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Communications: radio wave antennas

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05/21/2015 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150138025 - Antenna and portable electronic instrument for use in near field communication: Disclosed is an NFC antenna that facilitates a touch operation of a portable electronic instrument. An NFC antenna includes insulating substrates and an antenna coil having a front surface pattern and a back surface pattern formed on antenna surfaces that are present on the same planes. The insulating substrates are... Agent:

20150138022 - Antenna device and method for attaching the same: An antenna device includes: a radio device for radio wave transmission; a primary radiator that has a function to radiates radio waves generated by the radio device; a parabolic reflector that reflects the radio waves radiated from the primary radiator; a shroud that shields against unnecessary radiation radio waves among... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150138023 - Antenna for communication terminal: Provided are an antenna for a communication terminal, and a method of manufacturing the same, the antenna including: a communication terminal case; and a radiator layer formed of a metal material in an inner curved surface part of the communication terminal case.... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd

20150138021 - Capacitive grounding methods and apparatus for mobile devices: Grounding apparatus for mobile devices and methods of utilizing and manufacturing the same. In one embodiment, an outer metallized surface of a mobile device is configured to capacitively couple a metal back cover to the device ground. Specifically, in one implementation, an exterior surface of the mobile device is metalized... Agent:

20150138024 - Deposited three-dimensional antenna apparatus and methods: A “thin” and cost-effective three-dimensional antenna assembly and methods of use and manufacturing thereof. In one exemplary embodiment, the solution of the present disclosure is particularly adapted for small form-factor portable radio devices, and comprises an antenna (or array of antennas) deposited on a thin preformed flexible or deformable structure... Agent:

20150138020 - Intrinsically safe housing and antenna design for a radio device and method of forming same: A radio device housing uses an exterior layer or surface made of an electrically conductive anti-static material that is formed over an interior or inner layer that is made of a non-conductive material. The anti-static material prevents the accumulation of static charge on the device housing in accordance with intrinsically... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc

20150138026 - Device and method for calibrating antenna array systems: A method and a system for calibrating an antenna array. The method may include the following steps: attaching successively pairs of a plurality of probe antennas to each other; performing an initial measurement of a multiport formed by the ports of said pair of probe antennas, the initial measurement yielding... Agent:

20150138027 - System and method of optical antenna tuning: A method includes determining a configuration of an antenna. The method also includes selecting a first light source of a plurality of light sources based on the configuration. The method further includes activating the first light source and transmitting an optical signal to a first active filter node of a... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150138028 - Slot halo antenna device: An antenna of the present disclosure has a housing having a shallow cavity in a top of the housing and a shallow cavity in a bottom of the housing. The antenna further has a substantially circular radiating element disposed in the shallow cavity on the top of the housing, the... Agent: Skywave Antennas, Inc.

20150138029 - Cassegrain-type metamaterial antenna: A Cassegrain-type metamaterial antenna, includes: a metamaterial main reflector having a central through-hole, a feed source disposed in the central through-hole, and a sub-reflector disposed in front of the feed source, where an electromagnetic wave radiated by the feed source is emerged in a form of a plane wave after... Agent: Kuang-chi Innovative Technology Ltd.

20150138030 - Antenna device and communication terminal apparatus: An antenna device includes a first insulating base portion including a spiral antenna pattern, and a second insulating base portion including at least two conductor wires. An insulating layer configured to insulate the conductor wires from the antenna pattern is provided between a first end and a second end of... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150138031 - Contactless connector, contactless connector system, and a manufacturing method for the contactless connector: The invention relates to a contactless connector (100), a system including the contactless connector (100) and a corresponding mating connector (200), and a manufacturing method for the contactless connector. In order to enable the contactless connector to transmit/receive power to/from the corresponding mating connector, the invention suggest providing at the... Agent: Te Connectivity Nederland Bv

20150138032 - Isolation structures for dual-polarized antennas: An antenna, including a first dipole having a first polarization, the first dipole including a first pair of dipole arms, a second dipole having a second polarization, the second dipole including a second pair of dipole arms, at least one dipole arm of the first pair of dipole arms being... Agent: Galtronics Corporation Ltd.

20150138033 - Antenna structure and wireless communication device using the same: An antenna structure includes a first radiation arm, a second radiation arm, a feed end, and a ground end. The second radiation arm is perpendicularly connected to the first radiation arm. The first radiation arm and the second radiation arm jointly form a junction, both the feed end and the... Agent:

20150138034 - Antenna structure: An antenna structure includes a radiation module and a metal board. The radiation module has a first coil unit and a second coil unit. The first coil unit is coupled to the second coil unit. The first coil unit and the second coil unit have opposite direction of current. The... Agent: Inpaq Technology Co., Ltd.

20150138035 - Microstrip patch antenna in cavity-backed structure including via-hole: A microstrip patch antenna includes a via-hole pad including via-holes, a patch disposed on the via-hole pad, a feeding via-hole disposed at a side of the patch through the patch and the via-hole pad, and a shorting via-hole disposed at a side of the patch, and configured to connect the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138036 - Antenna isolation using a tuned groundplane notch: m

20150138037 - Antenna assemblies and methods of manufacturing the same: According to various aspects, exemplary embodiments are disclosed of antenna assemblies and methods of manufacturing the same. In an exemplary embodiment, a method generally includes forming (e.g., molding, etc.) a sleeve over and/or between a first portion of a first component (e.g., a bushing, etc.) and a second portion of... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

05/14/2015 > 19 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150130665 - System and method for printing tunable antennas: The present invention is a method and system for using a 3D printer for printing various tunable antennas. In one embodiment, and exponent antenna is created by printing a board using a 3D printer in combination with vacuum metallization to create the antenna and provide engineered break points for adjusting... Agent:

20150130668 - Antenna assembly: The present invention relates to an antenna for wireless application made from a component of an electronic device, said component being attached to the casing of the electronic device and comprising a conductive part and at least one mounting pin made of conductive material, the conductive part forming the radiating... Agent:

20150130669 - Antenna device and wireless apparatus including same: An antenna device includes a feeding element connected to a feed point, and a radiating element disposed at a distance from the feeding element. The feeding element is coupled with the radiating element by electromagnetic field coupling to feed the radiating element so that the radiating element functions as a... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150130670 - Antenna device of a mobile terminal: An antenna device of a mobile terminal having improved performance by utilizing a metal object located in proximity to the antenna device as an antenna radiator is provided. The antenna device includes an antenna pattern connected to a feeder and a ground line, and a metal component positioned on the... Agent:

20150130667 - Apparatus and methods for antenna port isolation: Apparatus and methods for enhanced antenna port isolation are disclosed. In one embodiment, a spatially compact patch antenna apparatus is disclosed. A plurality of walls are incorporated into the antenna assembly's bottom cover. The walls are located under the radiating element located on a top cover of the antenna assembly.... Agent:

20150130666 - Assembled wearable electronic device: An assembled wearable electronic device includes a first body, a second body and an engaging assembly. The first body has a primary system for providing the independent operation of the first body and producing a related first data. The second body has a secondary system and a fixing assembly. The... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20150130671 - Radome having localized areas of reduced radio signal attenuation: A radome having localized areas of reduced radio signal attenuation includes a body having a first portion and a second portion. The first portion has a reduced radio signal attenuation property in a transmit band and a second portion has a reduced radio signal attenuation property in a reception band.... Agent: Gogo LLC

20150130672 - Radome having localized areas of reduced radio signal attenuation: A radome having localized areas of reduced radio signal attenuation includes a body having a first portion and a second portion. The first portion is mechanically stronger than the second portion and the second portion has a reduced radio signal attenuation property compared to the first portion.... Agent: Gogo LLC

20150130673 - Beam-steered wide bandwidth electromagnetic band gap antenna: An antenna includes a radiating element that is held in a fixed orientation with respect to an underlying electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structure. In one embodiment, the radiating element and the EBG structure are both housed within a conductive cavity. The radiating element, the EBG structure, and the cavity are... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150130674 - Antenna assembly for a motor vehicle and motor vehicle having an antenna assembly: An antenna assembly for a motor vehicle particularly has an antenna rod and an antenna base module. The antenna base module is arranged between an outer panel component of the vehicle body and a vehicle body shell component. Furthermore, the antenna rod is arranged on an exterior side of the... Agent:

20150130675 - Microcellular communications antenna and associated methods: A radio frequency (RF) communications system includes a local RF communications device and an RF antenna including a conical RF launch structure coupled to the local RF communications device, and an elongate electrical conductor having a proximal end coupled to the conical RF launch structure and a distal end spaced... Agent: Harris Corporation

20150130676 - Multi-frequency antenna: A multi-frequency antenna includes a ground layer, at least one antenna unit and at least one antenna network. The antenna unit has its one end electrically connected to the ground layer and its other end electrically connected to the antenna network for generating at least one first resonance frequencies. The... Agent:

20150130677 - Uhf-rfid antenna for point of sales application: A UHF-RFID antenna having a central segmented loop surrounded by passive dipole structures provides shaping of the electric and magnetic fields to reduce the number of false positive reads by a UHF-RFID reader at a point of sale.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20150130678 - Multi-band gnss fixed reception pattern antenna apparatus: The present invention relates to a multi-band Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) fixed reception pattern antenna apparatus, which can mitigate interference signals using spatial filtering by optimizing the radiation pattern of an antenna. The multi-band GNSS fixed reception pattern antenna apparatus includes a broadband antenna radiator for receiving at least... Agent:

20150130679 - Antenna for vehicles: A antenna for vehicles may include: a main ground formed on a printed circuit board (PCB); a first LTE antenna ground connected to the main ground so as to ground a signal of a first LTE antenna; and a second LTE antenna ground connected to the main ground so as... Agent:

20150130680 - Duplexer and method for increasing the isolation between two filters: A duplexer includes an antenna terminal, a transmission amplifier terminal and a reception amplifier terminal. The transmission amplifier terminal is coupled to the antenna terminal via a transmission filter. The reception amplifier terminal is coupled to a reception filter and the reception filter is coupled to the antenna terminal via... Agent:

20150130681 - 3d antenna for integrated circuits: An antenna comprises a first layer having a first redistribution layer, a feeding line, a ground connection element, and one or more antenna inputs. The antenna also comprises one or more intermediate layers over the first layer. The antenna further comprises a second layer having a second redistribution layer over... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20150130682 - Dual-polarized antenna for mobile communication base station: Disclosed is a dual polarization-based small antenna for a mobile communication base station. The dual-polarized antenna includes a substrate, a first feed attached to one surface of the substrate, a second feed spaced apart from the first feed and attached to the one surface of the substrate, a radiator located... Agent:

20150130683 - High-frequency transmission line and antenna device: An antenna is connected to a first end of a high-frequency transmission line, and a connector is connected to a second end of the high-frequency transmission line. A characteristic impedance of a microstrip line is higher than characteristic impedances of first and second strip lines, and a characteristic impedance of... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

05/07/2015 > 24 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150123852 - Planar antenna: A planar antenna includes a substrate formed of a dielectric; a distributed constant line formed on a first surface of the substrate, the distributed constant line including a first end to which power is supplied and a second end that is an open end or is grounded; and at least... Agent:

20150123851 - Three-dimensional article having spray-applied ink: A three-dimensional article having spray-applied ink and a spray application process for three-dimensional articles are disclosed. The article includes a substrate and conductive ink spray-applied to a non-planar region of the substrate. The conductive ink on the non-planar region is at least a portion of a power trace, an antenna,... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20150123853 - Wireless transceiver device and antenna module thereof: A wireless transceiver device and an antenna module thereof, the antenna module has the current path of a first resonance frequency band and the current path of a second resonance frequency band. The first resonance frequency band partially overlaps the second resonance frequency band. Therefore, the antenna module has a... Agent:

20150123855 - Antenna and communication device comprising same: Disclosed are an antenna and a communication device including the same. The antenna includes a feeder, a first loop antenna that has an end connected to the feeder and the other end connected to a ground, and a second loop antenna that has an end connected to the feeder and... Agent: Emw Co., Ltd.

20150123856 - Antenna and terminal device: An antenna and a terminal device include a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), a first main antenna, a second main antenna and a connection component. The first main antenna is printed on the PCB, and the second main antenna is configured outside the PCB and electrically connected to the first main... Agent:

20150123858 - Antenna device and communication terminal device: An antenna device includes two conductor surfaces facing each other and spaced apart from each other, connecting conductors that connect the two conductor surfaces at at least two positions, and an antenna coil located in proximity to one of the connecting conductors. The connecting conductors and the two conductor surfaces... Agent:

20150123854 - Antenna module having a transmitting and receiving antenna element: A one-piece antenna module, has at least one outside receiving and/or transmitting antenna element under an outer cover. The one-piece antenna module has an antenna box, which has no or few inside internal antennas and which surrounds the electronic circuits that interact with the antenna elements. The outer cover is... Agent:

20150123857 - Electronic apparatus including antenna device: An electronic apparatus is provided. The electronic apparatus includes at least one first antenna radiator, a main board including a feed part that is spaced apart from at least one portion of the at least one first antenna radiator to overlap the at least one portion of the at least... Agent:

20150123859 - Mobile terminal: A mobile terminal that includes a first antenna element disposed in proximity to a first side of the mobile terminal, a second antenna element disposed in proximity to a second side of the mobile terminal, and a third antenna element disposed in proximity to a third side of the mobile... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications, Inc.

20150123860 - Display module including antenna: Disclosed is a display module that includes at least one antenna, for use in an electronic device. The display module includes a display panel, and a magnetic sheet disposed under the display panel. The at least one antenna is disposed above the magnetic sheet. The magnetic sheet may serve to... Agent:

20150123861 - Method for creating a slot-line on a multilayer substrate and multilayer printed circuit comprising at least one slot-line realized according to said method and used as an isolating slot or antenna: s

20150123863 - Compact bipolarization power splitter, array of a plurality of splitters, compact radiating element and planar antenna comprising such a splitter: A compact dual-polarization planar power splitter comprises at least four asymmetric orthomode transducers (OMTs) connected in an array suitable for being coupled in-phase to a dual orthogonal polarization feed source via two power distributors mounted perpendicularly in relation to one another, each power distributor comprising at least two lateral metal... Agent:

20150123862 - Waveguide to parallel-plate transition and device including the same: A waveguide to parallel-plate transition is provided which includes a waveguide, an E-plane waveguide bend, an H-plane waveguide bend and a parallel-plate transmission line arranged in sequence. The E-plane waveguide bend is configured to bend a direction of a radio frequency (RF) field between the waveguide and the H-plane waveguide... Agent: Thinkom Solutions, Inc.

20150123864 - Antenna elements and array: Antenna elements are described that may include a radiator, a feeding portion, a first impedance transformer, a balun, and a second impedance transformer. The first impedance transformer, balun, and second impedance transformer may be disposed above a ground plane of an antenna array to reduce a bulk of the array.... Agent: Si2 Technologies, Inc.

20150123865 - Patch antenna arrangement: The invention relates to an improved antenna arrangement which is characterized by the following features: a patch electrode (7) having a patch electrode surface (71) is provided above the dielectric (5) or on the upper face (5a) of the dielectric (5), said patch electrode (7) is fed via a feed... Agent:

20150123866 - Antenna with high isolation: An antenna includes a grounding portion extending in a longitudinal direction, a main body and an isolating portion extending from the grounding portion, a metal foil assembled on the grounding portion and a coaxial cable connecting the main body. The grounding portion includes a first section and a second section... Agent:

20150123867 - Power splitter comprising a tee coupler in the e-plane, radiating array and antenna comprising such a radiating array: A power splitter comprises at least two mutually parallel lateral waveguides with rectangular cross-section and a transverse waveguide with rectangular cross-section comprising two opposite ends respectively connected to the two lateral waveguides. The two lateral waveguides are oriented along a direction Y and mounted flat with their large side parallel... Agent:

20150123868 - Compact, multi-port, mimo antenna with high port isolation and low pattern correlation and method of making same: An antenna includes a ground support, an electrically conductive, endless element mounted at a distance relative to the ground support, and a trio of ports arranged along the endless element for conveying radio frequency signals in an operating band of frequencies. The antenna is compact and has high port isolation... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20150123869 - Low profile, antenna array for an rfid reader and method of making same: An antenna array, especially for use with a radio frequency identification reader, includes a ground plane and a pair of concentric, first and second, circular elements mounted at an elevation relative to the ground plane. First ports are arranged along the perimeter of the first element, and second ports are... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc

20150123870 - Methods for tuning an adaptive impedance matching network with a look-up table: Methods for generating a look-up table relating a plurality of complex reflection coefficients to a plurality of matched states for a tunable matching network. Typical steps include measuring a plurality of complex reflection coefficients resulting from a plurality of impedance loads while the tunable matching network is in a predetermined... Agent:

20150123871 - Mobile device and antenna structure with conductive frame: A mobile device includes a dielectric substrate, a ground element, a signal source, a first conductive frame, a second conductive frame, a third conductive frame, a shorting element, a feeding element, a first radiation element, and a second radiation element. The first conductive frame, the second conductive frame, and the... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150123872 - Radar apparatus provided with radome: An antenna section is housed in a housing space which is defined by a radome and a housing, and provided with a transmitting antenna that transmits radar waves composed of radio waves of a predetermined frequency and a receiving antenna that receives the radar waves. The radome has a transmission... Agent:

20150123873 - Staggered network based transmit/receive switch with antenna polarization diversity: A system and apparatus is provided to reduce signal routing, area and signal loss in double-pole, double-throw (DPDT) switch implementations in wireless and millimeter-wave front ends. A staggered arrangement of receivers, transmitters and antenna ports connecting with DPDT switches reduce signal cross-over and allow for compact, low-loss multi-antenna configurations.... Agent:

20150123874 - Wideband antenna structure: An antenna structure includes a ground plane, a feeding element, and a coupling radiation element. The feeding element is coupled to a signal source. The feeding element substantially has a T-shape. The coupling radiation element is separate from the feeding element and is adjacent to the feeding element. The coupling... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

04/30/2015 > 32 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150116156 - Wireless module with integrated antenna by using rigid-flex board: A wireless module includes a flex substrate, an antenna integrated in the flex substrate and electrically connected to a signal layer and a ground layer of the flex substrate, a first rigid substrate stacked on one side of the flex substrate remote from the antenna, and a communication unit mounted... Agent: Universal Scientific Industrial (shanghai) Co., Ltd

20150116157 - Antenna case of air-hole structure: The antenna case with an air hole structure has excellent durability while lightweight and has improved electric characteristics of radio waves emitted from an antenna. The antenna case having the air hole structure includes a main body having a plurality of air holes and a pair of caps. The main... Agent:

20150116158 - Antenna for mobile device having metallic surface: An antenna having a plurality of ports coupled to at least one radiator opening or protuberance formed on a metallic surface. A plurality of modulators are coupled to the plurality of respective ports and configured to modulate phase or amplitude of a plurality of signals radiated at the plurality of... Agent:

20150116159 - Antenna structures and methods: A communication device that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, a communication device including a communication device including a conductive cover, a display fixably mounted to the conductive cover, a first antenna element, and a circuit. The display can include a conductive backing. The first antenna element can... Agent:

20150116160 - Antenna, combination antenna, and mobile terminal: An antenna includes a telescopic antenna and an antenna jacket, where the telescopic antenna extends from a side opening and an exposed part of the telescopic antenna is configured to rotate outside the antenna jacket. The antenna and any one or more antennas of a GPS antenna, a Wi-Fi antenna,... Agent:

20150116163 - Antenna structures and methods thereof: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, a circuit for determining a magnitude difference between a first signal supplied to an antenna and a second signal radiated by the antenna, determining a phase difference between the first signal supplied to the antenna and the second signal... Agent: Skycross, Inc.

20150116162 - Antenna structures and methods thereof for determining a frequency offset based on a differential magnitude: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, a circuit for measuring from a first probe a first magnitude of radiated energy by an antenna, where the first probe serves as a first near field probe for measuring radiated energy from the antenna, measuring from a second... Agent: Skycross, Inc.

20150116161 - Antenna structures and methods thereof for determining a frequency offset based on a signal magnitude measurement: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, a circuit for measuring from a first probe a first magnitude of radiated energy by an antenna, where the first probe is placed near the antenna, obtaining a second magnitude of a signal supplied to the antenna, comparing the... Agent: Skycross, Inc.

20150116164 - Radiation measurement system and method with synchronous high speed tracking laser based position measurement: An Antenna measurement system incorporating high speed tracking laser-based global positioning capture synchronized with radio frequency (RF) measurements. A high speed tracking laser is used for collecting RF probe position data synchronously with corresponding near-field RF measurements. The probe may be moved across an arbitrary surface surrounding or adjacent to... Agent:

20150116165 - Door mirror for vehicle: A door mirror for a vehicle includes: a mirror housing; a housing body disposed in the mirror housing and configured to house a mirror; a lower cover disposed in the mirror housing and covers a lower section of the housing body from below; a plurality of lower cover side engagement... Agent:

20150116166 - Thin-film transistor display device having integrated nfc antenna: A thin-film transistor display device having integrated an NFC antenna (3). The NFC antenna (3) is arranged on a display screen (S) of the thin-film transistor display device, where the NFC interface is equipped with an output circuit of the display screen (S) and is connected to a control mainboard... Agent:

20150116167 - Antenna apparatus: An antenna apparatus may be provided that includes: a radiating metal; a ground which is connected to the radiating metal; a first impedance which forms a first path by being connected between the radiating metal and the ground, has an impedance value which is changed depending on a frequency, and... Agent:

20150116168 - Antenna device and electronic apparatus: A square bracket-shaped radiation element is in a non-ground region of a board. A first reactance element that equivalently enters a short-circuited state in a second frequency band is connected between a second end of the radiation element and a ground conductor. A second reactance element that equivalently enters a... Agent:

20150116169 - Mm wave antenna array integrated with cellular antenna: Wireless electronic devices may include a millimeter Wave (mmW) antenna array integrated with a cellular antenna. The devices may also include a package or module on the cellular antenna that integrates the mmW antenna array and an mmW circuit. The devices may also include a grounding element that includes an... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150116170 - Antenna structures and methods thereof for determining a frequency offset based on a reactance measurement: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, a circuit for measuring a change in reactance of an antenna, determining a frequency offset of the antenna based on a change in an operating frequency of the antenna according to the change in reactance of the antenna, and... Agent: Skycross, Inc.

20150116171 - Bar antenna: A bar antenna comprises: a bar core configured to connect at least two of core pieces in series, a bobbin covering at least a portion of the bar core, a winding wound in a predetermined range of the bobbin, and a case having the bar core and the bobbin disposed... Agent:

20150116172 - Transparent conformal polymer antennas for rfid and other wireless communications applications: An optically transparent conformal polymer antenna and a method for producing the antenna from optically transparent conductive polymers. The method includes selecting an antenna design; providing an optically transparent conductive polymer material capable of being printed using an ink-jet printer device; and printing layers of the polymer in the desired... Agent:

20150116173 - Electromagnetic dipole antenna: An electromagnetic dipole antenna designed in the present invention includes an antenna radiating unit and a metal ground, where the antenna radiating unit mainly includes vertical electric dipole and horizontal magnetic dipole, where the vertical electric dipole and the horizontal magnetic dipole jointly form an electromagnetic coupling structure. The antenna... Agent:

20150116174 - Multiple-input multiple-output antenna and broadband dipole radiating element therefore: An antenna, including a ground plane, a dielectric substrate formed on the ground plane, a broadband dual-polarized dipole radiating element located on the dielectric substrate, a horizontally polarized dipole radiating element located on the dielectric substrate adjacent to the broadband dual-polarized dipole radiating element and having a projection parallel to... Agent: Galtronics Corporation Ltd.

20150116175 - Planar antenna assembly fixed to ceiling: Provided is a planar antenna assembly attached to a ceiling, in which a structure of an antenna assembly for a mobile communication repeater is developed into a planar shape, thereby improving interior aesthetics. The planar antenna assembly attached to the ceiling according to an embodiment of the present invention may... Agent:

20150116176 - Dipole antenna and wireless terminal device: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a dipole antenna and a wireless terminal device, which relate to communications technologies and enable an antenna to have a relatively high performance and a relatively low production cost. The dipole antenna includes a first radiation arm, a second radiation arm, and a balun.... Agent:

20150116177 - Vertically and horizontally polarized omnidirectional antennas and related methods: An omni-directional antenna module includes a plurality of vertically and horizontally polarized antenna elements arranged to provide 360° coverage around an antenna, and to eliminate nulls below the antenna. The antenna elements are arranged in parallel with respective orthogonal axes of a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, with the centers of... Agent: Radio Frequency Systems, Inc.

20150116178 - Combined radio frequency identification (rfid) and wireless charging electromagnetic wave absorber, combined rfid and wireless charging wireless antenna including same, and method for manufacturing same: A combined RFID and wireless charging electromagnetic wave absorber, a combined RFID and wireless charging wireless antenna including same, and a method for manufacturing same. The electromagnetic wave absorber not only performs separate functions of RFID and wireless charging and provides stable operating characteristics, but also has a structure in... Agent:

20150116179 - Chip antenna and communication circuit substrate for transmission and reception: A first radiating electrode of a split ring resonator type is formed on a side face of a substrate of a rectangular cuboid antenna device so as to be at a right angle to a ground electrode surface, a second radiating electrode is provided on a top surface of the... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20150116180 - Phase-shifting unit module, manufacturing method therefor, phase-shifting device, and antenna: The present invention relates to a phase-shifting unit module, a manufacturing method therefor, a phase shifting device, and an antenna. The phase-shifting unit module comprises a first metal ground plate, a second metal ground plate, an insulating dielectric plate, a slide apparatus, and a fixed transmission line. The insulating dielectric... Agent: Guangdong Broadradio Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

20150116182 - Antenna with embedded wideband matching substrate: An antenna (100) with an embedded wideband matching substrate (102) is provided. The substrate (102) comprises impedance matching circuitry (300) providing a low frequency (LF) matching circuit (330) and a high frequency (HF) matching circuit (340) for tri-band operation. A stripline (314) having a stripline ground (324) is disposed on... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc

20150116181 - Multi-band subscriber antenna for portable radios: An antenna is provided with improved ruggedness and flexibility through the use of an embedded substrate with impedance matching circuitry disposed thereon, and a flexible electrical interconnect. The flexible electrical interconnect is coupled between the substrate and an antenna connector. The antenna comprises a first top flexible section having the... Agent: Motorola Solutiions, Inc.

20150116183 - Self-configurable resonance antenna: A self-configurable resonance antenna includes a main antenna for transmitting and receiving radio waves of a plurality of mutually different frequency bands, a coupling element having at least two radiating patches with different effective electrical lengths for configuring the impedance of the self-configurable resonance antenna, and a matching circuit disposed... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd

20150116184 - Broad band radome for microwave antenna: A radome for an antenna is provided as a composite of an isotropic outer layer and a structural layer of foamed polymer material. The composite is dimensioned to enclose an open end of the antenna. The radome may be retained upon the antenna by a retaining element and fasteners. The... Agent: Andrew LLC

20150116185 - Circularly polarized antenna: A broad-band circularly-polarized antenna is presented. The circularly-polarized antenna includes at least four monopole antenna elements having respective at least four radiating surfaces with respective at least four normals. The monopole antenna elements are arranged around a vertical axis. The normals of the respective radiating surfaces are perpendicular to and... Agent: Heneywell International Inc.

20150116186 - Electronic apparatus and land grid array module: An electronic apparatus and a land grid array LGA module. The electronic apparatus includes: a first printed circuit board, a lower surface of the first printed circuit board is provided with a first radio frequency pad and a first non-radio frequency pad; a motherboard, including a second printed circuit board,... Agent:

20150116187 - Metamaterials for surfaces and waveguides: Complementary metamaterial elements provide an effective permittivity and/or permeability for surface structures and/or waveguide structures. The complementary metamaterial resonant elements may include Babinet complements of “split ring resonator” (SRR) and “electric LC” (ELC) metamaterial elements. In some approaches, the complementary metamaterial elements are embedded in the bounding surfaces of planar... Agent:

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