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Compositions: coating or plastic

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09/04/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140238263 - Superhydrophobic coatings and methods for their preparation: Superhydrophobic coatings and compositions and methods for preparing superhydrophobic coatings and compositions are described herein whereby the coatings and compositions are prepared under mild conditions, yet the methods are amenable to chemical functionalization of the coatings and components therein. The methods are useful for tuning and optimizing the physical properties... Agent:

20140238264 - Coloring composition and ink for inkjet recording: There is provided a coloring composition and an ink for inkjet recording which have an excellent ozone fastness and a high print density and is excellent in storage stability over time, and one example of the coloring composition is a coloring composition contains a compound (1A) and a compound (2B):... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140238265 - Product: A method for manufacturing a cellular geopolymer product, which method comprises the steps: (a) forming an activated geopolymer premix by addition to a geopolymer premix of an activator compound that initiates a condensation reaction in the geopolymer premix; (b) casting the activated geopolymer premix in a desired configuration; and (c)... Agent:

20140238266 - Binder for manufacturing of concrete or laminated products: A binder for forming particle-based or laminated products includes a mixture of at least three components A, B, C, a first component A including a natural protein powder, a second component B including a magnesium oxide, and a third component C including a magnesium chloride or magnesium sulfate solution at... Agent:

20140238267 - Method of manufacturing soil reinforced by microbe-based bio-binders and soil produced by the method: The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing soil reinforced by microbe-based bio-binders and soil produced by the method. The bio-binders are not harmful to humans, do not cause environmental pollution and secure sufficiently the soil strength and resistance against wind. According to the method, the soil is prepared... Agent: Echo Phile

20140238268 - Condensed tannin-containing composition to be cured by applying heat/pressure thereto: Provided are a composition from which a biomass material can be obtained with low energy through a simple process and facility, a formed body obtained from the composition, and a method for producing the formed body. A composition according to the present invention is a composition to be cured by... Agent: Kyoto University

20140238269 - Optical film: Disclosed is an optical film, and more particularly, an optical film having excellent mechanical physical properties and low vapor permeability.... Agent: Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.

20140238270 - Sealing mass for sealing a leak in a container holding oil, an oil-containing or chemical liquid: A plastically deformable sealing mass for the use in sealing a leak in a container in which oil, oil-containing or chemical liquid is stored, includes a solvent, and a hydrophobing agent which is received in the solvent. The solvent may be organic solvent, water, oil, or a silicon compound. The... Agent:

20140238271 - Self-assembled nano-structure particle and method for preparing: Novel, nano-structured particles are formed by introducing a selected solid of interest into a structured fluid matrix formed by a dispersion of a small molecule host vessel, such as a native or modified polysaccharide, cavitand, simple sugar, simple polyol or other similarly structured molecule known to be useful as a... Agent: Emerald Hilton Davis, LLC

20140238272 - Hydrophobization agent and use for the surface treatment of mineral matter particles: The present invention relates to a new mineral matter particle hydrophobization agent and to its various uses for the surface treatment of mineral matter particles.... Agent: Coatex

20140238273 - Geopolymer product: A method of producing a geopolymer product, which comprises: preparing an activated geopolymer premix by addition to a geopolymer premix of an activator compound that initiates a condensation reaction in the geopolymer premix; forming the activated geopolymer premix into a desired configuration to form a geopolymer structure; and curing the... Agent:

20140238274 - Method and additive for increasing early strength: The present invention relates to a method for accelerating the hardening of hydraulic or latent hydraulic binders, wherein ternesite and an aluminum component are added to the binder, and relates to an additive that increasing early strength for hydraulic or latent hydraulic binders that contain ternesite and a non-hydraulically reactive... Agent: Heidelbergcement Ag

20140238275 - Cement composition containing an additive of a pozzolan and a strength retrogression inhibitor: A cement composition comprises: cement; water; and an additive, wherein the additive is a pozzolan and a strength-retrogression inhibitor, and wherein a mixture consisting essentially of: the additive; water; and a source of calcium develops a compressive strength of at least 500 psi at a time of 24 hours, a... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140238276 - Method for the production of a building material: Method for the production of a building material, in particular mortar or concrete from an alkali activated hydraulic binder, in which at least one dispersing agent and at least one set modifier is added to the mix, in which at least the dispersing agent is added after mixing the binder... Agent:

08/21/2014 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140230688 - Method for producing electrode covered with sodium metal: A current collector is covered with sodium metal through: (1) applying a sodium dispersion containing sodium metal and at least one substance selected from the group consisting of an imide salt and a binder, on a current collector in an inert gas environment (with an oxygen concentration of not more... Agent: Nippon Soda Co., Ltd

20140230689 - Vegetable oil-based metal resinate compositions and materials comprising same: A vegetable oil-based resinous composition comprises a metallization product of vegetable oil-based adduct, wherein the vegetable oil includes at least one unsaturated double bond. The vegetable oil-based adducts may include a Diels-Alder adduct, a ene reaction adduct, or combinations thereof. The metallizing agent may be selected based on various factors... Agent:

20140230690 - Biodegradable packaging obtained from cassava flour and fique fiber and their manufacture process: The present invention is related to the elaboration of a compound material molded from cassava flour for the manufacture of biodegradable packaging useful in packing and packaging of dry foods and other products. The semi-rigid novel compound material is elaborated through thermo-pressing of a mixture of cassava flour and fique... Agent:

20140230691 - Coating and a method for preparing thereof: The invention relates to a method for preparing a thermoplastic coating on a substrate from a hemicellulose polymer or a cellulose polymer wherein the method comprises at least following steps: —providing a cellulose polymer or a hemicellulose polymer having at least one hydroxyl group which can be used for forming... Agent: Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt

20140230692 - Methods for substrate coating and use of additive-containing powdered coating materials in such methods: The present invention relates to the use of a particle-containing powdered coating material, wherein an additive has been at least partially applied to the surface of the particles, in coating methods, in particular in cold gas spraying, flame spraying, high-speed flame spraying, thermal plasma spraying and non-thermal plasma spraying. Furthermore,... Agent: Eckart Gmbh

20140230693 - Additive for asphalt mixes containing reclaimed bituminous products: The present invention relates to a method of improving the incorporation of recycled bituminous products by using at least one surfactant as an alternative to the known rejuvenating oils, for the preparation of asphalt mixes containing recycled bituminous products. The use of such alternative surfactant(s) results in better mechanical properties... Agent: Ceca S.a.

20140230694 - High emissivity coating compositions and manufacturing processes therefore: Titanium dioxide is used as an emissivity enhancer in high emissivity coating compositions. The titanium dioxide increases the emissivity of the high emissivity coating compositions. In certain embodiments, titanium dioxide is recovered from industrial waste sources such as catalyst containing waste streams from olefin polymerization processes or re-based sources. Titanium... Agent: Scg Chemicals Co., Ltd.

20140230695 - Hydraulic engine mount solution composition: Disclosed is a hydraulic engine mount solution composition, and more specifically a hydraulic engine mount solution composition, which maintains vibration absorbing ability at high temperatures as well as at low temperatures due to its higher boiling point than conventional engine mount solutions, and which inhibits aging and extends life of... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140230696 - Ternesite used as an additive in portland cement: The present invention relates to the production of ternesite clinkers containing 20 to 100% by weight C5S2$ and less than 15% by weight C4A3$, and to the use of ternesite as an additive to Portland cement or Portland composite cement, and to a binder containing 20 to 95% by weight... Agent: Heidelbergcement Ag

20140230697 - Calcium sulfoaluminate cement with ternesite: The present invention relates to a ternesite calcium sulfoaluminate clinker as well as a ternesite clinker containing 20 to 100% by weight of C5S2$ and less than 15% by weight of C4A3$, as well as the use of ternesite as an additive to calcium sulfoaluminate (ferrite) (belite) (CSA(F)(B)) clinker, calcium... Agent: Heidelbergcement Ag

20140230698 - Process for the body-hydrophobization of building materials comprising solid organosilicon compounds: Body-hydrophobing of mineral building compositions prepared from water curable mineral materials such as cement and plaster are obtained by admixing into the curable composition an organosilicon compound prepared by reacting a hydrocarbylhalosilane or hydrocarbylhydrocarbyloxysilane with a gylcol or polyglycol in a mol ratio of halo or hydrocarbyloxy radicals to hydroxyl... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20140230699 - Method for producing ternesite: The present invention relates to the production of ternesite clinkers containing 20 to 95% by weight C5S2$ and less than 15% by weight C4A3$, and to the use of ternesite as an additive to hydraulic and/or latent hydraulic and/or pozzolanic materials.... Agent: Heidelbergcement Ag

08/14/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140224150 - Active energy ray-curable inkjet magenta ink composition: The present invention provides an active energy ray-curable inkjet magenta ink composition that achieves excellent color reproducibility and is also excellent in storage stability, and an ink set using the composition. The magenta ink composition according to the present invention contains, as two kinds of quinacridone pigments, (A) unsubstituted quinacridone... Agent: Toyo Ink Sc Holdings Co., Ltd.

20140224151 - Wear resistant dental composition: The present invention relates to a solid composition comprising: a calcium silicate powder, a set accelerator in the form of a powder, a reinforcing filler in a solid form, a radio-opacifying agent in a solid form, at least one complementary ingredient selected from solid fibers or solid porous fillers, optionally... Agent:

20140224152 - Molding sand for three dimensional laminate molding: According to the invention, by setting the linear thermal expansion amount when a mold made of a molding sand is heated from a room temperature to 1000° C. to be not more than 0.9%, and the ratio (D/d) between the diameter of a slump (D) and the diameter of a... Agent: Kimura Chuzosho Co., Ltd.

20140224153 - Processed mineral additive for reducing concrete permeability and increasing strength: A packaged concrete additive includes ground, expanded perlite with a volume weighted mean particle size of approximately 10-100 μm. The perlite optionally includes at least one additional component to improve workability and compensate for the natural tendency of expanded perlite to absorb water from the concrete mix. The additional component... Agent:

20140224154 - Particle packed cement-scm blends: Cement-SCM blends employ particle packing principles to increase particle packing density and reduce interstitial spacing between the cement and SCM particles. Particle packing reduces the amount of water required to obtain a cement paste having a desired flow, lowers the water-cementitious material ratio (w/cm), and increases early and long-term strengths.... Agent:

20140224155 - Inorganic foam material and low-temperature manufacturing method for the same: The disclosure provides a low-temperature manufacturing method for an inorganic foam material including the following steps. A mixing process is performed, and the mixing process includes mixing a glass and a cement to form a raw material of inorganic foam material. A low temperature process is performed, for producing a... Agent: Spring Pool Glass Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140224156 - Cement compositions containing nano sized boehmite crystallites: A composition comprising cement and nano-sized crystalline particles of boehmite alumina or nano-sized crystalline particles of boehmite alumina which have been modified by the inclusion of silicon oxide, calcium oxide, or magnesium oxide. The boehmite alumina has an average crystallite size from about 2 nm to about 80 nm and... Agent:

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