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Communications, electrical: acoustic wave systems and devices

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01/22/2015 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150023135 - Split row-column addressing method for three-dimensional ultrasound imaging: The invention discloses a split row-column addressing method for three-dimensional ultrasound imaging, and the method comprises: for an N×N planar array, obtain the pulse-echo response distribution from fully connected two-dimensional planar array, parameters thereof comprising beam widths A′ and B′ at −6 dB and −20 dB respectively, average side lobe... Agent:

20150023136 - Ultrasound imaging method and device with prediction of artefacts induced between reconstruction modes: determining a second sub-region of the part, a point (P) of the region belonging to the second sub-region when a time of flight (TijB(P)) of the path according to a second reconstruction mode (B) going through the point (P) from a transmitter i to a receiver j of said set... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150023137 - System and method for using controlled vibrations for borehole communications: A system for producing controlled vibrations within a borehole comprises a vibration mechanism an impact to produce a plurality of vibration beats. The vibration mechanism is located substantially near a bottom hole assembly within the borehole. A damping mechanism selectively damps the vibration beats to encode information therein. The damping... Agent:

20150023138 - Ultrasonic positioning system and method using the same: Described herein are an ultrasonic positioning system integrated in an electronic device, and a method using the same. The ultrasonic positioning system comprises an ultrasound generator, two or more ultrasound receivers, and a control unit. Said ultrasound generator is configured to generate an ultrasound wave. Said two or more ultrasound... Agent: Suzhou Touchair Technology Co., Ltd

01/15/2015 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150016215 - Image processing module, ultrasound imaging apparatus, image processing method, and control method of ultrasound imaging apparatus: An image processing module includes an input unit, a weight operator, and a synthesizer. The input unit is configured to receive a plurality of input signals of a plurality of channels. The weight operator is configured to calculate at least one weight to be applied to each channel based on... Agent: Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation, Hallym University

20150016216 - In situ accelerometer calibration: Disclosed are methods and systems for calibration of an accelerometer used in a geophysical sensor while deployed in the water. An embodiment may include towing a streamer behind a survey vessel in a body of water, wherein the streamer comprises an accelerometer; causing at least a portion of the streamer... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20150016217 - Methods and systems for streamer anti-twist: Disclosed are methods and systems for enabling anti-twist functionality in marine geophysical streamers. An embodiment discloses a method comprising: towing a streamer behind a survey vessel in a body of water, wherein the streamer comprises rotation sensors and streamer rotation devices; receiving data from at least one rotation sensor indicative... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20150016218 - Marine seismic survey method and system: An inventive method provides for control of a seismic survey spread while conducting a seismic survey, the spread having a vessel, a plurality of spread control elements, a plurality of navigation nodes, and a plurality of sources and receivers. The method includes the step of collecting input data, including navigation... Agent:

20150016219 - Device for producing an acoustic signal in a liquid medium, equipped with hydraulic means for controlling output acoustic signal: A device is provided for producing an acoustic signal in a liquid medium. The device includes a pneumatic chamber to contain a compressed gas volume, at least one pneumatic exhaust port allowing the compressed gas volume to be released out of the pneumatic chamber, and a shuttle movable along a... Agent:

20150016220 - Sonic/acoustic monitoring using optical distributed acoustic sensing: Methods and apparatus for performing sonic well logging within a wellbore based on optical Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) are provided. A sonic well logging system based on DAS may be capable of producing the functional equivalent of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of acoustic sensors. In this manner, the emplacement... Agent:

20150016222 - Electrostatic capacitance transducer, probe, and subject information acquiring device: An electrostatic capacitance transducer includes: multiple elements each having a cell including a first electrode, and a vibrating film including a second electrode, formed across a gap from the first electrode; a first flexible printed circuit having multiple first lines; and a second flexible printed circuit having multiple second lines.... Agent:

20150016223 - Sensor array with receiver bias electrode: A method of operation of an ultrasonic sensor array includes receiving a receiver bias voltage at a receiver bias electrode of the ultrasonic sensor array to bias piezoelectric sensor elements of the ultrasonic sensor array. The method further includes receiving a transmitter control signal at the ultrasonic sensor array to... Agent:

20150016221 - Transducer and subject information acquisition apparatus: A transducer includes a plurality of elements each including at least one cell structured in such a way that a diaphragm including one of a first electrode and a second electrode disposed facing each other via a space is vibratably supported, bias wiring for supplying a bias voltage to the... Agent:

20150016224 - Signal processing apparatus, object detecting apparatus, apparatus provided with object detecting function, and object detecting method: Provided is a technology which is able to detect an object with high accuracy. A signal processing apparatus 1 includes a generating unit 2 and a detecting unit 3. The generating unit 2 includes a function of generating, as a transmitting signal, a modulation wave whose frequency changes non-repetitively. The... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150016225 - System and method for target detection: A sonar based sensor for localization of a target in air is described. The sensor comprises a wide or ultra-wide band emitter for emitting a wide or ultra-wide band signal, and a set of spatially randomly or irregularly positioned receivers for receiving the wide or ultra-wide band signal after reflection... Agent:

20150016226 - Beamformer, beamforming method, ultrasonic imaging apparatus, and control method of ultrasonic imaging apparatus: Disclosed herein is a beamformer that performs beamforming, including a weight computation processor configured to compute a covariance of a conversion signal which is obtainable by converting an input signal using at least one conversion function, approximate the computed covariance to a Toeplitz matrix form, and compute a conversion signal... Agent: Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation, Hallym University

20150016227 - Capacitive micro-machined ultrasound transducer device with charging voltage source: The present invention relates to a capacitive micro-machined ultrasound transducer (CMUT) device (1) for transmitting and/or receiving ultrasound waves, comprising at least one CMUT cell (10). The CMUT cell (10) comprises a substrate (13) comprising a first electrode (22), a membrane (15) comprising a second electrode (20), at least one... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150016228 - Remote control signaling using audio watermarks: A system for using a watermark embedded in an audio signal to remotely control a device. Various devices such as toys, computers, and appliances, equipped with an appropriate detector, detect the hidden signals, which can trigger an action, or change a state of the device. The watermarks can be used... Agent: Verance Corporation

01/08/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150009778 - Electromechanical transducer: An electromechanical transducer includes a plurality of cells arranged on a substrate, each cell having a first electrode and a second electrode disposed opposite to the first electrode with a gap interposed between them. A plurality of elements, each including at least two cells with their first electrodes or second... Agent:

20150009779 - Method and device for marine seismic acquisition: Method and system for improving offset/azimuth distribution. The system includes plural streamers towed by a streamer vessel; a central source towed by the streamer vessel; first and second front sources located in front of the plural streamers along a traveling direction of the streamer vessel; and first and second large... Agent:

20150009780 - Method and apparatus for receiver-side deghosting of seismic data: Apparatus, computer instructions and method for combining first and second records to form a substantially deghosted seismic record.... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20150009781 - Flasher type fish sonar: A flasher type fish sonar includes a front case in which a display window is formed in front, a rotary disc opposite to the display window rotated by a motor, an ultrasonic transducer for transmitting ultrasonic waves in the water by a control portion and for receiving reflected signals in... Agent:

20150009782 - Ultrasound probe and method of operating an ultrasound probe: An ultrasound probe contains an ultrasound transducer arrangement that is formed with a plurality of transducer elements. The transducer elements are arranged next to one another in a row and they can be controlled with a time delay. The transmitting/receiving surfaces of the transducer elements are inclined relative to one... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150003192 - Self-propelled buoy for monitoring underwater objects: Various embodiments of the invention provide a buoy and system for monitoring divers and other underwater objects. In many embodiments, the buoy has capabilities to monitor a diver, obtain position information about the diver and use that information to move itself to an effective range for continued monitoring. The buoy... Agent:

20150003193 - Method and apparatus for controlling output of an array of seismic sources: Apparatus, computer instructions and method for controlling an energy output of a source array to be used in a seismic survey for illuminating a subsurface. The method includes generating a model (β) based on up-going (U) and down-going (D) components of seismic waves generated by source elements that form the... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20150003194 - Directional self-burying sensor system and method: Node, system and method for collecting seismic data. A node for collecting seismic data includes a base configured to land on the ocean floor; and a head connected to the base through a connecting member and configured to bury itself into the ocean floor. The head includes a seismic sensor... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20150003195 - Variable depth multicomponent sensor streamer: Variable depth multicomponent sensor streamer. At least some of example embodiments are methods including designing a depth profile for first portion of a sensor streamer by determining a first target depth for a first hydrophone-geophone pair, the first hydrophone-geophone pair at a first offset along the sensor streamer, the determining... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20150003198 - Interpolating seismic data: A technique includes modeling interpolated seismic measurements as a random process characterized by seismic measurements acquired at a set of sensor locations and an interpolation error. The technique includes determining the interpolated seismic measurements based at least in part on a minimization of the interpolation error.... Agent:

20150003197 - Inversion techniques using streamers at different depths: Techniques are disclosed relating to geophysical surveying and data processing using streamers at different depths. In one embodiment, a method includes obtaining geophysical data specific to a geophysical formation that includes a first set of data representative of a first particle motion signal and a first pressure signal recorded using... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20150003196 - Survey techniques using streamers at different depths: Techniques are disclosed relating to geophysical surveying and data processing using streamers at different depths. In one embodiment, a method includes obtaining geophysical data that is specific to a geophysical formation and representative of: a particle motion signal recorded using sensors at a first depth, a first pressure signal recorded... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20150003199 - Methods and apparatus for determining stimulated volume of oil and gas reservoirs: The invention relates to methods and apparatuses for a new signal processing method for substantial noise reduction with the goal of making small microquakes detectable and localizable, giving more data points and detail regarding fracking geometry. According to some aspects, the invention provides a fully integrated system including a novel... Agent:

20150003200 - System and method for determining the position of a sensor in seismic exploration: A system and method for determining the position of a sensor in seismic exploration is disclosed. The method includes directing first, second, and third sensors to emit first, second, and third signals respectively; recording first, second, and third emitted times corresponding to emitting the first, second, and third signals respectively;... Agent:

20150003201 - System, method and computer program product for stacking seismic noise data to analyze seismic events: Disclosed is a method for determining seismic event data from indications of seismic noise, the method including receiving seismic trace data from a plurality of locations, and providing a virtual trace value (ERvirtual) as seismic event data for a virtual trace location from the seismic trace data. A system and... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150003202 - Wireless acoustic communications method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for generating, propagating, encoding, decoding, modulating and detecting acoustic signals in a well borehole that comprises a signal generator (10) located at a first location for generating an acoustic source signal; a medium for the propagation the acoustic source signal to a second location and the... Agent:

20150003203 - Systems and methods for downhole cement evaluation: Systems and methods for cement evaluation by determining a shear velocity of a shear wave (26) propagating within a medium (20) located between a formation (12) and a casing (13) in a borehole (11) are presented. The method can include positioning an ultrasonic transducer array (21) in the borehole inside... Agent:

20150003204 - Tactile feedback in a two or three dimensional airspace: Described embodiments include a system and a method. A system includes a steered-beam ultrasound transmitter configured to deliver a focused, down-modulated ultrasound wave into a volume of airspace selected from at least two volumes of airspace respectfully associated with at least two delineated areas of a surface. The down-modulated ultrasound... Agent:

20150003205 - Ultrasound sensor: An ultrasound sensor includes a transmitting/receiving device configured to transmit/receive ultrasound waves; and a controller configured to make the transmitting/receiving device transmit an ultrasound burst wave, as each of the ultrasound waves, and detect an object through a reception signal that is output from the transmitting/receiving device. The controller is... Agent:

20150003206 - Apparatus, method and program for spatial position measurement: According to one embodiment, a spatial position measurement apparatus, includes: a transmission unit configured to transmit an ultrasonic wave accompanying with a transmission source identifiable from three or more transmission sensors provided on a first object; a detection unit configured to detect the ultrasonic wave received by two or more... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150003207 - Wireless power transmission apparatus using ultrasound: Provided is a wireless power transmission apparatus. The apparatus includes an ultrasound transmitter generating an ultrasound signal in response to an external source voltage and transmitting the generated ultrasound signal to a medium layer and an ultrasound receiver receiving the ultrasound signal through the medium layer and converting the received... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150003208 - Method for instrumenting a container intended to be set moving in particular in order to mix an assortment of materials: The method for instrumenting a container, especially intended to receive an assortment of materials, capable of being set moving in a preset coordinate system, said method comprises the following steps: placing at least one communicating element in the container on an internal surface of the container; and tracking the location... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

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