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Communications: electrical August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 58 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20120218072 - Pipeline monitoring system: A pipeline monitoring system includes at least one power generating device and at least one information device. The at least one power generating device generates electric power by movement of the fluid in the pipeline so as to power the at least one information device which then sends a signal... Agent:

20120218074 - Biometric authentication and verification: Biometric authentication and verification are described. A method in biometric identification includes establishing a foundational biometric measurement based on a first user input. The method also includes providing a second user input at a biometric terminal, the second user input used by the biometric terminal to determine whether to acknowledge... Agent:

20120218075 - Methods and apparatus to control access: Methods and apparatus to support personal information management are described. One example method includes receiving personal information of a user from a mobile device through close-proximity communication, wherein the personal information includes government-issued credentials of the user; accessing verification information related to the personal information; and verifying the personal information... Agent:

20120218076 - Wireless capable security door antenna: A door security system comprises a door, and a handle assembly attached to the door. The handle assembly includes a lock mechanism, a handle, and an escutcheon. The lock mechanism has an unlocked state and a locked state for securing access to the door, and the handle is rotatably supported... Agent:

20120218077 - System and method for providing secure identification solutions: The present invention provides a method and system for verifying and tracking identification information. In an embodiment of the invention, a system for delivering security solutions is provided that includes at least one of the following: a radio frequency (RF) identification device, an identification mechanism (e.g., a card, sticker), and... Agent: Neology, Inc.

20120218073 - Accessible region of a device: A device to detect a portable device associated with a user accessing an accessible region of the device with a sensor, identify the portable device and log the user into the device with a profile of the user if the accessible region is accessed by the portable device, and generate... Agent:

20120218078 - Methods and apparatus to support personal information management: Methods and apparatus to support personal information management are described. One example method includes receiving personal information of a user from a mobile device through close-proximity communication, accessing verification information related to the personal information, obtaining biometric information; and verifying the personal information based on the biometric information and based... Agent:

20120218079 - Dynamic information radio-frequency identification (rfid) card with biometric capabilities: Embodiments of the present invention implement dynamic elements within a RFID card. Specifically, the embodiments update card information dynamically, using a biometric image scanner (e.g., for scanning a fingerprint passively). The scanner is activated only when a user intends to use it with a designated reader by bringing the RFID... Agent:

20120218080 - System for representing locations of persons in a structure: A computer-based system is configured to receive data relating to locations and identities of a plurality of persons in a structure, and display on an output device a plurality of icons representing the locations in the structure and the identities of one or more of an individual person and a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120218082 - Communications system including display with nfc device associated therewith and associated methods: A communications system includes a display configured to display at least one time variable image, at least one passive near field communications (NFC) device associated with the display, and a media device. An identifier is associated with the at least one passive NFC device. A mobile wireless communications device includes... Agent: Research In Motion Limited (a Corporation Organized Under The Laws

20120218083 - Methods and apparatuses to secure data transmission in rfid systems: Methods and apparatuses to secure data transmission in a radio frequency identification (RFID) system against eavesdropping, using multiple communication channels. In one embodiment, a method includes communicating key information and cipher text generated based on the key information, or plain text, using a plurality of different, distinct and separate communication... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20120218081 - Radio frequency identification antenna switching in a conveyor system: A radio frequency identification (“RFID”) method, computer-readable medium, apparatus, and system are provided. In one embodiment, the method acquires dimensions of an item. The dimensions and speed of the item are used to determine the item's location on a conveyor (i.e., to track the item on the conveyor). The location... Agent: Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

20120218086 - Multi-sample reading in sleep mode for passive infrared detectors and other analog inputs: This disclosure provides systems and methods for detecting a change in environmental conditions utilizing sampling circuitry configured to sample an environmental sensor while a processor remains in a low-power state or a sleep state. According to some embodiments, a pre-filter performs a simplified analysis of the sensor samples to determine... Agent: Conexant Systems, Inc.

20120218088 - Location localization: A location localization method and system. The method includes transmitting by an RFID tag reader, a request for locating a passive RFID tag in a facility. The RFID tag reader receives from active RFID tags, a first date/time associated with first data. The RFID tag reader transmits to the active... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120218087 - Network end device configuration system: Aspects of the invention provide for a network end device configuration system. In one embodiment, a system is disclosed comprising: at least one computing device adapted to configure an end device to an electrical network by performing actions comprising: obtaining an indicator that the end device has entered the electrical... Agent: General Electric Company

20120218085 - Communication apparatus and computer program product: Disclosed is a communication apparatus comprising: a communication section which performs communication in an ASK modulation format with an RFID tag; and a control section which sets a modulation degree of the ASK modulation of the communication section to a large degree when polling of the RFID tag is performed... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20120218084 - Method and apparatus for presenting printed media based on radio frequency memory tag detection: An approach is provided for associating content information with a radio frequency (RF) memory tag related to one or more items. One or more RF memory tags for maintaining additional information are associated with the one or more items. A data association platform causes, at least in part, a capture... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120218090 - Device, system and method for mobile devices to communicate through skin response: Devices, systems and methods for communicating to another user or users through skin response technology are provided. The present disclosure provides for receiving at least one message over a network by a mobile device; transmitting the received at least one message to a vibrotactile device configured to be worn on... Agent: Reagan Inventions LLC

20120218091 - Device, system and method for mobile devices to communicate through skin response: Devices, systems and methods for communicating to another user or users through skin response technology are provided. The present disclosure provides for receiving at least one message over a network by a mobile device; transmitting the received at least one message to a vibrotactile device configured to be worn on... Agent: Reagan Inventions LLC

20120218089 - Methods and apparatus to provide haptic feedback: Methods and apparatus to provide haptic feedback are disclosed. One example method includes receiving a goal condition at a mobile device, requesting information from a host device using a first close-proximity communication, receiving the information at a mobile device using a second close-proximity communication, determining a level of haptic feedback... Agent:

20120218092 - Wireless lift gate control system including authorization of operator: A lift gate system is provided which in one implementation has a lift gate assembly including an actuator for actuating a lift gate, a main controller configured for controlling the actuator, and a wireless transceiver for receiving an operation command. The system further has a wireless controller including an authorization... Agent: Rs Drawings, LLC

20120218093 - Driving support device: An ECU of a driving support device predicts the risk of contact between a host vehicle and obstacles around the host vehicle when the host vehicle travels by a driving action related to at least one normative action candidate, which is a normative driving action candidate of the host vehicle... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120218094 - Method for road grade estimation for enhancing the fuel economy index calculation: A method is provided of estimating a road grade of a current driven road. A nominal value of a vehicle operating parameter is measured during a nominal vehicle operating condition. The vehicle operating parameter is related to a vehicle thrust power. The nominal value of the vehicle operating condition is... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120218096 - Blank tire pressure monitoring device and its setup method: A blank tire pressure monitoring device includes a housing having an air valve at one end and connection terminals at an opposite end, a circuit board mounted in the housing and carrying a pressure sensor, a temperature sensor, an acceleration sensor, an analog-digital converter electrically connected with the pressure sensor,... Agent:

20120218095 - Dual tire pressure monitor with equalizer apparatus and tire inflation system integration: A wireless dual tire pressure monitor and equalizer apparatus is adapted to install on a vehicle dual wheel and connect to the two tire valve stems. The apparatus includes capabilities of monitoring individual tire pressure and transmitting tire data to be received by a remote receiver, equalizing pressure in the... Agent:

20120218097 - Transmission indicator for vehicle: A transmission indicator apparatus for a vehicle, may include a base provided on a side of a gearshift lever of the vehicle, a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) circuit mounted on the base and provided with light sources, a cover provided above the PCB circuit to shield an internal structure therein,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120218098 - Deceleration rate indicator apparatus: An apparatus for providing deceleration rate information of a user operating a vehicle is disclosed. The apparatus includes a unit including an accelerometer, a processor, and a lighting mechanism. The processor receives from the accelerometer deceleration info of the vehicle and variably adjusts at least one aspect of the lighting... Agent:

20120218099 - Relay method for alarm system and alarm device: The relay method for an alarm system of the present invention includes: a third process in which a reception intensity of the acknowledgement signal is measured when the source alarm device receives the acknowledgement signal, and in which, if there are one or more destination alarm devices that have not... Agent: Hochiki Corporation

20120218100 - Perimeter security system: A perimeter security system includes a barrier and a series of sensors. The sensors are connected together via connection cables that include pin-type engagement structure for connection with the sensors. The sensors may include a graduated sensory alert that changes as a person or object approaches. The pin-type connection arrangement... Agent:

20120218101 - Situational marking and awareness tag (smart) beacon, system and method: A system and method are disclosed comprising a plurality of small independent light sources which are arranged in a mesh network and capable of exchanging data such that they can be operated together and under control of a controller in order to provide enhanced lighting effects in particular applications.... Agent:

20120218102 - Managing emergency response services using mobile communication devices: One or more embodiments manage emergency response services. An emergency event is determined to have occurred. A set of civilian responders currently available to respond to the emergency event is selected from a plurality of civilian responders in response to determining that the emergency event has occurred. Each civilian responder... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120218103 - Item locator with distance determining capabilities: Disclosed is an item locator that utilizes a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver is attached to an item that may become lost or misplaced, and a signal is sent from the transmitter to the receiver, causing the receiver to emit an audible, visual, and vibratory alert when activated. A... Agent:

20120218106 - Dispenser assembly for dispensing disinfectant fluid and method for use thereof and data collection and monitoring system for monitoring and reporting dispensing events: A dispenser assembly for dispensing disinfectant to a user and associated monitoring systems and methods. The dispenser assembly includes a main housing defining a cavity and a container disposed within the cavity and releasably secured to the main housing. The container contains a fluid therewithin. An electronics unit is coupled... Agent:

20120218104 - Signal transmitting apparatus: A signal transmitting apparatus in accordance with the present invention comprises two connecting wires. Two connectors are respectively to two opposite ends of each of the two connecting wires. Two alarm devices are mounted on the two connecting wires and each near a corresponding one of the two connectors. Two... Agent:

20120218105 - Warning tag and method for providing an indication relevant to shelf life of a product: A warning tag for providing an indication relevant to shelf life of a product is to be disposed on a product. The warning tag includes a storage unit, a clock unit, a control unit and a warning unit. The storage unit stores product information of the product. The product information... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20120218107 - Entity detection system and method for monitoring an area: An entity detection method and system are provided for monitoring an area. The method comprises providing an illuminated band extending continuously along an extremity of the area; providing an optical detector having an image sensor adapted to capture an image, the illuminated band being viewable by the image sensor and... Agent:

20120218108 - System and method for disclosing unauthorized removal of articles from secured premises: A system and method for securing premises by distinguishing between authorized and unauthorized removal of articles from the premises via an approach within the premises to an exit (38). Each article is secured by a passive security device (50) which in an article-securing state will be detected upon the article... Agent:

20120218109 - Security system: A security system includes a sensor attached to a merchandise item, a slave unit attached to a merchandise rack and connected to one or a plurality of sensors via a wire, and a master unit that monitors theft of the merchandise item by wirelessly receiving a signal using a first... Agent: S-cube Inc.

20120218110 - Method, system, and apparatus for rfid removal detection: According to one exemplary embodiment, an apparatus, system and method for forming RFID labels is disclosed. The RFID labels can include an RFID chip, at least one antenna element and at least one conductive material. The RFID chip may then transmit desired signals based upon a coupling of the conductive... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20120218111 - Pulse oximeter alarm simulator and training tool: According to various embodiments, methods and systems are provided herein for training a user in alarm behaviors of a medical device. The alarm behaviors may be accessed via a simulator system that obtains input regarding alarm settings, accesses stored plethysmographic waveform data representative of data obtained through the simulated medical... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120218112 - Compact dryer exhaust duct & chimney manometer: A cost effective manometer is realized for accurately measuring back pressure in all types of vents and ducts. Common back pressure can be caused by restrictions, such as lint or soot buildup. The manometer consists of a main body having two reservoirs for storage of measuring fluid. The first reservoir... Agent:

20120218113 - Integrated fuse status indication in an open fuse block: An open fuse block is provided having a visual indicator or light assembly connected in parallel with a replaceable fuse mounted in the fuse block. When the fuse is blown, the corresponding visual indicator is illuminated to identify the blown fuse, thereby facilitating quick and easy replacement of the fuse.... Agent: Littelfuse, Inc.

20120218114 - Roll-lock snap-on current transformer: A PeakPower Energy Management and Control System having one or more roll-lock snap-on current transformer power monitoring devices, each to avoid interrupting power when installing current and/or power monitors. Each roll-lock snap-on current transformer power monitoring device may be snapped onto existing power wires inside a power panel or near... Agent:

20120218115 - Back looking warning assembly and a method for determining the presence of a tangible entity in close proximity to the back of an individual: A portable assembly 10 which may be selectively worn on the body of a user 14 and which detects the presence of a tangible entity 80 which is located behind or at any other location or portions of the user 14. Multiple assemblies 10 may be utilized.... Agent:

20120218116 - Position monitoring system and method of use: A position monitoring system comprising a casing which attaches to an item and a locator chip which inserts into the casing; a distance monitoring unit, where the distance monitoring unit houses a global positioning device which monitors a location of the locator chip; a display screen on a front face... Agent:

20120218117 - Quantification indicating circuit: A quantification indicating circuit includes an indicating lamp set, a converting circuit, and an indicating lamp control circuit. The indicating lamp set has a plurality of indicating lamps. The converting circuit has a plurality of predetermined threshold values which are compared with a numerical signal of a circuit board to... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20120218118 - Method and apparatus for initialization of a wellbore survey tool via a remote reference source: A method and an apparatus are provided for determining an orientation of a wellbore survey tool at a first position with respect to a reference direction. At least one first signal is indicative of an orientation of a directional reference system with respect to the reference direction. The directional reference... Agent: Gyrodata, Incorporated

20120218119 - Downhole telemetry system using an optically transmissive fluid media and method for use of same: A multi-channel downhole telemetry system for enabling communication in a wellbore. The system includes a downhole transmitter operable to optically transmit a first data stream on a first optical channel and a second data stream on a second optical channel. A downhole receiver is operable to receive the first data... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20120218121 - Humidity telemetry in processing of materials: A method of monitoring the humidity of material being subjected to processing step using it humidity monitoring transducer, and transmitting humidity data from the monitoring transducer by wireless telemetry to a receiver external to the mass of material. If the material is a mass of material, the transducer can be... Agent:

20120218120 - Meter processing communication system: Systems for supporting communication between networks are disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, a meter processing communication system includes: a utility meter; and a central processor integrated with the utility meter, the central processor including a single communications stack, the single communications stack and central processor being configured to... Agent: General Electric Company

20120218122 - Parking enforcement system and method: A parking enforcement system and method. The system and method may employ mobile technology and, in particular, a mobile device. From the perspective of the mobile device, a parking identifier is received, wherein the parking identifier corresponds with a parking space or corresponds with parking spaces. The mobile device then... Agent:

20120218123 - Set-top box for monitoring telehealth sensors: The subject disclosure provides a system and method for a set-top box for monitoring telehealth and biometric sensors. A subject patient is associated with telehealth and biometric sensors which measure the subject patient's vital signs and other health related attributes. In one aspect, the system includes a set-top box for... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20120218124 - Driver assistance system: A method for assisting a driver driving a vehicle, and a driver assistance system for assisting a driver driving a vehicle are described.... Agent:

20120218125 - Two-way video and 3d transmission between vehicles and system placed on roadside: A system and method for providing visual information to a driver of a first vehicle, including: at least one camera or sensor which is not on the first vehicle but which captures image data that includes a view of a road within a vicinity of the first vehicle; a decision... Agent: Toyota Motor Engin. & Manufact. N.a.(tema)

20120218126 - Systems and method for controlling preemption of a traffic signal: A priority control unit is provided for use with light-based and GPS-based traffic control priority systems. The priority control unit includes a light emitter subsystem that is configured to emit pulses of light. The pulses of light encode a priority request for activating preemption of a traffic signal by a... Agent:

20120218127 - Terminal intelligent monitoring system: A flight information system, accessories, methods of use and applications are disclosed herein. A central computer system programmed to retrieve and analyze flight relevant data, including weather, operational, ground condition, aircraft condition, and navigational status data, is provided. Additionally, user terminals in communication with the central computer system may optionally... Agent:

20120218129 - Alert and warning system and method: The present inventions provide a system and method for providing a warning using at least one wireless communication link between an approaching object and the location where a warning is to be given based in part on the location of the object and its proximity to the warning location. One... Agent: Spot Devices, Inc.

20120218128 - Vehicle locator key fob with range and bearing measurement: An apparatus and method of determining bearing and distance measurements between a mobile device and an object using Rf based measurements. The mobile device communicates with a control in the object to determine the relative bearing between the mobile device and the object with respect to magnetic north and, optionally,... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

08/23/2012 > 36 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20120212318 - Instrument module with intelligent self-actuating latching mechanism: An instrumented module attaches to a shipping container and preferably spans the two locking bars, preventing unauthorized opening. The module includes a means for detecting position and/or movement. The module may be latched onto one of the locking bars of the trailer while the doors are open; when the doors... Agent:

20120212319 - System and method for activating an electronic device using two or more sensors: The disclosure provides a system and method for activating an electronic device. The activation circuit comprises: a first sensor to monitor for a first condition relating to an environment as affected by a user of the device; a second sensor to monitor for the first condition relating to an environment... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120212320 - Motor vehicle light synchronization system: A synchronization system for motor vehicles which enable external blinking or flashing lights of one or a number of vehicles to be synchronized. Among a group of motor vehicle, such as those produced by a given motor vehicle manufacturer, when the operators of the vehicles activate the turn signals or... Agent:

20120212322 - Key fob with protected biometric sensor: A key fob includes a biometric sensor including a fingerprint area sensor having a surface for receiving a finger, and a controller includes at least one processor configured to authenticate a user of the key fob based on biometric information obtained with the biometric sensor and stored biometric information for... Agent:

20120212323 - Systems and methods for rule-driven management of sensor data across geographic areas and derived actions: The present disclosure relates to an information gathering method. The information gathering method includes identifying a location of a package, the location associated with one or more location-based restrictions on collecting data. The information gathering method also includes restricting access to sensor-collectable data associated with the package in accordance with... Agent:

20120212321 - System and method for managing access to and tracking a plurality of carts: A system and method for managing access to a plurality of carts. A plurality of users may be created in a database, each user having unique identifying information. Users may be grouped into user groups when having similar attributes. Each cart may have an entry in the database with associated... Agent: Capsa Solutions LLC

20120212324 - Method and system for model-based signature profile extraction: A method for model-based signature profile extraction includes capturing an image of an authentic glyph. An outline model is fit to the image of the authentic glyph, and an authentic signature profile is extracted based on the outline model. A signature profile extracted from an image of another glyph may... Agent:

20120212330 - Antenna, apparatus and method for identifying and tracking multiple items: A flat identification antenna for receiving signals from multiple tag-carrying items placed on the antenna and a system for identifying and tracking multiple tag-carrying items including the same. The antenna comprises a first planar array of partially overlapping first planar loops, a second planar array of partially overlapping second planar... Agent: Haldor Advanced Technologies Ltd.

20120212325 - Communication apparatus, communication system, and communication method: A communication apparatus includes: a data generating unit that generates write data to be sent to any other communication apparatus at an arbitrary timing; a communication unit that repeatedly sends a read request to the other communication apparatus until the write data is generated and, at the same time, repeatedly... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120212328 - Method and apparatus to detect transponder tagged objects, for example during medical procedures: The presence or absence of objects (e.g., medical implements, medical supplies) tagged with transponders may be determined in an environment in which medical procedures (e.g., surgery) are performed via an interrogation and detection system which includes a controller and a plurality of antennas positioned along a patient support structure. The... Agent: Rf Surgical Systems, Inc.

20120212329 - Method and apparatus to detect transponder tagged objects, for example during medical procedures: The presence or absence of objects (e.g., medical implements, medical supplies) tagged with transponders may be determined in an environment in which medical procedures (e.g., surgery) are performed via an interrogation and detection system which includes a controller and a plurality of antennas positioned along a patient support structure. The... Agent: Rf Surgical Systems, Inc.

20120212327 - Rfid reading tunnel and method for reading rfid transponders: RFID reading tunnel (10) comprising at least one RFID reading apparatus (12) installed at a reading zone (20) of a conveyor (14) or of a passageway for reading RFID transponders (24) in the reading zone (20) is provided, wherein the RFID reading apparatus (10) has a reading reception antenna (26)... Agent: Sick Ag

20120212326 - System and method for tracking pipe activity on a rig: A system for tracking pipe activity on a rig includes a plurality of pipes, each pipe having an asset ID tag containing a code unique to the pipe. A pipe handling space for assembling and disassembling the pipes contains at least one pipe handling apparatus. A first scanning zone located... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20120212331 - Systems and methods for secure supply chain management and inventory control: Systems for encoding and reading RFID tags on a collection of items are shown. One embodiment of the invention includes a plurality of items, where each item possesses an item identifier string, and a plurality of RFID tags, where an RFID tag is affixed to each of the items and... Agent: Mojix, Inc.

20120212332 - Wireless transceiver within an electrical receptacle system: An electrical receptacle assembly having a housing that includes a wireless transceiver electrically coupled to one or more antennas that can be integrated into the receptacle housing itself or in the receptacle's faceplate. The one or more antennas can be one or more dipoles or a single loop antenna. The... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20120212333 - Automotive vehicle and asset management system therefor: An automotive vehicle includes one or more computers. The one or more computers are configured to, in a first mode of operation, receive and store, at a plurality of instances, inventory information about assets in a vicinity of the vehicle, and identify patterns in asset inventories based on the inventory... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120212334 - Tire monitoring systems and methods: Systems and methods for monitoring tires of a vehicle are provided. The systems can include a sensing device adapted to engage a tire of a vehicle and sense properties of a tire such as pressure and/or temperature. The sensing devices can be adapted to transmit sensed data to a system... Agent: Dill Air Controls Products, LLC

20120212335 - Brake lining monitoring system: A brake lining monitoring system comprising primarily for automobiles. The monitoring system comprises a sensor for continuously measuring the thickness of a brake lining disposed at each wheel of an automobile, a memory including a plurality of predefined successive thickness value ranges wherein, each thickness value range is associated with... Agent:

20120212336 - System for enhancing perception of a motor vehicle's mark emblem: A system is provided for causing audible sounds, and/or visible actions, and/or an electronic visual image, and/or motion to occur by, or in relation to, a vehicle's mark emblem. The system may cause such actions to be initiated manually or automatically as a result of vehicle operation or operator action.... Agent: Jepp Industries, Inc.

20120212337 - Methods and apparatus for formatting text for clinical fact extraction: An original text that is a representation of a narration of a patient encounter provided by a clinician may be received and re-formatted to produce a formatted text. One or more clinical facts may be extracted from the formatted text. A first fact of the clinical facts may be extracted... Agent: Nuance Communications, Inc.

20120212338 - Networked pest control system: A pest control device system includes a plurality of pest control devices and a data collector. The system may further include the data collector in the form of a gateway that is connected to a data management server via a computer network along with other gateways in corresponding pest control... Agent:

20120212339 - Concealed personal alarm and method: A transmitter, GPS, clock and, optionally, a microphone, video camera and identification signal means, and health monitoring sensors are housed in personal articles such as a pendant, a watch, a ring, mobile telephone, or other personal article. The article is disguised to look like it does not have all or... Agent:

20120212340 - Method and apparatus for providing communications with haptic cues: A method and apparatus of generating haptic cues for pacing and monitoring are disclosed. After sensing an event via a component, a process for generating haptic cues generates an input in response to the event. The component, in one example, may be a sensor or a combination of a sensor... Agent: Immerson Corporation, A Delaware Corporation

20120212341 - Alarm device for detecting and communicating environment- and system-specific states: The invention relates to an alarm device 1 for detecting and communicating environment- and device-specific states, comprising a communication interface 3 for the wireless transmission of information G to one or more destination addresses B, wherein the communication interface 3 is designed in particular as a WLAN interface and/or as... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120212342 - Devices and methods for detecting environmental circumstances and responding with designated communication actions: Provided are a wireless communication device and a communication device control method that include a set of templates corresponding to a plurality of potential environmental circumstances. The templates may be stored in a database in the computer readable memory of the communication device. At predetermined intervals, a suite of environmental... Agent: Bellsouth Intellectual Property Corporation

20120212343 - Point of entry deactivation: A system and method for automatically deactivating a security tag upon entry into business establishment to prevent tag pollution. The system and method involve positioning a security tag deactivator at an entrance of a business establishment and emitting an EM field sufficient to deactivate any security tag that enters into... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20120212344 - System and method for motivating or prompting hand washing: The invention relates to a system and method for motivating or prompting persons to wash hands. The system includes a sensor for detecting use of a toilet or a urinal, which sensor creates a first signal indicative of that use, and a signaling arrangement for issuing in response to the... Agent:

20120212345 - Device for the treatment of sleep-related conditions: A device and related methods are provided. The device may be for the treatment and detection of various medical and non-medical conditions, including for detecting and treating snoring and sleep apnea, for detecting rapid eye movement of a sleeping person, and for detecting drowsiness or sleepiness of a person. The... Agent:

20120212346 - Apparatus and method for detecting fires: The present smoke detection system uses a single sensor to quickly detect both fast flaming fires and smoldering fires while further reducing nuisance and false alarms. In the present detector, the sensor is preferably an ionization sensor. Specifically, a first algorithm is used to detect flaming fires and second algorithm... Agent:

20120212347 - Gas detector control system and method: A gas detector management system includes a plurality of docking stations distributed in a region being monitored. One or more gas detectors in the region, which have been exposed to various gas concentrations, and which include respective stored maximum concentrations can be coupled to respective docking stations. Information including the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120212348 - Method of monitoring the grading margin between time-current characteristics of intelligent electronic devices: A method of monitoring the grading margin between at least two time-current characteristics of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDA, IEDB) installed in an electrical power system, each Intelligent Electronic Device comprising a counting means, the grading margin comprising a safety margin set by a user, characterized in that it comprises, when... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd.

20120212349 - Cable structure with indicating function: The present invention relates to a cable structure with indicating function, which comprises a cable, a first connector plug and an indication unit. The first connector plug has a main body and a connection part, and coupled with one end of the cable; and the indication unit is fastened in... Agent:

20120212350 - Underwater tethered telemetry platform: A submersible telemetry platform includes a body and lift-generating surface(s) configured to provide lift to the body when a fluid flows thereacross. The platform includes attitude control surface(s) for controlling a pitch of the body in such a way that modifies the lift characteristics of the body. A control device... Agent:

20120212351 - High-power electromagnetic pulse launcher in well: A high-power electromagnetic pulse transmitting device for use in a downhole, the device including a ground instrument and a downhole instrument. The ground instrument, with an industrial control computer as the core, includes a depth/magnetic mark/GPS signal recording module, a Manchester coding and decoding module, and a cable drive module,... Agent:

20120212352 - Building system with reduced wiring requirements and apparatus for use therein: An apparatus for use in a building automation system includes a plurality of microelectromechanical sensors disposed on a single substrate, a non-volatile memory, a communication device, and a processing device. The non-volatile memory stores configuration information corresponding to a first functionality of the apparatus. The communication device is operable to... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20120212353 - System and method for responding to driver behavior: Methods of assessing driver behavior include monitoring vehicle systems and driver monitoring systems to accommodate for a driver's slow reaction time, attention lapse and/or alertness. When it is determined that a driver is drowsy, for example, the response system may modify the operation of one or more vehicle systems. The... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

08/16/2012 > 46 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120206233 - Radiographic imaging device and communication mode setting device: A radiographic imaging device has: a generating unit that generates image data expressing a radiographic image formed by irradiated radiation; a first communicating unit at which wireless communication is possible selectively in either of a direct communication mode or an indirect communication mode, and that receives, from an external device,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120206235 - Smart interlock system and working method thereof: An intelligent locking system and a working method thereof. The intelligent locking system includes a lock (1), an unlock device (2) and a logic generation device (3). The logic generation device (3) comprises a logic generation module and a logic communication module. The logic generation module generates a logic for... Agent: Zhuhai Unitech Power Technology Co., Ltd.

20120206234 - Systems for activating and/or authenticating electronic devices for operation with athletic equipment: Articles of clothing or pieces of athletic equipment include modules, e.g., for sensing physical and/or physiological characteristics associated with use of the clothing or athletic equipment or for performing other functions. Such systems and methods may use physical or other interaction(s) between the module and the article of clothing or... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120206236 - Remote control biometric user authentication: A remote control device for providing individualized access control. The remote control device includes an interface for accepting input from a user and forwarding a signal corresponding the to the input from the user to a conditional access device, a biometric scanner, coupled to the remote device, for reading a... Agent: Cox Communications, Inc.

20120206238 - Antenna for protecting radio frequency communications: An antenna for protecting radio frequency communications includes a masking portion to broadcast a masking signal including a first loop and a second loop connected to the first loop, wherein a current supplied to the masking portion flows in opposite polarity in each of the first and second loops. The... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120206237 - On-premises restaurant communication system and method: An on-premises restaurant communication system for communicating a particular customer's table number to a food server at a central service station. Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) tags are mounted on the underside of the restaurant's tables. The customer is provided with a pager having a pager ID associated with the customer's... Agent:

20120206239 - Rfid system: An RFID system includes an antenna of a reader/writer and an antenna of an RFID tag. Transmission and reception of a high-frequency signal of a UHF band is performed between the antenna of the reader/writer and the antenna of the RFID tag that are arranged so as to be adjacent... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120206240 - Rfid label comprising an interface to external sensors: A sensor-front-end processor (SFEP) predrives external sensors during a predominant part of time. In a low-consumption state it waits to receive a command (sc; st) to acquire and condition sensor signals. After receiving the command it drives the sensors, sets its own measuring range, acquires a coarse code (ccc, vcc)... Agent:

20120206241 - Gateway radio frequency identification tag system: A system and method are disclosed for transporting deterministic traffic in a gigabit passive optical network. A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an Optical Line Termination (OLT) for exchanging data traffic in a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) having a controller programmed to... Agent:

20120206242 - Chipless rfid structure, cap, can and packaging material, stacked film for preventing forgery, method for fabricating the same; rfid tag, rfid system and method for controlling the same; certificate for chipless rfid and method for authenticating the same: The present invention relates to an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) structure changing color according to the temperature, a method for fabricating thereof; a stacked film for preventing forgery, a method for fabricating thereof; an RFID tag, an RFID system and a method for controlling thereof; an RFID cap, a method... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120206243 - Methods and systems of a multiple radio frequency network node rfid tag: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tag that contains multiple Radio Frequency (RF) network nodes that may include memory storage for the RFID tag, the memory storage may include one time programmable (OTP) memory and many time programmable (MTP) memory... Agent:

20120206245 - Remote control system, remote control apparatus and remote control method: Provided is a remote operation system capable of coordinating the operations of a plurality of devices without harming the familiar, intuitive behavior style of remote control operation. The remote operation system is provided with: a remote operation device which captures images of each of a plurality of devices connected to... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120206244 - Communication protocol for remotely controlled laser devices: A laser device operating system includes a laser device generating a laser beam when receiving a remote control unit command signal. The remote control unit operates in a public or private mode. In public mode the remote control unit generates a command signal transmitted to the laser device. In private... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20120206246 - Sound to haptic effect conversion system using amplitude value: A haptic conversion system is provided that intercepts frames of audio data, such as a digital audio signal, converts the frames into a haptic signal, and plays the created haptic signal through an actuator to produce haptic effects. The haptic signal is based on a maximum value of each audio... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20120206247 - Sound to haptic effect conversion system using waveform: A haptic conversion system is provided that intercepts frames of audio data, such as a digital audio signal, converts the frames into a haptic signal, and plays the created haptic signal through an actuator to produce haptic effects. The haptic signal is based on a maximum value of each audio... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20120206248 - Flexure assemblies and fixtures for haptic feedback: The present invention provides methods and devices directed to the use of flexure assemblies to assist components driven by actuators, including but not limited to electroactive polymer transducers for providing sensory feedback. The present invention may be employed in any type of user interface device including, but not limited to,... Agent:

20120206249 - Portable information display apparatus: The present invention relates to an indicating display device which can be simply carried or worn. The indicating display device of the present invention comprises: a first display unit; a first transceiving unit for transceiving signals; a first sensor for sensing a motion; a first control unit for controlling the... Agent:

20120206250 - Speed bump alerting system: The speed bump alerting system includes an ultra high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identifier (RFID) transponder disposed on a speed bump sign, and a UHF RFID reader disposed in the vehicle. The RFID reader connects to the vehicle's computer for sending speed bump data thereto. An external antenna connects to... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20120206253 - Fuel degradation detector for internal combustion engine: When biomass fuel reacts with oxygen for a long period of time, an amount of acid ions in a fuel tank is increased with time. However, when metallic ions are generated for some reason and the reaction proceeds to change the acid ions into metallic salts, the increase rate of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120206252 - Lane departure warning system: Devices, methods and systems are disclosed herein to describe a lane departure warning system that warns the driver that the vehicle is about to leave a current lane and enter an adjacent lane. The driver of the vehicle is identified, and a corresponding profile is accessed. The driver's pupils may... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120206251 - Tell tale over cluster light guide: A gauge provides information indicative of vehicle speed and includes a pointer that moves relative to the scale to indicate a current measured the vehicle parameter. A tell tale housing is supported above and spaced apart from the gauge face. A main circuit board supports light emitting devices such as... Agent:

20120206254 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing operation of a portable electronic device: Methods and systems are described for managing operation of a portable electronic device. Vehicle information, about an automotive vehicle, is received. Device information, about a portable electronic device configured to perform an operation, is received. An operator of the automotive vehicle is detected to be a user of the portable... Agent:

20120206255 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing operation of an automotive vehicle: Methods and systems are described for managing operation of an automotive vehicle. Vehicle information, about an automotive vehicle, is received. The automotive vehicle has a current operational configuration for constraining an operation of the automotive vehicle. Device information, about a portable electronic device, is received. A detection is made, based... Agent:

20120206256 - Reverse automatic warning: t

20120206257 - Alarm system: An alarm system control center has subscribers connected to it by a two-wire line. The subscribers receive via the two-wire line both a power supply voltage and communication messages in the form of pulse trains impressed on the power supply voltage as voltage modulation. Each subscriber includes a constant current... Agent: Novar Gmbh

20120206258 - Network-based system for predicting landslides and providing early warnings: A wireless node for monitoring landslide conditions has at least one tubular probe body deployed in a borehole in a landslide prone area and anchored to rock below soil, multiple sensors carried by and deployed within and or outside of the tubular probe body for measuring geologic motion and hydrologic... Agent:

20120206261 - Acoustic representation of states of an industrial plant: A machine classifier classifies signals of an industrial plant and determines a current state as a result. On the basis of the current state, an audio profile is selected from a number of audio profiles and issued in the form of a synthetically generated acoustic signal to a plant operator.... Agent:

20120206262 - Device and method for conditionally transmitting data: The device (31) of the invention comprises a receiver (33) for receiving from a further device (41) an identifier identifying a person in the vicinity of the device, warning means (35) for providing a warning signal to a user of the device and a transmitter (37) for transmitting data to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120206260 - Monitoring occurrence of transmission and distribution grid code event by power consumption device: Disclosed herein is a power consumer approach that monitors the occurrence of grid code events within electric power transmission operations. In one aspect, a grid code event meter is used to detect the occurrence of a grid code event. The grid code meter includes a metering component configured to obtain... Agent: General Electric Company

20120206259 - System and method for remote alarm management of one or more objects: A remote device for monitoring property protected by a security system. The security system has at least one physical sensor and comprises a module for wirelessly sending and receiving signals. The remote device comprises a receiver module and transmitter module whereby signals may be received and sent using various wireless... Agent:

20120206263 - Eas tag with arming switch: An EAS tag has an arming switch protruding from its body to detect when the EAS tag is being forcibly removed from an object to which it is attached. A plate covers the arming switch to provide a broader surface for interacting with the attached object. The plate is capable... Agent:

20120206264 - System for automatic fall detection for elderly people: Apparatus for detection of human falls comprises: an acceleration detector, for detecting vibration events, typically placed on a floor, a microphone, located in association with the acceleration detector for detection of corresponding sound events, and a classification unit to classify concurrent events from the microphone and the acceleration detector, thereby... Agent: Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd

20120206265 - Disposable diaper with wireless alarm system: A disposable diaper with wireless alarm system includes a) a disposable diaper structure; b) a disposable diaper telltale conductive strip; c) an attachable, removable, reusable battery-powered sensor-transmitter device; and d) a wireless receiver with an alarm signal. Multiple diapers with different frequencies and optional disconnect sensors may be included and... Agent:

20120206266 - Heat detection system: A heat detection system includes a temperature sensor configured for mounting in a grill interior area for determining a temperature. A transmitter is positioned outside the interior area and electrically connected to the temperature sensor to transmit a signal indicative of the temperature. A receiver is remote from the transmitter... Agent:

20120206267 - Key fob indicator apparatus: An indicator apparatus is provided which may be wrapped around and/or may encase a key fob that wirelessly locks and unlocks doors of a vehicle. The apparatus includes first and second spaced apart switches which are respectively associated with first and second light emitters and which are aligned to cover... Agent: Dfr Group, Inc.

20120206268 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing attention of a user of a portable electronic device: Methods and systems are described for managing attention of a user of a portable electronic device. A detection is made that a portable electronic device is in motion relative to a first object separate from the portable electronic device An interaction is detected between a user and the portable electronic... Agent:

20120206269 - Electronic system to signal proximity of an object: A system to signal proximity of at least one object or entity comprises reference means, sensing means for sensing the at least one object or entity in an electric field, and processing means for detecting at least one capacitive change in at least a portion of the electric field. The... Agent: B.e.a. Inc.

20120206272 - Device for detecting a blockage of a mechanical fluid meter, and meter featuring blockage detection: The invention relates to a mechanical fluid meter, for liquid or gas, comprising an electronic device (E) that has means for metering, and generally also displaying, consumption, said fluid meter including: at least one fluid temperature sensor (3) near the meter and at least one ambient temperature sensor (4) where... Agent: Suez Environnement

20120206270 - Manhole cover type sensor node apparatus: A manhole cover type sensor node apparatus combined with a manhole cover includes a first antenna located on one side of the manhole cover, a second antenna located on the other side of the manhole cover, and a node combined with the manhole cover and configured to control transmission and... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20120206273 - Network system and method of controlling the same: Provided is a network system including an advanced metering infrastructure, an energy management system, a computer, and a diagnostic program. The advanced metering infrastructure interactively communicates with a power supply source and measures energy from the power supply source. The energy management system is connected to the advanced metering infrastructure... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120206271 - Oxygen tank monitoring: Apparatus for remote inspection of oxygen containers includes an electronic circuit in communication between each container (or at various locations along a pipeline) and a remote central station. The electronic circuit is adapted to issue a signal to the remote central station that includes information about predetermined internal and/or external... Agent:

20120206274 - System for sending utility meter alerts: Systems for sending utility meter alerts in response to a predetermined threshold condition being met at the utility meter are disclosed. In one embodiment, the utility meter has a communications stack embedded therein, and the communications stack is configured to send an alert through a network in response to a... Agent: General Electric Company

20120206275 - Blind area warning for vehicles: Methods and devices are disclosed for assisting a driver of a first vehicle where a second vehicle is detected by a sensor of the first vehicle and a driver of the first vehicle is informed that the second vehicle is at the side of the first vehicle when the second... Agent:

20120206276 - Electromechanical traffic sign box with double swing adjustable solar energy device: An electromechanical traffic sign box with double swing adjustable solar energy device is specifically assembled onto the top section of the support bar of the main body, so as to accommodate the circuit controller and battery. The solar energy device is assembled onto the box's main body and has not... Agent: Safety Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd.

20120206277 - Solar-powered portable energy-saving light-emitting traffic sign: A solar-powered portable energy-saving light-emitting traffic sign has a main body, with its traffic sign surface provided with LED luminous bodies. A solar energy device is assembled onto the support bar of the main body, and has a photovoltaic panel and rack. A battery is assembled onto the support bar.... Agent: Safety Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd.

20120206278 - Aircraft tire pressure loop link: The aircraft tire pressure loop link is formed of first and second single metal loops connected by parallel spaced apart metal shafts, and provides for coupling a magnetic field between a wheel hub coil and a tire pressure sensor coil to provide electromagnetic communication between a control unit connect to... Agent: Eldec Corporation

08/09/2012 > 51 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20120200384 - Method and apparatus for providing intelligent deactivation of electronic devices in aircraft: A method and apparatus for automatically deactivating an electronic device during flight of an aircraft. The method utilizes a global positioning system (GPS) or assisted global positioning system (AGPS) circuit to facilitate computing the acceleration, velocity and altitude of the electronic device and comparing this information to a profile to... Agent: Global Locate, Inc.

20120200387 - Digital access control system: A digital access control system including an input mechanism which can be operated from an unprotected area and a barrier which opens in response to operation of the input mechanism, wherein an energy store for supplying the barrier with opening power and a communication line for communication with a remote... Agent: Mobotix Ag

20120200388 - Capacitance type detection device, sensor unit, and control system for detecting approach of object, and method for same: A capacitance type detection device may include a sensor electrode forming a capacitor with respect to a peripheral conductor; a measurement unit measuring the floating capacitance of the sensor electrode, which changes correspondingly to a positional relation between the sensor electrode and the detection object; and a judgment unit judging... Agent: Sumida Corporation

20120200389 - Anti-identity theft and information security system process: The anti-identity theft and information security system process includes storing secure information in association with an electronic device having a communication circuit for sending and receiving data. Biometric information is read with a scanner so that the identity of a user can be authenticating in connection with the supplied biometric... Agent: Worthwhile Products

20120200390 - System and method to streamline identity verification at airports and beyond: A system and method of performing identity verification based on the use of mobile phones or mobile computing devices in conjunction with a secure identity authority; said method to be used as an alternative to conventional identity verification using paper-based documents such as driver's licenses and passports. The new method... Agent:

20120200385 - Direct access dispensing system: An access and storage system including a storage component configured to store items therein or thereon in an associated storage position, wherein the storage component is configured to provide a user direct manual access to the items in the storage positions. The system further includes a sensor system configured to... Agent: Apex Industrial Technologies LLC

20120200386 - Method of mutually authenticating a reader and a radio tag: A method and apparatus are provided for mutually authenticating a reader and a radio tag. The method includes: a step of the tag sending data to the reader, the data enabling an index to be determined for identifying an authentication coupon of the reader, the index being selected by the... Agent: France Telecom

20120200391 - Method to identify user with security: The present invention is directed toward a system and method for identifying and authenticating a user using one or more types of pattern information. Specifically, the present invention provides a convenient user identification and authentication method using pattern information from one or more sources including (1) an audio-input device, (2)... Agent: Sony Corporation, A Japanese Corporation

20120200392 - Method, apparatus and computer program product implementing anonymous biometric matching: Method, apparatus and computer program product compare biometrics in an anonymous manner. A first collection of biometrics is transformed using a first cancelable non-invertible biometric transform to create a first collection of transformed biometrics. A second collection of biometrics is transformed using the first cancelable non-invertible biometric transform to create... Agent: International Business Machines

20120200393 - Systems and methods for automatically programming pagers: Systems and methods for addressing pagers are described. The pagers are reprogrammable and can be assigned identifiers as required. Pagers may be automatically assigned one of a plurality of identifiers. Thereafter, the assigned identifier may form the basis of a unique network address that allows the pagers to communicate wirelessly... Agent: Hme Wireless, Inc.

20120200394 - Position loactor beacon: The device of this invention is for use in marking, locating and retrieving an object with respect to the user, and has particular usefulness for hunters and the like to assist in locating a hunted game that has fallen some distance from the hunter. The device is an object that... Agent:

20120200395 - Determining presence of radio frequency communication device: A RF data communication device operates in at least two states. In a first state, the device transmits a response to an RF transmission if specific data therein represents an inquiry as to the presence of one or more RF data communication devices and if specific data therein corresponds to... Agent:

20120200396 - Genedrive rfid: The present invention provides a method of operating a thermal cycler using readable tags (for example, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)) to simplify the operation and to reduce user interaction requirements. The RFID tag is used to program the thermal cycler unit. This automates process flow and allows single button operation.... Agent: Epistem Limited

20120200399 - Transmission apparatus for remotely indicating position and reception apparatus: A transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus for indicating a position can be remotely controlled. The transmitting apparatus includes a means for measuring an inclined angle of a transmitter with respect to a gravity axis of the earth to measure and transmit the inclined value of the transmitter in addition to... Agent:

20120200400 - System and method for configuring the remote control functionality of a portable device: A system and method used to configure a smart device to command functional operations of a target appliance. The smart device retrieves from a controllable appliance, such as a settop box, data indicative of a codeset identity of the target appliance wherein the codeset identity was determined during a process... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20120200397 - Communication device: A communication device includes a first receiver, a second receiver, a communication module, and a controller. The first receiver receives an operation signal from a remote controller. The second receiver receives a radio signal with a specific frequency. A power consumption of the second receiver is less than that of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120200398 - Remote power control system and power supply tap: According to one embodiment, a power supply tap includes a first wireless reception module which receives a control request which is transmitted from a remote-control terminal by a first wireless signal, a power observation module which is activated in a case where the received control request includes a power information... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120200401 - Rotating wheel electronic display apparatus: A light display is mounted on the spokes of a rotating bicycle wheel. The display includes a plurality of individual arrays of lights forming a set. The set of arrays are attached together into a single rigid light display apparatus attached to a spoke of the wheel at the tip... Agent:

20120200402 - Self-powering bicycle brake signal system: The present invention relates to providing a safe, reliable bicycle brake signal that generates its own power in response to brake actuation, in order to provide an alternative to hand signals or no signals at all for the bicycling public. This is done by producing the energy for a noticeable... Agent:

20120200405 - Asset tracking system: An asset tracking system for tracking assets, for example, a vehicle, with an integrated topology that is configured minimize the complexity of the system by eliminating hardware duplication and sensing the ignition state while obviating the need to access the ignition switch circuit; the asset tracking system optionally including a... Agent: Gpsi, LLC

20120200404 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for altering attention of an automotive vehicle operator: Methods and systems are described for altering attention of an automotive vehicle operator. Interaction information is received that is based on a first interaction that includes a first operator of a first automotive vehicle. A second automotive vehicle is detected, wherein the second automotive vehicle is operated by a second... Agent:

20120200403 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for directing attention to a sequence of viewports of an automotive vehicle: Methods and systems are described for directing attention to a sequence of viewports of an automotive vehicle. In one aspect, attention-sequence information is received that identifies a first viewport and a second viewport that provide, to an operator of an automotive vehicle, respective views of space external to the automotive... Agent:

20120200406 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for directing attention of an occupant of an automotive vehicle to a viewport: Methods and systems are described for directing attention of an occupant of an automotive vehicle to a viewport. Interaction information is received for monitoring an operator of an automotive vehicle that includes a first viewport as a first source of visual input for the operator and a second viewport as... Agent:

20120200407 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing attention of an operator an automotive vehicle: Methods and systems are described for managing attention of an operator an automotive vehicle. An automotive vehicle having an operator for driving the automotive vehicle is detected. A determination is made the automotive vehicle is transporting a portable electronic device. A user interaction with the portable electronic device is detected... Agent:

20120200408 - Systems and methods for localization of tire pressure monitoring system wheel modules: Embodiments relate to unidirectional TPMS utilizing information from a corresponding vehicle system in order to correlate with vehicle speed information to be used in a tire localization methodology. In an embodiment, the vehicle system is an anti-lock brake system (ABS), and the vehicle speed can be used in a localization... Agent:

20120200409 - Vehicle panic stop warning method and apparatus: Apparatus and methods are presented for generating a vehicle panic stop warning in which the rate of brake pedal translation is determined in a main control unit based on switching state transitions of two or more brake pedal switches and a vehicle horn is actuated based at least partially on... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120200410 - Analyte monitoring and management device and method to analyze the frequency of user interaction with the device: Methods and Devices to monitor the level of at least one analyte are provided.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120200411 - Providing information about mobile communication devices with respect to an area of interest: A method and system for providing information about mobile communication devices with respect to an area of interest is disclosed. Initially, information about an event having an area of interest is received. A request is provided to one or more communications providers that cover the area of interest for a... Agent:

20120200412 - Service dependency notification system: Systems for monitoring consumer dependency on services are disclosed. In one embodiment, a service dependency notification system includes: at least one computing device adapted to identify a dependency aware device by performing actions comprising: determining whether a service dependency exists; and providing a service dependency status indicator configured to be... Agent: General Electric Company

20120200413 - Positive action alarm system: The invention disclosed herein is an apparatus and method for protecting outdoor air conditioners and other valuables stored outside from theft. The invention is composed of an electronic circuit which sounds an alarm when a sensor cable attached to the inside of the air conditioner is severed. The components of... Agent:

20120200414 - Method and system for alerting drivers: Methods and systems in accordance with the present invention provide an alerting alarm system designed to keep drowsy or otherwise inattentive drivers safe while driving. The system comprises an electronic device which comprises an ON/OFF switch, a reset button, a power source; for example a battery housing; a cover, a... Agent: Safety First Solutions

20120200415 - Detection of distant substances: Disclosed are embodiments of methods and apparatus related to detection of substance(s) at a distance. For example, an apparatus can have a mount structure and an emitter mounted to the mount structure and configured to be trained on a target. The emitter can have a source configured to emit radiation... Agent:

20120200416 - Portable monitoring device for radioactive substance: A portable radioactive substance monitoring device comprises an elongated cylindrical housing and a base. The housing has a longitudinal axis along a length direction thereof, and contains a hollow section within which are provided: a detector for monitoring radioactive substances; a circuitry connected to the detector for processing detection signals... Agent: Nuctech Company Limited

20120200417 - Self-diagnosis method and system of wireless data service device: Embodiments of the present invention relate to data service device technologies, and disclose a self-diagnosis method and system of a wireless data service device are provided. The method includes: obtaining an effective value of a working parameter of a DC-DC under a low power consumption working mode in a device;... Agent: Huawei Device Co.,ltd.

20120200418 - Power supply distribution system and power supply distribution method: A power supply distribution system including a power supply for supplying electric power; power outlets to which electronic devices are connected; power detection circuits for measuring an amount of electric power used through each of the power outlets; a power amount arithmetic circuit for determining a supply amount of the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120200419 - Electronic device with a situational awareness function: A method (600, 700) for providing situational awareness to a first individual using a first electronic device (102, 106, 108, 112). The method comprises generating a situational awareness display (400, 500) comprising a first image (404a, 404b, 404c, 504a, 504b, . . . , 504e) of a second individual using... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120200420 - Battery assembly with alarm: A battery alarm for use with a battery assembly is provided, the battery alarm including a first activation component, a signaling component, and an output component. The first activation component is configured to activate the alarm upon disengagement of the battery assembly from a battery-operated device and is further configured... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120200421 - Detector for use in well-logging applications: A detector includes a sonde having a housing and comprising a scintillator disposed within the housing and a calibration source coupled to the scintillator to fluoresce the scintillator at a known wavelength of electromagnetic radiation. The detector further includes an electromagnetic radiation sensing device coupled to the scintillator and disposed... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20120200422 - Use of digital transport delay to improve measurement fidelity in swept-wavelength systems: A method and apparatus for obtaining a parameter of interest from an optical device placed along a fiber optic cable in a wellbore is disclosed. Light is propagated a light through the fiber optic cable from a light source. A first detector receives a first signal responsive to interaction of... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120200423 - Outage prediction with next generation smart grid: Techniques and systems are described that assist in predicting, diagnosing, and/or managing an incident in a utility service area. A communication system is provided in the service area to communicate with nodes of the service area. Nodes of the service area may communicate with the communication system using a variety... Agent: Avista Corporation

20120200424 - Smart meter evaluation device and smart meter evaluation method: [Means for Resolution] A smart meter evaluation device includes a demodulating unit that converts a baseband signal into digital data and outputs demodulated data, a communication information acquiring unit that acquires communication information included in the demodulated data, a signal waveform acquiring unit that acquires the waveform of the baseband... Agent: Anritsu Corporation

20120200425 - Wireless interface for a plurality of transducers: A wireless interface system that interfaces with any one of a plurality of transducers of different types, such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and current probes. The transducers employ identical connectors with a common connecting scheme. In this manner, any transducer can be connected to a wireless interface which has... Agent: Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

20120200426 - Ping server: Techniques and systems are described that assist in predicting, diagnosing, and/or managing an incident in a utility service area. A communication system is provided in the service area to communicate with nodes of the service area. Nodes of the service area may communicate with the communication system using a variety... Agent: Avista Corporation

20120200427 - Driving support apparatus for vehicle: A driving support apparatus for a first vehicle in which a driving support system carries out, when a second vehicle exists in a communication area of the first vehicle, transmission and reception of position information between the first vehicle and the second vehicle and provides driving support information of traveling... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20120200428 - Vehicle exterior rearview mirror system with indicator module: An exterior rearview mirror assembly of a vehicle includes a mirror casing and a reflective element and an indicator module having a housing, a circuit element and a lens element. The circuit element includes at least one light emitting diode. When the light emitting diode is powered, light emitted by... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20120200429 - Vehicle traffic flow data acquisition and distribution: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for vehicle traffic flow data acquisition and reporting for onboard vehicle navigation. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for vehicle traffic flow data acquisition and reporting for onboard vehicle navigation can include acquiring imagery of... Agent: Srr Patent Holdings, LLC

20120200430 - Method and device for assisting a driver in finding a parking spot: A vehicle seeking a parking space receives a signals transmitted from a second vehicle operating in the same area as the first vehicle. The signals indicate the locations of one or more available parking space identified by the second vehicle. The spaces may be identified on the basis of the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120200431 - Traffic monitoring system and method: Vehicle and traffic data collection and processing systems and methods are disclosed. Data sampling areas may be designed and equipped with adjustable pyroelectric infrared sensors, a camera, and a network interface card that may be used to monitor and transmit traffic data. The traffic data may be used to provide... Agent:

20120200432 - Low power operated loop type vehicle detecting apparatus: The present invention relates to a low power operated loop type, vehicle detecting apparatus, and particularly, to a low power operated loop type vehicle detecting apparatus that comprises an LC resonator with a loop coil installed in a detecting area, a resonance oscillation circuit unit, and a vehicle behavior determination... Agent: Moru Inven Co., Ltd.

20120200433 - Airport taxiway collision alerting system: Systems and methods for alerting a flight crew if a taxiing collision condition exists. An exemplary system on a host vehicle determines one or more first protection zones around other vehicles on the ground based on the received information about the other vehicles, determines a second protection zone around the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120200434 - Information transmission and processing systems and methods for freight carriers: Methods and systems for remotely monitoring trailer or trailers attached to a vehicle is provided. The method includes associating an identification tag or ABS ECU that is configured to broadcast a trailer identification signal with a trailer. The method further includes receiving the trailer identification signal on-board the vehicle, associating... Agent: R+l Carriers, Inc.

08/02/2012 > 41 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20120194319 - Automatic teller machine capable of performing remote controlling function and opening and closing operation method of automatic teller machine using same: The present invention relates to an automatic teller machine (ATM) capable of control with a remote controller and an opening and closing operation method of the automatic teller machine using the same. In addition, the invention provides an automatic teller machine capable of performing a remote control function and an... Agent: Nautilus Hyosung Inc.

20120194320 - Data collection system having reconfigurable data collection terminal: There is provided in one embodiment a data collection system including a data collection terminal having an encoded information reader device and a computer spaced apart from the data collection terminal. The data collection terminal in one embodiment can be configured to be responsive to configuration data expressed in an... Agent:

20120194321 - Ic tag, method of controlling the ic tag, and ic tag system: To provide an IC tag, a method of controlling the IC tag, and an IC tag system which can reduce a communication sequence between the reader/writer and the IC tag and can shorten a communication period or a period necessary for executing the command. According to an embodiment of the... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120194322 - Long range rfid device as modem and systems implementing same: A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system according to one embodiment of the present invention includes an RFID device having a memory; and an electronic device in electrical communication with the RFID device via a direct physical connection; wherein data received by the RFID device from a remote device is stored... Agent: Intelleflex Corporation

20120194323 - Method for wireless data transmission between a base station and a passive transponder, as well as a passive transponder: A method for wireless data transmission, in, for example, RFID systems, between a base station and a passive transponder, as well as a passive transponder is provided by inductive coupling, as well as a passive transponder. It is possible to transmit data from the base station to the transponder by... Agent:

20120194325 - System and method for simplified setup of a universal remote control: A system and method for enabling set up of a controlling device capable of controlling a plurality of appliances, via an interactive instruction set and associated programming. The programming is accessible by a STB or other controllable appliance and is configured to appropriately display interactive instructions and prompts to a... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20120194324 - Direction and holding-style invariant, symmetric design, and touch- and button-based remote user interaction device: A remote control unit selectively transmits a control signal for remotely controlling an electronic device. The unit defines an imaginary cut plane that substantially bisects the unit. The unit includes a plurality of input features collectively disposed symmetrically with respect to the imaginary cut plane. The input features include a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120194326 - Remote controller and method of controlling light emission from light-emitting unit thereof: When a key input acknowledging unit acknowledges user input from a valid key enabled to control a first electronic device, a light-emission control unit causes a first light-emitting unit for a first selection key to emit light. On the other hand, when the key input acknowledging unit acknowledges user input... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20120194327 - User station for healthcare communication system: A user station configurable for use in a healthcare communication system, such as a nurse call system, is provided.... Agent:

20120194329 - Sound wave generator: A sound wave generator includes a speaker control circuit and a speaker. The speaker control circuit includes a signal generating unit that is configured to generate an electric signal having a humming frequency property. The humming frequency property includes a plurality of frequencies that have an overtone relationship with respect... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120194328 - Vehicle approach warning apparatus: A vehicle warning apparatus has a vehicular horn disposed in an overlapping arrangement with a supersonic speaker, such that the vehicular horn is positioned between the supersonic speaker and a heat exchanger. The vehicular horn blocks the supersonic speaker from heat produced by the heat exchanger, which prevents the temperature... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120194330 - Vehicle anti-jacking apparatus, systems, and methods for hi-speed pursuit avoidance and occupant safety: An anti-carjacking system includes a transmitter programmed to receive a selected vehicle identification number or other code for use with a car assigned with that particular number or code. The system further includes a receiver associated with the computer system of the car so identified by the selected vehicle identification... Agent:

20120194331 - Bicycle brake device having a warning function: A bicycle brake device includes a brake shoe, a warning device installed in the brake shoe, a power supply device electrically connected with the warning device, and two conductors separately mounted in the brake shoe and respectively electrically connected with the warning device and the power supply device. Each conductor... Agent:

20120194332 - Automotive audio level notifier: A system that notifies the automobile driver about excessive noise emitted out of the automobile audio system is provided. This is done to avoid a possible traffic law violation for excessive sound system noise. The system takes audio data from a microphone and calculates the decibel value based on it.... Agent:

20120194333 - Method for allocating idenification codes of wheel electronic devices of a tire pressure monitoring system of a vehicle to the positions of the wheels on the vehicle: A plurality of sensors to the tire pressure, to the rolling direction of the wheel, to the shocks, as well as a memory for the identification code, and a transmitter which supplies signals with the identification code, the rolling direction and the occurrence of a shock on a wheel to... Agent: Borgwarner Beru Systems Gmbh

20120194334 - Systems and methods for robust man-down alarms: A system including at least one detector and a central station in two-way communication with the detector is provided. The detector can include an ambient condition sensing element, a motion sensor, control circuitry, and two-way communications hardware. The control circuitry can determine an alarm event based on a first signal... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120194335 - Method and apparatus for machine error detection by combining multiple sensor inputs: One of the most significant safety concerns in the automation of extracorporeal blood treatments such as dialysis is the risk of blood leakage. Extracorporeal blood treatment systems draw blood at such a high rate that a loss of integrity in the blood circuit can be serious. There are a number... Agent: Nxstage Medical Inc.

20120194336 - User interfaces for enabling information infusion to improve situation awareness: A security system is configured to display a representation of an area on a display unit, receive input from a plurality of different types of sensors that are positioned within the area, display a plurality of icons on the display unit, wherein the plurality of icons represents the locations of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120194337 - Warning of hazardous conditions in monitored spaces using rfid technology: To warn of hazardous conditions in a monitored space, the presence of an object bearing an RFID tag is detected using an RFID tag reader. Objects may be, for example, human beings, vehicles, or stationary materiel. A determination is made as to whether the object poses a hazard by, for... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120194338 - Sanitization compliance monitoring system: A sanitization compliance monitoring system comprises care giver badges, patient bed beacons associated with patient beds, dispenser beacons associated with sanitization dispensers, and a central unit for wirelessly communicating with the badges.... Agent: Ultraclenz, LLC.

20120194339 - Systems and methods for detection of device displacement and tampering: A method for determining the displacement of or the tampering with a device is provided. The method includes determining an effective displacement in an X direction of a device, determining an effective displacement in a Y direction of the device, and determining an effective displacement in a Z direction of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120194340 - Permanent wireless communication system for monitoring containers buried in an enclosed area using battery-less gps receivers: A system is provided for monitoring containers buried in an enclosed area using battery-less GPS receivers. In one embodiment, an inventive system includes a GPS satellite, wherein the GPS satellite send GPS signals to the GPS receivers; a communication satellite; a monitored container that is buried in the enclosed area;... Agent: Solar Underground Limited

20120194341 - Accelerometer feedback control loop for patient alert: A system and associated method for alerting a patient of a condition detected by an implanted medical device by delivering an alert signal to cause a motion within the patient's body in response to detecting the condition. An accelerometer signal is measured during the alert signal delivery. Accelerometer signal measurements... Agent:

20120194342 - Method and system for the acquisition, transmission and assessment of remote sensor data for trend analysis, prediction and remediation: A method to analyze the spread of viral or bacterial infections in a population using remote thermal sensor data is disclosed. The method includes determining a body temperature of passengers traveling through a public transportation facility using a remote thermal sensor, storing the body temperatures of the passengers in a... Agent: Thermal Matrix Usa, Inc.

20120194343 - Driving aid: A driver alert system to assist a driver in remaining alert comprising: a cooling element; a sleeve, where said sleeve receives and holds the cooling element; a plurality of body attachments, where said body attachments extend from the sleeve and may be attached to the driver's skin in order to... Agent:

20120194344 - Bus condition monitoring system: A method and system is disclosed for monitoring switchgear. The current supplied to the main bus is measured. The current flowing through a plurality of feeder circuits is also measured. The temperature of the main bus at one or more nodes is measured, wherein a node is a connection point... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20120194345 - Portable electronic device: A drop detection part that detects drop of the device into the water, a light emitting body disposed in the housing, and a light-emission control circuit that makes the light emitting body emit light when the drop detection part detects the drop into the water are provided, and the rear... Agent: Icom Incorporated

20120194346 - Driving assistant method and system for electric vehicle: A driving assistant method for an electric vehicle is provided with the following steps. When the electric vehicle is started up, a battery energy safe driving region is calculated and displayed. The battery energy safe driving region is updated dynamically according to vehicle information. The vehicle information includes battery information... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120194347 - Proactive adaptive equipment maintenance: Systems and methods to provide proactive adaptive equipment maintenance. In example embodiments, a stress layout representing a physical location is maintained. The stress layout includes a grid system having a plurality of cells. A maintenance indicator value for each cell in which a fixed object is located is calculated. This... Agent: Sap Ag

20120194348 - Household appliance, in particular a household dishwashing machine: A household appliance includes a treatment compartment, an appliance door for opening the treatment compartment to allow loading thereof and closing the treatment compartment to allow unloading thereof, and an operating display unit having at least one visual and/or acoustic display configured at least to display and/or signal a completed... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

20120194349 - Monitor apparatus and method for detecting movement behavior of object in cylinder: An object is set to move back and forth between a first position and a second position in a cylinder. A measurement point between the first position and the second position is preset. A counted period indicating a duration that the object moves from the first position to the first... Agent: United Microelectronics Corp.

20120194350 - Equipment module indicator handle and methods for indicating equipment module status: Equipment module indicator handle apparatus and methods are provided for displaying indications of the status condition/s of equipment module circuitry using a light-conductive handle body that includes at least one handle leg at least partially composed of light conductive material and configured to transmit emitted light from a proximate end... Agent:

20120194351 - Downhole sensor modbus data emulator: In order to emulate the inputs from a DHS, RTD type sensors are typically employed, externally heated, and the input provided into an interface unit. At best such an approach provides a stop-gap solution that is cumbersome and not reliably repeatable. Such temporary inputs seldom provide the equivalent communications protocol... Agent:

20120194353 - Emergency vehicle notification system: A method for notifying traffic of an approaching emergency vehicle is described. A series of alert units are mounted along a roadway so as to be visible to traffic. A signal is emitted from the emergency vehicle, which is detected by a receiver along the roadway. The receiver causes a... Agent:

20120194352 - Method and apparatus for distributed lighting control: In one aspect, the present invention provides control for a distributed lighting network, for selectively reducing an aggregate electrical load of the distributed lighting network according to a defined lighting reduction pattern. Among the several advantages of the provided control is the ability to define via the pattern which lamps... Agent: Sensus Usa Inc.

20120194354 - Electronic valet parking kiosk system and method: An electronic valet parking system includes a plurality of portable wireless transmitters each operable to generate and transmit a uniquely-coded wireless signal. The system further includes a transceiver operable to receive the uniquely-coded wireless signal from each of the plurality of portable wireless transmitters, and a microcontroller circuit operable to... Agent: Freedom Park Gp, Inc.

20120194355 - Parking assistance system and method: A vehicle parking assistance system is based on presenting a bird's eye view. The display has an input interface such as a touch-input display or a remote input device such as a joystick. In this case, by selecting a desired position on the display (which is presenting an image of... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120194356 - System that warns in advance of occupants exiting or entering a parked vehicle: A system for protecting the safety of occupants exiting and entering a vehicle is disclosed. The system has sensors on the interior, exterior and remotely of the vehicle and one or more imaging devices that project an image onto the pavement supporting the vehicle as well as optional data input... Agent: Realxperience, LLC

20120194357 - Traffic violation detection, recording, and evidence processing systems and methods: Systems and methods are disclosed for detecting and recording an event, e.g., a traffic accident, using a sound monitor configured to capture ambient sound of a region under surveillance. The ambient sound is processed and compared with a pre-determined sound profile indicative of the event. At least one camera is... Agent: American Traffic Solutions, Inc.

20120194359 - Aircraft door detector/warning device: Disclosed is an electromechanical system for minimizing passenger door contact with the Passenger Loading Bridge (PLB) floor and subsequent damage to said door, during passenger loading or off loading. The system, as configured at the Cab entry, senses the proximity of the aircraft door by contacting a sensing pad, attached... Agent: Airport Mechanical Services, Inc.

20120194358 - System and method for ascription of objects detected on airport surfaces to object sources: A system for detection of foreign objects on an aircraft travel surface and ascription of the foreign objects present on the aircraft travel surface to foreign object sources, the system including a foreign object detection subsystem operative to detect foreign objects on an aircraft travel surface, a potential foreign object... Agent: Xsight Systems Ltd.

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