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Corner gauge

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Title: Corner gauge.
Abstract: A corner gauge for use in the construction of corners comprises a corner moulding (1), an extension arm (2) and a spirit level (3). The corner moulding (1) provides a predetermined internal angle a at an apex (6) and means for attachment to the extension arm (2) and the spirit level (3) to provide a corner gauge. Various mouldings providing different angles can be used to construct a corner with a particular angle. The spirit level (3), may be integrated into the moulding (1) for convenience and further spirit levels may be attachable thereto for increased accuracy. The extension arm (2), may also be substituted for a spirit level. A kit can be provides with a series of mouldings (1) with different predetermined angles, plus a spirit level (3) and extension arm (2). ...

- Orangeburg, NY, US
Inventor: Karl McAllister
USPTO Applicaton #: #20080155847 - Class: 33534 (USPTO) - 07/03/08 - Class 335 

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The Patent Description & Claims data below is from USPTO Patent Application 20080155847, Corner gauge.

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The invention relates to corner gauges to aid the construction of corners during building work.


With conventional methods, the construction of corners in the construction industry i.e. during building work, can become frustrating where an exact angle is required, e.g. 90°, 45°, 135°.

An object of the present invention is to provide a corner gauge to aid the construction of accurately angled corners.


According to one aspect of the invention therefore, there is provided a corner gauge for use in the construction of corners, comprising a moulding having a first and a second shoulder portion joined at an apex to define a predetermined angle, the first shoulder portion extending into an integrated arm, wherein the arm comprises a spirit level.

With this arrangement, the corner gauge is easy and simple to use to aid in the accurate construction of a corner angle without the requirement for multiple pieces of equipment.

The integrated arm may be adapted for attachment to a second spirit level to improve the accuracy of the corner gauge. In this respect, the integrated arm may comprise a connector arm and the second spirit level may comprise an aperture to receive the connector arm.

Conventional construction spirit levels normally come in two standard sizes with a dimension of for example 50 mm or 60 mm across. They are commonly H-shaped in cross section. As a result, the connector arm may engage with a plug with which the second spirit level engages to bridge the gap between the sizes, or accommodate different cross-sectional shapes of spirit level.

Preferably, the second shoulder portion is adapted for attachment to an extension arm. The extension arm may be a hollow box section which slidably fits onto a connector arm on the second shoulder portion. However the extension arm may be substituted for a spirit level.

Each of the predetermined angles may be 45E, 90E, 135E, or any other suitable angle in between which is commonly used for the construction of corners in the construction industry.

Most preferably, the mouldings are constructed so as to provide a complementary internal angle opposite to the apex such that the corner gauge can be used to construct both internal and external corners, e.g. the apex and the complementary internal angle are both 135E.

In one embodiment of the invention, the extension arm and/or the second spirit level is releasably attachable to the moulding on the respective shoulder portion. This may be by a push fit, push button, a clip or a screw fitting to retain said extension arm.

The spirit level of the integrated arm preferably comprises at least one level indicator. The level indicator(s) preferably comprise an elongate translucent capsule having liquid therein to indicate the exact horizontal or vertical position. The spirit level may comprise multiple indicators to show horizontal and/or vertical positioning. These indicators may be located along said integrated arm. The level indicators may be located behind a window or windows in said spirit level.

The moulding and extension arm may be constructed of plastics, aluminium or any other suitable material.

According to a second aspect of the invention there is provided a kit of parts for a corner gauge for use in the construction of corners comprising:

a series of mouldings each having a first and a second shoulder portion joined at an apex to define a predetermined angle, the first shoulder portion being adapted for attachment to a spirit level and the second shoulder portion being adapted for attachment to an extension arm;

a spirit level; and

an extension arm;

wherein each of the predetermined angles of the mouldings provides a different angle.

With this kit, the various mouldings provided in the kit allow a user to select an appropriate moulding with the required angle, attach said spirit level and easily and simply arrange the assembly for use in construction of a corner.

According to a third aspect of the invention there is provided a series of angled mouldings at least one of which has a predetermined angle other than 90°, each moulding including an end adapted for attachment to a corresponding end of a spirit level, the spirit level being of box section, each of the angled mouldings being used as an angled gauge in the construction of walls.

Again, in the second and third aspects of the invention the predetermined angles may be 45°, 90°, 135° or any other suitable angle used in the construction of corners. In the kit, the extension arm may be substituted for a spirit level. Although the extension arm and/or spirit levels may slidably fit onto said shoulder portions, the kit may further comprise push button, clip or screw fittings to retain the respective extension arm/spirit level.


The invention will now be described by way of example only and with reference to the accompanying drawings in which:

FIG. 1 is a perspective exploded view of a corner gauge according to one embodiment of the invention;

FIG. 2 is a diagrammatic plan view of an alternative angled moulding for use with the corner gauge of FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is a diagrammatic plan view of a moulding according to a second embodiment of the invention;

FIG. 4 is a diagrammatic plan view of an alternative angled moulding according to FIG. 3; and

FIG. 5 is a diagrammatic side view of a plug for use in the embodiments of FIGS. 1 to 4.


As shown in FIG. 1, in a first embodiment of the invention a corner gauge comprises a moulding 1, an extension arm 2 and a spirit level section 3.

The moulding 1 comprises two shoulder portions 4, 5 integrally formed to provide an apex 6. The resultant polygonal shape has predefined equal opposite internal and external angles a, b respectively. The predefined angles a, b, may be any angle commonly used in the building industry for the construction of corners, e.g. 30°, 45°, 80°, 90°, 135°, etc.

Each of the shoulder portions 4, 5 has a box-like connector arm 7, 8 extending from the free end which is slightly smaller in dimension than the respective shoulder portion 4, 5 and positioned centrally with respect to said free end.

The extension arm 2 comprises an elongate hollow box section. The hollow of the extension arm 2 releasably engages with one of said connector arms 7 by sliding thereon until it abuts the free end of the respective shoulder 4.

The spirit level section 3 comprises a box section and has an aperture at one end thereof. The section 3 also comprises an indicator 9 in the form of an elongate capsule 10 mounted within the section 3 so as to be viewable through an aperture or window 11. The capsule 10 contains liquid 12 with a proportion of air 13 and the capsule 10 is marked to indicate the centre point of the length of the capsule 10. This is a conventional spirit level indicator construction.

The aperture of section 3 is slidably engageable with the connector arm 8 of the respective shoulder portion 5 until the section 3 abuts the free end of said shoulder portion 5. The spirit level section 3 may be a standard spirit level.

Any additional suitable retaining means can be employed on both connector arms 7, 8, such as a grub screw or clip or push button or otherwise.

In use, the spirit level section 3 and the extension arm 2 can be attached to a suitable moulding 1 having the internal and external angle a, b, required, to create a corner gauge suitable for the corner being constructed. The corner gauge can then be dismantled after use for storage/carriage.

FIG. 2 shows one other moulding 1 that can be used in the corner gauge for a sharper corner, i.e. 45°. However, due to the sharpness of such a corner, the internal angle b does not have a complementary angle a at an apex due to an internal corner being constructed in two straight sections.

In a second embodiment of the invention as shown in FIGS. 3 and 4, the moulding 1 and the spirit level section 3 may be integrally formed. In this embodiment the shoulder portion 5 extends into an elongate box section arm 14, with one indicator 9a positioned at the free end and further indicators 9b, 9c located along the length of the elongate arm 14 to increase the accuracy of the corner construction. The extension arm (not shown), connects to a connector arm 7, as before and the elongate arm 14 may provide a connector arm for the attachment of a further spirit level or extension arm.

In both embodiments, the extension arm 2 may be substituted for a spirit level section 3 to increase accuracy further.

Due to the spirit levels used in the construction industry generally being of different standard shapes and sizes, in both embodiments of the invention it is possible to apply a “plug” to a respective connector arm 7, 8 to accommodate a different sized spirit level. The plug may be a short hollow box section (not shown) that fits over the connector arm 7, 8 to widen said arm 7, 8 to fit snugly within the aperture of a larger spirit level. These plugs may come in different sizes and a variety of sizes may be provided in a kit for a corner gauge along with a variety of angled mouldings and an extension arm and/or spirit level or spirit level section.

An alternative plug is shown in FIG. 5, where the connector arm 7, 8 comprises a dovetail shaped aperture 15 and a plug 16 with a corresponding dovetail-shaped protrusion 17 attached to a box section body 18 can be inserted into an aperture of a spirit level 3. The protrusion 17 can be engaged with aperture 15 to result in a universal fitting regardless of the size of spirit level. The box section body 18 may vary in size to correspond to different sizes of spirit level.

It is of course to be understood that the invention is not intended to be restricted to the details of the above embodiments, which are described by way of example only. Thus, the integrated spirit level 3 and moulding 1 embodiments may comprise a much shorter arm 14, or the spirit level indicator 9 may be incorporated into the corner of the moulding 1 between the angle a at apex and angle b. Also, the plug 16 shown in FIG. 5 may not employ a dovetail shaped arrangement but any other suitable shape such as a T-shaped protrusion for engagement with a T-shaped aperture in the respective connector arm 7, 8.

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