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Communications: radio wave antennas

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04/10/2014 > 14 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140097991 - Apparatus and methods for wireless communication: An apparatus comprising: a first antenna having a first end coupled to a first port and a second end coupled to a second port, the first antenna extending between the first and second ends and having a mid-point substantially halfway between the first and second ends, the first antenna having... Agent:

20140097990 - Pie shape phased array antenna design: A radially segmented antenna design is described. In an embodiment, the radially segmented antenna is formed from multiple patches which are arranged in a ring around the central point of the radially segmented antenna. Each patch is shaped to form a segment of the ring and is separated from the... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20140097989 - Plate antenna module and method of manufacturing the same: A plate antenna module includes a first substrate unit, a second substrate unit, an adhesive unit and a pin unit. The first substrate unit including a first substrate body and a first electrode layer disposed on the top side of the first substrate body. The second substrate unit including a... Agent: Inpaq Technology Co., Ltd.

20140097992 - Antenna device and wireless communication device using the same: An antenna device utilized in a wireless communication device having a lid, a chassis and a hinge is disclosed. The antenna device includes a radiating module disposed in the lid or the hinge and moving in response to movement of the lid, for transmitting or receiving radio-frequency signals; and a... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corporation

20140097993 - Electronic device provided with antenna device: In an electronic device, a first housing for receiving a wireless circuit unit and a ground part, a second housing in which a ground part, a hinge mechanism which connects the first and second housings to each other to allow the first and second housings to be rotated, and first... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140097994 - Communication device and tunable antenna element therein: A communication device includes a ground element and an antenna element. The antenna element includes a first radiation element, a second radiation element, and a control circuit. One end of the first radiation element is coupled to a signal source, and another end of the first radiation element is an... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140097995 - Artificial magnetic conductor antennas with shielded feedlines: An antenna system is described which is comprised of an artificial magnetic conductor (AMC), an antenna element, and a feed network comprised of shielded feedlines whose outer conductor, or shield, is routed through the substrate of the AMC. The feedline outer conductor is connected to both the substantially continuous conductive... Agent:

20140097996 - Tunable electromagnetic device with multiple metamaterial layers, and method: A tunable electromagnetic device includes at least two overlapping metamaterial layers, wherein the metamaterial layers are selectively tunable by patterned conductive structures that are parts of the metamaterial layers. By selectively altering the properties of the metamaterial layers with the patterned conductive structures, the frequency response of the electromagnetic device... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140097997 - Metal frame antenna for a display: A metal frame antenna includes a grounding part, a first antenna, and a second antenna. The metal frame antenna is assembled in a side of a display panel. The display panel is assembled with a metal backplane through the metal frame antenna. The assembly of a display having the metal... Agent: Auden Techno.corp.

20140097998 - Antenna assembly and wireless communication device using same: An antenna assembly includes an antenna, a radio frequency (RF) unit, and a matching unit. The antenna includes a first radiator and a second radiator. The matching unit is electronically connected between the antenna and the RF unit, and includes a first matching circuit and a second matching circuit. The... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20140097999 - High-frequency module: A high-frequency module includes port electrodes defining external connection terminals provided on a multilayer body including dielectric layers. A first port electrode is connected to an antenna. A plurality of port electrodes other than the first port electrode are respectively connected to communication systems supporting respective frequency bands. The first... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140098000 - Method and apparatus for tunable antenna and ground plane for handset applications: An embodiment is directed to a device comprising an antenna, a chassis configured to be electrically coupled to the antenna and comprising a slot loaded with at least one tunable component, wherein: the slot is aligned along a longitudinal edge of the chassis, the slot is formed in an area... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140098001 - Geodesic radome: The invention relates to a geodesic radome comprising shaped panels containing a consolidated plurality of plies, the plies comprising polyolefin tapes, wherein the shaped panels have a compressive strength of between 10 MPa and 100 MPa, an interlaminar shear strength of between 3 MPa and 75 MPa and a thermal... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140098002 - Antenna module: An antenna module includes a printed circuit board, multiple conductive clamps bonded to the printed circuit board, each conductive clamp having elastic clamping arms at two opposite lateral sides thereof, and an antenna inserted in between the clamping arms of each conductive clamp and secured and electrically conducted to the... Agent: Universal Scientific Industrial (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

04/03/2014 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140091970 - Antenna with frequency selective structure: An antenna including a ground plane, a radiation element and a frequency selective structure is provided. The ground plane has a reflection area, and a first side edge of the reflection area is aligned with an edge of the ground plane. The radiation element is disposed near the first side... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20140091971 - Communication terminal device and manufacturing method thereof: A communication terminal device includes a printed wiring board disposed in a casing, a feed pattern provided on a main surface of the printed wiring board, a radiation plate including a substantially planar radiation portion substantially perpendicular to the main surface of the printed wiring board and a lead portion... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140091973 - Antenna control method and antenna device using the same: The present invention provides an antenna control method and an antenna device. The method includes (A1) defining a plurality of rough scanning sectors in a signal region; (A2) rotating the antenna to each rough scanning sector to measure a first evaluation signal; (A3) selecting one of the plurality of rough... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corp.

20140091972 - Systems, devices and methods related to near-field electric and magnetic probes: Disclosed are systems, devices and methods related to miniature probes that can be utilized for electrical and/or magnetic field strength measurements for areas that are smaller than an area of a radio-frequency (RF) module. In some embodiments, an electrical probe can be configured to include an unshielded inner conductor at... Agent:

20140091975 - Antenna structure with an effective serial connecting capacitance: In an antenna structure having a serial connected capacitance effect, mainly a metallic planar antenna is provided thereon at least with a first metallic plane board, and a second metallic plane board being close to but not connected to the first metallic plane board to form the effect of capacitance... Agent: Auden Techno Corp.

20140091974 - Modal antenna-integrated battery assembly: A modal antenna is formed within a battery assembly for use with a portable electronic device. In certain embodiments, the antenna is printed on an exterior surface of a battery enclosure using a conductive ink. In other embodiments, the antenna is attached, or etched, on a substrate; the substrate may... Agent: Ethertronics, Inc.

20140091976 - Antennas and transceiver for uhf wireless communications: Improved antennas and a transceiver for UHF wireless communications are disclosed.... Agent: Carlson Wireless Technologies, Inc.

20140091977 - Device for energy mining: A device for collecting energy has a moving conducting body and with capacitive plates at the edge. When an incoming wave is incident upon the energy collection device, currents are induced on the moving conducting body, in turn having charges accumulated at the capacitive plates that are attached to the... Agent:

20140091978 - Antenna device and communication device: An antenna device includes a substrate, a first antenna element disposed on a surface of the substrate, a second antenna element disposed on the surface of the substrate, the second antenna element being a linear shape, a length of the second antenna element being shorter than twice a length of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140091979 - Near-closed polygonal chain microstrip antenna: A microstrip antenna includes a substrate having a first surface and an opposing second surface, a ground plane disposed at the first surface of the dielectric layer, and a conductive layer disposed at the second surface of the substrate. The conductive layer includes a continuous conductive trace comprising a plurality... Agent:

20140091980 - Impedance matching circuit and antenna system: An impedance matching circuit is connected to a first circuit block (impedance matching target circuit) that requires impedance matching and that has one terminal connected to a signal line and the other terminal connected to a ground, the impedance matching circuit having a second circuit block that has a first... Agent:

20140091981 - Antenna arrangement: An apparatus for antenna arrangement isolation is described. The apparatus includes a first antenna element (for example, a CMMB TV antenna) having a first radiator component and a second antenna element (for example, a cellular antenna) having a second radiator component. A first portion of the first radiator component is... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140091982 - Highly conductive fiber reinforced antennas: A highly conductive fiber reinforced tubular antenna is composed of metal coated reinforcing fibers in a composite structure. The conductive fibers may be disposed in a tubular or cylindrical fashion unidirectionally parallel to or at an angle to the axis of the tube or cylinder, thus providing multifunctional properties of... Agent:

20140091983 - Composite module and electronic apparatus including the same: A wireless communication module includes a circuit board, and an antenna and a connection member mounted on a mounting surface of the circuit board. The antenna is mounted in a region along a first end edge of the circuit board, and the connection member is mounted in a region along... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

03/27/2014 > 21 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140085146 - Antenna device: An antenna device can be placed on an insulation substrate having a wiring pattern and has an antenna member including an antenna radiation element, a mounting terminal, a power supply terminal formed continuously to the antenna radiation element, and the antenna member is formed by an insert molding with resin.... Agent:

20140085145 - Antenna structure: An antenna structure includes a feed end, a grounding end, at least one main radiator, and at least one coupling radiator. The grounding end is separated from the feed end. The at least one main radiator is connected to the feed end. The at least one coupling radiator is connected... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20140085147 - Broadband patch antenna: An antenna of the present invention includes: a first conductive patch having a rectangular shape with corrugations on two opposing sides; and a second conductive patch below said first conductive patch and connected to a feeding point.... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140085148 - Method and apparatus for an optical frequency rectifier: The present invention is a method and apparatus for receiving and converting incident radiation into DC current. The method begins with selection of an antenna having a terminal tip with a sharp edge. The antenna is layered with a substrate and a first coating. A first electrode and a metallic/mCNT... Agent:

20140085150 - Antenna connection structure and its companion electronic product: An antenna connection structure and its companion electronic product relate to the field of communications. The antenna connection structure includes an antenna and an IML (in-mold decoration technology) diaphragm. The antenna is pasted on the IML diaphragm, and an injection molding layer is provided on the IML diaphragm outside the... Agent:

20140085149 - Antenna-integrated isolation cover and electronic apparatus: An antenna-integrated isolation cover comprises a main body, a first antenna unit, and a plurality of holes. The main body has a first side. The first antenna unit is disposed on the first side of the main body. The holes are disposed to the main body. An electronic apparatus using... Agent: Askey Computer Corp.

20140085151 - Device and communication device including antenna: A communication device includes a touch panel, a circuit board, and an antenna. The touch panel includes a non-touch area. The non-touch area is positioned at a border of the touch panel and being non-transparent. The circuit board is electronically connected to the touch panel and drives the communication device.... Agent: Ambit Microsystems (shanghai) Ltd.

20140085152 - Stationary communication device comprising an antenna: The application relates to a stationary communication device comprising a housing and an antenna and a transceiver unit operationally coupled to the antenna, the housing being adapted for assuming a specific orientation relative to the surface of the earth when placed in an operational state. The application further relates to... Agent: Oticon A/s

20140085153 - Electronic timepiece with internal antenna: An electronic timepiece has a case; a time display unit housed in the case; an annular dielectric that is housed in the case and has a conductive driven element to which a specific potential is supplied; and a conductive ground plane with an annular shape that is housed in the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140085154 - Electronic timepiece with internal antenna: An electronic timepiece has; an annular antenna; and a time display unit. The antenna includes an annular dielectric; a conductive driven element that is disposed on the dielectric, is ring-shaped with a notch therein (C-shaped), and is fed with a specific potential; and a conductive parasitic element that is disposed... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140085155 - Gyrotropic metamaterial structure: A gyrotropic metamaterial structure that include a plurality of chiral metamaterials forming one or more pairs of dipole structures. A plurality of lumped circuits are positioned between the one or more pairs of dipole structures. The lumped circuits have a plurality of subwavelengths antennas that are combined to change the... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140085156 - Tapered slot antenna: The tapered slot antenna element according to the invention comprises a tapered slot with a narrow inner part. The tapered slot antenna element further comprises a cavity for receiving a feeding probe. An inner wall of said is provided with a layer comprising an electric conductive material, and said cavity... Agent: Saab Ab

20140085157 - Wireless terminal: An embodiment of the present invention provides a wireless terminal, including a PCB and an antenna system, where the antenna system includes a positioning antenna for receiving a positioning carrier signal from a satellite, and a wave director is disposed in a radiation area of the positioning antenna, and is... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20140085158 - Communication device and antennas with high isolation characteristics: A communication device includes a system circuit board, a ground plane, a first antenna, a second antenna, a first metal element, and a second metal element. The ground plane is disposed on the system circuit board. The first metal element is substantially located between the first antenna and the second... Agent: Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140085159 - Communication device and method for designing antenna element thereof: A communication device including a ground plane and an antenna element is provided. An edge of the ground plane is embedded with a notch, which has at least a first edge and a second edge. The antenna element, disposed at the notch, has at least a first operating frequency band... Agent:

20140085160 - Multi-band antenna for wireless communication: A multi-band antenna includes a ground plane, a single antenna element, a frequency multiplexing circuit and at least two feeding strips coupled between the frequency multiplexing circuit and the single antenna element. Furthermore, the feeding of the antenna is arranged by one or more feeding points arranged between the ground... Agent: Aalto University Foundation

20140085161 - Distributed loop antenna with multiple subloops: An electronic device may be provided with antenna structures. The antenna structures may be formed using a dielectric carrier structure. The antenna structures may have first and second loop antenna resonating elements. The first loop antenna resonating element may indirectly feed the second loop antenna resonating element. The second loop... Agent: Apple, Inc.

20140085162 - Loop antenna: A loop antenna includes first and second loops that are formed with respective conductive wires. In this case, the second loop is formed with a double loop having current paths of opposite directions.... Agent:

20140085163 - Communication system with antenna configuration and method of manufacture thereof: A communication system includes: a ceramic housing; and a ceramic antenna device attached to the ceramic housing.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140085164 - Antenna device and electronic apparatus with the antenna device: An antenna device of an embodiment includes first and second antenna elements arranged along a side of a patterned ground, and a T-shaped passive element. The first antenna element has a first end connected to a first feed point, and an open second end. A part of the first antenna... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140085165 - Combining signal power using magnetic coupling between conductors: A system including a plurality of amplifiers, a plurality of first transmission lines, and a plurality of second transmission lines. The plurality of first transmission lines have first ends respectively connected to outputs of the plurality of amplifiers and second ends connected to a reference potential. The plurality of second... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

03/20/2014 > 20 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140078002 - Antenna: An antenna includes an oscillating member and a grounding member arranged toward each other. The oscillating member includes a main body and a first extending section. The first extending section is projected from a first end of the main body toward the grounding member. The grounding member includes a main... Agent:

20140078003 - Antenna module and wireless communication device: An antenna module for a wireless communication device includes a first ground portion for grounding to the antenna module, a feed portion, a connecting portion connected to the first ground portion and the feed portion, a first radiating body, a second radiating body connected to the feed portion and the... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140078004 - Antenna system: An antenna is disclosed where a third resonator is added to the resonating structure. Impedance bandwidth improvements can be obtained for both high and low bands, with only a small increase of the antenna volume. The low band bandwidth can be further enhanced by active switching of the low band... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20140078000 - Multiband antenna structure: A multiband antenna structure comprises a substrate, a first radiating unit and a second radiating unit. The first radiating unit is disposed on the substrate, having a feed-in end, a first radiating path and a first terminal. The first radiating unit is operated at a first operating frequency. The second... Agent: Auden Techno Corp.

20140078006 - Radar array antenna: A radar antenna is disclosed. The disclosed antenna includes: a dielectric substrate; a feed line for feeding RF signals that is formed on an upper portion of the dielectric substrate and has a linear form; a multiple number of radiators that are perpendicularly joined to the feed line and have... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20140078005 - Radar array antenna using open stubs: A radar array antenna using open stubs is disclosed. The disclosed antenna includes: a dielectric substrate; a feed line for feeding RF signals that is formed on an upper portion of the dielectric substrate and has a linear form; a multiple number of open stubs that extend at particular angles... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20140078001 - Small antenna apparatus operable in multiple frequency bands: An antenna apparatus is provided with a dielectric substrate, a feed point, a first radiation conductor, a second radiation conductor, and a through-hole conductor. The first radiation element is capacitively coupled to the second radiation element in a portion where the first and second radiation conductors overlaps with each other... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140078008 - Mobile terminal: A mobile terminal comprises: a terminal body; and a first antenna device and a second antenna device disposed at one side of the terminal body in an adjacent manner, and formed to operate at different frequency bands, wherein the first antenna device and the second antenna device are provided with... Agent:

20140078007 - Patch antenna and wireless communications device: A patch antenna includes a dielectric body, radiation element, earth conductor and feed member. The dielectric body increases in cross-sectional area from a first end toward a second end thereof. The radiation element is disposed on a surface of the dielectric body, and each side of the radiation element has... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140078009 - Communication device and antennas with high isolation characteristics: The present invention is related to a communication device which includes a ground element and an antenna system. The ground element includes a main ground plane and a protruded ground plane. The antenna system includes a first antenna and a second antenna. The first antenna includes a metal radiation element... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140078010 - Multiple input multiple output (mimo) antennas having polarization and angle diversity and related wireless communications devices: Antenna systems are provided including a chassi and first and second radiating elements coupled to the chassi. The first radiating element is configured to amplify excitation of the chassi and the second radiating element is configured to reduce excitation of the chassi so as to reduce mutual coupling in the... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20140078011 - 3d package device of photonic integrated chip matching circuit: A 3D package device of a photonic integrated chip matching circuit, comprising: a first carrier substrate; a first microwave transmission line array formed by evaporation on the top surface of the first carrier substrate to provide bias voltages and high-frequency modulation signals to the photonic integrated chip; a second carrier... Agent: Institute Of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

20140078012 - Waveguide polarizers: A method and apparatus for a polarizer. The apparatus comprises a dielectric rod, a first array of slots, and a second array of slots. The first array of slots and the second array of slots are formed in sidewalls of the dielectric rod. The first array of slots is substantially... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140078013 - High temperature transponders: The present invention provides, in alternative embodiments, high temperature transponders that can withstand high temperature shocks and can maintain their physical and electrical characteristics following high temperature exposure, and methods of making said transponders.... Agent: Veriteq Acquisition Corporation

20140078014 - Antenna device and communication terminal apparatus: An antenna device includes an antenna element and an impedance conversion circuit connected to the antenna element. The impedance conversion circuit is inserted between the antenna element and a feeding circuit, and includes a first series circuit where a first coil conductor and a second coil conductor are connected in... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140078015 - Antenna device: An antenna device and supports for an antenna. The antenna device includes a plate-like support, having a from, back, and surrounding side face. The surrounding side face has a first groove. The front of the support has at least one second groove. The first antenna cable is located in the... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20140078016 - Material for radomes and process for making the same: The invention relates to a material comprising at least one laminate component containing polymeric fibers wherein the material has a loss tangent of less than 8×10−3 radians as measured at a frequency chosen from the group of frequencies consisting of 1.8 GHz; 3.9 GHz; 10 GHz; 39.5 GHz; and 72... Agent: Dsm Assets B.v.

20140078017 - Multi layer 3d antenna carrier arrangement for electronic devices: An antenna comprising a plurality of carrier blocks, wherein each carrier block is coupled to at least one other carrier block, and a plurality of radiators, wherein each radiator is connected to at least one carrier block. Further, an antenna comprising a plurality of carrier blocks, wherein each carrier block... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140078018 - Communication device and antenna system with high isolation: A communication device including a ground element and an antenna system is provided. The antenna system is adjacent to the ground element. The antenna system includes at least a first antenna, a second antenna, a connection element, and a resistive element. The second antenna is adjacent to the first antenna.... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140078019 - Antenna using liquid metal and electronic device employing the same: An antenna using a liquid metal is provided. The antenna includes a plurality of antenna structures, each having an inner cavity of a form corresponding to a radiator pattern; and at least one actuator connected to at least two of the plurality of antenna structures to control movement of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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