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09/27/2012 > 64 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20120242450 - Communication system and method: A device is provided that includes a network communication portion, a device communication portion, a registration portion and a controller portion. The network communication portion can communicate with a communication network. The device communication portion can communicate with a second communication device, can communicate with a third communication device, can... Agent:

20120242451 - Generator system monitoring apparatus and computer readable medium: There is provided a generator system monitoring apparatus for a generator system including a generator, a first measuring apparatus and a second measuring apparatus. A power-generation state determining unit determines whether the generator is generating the electric power or not. A measurement information acquiring unit acquires, when it is determined... Agent:

20120242452 - Use of radio frequency identifier (rfid) tags for identification of an authentication status of an item: A method and system for identifying an authentication status of a first item. An RFID reader transmits zero and a random number to a first RFID tag associated with the first item. The first RFID tag uses a hashing function to compute a hash (H1) of a concatenation of an... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120242455 - Apparatus, systems and methods for pairing a controlled device with an rf remote control using an rfid tag: Systems and methods are operable to initiate a pairing process and a de-pairing process between a controlled device and a radio frequency (RF) remote control. An exemplary embodiment detects presence of a radio frequency identifier (RFID) tag in an interrogation zone established by an RFID tag reader, automatically initiates a... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20120242458 - Device and method of coupling a processor to an rfid tag: An integrated scanner, scale and touchscreen display (“integrated touchscreen scanner”) is addressed. In one alternative, the integrated touchscreen scanner further includes a printer for printing receipts, coupons and the like. The integrated touchscreen scanner is designed for flush mounting in a checkout or self-checkout stand. Keystrokes, icon selection and the... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20120242453 - Energy management in rfid systems with long term active sensing: The inventive RFID Environmental Monitoring System (RFID_EMS) includes an RFID-based Environmental Monitor and Energy Management Logic for reducing energy consumption in active RFID tags used for long-term active sensing of storage and transit conditions of shipping containers. The RFID-based Environmental Monitor consists of an active RFID tag containing an RF... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120242454 - Method and system for wireless communications in a waveguide environment: A system and method of transmitting sensor signals in a waveguide environment are provided. A sensor assembly is configured to wirelessly receive a sensor interrogation signal, determine an input power level of the sensor interrogation signal, and transmit a message including the determined power level. The system also includes a... Agent:

20120242457 - Portable terminal and computer program product: A portable terminal includes: a reader that reads identification information of an RFID tag; a position information detector that detects position information; a direction information detector that detects direction information; a storage controller that performs acquisition of reading direction of the reader from direction information detected by the direction information... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20120242456 - Rfid module: An RFID module including an antenna element forming an RFID antenna; an RFID circuit block to which the antenna element is connected; and a first resonance frequency adjustment circuit having an element that includes a drain terminal connected to the antenna element, a gate terminal that is grounded, and a... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Japan, Inc.

20120242459 - Interrogating an authentication device: Methods, systems, and computer programs for interrogating an authentication device are disclosed. For example, a mobile device can include an interrogator module that interrogates an authentication module in a mobile device accessory, for example, upon installation of the mobile device accessory. In some implementations, challenge-response pairs and a challenge-response distribution... Agent: Certicom Corporation

20120242460 - Method and system for identifying items: Methods and systems for identifying items are disclosed. One such method comprises the steps of: subjecting at least a portion of the item to a predefined activating condition (610); determining the location of at least one taggant associated with the item by detecting a response to the predefined activating condition... Agent: Datadot Technology Limited

20120242461 - Communication apparatus: According to an embodiment, a communication apparatus controls controllable nodes. The apparatus includes an acquisition unit and a generation unit. The acquisition unit acquires at least one of a first evaluation value indicating an occurrence frequency of a control request to a target controllable node and a second evaluation value... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120242462 - External haptic generator for portable electronic devices: An external haptic generator for creating haptic feedback in portable electronic devices and more particularly, an external haptic generator in a vehicle providing a secure mount and creating haptic feedback in portable electronic devices that do not include haptic feedback generators.... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20120242463 - Method and apparatus for sensory stimulation: An apparatus for producing an electrosensory sensation to a body member (120). The apparatus comprises one or more conducting electrodes (106), each of which is provided with an insulator (108). When the body member (120) is proximate to the conducting electrode, the insulator prevents flow of direct current from the... Agent:

20120242465 - Information presentation device using tactile stimulus with vibrator: An information presentation device transmits information of a car navigation system, installed in a vehicle, to a driver in form of tactile stimuli, wherein a controller controls a plurality of vibrators attached to a steering wheel. The vibrators are arranged in proximity to vibration transmitters, corresponding to holding parts of... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120242464 - Input device with haptic feedback: An input device with a housing which includes a displaceable cover wall attached to a circuit board to which is affixed a displaceable magnetic part, at least one sensor and a microprocessor; a second magnetic part which is permanently fixed relative to the housing cooperates with the displaceable magnetic part... Agent: Fm Marketing Gmbh

20120242466 - External status indicator for an electric vehicle: An indicator system for a vehicle having an electric motor and a rechargeable battery can include an indicator having a body with a first end and a second opposite end. The body can include an indicator area defining a plurality of contiguous indicator segments therebetween. Each indicator segment can be... Agent:

20120242467 - Operation notification sound emission device for vehicle: A vehicle travels with a traveling electric motor controlled with a first control device. A synthetic circuit receives a driving signal from a second control device, which is for controlling another electric motor distinct from the traveling electric motor. The synthetic circuit synthesizes, according to the driving signal, the operation... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120242468 - Vehicle presence notification apparatus: A vehicle presence notification apparatus may include a dynamic speaker for radiating a notification sound from a vehicle in an audible frequency, and a sound pressure supplement unit is provided to control a sound pressure of the notification sound. The apparatus may further include a parametric speaker for generating a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120242469 - Methods and systems of rule-based intoxicating substance testing associated with vehicles: Rule-based intoxicating substance testing associated with vehicles. At least some of the various embodiments are methods including: receiving a signal that a prospective driver intends to drive a vehicle; retrieving at least one previously stored rule regarding intoxicating substance testing associated the vehicle; retrieving data relevant to the rule; determining... Agent: Gordon*howard Associates, Inc.

20120242470 - Automated geo-fence boundary configuration and activation: A geo-fence is defined and established automatically based on a current location of an asset along with some range or distance, avoiding the need for a user to manually specify a location by drawing a perimeter, specifying a point location, or by any other means. Once established, the geo-fence can... Agent: Gordon*howard Associates, Inc.

20120242471 - Wireless-control lighting device: A wireless-control lighting device includes a control switch module mounted on a braking handle set, and a lighting displaying unit mounted on a bicycle and having a wireless receiver, a plurality of indicators and a second power supply. The control switch module includes a switch element, a circuit board, a... Agent: Tektro Technology Corporation

20120242472 - Method and system for on-board vehicle detection of harmful material: An on-board terrorist threat detection and reporting system and method are provided for use on-board a transportation vehicle. The system includes a plurality of sensors for sensing a potential threat. The plurality of sensors are positioned on the transportation vehicle. The system also includes a database for storing threat related... Agent: Clever Devices, Ltd.

20120242474 - Image processing apparatus and control method thereof: An image display device is provided to receive a image corresponding to a program and identification information regarding the program from a mobile terminal, determine an image processing scheme with respect to the received image based on the identification information, and process the received image based on the determined image... Agent:

20120242473 - Image processing for image dislay apparatus mounted to vehicle: An image display apparatus capable of allowing a user to stably and conveniently check an image provided from a mobile terminal while driving a vehicle, by extracting a text corresponding to a screen image provided from the mobile terminal, by converting the extracted text into an audio signal according to... Agent:

20120242475 - Wireless communication method between a control unit and an electronic housing mounted on a vehicle member: In a method for wireless communication between a control unit and an electronic housing mounted on a vehicle member, information for the electronic housing is transmitted in the form either of continuous signals, or of signals modulated by encoded data. Each electronic housing includes a switching strategy between reception modes... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20120242476 - Systems and methods for indicating the presence of a child in a vehicle: Systems and methods which provide for an alarm or notification that a child is in a car seat. The systems generally determine if a child is in the seat and that the seat, and therefore the vehicle, is not in motion. Upon detecting both situations, the notification or alarm is... Agent:

20120242478 - Digital electronic second identity for vehicle: A digital electronic second identity for a vehicle used to discourage criminal activities as it is displaying the vehicle registration plate in a more obvious and elevated position than the primary vehicle registration plate, making it easier for public to notice when the vehicle is involved in a process of... Agent:

20120242477 - Seatbelt violation alert system: A seatbelt violation alert system having an exterior visual seatbelt violation indicator which includes an illumination device in electrical communication with a plurality of seatbelt sensors mounted to the seats of a vehicle. The seatbelt sensors include detectors that determine if a seatbelt is not being worn by a passenger... Agent:

20120242479 - Vehicle traffic lane change signaling device: An automatic vehicle left or right turn signaling device utilizes a vehicle mount traffic lane detection sensor(s), the vehicle mount traffic lane detection sensor(s) in response to detecting traffic lane presence near proximity of a vehicle, the vehicle signaling device automatically activates the vehicle left or right turn signal lights... Agent:

20120242480 - Brake activated vehicle warning side light system: A vehicle warning light system that is incorporated into a vehicle, the vehicle having a front, a rear, and two lateral sides, at least two wheels, each wheel having a hub and possibly a break drum, a power source, a breaking system, and a fender, the vehicle warning light system... Agent:

20120242481 - Apparatus and method for locating, tracking, controlling and recognizing tagged objects using active rfid technology.: The present invention is directed to a miniaturized apparatus to locate, track, recognize and control objects using miniature RF circuits that are programmed as an active tag or as one of several embodiments of a controller, including one small enough to be incorporated into a personal object, like a ring.... Agent:

20120242482 - Contextually-appropriate task reminders: A computing device learns over time how to identify task reminders that are most likely to be helpful to a user in different contexts. The task reminders can remind the user of activities that the user needs to do. The computing device displays a graphical user interface (GUI) that contains... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120242483 - Evacuation information system and method thereof: The disclosure provides an evacuation information system and an evacuation information method adapted for the system. The system includes a fire detector, a system control center, a plurality of alarm information transmitters, and a mobile communication device. Each alarm information transmitter stores an electronic evacuation plan of a floor in... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120242484 - Method for transferring alarm data between a broken-down railway vehicle and a control center and associated device: The invention relates to a method for transferring alarm data between a first broken-down train (A) and a control centre (2) comprising: evaluating the state of the first train; and then the state of the first train corresponding to a break down; determining if it is possible to establish a... Agent: Alstom Transport Sa

20120242485 - Flexible simulated currency pack tracking unit: A tracking unit for assisting in the recovery of stolen monies or other property includes a housing containing a GPS receiver for receiving GPS signals from overhead satellites, a cellular phone transceiver, a microprocessor, and a battery. Following a theft, the microprocessor activates the cellular phone transceiver to dial the... Agent: 3si Security Systems, Inc.

20120242486 - Navigation system with physical activity safety mechanism and method of operation thereof: A method of operation of a navigation system includes: monitoring a participant's movement, the participant's movement is movement to a sequence of locations; identifying a movement area based on the participant's movement in a physical activity; generating a safety zone encompassing the movement area; monitoring an intrusion into the safety... Agent: Telenav, Inc.

20120242487 - Electronic device with high temperature alarm function: An electronic device includes a power unit, an alarm, a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR), a thermo-sensor, a variable resistor, and a zener diode. The variable resistor is connected to the thermo-sensor in series between the power unit and ground. A first input terminal of the comparator is connected to a node... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120242488 - Personal threat notification: An apparatus, system, and method for personal threat notification. The method includes determining a device location. The device location is a location of a device. The method includes determining a threat location. The threat location includes a location of a threat. The method includes presenting a notification to the device... Agent:

20120242489 - Method and computer program product for processing chromatograms obtained by a process gas chromatograph: The invention relates to a method for processing chromatograms obtained by a process gas chromatograph in a plurality of subsequent measurements of a process stream. To reduce the computational effort and time while maintaining high accuracy, the method comprises collecting a set of chromatograms from a predefined number of subsequent... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120242490 - Voltage supply droop detector: A built-in self-test (BIST) circuit for detecting power supply droops is disclosed. In one embodiment, the BIST circuit includes a transition circuit configured to launch logical signals into a delay line. The BIST circuit also includes a comparator configured to compare a logic signal based on that input into the... Agent:

20120242491 - System and method for monitoring infrastructure: A system for generating a threat alert in an infrastructure component is provided. The system includes at least three acoustic sensors disposed at a pre-determined spacing apart from each other on the infrastructure component, wherein each of the sensors is configured to detect a signal corresponding to an outcome that... Agent:

20120242492 - Seat occupancy detection and display system: A seat occupancy display system which includes a seat occupancy sensor array with individual sensors. Each sensor is configured to detect the weight bearing thereon and to output an occupancy signal. Individual sensors can be configured to provide a location identification thereof. An interface circuit communicates the occupancy signals to... Agent: Tov 1 LLC

20120242493 - Movement responding device for mobile object: A movement responding device includes a housing, a circuit board disposed in the housing, a control device mounted on the circuit board, a light device attached to the circuit board and electrically connected to the control device for generating a light, and a movement detector attached to the circuit board... Agent: Fun Tram Corporation

20120242494 - Power-saving reminder circuit for computer: A power saving circuit for a computer. When the computer is powered on, an LED is lit. When the computer if off but power is still being supplied from the commercial power source to the power supply of the computer, the LED blinks. A counter chip determines the time to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen)co., Ltd.

20120242496 - Circuit for checking the voltage of batteries: A circuit is for checking the voltage of a battery. The circuit includes a regulator component, a pnp type transistor, an npn transistor, a diode, and an alarm. The circuit activates an alarm when the voltage of the battery is less than a preset value.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120242497 - Desktop computer employing network indicator lights: A desktop computer includes a host portion, a network interface card and a first interface. The network interface card includes a first pin, a second pin, and a third pin. The first interface includes a fourth pin connected to both the second and third pins of the network interface card,... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120242495 - Link quality indicator for a fixed installation radio frequency terrestrial network: A visual indicator, such as a light emitting diode (LED), may display the quality of the radio frequency (RF) link. In one implementation, a device may include, a RF antenna; a control module to connect to a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network through the RF antenna; and a LED, disposed on... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20120242500 - Display device, energy display method and computer program: A display device includes: an image display section which displays an image on a screen on the basis of an image signal; and an execution section which executes an application which is acquired from a network on the basis of a user's instruction. When the image display section displays an... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120242501 - Health monitoring appliance: A heart monitoring system for a person includes one or more wireless nodes; and a wearable appliance in communication with the one or more wireless nodes, the appliance monitoring vital signs.... Agent:

20120242499 - Network interface controller for a utility meter: Systems and devices are disclosed for enabling communication by and between meters and networks are disclosed. In one embodiment, a device includes: a network interface controller configured to be directly coupled to a meter socket and provide a communication path between a utility meter and at least one network, the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120242498 - User acknowledgement device in electronic utility meter: An electronic utility meter including a metering circuit; a switch operatively coupled to the metering circuit for switching the metering circuit between different states; a cover enclosing the metering circuit and switch; a sensor enclosed within the cover coupled to the switch, the sensor configured to change a state of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120242502 - Wheel unit, central unit and system for localizing a plurality of wheels on a vehicle: Embodiments of the present invention provide a wheel unit configured to transmit a transmit signal at a predefined rotational position of a wheel rotating around a rotational axis, when the wheel unit is attached to the wheel.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120242503 - Method and apparatus for transmitting information between a primary vehicle and a secondary vehicle: A warning and/or information transmission or exchange system is provided for vehicles. In accordance with one aspect of the system, a first vehicle may alert its proximity to one or more secondary vehicles. These secondary vehicles will then be able to yield in a timely fashion to the primary vehicle.... Agent:

20120242504 - Communication between stations and vehicles: An On Board Equipment (OBE) suitable for mounting on a vehicle comprises an OBE antenna connected to an OBE transmit/receive unit. The OBE antenna is arranged to receive a signal from a station via a first wireless communication link. The signal comprises at least one traffic information message from the... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ab

20120242505 - Road-vehicle cooperative driving safety support device: When a decision is made that it is necessary to call driver's attention as a result of analyzing driving safety support information received by a roadside device information receiving unit 34 and vehicle driving state information detected by a vehicle state detecting unit 33, an attention-calling screen, in which a... Agent:

20120242507 - Led traffic signal fault logging system and method: Systems and methods for monitoring operating parameters of traffic lamps. A traffic lamp includes one or more memory modules and a controller. The controller receives data pertaining to one or more operating parameters of the traffic lamp and logs the one or more operating parameters to the one or more... Agent: Lumination LLC

20120242506 - Traffic signal loading platform: A system and method for setting operating parameters of traffic lamps. A traffic lamp including a memory operates according to one or more operating parameters on the memory. A loading device external to the traffic lamp transfers one or more operating parameters to the traffic lamp, where the traffic lamp... Agent: Lumination LLC

20120242508 - Method and a monitoring device for monitoring a cabin region, and also an aircraft cabin: Disclosed is a method for the monitoring of a cabin region of a transport system located outside a field of view, wherein at least one light beam is emitted, passing through the cabin region in the longitudinal direction, and in the event of a disturbance of the at least one... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20120242509 - Control display system, method, and program: The degree of urgency of a displayed object is promptly recognized in a control display system. The control display system has: an information acquisition unit that acquires a target serving as an object of monitoring and attribute information of the target; a control condition storage unit that stores the attribute... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120242510 - Communication connecting apparatus and method thereof: A vehicle communication connecting apparatus capable of displaying representative images of one or more communication-supported mobile terminals, detected as being present within a vehicle, to allow the mobile terminals to be easily distinguishable, and an operation method thereof. A vehicle communication connecting apparatus, which is connected to one or more... Agent:

20120242511 - Methods and systems related to establishing geo-fence boundaries: Establishing geo-fence Boundaries. At least some embodiments involve detecting a vehicle has been in a collision, establishing a geo-fence boundary for the vehicle responsive to the detecting, monitoring a movement of the vehicle with respect to the geo-fence boundary, and issuing an alert if movement of the vehicle outside the... Agent: Gordon*howard Associates, Inc.

20120242512 - Systems and methods for a notification system that enable user changes to stop location for delivery and/or pickup of good and/or service: Systems and methods are disclosed for automated notification systems. One representative embodiment, among others, is a method for a notification system having a computer-based architecture using one or more computers, one or more memories associated with the one or more computers for storing computer program code, and one or more... Agent:

20120242513 - Driver's aid device and driver's aid system: [Means to solve] A driver's aid device 5 displays, on a main screen 11, a travelling speed pattern 12 that is a driving pattern for performing a performance evaluation test of a tested vehicle 6. The main screen 11 displays thereon topographical feature information 13 of a road where the... Agent: Meidensha Corporation

09/20/2012 > 53 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120235783 - Parameter copy method and keypad having parameter copy function by recognizing software versions and inverter types: Disclosed is a parameter copy method and keypad having parameter copy function by recognizing software versions and inverter types. The keypad according to the present disclosure includes a communication unit transmitting data to a plurality of inverters and receiving data from the plurality of inverters; and a controller determining whether... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20120235786 - Intelligent enclosures: The invention provides a system for controlling access for a storage enclosure. The storage enclosure has one or more walls and an opening defined by at least one of the walls. There is a closure for the opening and a fastener adapted to hold the closure in a closed position... Agent: Telezygology, Inc.

20120235784 - Method and apparatus for sensing capacitance value and converting it into digital format: A capacitive sensing system are configured to sense a capacitance value and convert the sensed capacitance value to a digital format. The capacitive sensing system provides good selectivity and immunity to noise and interference, which can be further enhanced by enabling spread spectrum excitation. In some embodiments, the capacitive sensing... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20120235787 - Method and near field communication device and corresponding computer programme: A method and apparatus are provided for near field communication, which implement at least one communication reader configured to exchange data with at least one nomadic object. The method includes detecting a presence in the vicinity of the communication reader, delivering activation information, when a presence is detected, activating the... Agent: Kerlink Sa

20120235788 - Contactless power delivery system for power-assisted door and method: Power delivery systems and methods for delivering power from a vehicle to a vehicle door. The system includes a supporting device having a first portion fixedly mounted to a main frame and a second portion attached to a door. The second portion being movable about a hinge axis portion that... Agent: Control Solutions LLC

20120235789 - Ic card, ic card manufacturing method, ic card issuing method, and communication method: According to one embodiment, an IC card includes an IC module and a substrate. The IC module includes a plurality of communication units, a storage unit, and a controller. The storage unit stores first data, and stores an access condition for the first data. The controller permits, when the access... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120235785 - Wireless communication device and method with intelligent authentication: A wireless communication device (200) and method (300) with intelligent authentication. The method (300) can include the steps of: capturing (310) a first image of an object; determining (320) whether the object matches a predetermined criteria; projecting (330) ultra violet illumination at the object and capturing a second image of... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20120235790 - Locking and unlocking a mobile device using facial recognition: In an embodiment of the invention, an unlocked mobile device is configured to capture images, analyze the images to detect a user's face, and automatically lock the device in response to determining that a user's face does not appear in the images. The camera capturing and face recognition processing may... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120235795 - Active rfid tag, application system and method thereof: The present invention provides an active radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and an application system and method thereof. The system includes: a control processor; a coordinator; an active RFID tag, configured to perform an RF feature check first with very little time before spending more time to receive a whole... Agent: Westvalley Digital Technologies, Inc.

20120235794 - Electronic cards and methods for making same: A method for communicating with a magnetic stripe reader which has a magnetic read head by activating the electronic apparatus from an off state to a reduced power mode, then detecting the magnetic stripe reader, then activating the electronic apparatus from the reduced power mode to a full power mode... Agent: Privasys, Inc.

20120235792 - Outer cover of a portable computer for rfid object management system: An outer cover of a portable computer for RFID applications is disclosed, which comprises: a cover body formed of a nonmetallic material and provided for covering the portable computer; an RFID reader provided for detecting RFID tags on their corresponding objects; an antenna disposed in the cover body and provided... Agent: Claridy Solutions, Inc.

20120235793 - System and method for managing information about wafer carrier in buffer: The wafer carrier information management system includes a reader unit for reading wafer carrier information from a transmitting/receiving unit attached to a wafer carrier in a buffer, and a reader unit controller for collecting the wafer carrier information from the reader unit. The system may further include a buffer controller... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120235791 - Transportation route management: Monitoring systems in accordance with the disclosure store one or more reporting behavior profiles that include parameters that determine when a monitoring device associated with a shipping container initiates transmission of a status message to a remote location, e.g., an operations center, a government interface, or a commercial interface. At... Agent: Cubic Corporaton

20120235796 - Ic card, portable electronic device, ic card issuing apparatus, and communication method: According to one embodiment, an IC card includes a receiving unit and an executing unit. The receiving unit is configured to receive a batch processing command. The executing unit is configured to execute a first processing and a second processing in response to the reception of the batch processing command.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120235797 - Method for conducting a transaction between a magnetic stripe reader and an electronic card: A method for communicating with a magnetic stripe reader in which an electronic apparatus is activated from an off state to a reduced power mode, a magnetic stripe reader is detected, then the apparatus is activated from the reduced power mode to a full power mode and it broadcasts a... Agent: Privasys, Inc.

20120235798 - Smart card session optimization: A command destined for a smart card is received. If the command is of a state-altering type that places the smart card in a known state, it is relayed to a smart card reader unless the smart card is currently in the known state. If the command is a POWER... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120235799 - Rfid reader/writer, rfid system, and communication method: An RFID reader/writer includes a transmitter that transmits a transmitted signal to an RFID tag and a receiver that receives a received signal from the RFID tag based on the transmitted signal. The transmitter transmits a carrier wave. The RFID reader/writer includes a detector that detects a noise of the... Agent: Omron Corporation

20120235800 - Receiver and transmitter receiver system: A receiver for receiving messages from a transmitter includes a controller and a driver stage for providing a supply voltage to the transmitter based on a control signal. The controller is configured to provide the control signal to compensate for changes of the supply voltage caused by a modulation of... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120235801 - Wireless apparatus having wake-up function: A wireless apparatus having a non-electric power-type wake-up function that operates a wake-up circuit waking-up a microprocessor for communications without power. There is provided a wireless apparatus having a wake-up function, including: a wake-up unit that has a rectifying circuit having elements configured as passive elements and rectifies preset first... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120235802 - Vehicle existence notification apparatus: A vehicle existence notification apparatus, disposed in a vehicle, emits a notification sound to notify the surrounding area of the approach or presence of the vehicle. The vehicle existence notification apparatus includes a parametric speaker that serves as a supersonic speaker for emitting a supersonic sound wave, where the parametric... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120235803 - Security system having a vehicle glass breakage alarm: A home security system including vehicle glass breakage detection. A vehicle includes a glass breakage sensor and a wireless link to a home security system. The glass breakage sensor is configured and located in an unobtrusive manner within a vehicle. When the glass breakage sensor detects glass breakage it initiates... Agent:

20120235804 - Mast and integral display mount for a material handling vehicle: A mast and integral display mount for a material handling vehicle are shown. The mast mounts a locating apparatus such that a locating axis of the locating apparatus is coaxial with a steering axis of the steerable drive wheel of the material handling vehicle. An integral display mount may include... Agent:

20120235805 - Information display apparatus and information display method: An aspect of the invention provides an information display apparatus and an information display method which allow a driver to easily recognize the display information without discomfort, regardless of the traveling state of a vehicle. It includes an attention object detecting unit (32) which detects information to be displayed to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120235806 - Vehicle information display and method: An information display system for a vehicle includes an information display for displaying a plurality of selectable information display levels according to an information display hierarchy. Each selectable information display level may include one or more visual gauges for conveying vehicle information. Each successive selectable information display level may include... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120235807 - Detecting a tire rotation on a telematics-equipped vehicle: A system and method for detecting a rotation of the vehicle tires between different wheel locations. The method carried out by the system involves obtaining and storing TPM sensor identification numbers and their corresponding tire locations. Next, the system checks the sensors periodically to determine if any of the sensors... Agent: General Motors LLC

20120235809 - Device for monitoring a vehicle wheel: A monitoring device (20) of a vehicle wheel (11) is configured for detecting and transmitting, by a wireless connection, information relating to at least one characteristic quantity of the status of the wheel (11), such as the inflating pressure of a tyre thereof. The device (20) has a casing (21-22)... Agent:

20120235808 - Transmission device for transmitting tire information and tire information monitoring system: A tire information monitoring system includes a transmission device, a receiving device, and a monitoring section. The transmission device includes a sensor which detects tire information, a transmitter which wirelessly transmits the detected tire information and a housing. The housing includes a wall surrounding the sensor and the transmitter, an... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20120235810 - Vehicle emergency safety light: The present invention relates to an emergency vehicle light for deploying in emergency situations wherein the light is positioned higher than the top or highest point of the vehicle. By utilizing segmented poles which can semi-automatically or automatically assemble with the light at the top of the pole, the light... Agent: The St. Christopher Project, LLC

20120235811 - Independent brake and vinker lights system for vehicle: The system, subject of this invention, designed to issue a warning upon braking or turning on the Vinker lights of a motorcycle that includes sensors that detects when the motorcycle's brakes and vinker lights are working, a control unit including a processor and an illumination panel that can be attached... Agent:

20120235812 - Device location detection: One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for improving location awareness of a device. A device position can be determined (e.g., via GPS or some location service), and this position can be used to identify a user-experience that may be in an area around the device, such as within... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120235813 - Service method of gas appliances: A service method of gas appliances includes: Detecting the gas appliances at the client ends to generate detecting signals. Transmitting the detecting signals to a service end. Identifying which client end the detecting signals come from. Examining the detecting signals to find whether the gas appliance has an abnormal condition;... Agent: Grand Mate Co., Ltd.

20120235814 - User-defined system-enforced session termination in a unified telephony environment: Enforcing user-defined real-time communication session terminations can begin with a termination enforcement handler identifying termination conditions applicable to a real-time communication session hosted by a unified telephony system. The termination conditions can define a limit for an operational variable for the unified telephony system or the real-time communication session. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120235815 - Passive tamper-resistant seal and applications therefor: A radio frequency identification seal comprises an antenna including a main antenna portion and at least one break-away portion and an RFID tag coupled and tuned to the antenna. The RFID tag outputs a signature in response to a scanning signal when tuned to the antenna.... Agent:

20120235816 - Item location and theft prevention system: An item location and theft prevention system includes a base unit housing having a processor in electrical communication with a memory, a transmitter, a receiver, a communication unit, an input unit and a base power source; the system also includes a property attachment housing having a processor in electrical communication... Agent:

20120235817 - Detection of groups of rfid tags: RFID-based inventory management systems are provided for various applications. Such systems include a plurality of RFID-readable products tags, with each product tag being associated with a piece of merchandise and programmed to generate a signal containing information regarding the associated piece of merchandise. Such systems also include an RFID reader... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20120235818 - Electronic article surveillance system including low-cost eas tag: A robust tag. The robust tag may include a body section, at least one movable latching member disposed within the body section, at least one attachment structure receivable within the body and selectively engageable to the at least one latching member; and at least one responsive member disposed within the... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20120235819 - Apparatuses and methods of determining if a person operating equipment is experiencing an elevated cognitive load: A method of, and apparatus for, determining if a person operating equipment is experiencing an elevated cognitive load, wherein the person's use of a device at a first time is monitored so as to set a baseline signature. Then, at a later time, the person's use of the device is... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20120235820 - Method and apparatus for alerting a person carrying an eeg assembly: A method of alerting a person using an EEG assembly (201) comprises the steps of automatically alerting said person of an incidence, manipulating an external device for establishing a wireless connection between the EEG assembly (201) and the external device (202), wirelessly transmitting from the EEG assembly (201) and to... Agent: Widex A/s

20120235821 - Methods and program products for providing heart rate information: Methods and program products for providing heart rate information are disclosed. In an embodiment, a method for providing heart rate information about a user includes the steps of defining a plurality of heart rate zones as ranges of percentages of a maximum heart rate of the user, determining upper and... Agent: Adidas Ag

20120235822 - High sensitivity and high false alarm immunity optical smoke detector: A high sensitivity smoke detector includes a housing which defines an internal, closed, scattering region, and an external, open scattering region. A cyclone-type separator draws atmosphere adjacent the external scattering region into the detector and separates the larger, non-smoke related particulate matter which flows into the internal, closed scattering region... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120235823 - Battery life indication techniques for an electronic device: A portable electronic device, such as a fluid infusion device, obtains its operating power from a primary battery and a secondary battery. The primary battery may be a replaceable battery, and the secondary battery may be a rechargeable battery that can be charged with the primary battery under certain conditions.... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120235824 - Measuring device for measuring insulation resistance of an electric vehicle: A measuring device for measuring insulation resistance of an electric vehicle includes a measuring unit, a voltage detecting unit, and a control unit. The measuring unit includes a first tap, a second tap, a switch, and a measuring resistor. The first tap is to be electrically coupled to a high... Agent: Automotive Research & Testing Center

20120235825 - Method and apparatus for detecting a fault in an active line, neutral return line or earth return path of an electrical network: Detecting a discontinuity or impedance irregularity in an active line, a neutral return line and/or an earth return path of a power distribution network is disclosed. In one aspect, the apparatus is configured to measure a change in voltage and/or current associated with a deliberate switching of a known impedance... Agent: Aurora Energy Pty Ltd

20120235826 - The leash: An apparatus and method for tracking an object includes a transmitter that generates a signal and a receiver that receives the signal generated by the transmitter. The receiver generates an alert signal when a distance between the transmitter and receiver is greater than a predetermined value. The receiver is retained... Agent:

20120235827 - Methods and devices for augmenting a field of view: The present application discloses methods and systems for augmenting a field of view of a user. In one embodiment, a device may include a detector, a processor, and an array of visual indicators. According to an embodiment of the method, the detector may image an environment. The processor may identify... Agent: Google Inc.

20120235828 - Signal device: A signal device, particularly for use in areas at risk of explosion, has a housing, at least one light source, and at least one acoustics source. A sound guidance unit follows the acoustics source with its neck opening and emits the sound produced by the acoustics source to the outside,... Agent: Fhf Funke + Huster Fernsig Gmbh

20120235829 - Systems and methods of oilfield equipment via inductive coupling: The current application discloses methods and systems for controlling various pieces of equipment at a wellsite. The method comprises deploying a first piece of oilfield equipment at a wellsite; deploying a second piece of oilfield equipment at the wellsite; connecting the first piece of oilfield equipment and the second piece... Agent:

20120235830 - Communication system for patient handling devices: A patient handling device communication system enables patient handling devices, such as bed, cots, stretchers, and the like, to communicate with other patient handling devices. Communication from one or more patient handling devices may thereby be forwarded to other patient handling devices. Such information may also be forwarded to a... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20120235831 - Position detection system and position detection sensor: A position detection sensor which includes a first atomic oscillator and a sensor-side transmitter, and outputs a sensor output signal, a base station apparatus which includes a base station-side receiver, which wirelessly receives the sensor output signal, and a second atomic oscillator, a comparator which compares the phase of an... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120235832 - Door mirror for an automobile: The door mirror for an automobile including a light diffusing section disposed between the side object detection symbols and the first and second LEDs. Relative dispositions between the side object detection symbols and the first and second LEDs are such that the optical axis of the first LED intersects with... Agent: Murakami Corporation

20120235833 - Methods and systems for generating data link air traffic control center menus: Methods and systems for generating a data link air traffic control center menu are provided. In one implementation, a method includes calculating a distance between each of a plurality of air traffic control centers and an aircraft during flight. The method further includes displaying a sorted list of the plurality... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120235834 - System and method for setting functions according to location: An apparatus, system, and method for controlling functions of a vehicular alarm. The method includes receiving one or more signals including location information, determining a location of the vehicle using the location information, setting one or more functions based on the location information, determining whether an alarm function is activated,... Agent:

20120235835 - Musical key fob vehicle locator: A musical key fob vehicle locator is disclosed that provides the ability to locate one's vehicle audibly. The musical key fob vehicle locator provides a radiofrequency linked controller to a vehicle and contains a digital audio file system to play music, a song, a riff or other recorded music composed... Agent:

09/13/2012 > 57 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20120229248 - Multipurpose controller for electronic devices, facial expressions management and drowsiness detection: A hands-free controller, a facial expression management system, a drowsiness detection system and methods for using them are disclosed. The controller monitors facial expressions of the user, monitors motions of the user's body, generates commands for an electronic device based on the monitored facial expressions and body motions, and communicates... Agent:

20120229249 - Method and apparatus for controlling the status of a device: The status of a device is controlled by detecting (403) the presence of a user; changing the status of a device to a first state (405) if the presence of a user is detected within a first, predetermined zone; changing the status of the device to the second state (407)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120229251 - Lock: An electro-mechanical lock for cargo containers or similar enclosed spaces such as storage units. The locking mechanism includes a dual-ratcheting mechanism, which is normally in the locked position, and which firmly secures doors of a container or other enclosure. To unlock the device, the user obtains a temporary access code... Agent: Security Enhancement Systems, LLC

20120229252 - Method for operating a household appliance: A method of operating a household appliance that has a knock sensor and an analyzer unit includes detecting an acoustic knocking signal input by a user with the knock sensor. The analyzer unit analyzes the detected acoustic knocking signal so as to initiate a first action in response to identification... Agent: Miele & Cie. Kg

20120229253 - Aftermarket sound activated wireless vehicle door unlocker: An aftermarket, sound activated, wireless, vehicle door unlocking device comprising a sound sensor, processor, memory, and an RF transmitter, transponder, or transceiver capable of generating an unlocking signal, and method of using the device. The device may be easily installed by unskilled users without modifying the vehicle wires or structure.... Agent:

20120229254 - Field superposition system and method therefor: Wireless communications between a vehicle base station and a transponder are authenticated. Interior and exterior antennas are respectively driven using first driving currents, the interior antenna being separated from the transponder by a portion of a vehicle in which the vehicle base station resides. Separate vector components of the respective... Agent:

20120229250 - Host apparatus, accessory apparatus, and authenticating and controlling method thereof: A method for authenticating an accessory apparatus by a host apparatus is provided. The method includes receiving authentication information from the accessory apparatus, comparing the received authentication information and pre-stored authentication information and performing authentication with respect to the accessory apparatus based on a result of the comparing, and, if... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120229255 - Identification document and a method of producing: (EN)The invention relates to an identification document (21) comprising a non-transparent core (6), and one or more layers of a transparent material (14) arranged on at least a back (13) or a front surface (12) of said core. In order to achieve an identification document where forgery attempts are visibly... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20120229256 - Digital punch card for mobile device: A method for verifying a location of a user of a mobile device is disclosed. The method involves: receiving an indicia of a location of the mobile device based on an at-location element proximate to the mobile device; receiving a global positioning system (GPS) position associated with the mobile device;... Agent:

20120229257 - System and method for determining location: The present invention introduces a location determining system. The location determining system includes a reader array and a location determining engine server. The reader array includes three readers, where each reader includes a plurality of reader groups that receives a tag information signal transmitted from the tag, generates a PN... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20120229258 - Proximity detection apparatus and method and asset management apparatus: Proximity detection apparatus 100 and method is disclosed herein. In a first embodiment, the proximity detection apparatus 100 is for tracking location of subjects tagged with respective transponders. The apparatus 100 comprises a radio frequency (RF) antenna 102 configured to transmit a RF signal for sensing presence of a subject,... Agent:

20120229259 - Stochastic communication protocol method and system for radio frequency identification (rfid) tags based on coalition formation, such as for tag-to-tag communication: Data carriers (such as RFID tags) are formed into clusters of data carriers. Each cluster has at least one bridge data carrier that can communicate with a bridge data carrier of another cluster, thereby allowing data carriers in each cluster to communicate directly or indirectly with each other using a... Agent: IntermecIPCorp.

20120229260 - Method of reading a plurality of non-contact data carriers, including an anti-collision scheme: In a method of inventorying data carriers by means of a communication station, whereby the communication station and each data carrier are brought into communicative connection, and each data carrier brought into communicative connection with the communication station is capable of generating a response signal that renders possible an inventorying... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120229261 - Apparatus for low power wireless communication: A wireless communication apparatus for starting an operation according to an electric wave received from a portable terminal is provided. The apparatus includes a wireless communication module for transmitting data to the portable terminal, an RFID tag for turning-on a switch using the electric wave received from the portable terminal,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120229262 - Method and system for surveying using rfid devices: A method of surveying includes detecting an RFID tag associated with a position of interest and decoding information stored in the RFID tag to extract data associated with the position of interest. The method also includes presenting the data associated with the position of interest to an operator of a... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20120229263 - Enhancing depth perception: Apparatuses and methods enhance depth perception, e.g., the depth perception of a human being using an apparatus worn on the user's head.... Agent:

20120229264 - Smart linear resonant actuator control: The present invention provides a haptics control system that may include a driver to generate a continuous drive signal and to output the drive signal to a mechanical system on an electrical signal line, wherein the continuous drive signal causes the mechanical system to vibrate to produce a haptic effect.... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120229265 - Gear lever locking device: A gear lever locking device to be installed inside a gear lever cover panel is characterized in that it comprises an auxiliary connector transverse stud and a gear lever connector which is slidable in accordance with the movement of a gear lever. On an auxiliary connector, there is provided a... Agent:

20120229266 - Transmission device for transmitting information about tire condition and tire condition monitoring system: A tire condition monitoring system includes a transmission device, a receiving device, and a monitoring section. The transmitting device includes a sensor which detects, as tire information, a condition of gas in the tire cavity area surrounded with a tire and a rim, a transmitter which wirelessly transmits the tire... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20120229267 - Vehicle existence notification apparatus: A vehicle existence notification apparatus disposed in a vehicle includes a sound wave generation unit that transmits a sound wave to an area outside of the vehicle, and a control unit that controls the sound wave generation unit to generate a notification sound. The control unit generates a stopping-vehicle notification... Agent: Denso Corporaiton

20120229268 - Method and apparatus for vehicular direction indication: Methods and systems are provided for a vehicle. The method comprises activating a direction indicator on a vehicle responsive to receiving a user activation input and determining when the vehicle has completed a direction changing maneuver (e.g., lane change or turn). Thereafter, the direction indicator is automatically deactivated responsive to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120229269 - Integrated test-mode for monitoring of fire and security system networks: An improved system and method are disclosed for providing test functionality for fire and security system monitoring networks. An operator at a workstation node can place points into a “test-mode” while those points remain “live” (i.e., the system remains operational). For points placed in test-mode, if/when such points transition into... Agent: Simplexgrinnell Lp

20120229270 - Wearable biofeedback system: A wearable biofeedback device is provided. The device preferably includes a glove structure and external display device. The glove has at least one sheath for receiving a digit. The glove and sheath include dorsal and palmer surfaces. The palmer surfaces include at least one sensor for acquiring a bio-signal. The... Agent:

20120229272 - Wireless identification of a component of a pressure support system: An airway pressure support system (2) that includes a pressure generating device (4) structured to produce a flow of gas and a component (8) such as a patient interface device (8) structured to be selectively coupled to the pressure generating device (4), wherein the pressure generating device (4) and the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120229271 - Wireless monitoring system and method with dual mode alarming: A patient monitoring system and method for reliably communicating alarm conditions detected by an acquisition device that receives physiological data from the patient. The acquisition device includes a control unit that detects alarm conditions based upon the physiological data received from the patient. A primary transmitter and a secondary transmitter... Agent: General Electric Company

20120229274 - Audio/visual annuciator for marking points of interest: The present invention provides a system and method for marking and/or tracking the location of victims and other items of interest, including marking points of danger, often associated with an emergency, a disaster, a mass casualty incident, or other catastrophe. In particular, the invention pertains to systems and methods for... Agent:

20120229273 - Pretty paw detectables and detectable clothing apparel (analog, digital and global positioning detection): e

20120229276 - Method, apparatus and computer program: A method and apparatus and computer program configured to perform the method, the method comprising: enabling an apparatus to provide an alert in response to the occurrence of an event wherein; when the apparatus is determined to be in a particular context a first alert is provided and when the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120229277 - Monitoring and alert system for ventilated rack systems: The present invention is directed to monitoring/alert systems, devices, and methods useable with animal housing units. Embodiments include a primary component, such as a system controller device, for monitoring maintenance and operational events in a housing unit and a secondary component, such as a environmental monitoring device for analyzing environmental... Agent:

20120229275 - System and method for providing warning and directives based upon gunfire detection: A system and method for providing warnings and directives based upon gunfire detection is described herein. Specifically, gunfire detection system can comprise a memory that stores an application, and a one or more zone plans, wherein said zone plan comprises directives relating to a one or more output devices spanning... Agent:

20120229278 - System to detect presence in a space: A system to detect a presence in a space is provided and includes a sensor to issue a signal at an instance when a door to the space closes, a detector to periodically issue packets that identify when a presence was last detected in the space, and a processing unit,... Agent: Inncom International Inc.

20120229279 - Sensory tracking of inventory: Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer program products are provided for tracking the inventory of items. In one embodiment, a compartment comprises a plurality of sensors disposed proximate a surface of the compartment. A container storing items can be disposed above the surface of the compartment. Then, the sensors can detect... Agent:

20120229280 - Rfd method for protecting personal assets: A device for personal or business assets (electronics, eyeglasses, handbags, cell phones or keys), which involves a receiver (placed in one's pocket or purse) and transponder that can be attached to assets, such as electronics, eyeglasses, handbags, cell phones or keys. This device will emit a signal to alert the... Agent:

20120229281 - Apparatus and method for monitoring keyboard input: An apparatus and method for monitoring keyboard input are provided. The method includes monitoring input from the user over a predetermined interval, determining whether the amount of input over the predetermined interval has exceeded a predetermined threshold, and transmitting a warning to the user when the amount of input over... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120229282 - Maritime overboard detection and tracking system: A process and system for detecting the presence of a person overboard including: setting the perimeter of an area to scan, scanning said area 180 degrees in azimuth utilizing a laser beam for receiving a reflection of said laser beam off said person, detecting said reflection and playing back a... Agent: Security Identification Systems Corporation A Florida

20120229283 - Fire detection: A sensor unit comprising a heat resistant shell, the shell having a plurality of viewing windows spaced around the shell exterior to define a 360° view around the unit, each viewing window being optically coupled to an infrared pyroelectric sensor and an infrared thermopile sensor, the interior of the shell... Agent:

20120229284 - Sensor device for use in controlling irrigation: Methods and apparatus are provided herein for sensing rain fall for use in irrigation control. In one embodiment, a wireless rain sensor comprises a housing at least partially covering a first sensor, a controller and a wireless transmitter. The first sensor comprises a moisture absorptive material located to be contacted... Agent: Rain Bird Corporation

20120229285 - Combination co/smoke detector with reverse compatible initiating circuit: A system that includes, a carbon monoxide detector and first and second connectors, the carbon monoxide detector connected across the first and second conductors, the first and second conductors having a voltage imposed on the conductors that supply power to the carbon monoxide detector, the carbon monoxide detector signals detected... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120229287 - Gas monitoring system: A system for monitoring the amount of a selected gas in a gas flow is provided comprising a gas sensor for sensing the selected gas in the gas flow and producing a corresponding electrical signal; at least one pressure regulator to adjust a pressure of the gas flow to a... Agent:

20120229286 - Method for hushing a co detector through power-on reset: A method and apparatus is provided for activating a carbon monoxide detector. The method includes the steps of the carbon monoxide detector measuring a current carbon monoxide level, the carbon monoxide detector comparing the current carbon monoxide level with a first threshold value, determining whether the current carbon monoxide level... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120229288 - Battery management system and battery pack comprising the same: A battery management system and a battery pack are disclosed. The battery management system determines that a battery is in a non-use state, and thereafter, detects a battery voltage of the battery. If the battery voltage is less than an over-discharge reference voltage, the system generates a warning signal.... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd

20120229289 - Bowden cable wear detection in a tube clamp system for medical fluids: A system for clamping a flexible tube containing medical fluids includes a cable assembly coupled to a remote driver and a slidable clamp that imparts a clamping force to the flexible tube. An electrical continuity detector is included to measure the wear of an internal insulating layer of the cable... Agent: Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation

20120229290 - Method and device for monitoring torsional vibrations of a rotary shaft of a turbine engine: A method of monitoring twisting vibration of a rotary shaft of a turbine engine includes obtaining a vibratory acceleration signal from a sensor located on a stationary component of the turbine engine. This vibratory signal is characterized by a carrier frequency. The method also includes evaluating a frequency spectrum of... Agent: Snecma

20120229291 - Method and device for securing operation of automatic or autonomous equipment: A method and device for securing operation of automatic or autonomous equipment where the equipment comprises a component being displaced a space, and where the method comprises:—to calculate the component position in the space by means of data from the component control system, and where the method further comprises:—to measure... Agent:

20120229292 - Lighting apparatus for a beacon system: A lighting apparatus for a beacon system may include a first light source having at least one visible light emitting diode; and a second light source configured to essentially emit infrared radiation.... Agent: Osram Ag

20120229293 - Methods and systems for borehole telemetry: Methods and systems for borehole telemetry utilizing a tool configured or designed for deployment in a borehole traversing a subterranean formation. The tool includes a downhole telemetry module; a surface telemetry module; and a datalink between the downhole and surface modules configured or designed for transferring data over two or... Agent:

20120229294 - System and method for communicating device specific data over an advanced metering infrastructure (ami) network: A system for communicating device specific data over a network includes a smart power device that includes a meter, a controller and an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network connection coupled to the meter and the controller. The system also includes an AMI terminator device configured to receive information from a... Agent: General Electric Company

20120229298 - Home occupancy detection switches: Disclosed are methodologies for enabling energy conservation in a home. Occupancy by an entity of the home may be detected and used by a utility meter associated with the home to control and/or adjust operation of energy consuming devices based, at least in part, on the occupancy state of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120229299 - Methods for low power communication in an implantable medical device: The present invention is directed to an implantable medical device and a method for power management for power efficient use of RF telemetry during, for example, conditions where long periods of continuous monitoring of the device and the patient is desired such as during MRI procedures. A protocol module adapted... Agent: St. Jude Medical Ab

20120229295 - Monitoring system for an electrical device: Systems and solutions for monitoring an electrical device are disclosed. In one embodiment, a monitoring system for an electrical device includes: a utility meter communicatively connected to the electrical device; and at least one computing device disposed within the utility meter, the at least one computing device adapted to monitor... Agent: General Electric Company

20120229297 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses for determining power usage with a meter: Systems, methods, and apparatuses may be provided for determining power usage within a meter. The systems, methods, and apparatuses may include providing, for a utility meter, at least one communications interface for communicating with a home area network (HAN); receiving or transmitting, via the at least one communications interface of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120229296 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses for reducing network congestion in a smart utility meter system: Systems, methods, and apparatuses for reducing network congestion in a smart utility meter system are provided. The systems, methods, and apparatuses may include providing, for a utility meter, a first communications interface for communicating with a first network; providing, for the utility meter, a second communications interface for communicating with... Agent: General Electric Company

20120229300 - Holder device capable of automatically adjusting orientation of an electronic device placed thereon, and assembly of holder device and electronic device: A holder device is capable of automatically adjusting orientation of an electronic device placed thereon based upon position of a user. The holder device includes a holder body, a torque unit, and a control unit. The holder body includes a base, a movable arm set pivoted to the base, and... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20120229301 - Driver initiated vehicle-to-vehicle anonymous warning device: A driver-initiated warning device is described for communicating descriptive vehicle-to-vehicle warning messages. The device can be deployed within an automobile and can include an interface that receives input from a driver or passenger of a vehicle. The device also includes a vehicle-to-vehicle communications component that generates anonymous messages upon having... Agent:

20120229302 - Road hazard detection and warning system and method: Exemplary embodiments of this invention encompass a method that includes receiving information packets transmitted from a plurality of vehicles, each information packet including at least a location of a vehicle that transmits the information packet; analyzing the plurality of information packets to infer a presence of a transportation hazard at... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120229303 - Method, evaluating computer, and on-board computer for influencing a traffic light signal system: The invention relates to a method for influencing a traffic light system provided with an evaluating computer by a vehicle, in particular in public transportation, the vehicle sending a data telegram to the evaluating computer at a sending position in order to request a green phase and the data telegram... Agent:

20120229304 - Automated vehicle speed measurement and enforcement method and system: An automated vehicle speed measurement and enforcement method and system. Traffic can be continuously monitored utilizing an image capturing unit and a controller. The speed of one or more vehicles within an effective field of view of the image capturing unit can be estimated. A burst of radiation from an... Agent: Xerox Corporation

09/06/2012 > 38 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20120223808 - Emergency operation of elevators: An access control system includes at least one door fitting to a secured area of a building and at least one identification code on a mobile data carrier. The identification code is read by a read device of a door fitting. If the read-in identification code is valid, access is... Agent: Inventio Ag

20120223809 - Transponder, method and reader for monitoring access to application data in the transponder: A transponder for wirelessly receiving external data and for monitoring access to application data, the transponder including: a data storage storing application data; a data storage control region; and a data storage access controller configured to store, in the data storage control region, data indicative of an access to the... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120223810 - System and method for extending remote vehicle control functions: A remote keyless system (RKS) includes a remote control device configured to create a signal having at least a component at a first frequency and an antenna assembly coupled to a vehicle that includes a first antenna tuned to receive a signal in a frequency band. The RKS also includes... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120223812 - Double wide forklift radio frequency: A forklift RFID system on a double wide forklift for a stack of plastic pallets comprising: a double wide forklift comprising a body, a mast mounted to the body and at least two fork assemblies including forks moveably mounted on the mast. A RFID reader having a low power which... Agent: Epcsolutions, Inc.

20120223811 - Multiple antenna localizing: A reader includes a single receiver circuit and a switching circuit coupled to the single receiver circuit. A first antenna connection is coupled to the switching circuit, wherein the first antenna connection is configured to receive a first signal from a source of radio frequency waves. A second antenna connection... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20120223813 - Radio frequency identification system for mineral extraction equipment: A system including, a first component of a mineral extraction system, and a first radio frequency identification (RFID) module coupled to the first component, wherein the first RFID module comprises first component data relating to the first component, and first location data relating to a first location of the first... Agent: Cameron International Coporation

20120223814 - Rfid devices, systems and methods for accurate equipment and asset tracking: A method according to one embodiment includes conummicating with a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag coupled to a reusable transport item (RTI); and determining whether the RTI has passed a predetermined useful lifetime thereof based on information received from the RFID tag. A method according to one embodiment includes conummicating... Agent: Intelleflex Corporation

20120223815 - System and method for rfid dynamic content presentation: A system and method for providing RFID dynamic content presentation using wireless devices and RFID technologies. The method comprises providing a wireless capable device which is configured to receive RFID information and store the RFID information in storage for later retrieval. The system is an infrastructure which comprises at least... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120223816 - Rfid interrogator with adjustable signal characteristics: A radio frequency identification (RFID) interrogator housed in a portable platform that includes at least one antenna, a transceiver for transmitting and receiving a radio frequency (RF) signal through the antenna, and a controller in communication with the transceiver for adjusting power and direction of the transmitted RF signal. The... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20120223817 - Integrated detection point passive rfid tag reader and event timing system and method: A tag reader system, method and timing system for determining a time of detection of a passive RFID tag relative to a detection line located along a route traveled by the RFID tag.... Agent: Innovative Timing Systems, LLC

20120223818 - Data random selection device: A data random selection device includes a data generation module and a data reading module. The data generation module includes a RFID tag and indication units. The RFID tag stores and sends an identification code, and one of the indication units is randomly driven to generate an indication signal when... Agent: Sino Matrix Technology, Inc.

20120223819 - Near field communication event attendee tracking system: Tracking an attendee at an event includes providing a near field communications (NFC) device associated with an event station to facilitate tracking an attendee. A processor associates an identification code with an NFC tag, where the identification code is associated with the attendee and the NFC tag communicates with one... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20120223820 - Integrated remote control system and control method thereof: An integrated remote control system controls a plurality of peripheral electronic devices by a certain integrated operation to provide use convenience of the electronic devices. The integrated remote control system includes an integrated control device configured to store control codes of the peripheral electronic devices and provide the at least... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120223821 - Patient support apparatus alert system: A system including a patient support apparatus that has an adjustable height, a brake and a siderail. The system also includes a processor receiving at least two of the following signals: a first signal indicating a brake condition of the brake, a second signal indicating a siderail condition of the... Agent:

20120223822 - Human audible localization for sound emitting devices: Audible signals are created and emitted that provide a human user with improved sound localization cues to quickly and efficiently find the emitting device. Different emitted audible signals are sequentially emitted in response to receiving an activation signal. The different audible signals have been observed to efficiently help a human... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120223824 - Linear vibrator providing localized haptic feedback: An apparatus for providing haptic feedback, including: a shell defining an aperture; a driver disposed within the shell; a mass disposed within the coil; and a projection connected to the mass and extending through the aperture. Also described herein is a method for providing generalized and localized haptic feedback, including... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120223823 - Systems and methods for sensory feedback: A sensory feedback system is described that comprises a sensor for measuring one or more physical attributes associated with a user and a mobile device coupled to the sensor, where the mobile device comprises a data capture device for receiving and storing measurements by the sensor. The mobile device is... Agent:

20120223825 - Silent car alarm: The Present Invention is pre-programmed cellular telephone device capable of placing calls over the cellular telephone network that is hidden somewhere in an automobile in order to prevent or discourage theft. The device auto dials any pre-programmed existing phone numbers. The triggering mechanism alerts the owner in a sequence of... Agent:

20120223826 - System and method for sensing cargo loads and trailer movement: The specification and drawing figures describe and illustrate a system for sensing cargo loads and trailer movement that includes a mobile wireless communications system. A mobile computing platform is mounted on a remote vehicle and operatively connectable across the mobile wireless communications system. Sensor data are collected and stored in... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120223827 - Passenger car transport: A vehicle for transporting passenger cars has an adjustable loading ramp for loading and unloading passenger cars. The loading ramp can be placed in at least two positions. One position is a travel position and is to be set when the passenger car transport is traveling. The passenger car transport... Agent:

20120223828 - System and method for monitoring tire condition: An electronic device includes an antenna that receives RF signals from a sensor associated with a respective tire of the vehicle. The RF signals represent a condition of the respective tire. A processor receives the RF signals from the antenna. The processor converts the RF signals to a proprietary serial... Agent: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC

20120223829 - Monitoring powered assets for fueling: Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer program products are provided for monitoring powered assets for fueling. For example, in one embodiment, a fuel server can monitor the location of powered assets and fueling units. In response to determining, for example, that a powered asset that needs fuel is within a predetermined... Agent:

20120223830 - Monitoring powered assets for fueling: Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer program products are provided for monitoring powered assets for fueling. For example, in one embodiment, a fuel server can monitor the location of powered assets and fueling units. In response to determining, for example, that a powered asset that needs fuel is within a predetermined... Agent:

20120223831 - Methods and systems for automated emergency lighting: A control circuit for activating at least one emergency light when a vehicle's brakes are applied is described. The control circuit includes a pressure switch configured to selectively couple a power source and an electrically-operated actuator to facilitate selectively energizing the electrically-operated actuator. The electrically-operated actuator includes at least one... Agent:

20120223832 - Vehicle presence notification apparatus: A vehicle presence notification apparatus generates and radiates a pseudo-idling sound outward from a vehicle by way of a vehicular horn and a parametric speaker when the vehicle is in a temporary stop state. Further, the vehicle presence notification apparatus generates from two horizontally-adjacent piezoelectric vibrators, reverse phase supersonic sounds... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120223833 - Portable wireless personal head impact reporting system: A system for sensing, analyzing and reporting a collision event experienced by a person or object sensor module designed to a person or object, module angular velocities over time and a processor for analyzing the sensed velocities, calculating properties of angular velocities, such as jerk and jolt, comparing these properties... Agent:

20120223834 - Tracking and monitoring system: A tracking and monitoring system for monitoring children in a park includes a child tracking device that is associated with each of the children. A guardian tracking device is assigned to a guardian of the child and associated with the child tracking device. The locations of the devices are monitored.... Agent:

20120223835 - Smart display device for independent living care: A wireless contextual prompting device provides contextual (context-aware) prompting in the home for applications such as Activities of Daily Living (ADL) monitoring, medication adherence, journaling, social messaging and coaching. The device combines the advantages of a small, wireless, battery-operated sensor that may be easily mounted at critical places in a... Agent:

20120223836 - Tamper switch activation without power: A tamper-detection device and system are disclosed. The tamper-detection device includes one or more components which enable the tamper-detection device to detect a state change, even in the absence of a power supply. A capacitor is provided in the tamper-detection device that, when shorted, discharges and induces a state change... Agent:

20120223837 - System and method for protecting against tampering with a security device: A lock for securing an electronic device includes a tamper module and a destruction module. The tamper module determines whether a component of the lock has been compromised. The tamper module may determine whether a cable securing the electronic device has been cut. If the tamper module determines that a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120223838 - Cable wrap security device: A security device may include a spool, locking mechanism, button, plug, and latch. The spool is configured to either wind or unwind a cable for wrapping around an object. The locking mechanism is configured to partially lock the spool. The button may be used to move the locking mechanism between... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20120223839 - Apparatus and method for measuring weight and torque at downhole locations while landing, setting, and testing subsea wellhead consumables: A dynamometer measures applied weight and torque at a running tool location and transmits the measured information to a drilling rig operator. The system includes a dynamometer stem having a bidirectional torque and weight sensor coupled inline to the drill string, and further coupled to the running tool, so that... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20120223841 - data collection system for electronic parking meters: There is disclosed a single space parking meter that includes a low powered radio for communicating with a mobile access point. There is also provided a parking meter management system comprising a single space parking meter and a mobile access point. The mobile access point comprises a coin collection cart,... Agent:

20120223840 - Smart grid over power line communication network: A smart-grid communication system including a plurality of receptacles and a power management gateway in electrical communication with each of the plurality of receptacles is presented. Each of the power modules of the plurality of receptacles provides power usage information to the power management gateway. Also, the power usage information... Agent: Leviton Manufacturing Co., In.

20120223842 - Vehicle speed data gathering and reporting: A computer-implemented method includes recognizing the initiation of a vehicle journey. The method further includes periodically storing vehicle speed data, GPS coordinate data and time data. This method also includes providing at least one option for reporting the stored speed data, GPS data and time data. The method additionally includes... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120223843 - Advanced accessible pedestrian control system for the physically disabled: A mobile traffic controller to aid pedestrians includes a wireless transmitter and receiver that are configured to communicate with a traffic signal or a traffic control system. In response to a user request, the transmitter sends a traffic control request to a traffic signal or a traffic system controller. The... Agent:

20120223844 - Method and apparatus for vehicle tracking: A computer-implemented tracking method includes receiving a tracking request at a vehicle associated computing system (VACS). The method also includes authenticating the tracking request and determining a vehicle location via a GPS in communication with the VACS. The method further includes transmitting the vehicle location from the VACS to a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120223845 - Motor vehicle: A motor vehicle includes a detection device for detecting a route actually traveled by the motor vehicle and the actual position of the motor vehicle on the route, a storage device with route-specific traffic sign information, and a control device with a display for outputting route-specific traffic sign information. The... Agent: Audi Ag

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