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04/16/2015 > 21 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150102254 - Ferrite composition and electronic component: A ferrite composition comprises a main component and a sub component. The main component is comprised of 40.0 to 49.8 mol % iron oxide in terms of Fe2O3, 5.0 to 14.0 mol % copper oxide in terms of CuO, 0 to 32.0 mol % zinc oxide in terms of ZnO,... Agent:

20150102253 - Piezoelectric materials for low sintering: The present invention relates to a piezoelectric material for low sintering and more particularly, to piezoelectric materials for low sintering having a composition formula of Pb(Zr, Ti)O3—Pb(Ni, Nb)O3 (hereinafter referring to as ‘PZT-PNN’). The PZT-PNN piezoelectric material according to the present invention shows excellent piezoelectric properties compared to the convention... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150102255 - Liquid treatment device and liquid treatment method: The present disclosure provides a liquid treatment device and a liquid treatment method each capable of efficiently generating plasma and treating a liquid in a short time period. A liquid treatment device according to the present disclosure includes a first electrode, a second electrode disposed in a liquid, an insulator... Agent:

20150102256 - Cathode active material for lithium-ion secondary battery: A cathode active material is provided which is capable of improving charge/discharged potential and increasing energy density. The cathode active material is for a lithium-ion secondary battery and is represented by the composition formula: xLi2MnO3-(1−x)LiNiaMnbO2. In the composition formula, x, a, and b are numerals satisfying the following relationships: 0.2<x<0.8,... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150102257 - Sub-stoichiometric, chalcogen-containing-germanium, tin, or lead anodes for lithium or sodium ion batteries: The disclosure relates to an anode or an electrolytic capacitor electrode including an active anode material containing a chalcogen-containing-germanium composition in which the germanium:chalcogen atom ratio is between 80:20 and 98:2. The disclosure also relates to an anode including an active anode material containing a lithium and germanium-containing alloy wherein... Agent:

20150102258 - Photocatalytic composition: The present disclosure relates to a photocatalytic composition comprising photocatalytic titanium dioxide particles being dispersed in a continuous phase, and at least one anti-photogreying additive, wherein said at least one anti-photogreying additive is adapted to limit photogreying of said titanium dioxide particles while the photocatalytic activity of said titanium dioxide... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Photocatalytic Ab

20150102259 - Polymerizable compound, polymerizable composition and liquid crystal display device: S1 and S2 are a single bond, alkylene having 1 to 6 carbons or the like; a1, a2 and b1 are 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4, and a sum of al and a2 is 4; ring A1 is naphthalene, anthracene or phenanthrene; and ring A2 is cyclohexyl, phenyl, naphthyl,... Agent: Jnc Petrochemical Corporation

20150102261 - Phosphor mixture having optimized color rendering properties and emission intensity of emitted light in visible region: A phosphor mixture comprising at least two phosphors A, B which give an emission spectrum having the maximum emission peak in the visible region, in which a wavelength of the maximum emission peak of the phosphor A differs from that of the maximum emission peak of the phosphor B by... Agent:

20150102260 - Titanate luminescent material and preparation method therefor: A titanate luminescent material has a formula of A1-x,TiO3:Prx@TiO2@My; wherein A is at least one selected from the group consisting of Ca, Sr, and Ba; M is at least one nanoparticles selected from the group consisting of Ag, Au, Pt, Pd, and Cu; 0<x≦0.01; y is the molar ratio between... Agent:

20150102262 - Smoothing phosphors for ac led lighting: Disclosed are smoothing phosphors for AC LED lighting that are capable of prolonging the light emission time of an AC LED (or array of AC LEDs) during a ½ cycle response to a phase change of the alternating current to substantially reduce flicker. The smoothing phosphor of the present teachings... Agent: Performance Indicator, LLC

20150102263 - Systems and methods for oxidation of synthesis gas tar: A method for removing tar from a gas by contacting a first gas containing tar with a second gas containing oxygen for time period sufficient to effect oxidation of at least a portion of the tar in the first gas, thus producing an oxidized product gas that contains less tar... Agent:

20150102264 - Electrically conductive polyamide-imide solution for the purpose of creating electrical circuits.: This is the development of a new conductive ink utilizing modern plastics and processes for the purpose of improving modern circuitry. By dissolving polyamide-imide (PAI) resin and mixing it with a conductive material (such as carbon, silver, copper, or gold) we can create an electrically conductive ink that can be... Agent:

20150102265 - Stabilizing liquid drops of arbitrary shape by the interfacial jamming of nanoparticles: A stabilized assembly including a first liquid phase of non-spherical droplets in a second liquid phase, wherein the second liquid phase is immiscible with the first phase, and nanoparticle surfactants assembled at an interface of the non-spherical droplets and the second phase is disclosed. The nanoparticle surfactants include nanoparticles and... Agent:

20150102266 - Synthetic diamond materials for electrochemical sensing applications: A boron doped synthetic diamond material which has the following characteristics: a solvent window meeting one or both of the following criteria as measured by sweeping a potential of the boron doped synthetic diamond material with respect to a saturated calomel reference electrode in a solution containing only deionised water... Agent:

20150102267 - Method for preparing graphene-based lifepo4/c composite material: The present invention relates to a method for preparing a graphene-based LiFePO4/C composite material, to solve the problem of poor conductivity and rate performance of lithium iron phosphate cathode material. The main features of the present invention include the steps of: 1) preparing an iron salt solution having graphene oxide... Agent: Guoguang Electric Company Limited

20150102268 - Method for producing carbon paper for fuel cell diffusion layer by addition of conducting polymer and carbon paper for fuel cell diffusion layer produced by the method: Disclosed is a carbon paper for a fuel cell gas diffusion layer. The carbon paper can be produced by baking and calcination at a low temperature. This low-temperature heat treatment can greatly reduce the production cost of the carbon paper. In addition, the carbon paper has superior gas permeability and... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20150102269 - Polypropylene-based resin expanded beads, and polypropylene-based resin expanded beads molded article: An electrostatic dissipative, polypropylene-based resin expanded bead having an expanded core layer of a polypropylene-based resin, and a cover layer that covers the expanded core layer and that is composed of a mixed resin containing electrically conductive carbon black, wherein the mixed resin includes a polypropylene resin which forms a... Agent: Jsp Corporation

20150102270 - Thermosetting conductive silicone composition, conductive adhesive comprising the same, conductive die bonding material comprising the same, and photosemiconductor apparatus having cured product of die bonding material: wherein m is either of 0, 1 or 2; R1 represents a hydrogen atom, a phenyl group or a halogenated phenyl group; R2 represents a hydrogen atom or methyl group; R3s may be the same or different from each other and each represents a substituted or unsubstituted monovalent organic group... Agent:

20150102271 - Process for manufacturing colloidal materials, colloidal materials and their uses: A colloidal material including semiconductor nanocrystals of formula AnXm, wherein A is selected from group Ib, IIa, IIb, IIIa, IIIb, IVa, IVb, Va, Vb, VIb, VIIb, VIII, IIb, III, IV or mixtures thereof, X is selected from group Va, VIa, VIIa or mixtures thereof, and n and m are independently... Agent:

20150102272 - Silver compound, silver ink and method for inkjet printing on flexible substrate using the same: A silver compound having a silver complex structure composed of silver ion, 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-3,5-heptanedionato, and diethylenetriamine is disclosed. A silver ink is prepared by the silver compound applied for inkjet printing of a flexible substrate. A method for inkjet printing of the flexible substrate comprises the steps of pre-heating the flexible... Agent: National Sun Yat-sen University

20150102273 - Electrophoretic material, electrophoresis display device, and electronic apparatus: In an electrophoretic material, first particles which are charged with a first polarity and second particles which are charged with a second polarity are dispersed in a solvent. A volume, which is obtained by dividing a volume of the solvent by a total number of particles, is called free volume,... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

04/09/2015 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150097135 - Method for generating colloidal gas aphrons: A polymer solution is mechanically mixed with at least one surfactant solution under conditions preventing air access. The produced polymer-surfactant solution is saturated with a gas by increasing pressure to a value ensuring complete gas dissolution and exceeding an expected pressure of use of aphrons. Then, the pressure is rapidly... Agent:

20150097136 - Non-aqueous sound-absorbing compound with a solvent-free polyacrylate binder: A description is given of a nonaqueous sound deadener composition comprising (a) a nonpulverulent, solvent-free polyacrylate binder having a K value in the range from 10 to 35, measured as a 1% strength solution in tetrahydrofuran; and (b) inorganic fillers. Also described is a method for damping oscillations or vibrations... Agent: Basf Se

20150097137 - Ferrite composition and electronic component: A ferrite composition comprises a main component and a sub component. The main component is comprised of 25.0 to 49.8 mol % iron oxide in terms of Fe2O3, 5.0 to 14.0 mol % copper oxide in terms of CuO, 0 to 40.0 mol % zinc oxide in terms of ZnO,... Agent:

20150097138 - Thermally conductive silicone composition: A thermally conductive silicone composition comprising: (A) an organopolysiloxane that is liquid at 25° C. and preferably has a viscosity of from 100 to 1,000,000 mPa·s; (B) an aluminum oxide powder having an average particle size of not more than 10 μm and preferably from 1 to 8 μm; and... Agent:

20150097139 - Compositions for use in semiconductor devices: An improved composition and method for cleaning a surface of a semiconductor wafer are provided. The composition can be used to selectively remove a low-k dielectric material such as silicon dioxide, a photoresist layer overlying a low-k dielectric layer, or both layers from the surface of the wafer. The composition... Agent:

20150097140 - Intercalated bleach compositions, related methods of manufacture and use: The invention relates to compositions, methods of use, and methods of manufacture for an intercalated bleach compound and compositions thereof. The intercalated bleach compound has the formula Mx(OCl)y(O)m(OH)n where M is an alkaline earth metal such as magnesium, calcium or mixture thereof. The values of x and y independently equal... Agent: The Clorox Company

20150097141 - Intercalated bleach compositions, related methods of manufacture and use: The invention relates to compositions, methods of use, and methods of manufacture for an intercalated bleach compound and compositions thereof. The intercalated bleach compound has the formula Mx(OCl)y(O)m(OH)n where M is an alkaline earth metal such as magnesium, calcium or mixture thereof. The values of x and y independently equal... Agent: The Clorox Company

20150097142 - Coated superabsorbent polymer particles and processes therefore: Superabsorbent material, comprising first superabsorbent polymers, coated with second clay-crosslinked superabsorbent polymers, said second clay-crosslinked superabsorbent polymers being obtainable by the step of polymerization of a solution/dispersion of polymerizable compounds and clay particles, to obtain said second superabsorbent polymers, crosslinked by said clay particles, of a weight average largest particle... Agent:

20150097143 - Colloidal photoluminescent amorphous porous silicon, methods of making colloidal photoluminescent amorphous porous silicon, and methods of using colloidal photoluminescent amorphous porous silicon: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for a colloidal photoluminescent amorphous porous silicon particle suspension, methods of making a colloidal photoluminescent amorphous porous silicon particle suspension, methods of using a colloidal photoluminescent amorphous porous silicon particle suspension, and the like.... Agent:

20150097144 - Preparation method and station for non-caking agent solutions: Process and dosing station (1) for the preparation of a solution of a non-caking agent, wherein a concentrate of the non-caking agent is circulated in a loop (6) and wherein the concentrate is subsequently diluted by water to obtain the solution. A flow of the concentrate can be drawn from... Agent:

20150097145 - Oligomeric organic light emitting diode (oled) materials containing multiple crosslinking functions: OLED materials having the formula: T-A(-S-B(-P-B)m-S-A)n-T where A are independently selected rod-shaped, rigid molecular core units, S are independently selected flexible spacer units, B are polymerisable crosslinking groups independently selected, P are spacer groups independently selected, T are independently selected end groups, m are independently selected from values of from... Agent:

20150097146 - Oxocarbon-, pseudooxocarbon- and radialene compounds and their use: The present invention relates to oxocarbon-, pseudooxocarbon- and radialene compounds as well as to their use as doping agent for doping an organic semiconductive matrix material, as blocker material, as charge injection layer, as electrode material as well as organic semiconductor, as well as electronic components and organic semiconductive materials... Agent:

20150097147 - Composition filled with actinide powder and aromatic polymer and/or pmma: A composition filled with actinide powder, comprising an organic matrix and an actinide powder or a mixture of actinide powders, comprises at least: a plasticizer comprising an alkane whose longest radical chain comprises at least a few tens of carbon atoms and is in a volume content of between 20%... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

04/02/2015 > 27 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150090919 - Frothers for mineral flotation: The invention provides methods and compositions for improving a froth flotation type separation. The method uses a microemulsion to improve the effectiveness of a frother. The improvement allows for low dosages of frother to work as well as much greater amounts of non-microemulsified frother.... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20150090920 - High carbon nanotube content fluids: New homogeneous fluids with a viscosity less than about three Poise comprising discrete carbon nanotubes with volume fractions above the percolation threshold concentration calculated for randomly oriented rods in a liquid are disclosed. A method is also disclosed for production of the new fluids. The fluids are particularly useful for... Agent:

20150090921 - Mixed ester: The present invention provides a mixed ester of pentaerythritol or a mixed polyhydric alcohol and carboxylic acids; the mixed polyhydric alcohol consisting of pentaerythritol and dipentaerythritol represented by formula (I), and the carboxylic acids comprising 2-ethylhexanoic acid and 2-propylheptanoic acid. The mixed ester exhibits excellent properties (e.g., miscibility with a... Agent:

20150090922 - Thermally conductive sheet: A thermally conductive sheet is a thermally conductive sheet 1 formed from a thermally conductive composition containing boron nitride particles 2 in a plate shape and a rubber component. The content ratio of the boron nitride particles 2 is 35 vol % or more and the thermal conductivity in a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150090923 - Phosphorus treatment agent methods of manufacture and use: The invention includes a tablet made from a coagulant that will improve the settling of suspended solids in an aqueous media such as wastewater, recycled water, potable water, storm water, swimming pool water, spa water, boiler water, cooling tower water and industrial process water. The agent is a tablet containing... Agent:

20150090927 - Cathode active material and lithium secondary battery including the same: Disclosed are a cathode active material including a lithium transition metal oxide based on at least one transition metal selected from the group consisting of Ni, Mn and Co, wherein at least one hetero element selected from the group consisting of Ti, Co, Al, Cu, Fe, Mg, B, Cr, Bi,... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150090925 - Cathode active material for high voltage lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery including the same: s

20150090924 - Cathode active material for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery including the same:

20150090928 - Cathode materials for lithium battery having higher performance: wherein 0.95<z<1.1; M=Ni1-x-yMnxCoy, 0<y<0.5, and a ratio of Mn to Ni (x/(1-x-y)) is in the range of 0.4 to 1.1, comprising mixing (i) a Co-containing precursor, (ii) an Mn—Ni-containing precursor, and (iii) optionally, an Li-containing precursor, and heat-treating the mixture at a temperature of more than 400° C. under an... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150090929 - Lithium-ion secondary battery: A lithium-ion secondary battery 100 includes a positive electrode current collector 221 and a porous positive electrode active material layer 223 retained by the positive electrode current collector 221. The positive electrode active material layer 223 contains, for example, positive electrode active material particles 610, an electrically conductive material 620,... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150090926 - Precursor for preparing lithium composite transition metal oxide, method for preparing the precursor, and lithium composite transition metal oxide: l

20150090930 - Process for preparing (meth)acrylamido-functional silanes by the reaction of aminoalkyl alkoxysilanes with acrylic acid anhydride: The invention relates to a process for preparing (meth)acrylamido-functional silanes.... Agent: Evonik Industries Ag

20150090931 - Curing compositions having low-free amounts of methylenedianiline: A process for preparing a curing composition of a coordination complex comprising methylenedianiline (MDA) and a salt, and less than 1000 of free MDA. The curing composition may be used in curing polyurethanes and epoxy resins.... Agent:

20150090932 - Oxygen absorbing agent composition: An oxygen absorbing agent composition including at least one type of a compound having an indane skeleton represented by the following general formula (1) and a transition metal catalyst:... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20150090933 - Fiber mulch: A fiber mulch having a first material and a second material. The first material comprises a cellulose based material, for example, shredded recycled paper fibers, including, but not limited to, newsprint. The second material comprises a shredded wheat straw. It is contemplated that, by weight, the wheat straw comprises between... Agent:

20150090934 - Odor-inhibiting compositions: The present invention relates to odor-inhibiting compositions comprising water-absorbing polymer particles and metal peroxides, and to the production thereof.... Agent: Basf Se

20150090935 - Bimesogenic compounds and mesogenic media: e

20150090936 - Large stokes shift dyes: Provided herein are heptamethine cyanine dyes having a large Stokes shift, and the salts and conjugates thereof. Also provided are methods of using and making such large Stokes shift dyes as fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) acceptors or donors.... Agent:

20150090937 - Hydrogen production from water by tuning the photonic band gap with the electronic band gap of a photoactive material: Disclosed is a photocatalyst, and methods for its use, that includes a photoactive material comprising a photonic band gap and an electronic band gap, wherein the photonic band gap at least partially overlaps with the electronic band gap, and an electrically conductive material deposited on the photoactive material.... Agent:

20150090938 - Method and device for the entrained flow gasification of solid fuels under pressure: The invention relates to a process and apparatus for entrained flow gasification of solid fuels under pressure, characterized in that first and second gasification agents containing oxygen are supplied in at least two stages to a powdery gasification stream input from above without burners so that a first, upper gasification... Agent:

20150090939 - System and method for converting solids into fuel: A system for converting a solid fuel into a fuel including a pyrolytic unit for producing a pyro gas comprising hydrocarbons, a synthesis gas production unit for converting the pyro gas into a synthesis gas comprising a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, and a gas-to-liquid unit for converting the... Agent:

20150090940 - Process for the preparation of crystalline lithium-, iron- and phosphate-comprising materials: s

20150090941 - Method for manufacturing conductive polyimide film: A conductive polyimide film having an excellent film strength and electrical properties can be manufactured in a high productivity by a method for manufacturing conductive polyimide film which includes, in a manufacture method of a conductive polyimide film including an agent for imparting conductivity and a polyimide resin, drying a... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20150090942 - Crystals of semiconductor material having a tuned band gap energy and method for preparation thereof: The present invention provides a semiconductor crystal comprising a semiconductor material having a tuned band gap energy, and methods for preparation thereof. More particularly, the invention provides a semiconductor crystal comprising a semiconductor material and amino acid molecules, peptides, or a combination thereof, incorporated within the crystal lattice, wherein the... Agent:

20150090943 - Antimony-doped tin oxide powder and method of producing the same: This antimony-doped tin oxide powder is an antimony-doped tin oxide powder characterized by: (A) including at least three kinds of ions selected from the group consisting of Sn2+, Sn4+, Sb3+ and Sb5+; (B) having a ratio of average Sn ionic radius to average Sb ionic radius of 1:(0.96 to 1.04);... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Electronic Chemicals Co., Ltd.

20150090944 - Esters as cooling and insulating fluids for transformers: The invention relates to compositions including esters of polyvalent alcohols that are esterified with fatty acids, partially unsaturated, from plant oils, and to the use thereof as cooling and insulating fluids for transformers.... Agent:

20150090945 - Flame-retardant formulations and methods relating thereto: Flame retardant formulations comprising boric acid and diammonium phosphate are disclosed herein. Such formulations are in an aqueous form or a powdered form. Methods of generating a flame retardant formulation are also disclosed herein. Such methods comprise combining boric acid and diammonium phosphate in an aqueous solution, wherein the boric... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 24 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150083957 - Compositions comprising a fluoroolefin: The present invention relates to compositions for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pump systems wherein the composition comprises a fluoroolefin and at least one other component. The compositions of the present invention are useful in processes for producing cooling or heat, as heat transfer fluids, foam blowing agents, aerosol... Agent:

20150083958 - Insulating mineral foam: A process for producing a mineral foam includes (i) separately preparing one or more slurries of cement, and an aqueous foam for which a D50 of bubbles is less than or equal to 400 μm; (ii) homogenizing the one or more slurries of cement with the aqueous foam to obtain... Agent:

20150083959 - Magnetic material and device: A magnetic material of an embodiment includes a plurality of magnetic metal particles, a plurality of columnar oxide particles, and a matrix phase. Each of the plurality of the magnetic metal particles includes at least one element selected from a first group consisting of Fe, Co, and Ni. Each of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150083960 - Magnetic body and electronic component using the same: A magnetic body constituted by magnetic grains bonded together via oxide film, which magnetic grains contain a Fe—Si-M soft magnetic alloy (where M is a metal element more easily oxidized than Fe) that contains sulfur atoms (S). The magnetic body preferably contains 0.004 to 0.012 percent by weight of S,... Agent:

20150083961 - Solvent assisted processing to control the mechanical properties of electrically and/or thermally conductive polymer composites: Electrically and/or thermally conductive polymer composites and methods of preparing same are provided. In some embodiments, a method for preparing an electrically and/or thermally conductive polymer composite may include (1) mixing a polymer, a conductive particulate filler, and a solvent compatible with the polymer to form a non-conductive polymer solution... Agent: U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

20150083962 - Polishing composition and polishing method using the same: Provided is a polishing composition that does not contain abrasives and that is used for polishing a silicon wafer, the polishing composition including a pH buffer, a polishing accelerator, a water-soluble polymer, and a block-type compound. By polishing a silicon wafer by using the polishing composition, a polishing speed of... Agent:

20150083963 - Solid compositions and methods for generating chlorine dioxide: A composition for generating chlorine dioxide comprises active ingredients, a suitable hydrophobic compound, and a suitable super absorbent compound. A suitable hydrophobic compound will, among other characteristics, repel the solvent for at least the initial 30 seconds of exposure thereto. A suitable super absorbent compound will, among other characteristics, absorb... Agent: Sipka Inc.

20150083964 - Method and device for extracting highly volatile degradation products from the absorbent loop of a co2 separation process: Apparatus and process for removal of volatile degradation products from the absorbent circuit of a CO2 separation process are provided. The CO2 separation process may use the absorbent circuit in an absorption process and a desorption process. Condensate is withdrawn from a condensation process connected downstream of the desorption process,... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150083970 - Quantum dot-resin nanocomposite and method of preparing same: A quantum dot-resin nanocomposite including a nanoparticle including a curable resin and a plurality of quantum dots contacting the nanoparticle. Also, a method of preparing the nanocomposite, and a molded article including the nanocomposite.... Agent:

20150083965 - Core-shell structured silicate luminescent material and preparation method therefor: A core-shell structured silicate luminescent material and a preparation method thereof. The molecular formula of the luminescent material is: MLn1-xSiO4:xRE@SiO2; where @ represents a coating, where M is one or two elements among Li, Na, and K, where Ln is one or two elements among Y, Sc, Lu and La,... Agent: Shenzhen Ocean's King Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.

20150083966 - Fluorophor and method for production thereof and illuminator: A fluorophor includes: α-type sialon crystal which is expressed by a general formula: (Lix1, Eux2) (Si12−(m+n)Alm+n)(OnN16−n), wherein x1 is an amount of solid solution of Li in a sialon unit cell, and x2 is an amount of solid solution of Eu in the sialon unit cell, wherein the parameters x1,... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20150083967 - Phosphor, method for manufacturing same, and light-emitting device: A phosphor (and a method for manufacturing the same, and a light-emitting device that uses this phosphor) includes single crystals including YAG crystals as a mother crystal, the quantum efficiency of the phosphor at 25° C. being 92% or higher at an excitation light wavelength of 460 nm.... Agent:

20150083968 - Manganese-doped magnesium stannate luminescent material and preparation method therefor: A manganese-doped magnesium stannate luminescent material, which has a molecular formula of: Mg2-xSnO4:Mnx@SnO2@My, where @ is a coating, where Mg2-xSnO4:Mnx is an outer shell layer, where SnO2 is an intermediate layer shell, where M is an inner core, where M is a metal nanoparticle, where M is at least one... Agent:

20150083969 - Nanocrystal particles and processes for synthesizing the same: A nanocrystal particle including at least one semiconductor material and at least one halogen element, the nanocrystal particle including: a core comprising a first semiconductor nanocrystal; and a shell surrounding the core and comprising a crystalline or amorphous material, wherein the halogen element is present as being doped therein or... Agent:

20150083971 - Method and apparatus for reduction of tar in gasification of carbonaceous materials: A method and assembly for producing substantially tar free product gas from gasification of carbonaceous material. The assembly preferably includes a first stage gasifier to produce char-ash and tar laden product gas and a second stage gasifier which has a char-ash heating zone, at least one cyclone, and at least... Agent:

20150083972 - Method for purification of ammonia, mixtures of nitrogen and hydrogen, or nitrogen, hydrogen and ammonia: Method for purification of ammonia or mixtures of nitrogen and hydrogen, or nitrogen, hydrogen and ammonia, where ammonia or a mixture of gases under pressure of from 0.1 to 25 MPa is passed through a column packed with aluminium oxide with a large specific surface area, the ammonia or mixture... Agent:

20150083974 - Method for preparing silver-based electrical contact material: The present invention relates to a new method for preparing a silver-based electrical contact material, comprising following steps of: (a) providing a carbonaceous mesophase solution; (b) adding a silver source into the carbonaceous mesophase solution and stirring to obtain a compound; (c) removing a solvent from the compound to obtain... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20150083973 - Systems, devices, and/or methods for solar cells comprising a light amplification element: Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a method, which can comprise fabricating a system. The system can comprise a light amplification element and a charge transport element. Each of the light amplification element and a charge transport element can comprise one or more of a graphene layer, graphene oxide, graphene nano... Agent:

20150083975 - Composite binder composition for secondary battery, cathode and lithium battery containing the binder composition: In an aspect, a binder composition, a cathode including the same, and a lithium battery including the cathode, wherein the binder composition includes a first fluorine containing binder including a polar functional group; a second fluorine containing binder not including a polar functional group; and a non-fluorine containing binder including... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20150083976 - Dispersant for improved battery electrode formulations: A composition includes an active material, a conductive agent, lithium dodecyl sulfate, a solvent, and an organic binder. Another composition includes an active compound containing lithium, a conductive agent, lithium dodecyl sulfate, a solvent and an organic binder. Another composition includes an anode active material, a conductive agent, lithium dodecyl... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20150083977 - Electrically conductive polymers with enhanced conductivity: An electrically conductive polymer linked to conductive nanoparticle is provided. The conductive polymer can include conductive monomers and one or more monomers in the conductive polymer can be linked to a conductive nanoparticle and can include a polymerizable moiety so that it can be incorporated into a polymer chain. The... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20150083978 - Composite perovskite powder, preparation method thereof, and paste composition for internal electrode having the same: There are provided a composite perovskite powder, a preparation method thereof, and a paste composition for an internal electrode having the same, the composite perovskite powder capable of preventing ions from being eluted from an aqueous system at the time of synthesis while being ultra-atomized, such that when the composite... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150083979 - Fluorinated nitriles as dielectric gases: An electrical device containing a dielectric fluid, the dielectric fluid comprising heptafluoroisobutyronitrile or 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoro-2-(trifluoromethoxy) propanenitrile.... Agent:

20150083980 - Composition based on magnesium sulfate and diammonium hydrogenphosphate: The present invention relates to compositions obtainable by reaction of a hydrate of magnesium sulfate with diammonium hydrogenphosphate and a further inorganic substance, especially anhydrous magnesium sulfate. The invention also relates to the production of the compositions and to the use thereof as flame retardants.... Agent: K+s Kali Gmbh

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