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Compositions: coating or plastic

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02/05/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150033980 - Methods and materials for anchoring gapfill metals: One aspect of the present invention includes a method of fabricating an electronic device. According to one embodiment, the method comprises providing a substrate having dielectric oxide surface areas adjacent to electrically conductive surface areas, chemically bonding an anchor compound with the dielectric oxide surface areas so as to form... Agent:

20150033981 - Bio-based binders for insulation and non-woven mats: An aqueous binder composition is provided that includes a carbohydrate and a crosslinking agent. In exemplary embodiments, the carbohydrate-based binder composition may also include a catalyst, a coupling agent, a process aid, a crosslinking density enhancer, an extender, a moisture resistant agent, a dedusting oil, a colorant, a corrosion inhibitor,... Agent:

20150033982 - Mixing device, mixing blades and method for mixing calcium aluminate-containing slurries: A mixing device having a mixing container and has a single-shaft agitator that extends into the mixing container. At the end of the drive shaft, a rotor body is arranged slightly above the bottom of the mixing container. The rotor body comprises a plurality of mixing blades, wherein the blades... Agent: General Electric Company

20150033983 - Composite building products bound with cellulose nanofibers: Building materials are generated by the simple mixing of cellulose nanofiber (CNF) slurry with typical wood-derived material such as wood meal, optionally with mineral particulate materials, and dried. Particle boards are made with wood meal particulates; wallboards are made with wood particulates and mineral particulates; paints are made with pigment... Agent: University Of Maine System Board Of Trustees

20150033984 - Cellulose acylate film, polarizing plate, manufacturing method of polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display device: There is provided a cellulose acylate film comprising a plasticizer and two or more kinds of ultraviolet absorbents specific in structure and has a moisture permeability of 1,000 to 1,700 g/m2·day at a temperature of 25° C. and relative humidity of 60%, and a polarizing plate containing at least one... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150033985 - Compositions containing tetrahydrofurfuryl and/or alkyl-substituted tetrahydrofurfuryl esters of citric acid: Compositions containing tetrahydrofurfuryl and/or alkyl-substituted tetrahydrofurfuryl esters of citric acid are provided. These esters of citric acid can be formed from renewable materials and can be used, for example, as plasticizers for various polymeric materials. The tetrahydrofurfuryl and/or alkyl-substituted tetrahydrofurfuryl esters of citric acid typically have a low odor, have... Agent:

20150033986 - Inorganic fibrous regularly shaped article and method for adjusting hardness thereof: An inorganic fibrous shaped product including organic fiber that includes at least biosoluble inorganic fiber having the following composition and an organic thickener, and including no colloidal silica: [Composition] SiO2: 70 to 82 wt %; CaO: 10 to 29 wt %; MgO: 1 wt % or less; Al2O3: less than... Agent:

20150033987 - Thin aluminum flakes: Described are thin plane-parallel aluminum flakes illustrated in FIG. 1 having a thickness of up to 200 nm and comprising an inner layer of oxidized aluminium having a thickness of 0.5-30 nm, a process for the manufacture thereof and the use thereof, e.g. in formulations, like paints, electrostatic coatings, printing... Agent: Basf Se

20150033988 - Non-color shifting multilayer structures and protective coatings thereon: An omnidirectional structural color pigment having a protective coating. The pigment has a first layer of a first material and a second layer of a second material, the second layer extending across the first layer. In addition, the pigment reflects a band of electromagnetic radiation having a predetermined full width... Agent:

20150033989 - Fast setting portland cement compositions with alkali metal citrates and phosphates with high early-age compressive strength and reduced shrinkage: A method of making a rapid setting composition for cement boards is disclosed. Compositions including a hydraulic cement preferably portland cement, an alkali metal citrate such as tripotassium citrate, and a phosphate such as sodium trimetaphosphate, with optional gypsum, and no alkanolamine accelerant, and no fly ash based cement. An... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

01/29/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150027342 - Chemical conversion agent and chemical conversion coating film: A chemical conversion agent which is capable of providing, for example, an aluminum-based metal material with excellent corrosion resistance and moisture resistance, while also providing the aluminum-based metal material with excellent adhesion with a laminate film, excellent hydrofluoric acid resistance, and excellent alkali resistance. The chemical conversion agent has (1)... Agent:

20150027343 - Film and method of preparing the same: A film and a method of preparing the same. The film includes cellulose ether and sodium chloride, wherein an amount of the sodium chloride is from about 0.25 wt % to about 0.6 wt % based on a total weight of the film, and the film has a light-transmission reduction... Agent: Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

20150027344 - Blended opacifier for coatings and polymeric matrices: A composite comprising a silicate material, such as, a sodium aluminosilicate, and titanium dioxide disposed on the surface thereof is disclosed, together with formulations comprising the composite and methods for preparing the same.... Agent: J.m. Huber Corporation

20150027345 - Use of surfactant in the preparation of modified sulfur and sulfur cement: Use of a non-ionic surfactant in the preparation of modified sulfur and/or modified sulfur cement that may or may not be modified sulfur concrete.... Agent:

20150027346 - Tunneling annulus grout: A grout composition for application to a tunneling surface is disclosed. The grout composition comprises a mixture including cement and at least one of a hydration stabilizer, a polycarbonate-based high range water reducer, and a viscosity modifier. The grout composition further includes water and a sprayed concrete accelerator. The sprayed... Agent:

20150027347 - Set-accelerating admixture having improved stability: g

20150027348 - Anti-filming surface-active agent: The invention relates to an anti-filming surface-active admixture for hydraulic binders, including at least one fatty alcohol and at least one oil, to the method for preparing same, and to a method for preparing a hydraulic binder composition suitable for the manufacture of screeds or concretes, comprising the step of... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150020710 - Reflective asphalt composition: An asphalt composition comprises aggregate, binder coating the aggregate and reflective particles embedded in the binder. In various embodiments, the binder may comprise one or more of clear bitumen, bio-bitumen or a polymer modified bitumen for cold application. The binder may comprise a glare control additive. The reflective particles may... Agent:

20150020711 - Sequestering polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in asphalt: This invention is based upon the discovery that activated carbon can be used to sequester polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that may be present in asphalt and creosote compositions. The treatment of asphalt and creosote compositions with activated carbon accordingly reduces the level of free polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in such compositions by... Agent: Flow Polymers LLC

20150020712 - Process for preparing an effect pigment: The present invention relates to a process for preparing a coloured effect pigment, comprising the steps of (a) preparing in an aqueous coating medium at least one layer of a hydroxyl-containing metal oxide on a substrate, thereby obtaining in the aqueous coating medium a first coloured pigment material CPM1 comprising... Agent: Basf Se

20150020713 - Liquid color composition with cottonseed oil base: A liquid colorant for use in molding or extruding plastic products comprises pigment dispersed in cottonseed oil.... Agent:

20150020714 - Hydraulic composition with low clinker content: l

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150013566 - Metal material with a bismuth film attached and method for producing same, surface treatment liquid used in said method, and cationic electrodeposition coated metal material and method for producing same: A metal material is provided with a bismuth coating which enables the subsequent coating to be accomplished at a high throwing power, and has excellent corrosion resistance, coating adhesion and is able to be produced with reduced damage to the environment. The metal material has a surface and a bismuth-containing... Agent:

20150013567 - Phase change ink pigment dispersion process: A process for preparing a pigment dispersion including melting a phase change ink carrier and an optional dispersant at a temperature of from about 100° C. to about 170° C. in a jacketed vessel comprising a jacket surrounding an immersion mill or basket mill attachment and a dispersion blade attachment... Agent:

20150013568 - Glass fillers having acid resistance: A glass filler manufacturing process and product which enable the manufacture of dental composite and dental cement products having superior product stability and also having superior physical properties. The process makes use of barium glass filler and strontium glass filler, which have high-radiopacity properties but could not previously be used... Agent:

20150013569 - Method for producing a milk protein based plastic material (mp based plastic material): The disclosure relates to a milk protein based plastic material produced according to a plastic material shaping method, known by a person skilled in the art and the literature, in which at least one protein, which is obtained from milk and which can be thermally plasticized, is plasticized using a... Agent:

20150013570 - Method of processing paint sludge: In a method of processing paint sludge, measured portions of the sludge are supplied into a heating chamber for pyrolysis at about 1500° F. to disintegrate into organic and inorganic portions, the organic portion in the form of syngas is then drawn out, cooled, and pressurized to be used in... Agent:

20150013571 - Use of polyethylenimines as additive in aqueous suspensions of calcium carbonate-comprising materials: Use of at least one polyethylenimine as an additive in an aqueous suspension, containing from 25 to 62 vol. % of at least one calcium carbonate-comprising material, wherein the use provides improved stability with regard to the conductivity of the suspension.... Agent: Omya International Ag

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