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Compositions: coating or plastic

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10/02/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140290530 - Metal compound, method for preparing the same, selective metallization of surface of substrate with the metal compound: The present disclosure provides a metal compound. The metal compound is represented by a formula (I): Cu2AαB2-αO4-β (I). A contains at least one element selected from the groups 6 and 8 of the periodic table. B contains at least one element selected from the group 13 of the periodic table,... Agent: Shenzhen Byd Auto R&d Company Limited

20140290531 - Methods of designing aggregates optimized for specified properties: Methods of designing an aggregate comprising a plurality of particles where the aggregate is optimized for specified properties; aggregates designed by such methods; and membranes comprising such aggregates.... Agent: The University Of Chicago

20140290532 - Process for the production of carbon black: A process for producing surface modified carbon black is disclosed. The process comprises the step of treating carbon black with a sulfur compound in an amount in the range of 0.005%-1% of the carbon black to effect in situ formation of surface groups to produce the surface modified carbon black... Agent: Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited

20140290533 - Self-repairing composites: Disclosed herein are composites capable of self-repairing. In some examples, the composites include a binding medium and a plurality of binding medium-repairing particles. The binding medium-repairing particles disclosed herein comprise a reactive agent encapsulated in a shell, where the reactive agent can interact with the binding medium to form an... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140290534 - Sizing compositions for glass fibers and sized fiber glass products: Various embodiments of the present invention provide sizing compositions, fiber glass strands, cement boards, and other products incorporating fiber glass. In some embodiments, a sizing composition of the present invention comprises a starch, a nonionic lubricant, a silane comprising at least one amine and at least one aryl or arylene... Agent:

20140290535 - Binder composition: New cement binders characterised by including: 30-80% by weight of a first component having MgO and at least one magnesium carbonate having the general formula: w MgC03.x MgO.y Mg(OH)2.z H2O (A) in which w is a number equal to or greater than 1; at least one of x, y or... Agent: Calix Limited

20140290536 - Process for water based mineral material slurry surface whitening: The process relates to mineral material slurries used in concrete, sealants, paper, paint or plastic applications, wherein the surface of the wet mineral matter slurry displays an increased whitening.... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140283708 - Concentrate for preparing a sealing solution for sealing mail pieces using tap water and method of making same: A powder and gel concentrate for a sealing solution is provided. The concentrate is comprised of a biocide, dye and acid buffer. This concentrate can be hydrated or dissolved using standard tap (mineralized) water to produce a sealing solution. The acid buffer keeps the minerals in the tap water suspended... Agent: Pitney Bowes Inc.

20140283709 - Organic-inorganic composition for the vapour release of alkali or alkali-earth metals: A composition of precursors for the release of vapors of alkali or alkali-earth metals is described. The composition has at least a compound of alkali or alkali-earth metal, at least a reducing agent and optionally an absorbing material, all in the form of powders, dispersed in a viscous matrix of... Agent:

20140283710 - Additive for reclamation of asphalt, reclaimed asphalt pavement material containing same, modified asphalt, and asphalt pavement material containing same: An additive for reclaiming asphalt of the present invention, which is obtained by adding straight asphalt to a mixture of a waste animal or vegetable oil and a waste mineral oil having a kinematic viscosity at 60° C. of 10 mm2/s to 40 mm2/s, mixing the materials, and heating the... Agent:

20140283711 - Cement additives and related methods of use: Cement and concrete additives and related methods of making and using such additives are disclosed and described. An additive can include molasses and a carrier. An enhanced Portland cement composition can comprise about 97 wt % to 99.9 wt % of the composition and the above described additive comprises about... Agent:

20140283712 - Method for producing ternesite-belite calcium sulfoaluminate clinker: The present invention relates to the production of a ternesite-belite-calcium sulfoaluminate (ferrite) clinker. The invention also relates to the use of alternative raw materials for clinker production, for example raw materials based on industrial byproducts, including those of low quality, such as lump slag and ash having a low glass... Agent: Heidelbergcement Ag

09/18/2014 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.
09/11/2014 > 20 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140251177 - Brine generation system and method: A brine generation system includes a tank unit having a tank body and a divider which separates the tank into an upper portion for holding salt crystals and a lower portion for holding brine. The divider is adapted to resist the movement of salt crystals greater than a predetermined size... Agent: Henderson Products, Inc.

20140251178 - Viscosity modifier for high concentration dispersion of inorganic fine particles and high concentration dispersion of inorganic fine particles which contains the same: This invention provides a viscosity modifier for high concentration dispersion of inorganic fine particles which can reduce, by giving excellent viscosity modifying function to a high concentration dispersion of inorganic fine particles (e.g., printing ink composition, functional paste composition or paint composition, of high concentration dispersion of inorganic fine particles),... Agent: Kusumoto Chemicals, Ltd.

20140251179 - Aqueous pigment dispersions: Disclosed herein are aqueous dispersions comprising: at least one pigment present in an amount of at least 10% by weight relative to the total weight of the dispersion, the at least one pigment being selected from oxidized carbon blacks and modified carbon blacks having attached at least one organic group;... Agent: Cabot Corporation

20140251180 - Waterborne aqueous-alcohol soluble protein compositions, applications, and methods: Waterborne aqueous-alcohol soluble protein compositions, methods of making the compositions, and applications thereof are disclosed. The dispersion compositions include protein, water, acid, and optionally an ester of a carboxylic acid. The methods of making the compositions including combining the protein, water, acid and optionally ester to form a dispersion without... Agent:

20140251181 - Novel film composition: This invention relates to the field of aqueous and non-aqueous film coating of substrates like pharmaceutical tablets, nutritional supplements, food, confectionery items, agricultural seeds, and the like, and is specifically concerned with coating substrates with a coating based on low molecular weight hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose having low viscosity. The invention... Agent:

20140251182 - Coal waste treatment processes and products, and their uses: Techniques for disposing of one or more toxic materials, such as coal waste (e.g., fly ash, sludge, etc.), include incorporating the toxic materials into artificial feldspar or forming artificial feldspar from the toxic material(s). The artificial feldspar may be used to form an artificial aggregate, which may be used in... Agent:

20140251183 - Tailings stream treatment processes: A process for treating a tailings stream comprises (a) contacting (1) a gelling agent and (2) an activator with said tailings stream to produce a gel; (b)entrapping solids including sand and clay, and other solid particles with the gel; and (c) allowing the gel to strengthen and solidify to produce... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140251184 - Synthetic zinc phlogopite via hydrothermal preparation: This invention relates to synthetically derived zinc phlogopite platelets, of superior aspect ratio, effect pigments comprising such synthetically derived platelets and methods of forming said platelets. More specifically the disclosure describes an improved hydrothermal synthesis of zinc phlogopite suitable as a platelets for interference pigments, barrier and flame retardant applications.... Agent:

20140251185 - Complex inorganic colored pigment with reduced elution of hexavalent chromium therefrom: The present invention provides a CICP that maintains high durability and excellent color properties inherent in chromium-containing CICP while allowing a reduced amount of hexavalent chromium elution from the pigment. The CICP with reduced elution of hexavalent chromium therefrom characterized in that the pigment consists of: a pigment component selected... Agent: Tokan Material Technology Co., Ltd.

20140251186 - Fly ash zinc oxide cement: The present description is directed to a cement or cementitious mixture that includes fly ash, zinc oxide and borate. Importantly, the cementitious mixture includes greater than 50% of fly ash by weight, or alternatively greater than 75% by weight of fly ash, or still further alternatively greater than 90% or... Agent: Geomatrix Inc.

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