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Computer graphics processing, operator interface processing, and selective visual display systems

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05/14/2015 > 186 patent applications in 63 patent subcategories.

20150130684 - Video display device, display control method: According to one embodiment, a video display device includes a display panel and a light source modules, for example. The display panel includes a video display area capable of displaying video and is arranged adjacent to another display panel. The light source module includes a light source that irradiates the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150130685 - Displaying information on wearable devices: A method in an electronic device is provided including establishing a communication with a wearable device and transmitting a first data item from the electronic device to the wearable device based on (i) a distance between the electronic device and the wearable device and (ii) a position of the wearable... Agent:

20150130686 - Cascaded displays: A cascaded display includes multiple transmitting elements which may include superimposed transparent display panels and backlighting elements. Combinations of different display panels may be used for different types of data, e.g., a persistent data panel and a non-persistent data panel to provide more uniform luminosity at any given point in... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150130687 - Display control apparatus for vehicle: A first illuminance sensor acquires the illuminance of environmental light outside a vehicle, and a second illuminance sensor acquires the illuminance of environmental light inside the vehicle. An image presentation unit controls the luminance of image display light generated from image signals of an image to be displayed, based on... Agent:

20150130689 - Executable virtual objects associated with real objects: Embodiments for interacting with an executable virtual object associated with a real object are disclosed. In one example, a method for interacting with an executable virtual object associated with a real object includes receiving sensor input from one or more sensors attached to the portable see-through display device, and obtaining... Agent:

20150130688 - Utilizing external devices to offload text entry on a head mountable device: Methods and systems are described herein for providing text to a head-mountable display (HMD) from a remote device. The remote device can receive a notification of an event related to the HMD. The remote device can determine whether the event corresponds to a text input for the HMD. After determining... Agent: Google Inc.

20150130690 - Organic light emitting display and method for driving the same: An organic light emitting display includes a power supply source and a power voltage compensation unit. The power supply source supplies at least a first power voltage to a first power voltage line of the display. The power voltage compensation unit to generate a first compensation power voltage based on... Agent:

20150130691 - Organic light emitting diode display: An OLED pixel includes a switching transistor to transfer a data signal to a driving transistor. The switching transistor includes a first gate coupled to receive a first scan signal and a second gate coupled to receive a second scan signal received before the first scan signal. A storage capacitor... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150130693 - Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same: A backlight assembly having a light emitting module and a lower receiving container, the light emitting module including a first light source configured to generate a first light and a quantum dot rail configured to generate a second light from the first light the light emitting module is disposed under... Agent:

20150130692 - Low power semi-reflective display: A semi-reflective display and a method for fabricating and assembling a semi-reflective display are presented, where the display may be comprised of visible light rectifying antenna arrays tuned to four different colors, which when forward biased may use electric power to amplify reflected colored light, and when reversed biased may... Agent:

20150130694 - Liquid crystal display device, television receiver, and display method for liquid crystal display device: A liquid crystal display device includes a liquid crystal panel having a plurality of pixels grouped into four types of type 1, type 2, type 3, and type 4; a panel driver circuit connected to the liquid crystal panel to drive the liquid crystal panel; and a display control circuit... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150130701 - Arrangement for physically moving two dimensional, three dimensional and/or stereoscopic three dimensional virtual objects: An arrangement for moving virtual object images within a real space. The arrangement includes a virtual object image creator. A tangible object in electrical and/or electronic communication with the virtual object image creator such that when a virtual object image is generated by the virtual object image creator, electrical and/or... Agent:

20150130700 - Assembled electronic apparatus and control method thereof: An assembled electronic apparatus and a control method thereof are provided. The assembled electronic apparatus includes a first body and a second body. A second processor shares a partial content of a sensing record generated by a sensing module through a second information sharing module. The first body and the... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20150130695 - Camera based auto screen rotation: Systems and methods may provide for receiving an image of a user of a mobile device and analyzing the image to determine whether a rotation condition is present with respect to the mobile device relative to a face of the user. Additionally, content on a screen of the mobile device... Agent:

20150130704 - Face tracking for additional modalities in spatial interaction: A user device receives an image stream from the user side of the user device and an image stream from a target side of the user device. The user device acquires a coordinate system for the user, acquires its own coordinate system, and relates the two coordinate systems to a... Agent:

20150130709 - Gesture detecting device, gesture recognition device: An object of the present invention is to make it possible for smart devices such as smartphones to provide new operability to users. A gesture detecting device includes a motion detecting unit and a processor. The processor calculates deviation value outputted by the motion detecting unit. At timing when the... Agent:

20150130707 - Haptic spatialization system: A system is provided that controls a haptic effect experienced at a peripheral device. The system receives a haptic effect definition including haptic data. The system further receives spatialization data including: a distance of the haptic effect; a direction of the haptic effect; or a flow of the haptic effect.... Agent:

20150130706 - Haptic trigger control system: A system that controls a haptic effect experienced at a trigger is provided. The system receives a haptic effect definition including haptic data. The system further receives trigger data including at least one of: a position of a trigger of a peripheral device; or a range of the trigger of... Agent:

20150130699 - Head mounted display and method of controlling therefor: The present specification relates to a head mounted display and a method of controlling therefor, and more particularly, when a user wearing the head mounted display captures an image, a method of storing a captured image according to whether a preview via an image preview interface exists or not.... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150130711 - Head mounted display and method of controlling therefor: A method of controlling a head mounted display (HMD) according to one embodiment of the present specification includes performing a first operation, receiving a first voice input through an audio input unit, processing the first voice input with respect to the first operation while a first contact is detected through... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150130702 - Information processing apparatus, control method, and program: There is provided an information processing apparatus including an information acquiring unit provided in the information processing apparatus to be worn on a head of a user, the information acquiring unit being configured to acquire facial expression information of the user, and a control unit configured to perform certain control... Agent:

20150130705 - Method for determining location of content and an electronic device: A method is provided comprising: detecting, by an electronic device, whether at least a threshold amount of eye-gaze data is collected; selecting a first area in a display of the electronic device based on the eye-gaze data when the threshold amount of eye-gaze data is collected; and displaying a content... Agent:

20150130708 - Method for performing sensor function and electronic device thereof: An electronic device and a method for performing a plurality of sensor functions are provided. The method includes detecting at least one of a subject brightness and a peripheral brightness with a sensor formed with a plurality of pixels, reading out a preset pixel group of the plurality of pixels,... Agent:

20150130710 - State-based auxiliary display operation: Described is a technology by which routing of data may be automatically modified based on detected state data of a computing system. For example, user input may be routed from an actuator set to a host computer system when the host computer system is in an online state, or to... Agent:

20150130703 - System and method for dynamic content delivery based on gaze analytics: A method of presenting content to a subject based on eye position measurements is provided. The method includes presenting the subject with content. While presenting the content to the subject, one or more of the subject's eye positions is measured. The method further includes continuously performing the operations of generating... Agent:

20150130697 - Use of light transmission through tissue to detect force: Various embodiments relate to apparatuses and methods of using light transmission thought compressed living tissue to detect force. Transmission of light through living tissue such as a finger is affected by how much the tissue is compressed, for example by the finger being pressing on a surface. Light is introduced... Agent:

20150130696 - Use of light transmission through tissue to sense joint flexure: Various embodiments relate to apparatuses and methods of using light transmission thought living tissue, such as a finger, to detect the flexure of a joint. Light is introduced into the tissue at one point, passes through the tissue, and exits the tissue at a second point where a sensor receives... Agent:

20150130698 - Wearable glove electronic device: A glove electronic device includes a plurality of peripherals, each of which is affixed to an adhesive cover and attachable to a location in at least one of finger portions, a wrist portion and a hand portion of the glove electronic device. Configuration of the plurality of peripherals on the... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20150130715 - Image recognition apparatus, operation determining method and computer-readable medium: An accurate determination of an operation is possible. Data photographed by a video camera is read by an image reading unit, and an image of an operator is extracted from the data by an image extracting unit. As a result of such preparation, a virtual operation screen and an operation... Agent:

20150130712 - Operation interface device and operation interface method: There are provided a touch panel 3 that is mounted on the display surface of a handy operational display 2, a rotary dial 4 that accepts a remote operation, and a touch detector 5 that detects a touch of an operator to the rotary dial 4. An image display unit... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150130713 - Three-dimensional image display device, cursor display method therefor, and computer program: A three-dimensional image display device includes: a cursor drawing control unit controlling cursor drawing in a first mode in which a cursor is displayed on an image for one of left and right eyes and no cursor is displayed on an image for the other eye and cursor drawing in... Agent:

20150130714 - Video analysis device, video analysis method, and point-of-gaze display system: A video acquirer acquires video obtained by imaging, by an imaging element that moves in association with motion of a head of a user, an area including reflected light of each of light beams irradiated to either one eyeball of the user from two light sources of a first light... Agent:

20150130716 - Audio-visual interaction with user devices: A user device is enabled by an audio-visual assistant for audio-visual interaction with a user. The audio-visual assistant enables the user device to track the user's eyes and face to determine objects on the screen that the user is currently observing. Various tasks can be executed on the objects based... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20150130717 - Display apparatus, display system, and control method: A display apparatus includes a display section that displays a displayed image on a display surface based on an original image, an imaging section that captures the displayed image displayed on the display surface by the display section, a generation section that generates a difference image representing a difference between... Agent:

20150130718 - Information processor: An information processor includes a means for displaying a plurality of item buttons in a display region, the item buttons each having center coordinates and outlines, a means for determining coordinates of an indicated position in the display area based on an input signal, a means for calibrating the center... Agent:

20150130719 - Methods and apparatuses for operating a portable device based on an accelerometer: Methods and apparatuses for operating a portable device based on an accelerometer are described. According to one embodiment of the invention, an accelerometer attached to a portable device detects a movement of the portable device. In response, a machine executable code is executed within the portable device to perform one... Agent:

20150130720 - Method, video terminal, and system for realizing simple air mouse: The present disclosure provides a method, a video system, and a system for realizing a simple air mouse. The method includes: a video terminal obtaining current position parameters of an air mouse, wherein the current position parameters comprise a deflection angle and a deflection direction of the air mouse with... Agent: Shenzhen Tcl New Technology Co., Ltd.

20150130721 - Keyboard and keys: In a preferred form, a keyboard has a single row of eight multi-position keys with the letters arranged in a standard QWERTY keyboard configuration. The eight keys correspond to the eight fingers used when touch typing; each finger operates one key, and that key contains all the letters that the... Agent:

20150130722 - Illuminated keyboard: A light guide is provided for illuminating innumerable constructions, but which is ideally suited for illuminating the keys of a keyboard. The light guide includes a translucent planar plate having a top, a bottom and sides. Further, the light guide includes one or more cavities which project upwardly into the... Agent:

20150130727 - Display apparatus and method of controlling a display apparatus: A display apparatus is provided. The display apparatus includes a communicator configured to perform communication with the remote controller with a touch panel, a display configured to include a plurality of divided screens, and a controller configured to control a screen which corresponds to a divided area where the user... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150130729 - Display device: A display device includes a liquid crystal display panel 5, a touch panel 3 that is disposed on a display surface side of the liquid crystal display panel 5 and that has a touch operation area wider than a display area of the above-mentioned liquid crystal display panel 5, and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150130725 - Dynamic hover sensitivity and gesture adaptation in a dual display system: A dual display information handling system includes processor and a housing. The housing includes a display operable to detect a touch device hovering above the display. The information handling system is operable to detect an orientation of the housing, detect an application running on the information handling system, and set... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20150130730 - Feedback systems for input devices: An electronic device including a processor, a display screen in communication with the processor, a track pad in communication with the processor including a movable surface that is selectively movable in at least one direction to provide feedback to a user, and a feedback system in communication with the processor... Agent:

20150130728 - Information processing device: An information processing device according to the present invention includes: a display input part accepting an operation of an operation object; an operation detecting means for accepting an input operation of the operation object by detecting an operation position of the operation object on a face of the display input... Agent:

20150130739 - Intelligent management for an electronic device: An electronic device is disclosed. The electronic device includes a first input device; a second input device capable of operating in a first operating mode; and a system management module in communication with the first input device and the second input device. The system management module is configured for switching... Agent:

20150130737 - Method and apparatus for controlling electronic device using palm touch: A method and an apparatus for controlling an electronic device is provided. The method and an apparatus for operating a function by detecting a touch area in which a touch is input by a user in an electronic device capable of receiving a touch input are provided. A method of... Agent:

20150130733 - Method, apparatus, and system for detecting transmitter approximating or touching touch sensitive device: The present invention provides a method for detecting a transmitter approximating or touching a touch sensitive device. The transmitter transmits an electrical signal mixed by signals having a plurality of frequencies. The touch sensitive device includes a plurality of first electrodes, a plurality of second electrodes and a plurality of... Agent:

20150130734 - Method, device, and system for detecting transmitter approaching or touching touch sensitive display: A method is provided for detecting a transmitter approaching or touching a touch sensitive display. The transmitter transmits an electrical signal which is mixed from a plurality of signals having different frequencies. The display includes a liquid crystal layer between pixel electrodes and common electrodes and a plurality of second... Agent:

20150130724 - Multi-touch inputs for input interface control: An embodiment provides a method, including: accepting, at a touch input component, touch input; rendering, on a display device, the touch input; determining, using a processor, multi-touch controlling input for controlling the touch input; mapping, using the processor, the multi-touch controlling input to a predetermined control action; and applying the... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150130736 - Organic light emitting diode (oled) touch display device: An OLED touch display device includes an OLED display and a laminated package component covering the OLED display and including a quarter-wave plate, a liquid crystal polarizer, a first touch sensor layer and a second touch sensor layer. The first touch sensor layer and the second touch sensor layer are... Agent:

20150130726 - Organic light-emitting diode (oled) display: An organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display is disclosed. In one aspect, the OLED display includes a substrate and a thin film display layer formed over the substrate, wherein a plurality of OLEDs are formed in the thin film display layer. The OLED display also includes an encapsulation substrate formed over... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150130738 - Portable device and method for controlling the same: A method for controlling a portable device including first and second display units at opposing surfaces of the portable device. The method includes detecting one of a first unlock command for switching a state of the first display unit to an active state and maintaining a state of the second... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150130731 - Processing device and processing method: The present invention provides a processing device, which includes a plurality of digital demodulators and an information transmitting module. Each of the digital demodulators is configured to generate in-phase and quadrature signal information corresponding to a frequency. The information transmitting module is configured to receive, process, and transmit the in-phase... Agent:

20150130741 - Removable clip with user interface: Various embodiments of removable user interfaces, electronic computing devices, and systems are described. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a body having a bend and a user interface area, a connector adapted to couple to a corresponding connector on an electronic device, and a plurality of conductive elements. The bend... Agent:

20150130740 - System for gaze interaction: A control module for generating gesture based commands during user interaction with an information presentation area is provided. The control module is configured to acquire user input from a touchpad and gaze data signals from a gaze tracking module; and determine at least one user generated gesture based control command... Agent: Tobii Technology Ab

20150130732 - Transmitter and transmitting method thereof: The present invention provides a transmitter which is configured to transmit an electrical signal to a touch sensitive device according to a transmitter status. After analyzing the electrical signal, the touch sensitive device is able to find out the transmitter status and a relative position of the transmitter with respect... Agent:

20150130735 - Transmitter set for concurrent transmission, transmitting method thereof, and touch sensitive system: The present invention provides a set of transmitters which transmits signals concurrently. The set comprises a first role transmitter configured to transmit a first electrical signal according to a first role transmitter status to a touch sensitive device; and a second role transmitter configured to transmit a second electrical signal... Agent:

20150130723 - Two step content selection with trajectory copy: In a first step of a content selection operation, content can be selected by detecting a freeform trajectory of one or more content selection objects with respect to a computing device. The selection area can be calculated based on the maximum area covered by the trajectory of movement that is... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150130765 - Cancelling induced currents in a touch sensing device having an embedded near field communication antenna: A method and system for enabling a near field communication antenna to be disposed adjacent to electrodes of a touch sensing device, the near field communication antenna being operated, and the magnetic field inductance and electric field coupling between the electrodes and the near field communication antenna being minimized in... Agent: Cirque Corporation

20150130744 - Carrier signal detection apparatus, touch control detection apparatus and detection methods thereof: A carrier signal detection apparatus, a touch control apparatus and detection methods thereof are provided. The carrier signal detection apparatus includes an analog to digital converting (ADC) apparatus and a filter. The ADC apparatus receives an analog input signal and converts the analog input signal to a digital signal. The... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20150130747 - Display apparatus and touch sensing method thereof: A touch sensing method of a display apparatus is disclosed. The display apparatus includes an active matrix substrate including a plurality of column electrodes and a plurality of row electrodes crossing the column electrodes. Each of the column electrodes is electrically connected to a driving module or a sensing module.... Agent:

20150130759 - Display apparatus, vehicle equipped with the display apparatus and control method for the display apparatus: A display apparatus of a vehicle for providing various kinds of information includes a touchscreen unit to display at least one of a screen of an external manipulation mode and a screen of a touch manipulation mode, and a sensing unit to sense approach of an object to the touchscreen... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150130751 - Display device and electronic apparatus: There is provided a display device including a pixel unit (10) including a first substrate (11); a touch sensor unit (30 including a second substrate 23); and a liquid crystal layer (18) formed between the pixel unit (10) and the touch sensor unit (30). The touch sensor unit (30 includes... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150130753 - Display device with integrated touch screen: A display device with an integrated touch screen includes a panel including m (m is a natural number) electrodes and m lines; a display driver IC applying a common voltage to the m electrodes; and a touch IC generating a touch scan signal to apply the touch scan signal to... Agent:

20150130767 - Electronic devices with sidewall displays: Electronic devices may be provided that contain flexible displays that are bent to form displays on multiple surfaces of the devices. Bent flexible displays may be bent to form front side displays and edge displays. Edge displays may be separated from front side displays or from other edge displays using... Agent:

20150130743 - Gesture detection: Methods, systems, and products sense contactless gestures. A capacitive sensor measures capacitance during performance of a gesture. The capacitive sensor generates an output signal that is compared to a database. The database stores different output signals that are associated to different commands. The corresponding command is executed in response to... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150130748 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: Provided is an information processing device including a pressure sensor configured to be capable of detecting a pressure position which is a position of a pressure portion subjected to a pressure manipulation by a user and a pressure force which is a pressure at a time of the pressure manipulation,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150130755 - Integrated receiver and adc for capacitive touch sensing apparatus and methods: An integrated analog data receiver for a capacitive touch screen. An analog data receiver circuit for a touch screen device is provided including a sigma delta analog to digital converter configured for direct connection to an analog output of a touch screen device, and further including an integrator circuit having... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150130761 - Method and apparatus for allocating computing resources in touch-based mobile device: A method and apparatus for allocating resources in a touch-based electronic device. The method includes recognizing an interaction pattern of a touch signal if the touch signal of a user interaction for multitasking via a touch screen of the electronic device is received; determining a level of a resource based... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20150130742 - Multi-touch capacitive sensing surface: Disclosed are techniques and systems for distinguishing between inadvertent contact and an intentional key press on a touch-sensitive input device, such as a keyboard or other like peripheral. In some embodiments, a system may include a first electrode disposed in a first plane, and a second electrode disposed in a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150130762 - Peripheral device with touch control function: A peripheral device comprises a control unit and an operating body. The operating body electrically coupled to the control unit comprises a keyboard layout layer, a capacitance sensing layer and a resistance sensing layer. The keyboard layout layer shows a keyboard layout to be operated. The capacitance sensing layer disposed... Agent: Darfon Electronics Corp.

20150130749 - Touch pad, corresponding touch position determining unit and asscociated method: The disclosure relates to a touch pad and a corresponding touch position determining unit (TPDU). The touch pad comprises a plurality of sensing elements that each extend in a first direction and are displaced from one another in a second direction, wherein the plurality of sensing elements is provided in... Agent:

20150130760 - Touch panel: A touch panel includes a cover substrate having an active area and an unactive area. A printing layer is provided on the unactive area while forming a step difference from the cover substrate. An insulating layer is provided on the printing layer, and the insulating layer has average surface roughness... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150130763 - Touch panel: A touch panel including a cover substrate includes an active area and an unactive area, and a color film on the cover substrate. The color film includes a color part provided at a position corresponding to a position of the unactive area, and the color part includes a conductive material.... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150130745 - Touch panel and display device including the same: A touch panel and a display device including the same are disclosed. In one aspect, the touch panel includes a destructive interference (DI) unit including a plurality of dielectric layers and a plurality of metal layers that are alternately stacked and a transparent conductive layer formed over the DI unit.... Agent: Samsung Display Co. Ltd.

20150130746 - Touch panel and method of manufacturing touch panel: A manufacturing method of a touch panel includes: forming a graphene electrode on a metal substrate; adhering a transfer film on the graphene electrode; patterning the metal substrate to form electrode wiring; adhering a base substrate under the electrode wiring; and removing the transfer film. In the manufacturing method, the... Agent:

20150130750 - Touch sensitive displays: Disclosed are a touch sensitive display and a method of operation thereof. The display comprises a sensor having an input put array of electrodes and, capacitively coupled thereto, an output array of electrodes and a controller operable to perform a scan operation at every intersection point of said input array.... Agent: Zytronic Displays Limited

20150130756 - Touch sensitive processing apparatus and method thereof: The present invention provides a touch processing device which is configured to connect to a touch sensitive panel having a plurality of sensing points. The touch processing device comprises a transmitter detecting module and an information transmitting module. The transmitter detecting module is configured to detect a transmitter transmitting an... Agent:

20150130754 - Touch sensor: A touch sensor including a sheet defining a surface and enclosing a set of channels, each channel in the set of channels isolated from other channels in the set of channels and defining a variable width; a set of distinct volumes of electrically-conductive fluid contained within the set of channels;... Agent:

20150130752 - Touch slider unit and microwave oven having touch slider unit: A touch slider unit includes: a touch slider having a contact part to be in contact with a user and a light-transmitting part disposed to surround a circumference of the contact part; an electrode disposed on a back surface of the contact part of the touch slider; a controller which... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

20150130764 - Touchpad combined with a display and having proximity and touch sensing capabilities to enable different functions or interfaces to be displayed: A touch-sensitive and far-field or proximity sensitive touchpad combined with a display, wherein the touchpad is formed as a touchstrip that is concealed inside the display, wherein a first function or interface such as a menu is enabled when an actuating device reaches a threshold distance from the touchpad, wherein... Agent: Cirque Corporation

20150130758 - Transmitter and transmitting method thereof: The present invention provides a transmitter which is configured to transmit an electrical signal to a capacitive touch sensitive device according to a transmitter status in response to a trigger event detected. As a result, the capacitive touch sensitive device can calculate the transmitter status and a relative position between... Agent:

20150130757 - Transmitter, touch sensitive system and transmitting method thereof: The present invention provides a transmitter, which includes a transmitting module configured to transmit an electrical signal to a touch sensitive device according to at least one transmitter operating status such that the touch sensitive device acknowledges the transmitter operating status by analyzing the electrical signal including one or more... Agent:

20150130766 - User interface system and method: The user interface system of the preferred embodiments includes a layer defining a tactile surface and including a first region and a particular region adjacent the first region; a substrate defining a fluid channel, cooperating with the layer at the particular region to define a cavity fluidly coupled to the... Agent:

20150130769 - Object detection in touch systems: A signal processor implements a technique for detecting objects on a panel which transmits signals inside the panel such that the objects are allowed to interact with (e.g. attenuate) the signals by contact with a touch surface of the panel. The signal processor operates to define cells that have a... Agent:

20150130768 - Touch sensing module, touch sensing method, and computer program product: A touch sensing module including a plurality of image sensors and a processing unit is provided. The image sensors are disposed beside a reference plane and configured to detect the reference plane and to convert a detection result into a plurality of image signals respectively. The processing unit is configured... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150130770 - Piezoelectric sheet, touch panel using the same, and input-output device using them: Disclosed is an active matrix liquid crystal display device with transverse electric field system, which improves afterimage. One electrode of many pixel comb electrodes is thicker in width than the other pixel comb electrode and common comb electrodes and is equal to a width of the common shield electrode covering... Agent:

20150130771 - Cues based on location and context for touch interface: An embodiment provides a method, comprising: detecting an object positioned relative to a touch surface of an information handling device; determining a position on the touch surface at which the object is located; associating the position on the touch screen with a cue type; and providing a cue of the... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150130772 - Capacitive stylus pen: A capacitive stylus pen that inputs an indicated position by capacitive coupling with a tablet is provided. The capacitive stylus pen includes a power supply that is charged in a contactless manner, a coil provided at a position indicating part of the capacitive stylus pen, an electrode that penetrates through... Agent:

20150130773 - Crt light pen interface for flat panel displays: A CRT light pen emulating interface with power save and remote access for flat panel displays includes a pen flat panel display that indicates at least one of a user action with a light pen switch or other device and a presence of a light pen emulating object positioned on... Agent: Plasmability, LLC

20150130774 - Switch for activating a data protection mode for an electronic appliance: A switch activates a data protection mode for an electronic appliance configured to send data stored on the electronic appliance. The switch has an interface for coupling the switch to the electronic appliance. The switch is configured to send a signal to the electronic appliance upon mechanical operation by a... Agent:

20150130776 - Analog data transmitter applied in lcd apparatus and operating method thereof: An analog data transmitter applied in a LCD apparatus includes an output pad, a channel operational amplifier, an initial switch, an auxiliary switch module, and a detection unit. The detection unit selectively starts a first switch unit or a second switch unit of the auxiliary switch module according to a... Agent:

20150130775 - Image display device: An image display device includes a flexible display unit transformable by a force between a first state and a second state having different curved degrees; a pressing member disposed at a rear surface of the flexible display unit, to apply the force to the flexible display unit; a driving unit... Agent:

20150130777 - Display device and method of manufacturing the same: A display device having a substrate including a first display area, a second display area, a non-display area disposed adjacent to the first and second display areas, a plurality of first pixels disposed in the first display area, a plurality of second pixels disposed in the second display area, a... Agent:

20150130778 - Handheld electronic device and power saving method thereof: A handheld electronic device comprises a display, a backlight module, a video card and a central processing unit (CPU). The display comprises first and second display regions. The backlight module comprises first and second backlight units. The first backlight unit corresponds to the first display region, and the second backlight... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150130780 - Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof: An organic light emitting display includes a plurality of pixels and a compensation unit. Each of the pixels includes a driving transistor to control an amount of current supplied to a corresponding organic light emitting diode. The compensation unit is coupled to the pixels by data lines and includes at... Agent:

20150130779 - Pixel structure and driving method thereof: A pixel structure and a driving method thereof are disclosed. The driving method includes following steps. During a first displaying frame period, a threshold voltage of a transistor for driving a light-emitting diode is stored in a first capacitor, and a first data voltage is stored in a second capacitor.... Agent:

20150130786 - Data forwarding circuit, data forwarding method, display device, host-side device, and electronic apparatus: The timing controller determines the number of data lanes (11, 12, 13), which are used to transfer data, based on information in relation to an amount of data to be transferred during a predetermined time period. Out of the plurality of data lanes (11, 12, 13), the determined number of... Agent:

20150130782 - Display apparatus and driving method thereof: A display device includes: a display panel comprising a plurality of pixels coupled to a plurality of gate lines and a plurality of data lines, respectively; a gate driver configured to drive the plurality of gate lines; a data driver configured to drive the plurality of data lines; and a... Agent:

20150130783 - Display unit and electronic apparatus: A display unit includes a display panel and a drive circuit, the display panel including pixels, each pixel including a light emitting element and a pixel circuit, wherein the pixel circuit includes a first transistor being configured to sample a voltage of a signal line, a second transistor being configured... Agent:

20150130784 - Method of driving display device and display device for performing the same: A method of driving a display device includes a writing operation and a reading operation. The writing operation includes writing first to Mth frame data in a first frame memory during first to Mth frame periods. The reading operation includes reading (L−M)th and (L−M+1)th frame data among the first to... Agent:

20150130785 - Organic light-emitting display device and driving method thereof: Disclosed is an organic light-emitting display device and operating method thereof that may include an organic light-emitting diode, a first transistor controlled by a sensing signal and connected to a data line, a second transistor controlled by a scanning signal and connected to the data line, and a driving transistor... Agent:

20150130781 - Three-dimensional image display apparatus: A three-dimensional image display apparatus includes a display panel configured to display an image and including gate lines, data lines, and pixels connected to the gate lines and the data lines, a data driver configured to drive the data lines, a gate driver configured to drive the gate lines, a... Agent:

20150130787 - Organic light-emitting display apparatus, method of repairing the same, and method of driving the same: An organic light-emitting display apparatus includes a plurality of emission pixels, a plurality of dummy pixels, and a plurality of repair lines. The emission pixels are aligned in column and row directions in an active region. The dummy pixels are in a dummy region. The repair lines are connected to... Agent:

20150130795 - Garment simulation using thread and data level parallelism: Techniques for three-dimensional garment simulation using parallel computing are presented herein. An access module can be configured to access a three-dimensional garment model of a garment. The garment model can include garment points that represent a surface of the garment. A processor, having a plurality of cores, can be configured... Agent:

20150130789 - Image composition based on remote object data: When a scene is generated, a content item may identify graphics object service requests associated with the scene. Each scene may have any number of associated graphics object service requests that may be sent to any number of different graphics object services. The graphics object services may be accessible over... Agent:

20150130792 - Integration of labels into a 3d geospatial model: Architecture that enables the representation of labels as objects in the 3D (three-dimensional) world, with size, elevation, and orientation. Logical hierarchies in the world are represented by the placement and prominence of labels in the 3D world scene. For example, state labels are positioned higher and larger than city labels.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150130796 - Method and system for constructing an electrophysiology map: A method of constructing an EP map is provided. The method comprises obtaining a first surface model of an anatomic structure, the first model comprising an alpha shell of a cloud of location data points. The method further comprises obtaining a second surface model of the structure, the second surface... Agent:

20150130793 - Multi-view image display apparatus and multi-view image display method thereof: A multi-view image display apparatus is disclosed. The multi-view image display apparatus includes a depth adjuster configured to adjust depth of an input image, a rendering unit configured to perform rendering of a multi-view based on the depth-adjusted image, a display configured to arrange and display the multi-view image according... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150130791 - Presenting markup in a scene using depth fading: Architecture that enables the drawing of markup in a scene that neither obscures the scene nor is undesirably obscured by the scene. When drawing markup such as text, lines, and other graphics, into the scene, a determination is made as to the utility to the viewer of drawing the markup... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150130794 - Robot simulator, robot simulation method, robot simulation program: A robot simulator includes an image generator and a display controller. The image generator is configured to generate a three-dimensional robot image representing a movement to be taught to a robot. The display controller is configured to combine a two-dimensional image representing an environment of the robot with the three-dimensional... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150130788 - Visualize the obscure object in 3d space: A system, method and software application implement a visualization scheme for presenting information in a 3D map. A set of rules specifies the visualization scheme, particularly with respect to how the system renders background objects that are obscured by a foreground object. The objects include elements such as building surfaces,... Agent:

20150130790 - Visually convincing depiction of object interactions in augmented reality images: The disclosure provide for improved depiction of interactions between virtual objects and physical objects in augmented reality (AR) images, and may include operations for: receiving a captured image of the real world physical structure, the captured image provided by a camera disposed in a housing; identifying, by image processing performed... Agent: Nintendo Of America Inc.

20150130799 - Analysis and manipulation of images and video for generation of surround views: Various embodiments of the present invention relate generally to systems and methods for analyzing and manipulating images and video. According to particular embodiments, the spatial relationship between multiple images and video is analyzed together with location information data, for purposes of creating a representation referred to herein as a surround... Agent: Fyusion, Inc.

20150130801 - Controlling a virtual camera: Among other aspects, on computer-implemented method includes: receiving at least one command in a computer system from a handheld device; positioning a virtual camera and controlling a virtual scene according to the command; and in response to the command, generating an output to the handheld device for displaying a view... Agent: Lucasfilm Entertainment Company, Ltd.

20150130798 - Rasterization in graphics processing system: A method and system are provided for performing rasterisation of input primitives to generate graphics fragments to be subsequently processed to generate output data for display in a render output area. The method comprises, for each input primitive, determining from the vertex data of the primitive a bounding box for... Agent:

20150130800 - Segmentation of surround view data: Various examples of the present disclosure include techniques and mechanisms for generating a surround view. According to various examples, a surround view is constructed from multiple images that are captured from different locations. A computer processor is used to create a three dimensional model that includes the content and context... Agent: Fyusion, Inc.

20150130797 - Structure model creation from a three dimensional surface: Constructing a three dimensional (3D) model of a structure may involve receiving a 3D surface representing a geographic area, the surface having elevation values associated with points of the surface and the geographic area comprises a structure having a geographic footprint smaller than the geographic area. Constructing a 3D model... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20150130802 - Forward pixel killing: A graphics processing apparatus and method of graphics processing is disclosed. Obscuration identification circuitry is configured to receive graphics fragments from rasterization circuitry and to identify an obscuration condition if a received graphics fragment, in combination with at least one previously received graphics fragment, will obscure at least one further... Agent:

20150130803 - Near touch interaction with structured light: A near-touch interface is provided that utilizes stereo cameras and a series of targeted structured light tessellations, emanating from the screen as a light source and incident on objects in the field-of-view. After radial distortion from a series of wide-angle lenses is mitigated, a surface-based spatio-temporal stereo algorithm is utilized... Agent: Edge 3 Technologies, Inc.

20150130804 - Shape data generation method and apparatus: A shape data generation method includes: generating a target shape of transformation from plural tomographic images of an object; specifying, from among plural vertices of a first shape that is a reference shape of the object, plural first vertices, each first vertex of which satisfies a condition that a normal... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20150130806 - Design method of freeform imaging system: A design method of freeform imaging system is provided. An initial freeform imaging system is provided, the initial freeform image system comprising a first initial surface and a second initial surface spaced from each other. A second surface is constructed by calculating a plurality of second data points of the... Agent:

20150130805 - Method and system of anti-aliasing shading decoupled from rasterization: A method and system for rendering a graphic object is disclosed. The method includes selecting a set of points of a graphic object for shading. At least one shading parameter is determined for application to the selected set of points of the graphic object. A shading parameter image is precalculated... Agent: Oxide Interactive, LLC

20150130807 - Maintaining 3d labels as stable objects in 3d world: Architecture that enables the preservation of label readability in a scene (e.g., map, map tiles, graphical background, etc.) by way of label orientation relative to a fixed heading on a plane or curved surface. After identifying an initial fixed heading, movement of the camera (e.g., zoom-in, zoom-out, position change, etc.)... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150130808 - Display device and display method: There is provided a display device, including a color display section which displays a color plane expressed by first and second attribute values from among three attribute values constituting a color system, a base section to which the color display section is connected in a rotatable state, and a display... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150130809 - Information processor, information processing method, program, and image display device: An information processing apparatus comprising an image selecting portion configured to select an image to be displayed having a resolution determined based on a change speed of a display area, such as a movement, enlargement, reduction, a rotation or a change of focus position of the display area. Preferably when... Agent:

20150130811 - Banking interface: One or more embodiments of techniques or systems for intelligent data presentation are provided herein. Data can be presented on similar devices having different characteristics in different manners. For example, data may be rendered in a first manner on a first device having one monitor, the same data may be... Agent: Wells Fargo Bank, N.a.

20150130810 - Mass spectrometry data processing device: A data processing device in which, on a screen where an MS spectrum for a retention time designated by the analyst is displayed in the upper area and an MS2 spectrum for a precursor ion selected automatically based on the MS spectrum is displayed in the lower area, when an... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150130812 - Measured data digitization apparatus, measured data digitization method and non-transitory computer-readable medium: A measured data digitization apparatus digitizes measured data based on image data obtained by reading paper data including the measured data indicated on an X-Y plane, and includes a straight line extracting unit extracting straight lines from the image data, an X-Y axis obtaining unit obtaining two orthogonal straight lines... Agent: Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation

20150130814 - Data collection for multiple view generation: In some cases, one or more rendered views of a scene of a particular content item, such as a video game, may be generated by a content provider and transmitted from the content provider to multiple different clients. Additionally, in some cases, a content provider may employ multiple graphics processing... Agent:

20150130815 - Multiple parallel graphics processing units: In some cases, one or more rendered views of a scene of a particular content item, such as a video game, may be generated by a content provider and transmitted from the content provider to multiple different clients. Additionally, in some cases, a content provider may employ multiple graphics processing... Agent:

20150130813 - Session idle optimization for streaming server: Graphics rendering services may be provided to a client device by a remote computing facility. One or more rendering processes may be executed on a virtual machine operating on a host computing device. Client state information may be monitored to detect periods of inactivity. A rendering process may be inactivated... Agent:

20150130816 - Computer-implemented methods and systems for creating multimedia animation presentations: A computer-implemented method and system are provided for creating a multimedia animation presentation. The method includes the steps of: (a) receiving a plurality of visual content items; (b) analyzing the visual content items; (c) generating a set of technical instructions in real time for deterministically rendering a multimedia animation presentation... Agent: Avincel Group, Inc.

20150130818 - Flexible filter logic for multi-mode filtering of graphical texture data: Multi-mode texture filters suitable for performing both bilinear filtering based on a fractional texture address and generating a weighted average of a group of texel values based on predetermined texel weighting coefficients as dependent on a filter mode signal. In embodiments, the weighted average may be accumulated over a variety... Agent:

20150130817 - Generating a sidebar from vector tiles: Client-side and server-side methods and apparatuses for displaying, proximate a map viewport, a sidebar having information corresponding to features depicted within the map viewport. In an example, a method includes receiving into a processor one or more map tiles for use in displaying a geographic region in a map viewport... Agent: Google Inc.

20150130819 - Minimum-maximum filtering of graphical texture data: Texture filter logic suitable for determining a minimum or maximum texel value from a plurality of texel values associated with a filter footprint of arbitrary shape and size. In embodiments, logic circuitry includes a plurality of min/max comparison block stages is configured to perform comparisons and determine a min/max value... Agent:

20150130820 - Hybrid rendering systems and methods: Embodiments of a system and method for enhanced graphics rendering performance in a hybrid computer system are generally described herein. In some embodiments, a graphical element in a frame, application, or web page, which is to be presented to a user via a web browser, is rendered either by a... Agent:

20150130821 - System and method of dynamically throttling cpu frequency for gaming workloads: An example method of scaling a central processing unit (CPU) frequency of at least one CPU includes tracking an average quantity of graphics library calls made per graphics library draw call per frame of rendering. The method further includes detecting, based on tracking the average quantity of graphics library calls... Agent:

20150130822 - Timing controller, display system including the same, and method of use thereof: A timing controller capable of communicating with a host via a Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) interface and communicating with a display via a display interface, includes a detection circuit that detects whether at least one of the MIPI interface and the timing controller is operating normally, and generates a... Agent:

20150130823 - Adaptive image compensation methods and related apparatuses: Methods of adaptive image compensation are provided. A method of adaptive image compensation includes receiving illumination information sensed by a light sensor. The method includes calculating image characteristic information by analyzing an input image. The method includes determining a frame rate responsive to at least one among the illumination information,... Agent:

20150130824 - Timing controller to perform panel self-refresh using compressed data, method of operating the same, and data processing system including the same: A method of operating a timing controller, which communicates with a host through a mobile industry processor interface (MIPI) and communicates with a display panel module through a display interface, is provided. The method includes storing image data compressed by one of the host and the timing controller in a... Agent:

20150130825 - Shared memory eigensolver: A method for computing eigenvectors and eigenvalues of a square matrix in a high performance computer involves dynamically reallocating the computer's computing cores for various phases of the computation process.... Agent:

20150130826 - Land grid array socket for electro-optical modules: For a given texture address, a texture sampler fetches and reduces texture data with a filter accumulator suitable for providing a weighted average over a variety of filter footprints. A multi-mode texture sampler is configurable to provide both a wide variety of footprints in either a separable or non-separable filter... Agent:

20150130827 - Display apparatus and method for controlling display apparatus: A display apparatus includes a display section that includes a light source and displays a displayed image based on image data and an image correction section that corrects the image data based on correction data. The image correction section corrects a color in the image by switching the correction data... Agent:

20150130828 - Image file generation device and display device: An image file generation device comprises a first image data acquisition device that acquires N-bit first image data, a second image data generation device that generates M (M<N)-bit second image data, a third image data generation device that selects low brightness pixels with a predetermined brightness level from among respective... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150130829 - Image processing apparatus and image processing system: An image processing apparatus includes a parameter estimation unit that estimates a first parameter for aligning first output image data with original image data and a second parameter for aligning second output image data with the original image data, a pixel value mapping unit that generates first pixel value mapping... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150130830 - Measurement information display apparatus, measurement information display system, and measurement information display method: A measurement information display system includes a measuring apparatus that measures biological and/or behavioral information of a user, and the measurement information display apparatus. The display apparatus includes a display unit with a screen; a communication unit that communications with the measuring apparatus to acquire the information, and a display... Agent:

20150130831 - Distortion of digital images using spatial offsets from image reference points: A method for distorting a digital image comprising receiving the coordinates of one or more than one image reference point defined by a user within the digital image, receiving one or more than one spatial offset assigned by the user and associated with the coordinates of the one or more... Agent: Google Inc.

20150130832 - Method, system and mobile terminal for mobile terminal-based image display: A mobile terminal-based image display method, system, and a mobile terminal are described. The method may include acquiring, by a mobile terminal, a material image and fusing a background image and the material image. The mobile terminal may display the fused images together. Further, the mobile terminal may monitor a... Agent:

20150130833 - Map superposition method and electronic device: The embodiments of the present disclosure relate to electronic technology and provide a map superposition method and an electronic device, capable of solving the problem associated with low positioning accuracy and limited information available for users due to lack of detailed map information on a small area. A first image... Agent: Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd.

20150130836 - Adapting content to augmented reality virtual objects: Technologies for adapting content to augmented reality virtual objects include a content consumption device to render selected content and a mobile computing device to render a virtual object within the physical environment of the mobile computing device. The mobile computing device may transfer the virtual object to the content consumption... Agent:

20150130838 - Display control device, display control method, and program: There is provided a display control device including an image acquiring section configured to acquire a moving image shot from a viewpoint changing from moment to moment, a spatial position specifying section configured to specify a spatial position in a first frame of the moving image, and a display control... Agent:

20150130839 - Display control device, display control method, and program: There is provided a display control device including a matching section configured to match a first image or sensor data output from a first imaging device or a sensor worn on a head of a first user, to a second image output from a second imaging device worn on a... Agent:

20150130837 - Head-mounted display: A head-mounted display includes a display unit, a detector, and a first control unit. The display unit is mountable on a head of a user and configured to be capable of providing the user with a field of view of a real space. The detector detects an azimuth of the... Agent:

20150130834 - Interactive augmented reality for memory dimm installation: Digital images are captured of uninstalled memory modules, an identifying portion of a target computer system, and empty memory module sockets within the target computer system. The captured digital images are analyzed to identify each of the uninstalled memory modules and the number and type of empty memory module sockets.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150130835 - Interactive augmented reality for memory dimm installation: Digital images are captured of uninstalled memory modules, an identifying portion of a target computer system, and empty memory module sockets within the target computer system. The captured digital images are analyzed to identify each of the uninstalled memory modules and the number and type of empty memory module sockets.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150130841 - Methods and computing devices to measure musculoskeletal movement deficiencies: Methods and computing devices for measuring a range of motion of a musculoskeletal joint in a human or animal patient are provided.... Agent:

20150130840 - System and method for reporting events: Disclosed is a system for reporting changes to a network in case of an event. The system includes a survey unit adapted to be located at a site of the network using data from a positioning sensor of the survey unit. The survey unit is configured to request from a... Agent:

20150130842 - Mirroring graphics content to an external display: A data processing system composites graphics content, generated by an application program running on the data processing system, to generate image data. The data processing system stores the image data in a first framebuffer and displays an image generated from the image data in the first framebuffer on an internal... Agent:

20150130843 - Lens view for map: One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for providing a lens view associated with a map canvas. The map canvas may depict an area comprising one or more locations associated with imagery of such locations (e.g., a map of a shopping district may comprise a toy store associated with... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150130844 - Computer-based method for cropping using a transparency overlay / image overlay system: The present disclosure provides a method for cropping one or more files in freeform using transparent or non-transparent layers. Specifically, the embodiments allow a user to crop a file with irregular/freeform boundaries while using a plurality of transparent or non-transparent layers that overlay the original file. The transparent layers overlap... Agent:

20150130846 - Electronic device, method, and computer program product: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a receiver and a display controller. The receiver is configured to receive an image acquired by a camera. The display controller is configured to display an image received by the receiver at a first display magnification, and to display, if a first... Agent:

20150130845 - Out-of-viewpoint indicators for relevant map features: A graphics or image rendering system, such as a map image rendering system, renders an indicator of an out-of-view map feature that is generated based on a user context, including a selection of a map feature or a search for a set of map features.... Agent: Google Inc.

20150130847 - Display system, display device, display terminal, display method of display terminal, and control program: Since a display device is used in a relatively large room, it often displays images on a large screen. On the other hand, a display terminal often displays images on a small screen. Therefore, when the same image is displayed on the display device and the display terminal, the displayed... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

20150130848 - Information processing device, information processing method, and program: A technique to output map information to appropriately match imaged images is to be provided. An information processing device includes an input unit that inputs image information acquired by imaging; an output unit that outputs map information; and a control unit that controls the input unit and the output unit,... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

20150130849 - Apparatus for image manipulation and analysis on paired images in fiber optic test: An optical fiber inspection apparatus including a memory configured to store a pair of images of ends of optical fibers, a display, and a processor coupled to the memory and the display, wherein the processor controls the display to display the pair of images simultaneously.... Agent: Afl Telecommunications LLC

20150130851 - Display device and control method thereof: A display device includes: a display unit including a plurality of pixels and a plurality of division areas; a data driver configured to apply a data signal corresponding to image data to the display unit, and to control a slew rate of the data signal, based on a bias voltage;... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150130857 - Display device and method of driving the same: The present invention solves the motion blur of moving images in hold-type display devices. An amount of a moving image is detected from image data included in frames and an image at the intermediate state between an image of the current frame and an image of the next frame is... Agent:

20150130853 - Display device for vehicle: Provided is a display device for a vehicle such that the life of display elements can be made long even when used in a high temperature environment and, further, unpleasant sensations due to changes in brightness of display images can be prevented. A control unit (90) provides a display period... Agent: Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.

20150130852 - Gamma voltage generating circuit, controlling method thereof, and liquid crystal display: The present disclosure relates to a gamma voltage generating circuit, a controlling method thereof and a liquid crystal display. The gamma voltage generating circuit comprises an output end, a first reference voltage input end, a second reference voltage input end, a pre-stage voltage-dividing circuit, and a post-stage voltage-dividing circuit. A... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20150130855 - Image display system and signal synchronization device thereof: An image display system and a signal synchronization device are provided. The image display system includes an image source, an image projection device and a liquid crystal shutter device. The image source is configured to provide an image signal and a first clock signal. The image projection device is connected... Agent:

20150130854 - Liquid-crystal display device and method for driving same: An objective of the present invention is to implement a liquid crystal display device which is capable of a three dimensional display, with which it is possible to alleviate image quality degradation caused by crosstalk when a difference in gradation between a left eye image and a right eye image... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150130850 - Method and apparatus to provide a lower power user interface on an lcd panel through localized backlight control: A system and method are provided for displaying a lower power user interface on an liquid crystal display (LCD) panel using localized backlight control. The method includes the step of identifying a subset of light emitting elements included in a backlight for the LCD panel, where the backlight includes a... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150130859 - Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof: An organic light emitting display includes pixels, a scan driver configured to supply a scan signal to a specific scan line during a third period of the sensing frame, and configured to sequentially supply scan signals to the scan lines during a sixth period of the sensing frame, a data... Agent:

20150130858 - Recording device and recording method using the same: A device is provided that includes a subtraction portion that outputs a difference value between a target totalizing value, obtained by accumulating a luminance value of a target pixel up to a current frame, and a reference totalizing value corresponding to a luminance value of a reference pixel, adjacent the... Agent:

20150130856 - Signal generation apparatus, signal generation program, signal generation method, and image display apparatus: There is provided a signal generation apparatus for generating an output video signal based on an input video signal provided corresponding to an image to be displayed, the output video signal being a signal for driving an image display section including a display area, the display area including a plurality... Agent:

20150130863 - Display apparatus and control method thereof, light emitting apparatus and control method thereof, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium: A storage unit stores first adjustment information which characterizes the correspondence between adjustment parameters which are capable of being set and adjustment amounts of the emission brightness of each of two light emitting elements of the three light emitting elements. A setting unit sets the adjustment parameter. An adjustment unit... Agent:

20150130862 - Display driver, display system and microcomputer: Low power consumption is realized focusing on the refresh interval of a low leakage display panel. Display systems and microcomputers are described herein. One embodiment of a display system includes a display driver. The driver receives an enable signal from the outside, stops the display operation of an internal circuit... Agent:

20150130861 - Driving apparatus, display apparatus, light source driving apparatus and driving method thereof: A display apparatus including: a display; a driver including an amplifier configured to detect a current of the display and to generate a constant current control signal, and a transistor configured to adjust the current supplied to the display in accordance an output voltage of the amplifier; and a controller... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150130860 - Method of compensating image to be displayed on display panel: A method of compensating an image to be display on a display panel is disclosed. In one aspect, the method includes receiving a first input image and adjusting a contrast sensitivity of the first input image. The method also includes calculating a first derivative of luminance of a pixel included... Agent:

20150130864 - Method of driving a display panel and display apparatus for performing the same: A method of driving a display panel includes outputting a data voltage of three-dimensional (“3D”) image data included in a left-eye data frame and a right-eye data frame to the display panel along a scanning direction of a first direction during a first period, blocking the data voltage from being... Agent:

20150130867 - Apparatus and method for controlling power: An electronic device for adjusting voltages for each pixel includes an image processing unit to process a gray level corresponding to an image data, a gray data processing unit to determine voltages applied to each pixel of a display unit by using the gray level, and a power controller to... Agent:

20150130869 - Individual control of backlight light-emitting diodes: In one embodiment, a method includes, by software of a computing device, dynamically identifying a particular region of a display of the computing device. The method also includes, by the software and through a device driver of the computing device, dynamically adjusting one or more particular ones of a plurality... Agent:

20150130865 - Organic light emitting display device: The present invention relates to an organic light emitting display device that changes a reference voltage commonly applied to a driving transistor in all pixels, based on a characteristic value sensed according to each pixel.... Agent:

20150130866 - Organic light-emitting diode (oled) display and method for driving the same: An organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display and method for driving the same are disclosed. In one aspect, the OLED display includes a plurality of pixels and a compensation unit configured to receive first image data including a gray scale value for each pixel. The compensation unit accumulates the first image... Agent:

20150130868 - Pixel array, display and method for rendering image on a display: The present disclosure relates to a pixel array, a display and a method for rendering image on the display. The pixel array composed of a plurality of basic pixel units arranged in row and column directions, wherein, each of the basic pixel units comprises: a first sub-pixel group composed of... Agent:

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20150123875 - Power management device and method: A power management device and method are provided. The power management device for a flip electrical device, which has a lid part and a main part, includes: a sensing unit, configured to detect whether the lid part and the main part are overlapped, and generate a notification signal when the... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150123876 - Digital glass enhanced media system: A digital glass enhanced media system (DGEMS) is provided that is capable of performing routing and processing of audio and video inputs received from a plurality of digital glass devices, as well as a plurality of agencies, in order to provide enhanced and coordinated information distribution among the digital glass... Agent: Mutualink, Inc.

20150123877 - Compositing screen: A compositing screen includes a partially or fully transparent front screen that displays one image or video and a back screen displaying another image or video. The two images can be seen simultaneously, providing a composite image.... Agent:

20150123879 - Image display device: An image display device includes: an optical unit that generates image display light based on an image signal; a projection unit that projects the image display light generated by the optical unit; and a combiner that presents a virtual image by reflecting the image display light projected from the projection... Agent:

20150123878 - Information display device: Disclosed is an information display device including: a projection portion that projects a projection image; and a cover portion that is driven to be changed between multiple states including a first state where the cover portion blocks at least part of an opening portion provided above a space that accommodates... Agent:

20150123880 - Digital loupe device: The present invention provides a digital loupe device and its automatic view stabilizing method. The digital loupe device is worn or head-mounted on the operator's head via a wearable frame that is connected to a plural of axial rotation modules. A pair of lighting capture modules set on the axial... Agent:

20150123881 - Head-mounted display device: A head-mounted display device including: a holder which is mounted on the head of a user; and a display unit which is supported by the holder and has a display element, wherein the holder includes: a first casing which includes an electronic circuit board having at least a drive circuit... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150123882 - Display panel and testing method thereof: A display panel and a testing method are provided. The display panel has a display region and a peripheral circuit region, and includes an active device array substrate, an opposite substrate and a display medium located between the above two substrates. The active device array substrate includes scan lines, data... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20150123883 - Display with hybrid progressive-simultaneous drive pattern: A display may have an array of organic light-emitting diode display pixels. Each display pixel may have a light-emitting diode that emits light under control of a drive transistor. Each display pixel may also have control transistors for compensating and programming operations. The array of display pixels may have rows... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150123885 - Display device: When a previously existing technique is applied to a white OLED, such a structure is adopted that the peak wavelength of the intensity of interference is the emission peak wavelength corresponding to blue or less. However, in this case, the intensity of interference of the wavelength range corresponding to red... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20150123884 - Organic light emitting display apparatus: An organic light emitting display apparatus includes: an emission pixel including a pixel circuit coupled to a first voltage line configured to apply a first voltage and to transmit the first voltage according to a logic level of a data signal applied in units of a subfield, and a plurality... Agent:

20150123886 - Gate driving circuit for display: A gate driving circuit for a display is disclosed. The gate driving circuit utilizes at least one transistor that is connected in series between an input end of a reference voltage signal and a transistor connected to a node providing a high voltage level. Also, a predetermined high voltage is... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co.

20150123887 - Invisible light transmission via a display assembly: Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for transmitting data using invisible light via a display assembly of an electronic device are provided. This may enable more data to be transmitted simultaneously via a single display assembly of a limited size. For example, a single display assembly may simultaneously transmit a first... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150123888 - Light source apparatus and method for controlling same: A light source apparatus includes a light source, a detection unit configured to detect light emitted by the light source, a determination unit configured to determine a target brightness, and a control unit configured to periodically perform control of light emission from the light source, wherein the control unit divides... Agent:

20150123896 - Data processor and method for displaying data thereby: A novel data processor which can display a plurality of images arranged in a predetermined order, a novel method for displaying data, or a novel program is provided. The data processor includes an input/output unit which supplies operation instructions, an arithmetic unit which determines data marked as a starting point... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150123894 - Digital device and control method thereof: Disclosed are a digital device and a control method thereof The digital device includes a communication unit to transmit/receive a signal with an external device; a gesture sensor unit to sense a gesture with respect to the digital device; and a processor to control the communication unit and the gesture... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150123898 - Digital device and control method thereof: Disclosed are a digital device and a control method thereof. The digital device comprising: a communication unit configured to transmit/receive a signal with an external device; a gesture sensor unit configured to sense a gesture with respect to the digital device; and a processor configured to control the communication unit... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150123889 - Electronic device with orientation detection and methods therefor: A portable electronic device (100) for detecting type and orientation of a hand of a user is provided. The device can include a housing (101), a display (106), a control circuit (108), a first sensor (115), and a second sensor (116). The first sensor can determine a type of hand... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150123897 - Gesture detection system, gesture detection apparatus, and mobile communication terminal: A gesture detection system having a gesture detection apparatus to detect a gesture of a user, and a mobile communication terminal that can communicate with the gesture detection apparatus, includes a storage unit to store first gesture data defining the gesture of the user, and audio or visual data associated... Agent:

20150123895 - Image display system, method of controlling image display system, and head-mount type display device: An image display system includes a head-mount type display device, and an input device adapted to operate the head-mount type display device, the input device includes a motion detection section adapted to detect a motion of a finger of a user, and the head-mount type display device includes an operation... Agent:

20150123892 - Locating method, locating device, depth determining method and depth determining device of operating body: A locating method, a locating device, a depth determining method, and a depth determining device of an operating body are provided. The locating method includes following steps: deriving an image that includes an operating body; scanning the image transversely according to each of scan lines of the image, and deriving... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150123891 - Methods for automatically assessing user handedness in computer systems and the utilization of such information: In some embodiments, a system and/or method may assess handedness of a user of a system in an automated manner. The method may include displaying a 3D image on a display. The 3D image may include at least one object. The method may include tracking a position and an orientation... Agent: Zspace, Inc.

20150123893 - Remote controller for motion recognition: The present invention relates to a method for enabling motion recognition without recognizing a hand and a remote controller for motion recognition which can suggest an efficient motion and can be implemented at a low cost in a more stable manner. The remote controller for motion recognition, according to the... Agent:

20150123890 - Two hand natural user input: Embodiments are disclosed which relate to two hand natural user input. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method comprising receiving first hand tracking data regarding a first hand of a user and second hand tracking data regarding a second hand of the user from a sensor system. The first... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150123899 - Interactive input system and method: An interactive input system comprises at least one imaging device configured to capture image frames of a region of interest comprising a background and at least one background feature. Processing structure is configured to compare the image frames to determine if the location of the at least one background feature... Agent:

20150123900 - Method and device for moving cursor of television: The present disclosure provides a method and a device for moving a cursor of a television. The method includes: obtaining a two-dimensional code value of a two-dimensional code reading device on a two-dimensional code graph paper in real time; calculating absolute coordinates of the cursor according to the two-dimensional code... Agent:

20150123903 - Apparatus and method for recognizing motion: Provided is an apparatus and method of recognizing a motion that is capable of performing a pointing function and a character input function using motions sensed by an optical sensor and an inertial sensor. The apparatus includes an inertial sensor sensing a first motion by using at least one of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150123901 - Gesture disambiguation using orientation information: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to controlling a computing device based upon gesture input. In one embodiment, orientation information of the human subject is received, wherein the orientation information includes information regarding an orientation of a first body part and an orientation of a second body part. A gesture performed... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150123902 - Method and apparatus for synchronizing virtual and physical mouse pointers on remote kvm systems: A method and system is disclosed for synchronizing the virtual and physical mouse cursors of a local computer and a remotely controlled computer. Video signals generated by a host computer are transmitted to a client computer in order to allow the user of a client computer to have a virtual... Agent:

20150123905 - Fingertip mouse and base: The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a system that includes a tracking device to generate movement information for use in moving a user interface object on a graphical user interface. The tracking device is configured to receive at least a portion of a... Agent:

20150123904 - Mouse device: A mouse device includes an upper cover, an intermediate cover, a lower cover, a circuit board, and two switches. Two protrusion posts of the upper cover are respectively penetrated through two perforations of the intermediate cover. Two first pivotal parts of the upper cover are respectively connected with two second... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20150123907 - Information processing device, display form control method, and non-transitory computer readable medium: Provided is a technique for improving the usability when a software keyboard is divided and displayed on a touch screen display. A tablet computer (1) includes: a display (12) including a display screen (S); a touch sensor (13) that detects a user operation on the display screen (S); and a... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20150123906 - Keyboard deck contained motion sensor: An apparatus comprises a keyboard deck having an upper surface and a motion sensor carried within the keyboard deck. The motion sensor comprises a light emitter below the upper surface to emit light in an upward direction and a light sensing device below the upper surface to sense reflections of... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150123908 - Portable display apparatus: Stacked panel housings are stretched to join displays to each other to form a single screen, the stacked panel housings are stretched and two displays are jointed to each other to form a single screen. Horizontal sliding means and vertical moving means can be provided so as to displace the... Agent:

20150123909 - Universal keyboard: The present invention provides a multifunctional input device. The input device includes a functional mode which defines the mode of operation of the input device. Each functional mode includes one or more domain levels with each domain level containing one or more domain-level values. Each domain level-value within each functional... Agent:

20150123913 - Apparatus and method for producing lateral force on a touchscreen: The present invention relates generally to an apparatus and method for producing lateral force on a touchscreen. The apparatus and method allows a lateral force to be produced and felt by an appendage that is touching or manipulating objects on the touchscreen by generating and modulating the surface friction presented... Agent:

20150123929 - Control of electronic devices: An electronic device comprising a touch-sensitive surface and a touchless detecting system for detecting movement of a finger towards the surface. The device is configured to associate said movement with a predicted touch on said surface and to issue a report of said predicted touch.... Agent:

20150123914 - Display device: A display device having a flexible display panel displaying an image; and a display panel shape change part setting up a bending axis crossing the flexible display panel according to input information and bending the flexible display panel along the bending axis, as the flexible display panel is bent, the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150123920 - Electronic device and method for processing hovering input thereof: An electronic device and a method for processing a hovering input are provided. The method includes displaying a screen; when a hovering input is sensed, detecting a location of the sensed hovering input; analyzing a priority of the hovering input; and determining a position of a hovering pointer from the... Agent:

20150123926 - Flexible touch screen panel and flexible display device with the same: A flexible touch screen panel includes a substrate having flexibility, sensing electrodes on at least one surface of the substrate, and implemented using an opaque conductive metal, and a polarizing plate on the substrate having the sensing electrodes formed thereon. The sensing electrodes may be implemented in a mesh shape... Agent:

20150123912 - Flight deck touch screen interface for interactive displays: A system and method for controlling a display on an aircraft. An operator interaction with an edge area of a touch screen is identified by a processor unit when a first format of the display is displayed on the touch screen. The edge area extends along an edge of the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150123911 - Index matching and touch panel improvements in display devices: Provided are multilayered touch panel stacks and methods for forming thereof. The stacks include refractive index matching layers to minimize light losses. Specifically, the stacks may comprise a substrate, one, two, three, or four refractive index matching layers deposited on the substrate, and one or two transparent conductive layers such... Agent: Light Polymers Holding

20150123919 - Information input apparatus, information input method, and computer program: An information input apparatus includes a display unit, a detection unit, a user interface providing unit, and a user interface element display unit. The display unit has a screen on which information is displayed. The detection unit is configured to detect a distance and a position of a target object... Agent:

20150123927 - Information processor, information processing method, and computer program: An information processing apparatus including a detector that detects movement of a manipulation body in a vertical direction in relation to a display, and a processor that determines a speed of movement of the manipulation body based on an output of the detector, and determines a process to be executed... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150123910 - Method of controlling the actuation of a user interface: A method of controlling the state of a user interface (UI) having a plurality of discrete touch-sensitive inputs. The method includes detecting inputs and controlling the state of the UI based on the detected inputs.... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150123925 - Method, apparatus, and device for touch screen verification: Various embodiments provide methods, apparatus, and devices for touch screen verification (or device verification). In an exemplary method, trajectories of at least two discrete touch gestures inputted by a user can be recorded by an electronic device and compared with trajectories in a preset sequence of trajectories. A successful verification... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150123918 - Mobile terminal and method of displaying information therein: A mobile terminal is presented. The mobile terminal includes a display including a touchscreen, and a controller for performing an editing operation on information displayed on the touchscreen according to a state of an object in near-proximity to the displayed information.... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150123928 - Multi-touch text input: This document describes tools associated with symbol entry control functions. In some implementations, the tools identify a first finger that is in tactile contact with a touch screen. The first finger can select a subset of symbols from a plurality of symbols that can be entered via the touch screen.... Agent: Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC

20150123921 - Object moving method and electronic device implementing the same: A method of moving an object by an electronic device having a touch screen. The method includes recognizing at least two first touch inputs through the touch screen, recognizing transitions of the at least two first touch inputs to adjacent inputs that move adjacent to each other, and moving an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150123922 - Portable electronic device and method operating same: A portable electronic device includes a touch screen display, a proximity sensor, an ambient light sensor, and a controller. The proximity sensor detects and outputs an intensity of the reflected light. The ambient light sensor detects and outputs a variation of an ambient light level of the portable electronic device.... Agent:

20150123916 - Portable terminal device, method for operating portable terminal device, and program for operating portable terminal device: A portable terminal device determines whether it is used in an opened state or a closed state (for example, a folded state) using a terminal shape determination unit of a CPU. A browser running determination unit determines whether a browser executed by the CPU of the portable terminal device is... Agent:

20150123915 - Portable terminal, control method and program: A mobile terminal includes a touch panel. When a touch is detected on the touch panel, and the position of the touch is judged to be within a specific area set in advance in the periphery of the touch panel, then processing associated with the touch is not executed, and... Agent:

20150123923 - Stylus tilt tracking with a digitizer: A method for detecting orientation of a stylus with respect to a digitizer sensing surface includes detecting a signal emitted by a stylus at a plurality of coordinates on a digitizer sensing surface, determining coordinate of a writing tip of the stylus, defining at least one feature characterizing an asymmetrical... Agent:

20150123917 - Touch display device: A touch display device is provided. The touch display device comprises a first substrate, a second substrate opposite to the first substrate, a display medium layer, a cover layer, and a first touch electrode layer disposed between the first substrate and the cover layer. The second substrate is disposed between... Agent:

20150123924 - Touch display device and touch device: A touch display device includes a display device and a touch device disposed on the display device. The touch device includes a cover, a dummy structure and a touch sensing element. The touch sensing element is disposed between the cover and the dummy structure in a way that one surface... Agent:

20150123942 - Capacitive touch panel: A capacitive touch panel is provided in the present invention, which includes a transparent substrate, a plurality of emitter mesh electrode strips, a plurality of receiver mesh electrode strips, and a plurality of subsidiary receiver mesh electrode blocks, where the emitter mesh electrode strips, the receiver mesh electrode strips and... Agent:

20150123933 - Display device, touch panel device, touch panel driving ic device, and method of driving touch panel: A display device, including an upper substrate, a plurality of sense wires disposed on the upper substrate, a plurality of sense pads disposed on the upper substrate, a plurality of first connection units disposed on the upper substrate, a lower substrate, a display unit including a plurality of display elements,... Agent:

20150123944 - Distributed blanking for touch optimization: Embodiments of the invention generally provide an input device with display screens that periodically update (refresh) the screen by selectively driving common electrodes corresponding to pixels in a display line. In general, the input devices drive each electrode until each display line (and each pixel) of a display frame is... Agent:

20150123938 - Electronic device for proximity detection, a light emitting diode for such electronic device, a control unit for such electronic device, an apparatus comprising such electronic device and an associated method: An electronic device for proximity detection is described. The electronic device has a first light emitting diode and a control unit. The control unit has a first terminal electrically connected to the anode of the first light emitting diode and a second terminal electrically connected the cathode of the first... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150123930 - Electronic device including touch-sensitive display and method of detecting touches: A touch-sensitive display includes first electrodes and second electrodes coupled to a first controller to detect touches by self-capacitance touch sensing. The touch-sensitive display also includes third electrodes coupled to a second controller to detect touches by mutual-capacitance touch sensing utilizing the third electrodes and the second electrodes. The first... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150123937 - Glove detection/adjustment of sensitivity for capacitive sensing button and slider elements: An input device for a control system of a vehicle includes at least one capacitive-sensing button, an actuation detection electrical circuit, a proximity sensor, a proximity temperature sensor, and a processor. In use, the capacitive-sensing button receives an actuation from a user. The actuation alters a capacitance value of the... Agent:

20150123943 - Method for controlling a capacitive touch pad: The present disclosure relates to a method for measuring a capacitance of a pair of electrodes including charging the pair of electrodes and transferring the charge between the pair of electrodes and a sampling capacitor, and a measuring step representative of the capacitance of the pair of electrodes according to... Agent:

20150123941 - Operation device: An operation device includes a detecting portion that detects an operation performed on an operation surface and outputs a detection value, and a computing portion that includes a first threshold for determining whether or not an operation is performed on the operation surface and a second threshold more than the... Agent:

20150123931 - Piezoelectric force sensing array: A touch sensing system may include a pressure and force sensing device capable of sensing dynamic pressure or dynamic force applied to a piezoelectric sensing array. In such implementations, an applied force may be detected (and optionally recorded) during a period of time that the force is applied and changing.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150123936 - Sensor element device for a capacitive touch switch of an operating device, operating device, and hob: A sensor element device for a capacitive touch switch of an operating device faces with an upper side toward the underside of a control panel of the operating device and has an illuminated display with a lighting means. Provided around the lighting means is a housing with fastening means for... Agent:

20150123932 - Stylus with asymmetric electronic characteristics: In one embodiment, a first device includes an electrically conductive element that is configured to capacitively couple to an electrode of a second device emitting a first electrical signal. The electrically conductive element is further configured to communicate to a circuit of the first device a second electrical signal induced... Agent:

20150123935 - Touch location sensing panel having image: A touch location sensing panel including horizontal location sensing electrodes and vertical location sensing electrodes, which are arranged in two dimensions on one surface of a base layer and are electrically isolated from each other. A conductive layer is formed within the electrode and on at least a part of... Agent:

20150123939 - Touch sensing system and display apparatus: The present disclosure is related to a touch sensing system and a display apparatus decreasing a sensing time and enabling an effective touch sensing, although a number of sensing electrodes increases according to an increase of an area of a touch panel.... Agent:

20150123940 - Touch sensing system and method for driving the same: A touch sensing system and a method for driving the same. The touch sensing system includes a pen with a resonant circuit embedded therein, XY electrodes including X electrodes and Y electrodes substantially perpendicular to the X electrodes, an antenna surrounding the XY electrodes, and a first touch driving circuit.... Agent:

20150123934 - Touch sensor module: Embodiments of the invention provide a touch sensor module, which includes a flexible cable having one or more terminal parts, and an adhesive layer contacting one surface of the terminal parts to transfer electrical signals. The touch sensor module further includes a base substrate including electrode pads formed to correspond... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150123948 - Display device and display control system: A display control system 100 includes: a display panel 220 that includes a pair of polarizing plates 250; a pattern layer 230 has formed therein a plurality of patterns 260; a light source 140 that emits light to be absorbed by the patterns 260; a reflector 240; an identification device... Agent:

20150123946 - Illumination apparatus: An illumination apparatus includes: an illumination light setter which sets illumination light for illuminating an illumination area which includes at least one of a space or an object; an image light setter which sets image light for projecting a projection image which includes at least one of a graphic or... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

20150123945 - Integrated input control and output display system: An integrated input control and output rendering system for a processor-driven user device is provided. The system integrates input sensors (such as a keyboard, mouse, touchpad, camera, etc.) and output actuators (such as a display panel, speaker, robot, etc.) into a device independently of the user device and the applications... Agent:

20150123947 - Steering wheel user interface: A steering wheel that identifies gestures performed on its surface, including a circular gripping element including a thumb-receiving notch disposed along its circumference, an array of light-based proximity sensors, mounted in the gripping element, that projects light beams through the notch radially outward from the gripping element, and detects light... Agent:

20150123949 - Gesture detection: A supplemental surface area allows gesture recognition on outer surfaces of mobile devices. Inputs may be made without visual observance of display devices. Gesture control on outer surfaces permits socially acceptable, inconspicuous interactions without overt manipulation.... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150123950 - Handling of electromagnetic interference in an electronic apparatus: The present invention provides a touch-sensitive apparatus and a method for determining a coordinate position in response to a proximity detection for the touch-sensitive apparatus. The method comprises the steps of: evaluating a plurality of designed measurement modes by measuring noise over a plurality of measurement cycles when a proximity... Agent:

20150123951 - Methods and systems for input to an interactive audiovisual device: Some embodiments include a pointer device. The pointer device can include an energy source compartment for coupling to an energy source. The pointer device can also include a light emitting diode (LED) coupled to the energy source compartment and a timer circuit coupled to the LED. The time circuit can... Agent:

20150123952 - Organic light emitting diode display: An OLED display includes a plurality of pixels, and a pixel includes a light emitting portion including an emission layer configured to generate light, a pixel electrode, and an opposing electrode facing each other. The light emitting portion is between the pixel electrode and the opposing electrode. Each pixel also... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150123953 - Organic light emitting display and method of compensating for mobility thereof: An organic light emitting display can include a display panel including a plurality of pixels of a source following manner, in which a source voltage of a driving thin film transistor (TFT) is changed according to a current flowing between a drain electrode and a source electrode of the driving... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150123954 - Device for controlling display apparatus, method for controlling display apparatus, display apparatus, and electronic equipment: A device for controlling a display apparatus includes: an image acquiring portion that acquires first image data containing a tone value of each pixel; a parameter acquiring portion that acquires a parameter for determining a tone used to display an image, from among the tones of the pixel that change... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150123955 - Display with peak luminance control sensitive to brightness setting: A display may have an array of display pixels to display images. Digital display data may be received by a digital-to-analog converter. The digital-to-analog converter can convert the digital display data to analog display data for the display pixels. The magnitudes of the analog display data signals that the digital-to-analog... Agent:

20150123956 - Image display apparatus, control method of image display apparatus, light source apparatus, and control method of light source apparatus: An image display apparatus includes N detecting units, a light emitting unit having n light sources for each of the detecting units, a control unit configured to control light emission of the light sources, a storage unit configured to store, for each combination of the light source and a detecting... Agent:

20150123957 - System and method for luminance correction: A system and a method for luminance correction that can remove luminance spots of a display device. The system includes a display device, an image detection unit, and a luminance correction device. The display device includes a plurality of sub-pixels including first sub-pixels and corresponding second sub-pixels. The image... Agent:

20150123958 - Display device and driving method thereof: A display device includes multiple pixels, a gate driver and a data driver. Each pixel includes a transistor and a pixel capacitor electrically coupled to the transistor. The gate driver is configured to turn on the transistor of a first pixel for one time during a first turn-on period of... Agent:

20150123959 - Liquid crystal display device, method for driving liquid crystal display device, and electronic apparatus: A liquid crystal display device supplies an active scan signal to each scan line while skipping a portion of a plurality of the scan lines, per one horizontal scan period, in a direction of the m-th to the first scan lines, by a first scan line drive circuit, and supplies... Agent:

20150123960 - Drive circuit, display unit, and electronic apparatus: A display unit includes: a display panel; and a drive circuit. The display panel includes pixels arranged in a matrix, signal lines configured to supply a data pulse to the respective pixels, scan lines configured to supply a selection pulse to the respective pixels, the selection pulse selecting the respective... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150123961 - Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof: A liquid crystal display includes: a display panel; a signal controller configured to receive an input image signal and an input control signal, output an output image signal and an output control signal, and determine a charge sharing between two or more data lines having voltages in the same polarity;... Agent:

20150123962 - Organic light emitting display and method for aging the same: An organic light emitting display panel includes a plurality of pixels, each of which includes an organic light emitting diode and each coupled to a first power voltage line. A voltage supplied to the first power voltage line in a display mode is lower than a voltage supplied to the... Agent:

20150123963 - Display driving device and method for driving display: A display driving device and a method for driving a display are provided. The display driving device includes a host and a driving chip. The host transmits an image data and a synchronization signal. The driving chip receives the image data and the synchronization signal and drives a display panel... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20150123964 - Organic light emitting diode display and driving method thereof: An organic light emitting diode (OLED) display and driving method thereof are disclosed. One inventive aspect includes a plurality of pixels, a scan driver, first and second power generation unit and a data driver. The scan driver supplies a first scan signal to odd-numbered scan lines during a first period... Agent:

20150123965 - Construction of synthetic augmented reality environment: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to producing a synthetic environmental model derived from a three dimensional representation of an environment, and rendering images from the model. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method including detecting a trigger to build the synthetic environmental model utilizing the three dimensional representation of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150123966 - Interactive augmented virtual reality and perceptual computing platform: Disclosed are methods, devices and systems for providing an augmented and a virtual reality experiences. According to some embodiments, there may be provided a device comprising a digital camera assembly including an imaging sensor, one or more optical elements, and image data generation circuits adapted to convert image information acquired... Agent:

20150123967 - Generating an avatar from real time image data: Technology is disclosed for automatically generating a facial avatar resembling a user in a defined art style. One or more processors generate a user 3D head model for the user based on captured 3D image data from a communicatively coupled 3D image capture device. A set of user transferable head... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150123968 - Occlusion render mechanism for point clouds: A method, apparatus, system, article of manufacture, and computer readable storage medium provide the ability to render point cloud data. After obtaining point cloud data, polygons are fit to the point cloud data. A texture atlas is created for each of the polygons. A lookup table is generated from the... Agent: Autodesk, Inc.

20150123969 - Method and apparatus for detecting point of interest (poi) in three-dimensional (3d) point clouds: A method and apparatus for detecting a three-dimensional (3D) point cloud point of interest (POI), the apparatus comprising a 3D point cloud data acquirer to acquire 3D point cloud data, a shape descriptor to generate a shape description vector describing a shape of a surface in which a pixel point... Agent:

20150123970 - Method for processing image data representing a three-dimensional volume: A method for processing image data representing a three-dimensional volume, the data comprising image values for a three-dimensional grid of voxels (1), comprises the steps of: starting from a given voxel (2) building up a vector path (10) along a first dimension of the three dimensional volume, connecting a number... Agent:

20150123971 - Ray tracing method and apparatus: A ray tracing method includes determining whether acceleration structure traversal data of a previous ray similar to a received ray is stored in a traversal cache, and reading the stored acceleration structure traversal data, and performing image rendering based on the read acceleration structure traversal data, based on a result... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150123972 - Systems and methods for rendering 2d grid data: Systems and methods for rendering 2D grids using texture mapping and fragment shaders.... Agent:

20150123973 - Automated generation of a three-dimensional space representation and planogram verification: The present disclosure provides an automated scheme for generating and verifying a three-dimensional (3D) representation of a target space. In one embodiment, the automatic generation of a 3D representation of a target space includes receiving target space data from one or more mobile data capture devices and generating a local... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150123974 - Visualization method of entire grid data of numerical weather prediction model having ultra-high grid resolution by magnification mode and hardware device performing the same: A method of visualizing entire grid data of numerical weather prediction model having an ultra-high grid resolution by a magnification mode is disclosed. Original data having a first data resolution computed in a numerical weather prediction model is converted into a first low-resolution data having a second data resolution. The... Agent:

20150123976 - Methods and apparatus for interactive display of images and measurements: Methods and apparatus for the interactive display of images and measurements of samples. A user may interact with embodiments of the present invention to display measurements for a set of biological samples and subsequently display images associated with particular biological samples of interest. For example, selecting data indicators in the... Agent:

20150123975 - Visualization method of numerical weather prediction model data on six-panels grid frame and hardware device performing the same: A method of visualizing numerical weather prediction model data on a six-panel grid frame is disclosed. Global map data are converted from latitude-longitude coordinates into coordinates in the six-panel grid frame. The six-panel grid frame are provided with numerical weather prediction model data in a first cubed-sphere coordinates system. The... Agent:

20150123977 - Low latency and high performance synchronization mechanism amongst pixel pipe units: A method for synchronizing a plurality of pixel processing units is disclosed. The method includes sending a first trigger to a first pixel processing unit to execute a first operation on a portion of a frame of data. The method also includes sending a second trigger to a second pixel... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150123978 - Shared virtual memory: Embodiments of the invention provide a programming model for CPU-GPU platforms. In particular, embodiments of the invention provide a uniform programming model for both integrated and discrete devices. The model also works uniformly for multiple GPU cards and hybrid GPU systems (discrete and integrated). This allows software vendors to write... Agent:

20150123979 - Parallel processing image data having top-left dependent pixels: Methods and systems may include logic to identify a plurality of blocks in image data having one or more top-left dependent pixels, and select the plurality of blocks in a wavefront order for processing. In addition, the logic may process a plurality of pixels in each block in the wavefront... Agent:

20150123980 - Method and apparatus for supporting programmable software context state execution during hardware context restore flow: A method and apparatus for supporting programmable software context state execution during hardware context restore flow is described. In one example, a context ID is assigned to graphics applications including a unique context memory buffer, a unique indirect context pointer and a corresponding size to each context ID, an indirect... Agent:

20150123981 - Image data forming apparatus and control method therefor: An image data forming apparatus includes a storage unit storing original image data, a buffer unit temporarily storing a part of the original image data, an output unit, a priority setting unit, a control unit, and an analysis unit. The output unit forms image data from the original image data,... Agent:

20150123982 - Colorblind accessibility test for a screen display: A method and apparatus for testing a screen display for colorblind accessibility identifies when an onscreen display is likely to be accessible or inaccessible to a colorblind individual. The method and apparatus can receive data corresponding to a screen display, including information encoded in color. The method and apparatus can... Agent: Software Ag

20150123983 - Colorblind accessibility test for corresponding screen displays: A method and apparatus that are capable of identifying corresponding screen displays that convey color coded information and identifying whether color coded information found in corresponding screen displays is likely to be accessible or inaccessible to a colorblind individual. The method and apparatus are capable of receiving data corresponding to... Agent: Software Ag

20150123984 - Method for processing data and electronic device thereof: A method for operating an electronic device including a first sensor is provided, the method including: obtaining a first reading from the first sensor; detecting a state of the electronic device; and adjusting the first reading based on the state the electronic device to generate an adjusted reading; and performing,... Agent:

20150123986 - Device for controlling color gamut and display device including the same: A color gamut controlling device and a display device including the color gamut controlling device. The color gamut controlling device includes a light sensing unit, a first calculation unit, a second calculation unit, and a color gamut calculation unit. The light sensing unit measures a luminance of external light. The... Agent:

20150123985 - Device or method for displaying image: Improving the visibility of the dark portion and to prevent the degradation of image quality caused by excessive correction. A reflectance calculation unit is storing a parameter RGain for adjusting the amplitude of a reflectance component R. An illumination light correction unit generates a corrected illumination light component L1 from... Agent: Eizo Corporation

20150123987 - System and method for transferring data using image code, outputting image code on display device, and decoding image code: Provided are a system for transferring data using an image code, a method of outputting an image code on a display device, and a method of decoding an image code. The system includes a code generation device configured to generate an image code including a series of brightness values corresponding... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20150123988 - Electronic device, method and storage medium: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a display controller configured to display a plurality of strokes corresponding to a single object. The plurality of strokes include at least one first stroke with a first color and at least one second stroke with a second color different from the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150123989 - Image display apparatus and image display method: An image display apparatus that displays an image on the basis of input image signals corresponding to sub-pixels forming one pixel includes a shift-amount storing unit that stores shift amounts of display positions of the sub-pixels relative to given reference positions in a display image, an image-signal correcting unit that... Agent:

20150123990 - Image processing device, image processing method, image processing program, and storage medium: A device comprises an input unit, a motion acquisition unit, a matrix operation unit, and a drawing unit. The input unit implements sequential input of a first frame image and a second frame image. The motion acquisition unit acquires motion data between the first frame image and the second frame... Agent: Morpho, Inc.

20150123993 - Image processing device and image processing method: An input information obtaining portion of a control section obtains requests input from an input device by a user, which requests include a display region moving request to enlarge/reduce or scroll an image displayed on a display device and a request to generate/erase a viewport, change the size of a... Agent:

20150123994 - Image processing device, image processing method, and program: There is provided an image processing device including a control section configured to execute control to generate a superimposed image by superimposing on a background image a human body image that depicts at least a part of a human body and moves in response to gestural operation of a user,... Agent:

20150123992 - Method and apparatus for heads-down display: Techniques for providing a heads-down display on a wireless device are described. An environmental signal representing actual images may be received from one or more cameras associated with the wireless device. The actual images may be of a physical environment in proximity to a current location of the wireless device.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150123991 - System and method for enabling mirror video chat using a wearable display device: A method of exchanging audio-visual communication information between users includes detecting using an image capturing device associated with a wearable communication device, a mirror or image reflecting surface disposed in an environment of a first user, detecting a boundary of the mirror or image reflecting surface in response to the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20150123995 - Method and apparatus for processing and aligning data point clouds: An approach is provided to efficiently and accurately process and align of one or more portions of a plurality of data point clouds. A processing platform may cause a segmentation of at least one first geo-registered point cloud and at least one second geo-registered point cloud based, at least in... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20150123997 - Information display system including transmission type hmd, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium and display control method: Provided are an information display system, a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, and a display control method. The information display system includes a transmission type head-mounted display and a control section. The control section includes a gaze point detecting section configured to detect a point of gaze of a user, a... Agent:

20150123996 - Video outputting apparatus, three-dimentional video observation device, video presentation system, and video outputting method: An object classification unit 504 classifies objects placed in a virtual three-dimensional space into objects to be displayed on an optical transmission type HMD and objects to be displayed on a monitor 300 which is observed through the optical transmission type HMD. A video outputting unit 506 outputs a video... Agent:

20150123998 - Methods for and apparatus for interactive school yearbook: The present disclosure provides for image processing apparatus for generating static image data and corresponding Spatial Coordinates as an infrastructure for receiving media input. The media input will generally be related to the image data corresponding with selected Spatial Coordinates. Image data may specifically relate to a physical yearbook converted... Agent:

20150123999 - Method and apparatus for contextually varying amounts of imagery on a map: A user interface for a map display application used on a computing device includes a strip of photographic images corresponding to objects located within a geographic location represented by a map displayed on a screen. More specifically, the strip of photographic images is responsive to the viewing experience of the... Agent: Google Inc.

20150124000 - Alternative semantics for zoom operations in a zoomable scene: A scene comprising a set of visual elements may allow a user to perform “zoom” operations in order to navigate the depth of the scene. The “zoom” semantic is often applied to simulate optical visual depth, wherein the visual elements are presented with different visual dimensions and visual resolution to... Agent:

20150124001 - Method and electronic apparatus for achieving translation of a screen display interface: A method and an electronic apparatus for achieving translation of a screen display interface are provided. The method comprises sensing a first operation action of a user on a sensing screen generating a first operation instruction when the first operation action is sensed determining whether the first operation instructions belongs... Agent: Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd

20150124002 - Automatic correction function determining apparatus, non-transitory computer readable medium, and automatic correction function determining method: An automatic correction function determining apparatus includes an output unit and a determining unit. The output unit sequentially outputs a first display image and a second display image to a display. The first display image includes a target area being a colorimetric target and formed of a first image and... Agent:

20150124004 - Display device and driving method for the same: A display device includes a display unit including luminescence pixels each including a luminescence element and a driving transistor configured to supply a current to the luminescence element to cause the element to emit light, a signal line driving circuit configured to supply a voltage applied between a gate and... Agent:

20150124006 - Display drive circuit and display device: A display drive circuit includes: source amplifiers capable of driving source lines of a display panel connected thereto; preamplifiers capable of outputting first gradation voltages; source circuits each including a division of the source amplifiers, provided that the source amplifiers are divided equally; and resistance arrays. Each source circuit is... Agent:

20150124003 - Led driving circuit, led driving method, and liquid crystal display device: An LED driving circuit, an LED driving method, and a liquid crystal display device, which prevent deterioration of display quality by effectively shortening the time required for starting the LED backlight and stabilizing the driving operations are provided. The LED driving circuit for controlling an LED circuit constituted with one... Agent: Nlt Technologies, Ltd.

20150124005 - Organic light emitting display device and method for driving the same: A pixel includes a driving transistor, an organic light emitting diode, a first transistor, and the second transistor. The driving transistor includes a gate electrode coupled to a first node, a first electrode coupled to a second node, and a drain electrode coupled to a third node. The driving transistor... Agent:

20150124008 - Method and means to prevent the formation of visible lines and other image artifacts on illuminated displays: A method and a system to decrease the appearance of undesirable straight lines on a picture which are not part of the intended image, on announcement surfaces as street announcing boards, airport and train station announcers, street and indoors announcing boards, conference displays, TV and computer monitors and the like,... Agent:

20150124007 - Stereoscopic image display system: A stereoscopic image display system is described. The stereoscopic image display system includes a plurality of first pixel rows and second pixel rows, wherein a first gray level voltage is inputted to first pixel rows for displaying first image frame and first black image voltage is inputted to second pixel... Agent:

20150124009 - Electronic device having display function and operating method therefor: An electronic device having a display function and operating method therefor are provided, which display a transformed image based on image processing information, in order to reduce current normally consumed in displaying regions of an original image that are not perceivable to a user. The method includes obtaining an image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150124010 - Drive device, non-transitory computer readable medium, process for display medium and display apparatus: A drive device for a display medium includes a control unit that controls density of a display color of a predetermined range in which glare may likely occur, of display colors of an image displayed on a reflective type display medium, based on brightness information indicating brightness of irradiation beams... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

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