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04/10/2014 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140097376 - Eutectic melts: The present invention refers to using the principal of a room temperature molten ionic liquid, to an electrolyte, to devices comprising the ionic liquid co-melting, and to the preparation of a room temperature ionic liquid via various physical and chemical methods. The room temperature molten ionic liquid comprises at least... Agent: Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

20140097375 - Polymer and applications thereof: The present disclosure is directed to an elastic polymer having characteristics of swelling by absorbing liquid and, and applications of preparation of gel electrolyte and absorbing the liquid by the polymer. The polymer is obtained by binding a poly(oxyethlene) L-NHm with a compound R being one elected from the group... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140097377 - Magnetic powder, forming method thereof and magnetic sheet: A magnetic powder comprises a first magnetic particle, one or more inorganic insulating particles and one or more second magnetic particles. The first magnetic particle is made of a soft magnetic metal. The first magnetic particle has a flat shape. The inorganic insulating particles are attached to the first magnetic... Agent: Nec Tokin Corporation

20140097378 - Ferrite magnetic material, ferrite magnet, and ferrite sintered magnet: A ferrite magnet and a ferrite sintered magnet including a ferrite magnetic material are provided. A main phase of the ferrite magnetic material includes a ferrite phase having a hexagonal crystal structure, and metal element composition expressed by Ca1-w-x-yR wSr xBayFezMm wherein 0.25<w<0.5, 0.01<x<0.35, 0.0001<y<0.013, y<x, 8.7<z<9.9, 1.0<w/m<2.1, 0.017<m/z<0.055 and... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140097379 - Production of polyol ester lubricants for refrigeration systems: wherein each R is independently selected from the group consisting of CH3, C2H5 and CH2OH and n is a number from 1 to 4, with at least one monocarboxylic acid having 2 to 15 carbon atoms in the presence of an acid catalyst and at an initial mole ratio of... Agent:

20140097380 - Aligned graphene sheets-polymer composite and method for manufacturing the same: A method for fabricating an aligned graphene sheet-polymer composite is provided, which includes the steps below. A mixture is prepared with the dispersed graphene sheets in the polymer fluid. The graphene filament bundles substantially paralleled to each other are formed by a sequence of aligned graphene sheets in the polymer... Agent: Taiwan Textile Research Institute

20140097381 - Enhanced chemical oxidation: Compositions and methods for oxidizing contaminants present in environmental media. The compositions include a mixture of persulfate salts and borate salts to activate the persulfate's oxidation of contaminants.... Agent: Regenesis Bioremediation Products

20140097382 - Process for preparing crosslinked polymer-carbon sorbent: A polymer-carbon sorbent for removing at least one of carbon dioxide, heavy metals or toxic materials from a flue gas from a combustion process, such as coal-fired power plants, is described. The sorbent comprises a carbonaceous sorbent material and a cured amine-containing polymer, and sulfur. The polymer-carbon sorbents are formed... Agent: Central Michigan University

20140097383 - Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device: A liquid crystal composition and an AM liquid crystal display device are described. The liquid crystal composition contains a specific compound having a small viscosity as a first component, may further contain a specific compound having a large negative dielectric anisotropy as a second component and a specific compound having... Agent: Jnc Corporation

20140097384 - Liquid crystal medium and liquid display: l

20140097385 - Dense high-speed scintillator material of low afterglow:

20140097386 - Dialysis agent a containing acetic acid and acetate salt, and a two-part dialysis agent using thereof: In the dialysis agent A used in the preparation of a bicarbonate dialysate, which is used as one part of a two pack type dialysis agent, it becomes possible to prepare a bicarbonate dialysate having the total acetate ion concentration of between 2 mEq/L or more and less than 6... Agent: Tomita Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,

20140097387 - Methods to synthesize nipt bimetallic nanoparticles by a reversed-phase microemulsion, deposition of nipt bimetallic nanoparticles on a support, and application of the supported catalyst for co2 reforming of methane: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for NiPt nanoparticles, compositions and supports including NiPt nanoparticles, methods of making NiPt nanoparticles, methods of supporting NiPt nanoparticles, methods of using NiPt nanoparticles, and the like.... Agent:

20140097389 - Molded article of polyolefin-based resin expanded beads: An electrostatic dissipating molded article having a surface resistivity of 1×105 to 1×1010Ω and obtained by in-mold molding of multi-layered polyolefin-based resin expanded beads each having an polyolefin-based resin expanded core layer and a polyolefin-based resin cover layer which covers the polyolefin-based resin expanded core layer and which is formed... Agent: Jsp Corporation

20140097388 - Production method of rubber composition: A method for producing a rubber composition which gives a cross-linked rubber which has a low volume resistivity value, which is low in hardness, and which is kept down in contamination of the photoconductor when used as a conductive member is provided, that is, a production method of a rubber... Agent: Zeon Corporation

20140097390 - Thick film silver paste and its use in the manufacture of semiconductor devices: The present invention is directed to an electroconductive silver thick film paste composition comprising Ag particles and a Bi—Cu—B—Zn-based glass frit dispersed in an organic medium. The present invention is further directed to an electrode formed from the paste composition and a semiconductor device and, in particular, a solar cell... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140097391 - Nanostructured silicide composites for thermoelectric applications: The present invention provides a method of preparing a nanocomposite thermoelectric material. The method includes heating a reaction mixture of a semiconductor material and a metal complex to a temperature greater than the decomposition temperature of the metal complex. The heating forms metallic inclusions having a size less than about... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140097392 - Liquid coating compositions of polymer matrix resins with photochromic dyes and films made therefrom: e

04/03/2014 > 21 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140091248 - Insulating material: The invention relates to a flexible insulating material based on a high temperature resistant rubber mixture. The insulation material for use at temperatures of more than 130° C., which is easy to apply to complex components to be insulated and also fills in undercuts, is an insulation material in which... Agent: Contitech Elastomer-beschichtungen Gmbh

20140091247 - Mineral fibre insulation: A mineral wool insulating product having improved off gassing characteristics is particularly adapted for high temperature applications.... Agent: Knauf Insulation Sprl

20140091250 - Polyurethane resin, method of manufacturing the same, and its usage: The method of manufacturing a polyurethane resin includes subjecting a (meth)acryloyl(oxy) group-containing polyurethane resin and a hydroxyl group-containing thiol to a Michael addition reaction in a solvent to provide a hydroxyl group-containing polyurethane resin.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140091249 - Electret sheet: Provided is an electret having high piezoelectric properties. An electret sheet of the invention is characterized in that it comprises a synthetic resin sheet is electrified by injecting electric charges thereinto, that the synthetic resin sheet comprises two types of synthetic resins incompatible with each other, and that these synthetic... Agent:

20140091252 - Deicing composition: The present invention relates to a deicing composition comprising (i) a deicing agent selected from the group consisting of sodium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, potassium acetate, sodium acetate, sodium formate, potassium formate, (ii) a native protein, and (iii) a molasses. It furthermore relates to... Agent: Akzo Nobel Chemicals Internationl B.v.

20140091251 - Slow release anti-icing material for bituminous pavement and preparation method thereof: A slow release anti-icing material for a bituminous pavement and a method of manufacturing the same. The material includes X, Y and Z components. The X component is a chloride of 80-95 parts. The Y component comprises sodium silicate sodium gluconate and zinc dihydrogen phosphate. The Z component is an... Agent: Haiso Technology Co., Ltd

20140091253 - Nanodiamonds containing thermoplastic thermal composites: The present disclosure provides nanodiamonds containing thermoplastic thermal composites. The nanodiamond containing thermoplastic thermal composite comprises from 0.01 to 80 wt.-% of nanodiamond particles, from 1 to 90 wt.-% of at least one filler, and from 5 to 80 wt.-% of at least one thermoplastic polymer. The present disclosure further... Agent: Carbodeon Ltd Oy

20140091254 - Method of manufacturing compositions for removing halogenated hydrocarbons from contaminated environments: The present invention provides a supported reactant for in situ remediation of soil and/or groundwater contaminated with a halogenated hydrocarbon consisting essentially of an adsorbent impregnated with elemental iron, wherein the adsorbent is capable of adsorbing the halogenated hydrocarbon. In one embodiment, the adsorbent is activated carbon.... Agent: Remediation Products, Inc.

20140091255 - Method for preparing an electrode active material for improving the properties of a battery, and lithium secondary battery including the electrode active material prepared thereby: A method of preparing an electrode active material for manufacturing a lithium secondary battery exhibiting stable charging/discharging efficiency and life-cycle characteristics even during high-speed charging/discharging cycles is provided. Also, a method of controlling both a composition ratio (Ti/Li) of surface elements and a composition of a lithium element in a... Agent: Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd

20140091256 - Transition-metal free reductive cleavage of aromatic c-o, c-n, and c-s bonds by activated silanes: The present invention describes chemical systems and methods for reducing C—O, C—N, and C—S bonds, said system comprising a mixture of (a) at least one organosilane and (b) at least one strong base, said system being substantially free of a transition-metal compound, and said system optionally comprising at least one... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140091257 - Preparation of nanoparticle materials: A method of producing nanoparticles comprises effecting conversion of a nanoparticle precursor composition to the material of the nanoparticles. The precursor composition comprises a first precursor species containing a first ion to be incorporated into the growing nanoparticles and a separate second precursor species containing a second ion to be... Agent: Nanoco Technologies Ltd.

20140091258 - Agglomerated particulate low-rank coal feedstock and uses thereof: The present invention relates generally to processes for preparing agglomerated particulate low-rank coal feedstocks of a particle size suitable for reaction in a fluidized-bed reactor and certain other gasification reactors and, in particular, for coal gasification and combustion applications. The present invention also relates to integrated coal gasification and combustion... Agent: Greatpoint Energy, Inc.

20140091259 - Agglomerated particulate low-rank coal feedstock and uses thereof: The present invention relates generally to processes for preparing agglomerated particulate low-rank coal feedstocks of a particle size suitable for reaction in certain gasification reactors and, in particular, for coal gasification. The present invention also relates to integrated coal gasification processes including preparing and utilizing such agglomerated particulate low-rank coal... Agent: Greatpoint Energy, Inc.

20140091260 - Circulating fluidized bed-type gasification furnace and fluid medium flow rate control method: A flow rate adjuster (106) distributes the fluid medium heated in the combustion furnace to the gasification furnace and a buffer section (112). In this manner, irrespective of the flow rate of the fluid medium in the entire circulation fluidized bed-type gasification furnace (100), the buffer section (112) enables the... Agent:

20140091261 - Working material for an absorption cooling machine: Working material for absorption machines using ammonia (NH3) or methylamine (CH3NH2) or dimethylamine ((CH3)2NH) as the working agent and using water (H2O) as the solvent, to which a small amount of basic water glass is added, i.e., a certain mixture of water glass and bases, which does not contain any... Agent: Thetford Corporation

20140091262 - Quaternary and cationic ammonium surfactants as corrosion inhibitors: Disclosed herein are corrosion inhibiting compounds and compositions useful in applications relating to the production, transportation, storage, and separation of crude oil and natural gas. Also disclosed herein are methods of using the compounds and compositions as corrosion inhibitors, particularly in applications relating to the production, transportation, storage, and separation... Agent:

20140091263 - Novel polyvinyl sulfonic acid, production method thereof, and use thereof: The present invention relates to polyvinyl sulfonic acid comprising a vinyl sulfonic acid unit represented by a specific general formula (1), wherein the molar amount of sulfonic acid groups derived from vinyl sulfonic acid monomers with respect to the molar amount of total monomer units is 50.0 to 98.0 mol... Agent: Asahi Kasei Finechem Co., Ltd.

20140091265 - Metal complexes: The present invention relates to metal complexes and to electronic devices, in particular organic electroluminescent devices, comprising these metal complexes.... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20140091264 - Organic electronic device: The present invention relates to organic electronic devices, in particular organic electroluminescent devices, which comprise organic cyclophanes, in particular as matrix materials for fluorescent or phosphorescent emitter compounds or as charge-transport materials, in particular electron-transport materials, and to diverse organic cyclophanes themselves.... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20140091266 - Material for a molded resin for use in a semiconductor light-emitting device: e

20140091267 - Photosensitive resin composition for color filters and uses thereof: The invention relates to a photosensitive resin composition, and a color filter produced thereby has the advantages of no bubble display and little color difference before and after development. The invention also provides a method for manufacturing a color filter, color filter and liquid crystal display device.... Agent: Chi Mei Corporation

03/27/2014 > 24 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140084203 - Method for producing a material for at least any one of an energy device and an electrical storage device: An object of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a material for at least any one of an energy device and an electrical storage device, the method being able to form a dense nanostructure, and the material for at least any one of an energy device... Agent: National University Corporation Nagoya Institute Of Technology

20140084204 - Polymeric piezoelectric material and process for producing the same: The present invention provides a polymeric piezoelectric material comprising an aliphatic polyester (A) with a weight-average molecular weight of from 50,000 to 1,000,000 and having optical activity, and a stabilizing agent (B) with a weight-average molecular weight of from 200 to 60,000 having at least one kind of functional group... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

20140084205 - Nanoparticles for heat transfer and thermal energy storage: An article of manufacture and method of preparation thereof. The article of manufacture and method of making the article includes an eutectic salt solution suspensions and a plurality of nanocrystalline phase change material particles having a coating disposed thereon and the particles capable of undergoing the phase change which provides... Agent:

20140084206 - Treating additives for the deactivation of sulfur species within a stream: and combinations thereof. R1 may be a C1-C4 hydrocarbyl group. R2 may be a C1-C4 hydrocarbyl group that is the same or different as R1. R3 may be an ethanol or an isopropanol moiety. R4 may be an ethylene oxide moiety, propylene oxide moiety, butylene oxide moiety, and combinations thereof.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140084207 - Archaea and lipid compositions obtained therefrom: This invention concerns microorganisms, to be precise Archaea, which, in case of cultivation at 25° C., indicate unsaturated ether lipids in quantities of at least 10% with reference to the total amount of ether lipids. In a further aspect, this invention is directed towards microorganisms within the Archaea, in particular... Agent: K + S Aktiengesellschaft

20140084208 - Solvent, process for providing an absorption liquid, and use of the solvent: A solvent for selective absorption of CO2 from the flue gas from a combustion plant is provided. The solvent includes an aqueous solution of a secondary amine as an active scrubbing substance and an additive which inhibits the formation of nitrosamine, the additive including a primary amine. A process for... Agent:

20140084209 - Gas stream treatment process: A process of treating a gas stream containing mercury and acid gas pollutants is disclosed. The process includes applying a sorbent composition into a gas stream in order to adsorb mercury containing compounds and acid gas pollutants. The sorbent composition includes a compound having the formula (SiO2)x(OH)yMzSaF.B. The combination of... Agent:

20140084210 - Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device: A liquid crystal composition is described, which has a nematic phase, contains a specific compound having a high maximum temperature or a large dielectric anisotropy as a first component and a specific compound having a large dielectric anisotropy as a second component, and may also contain a specific compound having... Agent: Jnc Corporation

20140084211 - Mixture for liquid crystal medium and liquid crystal display using the same: The present invention provides a mixture for liquid crystal medium and a liquid crystal display using the same. The mixture for liquid crystal medium comprises: at least one anisotropic liquid crystal material and only one polymerizable monomer which will polymerize under UV irradiation. The weight percentage of the polymerizable monomer... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140084212 - Method for synthesizing indium phosphide nanoparticles and nanoparticles: The method for synthesizing indium phosphide nanoparticles using indium trichloride as an indium raw material and tris(dimethylamino)phosphine as a phosphorus raw material, includes a preparation step of mixing the indium raw material, the phosphorus raw material, an organic solvent having a boiling point of 170° C. or higher, and a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140084213 - Removal of dissolved gases for boiler feed water preparation: Method for removing dissolved gases from water to produce boiler feed water in a catalytic steam reforming process where boiler feed water is heated by indirect heat transfer with a reformate stream and/or a combustion product gas stream and the boiler feed water subsequently flash vaporized to form steam and... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20140084214 - Process for catalytic steam reforming of a feedstock comprising an oxygenated hydrocarbon and a hydrocarbon: The invention relates to a process for catalytic steam reforming of a feedstock comprising an oxygenated hydrocarbon and a hydrocarbon, wherein during a first period of time the oxygenated hydrocarbon, the hydrocarbon and steam are supplied to an externally heated steam reforming catalyst under steam reforming conditions to produce synthesis... Agent: Biomethano Chemie Nederland B.v.

20140084215 - Conductive resin composition: Disclosed herein is a conductive resin composition. The conductive resin composition includes a polyolefin resin, a specific compatibilizer, and polyaniline nanofibers. The conductive resin composition may provide a resin molded article having high conductivity and heat resistance together with excellent antistatic properties while securing high compatibility between respective components.... Agent: Lotte Chemical Corporation

20140084216 - Particles for electrophoretic displays: This invention relates to electrophoretic fluids comprising, preferably coloured, polymer particles having non-spherical shape, and the use of these particles for the preparation of mono, bi or polychromal electrophoretic devices.... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20140084217 - Polymer compound and electronic device using the same: (in the formulae (1) to (4), Ar1 represents a tri-valent aromatic carbocyclic group or a tri-valent aromatic heterocyclic group. Ar2 represents a tetra-valent aromatic carbocyclic group or a tetra-valent aromatic heterocyclic group. Z represents —O—, —S—, —C(C═O)—, —S(═O)—, —SO2—, —Si(R)2—, —N(R)—, —B(R)—, —P(R)— or —P(═O)(R)—. R represents a hydrogen atom,... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20140084218 - Conductive coatings for capacitors and capacitors employing the same: The present invention provides a novel conductive coating for capacitors, and a capacitor employing the conductive coating. The conductive coating of the present invention includes two types of coatings, i.e. thermosetting conductive coatings and thermoplastic conductive coatings. The thermosetting conductive coating of the present invention includes an epoxy resin, a... Agent:

20140084219 - Doped multiwalled carbon nanotube fibers and methods of making the same: In some embodiments, the present invention pertains to carbon nanotube fibers that include one or more fiber threads. In some embodiments, the fiber threads include doped multi-walled carbon nanotubes, such as doped double-walled carbon nanotubes. In some embodiments, the carbon nanotubes are functionalized with one or more functional groups. In... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20140084220 - Pi-electron conjugated block copolymer and photoelectric conversion element: Provided is a conjugated block copolymer that is capable of morphology control and that can achieve superior conversion efficiency. A π-electron conjugated block copolymer contiguously or non-contiguously bonding polymer block (A) involving a monomer unit having in a portion of a chemical structure at least one heteroaryl skeleton selected from... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20140084221 - Coated aluminum alloy pigments and corrosion-resistant coatings: This invention relates to galvanic aluminum alloy powder-pigments coated with semi-conducting corrosion inhibiting compositions and to the process for preparing said coated powder-pigments for coating metal substrates to inhibit corrosion. The coated aluminum alloy powder-pigments are electrically active and prevent corrosion of metals which are more cathodic (electropositive) than the... Agent:

20140084222 - Silicon nanoparticle dispersions: Polymer-inorganic particle blends are incorporated into structures generally involving interfaces with additional materials that can be used advantageously for forming desirable devices. In some embodiments, the structures are optical structures, and the interfaces are optical interfaces. The different materials at the interface can have differences in index-of-refraction to yield desired... Agent: Nanogram Corporation

20140084223 - Conductive paste and glass frit for solar cell electrodes and method of manufacturing thereof: The present invention pertains to solar cell technology. More specifically, the present invention relates to a conductive paste for solar cell light-receiving surface and a glass frit used for manufacture of the conductive paste. The glass frit comprises a glass network former, a glass network intermediate, a heavy metal fluxing... Agent:

20140084225 - Antistatic release agent, antistatic release coated film and antistatic release base material: The present invention relates to an antistatic release agent comprising an aqueous solution of an electrically conductive polymer complex composed of a π-conjugated electrically conductive polymer and a polyanion having an anionic group in a molecule thereof, an alkaline compound, a silicone emulsion and a dispersion medium, wherein the alkaline... Agent: Shin-etsu Polymer Co., Ltd.

20140084224 - Process for preparing lithium sulfide: The invention relates to a novel process for preparing lithium sulfide and to the use thereof, wherein a reaction of lithium-containing strong bases with hydrogen sulfide is undertaken in an aprotic organic solvent within the temperature range from −20 to 120° C. under inert conditions. The lithium sulfide obtained by... Agent: Chemetall Gmbh

20140084226 - Dielectric fluids having reduced streamer speed: The present invention relates to a liquid composition for electrical insulation including a dielectric fluid and an additive, the additive being dissolved in the dielectric fluid and having a 1st excitation energy which is lower than the 1st excitation energy of the dielectric fluid.... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140077118 - Thermal insulation construction and a method for the preparation thereof: The present invention relates to a thermal insulation construction comprising a support and a thermal insulation layer thereon, wherein the thermal insulation layer comprises an extract from a plant material obtainable from Aloe Vera, a method for the preparation thereof and its use, in particular, for thermal insulating a vehicle... Agent: King Saud University

20140077120 - Magnetically enhanced resin: A major objective of the present invention is to provide a magnetically enhanced resin and the like having an improved magnetic permeability. The magnetically enhanced resin contains a ferromagnetic material, a compound having a macrocyclic π electronic structure, and an adhesive resin. The ferromagnetic material is preferably a powder of... Agent: Tanaka Seimitsu Kogyo

20140077121 - Generic approach for synthesizing asymmetric nanoparticles and nanoassemblies: A generic route for synthesis of asymmetric nanostructures. This approach utilizes submicron magnetic particles (Fe3O4—SiO2) as recyclable solid substrates for the assembly of asymmetric nanostructures and purification of the final product. Importantly, an additional SiO2 layer is employed as a mediation layer to allow for selective modification of target nanoparticles.... Agent: Uchicago Argonne, LLC

20140077119 - Alkali niobate-based piezoelectric material and a method for making the same: g

20140077122 - Working medium and heat cycle system:

20140077123 - Working medium and heat cycle system: To provide a working medium for heat cycle which has less influence over the ozone layer, which has less influence over global warming and which provides a heat cycle system excellent in the cycle performance (the efficiency and the capacity), and a heat cycle system excellent in the cycle performance... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140077124 - Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoropropene and hydrofluorocarbons: Provided are azeotrope-like compositions comprising tetrafluoropropene and hydrofluorocarbons and uses thereof, including use in refrigerant compositions, refrigeration systems, blowing agent compositions, and aerosol propellants.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140077125 - Composition comprising exfoliated boron nitride and method for forming such compositions: A composition comprising exfoliated boron nitride crystals dispersed in a resin matrix and a method of forming such compositions comprises the in situ exfoliation of boron nitride crystals by compounding boron nitride crystals in a resin material with a hard filler material having a hardness greater than the hardness of... Agent:

20140077126 - Method of etching a high aspect ratio contact: Methods and an etch gas composition for etching a contact opening in a dielectric layer are provided. Embodiments of the method use a plasma generated from an etch gas composed of C4F8 and/or C4F6, an oxygen source, and a carrier gas in combination with tetrafluoroethane (C2F4) or a halofluorocarbon analogue... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140077128 - Electrode binder for lithium secondary batteries, negative electrode for lithium secondary batteries using same, lithium secondary battery, automobile, method for producing electrode binder for lithium secondary batteries, and method for manufacturing lit: Provided are an electrode binder for lithium secondary batteries, which is suppressed in deterioration in adhesive power, strength and stretchability caused by decomposition of imide groups by hydrolysis, said imide groups being contained in a polyamide-imide that is used as a binder for an electrode active material, and which is... Agent:

20140077127 - Lithium manganese compounds and methods of making the same: Electrode materials such as LixMnO2 where 0.2<x≦2 compounds for use with rechargeable lithium ion batteries can be formed by mixing LiMn2O4 compounds or manganese dioxide compounds with lithium metal or stabilized and non-stabilized lithium metal powders.... Agent:

20140077129 - Epoxy resin composition for printed circuit board, insulating film, prepreg, and multilayer printed circuit board: Disclosed herein are an epoxy resin composition for a printed circuit board, an insulating film, a prepreg, and a multilayer printed circuit board, the epoxy resin composition for a printed circuit board including a liquid crystal oligomer, an epoxy resin, an amino triazine novolac hardener, and an inorganic filler; the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140077130 - Liquid crystal medium and liquid crystal display: s

20140077131 - Liquid crystal compound, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device: wherein, in formula (I), for example, R1 is fluorine, chlorine, or alkyl having 1 to 10 carbons, and in the alkyl, at least one of —CH2— may be replaced by —O—, —S—, —CO— or —SiH2—, and at least one of —(CH2)2— may be replaced by —CH═CH— or —C≡C—. The compound... Agent: Jnc Corporation

20140077132 - Particle aggregate, manufacturing method for particle aggregate, fluorescence enhancing element, and device using photochemical reactions: Provided is a hollow particle aggregate formed by aggregating a plurality of self-organizable particles, wherein a metal core is modified by a surface modifier for a metal core comprising a first segment comprising an optionally branched fluorinated alkylene glycol group, an optionally branched fluorinated alkylene group, or an optionally branched... Agent: National University Corporation,hokkaidouniversity

20140077134 - Implantation of ni nano domains in refractory metal oxide support by means of sol-gel encapsulation - an effective solution to coke formation in the partial oxidation of natural gas: A metal oxide-supported nickel catalyst includes a matrix containing a metal oxide and catalytic sites distributed throughout the matrix and having an intricate interface with the matrix, in which the catalytic sites are selected from the group consisting of nano-nickel(0) domains and nano-nickel(0)-A(0) alloy domains. Also disclosed are a method... Agent: National University Of Singapore

20140077133 - Syngas produced by plasma gasification: A syngas stream composition comprising on a dry basis up to about 50,000 mg/Nm3 particulates; 5-39 vol % H2; 5-39 vol % CO; 15-50 vol % CO2; 8-30 vol % N2, 0-2 vol % Argon; and 15-50 vol % moisture on a wet basis. The stream includes a H2/CO ratio... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20140077135 - Water-soluble electrically conductive polymers: Water-soluble electrically conductive polymers and a composition comprising such polymers are provided. Also, an electrically conductive layer or film formed from the composition, and articles comprising the electrically conductive layer or film are provided. The electrically conductive polymers according to the present disclosure have one or more hydrophilic side chains.... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20140077137 - Conductive paste and method for manufacturing the same, wiring using the conductive paste and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a conductive paste in which fine metal particles are dispersed into a chemical adsorption liquid produced from a mixture of at least an alkoxysilane compound, a silanol condensation catalyst, and a nonaqueous organic solvent to form an organic thin film comprising molecules covalently bound to... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140077136 - Electroconductive particles: An electroconductive particle having a core particle and a tin oxide-containing coating layer on the core particle. The tin oxide of the coating layer has a crystallite size of 70 to 200 Å. The electroconductive particle preferably has a ratio of R3 to R1 of 1 to 250, wherein R1... Agent: Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd

20140077138 - Boron nitride-based fluid compositions and methods of making the same: In some embodiments, the present invention pertains to fluid compositions that generally comprise: (1) a base fluid; and (2) boron nitride-based materials dispersed in the base fluid. In some embodiments, the boron nitride-based materials may include hexagonal boron nitride. In some embodiments, the boron nitride-based materials in the fluid compositions... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20140077139 - Pressure sensitive adhesive composition and pressure sensitive adhesive sheet: A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition containing a pressure-sensitive adhesive that contains from 40 to 95% by mass of a rubber-based resin not containing a styrene-derived constituent unit, and a photochromic dye of a dithienylethene-based compound, wherein the content of the photochromic dye is from 0.40 to 8.00 parts by mass relative... Agent: Lintec Corporation

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