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Conveyors: power-driven

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04/10/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140097064 - Apparatus and method for separating articles susceptible to cohesive grouping: An apparatus for separating articles susceptible to cohesive grouping includes a first collection area having an end. A first conveying device collects and conveys an array of articles in a plurality of rows toward a second collection area receiving at least one row of articles from the end of the... Agent: Dyco, Inc.

20140097065 - Excited frame vibratory conveyor: An excited frame vibratory conveyor is described and which includes a base frame; a motor mount made integral and with the base frame; a pair of vibratory motors mounted on the motor mount; and an electrical circuit for energizing the pair of vibratory motors in a fashion which reduces movement... Agent:

20140097066 - Paper feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same: A paper feeding apparatus includes a transfer roller that provides a transfer force of a first direction onto the upper surface of a recording medium; a retard roller that faces the transfer roller to form a transfer nip and provides a transfer force of a second direction opposite to the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140097067 - Longwall equipment with a hydrostatic tube balance thereon for determining the height position of individual elements of the longwall equipment: A Longwall equipment for mechanical extraction in long-wall mining, in particular in underground coal mining, having a face conveyor arranged along the coal face, having an extraction machine which can be displaced along the face conveyor and having shield support units attached to the face conveyor at an angle thereto,... Agent:

20140097068 - Circuit board transportation device, circuit board working apparatus, and conveyor belt: The circuit board transportation device has: a guide member that is provided in such a manner as to extend in the transport direction and has a guide surface that comes into abutment with a circuit board from the outside of the circuit board in a perpendicular direction that is a... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

04/03/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140090954 - Ceiling installation type article transport facility: Guide rails for an article transport vehicle are provided and include a pair of right and left rail portion which are spaced apart from each other in a rail lateral direction. The guide rails are diverged into a straight forward path, a left diverging path, and a right diverging path... Agent: Daifuku Co., Ltd.

20140090955 - Slide retract for conveyor: A package handling device includes a conveyor, a sensor system and a reject system. The conveyor transports a product along a product handling line. The sensor system is proximate to the conveyor system to determine at least one characteristic of the product for comparison to product acceptance criteria. Failure of... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140090956 - Food product positioning system and method: A food handling system having a positioning system and method. The positioning system includes a main conveying surface, an electronic sensor, a controller and a robot. The main conveying surface is configured to move food products. The electronic sensor is configured to capture position data about one or more food... Agent: Formax, Inc.

20140090957 - Automatic analyzer: A convey mechanism is a moving mechanism used to move a rack, which can store cuvettes, along a linear moving direction. A driving unit drives the convey mechanism to intermittently move the rack along. A detection unit outputs an error signal when it detects that a placement state of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140090958 - Manipulative auger system: An auger assembly for moving material is disclosed. The auger assembly includes a first auger section, second auger section, and joint connecting the two sections. The second auger section includes an auger assembly output for dispensing material, such as a harvested grain. The first auger section, second auger section, and... Agent:

20140090959 - Driving device of a conveyor device: A driving device of a conveyor device such as an intake finger assembly of an auger of a harvesting device includes a feeder aid disposed in an interior of the conveyor device, a swivel bearing for supporting the feeder aid on a control shaft, a first fastening section assigned to... Agent:

20140090960 - Bearingless reciprocating slat-type conveyor assemblies: A tipper retrofit bearingless reciprocating slat-type conveyor assembly 200 for use in a load-holding compartment including a plurality of elongate hold down strips 220, a plurality of elongate guide trough subdecks 230, and a plurality of longitudinal slats 210 adjacent to and parallel to each other is described herein. Also... Agent: Hallco Industries, Inc.

20140090961 - Conveyor belt having bidirectional stacked rollers: A conveyor belt and a belt module having multiple roller sets, each roller set including a bottom roller in contact with an axially elongated top roller. Driving the bottom roller in a first direction causes rotation of the top roller in an opposite angular direction. The bottom rollers in first... Agent: Laitram, L.L.C.

20140090962 - High temperature conveyor belt: A high temperature conveyor belt is provided having a non-metallic conveying surface which will not scratch, abrade or otherwise mar the surface of a product being carried on the belt through a furnace and which will not contaminate the product. In one embodiment, the conveyor comprises a high temperature fabric... Agent: Btu International, Inc.

03/27/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140083816 - Combination weigher: A combination weigher comprises a collecting conveyor which conveys objects and discharges the objects; a plurality of weighing conveyors configured to convey the objects fed thereto and discharge the objects, to feed the objects to the collecting conveyor apparatus; a plurality of weight sensors for measuring weights of the objects... Agent: Yamato Scale Co., Ltd.

20140083817 - Electromagnetic transfer system: The invention relates to an electromagnetic transfer system (100) having a preferably closed carrier path (20), along which a multiplicity of individually activatable induction coils (25) are arranged, and having conveying elements (30, 30a to 30e), which are arranged in a movable manner on the carrier path (20) and each... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140083818 - Component transfer device and method: A component transfer device according to the present invention includes a holding mechanism that positions and holds a component on a carrying surface located at a predetermined height and a pull-out unit that pulls out the component held on the carrying surface by the holding mechanism in a horizontal direction.... Agent: Hirata Corporation

20140083819 - Apparatus for conveying and plant for surface-treating articles: An apparatus for conveying articles, in which at least one endless drive train forms a load-bearing strand and a return strand and specifies a conveying direction. A guide device for the at least one endless drive train includes a first deflecting element and at least one second deflecting element, over... Agent: Eisenmann Ag

20140083820 - Apparatus and method for mass sterilization and pasteurization of food products: An apparatus and method for processing food products is provided. The product conditioning system includes an inlet assembly, a pressurizeable tunnel and an outlet assembly. The inlet assembly and outlet assembly include a pair of vertically extending pressure vessels having entry and exit openings which are both sealable by doors... Agent: Teo, Inc.

20140083821 - Belt tracking system, multi-roller assembly and image forming apparatus employing same: A belt tracking system for controlling the lateral position of a movable belt entrained about a plurality of generally parallel rollers for moving in a trans-axial direction perpendicular to an axial direction in which the rollers extend parallel to each other includes a roller shaft, a slidable member, and a... Agent:

20140083822 - Conveyor belt idler assembly: A conveyor belt idler assembly comprises support structure, a strand of catenary idler rollers, and an outboard wing roller or slider bar. The strand of catenary idler rollers can take on various trough-shaped contours. The outboard wing roller or slider bar is attached to the support structure and is able... Agent: Martin Engineering Company

20140083823 - Roller and conveying device with the same: The present disclosure provides a roller and a conveying device. The roller includes an inner circle, an outer circle, and an inflatable cushion arranged between the inner circle and the outer circle with the volume thereof changing as air charge inflated thereinto changes. by adjusting the air charge of the... Agent:

20140083824 - Conveyer belt and apparatus: A conveyor belt comprising knit fabric of high practicality, and an apparatus which uses such a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt includes weft knit fabric. Suction of air from below belt(s) is used to convey sheet-like and/or small thing(s) which are object(s) to be conveyed that are placed. The strength... Agent: Sanwa Techno Co., Ltd.

03/20/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140076686 - Start-up sensor with entrance way monitoring for escalators or moving walkways: A moving device including a driven conveyor, a control device for controlling the speed of the conveyor and a start-up sensor, which monitors a monitoring region in front of the moving device and outputs a start-up signal to the control device upon detecting an object, wherein, upon a provided start-up... Agent: Cedes Ag

20140076687 - Production plant for bulk goods: The production plant for bulk goods essentially includes a feed side for raw material, a processing unit for the material and a removal side for the processed products. In plants with a high output, the individual units of the plant run at a very high speed, causing wear and, as... Agent: Roweg Holding Ag

20140076688 - Optimization of conveyor belts used for workpiece processing: A system and method for the handling of workpieces in a workpiece processing system is disclosed. The system utilizes three conveyor belts, where one may be a loading belt, feeding unprocessed workpieces from its associated workpiece carrier to a processing system. A second conveyor belt may be an unloading belt,... Agent:

20140076689 - 4-way crossed belt and automatic parcel sorting apparatus using the same, and sorting method thereof: An automatic parcel sorting apparatus and a sorting method thereof that use a 4-way crossed belt instead of a unidirectional or bidirectional crossed belt which is generally used in an automatic parcel sorting apparatus such as an automatic parcel sorting machine.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140076690 - Dynamic reconfigurable in-line inverting and bypass system: A two belt inverter includes an integrated drive system that reorients the belts (via rotation) to both invert sheets and quickly reorients the belts (via rotation) to an in-line bypass configuration from job to job.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140076691 - Powder conveying device and image forming apparatus: A powder conveying device includes a first conveying unit, a second conveying unit, a conveying member, a powder pulverizing member, and a protective member. The first conveying unit has a lower end. The second conveying unit has one end connected to the lower end. The conveying member is disposed in... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140076692 - Transfer arrangement for transferring articles: The invention relates to a transfer arrangement (10; 10a) for transferring articles (1), having a first conveying arrangement (11) for the articles (1), on which the articles (1) are conveyed at in particular non-uniform intervals (a) from one another, and having at least one transporting element (38) with a transfer... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140076693 - Foodstuff conveyor apparatus and method of conveying a foodstuff: Conveyor apparatus and methods of conveying a foodstuff. A foodstuff conveyor apparatus may include a foodstuff inlet, a foodstuff outlet, and a conveyor chamber coupling the inlet to the outlet. A conveyor screw having an axis oriented longitudinally in the conveyor chamber may be configured to urge the foodstuff from... Agent: Vemag Maschinenbau Gmbh

20140076694 - Unit for conveying filter segments: The object of the invention is a unit for conveying filter segments (2) for the machines of tobacco industry, comprising a chain conveyor (10) in a horizontal arrangement on which the lugs (21) are disposed, the working ends (28) of which are deflected from the vertical. The unit comprises guides... Agent: International Tobacco Machinery Poland Sp. Z O.o.

20140076695 - Conveyor roller servicing apparatus: A mounting apparatus for a return roller is provided. The mounting apparatus is positioned beneath a return side of a conveyor belt, the return side of the conveyor belt having a near side along one edge of the return side of the conveyor belt and a far side along an... Agent: Asgco Manufacturing, Inc.

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