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Communications: radio wave antennas

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12/04/2014 > 32 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140354484 - Antenna device and electronic device: According to one embodiment, an antenna device includes a first antenna, a second antenna, a third antenna, a capacitor element, a high-frequency cable, and a base member. The first antenna includes a folded-type monopole element. The second antenna includes a monopole element. The third antenna includes a passive element. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140354482 - Ceramic antenna: A ceramic antenna includes a carrier and a radiation metal part. The carrier includes a plurality of long sides and a plurality of short sides. The radiation metal part is arranged on the carrier. The short sides are in arc-shape. Therefore, the long sides and the short sides are not... Agent: Cirocomm Technology Corp.

20140354483 - Coupled-feed wideband antenna: A device having a coupled-feed wideband antenna is provided. The device comprises: a chassis comprising as a ground plane; an antenna feed, a ground side of the antenna feed connected to the ground plane; and, an antenna comprising: a first radiating arm configured for generating a first resonance at a... Agent:

20140354485 - Lobe antenna: A broadband antenna element formed of conductive material on a planar substrate is disclosed. The element has two lobes defining a cavity with declining in width from a widest to narrowest point to form a wideband antenna. Angled corners communicating with linear side edges along with stepped angles of the... Agent:

20140354486 - Orthogonal modular embedded antenna, with method of manufacture and kits therefor: A system and method are disclosed which may comprise a composite resonating antenna structure which may comprise: a first substrate comprising a first portion of a flexible substrate comprising a first conductive layer forming a first resonating element on the first portion of a flexible substrate; a second substrate connected... Agent:

20140354491 - Antenna apparatus for portable terminal: An antenna apparatus for a portable terminal having a main board is provided. The antenna apparatus includes a main antenna that electrically connects to a feed line of the main board. A metal frame is constructed as part of a case frame forming an exterior of the portable terminal. The... Agent:

20140354487 - Antenna assembly integral with metal housing and electronic device using the antenna assembly: The metal housing of a miniaturized electronic device is shaped to function as a multiband antenna assembly. The antenna assembly includes a feeding terminal, a radiator connecting to the feeding terminal, and a metal element. The metal element is part of a housing of the electronic device. The metal element... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140354488 - Antenna structure and wireless communication device employing same: An antenna structure is electronically connected to a connector of a wireless communication device. The connector includes a power terminal and a ground terminal. The antenna structure includes a main antenna, a secondary antenna, and two posts. The main antenna includes a feed portion and a ground portion. The secondary... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140354490 - Chip card and method for producing a chip card: The invention relates to a chip card having a card body (36) which is equipped with a cavity on the top side thereof, and a chip module (37) which is inserted into the cavity in such a way that contacts (38) of the module face antenna contacts (39) of the... Agent:

20140354489 - Electronic apparatus: According to an embodiment, an electronic apparatus comprises a first electrode configured to detect biometric information, and a first antenna. The first electrode and the first antenna are along an edge of a housing of the electronic apparatus. A feeding point of the first antenna is closer to the first... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140354492 - Microwave antennas for extremely low interference communications systems: Microwave antennas having optimized performance are provided. The microwave antennas include a primary reflector having effective foci arranged in a generally circular or elliptic range around a central axis thereof, and a matching component filling a hole at a bottom center portion thereof. The structural parameters of the microwave antenna... Agent: Tongyu Communication Inc.

20140354493 - Motor vehicle antenna assembly: An antenna assembly is disclosed in which at least part of the antenna assembly is formed as an integral part of an external plastic roof panel of a motor vehicle. In one embodiment a base member is formed as an integral part of the plastic panel, the base member being... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140354494 - Wrist worn device with inverted f antenna: The present invention discloses a wrist worn communication device, possibly integrated with a wrist watch, comprising a radio coupled to a low profile antenna. The antenna, obtaining low and medium angle elevation radiation enabling efficient satellite communications, is configured on the perimeter of the device, giving room for a display... Agent:

20140354495 - Tunable multiband wan antenna for global applications: An electronic device includes an antenna for a transceiver to operate in a plurality of frequencies. The antenna includes a first portion that is coupled to an elongate element and is configured to enable the transceiver to operate in a first low-band frequency and a first high-band frequency. A second... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20140354496 - Antenna: An antenna includes a substrate, a feed line formed on one surface of the substrate, a ground plane formed on the other surface of the substrate, a short-circuit stub that extends from a terminating end of the feed line and contacts the ground plane, and slits formed on the ground... Agent: Emw Co., Ltd.

20140354497 - Antenna structure and wireless communication device using the same: An antenna structure includes a feed section, a ground section, a first radiator, a second radiator, and a third radiator. The first radiator and the second radiator are both connected to the feed section. The third radiator is connected to the ground section. The first radiator defines a first slot.... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140354498 - Slotted waveguide antenna for near-field focalization of electromagnetic radiation: A radial slot antenna (1; 60) comprising a radial waveguide, which includes an upper plate (5), having a centroid (O) and an edge region (14) and provided with a plurality of radiating apertures (4), formed as slots in the upper plate (5), which develop according to an ideal annular pattern... Agent:

20140354499 - Two-dimensional multi-beam former, antenna comprising such a multi-beam former and satellite telecommunication system comprising such an antenna: A multi-beam former comprises: two stages connected together and intended to synthesize beams focused along two directions in space; each stage comprises at least two multi-layer plane structures, superposed one above the other; each multi-layer structure comprises an internal reflector, at least two first internal sources disposed in front of... Agent:

20140354500 - Dipole antenna: A dipole antenna in accordance with the present invention includes a first antenna element provided in a two-dimensional surface and having a linear shape and a second antenna element provided in the two-dimensional surface and having a spiral shape that circles around the first antenna element.... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20140354501 - Method for manufacturing an antenna reflector with shaped surface, reflector with shaped surface obtained by this method and antenna comprising such a reflector: A method is provided which includes: defining at least one radiofrequency performance objective to be produced on a selected coverage area on the ground; producing a rigid shell having a predefined profile; producing a reflecting flexible membrane; determining, by successive iterations, N optimum local deformations to be applied at N... Agent:

20140354502 - Electromagnetic wave propagation disruption device and method for producing same: An electromagnetic wave propagation disruption device with a metamaterial structure including: a plurality of conductive elements arranged on a top face of a substrate; a plurality of interconnection networks electrically interconnecting at least some of these conductive elements, wherein these networks are not electrically connected to each other. At least... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140354503 - Mobile device with coupling area enhancement: A coupling area enhancement device includes a small coil and a large coil on opposing sides of a sheet of electromagnetic interference (EMI) absorptive material. The coupling area enhancement device may include one or more holes and may include adhesive material and sticker covers. Placement of the coupling area enhancement... Agent: Tyfone, Inc.

20140354505 - Antenna device and electronic device having the same: An electronic device with an antenna device is provided. The electronic device include a radiator configured to transmit/receive an electromagnetic wave, a ground portion connected to one end of the radiator, the ground portion configured to conduct current such that a current corresponding to an opposite polarity of a current,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140354504 - Antenna structure: An antenna structure comprising a substrate and an antenna is provided. The substrate comprises an upper surface and an under surface. The antenna comprises a first metal pattern and a second metal pattern. The first metal pattern is disposed on the upper surface. The first metal pattern comprises a feeding... Agent: Arcadyan Technology Corporation

20140354506 - Antenna structure and wireless communication device using same: An antenna structure includes a feed terminal, a first antenna, and a second antenna. The first antenna includes a first antenna portion connected to the feed terminal, and a second antenna portion connected to the first antenna portion. The second antenna is substantially parallel to the second antenna portion and... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140354507 - Multi-element antenna calibration technique: Antenna system having an antenna array with multiple sub-arrays, each having one or more antenna elements, is calibrated using a distributed calibration antenna element, such as a leaky coaxial cable, that spans across at least two and possibly all of the sub-arrays. To calibrate the transmit (TX) paths of the... Agent:

20140354508 - Multi-band antenna and wireless communication device employing same: A multi-band antenna includes a radiating portion, a feed portion, a ground portion, a first switch module, and a second switch module. The radiating portion includes a plurality of connecting ends. The ground portion includes two ground sections with different impedances. The first switch module connects the feed portion to... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140354509 - Loop antenna: A loop antenna in accordance with the present invention has an antenna element having a shape that traces a closed curve, the antenna element including (i) a first projection section which projects from one of two end sections of the antenna element toward an inside of the closed curve and... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20140354510 - Antenna system providing simultaneously identical main beam radiation characteristics for independent polarizations: Techniques of designing an antenna array or antenna system are described. The antenna system includes a plurality of antenna units structured in a way to form a desired antenna pattern. According to one aspect of the present invention, each of the antenna units includes two antennas orthogonally disposed. These antenna... Agent:

20140354511 - Connector for a switch module: A connector is provided. The connector includes a first cavity, including a housing conductor having a receiving space formed at an inner side thereof, and connected to a ground; and a signal conductor disposed in the receiving space; a second cavity fixed to a side of the first cavity; and... Agent: Arcadyan Technology Corporation

20140354512 - Tunable filter device: A tunable filter device includes a first tunable filter with a first pass band, and a second tunable filter connected to the first tunable filter and having a second pass band located within the first pass band and a band width narrower than the band width of the first pass... Agent:

20140354513 - Method of fabricating electromagnetic bandgap (ebg) structures for microwave/millimeterwave applications using laser processing of unfired low temperature co-fired ceramic (ltcc) tape: Substrates and methods to fabricate and use millimeter wave Sievenpiper EBG structures such that the conductive portions are internal to an LTCC package.... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 26 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140347229 - Antenna assembly and mobile terminal using same: An antenna assembly is disclosed. The antenna assembly includes a radiation body, an antenna feed portion, a RF feed portion, a first branch having one end electrically connecting to the antenna feed portion, and another end electrically connects to a first feed point of the radiation body, the first feed... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.,

20140347226 - Back face antenna for a computing device case: An antenna assembly includes a portion of the metal computing device case as a primary radiating structure. The metal computing device case includes a back face and one or more side faces bounding the back face. The metal computing device case further includes a radiating structure having an aperture formed... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140347228 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes a main body, a metal cover, an antenna and a magnetic flux inducer unit. The metal cover is disposed at the main body and the main body includes a nonmetal covered portion. The antenna is disposed in the main body. The magnetic flux inducer unit is... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20140347225 - Radiating structure formed as a part of a metal computing device case: A metal computing device case includes one or more metal side faces bounding at least a portion of the metal back face. The metal computing device case includes a radiating structure including an exterior metal surface of the metal computing device case. The metal computing device case substantially encloses electronics... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140347227 - Side face antenna for a computing device case: An antenna assembly includes a portion of the metal computing device case as a primary radiating structure. The metal computing device case includes a back face and four side faces bounding at least a portion of the back face. The metal computing device case further includes a radiating structure having... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140347230 - Electromagnetic wave visualizing system: An electromagnetic wave visualizing system includes: an emission direction separation unit; a plurality of sensors, each detecting the energy of an electromagnetic wave emitted from the emission direction separation unit and outputting a sensing signal having strength corresponding to the detected energy; a processing unit capable of receiving the sensing... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140347231 - Vehicle antenna: The invention provides an antenna which has two feed ports and two conductor areas. Where the two areas face each other, there is a set of interdigitated arms and slots. These define a shape with two open slots (one on each side) extending from the two feed points, and a... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140347232 - Electronic device components as antennas: Antennas, antenna systems, and electronic devices containing antennas are described herein. Non-antenna components of electronic devices can be used as an antenna, as a portion of an antenna, or as part of a feed path from a transceiver output to an antenna. An output of a transceiver can be coupled... Agent:

20140347233 - Integrated antenna for wireless communications and wireless charging: Antennas, antenna systems, and components used in antenna systems are provided herein. In various examples, an integrated antenna for receiving signals for a plurality of functional modules in a computing device may include a first plurality of antenna elements for receiving signals at wireless communication frequencies and a second plurality... Agent:

20140347234 - Polarization-diverse antennas and systems: Antenna units, antenna systems and polarizing systems provide polarization diversity to leaky-wave antennas. An antenna unit comprises a rat-race coupler having a summation port, a difference port and two output ports. Each one of a pair of composite right/left-handed (CRLH) leaky-wave antennas (LWA) is connected at one end to a... Agent: Polyvalor, Limited Partnership

20140347235 - Antenna positioning device: An antenna positioning device includes a mast, a height measuring device, a distance measuring device, a controller, a power device, an elevator and an antenna fixed on the elevator. The height measuring device measures a height of test equipment. The distance measuring device measures a distance between the center of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140347236 - Method for formation of radiometric images and an antenna for implementation of the method: A method of radiometric image generation is provided using a series of isochronous revolutions of a multi-beam antenna with a dispersion characteristic. The antenna is combined with a multi-channel receiver with frequency channel separation to form an imaging unit. The method comprising cyclically executing the following phases: two separate calibration... Agent:

20140347237 - Wireless communication apparatus: There is provided a wireless communication apparatus that includes (a) a printed circuit board, (b) a radio frequency circuit installed on the printed circuit board, and (c) an antenna element that is integrated onto the printed circuit board and electrically coupled to the radio frequency circuit via a printed conductor.... Agent: Rf Elements S.r.o.

20140347238 - Reflector and a multi band antenna: The present invention relates to a reflector for an antenna comprising a first reflector assembly and at least one second reflector assembly, the first reflector assembly having a first reflector structure adapted for a first antenna frequency band ƒ1 and at least one second antenna frequency band ƒ2; the at... Agent: Powerwave Technologies S.a.r.l.

20140347239 - Device including reflective element to reflect directional wireless signals impinging thereon in a direction away from the device: A computing device includes a body, the body having a first and second portion. The computing device further includes a directional antenna, the directional antenna transmitting a signal having a preferred direction, the directional antenna located in the first portion of the body. The computing device further includes a reflector... Agent:

20140347240 - Mimo antenna arrays built on metamaterial substrates: A magnetic permeability enhanced metamaterial is used to enhance the antenna array of a Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) communication system. A rectangular patch antenna array is formed including a stack of a plurality of unit cells, where each unit cell includes an inductive loop of magnetic permeability enhanced metamaterials... Agent:

20140347241 - Antenna apparatus and feeding structure thereof: Disclosed are an antenna apparatus and a feeding structure thereof. The feeding structure includes at least one feeding unit; at least one ground unit connected to the feeding unit; and a ground member connected to the ground unit, and the antenna apparatus includes the feeding structure. Thus, a plurality of... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140347242 - Antenna apparatus and electronic device having the same: An antenna apparatus that is able to improve isolation between antennas that are arranged adjacent to each other and an electronic device having the same are provided. The antenna apparatus includes a plurality of antennas, and a printed circuit board connected to the plurality of antennas, wherein the printed circuit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140347243 - Electrically-small, low-profile, ultra-wideband antenna: An ultra-wideband, low profile antenna is provided. The antenna includes a ground plane substrate, a feed conductor, a top hat conductor, a shorting arm, and a ring slot. The feed conductor includes a first end and a second end. The first end is configured for electrical coupling to a feed... Agent:

20140347244 - Electronic device for electromagnetic expansion and concentration: An electronic device for electromagnetic expansion and concentration is described, including: —a module to be monitored including a first antenna and an integrated control circuitry, the first antenna being electrically coupled to the integrated control circuitry; an electromagnetic expansion and concentration module comprising a second antenna configured to communicate with... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140347245 - Antenna and wireless module: Provided are: an antenna, which makes it easy to change the design of a wireless communication apparatus having the antenna mounted thereon; and a wireless module. The antenna is provided with: an antenna component (130), which is mounted on one surface of a module substrate (110); and an adjustment component... Agent:

20140347246 - Mounting hub for antenna: An antenna hub for a reflector dish has a frame with a feed aperture. A plurality of feet are coupled to the frame; each of the feet provided with a dish fastener coupling axis normal to a dish surface contacting each of the feet when the reflector dish is seated... Agent:

20140347247 - Antenna device for electronic device: An antenna device is provided for an electronic device. The antenna device includes a first radiation element and a second radiation element spaced apart from each other. The antenna device also includes a first feeding unit and a second feeding unit for feeding electricity to the first radiation element and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140347248 - Node in a wireless communication network with at least two antenna columns: A node in a wireless communication network, the node comprising at least two antenna columns which are physically separated from each other, each antenna column comprising at least one dual polarized antenna element. Each antenna element has a first polarization and a second polarization. The node further comprises at least... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Erisson (publ)

20140347250 - Antenna apparatus: An antenna apparatus includes an antenna element connected to a power feed point, a parasitic element disposed to overlap the antenna element as viewed from above and configured to be coupled to the antenna element, and a switch connected to the parasitic element and configured to switch connections to connect... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20140347249 - Omni-directional antenna for a cylindrical body: An antenna for a cylindrical body may include a flexible substrate with the antenna on it with a first terminal and a second terminal electrically connected to an integrated circuit, the flexible substrate coupled to the cylindrical body.... Agent: The Gillette Company

11/20/2014 > 21 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140340262 - Antenna and electronic device including the same: Provided, in one aspect, is an antenna. The antenna, in this aspect, includes an active element, the active element having a resonant portion operable to effect an antenna for communication in a band of frequencies. The antenna, of this aspect, further includes a ground element. In this aspect, the ground... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140340264 - Antenna structure: Disclosed is an antenna structure, comprising a substrate, an antenna circuit disposed on at least one surface of the substrate, and a circuit unit disposed on the same surface of the substrate having the antenna circuit disposed thereon, or another surface opposite to the surface where the antenna circuit is... Agent: Lorom Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140340263 - Cirular polarized antenna structure: Disclosed is a circular polarized antenna structure, comprising a main body, a protruding portion and a stopping portion, the stopping portion being formed between the main body and the protruding portion. The circular polarized antenna may be disposed to penetrate through the upper and lower surfaces of a base that... Agent: Lorom Industrial Co., Ltd

20140340261 - Dual band antenna: Provided is a dual band antenna. The dual band antenna, in this aspect, includes an active element, the active element having a first resonant portion operable to effect a first antenna for communication in a first band of frequencies, and a second resonant portion operable to effect a second antenna... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140340266 - Antenna assembly, wireless communication device and method of manufacturing same: An antenna assembly includes a holder having a first surface and a second surface opposite from the first surface. The antenna assembly defines a number of holes through the first surface and the second surface. A number of connectors are correspondingly received and secured in the holes. The connectors includes... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20140340265 - Electronic device with multiband antenna: An electronic device may have an antenna for providing coverage in wireless communications bands of interest. The wireless communications bands may include first, second, third, and fourth communications bands. The antenna may have an antenna resonating element with first, second, and third arms and may have an antenna ground. The... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140340267 - Antenna for vehicle: An antenna for a vehicle is provided which includes a first printed circuit board coupled to an upper part of the base, in which at least one ground feeding point is formed and a second printed circuit board coupled to the first printed circuit board in a vertical direction on... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140340268 - Diplex filter for testing base system: An diplex filter for testing a base station is disclosed. The diplex filter for testing a base station in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: a housing comprised with a first connector and a second connector which are connected to a base station, and a third connector... Agent: Innertron Co., Ltd.

20140340269 - Multimode antenna structure: A multimode antenna structure is provided for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic signals in a communication device. The communication device includes circuitry for processing signals communicated to and from the antenna structure. The antenna structure includes a plurality of antenna ports for coupling to the circuitry; a plurality of antenna elements,... Agent:

20140340270 - Wireless communication device: A wireless communication device includes a cover, an antenna, and an adjusting member. The adjusting member is slidably mounted to the cover and is made of non-conductive materials. The antenna includes a extending portion, the extending portion is sandwiched between the cover and the adjusting member. The adjusting member contacts... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20140340271 - Antenna array with reduced mutual coupling between array elements: An array of antenna feed elements includes a plurality of horns, each horn having an aperture and configured for transmission of electromagnetic energy therethrough. At least a first horn is configured with an electrically conductive external surface proximate to the aperture, the external surface contoured so as to reduce mutual... Agent: Space Systems/loral, LLC

20140340273 - Antenna apparatus: There is provided an antenna apparatus capable of stably communicating with a communication partner and increasing the maximum possible communication range even when the antenna apparatus is relatively smaller than an antenna in the communication partner and the two antennas are disposed in close proximity on the same axis. A... Agent:

20140340272 - Telemetry extension cable: The invention of the disclosure is an extension cable to connect via telemetry, an external medical device in a non-sterile zone with a medical device that is within a sterile zone. The telemetry extension cable includes a cable having a length and comprising a conductor, a first RF antenna attached... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140340274 - Multimode antenna structure: One or more embodiments are directed to a multimode antenna structure for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic signals in a communications device. The communications device includes circuitry for processing signals communicated to and from the antenna structure. The antenna structure is configured for optimal operation in a given frequency range. The... Agent:

20140340275 - Origami folded antennas: An antenna includes a dielectric sheet and a conductive film. The dielectric sheet is folded into a plurality of fold segments and is configured to be compressed into a compressed state and to be expanded into an expanded state. The conductive film is disposed on a portion of the dielectric... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20140340276 - Antennaless wireless device capable of operation in multiple frequency regions: The present invention refers to an antenna less wireless handheld or portable device comprising a communication module including a radiating system capable of transmitting and receiving electromagnetic wave signals in a first frequency region and in a second frequency region, wherein the highest frequency of the first frequency region is... Agent: Fractus, S.a.

20140340277 - Communication device and antenna element therein: A communication device including a ground element and an antenna element is provided. The antenna element includes a metal element. The metal element has a plurality of bends and substantially forms a loop structure with a gap. The gap is between a first open end and a second open end... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140340278 - Variable z0 antenna device design system and method: A variable Z0 impedance method (“Variable Z0”) for designing and/or optimizing antenna systems. The method provides that the value of an antenna's feed system characteristic impedance or apparatus internal impedance (Z0) changes as a true variable quantity during the antenna system design or optimization methodology. The value is allowed to... Agent: Variable Z0, Ltd.

20140340279 - Adaptive antenna feeding and method for optimizing the design thereof: Disclosed is an antenna feeding system and method to optimize the design of the feeding system to feed an antenna made of a resistive sheet. The system and method are operative to design a topology of the antenna feeding system to adapt to a topology of the resistive sheet antenna... Agent: Paneratech, Inc.

20140340280 - Antenna structure and wireless communication device: An antenna structure includes a metal member, an extending section, and a metal sheet. The metal member defines a gap. The gap divides the metal member into a first portion and a second portion. The extending section is connected to the first portion of the metal ember to cooperatively form... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140340281 - Broadband antenna and wireless communication device empolying same: Broadband antenna for wireless communication device is disclosed. The broadband antenna includes a grounding portion, a feeding portion, a connecting portion, a first radiation body connected to an end of the connecting portion, and second radiation body connected to another end of the connecting portion opposite to the first radiating... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

11/13/2014 > 24 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140333484 - Antenna and communication apparatus as well as manufacturing method for antenna: This antenna (10) has an underlying print layer (2) which is upon the surface of a material (1) to be printed in a predetermined antenna pattern, and an electro-less plating layer (3) applied to the surface of the underlying print layer (2). The underlying print layer (2) is formed from... Agent: Shuhou Co., Ltd.

20140333483 - Antenna structure and wireless communication device using same: An antenna structure includes a first radiating body and a second radiating body. The first radiating body includes a feed portion, a first ground portion, a first extending portion, a second extending portion, and a third extending portion. The feed portion is electronically connected to the first ground portion. The... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140333485 - Plasma aviation antenna: An aircraft communications system may include a RF-transparent enclosure, a plasma antenna element and a controller. The RF-transparent enclosure may be disposed substantially conformal with a portion of the aircraft. The plasma antenna element may be housed within the RF-transparent enclosure. The controller may be operably coupled to the plasma... Agent: Smartsky Networks, LLC

20140333488 - Antenna and electronic device using same: The present disclosure provides an antenna and an electronic device using same. The antenna includes an antenna radiating element for radiating signals, a capacitive feed plate separated from and substantially parallel to the antenna radiating element for carrying out capacitive feed on the antenna radiating element, and a FPC antenna... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20140333490 - Electronic device with component trim antenna: An optical component such as a camera, an acoustic component such as a speaker, or other electrical component may be mounted on the surface of an electronic device housing. A window structure may overlap the component. The window structure may be formed form an optically transparent material to allow light... Agent:

20140333489 - Method and apparatus for in-mold laminate antennas: Embodiments of systems and methods for providing in-mold laminate antennas are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.... Agent:

20140333486 - Systems and methods for antenna arrangements in an electronic device: Systems and methods are provided for arranging antennas in an electronic device (200). According to one aspect, the electronic device includes a housing (202) and an antenna arrangement. The antenna arrangement includes a first volume (206) positioned adjacent to an edge (212) of the housing, the first volume enclosing a... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140333487 - Wireless communication device: An exemplary wireless communication device includes a circuit board, a first antenna, a second antenna, and an end portion. The circuit board includes a feed terminal. The first antenna is located on the circuit board adjacent to the feed terminal. The second antenna is electronically connected to the feed terminal.... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20140333491 - Dynamically adjusting width of beam based on altitude: An antenna includes a radiator and a reflector and has a radiation pattern that is based at least in part on a separation distance between the radiator and the reflector. The antenna includes a linkage configured to adjust the separation distance based at least in part on the altitude of... Agent: Google Inc.

20140333492 - Electronic assembly for installation in a tyre: The electronic assembly is intended for installation in a tyre. It comprises an electronic device (12) having an electronic member (16) and at least one antenna (14) fixed to a support (18) of the electronic member (16). The antenna (14) comprises a part (26) which is free with respect to... Agent:

20140333493 - Antenna device: Provided is an antenna device including an antenna element configured to receive a broadcast wave and a signal that is superimposed on the broadcast wave and then is transmitted, a ground element having a predetermined length, the ground element being configured to be capable of adjusting a relative position with... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140333494 - Antenna module with proximity sensing function: An antenna module with proximity sensing function is provided for being disposed inside an electronic device and comprises a ground plane, an antenna, a sensing element, an electrostatic protection element, a high-frequency blocking element and a capacitive proximity sensor. The antenna is coupled to the ground plane. The sensing element... Agent: Pegatron Corporation

20140333496 - Antenna with tunable high band parasitic element: Electronic devices may be provided that include radio-frequency transceiver circuitry and antennas. An antenna may be formed from an antenna resonating element and an antenna ground. The antenna resonating element may have a shorter portion that resonates at higher communications band frequencies and a longer portion that resonates at lower... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140333495 - Electronic device antenna with multiple feeds for covering three communications bands: Electronic devices may be provided that include radio-frequency transceiver circuitry and antennas. An antenna may be formed from an antenna resonating element and an antenna ground. The antenna resonating element may have a shorter portion that resonates at higher communications band frequencies and a longer portion that resonates at lower... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140333497 - Focal lens for enhancing wideband antenna: An RF focusing component is provided for an antenna having a formed cavity between two adjacent lobes of planar conductive material positioned on a first side of a substrate with said cavity decreasing in diameter from a widest point of said cavity to a narrowest point along angled side edges,... Agent:

20140333498 - Multibeam source: The invention relates to a multibeam source for a multibeam antenna, the source comprising a plurality of identical basic sources, such that the basic sources are combined into identical subnetworks around a central basic source, each subnetwork forming a beam, and such that two adjacent subnetworks comprise at least one... Agent:

20140333499 - Electronically tunable antenna based on orientation correction and adjustment and electronically tunable antenna system: The present disclosure provides an electronically tunable antenna based on orientation correction and adjustment and an electronically tunable antenna system. The main body of the electronically tunable antenna includes at least one electronically tunable antenna body. The electronically tunable antenna includes: an attitude sensing device fixed to the electronically tunable... Agent:

20140333500 - Variable beam control antenna for mobile communication system: The present invention relates to a variable beam control antenna for a mobile communication system, the antenna comprising: a radome formed on the front surface at which a signal is emitted; multiple emitters vertically arranged in at least one row; a frame portion for supporting the radome and the multiple... Agent: Kmw Inc.

20140333501 - Ultrabroadband antenna: An antenna, intended to transmit and receive radio waves within a given frequency band, comprises at least one radiating element, placed on a flat reflector, comprising a radiating device disposed within a plane parallel to the reflector's plane, at least one conductive line feeding the radiating element, at least one... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20140333502 - Array antenna device: An array antenna device includes a substrate, a strip conductor formed on one surface of the substrate, plural loop elements formed on the one surface of the substrate, and a conductor plate formed on the other surface of the substrate. Each of the loop elements has a circumferential length that... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140333503 - Reflectarray antenna for wireless telecommunication and structure thereof: A reflectarray antenna for wireless telecommunication includes a ground plane; a dielectric substrate attached on the ground plane; and a first antenna patch formed on one side of the dielectric substrate. Further, the reflectarray antenna includes a second antenna patch formed adjacent to the first antenna patch with a separation... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140333504 - Antenna arrangement and device: An antenna arrangement of an electronic device and a device is disclosed. The antenna arrangement includes two radiator elements. The first radiator element of the two radiator elements is connected to a feed element. A second radiator element of the two radiator elements is a passive element and connected to... Agent:

20140333505 - Semiconductor package having integrated antenna pad: An apparatus for a semiconductor-package includes a semiconductor device having a radio frequency (RF) input or output, an antenna pad, and a package structured to house the semiconductor device and the antenna pad. The antenna pad may be coupled to the radio frequency (RF) input or output, and the antenna... Agent:

20140333506 - Multi-band antenna: A multi-band antenna includes a base portion, a high-frequency radiating portion, a feeding portion and a low-frequency radiating portion. The base portion has a first transverse edge and a second transverse edge parallel to and opposite to the first transverse edge. The high-frequency radiating portion includes an inductance portion, a... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

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