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Communications: electrical July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 54 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20120188052 - System and method for simplified control of electronic devices: Systems, methods, and devices for simplified control over electronic devices are provided. For example, a method for controlling a variety of electronic devices using another single electronic device may include receiving control information associated with a controllable electronic device via near field communication, determining a control scheme for controlling the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120188054 - Remote security entrance application: A security system and method for a restricted entrance such as a vehicle gate is disclosed where requests for entry are issued from a device such as a computer or smartphone and directed to a dispatch operator. The dispatch operator locates the position of the requested entrance and sends a... Agent: Einsteins, LLC

20120188053 - System and method for monitoring patients that perform a medical self-check: A system for monitoring patients that perform a medical self-check includes a piece of equipment having a data entry unit, through which a user can enter one or more data; a user identification unit having a mother board configured to request a univocal identification datum and verify the identification entered... Agent: Akern S.r.l.

20120188055 - Methods and systems for capturing biometric data: A method of capturing biometric data is provided that includes activating a security application in a device. The security application is activated by an operator of the device and is configured to cause the device to display an outline image. Moreover, the method includes displaying the outline image in a... Agent:

20120188056 - Methods and systems of authentication: A method of authentication is provided that includes capturing palm biometric data from an individual, transmitting the biometric data to an authentication system, and generating an authentication biometric template from the captured biometric data with the authentication system. Moreover, the method includes conducting a plurality of verification matching transactions between... Agent:

20120188057 - Controller for a wireless sensor: A controller for a wireless sensor, wherein the wireless sensor is for embedding in a biomass. The controller is configured to receive at least one biomass characteristic associated with the wireless sensor; determine two or more location estimate representations for said wireless sensor using at least properties of wireless communication... Agent:

20120188059 - Ic tag reading and writing device, electronic apparatus, and ic tag reading and writing method: An object is to suppress an influence on an antenna and a circuit performing communication with an IC tag in which a signal excited by an antenna which does not perform communication with the IC tag is a noise source. When an IC tag reading and writing device performs communication... Agent:

20120188058 - Systems and methods for joint beamforming and preamble detection: Systems and methods for reading RFID tags using joint beamforming and preamble detection in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. One embodiment includes an antenna array comprising a plurality of antenna elements, a joint beamformer and preamble detector configured to receive inputs from each of the antenna elements,... Agent: Mojix, Inc.

20120188061 - Information transmission and processing systems and methods for freight carriers: Methods and systems for remotely monitoring trailer or trailers attached to a vehicle is provided. The method includes associating an identification tag or ABS ECU that is configured to broadcast a trailer identification signal with a trailer. The method further includes receiving the trailer identification signal on-board the vehicle, associating... Agent: R+l Carriers, Inc.

20120188060 - Method and system for counting tags in radio frequency identification system: The present invention discloses a method and system for tallying tags in a radio frequency identification system. The method comprises: upon receiving a tallying command sent by the reader, the tags reflecting a first response message used for decoding and checking (S402); upon receiving the first response message, the reader... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120188062 - Radio frequency identification system: A radio frequency identification system, and method of operation thereof, provides: a sensor for sensing the absence or presence of a radio frequency identification transponder at the radio frequency identification system; a supply system connected to the sensor for supplying the radio frequency identification transponder to the radio frequency identification... Agent: Clevx, LLC

20120188063 - Power line communication system and an intelligent meter: A power line communication system including a plurality of intelligent devices in communication with a power line and operable to monitor energy usage at a site and communicate usage data onto the power line, and a controller also in communication with the power line, wherein each intelligent device maintains a... Agent: Pulse Utilities International Limited

20120188064 - System and method for remotely initiating playing of sound on a mobile device: When attempting to recover a lost or stolen mobile device, it is often desirable to remotely command the device to play a sound in order to allow the device to be located or alert nearby people. In order to allow the owner of a lost device to remotely initiate the... Agent: Lookout. Inc., A California Corporation

20120188065 - Methods and systems for indicating device status: A method and system for communicating electronic device (8) status to a user involves determining an information to be communicated to a user of the device. In response to such determining the electronic device (8) selectively activates a vibrator element (28, 29, 30, 31) of a plurality of vibrator elements... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120188066 - Input apparatus: An input apparatus capable of receiving inputs of a plurality of levels in accordance with pressed area varied in each operation by an operator is provided. An input apparatus 10 configured to receive the inputs of a plurality of levels in accordance with the pressed area has a area detection... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120188067 - Alarm sound activated module for remote notification: An alarm sound activated module is to improve exist security alarm systems by providing a convenient and low cost way of instant alarm remote notifications for almost all exist alarm systems without such functions yet through the use of general available communication devices and networks. Said alarm sound module is... Agent:

20120188068 - Vehicle gauge for displaying electric mode status and method of doing the same: A vehicle gauge and method for displaying an electric mode status of a vehicle that can operate in both an electric mode and one or more alternative modes. According to one exemplary embodiment, the method evaluates a number of throttle and non-throttle conditions and allocates portions of the total range... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120188069 - Device for monitoring a vehicle wheel: A device for monitoring the tire of a wheel of a vehicle is configured for detecting and transmitting to a receiver, through a wireless connection, information regarding at least one characteristic quantity of a state of the tire, in particular its inflating pressure. The monitoring device has a body for... Agent: Eltek, S.p.a.

20120188070 - Circuit arrangement for a belt lock: An exemplary circuit arrangement for a belt lock of a passenger restraint system in motor vehicles includes one contact sheet pair having a fixed contact sheet and an elastic contact sheet which interacts with a slide. The slide is a component of a locking mechanism located in a belt lock... Agent: Polycontact Ag

20120188071 - Warning triangle structure: A warning triangle has a simplified structure and is operable in accordance with the requirement of energy saving and manufactured at lower cost. The warning triangle structure includes a first board body, a second board body and a third board body, which are assembled with each other. Each of the... Agent:

20120188072 - Integrated security network with security alarm signaling system: An integrated security system that includes a security alarm reporting system (SARS) that is resilient to equipment failure and, as such, provides a comprehensive solution to the problem of an intruder attempting to disable an alarm reporting system. The integrated security system includes a gateway/touchscreen coupled to a security system.... Agent:

20120188073 - Asset-specific equipment health monitoring (ehm) for industrial equipment using standardized asset models: A system includes at least one sensor and an equipment health monitoring (EHM) unit. The at least one sensor is configured to measure one or more characteristics of an asset, where the asset includes a piece of equipment. The EHM unit includes at least one sensor interface configured to receive... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120188074 - Integrated security system: An integrated security system for oil-field and gas-field sites is disclosed. The system utilizes state-of-the-art technologies including “logical QR emblems” and powerful, advanced RFID tags. The system is particularly valuable for emergency responders, since it facilitates immediate, secure display of critical site data-according to predetermined classifications, e.g., emergency triage for... Agent:

20120188075 - Remotely activated exterior intermittent alert lighting system: A remotely activated exterior intermittent alert lighting system has a case upon a base and receives power from utility service. Upon the case, a light assembly receives power from internal wiring controlled by a processor receptive to short range radio. The processor receives ON and OFF signals through an antenna... Agent:

20120188076 - Fluid container resource management: Fluid tanks in a hospital or similar environment include sensors to detect, e.g., state and location, which can be communicated to a central station where this data can be processed to permit predictions of resource usage and enable automated management of the fluid tanks... Agent:

20120188078 - Damage detection and remediation system and methods thereof: A damage detection and remediation system includes a sensing device for detecting damage events related to a structure of interest. Such damage events may include impact from a ballistic object, a tamper event, a physical impact, or other events that may affect structural integrity or cause failure. Illustratively, the sensing... Agent:

20120188079 - Night light wake up indicator: A night light that transitions between at least two states to provide a visual indication to a child as to whether it is time for the child to get out of bed or that the child should stay in bed. The night light shows an illuminated sun to indicate that... Agent:

20120188080 - Remote location monitoring: A remote location monitoring system, for example, a home monitoring or weather monitoring system may include one or more sensors and/or receivers at a remote location such as a residence or business to be monitored. The sensors and receivers may communicate with a central server via a gateway device, and... Agent: La Crosse Technology, Ltd.

20120188077 - System for controlling a garage door based on a pre-defined schedule: A system for controlling the operation of a garage door is provided. The system controls the closing of the garage door. The system includes a garage door including a motor and a control arm trolley moving along a track. The motor and the control arm trolley control movement of the... Agent:

20120188081 - Security system and method to secure an area: A security system to secure an area, the system having a sensor system to determine a location of a moving object within said area, the sensor system including a radar system; a control device connected to said sensor system; an illumination device to provide a light beam said light beam... Agent: Inventor Invest Holding B.v.

20120188082 - Merchandise display security device including removable and movable cable collection tube: A merchandise display security device for displaying and protecting an article of merchandise includes a mounting element adapted to be mounted on a support surface with the mounting element defining an opening over a hole formed through the support surface. A base having a cable collection tube is configured to... Agent: Invue Security Products Inc.

20120188084 - Endotracheal tube cuff pressure measuring device: The invention relates to methods and devices related to improvements in the use of a medical breathing tube. In some embodiments, the invention reduces injuries, diseases and death associated with the use of said breathing tube. In preferred embodiments, said breathing tube reduces the risk of inadequate inflation in the... Agent:

20120188083 - Wireless monitoring of safety helmets: The subject disclosure provides a system and method for remote monitoring of a subject wearing a sports helmet. In one aspect, the system includes a safety helmet and a sensor integrated with the helmet for continuously gathering head acceleration force data, the head acceleration force data associated with the head... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20120188085 - Method and apparatus for testing the integrity of a tank: A system and method for detecting a leak or structural defect in a tank are provided. The system includes a removable test plate to seal an opening in a tank to be tested with all other openings in the tank to be sealed. The system also includes a motor-driven blower... Agent:

20120188086 - Battery early warning and monitoring system: An early warning and monitoring system is disclosed for battery cells and battery packs. During normal cycling of a battery, surface temperature, voltage, current and impedance may be monitored to determine if abnormalities exist in the battery and/or battery structure. The abnormalities may be advantageously detected using battery temperature characteristics,... Agent: Iu Research & Technology Corporation (iurtc)

20120188087 - Method and system for generating behavior profiles for device members of a network: A method and system for generating a digital profile defined by digital behavior expressed by a device includes receiving digital behavior data and identifying information defined by a device in communication with a content server, generating a device profile for the device, associating the device with at least one device... Agent:

20120188088 - Compression testing device for testing materials automatically: A compression testing assembly for compression testing of a test material includes a testing stage with a first surface and a second surface. The test material is disposed between the first and second surfaces. The assembly also includes a thickness detector that automatically detects a thickness of the test material.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120188089 - Chain saw hazard warning light: A chain saw hazard warning light and method for using same. A pair of oppositely-directed light sources emit light beams throughout a chain shot hazard warning zone through rectilinear, slotted openings at opposite ends of a housing. The light beams turn on, if and only if, the cutting chain is... Agent:

20120188090 - System and method for generation of alerts and advice from automatically detected borehole breakouts: A method for generating an alert or advice for drilling a borehole penetrating an earth formation includes: receiving with a processor a borehole image from a downhole tool disposed at a drill tubular drilling the borehole; detecting a first breakout and a second breakout shifted approximately 180° apart from the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120188091 - Method and apparatus for determining and displaying geosteering information: A method and system to render a graphic display that includes a color-coded risk indicator to facilitate the steering of a drill string during subterranean drilling. The system comprises a receiver to receive measurement data from downhole instrumentation forming part of the drill string during the drilling of a well... Agent: Hilliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20120188094 - Fitness facility equipment usage control system and method: An electronic method of obtaining exercise equipment information. The method including using a first control server associated with a first fitness facility to gather first usage information from a first fitness equipment unit, sending the first usage information from the control server to an accumulated data storage unit, and using... Agent: Precor Incorporated

20120188092 - System for communicating information from an array of sensors: A system for communicating information from an array of sensors is disclosed. The system comprises a sensor array that includes a plurality of sensors, wherein each sensor senses a physical property of a material that is in communication with the sensor. The system further comprises signal processing circuitry associated with... Agent: Genia Technologies, Inc.

20120188093 - Test mode support for metering accuracy tests: A metering device may be configured to communicate with other devices on a plurality of metering communication networks. To enable such communications across various networks, the metering communication device may use an active utility identifier corresponding to the metering network in which it is actively communicating. The active utility identifier... Agent: Elster Solutions, LLC

20120188095 - Method and system for monitoring a cable system of an electric power transmission system: Method and system for monitoring parameters of a cable system of an electric power transmission system, wherein: a plurality of monitoring nodes is associated with different monitoring points of the cable system; the monitoring nodes are operated alternatively in a sleeping mode and in an active mode; in the active... Agent:

20120188096 - Telemetry control for implantable medical devices: An implantable medical device (IMD) and method are provided in which a telemetry module in the IMD includes a configurable polling interval at which the telemetry module is powered up from a low power inactive state to perform sniff operations for detecting whether communication signals are being received from an... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120188097 - System and method for cooperative vehicle adaptation: Techniques for cooperative vehicle adaptation are disclosed. A method according to one embodiment includes the steps of receiving an indicator of a first vehicle, receiving an indicator of a second vehicle when the second vehicle is within a geographic region of the first vehicle, analyzing the indicator of the first... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120188098 - Method of intersection identification for collision warning system: A method of identifying an intersection for a collision warning system is disclosed. The method includes steps of selecting an identified intersection where a driver intends to turn from a set of potential intersections. The collision warning system is then controlled according to the identified intersection.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120188099 - Traffic signal preemption system and method: A traffic signal preemption system includes a positioning unit, a storage unit, a processing unit, and a control unit. The positioning unit detects a location, a direction, and speed of a vehicle, and outputs a location signal correspondingly. The storage unit stores geographic information. The processing unit gets the geographic... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120188101 - Fully automated parking system: The present invention relates to a parking system, which comprises: (a) plurality of Curb Devices for communication with car device and a host, each Curb Device having its own unique Curb Device ID and is installed close to a corresponding parking space; the Curb device is also provided with a... Agent: Park Ltd

20120188100 - Terminal, apparatus and method for providing customized auto-valet parking service: The present invention provides a terminal, apparatus and method for providing a customized auto-valet parking service. The server device includes a service registration management unit for receiving auto-valet parking profile information that includes information about one or more of a user, a vehicle, and a mobile terminal, and a parking... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120188102 - Systems and methods for road acoustics and road video-feed based traffic estimation and prediction: Methods and arrangements for employing roadside acoustics sensing in ascertaining traffic density states. Traffic monitoring input is received from a road segment, the traffic monitoring input including traffic audio input. The traffic monitoring input is processed and the processed traffic monitoring input is classified with a predetermined traffic density state.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120188103 - Passive security system and equipment on vessels for man over board situations: A passive security system and personal equipment on vessels is for man over board situations. The personal equipment, prepared for being worn by a crewmember of the vessel, includes a first module (2) integrated into a belt (4); a life jacket (5) folded inside of the first module (2) and... Agent: Scio Soft, S.l.

20120188105 - System for monitoring the position of vehicle components: In various embodiments, a vehicle (100) may include a plurality of position sensors (102) arranged at predetermined points on the vehicle and/or on one or more vehicle components; a positioning sensor device configured to provide data related to the spatial positions of the plurality of position sensors; a location detection... Agent:

20120188104 - System for tracking containers and logistics using a biometric identity card and a csd: Disclosed is a system for tracking containers and logistics using a biometric identity card and a CSD (Container Security Device). The system comprises: a container security device control unit which receives, in accordance with the result of an authentication, container biometric authentication card information from the container biometric identity card,... Agent:

07/19/2012 > 43 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120182119 - Apparatus for servicing a field device from a remote terminal: An apparatus for servicing a field device from a remote terminal, wherein the field device has an onsite display/servicing capability and is connected to a fieldbus of process automation technology. The remote terminal and the field device communicate with one another via at least one defined transmission protocol. A web... Agent: Endress + Hauser Process Solutions Ag

20120182120 - Radio devices, regulation servers, and verification servers: According to various embodiments, a radio device may be provided. The radio device may include a configurable component, a configuration information transmitter configured to transmit information identifying the radio device and an identifier of a configuration of the configurable component to a regulation server; and a permission information receiver configured... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120182121 - Radio devices, regulation servers, and verification servers: According to various embodiments, a radio device may be provided. The radio device may include a configurable component, a configuration information transmitter configured to transmit information identifying the radio device and an identifier of a configuration of the configurable component to a regulation server; and a permission information receiver configured... Agent: Intel Mobile Communications Technology Gmbh

20120182122 - Detection device, detection system and detection method of radio wave transmitting/receiving body: A detection device that detects existence of a radio wave transmitting/receiving body inside a specific space has a first antenna, a second antenna, a controller that controls a first detection signal and a second detection signal that the first antenna transmits to an inside of the specific space, and a... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120182124 - Control and monitoring method: d

20120182123 - Multiple radio frequency network node rfid tag: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tag that contains multiple Radio Frequency (RF) network nodes that provide enhanced memory capabilities, redundant functionality, and multiple frequency capabilities to the RFID tag using an inter-RF network node communication connection. The inter-RF network... Agent:

20120182125 - Password checking device: A password checking device is connected to a power pushbutton. The power pushbutton includes a first terminal connected to a power on terminal of an electronic device and a second terminal configured for being connected to ground. The password checking device includes a touch pushbutton, a capacitive touch sensor, a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120182126 - Voice alarm: An alarm device configured with a power supply, a processing unit, speakers and an activator for emitting a voice alarm to alert passersby that the alarm holder is in danger. A handheld alarm device for alerting people more effectively than a mere tonal alarm.... Agent:

20120182128 - Communication terminal and information processing system: An information processing system includes a reader/writer, a communication terminal, and a wireless IC tag. The communication terminal includes an electric field-type first antenna unit, a magnetic field-type second antenna unit, and a connection unit electrically connecting the first and second antenna units and to each other, and is housed... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120182127 - Method and system for identifying radio frequency identification (rfid) tag location using a switchable coil: Aspects of a method and system for identifying a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag location using a switchable coil are presented. Aspects of the systems may include one or more processors that enable selection of an inductor coil from a plurality of inductor coils. The selection of the inductor coil... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120182130 - Monitoring method and system for detecting the torsion along a cable provided with identification tags: A method for monitoring the torsion of a cable includes the steps of: providing a cable having an outer surface and extending along a longitudinal direction, the cable being provided with at least one identification tag, preferably an RFID tag, arranged in a tag angular position in a cross-sectional plane... Agent:

20120182129 - System and method for wireless communications: A method and system for estimating position of a moving RFID tag is provided. The method includes transmitting at least one interrogator signal; receiving, at an interrogator antenna, a reflected signal from the RFID tag; determining phase changes of the reflected signal with respect to the phase of the at... Agent: Lyngsoe Systems

20120182131 - Wireless tag device, storage medium storing control program for wireless tag device, and control method for wireless tag device: A wireless tag device can communicate with an inquiry device includes: a local terminal storage unit storing local terminal identification information which can be discriminated from another wireless tag device; a reception detection unit detecting a signal transmitted from the inquiry device or another wireless tag device; an inquiry signal... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120182132 - System for automatically gathering battery information: A method and apparatus is provided in which a radio frequency identification (RIFD) tag is associated with the storage battery and is used in conjunction with a battery test, battery charger, or other battery maintenance. A cable configured to be affixed to the storage battery. The cable is configured to... Agent:

20120182133 - Uhf timing system for participatory athletic events: A participatory athletic event timing system based on backscattering modulation in the UHF band and including wirelessly encoding writable data tags with participant's bib numbers or a calculated derivative thereof for timing participants in a participative athletic event, and attaching the data tags to the participant's bibs for distribution of... Agent:

20120182134 - Mechanisms for positioning and/or holding surgical instruments and performing other functions, and methods of manufacture and use thereof: A positioning system is provided for use in remotely-controlled surgical procedures. Also provided are methods of manufacture and use of such a positioning system. The positioning system may hold an instrument, and may provide multiple degrees of freedom of movement to the instrument. The positioning system may be coupled to... Agent: Carefusion 2200, Inc

20120182135 - Haptic feedback device using elecrto-rheological fluid: Embodiments described herein generally relate to haptic feedback devices. In some examples, a haptic feedback device is described. An example haptic feedback device may include a first layer including multiple discrete fluid chambers. The example haptic feedback device may also include a second layer coupled to the first layer and... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120182136 - Vehicle approach warning apparatus: A vehicle (approach) warning apparatus generates a warning sound that is emitted from a parametric speaker and a vehicle horn, by driving the vehicle horn with a rectangular wave signal of 0 volts or more, thereby preventing a power loss due to a counter electromotive force that is caused by... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120182138 - Vehicle presence notification apparatus: A vehicle includes a front grille and a vehicle presence notification apparatus that includes a supersonic speaker, where the vehicle presence notification apparatus is behind the front grille. The front grille includes a plurality of grille bars that may be in a front range of the supersonic speakers. The grille... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120182137 - Vehicle warning apparatus: A vehicle warning apparatus may include a supersonic speaker for outputting a supersonic wave that is equipped in a parametric speaker. The supersonic speaker includes a supersonic vibrator that generates a supersonic wave. A waterproof sheet and louver is arranged to cover a speaker opening in order to protect the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120182139 - Fifth wheel alarm system: An alarm system for an articulated vehicle includes a first part adapted to attach to a vehicular hitch member, and a second part adapted to attach to a trailering hitch member. The first part includes a conductive post extending vertically between first and second electrical contacts. The post and the... Agent: Howard Beuter Inc.

20120182141 - Interior rearview mirror system: An interior rearview mirror system of a vehicle includes an interior rearview mirror assembly having an electro-optic reflective element. The reflective element includes (i) an electro-optic active region where an electro-optic medium is disposed and is bounded by a perimeter seal and (ii) a user input region outboard of the... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20120182140 - Obstacle notification apparatus: An obstacle notification apparatus uses a sight determination unit for determining a visible area of a driver in a subject vehicle based on whether another vehicle is present around the subject vehicle and a vehicle height of the subject vehicle. After determining whether an obstacle is within the sight of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120182142 - Warning system and method for detecting a near-accident situation in connection with a working area: Method and system for detecting a near-accident situation in connection with a working area include a control system in which a digital representation of a working area is storable, at least part of the working area including a working field where work is intended to be carried out, elements for... Agent: Itsbrilliant Ab

20120182143 - Wireless relay module for remote monitoring systems having power and medical device proximity monitoring functionality: Wireless relay modules for networked communications between a medical device and a remote monitoring device via wireless relay networks and/or internet-accessible wireless communications networks. The wireless relay module includes a receiver, a first transmitter coupled to the wireless relay network, a second transmitter coupled to the internet-accessible wireless communication network,... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120182144 - Methods and apparatus for distributed learning of parameters of a fingerprint prediction map model: In accordance with various embodiments, mobile wireless devices which use prediction maps, e.g., RF prediction maps, to determine their location also contribute to the updating and distribution of parameters relating to prediction map generation. After a device determines its location, it uses the signal measurements used in determining the device's... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120182145 - Systems and methods to track movement of animals: Systems and methods of tracking an animal including a first device worn by an animal to acquire global positioning system (GPS) data corresponding to a location of the animal, and a second device carried by a user to receive the GPS data from the first device and to acquire GPS... Agent: Radio Systems Corporation

20120182146 - Merchandise display security device for headphones: A merchandise display security device for an article of merchandise having an audio cord includes an electrical control circuit for producing a sense loop in the audio cord, monitoring a non-alarming state and an alarming state of the sense loop, and activating an alarm in the event that the sense... Agent: Invue Security Products Inc.

20120182147 - Sensing properties of a material loading a uhf rfid tag by analysis of the complex reflection backscatter at different frequencies and power levels: An RFID device for sensing the properties of a material in proximity to a UHF tag. The RFID device includes a microchip, an antenna operatively coupled to the microchip, and an impedance transforming section operatively coupled to the microchip and to the antenna. Changing an electrical characteristic of at least... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20120182148 - Bed pre-exit patient monitor: Improvements in a bed pre exit patient monitor to determine when a patient has moved to an edge of a bed prior to the patient leaving the bed by measuring load on a single wheel by slightly lifting the wheel with load sensing rods that measure the wheel load. A... Agent:

20120182149 - Sensor device of eyelid blinks useful in prevention and early warning states of drowsiness: The present invention comprises a transmitter and an infrared sensor to control the eyelid blinks of the user, useful in the prevention and warning of drowsiness, which includes the generation of an alarm, which preferably is a sound alarm indicated for individuals who make repetitive activities and/or routines, such as... Agent:

20120182150 - Actuator having load weighting mechanism: An actuator having a load weighting mechanism is disclosed. The actuator has a screw and a nut mounted around the screw and connected with a driving shaft. The driving shaft supports a load. When moving along the screw, the nut displaces the driving shaft forward and backward. The screw has... Agent:

20120182151 - Server rack having payload weighing function: A server rack includes a main body, an electronic scale, and an alarm. The main body is used for receiving a number of servers. The electronic scale includes a pressure sensor and a microcontroller. The main body presses on the pressure sensor so that the pressure sensor can measure the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120182152 - Household appliance and method for operating a household appliance: A household appliance, in particular a household dishwasher, includes an operating display unit having at least one visual and/or acoustic display, which is activated at least to display and/or signal a completion of a treatment cycle for a predefined time period on or after completion of the treatment cycle. The... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xc4 Te Gmbh

20120182153 - Garage door status indicator and recorder: A means for recording the status of a garage door as having been left open or having been closed including a garage door sensor, a transmitter and a receiver. Whereas a typical automatic garage door takes 15-20 seconds to become fully closed, an operator will travel less than one-tenth of... Agent:

20120182155 - Danger presentation device, danger presentation system, danger presentation method and program: The danger presentation device includes: a worker position acquisition unit configured to acquire a worker position which is a position of a worker; a worker view range determination unit configured to determine a view range of the worker depending on the worker position acquired by the worker position acquisition unit;... Agent:

20120182154 - Electronic device and method for optimizing order of testing points of circuit boards: In a method for optimizing an order in which certain points on a circuit board can be tested and evaluated, a coordinate system is established in a circuit diagram of a circuit board, and at least one locating point is preset. When an operator selects a signal path routing within... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120182156 - Battery-powered fuel data collection unit: A battery-powered fueling data collection unit for use with a meter and a register associated with a fuel transfer apparatus and for use with a system for managing fueling transactions of a fleet operator using fuel transfer apparatuses at multiple locations includes a fueling data interface module for receiving fueling... Agent:

20120182157 - Process, device and system for volt/var optimization: Embodiments of the invention propose volt/VAR optimization that may be time synchronized and automated based on actions invoked at a control system utilizing a smart grid solution that incorporates metering end points which are capable of reporting to a utility the information that is needed by the utility or to... Agent:

20120182158 - Signal information transmitting devices and signal information transmitting methods: Provided are a signal information transmitting device and a signal information transmitting method. The method includes detecting sections for which current flows through signal lines of a target device and generating detect signals according to the current flow detection result; detecting sections for which switches are turned on and generating... Agent:

20120182159 - Police with you (pwy): A vehicle drivers behavior monitoring and reporting information system. This system includes a receiver that receivers information from traffic control device transmitters for traffic control devices, a processor to process information from the transmitters as well as determine traffic violations committed, a transmitter to transmit data to appropriate local authorities,... Agent:

20120182160 - Directional vehicle sensor matrix: An apparatus, method, and system for detecting and counting vehicles on a roadway are presented. The roadway need not be partitioned into directional lanes. The matrix may have a plurality of matrix elements in communication with a master matrix element. Each matrix element contains two sensors, a processor and a... Agent: Tcs International, Inc.

20120182161 - Aircraft traffic display: A system and method for displaying additional traffic information beyond that received from an ADS-B or other transponder communication. Such additional traffic information may be displayed on a display screen within a cockpit, and may include such things as an aircraft's make, model, manufacturer, or other information. The additional information... Agent: L-3 Communications Avionics Systems, Inc.

07/12/2012 > 39 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20120176218 - Unmanned security system using network, method for providing unmanned security service, and method for setting unmanned security system: The unmanned security system using a network includes a plurality of sensors configured to sense an abnormal state of a specific location and output a sensing signal; one or more cameras installed in the specific location and configured to generate image data and sound data and output the image data... Agent:

20120176219 - Access identification and control device: An access identification and control device, especially suitable for being used for all those applications wherein the use of an apparatus or a service must be allowed only to the users that have the requirements imposed by the apparatus/service itself or if a check must be carried out on an... Agent:

20120176217 - Control system, terminal device for maintenance worker and control device: A terminal device carried by a maintenance worker transmits, to a central control device, a request to maintain a first state in which a central control device controls a target device so that maintenance work is safely performed. The central control device transitions to a PIN lock state in which... Agent:

20120176220 - Apparatus and system for and method of registration, admission and testing of a candidate: The present disclosure is directed to an apparatus and system for and method of registering, admitting and testing of a candidate. Test candidate can be registered and admitted through verification of identity using biometric comparisons and third party identification systems. Scanning of identification documents and comparison with security information database... Agent:

20120176221 - Location detection system for a patient handling device: A location detection system for a facility includes a patient handling device with a communication module with a unique ID, a locator fixed relative to the handling device for transmitting a unique location identifier corresponding to the location of the handling device, and a receiver mounted to the patient device... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20120176222 - Apparatus for managing the operation of a ship block: Provided is an apparatus for managing the operation of a ship block, including a ship block size and location measuring system, a transporter monitoring system, a block transportation monitoring system and a transportation lot number management system. The ship block size and location measuring system includes a direction angle sensor,... Agent: Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

20120176226 - Rf and/or rf identification tag/device having an integrated interposer, and methods for making and using the same: A MOS RF surveillance and/or identification tag, and methods for its manufacture and use. The tag includes an interposer, an antenna/inductor, and integrated circuitry on the interposer. The integrated circuitry has a lowest layer in physical contact with the interposer. The method of manufacture includes forming a lowest layer of... Agent:

20120176224 - Spatially selective uhf near field microstrip coupler device and rfid systems using device: A system having a UHF RFID transceiver is adapted to communicate exclusively with a single electro-magnetically coupled transponder located in a predetermined confined transponder operating region. The system includes a near field coupling device comprising a plurality of lines connected in parallel with an unmatched load. The near field coupling... Agent: Zih Corp.

20120176225 - Variable frequency tag: An antenna assembly is operative for receiving interrogating radiation at a variable frequency tag and generating a corresponding received signal, and for receiving a signature signal and radiating corresponding response radiation. A logic unit is operative for receiving the received signal and outputting the signature signal in response, the signature... Agent:

20120176223 - Wireless ic device and method of detecting environmental state using the device: In a wireless IC device, an insulating material, which has an electrical characteristic that is varied with a change in an environmental state, is provided between a feed circuit board and an antenna to detect the environmental state from a state of a communication characteristic between the wireless IC device... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120176227 - Method and apparatus to mitigate multipath in rfid: A distance between at least one antenna of an interrogation system and a transponder, such as an RFID tag, is determined based on derivatives with respect to frequency of the phase and the signal strength of responses transmitted by the transponder and received at the at least one antenna. The... Agent: IntermecIPCorp.

20120176229 - Method, transponder, and system for secure data exchange: A method may include generating by a transponder a first code and transmitting the first code to a base station. The base station may generate first transmission information, encoding a base station code with a first identification and a first random number code, and may transmit the first transmission information... Agent:

20120176228 - Data carrier with sensor: In a circuit for a data carrier, which data carrier comprise a sensor that is designed for providing a sensor signal that represents an environment parameter and a communication element that is designed for the contact-less communication with an interrogator station, first connection elements for connecting the circuit to the... Agent:

20120176230 - Method of turning an alarm off and mobile device adapted thereto: An alarm turning off method and a mobile device adapted to the method are provided. The method includes reproducing a preset alarm audio sound and outputting a preset beat at a preset alarm time, determining whether the mobile device receives an input beat, when the mobile device has received the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120176231 - Information display system and method: An efficiency gauge from a vehicle information display may incorporate vehicle range information in addition to an efficiency indicator. The range information may be displayed as an area on the efficiency gauge indicating a safe operating region for average driving in order for the vehicle to reach a target destination... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120176232 - Prevention of texting while operating a motor vehicle: A system and method includes sensors configured to measure conditions of a vehicle. A monitoring module is configured to evaluate the conditions input thereto from the sensors. The monitoring module is further configured to determine a state of a mobile device located within the vehicle. Based upon a combination of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120176233 - Tire pressure monitoring system using wireless network: A tire pressure monitoring using wireless network includes a remote command device and a valve-stem mountable tire pressure gauge. The tire pressure gauge includes a pressure sensor for detecting a pressure of a fluid in a tire and providing an output signal indicative of the detected fluid pressure, and a... Agent: Measurement Limited

20120176234 - Acc and am braking range variable based on internal and external factors: When employing an adaptive cruise-with-braking (ACB) system to control host vehicle braking reaction distance, a plurality of trigger conditions (e.g., environmental parameters) are monitored. If one or more of the monitored parameters exceeds a predefined threshold, a trigger event is detected, and at least one of a braking reaction distance... Agent: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, LLC

20120176235 - Mobile computing device emergency warning system and method: A warning system and method include a memory device configured to store one or more condition criteria. A monitoring device is configured to monitor a status of the one or more condition criteria. The monitoring device is triggered by a triggering event related to the status to generate a warning... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120176236 - Event notification method and portable apparatus with event notification function: An event notification method and a portable apparatus with event notification function are provided. The method comprises the following steps: A notification event is detected. Whether the notification event is read after no operation is applied to an electronic device for a first time interval is determined. If not, whether... Agent: Htc Corporation

20120176237 - Homeland intelligence systems technology \"h-list\" and battlefield apparatus: Homeland Intelligence Systems Technology “H-LIST” and battlefield apparatus comprises nano-sensors embedded in a silicon substrate and etched/fused in a micro-fibered material. The silicon substrate is alloyed with miniaturized steel responsive to weapons, preventing bullet penetration and providing effective detection platform on an outfit. The outfit is operable for monitoring suspicious... Agent:

20120176238 - Method and system for tracking and managing animals and/or food products: Embodiments of a method and system are described for tracking and managing animals and/or food products. Identification data and location data for animals is entered into a computer system. A data service provider may collect this data and transmit it to a data trustee. The data trustee may filter the... Agent: Micro Beef Technologies, Ltd.

20120176239 - Monitoring method, a monitoring system and a sensor station: A monitoring system having an ad-hoc network of wireless sensor stations. Each sensor station is provided with one or more sensors suitable for monitoring one or more physical parameters of interest and collecting information. The sensor stations are configured to process the collected information using appropriate distributed computational algorithms such... Agent: Defendec Inc.

20120176240 - Tunable loop-dipole rfid tag antenna for dentures: A radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder for use in dentures is provided. The RFID transponder includes a passive RFID microchip configured for storing information related to a denture and a loop dipole antenna configured for sending the information in response to receiving a signal from an RFID reader. The loop... Agent: Astraion, LLC

20120176241 - Door handle sterilizer: A method for sterilizing a door handle is provided. A shield and a door handle are positioned into a first relative position whereby the shield protects a user from a germicide process. A germicide process is activated. The shield and the door handle are positioned into a second relative position... Agent:

20120176242 - Systems and methods for providing security at a vehicle yard: Systems and methods for providing security at a vehicle yard are provided. A communicator may collect data associated with a plurality of vehicles or trailers during completion of a guard tour, and a processing station may receive the collected data from the communicator. The processing station may compare the collected... Agent: U.s. Security Associates, Inc.

20120176243 - Cable, sheath, and systems: Disclosed herein are cables, cable systems, security systems, and detection components. According to an implementation, a cable may have a first portion and a second portion. The second portion may be further distant from a central axis of the cable than the first portion. The second portion is configured to... Agent: Andersen Holdings, LLC

20120176244 - System and method for integrated product protection: A method of preventing the theft of packaged products from a building, in which the method includes the steps of incorporating an electronic device into the packaging material for the packaged product, and configuring the electronic device to activate an alarm if the packaged product is removed from the building... Agent: Southern Imperial, Inc.

20120176245 - Computer controlled and monitored medical storage system: A system is disclosed for monitoring and controlling a refrigerated medical storage unit. The system may include a control station. The control station may receive temperature information from the refrigerated medical storage unit and may cause at least a portion of the temperature information to be stored. The control station... Agent: Omnicell, Inc.

20120176246 - Exit monitor: To examine a contamination state of a worker having worked in a radiation controlled zone, a first unit detects contamination of a front or back surface of the worker and outputs a first signal indicating a contamination state of the surface. A second unit detects contamination of an arm's inner... Agent:

20120176247 - Cable clamp-on device including a user interface: In an illustrative embodiment, a system comprises a cable having a first end and a second end. The first end is connected to a portable device and the second end is connected to an A/V switcher. The A/V switcher is configured to monitor presence of an A/V signal in the... Agent: Crestron Electronics, Inc.

20120176248 - Methods, systems and apparatus for detecting material defects in combustors of combustion turbine engines: A method for detecting defects in a combustion duct in a combustion system of a turbine engine while the turbine engine operates, wherein the combustion duct comprises an inner surface, which, during operation, is exposed to the hot-gas flowpath, the method comprising the steps of: providing a first electrode that... Agent: General Electric Company

20120176249 - Proximity detection alarm for an inductively charged mobile computing device: Illustrated is a system and method to activate an alarm where a mobile computing device is no longer proximate to a docking station that provides inductive charging and data transfer capabilities for the mobile computing device. The computer system includes at least one coil to provide inductive charging for a... Agent:

20120176250 - System and method for integrated downhole sensing and optical fiber monitoring: A system for measuring downhole parameters is disclosed. The system includes: a carrier configured to be disposed in a borehole in an earth formation; at least one optical fiber sensor in operable communication with the carrier; a measurement assembly including an electromagnetic signal source configured to transmit a first interrogation... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120176251 - Drilling activity logging device, system and method: A drilling log data logger 10, and system incorporating the same, has means 14-40 to receive drilling event related data, electronic storage means to store said input data, and output means 12,42 to output said data on demand. A related drilling log data recordal method for at least one drilling... Agent: Globaltech Corporation Pty Ltd.

20120176252 - Apparatus and method for determining load of energy consuming appliances within a premises: Disclosed herein are exemplary embodiments of apparatus and methods for determining load of energy consuming appliances within a premises. An exemplary embodiment includes a thermostat operable for displaying information relating to energy consumption associated with an energy consuming load in a premise. In this exemplary embodiment, the thermostat includes a... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20120176253 - Data communication protocol in an automatic meter reading system: Automatic meter reading (AMR) systems and methods in which readers communicate with endpoints interfaced to utility meters. In operation, the reader and the endpoint communicate with one another via radio frequency (RF) communication according to a communication protocol. Aspects of the invention are directed to packetization, command and control, and... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20120176254 - Vehicle-to-vehicle communication device: Disclosed is a vehicle-to-vehicle communication device provided with: a wireless communication unit; a GPS device; a position-information acquisition unit that uses the GPS device to acquire position information; a display unit or a voice output unit; a recording unit in which map information is recorded; an emergency-vehicle detection unit that... Agent: Sanyo Electroc Co., Ltd

20120176255 - Mobile device-based automatic parking location recorder and reminder using on-board diagnostics: A method for assisting a vehicle user in locating a vehicle when parked includes detecting via a mobile device that the vehicle has been placed in a parked state and, in response to detecting that the vehicle has been placed in a parked state, automatically retrieving the vehicle location to... Agent: Deutsche Telekom Ag

07/05/2012 > 65 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20120169453 - Electronic lock with power failure control circuit: An electronic lock with power failure control circuit includes a lock mechanism having a latchbolt movable between extended and a retracted positions and an electrically powered lock actuator to lock and unlock the latchbolt. The power failure control circuit includes a microcontroller and the lock is connected to a primary... Agent: Sargent Manufacturing Company

20120169454 - listening system comprising an alerting device and a listening device: A listening system that eases the acknowledgement of ‘alarm signals’, as e.g. issued by alarm indicators, in the environment of a user in difficult listening situations. The listening system is adapted to issue specific ALARM mode signals to the user corresponding to said external alarm signals, when said listening system... Agent: Oticon A/s

20120169455 - Mass sensing platform: An apparatus is disclosed comprising a platform operable to support a human. The apparatus also includes at least one cable suspending the platform. The apparatus also includes an elongation sensor engaged with the at least one cable. The elongation sensor is operable to emit a signal in response to elongation... Agent:

20120169456 - Nuclear gauges and methods of configuration and calibration of nuclear gauges: Nuclear gauges and method of configuration and methods of calibrations of the nuclear gauges are provided. The nuclear gauges are used in measuring the density and/or moisture of construction-related materials. The nuclear gauge can include a gauge housing having a vertical cavity therethrough and at least one radiation detector located... Agent:

20120169457 - Method and system for dynamically assigning access rights: The system and method take changes in a person's or groups' status and by following a series of steps (rules) ensures that the person or groups are given proper access to a secure location. The system has at least one access control device for controlling the flow of persons in... Agent: Schneider Electric Buildings Ab

20120169458 - Method and system for monitoring physical security and notifying if anomalies: A method and system for monitoring access requests for physical access to a location includes a plurality of access control devices for control accessing to specific locations. The system determines if access is authorized based on comparing information associated with the request with a database. Access is granted to a... Agent: Schneider Electric Buildings Ab

20120169460 - Multiparty controlled remote security lock system: A multiparty controlled remote security lock is disclosed. The embodiments herein relate to security systems and, more particularly, to remotely controlled biometric based mechanisms in security systems. In order to operate the remote security lock at least one OC and a plurality of RCs are employed. Further, the OC is... Agent: Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.

20120169461 - Electronic physical access control with remote authentication: The system has an authorizing device, such as a cellular telephone, and a mechanism for receiving information related to a particular facility and the user's access rights based on the location of the authorizing device. The authorizing device is placed in proximity to a secured portal. The user is required... Agent: Schneider Electric Buildings Ab

20120169462 - Method and apparatus for access authentication using mobile terminal: An access authentication method and apparatus in which access authentication is performed using positional data associated with access information data.... Agent: Kt Corporation

20120169459 - System and method for passively acquiring existing customers' mobile phone numbers from customer service logs: An entity passively acquires an existing customer's mobile phone number and links the customer's mobile phone number to the customer's account without requesting the customer to actively provide customer identifying information. This is accomplished by capturing the customer's mobile phone number when the customer uses a mobile phone to contact... Agent: Relay Holdings, LLC

20120169463 - Apparatus and method for authenticating biometric information: A method for biometric authentication and a system using the same are provided. The biometric authentication system of the present invention separates pre-registered biometric information of a user into a plurality of separated biometric information, disperses them to a plurality of databases and manages them. Accordingly, when a user authentication... Agent: Union Community Co., Ltd.

20120169464 - Biometric authentication device, biometric authentication system, and biometric authentication method: A biometric authentication device includes a photographing unit configured to photograph a biological body and acquire biological body information; an authentication unit configured to match registered biological body information that is registered in advance with the biological body information and perform authentication; a posture determination unit configured to determine steadiness... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120169465 - Vehicle apparatus control system and method thereof: A vehicle apparatus control system is used to control at least one piece of vehicle equipment in a vehicle, and includes a data storage module, an image capture module, a face recognition module, and a control module. The data storage module stores a plurality of facial expression parameters therein. The... Agent: Altek Corporation

20120169466 - System and method for transmitting messages received from a paging network on a paging device to electronic devices: Systems, methods, and media are provided for transmitting a message received from a paging network on a paging device to wireless or other electronic devices. The paging device establishes a radio connection with the wireless device and transmits the received messages to the wireless device through the established radio connection.... Agent:

20120169467 - Patient alert management system: A patient alert management system includes a remote alert monitor at a location, an alert management and reporting server, and a portable communications device. The remote alert monitor generates an alert in response to an internal patient care timer or receiving an alert from a patient care device at the... Agent:

20120169472 - Communication terminal and information processing system: An information processing system includes a reader/writer, a communication terminal, and a wireless IC tag. The communication terminal includes an electric field antenna including a coupling portion that defines a magnetic field antenna, and the antenna portion is housed in a pen-shaped casing. The antenna portion is coupled to an... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120169468 - Multiple radio frequency network node rfid tag: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tag that contains multiple Radio Frequency (RF) network nodes that provide enhanced memory capabilities, redundant functionality, and multiple frequency capabilities to the RFID tag using an inter-RF network node communication connection. The inter-RF network... Agent:

20120169469 - Multiple radio frequency network node rfid tag: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tag that contains multiple Radio Frequency (RF) network nodes that provide enhanced memory capabilities, redundant functionality, and multiple frequency capabilities to the RFID tag using an inter-RF network node communication connection. The inter-RF network... Agent:

20120169470 - Rfid system for checking medical items: A RFID system for checking medical items includes a processing unit; two RFID readers connected with the processing unit; at least an antenna connected to each of the RFID readers; and a plurality of RFID tags being respectively attached to a plurality of medical items. The RFID tags are configured... Agent: Oscl Corporation Limited

20120169471 - System and method for automated monitoring of students' work in an educational environment: A system and method for the automated monitoring of an individual's work is provided that utilizes wireless tags affixed to projects and to the individuals that have access to the projects. The system and method can determine when a particular individual takes a particular project to work on based on... Agent:

20120169473 - Terminal, method and computer program product for interacting with a signaling tag: A terminal for interacting with a signaling tag includes a controller capable of selecting a signaling tag and thereafter receiving a tag type from the signaling tag at least partially over an air interface. The controller is also capable of determining if the terminal is actively operating an application. In... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120169474 - Multiple radio frequency network node rfid tag: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tag that contains multiple Radio Frequency (RF) network nodes that provide enhanced memory capabilities, redundant functionality, and multiple frequency capabilities to the RFID tag using an inter-RF network node communication connection. The inter-RF network... Agent:

20120169475 - Systems for and methods of assigning priority to reader antennae: Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for assigning priority to antennae are disclosed. In accordance with a preferred embodiment of the invention, reader antennae identify the location of an object by detecting a tag or other identifier associated with each object. Sensors can be provided to provide additional information regarding... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20120169476 - Data communication system, device for executing ic card function, control method for the device, and information processing terminal: A communication device includes an analog unit that processes an analog signal received from an antenna unit which performs a contactless communication with an external device. The communication device also includes a wired interface that connects to an information processing terminal through a wire. In addition, the communication device includes... Agent: Felica Networks, Inc.

20120169480 - Method and apparatus for information storing: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus, a computer program product and a method is provided for detecting a write-enabled device via a short-range communications interface, selecting an operation mode for writing data to a memory associated with the write-enabled device and writing data to... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120169477 - Communications system and method of communicating display information, and electronic shelf label system using the same: There are provided a communications system and a method for more efficiently communicating display information in transmitting large-capacity data, such as graphics data, between communication nodes, and an electronic shelf label system using the same. The communications system communicating display information includes a first communications device transmitting display information and... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120169478 - Portable rfid base station for identifying, detecting, locating, and tracking tagged objects: One embodiment of the invention is a portable RFID base station for detecting, locating and tracking tagged items. The base station is constructed of an outer housing that includes a set of vertical sidewalls, a horizontal bottom floor, and a horizontal top lid, as well as a set of wheels... Agent:

20120169479 - Rfid system, rfid cable system, and rfid cable laying method: When an RFID is attached to an object to assist testing operations, the following problems are encountered; (1) the RFID of write type tends to cause a failure and is troublesome due to the necessity of rewrite each time the situation is changed, (2) the incorporation of the reader function... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120169481 - Wireless control of laryngoscope system: A Laryngoscope system for controlling and monitoring characteristics associated with airway management and a remote access unit continuously interfacing through instant wireless private direct connectivity to a laryngoscope. The system also includes a plurality of sensors and controllers that measure and control characteristics and provide the remote unit with measurements... Agent:

20120169482 - System and method for selecting a device for remote control based on determined navigational state of a remote control device: A computer system having one or more processors and memory receives data corresponding to a device-selection command performed at a remote control, where the remote control is configured to provide remote-control commands to a plurality of devices. In response to receiving the data corresponding to the device-selection command, the computer... Agent:

20120169483 - Remote control device and communication system: A remote control device includes: a vibration power generator configured to convert externally applied vibrations to electric power; a storage section charged with the electric power obtained by the vibration power generator; a switch provided between the vibration power generator and the storage section; and a control circuit configured to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120169485 - Industrial tool: An industrial and electrically driven tool includes two mutually independent radio modules so that a redundant communication link to a controller can be set up.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120169484 - Model aircraft contol and receiving device: A model aircraft control and receiving device in a housing, comprising an electronic, gyroscopic multi-axis programmable flight attitude controller, having control inputs for a plurality of control channels and inputs for gyroscope signals, wherein the flight attitude controller provides at least one input for a receiver module disposed inside or... Agent: Mikado Model Helicopters Gmbh

20120169486 - System and method for a wireless ringer function: Embodiments of the invention include a device and method for extending alerts for a wireless device. In one embodiment, a method for extending alerts for a wireless device includes linking the wireless device through a wireless connection with a wireless ringer module; wherein the wireless ringer module is removably coupled... Agent: Embarq Holdings Company, LLC

20120169487 - Security system: Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for expanding the functionality of a security system are disclosed. The security system may be integrated with a vehicle security system. For example, a vehicle security node of a vehicle may transmit a signal that may be received by the security system. The security... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20120169488 - Haptic pedal system: An apparatus for providing haptic feedback to an operator of a vehicle is described including a pedal, torque motor, actuator and controller. The pedal is rotatable between a closed position and an open position. The torque motor applies rotational force to the pedal. The actuator is rotatably positioned between the... Agent: Williams Controls, Inc.

20120169489 - Vehicle display device: A vehicle meter apparatus has a judging section that judges whether an automatic air conditioner purpose ambient temperature sensor is provided by comparing an input signal value inputted from an automatic air conditioner to an input section with a set threshold value and judges whether a display purpose ambient temperature... Agent: Calsonic Kansei Corporation

20120169490 - Water level and temperature alert device and kit: A water level and temperature alert device including a temperature sensor, a level sensor, an alert unit, and a computing unit. The computing unit is connected to the temperature sensor, the level sensor, and the alert unit. The level sensor is connected to a first electrode and a second electrode.... Agent: Hon Hamn Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20120169491 - Relay node placement method in wireless body sensor network: The present invention provides a Relay Node Placement Method in Wireless Body Sensor Network. It provides a sensor data collection location and a plurality of sensor locations. Then based on those sensor locations and their corresponding time delays, a sensor location data group is generated, then based on the sensor... Agent:

20120169492 - Person recovery system and method: A system and method provides an electronic bracelet, necklace, clothing, shoes or tag for a person and maintains a database which correlates a variety of information with each such tag. When a person is reported lost or missing, pre-arranged volunteers are mobilized to begin searching for the person. Additionally, local... Agent:

20120169494 - Bonding line mismatch discovery method and node arrangements: The present invention relates to methods for indicating a bonding configuration mismatch of lines of bonding groups. The methods are performed in different nodes of a communications network. Said method comprises sending a Bonding Configuration Value via one line of the bonding group of lines, said Bonding Configuration Value being... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20120169497 - Debris monitoring: A debris monitoring system includes a receptacle, a first and a second emitter, and a first receiver. The receptacle defines an opening to receive debris into the receptacle. The first and second emitter are each arranged to emit a signal across at least a portion of the opening. The first... Agent:

20120169495 - Method and apparatus for signaling to an operator of a farm implement that the farm implement is traversing a previously seeded area: A sectional control apparatus and method prompts the operator of an implement when the implement, or portion thereof, is traversing over land that has already been seeded and/or disturbed. The apparatus includes a GPS or GNSS receiver that communicates with a GPS or GNSS system and a controller that maps... Agent:

20120169498 - Method for locating vegetation having a potential to impact a structure: A method for designating vegetation as potential impact vegetation includes identifying data relating to target vegetation from a dataset and determining a reach distance of the target vegetation. The reach distance includes a distance from a point on a ground to a point of the target vegetation that is farthest... Agent:

20120169493 - Mobile storage device with alarm function: A mobile storage device includes a connector to be electrically connected to a computer, a storage unit, a microcontroller, and an alarm unit. The microcontroller controls the storage unit to store data from the computer or controls the storage unit to output data to the computer. The alarm unit is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120169496 - Portable electronic device with anti-theft function and anti-theft method: A portable electronic device includes a plurality of touch sensing units for covering a surface of the portable electronic device. Each touch sensing unit is capable of generating touch sensing signals when the touch sensing units are touched. The portable electronic device stores at least one predetermined figure. The portable... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120169499 - Method and system for monitoring physical security via detecting potential intrusion: A method and system for detecting potential intrusion includes a plurality of objects that can be potentially touched, such as a door handle. A sensor is associated with the object that can be potentially touched for determining if the object has been touched. The system has a control system for... Agent: Schneider Electric Buildings Ab

20120169500 - Radio frequency identification system and method used to perform electronic article surveillance: A radio frequency identification (RFID) system used to perform electronic article surveillance comprises a RFID tag and a RFID reader. The RFID tag is affixed to an object, and the RFID reader, having a plurality of antennas, is in radio frequency (RF) communication with the RFID tag. The plurality of... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20120169502 - Electronic baby monitoring device: An electronic baby monitoring device includes a sensor monitor and a motion sensor. The motion sensor communicates with the sensor monitor and includes an accelerometer, a control module, an emitting module, a power source, and a switch. The accelerometer senses the acceleration value of the motion sensor. When the control... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120169501 - System and method to determine an infant weight while minimizing disturbance to the infant: A method and system for determining the weight of an infant when the infant is either placed upon a support platform or removed from the support platform, where the support platform may be configured as a bed. A sensor is positioned beneath the support platform that provides a weight measurement... Agent: General Electric Company

20120169503 - Drowsy driver detection system: A method of detecting impairment of a driver of a vehicle. The method includes sensing, using a sensor, a position of the driver's head at a plurality of time points; determining, using a microprocessor, changes in the position of the driver's head between the plurality of time points; evaluating, using... Agent:

20120169504 - Spray drift systems and methods including an input device: Systems and methods for adjusting or providing instructions to spraying systems are provided. In an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure, an apparatus to identify sensitive areas is provided. The apparatus comprising: a module to electronically receive sensitive area information, the sensitive area information related to one or more sensitive... Agent: Dow Agrosciences LLC

20120169505 - Life estimating method for heater wire, heating apparatus, storage medium, and life estimating system for heater wire: A life estimating method for a heater wire utilizes data obtained during a period (e.g., a temperature rising period), in which a sign of disconnection of the heater wire is likely to be seen. This method includes detecting a maximum magnitude value of electric power supplied to the heater wire... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120169506 - Alarm system: An alarm system for alarming whenever there is a power leakage from an electronic device, includes a voltage decreasing circuit, a switch circuit and an alarm circuit. The voltage decreasing circuit receives a first voltage from a live wire output terminal and outputs a second voltage. The switch circuit outputs... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120169507 - Adjustable occupancy sensor and method of attaching an occupancy sensor to a light fixture: An adjustable occupancy sensor capable of being secured to a light fixture includes a housing having a side and a bottom, a sensor assembly attached to the housing at the bottom of the housing, and an adjustable mounting assembly provided on the side of the housing. The adjustable mounting assembly... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20120169508 - Exhibition method and apparatus for multi-media color ring back tone resource box: An exhibition method is disclosed for a multimedia color ring back tone resource box. The method includes: the user defining a multimedia color ring back tone resource box and setting a multimedia color ring back tone exhibition rule; during using a multimedia color ring back tone service, according to the... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120169509 - Method and devices for terminating communication between a node and a carrier: The present disclosure relates to apparatuses and methods for terminating communication on a communication line between a carrier and at least one node located at a subsurface location. The apparatus may include a control member configured to initiate termination of communication in response to a controlled signal. The apparatus may... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120169511 - Multi-mode display: A networked display has multiple modes of operation. In the first operating mode, the display receives and shows information related to charging an electric vehicle. In a second mode of operation, the display receives and shows information related to home energy usage. Other operating modes may also be supported.... Agent: Greenwave Reality, Pte Ltd.

20120169510 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for providing security services utilizing a smart utility meter: Systems, methods, and apparatus for providing security services utilizing a smart utility meter are provided. A utility meter may include at least one local network interface, at least one transceiver, and at least one processor. The at least one local network interface may be configured to receive security monitoring data... Agent: General Electric Company

20120169512 - Method to extract billing type peak data from an existing electric meter installation: Techniques are disclosed for monitoring the consumption of a plurality of metered resources. The techniques involve receiving a KYZ pulse from a first utility meter, where the first utility meter is coupled to a source of one of the metered resources, and where the first utility meter outputs the KYZ... Agent: Air Liquide Large Industries U.s. Lp

20120169514 - Navigation device: Disclosed is a navigation device provided with a radio communication unit, a GPS unit, a positional information acquisition unit, a display unit, and a voice output unit, further provided with a warning operation unit for performing a warning operation, further provided with a recording unit for recording map information, further... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120169513 - Roadway condition warning on full windshield head-up display: A substantially transparent windscreen head-up display includes one of light emitting particles or microstructures over a predefined region of the windscreen permitting luminescent display while permitting vision therethrough. A method to dynamically register a graphic onto a driving scene of a vehicle utilizing a substantially transparent windscreen head-up display includes... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120169515 - Traffic management system: A traffic management system includes a data processing unit which communicates with a road leading unit and a vehicle management unit. The road leading unit comprises a plurality of grooves and isolation railings, the grooves are formed on a road, and the isolation railings are received in the grooves and... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120169516 - Method and system for triggering commercial vehicle inspection: A system and method for triggering a vehicle inspection in a vehicle inspection bypass system. A handheld device transmits a signal containing the driver information in response to detecting an activation of an actuator on the handheld device. A vehicle mounted transponder detects the signal when the handheld device is... Agent:

20120169517 - Driving assistance method, on-board unit (obu) applying the method and computer readable storage medium storing the method: An on-board unit (OBU) with a driving-assistance function to be installed on a vehicle includes at least one wireless communication unit and a processing unit. The processing unit receives information of at least one first traffic signal and at least one second traffic signal respectively from their RSUs through the... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

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