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Communications, electrical: acoustic wave systems and devices

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04/10/2014 > 15 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140098630 - Acoustic wave measuring apparatus: An acoustic wave measuring apparatus includes: a probe having a plurality of transducers that are capable of converting an acoustic wave into an electric signal and vice versa; a transmitting and receiving unit that includes a plurality of channels connected to the probe, generates an acoustic wave from the probe,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140098631 - Coupling device for seismic sensors: A coupling device is provided for a sensor unit having at least one sensor located within a housing. The coupling device includes at least one supporting portion, wherein the supporting portion is configured for maintaining the sensor unit in a stable position, with the coupling device either resting on or... Agent:

20140098632 - Determining a confidence value for a fracture plane: Systems, methods, and software can be used to determine a confidence value for a fracture plane. In some aspects, a subset of microseismic events associated with a fracture treatment of a subterranean zone are selected. Confidence in associating the selected subset of microseismic events with a common fracture plane is... Agent:

20140098633 - Geometrical presentation of fracture planes: Systems, methods, and software can be used to analyze microseismic data from a fracture treatment. In some aspects, fracture planes are identified based on microseismic event data from a fracture treatment of a subterranean zone. Each fracture plane is associated with a subset of the microseismic event data. Confidence level... Agent:

20140098639 - Identifying dominant fracture orientations: Systems, methods, and software can be used to identify properties of fractures in a subterranean zone. In some aspects, a basic plane orientation is determined for each of a plurality of basic planes. The basic planes are defined by coplanar subsets of microseismic event data from a fracture treatment of... Agent:

20140098638 - Identifying fracture planes from microseismic data: Systems, methods, and software can be used to identify fracture planes in a subterranean zone. In some aspects, data representing locations of microseismic events associated with a subterranean zone are received. Fracture plane parameters are calculated from the locations of the microseismic events. The fracture plane parameters are calculated based... Agent:

20140098635 - Identifying orientation clusters from microseismic data: Systems, methods and software can be used for analyzing microseismic data from a subterranean zone. In some aspects, a plurality of basic planes are each defined from a subset of the microseismic data and each have an orientation relative to a common axis. Clusters of orientations of the basic planes... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140098636 - Managing microseismic data for fracture matching: Systems, methods, and software can be used to analyze microseismic data from a fracture treatment. In some aspects, stored data associate a fracture plane with a first plurality of microseismic events from a fracture treatment of a subterranean region. Additional stored data indicate an ordering of a second, different plurality... Agent:

20140098637 - Propagating fracture plane updates: Systems, methods, and software can be used to update fracture planes based on microseismic data from a fracture treatment. In some aspects, a first fracture plane is updated based on a microseismic event in a microseismic data set associated with a fracture treatment. The first fracture plane is one of... Agent:

20140098634 - Updating microseismic histogram data: Systems, methods and software can be used for analyzing microseismic data collected from a fracturing treatment of a subterranean zone. In some aspects, a plurality of basic planes are each defined from a subset of the microseismic data and each have an orientation relative to a common axis. Clusters of... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140098640 - Method and system for transmission of seismic data: The transmission system combines a self-contained, wireless seismic acquisition unit and a wireless, line of site, communications unit to form a plurality of individual short-range transmission networks and also a mid-range, line of sight transmission network. Each seismic unit has a power source, a short-range transmitter/receiver disposed within a casing... Agent: Fairfield Industries Incorporated

20140098641 - Method and system for transmission of seismic data: The transmission method utilizes multiple seismic acquisition units within an array as intermediate short range radio receivers/transmitters to pass collected seismic data in relay fashion back to a control station. Any one seismic unit in the array is capable of transmitting radio signals to several other seismic units positioned within... Agent: Fairfield Industries, Inc.

20140098642 - Underwater communications: An environmental monitoring system comprises at least one underwater environmental measurement device and a transmitter for transmitting data from the measurement device to an above water station using electromagnetic and/or magnetic signals, and/or a receiver for receiving data and/or commands from the above water station using electromagnetic and/or magnetic signal.... Agent: Wfs Technologies Ltd.

20140098643 - Vermin repelling device and method: A device and a method are provided for repelling animals, namely vermin. The device is electrically powered and includes a sound emitter; and a circuit operatively connected to the sound emitter to cause the sound emitter to produce an ultrasonic sound to discourage the vermin from at least one of... Agent: Industrial Engineering & Automation Solutions Limited

20140098644 - Chirp to control devices: A screen emits a chirp. A mobile device decodes the chirp to control the screen. A screen has several speakers emitting different chirps. The decoding by a mobile device allocates a split screen to the device, that is closest to it. A screen has a microphone that decodes a chirp... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140092707 - Operational mode switching in seismic data acquisition module via supply voltage polarization: Described herein are various embodiments of methods and corresponding hardware and software that are configured to permit a seismic data acquisition module to switch between a data acquisition operational mode and a USB data downloading mode according to the sensed polarity of an external power supply that is connected to... Agent: Global Geophysical Services, Inc.

20140092708 - Plural-depth buried seismic sensors acquisition system and method: A system for collecting seismic data includes plural seismic sensors. The seismic sensors are buried underground. In one application, a first set of seismic sensors are buried at a first depth and a second set of seismic sensors are buried at a second depth. In another application, the sensors alternate... Agent:

20140092709 - Pvdf sonar transducer system: A sound navigation and ranging (SONAR) transducer system comprises a transmit element and a receive element. The transmit element may be formed from ceramic material and configured to transmit an ultrasonic signal into a body of water. The transmit element may include a first component configured to transmit the ultrasonic... Agent: Garmin Switzerland Gmbh

20140092710 - Method and system for locating an acoustic source: A method and a system are provided, in which acoustic signals received by distributed acoustic sensors are processed in order to determine the position of a source or sources of the acoustic signals. The method and system are able to determine the position of several acoustic sources simultaneously, by measuring... Agent: Silixa Ltd.

20140092711 - Method for identifying a seismic event and a seismic detector for implementing same: A method for identifying a seismic even makes it possible to determine the direction to a source of a seismic disturbance both on the surface and in a three-dimensional space and increases the probability of correct identification of a seismic event and the accuracy of the determination of the direction... Agent: Angrymole Technologies Ltd.

20140092712 - Sonotrode with processing channel: The present invention relates to an ultrasonic sonotrode with a main sonotrode body and a sealing area arranged on one side of the main sonotrode body. The main sonotrode body has two through-slits extending in or through the main sonotrode body respectively along a slit axis. These through-slits intersect in... Agent: Hermann Ultraschalltechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

03/27/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140086008 - Inverse timing method, apparatus, and applications: An ‘inverse timing’ method advantageously utilized for marine seismic applications involving one or more autonomous nodes involves the step of synchronizing the timing of newly recorded and/or prior recorded seismic data with a ‘true’ time whereby the synchronizing of timing is performed in a non-traditional ‘reverse’ manner rather than the... Agent: Fairfield Industries Incorporated

20140086009 - Methods and apparatus for waveform processing: Methods and apparatus for waveform processing are disclosed. An example method includes estimating a theoretical value of a first input parameter and setting a second input parameter to a known value. The known value is different than an actual value of the second input parameter. The method also includes identifying... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140086010 - Land based seismic data acquisition unit: A wireless seismic data acquisition unit with a wireless receiver providing access to a common remote time reference shared by a plurality of wireless seismic data acquisition units in a seismic system. The receiver is capable of replicating local version of remote time epoch to which a seismic sensor analog-to-digital... Agent: Fairfield Industries Incorporated

20140086011 - Strike and dip tooltip for seismic sections: A method for displaying exploration and production (E&P) data set during an E&P tool session of a field having a subterranean formation. The method includes generating, by an E&P tool executing on a computer processor during the E&P tool session, an E&P data set based on a subterranean formation field... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140086012 - Volumetric piezoelectric seismic wave source and related methods: Seismic wave sources and related methods are provided. A seismic wave source includes a housing, plural pillars and an excitation system. The housing is split in two halves along a plane including a longitudinal axis of the housing. The plural pillars are made of piezoelectric elements and are positioned inside... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140086013 - Method for an equivalent circuit parameter estimation of a transducer and a sonar system using thereof: The present disclosure relates to an active sonar system including a transmitter; a transducer; and an impedance matching circuit, and a method of estimating an equivalent model parameter of a multi-mode transducer, wherein an electrical equivalent model parameter having a plurality of stages corresponding to each mode is estimated by... Agent:

20140086014 - Ultrasound image processing apparatus and program: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus generates Doppler waveform images whose visibility is improved appropriately in accordance with changes in measurement conditions. The ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes a frequency-analyzing unit that generates frequency spectrum data on Doppler shift frequency components of ultrasonic waves that are received after being transmitted towards a subject... Agent: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

20140086015 - Object detection method using ultrasonic waves and object detection apparatus: An object detection method using ultrasonic waves includes: emitting a plurality of ultrasonic signals sequentially according to a time interval; sensing a sound wave formed by each of the ultrasonic signals to generate a reflected signal; and analyzing the reflected signal to detect at least one reflection object. It can... Agent: Pegatron Corporation

20140086016 - Acoustic wave acquisition apparatus: The acoustic wave acquisition apparatus of the present invention includes a light source that generates light and a detector including a plurality of elements that receive an acoustic wave generated from inside a subject when the subject is irradiated with the light. The acoustic wave acquisition apparatus further includes a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140086017 - Ultrasonic transmission/reception unit, manufacturing method of ultrasonic transmission/reception unit, and ultrasonic flow meter device: An ultrasonic transmission/reception unit includes a metal plate, an acoustic matching member, a piezoelectric substrate, a first lead wire, a second lead wire, and a vibration suppression member containing a thermoplastic resin as a major component, the vibration suppression member being configured to cover, in a unitary manner, the other... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140086018 - Soundwave transmission installation method: A soundwave transmission installation method is an actuation procedure in which one system connects to and installs at least one embedded second system. The method consists of: activating the second system that is required to be installed; enabling the second system to wait for a notification signal transmitted from the... Agent: Edimax Technology Co., Ltd.

03/20/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140078860 - Interference noise attenuation method and apparatus: A method for determining interference noise recorded in a first seismic survey of a subsurface generated by a source in a second seismic survey. The method includes receiving seismic data recorded by seismic sensors of the first seismic survey, wherein the seismic data includes seismic waves that originate from the... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140078861 - Method and underwater node for seismic survey: A marine node for recording seismic waves underwater. The node includes a main body having a torus shape; a central body provided inside a space defined by the main body and connected to the main body through at least a link; a first thruster provided in the main body and... Agent: Cggveritas Services Sa

20140078862 - Streamer spread with reduced drag: A method and a marine front-end gear for connecting a set of streamers to a towing vessel. The front-end gear includes ropes for connecting a first sub-set of streamers to the vessel; lead-ins for connecting a second sub-set of streamers to the vessel; and a back loop cable electrically connected... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140078863 - Assaying gold with a microwave pulse: A system for assaying gold in a rock formation includes a transmitter and an acoustic sensor. The transmitter is configured to transmit a microwave pulse into the rock formation. The acoustic sensor is coupled to the rock formation and is configured to detect an acoustic wave emitted from the rock... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140078864 - Intra-bed source vertical seismic profiling: A system and method obtain a Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP). The system includes a seismic source disposed in a first borehole at a first depth greater than an identified depth of a interface, the seismic source configured to emit seismic waves. The system also includes one or more receptors disposed... Agent:

20140078865 - Seismic acquisition system-based unmanned airborne vehicle: A system includes a seismic acquisition system that includes a plurality of nodes and further includes an unmanned airborne vehicle. The unmanned airborne vehicle is to be used with the seismic acquisition system to conduct a seismic survey.... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140078866 - Beamforming method and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: A beamforming method includes: generating a main beam signal by performing, with a focus on a first region, a delay and sum operation on receiving echo signals; generating a sub beam signal which has a low sensitivity to ultrasound signals reflected off the first region; and generating a narrow beam... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140078867 - Sound direction estimation device, sound direction estimation method, and sound direction estimation program: A sound direction estimation device includes a transfer function storage unit configured to store transfer functions of sound sources in correlation with directions of the sound sources, a calculation unit configured to calculate the number of classes to be searched and a search interval for each class based on a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

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