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Communications: electrical

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04/10/2014 > 40 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140097934 - Control system and method for automatically turning on/off device: A control system for automatically turning on/off device including at least an electronic device and a mobile communication device is disclosed. The mobile communication device includes a wireless communication unit and a control unit. The wireless communication unit is configured to be wirelessly connected with the electronic device and transmit... Agent: Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140097937 - Apparatus, systems, software and methods for wireless interaction with vehicle control systems: Methods, software, devices, and systems, for wireless interaction with control systems (e.g., control systems integrated with motor vehicles, commercial and/or residential buildings, appliances, or other complex integrated systems). The methods generally include establishing a first wireless communication channel between a handheld communication device and the control system and establishing a... Agent: Marvell Word Trade Ltd.

20140097936 - Configurable digital badge holder: A portable authentication system includes a security module, that may be a smart card, SIM (Subscriber Identity Module), USB controller with a secure chip, or similar module capable of storing one or more credentials, and an interface module such as a digital badge holder that is able to communicate with... Agent: Actividentity, Inc.

20140097935 - Extended user assistance: The invention relates to providing extended user assistance to the user of a portable electronic device. In particular, the invention relates to providing using assistance for a user of a portable electronic device, comprising a display and a Near Field Communication (NFC) circuit. The method comprises swiping the portable electronic... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20140097938 - Event detector and medicament dispenser having such an event detector: A compact battery-free event detector having a switching element, which can be remagnetized in a bistable manner by a magnet in a sensor coil which then provides an event pulse and supplies a non-volatile memory circuit with a downstream non-volatile display, is designed to detect recurring movements by virtue of... Agent: Oechsler Aktiengesellschaft

20140097939 - Emergency broadcasting systems and methods: Emergency broadcasting systems and methods are described herein. One system includes an anchor access point configured to detect an emergency event and send a message relating to the emergency event to a number of location tags located within a predetermined area of the anchor access point.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140097940 - Food source information transferring system and method for a livestock slaughterhouse: A food source information transferring system for a livestock slaughterhouse and a related method are disclosed. In one embodiment, the food source information transferring system is capable of reading first tag-identifying information in a livestock RFID tag on a body of a carcass and second tag-identifying information in a hook... Agent: Hana Micron America Inc.

20140097941 - Food source information transferring system and method for a meat-packing facility: A food source information transferring system for a livestock meat-packing facility and a related method are disclosed. In one embodiment, the food source information transferring system is capable of reading tag-identifying information in a hook RFID tag incorporated in a hook that can be hung on a hook machine. An... Agent: Hana Micron America Inc.

20140097942 - Method for starting up electric or electronic devices, start-up apparatus, server and system: A method for starting up electric or electronic devices, in particular devices in or for an aircraft or spacecraft, including: supplying at least one location identification which contains at least one piece of information about the location of a respective device; detecting a supplied location identification for one device in... Agent:

20140097943 - Electronic paper panel and electronic shelf lavel system and method for driving thereof: The present invention relates to an electronic paper panel, an electronic shelf label system and a method for driving the same. The electronic paper panel includes a substrate formed thereon a wiring pattern and a damage sensing pattern, an insulating layer formed on the wiring pattern, a segment electrode formed... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140097944 - Conformal electronics integrated with apparel: A system is provided for integrating conformal electronics devices into apparel. The system includes a flexible substrate onto which a flexible device is disposed. The flexible device can include a stretchable coil that can be used to receive and transmit near field communications. The flexible device also includes an integrated... Agent: Mc10, Inc.

20140097947 - System, transmitting device, receiving device, and method for the wireless control of an rc model: A system for the wireless control of an RC model, comprising a transmitting device separate from the RC model, a multifunctional device in the RC model, and a receiver model in the RC model. The transmitting device comprises a first transmitter for transmitting information via digital radio communication to the... Agent:

20140097946 - Wireless car seat toy system: A wireless car seat toy system is disclosed. The wireless car seat toy system includes a car seat toy coupled to a child car seat in a vehicle containing the car seat inside of the vehicle and a radio frequency system or an audio transmitter system. The radio frequency system... Agent:

20140097945 - Wireless digital signal-controlled switch system: A wireless digital signal-controlled switch system includes a Wi-Fi embedded RF module for receiving a RF signal from a mobile communication device, a control module with a CPU electrically connected to the Wi-Fi embedded RF module for receiving the RF signal from the Wi-Fi embedded RF module and processing the... Agent:

20140097948 - Sensor pattern for a tactile input device: A tactile sensor includes a plurality of first sensing elements that are arranged in a plurality of rows on a first layer and a plurality of second sensing elements that are vertically aligned in a plurality of columns on the first layer. The second sensing elements in each column are... Agent:

20140097950 - Deceleration information notification device and deceleration information notification method: The present invention is intended to notify vehicle deceleration information more accurately. When an engine torque Te has a negative value, a sound volume adjustment coefficient kt is calculated depending on the engine torque Te, and a sound volume is adjusted depending on the sound volume adjustment coefficient kt. The... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140097949 - Vehicle alert device for velocity and stop detection: An electronic device employed in vehicles, such as automobiles, to ascertain whether the vehicle has stopped at a stop point, such as a stop sign. The operation of the alert device is that it monitors the status of the vehicle's speed or wheel sensor (that it is outputting or not)... Agent:

20140097951 - Brake indicator: The brake indicator is a cylindrical device, measuring approximately one quarter of an inch in length and three-eighths of an inch in width. This component is a high temperature insulator pressed part with a round rod, as well as a wire configuration with terminal rubber booth protection. The wiring serves... Agent:

20140097953 - Alert indication signaling device and method: An alert indication signaling (AIS) device is provided. The AIS device includes a first detector that detects a first event, a line detector that detects a second event that includes an incoming call on a communication device, and a microcontroller directly connected to the first detector and the line detector.... Agent: Wire Wrangler, LLC

20140097952 - Systems and methods for comprehensive alarm management: Systems and methods for comprehensive alarm management can be provided. In one embodiment, a system for monitoring subsystems can be provided. The system can include at least one memory configured to store computer-executable instructions; and at least one processor configured to access the at least one memory and execute the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140097954 - Endoscope storage cabinet, tracking system, and signal emitting member: An endoscope storage cabinet for use with at least one endoscope having at least one signal emitting member associated therewith and configured to emit a signal indicative of at least one attribute of the at least one endoscope to which it is associated, the cabinet including: an enclosed structure formed... Agent:

20140097955 - Tinting indication of environmental conditions: Environmental hazards and safe conditions can be indicated to an operator of a vehicle. An audio signal of varying intensities can be played to indicate the severity of a potential hazard. An audio signal can be played at different locations in the vehicle cabin to indicate the location of a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140097956 - Electronic apparatus and operation control method: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a housing, a display on a surface of the housing, an infrared sensor in a first region of the surface of the housing, the first region facing one side of the display, an indicator in the first region and configured to emit... Agent:

20140097957 - Driver fatigue monitoring system and method: Method and system for monitoring a driver during movement of the vehicle includes an information obtaining system that obtains information about a driver who traveled the same road at a previous time, and a processor that analyzes the obtained information and vehicle movement to determine whether the driver has lost... Agent: American Vehicular Sciences LLC

20140097958 - Integrated circuit to operate in an area of ionizing radiation, and having an output for a radiation dose-dependent way damage information, and alarm indicators and corresponding method: An integrated circuit, in particular a microcontroller, for operation in an area with ionizing radiation, has at least one part of a temperature control circuit. The temperature control circuit performs a regulated increase in the circuit temperature to a predefined, essentially constant operating temperature, by increasing the electrical power consumption... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140097959 - Methods and systems for identifying wiring of a telematics system: Methods and systems are provided for detecting a power line of a telematics unit is incorrectly wired. In one example, a system includes a first module that evaluates at least one of a validity of a global positioning system and a powered on status of the telematics unit. A second... Agent: General Motors LLC

20140097960 - Alarm systems and methods for preventing improper lifting of tubular members: Systems and methods for preventing improper lifting of tubular members are described, in which sensing devices are used to detect when a tubular reaches a selected position within a lifting device suitable for engagement, and/or to detect when a lifting operation is initiated that would exceed the capacity of a... Agent:

20140097962 - Display device for air conditioner and method of controlling the display device: An air conditioner including notification device is provided. The device may include an input device receiving input information regarding operation of the air conditioner, a controller comparing the input information with previously mapped information and controlling the operation of the air conditioner, and an output device outputting primary information regarding... Agent:

20140097961 - Multi-action button for mobile devices: Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for providing a multi-action button for mobile devices are provided. Alerts are received and multi-action buttons are determined corresponding to the alerts and clinicians associated with mobile devices. The multi-action buttons are displayed on the mobile devices.... Agent: Cerner Innovation, Inc.

20140097963 - Identification system for a surface: There is provided an identification system for identifying a predetermined surface for dynamic content control in a broadcast system. The system comprises at least one emitter element arranged to transmit an identification signal which is invisible with respect to the predetermined surface, and which comprises identification data regarding the outline... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140097964 - Monitoring system: The invention relates to a monitoring system for monitoring a third-party device, in particular a medical device, wherein the third-party device has a signal device for displaying the device status and/or relevant device properties and the monitoring device (2) is associated with the third-party device. Based upon this prior art,... Agent: Medic Assist Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140097966 - System and method for support of one-way endpoints in two-way wireless networks: A sensor data collection system includes a plurality of sensors operatively coupled to a corresponding set of endpoints, the endpoints configured to communicate sensor data to a central data collection point via a data communication protocol. A proxy service-enabled endpoint facilitates interoperability with the data collection system for the benefit... Agent:

20140097965 - System and method for utility meter activation: A utility network includes a utility meter capable of measuring a property of the network once installed and capable of communicating the measurement to a server once activated. The network also includes an access point configured to communicatively couple to the utility meter and to the server and configured to... Agent: General Electric Company

20140097967 - Performance monitoring systems and methods: We have disclosed systems and methods for monitoring an individual's performance during a physical activity. The methods may include using a first component and second component each configured to be worn or carried by the individual during a physical activity. The methods may include the first component communicating wirelessly with... Agent: Adidas Ag

20140097968 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus for a vehicle includes a virtual image display device, a detection device, and a picture control device. The virtual image display device emits predetermined light to permit a windshield or a combiner to reflect the predetermined light towards an eye of a driver. The emitted predetermined light... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140097969 - Method and system for traffic resources allocation: A traffic lane control method for controlling lane traffic around an intersection is provided. The method includes dividing a road into one or more lanes. The method also includes providing a control line with a traffic light system or a lane control light system. Further, the method includes providing a... Agent: Aeio Group Inc.

20140097970 - Multi-function traffic control device for flaggers: A traffic control device which incorporates multiple safety features that are needed by a traffic control flagger into one simple device, thus making their job less distracting, complicated, and safer for the flagger and the associated traffic.... Agent:

20140097971 - Method for detecting a parking space, parking assist system and motor vehicle comprising a parking assist system: The invention relates to a method for detecting a parking space (20) by means of a parking assistance system (2) of a motor vehicle (1) while the motor vehicle (1) is travelling past the parking space (20). A first sensor (7) acquires a time sequence (26) of measured values (27),... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20140097972 - Flight deck display of mpa procedures: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media are described herein for displaying MPA procedures on a display unit of an aircraft. An assigned MPA approach path to an arrival runway is received at the aircraft. Data regarding a number of predefined MPA approach paths associated with the arrival runway are retrieved, and... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140097973 - Vision system for an aircraft approaching a landing runway and associated vision method: The system according to the invention comprises an assembly for managing the graphic interface of a display, capable of controlling the display, on at least a first region of the display, of a peripheral area formed by a synthetic image comprising at least one synthetic surface representation of the terrain,... Agent: Dassault Aviation

04/03/2014 > 56 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20140091898 - Light grid and method of monitoring a monitored zone: A light grid (10) is provided having a plurality of light transmitters (14) for transmitting a respective monitoring light beam (38) and having a plurality of associated light receivers (22) to generate an objection detection signal (42a-d) depending on the reception of the monitoring light beam, having a control (30,... Agent: Sick Ag

20140091897 - Method and system for measuring emotional engagement in a computer-facilitated event: The present invention contemplates a variety of methods and systems for providing an event experience by adjusting contents of an event based on emotional engagements of a specific participant of the event. In one embodiment, the computer-implemented method includes, identifying at least one behavior of the specific participant at a... Agent: Net Power And Light, Inc.

20140091899 - System with presence detector, method with presence detector, presence detector, radio receiver: The invention relates to a system and a method with at least one presence detector, wherein the presence detector has a radio transmitter. The system further comprises at least one radio receiver that is constructed in such a manner as to receive and evaluate signals of the presence detector transmitted... Agent: Enocean Gmbh

20140091905 - Method, apparatus, and system for password control: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, an apparatus, and a system for password control, and relate to the field of password technologies. The method includes: receiving, by a combination lock, an unlock password that is sent by a mobile terminal through a network; matching, by the combination lock,... Agent: Huawei Device Co.,ltd.

20140091903 - Mobile device and key fob pairing for multi-factor security: Systems and methods may provide for determining a first proximity status of a first mobile device with respect to a vehicle, and determining a second proximity status of a second mobile device with respect to the vehicle. Additionally, an accessibility of one or more functions of the vehicle may be... Agent:

20140091904 - Secure code entry in public places: The disclosure provides an apparatus and method for secure code entry in public places. The code entry apparatus includes a display for displaying a code character, the display having a structure that assures that only the user of the apparatus can view the code character; a character selector for selecting... Agent: Scienceha, Inc.

20140091900 - Providing limited access to a service device via an intermediary: Systems and methods may provide for brokering limited access to a service device via an intermediary. In one example, the method may include receiving a request communication at a control device including a request for limited access to a service device, wherein the request is received from an intermediary device... Agent:

20140091906 - Vehicle remote control system and method: A vehicle remote control system and method are capable of remotely controlling opening and closing a door and/or a trunk of a vehicle. In particular, the method of remotely controlling a vehicle utilizes a remote control key including an operation button for remotely controlling a designated control target of the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140091907 - Keyed memory device to record input user signals and output recorded user signals: An electronic system is configured to receive input content (e.g., audio content, video content and/or other content) from a user and convert the input content to input signals (e.g., audio signals, video signals, etc.) that are stored in an electronic storage medium, where the input signals correspond with specific code... Agent: Mattel, Inc.

20140091901 - System and method for controlling access to a local inventory storage system via a remote e-commerce application: A local inventory control system according to the invention can be remotely regulated by a centralized server architecture. The local inventory control system contains product offered by a business entity, and the same business entity can control unlocking of the local inventory control system using the centralized server architecture. In... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140091902 - System for verifying a communication device and a security communication device: A system for verifying a communication device, the system comprising at least a one communication device comprising a transmitter for performing communication, and a storage for holding first information, the first information comprising ID information of the communication device, at least a one security communication device comprising a transmitter for... Agent: Copy Stop Systems Aps

20140091908 - Mass notification system: A method is disclosed for mass population notification of lost items. A user indicates a location in the proximity of where an item was lost and can also enter information describing the lost item and possibly upload a picture of the item. The user can select how many residents that... Agent:

20140091910 - Interrogator and interrogation system employing the same: An interrogator, methods of discerning the presence of an object, and interrogation systems employing the same. In one embodiment, the interrogation systems include multiple interrogators that communicate with a base command unit to track a location of an object. In another embodiment wherein the object is an RFID object (e.g.,... Agent: Veroscan, Inc.

20140091909 - Surveillance devices with multiple capacitors: The present invention relates to surveillance and/or identification devices having capacitors connected in parallel or in series, and methods of making and using such devices. Devices with capacitors connected in parallel, where one capacitor is fabricated with a relatively thick capacitor dielectric and another is fabricated with a relatively thin... Agent:

20140091911 - Moving carrier signal transmission method and device thereof: A moving carrier signal transmission method and a signal transmission device using the same are provided. A main moving carrier acquires an identification code of an ambient moving carrier. The main moving carrier adds an identification code of the main moving carrier and the identification code of the ambient moving... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140091912 - Techniques for controlling appliances: Remote control systems utilize touch-sensitive user-input devices and/or displays which may be integral with the touch-sensitive user-input devices. Gestures input into a touch-sensitive user-input device result in signals transmitted to one or more appliances for the purpose of controlling the one or more appliances. A display provides intuitive visual feedback... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a.

20140091913 - Hospital bed having user input to enable and suspend remote monitoring of alert conditions: A hospital bed has a bed frame and communication circuitry operable to transmit bed status data to a network of a healthcare facility and to receive messages from the network. The messages include information indicating whether bed status conditions are being monitored by a remote computer of the network for... Agent: Hill-rom Services, Inc.

20140091914 - Systems and methods for mapping message contents to virtual physical properties for vibrotactile messaging: Systems and methods for mapping message contents to virtual physical properties for vibrotactile messaging are disclosed. For example, one disclosed method includes the steps of receiving a sensor signal from a sensor, the sensor configured to detect an interaction with a messaging device, determining a virtual physical property of a... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20140091916 - Driver condition assessment device: A driver condition determination device determines whether a driver of a host vehicle has degraded consciousness. A main component for distribution of an accelerating operation condition with respect to proximity when tailgating a preceding vehicle is analyzed (S16), all data is origin-shifted (S18), and the accelerating operation condition of the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140091915 - Rear-view mirror for a vehicle with a set of indicator lights: It comprises a main mirror (G1) having a first field of view and a spotter mirror (G2) having a second field of view, placed at different levels and connected by a step or partition (St) and a first indicator light (Li1) in association with a light source (30), said indicator... Agent:

20140091917 - Interactive attentiveness enhancement: A method for interactive attentiveness enhancement of a vehicle driver includes steps of determining that a driver assistance function for semiautomatic control of the motor vehicle is active, detecting a stimulus which may be experienced by the vehicle driver upon an observation of the surroundings of the motor vehicle, detecting... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140091918 - Wear detection system and method: The invention relates to a wear detection system (10) and to a method for detecting wear, in particular for friction elements, such as brushes, friction linings, brake linings, lubrication pieces or the like, comprising at least one consumable friction element and a transponder unit (11), wherein the transponder unit can... Agent:

20140091919 - Method for operating a motor vehicle: A method for operating a motor vehicle, including at least one electric motor connected to at least one rechargeable energy storage unit that stores electrical power, wherein the charging operation of the energy storage unit is carried out in such a way that a charging state limit that lies below... Agent: Audi Ag

20140091920 - U-turn signaling system and method: A U-turn signaling system and method. The U-turn signaling system signals an intent to orient a vehicle in a substantially opposite direction. The U-turn signal might have an inverted U shape. The signaling system also includes a control circuitry for controlling the U-turn output signal responsive to user actuation of... Agent:

20140091921 - Lighting apparatus with functions of break warning and directional indication: The present invention provides a lighting apparatus with functions of break warning and directional indication, comprising a break sensor unit, a control unit, at least one display unit and a direction sensor unit. The break sensor unit detects a reduced speed of a vehicle during its break and outputs a... Agent:

20140091922 - Real time automatic headcount system: A real time automatic headcount system is configured with a portable transmitter operated by a crisis coordinator and operable to output an alert signal which is received by a plurality of receivers which are coupled to respective persons associated with a crisis-event site. The receivers each generate an acknowledgement signal... Agent:

20140091925 - Backseat safety alarm: The disclosure teaches a two component system for ensuring persons (such as infants), objects or animals are not unintentionally left unattended in parked cars. The system requires the driver (custodian) to activate a first component that emits a radio signal. The radio signal is received by a second component. The... Agent:

20140091923 - Device event notification registration through direct interaction with mobile device: A method for registering for an appliance event notification comprises scanning a machine-readable code by a device and sending a request to register for an event notification to an appliance. A user interface corresponding to the appliance is displayed and the user interface includes an identification of at least one... Agent: Google Inc.

20140091924 - System and method for global safety communication: Systems and methods are provided herein describe a global safety system for workers in hazardous locations such as electrical Class 1/Division 1 locations. In at least one example, a user will carry a user device that is approved for the hazardous electrical locations. This device will monitor for safety-triggering events... Agent: Cartasite, Inc.

20140091926 - System and method for reducing medical error: A system and method for reducing medical error is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system comprises a worker device adapted to be worn on a worker, a compliance device, an action device and a base station. The compliance device defines a work zone based on a signal strength received by... Agent:

20140091927 - System for transmitting an alert: An alert beacon carried directly by a human being is equipped with a transmit circuit able to produce an alert signal transmitted on the same channel as that used by a walkie-talkie. The transmit circuit has a memory containing, for each symbol of the coordinates of the current position of... Agent:

20140091928 - Detection, identification and integration of office squatters: A computer receives a reservation for a location. The computer detects if a user is present in the location. The computer then determines if the user is allowed to be present in the location by comparing identification information of the user with identification information of the reservation.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140091930 - Secure point of sale terminal: A data entry device including a housing formed of at least two portions, data entry circuitry located within the housing, at least one case-open switch assembly operative to sense when the housing is opened and tamper indication circuitry operative to receive an input from the at least one case-open switch... Agent: Verifone, Inc.

20140091929 - Systems and methods for secure alarmed armored protective distribution systems and management: A fiber optic network has alarmed fiber optic lines in the cables connecting a secured junction box to plural user lock boxes. An outgoing alarm line and return alarm line in each cable connect the junction box to each user box. The outgoing alarm line is looped to the return... Agent:

20140091931 - Container monitoring device with cable lock and remote sensor pods: In some implementations, a container monitoring device can include an electrically conductive cable for securing the doors of a shipping container. The container monitoring device can transmit a signal through the cable and detect when the cable has been cut or tampered with based on the transmitted signal. In some... Agent:

20140091932 - Mobile device initiated retail transaction using wireless communication for security tag detachment: Systems and methods for purchasing an article having a security tag attached thereto. The methods involve: obtaining, by a mobile communication device, article information and payment information for purchasing the article; communicating the article information and payment information from the mobile communication device to a remote system via a network... Agent:

20140091933 - Wireless signal actuated security tag: Systems and methods for operating a security tag of an Electronic Article Surveillance (“EAS”) system. The methods involve providing a unique identifier from the security tag to an application installed on a mobile communication device via a first short-range communication when the security tag is attached to an article for... Agent:

20140091934 - Social alarm system and method of monitoring a fall detector unit in a social alarm system: The social alarm system includes a fall detector unit, worn by the user, having an accelerometer to detect a fall. A controller monitors for an acceleration signal which exceeds a wake-up or starting threshold and, in response, distinguishes between a fall event and a non-fall event based at least on... Agent:

20140091935 - Temperature monitoring beverage container: Temperature monitoring beverage containers and associated methods are provided. The containers include a temperature sensor operative to sense the temperature of a beverage stored within the container. The temperature of the beverage may be displayed on a display. The containers are also operative to provide one or more alerts to... Agent: Vendetta Vending Solutions, LLC

20140091936 - Occupancy detection system: A presence determination system comprising at least one motion sensor for detecting movement in a sensing area. The system is adapted to determine a plurality of properties associated with at least one movement detected by the at least one sensor preceding a period where no motion is detected by the... Agent: University Of Strathclyde

20140091937 - Notification system for providing awareness of an interactive surface: A system for providing awareness of an interactive surface is disclosed. The system may include a processor that is communicatively linked to an interactive surface. The processor may determine a position and a velocity of an object that is within range of the interactive surface based on one or more... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140091938 - Depth guide system for use with watercraft trailers, lifts, and the like: A depth guide system gives an operator of a watercraft carrier an alert that the carrier is at a proper water depth to launch or stow the watercraft. The system includes an activator device or sensor having a housing vertically adjustable along a length of a vertical member. The device... Agent:

20140091939 - Alarm enhancing proective cover for safety instruments with optional calibration chamber: Methods and systems to redirect the audible and visible signals from alarms on a portable safety device. A cover (10) cooperates with a portable safety device (50) to define a sound chamber (12) that amplifies audible warning signals. A visual alarm guide (14) also is provided. A calibration adapter (500)... Agent: Industrial Scientific Corporation

20140091940 - Receivers for analyzing and displaying sensor data: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for processing, transmitting and displaying data received from an analyte sensor, such as a glucose sensor. The system may include a display device with at least one input device. In response to movement of or along the input device, the display device may... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20140091941 - Receivers for analyzing and displaying sensor data: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for processing, transmitting and displaying data received from an analyte sensor, such as a glucose sensor. The system may include a display device with at least one input device. In response to movement of or along the input device, the display device may... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20140091942 - Hovering spinning display: A spinning display system includes a housing, a first blade assembly, a second blade assembly, at least one support arm extending radially outward from the housing, and a display panel coupled to the distal end of each support arm. The housing supports a motor and electronics, and the motor includes... Agent: Asian Express Holdings Limited

20140091944 - Gauge for use in wired-pipe telemetry applications: A gauge assembly that is utilized for wired-pipe telemetry, has been developed where the gauge assembly includes: a trigger, a push rod, wherein the rod is operatively coupled with the trigger, a bearing housing assembly, wherein the bearing housing assembly is operatively coupled with the push rod, an indicator, wherein... Agent:

20140091943 - Telemetry system for communications between surface command center and tool string: A method is provided for transmitting data in a resource recovery operation featuring a borehole extending through a geologic formation, an uphole communications control center, and a downhole tool string, a method for transmitting data. The method includes (a) providing a first transceiver which is disposed in an uphole location,... Agent:

20140091945 - System and method for attachment free motion, respiration, heartbeat, and video monitoring: A system and method directed to attachment free monitoring of a subject's respiration, heartbeat, and motion. In one embodiment, the monitoring system is comprised of a monitoring pad, a base station, and a monitoring display device such as a smart phone or web interface. In another embodiment, the components of... Agent:

20140091946 - Meter display during power interruption: A circuit arrangement for use in a utility meter includes a processing circuit, a magnetically-actuated switch, and a first circuit. The processing circuit has a first mode and a second mode. The processing circuit performs a first set of metering operations related to energy metering in the first mode, and... Agent: Landis+gyr, Inc.

20140091947 - Methods and apparatus to retrofit wired healthcare and fitness systems for wireless operation: Provided herein is an apparatus for converting a wired sensor system to a wireless sensor system. The apparatus can comprise a relay station comprising at least one antenna and at least one radio. The relay station can be adaptable to be integrated as at least one application specific integrated circuit... Agent: Hmicro, Inc.

20140091948 - Wireless augmented reality communication system: The system of the present invention is a highly integrated radio communication system with a multimedia co-processor which allows true two-way multimedia (video, audio, data) access as well as real-time biomedical monitoring in a pager-sized portable access unit. The system is integrated in a network structure including one or more... Agent: Innovation Management Sciences

20140091950 - Generating visual information associated with traffic: Disclosed herein is a traveler information monitoring and dissemination system. The system disclosed herein provides real time information to a traveler, wherein the real time information may be pre-selected by the traveler. The system ensures consistent and quality data are produced and issued to the traveler.... Agent: Triangle Software LLC

20140091949 - Wireless networks for sharing road information: An ad hoc network may be established between vehicles using a wireless connection. The wireless network may be used for sending and receiving information about road conditions, such as average speed, a location and configuration of a road obstruction, images of an accident scene, and a traffic flow plan. The... Agent:

20140091951 - Night safety warning apparatus and method having illuminated inflatable column: An illuminated, inflatable mast assembly positioned at a site and deployed for warning on-coming drivers of vehicles of the location of the site.... Agent: Code 3, Inc.

20140091952 - Runway digital wind indicator system: A runway digital wind indicator system senses wind conditions at multiple locations, aggregates this data, and communicates up-to-date, usable information to pilots. Meteorological information, including wind speed, direction, and change (i.e., gustiness) plus temperature, humidity, barometer, wind shear, etc., can be sensed by three or more sensor pods placed along... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 69 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20140085045 - Method and apparatus for providing an interactive cable-based interface to applications and services: An approach is provided for an interactive cable-based interface to applications and services. A cable interface platform determines at least one configuration of at least one cable associated with at least one device. The cable interface platform determines at least one function associated with one or more applications, one or... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140085047 - Methods and systems for efficient security screening: The present invention relates to systems and methods relating to security checkpoints. In some embodiments the present invention includes a security checkpoint system that is optimized in one or more of design and décor, audio characteristics, and efficiency in passing customers through the security checkpoint and generating revenue with adverting... Agent: Securitypoint Holdings LLC

20140085048 - System and method for unlocking an electronic device via a securely paired remote device: An electronic device and a method for unlocking the electronic device is disclosed herewith. The method includes pairing the electronic device with a remote device. The electronic device authenticates the remote device and thus establishes a secure and trusted connection. Furthermore, the method includes generating a password, at the electronic... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140085046 - Laundry treating apparatus and method for controlling the same: The present invention provides a laundry treating apparatus including a cabinet, an accommodating unit within the cabinet to hold laundry, a door provided on one face of the cabinet to access the accommodating unit, a control panel to receive a washing cycle control order, a first communication module to communicate... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140085049 - Magnetic field communication arrangement and method: An automotive communication method includes installing a sensor within a vehicle such that the sensor is submerged in a liquid during operation of the vehicle and/or substantially surrounded by a metallic structure during operation of the vehicle. A long wave magnetic signal is transmitted from the sensor. The signal is... Agent:

20140085050 - Validation of biometric identification used to authenticate identity of a user of wearable sensors: Embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing devices for facilitating health and wellness-related information, and more particularly, to an apparatus or method for using a wearable device (or carried device) having sensors to identify a wearer and/or generate a... Agent: Aliphcom

20140085054 - Glucose measurement device and methods using rfid: A glucose monitoring system includes a glucose sensor strip or package of strips. The strip includes a substrate and a glucose monitoring circuit that has electrodes and a bodily fluid application portion of selected chemical composition. An antenna is integrated with the glucose sensor strip. An RFID sensor chip is... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20140085051 - Low power radio frequency communication: A method, system and tag for low power radio frequency communication is described. In one embodiment, the RF tag comprises: an access point comprising: a first antenna; a first radio coupled to the first antenna; a central processing unit coupled to the first radio; a backscatter adapter coupled to the... Agent:

20140085052 - Modular rfid tag scanner for a product storage system: A modular RFID tag scanner includes a control unit and multiple signal distribution units. The signal distribution units include multiple antennas within a single housing. The signal distribution units are each connected to the control unit by an RF transmission line. The configuration of the modular RFID tag scanner permits... Agent: Seeonic, Inc.

20140085053 - Multi-mode rfid tag architecture: A multi-mode RFID tag includes a power generating and signal detection module, a baseband processing module, a transmit section, a configurable coupling circuit, and an antenna section. In near field mode, the configurable coupling circuit is operable to couple the transmit section to a coil or inductor in the configurable... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140085055 - Pattern recognition based motion detection for asset tracking system: An asset tracking system that optimizes the value per ping by tying the ping to a pattern of movements of the asset. The asset tracking device will send a ping to a remote host (i.e., receiver) when predetermined qualified event is detected by the device. In such a manner, the... Agent: Petari Usa, Inc.

20140085057 - Antenna for a read/write unit for radio frequency identification (rfid) arrangements, and read/write unit for operation with an external antenna: An antenna, a read/write unit, an radio frequency identification (RFID) arrangement and a method, wherein the antenna is configured to connect to an external antenna connection of the read/write unit via an antenna line, wherein the antenna includes a data memory having type information and/or having property information, the content... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140085056 - Electronic appliances, diagnostic system for electronic appliances and diagnostic method for electronic appliances: The present invention relates to electronic appliances, a diagnostic system for electronic appliances and a diagnostic method for electronic appliances, and performs diagnosis of electronic appliances rapidly and accurately by reversely extracting product information from a plurality of images which include product information outputted from the electronic appliances.... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140085058 - Method and read/write unit for configuring a read/write unit in a radio frequency identification (rfid) arrangement: A method and read/write unit for configuring read/write units in an RFID arrangement, wherein an operating parameter is adjusted for the configuration in at least one of the read/write units, and direct interchange of messages relating to the configuration occurs between read/write units, where respective wireless interfaces configured for communication... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140085062 - Motion-activated remote control backlight: An apparatus for performing remote control operations is provided. A remote control detects a particular movement, and performs operations based on the detected movement.... Agent: Tivo Inc.

20140085059 - Signal conversion device and smart home network system using the same: A smart home network system includes a number of traditional home devices having wireless communication function, a smart gateway, and a plurality of signal conversion devices. When the smart gateway wants to control a traditional home device, the smart gateway sends a cable control signal to a related signal conversion... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140085060 - Gateway apparatus, wireless communication providing method thereof, and network system: A gateway apparatus for wireless communication is provided. The gateway apparatus includes an interface to which a plurality of electronic devices within a first range connect wirelessly, and a controller configured to provide a communication connection using a frequency band to each of the plurality of electronic devices so that... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140085061 - Remote control system, relay device, mobile communication termiinal device, and relay method: According to a related remote control system, a remote control processing may occur even during an operated side terminal is in an emergency situation. An operated side terminal transmits, to a relay server, reception status information identifying a reception status for a remote control. Upon receiving a remote control request... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20140085063 - Distributed healthcare communication system: A graphical audio station of a nurse call system is operable to permit a user to perform one or more of the following functions: establish a two-way voice communication link with another computer device in another patient and/or with a another computer device located in another staff work area and/or... Agent:

20140085064 - Resonance driver and detection: This document discusses, among other things, apparatus and methods for controlling a haptic transducer. In an example, a haptic controller can include an active termination driver having a configurable output impedance. The active termination driver can be configured to drive a haptic transducer and to process back electro-magnetic force (EMF)... Agent:

20140085065 - Electroactive polymer actuator feedback apparatus system and method: An electronic damping feedback control system for an electroactive polymer module, an electroactive polymer device, and a computer-implemented method for creating realistic effects are provided. The electronic damping controller is coupled in a feedback loop between a user interface device and an electroactive polymer actuator, where the actuator is coupled... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

20140085066 - Wading vehicle water level display: A vehicle (100) comprising a wading information display (1020), a memory and a processor, the memory containing a program configured to run on the processor to calculate the maximum wading depth of the vehicle from the measured suspension travel, and to display the maximum wading depth on the display. The... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20140085067 - Apparatus for tire pressure monitoring, information transmissing method thereof and intergrated receiver system: Provided are a tire pressure monitoring device, an information transmitting method thereof, and an integrated receiver system. A tire pressure monitoring device according to an aspect of the present invention includes a first sensing unit sensing a pressure of a tire, a second sensing unit detecting whether a vehicle is... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140085068 - Tire position determination system: A tire position determination system includes a tire pressure detector coupled to a tire. A tire position determination unit locates the tire pressure detector and determines a mounting position of the tire. A gravitational component force detection unit generates gravitational force information of the tire pressure detector. A characteristic value... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20140085069 - Techniques for evaluating performance of internal combustion engine components: One embodiment is a unique strategy for evaluating performance of a component of an internal combustion engine. More particularly, in one non-limiting form a method includes operating a component, such as a heating component, and measuring a first characteristic related to its operation. The method also includes operating an engine... Agent: Cummins Inc.

20140085070 - Systems and methods for monitoring the orientation, tensioning, and installation of a child safety restraint: Child seat installation monitoring system and methods that monitor child seat orientation, belt tension, air temperature, and other factors, and provide notifications and alerts to a user of conditions via indications, a mobile device such as a smart phone, an in-car notification system, and other systems.... Agent:

20140085071 - Vehicle approach notification device: In a vehicle approach notification device for notifying approach of a vehicle by emitting a notification sound according to a synthetic sound signal composed of a plurality of frequency components from a speaker, a vehicle speed specifying portion specifies a speed of the vehicle, and a synthetic sound signal generating... Agent: Anden Co., Ltd.

20140085072 - Led strobe light: A strobe light includes a base, a mounting post, a plurality of light emitting diode (LED) lights, a control system, and a lens. The mounting post extends vertically from the base. The plurality of LED lights are mounted around a periphery of the mounting post. The control system is coupled... Agent:

20140085073 - Direction indicator circuit for controlling a direction indicator in a vehicle: A direction indicator circuit for controlling a direction indicator in a vehicle is provided. The direction indicator circuit may include a first terminal for connecting to a supply voltage terminal; a second terminal for connecting to a lighting means of a direction indicator and to a direction indicator switch; and... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140085074 - Direction indicator circuit for controlling a direction indicator in a vehicle: A direction indicator circuit for controlling a direction indicator may include: a first terminal for connecting to a supply voltage terminal; a second terminal for connecting to a direction indicator switch and a lighting means; a third terminal for connecting to a capacitor; wherein the direction indicator circuit is designed... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140085075 - Direction indicator circuit for controlling a direction indicator in a vehicle: In various embodiments, a direction indicator circuit for controlling a direction indicator in a vehicle is provided. The direction indicator circuit may include: a first terminal for connecting to a supply voltage; a second terminal for connecting to a direction indicator switch and a lighting means; a third terminal for... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140085076 - System, method, and software for controlling alert notifications: A method for controlling alert notifications includes receiving, at an alert notification monitor, notifications from at least one medical device. The method further includes analyzing, at the alert notification monitor, the notifications based on one or more complex triggers to identify at least one triggered notification. The method further includes... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20140085077 - Sedentary activity management method and apparatus using data from a data-capable band for managing health and wellness: Data-capable personal worn or carried device can be used to detect sedentary activity for facilitating achievement of health and wellness goals. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving data representing an activity originating from a wearable device, determining the data representing the activity is a sedentary activity, and characterizing the... Agent: Aliphcom

20140085083 - Computer-implemented method for contact lens care compliance: A method for tracking ophthalmic lens care compliance, said method comprising the steps of: including at least one sensor with said ophthalmic product for monitoring at least one ambient condition and for logging and recording at least one parameter associated said at least one ambient condition, following a predetermined event;... Agent:

20140085082 - Patient monitoring device with remote alert: A remote patient monitoring system provides patient physiological data and alerts/alarms from a main patient monitor to a remote patient monitor worn by a medical professional. The medical professional is alerted as to physiological data of the monitored patient, and provided alerts or alarms when predetermined levels are reached. The... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140085079 - System, method, and software for automating physiologic alerts and derived calculations with manual values: A method for automating physiologic alerts with manual values includes receiving at a mobile patient monitor interface, a first input expression indicative of a first parameter source for first patient parameters from a first medical device or input from a user. The method further includes receiving, at the mobile patient... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20140085078 - System, method, and software for automating physiologic displays and alerts with precedence order: A method for automating physiologic alerts with precedence order includes receiving at a mobile patient monitor interface, a first input expression indicative of a first parameter source for first patient parameters from a first medical device from a user. The method further includes receiving, at the mobile patient monitor interface,... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20140085080 - System, method, and software for automating physiologic displays and alerts with trending heuristics: A method for automating physiologic alerts and derived parameters with trending heuristics includes receiving at a mobile patient monitor interface, a first input expression indicative of a first parameter source for first patient parameters from a first medical device from a user. The method further includes receiving, at the mobile... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20140085081 - Wearable cardiac defibrillator receiving inputs by being deliberately tapped & methods: A wearable defibrillation system includes an output device and a motion sensor. The output device emits a sound or a vibration for the patient, who responds by deliberately tapping the system. The motion sensor registers the tapping, and interprets it as a reply from the patient. The reply can be... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140085084 - Passive active battery saver tracking system: An active/passive tracking device is provided. The device includes a position locator configured to receive location information of the device. The device also includes a processor configured to determine whether the device is within, or proximate to, a geo-fenced area based on the received location information. The processor is further... Agent:

20140085085 - Audio and light fungal growth indicator:

20140085086 - Method and system to ascertain a repair for an asset: Systems and methods of the invention relate to indicating a repair to perform on an asset based on historic data related to a repair on the asset and/or sensor data associated with the asset. An evaluate component aggregates information related an asset such as a repair performed or data from... Agent:

20140085087 - Remotely actuated door lock: A remotely actuated door lock is provided. The remotely actuated lock includes a transceiver for establishing telephone communication with a remote telephone and for receiving a transmitted identification code therefrom. The door lock includes a microprocessor, a programmable logic controller or the like for comparing the transmitted identification code with... Agent: Umm Al-qura University

20140085088 - Security arrangement and method therfor: The present invention relates to a security arrangement (1) comprising: a housing (2); a sensor arrangement (3) arranged in said housing; a camera device (4) arranged in said housing; and a communication unit (5) arranged in said housing; wherein said sensor arrangement is configured to detect movement of a door... Agent:

20140085089 - Mobile retail peripheral platform for handheld devices: Systems (100) and methods (700) for operating a security tag of an Electronic Article Surveillance (“EAS”) system. The methods involve: executing on a mobile Point Of Sale (“POS”) device (104) an application operative to control operations of a peripheral device (190) attached to the mobile POS device for facilitating performance... Agent: Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

20140085090 - Near field communication tag reader, mobile terminal for interworking with the reader, and operating method thereof: A mobile terminal acquires an item group identifier and an item identifier from a near field communication tag reader which recognizes an item group identification tag and an item identification tag. The mobile terminal acquires item group information related to an item group corresponding to the item group identifier, and... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20140085091 - Motion alert device, a motion alert assembly and a method of detecting motion: A motion alert device comprising at least one motion sensor; a controller connected to the at least one motion sensor and adapted to generate an alert signal on detection of motion by the at least one motion sensor; and, a touch switch adapted to switch the motion alert device between... Agent:

20140085092 - Cover plate for a hazard detector having improved air flow and other characteristics: According to one embodiment, a hazard detector may include a housing having a back plate and a front casing coupled therewith to define an interior space within which various components are contained. The components may include an alarm device and a hazard sensor that is configured to detect a potentially... Agent:

20140085093 - Detector unit and sensing chamber therefor: According to one embodiment, a hazard detector may include a back plate and a front casing coupled to the back plate to define a housing having an interior region and an opening through which air flows into the interior region. A circuit board may be coupled to the back plate... Agent:

20140085094 - Method and device for monitoring at least one parameter of a battery: A method for monitoring at least one parameter of a battery. The method has a step of providing, in which a visual damage signal is provided on an outer surface of the battery when the at least one parameter of the battery is outside a tolerance range.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140085095 - Apparatus and method for monitoring and controlling detection of stray voltage anomalies: Apparatus and methods for detecting stray voltage anomalies in electric fields are provided herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus for detecting an electrical field may comprise: at least one sensor probe for generating data corresponding to an electrical field detected by the at least one sensor probe, wherein the at... Agent: Power Survey LLC

20140085096 - Rail surge voltage protector with fail disconnect: A surge protector for use with a two line signal path or control circuit. The surge protector has two terminals for connecting to both line signals as well as provisions for earth grounding. The surge protector has a surge protection stage and a short detection stage for detecting imbalances in... Agent: Transtector Systems, Inc.

20140085097 - Signalling apparatus and sensor apparatus: A signaling device may include a first signaling illuminant; a second signaling illuminant; and a control device having at least one information input for coupling to an information source, wherein the control device is configured to drive the first signaling illuminant and the second signaling illuminant in a manner dependent... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20140085098 - Downhole communication applications: In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to transform acquired data into transformed data using at least one transform selected from a plurality of transforms according to an optimization metric calculation that operates on single, fixed-length packets of the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140085099 - Redundant wired pipe-in-pipe telemetry system: A system and method for providing redundant wired pipe-in-pipe telemetry is described. The redundant wired pip-in-pipe telemetry system includes an outer pipe and an inner pipe disposed within the outer pipe. Within the outer pipe, two or more conductive elements may be provided as well as a wired path controller... Agent:

20140085101 - Devices and methods to facilitate affective feedback using wearable computing devices: Various embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and computing devices, including mobile and wearable computing devices, and more specifically, to devices and techniques for assessing affective states of a user based on data derived from, for example, a wearable computing device.... Agent: Aliphcom

20140085102 - Interface for communicating sensor data to a satellite network: A communication interface, and method thereof, allows a single communication device to accept data from multiple different types of sensors for transmission to a communication network. The communication interface is capable of inputting data from many types of sensors and outputting the data directly to the communication device. The communication... Agent:

20140085100 - Wireless notification system and method for electronic rodent traps: A remote notification electronic rodent trapping system and method is provided having a plurality of electronic rodent trapping devices configured to wirelessly communicate trap information to each other and to a PC or wireless device. Each being equipped with an RF transceiver, the rodent trapping devices form a mesh network... Agent: Woodstream Corporation

20140085103 - On-line web accessed energy meter: An electrical metering system capable of performing multiple metering functions, collecting data, and wirelessly provides the collected metering data to a utility operator. In the electrical metering system, at least one computing device for initiating a request for data. A first modem connects the computing device to an infrastructure. A... Agent: Electro Industries/gauge Tech

20140085104 - System for seamless and secure networking of implantable medical devices, electronic patch devices and wearable devices: A system level scheme for networking of implantable devices, electronic patch devices/sensors coupled to the body, and wearable sensors/devices with cellular telephone/mobile devices, peripheral devices and remote servers is described.... Agent: Ip Holdings, Inc.

20140085105 - Power outage notification and determination: Systems and methods for identifying and targeting power outages are provided. Electric meters of a system receive electric power from power distribution equipment in a power distribution network and information that identifies the respective power distribution equipment from which the meters receive electric power. Communication nodes are associated with electric... Agent: Silver Spring Networks, Inc.

20140085106 - Vehicle proximity warning system and methods: A vehicle proximity warning system includes a first device carried by a first vehicle and comprising a first transceiver and a first warning device, and a second device carried by a second vehicle and comprising a second transceiver and a second warning device. The first device determines proximity of the... Agent: Checkers Industrial Products, LLC

20140085107 - Emergency and traffic alert system: Systems and methods are disclosed for providing information to a device when the device is within the perimeter fence of an asset, such as a police car. In embodiments, a system determines the size and shape of the perimeter fence of the asset, and the system determines whether the device... Agent: B&c Electronic Engineering, Inc.

20140085108 - Sequential barricade light: A barricade light includes a light member, a receiver, a transmitter and a controller. The receiver is configured to receive an incoming signal from an adjacent barricade light and deliver the incoming signal to the controller. The incoming signal includes information about a position of the adjacent barricade light in... Agent: Checkers Industrial Products, LLC

20140085110 - Authorization of service using vehicle information and/or user information: Among other things, one or more techniques and/or systems are provided for authorizing an action using vehicle identification information (e.g., supplied by a vehicle) and user identification information (e.g., supplied by a mobile device associated with a user of the vehicle). Such an action may relate to, among other things,... Agent: Inrix, Inc.

20140085109 - Computer-implemented system and method for managing interchangeable parking spaces: A computer-implemented system and method for managing interchangeable parking spaces is provided. A parking pool that includes a plurality of parking spaces, which are each interchangeably reservable by motorists, is formed. The parking spaces in the parking pool that are currently-occupied by other vehicles and any reservations by motorists to... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20140085111 - Method and device for providing assistance during a parking maneuver of a vehicle: A method for providing assistance during a parking maneuver of a motor vehicle into a parking space. The parking space and a boundary object located in the area of the parking space being detected by a sensor array while the vehicle is driving by the parking space. To simplify the... Agent:

20140085113 - Method for supporting a driver using a portable device in a vehicle: The invention relates to a method for supporting a driver of a motor vehicle (2) while driving the vehicle (2), wherein a sound signal indicating an information generated by a driver assistance system (3) of the vehicle (2) is output by a sound output device (7, 8) of the driver... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20140085112 - Vehicular information systems and methods: Disclosed is a method and system that receives sensor information from each of a plurality of sensors. Each sensor in the plurality is associated with a vehicle. The sensor information includes location coordinates of each vehicle in the plurality. The sensor information associated with each vehicle in the plurality then... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 51 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140077925 - Device, method and computer program product to assist visually impaired people in sensing voice direction: A device, method and computer program product that provides tactile feedback to a visually impaired person to assist the visually impaired person in maintaining eye contact with another person when speaking to the other person. The eyeglass-based tactile response device includes a frame that has sensors mounted thereto, and a... Agent:

20140077926 - Electronic communication module for locking/unlocking a movable panel of a motor vehicle, associated control central processing unit, and hands-free access system: The invention relates to an electronic communication module (2) for locking unlocking at least one movable panel of a motor vehicle, including a resonant circuit adjusted to a timing frequency and including an transmission winding (20) connected in series to a tuning capacitor (21), said resonant circuit (20, 21) being... Agent: Valeo Securite Habitacle

20140077929 - Wireless access control system and related methods: A wireless access control system includes a remote access device and an electronic lock. The electronic lock communicates with the remote access device. The electronic lock controls the ability to lock and unlock a door in which the electronic lock is disposed. The electronic lock determines when the remote access... Agent: Unikey Technologies, Inc.

20140077930 - Remote keyless entry transmitter with repeating transmission of a message: A remote keyless entry (RKE) system for a vehicle. The system includes a RKE receiver configured to be installed on a vehicle, and a nomadic device equipped with an RKE transmitter configured to transmit autonomously a RKE message repetitiously in response to an initiation command. The nomadic device is able... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20140077927 - Method for controlling a gate using an automated installation entrance (aie) system: A method for controlling a gate using an AIE system is disclosed herein. The method can comprise receiving identification data from an identification card using an identification card reader mounted to a first surface of an enclosure and receiving biometric data from a biometric data reader mounted to a first... Agent:

20140077931 - Vehicle remote control key, and apparatus and method of variably controlling output of transmission radio signal: Provided are a vehicle remote control key, and a system and a method of remotely controlling a vehicle, the system and method being capable of variably outputting a transmission radio signal so that a remote control distance is controlled for each control target to be operated. In particular, a method... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140077928 - System, method and computer program product for detecting tampering in a product: A system for detecting tampering in a product having a tamper-detector seal, including a secure element configured to store a digital signature and a data associated with the digital signature, transmit the digital signature and the data associated with the digital signature in response to a request, detect tampering of... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140077932 - Method and system for alerting an owner of a lost animal: Methods, systems, and techniques for alerting an owner of a lost animal involve receiving found animal identification information describing the animal from a person who has found the lost animal; attempting to retrieve a reference profile of the animal by using the found animal identification information to search a database... Agent:

20140077933 - Method for choosing rfid communication mode and rfid device which supports near-field and far-field communication: Provided is a method of choosing a communication mode of an RFID device which supports near-field communication and far-field communication, including: interrupting generation of a self RF field signal; determining whether or not an RF field signal for near-field communication is detected; choosing the near-field communication mode when an external... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140077934 - Method for monitoring the functioning of an rfid-based radio communication network in a spatially extensive area: A method for monitoring the functioning of an RFID-based radio communication network in a spatially extensive area, wherein a plurality of RFID tags carry out a radio communication with a reader, wherein in the area of coverage of the RFID system at least one fixed reference RFID tag is arranged... Agent:

20140077935 - Apparatus and method for providing data transmission/reception in a terminal using near field communication: A method for performing data transmission/reception using Near Field Communication (NFC) in a terminal includes loading a preset data transmission/reception policy upon recognizing a target device capable of communication using NFC; acquiring at least one sensing information used to determine a particular data transmission/reception operation; and determining the particular data... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140077937 - Transmission system: A transmission system includes a transmission management system including: a first receiving unit that receives user identification information from transmission terminals; a user identification information management unit that stores user identification information in association with transmission terminal identification information of transmission terminals serving as transmission sources of the user identification... Agent:

20140077936 - Method and apparatus for remote fuel refill level monitoring: A system includes a processor configured to receive requests from a wireless device in wireless communication with the processor, the requests corresponding to one or more aspects of a refueling process. The processor is also configured to collect vehicle data corresponding to the one or more aspects of the refueling... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140077938 - Golf score registration: A method for golf score registration in a golf score registration system includes a terminal located in or near a clubhouse and/or a start box at first tee with a console that allows each player to check in to and check out of the system before and after a game... Agent: Sportident International Ab

20140077939 - Peripheral viewing system for a vehicle: A peripheral viewing system for a vehicle includes a pair of digital cameras, each positioned on the exterior of the vehicle proximately positioned where a side view mirror would typically be mounted. An additional digital camera is mounted on the vehicle roof immediately adjacent the top edge of the rear... Agent:

20140077940 - Estimating the remaining life of shape memory alloy actuators: Mechanical devices powered by Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wires or other linear elements offer advantages in automotive applications. Such SMA-powered devices are commonly reliable and long-lived but have a finite lifetime. Measurements of the electrical resistivity of an SMA element during operation of the element may be related to the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140077941 - Vehicle display device: A vehicular indicator device for a hybrid vehicle which is provided with vehicle drive power sources in the form of an engine and an electric motor and which is driven in one of a plurality of vehicle drive modes including an EV drive mode, a series HV drive mode and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140077942 - Stealth mode vehicle operation: Embodiments of a system and method for controlling illumination in a vehicle passenger compartment are disclosed. In one aspect, a display system for a motor vehicle passenger compartment, comprises: at least one indicia visible to an operator of the vehicle and configured to indicate a vehicle operating condition; an indicia... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20140077943 - Vehicular child alert device: A vehicular child alert device includes a main body housing a pressure switch configured to indicate the status of a vehicle door, a memory configured to store audible notifications, a speaker configured to play the audible notifications, and a processor configured to control the device.... Agent:

20140077944 - Personal area mapping: Systems and apparatuses are directed to wireless tag elements each having unique first identifier information and attached to objects to be tracked and wireless sensors arranged to provide corresponding zones of coverage that collectively define an area mapping the location of the objects to be tracked. Each wireless sensor having... Agent:

20140077945 - Biological information notifying apparatus, biological information notifying method, and computer-readable storage medium having biological information notifying program stored thereon: A biological information notifying apparatus of the present invention includes a biological information obtainment sensor to detect biological information of a human body, a vibration section which notifies the biological information by transmitting vibrations to the human body, and a control section which causes the vibration section to vibrate in... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140077947 - Informing system for electronic anklet information and the method using the same thereof: Disclosed are a system for notifying electronic anklet information to prevent sexual violence by searching information regarding a person wearing an electronic anklet using an application on a smartphone whether the person is located within a predetermined radius from a user and by notifying the existence of the electronic anklet... Agent:

20140077946 - Personal emergency response (per) system: A system includes one or more sensors to detect activities of a mobile object; and a processor coupled to the sensor and the wireless transceiver to classify sequences of motions into groups of similar postures each represented by a model and to apply the models to identify an activity of... Agent:

20140077948 - Methods and apparatus for providing notifications in a media system: A system to convey user alert messages is disclosed. The system may have a alert service coupled between alert providers and a number of households. After receiving in the alert service an alert message from an alert provider, the alert service may alter the alert message to identify the household... Agent:

20140077949 - Security film: A tamper indication device has a film attached and connected within the circuit that generates a signal in response to a tamper event. The tamper indication device can be incorporated into a bullet proof vest. The sensor circuit in the bullet proof vest does not only detects a bullet strike... Agent: Select Engineering Services LLC

20140077950 - Cover access notification device: A cover access notification device is employed with a utility meter box having a cover. The device is operable to detect when an impermissible open condition has occurred, for example, if an intruder breaks into a meter box. If a tampered condition is sensed, the device transmits a signal through... Agent:

20140077951 - Retractable merchandise security tether with alarm: A retractable merchandise security tether with alarm is provided. The security tether includes a housing carrying a spool for winding an unwinding a cable therefrom. A security module is also packaged within the housing. The security module includes a sensor operable to detect the presence of a severed end of... Agent: Southern Imperial, Inc.

20140077953 - Eas tag using conductive wrapping element: An electronic article surveillance apparatus for monitoring objects is comprised of a base, at least one electrically conductive wrapping element, and an electronics housing. The conductive wrapping element is long enough to wrap around an object to be protected and may be carried by a section of tape. The base... Agent:

20140077952 - Optimization of luggage placement in storage compartments: Aspects of the present invention disclose a system, method and computer program product for automatically assigning a location to a luggage belonging to a passenger in a passenger carrier. In an example, a computer system evaluates characteristics of the luggage. The computer system evaluates characteristics of the passenger. The computer... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140077954 - Security tag for application to footwear: Systems (100) and methods (1300) for operating a security tag (132). The methods involve: slidingly coupling a first engagement member (212) of the security tag to a first sidewall (208) forming a first right angle with a base (220) of an article; and extending a securement member (218) of the... Agent: Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

20140077956 - Intelligent medical network edge router: A medical network service can replace or supplement some or all of an expensive internally staffed clinical facility network with a cloud-based networking service. The medical network service in certain embodiments can provide networking services via software as a service technologies, platform as a service technologies, and/or infrastructure as a... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20140077955 - Safety device for a technical installation or a technical process: The disclosure relates to a safety device and a method for detecting and evaluating the degree of attention of an operator of a technical installation or a technical process, which includes a first module which records values of predefined physiological parameters of the operator and determines a first characteristic number... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140077957 - Alarm device to prevent drowsiness in drivers: The invention relates in general to an alarm device with the shape of a ring, comprising a housing located on its upper end, which contains an alarm system, which is activated upon the first signs of drowsiness or sleep of a human body. The relaxation or loosening of the muscles... Agent:

20140077958 - Water level detection device: A water level detection device includes a case, a detection assembly, and a latching ring secured to the case. The detection assembly includes a warning module, a micro switch, a cable, and a floater. The cable is inserted through the latching ring and divided to a first section connected to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140077959 - A/c ghost guard: A high pressure switch works to protect the air conditioner (a/c) compressor from operational conditions, and now we also can protect the whole a/c condenser unit (outdoor unit) from theft and vandalism. The safeguard can be accomplished by installing another high pressure switch on the high pressure liquid line or... Agent:

20140077960 - Brush holder assembly monitoring apparatus, assembly, system and method: Methods and systems for monitoring a brush holder assembly and/or detecting wear of a brush in a brush holder assembly are disclosed. One method includes sending data from a plurality of remote monitoring locations to a central control unit, where the data may be evaluated in order to monitor states... Agent: Cutsforth, Inc.

20140077961 - Integrated alarm device: An integrated alarm device for a proximity detection system that is based on use of low frequency magnetic fields, to avoid conflicts in crowded work sites. A proximity detection system includes a magnetic field generator, and a personal alarm device. The personal alarm device includes an antenna configured to detect... Agent:

20140077962 - Indication control circuit for indicating workload of electronic device: A workload indicating control circuit includes a coupling circuit, a square wave signal producing circuit, and an integral circuit. The coupling circuit induces a current output by a power input circuit of an electronic device and produces a proportional induced voltage, the current output by the power input circuit being... Agent:

20140077963 - System and method for generating profile-based alerts/alarms: A method of processing parameter data includes: receiving at least one alarm value for a selected interval, the at least one alarm value generated based on a comparison of estimated parameter values at one or more respective interval points with limits at the respective interval points; performing, by a processor,... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140077964 - System and method for optimizing an operation of a sensor used with wellbore equipment: Apparatus and associated methods may relate to a sensor controller configured to apply predetermined criteria to determine when a parameter value sampled by a sensor module meets the predetermined criteria, and in response to making such a determination, adjust a commanded data rate including an update time period. In an... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140077966 - Power line communication system: This invention relates to a power line communication (PLC) system wherein the power supply line supplies power and also acts as a communications supply line. A receiver is able to detect small changes in the modulated transmitted information and thereby shut down the circuit. The invention is particularly suitable for... Agent: Oilfield Equipment Development Center Limited

20140077965 - Signal transmission system: Systems and methods of signal transmission and measuring for sensors employing a transmission medium are provided. In one embodiment, a method may comprise measuring a first monitored condition to generate a first monitored condition signal; converting the first monitored condition signal to a first frequency modulated signal having a first... Agent: Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

20140077967 - Wireless patient monitoring system: Disclosed embodiments include a wireless portable medical monitoring apparatus that includes (a) a hospital bed or medical stretcher; (b) a plurality of wireless biomedical sensors attached to the hospital bed or medical stretcher; and (c) a communications module configured for wirelessly transmitting jointly compressed biomedical signals. The communication module is... Agent: Imaxdi Real Innovation Sl

20140077969 - Forest sensor deployment and monitoring system: A method and apparatus for managing a location. Soil sensor units are deployed in the location in a forest from a group of aerial vehicles. Information is generated about a number of soil conditions in the location in the forest using the soil sensor units in the location. The information... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140077968 - Prediction of an estimated remaining utility usage via meter: A method and system for predicting an estimated remaining utility usage and adjusting an alert threshold for a prepaid utility meter account includes receiving an indication of a time period of inaccessibility to replenish a prepaid utility meter account, predicting an alert trigger time when an estimated remaining utility usage... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140077970 - Method for parallel meter-reading between concentrator and electricity meters: A parallel meter-reading method between a concentrator and electricity meters includes determining a phase of electric power supplied from a concentrator to the electricity meters, generating a reference signal synchronized with electric power determined for each phase, generating a request signal synchronized with the 3 phases electric power determined and... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20140077971 - Raman amplifier system and method with integrated optical time domain reflectometer: Raman amplifier systems and methods with an integrated Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) for integrated testing functionality include an amplifier system, an OTDR and telemetry subsystem, and a method of operation. The OTDR and telemetry subsystem is configured to operate in an OTDR mode when coupled to a line in... Agent: Ciena Corporation

20140077972 - Identifying and presenting information based on unique vehicle identifier: A portable electronic device can be used to present vehicle-specific information to a user. The portable electronic device can receive a message transmitted from a vehicle, the message including a unique vehicle identifier such as vehicle identification number (VIN). The portable electronic device can identify content based at least in... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140077973 - Method of guiding parking space and related device: A method of guiding a parking space for an electronic device on a vehicle is disclosed. The method includes obtaining location information of the parking space; calculating a destination position according to the location information; determining a movement of the vehicle via at least one sensor of the electronic device... Agent:

20140077974 - Aircraft warning light and aircraft warning light system: According to one embodiment, a control section controls a lighting circuit on the basis of a luminous intensity ratio table of a set rated current type to have a luminous intensity ratio corresponding to a current value detected by a current detecting circuit. The control section switches, according to a... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20140077975 - Systems and methods for providing runway-entry awareness and alerting: Systems and methods for providing runway entry awareness and alerting. An exemplary system includes a processing device that determines pilot intent based on one of a manual runway selection, automatic runway selection, aircraft information received from one or more sensors or received clearance information; receives at least one of aircraft... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

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