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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150146501 - Acoustic isolater for a downhole tool: A downhole tool for acoustically imaging a subterranean formation having a transmitter and receiver and which includes an acoustic isolator between the transmitter and receiver. The acoustic isolator includes attenuation elements with rounded ends and that are connected in series by compression fittings. The compression fittings include sleeves that threadingly... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Logging Services, Inc.

20150146502 - Method and device for driving capacitance transducer: Provided are a method, a device and the like for driving a capacitance transducer that enable reduction of transmission sound pressure variation caused by variation in characteristics of a capacitance transducer used for, e.g., an ultrasound conversion element. A method for driving a capacitance transducer including a plurality of elements... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150138915 - Direct reservoir signature using the drag wave: A monofrequency signal is used to record signature properties of subsurface reservoir formations. While recording conventional Vibroseis data after certain prescribed distances, the monofrequency signal is transmitted to evaluate the presence of reservoir rocks underneath that source location. When a compressional wave travels through a permeable and fluid-saturated reservoir formation,... Agent: Nonlinear Seismic Imaging, Inc.

20150138916 - Standing wave reduction in direct field acoustic testing: A direct field acoustic testing system includes at least two acoustical transducer groups and a signal modifier for introducing separately controllable time delays or phase shifts for each acoustical transducer group so as to provide an acoustic field conforming to a pre-determined specification with reduced deviations due to constructive or... Agent:

20150138917 - Seismic survey shot coordination apparatus method and system: A method for controlling impulsive sources during a geophysical survey includes receiving a set of predetermined shooting times for an impulsive source, receiving a detonation authorization for the impulsive source, and delaying a triggering of the impulsive source until a next available shooting time of the plurality of predetermined shooting... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20150138918 - Seismic survey shot coordination apparatus method and system: A system for controlling impulsive sources during a geophysical survey includes a triggering unit that interfaces to an impulsive source and provides an estimated current location for the impulsive source and a shot controller configured to transmit a detonation authorization to the triggering unit. The shot controller or the triggering... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20150138919 - Methods for controlling towed marine sensor array geometry: A method for towing a streamer array includes moving a vessel along a body of water. Streamers are towed by vessel. A relative position is determined at selected points along each streamer with respect to the vessel. At least one of the streamers is deflected at at least one longitudinal... Agent:

20150138920 - Modulated echo underwater communications and energy harvesting: A system is provided that includes a gateway node and terminal node. The gateway node may be configured to produce a continuous acoustic wave for propagation through a fluid such as water, and detect an echo thereof. The terminal node may be configured to control a piezoelectric layer to switchably... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150138921 - Acoustic distance measuring for a trawl: A method for determining distance between a vessel and at least one sensor module arranged on fishing gear being towed by the vessel, the at least one sensor module comprising a transmitter connected to a clock and a receiver connected to a clock being arranged on the vessel, comprises time-synchronising... Agent: Scantrawl As

20150138922 - Voltage drop protection apparatus, transmission device, and voltage drop protection system: A voltage drop protection apparatus is provided. The voltage drop protection apparatus includes a power source, a controller electrically connected with the power source and configured to control electronic device by using a power supplied from the power source, a transmission capacitor electrically connected with the power source and configured... Agent:

20150138923 - Acoustic cavitation in fluids: in various implementations, a field-deployable system may include an array of two or more acoustic transducers arranged to propagate pressure waves through a hydrocarbon fluid medium. A method of stimulating a hydrocarbon fluid medium may include propagating pressure waves through the hydrocarbon fluid medium. The pressure waves may have an... Agent:

20150138924 - Acoustic fracturing of rock formations: In various implementations, a method for stimulating a downhole rock formation may include propagating pressure waves into the downhole rock formation and deforming the downhole rock formation via the pressure waves. An apparatus for stimulating a downhole rock formation to enhance hydrocarbon recovery may include an acoustic assembly that emits... Agent:

20150138925 - Ultrasound beamformer with individual array element multiplexers: An ultrasound beamformer may include an array of ultrasound transducer elements. Multiple signal transmitters may each generate an ultrasound signal that is different from the ultrasound signal generated by each of the others. The number of ultrasound transmitters may be no more than half the number of ultrasound transducer elements.... Agent: University Of Southern California

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