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Corning Incorporated patents

The following is a sampling of recent Corning Incorporated patent applications (USPTO Patent Application #, Patent Title) sorted by month.

August 2012 - Corning Incorporated patents

20120216577 - Molten glass delivery apparatus for optical quality glass
20120220720 - Functionalized cell binding peptides and cell culture articles

July 2012 - Corning Incorporated patents

20120180884 - Interconnection of microfluidic devices
20120168521 - Radio frequency identification (rfid) in communication connections, including fiber optic components
20120171387 - Methods for producing extruded body reactors

June 2012 - Corning Incorporated patents

20120148457 - Zoned monolithic reactor and associated methods
20120141904 - Low mass solid oxide fuel device array monolith

May 2012 - Corning Incorporated patents

20120133490 - Communications between multiple radio frequency identification (rfid) connected tags and one or more devices, and related systems and methods
20120126950 - Protocol for communications between a radio frequency identification (rfid) tag and a connected device, and related systems and methods
20120126949 - Radio frequency identification (rfid) connected tag communications protocol and related systems and methods
20120115717 - Flow-through sorbent comprising a metal sulfide

April 2012 - Corning Incorporated patents

20120082601 - Honeycomb reactor or heat exchanger mixer

March 2012 - Corning Incorporated patents

20120051991 - Sorbent bodies comprising activated carbon, processes for making them, and their use
20120052558 - Flow controlled microfluidic devices

February 2012 - Corning Incorporated patents

20120045377 - Modular reactor and system
20120040146 - Thin substrates having mechanically durable edges
20120025432 - Ceramics manufacture using rapidly hydratable cellulosic binder

June 2011 - Corning Incorporated patents

20110147971 - Managed pore size distribution in honeycomb substrates
20110139958 - Wear resistant coatings for tool dies
20110135857 - Method for sealing a liquid within a glass package and the resulting glass package

May 2011 - Corning Incorporated patents

20110123149 - Fiber assembly employing photonic band-gap optical fiber

April 2011 - Corning Incorporated patents

20110098478 - Fused thiophenes and methods for making and using same
20110091692 - Polarizing coating having improved quality
20110092353 - Durable glass-ceramic housings/enclosures for electronic device

February 2011 - Corning Incorporated patents

20110041469 - Ceramic radial wall flow particulate filter
20110041827 - System and method for cutting ceramic ware
20110043787 - Photoelastic method for absolute determination of zero cte crossover in low expansion silica-titania glass samples
20110043828 - Optical reader system and method for monitoring and correcting lateral and angular misalignments of label independent biosensors
20110044359 - Intracavity conversion utilizing narrow band reflective soa
20110045233 - Dimensional control during firing to form aluminum titanate honeycomb structures
20110045961 - Zircon compatible glasses for down draw
20110045971 - Alpha-alumina inorganic membrane support and method of making the same
20110036080 - Low back pressure porous honeycomb and method
20110037383 - Methods and apparatus for packaging electronic components
20110038585 - Method for operating an apparatus for connecting optical waveguides and apparatus
20110038593 - Optical fiber containing multi-layered coating system
20110039072 - Raised features on transparent substrates and related methods
20110039448 - Coaxial interconnect and contact
20110040042 - Fused thiophenes, methods for making fused thiophenes, and uses thereof
20110030569 - Roll mechanics for enabling printed electronics
20110033643 - Methods of making an unsupported article of pure or doped semiconducting material
20110033779 - Insulation for sofc systems
20110023544 - Methods for making a glass material and apparatus
20110023547 - Pulling roll material for manufacture of sheet glass
20110023548 - Glass substrate comprising an edge web portion
20110027683 - Solid oxide fuel cell devices with serpentine seal geometry
20110027888 - Coated fibers for culturing cells
20110027889 - Synthetic microcarriers for culturing cells
20110028345 - Methods to characterize cell reprogramming and uses thereof

January 2011 - Corning Incorporated patents

20110016919 - Apparatus and methods for making glass
20110016975 - Method and apparatus for measuring in-situ characteristics of material exfoliation
20110017287 - Substrates for photovoltaics
20110017297 - Fusion formable silica and sodium containing glasses
20110017713 - Methods and apparatus for initiating scoring
20110018174 - Electrospinning process and apparatus for aligned fiber production
20110019351 - Bezel packaging for sealed glass assemblies and a glass assembly therefor
20110019999 - Location tracking using fiber optic array cables and related systems and methods
20110020202 - Sorbent bodies comprising activated carbon, processes for making them, and their use
20110020587 - Hermetically sealing a device without a heat treating step and the resulting hermetically sealed device
20110020843 - Label-free methods related to phosphodiesterases
20110021070 - Coaxial angle connector and related method
20110021116 - Method for processing an edge of a glass plate
20110021339 - Silica glass with saturated induced absorption and method of making
20110014427 - Methods for forming fritted cover sheets and glass packages comprising the same
20110014445 - Roll-to-roll glass: touch-free process and multilayer approach
20110014731 - Method for sealing a photonic device
20110006116 - System and method for image analysis pointing-error correction
20110006249 - Thermoelectric composite material and method of producing the same
20110006461 - System and method for measuring ceramic-forming batch moisture content
20110008246 - System and method for generating nanoparticles
20110008593 - Methods for forming fritted cover sheets with masks and glass packages comprising the same
20110008912 - Polymer-coated substrates for binding biomolecules and methods of making and using thereof
20110001424 - Seal for light emitting display device, method, and apparatus

December 2010 - Corning Incorporated patents

20100326029 - Permeable material, articles made therefrom and method of manufacture
20100326532 - Methods and devices for falling film reactors with integrated heat exchange
20100326972 - Article with multiple surface depressions and method and system for making the same
20100329615 - Cable with features for distinguishing between fiber groups
20100329621 - Fiber optic cable slack storage module
20100329775 - Connecting structures comprising heated flexures and optical packages incorporating the same
20100329975 - Cordierite-forming compositions with hydratable alumina and methods therefor
20100330274 - Optical waveguides containing quantum dot guiding layers and methods of manufacture
20100330819 - Gentle disconnect connector for printed circuit boards and tool therefor
20100331164 - Hermetic sealing material
20100319401 - Roll-to-roll glass soot sheet sintering method and apparatus
20100319402 - Control of the bow of a glass ribbon
20100321808 - Extreme broadband compact optical system with multiple fields of view
20100322272 - Minimizing power variations in laser sources
20100322554 - Optical interconnection methods for high-speed data-rate optical transport systems
20100322562 - Optical interconnection assemblies and systems for high-speed data-rate optical transport systems
20100322563 - Fiber optic drop cables and preconnectorized assemblies having toning portions
20100322574 - Optical transmission element
20100322576 - Fiber optic module assembly having improved finger access and labeling indicia
20100322578 - Mounting of fiber optic cable assemblies within fiber optic shelf assemblies
20100322579 - High-density fiber optic modules and module housings and related equipment
20100322580 - Fiber optic cable parking device
20100322581 - High fiber optic cable packing density apparatus
20100322582 - High capacity fiber optic connection infrastructure apparatus
20100322583 - High density and bandwidth fiber optic apparatuses and related equipment and methods
20100323902 - Live-cell signals of pathogen intrusion and methods thereof
20100323915 - Porous substrate plates and the use thereof
20100313877 - Solar heat collection element with glass-ceramic central tube
20100316333 - Fiber optic adapter and connector assemblies
20100316348 - Holding apparatus for splice protection devices with splices, accommodated in the splice protection devices, of optical waveguides
20100316856 - Dies for forming extrusions with thick and thin walls
20100316882 - Nanomaterial and method for generating nanomaterial
20100317113 - Synthetic microcarriers for culturing cells
20100306979 - Electrode stack for capacitive device
20100307552 - Methods for coating a substrate
20100310213 - Multi-fiber fiber optic receptacle and plug assembly
20100310217 - Fiber optic drop cable assembly for deployment on building walls
20100310219 - Microstructured transmission optical fiber
20100300070 - Systems and methods for controlling temperature and total hydrocarbon slip
20100300152 - Stack progressive pressing for making shaped articles
20100300183 - In-line moisture-content measurement of ceramic materials in ceramic article manufacturing
20100300214 - Force monitoring methods and apparatus
20100300289 - Poly(amino-alcohol)-silica hybrid compositions and membranes
20100300294 - Gas separation module
20100300535 - Fusion formable sodium containing glass
20100300536 - Fusion formable sodium free glass
20100301514 - Die assembly and method of extruding cellular ceramic substrates with a skin
20100301515 - Honeycomb extrusion die apparatus and methods
20100301527 - Aligned porous substrates by directional melting and resolidification
20100302530 - Dust cap assembly for sealing an optical fiber ferrule and methods thereof
20100302547 - Methods and apparatus for measuring ion implant dose
20100303107 - Methods for obtaining stabilized output beams from frequency converted light sources and frequency converted light sources utilizing the same
20100303109 - Proximity coupled athermal optical package comprising laser source and compound facet wavelength conversion device
20100303110 - Edge bonded optical packages
20100303408 - Port mapping for series connected fiber optic terminals
20100303416 - Laser-shaped optical fibers along with optical assemblies and methods therefor
20100303419 - Fiber end face void closing method, a connectorized optical fiber assembly, and method of forming same
20100303425 - Protected fiber optic assemblies and methods for forming the same
20100303428 - Bend resistant multimode optical fiber
20100303431 - Fiber optic harnesses and assemblies facilitating use of a pre-connectorized fiber optic cable(s) with a fiber optic terminal
20100303434 - Dust cap assembly for sealing an optical fiber ferrule and methods thereof
20100303674 - Reactor with upper and lower manifold structures
20100303677 - Particulate filter with low soot loaded coating
20100303945 - Devices and methods for regulating extruder ceramic batch material
20100304019 - Polarizing coatings having improved quality
20100304033 - Method and apparatus for aligning a support with respect to a honeycomb body
20100304041 - Method for coating honeycomb bodies
20100304082 - Lanthanum-containing cordierite body and method of manufacture
20100304086 - Super non-wetting, anti-fingerprinting coatings for glass
20100304427 - Substrates for adhering, culturing and assaying cells
20100304482 - Swellable synthetic microcarriers for culturing cells
20100304513 - Method for forming an organic light emitting diode device
20100304579 - Low resistance connector for printed circuit board
20100304608 - Angled coaxial junction
20100304948 - Colored glass-ceramic materials and colored articles made of such glass-ceramic materials
20100304957 - Zeolite-based honeycomb body
20100304965 - Ceramic articles and methods of producing ceramic articles
20100305288 - Fused thiophenes, articles, and methods thereof
20100305289 - Hybrid composition and membrane based on silylated hydrophilic polymer
20100305877 - Laser-based ultrasonic measurements of cellular ceramic bodies during thermal processing
20100305900 - Methods of solving a process function

November 2010 - Corning Incorporated patents

20100293998 - Methods for controlling glass sheet thickness
20100294748 - Method for separating a sheet of brittle material
20100296084 - Inspection systems for glass sheets
20100296089 - Wavelength tracker for swept wavelength sensor interrogation system
20100296790 - Fiber optic equipment supporting moveable fiber optic equipment tray(s) and module(s), and related equipment and methods
20100296791 - Fiber optic equipment guides and rails configured with stopping position(s), and related equipment and methods
20100296992 - Honeycomb catalyst and catalytic reduction method
20100297392 - Slip agent for protecting glass
20100297534 - Seal structures for solid oxide fuel cell devices
20100297675 - Substrate and method for culturing breast cells
20100298113 - Methods of making ceramic bodies using catalyzed pore formers and compositions for making the same
20100298131 - Catalyst for hydrogen production by autothermal reforming, method of making same and use thereof
20100287991 - Preventing gas from occupying a spray nozzle used in a process of scoring a hot glass sheet
20100288704 - Flow-through substrate assemblies and methods for making and using said assemblies
20100288751 - Apparatus and method for applying a protective element on an optical waveguide
20100290747 - Dry fiber optic cables and assemblies
20100290787 - Power distribution devices, systems, and methods for radio-over-fiber (rof) distributed communication
20100290946 - Methods of making an article of semiconducting material on a mold comprising semiconducting material
20100291346 - Roll-to-roll glass material attributes and fingerprint
20100291353 - Method of separating strengthened glass
20100291380 - Methods of making an article of semiconducting material on a mold comprising particles of a semiconducting material
20100291496 - Self-contained flameworking bench
20100292062 - Modular pulling roll and methods of manufacture and use thereof
20100281921 - Apparatus and method for producing sheets of glass presenting at least one face of very high surface quality.
20100281922 - Methods for producing optical fibers
20100283499 - Non-contact testing of printed electronics
20100284240 - Microfluidic devices and methods for immiscible liquid-liquid reactions
20100284663 - Hybrid connector tool for integrated cleaving
20100285260 - Polymer over molding of strengthened glass
20100285272 - Multi-length scale textured glass substrates for anti-fingerprinting
20100285275 - Fingerprint-resistant glass substrates
20100285277 - Method for protecting a glass edge using a machinable metal armor
20100285453 - Cell culture article and methods thereof
20100275767 - Multi-hit capable transparent, multi-stack armor system
20100276736 - Cmos image sensor on stacked semiconductor-on-insulator substrate and process for making same
20100276846 - Method of forming structured sintered articles
20100276851 - Selected binders for the extrusion of ultra-thin wall cellular ceramics
20100277702 - Laser projection system with a spinning polygon for speckle mitigation
20100277704 - Speckle mitigation in laser projection systems
20100277705 - Spinning optics for speckle mitigation in laser projection systems
20100277719 - Intrusion detecting system with polarization dependent sensing elements
20100277748 - Method and system for measuring relative positions of a specular reflection surface
20100278492 - Armored fiber optic assemblies and methods of forming fiber optic assemblies
20100278494 - Optical cable and arrangement for producing an optical cable
20100278495 - Fiber optic cable assembly with floating tap
20100278499 - Fiber optic panels configured to retain fiber optic components in a depth space of a chassis
20100278500 - Mounting assembly for fiber optic equipment
20100279067 - Glass sheet having enhanced edge strength
20100279068 - Embossed glass articles for anti-fingerprinting applications and methods of making
20100279536 - Low resistance connector for printed circuit board

October 2010 - Corning Incorporated patents

20100269323 - Apparatus for splicing of optical waveguide sections
20100269545 - Glass flow management by thermal conditioning
20100272134 - Rapid alignment methods for optical packages
20100272135 - Self-seeded wavelength conversion
20100272406 - Bend resistant multimode optical fiber
20100273340 - Coaxial connector for corrugated cable with corrugated sealing
20100274525 - Laser scanning measurement systems and methods for surface shape measurement of hidden surfaces
20100263533 - Methods of making and using activated carbon-containing coated substrates and the products made therefrom
20100264568 - System and method for forming ceramic precursor material for thin-walled ceramic honeycomb structures
20100265569 - Connecting structures comprising heated flexures and optical packages incorporating the same
20100265982 - Fracture resistant metallization pattern for semiconductor lasers
20100258993 - Method and device for restraining movement of continuously traveling glass sheet
20100260215 - Split control of front and rear dbr grating portions
20100260459 - Armored fiber optic assemblies and methods of forming fiber optic assemblies
20100251774 - Creep resistant multiple layer refractory used in a glass manufacturing system
20100251888 - Oxygen-ion conducting membrane structure
20100252497 - Compositions for applying to honeycomb bodies
20100254412 - Phase modulation in a frequency-converted laser source comprising an external optical feedback component
20100254417 - Method of controlling a frequency-converted laser source comprising an external optical feedback component
20100254654 - Optical package with multi-component mounting frame


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