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Compositions: ceramic

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02/05/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150038312 - Composition for producing glass solders for high-temperature applications and use thereof: The invention relates to compositions for the manufacture of glass solders for high-temperature applications up to temperatures of approx. 1000° C. and to their use. SiO2 having a proportion in the range from 48 mol-% to 62 mol %, Al2O3 having a proportion in the range from 0.5 mol %... Agent:

20150038313 - Method and apparatus for performing laser filamentation within transparent materials: Systems and methods are described for forming continuous laser filaments in transparent materials. A burst of ultrafast laser pulses is focused such that a beam waist is formed external to the material being processed without forming an external plasma channel, while a sufficient energy density is formed within an extended... Agent: Rofin-sinar Technologies Inc.

20150038314 - Chalcogenide glass: Boron-containing network sulfide glass which may be useful in IR transmitting applications, such as IR optics, laser or fiber amplifiers doped with rare earths with emission in the near IR, and methods of making the same.... Agent:

20150038315 - Method for producing chemically tempered glass: r

20150038316 - Glass plate: To provide a glass plate which can be made to have higher Te than conventional glass plates when its iron content is substantially the same as the conventional glass plates, to have substantially the same level of Te as conventional glass plates when its iron content is larger than the... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150038317 - Direct smelting process: A molten bath-based direct smilting process comprises controlling the process conditions in a direct smelting vessel so that molten slag in a molten bath of metal and slag in the vessel has a viscosity in a range of 0.5-5 poise when the slag temperature is in the range of 1400-1550°... Agent:

20150038318 - Building brick comprising a porous material, the microstructure of which is controlled by the addition of a nucleating agent during the process of preparing same: m

20150038319 - Medical ceramic material and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention provides a medical ceramic material with a color other than black or white, especially blue, with which it is possible to secure sufficient durability and to maintain a good appearance by sufficiently suppressing a color difference between before and after the irradiation of gamma-rays for sterilization. The... Agent: Kyocera Medical Corporation

20150038320 - Inorganic fiber and process for manufacturing same: Provided is a method for producing inorganic fiber including: preparing a spinning raw material liquid which comprises an aluminum source, a calcium source, a silicon source and a spinning auxiliary, in which the content of the spinning auxiliary is, in terms of solid matter, 3 parts by mass or more... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150031522 - Carbon-carbon composites including isotropic carbon encapsulating layer and methods of forming the same: A technique of forming a carbon-carbon composite material includes infusing a liquid carbonizable precursor into a porous preform, and the infused precursor is subsequently pyrolyzed to convert the precursor to isotropic carbon. The preform then can be densified with a densifying agent, followed by infusion of the liquid carbonizable precursor... Agent:

20150031523 - Scheelite microwave dielectric ceramic material and preparation method thereof: An embodiment of the present invention provides a scheelite microwave dielectric ceramic material. For example, a structure expression of the scheelite microwave dielectric ceramic material can be Bi(V1-xInx/3Mo2x/3)MoO4. In this embodiment, 0.06≦x≦0.12 An embodiment of the present invention further provides a method for preparing a scheelite microwave dielectric ceramic material.... Agent:

20150031524 - Crystallizable glass composition: A crystallizable glass composition containing, in % by mole in glass component composition, 40 to 70% SiO2, 5 to 35% MgO, 5 to 35% BaO, 5 to 35% ZnO, 0 to 20% CaO, 0 to 20% SrO, 0 to 5% B2O3, 0 to 2% Al2O3, and 0 to 30% La2O3+Y2O3+Gd2O3+Nb2O5+Ta2O5.... Agent:

20150031525 - Optical glass and use thereof: An optical glass is oxide glass wherein Si4++B3+ ranges from 10-60 cation %, La3++Gd3++Y3++Yb3+ ranges from 25-70 cation %, Ti4++Nb5++W6++Bi3+ ranges from 10-20 cation %, Li+ content ranges from 0-5.0 cation %, Ge content is lower than 5.0 mass % as quantity of GeO2 based on oxides, no Pb included,... Agent: Hoya Corporation

01/22/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150024923 - High zirconia fused cast refractory: A high zirconia fused cast refractory which has a chemical composition comprising from 88 to 96.5 mass % of ZrO2, from 2.5 to 9.0 mass % of SiO2, from 0.4 to 1.5 mass % of Al2O3, from 0.07 to 0.26 mass % of Na2O, from 0.3 to 1.3 mass %... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

01/15/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150018193 - Glass-ceramic as dielectric in the high-frequency range: A glass-ceramic is disclosed, this glass-ceramic includes at least the following constituents (in mol % on oxide basis): SiO2 1-30, Al2O3 0-20, B2O3 0-25, TiO2 10-70, RE2O3 0-35, BaO 5-35, SiO2+Al2O3+B2O3<25, where RE is lanthanum, another lanthanoid, or yttrium, and where Ti may be replaced in part, preferably up to... Agent: Schott Ag

20150018194 - Glass compositions, fiberizable glass compositions, and glass fibers made therefrom: The present invention relates generally to glass compositions incorporating rare earth oxides. In one embodiment, a glass composition suitable for fiber forming comprises 51-65 weight percent SiO2, 12.5-19 weight percent Al2O3, 0-16 weight percent CaO, 0-12 weight percent MgO, 0-2.5 weight percent Na2O, 0-1 weight percent K2O, 0-2 weight percent... Agent:

20150018195 - Ceramic foam: The invention relates to a method for preparing a ceramic material, in particular porcelain, having a porous, foam-like structure, comprising the steps of providing a clay composition comprising kaolin clay; alkali metal salt and/or alkaline earth metal salt, or a mixture thereof; a plastic mineral clay; and a frit; and... Agent: Joris Laarman Studio Bv

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