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Communications: electrical

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04/16/2015 > 49 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150102900 - Key fob dongle: Disclosed herein is an improvement of methods and systems used to configure electronic components and modules to a vehicle. A low cost programmer tool, or key fob dongle, may manage devices coupled to a vehicle communication network. The system is designed for on-board management of multiple vehicle network protocols to... Agent: Rb Distribution, Inc.

20150102901 - Biometric access control system: A biometric access control system includes an equipment structure in communication with an identification station, which includes a processor, a user biometric reader, an equipment identification reader, a user interface to display categories of equipment authorized for use by a user and to receive input from the user including an... Agent:

20150102902 - Bluetooth remote-control electronic lock: A Bluetooth remote-control electronic lock contains an electronic locking unit including a controlling unit; an infrared identifying unit connecting with the controlling unit, wherein after identifying a user, the controlling unit executes wireless Bluetooth transmission; a lock control unit coupling with the controlling unit, the lock control unit including an... Agent:

20150102898 - Motor vehicle unlocking method and system: A key-less entry system for motor vehicle uses actuations of one or more pre-existing vehicle components accessible from outside the vehicle, such as door handles, to generate an unlock an unlock code that is stored in a control unit. The code represents a sequence of actuations of component(s). Upon leaving... Agent:

20150102904 - Electronic circuitry for contactless lock: Some embodiments include electronic circuitry for an electronic lock. The electronic circuitry can include: an antenna configured to receive a wireless signal; a communication processor, coupled to the antenna, configured to decode the wireless signal to ascertain a command to lock or unlock the electronic lock and to authenticate a... Agent:

20150102905 - Keyless entry system: A keyless entry system includes a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter includes an operation switch, transmission means, and transmission control means. The receiver includes receiving means and determination means. The transmission control means generates operation information including a function code corresponding to the operation switch and a count value... Agent:

20150102903 - Secure delivery receptacle: A secure-delivery receptacle includes a delivered-package vault having a selectively-lockable access portal controlled, at least in part, by a control circuit that also operably couples to a radio-frequency identification (RFID)-tag reader. The RFID-tag reader serves, by one approach, to read RFID tags in the immediate vicinity of the delivered-package vault.... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20150102906 - Systems and methods for controlling a locking mechanism using a portable electronic device: Systems and methods are provided for operating a remotely operable lock. In an example embodiment, a method comprises authenticating, at a web service, credentials received from a portable electronic device, detecting the proximity of the portable electronic device to the lock, and issuing a command for receipt by the lock... Agent:

20150102907 - Method and system for controlling access to a restricted location: The present disclosure describes techniques for controlling access a restricted location (114) as well as a system (100) for doing so. According to various implementations, a potential entrant to the restricted location needs to transmit two values to an access authorization device (108) located at the perimeter (112) of the... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150102899 - Door lock apparatus, display apparatus, mobile device, and method for controlling thereof: A door lock apparatus is provided. The door lock apparatus includes a first interface configured to communicate with a plurality of external apparatuses; a near field communicator configured to perform authentication for opening a door; a second interface configured to communicate with a display apparatus; and a controller configured to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150102908 - Arrangement for and method of optimally adjusting the scan rate of scan beams generated bya radio frequency identification (rfid) tag reader having an array of antennas: Retail items movable from an inventory location at a retail venue through a portal to a retail exit are automatically tracked. The items are individually associated with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. An RFID tag reader has an array of antennas for generating a multitude of scan beams at an... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20150102909 - Method for monitoring a system comprising a number of readers and a plurality of portable communication units: A method for monitoring a system includes reading devices and a plurality of portable communication units, wherein during operation of the system, for a communication unit there are carried out a plurality of data transactions between at least one reading device and the communication unit via a corresponding communication interface.... Agent:

20150102910 - Rfid tag system and operating method thereof: Disclosed herein are a radio frequency identification (RFID) system and an operating method thereof. The RFID system includes an RFID tag and an RFID reader transmitting an initialization command to the RFID tag. The initialization command includes a field selecting a single tag accessing mode and a multi-tag processing mode.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150102911 - Sensor tag and sensor network system: A sensor tag includes a sensor, a resistor, an radio frequency integrated circuit (“RFIC”), a battery and a micro-control unit (“MCU”). The sensor detects an environmental state. The battery is connected to a series circuit, which includes the sensor and the resistor, and to the RFIC and the MCU. The... Agent:

20150102912 - Systems and methods for joint beamforming and preamble detection: Systems and methods for reading RFID tags using joint beamforming and preamble detection in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. One embodiment includes an antenna array comprising a plurality of antenna elements, a joint beamformer and preamble detector configured to receive inputs from each of the antenna elements,... Agent:

20150102913 - Method and system for correctly identifying specific rfid tags: A system and method for identifying a specific RFID tag includes RFID reader circuitry, such as within an RFID reader, configured for sending and receiving RF signals to detect RFID tags and for obtaining signal parameter information associated with the RFID tags. Processing circuitry is configured for using the signal... Agent: Vocollect, Inc.

20150102915 - Systems, methods, and computer program products for storing and managing program data: Systems, methods, and computer program products are provided for storing and managing program data. A service provider ID having both generic and specific components is sent from a terminal to a mobile device. The mobile device determines whether the service provider ID sent from the terminal matches a service provider... Agent:

20150102914 - Near field communication system, and method of operating same: The present inventions, in one aspect, are directed to a system comprising a portable sensor device including a housing having a physical size/shape that is adapted to couple to a user's body, an identification tag including identification data which is associated with the sensor device and an identification tag transmitter... Agent:

20150102916 - Wireless light controller system and method: In some examples, wireless light controller technology includes methods and apparatuses. In other examples, the technology includes one or more lights on a power line. Each light of the one or more lights is individually controllable via power line communication over the power line. The technology further includes a wireless... Agent:

20150102917 - Driving device using mobile device and method for controlling same: A driving device using a mobile device and to a method for controlling same, the driving device comprising: an application installed in the mobile device; a wireless communication unit that wirelessly exchanges data with the mobile device; a controller that processes data received through the wireless communication device; a sensor... Agent: Hirosci Co., Ltd.

20150102918 - Encoding dynamic haptic effects: A system is provided that encodes one or more dynamic haptic effects. The system defines a dynamic haptic effect as including a plurality of key frames, where each key frame includes an interpolant value and a corresponding haptic effect. An interpolant value is a value that specifies where an interpolation... Agent:

20150102919 - Bicycle with an intelligent system: An intelligent system for a bicycle is provided with a control assembly including a seat bag control device, a sensor device, a digital camera, a lighting device, a warning device, and a power supply for supplying DC power to above components; and a display assembly including an LCD screen, a... Agent:

20150102920 - Method and system for notifying alarm state of vehicle: A method and system for notifying an alarm state of a vehicle include displaying an alarm corresponding to an alarm state of an alarm state occurring in a vehicle, and determining whether a driver recognizes the displayed alarm. The alarm is displayed in a different manner based on a recognition... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150102921 - Micro leakage detecting device of suspension device and method for detecting micro leakage: A micro leakage detecting device of a suspension device includes a detecting unit, a driving state determining unit that checks whether or not a vehicle is driving when it is checked in the detecting unit that the vehicle-height correcting control occurs, a vehicle-height increasing control checking unit that checks whether... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150102923 - Alarm setting and interfacing with gesture contact interfacing controls: A device configured for capture of activity data for a user includes a housing, a sensor, a motor, a memory, and a processor. The sensor is disposed in the housing to track activity data of the user. The motor causes vibration of the housing. The memory stores an alarm setting... Agent:

20150102922 - Security system and alarm activation control: A controller arms an alarm aspect of a corresponding security system. The corresponding security system is initially configured to audibly activate an alarm in response to detecting motion of free-to-roam entities in a monitored location. The free-to-roam entities can be provided unrestricted access into the monitored location. In addition to... Agent:

20150102924 - Volume/vibrate overriding feature of alert system for mobile devices: The invention relates generally to a home security alarm system and more specifically to a home security alarm app once triggered will override primary mobile device's sound setting and determine if a full volume (or higher volume than current setting of device) alarm sound is needed to alert the end... Agent:

20150102925 - Systems and methods for detection of biological conditions in humans: A method detects a biological condition and detects a change in the biological condition of a mammal. The device determines if the change in the biological condition exceeds a predetermined threshold and sends a signal based at least in part on the determination.... Agent:

20150102926 - System and method to monitor events and personnel locations: A method and apparatus where the apparatus performs the steps of receiving a location of a person; determining via a database a hazard level of the location confirming via a database that the person is qualified to be present at the location based upon a training level of the person... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150102927 - Ble/wifi bridge with audio sensor: A Bluetooth/WiFi bridge includes a computing device in an interior of a dwelling with an internet-facing radio, and a second radio communicating with one or more non-internet-connected devices. The computing device provides for coordination of information flow between the two radios. The computing device is configured to enable the two... Agent:

20150102928 - Remote power state detector: A system for remotely detecting a power state of an associated device comprising: an optical sensor configured to detect a light emitted from the associated device, wherein the light is indicative of the power state of the associated device; or electrical field (EF) sensor to detect the electrical field around... Agent:

20150102929 - Method and device for warning the driver of a motor vehicle in the event of lack of attention: In a method for warning the driver of a motor vehicle in the event of lack of attention, in order to improve the acceptance of such systems among drivers, it is provided to monitor the driver with regard to lack of attention and also to ascertain the instantaneous driving situation... Agent:

20150102930 - Device having a moisture sensor: Described herein is a device including a collection element having a base with an upper surface surrounded by one or more raised edges near a perimeter of the base, the upper surface having a concavity. The device has a sensor positioned in fluid communication with the concavity in the upper... Agent:

20150102932 - Leak detection system and method: A leak detection mat arrangement includes a base member configured to capture, direct and hold liquid while at the same time providing a support that is generally planar. The base member includes a bottom side and an upper side. The upper side includes a plurality of projecting portions separated by... Agent:

20150102931 - System and a method for detecting liquid water: The present subject matter provides a system and a method for detecting liquid water. The method includes establishing signal communication between an RFID tag and an RFID reader, monitoring the signal communication between the RFID tag and the RFID reader and determining that liquid water is disposed between the RFID... Agent: General Electric Company

20150102933 - Service display system for a machine: A service display system for a machine with an out-board service area is disclosed. The service display system indicates a plurality of fluid levels within a plurality of fluid reservoirs, corresponding to respective one of a plurality of sub-systems. The service display system includes a port relay board disposed within... Agent: Caterpillar Global Mining Hms Gmbh

20150102934 - Smoke detector with external sampling volume and ambient light rejection: In accordance with certain embodiments, a smoke detector determines the presence of smoke particles outside its housing based on measurements of light detected at different wavelengths and corrected based on an ambient light level.... Agent:

20150102935 - Smoke detector with external sampling volume and ambient light rejection: In accordance with certain embodiments, a smoke detector determines the presence of smoke particles outside its housing based on measurements of light detected at different wavelengths and corrected based on an ambient light level.... Agent:

20150102936 - Guiding a user to safety from the premises of an industrial plant: A method, safety route guiding device and a computer program product enables users in the premises of an industrial plant to reach safety in case of an emergency, where said users are equipped with mobile terminals, where the safety route guiding device includes a guiding unit that receives alarm data... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20150102937 - Systems and methods for indicating the presence of a mobile device within a passenger cabin: Systems and methods for indicating the presence of a mobile device within a passenger cabin are provided. A method for indicating the presence of a mobile device within a passenger cabin of a vehicle includes linking a vehicle computing device with the mobile device, determining whether a vehicle ignition is... Agent: Toyoto Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150102938 - Downhole short wavelength radio telemetry system for intervention applications: A telemetry system and method of downhole communication is disclosed. A first electromagnetic signal propagates through a first annular region between a work string and a wellbore wall and is received at an electromagnetic receiver of a repeater. A second electromagnetic signal related to the received first electromagnetic signal is... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150102941 - Metering device and parts therefor: An industrial meter has wireless communication circuitry for communicating with a remote communication device. A repeater device allows the wireless communication circuitry of the industrial meter to continue to communicate with the remote communication device when the meter device is positioned in a location where direct communication between the wireless... Agent:

20150102940 - Methods and apparatus relating to measurement instruments: Methods and apparatus are for storing and retrieving data related to the installation, service, repair or performance of an industrial flow meter or other measurement instrument. Methods and apparatus are also for other processes associated with measurement instruments.... Agent:

20150102939 - Wearable body sensor and system including the same: A body sensor, a system including the body sensor and a method of transmitting a biosignal are provided. A wearable body sensor includes a conductive electrode configured to conduct a biosignal from a body, a main board comprising a radio frequency (RF) communication circuit to generate an RF signal based... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150102943 - Daisy-chain communication bus and protocol: An apparatus is provided that includes first and second connection nodes and a communication circuit. The communication circuit is configured to communicate cell-status data of a cell over a bidirectional data path connected to the connection nodes. The communication circuit includes directional drive circuitry configured to communicate the cell-status data... Agent:

20150102942 - System and method for providing a distributed directional aperture: A distributed directional aperture (DDA) system provides the capability to receive and/or transmit signals, limiting that reception or transmission to a 3-dimensional beam. The DDA system includes sensing and/or emitting array subsystems which comprise sensors and/or emitters distributed across, within, or under the skin of an aircraft, ship, ground vehicle,... Agent:

20150102944 - Absolute acceleration sensor for use within moving vehicles: A communication system for a vehicle comprises a receiver to receive a signal corresponding to a traveling speed of a lead vehicle, a response device that generates an alert to warn of a change in the traveling speed of the lead vehicle, and a control device coupled to the receiver... Agent:

20150102945 - Multi-agent reinforcement learning for integrated and networked adaptive traffic signal control: A system and method of multi-agent reinforcement learning for integrated and networked adaptive traffic controllers (MARLIN-ATC). Agents linked to traffic signals generate control actions for an optimal control policy based on traffic conditions at the intersection and one or more other intersections. The agent provides a control action considering the... Agent: Pragmatek Transport Innovations, Inc.

20150102946 - System and method for enforcing parking rules: A method and system for enforcing parking rules are provided. The method includes receiving, from at least one source, a captured visual content showing a suspected vehicle and at least one potential sign of an illegally parked vehicle; identifying the at least one potential sign of an illegally parked vehicle... Agent: Safer Place Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 57 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150097652 - Entry system for vehicle: A vehicular entry system, which performs collation using a mobile terminal having an authentication element and enables use of a predetermined function of a vehicle on the basis of a result of the collation, includes: an authentication control section which, when authentication information from the authentication element matches predetermined authentication... Agent:

20150097651 - Automatic door: In some implementations a microcontroller is coupled to a storage device, the storage device having a voice-recognition engine stored thereon, and the microcontroller is operably coupled to a device-controller of an automatic door.... Agent: Altorr Corporation

20150097653 - Determination of proximity using a plurality of transponders: Devices and methods of determining a proximity of a receiver to a tag in a predetermined region. A signal characteristic is sensed at the receiver from the tag and an assisting tag. Zones are defined representing proximity of the receiver to each tag. A presence probability vector for the receiver... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20150097654 - Tag transmission apparatus and signal transmitting method thereof: Disclosed herein are a tag transmission apparatus and a signal transmitting method thereof. The tag transmission apparatus converts a plurality of data bits into a symbol, which is one of a plurality of symbols, and multiplies the converted symbol by a square-wave having a predetermined frequency to thereby generate a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150097655 - Radio frequency identification display device: A radio frequency identification (RFID) display device includes a microprocessor, a first RFID, a second RFID, a sensing module and a passive display unit. The first RFID stores a first RFID data and receives electromagnetic wave emitted from a reader for supply power. The second RFID stores a second RFID... Agent:

20150097656 - Radio wave receiver: A radio wave receiver includes a receiver controller that performs a signal capturing action in regular or irregular intervals to capture data transmitted on radio waves from a remote terminal in synchronization with the signal capturing action. The receiver controller includes a correctness determination unit and a capturing frequency setting... Agent:

20150097658 - Data processing apparatus and data processing program: A data processing apparatus includes: a receiving unit configured to receive data including information indicating amplitude and information indicating frequency; and a processing unit configured to produce data used to generate vibration of a vibration unit based on the data and predetermined vector information.... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20150097657 - Generating haptic effects while minimizing cascading: A system that generates haptic effects using an actuator receives a haptic effect definition that defines a haptic effect. The system pre-processes the haptic effect definition by determining if the actuator is capable of playing the haptic effect. The system then post-processes the haptic effect definition by adjusting a force... Agent:

20150097659 - Method and apparatus for sensory stimulation: An apparatus for producing an electrosensory sensation to a body member (120). The apparatus comprises one or more conducting electrodes (106), each of which is provided with an insulator (108). When the body member (120) is proximate to the conducting electrode, the insulator prevents flow of direct current from the... Agent:

20150097660 - Blind view sensor assembly: A blind view sensor assembly for notifying a driver whenever an object is in the blind spot of the driver's vehicle comprises an assembly base attached to the conventional side view mirror of a automobile. The assembly base attaches to the bottom of the side view mirror and utilizes an... Agent:

20150097661 - Lane marking crossing warning system: The present invention relates to a lane marking crossing warning system (22) for a vehicle (1), the warning system (22) including a sensor arrangement (2) arranged to detect at least one lane marking line (5, 6, 7) that defines a corresponding lane boundary; a control unit (3) arranged to determine... Agent: Autoliv Development Ab

20150097662 - Flexible board type tire pressure sensor device: A flexible board type tire pressure sensor device includes a flexible PC board having a first surface bonded to an inside wall of a tire of a vehicle wheel and a second surface opposite to the first surface, a sensor module installed in the second surface of the flexible PC... Agent: Cub Elecparts Inc.

20150097663 - Smart-home multi-functional hazard detector providing location-specific feature configuration: A particular smart hazard detector may itself function as a guide during a process of installation of the same at an installation location. Additionally, the installation location of the particular smart hazard detector may play a central role in how various settings of the smart hazard detector are defined and... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097664 - Method and apparatus for determining maintenance needs and validating the installation of an alarm system: A system for determining maintenance needs and validating the installation of an alarm system are provided. The system may include a central monitoring station configured to receive operational measurements and apply maintenance rules to the operational measurements and a maintenance history for the alarm system to determine maintenance needs of... Agent:

20150097665 - Smart-home hazard detector providing sensor-based device positioning guidance: A particular smart hazard detector may itself function as a guide during a process of installation of the same at an installation location. Additionally, the installation location of the particular smart hazard detector may play a central role in how various settings of the smart hazard detector are defined and... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097666 - Hazard detection unit providing intuitive illumination-based status signaling: Various methods and systems for hazard detectors are presented. Such hazard detectors may include one or more hazard sensors that are configured to detect the presence of one or more types of hazards. Such hazard detectors may include a circular or a ring-shaped light comprising a plurality of lighting elements.... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097667 - Systems and methods for alerting on-site responders located at a specific facility to engage and neutralize a threat: In an embodiment of the disclosed technology, an emergency response system is used on the premises of a given location or building. The system employs various staff members who are regularly present throughout the facility at random locations. These individuals are each wearing a personal transmitter which, when activated, transmits... Agent:

20150097670 - Address validation for personal emergency response systems: A server verifies that an address of record for a personal emergency response (PERS) device is in agreement with a current address of the PERS device. The PERS device has a docking station and a wearable unit. At start-up, the docking station places a call to the server and the... Agent:

20150097668 - Animal monitoring system and method: An animal monitoring system has sensor modules carried on respective animals. Each module includes a GPS position locator to determine a current position of the animal, a transmitter, and a controller arranged to store a previously determined position of the animal thereon. A central monitoring system is located remotely from... Agent:

20150097669 - Systems and methods for programming, controlling and monitoring wireless networks: A system for programming, controlling and monitoring wireless networks enabling a wireless device (Dev) being utilized and integrated into car electronic control module or home (or business) alarm/security system. This system also presents a general control (robotic) device, which controls general input and output functions, where plurality of cellular handsets,... Agent:

20150097671 - Methods and systems for a universal wireless platform for asset monitoring: A metrological interface device includes a printed circuit board (“PCB”) including at least one metrological sensor communication interface and at least one first wireless communication interface. The metrological interface device is in communication with a metrological sensing device via the metrological sensor communication interface. Each metrological sensing device is coupled... Agent:

20150097672 - Predictive alert targeting for mass notification systems: A system and a method are disclosed for predicting potential reach of an alert to a targeted audience, targeted personal delivery devices and targeted non-personal notification delivery devices in an emergency mass notification system. The method includes receiving recipients and alert delivery devices data which define a targeted audience and... Agent:

20150097673 - System of electronic devices for protection and security of places, persons, and goods: A system of electronic devices for the detection and location of changes in a predetermined space for the protection and security of places, persons, and goods, comprising at least two general sensors, two data processing electronic devices connected to each other. One of the two data processing devices comprises two... Agent: Hyperion S.r.l.

20150097674 - System and method for automatic tool tracking, monitoring, and inventory management: Systems and methods for automatically tracking tools and managing tool inventory. Tools may be assigned to a work group or crew. Tools are tracked and monitored to determine whether the tools are with their assigned group, relocated to a different group, missing, or left behind at a job site. For... Agent: Recon Dynamics, LLC

20150097675 - Sunscreen reapplication reminder device and method: In one general aspect, an apparatus for managing exposure to the sun is disclosed. It includes an aquatic activity control responsive to user interaction and an aquatic activity indicator associated with the aquatic activity control and operative to identify the aquatic activity control. It also includes a terrestrial activity control... Agent:

20150097676 - In situ real-time wafer breakage detection: The disclosure provides a real-time wafer breakage detection method. The detection method includes the following operations. A wafer is positioned on a wafer holder of a process chamber in which a thermal process is being performed. Then, the temperature at the wafer holder is measured. And, a notification for corrective... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150097677 - Pneumatic detector switch having a single diaphragm for alarm and fault conditions: A pneumatic pressure detector switch is disclosed that includes a retainer assembly adapted to communicate with a source of pressure, a deformable diaphragm supported within the retainer assembly and movable in response to changes in pressure communicated to the retainer assembly, a fault contact element supported by the retainer assembly... Agent: Kidde Technologies, Inc.

20150097678 - Smart-home hazard detector providing useful follow up communications to detection events: Ambient amount of a hazardous condition may be monitored. A mode may be set to a state indicative of the hazardous condition being present in the ambient environment. It may then be determined that the amount of the hazard in the ambient environment has dropped below a threshold hazardous condition... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097682 - Mobile user interface for smart-home hazard detector configuration: System for displaying hazard events and adjusting hazard detector settings on a mobile device includes a user interface executed on the mobile device, a hazard detector, and a computer server system communicatively coupled to the mobile device and hazard detector. The hazard detector generates hazard events indicating detection of smoke... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097683 - Smart-home hazard detection system providing context-based user notifications: System for customizing hazard notifications based on user activity includes a hazard detector and a computer server system communicatively coupled to the hazard detector. The hazard detector detects a hazard level that is greater than a threshold setting, the hazard level indicating an amount of smoke or carbon monoxide present... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097684 - Smart-home hazard detector providing location-specific pre-alarm configuration: A particular smart hazard detector may itself function as a guide during a process of installation of the same at an installation location. Additionally, the installation location of the particular smart hazard detector may play a central role in how various settings of the smart hazard detector are defined and... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097680 - Smart-home hazard detector providing non-alarm status signals at opportune moments: In various embodiments, a hazard detector is presented. The hazard detector may include a hazard detection sensor that detects a presence of a type of hazard. The hazard detector may include a light and a light sensor that senses a brightness level in an ambient environment of the hazard detector.... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097679 - Smoke detector with airflow barrier: A smoke detector system that includes an airflow barrier installed between a detector base unit and a mounting surface to ensure there is separation between the detector base unit and the mounting surface. The barrier isolates and seals the smoke detector to prevent the formation of condensation in or around... Agent:

20150097681 - Visual and auditory user notification methods for smart-home hazard detector: Hazard detector for providing a pre-alarm of a developing hazardous condition includes a detection module that detects a hazard level of smoke or carbon monoxide, a storage module that stores a pre-alarm threshold and an emergency threshold, a light source that generates light in a first color, a second color,... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097689 - Hazard detection unit facilitating convenient setup of plural instances thereof in the smart home: include using an application on a mobile device to establish first wireless communications with a first hazard detector that was previously paired with the user account. The method may also include transmitting, to the first hazard detector and using the first wireless protocol, a transmission that instructs the first hazard... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097688 - Mobile user interface for event notifications arising from smart-home hazard detection devices: System for displaying hazard events and adjusting hazard detector settings on a mobile device includes a user interface executed on the mobile device, a hazard detector, and a computer server system communicatively coupled to the mobile device and hazard detector. The hazard detector generates hazard events indicating detection of smoke... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097686 - Smart home hazard detector with integrated conditional lighting: Various embodiments of hazard detectors are presented. A hazard sensor may be present that detects the presence of a hazardous condition. A light sensor may be present that detects an ambient brightness level. A motion sensor may be present that detects motion of a user. A light may be present... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097687 - Smart-home hazard detector with adaptive heads up pre-alarm criteria: A particular smart hazard detector may itself function as a guide during a process of installation of the same at an installation location. Additionally, the installation location of the particular smart hazard detector may play a central role in how various settings of the smart hazard detector are defined and... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097685 - Status indication triggering and user interfacing in a smart-home hazard detector: In various embodiments, a hazard detector may be presented. The hazard detector may include at least one hazard detection sensor that detects a presence of at least one type of hazard. The hazard detector may include a speaker, a light, and a motion detection sensor that detects motion in an... Agent: Google Inc.

20150097690 - Method and apparatus of electronic device for abuse detection and notification: A method of an electronic device for abuse detection and notification is disclosed herewith. The method includes monitoring one or more parameters at the electronic device for one or more physical events, the parameter(s) being associated with one or more imagers. The method further includes identifying the physical event(s) at... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150097691 - Method for preventing input on an apparatus having a user interface: A method for preventing input and/or interaction on an apparatus having a user interface (UI) with input elements located on a door rotatable about an axis relative to an earth horizontal, the method includes detecting the horizontal position of the door and disabling input from the UI input elements based... Agent:

20150097692 - Light indicator: Light indicator which comprises a support structure provided with multiple seats, each of which housing at its interior rows of LEDs and a power supply circuit providing electrical power supply to the LEDs. The light indicator also comprises collimation lenses each positioned in front of the corresponding row of LEDs,... Agent:

20150097693 - In-premises management of home area networks: Systems and methods are disclosed for providing in-premises management of home area networks. An example management includes a network interface device, a processor in communication with the network interface device, and a transceiver device in communication with the processor. The network interface device can establish a paired communication link with... Agent: Landis+gyr Innovations, Inc.

20150097698 - Method, device and system for managing a provision of energy: A remote server is connected to at least one energy box, each energy box being connected to at least one energy consuming device, and each energy box being connected to a metering device. The remote server sends to the energy box a transaction demand. The energy box sends to at... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20150097694 - Methods of processing data corresponding to a device that corresponds to a gas, water, or electric grid, and related devices and computer program products: Methods of operating a communication node are provided. A method of operating a communication node may include receiving data from an electric grid device via a network interface. The method may include processing the data from the electric grid device at the communication node. Moreover, the method may include transmitting... Agent: Duke Energy Corporation

20150097695 - Methods of processing data corresponding to a device that corresponds to a gas, water, or electric grid, and related devices and computer program products: Methods of operating a communication node are provided. A method of operating a communication node may include receiving data from an electric grid device via a network interface. The method may include processing the data from the electric grid device at the communication node. Moreover, the method may include transmitting... Agent: Duke Energy Corporation

20150097696 - Methods of processing data corresponding to a device that corresponds to a gas, water, or electric grid, and related devices and computer program products: Methods of operating a communication node are provided. A method of operating a communication node may include receiving data from an electric grid device via a network interface. The method may include processing the data from the electric grid device at the communication node. Moreover, the method may include transmitting... Agent: Duke Energy Corporation

20150097697 - Methods of processing data corresponding to a device that corresponds to a gas, water, or electric grid, and related devices and computer program products: Methods of operating a communication node are provided. A method of operating a communication node may include receiving data from an electric grid device via a network interface. The method may include processing the data from the electric grid device at the communication node. Moreover, the method may include transmitting... Agent: Duke Energy Corporation

20150097699 - System, methods, device and non-transitory computer readable storage medium, for identifying connectivities in electrical networks: t

20150097700 - Team performance monitoring: A system for monitoring a plurality of individuals engaged in a sporting activity includes a base station; a plurality of individual participant monitors, affixed to each individual and wirelessly communicating with said base station; a plurality of sensors in each said monitor or on each individual, in communication with each... Agent: Catapult Innovations Pty Ltd

20150097701 - System for displaying medical monitoring data: A first medical device can receive a physiological parameter value from a second medical device. The second physiological parameter value may be formatted according to a protocol not used by the first medical device such that the first medical device is not able to process the second physiological parameter value... Agent:

20150097702 - Blind spot sensing apparatus and method: Disclosed are a vehicle blind spot sensing apparatus and method. The blind spot sensing apparatus includes: a transceiver unit configured to transmit/receive a signal for sensing an object existing in a vehicle blind spot; a sensing unit configured to sense the object by receiving the signal; a determining unit configured... Agent:

20150097703 - Method for providing information to first responders of vehicle accidents: Vehicle-specific and/or accident-specific information is provided, by a backend server, to the user of the first responder application executing on a mobile device. The application is configured to provide the mobile device's current location to the backend server, so that nearby vehicles involved in accidents may be identified to the... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20150097704 - Method and apparatus of determining position of obstacle, and parking assist method and system: The present invention relates to a method of determining a position of an obstacle, an apparatus of determining a position of an obstacle, a parking assist method, and a parking assist system, and more particularly, to a technology of determining a position of an obstacle by comparing propagation distances a... Agent:

20150097705 - Parking assistance device: Provided is a parking assistance device capable of setting a parking target position without placing a burden on a driver. The parking assistance device includes: a ground object detection unit configured to detect a ground object that defines a parking stall in a predetermined detection region set in advance on... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150097706 - Customized aural method and system for managing threats in an aircraft cockpit: A micro-computer based aircraft system that creates aural messages based upon system-detected threats (e.g., low oil pressure). The messages are unique to the make and model of aircraft. Speech recognition allows the pilot to request aircraft-specific, customized aurally-delivered checklists and to respond via a challenge and response protocol. This permits... Agent: Cmx Avionics, LLC

20150097707 - Non-visual navigation feedback system and method: A system for generating a non-visual notification of a machine condition includes a machine condition sensor configured to sense a machine condition. A notification generation controller is in communication with the machine condition sensor. The notification generation controller generates a notification according to the sensed machine condition. In a feedback... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 51 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20150091691 - Capacitive proximity sensor configuration including a speaker grille: Embodiments of a capacitive sensor configuration for proximity detection by a playback device are provided. The playback device may include a capacitive proximity sensor configured to detect physical movement in a first direction, and a speaker grille on a surface of the playback device oriented at a relative angle to... Agent: Sonos, Inc.

20150091692 - Zone configurations maintained by playback device: Systems and methods to control a plurality of multimedia players in one or more groups are disclosed. For example, in a network including a plurality of independent playback devices, an example method includes maintaining, by an independent playback device, a zone configuration, the zone configuration characterizing one or more zone... Agent:

20150091693 - Reusable electronic seal: A container including a reusable electronic seal, as well as a system and method for using the electronic seal are described. The container includes a closure member configured to detachably affix to a portion of the container, thereby sealing the container. In response to the closure member sealing the container,... Agent: University Of Manitoba

20150091694 - Mobile device controllable with user hand gestures: A mobile device includes a body, at least one drive wheel coupled with the body, a control structure configured to automatically control rotational movements of the at least one drive wheel so as to selectively control movement of the body, and a motion detection system coupled with the control structure... Agent:

20150091695 - Electronic access system: Methods and systems are described herein for remotely or wirelessly controlling access to dwellings, buildings and/or properties. In one aspect, an electronic access system comprises: a plurality of independent access control devices (115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165) for controlling entry and/or exit at respective access points and at least... Agent: Gainsborough Hardware Industries Limited

20150091696 - Electronic key lockout control in lockbox system: An electronic lockbox system includes a wireless portable transponder that communicates with an electronic lockbox using a low power radio link. The portable transponder includes: a wide area network radio to communicate to a central clearinghouse computer, a motion sensor to activate its wide area network radio, and a connector... Agent: Sentrilock, LLC

20150091697 - Radio control transmitter: A trigger includes a segment for exercising throttle control and a segment for exercising brake control. A switch is provided in a radio control transmitter. The switch can be depressed by pulling the trigger in a direction of an arrow A. Setting of full throttle can be assigned to the... Agent:

20150091698 - Electric vehicles and method for managing electric vehicles: An electric vehicle and method for controlling an electric vehicle are disclosed. The electric vehicle includes a battery management system, a wireless communicating module, and a control module. The battery management system is configured for monitoring and managing a battery in the electric vehicle. The wireless communicating module coupled to... Agent: O2micro Inc.

20150091700 - Backscatter interrogators, communication systems and backscatter communication methods: The present invention provides backscatter interrogators, communication systems and backscatter communication methods. According to one aspect of the present invention, a backscatter interrogator includes a data path configured to communicate a data signal; a signal generator configured to generate a carrier signal; and a modulator coupled with the data path... Agent:

20150091699 - Method for detecting that contactless cpu card leaves radio-frequency field: A method for detecting that a contactless CPU card leaves a radio-frequency field relates to the field of smart cards. The method comprises: receiving and judging whether a valid instruction sent by an upper computer is received, and conducting a corresponding operation according to the received instruction; as a notification... Agent:

20150091701 - Radio frequency identification tag identification system: A conveyor system for processing items on which radio frequency identification tags are disposed has a conveyor that conveys items through a path of travel, and an antenna disposed proximate the path of travel. Circuitry in communication with the antenna may associate RFID tag data with a package on the... Agent:

20150091706 - Real-time wireless power transfer control for passive backscattering devices: A method and apparatus is disclosed herein for real-time wireless power transfer control. In one embodiment, a system comprises: an RF-energy harvesting sensor tag operable to generate a first backscatter signal and at least one base station operable to deliver RF power to the sensor tag by emitting a first... Agent:

20150091702 - Power efficient and flexible update rate positioning system: Methods, systems, and devices for automatically changing the manner in which a tag unit communicates with one or more access points based on the tag unit's mobility state are described. A tag unit may transmit ultra-wideband (UWB) signals in a low update mode while in a stationary state. The tag... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150091703 - Systems and methods of using a readable safety tag: A safety tag network communication method is provided that comprises receiving, from an electronic device, a first communication having identifier information identifying a tag user, the identifier information being disposed on a tag accompanying the tag user. The method also includes identifying, via a computer, one or more portions of... Agent:

20150091704 - Method and system for initiating a function in an electronic device: A method, performed by a tag device that is coupled to an electronic device, for initiating a function in the electronic device includes receiving a signal from an interrogator device. The method also includes determining from the signal to initiate a function in the electronic device, and signaling the electronic... Agent:

20150091707 - Device and method for bulk encoding tags: A method of bulk encoding tags may include obtaining tag identification information from a tag associated with a product, scanning a product label to obtain product identification information of the product, associating product identification information and the tag identification information in a database, reading electronic product code (EPC) information associated... Agent:

20150091705 - Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer program product for inventory tracking and control: A system, method, apparatus, and computer program product are provided for tracking and controlling inventory with a container. A container that defines a cavity may include an access detection system configured to detect when the cavity of the container is accessed, a radio frequency identification reader configured to be activated... Agent: Mckesson Automation Inc.

20150091709 - System and method for issuing commands in a media playback system: Embodiments are described herein that provide a device that is bonded to a zone player or zone to cause an adjustment to be made by the zone player or zone.... Agent: Sonos, Inc.

20150091708 - Remote control configuration using a remote control profile: Utilizing remote control profile information for configuration of a remote control device. A media processing device may store a remote control profile, locally or on a server accessible via a wide area network, which may include information for configuring a remote control device to utilize one or more wireless remote... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150091710 - Remote control: A handheld remote control device may have an angled directional control pad having a planar orientation that is askew from a front face control surface of the remote control device. The angled directional control pad may include a rear portion on the rear of the remote control device, which may... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20150091712 - Modification of indicators corresponding to alerts: Various methods and systems for modifying an indicator corresponding to an alert are described herein. One example method includes detecting an alert with a computing device. The method also includes monitoring a noise level in an environment surrounding a computing device. In addition, the method includes modifying the indicator corresponding... Agent:

20150091711 - Wearable electronic device: An apparatus including an elongated apparatus structure configured to fit around a body part of a user and an actuator configured to change shape of the elongated apparatus structure. The actuator is configured to change tightness of the elongated apparatus structure around the body part of the user based on... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150091713 - System and method for vehicle theft detection: Various systems and methods for vehicle theft detection are described herein. In an embodiment, a driver of the vehicle is identified with an onboard system. The onboard system then determines whether the driver is an authorized operator of the vehicle, where the determination based on sensor data collected from a... Agent:

20150091716 - Advanced warning and risk evasion system and method: This invention relates in general to the field of safety devices, and more particularly, but not by way of limitation, to systems and methods for providing advanced warning and risk evasion when hazardous conditions exist. In one embodiment, a vicinity monitoring unit is provided for monitoring, for example, oncoming traffic... Agent:

20150091714 - Filtering device and environment recognition system: A filtering device includes an evaluation value deriving module that derives, for a pair of images having mutual relevance, multiple evaluation values indicative of correlations between any one of blocks (reference block) that is extracted from one of the images (reference image) and multiple blocks (comparison blocks) extracted from the... Agent:

20150091715 - Vehicle external environment recognition device: A vehicle exterior environment recognition device includes a three-dimensional position deriving module that derives three-dimensional positions of subject parts in a real space based on an image obtained by imaging a detection area, an object identifying module that groups the subject parts of which differences in the three-dimensional positions are... Agent:

20150091717 - Low-impact crash detection system: There is provided a low-impact crash detection system for a vehicle comprising an accelerometer device from which horizontal components of acceleration are derived, a data processor comprising a FIR bandpass filter to generate filtered horizontal components of acceleration and a communication device for transmitting crash alert information, wherein the data... Agent:

20150091718 - Method for recognising and classifying damage incidents on motor vehicles and a device for the same: A method for recognising and classifying damage incidents and/or contact incidents, in particular on motor vehicles, the different forms of damage incident shall be detected, evaluated and classified by way of detecting and evaluating at least one impact sound signal. An amplitude envelope of the impact sound signal is determined... Agent:

20150091719 - Tire pressure sensor: A tire pressure sensor is installed on a tire rim which includes an assembly through hole. The tire pressure sensor includes a sensor body, a gas intake nozzle fixed on the tire rim and connected to the sensor body, and a gas nozzle assembly member to couple with the sensor... Agent: Sung Jung Minute Industry Co., Ltd.

20150091720 - Device and method for detecting a pressure change in a tire: A device for detecting a pressure change in a tire includes a first temperature sensor located outside the tire, the first temperature sensor being configured to produce a first temperature signal indicative of a first temperature, an input apparatus configured to receive the first temperature signal from the first temperatures... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20150091721 - Signal level monitoring system that minimizes false alarms: A system for monitoring signal level of a signal in a communications network, comprising a monitor that includes (i) a receiver to receive the signal from the network, (ii) a detector for detecting signal level values of the signal, and (iii) a sensor for sensing temperatures at the monitoring point... Agent:

20150091722 - Building security system: A security system that can be used in a home, office, or other building in order to generate alarms or take other actions depending on conditions within the building. The security system may rely on sensors within the building which sense various conditions and collect other data. The information learned... Agent:

20150091723 - Flood sensor: Methods and systems for an integrated flood and temperature sensor may comprise sensing a presence of water in a premises by measuring a resistance between at least one pair of metal probes in an integrated flood and temperature sensor, sensing a temperature utilizing one or more temperature sensors, and sensing... Agent:

20150091724 - Mandown automatic sos speaker device: The present invention provides a mandown automatic SOS speaker device configured to be used with a radio transceiver.... Agent: Radio-tone Company Limited

20150091725 - Systems and methods for tagging and tracking surgical devices and surgical accessories using radio frequency identification tags: Various systems and methods are provided for tagging and tracking surgical devices using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. In general, the systems and methods allow for tracking surgical devices throughout distribution and sterilization thereof. In an exemplary embodiment, the system includes a tray configured to seat a plurality of surgical... Agent: Depuy Synthes Products, LLC

20150091726 - Method and system for providing location-based services: A method and system for providing location-based services are proposed, wherein the objective is the determination of the authorization of at person to use location-based services using non-contact detection and the evaluation of media information from a customer medium, whereby the location of the elastomer medium is carried out based... Agent:

20150091727 - Mobile device locator: A mobile device locator is disclosed. The locator system includes a receiver associated with a mobile device and a locator device. The locator device sends an interrogative signal to the receiver, which emits a return signal. The locator device calculates the distance from the locator device to the receiver and... Agent:

20150091728 - Alarm system for passageways: An improved alarm system for monitoring movement through a passageway defined by opposing sidewalls comprises a lower passage indicator disposed toward the lower ends of the sidewalls, an upper passage indicator disposed toward the upper ends of the sidewalls and a control mechanism configured to sound an alarm if one... Agent:

20150091729 - Systems and methods for protecting retail display merchandise from theft: Security systems and methods for protecting retail display merchandise from theft are provided. For example, a security system includes a sensor configured to removably engage an input port of an item of merchandise, and a monitoring component configured to wirelessly communicate with the sensor and to removably support the sensor... Agent:

20150091730 - Controlling a user alert: A method, apparatus and computer program are provided. The method comprises: performing a first detection of at least one bio-signal from at least one user; controlling a user output device to initiate a user alert, after performing the first detection of the at least one bio-signal; performing a second detection... Agent:

20150091731 - Rail vehicle comprising an induction smoke alarm: A rail vehicle includes an aspirating or induction smoke alarm or detector which is connected by a line to at least one aspiration or induction end piece having a defined opening cross-section for collecting air samples. At least one line piece made of flexible material extends outward from the aspiration... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150091732 - Electrical fault detection device for a waterborne structure and method therefor: A device for indicating the presence of an electrical fault for a waterborne structure includes a current tap electrically coupleable to an electrically conductive frame member of the waterborne structure and a grounding member configured for placement in water adjacent to the waterborne structure. An indicator is electrically coupled to... Agent:

20150091733 - Circuit monitoring device: The circuit monitoring device is disclosed. The device is for monitoring circuit resistance. At configurable thresholds digital flags are triggered, the device can be used as a Security/Building management system. The device uses open technology is fully scaleable and allows programmable logic controllers to be used as security management systems.... Agent:

20150091735 - High-voltage detector montioring system: A mechanism for providing monitoring of electric field detectors. In accordance with instructions on a machine-readable medium, a computing system receives from a device data corresponding to a user identifier. Further, the computing device identifies from a plurality of electric field detectors one or more electric field detectors associated with... Agent:

20150091734 - Security system and electrical circuit therefor: A circuit for a security system includes a power circuit, a closed loop detection circuit and an alarm circuit. The detection circuit includes a first loop circuit with an alarm sensor and a second loop circuit with a relay. The alarm circuit provides a plurality of output voltages or signals... Agent:

20150091736 - Flag that plays sounds with detected motion: A flag that includes a motion detector or timer is described. When the flag detects motion or after a certain length of time, the flag will play a noise, such as a wind chime, sounds of nature, or a song, such as a national anthem, or organization song. The flag... Agent: Evergreen Enterprises Of Virginia, LLC

20150091737 - Remote visual and auditory monitoring system: A well site remote monitoring system comprises a monitoring station, a number of recording devices, a number of sensors, a processor, and a power source. The monitoring station supports the recording devices, processor, and power source thereon and is positioned at a strategic location at a well site so that... Agent:

20150091738 - Method of data volume reduction for transmission on a limited communications channel: A method of recording and classifying data collected from an above ground marker for pipeline pig monitoring. Described herein is a method of extracting minimum data attributes from a real-time data sample and packaging same to achieve a significant volume reduction such that the information can be conveyed across communications... Agent:

20150091739 - Low power wireless rf communication platform and ad-hoc security network utilizing same: Wireless radio frequency communications platform may include a plurality of sensor units communicatively coupled over a wireless radio frequency communication network to a collector unit. The sensor units may be configured to collect data concerning monitored parameters and relay the collected data to a collector unit via a wireless radio... Agent:

20150091740 - System and method for detection and utilization of driver distraction level: A system includes a primary vehicle operable by a driver. The driver is associated with a first device having a plurality of features with which the driver may interact. The system further includes a second device integral with the primary vehicle and in communication with the first device. The second... Agent:

20150091741 - Computer-implemented system and method for providing management of motor vehicle parking spaces during scheduled street sweeping: A system and method for managing a multiplicity of motor vehicle parking spaces through a server is provided. Smart parking devices and vehicle occupancy sensors that are each physically proximate to and which correspond to at least one of the parking spaces is interfaced with the server. Parking availability indicators... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 60 patent applications in 49 patent subcategories.

20150084737 - Method for unlocking electronic device, and apparatus therefor: A method for unlocking an electronic device and an apparatus therefor are provided. The method includes the following steps: when an electronic device is in a function locked state, acquiring unlock trigger information generated by at least one operation in an operation area of the electronic device, where the unlock... Agent:

20150084738 - Systems and algorithms for biometric authentication without a previously stored biometric template: A system and algorithms to authenticate a person where a system only has some standard personal text data about the person, and cannot have a real biometric template obtained using an enrollment procedure. The authentication allows access to restricted resources by the person. This method is especially useful when it... Agent: Memphis Technologies, Inc.

20150084739 - Keypad assembly and method to access a car: A system is provided for vehicle access. Advantageously, the present system includes an optical keypad and an RFID antenna working through a windscreen which can be athermal including a thin metal layer. The keypad measures the reflection of visible light on the fingers of the user. The keypad assembly has... Agent:

20150084735 - Wearable information handling device outputs: An aspect provides a wearable information handling device, including: a display; a band; one or more processors operatively coupled to the display; and a memory device accessible to the one or more processors and storing code executable by the one or more processors to: after identifying information to be communicated,... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150084741 - Method and system for electronic ticket validation using proximity detection: This invention discloses a novel system and method for automated protocols between a mobile device and an electronic ticketing verification system, where proximity detection is used to automatically display the verification or to automatically control entry gates or turnstiles when the mobile device is verified has holding a valid ticket... Agent:

20150084740 - Shipping container security process: A process for monitoring containers including use of a severable security lock with an radio frequency identification (RFID) antenna adapted sever upon dislocation of the lock. The process utilizes an electronic identification number to ensure security lock integrity. The process includes detecting the security lock in transit by the use... Agent:

20150084742 - Techniques for configuring and remotely controlling a multimedia system: In one embodiment, a technique is provided to configure and remotely control a system. A system configuration is created based, at least in part, on information collected from a user using speech synthesis and speech recognition. The system configuration includes information representing at least one zone that corresponds with at... Agent:

20150084736 - Secondary short-range wireless assist for wireless-based access control: Concepts and technologies disclosed herein are directed to secondary short-range wireless assist for wireless-based access control. According to one aspect, a method can include receiving, at an access control system, a first identifier via a near-field communications (“NFC”) reader associated with an entryway to an area. The NFC reader can... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150084743 - Device operations based on configurable input sequences: An electronic device may be configured to identify configuration information associated with input sequences. In some examples, the configuration information may enable an association between the input sequences and operations capable of being performed by the electronic device. Additionally, in some aspects, the electronic device may be configured to receive... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20150084744 - Directional antenna for rfid tag finder: A system may include a mobile device comprising an antenna system. The antenna system may include a first antenna to determine a presence of a transponder within an area and a second antenna comprising a directional radiation pattern and that is configured to sweep the area to determine a direction... Agent:

20150084745 - Misplaced article recovery process: A misplaced article recovery system utilizing an application operating on a computing device, such as a point of sale system, a Smartphone, a tablet, and the like. A unique article registration identifier (numeric or alphanumeric) is associated with a registrant. A tag, label, or other identifying element is attached or... Agent:

20150084746 - Method and apparatus pertaining to facilitating the reading of rfid tags: These teachings generally comprise interrogating RFID tags and receiving corresponding responses from various ones of these RFID tags while also receiving, from a remote source, surrogate response corresponding to at least some of the plurality of RFID tags that are not responding to the current interrogation. A corresponding plurality of... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20150084749 - Routerless identification code assignment system and method: A system and method for uniquely self-identifying a controller functionally connected to a communication network of at least two controllers, the system comprising the at least two controllers, each controller having a random code generator configured for generating a resident identification code, a transmitter, a receiver and a volatile memory.... Agent:

20150084750 - Appliance control using destination information: A location determination device is configured to effect the transmission of a message or command to change the configuration of at least one appliance at or proximate to a premises when the current destination for the location determination device is set to a preprogrammed location corresponding to the premises. Accordingly,... Agent: The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

20150084748 - Modular wireless power, light and automation control: A device and method for controlling a host apparatus (300) through a wireless link with a personal controller (10). The device includes a wireless communications module (202) configured to communicate with personal controller (10) via a peer-to-peer communications standard. The device connects to host apparatus (300) via a plug and... Agent:

20150084747 - Remote terminal unit (rtu) with wireless diversity and related method: A method includes receiving first data from multiple wireless field devices at a remote terminal unit. The first data is received using multiple wireless communication protocols. The method also includes executing control logic at the remote terminal unit in order to control at least part of an industrial process. The... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150084751 - Pest repellant device for vehicles: A pest repellant device is provided for use in and around vehicles, such as cars, trucks, recreational vehicles and campers, boats, aircraft, and the like. The pest repellant device includes a fluid repellant dispenser and an electronic pest repellant unit, including at least an ultrasonic emitter and an electromagnetic emitter.... Agent:

20150084752 - Systems and methods for haptic augmentation of voice-to-text conversion: Systems and methods for providing voice-to-text haptic augmentation in a user interface are disclosed. For example, in one embodiment, a system for converting audible speech information to a haptic effect includes a microphone and a processor in communication with the microphone, the processor configured to receive an audio signal associated... Agent:

20150084753 - Attack resistant theft deterrent system: Systems and methods for theft deterrence of a vehicle are provided. Each of two or more immobilization point devices generate a random number and broadcasts it to all of the other immobilization points devices. Each of the immobilization point devices retains a local copy of its own random number and... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150084754 - Methods and systems related to remote power loss detection: Remote power loss detection. At least some of the example embodiments are methods including: tracking location of an asset by an onboard device mechanically coupled to the asset, the onboard device electrically coupled to a source of power of the asset, and the onboard device receiving power from the asset;... Agent: Gordon*howard Associates, Inc.

20150084755 - Driver assistance system for displaying surroundings of a vehicle: A driver assistance system is configured to display on a vehicle display an image of corresponding surroundings of a vehicle, having at least one image capturing camera; a viewpoint converter to generate a viewpoint converted image having a point of view looking downwardly from above the vehicle; at least one... Agent: Volkswagen Ag

20150084756 - Vehicle with luminous display instrucment: A vehicle has a support structure, on which at least one wall element bounding a passenger cell and a luminous display instrument covered by the wall element are fastened. A light source of the luminous display instrument is positioned in order to shine through a light permeable region of the... Agent:

20150084757 - Methods and systems for determining auto accidents using mobile phones and initiating emergency response: A method for providing automatic crash management (ACM) is provided. An ACM application is enabled on a mobile device. Data is collected from a plurality of sensors associated with the mobile device. The data from the plurality of sensors is processed with the ACM application. The processed data is monitored... Agent:

20150084758 - Driver prompting braking system and method: A driver prompting braking system includes a detection device adapted to sense at least one object in front of the vehicle; a detection system interfacing with the detection device, the detection system adapted to detect the at least one object; and a brake coaching system interfacing with the detection system,... Agent:

20150084759 - Method and apparatus for notification that a living entity remains in a vehicle: A system and method for notifying a driver who is leaving a stationary motor vehicle that there is still a person or an animal in the motor vehicle is presented. Exemplary notification modes include a notification mode in which the notification of the driver also depends on whether the current... Agent:

20150084761 - Method and apparatus for combatting distracted driving: The apparatus is for use with a motor vehicle operated by a driver and includes a scanning device and a computing facility. The scanning device, in use, gathers information about the eye activity of the driver. The computing facility determines, based on the information gathered, whether the driver is watching... Agent:

20150084760 - Method and system for displaying efficiency of regenerative braking for environmentally-friendly vehicle: A method and a system for displaying efficiency of regenerative braking for an environmentally-friendly vehicle to better educate drivers in regards to their braking habits and hopefully teach them how to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle through adjustment of their braking habits while improving the quality of a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150084762 - Vehicle driving mode display device and program for displaying vehicle driving mode: A vehicle driving mode display device judges whether or not a following first condition or a following second condition is satisfied in a case that a vehicle is driven within a tolerance range, and if satisfied, issues a warning. The first condition is a case in which a difference between... Agent:

20150084763 - Seatbelt fastening state display device: A microcomputer performs communication in conformity with the CAN standards to capture seating signals detected by seating sensors and seatbelt fastening signals by buckle switches. If determining from the captured seating signals that there is an unoccupied seat, the microcomputer displays a seatbelt state image at the unoccupied seat position... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150084764 - Adaptive instrument display using eye tracking: An adaptive instrument display includes an instrument cluster displaying a plurality of gauges. A steering wheel has at least one sensor, and there is at least one camera. A processor collects data from the at least one camera and steering wheel sensor and determines a steering wheel position and an... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20150084765 - Intelligent smoke sensor: Method and/or system for an intelligent smoke sensor may comprise a sensor system configured to detect at least one of a plurality of predefined conditions, a processor coupled to the sensor system. The processor may be configured to generate an alarm indication in response to having detected at least one... Agent:

20150084767 - Detector with integrated sensor platform: An integrated system platform includes a sensor containing an embedded microcontroller and associated circuitry for providing safety critical functionality. Signal conditioning circuitry is coupled to the sensor along with gas concentration determining circuitry, alarm status circuitry and fault status evaluation circuitry. Wherein the sensor is operational with a main control... Agent: Life Safety Distribution Ag

20150084766 - Rapid deployable global sensing hazard alert system: A rapid deployable global sensing hazard alert system and associated methods of operation are provided. An exemplary system includes a central command, a wireless backhaul network, and a remote monitoring unit. The remote monitoring unit can include a positioning system configured to determine a position of the remote monitoring unit... Agent: Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

20150084768 - Universal, proximity wireless system for potential victim to disengage dangerous devices: A universal proximity wireless system for a potential victim to disengage a dangerous power device to inhibit accidental injury to a potential victim includes: a) a wireless transmitter to transmit a predetermined distance ; b) a transmitter attachment mechanism adapted for attachment to the potential victim; c) a receiver and... Agent:

20150084769 - Apparatus and methods for geolocating an individual with respect to a perimeter: An improved wearable locator has an ultra-low power RF transceiver, GPS receiver, cellular network RF transceiver, processor, programmable non-volatile memory, LCD display, accelerometer and rechargeable battery. To ensure that the locator is within a perimeter, it can cooperate with a subordinate unit that includes an ultra-low power RF transceiver, processor,... Agent:

20150084770 - Alert sensing and monitoring via a user device: A device may configure recognition of a first alert. The device may store information associated with recognition of the first alert. The device may determine a response action to be associated with recognition of the first alert. The device may store information identifying an association between the first alert and... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150084772 - System for monitoring failure of substrate processing apparatus, and method for monitoring failure of substrate processing apparatus: Disclosed is a failure monitoring system for monitoring a failure of a substrate processing apparatus that performs a predetermined processing on a substrate to be processed, the failure monitoring system including: an alarm collecting unit configured to collects alarms issued from the substrate processing apparatus; and an analyzing unit configured... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150084771 - Systems, methods, and apparatus to permit communication between passive wireless transponders: Passive wireless transponders can perform transponder-to-transponder communication when illuminated by an interrogation carrier wave. The transponder-to-transponder communication permits each transponder to determine the identity of “other” proximately transponders. The transponder-to-transponder communication optionally permits each transponder to identify a “nearest neighbor” using one or more backscatter signal properties such as received... Agent:

20150084773 - Mobile terminal and anti-stolen method thereof: A mobile terminal and an anti-theft method thereof are described. The anti-theft recognition module of the mobile terminal sends a security number acquisition instruction to a security number acquisition module after determining that the mobile terminal enters an anti-theft mode, the security number acquisition module automatically acquires a security number... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150084774 - Remote breath alcohol monitor: A portable handheld wireless breath alcohol monitoring device (RBAM) utilizes facial recognition and automatic retesting if an initial test is positive for alcohol or of an initial facial match is negative. A location fix is captured with each breath test taken by an offender. After each breath test, the breath... Agent:

20150084775 - Fire detector: This fire detector is provided with a light-emitting portion that repeats stopping of light emission and light emission a plurality of number of times in predetermined light emission periods during a predetermined smoke detection operation time set for each first period; a light-receiving portion that receives the light emitted from... Agent:

20150084776 - Integrated circuits with radioactive source material and radiation detection: Radioactive integrated circuit (IC) devices with radioactive material embedded in the substrate of the IC itself, and including logic for “fingerprinting” (that is, determining characteristics that identify the source of the radioactive source material). Radioactive IC devices with embedded detector hardware that determine aspects of radioactivity such as total dose... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150084777 - System and method for monitoring the remaining capacity and operational state of multiple shred bins: The bins are situated in locations at one or more sites. A monitoring station located remotely from the bins is operably connected to each of the bins. Each bin includes an internal compartment having a given capacity for retaining paper to be shredded. An IR-LED distance measuring sensor is mounted... Agent:

20150084778 - System and method to estimate duration of battery (dis)charging of an electronic device and provide smart charging alerts based on device usage pattern: A portable electronic (PE) device and method generates contextual power alerts related to a power source of the PE device. The method includes identifying a future interval of usage of the PE device based on a usage pattern associated with at least one of a user profile and usage of... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150084779 - Garage door open alert: A garage door can be detected as being open by sensing various physical conditions the existence of which indicate the garage door as being open. When a door is determined to be open, a notification message is wirelessly transmitted to a predetermined entity or person notifying them that the door... Agent:

20150084780 - Central battery interconnected smoke detector system with single wire ac and dc pass-through relay: Disclosed is an interconnected smoke detector system of one or more smoke detector(s) wired into a dedicated circuit with a single location housing a DC power backup source, such as a rechargeable DC battery. The DC power backup source may be replaceable or rechargeable with DC current from and AC-DC... Agent:

20150084781 - Method and apparatus for visually and audibly indicating the setup and maintenance of a system: Example embodiments of the present invention relate to a method and apparatus for visually and audibly indicating the setup and maintenance of a system.... Agent:

20150084782 - Reducing distortion in amplified signals in well logging tools: Technologies are described for reducing distortion in amplified signals in well logging tools based on spectral analyses of the amplified signals. For example, a system includes a well logging tool. The well logging tool includes an excitation source to direct an excitation signal towards an environment adjacent a wellbore and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150084783 - Geophysical survey node rolling method and system: A method for acquiring geophysical data includes connecting a power module comprising a data transfer port and a power transfer port to a geophysical data acquisition device to provide a geophysical sensing node and deploying the geophysical sensing node. While deployed, data is transferred from the geophysical data acquisition device... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20150084784 - Apiary monitoring system: A system for monitoring an comprises a hive monitor configured for measuring and transmitting data on hive parameters, a data collector communicating with the hive monitor for logging measurement data received from the hive monitor, the data collector configured for transmitting the logged data, and a central database repository communicating... Agent:

20150084786 - Method and apparatus for automatic location-specific configuration management of a removable meter unit: A meter apparatus and method of operating a removable meter apparatus are described. The meter apparatus includes a tag associated with unique tag identification information and configured to be permanently affixed to a location housing at a unique physical location, and includes a removable meter unit configured to mate with... Agent:

20150084785 - Wireless utility meter reading system and method: A wireless meter reading system and method are provided to facilitate billing a consumer for utility usage. The wireless meter reading system comprises: (a) at least one utility meter; (b) at least one camera or imaging device optionally coupled to the at least one utility meter, wherein the at least... Agent: Mastercard International Incorporated

20150084787 - Customized message protocol in mining vehicle operations: A communication system in a mining environment customizes messages and responses to both conserve radio bandwidth and to accommodate different communication terminal types in use. Messages to a loader with a communication terminal having a four line display and four keys may be tailored to the capabilities of the terminal,... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150084788 - Earthquake warning disaster prevention and safety report-back system: An earthquake warning disaster prevention and safety report-back system comprises a servo host group constituted by servo hosts and a mobile communication device. When an earthquake is formed, the servo hosts that are distributed by location in Taiwan are utilized for simultaneously receiving earthquake real-time data information transmitted from the... Agent: Bingotimes Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

20150084789 - Distributed maintenance decision and support system and method: The present disclosure is directed to a computer that receives weather information from a weather service provider (“WSP”) server and automatic vehicle locating system (“AVL”) collected information from an AVL server, accesses a material performance specification for at least one treatment material, and determines, based on the weather information and/or... Agent:

20150084790 - Stop violation detection system and method: A stop violation detection system and method includes at least one sensor mounted to establish a light shield adjacent a first vehicle, at least one image capture device mounted to record at least one image adjacent the first vehicle, and a control unit operatively coupled with the at least one... Agent:

20150084791 - Apparatus and method for managing safety of pedestrian at crosswalk: Disclosed herein are an apparatus and method for managing safety of a pedestrian at a crosswalk, which determine the location of a pedestrian in a crosswalk area, and then selectively provide a pedestrian signal extension service, an approaching vehicle notification service, and a pedestrian danger notification service. A presented apparatus... Agent:

20150084792 - Angle of attack display: An aircraft safety system includes a Stall/Spin Warning & Recovery Computer, an angle of attack sensor, a side slip sensor and an angle of attack display. The Stall/Spin Warning and Recovery Computer detects whether the aircraft is in a safe condition or an unsafe condition. The angle of attack display... Agent: Safe Flight Instrument Corporation

20150084793 - System and method for displaying airport features on a dynamic airport moving map display: A method and apparatus is provided for enhancing situational awareness onboard an aircraft during an aircraft ground maneuver such as when taxiing on a runway or taxiway. A three-dimensional view including airport features is rendered in a first airport region that extends a first predetermined distance (D1) from the aircraft... Agent:

20150084794 - Navigation aid information display device of an aircraft and primary flight display for an aircraft: A navigation aid information display device of an aircraft and primary flight display for an aircraft are disclosed. In one aspect, the navigation aid information display system includes a display screen including at least one first display area configured to display a first altitude scale including graduations, the current altitude... Agent:

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