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Compositions: coating or plastic

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04/10/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140096701 - Green coalescent agent composition containing mixtures of monoesters and diesters: In particular, the invention is directed to a composition of coalescing agents comprising: (i) mixtures of (RCOO(EO)nH) monoesters and diesters; and, (ii) mixtures of (RCOO(EO)nH) monoesters and diesters obtained from the ethoxylation of fatty acids, and/or direct esterification of fatty acids with ethylene glycol derivatives, and/or transesterification, wherein the monoesters... Agent: Oxiteno S.a. Industria E Comercio

20140096702 - Basecoat and associated paperboard structure including a pigment blend of hyper-platy clay and calcined clay: A basecoat including a pigment blend including a calcined clay component and a hyper-platy clay component, wherein the hyper-platy clay component has a shape factor of at least about 40:1, and wherein the pigment blend has a sediment void volume of at least about 50 percent.... Agent: Meadwestvaco Corporation

20140096703 - Plasticizer, plasticizer composition, heat-resistant resin composition and method for preparing the same: Disclosed are a plasticizer that, when used for a heat-resistant resin composition, improves elongation retention, enhances aging resistance and heat resistance, and exhibits superior tensile strength, tensile strength retention, heating loss or the like before and after heating, thus contributing to enhancement in physical properties of the heat-resistant resin, a... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140096704 - Magnesium phosphate cement: Magnesium phosphate cement binder systems and method for providing magnesium phosphate cements are described. In an embodiment, a magnesium phosphate cement binder system may include magnesium oxide that has been calcined at a temperature of between about 900° F. to about 1800° F. The magnesium phosphate cement binder system may... Agent: Premier Magnesia, LLC

20140096705 - Process for treating fly ash and a rotary mill therefor: A process for treating fly ash to activate the fly ash so that it may be used as a substitute for Portland cement, with the process including the use of a specialized rotary mill having variably sized and shaped media to increase the surface area of one fly ash component... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140090577 - Methods for making lignocellulose containing composite products: Methods for making composite products are provided. In at least one specific embodiment, the method can include combining a plurality of lignocellulose substrates and one or more free radical precursors to produce a mixture of the lignocellulose substrates and the one or more free radical precursors. The method can also... Agent: Georgia-pacific Chemicals LLC

20140090578 - Method of making superhydrophobic/superoleophilic paints, epoxies, and composites: Superhydrophobic paints and epoxies comprising superoleophilic particles and surfaces and methods of making the same are described. The superoleophilic particles can include porous particles having a hydrophobic coating layer deposited thereon. superoleophilic particles.... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20140090579 - Colorant including a mixture of pigments: A colorant including a mixture of pigments is disclosed. The pigments have a similar coloration but different resistance to corrosion. The mixing ratio is selected to optimize the corrosion resistance against color brightness, and/or acidic corrosion resistance against alkali corrosion resistance of the colorant.... Agent:

20140090580 - Fluoroaluminosilicate glass powder and production method thereof: A lanthanum compound eluted in the presence of polycarboxylic acid and water exists only in a surface layer of a fluoroaluminosilicate glass powder. An amount of the fluoroaluminosilicate glass powder is preferably 1 to 5% by weight in terms of oxide. The fluoroaluminosilicate glass powder is produced by mixing an... Agent: Gc Corporation

03/27/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140083322 - Method of removing impurities from plating liquid: Impurities are removed from tin plating liquids by adding additives containing aromatic organic sulfonic acids or salts thereof to the tin plating liquids containing nonionic surface active agents and thiourea or thiourea compounds and producing a precipitate by cooling.... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC

20140083323 - Oxidizing agents on pigments: Hydrophilic self-cleaning coating compositions and methods to make and use the compositions are disclosed. The compositions include a pigment material made up of an inorganic pigment attached or linked to at least one oxidizing agent. In some embodiments, the oxidizing agent is an organic molecule covalently or non-covalently attached to... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140083324 - Anti-fouling paints and coatings: Disclosed herein are a materials such as a coating, an elastomer, an adhesive, a sealant, a textile finish, a wax, and a filler for such a material, wherein the material includes an proteinaceous molecule such as a peptide and/an enzyme that confer a metal binding, an anti-fouling and/or an antibiotic... Agent: Reactive Surfaces, Ltd

20140083325 - Phase change ink comprising a polyhydroxyalkanoate compound: s

20140083326 - Dental gypsum-bonded investment material powder: The invention provides a dental gypsum-bonded investment material powder which can inhibit air bubbles from being generated in a mixed material, only by being mixed with water without using any special device or tool, and is easily mixed with the water. A specific siloxane is blended at a specific amount... Agent: Gc Corporation

20140083327 - Bacterial cellulose based 'green' composites: ‘Green’ composites are fabricated using resins, such as soy-based resins, and reinforced with crystalline high strength bacterial cellulose (BC) fibers. Bacterial cellulose is produced by providing a bacterial cellulose-producing bacterium such as Acetobacter xylinum; providing an inexpensive bacteria nutritional medium; culturing the bacterium in the bacteria nutritional medium under conditions... Agent: Cornell University

20140083328 - Bio-based binder systems: An environmentally friendly, bio-based binder system that is useful for the formation of fiberglass insulation, the system includes: A) an aqueous curable binder composition, which includes a carbohydrate and a crosslinking agent; and B) a dedust composition, which includes a blown, stripped plant-based oil and optionally at least one emulsifying... Agent: Cargill, Incorporated

20140083329 - Process for preparing stable dispersions of starch particles: In one or more embodiments, the present disclosure provides for a process for preparing a dispersion of starch particles in an aqueous liquid. In one or more embodiments, the process includes introducing a feed starch and the aqueous liquid into a rotor stator mixer, maintaining the feed starch and the... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140083330 - Oil- and wax-containing compositions in piece form for the coloring of asphalt and bitumen: The present invention concerns agents containing at least one inorganic pigment, one or more oils, and one or more waxes, and also processes for production thereof and their use for coloration of building products, preferably asphalt, bitumen, bituminous mixtures, tar and tar-containing compositions, and also a process for coloration of... Agent: Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

20140083331 - Preparation and uses of bio-adhesives: The present application relates generally to bio-adhesive components isolated from bio-oil prepared from animal waste, methods of preparation of the bio-adhesive components and uses thereof. Such uses include, but are not limited to, asphalt bio-binders, bio-adhesion promoters, asphalt bio-rejuvenators, asphalt bio-extenders, bio-asphalt as well as uses in roofing, soil stabilization,... Agent: North Carolina Agricultural And Technical State University

20140083332 - Method for extracting bitumen from an oil sand stream: The present invention provides a method for extracting bitumen from an oil sand stream, the method comprising at least the steps of, a) providing an oil sand stream; b) contacting the oil sand stream with a liquid comprising a solvent to obtain a solvent-diluted oil sand slurry; c) separating the... Agent: Chevron Canada Limited

20140083333 - Concrete mix composition, mortar mix composition and method of making and curing concrete or mortar and concrete or mortar objects and structures: The invention comprises a method of making a cement-based object or structure having a compressive strength greater than about 1,000 psi. The method comprises placing a cement-based material in an insulated concrete form, wherein the insulated concrete form has an R-value of at least 1.5, wherein the cement-based material comprises... Agent:

20140083334 - Sulphur cement pre-composition and sulphur cement product: A sulphur cement pre-composition, comprising sulphur and an organosilane coupling agent of formula (I); wherein R1, R2 and R3 are independently chosen from alkoxy, acyloxy, acyloxy, alkyl, aryl and halogen, wherein R4 is alkyl, wherein n is from 1 to 8, wherein R5 is alkyl, alkenyl or aralkyl and wherein... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140076194 - Antifouling by adhesion suppression: The disclosure described herein includes antifouling compositions, methods of antifouling by adhesion suppression and methods of selecting an antifouling composition which suppresses marine animal adhesion or reduces the strength of marine animal adhesion by reducing or quenching the oxidative adhesion chemistry of the marine animal.... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140076195 - Silk protein composite coating solution and its preparation method and application: Silk protein composite coating solution and its preparation method and application. In weight percent, silk protein complex coating liquid is constituted by the following substances: 2 to 10% of the crosslinking agent, 0.5 to 2% acetic acid, 10 to 20% of the silk protein, the remainder being water. The method... Agent:

20140076196 - Resin composition and resin molded article: A resin composition includes a polylactic acid resin or cellulose resin, 0.07 phr to 8 phr of lignin, and 4 phr to 30 phr of an aromatic condensed phosphoric acid ester.... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140076197 - Aqueous binder composition for mineral fibers: An aqueous binder composition for mineral fibers comprises: (a) a sugar syrup containing a reducing sugar and having a dextrose equivalent DE of at least 50 and less than 85; (b) a polycarboxylic acid component; (c) an amine component; and, optionally, (d) a reaction product of a polycarboxylic acid component... Agent: Rockwool International A/s

20140076198 - Epoxy resin composition for insulation, insulating film, prepreg, and printed circuit board: Disclosed herein are an epoxy resin composition for insulation, and an insulating film, a prepreg, and a printed circuit board, manufactured using the same, the epoxy resin composition including: a chitin nanoparticle or a chitin nanofiber; a liquid crystal oligomer or a soluble liquid crystal thermosetting oligomer; an epoxy resin;... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140076199 - Cationic minimal tracking asphalt emulsion: The cationic asphalt material of the present invention has minimal tracking, fast drying bonding to material and allows for quick turn around in road construction. It has been designed as a joint sealer that can be used successfully as a tack coat or fog seal. The fast drying bonding material... Agent:

20140076200 - Method for manufacturing hybrid packaging material: Disclosed herein is a method of manufacturing a hybrid packaging material, comprising the steps of: (a) forming a colloidal inorganic nanosol; (b) surface-treating the inorganic nanosol of step (a) with an organic metal alkoxide containing an organic function group by stirring the inorganic nanosol together with the organic metal alkoxide;... Agent: Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

20140076201 - Coating of metal pigments using phosphonic acid-based compounds: A coated metal pigment that has excellent passivation, dispersion and adhesion properties, a method for producing the coated metal pigment and a coating composition that includes the coated metal pigment are described. The disclosed method generally involves the use of a compound with the following formula (A)... Agent: Silberline Manufacturing Co. Inc.

20140076202 - Cyclic diol-derived blocked mercaptofunctional silane compositions: Diol derived blocked mercaptofunctional silane compositions in which the silanes comprise cyclic and bridged alkoxy groups derived from hydrocarbon-based diols and processes for their preparation are provided. Also provided are rubber compositions comprising the cyclic diol-derived blocked mercaptofunctional silanes, processes for their preparation and articles of manufacture comprising the rubber... Agent: Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

20140076203 - Hardening accelerator for mineral binders: A hardening accelerator for mineral binders including an amino alcohol A and/or of a salt of said amino alcohol A, for example, cementitious binders, is provided. The amino alcohol A has a structure according to formula (I) where a) R1 and R2, independently of one another, each represent an alkanol... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20140076204 - Acid-soluble cement compositions comprising cement kiln dust and/or a natural pozzolan and methods of use: The present invention relates to acid-soluble cement compositions that comprise cement kiln dust (“CKD”) and/or a natural pozzolan and associated methods of use. An embodiment includes a method of cementing comprising: placing an acid-soluble cement composition in a subterranean formation, wherein the acid-soluble cement composition comprises a hydraulic cement, a... Agent: Halliburton Engergy Services, Inc.

20140076205 - Hardening accelerator for mineral binder compositions: A hardening accelerator for mineral binder compositions, in particular for cementitious binder compositions, is provided. The hardening accelerator contains a combination of a) a first amino alcohol (A) including at least one primary alcohol group, and b) a second amino alcohol (E) including at least one secondary alcohol group.... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

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