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Communications: radio wave antennas June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110156960 - Antenna module: The disclosure provides an antenna module used for a portable device. The antenna module includes a first antenna part, a second antenna part, a third antenna part, a feed part, and a ground part. The first antenna part and the second antenna part are separated to encircle an adjustment space... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20110156959 - Flexible printed antenna: A flexible printed antenna comprises a flexible substrate, a radiation conductor, a flexible feeder cable and a grounding member. The radiation conductor includes a primary conductor and at least one secondary conductor. The flexible substrate is interposed between the primary conductor and the secondary conductor. One end of the feeder... Agent: Advanced Connectek Inc.

20110156958 - Mobile communication device: The present invention relates to a mobile communication device comprising a ground plane, a dielectric substrate, and an antenna. The antenna is disposed on one surface of the dielectric substrate and comprises a radiating portion, a feeding portion, and a shorting portion. The radiating portion comprises a first radiating portion... Agent:

20110156962 - Mobile terminal: According to an embodiment of the present invention, the mobile terminal includes, a terminal body, a printed circuit board (PCB) mounted in the interior of the terminal body, and an internal antenna connected to the PCB, and configured to transmit and receive signals, wherein the internal antenna includes a ground... Agent:

20110156961 - Wide band antenna: A wide band antenna includes a radiation element, a ground surface, a dielectric element, a connector; a first microstrip feeder and a second microstrip feeder. The radiation element is a rectangle shaped and includes a first side and a second side. The lengths of the first side and the second... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110156963 - Antenna devices having frequency-dependent connection to electrical ground: Antenna devices and techniques that provide specific control of the spatial distributions of DC and RF signals at various positions in a wireless apparatus are disclosed. The wireless apparatus includes various device components each having specifications for achieving desired operations in antenna devices.... Agent: Rayspan Corporation

20110156964 - Antenna module, wireless communication device using the antenna module and method for adjusting a performance factor of the antenna module: An antenna module includes an antenna, a substrate defining a plurality of notches, and a plurality of filling blocks. The antenna is attached to the substrate. The filling blocks have a permittivity higher than the substrate and are received in a portion of the notches covered by the antenna to... Agent: Foxconn Communication Technology Corp.

20110156966 - Information processing apparatus: Provided is an information processing apparatus including a keyboard portion, a first antenna module, and a connection portion. The keyboard portion includes a base plate to support a plurality of key portions, and a reinforcing member having an electric conductivity to be stacked on and reinforce the base plate. The... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110156968 - Low profile full wavelength meandering antenna: A low profile antenna has a meander length based on the full electrical wavelength of the signal being transmitted or received. The antenna can have either an open-loop structure or a closed-loop structure with a matching network. The low profile enables the antenna to be used in a card for... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110156967 - Touch screen panel antenna of mobile terminal: A touch screen panel (TSP) antenna of a mobile terminal is provided. The TSP antenna includes an ITO film stacked in a TSP, an upper electrode line, a lower electrode line, a left electrode line, and a right electrode line formed at an upper or lower surface of the ITO... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110156965 - Wireless communication device: A wireless communication device includes a main body, a cover, a base board, an elastic member, and an antenna module. The cover is attached to the main body. The base board includes a feeding point and a grounding point. The elastic member is connected to one of the feeding point... Agent: Foxconn Communication Technology Corp.

20110156969 - Printed antenna: A printed antenna comprises an ink-printed layer, a hard substrate and a radiation conductor layer. The hard substrate has a surface, and the ink-printed layer is coated on the surface to form a non-transparent area. The uncoated region of the surface is a transparent area. The radiation conductor layer is... Agent: Advanced Connectek Inc.

20110156970 - Folder-type mobile communication device: The present invention is related to a folder-type mobile communication device. The device comprises a first dielectric substrate, a first ground plane disposed on the first dielectric substrate, a second dielectric substrate, a second ground plane disposed on the second dielectric substrate, an antenna element, a metal line, and a... Agent:

20110156971 - Wide band antenna: A wide band antenna includes a radiation element, a ground surface, a dielectric element, and a RF connector. The radiation element is connected to the ground element and includes a first radiation part and a second radiation part. The first radiation part includes at least one slit for obtaining low... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110156972 - Loop resonator apparatus and methods for enhanced field control: A radiating antenna element intended for portable radio devices and methods for designing manufacturing the same. In one embodiment, a loop resonator structure for enhanced field (e.g., electric field) is provided, the resonator having an inductive and a capacitive element forming a resonance in a first frequency band. The loop... Agent:

20110156973 - Antenna: An antenna has an antenna body having a plurality of first antenna elements situated along a first straight line. The antenna body includes a first conductive grounded surface and a second conductive grounded surface, the first and second grounded surfaces being situated essentially parallel to one another. A dielectric is... Agent:

20110156974 - Method and apparatus for tilting beams in a mobile communications network: An antenna array for a mobile communications network is disclosed which comprise mechanical devices for altering a direction of a first beam and electronic beam forming apparatus for shaping a second beam. A method for tilting radio beams in a mobile communications network using the antenna array is also disclosed.... Agent:

20110156975 - Shaped ground plane for radio apparatus: An antenna structure for a wireless device comprising a ground plane and an antenna element, wherein the ground plane has a slot with at least a short end, an open end and a length substantially close to a quarter wavelength. The feeding and ground connections of the antenna structure are... Agent:

20110156976 - Array antenna: An array antenna with high suppression of cross-polarization has rectangular conductor sections, located successively side by side in a first plane, mutually separated by slots of constant width. A backing reflector transverse to said first plane. Feed structures extend through the backing reflector, the feed structures comprising pairs of parallel... Agent:

20110156977 - Antennas with broadband operating bandwidths: Designs and operations of momentum antennas are presented. In some antenna designs, the terminating discontinuities are complementary with the opposite transmission line's discontinuity. In other antenna designs, the terminating discontinuities are intrinsically self-complementary.... Agent:

20110156978 - Antenna device: An antenna device having a magnetic core to be surface-mounted on a circuit substrate includes a pair of coil portions spaced apart from each other at a predetermined interval. The coil portions are connected by a connecting conductor. An end of the magnetic core includes a curved or bent portion... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110156979 - Mobile wireless communications device with reduced interfering rf energy into rf metal shield secured on circuit board: A mobile wireless communications device includes a housing and circuit board carried by the housing and having RF circuitry comprising at least one RF component and plurality of other components mounted on the circuit board. An RF metal shield is secured to the circuit board and surrounds and isolates the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110156980 - Coupler apparatus: According to one embodiment, a coupler apparatus includes a coupling element and a ground plane. The coupling element is formed of a conductive material. The coupling element is subjected to power feeding to a reference point. The ground plane is formed of a conductive material. The ground plane faces the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110156981 - Planar wideband antenna: An approximately planar wideband antenna can include a first conductive portion coupled to a dielectric portion and mechanically supported by the dielectric portion, the first conductive portion including at least one edge corresponding to a planar conic section, such as including one or more of an elliptic, a parabolic, or... Agent: Digi International Inc.

20110156982 - Screw for use in a radio wave receiver, method of making the screw, and radio wave receiver using the screw: A screw for use in a radio wave receiver includes a metal screw body that includes a shank and a head, and an insulation resin layer formed on at least a back of the screw head. In the radio wave receiver, a back cover and a case are secured together... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20110156983 - Switching element, antenna switch circuit and radio frequency module using the same: A switching element is provided that realizes an stabilize a potential between the gates of the multi-gates without an increase in the insertion loss, and an antenna switch circuit and a radio frequency module each using the switch element. The switching element includes two ohmic electrodes 39, 40 formed on... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110156984 - Methods of modifying erect concealed antenna towers and associated modified towers and devices therefor: The disclosure describes installing an antenna canister in a portion of a concealed antenna pole at a location that is below a top of the pole while the antenna pole is erect and associated components to facilitate the procedure, as well as multi-piece vertical rods, pole mounting bracket assemblies and... Agent:

20110156985 - Communication antenna device: A communication antenna device for use in radio communication between a moving body and an access point comprises an antenna main body for transmitting and receiving a signal, a base side member of the moving body for supporting the antenna main body, and a damping mechanism provided between the base... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110156986 - Interlaced multiband antenna arrays: Antenna arrays which can work simultaneously in various frequency bands thanks to the physical disposition of the elements which constitute them, and also the multiband behaviour of some elements situated strategically in the array. The configuration of the array is described based on the juxtaposition or interleaving of various conventional... Agent:

20110156987 - Multilevel leaky-mode resonant optical devices: Multilevel leaky-mode optical elements, including reflectors, polarizers, and beamsplitters. Some of the elements have a plurality of spatially modulated periodic layers coupled to a substrate. For infrared applications, the optical elements may have a bandwidth larger than 600 nanometers.... Agent:

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110148716 - Multiple resonance antenna, manufacturing method therefor and communication device: A multiple resonance antenna includes a dielectric substrate, a first antenna electrode and a second antenna electrode, the first and second antenna electrodes being disposed together on the dielectric substrate with first ends connected to each other but with second ends remaining free, the dielectric substrate including a high-dielectric part... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110148715 - Patch antenna and miniaturizing method thereof: A miniaturizing method for a patch antenna includes following steps: providing a patch antenna comprising a radiator; setting at least one through hole on the radiator to change the current distance of the patch antenna, the changed current distance being equal to an expected current distance; and forming a miniature... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110148717 - Shock wave modification method and system: A system for modifying a shock wave formed in a fluid by a body to modify effects of the shock wave on information transferred to or from the body. The system includes laser pulses for heating fluid along a path to form a volume of heated fluid expanding outwardly from... Agent:

20110148718 - Method and apparatus for an antenna: In accordance with one example embodiment of the present invention an apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a cover, a ground plane, a first inductor, and a second inductor. The cover includes a first end and an opposite second end. The cover is configured to operate as a first loop... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110148719 - Portable wireless device: A mobile phone terminal (portable wireless device) of the present invention includes: a first housing; a slide plate fixed to the first housing; a second housing slidably attached to the slide plate; and an antenna attached to the first housing. The slide plate is constituted by a conductive part made... Agent:

20110148720 - Nfc antenna aided design system and design method employing the same: An exemplary embodiment of near field communication antenna aided design system includes a testing antenna, a standard antenna, and a network analyzer. The standard antenna is resonantly coupled with the testing antenna and includes two feed points. The network analyzer is electrically connected to the feed points and sends a... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110148721 - Column-antenna for electronic surveillance systems for consumer goods: A column-antenna for electronic surveillance systems for consumer goods, to be arranged adjacent near the entrance and/or exit of the sales store under control, where said column-antenna presents a frame within which at least a retention guide is accommodated that harbors at least a translucent panel, and said panel includes... Agent:

20110148722 - Compact circular polarized monopole and slot uhf rfid antenna systems and methods: The present disclosure relates to a combined and compact monopole and slot antenna providing circular polarization for various applications, such as ultra high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID). The antenna of the present invention combines a slot antenna with a monopole antenna using a single feed to drive both,... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20110148723 - Tunable antenna arrangement: An antenna arrangement including an antenna; a first variable impedance circuit connected between ground and a first point of the antenna; and a second variable impedance circuit connected between ground and a second point of the antenna and a connection from a third point of the antenna to ground wherein;... Agent:

20110148724 - Antenna device: Disclosed is an antenna device that achieves greater reduction in size and a wider bandwidth. The antenna device has a box-type antenna element (102) and a folded-back monopole element (107), which are connected. The device is grounded via a grounding terminal (103) at one apex of the box-type antenna element... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110148726 - Dual band antenna: A dual band antenna includes a grounding portion, a connection portion, a radiating portion, a radiating groove and a feeding portion. The connection portion has a top side and a bottom side disposed relatively, and has a first edge side and a second edge side connected to the top side... Agent:

20110148725 - Methods and apparatus for coincident phase center broadband radiator: Methods and apparatus for a coincident phase center dual polarized slotline radiator. In one embodiment, a radiator includes, for each of two polarizations in a unit cell: first and second fins to provide an air transition for a signal, the radiator including a throat region between the first and second... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110148727 - Leaky-wave antenna capable of multi-plane scanning: A leaky-wave antenna capable of multi-plane scanning is provided. The leaky-wave antenna includes a substrate, a first antenna series, a second antenna series and a plurality of control units. The first antenna series intersects with the second antenna series to share a predetermined antenna unit among many antenna units. A... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20110148728 - Chip antenna: Disclosed is a chip antenna comprising: a base portion including a dielectric, a magnetic substance or a magnetic dielectric; a spiral antenna electrode which is opposed to a ground portion and which is provided inside the base portion; and a power feeding connecting terminal to feed power to the antenna... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20110148729 - Log periodic antenna: A log periodic antenna includes first and second transmission lines parallel with each other; and a plurality of broadband radiation elements having first sides electrically connected to the first and second transmission lines, a predetermined angle being defined between the first sides of the broadband radiation elements and the first... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148730 - Dual-polarized group antenna: An improved antenna array has at least one first radiator device and at least one second radiator device and at least one third radiator device. The at least one first radiator device and the at least one second radiator device and the at least one third radiator device are arranged... Agent: Kathrein-werke Kg

20110148731 - Antenna system with non-resonating structure: An antenna system for reception and transmission of radio frequency (RF) signals and a method for tuning the antenna system are provided. The antenna system includes a ground plane, a first element and a second element. The first element includes a driven unbalanced antenna element that resonates within at least... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110148732 - Multi-antenna multiband system: An antenna system including at least one flexible dielectric sheet, a plurality of individual antennas mounted on the at least one flexible dielectric sheet, a feed network mounted on the at least one flexible dielectric sheet, the feed network being connected to and feeding the individual antennas and at least... Agent:

20110148733 - Eight-shaped rf balun: Symmetrical eight-shaped balun (BALanced-to-UNbalanced converter) comprising a first and second eye, each eye comprising conducting tracks forming turns. The eyes comprise an equal number of primary turns that form a first conducting path from a first terminal to a second terminal, in which in operation electrical current flows in a... Agent:

20110148734 - Cable connection pin and embedded antenna type electronic device having the same: A cable connection pin includes: support portions supported by an injection-molded face; a first receiving rack formed to extend from the support portion and receiving one side of a cable; and a second receiving rack receiving the opposite side of the cable.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110148735 - Dual-band antenna: A dual-band antenna includes a RF connector, a radiation element, and a ground surface. The RF connector is connected to a RF receiver. The radiation element includes a first radiation element and a second radiation element. The first radiation element and the second radiation element are both connected to the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110148736 - Multi-input multi-output antenna for improving isolation: A multi-input multi-output (MIMO) antenna for improving isolation is provided. Split ring resonators (SRRs) are structurally arranged on the lower end of a ground surface between a plurality of antenna patterns spaced apart from each other. Accordingly, permeability of the SRRs has a negative value, which prevents current from flowing... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148737 - Antenna for use in radio frequency indentification (rfid) device: An antenna for use in an RFID device is disclosed. The antenna of the RFID device includes an antenna substrate including a cavity in which an RFID chip is inserted, and also includes a first antenna electrode and a second antenna electrode. The first and second antenna electrodes are formed... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110148738 - Opening/closing type electromagnetic wave absorbing device: An opening/closing type electromagnetic wave absorbing device is provided. The opening/closing type electromagnetic wave absorbing device includes, a plurality of electromagnetic band gap (EBG) unit cells each of which is polygonal and selectively transmits or reflects a wave with a predetermined frequency and an opening/closing means on which the plurality... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunication Research Institute

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110140971 - Ceramic substrate material, method for the production and use thereof, and antenna or antenna array: A method for producing a ceramic substrate material having a first layer and possibly a further layer is specified. The first layer comprises at least one first component made of a crystalline ceramic material and/or a glass material as a matrix and a second component made of a further crystalline... Agent:

20110140973 - Antenna apparatus and radio terminal apparatus: An antenna apparatus including: a first and second antenna elements which transmit or receive radio signal; a ground pattern; and a wiring pattern which is provided on a line segment connecting the first and second antenna elements, and directly connected to the ground pattern, wherein a circumventing path is formed... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110140972 - Appliance demand response antenna design for improved gain within the home appliance network: A home appliance antenna assembly is integrated into the home appliance and extends from a demand response module or the appliance microprocessor where the module is integrated into the appliance. At least a portion of the antenna is preferably located adjacent an external surface of the home appliance and adapted... Agent: General Electric Company

20110140974 - Testing circuit board: An exemplary testing circuit board is used for testing an antenna performance and includes a signal circuit layer, a base layer electrically connected to the signal circuit layer, and a test unit. The signal circuit layer can transmit test signals from the antenna. The base layer is fixed with the... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110140975 - Combo antenna apparatus for vehicle: A vehicular combo antenna apparatus including multiple antennas received in a housing is disclosed. The multiple antennas include a first antenna for short range communication and a second antenna. The first and second antennas are different in directivity and are arranged along a vehicle front-rear direction. The first antenna is... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110140976 - Article storage appliance and connecting method: An object is to provide a goods storage tool that enables an antenna to be connected to an electronics device without the need to take out the antenna from a storage object in which the antenna is stored. A goods storage tool of the present invention is a goods storage... Agent:

20110140978 - Antenna device: An antenna device includes a ground plate, a dielectric body disposed at an end of the ground plate, an L-shaped foldable antenna disposed at one side of the dielectric body, a wide-band monopole antenna disposed at an opposite side of the dielectric body, and a power supply disposed between the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110140977 - Compact dual-mode uhf rfid reader antenna systems and methods: The present disclosure relates to compact, dual-mode ultra high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) reader antenna systems and methods capable of supporting both long range and short range applications. The present invention includes a dual-mode antenna design, a dual-mode RFID reader utilizing the dual-mode antenna design, and an associated... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110140979 - Waveguide comprising laminate structure: A system for injecting and guiding millimeter-waves through a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) including at least two laminas belonging to a PCB, an electrically conductive plating applied on the insulating walls of a cavity formed perpendicularly through the laminas, and optionally a probe located above the cavity printed on a... Agent: Siklu Communication Ltd.

20110140980 - Beam controller for aperture antenna, and aperture antenna therewith: The present invention relates to an aperture antenna capable of controlling a shape of a radiated beam without changing a structure of an aperture antenna by connecting a beam controller with a single aperture antenna. The aperture antenna including a beam controller according to the present invention includes: a waveguide;... Agent: Lig Nex1 Co., Ltd.

20110140981 - Antenna device: An antenna device, wherein the polarization is improved by an identical antenna or substrate, and a higher gain and a smaller size are provided even when the installation conditions are changed. The antenna includes a base provided with a power feed point electrically connected to a power feed unit in... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20110140982 - Apparatus, method and computer program for wireless communication: An apparatus including: a first antenna operable in a first resonant frequency band; a second antenna operable in a second resonant frequency band; a first filter coupled to the second antenna; and a first phase shifter configured to provide the combination of at least the first filter and the second... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110140984 - Millimeter wave reception device, mounting structure for millimeter wave reception device, and millimeter wave transmission/reception device: A millimeter wave reception device includes a base member, an antenna portion placed on an upper surface of the base member, and a cover arranged above the antenna portion to cover the antenna portion. The antenna portion is arranged within a space formed by the upper surface of the base... Agent:

20110140983 - Reflector antenna radome attachment band clamp: A band clamp for coupling a radome to a distal end of a reflector dish for improving the front to back ratio of a reflector antenna, the band clamp provided with an inward projecting proximal lip and an inward projecting distal lip. The distal lip dimensioned with an inner diameter... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110140986 - Antenna assembly with improved supporting device: An antenna assembly includes an antenna and a supporting portion. The antenna includes a radiating element, a grounding element and a connecting element connecting the radiating element and the grounding element. The supporting portion is located between the radiating element and the grounding element, and includes a base portion and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110140985 - Systems, methods and apparatus for mounting an object to a structure: Systems, methods and apparatus are described for mounting objects to a structure, such as a wall or roof of a home. One embodiment is a mounting apparatus that includes a base configured to attach to a structure and mount an object to the structure. The apparatus further includes at least... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20110140987 - Chip antenna: This invention provides a chip antenna which is adaptable to a plurality of frequency bands. It is possible to transmit and receive radio waves in two frequency bands by forming a first antenna element portion 12 and a second antenna element portion 13 having different element lengths on a base... Agent: Kantatsu Co., Ltd.

20110140989 - Dual-band antenna unit: A dual-band antenna unit, comprising: a first radiation unit; a second radiation unit; a first signal feed-in unit electrically connected to the first radiation unit; and a second signal feed-in unit, electrically connected to the second radiation unit; wherein the first radiation unit, the second radiation unit, the first signal... Agent: Arcadyan Technology Corporation

20110140988 - Multifunctional antenna module for use with a multiplicity of radiofrequency signals: An antenna module for receiving a multiplicity of radiofrequency signals comprises a first patch antenna (2) with a second patch antenna (3) disposed above it. The first patch antenna (2) comprises a first dielectric substrate (4) having a top surface (5) with a first antenna structure (6) made of a... Agent: Calearo Antenne S.p.a.

20110140990 - Antenna identification module: A system and method for detecting and reporting telecommunications antenna identification data to a remote user location is presented. A telecommunications antenna module is provided for storing and transmitting antenna serial number, part number, version, firmware, production date, and other relevant data to a network operator over AISG and/or 3... Agent:

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110133992 - Antenna apparatus: In an antenna apparatus, two pattern antennas are arranged side by side in an area close to a ground conductor layer on a surface of a dielectric substrate, in such a manner as to be formed substantially line-symmetrical with each other. Each of the pattern antennas includes a radiation element... Agent: Alps Electric Co.. Ltd

20110133993 - Antenna device: A radiation electrode 132 is printed on the upper surface of the dielectric body, side surface thereof, and bottom surface thereof in a folded configuration. A feeding electrode 130 and ground electrode 134 are printed on the bottom surface of the antenna elements 124. The feeding electrode 130 and radiation... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110133991 - Dielectric resonator antenna embedded in multilayer substrate: Disclosed is a dielectric resonator antenna embedded in a multilayer substrate, which includes a multilayer substrate, a first conductor plate having an opening, a second conductor plate formed on the bottom of a lowermost insulating layer resulting from stacking at least two insulating layers downward from the first conductor plate,... Agent:

20110133996 - Antenna feeding mechanism: An access point is provided with an electronics enclosure which is surrounded by antenna panels. An antenna feeding mechanism operates using spatial multiplexing multiple input multiple output. Three radio frequency chains are used in a pattern that feeds a total of eight antenna elements. Multiple streams are supported by using... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110133995 - Bezel gap antennas: Electronic devices are provided that contain wireless communications circuitry. The wireless communications circuitry may include radio-frequency transceiver circuitry and antenna structures. A parallel-fed loop antenna may be formed from portions of an electronic device bezel and a ground plane. The antenna may operate in multiple communications bands. An impedance matching... Agent:

20110133997 - Built-in antenna apparatus served as stylus pen in portable terminal: A built-in antenna apparatus for digital broadcasting reception in a portable terminal is provided. The apparatus includes a digital broadcasting reception module installed in a main board of the portable terminal, a fixing piece slidably installed in a guide slit having a specific length and disposed on a side of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110133998 - Handheld electronic device with cable grounding: A handheld electronic device may be provided that contains a conductive housing and other conductive elements. The conductive elements may form an antenna ground plane. One or more antennas for the handheld electronic device may be formed from the ground plane and one or more associated antenna resonating elements. Transceiver... Agent:

20110133994 - Internal multi-band antenna and methods: An internal multi-band antenna and a radio device comprising such an antenna. A radiator (320) of the antenna is a conductivepart of the outer cover (COV) of a radio device or conductive coating of the cover. The radiator is electromagnetically fed by a feed element (330) which is isolated from... Agent:

20110134001 - Antenna evaluation apparatus for evaluating multiple wave of radio waves transmitted from scatterer antennas with function of calibration for the same apparatus: A computer measures amplitudes and phases respective received signals S60a relative to a transmitting signal when radio waves are radiated solely from each of the scatterer antennas and received by using a calibration receiving antenna, determines a target amplitude based on measured amplitudes, and determines a target phase based on... Agent:

20110134000 - Apparatus and method for detecting radiated power: A radiated power detection apparatus including a reception antenna and a probe in a Fresnel zone determines a measurement parameter of a wireless communication device and coincides central points of an antenna that is included in the wireless communication device, the reception antenna, and the probe. Next, the radiated power... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110133999 - Apparatus and method for measuring radiated power of terminal: An apparatus for measuring radiated power of a terminal includes: an enclosure including a pair of couplers configured to couple an electromagnetic field radiated from the terminal or a substitution antenna and a measurement jig configured to rotate the terminal or the substitution antenna, the terminal or the substitution antenna... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110134002 - Capacity loaded planar antenna with short stubs: Provided is a capacity loaded planar antenna with short stubs that can be brought to a small size and a low profile, achieves wider bandwidth, and can be tuned to multiple frequencies. A capacity loaded planar antenna with short stubs that has a simple structure and can be easily manufactured... Agent:

20110134003 - Antenna device: An antenna device includes an antenna unit, a power supply terminal and a time constant circuit. The antenna unit includes an antenna element and a variable capacitance element that is variable in capacitance in accordance with a voltage applied to the variable capacitance element, and resonates in such a manner... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110134004 - Antenna device and communication apparatus: An antenna device includes: a line-shaped antenna conductor with a predetermined length; an actuator member that directly supports the line-shaped antenna or supports the line-shaped antenna via an auxiliary member and is displaceable integrally with the antenna conductor, where the actuator member is displaced to change a position of the... Agent:

20110134005 - Apparatus for adjusting an inclination angle in an antenna: An apparatus for adjusting an inclination angle of an antenna using a rotatory power is disclosed, wherein a remote control unit is easily combined with the apparatus. The apparatus in an antenna having a phase shifter includes a power delivering member connected to the phase shifter, and a driving member... Agent: Ace Antenna Corporation

20110134006 - Broadband circularly polarized annular ring slot antenna: A broadband circularly polarized annular ring slot antenna is disclosed, which includes a substrate, an annular ring slot antenna portion located on the upper surface of the substrate, and a microstrip feeding portion located on the lower surface of the substrate. The annular ring slot antenna portion includes a grounding... Agent: National Defense University

20110134007 - Flat antenna for mobile use: A surface antenna for mobile use has a flat fiberglass base having a thickness of between 7.62 mm (0.300 in) and 12.70 mm (0.50 in), and at least one radiator on the base. The base is coated with a metal on its face lying the face carrying the antenna radiator.... Agent:

20110134008 - Circularly-polarized antenna: A circularly-polarized antenna is provided, and includes a conductive backplane with a plurality of panels, a vertical array of patch radiators disposed on one of the backplane panels, and a feed stripline disposed on the backplane panel. The backplane panels are vertical, planar, rectangular and form a right prism. The... Agent: Spx Corporation

20110134009 - Multiband antenna and mounting structure for multiband antenna: An antenna includes a first LC parallel circuit provided between a feeding element and a feeding circuit, and a second LC parallel circuit provided between a parasitic element and a ground. Multiple resonance frequencies of the feeding element including the feeding radiation electrode and the parasitic element including the parasitic... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110134010 - Structure, printed circuit board, antenna, transmission line to waveguide converter, array antenna, and electronic device: A structure includes a first conductor plane; a plurality of second conductor planes, at least a portion thereof being provided facing the first conductor plane; a transmission line that is provided with at least a portion thereof facing one conductor plane of the first conductor plane and the second conductor... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110134011 - Antenna apparatus and wireless communication apparatus: An antenna apparatus includes an antenna linear element including a linear conductor provided with a first end and a second end, a ground conductor connected to the linear conductor at the second end, a transmission line connected to the linear conductor at the first end, and a matching circuit including... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110134012 - Housing and method for making the same: A housing includes a first main body, a second main body, and a antenna. The second main body is attached to the first main body. The antenna is formed between the first main body and the second main body by an injection molding process. The antenna is partially exposed from... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110134013 - Radio frequency antenna in a header of an implantable medical device: An apparatus and method for enabling far-field radio frequency communications with an implantable medical device in which an antenna structure is disposed within a header assembly of the device. The antenna structure, in various embodiments, includes a monopole antenna, a dipole antenna, an inverted F antenna, a patch antenna and... Agent:

20110134014 - Antenna device and wireless communication terminal: At least three resonance frequencies are obtained by two antenna elements. The antenna device includes antenna elements (11) and (12), a wireless section (20) for supplying power to each of the antenna elements (11) and (12), a PIN diode (16) for electrically connecting and disconnecting the antenna element (11) and... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110134015 - Housing and method for manufacturing the same: A housing includes an antenna module having a carrier and a main body. The antenna module includes a first carrier portion, a second carrier portion attached to the first carrier portion, and an antenna coating the second carrier portion. The main body is molded to the antenna module and partially... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

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20110128188 - Antenna: There is provided an antenna small in its size but capable of achieving sufficient gain. The antenna comprises antenna elements connected to a power source. The antenna elements comprise upstanding vertical sections connected to the power source and horizontal sections substantially parallel with a ground pattern and having one end... Agent: Honda Access Corp

20110128189 - Coupler apparatus and coupling element: In one embodiment, a coupling element configured to satisfy the following conditions. The element has a tabular shape having first to fourth open ends. Lengths of current paths from a reference point to the first to fourth ends is an integral multiple of ¼ of a wavelength of a central... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110128185 - Multi-band antenna: A multi-band antenna includes a ground section, a feed-in section, a first conductor arm, and a second conductor arm. The feed-in section has a first end, a second end opposite to the first end, and a feed-in point for feeding in radio frequency signals. The first end of the feed-in... Agent:

20110128186 - Patch antenna: The present invention relates to a technology for forming a patch antenna generating both linearly and circularly polarized waves at the same time, so as to reduce a propagation loss during transmission/receiving operations between a circularly polarized antenna and a linearly polarized antenna.... Agent: Ace Technologies Corporation

20110128187 - Small antenna using srr structure in wireless communication system and method for manufacturing the same: A small antenna using an SRR structure in a wireless communication system includes: a first radiation unit positioned over a dielectric substrate formed of a predetermined dielectric medium and having a predetermined ring shape; a feed unit positioned over the dielectric substrate and configured to feed a signal to the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110128192 - Antenna device and portable terminal having the same: Disclosed are an antenna device and a portable terminal having the same. The portable terminal includes a terminal body, a radiator including a conductive material, and configured in a preset pattern to transmit or receive wireless signals, a circuit board mounted to the terminal body, and configured to process the... Agent:

20110128191 - Antenna element and portable radio: There is provided an antenna element capable of implementing miniaturization, acquisition of a high gain, and broadening of a band and coping with multiple bands. The antenna element includes a first antenna element 5 having shape of a box (a rectangular-parallelepiped shape) in which a first conductor plate 51, a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110128193 - Card device for wireless communication: A card device for wireless communication which is to be attached to a mobile communication terminal includes a card substrate, a parasitic antenna element for transmission and reception formed on a first surface of the card substrate, and a feed antenna element for transmission and reception formed on a second... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20110128195 - Embedded antenna of wireless device and method of manufacturing thereof: Disclosed is an embedded antenna of a wireless device that can be formed by pattern printing and a manufacturing method thereof. The embedded antenna of a wireless device according to the present invention comprises a substrate accommodated in the wireless device; a radiation unit printed on an inner surface of... Agent:

20110128194 - Foldable portable terminal and portable terminal: A foldable portable terminal and a portable terminal that provide reliable waterproof are provided. A foldable portable terminal 10 has the followings on a hinge-side end 23A of an upper housing 14 in its longitudinal direction; namely, a first connector 41 connected to a conductive part 28A of an upper... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110128190 - Wireless communication terminal with a split multi-band antenna having a single rf feed node: A wireless communications terminal can include a housing having an interior surface that is configured to enclose at least a transceiver circuit and a RF feed circuit. The housing extends between opposing top and bottom end surfaces and between opposing first and second side surfaces. A first radiator line primarily... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110128196 - Antenna evaluating apparatus for evaluating multiple wave of radio waves transmitted from scatterer antennas with function of substantially simultaneous stop and start: A transmitting signal from a signal generator is divided in seven transmitting signals in a divider, and the phase and the amplitude of each of divided transmitting signals are changed in a phase shifter circuit and an attenuator circuit. The respective transmitting signals from the attenuator circuit are radiated from... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110128197 - Antenna evaluation apparatus and antenna evaluation method for creating multipath waves around receiving antenna: An antenna evaluation apparatus includes receiving antennas to be evaluated, scatterer antennas provided around them, signal generators, delay circuits, dividers, phase-shift circuits, and attenuation circuits. A computer controls the delay circuits to add delay times to radio frequency signals, and controls the phase-shift circuits and attenuation circuits to change phases... Agent:

20110128198 - dual polarized dipole wearable antenna: A dual polarized dipole wearable antenna may be embedded within a shirt or/and outfit, placed at a range of up to few millimeters from the body of a user in which there is a transmitting swallowable imaging device. The antenna is constructed of three conducting layers: radiating layer, feed network... Agent:

20110128199 - Field-confined wideband antenna for radio frequency front end integrated circuits: A field-confined wideband antenna assembly is disclosed. The antenna assembly includes a radiating element with a planar body that defines a first confining slot. The dimensions of the first confining slot correspond to a first set of resonance frequencies of the radiating element. A feeding line extends from the radiating... Agent:

20110128200 - Antenna and radio communication apparatus: An antenna includes a first arm whose one end is connected to a feeding unit, a second arm whose one end is connected to the first arm at a position that is away from the one end of the first arm and whose other end is connected to ground, and... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110128201 - Circularly polarized antenna in wireless communication system and method for manufacturing the same: A circularly polarized antenna in a wireless communication system includes: at least one feed antenna positioned at a predetermined point on at least one ground substrate; and a unit antenna having a plurality of conductive structures arranged in a predetermined identical direction on a superstrate positioned at a predetermined distance... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110128202 - Antenna with superstrate providing high-gain and beam width control: An antenna employed in a base station is provided. The antenna comprises a feed antenna configured to feed power, and a superstrate configured to be located on an upper portion of the feed antenna and have a conductive pattern for increasing a gain and beam width control on a surface... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110128203 - Microwave demulsification of hydrocarbon emulsion: Recovery of hydrocarbons, such as petroleum products, from a liquid or solid substrate is facilitated by the use of microwave energy to energize and separate molecular bonds between the hydrocarbons and the substrate. A radio frequency (RF) applicator delivers microwave energy to a treatment volume containing an emulsion of a... Agent:

20110128204 - Antenna coil and manufacturing method thereof: According to one embodiment of the present invention, an antenna coil including: a first coil 4 having an X-axis coil wound on an X axis of a first core and a Z-axis coil wound on a Z axis of the first core, the thickness direction of the first core being... Agent: Toko, Inc.

20110128205 - Programmable antenna with programmable impedance matching and methods for use therewith: A programmable antenna includes a fixed antenna element and a programmable antenna element that is tunable in response to at least one antenna control signal, wherein tuning the programmable antenna element changes an impedance of the antenna. A programmable impedance matching network is tunable in response in response to at... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110128206 - Multi-antenna apparatus and mobile device: This multi-antenna apparatus includes a first looped antenna element wound from a first end of the first looped antenna element on a side of a first feeding point in a prescribed direction, a second looped antenna element wound from a first end of the second looped antenna element on a... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20110128207 - Card type wireless communication module: A card type wireless communication module, includes a board; a plurality of terminals formed on the board, the terminals including an external antenna terminal, the terminals having a plating process applied thereto; and a ground pattern formed on the board; wherein a feeding wiring pattern arrangement area is formed between... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

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