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Conveyors: power-driven

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04/16/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150101908 - Article carrier apparatus and method: The present subject matter relates to article carriers and related methods for use in grading apparatus and in particular, but not exclusively, for use in grading fruit. The present subject matter provides an article carrying apparatus comprising a plurality of carrier lanes each for receiving and conveying a number of... Agent:

20150101909 - Adjusting system: A system for adjusting at least the vertical setting between a first transport device and a second transport device in a transport section for preforms for plastic containers. The first transport device has at least one outlet unit for accepting preforms from the second transport unit and a rail unit... Agent: M. Tanner Ag

20150101910 - Elevator conveyor belt with adjustable slope: An elevator conveyor belt (10) with adjustable slope, suitable for moving semi-finished or finished products on different levels along production lines, includes a supporting and stiffening frame (12) divided in at least two adjacent sections defined by a horizontal section (14) or load section arranged according to a horizontal plane... Agent: Costruzioni Meccaniche Crizaf S.p.a.

20150101911 - Articulated sample container rack apparatus, rack conveyor systems, and methods of conveying sample containers: An articulated sample rack apparatus is disclosed. In one aspect, the articulated sample rack apparatus has a plurality of coupled rack components wherein at least some of the rack components have a receptacle having a bottom to receive a sample container, the rack having free ends and at least one... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150101912 - Conveyor chain: A conveyor chain includes a plurality of side link assemblies and flight arm assemblies coupled together to form an elongated chain. The flight arm assemblies include a pair of opposing flight arms positioned on either side of the chain with the flight arms each including an elongated body formed with... Agent: The Cincinnati Mine Machinery Company

04/09/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150096866 - Log singulator: A log singulator has first and second segments supported between roller mechanisms that allow the first and second segments to be reciprocated up and down. Each segment has a plurality of steps. Structural members of one segment extend between steps of the other segment. Some log singulators have first and... Agent:

20150096867 - Apparatus for orderly supply of a group of trays to a sealing machine of said trays, with application of a covering film: The external conveyor supplying the trays coming from the filling machine is connected to a conveyor (1) formed of parallel straps or belts (101), which has a greater length than the length of the group of trays of larger dimensions to be grouped together and which is provided in the... Agent:

20150096868 - Drive apparatus: The first gear is fixed to a conveyance screw. The second gear is arranged in tandem with the first gear. The third gear meshes with the first gear and the second gear. The first support member supports the first gear to enable movement in one radial direction. The second support... Agent:

20150096869 - Mobile support unit for a conveyor for transferring objects, and conveyor for transferring objects comprising said mobile support unit: Support unit for a conveyor of objects comprising a plurality of support bodies reciprocally pivoted with respect to each other to define a closed ring and suitable to slide in a guide of the conveyor along a closed path, said support bodies each being provided with at least a flat... Agent: Immobiliare Metalprogetti Srl

04/02/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150090557 - Passenger conveyor: In a passenger conveyor, a supporting angle that is supported on a building beam is fixed to an end portion of a truss main body. A plurality of movement limiting members that come into contact with the supporting angle to limit horizontal movement of the supporting angle are disposed on... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150090558 - Brake system for passenger conveyors: A system for braking an escalator or moving walkway includes a handrail and passenger support in registration with one another so as to move together. A braking tensioner selectively increases tension in the handrail during operation. The increased tension serves to frictionally brake the handrail and hence the passenger support.... Agent:

20150090559 - Trim arm adjustment assembly automated setting: Techniques for automatically setting trim removal or stacking device arms. One point on a trim arm (such as an end) is attached to a transverse rail, along which that end moves, and provides an anchor point to which the trim arm can be angled. An automated device anchors that end... Agent:

20150090560 - Positive-drive spiral conveyor with overlapping cage-bar caps: Overlapping cage-bar caps in a spiral belt conveyor. The cage bars of a spiral-conveyor cage are covered along the majority of their length by a main cage-bar cap fastened to the cage bar at the exit of the belt from the spiral. At the belt's entrance to the spiral, an... Agent: Laitram, L.L.C.

20150090561 - Conveying device: A conveying device includes: opposed first and second rollers disposed to a first path; a roller holder supporting the second roller and movable between a first position where the second roller contacts the first roller and a second position where the second roller is spaced apart from the first roller;... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150090562 - Conveying roller unit, sheet conveying device, and image processing apparatus: A manual sheet feeder that is an example of a sheet conveying device includes a roller unit in which a rubber roller is mounted on a support member. A separation wall is formed in an internal space of the support member, and a rotation shaft is formed at the separation... Agent:

20150090563 - Driving force transmission device and image-forming apparatus: Provided is a driving force transmission device including: an actuator (22) that, in a case where one of a first annular gear (11), a second annular gear (14), and a carrier (16) is an input member, another one is an output member, and the remaining one is a rotational member,... Agent:

20150090564 - Belt conveyor unit and image forming apparatus including same: A belt conveyor unit includes a plurality of rollers around which a belt is entrained, including a first roller, a second roller disposed opposite the first roller via the belt, and a third roller other than the first roller and the second roller, and a belt alignment device including a... Agent:

20150090565 - Chain conveyor for plastics material pre-forms: An apparatus for the conveying of containers, with a conveyor which forms a contact face for the containers to be conveyed, wherein the conveyor moves at least locally along a pre-set direction and has a plurality of conveying members connected to one another in an articulated manner, and with a... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150083548 - Apparatus and method for inspecting and processing pellet-shaped articles: A conveyer apparatus for inspecting and processing pellet-shaped articles, each of the pellet-shaped articles including a first side and a second side, the conveyer apparatus comprising: a conveyer including a plurality of carrier links to convey a plurality of pellet-shaped articles along a predetermined conveyer path; a first inspection unit... Agent: Ackley Machine Corporation

20150083549 - System and method for sorting articles: Described herein is a method for configuring a sorting system with multiple carriers. A sensor is provided on one of the sensors and the sensor is passed across a number of divert locations. An index feature at each divert location is detected by the sensor and the logical position of... Agent:

20150083550 - Rotary orienter: A rotary orienter includes a turret rotatable about a central axis and at least one rotation pad rotatably mounted to the turret and selectively rotatable about a pad axis. The turret rotates to index the rotation pad to a receiving station, a discharge station and at least one actuating station... Agent:

20150083551 - Web processing with semi-rotary accumulator: Various apparatus embodiments include first, second, third and fourth idler shafts, and further include a first movable idler shaft having a first movable axis that is movable between a first axis position and a second axis position, and a second movable idler shaft having a second movable axis that is... Agent: Delta Industrial Services, Inc.

20150083552 - Conveyor: A conveyor comprises a frame, an endless conveyor belt supported by the frame in a conveying direction along a helical path, a non-helical path and a transfer path. The helical path has an upright center line. The belt includes a plurality of plates movably coupled to each other. The frame... Agent:

20150083553 - Tray sealer with exchangeable belt body: The invention relates to a tray sealer having a feed belt comprising a drive unit and a belt body having a conveyor belt. The belt body is adapted to be dismounted, together with the conveyor belt, from the drive unit without making use of a tool. An exchange unit is... Agent:

20150083554 - Cleanable conveyor-belt drive system: A hygienic drive system for a belt conveyor. The drive system has a stator rigidly mounted in a housing having an outer bearing surface that is continuous with the outer surface of mounting supports and avoids hard-to-clean nooks. A rotor assembly formed by drive wheels rotatably mounted on the outer... Agent: Laitram, L.L.C.

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