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Communications: electrical

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08/07/2014 > 56 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140218164 - Configuration of security devices using spatially-encoded optical machine-readable indicia: A method and system for configuring security devices on a security network. A mobile computing device reads spatially-encoded optical machine-readable indicia, decodes the indicia, and extracts encoded configuration information for the security devices. The configuration information from the indicia is then transmitted to a monitoring station, which uses the configuration... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20140218165 - Method and apparatus for implementing multi-vendor rolling code keyless entry systems: The present invention relates generally a system and method for providing rolling code remote device functions to provide keyless entry to multiple makes and models of cars. The present invention is adapted to produce the radio signal type and transmitted data of an original manufacturer's keyless entry remote device system... Agent:

20140218166 - Ensuring the provenance of passengers at a transportation facility: The provenance of passengers intending to depart on a vehicle from a transportation facility, is ensured by providing biometric reading devices at both a check-in station and a departure area station of the facility. The name and/or other information concerning a passenger arriving at the facility is also entered for... Agent: Eyelock, Inc.

20140218167 - Wirelessly sensed and controlled locking device: A wirelessly sensed and controlled locking device is identified, sensed and controlled by a mobile electronic device to be locked or unlocked. The mobile electronic device comprises a battery, an information transmission chip and a first RF antenna. The wirelessly sensed and controlled locking device comprises a second RF antenna... Agent: K-jump Health Co., Ltd.

20140218168 - Multi-control entry door hardware: An electronic coded entry lock that includes a multifunction switch having an actuator and a circuit member. The actuator is configured to be displaced to a plurality of input positions. For example, the actuator may be displaced to at least four, and in some instances at least eight, input positions.... Agent:

20140218169 - Security device for equipment information and the operation method thereof: An equipment information security device is provided. The equipment information security device is installed on an equipment with confidential information, wherein the equipment or the device has a security interface, the device comprises: a fitting which is worn by a staff and combined with an electronic tag with or without... Agent: Claridy Solutions, Inc.

20140218170 - Biometric data-driven application of vehicle operation settings: Biometric data-driven application of vehicle operations is implemented by a scanner, a computer processor communicatively coupled to the scanner over a vehicle network, and logic executable by the computer processor. The logic receives, from the scanner over the vehicle network, biometric data for an operator of a vehicle and compares... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140218171 - Integrated circuit film and method for manipulating the same: An integrated circuit film comprising a circuit board and a control circuit is provided. The circuit board has an IC-installation part and a contact part and having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface. The contact part comprises a first set of pads and a... Agent: Mixtran Inc.

20140218172 - Rfid systems with low complexity implementation and pallet coding error correction: Systems and methods for decoding data transmitted by RFID tags are disclosed. One embodiment of the invention includes an analyzer and equalizer configured to filter an input signal, an estimation block configured to obtain a baseband representation of the modulated data signal by mixing the filtered input signal with the... Agent: Mojix, Inc.

20140218173 - System and method for detecting and identifying device utilization: A control unit associated with a monitored device, wherein the control unit has a tag radio and a main radio. The tag radio has a first antenna operable to detect and communicate with a wearable tag associated with an asset, such as a person, a piece of equipment, or a... Agent:

20140218174 - System and method for detecting states: Systems and methods for detecting states are disclosed. An information handling system may include a processor and a plurality of information handling resources communicatively coupled to the processor via the common control line. The processor may be configured to produce a first signal on a common control line. Each of... Agent:

20140218175 - System and method for synchronizing rfid readers utilizing rf or modulation signals: A system and method are disclosed for synchronizing two RFID readers. The system includes a modulation detector to detect a modulated signal produced by a first of the two reader and produces a synchronization signal. The second of the two readers initiates transmission of a signal in response to the... Agent: Amtech Systems, LLC

20140218177 - Rfid communication circuit for an electronic device and corresponding methods: An electronic device (200) includes a single antenna (211), a communication circuit (202), and a RFID circuit (207). A switch (212) selectively couples the single antenna to one of the communication circuit or the RFID circuit. For example, the RFID circuit can be coupled to the single antenna when the... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140218176 - Wireless communications using active modulation: A method of wireless communication, with a circuit that includes a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader, can be carried out using a circuit that is configured and arranged to communicate with RFID cards that use load modulation of an RF carrier provided by the RFID reader. A presence of the... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140218178 - Onboard system for supervising a machine from a portable terminal: A system for onboard supervision, from a portable terminal, of a machine connected to a supervision station, the portable terminal including a mechanism of wireless reading and onboard software, the supervision station including a man/machine interface exhibiting a set of selectable parameters. The system includes a mechanism for selecting a... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20140218182 - System and method for configuring the remote control functionality of a portable device: A system and method used to configure a smart device to command functional operations of a target appliance. The smart device retrieves from a controllable appliance, such as a settop box, data indicative of a codeset identity of the target appliance wherein the codeset identity was determined during a process... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20140218181 - Method and apparatus for controlling device: A method in which a control device controls at least one of a plurality of terminal devices is provided. The method includes transmitting a search request for requesting information on a location of each of a plurality of terminal devices, and information on a direction of each of the plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140218180 - Remote controller: A remote controller is provided. The remote controller includes an input interface and an angle sensor. The input interface is used for receiving an input of a user. The angle sensor is used for detecting a rotation angle of the remote controller. In response to a first rotation angle of... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20140218179 - Wireless remote-control system: A wireless remote-control system includes a Logical Link Control and an Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP) interface, a master control device and at least one device to be controlled. A first processing unit of the master control device receives a remote-control instruction for controlling a target device to transmit the same through... Agent: Beijing Sigmachip Co., Ltd.

20140218183 - Apparatus, systems and methods for mitigating vibration of an electronic device: According to one aspect, an electronic device that includes a vibrating element adapted to vibrate the electronic device, at least one sensor operable to detect the presence of an audible higher-order harmonic above a fundamental frequency when the vibrating element is active. The device also includes a processor operable to... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140218185 - Overdrive voltage for an actuator to generate haptic effects: A system in which haptic effects are generated using an actuator receives a frequency response for the actuator at a standard voltage and generates a lookup table for an overdrive voltage based on the frequency response. The system then receives a haptic signal for the haptic effect and extracts one... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20140218184 - Wearable device manager: A system for managing a plurality of wearable devices on a user receives information to be conveyed using haptic effects and determines an intent of the information. The system then determines, for each of the plurality of wearable haptic devices, a location of the wearable haptic device on the user... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20140218186 - Detection device for vehicle, abnormality detection method, and abnormality detection program: The present invention relates to a detection device 100 for a vehicle, which can prevent damage to the vehicle by detecting occurrence of abnormality before the vehicle is damaged, and can accurately detect abnormality inside and outside the vehicle. The detection device 100 for a vehicle of the present invention... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140218187 - Assessment and management of emotional state of a vehicle operator: Devices, systems, and techniques are provided for assessment and management of an emotional state of a vehicle operator. Assessment of the emotional state of the vehicle can include accessing operational information indicative of performance of a vehicle, behavioral information indicative of behavior of an operator of the vehicle, and or... Agent:

20140218188 - Method and apparatus for analyzing concentration level of driver: Provided is an apparatus and method for analyzing a concentration level of a driver, the method including analyzing quantitative data associated with a time at which a line of sight (LOS) of a driver is dispersed and a time at which the LOS of the driver is focused, analyzing a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140218189 - Method and apparatus for alerting a user to presence of an item in a vehicle: Method and apparatus for alerting a user to presence within a vehicle of an item having an active near-field communication device (NFCD) associated therewith, such as a smartphone. A passive NFCD is located adjacent to a storage compartment within a vehicle. When the active NFCD-equipped item is placed in the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140218190 - Brake intensity light display: A braking display system attached to an automobile is provided. The automobile includes a braking system for stopping the automobile while the automobile is in motion. The braking system includes a brake pedal that is used to initiate the braking system. A user may apply a plurality of different intensity... Agent:

20140218191 - System and method for event logging in a technical installation or a technical process: A logging system and a method are disclosed for detecting, conditioning and presenting installation-specific and/or process-specific operator control actions, process reports, alarm reports, system events, installation parameters and digital text messages for a technical installation or a technical process having at least one input apparatus that automatically converts audible and/or... Agent: Abb Ag

20140218193 - Gps based participant identification system and method: A system and method for identifying a person in a geographic area of interest, who shares the identity of friendly participants with a user if certain criteria are met. In one form, the identity of a participant in the area and meeting certain criteria is displayed to a user or... Agent:

20140218192 - Missing child reporting, tracking and recovery method and system: A method and system for marshaling resources needed to search for a missing child, declaring a missing child incident, coordinating a search for the missing child, tracking the progress of the search, locating the missing child, and recovering the missing child.... Agent:

20140218194 - Method and apparatus for detecting a hazard alarm signal: An apparatus and method for detecting a pattern warning signal from a hazard alarm. In one embodiment, a buffer memory is used to store filtered, digitized information from an audio or optical detection device. A processor evaluates the information in the buffer memory to determine when a long lull time... Agent: Encore Controls, LLC

20140218195 - Apparatus and method for rapid human detection with pet immunity: A method and apparatus where the apparatus performs the steps of detecting a moving object within a secured area, determining a size of the moving object, determining that the size exceeds a predetermined threshold value associated with an animal, determining an aspect ratio of the moving object, determining that the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140218196 - Security packaging: A package comprises a security device where a security loop is formed integrally with the package for detecting a breach of the package. Additionally, the security loop may be formed with a portion to be interrupted if the contents are removed from the package.... Agent:

20140218197 - Narrow width acousto-magnetic anti-theft marker having multiple resonators: This invention is about a commercial anti-theft device, more specifically involving in a narrow acousto-magnetic (AM) anti-theft marker having multiple resonators. A type of narrow AM anti-theft marker with multiple resonators includes in elongated house, resonators, house cover and magnetic bias pieces. The resonators are placed inside the cavity of... Agent: Ningbo Signatronic Technologies, Ltd.

20140218198 - Physiological monitoring apparatus: A physiological monitor has notification unit for notifying an alarm; an alarm determination section that determines whether or not to generate an alarm by comparing measured physiological parameter pertinent to a patient with a predetermined threshold value, an alarm control section that lets the notification unit notify an alarm when... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20140218199 - Controller coupled to visual indicator: Techniques for providing the status of a port to a controller are provided. A port may have a visual indicator indicating the status of the port. A controller may have an input for receiving a signal. The visual indicator of the port may be coupled to the input of the... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140218200 - Circuit protection apparatus: A circuit protection apparatus is disclosed. A peripheral interface includes a first power node and a second power node. The circuit protection apparatus includes an auxiliary power supply circuit, a power converter, a first switch, a second switch, a power switch circuit, a warning circuit, and a controller. When a... Agent:

20140218201 - Overvoltage protection device with a measuring device for monitoring overvoltage protection elements: Systems and methods for overvoltage protection are disclosed. According to one illustrative implementation, an overvoltage protection device is provided having one or more overvoltage protection elements and a measuring device for monitoring the overvoltage protection elements. Further, the measuring device may include an evaluation device, which is designed to count... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140218202 - Event notification system for alerting the closest appropriate person: A healthcare system includes an event notification system, a real-time location system and a proximity notification function. The event notification system operates to receive event messages from an event generation device, the real-time location system operates to receive tag identity and location information from a tag detector and the proximity... Agent: Globestar Systems, Inc.

20140218203 - Mixed element strobe: A strobe device that includes multiple strobe elements is disclosed. The strobe device may include a first strobe element and a second strobe element, where at least one aspect of the first strobe element differs from the second strobe element. For example, the first strobe element may be a Xenon... Agent: Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

20140218204 - Mixed element strobe: A strobe device that includes multiple strobe elements is disclosed. The strobe device may include a first strobe element and a second strobe element, where at least one aspect of the first strobe element differs from the second strobe element. For example, the first strobe element may be a Xenon... Agent: Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

20140218205 - Electric road flare: A deployment pack containing a number of electric road flares is provided. The pack is attached to an emergency vehicle. The pack is adapted to deploy a single flare at a time. Each flare includes two, battery-operated, light emitting diodes (LEDs), pulsed at a predetermined rate. Each LED is placed... Agent:

20140218206 - Multi-scheme downhole tool bus system and methods: A multi-scheme downhole tool bus system is provided. The system may comprise a tool bus master and a number tool bus slaves coupled together via a communications link The communications link may include an uplink communication and a downlink communication. The uplink communication and the downlink communication may include a... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140218207 - Method and apparatus for remotely controlling downhole tools using untethered mobile devices: Remote operation of downhole tools in a subterranean wellbore is performed by inserting untethered, mobile devices sequentially into the wellbore. The mobile devices can include motive means, power supply, communication and data storage means, etc. In one embodiment, the method comprises maneuvering a first mobile device into proximity with a... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140218208 - Downhole signalling systems and methods: An impressed current cathodic protection arrangement includes an elongate metallic structure to be protected and cathodic protection apparatus which comprises a DC power supply and an anode. One terminal of the power supply is connected to the structure at a connection point and another terminal of the power supply is... Agent: Expro North Sea Limited

20140218210 - Medical communication hub and associated methods: A medical sensing system including a data acquisition module operable to receive patient data from a medical sensing device, the data acquisition module being operable to packetize the patient data, a processing module operable to process the packetized first patient data, a user interface module operable to present the processed... Agent: Volcano Corporation

20140218209 - Real-time monitoring and dissemination of energy consumption and production data: A facility comprising systems, methods, and techniques for collecting data indicative of energy consumption and/or energy production by energy systems and devices and providing the data to interested users and devices in real-time is described. The facility may comprise an energy gateway device coupled to one or more monitored devices,... Agent: Tendril Networks, Inc.

20140218211 - Mitigating single point failure of devices in an analyte monitoring system and methods thereof: Methods, devices, and kits are provided for mitigating single point failure of at least one device in an analyte monitoring system.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20140218212 - Vehicle puddle lamp responsive to ground surface conditions: A lighting system for the exterior of a vehicle that includes a housing, a sensor, a lamp assembly, and a controller. The sensor is carried by the housing and detects the presence of a hazard in a predetermined region on the ground adjacent to the vehicle. The lamp assembly is... Agent: Federal-mogul Corporation

20140218213 - Device and method for warning a driver of a motor vehicle: A method for warning a driver of a motor vehicle with the aid of a visual and/or audible warning signal (5), detection of an object taking place with the aid of a sensor which detects an angular field which opens opposite the driving direction of the motor vehicle and which... Agent:

20140218214 - Warning system for a motor vehicle determining an estimated intersection control: A warning system for a motor vehicle includes a control system for estimating the type of intersection control for two or more roadways. The method of estimating the type of intersection control includes steps of classifying each roadway at an intersection and estimating the type of intersection control used for... Agent:

20140218215 - Flight deck lighting for information display: A method and apparatus for lighting a flight deck on an aircraft. A status of the aircraft is identified by a processor unit. The processor unit controls the lighting on the flight deck in response to the status of the aircraft to indicate the status of the aircraft.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140218216 - Aircraft systems and methods for attitude recovery: A vehicle system is provided. The system includes a processor configured to receive data representative of a current attitude and a desired attitude and to generate display signals associated with the current attitude and the desired attitude. The system further includes a display device configured to receive the display signals... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140218217 - Maritime alarm and rescue system and method for controlling said system: Particularly applicable to life jackets and suits, it makes it possible to provide a location and maximum safety of shipwrecked people who have fallen overboard, providing, in the event of a man overboard (MOB) situation, a fast and effective solution, as the alert system continues in its attempt to communicate... Agent: Aeromarine, S.l.

20140218218 - Systems, methods, and devices for securing cargo: Enhanced methods and systems for securing and monitoring cargo are described. Some examples provide a cargo monitoring system (“CMS”) that is configured to track, identify, and report about anomalous conditions or events related to cargo shipments. The CMS may include a software system that receives conditions information from electromechanical locks... Agent: Commercial Finance Corporation, Sa De Panama

20140218219 - Travel distance measurement device: A travel distance measurement device includes a transmitting antenna that is disposed in a vehicle and emits a transmission signal, as a radio wave, toward a ground surface, a receiving antenna that is disposed in the vicinity of the transmitting antenna, and receives a radio wave reflected from the ground... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

07/31/2014 > 56 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 49 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140203904 - Communications system providing personnel access based upon near-field communication and related methods: A security system may include an access control device associated with a personnel access position. The access control device may include a first Near-Field Communication (NFC) sensor, and a first controller configured to selectively grant personnel access based upon receiving a valid security code from the first NFC sensor, and... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140203905 - Electronics antitheft authorizing unit: Locked electronic device, e.g., a device which produces a video output, such as a game console or TV. The device is shipped in a locked state, and cannot be used as a game console or a TV until it is unlocked. The unlocking is carried out by a code. The... Agent:

20140203907 - Communication system and communication device: A communication system has a first communication device, and a second communication device that conducts wireless communication with the first communication device. The first communication device has a first transmitter that transmits a signal to the second communication device, and a first transmission controller that controls the first transmitter. The... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140203906 - Passive keyless system: A passive keyless system includes an in-vehicle control unit, an in-vehicle transmitter wirelessly sending a request signal, a portable device that is activated by a battery, has a standby function of receiving a request signal, and sends an ID signal when the request signal is received, and an in-vehicle receiver... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20140203908 - Alerting system using distributed notification delivery: A system and a method are disclosed for delivering an alert from a computer system using distributed notification delivery. The method comprises using a computer system to receive an alert initiation request from an alert operator, where the alert initiation request includes metadata of an alert to be delivered. The... Agent:

20140203911 - Detection of buried assets using current location and known buffer zones: A method on a mobile computing device for locating a buried asset is provided. The method includes receiving a data structure that represents a two dimensional area comprising a buffer zone at an above-surface location, wherein the buffer zone corresponds to a particular buried asset sought by an operator of... Agent:

20140203910 - Human audible localization for sound emitting devices: Audible signals are created and emitted that provide a human user with improved sound localization cues to quickly and efficiently find the emitting device. The different audible signals have been observed to efficiently help a human locate emitting devices that are either in close proximity to the user or that... Agent:

20140203909 - Methods and apparatus for providing assistance services for large crowds: In one example embodiment, a mobile computing device provides assistance services for visitors at events which involve large crowds and long distances. The mobile computing device may be used to read a unique identifier for a visitor from an identification token for the visitor. The mobile computing device may then... Agent:

20140203913 - Method for tracking a weapon: The present method comprises the steps of providing a tracking device to be embedded in a weapon. The tracking device would be built into the weapon or an attachable grip or clip such that the user would not be able to visibly see the tracking device or easily remove it.... Agent:

20140203912 - Radio frequency identification tag: A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag includes a substrate; an RFID chip, which is mounted on the substrate; and at least one external communication antenna, which transmits signals with respect to the RFID chip in a wireless manner and is spaced therefrom by a predetermined distance. With the transmission of... Agent: King's Metal Fiber Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140203914 - Radio frequency identification tag location estimation and tracking system and method: Systems and methods for locating one or more radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are provided. A phase difference of received information signals of illuminated RFID tags is utilized to locate the RFID tags. One or more exciters transmit interrogation signals to illuminate the RFID tags in which the exciters may... Agent: Mojix, Inc.

20140203915 - Rfid tag facility with access to a sensor: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a stand-alone RFID sensor apparatus comprising a passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tag configured to read sensor information from a sensor, the passive RFID tag comprising an RF network node and a communication facility, the RF network node comprising... Agent:

20140203918 - Wireless tag initialization device and wireless tag initialization method: A wireless tag initialization device includes a reader and writer that weakens supply power to a first threshold value at which a wireless tag to be initialized is activated and other wireless tags are not activated, transmit a first command to invert a flag of the wireless tag to be... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20140203917 - Rj object index: The system may include a plurality of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and a mobile telephone. The RFID tags may be affixed to one or more personal objects, such as a key, a watch, a wallet, a purse, a medicine container, or the like. The mobile telephone may be associated... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20140203916 - Wireless tag communication device and wireless tag communication program: A wireless tag communication device for communicating with a wireless tag through a directional antenna includes a wireless tag communication section configured to communicate with the wireless tag, a calculation section configured to estimate a direction range for communicating with the wireless tag based on transmission output power of the... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20140203920 - Remote and controller synchronization for automated furniture controls: A system and method for automatically pairing wireless remotes to the control components of automated furniture items is provided. In embodiments, a pairing mode selection indication is received, indicating a universal mode selection or a normal mode selection. In universal mode, the control component and the remote device are automatically... Agent: L & P Property Management Company

20140203922 - Remotely controlling one or more client devices detected over a wireless network using a mobile device: According to one general aspect, a method according to the present application includes remotely controlling wirelessly networked devices via a mobile unit. The method includes receiving, at a mobile unit and from a user, an input, analyzing the input to identify a networked device associated with the input, determining whether... Agent:

20140203919 - Wireless two-way communication protocol for automated furniture accessory integration: A system and method for integrating furniture accessories with automated furniture items is provided. In embodiments, a communication protocol enables a remote device to control an automated furniture accessory coupled to a control component of an automated furniture item. Items of identifying information are provided to a control component based... Agent: L & P Property Management Company

20140203921 - Wireless two-way communication protocol for automated furniture accessory integration: A system and method for integrating furniture accessories and generic devices with automated furniture items is provided. In embodiments, a communication protocol enables a remote device to wirelessly control a generic device wirelessly coupled to a control component of an automated furniture item. The remote device may control features of... Agent: L & P Property Management Company

20140203923 - Display apparatus, illumination apparatus and vehicle having projector device: A display Apparatus, an illumination apparatus and a vehicle having a projector device are disclosed. The projection device is disposed at the front of the vehicle through a mounting device, which is movably joined onto the vehicle, and can convert an image signal, which is outputted from an image data... Agent: Darfon Electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20140203925 - Method for the computer-assisted processing of the vicinity of a vehicle: A method for computer-supported processing of the vicinity of a vehicle includes detecting the surroundings of a vehicle and providing surroundings data by a sensor system. The surroundings data may be processed to ascertain, for pre-specified sections of the surroundings of the vehicle, a specific distance to objects detected by... Agent:

20140203924 - Rear warning control method and system for vehicle: A rear warning system for a vehicle that detects information regarding an area behind a vehicle and is operated based on the detected information. The system includes sensors configured to detect the information regarding the area behind the vehicle and a guiding device operated by a controller to provide a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140203926 - A system and method to mask incoming calls for a communication device connected to an automotive telematics system: In at least one embodiment, an apparatus for masking an in-coming call from a portable communication device (PCD) in a vehicle is provided. The apparatus comprises a controller that is configured to receive a driver status signal indicative of a driver being one of a primary driver and a secondary... Agent:

20140203927 - Motor vehicle driving assistance method with a view to optimizing the use of the power supply: A motor vehicle driving assistance method including at least one electric motor powered by a battery and capable of driving drive wheels of the vehicle, the method including calculating an optimized consumption for the vehicle from an actual power consumption of the vehicle and from values collected by sensors of... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140203928 - Display system: A display system equipped to a vehicle includes a display screen, a notification section, a determination section, and a display control section. The display screen displays information for a vehicle occupant. The notification section preliminarily notifies the vehicle occupant of an information update to be performed on the display screen.... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140203929 - Methods, systems, and products for security services: Methods, systems, and products notify of alarms in security systems. Sensor data is received from an alarm sensor, and an alarm condition is determined by an alarm controller. Video data associated with the alarm sensor is retrieved. An alarm message may be sent over a wireless network connection, while the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140203930 - System and method for alarm signaling during alarm system destruction: A system and method provide for the immediate transmission of a potential alarm to a remote alarm signal escrow site and from the escrow site to a host station in the event where a control panel or an alarm signaling device is tampered with or destroyed by a disablement tactic,... Agent: Incorporated

20140203931 - Gesture-based communication systems and methods for communicating with healthcare personnel: Gesture-based communication systems and methods for communicating with healthcare personnel are disclosed. According to an aspect, a system is disclosed that includes a movement detector configured to detect movement of muscle and to generate a wireless signal in response to detection of the muscle movement. The system also includes a... Agent: Augment Medical, Inc.

20140203932 - Electronic self-protection and emergency beacon device for wilderness use: A safety device for use in wilderness trekking is dual functioning in a first and second mode of operation. In the first mode of operation, an alarm is sounded using a recorded or generated sound effect that is unpleasant to dangerous animals, particularly those encountered in the North American wilderness,... Agent:

20140203933 - Systems and methods for conveying utility operator data: An apparatus comprising a message outputting device, an FM radio receiver, where the FM radio receiver is configured to obtain utility operator data provided by an FM subcarrier channel, and a processor in electrical communication with the FM radio receiver and the message outputting device is provided. The processor is... Agent:

20140203934 - Dynamic alarm system for operating a power plant and method of responding to same: A dynamic alarm system for operating a power plant is disclosed. The dynamic alarm system includes a sensor configured to generate a signal related to a measurement of an operation of the power plant. An interface displays a generated alarm to an operator and receives a dynamic rating value from... Agent: General Electric Company

20140203935 - System and method for high-sensitivity sensor: A sensor unit that includes at least one sensor configured to measure an ambient condition is described. The controller can be configured to receive instructions, to report a notice level when the controller determines that data measured by the at least one sensor fails a report threshold test corresponding to... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20140203936 - Portable deactivator for securty tag deactivation: A portable deactivator having a corresponding identifier is provided. Identification data associated with a user is captured by the portable deactivator. A determination is made whether to activate a deactivation element in the portable deactivator based at least in part on the captured user identification data. The deactivation element is... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20140203937 - Multi-display bedside monitoring system: The present specification discloses systems and methods for patient monitoring using a multitude of display regions, at least two of which have the capability to simultaneously display real time patient waveforms and vital statistics as well as provide display for local and remote software applications. In one example, a primary... Agent: Spacelabs Healthcare

20140203939 - Control and monitoring of light-emitting-diode (led) bulbs: A smart light-emitting-diode (LED) bulb includes apparatus enabling the bulb to be turned ON, OFF, or dimmed without the use of a wall switch. Such apparatus may include circuitry responsive to rotating the LED portion of the bulb, circuitry responsive to touching or tapping on the bulb, or a Bluetooth... Agent: Rtc Inc.

20140203938 - System and method for burn prevention: A system comprises a plurality of temperature sensors adapted to measure the temperature at various locations on a firefighter's turnout gear and helmet, and operable to generate temperature measurements, a microcontroller configured to receive the temperature measurements from the plurality of temperature sensors, and to analyze the temperature measurements and... Agent: Rom Acquisition Corporation

20140203940 - Weather-based reminders: Some embodiments provide a reminder application for creating and displaying weather-based reminders. The reminder application provides a set of tools to create a reminder and associate the reminder with a weather condition for a location. To present a weather-based reminder, the reminder application of some embodiments identifies a reminder associated... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140203941 - Substrate processing apparatus, alarm management method of substrate processing apparatus, and storage medium: A substrate processing apparatus is provided with: a detection unit (41a through 41d) that detects a factor for which interlock is applied to one or more of a plurality of modules and outputs a detection signal; interlocking means (42 and 43a through 43c) that, based on the detection signal output... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140203942 - Smart smoke alarm: Methods and apparatus for smoke detection are disclosed. In one embodiment, a smoke detector uses linear discriminant analysis (LDA) to determine whether observed conditions indicate that an alarm is warranted.... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20140203943 - Wireless transceiver: A low cost, robust, wireless sensor that provides an extended period of operability without maintenance is described. The wireless sensors are configured to communicate with a base unit or repeater. When the sensor unit detects an anomalous ambient condition (e.g., smoke, fire, water, etc.) the sensor communicates with the base... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20140203944 - Communications device having battery monitoring capabilities and performing pre-scheduled events: Methods and devices are provided for monitoring a battery to determine whether sufficient battery power remains to perform an event at a pre-scheduled time. A communications device includes a processor that receives instructions to perform the event at the pre-scheduled time, determines a first amount of time until the event... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140203945 - Validation of mechanical connections: A connection validation apparatus includes a connector engagement mechanism configured to physically engage a connector to connect the connector to a connector interface. The apparatus further includes a connection indication detector located on the connector engagement mechanism and configured to detect at least one of a sound and a vibration... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140203946 - Optical well logging: A method of logging a well can include conveying an optical waveguide and at least one signal generator with a conveyance into the well, causing the signal generator to generate at least one signal in the well, and receiving the signal as distributed along the optical waveguide. A well logging... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140203947 - Storage and recall of buried asset data over communications networks for damage avoidance and mapping: A method for facilitating collection and recall of buried asset data on a mobile device on a network is provided. The mobile device transmits current position data of the mobile device to a server via the network, and receives from the server, a) buried asset data including depth data and... Agent:

20140203948 - Method and system for optimized monitoring and identification of advanced metering infrastructure device communication failures: A method for optimized monitoring and identification of AMI device communication failures in an AMI network is provided. A graphical representation of AMI devices is generated comprising nodes corresponding to AMI devices and links representing connectivity between AMI devices. The graphical representation is generated based on data associated with AMI... Agent: Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

20140203949 - Method and system for automatic residual consumption: A computer-implemented method performed by a computerized device, comprising: obtaining consumption data comprising readings indicating consumption of a product, the consumption data is monitored by a plurality of metering devices, wherein the metering devices are associated with a plurality of consumption entities, wherein the plurality of consumption entities comprising a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140203950 - Mobile communication device, system, and method: A mobile device for detecting an electrical signal generated by an ingestible event marker is disclosed. The mobile device includes a detection subsystem to receive an electrical signal generated by an ingestible event marker from a detection arrangement. A processing subsystem is coupled to the detection subsystem to decode the... Agent:

20140203951 - Method and apparatus for providing public transportation service in a communication system: A method and apparatus for providing a public transportation service in a communication system includes transmitting a signal representing an existence of a passenger at a particular stop terminal, and transmitting a signal representing information on a number of vehicles at to the stop terminal for selection by a user.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140203952 - Vehicle condition monitoring and reporting: A method includes receiving, at a computing device, vehicle condition data from a vehicle monitoring system of a vehicle. The method also includes analyzing the vehicle condition data based on a trigger table, and based on a determination that the vehicle condition data satisfies a particular trigger condition specified in... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 52 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20140197919 - Walk-through security gate, in particular for use at airports: The invention relates to a walk-through security gate (1), in particular for the use at airports for demarcation between a secured zone and an unsecured zone, wherein the gate can be opened in accordance with the checking of access data such as a flight ticket and a blocking element (6)... Agent: Kaba Gallenschuetz Gmbh

20140197920 - Methods of configuring and using a wireless communications device: A method of controlling access to a movable container, the method comprising controllably locking the container using an electronically actuated locking mechanism; storing in a memory a desired geographical location; determining the geographical location of the container; and enabling the locking mechanism to unlock the container if the determined geographical... Agent:

20140197921 - Systems and methods for programming an rfid reader: A remote access system includes an RFID reader and a credential having a cellular phone interface and an nfc interface. The credential is operable to receive authorization information and to communicate with the RFID reader. A server is operable to receive an authorization request for the credential and to access... Agent: Xceedid Corporation

20140197922 - System and method for positive identification on a mobile device: A method of capturing a photograph of a user's face with a mobile device includes determining alignment of an image of the user's face with a camera of the mobile device; providing one of a visual indicator and an audible sound as an alignment verification aid which indicates to the... Agent: Cygnus Broadband, Inc.

20140197923 - Marketing information display assembly: An assembly includes an electronic price label having an outer casing, a cover attached to the electronic price label and a marketing sign that highlights the electronic price label. The outer casing of the electronic price label module houses a display screen and circuitry for sending and receiving data signals... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20140197924 - Systems and methods for locating a public facility: In an exemplary method of locating a public facility, a public facility is provided at a fixed location and includes a facility locating module. A wireless signal is generated from the facility locating module. Software code accessible to the portable electronic device is provided. The software code causes the portable... Agent: Gojo Industries, Inc.

20140197927 - Method and apparatus for operating near field communication function in a portable terminal: A method of operating a Near Field Communication (NFC) function in a portable terminal is provided. The method includes detecting an NFC tag during execution of a particular mode, comparing the NFC tag with preset lists, omitting a reading operation of the NFC tag if the NFC tag is an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140197925 - Sample carrier identification: A sample carrier (102) includes a sample support region (104) that supports a sample to be processed by a sample carrier processing apparatus and storage and communications circuitry (106) that includes a wireless interface (502) that wirelessly communicates with a storage component reader of the sample processing apparatus when the... Agent: Analogic Corporation

20140197926 - Utilization of motion and spatial identification in rfid systems: In one aspect where a load or a subset of one or more tags is in motion relative to an RFID reader system, the RFID system obtains tag readings and derives tag scalar or vector motional data e.g. tag velocity, tag acceleration, and/or rate of change of tag acceleration which... Agent:

20140197928 - System for and method of locating radio frequency identification (rfid) tags associated with items in a controlled area: A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag reading system having a phased antenna array accurately locates RFID tags in a controlled area, by steering an interrogating beam over the controlled area to interrogate the tags and generate return modulated RF signals. A primary receiver steers a primary receive beam at a... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20140197930 - Field device for automation technology: A field device for automation technology, which has a metal housing for accommodating a field device electronics. On the field device at least one opening is provided, which is closable via a lid composed at least partially of a non-metallic material, wherein an RFID chip and an RF antenna are... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140197929 - Wearable rfid system: Apparatus and methods are provided for automatically interrogating a tagged object using radio frequency identification (RFID) when the object is moved. In one embodiment, a worker is outfitted with a wearable RFID system including an RF antenna, an RFID reader, and a holder to hold the antenna and reader during... Agent:

20140197931 - Patient identification system: The patient identification system of the preferred embodiments includes a transponder that is affixed to a patient and functions to communicate information that identifies the patient to a device or series of devices. The series of devices includes at least a first device that collects data from the patient and... Agent:

20140197932 - Handheld electronic device having universal remote control mechanism and operation method of the same: A handheld electronic device having a universal remote control mechanism is provided. The electronic device comprises a touch display unit, a storage unit, a wireless transmission unit and a processing unit. The touch display unit receives device information and displays a user interface having virtual function keys. The storage unit... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140197933 - Multi-directional vibrating moving device: A moving device that moves in accordance with a control signal can comprise a plurality of device legs, a communication module to receive the control signal, and a control module to control a motor module in accordance with the control signal. The motor module can comprise several pager motors, whose... Agent:

20140197934 - Online system and method for using the same: The present invention relates to a home appliance which can communicate with an outside of the home appliance, an online system and a method for using the online system including the same. According to embodiments of the present invention, a method for using an online system may be provided including... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140197935 - Process and system for managing a bowling centre: A process and a system for managing a bowling centre, which includes one or more bowling lanes along which a bowl is rolled, one or more pin setting up machines at one end of the lane and one or more bowlers' bays at the opposite end of the lane, one... Agent: Qubicaamf Europe Spa

20140197936 - Flexure, apparatus, system and method: An actuator module is disclosed. The actuator module includes an actuator having at least one elastomeric dielectric film disposed between first and second electrodes. A suspension system having at least one flexure is coupled to the actuator. The flexure enables the suspension system to move in a predetermined direction when... Agent:

20140197937 - Wearable device for noninvasive tactile stimulation: A wearable tactile stimulation device can include a facial mask, an air-suit, and a pair of gloves. A wearable tactile stimulation device can include integrated conduits and nozzles configured to deliver tactile stimulation to portions of a users face, hands, and/or body. The tactile stimulation can be delivered via puffs... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140197938 - Operator control device: An operator control device has an operating element with haptic feedback. The operating element has a touch-sensitive operator control area and is operated through an input element. The device includes a first and a stationary second flat component that are composed of a ferromagnetic material and arranged to face each... Agent:

20140197939 - Method for preventing or reducing collision damage to a parked vehicle: A method for avoiding or reducing damage to a parked vehicle caused by a collision with an approaching vehicle performing a parking operation included determining, by the parked vehicle, a risk of collision, transmitting a warning signal if the risk of collision is sufficiently high, monitoring whether the approaching vehicle... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140197940 - Obstacle alert device: An obstacle alert device is capable of indicating clearly presence of an obstacle approaching a vehicle to a driver, without impairing visibility of a peripheral situation of the vehicle. The device includes a photographed image acquisition section acquiring a photographed image photographing a scene in the periphery of the vehicle,... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140197941 - Car key and car control method: In a method for controlling a car using a car key, a selected function is received from a function menu displayed on an operation interface of a display device of the car key. System data about the car is acquired from a management unit of the car, and devices of... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20140197942 - Occupant classification system with seat back sensor: A classification system for determining the occupancy state of a seat of a vehicle. The classification system includes a first sensing electrode located in a back portion of the seat and a a second sensing electrode located in a base portion of the seat. The system includes a measurement circuit... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20140197943 - On-board illuminating device and vehicle having said illuminating device: The present invention relates to an on-board illuminating device comprising an illuminating unit and a control unit, wherein the control unit transmits a first control signal to the illuminating unit according to an event inside a vehicle (10) characterizing a preparation action for getting out of the vehicle, and the... Agent:

20140197944 - Monitoring system: A system for remote monitoring of conditions at a site and transmitting alerts to interested parties' mobile devices via a social networking service is described. The system employs a wireless communications device, partially exposed outside a small, metal enclosure, to transmit SMS (text message) alerts to a social networking site.... Agent:

20140197945 - Human tumble detecting and alarming device: A human tumble detecting and alarming device includes an external shell body, a sensor module for detecting body postures of an object to be detected in real time, a data processing module for analyzing information detected by the sensor module and judging whether the detected object tumbles or not according... Agent:

20140197946 - Portable monitoring devices and methods of operating the same: In one aspect of the disclosed implementations, a device includes one or more motion sensors for sensing motion of the device and providing activity data indicative of the sensed motion. The device also includes one or more feedback devices for providing feedback, a notice, or an indication to a user... Agent:

20140197947 - Diagnostics method based on input from multiple users of wearable sensors: A body function analysis and communication system includes a plurality of wireless communication devices each worn or carried by a respective user and in signal communication with an analysis system. Each wireless communication device is in signal communication with at least one sensor worn by the respective user. The analysis... Agent:

20140197948 - Autonomous aggregated search platform and methods using the same: Systems and methods for searching for lost moving objects such as children are disclosed. In some embodiments, the systems and methods initiate an autonomous, expanding electronic search by emitting a search activation signal from a search initiation device. The search activation signal may include the target tag identifier of a... Agent:

20140197949 - Security system having segregated operating software: A control apparatus for a premises based system is provided. The control apparatus has an improved memory and processor configuration for separate operation of the life safety and life style code so that the operation of the life style code may be changed without changing the operation of the life... Agent: Adt US Holdings, Inc.

20140197951 - Golf club grip with user notification and tracking capability: Methods and apparatuses related to golf club grips with attached or embedded RFID tags are described. In an embodiment, a RFID tag is attached to or embedded into a golf club grip and a RFID reader incorporated into a personal computing device may read or capture information associated with the... Agent: Radar Corporation

20140197950 - Systems and methods for detecting outages in a medical record exchange system: Systems and methods for detecting an issue with a message flow between two or more data systems. In an embodiment, at a first time, a number of first request messages and a number of first response messages transmitted or received during a first look-back period are determined. A first ratio... Agent: Department Of Veterans Affairs

20140197952 - Alert for real-time risk of theft or loss: Devices, methods, systems and a computer readable medium for the provision of alerts to electronic devices in response to real-time, location based analysis of the risk of theft or loss of such devices are provided. A continually updated database of locations of thefts, losses and/or stolen or lost electronic devices... Agent: Absolute Software Corporation

20140197953 - Signal emitting retail device: A signal emitting retail device is provided. The signal emitting retail device includes a sensor and an emitter. The emitter is configured to emit a signal when the sensor senses removal of merchandise from a merchandise display structure. The sensor is also configured to sense potential theft conditions. The emitter... Agent: Southern Imperial, Inc.

20140197954 - Mobile dispensing system for medical articles: A mobile dispensing cart having a plurality of locked drawers has medical articles stored therein for particular patients. The storage drawers have sizes wherein the resonant frequency of the sizes does not match the frequency of operation of the RFID system of the cart. Faraday cages and enclosures are used... Agent: Meps Real-time, Inc.

20140197955 - Road marker or light based warning device: A road marker and related light based warning device are described. The road marker or device includes a thermal sensor that triggers the illumination of at least one light-emitting diode at a predetermined temperature. The temperature may be associated with ice formation. The light-emitting diode(s) may flash to alert motorists... Agent: Solar Bright Limited

20140197956 - Particle detector with dust rejection: A system and method of reducing the incidence of false alarms attributable to dust in smoke detection apparatus. The method includes obtaining at least two sample air flows, subjecting a first airflow to particle reduction and measuring the level of particles in the first airflow and generating a first signal... Agent: Xtralis Technologies Ltd.

20140197957 - Evaluation of scattered-light signals in an optical hazard alarm and output both of a weighted smoke density signal and also of a weighted dust/steam density signal: A method evaluates two scattered-light signals in a hazard alarm operating in accordance with the scattered light principle. The particles to be detected are irradiated with light in a first wavelength range and with light in a second wavelength range. The light scattered by the particles is converted into a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140197958 - 7-way crab joint: An apparatus and method for interconnecting mains cables used for underground secondary low-voltage AC network systems utilizing an improved crab joint connector arranged to maximize the number of interconnections in a compact design wherein the plurality of legs are arranged in a rectangle configuration and a single bus leg is... Agent:

20140197959 - Security system and method with multistate alert user interface: A security system, system user interface, and method for displaying status information from security devices in a networked security system using a multistate alert user interface. The security system supports different features in icons associated with the security devices, displayed on a graphical user interface. This provides operators with the... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20140197961 - Operating status warning lamp aparatus: An operating status warning lamp apparatus for visually indicating at least one operating status or a plurality of different operating statuses for a technical appliance such as a machine, an installation, a vehicle or the like having at least one warning lamp unit (1, 4), wherein the warning lamp unit... Agent:

20140197960 - Side viewable lighted bezel for a display device: A monitor display unit mounted on a surface and in electronic communication with a system or device to be monitored, comprising a face plate, a back plate having at least a portion of a side edge being translucent or transparent, a logic controller, and at least one light-emitting device in... Agent: Triatek Holdings LLC

20140197962 - Synchronization of distributed measurements in a borehole: A system and method to synchronize distributed measurements in a borehole are described. The system includes a plurality of wired segments coupled together by couplers and a plurality of nodes configured to measure, process, or relay information obtained in the borehole to a surface processing system, each of the plurality... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140197963 - Portable monitoring devices and methods of operating the same: In one aspect of the disclosed implementations, a device includes one or more motion sensors for sensing motion of the device and providing activity data indicative of the sensed motion. The device also includes one or more processors for monitoring the activity data, and receiving or generating annotation data for... Agent:

20140197964 - Determination of resource consumption: System and method for determining consumption of resources to assist a meter reading personnel are described. According to an embodiment, the system includes a processor and an extraction module coupled to the processor configured to extract historical data associated with a meter to be read. The system further includes a... Agent:

20140197965 - Portable monitoring devices and methods of operating the same: In one aspect of the disclosed implementations, a device includes one or more motion sensors for sensing motion of the device and providing activity data indicative of the sensed motion. The device also includes one or more processors for monitoring the activity data, and receiving or generating annotation data for... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140197966 - Connection error detecting apparatus and method which detect a connection error in a smart meter: Provided are a connection error detecting apparatus and method. The connection error detecting apparatus, which detects connection errors for each rating of a smart meter, comprises: a parameter calculating unit for calculating connection error detecting parameters including an actual three-phase voltage value, an actual three-phase current value, an effective amount... Agent: Korea Electric Power Corporation

20140197967 - Real-time vehicle spacing control: In an embodiment, a system detects when vehicle bunching is about to occur or is already occurring within a given transit system. The system resolves the bunching using an event and tone based system which regulates the arrival and departure times of vehicles at vehicle stops. Also, an embodiment includes... Agent: Navteq B.v.

20140197968 - Vehicle proximity detection and indication devices and methods: A vehicle proximity sensor includes an indicator having a plurality of light sources arranged in series along a path. The light sources are in sequential groups, with each group featuring multiple light sources arranged to illuminate in a same common illumination colour that differs from the illumination colour of each... Agent:

20140197969 - Signal timing coordination system for crosswalk beacons: A signal or lighting system synchronizes the flashing of multiple signal or lighting assemblies. When one of the assemblies is triggered, it broadcasts a temporally staggered sequence of signals, each signal instructing the receiving assemblies to initiate flashing of their beacons a given countdown time after that particular signal is... Agent: Carmanah Technologies Corp.

20140197970 - Adapter circuit: An adapter circuit for connecting a switching circuit of an airport visual aid is equipped with an LED as a light source and a secondary-side coil (secondary side) of a supply transformer, wherein at least one switch element is provided for selectively making or breaking the connection and wherein at... Agent:

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