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Compositions: coating or plastic

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05/21/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150135988 - Trivalent chromium-conversion processing solution containing aluminum-modified colloidal silica: The present invention provides a trivalent chromium-conversion processing solution characterized by containing aluminum-modified colloidal silica.... Agent:

20150135989 - Zwitterionic lignin derivatives: Methods and compositions with anti-fouling properties that are derived from lignin are disclosed. The compositions include lignin with one or more zwitterionic functional groups. The lignin with one or more zwitterionic functional groups may be incorporated in paints and coatings to prepare biocidal coatings.... Agent:

20150135990 - Cellulose resin composition: Provided is a cellulose resin composition wherein roll contamination during processing and reduction in the productivity caused by roll contamination are inhibited. The cellulose resin composition is obtained by adding a polyester-based plasticizer to a cellulose resin, the cellulose resin composition being characterized in that the polyester-based plasticizer is produced... Agent: Adeka Corporation

20150135991 - Method of dissolving cellulose: A method of dissolving cellulose, comprising: firstly heating and activating the cellulose by using a heating apparatus, and then dissolving by using a solvent. The temperature of the heating and the activating is 130° C.-270° C., the time period of the heating is 0.1-100 hours, and the solvent is an... Agent:

20150135992 - Resin composition, molded body and composite molded body: In accordance with the present invention, by using a resin composition including lignin and a curing agent in which the lignin is soluble in an organic solvent and contained in the resin composition in an amount of from 10 to 90% by mass, there are provided a molded product and... Agent:

20150135993 - Treating particles: A method of treating particles by disaggregating, deagglomerating, exfoliating, cleaning, functionalising, doping, decorating and/or repairing said particles, in which the particles are subjected to plasma treatment in a treatment chamber containing a plurality of electrodes which project therein and wherein plasma is generated by said electrodes which are moved during... Agent:

20150135994 - Solution processing of kesterite semiconductors: wherein 0≦x≦1; 0<y≦1; 0≦z≦1; −1≦q≦1, generally include contacting a hydrazine-based solvent, a source of Cu, a source of Sn, a source of Zn carboxylate, a source of at least one of S and Se, under conditions sufficient to form a solution substantially free of solid particles; applying the solution onto... Agent:

20150135995 - Process for the preparation of surface treated mineral filler products and uses of same: The present invention relates to a process for preparing a surface treated mineral filler product, and to its preferred use in the field of plastic applications, and in particular polypropylene (PP)- or polyethylene (PE)-based breathable or extrusion coating film applications.... Agent: Omya International Ag

20150135996 - Composition containing nitrogen-containing organoxysilane compound and method for making the same: A composition consisting essentially of 90-99 parts by weight of a nitrogen-containing organoxysilane compound and 1-10 parts by weight of an isomer affords an appropriate cure behavior and is useful as paint additive, adhesive, silane coupling agent, textile treating agent, and surface treating agent.... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150135997 - Internal curing composition for concrete mixtures: A cementitious mixture including drinking water treatment waste (DWTW) solids, an aggregate, cement and water exhibits improved cement hydration, compressive strength and mitigated autogenous shrinkage. DWTW solids provide an internal curing agent for use with a cementitious mixture. DWTW solids are produced by a water treatment process of flocculating water... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150128827 - Flame-retardant and corrosion-resistant fiber bamboo substrate and preparation method thereof: A preparation method for a flame-retardant and corrosion-resistant fiber bamboo substrate comprises the following steps of: 1) cutting raw bamboo into bamboo filaments; 2) flame-retardant treatment: soaking the bamboo filaments prepared in Step 1) in aqueous solution of a flame retardant; 3) drying: drying the flame-retardant treated bamboo filaments at... Agent: Wuxi Boda Bamboo And Wood Industrial Co., Ltd. (cn)

20150128828 - Infiltration of densified carbon-carbon composite material with low viscosity resin: In one example, a method comprises densifiying a carbonized preform via at least one of resin transfer molding (RTM), vacuum pitch infiltration (VPI) and chemical vapor infiltration/chemical vapor deposition (CVI/CVD), heat treating the densified preform to open internal pores of the densified preform, and infiltrating the internal pores of the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150128829 - Development of a renewable carbon-based bio-modifier for asphalt cement: A bio-modifier for asphalt is provided that comprises non-wood bio-char. In some embodiments, the bio-char comprises pyrolyzed biomass from a bio-fuel crop and/or comprises pyrolyzed grass. The asphalt modifier can improve the performance of asphalt compositions such as asphalt binder compositions and compositions comprising asphalt binder and aggregate. For example,... Agent:

20150128830 - Sustainable adsorbable polymers: The present invention relates to an aqueous suspension of mineral pigment materials having high solids content, which contain dispersing agents and/or grinding agents based on renewable sources, and methods for preparing such a suspension and its use.... Agent:

20150128831 - Glass microspheres made from a redox active glass, and methods of producing glass microspheres: Microspheres comprising a plurality of hollow microspheres, each of the plurality of hollow microspheres comprising a plurality of glass walls, and a plurality of hollow spaces, wherein the plurality of glass walls enclosing at least one of the plurality of hollow spaces, wherein the plurality of glass walls comprising a... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150122146 - Plate-shaped effect pigment comprising a copper-containing coating, method for the production thereof, and use thereof: The present invention relates to an effect pigment comprising a plate-shaped non-metallic substrate and at least one copper-containing coating, wherein the average particle size D50 of the effect pigment is more than 5 μm and the copper content of the effect pigment is in a range from 3 to 70... Agent:

20150122147 - Coloring solution for dental zirconia ceramics and method for using the same: A coloring solution for dental zirconia ceramics and a method for using the same are provided. The coloring solution consists of coloring agents, a solvent, and an additive. The coloring agents are a combination of two or more rare earth metal compounds, wherein the rare earth metal compounds having rare... Agent:

20150122148 - Asphalt concrete with modified oil fly ash: The asphalt with modified oil fly ash additive provides an improved asphalt binder for asphalt concrete. In one embodiment, the oil fly ash is modified to include a carboxylic acid group (—COOH) attached to the surface of the oil fly ash. In another embodiment, the oil fly ash is modified... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150122149 - Method for producing a polysilane, polysilane, and silicon carbide produced therefrom: A method for producing a polysilane includes a step of reacting (i) at least two silane monomers and (ii) at least one alkali metal. The silane monomers contain the following structural units: at least one aryl group, at least one alkyl group, at least one alkenyl group, and at least... Agent:

20150122150 - Low residual bisphenol a alkoxylated materials, their preparation and use thereof: This invention relates to alkoxylated Bisphenol A compositions containing low residual amounts of Bisphenol A. The present invention also relates to methods for making such alkoxylated compositions containing low residual amounts of Bisphenol A, as well as uses for such compositions. The alkoxylated compositions containing low residual amounts of Bisphenol... Agent:

20150122151 - Pelletized additive blends with high extrusion throughput rate: A melt extrusion process for producing pelletized 100% additive blends using additives with lower Hausner ratio and larger particle size with granular form, compared to powder form of additives; also additive blends produced by such process. Extrusion throughput rate is increased using granular additive particle form with lower Hausner ratio... Agent:

20150122152 - Method for reducing agglomeration in gypsum plaster or filling compositions comprising cellulose ether: The present invention relates to a method for providing modified gypsum plaster or filling compositions having reduced agglomeration in comparison to gypsum plaster or filling compositions comprising cellulose ether in a specific amount from 0.1 to 1.0 weight percent, based on the total dry weight of said composition. Also provided... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150122153 - Progressive bubble generating system used in making cementitious foam: A process for producing insulating foam, wherein certain especially small inorganic minerals such as silica fume are directly integrated into bubble fluid to better mechanically strengthen bubbles formed and thus allow the formation of smaller bubbles to be reformed by mechanical means. In this process where these same bubbles are... Agent: Air Krete, Inc.

20150122154 - Highly workable, high strength cement compositions: Pozzolanic cement compositions and method manufacturing the same are described. These cement compositions may include a pozzolanic material and an activator based on a salt of glycolic acid, glyceric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, malonic acid, glutaric acid, maleic acid, formic acid, acetic acid, propionic acid, or butyric acid, a... Agent: Ceratech Inc.

20150122155 - Cementitious composition for forming mortars or concretes having reduced tendency to react with alkali: z

20150122156 - Activated pulverised glass as an additive for mortars and cement, and related cementitious products: The present invention relates to a cementitious composition adapted to form mortars or cements comprising glass as an additive having reduced tendency to reaction with alkali, characterised in that said glass is obtained by grinding and subsequent washing with water.... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150114255 - Spreadable ink composition and method of predicting whether ink composition will have acceptable spreading performance: A phase change ink composition is disclosed. The phase change ink composition comprises a crystalline component and an amorphous component. At a temperature ranging from about 40° C. to about 80° C., the phase change ink simultaneously exhibits (i) a static force ranging from about 2 N to about 4.5... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150114256 - Method for producing moulded articles: A method for producing moulded articles from a base substance which is mixed with a solvent to produce a moulding solution, and subsequently this solvent is at least partially removed from the moulding solution and the moulding solution is supplied to a device (8) for moulding, the moulding solution is... Agent:

20150114257 - Method of preparing retardation film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display: A method of preparing a retardation film includes cellulose acetate having an average degree of acetylation of 2.0 to 2.5 and having a moisture content of 1.0 mass % or less, where the retardation film includes a compound having a Van der Waals volume of 450 to 1000 Å3. The... Agent:

20150114258 - Method for producing an emulsion of alkenyl succinic anhydride (asa) in an aqueous solution of a cationic amylaceous substance, resulting emulsion, and use thereof: A method for producing an emulsion of ASA in an aqueous solution of a cationic amylaceous substance, without having to use a loop for recirculating the product at the emulsification unit. The produced emulsion is characterized by both a fine and monodisperse particle size, and no overheating is involved that... Agent: Roquette Freres

20150114259 - Mixing and adjusting method for foundry sand: Provided is a mixing and adjusting method for foundry sand that uses a sand muller, having weight measuring means for measuring a weight of the foundry sand to be mixed, water content measuring means for measuring a water content of the foundry sand to be mixed, water pouring means for... Agent: Sintokogio, Ltd.

20150114260 - Protective coatings for organic substrates: A composition for protecting a surface of an organic substrate, such as VCT, wood, or a synthetic laminate material, includes a silicate (e.g., an alkali metal polysilicate or colloidal silica) and a siliconate (e.g., a metal siliconate, such as an alkali metal methyl siliconate, etc.). In addition, the composition may... Agent:

20150114261 - Heat resistance bio-adhesives: An adhesive material produced by contacting a catechol with an amine may be stable under heated conditions and produce minimal outgassing under vacuum. The catechol may be an un-substituted catechol or a substituted catechol, such as hydroxychavicol. In some examples, the catechol may be derived from botanical sources. The amine... Agent:

20150114262 - Carbon fiber bundle and method of producing carbon fiber bundle: Provided are carbon fiber bundles which have high knot strength even if the single fiber fineness is large, and which have excellent handling properties and processability. The carbon fiber bundles have a single fiber fineness of 0.8-2.5 dtex, knot strength of 298 N/mm2 or greater. This method of producing carbon... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20150114263 - Mixed alkyl benzyl esters of succinic acid used as plasticizers: The present invention relates to novel succinic acid ester mixtures and to the use thereof as plasticizers for plastic materials. The claimed mixtures are characterized by having good plasticizing effects with low dissolution temperatures... Agent:

20150114264 - Gypsum-based building products and method for the manufacture thereof: A building product comprises calcium sulphate dihydrate particles bound by an organic binder. The calcium sulphate dihydrate particles each have a longest dimension and a lateral dimension, wherein the lateral dimension corresponds to the maximum breadth of the particle about the axis defined by the longest dimension. The calcium sulphate... Agent: Saint-gobain Placo Sas

20150114265 - Method of making particulate material: The invention relates to a method of making a particulate material comprising; providing mineral wool base material in a form having size at least 80% not more than 40 mm, subjecting the mineral wool base material to sintering by use of a pulse combustor and thereby forming a particulate material... Agent:

20150114266 - Process for manufacturing a hydraulic bonding agent, corresponding additive and its use: The invention relates to a method for producing a hydraulic binder, comprising contacting a composition comprising cement clinker, before, during or after the grinding procedure, with (a) a defoaming agent and (b) 0.0005% to 2% by weight, based on the total composition, of at least one air-introducing compound, the defoaming... Agent:

20150114267 - Corrosion inhibiting cementitious compositions: Provided herein is a cementitious composition comprising a photoactivator, wherein the photoactivator is capable of converting NOx to NO2— or NO3— when exposed to ultraviolet (U.V.) or visible light.... Agent:

20150114268 - Synthesis and use of gypsum seeding material: The invention relates to a process for producing calcium sulphate dihydrate by reacting a water-soluble calcium compound with a water-soluble sulphate compound in the presence of water and a polymer containing acid groups, wherein the polymer containing acid groups comprises specific polyether groups. Additionally disclosed are calcium sulphate dihydrate producible... Agent: Basf Construction Solutions Gmbh

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