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01/22/2015 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150021509 - Organically modified hybrid aerogels: Disclosed and claimed herein are hybrid aerogels which are compositions of tetraalkoxysilanes and bis-(trialkoxysilyl) imides that exhibit low thermal conductivities and high compressive strengths. Methods for their preparation are also provided.... Agent:

20150021510 - Proton conductor: An exemplary proton conductor according to the present disclosure has a perovskite-type crystal structure expressed by the compositional formula AaB1-xB′xO3-δ. The A element is an alkaline-earth metal and is contained in a range of 0.4<a<0.9, where the a value represents a mole fraction of this element, and the B′ element... Agent:

20150021511 - Organic/inorganic nanocomposite capable of adsorption/desorption of metal ions, and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to an organic-inorganic nanocomposite comprising a polymer having temperature dependent volume phase transition characteristics, and magnetic particles embedded in the polymer, and a preparation method thereof. The present invention induces more rapid adsorption and desorption of metal ions and can effectively recover the used organic-inorganic nanocomposite.... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20150021512 - Soft magnetic powder core: A soft magnetic powder core which can have a high electrical resistivity, a high magnetic flux density and a high strength easily, and the soft magnetic powder core can be used in various electromagnetic components such as a motor, an actuator, a generator and a reactor. The soft magnetic powder... Agent:

20150021513 - Cmp slurry composition for polishing an organic layer and method of forming a semiconductor device using the same: A chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) slurry composition for polishing an organic layer and a method of forming a semiconductor device using the same are disclosed. The CMP slurry composition may include from 0.001% to 5% by weight of oxide-polishing particles; from 0.1% to 5% by weight of an oxidant; from... Agent:

20150021514 - Stable salt-free polyaluminum chlorosulfates: Highly sulfated, high basicity polyaluminum chlorosulfate compositions that can be made by mixing dry aluminum hydroxychloride with a solution of aluminum sulfate or by diluting a dry mixture of aluminum hydroxychloride and aluminum sulfate with water.... Agent:

20150021515 - Non-evaporable getter alloys reactivable after exposure to reactive gases: Getter materials are described. The getter materials have non-evaporable getter alloys in their powder form having high gas sorption efficiency, particularly for hydrogen, carbon oxide and nitrogen, which after having lost their functionality in consequence of the exposure to reactive gases at a first temperature, can then be reactivated through... Agent:

20150021517 - Cathode material with oxygen vacancy and manufacturing process thereof: A cathode material with oxygen vacancy is provided. The cathode material includes a lithium metal phosphate compound having a general formula LiMPO4-z, wherein M represents at least one of a first-row transition metal, and 0.001≦z≦0.05.... Agent:

20150021516 - Negative active material, negative electrode and lithium battery including the negative active material, and method of preparing the negative active material: A negative active material, a lithium battery including the negative active material, and a method of preparing the negative active material. The negative active material includes a silicon-based alloy including Si, Al, and Fe. The silicon-based alloy includes an active phase of silicon nanoparticles and an inactive phase of Si3Al3Fe2... Agent:

20150021518 - Positive-electrode material for nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary battery, method for manufacturing the same, and nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary battery using said positive-electrode material: Provided is a positive-electrode material for nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary batteries, the positive-electrode material being capable of achieving both high capacity and high output when used for a positive electrode for nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary batteries. Also, provided is a method for manufacturing the positive-electrode material for nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary batteries, wherein a lithium metal... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

20150021519 - Method to remove carbonate from a caustic scrubber waste stream: A method to recover caustic from a caustic waste stream comprises reducing the temperature of a caustic waste stream comprising dissolved Na2CO3 to a temperature less than or equal to the temperature at which the Na2CO3 precipitates from the caustic waste stream to form a caustic waste stream comprising precipitated... Agent:

20150021520 - Liquid crystal compound: Such a compound has good thermal and UV stability, large positive dielectric anisotropy Δ∈, and can achieve a low threshold voltage when used in optics, thereby having great significance to the fast response of display devices, and therefore being very suitable for formulating a liquid crystal mixture. A liquid crystal... Agent: Shijiazhuang Chengzhi Yonghua Display Materials Co., Ltd.

20150021521 - Quantum dot-containing compositions including an emission stabilizer, products including same, and method: The present invention relates to a composition including quantum dots and an emission stabilizer, products including same, and methods, including methods for improving, or enhancing the emission stability of quantum dots. Inclusion of an emission stabilizer in a composition can improve or enhance the stability of at least one emissive... Agent: Qd Vision, Inc.

20150021522 - Method and device for producing a krypton/xenon mixture: The invention relates to inert gas production processes and can be used for producing a krypton/xenon mixture from a stream of oxygen recovered from air separation plants and containing 0.05-0.5% krypton and xenon. The method for producing a krypton/xenon mixture involves purifying a stream of gaseous primary concentrate by the... Agent:

20150021523 - Processes for forming alkylated aryl phosphite compositions from complex hydrocarbon streams: Processes for alkylating hydroxyaryl compounds by reacting a hydroxyaryl with at least one olefin of a complex hydrocarbon stream. The complex hydrocarbon stream preferably comprises a fraction of a cracked hydrocarbon feed stream or the reaction products of a dehydrogenation of a paraffinic feedstock. The olefin of the complex hydrocarbon... Agent: Addivant Usa LLC

20150021524 - Organic semiconductor compositions: The present invention relates to organic copolymers and organic semiconducting compositions comprising these materials, including layers and devices comprising such organic semiconductor compositions. The invention is also concerned with methods of preparing such organic semiconductor compositions and layers and uses thereof. The invention has application in the field of printed... Agent: Smartkem Limited

20150021525 - Pyrolytic carbon black composite and method of making the same: A method of recovering carbon black includes the step of providing a carbonaceous source material containing carbon black. The carbonaceous source material is contacted with a sulfonation bath to produce a sulfonated material. The sulfonated material is pyrolyzed to produce a carbon black containing product comprising a glassy carbon matrix... Agent:

20150021526 - Semiconductor composition: A semiconductor composition for producing a semiconducting layer with consistently high mobility is disclosed. The semiconductor composition includes a diketopyrrolopyrrole-thiophene copolymer and an aromatic non-halogenated hydrocarbon solvent. The copolymer has a structure disclosed within. The aromatic non-halogenated aromatic hydrocarbon solvent contains sidechains having at least 2 carbon atoms and the... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150021527 - Composition for solar cell electrodes and electrode fabricated using the same: A composition for solar cell electrodes includes a conductive powder, a glass frit, an organic vehicle, and a thermosetting resin, the thermosetting resin being present in an amount of about 0.5 wt % to about 30 wt % based on a total weight of the composition.... Agent:

20150021528 - Soluble functionalized nanoparticles for use in optical materials: Disclosed embodiments concern a soluble functionalized nanoparticle suitable for use with polymerizable components, such as monomers (or polymers thereof), used to make gradient optical polymer nanocomposites. In particular disclosed embodiments, the nanoparticle is functionalized with one or more surface ligands that promote the solubility and dispersion of the nanoparticle in... Agent: State Of Oregon Acting By And Through The State Board Of Higher Education On Behalf Of University

01/15/2015 > 37 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150014571 - Fire fighting water additive: A polymeric fire fighting water additive composition containing an aqueous emulsion of acrylic copolymer, and an emulsifier. The acrylic copolymer is preferably polyacrylamide. The acrylic copolymer has a polymeric weight of 5,000,000-50,000,000 Daltons or between 12,000,000-15,000,000 Daltons and is negatively charged. A surfactant acts as an inverter. The aqueous emulsion... Agent:

20150014572 - Magnetorheological fluid composition and method for forming the same: The present invention provides a magnetorheological fluid composition and method for forming the same. The magnetorheological fluid composition comprises a carrier fluid and a nano-magnetic-responsive composite dispersed uniformly in the carrier fluid. The nano-magnetic-responsive composite is formed by having carbonyl iron microparticles react with a grafting agent to form a... Agent: National Taipei Of University Of Technology

20150014573 - Superparamagnetic iron cobalt alloy and silica nanoparticles of high magnetic saturation and a magnetic core containing the nanoparticles: Thermally annealed superparamagnetic core shell nanoparticles of an iron-cobalt alloy core and a silicon dioxide shell having high magnetic saturation are provided. A magnetic core of high magnetic moment obtained by compression sintering the thermally annealed superparamagnetic core shell nanoparticles is also provided. The magnetic core has little core loss... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150014574 - Working fluid composition for refrigerator, refrigeration oil, and method for producing same: The working fluid composition for a refrigerating machine of the present invention comprises: a refrigerating machine oil comprising a mineral oil and an alkylbenzene in a mass ratio, the mineral oil/the alkylbenzene, of 85/15 to 15/85, wherein the mineral oil has a % CN by n-d-M ring analysis of 20... Agent:

20150014575 - Working fluid composition for refrigerator, refrigeration oil, and method for producing same: A working fluid composition for a refrigerating machine of the present invention comprises: a refrigerating machine oil comprising a complex ester as a base oil; and a hydrocarbon refrigerant having 2 to 4 carbon atoms, the complex ester being obtainable by further esterifying, with at least one selected from a... Agent:

20150014576 - Coated ice melting compositions: Ice melting compositions, methods for manufacturing ice melting compositions, and methods for melting ice are disclosed. The ice melting compositions can include a coarse deicing particle nucleus and a fine deicing particle coating substantially surrounding the coarse deicing particle nucleus. The fine particle coating can be attached or bonded to... Agent:

20150014577 - Polymer matrices functionalized with carbon-coating species for enhanced thermal conductivity: Disclosed are thermally conductive composites that include a polymer matrix functionalized with a carbon-containing species covalently coupled with the polymer matrix. Also disclosed are methods that generally include functionalizing a carbon-containing species and incorporating the functionalized carbon-containing species into the polymer, such that the carbon-containing species are covalently bonded to... Agent:

20150014578 - Thermally conductive resin composition and thermally conductive sheet including the same: A thermally conductive resin composition containing (A1) a fluorine-based compound having one to two terminal SiH group(s), in which a content of molecules having two such groups is 60 to 100 mole %, (B1) a fluorine-based compound having one to two terminal alkenyl group(s), in which a content of molecules... Agent:

20150014580 - Etching liquid for forming texture: In the present invention, by using an etching liquid for silicon wafers, which comprises an aqueous solution containing (A) an alkali component and (B) a phosphonic acid derivative or a salt thereof, a good texture can be stably and uniformly formed on a wafer surface. The present invention provides a... Agent: Dai-ichi Kogyo Seiyaku Co., Ltd.

20150014579 - Polishing composition and method for producing semiconductor substrate: A polishing composition contains: silicon dioxide having an average primary particle diameter of 40 nm or more as calculated from the specific surface area determined by the BET method; a nitrogen-containing water-soluble polymer; and a basic compound. The value of B/A is 1 or more and less than 7,000 and... Agent:

20150014582 - Anode material for ultrafast-charging lithium ion batteries and a method of its synthesis: An anode material for ultrafast-charging lithium ion batteries, the anode material comprising C—Li4Ti5O12. A method of synthesizing an anode material for ultrafast-charging lithium ion batteries, the method comprising the steps of: adding lithium to an organic alcohol to form a first solution; adding titanium via an organic titanium source to... Agent:

20150014581 - Positive electrode active material and secondary battery: A positive electrode active material that achieves high capacity and high energy density of a secondary battery is provided. The positive electrode active material is represented by Li2Mn1-XAXO3 and contains a metal element, Si, or P as A. The positive electrode active material has higher discharge capacity than Li2MnO3.... Agent:

20150014583 - Solid solution lithium-containing transition metal oxide and lithium ion secondary battery: A solid solution lithium-containing transition metal oxide includes a compound represented by chemical formula (1): Li1.5[NiaCobMnc[Li]d]O3, where a, b, c and d satisfy relationships: 0.39≦a<0.75, 0≦b≦0.18, 0<c<1.00, 0.05≦d≦0.25, and a+b+c+d=1.5. The use of the solid solution lithium-containing transition metal oxide in a lithium ion secondary battery can contribute to decreasing... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150014584 - Liquid crystal medium and high frequency components comprising same: The present invention relates to liquid crystal media and to high frequency components comprising same, especially microwave components for high-frequency devices, such as devices for shifting the phase of microwaves.... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20150014588 - Boron-loaded liquid scintillator compositions and methods of preparation thereof: Described herein is a boron-loaded liquid scintillator composition comprising a scintillation solvent including at least one linear alkylbenzene (LAB), diisopropyl naphthalene (DIN) or phenylxylyl ethane (PXE), or a combination of one or more thereof; at least one boron-containing material; one or more fluors, such as 2,5-diphenyloxazole (PPO), and optionally one... Agent:

20150014589 - Optical film and optical display device including same: The present invention relates to an optical film and an optical display apparatus including the same. The optical film may include a base film and an optical functional layer formed on the base film, wherein at least one of the base film. The optical functional layer may include a luminescent... Agent:

20150014585 - Na3wo4f and derivatives thereof as a scintillation material and their methods of making: Direct synthesis methods are generally provided that include reacting Na2(WO4).2H2O (and/or Na2(GeO4).2H2O) with NaF in an inert atmosphere at a reaction temperature of about 950° C. to about 1400° C., along with the resulting structures and compositions.... Agent:

20150014587 - Ii-iii-n semiconductor nanoparticles and method of making same: The present application provides nitride semiconductor nanoparticles, for example nanocrystals, made from a new composition of matter in the form of a novel compound semiconductor family of the type group II-III-N, for example ZnGaN, ZnInN, ZnInGaN, ZnAlN, ZnAlGaN, ZnAlInN and ZnAlGaInN. This type of compound semiconductor nanocrystal is not previously... Agent:

20150014586 - Method of making quantum dots: Quantum dots and methods of making quantum dots are provided.... Agent: Qd Vision, Inc.

20150014590 - Claus plant preprocessing systems and methods for removal of ammonia from claus plant feed gases: Systems and methods for pre-treatment of acid gas are presented in which ammonium is removed from the acid gas in an absorber that is operated at significantly elevated temperature using dilute phosphoric acid. While seemingly incompatible, absorbing ammonia at high heat in the absorber will allow for production of a... Agent:

20150014591 - Method of making pyrochlores: Disclosed is a method of making a pyrochlore comprising, obtaining a solution comprising a solvent and a metal precursor or salt thereof capable of forming a pyrochlore, wherein the metal precursor or salt thereof is dissolved in the solvent, subjecting the solution to a drying step to obtain a non-gelled... Agent:

20150014594 - Process and apparatus for molten slag gasification of solid fuels: A process and an apparatus for molten slag gasification of solid fuels in a molten slag gasifier with increased output, an increased range of solid fuels that can be used and improved gas quality. The process is conducted such that, by means of a molten slag gasifier comprising a feed... Agent: Envirotherm Gmbh

20150014593 - Process, system and installation for treating liquid and/or pasty hydrocarbon materials: The invention relates to a process for treating liquid and/or pasty hydrocarbon materials, more particularly fuel oil, more particularly still heavy fuel oil, in which the hydrocarbon materials are firstly brought to the autoignition temperature, then mixed with a controlled amount of oxygen in order to obtain a first gaseous... Agent: See-solu&#xc7 &#xd5 Es, Energia E Meio Ambiente Ltda

20150014592 - Use of lanthanide oxides to reduce sintering of catalysts: Disclosed is a lanthanide oxide coated catalyst, and methods for its use, that includes a supported catalyst comprising a support material, a catalytic material, and a lanthanide oxide, wherein the lanthanide oxide is attached to at least a portion of the surface of the supported catalyst.... Agent:

20150014595 - Water gas shift process: High-pressure steam supply in hydrogen production process is made more efficient by water gas shift process which comprises, in alternating sequence: (a) a reaction stage wherein a feed gas comprising CO and H20 is fed into a water gas shift reactor containing a sorbent material capable of adsorbing H20 and... Agent: Stichting Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland

20150014596 - Process for producing ammonia synthesis gas and a related front-end of an ammonia plant: A process for producing ammonia synthesis gas from a hydrocarbon source, comprising: conversion of the hydrocarbon source into a raw synthesis gas (14) in ATR or POX reactor (11) which is fired with oxygen (12) or oxygen-enriched air (28); a water-gas shift treatment of the raw synthesis gas (14), which... Agent: Casale Sa

20150014597 - Coating composition for prevention of substrate oxidation: Disclosed herein is a coating composition for prevention of substrate oxidation/corrosion comprising energy level modulated conjugated polymer in combination with hydrophobic, spherical molecule in a suitable ratio. Particularly the invention relates to coating composition for protecting metal and alloy comprising the derivatives of polythiophene and polyphenylene vinylene with lower energy... Agent:

20150014599 - Organic semiconductor compositions: The present invention relates to organic copolymers and organic semiconducting compositions comprising these materials, including layers and devices comprising such organic semiconductor compositions. The invention is also concerned with methods of preparing such organic semiconductor compositions and layers and uses thereof. The invention has application in the field of printed... Agent: Smartkem Limited

20150014598 - Polymers containing dibenzocycloheptene structural units: The invention relates to polymers containing dibenzocycloheptene structural units, to a method for the production thereof, and to blends and formulations containing said polymers. The invention further relates to the use of the polymers or blends according to the invention in electronic devices and to electronic devices, in particular OLEDs,... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20150014600 - Method for manufacturing high quality graphene by heating carbon-based self-assembly monolayers: The present invention relates to the method for manufacturing high quality graphene by heating carbon-based self-assembly monolayers, comprising the steps of: forming carbon source layers which are convertible into the graphene layer on the substrate; forming a metal catalyst layer on the carbon source layer; converting the carbon source layers... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20150014601 - Method for producing lithium metal phosphate: Method for the production of lithium metal phosphate, wherein a dry mixture containing a lithium compound, a metal compound, wherein the metal is selected from Fe, Mn and mixtures thereof, and a phosphate is provided, the dry mixture is converted to LiMPO4 and the LiMPO4 is wet ground by adding... Agent: Bk Giulini Gmbh

20150014602 - Intermediate transferer and image forming apparatus: An intermediate transferer includes a polyvinylidene fluoride resin including polyvinylidene fluoride and a vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene copolymer, a conductive agent and an additive. The additive includes a polymer including a polyalkyleneoxide structure having a number-average molecular weight not less than 1,000. The polyvinylidene fluoride resin includes the vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene copolymer in... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150014603 - Thermally conductive resin compact and method for manufacturing thermally conductive resin compact:

20150014604 - Silver nanowire blended electrically conductive elastomer composition and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention provides a silver nanowire blended electrically conductive elastomer composition and method for manufacturing the same. The silver nanowire blended electrically conductive elastomer composition is formed by having a polyurethane prepolymer react with tetraaniline to form a copolymer, dissolving the copolymer in a solvent to form a copolymer... Agent:

20150014605 - Lithium-manganese composite oxide, secondary battery, and electric device: The amount of lithium ions that can be received and released in and from a positive electrode active material is increased, and high capacity and high energy density of a secondary battery are achieved. Provided is a lithium-manganese composite oxide represented by LixMnyMzOw, where M is a metal element other... Agent:

20150014606 - Azeotrope-like compositions of z-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene and e-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene and uses thereof: Azeotrope-like compositions are disclosed. The azeotrope-like compositions are mixtures of Z-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene and E-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene. Also disclosed is a process of preparing a thermoplastic or thermoset foam by using such azeotrope-like compositions as blowing agents. Also disclosed is a process of producing refrigeration by using such azeotrope-like compositions. Also disclosed is a... Agent:

20150014607 - Nonlinear optical materials and nonlinear optical device using the same: e

01/08/2015 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150008355 - Mixture composition containing amino-functional siloxanes, hydrophobic particles and high molecular weight silicones and its use for leather treatment: The invention relates to mixture compositions containing amino-functional siloxanes, hydrophobic particles and high molecular weight silicones and their use for leather treatment.... Agent: Evonik Industries Ag

20150008356 - Process for preparing a magnetic talcous composition, and magnetic talcous composition: A process for preparing a magnetic talcous composition including mineral particles, referred to as magnetic talcous particles, having a non-zero magnetic susceptibility, in which, during an oxidative contacting step, talcous particles chosen from the group formed from 2:1 lamellar silicates having a zero electric charge are brought into contact with... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (c.n.r.s.)

20150008357 - Azeotropic or azeotrope-like composition, and method for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene or chloromethane: To provide a method for efficiently separating 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene (HFO-1234yf) and chloromethane (R40) from a composition comprising HFO-1234yf and R40. An azeotrope-like composition comprising from 58 to 78 mol % of HFO-1234yf and from 22 to 42 mol % of R40, and a method for producing HFO-1234yf, which comprises steps of... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150008359 - Refrigerant composition and method for suppressing decomposition of fluorohydrocarbon: A refrigerant composition contains: hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) with a GWP of 1000 or less; and pentafluoroethane. When the refrigerant composition is used in a refrigerating equipment such as an open-type automobile air-conditioner, an electric automobile air-conditioning equipment, a gas heat pump, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a vending machine, a showcase,... Agent: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd

20150008358 - Refrigerating machine working fluid composition and refrigerant oil: A working fluid composition for a refrigerating machine of the invention comprises a refrigerant comprising difluoromethane and an unsaturated fluorinated hydrocarbon wherein a mass of the difluoromethane/the unsaturated fluorinated hydrocarbon is 95/5 to 10/90, and a refrigerating machine oil comprising at least one base oil selected from among polyol esters... Agent:

20150008360 - Heat radiating material: A heat radiating material contains components which comprise 10-45 wt % of titanium dioxide, 5-25 wt % of zirconium dioxide, 2-30 wt % of magnesium oxide, and 0.01-0.5 wt % of an oxide of rare earth metal. The heat radiating material has a heat conductivity of 0.34-1.35 W/m-K, and a... Agent: Polytronics Technology Corp.

20150008361 - Putty-like heat transfer material and method for producing the same: A putty-like heat transfer material of the present invention includes heat conductive particles dispersed in an organopolysiloxane. The organopolysiloxane is a silicone sol produced by partially crosslinking a base polymer (a) with a crosslinking component (b). The base polymer (a) includes an organopolysiloxane that contains an average of two or... Agent:

20150008362 - Composition for chemical improvement of soil and road base materials: A treatment for soils and road base materials including applying to the soil or road base materials an organosilicon waterproofing agent, and applying to the soil or road base material a soil stabilizer binder including an acrylate ester polymer emulsion.... Agent:

20150008364 - Active material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, method for manufacturing active material, electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery: An active material for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery includes a lithium transition metal composite oxide which has an α-NaFeO2-type crystal structure, is represented by the compositional formula Li1+αMe1−αO2 (Me is a transition metal element containing Mn, Ni and Co; and 0<α<1) and satisfies the requirement of 1.250≦(1+α)/(1−α)≦1.425. The half-width... Agent:

20150008363 - Solid solution lithium-containing transition metal oxide and lithium ion secondary battery: A solid solution lithium-containing transition metal oxide includes a compound represented by chemical formula (1): Li1.5[NiaCobMnc[Li]d]O3, where a, b, c and d satisfy relationships: 0<a≦0.75, 0≦b≦0.5, 0<c≦1.0, 0.05≦d≦0.25, and a+b+c+d=1.5. A dQ/dV curve obtained in such a manner as to differentiate an open circuit voltage curve on a discharge side... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150008365 - Initiator composition for curing resin: An initiator composition, including at least two compounds represented by the chemical formula R—CO—O—O—CO—R and a compound represented by R1—O—O—R2, where R represents a C2-C12 alkyl or a C6-C10 aryl or substituted aryl, and R1 and R2 independently, at each occurrence, represent a C1-C10 alkyl or a C6-C10 aryl.... Agent:

20150008366 - Compositions for carbon dioxide separation using steam regeneration, and method for preparing same: Compositions and methods of preparing the compositions are disclosed for sorbents and other surfaces that can adsorb and desorb carbon dioxide. A sorbent or surface can include a metal compound such as an alkali or alkaline earth compound and a support. The sorbent can be prepared by several methods, including... Agent:

20150008367 - Methods and apparatuses for producing clathrate hydrates: Clathrate hydrates and methods of their production and separation are described herein. Methods of using the clathrate hydrates for energy storage are also described herein. Further described herein are hydrogen storage devices.... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama

20150008368 - Method and system for obtaining sweet gas, synthetic gas and sulphur from natural gas: A method for obtaining sweet gas, synthetic gas, and sulphur from natural gas. The method includes the steps of removing impurities from the natural gas for obtaining pre-treated natural gas; sweetening the pre-treated natural gas through a separation using a plurality of membranes for obtaining sweet gas and acid gases;... Agent:

20150008369 - Non-caking rock dust for use in underground coal mines: A heterogeneous composition for use as rock dust is disclosed. The heterogeneous composition includes a fine, wet ground inorganic particulate material treated with at least one fatty acid, a salt thereof, or an ester thereof, and a coarse, untreated, dry ground inorganic particulate material. Also disclosed is a heterogeneous composition... Agent: Imerys Pigments, Inc.

20150008370 - Epoxy siloxane coating compositions: Epoxy-polysiloxane based coating and flooring compositions exhibiting improved flexibility, and excellent weatherability and corrosion resistance after curing are described. The epoxy-polysiloxane polymer coating composition may be prepared by combining a polysiloxane, an epoxide resin material and a cure system including a blend of compounds selected from a dialkoxy functional aminosilane,... Agent:

20150008371 - Corrosion inhibitor comprising cellulose nanocrystals and cellulose nanocrystals in combination with a corrosion inhibitor: The present invention relates to a corrosion inhibitor comprising cellulose nanocrystals. According to another aspect, there is provided a corrosion-inhibiting agent essentially consisting of a plurality of cellulose nanocrystals. The above set out cellulose nanocrystals may be in free form, such as acid-form cellulose nanocrystals, in one embodiment and added... Agent: Nanobloc Technology Inc.

20150008372 - Composition for forming antistatic film and oligomer compound: e

20150008373 - Reactive mesogen formulation with conductive additive: The invention relates to a reactive mesogen (RM) formulation comprising a conductive additive, to a polymer film obtained thereof, and the use of the RM formulation and polymer film in optical or electrooptical components or devices, like optical retardation films for liquid crystal displays (LCDs).... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20150008374 - Electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising the same: An electrode for a lithium secondary battery including a silicon-based alloy having an expansion coefficient of 10% or greater and an electrochemically inactive whisker, and a lithium secondary battery using the electrode for a lithium secondary battery.... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20150008375 - Conductive water-borne coatings and methods for enhancing coating conductivity: The present disclosure is directed to conductive, translucent water-borne conductive coatings comprising a water-borne lubricant coating base material, an amount of PEDOT:PSS solution, and an amount of metal-containing nanowire, methods for making the same, and articles coated with such coatings.... Agent:

20150008376 - Silver ink composition: e

20150008377 - Electrical insulating oil composition having excellent properties in wide temperature range: The present invention provides an electrical insulating oil composition that can maintain breakdown voltage at a high level in a wide temperature range of −50° C. to 30° C., extremely unlikely precipitates as crystals in particular at −50° C., and has excellent properties both at ordinary temperature and low temperature.... Agent:

20150008378 - Colored glass plate and method for its production: To provide a colored glass plate which, despite the content of expensive cerium controlled to be low, simultaneously satisfies low solar transmittance, high visible light transmittance and low UV transmittance, while transmitted light has a green color tone. The colored glass plate comprises, as represented by mass percentage based on... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150008379 - Resin composition and method for producing circuit board: The present invention relates to a resin composition which includes a copolymer consisting of a first monomer containing a monomer unit having at least one carboxyl group and a second monomer copolymerizable with the first monomer, and also includes an ultraviolet absorber. The resin composition used is a resin composition... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150001433 - Azeotropic and azeotrope-like compositions of z-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene, trans-1,2-dichloroethylene, and a third component: Azeotropic or azeotrope-like compositions are disclosed. The azeotropic or azeotrope-like compositions are mixtures of Z-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene, trans-1,2-dichloroethylene and a third component. Also disclosed are compositions where the third component is cyclopentane, methanol, dimethyoxymethane, methyl formate or perfluoro ethyl isopropyl ketone. Also disclosed is a process of preparing a thermoplastic or thermoset... Agent:

20150001435 - Polymeric material for an insulated container: A formulation includes a polymeric material, a nucleating agent, a blowing agent, and a surface active agent. The formulation can be used to form a container.... Agent:

20150001434 - Vibration-damping rubber composition, crosslinked vibration-damping rubber composition, and vibration-damping rubber: Provided is a vibration-insulating rubber composition and a crosslinked vibration-insulating rubber composition which successfully maintain basic physical properties and thermal resistance while being excellent in weather resistance and crack growth resistance, and a vibration-insulating rubber using the vibration-insulating rubber composition and the crosslinked vibration-insulating rubber composition. The vibration-insulating rubber composition... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20150001436 - Oxide, electrolyte including oxide, and electrochemical device including oxide: o

20150001437 - Non-rare earth magnetic nanoparticles: Continuous flow synthetic methods are used to make single phase magnetic metal alloy nanoparticles that do not contain rare earth metals. Soft and hard magnets made from the magnetic nanoparticles are used for a variety of purposes, e.g. in electric motors, communication devices, etc.... Agent:

20150001438 - Mixed ester: The present invention provides a mixed ester of pentaerythritol or a mixed polyhydric alcohol and carboxylic acids; the mixed polyhydric alcohol consisting of pentaerythritol and dipentaerythritol represented by formula (I), and the carboxylic acids comprising 3,5,5-trimethylhexanoic acid and 2-propylheptanoic acid. The mixed ester exhibits excellent properties (e.g., miscibility with a... Agent:

20150001440 - Moldable mass containing graphite and phase change material, process for producing a molding from the mass, and production methods of using the molding: A moldable mass contains graphite and a phase change material (PCM). The moldable mass further contains a binder and microcapsules having the PCM. A process produces a molding from the moldable mass, and the molding is used to produce various products such as cooling elements, battery temperature control elements, cooling... Agent:

20150001439 - Thermally conductive silicone grease composition: m

20150001441 - Getter composition, and organic el display device comprising same: The present invention relates to a getter composition and to an organic EL display device comprising same. More specifically, the present invention relates to: a getter composition comprising a hygroscopic agent and a silicone copolymer having one or more functional groups selected from the group consisting of the carboxylic acid... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20150001442 - Method for synthesizing air electrode powder for mid- and low- temperature solid oxide fuel cell according to sol-gel process: Provided is a method for synthesizing air electrode powder, which uses instead of an organic solvent lanthanum-nitrate, strontium-nitrate, cobalt-nitrate, and iron-nitrate, which are affordable and can undergo water-based synthesis, by controlling additional mol ratio and a synthesis temperature of a chelate agent and an esterification reaction accelerating agent instead of... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20150001443 - Oxygen selective adsorbent for easy desorption and preparation method thereof: The present invention provides an oxygen selective adsorbent containing BaxSr(1−x)Mgy(CO3)(1+y) or BaxSr(1−x)CO3 particles, increasing transition oxygen partial pressure, and representing high thermal stability and excellent oxygen sorption cavity, by adding another metal such as Sr to Ba which is active element for oxygen adsorption, so as to be capable of... Agent:

20150001444 - Nematic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device using same: e

20150001446 - Metal phosphates and process for the preparation thereof: A process for producing a phosphate by: introducing oxidic metal(II)-, metal(III)-metal(FV) or compounds with mixed oxide stages selected from hydroxides, oxides, oxide-hydroxides, oxide-hydrates, carbonates and hydroxide carbonates, of at least one of the metals Mn, Fe, Co and Ni with the elemental forms or alloys of at least one of... Agent:

20150001445 - Process for producing fluorescent substance and fluorescent substance produced thereby: The present invention provides a fluorescent substance excellent both in quantum efficiency and in temperature characteristics, and also provides a process for producing the fluorescent substance. This fluorescent substance is an oxynitride phosphor having a low paramagnetic defect density and comprising aluminum, silicon, either or both of oxygen and nitrogen,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150001447 - Co shift conversion device and shift conversion method: The present invention provides a CO shift conversion device and a CO shift conversion method which improves CO conversion rate without increasing usage of a shift conversion catalyst. A CO shift conversion device includes: a CO shift converter 10 having a catalyst layer 5 composed of a CO shift conversion... Agent: Renaissance Energy Research Corporation

20150001450 - Crystallization of nanocrystals that were formed using colloidal chemistry: Disclosed herein is a method of crystallizing a semiconductor nanocrystal population including suspending the semiconductor nanocrystal population in a high boiling point solvent to form a solution and heating the solution to a temperature of approximately 100° C. to approximately 400° C. Further disclosed is a method of crystallizing a... Agent:

20150001448 - Graphene oxide polymer with nonlinear resistivity: The invention relates generally to field grading materials and, more particularly, to field grading materials including graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide, or both, exhibiting non-linear resistivity. In one embodiment, the invention provides a composite material comprising: a polymer material; and reduced graphene oxide distributed within the polymer material.... Agent: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

20150001449 - Material with designed anisotropy when consolidated: Disclosed herein are a consolidated material and a method of consolidating a mixture of materials. The method can include providing a first material with the first material being substantially fully crystallized. The method may also include providing a second material, wherein the second material is partially crystallized. The method may... Agent:

20150001451 - Polypropylene-based resin expanded beads, method for preparing same, and polypropylene-based resin expanded beads molded article: An electrostatic dissipative, polypropylene-based resin expanded bead containing electrically conductive carbon black, having an apparent density of 10 to 120 kg/m3 and formed of a base resin which includes a polypropylene resin forming a continuous phase, and a polyethylene resin forming dispersed phases dispersed in the continuous phase, with the... Agent: Jsp Corporation

20150001452 - Method for producing silver nanoparticles, silver nanoparticles, and silver coating composition: The present invention provides silver nano-particles that are excellent in stability and develop excellent conductivity by low-temperature calcining, a producing method for same, and a silver coating composition comprising the silver nano-particles. A method for producing silver nano-particles comprising: preparing an amine mixture liquid comprising: an aliphatic hydrocarbon monoamine (A)... Agent:

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