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Communications: radio wave antennas November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/12

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11/29/2012 > 22 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120299781 - Antenna for a portable computer: An antenna for a portable computer is disclosed. The antenna includes a ground element, a first and second radiating elements, and a driven element. The ground element is linearly extended on a surface of a circuit substrate. The first radiating element, which is adapted to a first frequency band, includes... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120299783 - Antenna structure: An antenna structure includes: a substrate; a ground layer disposed on a first surface of the substrate; a patch antenna unit which is disposed on a second surface of the substrate opposite to the first surface of the substrate, and is configured to receive a signal to be radiated; and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120299778 - Antenna using through-silicon via: An antenna includes a substrate and a top plate disposed over the substrate. At least one feed line is connected to the top plate, and each feed line comprises a first through-silicon via (TSV) structure passing through the substrate. At least one ground line is connected to the top plate,... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120299779 - Antenna with multiple resonating conditions: An antenna with multiple resonating conditions includes a grounding element electrically connected to a ground, a radiating element, a connection element electrically connected between the grounding element and the radiating element, a feed-in element electrically connected between the connection element and the grounding element for receiving feed-in signals, and a... Agent:

20120299782 - Miniature antenna: The present invention is related to a miniature antenna, mainly comprising a dielectric element, at least one first conductive plane, a second conductive plane, a third conductive plane, a plurality of ground terminals, and a signal feeding terminal. A part of the first conductive plane overlaps a part of the... Agent:

20120299780 - Wideband antenna: A wideband antenna includes a grounding element electrically connected to a ground, a radiating element, a matching adjustment element electrically connected to the radiating element, a feed-in element electrically connected between the matching adjustment element and the grounding element for receiving feed-in signals, and a shorting element electrically connected between... Agent:

20120299786 - Antennaless wireless device comprising one or more bodies: An antennaless wireless handheld or portable device includes first and second bodies and a hinge mechanically connecting the two bodies. The hinge allows at least one of the two bodies to pivotally move about an axis so that the wireless device can be switched between a closed position in which... Agent: Fractus, S.a.

20120299785 - Dynamically adjustable antenna supporting multiple antenna modes: Electronic devices may be provided that contain wireless communications circuitry. The wireless communications circuitry may include radio-frequency transceiver circuitry coupled to an adjustable antenna. The adjustable antenna may contain conductive antenna structure such as conductive electronic device housing structures. Electrical components such as switches and resonant circuits may be used... Agent:

20120299784 - Mobile wireless communications device including an antenna having a shorting plate: A mobile wireless communications device may include a housing, a substrate carried by the housing, and a ground plane adjacent the substrate. The mobile wireless communications device may also include wireless communications circuitry, and first and second antennas coupled to the wireless communications circuitry. The first antenna may include a... Agent: Research In Motion Limited (a Corporation Organized Under The Laws Of The Province Of

20120299787 - Radio communication apparatus: A radio communication apparatus (100) includes an antenna device (40) that faces at least a part of a conductor plate of a conductor surface (second casing) or a conductor layer of an interconnect substrate (30); and a plurality of conductor components (36) that are located between the antenna device (40)... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120299788 - Antenna based on a metamaterial and method for generating an operating wavelength of a metamaterial panel: The present invention relates to an antenna based on a metamaterial and a method for generating an operating wavelength of a metamaterial panel. The antenna comprises a radiation source, and a metamaterial panel capable of converging an electromagnetic wave and operating at a first wavelength. The metamaterial panel is adapted... Agent:

20120299789 - Circularly polarized antenna and feeding network: An antenna for transmitting and/or receiving-electromagnetic waves has a flat ground plane, and an array of radiating and/or receiving elements. The radiating and/or receiving element comprises a planar conductor which is arranged in parallel to the ground plane. An L-shaped slot is arranged in the planar conductor.... Agent:

20120299790 - Folded-dipole flat-plate antenna:

20120299791 - Wireless local area network antenna array: A wireless local area network (“WLAN”) antenna array (“WLANAA”) is disclosed. The WLANAA may include a circular housing having a plurality of radial sectors and a plurality of primary antenna elements. Each individual primary antenna element of the plurality of primary antenna elements may be positioned within an individual radial... Agent: Xirrus, Inc.

20120299792 - Multimode antenna structure: A multimode antenna structure transmits and receives electromagnetic signals in a communications device.... Agent: Skycross, Inc.

20120299794 - Antenna apparatus: A wireless communication module is arranged such that a radio frequency circuit board stands vertically on a first earth plate. The radio frequency circuit board includes first and second radio frequency transmission and reception circuits at both end portions, respectively. The radio frequency circuit board includes a second earth plate... Agent: Nippon Soken Inc.

20120299793 - Components and methods for designing efficient antennae: An antenna features a ground plane having a continuous portion and one or more stubs extending therefrom.... Agent:

20120299795 - Miniaturized ultra-wideband multifunction antenna via multi-mode traveling-waves (tw): A miniaturized ultra-wideband multifunction antenna comprising a conducting ground plane at the base, a plurality of concentric feed cables, one or more omnidirectional one-dimensional (1-D) normal-mode and two-dimensional (2-D) surface-mode traveling-wave (TW) radiators, frequency-selective internal and external couplers, and a unidirectional radiator on top, stacked and cascaded one on top... Agent: Wang Electro-opto Corporation

20120299796 - Module for carrying antennas of a telecommunication system and antenna mast arrangement: A module (2) for carrying antennas (32, 62) of a telecommunication system is provided. The module comprises a substantially vertically extending central arrangement for attaching antennas (32, 62) thereto and an outer portion radially at a distance from the central arrangement. The module (2) has an upper end and a... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20120299797 - High impedance surface: An apparatus for emitting radiation is provided. The apparatus comprises an antenna formed on a substrate, and a high impedance surface (HIS). The HIS has a plurality of cells formed on the substrate that are arranged to form an array that substantially surrounds at least a portion of the antenna.... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120299798 - Dielectrically loaded antenna: A dielectrically loaded antenna for operation at first and second frequencies above 200 MHz with circularly polarized radiation includes an electrically insulative dielectric core of solid material having a relative dielectric constant greater than 5, and a three-dimensional antenna element structure linked to a pair of feed coupling nodes. The... Agent: Sarantel Limited

20120299799 - Antenna with feed cable support member: An antenna with a feed cable support member comprises a first conductor, a pivotal shaft, a second conductor and a feed cable. The first and second conductors respectively connect with two sides of the pivotal shaft. The pivotal shaft enables the first and second conductors to open or close by... Agent: Advanced Connectek, Inc.

11/22/2012 > 19 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120293374 - Dielectric antenna and material for the same: A dielectric block provided in a dielectric antenna is formed with an organic polymer material containing a liquid crystal polymer and polytetrafluoroethylene. The added amount of polytetrafluoroethylene is 2 to 15% by volume based on the volume of the dielectric block. Preferably, the liquid crystal polymer has a flow beginning... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120293376 - Antenna and electronic device having the same: A multi-band antenna includes a grounding portion, a main radiating portion, and a shielding wall. The main radiating portion includes a first radiating portion having a first feed end and a second radiating portion having a second feed end. The first and second radiating portions are structurally symmetrical. The main... Agent: Silitek Electronic (guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

20120293378 - Antenna arrangement for a portable radio communication device having a metal casing: An exemplary embodiment includes an antenna arrangement for a portable radio communication device having a metal casing. The antenna arrangement generally includes a first antenna device and a second antenna device. The first antenna device comprises the metal casing and has a first radiating antenna pattern. The second antenna device... Agent:

20120293375 - Antenna configuration for corner placement in portable devices: A portable device providing wireless communication capability with a network using an antenna subsystem. The portable device comprises a housing for supporting components of the portable device including the antenna subsystem, such that the housing includes a first housing corner having a first housing wall, a second housing wall in... Agent:

20120293377 - Display device having directional antenna: A display device includes a display panel and a directional antenna. The directional antenna is disposed behind or under the display panel for radiating or receiving wireless signals. The radiating path of the directional antenna is at a specific angle with respect to a horizontal plane for receiving surrounding wireless... Agent:

20120293379 - Testing system with electrically coupled and wirelessly coupled probes: Conductive electronic device structures such as a conductive housing member that forms part of an antenna may be tested during manufacturing. A test system may be provided that has a pair of pins or other contacts. Test equipment such as a network analyzer may provide radio-frequency test signals in a... Agent:

20120293380 - Wide band embedded armor antenna: An extremely thin embedded antenna for an armor-carrying vehicle utilizes a dipole driven element to the inside of the armor plate and a parasitically-driven dipole element on top of the armor plate, with the parasitic element providing appropriate forward gain and antenna matching characteristics such that there need be no... Agent:

20120293381 - Wide band embedded armor antenna: An extremely thin embedded antenna for an armor-carrying vehicle utilizes a dipole driven element to the inside of the armor plate and a parasitically-driven dipole element on top of the armor plate, with the parasitic element providing appropriate forward gain and antenna matching characteristics such that there need be no... Agent:

20120293382 - Body wearable antenna: A body wearable antenna adapted to be worn against the body, comprising: a first antenna part (4); and a second antenna part (6) insulated from the first part (4); wherein the first antenna part (4) is adapted to be worn circumferentially around a body part (100); and the second antenna... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20120293383 - Forward throw antenna utility meter: Systems and methods are provided for a utility meter assembly including a plurality of meter components configured for measuring and collecting data, and including a transceiver operative for signal communications over a network; a faceplate, with meter reading information displayed on the front; an exterior cover; and an internal dipole... Agent: Smartsynch, Inc.

20120293384 - Impedance tuning of transmitting and receiving antennas: The present disclosure relates to impedance tuning of transmitting and receiving antennas.... Agent:

20120293385 - Antenna device: The present disclosure discloses an antenna device, which comprises an array antenna and a power divider. The array antenna comprises a plurality of antenna units, and each of the antenna units comprises a conductive sheet engraved with a groove topology pattern, conductive feeding points and a feeder line. The power... Agent:

20120293386 - Wireless local area network antenna array: A wireless local area network (“WLAN”) antenna array (“WLANAA”) is disclosed. The WLANAA may include a circular housing having a plurality of radial sectors and a plurality of primary antenna elements. Each individual primary antenna element of the plurality of primary antenna elements may be positioned within an individual radial... Agent: Xirrus, Inc.

20120293387 - Antenna apparatus provided with dipole antenna and parasitic element pairs as arranged at intervals: Parasitic elements of each parasitic element pair have a strip shape, and are formed on a straight line, which is parallel to a longitudinal direction of a printed dipole antenna and is positioned in a radiation direction of radio wave from the printed dipole antenna, so as to have a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120293388 - Connection for antennas operating above a ground plane: An antenna system is provided. The antenna system includes a ground plane, an antenna, a feed cable, a cable connector, and an antenna connector. The ground plane has a first ground side and a second ground side. The antenna operates on the first ground side of the ground plane. The... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20120293389 - Mobile wireless communications device including a ground patch providing specific absorption rate (sar) reduction and related methods: A mobile wireless communications device may include a portable housing, a dielectric substrate carried by the portable housing having a front side facing toward a user and a back side opposite the front side, and a ground plane carried by the dielectric substrate. The device may further include at least... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120293390 - Converged in-building network: A converged network is described. The converged network includes a distributed antenna system hub coupled to the communication lines for wireless communications, horizontal cabling to carry communication lines for wired communications and wireless communications and a remote socket. The horizontal cabling is a duct that carries the wired and wireless... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120293391 - Antenna assembly for converged in-building network: An antenna assembly is disclosed. The antenna assembly comprises an antenna that includes a radiating element formed on the first major surface of a substrate and connection mechanism for connecting the antenna to an unsevered midspan section of adhesive backed RF distribution cable.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120293392 - Antenna-in-package structure: An electronic device with an antenna of the antenna-in-package type (AIP) includes an upper surface on which a radiating element is provided. The radiating element has an open end and a feeding end. The antenna also includes an adaptation element. The antenna is characterized in that the adaptation element is... Agent: Insight Sip Sas

11/15/2012 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120287001 - Multi-band monopole antenna for a mobile communications device: A multi-band monopole antenna for a mobile communications device includes a common conductor coupled to both a first radiating arm and a second radiating arm. The common conductor includes a feeding port for coupling the antenna to communications circuitry in a mobile communications device. In one embodiment, the first radiating... Agent:

20120287000 - Structural body, printed substrate, antenna, transmission line waveguide converter, array antenna, and electronic device: A structure of the present disclosure is provided with a first conductor element (11), a conductor pattern (19) facing the first conductor element (11). In the conductor pattern (19), a part opposed to the first conductor element (11) includes a line part (14) with an open end (141), an opening... Agent:

20120287002 - Electronic device including a patch antenna and visual display layer and related methods: An electronic device may include a substrate and a stacked arrangement of layers thereon. The stacked arrangement of layers may include a visual display layer, and a patch antenna above the visual display layer. The patch antenna may include an optically transmissive electrically conductive mesh.... Agent: Harris Corporation, Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20120287004 - Implantable medical device without antenna feedthrough: An implantable medical device includes a case having a conductive housing defining an opening. A dielectric material is coupled to the conductive housing to hermetically seal the opening. A header block is coupled to the case over the dielectric material. An antenna is within the case under the dielectric material... Agent: Cyberonics, Inc.

20120287003 - Portable electronic device with near field communication function: A portable electronic device includes a first housing, a second housing to the first housing, a circuit board, a display module, a touch panel, a near field communication (NFC) module, and a NFC antenna. The circuit board, the display module, the touch panel, the NFC module and the NFC antenna... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20120287005 - Multibeam antenna system: p

20120287006 - Flat scanning antenna for a terestrial mobile application, vehicle having such an antenna, and satellite telecommunication system comprising such a vehicle: A flat scanning antenna comprises at least one slotted waveguide array comprising two dielectric substrates, one superposed above the other. The two substrates comprise the same number of waveguides, which are in mutual correspondence and communicate between them, pairwise, via corresponding coupling slots. Each waveguide of the upper substrate further... Agent: Thales

20120287007 - Method and apparatus for reflector antenna with vertex region scatter compensation: A method and apparatus for enhancing the electrical performance of a reflector antenna. A boom disc mounted upon a feed waveguide supporting a subreflector is dimensioned and positioned for reflection cancellation against the reflected components from the reflector vertex region in the direction of edge illumination half angle T. A... Agent: Andrew LLC

20120287008 - Antenna: An antenna includes: a dielectric resonator surrounded by a via fence within a multilayered substrate; a patch antenna formed on an opening surface of the dielectric resonator; a coupling aperture formed on an internal ground surface within the multilayered substrate; and a feeding line for transferring a signal applied from... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120287009 - Solid antenna: A solid antenna disposed on a substrate includes a first grounding portion disposed on the substrate, a feeding portion perpendicular to the substrate, a radiating portion, and a coupling portion disposed on the substrate and separated from the radiating portion. The radiating portion includes a first radiating part, a second... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120287010 - Communication apparatus: A communication apparatus includes: a wiring group to couple wiring on a first board to wiring on a second board; antenna wiring including one end coupled to a feeding unit on the first board and the other end coupled to one end of a capacitor, the other end of the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120287011 - Diagonally-driven antenna system and method: An electronic device (100) includes an antenna system (150) having two antennas (110, 120). A first antenna (110) has a first antenna element (111) positioned near a first corner (191) of a planar, rectangular ground plane (165) and a second antenna element (115) positioned near a second corner of the... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20120287012 - Multi-band compatible multi-antenna device and communication equipment: A multi-band compatible multi-antenna device which is miniaturized by reducing a distance between antenna elements includes a first antenna element corresponding to a 1.5 GHz band and a 2.0 GHz band, a second antenna element corresponding to the 1.5 GHz band and the 2.0 GHz band, a first passive element... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20120287013 - Antenna module and method for making the same: An antenna module includes a main body and a three-dimensional radiator embedded in the main body. The main body is made of foamed ceramic material. A method for making the antenna is also described.... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120287014 - Handheld device and planar antenna thereof: A handheld device and a planar antenna thereof are provided. The planar antenna comprises a radiator, a screening element and a switch. The screening element is configured to make the planar antenna operating in a first high-frequency (HF) current path and a first low-frequency (LF) current path, and the switch... Agent: Htc Corporation

20120287015 - Multi-layer antenna: A multi-layer antenna comprising a plurality of antenna units disposed on a multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB). Each layer of the multi-layer PCB respectively comprises two antenna units along two conjoined edges of the layer. Each antenna unit comprises a feeding portion and a radiating portion. The feeding portion is... Agent: Ambit Microsystems (shanghai) Ltd.

20120287016 - Antenna and a method of manufacture thereof: A method of manufacturing a dielectrically loaded antenna having an operating frequency in excess of 200 MHz, the antenna having an electrically insulative core, the method including steps of: forming a first patterned layer of conductive material having a plurality of inner conductive tracks on at least one surface of... Agent: Sarantel Limited

20120287018 - Electronic device including a patch antenna and photovoltaic layer and related methods: An electronic device may include a substrate and a stacked arrangement of layers thereon. The stacked arrangement of layers may include a photovoltaic layer above the substrate, and an antenna ground plane above the photovoltaic layer. The antenna ground plane may include a first electrically conductive mesh layer being optically... Agent: Harris Corporation, Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20120287017 - Electronic device including electrically conductive mesh layer patch antenna and related methods: An electronic device may include a substrate, and a patch antenna carried by the substrate. The patch antenna may include an electrically conductive mesh layer having a perimeter defined by perimeter segments including at least one pair of arcuate perimeter segments with a cusp therebetween. The patch antenna may also... Agent: Harris Corporation, Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20120287019 - Wideband antenna: This disclosure provides a wideband antenna including a feed line, a ground conductor plate and a radiating conductor element connected to the feed line and facing the ground conductor plate at a distance from the ground conductor plate. A parasitic conductor element is provided on a side opposite to the... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

11/08/2012 > 24 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120280867 - Internal antenna module: Disclosed herein is an internal antenna module that is installed in a terminal and that can receive signals in both the FM and Bluetooth frequency bands so as to achieve a small-sized, slim terminal. The internal antenna module includes a polyhedral chip antenna configured to have a first radiant pattern... Agent: Amotech Co., Ltd

20120280868 - Mobile wireless communications device having antenna assembly with electrically conductive base enclosing an elongate slot and associated methods: A mobile wireless communications device may include a housing carrying a circuit board and wireless communications circuitry. An antenna assembly is carried by the housing and coupled to the wireless communications circuitry. The antenna assembly may include an electrically conductive base having a rectangular shape with opposing first and second... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120280869 - Antenna mount: Pedestrian transportable antenna systems can include an antenna mount and an antenna for satellite based or other communication mounted on a top face of the antenna mount. A bottom face of the antenna mount may be attached to a bendable rigid rod that is sufficiently rigid to provide support for... Agent:

20120280870 - System and method for a dynamic liquid core patch antenna and broadband frequency agility: An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a tunable liquid core patch antenna comprising a top-side patch, a ground plane, and a liquid core substrate positioned substantially between the top-side patch and the ground plane. The liquid core substrate can comprise a first liquid having a first dielectric constant... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20120280871 - Antenna with active elements: A multi-frequency antenna comprising an IMD element, one or more active tuning elements and one or more parasitic elements. The IMD element is used in combination with the active tuning and parasitic elements for enabling a variable frequency at which the antenna operates, wherein, when excited, the parasitic elements may... Agent: Ethertronics, Inc.

20120280872 - Anisotropic metamaterial gain-enhancing lens for antenna applications: Examples of the present invention include metamaterials, including metamaterial lenses, having material properties that approximate the behavior of a material with low (0<n<1) effective index of refraction. Metamaterials may be designed and tuned using dispersion engineering to create a relatively wide-band low-index region. A low-index metamaterial lens created highly collimated... Agent:

20120280873 - Integrated circuit mems antenna structure: An integrated circuit (IC) antenna structure includes a micro-electromechanical (MEM) area, a feed point, and a transmission line. The micro-electromechanical (MEM) area includes a three-dimensional shape, wherein the three dimensional-shape provides an antenna structure. The feed point is coupled to provide an outbound radio frequency (RF) signal to the antenna... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120280874 - Reconfigurable base station antenna: The invention relates to a base station antenna, that includes two or more reflector plates, each provided with a radiating element. The base station antenna also includes a reflector plate connecting member connected to each reflector plate for enabling the rotation of the reflector plates. The base station antenna also... Agent:

20120280875 - Spherical perturbation of an array antenna: The present invention provides a high-performance and small sized helical antenna element and array thereof for use in an aircraft communication system or the like, where stringent spatial restrictions and gain requirements generally apply. The performance of the array is enhanced by increasing the lateral distances between the antenna elements... Agent: Ems Technologies Canada, Ltd.

20120280876 - Wireless equipment: The disclosure discloses a wireless device, includes a shell and a signal circuit board, wherein one or more loop-closed slot antennae are arranged on the shell; the slot antenna is provided with a feeding point and a grounding point; the feeding point and the grounding point are respectively connected with... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120280877 - Antenna having an embedded radio device: An antenna for radio frequency (RF) applications comprising: a dielectric element including a dielectric material; an active element attached to a first external surface of the dielectric element; a cavity in the dielectric element; a radio device deposited in the cavity and adapted for coupling to the active element; and... Agent: Psion Inc.

20120280878 - Multiband antenna: A multiband antenna is provided having a longitudinal ground plane and several linear arrays of radiating elements mounted on the ground plane. A first set of first radiating elements may be disposed lengthwise along a center of the ground plane. The first radiating elements may be dimensioned to operate in... Agent: Andrew LLC

20120280879 - Tri-pole antenna element and antenna array: A dual polarized base station antenna is provided, including a reflector having a longitudinal axis and an array of tri-pole elements disposed on the reflector. Each tri-pole element has a first side arm and a second side arm. The tri-pole element also includes a center arm which is approximately perpendicular... Agent: Andrew LLC

20120280880 - Antenna array arrangement and a multi band antenna: Antenna array arrangement for a multi band antenna, comprising a plurality of first dual band antenna elements adapted for transmitting/receiving in a lower antenna frequency band and in a higher antenna frequency band, a plurality of first single band antenna elements adapted for transmitting/receiving in the higher antenna frequency band,... Agent:

20120280881 - Reflector and a multi band antenna: The present invention relates to a reflector for an antenna comprising a first reflector assembly and at least one second reflector assembly, the first reflector assembly having a first reflector structure adapted for a first antenna frequency band f1 and at least one second antenna frequency band f2; the at... Agent:

20120280882 - Modular type cellular antenna assembly: A individually formed radiating unit, an antenna array, and an antenna assembly are provided. The individually formed radiating unit includes a reflector, at least one radiating element integrated into a first side of the reflector, and a housing disposed on a second side of the reflector. The housing forms a... Agent:

20120280883 - Antenna arrangement: The embodiments herein relate to an antenna arrangement comprising a ground element, and a first branch comprising a first inductor loading (L1) and a second inductor loading (L2). The antenna arrangement further comprises a second branch connected to the ground element via a feeding point, a third branch comprising a... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20120280884 - Co-axial quadrifilar antenna: Antennas that include an inner set of four helical antenna elements and a co-axially arranged outer set of four helical antenna elements. The helical winding directions of the two sets of elements may have the same handedness or opposite handedness. Certain embodiments provide for switch handedness of circularly polarized radiation... Agent: Maxtena

20120280885 - Antenna apparatus and communication apparatus: A first antenna element 11, a second antenna element 12, and a divider circuit 13 to which both the antenna elements 11 and 12 are coupled via respectively separate transmission lines 15 and 16 are included. Additionally, a delay process is conducted on one of the transmission lines by modifying... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120280887 - Antenna apparatus and display apparatus: Provided is an antenna device, including insulating base substrate (190), first monopole antenna (110), and second monopole antenna (120), the antennas being disposed on insulating base substrate (190), wherein first monopole antenna (110) and second monopole antenna (120) have: first portions extended in a same direction from power feeding ends... Agent:

20120280886 - Device for receiving and/or emitting an electromagnetic wave, system comprising said device, and use of such device: A device for receiving and/or emitting an electromagnetic wave having a free space wavelength λ0 comprised between 1 mm and 10 cm, comprising a medium (11) of solid dielectric material and the free space wavelength λ0 corresponding to a wavelength λ inside the medium, a plurality of conductor elements (12)... Agent: Time Reversal Communications

20120280888 - Low profile antenna assemblies: An antenna assembly including a ground plane and a radiator supported above the ground plane is disclosed. The radiator may include a slot to configure the radiator to be resonant in at least two frequency ranges and a grounding point coupled to the ground plane. The radiator may be a... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

20120280889 - Extended varying angle antenna for electromagnetic radiation dissipation device: An extended varying angle antenna is used with an electromagnetic radiation dissipation device to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The extended antenna captures radiation from an active emission source, such as a transmitting cellular telephone. The device converts the captured radiation into an electric current and dissipates the collected current... Agent:

20120280890 - Antenna and wireless communication device: An antenna having a high design freedom, a wide bandwidth characteristic, and a high efficiency characteristic, and a wireless communication device equipped therewith, are provided. The antenna includes at least first and second radiation electrodes and a feeding electrode that faces each of the radiation electrodes such that capacitance occurs... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

11/01/2012 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120274517 - Antenna apparatus resonating in frequency bands in inverted f antenna apparatus: In an inverted F pattern antenna apparatus having a first antenna element and an electrical length of a quarter wavelength of a first resonance frequency, the inverted F pattern antenna apparatus having two resonance frequencies is configured to include a third antenna element and a second antenna element at an... Agent:

20120274519 - Highly integrated multiband shark fin antenna for a vehicle: A multiband shark fin antenna for a vehicle may include at least one transmitting and one receiving antenna element from the group consisting of AM/FM antennas, telephone and RKE antennas, GPS antenna, SDARS antenna, stacked patch antenna, DAP antenna, WLAN antenna, WIMAX antenna or DRM antenna. The antenna elements are... Agent:

20120274518 - Multi-band wireless terminals with metal backplates and multi-band antennae, and multi-band antenna systems with metal backplates and multi-band antennae: A multi-band antenna system may include a unitary metal backplate. The unitary metal backplate may include a notch. The antenna system may also include a first antenna that may be at least partially covered by a non-metal cover. The first antenna may be on an end of the unitary metal... Agent:

20120274520 - Triaxial positioner for an antenna: A positioner for an antenna intended to be placed in a given or restricted volume comprises: a first axis Aα ensuring the movement of the antenna in azimuth, a third axis Aγ ensuring the movement of the antenna in elevation, said third axis Aγ being orthogonal and coplanar to the... Agent: Thales

20120274521 - Complex antenna and communication device: A complex antenna which receives or transmits a plurality of electromagnetic waves of different frequencies is provided. A first one of the electromagnetic waves is an alternating magnetic flux. The complex antenna includes a first antenna which receives or transmits the alternating magnetic flux. The complex antenna includes a second... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120274523 - Antenna assembly utilizing metal-dielectric resonant structures for specific absorption rate compliance: An wireless communication device has a housing with an exterior surface that is designed to face a user when the wireless communication device is transmitting a radio frequency signal. The communication device includes an antenna disposed inside the housing for emitting a radio frequency signal. A metal-dielectric structure resonates to... Agent:

20120274524 - Metamaterial reconfigurable antennas: Leaky wave antennas that can be reconfigured in pattern and/or polarization by exploiting the characteristic of metamaterial structures loaded with variable capacitor and inductors employ a Composite Right Left Handed (CRLH) unit cell with two independent DC biases used to actively change the group delay of the transmission line and... Agent: Adant Srl

20120274522 - Multiple antenna assembly utilizing electro band gap isolation structures: A multiple antenna assembly with high isolation between the antennas is disclosed. The assembly includes a dielectric substrate with a ground plane and first and second antennas thereon. One or more metal-dielectric isolation structures are on the substrate at locations at which an electric current is present that has a... Agent:

20120274525 - Steering radio frequency beams using negative index metamaterial lenses: A method and apparatus are present for steering a radio frequency beam. The radio frequency beam is emitted from an array of antenna elements at a first angle into a lens at a location for the lens. The first angle of the radio frequency beam is changed to a second... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120274526 - Line conversion structure and antenna using the same: In a line conversion structure, a slot line includes a slot ground conductor connected to a ground layer with a through conductor that passes through the dielectric layer, a slot signal conductor, and a slot disposed between the slot ground conductor and the slot signal conductor. A signal conductor of... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120274527 - Antenna assembly utilizing metal-dielectric structures: An antenna assembly for a wireless communication device includes a substrate of dielectric material that has opposing first and second surfaces. A ground plane formed by a layer of electrically conductive material on the first surface. An antenna with a physical length is disposed on the substrate. At least one... Agent:

20120274528 - High performance low profile antennas: A leaky travelling wave array of elements provide a broadband radio frequency antenna.... Agent: Ami Research & Development, LLC

20120274529 - Antenna: An antenna is realized by a simple mechanism without use of a dedicated antenna element. An antenna includes a first conductor 2b (2d) that has a first line length from a start point 4 to a folded point 3; and a second conductor 2b (2d) that has a second line... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120274530 - Coupler: According to one embodiment, a coupler includes a ground plane, a feed point connected to the ground plane, and an element having a unicursal-pattern. An electrical length of the element is not less than a wavelength corresponding to a central frequency of a desired frequency band, and is double the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120274531 - Antenna array: A dipole array assembly, is disclosed which includes a plurality of poles arranged in a two-dimensional array to provide a plurality of dipoles, each pole being shaped such that adjacent edges of neighbouring poles that are from respective neighbouring dipoles are relatively long and relatively close to each other compared... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20120274532 - Antenna device and electronic device: A disclosed antenna device includes a ground part, a first stub connected to the ground part, a first inverted-F antenna element including a first power feeder, a second stub connected to the ground part, and a second inverted-F antenna element including a second power feeder, wherein the ground part has... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20120274533 - Radio wave transmitting device, antenna and spacecraft: A device for transmitting radio waves comprises an item of transmitting equipment for a telecommunications antenna, a membrane for thermally protecting the reflector, and means for attaching the thermal protection membrane to the item of equipment. The thermal protection membrane is furnished with a plurality of elastic tensioners designed to... Agent: Thales

20120274534 - Dual-band antenna and related wireless communication apparatus: A dual-band antenna is disclosed including: a first antenna comprising: a first radiating portion including a plurality of separated radiating strips positioned on a first plane of a circuit board; a second radiating portion including a plurality of separated radiating strips positioned on a second plane of the circuit board;... Agent:

20120274535 - Rfid microstip interrogator antenna system: The present invention overcomes the above-described and other problems by providing an improved edge-fed microstrip patch antenna, a dielectric substrate with integrated ground plane and enclosure that with a printable surface. An RFID microstrip patch antenna (21) system produces an antenna that is significantly less expensive to manufacture and install... Agent:

20120274536 - Multiple-input multiple-output antenna: A Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna on a substrate includes first and second antennas defined in axial symmetry, a coupling portion, and a grounding portion. The substrate includes a first surface and an opposite second surface. Each of the antennas includes a feeding portion, a radiating portion, and a matching portion.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120274537 - Low-profile wide-bandwidth radio frequency antenna: The present invention relates to an RF antenna structure that includes a planar structure and a loading plate, such that the planar structure is mounted between a ground plane and the loading plate to form an RF antenna. The loading plate may be about parallel to the ground plane and... Agent: Rockstar Bidco Lp

20120274538 - Multiband antenna and wireless communication device employing the same: A multiband antenna in a wireless communication device includes a main antenna, a first parasitic portion, a second parasitic portion, a first switch, and a second switch, the first switch is used to control functioning of the first parasitic portion. The second switch is used to control functioning of the... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

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