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Conveyors: power-driven

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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09/25/2014 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140284172 - Continuous operation portable material handling system: A system and method for material handling includes a first portable conveyor for feeding material to a mobile bridge conveyor for the material to be stacked via a stacker until a discharge end of the mobile bridge conveyor is at or within a predetermined distance of a discharge end of... Agent:

20140284173 - Feeding appliance and method for conversion of the same: Feeding appliances have an elongate continuous conveyor (14) which serves as a distributing conveyor. The distributing conveyor is required only in certain usage situations. Said distributing conveyor must thus be detached when not in use. Detachment is also required for the transportation of the feeding appliance by road. In the... Agent: Dynapac Gmbh

20140284174 - Booklet processing unit: According to one embodiment, a booklet processing unit is disclosed. It includes a conveyance means for conveying a booklet containing an IC chip along a conveyance way; a printing means for printing a first particular information in the booklet; a recording means for recording a second particular information on the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140284175 - Buffer means for containers and method for buffering containers: A buffer means and a method for buffering containers, in particular in a container handling apparatus, like for example bottles in a bottle filling apparatus, is described. The buffer means comprises at least a first conveyor track. Furthermore at least a second conveyor track is provided, which is drivable along... Agent:

20140284176 - Conveyor lubricants including emulsion of a lipophilic compound and an emulsifier and/or an anionic surfactant and methods employing them: The present invention relates to conveyor lubricant compositions including an emulsion of a lipophilic compound and also including an emulsifier and/or an anionic surfactant. The present invention also relates to methods employing such lubricant compositions. In an embodiment, the method includes applying the present lubricant composition to a conveyor with... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140284178 - Liquid discharging apparatus: A liquid discharging apparatus includes a transporting endless belt, a discharging head and a cleaning mechanism. The transporting endless belt has an adhesive support surface, and configured and arranged to intermittently transport a medium by supporting the medium on the adhesive support surface. The discharging head is configured and arranged... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140284177 - Recording transport device and recording device medium: An ink jet printer includes a cleaning blade that cleans the surface of a transport belt that attracts a sheet of recording paper by electrostatic adsorption and transports the attracted recording paper, and a pressing roller. The width of the cleaning blade is smaller than the width of the pressing... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140284179 - Loading station for transport bags for transporting goods in a hanging manner: A loading station allows transport bags to be loaded for transporting goods in a hanging manner. Each of the transport bags is provided with a first bag wall, wherein the portion of which facing upwards when in the transport position is connected to a carrying member for transporting the transport... Agent: D&#xfc Rkopp F&#xf6 Rdertechnik Gmbh

20140284180 - Transport bag for transporting goods in a hanging manner: A transport bag is used for transporting goods, in other words products, in a hanging manner. The transport bag has a rigid carrying wall which, when in the transport position, has an upper portion that is connected to a carrying element for carrying the transport bag in a hanging manner.... Agent: Durkopp Fordertechnik Gmbh

20140284181 - Apparatus for the conveying of plastics material pre-forms with continuous feed: Provided is an apparatus that conveys container pre-forms comprising a first circulating carrier and a plurality of engagement devices constructed and arranged on the first circulating carrier. The engagement devices circulate along a pre-set circulation path during a movement of the first circulating carrier. The circulation path has at least... Agent:

20140284182 - Dual-direction positioning device: A dual-direction positioning device includes a main body, a first clamping structure, a second clamping structure, a first swing arm, a second swing arm, a coupling unit, and a first elastic element. The main body has a guiding trench portion. The first clamping structure and the second clamping structure are... Agent: Tsc Auto Id Technology Co., Ltd.

20140284183 - End lid design and removal tool: A motorized drum (03000) has a drum shell (03700) with a motor (04200) there within and an end lid (03570) of a determined diameter with an end lid recess (46920). An end lid remover tool (46940) has an outer circumferential geometry with a larger diameter and a tool recess (46930).... Agent: Mol Belting Systems, Inc.

20140284184 - Simple suspension bridge type belt conveyor: A simple suspension bridge type belt conveyor comprises a simple suspension bridge body (1), a conveyor belt (2), a trough support roller apparatus (3) and a circular support roller apparatus (4). A plurality of supporting pillars (5) are arranged beneath the simple suspension bridge body (1); the trough support roller... Agent: Cable Bridge Conveyor, LLC

20140284185 - Woven wire conveyor belt and a method of forming the same: A woven wire conveyor belt having a plurality of spiral wires and a plurality of connecting wires operably associated with the plurality of spiral wires to form a conveying surface with a plurality of openings formed therein. Each of the plurality of spiral wires has a first side wall and... Agent: Lumsden Corporation

09/18/2014 > 21 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140262680 - Flexible conveyance system: A conveyance system includes a plurality of feed-forward track segments each having an upwardly facing channel and a friction drive member disposed in the channel. At least one carrier is supported for movement along the feed-forward track segments by frictional engagement between the carrier and the friction drive member. The... Agent: Kuka Systems Corporation North America

20140262681 - Flexible conveyance system: A conveyance system includes a plurality of feed-forward track segments aligned end-to end, each having an upwardly facing channel and at least one linear motor disposed in the channel. At least one carrier is supported for movement along the track segments. Each carrier includes at least one magnet that cooperates... Agent: Kuka Systems Corporation North America

20140262682 - Apparatus for conveying, inspecting and stacking items: A machine for inspecting, sorting and stacking items includes a plurality of conveyor lanes for moving items through the machine. An imaging system is arranged relative to the conveyor lanes to view items moving along the conveyor lanes. A reject arrangement is downstream of the imaging system and includes a... Agent:

20140262683 - Method and machine for making uniform products: A method of forming an oral product includes gripping a rod of oral product material with a gripping device, indexing the rod forward to have a leading end of the rod abut a stop at a first location, cutting a leading portion of the rod to create an oral product,... Agent:

20140262684 - Transfer conveyor: A material handling system incorporates one or more transfer conveyor sections configured to selectively discharge articles being conveyed in at least one direction which is disposed at a transverse angle relative to the incoming direction of the article. The transfer conveyor includes rotary cams with circumferential cam tracks which engage... Agent: Intelligrated Headquarters, LLC

20140262685 - Continuous motion article arranging systems and methods: A system, method and an end effector may arrange into a group two articles within a stream of articles moving spaced apart and in a line in a conveying direction on a conveyor. The system, method, and end effector may contact and slow the more downstream of the two articles... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140262686 - Singulator conveyor: A conveyor machine is provided. In another aspect, a singulator conveyor employs three-dimensionally obliquely skewed driven rollers angularly offset from a primary feeding and downstream direction, outboard of an adjacent driven conveyor having a top surface moving in the primary feeding and downstream direction. A further aspect provides a downstream... Agent: Cinetic Sorting Corp.

20140262687 - Remotely driven shuttle car: A shuttle system includes a shuttle which has no onboard power to drive the shuttle nor to drive a conveyor carried by said shuttle. The shuttle is moved by a first drive element which is driven by a remotely located mechanical power source. The conveyor is connected to a second... Agent: Intelligrated Headquarters, LLC

20140262688 - Scraping device for a transporting belt and corresponding manufacturing method: A device including a supporting structure, at least one scraping member upwardly and downwardly delimited by upstream and downstream sides, and an elastic material that is overmolded on the scraping member and connecting the scraping member to the supporting structure, the upstream side of the scraping member being covered with... Agent:

20140262689 - Apparatus for collecting dispensed drugs: Disclosed is an apparatus for collecting drugs dispensed from drug dispensing boxes. The apparatus includes a main conveyor on which the dispensed drugs are placed and discharged to a first end thereof, and an auxiliary conveyor configured to be hidden at a lower portion of the first end of the... Agent: Jvm Co., Ltd.

20140262690 - Apparatuses, systems, and methods for anticipating and delivering medications from a central pharmacy to a patient using a track based transport system: Provided herein are various apparatuses, systems, and methods for transporting medication within a healthcare facility. An example system for connecting sections of a track having an electrically conductive bus bar may include a first end cap including an alignment ridge, where the first end cap is received at the end... Agent:

20140262691 - Apparatus for substrate transportation using electrostatic floating: The intent of this invention is to provide an apparatus for substrate transportation that is to carry the substrate without any mechanical contact when the substrate is required to be transported in various manufacturing processes including semiconductor, display and the like.... Agent: Yas Co., Ltd

20140262692 - Conveyer belt for round produce: A conveyer belt having a plurality of raised crescent shaped protrusions extending upward from its flat body and arranged in an array of aligned vertical columns and horizontal rows. Each protrusion has rounded surfaces with no sharp edges, which helps prevent damage to produce as the produce falls upon the... Agent:

20140262693 - Winch drum tension isolation system: A winch drum tension isolation system includes a winch drum including an outwardly extending flange, the flange including a plurality of holes spaced along the flange. The winch drum tension isolation system also includes a locking mechanism positioned proximate the winch drum and including a locking member engageable with the... Agent: Joy Mm Delaware, Inc.

20140262694 - Conveyor having a catenary in the return path: Curved conveyors are disclosed herein. An embodiment of a curved conveyor includes a first end and a second end. Items to be conveyed are received onto the conveyor at the first end and the items to be conveyed are removed from the conveyor at the second end. The conveyor forms... Agent: Interroll Holding Ag

20140262695 - High-performance conveyor belt system: A conveyor belt system drive has at least one drive at the head drum or head drums. At least one non-driven relieving roller is arranged in a vicinity of each of the driven upper belt middle rollers. A device brings the driven upper belt middle rollers into a position spaced... Agent: Takraf Gmbh

20140262696 - Belt having embedded tension members: In a force transmission belt or a conveyor belt, in particular a toothed belt, having a main belt body or a cord embedding zone made of a customary belt elastomer (20), in particular of polyurethane, and having at least one tension member of carbon cord (10; 1, 2) embedded in... Agent:

20140262697 - Positive drive balanced mesh belt system: A compound balanced woven-wire conveyor belt including a plurality of interwoven helically-wound spirals and connector rods, and a plurality of spiral wires forming protruding tangs on a surface of the woven-wire belt. A conveyor system further includes at least one rotatable member including an outer cylindrical surface symmetrically disposed relative... Agent: Cambridge International Inc.

20140262698 - Conveyor belt and platform for conveyor belt: A surface platform for a conveyor belt includes a platform member having an upper surface and a rail member at one side of the upper surface. One end of the rail member has an undercut portion defining an extension, and the other end of the rail member defines a slot,... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140262699 - Thermoforming chain rail having compact anti-torque chain support: A thermoformable web chain rail assembly is provided having a chain and a chain rail. The chain has a series of alternating and interconnected roller links and pin links. The pin links include at least one pin extending through an adjacent one of the roller links and the pin links.... Agent:

20140262700 - Conveyor underguard: A conveyor underguard that is adapted for use with a conveyor having a pair of spaced apart side channels, each having a lower flange and a plurality of openings on each flange, includes a guard surface and a pair of mounting members, each extending outwardly generally parallel to the guard... Agent: Dematic Corp.

09/11/2014 > 32 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140251753 - Passenger conveyor with movable lateral panel members: A passenger conveyor, comprises: an endless tread band, the endless tread band comprising a plurality of treads, at least one endless drive chain, the drive chain being driven around a first and a second turnaround section by means of a drive, the drive chain comprising a plurality of drive chain... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

20140251754 - Apparatus for handling containers: Provided is an apparatus for handling containers. The apparatus comprises a moveable carrier, a plurality of treatment stations arranged on the moveable carrier for treating the containers, each treatment station having at least one element that is moveable in relation to the carrier, and a stationary guide curve. The elements... Agent:

20140251755 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus is provided that includes a first transmission mechanism transmitting a driving force from a driving source to a first development roller, a second transmission mechanism transmitting the driving force from the driving source to a second development roller, and a drive switching mechanism disposed between the... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140251756 - Dispensing device for vending machine: A vending machine is equipped with a dispensing device that includes a plate, a track, carriers, a work station, a driving unit and a sensor. The plate is horizontally placed in a vending machine. The track is connected to the plate. The carriers are movably connected to the track for... Agent:

20140251757 - Tire conveyor for a tire testing machine: In order to stably transfer a tire between a roller portion and a conveyor for a tire testing machine, the tire conveyor of the present invention includes: a roller portion that is provided at a position without a conveying surface of the conveyor in the width direction perpendicular to the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140251758 - Separating device: The invention proceeds from a separating device having at least one portioning unit (12a-f) which is provided for spacing main groups (14a-f) apart from at least one product column (18a-f) which is fed in in a continuous feed movement (16a-f) and for forming the main groups (14a-f) from the at... Agent:

20140251759 - Workpiece-separating device: A workpiece-separating device includes a rotating assembly, a moving assembly, and a driver. The rotating assembly includes a limiting board and a rotating shaft, wherein the limiting board defines a through groove, and the rotating shaft defines a plurality of grooves. A distance between two adjacent grooves changes along a... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140251760 - Die eject assembly for die bonder: Disclosed herein is a die eject assembly for a die bonder that may include a poker pin having an elongate shaft portion with a first end and a second end. The poker pin further includes a base portion having a first end and a second end. The base portion has... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140251761 - Wing pulley having central reinforcing disk: Wing pulleys that engage a conveyor belt during conveying operations are described. The wing pulley includes a central reinforcing disk that strengthens and stabilizes the pulley.... Agent: Precision, Inc.

20140251762 - Cleaning apparatus, methods of making cleaning apparatus, and methods of cleaning: Devices for removing particulate from surfaces may include at least one belt coupled with at least one guide to rotate the belt(s) about the guide(s). A vacuum cavity may be disposed around a portion of the belt(s) to remove captured particulate therefrom when a negative pressure is introduced in the... Agent:

20140251763 - Vibrating helicoidal transport device: The present invention relates to a transport device (1) comprising a transport module (1a) comprising a helicoidal conduit (3) actuated in vibration by a vibration module (1b) comprising a support (4) with a rigid connecting piece supporting a plurality of n pairs of vibrating motors (5), said rigid connecting piece... Agent:

20140251764 - Machine having a pneumatic drum for processing sheets of different formats: A machine for processing sheets of different formats includes a pneumatic drum having an outer sleeve with pneumatic nozzle channels and an inner sleeve with a covering segment for covering the nozzle channels in a format-dependent way. A motor is provided to rotate the inner sleeve relative to the outer... Agent: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag

20140251765 - Conveyor roller with reinforcement element: The invention relates to a conveyor roller for conveyor installations for the purpose of conveying containers, pallets and the like, comprising a roller body with a roller axis, the outer peripheral area of which represents a bearing surface for items to be conveyed, and a head element that is inserted... Agent: Interroll Holding Ag

20140251766 - Transfer star-wheel: A transfer star-wheel includes a takeover point, a handover point, transmission elements, and a transport path. The star-wheel receives containers from a first container treatment device at the takeover point transfers them to the handover point, and passes them to the second container treatment device. The transport path has inner... Agent: Khs Gmbh,

20140251767 - Compact conveyor system: A conveyor system including a train of carrier plates arranged for movement along a conveyor path which possesses either rightward turns or leftward turns and each carrier plate defines a leading edge and a trailing edge. Each of the leading and trailing edges has an outer portion which is disposed... Agent:

20140251768 - Modular support system: A modular support system has individual frame modules each of which is formed by a series of standardized components that are secured together to form a generally elongate support structure for various uses, in particular a support structure for a conveyor. A truss frame module and a channel frame module... Agent: Engineeringology Inc.

09/04/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.
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