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11/29/2012 > 61 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20120299695 - Machine guidance system: A guidance system for a machine may include a scanning device configured to detect a presence of an object within a minimum desired distance of the machine, and a controller in communication with the scanning device. The controller may be configured to compare a number of times the object is... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120299696 - System and method for prosthetic/orthotic device communication: A system and method for prosthetic/orthotic (PO) device and/or PO system communication. PO devices of the present invention may employ common communications and/or communications/control modules that allow for wireless communication between PO devices and other devices, such as remote controls and data transfer devices. The present invention also provides for... Agent: The Ohio Willow Wood Company

20120299701 - Method and apparatus for passcode entry: An apparatus and method for receiving a first user input comprising a first set of strokes; causing a representation of the first set of strokes to be displayed; whilst the representation of the first set of strokes is displayed, receiving a second user input comprising a second set of strokes;... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120299700 - Methods of controlling access to real estate properties: A method of controlling access to a real estate property includes installing a dynamic electronically-controlled lockset on an exterior door of a real estate property, maintaining, at a remote location, a reference device adapted to present a value of a second dynamic access code to one or more users located... Agent:

20120299697 - Decryption of access codes of diverse protocols in barrier operator systems: Disclosed are alternate embodiments of various components of a barrier operator system. and methods of operation, including of the mechanical drive subsystem with segmented and self-locking rail unit, rail mounting supports, belt and chain drive tensioning, and drive assembly carriage and interface; the electronics and software routines for controlled operation... Agent:

20120299698 - Wall console diverse commands to barrier operators: Disclosed are alternate embodiments of various components of a barrier operator system. and methods of operation, including of the mechanical drive subsystem with segmented and self-locking rail unit, rail mounting supports, belt and chain drive tensioning, and drive assembly carriage and interface; the electronics and software routines for controlled operation... Agent:

20120299699 - Wireless adapter for barrier operator systems: Disclosed are alternate embodiments of various components of a barrier operator system. and methods of operation, including of the mechanical drive subsystem with segmented and self-locking rail unit, rail mounting supports, belt and chain drive tensioning, and drive assembly carriage and interface; the electronics and software routines for controlled operation... Agent:

20120299702 - Hybrid positioning system: A system for determining a position of a machine within a job site comprises at least one position monitoring device configured to collect information indicative of a location of the machine and a processor, communicatively coupled to the at least one position monitoring device. The processor is configured to estimate... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120299704 - Method and apparatus for wireless management of articles: The present invention is directed to method and apparatus for wireless management of articles. The method is implemented by a master RFID tag. The method includes transmitting at least one first RFID read signal to a plurality of RFID tags local to the master RFID tag and receiving a first... Agent: Bce Inc.

20120299706 - Multi-antenna signaling scheme for low-powered or passive radio communications: A multi-antenna signaling scheme, system and method for passive or low-powered RF devices, such as a radio frequency identification tag, are herein described. In one embodiment, the presently disclosed subject matter discloses a Retrodirective Array Phase Modulator which is configured to allow RFID tags to return higher-powered signals with higher... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20120299705 - Product management system: One feature of the present invention is a product management system that includes a package body for packing a product attached with an ID tag, and a reader/writer. The ID tag includes a thin film integrated circuit portion and an antenna, the package body includes a resonance circuit portion having... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120299703 - Rfid-based book tagging device and method: The present invention relates to a radio frequency identification (RFID) device and method for book tagging, using which a RFID tag which is designed to attach to a book is first being scanned and detected in view of optimizing the RFID tag's signal strength and its effective reading rate as... Agent: Clarldy Solutions, Inc.

20120299707 - User communication device based card presence monitoring and account status control: A sensor of a communication device detects whether a card associated with an account is present within a range. Responsive to the communication device detecting the card is outside the range of the sensor longer than a user specified time limit, the communication device sends a first communication to an... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120299708 - System for programming and lighting electronic detonators and associated method: A system for programming and lighting electronic detonators (1) each having an identifier (IDdet) associated therewith, includes: a programming unit (20) arranged to determine the identifiers of the detonators (1) and to associate the detonators individually, in memory, with a lighting time delay (Tdet) in order to form a blasting... Agent: Davey Bickford

20120299709 - Remote control device, remote control system, and storage medium storing control program, and medium to be attached to electrical device: According to an aspect, a remote control device includes a display unit, an operation detecting unit, a reading unit, a control unit, and a code transmitting unit. The operation detecting unit detects an operation. The reading unit reads information used for remotely controlling an electrical device from the electrical device.... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120299710 - Access, monitoring, and control of appliances via a media processing system: A device and method for accessing, monitoring, and controlling home appliances in a media exchange network by establishing a communication link between a communication initiation device and at least one home appliance and communicating at least one command from the communication initiation device to the at least one home appliance... Agent:

20120299711 - Personal safety and alarm system: A personal safety and alarm system including a siren/strobe light, and a pepper spray container which are selectively removably positioned in a holder with the holder being selectively detachably secured to a stand for use on a bedside table or the like or which may be placed in the person's... Agent:

20120299713 - Methods and systems of collision avoidance and/or alerting for users of mobile communication devices: A method of alerting a user of a mobile communication device having a processor about a risk arising from proximate drivers or pedestrians. The method comprises receiving a list of a plurality of proximate mobile communication devices from a central unit via a network, establishing a peer to peer (P2P)... Agent:

20120299712 - Premises-based wireless alert system for automotive tall cargo: This disclosure describes systems, methods, and apparatuses for providing visual and audio warnings to a vehicle driver warning of cargo on the vehicle roof when the vehicle approaches a structure. A low-power wireless transmitter can be coupled to each cargo item and is small enough to be left on the... Agent: Headsup Systems

20120299714 - Human-machine interface (hmi) auto-steer based upon-likelihood to exceed eye glance guidelines: The described method and system provide for HMI steering for a telematics-equipped vehicle based on likelihood to exceed eye glance guidelines. By determining whether a task is likely to cause the user to exceed eye glance guidelines, alternative HMI processes may be presented to a user to reduce ASGT and... Agent: General Motors LLC

20120299715 - Indication system for vehicle and vehicle having the same: A charging port includes an inlet, a charging-in-progress lamp, and a communication-in-progress lamp. The inlet is configured to be connectable with a charging cable. During external charging by a charger, the charging-in-progress lamp indicates that external charging is being performed. Specifically, while the charging-in-progress lamp receives from a charging ECU... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120299716 - Vehicle notification sound emitting apparatus: A vehicle notification sound emitting apparatus is basically provided with a sound emitting device and a notification sound control device. The sound emitting device emits forward and reverse advancement notification sounds outside of a vehicle to inform a person in an area surrounding the vehicle that the vehicle will move.... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20120299717 - Vehicle notification sound emitting apparatus: A vehicle notification sound emitting apparatus is basically provided with a sound emitting device and a notification sound control device. The sound emitting device is configured to emit a movement notification sound to an outside of a vehicle to inform a person in an area surrounding the vehicle that the... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20120299718 - Vehicle notification sound emitting apparatus: A vehicle notification sound emitting apparatus is basically provided with a sound emitting device and a notification sound control device. The sound emitting device emits a movement notification sound to outside of a vehicle to inform a person in an area surrounding the vehicle that the vehicle is moving at... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20120299719 - Portable traffic warning device: A portable traffic warning device releasably mounted on the underside of a lift gate of an automobile includes, in combination three elongated members set up in a triangular shape having a triangular hollow therethrough; a support leg pivotably secured to an upper central portion on a rear surface of the... Agent:

20120299720 - Disabled auto alert - (portable emergency flasher): 2. The light production occurs by using a plurality of methods. For example, a single light source of the appropriate color, with suitable optics generating the desired illumination pattern, or by the use of multiple light sources with or without optics to achieve the same result. The light source may... Agent:

20120299721 - Battery monitoring system: A battery monitoring device attached to a vehicle battery includes a battery voltage sensor, motion sensor, location determination module, memory device, wireless modem, and controller. The battery voltage sensor senses the voltage level of the vehicle battery, the motion sensor senses movement of the battery monitoring device, and the location... Agent: Spireon, Inc.

20120299723 - Communication system incorporated in a container: The system of the present invention includes a container and an electronic component with a partial power source in the form of dissimilar materials. The container includes a liquid. Upon contact with the liquid, a voltage potential is created and the power source is completed, which activates the system. The... Agent:

20120299722 - Monitoring system and method of using same: A monitoring system includes electronic monitoring equipment, a computing system, and a terminal device. The electronic monitoring equipment is worn/fastened on a monitored subject, and monitors certain relevant parameters of the subject. The computing system determines whether the subject is likely to do any forbidden activities according to the parameters... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120299725 - Electronically triggered personal athletic device: An athletic device is worn by a participant during an athletic event (e.g., a race). In one example, a race course is provided with a plurality of mats or signal devices along the race course. The mats may have antennas and generate a magnetic field. The athletic device may include... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120299724 - Location determination: An embodiment of the invention provides a method of determining a location of a mobile target, that use data characterizing features of the target, data characterizing an environment in which the target is located, and a region of uncertainty for a location of the target provided by a wireless location... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120299726 - Proximity sensor: Wireless proximity devices function in a group designed for the purpose related but not limited to tracking, locating and identifying devices that are active in the group or missing from the group using “in the air” wireless technologies.... Agent:

20120299727 - System and method for monitoring, controlling, and improving productivity and safety conditions of automated machinery: Systems and methods are disclosed for monitoring the productivity, operability, and safety conditions of factory machinery and particularly unitizers. The system monitors factory machines such as a unitizer in a corrugated box factory, using one or more sensors to determine whether and how efficiently the machinery is operating, to determine... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120299728 - Occupancy sensor with stored occupancy schedule: An occupancy sensor detects expected and unexpected occupancies in a monitored area with an expected occupancy schedule. The occupancy sensor includes a real time clock, a memory, a sensor element, a processor, indicator lights and a network interface. The occupancy sensor transmits an occupancy correction signal to a network if... Agent: Crestron Electronics, Inc.

20120299729 - Electronic anti-theft protection system: The invention relates to an electronic system for anti-theft protection of goods. The system comprises: a unit for detecting a metallic material in a first detection zone; a unit for detecting a magnetic or magnetisable material in a second detection zone; and a control unit. The control unit is capable... Agent: Alert Metalguard Aps

20120299732 - Baby monitor for use by the deaf: This baby monitor provides monitoring of a baby's activities and vital signs from a remote location, possibly anywhere in the world. A sensor unit placed near the baby receives input from the baby, typically sound, image and vital signs such as heartbeat, respiration and temperature. Environmental conditions such as ambient... Agent:

20120299733 - Presence detection system and lighting system comprising such system: A presence detection system (1) for detecting a presence of an object (3), particularly a person or an animal or vehicle, within an area (5) divided in detection zones (9A;9B;9C;9D) covering the area. The system comprises a movement detection device (11A;11B;11C;11D) for detecting a movement of the object. The system... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20120299730 - Securely attachable monitoring device: The present invention relates to a device for monitoring the condition of a person, which comprises: (a) a casing; (b) electronic circuitry; and (c) at least one secure attachment mechanism, each comprising a first member which is capable of moving in a forward direction up to a locking state, at... Agent:

20120299731 - Systems, methods and computer program products for monitoring the behavior, health, and/or characteristics of an animal: Systems, methods, and computer code products for monitoring the behavior, health, and/or characteristics of an animal are disclosed herein. In one implementation, the animal is positioned inside a waste container placed on a system that is adapted to determine, record and communicate over a network various animal health parameters. These... Agent: Pet Wireless LLC

20120299734 - Temperature sensor device and method thereof: A temperature sensitive probe includes a portion to be inserted into food, and a pop-out portion having a primary indicator. The primary indicator is retained at a retained position by the release mechanism responsive to a temperature of the probe portion being below a predefined temperature, and extends to a... Agent:

20120299735 - Methods and systems for measuring a number of layers of a multilayer material: Methods and corresponding systems are provided for determining a ply count of a multilayer material is provided that includes: placing the multilayer material between an emitter and a detector of a gauge; emitting at least one pulse of ionized radiation from a source associated with the emitter; detecting a number... Agent:

20120299736 - Water leak warning device: The present invention discloses an easy-to-use, installation-free water leak warning device having a sturdy hollow body enclosing essential functioning elements including a power source, an amplifier, a speaker, and portions of two electrodes. The water leak warning device is preferably small in size and may be placed at potential water... Agent:

20120299737 - Syringe drive device and syringe drive method: A syringe drive device 11 includes a fixing section 15 fixing an outer tube 14, a movable holder 16 holding a plunger 13, and a drive section 42 driving the holder 16 along an axis of the plunger to push and pull the plunger with respect to the outer tube... Agent:

20120299738 - Lighting and smoke detector device: The device is remarkable in that it includes a smoke detector module arranged in the base EMB and powered by the battery, the link member OL being perforated so that the surrounding air flows within the base.... Agent: O'right

20120299739 - Pole mounted fuse cutout indicator: A fuse cutout indicator includes: a battery pack; an alarm; and a power controller. The power controller has a contactless power sensor for communication with a fuse, and is operable to connect the alarm to the battery pack in response to cessation of current through or voltage across the fuse.... Agent:

20120299740 - Method and apparatus pertaining to automatic electrical-fault detection: An automatic fault detector momentarily interrupts a provision of operating power to a load having a minimal forward-bias voltage requirement to thereby provide a testing window and then applies a test voltage during this window that is less than the minimal forward-bias voltage requirement to the load and monitors for... Agent: Ilight Technologies, Inc.

20120299741 - Mattress showroom display device: A mattress showroom display device for a mattress, headboard or pillow presents selectively changeable product information regarding the mattress. The display device comprises a separate panel of such size and shape as to cover at least a portion of a surface of the mattress, headboard, or pillow. The display device... Agent: Wright Of Thomasville, Inc.

20120299742 - Power and signal distribution system: m

20120299743 - Electric field communication for short range data transmission in a borehole: The present invention concerns application of a unique conductive electrode geometry used to form an efficient wideband, one- or two-way wireless data link between autonomous systems separated by some distance along a bore hole drill string. One objective is the establishment of an efficient, high bandwidth communication link between such... Agent: Scientific Drilling International, Inc.

20120299746 - Display of utility data: A system for a display of utility data from an electronic utility meter on a monitor is provided. The system includes a decoupling transformer for decoupling a power line carrier (PLC) signal into a power signal and a communication signal; a filter for removing an excess signal from the communication... Agent: General Electric Company

20120299744 - Head-end system for advanced metering infrastructure network: A head-end system for an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network includes a processor. The processor is configured for receiving event signals from AMI meters. The event signals are indicative of events occurring at customer locations. The processor determines whether to transmit a command signal to a corresponding AMI meter in... Agent:

20120299747 - Remote condition monitoring system and method: A method of monitoring wind turbines in remote locations, the steps comprising: attaching a first portable condition monitoring (CM) module to a first wind turbine; attaching a second portable CM module to a second wind turbine; carrying out unmanned monitoring the first wind turbine and the second wind turbine based... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

20120299745 - Utility meter with temperature based actuation of a remote disconnect switch: The present application provides a utility meter. The utility meter may include a processor with a predetermined temperature range, a remote disconnect switch in communication with the processor, and a temperature sensor in communication with the processor. The processor opens the remote disconnect switch when the temperature sensor senses a... Agent: General Electric Company

20120299748 - Promotional vehicle audio system: This invention relates to the field of motor vehicle audio systems. Specifically, this invention uses a voice synthesizer to play a horn tone “Jeep, Jeep” imitating the “Beep, Beep” voice, cadence, and rhythm of the Road Runner®. This is specific to the Jeep® brand and enables the user to either... Agent:

20120299749 - Parking lot management system: A parking lot management system determines a current parking space inventory for one or more parking lots using a parking database. The parking lot management system receives, via a network, a location associated with a parking customer, and identifies a parking lot of the one or more parking lots currently... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20120299750 - Acquisition of travel - and vehicle-related data: Data acquisition from a sampling of vehicle sensors includes identifying a vehicle population density for a defined region, calculating a proportional representation ratio from the vehicle population density, and transmitting a request for data over a network. The request includes the response criteria configured with the proportional representation ratio. The... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120299751 - Unmanned vehicle civil communications systems and methods: A mass notification push application and a civic-communication application combined into one with the primary purpose of allowing up-to-the-minute UAV aerial imagery as selected by drone ground-based commanders to be automatically transmitted to subscribed end-users via the current OS mobile operating systems for smartphones, iPads, laptops, and web-enabled devices in... Agent:

20120299752 - Air & ground surveillance application for portable devices: A method, system, and computer readable medium are provided for displaying air and ground surveillance information on a portable electronic device. The receipt of a plurality of surveillance messages is enabled for both air and ground vehicles on the portable electronic device. The portable electronic device is connected by a... Agent:

20120299753 - Primary flight display pitch- and power-based unreliable airspeed symbology: A system for displaying pitch- and power-based guidance commands and flight path information for a variety of display modes (climb, cruise, descent, landing) to pilots in response to situations wherein the measured air data should not be relied upon. This information is presented in an intuitive and expedient manner exactly... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120299754 - Method for locating a vehicle: Methods of locating a vehicle are disclosed. Location coordinates are received at regular intervals via a handheld locator device for the current location of the handheld locator device. The handheld locator device detects the cessation of the presence of the vehicle. The location coordinates last-received before the detection of the... Agent:

20120299755 - Security cable monitoring system: A personal vehicle security device attaches to a personal vehicle secured to a rigid structure using a security cable. The security device includes a housing securely attached to the personal vehicle. The housing has apertures for receiving security cable. Within the housing are one or more sensors for sensing the... Agent: Spireon, Inc.

11/22/2012 > 42 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120293301 - Loading dock management and vehicle access system: A system and method for managing a loading dock and access to a facility or group of facilities by providing a web-based application accessible via the Internet having vendors associated with the web-based application based upon specific needs of the facility. Vendors are provided access to a facility by a... Agent: Building Intelligence, Inc.

20120293302 - In-vehicle apparatus control system: An onboard apparatus control system is disclosed. The onboard apparatus control system includes a portable apparatus and an in-vehicle apparatus which controls an onboard apparatus according to position of the portable apparatus. From multiple transmitting antennae, the in-vehicle apparatus transmits pulse pattern signals with different transmission frequencies at an overlapping... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120293303 - Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for managing risk using location, mobile, and user participating - based identity verification: The presently disclosed subject matter is directed to methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for location, mobile, and user participating-based identity verification for the purposes of risk management. In one embodiment, the method, system, and computer-readable storage media includes receiving user data, receiving verification data, and verifying the identity of... Agent: Vivotech, Inc.

20120293304 - Identification authentication in a communications network: Systems and methods for an identification capable communication device are provided. The communication device or line is registered or associated with a primary unique ID that identifies a person. Furthermore, the unique ID is associated with a secondary unique ID (e.g., biometric information of that person, or a unique identification... Agent:

20120293305 - Network systems and methods utilizing mobile devices to enhance consumer experience: A mobile device requests map information to locate an item in a store. If the item is available, map information is sent to the mobile device. The map information includes directions to the item. If the item is not available, alternative item information is sent to the mobile device.... Agent:

20120293306 - Multi-mode communication ingestible event markers and systems, and methods of using the same: Aspects of the invention include multi-mode communication ingestible event marker devices. Ingestible event marker devices of the invention include an ingestible component comprising a conductive communication module and at least one additional non-conductive communication module. The non-conductive communication module may be integrated with the ingestible component or at least a... Agent:

20120293307 - Rfid systems having improved read rates for localization and proximity detection: We describe RFID systems for localization and proximity detection and with improved read rates. The systems include three components, (a) RFID readers, (b) passive and/or semipassive tags, (c) sensor-tags (STs), (d) STs integrated with sensors, and (e) and processing elements. The key new elements are the STs, which are like... Agent: Astraion, LLC

20120293308 - Method and system for networking radio tags in a radio frequency identification system: A radio frequency tag for a radio frequency identification system is provided that includes an antenna and a receiver coupled to the antenna. The receiver receives and demodulates a message received on at least one frequency. A retransmit controller receives the message, determines a retransmit status for the message, and... Agent:

20120293309 - Methods and apparatus for ceiling mounted systems: Methods and apparatus for ceiling suspended systems according to various aspects of the present invention include a modular platform for supporting and supplying multiple devices. A wire way bar may facilitate connection and support for the devices, such as light sources and other systems.... Agent: Exposure Illumination Architects, Inc.

20120293310 - Method and apparatus pertaining to using a door chime to audibilize non-door-chime messages: A door-chime apparatus comprises a door-chime chassis that will permit the apparatus to be installed in a building (such as residence). This door-chime chassis supports other elements including a door-chime user-input interface and a wireless interface, both of which operably couple to a control circuit. The control circuit, in turn,... Agent: Heathco, LLC

20120293311 - Non-visual presentation of information on an electronic wireless device: In one example, information is presented to a user in a non-visual manner. In this example, a list of visually representable items defined by a beginning and at least one of dimension of time and space is accessed. Each of the visually representable items within the dimension is placed in... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120293312 - Force feedback device and positioning method of the same: The invention is to provide a force feedback device and a positioning method. The force feedback device includes a microprocessor which controls a motor to rotate at a constant velocity. The motor moves a non-equidistant blocking grating to passes through a detector. The detector detects the passage of the blocking... Agent:

20120293313 - Method and apparatus for generating vehicle vibration to alert vehicle user of warning: A drive torque modulation is generated in response to an unintentional lane departure or traffic/obstacle intervention in an electric vehicle or a hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV). At least one of propulsion and braking of the vehicle is controlled via a motor of the vehicle in accordance with the torque modulation. Vehicle... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120293314 - Vehicle collision warning system and method of operating the same: A vehicle collision warning system and method may be used to detect a potential or impending collision with another vehicle and to send a corresponding warning to the driver. In an exemplary embodiment, the collision warning system uses one or more target vehicle readings (e.g., a relative velocity reading (Δv),... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120293316 - Collaborative vehicle control using both human operator and automated controller input: Control of a vehicle to perform a task employs first control input provided by a human operator and second control input provided by an automated controller. A relationship between the first control input and the second control input is determined. Either the first control input or the second control input... Agent:

20120293315 - Methods and apparatus for adaptive vehicle response to air quality states: A computer-implemented method includes connecting to a remote system and requesting data relating to a quality of air level in the vicinity of a known vehicle location. The method further includes receiving data relating to the quality of air level and comparing the data to one or more predetermined threshold... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120293317 - Method for use with vehicle having selectable transfer case: A method for notifying, indicating or otherwise alerting a driver when it may be desirable to switch to a different transfer case mode. According to an exemplary embodiment, the method uses one or more environmental and/or vehicle conditions to evaluate a current transfer case mode and to determine if it... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120293318 - Vehicle notification sound emitting apparatus: A vehicle notification sound emitting apparatus is basically provided with a sound emitting device and a notification sound control device. The sound emitting device emits a starting movement notification sound to outside of a vehicle to inform a person in an outside area surrounding the vehicle that the vehicle will... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20120293319 - Brake light illumination system: A third brake lighting system for indicating the application of brakes in a vehicle comprising: a panic illumination portion, where the panic illumination indicates an urgent depression of the brakes by a driver of the vehicle; and a conventional illumination portion, where the convention illumination portion abuts the panic illumination... Agent:

20120293320 - Calendar system and working method for the system: A working method for a calendar system includes: setting information of an event. Storing the information of the event, tracking a location of a user and comparing the location of the user with a location of the event when the deadline of the event is not passed to determine whether... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120293321 - Product container for use with device capable of long-range and short-range communications: A container for a product is used with an external device having long-range communication capability and short-range communication capability and location sensing capability. The container has a local communication interface for communicating with the external device using the short-range communication capability of the external device, and a processor for producing... Agent: Henry Schein, Inc.

20120293322 - Mobile device supported medical information services: A wireless telecommunications system can receive position information associated with a wireless mobile device of a user and a medical access point name from the wireless mobile device, can determine a gateway based on the position information and the access point name, can receive medical information associated with the user... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20120293323 - System and method for adapting alarms in a wearable medical device: According to another example, a wearable medical device controller is provided. The device controller includes a memory and a processor coupled to the memory. The processor is configured to determine a correlation between a phenomenon identifiable by the wearable medical device controller and at least one response pattern associated with... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20120293324 - System for seamless and secure networking of implantable medical devices, electronic patch devices and wearable devices: A system level scheme for networking of implantable devices, electronic patch devices/sensors coupled to the body, and wearable sensors/devices with cellular telephone/mobile devices, peripheral devices and remote servers is described.... Agent: Ip Holdings, Inc.

20120293326 - Footwear products including data transmission capabilities: Footwear systems include an article of footwear and a data transmission system engaged with the article of footwear. The transmission system transmits data to a remote system, such as a display system, another data transmission system, a processing system, etc. Such footwear systems further may include activation systems for activating... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120293325 - Mobile communicator with orientation detector: A mobile communication device adapted to communicate with a plurality of pre-determined sources disposed at pre-determined different locations includes an identification code, a receiver adapted to receive wirelessly communicated information from a particular source at a pre-determined location, an orientation detector that detects the orientation of the receiver relative to... Agent:

20120293328 - Insulin pump having an alarm signal: A pump for delivering insulin to a user comprises a pump mechanism, an alarm and a timer and an alarm program in data communication with the alarm and the timer. The alarm program module is programmed to operate a plurality of types of alerts and to associate a predetermined interval... Agent:

20120293327 - Progress bar: A method for displaying the progress of an activity performed on a user device is provided. The method includes outputting a progress indicator indicative of the progress made in completing an activity and updating the progress indicator as the activity proceeds. Simultaneously, a first progress rate indicator is also output... Agent: Eldon Technology Limited

20120293329 - Wireless dog barking alarm system: The present invention is an alarm system that includes at least one base unit operable to detect sound levels and to transmit a signal to cause an alarm response, such as emission of media that may be the sound of one or more dog barks. The media may be emitted... Agent:

20120293330 - Systems and methods for protecting retail display merchandise from theft: Security systems and methods configured for use with an item of merchandise for retail display include a housing, at least one sensor carried by the housing and at least one output device carried by the housing. The security system further includes a controller carried by the housing and operably coupled... Agent: Invue Security Products Inc.

20120293331 - Display device having watch-time reminding function to prevent nearsightedness: A display device having a watch-time reminding function includes an input unit, a display unit, a sound output unit and a control unit. A user can use the input unit to set a health watch time or turn on or off the watch-time reminding function. After the watch-time reminding function... Agent:

20120293332 - Temperature monitoring beverage container: Temperature monitoring beverage containers and associated methods are provided. The containers include a temperature sensor operative to sense the temperature of a beverage stored within the container. The temperature of the beverage may be displayed on a display. The containers are also operative to provide one or more alerts to... Agent: Vendetta Vending Solutions, LLC

20120293335 - Apparatus and method for automatically detecting and alerting of gas-out conditions for a gas appliance during operation: A gas appliance monitoring apparatus for automatically detecting and alerting to a “gas-out” condition of a gas appliance during operation, and/or for alerting to the presence of prolonged “gas-on” conditions of an appliance. The apparatus utilizes a highly sensitive low loss and low flow gas flow indicator with multiple flow... Agent: Waterstrike Incorporated

20120293333 - Fault gas alarm system: A fault gas alarm system is disclosed. In one embodiment, the fault gas alarm system includes: a gas sensor configured to fluidly connect with an oil valve in an oil-filled vacuum-type on-load tap changer (OLTC), the gas sensor for monitoring a gas level in an oil within the oil valve;... Agent: General Electric Company

20120293334 - System and method for warning a fire and flammable gas: A fire and flammable gas system comprises a signal detector installed in a detection area for detecting flue gas, temperature or flammable gas signal; an alarm controller for real time collecting flue gas, temperature or flammable gas signal detected by the signal detector; a data manager for recording and storing... Agent: Tianjin Puhai New Technology Co., Ltd.

20120293336 - Apparatus, and associated method, for testing a touch sensing device: An apparatus, and an associated method, tests for an anomaly, such as an open circuit or a short circuit, at a touch sensing device. An electrical characteristic sensor senses an electrical characteristic at an electrode of the touch sensing device. Responsive to the sensed electrical characteristic, a determination is made... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120293337 - Energy monitoring apparatus: Hence, according to the present invention, an energy monitoring apparatus (100) is provided. The energy monitoring apparatus comprises a detector (111) configured to detect light from a flashing lamp (11) on an energy meter (10) and provide a detector signal based on the detected light. The flashing frequency of the... Agent: Wireless Maingate Nordic Ab

20120293339 - Electronic housing intended to be fixed under a cover of a manhole: n

20120293338 - Sample storage and monitoring system: A method of maintaining a thermal history (369; 699) of samples stored in a temperature-controlled sample storage system is provided. The system can include: one or more containers (218, 220; 522) each storing one of the samples; one or more storage objects (210-216, 208; 510, 516-518, 520; 654-660, 662) each... Agent: Bluechiip Limited

20120293340 - Triggering recharging and wireless transmission of remote patient monitoring device: Applicant has disclosed a convenient method of automatic identification, communication with, and battery life extension and automatic recharging for a medical telemetry device, worn by a patient. Applicant's preferred method in its broadest sense comprises: once a patient puts the medical telemetry device into or near a base unit for... Agent:

20120293341 - Reminder messages delivery from reminder device when triggered by reminder-required events: The present invention discloses a method to deliver a reminder message. The method includes a step of triggering a delivery of the reminder message upon detecting or sensing a reminder message required event-or-activity to prevent a person from forgetting or losing a person item. In an exemplary embodiment, the step... Agent:

20120293342 - Display module for displaying passenger-specific display information: A display module for displaying passenger-specific display information in an aircraft, comprising: a display, a control unit, a storage device, and a first interface, wherein the first interface is connected to the control unit, and wherein the control unit is designed, on the basis of a signal that is present... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

11/15/2012 > 52 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20120286924 - Remote control device, server, method, and computer program: A mobile terminal 1A is configured to communicate with a remote control server 4A that transmits a remote control signal to operate an operation object apparatus via a particular local area network NW2 or a wide area communication network NW1. A permission/rejection information storage part 102 stores whether execution of... Agent: Glamo, Inc

20120286925 - Method and device for implementing screen locking: The disclosure provides a method and a device for implementing screen locking. In the method, a pre-selected picture is selected; when a screen locking condition is met, the pre-selected picture is taken as a screen locking picture, function restriction processing is performed on the screen locking picture to obtain the... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120286928 - Systems and methods for mobile authorizations: A mobile device may receive security credentials from a contactless device via a contactless communication channel to authorize functions that may be performed by the mobile device. For example, purchase transactions may be authorized to be completed by a mobile device after payment information communicated from a physical payment card... Agent:

20120286927 - Wake channel indication for passive entry system: A passive entry system receives an electromagnetic interrogation signal transmitted from an interrogation antenna to a remote transponder, wherein the interrogation signal includes a wakeup pattern data sequence. A plurality of channel signals is generated within the transponder from a corresponding plurality of antennas in response to the electromagnetic interrogation... Agent:

20120286926 - Wireless key system and key location determination method: A wireless key system and location detection method determine whether a wireless key is located inside or outside a main body. A communication device in the main body transmits a wireless signal using an inner antenna and an outer antenna outside the main body having a different directivity. A wireless... Agent: Oki Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20120286929 - Authenticated security system: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for detecting intruders within a home or business. The apparatus may include a signal generation module that generates a signal pulse. At least a portion of the signal pulse is reflected off individuals within the space. The signal pulse also includes instructions for... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120286930 - Automated card information exchange pursuant to a commercial transaction: In general, embodiments of the present invention relate to a card and associated methods for automated information (static and dynamic) exchange pursuant to a commercial transaction. In a typical embodiment, the card (e.g., a credit card, a debit card and/or a smart card) comprises an energy component for providing power... Agent:

20120286931 - Fingerprint authentication apparatus, method, and recording medium: A fingerprint authentication apparatus stores fingerprint data of plural fingers. The fingerprint authentication apparatus stores a history of a result of an authentication process executed using the fingerprint data. The fingerprint authentication apparatus determines the number of accepted fingers, which is the number of fingers from which the fingerprint data... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120286932 - Electronic guides, incident response methods, incident response systems, and incident monitoring methods: Incident response methods include receiving notification that an incident has occurred, determining a source of the notification, the source being near the incident, and establishing at least one guided path configured to direct a first person, a first animal, or a first movable device positioned near the source away from... Agent:

20120286933 - First responder team tracking system and method: A position tracking system for responders to an emergency is presented. The position tracking system includes a unique electronic tag attached to each responder and comprising a transceiver, the unique electronic tag configured to receive information and transmit a unique identifier via the transceiver, at least one moveable base station,... Agent: Knowledge Access, Inc.

20120286935 - Unpowered wireless sensor systems and methods: Devices, methods, and systems for wireless transmission of data from unpowered sensor nodes are presented. An unpowered sensor node includes a sensor, a first antenna for receiving an interrogation signal from a remote source, an up-converting frequency mixer, and a second antenna for transmitting a modulated output signal. A remote... Agent:

20120286934 - Wireless sensor reader: A wireless sensor reader is provided to interface with a wireless sensor. The wireless sensor reader transmits an excitation pulse to cause the wireless sensor to generate a ring signal. The wireless sensor reader receives and amplifies the ring signal and sends the signal to a phase-locked loop. A voltage-controlled... Agent:

20120286936 - Systems and methods for contactless communication mechanisms for cards and mobile devices: A card may be formed using two or more printed circuit boards. Each printed circuit board may include one or more RFID antennas, RFID chips and a processor. A processor on a board may transfer data to one or more RFID chips on the same board. Alternately, a processor on... Agent:

20120286937 - Visual rfid tags and interactive visual rfid networks: RFID driven display system components such as wireless displays (visual RFID tags) and multi-antenna wireless RFID readers that monitor/control the RFID driven displays in order to provide visual real-time information to display viewers and/or provide useful information to a central processing station that monitors the status of and/or updates the... Agent: Omni-id Limited

20120286938 - Visual rfid tags and interactive visual rfid networks: RFID driven display system components such as wireless displays (visual RFID tags) and multi-antenna wireless RFID readers that monitor/control the RFID driven displays in order to provide visual real-time information to display viewers and/or provide useful information to a central processing station that monitors the status of and/or updates the... Agent: Omni-id Limited

20120286939 - Visual rfid tags and interactive visual rfid networks: RFID driven display system components such as wireless displays (visual RFID tags) and multi-antenna wireless RFID readers that monitor/control the RFID driven displays in order to provide visual real-time information to display viewers and/or provide useful information to a central processing station that monitors the status of and/or updates the... Agent: Omni-id Limited

20120286941 - Radio control device for target object to be controlled: A radio control device for one or more target objects to be controlled includes an manipulation unit, configured to control the target objects; a storage unit which stores model data corresponding to the target objects, the model data being used to control the target objects; a controller which uses the... Agent: Futaba Corporation

20120286940 - Control device having a night light: A battery-powered remote control for radiating wireless signals to control a controlled device has a night light that glows whereby it is visible in a darkened room and the battery lasts at least about three years. It also includes a wireless transmitter, a controller, a battery and a control element.... Agent:

20120286942 - Frequency-adjustable high-power mouse expeller: The mouse expeller contains a casing member, a control circuit inside the casing member, and at least a sounding device also inside the casing member and connected to the control circuit. The control circuit contains a voltage regulator IC, audio-frequency oscillator ICs, variable resistors, capacitors, transistors, resistors, and a light... Agent:

20120286944 - Devices and methods for presenting information to a user on a tactile output surface of a mobile device: Methods and devices provide a tactile output surface that can communicate information to users via their sense of touch. The tactile output surface may include a plurality of tactile elements which may be activated to represent various information in a manner that can be understood by touching the device. A... Agent:

20120286943 - Vibration in portable devices: One embodiment may take the form of a method of reducing noise from vibration of a device on a hard surface. The method includes activating a haptic device to indicate an alert and sensing an audible level during activation of the haptic device. Additionally, the method includes determining if the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120286945 - Method of testing and monitoring joint health: A method for non-destructive health monitoring of a joined component includes: supplying a first current between a first end of a first member and a first end of a second member of the joined component; measuring a first voltage between a second end of the first member and a second... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120286946 - Fully supervised self testing alarm notification apparatus: A method of testing audio emergency notification apparatuses which are provide to alert occupants of a building that an emergency condition which requires action is occurring, includes activating a control panel manually or automatically to test an audio apparatus, instructing the control panel to test the audio apparatuses either one... Agent:

20120286947 - Home security system: A home security system includes a plurality of monitoring assemblies each comprising a data communication device, a light, a video camera, a transmitter, a sensor, a loudspeaker, a warning device, an identification device, a projector, an adjustment device for adjusting angles of the light, the video camera, and the projector,... Agent:

20120286951 - Consumer alarm with quiet button: An alarm system is disclosed. The alarm system includes an enclosure; at least one sensor, the sensor is configured to communicate a signal to the enclosure; and at least one of a wireless transceiver positioned in the enclosure, the transceiver configured to receive an activation signal and transmit an alarm... Agent:

20120286950 - Methods and systems for detecting theft of an item: Various examples of a method and a system for detecting theft of an item are disclosed herein. The method includes at least detecting with an aftermarket telematics unit a loss of electrical power being supplied to the aftermarket telematics unit and switching the aftermarket telematics unit to an alternate source... Agent: General Motors LLC

20120286949 - System and method of worker fall detection and remote alarm notification: A fall indicating alarm system includes one or more fall sensors and at least one gas sensor coupled to a displaced alarm system which, responsive to an output from a fall sensor, generates an audible or visual alarm indicator. Both local and displaced alarm indicators can be generated.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120286948 - Wireless conveyor belt condition monitoring system and related apparatus and method: A method includes transmitting first wireless signals towards a conveyor belt having multiple layers of material. The first wireless signals penetrate one or more layers in the conveyor belt. The method also includes receiving second wireless signals that have interacted with the conveyor belt. The method further includes identifying a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120286952 - Method of identifying, distinguishing, and visually tracking survivors and non-survivors in the aftermath of a disaster: A method of locating, tracking, distinguishing and identifying people and pets as survivors or non survivors in the aftermath of a natural or manmade disaster, the method includes the use of illuminated displays such as flashlights, illuminated beacons, smart phone screens and/or computer screens. The illuminated displays are set to... Agent:

20120286953 - Dynamic data collection: Embodiments of methods of performing a structured collection protocol on a collection device comprise providing a plurality of prior biomarker sample, wherein the prior biomarker samples comprise at least one measured value and plurality of contextualized data components linked to the prior biomarker samples, setting a first criterion, wherein the... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120286954 - Motion alert device, a motion alert assembly and a method of detecting motion: b

20120286955 - System for generating alarms based on alarm patterns: An alarm system can include one or more processors. Such processors can receive physiological parameter data associated with a patient. The one or more processors can also select an alarm pattern based at least in part on an indicator of an attribute of the patient. The alarm pattern can include... Agent: Masimo Corporation

20120286956 - Bird repelling device: A bird repelling device includes a solar cell panel which collects solar heat and converts the collected solar heat into electrical energy; a charging unit which stores the electrical energy received from the solar cell panel; a controller which controls the electrical energy stored in the charging unit; a bird... Agent:

20120286957 - Mobile sleep detection method and system: The method and system of this invention is an improvement invention on a system that detects when an operator of a vehicle falls asleep, through the use of a digital video camera. The system is automatically disabled and no alarm sounds if the vehicle is not in motion.... Agent:

20120286958 - Welding helmet configuration providing real-time fume exposure warning capability: Welding helmets, systems, and kits providing real-time fume exposure monitoring and warning capability during an arc welding process. A welding helmet configured to protect the head of a user during a welding process is configured with an intelligent warning apparatus and an air-sampling pick-up and output port. The air-sampling pick-up... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20120286959 - Automated allergy alerts: Devices, systems, and methods are disclosed which relate to utilizing a wireless communication device which receives allergy information from network nodes. The wireless communication device contains an allergy profile for the user. When the wireless communication device receives allergy information this allergy profile is referenced to determine if any allergens... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20120286960 - Sensor device with persistent low power beacon: One disclosed method involves providing a first device comprising a sensor configured to sense a stimulus experienced by the first device, a controller configured to process data received from the sensor and thereby obtain processed sensor data, a transmitter configured to wirelessly transmit the processed data, and a battery configured... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120286961 - Malfunction detecting device for solar cell panel: A malfunction detecting device for a solar cell panel includes an AC source that is provided on one of positive and negative sides of a solar cell panel body and can apply AC voltage superimposed on DC voltage to the solar cell panel, a measuring means provided on another of... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20120286962 - Input device and indicator thereof: An input device including a control unit and an indicator is illustrated. The indicator further includes an indicating unit and a driving unit. The control unit is configured to receive a control signal and trigger an indication voltage according to the control signal to output an indication current to the... Agent: Silitek Electronic (guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

20120286963 - Monitoring device for de-energized catenary systems or overhead lines: A monitoring device for de-energized catenary systems having bearer cables, contact wires, droppers, grounding lines, overhead lines and cable systems, during new construction or servicing work, to counter theft, is easy to implement, can be installed quickly and enables monitoring of predetermined track sections. Catenaries or overhead lines or cable... Agent:

20120286964 - Cabinet for electronic devices and overweight alarm device thereof: An exemplary cabinet for electronic devices includes an enclosure and an overweight alarm device disposed in the enclosure. The enclosure is for accommodating electronic devices therein. The overweight alarm device includes a weighing circuit, an A/D (Analog to Digital) converting circuit, a control circuit and a warning circuit connected in... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120286965 - Detecting movement for determining characteristics of user notification: A method, an apparatus and a computer program, where the method includes storing an association between a user notification and an event, detecting the event by an apparatus and detecting movement of an external object in a range outside the apparatus in response to the detected event. Furthermore, the method... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120286966 - Monitoring system and methods for monitoring machines with same: A monitoring system for use with a system is provided. The monitoring system includes a data management system that includes a database configured to store data representative of at least one operating characteristic of at least one machine. A portable display assembly is coupled to the data management system and... Agent:

20120286967 - Downhole data transmission system: A method and system are disclosed herein relating to transmitting data within a borehole. The method and system include having a transmitter disposed at a first location within the borehole and configured to generate a first signal, and more than one receiver and/or repeater disposed at a second location within... Agent:

20120286968 - Electronic parking meter with vehicle sensor: An electronic single space parking meter associated with a parking space is provided. The meter includes a support pole and an electronic meter mechanism coupled to and supported from the support pole. The electronic meter mechanism includes a processor. The meter includes a vehicle sensor communicably coupled to the processor... Agent: Duncan Solutions, Inc.

20120286969 - Remote monitoring system: A temperature monitoring service in which remote monitoring units are distributed to customers who then set up monitoring as desired at their facilities. The devices may be registered through a web site using the Internet. Monitoring information may be communicated using a publicly available, wireless network, such as a cellular... Agent: Schechter Tech, LLC

20120286970 - Variable tone horn system: A horn system for a vehicle is provided including a piezoelectric device, a loudspeaker, and a controller. The piezoelectric device is located in a horn pad of a steering wheel. The piezoelectric device produces a variable voltage due to varying pressure exerted on the horn pad. The piezoelectric device produces... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120286971 - Signal system: A signal system for operating a traffic signal includes a signal light, a control unit for controlling the operation of the signal light, and a power selecting mechanism for selecting the power to be supplied to the control unit between a commercial power supply and a battery mounted in a... Agent: Disco Corporation

20120286972 - Parking management and billing: A parking management system including a server, a plurality of mobile parking management devices mounted in cars, an plurality of parking area parking control devices mounted in a parking areas, and a plurality of portable parking control devices used by parking attendants, all communicating via one or more wireless networks.... Agent:

20120286973 - Vehicle context awareness by detecting engine rpm using a motion sensor: Methods and apparatus for determining context of a mobile device are provided. In an example, provided is a method for identifying an environment of a mobile device. The method includes receiving a motion sensor signal. The motion sensor signal can be received from an accelerometer and/or a gyroscope. If a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120286974 - Hit and run prevention and documentation system for vehicles: Systems and methods provide a vehicle hit-and-run prevention and documentation method and system that warn approaching vehicles that pose a collision threat and document the occurrence of a collision. Embodiments use vehicle proximity sensors in conjunction with vehicle video cameras to detect an approaching object, determine the likelihood of collision... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20120286975 - System and method for improving viewability of primary flight display: An aircraft management system displays a primary flight display screen. The primary flight display screen has a predetermined height and includes a horizontal situation indicator (HSI). The aircraft management system includes a processor and a memory device operatively coupled to the processor. The memory device includes programmed computer instructions that... Agent:

11/08/2012 > 56 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20120280786 - System and method for programming keys to vehicle to establish primary and secondary drivers: In at least one embodiment, a method for programming keys to a vehicle to establish primary keys and secondary keys to control vehicle functionality is disclosed. The method comprises receiving a key identification signal from a first key. The method further comprises generating a key status signal indicative of whether... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120280782 - Fraud prevention: A method of preventing fraud at a self-service terminal is described. The method comprises: receiving a signal from an electromagnetic sensor located in the vicinity of an electromagnetic signal transmitter; monitoring a drive signal being delivered to the electromagnetic signal transmitter; and comparing the drive signal with the electromagnetic sensor... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20120280787 - Electronics antitheft authorizing unit: Locked electronic device, e.g., a device which produces a video output, such as a game console or TV. The device is shipped in a locked state, and cannot be used as a game console or a TV until it is unlocked. The unlocking is carried out by a code. The... Agent: Harris Technology, LLC

20120280783 - Systems and methods for controlling a locking mechanism using a portable electronic device: Systems and methods are provided for operating a remotely operable lock. In an example embodiment, a method comprises providing a first web service for receiving credentials or a command from a portable electronic device having a software application installed thereon, issuing a command for receipt by the lock from the... Agent: Apigy Inc.

20120280788 - Communications apparatus and method therefor: Wireless communications between a vehicle base station and a transponder are effected. In accordance with one or more example embodiments, a modulation circuit and a first capacitor electrode are used to establish a capacitive electric field between the first capacitor electrode and another capacitor electrode, the respective electrodes and space... Agent:

20120280789 - Systems and methods for controlling a locking mechanism using a portable electronic device: Systems and methods are provided for operating a remotely operable lock. In an example embodiment, a method comprises receiving credentials at a web service from a portable electronic device, authenticating the credentials, and based on a successful authentication, issuing a command for receipt by the lock from the web service... Agent: Apigy Inc.

20120280790 - Systems and methods for controlling a locking mechanism using a portable electronic device: Systems and methods are provided for operating a remotely operable lock. In an example embodiment, a method comprises authenticating, at a web service, credentials received from a portable electronic device, detecting the proximity of the portable electronic device to the lock, and issuing a command for receipt by the lock... Agent: Apigy Inc.

20120280785 - Biometrics system, biologic information storage, and portable device: In a biometrics system for a building entrance unlocking or a bank account authentication, reference information registered under administration by the system is transmitted to a room or mobile-phone for private storage, with the original reference information deleted from the system. Biologic information gotten upon authentication is transmitted through wireless... Agent: Nl Giken Incorporated

20120280784 - Facility management using mobile devices: A method includes docking a mobile device in a docking station and providing, by the mobile device, identification information to the docking station, where the identification information identifies a user associated with the mobile device. The method also includes forwarding, by the docking station, the identification information to a network... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20120280791 - Method for controlling smart key system for door lock: The present disclosure relates to a method for controlling a smart key system for door lock of a vehicle configured with at least two modes, the method including selecting one of a first mode and a second mode, detecting an ON/OFF state of an engine of the vehicle and a... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120280792 - Method and apparatus of power control for a public warning system: A method for broadcasting messages in a wireless communication system is provided. The method includes employing a paging channel to receive a broadcast event on a wireless device and utilizing the broadcast event to trigger a warning message on the device. For example, the broadcast event can be detected from... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120280793 - Apparatus and method for power management of a system of indicator light devices: Indicator light devices are useful in many applications for indicating properties of physical spaces respectively associated therewith and in physical proximity thereto. The indicator light devices are network-enabled and self-powered, and capable of participating in coordinated power-managed operation to provide a sufficient service life and lower installation and replacement costs.... Agent:

20120280794 - Method and device for amplitude modulation of an electromagnetic signal emitted by a contactless transceiver system: d

20120280795 - Transponder: Proposed is a transponder for receiving a wireless electromagnetic interrogation signal and for transmitting a wireless electromagnetic response signal with a first coil acting as an antenna for generating a first wired electrical receive signal from the interrogation signal, and with at least one further coil acting as an antenna... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20120280796 - Rfid system with time slot interleaving: A method for interleaving time slots in a multi-antenna system for communication with RFID tags is disclosed. An example is shown for an eight antenna system. A first four antennas arranged side-by-side are sequentially energized to interrogate RFID transponders. A second set of four antennas arranged side-by-side, the first of... Agent: Amtech Systems, LLC

20120280797 - System and apparatus for item level inventory management within a virtual warehouse established for short-term and long-term disaster relief operations: This invention describes a system and method for managing a supply chain. In particular, the present invention relates to a virtual warehouse system for providing item level inventory management and an apparatus for automatic data capture within a disaster relief operational setting.... Agent: System Planning Corporation

20120280800 - Man/machine dialogue system: A man/machine dialogue system including: an RFID read/write station including a data processor; an antenna that is magnetically connected or coupled with the read/write station; and a man/machine dialogue member including a man/machine dialogue interface and an electronic tag. The electronic tag includes an internal memory and a processor and... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20120280799 - Rule-based tracking of products based on intelligent identifiers: A method comprising receiving radio frequency tracker identifiers stored by tags associated with items; evaluating the radio frequency tracker identifiers based on radio frequency tracker identifiers previously received or concurrently received; identifying one or more radio frequency tracker identifiers based on the evaluating; selecting a rule from a set of... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20120280798 - Object tracking apparatus and method, and sensor position designating method: The apparatus for tracking an object and the method thereof and the method for locating a sensor are described. The subject object tracking apparatus comprises an interface receiving sensor information and object information from a sensor communicated with an object; a first storing part successively storing sensor information in chronological... Agent: Institute For Research & Industry Cooperation Busan University

20120280803 - Two way remote control: A target device comprising a wireless interface that transmits configuration data to and receives commands from a remote control device. A control module that receives said commands and that adjusts operation of said target device based thereon; and a user input interface for locally adjusting operation of said target device.... Agent:

20120280801 - Controlled device, device control system, device control program and device control method: A user roaming between networks faces an ease of use problem when controlling devices connecting to a network by means of the user's controller. The disclosed controlled device, which is connected to an access point capable of wireless communication with a management terminal located in the vicinity, is provided with:... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120280802 - Remote operation system and remote controller: In one aspect, when a user directs a remote controller (13) toward a television set (11), causing the remote controller (13) and the television set (11) to enter the wireless communication region of each other, the remote controller (13) and the television set (11) establish a wireless link to each... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120280804 - Electric power information provision apparatus: A display apparatus includes a display section which is attached to an electric vehicle EV operable upon supply of electric power thereto and displays information regarding the electric power supplied to the electric vehicle EV; a determination section which determines whether or not the electric power supplied to the electric... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120280805 - Vehicular security system with configurable immobilization features: A control module provides for immobilization of a vehicle. The control module includes an intelligent control disposed within a housing of the control module, a plurality of discrete inputs and a plurality of discrete outputs operatively connected to the intelligent control, at least one network interface operatively connected to the... Agent: Trimark Corporation

20120280806 - Safety improvement method of idle stop and go function: A safety improvement method of an Idle Stop and Go (ISG) function may include: recognizing initial conditions that senses whether an engine is restarted, when the engine is restarted by the ISG, and whether a driver operates a vehicle, and determines whether to warn the driver; warning the driver that... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120280807 - Trailer signal converter: A signal converter and method of converting a signal are provided. The converter includes a power supply, microcontroller and current sensor. The microcontroller is connected to a power supply and is configured to receive inputs from a vehicle and output signals to loads of a second vehicle. The sensor is... Agent: Cequent Performance Products, Inc.

20120280808 - Event-driven mobile hazmat monitoring: A HAZMAT monitoring system detects a plurality of different hazardous materials and includes first and second pluralities of RSIs. Each RSI of the first plurality forms a node in a first wireless sensor network and is associated with a mobile container and with at least one sensor that is configured... Agent:

20120280809 - Monitoring remote environmental conditions: A server system for remote monitoring includes a wireless communication interface, a processor, and a storage device. The wireless communication interface receives at least one data packet over wireless communications from a remote monitoring system. The processor processes the data packet including sensor information from a sensor coupled to the... Agent:

20120280810 - Retail security system: The invention is an improved security and product display system for use by retailers who sell hand-held electronics in stores. The system includes a combination of a mobile, hand-held electronics device (e.g., cell phone or like), a mounting member, and an adaptor cable that electrically connects the device to the... Agent: Merchandising Technologies, Inc.

20120280811 - Method and a system for monitoring an activity or lack of activity of a subject: A method and a system comprise monitoring one or more devices associated with a subject to generate one or more activity alerts for the subject. The activity alerts at least indicating the subject is active within their environment. The activity alerts are transmitted to a system unit for processing, in... Agent:

20120280812 - Rfid based guidance in remote locations: A guidance location system and an associated method for locating and guiding a user within an area is provided. The system includes a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader device configured to send at least one query signal and receive at least one response signal. The system includes at least one... Agent: General Electric Company

20120280814 - Sensing and derived information conveyance: Devices, systems, and methods for sensing and derived information conveyance as disclosed. One electrical device includes an electronic circuit and executable instructions provided by at least one of: software stored in memory associated with the circuit or provided in firmware within the circuit, wherein the circuit receives raw sensor data... Agent: Paksense, Inc.

20120280813 - Service provisioning in a wireless communications network: An apparatus includes a memory containing a subscriber entitlement profile for a subscriber to a wireless communications network. The apparatus includes a controller configured to provide an indication of whether the subscriber is entitled to a service based on the subscriber entitlement profile. The memory and controller may be included... Agent:

20120280815 - Devices, systems and methods for medicament delivery: An apparatus includes a container defining an internal region configured to contain multiple medicament delivery devices, such as, for example, pen injectors, auto-injectors, inhalers or the like. The container includes an electronic circuit system configured to output a first electronic output associated with a first medicament delivery device contained within... Agent: Intelliject Inc.

20120280816 - Refrigerant charge level detection: A system includes a first sensor that provides an output indicative of a sensed temperature of a liquid refrigerant line that is within or extending from an outlet of a condenser coil of an air conditioner or heat pump unit. The system includes a second sensor that provides an output... Agent:

20120280817 - Occlusion detection system and method: A method, computer program product, and infusion pump assembly for determining a first rate-of-change force reading that corresponds to the delivery of a first dose of an infusible fluid via an infusion pump assembly. At least a second rate-of-change force reading is determined that corresponds to the delivery of at... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20120280818 - System for providing real time locating and gas exposure monitoring: A hazardous condition alerting system is described that provides a method for alerting on a hazardous condition. The method may include transmitting a location data item identifying a location of an alerting apparatus to a remote server. The method may further include receiving alert information from the remote server when... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20120280819 - Efficiency determination for a selective-catalytic-reduction catalyst: A method of assessing overall efficiency of a selective-catalytic-reduction catalyst includes monitoring instantaneous efficiency of the catalyst. The method also includes determining the overall efficiency by summing instantaneous efficiency values weighted by a first set of coefficients if the most recent instantaneous efficiency value is above an instantaneous efficiency threshold.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120280820 - Leak sensor for flowing electrolyte batteries: A leak detection system for a flowing electrolyte battery comprising a containment member associated with at least one of a stack of a flowing electrolyte battery and an electrolyte reservoir of a flowing electrolyte battery and a sensing member for sensing a fluid leak within the containment member.... Agent:

20120280821 - Fuse and breaker alarm device and method using a finite state machine: An alarm circuit and method of monitoring a circuit protection device are disclosed. The alarm circuit includes a circuit protection device connected in series at an input voltage of a load. The alarm circuit also includes a programmable circuit connected in parallel to the circuit protection device and including an... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20120280822 - Power receptacle current displaying and alert device for detecting current state of power receptacle and receptacle having the saem: A power receptacle current displaying and alert device comprises a panel; a current sensor being a C silicone steel sheet; a coil winding around the C silicone steel sheet for sensing the current of the power receptacle; a current detector being a Hall IC; the Hall IC being installed at... Agent:

20120280823 - System and method for detecting and warning against a disaster: A method, device, and system for detecting the occurrence of a disaster event and providing a disaster warning to users is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method includes receiving a warning notification with an out-of-band (OOB) processor of a computing device. The warning notification may be received by the OOB... Agent:

20120280824 - Audio awareness apparatus, system, and method of using the same: The present invention relates to an apparatus that senses the intensity of sounds and the velocity of objects. Specifically, the present invention relates to an apparatus that may prevent an audio signal from reaching a user, make a warning noise, or otherwise alert the user when a object is noisy... Agent:

20120280825 - Method of inferring user' direction, direction inferring apparatus, and terminal apparatus: A method of inferring a user's direction by a computer, the method includes: recording a relative azimuth angle obtained from an output of a direction sensor included in a terminal apparatus carried by the user; identifying the user's direction at a first point at which the user's direction is capable... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120280826 - Management apparatus for managing a content display change time on a display apparatus and content information to be transmitted to a terminal: A management apparatus for managing a content display change time on a display apparatus and content information to be transmitted to a terminal determines the content information to be transmitted to the terminal on the basis of a reception time of a content information request command transmitted from the terminal... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120280827 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a control section which performs control of selecting, based on a state of a user, an ecological action capable of being carried out by the user from among a plurality of ecological actions, and of presenting the selected ecological action to the... Agent:

20120280831 - Calculation of auxiliary value based on meter data from non-smart electronic utility meter: A system, including a meter data support system on a computer device configured to: receive raw meter data from a plurality of non-smart electronic utility meters that are each restricted to one way outbound communication, calculate an auxiliary value for each non-smart electronic utility meter using the raw meter data... Agent: General Electric Company

20120280830 - Method and apparatus for reducing battery passivation in a meter-reading module: The teachings herein disclose a method and apparatus for preventing excessive battery passivation in an electronic meter-reading module. The module operates in a low-power state most of the time. The low-power state is interrupted at defined transmit times, wherein the module temporarily turns on or otherwise activates an included communication... Agent: Sensus Usa Inc.

20120280834 - Remote monitoring system: A temperature monitoring service in which remote monitoring units are distributed to customers who then set up monitoring as desired at their facilities. The devices may be registered through a web site using the Internet. Monitoring information may be communicated using a publicly available, wireless network, such as a cellular... Agent: Schechter Tech, LLC

20120280828 - Rfid-based electricity metering system: Embodiments of the present invention provide a radio frequency identification (RFID) based electricity metering system enabled to meter energy consumption of individual devices. Specifically, embodiments of this invention provide a set (a least one) of RFID sensor units, each RFID sensor unit comprising: an inductor affixed to the power line... Agent:

20120280832 - Smart meter emulation: Pulses, including electrical waveforms, emitted light, and light reflected by a moving mechanical device, that are emitted by a standard utility meter may be received. A device may be controlled to vary its usage of the utility and that may be used to determine a usage per pulse. The usage... Agent: Greenwave Reality, Pte Ltd.

20120280833 - Smart meter emulation: Pulses, including electrical waveforms, emitted light, and light reflected by a moving mechanical device, that are emitted by a standard utility meter may be received. A device may be controlled to vary its usage of the utility and that may be used to determine a usage per pulse. The usage... Agent: Greenwave Reality, Pte Ltd.

20120280829 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for facilitating utility meter communication: Systems, methods, and apparatus for facilitating utility meter communication are provided. One or more communications to be transmitted by a utility meter may be identified by the utility meter. A cost associated with the transmission of the one or more communications may be determined by the utility meter, and a... Agent: General Electric Company

20120280835 - Method and device for providing advanced indications to a vehicle's driver: A method is described for providing an advanced indication to a driver that a road segment which will require his attention is located along his route. The method comprising: a) detecting the vehicle's current location and identifying a road segment that the driver is about to reach; b) for the... Agent:

20120280836 - Vehicle detection system with rfid-based location determination: A vehicle detection and location system includes a plurality of RFID tags positioned along a parking array. The system includes an RFID reader movable in conjunction with a vehicle identification system along the parking array and configured to interrogate the RFID tags. A location of the vehicle can be determined... Agent: Federal Signal Corporation

20120280837 - Apparatus and method for implementing safe visual information provision: The invention relates to an apparatus and method which allows information representing a state or condition or an action to be performed as part of a control system to be present to one or more users. The information is selected and generated in a manner which removes or at least... Agent:

11/01/2012 > 45 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120274440 - Method and system to disconnect a utility service based on seismic activity: Described herein are embodiments of methods and systems to disconnect utility service based on seismic activity. One aspect comprises a method. One embodiment of a method of disconnecting a utility service based on seismic activity comprises receiving, from a measurement device, an output signal. A level of seismic activity can... Agent: General Electric Company

20120274441 - Power outlet with restricted access: An apparatus to provide controlled electrical energy in a substantially public setting includes a power control unit. The unit includes credential entering circuitry which, upon authentication, provides access to a supply of AC-type electrical energy which can be used to recharge batteries of a vehicle. Authentication can be carried out... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120274443 - Sample measuring device and sample measuring system: A sample measuring device according to the present invention includes a measuring unit for performing measurement with respect to a particular component contained in a sample, a measurement data storage unit for storing measurement data obtained by the measuring unit, a display unit for displaying the measurement data, a sensor... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20120274444 - Physical access control: A system and method are disclosed for controlling physical access through a digital certificate validation process that works with standard certificate formats and that enables a certifying authority (CA) to prove the validity status of each certificate C at any time interval (e.g., every day, hour, or minute) starting with... Agent:

20120274442 - Method and system for measuring the mobility of an animal: A method and system to measure and record the mobility score of quadrupeds is disclosed. The method and system determines when an animal is walking and measures dynamic parameters to assess gait and derive a mobility score.... Agent: Ecow Limited

20120274445 - Aggregating location with presence information: Technologies are described herein for aggregating location information with presence information for a user and making the combined information available to other users. Location and presence information is received from various endpoints and communication services utilized by a particular user. The location and presence information is aggregated and a current... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120274447 - Flashlight alarm: A portable alarm system is disclosed. The alarm system includes an enclosure configured as a flashlight. The enclosure includes at least one illumination element, at least one activation element, and at least on of a wireless transceiver, the transceiver configured to receive an activation signal and transmit an alarm signal.... Agent:

20120274446 - System for synthetic vision: A first mobile device includes a location processor, a communication processor, and a display, and a second mobile device includes a location processor and a communication processor. The first mobile device is configured to wirelessly communicate with the second mobile device, and the first mobile device is configured to display... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120274449 - Method and apparatus pertaining to radio-frequency identification tags: A presently-powered RFID tag can itself determine its own relative movement with respect to a reader. This RFID tag can responsively alter its read state to thereby permit the RFID tag to respond to a subsequent read inquiry. By one approach the RFID tag assesses its own movement by monitoring... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20120274451 - Multi-mode rfid tag architecture: A multi-mode RFID tag includes a power generating and signal detection module, a baseband processing module, a transmit section, a configurable coupling circuit, and an antenna section. In near field mode, the configurable coupling circuit is operable to couple the transmit section to a coil or inductor in the configurable... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120274450 - Object tracking rfid systems and methods: A method of verifying whether an object to be transported has reached its intended destination. In one aspect, an interrogator transceiver at a first destination interrogates an RFID tag transceiver on the object, and in response the tag transmits its intended destination. The interrogator verifies that the RFID tag transceiver... Agent:

20120274448 - System and method for automated rfid quality control: A system and method is described for an automated RFID quality control process. The method may include configuring an RFID manufacturing press with quality control specifications, manufacturing a batch of RFID inlays, executing a performance test on each RFID inlay, comparing the results of the performance test to the quality... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20120274452 - Radio frequency (rf)-enabled latches and related components, assemblies, systems, and methods: Radio frequency (RF)-enabled latches and related components, assemblies, systems, and methods are disclosed that affect control of mating and/or demating of components. In one embodiment, a component is provided that includes a body configured to be mated to a second component to establish a connection. A latch is disposed in... Agent:

20120274454 - Method of writing and reproducing multimedia service by using tag and apparatus therefor: Provided are method and apparatus for writing and reproducing a multimedia service using a tag in order to provide an intuitive interface for a user using a multimedia service. The method includes selecting a multimedia service to be written; generating tag information identifying the selected multimedia service; and writing the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120274453 - Upright type apparatus for charging wireless ic tags: wherein said IC tag processing unit includes; a stopper section 16 for opening/blocking said vertically-dropping passage, a distribution section 70 disposed beneath the stopper section and adapted to distribute wireless IC tags so that they are either received on the vertically-dropping passage and then pushed to the IC tag pressure... Agent: Mitomo Corporation

20120274455 - Universal wireless trainable transceiver unit with integrated bidirectional wireless interface for vehicles: The invention relates to a universal wireless trainable transceiver unit with integrated bidirectional wireless interface functionality, and a method for same. Using a scan, push button or untrained channel mode, a user may enter into a wireless bidirectional interface mode of a trainable transceiver. The interface mode allows a user... Agent:

20120274456 - Systems and methods for detecting an error in the installation of an electrical component: A system and method for detecting an error in the installation of an electrical component in a vehicle having a vehicle bus is disclosed herein. The system includes, but is not limited to a vehicle communication interface that is configured to be communicatively coupled with the vehicle bus and to... Agent: General Motors LLC

20120274457 - Vehicle compartment door handle assembly: A handle assembly is provided for a door of a vehicle storage or baggage compartment and includes a latch module press fit onto the housing of the assembly. The handle assembly also includes a lock assembly with a security plate to preclude unauthorized manipulation of the lock arm. In one... Agent: Trimark Corporation

20120274458 - Back window for a motor vehicle, a motor vehicle comprising such a back window, and method for displaying information relating to a parking process on a display element: A back window for a motor vehicle comprises a display element, wherein the display element comprises at least one light conductor panel. The light conductor panel comprises a first main surface, a second main surface and at least one marginal surface. The light conductor panel also comprises light-decoupling structures at... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120274459 - Method and system for utilizing spread spectrum techniques for in car applications: A method of operating an audio system in an automobile includes identifying a user of the audio system. An audio recording playing on the audio system is identified. An audio setting entered into the audio system by the identified user while the audio recording is being played by the audio... Agent: Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

20120274460 - Field efficiency gauge: A field gauge includes an indicator for a present value and an indicator for a comparison value of an operating characteristic, such as field fuel efficiency.... Agent: Agco Corporation

20120274461 - Device for monitoring a vehicle wheel and corresponding communication method: A device for monitoring a vehicle wheel (1) is provided for:—detecting a value indicating the tyre inflating pressure of a wheel;—converting the value detected into a bit sequence;—associating to each bit sequence, via an encoding, a respective symbol of a pulse-code modulation, where the encoding is such that in the... Agent:

20120274462 - Signaling device with \"stop\" and \"position\" functions using a light guide and generating a 3d effect: A luminous signaling module, notably for automobile vehicles, comprising: a reflector; a screen disposed in front of the reflector, with a semi-reflecting area; radiating means adapted to emit light rays. The reflector, the screen and the radiating means being arranged in such a manner as to generate a repetitive visual... Agent: Valeo Vision

20120274463 - Battery-less emergency distress signal and position indication broadcasting methods and devices: A method for transmitting a distress signal from a hand-held electronic device. The method including: generating electrical energy resulting from an impact force applied to an impact surface of the device; providing the generated power to a transmitter in the device; and transmitting the distress signal from the transmitter.... Agent: Omnitek Partners LLC

20120274464 - Routing communications to a person within a facility: A system and method for tracking a person at a facility to enable communications. A presence of the person is detected at a location at the facility. Communications intended for the person are associated with the location. The communications are routed to the person at that location.... Agent: Centurylink Intellectual Property LLC

20120274465 - Finding system: A finding system with a base charger, finder, and other functional features includes a receiving unit and a base unit. The receiving unit is recharged using the base unit. The base unit also includes a button operationally coupled to a transmitter for sending a locate signal to the receiving unit.... Agent:

20120274466 - Theft protection device and method for the detection of unauthorized intrusion or entrance: A theft protection device (108, 110) for the detection of unauthorized intrusion or entrance into a protected area (104) is provided, wherein the protected area (104) is surrounded by a physical barrier (102) which has at least one access area (106) and which can be overcome outside the access area... Agent: Sick Ag

20120274467 - Deactivation of a security feature: A method to deactivate a security measure includes applying a first covert optically active security marker to a product or document; completing a transaction for the product or document; and applying a second optically active security marker to the product or document which indicates completion of the transaction.... Agent:

20120274468 - Portable compliance dispenser: A portable compliance dispenser provides a compliance module that is removably attached to a replaceable refill container, which carries any suitable liquid material, such as sanitizer. The compliance module is configured to be worn or carried by an individual and communicates hygiene compliance data to a remote monitoring station when... Agent: Gojo Industries, Inc.

20120274469 - Portable fitness monitoring systems, and applications thereof: Portable fitness monitoring systems, and applications thereof, are disclosed. In an embodiment, a portable fitness monitoring system includes a portable fitness monitoring device, a sensor in communication with the portable fitness monitoring device for sensing performance parameters during a physical activity conducted by the user and communicating performance parameter data... Agent: Adidas Ag

20120274470 - Food safety indicator: A food safety device for placement on a product is disclosed. The food safety device comprises one or more sensors that measure at least one condition of the product and/or its environment, one or more visual indicators that are configured to display a visual indication of freshness and/or safety of... Agent:

20120274471 - Methods and devices for rescuing a distressed diver: The invention discloses devices and methods for identifying a diver in distress and initiating a rescue response. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention allow for identification of a diver who is not breathing properly and in response giving local stimuli to allow the diver to response. Should he/she not respond,... Agent:

20120274472 - Power suppy system: A power supply system includes a current detection module, an analog-to-digital converter, a control module and a display module. The current detection module detects current signals output from the power supply system and converts the current signal to voltage signal. The analog-to-digital converter converts the analog voltage signal to digital... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120274473 - Systems and methods for protecting rotating machines: Systems and methods for protecting rotating machines are provided. Measurements data collected by a plurality of sensors may be received by a controller that includes one or more computers. The plurality of sensors may be configured to monitor vibrations associated with the rotating machine. Based at least in part upon... Agent: General Electric Company

20120274474 - Indicator light circuit and electronic device employing the same: An indicator light circuit includes a network interface card (NIC) microchip, a male connector, a male connector, a connection state indicator, and an operating state indicator. The male connector connects to the female connector to exchange data. The connection state indicator and the operating state indicator are positioned on a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120274475 - Automated well control method and apparatus: A drilling control system monitors and compares drilling and completion operation sensor values and autonomously acts in response to conditions such as a kick or surge. Sensors in various combinations may monitor return fluid flow rate, fluid inflow rate, wellhead bore pressure, temperature of returning fluid, torque, rate of penetration... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20120274476 - Virtual white lines for delimiting planned excavation sites: Method and apparatus for facilitating detection of a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility within a dig area. At least one marked-up digital image of a geographic area including the dig area, the image including at least one indicator to delimit the dig area, is electronically... Agent:

20120274477 - Reliable downhole data transmission system: A downhole signal transmission system provides electric radiofrequency signals that are coupled to electrically conductive or non-conductive fluids through electrical insulators. A plurality of signal repeaters are tuned to the frequencies of the radiofrequency signals, and a plurality of transmission lines terminated by resonance circuits are also provided such that... Agent: Martin Scientific LLC.

20120274478 - Method and apparatus for capturing energy from a meter reading device: Electronic circuits in a register associated with a commodity usage meter capture energy from a meter reading device when the device is coupled to the register (e.g., either electrically or inductively coupled) for the purpose of reading metered quantity data from the register. Electrical charge obtained from the reading device... Agent:

20120274479 - Power monitoring apparatus of standby power saving type, electric load device, and power monitoring method: Provided are a power monitoring apparatus of standby power saving type, an electric load device, and a power monitoring method. The power monitoring apparatus of standby power saving type includes: a power metering module measuring a power consumption situation of an electric load device, transmitting a measured result to a... Agent:

20120274480 - Usage metering based upon hardware aging: Techniques are generally disclosed for using an operating entity, including a method, apparatus, and/or system to control usage of the operating entity. In various embodiments, an in-use signal generator may be configured to generate at least one in-use signal, with the at least one in-use signal having a signal duration... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120274481 - Driver safety enhancement using intelligent traffic signals and gps: A safety system determines a correspondence between a vehicle and an upcoming traffic signal, and predicts a state of the traffic signal when the vehicle is expected to reach the signal's location. Based on proximity to the signal and speed of the vehicle, the system provides a warning if it... Agent: On Time Systems, Inc.

20120274482 - Parking lot management system: A parking lot management system comprising a computer host, a handheld device, an entrance sensor, an entrance camera, an entrance stop, an exit sensor, an exit camera, and an exit stop is disclosed. The handheld device interactively transmits data with the entrance sensor and the exit sensor by near-field communication... Agent: National Chin-yi University Of Technology

20120274483 - Method and apparatus for continuously detecting the presence of vehicles, with an optical sensor and a magnetic sensor: A method and apparatus for continuous, non-intermittent, detection of vehicles based on a light detector for detecting a change in illumination when a vehicle arrives or departs, and on a use of the light detection to activate a magnetic sensor, a sensitivity of which is adjusted to detect only those... Agent:

20120274484 - Selective weather notification: Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media provide for selective weather notifications to be made to the crew of an aircraft according to the level of relevance of the weather information to a selected phase of flight of the aircraft. According to embodiments described herein, weather information is received and parsed... Agent: The Boeing Company

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