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Communications: electrical

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12/04/2014 > 60 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories.

20140354397 - Face-operated joystick control system: Apparatus for controlling an object in real-time is described. In one aspect, an apparatus includes a frame, a bracket, and a stick controller. The frame is configured to be worn on a user's head and to inhibit relative movement between the frame and the user's head. The bracket extends from... Agent:

20140354398 - Authenticating and tracking a valuable asset within the confines of a safe: An approach is provided to track a hard asset in a smart safe. In the approach, the hard asset is registered with a computing system that is associated with the smart safe. The registration of the hard asset include storing at least one physical attribute of the hard asset in... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140354399 - Enhanced security system: A security system (100) protects a secured item by a lock which is under the control of a lock control unit (108). Predetermined parameters associated with various users and user equipment are stored in the lock control unit (108). The predetermined parameters are weighted to provide different levels of lock... Agent:

20140354402 - Control, monitoring, and/or security, apparatus and method for premises, vehicles, and/or articles: A computer-implemented method, including receiving, with a receiver or computer, information regarding a user and a personal control and monitoring account associated with the user, processing, with the computer, the information regarding the user and the personal control and monitoring account, wherein the personal control and monitoring account can be... Agent:

20140354401 - Resource management based on biometric data: The techniques and systems disclosed herein pertain to preventing unauthorized access to computing resources by unauthorized persons by deploying biometric security. To implement biometric security, the computing device, possibly by the OS, may obtain samples of one or more biometric factors unique to the owner. The computing device may construct... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140354403 - User selectable securable device: The principles of the present invention provide for a more flexible kiosk securable device system and method that enables users to select their own securable device, such as a locker, rather than having the kiosk assign one to them. In selecting a securable device, the user enters the same access... Agent: Best Lockers, LLC

20140354404 - Remote convenience method and apparatus with reduced signal nulls: A vehicle control system is described including radio-frequency receiver. The receiver includes an antenna input adapted for connection to an antenna for receiving radio frequency signals, a source of at least a first local oscillator frequency and a second local oscillator frequency, a demodulator for demodulating the signal received via... Agent:

20140354400 - System for managing entry and exit of vehicles: A system for managing the entry and exit of vehicles is disclosed. The system for managing entry and exit of vehicles includes at least one entering vehicle information reader for correcting Global Positioning System (GPS) location coordinates obtained from signals received through a GPS antenna, based on location coordinate error... Agent: Dong Yang Solution Co. Ltd.

20140354405 - Federated biometric identity verifier: A federated biometric identity verification system that allows biometric verification of individuals across multiple organizations without sharing access to database content between those organizations. Multiple biometric application databases are securely networked together using public-key infrastructure techniques. Biometric information is collected from a subject, and segregated into applicable subsets or modalities,... Agent: Secure Planet, Inc.

20140354406 - Combining navigation and fingerprint sensing: A method, device and machine readable medium are provided. The method comprises: activating a fingerprint sensor while performing a function other than authentication; and performing a security action when fingerprint data matching stored fingerprint data is not captured by the fingerprint sensor after a threshold duration from activation.... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140354407 - Beverage counting device: A beverage counting device comprising a wrist band and one or more counters secured to the wrist band where the counters permit an individual the ability to record and display the number of beverages they have consumed. A method for using a beverage counting device comprising the steps of: providing... Agent:

20140354408 - Certified factory location: A methods and systems are provided that relate to providing location data so that a retailer can know whether an item is produced at a factory it is purported to be produced at. A website may be provided to the retailer and/or exposed to the consumer. The consumer may be... Agent: Gt Nexus, Inc.

20140354409 - Systems and methods for managing lost devices: A method for a device to determine that it has been lost is provided. The method comprises the device determining its current location, the device comparing its current location to a plurality of stored locations, and the device determining that it has been lost when its current location is a... Agent:

20140354411 - Antenna: An antenna (18), in particular a patch antenna for an RFID reading apparatus (10), having a circuit board (24) which has at least one slot (26) and a contact (28) at the slot (26) for feeding and/or picking up an electromagnetic signal. In this respect, the slot (26) is folded... Agent: Sick Ag

20140354410 - Electronic apparatus, method and system for measuring location: An electronic apparatus, a method and a system for measuring a location are provided. A motion information is obtained according to a moving process of the electronic apparatus. And in the moving process, a displacement vector from a first sensing point to a second sensing point is calculated according to... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140354412 - Finding sensor data in an rfid network: A system and method of selectively reading sensor data from a memory device is able to search the memory device for an indicator that identifies the sensor data, and read only the sensor data identified by the indicator from the memory device. In this way, interrogating devices are able to... Agent:

20140354413 - Charge-pump circuit for improving read distance: A system and method for improving the read distance of a transponder. The transponder comprises an antenna receiving energy from an interrogation signal, a resonant capacitor coupling with the antenna to form a tuned circuit, a charge-pump circuit to multiply voltage derived from the tuned circuit and a storage capacitor... Agent: Silicon Craft Technology Co., Ltd.

20140354414 - Rfid and apparatus and methods therefor: A method of reading an RFID tag (30) including receiving, from the tag, a signal (50) including a structural mode (54) and an antenna mode (56), and selectively analysing a time period of the received signal corresponding to the antenna mode.... Agent:

20140354416 - Methods and apparatuses to identify devices: Embodiments of the present invention include systems with Readers and Tags in which a Reader queries the Tags with a parameter that includes a level of probability of reply according to which the Tags individually and randomly decide whether or not to reply. In one embodiment, the Tags can switch... Agent:

20140354417 - Position detection system: An electromagnetic wave propagation medium 1 extends in the propagation direction of an electromagnetic wave and has an electromagnetic wave propagation space sandwiched between conductors in the direction perpendicular to the electromagnetic wave propagation direction. A base unit 2 and multiple terminals 3 are placed on the electromagnetic wave propagation... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140354415 - Wireless transponder unit, electrical joint monitoring system including the same, and method of monitoring electrical joints: A wireless transponder unit having a maximum operating temperature and being structured to be disposed on an electrical joint includes: an integrated circuit configured to store identification information; and a resonant circuit electrically connected to the integrated circuit, the resonant circuit having a damping factor. The resonant circuit includes a... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140354418 - Radio frequency identification notification system: A device, such as a radio frequency identification (RFID) device, includes a receiver to receive interrogation signals transmitted over a first frequency band from an RFID reader device. The device includes a transmitter to transmit a notification signal over a second frequency band to a computing device (e.g., a mobile... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140354419 - Communicating information regarding status of vehicle operation: Tools, techniques, strategies, devices, and systems are provided for processing and communicating the status of the operation of a vehicle using the visual effects of lighting devices. A lighting system is provided that uses a wide range of sensors, automated functionality, and communication modules for providing visual indications to others... Agent:

20140354420 - Tire pressure monitoring system: A tire pressure monitoring system has a first abnormality determination means for determining a state to be normal, the normal state being when the front wheel air pressure is higher than a front wheel warning threshold 400 kPa and the rear wheel tire pressure is higher than a rear wheel... Agent:

20140354421 - Tire position determination system: A tire position determination system including tire pressure detectors respectively attached to tires, axle rotation detectors respectively corresponding to axles, and a receiver located on a vehicle body. Each tire pressure detector detects when reaching a specific position on a rotation trajectory of the corresponding tire and transmits a radio... Agent:

20140354422 - System and method for deceleration detection and signaling in vehicles: A system for detecting vehicle deceleration having an accelerometer, a processing arrangement, and a deceleration indicator. The processing unit samples data from the accelerometer, and based on that data, determines if the vehicle is braking or otherwise decelerating. If the vehicle is braking or otherwise decelerating in excess of a... Agent: Kinetech LLC

20140354423 - Method and apparatus for locating a person during a man-down situation: A method and apparatus for more-quickly locating an individual during a man-down situation is provided herein. During operation a light source on an officer's vehicle will be directed towards the downed officer when a man-down situation has been identified. Since a light source will be pointed at the downed individual,... Agent:

20140354424 - Search device, electronic system and operation method: This disclosure provides a search device, a person loss prevention system and an operation method. The person loss prevention system comprises an electronic device and the search device. The search device includes a receiver and a transmitter electrically connected with the electronic device. The person loss prevention system instructs the... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20140354425 - Wireless alarm device for detecting and communicating environment- and system-specific states specific states using public internet: The invention relates to an alarm device for detecting and communicating environment and device-specific states, comprising a communication interface for the wireless transmission of information G to one or more destination addresses B, wherein the communication interface is designed in particular as a WLAN interface and/or as a mobile radio... Agent:

20140354426 - Device for container leakage detection and method for the same: A mountable device and system for leakage detection and monitoring of various hazardous materials that can be stored and transported in variety of containers, including ones mounted in railroad cars, tank trailers, trucks, and other dedicated vessels. The device includes a sensor array to detect a potential leakage, wireless communication... Agent:

20140354427 - Wireless safety alert signaling system: An emergency alert system comprising one or more access-controlled wireless transmitters and a plurality of wireless wearable receivers that can be deployed locally to privately warn users of potential danger, by allowing authorized users to use the transmitters to send alert signals to the receivers.... Agent:

20140354429 - Detecting presence using a presence sensor network: Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for detecting presence using a presence sensor network. In some embodiments, a computer executing a presence service generates a user interface for display at a user device. The user interface can include a control that, when selected, generates room data defining a monitored location.... Agent:

20140354428 - Lookdown enable/disable for detectors: An intrusion detector comprises a housing including a cover and baseplate mounting a circuit board. The cover and baseplate are removably mountable to a base. A motion sensor and bracket are mounted to the circuit board. The cover has a lower lookdown window. A lookdown enable/disable actuator extends from a... Agent:

20140354430 - Energy harvesting, ambient light fluctuation sensing intrusion detector: Embodiments are directed to detecting that an intrusion is occurring by detecting, by a first sensor, that the intrusion is occurring based on a variation of light exceeding a threshold, detecting, by a second sensor, that the intrusion is occurring, and generating an intrusion status signal that indicates the intrusion... Agent: Utc Fire And Security Americas Corporation, Inc.

20140354431 - Electronic device and anti theft method for electronic device: An electronic device includes a main body and a transmitter. The main body includes a controller, a sensor, and an alarm controlled by the controller. The transmitter is connected to the main body. When the transmitter is removed from the main body, the controller is used to control an electronic... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140354432 - System and method for verifying patient compliance: A system for verifying compliance, comprises an input device including a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader module, wherein the RFID reader module is capable of determining that an RFID tag corresponding to a medication dose in a product packaging is not detectable, and recording a time of the determination that the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140354433 - System and method for verifying patient compliance: A system for verifying compliance, comprises an input device including a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader module, wherein the RFID reader module is capable of determining that an RFID tag corresponding to a medication dose in a product packaging is not detectable, and recording a time of the determination that the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140354435 - Medication management and reporting technology: Medication management and reporting technology, in which output from at least one sensor configured to sense physical activity in a building in which medication of a patient is located is monitored and a determination is made to capture one or more images of the medication based on the monitoring. A... Agent:

20140354434 - Method and system for modifying a media according to a physical performance of a user: There is described a system for modifying a media, comprising: an evaluation unit for receiving a measured performance of a user while performing a physical activity from a performance sensor, comparing the measured performance to a target performance, and upon successful comparison, outputting a command indicative of the successful comparison;... Agent: Electrik Box

20140354436 - Systems and methods for using a hand hygiene compliance system to improve workflow: A hand hygiene compliance (HHC) system that, in addition to monitoring hand hygiene, provides messaging and asset tracking capabilities to improve workflow amongst employees working at a facility. In one embodiment, the HHC system includes a control unit associated with a hand hygiene dispenser and programmed to enable use of... Agent: Proventix Systems, Inc.

20140354437 - Emergency equipment power sources: Energy harvesting devices provide power to devices of emergency equipment stations (e.g., fire extinguisher station, fire alarm pull station, defibrillator station, etc.) distributed throughout a facility to monitor one or more internal or external conditions (e.g., identifiable objects detected near the station, presence of an obstruction restricting access to the... Agent:

20140354438 - Device and method for monitoring fluid consumption: A device and method for monitoring the removal or consumption of fluid from a container. The device has a housing with an attachment means on one side for affixing the device to a fluid container and a plurality of electrical components environmentally protected within the housing. The electrical components include... Agent:

20140354439 - Electrical sensor with configurable settings and a display: An electrical sensor is described. The electrical sensor including an electrical signal input configured to receive an electrical signal, an alarm, one or more inputs configured to set a configuration value and at least one display configured to display said configuration value. The monitor is coupled with the electrical signal... Agent: Neilsen-kuljian, Inc.

20140354440 - Alarm and diagnostics system and method for a distributed-architecture heating, ventilation and air conditioning network: The disclosure provides an HVAC system, an HVAC user interface and an HVAC data processing and communication network. In one embodiment, the HVAC system includes: (1) an HVAC device configured to generate HVAC notification information pertaining to the HVAC system and (2) a user interface configured to communicate the HVAC... Agent:

20140354441 - System and constituent media device components and media device-based ecosystem: Embodiments of the present application relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, wearable, hand held, and portable computing devices for facilitating communication of information and presentation of media. An ecosystem of wireless media devices may be in wireless communication with one another and... Agent:

20140354442 - Emergency alert system using management controller in network: One aspect of the present disclosure relates to an Emergency Alert System (EAS) display controller. The EAS display controller includes: (a) a processor, (b) a network interface controller configurable to be in communication with an out-of-band network, (c) a communication-interface controller configurable to be in communication with a signage device... Agent:

20140354443 - Methods and systems for detecting rfid tags in a borehole environment: Sensor assemblies are deployed in a borehole for a well, such as an oil well or other hydrocarbon recovery well. The sensor assemblies may be coupled to a casing string (e.g., the exterior of the casing), and detect RFID tags or other properties of material (e.g., fluids) in an annulus... Agent:

20140354444 - Channel impulse response identification and compensation: A method of interpreting a signal transmitted through a drilling fluid disposed within a telemetry channel of a wellbore that includes defining a finite number of distinct message signals for representing conditions within the wellbore. The method also includes transmitting one of the message signals through the telemetry channel, and... Agent: Scientific Drilling International, Inc.

20140354445 - Optical device for use with downhole equipment: An optical device (32) transfers an optical signal to or from an electronics unit (30) used in relation to downhole equipment of a drilling operation. The device includes a body (38) and an optical signal direction or light path altering means (40), the body having a light path arranged to... Agent: Globaltech Corporation Pty Ltd

20140354446 - Cable telemetry synchronization system and method: Cable telemetry synchronization systems and methods. The synchronization can involve positioning downhole equipment into a wellbore via a cable operatively coupled to a surface module that can include a telemetry system master clock. The downhole equipment can include a toolbus master node and at least one slave node module having... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140354447 - Analyzing system and method for power data: An analyzing system includes a retrieving module, a filtering module, an extracting module, a display module, and a storing module. The retrieving module is used to retrieve a data package. The filtering module is used to filter a power data parameter from the data package. The extracting module is used... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140354448 - Automatic remote instrumentation communication: Systems, software, and methods are provided for automatically communicating remote sensor information when a communication device is in range of the sensor(s) or other transmission source. Furthermore, the communication device may then communicate the information when the communication device enters into range of a data collection system.... Agent: Cartasite, Inc.

20140354449 - Methods, devices, and computer readable storage device for providing alerts: In determining whether to provide an alert associated with a mobile element to a mobile communication device, speeds and directions of travel of the mobile element and the mobile communication device are determined. A relative location of the mobile communication device is calculated with respect to the mobile element. Based... Agent:

20140354450 - Warning device: The warning device includes: a first detection section for detecting another vehicle that approaches from right rear of a host vehicle; a second detection section for detecting another vehicle that approaches from left rear of the host vehicle; a warning section for issuing a warning to inform a driver of... Agent:

20140354451 - Transitioning to a roadside unit state: A method performed by one or more processors, comprising: receiving a notification message indicative of an occurrence of an event; determining that a position of a vehicular device that is associated with the one or more processors is located on a boundary of a reachability area surrounding a source of... Agent:

20140354453 - Implementing location based actions: A system (8) for implementing at least one action based on a location of a mobile communication device (10). The system (8) comprises a controller (16), storage (18) storing electronic program instructions for controlling the controller (16), and input means (24). The controller (16) is operable, under control of the... Agent: PinparkIPPty Ltd.

20140354452 - Parking assistance system: It is an object of the present invention to provide in real time, to a user, an overhead view video in which a parking space is displayed on a display screen, even if a vehicle is moved. A parking assistance system (1) includes a parking target position detection section (34)... Agent: Clarion Co., Ltd.

20140354454 - Detecting travel of a vehicle in an impermissible driving direction: A method and a device for detecting travel of a vehicle in a traffic lane or on a roadway in an impermissible driving direction, at least one turnoff or exit ramp/entrance ramp being detected by checking on which side of the traffic lane or of the roadway the turnoff is... Agent:

20140354455 - System and method for increasing situational awareness by displaying altitude filter limit lines on a vertical situation display: A system and method are provided for increasing vertical situational awareness when the display of intruder aircraft on a vertical situation display (VSD) is restricted to a specific region of the VSD as determined by an altitude filter. The method comprises displaying a first altitude filter limit line on the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140354456 - System and method for displaying a runway position indicator: A dynamic runway indicator is displayed overlying a conformal runway for assisting a pilot in completing an approach to landing on a runway. The dynamic runway indicator includes a polygon, that by changing position with respect to the conformal runway, provides advanced instrumentation cues to the pilot for adjusting the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

11/27/2014 > 38 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140347161 - Authorizing system and method of portable electronic device: An authorizing system includes a face recognition module, a first authorizing module, a fingerprint acquiring module, and a second authorizing module. The face recognition module captures an image of a current user and recognizes face features from the image. The first authorizing module compares the face features of the current... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140347160 - Navigation device and method of triggering security setting: A method of utilizing a palm characteristic to trigger security setting is disclosed in the present invention. The method is applied to a navigation device, and the navigation device is used to control a computer host. The method includes obtaining the palm characteristic, comparing the palm characteristic to a predetermined... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140347162 - Automatic door system having a security sensor device and method for using said system: The invention relates to an automatic door system having a security sensor device and to a method for using said system, in which a controller is connected to a security sensor, the sensor device comprising: a signal emitter for detecting at least one parameter representative of the door; and a... Agent: Jcm Technologies, S.a.

20140347164 - Door handle system for vehicle: A door handle system for a door of a vehicle includes a door handle assembly, a locking mechanism, a control and a near field communication device. The door handle assembly is configured to mount at a handle region of a vehicle door of the vehicle. The near field communication device... Agent:

20140347163 - Vehicle access system and controller therefor: A system for accessing a vehicle when the main battery is incapable of supplying sufficient power for actuating the vehicle's power door locks/latches comprises: a power supply in the door or release handle supplying power to the vehicle's power latch; an entry authentication device for receiving one or more inputs... Agent:

20140347165 - Rfid tag range control: Methods and systems of processing transponder signals received from transponders to identify the transponders are provided. A first signal having a first signal strength is received from a first transponder, and a reference signal strength is determined based on the first signal strength. A second signal having a second signal... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20140347166 - System and method for registering of refuse collection: The invention shows s system (1) and a method for registering a collection of refuses from a refuse bin (19) to a refuse collection lorry (3). The refuse bin is provided with an information carrier (21) which is adapted to send information upon reception of an electromagnetic signal. An interrogator... Agent: Daprox Ab

20140347167 - Intermodulation mitigation technique in an rfid system: When multiple readers for RF transponders have to be placed in close proximity, such as in adjacent lanes of a highway toll barrier, they can be set to operate at different frequencies. When signals from two adjacent ones of the readers interfere, the resulting signal includes interference terms whose frequencies... Agent:

20140347169 - System for controlling and showing eligibility of golf players on a golf course: The present invention relates to a system for golf score registration comprising a terminal at the clubhouse, and/or a start box at first tee, for check in and check out into the system before and after a game of golf, boxes (1) after each hole for score registration, means for... Agent:

20140347168 - Rfid tag distance measurer: A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag distance measuring system and method is disclosed. One example includes a first replica path that receives a signal that is simultaneously transmitted to an RFID tag. The first replica path includes a plurality of taps at known distances along the first replica path. Each... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20140347170 - Method and terminal for managing radio frequency identification card: The present disclosure provides a method and a terminal for managing a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card, which can activate a NFC read-write mode of the terminal, the terminal reads RFID information of a RFID card to be managed and updates the RFID information into a RFID information database. The... Agent: Zte Corporation

20140347172 - Logo assembly of an electronic device: The disclosure provides a logo assembly, a control method, a controller and an electronic device. The logo assembly comprises: a front case of a logo and a touchpad attached to a backside of the front case of the logo. The touchpad comprises a touch sensor configured to send a control... Agent: Xiaomi Inc.

20140347173 - Method used in a system for remotely controlling an appliance: A method used in a remote control system for remotely controlling an appliance by execution of a remote control command contained in a control program stored in an operation terminal device, by which: a first identifier is acquired at a first time point (S801), the first identifier being unique to... Agent:

20140347171 - Portable wireless tactile control device: The proposed invention refers to a tactile device which generates control signals according to the signals detected when a finger is passed over the device and transmits the control signals to the receiver device which can be located elsewhere nearby which in turn transmits said signal to a user interface... Agent:

20140347174 - User station for healthcare communication system: A user station configurable for use in a healthcare communication system, such as a nurse call system, is provided.... Agent:

20140347175 - Systems and methods for determining container contents, locations, and surroundings: Systems and methods are provided for determining whether and/or when a patient is taking his or her medication and, when appropriate, providing reminders and/or alerts to the patient to improve adherence to a medication regimen. In some embodiments, a medication container is provided that includes a capacitance sensor for sensing... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama , For And On Behalf Of The University Of Alabama

20140347176 - Method and apparatus to provide haptic feedback based on media content and one or more external parameters: The disclosure relates to systems and methods of providing haptic feedback based on media content and one or more external parameters used to customize the haptic feedback. The system may modify or otherwise alter haptic feedback that is determined using the media content alone. In other words, the system may... Agent:

20140347177 - Method and system for haptic data encoding and streaming: A method includes receiving digital content data including audio data and/or video data, generating haptic data using at least some of the received digital content data, encoding the haptic data for efficient transmission over a communication network, multiplexing the encoded haptic data with the received digital content data, embedding information... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20140347178 - Wading vehicle water level display: A vehicle (100) comprising a wading information display (1020) and a wading depth sensor, the display showing an elevation of a vehicle on which is superimposed the current wading depth. The display may also indicate simultaneously the maximum wading depth calculated according to the ride height of the vehicle, the... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20140347179 - Wireless warning light programming: An example system for wirelessly changing a light flash pattern in a light element of a vehicle includes: a light element attached to a vehicle; a controller circuit located in the light element configured for receiving a light flash pattern signal, wherein the controller circuit includes: an antenna; a microcontroller... Agent:

20140347180 - System and method for tracking assets within a monitored environment: A system associates change in the state of an asset to an event trigger within a monitored environment. This environment includes a plurality of assets and a tag transmitter positioned on each asset and operative for transmitting a wireless RF signal based on an event trigger based on one of... Agent:

20140347181 - Sensor-enabled media device: Techniques associated with a sensor-enabled media device are described, including a sensor array configured to capture sensor data associated with an environment, an environmental state determinator configured to determine an environmental state based on the sensor data and remote data retrieved from a remote source, and a controller configured to... Agent:

20140347182 - Systems and methods for using robots to monitor environmental conditions in an environment: Methods and devices are disclosed for monitoring environmental conditions in one or more environments. In one embodiment, the method includes maintaining a plurality of environmental-condition thresholds, each of which corresponds to an environmental condition and is predetermined based on data corresponding to the environmental condition that is received from a... Agent:

20140347183 - Combination non-programmable and programmable key for security device: A security device for an item of merchandise is provided. The security device includes a non-programmable locking mechanism comprising a mechanical lock and a programmable locking mechanism comprising a monitoring circuit operatively coupled to an alarm. The security device is configured to secure an item of merchandise from theft or... Agent:

20140347186 - Displays for a medical device: Embodiments described herein relate to an analyte monitoring device having a user interface with a display and a plurality of actuators. The display is configured to render a plurality of display screens, including a home screen and an alert screen. The home screen is divided into a plurality of simultaneously... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20140347185 - Hand hygiene network system: In a health care facility, within the immediate patient care zone, a method of providing a networked system for hand hygiene. At least one (1) health care worker (HCW) has the means to perform at least one (1) event of the “World Health Organization's (WHO) 5 Moments Hand Hygiene” protocol... Agent:

20140347184 - Systems, methods and computer program products for monitoring the behavior, health, and/or characteristics of an animal: Systems, methods, and computer code products for monitoring the behavior, health, and/or characteristics of an animal are disclosed herein. In one implementation, the animal is positioned inside a waste container placed on a system that is adapted to determine, record and communicate over a network various animal health parameters. These... Agent:

20140347187 - Wireless tag and home monitoring device for tracking individuals or objects with alcohol monitoring: A methodology determining a response to exposure of a monitored person to a prohibited substance is provided. The methodology includes: first receiving movement data representing movement of the monitored person over time; second receiving an indication that a monitored person has been exposed to a quantity of a prohibited substance;... Agent: Satellite Tracking Of People LLC

20140347188 - Auto-adjust of indication characteristics based on user proximity: Disclosed are a system and method whereby indications of an event such as an incoming text message or phone call are provided to a mobile device user in a manner, and to an extent, that allows user awareness when practicable, while also conserving battery power. The system and method determine... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140347189 - Port identifier system and method: A device includes a container having multiple different types of ports. A cable detection transceiver may be used to receive signals from a cable near the container. A visual indicator is coupled to the cable detection transceiver to provide a visual indication of a port corresponding to the cable near... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140347190 - Device for monitoring the state of a system: The invention relates to a device (1) for monitoring the state of a system (2), in particular safety switches for monitoring the closed state of safety equipment (2) of a machine (3), wherein the device (1) is provided with a switch head (10) and an actuator (8), which can be... Agent:

20140347191 - Indication apparatus: An indication apparatus includes a square tub-shaped housing having at least one transparent side surface formed of a transparent member, an indication panel that is disposed on the transparent side surface and includes one or more indicator designs, a wiring board that includes one or more light sources corresponding to... Agent:

20140347192 - Connecting fiber optic cables: Mitigating back reflection in fiber optic cables when coupling two fiber optic cables, for example, for implementing in harsh environments including wellbores. As described below, light from a source can travel toward a target through a first fiber optic cable and a second fiber optic cable coupled to the first... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140347193 - Electronic devices, methods, and computer program products for detecting a tag having a sensor associated therewith and receiving sensor information therefrom: An electronic device is operated by detecting a tag having a sensor associated therewith and being configured to transmit information over a defined distance using a short range wireless protocol, and receiving sensor information transmitted by the tag over the communication link.... Agent:

20140347194 - System, method, and device for measuring and reporting changing levels of liquids in storage tanks: A system for measuring and reporting changing levels of liquids in a storage tank includes a sensing device having a fluid level sensor, an accelerometer, a wireless transceiver, and a microcontroller for detecting the volume of liquid in the storage tank in response to determining that the storage tank is... Agent:

20140347195 - Enhanced alignment method for park assist: A method of parking a running vehicle includes measuring a length of a parked vehicle that is proximate to a desired parking location, and estimating the width of the parked vehicle based on a regression equation. The running vehicle is parked based on the estimated width.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140347196 - System and method for recognizing a parking place that is potentially becoming free: A mobile system is provided for a vehicle for recognizing a parking place that is potentially becoming free, along with a method for recognizing a parking place that is potentially becoming free. The system includes at least one sensor for detecting a signal that is typical for a parking place... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20140347197 - Cockpit emergency device: The invention relates to a Cockpit emergency device for a crew member of an aircraft incorporating an oxygen mask with a supply housing for supplying oxygen to mouth and/or nose of the crew member and attachment means for attaching said supply housing to the head of the crew member in... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 56 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20140340190 - Wireless control system: In a lighting system, each lamp has a wireless circuit that realizes: a time measuring unit measuring the elapsed time period since the lamp is turned on by a wall switch; a specifying unit specifying a plurality of electrical devices wired to the wall switch according to the elapsed time... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140340191 - Medication management system: A medication management system (100) for controlling access to medication. The system (100) comprises of a portable, electronically locking cassette (102) and a docking station (104). The cassette (102) comprises at least one internal compartment (110) adapted for storing patient-specific medication, a cover (114) adapted for restricting access to said... Agent: White Cell Rx Hoding Pty Ltd

20140340196 - Access control via selective direct and indirect wireless communications: A system is described for controlling a locking system restricting physical access (e.g. a door lock). The locking system is accessed (e.g., actuated and monitored) via dual communication path types used by a mobile wireless communication device. The locking system includes an electro-mechanical access control security device, and a receiving... Agent: Delphian Systems, LLC

20140340195 - Electronic lock, locking system, method of operating an electronic lock, computer program product: According to an aspect of the invention, an electronic lock is conceived, being adapted to harvest energy from a radio frequency (RF) connection established between a mobile device and said electronic lock, further being adapted to use the harvested energy for processing an authorization token received via said RF connection... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140340194 - Electronic security system for monitoring mechanical keys and other items: A security system with a security container and an electronic lock circuit is used to securely store mechanical keys or other valuable items. Items to be protected are placed in a secured location in the security container. A detector of the security system detects whether the items are indeed in... Agent:

20140340193 - Movement history assurance for secure passive keyless entry and start systems: A passive keyless system including a base that selectively allows access to a restricted environment through a base transceiver operating with an encrypted link on first and second frequencies, and a base recording element storing base measured movement history information. Also, a passive keyless device with at least one sensor... Agent:

20140340192 - Vehicle identification system and method: Exemplary systems and methods are directed to establishing a signature for a device emitting electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The system includes a radio frequency (RF) receiver, a signal processor, and a signature generator. The RF receiver samples detected EMR, generate pulses having characteristics that are a function of the EMR, and... Agent: Booz-allen & Hamilton

20140340197 - Method for deploying large numbers of waste containers in a waste collection system: A method of redeploying waste containers in a waste collection system with an active or passive signal means requires a user to aim an optical character recognition reader at a waste container comprising a unique optical waste container identifier. The optical character recognition reader reads unique waste container optical identifier.... Agent: Advanced Custom Engineered Systems & Equipment Co.

20140340198 - Package including rfid tag, the rfid tag, and rfid system: A package includes a package structure and a radio frequency identification tag. The package structure includes a metal film and a resin film, and the metal film includes a slit. The tag includes a first conductor to be attached at one side of the slit in a width direction of... Agent:

20140340200 - Electronic device and method for starting electronic device through remote control: An electronic device and a method for starting the electronic device through a remote control are disclosed. In the method, a processing circuit is set into a low power state, and whether a remote control data is received is detected. The remote control data received is compared with the pre-determined... Agent: Fortune Advance Development Limited

20140340202 - System and method for using an universal remote control to access extended operational functions of a device: A system and method for using an universal remote control to access extended operational functions of a device. A consumer causes the universal remote control to transmit a code data value selected from the library to a target device while observing the effect of the transmitted code data value on... Agent:

20140340201 - System and method to facilitate configuration of a controlling device: A system and method wherein geographic data is used to configure a controlling device to control operations of a target device and/or to configure the controlling device to control tuning operations of a target device. The system additionally provides for the harmonization of controlling device configurations made on the controlling... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20140340203 - Method and apparatus for wireless remote control of an electric appliance: An electric appliance remote control apparatus includes a wireless module, a memory unit, a connection unit, a controlling module, a power supply unit, and a power input end. The wireless module can receive a remote control signal and convert the remote control signal into an enabling signal. The controlling module... Agent:

20140340199 - Remote control device and electronic equipment system: A remote control device outputs a wireless signal to operate electronic equipment and includes an operating unit operated by a user, a wireless signal output unit including a first signal output unit and a second signal output unit and configured to output the wireless signal in accordance with the operation,... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140340204 - Interactive multi-touch remote control: A remote controller adapted to interact with a system under control (SUC) is described. The remote controller includes: at least one input adapted to receive data from a user; a command interpreter adapted to evaluate data received via the at least one input and determine whether the received data is... Agent:

20140340205 - Mobile scoring system control: In one implementation, a mobile device is integrated with a bowling center automatic scoring system. For example, a server receives a lane control command originating with the mobile device and determines or identifies a bowling lane that is associated with the mobile device. A response message or signal, which includes... Agent: Brunswick Bowling & Billiards Corporation

20140340206 - Sensory messaging systems and related methods: Sensory messaging systems, according to particular embodiments, are configured to enable users to transmit sensory messages between sensory messaging devices. In various embodiments, the system is configured to allow users to transmit messages that recipients can experience substantially without having to read any text associated with the message. Sensory messages,... Agent:

20140340207 - Vibrating alert device for radar and lidar warning receiver: A vibrating alert device for a radar and lidar warning receiver. The invention is to be powered by the automobile electrical system, in the case of the wired version, and by the automobile electrical system and device battery or mobile power supply for the wireless version. The invention provides a... Agent:

20140340208 - Localized key-click feedback: Disclosed herein are techniques and systems for providing simulated, haptic feedback that is local to physical, non-actuating keys of a keyboard. A keyboard includes a plurality of non-actuating keys defined in a cover portion of the keyboard, a plurality of force-producing mechanisms coupled to a substrate underneath and adjacent the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140340209 - Low-frequency effects haptic conversion system: A system is provided that produces haptic effects. The system receives an audio signal that includes a low-frequency effects audio signal. The system further extracts the low-frequency effects audio signal from the audio signal. The system further converts the low-frequency effects audio signal into a haptic signal by shifting frequencies... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20140340210 - Method for presenting tactile sensation and device therefor: The tactile sense presentation method comprises: arranging a plurality of first electrodes covered with an insulating film on a same plane; arranging a plurality of second electrodes on a same plane with tops exposed to outside; and performing a first operation in parallel with a second operation, wherein the first... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140340211 - Method and device for providing driver feedback: The present invention relates to a method of evaluating at least one operating parameter of a motor vehicle. A system variable relating to an operating parameter of the vehicle is measured. A look-up map (A; S; B) associated with the operating parameter is accessed. The look-up map (A; S; B)... Agent:

20140340212 - Display control apparatus: A display control apparatus, with respect to multiple display areas of a display screen of a display apparatus, assigns one display image to one of the display areas by performing a predetermined calculation. The display control apparatus includes a display image managing section storing image information related to the display... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140340213 - Wheel position detector and tire inflation pressure detector having the same: A wheel position detector for a vehicle includes: a transmitter at each wheel having a first controller for generating and repeatedly transmitting a frame with specific identification information and an acceleration sensor; a receiver at a vehicle body receiving the frame from one wheel and having a second controller for... Agent:

20140340214 - Warning and scene lighting system: A lighting system for use with an emergency vehicle comprises at least one elongated lighting bar mounted to an exterior surface of the emergency vehicle, the lighting bar comprises a plurality of lighting elements operable to emit light, the at least one lighting bar operable to be placed in a... Agent:

20140340215 - Method for self-testing notification appliances in alarm systems: A method for self-testing notification appliances in an alarm system, including the steps of measuring ambient noise at a notification appliance, comparing the measured ambient noise to a threshold ambient noise level, and performing a self-test of the notification appliance if the measured ambient noise does not exceed the threshold... Agent: Simplexgrinnell Lp

20140340217 - Apparatus and methods for sensing a parameter with a restraint device: A restraint device includes at least one sensor configured to sense at least one parameter associated with the wearer of the restraint device. The sensed parameter may be a physiological parameter of the wearer, or the sensed parameter may be a biological substance, a chemical substance, or a radioactive substance,... Agent: Collar Id, LLC

20140340216 - Wireless device networks with smoke detection capabilities: An electronic device may include a smoke detector. The electronic device may use the smoke detector to monitor for the presence of smoke. In response to detecting smoke with the smoke detector, the electronic device may issue an alert or take other suitable action. The electronic device may transmit alerts... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140340218 - Personal safety device: A system to provide safety information to a remote location may include a personal safety device to wirelessly transmit a safety signal, a wireless receiver to receive wireless the safety signal from the personal safety device and a wireless device to receive the signals from the wireless receiver.... Agent:

20140340219 - Physiological monitoring and alerting: Methods, apparatuses and systems are described for monitoring physiological parameters by using one or more sensors at a person. First and second physiological parameters of the person are monitored. A determination may be made, at the one or more sensors, that at least one of the first and second physiological... Agent: Zephyr Technology Corporation

20140340221 - Methods and systems for metrics analysis and interactive rendering, including events having combined activity and location information: A method includes receiving location data of a monitoring device when carried by a user and receiving motion data of the monitoring device. The motion data is associated with a time of occurrence and the location data. The method includes processing the received motion data to identify a group of... Agent:

20140340220 - Person on board system and method: A system and method provides updated personnel count information for offshore locations for daily use and use during emergencies that is coordinated with a cloud database. The system allows persons not at an offshore rig or installation to monitor the presence, excuse, or absence of personnel at fixed mustering stations... Agent: Aquila Offshore, LLC

20140340222 - Security and first-responder emergency lighting system: A network system in a building complex linking different locations together and facilitating information and data exchange and access, includes ‘N’ number of autonomous nodes for receiving, processing, and storing sensory data collected by one or more sensors relating to an environment in ‘N’ number of regions within the building... Agent:

20140340223 - Environmental alert for computer systems: Improved efficiency in monitoring environmental conditions in the vicinity of an unattended computer system includes using the existing communication systems between the computer system and a network, to provide immediate information to users, emergency responders and anyone connected to the network. The system may also include an ability of the... Agent: Emc Corporation

20140340224 - System and method for monitoring dust level of fans: A system for monitoring dust level of a plurality of fans of a server includes a data processing control unit, a number of fans, and a plurality of sensing units. Each of the fans is connected to the data processing control unit. The sensing units are coupled to the data... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140340225 - Alarming cables, assemblies, and systems: Alarming cables, assemblies and systems for displaying and protecting a powered article of merchandise from theft include an alarm unit disposed between a first cable having a first connector for connection to a power source and a second cable having a second connector for connection to the merchandise. An alarm... Agent: Invue Security Products Inc.

20140340226 - Systems and methods for securing handheld electronic devices: Systems and methods are provided for securing handheld electronic devices. To provide an optimal shopping experience for consumers, handheld electronic devices must be made accessible to users, while simultaneously being secured to prevent theft. A security system can include a coupler connected to an electronic device. The coupler can include... Agent:

20140340227 - Patient monitoring system for bathroom: A patient monitoring system adapted for use with a bathroom. The system includes a motion detection unit including a motion detection sensor and a first housing. The system also includes an alarm unit having an alarm device and a second housing. Control circuitry operably couples the motion detection sensor with... Agent:

20140340228 - Method and apparatus for early detection of dynamic attentive states for providing an inattentive warning: A method and apparatus for determining an inattentive state of an operator of a vehicle and for providing information to the operator of the vehicle by obtaining face images of the operator of the vehicle, obtaining images of an environment of the vehicle, determining one or more areas of interest... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20140340229 - Drinking reminder apparatus and method: A drinking reminder method is implemented by an electronic apparatus. The apparatus includes a scale pan, a weight sensor, an analog/digital (A/D) converter, a display screen and a keypad. The keypad comprising a power key, a reset key and a switching key. The weight sensor senses an analog pressure signal... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140340230 - Moisture detection system: A moisture detection system for use on a hospital bed includes a person support surface comprising a core layer and a ticking layer. The ticking layer has an inner surface facing the core layer and an outer surface. In one embodiment the moisture detection system also includes a moisture detection... Agent:

20140340231 - Battery testing system and method: A battery testing system includes a battery test module configured to couple to a battery. The battery test module is further configured to measure battery parameters and transmit the measured battery parameters. The battery testing system also includes a portable tablet device configured to receive the transmitted measured battery parameters.... Agent:

20140340232 - Electronic device with power indication function and indicating method thereof: An electronic device with a battery displays a label for indicating different power levels of the battery. The label comprises a plurality of columns. Each of the columns is capable of being illuminated. A number of the columns lighted correspond to a corresponding the power levels in a one-to-one relationship.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140340233 - Circuit for indicating power level over a communication interface: A circuit is provided. The circuit includes a control circuit and a voltage sensor coupled to the control circuit. The control circuit, responsive to the voltage sensor, is configured to detect a first classification voltage within a classification voltage range defined by a lower classification voltage limit and upper classification... Agent: Nevermore Solutions LLC

20140340234 - Flag: A flag assembly for presentation of at least one electrically-powered entity identifying source. The flag assembly includes a pole, a piece of material attached to the pole, and at least one electrically-powered entity identifying indicia within the assembly.... Agent:

20140340235 - Time division multiplexing (tdm) and wavelength division multiplexing (wdm) fast-sweep interrogator: Methods and apparatus for fast sweeping a spectral bandwidth in order to distinguish among signals received from effectively wavelength division multiplexed (WDMed) and time division multiplexed (TDMed) optical components on a single fiber. For some embodiments, a method for interrogating optical elements having characteristic wavelengths spanning a sweep range is... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140340237 - Appliance management system and appliance management method: The appliance management system according to the present invention includes: a meter device configured to measure a predetermined physical amount; an appliance having a predetermined function; and a management device. The management device sends first information including a first identifier allocated to the appliance and a second identifier allocated to... Agent:

20140340236 - Synchronized metrology in power generation and distribution networks: Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) tend to be specialized and expensive—relegated to only key points in power distribution networks, and are generally reliant on GPS technology. The present disclosure details how any smart meter—using wireless communication—can perform sub-microsecond-grade synchrophasor measurements. Other aspects concern smart meter-based determination of A, B or C... Agent: Digimarc Corporation

20140340238 - Infrastructure monitoring devices, systems, and methods: Systems and methods are disclosed herein for an infrastructure monitoring system. The infrastructure monitoring system may include an operations center; a monitoring device, the monitoring device may be coupled to a component of the infrastructure, include at least one sensor sensing at least one condition within the infrastructure, a data... Agent:

20140340239 - Automated warning methods and systems for the prevention of animal-vehicle accidents: Methods and systems for preventing collisions between vehicles and moving hazards include the use of active signs, a network of sensors, and a controller. Such sensors can be placed adjacent to a roadway and are used to detect the presence of animals. The active signs display a local speed limit.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140340241 - Allocating an area to a vehicle: A method of directing a vehicle (100) to an allocated area (126) includes obtaining (204) data representing a current geographical location of the vehicle; using (208) the geographical location data to identify at least one destination location (122), each said destination location having a set of allocatable areas; checking (208)... Agent:

20140340240 - Distributed remote sensing system component interface: A distributed remote sensing system including at least one gateway, at least one sensing device and a communication interface providing radio frequency communication through a shared frequency scheme between each sensing device and one of the at least one gateway and between each sensing device and another of the at... Agent: Fybr

20140340242 - Method for providing parking information on free parking spaces: A method is provided for providing parking information regarding free parking spaces within at least one city block. The method provides for detecting information regarding available, free parking spaces, wherein a knowledge database with historical data is generated from the detected information. The historical data for specified city blocks and/or... Agent:

20140340243 - Distributed remote sensing system gateway: A distributed remote sensing system including a group of gateways and a sensing device group associated with each gateway in the group of gateways wherein the sensing device group associated with one gateway is different than another sensing device group associated with a different gateway.... Agent: Fybr

20140340244 - Accessible pedestrian signal station: A readily replaceable accessible pedestrian signal station is described including a bottom base plate and a sacrificial base plate.... Agent:

20140340245 - Aircraft collision avoidance system: An aircraft collision avoidance system comprising (a) at least one separation monitoring device connectable to at least a portion of an aircraft, the separation monitoring device comprising (1) at least one transmitter and (2) at least one receiver and (b) a master unit.... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 45 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140333412 - Virtual badge, device and method: A system, methods, and devices comprising a virtual badge are disclosed. The virtual badge can be displayed on an electronic device or on another linked or unlinked portable device. For use in both emergency and non-emergency scenarios, the virtual badge comprises images and data which can be scanned, and the... Agent: Pathfinders International, LLC

20140333413 - Systems and methods for high fidelity multi-modal out-of-band biometric authentication: Systems and methods for high fidelity multi-modal out-of-band biometric authentication are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a method for multi-mode biometric authentication may include (1) receiving, at a computer application executed by an electronic device, a first input from a first input device on the electronic device; (2) receiving, at... Agent:

20140333414 - Systems and methods for high fidelity multi-modal out-of-band biometric authentication through vector-based multi-profile storage: A method for generating multiple biometric profiles for a user is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the method may include (1) receiving data from a user, the data comprising biometric data for a user and device specifications for the electronic device; (2) at least one computer processor retrieving at least... Agent: Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a.

20140333415 - Systems and methods for high fidelity multi-modal out-of-band biometric authentication with human cross-checking: Systems and methods for high fidelity multi-modal out-of-band biometric authentication with cross-checking are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a method for integrated biometric authentication may include (1) receiving, from a user, biometric data; (2) at least one computer processor performing machine-based biometric matching on the biometric data; (3) the at... Agent: Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a.

20140333416 - Method for reading an identification document in a contactless manner: The invention creates a method for the contactless readout of an electronic identification document by means of a terminal, wherein in a data reading step encrypted identification data from a data memory are transmitted to the terminal, and in a key reading step the data key with which the identification... Agent:

20140333417 - Electronic tag having wristband: An electronic tag having a wristband includes a base defining at least one receiving notch, a radio frequency identification element received in the base, at least one connecting element connecting the radio frequency identification element, a locking module captured in the receiving notch and resisting the connecting element, and a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140333418 - Terminal for line-of-sight rfid tag reading: There is provided a terminal for use in determining which of one or more candidate RFID tags having unique data stored thereon is a target RFID tag within an area of the terminal. The terminal can comprise program instructions to direct an RFID reading device of the terminal to perform... Agent:

20140333420 - Simultaneous programming of selected tags: An apparatus and method for simultaneous programming of data to individually addressed Tags. Tags contain a being addressed indicator that allows for processing of simultaneous programming commands. Specified Tags are individually pre-addressed to receive simultaneous programming Tag data is programmed simultaneously for all Tags in a specified group of Tags.... Agent:

20140333419 - System and method for mapping multiple applications to a single nfc tag: A method and system are disclosed for mapping multiple applications or services from a single tag. A tag is deployed in a product that stores multiple intent records, the first of which maps to a client multiplexing component. The client multiplexing component, resident on a user device, is automatically initiated... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140333422 - Display apparatus and method of providing a user interface thereof: A display apparatus and a UI providing method are disclosed. The display apparatus includes a display configured to display a plurality of screens on a first area of a display screen and a plurality of objects categorized into a plurality of groups on a second area of the display screen,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140333421 - Remote control device, display apparatus, and method for controlling the remote control device and the display apparatus thereof: A remote control device, a display apparatus and a method for controlling the remote control device and the display apparatus thereof are provided. A remote control device for controlling a display apparatus includes a user interface configured to receive a user interaction, a first communicator configured to communicate with the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140333423 - Traffic collision avoidance in wireless communication systems: A low cost, robust, wireless sensor that provides an extended period of operability without maintenance is described. The wireless sensors are configured to communicate with a base unit or repeater. When the sensor unit detects an anomalous ambient condition (e.g., smoke, fire, water, etc.) the sensor communicates with the base... Agent:

20140333424 - Monitoring apparatus for vehicle and method for monitoring vehicle: Method for monitoring a vehicle comprises sensing status changes of the vehicle in 3D space. The situations of the vehicle are identified. The numbers of times of each situations of the vehicle is counted during status changes. A threat of the vehicle is determined according to the identified situations, the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140333425 - Vehicle status notification and operator identification: A computing system located on-board a vehicle issues an event notification responsive to detection of an event condition. The on-board computing system detects the presence of wireless enabled devices located within the vehicle or within proximity to the vehicle over a wireless communications link. The on-board computing system seeks to... Agent: Inc.

20140333426 - Vehicular safety assistive device: A vehicular assistive safety device that couples between a vehicular brake light and the vehicle's brake pedal switch, having a logic responsive to each activation of the brake pedal switch to initiate a duty cycle of a plurality of periods of various output intensity and duration of said brake light.... Agent:

20140333427 - Reel type cold light warning triangle: A reel type cold light warning triangle includes a base, two support members, a cold light reel assembly, an elastic return assembly, two support units, a pulling member, a power system and a control assembly. The cold light warning piece can be pulled out or rolled up automatically simply by... Agent:

20140333428 - Lighting system for monitoring light emitting devices: A lighting system is provided with a plurality of devices that are disposed within a lamp assembly and configured to emit light in response to receiving electrical power from a power source. The detector is coupled to the plurality of devices and is configured to monitor an electrical characteristic associated... Agent: North American Lighting, Inc.

20140333429 - Front and side vehicle brake indicator system: Some embodiments of the present disclosure include a front and side viewable brake indicator system for a vehicle. The brake indicator system may include a pair of front mounted brake lights mounted on a vehicle, the first front mounted brake light mounted to a position proximate to a passenger side... Agent:

20140333430 - System and method for using customer data networks for alarm systems: An alarm system is disclosed for transmitting data over a data network at a monitored site. The alarm system may include at least two alarm panels operatively connected to the data network and connected to one another by an alternate data path. The alarm panels may be configured to communicate... Agent: Simplexgrinnell Lp

20140333431 - Device for providing notifications while mated with a carrying case: A device for providing notifications while mated with a carrying case is provided. The device comprises: an indicator; a first detector configured to detect when the device is mated with a carrying case, the carrying case having an open configuration and a closed configuration, wherein the indicator is hidden in... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140333432 - Systems and methods for worker location and safety confirmation: Systems, methods, and software are provided herein for worker location and/or safety confirmation. In at least one example, a user will carry a user device which include monitoring functionality. This device will monitor for concerning event such as an unexpected location, a lack of user movement, a press of an... Agent: Cartasite, Inc.

20140333433 - Hygiene monitoring and management system and method: A Real Time Locating System (RTLS) hygiene management and monitoring system for individuals and companies to manage and monitor the hygiene of their surroundings. In some embodiments of the invention, RTLS is used to monitor and manage cleanliness of rooms and surfaces and the location of cleaning supplies and cleaning... Agent:

20140333434 - Signal strength-based routing of network traffic in a wireless communication system: A low cost, robust, wireless sensor that provides an extended period of operability without maintenance is described. The wireless sensors are configured to communicate with a base unit or repeater. When the sensor unit detects an anomalous ambient condition (e.g., smoke, fire, water, etc.) the sensor communicates with the base... Agent:

20140333435 - Method and system for reminding reader of fatigue in reading while using electronic device: The method and system for reminding readers of fatigue in reading while using electronic devices are revealed. First use a reading speed calculation module to detect user's reading speed within a period of time when the user is using an electronic with a display to read. The reading speed is... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20140333437 - Solitary senior people care system: A solitary senior people care system comprises: an electric device switch installed within a household where a senior resident resides; a household monitoring communication device configured to provide the on or off state information and identity information of the electric device switch together; an electric device switch history server computer... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20140333438 - System and method responsive to an event detected at a glucose monitoring device: Embodiments include an apparatua responsive to an event detected at a glucose monitoring device. The apparatus includes circuitry to select an action to occur remote to the glucose monitoring device in response to the event. Embodiments include a response center responsive to an event at a glucose monitoring device to... Agent:

20140333436 - Systems and method for intelligent medical vigilance with alert cause indication: An intelligent medical vigilance system that observes and analyzes, and, only in the event of a clinically significant negative condition, notifies and reports the event to the care staff utilizing the hospital's existing nurse call system. The device includes a bedside unit connected to a pad or coverlet with a... Agent: Hoana Medical, Inc.

20140333439 - Remote monitoring systems: A system includes sensors for transmitting data on a low power and/or short range transmission link, and one or more coordinators in wireless communication with the sensors. The coordinators convert signals received via the low power and/or short range transmission link to a longer range transmission link. A base station... Agent:

20140333440 - Patient safety system with automatically adjusting bed: A patient safety system including an adjustable bed and a patient monitoring system is disclosed herein. The adjustable bed can automatically adjust to a safe default configuration when the safety system detects that a care provider has left the patient's room or when the safety system detects that the patient... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20140333441 - Diaper monitor: The diaper monitor has a sensor housing that can be slipped into a pocket formed in a diaper at the time of use and secured in place by a pivotal clip. The housing has a pair of conductive strips for sensing wetting of a diaper and a responsive wireless transmitter... Agent:

20140333442 - Method, monitoring system and computer program for monitoring use of an absorbent product: A method for monitoring use of an absorbent product, such as an incontinence pad or a diaper, worn by a user. The method includes the step of detecting, by means of an odour sensor device capable of being carried by the user and configured to communicate with a mobile device... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20140333443 - Method for early detection of cooling-loss events: A method of detecting cooling-loss event early is provided. The method includes defining a relative humidity limit and change threshold for a given space, measuring relative humidity in the given space, determining, with a processing unit, whether the measured relative humidity is within the defined relative humidity limit, generating a... Agent:

20140333444 - Liquid natural gas cryogenic tank leak detection system: A method of detecting leakage of a fluid from a tank is disclosed. The method may include determining cumulative commanded fluid consumption of the fluid in the tank over a selected time period, determining an actual change of a volume of the fluid in the tank over the selected time... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140333445 - System and method for high-sensitivity sensor: A sensor unit that includes at least one sensor configured to measure an ambient condition is described. The controller can be configured to receive instructions, to report a notice level when the controller determines that data measured by the at least one sensor fails a report threshold test corresponding to... Agent:

20140333446 - Sports helmet notification system: A sports helmet notification system to be carried by a helmet has a microcontroller in connection with an accelerometer that measures acceleration in three mutually orthogonal directions, a memory device and a notification device. The microcontroller has a predetermined logging setpoint and a predetermined notification setpoint. The microcontroller is programmed... Agent: Safebrain Systems, Inc.

20140333447 - Failure alarm system and method of failure alarming thereof: A failure alarm system adapted for monitoring an instrument includes a BUS transmitting data and control logics inside the failure alarm system, a recording device connected to the BUS for recording operating sounds of the instrument, a voice processing unit connected to the BUS for converting the operating sounds into... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140333448 - Sensor device for an alerting system: A sensor device for an alerting system comprises a casing and a sensing element adapted to detect an alerting event, wherein said sensor device is adapted to output an alert signal in response to said sensing element detecting an alerting event. The sensing element is a photosensitive element adapted to... Agent: Bellman & Symfon Europe Ab

20140333450 - Conditionally variable strobe notification appliance: A strobe notification device that operates based on a sensed environmental condition is disclosed. The strobe notification device includes a programmed candela setting, programmed locally at the strobe notification device or programmed remotely and sent to the strobe notification device. Based on the sensed environmental condition, one or more aspects... Agent: Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

20140333449 - Displaying storage device status conditions using multi-color light emitting diode: Displaying storage device status conditions using multi-color light emitting diodes (LEDs) involves monitoring values of a status condition of at least one persistent storage device. The values are mapped to two or more colors, and at least one multi-color LED displays the two or more colors in response to the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140333451 - System and method for monitoring power consumption of electronic device: A system for monitoring power consumption of an electronic device, includes a MCU, a processor, and an indicating unit. The MCU includes an inter-integrated circuit and an analog to digital converter. The inter-integrated circuit records a digital output current value and voltage value of each digital electronic component of the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140333452 - Inter-tool communication flow control in toolbus system of cable telemetry: Systems and methods for inter-tool communication in toolbus systems in cable telemetry. The systems can include downhole equipment deployable into a wellbore via a cable, The downhole equipment can include a toolbus, a toolbus master node including a buffer, and nodes operatively coupled to the toolbus master node via the... Agent:

20140333453 - Field optimized assay devices, methods, and systems: A portable unitary device handheld diagnostic device can be operated with minimal power requirement and provides ease of operation as well as low cost communication of diagnostic data from remote locations. The device can provide nucleic-acid based diagnostics with minimal training, little to no sample preparation, and generates diagnostic data... Agent:

20140333454 - Portable monitoring device for remotely monitoring a medical device: There is provided a combination of a portable monitoring device (9) for remotely monitoring a medical device (1) for use in hospitals and the like and having a signal receiver for receiving a first wireless signal, and said medical device (1) in the form of a portable drip infusion set... Agent: Dripmate A/s

20140333455 - Parking guidance method for vehicle using around view monitor: There is provided a parking guidance method for a vehicle, of displaying a guidance line for guidance of perpendicular, parallel parking in an AVM synthetic image to provide parking guidance. The method includes entering a parking support mode, displaying parking type information in the parking support mode to select a... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20140333456 - Aircraft tire pressure loop link: The aircraft tire pressure loop link is formed of first and second single metal loops connected by parallel spaced apart metal shafts, and provides for coupling a magnetic field between a wheel hub coil and a tire pressure sensor coil to provide electromagnetic communication between a control unit connect to... Agent: Eldec Corporation

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