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Compositions: coating or plastic

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12/04/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140352573 - Inkjet ink: An inkjet ink includes a pigment incorporated in an aqueous ink vehicle. The pigment includes metal oxide and/or mixed metal oxide particles and a plurality of reacted dispersant molecules attached to the outer surfaces of the particles to form a coating on the outer surfaces. The reacted dispersant molecules are... Agent:

20140352574 - Legume and/or oil seed flour-based adhesive composition: Adhesives made from phosphorylated legume and oil seed flours are described. The adhesive composition includes water and a legume and/or oil seed flour in which at least a portion of ε-amino moieties in lysine residues present in the flour are phosphorylated. An oxidizing agent may also optionally be added to... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140352575 - Uv curing glue for glass substrate and method for making the same: The present invention provides an ultraviolet curing glue used for sealing glass substrate, comprising ultraviolet glue base (30), and inorganic solid particulates (20) having diameter ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 micro meter and evenly mixed with the ultraviolet glue base (30) to form the ultraviolet curing glue mixture (10), wherein... Agent:

20140352576 - Mixtures of ester of tartaric acid and ester of citric acid as amorphous materials for phase change inks: The disclosure provides amorphous materials comprising mixtures of ester of tartaric acid and ester of citric acid, which are suitable for phase change inks.... Agent:

20140352577 - Hardened structural composites having novel organic components: Various structural composites are disclosed. For example, a particular composite may include a harden aggregate mixture that includes an algae extract acting as an effective plasticizer, the algae extract including only internal portion(s) of one or more algae species separated from respective cell wall material(s).... Agent:

20140352578 - Compositions and methods for making of a concrete-like material containing cellulosic derivatives: A composition includes an admixture of a cementitious component and a cellulosic component. The cellulosic component includes a cellulosic fibrous material and water. The admixture is suitable for mixing with a second amount of water to form a hardened material. A method includes reducing a cellulosic fiber material to produce... Agent: Sandrock Ventures LLC

11/27/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140345494 - Ink-jet ink set: An ink-jet ink set includes a black ink containing carbon black; a cyan ink containing a first cyan dye; a magenta ink containing a first magenta dye; a yellow ink containing a first yellow dye; and a gray ink containing a second cyan dye, a second magenta dye, and a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140345495 - Alkoxylates and amine-containing inorganic pigment dispersions: in which R2 is a linear or branched alkyl or alkenyl group with 8 to 22 carbon atoms, said alkyl or alkenyl group being the same as or different from R1, A is an iminopropyl group —NH—CH2—CH2—CH2—, an oxyethyl group —O—CH2—CH2—, or an oxypropyl group —O—CH2—CH(CH3)—CH2—, and a is a... Agent: Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited

20140345496 - Calcium carbonate slurries: A process is provided for making a calcium carbonate slurry comprising the steps of (a) forming a mixture comprising water, an acidic dispersant system, and calcium carbonate, (b) grinding said mixture to form a preliminary slurry of particles of said calcium carbonate, wherein 50% or more by weight of said... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140345497 - Grinding process and unit, and corresponding production process of a hydraulic binder: A grinding process, in a grinding unit including a first shop including a first mill and a first separator, an outlet from the first mill being connected to an inlet of the first separator; a second shop including a second separator and a second mill, an outlet from the second... Agent:

20140345498 - Self-leveling composition: A self-leveling composition is provided comprising a water-soluble hydroxyalkyl alkyl cellulose, cement, aggregate, and water. The hydroxyalkyl alkyl cellulose is such that a degree of alkyl substitution is 1.2-1.7, the sum of the degree of alkyl substitution and a molar substitution of hydroxyalkyl is 1.5-2.0, and a proportion of glucose... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

11/20/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140338561 - Building material for forming an architectural surface covering and method for producing the same: A building material for use in forming exterior surface coverings. According to a preferred embodiment, the building material consists of the combination of a paper material, bonding agent, and water. The building material can either be formed directly upon a substrate, such as a wall or ceiling, or otherwise formed... Agent:

20140338562 - Photopolymerizable inkjet ink, ink cartridge, photopolymerizable composition, and coated matter: A photopolymerizable composition includes glyceryl monomethacrylate in an amount of from 25 to 100 parts by weight per 100 parts by weight of monomers.... Agent:

20140338563 - Solid or phase change inks with improved properties: A solid or phase change inkjet ink incorporating a polar acidic wax is described. The use of polar waxes as an ink additive improves the polarity of the ink and adhesion of the ink to paper. A method for applying the solid or phase change ink incorporating an acidic polar... Agent:

20140338564 - Alginate monomer structure with metal crystallite embedded, alginate salt structure with metal crystallite embedded and method of producing alginate hydrogel with metal crystallite incorporated: An alginate monomer structure with metal crystallite embedded includes a first alginate monomer and at least a first metal crystallite. The first alginate monomer is composed of a first uronate molecule and a second uronate molecule, which are linked linearly to each other. A first carbonyl group is formed on... Agent: Hopewang Ent Co., Ltd

20140338565 - Rejuvenation of reclaimed asphalt: Asphalt compositions comprising reclaimed asphalt and a rejuvenating agent are disclosed. The reclaimed asphalt comprises aggregate and an aged binder. The rejuvenating agent, which has a cyclic content of at least 5 wt. %, comprises an ester or ester blend derived from an acid selected from aromatic acids, fatty acids,... Agent: Arizona Chemical Company, LLC

20140338566 - Method for surface treatment of inorganic pigment particles: The invention relates to a method for the surface treatment of inorganic pigment particles with agglomerates of fine primary particles or single crystals of inorganic compounds, particularly of oxides or sulphates. The method is characterized in that the inorganic compounds are first precipitated from an aqueous solution under suitable pH... Agent: Kronos International, Inc.

20140338567 - Light-weight composition and mix for masonry, mortar and stucco: A pre-mixed mortar, stucco or masonry composition includes from 70 to 80 percent sand and from 20 to 30 percent of a light-weight cement mix composition. The light-weight cement mix composition comprises either slag cement, gypsum or a combination of slag cement and gypsum; Portland cement; silicon dioxide; calcium stearate;... Agent:

20140338568 - Durable concrete and method for producing the same: A concrete mix for producing freeze-thaw durable concrete having enhanced strength properties, like compressive strength, abrasion resistance, impact strength, toughness, is disclosed. The novel concrete mix contains deformable solid elements in place of 4-8% entrained air for good durability of concrete under freeze-thaw cycles.... Agent: Navs, LLC

20140338569 - Calcium aluminate cement: The present invention relates to a white calcium aluminate cement containing at least 90% by weight of monocalcium aluminate, an A/C value in the range of 1.75 to 2.0, a fineness according to Blaine in the range of 3500 to 6000 cm2/g, a slope n in the range of 1.1... Agent: Calucem Gmbh

20140338570 - Concrete mix and products including recycled porcelain: A concrete mix for use in forming molded concrete end products is disclosed. The concrete mix includes treated porcelain kernels, cement and sand. The treated porcelain kernels are formed from recycled and currently unusable porcelain products. The porcelain products are crushed and processed to create porcelain kernels having a desired... Agent:

20140338571 - Aggregates: A method of forming an aggregate. The method comprising forming a green pellet including waste glass and additive(s). The unfired pellets are coated with a refractory material and sintered such that some of the additive/additives breaks down to generate gas which is at least partially retained in the microstructure of... Agent: Novagg Limited

11/13/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140331893 - Method for the manufacture of fibrous yarn: Disclosed is a method for the manufacture of fibrous yarn including the steps, where an aqueous suspension including fibers and at least one rheology modifier is provided, followed by directing the suspension through at least one nozzle, to form at least one yarn, and then dewatering the yarn.... Agent:

20140331894 - Water insoluble gel composition and method for preparing same: The present invention provides a method for preparing a water insoluble gel composition comprising: mixing a water soluble polysaccharide, an epoxy cross-linking agent, an alkaline compound and a solvent; and drying the thus obtained mixture at 1 to 30° C. under vacuum to remove the solvent, and a water insoluble... Agent: Amorepacific Corporation

20140331895 - Organic compounds: The present invention relates to cellulose mixed esters, processes for preparing these and uses of the cellulose mixed esters, for example in coating compositions. The cellulose mixed esters have glass transition temperatures that fall within an appropriate range to allow for film formation to occur at ambient temperatures and have... Agent:

20140331896 - Crosslinking systems for hydroxyl polymers: Crosslinking systems suitable for use in a polymer melt composition wherein the polymer melt composition comprises a hydroxyl polymer; polymeric structures made from such polymer melt compositions; and processes/methods related thereto are provided.... Agent:

20140331897 - Wet process for recycling asphalt shingle in asphalt binder: A new method is disclosed for recycling waste asphalt shingles in hot mix asphalt, i.e. asphalt pavement construction. Ground asphalt shingles are treated as a binder component instead of as an aggregate component. The recycled asphalt shingles that are blended with virgin binder in a wet process act both as... Agent: Board Of Supervisors Of Louisiana State University And Agricultural And Mechanical College

20140331898 - Resist ink and method of forming pattern using the same: Disclosed is a resist ink having superior acid-resistance and coupling property, the resist ink composed of 70% or less by weight of solvent, 10-15% by weight of base polymer, 10-15% by weight of tacktifier, 3% or less by weight of additive, and 1-10% by weight of coupling agent.... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20140331899 - Accelerator: The invention relates to additives for hydraulic binders and systems such as concrete and mortar produced therefrom. More particularly, the present invention relates to a setting and curing accelerator for hydraulic binders produced by reacting a calcium compound CV with a silica sol SL.... Agent:

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