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10/25/2012 > 61 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20120268235 - Disablement of user device functionality: The use of user equipment, or distracting features thereof are restricted or prohibited to improve vehicle operation safety. The presence of user equipment within the operator's or driver's operational area is detected. The distracting features are then restricted either immediately or based on other conditions such as vehicle speed, motion,... Agent:

20120268240 - Operating device for operating a machine in the field of automation engineering: An operating device and a method for operating a machine in automation engineering are disclosed. A touch-sensitive screen detects simultaneous contact with the screen at different positions on the screen, and an external key with a geometric key pattern is provided. A reference pattern is stored in the operating device... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120268241 - Biometric chain of provenance: The present disclosure is directed towards methods and systems for ensuring integrity of biometric data for one or more transactions. A mobile biometric device may acquire biometric information of an individual. A ranging module of a transaction device may determine that a distance between the mobile biometric device and a... Agent: Eyelock Inc.

20120268236 - Security system for containers: A storage system for material containers provides a readable ID distinguishing each container, and includes a scale that weighs containers, so that the system can distinguish between containers that are sufficiently loaded to be effective and containers that are insufficiently loaded. The system preferably includes storage for containers held in... Agent: Key Systems, Inc.

20120268243 - Distribution of premises access information: Premises access information can be distributed using a system having a ticket server coupled to a remotely located premises server. The ticket server receives a ticket request from a host device. After interacting with the premises server, the ticket server sends access-related information to a visitor device. The visitor device... Agent: Inventio Ag

20120268242 - Vehicle security system and method of operation based on a nomadic device location: A vehicle security system for a vehicle equipped with a passive keyless entry/passive start (PEPS) security system including a nomadic device configured to determine a present location of the nomadic device (e.g. key fob, smart phone), and a controller configured to control a security-status based on the present location. The... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120268244 - Methods, systems and computer program products for anonymous tracking of objects: Systems and methods of providing location information associated with moveable objects include receiving tag identification (ID) information reports from a plurality of tag sensors. A movable object associated with each of the ID information reports received from the tag sensors is identified. Location information associated with the movable objects is... Agent:

20120268237 - System and method for controlling door: A method for controlling a door includes: capturing an image by a camera; setting a predetermined percentage; comparing the current image captured by the camera with a plurality of images for different people's faces based on the predetermined percentage to determine whether there is a person appearing in the current... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120268238 - Apparatus and system for providing wireless charging service: A wireless charging apparatus and system according to an embodiment of the present invention provides a wireless charging service through authentication so as to efficiently control charging rights with respect to a plurality of electronic devices, which desire to receive the wireless charging service using a shared wireless charging apparatus,... Agent:

20120268239 - Methods, systems and computer program products for registration of and anonymous communications related to tagged objects: Systems and methods of registration of an anonymous tag having an owner with a location service include authenticating a tag sensor associated with the owner of the tag with the location service. The tag is placed within a defined transmission distance of the tag from the tag sensor associated with... Agent:

20120268245 - Method and system for authorizing the charging of an electric vehicle's batteries from a central location based on biometric identity information: Embodiments of the invention described herein use biometric information for authorizing charging an electric vehicle's (EV's) batteries using one of a plurality of electric vehicle charging stations (EVCSs) that are operably connected with a master station. In one aspect, a method of authorizing charging an EV's batteries using an EVCS... Agent: General Electric Company

20120268246 - Systems and methods for generating a derived biometric template: Systems and methods for generating a derived biometric template are provided. A biometric sample of a user is determined. A base biometric template includes a plurality of features extracted from the biometric sample. A degree of rotation is determined, and a derived biometric template is generated using the degree of... Agent:

20120268248 - Authentication device and authentication method for portable information terminal: A portable information terminal such as a cellular phone terminal, a tablet type terminal, or an electronic book reader is set to be used only by an identical user. A touch panel type operation panel capable of using a touch panel mode and a fingerprint sensor mode as a common... Agent: Shinten Sangyo Co., Ltd.

20120268247 - Method and system for authorizing the charging of an electric vehicle's batteries based on biometric identity information: Embodiments of the invention described herein use biometric information for authorizing charging an electric vehicle's (EV's) batteries using an electric vehicle charging station (EVCS). In one aspect, a method of authorizing charging an EV's batteries using an EVCS is described. This embodiment of a method comprises storing, in a database,... Agent: General Electric Company

20120268249 - Energy efficient location detection: In a device, one or more low energy sensors are used to determine a mobility state of the device. Based on both the mobility state of the device and one or more places of interest for the device, a determination is made as to when to use a high energy... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120268254 - Method and systems of tagging objects and reading tags coupled to objects: Methods and systems of tagging objects and reading tags coupled to objects. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are systems comprising a reading antenna, a tag reader coupled to the reading antenna, and a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag comprising a tag antenna electromagnetically coupled to the reading antenna.... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20120268252 - Methods and apparatus to monitor shoppers in a monitored environment: An example disclosed method involves collecting first data with first sensors fixed at entrances or exits of aisles in a retail or commercial establishment, and collecting second data with second sensors fixed in the retail or commercial establishment. The first sensors to collect the first data by detecting a first... Agent:

20120268250 - Rfid device with wide area connectivity: Methods and apparatus relating to a radio frequency identification device (RFID) with wide-area connectivity are provided. In an example, a real-time location (RTL) monitoring device is provided. The RTL monitoring device includes a first radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag and an RFID interrogator configured to interrogate the first RFID tag and... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120268253 - Systems and methods to determine motion parameters using rfid tags: Systems and methods to determine motion parameters of physical objects using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags attached to the objects. In one embodiment, a method implemented in a radio frequency identification (RFID) system includes determining a motion parameter of the RFID tag based on detecting a Doppler frequency shift in... Agent: Keystone Technology Solutions, LLC

20120268251 - Wireless identification tag having circularly polarized planar antenna: A wireless identification tag having circular polarization planar antenna is disclosed. The wireless identification tag includes a conductive substrate and a wireless identification device. The conductive substrate includes a first slot portion, a second slot portion, and a third slot portion. The first slot portion, the second slot portion, and... Agent: China Steel Corporation

20120268255 - Method and system for managing objects in a plurality of distribution platforms: A method and a system for managing objects arranged on a support and each comprising a non-contact label, said method comprises the following steps: detection of non-contact labels, comprising a sub-step of interrogation of the non-contact labels in such a way as to receive identification data of each object by... Agent:

20120268256 - Controlling communication among multiple industrial control systems: A communication control method and system for controlling communication among multiple industrial control systems connected via a network. The communication control system includes: a communication relay apparatus for relaying communication between at least two of multiple industrial control systems; a monitoring section for monitoring the multiple industrial control systems; and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120268257 - Display device, in particular for a motor vehicle: A display device, notably for an automobile vehicle, comprises a head down display module, and a head up display module. Means are provided for adjusting the position at least of the head up display module. The inclination of one or both of the head up and the head down display... Agent: Johnson Control Technology Company

20120268258 - Electronic vehicle document display: A method of displaying electronic documents on a vehicle display screen is described. The vehicle includes a display screen embedded in a window of the vehicle in a manner visible from outside the vehicle. The method includes storing the digital certificate in a memory unit of the control module. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120268259 - Monitored ignition lock: A monitored ignition system is provided. A monitored ignition lock unit is contained within a vehicle. The monitored ignition lock unit is in communication with a weight sensor in the driver's seat and a seatbelt detection feature of the vehicle. A monitored ignition lock managing system is contained remotely from... Agent:

20120268260 - Method and apparatus for dynamically providing space management alerts for a vehicle: In at least one embodiment, an apparatus for providing a space management alert for a host vehicle is provided. The apparatus comprises a controller configured to determine whether a first vehicle positioned ahead of the host vehicle is in a first detection zone and to determine whether a second vehicle... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120268261 - Proximity detection system: The invention relates to a proximity detection system. The invention provides a proximity detection system comprising a generator that generates a magnetic field that establishes a boundary, where the generator is capable of receiving radio frequency signals. Also provided is a radio frequency device that sends radio frequency signals, the... Agent:

20120268262 - Warning system with heads up display: A warning system for a motor vehicle includes a head up display. The warning system detects a remote vehicle that presents a potential hazard to a host vehicle, determines if the remote vehicle is visible to the driver and displays an image onto a combiner of the heads up display... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120268263 - Tire position detecting system and tire position detecting method: The present invention relates to a system and a method for sensing positions of tires. The system for sensing the positions of the tires comprises: a plurality of transmitters having identification numbers (ID) which are attached to inner parts of a plurality of tires to detect the states of the... Agent: Seetron Inc.

20120268264 - System for alarming upon occurrence of secession of smart key for vehicles: The present invention relates to a system for alarming upon occurrence of secession of a smart key for a vehicle, in which wireless communication technology called near field communication (NFC) is applied to both a vehicle and a smart key such that a situation can be prevented in which a... Agent:

20120268265 - Vehicle-integrated child presence and reminder system: A control system for implementing a vehicle-integrated child presence and reminder system includes a computer processor. The control system is integral with a vehicle. Logic is executable by the control system and is configured to monitor an occupancy sensor activated in a vehicle. The occupancy sensor, when activated, is indicative... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120268266 - Warning light system for emergency vehicles: A vehicle-mounted warning light system comprises a housing containing a central light surrounded by several sets of outer lights. A controller is programmed to light the central first, and then each set of outer lights in sequence, while at the same time increasing the intensity of the lights, so that... Agent:

20120268267 - Security system and method using mobile-telephone technology: Disclosed is a security and alarm system. When sensors detect something of note, they alert a master unit which in turn captures pertinent information (e.g., an image or sound) and sends the alert and the captured information. The recipient of the alert (for example, an owner of the system or... Agent:

20120268268 - Mobile sensory device: A remote sensory device used in conjunction with a handheld device , such as a PDA (Personal Data Assistant) that utilizes its various computational and telephonic properties as well as other features such as its; short-wave transceiver, display and human interface, electrical power, texting, internet and web browsing capabilities The... Agent:

20120268270 - Interaction analyzer: A method of analyzing participant activity includes providing an identification unit to a participant, receiving signals from the identification unit, determining location of the participant based on the received signals, storing the location information and the associated timestamp and analyzing the stored information.... Agent:

20120268269 - Threat score generation: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to systems, methods, devices, apparatuses, articles, etc. for generation of a threat score. For certain example implementations, a method may comprise obtaining one or more first attributes of a first person and one or more second attributes of a second person. A first location... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120268271 - Methods and systems for detecting compatibility issues within an electrical grid control system: A packet inspection system for use in a power grid control system comprising a plurality of subsystems is described. The packet inspection system includes a memory device configured to store information associated with the plurality of subsystems. The packet inspection system also includes a first deep packet inspection device configured... Agent:

20120268272 - Systems and methods for detecting contraband: A method for detecting contraband is provided. The method includes acquiring tomographic image data of a subject at a plurality of frequencies using low frequency electromagnetic tomography, generating a composite image of the subject at each of the plurality of frequencies using the acquired tomographic image data, determining a differentiation... Agent: Morpho Detection, Inc.

20120268273 - Security systems and methods for continuously monitoring the weight of a container: Various embodiments disclosed herein are directed to weight monitoring systems for recovering, processing, monitoring, and managing various commodities or products stored in a container.... Agent: Mjk Holding, LLC

20120268274 - Apparatus and method for monitoring a building opening: The invention specifies an apparatus and a method for monitoring a building opening which is closed with a closure element (6, 6a . . . 6n) which is not fully transparent. The apparatus comprises a pattern (M), which is arranged on one side of the closure element (6, 6a .... Agent:

20120268275 - Method and device for protecting articles: A device for protecting articles, especially displayed goods, from theft is typically configured to produce information about the article when a person is detected approaching the article or the article is moved but not taken. The device typically includes an alarm which may be sounded if the article is moved... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20120268276 - Analysis system, analysis method and analysis program: An analysis system includes: a creatinine information acquiring section to input creatinine measurement data that indicate a measurement quantity of creatinine in a urine sample; a material ingredient information acquiring section to input material ingredient data that indicate a measured quantity of a material ingredient in the urine sample; and... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20120268277 - Hygiene monitoring system: The present invention relates to a system suitable for monitoring the contamination potential associated with one or more mobile objects within an environment containing one or more fixed or mobile sources of contamination or cleansing. The system comprises a plurality of signal indicator devices connected to the or each source,... Agent: Veraz Limited

20120268278 - incontinence monitoring and assessment: A system for monitoring incontinence in one or more subjects comprises display means; input means operable by a user; one or more transmitters, each transmitter being associated with one or more subjects being monitored; the one or more transmitters being configured to transmit signals containing continence-related data for the one... Agent: Fred Bergman Healthcare Pty Ltd

20120268279 - Methods and systems for use in monitoring radiation: A display assembly for use with a monitoring system is provided. The display assembly includes a communication interface that is configured to receive radiation data indicative of at least a dosage level for the radiation. Moreover, the display assembly also includes a processor that is coupled to the communication interface,... Agent:

20120268280 - Methods and systems for use in monitoring hazardous gases: A display assembly for use with a monitoring system is provided. The display assembly includes a communication interface that is configured to receive hazardous gas data indicative of a concentration level for at least one gaseous component. Moreover, the display assembly also includes a processor that is coupled to the... Agent:

20120268281 - Smoke alarm: Smoke alarm comprising at least one internal chamber, which chamber has at least one opening towards the surroundings, such that air may pass through the chamber, and where means are provided for emitting light and means for detecting said light is provided in or around said chamber, where the change... Agent: Cavius Aps

20120268282 - Alarm circuit for fans: An alarm circuit is for a fan. The alarm circuit includes a direct current converting circuit, a first electronic switch, a second electronic switch, a clock chip, and a light emitting diode. When the fan does not operate, the light emitting diode blinks to warn the user that the fan... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120268283 - Circuit board having current balance function: A circuit board includes a current balancing unit that receives a number of current values from ammeters. A minimum current value between the current values is determined by the current balancing unit. Resistance of one or more variable resistors of the current balancing unit is adjusted by the current balancing... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120268284 - Force indicating attachment strap for an orthotic: An improved orthotic has a strap that secures the orthotic to a wearer, and comprises a tension indicator coupled to the strap. The tension indicator includes a first element disposed to produce a tactile signal when a tension in the strap reaches a threshold that is less than a permanent... Agent:

20120268285 - Systems and methods for providing haptic feedback in a medical monitor: The present disclosure is directed towards systems and methods for providing haptic feedback in a medical monitor. The haptic feedback may be configurable. For example, haptic feedback may be associated with only a defined set of events occurring or may have different properties according to the event that triggers the... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120268286 - Method for displaying status of power consumption and portable device thereof: Provided is a method for displaying electricity use status and a portable device thereof by identifying at least one electronic appliance in an image on a screen captured through a camera, receiving electricity use information of the at least one electronic appliance, determining the electricity use status of the at... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120268287 - Energy-saving reminder circuit for computer: A circuit where a rotary push switch module with first and second switches are closed and first and second terminals of a NAND gate receive high level signals. An output terminal of the NAND gate outputs a low level signal. A light emitting diode (LED) is not lit. A voltage... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry(shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120268288 - Arcnet use in downhole equipment: An apparatus and method for delivering communication and/or power downhole. The apparatus may include an information network configured to use a multi-drop deterministic protocol. The method may include delivering information over the information network. The method may include delivering power over the information network.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120268289 - Methods and systems for monitoring a grid control system: A detection device for monitoring at least one message transmitted between components included within a grid control system is provided. The detection device includes a memory device configured to store a rationality database that includes at least one rule, and a processor coupled to the memory device and configured to... Agent:

20120268290 - Technology and device for precisely measuring temperature of cable joint on the basis of radio frequency technique: The invention provides a method and a device for on-line measuring the inner temperature of a cable joint, the device includes a built-in temperature measurer and an outside receiver. The built-in temperature measurer measures the temperature of the cable joint or a core wire surface by means of direct contact... Agent: Zhejiang Tuwei Electricity Technology Co, Ltd.

20120268292 - Remotely accessible environmental conditions station, systems and related methods: The disclosure provides system for receiving real-time weather data with a personal weather station as well as non-weather visual or audio data, from a specific location, and for transmitting the data to a remote computer that requests the data.... Agent:

20120268291 - Systems and method for transmitting data in an advanced metering infrastructure: A system for transmitting data in an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is provided. The system includes an AMI network configured to communicate by transmitting data via a plurality of physical communication media that include at least a first physical communication medium and a second physical communication medium, and a plurality... Agent:

20120268293 - Method and apparatus for communication: The invention relates to a method for a vehicle to communicate with another vehicle or with an infrastructure device which has a particular range which is dependent on the current position of the vehicle. In order to ensure correct operation of the communication, the range to be expected for the... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co.ohg

20120268294 - Human machine interface unit for a communication device in a vehicle and i/o method using said human machine interface unit: A method for inputting and outputting data for a communication device in a vehicle includes receiving an abstract input or output method AMx for inputting data into and outputting data out of a communication application arrangement APP from a communication application arrangement APP of the communication device, selecting at least... Agent: S1nn Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120268295 - Terminal apparatus mounted on a vehicle to perform vehicle-to-vehicle communication: A map data storage unit holds map data in which a road ID is allocated, as identification information, to every preset section of at least part of roads. A traffic jam determination unit determines whether the section corresponding to every road ID is congested. A transmission unit performs broadcast transmission... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

10/18/2012 > 41 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120262268 - Communication of commands in a home automation network and between home automation networks: Method of communication in a home automation network allowing communication between command transmitters and/or command receivers associated with equipment in a building by means of messages transmitted in the form of frames, a frame comprising at least one data field comprising several functional segments, said method comprising a step of... Agent: Somfy Sas

20120262270 - Systems and methods for zone-based selection of airport access point security features: Methods for configuring one or more access points between adjacent zones of different types at an airport facility are disclosed. One method includes determining an access point type based on a security level of a first zone on a first side of the access point and a second security level... Agent:

20120262271 - Interactive audio/video system and device for use in a secure facility: A system and device for providing services to a secure facility. The system includes a kiosk with a processor, display, speaker, microphone, and a camera, and the kiosk communicates with a server that includes a server processor, a network interface unit, and a computer memory. The kiosk receives communications and... Agent:

20120262272 - Monitoring unit configuration management: A monitoring device in accordance with the disclosure stores a serial number list in non-volatile memory, the serial number list including data indicative of at least one valid serial number associated with one or more key fobs permitted to interact with the monitoring device. The monitoring device is configured to... Agent: Cubic Corporation

20120262273 - Universal external control device for use by multiple conditional access users with varying access to functionality of an implantable medical device: A universal external control device for use by multiple conditional access users with varying access to functionality of an implantable medical device in wireless communication therewith. Circuitry associated with the external control device is used to uniquely identify each of the conditional access users via an access device such as... Agent: Codman Neuro Sciences Sarl

20120262274 - Medical system and method for operating a medical system: A medical system and method to operating the medical system is presented. A patient storage element is assigned to a patient comprising identification information identifying the patient. A medical device has a contaminating patient application. A medical device storage element on the medical device comprises use information. A clearing device... Agent:

20120262269 - Method for monitoring a space accessible through a control door and control door: The invention relates to a method for monitoring a space that can be accessed through a control door (1), said method being characterised in that it comprises: i) monitoring the opening of the door (1); ii) as soon as a minimal opening of the door (1) occurs, powering a first... Agent:

20120262275 - Multifactor multimedia biometric authentication: A device may receive a request to authenticate a user, automatically establish a multimedia session with the user in response to receiving the request, and capture a group of biometric identifiers for the user from the multimedia session. The device may further perform a group of biometric authentication operations using... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20120262277 - Device and system for providing current information for a geographic point of interest: A computer-based system manages and communicates the identity, attributes, and current state of a geographic point of interest. The system includes a beacon device and a distributed data network. The beacon device includes a housing supporting control electronics, a display, and communication electronics. The beacon is placed at a visible... Agent: Ronin Licensing, LLC

20120262276 - Systems and methods for transmitting information, alerts, and/or comments to participants based on location information: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for sharing information related to a location also referred to herein as a “spot,” such as spot alerts and/or spot comments (e.g., shared information, advertisements, etc.) received, displayed, played, and/or actuated, for example, on recipient mobile electronic devices proximately located to... Agent:

20120262278 - Inventory devices and methods: e

20120262279 - System and method for identifying a genuine printed document: A system and method for verifying that a document is included in a document management system is disclosed. This system and method includes scanning of a scan track of a document, generating document data dependently upon the scanning, comparing the generated document data to stored document data, the stored document... Agent:

20120262281 - System and method for in-box electronic device provisioning: Configurable electronic devices contain identifying information in a dual-ported memory. A plurality of un-configured units are assembled into a set. Using identifying information, a provisioning server matches each particular unit to configuration settings needed to appropriately configure that device for use by a specific end user. The configuration settings and/or... Agent: Polycom, Inc.

20120262280 - Controlled device and control system using radio-frequency identification technology: A control system includes a portable electronic device and a controlled device. The portable electronic device includes a user input unit, a first processing unit, and a transmitting unit. The controlled device includes a controlled module and an RFID tag. The RFID tag includes a receiving unit, a tag memory... Agent: Userstar Information System Co., Ltd.

20120262282 - Hanging fan control circuit for controlling clockwise/counterclockwise rotation direction and rotation speed: A hanging fan control circuit for controlling a clockwise/counterclockwise rotation and a rotation speed comprises a zero circuit including an integrating circuit for converting an external AC power at a different frequency into a DC power at a different voltage and transmitting a power signal to a central processing unit.... Agent:

20120262283 - Odometer verification and reporting using a telematics-equipped vehicle: A system and method for providing an odometer verification for a vehicle. The method carried out by the system includes the steps of: (a) receiving authorization from a customer to periodically store odometer information obtained from the customer's vehicle; (b) configuring at least one processing device such that it automatically... Agent: General Motors LLC

20120262284 - Method and system for warning a driver of a vehicle about potential obstacles behind the vehicle: A method and system produce a warning signal to warn a driver of a vehicle about a potential obstacle crossing behind the vehicle, for example as the vehicle is backing out of a parking space. The system and method use a sensor to detect, monitor and track the position and... Agent: Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh

20120262286 - Smart tire-pressure sensing system and automatic matching method thereof: A smart tire-pressure sensing system and an automatic matching method thereof are disclosed. The smart tire-pressure sensing system has a tire-pressure sensor compatible to multiple encoding systems. The tire-pressure sensor is configured to select one of the encoding systems according to a code identification signal so as to have signal... Agent:

20120262285 - Smart tire-pressure sensing system with protection mechanism and protection method thereof: A smart tire-pressure sensing system with a protection mechanism and a protection method thereof are disclosed. The smart tire-pressure sensing system has at least one host and at least one tire-pressure sensor preprogrammed with multiple encoding systems. The tire-pressure sensor is configured to select one of the encoding systems during... Agent:

20120262287 - Vehicle gate ajar notification method: A vehicle user is notified of a rear gate ajar condition so that the user can take corrective action by opening and then re-closing the rear gate. The method includes the steps of determining that the rear gate latch has engaged a latch striker but has not reached a fully... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120262288 - Diffractive signaling device for rear-view mirror with 2d/3d display: Signaling device designed to be arranged on the reflective element forming a mirror of a rear-view device comprising at least an illumination unit and at least an optical device, characterized by the fact that the optical device includes a symbol generation unit which is provided with at least a diffraction... Agent:

20120262289 - Security systems having portable monitoring devices and methods using same: A security system having a portable monitoring device in communication with detection devices and notification systems to provide messages. Methods for employing a portable monitoring device are also provided herein.... Agent:

20120262290 - Systems and methods for providing a tracking system: A tracking system and associated methods for locating animals, such as wounded/downed game animals or non-game animals such as research animals, and/or projectiles configured to be shot at an animal are disclosed. The system includes a transmitter and one or more radio frequency reflectors that are coupled to a projectile.... Agent:

20120262291 - Biodegradable smart sensor for mesh network applications: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for a biodegradable sensor device for mesh networking applications. In an embodiment of the invention, a biodegradable sensor device for mesh networking applications is provided. The device includes a frame formed of biodegradable material such as a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120262292 - Portable device inventory tracking: Various embodiments of systems and methods for portable device inventory tracking are described herein. In various embodiments, a mother device scans a vicinity to register and track one or more satellite devices. During registration process, the mother device assigns an owner identifier value and an item identifier value to the... Agent:

20120262293 - Systems and methods for electronic control device with deactivation alert: An electronic control device for interfering with locomotion by a human or animal target includes a processor and stimulus signal generator. Upon engagement of a trigger by an operator, a stimulus signal is provided to electrodes for a time period to interfere with the skeletal muscles of the target. An... Agent:

20120262294 - Facility and method for monitoring a defined, predetermined area using at least one acoustic sensor: A monitoring facility includes at least one acoustic sensor arranged in a monitoring area to convert an acoustic wave picked up following the occurrence of an activity in the monitoring area into an information signal, and a processing device to receive the information signal. Also included is a system for... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120262295 - Method and device for monitoring movements of an animal: storing in the control unit a number of predetermined-type movements counted during a predetermined set of periods which comprises a number of successive first periods, and transmitting a number of the stored numbers of counted movements at moments which depend on the number of detected predetermined-type movements in at least... Agent: Corporation N.v. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek Nedap

20120262296 - User intent analysis extent of speaker intent analysis system: A speaker intent analysis system and method for validating the truthfulness and intent of a plurality of participants' responses to questions. A computer stores, retrieves, and transmits a series of questions to be answered audibly by participants. The participants' answers are received by a data processor. The data processor analyzes... Agent:

20120262297 - Systems and methods for measuring the skiing condition for skiers: Methods and systems for measuring the skiing condition for skiers. One embodiment of the invention includes using a goggle, a ski jacket, a ski, and a ski pole to set the skiing condition, measure the skiing condition, record the dangerous skiing condition, and share the skiing condition in real-time to... Agent:

20120262298 - Advanced analyte sensor calibration and error detection: Systems and methods for processing sensor data and self-calibration are provided. In some embodiments, systems and methods are provided which are capable of calibrating a continuous analyte sensor based on an initial sensitivity, and then continuously performing self-calibration without using, or with reduced use of, reference measurements. In certain embodiments,... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20120262299 - Earthquake-triggered emergency indicator: An earthquake-triggered emergency indicator includes an earthquake detector, an indicator, a controller, and a battery module. The earthquake detector is configured for detecting a vibration. The indicator is configured for generating an indication signal in a form of light, sound or vibration to guide a user to take an emergency... Agent:

20120262300 - Diagnosis and maintenance device for a switchgear assembly and corresponding switchgear assembly: A diagnosis and maintenance device is provided for a switchgear assembly, for example, a low-voltage switchgear assembly. The diagnosis and maintenance device includes a data processing device and at least one first, internal interface device, which is connected to at least one connected and communication-capable apparatus in the switchgear assembly... Agent: Abb Ag

20120262301 - Battery compartment adapted object locating device: An object locating device containing a transmitter, receiver, and adapted battery. The receiver and adapted battery are sized to correspond to a standard sized battery and fit into the battery compartment of the object to be located. The transmitter, when activated, emits a radio frequency that is received by the... Agent:

20120262302 - Power plug with safety protection: A power plug with safety protection comprises a main body, two blades, two wires or electrical conducting clips, a circuit isolating means for selectively opening or closing a circuit in the main body so as to supply or cut off power, and a current limiting means. One of the blades... Agent:

20120262303 - Remote data monitoring and collection system with multi-tiered analysis: A system collects and stores data from a source at a high resolution and/or a high data rate (“more detailed data”) and sends a low-resolution and/or downsampled version of the data (“less detailed data”) to a remote server via a wireless network. The server automatically analyzes the less detailed data... Agent: Mrn Partners LLP

20120262304 - Portable traffic signaling system: A portable traffic signaling system includes a plurality of portable traffic signals, each of the portable traffic signals having a plurality of traffic lights and a stand having legs that fold for transport and unfold for deployment. A short range wireless traffic signal transceiver that communicates bidirectionally via a short... Agent: Criptonic Energy Solutions, Inc.

20120262305 - Identifying parking spots: A method includes receiving a report of an open parking spot and parking data that indicates a geographic location of the open parking spot, the report being generated based at least in part on determined movement of the mobile computing device; starting a timer relating to the open parking spot;... Agent: Google Inc.

20120262306 - Systems and methods of improving or increasing information concerning, particularly, runway conditions available to pilots of landing aircraft: Addressed are systems and methods for providing to pilots of landing aircraft real-time (or near real-time) information concerning runway conditions and aircraft-stopping performance to be encountered upon landing. The systems and methods contemplate using more objective data than utilized at present and providing the information in automated manner. Information may... Agent: Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation

20120262307 - Systems and methods for monitoring cargo conditions: Cargo controllers are provided to control executions of the cargo container condition monitoring system, wherein the cargo controller is physically located inside a cargo container, wherein the cargo container is sitting on a ship, which, when cruising in midst of sea during the trip, is completely sealed and unable to... Agent:

20120262308 - Systems and methods for preventing cargo goods from being stolen: Systems and Methods for preventing cargo goods from stolen are provided. In one embodiment, a cargo alert system for preventing cargo goods from stolen is provided. In the embodiment, a GPS receiver attached on a vessel, wherein the GPS receiver receives GPS signals in an exposed, open area. Further, the... Agent:

10/11/2012 > 48 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20120256724 - Four-way electronic lock: An electronic lock has at least one display screen and at least one micro engine locking system in order to ensure locking operation in electronic lock embodiments used in items such as an electronic door, drawer, locker, casing, cabinet, safe storage boxes, sections and other applications. At least one direction... Agent:

20120256723 - Random location authentication: If the user responds by indicating that the associated location matches the character, the character is authenticated. If the user responds by indicating that a location not associated with the character is a match, the character is not authenticated. This process is then repeated for each character in the authentication... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20120256725 - Authentication system: [PROBLEMS] To provide an authentication system improving authentication accuracy of existence of a registered person and easily find an unauthorized act to improve the security in a system by performing authentication using coincidence/non-coincidence of biometrics information and temporal/spatial authentication when performing individual authentication via a network by using electronic information... Agent: Ihc Corporation

20120256731 - Golf ball with rfid inlay in a molded impression: A compressible core with an RFID tag is described. The compressible core includes an RFID integrated circuit, a carrier material, a molded compressible core, and a fill material. The RFID integrated circuit includes a memory that stores at least one unique identifier. The carrier material includes an RFID antenna electrically... Agent:

20120256728 - Hierarchical fast collection procedure: A system for collecting information from one or more radiofrequency identification (RFID) tags is provided. The system includes one or more RFID tags and a first interrogator device. The first interrogator device may be configured to perform interrogator functions in a first wireless network and perform tag functions in a... Agent: Savi Technology, Inc.

20120256730 - Interrogator and system employing the same: An interrogator and system employing the same. In one embodiment, the interrogator includes a receiver configured to receive a return signal from a tag and a sensing module configured to provide a time associated with the return signal. The interrogator also includes a processor configured to employ synthetic aperture radar... Agent: Lone StarIPHoldings, Lp

20120256726 - Method, apparatus, and computer program product for special dedicated inquiry and inquiry response process for dedicated device search: Method, apparatus, and computer program product example embodiments provide direction finding information exchange without establishment of a formal communication connection. In an example embodiment, a special value is reserved for an inquiry access code, to signify that an inquiring device that transmits the special code is a direction finding capable... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120256729 - Method, apparatus, and system for providing a service: A method and a system for providing a service are provided. In the method for providing the service, a user terminal receives customized information among individuals or group members. The method includes: obtaining tag information by reading a tag attached to an object, the tag information containing a tag code... Agent: Kt Corporation

20120256727 - Selectively enabled rfid tag: A RFID tag including an outer casing, an antenna positioned in the outer casing, and a chip positioned in the outer casing. At least one of the chip or the antenna is manually movable into or out of electrical communication with the other one of the chip or antenna.... Agent: Redbud Systems, LLC

20120256732 - Systems, methods, and devices for commissioning wireless sensors: In one embodiment the present invention comprises a smartphone and encoders for commissioning RFID transponders. The present invention further includes novel systems, devices, and methods for commissioning RFID transponders with unique object class instance numbers without requiring a realtime connection to a serialization database.... Agent:

20120256733 - Rfid power control and monitoring system: A system for monitoring parameters associated with a device, such as current, voltage, power, temperature, energy consumed, moisture, fluid levels and flow, wind speed, identification parameters, and repair history. The system includes the use of hybrid RFID sensor tags including a combination of active, semi-passive, and passive RFID circuits. Hybrid... Agent:

20120256735 - Remote control interference avoidance: Computer readable media, methods and apparatuses may be configured for determining a rate of signal pulses transmitted by a device and a transmission interval occurring between a first of the signal pulses and a second of the signal pulses, detecting selection of a command by a user, and transmitting at... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20120256736 - Method for remote control of an electric equipment unit and control device for implementation of such a method: A method for remote control of an electric equipment unit, and device therefor, that includes a first actuation sequence of a generator and a second actuation sequence of that generator, wherein, in the first sequence, actuation stores energy of the first actuation and information of a control order to be... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20120256734 - Remote control device of an electric equipment unit and method for implementation of this device: The object of the present invention is to provide a remote control device of an electric equipment unit comprising a remote control comprising at least one actuating button of the mechanism of the equipment unit by means of transmission means provided partly in the remote control and partly in the... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20120256737 - Portable terminal with remote control function and method of performing remote control using the same: Provided is a portable terminal with a remote control function for improving control convenience when a user controls a control target apparatus. The portable terminal with the remote control function includes a storing part for storing control information, an input/output part for displaying the control information and providing a control... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120256738 - Display device, terminal device, and display-device connection support system: A display device 100 determines visual identification information for visually distinguishing the display device 100 from other display devices in a terminal device 200, on the basis of unique information for the display device 100, and displays the visual identification information. The display device 100 transmits shared identification information to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120256739 - Operation apparatus: An operation apparatus includes a base, a sensing unit, a plurality of plates, and a drive mechanism. The base has a surface. The sensing unit includes at least three pressure-sensitive detection regions that are provided at different vertex positions of a polygon having at least three corners set in each... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120256740 - Computing device and method of automobile control: A computing device and an automobile controlling method stores identification information in an electronic tag of authorized communication devices and a memory of the computing device. The identification information of an electronic tag of a communication device is obtained and a door of an automobile is unlocked if the obtained... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20120256741 - Personal compliance dispenser: A portable personal dispenser assembly comprising a combination of a dispenser and a communication enabled, portable handheld pocket-sized, personal computer in which the pocket-sized personal computer performs compliance monitoring of use of the dispenser and preferably controls and powers the use of the dispenser.... Agent: Inc.

20120256742 - Electronic reminder and monitoring system for healthcare infection control precautions: A system and method for monitoring personal protection items of a healthcare worker (gloves, gown, mask and respirator), using a user badge which stores data representing items worn by a worker, wirelessly communicating with the badge before the worker enters a patient zone (such as a patient room, bed area... Agent:

20120256743 - Location system and method: An autonomous system of at least four transceivers located at fixed positions on a campus are networked to each other. Persons on the campus carries a fob or other transmitter. Each transceiver has a clock synchronized in time by a GPS satellite time signal. A location processor knows the fixed... Agent: Rf Visibility LLC

20120256744 - Display with function of dark shining and currency identifier: A display with function of dark shining and currency identifier is provided. The display comprises a micro controller, a button unit and an ultraviolet emitter. The button unit contains an ultraviolet button, and the button unit might output an ultraviolet signal (SUV) to the micro controller if the ultraviolet button... Agent: Tpv Electronics (fujian) Co., Ltd.

20120256745 - Public safety analysis system: A computer-implemented method includes evaluating, using an analysis module of a public safety analysis system, user-generated content associated with at least one content source; identifying, using the analysis module of the public safety analysis system, a putative public safety incident based at least in part on the evaluation of the... Agent: Rave Wireless, Inc.

20120256746 - Tamper-proof alarm component and methods of making and using the same: Tamper-proof alarm components for detecting theft, for example, of copper, air conditioning component(s), and/or an air conditioning unit are disclosed. Methods of making and using tamper-proof alarm components are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120256747 - Retractable merchandise security tether with alarm: A retractable merchandise security tether with alarm is provided. The security tether includes a housing carrying a spool for winding an unwinding a cable therefrom. A security module is also packaged within the housing. The security module includes a sensor operable to detect the presence of a severed end of... Agent: Southern Imperial, Inc.

20120256748 - Disc media securement: An optical media case having a top portion with an aperture and a bottom portion also having a aperture positioned therein. A hinged portion, said hinged portion connected between said top portion and said bottom portion to form an enclosure. An EAS device comprising a first portion, a second portion... Agent:

20120256749 - Method and apparatus for health monitoring: A computer implemented method includes communicating with one or more medical and/or wellness devices. The method further includes receiving one or more data related to a medical or wellness condition from at least one of the one or more medical and/or wellness devices. The method additionally includes reporting a measurement... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120256750 - Dimensionally-sensitive moisture sensor and an alarm system for an absorbent article: An apparatus and method for detecting moisture in a diaper is disclosed. A moisture sensor apparatus is comprised of a housing made of material dimensionally-sensitive to moisture, such that the housing will expand or contract. Electrically conductive contacts disposed on/in the housing, are selectively coupled to, or decoupled from, each... Agent:

20120256751 - Talking power management utility: An architecture is presented that provides a computer-implemented system and method for monitoring a remaining battery charge level in a device and detecting when said battery charge level is reduced to a selected level. The system comprises a monitoring component that monitors remaining battery charge levels for any device that... Agent:

20120256752 - System and method to extend operating life of rechargable batteries using battery charge management: A battery charging management technique and apparatus to manage battery charge in order to extend the operating life of the battery while meeting the energy needs of both scheduled and unscheduled discharges of the battery.... Agent:

20120256753 - Arc fault circuit interrupter tester: An arc fault circuit interrupter test circuit is disclosed. The test circuit incorporates a controller along with at least one power transistor, a current sense circuit and a voltage sense circuit. When the power transistor is operated, the current flowing through the transistor is sensed, and if the current is... Agent:

20120256754 - Monitoring device for an ungrounded power network of a photovoltaic system: A monitoring device for an ungrounded electric network of a photovoltaic system. The monitoring device includes a short circuit measuring circuit having a first electric measuring circuit conductor connecting a first electric pole of the photovoltaic system with a reference point by means of at least one protective component, and... Agent:

20120256755 - Household electrical appliance: Herein disclosed is a household electrical appliance easily to know whether electricity rates are high or low when using the household electrical appliance, even in the variable rate system. The household electrical appliance includes, a receiving unit that receives information of electricity rates which are changed based on power generation... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120256756 - Use of multiplexed rfid controller to verify connections in automated systems: A system and method for using multiplexed RFID transceivers and RFID tags to verify connections and communicate the connection status to a host system is provided. RFID tags that are programmed with connection specific indicia are attached at or in proximity to various connections in a pharmaceutical or biotech processing... Agent: Newage Industries, Inc.

20120256757 - Identification display method and system: A message presentation method and system is disclosed. The method includes receiving by a computer processor of an electrical device, data associated with a function of the electrical device. The electrical device comprises light emitting devices. The computer processor generates an identification code identifying the function, a first bit signal... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120256758 - Dishwasher (water, electricity, detergent) conservation system: Invention was created for the conservation of water. An ecofriendly apparatus is specifically designed for Kitchen Dishwasher use. According to R. Waskom, Colorado State University & Director, Colorado Water Institute, June 2010 states: “Changing water use habits is easy, saves money, and offers a way for a family to work... Agent:

20120256759 - System and method for downhole telemetry: A system and method are provided for providing electromagnetic (EM) measurement-while-drilling (MWD) telemetry capabilities using an existing mud-pulse MWD tool. An EM tool intercepts the output from the mud-pulse tool and generates an EM signal that mimics a mud-pulse pressure signal. The EM signal is intercepted at the surface by... Agent: Mostar Directional Technologies Inc.

20120256760 - Remote weather sensing for harvesting conditions: Systems and methods for remote query of weather conditions at an agricultural machine use an onboard telemetry unit as a gateway for communication with the machine. The telemetry unit can be coupled to both the machine's electrical system at the machine, and a machine's controller area network (CAN). A user... Agent: Agco Corporation

20120256761 - Wireless telemetry electronic circuitry for measuring strain in high-temperature environments: In a telemetry system for use in an engine, a circuit structure (34) affixed to a moving part (20) of the engine is disposed for amplifying information sensed about a condition of the part and transmitting the sensed information to a receiver external to the engine. The circuit structure is... Agent:

20120256762 - Emergency management system: An emergency management system comprises a plurality of command centers, each having real time updated information about an area of interest, a plurality of uniquely identifiable portable monitors, each of the monitors including a sensor portion for determining one or more exposure parameters, and each of the monitors including a... Agent: Upmc

20120256763 - Remote machine query and control using telemetry unit and other sensors: Systems and methods for remote query and control of an agricultural machine use an onboard telemetry unit as a gateway for communication with the machine. The telemetry unit can be coupled to both the machine's electrical system at the machine, and a machine's controller area network (CAN). A user can... Agent: Agco Corporation

20120256764 - Method and apparatus for an object detection system using two modulated light sources: An object detection tracking system for a vehicle includes a first modulated light source for transmitting a first light signal with a first propagation pattern into a target region and a second modulated light source for transmitting a second light signal with a second propagation pattern into the target region.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120256765 - Sequenced vehicular traffic guiding system: A system for marking a route, path or boundary. The system may comprise a plurality of modules, each of which comprises a signaling device, a radiofrequency apparatus and control circuitry. Such modules are positionable in an array which marks the route, path or boundary. When positioned in the array, the... Agent:

20120256766 - Integration of global positioning system and active parking assist functionalities: A vehicle has a global positioning system and an active parking assist system. The global positioning system is configured for providing information designating a present location of the vehicle and for providing information designating configuration of a target parking location proximate to the present location of the vehicle. The active... Agent:

20120256767 - Systems and methods for informing a pilot of an aircraft about a topographical condition: Systems and methods for informing a pilot of an aircraft about a topographical condition of a runway are disclosed herein. The system includes, but is not limited to, an electronic data storage unit configured to store location information and topographical condition information for a plurality of runways, a position determining... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120256768 - System and method of using a multi-view display: Embodiments of the invention relate to a vehicle instrumentation systems and display systems employing multi-view displays in various land, water, air, and/or space vehicles. In one embodiment of the invention, an aircraft instrumentation system for a flight deck instrument panel includes at least one multi-view display configured to display at... Agent: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

20120256770 - System and method for providing vehicle and fleet profiles and presentations of trends: A computer system and products and methods therefor including at least one computer processor and computer readable storage medium or media including computer code and at least one storage device in which is stored GPS data for a plurality of vehicles the system comprising: a memory including GPS event database... Agent:

20120256769 - System and method for real-time detection of an emergency situation occuring in a vehicle: A system for real-time detection of an emergency situation occurring in a vehicle includes, but is not limited to, a first sensor that is configured to detect an occupant-related condition and to generate a first signal that includes information relating to the occupant-related condition. The system further includes a transmitter... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

10/04/2012 > 60 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20120249285 - Highlighting in response to determining device transfer: A computationally implemented method includes, but is not limited to: determining that a computing device that was presenting an item has been transferred from a first user to a second user; and presenting, via the computing device, one or more highlighted portions of the item, the one or more highlighted... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20120249284 - System for controlling battery conditions: A system and method for controlling battery conditions. The system includes a network access device battery. The network access device battery powers a network access device. A heating element may be connected to the network access device battery. The heating element may be a resistive load for determining a status... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20120249286 - System and method for assuring utility network security and reliability: A system and method for detecting a utility network threat based on the quality of communications received at devices in the utility network. The quality of a communication signal received by a device in the utility network is determined and a threat to the utility network is determined based on... Agent: General Electric Company

20120249287 - Presentation format selection based at least on device transfer determination: A computationally implemented method includes, but is not limited to: determining that a computing device that was in possession of a first user has been transferred from the first user to a second user, the determining including at least partially identifying the second user and the computing device being designed... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20120249288 - Rf-id tag reading system for using password and method thereof: Provided is a RFID tag with enhanced security. The tag includes a tag memory to store thereto pre-determined password information and tag data, an antenna to receive a tag data transmission request signal from an outer reader, and a tag controller to request the reader to transmit the password if... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120249291 - Systems and methods for vehicle passive entry: A system for a vehicle includes a sensor and a control module. The sensor detects a gesture made by a user. The control module unlocks the vehicle when (i) a key fob is within a predetermined distance from the vehicle and (ii) the detected gesture matches a desired gesture. A... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20120249292 - Proximity based biometric identification systems and methods: Systems and methods which provide identification of a user in combination with mutual authentication between a user and identification host are shown. Embodiments further provide mutual authentication between the identification host and a resource for which access is controlled, thereby providing three-party authentication (e.g., user, identification host, resource). Although utilizing... Agent: Hong Kong Applied Science And Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

20120249293 - Recognition system and recognition method: A recognition system is used for recognizing an operation of a user. The recognition system includes a sensor module, a processing device, a playing device, and data storage device. The sensor module is used for generating a first sensing signal according to an operation of a user. The data storage... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20120249294 - Biometric pairing for insulin infusion system: The invention relates to a device and method for treating diabetic patients on insulin therapy. More specifically, the invention includes apparatus for infusing insulin into a patient in an amount determined by the patient's carbohydrate intake, blood glucose level, and the amount of insulin calculated to be present in the... Agent:

20120249295 - User interface, touch-controlled device and method for authenticating a user of a touch-controlled device: A method for authenticating a user of a touch-controlled device having a touch screen may include touching the touch screen with a user's finger or stylus to initiate a core figure to start the authentication process. The core figure includes a center and a surrounding area. Therefore, user need only... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20120249296 - Method of protection in a contactless radiofrequency communication: A method of protection of a near-field contactless communication system against malicious attacks. The method includes exchange of information between a reader and a contactless card of duration T, measured with respect to a starting instant t0 seen from the reader, decoding of this information by the card, sending by... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120249290 - Controller for a door entry system: Controller for retrofit connection to a pre-installed door entry system of an area having a communal entrance secured by a communal door having a first electrically operated lock and a non-communal internal region secured by an internal door having a second electrically operated lock, the door entry system comprising a... Agent: Lifealike Ltd.

20120249289 - Encrypted communications for a moveable barrier environment: An at least partially secure communication environment is provided in which accessory devices can be communicated with and controlled in the context of a movable barrier operator system. In one example approach, a gateway device can be configured to coordinate and control such communications in a secure manner. Three example... Agent:

20120249297 - Consent biometrics: A system with its methods of detecting whether users are willing to access the biometric systems has been developed that includes acquiring the signal of an anatomical feature having a biometric feature, acquiring a dynamic feature for willingness test with/without biometric feature, isolating a region of the signal having the... Agent:

20120249298 - Method and apparatus for providing biometric authentication using distributed computations: An approach is provided for performing biometric authentication. A determination is made of biometric data from a user equipment having an associated user. Decomposition of the biometric data is caused into one or more closure primitives that represent computation closures of one or more processes of the user equipment. The... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120249299 - Control circuit for indicator light: A control circuit for an indicator light includes a power source, a switch unit, a ground resistor, and a first adjusting unit. The power source supplies a voltage. The switch unit is connected between the power source and the indicator light and turns on or turns off the indicator light.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120249300 - Determination of location using rssi and transmit power: In various embodiments, the location of a wireless communications device may be found by determining the distance to at least one other communications device whose location is known. Each distance may be determined by examining the transmit power and received signal strength indicator for a transmission from that device. Triangulation... Agent:

20120249304 - Document with inductive charging and data storage and transmission: Illustrated is a system and method to inductively receive electrical power. Additionally, the system and method includes a non-volatile memory that includes data relating to the system and method, the non-volatile memory supplied with the electrical power. Further, the system and method includes a document into which the coil and... Agent:

20120249307 - Method and system of tracking hotel linen products: A tracking system for tracking hotel linen includes a tracking control, a plurality of check points setting at different key locations in a hotel respectively to communicatively link with the tracking control, and a plurality of identification tags arranged for permanently affixing at a plurality of hotel linen products respectively.... Agent:

20120249306 - Rf-id tag and rf-id communication system: An RF-ID tag has an IC, a loop antenna to which the IC is connected, and a linear booster antenna, and the booster antenna has, as one end portion in a longitudinal direction of the linear booster antenna, a fold-back portion which is wound; and a portion, having a length... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120249302 - Smart hybrid card system providing authenticity, privacy, and security (aps): An RFID system includes a number of RFID tags and an RFID reader. Each RFID tag includes a respective portion of a target data object. The RFID reader is adapted to read each portion of the target data object from the respective RFID tags. A method of providing an identification... Agent:

20120249303 - Subset selection of rfid tags using light: Methods and apparatuses for selecting a subset of RFID tags are provided in some embodiments. These methods and apparatuses utilize the susceptibility to light by persistent nodes found in passive tags. Light can be used to intentionally reduce persistence times in a particular subset tags or even an individual tag.... Agent:

20120249301 - Voltage tuned variable jammer tolerance: Briefly, in accordance with one or more embodiments, a mixer circuit at a receiver of an RFID interrogator may operate at a power supply voltage selected based at least in part on a power level of the self-jammer signal. The mixer circuit may operate at a higher power supply voltage... Agent:

20120249305 - Wireless tag processor: A wireless tag processor includes a radio wave transmitting unit that has plural rows of transmitting part groups each having plural transmitting parts that transmit radio waves, the transmitting parts being aligned along a first direction, and the groups being provided in a second direction crossing the first direction, and... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20120249308 - Method for handling collision in an identification system: A method for handling collision in an identification system where the identification system includes a reader, a first transponder and a second transponder. The method involves the reader transmitting an initialization command to the first transponder and to the second transponder; upon receiving the initialization command, the first transponder and... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120249309 - Apparatus, systems and methods for power line carrier data communication to dc powered electronic device: Systems and methods are operable to communicate information to a direct current (DC) powered electronic device. An exemplary embodiment receives alternating current (AC) power with an AC information signal modulated thereon, converts the received AC power to DC power, demodulates the received AC information signal to determine information, modulates the... Agent: Eldon Technology Limited

20120249310 - Contactless sensing and control system: This disclosure describes embodiments of a contactless sensing system for controlling operation of a remote device. The sensing system can comprise an actuator and a sensing device, which is responsive to a field the actuator emits. An end user can move the actuator relative to the sensing device to generate... Agent:

20120249311 - Pull station: A pull station for an alarm includes a housing having an actuator mounted for movement with respect thereto. The actuator has a standby (i.e., normal) position and an alarm position. The actuator has a contoured actuation surface configured such that downward pressure on the actuation surface moves the actuator from... Agent: Simplexgrinnell Lp

20120249313 - Electric hand tool with activation indication device: The invention relates to an electrically powered hand tool which comprises a device for providing tactile feedback to an operator of the tool. The tool further comprises a user-operated trigger for activating the working member of the tool. The tactile feedback provided by the tool alerts the operator about the... Agent: Husqvarna Ab

20120249312 - Tactile feedback in an electronic device: An electronic device for providing tactile feedback is provided. The electronic device may provide tactile feedback using any suitable approach, including for example vibration, heat, electrical, visual, or any other type of feedback. The electronic device may provide tactile feedback in response to detecting any particular status of the electronic... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120249314 - Tactile sensation providing apparatus: A tactile sensation providing apparatus capable of providing a tactile sensation to a user at timing maintaining an operation feeling of the user, even when a light pressure load is applied, is provided. According to the present invention, the tactile sensation providing apparatus includes a touch sensor 11 configured to... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120249315 - Rotary control device with haptic feedback: The present invention relates to a rotary control device with haptic feedback to be mounted in a control panel (5) of a motor vehicle, said rotary control device (1) comprising: a rotary control member (2), an angular sensor (3a, 3b, 3c) representative of the angular position of said rotary control... Agent: Dav

20120249316 - Bicycle brake light system: A self sustaining brake light system particularly suitable for employment on a bicycle is provided. The brake light system comprises a brake arm operably disposed on a bicycle frame, a power generating unit mounted on the brake arm, and a brake light unit powered by the power generating unit. Particularly,... Agent: Lite-on Technology Corporation

20120249317 - Bicycle seat cover with warning apparatus: The present invention relates to an improving bicycle warning assembly, which mainly includes a bicycle seat cover connecting with electricity generate modules and an LED module with LEDs, which are mounted in back side direction for warning those behind. When a user is riding a bicycle, he sets on the... Agent:

20120249318 - Proximity detection systems and method for internal traffic control: Embodiments described herein relate to proximity detection systems and a method for internal traffic control in a work zone. In various embodiments, magnetic field generators generate respective oscillating magnetic fields for detection by magnetic field detectors. The magnetic field detectors generate a signal for providing a visual and/or audible warning... Agent:

20120249319 - Tire inflation pressure control system and method in motor vehicles: A warning strategy determines in a mutually separate manner the different effects that may occur in a tire and allows the increments and their priority in the display or indication for the driver to be evaluated in a mutually separate manner. This strategy occurs in connection with a sensor which... Agent: Bayerische Mortoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20120249320 - Tire pressure monitoring system initialization using moving antenna: A system and method of initializing a vehicle TPMS using a moving TPMS antenna that tracks vehicle movement over some distance. Data received from the moving TPMS antenna is transmitted to a central data storage device. Stored TPMS data is subsequently retrieved by a downstream device connected to a controller... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120249321 - Local detection processing device and system: A local detection processing system includes a local detection processing device and at least two types of detectors. The detectors are disposed in an area for detecting properties or property changes of a specific target to generate a detection signal. The local detection processing device analyzes the detection signals and... Agent:

20120249322 - Portable information detection and processing device and system: A portable information detection and processing device includes an information detection unit, for detecting information recorded by at least one functional element; a memory unit, for recording recognition data of the at least one functional element and information detected by the functional element; a display unit, for displaying the recognition... Agent:

20120249324 - Human guard enhancing multiple site security system: An enhanced human oriented system (10) capable of exchanging data among human guards, peripheral equipment monitoring sites where security system (10) is activated, and stations where the data collected at the sites is analyzed and appropriate countermeasures are implemented. Hard wired bi-directional communication (22), and indirect communication, for example, use... Agent: Richman Technology Corporation

20120249323 - Low battery remote display system: A mobile device, e.g. a remote control, that communicates with a remote device. The device is controlled by a battery providing power for electronic circuits and components contained within the hand held remote control device. A battery monitoring device measures the voltage of the battery. A memory device saves the... Agent: Vizio Inc.

20120249325 - System and method for tracking shopping behaviors: The present invention provides a system and method for tracking an interrogator relay unit disposed on a shopping cart within a store. The method comprises emitting an RF interrogation signal using the IRU; receiving, at the IRU, location data from an RFID tag in response to the RF interrogation signal;... Agent:

20120249326 - Transportation security system and associated methods: A security system for monitoring a shipping container being transported by a cargo transport vehicle has a Container Security Device (CSD) removably coupled to a shipping container wall. The CSD monitors cargo inside the container and detects intrusions into the vehicle and damage to the container wall. The CSD includes... Agent: Systems Microtechnologies, Inc.

20120249327 - Adjustable touchless transmitter to wirelessly transmit a signal: A touchless transmitter is described. The transmitter includes a sensor configured to detect a presence of an object. The transmitter further includes a sensor adjustment mechanism configured to adjust a level of sensitivity of the sensor. The transmitter also includes an antenna configured to wirelessly transmit a signal to a... Agent: Controlled Entry Distributors, Inc.

20120249328 - Cross monitoring method and system based on voiceprint recognition and location tracking: The invention discloses a cross monitoring method and system based on voiceprint recognition and location tracking, belonging to the field of monitoring systems. The invention collects personal information and voice samples of a monitored individual and constructs a voiceprint model thereof, and collects location information thereof and voiceprint information through... Agent:

20120249329 - Antitheft system for photovoltaic panels: An anti-effraction and antitheft system (1) of an electromechanical type for photovoltaic panels (8) and components of electrical plants and systems in general, which has the purpose of rendering unserviceable and/or unlikely to be re-usable, in the case of theft or tampering, of the photovoltaic panels (8). The system (1)... Agent:

20120249330 - Golf data recorder with integrated missing club reminder and theft prevention system: Apparatuses, methods and systems relating to at least one or more of golf club reminding and golf data collecting and recording. In one embodiment an apparatus on a golf club includes an integrated reminder and a stroke cancellation system and is semi-automatic in that the recording of the stroke is... Agent:

20120249332 - Alarm information processing apparatus and alarm information processing program: An information processing apparatus and program having a reading unit configured to read a plurality of alarm information about alarms generated based on abnormalities of biological information of a patient or abnormalities of a medical apparatus, and a control unit configured to associate same alarm contents that are included in... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20120249331 - Dispenser with use-based content delivery: A dispenser with use-based content delivery includes an indicator to present audio and/or video content that is delivered from a remote computer via a wired or wireless network. In addition, the dispenser is configured to monitor various operation parameters associated with the dispenser, as well as the physical attributes of... Agent: Gojo Industries, Inc.

20120249333 - System and method for monitoring ph or other chemical activity in a pool: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring the value of pH or another characteristic in situ within a pool. A housing sits in the pool and continuously or periodically or occasionally measures the value of the characteristic. An indicator is then provided according to the value of the characteristic, to... Agent:

20120249335 - Automatic flight-safe indicator and method of use for batteries: An flight-safe indicator for a battery displays the flight-safety state of a battery to be transported by an aircraft. The indicator can be easily recognized by ground personnel anywhere regardless of the language they speak or read. The indicator comprises an icon indicating that the battery is safe for flight... Agent:

20120249334 - Battery management system: The present application describes, among other things, a battery management system. The battery management system includes a computing device and first and second battery unit monitoring modules. The computing device includes an output data request port and an input data port. Each battery unit monitoring module is connected in parallel... Agent: Elite Power Solutions, LLC

20120249336 - Device for current measuring in power supply networks: The present invention relates to a device for current measuring in power supply networks comprising transformers for measuring current, a signal processing apparatus arranged on a printed circuit board and screw fastenings for mounting the device. The cable ducts of the transformers are orientated parallel to the plane of the... Agent: Bender Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120249337 - Communication terminal, communication method, and program: A communication terminal includes: a communication section configured to perform non-contact communication with an external apparatus; an alarming section; and a control section configured to determine a communication state of the communication section with the external apparatus, and if the communication state is determined to be a communication error state,... Agent: Felica Networks, Inc.

20120249338 - Wireless network discovery and path optimization algorithm and system: A wireless modem for communication in a network of wireless modems via a communication channel includes a transceiver assembly, transceiver electronics and a power supply. The transceiver electronics include transmitter electronics, receiver electronics and at least one processing unit. The transmitter electronics cause the transceiver assembly to send wireless signals... Agent:

20120249339 - Utility meter display system: Utility meter display systems are disclosed. In one embodiment, a utility meter display system includes: a bistable display configured to be disposed upon a utility meter; and a computing device communicatively connected to the bistable display and the utility meter, the computing device configured to obtain utility service metrology data... Agent: General Electric Company

20120249340 - Method and apparatus for providing public transportation service in a communication system: A method and apparatus for providing a public transportation service in a communication system includes transmitting a signal representing an existence of a passenger at a particular stop terminal, and transmitting a signal representing information on a number of vehicles at to the stop terminal for selection by a user.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120249341 - Communication of emergency messages with road markers: Disclosed is an apparatus, system, and method to communicate emergency messages utilizing road markers. The road marker may include: a light emitter to emit different light colors; a transmitter; and a receiver to receive an emergency message from an emergency vehicle, a road marker gateway, or another road marker. Further,... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120249342 - Machine display system: A display system for a mobile machine operating at a worksite is disclosed. The display system may have an obstacle detection device configured to detect objects within a distance of the mobile machine, and a locating system configured to track objects at the worksite. The display system may also have... Agent:

20120249343 - Advanced vehicle traffic management and control: A system for intelligent transport communication includes at least one transmitter, and at least one in-vehicle mobile receiver for use within a mobile road vehicle. The transmitter broadcasts, by wireless communication, dedicated data for each of a plurality of heading directions of the mobile road vehicle, on a corresponding plurality... Agent:

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