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Communications: radio wave antennas March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110074637 - Antenna and communication device: An antenna includes a dielectric substrate and an antenna element, wherein the dielectric substrate has a mark on an outer surface, the mark having a lower relative permittivity than the dielectric substrate, the antenna element is formed from a FPC film, and the FPC film has an antenna electrode on... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110074636 - Multi-band antenna: A multi-band antenna has a strip-shaped first radiating portion disposed levelly. An end of a long side of the first radiating portion is extended downwardly to form a first grounding portion. A strip-shaped second radiating portion is disposed in alignment with and spaced from the first radiating portion. A long... Agent:

20110074639 - Device housing: A device housing comprises a main body and a three-dimensional antenna. The main body defines an antenna region thereon. The three-dimensional antenna is a conductive ink coating and is formed on the antenna region of the main body.... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110074640 - Mobile device and radio communication portion of mobile device: In this mobile device, at least either the selection antenna module or the selection circuit module is so formed as to be incapable of being mounted on the mobile device body when the selection antenna module and the selection circuit module are not matched to each other, and both the... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20110074641 - Multiple resonance antenna and communication device: A multiple resonance antenna includes a dielectric substrate, a first antenna electrode and a second antenna electrode, wherein the first and second antenna electrodes are disposed alongside on the dielectric substrate with first ends connected in common but with second ends remaining free, the first antenna electrode is bent back... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110074638 - Ultra wide band secondary antennas and wireless devices using the same: A secondary antenna in a wireless communication terminal is provided. The secondary antenna includes an electrically conductive planar element that includes a first edge that is substantially linear and that includes a first length. The electrically conductive planar element may include a second edge that is substantially linear, that is... Agent:

20110074642 - High power, low profile, broadband antenna: An antenna may include an enclosure formed by a front wall and a back wall opposite to the front wall, and a front face and a back face opposite to the front face. Both the front face and the back face extend between the front wall and the back wall... Agent:

20110074643 - Retaining socket for vehicle glazing: A retaining socket for mounting a vehicle glazing accessory is disclosed. The retaining socket comprises a base portion for mounting on the surface of a glazing; a retaining portion for retaining a vehicle glazing accessory; and a retaining portion for retaining a communication device. The base portion comprises an electrically... Agent: Pilkington Automotive Deutschland Gmbh

20110074644 - Body-worn antenna fastening device and method: A fastening device (200) for releasably securing an antenna assembly (100) on at least one garment (15) of a user (10) is provided. The antenna assembly (100) is part of a portable communication system (50) which includes a portable communication device (125) that is also worn on the garment (15)... Agent: Harris Corporation

20110074645 - Antenna for chip card production: The present invention relates to an antenna arrangement (10) for the production of chip cards, in particular chip cards used in the UHF frequency range, having a substrate and a plurality of antenna conductor structures (11) formed on the substrate using a coating method, the antenna conductor structures having a... Agent:

20110074646 - Antenna array: An antenna array according to one embodiment of the invention comprises a plurality of steering elements. Each steering element includes two radiating elements overlaid so as to have a common phase center and radiating electric fields orthogonal to each other. Each steering element also includes two phase altering portions separately... Agent:

20110074647 - Antenna module: An antenna module includes a carrier and an antenna formed on the carrier. The carrier includes a first surface, a second surface, and a side surface. The antenna includes a first antenna portion and a second antenna portion. The first antenna portion includes a first radiation segment formed on the... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110074648 - Antenna device: An antenna device includes a ground section including a planar section, a feeding section, a first feeding element arranged along the planar section of the ground section, and a second feeding element including a loop-like body portion arranged parallel to the first feeding element at a predetermined distance from the... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20110074649 - Differential feed notch radiator with integrated balun: A differential feed notched radiator. A notched radiator includes a planar dielectric substrate having a first surface and an oppositely facing second surface, and a first conductive layer on the first surface and a second conductive layer on the second surface. The first and second conductive layers are patterned to... Agent:

20110074650 - Antenna module and housing having the same: An antenna module includes a supporting layer, a plurality of antenna layers; and at least one insulating layer. The antenna layers are conductive nanometric material formed on the supporting layer. The at least one insulating layer defines at least one through hole therein between and electronically connecting each two adjacent... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110074651 - Assembly of clamping mechanism and lnb and dish antenna using the same: An assembly comprises a clamping mechanism and an LNB (low noise block down converter). The clamping mechanism includes a first clamping part, a second clamping part, and a plurality of rectangular grooves. The LNB includes a shell, at least one flexible portion, and at least one rib portion. The first... Agent: Microelectronics Technology Inc.

20110074652 - Method and apparatus for fine polarization reflector antenna adjustment: A polarization adjustment assembly for a reflector antenna is provided with a radio bracket with a mounting flange. The mounting flange is coupled to a hub provided with a stop portion. Fasteners couple the radio bracket to the hub via slots in the mounting flange, rotatable with respect to the... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110074653 - Pattern shaping of rf emission patterns: A metallic shaping plate located in the interior housing of a wireless device is disclosed. The metallic shaping plate may influence a radiation pattern being generated by a horizontal antenna array. The result may be an increase in the gain of the array.... Agent:

20110074654 - Shorted monopole antenna: The present invention is related to a shorted monopole antenna. The antenna includes a ground portion, a radiating portion, a shorting portion, an assembling portion, and a coaxial cable. The ground portion includes a signal grounding point. The radiating portion is located above the ground portion and bent at least... Agent: Lite-on Technology Corporation

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110068982 - Circularly polarized antenna and manufacturing method thereof: A circularly polarized antenna and a manufacturing method thereof. The manufacturing method includes disposing a radiation metal sheet and a ground metal sheet on a top and bottom surfaces of a substrate, respectively, disposing a metal microstrip comprising a first and a second metal microstrip segment on corner regions of... Agent:

20110068983 - Multi-frequency antenna: A multi-frequency antenna includes a ground conductor portion, a first radiation conductor portion serving as a first radiation element facing the ground conductor portion keeping a predetermined distance therefrom, a short circuit portion connecting an end portion of the first radiation conductor portion and the ground conductor portion, and a... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110068984 - Antenna pattern frame, method and mold for manufacturing the same, method for manufacturing an electronic device case, and electronic device: An antenna pattern frame includes: a radiator having an antenna pattern part for receiving an external signal; a radiator frame having the radiator injection-molded to have the antenna pattern part formed thereon and including the antenna pattern part buried at an inner side of an electronic device; and an over-mold... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110068985 - Portable communication device comprising an antenna: The invention relates to a communication device comprising a wireless interface for enabling wireless transmission and/or reception at a predefined wavelength λc to be established. The object of the present invention is to provide an antenna suitable for wireless communication in a portable communication device. The problem is solved in... Agent: Sennheiser Communications A/s

20110068986 - Antenna device: A mechanism of an antenna for positioning, which is mounted on a measuring vehicle to measure locations of geographic features on and the side of roads and to collect road map information, and which is capable of highly-reliable measurement even when the vehicle is travelling, is realized. The antenna for... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110068987 - Multiband rfid tag: An RFID tag communicating with a wireless reader interrogator on more than one frequency band. In one embodiment the tag contains independent sensor circuits for a ultra high frequency UHF band and a lower frequency band. The UHF antenna element used in the tag is a double-resonant antenna typically operating... Agent: New Jersey Microsystems. Inc

20110068989 - Antenna system with three degrees of freedom: The present invention provides an improved compact antenna system with three degrees of freedom positioned on a moving platform to maintain orientation of the antenna for continuous tracking of a satellite. The system includes a cross-elevation sub-frame having two pivotal joints at each end to support an antenna reflector. The... Agent:

20110068988 - Multi-band antenna system for satellite communications: The present invention provides an improved antenna system on moving platform that is in communication with multiple satellites for simultaneous reception of RF energy at multiple frequencies. The antenna is implemented as a multi-beam, multi-band antenna having a main reflector with multiple feed horns and a sub-reflector to reflect Ku... Agent:

20110068990 - Surface-mountable antenna with waveguide connector function, communication system, adaptor and arrangement comprising the antenna device: Planar antenna device (100) aimed to be integrated onto a common substrate (30) preferably for millimeter wave applications. The antenna device (100) comprises a reflector frame (10) with at least partially metallised sidewalls (12) and a lateral opening (14) for the feedpoint (24) of a mode conversion element (20). The... Agent:

20110068991 - Magnetodielectric substrate and antenna apparatus using the same: A magnetodielectric substrate includes a first dielectric layer, a second dielectric layer, conductive patterns, and a plurality of air vias. The first dielectric layer has a predetermined height, and the second dielectric layer is stacked on the first dielectric layer. Conductive patterns are coated on an upper surface and a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110068992 - Cross-dipole antenna configurations: An apparatus has an improved antenna pattern for a cross dipole antenna. Such antennas desirably have an omnidirectional antenna pattern. Conventional cross dipole antennas exhibit nulls in their antenna patterns, which can cause antennas to deviate from a standard or specification. Applicant recognized and confirmed that the connection of a... Agent: Venti Group, LLC

20110068993 - Dual beam dual selectable polarization antenna: A dual beam dual-selectable-polarization phased array antenna comprises an aperture unit, a printed wiring board, radiating elements, chip units, a pressure plate, and a rear housing unit. The printed wiring board has sub assemblies bonded to each other with a bonding material providing both mechanical and electrical connection. The printed... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110068994 - Communication module, communication apparatus: A communication module of the present application includes a first antenna element 12, a second antenna element 13, and a ground portion 14. The first antenna element 12 and the second antenna element 13 can transmit and receive radio signals. The ground portion 14 is provided between the first antenna... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110068995 - Slotted ground-plane used as a slot antenna or used for a pifa antenna: A wireless device includes a ground plane with at least two portions. On each of the at least two portions at least one connecting means is provided. The two connecting means are connected with an electric component for connecting the at least two portions of the ground plane. The ground... Agent:

20110068996 - Multi-angle ultra wideband antenna with surface mount technology: A multi-angle ultra wide band antenna for electronic devices is disclosed. The said antenna cover all mobile bands worldwide: 700/850/900/1700/1800/1900 and 2100 MHz and with sufficient bandwidth to include the 2400 and 2500 MHz mainly used in wireless networks, having a radiated element supported by a first substrate and expanding... Agent: Taoglas Limited

20110068997 - Xyz isotropic radiator antenna: An XYZ isotropic radiator antenna is characterized by three whip antennas connected with a housing and arranged 90 degrees perpendicular to each other. The antenna generates a heliocentric spherical radiation pattern which allows the antenna to transmit and receive radio frequency signals in any direction or plane.... Agent:

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110063172 - Optimized conformal-to-meter antennas: A dual-dipole, multi-band conformal antenna for facilitating optimized wireless communications of a utility meter. The antenna includes an antenna backing, the backing adapted to conform to an inside surface of a utility meter and an antenna trace affixed to the antenna backing. The antenna trace is made of a conductive... Agent:

20110063173 - Antenna module and wireless communication device using the same: An antenna module includes a radiator made of nanomaterials; the conductivity of the nanomaterials are greater than or equal to about 5.8×107 S/m. The present further discloses a wireless communication device using the antenna module.... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110063174 - Patch antenna and wireless communications module: There is provided a patch antenna. The patch antenna includes a high dielectric constant substrate having a cavity, a radiator disposed on a portion of one surface of the high dielectric constant substrate corresponding to the cavity, a feeder line disposed on the high dielectric constant substrate and supplying a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110063175 - Portable wireless device: The portable radio has an upper housing 11 in which an upper circuit board 11A is placed; a lower housing 12A in which a lower circuit board 12 is placed; a conductive hinge 13A that joins the upper housing 11 to the lower housing 12 so as to be rotatable... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110063176 - Detachable antenna for remote band: An apparatus for regulating the functioning of a patient's organ or duct. The apparatus includes an elongated member having first end and second ends. A fastener is disposed on the first end of the elongated member. The fastener is configured to engage the second end of the elongated member so... Agent:

20110063177 - Wireless communication device having conductive elements antenna: An antenna coupled to a wireless communication device is comprised of a conductive component, such as a series of conductive elements, that forms a conductor if placed under a threshold force. The conductor is coupled to the wireless communication device so that the wireless communication device is capable of communicating... Agent:

20110063178 - Heptagonal antenna array: An antenna system includes a heptagonal antenna array having one center antenna element and seven circumferentially surrounding antenna elements offering improved near and far sidelobe rejection, which is well suited for mechanically-gimbaled and time delayed electrical steering antenna applications.... Agent:

20110063179 - Mechanically steered reflector antenna: A rotatable reflector antenna system that supports on-the-move communications to and from a mobile land, airborne, or maritime vehicle with a remote communication device, such as a geostationary satellite. The antenna system can include a pillbox antenna, a line feed antenna, or an array of horn antennas that convey electromagnetic... Agent:

20110063180 - Dual-loop antenna and multi-frequency multi-antenna module: A dual-loop antenna includes a grounding unit, a shorting unit, a feeding unit, a first loop radiating unit and a second loop radiating unit. The shorting unit has at least one shorting pin disposed on the grounding unit. The feeding unit has at least one feeding pin separated from the... Agent: (2) Lite-on Technology Corporation

20110063181 - Passive repeater for wireless communications: Some embodiments provide a relatively small antenna apparatus that acts as a passive repeater. The antenna apparatus can be designed to facilitate radio frequency (RF) signal gain for a collection or range of frequencies. In some embodiments, the antenna apparatus is placed near a device with a wireless receiver and/or... Agent:

20110063182 - Antenna system and method: A device comprising a metallic conical portion, said conical portion substantially hollow having a vertex end and a base end, a first cylindrical portion disposed annularly about the base end of the conical portion, a metallic second cylindrical portion coupled to the vertex of the conical portion, said cylindrical portion... Agent: Ubiquiti Networks, Inc

20110063183 - Antenna system and method: d

20110063184 - Base sheet: A base sheet 12 has a structure that stably couples a particular chip measuring 1 mm or less on paper with an antenna line by only disposing the chip and antenna line in such a manner that the chip and antenna line are close to each other, without electrically bringing... Agent:

20110063185 - Dielectric loaded sleeve dipole antenna: An antenna operating at a frequency f is provided. The antenna includes an elongated shaft having a first end, a second end, a first member, a second member, and a third member, and an antenna sleeve surrounding at least a portion of the second member of the elongated shaft. The... Agent: PC-tel, Inc.

20110063186 - Antenna connection device: The present invention concerns an antenna connection device, and more particularly, an antenna connection device that effectively dissipates external load through two tension portions and a curved surface portion of a supporting end, without needing a rubber stopper. The antenna connection device according to the present invention comprises: a flat... Agent:

20110063187 - Planar directional antenna: A planar directional antenna including a substrate, a metal layer, a master antenna, and an auxiliary antenna is provided. The substrate has a first surface and a second surface. The metal layer is disposed on the second surface of the substrate, and an upper edge of the metal layer forms... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110063188 - Antenna: An antennacomprises a first conductor, a second conductor and a third conductor each of which has a certain length and does not intersect with each other, wherein the third conductor is positioned between the first conductor and the second conductor, and an end of the first conductor electrically connects to... Agent: Yunnan Galaxy Star Technology Limited

20110063189 - Methods and apparatus for enhanced radiation characteristics from antennas and related components: Aspect of the present disclosure are directed to methods and apparatus producing enhanced radiation characteristics, e.g., wideband behavior, in or for antennas and related components by providing concentric sleeves, with air or dielectric material as a spacer, where the sleeves include one or more conductive layers, at least a portion... Agent: Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc.

20110063190 - Device and method for controlling azimuth beamwidth across a wide frequency range: A system and method for providing a compact azimuth beamwidth in a wide band antenna. The system comprises a first radiating element disposed above a ground plane and one or more parasitic elements disposed proximate to and/or around the first radiating element. Each of the parasitic elements has a slot... Agent:

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110057844 - Antenna and electronic device equipped with same: An antenna according to the present invention comprises: a conductor plate with an axisymmetrical shape; a slot formed on the conductor plate; and a feeding point provided on the axisymmetrical axis of the conductor plate, in which the conductor plate is folded along two locations that are parallel to the... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20110057843 - Apparatus for wireless communication: Apparatus including a ground member oriented in a first orientation; and an antenna including a first portion having a non-overlaying arrangement with the ground member, the first portion being oriented in a second orientation, different to the first orientation.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110057841 - Compact antenna: An antenna 1 for a hand held or small radio communication device such as a cellular radio handset, laptop computer or hand held computer, or GPS device. The antenna has a resonating element 12 over a ceramic material 14, comprised of a high dielectric ceramic, such as barium strontium titanate,... Agent:

20110057842 - Oversized antenna flex: This is directed to an antenna for use in an electronic device. The antenna can be constructed from a flex and printed trace, such that the flex is originally defined to be as large or nearly as large as possible to fit within portion of the electronic device dedicated to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110057845 - Planar broadband antenna: A planar antenna comprising a planarly configured inner radiation element that is surrounded by an outer radiation element, wherein the inner and outer radiation elements each have a feed point. A continuous or discontinuous modification of the distance, which is equal in relation to a symmetrical axis of the inner... Agent: Siemans Ag

20110057846 - Spatial structure with a transponder and method for the manufacture thereof: A spatial structure having a transponder comprising a planar antenna (6) and a chip (3) connected to the antenna (6), wherein the antenna (6) is at least partially embedded in a planar thermoplastic material (5) of the spatial structure, and a cavity is provided in the thermoplastic material (5) for... Agent: Ses Rfid Solutions Gmbh

20110057847 - Mobile wireless device: There is provided a mobile wireless device capable of preventing antenna characteristics from degrading by feeding electric power at a position hardly affected by a human body such as a hand or other body part. In the mobile wireless device, a first circuit board (101) is provided on a first... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110057848 - Antenna apparatus and methods of use therefor: Antenna apparatus and methods of using the same that employ a broadband, planar, single feed ultra high frequency satellite communication (UHF SATCOM) antenna device which may be mounted on composite or other non-metallic and non-electrically conductive surfaces. The antenna apparatus may be implemented using a single antenna feed and impedance... Agent:

20110057849 - Dynamic polarization adjustment for a ground station antenna: A ground station antenna includes a LNB with at least one dipole, a feed horn, a waveguide between the LNB and the feed horn, and a rotation mechanism. By rotating a portion of the waveguide, the polarization of an electromagnetic wave propagating between the LNB and a satellite is transformed... Agent: Orbit Communication Ltd.

20110057850 - Printed antenna: A printed antenna includes a feed portion and a radiating portion. The feed portion feeds electromagnetic signals, and includes a feed end and a connection end. A width of the feed portion is gradually increased from the feed end to the connection end. The radiating portion includes a first radiator... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110057851 - Planar antenna and electromagnetic band gap structure thereof: An electromagnetic band-gap structure includes a circuit board, a ground plane and a plurality of electromagnetic band-gap units. The circuit board includes a first side and a second surface, and the ground plane disposed on the first side. The plurality of electromagnetic band-gap units are located on both the first... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20110057852 - Modular wideband antenna array: A modular wideband antenna element for connection to a feed network. There is a ground plane, and first and second flared fins above the ground plane. The fins each define a connection location that is relatively close to the ground plane and tapering to a free end located farther from... Agent: University Of Massachutsetts

20110057853 - Patch antenna with wide bandwidth at millimeter wave band: Provided is a millimeter wave band patch antenna. The patch antenna includes a multi-layer substrate, at least one metal pattern layer, an antenna patch, a ground layer, and a plurality of vias. In the multi-layer substrate, a plurality of dielectric layers are stacked. The metal pattern layer is disposed between... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110057854 - Identification tag for identifying objects with a metal surface: The invention relates to a device for identifying an object (1) having a surface that is at least partially metal and which comprises an identification tag (2) and an antenna (3) that is fixed at least indirectly to the metal surface. According to the invention, a surface electric contact or... Agent: Siemens Ag

20110057855 - Surface-independent body mount conformal antenna: A surface-independent antenna that operates consistently and independently of a material of its mounting surface. The antenna includes a ground plane having an outer perimeter, an antenna element having a floating portion and a non-floating portion. The non-floating portion is affixed in a generally parallel orientation above an end of... Agent:

20110057856 - Antenna feeding network: An antenna feeding network, including at least one antenna feeding line, each antenna feeding line comprising a coaxial line having a central inner conductor and a surrounding outer conductor. The outer conductor (4) is made of an elongated tubular compartment (5) having an elongated opening (6) along one side of... Agent: Cellmax Technologies Ab

20110057857 - Antenna device and portable radio apparatus: A small antenna system which is incorporated in a portable radio apparatus and can ensure high antenna performance in a wide frequency band without impairing the design property or the operability and a portable radio apparatus are provided. An antenna device includes an antenna A1 having a resonance characteristic in... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110057858 - Device housing: A device housing comprises a main body and a three-dimensional antenna. The main body comprises a first molded body and a second molded body formed on the first molding body. The first molded body is made of plastic, the second molded body is made of plastic mixed with laser activatable... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110057859 - Antenna assembly and portable terminal having the same: An antenna assembly includes a patch coupled to a first board, a conductive pattern coupled to a second board, a first connector electrically coupled to the patch, and a second connector to couple the conductive pattern to a circuit of the first board. The patch has a first section adjacent... Agent:

20110057860 - Transmission and reception module: A transmission and reception module according to one embodiment of the present invention includes an antenna, a transmission circuit, a wave detection circuit, a high-frequency switch, a small-signal high-frequency diode limiter circuit, and a first power amplifier. The antenna transmits a transmission wave, or receives a reception wave. The transmission... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110050506 - Antenna arrangement: The present invention relates to an antenna arrangement with a printed circuit board, which has an upper side and a lower side, and an antenna supported by the printed circuit board, in particular ring antenna, which comprises at least one electrically conductive antenna section which is arranged on a narrow... Agent:

20110050504 - Multiple-connected microstrip lines and the design methods thereof: This invention discloses a new structure, multiple-connected-microstrip-line, based on microstrip line and the design methods of using this new structure for various electromagnetic components, which transmit, feed-in/feed-out, store/release, and radiate/receive electromagnetic signals with improved characteristics, such as Quality factor, broadband impedance matching, interference immunity, and radiation patterns in the applications,... Agent:

20110050507 - Radio communication device: A radio communication device according to the present invention which is inserted into an expansion slot of an electronic device, includes: a printed circuit board having a rectangular shape, and provided with a connection terminal on one short side that connects to the expansion slot; an antenna element provided on... Agent:

20110050505 - Simply fabricable small zeroth-order resonant antenna with extended bandwidth and high efficiency: Provided is a simply fabricable small zeroth-order resonant antenna with extended bandwidth and high efficiency. The zeroth-order resonant antenna includes a feeding patch, a transmission line, and a pair of ground patches. The feeding patch is disposed on a top surface of a substrate having a mono-layer structure, and is... Agent:

20110050510 - Antenna module and wireless communication device using the same: An antenna module includes a frequency modulation radiator and a T-coil radiator electronically connecting to the frequency modulation radiator. The T-coil radiator and the frequency modulation radiator are made of conductive nano material. The present further discloses a wireless communication device using the antenna module.... Agent:

20110050513 - Antennas for handheld electronic devices with conductive bezels: A handheld electronic device may be provided that contains wireless communications circuitry. The handheld electronic device may have a housing and a display. The display may be attached to the housing a conductive bezel. The handheld electronic device may have one or more antennas for supporting wireless communications. A ground... Agent:

20110050509 - Cavity-backed antenna for tablet device: An electronic device may have a cavity antenna. The cavity antenna may have a logo-shaped dielectric window. An antenna resonating element for the cavity antenna may be formed from conductive traces on a printed circuit board. An antenna resonating element may be formed from the traces. The antenna resonating element... Agent:

20110050511 - Device housing: A device housing comprises a main body and an three-dimensional antenna formed on the main body. The main body is made of non-conductive plastic. The three-dimensional antenna is made of conductive plastic. The main body and the three-dimensional antenna are formed by a two-shot injection molding process.... Agent:

20110050508 - Dual-band cavity-backed antenna for integrated desktop computer: An electronic device may have a housing with conductive housing walls. A dielectric antenna window may be formed in an opening in one of the conductive housing walls. A dielectric logo may form the dielectric antenna window. A dielectric support structure may have an outline that matches the dielectric logo.... Agent:

20110050512 - Mobile terminal device: A mobile terminal device includes: a first casing having a first antenna element; a second casing having a second antenna element; and a joint for rotatably joining the first casing and the second casing, the joint having third antenna element for electrically connecting the first antenna element and the second... Agent:

20110050514 - Removable mounting device for atenna: A mounting device for an antenna device and its method for mounting, and removing the antenna utilizes a dock unit and a base unit. In addition to providing a mounting mechanism, the capture or mounting of the device incorporates a storage feature for the antenna cable to make it transportable.... Agent:

20110050515 - Calculating antenna performance: A system and method for detecting the performance of a bi-polarized antenna including two antennas in a wireless communication system is provided. The system may include at least one directional coupler connected to the bi-polarized antenna configured to couple a transmitting signal of the first antenna and another signal from... Agent:

20110050516 - Radomes, aircraft and spacecraft including such radomes, and methods of forming radomes: Radomes include an outer wall having a first average thickness and an inner wall having a second average thickness that is different from the first average thickness. At least a major portion of the inner wall is separated from at least a major portion of the outer wall by a... Agent:

20110050517 - Aircraft antenna: A wireless communication device for an aircraft that includes at least one antenna, for example a wide-band antenna, and a transparent multilayered substrate, for example a side glazing, a front glazing or a porthole of the aircraft, adapted for receiving the at least one antenna. At least a portion of... Agent:

20110050519 - Vehicle antenna assembly: A vehicle antenna assembly includes an element coil, a holder, and a retainer. The element coil can have a polygonal configuration in a cross-section taken normal to a coil access. The holder can include rails. The retainer can engage the rails and apply a compressive load on the element coil... Agent:

20110050518 - Vehicle antenna unit: A vehicle includes a vehicle frame, a dielectric panel mounted to the vehicle frame, an antenna unit mounted on the dielectric panel, an electrically conductive bracket connected with the antenna unit, and a resilient ground plate connected with the bracket and the vehicle frame. The dielectric panel can be interposed... Agent:

20110050520 - Planar antenna array and article of manufacture using same: A planar antenna array and articles of manufacture using the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, close-packed antenna elements, disposed on a substrate, number N where N=3x and x is a positive integer. Each of the close-packed antenna elements includes a substantially continuous photonic transducer arranged as an outwardly expanding... Agent:

20110050521 - Wideband antenna system for garments: A portable antenna system includes an antenna that is substantially defined by one or more portions that include electrically conductive self-similar extensions. The system also includes an article of clothing in which the antenna is attached to a surface of the article of clothing such that electrically conductive self-similar extensions... Agent:

20110050522 - Multi-band antenna apparatus: A multi-band antenna apparatus is provided. The multi-band antenna apparatus comprises a circuit board, a planar printed antenna with a feed-in point and a telescopic antenna. The planar printed antenna is printed on the circuit board. The telescopic antenna is coupled to the circuit board through the feed-in point. The... Agent:

20110050523 - Three-dimensional dual-band antenna: A three-dimensional dual-band antenna including a first radiation portion, a second radiation portion, a connection portion, an impedance matching portion and a feeding portion is provided. The second radiation portion is located under the radiation portion and parallel with the first radiation portion. The connection portion is connected to the... Agent:

20110050524 - Reconfigurable antenna using addressable conductive particles: An antenna made up of small addressable conductive segments, or pixel elements, located in a dielectric space positioned over a two-dimensional pixel element actuator is presented. The small pixel elements can be actuated in less than a millisecond by the actuator to form patterns that create an array of patch... Agent:

20110050525 - Radar device and antenna angle adjusting method: A radar device is provided. A planar antenna is tiltably provided with respect to a housing. A detecting section detects a tilt angle of the planar antenna with respect to the gravity direction. A moving section moves the planar antenna to adjust the tilt angle of the planar antenna. A... Agent:

20110050526 - Thermal compensating subreflector tracking assembly and method of use: A thermal compensating subreflector tracking assembly for a reflector antenna and methods of use. The subreflector tracking assembly provided with a base, an intermediate support and a subreflector mount. The intermediate support coupled to the base, movable normal to the base and the subreflector mount coupled to the intermediate support,... Agent:

20110050527 - Broadband/multi-band horn antenna with compact integrated feed: A dual polarization multi-band antenna may include a waveguide horn, a low band feed section, a transition section, and a high band feed section coupled in series. The waveguide horn may be configured to support propagation of electromagnetic waves in a low band and a high band. The low band... Agent:

20110050528 - High isolation antenna system: An antenna system supports a common resonance mode and differential resonance mode, each with approximately equal radiation resistance and bandwidth at a given operating frequency band. The antenna system includes a resonant antenna section, a counterpoise, and two antenna ports. The resonant antenna section includes two spaced-apart poles and a... Agent:

20110050529 - Antenna device for transmitting and receiving electromegnetic signals: An antenna device for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic signals. The antenna device includes a ground plane and a radiator arranged at an radiator distance above the ground plane. In addition, the antenna device includes a plurality of parasitic elements arranged, on the ground plane, around the radiator in a radially... Agent:

20110050530 - Control of passive intermodulation on aircrafts: There is described a Passive Intermodulation (PIM) shield for use with an aircraft for reducing PIM sources, the PIM shield comprising: a conductive material adapted to be placed between an antenna and a fuselage of the aircraft for preventing undesired Radio Frequency (RF) signals resulting from a combination of RF... Agent:

20110050531 - Antenna unit and communication device using the same: An antenna unit includes a loop antenna 1; a metallic element 6 provided on one side of an aperture area of the loop antenna 1; and a coil 2 inserted into a line of the loop antenna 1. A coil axis of the coil 2 is parallel to the aperture... Agent:

20110050532 - Antenna and portable wireless communication device using the same: A portable wireless communication device includes a base circuit board, an antenna, and a switch. The base circuit board is a printed circuit board including a feed point and a ground point. The antenna is disposed on the base circuit board including a radiating portion, a feed portion, and a... Agent:

20110050533 - Ground structure of antenna of mobile terminal: An antenna ground structure of a mobile terminal is disclosed. The antenna ground structure of a mobile terminal is arranged to provide the ground pattern on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) adjacent to the antenna and to electrically connect the ground pattern to the ground unit of the antenna, so... Agent:

20110050534 - Triplate line inter-layer connector, and planar array antenna: Provided is a triplate line inter-layer connector having excellent loss suppression capability and allowing for inter-layer connection at any position, and a planar array antenna having uniform frequency characteristics in a beam direction. The triplate line inter-layer connector has an electrical connection structure between a first triplate line and a... Agent:

20110050535 - Antenna, antenna unit, and communication device using them: An antenna has a base substrate 3, a coil 30 formed from a conductor 4 wound around the base substrate 3, and a plurality of terminals 5 connected to the conductor 4. Uncovered base substrate portions 31 where the conductor is absent are formed on the base substrate 3 except... Agent:

20110050536 - Low-profile tunable wide-range loop-slot antenna: The Loop-Slot Antenna design provides a large range of tunable frequencies for transceiving while maintaining a small profile perfect for mounting on vehicles or other objects where a large antenna is impractical or infeasible. As compared with known vertical polarization antennas that have considerable height, for instance quarter-wave and half-wave... Agent:

20110050537 - Antenna formed inside film: An antenna formed inside a film comprises a thin film, a radiation conductor, a supporter, a conductive paste and at least one contact terminal. The radiation conductor is arranged on the thin film. The supporter is arranged on the radiation conductor with at least one trench formed thereon. The contact... Agent:

20110050538 - Dual-band antenna assembly: A dual-band antenna assembly is positioned on a substrate, and includes an insulation body, a plane antenna and a microstrip antenna. The insulation body includes a plane surface paralleled to the substrate, and a side surface perpendicularly extending from edges of the plane surface to the substrate. The plane antenna... Agent:

20110050539 - Monopole antenna: A monopole antenna includes a substrate, a feed portion, a radiating portion, and a position ring. The substrate defines a via hole. The feed portion feeds electromagnetic signals by way of the via hole. The radiating portion is L-shaped, and includes a first radiator and a second radiator. One end... Agent:

20110050540 - Mobile wireless communications device including an electrically conductive director element and related methods: A mobile wireless communications device may include a portable housing, a printed circuit board (PCB) carried by the portable housing, a wireless transceiver carried by the PCB, and an antenna connected to the transceiver and carried by the PCB. The mobile wireless communications device may further include at least one... Agent:

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