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Communications: radio wave antennas February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120044111 - Antenna apparatus resonating in plural frequency bands in inverted f antenna: In an inverted F pattern antenna apparatus including a first antenna element and having an electrical length of a quarter wavelength of a first resonance frequency, a folded antenna element and a second antenna element are provided at an end portion of the first antenna element. A length having an... Agent:

20120044113 - Antenna unit and electric apparatus including the same: An antenna unit includes a substrate (120), an antenna (110) located on one major surface of the substrate (120), a dielectric plate (130) opposed to the major surface of the substrate (120), and a dielectric layer (190) interposed between the substrate (120) and the dielectric plate (130). The dielectric plate... Agent:

20120044114 - Built-in antenna and method for improving antenna efficiency: A built-in antenna of a portable terminal and a method of forming the same are provided. The built-in antenna includes a first conductor having a specific length and used for a ground, a second conductor disposed with a specific distance in parallel to the first conductor to couple with the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120044115 - External case for redistribution of rf radiation away from wireless communication device user and wireless communication device incorporating rf radiation redistribution elements: A case for a wireless tablet computer device includes a number of RF resonant loop elements and elongated RF director coupling strip elements mounted in the case and configured such that RF radiation is coupled from an internal antenna of the wireless device out of the device to the RF... Agent: Pong Research Corporation

20120044112 - Local area network antenna for a mobile computing device: An antenna for a mobile device is described. The antenna includes a housing formed from a metal material. The housing functions as a ground plane for the antenna and an RF shield for at least one electronic component of the mobile device. An insulating material covers at least a portion... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20120044116 - Slot antennas for electronic devices: Slot antennas are provided for electronic devices such as portable electronic devices. The slot antennas may have a dielectric-filled slot that is formed in a ground plane element. The ground plane element may be formed from part of a conductive device housing. The slot may have one or more holes... Agent:

20120044117 - Planar antenna apparatus: A ground conductor is formed by a conductor pattern placed to a surface of a dielectric substrate, and includes a first and a second opening. A transmission line is formed over the dielectric substrate by the conductor pattern. The transmission line supplies a signal to a first and a second... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120044118 - Radiator using a dielectric member and antenna including the same: A radiator for improving beam pointing error and beam tracking error using a dielectric member and an antenna including the same are disclosed. The radiator includes a first dipole member, a second dipole member adjacent to the first dipole member, a third dipole member facing to the first dipole member,... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20120044119 - Biconical dipole antenna including choke assemblies and related methods: An antenna assembly may include first and second adjacent antenna elements each including a conical antenna body having a base and an apex opposite the base. The antenna assembly may also include a cylindrical antenna body extending from the base of the conical antenna body, and a choke assembly including... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120044120 - Portable terminal antenna for improving sar and hac characteristics: An antenna for a mobile terminal for improving SAR and HAC characteristics is disclosed. The disclosed antenna may include: a first conductive line electrically connected to a feeding point; a second conductive line separated from the first conductive line at a designated distance and electrically connected to a ground; a... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20120044121 - Distributed coupling antenna: An antenna including a ground plane region, a feed element having associated with it a first reactance and a coupling element having associated with it a second reactance, the second reactance being of opposite sign to the first reactance, the coupling element being coupled to the feed element and to... Agent: Galtronics Corporation Ltd.

20120044122 - Broadband antenna using an electric loop-type signal line: A broadband antenna is disclosed. The disclosed antenna may include: a substrate; an impedance matching/feeding unit, arranged on the substrate and comprising a first matching member and a second matching member configured to perform impedance matching through a coupling method; a radiating member electrically connected to the impedance matching/feeding unit;... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20120044123 - Modular material antenna assembly: A modular material antenna assembly is provided that includes an antenna block having a portion with a shape that interlocks with a corresponding portion of an electrically non-conductive frame and secures the antenna block to the electrically non-conductive frame. The electrically non-conductive frame is attached to an interior of an... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120044124 - Multi-band monopole antenna for a mobile communications device: A multi-band monopole antenna for a mobile communications device includes a common conductor coupled to both a first radiating arm and a second radiating arm. The common conductor includes a feeding port for coupling the antenna to communications circuitry in a mobile communications device. In one embodiment, the first radiating... Agent:

20120044125 - Cable network antenna and the producing method thereof: A cable network antenna and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. The cable network antenna maintains correct positions of nodes at which a plurality of cables intersect, using a circumferential truss that minimizes transformation of a reflecting surface. Accordingly, accuracy of the reflection surface is achieved.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

02/16/2012 > 27 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120038514 - Method of manufacturing antenna using sintering of metal and antenna manufactured by the same: A method of manufacturing an antenna includes forming a base including a synthetic resin, forming a conductive pattern on the base and forming a circuit pattern by sintering the conductive pattern by applying heat. The conductive pattern includes a conductive paste and a binding material binding the base and the... Agent: Dynatron Co., Ltd.

20120038517 - Antenna module and communication device having the same: An antenna module includes a first antenna and a second antenna which work at the same frequency. The first antenna includes a first feed portion, a first radiation portion, and a first ground portion. The second antenna includes a second feed portion and a second radiation portion. The first radiation... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120038515 - Arm-worn rfid reader: An RFID reader is configured to be worn on the arm of a user and includes a housing with a bottom surface for facing the arm of a user and a top surface facing away from the arm. A securement structure engages the arm of the user to secure the... Agent:

20120038518 - Housing of portable electronic device and method for making the same: A housing includes a base and an antenna radiator. The base includes a first injection layer and a second injection layer. The first and second injection layers are formed by injecting of moldable plastic and combining to each other. The antenna radiator is sandwiched between the first and second injection... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20120038519 - Multi-loop antenna system and electronic apparatus having the same: A multi-loop antenna system includes a substrate having opposite first and second surfaces, a first loop antenna disposed on the first surface, and a second loop antenna disposed on one of the first and second surfaces. Each of the first and second loop antennas is operable in a corresponding one... Agent: Silitek Electronic (guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

20120038520 - Omni-directional antenna system for wireless communication: A wireless device having an improved antenna system is disclosed comprising one or more antenna, preferably circularly polarized antenna, for transmitting or receiving a signal, and one or more floating ground planes, wherein the floating ground plane preferably is electrically isolated from and in sufficient proximity to the antenna so... Agent: Kaonetics Technologies, Inc.

20120038516 - Portable electronic device: A portable electronic device is provided. The portable electronic device includes a housing, a circuit board, an amplifier, an antenna and a short element. The circuit board is disposed in the housing, wherein the circuit board includes a first edge and a second edge, and the first edge is opposite... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20120038522 - Antenna characteristic measuring system and antenna characteristic measuring method: There is provided an antenna characteristic measuring system which includes a measuring point scanner to scan a measuring point, an antenna gain measuring device which measures an antenna gain of a measured antenna at a plurality of the measuring points, determines a reference point among the plurality of the measuring... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120038521 - Configurable common rerfernce signal port for reference signal received power in distributed antenna systems: A method of determining reference signal received power (RSRP) by user equipment (UE) associated with a distributed antenna system (DAS) may include detecting at least three different reference signals in one or more common reference signals (CRSs) that are associated with different antennas in the DAS. The method may also... Agent:

20120038523 - Impedance matching method, impedance matching apparatus for the same, and record medium: Disclosed are an impedance matching method, an impedance matching apparatus for the same, and a record medium. The impedance matching apparatus includes a storage part to store information about an impedance matching point according a state of an obstacle, an impedance matching part connected to an antenna and including at... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120038524 - Impedance matching method, impedance matching apparatus for the same, and record medium: Disclosed are an impedance matching method, an impedance matching apparatus for the same, and a record medium. The impedance matching apparatus includes an impedance matching part connected to an antenna to transmit/receive a radio wave and including at least one variable capacitor, a detector to detect transmit power and reflected... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120038525 - Flush-mounted low-profile resonant hole antenna: The invention relates to a flush-mounted aircraft, UAV or missile antenna system, which is an integral part of the fuselage (3) of an aircraft, UAV or missile. The antenna system comprises a surface (3) made of a conductive material and a resonant recess (4) formed in said conducting surface, wherein... Agent: Advanced Automotive Antennas S.l

20120038527 - Glass antenna: Disclosed is a glass antenna wherein two antennas, which are formed on a glass surface and have different receiving frequency bands, are integrated. In the glass antenna (30), the glass surface (10) includes a first antenna pattern (31), which is composed of one perpendicular conductive body (310) and a plurality... Agent:

20120038526 - Low-profile antenna receiving vertical polarized signal: A low-profile antenna is provided. A laminated substrate is formed into a structure in which a plurality of substrates having different permittivities are stacked, and a radiator consists of a plurality of unit patches disposed on an upper surface of the laminated substrate and generates an electric field perpendicular to... Agent: Chung-ang University-academy Cooperation Foundation

20120038528 - Tunable antenna structure having a variable capacitor: A tunable antenna structure having a variable capacitor includes a substrate, a first metal strip, a second metal strip and a third metal strip formed on the substrate, a variable capacitor element located between the first metal strip and the second metal strip, an inductor element located between the second... Agent: Auden Techno Corp.

20120038529 - Patch antenna: A patch antenna is disclosed. The disclosed patch antenna may include: a first radiator configured to generate a circular polarized wave; a first dielectric substrate equipped under the first radiator; a second radiator, placed under the first radiator at a designated distance from the first radiator, and configured to generate... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20120038530 - Dual polarized waveguide slot array and antenna: A dual polarized waveguide slot array includes a first waveguide and a second waveguide. The first waveguide includes major and minor cross-sectional axes and extends along a common longitudinal axis. The first waveguide further includes a plurality of slots disposed thereon for radiating or receiving signals of a first polarization.... Agent: Victory Microwave Corporation

20120038531 - Antenna apparatus having device carrier with magnetodielectric material: An antenna apparatus having a device carrier made of a magneto-dielectric material is provided. The antenna apparatus includes a device carrier having a magnetic carrier made of a magneto-dielectric material, and an antenna device connectable to a power source through a feeding point of one end portion and extended from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120038532 - Core-shell magnetic material, method for producing core-shell magnetic material, device, and antenna device: A core-shell magnetic material having an excellent characteristic in a high-frequency band, in particular a GHz-band and a high environment resistance is provided. The core-shell magnetic material includes: a magnetic member in which plural core-shell magnetic particles are bound by a binder made of a first resin; and a coating... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120038533 - Broadband antenna and radiation device included in the same: An antenna for realizing broadband and/or multi-band using branch members is disclosed. The antenna includes a reflection plate and a radiation device disposed on the reflection plate. Here, the radiation device includes a first feeding point and a first dipole member electrically connected to the first feeding point. At least... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20120038534 - Loop array antenna system and electronic apparatus having the same: An antenna device includes: a substrate; micro-strip and grounding portions that are respectively disposed on opposite first and second surfaces of the substrate, the former including a signal-feed section for feeding of signals and a plurality of first connecting sections electrically connected to the signal-feed section; and a plurality of... Agent: Silitek Electronic (guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

20120038535 - Multiband antenna and electronic device: Disclosed is a multiband antenna, comprising: an antenna element section which is fed from a feeding point; and a ground element section which is connected to a ground of the feeding point; wherein the antenna element section includes: a pole element which includes the feeding point, and has a length... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20120038536 - Antenna structure for a wireless device with a ground plane shaped as a loop: This invention refers to an antenna structure for a wireless device comprising a ground plane and an antenna element, wherein the ground plane has the shape of an open loop. The invention further refers to an antenna structure for a wireless device, such as alight switch or a wristsensor or... Agent:

20120038537 - Antenna and wireless communication device: Provided is an antenna including a planar conductor to be grounded, and a three-dimensional linear conductor having at least a linear conductor, another linear conductor, and still another linear conductor that are integrally formed. The linear conductor is provided perpendicularly to the major surface of the planar conductor. The another... Agent:

20120038538 - Antenna device: An antenna device includes: a plurality of loop metal wires that form loops out of metal wires and that are radially arranged around a center line; a power feeding portion that feeds power to the loop metal wires or a power receiving portion that receives power from the loop metal... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120038539 - Integrated window for a conformal hybrid eo/rf aperture: An integrated radio frequency (RF)/optical window includes an RF radome portion provided from a composite material substantially transparent to RF energy disposed about an optical window configured for use with an optical phased array.... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120038540 - Device for coupling and fastening a radiating element of an antenna and method of assembling an antenna: The device for coupling and fixing the radiating element, comprising a base mounted beneath a dipole, on the support contains a dielectric part including a base with a dimension greater than that of the orifice in the support, at least one rod joined with the base and extending in a... Agent:

02/09/2012 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120032857 - Mobile wireless device with multi-band loop antenna and related methods: A mobile wireless communications device may include a portable housing, a printed circuit board (PCB) carried by the portable housing, and wireless transceiver circuitry carried by the PCB. The mobile wireless communications device also may include an antenna coupled to the wireless transceiver circuitry. The antenna may include a loop... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120032856 - Planar antenna: A planar antenna includes a grounding part, a first radiator arm and a second radiator arm. The first radiator arm is spaced apart from the grounding part, and includes a first coupling section and a feed-in end. The second radiator arm includes an extension section and a second coupling section.... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corp.

20120032858 - Electronic device having antenna pattern embedded in case and method for manufacturing the same: An electronic device having an antenna pattern embedded in a case and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The electronic device includes: a radiator embedded within a case and having an antenna pattern part for transmitting and receiving a signal; a smart card having a matching unit for... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120032859 - Mark antenna and electronic device: The present invention discloses a mark antenna used for receiving and transmitting a wireless signal. The mark antenna comprises a ground point, a feed point and a radiation part connecting to the ground point and the feed point, and particularly the radiation part is an identification mark, such that the... Agent: Inventec Appliances (shanghai) Co. Ltd.

20120032860 - Receiver: In order to solve a problem that, if a reinforcing plate of a housing is used as an antenna in a receiver, a desired antenna gain is less likely to be obtained and therefore an antenna gain is degraded, a receiver for receiving information transmitted by a radio wave includes... Agent:

20120032861 - Diversity fin antenna: A fin-type planar antenna and a deployable dipole antenna are combined into a system as a diversity fin antenna to reduce or eliminate cross polarization fades and dropouts common to wireless audio systems used in theatres, churches and convention centers. A dual feedline connects the diversity fin antenna system to... Agent:

20120032862 - Antenna arrangement, dielectric substrate, pcb & device: An antenna arrangement may include a ground plane, a feeding branch, a first branch and a second branch. The first branch may be longer than the second branch. The feeding branch may be capacitively coupled to the first branch. The feeding branch, the first branch, and the second branch include... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20120032863 - Mobile wireless device with enlarged width portion multi-band loop antenna and related methods: A mobile wireless communications device may include a portable housing, a printed circuit board (PCB) carried by the portable housing, and wireless transceiver circuitry carried by the PCB. The mobile wireless communications device also may include an antenna coupled to the wireless transceiver circuitry. The antenna may include a loop... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120032864 - Antenna device and radio apparatus operable in multiple frequency bands: An antenna device usable in a radio apparatus including a printed board includes a ground conductor of the printed board, a first partial element, a second partial element and a parasitic element. The first partial element is shaped into an area having a first side facing a side of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120032865 - Structural body, printed board, antenna, transmission line waveguide converter, array antenna, and electronic device: A structural body of the invention includes a first conductor plane (1), a plurality of second conductor planes (4) of which at least a portion is provided facing the first conductor plane (1), and a transmission line (6), having an open end, which is disposed between the first conductor plane... Agent:

20120032866 - Broadband antenna: A broadband antenna includes a substrate having a first surface on which a first radiator arm, a second radiator arm, a first connecting conductor and a first grounding section are disposed, and a second surface on which a second connecting conductor and a second grounding section are disposed. The first... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corporation

20120032868 - Remotely located tuning circuits for multi-frequency, multi-purpose induction antennae in downhole tools: An antenna system for a downhole tool has an antenna that is configured to operate at a plurality of frequencies. The tuning circuit is on the interior of the tool and shielded from borehole fluids. The tuning circuit is coupled to the antenna by a transformer circuit.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120032867 - Waveguide orthomode transducer: A waveguide orthomode transducer, comprises: a junction having a main waveguide and four auxiliary waveguides lying along the two orthogonal main axis of the junction and defining four quadrants; a combination network comprising: two magic tees, each having an E-port, two opposed common-ports, and a H-port; an H-plane tee junction... Agent: Centre National D'etudes Spatiales

20120032869 - Frequency scalable low profile broadband quad-fed patch element and array: A quad-fed patch antenna is disclosed, including a ground plane and a substantially tetragonal radiating patch spaced from the ground plane, an upper surface of the substantially tetragonal radiating patch having a first side, a second side, a third side, and a fourth side defining a first corner, a second... Agent:

20120032870 - Broadband antenna using coupling matching with short-circuited end of radiator: An antenna, where an end point of a radiator is shorted, using coupling matching is disclosed. The antenna includes a first conductive element connected electrically to a first ground, a second conductive element connected electrically to a feeding part, and spaced from the first conductive element by a certain distance,... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20120032871 - Antenna and an antenna feed structure: A dielectrically-loaded helical antenna has a cylindrical ceramic core bearing metallised helical antenna elements which are coupled to a coaxial feeder structure passing axially through the core. Secured to the end face of the core is an impedance matching section in the form of a laminate board. The matching section... Agent:

02/02/2012 > 26 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120026045 - Antenna with one or more holes: A new type of multihole antenna which is mainly suitable for mobile communications or in general to any other application where the integration of telecom systems or applications in a single antenna is important. The antenna includes a radiating element which at least includes one hole. By means of this... Agent:

20120026044 - Modification on monopole antenna: A monopole antenna is disposed on a substrate including a first surface and a second surface. The monopole antenna includes a feeding point, a radiation unit, and a reflecting element. The radiation unit is disposed on the first surface of the substrate, and includes a feeding section, a first radiation... Agent: Micro-star Int'l Co., Ltd.

20120026043 - Three-dimensional array antenna on a substrate with enhanced backlobe suppression for mm-wave automotive applications: A multilayer antenna including a first microstrip patch positioned along a first plane, a second microstrip patch positioned along a second plane that is substantially parallel to the first plane, and a ground plane having a slot formed therein. The multilayer antenna also includes a microstrip feeding line for propagating... Agent:

20120026046 - Antenna integrated with a portable communication device: A radio is presented in which a short-range antenna, along with a speaker, is contained within a non-conductive speaker bracket. The antenna is a PIFA that is bent and extends through the speaker bracket so that the distance between the free end of the PIFA and various metallic components of... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20120026047 - Monopole antenna, antenna assembly, and vehicle: A monopole antenna (14A) has an ultra wide band and is configured to be capable of receiving/sending at least a frequency modulation signal in an FM band which is a predetermined frequency band of which the reflection coefficient (S11) is less than −6 dB. If the monopole antenna (14A) is... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120026048 - Clutch barrel antenna for wireless electronic devices: Wireless portable electronic devices such as laptop computers are provided with antennas. An antenna may be provided within a clutch barrel in a laptop computer. The clutch barrel may have a dielectric cover. Antenna elements may be mounted within the clutch barrel cover on an antenna support structure. There may... Agent:

20120026049 - Multiband dismount antenna: Antennas and methods for controlling antennas for producing electromagnetic radiation in a desired direction over a wide range of wavelengths. A current distribution is controlled in one or more conductive radiating elements of an antenna to form, at every wavelength within a pattern wavelength range, an antenna radiation pattern having... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120026050 - Antenna device: An antenna device includes: an antenna base plate having a shape of a flat plate; a capacity loading plate of a top capacity loaded type monopole antenna, the capacity loading plate arranged in parallel with the antenna base plate; and a planar antenna arranged between the antenna base plate and... Agent:

20120026051 - Antenna assembly having reduced packaging size: An antenna assembly is provided, including a first radiative element. The first radiative element is oriented such that a first end of the radiative element is operatively connected to an antenna feed and at least a portion of the radiative element includes a first conical, helical coil. The first conical,... Agent: Mp Antenna, Ltd.

20120026052 - Antennas with periodic shunt inductors: An antenna may be formed from conductive regions that define a gap that is bridged by shunt inductors. The inductors may have equal inductances and may be located equidistant from each other to form a scatter-type antenna structure. The inductors may also have unequal inductances and may be located along... Agent:

20120026053 - Antenna: An antenna has an antenna body having a plurality of first antenna elements, which are disposed along a first straight line. A hollow conductor, which extends between the first antenna elements, is disposed in the antenna body. The first antenna elements are developed as openings running between the hollow conductor... Agent:

20120026054 - Compact patch antenna array: A compact patch antenna array for mobile terminal applications comprising: a plurality of radiators mounted on one surface of a dielectric, with a ground plane being mounted on the other side of the dielectric. Beneath the ground plane, another dielectric with feeding network is placed. Other embodiments are described and... Agent:

20120026055 - Radio antenna: The invention concerns a radio antenna for a space satellite, including a reflector and means of support of this reflector. The reflector includes a front skin able to reflect radio waves, a rigid rear structure supported by the means of support, and a layer of elastic material interposed between said... Agent: Astrium Sas

20120026056 - Radio antenna with improved decoupling angles: A radio antenna, particularly for a spacecraft, including a reflector and means of support of this reflector, where the reflector includes a body able to reflect radio waves, and a rigid rear structure supported by the means of support and connected to the body by decoupling angles, wherein each of... Agent: Astrium Sas

20120026057 - Antenna device: According to one embodiment, an antenna device includes a linear first antenna element, a linear second antenna element and a linear third antenna element. One end of the first antenna element is connected to a feeding point. One end of the second antenna element is connected to the feeding point.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120026059 - Antenna device: A circularly polarized antenna device can reduce degradation of radiation characteristics. The antenna device includes a rectangular ground plate having long sides and short sides and an antenna element disposed in the vicinity of a corner of the ground plate. The antenna element is disposed such that a longitudinal direction... Agent:

20120026058 - Multilevel and space-filling ground-planes for miniature and multiband antennas: An antenna system includes one or more conductive elements acting as radiating elements, and a multilevel or space-filling ground-plane, wherein said ground-plane has a particular geometry which affects the operating characteristics of the antenna. The return loss, bandwidth, gain, radiation efficiency, and frequency performance can be controlled through multilevel and... Agent:

20120026060 - Antenna device: An antenna device that radiates or receives a radio wave includes: a first wire line: a second wire line that is parallel to the first wire line; a power feeding/receiving point that is provided at proximal portions of the first wire line and second wire line; and a terminal resistance... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120026061 - Embedded printed edge-balun antenna system and method of operation thereof: An antenna module having a side-edge balance-to-unbalance (BALUN). The antenna module may include a flexible substrate with one or more layers that may be configured to receive one first and second conductive patterns, the substrate may have opposed first and second ends which may define a longitudinal length and/or opposed... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20120026063 - Apparatus and method for matching impedance using standing wave ratio information: An apparatus and method for matching impedance of an antenna by using Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) information is provided. While the impedance of the impedance matching unit is controlled, a region of a Smith chart in which initial total impedance of the impedance matching unit and the antenna is located... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120026062 - Flat folding hinged antenna: A multi-band antenna including a first antenna portion extending generally in a first plane, a second antenna portion, extending generally in a second plane and a hinged coupling providing coupling between the first antenna portion and the second antenna portion and permitting the second antenna portion to be folded over... Agent:

20120026064 - Wideband antenna using coupling matching: A wide-band antenna using coupling matching is disclosed. The antenna may include a first conductive element, which is electrically connected with a ground; a second conductive element, which is electrically connected with a power feed point and formed parallel to the first conductive element with a particular distance in-between; and... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20120026065 - Antenna device whose vertical and horizontal positions can be adjusted: An antenna device includes a support pole, a fixing seat mounted on the support pole, at least one clamping member mounted on the support pole and combined with the fixing seat by at least one locking bolt, and an antenna box mounted on the fixing seat. The fixing seat is... Agent:

20120026066 - Antenna: An antenna for circularly polarised radiation at an operating frequency in excess of 200 MHz has a substrate in the form of a disc-shaped dielectric tile with parallel planar surfaces. The upper surface bears a conductive pattern including a resonant ring and a number of open-circuit radiating elements each having... Agent: Sarantel Limited

20120026067 - Electronic device having solar cell antenna element and related methods: An antenna may include a ground plane and a solar cell spaced above the ground plane. The solar cell may have first and second power output terminals. The antenna may include a coaxial antenna feed line including an inner conductor coupled to the first power output terminal, and an outer... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120026068 - Tunable frequency selective surface: An apparatus and methods for operating a frequency selective surface are disclosed. The apparatus can be tuned to an on/off state or transmit/reflect electromagnetic energy in any frequency. The methods disclosed teach how to tune the frequency selective surface to an on/off state or transmit/reflect electromagnetic energy in any frequency.... Agent: Hrl Laboratories, LLC

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