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Communications: radio wave antennas September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110234457 - Broadband antenna: A broadband antenna printed on a substrate. The substrate includes a first surface, a second surface perpendicular to the first surface, and a third surface parallel to the first surface. The broadband antenna includes a grounding portion, a feeding portion, and a radiating portion. The grounding portion is located on... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110234460 - Mobile terminal: A mobile terminal includes a first housing, a second housing, and a connection section. A first antenna that resonates at a prescribed wavelength is arranged in the first housing. A first conductive section is arranged in the second housing. The connection section connects the first housing and the second housing... Agent:

20110234458 - Mobile terminal apparatus: A mobile terminal apparatus includes an antenna; a front outer case having a recess formed therein that houses the antenna, the recess having a first through hole and a second through hole, the first through hole penetrating through a side wall of the front outer case in one end of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110234459 - Mobile wireless device: A mobile wireless device and method are disclosed. A circuit board is located in a housing, and antenna element means is adhered to an internal surface of the housing by an electrically conductive rubber member comprising adhesive agent means. A power input terminal is located on the circuit board and... Agent:

20110234462 - Portable radio apparatus: A portable radio apparatus includes: a first circuit board disposed within a first housing; a second circuit board disposed within a second housing; a third housing disposed between the first housing and the second housing; a first hinge part rotatably coupling the first and third housings; an electrically conductive and... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110234461 - Wrist-wearable device comprising an antenna: A wrist-wearable device including an outer housing with a back cover, a front cover being parallel to the back cover, and a circumferential wall therebetween, the wall being perpendicular to the back cover and to the front cover. The device further includes at least one slot antenna configured to send... Agent: Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse

20110234463 - Rfid-antenna system: An improved RFID antenna system using a first RFID antenna device (in the form of a magnetic antenna (15)) and using a second RFID antenna device (21, 21′) using a flat antenna is distinguished by the following features: the second RFID antenna device comprises one flat antenna (21, 21′) or... Agent: Kathrein-werke Kg

20110234464 - Pivot radar: A radar antenna system comprises a base. A center support is coupled to the base on a first end. A radar array is pivotally coupled to a second end of the center support. At least two actuators are provided for pivoting the radar array about the center support, altering its... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20110234465 - Planar crlh antenna: The present invention relates to a planar composite right/left handed (CRLH) antenna, comprising: a substrate body which is made of dielectric materials, and which has a planer structure; a radiation line which is disposed on one side of the substrate body, and which is bent to form a slot for... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20110234466 - Antenna element-waveguide converter and radio communication device using the same: An antenna element-waveguide converter includes an antenna substrate having, on one surface, an antenna element and rectangular metal plates arranged in a plurality of rows to surround this antenna element, and a waveguide having, at one end, an opening opposed to the one surface of the antenna substrate. Surfaces of... Agent:

20110234467 - Planar bi-directional radiation antenna: A planar bi-directional radiation antenna including a substrate, a first reflecting element, an antenna body, a second reflecting element and a third reflecting element is provided. The first reflecting element is concaved inwards to form a first notch in a first surface. The antenna body is located inside the first... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110234468 - Antenna device and communication device provided therewith: An antenna device includes a concave-shaped reflecting mirror that reflects radio waves, a primary radiator disposed in the concave mirror and transmitting/receiving radio waves, and an antenna cover attached to an opening face of the reflecting mirror. The antenna cover is secured to the reflecting mirror with a flange part... Agent:

20110234469 - Wireless communication terminal: A wireless communication terminal including an antenna that supports first and second frequency bands, an RF circuit connected to the antenna; a shunt circuit connected between a connection point of the antenna and the RF circuit, and a ground, and a control unit that controls the shunt circuit.... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Japan, Inc.

20110234470 - Antenna structure: An antenna structure includes a positive feeding point, a negative feeding point, a radiation element, and a grounding element. The radiation element includes a first radiator and a second radiator. The first radiator has a first end coupled to the positive feeding point, and has a plurality of first side... Agent:

20110234471 - Spiral antenna: According to one embodiment, a spiral antenna includes an antenna element, a cavity, and a radio wave absorber. The spiral antenna is formed into a spiral shape on a dielectric substrate. The cavity is formed to have a space with the antenna element. The radio wave absorber is placed to... Agent:

20110234472 - Integrated circuit package assembly including wave guide: Some embodiments herein relate to a transmitter. The transmitter includes an integrated circuit (IC) package including a first antenna configured to radiate a first electromagnetic signal therefrom. A printed circuit board (PCB) substrate includes a waveguide configured to receive the first electromagnetic signal and to generate a waveguide signal based... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110234473 - Cable connector and antenna component: Provided is a cable connector of the present invention includes: a wiring board with a signal transmission line; and a plug connector that is provided on one surface of the wiring board and that is electrically connected with the signal transmission line. The wiring board comprises a first conductor, an... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

09/22/2011 > 17 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110227795 - Antenna structures: Antenna structures and configurations which incorporate alignment keys and support structures which mate Composite Right and Left Handed (CRLH) metamaterial (MTM) structures formed on two or more substrates.... Agent:

20110227796 - Ceramic powder, dielectric composite material containing the ceramic powder, and dielectric antenna: Ceramic powder having a BET specific surface area within a range of from 0.1 to 2.0 m2/g as measured according to the N2 absorption method and an average particle diameter within a range of from 0.8 to 100 μm and composed of titanium oxide or a titanate; a dielectric composite... Agent: Toda Kogyo Corp.

20110227793 - Multi polarization conformal channel monopole antenna: A conformal channel monopole antenna system includes: a housing; a cavity formed within the housing; and a substrate covering the cavity. The substrate includes a first elongated radiating element coupled to two opposing sides of the top surface of the housing at two opposing ends in a first direction; a... Agent:

20110227794 - Package inverted f-antenna: In described embodiments, a package inverted-F antenna is disclosed. The inverted-F antenna (IFA) is printed on a semiconductor package, and conductive bonding material is applied to leads of the IFA and terminal pads of a substrate when bonding the package to the substrate holding a semiconductor die. Wire leads couple... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20110227799 - Antenna and portable terminal using the same: In order to accomplish the objective, the antenna of the present invention includes the followings; namely, a loop antenna having an aperture; a metallic body that opposes the loop antenna and that is electrically insulated from the loop antenna; and a notch that is provided in the metallic body and... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110227797 - Grid node: There is provided a grid node having an outer shell, an inner shell that forms a space therebetween, and a multiprotocol antenna array positioned in the space. The multiprotocol antenna array has a supporting matrix; a first number of antennae that receive different RF frequencies, and the gird node can... Agent: Ambient Corporation

20110227798 - Wireless communication device: A wireless communication device includes a housing and a circuit board. The circuit board includes a signal transmitting point and a grounding point. The housing connects to the signal transmitting point and the grounding point, and forms an antenna with the signal transmitting point and the grounding point.... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20110227800 - Display device having an antenna and method of manufacturing same: A display device and a method of manufacturing the same, the display includes: an electrode plate operable to have a radio-frequency wave to pass therethrough; a light-emitting portion disposed in a direction of one surface of the electrode plate, the light-emitting portion including the electrode plate serving as a back... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110227801 - High isolation multi-band antenna set incorporated with wireless fidelity antennas and worldwide interoperability for microwave access antennas: A high isolation multi-band antenna includes a housing, at least one WiMAX antenna array installed inside the housing, at least one Wi-Fi antenna installed inside the housing, and a printed circuit board installed inside the housing for processing signals accessed through the at least one WiMAX antenna and the at... Agent:

20110227802 - Log periodic antenna and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed is a log periodic antenna and a manufacturing method thereof. In the log periodic antenna, antenna elements are attached to an antenna body to thereby simplify a structure of the antenna, the antenna can be manufactured in various designs without restriction to the configuration of the antenna, and the... Agent: Menix Co., Ltd.

20110227803 - Antenna unit, and electronic apparatus including the same: A GPS antenna is provided with a reflective conductor portion. Thereby, an electromagnetic wave radiated from an antenna conductor portion in a predetermined direction can be grounded electrically, and thus radiation of the electromagnetic wave in a direction (arbitrary direction) opposite to the predetermined direction can be enhanced. As a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110227804 - Enhanced band multiple polarization antenna assembly: Antenna assemblies are provided for receiving and transmitting radio frequency signals over an enhanced frequency band. An assembly includes an electrically conductive ground reference and a radiative element formed from an electrically conductive material and comprising an apex. The radiative element is electrically connected to an antenna feed at the... Agent: Mp Antenna Ltd

20110227805 - Broadband antenna applied to multiple frequency band: A broadband antenna includes a substrate, a ground plane, a radiating path, a shorting path, a first connection path, a second connection path and a coupling path. The ground plane has a shorting point, a first grounding point and a second grounding point. The radiating path has a feeding point... Agent: Inpaq Technology Co., Ltd.

20110227806 - Mobile communication device and antenna structure: A mobile communication device and an antenna structure are provided. The mobile communication device includes an antenna structure having a dielectric substrate and an antenna. The dielectric substrate comprises a ground portion, a first non-ground portion, and a second non-ground portion. The ground portion further includes a main ground and... Agent:

20110227807 - Filter, duplexer and electronic device: A ladder type filter includes series resonators S1˜S4 connected in series between an input terminal In and an output terminal Out, parallel resonators P1˜P3 connected in parallel between the input terminal In and the output terminal Out, a resonator RP connected in series with the series resonators S1˜S4 between the... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20110227808 - Antenna device: Provided is an antenna device, having a small and simple configuration, which reduces connection resistance in connections between a film antenna element and a power feeding unit. An antenna device comprises a nonconductive transparent film, which is an insulating substrate having a prescribed optical transmission factor, an antenna element that... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110227809 - Patch antenna in wireless communication system and method for manufacturing the same: A patch antenna in a wireless communication system includes a patch antenna unit positioned at a predetermined point on a substrate; a first cover of a high-gain metamaterial of a different structure positioned over the patch antenna unit at a first distance from the substrate on which the patch antenna... Agent: Soongsil University Research Consortium Techno-park

09/15/2011 > 19 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20110221638 - Internal lc antenna for wireless communication device: An L-shape Corner (LC) Antenna uses an L shaped antenna on the corner of a circuit board of a wireless device. The low band element is positioned and designed to be resonate along the long edge of the adjacent ground plane while the high band element (H) is positioned and... Agent: Ethertronics, Inc.

20110221637 - Monopole antenna: A monopole antenna is disposed on a substrate. The substrate includes a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface. The monopole antenna includes a feeding portion, a radiating portion, a grounding portion and a coupling portion. The feeding portion is disposed on the first surface to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110221636 - Multiband antenna: A multiband antenna comprises a feeder member, a radiation conductor, a short-circuit member, a grounding plane and a feeder cable. The feeder member has a first coupling side. Two end of the short-circuit member are respectively connected with the radiation conductor and the grounding plane. The short-circuit member has a... Agent: Advanced Connectek, Inc.

20110221639 - Antenna pattern frame, case of electronic device and mold for manufacturing the same: There is provided an antenna pattern frame according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, including: a radiator that includes an antenna pattern part transmitting or receiving signals and a connection terminal part to transmit or receive the signals to and from a circuit substrate of an electronic device;... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110221640 - Antenna device and motor vehicle having an antenna device: The invention relates to an antenna device (1), in particular a roof antenna device (19), for a motor vehicle, having at least one antenna (6) and at least one electronic assembly (7). In this case, provision is made for the antenna (6) and the electronic assembly (7) to be arranged... Agent: Blaupunkt Antenna Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110221641 - Photoconductive semiconductor fiber antenna: An antenna system including at least one fiber antenna element having a semiconductor core and an outer cladding layer, where the core has a higher index of refraction than the cladding layer. A pump source provides pump light to the cladding layer in a manner that allows the pump light... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20110221642 - Antenna device and communication apparatus: There is provided an antenna device including a substrate, an earth section which is disposed on a portion of the substrate, a feed point which is disposed on the substrate, a loading section disposed on the substrate and constructed with a line-shaped conductor pattern which is formed in a longitudinal... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20110221643 - Adjustable integrated circuit antenna structure: An adjustable integrated circuit antenna structure includes an antenna, a ground plane, a plurality of transmission line circuit elements and a coupling circuit. The coupling circuit is operable to couple at least one of the plurality of transmission line circuit elements into a transmission line circuit based on a transmission... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110221645 - Antenna assemblies and methods of manufacture thereof: A method of manufacturing antennas including forming at least one conductive antenna array pattern having an antenna feed network on at least a first relatively flexible substrate and adhering the at least one flexible substrate to at least one first surface of at least one relatively rigid substrate.... Agent: Galtronics Corporation Ltd.

20110221644 - Dual-patch antenna and array: A dual-patch antenna includes a ground plane, a first patch plate parallel to and separated from the ground plane by a separation distance, and a second patch plate separated from the ground plane by the separation distance. The first and second patch plates are coplanar and separated by a radiating... Agent:

20110221646 - Collapsible antenna: A collapsible antenna (10) comprises an elongate boom (12) having a main axis (14) and a plurality of elongate radiating elements (16) having respective first ends (18.1) and respective second ends (18.2). At least some of the elongate radiating elements are flexible and are mounted at the respective first ends... Agent: Poynting Antennas (pty) Limited

20110221647 - Multi-element folded-dipole antenna: A multi-element directional antenna having three-wire elements in the form of square open loops. The three wires of each of the loops are arranged close together and aligned along the direction of radiation of the antenna. Each of the loops is open—that is, the wires are split, leaving a gap... Agent:

20110221648 - Multiband high gain omnidirectional antennas: Exemplary embodiments are provided of multiband high gain omnidirectional antennas. In one exemplary embodiment, an antenna generally includes first and second radiating elements. The first radiating element is configured to produce a first radiation pattern at a first operating frequency. The second radiating element is configured to produce a second... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

20110221649 - Foam layer transmission line structures: A transmission line structure for propagating electromagnetic energy includes a transmission line conductor trace, a first dielectric foam layer and a second dielectric foam layer. The conductor trace is sandwiched between the first foam layer and the second foam layer. A first ground plane layer and a second ground plane... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110221650 - Dielectrically loaded antenna and radio communication apparatus: A backfire dielectrically loaded antenna for operation at a frequency in excess of 200 MHz includes a dielectric core having a relative dielectric constant greater than 5 and having an outer surface defining an interior volume the major part of which is occupied by solid material of the core; a... Agent: Sarantel Limited

20110221651 - Dielectrically loaded antenna and radio communication apparatus: A radio communication apparatus including: (a) a backfire dielectrically loaded antenna for operation at a frequency in excess of 200 MHz comprising: an electrically insulative dielectric core of a solid material having a relative dielectric constant greater than 5 and having an outer surface including oppositely directed distal and proximal... Agent: Sarantel Limited

20110221652 - Antenna system including a circularly polarized antenna: An antenna system includes a circularly polarized (CP) antenna for receiving and/or transmitting a circularly polarized RF signal. The CP antenna includes a pair of radiating patches each having an elongated shape. An elongated axis is defined along a longest length of each of the radiating patches. The elongated axes... Agent: Agc Automotive Americas R&d, Inc.

20110221653 - Meta material antenna using coupling in helical structure: There is provided an antenna implementing a first 0-th order resonant frequency using a first radiator to which power is fed through parallel inductors of helical structures, and implementing a second 0-th order resonant frequency using a second radiator to which power is couple-fed through radiation elements put into the... Agent:

20110221654 - Shock- and moisture-resistant connector assembly: A shock- and moisture-resistant connector assembly includes a first component, a second component, and an antenna. The first component has an end fitted with an adapter. A non-annular fastener is mounted around a connecting section of the adapter for tightly fastening the second component inserted in the first component. The... Agent:

09/08/2011 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110215970 - High-frequency package: Certain embodiments provide a high-frequency package comprising: a conductive member to have a cut portion; a package to have a high-frequency device; a signal lead drawn from the package and is connected with the high-frequency device; a substrate to have a microstrip line comprising a microstrip line pattern in contact... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110215971 - Low frequency diversity antenna system: A diversity antenna system that operates within a low frequency band ranging from 700 Megahertz is disclosed. A plurality of antennas are folded onto a single printed circuit in a meander pattern configuration. Each antenna has an independent feed port and ground pin. The plurality of antennas are configured within... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110215974 - Multi-band antenna apparatus of portable terminal: A multi-band antenna apparatus of a portable terminal increases multi-band support and space utility by installing a broadcasting antenna in an installation space of a mobile communication antenna. The multi-band antenna apparatus includes a carrier engaging with a main circuit board of the portable terminal. A first antenna emitter is... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110215973 - Multiband antenna and portable electronic device using the same: A multiband antenna includes a first radiating unit, a second radiating unit connected to the first radiating unit and including a first radiating arm, a second radiating arm, and a third radiating arm, and a connecting unit connected to the first radiating unit. The first radiating unit, the second radiating... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110215972 - Slim mobile communication device and antenna structure thereof: A slim mobile communication device includes an antenna structure. The antenna structure includes a dielectric substrate, a ground element, an antenna element, and a feeding line. The antenna element is a planar structure and is disposed on a no-ground portion of the dielectric substrate. At least two edges of the... Agent:

20110215976 - Communication system with broadband antenna: A communication system including an antenna array with feed network coupled to communication electronics. In one example, a communication subsystem comprises a plurality of antennas each adapted to receive an information signal and a plurality of orthomode transducers coupled to corresponding ones of the plurality of antennas, each OMT is... Agent: Aerosat Corporation

20110215975 - Satellite antenna connection: An example satellite assembly includes a cover and an antenna attached to the cover. The satellite assembly further includes a base and a satellite module attached to the base such that the antenna is connected to the satellite module when the cover is secured to the base to form a... Agent: Digi International Inc.

20110215977 - Ball with positioning system: A ball (1) for use in a sporting activity can comprise a body having an electrical circuit (21) on a flexible substrate (20) received therein. The electrical circuit (21) comprises a dipole antenna (26) integrally formed with the electrical circuit (21) on the flexible substrate (20). The dipole antenna can... Agent: Satworld Holding B.v.

20110215978 - Antenna for reception of circularly polarized satellite radio signals: An antenna receiving circularly polarized satellite radio signals has a conductive base surface and a conductor loop oriented horizontally above the base. The loop is configured as a ring line radiator, incorporating a polygonal or circular closed ring line, in a horizontal plane above the conductive base surface. The conductor... Agent: Delphi Delco Electronics Europe Gmbh

20110215980 - Antenna for portable device: The disclosure provides an antenna used for a portable device. The antenna includes a feed part, a ground part, a bent part, a main body, and an extended part. The main body connects with the feed part and the ground part. The main body further includes several gaps and slots... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20110215979 - Circularly polarized omnidirectional antennas and methods: An antenna, suitable for battlefield identification use, employs a multifunctional design. A closed-end coaxial line structure with center conductor has slanted slot radiators provided in its outer conductor. The slot radiators excite a pattern between upper and lower disks of a radial waveguide radiator configuration so that horizontal and vertical... Agent:

20110215981 - High frequency transmission module with improved harmonic feature: There is provided a high frequency transmission module, including: a high band power amplifier amplifying power of a preset high band frequency signal; a low band power amplifier amplifying power of a preset low band frequency signal; an LC matching circuit unit matching output impedance of the low band power... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110215982 - Fluorescent dye to improve primer coverage accuracy for bonding applications: A method of visually verifying the application of a primer or adhesion promoter to a surface for optimizing the adhesion of a bonding tape to the surface. A fluorescing agent is mixed with the primer and a light source is emitted on the surface causing the agent to fluoresce when... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110215983 - Antenna device including helical antenna: In an antenna device, a first helical part of a first antenna and a second helical part of a second antenna is disposed in a dielectric body on a ground plane. Each helical part is helically wound up in a direction perpendicular to the ground plane and includes a plurality... Agent: Nippon Soken, Inc.

20110215984 - Coaxial helical antenna: A coaxial helical antenna for transmitting or receiving information through electromagnetic waves includes a first helical antenna comprising a first helix comprising a first diameter and a center cavity; a second helical antenna comprising a second helix comprising a second diameter, wherein the second diameter is smaller than the first... Agent:

20110215985 - Applications for low profile two way satellite antenna system: Antenna and satellite communications assemblies and associated satellite tracking systems that may include a low profile two-way antenna arrangement, tracking systems, and applications thereof. Applications for the system include military, civilian, and domestic emergency response applications. The antenna arrangements may be configured to form a spatial multi-element array able to... Agent: Raysat Antenna Systems, L.L.C.

20110215986 - Antenna assembly: An antenna assembly includes a combination of a dielectrically loaded antenna unit for operation at a frequency in excess of 200 MHz and a connector secured to the antenna unit, wherein the antenna unit has a side surface and end surfaces and has a solid insulative dielectric core and an... Agent: Sarantel Limited

20110215987 - Antenna device: An antenna device includes an antenna, a case accommodating the antenna therein, a sealing cap partially inserted into the case, and a connection terminal extending from the antenna in a predetermined direction. The sealing cap includes an insert portion inserted into the case, and a connector portion exposed from the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

09/01/2011 > 14 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110210893 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus includes: a housing having an internal space formed by top, bottom and side plates; and a power-source housing section formed next to a part of the side plate in the internal space and having a plate wall shaped such that a part adjacent to the side plate... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110210894 - Mobile wireless communications device having dual antenna system for cellular and wifi: A mobile wireless communications device includes a housing and circuit board carried by the housing. Radio Frequency (RF) circuitry is mounted on the circuit board. A first antenna is supported by the circuit board within the housing and operatively connected to the RF circuitry and configured for cellular phone communications.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110210895 - Motor vehicle antenna system: A covert antenna or radio frequency probe assembly for a motor vehicle includes a substantially planar antenna or probe element including a sheet of electrically conductive material, a first dielectric substrate, and a second dielectric substrate. A connector is coupled to the antenna element and is adapted to supply electrical... Agent:

20110210896 - System and method for an integrated antenna in a cargo container monitoring and security: A system and method for an antenna which is constructed into or conforming onto the roof or wall of a cargo container is provided. The antenna system may have multiple antennas for short range wireless, cellular, global positioning, or satellite built into a single functional element. The antenna system may... Agent:

20110210897 - Antenna device for a portable terminal: An antenna device for a portable terminal includes: a ground pattern provided on one surface of a circuit board; a first antenna pattern configured to resonate at a first frequency band and provided on an opposite surface of the circuit board; and a second antenna pattern configured to resonate at... Agent:

20110210898 - Ground radiation antenna: A ground radiation antenna is disclosed. Herein, the ground radiation antenna provides a radiator-forming circuit, which is formed to have a simple structure using a capacitive element, as well as a feeding circuit suitable for the provided radiator-forming circuit. Thus, the structure of the antenna becomes simpler and the size... Agent: Radina Co., Ltd

20110210899 - Multi-frequency antenna: A multi-frequency antenna (1) comprises a dielectric substrate (100), an antenna element (110), a shunt inductor (120), a capacitor conductor (130), a series inductor (140), a grounded part (150) and a feeding point (160). The antenna element (110) is arranged on the substrate (100), and is electrically connected to the... Agent:

20110210900 - Systems and methods for providing directional radiation fields using distributed loaded monopole antennas: An antenna system is disclosed that provides a directional radiation field. The antenna system includes at least two monopole antennas, each of which provides a differential connector. Each differential connector is associated with a signal having a different phase such that a radiation field associated with said antenna system is... Agent: The Board Of Governors For Higher Education, State Of Rhode Island And Providence Plantations

20110210901 - Front-end circuit for improved antenna performance: A front-end circuit includes a signal path and a first antenna port. A first antenna switch is electrically connected to the first antenna port. A second antenna port is electrically connectable or connected to the signal path. An antenna termination circuit is electrically connected to the first antenna switch. The... Agent: Epcos Ag

20110210902 - Mobile communication device and method for assembling the mobile communication device: A mobile terminal device includes a circuit board accommodated in a casing and an antenna disposed on the outside of the casing electrically connected to each other via a opening formed in the casing, a first conductive member fixed to an inner surface of the casing while being connected to... Agent: Fujitsu Imited

20110210903 - Frequency-selective surface (fss) structures: Frequency-selective surface (FSS) structures that may be used in a variety of different filtering capacities and applications. According to exemplary embodiments, there is disclosed: 1) a one-sided FSS structure that has a conductive grid and conductive loops located on the same side of a thin substrate and exhibits a single... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110210904 - Apparatus having mushroom structures: An apparatus having multiple mushroom structures is disclosed. Each of the multiple mushroom structures including: a ground plate; a first patch provided parallel to the ground plate with a separation of a distance to the ground plate; and a second patch provided parallel to the ground plate with a separation... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110210905 - Apparatus having mushroom structures: An apparatus having multiple mushroom structures is disclosed. Each of the multiple mushroom structures includes: a ground plate; a patch provided parallel to the ground plate with a separation of a distance to the ground plate, wherein a distance between a ground plate and a patch in a certain mushroom... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110210906 - Apparatus having mushroom structures: An apparatus having multiple mushroom structures is disclosed. Each of the multiple mushroom structures includes: a ground plate; a first patch provided parallel to the ground plate with a separation of a distance to the ground plate; and a second patch provided parallel to the ground plate with a separation... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

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