception of data via a wireless communication link and a first secure element while a wireless communication device includes a processor, an operating system executed by the processor,... Agent:

20140169562 - Method and system for dynamically establishing encrypted tunnels on constrained-band networks: A method and a system architecture making it possible to establish in a dynamic manner one or more encrypted tunnels on constrained-band communication networks is provided. It makes it possible in particular to encrypt one or more data streams while guaranteeing the quality of services on the constrained-band systems, in... Agent: Thales

20140169564 - Method and system for secure and authorized communication between a vehicle and wireless communication devices or key fobs: A system is provided that includes a wireless communication device (or end device), a vehicle having a central module, and a key provisioning server. The key provisioning server is communicatively coupled to the wireless communication device and the central module via wireless connections. The central module can establish a wireless... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140169563 - Method for ensuring media stream security in ip multimedia sub-system: A method for ensuring media stream security in an IP Multimedia Subsystem network is disclosed. The method includes: assigning an end-to-end media stream security key for a calling User Equipment (UE) or a called UE, by a network device with which the calling UE or the called UE is registered,... Agent: Inventergy, Inc.

20140169565 - Methods, apparatus and computer programs for scrambling code signalling: Methods, apparatus and computer readable storage media are provided herein for scrambling code signalling in support of interference cancelling receivers. In some example embodiments, a method is provided that includes receiving scrambling code initialization parameters for at least one wanted codeword and for at least one interfering codeword from a... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140169566 - System and method for enhanced rfid instrument security: A system and method for using an RFID read/write device to secure an RFID operable instrument or an RF communication is provided. The invention includes security databases in communication with a processor for storing and communicating security protocols to the RFID read/write device. The invention includes a method for restricting... Agent: Qualcomm Fyx, Incorporated

20140169567 - Method for granting a plurality of electronic communication devices access to a local area network: Method for granting a plurality of electronic communication devices access to a local area network (LAN) via an access point using a single cryptographic key to secure communications exchanged through the LAN. The method comprising an activation phase performed once at initialization of the LAN and an operating phase wherein... Agent: Nagravision S.a.

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