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Compositions: coating or plastic

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01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150013566 - Metal material with a bismuth film attached and method for producing same, surface treatment liquid used in said method, and cationic electrodeposition coated metal material and method for producing same: A metal material is provided with a bismuth coating which enables the subsequent coating to be accomplished at a high throwing power, and has excellent corrosion resistance, coating adhesion and is able to be produced with reduced damage to the environment. The metal material has a surface and a bismuth-containing... Agent:

20150013567 - Phase change ink pigment dispersion process: A process for preparing a pigment dispersion including melting a phase change ink carrier and an optional dispersant at a temperature of from about 100° C. to about 170° C. in a jacketed vessel comprising a jacket surrounding an immersion mill or basket mill attachment and a dispersion blade attachment... Agent:

20150013568 - Glass fillers having acid resistance: A glass filler manufacturing process and product which enable the manufacture of dental composite and dental cement products having superior product stability and also having superior physical properties. The process makes use of barium glass filler and strontium glass filler, which have high-radiopacity properties but could not previously be used... Agent:

20150013569 - Method for producing a milk protein based plastic material (mp based plastic material): The disclosure relates to a milk protein based plastic material produced according to a plastic material shaping method, known by a person skilled in the art and the literature, in which at least one protein, which is obtained from milk and which can be thermally plasticized, is plasticized using a... Agent:

20150013570 - Method of processing paint sludge: In a method of processing paint sludge, measured portions of the sludge are supplied into a heating chamber for pyrolysis at about 1500° F. to disintegrate into organic and inorganic portions, the organic portion in the form of syngas is then drawn out, cooled, and pressurized to be used in... Agent:

20150013571 - Use of polyethylenimines as additive in aqueous suspensions of calcium carbonate-comprising materials: Use of at least one polyethylenimine as an additive in an aqueous suspension, containing from 25 to 62 vol. % of at least one calcium carbonate-comprising material, wherein the use provides improved stability with regard to the conductivity of the suspension.... Agent: Omya International Ag

01/08/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150007746 - Controlled time-release algae resistant roofing system: Time-release algae-resistant roofing granules have a base particle including an algaecide and an outer coating layer including another algaecide. The at least two algaecides are released over different predetermined periods. The outer layer protects the base particle from exposure to the environment for a predetermined period, then fails catastrophically so... Agent:

20150007747 - Modeling compound: A modeling compound and methods for making the same are described. The modeling compound, in some embodiments, comprises about 20% to about 40% by weight starch-based binder, and about 0.15% to about 1.2% by weight microspheres dispersed throughout the compound.... Agent:

20150007748 - Crt waste treatment and recycling: A method comprises: reducing cathode ray tube (CRT) glass waste to a piece size of less than or equal to 2 inches (nominal) in any dimension; mixing a chemical treatment agent comprising a blend of dolomitic lime and fly ash with the CRT glass waste; mixing the mix of the... Agent:

20150007749 - Composition and method for treating media: Described herein is a composition that can be used for treating media. The composition includes an organosilane treated water dispersible organic acid salt, a water soluble organic acid salt, a chelating agent, and an optical brightening agent.... Agent:

20150007750 - Ester plasticizer composition: Disclosed is an ester plasticizer composition, as a plasticizer composition, which comprises a hybrid alkyl-substituted terephthalate compound and a non-hybrid alkyl-substituted terephthalate compound as active ingredients, improves workability due to high absorption speed for the resins and short melting time, and thus may imparts a uniform foaming property upon being... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150007751 - Low-alkali fly ash cement and method of making: A method for making a low-alkali fly ash cement includes forming a mixture of class C fly ash and an aqueous solution and forming low-alkali fly ash cement from the mixture. The aqueous solution has an alkali at a molar concentration between about 0.002 M and about 2 M. A... Agent:

20150007752 - Compositions comprising phase change material and concrete and uses thereof: Provided herein are compositions comprising concrete and one or more phase change materials (PCMs) for prevention or reduction of thermal damage in a cementitious system, and uses thereof.... Agent:

20150007753 - Chemical additive for gypsum products: The present invention provides a gypsum composition, a gypsum board and their preparation method and the use of DHA as an anti-sagging additive in a gypsum product. Said gypsum board comprises set gypsum prepared from the composition; while said composition comprises gypsum, and an anti-deformation additive, wherein the anti-deformation additive... Agent: Saint-gobain Placo

20150007754 - Process for the preparation of cement, mortars, concrete compositions containing a calcium carbonate - based filler containing an organosiliceous material, the said \"filler(s) blend\" being treated with a superplastifier, cement compositions and cement pro: Process for the preparation of cement/mortar/concrete compositions or systems, (for simplicity hereafter “cement” compositions or systems), featuring an improved compressive strength Rc namely at 28 days and 90 days, containing at least a “carbonate-based filler”, comprising at least one step where the said at least one “carbonate-based filler” is mixed... Agent: Omya International Ag

20150007755 - Biomass-derived grinding aids: Compositions and methods for increasing grinding efficiency of cement, cement clinker, raw materials for cement, and other inorganic particles. Use of biomass-derived polyols such as diols, triols, or mixtures thereof, optionally with a conventional grinding aid, cement quality improver, and/or hexavalent chromium reducer, are believed to provide less risk of... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150000557 - Aqueous fluorinated silane dispersions: The present disclosure relates to compositions and methods for making stable aqueous fluorinated silane dispersions.... Agent:

20150000558 - Formed building materials: Formed building materials comprising a sequestered CO2 are provided. The building materials of the invention include a composition comprising a carbonate/bicarbonate component. Additional aspects of the invention include methods of making and using the formed building materials.... Agent:

20150000559 - Printing ink or overprint varnish with renewable binder component: The present invention is related to a printing ink, in particular flexographic printing ink, or an overprint varnish, comprising a nitrated lignin as at least one binder component, to a process for preparing the same as well as to the use of a nitrated lignin as a binder component in... Agent: Siegwerk Druckfarben Ag & Co. Kgaa

20150000560 - Natural adhesive: The present invention relates to a natural adhesive containing protein and free sugar. The natural adhesive contains allinage and aline. The natural adhesive further contains lectine.... Agent:

20150000561 - Derivates based on hyaluronic acid, capable of forming hydrogels, method of preparation thereof, hydrogels based on said derivatives, method of preparation thereof and use: The invention relates to a new hyaluronan derivative according to the general formula (I), the method of preparation thereof, a hydrogel based on the new derivative, method of preparation of the hydrogel and the use of the hydrogel in tissue engineering, cosmetics, medicine or regenerative medicine, especially in the form... Agent:

20150000562 - Hydrophobing agent for coatings: Weathering-resistance and hydrophobicity of paints and coatings are enhanced by addition of a composition comprising an organopolysiloxanes bearing pendent aminoalkyl groups and fatty acid ester-based epoxy group-containing compounds.... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20150000563 - Method for forming organic thin film: A solution for forming an organic thin film wherein the total starting amount of metal surfactants (A) and (B) is 0.05 to 50 wt %, the amount of a hydroxyl group-containing compound generated with the progress of the hydrolysis reaction is 20 ppm to 6 wt %, and the amount... Agent:

20150000564 - Mineral material powder with high dispersion ability and use of said mineral material powder: The present invention refers to a mineral matter powder preparation by wet process without acrylic additive or other grinding aid additives and to the use of said mineral matter after an optional hydrophobic treatment. Said mineral material having superior dispersing properties.... Agent:

20150000565 - Surface coated pigment particles: Disclosed is a method of surface coating pigment particles, comprising treating uncoated titanium dioxide particles with a reaction product of a silicon oxide with an alkaline earth metal salt to form a coating comprising an oxide of silicon and the alkaline earth metal. The particles may also be treated with... Agent:

20150000566 - Inorganic pigment dispersions containing fatty acid ethanol amide ethoxylates and amines: in which R2 is a linear or branched alkyl radical or alkenyl radical with 8 to 22 carbon atoms, identical to or different from R1, A represents an iminopropyl group —NH—CH2—CH2—CH2—, an oxyethyl group —O—CH2—CH2— or an oxypropyl group —O—CH2—CH(CH3)—CH2—, and a is a whole number from 0 to 5,... Agent: Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited

20150000567 - Moisture wicking mortar with microtubes: A novel mortar mix and mortar formed therewith. The mortar contains sand, lime, cement and microtubes in a mixture thereof. The microtubes assist in wicking moisture directly through a wet mortar compound formed by adding water to the mortar mix. Wicking moisture directly through the mortar decreases the reliance on... Agent:

20150000568 - Optimization of the properties of aluminous cements using inorganic fillers: The carefully controlled addition of inorganic fillers to calcium sulfoaluminate rapid-setting cements can lead to significant improvement and optimization of its properties. Generally, prior art achieves cement optimization using costly and unstable organic additives. In the present invention, the addition of three inorganic additives such as coal ash, limestone or... Agent:

12/25/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140373748 - Method for producing milk protein gels, -hydrogels, -hydrocolloides and -superabsorbers (milk protein gels): The disclosure relates to a milk protein hydrol gel, in which at least one protein which is obtained from milk and which can be thermally plasticized, is plasticized using a plasticizing agent, such as for example, water or glycerol at temperatures between room temperature and preferably up to 140° C.... Agent: QmilchIPGmbh

20140373749 - Asphalt material recycling system and method: An asphalt roofing material recycling system and method is used to recycle new and used asphalt materials, such as asphalt shingles, rolled roofing and tar paper that may include granules, fibers or other particles. The asphalt material is broken up and separated and then provided to a recycling vessel. When... Agent:

20140373750 - Sprayable coating composition and method for asphalt surfaces: A sprayable coating composition, and method of application, for coating asphalt paving surfaces. In the coating composition, a low bulk density aggregate material of sprayable particle size is suspended in a sprayable asphalt emulsion in an amount sufficient to increase the micro-texture surface roughness of the cured coating.... Agent:

20140373751 - Niobium-based coatings, methods of producing same, and apparatus including same: Provided in one embodiment is a coating composition, comprising: a first compound comprising a niobium element, a carbon element, and at least one non-metal element that is capable of forming a second compound with the niobium element or a combination of the niobium element and the carbon element.... Agent:

20140373752 - Method and apparatus for producing black dye pigment: The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for producing the raw material (46) used in producing black dye pigment. The invention further relates to a raw material (46) for producing black dye pigment as well as to the use of ash (20,24,26) separated from the raw synthetic... Agent: Upm-kymmene Corporation

20140373753 - System and method for a financial transaction system having a secure biometric verification system: The present invention relates to polyoxometalate-coated alumina trihydrate dispersants prepared by combining a polyaluminum chloride having certain characteristics with alumina trihydrate particles. Such dispersants are useful for forming cationic alumina trihydrate slurries, which can be mixed with titanium dioxide to produce stable cationic slurry blends useful in paper, paper-board, and... Agent: Alclear LLC

20140373754 - Voc-free asphalt-based compositions: Asphalt-based compositions that contain little or no VOCs. The compositions are particularly useful for roofing applications, including as plastic roofing cement, flashing cement, roof coatings, and primers. The compositions include asphalt, a VOC-free solvent, a surfactant and clay. The compositions may also include fibers, technical or functional fillers, and a... Agent:

20140373755 - Methods and compositions for concrete production: The invention provides compositions and methods directed to carbonation of a cement mix during mixing. The carbonation may be controlled by one or more feedback mechanisms to adjust carbon dioxide delivery based on one or more characteristics of the mix or other aspects of the mixing operation.... Agent: Carboncure Technologies, Inc.

20140373756 - Set-delayed cement compositions comprising pumice and associated methods: A variety of methods and compositions are disclosed, including, in one embodiment, a method of cementing in a subterranean formation, comprising: providing a set-delayed cement composition comprising water, pumice, hydrated lime, and a set retarder; activating the set-delayed cement composition; introducing the set-delayed cement composition into a subterranean formation; and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140373757 - Composition and method for controlling the wettability of surfaces: The present invention relates to a composition comprising hedgehog shaped particles, at least one binder, and at least one hydrophobizing agent and/or at least one hydrophilizing agent, a method for controlling the wettability of substrate surfaces using these compositions, as well as a material comprising these compositions.... Agent:

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