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05/31/2012 > 50 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120133481 - Modular control and indicating panel, its use and a method of controlling building alarm systems: A modular control and indicating panel for authorized control of functions of electronic intruder alarm system, fire or other danger alarms, for access control and for control of appliances and other electronic devices, characterized by that it comprises at least one control and indicating segment (A) allowing to control particular... Agent: Jablotron Alarms A.s.

20120133482 - Systems and methods for managing access control devices: Described herein are systems and methods for managing access control devices. In overview, an access control device is configured to function on the basis of an applied set of configuration data. For example, the manner in which the device processes an access request is dependent on the configuration data. A... Agent:

20120133484 - Multiple-input device lock and unlock: A device, such as a communication device or data processing device, is configured to transition between a locked and unlocked state in response to a detected action that is interpreted as a continuous or single action. In an embodiment a first input is detected at a first input mechanism of... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120133485 - Wireless gate control and communication system: A gate control and communication system of the invention including a base unit located within a premises, a gate receiver unit positioned next to a remotely located gate, and a gate control unit located next to the gate. The base unit provides for voice communications with an individual at the... Agent: The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

20120133483 - Emulated radio frequency identification: A mobile communication device is equipped with hardware and/or software components to enable the device to output a data in a form of a radio frequency signal, emulating outputting of the data by either an active or a passive RFID transponder. The data may be a security key or an... Agent: Varia Holdings LLC

20120133486 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same: A mobile terminal and a method of controlling the same are provided. An idle screen (or wall paper) provided through a display unit included in the mobile terminal or the display unit can be controlled in various manners by using position information of the mobile terminal. Accordingly, a user can... Agent:

20120133487 - Rfid tag position detection apparatus and rfid tag position detection method: According to one embodiment, an RFID tag position detection apparatus includes a transmission antenna, at least four reception antennas, and a measurement unit. The transmission antenna transmits a command to an RFID tag. At least four reception antennas receive a response from the RFID tag and output a reception signal.... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20120133490 - Communications between multiple radio frequency identification (rfid) connected tags and one or more devices, and related systems and methods: Protocols, systems, and methods are disclosed for two or more RFID tags to communicate with each other and a device using direct connections. A disclosed system includes a first RFID tag, a second RFID tag, and a device. The first and second RFID tags are configured to mate to each... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20120133488 - Rfid electronic shelf apparatus and method of detecting poisitons of tags using the same: A Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) electronic shelf apparatus according to the present invention includes electronic shelf units stacked and each configured to have a plurality of reader antennas, a reader configured to recognize the electronic shelf units individually or in a group in order to recognize a tag included in... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120133489 - Wireless tracking system and method for backhaul of information: The present invention provides a solution to backhauling health information. The present invention utilizes a mesh network to backhaul the health information. The system includes a plurality of first tags, a mesh network, and an information engine. Each of the tags represents a first object. The mesh network preferably includes... Agent: Awarepoint Corporation

20120133491 - Active contactless information storage device, method, and information access system: An active contactless information storage device includes: an operation controller that determines whether mode information of the active contactless information storage device indicates a mode in which the device communicates with a reader/writer device; a carrier-sense controller that determines whether a first frequency in a first period and determines whether... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120133492 - Article conveying system and sample processing system: Setting use information (count) of each IC tag, and comparing the use information with an average value of the use of the IC tags, make it possible to limit the write counts, which enables the equalization of writing to the IC tags, thereby making it possible to uniform the use... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20120133493 - System and method for providing improved detection of user inaction: A mobile computing device may include an interface device, a near field communication (NFC) device, and a processor coupled with the interface device and the NFC device. The processor may be capable of detecting proximity of an encasement based upon the NFC device, and changing an operational mode of the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120133495 - Haptic scroll wheel switch for vehicle: The present invention relates to a haptic scroll wheel switch for a vehicle which includes a haptic wheel holder, a haptic wheel, a motor, and an encoder slit. The haptic wheel is rotatably installed in the haptic wheel holder and has a bevel gear unit formed on its one side.... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20120133496 - Input apparatus and control method for input apparatus: An input apparatus has a touch sensor 11 configured to receive an input, a load detection unit 12 configured to detect a pressure load on a touch face 11a of the touch sensor 11, a tactile sensation providing unit 13 configured to vibrate the touch face 11a, and a control... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120133494 - Systems and methods for providing programmable deformable surfaces: Programmable deformable surfaces can use smartgels that respond to external stimuli by changing in stiffness, volume, and/or transparency or color. A device can include a smartgel in one or more cells of a tactile layer, such as a layer of material positioned over a display device visible through the layer.... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20120133497 - Object appearance frequency estimating apparatus: An estimation apparatus of an object appearance frequency is provided. The apparatus estimates an appearance frequency of objects, such as pedestrians, in a predetermined estimation area. The apparatus calculates a matrix FPFP by searching an appearance frequency data in the past. In detail, an estimated result that is an output... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120133498 - Tire information monitoring apparatus: The changing of the azimuth of directivity in which the azimuth of directivity of the antenna that achieves the maximum gain thereof is switched to the azimuths of tires is performed repeatedly for a plurality of cycles during a transmission duration of information. The output value of the antenna whose... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120133499 - Control method of lpi lamp for lpi vehicle and logic therefor: A control method of an LPI lamp for an LPI vehicle and logic for the control method can turn on again an LPG switch when the LPG switch is unintentionally turned off, by making a driver recognize whether the LPG switch is turned off, by switching an LPI lamp on... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120133500 - Apparatus and method for guiding deactivation of battery sensor of isg vehicles: An apparatus and method for guiding deactivation of a battery sensor of ISG vehicles is capable of informing a driver of operation prohibition when the battery sensor mounted on the ISG vehicles is deactivated. The apparatus for guiding deactivation of a battery sensor of ISG vehicles includes a display unit... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120133501 - Vehicle having a gearshift element arranged on the steering wheel: A vehicle has a transmission and a gearshift element pivotally arranged on a steering wheel of the vehicle. By actuating the gearshift element, the transmission is shiftable in an electrically controlled manner from one transmission gear to a next-higher or a next-lower transmission gear. At least one electric switch element... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20120133502 - Child safety system: A system for child safety relating to a child safety seat that is in communication with the internal wiring or computer system of a vehicle such that when the vehicle ignition is turned off and the child safety seat is engaged, an audible alert is emitted through the vehicle speakers.... Agent:

20120133503 - Apparatus for generating operating sound of vehicle: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for generating an operating sound of a vehicle, which does not require a separate installation space and thus imposes no spatial limitations on the design of the vehicle. The apparatus includes a rotatable mechanism and a film The rotatable mechanism is driven by a motor,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120133504 - Material, system, and method that provide indication of a breach: A multilayer material is described herein that includes at least one signaling layer configured to propagate at least one electromagnetic signal; and a flexible layer configured to enclose the at least one signaling layer, wherein the flexible layer is substantially impermeable to an environment and to the at least one... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20120133506 - Mobile positioning apparatus, server, and mobile positioning method thereof: A mobile positioning apparatus, a server, and a mobile positioning method are provided. The mobile positioning apparatus can catch an environment image of the mobile positioning apparatus, retrieve a positioning marker from the environment image, and receive the positioning data from the server. Then the mobile positioning apparatus can calculate... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20120133505 - Notification system for timed power supply: The present invention is to provide a notification system for timed power supply, which includes a timed power supply device and a wireless notification device. The timed power supply device is able to receive a set time inputted by a user and stores the set time into a memory module,... Agent:

20120133507 - Material, system, and method that provide indication of a breach: A multilayer material is described herein that includes at least one signaling layer configured to propagate at least one electromagnetic signal; and a flexible layer configured to enclose the at least one signaling layer, wherein the flexible layer is substantially impermeable to an environment and to the at least one... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20120133510 - Physical infrastructure management system having an integrated cabinet: A data center physical infrastructure management system has a cabinet having rack spaces and a sensor. A data communication system transmits signals to a management database. Personal or automated intervention is determined algorithmically by a data processor. A human interface for the data center management system is provided. Removable electronic... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20120133508 - Providing access to quality indicators for natural resources: One or more natural resources (e.g., bodies of water, volumes of air or earth, mineral deposits, or wildlife populations) may be tracked by one or more natural resource quality sensors, each of which may detect and report various natural resource quality indicators (e.g., indicators of purity, biological or chemical contaminants,... Agent:

20120133509 - Sensor and transmission control circuit in adaptive interface package: A programmable interface module includes a linear power regulator to control and provide power to interfaced components on an as needed basis. The interface module is implemented in, for example, a sensor pack and multiplexed to a plurality of sensor modules. In a first mode, the linear voltage regulator provides... Agent: Ftc-forward Threat Control LLC

20120133511 - Method and apparatus for detecting control panel attacks in a security system: A method and apparatus for detecting intruders. The method includes the steps of a control panel of a security system detecting an intrusion of a secured area, the control panel entering a delay period before reporting the intrusion in order to allow entry of a disarm code through a control... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120133512 - Interrogator and interrogation system employing the same: The present invention is directed to an interrogator, method of discerning metal and radio frequency identification (RFID) objects, and an interrogation system employing the same. In one embodiment, the interrogator includes a metal sensing subsystem configured to provide a first signal having a signature representing a presence of a metal... Agent:

20120133514 - Pause adviser system and use thereof: The invention relates to a method comprising the steps of: establishing a personal user profile, representing the initial physiological conditions of said user, loading said personal user profile into said pause adviser system, by means of said pause adviser system establishing user stimuli on said output arrangement, by means of... Agent: Asp Technology Aps

20120133515 - Pause adviser system and use thereof: The invention relates to a pause advice device comprising: a pause algorithm being adapted to receive input from the input arrangement, said input arrangement being adapted to provide information to said pause algorithm to start-up the pause advice device, said pause algorithm being adapted to receive a personal user profile... Agent: Asp Technology Aps

20120133513 - Wake-up assisting apparatus and wake-up assisting method: Disclosed herein is a wake-up assisting apparatus including: an electrode which comes into contact with the parietal of the human body; a signal processing part which detects brain waves through the electrode, determines the sleep stage from the thus detected brain waves, and decides the wake-up time according to the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120133516 - Method and system for deriving molecular interference functions from xrd profiles: A method for identifying a substance includes determining a first molecular interference function (MIF) for a first substance. The method also includes determining a second MIF for a second substance. The method further includes generating a residual MIF at least partially based on a comparison of the second MIF to... Agent:

20120133517 - Alarm apparatus: Disclosed is a portable alarm apparatus (10) comprising an adhesive suction mechanism (12), a device (3) for monitoring the suction pressure, a device for generating a negative pressure (2), which is connected to the adhesive suction mechanism (12) and maintains the negative pressure in the adhesive suction mechanism (12) substantially... Agent: Katoram Safety Solutions Ag

20120133518 - Method and device for fire detection in enclosed environments: A method for fire detection in enclosed environments (1) subject to explosion protection regulations out of which an air-dust mixture is filtered while the concentration of dust of the air-dust mixture is lowered to under the explosion limit by a filter (2) and the aspirated air-dust mixture is checked for... Agent: Minimax Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120133520 - Computer chassis system and hard disk status display method thereof: A computer system displays and controls the hard disk condition. The computer system includes a host bus adapter which detects the status of the hard disk, and the status light gives light to display the hard disk status. The baseboard management controller and the host bus adapters are set on... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20120133519 - Ventilator-initiated prompt regarding detection of double triggering during a volume-control breath type: This disclosure describes systems and methods for monitoring and evaluating ventilatory parameters, analyzing those parameters and providing useful notifications and recommendations to clinicians. That is, modern ventilators monitor, evaluate, and graphically represent multiple ventilatory parameters. However, many clinicians may not easily recognize data patterns and correlations indicative of certain patient... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120133521 - Fault detection and monitoring in batteries: The disclosed embodiments provide a battery pack that includes a fault-monitoring mechanism for detecting faults in the battery pack and indicating the faults to a user. The battery pack also includes a battery cell and enclosure material that encloses the battery cell. The fault may correspond to penetration of the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120133522 - Gap analyzer device and method: A method and gap analyzer device configured to determine a gap in a turbo-machine is provided. The gap analyzer device includes a housing configured to receive a rechargeable battery; a voltage multiplier unit configured to increase a voltage of the rechargeable battery to a predetermined value; a voltage stabilization unit... Agent:

20120133523 - Anti-theft device and anti-theft method: An anti-theft device includes an interface unit and an anti-theft unit. The interface unit includes a plurality of I/O ports for connecting external devices, and the interface unit and an anti-theft unit includes a detection unit, a comparison unit and an alert unit. The detection unit detects the current sequencing... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120133524 - Communications bladed panel systems: A fiber panel system includes a chassis including a backplane; and at least a first blade configured to mount to the chassis. The first blade is moveable relative to the chassis between a refracted (closed) position and at least one extended position. The first blade includes a coupler arrangement for... Agent:

20120133525 - Method and apparatus for subsea wireless communication: System and method for communicating the state of a downhole subsea well which includes a wellbore with at least one sensor disposed within it. Information from the wellbore is communicated to a seabed data governor which is disposed on the seafloor. The seabed data governor includes buoyant signaling devices and... Agent:

20120133526 - Systems and methods for using wireless tags with downhole equipment: Techniques for wirelessly transferring information to and/or from a drill string component are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a downhole system includes a drill string component and a tag interrogating device. The drill string component includes a tag configured for wireless communication. The tag interrogating device is configured to traverse... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20120133527 - Vehicle guidance system: The present invention relates to a method of using the disappearance of a laser projection for the parking of a vehicle. Project a laser beam onto an object inside a garage directly or through a reflector so that the projection is visible to a vehicle driver. The laser beam is... Agent:

20120133528 - Safe operation apparatus and method for moving object: A safe operation apparatus for a moving object includes: a distraction detection unit for detecting distraction information of a user operating a moving object; a controller for collecting the distraction information from the distraction detection unit, calculating a user's distraction state value, and controlling the moving object to be automatically... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120133529 - Systems, methods and computer readable media for displaying multiple overlaid images to a pilot of an aircraft during flight: Embodiments for displaying first and second images to a pilot of an aircraft are presented. The embodiments include, but are not limited to, obtaining a first image signal and a second image signal, commanding a display unit to display a first image on a display screen corresponding to the first... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120133530 - Automated geo-fence boundary configuration and activation: A geo-fence is defined and established automatically based on a current location of an asset along with some range or distance, avoiding the need for a user to manually specify a location by drawing a perimeter, specifying a point location, or by any other means. Once established, the geo-fence can... Agent: Gordon*howard Associates, Inc.

05/24/2012 > 65 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20120126936 - Access control system: An access device for a system having at least one lock that is configured to receive instructions and to energize a lock mechanism to unlock the at least one lock and a computer is disposed at a remote location from the at least one lock and the access device. The... Agent: Utc Fire & Security Americas Corporation, Inc.

20120126935 - Bridge between security system and appliances: A method and apparatus for controlling an appliance. The method includes the steps of a security system within a secured area, said security system having a wireless transmitter transmitting status messages including at least a first encrypted message that the security system in armed and a second encrypted message that... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120126938 - Method and apparatus for generating an access code: Methods and apparatus are provided for generating an access code. In one embodiment, a method may include detecting user activation of a directional input of a device, wherein the user activation relates to a plurality of directional input commands, and determining an access code based on the user activation of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120126939 - System and method for managing entrance and exit using driver face identification within vehicle: The present invention provides a system and method for managing entrance and exit of a vehicle from a facility via a driver facial identification operation within a vehicle. More specifically, the present invention includes a vehicle configured to recognize driver's face within vehicle by performing a driver identification operation, and... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120126940 - Detection of duress condition at a communication device: A communication or computing device having a touchscreen interface is adapted to detect a duress condition upon user access through input of a gesture-based password or authentication code. One or more force sensors are provided for detection of force applied at the touchscreen surface, and interoperate with processing elements to... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120126941 - Pressure password for a touchscreen device: A handheld communication or computing device having a touchscreen interface is configured to permit access in response to detection of a pressure-based password by a plurality of force sensors, each one of the force sensors corresponding to one of a plurality of sensing regions defined on the surface of the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120126937 - Asset management infrastructure: Asset management for control of electric appliances comprises a keycode unit and an equipment unit embedded in an appliance. The keycode unit is located in a protected environment and relates to an asset management area. The equipment unit may store an appliance identification code. The keycode unit and the equipment... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120126942 - Trainable wireless control system: The invention relates to a trainable wireless control system (2) mounted to a vehicle (1) and to a vehicle (1) containing a trainable wireless control system (2), the trainable wireless control system (2) comprising a first module (3) and a second module (4), wherein the first module (3) comprises at... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20120126943 - Passive approach detection system and method using a unidirectional fob: A system and method of passive approach detection is provided. The method comprises: transmitting a plurality of data signals corresponding to multiple power levels respectively from a fob device based on motion detected in the fob device; each of the plurality of data signals includes initial bytes encoded with a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120126944 - Human body communication apparatus and authentication method of the same: In one embodiment, a human body communication apparatus includes a first human body communication terminal carried by a person, a second human body communication terminal and an authentication unit included in the first or second human body communication terminal. The first human body communication terminal includes a first detection unit... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120126946 - Circuit for transmitting a rfid signal: A circuit for transmitting a RFID signal while conserving the battery power for a circuit in continuous operation is disclosed herein. The circuit includes a RFID component, a microprocessor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a battery. The battery preferably has no more than 225 milliamp hours of power. The accelerometer... Agent: Callaway Golf Company

20120126951 - High reliability pest detection: A pest detection device includes a housing with a sensor and one or more bait members. The sensor includes one or more of a chisel-shaped electrically conductive trace carried on a substrate, a low resistance electrically conductive ink defining an electrical pathway on a substrate with a pointed profile, and/or... Agent:

20120126948 - Identification system and method: An identification system and method by which an electronic identification transponder is attached to a dental structure within the oral cavity of a human to provide a unique personalized identification system for rapid, secure access to clinically-relevant individual-authorized emergency medical and health information records from a secure database. The transponder... Agent:

20120126947 - Interactive method and system for recording and playing data: An interactive method for recording and playing data is implemented using an interactive system including a recording and playing unit, a processing unit, an RFID reader, and a memory. The method includes: a) configuring the processing unit to receive a record/stop request signal; b) configuring the processing unit to determine... Agent: Hungkuang University

20120126950 - Protocol for communications between a radio frequency identification (rfid) tag and a connected device, and related systems and methods: Protocols, systems, and methods are disclosed for at least one RFID tag and a device, to communicate with each other using direct connections, wherein the at least one RFID tag and the device are configured to mate and directly exchange identification information. A message comprising a tag identification may be... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20120126949 - Radio frequency identification (rfid) connected tag communications protocol and related systems and methods: Protocols, systems, and methods are disclosed for two or more RFID tags to communicate with each other using direct connections, wherein the two or more RFID tags are configured to mate and directly exchange identification information. A disclosed method includes detecting that a first RFID tag is connected to a... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20120126945 - Strong passive ad-hoc rado-frequency identification: Embodiments of the present invention provide a strong passive ad-hoc radio-frequency identification (RFID) network (the “network). The network typically includes an RFID receiver and N quantity of RFID tags coupled to one another. For example, a network under the present invention can include an RFID reader; a first RFID tag... Agent:

20120126952 - Communication method in rfid or remote sensor systems: A method for communicating between a control unit and a plurality of remote units located in the response area of the control unit is provided. The remote units are prompted to transmit a data sequence to the control unit upon receipt of a command sent by the control unit. The... Agent:

20120126955 - Active energy harvesting for radio-frequency identifcation devices: In general, embodiments of the present invention provide approaches for providing power to RFID transponders. In one embodiment, the RFID transponder is powered using a magnetic field generated by power lines. In another embodiment, the RFID transponder is powered using a field generated by a wireless network. In the case... Agent:

20120126953 - Communication terminal, program and communication system: When regulation information set in a communication terminal such as a portable terminal is changed, the changed content can be efficiently acquired and set in the communication terminal. A term of validity is set in the regulation information used for a portable terminal (110) to wirelessly communicate with an RFID... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120126954 - Forklift radio frequency identification apparatus: A forklift RFID system on a forklift for reading individual plastic pallets having identical RFID tags in each corner in a stack of pallets. The forklift has a body, a mast mounted to the body and a fork assembly including forks moveably mounted on the mast. A RFID antenna assembly... Agent: Epcsolutions, Inc.

20120126956 - remote controller and recharger for remote controlling and for use in recharging of a toy item: The embodiments of the invention provide for novel toy remote controller and recharger (TRCR) (100, 200, 300, 400, 500) for remote controlling and for use in recharging of a toy item (2010, 2009, 1974). The TRCR (100, 200, 300, 400, 500) operates in two modes of operation, where in a... Agent:

20120126957 - Wireless remote control: A wireless remote control comprising a sensor that generates an output signal as a function of its alignment that directly or indirectly activates or deactivates at least one electronic circuit, a plug socket, a first contact of the plug socket connected to a control input of a power supply device,... Agent: Fm Marketing Gmbh

20120126958 - Medication history management system and method: The present invention discloses a medication history management system and method. The medication management system includes: a mobile terminal; a medicine storage apparatus which is operably connected to the mobile terminal and stores medicines; and a medication management server which is connected to the mobile terminal via a network, provides... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120126959 - Electroactive polymer transducers for tactile feedback devices: Electroactive transducers as well as methods of producing a haptic effect in a user interface device simultaneously with a sound generated by a separately generated audio signal and electroactive polymer transducers for sensory feedback applications in user interface devices are disclosed.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20120126960 - Method and apparatus for distributing haptic synchronous signals: A haptic signal distribution system capable of distributing haptic synchronous signals includes a master haptic device and groups of slave haptic devices. In one embodiment, the master haptic device is configured to distribute haptic synchronous signals to slave haptic devices. The haptic synchronous signals, for instance, may include information relating... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20120126962 - Input apparatus: The input apparatus has a touch face configured to receive a touch operation, a load detection unit configured to detect a pressure load of the touch operation to the touch panel, a vibration unit configured to vibrate the touch face, and a control unit, when the load detection unit detects... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120126961 - Input apparatus and control method for input apparatus: An input apparatus has a touch sensor 11 for an input, a load detection unit 12 to detect a pressure load on a touch face 11a of the sensor 11, a tactile sensation providing unit 13 to vibrate the touch face 11a, and a control unit 15 to control drive... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120126963 - Over-the-air issue reporting from vehicles: Systems and methods for occupant reporting of a vehicle issue over-the-air from within a vehicle include a cellular device in the vehicle that establishes a connection with a cellular network. A user interface includes a display that provides occupant selectable menu options for reporting a vehicle issue. A processing system... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120126964 - System and method for controlling early low fuel warning based on driver status: A system and method is provided for controlling the operation of notifying drivers of the fluid level. Primary and secondary keys are adapted to be associated to primary and secondary drivers. A key ignition device is positioned on the primary and secondary keys and generates driver status signals. A fluid... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120126965 - Information presentation apparatus and system: An information presentation apparatus for a vehicle is disclosed. The apparatus includes: a stimulator device located on a steering wheel of the vehicle and configured to generate stimulation at multiple sites on the steering wheel to provide skin sensation to a driver gripping the steering wheel; a direction information acquisition... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120126966 - Thin gauge with self-emitting display for hidden pointer: An exemplary vehicle instrument panel includes gauges for communicating various vehicle operating parameters and conditions that include self-emitting displays. The exemplary vehicle gauge includes the display that is self-emitting. The exemplary display is a self-emitting programmable display that can be operated and programmed to electronically generate text, symbols and graphics.... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems Us, Inc.

20120126967 - Method of detecting a vehicle tire theft: A system and method for detecting a missing vehicle tire and notifying a user of the vehicle about a potential vehicle tire theft. The method carried out by the system involves detecting that a tire is missing from a vehicle using a vehicle tire pressure monitoring (TPM) system and thereafter... Agent: General Motors LLC

20120126968 - Transmission position indicator for vehicle: A transmission position indicator for a vehicle may include a housing, a PCB (printed circuit board) embedded in the housing, wherein a light source may be provided at a predetermined position on the PCB, a light guide plate provided above the PCB and receiving light from the light source, wherein... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120126969 - Automotive vehicle warning system: A visual and/or audio warning is provided during at least slow forward motion of an automobile vehicle. In another aspect, external music is emitted during only slow movement of an electric or hybrid vehicle. Other aspects of an electric or hybrid vehicle employ warning sounds (preferably music) directly from a... Agent: Aptera Motors, Inc.

20120126970 - Lamp set for holding a fire extinguisher: A lamp set capable of holding a fire extinguisher includes a light emission module, an audio module, an electric storage device to provide electric power for the light emission module and the audio module, a hollow pillar to hold the fire extinguisher, and a gravity sensor to detect whether the... Agent:

20120126971 - Anti-theft wind generator security cage for air condition/heat pump condenser: The invention is an environmentally friendly anti-theft security cage for outdoor air conditioner/heat pump units conceived to prevent the vandalism and theft of copper tubing from the unit and to recycle energy waste from the units protected. In addition to protecting the units from vandalism, the security cage is equipped... Agent:

20120126972 - Ruggedized control glove allowing dynamic balance and undivided visual attention: Various embodiments of a wireless control glove are optimized for use with powered rideable boards, mobility devices, or remote-controlled (RC) models. Incremental, “analog-like” throttle control takes full advantage of the nuanced power variability provided by electric motors. The control glove can be operated one-handed, by touch alone, in any body... Agent:

20120126973 - Associative object tracking systems and methods: Systems and methods track a first object when continuous tracking information for the first object is not available. The systems and methods detect when the tracking information for the first object is not available. A last time of a last determined location of the first object is determined and a... Agent:

20120126974 - Location-based services: Provided herein are methods and systems relating to location-based services such as providing a geofencing, outputting location-based information on a mobile device, varying transmissions to and from a mobile device, and providing location-based alerts. More specifically, a method can include receiving a task on a mobile device, associating the task... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20120126975 - Dynamic alarm sensitivity adjustment and auto-calibrating smoke detection for reduced resource microprocessors: A hazardous condition detection system with a sensor package employing a reduced resource microprocessor capable of dynamic alarm sensitivity adjustment having volatile and non-volatile memory which receives periodic raw sensor readings from the sensor package and preprocesses each received periodic raw sensor reading by employing at least three distinctive filtering... Agent:

20120126976 - Emergency alert signaling: Novel tools and techniques to allow enhanced distribution of emergency messages and other public information. In one aspect, these tools can provide a secure channel for an emergency message source to prevent compromise of the distribution system, to ensure the integrity of alerts distributed by the system. In another aspect,... Agent: Embarq Holdings Company, LLC

20120126977 - Alarm system having an indicator light that is external to an enclosed space for indicating an intrusion into the enclosed space and a method for installing the alarm system: An alarm system having an indicator light that is external to an enclosed space for indicating intrusion into the enclosed space, and a method for installing the alarm system, are disclosed. The alarm system detects an intrusion into the enclosed space, the intrusion thereby causing an indicator light outside the... Agent:

20120126978 - Alarm system having an indicator light that is external to an enclosed space for indicating the specific location of an intrusion into the enclosed space and a method for installing the alarm system: An alarm system for indicating the specific location of an intrusion into an enclosed space, as well as a method for installing the alarm system, are disclosed. The intrusion causes illumination of an indicator light outside the enclosed space and within the outer perimeter zone of the enclosed space, thereby... Agent:

20120126979 - Alarm system having an indicator light that is external to an enclosed space for indicating the time elapsed since an intrusion into the enclosed space and method for installing the alarm system: An alarm system for indicating the time that has elapsed since intrusion into an enclosed space, as well as a method for installing the alarm system, are disclosed. The alarm system detects an intrusion into the enclosed space, the intrusion thereby causing an indicator light outside the enclosed space to... Agent:

20120126980 - Self-test method for a microwave module: A method and apparatus are provided for automatically testing microwave instruction detection modules of a security system. The method includes the steps of detecting intruders within a protected space by monitoring a Doppler output of a signal extraction circuit coupled to a microwave transceiver module, varying a frequency of direct... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120126981 - Theft prevention system: A system for detecting removal of an item from storage shelving includes a sensor or series of sensors located on the shelving where items are positioned, each sensor being located so as to be associated with a single item, and each sensor being operable in response to movement of an... Agent: Tag Company (uk) Ltd

20120126982 - Electronic shelf label (esl) apparatus using radio frequency identification (rfid) and method for operating the esl apparatus: Provided are an electronic shelf label (ESL) apparatus using radio frequency identification (RFID) and an operation method of the ESL apparatus. The ESL apparatus may include an ESL tag to be attached to a shelf and a radio tag reader to store, in the ESL tag, details that is received... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120126983 - Method and associated device for personal weight control or weight loss: A weight control method utilizes an electronic counting device. A counter in the device is incremented each time an input element is actuated or activated upon taking a bite of a comestible material. The counting device automatically provides an alert signal to the user upon attainment of a predetermined bite... Agent:

20120126984 - System and method for transfer of primary alarm notification on patient monitoring systems: The present application discloses methods and systems for transferring primary alarm notification on patient monitoring systems from a bedside monitor to one or more secondary devices which may operate on a less than fully reliable network. The bedside monitor includes an attached physiological parameter measurement device which detects when a... Agent:

20120126985 - Target based smoke detection system: A smoke detector includes processing circuitry coupled to a camera. The field-of-view of the camera contains one or more targets, each having spatial indicia thereon. At least a portion of one of the targets is coated, at least in part, by an infra-red absorbing dye. The dye produces visually discernable... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120126987 - Method for examining water heater safety: A method for examining water heater safety includes the steps of: setting a desired temperature and sensing a cold water temperature and a flow rate of water to calculate a theoretical gas consumption, and then supplying a combustor the theoretical gas consumption to heat water; sensing a hot water temperature,... Agent: Grand Mate Co., Ltd.

20120126986 - Radiator detecting device: A radiator detecting device of the present invention includes a radiator cap, a sensing unit, a circuit device, a warning device, and an adjusting means. One end of the sensing unit connects to the radiator cap, and another end extends toward a direction away from the radiator cap. The circuit... Agent:

20120126988 - Ionizing radiation detector: This invention is an ionizing radiation detector, disclosed to include a sensor of ionizing radiation, an electric current amplifier, a radiation level readout device, and a piezoelectric device.. This readout device could be, but not limited to, a meter, a sound-producing device, or light emitting diodes (LEDs). The ionizing radiation... Agent:

20120126989 - Method for diagnosing a fault of an scr system: A method is provided for diagnosing a fault in a selective catalytic reduction system having an electric driven transportation device that provide a mass flow of a Diesel Exhaust Fluid into the selective catalytic reduction system. The method includes, but is not limited to applying an electric signal to the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120126990 - Flood protection apparatus and container data center including the same: A flood protection apparatus includes an adjustable base, a first water level detector, and a controller. The adjustable base supports the container and is operable to adjust a height of the container. The first water level detector is mounted on the base. When the first water level detector detects water... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120126991 - Device and method of determining safety in a battery pack: A battery pack includes at least one battery cell that expands and contracts in relation to the chemical conditions of the battery cell. A substrate is configured to contact the at least one battery cell. A sensor is attached to the substrate and the sensor produces a signal indicative of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120126992 - Exploitation of sea floor rig structures to enhance measurement while drilling telemetry data: A method for communicating data in an offshore data communication system comprises measuring L/MWD data with a sensor disposed in a bottomhole assembly positioned in a subsea borehole. The bottomhole assembly is disposed along a drillstring extending through the subsea borehole. In addition, the method comprises communicating the L/MWD data... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20120126993 - Near-field electromagnetic communications network for downhole telemetry: A disclosed downhole telemetry system employs an array of near-field electromagnetic communication devices to relay information along a tubular in a borehole. In some embodiments, the devices are permanently attached to pipe joints without requiring any structural modification of the pipe joints. As the pipe joints are strung together in... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20120126994 - System and method for controlling a connection of a meter to a power line: The disclosure relates to a meter for monitoring usage of power provided by a power transmission system to a site. The meter comprises: a communication module to generate communications carried over the system; a request manager module to process messages received from a head end of the system; a meter... Agent: Corinex Communications Corp.

20120126995 - System and method for communicating over power lines: The disclosure relates to a system and method for communicating with a meter at a remote premise through power transmission lines. The system comprises a head end for collecting and analyzing data from the meter; a power transmission network connected to the meter and to the head end; and a... Agent: Corinex Communications Corp.

20120126996 - Hazardous vehicle alert system and method based on reaction time, distance and speed: A hazardous vehicle alert system comprising a control module, a special graphical user interface, a global positioning system device, a speed and distance detector, and an alarm module where the user sets alarm triggers based on reaction time until potential impact from the hazardous vehicle. The user can assess the... Agent:

20120126997 - Crash warning system for motor vehicles: A system adapted to provide a warning to a motorist that a nearby vehicle has been in an accident. Embodiments include a crash detector operable to detect a crash of a vehicle, a transmitter to transmit a warning signal (typically, radio frequency) from the crashed vehicle, a receiver to receive... Agent:

20120126998 - Automated geo-fence boundary configuration and activation: A geo-fence is defined and established automatically based on a current location of an asset along with some range or distance, avoiding the need for a user to manually specify a location by drawing a perimeter, specifying a point location, or by any other means. Once established, the geo-fence can... Agent: Gordon*howard Associates, Inc.

20120126999 - Identifying a potential vehicle incident within a communication black spot: A method, system and computer program product for identifying a potential vehicle incident within a communication black spot. It is identified when a vehicle has entered a communication black spot. It is further identified when the vehicle has failed to exit the communication black spot within a determined time period.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

05/17/2012 > 53 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20120119873 - Convertible wireless remote controls: Convertible wireless remote controls for controlling a variety of media devices are described. The convertible wireless remote controls function in a non-PC mode and a PC mode. The convertible wireless remote controls transition between modes offering control of a variety of devices in the different modes and are shaped with... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120119874 - Methods and apparatus for securing a portable device: An apparatus for securing a portable device is described. The portable device includes a housing having a mating feature adapted to mate with a corresponding mating feature of the cradle. The cradle includes a locking mechanism that is capable of locking the portable device to the cradle. A transceiver is... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20120119876 - Personnel key tracking system: A safety system comprising a work area having a perimeter and hazardous automated machinery within the perimeter, wherein access by workers to the work area within the perimeter is controlled by one or more controlled access points; at least one safety work cell within the perimeter, each safety work cell... Agent: Aramark Uniform & Career Apparel Group, Inc.

20120119877 - Programmable electronic lockbox system: A programmable lock system is provided for access restricting and user tracking. The system includes a lock mechanism, a microcontroller, and an input device for receiving passing information. The microcontroller reads the received passing information and determines whether to unlock the lock mechanism. The system further includes an inlet for... Agent:

20120119875 - Method, portable data carrier, and system for enabling a transaction: A method, portable data carrier (1) and system for releasing a transaction using acceleration sensors (4, 5, 6) and a structure (8) on the data carrier (1).... Agent: Glesecke & Devrient Gmbh

20120119878 - Portable electronic device, and control method and control program for the same: An object of the present invention is to provide a portable electronic device of which operability is improved while maintaining a security function, and to provide a control method and a control program for the portable electronic device. In a case in which a function setting operation key is operated,... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120119880 - Locating devices in a wireless network: Determining the location of a wireless device to be located (DTL) by three or more locating devices (LDs). LDs operating at known locations estimate the distance to the DTL by sending wireless frames to the DTL and varying frame parameters such as transmit power and data rate, searching for the... Agent:

20120119879 - System and method for camera control in a surveillance system: A method and a system for calibrating a camera in a surveillance system. The method and system use a mathematical rotation between a first coordinate system and a second coordinate system in order to calibrate a camera with a map of an area. In some embodiments, the calibration can be... Agent: Intergraph Technologies Company

20120119882 - movement detection method and reader/writers in a radio frequency identification system: A method in a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system including at least one reader/writer and a group of tags each attached to a workpiece. The method includes reading a plurality of tags from the group of tags, capturing received signal strength indication envelopes of tags, and storing the received signal... Agent:

20120119881 - Information management using a custom identifier stored on an identification tag: A solution for managing information using an identification tag is provided. For example, information relating to an item and/or one or more transfers of the item can be managed using an identification tag associated with the item. The identification tag can store and transmit an item identifier, such as an... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120119884 - Electronic device and method for rfid: An electronic device comprising a first node to be coupled to a first antenna, a second node coupled to a second antenna, a third node to be coupled to a third antenna, a first comparator coupled with a first input to the first node and with a second input to... Agent: Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

20120119885 - Methods, systems, and products for discovering electronic devices: Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for controlling an electronic device. A query is received at a remote control interface. A response to the query is determined. A random response interval of time is determined according to a collision avoidance mechanism. When the random response interval of time expires, then... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20120119883 - Rfid reader device having a read-only mode, and related operating methods: A method of operating a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader device is presented. The method begins by operating the RFID reader device in a read-only mode, during which the RFID reader device does not generate tag interrogation signals. The method continues by receiving a tag response signal generated from an... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20120119888 - Universal remote control with automated setup: A controller that automatically identifies one or more peripheral devices which need to be programmed for use with the controller. In some embodiments, the controller is able to visually identify a peripheral device from an image, obtain the configuration information for the peripheral device, and program itself in the background... Agent: Imerj LLC

20120119889 - Interactive mobile communication device: A system and method is described for allowing a mobile communication device using location data to control electronic devices located within a predefined area of coverage.... Agent:

20120119886 - Closed feedback loop to verify a position of an adjustable bed: This disclosure concerns a wireless communication system adapted to produce a closed-loop feedback scheme between a handheld remote control and an adjustable bed controller. The adjustable bed controller is adapted to, in response to a receipt of a motion command from the handheld remote control via the closed-loop feedback scheme,... Agent:

20120119887 - System of two-way wireless adjustable bed control via a home network: This disclosure concerns a two-way wireless communication system adapted to communicate between a handheld remote control and an adjustable bed controller. The handheld remote control includes a user interface adapted to facilitate a user in adjusting a parameter of an adjustable bed using the two-way wireless communication system. The user... Agent:

20120119890 - Hospital bed with nurse call system interface unit: A system for use in a healthcare facility having a nurse call system with a nurse call computer located remotely from patient rooms is provided. The system includes a hospital bed having communication circuitry configured for communicating data from the hospital bed. An interface unit is spaced from the hospital... Agent:

20120119891 - Device and method for generating a vibration pattern: The invention relates to a method and a device for generating a vibration pattern in a person, having a drive which sets a mass in rotation, and at least one sensor device which is coupled to a controller which controls the drive as a function of sensor data over the... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Products Gmbh

20120119893 - Automobile beacon, system, and associated method: Devices, systems, and methods are provided for alerting a pedestrian, such as a visually impaired pedestrian, of a vehicle in the vicinity. In general, signals are transmitted from a vehicle to a device carried by a pedestrian, such as a mobile terminal. In response, the pedestrian's device may generate an... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20120119892 - Exterior mirror reflective element sub-assembly with signal indicator: A mirror reflective element sub-assembly includes a mirror reflective element, a mirror back plate and a signal indicator. The mirror back plate includes (i) a generally planar portion and (ii) an indicator receiving portion. The indicator receiving portion has a wall structure extending at an angle from the generally planar... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20120119894 - Acb following distance alert and warning adjustment as a function of forward vehicle size and host vehicle mass: When employing an adaptive cruise-with-braking (ACB) system to control host vehicle following distance, a forward vehicle is detected using one or both of a radar sensor (14) and a camera sensor (82). The radar sensor classifies the forward vehicle as a motorcycle, passenger car, or heavy vehicle by comparing a... Agent: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, LLC

20120119895 - Universal tire pressure monitoring sensor: A programming system for a tire pressure monitoring device includes a programming device capable of communicating which of a plurality of communication protocols is to be utilized by the transmitter/receiver of a tire pressure monitoring device. The programming device including a user interface actuateable for communicating which of a plurality... Agent:

20120119896 - Systems and methods for informing a user a presence of a subject in a vehicle: An apparatus for reminding a user that there is a subject in a vehicle includes a sensor, an warning device, an electrical connector configured to couple to a cigarette adaptor outlet in a vehicle for receiving power therefrom, and a circuit coupled to the electrical connector, wherein the circuit is... Agent:

20120119897 - System for maintaining consumables of vehicle and method thereof: A system for maintaining a plurality of vehicle consumables includes a storage unit configured to store a consumable maintenance list according to an engine type and a transmission type of a vehicle; a control unit configured to control recommendation of when to change the consumable by calculating a change interval... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120119898 - Vehicle light system: One embodiment of the present application includes a vehicle illumination system. The vehicle illumination system comprises an input keypad configured to receive at least one input provided by a user. The vehicle illumination system also comprises a controller configured to receive input commands provided by the input keypad and to... Agent: Narton Corporation

20120119899 - Integrated vehicular scene/warning light assembly: A vehicular integrated light assembly comprises a first and second pluralities of LEDs arranged on a circuit board, and a controller electrically coupled to the first and second pluralities of LEDs. The light assembly further comprises a housing and at a lens hermetically sealing the circuit board and first and... Agent: Jnt Link, LLC

20120119900 - Wireless emergency vehicle light and siren kit: A wireless system for an emergency vehicle includes at least one siren module, at least one light module, and a remote control in communication with the at least one siren module and the at least one light module. Each of the at least one siren module, at least one light... Agent: Lewis Innovative Technologies

20120119901 - Alarm management system: An exemplary alarm management system and method for the management of alarm messages of a technical installation or of a technical process are disclosed. A data processing system receives alarm messages. A plurality of display modules display the alarm messages. The data processing system includes a module for creating alarm... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20120119902 - Terminal apparatus, coordinator, and method for managing emergency events: The present invention provides an integrated medium access control for processing respectively separated traffic situation sets. Another aim of the present invention is to optimize power consumption during a poll based operation of the medium access control mechanism. An additional aim of the present invention is to provide a poll-based... Agent:

20120119903 - First responder wireless emergency alerting with automatic callback and location triggering: Using wireless features, a public service agency is enabled to provide alert information to first responders. An automatic call back from the first responder triggers a voice call launching a location fix on the current location of the first responder. Preferably delivery confirmation that the responder has received the message... Agent:

20120119904 - Fall risk assessment device and method: A method for assessing the risk of a patient to fall. The method includes attaching a pedometer on a patient, wherein the pedometer includes one or more sensors, allowing the patient to engage in activities throughout a predetermined period of time in, at least, an environment the patient occupies for... Agent: Orthocare Innovations LLC

20120119905 - Apparatus and method for determining location and tracking coordinates of a tracking device: A device and method to monitor location coordinates of an electronic tracking device are disclosed here. The device includes transceiver circuitry to receive at least one portion of a receive communication signal comprising location coordinates information; accelerometer circuitry to measure displacements of the portable electronic tracking device; a battery power... Agent: Location Based Technologies Inc.

20120119906 - System and method for performing chemical analysis of fingerprints for providing at least one response: A fingerprint recognition system is presented including a fingerprint collecting module positioned about an electronic device for collecting fingerprint information related to one or more fingerprints; a chemical analysis module for performing a chemical analysis of the fingerprint information collected; and an evaluating module for evaluating the chemical analysis of... Agent:

20120119907 - Warning stanchion: A warning stanchion that has a vertical support structure, a belt receptacle affixed to the vertical support structure, a tilt sensor, and a warning signal generator in communication with the belt receptacle and the tilt sensor. Typically, a plurality of the warning stanchions are used to created a warning barrier... Agent:

20120119908 - Communications-paired emergency information container: A system and method for pairing an emergency information container to communications technology. A sensor for signals when the emergency information container is placed on or removed from a location and an interface allows a user to input the name of the person identified in the emergency information container as... Agent:

20120119909 - Security assembly for use with disposable displays: A system and method for displaying merchandise item is presented. A disposable merchandise display includes a disposable display stand, an alarm unit and tethers. The disposable display stand is interchangeable with other disposable display stands and the alarm unit. The disposable display stand further includes one or more display areas... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20120119910 - Method and apparatus for deactivating an alarming unit: A system and method for displaying merchandise item is presented. A merchandise display system includes a display cabinet, an alarm unit and a key extension device. The display cabinet can display several different kinds of merchandise items. The alarm unit generates an alarm when one of the merchandise items is... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20120119911 - Exercise monitoring apparatus, system and controlling method thereof: An exercise monitoring apparatus capable of allowing a user to conveniently check a progressed exercise state and capable of properly controlling an exercise amount, by comparing a progressed exercise amount measured based on scheduling information received from an external apparatus and acceleration information of the exercise monitoring apparatus, with a... Agent:

20120119912 - Active on-patient sensor, method and system: A sensor (which could be detachable) to sense a condition (including pressure from body weight or moisture from incontinence; applied by adhering to skin of a human body or by putting a diaper on the human body, for example), a signal processing circuit, a periodic or continuous transmitter, and a... Agent: Orthocare Innovations LLC

20120119913 - Control circuit: A control circuit includes a temperature detection circuit, a comparison circuit, and an alarm circuit. The temperature detection circuit detects the temperature of a first socket and outputs a first temperature signal correspondingly. The comparison circuit compares the temperature signal with a reference temperature signal corresponding to a reference temperature,... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120119914 - Power transmission device, wireless power supply system, and wireless power supply device: A power transmission device includes a power supply unit configured to supply power by a resonance frequency for magnetic resonance; a power transmission resonance coil capable of magnetic resonance with a power reception resonance coil in the resonance frequency, the power transmission resonance coil being configured to supply the power... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120119915 - Self-powered rfid tag activated by a fluid: RFID tag and a system and method involving a plurality of RFID tags. Each RFID tag is attached to an object on which the presence of a predefined fluid is monitored. In a first state, (absence of the monitored fluid), the tag acts as a passive RFID tag, and the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120119916 - Fuel usage monitoring: Various methods and systems are provided for monitoring fuel usage and/or remaining run time of backup power sources. In one embodiment, a method includes tracking run time of a backup power source; determining a current fuel level associated with the backup power source; and providing a fuel level warning. In... Agent: Southern Company Services, Inc.

20120119917 - Transmission of data to emergency response personnel: A system includes a fire extinguisher station having a number of sensors to detect various predetermined conditions that can be communicated in alarms to a central station. The central station receives alarms from the fire extinguisher and determines whether to contact emergency personnel and/or building maintenance personnel. Other items of... Agent:

20120119918 - Methods and apparatus for operating an electronic trip device: An electronic trip device is described that includes a test signal generator coupled to at least one of a line conductor and a neutral conductor and configured to create a test signal. The electronic trip device also includes a leakage current detection circuit configured to compare a current in the... Agent:

20120119919 - Multifunctional torque detection device: A multifunctional torque detection device includes a toque-strain bar enclosed by an enclosure and having opposite ends respectively forming coupling terminals for coupling with an adaptor and a coupler in either direction. The adaptor is connectable to a torque device, such as a hand tool, an electric tool, or a... Agent: Legend Lifestyle Products Corp.

20120119920 - Portable sensory devices: A portable sensory device may be a portable object including a portable sensory system. The portable object may be a walking cane or an item of clothing. The portable sensory system may include a proximity sensor configured to generate an output signal in response to detecting an object in a... Agent: Extra Sensory Technology, L.c.

20120119921 - Apparatus and methods for providing emergency override of informational displays: Various embodiments are generally directed to a system and method for providing emergency override of informational displays in an emergency notification system. An embodiment may include an emergency detection module coupled to a display override module. The display override module may be coupled to a third-party display driver. When an... Agent: Simplexgrinnell Lp

20120119922 - System and method for monitoring, controlling, and displaying utility information: A system and method for monitoring, controlling, and displaying utility information is provided. A collar communicatively connected to the utility meter monitors power usage and provides usage data, power quality data, and other data to the utility and the customer. The system provides for pre-pay power, and the collar relay... Agent: Carina Technology, Inc.

20120119923 - Outage notification system: The present technology relates to protocols relative to utility meters associated with an open operational framework. More particularly, the present subject matter relates to protocol subject matter for advanced metering infrastructure, adaptable to various international standards, while economically supporting a 2-way mesh network solution in a wireless environment, such as... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20120119924 - Illuminated sign for displaying a command and/or notice for taxiing aircraft traffic at an airport: The invention relates to a light sign (10) for displaying an instruction and/or guidance for ground airplane traffic at an airport, comprising a casing (20) with a transparent display panel (21) for representing an instruction and/or guidance symbol (Z), and a light source arranged inside the casing (20) with at... Agent:

20120119925 - Illuminated aircraft wheel chock indicator: A visual display used to indicate when aircraft wheel chocks have been inserted against the aircraft tires and the tarmac. The display is mounted on the exterior of an aircraft terminal at an elevation that is easily viewable by an aircraft operator. The indicator system contains illuminated characters operated from... Agent:

05/10/2012 > 55 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120112875 - System and method for an automatic door operator having a wireless safety sensor: A wireless safety system coupled to a door operating system which moves a door between an open and closed position relative to a fixed location. The wireless safety system includes an electric powered safety sensor assembly for detecting an obstruction between the door and the fixed location. An electric energy... Agent:

20120112876 - Road guide apparatus for a visually impaired person: The present invention relates to a road guide apparatus for a visually impaired person, which not only senses the yellow color of Braille blocks installed on a road to guide the visually impaired person, but also reads information from an RFID tag to guide the visually impaired person. The road... Agent:

20120112877 - Automated device/system setup based on presence information: Automated device/system setup based on user presence information is provided. When a user of one or more electronic devices or systems moves into the presence of the one or more devices or systems, detection or determination of the user's presence may be used to apply setup or settings changes to... Agent: Cox Communications, Inc.

20120112878 - Automatic integrated sensing and access control: An access control system for sensing exposure to items of interest for a person associated with a unique identifier of a fare card or ticket is disclosed. The access control system includes the unique identifier, an exposure detector and a processor. The unique identifier associated with the person that is... Agent: Cubic Corporation

20120112879 - Apparatus and method for improved vehicle safety: A vehicle access system is disclosed for preventing the operation of vehicles by operators who are impaired due to various reasons including alcohol consumption, drug use and fatigue. The system identifies the vehicle operator and implements automated tests or tests with manual intervention to determine the ability of vehicle operators... Agent:

20120112880 - System for establishing geo-fence for dispersing volunteer skill sets: The present invention provides a system for establishing a geo-fence for assigning and dispersing human resource assets in a disaster relief situation. The system of the present invention provides a method for deploying a ready-response volunteer force in which volunteers are assigned based on their skill sets and the needs... Agent: System Planning Corporation

20120112881 - Electronic component with time-limited use: An electronic device with a limited time of use. The electronic device comprises a physical interface for removable connection to a host device, a processor and a usage time limit module with a counter. When the counter reaches a pre-determined value, the usage time limit module is configured to disable... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20120112882 - System and method for providing secure identification solutions: The present invention provides a method and system for verifying and tracking identification information. In an embodiment of the invention, a system for delivering security solutions is provided that includes at least one of the following: a radio frequency (RF) identification device, an identification mechanism (e.g., a card, sticker), and... Agent: Neology, Inc.

20120112884 - Apparatus and method for detecting collision of rfid tags: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for detecting the collision of Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) tags. In the apparatus and method for detecting the collision of RFID tags, when a subcarrier signal from which a carrier signal has been removed by a reader ASK analog demodulation device... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120112886 - Articles containing chipless radio frequency identification elements: A container comprising a body having embedded therein a plurality of chipless radio frequency identification elements. The chipless radio frequency identification elements comprises a plurality of categories of resonant elements. The resonant elements can be utilized in a system having a binary code feature. The combination of different resonant elements... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120112883 - Disease mapping and infection control system and method: The present invention is a system and method for disease mapping and infection control. It may collect data from many sources, including through the tracking of Entities and external sources. Such data may be analysed by the system and represented visually. The system further facilitates data modelling. The present invention... Agent: Infonaut, Inc.

20120112888 - Method of communication of an active smart rfid label with a user interrogator and a professional interrogator: e

20120112889 - Operation method of an rfid tag, operation method of an rfid reader, rfid tag, and rfid reader: The present invention is enables the high-speed download of a large volume of data stored in a tag memory without a remarkable change in conventional wireless communication techniques. According to one aspect of the present invention, an RFID tag comprises; a transmitting unit for transmitting a download command for instructing... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120112887 - Rfid protection device, and related methods: Devices and methods of preventing data transfer between an RFID reader and an RFID device to be protected, are provided. An example of an embodiment of an RFID signal capture device includes a container, a signal capture circuit configured to substantially disrupt the signal provided by the RFID reader when... Agent: Curio, Ltd.

20120112885 - Rfid tag, interrogator and system with improved symbol encoding and decoding: An improved RFID Tag, Interrogator, and system wherein at least one tag modulates a radio frequency signal by modulated backscatter operations.... Agent:

20120112890 - System of adjustable bed control via a home network: This disclosure concerns a handheld control with a user interface adapted to facilitate a user in adjusting a parameter of an adjustable bed and a parameter of a home control system. A display on the user interface displays a graphical representation of the adjustable bed parameter and a graphical representation... Agent:

20120112891 - System of secondary device control and adjustable bed control via a feedback loop: This disclosure concerns a wireless communication system adapted to produce a closed-loop feedback scheme between a handheld remote control and at least an adjustable bed controller and a secondary device. The adjustable bed controller is adapted to adjust, with feedback, a portion of an adjustable bed. The feedback is based... Agent:

20120112892 - System of adjustable bed control to a memory position via a home network: This disclosure concerns a user interface adapted to facilitate a user in adjusting a parameter of an adjustable bed by presenting the option for a recall command. Upon receiving the recall command at an adjustable bed controller, the adjustable bed controller accesses a memory of the adjustable bed controller to... Agent:

20120112893 - Systems and methods for notifying multiple hosts from an industrial controller: The subject invention facilitates alert notification in an industrial environment. The systems and methods enable subscribing devices, such as hosts, to receive events and/or alarms associated with industrial controllers. In addition, a subscribed component can unsubscribe, refresh notification related information, and/or acknowledge a notification. The foregoing can be achieved through... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120112894 - Haptic feedback generator, portable device, haptic feedback providing method using the same and recording medium thereof: An apparatus and a method for generating haptic feedback and a portable device having the apparatus are provided. The haptic feedback generator changes the property of a magneto-rheological fluid or an electro-rheological fluid using a magnetic field or an electric field and transmits haptic feedback using the property variation. The... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20120112895 - System and method for detecting a vehicle in the vicinity by using wireless communication: The present invention provides a system and a method for detecting whether one more vehicles are in the vicinity of a first vehicle using wireless communication. More specifically, a plurality of transmitters generate a wireless signal and plurality of receivers receive the wireless signal generated in a nearby vehicle. A... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120112896 - Vehicle guidance system: A method and apparatus for monitoring movement of a vehicle system. A sensor system monitors movement of a structure relative to a vehicle. The structure is connected to the vehicle in the vehicle system. A computer system identifies a number of distances from the sensor system to a number of... Agent:

20120112897 - System and method for monitoring remote vehicle drive condition: A remote vehicle drive condition monitoring system and a method thereof are provided. The remote vehicle drive condition monitoring system, includes: a vehicle information center configured to receive a set value for monitoring a vehicle drive condition from a user and report a vehicle drive monitoring result to the user;... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120112898 - Programmable tire-condition sensor having a flexible shell, its installation method and a tire carrying same: A programmable tire-condition sensor includes a control module, which includes a circuit board carrying a battery, a power switch, a processor, a memory, a pressure sensor, a temperature sensor, an acceleration sensor, a voltage sensor, a transmission interface unit and a connection port, and a flexible shell that has a... Agent:

20120112899 - Method and apparatus for determining tire condition and location: An apparatus (10) determines a tire condition and location on a vehicle (12) including a tire-based sensing unit (14), a plurality of tires (54) on the vehicle having an associated tire-based sensing unit, each tire-based sensing unit (14) including, a first tire rotation sensor (66) mounted for rotation with the... Agent: Trw Automotive U.s. LLC

20120112900 - Safety belt compliance indicator: The present invention provides methods and apparatus for operating a wireless signal indicating safety belt compliance. The wireless signal may in turn cause a visual indicator that is ascertainable from a position external to the vehicle to indicate safety belt compliance.... Agent:

20120112901 - Systems for detecting, collecting, communicating, and using information about environmental conditions and occurrences: Systems and methods are disclosed for identifying and providing warnings of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other environmental occurrences. Temperature, pressure, seismic activities and other environmental conditions are measured with improved granularity using sensors at multiple locations. More extensive distribution of sensors is enabled using existing networks, such as utility (e.g.,... Agent: Cellnet Innovations, Inc.

20120112902 - System for multiple layered security within a cargo container: This invention describes layers of security sensors to determine the status of a container from point of departure to a final destination of the container. In particular, the present invention discloses the use of at least three levels of security applied to a single cargo container including an inductive sensor... Agent: System Planning Corporation

20120112903 - Remote medical device alarm: A remote alarm for use with a wearable medical device. The remote alarm is configured to receive alarms, voice messages and prompts issued by the wearable medical device and to repeat those alarms, voice messages and prompts in a manner that can more easily be perceived by a patient wearing... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20120112906 - Hand hygiene compliance monitoring system: A hand hygiene compliance monitoring system includes a method and computer program product for performing sanitation compliance monitoring including receiving sanitation compliance data. The sanitation compliance data includes a zone identifier corresponding to a first device in a zone and an entity identifier corresponding to a second device attached to... Agent: Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp

20120112905 - Radio frequency identification safety system: A safety system indicating encroachment near dangerous equipment which is activated upon activation of the equipment is provided. The safety system has a transponder having unique identification information embedded in a microchip and an internal power supply. A corresponding reader is coupled to a power supply of the equipment, and... Agent:

20120112904 - System and method for tracking, monitoring and deriving the location of transient objects by monitoring the location of equipment used to move the objects: System and method combining a Dock Automation (“DA”) system with a Real Time Locating System (“RTLS”) to achieve automated accuracy relating to the location of shipment components. An RTLS system is used to track the position of assets which move shipment components over time. When any action is performed on... Agent: Hammel Companies, Inc.

20120112909 - Binaural audio signal-based applications: Applications for detecting binaural sounds and customizing binaural sounds for users. A system is disclosed having: an interface for obtaining a plurality of desired responses; a system for generating a binaural recipe, wherein the binaural recipe includes left side audio signals and right side audio signals for inducing the plurality... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120112907 - Data storage device and method: A portable, high-capacity data storage device for storage, transport, and retrieval of multi-terabyte-level data sets comprises a plurality of individual main data storage units coupled to a data bus and a controller isolated from the data bus. The data storage device can be coupled to an external system to establish... Agent:

20120112908 - Method and apparatus for managing notifications: An approach is provided for managing and rendering notifications (i.e., notifications from one or more sources). A notification manager receives one or more requests for rendering one or more notifications at a device. In response to the one or more requests, the notification manager determines one or more notification policies... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120112910 - Cargo container self-arming monitoring and security device: This invention describes an apparatus for securing and monitoring cargo containers. In particular, the present invention discloses the use of a combination of hall effect sensors, permanent magnets, optic sensors, and inductive sensors attached to a surface. This tamper-proof magnetic alarming unit can detect its location and can trigger an... Agent: System Planning Corporation, Inc.

20120112911 - High security burglar alarm device: Improved, magnetic high security switch apparatus is provided for use in detecting relative movement between first and second members such as a door frame and door from a close position, wherein the members are proximal, and an open position, where the members are separated. The switch apparatus includes a magnetic... Agent: Magnasphere Corporation

20120112912 - Point of sale deactivation tablet and method: A method and system for deactivating locks, locking the functionality of products and/or the product packing in which such products are sold, in particular remote-activation adhesive locks... Agent: Proteqt Technologies, Inc.

20120112913 - Radio frequency environment object monitoring system and methods of use: A method and apparatus for monitoring untagged objects in a target area including calibrating a radio environment monitoring system including a rules engine and a baseline data set for a target area by recording a set of changes to the RF environment fingerprint of the target area received by the... Agent: Rf Controls, LLC

20120112914 - Hygiene compliance module: A hygiene compliance module is configured to be retrofit with a compatible dispenser to enable hygiene compliance monitoring functions. The hygiene compliance module is configured to be coupled to the dispenser via a communication interface to receive power, ground, and dispenser actuation signals therefrom. In addition, the hygiene compliance module... Agent: Gojo Industries, Inc,

20120112916 - Information grid: A lighting system and method is provided for tracking movement within a predetermined area. This system includes a plurality of lights installed at predetermined locations throughout the predetermined area, each having at least one sensor with a field of view. The lights include a computing module operatively associated with each... Agent:

20120112915 - Vehicle system reaction to medical conditions: A computer-implemented method includes registering at least one medical condition associated with a vehicle occupant. The method also includes monitoring environmental conditions for the onset of a trigger likely to cause complications with regards to the medical condition. The method further includes warning the vehicle occupant about the onset of... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120112917 - Low power device and method for livestock detection: A system and method of tracking animal livestock using electronic frequency signal transmitters and receivers is herein presented. The system involves electronic tags attached to the bodies of livestock. The tags transmit a signal which conveys the location or other pertinent information regarding the status of the animal. The signals... Agent: Scr Engineers Ltd.

20120112918 - Method and system for adaptive sliding door pattern cancellation in metal detection: A metal detection device, system and method are provided. The device includes a receiver that receives a signal pattern representing electromagnetic field disturbances over time caused by movement of metal doors in a detection region. The device further includes a memory in communication with the receiver. The memory stores a... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20120112919 - Dust level sensor arrangement for dust collection system: A level detector or sensor for a dust collection system has a threaded housing that seats in a penetration in the lid of a dust collection drum or other container, and can be adjusted mechanically in its mounting. The sensor has an adjustment to control the distance at which it... Agent: Oneida Air Systems, Inc.

20120112920 - Carbon monoxide and smoke alarm device: A carbon monoxide and smoke alarm device includes a housing mountable to a ceiling in a building. A carbon monoxide sensor is disposed in the housing to detect an airborne carbon monoxide substance within the building. A smoke sensor is disposed in the housing to detect an airborne smoke substance... Agent:

20120112921 - Method and apparatus for visual silent alarm indicator: A handheld computer includes a processor; a memory in communication with the processor; and at least one light-emitting device that emits visible light as a visual indicator of an occurrence of a designated event. The processor is programmed to selectively activate the visual indicator in response to an occurrence of... Agent:

20120112922 - Systems, structures and processes with embedded resistance device: Enhanced devices, processes, and systems provide measurement of electrical resistance as a means for determining the intensity with which stress is applied to an object, such as but not limited to a toy, e.g. a stuffed toy. The induced strain resulting from such an applied stress may also be determined... Agent:

20120112923 - Systems, structures and processes with embedded resistance device: A portable assembly 10 which may be selectively worn on the body of a user 14 and which detects the presence of a tangible entity 80 which is located behind or at any other location or portions of the user 14. Multiple assemblies 10 may be utilized. The assembly may... Agent:

20120112924 - Systems and methods for providing a wireless power provision and/or an actuation of a downhole component: Systems and methods provide wireless power and actuation of a downhole component within a borehole formed in a formation. The systems and method have a first downhole component positioned within the borehole and connected to and/or in communication with a power source. A wireless transmitter is electrically connected to the... Agent:

20120112925 - Apparatus and method for monitoring status of satellite transponder using statistical analysis of telemetry data: Provided are an apparatus and a method for monitoring a status of a satellite transponder using a statistical analysis of telemetry data, which may disclose a configuration to receive at least one of an input signal level and an output signal level with respect to a satellite transponder, to receive... Agent: Electronics And Telecomunications Research Institute

20120112926 - Cell telemetry sample and hold amplifier: A system and methods for cell telemetry are disclosed. An average magnetizing current in a sampling transformer is forced to about zero amperes by balancing volt-seconds using a voltage clamp mechanism. Furthermore, a pulse driven switch and a synchronized sampling switch are activated, and substantially simultaneously the voltage clamp mechanism... Agent:

20120112927 - Traffic light preemption management system: A method and system for managing a set of traffic lights at an intersection, measuring the Doppler Effect of a signal emitted by a vehicle, where such Doppler Effect being a function of the vehicle movement with respect to said intersection, and deciding as a function of such measure a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120112928 - Traffic signal control system, traffic signal control apparatus, and traffic signal control method (as amended): Provided is a traffic signal control system that can operate in a flexible and sophisticated manner by, after selecting a pattern of a traffic signal control parameter corresponding to the current time using a first pattern switching table that is used in a time-controlled pattern selection scheme, selecting again a... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20120112929 - Smart spacing allocation: A method, system and computer program product for allocating parking spaces for vehicles in a parking area. In one embodiment, the invention provides a system comprising a sensor system for generating output representing measurements of vehicles in the parking area, a marking system for identifying parking spaces in the parking... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

05/03/2012 > 65 patent applications in 52 patent subcategories.

20120105192 - Event notification device, event notification method, program, and recording medium: Provided is an event notification device capable of notifying an event with excellent immediacy without giving a shock or a sense of discomfort to a user. The event notification device 10 of the present invention includes: a notification event detection unit 11 that detects an event to be notified to... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120105193 - Energy efficient cascade of sensors for automatic presence detection: The present invention relates to a method and a system for detecting presence in a predefined space. The system comprises cascade connected sensors (s1, s2, . . . , sn), an output device (1), a control unit (2) and a processing unit (3). The method comprises the steps of activating... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120105194 - Data input device for electronic instrument and method of entering data: A data input device includes: an operation section including an electrostatic capacitance type touch sensor; and a control circuit section which determines if a data input operation is true or false and sends an output data corresponding to a sensed data only when the data input operation is determined as... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20120105195 - Wireless transceiver with recall indicator: The invention is a wireless control system and method for wireless control of a remote electronic system from a vehicle. A trainable transceiver is configured to receive a feedback signal from a remote electronic system indicating success or failure of a requested operation. The feedback signal, which may include status... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20120105196 - Vehicular keyless entry system and portable device therefor: A vehicular keyless entry system is formed of an in-vehicle device and a plurality of portable devices. The portable device stores received checkup area identification information in a memory circuit. The portable device transmits a response signal including the stored checkup area information and portable device identification information, when a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120105198 - In-vehicle device controller: An in-vehicle device controller includes: an in-vehicle unit for controlling an in-vehicle device; and a portable device. The in-vehicle unit includes a request signal transmitter for transmitting a request signal including random information to the portable device. The portable device transmits a response signal in response to the request signal... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120105197 - Techniques for automating rental car transactions: A customer uses a wireless portable device to interact with a remote cloud-based car rental service. Details at check in are recorded and the customer is authorized to take possession of the car. At checkout, additional details are noted, a receipt is produced, and the customer leaves the car at... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20120105199 - Validating sensor data at a community sensor-coordinating entity: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving sensor data from a source associated with a person; comparing the sensor data against a sensor information model of the person that includes a description of the person, a description of a sensor associated with the person, a description of a property associated... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20120105200 - Portable sensor apparatus and biometric recognition-based service system having the same: A portable sensor apparatus allowing a mobile device to obtain biometric recognition data required for providing various services without changing the structure and size of the mobile device, and a biometric recognition-based service system having the same are provided. The portable sensor apparatus interworking with a mobile device through a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120105201 - Validating sensor data at a property sensor-coordinating entity: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving sensor data with preamble information from a sensor at a property associated with a person. The preamble information includes user-identification (ID) information identifying the person; sensor-type information identifying a sensor type of the sensor; sensor-ID information identifying the sensor; and sensor-characteristics information identifying... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20120105202 - Identifying locations within a building using a mobile device: In one embodiment, a method includes displaying on a mobile device, a real time view of a user's environment within a building, communicating wirelessly in the building with a location tracking system operable to identify a location of the mobile device relative to one or more elements in the real... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc. A Corporation Of The State Of California

20120105204 - Method for locating light sources, computer program and locating unit: In at least one embodiment of the method, the latter is set up to locate light sources (1) and has the following steps: a list (L) of light sources (1) in an arrangement (10) is created, each of the light sources (1) having a unique digital identifier (14) with a... Agent: Traxon Technologies Europe Gmbh

20120105203 - System and method for providing personal alerts: Embodiments of the invention are generally related to systems for allowing a person to issue an alert or alarm, and are particularly related to a system and method for providing personal alerts. In accordance with an embodiment, the system comprises a mobile device, such as a cellular telephone or personal... Agent: Nuvel, Inc.

20120105209 - Communication apparatus and portable communication terminal using the same: When commonly using a receiving antenna and a transmitting antenna having mutually opposing characteristics, the present invention makes it possible to commonly use the antennas without deteriorating the characteristics of both antennas. In a communication apparatus including both of an RF-ID function circuit to perform contactless communication with an external... Agent:

20120105207 - Control device for remote control of a system: A control device for remote control of a system provides a containing structure shaped for being moved by a user, an activating arrangement arranged in the containing structure for enabling the control device when it contacts a resting surface on which the containing structure is moved, a position sensor arrangement... Agent: Cefriel-societa Consortile A Responsabilit Limita

20120105206 - Fuel-cell-based cogeneration system with radio frequency identification sensors: The present invention discloses a fuel-cell-based cogeneration system with radio frequency identification (RFID) sensors. The fuel-cell-based cogeneration system with RFID sensors includes the fuel-cell-based cogeneration system and an RFID data processing system. The RFID data processing system captures data of the temperature and flow rate from the RFID sensors, while... Agent: Chung-hsin Electric And Machinery Manufacturing Corp.

20120105205 - Item checkout device with weigh plate antenna: An item checkout device with antenna which minimizes orientation sensitivity of RFID labels. An example checkout device includes a scale, a weigh plate on the scale, a radio frequency identification label reader antenna including a first portion within the weigh plate and a second portion below the first portion, and... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20120105210 - Radio frequency identification tags adapted for localization and state indication: An embodiment of the present invention provides a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, comprising at least one light emitting diode (LED) that is controlled by the RFID's logic and powered by the RFID's power harvesting circuit, wherein the RFID tag is capable of being interrogated by an RFID reader and... Agent:

20120105208 - Transponder systems and methods for radio-over-fiber (rof) wireless picocellular systems: Transponder systems and methods for radio-over-fiber (RoF) wireless picocellular system are disclosed. One type of transponder system includes a RoF transponder used in combination with at least one radiation-reflector assembly to provide for enhanced antenna directivity of the transponder. Another type of transponder system is a transponder node assembly, wherein... Agent:

20120105211 - Apparatus and method for detecting rfid signals: A mixed-mode signal detection apparatus suitable for ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and Type B RFID proximity card applications. The apparatus combines switched capacitor sampling and digital post processing to recover information from Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) modulated signals. A phase detector triggers a pulse generator, which is used to signal... Agent: Security Technologies Inc.

20120105212 - Wireless communication system for tracking assets with affixed electronic smart tags and methods thereof: A wireless bidirectional communication system and method for tracking smart tags affixed to assets located within a defined area. Asset tracking is provided by a central processor operated by a user. The central processor combined with communication modules communicates with the system tags for deriving corresponding assets' locations. Communication is... Agent: Precyse Technologies, Inc.

20120105213 - Information transmission and processing systems and methods for freight carriers: Methods and systems for remotely monitoring trailer or trailers attached to a vehicle is provided. The method includes associating an identification tag or ABS ECU that is configured to broadcast a trailer identification signal with a trailer. The method further includes receiving the trailer identification signal on-board the vehicle, associating... Agent: R+l Carriers, Inc.

20120105214 - Aggregating and routing sensor data at a community sensor-coordinating entity: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving sensor data from multiple sensors associated with multiple persons; for each of the sensors, identifying the person associated with the sensor; determining whether the sensor data are valid; and, for the sensor data that are valid, aggregating them based on the associations of... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20120105215 - Portable reader: The invention generally pertains to a portable gaming currency reader for reading RFID-enabled gaming currency. By way of example, one portable gaming currency reader has a portable reader housing having a currency reading surface, a shielded antenna located adjacent to the currency reading surface for reading and communicating with the... Agent: Gaming Partners International Usa, Inc.

20120105216 - Transmitting secondary remote control signals: A device for receiving a primary remote control signal and sending a secondary remote control signal where the primary remote control signal and the secondary remote control signal have the same signal-format, and where the secondary remote control signal comprises a secondary information value based upon a primary information value... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120105217 - Remote device and remote control system: There is provided a remote device including an image sensing module, a processing unit, an input unit and a transmitter. The image sensing module is configured to detect at least one of a plurality of identification signals to generate an image frame. The processing unit controls the transmitter to send... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20120105218 - Seatbelt alert lighting system and method: The present disclosure provides a system and method for providing seatbelt alert warnings to observers outside of a vehicle, such as law enforcement personnel. A signal responsive to the disengagement of the seatbelt is generated. Responsive to the signal, a source of illumination is switched from a deactivated mode to... Agent:

20120105219 - Immobilizer circuit: An immobilizer device is configured for communicating with a base station. The immobilizer device includes an antenna circuit including three orthogonally-oriented antennas configured to receive a signal from a field generated by a base station. A power circuit is configured to draw power via the field on each of the... Agent:

20120105220 - Method and apparatus for monitoring a vehicular propulsion system battery: A method and apparatus for determining coolant leakage in a vehicular propulsion system battery. An AC isolation resistance test is used to determine whether an isolation fault has occurred within the battery, but can also determine the capacitance of the circuit or system, which can further determine the coolant leakage... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120105221 - Real-time warning system for vehicle windshield and performing method thereof: A real-time warning system for a vehicle windshield and a performing method thereof are disclosed. The real-time warning system includes an image capture unit, an image processing unit, a calculation and control unit, and a robotic optical projection unit. The image capture unit continually captures images appearing in front of... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20120105222 - Status indicator and reminder system for vehicle temporary mobility kit: A status indicator and reminder system for a temporary mobility kit for use in a vehicle having a tire pressure monitoring system. A tire sealant containing temporary mobility kit is fittable within the vehicle. A controller coupled to the temporary mobility kit and the tire pressure monitoring system will generate... Agent:

20120105223 - Lanyard and personal emergency transmitter system: A lanyard device (5) comprises a first cord (10) coupled to a first and second coupling means (20, 30) which can be detachably coupled. The first cord is arranged in a loop that can be worn around a user's (200) neck. The first and second coupling means realize a safety... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120105224 - Light emitting beacon: There is disclosed a stand-alone light emitting beacon including impact and/or pressure sensing electronics which provides an indication that the wearer has been subject to an impact or pressure capable of causing injury, such as concussion. There is also disclosed a helmet comprising a protective shell, at least one LED... Agent:

20120105225 - Apparatus and method for portable tracking: A method for tracking movements in a portable tracking apparatus includes a movement sensor. Virtual object position information is generated and local movement instructions for a user of the portable tracking apparatus is determined based on the generated virtual object position information. The local movement instructions are presented only non-visually... Agent:

20120105226 - Object locating system: An object locating system (10) usable by an intended user (11) for locating an object (44), the object locating system (10) comprising: a first transmitter-receiver unit (12) including a first unit transmitter (100) for selectively transmitting at least one of a first search signal and a second search signal, a... Agent:

20120105228 - Coded warning system for lighting units: The application discloses a method and apparatus for providing a desired warning signal for a lighting unit. A coded warning system is provided employing a detection module (320) and a signal generating module (330), wherein the detection module is configured to obtain information regarding the detection of one or more... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120105227 - Distributed sensor network using existing infrastructure: A distributed sensor network is provided that comprises an existing electrical system infrastructure having a plurality of nodes and providing a source of power; and a plurality of sensors. Each sensor is associated with one of the nodes in the infrastructure. In addition, each sensor obtains power from the source... Agent: Rite-solutions, Inc.

20120105229 - System and method for intruder detection: A beam-interrupt detection based system can provide functionalities such as counting of intruders crossing a given beam. A plurality of such beams at different heights can also allow distinguishing different-sized intruders. A recording can be triggered by detection of intruder movement, thereby improving the efficiency of recording and reviewing information... Agent:

20120105230 - Anti-theft sensor system: An antitheft sensor system includes a covering which is placed around an object to be protected (such as a cable). Sensor wires are located in the covering. Signals are sent through the sensor wires and the wires are monitored for changes in the signals (such as changes in wire resistance)... Agent:

20120105231 - Eas integrated faucet tag assembly: A tag assembly for a faucet that includes a housing, a cover and an electronic article surveillance tag. The housing has a base plate with a top side, a bottom side and a perimeter, an internal wall defining a first section and a second section on the bottom side and... Agent:

20120105232 - Method and system for remotely monitoring a user: A subscription system and corresponding method of operation for monitoring user's well being is disclosed. The method includes the steps of providing, at a user monitor module, a first indicator for the user well being; providing, at a receiving module operably coupled to the user monitor module, a first threshold... Agent: Resource Consortium Limited

20120105233 - Patient support apparatus having alert light: A patient support apparatus includes a bed frame having a head end and a foot end and control circuitry carried by the bed frame. The control circuitry receives information about conditions of the patient support apparatus. A light is coupled to the bed frame adjacent the foot end and is... Agent:

20120105234 - State detecting device, state detecting method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium: Disclosed is a state detecting device that detects characteristic quantities regarding the driver that are represented by biological information such as the eyelid opening degree and frequency of heartbeat of the driver, identifies the group to which the state of the driver belongs between a Group 1 and a Group... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120105235 - Method for identifying dirt and/or dew on components of a voltage intermediate circuit converter: The invention relates to a method for identifying dirt and/or dew on components of a voltage intermediate circuit converter. According to the invention, the temporal curve of a partial discharge pulsed current is detected at least during a precharging process of an intermediate circuit capacitor of the voltage intermediate circuit... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120105236 - Method and apparatus for appliance gas leak detection: A method and apparatus for determining whether an appliance is leaking gas is provided. Pressure measurements are taken after closing off the flow of gas to the appliance and within the appliance so as to isolate the gas within the distribution system of the appliance. If unacceptable changes in the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120105238 - Defibrillator delivering audible prompts to earpiece: Defibrillators, software and methods are provided, for transmitting inaudible audio information to one or more external personal sound devices. The audio information may encode an audible indication, which can thus be played by an external personal sound device to a user such as a rescuer.... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20120105237 - Systems and methods for monitoring containers buried in an enclosed area: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring an enclosed area. In accordance with one implementation, a system is provided that includes monitoring a container in an enclosed area such as a coffin in a cemetery. The container may be buried and covered by obstructing matter. The system also includes a... Agent:

20120105239 - Fault signaling device, particularly for electrical apparatuses such as interlocked sockets: A fault signaling device, particularly for electrical apparatuses such as interlocked sockets and the like has an indicator constituted by a lamp (12) which is directly connected to the terminals of a fuse (5) whose blowing causes the lamp to lighted up. The lamp is mounted in the same supporting... Agent:

20120105240 - Reliability evaluation and system fail warning methods using on chip parametric monitors: A method of reliability evaluation and system fail warning using on chip parametric monitors. The method includes determining impact of parametric variation on reliability by identifying key parametric questions to be answered by stress, identifying parametric macros for each parameter, and identifying layout sensitive areas of evaluation. The process can... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120105241 - Weight based vehicle seat occupant detection device with compensation for seat orientation angle: A weight based occupant detection device that includes a weight sensing device installed in a vehicle seat in a manner effective to sense weight on a seating surface. The weight sensing device is configured to output a weight signal indicative of an occupant weight of a seat occupant residing on... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120105242 - Tension sensor assembly: A tension detector may detect and help correct tension in a lift cable. The cable may include a lift cable within a telescopic structure, such as a telescopic tower. The tension sensor may detect when the cable tension is outside a high tension threshold and a low tension threshold and... Agent:

20120105243 - Radio activated danger warning system: A radio activated danger warning system in the form of a radio activated bush fire warning system 10 comprising transmitting means 12 for transmitting a coded signal to a plurality of geographical zones 14, each zone 14 having a unique code assigned to it. The radio activated bush fire warning... Agent: Rabwa Pty Ltd.

20120105244 - Electronic device and operation method thereof: An electronic device includes a main body, a display module, a storage module, an input module, and a control module all assembled to the main body. The storage module is used for storing a plurality of image files. The control module is electrically connected to the display module, the input... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20120105245 - Aircraft and watercraft emergency information system: A method for collecting and recording external environment data in emergency situation for aircraft and watercraft is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes several modules which collects and records external environment data. At the same time the data and the emergency signal is also sent to control tower in... Agent:

20120105247 - Blackbox position reporting device: Systems and methods are provided for reporting activities at certain locations below sea level. One embodiment includes a flight recorder system for collecting and reporting activities at specific locations below sea level. Further, the system is configured to provide automatic, real-time, collection of aircraft data and then transmission of such... Agent:

20120105246 - Contactless underwater communication device: This invention provides, inter alia, communication devices for contactless underwater data transmission and reception. In one embodiment the present invention provides a transmitting device comprising (a) a water-tight housing; (b) a radiative element disposed outside of the housing, said radiative element comprising at least two antennae, wherein the radiative element... Agent: General Electric Company

20120105248 - Physiological data acquisition and management system for use with an implanted wireless sensor: Aspects and embodiments of the present invention provide a system for obtaining, processing and managing data from an implanted sensor. In some embodiments, a patient or other persons can use a flexible antenna to obtain data from the implanted sensor. The flexible antenna includes at least one transmit loop and... Agent: Cardiomems, Inc.

20120105249 - Method and distributed system for detecting and managing data from a plurality of measuring devices: A method for acquiring and managing data from a plurality of measuring instruments includes acquiring data from at least one measuring instrument disposed in each of at least one measurement station. The data is provided to a server computing unit. The data is processed in the server computing unit with... Agent: T-systems International Gmbh

20120105250 - Signal apparatus for facilitating safe backup of vehicles: Systems and methods which allow a spotter external to a vehicle to provide signals to a driver of the vehicle in order to facilitate safe backup operations of the vehicle are disclosed. A wireless transmitter, in wireless communication with a receiver positioned within the vehicle, is operated by the spotter.... Agent: Reverse Control, Inc.

20120105251 - Parking assist overlay with variable brightness intensity: A parking assist system overlay that adjusts the color and/or intensity of locus lines at a predetermined steering wheel angle to alert a vehicle operator that static or dynamic locus lines should be followed to ensure the vehicle successfully reaches a target parking space... Agent:

20120105252 - Wireless traffic sensor system: Embodiments of the present invention provide a wireless traffic sensor system. The system includes a plurality of wireless traffic sensors collecting traffic information from one or more vehicles that pass by; and at least one wireless communication device that receives the traffic information from at least one of the wireless... Agent:

20120105253 - Failsafe led control system: A display system comprises first and second LED panels for displaying first and second priority aviation data, a power supply, a modulator, a processor and a logic gate. The modulator generates a modulated voltage for the second LED panel, where the second priority data are displayed at a modulated brightness.... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120105254 - Warning light for atmospheric electrical generator: A warning light for use with a lighter than air balloon comprises a central core with one or more light sources coupled to the central core. Rotors are rotatably coupled to the central core with each of the rotors having a mirrored surface and a non-mirror surface. When the rotors... Agent:

20120105255 - Maintenance decision support system and method: A method and system are provided in which maintenance vehicles collect information from sensors and operators, forward the collected information to a server, and, in response, receive maps and operator instructions.... Agent:

20120105256 - Electronic device and method for managing bus services: An electronic device and method for managing bus services includes a determination of a target bus route according to destination information input by a passenger, and a generation of riding information. A bus of the target bus route approaching a current bus stop where the passenger is located is determined... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

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