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Computer graphics processing, operator interface processing, and selective visual display systems

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04/16/2015 > 130 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20150102979 - Image displaying apparatus and image displaying method: According to one embodiment, an image displaying apparatus has a first and a second flat magnification display devices. These devices form a central screen. First and second mirrors are provided on a left side and a right side. First and second polarization filters alternately provided in fragmented positions in the... Agent:

20150102980 - Head-up display system and head-up display: A head-up display system for display on a windowpane includes: an image-generating display device configured to generate an image; and an optical system configured to deflect the generated image onto the windowpane. The display device is an electronic paper display... Agent:

20150102981 - Eye tracking: The description relates to eye tracking. One example can identify a location that a user is looking. The example can also identify content at the location.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150102982 - Head mounted display: According to one embodiment, a head mounted display includes a holder, a projector, an optical part, a weight, a detector, a first calculator, and a movement part. The holder includes a frame, a first temple, and a second temple. The first temple and the second temple are respectively connected to... Agent:

20150102983 - Headset with binary display and integrated computing system: The adjustable headset is an all in one device that includes an adjustable support band, a display system, a first and second ear cover, a computer system, a communications system, and a power source. The adjustable support band connects to each ear cover, with the ear covers being adjacent to... Agent:

20150102984 - Wearable computer with superimposed controls and instructions for external device: A wearable computing device includes a head-mounted display (HMD) that provides a field of view in which at least a portion of the environment of the wearable computing device is viewable. The HMD is operable to display images superimposed over the field of view. When the wearable computing device determines... Agent:

20150102985 - Organic light emitting diode display and repairing method thereof: An organic light emitting device includes a substrate including a display unit configured to display an image and a peripheral portion surrounding the display unit, a plurality of scan lines on the substrate and extending in a first direction, a plurality of data lines on the substrate and intersecting the... Agent:

20150102986 - Display apparatus and flicker prevention method: The display apparatus includes a LCD panel, a power module, a driving module, and a switch unit. The LCD panel includes several pixels. The power module is turned on to provide an operation voltage to the driving module based on a start signal. The power module includes a voltage stabilizing... Agent:

20150102987 - Non-overlap data transmission method for liquid crystal display and related transmission circuit: The present disclosure provides a non-overlap data transmission method for a liquid crystal display (LCD). The non-overlap data transmission method includes obtaining an entire fame image data; dividing the entire frame image data into a plurality of image data segments and individually sending the image data segments to a plurality... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20150102988 - Liquid crystal display device: According to one embodiment, a lateral electric-field type of liquid crystal display device includes a display panel and a controller, wherein a frame frequency falls within a range of 1 Hz to 10 Hz, an off-leak current of each of the TFTs has a value of 1×10−15 A or less,... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20150102989 - Equalizing method and driving device thereof: An equalizing method for a driving device includes determining whether a polarity of an output voltage changes from a first time period to a second time period according to an inversion method of a display device coupled to the driving device, for generating a polarity inversion signal; and determining whether... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20150102990 - Gate driving circuit, and array substrate and display panel thereof: The present invention relates to a gate driving circuit, and an array substrate and a display panel thereof, wherein gate driving circuit includes multi-level gate driving units. A gate driving unit of each level comprises a starting unit, an energy storage unit, a pull-up unit, a first pull-down unit, a... Agent:

20150102991 - Liquid crystal display and bidirectional shift register apparatus thereof: An LCD and bidirectional shift register apparatuses thereof are provided. One of the bidirectional shift register apparatuses includes Nth shift registers. An ith shift register includes a pre-charge unit, a pull-up unit and a pull-down unit. When i is greater than or equal to 3 and less than or equal... Agent: Hannstar Display Corporation

20150102992 - Method and apparatus for displaying content on a display of an electronic device during different device operating modes: An electronic device utilizes a method for displaying content on a display of the device during different device operating modes. According to one embodiment, the device (e.g., through its processing subsystem) determines whether it is in an active mode or a sleep mode. If the device is in an active... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150102997 - 3d interaction apparatus, display device including the same, and method of driving the same: Provided are a three-dimensional (3D) interaction apparatus capable of recognizing a user's motions in a 3D space for performing a 3D interaction function, a display device including the 3D interaction apparatus, and a method of driving the 3D interaction apparatus. The 3D interaction apparatus includes a depth camera which obtains... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150102995 - Automatic view adjustment: A view adjustment system using information captured by one or more sensors on a client device determines a projection direction for content to be displayed on a display of the client device. Upon determining the projection direction, the view adjustment system transforms the content into a perspective view based on... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150102999 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus including an image module and a micro deflecting array is provided. The image module is configured to provide a plurality of image beams, wherein these image beams contain a plurality sets of image information of different viewing angles, and the micro deflecting array is disposed on the... Agent:

20150102996 - Display apparatus and power-saving processing method thereof: A power-saving processing method and the display apparatus are provided. The method includes sensing an external environment of the display apparatus, determining a level of viewing concentration based on a result of the sensing, and displaying content by performing a power-saving processing operation at a level corresponding to the level... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150103000 - Eye-typing term recognition: Various embodiments related to entering text into a computing device via eye-typing are disclosed. For example, one embodiment provides a method that includes receiving a data set including a plurality of gaze samples, each gaze sample including a gaze location and a corresponding point in time. The method further comprises... Agent:

20150102998 - Projection-type projector, anti-glare method, and program for anti-glare: A head detection means 81 detects a head region of a moving object from a captured image that is an image obtained by capturing both of a projected image projected from a projection means and the moving object. A motion detection means 82 calculates a moving direction and a moving... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150102993 - Projector-camera system with an interactive screen: A projector-camera system includes a projector coupled to back project a first image on a translucent diffusing screen. A camera is coupled to capture a second image from a back side of the translucent diffusing screen. The second image includes the first image back projected on the translucent diffusing screen... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc

20150102994 - System and method for multi-touch gesture detection using ultrasound beamforming: Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for gesture detection using ultrasound beamforming are presented. In some embodiments, a method for gesture detection utilizing ultrasound beamforming includes projecting an ultrasound wave parallel to a surface, wherein the ultrasound wave is projected utilizing ultrasound beamforming. The method further includes receiving an ultrasound... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150103002 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A method of controlling a mobile terminal, and which includes entering, via a controller controlling a camera of the mobile terminal, a camera photograph mode; determining, via the controller of the mobile terminal, a position of a first pointer contacting a touchscreen in the camera photograph mode and whether the... Agent: 128, Yeoui-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu

20150103001 - Touch control method and electronic device using the same: A touch control method, adapted for an electronic device with a touch screen is provided. The method includes the step of displaying a touch cursor on the touch screen, wherein the touch cursor includes a positioning point; detecting whether a dragging object exists around the positioning point; and moving the... Agent:

20150103005 - Pointing device using camera and outputting mark: Pointing device like mouse or joystick comprises camera for capturing the display screen and image processing means for recognizing and tracking the pointing cursor icon or mark from the captured image and producing the pointing signal. The pointing device of present invention can be used with any type of display... Agent:

20150103003 - User interface programmatic scaling: Embodiments that relate to scaling a visual element displayed via a display device are disclosed. In one embodiment a method includes receiving and using gaze tracking data to determine gaze locations at which a user is gazing on the display device. Depth tracking data is received and used to determine... Agent:

20150103004 - Velocity field interaction for free space gesture interface and control: The technology disclosed relates to automatically interpreting a gesture of a control object in a three dimensional sensor space by sensing a movement of the control object in the three dimensional sensor space, sensing orientation of the control object, defining a control plane tangential to a surface of the control... Agent: Leap Motion, Inc.

20150103007 - Computer keyboard including a control unit and a keyboad screen: An ergonomic writing apparatus including a keyboard screen integrated in the ordinary screen image, alternatively an independent keyboard screen, which interacts with a control unit. When the control arm/lateral joystick is moved, then two cursors which can be moved independently of each other and simultaneously, are displaceable over the columns... Agent: Adaptable Keys A/s

20150103006 - Method and system for shortening wireless pairing connection time by detecting an object or body: Embodiments of the invention are directed to control devices configured for use with computing devices. More specifically, the present invention relates to methods and devices for shortening wireless reconnection time by determining the presence of an object or body near a device. When the control device detects an object or... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a.

20150103008 - Wake up method and optical input device using the same: An exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure provides a wake up method and an optical input device using the same. The method includes the following steps. A first image is captured and set as a reference frame when the optical input device enters a sleep mode. A second image is... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20150103009 - Image sensing apparatus and optical navigating apparatus with the image sensing apparatus: An image sensing apparatus comprises at least one sensing pixel and a control circuit. The sensing pixel comprises: a charge storing device; a light sensing device, for respectively generating photoelectrons with a first, second amount in a first, second mode; and a switch device, for determining an amount that the... Agent:

20150103011 - Holographic interaction device: A holographic interaction device is described. In one or more implementations, an input device includes an input portion comprising a plurality of controls that are configured to generate signals to be processed as inputs by a computing device that is communicatively coupled to the controls. The input device also includes... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150103012 - Keyboard: A keyboard includes a housing, a number of keys, a circuit board received in the housing, and a connecting port. The circuit board includes a main control unit, a key control unit, and an analyzing unit. The connecting port is configured for electrically connecting the circuit board to a main... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150103010 - Keyboard with integrated pointing functionality: In some examples, pointing functionality is integrated with one or more keys of a keyboard. For instance, a precision pointing surface can be integrated with a key, such as the “J” key, that allows a user to manipulate a pointer on a display. In some situations, one or more touch-sensitive... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150103023 - Data-processing device: Provided is a data-processing device which includes a flexible position-input portion capable of sensing proximity or touch of an object such as a user's palm and fingers. The data-processing device is arranged so that, in accordance with the position of the user's palm and fingers holding the data-processing device, an... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150103015 - Devices and methods for generating tactile feedback: A method for use in an electronic device is described. The electronic device is configured to function in a first operating state and a second operating state. The method comprises generating, when in the first operating state, a first tactile feedback in response to user input associated only with the... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150103017 - Display device and operating method thereof: A display device includes: a display unit (20) that displays information; a touch panel unit (10) that is disposed on the display unit (20) and that detects contact manipulations; a tactile sensation presentation unit (60) that presents tactile sensations via the touch panel unit (10); an input assessment unit (70)... Agent:

20150103013 - Electronic device and method using a touch-detecting surface: An electronic device includes a processor and one or more touch-detecting surfaces for detecting a gesture sequence including a first touch gesture and a subsequent second touch gesture. A related method includes detecting a first touch gesture applied to the touch-detecting surface; and initiating a sequential touch mode if the... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150103016 - Electronic devices and method for near field communication between two electronic devices: An electronic device includes a touch screen, a proximity sensor and a processor. The touch screen includes transmitting electrodes and receiving electrodes configured for sensing touch events on the touch screen. The proximity sensor is configured for sensing approach of an external object. The processor is coupled to the touch... Agent: Mediatek, Inc.

20150103018 - Enhanced detachable sensory-interface device for a wireless personal communication device and method: A system and method that utilizes a protective sensor-interface apparatus, which removably connects and interfaces to a mobile electronic device, enabling users to more readily access and engage mobile content and data. The present invention provides a method and device wherein the user interfaces with digital content by using touch-sensitive... Agent:

20150103021 - Glass type terminal having three-dimensional input device and screen control method thereof: Disclosed are a glass type terminal capable of supporting gestures using one finger or two fingers by providing a three-dimensional input device at a temple hinged to a rim of a lens, and an input method thereof. For three-dimensional touch inputs, the temple is configured to have an upper surface,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150103029 - Image display apparatus, image enlargement method, and image enlargement program: An image display apparatus includes a display unit; a storage unit; and a processor configured to make the display unit display an image including a plurality of ruled lines, to detect coordinates designated by a user by an input operation on a display screen of the display unit, and to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150103025 - Information processing device, method and program: An extended display utilization environment is provided that permits comfortable operation. An information processing device includes: a touch panel 101 for detecting a plurality of operation input points; and extended operation means 108 for, when a plurality of operation input points have simultaneously been detected on the touch panel 101,... Agent: Nec Personal Computers, Ltd

20150103028 - Method for receiving an input on a touch-sensitive panel: A method is provided for receiving an input on a touch-sensitive field, wherein the field is set up to determine the location of a touch of the field by a user's finger, wherein the touch-sensitive field includes a tactile threshold. The threshold is arranged such that at least one area... Agent:

20150103019 - Methods and devices and systems for positioning input devices and creating control: An interface comprising a structure on which a touch-sensitive unit may be positioned, moved through space in association with a user's hand, and receive touch input from one or more of the digits of said hand.... Agent:

20150103026 - Mixing console with movable display: The invention relates to a mixing console which comprises an input unit configured to receive at least one audio signal channel; a first display configured to display audio signal channel related information; a plurality of control elements configured to control at least one signal characteristic of the at least one... Agent:

20150103014 - Multi display apparatus, input pen, multi display apparatus controlling method, and multi display system: A multi display apparatus includes a first display, a second display, a hinge to connect the first display and the second display to each other, and a controller to control operations of the first and second displays according to sensing information of an input pen including a sensor.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150103030 - Organic light emitting display device: An organic light emitting display device capable of having an electrostatic capacitive type touch panel function without substantially increasing the thickness of the display device and/or including a touch panel with an improved interface between a touch panel module of the touch panel and a touch panel drive integrated circuit... Agent:

20150103020 - Printed article: A printed article (2) and electronic device (3) are acoustically coupled. The printed article is able to receive user input by touching an area or areas (4) of the printed article with their finger and output an acoustic signal (5) which is detected, decoded and processed by the electronic device.... Agent: Novalia Ltd.

20150103024 - Tactile sense presentation device, electronic apparatus, and tactile sense presentation method: The tactile sense presentation device, capable of effectively presenting a tactile sense (a sense of texture) on a touch panel, includes: a supporting substrate; a plurality of X-electrodes and Y-electrodes extended in parallel to each other on the supporting substrate; and driving circuits (X-electrode driving circuit, Y-electrode driving circuit) which... Agent:

20150103022 - Terminal and operating method thereof: A mobile terminal combinable with a terminal case including a front cover with a front incision part. The mobile terminal includes a wireless communication unit configured to provide wireless communication; a touch screen; a state detection sensor configured to detect whether the front cover is in an opened state or... Agent:

20150103027 - Touch-sensing display panel and touch-sensing substrate: A touch-sensing display panel including a display panel and a touch-sensing unit is provided. The touch-sensing unit includes a plurality of first sensing series and a plurality of second sensing series. The first sensing series are electrically insulated from one another. Each first sensing series includes first touch pads and... Agent:

20150103049 - Active stylus: An active stylus is disclosed. The stylus includes an electrode at a tip of the stylus; and powered circuitry coupled to the electrode and configured for capacitively coupling the electrode with a capacitive touch sensor panel. The powered circuitry can further include drive circuitry configured to output a drive voltage... Agent:

20150103044 - Capacitive touch panel: A transparent capacitive touch panel comprising a transparent substrate, a transparent cover lens and a transparent adhesive layer is provided, wherein a first transparent electrode layer and a second transparent electrode layer are disposed on the transparent cover lens and the transparent substrate respectively. The transparent adhesive layer is used... Agent:

20150103047 - Capacitive touch system using both self and mutual capacitance: Systems and methods for determining multiple touch events in a multi-touch sensor system are provided. The system may have a touch sensor including nodes defined by a plurality of electrodes, which may comprise a first and second set. The method may include measuring self capacitance for at least two electrodes,... Agent:

20150103048 - Display device: An object of the present technology is to provide a display device that includes an input device capable of easily being incorporated into the display device as a capacitance coupling type input device. The display device includes: a display panel having a plurality of pixel electrodes 19 and updating a... Agent:

20150103038 - Display device and method for driving the same: A display device and a method for driving the same are discussed. The display device, in which pixels of a display panel are charged to a data voltage during a pixel driving period and touch sensors embedded in the display panel are driven during a touch sensor driving period, includes... Agent:

20150103033 - Electromagnetic touch-control screen structure: An electromagnetic touch-control screen structure, comprising: a display panel; a touch-control plate over the display panel; an electromagnetic induction plate over the touch-control plate; and a cover lens attached on the electromagnetic induction plate. The electromagnetic touch-control screen of the disclosure, by deploying reasonable structure and manufacturing technique, stacks an... Agent: Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

20150103050 - Embedded force measurement: Disclosed embodiments relate to a force detection system that detects force exerted on a flexible display based upon changes in resistance and/or capacitance. In one embodiment, a method includes measuring a baseline comprising a baseline resistance or a baseline capacitance or both of a force measurement layer disposed within or... Agent:

20150103043 - Hover position calculation in a touchscreen device: A method is disclosed for calculating position of a conductive object hovering above a plurality of mutual capacitance sensors. The method begins by measuring capacitance on a plurality of mutual capacitance sensors, each mutual capacitance sensor represented as a unit cell in an array of unit cells. After measuring the... Agent:

20150103034 - In-cell low power modes: Embodiments described herein include a method and apparatus for capacitive sensing in input devices integrated with a display device. In one embodiment, a processing system for a display device comprising an integrated capacitive sensing device is provided that includes a display driver module, a transmitter module, and a receiver module.... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20150103036 - In-cell touch device and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention provides an in-cell touch device and a manufacturing method thereof. The in-cell touch device comprises: a color filter substrate, an array substrate, and an integration circuit, wherein conductive pads are arranged at the edges of each line and each column of the sensors in the sensor pattern... Agent:

20150103045 - Method and apparatus for testing capacitive touchscreen, and mobile terminal: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and an apparatus for testing a capacitive touchscreen, and a mobile terminal, which can improve testing efficiency of the touchscreen. The method includes obtaining a response information set for a touch operation according to a response of a touchscreen to the touch... Agent:

20150103042 - Method of removing common noise and method of detecting touch information: Provided are a method of removing common noise and a method of detecting touch information. The method of removing common noise includes acquiring base lines, acquiring raw data, calculating touch strengths (TSs) using the base lines and the raw data, calculating a difference representative value between the TSs and a... Agent:

20150103037 - Pixel circuit, driving method thereof, organic light-emitting display panel and display device: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a pixel circuit, a driving method thereof, an organic light-emitting display panel and a display device. The pixel circuit is provided with a touch sensing module, a driving transistor, a driving control module and a light-emitting module. The pixel circuit compensates for a threshold... Agent:

20150103032 - Touch and hover sensing with conductive polarizer: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to touch and proximity sensing with a touch sensor that utilizes a conductive polarizer as a touch sensor electrode. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a touch sensitive display device including a display having a transparent electrode layer including a plurality of transparent electrodes, a... Agent:

20150103035 - Touch controller, electronic device and display device including touch controller, and touch sensing method: A touch sensing device includes a touch screen panel including a touch sensor configured to generate a first electrical change corresponding to a touch and a touch controller configured to detect touch position data with respect to an area on the touch screen panel associated with the touch, based on... Agent:

20150103040 - Touch device with function switch control, system with the touch device, and method for controlling function switch of the touch device: A method for controlling function switch of a touch device has steps of reading sensing information on a touch device when an object approaches or contacts the touch device, determining if the sensing information meets a function-switching condition, and if positive, switching the touch device from the first function mode... Agent: Elan Microelectronics Corporation

20150103041 - Touch sensing apparatus and method of driving the same: Provided are a touch sensing apparatus and a method of driving the same. The touch sensing apparatus includes a signal source configured to output a driving signal, a touch panel configured to be driven by the driving signal output by the signal source and output a current signal generated using... Agent:

20150103039 - Touch sensing system and display apparatus: The present disclosure is related to a touch sensing system and a display apparatus including: a touch screen panel defining sensor nodes by first lines and second lines formed in crossing directions, a loop type antenna, and a touch processor that performs a first touch process by receiving a signal... Agent:

20150103046 - Touch signal detection circuit and method, and touch device: The present invention provides a touch signal detection circuit. The touch signal detection circuit includes: a processing unit, at least one linear transmitting electrode, and at least two linear receiving electrodes; the transmitting electrode is perpendicular to the receiving electrode, the receiving electrode is perpendicular to a source driver line... Agent:

20150103031 - Touch-sensing display device: A touch-sensing display device comprises a plurality of row electrodes and column electrodes, a capacitance detector, detecting first capacitance-variation values of the row electrodes and second capacitance-variation values of the column electrodes, and detecting third capacitance-variation values of each intersection of the row electrodes and the column electrodes. The processor... Agent: Himax Technologies Limited

20150103052 - Direction input device and method for operating user interface using same: A direction input device and a method for operating a user interface using the same are disclosed. The direction input device, according to one embodiment of the present invention, comprises: a pad which includes, on one surface thereof, a marked surface having marks with different codes according to each mark,... Agent: Gachisoft Co., Ltd.

20150103051 - Infrared touch and hover system using time-sequential measurements: A touch and hover-sensitive sensor system is provided. The system may include a planar light guide that has a plurality of light sources located along a first edge of the light guide and a plurality of light sensors located along a second edge of the light guide orthogonal to the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150103054 - Photoelectric touch assembly, photoelectric touch method and projector with touch function: A photoelectric touch assembly, a photoelectric touch method and a projector with touch function are provided. The photoelectric touch assembly comprises a light-spot emitting unit, an image capturing unit, an image processing unit and an Android-System unit. The light-spot emitting unit is configured to emit a light for forming at... Agent:

20150103053 - Touch display panel, touch display device and display device: A touch display panel includes a display panel, a touch panel, an optical film and an adhesive layer. The display panel includes a first substrate and a second substrate. The first substrate and the second substrate are disposed oppositely along a first direction. The touch panel is disposed over the... Agent:

20150103055 - Extending the functionality of a mobile device: Devices, systems, and methods are disclosed for extending the functionality of a mobile device by including a cover for the mobile device with a substantial portion of the exterior overlaid with a touch-sensitive surface. Logic stored on the cover senses a user's touch on the touch-sensitive surface and transmits the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150103056 - Calibrating an electronic writing device: In embodiments of calibrating an electronic writing device, an electronic writing device includes a calibration component configured to calibrate writing data to an orientation of a writing surface. To do so, the calibration component determines whether writing data corresponds to a calibration movement. If the calibration component determines that the... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150103057 - Touch pen with support function: A touch pen also functioning as a support includes a first rod, a second rod, and a positioning rod. The second rod has a first end portion pivoting on a first end portion of the first rod and a second contact surface facing a first contact surface of the first... Agent:

20150103058 - Screen and image display system: A screen including a first liquid crystal layer area including a polymer dispersion liquid crystal material and capable of switching a state of the first liquid crystal layer area between a transmission state and a scatter state based on voltage application and a second liquid crystal layer area provided outside... Agent:

20150103059 - Method and apparatus of controlling brightness of display: A method and apparatus for controlling a display is provided. The method includes detecting whether a change amount in brightness of an ambient environment of an apparatus, for a predetermined period of time, is greater than or equal to a reference value, determining brightness of the display, based on a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150103060 - Display device: A display device includes: a pixel array unit with pixel circuits disposed in matrix form, the pixel circuit including a driving transistor, an electro-optic element, a storage-capacitor, and a sampling transistor, with the electro-optic element emitting light by generating a driving current based on information stored in the storage-capacitor at... Agent:

20150103061 - Pixel circuit and display device: A pixel circuit able to prevent a spread of the terminal voltages of drive transistors inside a panel and in turn able to reliably prevent deterioration of uniformity, wherein a source of a TFT serving as a drive transistor is connected to an anode of a light emitting element, a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150103062 - Display device and driving method thereof: A display device according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a pixel configured to emit light according to a data signal supplied to a data line, a power source voltage supplier configured to supply a power source voltage to the pixel, a driving transistor configured to drive the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150103065 - Display device and method of operating the same: A display device and a method of operating the same is disclosed. In one aspect, the display device includes a display panel having a plurality of pixels electrically connected to a plurality of data lines and a power supply configured to generate at least one bias voltage. The display device... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150103064 - Method of driving a display panel and display apparatus performing the same: A method of driving a display panel includes applying a common voltage and a bias voltage to two of a first electrode, a second electrode and a third electrode of the display panel to form a vertical field during a period during which the display panel displays an image, and... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150103066 - Output circuit, data driver and diplay device: A display driver circuit includes an input terminal configured to receive an input signal, an output terminal configured to output an output signal, a slew rate control circuit configured to input the input signal and the output signal, and output a pair of differential input signals based on a voltage... Agent:

20150103063 - Polarized three-dimensional display panel and pixel cell thereof: The present disclosure discloses a polarized three-dimensional display panel and a pixel cell thereof. The display panel comprises an array substrate, which includes a plurality of pixel cells arranged in a plurality of pixel zones configured by a plurality of scanning lines and a plurality of data lines arranged in... Agent:

20150103067 - Display device: A display device includes a panel displaying an image using image data and including a common electrode to which a common voltage is applied; a timing controller providing the image data to the panel and outputting a correction voltage corresponding to the image data; and a power supply unit generating... Agent:

20150103068 - Method of driving display panel and display apparatus for performing the same: A method of driving a display panel is disclosed. In one aspect, the display panel includes a plurality of pixels arranged in odd and even rows and a plurality of odd and even gate lines respectively connected to the pixels of the corresponding odd and even rows. The method includes... Agent:

20150103069 - Array substrate, 3d display device and driving method for the same: The present invention provides an array substrate, a 3D display device and a driving method for the same, and belongs to the field of 3D display. Wherein, the array substrate comprises: a substrate, and 2n rows of pixel units being arranged on the substrate in a matrix form, the array... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20150103070 - Pixel and organic light emitting display including the same: A pixel includes a driving circuit, a first organic light emitting diode, a second organic light emitting diode, and a self-repair circuit. The driving circuit supplies current based on a data signal supplied through a data line. The first organic light emitting diode is coupled to the driving circuit through... Agent:

20150103073 - Efficient compression of 3d models based on octree decomposition: To reduce the entropy of occupancy codes of an octree and improve compression efficiency, the present principles provide a method and an apparatus for traversing sub-cells in a cell according to the geometrical property of 3D models. That is, a surface smoothness measure is calculated for each sub-cell and the... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150103074 - Method and apparatus for generating shape descriptor of a model: The invention provides a method for generating an n dimensional vector as a shape descriptor of a model, and corresponding apparatus and shape descriptor. The method comprises: determining a type element of the vector to describe the basic shape of the model; and calculating n−1 metric elements of the vector,... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150103071 - Method and apparatus for rendering object and recording medium for rendering: Provided are graphics data rendering methods. The method includes obtaining, at a graphics data renderer, first space information of at least one object corresponding to graphics data of a first frame, determining a sampling mode of the first frame, based on the graphics data, and rendering graphics data of a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150103072 - Method, apparatus, and recording medium for rendering object: Provided is a method of rendering an object. The method includes rendering extracting transparency information, at a object rendering apparatus, from a plurality of fragments, which comprise information representing at least one object in a frame, comparing depth information of at least one fragment, from among the plurality of fragments,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150103075 - Methods and apparatuses for creating orientation markers and 3d ultrasound imaging systems using the same: Methods and systems for creating an orientation marker in a 3D ultrasound imaging system are disclosed.... Agent:

20150103076 - Two dimensional displays, transparent displays, and three dimensional displays: Display apparatus for displaying two and three dimensional images and video. In some embodiments, the display is at least partially transparent, allowing the viewer to receive visual information from the display and see objects and the environment behind the display apparatus.... Agent:

20150103077 - Intersection avoidance in mesh editing: Systems, media, and methods for mesh editing are provided. For example, the method may include receiving a selection of a selected portion of a mesh, and receiving an instruction to move the selected portion of the mesh by a first distance in a direction. The method may also include defining... Agent:

20150103078 - Meteorology and oceanography geospatial analysis toolset: System and method for providing access to ArcMap netCDF utilities and adding support for observational data to ArcMap including, but not limited to, comparing observational data to model data in a graphical manner, and maintaining the security classifications for each layer in ArcMap so that the highest security classification of... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150103080 - Computing device and method for simulating point clouds: A computing device and a method simulate point clouds of a measurement machine. The computing device uses triangle to triangulate the point clouds of the measurement machine. The computing device obtains images of the measurement machine from the scanner, and maps the obtained images on the triangulated point clouds of... Agent:

20150103079 - Resizable text backing shapes for digital images: In one embodiment, a digital image viewer 110 may use an adjustable text backing shape 312 to preserve legibility of an image text segment 310 during size conversions of a digital image 304. The digital image viewer 110 may determine a viewport size of a viewport 302 for a display... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150103081 - Image driving device, electronic device including image driving device, and image driving method: An image driving device includes a determining unit, and image processing unit, and a memory. The determining unit determines whether an input image is a moving image or a still image, and may be synchronized with an internal clock different from an external clock. The image processing unit may image-process... Agent:

20150103082 - Pipeline system including feedback routes and method of operating the same: A pipeline system includes input buffers, a relay for controlling withdrawal of data stored in the input buffers, and functional blocks for performing one or more processing operations. A method of operating a pipeline system includes withdrawing data from one of input buffers and performing different one or more processing... Agent: Kongju National University Industry-university Cooperation Foundation

20150103083 - Display control device and method, semiconductor integrated circuit device, and display device: A display control device includes a first interface unit that receives display information of a first display method that includes image data and a control information setting unit that sets control information used for controlling display of an image in the display unit in accordance with setting information that specifies... Agent:

20150103084 - Supporting atomic operations as post-synchronization operations in graphics processing architectures: Methods and systems may provide for storing a set of post-synchronization operations to a graphics memory and sending a flush marker to a graphics pipeline. Additionally, the set of post-synchronization operations may be processed in response to the flush marker exiting the graphics pipeline. In one example, the set of... Agent:

20150103085 - Systems and methods for graphics process units power management: Systems and methods are provided for frequency adjustment of graphics process units (GPUs). A system includes: a command parser configured to parse one or more first commands associated with one or more future GPU operations to obtain command information, a processing component configured to determine an operation time for the... Agent:

20150103086 - Display device with graphics frame compression and methods for use therewith: A display device includes an uncompressed graphical frame buffer that buffers uncompressed graphical frame data. The display device reads the uncompressed graphical frame data from the uncompressed graphical frame buffer for display in conjunction with a first frame of the plurality of video frames. A compression/decompression engine writes the uncompressed... Agent:

20150103087 - System, method, and computer program product for discarding pixel samples: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for discarding pixel samples. The method includes the steps of completing shading operations for a pixel set including one or more pixels to generate per-sample shaded attributes according to a shader program executed by a processing pipeline. Discard information for the... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150103088 - Dynamic waveform region enhancement: A system and method includes reception of a color image comprising a plurality of color pixels, conversion of the color image to a monochromatic image comprising a plurality of monochromatic pixels, performance of M erosion operations on the monochromatic image to generate an eroded monochromatic image, where M is equal... Agent:

20150103089 - Instrument for vehicle: This instrument for the vehicle includes: a display unit; a light source; and a control unit, wherein in response to an input of an dramatized-display instruction signal, the control unit causes an dramatized display that is different from the predetermined display to be displayed in the first display region, causes... Agent:

20150103090 - Keyer tool: A method that generates a chromakey image and then generates a color corrected, spill suppressed chromakey image. The application identifies the edges of non-transparent objects in the image and determines whether the edges are dark. If the edges are dark, then the application subtracts the color corrected, spill suppressed chromakey... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150103091 - Tone and gamut mapping methods and apparatus: Tone and/or gamut mapping apparatus and methods may be applied to map color values in image data for display on a particular display or other downstream device. A mapping algorithm may be selected based on location and/or color coordinates for pixel data being mapped. The apparatus and methods may be... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150103092 - Continuous image optimization for responsive pages: In one embodiment, a digital image viewer 110 may crop a digital image 304 to fit into the viewport 302 of the display application 112. The digital image viewer 110 may determine a viewport height of a viewport 302 for a display application 112 on a digital image viewer 110... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150103093 - System and method for displaying image data on a vectorscope: An image organizing and editing application receives and edits the colors of a target image in relation to the colors of a reference image. The application displays vectorscope representations of the colors of a target image and the colors of a reference image. The application receives adjustments to the vectorscope... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150103094 - Region-dependent color mapping for reducing visible artifacts on halftoned displays: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for displaying high resolution images with reduced visible halftone noise. In one aspect, an image having a plurality of image pixels is displayed on a display device having a plurality of display pixels, by mapping... Agent:

20150103095 - Biological information displaying apparatus and biological information displaying method: A biological information displaying apparatus includes: a calculator which is configured to calculate measurement values of parameters based on a plurality of biological signals obtained by an acquiring unit, the parameters including: sclerosis parameters relating to arterial sclerosis; and stenosis and/or occlusion parameters relating to arterial stenosis and/or occlusion; a... Agent:

20150103098 - Camera and sensor augmented reality techniques: Camera and sensor augmented reality techniques are described. In one or more implementations, an optical basis is obtained that was generated from data obtained by a camera of a computing device and a sensor basis is obtained that was generated from data obtained from one or more sensors that are... Agent:

20150103096 - Display device, head mount display, calibration method, calibration program and recording medium: An optically transmissive display device is configured displays additional information to a real environment visually recognized by a user. The display device includes: a position detecting unit which detects a specific position in the real environment; a calibration unit which obtains a correspondence between the specific position in the real... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20150103097 - Method and device for implementing augmented reality application: A method for implementing an augmented reality application includes collecting an image and label information of the image, where the image has been uploaded by a user and releasing the image and the label information of the image to a social networking contact of the user in accordance with a... Agent:

20150103099 - Electronic device: An electronic device and method for displaying a display item is disclosed. A first pattern comprises an image at a first image size and a character string at a first character string size. A second pattern comprises the image at a second image size and the character string at a... Agent:

20150103100 - Method for displaying a two-sided two-dimensional object on a display in a motor vehicle and display device for a motor vehicle: In a method for displaying information in a motor vehicle, at least one two-dimensional object is displayed graphically in a first representation which shows one side of the object, and in a second representation which shows the other side of the object, with the aid of a display mounted in... Agent:

20150103101 - Display device and driving method thereof: A display device and a driving method for converting a low-resolution image into a high-resolution image and preventing a visible boundary between partitioned display areas are disclosed. One inventive aspect includes a display panel, a dividing control unit and a scaler. The display panel includes panel areas. The dividing control... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150103102 - Indicating availability of indoor content on a digital map: An interactive digital map of a geographic area is provided via a viewport that defines a visible portion of the digital map. The digital map includes a representation of a structure. The viewport is panned relative to the digital map in response to receiving a user request. An indication that... Agent: Google Inc.

20150103105 - Display apparatus, method of driving the same, and portable terminal including the same: A display apparatus, a method for driving the display apparatus, and a portable terminal are provided. The display apparatus includes a display panel including a plurality of pixels, a plurality of gate lines connected to the plurality of pixels, and a plurality of data lines connected to the plurality of... Agent:

20150103104 - Display driving circuit, display device, and portable terminal including the display driving circuit and the display device: A display driving circuit, a display device, and a portable terminal including the driving circuit and the display device, which prevent the occurrence of flicker are provided. The display device includes a display panel including a plurality of pixels, a plurality of data lines and a plurality of gate lines... Agent:

20150103103 - Organic light-emitting display apparatus: A display apparatus includes a plurality of sub-pixel groups. At least one of the sub-pixel groups includes a plurality of first sub-pixels to emit a first color of light, a plurality of second sub-pixels to emit a second color of light, and a dummy pixel between the first sub-pixels and... Agent:

20150103106 - System and methods for extracting correlation curves for an organic light emitting device: A system for equalizing the pixels in an array of pixels that include semiconductor devices that age differently under different ambient and stress conditions. The system extracts at least one pixel parameter from the array; creates a stress pattern for the array, based on the extracted pixel parameter; stresses the... Agent:

20150103107 - Image display device, presentation box employing same, and method of driving image display device: An image display device is capable of displaying an image, in which occurrence of color unevenness is suppressed. A method of driving the image display device is also disclosed. In an area above the dotted line, red light is transmitted in a first sub-frame period. In second and third sub-frame... Agent:

20150103108 - Display device and method thereof: A display apparatus includes: a display panel configured to display an image frame; an arithmetic operator configured to divide the image frame into blocks, calculate a pixel gradation value of the pixel blocks, and accumulate the calculated pixel gradation values; and a compensator configured to locally reduce a luminance of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 126 patent applications in 56 patent subcategories.

20150097755 - Foldable mobile device and method of controlling the same: A foldable mobile device and a method for controlling a display of the same are disclosed herein. Herein, the foldable mobile device includes a first display unit configured to display a first image or a first zoomed-in first image while the foldable mobile device is in a folded state, a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150097756 - Wide angle personal displays: An embodiment of a wide angle personal display projector is configured for positioning in relation to a user's eyeball, and includes a curved display layer. A curved micro lens array having a curvature generally matching the display curvature is positioned relative to the display layer so that the micro lens... Agent:

20150097757 - Master device, client device, and screen mirroring method thereof: A master device for providing a mirroring service is provided. The master device includes a display unit that displays a certain screen, a control unit configured to generate high image-quality data of a first region mirrored by a client device in the certain screen, and to generates low image-quality data... Agent:

20150097758 - Display apparatus, information terminal, display system, and program: A display apparatus which can communicate with an information terminal via a network is disclosed. The display apparatus includes a receiving unit which receives content data which are caused to be displayed on the display apparatus and reproduction control information on reproduction of the content data from the information terminal,... Agent:

20150097759 - Wearable apparatus for accessing media content in multiple operating modes and method of use thereof: An apparatus that can be worn on the head of the user that can operate in a variety of different modes including an audio-only mode and an audio-visual mode. A wide variety of different user controls can be utilized to allow users to make a wide variety of different adjustments... Agent:

20150097760 - Display apparatus and array display panel thereof: A display apparatus and an array display panel thereof are disclosed. The array display panel has a phase retarder film and a plurality of pixel rows. Each of the pixel rows includes first sub-pixels and second sub-pixels. Each first sub-pixel has a first major section and a first minor section... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20150097761 - Inflatable display device: An inflatable display device is provided. The inflatable display device includes an inflatable support device, and a plurality of illumination sources, each of the illumination sources secured to the inflatable support device. The illumination sources are arranged in a preconfigured pattern on the inflatable support device, the preconfigured pattern resulting... Agent: Tait Towers Manufacturing, LLC

20150097763 - Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same: An organic light emitting display device is capable of securing sufficient compensation period such that a threshold voltage of a driving transistor may be compensated. A pixel includes: an organic light emitting diode; a second transistor for controlling an amount of current supplied from a first power source to the... Agent:

20150097762 - Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same: A pixel includes an organic light emitting diode, a first transistor, and a second transistor. The first transistor establishes a first current path between a first node coupled to a first power source and a second node coupled to the organic light emitting diode. The second transistor establishes a second... Agent:

20150097765 - Data conversion unit and method of converting data: A data conversion unit includes a gamma conversion unit configured to generate a first gamma data by gamma-converting a first data supplied from an outside thereof, a representative luminance value calculation unit configured to calculate a representative luminance value of an entire panel, based on the first gamma data, a... Agent:

20150097764 - Driving method for dimming an organic light-emitting diode (oled) display: A driving method for dimming an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display is disclosed. In one aspect, the method includes selecting a dimming mode indicating a maximum luminance to be displayed by the OLED display based on an input and determining a luminance range from a plurality of luminance ranges. The... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150097768 - Enhanced field of view to augment three-dimensional (3d) sensory space for free-space gesture interpretation: The technology disclosed relates to enhancing the fields of view of one or more cameras of a gesture recognition system for augmenting the three-dimensional (3D) sensory space of the gesture recognition system. The augmented 3D sensory space allows for inclusion of previously uncaptured of regions and points for which gestures... Agent: Leap Motion, Inc.

20150097771 - Information processing apparatus and operation method of information processing apparatus: An information processing apparatus includes: an apparatus body including a body having a keyboard and a display unit attached to the body so as to be opened and closed; an acceleration sensor mounted on the apparatus body; a gesture motion determination unit mounted on the apparatus body and determining a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150097770 - Method and apparatus for controlling multi-experience translation of media content: A method or apparatus for controlling a media device using gestures may include, for example, modifying media content to generate first updated media content according to a comparison of first information descriptive of a first environment of the source device to second information descriptive of a second environment of the... Agent:

20150097769 - Programmable, interactive display receptacle with use monitoring and independent activation, deactivation, and change capabilities: A receptacle having a programmable, interactive visual display affixed to a surface of the receptacle. The receptacle includes the visual display, a programmable memory, and a controller. The memory stores data corresponding to one or more display images and/or text, and the controller controls the display for displaying the image/text... Agent:

20150097767 - System for virtual experience book and method thereof: Provided are a virtual experience book system and a method for operating the same, the system including a virtual experience book producing device configured to generate 3D virtual image content in consideration of a plurality of objects extracted from text information of a story, and a virtual experience book control... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150097766 - Zooming with air gestures: An NUI system for mediating input from a computer-system user. The NUI system includes a logic machine and an instruction storage machine. The instruction-storage machine holds instructions that cause the logic machine to receive data tracking a change in conformation of the user including at least a hand trajectory of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150097777 - 3d motion interface systems and methods: A 3D interface system for moving the at least one digital displayed object based on movement of the at least one physical object. The 3D interface system comprises a display system for displaying 3D images, a sensor input system, and a computing system. The sensor input system generates sensor data... Agent:

20150097776 - Control using movements: A movement of an object is recognised as a predetermined movement, by transmitting signals between transmitter-receiver pairs, which are reflected from the object. A first event is recorded for one of the transmitter-receiver pairs if a reflected signal meets a predetermined proximity criterion, and a second event is recorded for... Agent:

20150097772 - Gaze signal based on physical characteristics of the eye: A computing device may receive an eye-tracking signal or gaze signal from an eye-tracking device. The gaze signal may include information indicative of observed movement of an eye. The computing device may make a determination that movement of the eye derived from analyzing the received gaze signal violates a set... Agent:

20150097775 - Method and apparatus for determining the pose of a light source using an optical sensing array: A pose determination system includes a light source configured to emit a pattern of light corresponding to three or more non-collinear points, and a display panel including a plurality of optical sensors in a display area. The optical sensors are configured to detect the light pattern. The pose determination system... Agent:

20150097773 - Method for activating an application and system thereof: The disclosure is related to a method for activating an application. The method involves detecting a position status by using at least one sensor, determining whether the position status satisfies a predetermined condition, and executing an application corresponding to the position status when the position status satisfies a predetermined condition.... Agent:

20150097774 - Operation method, control apparatus, and program: A control apparatus comprising a processor, a memory, and a communication circuit configured to communicate with an input apparatus is provided. The memory device stores instructions which when executed by the processor, causes the processor to receive displacement information from the input apparatus, and at least one of: (i) generate... Agent:

20150097779 - Method of adjusting sampling precision of a navigation device, related navigation device and related terminal device: A method of adjusting sampling precision of a navigation device is disclosed in the present invention. The sampling precision represents counts per inch (CPI) or dots per inch (DPI) of the navigation device. The method includes determining a predetermined mode of the navigation device, obtaining resolution of a display, and... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20150097778 - Optical sensing module, laser pointing device using the same and the fabricating method thereof: An optical sensing module includes an image sensing element having an optical sensor array and at least a control unit. A light emitting chip provides a coherent light. The light is reflected from an outside surface and to be received by the optical sensor array. A substrate is mounted with... Agent:

20150097780 - Proximity and multi-touch sensor detection and demodulation: The use of one or more proximity sensors in combination with one or more touch sensors in a multi-touch panel to detect the presence of a finger, body part or other object and control or trigger one or more functions in accordance with an “image” of touch provided by the... Agent:

20150097781 - Multifunction electronic device: A multifunction electronic device is provided with, in one embodiment, a controller; a wireless Internet access unit; an audio recording unit; a laser pointing unit; a data storage unit including a port; a multi-touch display; a key-based operation unit; a rechargeable power source; and a power socket electrically connected to... Agent:

20150097793 - Apparatus and method for direct delivery of haptic energy to touch surface: A force-based haptic switch panel comprises a touch plate having first and second surfaces, the first surface comprising a touch surface and the second surface opposing the first surface. The switch panel also comprises a circuit board having a plurality of force sensors electrically coupled thereto. The force sensors are... Agent:

20150097783 - Clamshell electronic device and calibration method thereof: The present disclosure provides a clamshell electronic device. The clamshell electronic device includes a touch module, a sensing device and a calculation unit. The touch module is arranged to detect touch events. The sensing device is arranged to detect whether an upper cover and a lower cover of the clamshell... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150097797 - Desktop reveal: A multi-display device is adapted to be dockable or otherwise associatable with an additional device. In accordance with one exemplary embodiment, the multi-display device is dockable with a smartpad. The exemplary smartpad can include a screen, a touch sensitive display, a configurable area, a gesture capture region(s) and a camera.... Agent:

20150097787 - Device for interactive control: Described is an interactive control device (1) for at least one service apparatus (2), comprising a control unit (3), a screen (4) operatively connected to the control unit (3) having touch selection means (5) for interacting with the user. The touch selection means (5) are configurable between an active condition... Agent: Interel Trademarks B.v.

20150097786 - Display apparatus: An apparatus comprising: a haptic profile determiner configured to determine a haptic profile map for a display; a touch event determiner configured to determine a touch event on the display within the area defined by the haptic profile map; and a haptic effect generator configured to generate a haptic effect... Agent:

20150097785 - Display device: A display device includes a touch panel 3 that has a touch operation area wider than an image display area, an operation member formed in an area 3b, other than the image display area, in the touch operation area, and an operation feeling generator 7 that provides an operation feeling... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150097792 - Display device and method of controlling the same: According to one embodiment, a display device comprises a plurality of pixel circuits arrayed two-dimensionally. Each of the pixel circuits comprises a display element and a pixel memory configured to store a signal to drive the display element. An X-directional driver and a Y-directional driver can select arbitrary pixel circuits... Agent:

20150097789 - Electronic apparatus with proximity sensor and automatic calibration method thereof: An automatic calibration method suitable for an electronic apparatus comprising a proximity sensor is disclosed. The automatic calibration method includes steps of: resetting data comprising a minimal index and a maximal index when a specific function is activated; updating the minimal index and the maximal index according to readings from... Agent:

20150097782 - Embedded touchscreen stylus secured with screw mechanism: An embedded touchscreen stylus secured with a screw mechanism is disclosed. The stylus fits into a receptacle in, for example, a mobile device or a case for a mobile device. The stylus includes a threaded neck that interfaces with a threaded opening of the receptacle. A head of the stylus... Agent:

20150097791 - Force sensor with haptic feedback: A system and method for setting threshold values based on an amount and selecting a haptic feedback response. The method comprises determining a touch value based on a touch applied to a touch-sensitive sensor. The method further comprises determining an amount that the touch value exceeds a first threshold value.... Agent:

20150097794 - Force-based touch interface with ingrated muti-sensory feedback: A force-based haptic switch panel, comprising a touch plate having first and second surfaces, the first surface comprising a touch surface and the second surface opposing the first surface. The haptic switch panel may also comprise a circuit board having a plurality of force sensors electrically coupled thereto. The force... Agent:

20150097798 - Gesture recognition for on-board display: Methods and systems for a complete vehicle ecosystem are provided. Specifically, systems that when taken alone, or together, provide an individual or group of individuals with an intuitive and comfortable vehicular environment. The present disclosure includes a system to recognize the drivers and/or passengers within the automobile. Based on the... Agent:

20150097788 - Methods for controlling a touch panel and portable computers using the same: An embodiment of the invention introduces a method for controlling a touch panel, executed by a micro-controller of a portable computer, which contains at least the following steps. A control signal is outputted to direct a touch panel controller to disable the whole touch panel or a portion thereof before... Agent:

20150097784 - Mobile device and driving method thereof: Provided is a mobile device which includes: a first touch sensing panel (TSP) configured to receive a touch signal; a first touch sensor integrated circuit (TSIC) configured to activate the first TSP and determine a damage level of the first TSP; an application processor (AP) configured to control the first... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150097790 - Portable device: An improved portable device has at least one touch-sensitive input surface for operator input and at least one sensor for detecting the input on the input surface. There is at least one sensor for monitoring the input surface which is designed to receive large-area and/or nearly simultaneous inputs, and at... Agent:

20150097799 - Reduction of touch-sensor interference from active display: An interference suppression module coordinates devices susceptible to interference such as a touch sensor with potentially interference generating devices such as a display drive matrix, an active haptic device, and so forth. As a result of status signals generated by the interference suppression module, controllers of the susceptible devices may... Agent:

20150097796 - Self-calibrating tactile haptic muti-touch, multifunction switch panel: A method for determining parameters associated with a haptic feedback output comprises detecting a vibration of at least a portion of a human-machine interface and determining a magnitude associated with the detected vibration. A calibration offset is determined based, at least in part, on the determined magnitude associated with the... Agent:

20150097795 - Systems and methods for locking an input area associated with detected touch location in a force-based touchscreen: A method for locking an input area associated with a force-based touch interface comprises detecting a first touch value associated with a first user interaction with a first area of a touch interface. The first touch value includes information indicative of a location of the first area of the touch... Agent:

20150097809 - Continuous circle gesture detection for a sensor system: A method for detecting a continuous circle gesture, has the following steps: receiving vectors representative of an object movement by a object detection unit; determining from the received sequence velocity vectors a sequence of velocity vectors or an approximation thereof; estimating an angle between subsequent velocity vectors; and determining a... Agent:

20150097810 - Display device: According to one embodiment, a lateral-electric-field liquid crystal display device includes a light-emitting display layer including OLEDs and a driving circuit controlling light emission of the OLEDs, a moisture impermeable film provided to be laminated on the light-emitting display layer to prevent infiltration of moisture into the light-emitting display layer,... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20150097802 - Display device including touch sensors: A display device includes a display panel, a signal controller, sensing signal lines, and a touch sensor controller. The display panel includes pixels configured to display images, and touch sensor electrodes configured to sense a touch event. The touch sensor electrodes overlap a conductive layer. The signal controller is configured... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150097800 - Electrostatic haptic based user input elements: A user input element includes a first part having a first capacitive surface, a second part having a second capacitive surface configured to be movable relative to the first capacitive surface, and an insulator positioned in between the first capacitive surface and the second capacitive surface so that a haptic... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20150097803 - Latency measuring and testing system and method: A system and method are disclosed for measuring latency in a device which includes a user interface that receives user input and provides output in response. In an embodiment, a body separate from the device under test is provided. A first sensor operatively attached to the body detects a touch... Agent: Tactual Labs Co.

20150097804 - Method for manipulating the touchscreen of a mobile computer: A device for manipulating a mobile computer is proposed. The device includes a case, a number of buttons mounted thereon having switchable contacts, electrical contact elements attached to the computer's touch screen, a metal capacitive plate attached to the case while electrically connected with the switchable contacts, and electric circuits... Agent:

20150097806 - Touch input appratus: The present invention provides an input apparatus which can include a conductivity tip, a coil electrically connected to the tip, and a ground plate electrically connected to the coil and forming an open loop in a circumference direction of the coil.... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150097808 - Touch screen display: A touch screen display is disclosed. In one aspect, the touch screen display includes a plurality of first touch electrodes each including first and second ends opposing each other and a plurality of second touch electrodes crossing the first touch electrodes. The touch screen display also includes a first voltage... Agent:

20150097805 - Touch screen film, and touch screen using said film, and stylus pen used together with said film: To detect a position on a screen with which even a thin nib is in contact, and improve operativity, visibility at the time of operation, and a feeling of use. A touch screen film 5 includes at least a transparent, conductive, thin film 7 which has a predetermined surface resistivity... Agent: Mitsubishi Pencil Company, Limited

20150097807 - Touch screen panel: A touch screen panel is disclosed. In one aspect, the touch screen panel includes a plurality of first touch electrodes, a plurality of second touch electrodes, and an electrode driving unit. The second touch electrodes cross the first touch electrodes. The electrode driving unit applies a driving signal including a... Agent:

20150097801 - Touch-sensor electrode details: In one embodiment, a touch sensor includes a drive electrode and a sense electrode. The sense electrode is separated from the drive electrode by a gap having a width, and the width of the gap is substantially uniform throughout the entire extent of the gap.... Agent:

20150097812 - Interactive operation method of electronic apparatus: An interactive operation method of an electronic apparatus is provided. An image sequence is captured by an image capturing unit. An image pre-processing is executed on an image of the image sequence. A fingertip candidate region is obtained from the image. Whether the fingertip candidate region is connected with a... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20150097811 - Optical touch device and gesture detecting method thereof: A gesture detecting method is adapted to an optical touch device. The optical touch device includes an indication plane and two image sensing units disposed at two corners of one side of the indication plane. The gesture detecting method includes steps of sensing two images of a gesture by the... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150097813 - Optical touch panel device and recording medium: The optical touch panel device can optically detect a position of an object on a display screen at a plurality of kinds of position-detection resolutions, and sets a position-detection resolution according to a screen resolution of the display screen or an image resolution of an image to be displayed on... Agent:

20150097814 - Damping vibrational wave reflections: A touch input detector is disclosed. The touch input detector includes an acoustic transmitter for transmitting an acoustic wave across a touch input medium. The touch input detector also includes an acoustic receiver for receiving the transmitted acoustic wave, wherein the timing of the incidence of the acoustic wave on... Agent:

20150097815 - Conductive brush for use with a computing device: A conductive brush, or stylus, for use with touch screen computing devices. The bristles or filaments are attached to an electrically conductive ferrule, so that even when the brush is pressed against the tablet to make the bristles splay apart, the conductive ferrule itself maintains electrical communication with the tablet.... Agent:

20150097816 - Wireless handheld controller: A wireless handheld controller includes a housing and a plurality of scroll wheel assemblies mounted in the housing. Each of the scroll wheel assemblies including a rotatable member and a key adjacently associated with respective rotatable members. The wireless handheld controller also includes circuitry in electrical communication with the scroll... Agent:

20150097817 - Liquid crystal display integrated with touch sensor: A liquid crystal display with a touch sensor includes a first substrate having a plurality of pixels coupled to gate lines and data lines and a second substrate opposing the first substrate. The display also includes a plurality of common electrodes corresponding to respective pixels, a plurality of sensing electrodes... Agent:

20150097818 - Assembly and method to align displayed images to an overlaying applique: An instrumentation assembly suitable for use as a vehicle instrument cluster, and a method to align an image displayed by a reconfigurable display of the assembly to an applique that overlays the display. The applique defines a reference hole located so light from the display to passes through the reference... Agent:

20150097820 - Display device and optical detection method thereof: A display device includes a panel assembly including: a display area including a plurality of pixels, and a non-display area at a periphery of the display area; an optical measuring component at the non-display area of the panel assembly and configured to measure light generated from the pixels; and a... Agent:

20150097819 - Electronic display device and backlight adjustment method thereof: The present disclosure provides an electronic display device including a backlight module, a light sensor, a storage device, an embedded controller, and a processing unit. The light sensor detects ambient light surrounding the electronic display device. The embedded controller controls intensity of the backlight module according to the ambient light... Agent:

20150097821 - Display bridge with support for multiple display interfaces: Method and apparatus for a display bridge with support for multiple display interfaces are disclosed. The novel display bridge comprises a predriver configured to provide data input signals. A shared output driver is configured to receive the data input signals and provide output display signals compatible for driving MIPI-DSI, EDP,... Agent: Amlogic Co., Ltd.

20150097822 - Light emitting device, electronic apparatus, and design method of semiconductor device: A light emitting device including a drive transistor that generates a drive current of a current amount corresponding to a gate-source voltage, a light emitting element that emits light at a luminance corresponding to the current amount of the drive current, and a control unit that controls the gate-source voltage... Agent:

20150097823 - Flat panel display and driving method thereof: A flat panel display includes a signal generator to generate data signals to respective data lines via an output terminal or to generate a control signal for controlling switches. The signal generator includes a first voltage supply unit to supply, to the output terminal, a voltage of a first voltage... Agent:

20150097824 - Semiconductor device, display panel and electronic apparatus: A semiconductor device includes a plurality of thin film transistors of a single channel formed on an insulating substrate, and a buffer circuit including an outputting stage; a first inputting stage; a second inputting stage; a seventh thin film transistor; and an eighth thin film transistor.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150097825 - Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, program, and storage medium: An information processing apparatus acquires viewpoint information indicating a viewpoint for which rendering of a 3D scene is performed and generates, by a predetermined calculation, a viewpoint independent map for an object included in a rendering scope based on the acquired viewpoint information. And then the apparatus stores each pixel... Agent: Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

20150097826 - System and method for rendering dynamic three-dimensional appearing imagery on a two-dimensional user interface: System and method for rendering dynamic three-dimensional appearing imagery on a two-dimensional user interface screen of a portable computing device in dependence on a user's view-point of the screen. The method includes processing, on a portable computing device, data defining a plurality of user view-points of a user interface screen... Agent:

20150097829 - 3d modeling using unrelated drawings: A method is disclosed to create a 3D model using unrelated drawings. The unrelated drawing may represent the top view, front view, and side view of the 3D model. A user can draw on a computer display to automatically generate the 3D model in real time. The user can also... Agent:

20150097828 - Method and system for 3d modeling using feature detection: A method includes providing a processor, obtaining an image of a scene including one or more objects, and presenting, using the processor, the image of the scene to a user. The method also includes receiving a geometry type associated with one of the one or more objects, receiving a set... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20150097827 - Target region fill utilizing transformations: Target region fill techniques involving transformations are described. In one or more implementations, a patch to be used to fill a target region in an image of an scene is identified. A transformation to be applied to the patch is guided using depth information of the scene and at least... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150097830 - Image processing apparatus and method: An image processing method includes: determining whether a draw command that is identical to a previous draw command is input; obtaining information about a transparency of a previous frame that is performed with the previous draw command; and performing image processing on a current frame based on the information about... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Of Suwon-si

20150097831 - Early depth testing in graphics processing: An apparatus and method for processing graphics primitives for display is disclosed. The apparatus comprises in sequence: rasterization circuitry, depth testing circuitry and rendering circuitry. The depth testing circuitry determines if a selected graphics fragment would be obscured when displayed by comparing a depth comparison function and a depth value... Agent:

20150097833 - Apparatus for, and method of, processing volumetric medical image data: Apparatus for performing an imaging procedure comprising processing volumetric image data comprising an image processing unit configured to obtain first image data representative of a region including at least one vessel and at least one associated feature, and second image data representative of at least part of the region, an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150097832 - System and method for mesh level of detail generation: A system method for applying hierarchical mesh partitioning and reduction to provide efficient run-time rendering includes bounding a mesh to define a mesh volume, recursively subdividing the mesh volume a number of times, and reducing the mesh the number of times the mesh volume was subdivided to generate a plurality... Agent:

20150097835 - Method and apparatus for multi-experience adaptation of media content: A method or apparatus that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a method for adapting media content of a source device for a recipient device. Characteristics of a first environment of a source device and of a second environment of a recipient can be identified. At... Agent:

20150097834 - Photorealistic rendering of scenes with dynamic content: Methods for rendering three-dimensional photo meshes having dynamic content include: (a) detecting a shadow in a three-dimensional photo mesh; (b) removing the shadow from the three-dimensional photo mesh to form a modified photo mesh having a shadow-free texture; (c) simulating a real-time condition in the modified photo mesh; and (d)... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20150097836 - Web based fast query visualization of time-varying multi-variate vessel flow field by using uniform partition strategy: A method for visualizing flow data from computation fluid dynamics (CFD) applications in 2-dimensions (2D) includes receiving a 3-dimensional (3D) image volume from a CFD simulation of fluids flowing through vessels in a patient that is a snapshot of a fluid flow in the vessels at a certain time, subdividing... Agent:

20150097837 - Variable resolution seamless tileable display: A tileable display panel includes an illumination layer, a display layer, and a screen layer. The display layer is disposed between the screen layer and the lamp layer and includes pixelets separated from each other by spacing regions. Each of the pixelets is positioned to be illuminated by lamp light... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097838 - Sonar depth display: Various implementations described herein are directed to a marine electronics device used to display marine sonar data. The marine electronics device may include a computer system with a processor, memory, and a display. The memory may have a plurality of executable instructions. When the executable instructions are executed by the... Agent:

20150097839 - Stochastic rasterization of waveform trace displays: A stochastic system in a waveform monitor reduces the amount of memory used to store waveform data as it is being accumulated. The system produces a high quality trace display using fewer bits of memory by incrementing pixels using stochastic methods. In at least some embodiments, possible memory values are... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20150097840 - Visualization method, display method, display device, and recording medium: A visualization method of manufacturing status is implemented by a computer that visualizes manufacturing status of a product manufactured sequentially by a plurality of processes. The visualization method includes: placing a first symbol that indicates a start and an end of the manufacturing of the product in a first process... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150097841 - Drawing apparatus, drawing method, and recording medium: A drawing apparatus that displays a character rendered in an outline method includes a number-of-commands identification unit configured to identify a number of drawing commands required for the character based on outline data that corresponds to a shape of the character, a level determination unit configured to determine a level... Agent:

20150097842 - Analyzing font similarity for presentation: A system includes a computing device that includes a memory configured to store instructions. The system also includes a processor to execute the instructions to perform operations that include receiving data representing features of a first font and data representing features of a second font. The first font and the... Agent: Monotype Imaging Inc.

20150097843 - Systems and methods for providing pre-operating system and post-operating system remote management of information handling system: A method may include during a pre-operating system environment writing user graphics data to a discrete graphics controller and an embedded graphics controller of a service processor integral to the information handling system and storing user graphics data written to the embedded graphics controller in a frame buffer such that... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20150097845 - Heuristics for improving performance in a tile-based architecture: One embodiment of the present invention includes a technique for processing graphics primitives in a tile-based architecture. The technique includes storing, in a buffer, a first plurality of graphics primitives and a first plurality of state bundles received from a world-space pipeline, and transmitting the first plurality of graphics primitives... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150097844 - Split driver to control multiple graphics processors in a computer system: A computer system includes an operating system having a kernel and configured to launch a plurality of computing processes. The system also includes a plurality of graphics processing units (GPUs), a front-end driver module, and a plurality of back-end driver modules. The GPUs are configured to execute instructions on behalf... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150097846 - External validation of graphics pipelines: Data may be streamed out of a graphics pipeline during run time without preprogramming the stream out. A command stream may be captured, draw commands monitored, and shader output definitions may be parsed to determine how to stream out shader data, for example for debugging.... Agent:

20150097848 - Display apparatus, display system, and program: A display apparatus which can communicate with an information terminal via a network is disclosed. The display apparatus includes a receiving unit which receives content data which are caused to be displayed on the display apparatus and reproduction control information on reproduction of the content data from the information terminal,... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150097847 - Managing memory regions to support sparse mappings: One embodiment of the present invention includes a memory management unit (MMU) that is configured to manage sparse mappings. The MMU processes requests to translate virtual addresses to physical addresses based on page table entries (PTEs) that indicate a sparse status. If the MMU determines that the PTE does not... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150097849 - Inter-processor communication techniques in a multiple-processor computing platform: This disclosure describes communication techniques that may be used within a multiple-processor computing platform. The techniques may, in some examples, provide software interfaces that may be used to support message passing within a multiple-processor computing platform that initiates tasks using command queues. The techniques may, in additional examples, provide software... Agent:

20150097850 - Overlap aware reordering of rendering operations for efficiency: Disclosed are apparatus and methods for rendering using a graphics processing component (GPC). A computing device can receive instructions for a GPC, including an instruction IA associated with a first portion of a canvas. An insertion position in an instruction buffer for instruction IA can be determined by: determining an... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097851 - Approach to caching decoded texture data with variable dimensions: A texture processing pipeline is configured to store decoded texture data within a cache unit in order to expedite the processing of texture requests. When a texture request is processed, the texture processing pipeline queries the cache unit to determine whether the requested data is resident in the cache. If... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150097852 - Display driver: A display driver that receives display line data of plural display lines to perform drive control on a display panel includes a line memory for storing display line data which is supplied from the outside. The display driver includes a logic circuit that controls write and read-out of the display... Agent: Renesas Sp Drivers Inc.

20150097853 - Dynamic backlight control for spatially independent display regions: Embodiments of the disclosure describe a tileable display panel including a screen layer to display a unified image, an illumination layer including a two-dimensional array of lamps, and a display layer disposed between the screen layer and illumination layer. The display layer includes a plurality of pixelets each positioned to... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097854 - Rendering method, rendering device, and display including the same: A rendering method includes performing a binary representation of input data by using input data of target subpixels of an RGB stripe structure, such that the binary representation defines binary data, calculating the binary data via a line detection mask to detect a target line made of the target subpixels,... Agent:

20150097855 - System for facilitating selection of color changing eyewear lenses and windows: A system for facilitating a consumer's selection of customized color-changing lenses for eyewear, or windows, captures a digital color image of at least the face of the consumer and displays that color image to the consumer on a video display while superimposing a pair of lenses over the eyes. The... Agent: Kilolambda Technologies Ltd.

20150097856 - Image processor and non-transitory computer readable medium: An image processor including: a color converting unit converting an original image to a brightness image and a chromaticity image; an illumination image generating unit generating, from the brightness image, an illumination image; an image generation processing unit executing a processing for generating a brightness reproduction image which is reproduced... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150097857 - Selective rasterization: According to one embodiment, a given tile, made up of pixels or samples, may be of any shape, including a square shape. These pixels may contain colors, depths, stencil values, and other values. Each tile may be further augmented with a single bit, referred to herein as a render bit.... Agent:

20150097858 - Image processing device, image processing method, and display device: Provided is an image processing device that includes: an image generation section configured to generate a peripheral image in an outer periphery of a first frame image to generate a second frame image that includes the first frame image and the peripheral image; and a coordinate conversion section configured to... Agent:

20150097859 - Method for collocating clothing accessories on human body: A method for collocating a clothing accessory on a human body for an electronic apparatus, is provided. A human body picture is shown on a display unit, and a human body description file corresponding to a human body model included in the human body picture is obtained from a database.... Agent:

20150097866 - Display control apparatus, computer-implemented method, storage medium, and projection apparatus: In a display control apparatus configured to control image data displayed on a predetermined display medium, an information acquisition unit acquires a first information associated with the predetermined matter at a first time and acquire a second information associated with the predetermined matter at a second time after the first... Agent:

20150097862 - Generating augmented reality content for unknown objects: Techniques described herein provide a method for defining virtual content for real objects that are unknown or unidentified at the time of the development of the application for an augmented reality (AR) environment. For example, at the time of development of an AR application, the application developer may not know... Agent:

20150097865 - Method and computing device for providing augmented reality: A method and computing device for providing Augmented Reality (AR) is provided. The method of providing AR includes detecting at least one physical object from a real scene obtained through a camera of a computing device, rendering at least one virtual object at a desired position of the detected at... Agent:

20150097860 - System and method for dynamic in-vehicle virtual reality: A method for in-vehicle dynamic virtual reality includes receiving vehicle data from one or more vehicle systems of a vehicle, wherein the vehicle data includes vehicle dynamics data and receiving user data from a virtual reality device. The method includes generating a virtual view based on the vehicle data, the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150097861 - System and method for dynamic in-vehicle virtual reality: A method for in-vehicle dynamic virtual reality includes receiving vehicle data from one or more vehicle systems of a vehicle, wherein the vehicle data includes vehicle dynamics data and receiving user data from a virtual reality device. The method includes generating a virtual view based on the vehicle data, the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150097863 - System and method for dynamic in-vehicle virtual reality: A method for in-vehicle dynamic virtual reality, including receiving vehicle data from a portable device, the portable device operably connected for computer communication to an output device, the vehicle data including vehicle dynamics data, and receiving user data from at least one of the portable device or the output device.... Agent:

20150097864 - System and method for dynamic in-vehicle virtual reality: A method for in-vehicle dynamic virtual reality includes receiving vehicle data and user data from one or more portable devices, wherein the vehicle data comprises vehicle dynamics data of the vehicle. The method includes generating a virtual view based on the vehicle data, the user data and a virtual world... Agent:

20150097867 - System and method for transitioning between interface modes in virtual and augmented reality applications: One preferred embodiment of the present invention includes a method for transitioning a user interface between viewing modes. The method of the preferred embodiment can include detecting an orientation of a mobile terminal including a user interface disposed on a first side of the mobile terminal, wherein the orientation of... Agent:

20150097868 - Clinical workstation integrating medical imaging and biopsy data and methods using same: An imaging visualization workstation (30) includes a graphical display device (32) and an electronic data processor, and is configured to perform a method including: spatially registering a biopsy sample extracted from a medical subject with a medical image (12) of the medical subject; combining the medical image with a graphical... Agent:

20150097869 - Display apparatus and image display method using the same: Disclosed herein are a display apparatus which facilitates a simultaneous comparison of a plurality of images which respectively illustrate different features on one divided display screen such that the images are seamlessly displayed on the screen, and an image display method which is performable by using the apparatus. The display... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150097874 - Circuit and method for driving an array of light emitting pixels: A technique for driving a column of pixels that include light emitting elements. The technique incorporates feedback data provided from feedback data sources connected to the data line and to feedback line of the array, pixel driving circuit with feedback path. The technique can also include block of the reference... Agent:

20150097871 - Display apparatus and method of driving the same: A display device includes an acquiring circuit, a calculator, and a delay controller. The acquiring circuit acquires a gray scale voltage of a gray scale value of a pixel. The calculator calculates a first delay correction value based on a voltage currently retained on a data signal line to which... Agent:

20150097870 - Display device and driving method thereof: A display device Includes a control board including a timing controller (TCON) for controlling driving of the display device, and further including a driving memory for storing driving data for driving the display device, and a source board coupled to the control board by a connection cable, the source board... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150097873 - Head-mounted display device and control method for the head-mounted display device: A head-mounted display device includes: an image display unit including an image-light generating unit that generates image light representing an image and emits the image light and a light guide unit that guides the emitted image light to the eye of a user, the image display unit being for causing... Agent:

20150097875 - Liquid crystal display: A liquid crystal display includes: a light source unit that includes a light-guiding plate with a light-exit plane partitioned into emission subsections, and one or plural sides, and light sources; a liquid-crystal-display panel that includes pixels, and modulates light emitted from the light source unit, thereby performing image display; and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150097872 - Organic light emitting display device: Discussed is an organic light emitting display device capable of reducing power consumption and increasing lifespan of the device. The device includes a display panel including pixels in respective pixel regions defined by a plurality of gate lines, data lines and driving voltage lines, wherein each pixel includes an organic... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150097878 - Display apparatus, driving method thereof, and electronic system: A display apparatus includes: a pixel array section including a row of scanning lines, a column of signal lines, and pixels in a matrix, each of the pixels disposed at an intersection of both of the lines; and a drive section. The drive section performs line progressive scanning on the... Agent:

20150097877 - Driving methods for color display device: The present invention is directed to driving methods for a color display device which can display high quality color states. The display device utilizes an electrophoretic fluid which comprises three types of pigment particles having different optical characteristics.... Agent:

20150097876 - Image sticking controller and method for operating the same: An image sticking controller includes a gamma conversion unit configured to gamma-convert gray scale values respectively corresponding to a plurality of pixels, and to output the gamma-converted gray scale values as gamma conversion values, a data accumulation unit configured to accumulate the gamma conversion values into an accumulation data, the... Agent:

20150097880 - Control circuit and display device equipped with the same: A control circuit conducts a drive control of a RGBW display panel to operate white pixels to light up together with red, green and blue pixels, where the drive control includes a luminance control of a backlight to reduce luminance of the backlight according to an amount of an increase... Agent:

20150097879 - Electronic display: The invention relates to an electronic device comprising a limited colour display and a method of driving the display. The display has an array of pixels, a driver for driving each of said pixels in said array and a colour filter which is aligned with said display whereby each of... Agent:

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