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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150144027 - Particulate wood preservative and method for producing the same: A wood preservative includes injectable particles comprising one or more sparingly soluble copper salts. The copper-based particles are sufficiently insoluble so as to not be easily removed by leaching but are sufficiently soluble to exhibit toxicity to primary organisms primarily responsible for the decay of the wood. Exemplary particles contain... Agent:

20150144028 - Aqueous compositions and use thereof: Aqueous compositions which contain amino functional organosilicon compounds can be used to modify inorganic, organic, or organosilicon substrates to improve their adhesion and stabilization.... Agent:

20150144029 - Bentonite modifier, modified bentonite, and use thereof: The present disclosure relates to a bentonite modifier, comprising a water-soluble thiosulfate, a water-soluble alcohol compound, and a water-soluble amine compound, wherein the amounts of thiosulfate, the alcohol compound, and the amine compound are in the ratio of (0.3˜1):(0.3˜1):(0.3˜1). The present disclosure further relates to a bentonite-containing cement additive capable... Agent:

20150144030 - Particle packed cement-scm blends: Cement-SCM blends employ particle packing principles to increase particle packing density and reduce interstitial spacing between the cement and SCM particles. Particle packing reduces the amount of water required to obtain a cement paste having a desired flow, lowers the water-cementitious material ratio (w/cm), and increases early and long-term strengths.... Agent:

20150144031 - Concrete mix composition, mortar mix composition and method of making and curing concrete or mortar and concrete or mortar objects and structures: The invention comprises a method of making a cement-based object or structure having a compressive strength greater than about 1,000 psi. The method comprises placing a cement-based material in an insulated concrete form, wherein the insulated concrete form has an R-value of at least 1.5, wherein the cement-based material comprises... Agent:

20150144032 - Alkyl hydroxyalkyl cellulose ethers, methods of making, and use in cements and mortars: Disclosed are methods for the preparation of alkyl hydroxyalkyl cellulose ethers, and the use of such alkyl hydroxyalkyl cellulose ethers in the preparation and use of mortars and other cement-based systems; also disclosed is a hydraulic composition containing at least one retarder, at least one accelerator and a cellulose ether... Agent:

20150144033 - Crack-reducing admixture for cementitious compositions: wherein: v is an integer from 0 to 50 and w is an integer from 0 to 50, with the proviso that the sum of v and w is at least 1 but not greater than 50. Also, methods of making the cementitious composition, reducing or eliminating the formation of... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150135988 - Trivalent chromium-conversion processing solution containing aluminum-modified colloidal silica: The present invention provides a trivalent chromium-conversion processing solution characterized by containing aluminum-modified colloidal silica.... Agent:

20150135989 - Zwitterionic lignin derivatives: Methods and compositions with anti-fouling properties that are derived from lignin are disclosed. The compositions include lignin with one or more zwitterionic functional groups. The lignin with one or more zwitterionic functional groups may be incorporated in paints and coatings to prepare biocidal coatings.... Agent:

20150135990 - Cellulose resin composition: Provided is a cellulose resin composition wherein roll contamination during processing and reduction in the productivity caused by roll contamination are inhibited. The cellulose resin composition is obtained by adding a polyester-based plasticizer to a cellulose resin, the cellulose resin composition being characterized in that the polyester-based plasticizer is produced... Agent: Adeka Corporation

20150135991 - Method of dissolving cellulose: A method of dissolving cellulose, comprising: firstly heating and activating the cellulose by using a heating apparatus, and then dissolving by using a solvent. The temperature of the heating and the activating is 130° C.-270° C., the time period of the heating is 0.1-100 hours, and the solvent is an... Agent:

20150135992 - Resin composition, molded body and composite molded body: In accordance with the present invention, by using a resin composition including lignin and a curing agent in which the lignin is soluble in an organic solvent and contained in the resin composition in an amount of from 10 to 90% by mass, there are provided a molded product and... Agent:

20150135993 - Treating particles: A method of treating particles by disaggregating, deagglomerating, exfoliating, cleaning, functionalising, doping, decorating and/or repairing said particles, in which the particles are subjected to plasma treatment in a treatment chamber containing a plurality of electrodes which project therein and wherein plasma is generated by said electrodes which are moved during... Agent:

20150135994 - Solution processing of kesterite semiconductors: wherein 0≦x≦1; 0<y≦1; 0≦z≦1; −1≦q≦1, generally include contacting a hydrazine-based solvent, a source of Cu, a source of Sn, a source of Zn carboxylate, a source of at least one of S and Se, under conditions sufficient to form a solution substantially free of solid particles; applying the solution onto... Agent:

20150135995 - Process for the preparation of surface treated mineral filler products and uses of same: The present invention relates to a process for preparing a surface treated mineral filler product, and to its preferred use in the field of plastic applications, and in particular polypropylene (PP)- or polyethylene (PE)-based breathable or extrusion coating film applications.... Agent: Omya International Ag

20150135996 - Composition containing nitrogen-containing organoxysilane compound and method for making the same: A composition consisting essentially of 90-99 parts by weight of a nitrogen-containing organoxysilane compound and 1-10 parts by weight of an isomer affords an appropriate cure behavior and is useful as paint additive, adhesive, silane coupling agent, textile treating agent, and surface treating agent.... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150135997 - Internal curing composition for concrete mixtures: A cementitious mixture including drinking water treatment waste (DWTW) solids, an aggregate, cement and water exhibits improved cement hydration, compressive strength and mitigated autogenous shrinkage. DWTW solids provide an internal curing agent for use with a cementitious mixture. DWTW solids are produced by a water treatment process of flocculating water... Agent:

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