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Communications: radio wave antennas July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110181475 - Antenna and wireless ic device: An antenna and a wireless IC device that includes the antenna are provided for which the manufacturing process is simple and for which there is a low probability of a poor connection occurring between a feeder portion and a radiation electrode. An antenna includes a radiation electrode that is provided... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110181474 - Miniature three-dimensional antenna: Provided is a miniature three-dimensional antenna. The subject matter is particularly a miniature, low-height, and three-dimensional structure single-frequency antenna. In accordance with the preferred embodiment, the antenna includes a radiation member with extended structure, and the radiation member has a first radiation plane and a non-coplanar second radiation plane. One... Agent: Arcadyan Technology Corporation

20110181477 - Antenna arrangement for a chip card: The present invention relates to an antenna arrangement for a chip card, comprising an antenna conductor structure (16) that is formed from a surface conductor, wherein the antenna conductor structure comprises a dipole arrangement (17) that is arranged on a card substrate (10) and that has a first antenna strand... Agent:

20110181476 - Miniature patch antenna and methods: A miniature patch antenna element useful for wireless applications such as portable radio devices, and methods for using and manufacturing the same. In one embodiment, a plurality of discrete ceramic elements creates a spatially loaded miniature patch antenna. Ceramic material is placed only at locations where it achieves the desired... Agent:

20110181478 - Space-filling miniature antennas: A novel geometry, the geometry of Space-Filling Curves (SFC) is defined in the present invention and it is used to shape a part of an antenna. By means of this novel technique, the size of the antenna can be reduced with respect to prior art, or alternatively, given a fixed... Agent: Fractus, S.a.

20110181479 - Method and apparatus for tri-band feed with pseudo-monopulse tracking: Methods and apparatus for a feed assembly for a reflector antenna including an aperture common to low, mid, and high frequency bands, a polyrod design to launch signals in the mid and high frequency bands, a horn to launch signals in the low frequency band, a co-located phase center for... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110181480 - Antenna module: An antenna module used in a portable wireless communication device includes an antenna and a base board. The antenna includes a main portion, a feeding portion, and a grounding portion. The feeding portion and the grounding portion connect to the base board. The base board defines a first slit and... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20110181481 - Space-filling miniature antennas: A novel geometry, the geometry of Space-Filling Curves (SFC) is defined in the present invention and it is used to shape a part of an antenna. By means of this novel technique, the size of the antenna can be reduced with respect to prior art, or alternatively, given a fixed... Agent: Fractus, S.a.

20110181482 - Antenna: Embodiments of the invention relate to an antenna structure and are particularly suited to array antennas. Conventionally, an antenna of the cavity-backed slot-radiating type comprises a slot formed in an end of an electrically conductive enclosure, which slot may be energised by a radiating element in registration with the slot.... Agent:

20110181483 - Electric device: A locating device includes an LCR antenna apparatus which has an antenna unit having a first polarization direction and is configured to transmit and/or receive a measurement signal having the first polarization direction. The antenna unit has at least one second polarization direction for transmitting and/or receiving the measurement signal.... Agent:

20110181484 - Integrated antenna and chip package and method of manufacturing thereof: An integrated antenna and chip package and method of manufacturing thereof. The package includes a first substrate having a first surface and a second surface, The second surface is configured to interface the chip package to a circuit board. A second substrate of the package is disposed on the first... Agent: Vubiq, Inc.

20110181485 - H-j antenna: A dual-band antenna includes a first antenna element having a generally “J” shaped element, and a second antenna element having a generally “h” shaped element. The first antenna element and the second antenna element share a common feed point and each antenna element is oriented substantially perpendicular to the other.... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110181486 - Wireless ic device: A wireless IC device has a resonant frequency that is hardly altered or affected by external influences and reliably communicates with a reader/writer. The wireless IC device includes a wireless IC chip arranged to process a radio signal, a feeder circuit board coupled to the wireless IC chip and including... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110181487 - Multi-band internal antenna: A multi band internal antenna is disclosed. The antenna may include a board, an impedance matching/feeding part formed on the board, and a first radiation element joined to the impedance matching/feeding part, where the impedance matching/feeding part may include: a first matching element of a particular length that is coupled... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20110181488 - Electronic device module with integrated antenna structure, and related manufacturing method: An electronic device module as described herein includes an electronic device package having device contacts. The electronic device package is fixed within encapsulating material, along with an electrically conductive ground layer. The ground layer has a device opening in which the electronic device package resides, and the ground layer also... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110181489 - Universal serial bus type wireless data card: A universal serial bus (USB) type wireless data card is used for wireless communication in a multi-in/multi-out (MIMO) environment. The USB type wireless data card includes a card body. A USB connector is installed at a first end of the card body and is connectable to a USB port of... Agent: Pantech Co. Ltd.

20110181490 - Artificial magnetic conductor: An artificial magnetic conductor includes a conductor layer, a ground layer, and a via. The conductor layer is formed in a first direction and includes a plurality of grid cells. The ground layer is formed in a second direction that is opposite to the first direction and generates a lower... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110175775 - Antenna module: An antenna module includes first, second, and third conductor arms. The second conductor arm has first and second end portions, and is coupled to an end portion of the first conductor arm to form a substantially T-shaped connection. The third conductor arm is spaced apart from the first and second... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20110175776 - Antenna set, portable wireless device, and use of a conductive element for tuning the ground-plane of the antenna set: An antenna set comprising at least one antenna element and a ground plane, is complemented by a conductive element coupled to the ground plane, so as to modify the frequency performance of the antenna set, adding an operating band to the antenna set, and/or increasing the bandwidth of one operating... Agent:

20110175774 - Built-in fm transmitting antenna applied to a mobile device: A built-in FM transmitting antenna applied to a mobile device, includes a substrate unit, a first antenna unit, a conducting unit and a second antenna unit. The substrate unit has a circuit substrate, at least one grounding layer disposed on the circuit substrate, and a plurality of conducting pads disposed... Agent: Lite-on Technology Corporation

20110175777 - Multilevel antennae: An apparatus including a wireless communications device has an internal antenna system located within the wireless communications device. The internal antenna system includes a passive antenna set comprising at least one antenna element having at least one multilevel structure, a feeding point to the at least one antenna element and... Agent: Fractus, S.a.

20110175778 - Tyre having a member with an offset antenna: A motor-vehicle tyre includes a sidewall and a member with an electronic device, a generally and substantially linear-shaped rectilinear wire antenna, and means of electrical connection between the wire antenna and the electronic device. The member is embedded in the sidewall in an arrangement such that the antenna is oriented... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

20110175779 - Conductive structure for high gain antenna and antenna: Provided are a conductive structure for a high gain antenna and an antenna. A plurality of conductive patterns (512) of the conductive structure are formed on top and bottom surfaces of a dielectric substrate (511) positioned above the antenna and separated from an antenna body (500). A conductive upper structure... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110175780 - Flat scanning antenna: The present invention relates to a flat scanning antenna (1) comprising: a radiant unit (2; 2a), having a flat shape and comprising in its turn one or more radiant waveguides (7) arranged side by side as array, said radiant waveguides (7) being in their turn divided in one or more... Agent: Rf Microtech S.r.l.

20110175781 - Multiple band antennas operating with a single stabilized platform: An antenna system includes: a single steering platform automatically pointing the antenna system at a specified target; a first antenna coupled to the single steering platform and operable in a first band; a second antenna operable in a second band that is coupled with the first antenna; a controller operably... Agent:

20110175782 - Dual-band dual-polarized antenna of base station for mobile communication: Disclosed is a dual-band dual-polarized antenna of a base station for mobile communication, the dual-band dual-polarized antenna including: a reflection plate; one or more first radiating element modules formed on the reflection plate to transmit and receive two linear orthogonal polarized waves for a first frequency band, the one or... Agent: Kmw Inc.

20110175783 - Multilayer antenna: The present invention relates to a multilayer antenna which is capable of improving communication performance by reducing an antenna size and increasing an antenna gain by improving performance of a plurality of antenna elements disposed adjacent to each other using a coupling. The multilayer antenna includes an antenna plate for... Agent: Neopulse Co., Ltd.

20110175784 - Method for installing radiator elements arranged in different planes and antenna thereof: A method for installing radiator elements arranged on different planes and an antenna having the radiator elements are provided, in which a first-position radiator element is placed on one plane, a second-position radiator element is placed on another plane, and power supply cables are connected to the first-position radiator element... Agent: Kmw Inc.

20110175785 - Radio frequency identification antenna: Disclosed herein is an RFID antenna, including, a dipole antenna pattern, and a matching pattern containing a pair of first pattern parts, each part being discretely and protrusively disposed at one side of the dipole antenna pattern and a second pattern part connecting each distal end of the pair of... Agent: Ls Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.

20110175786 - Data receiving apparatus: This invention is directed toward a data signal receiving means including an antenna and a plurality of Low Noise Blocks (LNB's). A reflective filtering means is provided and located with respect to the LNBs and antenna such that data signals received at a first frequency or frequency range pass through... Agent:

20110175787 - Filtered antenna assembly: An antenna assembly for a wireless communications device has an antenna, a filter circuit, and a connector constructed to engage a wireless communications device. A filter circuit includes a band-pass filter and a first notch filter disposed in serial electrical communication with the band-pass filter, the band-pass filter operable to... Agent: John Mezzalingua Associates, Inc.

20110175788 - Power division network device: The embodiment of the present disclosure discloses a power division network device, which comprises a shielding house and a circuit board. Two opposite surface layers of the circuit board are respectively provided with a signal transmission line and a coupling line. The signal transmission line and the coupling line are... Agent:

20110175789 - Rf module and antenna systems: Architectures and implementations of a transceiver system for wireless communications are presented, the system including one or more antennas supporting a single frequency band or multiple frequency bands, a transmit circuit, a receive circuit, and an isolation circuit that is coupled to the one or more antennas and the transmit... Agent: Rayspan Corporation

20110175790 - Wireless communication device: A wireless communication device whose impedance can be matched with an arbitrary load impedance and that can be broadened in operating frequency band even when choosing an input impedance of an IC chip freely is not possible. The wireless communication device includes: a first conductor; a second conductor disposed substantially... Agent:

20110175791 - Multi-beam, polarization diversity narrow-band cognitive antenna: A multi-beam, polarization diversity, narrow-band cognitive antenna system is disclosed. The antenna system includes a plurality of antenna elements, switching elements, and transmission feed lines disposed on a PCB substrate, inside or on the enclosure of a consumer wireless device, on the airframe of an air vehicle, or on the... Agent: Monarch Antenna, Inc.

20110175792 - Apparatus for multiple antennas in wireless communication system: An apparatus for multiple antennas having a low coupling coefficient in a wide frequency bandwidth in a wireless communication system is provided. To obtain the low coupling coefficient in the wide frequency bandwidth by minimizing interference between antennas which are close to each other, without an additional device, in the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110175793 - High-frequency circuit package and sensor module: Shielding of high-frequency circuits is achieved using a simple and inexpensive configuration not using any lid. A high-frequency circuit mounting substrate (20) is disposed, on an underside surface layer of which are disposed high-frequency circuits (21 and 22) and is formed a first grounding conductor that has same electric potential... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110175794 - Multi-band antenna: A multi-band antenna (1), comprising a grounding element (10) extending horizontally along a longitudinal direction, comprising a side edge (101) with a connecting point (102) and a grounding point (103) distanced from the connecting point by a length; a radiating element (11) disposed at an upper level parallel to the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110175795 - Metamaterial: A metamaterial includes a plurality of first coiled resonators and a plurality of second coiled resonators, and an outer covering for fixing the positions of the first coiled resonators and the second coiled resonators. Each of the first coiled resonators and each of the second coiled resonators are disposed such... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110169703 - Antenna isolation for portable electronic devices: Portable electronic devices are provided with wireless circuitry that includes antennas and antenna isolation elements. The antennas may include antennas that have multiple arms and that are configured to handle communications in multiple frequency bands. The antennas may also include one or more antennas that are configured to handle communications... Agent:

20110169702 - Antenna module for producing a transponder, and a transponder: The present invention relates to an antenna module (45) for producing a transponder, wherein the antenna module comprises an antenna conductor arrangement disposed on a substrate surface (46) of a substrate (47) and having an antenna conductor (50) for contacting with a chip (40), wherein the antenna conductor (50) forms... Agent:

20110169700 - Antennas for electronic devices: A removable antenna and a resilient antenna are provided for an electronic device such as a laptop computer. An antenna resonating element is mounted within the antenna. Flexible coupling structures are used to physically and removably attach the antenna to the electronic device. The flexible coupling structures couple the antenna... Agent:

20110169699 - Flexible antenna device: A housing of an antenna device is made of a flexible material and contains the FPC-type antenna therein. The antenna device may be mounted to a PCB assembly of an electronic device, either detachably or fixedly. The housing and the antenna may both be all made of a flexible material,... Agent:

20110169698 - Integrated antenna with e-flex technology: A first printed wiring board PWB includes a core and a power layer and a ground layer. A second PWB includes a flexible portion that is partially embedded within an end section of the first printed wiring board and abutting the core. The flexible portion includes a first layer having... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110169701 - Manipulation-proof rfid antenna having safety feature: The invention relates to a manipulation-proof RFID antenna structure having a carrier substrate, an RFID antenna, optionally a chip, and an adhesive coating, wherein the structure comprises the following layers in varying sequence: a) a carrier substrate (1), b) a thin UV-curable varnish layer into which a hologram is imprinted... Agent: Hueck Folien Ges.m.b.h.

20110169704 - Embedded nanotube array sensor and method of making a nanotube polymer composite: A method of producing polymer/nanotube composites where the density and position of the nanotubes within the composite can be controlled. Carbon nanotubes are grown from organometallic micropatterns. These periodic nanotube arrays are then incorporated into a polymer matrix by depositing a curable polymer film on the as-grown tubes. This controlled... Agent: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

20110169705 - Rigid elements embedded in a motor vehicle windshield: A method of embedding rigid elements in a windshield, including, cutting two sheets of glass in a desired shape to serve as an upper layer and lower layer of the windshield, inserting a layer of interlayer material for each of the two layers of glass, facing each other, between the... Agent: Origin Gps

20110169706 - Antenna device and method: An antenna device includes an antenna element for exchanging electromagnetic radiation, in particular radio frequency radiation, with a surrounding area. The antenna element herein includes a first conductor element (11) on a first substrate (10) and a second conductor element (21) on a second substrate (20). The first and second... Agent: Cyner Substrates B.v.

20110169707 - Antenna: Antenna with a ground plane and an antenna plane, whereby the antenna plane is arranged on the ground plane by at least one bar, whereby a feed line is guided sideways between the ground plane and the antenna plane to a feed contact of the antenna plane.... Agent: Tyco Electronics Nederland Bv

20110169708 - Method and system for configurable antenna in an integrated circuit package: Aspects of a method and system for a configurable antenna in an integrated circuit package are provided. In a hybrid circuit comprising an integrated circuit bonded to a multi-layer package, one or more antenna parameters may be adjusted by configuring a plurality of antenna elements via one or more switching... Agent:

20110169709 - Combination shield and mount for antenna: p

20110169710 - Cross-polarized antenna: A cross-polarized antenna includes a substrate, a first impedance converter, a second impedance converter, a first cross-polarized antenna, and a second cross-polarized antenna. The first cross-polarized antenna has a first opening corresponding to a second opening in the second cross-polarized antenna, in which the two openings cross each other in... Agent: Smartant Telecom Co., Ltd.

20110169711 - Antenna for cellular handset with user adjustable gain: This invention addresses a flip antenna design for mobile devices operating in ISM 900 MHz band. More specifically the present invention addresses the need to change the gain of a transceiver antenna (for mobile devices) with the flip of the antenna without changing any other characteristics of the transceiver.... Agent: Xg Technology, Inc.

20110169713 - Arrangement for improved isolation between adjacent cell areas: The present invention relates to a node in a wireless communication system, the node having a central point and comprising at least two antenna functions. Each antenna function is arranged to cover a corresponding sector area, the sector areas being positioned around the central point successively such that each sector... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110169714 - Configurable antenna assembly: A configurable antenna assembly includes an antenna structure and a configurable antenna interface. The antenna structure is operable, in a first mode, to provide a first antenna structure and a second antenna structure, wherein the first antenna structure receives an inbound radio frequency (RF) signal and the second antenna structure... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110169712 - Portable radio equipment: When three or more antennas and a plurality of wireless circuits using wireless frequency bands near to each other are installed on a cabinet whose size is limited, degradation of characteristic caused by electromagnetic coupling between antennas is suppressed. When a first antenna 21 and a second antenna 22 are... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110163918 - Antenna device for reducing specific absorption rate: An antenna device includes a main body. The main body has a first radiator which has a first radiating portion, a third radiating portion, a second radiating portion connected with the first radiating portion and the third radiating portion to show a door shape, a fourth radiating portion extended outwards... Agent:

20110163919 - High-frequency circuit package and sensor module: Shielding of high-frequency circuits is achieved using a simple and inexpensive configuration not using any lid. A high-frequency circuit mounting substrate (20) is disposed, on an underside surface layer of which are disposed high-frequency circuits (21 and 22) and is formed a first grounding conductor that has same electric potential... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110163920 - Method and apparatus for an optical frequency rectifier: The present invention is a method and apparatus for receiving and converting incident radiation into DC current. The method begins with selection of an antenna having a terminal tip with a sharp edge. The antenna is layered with a substrate and a first coating. A first electrode and a metallic/mCNT... Agent:

20110163922 - Dual-feed dual band antenna assembly and associated method: A dual-feed dual band (DFDB) antenna module comprising a first antenna element disposed on a first planar surface, a second antenna element disposed on a second planar surface, and a third antenna element disposed on a third planar surface, wherein the first, second and third planar surfaces are substantially orthogonal... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110163925 - Embedded antenna apparatus for utility metering applications: An embedded antenna for facilitating wireless transmission of utility meter data is disclosed, where in one embodiment an RF antenna is a part of the faceplate of the utility meter. In another embodiment the utility meter faceplate is a single-layer or a multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB) with the RF... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110163924 - Mobile wireless communications device with antenna contact having reduced rf inductance: A mobile wireless communications device includes a housing and at least one circuit board. Radio frequency (RF) circuitry is carried by the circuit board and includes a transceiver. A processor is carried by the at least one circuit board and operative with the RF circuitry. An antenna is mounted within... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110163923 - Multilevel antennae: An apparatus including a wireless communications device has an internal antenna system located within the wireless communications device. The internal antenna system includes a passive antenna set comprising at least one antenna element having at least one multilevel structure, a feeding point to the at least one antenna element and... Agent: Fractus, S.a.

20110163921 - Uhf rfid internal antenna for handheld terminals: A microstrip antenna, such as an internal patch antenna with circular polarization diversity, configured for at least one of transmission or reception of electromagnetic waves, such as in the UHF spectrum, with respect to a surrounding environment. The antenna comprises: an antenna element isolated from an electrical ground of the... Agent: Psion Teklogix Inc.

20110163926 - Device for propagation of electromagnetic waves through water: The invention concerns a device (10) for propagating electromagnetic waves through impure water such as seawater or brackish water. The device (10) comprises a body of polar material, for example pure water (14), contained in an enclosure (16), and an antenna (12) arranged to emit an electromagnetic signal into the... Agent:

20110163927 - Amplified antenna having smart antenna interface: An amplified antenna includes an antenna element configured to receive over-the-air television broadcast signals and an amplification circuit for amplifying those received signals. The amplified signal is transmitted via an RF output terminal through an RF cable to a second device that is compatible with smart antenna technology as prescribed... Agent:

20110163928 - Broadband antenna: An antenna comprises a monopole and a dipole. The dipole provides a first antenna element and a second antenna element, which provide a common longitudinal axis with the longitudinal axis of a monopole. The first antenna element of the dipole is connected to the second antenna element of the dipole... Agent: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110163929 - Sheet-like dipole antenna: A sheet-like dipole antenna includes a substrate (1), an F-shape antenna (2), and a cable (3). The substrate (1) has a copper clad surface (11) and a slot (12). An insulating film (13) is provided on the copper clad surface (11) and the slot (12). A first soldering region (14),... Agent:

20110163930 - Steerable electronic microwave antenna: A steerable microwave antenna includes a resonant cavity comprising a partially reflecting surface (PRS) formed of an array of transmitting-receiving cells (CF2) each of which is adapted for control in transmissivity and directivity and a totally reflecting surface (TRS). A radiating element (RE) laid within the resonant cavity is provided... Agent: Universite Paris X

20110163931 - Slot-fed yagi aerial: A slot-fed Yagi aerial includes: a cable, a reflector, an active dipole and directors, wherein, the reflector, the active dipole, etc. are provided on a support tube; the feeding section of the Yagi aerial is of a shielded slot structure in which the distance between the ends of the slot... Agent:

20110163932 - Monolithically-integrated matched antennas: This disclosure relates to monolithic focal plane arrays including an antenna coupled to a backwards diode to make large scale arrays. The antennas may be, for example, a bow-tie antenna, a planar log-periodic antenna, a double-slot with microstrip feed antenna, a spiral antenna, a helical antenna, a ring antenna, a... Agent:

20110163933 - Bottom feed cavity aperture antenna: A bottom feed cavity aperture antenna is provided. The bottom feed cavity aperture antenna includes a patch and a ground structure. The patch feeds a signal to the bottom feed cavity aperture antenna. The ground structure includes a continuous wall, and a top end and a bottom end, wherein the... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110163934 - Antenna structure: An antenna structure includes a radiation element, a grounding element, a short element, and a feeding element. The radiation element includes a first radiator and a second radiator, wherein the second radiator is extended from the first radiator and coupled to the first radiator. The short element includes a first... Agent:

20110163935 - Dynamic impedance matching network and method for matching an impedance between a source and a load: An impedance matching network includes an impedance matching circuit for dynamically matching an impedance between a source and a load. Matching is done by varying the real part and the imaginary part of the impedance of the impedance matching circuit independently.... Agent:

20110163937 - Multiband antenna using electromagnetic coupling: A multi-band antenna using electromagnetic coupling includes a first carrier; a first antenna pattern, which is formed on the first carrier and which includes a power feed part and a radiator part; a second carrier; and a second antenna pattern formed on the second carrier. The first and second carriers... Agent: Ace Antena Corp.

20110163936 - Smart antenna systems suitable for reception of digital television signals: A reconfigurable antenna is disclosed that includes a ground plane, an electrically-conductive microstrip patch element, and a plurality of switches. The patch element is spaced-apart from the ground plane with a dielectric medium between the patch element and the ground plane. The switches are coupled between the ground plane and... Agent:

20110163938 - Circuit element: A circuit element 1 according to the present invention has a first element 2 and a second element 3 that are stacked, with a conductor 5 of the first element 2 contacting a conductor 7 of the second element 3. Contact portions 9 are arranged such that the interval of... Agent:

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