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Communications, electrical: acoustic wave systems and devices

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04/30/2015 > 18 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150117144 - Inversion-based reflector dip estimation: Method for estimating reflector dips in a window of post stack image traces (51) of seismic data for use in velocity tomography (57). The method iteratively (56) flattens (55) the image traces against a specified reference trace through the application of conjugate-gradient least-squares inversion (53). Different from other dip estimation... Agent:

20150117143 - Method for post-stack noise mitigation: Method for mitigating coherent noise and seismic data using an adaptively varying filter. The strongest and most coherent pattern (53), generally associated with the geology, is adaptively removed (56) from the original seismic data, producing an intermediate product that consists predominantly of noise. These noise data are then removed from... Agent:

20150117145 - Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and control method thereof: Disclosed herein is an ultrasonic imaging apparatus including: an ultrasonic probe configured to receive ultrasonic waves reflected from an object, and to convert the ultrasonic waves into electrical signals; a beamformer configured to perform beamforming on the electrical signals to thereby generate resultant signals, and to output the resultant signals;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117147 - Reconfigurable seismic sensor cable: Embodiments relate to a sensor cable that may be reconfigurable to have various combinations of seismic sensors. An apparatus may comprise a sensor cable and seismic sensors distributed throughout a volume of the sensor cable and along all three axes of the sensor cable, wherein the seismic sensors are assigned... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20150117146 - Solid streamer longitudinal body apparatus and method of use thereof: Streamers used in mapping strata beneath a marine body are described, such as in a flexible neutrally buoyant towed array. A streamer cable is described using polyurea, within a sleeve, where the polyurea demonstrates durability in the presence of extreme hydrodynamic forces at depths in the marine body. The sleeve... Agent:

20150117148 - Marine streamer inertial navigating drag body: A sensor streamer drag body system. At least some of the example embodiments include a system having a sensor streamer towable behind a vessel in a body of water, the sensor streamer defining a defining a distal end and a proximal end, the proximal end nearest the vessel. The system... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20150117150 - In-phase precursor seismic sweep: Various implementations described herein are directed to a method of performing a seismic survey operation. The method may include deploying two seismic sources. The method may include using the two seismic sources to perform a simultaneous in-phase precursor sweep. The method may also include using the two seismic sources to... Agent:

20150117149 - Methods and systems for land seismic surveying: Methods and apparatuses for land seismic survey are provided. The methods and apparatuses utilize spatial derivatives of a seismic wavefield to interpolate, regularize or extrapolate seismic data. The methods and apparatuses may considerably reduce land seismic field efforts and/or compensate data gaps.... Agent:

20150117151 - Automatic tracking of faults by slope decomposition: Method for locating fault lines or surfaces in 2-D or 3-D seismic data based on the fact that fault discontinuities in the space domain span a wide range in a local slowness (slope) domain, whereas other dipping events in the space domain data, such as noise, tend to be coherent,... Agent:

20150117152 - Method and apparatus for acoustic noise isolation in a subterranean well: The disclosure provides a well system component configured to reduce excessive acoustic noise that would otherwise interfere with acoustic telemetry systems. Specifically, the well system component includes a body configured to be coupled to a pipe string, at least one lobe extending radially from the body, and a pad disposed... Agent:

20150117153 - Adaptive transmitter cluster area for ultrasonic locationing system: A system and method for ultrasonic locationing of a mobile device within an environment using an adaptive transmitter cluster area includes a first step of providing a plurality of fixed ultrasonic transmitters operable to be activated to provide active clusters of transmitters to service mobile devices within a predefined coverage... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20150117154 - Apparatus for transmitting positioning signal and method for indoor positioning using the same: Disclosed are an apparatus for transmitting positioning signals, a method for indoor positioning based on the positioning signals, and an apparatus for performing the same. The method comprises receiving a plurality of acoustic or ultrasonic waves; measuring strengths of the received plurality of acoustic or ultrasonic waves; identifying frequencies of... Agent:

20150117155 - Electric acoustic windows with optional sound shielding: Provided is an acoustic processing apparatus capable of optional sound shielding that may selectively control a sound entering an acoustically shielded interior of a building or a vehicle and form a pleasant acoustic environment, including an acoustic receiver to obtain at least one external acoustic signal, an acoustic signal processor... Agent:

20150117156 - System and method for ultrasound identification and manipulation of molecular interactions: A system and method for resolving and/or mechanically manipulating molecular bonds. A method for resolving molecular bonds includes applying ultrasound to molecules to be manipulated. A magnetic signal associated with the molecules is measured. Whether ultrasound causes dissolution of the bonds of the molecules is determined based on measurements of... Agent:

20150117157 - Integrated passive and wireless sensor: A passive and wireless sensor is provided for sensing at least one of magnetic field, temperature or humidity. The sensor can provide only one of the sensing functions, individually or any combination of them simultaneously. It can be used for various applications where magnetic field changes, temperature and/or humidity need... Agent:

20150117159 - Intermediate computing device that uses near-field acoustic signals to configure an end-user device: An intermediate device is operated to play back an acoustic configuration file for an end-user device. The acoustic configuration file can embed configuration parameters that are detectable by the end-user device. In particular, the end-user device can use the configuration parameters in conjunction with performing select operations, such as operations... Agent: Kobo Inc.

20150117160 - Terminal device, method of controlling terminal device and storage medium: A terminal device includes a sound wave receiver, configured to receive sound wave, an electric wave receiver, configured to receive electric wave, a notification controller, configured to notify a user when an identification code contained in the electric wave received by the electric wave receiver is detected, and an activation... Agent:

20150117158 - Using near-field acoustic signals to configure end-user devices: A network service is provided that embeds encodes acoustic data to carry configuration parameters for configuring an end-user device. The network service then transmits or causes transmission of an acoustic signal carrying the configuration parameters to the end-user device. The end-user device detects information items corresponding to configuration parameters embedded... Agent: Kobo Inc.

04/23/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150109881 - Demultiple using up/down separation of towed variable-depth streamer data: Methods and systems for processing data acquired using a variable-depth streamer, obtain up-going and down-going wavefields at a predetermined datum, and use them to identify multiples included in the up-going wavefield. An image of a geological formation under the seabed is then generated using the data from which the multiples... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20150109880 - Ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus employing the same: An ultrasonic transducer includes a substrate; and a plurality of capacitive ultrasonic cells arranged on the substrate in a predetermined direction. Thicknesses of cavities in the plurality of capacitive ultrasonic cells are determined based on locations of the plurality of capacitive ultrasonic cells in the predetermined direction.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150109882 - Attentuating noise acquired in an energy measurement: A technique includes receiving sensor data; sorting the data into a gather representation that corresponds to a plurality of shots of an energy source; and determining a signal cone based at least in part on at least one characteristic of the gather representation. The technique includes processing the sensor data... Agent:

20150109883 - Wireless subsea seismic sensor and data collection methods: A wireless subsea seismic sensor capable of independent location and operation in arrays, and methods of data collection from arrays of such sensors.... Agent:

20150109886 - Acoustic wave imaging of formations: An embodiment of a method of estimating characteristics of an earth formation includes: disposing an acoustic tool in a borehole in an earth formation, the acoustic tool including an acoustic multipole transmitter and at least one multipole acoustic receiver; transmitting acoustic signals into the borehole, the acoustic signals generating at... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150109884 - Dipole seismic source and method for adjusting radiation pattern: A seismic survey system for surveying a subsurface. The system includes a dipole seismic source buried in a well and configured to generate P-waves having a first radiation pattern and to generate S-waves having a second radiation pattern; plural seismic sensors distributed about the dipole seismic source and configured to... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20150109885 - Method for correcting first break arrival time: The present disclosure cointegrates the traveltimes obtained from checkshot survey and integrated sonic log in obtaining a corrected traveltimes to more accurately determine the first break in seismic data.... Agent:

20150109887 - Sonic adaptor for converting sonic or ultrasonic waveform data for use with a seismic-based computer program: A method, apparatus, and program convert waveform data, e.g., sonic or ultrasonic waveform data, to a seismic data format that is compatible with a seismic-based computer program such as a geology application, seismic application, attribute extraction application, visualization application, etc., thereby enabling the converted data to be analyzed using such... Agent:

20150109888 - Transmit/receive channel for ultrasound applications: A device voltage shifter includes a first voltage reference node, a second voltage reference node, an output node and a clamp node. A first high-voltage switching transistor of the voltage shifter has a first conduction terminal coupled to the first voltage reference node and a second conduction terminal coupled to... Agent:

20150109889 - Acoustic transducer with membrane supporting structure: An acoustic transducer includes a base plate, a vibrating membrane and a back plate. The vibrating membrane covers an opening of the base plate and has a plurality of conjoint vibratile portions. The acoustic transducer further has a connecting portion that is connected to a boundary between each two of... Agent: Merry Electronics (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

04/16/2015 > 9 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150103623 - Detecting structural and stratigraphic information from seismic data: The present invention relates to a method of processing seismic signals comprising: receiving a set of seismic signals, applying a wavelet transformation to the set of signals and generating transformed signals across a plurality of scales. Then for each scale determining coherence information indicative of the transformed signals and generating... Agent:

20150103624 - Electroseismic surveying in exploration and production environments: Systems, methods, and computer programs for monitoring a drilling operation in a subterranean formation include receiving, from a first sensor array, one or more seismic signals caused, at least in part, by the drilling operation in the subterranean formation; receiving, from the first sensor array, one or more electromagnetic signals... Agent:

20150103625 - Electroseismic surveying in exploration and production environments: Systems, methods, and computer programs for monitoring production of fluids from a subterranean formation includes receiving, from a first sensor array at a first time, a first set of electromagnetic signals generated by an electro seismic or seismoelectric conversion of seismic signals caused, at least in part, by the production... Agent:

20150103626 - Electroseismic surveying in exploration and production environments: Systems, methods, and computer programs for monitoring a drilling operation in a subterranean formation include receiving, from a first sensor array, one or more signals caused, at least in part, by the fracturing operation in the subterranean formation; receiving, from the first sensor array, one or more electromagnetic signals generated... Agent:

20150103627 - Group of spaced apart acoustic transciver arrays and a method for measuring a content of a bin: A method and a system for evaluating a content of a bin, the method may include: transmitting at a first point in time and by a first acoustic transceiver array, a first acoustic pulse; receiving by a second acoustic transceiver array an echo of the first acoustic pulse; and processing... Agent:

20150103628 - Movable system for measuring a content of a bin: A method and a system for evaluating a content of a bin, the method may include (a) transmit multiple acoustic pulses by multiple acoustic transceiver arrays towards different areas of an upper surface of the content when the acoustic transceivers are positioned at different locations; wherein the multiple acoustic transceiver... Agent:

20150103629 - Correction of detecting depth and calculation of speed of moving objects based on time of flight of ultrasound pulses: During transmission, speed of ultrasound pulses gradually reduces due to their energy loss from acoustic impedance. So, calculating a detecting depth with fixed speed of the ultrasound pulses will distort ultrasound images. Correction of the detecting depth will rectify a depth registration and improve the imaging quality. The thickness and... Agent:

20150103630 - Increasing signal to noise ratio of acoustic echoes by a group of spaced apart acoustic transciver arrays: A method and a system for evaluating a content of a bin, the method may include: transmitting by multiple acoustic transceiver arrays, a plurality of acoustics pulses in an at least partially overlapping manner towards an expected location of the content to generate an acoustic interference pattern that comprises multiple... Agent:

20150103631 - Trawl height indicator: A trawl sensor device for monitoring trawl doors and the distance of the trawl to the boom during trawling operations comprises at least one acoustic transmitter and receiver, the transmitter being adapted to be positioned such that an acoustic signal is transmitted towards the seabed at a forward-pointing angle, and... Agent: Scantrawl As

04/09/2015 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150098302 - Seismic sensor: A seismic sensor cable system is provided. The seismic sensor cable system may include a cable, a first sensor configured to measure motion of the cable, wherein measurement of motion by the first sensor substantially excludes particle motion associated with seismic waves, and a second sensor configured to measure particle... Agent:

20150098303 - Operation managing system for driving a navigation control device according to a degraded operating mode: An operation managing system is provided for managing the operation of a navigation control device. The navigation control device is adapted for controlling the depth and/or the lateral position of a towed acoustic linear antenna and including a body to which is attached a set of wings. The operation managing... Agent:

20150098304 - Methods and system to assist search for lost and submerged objects: Devices and methods for aiding a large area search for submerged objects such as aircraft. A searcher transmits interrogation signals to be received by a device at the target object. The interrogation signals have a long range relative to that of returned signals. The target device responds with a ping... Agent:

20150098305 - Photoacoustic apparatus, operation method of photoacoustic apparatus, and program: A photoacoustic apparatus disclosed in the present specification includes: an acoustic wave transmission unit configured to transmit a transmission acoustic wave to a specific area; a control unit configured to control a transmission waveform of the transmission acoustic wave transmitted from the acoustic wave transmission unit; a light source configured... Agent:

20150098306 - Method of passive acoustic depth determination in shallow water: A method of acoustic depth determination in shallow water. At least one standard acoustic sensor located below an ocean thermocline is provided. The at least one acoustic sensor operates at a first frequency regime and at a second frequency regime. The first frequency regime is above a cut-off frequency. The... Agent:

20150098307 - Pulse amplitude controlled current source for ultrasound transmit beamformer and method thereof: An electrical waveform generating circuit has a pair of Pulse Amplitude Controlled Switching Current Sources (PACS). A gate pulse driver circuit is coupled to an input of each of the pair of PACS for sending gate pulses for driving the pair of PACS. A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) circuit is coupled... Agent:

20150098308 - Method and system using vibration signatures for pairing master and slave computing devices: A method and a system of using vibration signatures for pairing two devices. The method and the system include an apparatus that has a master side and a slave side. The slave side has at least one frictional structure. A first device is inserted into the master side. When a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

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