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Communications, electrical: acoustic wave systems and devices

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10/02/2014 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140293737 - Acousto-optic image capture device: An acousto-optic image capture device includes: an acoustic wave source to irradiating an object with an acoustic wave; an acoustic lens system which transforms a scattered wave from the object into a plane acoustic wave; an acousto-optic medium portion which is arranged so that the scattered wave transmitted through the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140293738 - Gain control circuit and ultrasonic image device: A gain control circuit includes: a voltage generation circuit that generates first voltage that is linearly changed over time; a voltage square circuit that outputs second voltage that is obtained by squaring the first voltage generated by the voltage generation circuit; a resistance circuit that has a resistance characteristic by... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140293736 - Low complexity motion compensating beamforming system and method thereof: A low complexity motion compensating beamforming system utilizes a probe array to fire for beamforming by synthetic apertures. The beamforming range of each firing is a region of interest (ROI), and the common area of adjacent ROI's forms the common ROI. The central image beam of the common ROI is... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140293740 - Seismic imaging systems and methods employing correlation-based stacking: Disclosed systems and methods provide enhanced seismic images through the use of partial image stacking weights that are based on the resemblance between the local partial image and a reference image. At least some method embodiments include obtaining partial images of a survey region and stacking the partial images to... Agent: Landmark Graphics Corporation

20140293739 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound image producing method: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus comprises a reception data memory that sequentially stores therein pieces of reception data; a beam forming unit that has a cache memory and that divides the pieces of reception data stored in the reception data memory into plural groups, sequentially transfers the plural groups to the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140293741 - Seismic receivers as seismic sources: Seismic surveying techniques are described in which seismic receivers in a seismic array are used as seismic sources. These receiver-sources may be used to determine the near-surface structures of the Earth, geometric properties of the survey array, receiver locations and operations of the survey array. The receiver-sources may be driven... Agent:

20140293742 - Solid streamer connector apparatus and method of use thereof: Streamers used in mapping strata beneath a marine body are described, such as in a flexible neutrally buoyant towed array. A connector is used to longitudinally join a first and second streamer section and/or to connect a streamer section to a streamer stabilizer. The connector contains at least one of:... Agent:

20140293743 - Marine seismic surveying employing interpolated multicomponent streamer pressure data: It is described a method of interpolating and extrapolating seismic recordings, including the steps of deriving particle velocity related data from seismic recordings obtained by at least one streamer carrying a plurality of multi-component receivers and using the particle velocity related data to replace higher derivatives of pressure data in... Agent:

20140293744 - Specular filter (sf) and dip oriented partial imaging (dopi) seismic migration: According to one embodiment, subsurface ray directions in beam migration or subsurface wave propagation directions in reverse time migrations are used to obtain additional Specular Filter (SF) and Dip Oriented Partial Imaging (DOPI) images. SF migration applies a specular imaging condition during migration with a pre-specified subsurface dip field. It... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20140293745 - Methods and systems for performing azimuthal simultaneous elastic inversion: An improved method for analyzing seismic data to obtain elastic attributes is disclosed. In one embodiment, a reflectivity series is determined for at least one seismic trace of seismic data obtained for a subterranean formation, where the reflectivity series includes anisotropy properties of a formation. One or more synthetic seismic... Agent:

20140293746 - Wading detection system for a vehicle: A wading indicator system for a vehicle comprising: at least one sound wave pulse emitter device; at least one sound wave pulse receiver device; and a control unit. The control unit configured to measure one or more of the following variables: (i) the time of flight of a sound pulse... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20140293747 - Measurement of reflected ultrasound signal for ultrasonic emitter gating control: A method and apparatus to gate an ultrasonic emitter operation includes a housing including the ultrasonic emitter, where the ultrasonic emitter is operable to periodically transmit an ultrasonic pulse of a predefined frequency. A microphone circuit is disposed in the housing, such that the microphone circuit is operable to receive... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20140293748 - Magnetic synchronization for a positioning system: A synchronization system for an acoustic signal-based positioning system is provided that generates a magnetic field as a synchronization signal. The magnetic synchronization signal is transmitted by a transmitter of the positioning system and received by the receiver of the positioning system. The receiver may include a magnetic synchronization signal... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140293749 - Method and device for automatically detecting marine animals: A method is provided for automatically detecting marine animals, carried out by a detection device. The method includes obtaining acoustic signal measurements collected by at least one acoustic sensor in a underwater environment; and at least one of a first branch for detecting frequency modulated sounds and a second branch... Agent: Sercel

20140293750 - Method and device for scaring birds acoustically, in particular for an aircraft: A device for acoustically scaring avian species includes means for emitting an acoustic sequence including the repetition of a combination of at least three categories of different synthetic signals, including warning signals representative of alert noises from birds of prey, interspecies distress signals, and taking-flight signals from various species representing... Agent:

20140293751 - Through-wafer via device and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a through-wafer via device (10) comprising a wafer (12) made of a wafer material and having a first wafer surface (12a) and a second wafer surface (12b) opposing the first wafer surface (12a). The through-wafer via device (10) further comprises a plurality of side by... Agent:

20140293752 - Multi-coil multi-terminal closed-loop geophone accelerometer: An apparatus and a method for detecting vibration are disclosed. The apparatus comprises a housing, a magnetic structure forming a magnetic field in the housing, and a coil structure in the magnetic field, concentric of the magnetic structure. In response to external vibration, the coil structure and the magnetic structure... Agent: Sas E&p Ltd.

20140293753 - Smartphone activated vehicle entry device: A smartphone or other portable electronic device is operative to unlock and lock a vehicle without the use of the cellular or Wi-Fi network or any additional hardware added to the portable unit. The system, which is configured for use with a vehicle having an existing receiver to receive remote... Agent:

20140293754 - Wireless sound wave communication system and method: Disclosed herein are a wireless sound wave communication system and method. The wireless sound wave communication system includes a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter measures data or receives input data from an outside, converts the data into binary signals, and converts the binary signals into sound wave signals and... Agent: Nanosoft Co., Ltd.

09/25/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140286125 - Seismic acquisition method and apparatus: A system and method for performing a seismic survey. The system includes a first seismic source and a second seismic source configured for generating seismic signals. The first seismic source is configured for generating seismic signals ranging from about 4 Hz to about 120 Hz. The second seismic source is... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140286126 - Control system for positioning of marine seismic streamers: A method of controlling a streamer positioning device (18) configured to be attached to a marine seismic streamer (12) and towed by seismic survey vessel (10) and having a wing and a wing motor for changing the orientation of the wing. The method includes the steps of: obtaining an estimated... Agent:

20140286127 - Processing seismic data to attenuate vibration noise: A technique includes receiving first data acquired by at least a particle motion gradient sensor or a rotation sensor of a streamer that is subject to vibration due to towing of the streamer; and receiving second data acquired by at least one particle motion sensor of the streamer and being... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140286128 - Systems and methods for performing dual-scale interpolation: Systems and methods are provided for processing seismic data and displaying an output associated with the seismic data. A method includes: separating the seismic data into a fine-scale dataset and a coarse-scale dataset, wherein each dataset includes a non-zero portion of the data; applying a first interpolation to the coarse-scale... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140286129 - Acoustic detection system: A technique facilitates detection of an event in a subterranean environment, e.g. in a wellbore. A tool may be deployed to a desired wellbore location or other subterranean location for actuation between operational positions. An acoustic system also is deployed to detect a unique acoustic signature associated with an event... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140286130 - Acoustic transceiver with adjacent mass guided by membranes: An acoustic transceiver assembly including a housing, an oscillator, and at least one membrane. The housing has at least one inner wall defining a cavity. The housing also has a first end and a second end defining an axis of the acoustic transceiver assembly. The oscillator is provided in the... Agent:

20140286131 - Wideband sonar receiver and sonar signal processing algorithms: A wideband sonar receiver is provided that includes: a selectable bandpass filter adapted to filter a received sonar signal to produce a filtered signal and a correlator adapted to correlate the baseband samples with baseband replica samples to provide a correlated signal. In addition, the wideband sonar receiver may include... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20140286132 - An ultrasound doppler detection method with golay code excitation: An ultrasound Doppler detection method with Golay-encoded excitation is used to obtain the flow information of a moving object. A first Golay code is transmitted to the moving object for a reflection signal of the first Golay code and a second Golay code is transmitted to the moving object for... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140286133 - Device-to-device angle detection with ultrasound and wireless signal: A method for determining orientation of an electronic device relative to another electronic device is described. The method includes synchronizing internal clock of a first electronic device with internal clock of a second electronic device using electromagnetic signals communicated between the first electronic device and the second electronic device, sending... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 53 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140269161 - Acoustic reflectors: An underwater location detection system comprising a number of acoustic reflectors at the location, wherein the acoustic reflectors emit acoustic signals in response to receiving an incoming acoustic signal. The frequency of the acoustic signal emitted by each of the acoustic reflectors is different from one another.... Agent: Subsea Asset Location Technologies Limited

20140269164 - Sector-scanning device: A sector-scanning sonar imaging system with at least one sonar imaging element housed within a transducer housing coupled to a self-reciprocating mechanism, and a drive mechanism housed within a waterproof housing. The oscillating motion of the transducer housing produces a highly-detailed, photo like sector scan sonar image of the bottom... Agent: Johnson Outdoors Inc.

20140269162 - Sonar and radar display: Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are herein provided for causing presentation of sonar or radar image data over environment information. A method may include determining a position and a line of sight of a device. The method may further include determining at least one of sonar image data or... Agent: Navico Holding As

20140269163 - Sonar multi-function display with built-in chirp processing: A CHIRP-enabled sonar system includes a transducer having one or more transducer elements for receiving electrical transmission signals and converting the electrical transmission signals into acoustic pulses, and for receiving echo returns and converting acoustic energy of the echo returns into electrical return signals representative of the echo returns. The... Agent:

20140269165 - Using higher order harmonics to determine acoustic impedance of material behind borehole casings: An acoustic logging tool emits a wideband acoustic pulse toward an inside surface of a borehole casing and an acoustic response is received. The acoustic response is analyzed at one or more higher order harmonics of the thickness mode resonance of the casing to determine the acoustic impedance of the... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140269166 - System and method for performing progressive beamforming: A progressive beamformer in an imaging system includes a number of stages. A first stage delays and combines a number of received data streams to align the streams to a point of interest on a first beamline. The first stage feeds a number of subsequent stages that operate to buffer... Agent:

20140269167 - Configurable source encoders for seismic systems: A system for acquiring seismic information may include a seismic spread in signal communication with a central controller having a central recording system, a source encoder in signal communication with the seismic spread, and a source decoder in wireless signal communication with the source encoder. The source decoder and the... Agent: Inova, Ltd.

20140269172 - Anti-fouling seismic streamer: A seismic streamer and associated method are provided. The seismic streamer may include a seismic streamer core having a cylindrical configuration. A melt-processable thermoplastic layer may be coupled with the seismic streamer core, the melt-processable thermoplastic layer being extruded to form a first tube. An elastomeric layer may be coupled... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140269174 - Arctic seismic surveying operations: A marine seismic survey is performed in icy waters by initially planning a survey track traversing a survey area. The initial track is planned based on initial ice conditions in the survey area having the icy waters. After preparing the system, a seismic system is deployed into the water from... Agent:

20140269168 - Interfacing marine survey devices using acoustic transducers: Techniques are disclosed relating to acoustically interfacing marine survey devices. In one embodiment, a system includes survey equipment, first and second acoustic transducers, and a first device. In this embodiment, the first acoustic transducer is coupled to the survey equipment and configured to perform at least one of receiving survey... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140269170 - Method for optimizing the design of multiple-source arrays used in marine seismic surveys: A method and apparatus for determining marine seismic source configurations which produce a minimum error after the process of combining the wave fields to eliminate the responses of sources including the source ghost operated at multiple depths, without separating these wave fields, is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes... Agent:

20140269173 - Methods and systems for marine survey acquisition: A marine survey acquisition system. The system may include a vessel for towing a marine survey spread. The marine survey spread may include streamers, marine vibrators and a cable. The cable may be coupled to a respective streamer from among the streamers and one of the marine vibrators. The cable... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140269175 - Seismic acquisition in marine environments using survey paths following a series of linked deviated paths and methods of use: Methods and systems are provided for acquiring seismic data in a marine environment using survey paths following a series of linked curved paths so as to obtain multi-azimuthal data over a sub-surface target. Marine vessels towing multiple seismic streamers may be configured to travel substantially along a series of linked... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20140269171 - Seismic streamer system: A method of performing a marine survey is provided. The method may include deploying, into a body of water, a towable streamer including one or more sensors for performing a subterranean survey. The method may also include receiving, from the sensors, information relating to the subterranean survey at a data... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140269169 - Systems and methods for randomizing firing times of simultaneous sources in marine surveys: Computational systems and methods for randomizing the order in which multiple sources are fired in simultaneous source acquisition are described. In one aspect, pseudo-randomly shifted time delays are generated for each shot interval of a marine-survey-time line. Each shifted time delay is assigned to one or the sources. The sources... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140269176 - Reduced-drag towing of geophysical equipment: Techniques are disclosed relating to reducing drag on cables towed behind a vessel in a body of water. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a signal source coupled to a survey vessel via a source cable, and the source cable includes a plurality of floats along its length. The floats... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140269178 - Automated lateral control of seismic streamers: In the field of marine geophysical surveying, systems and methods for controlling the spatial distribution or orientation of a geophysical sensor streamer or an array of geophysical sensor streamers towed behind a survey vessel are provided. Various techniques for changing the spatial distribution or orientation of such geophysical sensor streamers... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140269177 - Wing for wide tow of geophysical survey sources: Techniques are disclosed relating to wide towing of marine survey signal sources. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a signal source and a wing coupled to the signal source. In this embodiment, the wing is configured to impart a force to the signal source when towed through a body of... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140269179 - Streamers without tailbuoys: A streamer without a tail buoy for a marine survey is disclosed. The method and system here relate to an embodiment where at least one streamer in a marine survey is free of tail buoys. An embodiment shows that a vessel is deployed in an area where the tail end... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140269180 - Gravity measurements by towed streamers: Techniques are described for measuring gravity using towed streamers. In an embodiment, a towed streamer apparatus comprises a plurality of micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS) sensors. One or more MEMS sensors of the plurality of MEMS sensors are configured to generate gravity measurement data. The one or more MEMS sensors transmit... Agent:

20140269181 - Methods and systems for interpolation of multi-component seismic data collected in a marine environment: Computational systems and methods for interpolating a pressure wavefield based on pressure wavefield and particle motion wavefield data are disclosed. The pressure and particle motion wavefields are sampled at a sample rate that is less than a lower bound for sample rates typically used to interpolate the pressure wavefield from... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140269183 - Systems and methods for frequency-domain filtering and space-time domain discrimination of seismic data: Computational systems and methods that combine global frequency-wavenumber-domain (“f-k domain”) filters with localized eigenimage based event selection to generate a resulting wavefield with reduced filter imprints on gather edges, reduced noise, and correct treatment of aliased energy are disclosed. The methods are executed by applying filters to the full set... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140269182 - Systems and methods for removing acquisition related effects from seismic data: Systems and methods for operating a seismic source to attenuate shot generated noise, or residual energy from previous activation of the source, in recorded seismic data are described. In one aspect, methods operate a single seismic source towed through a body of water along a survey track. As the survey... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140269184 - Land hydrophone and method: A seismic sensor system collects seismic data in a well. The system includes a pipe to be deployed inside the well, the pipe having a distal end; a first sensor located inside the pipe, next to the distal end; and a bladder jacket in which the pipe is placed, the... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140269185 - Time-lapse monitoring: Described herein are implementations of various technologies for a method. The method may receive a baseline survey dataset for a region of interest. The method may obtain a transformed dataset from the baseline survey dataset using a transform. The method may determine sparsity characteristics from the transformed dataset. The method... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140269186 - System and method for isolating signal in seismic data: A system and method for isolating signal in seismic data representative of a subsurface region of interest including receiving a seismic dataset representative of seismic signal and seismic noise and a seismic data guide; transforming the seismic dataset and the seismic data guide into a domain wherein the seismic data... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140269187 - Wireless seismic system with phased antenna array: Systems and methods for utilization of a smart antenna in facilitating wireless communication between adjacent seismic data acquisition modules. The smart antenna may target an adjacent module with a radiation pattern directed toward the adjacent module. As such, the modules may employ space division multiplexing techniques to avoid interference between... Agent: Wireless Seismic, Inc.

20140269188 - Robust telemetry repeater network system and method: A robust network telemetry repeater system exploits the repeater structure of data propagation and transmission and reception bi-directionality to increase network robustness. For example, multiple perceived receive attempts are created with no additional overhead. The system can be configured whereby nodes “hear” the transmissions of both adjacent and non-adjacent nodes... Agent: Xact Downhole Telemetry, Inc.

20140269189 - Echolocation systems and methods: An echolocation device assists visually impaired persons to navigate their environment. The echolocation device comprises a micro control unit, a power source operably connected to the micro control unit, a band pass preamplifier operably connected to the micro control unit, a power amplifier operably connected to the band pass preamplifier,... Agent: World Access For The Blind

20140269190 - Object information acquiring apparatus: An object information acquiring apparatus including: a plurality of receiving elements receiving an acoustic wave propagating from an object and converting the acoustic wave into an electrical signal; a delaying unit aligning phases of electrical signals of M number of channels outputted from the plurality of receiving elements; an eliminator... Agent: Cannon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140269191 - Method and system for automatically determining water-level offset, and adjusting a nautical chart for such offset: Methods and sonar system for displaying a nautical chart and for adjusting depth indicators on the chart based on a calculated offset between the actual water level and the standard water level on which the chart is based. The offset is based on sonar soundings compared to depths indicated by... Agent: Navico Holding As

20140269192 - Sonar transducer assembly: A sonar transducer assembly configured for imaging of an underwater environment is provided herein. The sonar transducer assembly includes at least one transmit-only transducer element positioned within a housing and aimed outwardly and downwardly. The at least one transmit-only transducer element is configured to transmit sonar pulses to insonify a... Agent:

20140269193 - Sonic-assisted localization of wireless devices: Wireless location identification systems, methods, and devices include a wireless device configured to transmit at least one sonic signal operating on at least one acoustic frequency and to receive at least one echo signal indicative of the at least one sonic signal being reflected by objects in a current location,... Agent:

20140269194 - Three dimensional touch by acoustic waves: The three-dimensional touch system by acoustic waves comprises of a plurality of sensors and their controllers. The three-dimensional touch system implements the any or a combination of three different sensing methods. The first is an active wave triangulation location method that involves a plurality of receivers and an active wave... Agent: Inputek Inc.

20140269196 - Portable electronic device directed audio emitter arrangement system and method: A computationally implemented system and method that is designed to, but is not limited to: electronically determining positioning status of one or more portions of one or more humans relative to one or more locations of demodulation of one or more acoustic ultrasonic signals into one or more acoustic audio... Agent:

20140269197 - Method and apparatus for three dimensional wavenumber-frequency analysis: A method and apparatus for identifying an unidentified sound source in a 3-dimensional sensor array calculates a position vector for each of a plurality of sensors in the array. A time Fourier transform is computed based on time samples from each of the sensors. A spatial Fourier transform is computed... Agent:

20140269198 - Beamforming sensor nodes and associated systems: A beamforming sensor node has an array of pressure wave sensors and beamforming circuitry. Each pressure wave sensor is configured within a unique processing channel including a time delay circuit for producing a signal, with a phase offset, representative of received pressure waves at said pressure wave sensor. The beamforming... Agent: The Trustees Of Dartmouth College

20140269199 - System and method for detecting and responding to indoor shooters: A gunshot detection system having one or more sensors detecting indoor shootings and reporting gunshot detection to a central monitoring system. Each sensor includes a microphone and comparison circuit for processing detected sounds and determining whether the sound is indicative of gunshot. If a gunshot is detected, the sensor reports... Agent: Supervene LLC

20140269200 - Passive acoustic bearing estimation via ultra short baseline wideband methods: In various embodiments, a passive bearing detector is disclosed. The passive bearing detector comprises a plurality of hydrophones. The plurality of hydrophones is arranged in a three-dimensional geometry. The three-dimensional geometry exposes each of the plurality of hydrophones to an ambient aquatic acoustic environment. The passive bearing detector further comprises... Agent:

20140269201 - Method for mobile underwater acoustic communications: A method for mobile underwater acoustic communications includes double differentially (DD) encoding a communication signal to produce a DD-encoded communication signal, applying direct sequence spread spectrum (SS) to the DD-encoded signal to produce a DD-SS communication output signal, and transmitting the DD-SS communication output signal. The method i) increases the... Agent:

20140269202 - System and methods of acoustic monitoring: A high performance computing strategy along with the capability to integrate various layers of data within a modeling framework incorporates various tools such as ambient noise, vessel and animal data to measure acute and chronic noise levels, detect and classify marine mammal vocalizations, and compute various metrics such as receive... Agent: Cornell University

20140269203 - Beam accelerometer: Methods and devices are disclosed for measuring low levels of acceleration caused by low frequency seismic waves. For example, an omnidirectional beam accelerometer configured to measure low frequency waves is disclosed. The omnidirectional beam accelerometer may include three beam acceleration sensors. Each beam acceleration sensor may include a respective mass... Agent:

20140269204 - Multi-frequency ultra wide bandwidth transducer: Piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer (pMUT) arrays and techniques for frequency shaping in pMUT arrays are described, for example to achieve both high frequency and low frequency operation in a same device. The ability to operate at both high and low frequencies may be tuned during use of the device to... Agent:

20140269205 - Systems and methods for detecting a document attribute using acoustics: Systems and methods for detecting a document attribute using acoustics are provided. In one embodiment, a method for detecting a feature of a document using acoustics includes emitting a first acoustic signal from a first acoustic transmitter to a first acoustic receiver while a document is between the first acoustic... Agent: De La Rue North America Inc.

20140269207 - Portable electronic device directed audio targeted user system and method: A computationally implemented system and method that is designed to, but is not limited to: electronically conditioning one or more information signals accessed at least in part through one or more portions of a portable electronic device to be transmitted from one or more portable electronic device emitters through one... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140269208 - Portable electronic device directed audio targeted user system and method: A computationally implemented system and method that is designed to, but is not limited to: electronically conditioning one or more information signals accessed at least in part through one or more portions of a portable electronic device to be transmitted from one or more portable electronic device emitters through one... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20140269206 - Ultrasound transducer with differential mode signaling: Rather than using a coaxial cable, a twisted pair of wires is provided for each element-to-beamformer connection. Differential mode signals are transmitted between the transducer element and the respective channel. A multi-layer element is used for operation with the differential mode signals. In catheters or other probes, coaxial cables are... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20140269209 - Alignment of ultrasound transducer arrays and multiple aperture probe assembly: The effective aperture of an ultrasound imaging probe can be increased by including more than one transducer array and using the transducer elements of all of the arrays to render an image can greatly improve the lateral resolution of the generated image. In order to render an image, the relative... Agent:

20140269210 - Transducer for acoustic communications: There is disclosed herein a transducer for acoustic communications through a series arrangement of fluid and solid media, the transducer comprising: a signal processor configured to implement a communications scheme at and around a centre frequency of at least 1 MHz; a piezoelectric element for activation in accord with the... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140269211 - Flexural disk transducer shell: A flexural disk transducer is located in a shell or enclosure primarily for underwater use. Compression chambers adjacent to the transducer capture sound from bands on the disk and waveguides are used to direct the sound forward along a single propagation axis. An acoustic delay line is built into one... Agent:

20140269213 - Portable electronic device directed audio system and method: A computationally implemented system and method that is designed to, but is not limited to: electronically providing audio output information to one or more portions of a portable electronic device to be outputted from said portable electronic device via one or more acoustic ultrasonic signals; and electronically outputting, said one... Agent:

20140269214 - Portable electronic device directed audio targeted multi-user system and method: A computationally implemented system and method that is designed to, but is not limited to: electronically modulating two or more acoustic ultrasonic signals according to output information to be transmitted as two or more acoustic ultrasonic signals from two or more portable electronic device emitters of a portable electronic device;... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20140269212 - Ultrasound mesh localization for interactive systems: In general, techniques are described for locating a user using an ultrasound mesh. The techniques may be performed by an interactive system comprising one or more processors. The processors may be configured to determine an amplitude of a first ultrasound signal emitted by one or more transducers and received by... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

09/11/2014 > 42 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140254307 - Ultrasound fusion harmonic imaging systems and methods: An ultrasound imaging system includes: a harmonic filter coupled to an ultrasound transmitter to reduce transmitted harmonic components; a fundamental filter coupled with an ultrasound receiver to reduce received fundamental components; and a fusion processor configured to generate multiple frames of fusion images for two subsequent frames of ultrasound transmissions... Agent:

20140254309 - Digital seismic recorder including wired, wireless and cable-less telemetry: A digital seismic recorder including wired, wireless and cable-less telemetry, which is optimized and combined from three types of instrument: a wired telemetry digital seismic recorder, a wireless telemetry digital seismic recorder and a cable-less digital seismic recorder, is divided into four main parts: a central control operating system (CCOS),... Agent:

20140254308 - Identifying reflection acoustic signals: Various implementations described herein are directed to identifying reflected acoustic signals. In one implementation, a method may include receiving initial positions of an acoustic positioning source and an acoustic positioning receiver of an acoustic positioning system in a seismic spread. The method may also include calculating an expected travel difference... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140254311 - Autonomous cleaning device for seismic streamers and method: A cleaning device for cleaning a marine element towed in water and related methods are provided. The cleaning device includes a body configured to enclose the marine element; at least one wing attached to the body and configured to impart translational and rotational motion to the body when interacting with... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140254310 - Marine streamer having variable stiffness: Disclosed are methods and systems for performing marine geophysical surveys that utilize a streamer having variable stiffness. An embodiment discloses a sensor streamer comprising: an outer surface; tension members within the outer surface extending along a length of the sensor streamer; spacers disposed within the outer surface along the length... Agent:

20140254312 - Method and system for augmenting frequency range of conventional marine seismic source with low-frequency: A resonant source element is configured to generate seismic waves in water. The resonant source element includes a housing having two openings covered by first and second pistons, wherein the first and second pistons are configured to freely translate relative to the housing to generate the seismic waves; and a... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140254313 - Method and system for augmenting frequency range of conventional marine seismic source with low-frequency: A resonant source element configured to generate seismic waves. The resonant source element includes a housing; a high-pressure system configured to be discharged inside the housing; and a first conduit attached to an opening of the housing, wherein a distal end of the first conduit freely communicates with an ambient.... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140254315 - Power savings mode for ocean bottom seismic data acquisition systems: Embodiments of the invention provide methods, systems, and apparatus for conserving power while conducting an ocean bottom seismic survey. Sensor nodes placed on an ocean floor may be configured to operate in at least an idle mode and an active mode. When a seismic source boat approached the sensor node,... Agent: Ion Geophysical Corporation

20140254314 - Streamer design for geophysical prospecting: An apparatus is disclosed that includes a solid-core streamer with particle motion sensors disposed within the solid core. Some embodiments may additionally include one or more pressure sensors that are disposed outside of the solid core. In some embodiments, the apparatus may also include one or more electromagnetic sensors. Also... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140254316 - System and method for seismic surveying using distributed sources: Disclosed are methods and systems for marine surveying that use electrically powered seismic sources that are distributed at spaced apart locations. In one example, a marine seismic survey system comprises: a survey vessel; a plurality of seismic sources configured to be towed by the survey vessel, wherein the seismic sources... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140254317 - Correlation techniques for passive electroseismic and seismoelectric surveying: A method for surveying, may include receiving, by a processor, first survey data from a first source, the first source comprising a first signal generated by a subsurface earth formation in response to a passive-source electromagnetic signal, wherein the electromagnetic signal is generated by an electroseismic or seismoelectric conversion of... Agent:

20140254318 - Buried hydrophone with solid or semi-rigid coupling: According to an embodiment, a seismic receiver device is described for use in a borehole surrounded by an ambient material, e.g., rock, mud, etc. The seismic receiver device includes a pressure wave measuring device which is configured to sense pressure changes associated with received seismic waves, a coating layer disposed... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140254319 - Low frequency passive seismic data acquisition and processing: Low sensitivity, single vertical axis or uniaxial transducer sensors are deployed along receiver lines across an area of interest to acquire low frequency passive seismic data from the earth. Recordings formed of the acquired low frequency passive seismic data are decomposed in the frequency-wavenumber (F-K) domain according to wavefront dipping... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140254320 - Vertical seismic profiling-common midpoint gathers (vsp-cmp) by wavefield extrapolation: Direct arrivals from walkaway vertical seismic profiling or VSP survey data are used to derive Green's functions representing the seismic wave amplitude and travel time information required to extrapolate the vertical seismic profiling survey data from individual wellbore receivers to the individual source locations. The derived Green's functions are employed... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140254321 - Methods and systems for determining clathrate presence and saturation using simulated well logs: Methods and systems for determining a presence and saturation of clathrates are provided. One method includes identifying a potential zone of clathrates based on observed seismic data, the observed seismic data including an observed signal amplitude at the potential zone of clathrates, and assigning subsurface sediment types within and around... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140254322 - Telemetry coding and surface detection for a mud pulser: A method for receiving an encoded integer includes acquiring a digitized waveform including a first plurality of pulses distributed among a second plurality of time slots, locating each of the pulses in the digitized waveform, computing a confidence value for each of the pulses, selecting a subset of the plurality... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140254323 - Method and apparatus for determining biofouling of a membrane: A method of determining a state of biofouling of a membrane is provided. The membrane is contained within a flow cell and the flow cell has an outer surface coupled to a tranducer, The method comprises introducing inorganic particles into the flow cell such that the inorganic particles form a... Agent:

20140254324 - System and method for classification of objects from 3d reconstruction: System and method for detecting and classifying man-made objects on the seafloor using 3D reconstruction techniques. Enhanced sea floor object detection with classification is provided that is as good as provided by short range optical imagery. This approach eliminates the step of passing off identification to humans, and enhances the... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140254325 - Composite transducer apparatus and system for processing a substrate and method of constructing the same: An apparatus and method for processing articles utilizing acoustic energy. In one embodiment, the invention is an apparatus comprising a support; a conduit for applying a fluid to a surface of the article; and a transducer assembly comprising: a transmitting structure having a concave inner surface and a convex outer... Agent: Akrion Systems LLC

20140254326 - Low-power and battery-free transmitter for remote control: A transmitter for remote control, the transmitter includes a first analog-to-digital converter (ADC) configured to receive a first audio signal from a electronic device and convert the first audio signal to a first direct-current (DC) signal, a first boost circuit electrically connected to the first ADC to receive and amplify... Agent: Favepc Inc.

20140254327 - Rfid transmitter for remote control: A transmitter for remote control, the transmitter includes an amplifier configured to receive a first audio signal from an electronic device and amplify the first audio signal, a transmission module electrically connected to the amplifier to receive the amplified first audio signal and generating a carrier signal, a power supply... Agent: Favepc Inc.

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