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Communications: radio wave antennas

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07/10/2014 > 21 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140191906 - Antenna structure and wireless communication device using the same: An antenna structure includes a feed portion, a ground portion, a first radiating body, a second radiating body and a third radiating body. The first radiating body is connected to the feed portion and configured to obtain a first resonance frequency band. The second radiating body is connected to the... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140191905 - Integration of millimeter wave antennas on microelectronic substrates: A high performance antenna incorporated on a microelectronic substrate by forming low-loss dielectric material structures in the microelectronic substrates and forming the antenna on the low-loss dielectric material structures. The low-loss dielectric material structures may be fabricated by forming a cavity in a build-up layer of the microelectronic substrate and... Agent:

20140191907 - Printed circuit board including electromagnetic bandgap structure: Embodiments of the present invention provide a printed circuit board, which includes an electromagnetic bandgap structure disposed around an antenna, so as to prevent noise from being transmitted to the antenna. The printed circuit board includes an antenna, a circuit chip, a plurality of metal layers and a plurality of... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140191908 - Broadband antenna and wireless communication device employing same: A broadband antenna is mounted in a metal piece and includes a radiating portion, a ground portion, and a feed portion. The radiating portion includes a main portion and a plurality of radiating arms extending from the main portion in multiple directions, the radiating arms extend to contact the metal... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140191910 - Housing, handheld device, and manufacturing method of housing: A housing, a handheld device and a manufacturing method of a housing are provided. The housing includes a body, a metal antenna layer, and a conductive element. The body includes a through hole and an appearance surface and an inner surface opposite to the appearance surface. The metal antenna layer... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140191909 - Low profile omni-directional planar antenna with wifi video streaming capability through broadband network: An antenna device includes a housing defining an interior cavity, and an RF antenna situated within the housing. The RF antenna receives high definition television signals broadcast over the air. An MHL connector is mounted on the housing. An external audio or video streaming signal device is coupleable to the... Agent: Voxx International Corporation

20140191911 - Antenna assembly: A vehicle component having a housing made of non-metallic material and having at least one surface made of metallic material is provided, and an antenna assembly is disposed in the vehicle component. The antenna assembly includes a high-gain film-type antenna element having an input for receiving a wireless signal, an... Agent:

20140191912 - Antenna for a wearable device: This disclosure relates to antennas for wearable devices. in an aspect, the antenna includes an active portion that includes conductive traces that send and receive radiofrequency communication signals. The antenna also includes a ground plane. The antenna includes a spacer that provides separation between the active portion and the ground... Agent: Filip Technologies Uk Ltd.

20140191913 - Techniques for standardizing antenna architecture: Technology for standardizing an antenna design for a computing device includes an antenna element in the shape of an object that is commonly useful with multiple, different computing products. For example, in one embodiment the antenna element is a bracket for holding a stylus or other object within a stylus... Agent: IntermecIPCorp.

20140191914 - Multi-channel antenna device: A device includes a feeding circuitry, a basic mode radiator for forming a basic mode main beam pattern having one or two orthogonal polarizations based on first two orthogonal inputs received from the feeding circuitry, and a higher-order mode radiator for forming a higher-order mode conical beam pattern having one... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140191915 - Wideband high gain 3g or 4g antenna: A broadband antenna element for RF transmission and reception over cellular frequencies. The antenna element is formed of conductive material on a substrate surface of conductive material in the form of a pair of half portions extending in opposite directions to distal tips defining the widest distance of a mouth... Agent: Mesh City Wireless

20140191916 - Antenna device and electronic apparatus: An antenna device includes an antenna coil, a magnetic core, and a metal member. The antenna coil is mounted on a flexible base. The antenna coil is wound in a loop shape or a spiral shape such that its winding center section is a coil opening section. The magnetic core... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140191917 - Multi-directional receiving antenna array: Techniques for providing multi-directional receiving antenna arrays are described herein. According to an embodiment, an apparatus includes an antenna array including multiple antennas and an orientation system. The orientation system includes multiple orientation marks and multiple alignment marks. At least one of the multiple antennas is configured to be positioned... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140191918 - Omnidirectional antenna: Disclosure is related to an omnidirectional antenna. Structurally the antenna includes multiple antenna units which are oppositely disposed around the edges of a grounded substrate. The antenna is able to handle at least two bands of electromagnetic signals. The body of each antenna unit includes a radiating member which is... Agent: Arcadyan Technology Corporation

20140191919 - Broadband dual polarization antenna: A broadband dual polarization antenna comprises a first metal reflective plane, for reflecting radio signals, to enhance the gain of the broadband dual polarization antenna; a first radiation portion, disposed on the first metal reflective plane with a first gap to the first metal reflective plane; a second radiation portion,... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corporation

20140191920 - Low passive intermodulation chokes for electrical cables: This disclosure relates to chokes for suppressing undesired signals such as such as common mode electromagnetic interference (EMI) and/or radio frequency interference (RFI). The chokes can include an electro-conductive sleeve disposed over an electrical cable and the sleeve can be configured to suppress an undesired signal. In some embodiments, the... Agent: Venti Group, LLC

20140191922 - Antenna apparatus: An antenna apparatus is provided which has a centroid close to a vibration isolation structure and which is hard to vibrate like a pendulum motion when vibration is applied. The antenna apparatus includes a first base plate, an antenna unit disposed at a side of the first base plate and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140191921 - Small antenna apparatus for vehicle and manufacturing method thereof: An antenna device for a vehicle and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. The antenna device includes an antenna coil disposed in a helical antenna shape having a substantially constant pitch interval and a connector disposed on a first end of the antenna coil. A cylinder member, electrically connected to... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140191923 - Antenna and mobile device therefor: Disclosed are an antenna and a mobile device having the same. The antenna includes a plurality of radiators having a pillar shape; a connecting member for connecting the radiators with each other in series; and a ground member for grounding the radiators connected with each other through the connecting member.... Agent:

20140191924 - Low passive intermodulation chokes for electrical cables: This disclosure relates to chokes for suppressing undesired signals such as such as common mode electromagnetic interference (EMI) and/or radio frequency interference (RFI). The chokes can include an electro-conductive sleeve disposed over an electrical cable and the sleeve can be configured to suppress an undesired signal. In some embodiments, the... Agent:

20140191925 - Configurable backing structure for a reflector antenna and corrective synthesis for mechanical adjustment thereof: A reflector support system is provided that includes a backing structure having a plurality of struts. The backing structure may have a plurality of hubs, each of the plurality of hubs may be configured to couple to two or more of the plurality of struts, each of the plurality of... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

07/03/2014 > 22 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140184448 - Resonant embedded antenna: A planar antenna, such as included as a portion of a printed circuit board assembly, can include a first conductive layer comprising a feed conductor and a patch. The planar antenna can include a second conductive layer comprising a reference conductor, a first arm defined by a first arm length... Agent:

20140184449 - Antenna structure for using with a metal frame of a mobile phone: An antenna structure includes a carrier body, a circuit board, a metal coupling sheet, a first grounding part, a second grounding part, and a metal frame. A first slot and a second slot are between the metal frame and the carrier body after the parts mentioned above are assembled. The... Agent: Auden Techno.corp

20140184452 - Electronic device with integrated antenna: A method and computer system for integrating an antenna radiator during the manufacturing of an electronic device comprising providing a first chassis component, providing the radiator into the first chassis and providing a second chassis component over the radiator so as to integrate it between the first and the second... Agent: Yota Devices Ipr Ltd.

20140184451 - Handheld device: A handheld device at least including a functional element, an appearance and a planar antenna is provided. The appearance at least includes a communicating space. In addition, the communicating space passes through the appearance, and the communicating space is a channel for transmitting signals from the functional element, or the... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140184450 - Slot antenna and information terminal apparatus using the same: A slot antenna and an information terminal apparatus using the same are provided. The slot antenna comprises: a conductive housing; and at least one slot formed on the corner and edge of the conductive housing.... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20140184453 - Mobile device and antenna structure therein: A mobile device includes a ground element, a conductive bezel, a nonconductive layer, and a feeding element. The conductive bezel is substantially independent of the ground element. A slot is formed in the conductive bezel. The nonconductive layer is affixed to the conductive bezel and covers the slot of the... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140184455 - Backhaul radio with an aperture-fed antenna assembly: Directive gain antenna elements implemented with an aperture-fed patch array antenna assembly are described. A feed network for the aperture-fed patch array may include offset apertures and may also include meandering feed lines. Scalable aperture shapes and orientations that can be used with antennas operating at any frequency and with... Agent: Cbf Networks, Inc.

20140184454 - Multi-function array for access point and mobile wireless systems: A multi-function array is described where several communication system functions are realized using the same antenna architecture. An array of antenna elements where each antenna element can generate multiple radiation patterns is described; the multiple radiation patterns from each antenna element provides increased capability and flexibility in generating a phased... Agent: Ethertronics, Inc.

20140184456 - Antenna and communication system including the antenna: An antenna and a communication system with the antenna are provided. The antenna may include a first layer including a plurality of folded stubs, a second layer including a pattern of the folded stubs, and a third layer connected to ground is disposed between the first layer and the second... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140184457 - Backhaul radio with a substrate tab-fed antenna assembly: Directive gain antenna elements implemented with an aperture-fed patch array antenna assembly are described. A feed network for the aperture-fed patch array may include offset apertures and may also include meandering feed lines. Scalable aperture shapes and orientations that can be used with antennas operating at any frequency and with... Agent:

20140184458 - Wireless communication device: The invention includes a first circuit board on which a plurality of first terminal sections is arranged, a high-frequency circuit arranged on the first circuit board and connected to at least one of the plurality of first terminal sections, a second circuit board on which is arranged a plurality of... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140184459 - Dual band antenna: A dual-band antenna, disposed in a substrate, is provided. The dual-band antenna includes: a feeding part and a slot antenna. The feeding part, disposed on a first side of the substrate, is used for feeding electromagnetic signals with a first resonance frequency and a second resonance frequency, wherein the second... Agent: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

20140184460 - Antenna structures: An antenna formed on a semiconductor structure having a substrate with electrical circuits thereon operationally related to the functionality of an antenna and one or more metallic structures formed by a through silicon via, microbump, copper pillar, or redistribution layer proximate to the substrate. The one or more metallic structures... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140184461 - Antenna assembly: An antenna assembly includes a substrate including a first surface and a second surface, an antenna coil attached to the first surface of the substrate and including a number of pins, a flexible printed circuit board including a number of first contacts electrically connected to the pins, wherein the substrate... Agent:

20140184462 - Antenna module and radio communication device: An antenna module includes a first coil conductor, a second coil conductor and a magnetic layer. The first coil conductor and the second coil conductor are arranged with a magnetic layer interposed therebetween so that a coil aperture of the first coil conductor and a coil aperture of the second... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140184463 - Wide-band active antenna system for hf/vhf radio: An active antenna system for receiving electromagnetic radiation at frequencies below 100 MHz. The system includes a vertical support mast; a front end electronics unit including an active balun, the front end electronics unit affixed to the support mast; two crossed-dipole antennas affixed oriented at about 90 degrees to each... Agent: The Government Of The Us, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140184464 - Multi-array antenna: A multi-array antenna having superior electrical properties is disclosed. The multi-array antenna includes a reflector plate; first radiators arranged over a surface of the reflector plate and configured to form a first beam; and second radiators arranged over a surface of the reflector plate and configured to form a second... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20140184465 - Antenna device: A first antenna element 102, a second antenna element 103, and a MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) switch 104 are provided, and a feeding point 110 is provided at one end of the first antenna element 102. The other end 113 of the first antenna element 102 is connected to a first... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140184466 - Communication device and antenna element therein: A communication device including a ground element and an antenna element is provided. The antenna element is close to the ground element. The antenna element includes a first radiation element and a second radiation element. The first radiation element provides a first current path and operates in a first band.... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140184467 - Ultra-broadband antenna with capacitively coupled ground leg: An antenna including a ground plane, a broadband radiating element mounted on the ground plane and including a feed point, the feed point having a first impedance, a feed for feeding the broadband radiating element at the feed point, the feed having a second impedance and a ground leg extending... Agent: Galtronics Corporation Ltd.

20140184468 - Integrated radome communications tower: The invention provides a fully enclosed and modular, integrated radome communications tower capable of being helicoptered into remote locations and installed without the need for heavy equipment. The communications tower includes a radome shell that fully encloses and supports a lightweight antenna mounting system, with the shell and mounting system... Agent:

20140184469 - Usb cable antenna: There is provided a USB cable antenna which also uses a USB cable as an antenna that receives a high-frequency signal in a desired band, by connecting a metal shield of the USB cable to an ID terminal of a USB connector connected to the USB cable of a predetermined... Agent: Sony Corporation

06/26/2014 > 25 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140176370 - Antenna, electronic apparatus with the same, and antenna manufacturing method: An antenna includes a sintered body block with a predetermined magnetic permeability or a predetermined dielectric constant, the sintered body block having at least one air cavity; and an antenna pattern formed on a surface of the sintered body block.... Agent:

20140176368 - Package structures including discrete antennas assembled on a device: Methods of forming a microelectronic packaging structure and associated structures formed thereby are described. Those methods and structures may include forming a package structure comprising a discrete antenna disposed on a back side of a device, wherein the discrete antenna comprises an antenna substrate, a through antenna substrate via vertically... Agent:

20140176369 - Patch antenna having a patch fed with multiple signal: A patch antenna having a single patch fed with multiple signals is provided. The patch antenna includes: a first patch; a first feeder and a second feeder which are connected to the first patch; and a second patch which is parallel to the first patch. Accordingly, since multiple signals can... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20140176371 - Portable electronic device having near field communication antenna: A portable electronic device includes a touch screen, a first printed circuit board and an NFC antenna. The touch screen includes an effective touch area and an ineffective touch area surrounding the effective touch area. The first printed circuit board is adhered to the rear of the touch screen, and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140176372 - Portable electronic device having near field communication antenna: A portable electronic device includes a touch screen and a first PCB. The touch screen includes an effective touch area and an ineffective touch area surrounding the effective touch area. The first PCB is mounted to a rear surface of the touch screen. An NFC antenna and a touch-sensing circuit... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140176373 - Multiple input loop antenna: A multiple input loop antenna comprising one or more half-loop antennas disposed above a ground plane wherein the plane of each half loop is perpendicular to the ground plane such that the multiple input loop antenna is a three-dimensional structure and electromagnetic waves are radiated from points within the volume... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140176374 - Shark fin type car antenna assembly: A car antenna assembly includes an outer cover, an antenna unit, a fixing seat, a locking bar, a control board, and a base. The antenna unit is made of a metallic strip which is bent freely to form a plurality of antenna elements which are connected successively. The outer cover... Agent:

20140176375 - Solar energy collection antennas: The subject disclosure relates to solar energy collection and use in communications systems and to enhancements thereof. In an aspect, dual function antennas are disclosed that can simultaneously function as an antenna and as a solar energy collection system. In further aspects, disclosed embodiments can focus incident solar radiation to... Agent: City University Of Hong Kong

20140176376 - Smart antenna systems for reception of digital television signals: A reconfigurable antenna is disclosed that includes a ground plane, an electrically-conductive microstrip patch element, and a plurality of switches. The patch element is spaced-apart from the ground plane with a dielectric medium between the patch element and the ground plane. The switches are coupled between the ground plane and... Agent: Antennas Direct, Inc.

20140176377 - Antenna system: An antenna system having a cylindrical electromagnetic lens configured to guide at least one electromagnetic signal to an emerging area by means of at least a variation in dielectric permittivity, thereby generating a beam output from the emerging area. The antenna system has a dielectric member configured to receive the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140176378 - Multi-band antenna: A multi-band antenna including a metal plate and a radiation element is provided. The metal plate is electrically connected to a ground plane and has a slot. A resonant path is formed by the edges of the slot. The radiation element has a feeding point and is located in the... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20140176379 - Satellite antenna and waveguide filter thereof: A waveguide filter is provided. The waveguide filter includes a pipe and a first rib structure. The pipe includes a first inner wall. The first rib structure includes a first rib. The first rib is disposed in the pipe and formed on the first inner wall. The first rib includes... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corp.

20140176380 - Multilayer ferrite sheet, antenna device using the same, and manufacturing method thereof: There are provided a multilayer ferrite sheet capable of performing communications in a wideband frequency, an antenna device using the same, and a manufacturing method thereof. The multilayer ferrite sheet includes: a Y-type hexaferrite layer; and a Z-type hexaferrite layer, wherein the Y-type hexaferrite and the Z-type hexaferrite are alternately... Agent: Samsung Electro-machanics Co., Ltd.

20140176382 - Antenna device and communication terminal apparatus: An antenna device includes a feed coil connected to a feed circuit, and a coil antenna disposed near the feed coil. A ferrite sheet, in which a magnetic loss term in a usable frequency band is relatively large, is provided between the feed coil and the coil antenna. The feed... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140176384 - Antenna device and communication terminal device: An antenna device includes a power feed coil antenna connected to a power feed circuit, and a booster coil antenna including wound coil conductors and disposed so as to be electromagnetically coupled to the power feed coil antenna. The power feed coil antenna includes a first coil antenna and a... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140176383 - Coil antenna device and antenna module: In a coil antenna device, a multilayer structure includes non-magnetic sheets and magnetic sheets stacked on each other. A coil conductor is provided in the multilayer structure such that a portion of the magnetic material defines a magnetic core and such that a coil axis extends along a principle surface... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140176381 - Magnetic composite sheet and electromagnetic induction module: There is provided a magnetic composite sheet including: a magnetic layer including first and second magnetic pieces having different sizes; and a cover film formed on one surface or both surfaces of the magnetic layer, wherein, in a cross-section of the magnetic composite sheet taken in a direction parallel to... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140176385 - Compact cylindrically symmetric uhf satcom antenna: A cylindrically symmetric satellite antenna that provides directional and omnidirectional operating modes in a compact form factor. Feed points located at the top of the cylindrical structure provide increased platform isolation. Combining networks, disposed below or within the cylindrical structure, may be replaced with inexpensive baluns composed of coaxial line... Agent: Ami Research & Development, LLC

20140176386 - Antenna for a satellite navigation receiver: An antenna comprises notched semi-elliptical radiators. Each of the radiators has a first substantially planar surface. A ground plane has a second substantially planar surface that is generally parallel to the first substantially planar surfaces of the radiators by a generally uniform spacing. The ground plane has a central axis.... Agent: Deere & Company

20140176387 - Reducing rf energy leakage between battery and pcb: An improved system 100 and method of reducing RF energy leakage from being trapped in a gap (cavity) 178 between a battery 102 and printed circuit board (PCB) 104 in an electronic communications device 106 is provided by a RF shield assembly that can extend between the battery and the... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140176388 - Tunable impedance network: A tunable impedance network and a method for tuning the tunable impedance network are disclosed. In one aspect, the tunable impedance network comprises a plurality of transformers connected in series. Each transformer has a primary winding and a secondary winding. The transformers have a voltage transformation ratio of N:1 with... Agent: Imec

20140176389 - Small-size antenna system with adjustable polarization: An antenna system includes a ground plane, a microstrip-line coupler, a metal cover, and a main antenna. The microstrip-line coupler has a first input port, a second input port, a first output port, and a second output port. The metal cover is disposed above the microstrip-line coupler and coupled to... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140176390 - Antenna and method for manufacturing antenna: An antenna and a method of manufacturing the antenna are provided. The antenna may include an antenna surface, a ground plane, and an air layer comprising a porous structure.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140176391 - Antenna device and antenna mounting method: An antenna device (10) includes: an antenna (100) including a radiating element (101) and an internal ground (103); a coaxial cable (200) whose internal conductor (204) is connected with the radiating element (101) and whose external conductor (203) is connected with the internal ground (103); and an external ground (500)... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20140176392 - Antenna and front end module: There are provided an antenna and a front end module having an air cavity formed therein and shortening a connection distance with a signal processing module to improve radiation characteristics and facilitate a manufacturing process thereof, the antenna including a substrate having a preset mounting surface, an antenna pattern part... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

06/19/2014 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140168014 - Antenna apparatus and method: An antenna apparatus comprises a semiconductor die comprising a plurality of active circuits, a molding layer formed over the semiconductor die, wherein the semiconductor die and the molding layer form a fan-out package, a first dielectric layer formed on a first side of the semiconductor die over the molding compound... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140168017 - Antenna pattern frame having antenna pattern embedded therein, electronic device including the same, method and mold for manufacturing the same: There are provided an antenna pattern frame having an antenna pattern embedded therein, an electronic device including the same, a method of manufacturing the same, and a mold for manufacturing the same. The antenna pattern frame includes a radiator including an antenna pattern part transmitting or receiving a signal and... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140168015 - Mobile communication terminal: A mobile communication terminal includes a case to house at least one component of the mobile communication terminal, an antenna having a power supply terminal and a first radiation pattern part, and a terminal insertion slot disposed in a portion of the case, in which a first portion of the... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20140168016 - Radiator frame having antenna pattern embedded therein, electronic device including the same, and mold for manufacturing the same: There are provided a radiator frame having an antenna pattern embedded therein, an electronic device including the same, and a mold for manufacturing thereof. The radiator frame includes a radiator including an antenna pattern part transmitting or receiving a signal and a terminal connection portion electrically connecting the antenna pattern... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140168018 - Lightning protection system for radome and associated assembly method: A lightning protection system for a radome, the system comprising at least one lightning protection strip positioned on an inner wall of the radome, wherein the lightning protection strip defines, on the inner wall of the radome, a curve that is substantially perpendicular, at all points thereof, to the polarization... Agent:

20140168019 - Non-contact wireless communication coil, transmission coil, and portable wireless terminal: A non-contact wireless communication coil includes a first coil, a second coil, a first magnetic body, and a second magnetic body. The first magnetic body, the first coil, the second magnetic body, and the second coil are laminated in this order in a thickness direction of the coils. The first... Agent:

20140168020 - Antenna combined with lighting device: A lighting device including at least one light source, a housing located adjacent to the at least one light source, the housing defining a longitudinal axis and being intersected by a lateral axis and an antenna at least partially enclosed by the housing and located proximal to the at least... Agent: Galtronics Corporation Ltd.

20140168021 - Antenna module and electronic apparatus including the same: An antenna module and an electronic apparatus include: an antenna element, and a clip which includes an antenna pattern, is formed of a metallic material, and electrically connects the antenna element to a circuit board to process an antenna signal through the antenna pattern.... Agent:

20140168022 - Reconfigurable antennas utilizing liquid metal elements: A reconfigurable antenna that utilizes liquid metal to achieve dynamic antenna performance is disclosed. The reconfigurable antenna may utilize one or more liquid metal sections that can be variably displaced. Utilizing liquid metal may reduce certain undesirable effects associated with more conventional mechanical reconfigurable antennas including mechanical failure due to... Agent: Utah State University

20140168023 - Antenna having planar conducting elements, one of which has a plurality of electromagnetic radiators and an open slot: An antenna includes a dielectric material having i) a first side opposite a second side, and a conductive via therein. A first planar conducting element is on the first side of the dielectric material and has an electrical connection to the conductive via. A second planar conducting element is also... Agent:

20140168024 - Dielectric waveguide antenna: Embodiments of the invention provide a dielectric waveguide antenna including a dielectric waveguide transmitting a signal applied from a power feeder, a dielectric waveguide radiator radiating the signal transmitted from the dielectric waveguide to the air through a first aperture, and a matching unit formed in a portion of the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140168025 - Antenna system for wireless communication device: The present invention discloses an antenna system for a wireless communication device, which includes a first metal slice formed with a first slot structure, a second metal slice formed with a second slot structure, a first signal transmission line, and a second signal transmission line, wherein when the first metal... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corporation

20140168026 - Antenna: An antenna comprising a coreless coil formed by winding a conductor wire, a relay member connected to the coil, and a magnetic plate member covering the coil and part of the relay member; the relay member comprising a substrate having a notch for lead wires of the coil, and a... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140168027 - Broadband in-line antenna systems and related methods: An antenna structure includes an in-line portion for radiating electromagnetic energy signals in low and high frequency ranges. The in-line portion may be constructed to provide improved control beam width stability of a high-frequency, antenna radiating element. The antenna structure includes one or more shaped structure configured to improve the... Agent:

20140168028 - Antenna device: An antenna device includes a substrate; a first ground element that is arranged on the substrate; an antenna element that is arranged on the substrate and extends from its first end positioned near a side edge of the first ground element to its second end positioned away from the side... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20140168029 - Printed antenna module applied to the rf detection procedure: A printed antenna module applied to an RF detection procedure is provided. The module comprises a substrate, a ground terminal part, a feeding part, an antenna body, and a second connecting end. The substrate comprises a first surface and a second surface. The ground terminal part and the feeding part... Agent: Arcadyan Technology Corporation

20140168030 - Reconfigurable multiband antenna: A mobile node (MN) comprising an antenna comprising a proximate end, a distal end, and a midpoint, a first feed coupled to the antenna between the proximate end and the midpoint, a second feed coupled to the antenna between the distal end and the midpoint, a first switch configured to... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

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