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Communications: electrical June invention type 06/12

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06/28/2012 > 66 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120161922 - Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling a household appliance standby state: A method for monitoring and controlling a household appliance is provided. The method has the steps of: monitoring and sampling the power of the household appliance to obtain a first standby power range; monitoring and sampling the power of the household appliance to obtain a set of first real-time power... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120161923 - Method, portable data storage medium, approval apparatus and system for approving a transaction: A method, a portable data storage medium, an approval apparatus and a system for approving a transaction using acceleration sensors integrated in a portable data storage medium.... Agent: Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh

20120161925 - Vehicle and method for authenticating a charge station: A vehicle may include a battery that receives energy from a charge station remote from the vehicle, and a controller. The controller may request that the station provide information about an electrical parameter associated with energy being supplied by the station, may determine information about an electrical parameter associated with... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120161926 - Display apparatus with touch-sensitive screen lock/unlock function and method thereof: A display apparatus and a method for locking and unlocking a touch-sensitive screen are provided. A user interface is provided on the display apparatus for a user to set at least two types of passwords. At least two types of passwords displayed on the user interface are stored when input... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120161924 - Automatic authentication of electronic devices: An electronic device with an embedded wireless tag may be authenticated by a linking partner, which may be another electronic device or a data network, before network connection can be established. In some embodiments, the electronic device includes an embedded wireless communicator for communicating with the wireless tag through a... Agent: Rfmarq, Inc.

20120161927 - Mobile device connection system: A mobile device connection system may identify a mobile device of a present driver and prioritize a wireless connection between the identified mobile device and a built-in hands-free device located in a motor vehicle. In one embodiment, the mobile device connection system may include a sensor and a controller. The... Agent:

20120161928 - Display apparatus, remote controller and associated display system: A display apparatus, remote controller and associated display system are provided. A plurality of peripheral apparatuses is controlled by a universal remote controller according to a remote control signal from the remote controller. The display apparatus displays a remote control menu respectively corresponding to the different peripheral apparatuses, so as... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20120161930 - Cross-read resolution method for use in a radio frequency identification system: A radio frequency identification system comprises a tag, a back-end system, and a plurality of readers, each reader having at least one antenna coupled thereto. In a cross-read resolution method performed by a first reader, the first reader receives a first tag read of the tag having a tag identifier.... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20120161932 - Method for operating esl system: Disclosed herein is a method for operating an ESL system including a server and en electronic tag in which a time which elapses from the time when a power supply of the electronic tag is turned on is appropriated, execution reservation condition information is included in a signal transmitted from... Agent:

20120161935 - Passive transponder with a charging circuit: In one embodiment, a passive transponder comprising a first circuit comprising a first attenuator, the first circuit configured to receive a first signal from at least one base station and coupled to a first node, a first rectifier coupled to the first node, the first rectifier configured in a forward... Agent: Atmel Corporation

20120161931 - Radio frequency transponder system: A radio frequency transponder is disclosed. In one embodiment, the transponder includes: a substrate and at least one planar antenna on the substrate, the antenna having a shape determining a corresponding resonant frequency of the antenna, wherein the antenna is configured to cause a phase difference between backscattered signals generated... Agent: Monash University

20120161938 - Receiving device with rfid detection of built-in components held therein, and rfid detection method: The invention relates to a receiving device, in particular a cabinet or rack, having a receiving space (12) for receiving built-in components (14) provided with RFID transponders (34), and having a detection device for detecting built-in components (14) accommodated, which is or can be connected to an evaluation device, and... Agent:

20120161934 - Rfid reporting personal health card and related systems: A personal health card that includes a smartcard with an RFID device that automatically reports certain RFID response information when illuminated by an interrogation signal from an RFID reader, such as an authorized first responder interrogation device issued to police, fire, lifeguard, or EMT personnel. A characteristic of the response... Agent: Lifenexus, Inc.

20120161933 - Rfid security reader: In a radio frequency identification (RFID) security reader, by integrating an encryption module that encrypts transmission data and a decryption module that decrypts reception data from an RFID security tag to restore the reception data to original data to a modem, an input/output time period of a processor module that... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120161936 - Rfid tag device and method of recognizing the same: Provided is a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag device. The RFID tag device includes memory which stores ID information and a second count value, and a certification unit which performs a certification process according to a keyed hash value received from the outside and a result of a comparison between... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120161937 - Rfid tagging device and method: The present invention relates to a radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging device and method, using which a RFID tag which is designed to attach an object is first linking the object information of an object and an RFID tag with programmed memory data or UID (unique identification) code, being scanned... Agent: Claridy Solutions, Inc.

20120161929 - Systems and methods for wireless transmission of data using a hall effect sensor: Embodiments of the present invention enable wireless transmission of data using a Hall Effect sensor. In an embodiment, data is wirelessly transmitted to a receiver by altering the direction of a magnetic field in a manner representative of the data. A Hall Effect sensor at the receiver receives and decodes... Agent:

20120161939 - Temporary non-responsive state for rfid tags: A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag may have a non-responsive mode, triggered by a command from an RFID reader, that temporarily prevents the RFID tag from responding to a query from any RFID reader for a period of time. In some embodiments this non-responsive mode may automatically end after a... Agent: Intel Corporation

20120161940 - Method and system for ontology-driven querying and programming of sensors: Described embodiments relate to a method of ontology-driven querying or programming of at least one sensor. The method comprises generating at a query origin a query or command for execution in relation to the at least one sensor, transmitting the query or command to an ontology transformer over a first... Agent:

20120161941 - Rfid tag: An RFID tag includes: an antenna receiving an RF signal from a reader; an AFE (analog front end) generating voltage using the RF signal; and one or more switches interposed between the antenna and the AFE and controlling the connection between the antenna and the AFE through the switch operation.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120161942 - Rfid transponder and method for operating the same: An RFID transponder having an analog front end receiver having an attenuator coupled to receive an RF-signal from an antenna and to attenuate the RF-signal, an amplifier having a fixed amplifier gain and being coupled to receive and to amplify the attenuated RF-signal and a control unit coupled to control... Agent: Texas Instrument Deutschland Gmbh

20120161943 - Electronic tags, esl system, method for setting time information of esl system and method for operating esl system: Disclosed herein are an electronic tag, an ESL system, a method for setting time information of the ESL system, and a method for operating the ESL system. The electronic tag includes: a communication interface unit transmitting and receiving data; a display unit displaying the information of the product; a power... Agent:

20120161944 - Rfid-based intelligent storage cabinet and the management method thereof: The present invention relates to an RFID-based intelligent storage cabinet and its management method, while utilizing the shielding effect enabled by each partitions for allowing any electromagnetic wave in one compartment to transmit only inside the confinement of such compartment without interfering another compartment. Each stock keeping unit (SKU) that... Agent: Claridy Solutions, Inc.

20120161945 - Neuro-stimulation: The invention is a distributed implantable neuro-stimulation system, comprising an implant controller including control logic to transmit two time-varying power signals, varying between two levels and out of phase with the other, and a command signal modulated onto at least one of the power signals. One or more electrode cells,... Agent: National Ict Australia Limited

20120161946 - Remote controller and remote controller control method: According to one embodiment, a remote controller includes first operation keys, a first illumination module, second operation keys, a second illumination module, a cover, an open-close detector, and a controller. The first illumination module illuminates the first operation keys. The second operation keys are arranged in different location than the... Agent:

20120161947 - Intercom system controlling method: An intercom system controlling method stores intercom system location information in an electronic device, and sets a reply interface which is displayed on a screen to provide alert messages and operable buttons regarding different communication statuses between the electronic device and an intercom system, which has an outdoor installed at... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120161948 - Tactile presentation apparatus, tactile cell, and method for controlling tactile presentation apparatus: Disclosed is a tactile presentation apparatus including a plurality of tactile cells. Each of the plurality of tactile cells includes a supporter for shielding magnetic force, a tactile feeder moving up according to the magnetic force in the supporter, and an electromagnet generating magnetic force depending on depth information of... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120161949 - Acuator systems and methods using an electrically deformable material: Actuation systems and devices using an electrically deformable material are disclosed. In the embodiments, a bidirectional actuator assembly includes a first unit including an electrically deformable material coupleable to an activation voltage and configured to provide a displacement in a first direction when the activation voltage is applied to the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

20120161950 - Sensory output apparatus, system and method: An output device provides sensory feedback when a user actuates a sensor associated with the output device corresponding to a particular input quantity, for example, touch or proximity by an object to a corresponding input device.... Agent: Touchsensor Technologies, LLC

20120161951 - Vehicular obstacle notification apparatus: In a vehicular obstacle notification apparatus, a notification priority is determined from two of (i) a collision possibility between an obstacle and a subject vehicle and (ii) a region priority specific to an obstacle, instead of only from the collision possibility. Even if the collision possibility is high, the notification... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120161952 - Black box for vehicle and access authorization method thereof: There are provided a black box for a vehicle automatically transmitting an emergency rescue signal at the time of the occurrence of a traffic accident and allowing only authorized persons to access video data at the time of the occurrence of the traffic accident, and an access authorization method thereof.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120161953 - Occupant detection system: An occupant detection system including an electrostatic sensor, a determination section and a heater is disclosed. The electrostatic sensor includes an electrode arranged inside a seat of a vehicle and configured to generate a weak electric field. The electrostatic sensor outputs an output value associated with the weak electric field.... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120161954 - Method and system for detecting a driving state of a driver in a vehicle: In a method and system for detecting a driving state of a driver in a vehicle, a face recognition standard corresponding to an environmental condition within the vehicle is established based on a series of image frames generated by capturing consecutively images of the driver upon movement of the vehicle.... Agent: Automotive Research & Testing Center

20120161955 - Tire pressure monitoring apparatus: A tire pressure monitoring apparatus includes a plurality of transceivers, a receiver and a warning device. Each transceiver is mounted on a respective wheel having a tire in a vehicle. The receiver is mounted on a body of the vehicle. The warning device receives a warning signal transmitted from the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120161956 - Electric motor vehicle having a display device: An electric motor vehicle with an electric drive motor, an accumulator for storing electrical energy, an optical display device having a plurality of individually actuable lighting segments, and a display control device. To acquire important vehicle information easily and reliably by the display device, the lighting segments are arranged in... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20120161957 - Monitor control system: A monitor control system includes a focused information database and a report determination part. The focused information database is configured to store focused information that is information associating a focused item focused by each operator with the operator with respect to actual plant information. The report determination part outputs report... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120161960 - Body fluid absorption object wetting alarm method and apparatus: A body fluid absorption object wetting alarm method and an apparatus associated are revealed. A light wavelength sensor is disposed on a body fluid absorption unit for detecting wavelength of the body fluid absorption unit. After the body fluid absorption unit becoming wet, the wavelength thereof changes. Then warning signals... Agent:

20120161959 - Method and system for reducing transmitter power consumption while avoiding delay of displayed information: The system and method of the present application includes a wireless transmitter adapted to receive physiological signals from a patient and to wirelessly transmit the physiological signals to a receiver, where a display device prepares the physiological signal for display on a display monitor. In one embodiment, both the wireless... Agent: General Electric Company

20120161963 - Asset control in location tracking system: The present invention provides a method for changing a usability status of an asset in a location tracking system. Establishment of a direct device-to-device wireless communication connection between a user tag and an asset tag of the location tracking system triggers a process to change a usability status of the... Agent: 9solutions Oy

20120161964 - Computer implemented animal management system: Specifically, a computer implemented animal management program having modules which function to match animal information retrieved from a radiofrequency identification device(s) implanted in an animal(s) with animal information retrieved from a database of at least one computer to assess animal condition and time treatment events.... Agent: Bella Technologies, LLC

20120161962 - Service providing method, information processing apparatus and computer readable information recording medium: A service providing method of being notified of position information by terminals and providing services corresponding to the notified position information of the terminals includes determining movements of the terminals based on the notified position information; in a case where it has been determined that a difference between the movements... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120161961 - User-portable deployable rfid device and system: A user-portable deployable RFID device including a battery, a battery charging device connected to the battery, and an RFID reader connected to the battery configured to receive a locating signal from an RFID tag, a modem is connected to the RFID reader, the modem is configured to receive tag position... Agent:

20120161958 - Power management in wireless tracking device operating with restricted power source: A wireless tracking device operating in at least two modes to reduce power consumption and extend the operable period of the wireless tracking device. In an active mode, the wireless tracking device samples sensor signals at a higher resolution and may also actively communicate with a remote device via wireless... Agent: Crossbow Technology Inc.

20120161965 - Method and system for compressor health monitoring: A method for monitoring the health of a compressor of a gas turbine is disclosed. The method includes receiving a plurality of turbine data points, wherein the plurality of turbine data points may include one or more operating parameters, at least one of a computer discharge temperature (CTD), and one... Agent: General Electric Company

20120161966 - Network status indication system and method thereof: A network status indication system utilizes indicators on a keyboard to indicate the network status of a computer. When a simultaneous activation of two predetermined keys is detected and when the number of simultaneous activations is odd, the network status is determined, thereby indicating the network status of the computer.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120161967 - Rfid-based inventory monitoring systems and methods with self-adjusting operational parameters: An inventory monitoring controller maintains information reflecting a current inventory of articles based on radio frequency identification (RFID) tag identifying information received from one or more RFID tag readers in the context of inventory polling operations. In an embodiment, the controller also adjusts an operational parameter (e.g., a missing article... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20120161968 - Systems and methods to detect cross reads in rfid tags: Systems and methods to detect cross reads in RFID tags are disclosed. Existing RFID reading mechanisms do not have the provision of detecting cross reads and eliminating the cross reads while performing inventory of an area. As a result, the user will have to manually determine the cross reads from... Agent:

20120161969 - Consciousness monitoring: A method for automatically monitoring consciousness of a person and triggering an alarm if the monitored person is not in a state of full consciousness is provided. The method comprises the steps: monitoring at least one aspect of the behavior of the person (S1); analyzing whether the monitored behavior of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120161970 - Noninvasive multi-parameter patient monitor: Embodiments of the present disclosure include a handheld multi-parameter patient monitor capable of determining multiple physiological parameters from the output of a light sensitive detector capable of detecting light attenuated by body tissue. For example, in an embodiment, the monitor is capable of advantageously and accurately displaying one or more... Agent: Masimo Laboratories, Inc.

20120161971 - Automated attendance tracking and event notification: A system is configured to receive information associated with a location of a user device; retrieve information associated with a location at which a user, of the user device, is to be during a period of time; determine whether to assign, to the user device, a late status or an... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20120161973 - Electric receptacle apparatus with replaceable protection module: An electric receptacle apparatus with a replaceable protection module is disclosed. The electric receptacle apparatus includes a receptacle module and a protection module. The receptacle module has a body, am accommodation portion, a power input interface and a power output interface. The accommodation portion is installed inside the body and... Agent: Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120161972 - Temperature monitoring circuit: A temperature monitoring circuit includes a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) resistor, a zener diode, an alarm, a silicon controlled rectifier. A first terminal of the NTC resistor is connected to a power supply through a first resistor. A second terminal of the NTC resistor is grounded. A cathode of the... Agent: Hon Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120161974 - Systems and methods for detecting an h2o2 level in a cold aseptic filling system that uses a peracetic acid cleaning solution: A system for detecting a hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) concentration in a cold aseptic filling system that uses a peracetic acid (PAA)-based cleaning solution is shown and described. The system includes a conductivity sensor configured to receive the PAA-based cleaning solution and to provide a signal representative of the electrical conductivity... Agent: Diversey, Inc.

20120161975 - Notifying a passenger of overweight luggage: Passengers are notified as to whether an item if luggage is overweight. Information relating to a journey is received for which a passenger has a ticket and an item of luggage is weighed such that this may be compared with a maximum weight allowed for the luggage item. An extent... Agent: Weigh-ahead Ukena Limited

20120161976 - Alarm system: An alarm system for emitting an alarm includes a distance detecting circuit, a gate circuit, a voltage conversion circuit, a distance judging circuit and an alarm circuit. The distance detecting circuit receives a first signal, detects a distance between an object and the alarm system, outputs a second signal and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120161977 - Signaling device for detecting the presence of an object: A sheet switch (142) has a bottom layer (144) and a top layer (160). First and second conductors (148, 162) located on the bottom layer (144) form two separate conductive paths, with a voltage potential applied to the conductors (148, 162). The top layer (160) includes a ground conductor (172).... Agent: Carroll Hospital Group, Inc.

20120161978 - Wireless field device, device management system, and device management method: A wireless field device may include a first communication unit that performs wireless communication via a wireless network, a storage unit that stores setting information including at least one of device information specifying the wireless field device, communication setting information for implementing wireless communication via the wireless network, and device... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20120161979 - System and methods for monitoring caregiver performance: Systems and methods for monitoring the performance of a caregiver are disclosed. The systems may be configured to monitor the movement of each subject in a network of subjects. One such system includes a plurality of strips adhered in spaced-apart relation on a mattress pad, upon which a subject is... Agent: Proacticare LLC

20120161980 - Driver assistance system: A driver assistance system includes, but is not limited to at least one environment sensor, an evaluation unit for identifying a potential hazardous traffic situation, and at least one actuator that can be activated by said evaluation unit for executing a warning intervention or a hazard-mitigating intervention according to the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120161981 - Traffic light preemption management system: A method and system for managing a set of traffic lights at an intersection, measuring the Doppler Effect of a signal emitted by a vehicle, where such Doppler Effect being a function of the vehicle movement with respect to said intersection, and deciding as a function of such measure a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120161982 - Variable speed traffic control system: A variable speed limit sign including a controller and a display operatively coupled to the controller is provided. A traffic control system including a variable speed limit sign and methods of use thereof are also provided.... Agent:

20120161983 - Parking pilot method and device: A parking pilot method and a device thereof are disclosed. Image detectors capture surrounding images of a vehicle. A speed detector detects speed of the vehicle. A distance detector obtains distance between the vehicle and a barrier. A processor obtains relative coordinates of the vehicle and parking lot and the... Agent: Automotive Research & Test Center

20120161984 - Providing guidance for locating street parking: A facility for providing guidance for locating street parking is described. The facility receives an indication of a geographic location with respect to which provide parking guidance, and determines an effective time for which to provide guidance. The facility then provides parking guidance relating to the indicated location at the... Agent:

20120161985 - Providing guidance for locating street parking: A facility for providing guidance for locating street parking is described. The facility receives an indication of a geographic location with respect to which provide parking guidance, and determines an effective time for which to provide guidance. The facility then provides parking guidance relating to the indicated location at the... Agent:

20120161986 - Providing guidance for locating street parking: A facility for providing guidance for locating street parking is described. The facility receives an indication of a geographic location with respect to which provide parking guidance, and determines an effective time for which to provide guidance. The facility then provides parking guidance relating to the indicated location at the... Agent:

20120161987 - Apparatus and method for detecting vehicles: Disclosed herein are a method and apparatus for detecting vehicles. The apparatus include a signal generation unit and a vehicle detection unit. The signal generation unit generates a magnetic signal indicating a magnetic field versus time using a magnetic sensor. The vehicle detection unit generates magnetic signal waveform information, including... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

06/21/2012 > 74 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20120154106 - Control method of laundry machine: A control method of a laundry machine is disclosed. The control method of a laundry machine includes a vibration sensing step configured to sense vibration of a drum (320), transient region passing identifying step configured to identify transient region passing of the drum (320) in case the vibration of the... Agent:

20120154107 - Fail-safe, programmable electronic communication transducer which, when attached to a padlock or security cable, signals the integrity of said padlock or security cable.: The largest of padlocks or security cables are easily defeated with bolt cutters. Thieves can readily sever the shackle of a padlock or a cable and hook up a trailer loaded with an expensive boat or other expensive equipment; and be off with it. Since padlocks currently do not wirelessly... Agent:

20120154108 - Portable terminal, method, and program of changing user interface: A user can automatically change a user interface of a portable terminal into a user interface of an electronic appliance suitable for user's intention. A portable terminal recognizes a circumferentially existing electronic appliance based on a photographic image or a radio signal, and allows one or more applications having a... Agent: Optim Corporation

20120154109 - Establishing an authenticated wireless connection between short-range wireless terminals more conveniently: A method for establishing a wireless connection based on a touch screen of a wireless device. The wireless device includes a slide-out processing section for determining, in response to a slide-out from an edge of the touch screen, a first slide-out parameter for determining by the other wireless device an... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120154112 - Integrated on-line door control system with wireless credential interface: An access control unit can receive door specifying credentials wirelessly. Received credentials can be processed and a determination made to permit access. The unit can also receive signals from similar units. The received signals can be retransmitted.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120154113 - Wireless signal access apparatus and method for remotely controlling appliance through the same: A wireless signal access apparatus receives wireless signals of IEEE 802.11 standard for controlling at least one appliance. The appliance may receive control signals of IEEE 802.15 standard, to be controlled according to the control signals. The wireless signal access apparatus receives the wireless signals having control data to generate... Agent: Accton Technology Corporation

20120154114 - Electronic key system and electronic key: An electronic key system that performs ID verification communication to verify an ID of an electronic key. The ID verification communication is started by transmission of a wireless signal from a vehicle and performed between the vehicle and the electronic key. The electronic key system determines the location of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20120154115 - Access control in location tracking system: The present invention provides a method for controlling access in a location tracking system. In response to detection of the presence of a mobile tag of the location tracking system in an area comprising at least one access-control apparatus, a location tracking apparatus of the location tracking system activates the... Agent: 9solutions Oy

20120154116 - Cleaning apparatus and method for controlling access to a cleaning apparatus: The invention relates to a cleaning apparatus, comprising an operating unit for operating the cleaning apparatus, at least one functional unit for carrying out an operating instruction, and a control unit for receiving operating instructions performed on the operating unit and controlling the at least one functional unit based on... Agent: Alfred Kaercher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120154110 - Coordinates detecting device, display apparatus, security apparatus and electronic blackboard including the same: There are provided a coordinates detecting device for detecting coordinates of an event generated in a region of interest, and a display apparatus, a security apparatus and an electronic blackboard including the same. The coordinates detecting device provided on at least one side of a touch panel having a preset... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120154111 - Method for inspecting a product as an original product of a product producer: Against the background of continually growing problems of product piracy, in particular due to the further expansion and liberalization of international trade, there is great demand for automated and reliable inspection of the authenticity of products. The present disclosure relates to methods and systems for inspecting a product as an... Agent:

20120154117 - Supplementing biometric identification with device identification: A computer may identify an individual according to one or more biometrics based on various physiological aspects of the individual, such as metrics of various features of the face, gait, fingerprint, or voice of the individual. However, biometrics are often computationally intensive to compute, inaccurate, and unable to scale to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120154118 - Electronic pager: An electronic pager has a transmitting mechanism that can transmit searching signals after activation. The transmitting mechanism has a button electrically connected with the power supply, and a transmitter electrically connected with the button. A receiving mechanism is set in the remote controller to make a sound after receiving the... Agent:

20120154119 - Interactive personal property location system: A redundant system of interactive alert devices designed to be attached to a cell phone, a wallet and a set of keys. Any one of these devices can initiate a signal to enable the other two to activate a visual, vibratory and or audible signal so they can be located.... Agent:

20120154120 - Medication dispenser: Disclosed is a medication dispensing system comprising a container including at least two compartments each compartment including a cavity configured to contain at least one first medication, a covering over the cavity configured to break under pressure, and an elongate conductive element on at least a portion of the covering... Agent:

20120154121 - Systems and methods for interrogator multiple radio frequency identification enabled documents: A multi-document read-write station provides the ability to read/write to a stack of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags within a small area. Specifically, the station provides the ability to read from and write to a tall stack of RFID tagged sheets with the RFID tags stacked one on top of... Agent: Neology, Inc.

20120154125 - Method and system for performing affinity transactions: There is provided a physical token for use in a defined venue with a server having communication with the physical token. The physical token may comprise an identification data and a transmitter configured to transmit the identification data. The physical token is configured to transmit the identification data to the... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20120154124 - System and method for tracking shipment of items utilizing rfid-tags: A system and method of tracking a plurality of items during transfer from a source location to a destination. One embodiment is a method comprising associating information identifying the plurality of items with a radio frequency (RF) tag that identifies a carrier unit. The method further comprises storing said associated... Agent: United States Postal Service

20120154122 - Method and apparatus of radio frequency testing: A method and an apparatus of radio frequency (RF) testing are provided. The present method includes the following steps. A receiver and a transmitting antenna of a transmitter are controlled to move towards a direction, wherein the transmitter transmits a wireless signal to the receiver through the transmitting antenna. A... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120154123 - Methods and apparatuses to identify devices: An apparatus and method to identify devices including a first set of commands to identify devices in a first state and a second set of commands to identify devices in a second state, wherein devices identified in the first state are placed in the second state and devices identified in... Agent:

20120154126 - Bidirectional security sensor communication for a premises security system: A security system architecture including bidirectional communication between a sensor control device and one or more sensor devices coupled to the controller is provided. Such functionality is provided by virtue of a bidirectional wireless transceiver and processor in each sensor device. Embodiments of the present invention further provide this functionality... Agent:

20120154127 - Method for duplicating electronic vehicle keys with mutual authentication: A method for duplicating electronic keys with mutual authentication includes: applying temporarily, to an original electronic key, an inductive reader for signals exchanged between the key transponder and the vehicle immobilizer control unit; activating the vehicle instrument panel at least twice with the original key to cause the inductive reader... Agent: Silca S.p.a.

20120154129 - Remote control for electronic device and signal transmission method thereof: A remote control for an electronic device comprises an input unit for generating control signals, a connector and a microprocessor. A connector with a plurality of interfaces, one end of connector is electrically connected to a transmission unit of the remote control via a data bus, each of the interfaces... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

20120154130 - Generic remote controller: Techniques are provided for a handheld device, such as a smart phone, to obtain device configuration data of a controlled device via machine-readable media, such as a two-dimensional barcode. The device configuration data may be used to allow a user to select one or more features reflected in the device... Agent:

20120154128 - Apparatus and method for wirelessly controlling a system or appliance: A terminal includes a first interface to receive an application for controlling an appliance, a memory to store the application received through the first interface, and a controller to control formation of a wireless link between the terminal and appliance, synchronization of an attribute of the appliance through the wireless... Agent:

20120154131 - Apparatus and method for transmitting force vector: A force vector transferring apparatus to transfer a force vector to a finger of a human being. The force vector transferring apparatus may include an outer wall being formed of a hard material, an inner wall being formed of a flexible material to surround an inserted object, and an actuator... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20120154133 - Haptic feedback case for electronic equipment: Disclosed is a haptic feedback case for electronic equipment, including: a main body configured to accommodate the electronic equipment; a communication unit configured to receive haptic generation information from the electronic equipment; a filmy type actuator configured to generate haptic sensations; and a control unit configured to operate the film... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120154132 - Method, device, and system for providing sensory information and sense: Provided is a method, a device, and a system, in which a sensor of a sense-providing device senses a motion of a sense-providing device, without using a plurality of cameras, to detect an object and provide sensory information.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120154134 - Apparatus and method for providing visual-haptic information, and button having the same: A button for providing visual-haptic information includes a visual-haptic variable button that adaptively provides various types of visual-haptic information according to input of information to an electronic apparatus. The visual-haptic variable button includes a visual information output part that adaptively changes various types of button icons according to manipulation and... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120154135 - Advanced driver assistance system having a sensor arrangement for detecting the distance of the own vehicle from a foreign object: An advanced driver assistance system for a vehicle is provided. The advanced driver assistance system includes a sensor arrangement for measuring the distance of a foreign object from the vehicle, and an electronic control unit for activating vehicle-internal actuators as a function of information obtained from a signal of the... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20120154136 - System to prevent accidental locking of a person in a vehicle: A system for detecting presence of a living being in an unattended vehicle is disclosed. The system includes: a driver seat occupancy sensor; a living being detector; a vehicle door sensor and an alerting device. The alerting device is activated if the driver seat occupancy sensor detects that a driver... Agent:

20120154137 - Traffic warning method: A traffic warning method comprises: a, preparing a light-emitting apparatus which is provided with plural warning lights arranged in rows, and the number of the warning lights in a middle row is greater than that of the respective rows at both sides thereof in such a manner that the number... Agent:

20120154138 - Method and system for logging security event data: Through the use of a persistent connection between security, monitoring and automation controller devices and provider supported servers in an operator domain, recordation of sensor fault events, SMA controller events, and communication events is provided. Servers in the operator domain can record events and provide a filtered log of events... Agent:

20120154139 - Bio-threat alert system: In a bio-threat alert infrastructure system and method, an analyzing processor applies statistical algorithms to the collected quantitative data to precisely estimate event data, including time and position data, associated the development of a bio-threat. An encoding processor encodes the event data into a bio-threat alert signal. A transmitting element... Agent:

20120154140 - Wireless remote detector systems and methods: A system is provided that includes: a sensor device adapted to selectively monitor a plurality of sensors including an electrical sensor adapted to monitor at least one electrical parameter associated with a circuit and a heat sensor adapted to monitor heat, wherein the sensor device includes a wireless transceiver within... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20120154141 - Method and system for wireless configuration, control, and status reporting of devices in a fire alarm system: A method and system for configured one or more fire alarm system devices in a fire alarm system are disclosed. The fire alarm system includes the fire alarm system devices, a fire alarm panel, and a wireless handheld device. The fire alarm system devices communicate with the fire alarm panel... Agent:

20120154142 - Security implemented with a communication device: A security system implemented with a communication device includes a remote communication device, a local communication device, a main controller and at least one main sensor. The remote communication device and local communication device are connected via communication connection. Each main sensor detects status of a monitoring location. When each... Agent:

20120154144 - Sensory enhancement systems and methods in personal electronic devices: Disclosed are personal electronic devices (PEDs) having a sensory enhancement (SE) system for monitoring environmental conditions and detecting environmental events, for example but not limited to, changes in acoustic, thermal, optical, electromagnetic, chemical, dynamic, wireless, atmospheric, or biometric conditions. The detection of such events can be used to invoke a... Agent: Innovation Specialists, LLC

20120154143 - Transcutaneous energy transfer system with vibration inducing warning circuitry: An improved alarm device for use in a transcutaneous energy transfer (TET) system is provided. The device includes a processor configured to monitor at least one function of an implanted cardiac assist device and to generate an internal vibratory alarm.... Agent: Abiomed, Inc.

20120154147 - Method and apparatus for preventing person, animals or items from getting lost: Methods and apparatus for giving audible warning to a user when one or more accompanying person, animal or personal item is physically more than a predetermined distance away from the user, have a master tag and one or more slave tags, wherein said master tag is wirelessly coupled to each... Agent:

20120154145 - Mobile and automated emergency service provider contact system: An emergency service provider contact system includes a portable chassis. A processor is housed in the portable chassis. A storage, a communications module, at least one sensor, and a display are coupled to the processor and housed in the portable chassis. A non-transitory, computer-readable medium is housed in the portable... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20120154146 - System and method for tracking people: The system and method for tracking people provides for the tracking of individuals in large crowds, such as the tracking of individual pilgrims during the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. A polling request is initially transmitted from a tracking station to a mobile device associated with a particular person of interest.... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20120154148 - System and method for tracking people: The system and method for tracking people provides for the tracking of individuals in large crowds, such as the tracking of individual pilgrims during the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. A polling request is initially transmitted from a tracking station to a mobile device associated with a particular person of interest.... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20120154149 - Automated fault analysis and response system: A process for determining a root cause problem for an out-of-tolerance component manufactured by a plurality of operations performed on the component. The process can include providing manufacturing data from at least a subset of plurality of operations performed on a plurality of components and discovering an out-of-tolerance measurement on... Agent:

20120154150 - Security system: A security system comprises a plurality of alarm points distributed at a plurality of positions in a building; signal processing module for receiving alarm signals from at least an alarm point when alarm occurs at the at least an alarm point, transmitting the alarm signals to a server; a database... Agent:

20120154151 - Desiccant canister and eas rf tag: An electronic article surveillance system is disclosed. The system of the present invention has a moisture-sensitive article placed within a canister having a non-static desiccant material and an activated electronic article surveillance radio frequency (EAS RF) device. The EAS RF device is placed between a Generally Regarded as Safe qualified... Agent:

20120154152 - Alarm control method, physiological monitoring apparatus, and computer program product for a physiological monitoring apparatus: A method for controlling alarms in a physiological monitoring apparatus, a physiological monitoring apparatus, and a computer program product for a physiological monitoring apparatus are disclosed. In order to decrease the number of nuisance alarms, the level of a physiological signal obtained from a subject is observed and signal morphology... Agent: General Electric Company

20120154153 - Vibratory feedback systems and methods: Vibratory feedback systems and methods are disclosed. A vibratory feedback system includes a shoe adapted to be secured to a user's foot, a plurality of force sensors and vibration actuators mounted on the shoe, and a microprocessor affixed to the shoe. The force sensors are configured to sense forces exerted... Agent: University Of Delaware

20120154154 - Position and proximity detection systems and methods: Position and proximity detection systems and methods are disclosed. According to an aspect, a computing device may include a processor configured to determine a position coordinate of a first movable device. Further, the processor is configured to determine whether the position coordinate of the first movable device is a predetermined... Agent:

20120154155 - Personal monitoring system: A system for monitoring an individual includes a sensor configured to detect the presence or absence of the individual at a location. A programmable logic controller is coupled to the sensor and configured to receive a signal from the sensor indicating the presence or absence of the individual. The programmable... Agent:

20120154156 - Method for wakening up a driver of a motor vehicle: Disclosed is a method and system to avoid traffic accident by waking up, without false alarm, a sleeping or completely inactive motor vehicle driver. The method and the system utilizes simultaneously at least four different specified detections with so arranged thresholds for wake-up alarm, that the driver after waking up... Agent: Venska Utvecklings Entreprenoren Susen Ab

20120154158 - Computing device and alarm method of the computing device: In an alarm method of a computing device, real-time parameters are obtained from sensors installed in the computing device. If any of the real-time parameters is not within a preset range, an alarm message is generated and tried to send to the remote device via the network interface card. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120154157 - Sensor to detect an emergency event: A device including a sensor to detect information around the device, an audio component to output an audible alert if an emergency event is detected, a display device to render emergency data from the device, and a controller to use the information to identify an emergency event of a user... Agent:

20120154159 - Method of testing and compensating gas supply of gas appliance for safety: The present invention provides a method of testing gas supply of a gas appliance, which includes the steps of: monitoring a flow rate of a gas flow through a gas regulator of a pipeline to have a detected gas flow rate; comparing the detected gas flow rate with the ideal... Agent: Grand Mate Co., Ltd.

20120154161 - Chamber condition: A particle detector including a chamber, a first aspirator, a sensor(s), a controller and clean air supply. The controller, when in a detecting mode, receives an indicative signal from the sensor and applies logic to the indicative signal to generate a further signal, and when in the purge mode controls... Agent: Xtralis Technologies Ltd

20120154160 - Method and system for configuring fire alarm device groupings at the fire alarm device: A notification appliance that communicates with a fire alarm control panel is provided. The notification appliance includes a grouping input device that is configured to receive operator input grouping information (such as a manual input from the operator). The operator input grouping information may be indicative of at least one... Agent:

20120154162 - Use of manufacturing information during the operation of a concentrated photovoltaic system: Storing manufacturing data in a relational database associated with a central backend management system. A plurality of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) arrays are located at a remote solar site. Each of the CPV arrays and the components making up that CPV array is associated with its set of manufacturing data. The... Agent: Greenvolts, Inc.

20120154163 - Security system: A security system comprising apparatus for connecting a plurality of electrical devices (1) to a mains power supply (2), and a controller (10). The apparatus is provided with a plurality of power outlets, each outlet being associated with a sensor (3) for measuring at least one electrical parameter such as... Agent:

20120154164 - Electronic toll collection transponder orientation device and method: An electronic toll collection transponder containing an orientation sensor for measuring the orientation of the transponder is described. The transponder measures its orientation and stores orientation data in memory. The transponder may report the stored orientation data as part of a response signal sent to the ETC system in reply... Agent:

20120154165 - Electronic guidance for restoring a predetermined cabling configuration: In one embodiment, a computer system has a plurality of chassis interconnected by cables. Each cable initially connects a unique port pair consisting of a port of one chassis and a port of another chassis. The disconnection of cables is monitored, including electronically recording a disconnection sequence in which the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120154166 - Storage device and method for easy identification: A method for easily identifying a flash memory card and the flash memory card are disclosed. The flash memory card includes a storage cell, a controlling unit and an indicator. As the flash memory card is connected to a computer, the computer produces a color signal to the flash memory... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120154167 - Surge protection devices that fail as an open circuit: A surge protection apparatus or method for opening a surge path upon failure of a surge protection element as a short. The surge protection device may include a switch controlled by a solenoid or other switch controlling component that changes a position of the switch if the surge protection element... Agent:

20120154168 - Photonic crystal waveguide downhole communication system and method: A downhole component includes a body portion and a photonic crystal waveguide coupled to the body portion that is configured to receive a signal from a device.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120154169 - Toilet management systems, methods, and techniques: Toilet management systems, methods, and techniques are disclosed to provide information about toilet units to visitors and maintainers of toilets.... Agent:

20120154170 - Dosimetry system, methods, and components: Dosimeters with wireless communications capability, upon actuation, communicate with a cell phone or other data capture and relay device (DCRD) with an application that allows communication with the dosimeters. The cell phone or other DCRD is a single device or part of an ad hoc network. The cell phone or... Agent: Mirion Technologies, Inc

20120154172 - Remote operation and monitoring of measurement systems and remote measurement data processing: The present application is directed to systems and methods for operating a measurement system. Various embodiments may comprise a measurement device and a receiving device remote from the measurement device. The measurement device may acquire data corresponding to one or more measurements, convert any analog portion of the data into... Agent:

20120154171 - Smartgrid energy-usage-data storage and presentation systems, devices, protocol, and processes including an announcement protocol: This disclosure relates to systems, devices, protocols, and processes for retrieving, accessing, and presenting information of energy usage using a distributed storage process and distributed logical services to provide a user with real-time energy usage information and visualization.... Agent: Basen Corporation

20120154173 - Wireless signal transceiver and blind spot detection system: A wireless signal transceiver for a blind spot detection system includes a first substrate, a radio-frequency processing unit formed on the first substrate for transmitting a wireless signal and receiving a reflecting signal of the transmitted wireless signal, and a complex programmable logic device controlled by a digital signal processor... Agent:

20120154175 - Driving scene transition prediction device and recommended driving operation display device for motor vehicle: A symbolizing execution section symbolizes information regarding driving scenes, and describes an entire driving scene around the location of an own motor vehicle. This makes it possible to only increase the information to be symbolized when the number of traffic participants is increased. This can adopt the increase of the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120154174 - Radio frequency identification object tracking: A computer-implemented method includes detecting, through an RF transceiver in communication with a vehicle computing system, the proximate presence of one or more RFID tags. The method also includes determining, via the vehicle computing system, a type of potential hazard to which the detected tag corresponds. The method further includes... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120154176 - Led traffic signal compensation and protection methods: According to one aspect of the present disclosure, systems and methods for monitoring one or more operating parameters of a traffic lamp and adjusting light output of one or more light sources thereof to correct for one or more degradation factors are provided. According to another aspect of the present... Agent: Ge Lighting Solutions, LLC

20120154177 - Method of monitoring aircraft brake performance and apparatus for performing such a method: A brake performance monitoring system operates by an energy differential calculated from brake demand energy and energy absorbed during a braking operation. A significant differential would be reported as a possible problem with the braking system.... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20120154178 - Method for presenting spatial attitude and heading information of a vehicle: A method of presenting attitude and heading information of a vehicle on a display to a viewer inside the given vehicle, comprising the steps of: using a 2D display, using data provided by an inertial reference system, using a computer and graphical software for treating the data and defining graphical... Agent: Eurocopter Deutschland Gmbh

20120154179 - Identifying a potential vehicle incident within a communication black spot: A method for identifying a potential vehicle incident within a communication black spot. It is identified when a vehicle has entered a communication black spot. It is further identified when the vehicle has failed to exit the communication black spot within a determined time period. It is then determined whether... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

06/14/2012 > 56 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20120146761 - System and method for controlling device location determination: A controlling device such as a remote control has programming for transmitting a signal response to a plurality of control environments, each environment including a signaling device. Each signaling device in receipt of the signal request sends a signal response having a unique ID which is chosen to be characteristically... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20120146762 - Method and system for monitoring a plurality of elements in a safety procedure: The method according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention allows monitoring that a plurality of preliminary actions is performed, before an operation is authorised. In particular a controller device operated by a user must be brought into close proximity with a predetermined set of entities (e.g. safety garments).... Agent:

20120146764 - Finger lock: The present invention presents a novel security access device, wherein finger movements define a validation code to unlock entryway access in a system comprising an electronic controller directing a servomechanism. Security is enhanced by the finger movements, which are rendered virtually undetectable to an observer, and by the mathematical augmentation... Agent:

20120146765 - Switch module and lighting control system comprising the switch module: A switch module is designed to facilitate user definition of a group of switch modules that control the same lamp. A lamp unit (12) containing the lamp responds selectively to messages from the switch modules (10, 10′) when the messages comprise ID information matching with ID information stored in the... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120146763 - Automated gate system: An automated gate system (AGS) for processing vehicles entering and exiting a controlled access facility via a single common traffic flow. The AGS provides a single portal receiving both ingress and egress vehicle traffic as a common traffic flow sharing a same access road. The access road feeds a multi-lane... Agent: Remprex LLC

20120146766 - Method of processing vehicle crash data: A method of processing vehicle crash data includes the steps of receiving vehicle data obtained at a vehicle during a vehicle crash, determining the identity of the vehicle, estimating the severity of the vehicle crash using the determined vehicle identity and the received vehicle data, and providing the estimated severity... Agent: General Motors LLC

20120146770 - Arrow with embedded deployable rfid tag and the methods of using and tracking the same: The present invention relates to an arrow with an embedded deployable RFID tag, and to the methods of using the same in order to improve tracking of an animal. In one embodiment, the tracking device has a body that attached intermediate the head and shaft of an arrow. The internal... Agent:

20120146769 - Integrated circuits with persistent data storage: The circuitry introduced in this invention selectively slows down the functioning of an electronic circuit maintaining a particular state for a prolonged period of time. This circuitry is used not only to achieve the desired effect in maintaining security from electronic thieves trying to circumvent codes but also in other... Agent:

20120146767 - Method and apparatus for locating objects using radio frequency identification: A method and apparatus for detecting non-linear tags. In one advantageous embodiment a system for detecting non-linear tags has a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter transmits a plurality of electromagnetic signals having a first frequency and a second frequency. The receiver monitors for an electromagnetic signal having a frequency... Agent:

20120146768 - Radio frequency identification (rfid) integrated circuit (ic) and matching network/antenna embedded in surface mount devices (smd): A matching network is integrated into a multilayer surface mount device containing an RFID integrated circuit to provide both an antenna and a matching network for the RFID integrated circuit in the ultra high frequency regime. The surface mount device may be mounted on a printed circuit board to provide... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120146771 - Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method: According to one embodiment, a radio communication apparatus includes a transmitting and receiving section, a preamble detecting section, a data detecting section, and a response-time setting section. The transmitting and receiving section transmits an inquiry signal to a radio tag and receives a response signal returned from the radio tag.... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20120146773 - Random-id function for smartcards: A method for low-level security based on the UID. In particular it enhances an RFID system by adding the ability to dynamically modify the UID of the smartcard or to randomly generate a new UID for the smartcard.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120146774 - Rfid system: An antenna is disposed near a route of mobile object. A fixed tag is disposed at a location where a radio wave can be received from the antenna. When receiving a read command from the antenna, a mobile tag attached to the mobile object and the fixed tag send back... Agent: Omron Corporation

20120146772 - Controlling radio frequency identification tag signal range: A method, apparatus, and computer usable program product for controlling a range of a radio frequency identification tag signal. The process identifies an operative range for the radio frequency identification tag signal of a radio identification tag. The process then selects a set of conductive paths in the radio frequency... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120146776 - In-vehicle power line communication system: In an in-vehicle power line communication system in which a power line communication network and a battery are connected to each other via a first power line, the power line communication network includes a master power line communication node connected to the battery via the first power line, a second... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120146775 - Remote control system: Provided is a communication processing module, which is compatible with various kinds of devices to be operated by an operation input device. The communication processing module for the device to be operated receives any one of a standard operation signal specifying a standard action and a specific operation signal specifying... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20120146777 - Electronic equipment providing electronic manual and control method thereof: An electronic equipment providing an electronic manual and a control method of the electronic equipment are provided. The electronic equipment includes an image processor, a remote control signal receiver, and a controller. The image processor processes an image of an electronic manual. The remote control signal receiver receives a remote... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120146778 - Method and apparatus for providing a hazardous material alert: System for providing a hazardous materials hazardous material alert. The system includes a method for transmitting a hazardous material alert for use with a vehicle that is transporting hazardous material. The method comprises steps of detecting a hazard event, and transmitting the hazardous material alert in response to the hazard... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120146779 - Automatic networking apparatus and system for vehicles: A vehicle automatic networking apparatus with a first component and a second replaceable component includes a first identity recognition module on the first component and a second identity recognition module on the second component. The second module in a networking mode transmits a low frequency wake up signal through a... Agent:

20120146781 - Collision avoidance: A system for warning of potential collisions among subjects includes devices configured to be transported by the subjects. At least one of the devices may have a device identifier and may include a transceiver configured to transmit radio frequency signals including the device identifier. At least one of the devices... Agent: Wirefree Corporation

20120146780 - Vehicle proximity annunciator device and method for notifying proximity of vehicle: A control unit generates an annunciation sound signal including multiple frequency components. A sound emission device emits an annunciation sound to an outside of a vehicle according to the annunciation sound signal. The control unit changes a pitch of the annunciation sound signal according to a vehicle speed and changes... Agent: Anden Co., Ltd.

20120146782 - Semiconductor element drive device: A semiconductor element drive device which individually drives semiconductor elements configuring a power converter includes plural protection circuits which detect information necessary for carrying out a protection operation for the semiconductor elements, an alarm signal output circuit which, having set therein pulse signals with pulse widths differing from one of... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20120146783 - Method for controlling an obstruction light: The invention concerns a method of controlling a flight obstacle lighting arrangement, wherein a receiver co-operates with a switching device for the flight obstacle lighting arrangement. According to the invention it is proposed that the receiver upon receiving a first predetermined signal controls the switching device in such a way... Agent:

20120146785 - Portable alarm and methods of transmitting alarm data: A portable alarm system includes a wireless receiver configured to receive signals from remote wireless devices and a processor in communication with the wireless receiver, wherein the processor is configured to receive the signals from the wireless receiver. The system further includes an intelligent communications interface in communication with the... Agent:

20120146784 - Protective fabrics and garments: Fabrics with a knit construction using an air jet spun yarn and ring spun yarn that provide electric arc protection are disclosed. Garments made from the fabrics are also disclosed. In addition, devices, systems, and methods are disclosed that are useful for tracking for the purpose of monitoring and alerting... Agent:

20120146786 - System, device and method for keeping track of portable items by means of a mobile electronic device: The present invention relates to the field of mobile communications, and in particular to a system for near field wireless data communication using RFID for checking whether a portable item is to be brought by a user from one place to another or not by using a mobile electronic device... Agent:

20120146787 - Wireless transceiver for firefighter safety: A firefighter tracking system is provided for use in conjunction with a fire truck to track firefighters at the scene of a fire. The system a plurality of portable wireless transceiver tags each carried by a respective firefighter, an accelerometer within each of the plurality of portable wireless transceiver tags,... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120146788 - Systems and methods of device-free motion detection and presence detection: Systems and methods are provided for device-free motion detection and presence detection within an area of interest. A plurality of nodes, configured to be arranged around the area of interest, form a wireless network. The plurality of nodes transmit wireless signals as radio waves and receive transmitted wireless signals. The... Agent: Xandem Technology LLC

20120146789 - Automated monitoring and control of safety in a production area: A machine vision process monitors and controls safe working practice in a production area by capturing and processing image data relative to personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by individuals, movement of various articles, and movement-related conformations of individuals and other objects in the production area. The data is analyzed to... Agent:

20120146790 - Method and apparatus for generating a subliminal alert: A method and apparatus for generating a subliminal alert at a computing device is provided. A first audio file comprising a subliminal alert is selected, the first audio file enabled for processing by a processing unit to control a speaker at the computing device. The first audio file is at... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120146791 - Lifestyle multimedia security system: A method is disclosed for remote monitoring of a premises, comprising the steps of operatively coupling a geographically remote client to a security system server which is capable of authenticating a user of the remote client, operatively coupling the remote client to a security gateway which is capable of managing... Agent: @security Broadband Corp.

20120146792 - Automated monitoring and control of contamination in a production area: In an automated process for monitoring and controlling contamination in a production area, captured image data is processed to determine whether an individual is to wearing an article of contamination control equipment (e.g., gloves, face mask, etc) and whether the equipment is properly positioned on the individual. A determination that... Agent:

20120146793 - Loss prevention system: A loss prevention system comprises a protected article and a receiver. The protected article and the receiver are located in the same room. The loss prevention system can help to prevent loss or theft of the protected article. The protected article comprises a transmitter that emits an infrared signal. The... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20120146794 - Radio frequency identification for collecting stage-by-stage manufacturing and/or post-manufacturing information associated with a circuit board: A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag is coupled to a circuit board to track the specific operating and environmental conditions of each stage as the circuit board passes through one or more manufacturing and/or post-manufacturing stages. An RFID reader and data collector are used at each stage to read the... Agent: Sanmina-sci Corporation

20120146795 - Physiological data acquisition utilizing vibrational identification: The present invention utilizes an accelerometer (included within a wireless physiology monitoring device or as part of a separate device such as, but not limited to a smartphone, e.g., iPhone, or other mobile device) to link a patient with a separate medical data acquisition device such as a weight scale... Agent:

20120146797 - Wearable therapeutic device: A wearable therapeutic device is provided. The wearable therapeutic device includes a garment, and the garment includes an electrode and a conductive thread. A control unit is coupled to the conductive thread and identifies an electrical connection between a conductive surface of the electrode and the conductive thread, and an... Agent:

20120146796 - Wireless physiology monitor: The present invention provides a new non-invasive technique for organ, e.g., heart and lung, monitoring. In at least one embodiment of the invention, a subject is radiated with a non-harmful and relatively low power electromagnetic source diagnostic signal normally associated with a communications protocol such as, but not limited to... Agent:

20120146798 - Method of utilizing ionization chambers to detect radiation and aerosolized radioactive particles: A detection method that allows a fast, reliable, inexpensive and highly sensitive indication of a release of a radiological aerosol. The release could be of an accidental nature or it could be a deliberate act of terrorism. The release can be abrupt and energetic, such as an explosive surrounded by... Agent:

20120146799 - Power outage notification: Determining the scope of power outage includes receiving a message indicating power outage from a device, and probing other devices associated with the device sending the message. The message indicating power outage may include a power outage code, and may be received via a control channel of a communication network.... Agent:

20120146800 - Computer system capable of detecting connection of network cable to network cable interface: A computer system includes a cabinet, a motherboard, and a control device. The cabinet includes a front panel. The front panel has an network cable interface. The motherboard is received in the cabinet and electrically connected to the network cable interface. The control device includes a controller and an LED.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120146801 - Power-saving reminder circuit for computer: An anode of a light emitting diode (LED) and a second terminal of a third electrical switch are connected to a first power source. First terminals of the first and second electrical switches are respectively connected to a second power source and a suspend signal pin. A second terminal of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120146802 - Methods for forewarning of critical condition changes in monitoring civil structures: Sensor modules (12) including accelerometers (20) are placed on a physical structure (10) and tri-axial accelerometer data is converted to mechanical power (P) data (41) which then processed to provide a forewarning (57) of a critical event concerning the physical structure (10). The forewarning is based on a number of... Agent:

20120146803 - Human presence detection: Methods and a computing device are disclosed. A computing device may aggregate a number of inputs indicative of a presence or an absence of a human being within a proximity of the computing device. A source of at least one of the inputs may be a human presence sensor. A... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120146804 - Method and device for light indication: A lighting indication device is connected to a plurality of LED sensing lightings via a lighting network. A receiver receives sensing information from at least one of the plurality of LED sensing lightings via the lighting network, and determines whether the sensing information includes a warning code. A warning position... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120146805 - Systems and methods for well monitoring: Devices capable of being disposed in a wellbore for outputting acoustical signals for monitoring downhole parameters are described. Receiving devices positioned remote from the devices and can receive the acoustical signals and determine the downhole parameters. The devices can output acoustical signals in response to fluid flow or otherwise.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20120146806 - Apparatus and method for downhole communication: A method for downhole communication and an apparatus for remote actuation of a downhole tool is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of: programming at least one tag (20) to emit a radio frequency identification signal in the form of a frequency change in a carrier wave; locating a reader... Agent:

20120146807 - Zero sum pressure drop mud telemetry modulator: A method and arrangement for mud telemetry having components of a wellbore casing, a combination rotor stator positioned inside the wellbore casing, an uphole detection arrangement configured to sense increases and decreases in pressure, a valve actuator, a valve configured to be actuated by the valve actuator, the valve configured... Agent:

20120146808 - System and method for multi-rate concurrent waveform capture and storage for power quality metering: Systems and methods are provided for use in an IED that perform high resolution waveform capture to generate multi-rate waveform data in real-time. In one embodiment, high-resolution sampled data is dynamically pre-ordered into separate high resolution and low resolution data streams for presentation and storage. This pre-ordering of data is... Agent: Electro Industries/gauge Tech.

20120146810 - Commercial and residential backups: A computer system that is configured to: (A) define a geofence surrounding a geographic area; (B) gather information associated with the geofenced area; and (C) assign one or more parameters to the geofenced area based on the information gathered, wherein at least one of the assigned parameters is used to... Agent: United Parcel Service Of America, Inc.

20120146809 - Information providing apparatus and method for vehicles: An information providing apparatus and method for vehicles are provided. The information providing method includes determining a vehicle state based on sensing signals from one or more sensors installed on a vehicle, generating state information through analysis of the vehicle state, and transmitting the state information to a second vehicle.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120146811 - Driving assisting system, method and computer readable storage medium for storing thereof: A driving assisting system includes a traffic signal controller, an RSU, at least one data transmission interface and an OBU. The RSU is electrically connected to the traffic signal controller. The OBU is installed on a vehicle. The traffic signal controller controls a traffic light, which is located at an... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20120146812 - System and method for disseminating car accident: Provided is a system and method for disseminating an accident. The accident dissemination system may include a sensor to sense the accident and to generate accident information; and a vehicle processor to open an S channel and thereby transmit the accident information to a vehicle at the rear entering an... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120146813 - Emergency beacon and system: An emergency beacon includes a housing with a first open space and a second open space. A battery and electronics circuitry are received in the housing. The electronics circuitry includes an r.f. illumination control circuit and a power supply circuit. The r.f. illumination control circuit is configured to receive an... Agent:

20120146814 - Apparatus and method for guiding intersection entry and standby time: An apparatus for guiding an intersection entry and a standby time includes: a data receiver for receiving a control signal transmitted from an traffic signal control system; a vehicle travel information acquisition unit for acquiring a traveling direction and a travel speed of a vehicle; and a data analyzing unit... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120146815 - Managing a plurality of radio frequency identification devices: A method and apparatus for managing identification devices on an aircraft. An occurrence of an event is identified using information for a plurality of identification devices. Each of the plurality of identification devices is associated with a plurality of components on the aircraft. The information for the plurality of identification... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120146816 - Automatic method and device for aiding the piloting of an airplane: The device (1) comprises means (10) for determining, in the case of the loss of a speed information, control parameters which are used on at least one automatic pilot of the aircraft, instead of said speed information.... Agent: Airbus Operations (sas)

06/07/2012 > 74 patent applications in 54 patent subcategories.

20120139689 - Operation controlling apparatus: An operation controlling apparatus executing operation controlling for plural equipment connected therewith, including: an equipment management portion configured to manage a control command for each of plural numbers of control commands, for each of the plural numbers of equipments; a projector portion configured to project an image of each control... Agent:

20120139690 - Context dependent computer operation: A context dependent computing device. The computing device configures itself for operations based on its context. The computing device may determine its context by reading a value from a tag using low power transmissions such that receiving a value from the tag provides an indication of proximity to a location... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120139693 - Electronic book security features: A method and system for fingerprinting a content item is described, the and system method include providing the content item, the content item including a set of content item elements, the set of content item elements denoted E, such that E={E1, E2, Ei, Em}, providing information uniquely associated with a... Agent: Nds Limited

20120139691 - System for preventing establishment of unauthorized communication: A system that prevents unauthorized establishment of wireless bidirectional communication between a communication master and a communication terminal. The system includes a strength measurement signal transmission circuit that transmits a received signal strength measurement signal, which is used to measure received signal strength at the communication terminal, a number of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20120139692 - Use block for a handheld work apparatus: The invention relates to a portable handheld work apparatus such as a cutoff machine, motor-driven chain saw, brushcutter, blower apparatus or the like. The apparatus includes a drive motor (2) for driving a work tool (6) and is provided with a security circuit (20). The security circuit (20) switches the... Agent:

20120139698 - Remote control device with password functions: The invention provides a remote control device with password functions. Control function buttons can be used for sending control signals and for password entry. The remote control device is configured such that a user can enable and disable a password mode. When the password mode is enabled, the remote control... Agent:

20120139695 - Antitheft system of charger for electric vehicle: More specifically, a first signal generating portion is provided at the charger, receives a decoupling will of the charger, and generates a decoupling signal. A second signal generating portion generates a position signal, so that anyone who is allowed to handle the electric vehicle possesses the second signal generating portion.... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120139694 - System and method for interfacing facility access with control: A system for interfacing facility access with control employs an electronic bridge that transparently conveys data between functional devices, such as remotely located card readers and door strikes, and a network incorporating a control and monitor computer that has access to a database of user identifications and permissions. The electronic... Agent:

20120139702 - Protection of a medical device against rfid-associated electromagnetic interference like an automobile keyless entry system having an rfid interrogator: A keyless entry system for an automobile is described. The keyless entry system comprises a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that has been programmed to selectively unlock an automobile when the RFID tag is within a predetermined distance and, optionally, to lock the automobile when the RFID is outside the... Agent: Greatbatch Ltd.

20120139699 - Rfid-based electric seal: An electric seal includes a lock member having a compartment and an orifice communicative with each other and having a spring blade, a latch device engaged in the lock member, an antenna device having a segment engaged with the spring blade, a lock shaft engageable through the orifice and into... Agent:

20120139700 - Systems, methods, and kits for automatically activating a garage door opener: Systems, methods, and kits for automatically activating a garage door opener. A garage door opener system is supplemented with motion sensor technology or RFID technology to allow for automatic activation of a garage door opener. An automobile that is moving near or is proximate to a garage associated with at... Agent: Crucs Holdings, LLC

20120139701 - Systems, methods, and kits for automatically activating a garage door opener: Systems, methods, and kits for automatically activating a garage door opener. A garage door opener system is supplemented with motion sensor technology or RFID technology to allow for automatic activation of a garage door opener. An automobile that is moving near or is proximate to a garage associated with at... Agent: Crucs Holdings, LLC

20120139696 - Method and apparatus for implementing a vehicle inspection waiver program: Position data received wirelessly from a vehicle enrolled in an inspection waiver program are employed to determine when the enrolled vehicle is approaching an inspection station. After determining that the enrolled vehicle is approaching an inspection station, and if the enrolled vehicle has a valid inspection waiver, a bypass confirmation... Agent: Zonar Systems, Inc.

20120139697 - Identifying and generating biometric cohorts based on biometric sensor input: Biometric data, which identifies a set of biometric patterns, is received from a set of biometric sensors. The biometric data is processed to form digital biometric data that identifies attributes of the biometric data. Thereafter, a biometric cohort is generated using the digital biometric data. Each member of the set... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120139703 - Intelligent peripheral device and system for the authentication and verification of individuals and/or documents through a secure multifunctional authentication service with data storage capability: A device possessing a secure multifunctional authentication service integrated with data storage capability, wherein the device is disposed to comprise a multifunctional intelligent peripheral or accessory device, which, upon implementation into a system, is disposed to control a set of transactions that the system is designated to perform by the... Agent:

20120139704 - Radio frequency identification tag location estimation and tracking system and method: Systems and methods for locating one or more radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are provided. A phase difference of received information signals of illuminated RFID tags is utilized to locate the RFID tags. One or more exciters transmit interrogation signals to illuminate the RFID tags in which the exciters may... Agent: Mojix, Inc.

20120139710 - Direct communication in antenna devices: Provided are a method, system, and device in which non-RF (radio frequency) data signals are transmitted to a non-RF data port connected to an antenna of a device. The non-RF data signals from the non-RF data port are coupled to a data bus using a low frequency coupler of the... Agent:

20120139705 - Media transaction kiosk and method: A media transaction kiosk with an antenna which provides better field coverage around a return slot. The media transaction kiosk includes a return portion including a wall containing an aperture for receiving a storage device containing media, and an antenna. The antenna includes a first antenna portion in a first... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20120139709 - Rfid network control and redundancy: In accordance with embodiments of the invention, RFID network control devices (RNCDs) are provided wherein RFID traffic signals from any one of multiple RFID readers may be routed to any of the RFID antennas coupled to the RNCD. Each reader coupled directly or indirectly to the RNCD, either through its... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20120139707 - Supported radio frequency identification (rfid) tag: When the overlying ends of the loop are attached to an object the antenna portion is positioned away from the object. In still another form, the semi-rigid tag includes an outwardly bent flap that supports the antenna portion. As a result, when the surrounding portion of the support is attached... Agent: Orbiter, LLC

20120139706 - Systems and methods for providing modulation of switchmode rf power amplifiers: Systems and methods are provided for generating an amplitude modulation signal to a switchmode power amplifier. A DC to DC switch is configured to receive a DC input voltage and to provide a DC output voltage. A low dropout regulator is configured to provide the amplitude modulation signal according to... Agent:

20120139708 - Wireless hand gesture capture: In exemplary implementations of this invention, finger and hand gestures are tracked using passive RFID tags. The RFID tags include sensors, and/or can accommodate sensor signals from adjacent sensors. An RFID reader is worn by the user. The tags may be housed in rings worn on a user's fingers, or... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120139711 - Method and apparatus to estimate the number of transponders in a field: A total number of transponders in an interrogation field is estimated or determined based on demodulated baseband direct and quadrature components from a plurality of collided responses from multiple transponders, including collided responses from which information encoded therein cannot be recovered, and would conventionally be discarded. A query or Q... Agent: IntermecIPCorp.

20120139714 - Display device and portable terminal: In order to increase the continuous operating time of a display device driven by a battery or the like, and a portable information terminal using the same, the volume and weight of the battery are increased. Thus, there arises a trade-off between the increased capacity of the battery and the... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120139712 - Hybrid switch for extending antenna port and method of controlling the same, and rfid system using the hybrid switch: A hybrid switch includes a plurality of antenna ports, a switching module for setting up a path so that a signal received from a reader passes through a designated antenna port from among the plurality of antenna ports, an antenna sense module for determining whether antennas have been attached to... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120139713 - Controlling connectivity of a wireless smart card reader: A system includes a wireless-enabled smart card reader able to be connected concurrently to at least two devices and a mobile device able to be connected wirelessly to the smart card reader and to control connections of the smart card reader.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120139715 - Collision detector and warning apparatus: A collision detector accurately detects a situation where a subject vehicle is likely to come into contact with an external object. The collision detector defines a subject area including an enter-determination area and an exist-determination area. The enter-determination area is defined to determine that the external object entering therein is... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120139716 - Driving assistance apparatus: Disclosed is a driving assistance apparatus for assisting a driving operation by outputting a reverse sound at the time of a reversing maneuver of a vehicle. The apparatus includes an information acquisition unit for acquiring driving assistance information including a vehicle condition and a vehicle surrounding condition, a reverse sound... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120139717 - Tire temperature measurement system: A system and method for a tire temperature measurement system is disclosed. An instantaneous temperature value of a tire may be requested through an input device. At the time of a temperature measurement request a control unit may retrieve tire temperature from a sensor and determine an instantaneous temperature value... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120139718 - Automated audio messaging in two-way voice alarm systems: An alarm monitoring station is capable of establishing a two way communications channel over a network to connect the monitoring station and alarm panels at monitored premises, for real time voice communication between the panels and the monitoring station. The monitoring station is further operable to provide pre-programmed voice messages... Agent: Tyco Safety Products Canada Ltd.

20120139719 - Safety warning system and method: An appliance warning system comprises a floor pad which has a switch movable between an open position when no weight pressure is detected and a closed position when activated by weight pressure. A transmitter transmits a signal depending upon whether the switch is in the open or closed position. A... Agent:

20120139720 - Repeater providing data exchange with a medical device for remote patient care and method thereof: A repeater providing data exchange with a medical device for remote patient care and method thereof are provided. The repeater includes a transmission device configured to send the data over a wireless medium to a data repository and a processing device configured to detect conditions in respect of an associated... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20120139721 - Sensory enhancement systems and methods in personal electronic devices: Disclosed are personal electronic devices (PEDs) having a sensory enhancement (SE) system for monitoring environmental conditions and detecting environmental events, for example but not limited to, changes in acoustic, thermal, optical, electromagnetic, chemical, dynamic, wireless, atmospheric, or biometric conditions. The detection of such events can be used to invoke a... Agent: Innovation Specialists, LLC

20120139722 - Sleep-posture sensing and monitoring system: In a system for protecting a user from injury sustained during sleep, a sensing device is operated to automatically monitor orientation or posture of a user during sleep of the user. A signal is transmitted from the sensing device to a control unit, which is operated to activate an appliance... Agent: J.t. Labs Limited

20120139724 - Area identification and area definition by utilizing rf technology: The object of the invention is a positioning system for positioning at least one mobile device (100) by utilizing radio frequency technology on a positioning area of said system. The system comprises at least one stationary base station (106), i.e. a transceiver, which comprises at least one antenna (102, 104)... Agent:

20120139723 - Gps based tracking and reporting system: A GPS based controlled tracking and monitoring system. A geo-fab transceiver device is connected with a GPS device. The user keeps a detached geo-fab transmitter. When the transceiver does not receive signals from the detached radio frequency transmitter, it sends an activation signal to the GPS to create a radius... Agent:

20120139725 - Automatic valve seating integrity test: The present invention comprises methods for testing the valve seating integrity of a valve. The valve components that determine valve seating integrity are typically a valve seat and a valve closing element that engages the valve seat to close the valve. Examples of the test method described herein respectively test... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20120139726 - Intelligent music on hold: Prior art solutions only implement absolute music-on-hold suppression at the conference bridge. The present disclosure moves the intelligence and control capabilities to the entity implementing music-on-hold functionality and also provides mechanisms for applying the music-on-hold treatment more intelligently. Intelligent and flexible music-on-hold control algorithms are disclosed which make conference participation... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20120139727 - Physical interaction device for personal electronics and method for use: The present disclosure describes, among other things, a method that may include receiving, at one or more sensors in communication with a mobile computing device positioned within a device receptacle portion of a device, the device receptacle portion being configured to substantially enclose and protect the mobile computing device during... Agent: Physical Apps, LLC

20120139728 - Intrusion detecting system: A space required to locate a leakage coaxial transmission path so as to suppress false detection is reduced, and a target range where the intrusion detecting system is available is enlarged. An intrusion detecting system in which a transmitter leakage transmission path that transmits a detection signal for detecting an... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120139729 - Golf club apparatuses and methods: Methods, apparatuses, machine readable non-transitory storage media, and systems which process measured light values in order to determine the status of a golf club relative to a golf club bag are described. In one embodiment, a system uses a floating threshold, which is between a running bright average and a... Agent:

20120139730 - Electronic article surveillance system: An electronic article surveillance (EAS) system includes: a plurality of conductors arranged into an EAS coil and disposed within a flexible, insulation strip; an adhesive layer for attaching to a mounting side of the insulation strip to a device; and, a transmitter/receiver connected to the plurality of conductors for pairing... Agent: Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

20120139732 - Apparatus and method for preventing pressure injuries and circulatory problems in sedentary patients: A warning device for the prevention of pressure sores and circulation problems from prolonged inactivity includes a sensor positioned in a pad to detect the weight of a user on the pad. A sitting timer measures the amount of time the user has continuously sat on the pad, and an... Agent:

20120139731 - System and method for wireless monitoring of sports activities: The subject disclosure provides a system and method for wireless monitoring of sports activities. A subject participating in a sports activity is associated with biometric sensors which measure the subject's body movements. In one aspect, the system includes a sensor for continuously gathering biometric data from a subject performing a... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20120139733 - System and method for preventing drowsiness: A system and a method for preventing drowsiness are provided. The system for preventing drowsiness calculates brainwaves of a user by receiving a signal around a head of a user without contact, detects a state of the user based on the calculated brainwaves, and performs a necessary function according to... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20120139734 - Electrical connector clip for medical sensors: A connector clip for medical sensors, including a first main body having two main tip contacts in electrical contact with electrical wires connectable to an instrument and a second main body mounted on the first main body and movable with respect to the first main body between an open position... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20120139735 - Vending machine: A vending machine has at least one sensor to record at least one capacitive variable. The at least one sensor is formed as a wireless signal transmission chip, particularly a RFID chip (Radio Frequency Identification). Thus, a particularly precise and reproducible record of measurement results is possible, while permitting reduced... Agent: Wmf Wuerttembergische Metallwarenfabrik Ag

20120139736 - Detector and entry control system: A detector and an entry control system includes: an identifying unit including a surface to which an identification target is moved close; a blower supplying airflow along the surface; a sampling port sucking the airflow from the blower; an analyzing unit analyzing a compound sucked by the sampling port; a... Agent:

20120139737 - Photovoltaic module and combination of several photovoltaic modules: A photovoltaic module including a plurality of single photovoltaic cells is described. The photovoltaic module includes an electric connection device having power connections for outputting generated photovoltaic energy to a consumer network and an electric cutout device having cutout terminals at the power connections of the electric connection device and... Agent: Wuerth Solar Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120139738 - Portable computer battery indicator: A portable computer may include battery indicator light structures. Battery status information in the portable computer may be presented to a user using an array of light-emitting diodes or other light emitters. Light-emitting diodes may be mounted on a printed circuit board. A stiffener may provide the printed circuit board... Agent:

20120139739 - Monitored filament insertion for resitivity testing: A friction-flow piercing apparatus for piercing very deep and fine holes is described, that relies on a novel support method for the piercing means. An apparatus for monitoring during the piercing process to determine the electrical properties gradient of the substrate is further described, particularly for meltable dielectric such as... Agent:

20120139740 - Method for monitoring a static and/or dynamic stability of a wind turbine: The invention relates to a method for monitoring a static and/or dynamic stability of a wind turbine. The wind turbine has a tower, a nacelle, which is supported by the tower, and a rotor, which is mounted in or on the nacelle and has at least one rotor blade which... Agent:

20120139741 - Over-current protection apparatus: An over-current protection apparatus includes a first connector connected to a power supply, a second connector connected to a motherboard. A non-inverting input terminal of a comparator receives a voltage from a power supply and compares the received voltage with a preset voltage, when the received voltage is greater than... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co, Ltd.

20120139742 - Method and apparatus for converting a displacement of a magnetic object into a directly perceptible signal, instrument incorporating this apparatus: This method of converting a displacement of a magnetic object into a signal directly perceptible by a human being, comprises:-the acquisition (32) of a temporal succession of measurements of a magnetic field modified by the displacements of the object during a sliding time window of predetermined duration,-the construction (34) on... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomque Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120139743 - Movable object proximity warning system: Vehicles and other objects (4a, 4b, 4c, 5, 6, 7, 8) in a surface mine (1) are equipped with monitoring devices (12) that communicate by radio in order to detect the risk of collisions. The devices (12) are equipped with GNSS-receivers (15). At least one of the objects (4a, 4b,... Agent: Safemine Ag

20120139744 - Three dimensional orientation and direction indicator and apparatus for providing information on a direction: A device for indicating a direction or axis in three dimensions to a user, comprises an indicator member (10, 11) configured to indicate a direction in any three dimensional direction,—a static member (12) for mounting the indicator member; and an actuator arrangement (12, 14, 15) configured to urge the indicator... Agent:

20120139745 - Dc power outlets in fixed power distribution systems in or on wall installations: An electrical power distribution system has fixed stations with AC power to DC power conversion circuitry at these stations. The converter(s) are switchable ON/OFF at outlet ports or sockets where the socket configuration permits. Standardized DC sockets accommodate a variety of voltage requirements typical of portable digital devices. In some... Agent: The Wiremold Company

20120139747 - Real time well data alerts: An apparatus for remote monitoring of well operations. The apparatus may include an alerts module positioned proximate a well, at least one well parameter sensor in communication with the alerts module, and a well operation control module in communication with the alerts module. The apparatus may further include a remotely... Agent: Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd.

20120139746 - Self adaptive two dimensional least square filter for distributed sensing data: A method, apparatus and computer-readable medium for filtering a signal from a plurality of distributed sensors is disclosed. The signal is obtained from the plurality of distributed strain sensors. A first subspace of a measurement space of the obtained signal is selected, wherein the first subspace is characterized by a... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120139748 - Borehole array for ranging and crosswell telemetry: A borehole array for ranging and crosswell telemetry is disclosed along with certain methods for employing such a borehole array. Some embodiments of the borehole array include electrically coupled reference nodes distributed along the length of a reference well. Each reference node includes a solenoid operated by a control unit.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20120139749 - Water usage monitoring system: An example water usage monitoring system includes at least one sensor communicating at least one parameter relating to water usage. At least one microcontroller represents a location with each microcontroller in communication with at least one of the sensors and having at least one input for selectively receiving said parameters,... Agent:

20120139750 - Sensor node: There is disclosed a sensor node capable of transmitting and receiving a large amount of data or data desired to be reliable without missing data, while preventing battery exhaustion and unnecessary compression of the transmission bandwidth. A name-tag type sensor node includes a detector for detecting connection of an external... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120139751 - Tire-pressure signal transmitting device: A tire-pressure signal transmitting device includes a tire pressure detector mounted in a tire of a vehicle. The tire pressure detector detects pressure in the tire. A transmitting device includes a data receiver and a wireless transmitter. The data receiver receives data containing pressure of the tire detected by the... Agent:

20120139752 - Emergency vehicle siren indicator: An emergency vehicle includes a siren signal generator emitting an electronic siren signal. A siren loudspeaker is coupled to the siren signal generator and emits an audible siren sound in response to receiving the electronic siren signal. The loudspeaker has two inputs. An impedance detector is coupled to the two... Agent:

20120139755 - Automatic detection of road conditions: A system for automatic detection of road conditions reduces emissions from vehicles by determining whether proposed routes may be less efficient due to weather conditions. In one aspect, the system chooses routes not only based on overall distance to travel, but also based weather conditions. The determination is made by... Agent: On Time Systems, Inc.

20120139753 - Detecting traffic: Devices and methods for detecting traffic objects. A detector configured to capture radiated energy and to generate data associated with the radiated energy, wherein the radiated energy is radiated from traffic objects. A communicator configured to transmit the data associated with the radiated energy. A power source configured to provide... Agent:

20120139754 - Driver safety enhancement using intelligent traffic signals and gps: A driver safety system determines a correspondence between a vehicle and an upcoming traffic signal, and predicts a state of the traffic signal when the vehicle is expected to reach the signal's location. Based on proximity to the signal and speed of the vehicle, the system provides a warning to... Agent:

20120139756 - Height warning system: d

20120139757 - System for providing parking information based on dual wireless communication and method thereof: A system for providing parking information based on dual wireless communication including a vehicle terminal configured to connect to a server via a first wireless communication network when a parking information request is generated, and configured to connect to the server via a second wireless communication network if a connection... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120139758 - Locator system: A locator system employs personal communicators which are carried on or worn in a holster by drivers. The communicators are employed to automatically transmit data for determining the identity of the driver, the identity of the vehicle and date and time stamps when the vehicle enters and exits various detection... Agent:

20120139759 - Apparatus and method for landing a rotary wing aircraft: An aircraft 160 approaches a landing point 162 following a flight path 164 to a designation point 166, the pilot sights the landing point 162 and activates the apparatus. A first calculation of coordinates for the landing point 162 is made and landing symbology generated. The pilot reviews the landing... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20120139761 - Method for positioning and vehicle communication unit: Methods and an appropriately setup communication unit for positioning in vehicle-to-surroundings communication are described, wherein the method involves a first sensor (S1) of a first communication subscriber using a transmission and reception unit to emit a challenge pulse, to which a transmission and reception unit of a second sensor (S2)... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20120139760 - Vehicle security and monitoring system: A vehicle monitoring system includes a communication subsystem configured to provide two-way wireless communication, and a controller mounted in a vehicle and configured to receive data indicative of a location of the vehicle and to control the communication subsystem to transmit the data indicative of the vehicle location toward a... Agent: Recovery Systems Holdings, LLC

20120139762 - Vehicle recovery system: A vehicle recovery system includes a position sensor and a transmitting phone. The position sensor stores a preset location value and is used for generating a notification when the displacement of the position sensor exceeds the preset location value. The transmitting phone is used for communicating with a receiving phone.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

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