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Communications: electrical

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11/13/2014 > 45 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140333412 - Virtual badge, device and method: A system, methods, and devices comprising a virtual badge are disclosed. The virtual badge can be displayed on an electronic device or on another linked or unlinked portable device. For use in both emergency and non-emergency scenarios, the virtual badge comprises images and data which can be scanned, and the... Agent: Pathfinders International, LLC

20140333413 - Systems and methods for high fidelity multi-modal out-of-band biometric authentication: Systems and methods for high fidelity multi-modal out-of-band biometric authentication are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a method for multi-mode biometric authentication may include (1) receiving, at a computer application executed by an electronic device, a first input from a first input device on the electronic device; (2) receiving, at... Agent:

20140333414 - Systems and methods for high fidelity multi-modal out-of-band biometric authentication through vector-based multi-profile storage: A method for generating multiple biometric profiles for a user is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the method may include (1) receiving data from a user, the data comprising biometric data for a user and device specifications for the electronic device; (2) at least one computer processor retrieving at least... Agent: Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a.

20140333415 - Systems and methods for high fidelity multi-modal out-of-band biometric authentication with human cross-checking: Systems and methods for high fidelity multi-modal out-of-band biometric authentication with cross-checking are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a method for integrated biometric authentication may include (1) receiving, from a user, biometric data; (2) at least one computer processor performing machine-based biometric matching on the biometric data; (3) the at... Agent: Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a.

20140333416 - Method for reading an identification document in a contactless manner: The invention creates a method for the contactless readout of an electronic identification document by means of a terminal, wherein in a data reading step encrypted identification data from a data memory are transmitted to the terminal, and in a key reading step the data key with which the identification... Agent:

20140333417 - Electronic tag having wristband: An electronic tag having a wristband includes a base defining at least one receiving notch, a radio frequency identification element received in the base, at least one connecting element connecting the radio frequency identification element, a locking module captured in the receiving notch and resisting the connecting element, and a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140333418 - Terminal for line-of-sight rfid tag reading: There is provided a terminal for use in determining which of one or more candidate RFID tags having unique data stored thereon is a target RFID tag within an area of the terminal. The terminal can comprise program instructions to direct an RFID reading device of the terminal to perform... Agent:

20140333420 - Simultaneous programming of selected tags: An apparatus and method for simultaneous programming of data to individually addressed Tags. Tags contain a being addressed indicator that allows for processing of simultaneous programming commands. Specified Tags are individually pre-addressed to receive simultaneous programming Tag data is programmed simultaneously for all Tags in a specified group of Tags.... Agent:

20140333419 - System and method for mapping multiple applications to a single nfc tag: A method and system are disclosed for mapping multiple applications or services from a single tag. A tag is deployed in a product that stores multiple intent records, the first of which maps to a client multiplexing component. The client multiplexing component, resident on a user device, is automatically initiated... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140333422 - Display apparatus and method of providing a user interface thereof: A display apparatus and a UI providing method are disclosed. The display apparatus includes a display configured to display a plurality of screens on a first area of a display screen and a plurality of objects categorized into a plurality of groups on a second area of the display screen,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140333421 - Remote control device, display apparatus, and method for controlling the remote control device and the display apparatus thereof: A remote control device, a display apparatus and a method for controlling the remote control device and the display apparatus thereof are provided. A remote control device for controlling a display apparatus includes a user interface configured to receive a user interaction, a first communicator configured to communicate with the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140333423 - Traffic collision avoidance in wireless communication systems: A low cost, robust, wireless sensor that provides an extended period of operability without maintenance is described. The wireless sensors are configured to communicate with a base unit or repeater. When the sensor unit detects an anomalous ambient condition (e.g., smoke, fire, water, etc.) the sensor communicates with the base... Agent:

20140333424 - Monitoring apparatus for vehicle and method for monitoring vehicle: Method for monitoring a vehicle comprises sensing status changes of the vehicle in 3D space. The situations of the vehicle are identified. The numbers of times of each situations of the vehicle is counted during status changes. A threat of the vehicle is determined according to the identified situations, the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140333425 - Vehicle status notification and operator identification: A computing system located on-board a vehicle issues an event notification responsive to detection of an event condition. The on-board computing system detects the presence of wireless enabled devices located within the vehicle or within proximity to the vehicle over a wireless communications link. The on-board computing system seeks to... Agent: Inc.

20140333426 - Vehicular safety assistive device: A vehicular assistive safety device that couples between a vehicular brake light and the vehicle's brake pedal switch, having a logic responsive to each activation of the brake pedal switch to initiate a duty cycle of a plurality of periods of various output intensity and duration of said brake light.... Agent:

20140333427 - Reel type cold light warning triangle: A reel type cold light warning triangle includes a base, two support members, a cold light reel assembly, an elastic return assembly, two support units, a pulling member, a power system and a control assembly. The cold light warning piece can be pulled out or rolled up automatically simply by... Agent:

20140333428 - Lighting system for monitoring light emitting devices: A lighting system is provided with a plurality of devices that are disposed within a lamp assembly and configured to emit light in response to receiving electrical power from a power source. The detector is coupled to the plurality of devices and is configured to monitor an electrical characteristic associated... Agent: North American Lighting, Inc.

20140333429 - Front and side vehicle brake indicator system: Some embodiments of the present disclosure include a front and side viewable brake indicator system for a vehicle. The brake indicator system may include a pair of front mounted brake lights mounted on a vehicle, the first front mounted brake light mounted to a position proximate to a passenger side... Agent:

20140333430 - System and method for using customer data networks for alarm systems: An alarm system is disclosed for transmitting data over a data network at a monitored site. The alarm system may include at least two alarm panels operatively connected to the data network and connected to one another by an alternate data path. The alarm panels may be configured to communicate... Agent: Simplexgrinnell Lp

20140333431 - Device for providing notifications while mated with a carrying case: A device for providing notifications while mated with a carrying case is provided. The device comprises: an indicator; a first detector configured to detect when the device is mated with a carrying case, the carrying case having an open configuration and a closed configuration, wherein the indicator is hidden in... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140333432 - Systems and methods for worker location and safety confirmation: Systems, methods, and software are provided herein for worker location and/or safety confirmation. In at least one example, a user will carry a user device which include monitoring functionality. This device will monitor for concerning event such as an unexpected location, a lack of user movement, a press of an... Agent: Cartasite, Inc.

20140333433 - Hygiene monitoring and management system and method: A Real Time Locating System (RTLS) hygiene management and monitoring system for individuals and companies to manage and monitor the hygiene of their surroundings. In some embodiments of the invention, RTLS is used to monitor and manage cleanliness of rooms and surfaces and the location of cleaning supplies and cleaning... Agent:

20140333434 - Signal strength-based routing of network traffic in a wireless communication system: A low cost, robust, wireless sensor that provides an extended period of operability without maintenance is described. The wireless sensors are configured to communicate with a base unit or repeater. When the sensor unit detects an anomalous ambient condition (e.g., smoke, fire, water, etc.) the sensor communicates with the base... Agent:

20140333435 - Method and system for reminding reader of fatigue in reading while using electronic device: The method and system for reminding readers of fatigue in reading while using electronic devices are revealed. First use a reading speed calculation module to detect user's reading speed within a period of time when the user is using an electronic with a display to read. The reading speed is... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20140333437 - Solitary senior people care system: A solitary senior people care system comprises: an electric device switch installed within a household where a senior resident resides; a household monitoring communication device configured to provide the on or off state information and identity information of the electric device switch together; an electric device switch history server computer... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20140333438 - System and method responsive to an event detected at a glucose monitoring device: Embodiments include an apparatua responsive to an event detected at a glucose monitoring device. The apparatus includes circuitry to select an action to occur remote to the glucose monitoring device in response to the event. Embodiments include a response center responsive to an event at a glucose monitoring device to... Agent:

20140333436 - Systems and method for intelligent medical vigilance with alert cause indication: An intelligent medical vigilance system that observes and analyzes, and, only in the event of a clinically significant negative condition, notifies and reports the event to the care staff utilizing the hospital's existing nurse call system. The device includes a bedside unit connected to a pad or coverlet with a... Agent: Hoana Medical, Inc.

20140333439 - Remote monitoring systems: A system includes sensors for transmitting data on a low power and/or short range transmission link, and one or more coordinators in wireless communication with the sensors. The coordinators convert signals received via the low power and/or short range transmission link to a longer range transmission link. A base station... Agent:

20140333440 - Patient safety system with automatically adjusting bed: A patient safety system including an adjustable bed and a patient monitoring system is disclosed herein. The adjustable bed can automatically adjust to a safe default configuration when the safety system detects that a care provider has left the patient's room or when the safety system detects that the patient... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20140333441 - Diaper monitor: The diaper monitor has a sensor housing that can be slipped into a pocket formed in a diaper at the time of use and secured in place by a pivotal clip. The housing has a pair of conductive strips for sensing wetting of a diaper and a responsive wireless transmitter... Agent:

20140333442 - Method, monitoring system and computer program for monitoring use of an absorbent product: A method for monitoring use of an absorbent product, such as an incontinence pad or a diaper, worn by a user. The method includes the step of detecting, by means of an odour sensor device capable of being carried by the user and configured to communicate with a mobile device... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20140333443 - Method for early detection of cooling-loss events: A method of detecting cooling-loss event early is provided. The method includes defining a relative humidity limit and change threshold for a given space, measuring relative humidity in the given space, determining, with a processing unit, whether the measured relative humidity is within the defined relative humidity limit, generating a... Agent:

20140333444 - Liquid natural gas cryogenic tank leak detection system: A method of detecting leakage of a fluid from a tank is disclosed. The method may include determining cumulative commanded fluid consumption of the fluid in the tank over a selected time period, determining an actual change of a volume of the fluid in the tank over the selected time... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140333445 - System and method for high-sensitivity sensor: A sensor unit that includes at least one sensor configured to measure an ambient condition is described. The controller can be configured to receive instructions, to report a notice level when the controller determines that data measured by the at least one sensor fails a report threshold test corresponding to... Agent:

20140333446 - Sports helmet notification system: A sports helmet notification system to be carried by a helmet has a microcontroller in connection with an accelerometer that measures acceleration in three mutually orthogonal directions, a memory device and a notification device. The microcontroller has a predetermined logging setpoint and a predetermined notification setpoint. The microcontroller is programmed... Agent: Safebrain Systems, Inc.

20140333447 - Failure alarm system and method of failure alarming thereof: A failure alarm system adapted for monitoring an instrument includes a BUS transmitting data and control logics inside the failure alarm system, a recording device connected to the BUS for recording operating sounds of the instrument, a voice processing unit connected to the BUS for converting the operating sounds into... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140333448 - Sensor device for an alerting system: A sensor device for an alerting system comprises a casing and a sensing element adapted to detect an alerting event, wherein said sensor device is adapted to output an alert signal in response to said sensing element detecting an alerting event. The sensing element is a photosensitive element adapted to... Agent: Bellman & Symfon Europe Ab

20140333450 - Conditionally variable strobe notification appliance: A strobe notification device that operates based on a sensed environmental condition is disclosed. The strobe notification device includes a programmed candela setting, programmed locally at the strobe notification device or programmed remotely and sent to the strobe notification device. Based on the sensed environmental condition, one or more aspects... Agent: Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

20140333449 - Displaying storage device status conditions using multi-color light emitting diode: Displaying storage device status conditions using multi-color light emitting diodes (LEDs) involves monitoring values of a status condition of at least one persistent storage device. The values are mapped to two or more colors, and at least one multi-color LED displays the two or more colors in response to the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140333451 - System and method for monitoring power consumption of electronic device: A system for monitoring power consumption of an electronic device, includes a MCU, a processor, and an indicating unit. The MCU includes an inter-integrated circuit and an analog to digital converter. The inter-integrated circuit records a digital output current value and voltage value of each digital electronic component of the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140333452 - Inter-tool communication flow control in toolbus system of cable telemetry: Systems and methods for inter-tool communication in toolbus systems in cable telemetry. The systems can include downhole equipment deployable into a wellbore via a cable, The downhole equipment can include a toolbus, a toolbus master node including a buffer, and nodes operatively coupled to the toolbus master node via the... Agent:

20140333453 - Field optimized assay devices, methods, and systems: A portable unitary device handheld diagnostic device can be operated with minimal power requirement and provides ease of operation as well as low cost communication of diagnostic data from remote locations. The device can provide nucleic-acid based diagnostics with minimal training, little to no sample preparation, and generates diagnostic data... Agent:

20140333454 - Portable monitoring device for remotely monitoring a medical device: There is provided a combination of a portable monitoring device (9) for remotely monitoring a medical device (1) for use in hospitals and the like and having a signal receiver for receiving a first wireless signal, and said medical device (1) in the form of a portable drip infusion set... Agent: Dripmate A/s

20140333455 - Parking guidance method for vehicle using around view monitor: There is provided a parking guidance method for a vehicle, of displaying a guidance line for guidance of perpendicular, parallel parking in an AVM synthetic image to provide parking guidance. The method includes entering a parking support mode, displaying parking type information in the parking support mode to select a... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140333456 - Aircraft tire pressure loop link: The aircraft tire pressure loop link is formed of first and second single metal loops connected by parallel spaced apart metal shafts, and provides for coupling a magnetic field between a wheel hub coil and a tire pressure sensor coil to provide electromagnetic communication between a control unit connect to... Agent: Eldec Corporation

11/06/2014 > 44 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20140327514 - Method, apparatus and computer program for determining the location of a user in an area: Apparatus for orientating a user in a space wherein the space comprises a plurality of zones of which only certain zones constitute functional zones wherein each functional zone includes a first type device containing information relating to the position of the zone in the space and wherein the first type... Agent:

20140327515 - Combination speaker and light source responsive to state(s) of an organism based on sensor data: Techniques associated with a combination speaker and light source responsive to states of an organism based on sensor data are described, including receiving state data from a wearable device configured to generate the state data using sensor data, generating light data using the state data, generating audio data using the... Agent: Alipcom

20140327516 - Method, system, and kit for making an asset monitorable by a security asset management system: An identification insert includes identification circuitry on a support layer and connected to a plug receptacle placing the circuitry in communication with another device when a plug of the device is inserted into the receptacle. A cavity in an asset, such as a firearm, can house the identification insert to... Agent:

20140327517 - Remote control system, and method for automatically locking and/or unlocking at least one movable panel of a motor vehicle and/or for starting a motor vehicle engine using a remote control system: A remote control system and method are disclosed for automatically locking and/or unlocking at least one movable panel of a motor vehicle and/or for starting a motor vehicle engine. The remote control system includes a vehicle module to be installed inside the vehicle and a portable module to be carried... Agent:

20140327518 - Apparatus and method for finding and reporting lost items: Provided is a system, having: a lost-and-found system, implemented with one or more processors, the lost-and-found system having a server and a data repository, the data repository storing venue records; and a plurality of mobile devices each having a lost-and-found mobile application, the lost-and-found mobile application being operative to report... Agent:

20140327519 - Interactive safety system: There is disclosed an interactive system (10) for indicating the status of a given monitored area. The system includes a conventional central computer (11) which may be controlled by an administrator and several conventional remote devices (12) which are controlled by individuals. Should a threat occur a remote device user... Agent:

20140327521 - Asset location using relays: Systems and methods are described herein for asset location using relay tags. A method for asset location via a relay tag as described herein includes receiving, at the relay tag, an asset message from an asset tag according to a wireless communication protocol, wherein the relay tag has a known... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140327520 - Radio identification arrangement and method for indicating the position of a physical object: According to one embodiment, a radio identification arrangement is described comprising a signal emitter and a controller configured to detect whether the radio identification arrangement has received a radio signal which specifies an identification of the radio identification arrangement from a radio identification device or the radio identification arrangement has... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140327522 - Method for operating a field device of process automation technology: Method for operating a field device of process automation technology, wherein the field device includes a main circuit, which serves in a first operating mode for evaluation and for output of process data, which preferably come from a measuring transducer, wherein the field device includes a first interface, which serves... Agent:

20140327524 - Method and apparatus pertaining to preconfiguring in facilitating the reading of rfid tags: Some embodiments provide methods to facilitate reading a plurality of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, comprising: receiving, within a RFID tag reader, identification information corresponding to one or more RFID tags of interest; interrogating a plurality of RFID tags while the RFID tag reader is not in communication with a... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20140327523 - Storing and retrieving electronic device information: An electronic device includes a processor, a memory, an embedded element storing information, and a short-range radio controller. The embedded element is readable by an external reader. The short-range radio controller is configured to receive a radio communication. If the short-range radio controller is being powered by a primary battery... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20140327525 - Assisting use of control devices with different electronic devices: A remote determines an acknowledgement is not received for a command transmitted to a first device, broadcasts a discovery message, receives a response from a second device that received the discovery message and a proximity signal from the remote, and configures itself to control the second device. The remote may... Agent:

20140327526 - Control signal based on a command tapped by a user: A system includes at least three accelerometers disposed in different locations of an area with a surface to capture respective vibration data corresponding to a command tapped onto the surface by a user and a processing system to receive the vibration data from each accelerometer, identify the command and a... Agent:

20140327527 - Designer control devices: A control device configurable to couple to one or more devices having different control functions and a method of facilitating remote control of at least one device having different control functions includes a processor that receives an instruction for at least one of the control functions and additional information from... Agent: Personics Holdings, LLC

20140327529 - Interactive object tracing system and interactive object and tracing method thereof: An interactive object tracing system includes an interactive object including a control unit, a first communication module and a first display module and a portable communication device including a control module, a second communication module and an image capture module. The first display module, the second communication module and the... Agent:

20140327528 - Interface, hardware remote controller and remote control system: Disclosed is a display apparatus which is used so as to produce a hardware remote controller capable of operating a plurality of instruments. The display apparatus includes a first display part which displays remote control information including external shape information of a remote control of a target instrument to be... Agent: Pita4 Mobile LLC

20140327530 - Eccentric rotating mass actuator optimization for haptic effects: A system that generates a haptic effect using an Eccentric Rotating Mass (“ERM”) actuator determines a vibration level of the device during operation of the device. The system receives a haptic effect signal including one or more parameters, where one of the parameters is a voltage amplitude level as a... Agent:

20140327531 - Haptic feedback using composite piezoelectric actuator: A haptic tape includes a composite piezoelectric layer connected between a first electrode layer and a second electrode layer. The composite piezoelectric layer has a plurality of piezoelectric rods arranged in a polymer matrix. The haptic tape is configured to be used as a sealant.... Agent:

20140327532 - Method of preventing collision in vehicle: Provided is a method of preventing a collision of vehicles at an intersection, including calculating position information of a subject vehicle approaching the intersection and position information of an opposite vehicle approaching another approach path to the intersection, calculating intersection approach times of the subject vehicle and the opposite vehicle... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140327533 - Display control apparatus: A display control apparatus for assigning a content to an area of a screen of an in-vehicle display and for displaying the content is disclosed. When a display instruction to display a new content different from a present content to an area is generated during displaying of the present content... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140327535 - Method for filtering data in a tire pressure monitoring system for a vehicle: A method for filtering data in a tire pressure monitoring system for a vehicle includes the steps of: recording a variable that is dependent on the tire radius for a wheel of the vehicle, and filtering the variable that is dependent on the tire radius on the basis of driving... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20140327534 - System and method for identifying a component for a tire pressure monitoring system: A system and method for identifying a component, such as a sensor, for a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to be replaced for a vehicle of interest by performing a Quick Search or an Advanced Search of a TPMS Manager database. In the Quick Search, the user inputs year/make/model (Y/M/M)... Agent: Tiremetrix LLC.

20140327536 - Combination display instrument in a vehicle: A combination display instrument in a vehicle has a plurality of display elements and/or display scales inserted into or attached onto a common base. A polarizing film, which is designed to correspond to the base, is arranged in the line of vision of an observer in front of the base.... Agent:

20140327537 - Display device for vehicle: A display device for a vehicle is provided. The display device includes a display that displays, through a display surface thereof, an information image containing various information items; and a partitioning member that is located in front of the display surface of the display. The information image is segmented into... Agent:

20140327538 - Cable tracing in a datacenter: A cable detection system may be implemented in a datacenter to locate the path of a cable. The cable detection system includes a signal generator and driver circuit having its output in communication with a transformer, wherein the transformer has a first output coupled to a cable shield of an... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140327539 - Cable tracing in a datacenter: Embodiments of the invention provide a method of tracing cable through a datacenter. The method causes a cable to emit a radio frequency signal along the length of the cable. One or more structural members have a detection circuit that will illuminate in response to detecting the radio frequency signal... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140327540 - Mobile personal emergency response system: A wireless device includes a transceiver configured to communicate with a device management center, a first sensor configured to detect a condition associated with the wireless device, a second sensor configured to detect a position associated with the wireless device, and a processor coupled to the transceiver, the first sensor,... Agent:

20140327542 - Custom-shape wireless dog fence system and method: A custom-shaped wireless fence system is provided that contains one or more dogs in a user-defined containment area without the need for a physical fence or underground wire. The system, which is easy to set up and use, includes at least three base units and at least one collar and,... Agent: Woodstream Corporation

20140327541 - System and method for tracking firearms: In some embodiments, a system for tracking a firearm may include: a tracking station in communication with a network; a first tag coupled to a firearm, the first tag comprising a first tag identifier and a first Global Positioning System (GPS) transmitter, the first Global Positioning System (GPS) transmitter effective... Agent:

20140327543 - Systems and methods associated with detection of indoor gunfire: Systems and methods are disclosed for reliably detecting gunfire in enclosed spaces having significant acoustic reverberation. Implementations are configured to quickly and reliably report the room or portion of a room where gunfire is located. Innovations herein may ensure low false alarm rate by thresholding, pattern recognition and/or detecting the... Agent: Shotspotter, Inc.

20140327545 - Hand cleanliness: Among other things, systems and methods include an apparatus to be carried or worn by a person, the apparatus comprising: electronics to determine a cleanliness state of the person's hands; and an element separate from the electronics to communicate information associated with the person to the electronics.... Agent: Biovigil Hygiene Technologies, LLC

20140327544 - Systems and methods of notifying a patient to take medication: Systems and methods of scheduling and sending notifications to, and receiving acknowledgements from, patients regarding specific health care events, such as the taking of medications at scheduled times and in prescribed dosages. By directing a patient to take their prescribed dosages of medication at scheduled times based on a schedule... Agent:

20140327546 - Method and computer program for monitoring use of an absorbent product: A method for monitoring use of an absorbent product, such as an incontinence pad or a diaper, worn by a wearer, includes registering a movement of the wearer by way of a mobile device having a movement sensing device, evaluating whether the registered movement is indicative of urinary and/or faecal... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20140327547 - Multimedia alerting: A method, system, apparatus, and device provides alert information to a user of a device. In response to an alert notification of an alert, one or more alert geographical tiles of interest that are affected by the alert of a plurality of geographical tiles are determined; one or more location-enabled... Agent: Weather Decision Technologies

20140327548 - Pool surveillance system and associated surveillance method: A system for surveillance of a pool containing a liquid such as water-comprises at least one first element comprising at least one submersible robot provided with standalone propulsion capabilities for propelling the robot in the pool, onboard of which robot is installed at least one sensor capable of producing at... Agent:

20140327549 - Transmission line: A transmission line includes a first connection module, transmission module, and second connection module. The first connection module has a first terminal, sampling unit, and first light emitting module. The transmission module has a cable and an optical fiber. The optical fiber has an end coupled to the first light... Agent:

20140327550 - Warning alert system for induced ac on pipeline systems for crew safety: This invention relates to the pipeline safety system. The invention is a warning alert system for presence of an induced AC voltage/current on a pipeline system that runs in parallel with an AC transmission line. This invention is a warning alert system for ground faults from power high voltage AC... Agent:

20140327551 - Oil port position sensing device: A portable apparatus for sensing position of an oil port on a rotating element (e.g. the wheel or track of a heavy vehicle) has a position sensor in electrical communication with a wireless transmitter. The wireless transmitter is configured to receive signals from the position sensor and to send signals... Agent:

20140327552 - Surface communication system for communication with downhole wireless modem prior to deployment: An apparatus is made of a surface communication system for communicating wirelessly with a first wireless modem (25Mi−2) mounted within a section of tubing (14), and configured to communicate wirelessly with a second wireless modem (25Mi−1) through a tubing including the section of tubing and within a well at a... Agent:

20140327553 - Zero power metering circuits, systems and methods: A system can include a passive wireless interface circuit that generates data from a wireless signal and further includes an energy harvesting circuit that generates first operating power from the wireless signal; a meter interface circuit configured to receive at least one input signal and second operating power from a... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20140327554 - Remote monitoring system of uniaxial eccentric screw pump: In order to enable monitoring of operating conditions of a plurality of uniaxial eccentric screw pumps with monitoring means installed in a remote site, a remote monitoring system (1) is capable of sending and receiving operating condition detection information items in a communication network (N) established by wireless intercommunication means... Agent: Heishin Ltd.

20140327555 - Monitoring & security systems and methods with learning capabilities: A system for monitoring a location comprises at least one processing device and memory. The processing device is configured to receive data collected from sensors at a location, store the data in the memory and analyze the data to determine whether to provide a notification to a party based, at... Agent:

20140327556 - System and method for detecting vehicle proximity in an electric vehicle supply equipment: A system and method is provided for detecting vehicle proximity in an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). A sensor may be configured to detect a presence of a vehicle within a predetermined distance of the EVSE. A processor may be configured to determine that the vehicle is in proximity of... Agent: Semaconnect, Inc.

20140327557 - Display method and display system for a vehicle: A display method for a vehicle includes the following steps: determining a vehicle position, retrieving vehicle surroundings data from a database corresponding to the determined vehicle position, detecting the vehicle surroundings, and displaying a vehicle surroundings view based on the retrieved vehicle surroundings data and the detected vehicle surroundings.... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 64 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20140320258 - Key writing device and key writing method thereof: A key writing device electrically connected to an electronic device for automating the writing of multiple keys for activating one or more functions of the electronic device, via a key writer. The key writing device includes a storage storing multiple keys, at least two of the keys to be written... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140320259 - Biometric security apparatus for access and control of a physical locking storage unit: A biometric security apparatus for use with a plurality of server cabinet enclosures is described herein. Each cabinet enclosure is configured with at least one electromechanical lock and a corresponding door. The biometric security apparatus includes a plurality of remote nodes, each remote node configured to provide an output signal... Agent:

20140320261 - Method for upgrading rfid readers in situ: A reader-enhancing device is proposed which enables an in situ upgrade of readers having limited processing capabilities. The reader-enhancing device includes an emulation module that is capable of generating an output which emulates a first type of credential when the reader-enhancing device receives an input that is not in a... Agent: Assa Abloy Ab

20140320260 - Mitigation of lf interference from adjacent vehicles also using lf approach detection system: A system may include at least one antenna and a controller in communication with the antenna. The controller may be configured to establish a pattern for transmitting low frequency challenges; and instruct the first antenna to transmit the low frequency challenges based on the established pattern.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140320262 - Smartkey system and operating method thereof: Provided are a smartkey system and an operating method thereof. The smartkey system reflects an intensity of RF noise, which is detected in a zone having strong RF noise, in a fob indoor/outdoor position determination reference, and thus can prevent a determination error in which the presence of a fob... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140320263 - Methods, program products, and systems relating to vehicular garage door control systems: Embodiments of method performed in conjunction with a vehicular garage door control system are provided, as are embodiments of a vehicular garage door control system and a program product executed by a smartphone in communicating with such a garage door control system. The vehicular garage door control system may include... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140320265 - Apparatus and method of determining a likelihood of task completion from information relating to the reading of rfid tags: Methods and apparatuses are provided using RFID devices to assist in determining a likelihood that the performance of a task has been completed. In one implementation, an apparatus comprises a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader and a control circuit operably coupled to the RFID reader. The control circuit is configured... Agent:

20140320264 - Carrier compensation reader: A carrier compensation reader compensates a carrier signal. The carrier compensation reader transmits, via an antenna, a first carrier signal and obtains a second carrier signal based on the first carrier signal. The carrier compensation reader configures a compensation circuit to receive a receiver output signal based on the second... Agent:

20140320266 - System for interrogating a remotely interrogatable passive sensor integrated into a metal cavity with reduced system loss and interrogation method: A system comprises a cavity being reflecting for RF waves and comprises at least one acoustic wave sensor exhibiting a resonance frequency band, coupled to a sensor antenna; and an interrogation/reception device for the sensor. The interrogation/reception device comprises: means for transmitting/receiving an RF signal transmitting within an interrogation frequency... Agent:

20140320270 - Method for determining a destination call for use by an elevator installation, and an elevator installation: A method for determining a destination call for use by an elevator installation with a control unit and at least one destination call device includes ascertaining several destination calls and making them known to the user by the destination call device. A destination call is selected by a change in... Agent:

20140320271 - Apparatus and method pertaining to switching rfid transceiver read states: An apparatus (such as but not limited to an RFID tag) includes an RFID transceiver that is configured to automatically switch from a readable state to a quiescent read state upon being read and to remain in the quiescent read state at least while provisioned with reader-based power. The apparatus... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20140320267 - Food slicing blade with a radio transponder: The present disclosure relates to a method for the use of a blade for a food slicer, where the blade comprises a radio transponder that in response to a query radio signal transmits a response data record in a response radio signal. Furthermore, a configuration signal is transmitted with a... Agent: Weber Maschinenbau Gmbh Breidenbach

20140320268 - System and method to determine sterilization of a device: A system and method for verifying the occurrence of an environmental condition is disclosed. Rather than store information concerning the occurrence and/or success of the sterilization process, the present invention modifies the wireless transmission characteristics of the device. In some embodiments, the bandwidth of the wireless transceiver is altered as... Agent:

20140320272 - Receptacle for medical instruments, and method for capturing and transmitting data from medical instruments: A receptacle for medical instruments comprises a container for holding the medical instruments and comprises an apparatus for capturing and transmitting data from the medical instruments, which apparatus comprises a control unit, a reader and at least one first identification element attached to at least one medical instrument, wherein the... Agent:

20140320269 - Apparatus and method pertaining to conveying information via an rfid transceiver: An RFID transceiver and RFID-tag reader cooperate to convey information from one to the other and further accommodate the RFID-tag reader transmitting information to the RFID transceiver that causes a modification of information presented via the RFID transceiver. By one approach an RFID-tag reader detects a circumstance that evidences a... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20140320274 - Method for gesture control, gesture server device and sensor input device: Exemplary methods and apparatuses are provided for gesture control of at least one remotely controllable device that includes receiving information from at least one sensor input device at a gesture server device, detecting a gesture within the received information from the at least one sensor input device by the gesture... Agent:

20140320275 - Remote operation and control system for pressure filter: A remote operation and control system for a pressure filter; a PLC controller in a pressure filter body is connected to the interface of a GPRS-DTU communication network; the aerial of the GPRS-DTU communication network is linked to a communication tower via a signal; the communication tower is connected to... Agent: Shandong Jingjin Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140320273 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, control target device, and information processing system: There is provided a remote commander including an input section which accepts input of operation information from a user, a communication section which communicates with a control target device via a radio signal, a service information-acquisition section which acquires, from the control target device via the communication section, service identification... Agent:

20140320276 - Methods and systems for providing haptic control: Haptic systems are disclosed which may provide increased resolution in tactile feedback. A tiered haptic system may be formed by stacking of haptic elements. One or more arrays of shape change elements such as, for example, piezoelectric elements may be used to actuate a screen surface. Arrays may also be... Agent:

20140320277 - Exterior mirror reflective element sub-assembly: A mirror reflective element sub-assembly for an exterior rearview mirror assembly of a vehicle includes a mirror reflective element and a mirror back plate. The mirror back plate includes an indicator unit mounting portion and a mirror actuator attaching portion established at a first side by a plastic injection molding... Agent:

20140320278 - Duty cycle based liquid level detection system for a driveline component: The present disclosure relates to a detection system for detecting a liquid level in a rotating driveline component. The detection system may include a sensor for detecting the liquid and a receiver for determining the liquid level based at least in part on information detected by the sensor.... Agent: Deere & Company

20140320279 - Signaling systmem: A signaling system allows a front vehicle to give advance notifications of signaling intentions to a rear vehicle by activating an intent signal on a vehicle when an object, such as a foot, is in proximity to, and/or moving towards, a signal actuator. A detector portion emits a motion signal,... Agent:

20140320280 - Method for arming and disarming a network enabled device using a user's geo-location: A method of controlling operation of a security device in a location by a mobile user device, comprises monitoring a region around a location of interest, via a mobile user device; providing at least one security device within the region, wherein the security device comprises at least one sensor to... Agent: Canary Connects, Inc.

20140320281 - System and methods for designating and notifying secondary users for location-based monitoring: A method of operating a security monitoring system comprises defining a primary user at a location, defining at least one backup user based on input from the primary user, determining that an event has taken place that the primary contact is to be notified of, notifying the primary user of... Agent:

20140320282 - Building evacuation system with positive acknowledgment: An emergency notification and response system is linked to a fire alarm system, a security system and to a communication network over which it sends and receives emergency messages to and from building occupants and to emergency response personnel. The emergency notification and response system comprises a notification module which... Agent: Globestar Systems, Inc.

20140320283 - System and method for distinguishing leaks from a disengaged canister condition in a reduced pressure treatment system: A method of distinguishing leak detection and canister disengagement in a reduced pressure treatment system includes monitoring an actual power level and a source pressure of a reduced pressure pump. The actual power level is compared to a target power level, and the source pressure is compared to a first... Agent:

20140320284 - Alarm setting and interfacing with gesture contact interfacing controls: A device configured for capture of activity data for a user includes a housing, a sensor, a motor, a memory, and a processor. The sensor is disposed in the housing to capture physical contact upon the housing. The motor causes vibration of the housing. The memory stores an alarm setting... Agent:

20140320285 - Sobriety monitoring system: A system and method of monitoring sobriety using a hand-held breath testing device that, on receipt of a user's breath, generates a breath test signal comprising substance content data and user identification data, and wirelessly transmits the breath test signal to a breath test signal receiving station. The breath test... Agent: Soberlink, Inc.

20140320286 - Security apparatus and method: A method for providing an alarm for a window comprises calculating a first distance between a detector mounted within a movable portion of the window and a window frame edge and calculating a second distance between the detector and the window frame edge. The method further comprises determining whether the... Agent:

20140320288 - Data center equipment location and monitoring system: A data center equipment location system includes both hardware and software to provide for location, monitoring, security and identification of servers and other equipment in equipment racks. The system provides a wired alternative to the wireless RFID tag system by using electronic ID tags connected to each piece of equipment,... Agent: Attend Systems, LLC

20140320287 - Security device for a power tool accessory: A security assembly for a hole saw having a body and cap includes a generally cylindrical body configured to fit within a cavity of the hole saw. The cylindrical body includes a side wall portion and a base portion coupled to the side wall portion. The security assembly also includes... Agent:

20140320289 - Methods and systems for monitoring hygiene habits: A method for analyzing hygiene habits of a user. The method comprises attaching a personal hygiene monitor to the user, using the attached personal hygiene monitor for detecting a plurality of personal hygiene events related to the user, logging the plurality of personal hygiene events to allow configuring a user... Agent:

20140320291 - Non-contact noise attenuation water flow system and method for detecting washing compliance: A low cost solution for detecting the flow of water in a sink using a non-contact vibration sensor coupled with a computer vision system and a passive switched RFID tag that becomes active upon detection of water flow. In some embodiments, the water flow forms an active antennae system for... Agent:

20140320290 - System for monitoring caregivers and equipment: A hospital monitoring system for monitoring hospital personnel, a plurality of patient locations for patients, and associated devices is configured to control the associated devices based on the presence of hospital personnel or alarms.... Agent:

20140320293 - Operator alert and height limitation system for load carrying machines: A method for alerting an operator during linkage overload in a machine is disclosed. The method includes calculation of operational height of a payload carrier. Fluid pressure in one of a lift cylinder assembly and a tilt cylinder assembly is sensed and weight of a payload based on the fluid... Agent:

20140320292 - Pneumatic pressure switch: A pneumatic pressure detector comprises a first electrical terminal, a second electrical terminal and a deformable diaphragm configured to deform between first, second and third positions. When the diaphragm is in its first position, the first and second terminals are open. When the diaphragm is in its second position, the... Agent: Kidde Technologies, Inc.

20140320295 - Environmental sensing systems having independent notifications across multiple thresholds: A sensor unit that includes at least one sensor configured to measure an ambient condition is described. The controller can be configured to receive instructions, to report a notice level when the controller determines that data measured by the at least one sensor fails a report threshold test corresponding to... Agent:

20140320294 - Fire fighting guiding system: A fire fighting guiding system is employed in a building where there is at least one fire extinguisher. The fire fighting guiding system includes a fire detecting module, a storage module, a communication module and at least one projection module corresponding to the at least one fire extinguisher. The fire... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140320296 - Wireless control systems and methods: The present disclosure relates to a system that has at least one device that detects a hazardous condition in an environment and wirelessly transmits a detection message comprising data indicative of the hazardous condition. Further, the system has logic that wirelessly receives the detection message and transmits a shutdown message... Agent:

20140320297 - Alarm signal generator circuit and alarm signal generation method: With regard to an instrument wherein a plurality of phase operations are carried out, the type of failure or the phase in which the failure has occurred is determined and, in accordance with the result of the determination, an alarm signal is generated. Provided that the failure details and the... Agent:

20140320298 - Method and apparatus for detection of structural failure: A detection system for identifying deterioration in a structure is provided that has acoustic sensors that receive acoustic emission waves. The acoustic emission wave detected by the acoustic sensor is identified as a hit. An analysis circuit is present that identifies an A state, a B state, and a C... Agent: Alertek, LLC

20140320299 - Protection device and power distribution unit including the same: An alarm switching matrix, a power distribution unit and a method of operating a power distribution unit are disclosed. In one aspect, an alarm switching matrix for use with multiple types of overcurrent protection devices is provided. In one embodiment, the alarm switching matrix includes: (1) a power circuit coupled... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa, Inc.

20140320300 - Dual mode led strobe: A strobe device that operates in multiple modes is disclosed. The strobe device may include an LED-based strobe element and a controller. In response to receiving a command to generate an output, the controller determines in which of at least a first mode and second mode to operate, and sends... Agent:

20140320301 - Downhole structure sections: A lateral bore communication system where data signals are transmitted across the break in conductive path between a main bore and a lateral bore using a downhole structure section which has an electrode provided around a tubing portion and separated therefrom by an insulating layer.... Agent:

20140320302 - Wireless collection of fastener data: Data is remotely collected from a plurality of fasteners in response to a query signal wirelessly transmitted by a reader. Each of the fasteners includes a sensor for measuring a parameter related to the stress on the fastener. A device adapted to be attached to each of the fasteners receives... Agent:

20140320304 - Method and system for providing web-enabled cellular access to meter reading data: A method and a system for collection of meter readings from meter reading and transmitting devices (12, 14) and for viewing on a web-enabled wireless communication device (28) comprises addressing at least one receiver (15) through the Internet (21) and obtaining a data file of meter data for a plurality... Agent: Badger Meter, Inc.

20140320306 - Methods and systems of reading utility meters and methods and systems of transmitting utility meter data: A method of polling of meter data measured by a plurality of utility measuring devices and transmitted over a plurality of wireless local area network (WLAN) channels. The method comprises capturing a plurality of management frames which are transmitted periodically by a plurality of utility measuring devices over a plurality... Agent:

20140320305 - Metrology timekeeping systems and methods: An advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system includes a meter data management system, an AMI network, a network communication module and metering devices. The AMI network connects to a reference time clock and the meter data management system. The network communication module connects to the AMI network and is in communication... Agent:

20140320303 - One touch data collection method and medium: A method for collecting data and a computer-readable medium are provided. The method includes determining, using a data collection unit, that the data collection unit is physically proximal to a machine, and receiving a tag identifier from a tag positioned in, on, or near the machine using a tag reader... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20140320309 - Cardiac electricity and impedance monitoring mobile network terminal device having function of micro current release: A cardiac electricity and impedance monitoring mobile network terminal device having function of micro current release is provided which includes a baseband processor module, an electrophysiological data collection module, a micro current stimulator module, a keyboard module, a graphics and image display module, an image and picture sensor, a voice... Agent:

20140320307 - Electronic apparatus and communication control method: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a biological sensor, an extraction module, a state detector, and a transmission controller. The biological sensor generates first biological data. The extraction module extracts one or more first features from the first biological data. The state detector detects a communication state between... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140320308 - Temperature-humidity monitoring assembly for closed server cabinet: A system is described for monitoring an environmental parameter in a closed server cabinet. The monitoring system includes a cabinet sensor probe (CSP) that includes a sensor assembly and a vertical linear actuator. The sensor assembly includes at least three environmental parameter sensors, wherein each one of the environmental parameter... Agent:

20140320310 - Time-corrected sensor system: A sensor system has a plurality of sensor elements and a signal processing device in communication with the plurality of sensor elements. The signal processing device is configured to evaluate more than one of at a substantially similar time and assign time information which includes information on the time of... Agent:

20140320311 - Disaster rescue mode for body area networks: Body area networks (BANs) implemented in accordance with this disclosure may enter a disaster rescue mode. The disaster recue mode is triggered in disaster scenarios to help body devices to assist in rescue.... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140320312 - Monitoring and security devices comprising multiple sensors: A monitoring device comprises a single housing, a plurality of sensors supported by the housing to detect respective characteristics of a location, a processing device within the housing, and memory within the housing to store data collected by the plurality of sensors. The sensors may include a camera, a temperature... Agent:

20140320313 - System and method for supplying power to transmission tower using optical power transmission device and method for transmitting and receiving data using the optical power transmission device: There is provided a system and method for supplying power to a transmission tower using an optical power transmission device including a transmission line, an optical power transmission device which is mounted on the transmission line and converts power obtained in the transmission line into an optical signal, a transmission... Agent:

20140320314 - Energy consumption evaluation system having reduced energy consumption: There is described a system for measuring energy consumption of individual electrical devices amongst a plurality of electrical devices. The system is adapted to determine in real time energy consumption while reducing its own consumption of energy by adjusting a transmission rate to between status sensing devices and a consumption... Agent:

20140320315 - Gps generated traffic information: Disclosed herein is a traveler information monitoring and dissemination system. The system disclosed herein provides real time information to a traveler, wherein the real time information may be pre-selected by the traveler. The system ensures consistent and quality data are produced and issued to the traveler.... Agent:

20140320317 - Smart traffic sign system and method: A system for increasing awareness of a driver to traffic-signs on the road is provided herein. The system includes: a sensor attached to a vehicle and configured to determine a type of one or more traffic-signs that are present in a scene containing the vehicle, wherein at least some of... Agent:

20140320316 - Traffic light system and method: A traffic light system that comprises traffic lights for directing the passage of vehicles through art intersection; a control unit with a signal controller in communication with each of the plurality of traffic lights, a signal controller transceiver with a directional antenna, and a signal controller interface processing unit (SCIPU)... Agent:

20140320319 - Method and apparatus for parking lot metering: A method and apparatus for parking lot metering. The present invention allows multi-space meters to separately manage and control premium parking spaces, such as those for charging electric vehicles or those which supply electric power for engine block heaters in both pay-by-space and pay-an-display systems. Such premium spaces can be... Agent: Liberty Plugins, Inc.

20140320318 - Using lighting and other streetside devices to indicate parking space availability and navigation information: A method for directing a vehicle to a parking space within an environment is disclosed. The method includes selecting a parking space from a collection of parking spaces within the environment, further selecting one or more lighting devices within the environment based at least on a location of the selected... Agent: Silver Spring Networks, Inc.

20140320320 - Vehicle detecting system and method: A vehicle detecting system, a vehicle detecting method adapted for a vehicle, and a computer-readable storage medium encoded with a computer program are disclosed. The system controls two cameras to capture images in the front of the vehicle and at the back of the vehicle respectively, according to a speed... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140320321 - Interaction method in an aircraft cockpit between a pilot and his environment: An interaction method in an aircraft cockpit between a pilot and his environment. The cockpit includes a plurality of activation zones which each comprise an element of interest which is connected with the cockpit or the external environment thereof and which can be activated on the basis of the interaction... Agent: Airbus (sas)

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20140313006 - Systems, apparatus and methods for producing an output, e.g. light, associated with an appliance, based on appliance sound: The present disclosure is directed to systems (200), apparatus and methods utilizing the soundscape of the appliance (204) to generate content for a dynamic output. In various embodiments, the output generated by the apparatus is varied based on differences in the acoustic signal resulting from changes in the operating state... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140313007 - Conditional and situational biometric authentication and enrollment: The present invention provides a system for conditionally selecting biometric modalities for biometric authentication at authentication run time. The inventive concept uses programmatic logic to identify which biometric modalities to use for authenticating a user. The software module for selecting biometric modalities includes, a plurality of rules or conditional logic... Agent: Imageware Systems, Inc.

20140313008 - System and method for providing secure transactional solutions: The present invention provides a method and system for verifying and tracking identification information. In an embodiment of the invention, a system for delivering security solutions is provided that includes at least one of the following: a radio frequency (RF) identification device, an identification mechanism (e.g., a card, sticker), and... Agent:

20140313010 - Access control system: An access control system includes a portable user device, an access control apparatus and a portable administrator device. The access control apparatus includes a first near field communication (NFC) unit and stores a first valid user list. The portable administrator device includes a second NFC unit and stores a second... Agent: Pkinno Inc.

20140313009 - Remote control systems for vehicles: A system includes a base station, a communications device, and a fob. The base station is configured to control a vehicle function in response to receiving a command via a first wireless link. One of the communications device and the fob is configured to transmit a request via a second... Agent: Lear Corporation

20140313011 - Remote control system: A remote control system includes a portable device and a security device. The portable device includes a motion sensor. The security device is configured to communicate with the portable device through wireless signals to control a vehicle in accordance with an action request motion detected by the motion sensor. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20140313012 - System and method for updating electronic shelf labels and updating apparatus and method of an electronic shelf label: An exemplary embodiment of a system for updating electronic shelf labels (ESLs) comprises multiple ESLs, and a gateway connected to the multiple ESLs to update data of the multiple ESLs. Each ESL comprises a transceiver having a media condition detector to detect whether other ESL(s) perform an update at the... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140313013 - Processing alert signals from positioning devices: A method for a positioning server configured to locate positioning devices and to maintain information on users, who are associated with respective positioning devices. The server receives one or more alert messages from an alerting positioning device. Each alert message conveys identifying information of the alerting positioning device. The server... Agent: Ekahau Oy

20140313014 - Digital signage system and emergency alerting method using same: A digital signage system and a method of providing information using the digital signage system are disclosed. The digital signage terminal includes an emergency detection unit, an emergency detection message generation unit, a communication unit, and an emergency alert message processing unit. The emergency detection unit collects the surrounding emergency-related... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140313015 - Defining a radio frequency identification read area: Defining a radio frequency identification read area includes a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader operable to read RFID tags within a specified read area. An RFID transmitter is coupled with the RFID reader and is operable to radiating a modulated carrier in an area adjacent to the specified read area.... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20140313016 - Master and slave rfid tags for system and method of equipment management: Systems and methods are disclosed to adapt RFID tags in a master-slave configuration and to connect them by a connector. Upon a request from a reader, the slave RFID tag will transmit via the connector data to the master RFID tag which will concatenate the latter with its own data... Agent:

20140313017 - Safety controller and safety control method: A safety controller includes a first interrupt signal output unit outputting a first interrupt signal in a cycle synchronous with that of a first carrier signal defining a control cycle of a control target; a second interrupt signal output unit outputting a second interrupt signal in a cycle synchronous with... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140313018 - Stage equipment system: A stage equipment system including a stage equipment device provided with a signal processor and a memory, including a user interface associated to said stage equipment device; and including a mobile device. The mobile device includes a communication module configured for connecting, by a wireless communication, said user interface to... Agent: Sgm Holding Aps

20140313019 - Remote controller with magnet: A remote controller with magnet for ceiling fan and includes a transmitter body defining a compartment in which at least a magnet is installed. With the magnet installed therein, the transmitter body can readily attach to a flat surface of a ferric object. Alternatively, the transmitter body can be used... Agent: Rhine Electronic Co., Ltd.

20140313020 - Electronic device, alarm control method, and recording medium: An electronic device 10 has an alarm 13; an alarm execution portion 170 making the alarm 13 execute an alarm operation at a previously set alarm time T(ALM); and a determination portion 170 determining whether or not an alarm stop condition for stopping in advance the alarm operation of the... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140313022 - Dataglove having tactile feedback and method: A data glove for generating tactile feedback at a finger upon interaction of the finger with an interaction element on an infrared touchscreen includes receiving elements for receiving the fingers of an operator and stimulators for generating tactile feedback attached on the finger-receiving elements. The date glove also includes elements... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20140313021 - Haptic device for pedestrian navigation: An apparatus comprises a first magnetic plate; a second magnetic plate oriented parallel no the first magnetic plate, magnetically coupled to the first magnetic plate, and slidable relative to the first magnetic plate; a dielectric material positioned between the first magnetic plate and the second magnetic plate; and a contact... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140313023 - Active vehicle safety system and a method for operation thereof: A vehicle safety system includes a sensing unit arranged on a master vehicle for detecting the occurrence of a predefined event and an active protection unit for triggering a protection function of a slave vehicle. A wireless signal transmitting unit is arranged on the master vehicle for transmitting a wireless... Agent:

20140313024 - Systems and methods for lock notification: Methods and apparatus are provided for notifying an operator that a door of a vehicle is locked. The method can include receiving a request to lock a lock associated with the door, and determining an ambient lighting condition associated with the vehicle. Based upon the ambient lighting condition, outputting audible... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140313025 - Tire status receiving system: A tire status receiving system includes a first signal converter module including a first microcontroller unit, a wireless receiver unit for receiving a wireless signal from a tire status sensor and providing the wireless signal to the first microcontroller unit for enabling the first microcontroller unit to convert the wireless... Agent: Cub Elecparts Inc.

20140313026 - Motor vehicle: A motor vehicle has at least one drive unit, at least one brake device and at least one component which heats up when the drive unit and/or the brake device are operated. The component includes at least one warning device which is designed to output a visual warning information item... Agent:

20140313027 - Headlight status display system for automobile: A headlight status display system for automobile that includes a plurality of spare bulbs wired in a secondary relay circuit, each of said plurality of spare bulbs disposed proximal each of a plurality of primary bulbs wired in a first relay circuit, wherein failure of any one of said plurality... Agent:

20140313028 - System and method for storing and monitoring events at security devices: An alarm or intrusion monitoring system includes a plurality of detectors which communicate with a displaced control element. Various of the detectors include local storage circuitry wherein detected conditions or events are recorded along with a time indicator. Recorded events and respective times of occurrence can be downloaded to the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140313030 - Bed exit monitoring apparatus: There is provided a bed exit monitoring apparatus for monitoring a user and determining when the user has got out of a bed, the apparatus comprising a processor that is configured to receive measurements of the acceleration in three dimensions acting on a device that is attached to the user;... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140313029 - Modular assistance system: Modular assistance system (1) for a person (4), with at least one mobile unit (2) that has a recognition module (6) for recognising a functional requirement of the person (4) and provides the function of the person (4) depending on the detected function requirement of the person (4) by means... Agent:

20140313031 - Electronic security patrol compliance systems and methods for institutional facility: Electronic systems for verifying completion of security patrols include primary and secondary identifier elements distributed along a predetermined route of the security patrol. A portable electronic device is configured to confirm an officer's presence at each of the primary and secondary identifier element locations. The primary identifier element is machine... Agent: Centric Group LLC D/b/a Keefe Supply Company

20140313032 - System and methods for notifying a community of security events: A method of operating a security monitoring system comprises defining a group of people to receive a notification of an event taking place at a location associated with any member of the group, by a system, determining that a security event has at least potentially taken place that the members... Agent: Canary Connect, Inc.

20140313033 - Decorative eyeglasses locator: A system for locating an item, comprising a locator device, the locator device comprises at least a receiver, an alarm module and a connector to attach the locator device to an item; and a transmitter to generate a pre-selected signal to be received by the receiver once the receiver is... Agent:

20140313034 - Automated security system for structures: Disclosed are various embodiments for providing security to a structure. A network of security devices may be accessed and/or controlled by one or more monitoring devices, wherein each of the one or more monitoring devices are configured to monitor one or more signals emitted by one or more security devices.... Agent:

20140313035 - Method and system for detecting a state of a golf club: A method for detecting a lost club includes detecting an orientation characteristic of a golf club with a detection unit, transmitting the orientation characteristic from the detection unit to a mobile device, determining a distance between the golf club and the mobile device based on a signal transmitted from the... Agent:

20140313036 - Fall detection system and method: A fall detection method determines a fall detection algorithm based on sensor data aggregated from a plurality of fall detection devices. Sensor data is obtained from one of the plurality of fall detection devices not included in the aggregated sensor data. A probable fall event of the obtained sensor data... Agent: Linear, LLC.

20140313037 - Swimwear design and construction: A wetsuit (101) is provided which comprises (a) a first central region (125, 127) comprising a first material and having a first thickness; and (b) a second lateral region comprising a second material and having a second thickness. The buoyancy per unit area of the first region is greater than... Agent: Roka Sports, Inc.

20140313038 - Detection device: A detection device includes a detection circuit and a temperature measuring device. The detection circuit is used to detect an electronic component causing a short circuit in a circuit module and includes a power source, a light emitting diode (LED), a first connecting terminal connected to a cathode of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140313039 - Apparatuses, systems, and methods for detecting and reacting to exposure of an electronic device to moisture: An electronic device includes a port for connecting the electronic device to other electronic devices and a moisture detector configured to detect an electrically conductive liquid in the first port. The moisture detector is configured to maintain a voltage on a first electrical contact of the port and to detect... Agent:

20140313040 - Tactile and visual smoke detector system: A multi-feedback fire alarm system incorporating a wearable signal notification article is provided. The system detects fire threats and notifies users of specific threat types, even when the user is not in proximity to a detection unit. The system includes one or more detection units and one or more wearable... Agent:

20140313041 - Tracking exposure to electromagnetic fields: A method of tracking electromagnetic field, EMF, exposure of a user, comprising storing an aggregate EMF exposure value for the user, the aggregate EMF exposure value indicating EMF exposure due to use of one or more devices by the user; obtaining an estimate of EMF exposure associated with use of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140313042 - Traceable cables: Traceable cables (e.g., networking cables, power cables, etc.). Some embodiments include a traceable power cable with a battery (e.g., that may be rechargeable from current from an external power source to which the power cable is electrically connected). Some embodiments include a traceable networking cable configured to draw power from... Agent:

20140313043 - Removable stand alone vibration monitor with automatically configured alarm thresholds: A user provides relevant information about the operating parameters of a machine to be monitored to a diagnostic instrument. The user also specifies a location of the machine to be monitored, an alarm level to be set, and the type of alert to be sent. The instrument then automatically generates... Agent:

20140313044 - Global positioning system equipped hazard detector and a system for providing hazard alerts thereby: The present invention relates to detectors of hazardous environmental conditions (e.g., smoke, gas, motion). Specifically, the invention relates to a hazard detector configured to transmit and/or receive information related to hazardous environmental conditions based at least in part on the location of the hazard detector as identified through one or... Agent:

20140313045 - Orientation detection module and display: A system that includes a sensor module and a display module configured to receive information from the sensor module regarding the orientation of the sensor module, and configured to display the information regarding the orientation of the sensor module relative to a reference position.... Agent:

20140313046 - Emergency response system and method: An improved emergency response system and method includes at least one zone display structured to present a plurality of zones that convey certain information to bystanders, dispatchers, and/or emergency responders. Each zone corresponds to a different portion of the local premises, such that the zones are collectively configured to convey... Agent:

20140313047 - Home appliance and method of controlling the same: Provided is a home appliance that outputs an operating sound, if a predetermined operating sound output condition is satisfied, the home appliance including: a storage unit that stores at least one sound; a manipulation unit through which a sound to be set as the operating sound is selected from among... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140313048 - Icelsius wireless: wireless monitoring with smart phones and tablets: Home use of sensors has been limited to rudimentary devices such as using a thermometer or sensors installed in homes by third party for security. An affordable sensor with advanced capabilities as used in commercial applications has not been possible. Smartphone or smart tablets, with advanced computing ability, has not... Agent:

20140313049 - System and apparatus for graphical athletic performance analysis: An athletic performance graphical system that measures and translates raw athletic data to computer interpreted performance data and into visual graphics. Athletic equipment is equipped with a performance measuring sensor. In one embodiment, an event announcer uses information gathered from the performance sensor to better explain the sporting event. In... Agent:

20140313051 - Communication device, communication system and communication method for an implantable medical device: A communication device for an implantable medical device may include: an input/output interface configured to communicate with a wireless communication device; a communication interface configured to communicate with a remote system; and a processor configured to perform an analysis of data received from the wireless communication device via the input/output... Agent:

20140313052 - Near field telemetry link for passing a shared secret to establish a secure radio frequency communication link in a physiological condition monitoring system: A physiological condition monitoring system (e.g., a continuous glucose monitoring system) includes a physiological condition meter and a physiological condition sensor. The physiological condition meter and the physiological condition sensor are be placed in proximity to exchange a secret key using a near field wireless link, which is used to... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20140313050 - Utility device interface: A meter interface unit (MIU) is provided for a utility meter that uses RFID technology as both a source of backup power and as a means of transmitting utility usage data. Usage data is stored in non-volatile memory that will persist even if the main power source of the MIU... Agent: Neptune Technology Group Inc.

20140313053 - System, method, and device for monitoring orthopaedic implant data over a cellular network: A system, method, and device for monitoring implant sensor data over a cellular network includes a portable computing device, a controller, and an orthopaedic prosthesis configured to communicate with the controller over the cellular network. The orthopaedic prosthesis includes one or more implant sensors configured to generate implant sensor data... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20140313054 - Network monitoring systems for medical devices: A ventilator monitoring system is described for monitoring a plurality of ventilators. In one embodiment, a server including a dedicated ventilator application program tor each type of ventilator, monitors a plurality of heterogeneous ventilators over a wireless network.... Agent:

20140313055 - Sensing device and method to monitor perishable goods: A sensing device monitors conditions in a local environment and wirelessly communicates those conditions. The sensing device has a sealed body comprised of a material suitable to contact food and which is cleanable for re-use. The sensing device has a condition sensor, a processor, a memory and a communication device,... Agent: Bluenica Corporation

20140313056 - Companion sympathetic alert: A system and method for enabling a mobile device in motion to perform near field radiation monitoring functions while implementing an alert for a companion (in vehicle or adjacent to) when potentially unsafe conditions due to mobile device distracted driving may be about to occur with or to companions. Also,... Agent:

20140313057 - Managing vehicular traffic on a roadway: A system for managing vehicular traffic on a roadway includes a sensing unit positioned within a vehicle traveling on the roadway. The sensing unit is configured to determine occupancy data based on the number of passengers within the vehicle. An ambient light sensor is operatively associated with the sensing unit... Agent: Hovtag LLC

20140313060 - Apparatus and method for determining parking information: A navigation device and a method of determining parking information are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the method includes receiving, at a server, journey information from a plurality of navigation devices, the journey information indicating one or more journeys made by each navigation device and determining, by the server... Agent:

20140313059 - Park assist object distance measurement clock control: A method of determining an object distance from a vehicle includes sending a first transmission signal during a first burst period from a first transmitter, listening for a first reflection signal during a first listen period in a receiver, and sending a second transmission signal during a second burst period... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140313058 - Real-time parking assistant application: A method for communicating parking space availability for a parking facility. A vehicle-based communication link is established between a remote infrastructure and a user interface device. A parking facility is selected utilizing the user interface device. The selected parking facility is communicated to the remote infrastructure from the user interface... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140313061 - Fire detection system: A fire detection system for an aircraft, freight transportation vehicle or freight storage facility comprises one or more RFID tags associated with one or more items of freight being transported or stored. The RFID tag is configured to detect a condition indicative of a fire in or in the vicinity... Agent: Kidde Technologies, Inc.

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