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Conveyors: power-driven

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11/13/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140332342 - Cleanable diverter: A cleanable shoe-type diverter belt having narrow translatable pushers forming article-diverting shoes. Cam followers on the shoes below the pushers follow guides under the belt along an upper carryway run to translate the shoes along one or more transverse tracks across the width of the belt. Monolithic diverters support the... Agent:

20140332343 - Diverting conveyor with bidirectional assist roller: A sorting conveyor including a diverting conveyor and a bidirectional assist roller to help sort articles over the side of the diverting conveyor. The diverting conveyor includes, in one version, a conveyor belt with diverting rollers selectively actuated to push articles toward a side of the diverting conveyor. The bidirectional... Agent: Laitram, L.L.C.

20140332344 - Singulator: The problem of singulating products that are provided in a pallet layer is solved by breaking up the pallet layer so that each product can be handled separately by a robot tool and outputted in at least one line according to a predetermined orientation. The singulator includes a layer drop... Agent: Axium Inc.

20140332345 - Method and conveyor for registering articles on a conveyor belt: Method and a conveyor for registering articles on a conveyor belt. The conveyor includes a registration belt having retractable flights regularly spaced along the length of the belt and article-propelling rollers between consecutive flights. The flights are raised in an upstream portion of the conveyor, and the rollers rotated to... Agent: Laitram, L.L.C.

20140332346 - Conveyor system: A conveyor system is provided including a rail having a starting block at a first end and a stopper at a second end. A coaster assembly is configured to travel along the rail. The coaster assembly includes an upper bearing that engages a top of the rail and a side... Agent: H & R Industrial, LLC

20140332347 - Apparatus and method for treating plate-shaped process items: In apparatuses and methods for treating a plate-shaped process item including a bottom side, a top side and edges between the bottom side and the top side with a process medium, a transport unit is used, which includes an endless unit with support elements projecting from the same. A bottom... Agent: Singulus Stangl Solar Gmbh

20140332348 - Tire testing machine conveyor: A plurality of conveyors including a center conveyor are appropriately disposed without any gap or step and any interference between driving units. The center conveyor includes a pair of left and right belt driving pulleys that are provided at the front and rear sides in the conveying direction so as... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel Ltd.)

20140332349 - Introduction or withdrawal of an elongate member to or from a free body: A method of moving an elongate member (12) along a predetermined axis (A-A) for the introduction or withdrawal thereof to or from a free body (11). The method includes providing an elongate guide surface (18) extending parallel to the predetermined axis, and also providing a plurality of support elements (26)... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140332350 - Article conveyer belt and coin sorting device: An article conveyer belt assembly used for example, in a coin sorting device for positively pushing an article, such as a coin along a support surface is provided. A toothed belt has teeth for transmission of power by mounting a plurality of pushers on the belt with a connector removably... Agent:

20140332351 - Linear motion conveyor: A linear motion conveyor is described and which includes an elongated conveyor bed having a product transporting surface for supporting and transporting a product between the opposite first and second ends thereof, and a drive assembly oriented in force transmitting relation relative to the elongated conveyor bed, and where the... Agent: Key Technology, Inc.

20140332352 - Grip width adjusting mechanism: Disclosed is a grip width adjusting mechanism incorporated in a packaging machine having a grip unit. The grip width adjusting mechanism includes a plurality of grip width adjusting plates disposed at the steps and set with distances between the guide rail and the grip width adjusting plates according to the... Agent: General Packer Co., Ltd.

20140332353 - Conveyor chain: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a conveyor chain conveying a conveyance object such as a bucket while the conveyance object is mounted thereon, wherein the conveyance object can be conveyed to a predetermined position while both the conveyance object and the receiving member are not damaged... Agent: Oriental Chain Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140332354 - Conveyor chain: A conveyor chain includes a plurality of side link assemblies and flight arm assemblies coupled together to form an elongated chain. The flight arm assemblies include a pair of opposing flight arms positioned on either side of the chain with the flight arms each including an elongated body formed with... Agent: The Cincinnati Mine Machinery Company

11/06/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140326577 - Passenger conveyor: Provided is a passenger conveyor apparatus that can be reduced in number of components. The passenger conveyor apparatus includes a plurality of footsteps to be moved in a circulating manner, a moving handrail to be moved in a circulating manner in synchronization with the movement of the plurality of footsteps,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140326578 - Product storage apparatus, processing system, and product storage method: A product storage apparatus for collectively storing processed products includes an endless loop member that is circularly moved along a path, plural holders each of which is fixed to the endless loop member with a predetermined pitch and holds the processed products, and a drive unit that circularly moves the... Agent:

20140326579 - Conveyor device for coins: A conveyor device for coins, having a mechanism for moving at least one coin in a predetermined movement direction which differs from the effective direction of gravity, under a force uninfluenced by a moved mechanical component, the conveyor device being coupled to a detection device which identifies the presence of... Agent:

20140326580 - Extendible conveyor and parcel handling system: An extendable boom conveyor system having a first boom element, a controller, an input device, and a second boom element. The controller, using the input device, can adjust the position of the first boom element to maintain a distance relative to a user. A method performed by an extendible conveyor... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20140326581 - Counterbalanced elevating conveyor: An elevating conveyor is mounted to a pivoting bridge so that the elevating conveyor can be shifted by a 22 degree rotation between a lowered position in engagement with a loading floor and an elevated storage position where the conveyor is out of the way of the loading floor. A... Agent: Skarlupka Mfg., Inc.

20140326582 - Conveyor belt apparatus: A conveyor belt apparatus (10) is provided with a wear measuring device (12) that measures an amount of wear of a surface (11a) of a conveyor belt (11) on which transport material has been loaded, and with a revolution counting device (14) that counts a number of revolutions of the... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20140326583 - Cyclo reducer arrangement: A motorized drum has a drum shell, and a motor and a cycloidal reducer, are disposed inside. An output of the reducer rotates slower than the motor, and a hollow input shaft accommodates miscellaneous components. The hollow input shaft has an eccentric raceway that engages an input gear of the... Agent: Mol Belting Systems, Inc.

20140326584 - Rod retention system and method: The present disclosure provides belts (chains or brick-laid) having rod retains provided by way of an end module and a link cap for easier disassembly. The outer link end of the end module is altered to be narrower and furnished with a connecting structure. A separate link cap piece is... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140318926 - Method for storing and transporting products and a low pressure storage device therefor: A method for storing and transporting products in a low-pressure storage device and a low-pressure storage device therefore, to allow product storage in a simple manner, and to control the storage in a simple manner. The products transfer on a first storage path and on a second storage path that... Agent: Krones Ag

20140318927 - Apparatus for loading biological material containers in a conveying system: An apparatus for conveying test tubes including a recruiting device and a positioning device having first and second lanes including two spaced, parallel walls forming an opening between the walls, and motorized belts located above a top edge of the walls, the first lane being narrower than the second lane.... Agent:

20140318928 - Pneumatically-expandable cable track for scanning head of paper machine or other system: An apparatus includes a cable track configured to be coupled to a moveable object and to be pushed and pulled by the movable object without buckling. The cable track is configured to transport at least one signal or material to or from the moveable object. The cable track has a... Agent: Honeywell Asca Inc.

20140318929 - System for conveying an article using vortex suction units: A system for conveying an article along a transfer path includes at least a first and a second vortex suction unit disposed in sequence in a direction of the transfer path. A conveyor is configured to support the article relative to at least one of the suction units and a... Agent:

20140318930 - Conveyor having dual-direction drive: A conveyor includes a frame having first and second spaced frame elements having outer sides and facing inner sides, first and second drive rollers between the first and second frame elements, a flexible belt mounted on the first and second drive rollers, first and second drive wheels connected to the... Agent:

20140318931 - Endless belt and image heating apparatus including the endless belt: An endless belt for heating an image on a sheet includes a resistance layer for generating heat by supply of electric power; a first ring member provided in a widthwise end side of the endless belt so as to be electrically connected with the resistance layer; a second ring member,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140318932 - Modular conveyor mat and conveyor provided with a modular conveyor mat: Modular conveyor mat (1), comprising a number of rows (2) of modules (3), successive in the conveying direction (P) of the conveyor mat, which modules are provided with a body part (4) from plastic extending transversely to the conveying direction, which is provided with an upper surface (5), and which... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 23 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140311855 - Method for cyclically screening a working chamber opening and a screening device for carrying out the method: A method and apparatus for cyclically shielding a work chamber opening (25) when loading and unloading workpieces using a conveyor device (10) that passes through the work chamber opening. A first shielding element (21) is placed at a workpiece loading station (11.1), and a second shielding element (22) is placed... Agent: Wheelabrator Group Gmbh A Corporation

20140311856 - Operation apparatus and control method: An operation apparatus of this invention includes a main pallet and a sub pallet detachable from the main pallet, and can convey a work and a part. The operation apparatus includes a lifting mechanism disconnecting, from the main pallet, the work placed on the main pallet and lift/lower the work;... Agent: Hirata Corporation

20140311857 - Manufacturing system and manufacturing method: A manufacturing system includes a first conveyer apparatus, a second conveyer apparatus and a manufacturing apparatus. The first conveyer apparatus has a first conveyer unit and a first elevator unit. The first elevator unit is adapted to drive the first conveyer unit to move upward or downward between first and... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140311858 - Automated storage and retrieval system structure: An automated storage and retrieval system includes an autonomous rover and a multilevel rack structure. The multilevel rack structure includes columns connected by rail beams transversely spanning between the columns. The rail beams define storage and transport levels and provide riding surfaces for the autonomous rover. The rail beams include... Agent: Symbotic, LLC

20140311859 - Systems, methods and apparatuses for changing the direction/speed of a workpiece: The present disclosure provides systems, methods and assemblies comprising one or more tapered feed rolls. Tapered feed rolls may be used to change the rate and direction of workpiece travel along a processing line while retaining the workpieces in sequential order. Routing workpiece flow with tapered feed rolls may allow... Agent:

20140311860 - Bill position correction method using the characteristic of step loss of step motor: When a bill is inserted into the bill acceptor, sensor components sense the insertion of bill, bill-pressing roller set of bill transmission mechanism is driven to press bill, bill-transfer roller set is driven to transfer bill the bill-pressing roller set is released from the bill, and step motors of alignment... Agent: International Currency Technologies Corporation

20140311861 - Method and system for arranging a plurality of articles moved in a mass flow: Disclosed are a method and a system (1) for arranging a plurality of articles moved in at least one mass flow (M1, M2). Articles designed identically in respect of an allocation feature (A, B, C) are fed to a separate buffer station (P1, P2, P3) from the at least one... Agent:

20140311862 - Method for cleaning a conveyor for agricultural products and conveyor for agricultural products: It is the object of the invention to also eliminate contaminants which adhere firmly and as far as possible to also minimize the number of microorganisms. This is achieved by the use of an ultrasonic cleaning bath 30, into which a section of the conveyor 10 is dipped with the... Agent: Lubing Maschinenfabrik Ludwig Bening Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140311863 - Hopper with conveyor assembly and method of use: A hopper and conveyor assembly for discharging particulate material from the hopper is provided. Sealing strips may be used to prevent particulate material from moving beyond edges of a conveyor belt of the conveyor assembly.... Agent: Green Industry Innovators, L.L.C.

20140311864 - Conveyor system and method: A conveyor system comprising a synchronization unit having a first conveyor belt, a second conveyor belt disposed adjacent to the first conveyor belt, an inlet end and an outlet end. The system further comprises a joint shuttle disposed between the first conveyor belt and the second conveyor belt, each of... Agent: Pemco Inc.

20140311865 - Structural profile rotator, and rotator and conveyor assembly: Structural profile rotator that can be used with a structural profile conveyor device. The rotator (150) comprises two blades (10,40) attached to a spindle (5) and which define between them a variable angle, comprised for example between 90° and 180°, a pushing member (35) disposed below the first blade (10)... Agent: Geka Automation S.l.

20140311866 - Slat conveyor apparatus: Endless chains 2C are connected to front ends of the slats 3 in a traveling direction F, a supported means B to be supported at the course change path parts C1 is provided to back ends of the slats 3 in the traveling direction F, a movable supporting means C... Agent: Nakanishi Metal Works Co., Ltd.

20140311867 - Conveyor and conveying method: A conveyor is provided with a supply roll, a plurality of movement parts and a first securing device. The supply roll is rotatably arranged and is configured to support a belt-shaped cell material for an electrode or a separator to intermittently feeding out the cell material by rotation of the... Agent:

20140311868 - Single motor dual belt conveyor drive: A conveyor system for controlling two conveyer belts with a single motor comprises a housing including at least one inclined section. A first conveyor belt is operably connected to a drive pulley and a first idler pulley. A second conveyor belt is operably connected to a second and third idler... Agent:

20140311869 - Pressure relief tube for auger: A pressure relief tube or enclosure such as for an auger screw. In one embodiment, a pressure relief tube may comprise at least one hatch that is adapted to expand in response to force applied from within the tube. An example of the pressure relief tube may automatically adapt or... Agent:

20140311871 - Bucket elevator arrangement with at least three separately operated bucket elevator strands: A bucket conveyor arrangement having a plurality of bucket conveyor lines (11) arranged alongside one another and having a charging device for charging bulk material onto the bucket conveyor lines (11), wherein a common drive shaft (13) for driving the bucket conveyor lines (11), having in each case a drive... Agent:

20140311870 - Conveying system sealed off from the surrounding atmosphere: A conveying system includes conveying cells (14) for accommodating in particular hot bulk goods or lumpy conveying material. The conveying cells have a bottom (16), a front wall (30) and a rear wall (31) in the conveying direction of the conveying system and side walls (15) connecting the latter. The... Agent:

20140311872 - Cable chain with molded flights for tubular drag conveyor: A chain link for a tubular conveyor, including an elongate endless loop having first and second opposed, spaced-apart link segments that each include a respective opposing, inwardly extending anchoring recess on an outer surface adapted to receive and retain a conveyor chain flight on the chain link.... Agent: Spiroflow Systems, Inc.

20140311873 - V-slat reciprocating slat conveyors: Movable conveyor slats (12) have side parts (42, 44) which rest on top parts (32) of bearings (30). The bearings (30) have a generally U-shaped cross section and they fit on wings (16, 18) which extend outwardly and slope upwardly from the sides of a fixed conveyor slat (10). The... Agent: Keith Manufacturing Co.

20140311874 - Conveyor: A conveyor (10) for transporting products, in particular in dusty environments, especially in tissue paper processing installations, includes one or more conveyor belts (12) in particular of a mobile type, for transporting the product between one or more pickup and/or release points, includes a mounting frame (11) for the respective... Agent:

20140311875 - Take-up drum carriage assembly for vehicle wash conveyor: A take-up drum carriage assembly may include a tensioning take-up drum, a carriage for supporting the tensioning take-up drum, a plurality of pivot arms for pivotably supporting the carriage relative to a vehicle wash conveyor frame, and for each of the pivot arms, at least one interconnector for pivotably interconnecting... Agent: Ryko Canada, Inc.

20140311876 - Belt conveyor: A belt conveyor is provided with a circulatable endless conveyor belt for conveying workpieces in a conveying direction. The belt conveyor is also provided with a conveyor body, which has belt receiving end portions that are in sliding contact with the conveyor belt. The belt receiving end portions have recess... Agent: Okura Yusoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140311877 - Conveyor belt with alignment features: A conveyor belt includes a first link having a first protrusion with a first mating surface that is curved. The first protrusion is disposed proximate a first rod receiving aperture of the first link. The belt also includes a second link having a second protrusion with a second mating surface... Agent: Ashworth Bros., Inc.

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