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Communications: radio wave antennas July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120188130 - Antenna for wireless communication terminal for hearing aid compatibility: An antenna having a signal contact point and a ground contact point includes an extension pattern portion to connect the ground contact point and a first point and to connect the signal contact point and the first point; a low-frequency band pattern portion extended from the first point, the low-frequency... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20120188131 - Mobile communications systems and methods relating to polarization-agile antennas: A wireless communication system can include polarization agile antennas to enable adaptation to the polarization characteristics of a changing propagation channel. In one embodiment, a mobile terminal can include one or more polarization-agile antennas, and can select polarization orientations that are preferentially propagated through the changing propagation channel. In another... Agent: The University Of Utah Research Foundation

20120188132 - Onboard information system with mobile radio antenna: An onboard information system having a mobile radio antenna for capturing at least one vehicle-related variable. The onboard information system includes a housing that can be installed in a vehicle interior and a mobile radio module. The mobile radio antenna is positioned in a recess in the housing, and its... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20120188133 - Spiralpole small antenna system: A wireless sensor device, system and method includes a handle/antenna component and probe shaft sensor. A spiralpole loop antenna interfaces with a probe shaft comprising electrical connection to a surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor device for wireless temperature sensing. Applications include monitoring the internal temperature of the contents of ovens.... Agent: Delaware Capital Formation, Inc.

20120188134 - Antenna device and electronic device including antenna device: According to one embodiment, an antenna device includes a first element, a stub, and an open end element. The first element has a folded monopole structure in which a conductor is folded at a folding portion to form a forward portion and a backward portion. A base end of the... Agent:

20120188135 - Communication device and antenna structure therein: A communication device including an antenna structure is provided, wherein the antenna structure includes a ground element, an antenna element, and a circuit element group. The ground element has a notch at one of its edges, and a long edge of the notch is at least two times longer than... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20120188136 - Radiofrequency antenna with multiple radiating elements for transmitting a wave with a variable direction of propagation: The invention relates to a radiofrequency antenna comprising a chassis (26) and an emission surface supporting a set of radiating antenna elements, each radiating in a unique emission direction, characterized in that each antenna element is at least partially movable relative to the emission surface to modify its specific emission... Agent: Thales

20120188137 - Broadband antenna system allowing multiple stacked collinear devices and having an integrated, co-planar balun: A broadband antenna system is disclosed. The antenna system relates to a cylindrical structure, wherein the feed region comprises segmented radiators with tapered feed points, distributed around the circumference of the structure, and a balun that is co-planar with the cylindrical structure. This allows a plurality of feed lines, cables,... Agent:

20120188138 - Laminated antenna structures for package applications: Apparatus and methods for packaging IC chips and laminated antenna structures with laminated waveguide structures that are integrally constructed as part of an antenna package to form compact integrated radio/wireless communications systems for millimeter wave applications.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120188139 - Antenna coil: An antenna coil includes a magnetic layer such as a flat magnetic sheet, a transmission coil portion defined by a coiled conductor, a reception coil portion defined by a coiled conductor, a transmission coil connection defined by the conductor and defining a portion of the transmission coil portion, and a... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120188140 - 450 mhz folded dipole antenna: A folded dipole antenna capable of transmitting and receiving signals from CDMA 450 system comprises a folded dipole Printed Circuit Board (PCB) having conducting strips on each side of the PCB forming excitation and grounding arms of the antenna, having a symmetric conducting strip configuration. The conducting strip on each... Agent: Telekom Malaysia Berhad

20120188141 - Miltiresonance antenna and methods: A multiresonance antenna useful in small-sized radio devices. In one embodiment, radiating element of the antenna comprises, a first and a second radiating arm of nearly equal electric lengths. The tail portions of the arms are located on different sides of the area determined by the outline of the radiator... Agent:

20120188142 - Printed quasi-tapered tape helical array antenna: A printed quasi-tapered tape helical element and printed helical array antenna arc disclosed. The helical element comprises a thin helix conductor having a uniform section associated with a tapered section. The helix conductor can be printed on a thin dielectric sheet and bonded to a hollow composite dielectric support. A... Agent: Indian Space Research Organisation Of Isro

20120188143 - Unified antenna of shark fin type: A unified antenna of shark fin type comprises a pad, a base disposed on upper surface of the pad and providing a space for arranging a printed circuit board and a plurality of antenna units, and a case for covering the pad and the base, wherein the antenna further comprises:... Agent:

20120188144 - Printed antenna and terminal device: Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of electronic communication, and more particularly, to a printed antenna and a terminal device comprising said printed antenna. Said printed antenna includes a printed circuit board and at least two antenna patterns; said printed circuit board includes at least two copper... Agent: Huawei Device Co.,ltd.

20120188145 - Radome of canape structure: A radome not having a sandwich structure but having a canape structure is formed with an object to obtain a radome of a canape structure having a satisfactory radio property, and moreover, an excellent mechanical strength by providing a matching layer to a skin layer on an interior side of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

07/19/2012 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120182185 - Communications device and tracking device with slotted antenna and related methods: A communications device may include an electrically conductive antenna layer having a slotted opening therein extending from a medial portion and opening outwardly to a perimeter thereof, the electrically conductive antenna layer including antenna feed points. The communications device may include a first dielectric layer adjacent the electrically conductive antenna... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120182186 - Surface mount device multiple-band antenna module: A surface mount device multiple-band antenna module includes a substrate and a carrier. The substrate has a first grounding metal surface and a first micro-strip line on a side thereof. The first grounding metal surface has a second micro-strip line connected thereto. There is a space between the first micro-strip... Agent: Cirocomm Technology Corp.

20120182187 - Thin antenna and an electronic device having the thin antenna: A thin antenna for wireless signal transmission of an electronic device is disclosed. The thin antenna comprises a base board, a first radiation area, a first ground area and a feeding plane. The base board has a first plane and a second plane. The first radiation area is printed on... Agent:

20120182188 - Computer with antenna: A computer includes an enclosure, a mainboard, a main antenna, and an auxiliary antenna. The enclosure includes an inner case and an outer cover. The mainboard is received in the inner case. The main antenna and the auxiliary antenna are mounted at an outer surface of the enclosure. The main... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120182189 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus includes a casing, at least an antenna body, a feeding point and a control unit. The casing has a display portion. The antenna body is disposed at the casing and at least has two radiation paths and a switching element. Parts of the radiation paths are respectively... Agent:

20120182190 - Portable wireless device: The mobile radio apparatus of the invention includes conductive housings 101 and 102, a circuit board 103 arranged between the conductive housings 101 and 102, a radio circuit 104 arranged on the circuit board 103, a resin 105 such as waterproof rubber packing arranged at a boundary between the conductive... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120182191 - Mobile television antenna with integral signal meter display: The present disclosure is directed to a rooftop-mounted off-air television antenna system, device and method including an integrated signal meter. The antenna portion of the device is mounted to the roof of a vehicle. An antenna adjustment mechanism is located inside of the vehicle cabin. The adjustment mechanism enables the... Agent:

20120182192 - Planar antenna array and article of manufacture using same: A planar antenna array and articles of manufacture using the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, close-packed antenna elements, disposed on a substrate, number N where N=3x and x is a positive integer. Each of the close-packed antenna elements includes a substantially continuous photonic transducer arranged as an outwardly expanding... Agent:

20120182193 - Combination electronic article surveillance/radio frequency identification antenna and method: A combination EAS/RFID antenna for use in an EAS/RFID surveillance system. The antenna includes an EAS antenna element and an RFID antenna element. The EAS antenna element includes an EAS loop antenna defining an interior area. The RFID antenna element is positioned within the interior area defined by the EAS... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20120182194 - Antenna positioner system: A three-axis antenna positioner has an X-Y over azimuth configuration, and includes an azimuth drive assembly, an X-axis drive assembly, and a Y-axis drive assembly. Each drive assembly is independently operable. The azimuth drive assembly imparts 540° azimuthal rotational motion to an antenna about an azimuth axis. The X-axis drive... Agent:

20120182195 - Multi-feed antenna system for satellite communications: The present invention provides an improved single antenna system that allows reception of RF energy at multiple frequencies. In one embodiment, the antenna is implemented as a multi-beam, multi-feed antenna having a primary reflector fitted with a dual mode feed tube and a switchable LNB that supports both Ka band... Agent:

20120182196 - Low-profile broadband multiple antenna: A low-profile broadband multiple antenna, comprises: a dipole arranged in the top part of said antenna, said dipole comprising at least one first top antenna element connected to the core of a multi-axial cable comprising a core and n sheaths and the bottom individual element of which is connected to... Agent: Thales

20120182197 - Wireless receiver: A wireless receiver including a dipole antenna and a circuit board, wherein high directivity characteristics can be acquired for wireless signals is provided. The wireless receiver includes a balanced feed antenna and a circuit board arranged in parallel to the longitudinal direction of the aforementioned balanced feed antenna. A conductive... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120182198 - Fm transmission using a rfid/nfc coil antenna: An antenna radiating element is arranged as at least one coil and defines a first feed port and a second feed port at its opposed ends. There is a third feed port disposed along the antenna radiating element substantially at a radio frequency effective symmetry point between the first and... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120182199 - Multi-antenna loop layout: A multi-antenna loop layout which comprises an array of physical antenna loops, each antenna loop comprising first and second conductive ends. Each conductive end of each antenna loop in the array is coupled to an electrically common contact point that is electrically in common with one or more conductive ends... Agent: Waltop International Corporation

20120182200 - Components for high-frequency technology, and liquid-crystalline media: in which the parameters have the respective meanings given in the claims or in the text, or a liquid-crystal medium which itself comprises one or more compounds of this formula I, and to the corresponding, novel liquid-crystal media, to the use and preparation thereof, and to the production and use... Agent: Merck Patent Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung

20120182201 - Data card with universal serial bus plug: A data card with a USB plug (207) includes a housing (201) and a cap (203). A data card antenna (205) is disposed in the cap. The cap further has at least one cap wing (209) extending from an opening of the cap. A cap antenna contact (211) is provided... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20120182202 - Metamaterial: A metamaterial comprising a plurality of unit lattices which are arrayed on a plane in a two dimensional manner and are laminated, wherein a dielectric layer is formed from a first dielectric section and a second dielectric section that is present on the same plane as the first dielectric section... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

07/12/2012 > 22 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120176276 - Antenna apparatus including multiple antenna portions on one antenna element associated with multiple feed points: An antenna apparatus includes: an extension conductor connected to a section of an outer perimeter of an antenna element and along an entire length of the section; and a slit extending from the antenna element to the extension conductor so as to intersect a portion between feed points on the... Agent:

20120176275 - Antenna module and wireless communication apparatus: An antenna module includes a base member made of a resin and a copper-foil material, a first ground layer formed on a first surface of the base member, a second ground layer formed on a second surface of the base member, and an inverted-F metal-plate antenna provided on the first... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120176273 - Multi-band antenna: A multi-frequency antenna includes a microwave substrate, a first antenna unit, a second antenna unit, a third antenna unit and a grounding unit. The first antenna unit, the second antenna unit, and the third antenna unit are disposed on the microwave substrate surface. The grounding unit is disposed at an... Agent: Auden Techno Corp.

20120176274 - Wide-band antenna: A wide-band antenna mounted on a circuit board includes a ground plate, a radiating plate perpendicularly connected to two side edges of the circuit board, and a planar antenna element which includes a base plate, an extending plate, and a ground portion. One side of the base plate defines a... Agent:

20120176282 - Antenna device and mobile communication terminal: An antenna device includes a feeding member including a coil pattern and an emitting member to emit a transmit signal supplied from the feeding member and to receive a receive signal and supplying it to the feeding member. The emitting member includes an opening portion and a slit portion communicating... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120176283 - Antenna device and mobile terminal: This disclosure provides an antenna device including an antenna coil having a plate-shaped magnetic core with first and second main surfaces and a coil conductor wound around the magnetic core, and a flat conductor adjacent to the antenna coil. For instance, the flat conductor can be a ground electrode formed... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120176278 - Antenna structures with electrical connections to device housing members: Electronic devices may be provided that contain wireless communications circuitry. The wireless communications circuitry may include antenna structures that are formed from an internal ground plane and a peripheral conductive housing member. A conductive path may be formed that connects the peripheral conductive housing member and the internal ground plane.... Agent:

20120176281 - Apparatus and methods for packaging integrated circuit chips with antennas formed from package lead wires: Apparatus and methods are provided for integrally packaging semiconductor IC (integrated circuit) chips with antennas having one or more radiating elements and tuning elements that are formed from package lead wires that are appropriated shaped and arranged to form antenna structures for millimeter wave applications.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120176277 - Electronic devices having multi-purpose cowling structures and a compass mounted on a flex circuit: Multi-purpose cowling structures are provided to minimize spacing impact within an electronic device, while maximizing functional utility. In one embodiment, an electromagnetic interference shield may provide one or more anchors for enabling a logic board cowling to apply sufficient downward force to one or more board connectors to prevent inadvertent... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120176280 - Shielding antennas in wireless application devices: An antenna assembly that includes an antenna module fitting between a display panel of an electronic device and a metallic cover of the device. The antenna module includes an antenna and a support for the antenna. A shielding layer fits between the antenna module and the cover. The shielding layer... Agent:

20120176279 - Structures for forming conductive paths in antennas and other electronic device structures: Electronic devices may be provided that contain conductive paths. A conductive path may be formed from an elongated metal member that extends across a dielectric gap in an antenna. The antenna may be formed from conductive structures that form an antenna ground and conductive structures that are part of a... Agent:

20120176284 - Antenna array with metamaterial lens: An antenna array comprises two or more antenna elements. Each of the two or more antenna elements is configured to scan within a field of view. Each of the two or more antenna elements is further configured to transmit or receive a signal. The antenna array also comprises a metamaterial... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120176285 - Microstrip coupler: The invention relates to a microstrip coupler for coupling a radio frequency, RF, wave into a waveguide. The microstrip coupler comprises a conductive microstrip line having a broadened end portion, and a non-conductive slot (105) following the broadened end portion to form an antenna for irradiating the RF wave.... Agent: Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.

20120176286 - Dielectric loaded shorted bicone antenna with laterally extending ground plate: A bicone antenna, having: a tapered top cone; a tapered bottom cone; a laterally extending ground plate beneath the tapered bottom cone; at least one shorting pin connecting the tapered top cone and the tapered bottom cone; a central pin connected to the tapered top cone; a coaxial feed connected... Agent: South Dakota School Of Mines And Technology

20120176287 - Printed circuit board based feed horn: A new class of feed horns is provided based on the use of metamaterial printed circuit board (PCB) liners on the walls of the feed horns. These feed horns may be implemented to achieve low cost operation. PCBs making up the metamaterial liner may be assembled together in such a... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120176288 - Magnetic dielectric antenna: The objective is realizing downsizing of an antenna, suppressing the decrease in radiation efficiency, and suppressing narrowing of band. A magnetic dielectric antenna 10 is provided with a L-shaped electrode 12 having a meander shape, and a magnetic dielectric body base portion 11 provided to cover at least a part... Agent:

20120176289 - Asymmetrical dipole antenna: An asymmetrical dipole antenna is provided. A radiation module and a ground module are formed by a metallic conductor and arranged at an interval on a substrate of the antenna, and the radiation module and the ground module, respectively, have a radiation base and a ground base. Two radiation arms... Agent:

20120176290 - Mobile wireless communications device with reduced interfering rf energy into rf metal shield secured on circuit board: A mobile wireless communications device includes a housing and circuit board carried by the housing and having RF circuitry comprising at least one RF component and plurality of other components mounted on the circuit board. An RF metal shield is secured to the circuit board and surrounds and isolates the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120176291 - Input device for computer system: A planar dual-band antenna is provided. The planar dual-band antenna is G-shaped, and includes a first radiating part and a second radiating part. The first radiating part includes a first vertical radiating strip, a first horizontal radiating strip, a second vertical radiating strip and a second horizontal radiating strip. The... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20120176292 - Meander slot antenna structure and antenna module utilizing the same: A meander slot antenna structure for transmitting a wireless signal is provided. The meander slot antenna structure includes a substrate, a ground element, a feed conductor and a couple conductor. The substrate includes a first surface and a second surface, wherein the first surface is opposite to the second surface.... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20120176293 - Antenna, wireless communication apparatus and method of configuring antenna: An antenna 1 includes a first ground pattern 3, a second ground pattern 4, a hinge conductor member 5 and a current control circuit 6. The first ground pattern 3 is formed on a first printed wiring board 7. The hinge conductor member 5 is arranged on a hinge Z... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120176294 - Shaped ballistic radome: Methods and devices for shaped ballistic radomes according to various aspects of the present invention comprise systems for shielding transmission devices; and more particularly, representative and exemplary embodiments of the present invention generally relate to improved methods and systems for ballistic deflection and protection of antenna equipment units, and/or the... Agent:

07/05/2012 > 27 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120169546 - Multi-band antenna and apparatus and method for adjusting operating frequency of the multi-band antenna in a wireless communication system: An apparatus and method for adjusting an operating frequency of a multi-band antenna and a system supporting the same in a wireless communication system are provided, in which a plurality of shorting pins spaced from a radiation patch by difference distances, and a switch connects one of the shorting pins... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120169544 - Multi-frequency antenna: A multi-frequency antenna comprises a first conductor, a second conductor, a grounding member, and a third conductor. The first and second conductors are respectively arranged on a first plane and a second plane. The grounding member is arranged on a third plane existing between the first and second planes. The... Agent: Advanced Connectek, Inc.

20120169545 - Omni-directional antenna: An omni-directional antenna is made of a series of straight conductor segments of varying lengths that form two symmetrical ear-shaped lobes.... Agent: Winegard Company

20120169550 - Antenna isolation for portable electronic devices: Portable electronic devices are provided with wireless circuitry that includes antennas and antenna isolation elements. The antennas may include antennas that have multiple arms and that are configured to handle communications in multiple frequency bands. The antennas may also include one or more antennas that are configured to handle communications... Agent:

20120169548 - Antenna module: An antenna module for an electronic device includes a shielding metal sheet for isolation of electromagnetic interference, and an antenna placed on the shielding metal sheet for radio signal reception and transmission, wherein the shielding metal sheet includes a first ground point working as a ground point of the antenna... Agent:

20120169549 - Antenna module and portable electronic device using the same: A portable electronic device includes a housing and an antenna module detachably assembled to the housing. The housing defines at least one latching hole. The antenna module includes a base and an antenna attached to the base. The base includes at least one latching member. The base is received in... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20120169547 - Multiband antenna with surrounding conductive cosmetic feature: Various embodiments of an antenna structure for mobile devices are described. In one or more embodiments a multi-band antenna includes a multi-band antenna with a conductive cosmetic feature operating as a resonating element. In some embodiments, an antenna includes a folded monopole element, a loop element formed between a portion... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20120169551 - Antenna mount adapter: The invention concerns a rugged antenna mount adapter (100) for mounting an antenna (112) used by NATO vehicles to an existing antenna mount opening (113) of a non-NATO type armored vehicle, regardless of the thickness of the armor (110) on the vehicle. The antenna mount adapter has an upper member... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120169552 - Hybrid multi-antenna system and wireless communication apparatus using the same: A hybrid multi-antenna system includes a system circuit board, an antenna substrate, at least a dipole antenna, and at least a monopole-slot antenna. The system board has at least a system ground plate, and the system ground plate is served as a reflector of the hybrid multi-antenna system. The antenna... Agent: Silitek Electronic (guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

20120169553 - Antenna and wireless ic device: An antenna includes two feeding points, and includes a loop-shaped loop electrode and an auxiliary electrode electrically connected to the loop electrode and located at a position along the outer circumference of the loop electrode. The first end portion of the auxiliary electrode is electrically connected to the vicinity of... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120169554 - Ultra-wideband, low profile antenna: An ultra-wideband, low profile antenna is provided. The antenna includes a ground plane substrate and a radiating element. The radiating element includes at least two loop sections, wherein each of the at least two loop sections is electrically connected to a feed network and to the ground plane substrate. The... Agent:

20120169555 - Multiband antenna: A multiband antenna includes a feed unit, a first transceiving unit, a second transceiving unit, and a resonance unit. When feed signals are input from the feed unit, the feed signals are respectively transmitted to the first transceiving unit and the second transceiving unit to enable the first transceiving unit... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20120169556 - Broadband multi-frequency monopole for multi-band wireless radio: A top load multi-band monopole antenna is utilized with an integrated resonator to achieving broad band and multiband performance for multiple frequency spectrums. The top loaded monopole antenna can utilize a low frequency band (e.g., approximately 700/800/900 MHz) and a high frequency band (e.g., approximately 1900 MHz to approximately 1500... Agent: Electro-magwave, Inc.

20120169557 - Multi-band feed assembly for linear and circular polarization: A waveguide has distal, medial and proximal sections. The distal and medial sections rotate relative to each other and to the proximal section. In a first configuration, the waveguide transforms linearly polarized electromagnetic radiation at the proximal end of the proximal section to linearly polarized electromagnetic radiation at the distal... Agent: Orbit Communication Ltd.

20120169558 - Antenna retaining device: An antenna retaining device includes two spaced upright beams, two movable mechanisms, each movable mechanism slidably mounts on one of the upright beams, a retaining mechanism includes two connecting elements a connecting rod connecting rod rotatably and movably mounted on the connecting elements. A retaining board is located on the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120169559 - Antenna apparatus including multiple antenna portions on one antenna element associated with multiple feed points: An antenna apparatus includes: an extension conductor connected to a first section of an outer perimeter of an antenna element and along an entire length of the first section; connecting conductors connecting the antenna element to a ground conductor between the extension conductor and feed points on the antenna element;... Agent:

20120169560 - Omnidirectional multi-band antennas: Disclosed herein are various exemplary embodiments of omnidirectional multi-band antennas. In an exemplary embodiment, an antenna includes upper and lower portions. The upper portion includes one or more radiating elements, one or more tapering features for impedance matching, and one or more slots configured to enable multi-band operation of the... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

20120169561 - 450 mhz donor antenna: The present invention provides a donor antenna comprising a base plate having a top surface and a bottom surface; an array of folded dipole antenna mounted on the top surface of the base plate through a plastic holder, wherein the array of folded dipole antennas are arranged in a lattice... Agent: Telekom Malaysia Berhad

20120169562 - Antenna: The present technology provides an antenna comprising a conductive first plate, a conductive second plate and a conductive third plate. The conductive first plate and the conductive second plate are disposed and have an electrical connection to form an external antenna structure having a substantially U-shaped cross section. The conductive... Agent: Sierra Wireless Inc.

20120169564 - Antenna with improved holed system ground plane: An antenna with an improved holed system ground plane comprises a substrate, a radiation conductor member, a grounding member and a system ground plane. The radiation conductor member is arranged on the surface of the substrate. The grounding member is arranged on one edge of the substrate. The radiation conductor... Agent: Advanced Connectek, Inc.

20120169563 - Multi-band antenna: A multi-band antenna mounted on a circuit board includes a ground plate perpendicularly connected to one side edge of the circuit board, a radiating plate perpendicularly connected to the other side edge of the circuit board, and a planar antenna element includes a high frequency radiating portion, a lower frequency... Agent:

20120169566 - Impedance matching method for a multiband antenna, and transmission or receiver channel having automatic matching: An automatic antenna impedance matching method for a radiofrequency transmission circuit. An impedance matching network is inserted between an amplifier and an antenna. The output current and voltage of the amplifier and their phase difference are measured by a variable measurement impedance, and the complex load impedance of the amplifier... Agent:

20120169565 - Tunable radio front end and methods: Tunable radio front end systems and methods are disclosed in which the tunable radio front end includes a first tunable impedance matching network, a second tunable impedance matching network, a transmission signal path, and a reception signal path. The transmission signal path can include a first tunable filter in communication... Agent:

20120169567 - Antenna having linear array antenna unit: An antenna may include a linear array antenna unit, a first switch, and a second switch. The linear array antenna unit may be configured to include a plurality of cable elements linearly arranged and coupled to each other. The first switch may include one end coupled to a ground and... Agent:

20120169568 - Multiband antenna with ground resonator and tuning element: Various embodiments of an antenna structure for mobile devices are described. In one or more embodiments a multi-band antenna includes first, second and third resonating elements. The first and second resonating elements may each have an L-shape, and may be fed by a single feed leg. The third resonating element... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20120169569 - Integrated antenna activity monitor system and method: The present disclosure provides an integrated antenna activity monitor system and method that provides an integrated activity indicator for the antenna by tapping a portion of the radio frequency (RF) energy from the antenna and utilizing the RF energy to drive the integrated activity indicator. In an exemplary embodiment, the... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20120169570 - Device and method for modular antenna formation and configuration: An antenna and method of forming an antenna from first and second planar substrates having antenna elements engaged thereto adapted to transmit and/or receive a desired RF frequency. Notches in some of the substrates engage traversing substrates to form an array with horizontally and vertically disposed antenna elements all in... Agent:

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