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Conveyors: power-driven

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12/04/2014 > 17 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140353113 - Auxiliary brakes for passenger conveyors: Passenger conveyors with auxiliary brake systems are disclosed. The passenger conveyors include a truss that rotatably supports a loop sprocket at one end and a turnaround at an opposite end with an endless loop extending around the loop sprocket and the turnaround. The loop includes a plurality of rollers linked... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

20140353114 - System and method for weighing containers: A system for weighing containers includes a movable member having a peripheral edge in which a recess forms a seat for drawing a container, the movable member being activatable in a first movement direction such that a first wall of the seat abuts and draws the container; a container-weighing cell... Agent:

20140353115 - Checkout-system arrangement: The invention relates to a checkout-system arrangement (10, 100), having an item-acquisition device (12) for acquiring selected items which comprises a scanner (18, 20, 22) for acquiring the items and a first conveyor belt (28) for conveying the items placed on the first conveyor belt (28). Furthermore, a packing device... Agent:

20140353116 - Part mounting facility and part mounting method: A part mounting facility is provided with substantially U-shaped conveyance paths having return bends, and the substantially U-shaped conveyance paths are formed by providing conveyance paths, which are in part mounting work regions, with the return bends. The substantially U-shaped conveyance paths are connected to each other, and the upstream-most... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140353117 - Container conveying carriage and conveying system including a container conveying carriage: A container conveying carriage includes a supporting section which supports a container, a container transfer device which transfers the container, and an item supply device which supplies an item stored in the container. The carriage can travel along a traveling path. Also, the container transfer device transfers the container between... Agent: Daifuku Co., Ltd.

20140353118 - Method for collecting samples of flat objects in a packaging machine and packaging machine for implementing said method: A method for collecting samples in a machine for packaging flat objects, the packaging machine has a counting device and a separation device for forming a succession of batches, and an assembly device for forming a succession of packs. The method of collection includes stages of: forming a sample batch... Agent:

20140353119 - Paper board stacking mechanism: A paper board stacking mechanism includes a transfer platform, a front conveyor group, a rear conveyor group, an inclination device, an elevation platform, and a stop plate. The transfer platform receives and conveys cut paper boards rearward. The front conveyor group includes first and second belt conveyors. The first belt... Agent:

20140353120 - Conveying arrangement for use with a transport member: A conveying arrangement is provided for a transport member for conveying product. The transport member traverses on rollers inside a conveying arrangement which includes a plurality of tunnel shaped guide channel segments connectable together via end flanges. A continuous opening is provided on the underside of each channel segment in... Agent: Mueller Martini Holding Ag

20140353121 - Article metering apparatus, system & methods: An article metering system is generally provided. The system is primarily comprised of a conveyor section, for receipt of a bulk flow of articles and conveyance of spaced apart metered article groups downstream of an ingress portion thereof, and an article metering station characterized by an article metering apparatus characterized... Agent: Douglas Machine Inc.

20140353122 - Conveyor merge assembly: A conveyor assembly comprising a main conveyor having a first side frame and a second side frame, with the first and/or second side frames including a side portion and a support surface. One or more input conveyors having a discharge end are joined to the main conveyor with a bottom... Agent: Dematic Corp.

20140353123 - Vacuum roll with internal rotary valve: A vacuum roll includes an inner rotor, an intermediate stator, and an outer shell roll. The inner rotor has open and closed portions and is adapted to rotate within the intermediate stator which is rotationally fixed and also has open and closed portions. The outer shell roll has open and... Agent:

20140353124 - System for conveying biomass for collection, transport, or processing: A system for conveying biomass is disclosed. The system is configured to convey biomass for collection, transport, or processing. The system contains a housing comprising an opening configured for the entry of biomass, at least one shoe skid configured to offset the housing in a vertical orientation, an apparatus at... Agent:

20140353125 - Conveyor and conveying method: A conveyor is provided with a supply roll, a corrective holding part and an additional holding part. The supply roll rotatably supports a belt-shaped cell material for an electrode or a separator. The corrective holding part conveys and holds the cell material fed out from the supply roll while bending... Agent: Automotive Energy Supply Corporation

20140353126 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus includes a housing and a belt assembly. The belt assembly includes a plurality of rollers, a belt, a belt first support, and a belt second support. The belt assembly is detachably attachable relative to the housing. The plurality of rollers includes a rotary shaft. The belt... Agent:

20140353127 - Weighing idler roller for a belt weighing application: This invention relates to an idler roller (1) for a belt conveyor and an idler roller assembly (41). The idler roller (1) comprises an elongate static shaft (3), a rotatable drum (5) mounted about and substantially surrounding the static shaft (3) and at least one bearing (7, 9) intermediate the... Agent:

20140353128 - Conveyor belt tracking and continuous take-up tensioning: A tracking and tensioning device for a belt conveyor that provides a tracking assembly that is mounted to the conveyor frame. The tracking assembly is capable of sliding along the length of the conveyor frame. An idler roller is mounted to the tracking assembly that is held under constant tension... Agent:

20140353129 - Rubber composition for conveyor belts and conveyor belt: The present invention relates to a rubber composition for a conveyor belt that enables the provision of a conveyor belt having sufficiently good tensile strength, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, and cut resistance and, more specifically, to a rubber composition for a conveyor belt that contains, with respect to 100 parts... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

11/27/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140346008 - High density storage array system: A conveyor system including a rack having a first level with an input conveyor being moveable with respect to the rack in a first direction of travel, a first storage conveyor being moveable with respect to the rack in a second direction of travel, a second storage conveyor being moveable... Agent:

20140346009 - Process station of devices for conveying biological product containers: There is described a process station of devices for conveying biological product containers comprising a main lane for the flow of said conveying devices and a secondary lane for the flow of said conveying devices connected to each other by connection stretches. Said process station comprises a diverting unit of... Agent: Inpeco Holding Ltd.

20140346010 - Methods for transferring discrete articles: The present disclosure is directed to a method of transferring discrete articles from or to a moving carrier member using a transfer assembly. The transfer assembly comprises a frame defining a rotation axis and a transfer member comprising a transfer surface configured to receive one of the discrete articles. The... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140346011 - Batch conveying unit for a unit for converting plate-like elements in a packaging production line: A batch conveying unit for a unit for conveying plate-like elements has at least two transport devices adjacent and parallel to one another (13, 14, 16) which are capable of transporting (L) the batches (3, 6) in a longitudinal direction, drive means for the transport devices (13), and an actuating... Agent:

20140346012 - Conveyor: A conveyor (3) comprising, a first belt (7a) which is configured to move in a closed loop (19); a support element (15) which comprises first surface (16a) which is configured to cooperate with a first surface (17a) of the first belt (7a) to support the first belt (7a) during an... Agent:

20140346013 - Universal safety device for extendible conveyors: An extendable boom conveyor system having a first boom element, a controller, and a movement sensor. The controller, using the movement sensor, can detect cyclic movement of a distal end of the first boom element and, in response to the detection, move the first boom element to reduce the cyclic... Agent:

20140346014 - Modular idle roller belt for conveyor of articles: A modular roller belt (100,200) for transporting articles is proposed. The belt comprises a plurality of modules (105) for transporting the articles, and a plurality of hinge pins (110), each for hinging adjacent modules of the belt about a corresponding geometric axis (GAX). Each module comprises at least one roller... Agent:

20140346015 - Drive roller for baler or other equipment: A drive roll for driving and engaging a belt is disclosed as well as a hay baler incorporating such a drive roll. The drive roll includes at least one set and typically many sets of drive ribs, which project from the outer cylindrical surface of the drive roll. The drive... Agent: Kondex Corporation

20140346016 - Transport chain and transport chain system: Transport chain for transporting objects along a transport path in a transport direction, which transport chain comprises a plurality chain links that is interconnected by means of a joint segment between each chain link, which joint segment comprises a bearing element. Each chain link in the part that is located... Agent: Carryline Ab

20140346017 - Stocking system and collection device, and method for its utilization: The invention pertains to a stocking system and collection device consisting of a linear conveyor system and a second linear conveyor system parallel to the first and placed in alignment with it so that an object placed on the first conveyor system may be transferred to the second conveyor system.... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140339046 - Methods and apparatuses for rejecting defective absorbent articles from a converting line: The present disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses for rejecting defective absorbent articles from a converting line. At a downstream portion of a converting process, the continuous length of absorbent articles may be subjected to a final knife and cut to create separate and discrete absorbent articles in the form... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140339047 - Wood veneer diverter and processing system: A wood veneer diverter system comprises a plurality of veneer diverters operable to divert veneer downwardly and away from a belt based on the category or grade of the veneer. These veneer diverters are desirably rotated so that they pass through a veneer flow path in the direction of veneer... Agent: Ventek, Inc.

20140339048 - System and method for singulating and separating a plurality of non-oriented items: An aspect of the present invention provides a system for transferring a plurality of non-oriented items. The system includes a feeding area, a conveyor and a rail. The feeding area can accept the plurality of non-oriented items. The conveyor has a first end, a second end, a conveyor length disposed... Agent:

20140339049 - Device and method for forming packaging units: A container-bundler includes a transporter having an alignment section with infinitely revolving single-station conveyor elements drivable in the transport direction with a controllable rotation element. An actuatable adjustment element is arranged in an alignment section. The controllable rotation element interacts with the adjustment element. A partitioning and/or compressing unit is... Agent:

20140339050 - Accuracy of fertilizer dispensed through a fixed opening: A conditioner for a fertilizer box configured to convey compacted particles away from a conveyor path of fertilizer particles. The conditioner may include a plurality of wings for deflecting a portion of a flow of fertilizer particles from a conveyor path. A method includes determining a constant effective dispense opening... Agent:

20140339051 - Apparatus and methods for dynamically controlling the spacing of conveyed objects: A conveying system employs independently controlled flights. The flights are controlled separately from a conveying surface. The conveying system includes a dynamic gapping conveyor for spacing conveyed objects in a selected manner. The dynamic gapping conveyor uses flexible flights independently driven by drivers to control the spacing between conveyed objects.... Agent: Laitram, L.L.C.

20140339052 - Apparatus for transporting, or for transporting and for processing, printed circuit boards: The invention proceeds from an apparatus for transporting, or for transporting and processing, printed circuit boards, having at least one transporting unit, which is provided for upright conveying purposes and has at least one wraparound conveyor means. It is proposed for the wraparound conveyor means to have at least one... Agent: Pematech Ag

20140339053 - System for transporting round hay bales and machine for handling hay that includes said trasnportation system: Conveyor system (1) for forage bales (2) comprising driving means (3) for said forage bales (2) and dragging means (4) for said driving means (3) for moving said bales (2) along a conveying direction, and it is characterised in that said driving means (3) are rotatably mounted about a longitudinal... Agent: Arcusin, S. A.

20140339054 - Introducing screw for biogas plants: The invention relates to a screw conveyor for introducing organic matter into a biogas digester that is under internal gas pressure. The invention further relates to a biogas plant provided with such a screw conveyor, and to a method for feeding organic solids to such a biogas plant. According to... Agent:

20140339055 - Elevator buckets and methods of making such buckets: An elevator bucket mould combination comprising a common recess and two inserts, namely a first insert and a second insert, separately associable as required with the common recess using respective reciprocal couplings to the common recess without the other, a first insert defining a first bucket mould shape with the... Agent: T.f. & J.h. Braime (holdings) PLC

20140339056 - Belt conveyor unit and image forming apparatus: An inclined flange roller is located outward of an end portion of a tension roller in the belt width direction. The inclined flange roller includes a flange surface capable of being in contact with the edge portion of a belt in a region in which the belt is wound around... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140332342 - Cleanable diverter: A cleanable shoe-type diverter belt having narrow translatable pushers forming article-diverting shoes. Cam followers on the shoes below the pushers follow guides under the belt along an upper carryway run to translate the shoes along one or more transverse tracks across the width of the belt. Monolithic diverters support the... Agent:

20140332343 - Diverting conveyor with bidirectional assist roller: A sorting conveyor including a diverting conveyor and a bidirectional assist roller to help sort articles over the side of the diverting conveyor. The diverting conveyor includes, in one version, a conveyor belt with diverting rollers selectively actuated to push articles toward a side of the diverting conveyor. The bidirectional... Agent: Laitram, L.L.C.

20140332344 - Singulator: The problem of singulating products that are provided in a pallet layer is solved by breaking up the pallet layer so that each product can be handled separately by a robot tool and outputted in at least one line according to a predetermined orientation. The singulator includes a layer drop... Agent: Axium Inc.

20140332345 - Method and conveyor for registering articles on a conveyor belt: Method and a conveyor for registering articles on a conveyor belt. The conveyor includes a registration belt having retractable flights regularly spaced along the length of the belt and article-propelling rollers between consecutive flights. The flights are raised in an upstream portion of the conveyor, and the rollers rotated to... Agent: Laitram, L.L.C.

20140332346 - Conveyor system: A conveyor system is provided including a rail having a starting block at a first end and a stopper at a second end. A coaster assembly is configured to travel along the rail. The coaster assembly includes an upper bearing that engages a top of the rail and a side... Agent: H & R Industrial, LLC

20140332347 - Apparatus and method for treating plate-shaped process items: In apparatuses and methods for treating a plate-shaped process item including a bottom side, a top side and edges between the bottom side and the top side with a process medium, a transport unit is used, which includes an endless unit with support elements projecting from the same. A bottom... Agent: Singulus Stangl Solar Gmbh

20140332348 - Tire testing machine conveyor: A plurality of conveyors including a center conveyor are appropriately disposed without any gap or step and any interference between driving units. The center conveyor includes a pair of left and right belt driving pulleys that are provided at the front and rear sides in the conveying direction so as... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel Ltd.)

20140332349 - Introduction or withdrawal of an elongate member to or from a free body: A method of moving an elongate member (12) along a predetermined axis (A-A) for the introduction or withdrawal thereof to or from a free body (11). The method includes providing an elongate guide surface (18) extending parallel to the predetermined axis, and also providing a plurality of support elements (26)... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140332350 - Article conveyer belt and coin sorting device: An article conveyer belt assembly used for example, in a coin sorting device for positively pushing an article, such as a coin along a support surface is provided. A toothed belt has teeth for transmission of power by mounting a plurality of pushers on the belt with a connector removably... Agent:

20140332351 - Linear motion conveyor: A linear motion conveyor is described and which includes an elongated conveyor bed having a product transporting surface for supporting and transporting a product between the opposite first and second ends thereof, and a drive assembly oriented in force transmitting relation relative to the elongated conveyor bed, and where the... Agent: Key Technology, Inc.

20140332352 - Grip width adjusting mechanism: Disclosed is a grip width adjusting mechanism incorporated in a packaging machine having a grip unit. The grip width adjusting mechanism includes a plurality of grip width adjusting plates disposed at the steps and set with distances between the guide rail and the grip width adjusting plates according to the... Agent: General Packer Co., Ltd.

20140332353 - Conveyor chain: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a conveyor chain conveying a conveyance object such as a bucket while the conveyance object is mounted thereon, wherein the conveyance object can be conveyed to a predetermined position while both the conveyance object and the receiving member are not damaged... Agent: Oriental Chain Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140332354 - Conveyor chain: A conveyor chain includes a plurality of side link assemblies and flight arm assemblies coupled together to form an elongated chain. The flight arm assemblies include a pair of opposing flight arms positioned on either side of the chain with the flight arms each including an elongated body formed with... Agent: The Cincinnati Mine Machinery Company

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