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Communications: electrical

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09/04/2014 > 56 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140247109 - Condition status-based device system and operation: A device, system or method may optionally include a processor, remote to a device, configured to generate information to control, at least in part, a function of the device based, at least in part, on a condition of conveyance of the device, and a transmitter, remote to the device, configured... Agent: Pjc Investments, LLC

20140247110 - Self-defense system: In an embodiment, a self-defense system is disclosed. The self-defense system may include or comprise a material sized to conform to an appendage, and a defense unit coupled with the material and positioned to initiate a defense event in response to an input.... Agent:

20140247111 - Method and system for permitting remote check-in and coordinating access control: Methods, systems, and devices for controlling access within a multi-facility room are provided. More specifically, a guest of the multi-room facility is allowed to remotely confirm reservations to the facility as well as bypass the front desk of the multi-room for check-in purposes. At a location within the facility, the... Agent: Assa Abloy Hospitality, Inc.

20140247112 - Advanced vehicular universal transmitter using time domain with vehicle location logging system: The present arrangement provides for a universal transmitter, the transmitter employs a time domain technique for determining the frequency of the reference transmitter during a training procedure.... Agent:

20140247113 - Electronic door access control system: An electronic door lock system comprising a door control unit, a key reader and an encrypted binding between the key reader and the door control unit. When tampering is detected the encrypted binding is terminated thereby preventing the door from being opened. There is also disclosed a method for retrofitting... Agent:

20140247114 - Universal transceivers and supplementary receivers with sparse coding technique option: A garage door/gate opening/closing mechanism is provided that utilizes electromechanical actuation to exert force on a button or buttons of a wall switch in order to actuate a garage door, where the switch actuates a garage door opener. The electromechanical actuator is actuated by means of an electrical signal produced... Agent:

20140247115 - Nanostructure-initiator mass spectrometry biometrics: Several embodiments described herein are drawn to methods of identifying an analyte on a subject's skin, methods of generating a fingerprint, methods of determining a physiological change in a subject, methods of diagnosing health status of a subject, and assay systems for detecting an analyte and generating a fingerprint, by... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140247116 - Robotic inventory systems: Embodiments of a robotic inventory system are provided that include a mobile robot for inventorying an inventory area, such as store or warehouse. The mobile robot can move through the inventory area collecting data from tagged items (e.g., RFID tags). Based on the collected data, the robotic inventory system can... Agent: Bar Code Specialties, Inc. (dba Bcs Solutions)

20140247117 - Method of automatically programming a load control device using a remote identification tag: A method of automatically programming a new load control device that replaces an old load control device takes advantage of a remote identification tag (e.g., an RFID tag) located in the vicinity of the old device. The remote identification tag stores an identifier that is representative of a location in... Agent:

20140247118 - Method for an acquisition of data from external digital sensors with an rfid smart tag and a tag integrated circuit for carrying out said method: A microprogram for performing communication between an RFID smart tag and external digital sensors (EDS1, EDSK) is loaded in a buffer (Bu). A hard-wired dedicated processing unit (DPU) of the tag reads, decodes and executes said micro-program through the digital communication interface (DCI). The sensor data is stored at beginning... Agent: Ams R&d Analogni Polprevodniki, D.o.o.

20140247119 - Control system for a remote vehicle: A hand-held controller includes a controller body having right and left grips. The controller body defines a left control zone adjacent the left grip and a right control zone adjacent the right grip. A first set of input devices disposed in the left control zone includes a first analog joystick,... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20140247120 - System and method for automatically producing haptic events from a digital audio file: In an embodiment, a system and method for automatically converting a plurality of events in a plurality of channels in a structured representation sequence into haptic events. The method comprises calculating an event score for each event of the sequence in one or more channels. The method also comprises calculating... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20140247121 - Electric-powered vehicle: An electric-powered vehicle is provided which is capable of charging a battery with stability, and which is capable of limiting the charging of the battery in the event of theft to provide a high degree of effectiveness of preventing theft by using a simple configuration. In the electric-powered vehicle, a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140247122 - Vehicle with electronic system intrusion detection: In an embodiment of a vehicle, the vehicle comprises: a vehicle network bus; one or more electronic control units coupled to the bus. One electronic control unit comprises: a processor; a memory; an interface to the vehicle network bus; and an intrusion detection program stored in the memory and executable... Agent: Autonet Mobile, Inc.

20140247124 - Interchangeable personal security device: An apparatus for personal security is disclosed that includes a wearable accessory formed to receive an alerting device such that the alerting device is not visible while the accessory is worn. The apparatus includes an alerting device with an alerting element. The alerting device is interchangeable with a plurality of... Agent: Fear-less Solutions, Inc.

20140247123 - System and method for remote mail delivery notification: Remote mail delivery notification is disclosed. Example embodiments include: providing a radio frequency (RE) transmitter on a mail delivery vehicle, the RF transmitter being configured to transmit a signal on a pre-determined frequency within a pre-determined transmitter proximity region; providing an RF receiver for a recipient of mail delivered by... Agent:

20140247125 - Liability intervention logistical innovation system and method: A system and method are disclosed that are able to identify and distinguish persons as soon as they enter or exit a hospital room or any room occupied by a patient who is receiving medical or dental services. After a person who has entered a hospital room has been identified,... Agent:

20140247126 - Mobile device alert generation system and method: A computer-implemented method for providing an alert regarding mobile device location is provided. The method includes obtaining location data corresponding to locations of a mobile device over a period of time. A location pattern is determined based on the location data. The current location of the mobile device is detected... Agent: Wavemarket, Inc.

20140247127 - Real time safety systems: A method for managing hazards in a construction site is presented. One aspect of the inventive subject matter includes a hazard management process that utilitizes a hazard context database, a sensor interface, and a hazard analysis engine. The sensor interface is configured to acquire a site data feed that is... Agent: Fluor Technolgies Corporation

20140247128 - Detection device: A device for the detection of an open and unattended closure of an enclosure to prevent theft comprises a detector adapted to detect if the closure is open and a detector adapted to detect if the closure is unattended, the detectors being operably connected to an effector adapted to alert... Agent:

20140247129 - Impact awareness device: An impact awareness device (IAD) may include an impact switch configured to transition from an open-circuit state to a close-circuit state when a force is exerted on the IAD in a first direction and exceeds a force threshold. The IAD may further include a headliner configured to couple with a... Agent:

20140247130 - Gas analyzer: A gas analyzer includes: a gas measuring portion which performs a measurement on a gas; a case which houses the gas measuring portion; a liquid separator which includes a reservoir for storing a liquid component separated from the gas; a holder portion which holds the liquid separator; and a rotation... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20140247131 - Drive carrier touch sensing: A system includes a computing device with touch sensing capabilities and a sensor positioned on a drive carrier and electronically connected to the computing device. The computing device receives a sensor measurement and determines based on the sensor measurement if the sensor positioned on the drive carrier has been touched.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Company

20140247132 - Information processing device and method: LEDs emit light in accordance with a light emission pattern specified by a combination of light emission parameters that represent light emission characteristics. A light emission control unit performs control to select a light emission pattern from among two or more preset light emission patterns, based on a change in... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140247133 - System and method for downhole telemetry: A system and method are provided for providing electromagnetic (EM) measurement-while-drilling (MWD) telemetry capabilities using an existing mud-pulse MWD tool. An EM tool intercepts the output from the mud-pulse tool and generates an EM signal that mimics a mud-pulse pressure signal. The EM signal is intercepted at the surface by... Agent: Mostar Directional Technologies Inc.

20140247137 - Base charging station for monitoring device: A wearable device system includes one or more sensors coupled to a wearable device structure that includes first and second outer surfaces, an interior, a first end and a second end. The wearable device structure has a unique user ID. The sensors acquiring user information selected from of at least... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247134 - Methods using wearable device with unique user id and telemetry system: A method for using telemetry data based on a user habit information user one or more sensors coupled to a wearable device that has a unique user ID, and acquire user information selected from of at least one of, a user's activities, behaviors and habit information. The wearable device includes... Agent:

20140247138 - Remote monitoring terminal device for mobile work vehicle or vessel: Disclosed is a remote monitoring terminal device 200 including: connection terminals (T, . . . ); a data abridging control section for computing minimum, maximum, and average values of data collected over a period from a startup to a latest data acquisition, and an occurrence count and durations of a... Agent: Yanmar Co., Ltd.

20140247136 - Wearable device coupled by magnets positioned in a frame in an interior of the wearable device with at least one electronic circuit: A wearable device is provided with a wearable device structure. A frame is positioned in an interior of the wearable device structure. A plurality of magnets are provided. At least a portion of the plurality of the magnets are coupled to the frame. Electronic circuitry is positioned in an interior... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247135 - Wireless monitoring system with activity manager for monitoring user activity: A system is disclosed that uses telemetry data based on a user habit information or user monitoring. A user monitoring device has a unique user ID. The monitoring device acquires user information selected from of at least one of, a user's activities, behaviors and habit information, and user monitoring. ID... Agent: Hello, Inc.

20140247139 - Electric power consumption, pipelined gas or water real time remote monitoring system employed in industrial, commercial and home distribution networks, managed by power, gas and water concessionaries: As of invention patent, hereof represented by an inventive solution under the represented management concessionary sector for the distribution, commercialization of electricity, pipelined gas and water, internet and cable TV subscription services is provided. Notably as far as data collection, and individual consumption data processing (home, commercial and industrial) which... Agent:

20140247144 - Methods using a monitoring device to monitor individual activities, behaviors or habit information and communicate with a database with corresponding individual base information for comparison: A method is provided for obtaining monitored information about an individual and provide the individual with feedback. A monitoring device with one or more sensors is used to measure or detect individual information selected from of at least one of, an individual's activities, behaviors and habit information, and an individual's... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247145 - Methods using activity manager for monitoring user activity: A method uses telemetry data based on user habit information or user monitoring. User information is acquired from one or more sensors of a monitoring device. The user information is selected from of at least one of, a user's activities, behaviors and habit information. Signals are routed through ID circuitry... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247146 - Mobile device that monitors an individuals activities, behaviors, habits or health parameters: A mobile device is provided that obtains monitored information about an individual. A display is coupled to a housing. A memory is coupled to a memory and one or more processing units (CPU's), a peripherals interface, a Network Systems circuitry and an input/output (I/O) subsystems. A system is included with... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247140 - Monitoring device with selectable wireless communication: One or more sensors are coupled to a monitoring device which has a unique user ID. The one or more sensors acquire user information selected from of at least one of, a user's activities, behaviors and habit information. ID circuitry including ID storage, a communication system that reads and transmits... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247141 - Monitoring device with wireless communication over non-contiguous channels: A communication system for a monitoring device. The monitoring device includes, one or more sensors, a unique user ID, ID circuitry with ID storage, a communication system that reads and transmits the unique ID from an ID storage, a power source and a pathway system to route signals through the... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247148 - Monitoring device with wireless communication using cdma: One or more sensors are coupled to a monitoring device that has a unique user ID, the one or more sensors acquiring user information selected from of at least one of, a user's activities, behaviors and habit information. ID circuitry is at the monitoring device. Also included is ID storage,... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247147 - System for monitoring health, wellness and fitness with feedback: A system is provided for obtaining monitored information about an individual and create life activities data. A monitoring device has that detect or measure individual information selected from of at least one of, an individual's activities, behaviors and habit information, and an individual's health. The monitoring device includes ID circuitry... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247150 - System for monitoring individuals with a monitoring device, telemetry system, activity manager and a feedback system: A monitoring device, with one or more sensors detects or measures individual information selected from of at least one of, an individual's activities, behaviors and habit information, and an individual's health. The monitoring device includes ID circuitry with an ID storage that contains a unique individual ID, a communication system... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247151 - System or device with wearable devices having one or more sensors with assignment of a wearable device user identifier to a wearable device user: A system provides assignment of a wearable device user identifier to a wearable device user. A wearable device has one or more sensors that detect or measure wearable device user information selected from of at least one of, a wearable device user's activities, behaviors and habit information, and a wearable... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247149 - System with a monitoring device that monitors individual activities, behaviors or habit information and communicates with a database with corresponding individual base information for comparison: A system is provided for obtaining monitored information about an individual and provide the individual with feedback. A monitoring device has one or more sensors that detect or measure individual information selected from of at least one of, an individual's activities, behaviors and habit information, and an individual's health. The... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247142 - Systems using lifestyle database analysis to provide feedback: A method is provided for utilizing a personal monitoring device or other personal logging device, to assist an individual in a lifestyle control program. The method includes storing lifestyle data from a statistically large group of persons in a database, collecting, in a personal logging device, corresponding personal lifestyle data;... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247143 - User or patient monitoring systems with one or more analysis tools: A system is provided for using telemetry data based on user habit information or user monitoring. A monitoring device has one or more sensors that detect or measure user information selected from of at least one of, a user's activities, behaviors and habit information, and a user's health. The monitoring... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247152 - Telemetry system with tracking receiver devices: A wireless power transmission system includes, a transmit antenna which in operation produces a wireless field, an amplifier coupled to the transmit antenna, a load sensing circuit coupled to the amplifier and a controller coupled to the load sensing circuit. A monitoring device has one or more sensors and a... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247153 - Patient monitoring systems and messages that send alerts to patients only when the patient is awake: A system for is provided for using telemetry data based on patient habit information or patient monitoring. One or more patient monitoring devices has a unique patient ID. The one or more monitoring devices acquire patient information selected from of at least one of, a patient's activities, behaviors and habit... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247154 - User monitoring device configured to be in communication with an emergency response system or team: A user monitoring device has one or more monitoring sensors and a unique user ID. The one or more sensors acquire user information selected from of at least one of, a user's activities, behaviors and habit information, and user monitoring. ID circuitry is at the user monitoring device. The ID... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247157 - Biological information monitoring system: A biological information monitoring system includes: a first monitoring device which includes a first displaying section and a first connector; a second monitoring device which includes a second connector; and a cable. The second monitoring device includes: a signal receiving section configured to receive a measurement signal related to biological... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20140247155 - Methods using a mobile device to monitor an individual's activities, behaviors, habits or health parameters: A method is provided for obtaining monitored information about an individual. One or more sensors of a wearable mobile device are used to obtain individual information selected from of at least one of, an individual's activities, behaviors and habit information, and an individual's health. The wearable mobile device includes a... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247156 - User or patient monitoring methods using one or more analysis tools: A method is provided for using telemetry data based on user habit information or user monitoring. One or more sensors of a monitoring device detects or measures user information selected from of at least one of, a user's activities, behaviors and habit information, and a user's health. The user information... Agent: Hello Inc.

20140247158 - Vehicle-related messaging methods and systems: Vehicle-related messaging methods and systems are disclosed herein. In one of the methods, a telematics unit disposed in a vehicle detects that the vehicle is no longer in operation. Upon making the detection, the telematics unit automatically transmits a message to a device, where the message includes a suggestion, a... Agent: General Motors LLC

20140247159 - Signal light priority system utilizing estimated time of arrival: Systems and methods for requesting modification of traffic flow control systems that combine satellite position navigation systems and dead reckoning technology with secure radio communications to accurately report a vehicle's real-time location and estimated arrival times at a series of signal lights within a traffic grid or at a distant... Agent: Stc, Inc.

20140247160 - Systems and methods for traffic signal warning: Systems and methods for traffic signal warning are provided. An example system allows using a camera mounted in front of a vehicle to continuously scan a space in front of the vehicle to detect impending traffic signals and show them on a display disposed at a back of the vehicle... Agent:

20140247161 - Driver assistance device having a plurality of ultrasound sensors and vehicle having such a driver assistance device and method for operating a driver assistance device: The invention relates to a driver assistance device (2) having a plurality of ultrasound sensors, wherein at least one first ultrasound sensor (8 to 11, 17, 18, 21 to 24) has a normal mode as an operating mode in which transmitted ultrasound signals are unencoded and/or in which the first... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20140247162 - Estimating parking space occupancy using radio-frequency identification: An example system configured to determine a status of a parking space includes an RFID reader, and at least one RFID tag positioned at the parking space. The RFID reader interrogates the RFID tag. The RFID reader determines that the parking space is unoccupied when the RFID reader receives a... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140247163 - Aircraft monitoring with improved situational awareness: Methods and systems are provided for monitoring an aircraft. An exemplary method involves capturing, by a computing system at a ground location, a flight tracking image associated with the aircraft that is displayed on a first display device at the ground location, and communicating the captured flight tracking image to... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140247164 - Obstruction light having wireless status transmission capability: An obstruction light system includes a light and lens configured to output light. The system further includes a plurality of sensors associated with the light, a processor configured to receive outputs from the plurality of sensors and determine a status of the light based on the output from the plurality... Agent: Spx Corporation

08/28/2014 > 66 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20140240084 - Energy efficient remote volumetric sensing, reporting and analysis system: A system for remote volumetric sensing, reporting, analysis, and alerting utilizing linear distance sensing, an electronic messaging communications protocol, a digital data transmission protocol, an automated data message reading and distribution system, an interactive web site user interface for both accessing user data and reviewing, remotely administering and configuring an... Agent:

20140240086 - Methodology for emergency transfer of keys for vehicle equipped with biometric access and start: A system may include a system controller in communication with a function controller and configured to receive an authentication request. The authentication request may include a user input and the user input may be authenticated by matching the user input with at least one stored input. The controller may determine... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140240087 - Access control system using smart phone: A door access control system associates a unique passive identifier with each one of a plurality of doors for which controlled access is desired. Each of the identifiers can be attached to a location adjacent to each respective door. A smartphone with a predetermined scanning app can scan, or read... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140240088 - Apparatus and method for locating, tracking, controlling and recognizing tagged objects using active rfid technology: A real-time automated data security system protects both data and devices from loss, theft, and unauthorized access or activity. A miniature active RFID circuit is embodied in tags, area tags, controllers, USB sticks and a universal interface software for computers (i.e., Java), smart phones, and gateway boxes written to interface... Agent:

20140240090 - Solutions for relay attacks on passive keyless entry and go: A passive entry system, in particular for a motor vehicle, comprising: a mobile device to be carried by a user, said mobile device comprising a low-frequency transceiver for short range communication, an ultra-high-frequency transceiver for long range communication and information concerning access, such as an access code, which is transmittable... Agent:

20140240089 - Vehicle security and customization: Techniques are described for enhancing security, customization, and/or group interaction of users in vehicles. For instance, a mobile device of an owner of a vehicle may be registered in a manner that allows the mobile device to control operation of the vehicle and authorize guest user operation of the vehicle.... Agent:

20140240091 - Vehicle integration of ble nodes to enable passive entry and passive start features: A system and method for employing BLE nodes in a PEPS system to determine whether a FOB is within or outside of a vehicle. The method includes interrogating the FOB using a signal transmitted by a BLE device on the vehicle to determine whether the FOB is in a predetermined... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140240085 - System of stacked devices: A method of implementing use cases includes associating a use case with each of a plurality of devices capable of being used or accessed by a user. The method also includes providing a plurality of stackable blades, each providing a standard physical interface and being configured to implement a solution... Agent: Iblaidz, Inc.

20140240092 - Systems and methods for identifying a user of an electronic device: Systems and methods for identifying a user of an electronic device are disclosed. An example method includes capturing body characteristic data associated with a user via a sensor on a computing device. The body characteristic data is captured as the user interacts with the computing device for a purpose different... Agent:

20140240093 - None-power state indication apparatus: A none-power state indication apparatus includes an optoelectronic device electrically connected to a power supply circuit of an electric product, and generating a predetermined light color under power effect of the power supply circuit; a case member for covering an upper portion of the optoelectronic device, wherein a display zone... Agent: Irice Energy Technology(shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140240094 - Systems and methods for determining container contents, locations, and surroundings: Systems and methods are provided for determining whether and/or when a patient is taking his or her medication and, when appropriate, providing reminders and/or alerts to the patient to improve adherence to a medication regimen. In some embodiments, a medication container is provided that includes a capacitance sensor for sensing... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama, For And On Behalf Of The University Of

20140240095 - Method and system for state encoding: A system comprising at least one piece of equipment; a plurality of sensors adapted to measure one or more operating parameters of the equipment; and a signature generator adapted to encode a plurality of data streams from the sensors into an operating signature for the equipment.... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20140240097 - Methods and apparatus for ceiling-mounted rfid-enabled tracking: Systems and methods for tracking a subject using radio-frequency identification (RFID). In an embodiment, an antenna array comprising a plurality of articulating brackets and a plurality of antennas is provided. Each of the articulating brackets is configured to move one of the plurality of antennas into a plurality of positions,... Agent: Quake Global, Inc.

20140240096 - Mount device utilizing patterned features for rack orientation detection: An embodiment of the invention relates to systems and methods for detecting the orientation of sample carriers using two or more RFID tags. One or two dimensional matrix of equally spaced RFID reader antennas may be positioned beneath or within an area on which racks are placed. The first RFID... Agent: Beckman Coulter, Inc.

20140240099 - Circuit for signal decoding in rfid or wireless power: A circuit for signal decoding in RFID or wireless power charging is provided in the present invention. The implement of the present invention is to add a current sense resistor connected to an upper switch or a lower switch the up arm switch or low arm switch to decode the... Agent: Generalplus Technology Inc.

20140240098 - System and method for controlling meeting resources: A method of controlling a plurality of meeting room resources. The method includes initiating, via a host information handling system, an application, creating, via the application, a plurality of preferences, and establishing, by the host information handling system, a connection with a configuration device via a first close range communication... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140240101 - Device and method for processing write information of electronic tag: An information processing device having a touch panel adopts an electronic tag application to display an electronic tag icon on the screen. Upon detecting a user's operation to select the electronic tag icon, a tag form is displayed on the screen. It is determined as to whether or not the... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20140240100 - Rack orientation detection with multiple tags: A first embodiment of the invention relates to systems and methods for detecting the orientation of sample carriers using two or more RFID tags. One or two dimensional matrix of equally spaced RFID reader antennas may be positioned beneath or within an area on which racks are placed. The first... Agent: Beckman Coulter, Inc.

20140240104 - System and method for configuring the remote control functionality of a portable device: A system and method used to configure a smart device to command functional operations of a target appliance. The smart device retrieves from a controllable appliance, such as a settop box, data indicative of a codeset identity of the target appliance wherein the codeset identity was determined during a process... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20140240103 - Methods and devices for combining muscle activity sensor signals and inertial sensor signals for gesture-based control: There is disclosed a wearable electronic device for use with controllable connected devices. The wearable electronic device includes a band worn on, for example, the forearm of a user, and the band carries at least one muscle activity sensor, at least one inertial sensor, and a processor communicatively coupled to... Agent: Thalmic Labs Inc.

20140240102 - System and method for tracking a passive wand and actuating an effect based on a detected wand path: A system in accordance with present embodiments includes a source of electromagnetic radiation that operates to emit electromagnetic radiation into an active playing area. The system also includes a sensing device that operates to receive the electromagnetic radiation after being reflected from a retro-reflective material of an article positioned in... Agent:

20140240105 - System and method for emergency communication in a tcp/ip based redundant fire panel network: A system and method for providing emergency alarm communications in an fire panel network having a ring topology. The fire panels of the network each include an emergency interface between a panel processor and a panel transceiver. The emergency interface includes a communication link that is different from a normal... Agent: Total Walther Gmbh, Feuerschutz Und Sicherheit

20140240106 - Notification apparatus, method for performing notification and assist robot acting as the same: In accordance with an embodiment, a notification apparatus comprises a detection module and a notification module. The detection module detects a predetermined operation confirmation sound from a medical instrument. The notification module sends a notification to a predetermined terminal in response to the detection of the operation confirmation sound.... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240107 - Alarm detector: An alarm sounder and at least one sound amplification component having at least one horn shaped channel form an alarm detector. The at least one horn shaped channel has a throat end and an outlet end, the throat end being disposed corresponding to a sound-making end of the alarm sounder.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140240108 - Method and apparatus for a flexible housing: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a housing having a substantially rigid portion and a substantially flexible portion. The substantially rigid portion includes a plurality of openings. The substantially flexible portion is at the plurality of openings. The substantially... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140240109 - Modular exoskeletal force feedback controller: Portable force feedback controllers (PFFCs) designed to be worn on a user's limb, track the movement of the user's limb, and provide force feedback capability. In some embodiments, the PFFCs may include interchangeable modules that can be quickly and easily connected and disconnected so that the PFFC may be easily... Agent: Novint Technologies, Inc.

20140240110 - Tactile sense presentation device and tactile sense presentation method: A tactile sense presentation device including: a tactile-sense presentation unit having a first working electrode group of a plurality of first working electrodes arranged along a first direction; and a control unit operable to apply a first tactile sense signal having a first waveform to each of the first working... Agent:

20140240111 - Method and apparatus for in-vehicle alarm activation and response handling: A system includes one or more processors configured to detect activation of an alarm trigger in communication with the one or more processors. The processors are further configured to determine a type of trigger and provide a subtle feedback response, based on the type of trigger, designed to avoid detection... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140240112 - Method and apparatus for tracking device connection and state change: A system includes a processor configured to determine if a vehicle computing system (VCS) has been placed in a monitoring mode. The processor is also configured to detect and log the connection or disconnection of any remote devices. The processor is further configured to flag logs if the VCS is... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140240113 - Programmable devices for alerting vehicles and pedestrians and methods of using the same: Programmable devices and associated methods for alerting pedestrians and vehicle operators are provided. In accordance with various embodiments of the disclosed subject matter, programmable devices for alerting pedestrians and vehicle operators are provided, the programmable device for alerting pedestrians and vehicle operators comprising: a housing having an attachment mechanism and... Agent: My Bell Inc.

20140240115 - Driving assistance system for vehicle: An object of the invention is to provide a technology that can provide driving assistance matching the sense of the driver in a system for assisting avoidance of a collision of a vehicle. To achieve the object, a system for assisting avoidance of a collision of a vehicle according to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240114 - Method for outputting alert messages of a driver assistance system and associated driver assistance system: A method for outputting alert messages of a driver assistance system in a vehicle in which data for moving the vehicle and data regarding accident risks in the surroundings of the vehicle are detected, the detected data is evaluated and attributed to a specific accident risk category and an alert... Agent: Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

20140240116 - System and method for calculation and display of performance driving information: An electronic display comprises a graphical lap information display portion that comprises a lap time differential indicator and an illuminated portion. The lap time differential indicator is configured to display a differential time value. The illuminated portion is configured to selectively illuminate a portion of the graphical lap information display... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140240117 - Clamping surface positioning system for mobile load-handling clamps: A control system is provided for a load-handling clamp mountable on a vehicle, the clamp having a pair of opposed load-engagement clamping surfaces capable of clamping opposite sides of different types and configurations of loads. At least one of the clamping surfaces is closeable toward the other clamping surface along... Agent: Cascade Corporation

20140240118 - Vehicle auxiliary horn apparatus: A vehicle auxiliary horn apparatus provides a sound through a horn to alert pedestrians that a vehicle, such as an electric vehicle or a new vehicle that makes virtually no noise, is moving; and provides set sound information during parking when a human body is detected. The vehicle auxiliary horn... Agent:

20140240119 - Turn signal canceling device for a laterally tilting vehicle: A turn signal canceling device for a motorcycle includes a straight-ahead travel or turn determining unit for determining whether the motorcycle is travelling straight ahead or is turning and a turn signal cancellation controller which automatically cancels turn signal operation. When a vehicle speed is not greater than a predetermined... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140240120 - Industrial field real-time working condition radio alarm system: An industrial field real-time working condition radio alarm system, comprises a transmitting end (11) and a receiving end (12) carried a worker; the transmitting end (11) comprises a detector (101) to detect the current working condition, a transmitting end processor (102) to process an on-off signal sent by the detector... Agent: Harbin East Alarm Equipment Development Co., Ltd.

20140240122 - Notifications on a user device based on activity detected by an activity monitoring device: Methods, systems and devices are provided for motion-activated display of messages on an activity monitoring device. In one embodiment, method for presenting a message on an activity monitoring device is provided, including the following method operations: downloading a plurality of messages to the device; detecting a stationary state of the... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140240121 - Watching system, information processing apparatus, information processing method and non-transitory recording medium recorded with program: A watching system according to one aspect of the invention is disclosed, which includes a plurality of wireless communication tags attached to a watching target person with a behavior being watched, a receiving apparatus installed in a position as a reference for presuming the behavior of the watching target person... Agent: Nk Works Co., Ltd.

20140240124 - Method and apparatus for monitoring, determining and communicating biometric statuses, emotional states and movement: An approach is provided for collecting and processing biometric information associated with a user of a body-mounted device to determine a status of the user. The approach involves causing biometric information to be collected by way of a body-mounted device. The approach further involves causing the biometric information to be... Agent: Exmovere Wireless LLC

20140240123 - Method and system for implementing alarms for medical device through mobile device: Provided are a method and system for implementing alarms for a medical device through a mobile device. The method includes: storing details of examination of a specimen (hereinafter, referred to as examination details) in the medical device, wherein the storing is performed by the medical device; accessing the medical device... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240125 - Wireless tracking of power tools and related devices: A power distribution box includes a power input configured to receive power from an external power source, an alternating current (AC) output electrically coupled to the power input, a power-line adapter and a gateway device. The power-line adapter is coupled to the power input and configured to receive power via... Agent:

20140240126 - Anti-loss for medical devices: A medical device system includes one or more anti-loss/anti-theft mechanisms. The medical device system comprises a wireless medical device and a docking station. An alarm is activated on one or more of the wireless medical device or the docking station when an alarm threshold is detected by one of the... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20140240127 - Alarm system: An alarm system that abuts against a barrier to help prevent entry. The alarm system includes a support portion, such as a tripod. The support portion forms a footprint for firmly pressing against the barrier at an angle. The footprint includes uneven lengths for the legs, a small distance between... Agent:

20140240128 - Barrier pressure detection system: A pressure detection system is provided. The pressure detection system may include an enclosure that houses a pressure sensor, a type selector and a thickness selector. The pressure sensor may be adapted to produce output representative of the pressure on a barrier. The pressure sensor may include a computer electronically... Agent:

20140240129 - Security tag detacher with user-controllable dwell time and method therefor: System for detaching an electronic article surveillance (EAS) tag includes a detaching element to selectively unlock a locking element of an EAS tag when the EAS tag is placed in a detachment position. A control system is arranged to cause the detaching element to transition from a deactivated state, in... Agent: Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

20140240131 - Dispensing and accountability system and method for assuring washing of hands: A dispensing and accountability system for assuring washing of a person's hands includes at least one passive infrared detector adapted to detect the presence of the person having a requirement of washing the hands. Further, the dispensing and accountability system includes a controller having a scalable processor architecture operatively coupled... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integation Inc.

20140240130 - System and method for monitoring biometric data: A method and system for monitoring biometric data. The method includes authenticating a user and providing content to a user device associated with the user. Biometric data associated with the user is obtained and compared to one or more threshold values. A representation of the comparison is generated and provided... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140240132 - Method and apparatus for determining vehicle operator performance: An approach is provided for determining one or more behavioral states of a vehicle operator and causing one or more alerts and/or one or more management options based on the determined one or more behavioral states. The approach involves causing physiological information associated with a vehicle operator to be collected... Agent: Exmovere Wireless LLC

20140240133 - Led strobes with fixed pulse width: An LED strobe notification device and method for operating an LED strobe notification device is provided. The LED strobe notification device is configured to generate an output at two or more candela settings and is configured to generate the output at the two or more candela settings having a human-perceived... Agent: Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

20140240134 - System and method for the detection and control of illicit trafficking of special nuclear materials: It is a system and method for the monitoring of the illicit traffic of fissile materials that can be used for the construction of nuclear bombs or not fissile that can be used for the construction of radiological dispersion devices; characterized by reducing the rate of spurious detection and increase... Agent: Invap S.e.

20140240135 - Tornado warning system: A system used to determine the near presence of a tornado and to alert those in the immediate area.... Agent:

20140240136 - Use of optical reflectance proximity detector for nuisance mitigation in smoke alarms: A smoke alarm comprises smoke detection circuitry for detecting smoke and generating a detection signal responsive thereto. Proximity detection circuitry generates a proximity detection signal responsive to detection of an object within in a selected distance of the smoke alarm. Alarm generation circuitry generates an audible alarm responsive to the... Agent: Nest Labs, Inc.

20140240137 - Point of sale terminal having enhanced security: A data entry device including a housing formed of at least two portions, data entry circuitry located within the housing, at least one case-open switch assembly operative to sense when the housing is opened and tamper indication circuitry operative to receive an input from the at least one case-open switch... Agent: Verifone, Inc.

20140240138 - Method for performing alarm function and electronic device thereof: A method for operating an electronic device includes: determining whether a battery remaining power amount of the electronic device is lower than or equal to a reference remaining power amount with which a power supply of the electronic device is maintained in a turned-on state until a time at which... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140240139 - Portable message device: A portable message device includes a base having at least one wheel providing portability for the portable message device, and a base access panel which in an open position provides access to an internal base cavity. A communication feature includes a message portion providing a predetermined message saved in a... Agent: Marketing Displays, Inc.

20140240140 - Downhole electromagnetic and mud pulse telemetry apparatus: A measurement-while-drilling (MWD) telemetry system comprises a downhole MWD telemetry tool comprising a mud pulse (MP) telemetry unit and an electromagnetic (EM) telemetry unit. The MWD telemetry tool can be configured to transmit data in an EM-only telemetry mode using only the EM telemetry unit, in an MP-only mode using... Agent: Evolution Engineering Inc.

20140240141 - Downhole telemetry: A telemetry system with a plurality of controllers and telemetry systems, where the controllers are configured to obtain information from one or more sensors and transmit that information on one or more of the plurality of telemetry systems. The configuration of a controller may be changed so as to change... Agent: Evolution Engineering Inc.

20140240142 - Time diversified packet protocol: A method of reporting information from a meter interface unit to a receiving device in which a data packet is transferred from the meter interface unit containing meter readings, which are associated with an indicator of the elapsed time since the reading was taken. The receiving device compares this elapsed... Agent: Neptune Technology Group Inc.

20140240143 - Vehicle monitoring system and device: A vehicle monitoring system includes a wireless peripheral sensor and a vehicle monitoring device. The vehicle monitoring device includes a vehicle monitoring module and a short-range wireless communication module. The short-range wireless communication module is used to perform short-range data communication with the wireless peripheral sensor, so as to achieve... Agent: Atrack Technology Inc.

20140240144 - Data-capable band management in an integrated application and network communication data environment: Techniques for data-capable band management in an integrated application and network communication data environment are described. In some examples, a first wearable device may transmit to a second wearable device a signal configured to initiate detection of a second sensory input to determine whether the second sensory input is equal... Agent: Aliphcom

20140240145 - Method for detecting time synchronization ability of real-time measuring device based on time variable: A method for detecting a time synchronization ability of the real-time measuring device based on a time variable is provided. On a premise that the real-time measuring device correctly receives time service signals, the method aims at detecting time synchronization signal application ability of the real-time measuring device, and involves... Agent: State Grid Corporation Of China

20140240146 - Wireless vehicle detector aggregator and interface to controller and associated methods: Embodiments of systems and methods of the present invention include efficient, reliable aggregation and transfer of one or more sensor pods detect status to the base station and then the traffic controller. An embodiment of an access point maintains a sensor state array, which is the current status of the... Agent: Naztec, Inc.

20140240147 - Apparatus and method for supporting distribution from aircraft: When distribution material is distributed over a target site on a ground surface from an aircraft, a distribution supporting apparatus offers support information to a pilot dropping the distribution material to efficiently distribute the distribution material. The distribution supporting apparatus includes: an input section to which information items on at... Agent: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

20140240148 - System and method for displaying visual flight reference points: A system and method are provided for displaying visual flight reference points and their associated flight data. This is achieved by coupling a processor to a display system and configured the processor to generate symbology graphically representative of the VRPs and their associated flight data. The display system then renders... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140240149 - Marine security system: There is proposed a marine security system which comprises at least two different monitoring elements (IRC, IRS) and a controller (PC) connected thereto in particular for warding off pirates, said controller triggering an alarm and/or activating alarm devices as a function of the displays or outputs of the different monitoring... Agent: Lexgabinia Ug

08/21/2014 > 57 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20140232516 - Contextual and presence sensing to operate electronic devices: A monitoring system comprises a module having at least one sensor which could be an electric-field sensor within a housing. The device may be durable or disposable. A receiver may be provided to obtain and display data from the module. The module may also display the output data. The output... Agent:

20140232517 - System for monitoring and/or controlling equipment in a hazardous area: A system for monitoring and/or controlling equipment in a hazardous area can include at least one sensor disposed within the hazardous area. Each sensor can be non-electrical and can be adapted to interact with the equipment and generate at least a first sensor output and second sensor output. The first... Agent:

20140232520 - Electronic key registration method and electronic key registration system: A method for registering an electronic key to a controller of a communication subject includes locating an electronic key ID of a registered electronic key, which is registered to a first controller that was previously installed in the communication subject, based on a communication subject ID unique to the communication... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20140232521 - Electronic key registration method and electronic key registration system: A method for registering an electronic key includes storing an electronic key ID and an encryption code in a controller to register the electronic key to the controller, and associating a communication subject ID, which is unique to a communication subject, with a controller ID, which is unique to the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20140232522 - Automated entry: Automated entry to properties is provided. Properties are made available for viewing. Visitor requests to enter the properties are received. Automated entry information is provided to visitors that allows the visitors to enter the properties during specific times.... Agent:

20140232518 - Systems and methods for an automated parking facility: Systems and methods for automated parking facilities are described herein. Users may purchase self-parking and/or valet parking with an access key. The access key may comprise various formats, such as, a barcode, a machine-readable representation of data, PIN code, or the like. The access key may be distributed via a... Agent: Cah Technology

20140232524 - Electronic key system, and lock-side terminal and portable terminal employed in same: An electronic key system includes a lock-side terminal that is mounted in a locked object and capable of at least locking and unlocking the locked object, and a portable terminal capable of sending and receiving the electronic key to and from the lock-side terminal mounted in the locked object and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140232523 - Method and device for triggering, using an rfid reader, a procedure for actuating a means for locking/unlocking the access doors of a motor vehicle:

20140232526 - Biometric authentication system and biometric sensor configured for single user authentication: A biometric authentication system comprises a biometric sensor configured for single user authentication. The biometric sensor can be configured for single user authentication through an enrollment procedure in which one or more sensing parameters are adjusted based on unique characteristics of the user. Thereafter, the user can be authenticated by... Agent:

20140232525 - Card with integrated fingerprint authentication: A card, such as a credit or identification card, including an authenticating element for authenticating the card with a service provider, a fingerprint reader integral with the card for reading a fingerprint provided by a user of the card, and a processing element for comparing the fingerprint provided by the... Agent: M.i.s Electronics Inc.

20140232519 - Rfid tag with environmental sensor: In a method for controlling pricing of a product, a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag having at least one processor is attached to a monitored product. A value indicative of a degree of exposure to an environmental condition is obtained. The obtained value is compared with a predetermined value range.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140232527 - Device and method for identifying a collision in a medical instrument: A device and an associated method for identifying a collision in a medical instrument are provided. The device includes a carrier module of the medical instrument, a housing cladding module that is detachably connected to the carrier module at at least one connection site, and at least one switching element... Agent:

20140232529 - Information processing apparatus, information management method, and information management program: An information processing apparatus, including a reading apparatus which reads an electronic recording card, is disclosed. The apparatus includes a reading unit which reads the electronic recording card via the reading apparatus and obtains read information; a generating unit which generates user management information of a user who owns the... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140232528 - System and method for securing backscatter wireless communication: A system and method for securing backscatter communication. In one embodiment, a backscatter communication system includes a reader. The reader is configured to receive backscatter transmissions. The reader includes a transmitter configured to emit a radio frequency signal to induce backscatter communication. The transmitter includes a continuous wave (CW) carrier... Agent:

20140232533 - Identification device and identification system: A preferred embodiment of the invention includes: an identification device (1) for receiving a first signal and transmitting a second signal, the device including: a receiving means (35) for receiving the first signal to generate a voltage; an integrated circuit (37) having a state selection means (41) for selecting whether... Agent: Sato Vicinity Pty Ltd

20140232532 - Inspection method and inspection device for rfid tag: An RFID tag inspection method includes the steps of transmitting a measurement signal from a reader/writer simultaneously to a plurality of RFID tags arrayed on a collective base member and configured to process radio signals, receiving response waves from the individual RFID tags in a batch by the reader/writer, and... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140232531 - Security tag detacher activation system: A detacher for unlocking a security tag having a locking mechanism is provided. The detacher includes a detaching element in which the detaching element is configured to unlock the locking mechanism if the detaching element is activated. The detacher includes a reader in which the reader is configured to receive... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20140232530 - Tag detacher with haptic feedback: An electronic article surveillance (“EAS”) system tag detacher for unlocking an EAS tag is provided. The EAS tag includes a housing and a locking mechanism disposed within the housing. The EAS system tag detacher includes an EAS tag receiving area configured to receive the EAS tag. The EAS system tag... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20140232534 - Mobile device with instinctive alerts: A haptically enabled system receives information and determines that a user of the system should be notified of the information. The system further receives and analyzes inputs to determine a context of the user. The system then generates an instinctive alert based on the context, where the instinctive alert is... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20140232535 - Method and apparatus for immersive multi-sensory performances: A system for providing a multisensory performance to a viewer comprising of a plurality of capture modules configured to capture one or more sensory inputs for the multisensory performance. At least one kernel module configured to organize the one or more sensory inputs to create the multisensory performance, and a... Agent:

20140232536 - Intrusion detection device: In an intrusion detection device of the embodiment, a determining unit allows a transmission unit to stop transmitting ultrasonic waves until a level of a Doppler signal exceeds a predetermined threshold (threshold for detecting destruction of a window glass), and allows the transmission unit to transmit the ultrasonic waves when... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140232538 - Image display device, and image display method: In device 1 including rear view wide angle camera 11, and ECU 20 and display 30 displaying rearward image captured by the camera 11, display control section 25 of the ECU 20 and the display 30 divides the image into right and left rear lateral screens 204 and central rearward... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140232537 - Method and device for signaling the presence of a potential obstacle, such as a pedestrian, to a vehicle driver, and in particular a machine driver: Disclosed is a method for signaling the presence of a potential obstacle, such as a pedestrian (P) to a vehicle driver (V), in particular a machine driver, wherein each obstacle (P) is provided with a transmitter (Em) capable of outputting a presence signal of the obstacle, and including two at... Agent: P.s.t.

20140232539 - Condition monitoring system, condition monitoring system unit, and terminal system unit: A condition monitoring system includes a terminal system unit and a condition monitoring system unit connected together via radiocommunication channels. The terminal system unit is mounted on a self-propelled machine, while the monitoring system unit is arranged at a control center. The monitoring system unit is provided with a unit... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140232540 - System, method, and computer program product for implementing a power saving technique using a proximity sensor controlled display: A system, method, and computer program product for implementing a power saving technique using a proximity sensor to control a state of a display is described. The method includes the step of monitoring a proximity sensor to determine whether a target object is within range of a device. If the... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140232541 - Animal tracking apparatus and method: An animal tracking apparatus includes a location determining component; a sensor operable to sense a condition of the animal; memory; and a processor. The processor is operable to automatically store location information corresponding to the current geographic location of the apparatus in response to a sensed condition of the animal.... Agent: Garmin Switzerland Gmbh

20140232543 - Loss prevention system: A loss prevention system comprises a protected article and a receiver. The protected article and the receiver are located in the same room. The loss prevention system can help to prevent loss or theft of the protected article. The protected article comprises a transmitter that emits an infrared signal. The... Agent:

20140232542 - Theft detection in hvac unit having persistent alarm: A notification system for an air conditioning system includes a power source, first and second connectors, first and second switches, and a notification device. The power source has first and second power terminals. The first and second connectors are connected to a continuity sensor. The first switching device is configured... Agent: Xfmrs, Inc.

20140232544 - Adhesive-bonded article protection tag: A security system tag. The security system tag includes a housing. The security system tag further includes an electronic article surveillance, EAS, element in which the EAS element is arranged to emit a detectable signal when introduced to an interrogation signal. The security system tag further includes a metal element... Agent:

20140232545 - One time use tag: Embodiments of the current invention entail a highly visible tag that can be attached to a product at a highly visible location on the product at a store, but can easily be removed once the purchaser buys the product and takes it home. Once the purchaser gets the product home,... Agent:

20140232547 - Led driving device, illuminator, and liquid crystal display device: The present invention provides a light emitting diode (LED) driving device as a semiconductor device, which comprises: a direct current/direct current (DC/DC) controller, for controlling an output segment that is used to generate an output voltage from an input voltage and supply the output voltage to an LED; an output... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140232546 - Remote controlled pricing information: A coordinated system of printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies for displaying information, such as advertising and pricing information. Each individual PCB assembly may display a unit price, such as a price for particular type of gasoline or other product. Each complete PCB assembly may have a number of Light Emitting... Agent:

20140232548 - Alternating frequency time domain approach to calculate the forced response of drill strings: A method for estimating a steady state response of a drill string in a borehole includes calculating a first displacement of the drill string in a frequency domain for a first excitation force frequency and a number of multiples of this frequency using an equation of motion of the drill... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140232549 - Integrated terminal for advance metering infrastructue and method of controlling the same: An integrated terminal for an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system based on a home network for a smart grid and a method of controlling the same are disclosed. The integrated terminal is connected between an upper system 10 of an AMI system and a plurality of home appliances 36, respectively,... Agent: Wooam, Inc

20140232550 - Sensing device: An energy usage monitoring system includes at least one sensing device operatively connected to a building visualization/control unit. The sensing device is arranged for attachment to a window or door and includes a sensor, which is arranged to sense whether the window or door is open or closed and to... Agent:

20140232554 - Medical measurement device and measurement system: A measurement device includes: a measurement portion that acquires measurement data; a setting portion that specifies an external device as a transmission destination of the measurement data based on a signal transmitted from the external device, and allows communication with the external device without receiving input of authentication information; and... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20140232553 - Method and apparatus for determining location using a smart meter as a location reference: Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for using a signal transmitted by a smart meter as a location reference are presented. In one embodiment, a mobile device may receive a first signal transmitted by a smart meter and a second signal transmitted by a wireless access point. The information received... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140232555 - Wireless sensor networks: A wireless sensor network comprises at least one sensor unit which comprises a sensor for sensing a parameter and at least one interrogating node. The interrogating node is arranged to transmit an interrogation message periodically to said sensor unit and to receive a reply message from said sensor unit. The... Agent: Gassecure As

20140232556 - Wireless, multi-point patient monitoring system: A patient monitoring system has a central monitoring point which wirelessly communicates with multiple patient sensor systems. The central monitoring point and each sensor system has at least one transceiver. Routine communication between the central monitoring point and the patient sensor systems is initiated by the central monitoring point's transceiver.... Agent: Rondish Company Limited

20140232557 - Analyte monitoring system having an alert: Described herein are analyte monitoring systems including a receiver or data processing component that is configured to automatically issue a first alert notification when a first predetermined number of consecutive data packets are not received from the sensor/sensor electronics, and automatically issue a second alert notification when a second predetermined... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20140232558 - Wireless portable activity-monitoring device syncing: A notification signal, intended to be received by a wireless communication device, is repetitively broadcast by a portable activity-monitoring device that generates user-activity data corresponding to activity of an individual bearing the portable activity-monitoring device. The notification signal conveys information that identifies the portable activity-monitoring device and indicates whether or... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140232551 - Patient care system and an occupant support and occupant wearable item useable with the system: A patient care system described herein includes a first electromagnetic coupler associated with the patient, at least one patient-centric appliance in communication with the first coupler, and an occupant support for supporting the patient. The occupant support has a second electromagnetic coupler associated therewith. At least one of the couplers... Agent:

20140232552 - Systems and methods of coupling digitizing sensors to a structure: Systems and methods of coupling digitizing sensors to a structure are disclosed. A particular system includes a digitizing sensor node. The system further includes a bus including a plurality of conductive elements applied to a substrate. A first conductive element of the bus is coupled to the digitizing sensor node... Agent: Metis Design Corporation

20140232559 - Systems and methods for traffic prioritization: Methods and apparatus are provided for traffic prioritization of surrounding air traffic for display onboard an aircraft. The apparatus includes a traffic data source configured to supply surrounding traffic data. The apparatus includes a traffic control module coupled to receive user selection data from the user input device and the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140232560 - Facilitating vehicle merging utilizing road markers: Disclosed is an apparatus, system, and method to utilize a plurality of road markers to aid a vehicle in merging into a lane. The lane that the merging vehicle desires to merge into is determined. Further, the position of the merging vehicle is determined. Target vehicles are then notified about... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140232561 - Variable speed traffic control system: A variable speed limit sign including a controller and a display operatively coupled to the controller is provided. A traffic control system including a variable speed limit sign and methods of use thereof are also provided.... Agent:

20140232562 - Smart spacing allocation: A method, system and computer program product for allocating parking spaces for vehicles in a parking area. In one embodiment, the invention provides a system comprising a sensor system for generating output representing measurements of vehicles in the parking area, a marking system for identifying parking spaces in the parking... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140232563 - Vehicle identification: Magnetometers under the road surface detect variations in the vertical and longitudinal horizontal components of the magnetic field over time in response to passing vehicles. A trajectory of these components in the phase space of these field components is regularized to obtain a magnetic signature. Magnetic signatures are compared using... Agent:

20140232564 - Assessing traffic status with sensors: A computer-implemented method for assessing traffic status with sensors is provided. The method includes receiving sensor readings from a plurality of mobile sensors for detecting a traffic parameter and obtaining traffic information associated with the received sensor readings. The method also includes identifying a change in traffic based on the... Agent: Google Inc.

20140232565 - Monitoring a mobile device: Devices, systems, and methods for monitoring traffic, such as vehicle traffic on a roadway, using identification information acquired using a Bluetooth protocol. A sensor is configured to scan for discoverable Bluetooth devices within a flow of vehicle traffic and to create a log of identified Bluetooth devices. A system includes... Agent: University Of Maryland

20140232566 - System and method for traffic side detection and characterization: A method for detecting a vehicle comprising: providing a multi-channel scannerless full-waveform lidar system operating in pulsed Time-Of-Flight operation oriented towards a surface of the roadway to cover the detection zone; providing at least one initialization parameter; emitting pulses at an emission frequency; receiving reflections of the pulses from the... Agent: Leddartech Inc.

20140232567 - Vehicle support systems for pedestrians to cross roads and support methods for pedestrians to cross roads: A vehicle support information system mounted in a vehicle, the vehicle support system including: a man-detecting unit; a vehicle-position detecting unit; a communication unit; a man-position/waiting-score calculating unit; a stopping-vehicle determining unit determining whether or not the vehicle should be stopped, based on a man position and a waiting score... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140232568 - Aircraft monitoring system: A method and apparatus for monitoring an aircraft. A pilot control input signal is received. A response of a control surface system controlled by a flight control model is identified using the pilot control input signal. An alert is generated when the control surface system reaches a threshold with respect... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140232569 - Automatic identification of vehicle location: A mobile computing device can be used to locate a vehicle parking location. In particular, the mobile device can automatically identify when a vehicle in which the mobile device is located has entered into a parked state. The mobile device can determine that the vehicle is in a parked state... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140232571 - Method and system of a vehicle for sending an emergency call signal: Techniques for automatically sending an emergency signal by means of a system of a vehicle are provided. According to one technique, an emergency situation is detected by evaluating signals of a number of sensors. A current position of the vehicle then determined, and a plurality of entries of emergency response... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20140232570 - Vehicle location in weak location signal scenarios: A mobile computing device can be used to locate a vehicle parking location in weak location signal scenarios (e.g., weak, unreliable, or unavailable GPS or other location technology). In particular, the mobile device can determine when a vehicle in which the mobile device is located has entered into a parked... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140232572 - Circular antenna array for vehicular direction finding: The circular antenna array for vehicular direction finding applications is a circular disc having a plurality of microstrip antennas radially spaced around the disc at equal angles. In one embodiment, the circular antenna array includes V-shaped antennas, and in another embodiment, the antennas are Yagi antennas. The circular antenna array... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

08/14/2014 > 45 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140225711 - Automatic portable electronic device configuration: A network- and/or client-side device configuration system facilitates automatic configuration of portable electronic devices. Predetermined configuration parameters for a particular portable electronic device are generated and stored. A computer-readable visual symbol such as an optical graphic code (for example, a tag, barcode, or matrix code) is generated by a network-side... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140225712 - Fingerprinting apparatus, system, and method: An apparatus, system and method for biometric acquisition are disclosed. In one embodiment, a sensor is configured to detect a biometric signature of a subject. The sensor is configured to be mounted to a surface. Various sensors are disclosed as being operative with the biometric acquisition apparatus. A vehicle with... Agent:

20140225713 - System and method for accessing a structure using directional antennas and a wireless token: A wireless device access system that employs directional antennas for short-range wireless communication to detect the proximity and orientation of a user device with respect to a structure is disclosed. The access system receives and authenticates an unlock request and confirms the proximity and orientation of the user device prior... Agent:

20140225714 - Interactive system for an apparatus rendering multimedia content, device and methods therefore: Interactive system for a device releasing multimedia content, associated device and methods. The invention relates to an interactive system (S) for a device including a control unit (UCd), means for releasing multimedia content (Md), with the control unit (UCd) cooperating with said means for providing the control thereof. To enhance... Agent: Oxo

20140225715 - Inventorying transponders: Ancillary data (51) can be used to reduce collisions and/or speed up authentication when inventorying transponders. A method is described which comprises retrieving 5 ancillary data for a set of one or more transponders (4), the ancillary data comprising characteristic data other than a permanent identifier and generating one or... Agent:

20140225717 - Communication method for the purpose of configuration and/or interrogation, and system using same: A method for communication, intended in particular for the purpose of a configuration, calibration, parameterization, interrogation or even a test or diagnosis, between a master device and a slave product including at least a processing unit and a direct current power supply line or input, and, if necessary, at least... Agent: Senstronic(societe Par Actions Simplifiee

20140225716 - Information processing apparatus and method: The present disclosure is directed to an information processing apparatus. The information processing apparatus may have a memory configured to store an identification information of an IC tag in association with a communication profile in a table. The information processing apparatus may also have a first communication unit configured to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140225718 - Tactile feedback in an electronic device: An electronic device for providing tactile feedback is provided. The electronic device may provide tactile feedback using any suitable approach, including for example vibration, heat, electrical, visual, or any other type of feedback. The electronic device may provide tactile feedback in response to detecting any particular status of the electronic... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140225719 - Multi-vehicle surveillance system: A multi-vehicle surveillance system includes vehicles that sense alarm-triggering events and activate various surveillance devices that can best capture data relating to the alarm-triggering events. The surveillance devices are activated based on the location and other information relating to the vehicle where the alarm-triggering event is sensed.... Agent:

20140225722 - Alarm device: A control unit of an alarm device suppresses the activation of an alarm for a second another vehicle when a self-vehicle is reversing from a parked state, in a case where after one of a first detection unit, which is configured to detect another vehicle approaching from the back right... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225723 - Image display device and image display method: In a driving support display device 1 that includes a rear view wide angle camera 11, and an ECU 20 and a display 30 that display a rearward image captured by the rear view wide angle camera 11, a display control section 25 of the ECU 20 and the display... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225721 - Method and display unit for displaying a driving condition of a vehicle and corresponding computer program product: A method for determining an item of control information for displaying a driving condition of a vehicle with the aid of a display unit includes: an ascertainment of the safe driving condition of the vehicle, in which no risk of a collision with an object exists; an ascertainment of a... Agent:

20140225720 - Proximity sensor: The invention discloses a proximity sensor (1) comprising at least one detecting unit (10) of at least one obstacle (40) and a control unit comprising receiving means (22) of first and second parameters (P1, P2) representative of the detecting unit and of features of the obstacle (40). The control unit... Agent: Cy.pag. S.r.l.

20140225724 - System and method for a human machine interface: A vehicle computer system comprising a wireless transceiver configured to send a nomadic device human machine interface to a nomadic device in a web browser format. The vehicle computer system further comprises a vehicle server utilizing a contextual data aggregator that utilizes vehicle data and off-board data to generate a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140225725 - Warning device: A warning device that is highly effective in encouraging a driver to stop visually distracted driving. The warning device includes a visually-distracted-driving determination unit and a warning unit. The visually-distracted driving determination unit determines that a driver is visually distracted if the direction in which the driver is looking is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140225726 - Vehicle approach informing device: A vehicle approach informing device includes: an informing sound output unit configured to output informing sound for informing a pedestrian outside a vehicle that the vehicle is approaching when a predetermined condition is satisfied; a stop operation unit configured to receive an operation for stopping the output of the informing... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140225727 - Turning signal: Turn signals for moving vehicles along both sides of the vehicle are reported.... Agent:

20140225728 - Operating state warning device: An operating state warning device (1) for visually and/or audibly indicating at least one operating state or, respectively, a number of different operating states of a technical device such as a machine, an installation, a vehicle or the like having at least one visual and/or audible warning element (2), wherein... Agent:

20140225729 - Method and system for providing presence-based communication over a wireless network: An approach for providing presence-based communication over a cellular network for a dwelling is described. A notification message is received over a wireless network to a mobile device associated with a user, wherein the notification message indicates generation of a presence indication signal by a device within a premise of... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140225730 - Wearable personal locator device with removal indicator: Disclosed is a wearable personal locator device that communicates the location of a wearer to an administrator input terminal. The device is a wearable structure comprising either a wristband or adhesive patch, whereby the device registers whether or not the device is actively being worn by the wearer and provides... Agent:

20140225731 - Monitoring system using wireless sensor satellite modules: A system of monitoring the conditions within an interior space using a plurality of wirelessly connected sensor satellites is provided, wherein the satellites each contain a number of electrical sensors for monitoring emergency events and coordinate with a main hub within the structure. A satellite is placed within each area... Agent:

20140225732 - Hand hygiene dispenser monitor: A monitor is located adjacent to a hand hygiene product dispenser and extends a sensor field adjacent to the hand hygiene product dispenser. The sensor senses activity adjacent to the hand hygiene product dispenser in the sensor field. The monitor determines whether sensed activity indicates a use of the hand... Agent: Deb Group Ltd.

20140225733 - Programmable security system and method for protecting merchandise: A programmable security system and method for protecting an item of merchandise includes a programming station, a programmable key and a security system. The programming station generates a security code and communicates the security code to a memory of the programmable key. The programmable key initially communicates the security code... Agent: Invue Security Products Inc.

20140225735 - Control tag with environmentally selected conditional response: Systems (100) and methods (300) for selective device responsiveness using a plurality of control tags (132) affixed to a plurality of objects (102). The methods involve: receiving, by a plurality of control tags, a reporting command signal sent from an interrogation device via a communications link; and communicating a response... Agent:

20140225734 - Inhibiting alarming of an electronic article surviellance system: An apparatus, system and method for inhibiting electronic article surveillance, EAS, system alarming are provided. A receiver is configured to receive captured identification data after a transaction. A processor is configured to determine whether the captured identification data is associated with the transaction. The processor is further configured to determine... Agent:

20140225736 - System and method of detecting sleep disorders: An apparatus for detecting sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, includes a housing insertable into an ear canal of a subject. A sensor disposed within the housing measures a position of the subject's head relative to an axis of gravity. A transducer is responsive to the sensor and is... Agent:

20140225737 - Method and apparatus for operating an electricity meter: A method and apparatus that monitors and controls the operation of an electricity meter, and modifies at least one temperature threshold for determining when an alarm message should be transmitted or an electrical connection in the meter should be disconnected. The method and apparatus includes a plurality of sensors that... Agent: Sensus Usa Inc.

20140225738 - Chemical alert system using a protable device with integrated chemical sensor: A chemical alert system for generating an alarm is described including a portable electronic device, preferably with telecommunication capabilities to allow for data and/or voice communication via private or public networks, and at least one chemical sensor integrated with the housing of the portable device and controlled by a chemical... Agent:

20140225739 - Energy consumption alarm method and a display thereof: An energy consumption alarm method and a display thereof are disclosed. The method is applied for determining whether the energy consumption of a display complies with an energy consumption regulation or not. The energy consumption alarm method includes the following steps: generating a backlight value; detecting an output volume; determining... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140225740 - System and devices to maintain physical objects connected to one another: A system configured to maintain physical objects connected to one other. The system includes a set of paired electronic devices to be affixed to a pair of first and second objects of a user that are to be maintained substantially connected thereto. A first electronic device is affixed to a... Agent:

20140225741 - Wireless fire protection valve inspection and monitoring systems, and methods for automated inspection and monitoring of fire protection systems: A wireless fire protection system valve inspection and monitoring system, including: a plurality of valves, each valve including a detecting unit adapted to detect valve state information for the valve, wherein the valve state information comprises at least one of an open state, a partially-open state, and a closed state;... Agent: Synesix Solutions Ag

20140225744 - Container door and container monitoring system: A container unit door and container monitoring system are disclosed. The container unit door comprises a first layer of a first polyester epoxy glass fiber composite material, a second layer of a second polyester epoxy glass fiber composite material and, a core sandwiched between the first and second layers, wherein... Agent:

20140225743 - Remote monitoring system, data collecting device and monitoring device: A data collecting device collects operation data of facility equipment that constitute a facility device control system. Upon receiving a collection data request command from a monitoring device, the data collecting device reads one or multiple items of operation data of the type specified by the collection data request command... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140225742 - System and method to manage utility meter communications: A method for managing communications within a network comprising utility meters, each associated and connected to at least one utility management center through at least one intermediate data concentrator. A message is sent by a utility meter to the destination data concentrator. This message includes metering data measurement reported by... Agent: Nagravision S.a.

20140225745 - Telemetry system for water consumption: The invention relates to a telemetry system for collecting tap-water consumption measurements in real time through a self-powered electromechanical device that can be integrated inside the tap or provided as an outer module capable of being adapted to the outlet of any type of tap. The electromechanical device automatically or... Agent:

20140225746 - Medical monitoring system: A medical monitoring system includes: a plurality of biological information displaying devices connected to a network; and a portable terminal which can wirelessly communicate with the biological information displaying devices. The plurality of biological information displaying devices includes a first device and a second device. When a value of biological... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20140225747 - Wireless waterline pressure sensor system for self-propelled irrigation systems: A water pressure sensing system for self-propelled irrigation systems has a waterline pressure sensing device mounted at the outermost sprinkler in wireless communications with a master control unit (MCU) mounted elsewhere on the irrigation system. The waterline pressure sensing device includes a water pressure sensor and a processor to detect... Agent:

20140225748 - Power transmission system and method using a conducting tube: A system and method for improving power transmission is disclosed. Specifically, a system for improving power transmission can comprise a transmission pipe, a first transceiver, and a second transceiver. The transmission pipe can comprise a fluidic pipe and have a first length. The first transceiver can be connected to a... Agent:

20140225749 - Apparatus for providing drive assist information: An apparatus for providing drive assist information depending on a driving experience amount in a country and/or region where a host vehicle currently travels. The apparatus includes a processing unit configured to determine a country and/or region where a host vehicle currently travels, determine whether or not a driving experience... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140225750 - Method and apparatus for conveying vehicle driving information: Described are methods and apparatuses, including computer program products, for conveying vehicle driving information. A server computing device generates a hazard index for a plurality of road segments in a predefined coverage area. The server computing device determines a current hazard value for each of the plurality of road segments... Agent: Earth Networks, Inc.

20140225751 - Container handler alignment system and method: A system and method for assisting drivers of Bomb Carts and Shuttle Carriers to position their vehicles appropriately for loading and unloading containers at a gantry crane. The system uses laser scanners mounted at various levels on the gantry crane sill beams to determine the type, position, orientation and skew... Agent:

20140225752 - Predictive traffic light for an intersection for preventing accidents: The present invention relates to a predictive intersection traffic light that indicates when a green light changes to other light, and can stop a driver from accelerating and tailgating when entering the intersection. The predictive traffic light of two or more colors, which controls a green light and indicates a... Agent:

20140225753 - Methods for illustrating aircraft situational information: Methods of illustrating aircraft situational information on a flight display in a cockpit of an aircraft, include determining a location of the aircraft, displaying on the flight display a forward looking graphical representation of the runway from the determined location of the aircraft, displaying situational awareness information on the graphical... Agent: Ge Aviation Systems LLC

20140225754 - Global positioning system speedometer: A GPS speedometer comprising: a housing; a circuit board located in the housing; a microprocessor located on the circuit board; a GPS module located on the circuit and in signal communication with the micro-processor; a GPS antenna located on the circuit board and in signal communication with GPS module; and... Agent:

20140225755 - Operator assistance system: A system having a controller is provided. The controller receives a signal indicative of an actual position and an actual orientation of a machine on a worksite, from a position detection module. The controller determines a first view of the machine on the worksite. The first view shows the actual... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

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