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10/25/2012 > 23 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120268327 - Inverted f antenna system and rfid device having same: An RFID device according to one embodiment includes an active portion of a first inverted F antenna; a feed electrically coupled to the active portion; an active portion of a second inverted F antenna, a feed electrically coupled to the second active portion; a ground plane spaced from the active,... Agent: Intelleflex Corporation

20120268326 - Planar inverted f antenna: In a planar inverted F antenna, a second radiation element is provided parallel to the GND surface and extending partially with respect to a first radiation element in a longitudinal direction, so as to substantially increase a width of the first radiation element in the vicinity of a power supply... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120268328 - Antenna device for a portable terminal: An antenna device for improving antenna performance of a portable terminal having a metal edge installed on a case frame is disclosed. The antenna device includes a main board equipped with a power supply end for supplying power and a ground surface for grounding the main board, a loop radiator... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120268330 - Antenna devices and portable electronic devices comprising such antenna devices: An exemplary embodiment of an antenna device generally includes a loop element having a length providing loop resonance at a first wavelength, where a resonance frequency of this wavelength is used in a desired frequency band. A capacitance is provided between a first position on the element and ground, thereby... Agent:

20120268329 - Integrated waveguide transceiver: A method and system for an integrated transceiver is presented. The integrated transceiver includes a transceiver housing, where a waveguide is formed inside the transceiver housing using a transceiver housing and a sub-floor component. Neither transceiver housing nor the sub-floor component alone is configured to operate as a waveguide. The... Agent: Viasat, Inc.

20120268331 - Small antenna for vehicle: A small antenna for vehicle comprises a coil member of helical antenna structure with a plurality of coils formed; a connector disposed at one end of the coil member; a signal pin contacting with the connector; a cylindrical member coupled to the other end of the coil member and made... Agent:

20120268332 - Antenna device and antenna system: An antenna element (115) of an antenna device has first and second root sections (117) and (118) and an intermediate section lying between the first and second root sections (117) and (118). A feed section (114) is provided in the first and second root sections (117) and (118). The first... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20120268333 - Antenna system with balanced mount: An antenna system includes at least one antenna and one X-Y mount, said mount being composed of at least three mechanical elements, the first element being a base, the second element being a lower box, the third element being a upper box, the antenna of the system being fixed to... Agent: Thales

20120268334 - Optimal loading for increased gain in an array antenna: The present invention provides a high-performance helical antenna element and array thereof for use in an aircraft communication system or the like, where stringent spatial restrictions and gain requirements generally apply. The performance of the array is enhanced by connecting conductive plates to the windings of the antenna elements at... Agent: Ems Technologies Canada Ltd.

20120268335 - Antenna and method of making same: An antenna includes a base body, an antenna radiator and a ferrite core. The base body includes a laser direct structuring material. The antenna radiator is formed by selectively activating a portion of the base body with a laser and by plating the activated portion. The ferrite core is fixed... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120268336 - Electromagnetic wave radiation coaxial cable and communication system using the same: when λ is a wavelength of a radio frequency signal to be transmitted or received, ∈r is a relative dielectric constant of the insulator at the wavelength λ, and P is a winding pitch of the outer conductor along the direction of the cable axis.... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20120268337 - Open slot trap for a dipole antenna: A dipole antenna includes a circuit board with a first side and a second side, at least one dipole disposed on the circuit board comprising an upper half and a lower half, a microstrip transmission line disposed on the circuit board coupled to at least one of the upper half... Agent: R.a. Miller Industries, Inc.

20120268339 - Antenna with near-field radiation control: An antenna and a wireless mobile communication device incorporating the antenna are provided. The antenna includes a first conductor section electrically coupled to a first feeding point, a second conductor section electrically coupled to a second feeding point, and a near-field radiation control structure adapted to control characteristics of near-field... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120268338 - Conducting polymer antenna: An apparatus for receiving and transmitting electromagnetic signals. In one aspect, the apparatus is an antenna. The antenna comprises a dielectric substrate and a non-metallic conducting layer substantially overlying the substrate. In one aspect, the non-metallic conducting layer is an intrinsic conducting polymer (“ICP”). In one exemplary method of manufacturing... Agent:

20120268340 - Aperiodic and non-planar array of electromagnetic scatterers, and reflectarray antenna comprising the same: The application discloses a one or two dimensional array of electromagnetic scatterers n scatterers (ED), whereby the aforementioned scatterers (ED) are arranged aperiodically on a curved line or surface (S). Further, the application describes a reflectarray antenna comprising at least one such array of electromagnetic scatters (ED) and at least... Agent: Agence Spatiale Europeenne

20120268341 - Antenna window bracket: Disclosed herein is a portable antenna window bracket that securely supports a satellite dish or other over the air type antenna outside a window without the need to drill into or make permanent physical attachment to the window or structure surrounding the window. The portable antenna bracket allows an antenna... Agent:

20120268342 - Electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes an antenna, a switch circuit and a control circuit. The antenna is configured to have a first resonance frequency band and a second resonance frequency band. The switch circuit is connected between a feeder line and the antenna and configured to switch... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120268343 - Antenna apparatus: An antenna apparatus includes a housing made of a conductive material and having a slot formed in a first surface, and an antenna disposed in the housing. The longitudinal direction of the slot is oriented at a predetermined angle with respect to the longitudinal direction of the antenna.... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20120268345 - Antenna apparatus: An antenna apparatus that includes a first antenna having a first feed point, a second antenna having a second feed point, and a first non-feed element grounded at a first ground point disposed at a first predetermined distance from the first feed point and the second feed point.... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Japan, Inc.

20120268346 - Biologically inspired beam forming small antenna arrays: An apparatus for electromagnetic beam forming by using electrically small antenna (ESA) elements may comprise an excitation antenna including a feed section coupled to a circuit. The apparatus may also comprise at least two closely spaced ESAs adapted to electromagnetically couple to the excitation antenna. The excitation antenna may be... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120268347 - Compact dual-frequency patch antenna: A dual-frequency patch antenna includes a ground plane, an inside radiator, and an outside radiator. The inside radiator is configured as a region with a periphery, along which is a series of first protrusions separated by first grooves. The outside radiator is configured as a ring with an outer periphery... Agent: Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

20120268344 - Triangular phased array antenna subarray: Antenna subassemblies suitable for use in phased array antennas are disclosed, as are phased array antenna assemblies and aircraft comprising phased array antenna assemblies. In one embodiment, an antenna subarray assembly comprises a thermally conductive foam substrate, a plurality of radiating elements bonded to the foam substrate, and a radome... Agent:

20120268348 - Antenna and method of making same: An antenna includes a base body, an antenna radiator and electronic components. The base body includes a laser direct structuring material. The antenna radiator is formed by selectively activating a portion of the base body with a laser and by plating the activated portion. The electronic components are fixed to... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

10/18/2012 > 18 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120262342 - Multiband antenna: A multiband antenna includes a feed unit, a ground unit, a first radiator unit, a second radiator unit, a first resonance unit, and a second resonance unit. When feed signals are input to the feed unit, the feed signals are transmitted to the first radiator unit and the second radiator... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20120262345 - Antenna apparatus for portable terminal: An antenna apparatus for a portable terminal having a main board is provided. The antenna apparatus includes a main antenna that electrically connects to a feed line of the main board. A metal frame is constructed as part of a case frame forming an exterior of the portable terminal The... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120262348 - Antenna device and mobile terminal: This disclosure provides an antenna device and a mobile terminal equipped with the antenna device. The antenna device includes a coil conductor spirally wound to have a conductor opening portion at the center of winding and is formed on a flexible substrate. A magnetic sheet is disposed near, or proximal... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120262347 - Mobile terminal: A mobile terminal and an antenna thereof are provided. The mobile terminal includes a housing, a main board arranged within said housing, and an antenna arranged on the outer surface of said housing such that the antenna is connected with said main board. The height of the mobile phone antenna... Agent:

20120262344 - Portable electrical device and its manufacturing method: A portable electrical device includes a chassis, a plurality of conductive bodies, a wireless RF module and a cable. The chassis includes a casing layer and a radiator layer stacked with each other. The conductive bodies are embedded inside the casing layer, in which one end of each conductive body... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20120262346 - Radio communication card: A radio communication card includes a storage section that is configured to be accommodated in an internal space of a casing of an electronic apparatus and stores information supplied from the electronic apparatus, a communication section that transmits the information stored in the storage section to an external communication apparatus,... Agent:

20120262343 - Wideband antenna and methods: A wideband antenna for use portable radio devices, and methods for operating the same. In one embodiment, a monopole antenna is used within a laptop computing device. The antenna comprises a monopole radiator coupled to an auxiliary ground plane element, and is placed substantially outside of the footprint of the... Agent:

20120262349 - Satellite dish snow shield: Snow build-up on a satellite dish causes loss of signal to satellite systems such as satellite TV systems. My invention provides a physical, solid barrier between falling snow and the satellite dish, which solves this problem.... Agent:

20120262350 - Accessory system with integrated multiband antenna: An accessory system (202, 402, 502) for a portable radio transceiver (200) includes an accessory device (206) which includes a speaker and/or a microphone disposed external of the portable radio transceiver. A cable (204) containing two or more conductors is provided for operatively connecting the accessory device to the portable... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120262351 - Antenna device and display device: An antenna device, in which a dipole antenna (110), a first monopole antenna, and a second monopole antenna are disposed on an insulating board (140), wherein the dipole antenna (110) includes left and right elements connected to a power feeding section (150), and the left and right elements have: first... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120262352 - Mobile communication device and antenna structure therein: A mobile communication device includes an antenna structure which includes a grounding element and an antenna element. There is a notch at an edge of the grounding element. The antenna element is disposed in the notch and includes a metal loop portion and a monopole antenna. The metal loop portion... Agent:

20120262353 - Small broadband loop antenna for near field applications: A method and apparatus for providing a broadband near field of an antenna are disclosed. A small broadband loop antenna may include a printed circuit board (PCB) substrate with multiple layers. Printed on the PCB substrate are dual loops sharing a same driver circuit, an impedance matching network, a primary... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20120262354 - High gain low profile multi-band antenna for wireless communications: The present invention is a low profile, wideband, high gain and high efficiency multi-band antenna with good return loss for wireless applications such as WLAN Access Point, ZigBee or WiMAX module, notebook computer, tablet computer and other mobile and portable devices applications and it can be used with any RF-front... Agent:

20120262355 - High gain low profile multi-band antenna for wireless communications: The present invention is a low profile, wideband, high gain and high efficiency multi-band antenna with good return loss for wireless applications such as WLAN Access Point, ZigBee or WiMAX module, notebook computer, tablet computer and other mobile and portable devices applications and it can be used with any RF-front... Agent:

20120262356 - Device and method for improving leaky wave antenna radiation efficiency: The present device and method improve radiation efficiency of a leaky wave antenna. The device and method collect non-radiated power signal from the leaky wave antenna, perform a passive operation on the non-radiated power signal to obtain a modified power signal, and radiate the modified power signal.... Agent: Corporation De L'ecole Polytechnique De Montreal

20120262357 - Antenna device and method of setting resonant frequency of antenna device: In antenna device, a coil conductor of an antenna coil module and a conductor layer at least partially overlap. A current flows in the conductor layer and blocks a magnetic field generated by a current flowing in the coil conductor. A current, which flows around the periphery of an opening... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120262358 - Beam forming antenna: A high frequency (HF) beam antenna includes a set of radiating vertical monopole elements and a set of horizontal dipole elements. The horizontal dipole elements are parasitically coupled to corresponding radiating vertical monopole elements and are configured to counterpoise radiation from the radiating vertical monopole elements and to effectively isolate... Agent:

20120262359 - Interlaced multiband antenna arrays: Antenna arrays which can work simultaneously in various frequency bands thanks to the physical disposition of the elements which constitute them, and also the multiband behaviour of some elements situated strategically in the array. The configuration of the array is described based on the juxtaposition or interleaving of various conventional... Agent:

10/11/2012 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120256794 - Capacitively coupled stripline to microstrip transition, and antenna thereof: The present invention provides a capacitively coupled stripline to microstrip transition which comprises a stripline, a microstrip, an upper conductive ground plane, a lower conductive ground plane, an insulating layer and an insulating fixing component. The stripline is positioned between the upper conductive ground plane and the lower conductive ground... Agent: Andrew LLC

20120256795 - Microstrip antenna and radar module: In a microstrip antenna in which a ground conductor is provided to be opposed to patch conductors, wedge shapes angled to intersect with an antenna polarization plane are provided at edges of the ground conductor in a repeated manner.... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120256796 - Compact millimeter-wave radio systems and methods: A compact millimeter-wave radio system is comprised of an antenna body with reflector region and waveguide region all made from a single piece of material, and a radio receiver that is mounted on a substrate which is mechanically fixed to and held by the waveguide region. The system presents compact,... Agent: Siklu Communication Ltd.

20120256797 - Increased gain in an array antenna through optimal suspension of piece-wise linear conductors: The present invention provides a high-performance and lightweight helical antenna element and array thereof for use in an aircraft communication system or the like, where stringent spatial restrictions and gain requirements generally apply. The RF performance of the array is enhanced by using ribs and sleeves to reduce the dielectric... Agent: Ems Technologies Canada Ltd.

20120256798 - Vehicle glazing with slot antenna: Laminated vehicle glazing with a conductive panel defining slot antennas between the conductive panel and the metal surround of the vehicle with connecting leads, and a camera or other device in an area where the device and the antenna do not overlap. Locating the device in a different position to... Agent: Pilkington Automative Deutschland

20120256799 - Ultra-wideband miniaturized omnidirectional antennas via multi-mode three-dimensional (3-d) traveling-wave (tw): A class of ultra-wideband miniaturized traveling-wave (TW) antennas comprising a conducting ground surface at the base, a plurality of TW structures having at least one ultra-wideband low-profile two-dimensional (2-D) surface-mode TW structure, a frequency-selective coupler placed between adjacent TW structures, and a feed network. In one embodiment, a 2-D surface-mode... Agent:

20120256800 - Multiband antenna structure and methods: An antenna structure intended for small-sized mobile terminals. In one embodiment, the antenna structure comprises a main radiator for implementing the lowest operating band and other radiators for implementing at least one operating band in the high band. The structure also comprises a matching circuit, by which a plural (e.g.,... Agent:

20120256801 - Radio wave receiving apparatus and position calculating method: A radio wave receiving apparatus includes a plurality of antennas disposed on a circuit board, the plurality of antennas having radiation patterns with different bearings and which indicate a directivity of said antennas upon receipt of radio waves, a storage unit for storing information of the radiation patterns of the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120256802 - Communication electronic device and antenna structure thereof: A communication electronic device which comprises a grounding element and a slot antenna is provided. The slot antenna is formed by a feeding element, a first slot, a second slot, and a third slot. The first slot is an open slot, which has an open end at the first side... Agent:

20120256803 - Conformable antenna: A polymorphic antenna, including a metallic template configurable in at least first and second possible different three-dimensional shapes, the antenna, when configured in the at least first and second different three-dimensional shapes, having a common antenna feed point, a common balun coupled to the common antenna feed point; and a... Agent: Galtronics Corporation Ltd.

20120256804 - Reconfigurable mobile phone bulit-in antenna and implementation method thereof: A reconfigurable mobile phone built-in antenna and its implementation method are disclosed. The antenna comprises an antenna main structure, an additional ground area, a ground area printed on one surface of a printed board, an electronic switch and an antenna feeding point and a grounding point printed on the other... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20120256805 - Array antenna apparatus having shortest wiring distance to antenna elements: An array antenna apparatus includes a radio circuit; an array antenna that includes a plurality of antenna elements; feeder lines that connect the radio circuit to the respective antenna elements; and a delay circuit provided at each of one or more of the feeder lines. An amount of delay of... Agent:

20120256806 - Tracking biological and other samples using rfid tags: A box mapper has (i) a frame configured to receive a sample box of RFID-tagged sample vials and (ii) a set of antennae configured to read the vial RFID tags of the sample vials to determine the identity and position of each sample vial in the sample box. In one... Agent: Biotillion, LLC

20120256807 - Method for realizing terminal antenna, terminal antenna and terminal thereof: Provided is a method for implementing a terminal antenna, including: welding a metal shell for fixing a side key on a ground of a printed circuit board; dividing the ground of the printed circuit board into a first ground and a second ground, connecting the first ground with the second... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120256808 - Slot halo antenna with tuning stubs: An antenna of the present disclosure has a housing having a shallow cavity in the housing and a flat, disk-shaped radiating element disposed in the shallow cavity, the radiating element having an arc shape slot. In addition, the antenna has a substantially circular parasitic element disposed in the shallow cavity... Agent:

20120256809 - Apparatus for mounting a cable connector: Described herein are mounting plates for securing cabling to another object. A mounting plate includes a body and at least one first through hole positioned along a surface of the body. The first through hole is configured to receive a cable connector. The mounting plate further includes at least one... Agent: Dish Network L.L.C.

20120256810 - Methods of modifying erect concealed antenna towers and associated modified towers and devices therefor: The disclosure describes installing an antenna canister in a portion of a concealed antenna pole at a location that is below a top of the pole while the antenna pole is erect and associated components to facilitate the procedure, as well as multi-piece vertical rods, pole mounting bracket assemblies and... Agent:

20120256811 - Widebrand adaptable artificial impedance surface: A tunable impedance surface, the tunable surface including a plurality of elements disposed in a two dimensional array; and an arrangement of variable negative reactance circuits for controllably varying negative reactance between at least selected ones of adjacent elements in the aforementioned two dimensional array.... Agent: Hrl Laboratories, LLC

10/04/2012 > 24 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120249375 - Magnetically controlled polymer nanocomposite material and methods for applying and curing same, and nanomagnetic composite for rf applications: A material contains a curable liquid polymer containing suspended nanoparticles capable of exhibiting a magnetic property. The nanoparticles are present in a concentration sufficient to cause the curable liquid polymer to flow in response to application of a magnetic field, enabling the material to be guided into narrow regions to... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120249376 - Multiple-band antenna with patch and slot structures: A multiple-band antenna having first and second operating frequency bands is provided. The antenna includes a first patch structure associated primarily with the first operating frequency band, a second patch structure electrically coupled to the first patch structure and associated primarily with the second operating frequency band, a first slot... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120249374 - Planar broadband traveling-wave beam-scan array antennas: A planar broadband beam-steering phased array antenna with approximately 10:1 bandwidth is comprised of planar broadband traveling wave antenna elements positioned parallel to a conducting ground plane and spaced less than 0.5 wavelength at the highest operating frequency and more than 0.01 wavelengths at the lowest operating frequency. Each planar... Agent: Wang-electro-opto Corporation

20120249377 - Antenna and the method for adjusting the operation bandwidth thereof: A method for adjusting an operation bandwidth of an antenna is provided. The antenna includes a radiation element, and the radiation element includes a first adjusting portion having a first width and a second adjusting portion having a second width. The method includes steps of seeking an operation frequency of... Agent: Arcadyan Technology Corporation

20120249378 - Housing combination of electronic device and method: A housing combination includes a housing, and at least two antenna modules embedded at corners of the housing. Each antenna module includes an antenna carrier and an antenna radiator. The antenna carrier defines a first receiving groove and a second receiving groove opposite to each other. The antenna radiator includes... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120249380 - Integrated circuit package including miniature antenna: The present invention relates to an integrated circuit package comprising at least one substrate, each substrate including at least one layer, at least one semiconductor die, at least one terminal, and an antenna located in the integrated circuit package, but not on said at least one semiconductor die. The conducting... Agent: Fractus, S.a.

20120249379 - Portable device: There is provided a portable device which includes a first housing, a housing member removable from the first housing, where the housing member includes an exposed portion, the exposed portion projecting from the first housing when the housing member is inserted in the first housing, a second housing coupled with... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120249381 - Radio frequency printed circuit board: A radio frequency(RF) printed circuit board (PCB) includes an RF circuit for generating high frequency signals. The RF PCB is connected to an EMC measuring device when measuring the EMC thereof. The measuring device includes a probe pin and a shielding barrel surrounding the probe pin. The shielding barrel includes... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

20120249382 - Automotive window antenna: An automotive window antenna includes: an FM radio main antenna which includes two horizontal strips, and a vertical strip, and which is connected with a main feed point provided on a side of a longitudinal side of the window glass through a strip extending inwardly between the horizontal strips from... Agent: Central Glass Company, Limited

20120249383 - Antenna assembly and wireless communication device employing the same: An antenna assembly is used in a wireless communication device, the wireless communication device includes a main body and a circuit board received within the main body. The antenna assembly includes a first antenna unit located in the main body, a feed point and a second antenna unit. The feed... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20120249384 - Antenna arrangement and a portable radio communication device comprising such an antenna arrangement: An exemplary embodiment includes an antenna arrangement for a portable radio communication device comprising an NFC (near field communication) antenna, a BT (Bluetooth) antenna and an FM (frequency modulation) antenna. The NFC antenna, BT antenna and FM antenna are positioned in close proximity to each other and are operable simultaneously.... Agent:

20120249385 - Ultra-wideband conformal low-profile four-arm unidirectional traveling-wave antenna with a simple feed: The invention is a class of planar unidirectional traveling-wave (TW) antenna comprising a planar four-arm TW radiator ensemble, such as a 4-arm spiral, which is fed medially with a twin-lead feed connected with only a pair of opposite arms of the TW radiator, with the other two arms parasitically excited.... Agent: Wang Electro-opto Corporation

20120249386 - Antenna device, circuit board and memory card: A disclosed antenna device includes a substrate made of a dielectric material, an antenna element formed on one side of the substrate, and a ground element formed on another side of the substrate.... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20120249387 - Distributed reactance antenna: An antenna including a capacitive element and an inductive element having first and second ends, the first end of the inductive element being galvanically connected both to a feed point and to the capacitive element at a first connection point, the second end of the inductive element being galvanically connected... Agent: Galtronics Corporation Ltd.

20120249388 - Platform enhancements for planar array antennas: A technique to extend antenna coverage pattern of a planar antenna array. In one instance a reflector is disposed above the planar antenna array and in another instance a lens element is disposed above the planar antenna array. The reflection or refraction of RF signals allows antenna coverage pattern to... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120249389 - Broadband multi-tap antenna: An antenna system comprises a plurality of conductors, a combiner, and a plurality of loads. The combiner has an output port. The plurality of loads connects the plurality of conductors to each other in line. The plurality of loads has an impedance equal to a desired impedance for the output... Agent:

20120249390 - Antenna and wireless device provided with same: There is provided an antenna comprising: a ground conductor; and an antenna element portion for sending and receiving electromagnetic wave signals, the antenna element portion comprising: a coaxial cable including a center conductor and an outer conductor; a feeding point connected to a feeding system and disposed between the ground... Agent: Hitachi Cable Fine-tech, Ltd.

20120249391 - Compact dipole adapter for whip antenna: A portable whip antenna (100) is used to form a parallel wire transmission line (304) and support for a dipole antenna system (900). The portable whip antenna is formed of an elongated monopole radiating element (306) extending from a feed point (114, 202) comprising an RF connector, which can be... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120249392 - Dual-polarization omnidirectional antenna: A dual-polarization omnidirectional antenna includes a reflecting base plate, a radiating oscillator, outputting coaxial cables, RF connectors, a metallic supporting pillar and a T-shaped probe. The radiating oscillator has an upper layer provided with a one-to-two feed dividing network and a lower layer provided with a round patch; the T-shaped... Agent:

20120249393 - Antenna device and electronic device including antenna device: According to one embodiment, a first antenna element is formed from a folded monopole element having one end connected to a feeding terminal, and the other end connected to a first ground terminal, with a stub being provided between a forward portion and a backward portion formed by folding a... Agent:

20120249394 - Ic package with embedded phased array antenna: Aspects of a method and system for configurable antenna in an integrated circuit package are provided. In this regard, a phased array antenna embedded in a multi-layer integrated circuit (IC) package may be utilized for transmitting and/or receiving signals. An IC enabled to transmit and/or receive signals may be bonded... Agent: Broadcom Corporation.

20120249395 - Ultra thin antenna: An ultra thin antenna (100, 200) is disclosed as having a rectangular path (102, 202) and at least one extender piece (104, 108, 110, 212) for extension of radio frequency (RF) energy out of the rectangular path (102, 202).... Agent: Convergence Systems Limited

20120249396 - Wireless communications device including side-by-side passive loop antennas and related methods: A wireless communications device may include a housing, and wireless communications circuitry carried by the housing. The wireless communications device may also include an antenna assembly carried by the housing and coupled to the wireless communications circuitry. The antenna assembly may include a substrate and a plurality of passive loop... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120249397 - Antenna system suitable for marine ssb radio: An antenna system suitable for marine SSB radio. The system includes a plurality of insulated conductors each having a first end and a second end; the first ends of the conductors are connected at a connection point. The insulated conductors are disposed within a tubing segment, which is sealed with... Agent:

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