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Cryptography December patents and inventions 12/08

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12/25/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080317242 - Data scrambling and encryption of database tables: An apparatus, program product and method protect data in a database table from unauthorized access through the combination of scrambling the data in the rows and columns of a database table and encrypting the data in different rows and/or columns using different encryption keys. A complementary descrambling and decryption process... Agent: Wood, Herron & Evans, L.L.P. (ibm)

20080317244 - Execution unit for performing the data encryption standard: An execution unit adapted to perform at least a portion of the Data Encryption Standard. The execution unit includes a Left Half input; a Key input; and a Table input. The execution unit also includes a first group of transistors configured to receive the Table input, perform a table look-up,... Agent: Pvf -- Sun Microsystems Inc. C/o Park, Vaughan & Fleming LLP

20080317243 - Low complexity encryption method for content that is coded by a rateless code: A method and apparatus is disclosed herein for a low complexity method of securing content that is coded by a rateless code whereby it is noted that it is sufficient to encrypt only a subset of the ratelessly coded packets. In one embodiment, the method comprises performing rateless coding on... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20080317245 - Hash function implemention with rom and csa: A hash unit for obtaining a hash value from hashing a set of parameters and a protocol parameter. The hash unit has a plurality of memory units for receiving the set of parameters and outputting a plurality of multiplication results, a first plurality of addition logics for receiving the plurality... Agent: Wang Law Firm, Inc.

20080317246 - Device for and a method of processing data stream: A device (2300) for processing a data stream (1800), wherein the device (2300) comprises a splitting unit (2305) for splitting adjacent frames (1902) of a partially decrypted data stream (1900), the partially decrypted data stream (1900) comprising decrypted frame boundary portions (1901) between adjacent frames (1902), at the frame boundary... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20080317247 - Apparatus and method for processing eap-aka authentication in the non-usim terminal: According to the present invention, although the USIM card used for user authentication function is absent, the secret value that used to be stored in the USIM card for user authentication is directly stored in the non-USIM terminal. Therefore, both a user password and a secret value are applied for... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20080317249 - Encoded digital video content protection between transport demultiplexer and decoder: A system for encrypting and decrypting data is provided. The system includes a client for receiving a data packet, setting a value of a crypto bit, and transmitting the data packet over a system bus. A crypto module receives the data packet from the system bus and performs a cryptology... Agent: Jackson Walker (conexant)

20080317248 - Information exchange device: An embodiment of the present invention provides an information exchange device. The information exchange device includes a storage device which stores information items for disclosure, an encryption device which encrypts each of the information items for disclosure using a plurality of prepared secret keys which correspond to each of the... Agent: Winston & Strawn LLP Patent Department

20080317250 - Contents distribution system, contents distribution method, terminal apparatus, and recording medium on which program thereof is recorded: To prevent a preview of contents by a person who does not have a right to view or listen, by distributing encoded contents data which are difficult for a third person to decode. A new participation terminal apparatus, as well as transmitting a participation request to a parent terminal apparatus... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20080317251 - Methods and systems for storing and retrieving encrypted data: A system for encrypting data comprising a computer configured to encrypt a plurality of data entries using at least one encryption algorithm and a system memory, wherein the computer is configured to use different keys with the encryption algorithm(s) for each data entry and the system is configured to store... Agent: Law Office Of James Trosino

12/18/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080310620 - Method, apparatus and system for managing a/v profiles: A method, apparatus and system for managing A/V (Audio/Video) profiles are provided, which is related to a technology that supports different profiles in a domain. The method of managing A/V profiles includes requesting a license component and an encrypted content component, and creating a DRM license and encrypted content by... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20080310621 - Privacy enhanced comparison of data sheets: A computer implemented method for performing a privacy enhanced comparison of a plurality of data sets includes allocating a private encryption key to each of the data sets; performing an encryption operation for each of the data sets, the encryption operation comprising generating a commutatively encrypted data set of the... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP - IBM Arc Division

20080310619 - Process of encryption and operational control of tagged data elements: A process of encrypting an object having an associated object tag includes generating a cryptographic key by binding an organization split, a maintenance split, a random split, and at least one label split (710). A cryptographic algorithm is initialized with the cryptographic key, and the object is encrypted using the... Agent: Ip Strategies

20080310622 - E-fuses for storing security version data: Methods and devices that may be utilized in systems to dynamically update a security version parameter used to encrypt secure data are provided. The version may be maintained in persistent storage located on a device implementing the encryption, such as a system on a chip (SOC). The persistent storage does... Agent: Ibm Corporation, Intellectual Property Law Dept 917, Bldg. 006-1

20080310624 - Encryption apparatus and method for providing an encrypted file system: An encryption apparatus and method for providing an encrypted file system are provided. The encryption apparatus and method of the illustrative embodiments uses a combination of encryption methodologies so as to reduce the amount of decryption and re-encryption that is necessary to a file in the Encrypted File System in... Agent: Ibm Corp. (wip) C/o Walder Intellectual Property Law, P.C.

20080310623 - Securing digital content system and method: A system and method of encrypting digital content in a digital container and securely locking the encrypted content to a particular user and/or computer or other computing device is provided. The system uses a token-based authentication and authorization procedure and involves the use of an authentication/authorization server. This system provides... Agent: Mcguirewoods, LLP

20080310625 - Digital signature on a smartcard: A digital signature scheme for a “smart” card utilizes a set of prestored signing elements and combines pairs of the elements to produce a new session pair. The combination of the elements is performed partly on the card and partly on the associated transaction device so that the exchange of... Agent: John R.s. Orange Blake, Cassels & Graydon, LLP

20080310626 - Encrypted communication system, encrypted communication method, encrypting device, and decrypting device: To allow viewers to view a plain document depending on levels of the authorized powers of the viewers without inserting identifiers into the plain document. An encrypting device includes devices for: storing encrypting role information which includes encrypting keys and key IDs of the encrypting keys; grasping the encrypting range... Agent: Nec Corporation Of America

20080310627 - Asynchronous download: The claimed subject matter provides a system and/or method that asynchronously disseminates multimedia content to disparate clients. The disclosed system can include a component that receives multimedia content supplied by a multimedia publisher, encrypts or applies a time sensitive lock to the received multimedia content, disseminates the encrypted or locked... Agent: Amin, Turocy & Calvin, LLP

20080310628 - Backup management device, backup management method, computer program, recording medium, integrated circuit, and backup system: To provide a backup management device that deletes a content so as to be restorable in the future while protecting a copyright of the content, in a case where there exists a backup of the content. In an HD recorder 100, a first information storage unit 102 stores a content,... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack L.L.P.

20080310629 - Multibit forensic watermark with encrypted detection key: The invention relates to embedding auxiliary data in the form of a multibit payload in a host signal, and encrypting the associated detection key. Moreover, the invention relates to extracting the auxiliary data in the form of the multibit payload from a data signal. Auxiliary data is embedded in a... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20080310630 - Selective encryption to enable trick play with enhanced security: Certain embodiments consistent with the present invention involve a method of selectively encrypting digital video content that involves receiving a plurality of packets containing the digital video content; identifying packets containing start of frame (SOF) headers; inserting padding into the packets containing SOF headers to move the content of the... Agent: Miller Patent Services

20080310632 - Communication system, transmission device, reception device, and communication scheme: A communication system includes a transmission device that transmits an information signal having information defined as a binary state value, the transmission device including a signal generation unit that generates an information decryption signal to transmit the information decryption signal together with the information signal, wherein the state value of... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20080310631 - Encryption output data generation method and system: A hashing method and system. The method comprises receiving by a computing system first source data. A first hash function is applied to first source data. A first hash output is generated by the first hash function as a result of applying the first hash function to first source data.... Agent: Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts

20080310633 - Method and devices for providing secure data backup from a mobile communication device to an external computing device: A method and devices for providing secure data backup from a mobile communication device to an external computing device is described. In accordance with one example embodiment, there is provided a method of backing up data from a mobile communication device to an external computing device, the mobile communication device... Agent: Research In Motion Attn: Glenda Wolfe

20080310634 - Generation of device dependent rsa key: A portable electronic device for exchanging encrypted data with other electronic devices includes a processor, a memory operatively coupled to the processor, and a prime number generation circuit operatively coupled to the processor and memory. The prime number generation circuit includes logic that generates at least two prime numbers based... Agent: Warren A. Sklar (soer) Renner, Otto, Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20080310636 - Access-controlled encrypted recording system for site, interaction and process monitoring: A high level of security for access to recorded information is provided by provision of a trusted/protected communication linkage such as a tamper-resistant or tamper evident enclosure, a physical close coupling between information source and encryption processor and/or obfuscated code or end-to-end network encryption and encryption, possibly symmetrical, of the... Agent: Whitham, Curtis, & Christofferson, P.C.

20080310635 - Apparatus, system, and method for managing license keys: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for managing license keys. A license key service module creates a license key service object of a license key service class. The license key service class extends a SMI-S CIM CIM_Service class. The license key service object comprises a plurality of management operations.... Agent: Kunzler & Mckenzie

20080310637 - Method, system and rights issuer for generating and acquiring rights objects: A method and system for generating and acquiring rights objects according to the embodiments. In the present disclosure, the generation and acquisition of rights objects is implemented as a service function or a service support function; a rights issuer is deployed as an application server or as a service support... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20080310638 - Storage medium processing method, storage medium processing device, and program: A situation where accesses concentrate on a release day is eased. A user terminal 20 requests a license center unit 40 to deliver content data submitting medium identifier data IDm. The license center unit 40 confirms a sale-start time of the content data concerning the delivery request in the sale-start... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20080310639 - Communication apparatus, communication system, and communication method: A communication apparatus stores, in a memory, secret data shared with a first terminal, transmits a first connection request message to the first terminal, receives (a) a transfer instruction message which is transmitted from the first terminal in response to the first connection request message, includes address information of a... Agent: Charles N.j. Ruggiero, Esq. Ohlandt , Greeley, Ruggiero & Perle, L.L.P.

12/11/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080304657 - Secure threshold decryption protocol computation: The present invention relates to a method of converting an encrypted data set into an encryption of individual bits representing the data set. Further, the invention relates to a system for converting an encrypted data set into an encryption of individual bits representing the data set. A basic idea of... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20080304661 - Content distribution/browsing system, content distribution apparatus, content browsing apparatus and program: A content distribution/browsing system is disclosed. First to (m−1)th encrypted content items E(K1, C1∥K2,1), . . . , E(Km−1, Cm−1∥Km,1) contain second to m-th (next in order) sharing keys K2,1, . . . , Km,1, respectively. When desirous of browsing an (i+1)th content item Ci+1, the (i+1)th sharing key Ki+1,1... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20080304662 - Group key exchanges with failures: A method for generating a session key on demand in a network among participating network devices, including choosing a private and public key according to a public key encryption scheme, and broadcasting the public key to each other participating network device; choosing a local contribution value from a multiplicative group... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP - IBM Arc Division

20080304660 - Image forming apparatus allowing easy management relating to user's usage: An MFP 1 reads file information and directory information from a mounted medium to calculate a hash value, and encrypts the hash value and a user name of a user logged thereinto to create an authentication key. The authentication key and network information of the MFP 1 are written to... Agent: Morrison & Foerster LLP

20080304659 - Method and apparatus for expansion key generation for block ciphers: A key scheduler performs a key-expansion to generate round keys for AES encryption and decryption just-in-time for each AES round. The key scheduler pre-computes slow operations in a current clock cycle to reduce the critical delay path for computing the round key for a next AES round.... Agent: Intel Corporation C/o Intellevate, LLC

20080304658 - Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method: An inventive wireless communication apparatus that, in a wireless communication system to which a secret key scheme is applied, can generate a secret key, which is different from a secret key generated by a third party, even if a wireless signal is intercepted by the third part having an approximate... Agent: Dickinson Wright PLLC

20080304663 - System and method for the anonymisation of sensitive personal data and method of obtaining such data: A system for managing sensitive personal data (DD_A) includes two databases (45, 35) hosted by two independent subsystems (40, 30). One of these databases associates data (ID_A) identifying a person (A) with a common key (IDC_A) shared with the second database, which associates that common key (IDC_A) with the sensitive... Agent: Cohen, Pontani, Lieberman & Pavane LLP

20080304664 - System and a method for securing information: A system for securing information is disclosed. The system includes a key, a sub-key generator, and an encryptor/decryptor. The sub-key generator includes a first security module. The encryptor/decryptor includes a second security module. At least a portion of the key is an input to the sub-key generator, and a sub-key... Agent: Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP

20080304665 - Method and device for rights management: A method of rights management in a first device connected to digital data content, said first device comprising a right for accessing said digital data content and available state information for reflecting the state of use of said digital data content, said method comprising the steps of: —receiving by said... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20080304666 - Spread spectrum communications system and method utilizing chaotic sequence: A method is provided for generating a coherent chaotic sequence spread spectrum communications system. The method includes phase modulating a carrier with information symbols. The method also includes generating a string of discrete time chaotic samples. The method further includes modulating the carrier in a chaotic manner using the string... Agent: Harris Corporation C/o Darby & Darby PC

20080304667 - Method and apparatus for cellular automata based generation of pseudorandom sequences with controllable period: A compact apparatus for generation of desired pseudorandom sequences with controllable period. The apparatus includes two-dimensional cellular automata for generating a first sequence, 2-by-L cellular automata for generating a second sequence, adders for performing bit-to-bit mod2 sum of the first sequences and the second sequences, and a buffer for buffering... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20080304668 - System and method for lost data destruction of electronic data stored on a portable electronic device using a security interval: A data security system and method protects stored data from unauthorized access. According to one aspect of the invention, a client computing device communicates periodically with a server. If communications is not established between the client and the server for a selected activation interval and a subsequent grace period, the... Agent: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

20080304669 - Recipient-signed encryption certificates for a public key infrastructure: In accordance with various embodiments, methods, apparatuses, and articles of manufacture for generating and signing, by a potential recipient, a digital encryption certificate are described herein. In some embodiments, the digital encryption certificate may include a encryption key of an encryption key pair, and may be signed by the potential... Agent: NovatechIPLaw

12/04/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080298579 - Method and system to authenticate a peer in a peer-to-peer network: A system (100) and method (500) system to authenticate a peer in a peer-to-peer network is provided. The system can include a first peer (110) to locally create a secret key (112) and use the secret key to produce a public-key pair (120) comprising an identifier name (113) and a... Agent: Akerman Senterfitt

20080298580 - Content delivery server and content delivery system: A content delivery server comprises a packet generator operative to generate packetized content data; an encryptor operative to encrypt the packetized content data with content key data to generate encrypted content data and also operative to encrypt the content key data with user key data to generate encrypted content key... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20080298581 - Application-specific secret generation: A method, computer program product, and data processing system for protecting sensitive program code and data (including persistently stored data) from unauthorized access are disclosed. Dedicated hardware decrypts an encrypted kernel into memory for execution. When an application is to be executed, the kernel computes one or more secrets by... Agent: Ibm Corp. (mrn) C/o Law Office Of Michael R. Nichols

20080298582 - Broadcast cryptosystem, crypto-communication method, decryption device, and decryption program: A client's secret key is Ki=(s+Ii)−1P where Ii is obtained by using a collision-resistant hash function h to process client IDs with respect to the secret numbers s and r and the parameters P and Q of a secret on an elliptic curve E. The session key Ks that encrypts... Agent: Hogan & Hartson L.L.P.

20080298583 - System and method of quantum encryption: The present invention relates to a crypto-system. According to one embodiment, the crypto-system includes a key synchronizer and/or cryptographic circuitry. The key synchronizer is configured to synchronize a cryptographic key stream with another communication entity using polarized photons. The cryptographic circuitry is configured to generate cipher text from plain text... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20080298584 - Variable length private key generator and method thereof: The present invention relates to a variable length private key generator. According to one embodiment, the variable length private key generator includes a permuter. The permuter is configured to generate a key stream of a desired length by permuting a plurality of shift registers. The permuter includes the plurality of... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20080298586 - Decryption system and method for video data: The disclosed embodiments relate to a system that processes video data. An exemplary embodiment of the system includes a module that initiates a channel search procedure on a transport stream, a module that determines an encryption level of a first channel in the transport stream based on a control bit... Agent: Fletcher Yoder P.C.

20080298585 - Smartcard dynamic management: A method for securing a portable security module for use with a decoding element, the portable security module and the decoding element allowing to descramble scrambled audiovisual information. The method comprises analyzing at the portable security module a sequence of command messages, the command messages of the sequence being received... Agent: Osha Liang L.L.P.

20080298587 - Apparatus and method for secure, user-friendly deployment of information: A method of securely deploying information to a device includes placing a device into a shielded structure and exchanging timing messages between a keying device located inside the shielded structure and a beacon located outside of the shielded structure. The shielded structure is closed. The exchange of timing messages is... Agent: Jones Day

20080298588 - Methods and systems for the authentication of a user: The present invention generally relates to a computer security system for use in the identification and authentication of a user. In one aspect, a method for identifying and authenticating a user is provided. The method includes establishing a trust between a server machine and an agent on a user machine.... Agent: Patterson & Sheridan, L.L.P.

20080298589 - Establishing a unique end-to-end management key: Systems and methods for communicating and authenticating end-to-end management keys to stations to facilitate communications between stations in the network. A nonce based upon a pseudo-random number generated by the station(s) can be included with the end-to-end management key (EMK). The station(s) can compare the nonce to the generated pseudo-random... Agent: Fish & Richardson PC

20080298590 - Network encryption key rotation: Systems and methods for authenticating key rotation communications. Key rotation communications can include a key counter known to both a headend device and a station. Comparison between a local key counter and the key counter included in the key rotation communication can be used to authenticate the key rotation communication.... Agent: Fish & Richardson PC

20080298591 - Interoperable systems and methods for peer-to-peer service orchestration: Systems and methods are described for performing policy-managed, peer-to-peer service orchestration in a manner that supports the formation of self-organizing service networks that enable rich media experiences. In one embodiment, services are distributed across peer-to-peer communicating nodes, and each node provides message routing and orchestration using a message pump and... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20080298594 - Authorizing stations into a centrally managed network: Systems and methods for connecting new stations to a secure network. New stations can send connection requests to a headend device. The headend device can retrieve a device access key associated with the new station and can provide a network membership key to the new station based upon authentication of... Agent: Fish & Richardson PC

20080298593 - Gateway shared key: Procedures for using common encrypt/decrypt keys are described. In an example, a scale key is generated for encrypting host media stream for more than one client. The scale key may be exchanged with a first client so that the host receives a first client key for decrypting a first client... Agent: Lee & Hayes PLLC

20080298595 - Methods and apparatus for providing pmip key hierarchy in wireless communication networks: A method is provided for securing a PMIP tunnel between a serving gateway and a new access node through which an access terminal communicates. A PMIP key hierarchy unique to each access terminal is maintained by the gateway. The gateway uses a first node key to secure PMIP tunnels when... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20080298592 - Technique for changing group member reachability information: In one embodiment, a technique for updating an address associated with a first entity in a communications network with a second entity in the communications network wherein the address is used to forward information to the first entity from the second entity. The first entity registers a first address associated... Agent: Kraguljac & Kalnay

20080298596 - Image encryption/decryption system: When decrypting an image of a part of a document that is encrypted and therefore illegible, a user uses a decryption apparatus 15 to read the document as an electronic image and also to receive a user authentication by accessing a key management server 11. Then, the user transmits a... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

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