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Compositions: coating or plastic

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04/30/2015 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150114255 - Spreadable ink composition and method of predicting whether ink composition will have acceptable spreading performance: A phase change ink composition is disclosed. The phase change ink composition comprises a crystalline component and an amorphous component. At a temperature ranging from about 40° C. to about 80° C., the phase change ink simultaneously exhibits (i) a static force ranging from about 2 N to about 4.5... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150114256 - Method for producing moulded articles: A method for producing moulded articles from a base substance which is mixed with a solvent to produce a moulding solution, and subsequently this solvent is at least partially removed from the moulding solution and the moulding solution is supplied to a device (8) for moulding, the moulding solution is... Agent:

20150114257 - Method of preparing retardation film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display: A method of preparing a retardation film includes cellulose acetate having an average degree of acetylation of 2.0 to 2.5 and having a moisture content of 1.0 mass % or less, where the retardation film includes a compound having a Van der Waals volume of 450 to 1000 Å3. The... Agent:

20150114258 - Method for producing an emulsion of alkenyl succinic anhydride (asa) in an aqueous solution of a cationic amylaceous substance, resulting emulsion, and use thereof: A method for producing an emulsion of ASA in an aqueous solution of a cationic amylaceous substance, without having to use a loop for recirculating the product at the emulsification unit. The produced emulsion is characterized by both a fine and monodisperse particle size, and no overheating is involved that... Agent: Roquette Freres

20150114259 - Mixing and adjusting method for foundry sand: Provided is a mixing and adjusting method for foundry sand that uses a sand muller, having weight measuring means for measuring a weight of the foundry sand to be mixed, water content measuring means for measuring a water content of the foundry sand to be mixed, water pouring means for... Agent: Sintokogio, Ltd.

20150114260 - Protective coatings for organic substrates: A composition for protecting a surface of an organic substrate, such as VCT, wood, or a synthetic laminate material, includes a silicate (e.g., an alkali metal polysilicate or colloidal silica) and a siliconate (e.g., a metal siliconate, such as an alkali metal methyl siliconate, etc.). In addition, the composition may... Agent:

20150114261 - Heat resistance bio-adhesives: An adhesive material produced by contacting a catechol with an amine may be stable under heated conditions and produce minimal outgassing under vacuum. The catechol may be an un-substituted catechol or a substituted catechol, such as hydroxychavicol. In some examples, the catechol may be derived from botanical sources. The amine... Agent:

20150114262 - Carbon fiber bundle and method of producing carbon fiber bundle: Provided are carbon fiber bundles which have high knot strength even if the single fiber fineness is large, and which have excellent handling properties and processability. The carbon fiber bundles have a single fiber fineness of 0.8-2.5 dtex, knot strength of 298 N/mm2 or greater. This method of producing carbon... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20150114263 - Mixed alkyl benzyl esters of succinic acid used as plasticizers: The present invention relates to novel succinic acid ester mixtures and to the use thereof as plasticizers for plastic materials. The claimed mixtures are characterized by having good plasticizing effects with low dissolution temperatures... Agent:

20150114264 - Gypsum-based building products and method for the manufacture thereof: A building product comprises calcium sulphate dihydrate particles bound by an organic binder. The calcium sulphate dihydrate particles each have a longest dimension and a lateral dimension, wherein the lateral dimension corresponds to the maximum breadth of the particle about the axis defined by the longest dimension. The calcium sulphate... Agent: Saint-gobain Placo Sas

20150114265 - Method of making particulate material: The invention relates to a method of making a particulate material comprising; providing mineral wool base material in a form having size at least 80% not more than 40 mm, subjecting the mineral wool base material to sintering by use of a pulse combustor and thereby forming a particulate material... Agent:

20150114266 - Process for manufacturing a hydraulic bonding agent, corresponding additive and its use: The invention relates to a method for producing a hydraulic binder, comprising contacting a composition comprising cement clinker, before, during or after the grinding procedure, with (a) a defoaming agent and (b) 0.0005% to 2% by weight, based on the total composition, of at least one air-introducing compound, the defoaming... Agent:

20150114267 - Corrosion inhibiting cementitious compositions: Provided herein is a cementitious composition comprising a photoactivator, wherein the photoactivator is capable of converting NOx to NO2— or NO3— when exposed to ultraviolet (U.V.) or visible light.... Agent:

20150114268 - Synthesis and use of gypsum seeding material: The invention relates to a process for producing calcium sulphate dihydrate by reacting a water-soluble calcium compound with a water-soluble sulphate compound in the presence of water and a polymer containing acid groups, wherein the polymer containing acid groups comprises specific polyether groups. Additionally disclosed are calcium sulphate dihydrate producible... Agent: Basf Construction Solutions Gmbh

04/23/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150107488 - Film formation with calcite: A composition which, when mixed with a polymer composition, allows for the formation of a continuous and cohesive film. The film is characterized in that it provides water, grease and oil resistance, provides a water vapour barrier and can used as wax replacement treatment and a top coat for flexible... Agent:

20150107489 - Heterobifunctional poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives and methods for their preparation: This invention provides a method related to the preparation of derivatives of poly(ethylene glycol).... Agent: Nektar Therapeutics

20150107490 - Calcium phosphate cement compositions comprising pumice and/or perlite and associated methods: Methods and compositions are provided that related to cementing operations. Methods and compositions that include pumice and/or perlite as a replacement for fly ash.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150107491 - Cementitious binders, activators and methods for making concrete: A cementitious binder comprises at least 90% by weight of a hydraulically-active material comprising ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) and/or pulverised fuel ash (PFA), and at least 0.1% by weight of CaO in an activator composition for the hydraulically-active material. The cementitious binder does not comprise any Portland cement... Agent: David Ball Group

20150107492 - Rapid hydraulic binder comprising a calcium salt: A hydraulic binder includes a Portland clinker having a Blaine specific surface of 4000 to 5500 cm2/g, from 2.5 to 8% of sulphate expressed by mass of SO3 relative to the mass of clinker, from 1.5 to 10% of calcium nitrite and/or calcium nitrate expressed as anhydrous mass relative to... Agent:

20150107493 - Shrinkage-compensating concrete: A shrinkage compensating concrete does not require restraint. The expansive forces developed during hydration compensate for concrete shrinkage, obviating the need for any added internal or external restraint element. Using this new shrinkage compensating concrete, substantially crack-free slabs may be built without using restraining steel bars, fibers, or other separate... Agent:

20150107494 - High density cement formulation to prevent gas migration problems: The invention provides a high density cement composition for preventing gas migration. The composition includes a silica sand component, a silica flour component, a hematite component, a manganese tetraoxide component, and an expansion additive component.... Agent:

04/16/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150101506 - Offset printing ink or offset printing varnish: The present invention relates to an offset printing ink or offset printing varnish that is suitable for direct contact with foods, comprising at least one binder and where appropriate at least one colorant, wherein all the components of the offset printing ink or offset printing varnish are either food as... Agent:

20150101508 - Bio-renewable phase change inks: A phase change ink composition suitable for ink jet printing, including printing on coated paper substrates. In embodiments, the phase change ink composition comprises a bio-renewable crystalline component and amorphous component which provides for a robust ink composition. In embodiments, the amorphous component is derived from low cost, stable and... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150101507 - Phase change inks comprising novel crystalline compounds: A phase change ink composition suitable for ink jet printing, including robust printing on coated paper substrates. In embodiments, the phase change ink composition comprises both a crystalline compound and an amorphous compound which are derived from bio-renewable materials. In particular, the present embodiments provide novel crystalline compounds with at... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150101509 - Method of manufacturing a stiff engineered composite: The method of making a compressed biocomposite body includes compressing a mass of biocomposite material comprised of discrete particles and a network of interconnected glucan-containing mycelia cells in the presence of heat and moisture into a compressed body having a density in excess of 18 pcf. Compression may take place... Agent:

20150101510 - Methods of cement additive addition: The invention provides methods and compositions for producing and grinding cement. The method makes use of combining an additive with one or more components selected from a list of gypsum, hemihydrate, anhydrite, calcium sulfate to form a mixture then blending the mixture with clinker, and finally grinding the mixture and... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20150101511 - Lignocellulosic biomass fermentation process co-product fuel for cement kiln: A fuel made from co-products derived from a lignocellulosic biomass fermentation process is used to fuel a cement production process. Filter cake and syrup co-products are mixed and dried, then burned in a cement kiln to create the temperatures needed for cement production.... Agent:

20150101512 - Lactate activated cement and activator compositions: Cementitious compositions in which the cementitious properties of fly ash are carefully controlled are described. The cementitious compositions may be substantially free harsh acids and bases such as citric acids (≈pH 2.2) and alkali metal activators including alkali hydroxides (≈pH 12-14) and metal carbonates (≈pH 11.6). The use of these... Agent:

20150101513 - Process for the preparation of cememt, mortars, concrete compositions containing a calcium carbonate - based filler treated with an ultrafine filler and a superplastifier, compositions and cement products obtained and their applications: Process for the preparation of cement/mortar/concrete compositions or systems, (for simplicity hereafter “cement” compositions or systems or even “cements”), of a generally known type containing low or medium (standard) “filler(s)”, and/or optionally HP filler(s), as carbonate-based filler(s), namely coarse low or medium calcium carbonate(s), namely coarse marble(s); Product comprising, or... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150096461 - Method for regenerating solution for nitric acid activation treatment of zinc-plated metal member surface, and regeneration treatment apparatus using the same: Provided is a method for regenerating a nitric acid active treatment solution comprising: adding a zinc ion-aggregating agent to a nitric acid active treatment solution for a surface of a zinc-based material plated metal member, the nitric acid active treatment solution containing zinc ions, to thereby aggregate the zinc ions... Agent: Dipsol Chemicals Co., Ltd.

20150096462 - Thermal spray material and process for preparing same: A thermal spray material includes granules of an oxyfluoride of yttrium (YOF). The granules may contain a fluoride of yttrium (YF3). The granules preferably have an oxygen content of 0.3 to 13.1 mass %. The granules preferably have a fracture strength of 0.3 MPa or more and less than 10... Agent:

20150096463 - Rust preventive oil composition: A rust preventive oil composition containing a first mineral oil that is a mineral oil having a kinematic viscosity at 40° C. of 6 mm2/s or less, a second mineral oil that is a mineral oil having a kinematic viscosity at 40° C. of 250 mm2/s or more, a fatty... Agent: Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

20150096464 - Methods and compositions using calcium carbonate: Provided herein are compositions and methods including hydraulic cement, supplementary cementitious material, and/or self-cementing material. Methods for making the compositions and using the compositions are provided.... Agent:

20150096465 - Glass panel: A glass panel includes a first surface, and a second surface and wherein the first and second surfaces are spaced apart by thickness of the glass panel. A first image is printed on the first surface of the glass panel and a second image is printed on same first surface... Agent:

20150096466 - Aqueous pigment dispersion and aqueous ink composition containing the same: Disclosed is an aqueous pigment dispersion including water and a base metal pigment, in which the base metal pigment is a base metal pigment which is surface-treated with a fluorine-based compound, and when performing an X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy analysis of a base metal pigment surface, a concentration of a fluorine... Agent:

20150096467 - Aqueous slurry for making a powder of hard material: An aqueous slurry that is useful upon being spray dried for the formation of a powder of hard material. The aqueous slurry includes starting powder components of the hard material. The slurry further includes an oxidation inhibitor, a surfactant in an amount between about 0.05 weight percent and about 0.30... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20150096468 - Methods of increasing the solubility of materials in supercritical carbon dioxide: Methods of increasing the solubility of a base in supercritical carbon dioxide include forming a complex of a Lewis acid and the base, and dissolving the complex in supercritical carbon dioxide. The Lewis acid is soluble in supercritical carbon dioxide, and the base is substantially insoluble in supercritical carbon dioxide.... Agent:

20150096469 - Composite pigments: Composite pigments are provided which comprise a mineral pigment (such as kaolin clay, titanium dioxide, talc, mica or a mixture of two or more of these mineral pigments) and calcium carbonate precipitated in-situ on the surfaces of the particles of the mineral pigment.... Agent:

20150096470 - Methods and compositions using calcium carbonate and stabilizer: Provided herein are compositions, methods, and systems for a material containing metastable carbonate and stabilizer. Methods for making the compositions and using the compositions are also provided.... Agent:

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