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07/10/2014 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140191153 - Low gwp heat transfer compositions: Heat transfer compositions and methods wherein the compositions have a burning velocity (BV) of less than about 10 and a global warming potential (GWP) of less than about 400 comprising: (a) from, about 0 to about 50% by weight of HFC-32; (b) from about 50% to about 90% by weight... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140191154 - Compositions comprising 1,1,1,2,2-pentafluoropropane and a fluoroolefin and uses thereof: Compositions are disclosed comprising: (a) 1,1,1,2,2-pentafluoropropane; (b) a compound selected from the group consisting of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene, E-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene, and 1,1,1-trifluoropropene; and optionally (c) a compound selected from the group consisting of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane and difluoromethane. Such compositions are useful in methods to produce cooling, produce heat, transfer heat, form a foam, produce... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140191155 - Composition and method for polishing polysilicon: The invention provides a polishing composition comprising silica, an aminophosphonic acid, a polysaccharide, a tetraalkylammonium salt, a bicarbonate salt, an azole ring, and water, wherein the polishing composition has a pH of about 7 to about 11. The invention further provides a method of polishing a substrate with the polishing... Agent:

20140191156 - Cyclic carbonate monomers and polymers prepared therefrom: A cyclic carbonate monomer including the reaction product of (a) a divinylarene dioxide, and (b) carbon dioxide; a process for making the cyclic carbonate monomer; and a polymer such as a poly(hydroxyurethane) composition made therefrom. The poly(hydroxyurethane) composition made from the above cyclic carbonate monomer forms a reactive intermediate that... Agent:

20140191157 - Composition for acid gas tolerant removal of mercury from a flue gas: Compositions and method useful for removal of mercury from a flue gas stream with relatively high concentrations of acid gas precursors and/or acid gases. The method includes contacting the flue gas stream with a sorbent composition comprising a sorbent material and a multi-functional agent, where the multi-functional agent includes a... Agent: Ada Carbon Solutions, LLC

20140191158 - Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device with the liquid crystal composition: A liquid crystal composition that is useful for an active matrix (AM) device has a nematic phase and positive dielectric anisotropy. An active matrix liquid crystal display device includes the liquid crystal composition. By the total weight of the liquid crystal composition, the liquid crystal composition comprises 8%-50% of a... Agent: Jiangsu Hecheng Display Technology Co., Ltd.

20140191160 - Composition containing borane compound and conjugated polymer compound, and element: wherein Arp1 represents an arylene group, with the proviso that Arp1 is different from Flup1; Flup1 represents a fluorenediyl group; Hetp1 represents a divalent aromatic heterocyclic group; Amp1 represents a divalent aromatic amine residue; nAr, nFlu, nHet and nAm are numbers representing molar ratios of Arp1, Flup1, Hetp1 and Amp1,... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20140191161 - Curable silicon composition, cured product thereof, and optical semiconductor device: wherein, R1 are alkyl groups, alkenyl groups, phenyl groups, or hydrogen atoms; R2 is a group recited for R1, a condensed polycyclic aromatic group, or a group containing a condensed polycyclic aromatic group, provided that at least one of R1 or R2 in a molecule is an alkenyl group or... Agent:

20140191159 - Method of stabilizing alph-sialon phosphor raw powder, alph-sialon phosphor composition obtained therefrom, and method of manufacturing alpha-sialon phosphor: Disclosed herein is a method of stabilizing alpha-sialon phosphor raw powder, including the steps of: mixing alpha-sialon phosphor raw powder including Si3N4, AlN, a rare-earth metal oxide and calcium nitride (Ca3N2) as a calcium source and having Composition Formula represented by CaxSi12−m−nAlm+nOnN16−n:Rey (here, Re is an activator and is at... Agent: Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials

20140191162 - Method and apparatus for biomass gasification: A system includes a gasifier configured to gasify a mixture of a biomass feedstock and an oxidant to generate a producer gas and a producer gas purification system configured to purify the producer gas from the gasifier. The system also includes a gas supply system configured to supply a gas... Agent: General Electric Company

20140191163 - Method of applying a magnesium-containing powder to the surface of an aluminum or aluminum alloy substrate: Disclosed are methods of treating a metal to improve the metal's corrosion resistance. The method includes applying, to the surface of the metal, a coating which comprises magnesium powder and a binder. The present invention also relates to a coating composition that includes magnesium powder and a silane modified epoxy... Agent: Ndsu Research Foundation

20140191164 - Carbon nanofiber, dispersion liquid and composition thereof: The carbon nanofiber has a content of oxygen controlled in a range of 8% by mass to 20% by mass and excellent dispersibility in polar solvents by means of an oxidization treatment carried out on a raw material of the carbon nanofiber. The above-described oxidization treatment is preferably carried out... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20140191166 - Method for forming vapor grown graphite fibers composition and mixture formed by the same and applications thereof: A method for forming a vapor-grown graphite fibers (VGGF) composition and a VGGF composition formed by the method are provided. In this method, a transition metal compound catalyst and three organic co-catalysts are mixed with a hydrocarbon compound, and then are delivered into a tubular reactor and pyrolized and graphitized... Agent: Yongyu Applied Technology Material Co., Ltd

20140191165 - Post-treatment method of carbon materials for improving the electrical conductivity and mechanichal properties via dehydrocyclization reaction and polymer composite materials comprising the treated carbon materials: Provided are a method for post-treatment of a carbonaceous material using dehydrocyclization, a carbonaceous material post-treated by the method, and a polymer composite material including the carbonaceous material. More particularly, provided are a method for post-treatment of a carbonaceous material using dehydrocyclization, including subjecting the carbonaceous material to dehydrocyclization at... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140191167 - Conductive composition: The present invention discloses a conductive paste for solar cell, including the following composition: (a) a silver powder; (b) a filler which can be coated with a conductor; (c) a glass frit; and further (d) a dispersing agent, an organic vehicle, and at least one additive. The filler, especially conductor... Agent: Giga Solar Materials Corporation

20140191168 - Photochromic material: Photochromic dyes are disclosed. A photochromic dye can include a first photo-reactive group and a second photo-reactive group. A first photochromic reaction can be induced in the first photo-reactive group of the photochromic dye by radiation having a first wavelength, and a second photochromic reaction can be induced in the... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20140191169 - Enhanced alpha particle emitter: A composition of matter that experiences an increase rate of radioactive emission is presented. The composition comprises a radioactive material and particles having affinity for Hydrogen or its isotopes. When exposed to Hydrogen, the composition's emission rate increases. Methods of production are also presented.... Agent: Brown-cravens-taylor

07/03/2014 > 28 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140183398 - Nickel containing hydrosilylation catalysts and compositions containing the catalysts: A composition contains (A) a hydrosilylation reaction catalyst and (B) an aliphatically unsaturated compound having an average, per molecule, of one or more aliphatically unsaturated organic groups capable of undergoing hydrosilylation reaction. The composition is capable of reacting via hydrosilylation reaction to form a reaction product, such as a silane,... Agent:

20140183399 - Fire-extinguishing composition comprising organic acid compound: The disclosure relates to a fire-extinguishing composition comprising an organic acid compound, wherein the fire-extinguishing composition comprises an organic acid compound. The content of the organic acid compound is 50% by mass or more, and preferably 70% to 90% by mass. The organic acid compound according to the disclosure may... Agent: Xi'an J&r Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140183400 - Fire extinguishing composition of copper salts: Disclosed is a fire extinguishing composition of copper salts, which comprises a compound of copper salts and a fire retardant component with the content of 30 wt %--95 wt % for the former and 5 wt %-70 wt % for the latter respectively. A pyrotechnic agent in the composition serves... Agent: Xi'an J&r Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140183401 - High-performance heat-insulating materials: The present invention relates to a heat-insulating material, in particular in the form of a solid foam, based on mineral particles of submicron porosity, this material incorporating two different ranges of porosities, advantageously including a first range consisting of (macro)pores with diameters of between 10 microns and 3 mm, and... Agent: Saint-gobain Isover

20140183402 - Iron-based soft magnetic powder for dust core use, manufacturing method thereof, and dust core: Disclosed is an iron-based soft magnetic powder for dust core use, which includes an iron-based soft magnetic matrix powder and a phosphate conversion coating on a surface of the matrix powder. The phosphate conversion coating contains nickel element and has an aluminum content of equal to or less than that... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140183403 - Increasing the heat flow of flexible cellular foam through the incorporation of highly thermally conductive solids: Methods and combinations of mattress support surfaces comprising one or more flexible polyurethane foam layers containing highly thermally-conductive solids, such as diamond or silicon carbide, and said layer combination is capable of transferring heat from a warm surface, such as a person sleeping on a bed, to a cooler region... Agent: Peterson Chemical Technology, Inc.

20140183404 - Method of making a nano-particle photocatalyst: A novel composition for a photocatalyst Fe doped ZnO nano-particle photocatalyst that enables the decontamination process by degrading toxic organic material such as brilliant cresyl blue, indigo carmine and gentian blue by using solar light is described. In the current disclosure method of making a specific size of the nano... Agent: King Abdulaziz University

20140183405 - Floating type adsorbent for removal of phosphate in aqueous solution and method for fabricating the same and method for regeneration of the same: The present disclosure relates to a floating type adsorbent for removal of phosphate that can effectively remove phosphate from aqueous phase through reaction between an amine function attached on the surface of a sponge and phosphate. This adsorbent can be regenerated by desorbing the adsorbed phosphate, a method for fabricating... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140183407 - Cathode active material composition and lithium secondary battery including the same: Provided are a cathode active material composition including an xLi2MO3.(1−x)LiMeO2 composite (where 0<x<1, and M and Me represent metal ions and may be the same or different from each other) and a conductive polymer material, and a secondary battery including the cathode active material composition in a cathode. Since the... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140183406 - Negative electrode active material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries: This negative electrode active material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries contains a silicon solid solution in which one or more elements selected from among group 3 semimetal elements and metal elements, group 4 semimetal elements and metal elements (excluding silicon) and group 5 non-metallic elements and semimetal elements are solid-solved... Agent: Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.

20140183409 - Liquid crystal composition, antioxidant and liquid crystal display device: A liquid crystal composition including an antioxidant, and a liquid crystal display device containing this composition are described. The liquid crystal composition has a nematic phase, has a high solubility in a liquid crystal composition, and includes a specific antioxidant useful for preventing deterioration of the composition. The liquid crystal... Agent: Jnc Corporation

20140183408 - Mixture for liquid crystal medium and liquid crystal display using the same: The present invention provides a mixture for liquid crystal medium and a liquid crystal display using the same. The mixture for liquid crystal medium comprises: a liquid crystal material, a polymerizable monomer and a sensitizer. The sensitizer has strong absorbability within the wavelength range of 300-360 nm of the ultraviolet... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140183410 - Polymerizable liquid crystal compound, polymerizable composition, polymer material, and film: A polymerizable liquid-crystal compound of formula (I) effective for preventing crystal deposition after coating with polymerizable liquid crystal (II) or a polymerizable liquid crystal similar thereto. P represents a polymerizable functional group; Sp represents a spacer or a single bond; Z1 and Z2 each represent —CO—O—; R0 represents a linear... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140183411 - Red phosphor, method for producing red phosphor, white light source, illuminating device, and liquid crystal display device: A compound is provided containing silicon, aluminum, strontium, europium, nitrogen, and oxygen is used that enables a red phosphor having strong luminous intensity and high luminance to be obtained, and that enables the color gamut of a white LED to be increased with the use of the red phosphor. The... Agent: Dexerials Corporation

20140183412 - Method for detecting sweet odor from air conditioner, reproducing sweet odor and preparing corresponding sweet odor composition: A method that identifies the compounds contributing to a sweet odor from an air conditioner, reproduces the sweet odor, and prepares a corresponding sweet odor composition. Through the analysis method of the present invention, the compounds contributing to the sweet odor from an air conditioner are identified and quantified. The... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140183414 - Polymer compound and light emitting device using same: m

20140183413 - Quinoline-benzoxazole derived compounds for electronic films and devices:

20140183415 - Graphene-based composite and method of preparing the same: A graphene-based composite includes graphene and a structure former contacting the graphite, wherein the structure former is a metal oxide or a carbon compound and includes pores therein, and the graphene-based composite has a porous particle structure. The graphene-based composite can have a large specific surface area and excellent charge... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140183416 - Electrically conductive ink and uses thereof: The present disclosure provides an aqueous based electrically conductive ink, which is essentially solvent free and includes a nano-scale conducting material; a binding agent; and an enzyme. In one embodiment, the ink includes at least one of a mediator, a cross-linking agent and a substrate as well. In one further... Agent: Cfd Research Corporation

20140183418 - Carbon fiber reinforced polyoxymethylene for printer spindles: Polymer compositions containing a polyoxymethylene base polymer that is compounded with a conductive filler. The polymer composition is formulated so as to increase the electrically conductivity of the polymer composition and articles formed therefrom while at the same time having a high enough stiffness via the addition of a conductive... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140183417 - Carbon nanotube dispersion containing polyarylene ether and method for preparing the same: The carbon nanotube dispersion includes: carbon nanotubes; polyarylene ether having a number-average molecular weight of about 5,000 g/mol to about 25,000 g/mol; and a solvent, wherein the polyarylene ether may be non-covalently bonded to surfaces of the carbon nanotubes via π-π stacking interaction. The carbon nanotube dispersion is prepared by... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140183419 - Conductive composition, and conductive complex: A conductive composition containing carbon nanotubes, a carbon nanotube dispersant, and a dopant precursor, wherein the dispersant is a non-conjugated polymer compound having an aromatic ring as the repeating unit, and the dopant precursor is an acid-generating agent which generates cation by being subjected to light and/or heat. The aforementioned... Agent: Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20140183420 - Seamless belt and production method thereof, and image forming apparatus: To provide a seamless belt, which includes: a polyether imide containing a siloxane bond; at least one selected from the group consisting of a polyphenylene sulfide, a polyether ether ketone, a thermoplastic fluororesin, and a liquid crystal polymer; an ethylene-glycidyl (meth)acrylate copolymer; and an electrical conductivity-imparting agent.... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140183421 - Nickel inks and oxidation resistant and conductive coatings: A conductive ink may include a nickel component, a polycarboxylic acid component, and a polyol component, the polycarboxylic acid component and the polyol component being reactable to form a polyester component. The polyester component may be formed in situ in the conductive ink from a polyol component and a polycarboxylic... Agent: Nthdegree Technologies Worldwide, Inc.

20140183422 - Metal complexes: The present invention relates to metal complexes and to electronic devices, in particular organic electroluminescent devices, comprising these metal complexes, in particular as emitters.... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20140183423 - Fine particles having a multiple structure, polymer film for smart glass and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed are fine particles having a multiple structure, a polymer film for smart glass, and a method of manufacturing the same. More particularly, disclosed are fine particles having a multiple structure, which include a reaction portion containing iron oxide nanoparticles, carbon black and/or carbon nanotubes, and at least one non-reaction... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140183424 - Method for preparing rod-like silica fine particles including carbon: Disclosed is a method for preparing rod-like silica fine particles including carbon, the method including: a first step of preparing a mixed solvent by mixing a surfactant with alcohol, and then preparing a mixed solution by adding water, ethanol, ammonia water and a salt to the mixed solvent; a second... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140183425 - Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter using the same: Disclosed are a photosensitive resin composition for a color filter including (A) a colorant including a dye represented by the following Chemical Formula 1 and/or a dye represented by the following Chemical Formula 2, wherein in the following Chemical Formulae 1 and 2, each substituent is the same as described... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

06/26/2014 > 29 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140175320 - Building materials, compositions, and methods: Building materials include a dampening layer which contains a plaster and a viscoelastic polymer, such as polyvinyl butyral. The dampening layer may also include a barium salt. Methods of making a sound dampening material include providing a plaster mixture. The mixture may include a viscoelastic polymer and/or a barium salt.... Agent: Georgia-pacific Gypsum LLC

20140175322 - Building materials, compositions, and methods: Building materials include a dampening layer which contains a plaster, and hollow microspheres, such as polymeric microspheres. Methods of making a sound dampening material include providing a plaster mixture. The mixture may include hollow microspheres. The plaster mixture is combined with water to form a slurry. The slurry is applied... Agent: Georgia-pacific Gypsum LLC

20140175324 - Polycarbonate composition and heat shielding material made therefrom: i

20140175321 - Resin composition for heat dissipation and heat dissipating substrate manufactured by using the same: Disclosed herein are a resin composition for heat dissipation, including: an insulating material; a first filler added to the insulating material and having a plate shaped carbon material; and a second filler added to the insulating material, and having a carbon material having a higher aspect ratio than the first... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140175323 - Thermoinsulative and thermoconductive concretes based on an aluminophosphate binder (variants): The group of inventions relates to the refractory materials industry, in particular to the production of refractory high-strength nonconductive articles of corundum and silicon carbide concretes on an aluminophosphate binder. The objective of the proposed group of inventions is to provide shaped thermoinsulative and thermoconductive concretes based on an aluminophosphate... Agent:

20140175325 - Electrolyte composition for dye-sensitized solar cell: An electrolyte composition for a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) is provided, which includes a redox couple solution and inorganic nanoparticles. The surface of the inorganic nanoparticle may have a substituted or unsubstituted silane group, an ether group, a substituted amino group, a carbonyl group, an ester group, an amide group... Agent: Eternal Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140175326 - Specific electrolytic composition for energy storage device:

20140175327 - Effective substitutions for rare earth metals in compositions and materials for electronic applications: Embodiments disclosed herein include methods of modifying synthetic garnets used in RF applications to reduce or eliminate Yttrium or other rare earth metals in the garnets without adversely affecting the magnetic properties of the material. Some embodiments include substituting Bismuth for some of the Yttrium on the dodecahedral sites and... Agent: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

20140175328 - Process for uniform and higher loading of metallic fillers into a polymer matrix using a highly porous host material: In one aspect, embodiments are provided of metal coated fillers that include porous filler particles having pores and metal particles coated on the filler particles and inside the pores. In an exemplary embodiment, the weight of metal particles on the porous filler particles and inside the pores may range from... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

20140175329 - Positive electrode material having a size dependent composition: The invention relates to cathode materials for Li-ion batteries having a size dependent compositions. The lithium metal oxide powder has a general formula LiaNixCoyMnzM′mO2±eAf, with 0.9<a<1.1, 0.2≦x≦0.9, 0<y≦0.4, 0<z≦0.7, 0≦m≦0.35, e<0.02, 0≦f≦0.05 and 0.9<(x+y+z+m+f)<1.1; M′ consisting of either one or more elements from the group Al, Mg, Ti, Cr, V,... Agent:

20140175331 - Methods and systems for processing sugar mixtures and resultant compositions: A method including: (a) selectively reacting a first sugar in a mixture which includes at least one second sugar to form a product mixture comprising a product of said first sugar; (b) separating said product of said first sugar from said product mixture; and (c) separating at least one of... Agent: Virdia Ltd

20140175332 - Recycling of natural and synthetic rubbers: m

20140175330 - Delivery methods and composition relating to bioactice polyelectrolyte acids from humified organic materials: Improved methods for the separation and isolation of bioactive polyelectrolytes, such as humic acid, fulvic acid, ulmic acid, and humin, from any one or a combination of naturally occurring or synthetically produced humified organic matter (HOM) are described. The methods involve the application of an electromagnetic field to an aqueous... Agent: Bpw Sciences, Lp

20140175333 - Curable composition: Provided are a curable composition, a light emitting diode, a liquid crystal display, and a lighting apparatus. The curable composition may have excellent processibility and workability, and excellent crack resistance, hardness, thermal resistance, transparency and adhesiveness after curing. The composition has neither whitening after being applied nor surface stickiness. The... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140175334 - Polymetallic capture mass for capturing heavy metals: The invention concerns a capture mass for capturing heavy metals in a liquid or gaseous effluent, comprising a porous solid support, copper sulphide and at least one second metal sulphide the metal of which is selected from the group constituted by chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt and nickel, and in which... Agent: Iep Energies Nouvelles

20140175336 - Co2 capture processes using rotary wheel configurations: The disclosure relates to a continuous or semi-continuous, cyclic, countercurrent sorption-desorption method for enhanced control, separation, and/or purification of CO2 from one or more sources of a mixture of gases (and/or carbonaceous liquids that have sufficient vapor pressure) through integrated use of solid monolithic sorbents having a selectivity for sorption... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140175335 - Method and apparatus for feeding municipal solid waste to a plasma gasifier reactor: A method and apparatus are described for supplying municipal solid waste (MSW), and/or other types of solid waste comprising both organic waste material and inorganic waste material, into a plasma gasifier reactor (PGR) in which the solid waste is to be processed.... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20140175337 - Modified maleimide oligomer, preparation method thereof and composition containing the same: A modified maleimide oligomer is disclosed. The modified maleimide oligomer is made by performing a reaction of a compound having a barbituric acid structure, a free radical capture, and a compound having a maleimide structure. A composition for a battery is also disclosed. The composition includes the modified maleimide oligomer.... Agent:

20140175338 - Electrically conductive polyphenylene sulfide compounds: An electrically conductive polymer compound is disclosed. The compound comprises a matrix comprising polyphenylene sulfide and carbon nanotubes and glass fibers dispersed in the matrix. The carbon nanotubes are disaggregated and disagglomerated within the polyphenylene sulfide, when the compound is viewed at 20,000× magnification. The compound is useful for making... Agent: Polyone Corporation

20140175339 - Conjugated polymers: The invention relates to novel polymers containing one or more 3,7-dialkyl-benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b′]dithiophene repeating units, methods for their preparation and monomers used therein, blends, mixtures and formulations containing them, the use of the polymers, blends, mixtures and formulations as semiconductor in organic electronic (OE) devices, especially in organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices, and... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20140175340 - Glass frit, composition for solar cell electrodes including the same, and electrode fabricated using the same: A glass frit includes at least three metal oxides selected from the group of lead oxide, silicon oxide, tellurium oxide, bismuth oxide, zinc oxide, and tungsten oxide, wherein the glass frit exhibits a phase transition peak in the range of about 300° C. to about 600° C. on a cooling... Agent:

20140175341 - Dielectric insulation medium: A dielectric insulation medium. The insulation medium is characterized in that it comprises a fluoroketone having from 4 to 12 carbon atoms.... Agent:

20140175343 - Photosensitive resin composition and light blocking layer using the same: d

20140175342 - Photosensitive resin composition, and light blocking layer and liquid crystal display using the same:

20140175344 - Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter using the same:

20140175345 - Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter using the same: Disclosed are a photosensitive resin composition for a color filter including (A) a colorant including green pigment and a color material having transmittance of about 0 to about 40% in a wavelength region of about 490 to about 500 nm, and transmittance of about 70 to about 100% in a... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140175346 - Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter using the same: s

20140175347 - Photosensitive resin composition, color filter and liquid crystal display device: The present invention relates to a photosensitive resin composition for black matrix, as well as a color filter and a liquid crystal display (LCD) device formed by the composition. The aforementioned photosensitive resin composition comprises an alkali-soluble resin (A), a compound containing vinyl unsaturated group(s) (B), a photo initiator (C),... Agent: Chi Mei Corporation

20140175348 - Polymer compound and production method thereof, pigment dispersing agent, pigment dispersion composition, photocurable composition, and color filter and production method thereof: e

06/19/2014 > 29 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140166921 - Double-center bipyridyl cationic ion liquid, preparation method therefor and use thereof: Disclosed is a double-center bipyridyl cationic ion liquid prepared by reacting bipyridyl with haloalkane for synthesis of dialkyl bipyridyl halide, and converting the halogen ion in the dialkyl bipyridyl halide to the target anion via an ion-exchange reaction, to give the final target ionic liquid. Also disclosed are an organic... Agent:

20140166923 - Compositions containing difluoromethane and fluorine substituted olefins: Compositions comprising HFO-1234ze(E) and HFC-32 are disclosed. Such compositions are useful particularly for in stationary refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.... Agent:

20140166922 - Stabilized hydrochlorofluoroolefins and hydrofluoroolefins: Disclosed is a combination of hydrofluoroolefins and/or hydrochlorofluoroolefins with stabilizers wherein the stabilizers minimize the degradation of the hydrofluoroolefins and hydrochlorofluoroolefins during storage, handling and use yet allow for atmospheric degradation. The combinations exhibit low or zero ozone depletion potential and lower global warming potential making them of interest as... Agent: Arkema Inc.

20140166924 - Inorganic salt heat transfer fluid: Several systems of low melting point mixtures of inorganic salts are disclosed. These compositions can have liquidus temperatures less than 80° C. and thermal stability limits greater than 500° C.... Agent: Halotechnics, Inc.

20140166925 - Polyamide compounds containing pitch carbon fiber: A thermally conductive polyamide compound is disclosed. The compound comprises a polyamide matrix with pitch-based carbon fiber, boron nitride, and organophosphinate flame regardant dispersed in the matrix. The compound can be extruded or molded into a heat dissipating article.... Agent: Polyone Corporation

20140166926 - Vacuum insulation material including composite getter material: The present invention relates to a vacuum insulation material using a getter material obtained by mixing zeolite and calcium oxide, and more particularly, to a vacuum insulation material in which zeolite having a large specific surface area to absorb the greater part of remaining water from the vacuum insulation material... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20140166927 - Moisture absorbent for organic electroluminescence element and production method for same: A moisture absorbent for an organic EL element having hydrophobicity and no reduction in moisture absorption speed, and a method for producing the moisture absorbent are provided. The moisture absorbent for an organic EL element includes, as a main component, calcium oxide particles each having an alkoxide layer on the... Agent: Ube Material Industries, Ltd.

20140166930 - Lithium ion conductive substance, lithium ion conductive solid electrolyte using the lithium ion conductive substance, protective layer for an electrode of a lithium ion battery, and method for manufacturing the lithium ion conductive substance: Furthermore, a method for manufacturing the lithium ion conductive substance is provided that includes the following steps: (a) a step of forming an inorganic substance that contains predetermined quantities of a Li component, an Al component, a Ti component, a Si component, and a P component, into a sheet shape,... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20140166929 - Method for manufacturing carbon material for lithium ion secondary batteries, carbon material for lithium ion secondary batteries, negative electrode active material for lithium ion secondary batteries, composition, carbon composite for negative electrode: There is provided a method for manufacturing the lithium ion secondary batteries includes a mixing step of mixing a phenol resin and a resin composition containing silica particles so as to obtain a mixture, a spraying step of spraying the mixture obtained in the mixing step so as to form... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

20140166928 - Particulate mixture, active material aggregate, cathode active material, cathode, secondary battery, and methods for producing the same: It is a mixture of silicon oxide particulates, transition metal oxide particulates, and lithium transition metal silicate particulates, and its powder X-ray diffraction measurement shows diffraction peaks near 2θ=33.1° and near 2θ=35.7°, and said silicon oxide particulates and said transition metal oxide particulates are amorphous, and said lithium transition metal... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20140166931 - Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device: A liquid crystal composition and an AM liquid crystal display device are described. The liquid crystal composition has a negative dielectric anisotropy, contains a specific compound having a large negative dielectric anisotropy as a first component and a two-ring compound having a small viscosity as a second component, and may... Agent: Jnc Corporation

20140166932 - Titanium doped ternary system silicate film, preparation method and application thereof: A titanium doped ternary system silicate film is provided, wherein the titanium doped ternary system silicate film has the general formula, of Ca2-xMgSi2O7:xTi4+, where x has a value of 0.00017˜0.0256. The preparation method of the titanium doped tenuity system silicate film and the application of the titanium doped ternary system... Agent: Ocean's King Lighting Science & Technology Co., Ltd.,

20140166933 - Cesium and sodium-containing scintillator compositions: The present invention relates to scintillator compositions and related devices and methods. The scintillator compositions may include, for example, a scintillation compound and a dopant, the scintillation compound having the formula x1-x2-x3-x4 and x1 is Cs; x2 is Na; x3 is La, Gd, or Lu; and x4 is Br or... Agent: Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.

20140166934 - Inductive bath plasma cupola: A method of generating syngas as a primary product from renewable feedstock, fossil fuels, or hazardous waste with the use of a cupola. The cupola operates selectably on inductive heat alone, chemically assisted heat, or plasma assisted heat. Additionally, the operation of the cupola is augmented by the use of... Agent:

20140166935 - Liquid mixture used to test and validate test devices: A liquid mixture used to test and validate test devices for inspecting objects or persons is provided. The mixture containing glycerol and consisting of a mixture of glycerol, ethanoic acid and water.... Agent: Smiths Heimann Gmbh

20140166936 - Liquid mixture used to test and validate test devices: The invention relates to a liquid mixture used to test and validate test devices for inspecting objects or persons, said mixture containing glycerol and comprising a mixture of glycerol, ethanol and water.... Agent: Smiths Heimann Gmbh

20140166937 - Liquid mixture used to test and validate test devices: The invention relates to a liquid mixture to test and validate test devices for inspecting objects or persons, the mixture containing glycerol. The glycerol portion is at least 90% by weight, preferably approximately 99.5% by weight and the remaining portion is water.... Agent: Smiths Heimann Gmbh

20140166938 - Conductive polymer composition having high viscosity and conductivity: The present invention relates to a conductive polymer composition having high viscosity and high conductivity, and more particularly, to a conductive polymer composition having excellent electrical conductivity and stability by adding a thixotropic agent, which is dissociated in an aqueous solution to generate negative charges, to PEDOT.... Agent: Nuri Vista Co. Ltd.

20140166939 - Silicon particles for battery electrodes: Silicon particles for active materials and electro-chemical cells are provided. The active materials comprising silicon particles described herein can be utilized as an electrode material for a battery. In certain embodiments, the composite material includes greater than 0% and less than about 90% by weight of silicon particles. The silicon... Agent:

20140166940 - Laser-weldable electrostatically dissipative polyoxymethylene based on stainless steel fibers: Polymer compositions containing a polyoxymethylene base polymer that is compounded with a conductive filler and pigment carbon black are disclosed that exhibit electrostatic dissipative (ESD) capabilities while also being laser weldable. The polymer composition can be formed into shaped or molded articles such as filters, flanges, connectors, etc. for use... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140166941 - Material for solid state sintered material: A solid state sintered material is described that includes a mixed oxide of lanthanum, strontium, cobalt, iron and oxygen, and CaCO3 inclusions. The solid state sintered material can also include calcium oxide, which can form from thermal composition of calcium carbonate. The solid state sintered material can also include a... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20140166942 - Block copolymer and photoelectric conversion element: Provide are: a conjugated block copolymer capable of increasing the amount of optical absorption by a photoelectric conversion active layer and controlling the morphology thereof and capable of achieving excellent photoelectric conversion efficiency; and a photoelectric conversion element comprising a composition including an electron accepting material and this kind of... Agent:

20140166943 - P-algan layer and group iii nitride semiconductor light emitting device: A p-AlGaN layer doped with magnesium is provided that includes an aluminum composition ratio x of 0.2 or more and less than 0.5 and a carrier concentration of 2.5×1017/cm3 or more. A Group III nitride semiconductor light emitting device including the p-AlxGa1-xN layer is also provided.... Agent: Dowa Electronics Materials Co., Ltd.

20140166944 - Copper(i) complexes, in particular for optoelectronic components: p

20140166945 - Ceramic composition having dispersion of nano-particles therein and methods of fabricating same: Ceramic compositions having a dispersion of nano-particles therein and methods of fabricating ceramic compositions having a dispersion of nano-particles therein are described. In an example, a method of forming a composition having a dispersion of nano-particles therein includes forming a mixture of semiconductor nano-particles and ceramic precursor molecules. A ceramic... Agent:

20140166946 - Method of manufacturing positive electrode active material for lithium ion battery: At least one of an aqueous solution A containing lithium, an aqueous solution B containing iron, manganese, cobalt, or nickel, and an aqueous solution C containing a phosphoric acid includes graphene oxide. The aqueous solution A is dripped into the aqueous solution C, so that a mixed solution E including... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140166948 - Indeno-fused ring compounds: Ring-A of Formula II can be, for example, an aryl group, and Q′ and Q′″ can each be independently selected from groups, such as, halogen, —OH, —CN, amine groups, amide groups, carboxylic acid ester groups, carboxylic acid groups, alkenyl groups, alkynyl groups, carbonate groups, sulfide groups, and sulfonic acid ester... Agent:

20140166947 - Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter using the same: n

20140166949 - Chemiluminescent system: An aqueous-based self-illuminating bubble-forming composition is provided. The composition comprises an oxalate component comprising an oxalate ester and a solvent; an activator component comprising a peroxide, a catalyst, and water; a surfactant; and a fluorescer in admixture with an aqueous bubble-forming solution. One or more of the same or different... Agent:

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