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Conveyors: power-driven

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09/04/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140238818 - Centrifugal bowl parts feeder system with segmented tooling sections: A centrifugal bowl parts feeder system with segmented tooling sections, the feeder system having segmented sections for a common centrifugal feeder bowl. The sections can be quickly and less expensively changed between various part sizes and configurations. With this system one can add and remove tooling segments (outside the bowl);... Agent:

20140238819 - Simultaneously collapsing and conveying collapsible crates: A simultaneously collapsing and conveying assembly adapted to collapse constructed collapsible crates along their collapsing lines is provided herein. The collapsing assembly includes a rotating means to rotate the constructed crates by approximately 90° such as to move the open face of the crate from upward facing to forward facing... Agent:

20140238820 - Device and method for removing and replacing containers from a conveyor line: A device for removing and replacing containers from and on a conveyor line includes a first lateral guide wall; a second lateral guide wall; and a rotating disc provided with at least a seating The rotating disc is arranged between the first lateral guide wall and the second lateral guide... Agent: I.m.a Indsutria Macchine Automatiche S.p.a.

20140238821 - Automatic rotary transfer apparatus and method: An automatic rotary transfer apparatus and method for conveying a plurality of lightweight articles, such as empty bottles, at a high speed and, optionally, providing at least one additional function, such as de-flashing, trimming, or inspecting, in a single rotation of the rotary transfer apparatus. The apparatus includes a carriage... Agent: Graham Packaging Company, L.p.

20140238823 - Flight conveyor: A flight conveyor for conveying material includes a frame, drive and idler wheel(s) rotatably mounted on the frame, segments for supporting the material, shafts for pivotally interconnecting the segments to an endless row which has an upper row and a lower row running, during operation, over the drive and idler... Agent:

20140238822 - Replaceable blade for reversible belt scraper: A reversible belt scraper has two opposed replaceable scraper blades and a central shaft. Each replaceable scraper blade has a scraping surface and a base opposite to the scraping surface. The body of the scraper blades from the scraping surface to the base is comprised of elastomeric material. The scraper... Agent: Richwood Industries, Inc.

20140238824 - Arrangement of tight-fitting screw conveyors: An arrangement including two conveyor screws which are arranged rotatably moveably relative to each other for processing a pasty material like a foodstuff product or the like, having a first conveyor screw and a second conveyor screw which have interengaging helical flights and which in particular are drivable in opposite... Agent: Vemag Maschinenbau Gmbh

20140238825 - Gripping arm for a gripper device: A gripper arm for a gripping device for grasping, holding and guiding containers, comprises at least one rotatably mounted control cam, the control cam designed and disposed such that the gripper arm can be moved from at least one first position into at least one second position and/or vice versa,... Agent: Tyrolon-schulnig Gmbh

20140238826 - Conveyor screw for a material conveyor system of a construction machine: The disclosure relates to a conveyor screw for a material conveyor system of a construction machine. The conveyor screw comprises a conveyor section which is configured to convey bulk material, and a driving section which is designed to receive a driving torque or a driving force and to transmit it... Agent: Joseph Voegele Ag

20140238827 - Drive shaft module for a construction machine: The disclosure relates to a drive shaft module for a material conveyor system of a construction machine. The drive shaft module comprises a drive shaft and at least one first mounting which is designed to hold the drive shaft at at least one first bearing location. The disclosure is characterized... Agent: Joseph Voegele Ag

08/21/2014 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140231215 - High volume excavating and loading apparatus and method: An excavating and loading apparatus and method. The excavating and loading apparatus includes an excavator and a stacker conveyor. The excavator includes paired crawler tracks and an articulated boom with a bucket. The excavator further includes an inclined feeder conveyor with an intake end and a discharge end. A wide... Agent:

20140231216 - Paper sheet processing apparatus: According to an embodiment, a paper sheet processing apparatus is provided with a conveying device which conveys a paper sheet along a conveying way, a discrimination section 14 which distinguishes a paper sheet, a plurality of accumulation sections which accumulate the paper sheet distinguished, a sorting mechanism which sorts the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140231217 - Laboratory sample distribution system and corresponding method of operation: A laboratory sample distribution system is presented. The system comprises a plurality of container carriers. The container carriers each comprise at least one magnetically active device such as, for example, at least one permanent magnet, and carry a sample container containing a sample. The system also comprises a transport device.... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140231218 - Apparatus for changing an advancement direction of piles of inserts to be stuffed in envelopes: An apparatus for changing, in an envelope stuffing machine, an initial advancement direction of piles made up of inserts to be put in envelopes comprises at least a thrust device for pushing a pile in a thrust direction perpendicular or oblique with respect to an initial advancement direction, and at... Agent: C.m.c.s.r.l.

20140231219 - Stopping apparatus and stop-canceling method: A work stopping apparatus according to this invention includes a swing unit pivotable about a first pivot shaft between an abutment position and a retracted position, and a driving unit pivoting the swing unit. The swing unit includes a swing portion and a movable portion including a work abutment portion.... Agent: Hirata Corporation

20140231220 - Sorting apparatus for sorting piece goods: A sorting apparatus for sorting piece goods (12), having at least a first moving transport unit (22) for transporting at least one piece good (12) in a main transport direction (18), the first transport unit (22) has a chassis (38) for the movement, a transfer unit (32) which moves the... Agent:

20140231221 - Tire conveyance device: A tire conveyance device is provided with at least two tire gripping devices spaced from each other at an interval in a front-rear direction and capable of gripping a horizontally situated tire from left and right sides of the tire in a direction orthogonal to a conveyance path along which... Agent: Yamato Scale Co., Ltd.

20140231222 - Screw conveyer system: A system for treating a material includes first and second screw conveyors each having a rotary shaft and a helical flight extending radially outward therefrom, the flighting of the screw conveyors overlapping with each other, and first and second actuators operably coupled to the first and second screw conveyors in... Agent: Therma-flite, Inc.

20140231223 - Conveyor: A conveyor apparatus which allows a workpiece to be carried in and out of a desired process and lends itself to easy maintenance as well is provided. A conveyor apparatus (13) includes a first conveyance mechanism (13A) capable of carrying a board (7) into a desired process and a second... Agent: Yokota Technica Limited Company

20140231224 - Conveyor apparatus: A conveyor apparatus includes a pusher piece (19) fixed to a conveying rod (18) adapted to reciprocate along a board conveyance path, and a switching mechanism adapted to switch the pushing piece, by turning the conveying rod a predetermined angle, between an engaged position where the pusher piece (19) engages... Agent: Yokota Technica Limited Company

20140231225 - Conveyor device: A conveyor device is described in which a conveyor roller is used to convey a medium inside a printing device with the conveyor roller extending in a width direction of the printing device. The conveyor roller receives a force from a following roller configured to face the conveyor roller. The... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140231226 - Side-flexing conveyors: A conveyor including a side-flexing belt having a plurality of modules and a plurality of rods. Each module includes a central portion having a main region extending in a straight path, a plurality of front links each including a front aperture, a plurality of rear links each including a rear... Agent: Solus Industrial Innovations, LLC

20140231227 - Side-flexing conveyors: A conveyor including a side-flexing belt having a plurality of modules and a plurality of rods. Each module includes a central portion having a main region extending in a straight path, a plurality of front links each including a front aperture, a plurality of rear links each including a rear... Agent: Solus Industrial Innovations, LLC

20140231228 - Pin handling device, coupling pin and method for pin handling in high wall mining: A pin handling device for coupling and decoupling conveyor segments to and from a train of conveyor segments in high wall mining includes a base frame, a base frame drive system for moving the base frame relative to the conveyor segments, a connector element for holding pins to be handled,... Agent: Caterpillar Global Mining Highwall Miners LLC

20140231229 - Conveying device with an extensively extended conveying element: A conveying device including a revolving, extensively extended conveying element and a frame construction with a plurality of frame profiles for laterally enclosing conveying element. At least two frame profiles of the frame construction are designed as hollow profiles and in their profile longitudinal axis are connected to one another... Agent: Wrh Walter Reist Holding Ag

08/14/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140224617 - Control unit for an egg conveyor belt: The invention relates to a control unit for an egg conveyor belt, comprising a conveyor belt drive mechanically coupled with the conveyor belt and designed to drive the egg conveyor belt at one of at least two different speeds and an image recording unit to record an image section of... Agent: Big Dutchman International Gmbh

20140224618 - Apparatus and method for separation of piece goods to be placed in storage in an automated storage unit: An apparatus for separating piece goods which are to be stored in an automated store comprises a stepped conveyor for conveying piece goods from a stockpile beyond an upper edge of the stepped conveyor to a collecting device, wherein the stepped conveyor comprises an inclined bearing surface and a first... Agent: Carefusion Germany 326 Gmbh

20140224619 - Packaging device: A packaging device includes a conveyance mechanism configured to convey a base and an object, a guide portion configured to guide a film, and a processor. The conveyance mechanism includes pulleys, an endless belt routed around the pulleys, a drive portion configured to rotationally drive the belt and a conveyance... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140224620 - System and method for moving an object: An improved system and method for moving an object includes a first correlated magnetic structure associated with a first object and a second correlated magnetic structure associated with a second object. The first and second correlated magnetic structures are complementary coded to achieve a peak attractive tensile force and a... Agent: Correlated Magnetics Research, LLC

20140224621 - Hanging and conveying device to hang and convey a vehicle body in a motor vehicle assembly line: A hanging and conveying device comprising a slide slidingly coupled to a guide to move along the guide in a given advancement direction; and a gondola hanging from the slide and comprising an arched member having a first axis parallel to the advancement direction and adjustable in position about the... Agent: Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.a.

20140224623 - Image heating apparatus: An image heating apparatus includes first and second rotatable members for forming a nip for heating therein a toner image on a sheet; an endless belt for contacting an outer surface of the first rotatable member and heat the first rotatable member; first and second rollers provided inside the endless... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140224622 - Low rate singulator: A conveyor singulator includes a conveying surface defined by a plurality of lanes, each made up of freely rotatable rollers that are skewed with respect to a longitudinal direction. A drive system for each of the lanes is adapted to driving the rollers in that lane. The drive system includes... Agent: Dematic Corp.

20140224624 - Belt conveyors and viscoelastic dampers and methods for damping conveyor belts: Viscoelastic dampers and belt conveyor systems using viscoelastic dampers to attenuate belt vibration and methods for damping belt speed variations. One version of the viscoelastic dampers includes a low-friction carryway element mounted to a viscoelastic pad that is firmly attached to stationary conveyor framework at various locations along the length... Agent: Laitram, L.L.C.

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