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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150144458 - Tie plate separator and method thereof: Embodiments of a tie plate sorter are disclosed wherein the tie plates are sorted and fed to an output device for further feeding to a tie plate distribution system. The tie plates may be oriented as needed. Exemplary methods are also provided.... Agent:

20150144459 - Method for monitoring conveyor belt splices: The present invention provides a method for detecting defects in conveyor belt splices having magnetically permeable metal cords embedded therein as the conveyor belt advances through a conveyor system, said conveyor belt having at least one splice, wherein a first set of magnetically permeable metal cords coming from a first... Agent: Veyance Technologies, Inc.

20150144460 - Vertical raft conveyor: This invention relates generally to the transport of objects, especially inflatable, semi-rigid, and rigid rafts on a conveyor along an essentially vertical travel path or use at waterpark amusement rides. The invention provides a drive and a plurality of spaced bands each having flights for supporting the raft in an... Agent: Tsm Houston, Inc.

20150144461 - Glass sheet guidance apparatus and methods of guiding a glass sheet: A glass sheet guidance apparatus includes a guidance member extending adjacent a conveyance path. In one example, an adjustment device selectively adjusts a length of the guidance member extending between a first holding structure and a second holding structure. In another example, the glass sheet guidance apparatus is configured to... Agent:

20150144462 - Transport device: The present invention relates to a transport device for transporting objects along a conveyor track. The transport device comprises a drive system having at least two stationary stator elements spaced apart from one another, which interact with a rotor element that is arranged on a transport element that is suitable... Agent:

20150144463 - Bucket elevator with belt protected by the bucket section: The invention relates to a belt bucket elevator for conveying bulk material, comprising a driven endless belt (23), which is circulated via drums arranged on a bucket elevator head and on a bucket elevator base, and comprising at least one row of buckets (10), each of which is individually fixed... Agent: Aumund Foerdertechnik Gmbh

20150144464 - Scraper for chain scraper conveyors: The present disclosure relates to a scraper for chain scraper conveyors, particularly twin chain scraper conveyors. The scraper may comprise a one-piece scraper bridge including two side scraper wings connected by a head web, a retaining bracket insertable from an underneath side of the scraper bridge into an insert recess,... Agent:

20150144465 - Telescopic conveyor belt: Telescopic conveyor belt, with a base conveyor section, a telescopic conveyor section on the base conveyor section and which can be extended and retracted telescopically, in and counter to a direction of extension, an endlessly circulating conveyor belt forming a conveyor surface and which, with its carrying run, is led... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150136563 - Escalator step and escalator having thereof: An escalator step includes a tread having a body section on which a plurality of convex sections are arranged in parallel, a riser connected to a rear end portion of the tread and having thereon a plurality of convex sections and a plurality of concave sections formed between the adjacent... Agent: Toshiba Elevator Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136564 - Feeding device for packaging machine: The invention relates to a feeding device for feeding products (12a-k) and/or stacks of products (14a-k) to a packaging process of a packaging machine (16a, 16d-k), in particular of a horizontal tube packaging machine, comprising a guide unit (22a-k) which is disposed as a closed loop (18a, 18c-k) and on... Agent:

20150136565 - Apparatus for conveying preforms: An apparatus for conveying preforms to a blow molding machine, including a sorter that sorts and uniformly orients the preforms. A gravity conveyor feeds the preforms from the sorter to the blow molding machine. A transfer device between the sorter and the conveyor transfers the preforms from the sorter to... Agent:

20150136566 - Dumping system: A dumping system, for the dumping of material, in particular for the filling of a former strip mine, includes a conveyor belt with belt modules (7) suspended on cables and a traveling tripper (15), which is arranged traveling in the direction of conveying. The belt modules (7) are fastened by... Agent:

20150136567 - Internal screw unit: An internal screw unit includes a screw-included tube assembly and a power source that supplies power. The screw-included tube assembly includes a tubular body in which a screw is arranged. The screw has an outer circumferential edge that is fixedly connected to an inside surface of the tubular body in... Agent: Quan Siang Technology Development Co., Ltd.

20150136568 - Conveyor system provided with plurality of carriers: A conveyor system equipped with a roller track for holding and moving one side of material and a plurality of rails parallel to the roller track each having a carrier for holding and moving the other side of material on the rail, wherein each carrier is provided with a height... Agent:

20150136569 - Conveying device, carrier, and feeding device for conveying bulk goods: The conveying device (1) according to the invention has a conveying channel (4). The conveying channel (4) is formed in particular as a conveying pipe (5). At least one carrier (2) is arranged in the conveying channel (4). In particular, at least two carriers (2) are arranged in the conveying... Agent: Buehler Gmbh

20150136570 - Central belt system of a commissioning unit: In the case of a central belt system (1) with article shafts (2), ejectors (5), moving central belt (4) and central control unit (6), an automatic control system (7′) which is connected to the control unit (6) for articles to be controlled on the moving central belt (4), with a... Agent:

20150136571 - Conveyor beam: Conveyor beam for a conveyor system, comprising a plurality of connector elements and at least two conveyor beam elements, where the connector element comprises a central portion, two outer portions and two peripherally grooves extending peripherally around the connector element between the central portion and the outer portions, where the... Agent:

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