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Communications: radio wave antennas April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110095947 - Miniature multi-frequency antenna: A miniature multi-frequency antenna, comprising at least one dielectric substrate, at least one signal electrode and at least one ground electrode. The signal electrode and the ground electrode are disposed on a substrate. The signal electrode contains at least two branches and at least one branch is partially overlapped with... Agent:

20110095948 - Three-dimensional antenna structure: A three-dimensional antenna structure includes first and second antenna components and a via. The first antenna component is on a first layer of a substrate and the second antenna component is on a second layer of a substrate. The via couples the first antenna component to the second antenna component,... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110095949 - Multiband mobile communication device and antenna thereof: The present invention is related to a multiband mobile communication device. The mobile communication device has a ground plane and an antenna. The antenna is disposed on a dielectric substrate. The antenna comprises a monopole, a shorted radiating portion, a first radiating branch, and a second radiating branch. The monopole... Agent:

20110095950 - Method and system for testing the radiation performance of wireless terminal based on data mode: A method and system for the wireless terminal receiving sensitivity performance test based on a data mode are provided. The method comprises: building a human body model, in which the upper limb of the model holds the device under test at a predefined distance in front of the head of... Agent:

20110095951 - Conformal high frequency antenna: Antennas, integrated driveshaft covers, and methods are disclosed. A particular antenna includes a dielectric layer. The dielectric layer has a first curved surface and a second curved surface opposite the first curved surface. A conductive body has a curved outer surface, where the first curved surface of the dielectric layer... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110095952 - Planar multi-band antenna: A planar multi-band antenna includes a substrate and a metal pattern. The metal pattern includes a first metal wire, a second metal wire, a third metal wire and a fourth metal wire. The second metal wire is disposed opposite to the first metal wire and has a grounding point. Two... Agent:

20110095953 - Metamaterial lens feed for multiple beam antennas: A multiple beam reflector antenna includes at least one reflector, a plurality of feed horns for feeding the at least one reflector, and a metamaterial lens interposed between the plurality of feed horns and the at least one reflector. The metamaterial lens may provide an overlapping element distribution from at... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20110095954 - Multi-band dipole antenna assemblies for use with wireless application devices: According to various aspects, antenna elements are provided for multi-band sleeve dipole antenna assemblies for use with wireless application devices. The antenna elements generally include first and second radiating elements. The first radiating elements may be tuned for receiving electrical resonant frequencies within a first frequency bandwidth. The second radiating... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

20110095955 - Fractal antennas and fractal resonators: An antenna includes at least one element whose physical shape is at least partially defined as a second or higher iteration deterministic fractal. The resultant fractal antenna does not rely upon an opening angle for performance, and may be fabricated as a dipole, a vertical, or a quad, among other... Agent: Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc.

20110095956 - Semi-permanent portable satellite antenna system: A semi-permanent portable satellite antenna system having a portable mount for deploying a portable satellite antenna. The portable satellite antenna assembles for deployment using releasable connectors. The portable mount can be mounted to a post, a tripod, or a non-penetrating mount. The non-penetrating mount uses a pivoting pair of support... Agent: Winegard Company

20110095957 - Antenna and radio communication apparatus: An antenna includes an antenna element in which predetermined electrodes are formed on a dielectric base; and a substrate in which predetermined electrodes are formed on a base. On a top surface of a non-ground area of the substrate, a power supply terminal connection electrode is formed so as to... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110095958 - Antenna array method for enhancing signal transmission: In an antenna array, a metal layer is used for covering a block mapped by micro-strips, which are disposed on an obverse side of a base plate, on a reverse side of the base plate, so as to concentrating energy of radio signals emitted from radiator sets on a predetermined... Agent:

20110095959 - Device for conveying signals for mobile antenna positioner: A device for conveying signals for a mobile antenna positioner includes a waveguide with a conductive structure, a first end of which is connected to the antenna, a second end being connected to the mount of the positioner. The waveguide has a continuous structure, each of its ends being attached... Agent: Thales

20110095961 - Antenna configuration provides coverage: The invention provides an antenna arrangement for a wireless communication system arranged to have at least one transmit mode and at least one receive mode, the arrangement comprising at least three directional antennas (601, 602, 603) in an antenna configuration. Each directional antenna is arranged to have an azimuthal radiation... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson

20110095960 - Antenna with selectable elements for use in wireless communications: A system and method for a wireless link to a remote receiver includes a communication device for generating RF and a planar antenna apparatus for transmitting the RF. The planar antenna apparatus includes selectable antenna elements, each of which has gain and a directional radiation pattern. The directional radiation pattern... Agent:

20110095962 - Portable communication device: A portable communication device includes a first housing and a second housing that are slidably placed one on another and can shift between an open state and a closed state, a wireless circuit installed in the first housing, a first antenna installed in the second housing, and a noncontact switching... Agent:

20110095963 - Communication device with embedded antenna: A communication device with an embedded antenna includes a printed circuit board and an embedded antenna including at least one radiating unit, at least one feeding unit, where each feeding unit is coupled to a corresponding one of the at least one radiating unit and the printed circuit board, and... Agent:

20110095964 - Metamaterial antenna with mechanical connection: Metamaterial antenna devices having one or more mechanical connection units made of electrically conductive materials to provide both mechanical engagement and electrical conduction for the antenna devices.... Agent: Rayspan Corporation

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110090125 - Front end block with intergrated antenna: P

20110090126 - Active reduction of electric field generated by a transmit antenna via an auxillary antenna structure: A wireless communication device and method includes an auxiliary antenna that can actively cancel at least a portion of a near-field component of an electric field generated by a main transmit antenna. The auxiliary antenna can help comply with specific absorption rate requirements and can reduce undesirable signal rectification in... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110090127 - Torque arm assembly: A torque arm assembly for connecting first generally circular cylindrical and second rotatable concentric bodies, rotatable about a common axis of rotation and separated by a given radial distance defined between the inner surface of the first rotatable body and the outer surface of the second rotatable body. The assembly... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20110090128 - Transmission line slot antenna: A transmission line slot antenna is described. Although more generally applicable, the antenna is particularly adapted to conformal applications. The antenna has a ground plate with a conductive top surface having a slot with a feed whose ground reference terminal is connected to one side of the slot and whose... Agent:

20110090129 - Circularly polarised array antenna: A circularly polarised array antenna (30) is disclosed. A single layer dielectric substrate (36) has a ground plane (32) located on its upper surface of the substrate and covering only part of the upper surface. A plurality of antenna elements (40-54) are also located on said upper surface of the... Agent: Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Or

20110090130 - Rfid reader antenna and rfid shelf having the same: An RFID reader antenna including: a printed circuit board (PCB) formed as a dielectric substance; a plurality of slot groups, each having a plurality of slots, disposed on a first face of the PCB; a ground face disposed on areas, excluding the plurality of slot groups, of the first face... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110090131 - Printed dual-band yagi-uda antenna and circular polarization antenna: A printed dual-band Yagi-Uda antenna is disclosed, which includes a substrate, a first driver, a first director, a second driver and a reflector. The first driver is formed on the substrate, and is utilized for generating a radiation pattern of a first frequency band. The first director is formed at... Agent:

20110090132 - Portable satellite dish antenna system: A lightweight, portable satellite dish antenna system having base and lid portions which can be configured relative to each other in carrying and deployed positions. The base and lid portions are substantially the same size and shape and have respective interior and exterior sides with the satellite dish antenna of... Agent: Winegard Company

20110090133 - Electronically scanned array having a transmission line distributed oscillator and switch-mode amplifier: In one embodiment, an integrated circuit antenna array is provided that includes: a low-voltage substrate supporting an RF transmission network, and a high-voltage substrate bonded to the low-voltage substrate, the high-voltage substrate supporting a plurality of antennas coupled to the RF transmission network through switch-mode power amplifiers integrated into a... Agent:

20110090134 - Partial discharge detector: Flanges 1A, 2A of metal containers 1, 2 are connected by a plurality of stud bolts 4 through an insulating spacer 3. An antenna body 10 having a planar antenna 11 and an insulating cover 12 is mounted at least on the outer peripheral surface of the insulating spacer 3.... Agent: Japan Ae Power Systems Corporation

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110084882 - Dual-band antenna and antenna device having the same: A dual-band antenna includes first and second connecting sections coupled to a ground unit, and first, second, and third radiator sections. The first connecting section extends in a direction from the ground unit toward an inner wall face of a housing of an electronic device. The first radiator section is... Agent:

20110084885 - Device safety apparatus: A device safety apparatus, in particular a hand-held device safety apparatus, having an antenna unit having at least one antenna element, which is provided for the purpose of transmitting and/or receiving a safety signal. The antenna unit has at least one additional component, which in conjunction with the antenna element... Agent:

20110084884 - Handheld device and disposition method of planar antenna: A handheld device and a disposition method of a planar antenna are provided. The handheld device includes an appearance, a system ground plane, and the planar antenna. The appearance includes a via. The system ground plane is disposed inside the appearance. The planar antenna is disposed on the appearance and... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110084883 - Mobile communication device and antenna thereof: The present invention is related to a mobile communication device. The device has a ground plane and an antenna. The antenna is disposed on a dielectric substrate and comprises a radiating metal portion, a coupling metal portion, and a shorting metal portion. One edge of the radiating metal portion faces... Agent:

20110084886 - Portable apparatus: First and second housings of a metal sheet are superposed over each other and fixed to each other by bolts to form an element receiving space. An antenna is fixed to the second housing by a bolt so as to be adjacent to the first housing. A hook section is... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110084887 - System for testing multi-antenna devices: A test system for testing multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) systems is provided. The test system may convey signals bidirectionally between two test chambers. Each test chamber may be lined with foam to minimize electromagnetic reflections. Each test chamber may include structure three-dimensional array of test antennas. The test antennas may... Agent:

20110084888 - Radio communication equipment: The device is provided with an integrated circuit (4) having a communication function in a first frequency band, a conductive object (3) connected to one of input and output terminals of the integrated circuit (4), an integrated circuit (5) having a communication function in a second frequency band, and a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110084889 - Antenna device and dual-band antenna: An antenna device includes a substrate, and a dual-band antenna disposed on a surface of the substrate. The dual-band antenna includes a feed-in section, a first radiator arm, a second radiator arm, a third radiator arm, and a ground section. The feed-in section is for signal feed-in, and has opposite... Agent:

20110084890 - Communication sheet structure: A communication sheet structure for transmitting electromagnetic waves, and thereby performing communication, is characterized in that the communication sheet structure includes a planar base material with a relative dielectric constant at a frequency of from 800 MHz to 10 GHz of from 1.0 to 15.0, and one side of the... Agent: Teijin Fibers Limited

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110080323 - Low profile antenna assemblies: An antenna assembly including a ground plane and a radiator supported above the ground plane is disclosed. The radiator may include a slot to configure the radiator to be resonant in at least two frequency ranges and a grounding point coupled to the ground plane. The radiator may be a... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

20110080324 - Single-band antenna: A single-band antenna, comprising: a substrate; a first radiation unit; a conductive material; an impedance matching circuit; a signal feed-in terminal; a second radiation unit; and a wire connecting unit. Therefore, the single-band antenna can be miniaturized to be installed with or inside a compact wireless transmission device with enhanced... Agent: Arcadyan Technology Corporation

20110080326 - Data sending and receiving terminal: According to one embodiment, a data sending and receiving terminal includes a first body, a second body connected to the first body, the second body forming an opening and closing mechanism for the first body, a plurality of first antennas embedded in the first body, and a plurality of second... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110080325 - Methods and apparatus for beam steering using steerable beam antennas with switched parasitic elements: An antenna is described. The antenna includes a planar circular structure. The antenna also includes a radiating element located at the center of the planar circular structure. The antenna further includes one or more parasitic elements located on a contour around the radiating element. The parasitic elements are aligned in... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110080327 - Portable wireless machine: In a portable radio that has an upper enclosure 11, a lower enclosure 12, and an intermediate enclosure 13 and that can assume a portrait open state and a landscape open state, when the landscape open state is achieved as a result of turning action of a second hinge member... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110080328 - Antenna unit for wireless audio transmission: There is provided an antenna unit comprising a first metallic main surface (100, 500) for placement of the antenna unit on a substantially planar surface, a second main surface (200, 600), a first end and a second end. The first end has a first and a second metallic side surface... Agent: Sennheiser Electronic Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110080329 - Thz antenna array, system and method for producing a thz antenna array: A THz antenna array has a plurality of THz antennae, a THz antenna having a photoconductive region and a first electrode and a second electrode which are arranged interspaced from each other via a spacer region that extends laterally across at least a part of the photoconductive region. In order... Agent: Rwth Aachen University

20110080330 - Multiband antenna system with shield: A multiband antenna system installed onto a circuit board of a mobile device is provided. The antenna system includes a planar dielectric substrate, an upper conductor formed on an upper surface of the dielectric substrate and shaped as a coplanar wave guide and includes first and second ground parts and... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sokang University

20110080331 - Wireless ic device and electromagnetic coupling module: A wireless IC device includes a wireless IC chip, a feeder circuit substrate which is coupled to the wireless IC chip and includes a feeder circuit including an inductance element, and a radiation plate. The inductance element includes a plurality of stacked layers having coil conductors electrically connected, and a... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110080332 - Multimode antenna structure: One or more embodiments are directed to a multimode antenna structure for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic signals in a communications device. The communications device includes circuitry for processing signals communicated to and from the antenna structure. The antenna structure is configured for optimal operation in a given frequency range. The... Agent: Skycross, Inc.

20110080333 - Electronic device with embedded antenna: An electronic device with an embedded three-dimensional antenna is disclosed. The electronic device includes a printed circuit board (PCB) and an embedded three-dimensional antenna. The embedded three-dimensional antenna includes a radiation element and a connection element. The connection element includes a first connection part and a second connection part. The... Agent:

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