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Communications, electrical: acoustic wave systems and devices

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12/18/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140369160 - Active cloaking with wideband transducers: Electro-mechanical transducers are used to actively cloak a targeted object in a way that absorbs incoming waves without reflection, sends them out the opposite side of the target and returns the wave without leaving a shadow behind the target. The present invention pertains to an improvement in the cloaking of... Agent: Image Acoustics Inc.

20140369161 - Stationary marine vibratory source for seismic surveys: A seismic data acquisition system is configured to collect seismic data. The system includes a marine source array configured to be attached to a fixed structure floating at the water surface and including vibratory source elements; and a controller configured to control the vibratory source elements so that a beam... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140369162 - Vibrator source array beam-forming and method: There is a method for finding a best distribution of source elements that form a vibratory source array. The method includes inputting plural constraints for the source elements; generating plural distributions of the source elements that fulfill the plural constraints; calculating for each distribution a performance index characterizing the source... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140369163 - Stationary marine vibratory source for seismic surveys: There is a method for obtaining control of a source array configured to generate seismic waves. The method includes accessing an interface unit attached to a fixed structure that is substantially stationary in water, the interface unit being connected to a source array; entering a passcode to the interface unit... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140369164 - Removing noise from a seismic measurement: A technique includes spatially filtering a signal that is derived from a seismic acquisition. The filtering is associated with a filter length, and the filtering includes varying the filter length with frequency. The filtering may be used in connection with adaptive noise attenuation, which is applied to decomposed subbands. Furthermore,... Agent:

20140369165 - Multi-frequency inversion of modal dispersions for estimating formation anisotropy constants: Systems and methods for the estimating a plurality of anisotropic elastic constants (Cij) using borehole dispersions and refracted compressional headwave velocity at a single logging depth in a vertical, deviated, or horizontal wellbore in a transversely-isotropic with a vertical axis of symmetry (“TIV”) formation. The estimated elastic constants can then... Agent:

20140369166 - Removing offset from seismic signals: Methods, systems, and devices for conducting a seismic survey. The system includes at least one seismic sensor configured to supply a signal responsive to reflections of acoustic energy from an earth surface; and at least one processor configured to: mitigate sensor offset from a sequence of samples representative of the... Agent:

20140369167 - Efficient seismic file transmission: Methods, systems, and devices for conducting a seismic survey. The system includes a seismic sensor supplying a seismic signal; sampling circuitry configured to convert the signal to a sequence of samples, each sample represented by a bit string; a data communication device configured to transmit compressed seismic data; a recording... Agent: Inova, Ltd.

20140369168 - Method and device for detecting objects in the surroundings of a vehicle: A device and a method for detecting objects in the surroundings of a vehicle is provided. At least one reflection pattern is ascertained for at least one object class. Pulse echo measurements for m different transmitter/receiver geometries are performed. Echo signals in the pulse echo measurements are detected. Weights for... Agent:

20140369169 - Acoustic wave communication system and receiver: A receiver of the present invention includes a microphone, an unnecessary signal remover, and an FM detector. The microphone receives a transmission signal generated by frequency modulating a signal in a frequency band that is receivable by the microphone, on the basis of transmission data. The unnecessary signal remover removes... Agent: Adc Technology Inc.

20140369170 - Near field communication apparatus: An apparatus comprising: a transducer suitable for generating an acoustic sound pressure wave being configured to: magnetically couple the apparatus to a further apparatus transducer for transferring data.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

12/11/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140362658 - Device and method for deghosting variable depth streamer data including particle motion data: Computing device, computer instructions and method for de-ghosting seismic data related to a subsurface. The method may include receiving input seismic data recorded by seismic receivers that located at different depths (zr), generating migration data (du) and mirror migration data (dd) from the input seismic data, deriving a ghost free... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140362659 - Blended land seismic data acquisition employing dispersed source arrays with variable sweep length: An array of seismic energy receivers is deployed at fixed locations across the length and width of a land surface area of interest. A land fleet composed of a number of vibratory swept frequency or vibroseis seismic energy sources is deployed at predetermined initial locations within the receiver array. The... Agent:

20140362660 - Towed sensor array surface structure apparatus and method of use thereof: A surface structure is provided for reducing drag and/or for reducing turbulence on or proximate any element of a streamer cable or towed sensor array. The surface structure comprises a non-uniform surface having ridges, channels, expanding channels, dimples, bumps, backward facing diamonds, a saw tooth pattern, or the like integrated... Agent:

20140362661 - Unmanned vehicle-based seismic surveying: A technique includes a technique includes providing a plurality of acquisition components for performing a survey of a geologic region of interest, where the plurality of acquisition components comprising receivers and at least one source. The technique includes using at least one marine unmanned vehicle to position at least one... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140362662 - Method and device for marine seismic acquisition: Method and system for improving azimuth distribution. The system includes plural streamers towed by a streamer vessel; a central source towed by the streamer vessel; first and second front sources located in front of the plural streamers along a traveling direction of the streamer vessel; and first and second large... Agent:

20140362663 - Simultaneous source marine seismic acquisition: Methods and apparatuses for acquiring marine seismic data to generate images or determine properties of an interior section of the Earth using vessels ing simultaneous sources. The time required to acquire a seismic survey is decreased by increasing the speed of the source towing vessel (or decreasing the data sampling... Agent:

20140362664 - Methods and apparatus having borehole seismic waveform compression: An illustrative seismic while drilling system includes a drill string having at least one seismic sensor that can be employed to detect seismic signals during pauses in the drilling process, e.g., when extending the length of the drill string. An embedded processor digitizes a signal from the seismic sensor to... Agent: Halliburtion Energy Services, Inc.

20140362665 - Land streamer surveying using multiple sources: Various examples are provided for land streamer seismic surveying using multiple sources. In one example, among others, a method includes disposing a land streamer in-line with first and second shot sources. The first shot source is at a first source location adjacent to a proximal end of the land streamer... Agent:

20140362666 - Wireless data acquisition system and method using self-initializing wireless modules: Presented are systems and methods for deploying wireless data acquisition modules that facilitate autonomous initialization. The wireless data acquisition modules may initiate a initialization process in response to a stimulus associated with being deployed. The wireless data acquisition module may further conduct a neighbor discovery process and in turn establish... Agent: Wireless Seismic, Inc.

20140362668 - Indicating locations: This application describes methods and apparatus for remotely indicating a location of interest in an area, for instance the location of an event in the area. The method comprises positioning an acoustic source at the location of interest, activating the acoustic source to produce a predetermined acoustic output and performing... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 16 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140355376 - Display with backside ultrasonic sensor array: A display device has a visual display capable of providing an image and an ultrasonic sensor array attached to a backside component of the visual display. The ultrasonic sensor array may be an ultrasonic area array sensor. For example, the backside component may be a backlight, an optical waveguide, or... Agent:

20140355375 - Generalized internal multiple imaging: Various examples are provided for generalized internal multiple imaging (GIMI). In one example, among others, a method includes generating a higher order internal multiple image using a background Green's function and rendering the higher order internal multiple image for presentation. In another example, a system includes a computing device and... Agent:

20140355374 - Portable ultrasound imaging devices: A portal ultrasound imaging apparatus having an adjustable hinge assembly, which includes a key having a narrower end and an end wider in the circumferential direction of the hinge assembly. The key is movable in a slot in an axial direction of the hinge assembly to a locked position, where... Agent:

20140355378 - Ultrasonic observation equipment, ultrasonic observation system, and ultrasonic observation method: A single-element ultrasonic sensor includes a single transducer element and transmits an ultrasonic wave on the basis of a pulse wave. An ultrasonic array sensor includes a plurality of transducer elements and receives an ultrasonic reflected wave. A pulsar supplies the pulse wave to the single element ultrasonic sensor. A... Agent: Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy, Ltd.

20140355377 - Ultrasound image enhancement and super-resolution: Techniques to improve resolution in an ultrasound system are disclosed. An exemplary apparatus is a portable ultrasound probe having transducer elements and supporting electronics within the probe. The beam is shaped to split the resolution to sub-pixel accuracy. Super resolution sample technique based on interpolation can be used to further... Agent:

20140355379 - Methods and systems for marine survey acquisition: Methods and systems for marine survey acquisition are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method is provided that may deploy a marine seismic spread that includes a first seismic source, a second seismic source and a streamer with a receiver. The second source may be disposed at a distance from the... Agent:

20140355380 - System and method for seismic streamer control: A control system for use in a marine seismic survey is provided. The system may include one or more processors configured to receive a desired position for one or more seismic streamers during the marine seismic survey. The one or more processors may be further configured to determine a current... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140355381 - Computation devices and artificial neurons based on nanoelectromechanical systems: Techniques, systems, and devices are described for implementing for implementing computation devices and artificial neurons based on nanoelectromechanical (NEMS) systems. In one aspect, a nanoelectromechanical system (NEMS) based computing element includes: a substrate; two electrodes configured as a first beam structure and a second beam structure positioned in close proximity... Agent: Cornell University

20140355382 - Ultrasonic sensor: An ultrasonic sensor is provided with a mount that is fixed to an inside-face of the bumper, and a sensor body that is coupled to the mount so as to be exposed outside the bumper through an exposure hole that is provided in the bumper. Compared with a case where... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140355383 - Location and monitoring of undersea cables: The present application described methods an apparatus for locating and/or monitoring subsea cables (101) having an optical fibre (105) deployed along its length. The optical fibre (105) is connected to a distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) interrogator unit to interrogate the optical fibre to provide a fibre optic DAS sensor. To... Agent: Optasense Holdings Limited

20140355384 - System and method to detect hidden materials using an android mobile telephone: A system and method using an Android cellular telephone to detect hidden materials, or contraband, in an automobile by measuring vibration. The mathematical formula frequency of vibration uses the mass M which affects the vibration. As mass of solid surface changes, so does the vibration. If difference in the vibration... Agent:

20140355385 - Object detecting apparatus: An object detecting apparatus includes a first transmission and reception unit having a first transmitter and a first receiver, a second transmission and reception unit having a second transmitter and a second receiver, and a failure judging section. The first receiver produces a first output signal corresponding to a transmission... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140355386 - Sonic communication system and method: Implementations are provided for wirelessly transmitting and receiving data through sonic communication. A transmit device having a sonic transducer transmits a sonic carrier signal through the air with a digital representation of the data with a modulation protocol using sonic transmission frequencies in accordance with present invention. The sonic transducer... Agent: Verifone, Inc.

20140355387 - Ultrasonic receiver with coated piezoelectric layer: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus related to an ultrasonic receiver for detecting ultrasonic energy received at a first surface of the ultrasonic receiver. The ultrasonic receiver includes an array of pixel circuits disposed on a substrate, each pixel circuit in the array including at least one thin film... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140355388 - Transducer arrangement: There is disclosed a transducer apparatus for acoustic communications through a substrate at a predetermined centre frequency, the apparatus comprising: —an active piezoelectric element for generating an acoustic signal; an intermediate layer, having a surface for accommodating the piezoelectric element, and having a first array of protrusions on a surface... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140355389 - Method and apparatus for establishing device communication: A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided to provide for the control of a remote device. The method may include determining, with a processor, a control radius for a remote device, determining a first proximity of a user device to the remote device, in response to determining that... Agent: Nokia Corporation

11/27/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140347955 - Transmit/receive systems for imaging devices: A transmit circuit outputs test pulses to a probe including a transducer to generate an image of a test object. A composite signal including the test pulses and a reflected signal is output by the transducer. A receive circuit receives the composite signal including the test pulses and the reflected... Agent:

20140347954 - Ultrasound imaging system, and a processing device used inside said ultrasound imaging system: The ultrasound imaging system comprises an ultrasound probe (3) and computer (20) for controlling the ultrasound probe and for visualizing an image. The system comprises a processing device located between the probe and the computer that comprises a processing unit (15) to operate an imaging method and switch unit (13)... Agent: Super Sonic Imagine

20140347956 - Towable and steerable marine seismic source arrangement: A towable and steerable elongated float for a marine seismic source arrangement for use in making a seismic survey at sea, having first attachment means at a lower or bottom part of a float body for allowing at least one seismic source to be suspended from the float, and second... Agent:

20140347957 - Method of borehole seismic surveying using an optical fiber: A method of detecting seismic waves traveling through a subsurface formation includes lowering a cable into a borehole in the subsurface formation, the cable having at least one optical fiber associated therewith, and causing descent of a remote end of the cable to be arrested. The method further includes feeding... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140347958 - System and method for communication between mobile devices using digital/acoustic techniques: Techniques have been developed for transmitting and receiving information conveyed through the air from one portable device to another as a generally unperceivable coding within an otherwise recognizable acoustic signal. For example, in some embodiments in accordance with the present invention(s), information is acoustically communicated from a first handheld device... Agent: Smule, Inc.

20140347959 - Ultrasonic transducer device and method of attaching the same: The ultrasonic transducer device in accordance with the present invention includes a body unit and a fixing member. The body unit includes a housing including a space which is in a front surface of the housing and is for receiving an ultrasonic transducer, and a clip part provided to a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140347960 - Source for marine seismic acquisition and method: A method for generating acoustic waves under water includes actuating first and second pistons with an actuator system provided inside an enclosure of a source element, to generate a wave having a first frequency, and actuating the first and second pistons with a pressure mechanism attached to the enclosure, to... Agent:

20140347961 - Methods, systems, and apparatus to calculate distance from audio sources: Systems, methods, articles of manufacture and apparatus are disclosed to calculate distance from audio sources. An example method disclosed herein includes transmitting a first radio frequency (RF) signal to prompt a reference audio collecting device to begin collecting audio samples at a first time, initiating a dwell period in response... Agent:

20140347962 - Arrangement on a component of a motor vehicle: An arrangement on a component of a motor vehicle, having a sensor with a substantially planar end surface, a sealing ring which encloses the sensor, and a carrier element for maintaining the spacing of the sensor in the axial direction relative to the component. The sensor extends with the sealing... Agent:

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