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Conveyors: power-driven

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05/21/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150136563 - Escalator step and escalator having thereof: An escalator step includes a tread having a body section on which a plurality of convex sections are arranged in parallel, a riser connected to a rear end portion of the tread and having thereon a plurality of convex sections and a plurality of concave sections formed between the adjacent... Agent: Toshiba Elevator Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136564 - Feeding device for packaging machine: The invention relates to a feeding device for feeding products (12a-k) and/or stacks of products (14a-k) to a packaging process of a packaging machine (16a, 16d-k), in particular of a horizontal tube packaging machine, comprising a guide unit (22a-k) which is disposed as a closed loop (18a, 18c-k) and on... Agent:

20150136565 - Apparatus for conveying preforms: An apparatus for conveying preforms to a blow molding machine, including a sorter that sorts and uniformly orients the preforms. A gravity conveyor feeds the preforms from the sorter to the blow molding machine. A transfer device between the sorter and the conveyor transfers the preforms from the sorter to... Agent:

20150136566 - Dumping system: A dumping system, for the dumping of material, in particular for the filling of a former strip mine, includes a conveyor belt with belt modules (7) suspended on cables and a traveling tripper (15), which is arranged traveling in the direction of conveying. The belt modules (7) are fastened by... Agent:

20150136567 - Internal screw unit: An internal screw unit includes a screw-included tube assembly and a power source that supplies power. The screw-included tube assembly includes a tubular body in which a screw is arranged. The screw has an outer circumferential edge that is fixedly connected to an inside surface of the tubular body in... Agent: Quan Siang Technology Development Co., Ltd.

20150136568 - Conveyor system provided with plurality of carriers: A conveyor system equipped with a roller track for holding and moving one side of material and a plurality of rails parallel to the roller track each having a carrier for holding and moving the other side of material on the rail, wherein each carrier is provided with a height... Agent:

20150136569 - Conveying device, carrier, and feeding device for conveying bulk goods: The conveying device (1) according to the invention has a conveying channel (4). The conveying channel (4) is formed in particular as a conveying pipe (5). At least one carrier (2) is arranged in the conveying channel (4). In particular, at least two carriers (2) are arranged in the conveying... Agent: Buehler Gmbh

20150136570 - Central belt system of a commissioning unit: In the case of a central belt system (1) with article shafts (2), ejectors (5), moving central belt (4) and central control unit (6), an automatic control system (7′) which is connected to the control unit (6) for articles to be controlled on the moving central belt (4), with a... Agent:

20150136571 - Conveyor beam: Conveyor beam for a conveyor system, comprising a plurality of connector elements and at least two conveyor beam elements, where the connector element comprises a central portion, two outer portions and two peripherally grooves extending peripherally around the connector element between the central portion and the outer portions, where the... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150129392 - System to measure thickness of an object: A system that measures a thickness of an object includes a conveyor to convey the object and an engagement member movable in response to the thickness of the object. The system further includes a lever connected to the engagement member, the lever movable with the movement of the engagement member,... Agent:

20150129393 - Electromagnetically actuated sorter: A sorting conveyor having electromagnetically actuated rollers for sorting articles off one or both sides of the conveyor. A linear stator creates a magnetic flux wave that rotates rotors in the article-supporting rollers and selects their direction of rotation. In one version the magnetic flux wave swivels the rollers to... Agent: Laitram, L.L.C.

20150129394 - Laboratory automation system with coating tape interposed between an automatic conveyor belt and a sliding profile, and a method of applying said coating tape: A laboratory automation system is described, comprising an automatic conveyor belt sliding within a sliding profile of a lane, and a coating tape interposed between the automatic conveyor belt and the sliding profile. The profile includes a first region onto which a coating tape is applied by gluing.... Agent:

20150129395 - Varvariable spaced conveyor belt with clinched rod ends: A flat wire conveyor belt and system includes a plurality of spaced tractive rods and a plurality of rows of pickets transversely disposed with respect to a direction of travel and interconnecting the plurality of spaced tractive rods, each of the rows of pickets including a plurality of first links... Agent: Cambridge International Inc.

05/07/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150122612 - Balustrade device for conveyor: A balustrade device for a conveyor includes at least a holder body, a clamping component assembled to the holder body, and a clamping force applying mechanism. The clamping component has a panel-side pressing surface, and the clamping force applying mechanism has a clamping force action axis intersecting, in vertical cross-sectional... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150122613 - Singulator conveyor system for rigid parcels and large bags of small parcels: A singulator conveyor system having conveyors arranged in adjacent parallel configuration for separating and orienting side-by-side packages having unequal loading, different sized packages (e.g., boxes, flats and softpacks), partially filled bags, long and slender articles, and packages having an offset center of gravity. Two of more small items abreast of... Agent:

20150122614 - Method and system for transporting sample tubes: A sample tube transport system that includes a track adapted to provide a path for one or more carriers between a plurality of modules. The system includes at least one upper conveyor system having an upper belt configured to wrap around a first upper pulley and a second upper pulley,... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150122615 - Transferring device, transferring system, and method: A transferring device for transferring and/or receiving cans, can blanks, or other containers out of or into a transferring or respectively receiving axis (U) which extends at an angle to a transport path (T), with multiple suction elements (3), which can be moved along the transport path (T) during transfer,... Agent: Mall Herlan Mb Gmbh

20150122616 - Vertical conveyor: A conveyor for conveying mineral material vertically includes a conveyor frame; at least two conveyor main rolls or pairs of conveyor main pulleys, a plurality of conveyor guide rolls or conveyor guide pulleys and a first and a second endless conveyor belt. The main rolls or pulleys are arranged on... Agent: Metso Minerals, Inc.

04/30/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150114796 - Conveyor device for the conveyance of workpieces, specifically of circuit boards, in the conveyance direction along a conveyance path: The invention relates to a conveyor device (2) for the conveyance of workplaces (4, 6, 8), specifically of circuit boards, in the conveyance direction (T) along a conveyance path (10). The conveyor device (2) is equipped both with primary conveyance means (18) and with secondary conveyance means (22) for conveyance... Agent: Viscom Ag

20150114797 - A method and a device for creating a product stream of product units in a predefined sequence: A method and a device for creating a product stream of product units in a predefined sequence. The device includes a first conveying device with a grouping stretch for creating a cycled product stream of product units from fed products, in a predefined sequence. The device also includes a conveying-away... Agent:

20150114798 - Order sorting system with selective document insertion: An order sorting system for sorting and assembling a batch of purchaser orders, comprises a plurality of stationary dispensable item dispensers for dispensing dispensable items with on-demand printed literature and a dispensable items conveyor for conveying the dispensable items to a lower level of a sorting station. A tote conveyor... Agent:

20150114799 - Picking system and method for picking articles: The invention relates to a picking system (1) for picking articles from storage loading aids (2) in order loading aids (3), which system comprises a first and a second conveyor system (6, 7) for supplying and discharging the storage loading aids (2) and the order loading aids (3), and a... Agent: Tgw Logistics Group Gmbh

20150114800 - Oven transfer apparatus with laterally displaceable conveyor belt: A method and an apparatus are provided for transporting shaped bodies such as, for example, substantially non-rigid, biscuit dough shaped bodies, from a receiving region into a transfer region, and for transferring the shaped bodies onto a transport surface such as, for example, a heated baking belt of a baking... Agent:

20150114801 - Hanger frames transportation device with gearing: A hanger frames transportation device with gearing driven by a fixed block and a plurality of sticks from a gearing that can stably move, fix, and detach hanger frames, so as to form a continual transportation device. The hanger frames slide along a first transverse track in lines and can... Agent:

20150114802 - Safety conveyor apparatus: A safety conveyor apparatus includes a feed section at which a worker loads the materials onto the conveyor and a subsequent conveyor section and an apparatus is provided for immobilizing the conveyor to ensure the safety of the worker in case the worker should be accidentally carried on the conveyor... Agent:

20150114803 - Frame for a conveyor belt system: A frame (1, 101, 201) supports a conveyor belt system with a longitudinally circulating conveyor belt. Two plate-like carrier elements (2, 102), with principal planes extending at right angles to the longitudinal direction (L) are joined by at least two distance elements (4, 4′), disposed parallel to the longitudinal direction... Agent:

20150114804 - Container for transporting items of luggage in a sorting system and sorting system: A container for transporting luggage items in an airport sorting system using a conveyor system for conveying the luggage items, includes a bottom region for coupling to a conveying unit of the conveyor system and a transporting region supported by the bottom region and receiving a luggage item to be... Agent:

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