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Conveyors: power-driven

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01/22/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150021142 - Mass transit facilitation system and method: A mass transit system. The system comprises a first platform for supporting a cargo compartment, a rotating platform having a center area, and a conveyor system for moving the cargo compartment from the first platform to the center area of the rotating platform, while the rotating platform is rotating. The... Agent:

20150021143 - Storage section of a conveyor device and method for temporarily storing articles: Disclosed is a storage section (10, 10a, 10b, 10c) for the intermediate storage of articles (12), packaged or piece goods of a conveyor device for the continuous or intermittent transport of articles (12), packaged or piece goods. The storage section (10, 10a, 10b, 10c) has at least one storage span... Agent:

20150021144 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for improved conveyor system drive: The invention relates generally to conveying systems, for moving work pieces from work station to work station including conveyors which generally move at a constant speed and include load carrying units which can be coupled for movement therewith between work stations and uncoupled from the conveyor so that they will... Agent: Rsi, Inc.

20150021145 - Sheet bundle conveying apparatus and image forming system having the same: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a sheet bundle conveying apparatus capable of discharging a sheet bundle from a processing tray where a binding process is performed toward the downstream side in right posture to a right position. The present invention comprises a sheet bundle conveying apparatus... Agent: Canon Finetech Inc.

20150021146 - Conveying device and process for operating the same: A direct engagement drive system [108] for a tripper conveyor system is disclosed. The drive system [108] comprises lead [140′] and follow [140″] cogwheels, each driven by a programmable logic controller [108q] and variable frequency drive-controlled electric motor [108a]. The torque applied to each of the lead [140] and follow... Agent:

20150021147 - Guide rail part for a conveyor and a conveyor comprising such a guide rail part: Guide rail part for a conveyor adapted to convey product carriers in a hanging manner, where the guide rail part is adapted to be positioned centrally in a main rail of the conveyor, where the guide rail part comprises a body, wherein the guide rail part comprises an actuator pivotably... Agent: Eton Innovation Ab

01/15/2015 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150014121 - Device for providing a tire bead to a number of workstations: The invention relates to a device for providing a bead to a number of workstations, the device includes a frame and a turret rotatable relative to the frame around an indexing axis between one or more predetermined positions relative to the frame, the turret including arms extending substantially radially relative... Agent:

20150014122 - Bulk feeder and electronic component mounting device: A bulk feeder including a storage section storing multiple electronic components in a loose state and a supply passage guiding the electronic components stored in that storage section to an electronic component supply position while arranged in a single line. The supply path, as well as arranging electronic components stored... Agent: Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150014123 - Production system and method for manufacturing processed product: A production system according to an embodiment includes a workpiece circulator, a robot, and a posture changer. The workpiece circulator circulates a workpiece along a certain path. The robot holds the workpiece circulated by the workpiece circulator in a holding region that is part of the certain path, to move... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150014125 - Conveyor system for material samples, especially medical samples: A conveying system for material samples, especially medical samples, comprising a conveyor track forming at least one conveying section and a plurality of sample holders, designed to hold one sample vessel, which are self-propelled and displaceable along the conveying section. Each sample holder comprises a drive motor, an energy accumulator... Agent: Glp Systems Gmbh

20150014124 - Glass substrate conveyance device and conveyance method: Provided is a glass substrate conveyance device (1), including a plurality of gripping means (10, 11) for gripping an upper edge portion (U) of a glass substrate (G) in a vertical posture so as to support the glass substrate (G) in a suspended manner, the glass substrate conveyance device (1)... Agent: Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.

20150014126 - Multi-row magnetic dial for the conveyance of workpieces and related method: A multi-row magnetic dial assembly that conveys work pieces, such as fasteners, includes a work piece engaging surface disposed around an outer perimeter, adjacent a first dial surface and/or adjacent a second dial surface. Multiple magnets are disposed adjacent the work piece engaging surface to exert a magnetic force on... Agent:

20150014127 - Auger with laser cladding and/or laser heat treatment and method: An agricultural auger for conveying grain material is provided. The agricultural auger includes a shaft that is adapted to rotate about a central axis. A flight extends and spirals about the shaft. The flight further includes a base material of a first hardness. A laser treated material is formed on... Agent: Kondex Corporation

01/08/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150008094 - Construction machine with heatable bearing structures: A construction machine, according to the disclosure, for the processing and/or transport of material having a temperature-dependent viscosity is configured as a road finisher or a feeder. The construction machine comprises a machine frame on which a material bunker, an operator's platform, a primary drive as well as an undercarriage... Agent: Joseph Voegele Ag

20150008095 - Acceleration and deceleration handrail driving device: Disk-shaped pulleys 6 arranged on entrance side IN and exit side OUT and rotated around a horizontal axis, an expansion link chain 8 endlessly wound between the disk-shaped pulleys, and a flexible handrail belt member 10 connected outside the expansion link chain and extendable/retractable in a traveling direction are provided.... Agent:

20150008096 - Thin-section sample fabrication apparatus and method of fabricating thin-section sample: A thin-section sample fabrication apparatus includes a sample table that places a thin section cut out from an embedding block, a transporting mechanism that moves the thin section to the vicinity of the sample table, a liquid phase forming portion that forms a liquid phase having a predetermined amount of... Agent:

20150008097 - Monitoring system for measuring speed and elongation of transport chains: A monitoring system for a conveyor of articles is provided. The conveyor of articles comprises a static portion and at least one respective endless transport chain adapted to be moved with respect to the static portion when the conveyor of articles is in operation. The system includes a reference element... Agent:

20150008098 - Method for operating a conveyor installation: A method operates a conveyor installation having a belt and at least one drive drum for driving the belt. The torque acting on the drive drum is controlled, in order to alter the speed of the belt, within a time window that is defined by a first rotational speed of... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150008099 - Transport section of a horizontal conveyor device with at least one adjustable guide element: A transport section of a horizontal conveyor device for conveying articles moved along in a standing or hanging position on a transport support surface extending in a horizontal conveying direction between two guide elements arranged approximately in parallel to each other and spaced from each other at a distance corresponding... Agent:

20150008100 - Weighing and sorting system and method: A sorting system configured to sort materials by size, and/or weight is disclosed herein. The sorting system is configured to operate in a smaller footprint as compared with conventional sorting systems. For instance, a main sorting track of sorting system is configured to deliver sorted material to either side of... Agent:

20150008101 - Conveyor chain link, conveyor chain, drive wheel for a conveyor chain and a system comprising such a drive wheel: A conveyor chain link provided with an upper body having a carrying surface and a lower body having a front end and a rear end, where the rear end is provided with a first leg and a second leg arranged at a certain distance from each other such that the... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150001039 - Portable belt conveyor system: A belt conveyor system for creating an overland material transport assembly on a ground surface comprises a frame configured for transportation over the ground surface, a plurality of pivotally connected conveyor belt support sections, a head pulley assembly mounted to the first end of the frame, a tail pulley assembly... Agent: Superior Industries, Inc.

20150001040 - Double flat detection and correction system and method: A double flat detection and correction system includes a feeder for detecting a double flat from multiple flats. The system also includes (i) a stacking unit that stacks one or more flats, and (ii) a de-stacking unit that de-stacks a flat from the one or more flats. The de-stacking unit... Agent: Accelerate Inc.

20150001041 - Continuous motion product selection and grouping system: A product selection and grouping system for the metering, selection, grouping and accumulation of varying size and/or configuration products into packs for packing in a substantially continuous motion operation is provided. The product selection and grouping system includes a metering station that receives the products in a substantially continuous line... Agent:

20150001042 - Apparatus for singulating load items: Apparatus for singulating load items, with first conveyor means working in a delivery direction and having a first conveying surface for delivering load items, with second conveyor means disposed adjacent to a transfer region of the first conveyor means and having a second conveying surface for receiving the load items... Agent:

20150001043 - Stopping apparatus and temporary stopping method: A stopping apparatus according to the invention includes a swing unit pivotal about a first pivot shaft between an abutment position in which the swing unit abuts against a work to stop conveyance of the work and a retreat position, a driving unit, and an elastic member applying a biasing... Agent: Hirata Corporation

20150001044 - Machine for forming a layer of objects and related method: Machine (100) for forming a layer of objects, comprising: a belt (1) for conveying objects (2), having a forward movement direction (D1); means (6) for counting objects moving forward on the conveyor belt (1); means (7) for moving the objects (2) forward on the conveyor belt 1, said moving means... Agent: Emmeti S.p.a.

20150001045 - Screw-type fine powder raw material feeding device and method: A screw-type fine powder raw material feeding device includes a screen (5) wound on the outer periphery of a tubular receiving member (21) and a plurality of annular metal fixtures (23) for bringing the screen (5) into close contact with the tubular receiving member (21) side. A gap (D) between... Agent: The Japan Steel Works,ltd

20150001046 - Tray assembly for balancing weights: A tray assembly for balancing weights is disclosed. The tray assembly has trays of different sizes adapted to different sizes of the balancing weights. This results in that the balancing weights are all positioned in the same height, and therefore can easily be picked up by a handling system. The... Agent:

20150001047 - Rubber composition for conveyor belts, conveyor belt, and belt conveyor: Provided is a rubber composition for conveyor belts capable of satisfying both energy efficiency and durability. Concretely provided is a rubber composition for conveyor belts comprising (A) 100 parts by mass of a dienic polymer, and (B) from 25 to 55 parts by mass of carbon black including carbon black... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20150001048 - Conveyor belt having opposing ends to be connected for endlessing the conveyor belt: A conveyor belt having opposing ends to be connected for endlessing the conveyor belt. The belt includes a belt member, and two planar connector parts provided one at each said end of the belt. Each connector part has, at an edge of the connector part, an edge coil extending over... Agent:

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