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Computer graphics processing, operator interface processing, and selective visual display systems

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08/07/2014 > 157 patent applications in 60 patent subcategories.

20140218266 - Display method, terminal device and multi-terminal device system: Disclosed are a display method, a terminal device and a multi-terminal device system. The display method is applied to a first terminal device and the first terminal device includes a first display unit. The method includes the first display unit displaying a first display interface; detecting a connection with a... Agent: Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.

20140218267 - Communication apparatus, control method, and recording medium: The communication apparatus obtains a projection image to be projected. In a case where a change from a first projection image to a second projection image has been detected, the communication apparatus distributes second distribution data based on the second projection image to an external apparatus. In a case where... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140218268 - Vehicle head-up display arrangement: A vehicle head-up display arrangement is provided that may include a projection unit, a vehicle driver eye position estimation unit and a detecting unit arranged to detect traffic signs and their location in relation to the vehicle, and a processing unit arranged to determine a content of the traffic signs.... Agent: Volvo Car Corporation

20140218269 - Modular frame construction for head mountable display: A wearable device assembly includes a device module having a component housing with a display configured to present information to the user, an auxiliary housing unit remote from the component housing, and a connecting member extending between the housing unit and the auxiliary housing unit. The device also includes a... Agent: Google Inc.,

20140218271 - Display apparatus: Disclosed herein is a display apparatus has a pixel array section including: pixel circuits which are each provided with a driving transistor and an electro-optical device and are laid out to form a matrix; and a draw wire provided in each of the pixel circuits to serve as a wire... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140218270 - Display device, driving method of display device, and electronic apparatus: The driving method of the display device having a driving transistor in at least one of the pixels, includes providing a display frame period consisting of a first period and a second period, a duration of the second period being longer than the first period and being set as the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140218273 - Display device and electronic equipment: A display device includes a pixel array section, the pixel array section having pixels arranged in a matrix form, at least one of the pixels including an electro-optical element, a write transistor, a holding capacitance, a drive transistor, and a switching transistor. A write scan line is disposed for each... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140218272 - Display unit, method of driving the same, and control pulse generation device: A display unit includes a pixel group having pixels. Each of the pixels includes a light emitting section and a drive circuit. The pixel group is divided into P pieces of pixel blocks. The display unit is configured to allow the light emitting sections from the light emitting sections configuring... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140218274 - Display panel: A display panel comprises a plurality of scan lines and a scan driving circuit having a plurality of stages in series, each of stages comprising a shift register unit and a compensation unit. The shift register unit and the compensation unit in the same stage are at the opposite sides... Agent: Innocom Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140218275 - Display device and terminal device: To provide a plural-viewpoint display device having an image separating optical element such as a lenticular lens or a parallax barrier, which is capable of achieving a high image quality by suppressing deterioration in the display image quality caused when a block division driving method is employed, and to provide... Agent: Nlt Technologies, Ltd.

20140218276 - Shift register circuit, display panel, and electronic apparatus: Disclosed herein is a shift register circuit that is formed on an insulating substrate with thin film transistors having channels of the same conductivity type and includes shift stages, each of the shift stages including: a first thin film transistor; a second thin film transistor; a 3(1)-th thin film transistor;... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140218277 - Electrophoretic display and method of operating an electrophoretic display: An electrophoretic display includes an electrophoretic panel, a substrate, and a processor. The electrophoretic panel includes a plurality of charged particles. A conductive layer is deposed on the substrate, and the conductive layer is coupled to the electrophoretic panel. The processor is coupled to the conductive layer for generating a... Agent: Sipix Technology, Inc.

20140218288 - Display device, display control method, and program: A display device includes device body 10 that includes display means 11, motion detection means 13 that detects the motion of device body 10, motion detection means 14 that detects the motion of a holder that holds device body 10, and control means 12 that detects an operation of device... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20140218284 - Integrated front light solution: An integrated illumination apparatus includes a light injection portion having a first end for receiving light. The light injection portion supports propagation of light along the length of the light injection portion. Turning microstructure disposed on a first side of the light injection portion is configured to turn light incident... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20140218286 - Last screen rendering for electronic book reader: A handheld dedicated electronic book (“eBook”) reader device and last screen rendering techniques for enhancing user experience are described. The eBook reader device detects certain screen conversion events, such as a timeout period, a scheduled event, or an event derived from user behavior. Upon detection of such events, the eBook... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140218282 - Medical cart: A medical cart includes a cart body, a top platform, and an elevating device. The elevating device is mounted on the cart body for supporting the top platform above the cart body and is for moving the top platform upwardly and downwardly. The elevating device includes a sleeve, a screw... Agent: Modernsolid Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140218285 - Method and apparatus for measuring audience size for a digital sign: Measuring audience size for a digital sign comprises generating a plurality of paths, one for each face detected in a first sequence of video frames captured by a camera proximate the digital sign, and generating a zone in the sequence of video frames through which passes a threshold number of... Agent: Intel Corporation

20140218283 - Method of controlling an operation of a camera apparatus and a camera apparatus: A method and apparatus for controlling an operation of a camera that allows a user to conveniently control a camera apparatus according to a gesture of a subject input through a lens of a camera, and the camera apparatus are provided. The method includes receiving an image input through a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140218280 - Peripheral device with multi-transmission capability: The present disclosure provides a wireless peripheral device with multi-transmission capability. The wireless peripheral device wirelessly transmits a control signal to a wireless receiver. The wireless peripheral device comprises a first wireless transmitting unit, a second transmitting unit, and a processing unit. The second transmitting unit receives a responding signal... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140218278 - Portable device and operation method therefor: A portable device and an operating method thereof are provided, wherein the portable device includes a key and a display, and the display is in a turned-off status. The operation method includes sensing an operating motion via the key, and producing a control signal to control the portable device according... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140218279 - Storage medium storing information processing program, information processing device, information processing system, and information processing method: In accordance with an attitude of a portable display device calculated based on data output from a sensor and an operation made on an operation unit, in a display target image, a first display range in which a part of the display target image is to be displayed on the... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20140218287 - System and method for controlling a display of a mobile device: A method and system are provided for controlling the display of an mobile device by: capturing an image using a camera device of the mobile device, the camera device being directed in a same direction as a display of the mobile device, the image comprising one or more subjects (e.g.... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140218281 - Systems and methods for eye gaze determination: Devices and methods are provided for eye and gaze tracking determination. In one embodiment, a method for compensating for movement of a wearable eye tracking device relative to a user's eye is provided that includes wearing a wearable device on a user's head such that one or more endo-cameras are... Agent: Eyefluence, Inc.

20140218289 - Electronic device with control interface and methods therefor: An electronic device (100) includes a display (102), a communication circuit (103), and a control circuit (107). The control circuit (107) is configured to detect an interactive application (110) operating on a remote device (106). The control circuit can then present a control interface (300) on the display to receive... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140218291 - Aligning virtual camera with real camera: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to aligning a virtual camera with a real camera. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method comprising receiving accelerometer information from a mobile computing device located in a physical space and receiving first image information of the physical space from a capture device separate... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140218292 - Data searching method and system: An electronic device includes a touch-sensitive screen, a cursor locating module, a touch detecting module, and a user interface (UI) generating module. The cursor locating module locates a cursor in a graphical user interface (GUI) displayed on the touch-sensitive screen. The touch detecting module detects whether a point of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140218293 - Method and apparatus for user interface of input devices: A 3 dimensional (3-D) user interface system employs: one or more 3-D projectors configured to display an image at a first location in 3-D space; one or more sensors configured to sense user interaction with the image and to provide user interaction information; and a processor configured (i) to receive... Agent:

20140218290 - System and methods for providing orientation compensation in pointing devices: Axis orientation compensation is provided in a system in which movement of a controlling device is used to control navigational functions of a target appliance by determining which one of plural sides of the controlling device is an active side of the controlling device and by causing navigational functions of... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20140218294 - Method for remote control to input characters to display device: In one aspect of the invention, a method for a remote control to input characters to a display device includes: in response to a character input request sent by a remote control, displaying an input box and a soft keyboard, where the soft keyboard includes a plurality of preset single... Agent: Shenzhen Skyworth-rgb Electronics Co. Ltd.

20140218295 - Computer mouse having a capacitive trigger layer: A computer mouse is provided with a curved cover, an operating zone formed on an outer surface of the cover, and a capacitive trigger layer formed on an inner surface of the cover, the capacitive trigger layer including first and second sensors arranged in matrix, the first sensors arranged perpendicular... Agent: Sunrex Technology Corp.

20140218296 - Optical navigation system and optical navigation apparatus thereof: An optical navigation system and an optical navigation apparatus thereof are provided. The optical navigation system comprises a host and the optical navigation apparatus. The host detects a running program to generate a control signal. The optical navigation apparatus, which is connected to the host in a wireless way, receives... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140218299 - Gesture keyboard input of non-dictionary character strings: A computing device is described that outputs, for display, a graphical keyboard comprising a plurality of keys. The computing device receives, an indication of a gesture detected at a presence-sensitive input device. The computing device determines, based at least in part on the indication of the gesture and at least... Agent: Google Inc.

20140218303 - Haptic feedback keyboard structure: A haptic feedback keyboard structure includes a base plate, a keyboard frame, a haptic feedback device, a touch sensor and a plurality of touch units. The keyboard frame is disposed on the base plate. The haptic feedback device is disposed between the base plate and the keyboard frame, and the... Agent: Darfon Electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20140218297 - Hybrid keyboard for mobile device: A mobile device has a user interface comprising a plurality of keys arranged in a plurality of groups. A processor is operatively coupled to the user input device to receive user input from the user input device and to identify which group of keys has received the user input. A... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140218301 - Portable computer: A portable computer includes a computer body and a keyboard. The keyboard includes a plurality of keys and a space bar. The space bar includes a base frame, a touch pad, an elastic element and a key switch. The touch pad is elevatably disposed on the base frame, and one... Agent: Quanta Computer, Inc.

20140218300 - Projection device: Provided is a user-friendly projection device including: an input unit that inputs an image of a subject person captured by an image capture unit; and a projection unit that projects a first image in accordance with a position of the subject person whose image is captured by the image capture... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140218298 - Systems and methods for rendering keyboard layouts for a touch screen display: Systems and methods are disclosed for rendering soft keyboard layouts for a touchscreen display that are based on the unique finger characteristics of different individual users by taking into account and accommodating unique hand characteristics of different individual users and/or different user preferences for positioning of the user's two hands... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140218302 - Touch and tap operable work surface: A work surface is configured to provide user interaction with a computer. The work surface includes a substrate that provides a structural base for the work surface. The work surface also includes one or more input devices installed on the substrate. The input devices can be operable to detect a... Agent: Miseat, Inc.

20140218305 - Accessory enclosure and input device: The present invention is generally directed to a case for portable electronic devices. The case includes a body having a receiving portion for releasably receiving a portable electronic device. The case may also include at least one user operable input means for detecting user selection of at least one parameter,... Agent:

20140218304 - Electronic device for detecting erronous key selection entry: An electronic device detects erroneous key selection entries or inaccurate actuation of a keypad. The device has a keypad with aligned keys. Each of the keys is partitioned into two sensor sub regions. A first one of the sub-regions includes at least a first sensor and a second one of... Agent:

20140218306 - Method for remote control to input characters to display device: In one aspect of the invention, a method for a remote control to input characters to a display device includes: in response to a character input request sent by a remote control, displaying an input box and a soft keyboard, where the soft keyboard includes a plurality of preset characters... Agent: Shenzhen Skyworth-rgb Electronics Co. Ltd.

20140218325 - Conductive sheet, touch panel, and display device: In the mesh pattern of the conductive sheet of the invention in which openings having different shapes are arrayed in plan view, a standard deviation of an area of each of the openings is equal to or greater than 0.017 mm2 and equal to or less than 0.038 mm2, in... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140218316 - Control method and electronic device: A control method and an electronic device utilizing the same are described. The control method, applied to an electronic device which contains at least one of a battery and a touch panel, including: detecting at least one of a temperature of the battery, a consumption rate of the battery, a... Agent: Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140218314 - Detachable dual mobile terminal: A detachable dual mobile terminal including a first mobile terminal having a first display unit; a second mobile terminal having a second display unit; a coupling portion provided to couple or detach the first and second mobile terminals; a coupling sensor configured to sense whether the first and second mobile... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140218309 - Digital device for recognizing double-sided touch and method for controlling the same: A digital device for recognizing a double-sided touch and a method for controlling the same are disclosed. The digital device for recognizing a double-sided touch includes a front display unit, a sensor unit configured to detect a touch input and transmit an input signal based on the detected touch input... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140218312 - Display apparatus and method of displaying image using the same: A display apparatus includes a display configured to display an end portion of an image according to a tapping signal and a tap sensor configured to sense tapping at a peripheral portion around the display part and to output the tapping signal to the display part. Thus, a user may... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140218322 - Display panel capable of detecting touch and display apparatus having the same: A display apparatus includes: a display panel including a substrate, a black matrix formed on the substrate and dividing at least one of a plurality of pixels and a plurality of sub-pixels from others, and a mesh layer including a plurality of first conductive wires extended in a first direction... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140218313 - Electronic apparatus, control method and storage medium: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a touch screen display and a controller. The touch screen display has a rectangular display area. A rectangular frame is displayed on the display area. The controller is configured to move, if a first touch operation is detected at a display position... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140218319 - Electronic device, method of operating the same, and computer-readable medium that stores a program: An electronic device includes a touch-screen unit having at least one pair of facing curved sides and a body unit to which the touch-screen unit is attached. A scroll speed is changed based on the touch-scroll operation performed at respective points of the touch-screen unit relative to the at least... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140218315 - Gesture input distinguishing method and apparatus in touch input device: A gesture input distinguishing method and apparatus are provided. The gesture input distinguishing method and apparatus provide a method of distinguishably inputting a gesture related to a touch and drag on a touch screen according to patterns.... Agent:

20140218318 - Method and apparatus for controlling touch-key operation: A method and apparatus for controlling a touch-key operation are provided, in which upon generation of an input event from an electronic pen, at least one touch key is deactivated, and upon generation of a hovering event in a predetermined area of the touch screen from the electronic pen, a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140218307 - Method and apparatus for providing information related to an in-vehicle function: A vehicle includes a multi-touch screen and a controller. A method for providing information related to a vehicle function includes visually displaying on the multi-touch screen a representation of a portion of the vehicle including a plurality of operating sections including a plurality of vehicle functions and a HELP icon.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140218321 - Mobile device including a flexible display device and method of operating the same: A mobile device includes a touch-screen having an external touch-screen region, an internal foldable touch-screen region, and a curved-surface touch-screen region that couples the external touch-screen region and the internal foldable touch-screen region, and a body to which the touch-screen is attached, wherein the device is configured to move at... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140218311 - Operating method and electronic device: An operating method of an electronic device having a fingerprint sensor unit is provided. In the operating method, a touch action of an input device is sensed and a touch signal is generated by the fingerprint sensor unit. A fingerprint analysis and an action analysis are performed according to the... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140218323 - Touch detection method and associated apparatus: A method for touch detection is provided for detecting a touch point on a display device. The method includes: providing a display signal, according to which the display device has two parts of a vertical blanking interval within each frame period, wherein the two parts of the vertical blanking interval... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20140218310 - Touch display driving circuit capable of responding to cpu commands: A touch display driving circuit capable of responding to CPU commands, including: a first interface for receiving pixel data and touch configuration data; a second interface for coupling with a touch display; and a control unit, which drives the touch display via the second interface to show an image according... Agent: RichIPTechnology Inc.

20140218324 - Touch interface module: The invention relates to an actuator (9) for a touch interface module (1) with haptic feedback, the interface module comprising a touch surface (3) able to detect at least one property of a user's touch, the actuator (9) comprising: a frame (11); a moveable core (13) interacting with the frame... Agent: Dav

20140218320 - Touch panel and correcting apparatus thereof: A touch panel correcting apparatus for correcting a first coordinate and a second coordinate associated with a touch position is provided. The correcting apparatus includes a memory and a controller. The memory stores a look-up table storing a plurality of corrected coordinates. The controller selects a corrected first coordinate from... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20140218317 - Touch screen interface with feedback: The invention relates to a method and an electric device comprising a screen (110), cooperating with said screen a sensor for detecting a presence of an object on or close to said screen, a controller (120) and a feedback element (140). The controller (120) is configured to interpret said presence... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20140218308 - Touch-sensitive display apparatus: Disclosure herein is related to a touch-sensitive display apparatus that is constituted of a display panel and a touch-sensitive panel. A plurality of pixels are employed to render a frame generated by the display panel. The single pixel is composed of a red subpixel, a green subpixel, and a blue... Agent: J Touch Corporation

20140218326 - Transmitting device, display control device, content transmitting method, recording medium, and program: An apparatus includes a transmitter configured to transmit content and a point of interest indicator to a second device. The content and the point of interest indicator are selected by a user of the first device using a single action. The point of interest indicator identifies a portion of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140218328 - Apparatus: An apparatus including a sensing arrangement including a plurality of distinct capacitive sensor electrodes distributed over a sensing area; conductive traces connected to the plurality of distinct capacitive sensor electrodes; a first shield electrode overlying at least the conductive traces; a second shield electrode underlying the conductive traces and the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140218329 - Automatic and dynamic sensitivity control of projected capacitive touch sensitive detection systems: Systems and methods of controlling the touch sensitivity of a projected capacitive touch detection system are provided. The temperature that is at least representative of the touch sensitive region temperature is sensed. Based on the sensed temperature, the numbers of the capacitive touch sensors that have different strength electric fields... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140218339 - Capacitive sensing array modulation: A capacitive fingerprint sensor that may be formed of an array of sensing elements. Each capacitive sensing element of the array may register a voltage that varies with the capacitance of a capacitive coupling. A finger may capacitively couple to the individual capacitive sensing elements of the sensor, such that... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140218336 - Capacitive touch screen and information processing method therefor: A capacitive touch screen and an information processing method therefor are disclosed. The capacitive touch screen is provided with a conductor layer and an oscillator for generating an alternate current signal, and the method includes the following steps controlling an oscillation frequency of the oscillator to a first frequency; obtaining... Agent: Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd.

20140218333 - Coordinate calculating method and touch module for single-layer capacitive touch device: A coordinate calculating method includes acquiring a plurality of first end capacitances and a plurality of second end capacitances corresponding to a plurality of sensing channels of a single-layer capacitive touch device. Differences between the plurality of first end capacitances and a plurality of first baselines are calculated for acquiring... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20140218331 - Dynamic power adjustment of level shift for noise rejection in capacitance touch system: A dynamic power adjustment circuit for noise rejection in a capacitance touch system includes: a power source configured to generate a fixed power voltage V, a voltage adjustment circuit electrically connected to the power source, and a noise detection circuit electrically connected to the voltage adjustment circuit. The voltage adjustment... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20140218337 - Electronic device, input processing method and program: A touch panel layer has an electrostatic capacitance which changes according to a distance from an external object and outputs a signal of intensity which differs according to the change in the electrostatic capacitance. A coordinate acquiring section determines a contact state in which an external object touches the touch... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140218332 - Flat panel electronic device: A flat panel electronic device is presented. The flat panel electronic device comprises an actuating apparatus, a supporting apparatus and a control apparatus. The actuating apparatus is configured to generate a first actuating signal. The supporting apparatus has an extending position and an initial position, wherein the supporting apparatus is... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140218334 - Input device using detection of both capacitance and pressure, and capacitance-system hybrid touch panel equipped with pressure-sensitive function: An input device of the present invention is configured in the following manner: an input part includes electrode parts, which are contactable arranged with facing each other and one of which is to be an operation object, and a pressure-sensitive layer disposed between the electrode parts facing each other; a... Agent:

20140218335 - Input device, display device, and electronic device: A noise immunity of a detected capacitance is prevented or inhibited from lowering on a driving electrode different in width from the other driving electrodes, provided in an input device. A touch panel serving as an input device has a plurality of driving electrodes extending in an X-axis direction and... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20140218327 - Method and apparatuses of transparent fingerprint imager integrated with touch display device: The present invention describes a transparent fingerprint imaging apparatus wherein said apparatus comprises, a plurality of column lines, a plurality of scan lines, a plurality of data lines, and a plurality of fingerprint capacitance sensing cells wherein a fingerprint capacitance sensing cell further comprises, a fingerprint capacitor comprising a transparent... Agent:

20140218338 - Touch pen, electronic device for recognizing the touch pen, and method of operating the electronic device: An electronic device includes an electromagnetic inductive type touch pen and a pen touch panel for recognizing the touch pen. The touch pen includes a hollow housing having a certain length, a coil body installed in the housing and including a coil wound a plurality of times and having a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140218330 - Touch sensitive surface for an electronic device with false touch protection: A touch sensitive surface (401) for an electronic device (200) includes a capacitive touchpad (409). A grille (413) of non-conductive material (515) is disposed along at least a portion of the touch sensitive surface. A predefined threshold of a normal force component (804) applied by a user's finger or other... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140218342 - On a substrate formed or resting display arrangement: Touch screen apparatus, including a display unit including a touch surface, a number of light pulse emitting units for emitting light pulses over and across the touch surface, a number of light pulse receiving units for measuring amounts of light received from the light pulse emitting units, circuitry for selectively... Agent: Neonode Inc.

20140218340 - Optical proximity sensor system having reduced sensitivity to distinct near-field optical effects: A portable electronic device including a proximity sensing device having an emitter and a detector. The electronic device further including a housing for containing the proximity sensing device which includes an optical interface forming a face of the housing through which radiation between the emitter and the detector pass. The... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140218341 - Position detection apparatus, adjustment method, and adjustment program: A position detection apparatus includes: a radiation section that radiates planar light along a target flat surface; a detection section that captures an image of an area irradiated with the light from the radiation section to detect the position of an object that reflects the light radiated from the radiation... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140218344 - Pen-type input device and electronic information board system: A pen-type input device includes a body shaped like a pen; a penpoint movable portion inserted into a front end recess included in the body; and a transmission part which transmits a transcription detecting signal of a contact position when the penpoint movable portion is caused to touch a display... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140218343 - Stylus sensitive device with hover over stylus gesture functionality: Techniques are disclosed for performing functions in electronic devices using stylus gestures while the stylus is hovering over a stylus detection surface of an electronic device. In some cases, a stylus gesture may be accompanied with the user holding down one or more stylus control features. Each uniquely identifiable gesture... Agent: LLC

20140218345 - Image display apparatus and control method for same: An image display apparatus includes: an illumination unit having a light source block including a plurality of light sources; a display unit which displays an image on the basis of an image signal; a plurality of measurement units which measure the brightness of light arriving from the light source block,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140218346 - Liquid crystal panel, scanning circuit and method for generating angle waves: A liquid crystal panel, a scanning circuit and a method for generating angle waves are provided. A scanning circuit for generating angle waves includes a scanning module and a plurality of angle wave modules. The scanning module has a plurality of scan output ends for outputting scan driving signals respectively... Agent:

20140218347 - Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof: In a liquid crystal display one pixel is divided into two subpixels, the two subpixels are connected to two subdata lines extending from one data line, and a desired data voltage is applied by using a data driving switching element connected to the subdata line, thereby reducing the number of... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140218348 - Display module: A display module which can be used as a part of a display assembly includes a box wherein a display matrix unit, a driver arrangement, a control unit, and a memory unit are located. The display matrix unit provides a front face of the box. The box has at least... Agent: Stramos Oy

20140218349 - Power efficient high frequency display with motion blur mitigation: Some embodiments describe techniques that relate to power efficient, high frequency displays with motion blur mitigation. In one embodiment, the refresh rate of a display device may be dynamically modified, e.g., to reduce power consumption and/or reduce motion blur. Other embodiments are also described.... Agent:

20140218350 - Power management of display controller: In general, in one aspect, a display controller has non-essential portions powered off for a portion of vertical blanking interval (VBI) periods to conserve power. The portion takes into account overhead for housekeeping functions and memory latency for receiving a first packet of pixels for a frame to be decoded... Agent:

20140218351 - Three-phase line control in a display apparatus: A display apparatus includes an electrowetting display device having at least one picture element with a display area. The display area has an active area and a different, inactive area and a display controller controls a display effect of the picture element in a range between a dark state and... Agent: Liquavista B.v.

20140218352 - Method and apparatus for reducing interference and mobile terminal: A method and apparatus for reducing interference and a mobile terminal using the method and apparatus. The method includes: selecting a display mode of a pixel, for a frequency falling into a receiving band range of radio communication, according to a corresponding relation between the pixel to be displayed and... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20140218358 - Automatic tracking matte system: A system for generating automatically tracking mattes that rapidly integrates live action and virtual composite images.... Agent: Lightcraft Technology, LLC

20140218353 - Image group processing and visualization: Techniques are provided for efficiently generating 3D information from a set of digital images. Techniques are also provided for displaying groups (or clusters) of digital images using 3D information associated with the digital images. In one technique, a group of digital images are displayed as a stack of thumbnail images... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140218357 - Image processing device, image processing method, and program: Provided is an image processing device including a left perspective image input unit configured to input a left perspective image that is an image signal for a left eye to be applied to three-dimensional image display, a right perspective image input unit configured to input a right perspective image that... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140218355 - Mapping content directly to a 3d geometric playback surface: Systems and methods for mapping content directly to a 3D geometric playback surface. A source file is generated that includes content in a native format. A 3D geometric playback surface to which content can be mapped is generated. A portion of the 3D geometric playback surface to map content to... Agent:

20140218356 - Method and apparatus for scaling images: The invention described herein allows a user to create their own artwork using existing artwork authoring tools and then apply it to the surface of a 3D object. In one embodiment, the user places artwork on a 2D layout of the 3D object. In another embodiment, the user may adjust... Agent:

20140218354 - View image providing device and method using omnidirectional image and 3-dimensional data: A view image providing device and method are provided. The view image providing device may include a panorama image generation unit to generate a panorama image using a cube map including a margin area by obtaining an omnidirectional image, a mesh information generation unit to generate 3-dimensional (3D) mesh information... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140218360 - Bim and display of 3d models on client devices: The invention relates to the calculation of 2D images from a 3D model, wherein the 2D images may be generated on a computer device and stored on a server for subsequent display on a client device.... Agent: Dalux Aps

20140218359 - Method and apparatus for representing changes in shape and location of organ in respiration cycle: Provided is a method of generating a model, the method including generating a first model representing a change in the location or the shape of the region of interest during the respiration cycle, using diagnostic images that are obtained at two points of time in the respiration cycle and that... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140218361 - Information processing device, client device, information processing method, and program: There is provided an information processing device including an image acquisition unit that acquires a captured image of a real space from an image capture device, a setting unit that sets, in association with the real space, an augmented reality space that virtually augments the real space by discretizing, in... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140218362 - Monte carlo modeling of field angle-dependent spectra for radiographic imaging systems: Methods and/or apparatus for iteratively reconstructing a 3-dimensional volume for an object captured with radiographic imaging that includes an electronic sensor, exemplary methods can be performed at least in part on a computer, can include receiving a 3-dimensional volume data set generated from imaging an object; identifying a set of... Agent:

20140218363 - User interface for efficiently displaying relevant oct imaging data: The present invention is an OCT imaging system user interface for efficiently providing relevant image displays to the user. These displays are used during image acquisition to align patients and verify acquisition image quality. During image analysis, these displays indicate positional relationships between displayed data images, automatically display suspicious analysis,... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.

20140218365 - Image processing apparatus and method: An image processing apparatus may include a storage unit to store a lookup table (LUT) including information on corresponding relations between an occlusion vector related to at least one point of a 3-dimensional (3D) object and a spherical harmonics (SH) coefficient; and a rendering unit to determine a first SH... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140218366 - Method and device for displaying an object: The invention related to a method and a device for displaying an object, in particular biological tissue. Said method having the following steps: a) generating a first image of at least one sub-region of the object using a first device; b) generating a second image of at least one sub-region... Agent: Scopis Gmbh

20140218364 - System and method for adjusting image pixel color to create a parallax depth effect: A method carried out by a graphics processing apparatus samples a texture value of a first texture layer at an offset to a second texture layer of a surface and adjusts pixel color for a pixel of the second texture layer using the texture value such that an appearance of... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140218367 - Rendering processing device and rendering processing method: A rendering processing device includes: a rendering processing section configured to generate a vertex calculation result of an object on a basis of a rendering command, perform a rendering process on a basis of the vertex calculation result of each object, and store a rendering result in a rendering buffer;... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20140218368 - Biological information monitor and biological information monitoring system: A biological information monitor includes: a displaying section on which a biological information display screen is displayed, the biological information display screen including a first display region on which a trend graph of first biological information is displayed and a second display region on which a histogram of second biological... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20140218369 - Methods and systems for generation and rendering interactive events having combined activity and location information: A computer-implemented method is described. The computer-implemented method is used for populating data of a graphical user interface (GUI). The computer-implemented method includes generating one or more graphical elements of one or more activities captured by a monitoring device. The monitoring device is usable by a user during the capturing.... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140218371 - Facial movement based avatar animation: Avatars are animated using predetermined avatar images that are selected based on facial features of a user extracted from video of the user. A user's facial features are tracked in a live video, facial feature parameters are determined from the tracked features, and avatar images are selected based on the... Agent:

20140218372 - Intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment: Methods and systems related to interfaces for interacting with a digital assistant in a desktop environment are disclosed. In some embodiments, a digital assistant is invoked on a user device by a gesture following a predetermined motion pattern on a touch-sensitive surface of the user device. In some embodiments, a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140218370 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for generation of animated image associated with multimedia content: In accordance with an example embodiment a method, apparatus and computer program product are provided. The method comprises facilitating selection of at least one object from a plurality of objects in a multimedia content. The method also comprises accessing an object mobility content associated with the at least one object.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140218373 - Script control for camera positioning in a scene generated by a computer rendering engine: A system for controlling a rendering engine by using specialized commands. The commands are used to generate a production, such as a television show, at an end-user's computer that executes the rendering engine. In one embodiment, the commands are sent over a network, such as the Internet, to achieve broadcasts... Agent: Quonsil Pl. 3, LLC

20140218375 - Device equipped with flexible display and controlling method thereof: A device enabling for a user to control a flexible display more convenient and precise and a controlling method therefor, are discussed. According to one embodiment disclosed for this, the device includes a flexible display, a length measuring unit configured to measure an expanded length of the flexible display expanded... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140218374 - Display apparatus incorporating multi-level shutters: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for providing multi-level multi-state shutter assemblies. The shutter assembly includes at least a first shutter at a first height over a substrate and a second shutter at a second height over the substrate. Both the first shutter and the second shutter can be... Agent: Pixtronix, Inc.

20140218376 - System and method for image processing: A system and method for image processing are provided. The system comprises a main computing device and a secondary computing device. The main computing device comprises a main graphics card and a main central processing unit, and the secondary computing device comprises a secondary graphics card and a secondary central... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140218377 - Graphics processing unit expansion card and method for expanding and registering graphics processing units: A number (n−1) of graphics processing units (GPUs) are serially connected in a sever. When an nth GPU is connected to an (n−1)th GPU of the server, a first control unit of the nth GPU is activated to send a predetermined signal to a master GPU which is connected to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140218378 - System on chip for updating partial frame of image and method of operating the same: A system on chip (SoC) and a method of operating the same are provided. The SoC includes a central processing unit (CPU) controlling a memory operation and a display operation on a current frame of an image based on generation of the image and an interrupt signal; an image generator... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140218379 - Device, system and method for transferring network data: A device, system and method for transferring network data are presented. The device includes: a data processing module configured to convert a data signal in a TMDS signal output via a DVI of a graphics card to network data for being transferred via a network; and a network transmitter for... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140218380 - Method and apparatus for wireless image transmission to a projector: A method and apparatus is provided in which a digital image is transmitted to a presentation projector resource over a wireless transmission medium using a reduced amount of bandwidth by transmitting a subset of the digital image data. The subset of image data may be a delta subset that represents... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140218381 - Image access method and image access apparatus: An image access method applicable to an image access device is provided. The method includes: providing a plurality of codes that respectively represent a plurality of image sources; determining a plurality of sets of access settings according to a pixel format arrangement, each set of access setting corresponding to a... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20140218382 - Semiconductor apparatus and data processing method of the same: A semiconductor apparatus pertaining to one embodiment has: a first processor that operates by a first program and reads pixel data from a storage unit; a second processor that operates by a second program, performs processing to the pixel data, and writes the processed pixel data back to the storage... Agent: Renesas Mobile Corporation

20140218384 - Image processing apparatus and control method thereof: An image processing apparatus comprises a recording image generation unit which generates recording image data from image data input by an image input unit, based on a first gamma characteristic; a display image generation unit which generates display image data from the image data based on a second gamma characteristic... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140218383 - Visual data analysis for large data sets: A system and method for illustrating enterprise data. An example method includes accessing data from an enterprise application, wherein the data is organized into one or more objects; categorizing the one or more objects based on a grouping criterion, resulting in one or more groups of one or more categorized... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140218386 - Color conversion device, display device, and color conversion method: According to an aspect, a color conversion device includes a signal processing unit and a signal output unit. When a color specified in a predetermined color space by color data based on input signals is a color outside a defined color gamut defined in the color space, the signal processing... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20140218385 - System and method for visual segmentation of application screenshots: A system and method for automatically identifying a region of interest in an image of a screen may include identifying a set of elements in the image and determining a respective set of regions, the set of regions respectively containing the set of elements; combining at least a first and... Agent: Applitools Ltd.

20140218388 - Pre-subpixel rendered image processing in display systems: Display systems and image processing methods process pre-subpixel rendered images embedded in input color image data. The display systems include a pre-subpixel rendered (P-SPR) image detector that detects locations of a marking code that marks the portion of the input data that has been pre-subpixel rendered and which is ready... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd

20140218387 - View navigation guidance system for hand held devices with display: System and method for view navigation guidance system for a physical display that is smaller than the virtual display it needs to display. Guidance map placed in a heads-up display layer within a small user defined area of the physical display provides an instantaneous indication of the current position of... Agent: Innoventions, Inc.

20140218389 - Enterprise information security management software for prediction modeling with interactive graphs: Various baseline security measurements of assets are collected and calculated by the system. A user creates a what-if scenario by changing one or more baseline security measurements. The system generates interactive, animated graphs that compare the baseline security measurements against the what-if scenario.... Agent: Allgress, Inc.

20140218390 - Modulated and blended anti-aliasing: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for anti-aliasing. During a first processing pass of a plurality of graphics primitives, z data is computed for multiple samples of each pixel in an image to generate a multi-sample z buffer. During a second processing pass of the graphics primitives,... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140218391 - Graphically managing electronic communications: One or more devices may receive information associated with multiple electronic communications intended for a user; identify attributes of the multiple electronic communications; determine, based on the attributes, display data for displaying representations of multiple electronic communications; and cause, based on the display data, the representations of the, multiple electronic... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140218392 - Intelligent adjustment of map viewports at launch: A method of selectively displaying maps on a mobile device. The method sends a map application, which had been displaying a first map, to the background. The method then returns the map application to the foreground. The method then determines whether to redisplay the previous map or display a map... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140218393 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal: A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to wirelessly communicate with at least one other terminal; a memory configured to store a material texture assigned to a type of an application executed on the mobile terminal; a display unit configured to display screen information having the material texture... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140218394 - Displaying clusters of media items on a map using representative media items: Displaying media items on a map includes: obtaining a plurality of media items; selecting a first representative media item that defines a first region; determining a first set of media items that belong to the first region; selecting a second representative media item, wherein the second representative media item does... Agent: Facebook, Inc.

20140218395 - Image processor and image processing method: According to one embodiment, image processor includes generator and superimposing module. The generator generates enlarged image including display area larger than that of input image. The enlarged image is generated by synthesizing first extrapolated image and second extrapolated image with the input image. The first extrapolated image is synthesized with... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140218396 - System and method for labeling maps: A system and method for label placement is disclosed that achieves the twin goals of practical efficiency and high labeling quality by employing cartographic heuristics. A caller defines map and label properties. Then labels are pulled within a map boundary. Labels are next ordered by priority in descending importance. The... Agent:

20140218397 - Method and apparatus for providing virtual device planning: A method, apparatus and computer program product are therefore provided to enable virtual planning and selection of devices. In this regard, the method, apparatus, and computer program product may receive an image, where the image includes a set of image scale values. The image scale values may map the image... Agent: Mckesson Financial Holdings

20140218398 - Systems and methods for managing computing systems utilizing augmented reality: Systems and methods for managing computing systems are provided. One system includes a capture device for capturing environmental inputs, memory storing code comprising a management module, and a processor. The processor, when executing the code comprising the management module, is configured to perform the method below. One method includes capturing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140218399 - Systems and methods for managing computing systems utilizing augmented reality: Systems and methods for managing computing systems are provided. One system includes a capture device for capturing environmental inputs, memory storing code comprising a management module, and a processor. The processor, when executing the code comprising the management module, is configured to perform the method below. One method includes capturing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140218401 - Image display method for digital manipulator: A digital manipulator for an inverter and an image display method for the digital manipulator are disclosed. The digital manipulator is connected to and an external computer. The images used by the digital manipulator are edited by editing software in an external computer and are downloaded to LCM of the... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140218400 - Method for providing real estate data on an interactive map: A method for providing real estate data on an interactive map which provides an interactive map display over which various real estate data layers may be overlaid to provide information regarding displayed property parcels. The present invention generally includes a central communication unit and a user device communicatively interconnected with... Agent: Propertyradar, Inc.

20140218402 - Apparatus and method to display images protected from capture: A computer implemented method includes receiving a request to display an image. The image is displayed as a succession of subimages such that a human eye perceives the subimages as the image and a photograph or screen shot at any point in time captures a single subimage.... Agent: Keepsafe Software, Inc.

20140218403 - Apparatus and method to display images protected from capture: A computer implemented method includes receiving a request to display text. The text is displayed as a succession of subimages such that a human eye perceives the subimages as the text and a photograph or screen shot at any point in time captures a subset of the subimages representing an... Agent: Keepsafe Software, Inc.

20140218405 - Computer-implemented system and method for providing a display of clusters: A computer-implemented system and method for providing a display of clusters is provided. A plurality of cluster spines is presented in a two-dimensional display. Each cluster spine includes a vector of document clusters. A compass is positioned over at least a portion of the clusters of one or more of... Agent: Fti Technology LLC

20140218404 - Information mapping approaches: Methods, systems and applications for updating, enhancing, organizing, and utilizing geographic maps, for locating points of interest and places of businesses, or POI's. Embodiments provide a method for collecting geo-coordinate data on POIs by eliciting participation of the business owners or designated employees to identify the specific locations of POI's... Agent: Never-search, Inc.

20140218406 - Input device for magnifying a screen content and method thereof: A method for magnifying a screen content executed by an input device is disclosed. The method is suitable for magnifying a display content of a computer device and includes that the input device receives an informed command from the computer device. The informed command indicates whether the operation system of... Agent: Dexin Corporation

20140218407 - Operation chart rescaling: Techniques for operation chart rescaling are described. In at least some embodiments, an operations chart is provided that tracks various parameters for an operation. The operations chart can include visual indicia of operation parameters, such as an operation value indicator that indicates a current operation value. A progress indicator can... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140218408 - Stretchable display and method of controlling the same: A method of controlling a stretchable display including a stretchable substrate, stretchable in at least one direction, and a display unit that is on the stretchable substrate and displays an image, the method including obtaining stretch information of the stretchable substrate using at least two acceleration sensors provided on edges... Agent:

20140218409 - Terminal device and drawing display program for terminal device: In order to display a digital drawing on a display screen of a terminal device at a scale reduction compliant accurately to actual dimensions, a CPU 52 of a tablet-type terminal device 50 displays drawing data of a digital drawing on a display screen 51 at a predetermined scale reduction.... Agent: Seiko Infotech Inc.

20140218414 - Comparator unit, display, and method of driving display: A comparator unit includes: a comparison section configured to compare a control pulse with an electric potential based on a signal voltage; and a control section configured to control, based on the control pulse, operation and non-operation of the comparison section.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140218416 - Display apparatus and control method thereof: A display unit displays an image. A light emission unit emits light to the display unit. A control unit controls the light emission brightness of the light emission unit. A gradation correction unit executes a gradation correction processing to the image to be displayed by the display unit based on... Agent:

20140218417 - Display device: A display device which effectively reduces the occurrences of a false contour is provided. A driver digitally drives each pixel by obtaining a plurality of bit data from pixel data for one pixel to assign the plurality of bit data to a corresponding subframe; configuring one frame with a predetermined... Agent: Global Oled Technology LLC

20140218412 - Display device having display panel with integrated logo: A display device including a display panel having an image display area and a non-display area, a driver circuit unit to feed an image formation driving signal to the display panel and a controller is provided. The display panel includes a transparent board including a light shielding portion formed along... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140218411 - Method and system for improving a color shift of viewing angle of skin color of an lcd screen: The present invention discloses a method and system for improving a color shift of viewing angle of skin color of an LCD screen. The method comprises: comparing the gamma curves and the chromaticity of 0-255 grayscale of front viewing angle and oblique viewing angle of red (R), green (G), and... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20140218413 - Pixel and driving method thereof: A pixel includes a first electrode, a second electrode and a third electrode. The first electrode and the second electrode are formed on a lower substrate. The third electrode is formed on an upper substrate and above a position between the first and second electrodes. Liquid crystals are formed between... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20140218415 - Pixel circuit of an organic light emitting display device and method of operating the same: A pixel circuit of a display device includes a capacitor having first and second electrodes, a switching transistor having a gate terminal coupled to a scan line, a first terminal coupled to a data line, and a second terminal coupled to the capacitor's first electrode, an emission control transistor having... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140218410 - System and method for efficiently generating device-dependent anaglyph images: A system for efficiently generating device-dependent anaglyph images includes a display device for presenting anaglyph images in a three-dimensional format. An anaglyph converter includes a conversion manager that interacts with system users to perform configuration procedures for generating anaglyph images. The configuration procedures are utilized to define one or more... Agent:

20140218420 - Display apparatus, driving method for display apparatus and electronic apparatus: Disclosed here in is a display apparatus, including, a pixel array section including a plurality of pixels arrayed in rows and columns and each including an electro-optical device, a pixel circuit provided commonly to each plural ones of the pixels in the same pixel row in the pixel array section... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140218418 - Image-dependent temporal slot determination for multi-state imods: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for selecting a temporal modulation method according to an analysis of image data and for controlling a pixel array according to the temporal modulation method. The analysis may involve analyzing at least one of image... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20140218419 - Semiconductor integrated circuit, self-luminous display panel module, electronic apparatus, and method for driving power supply line: A semiconductor integrated circuit and corresponding display panel and electronic apparatus. A pixel element includes a self-luminous element and a drive transistor connected to a power supply line. In an emission period of the self-luminous element, an active voltage and an intermediate voltage are sequentially applied between the power supply... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140218421 - Display apparatus and control method thereof: Disclosed are a display apparatus and a control method thereof, the display apparatus including: a display unit which includes a plurality of pixels with an organic light emitting diode (OLED); a power supply which supplies power to the display unit; an image processor which processes an image signal in accordance... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140218422 - Display device and operating method thereof: A display device according to embodiments of the present disclosure includes a determination unit to determine a display mode, a light generator to selectively irradiate a 2D light or a hologram 3D light, a spatial light modulator to selectively display a 2D image or a hologram 3D image, and a... Agent:

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