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Communications: electrical April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 44 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120098637 - Electronic apparatus, remote controller and remote control system: An electronic apparatus is remotely controlled based on a remote control signal transmitted from a remote controller using radio wave. The electronic apparatus contains a communication module that receives the remote control signal transmitted from the remote controller and an electronic apparatus main body that performs predetermined processing based on... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120098636 - Remotely controlling one or more client devices detected over a wireless network using a mobile device: According to one general aspect, a method according to the present application includes remotely controlling wirelessly networked devices via a mobile unit, The method includes receiving, at a mobile unit and from a user, an input, analyzing the input to identify a networked device associated with the input, determining whether... Agent:

20120098639 - Method and apparatus for providing a device unlock mechanism: A method for providing a device unlock mechanism for touch screen devices may include receiving an indication of a pinch event at a touch screen display generating a locked screen that prevents user interaction with hidden content obscured by the locked screen, generating a preview window providing visibility of a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120098640 - Biometric-based identity confirmation: Embodiments of the present invention provide an approach for confirming/verifying an identity of a test taker using a biometric analysis. For example, in the medical field, it is desirous to ensure that a given test is being administered to a correct individual (e.g., “test taker’). By comparing a given/submitted identity... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120098638 - Systems and methods of operating a secured facility: In one embodiment, a method of providing security operations in a secured facility in which access control operations are performed, wherein the secured facility includes a plurality of access control units physically distributed at different physical locations within the secured facility, comprises: performing access control decisions for the user of... Agent:

20120098643 - rfid reading apparatus and a reading and association method: The invention relates to an RFID reading apparatus arranged stationary at a conveyor device. The RFID information is read in that during a reading procedure a transponder signal is generated for which purpose an RFID information of a frequency in a base band is modulated by back-scatter modulation onto a... Agent: Sick Ag

20120098642 - Luggage tag with bi-state display: A batteryless luggage tag having UHF and RFID capabilities and a bi-state display. The luggage tag has a housing, a processor, a near-field antenna, a UHF antenna and a bi-state display. The processor and the bi-state display are powered by energy received through the near-field antenna.... Agent:

20120098644 - Method and apparatus for visualizing recognition area of rfid: A method and apparatus for visualizing a recognition area of a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader are provided. The recognition area of the RFID reader is visualized by at least one beam indicating a recognition direction, recognition distance, and recognition angle of the RFID reader. The visualized recognition area is... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120098646 - Physiological sensor system with automatic authentication and validation by means of a radio frequency identification protocol with an integrated rfid interrogator system: This invention relates to a physiological sensor which acquires pre-programmed data from an electrode or an electrode array using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The source of the sensor may be authenticated by means of a wireless interface between an RFID transponder affixed to the electrode array, and an RFID... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20120098645 - Remotely powered reconfigurable receiver for extreme sensing platforms: Unmanned space programs are currently used to enable scientists to explore and research the furthest reaches of outer space. Systems and methods for low power communication devices in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed, describing a wide variety of low power communication devices capable of remotely collecting, processing,... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20120098641 - Stake with rfid tag for outdoor asset tracking: A stake carrying an RFID tag comprises a metal body with an indentation formed into the body wherein the RFID tag is secured within the indentation. Advantageously, the indentation is sized such that when the RFID tag is placed therein, a clearance is formed around the RFID tag. A pressure... Agent:

20120098647 - Method and system for inputting user instructions of a user-controllable telecommunication device: A method and systems for inputting user instructions to central controller of a service provider. The user instruction is inputted based on transmission of RFID identification data of a RFID transponder to the central controller. The RFID identification data of a RFID transponder is transmitted to a RFID transceiver, having... Agent:

20120098648 - Data processing and charging apparatus for wireless ic tags: The data processing and charging apparatus 10 for wireless IC tags according to this invention includes a vibration/alignment unit 15 for aligning wireless IC tags in the same direction by applying vibrating force, a distribution unit 16 for distributing the fed wireless IC tags in the aligned state to plural... Agent:

20120098650 - Device and method for setting adjustment control: A device and a method are provided for setting adjustment control for a device. The method comprises acts of generating a time base signal that is synchronized to an Alternating Current (AC) voltage, and generating a modulated AC voltage in response to an input control signal, which is referenced to... Agent:

20120098649 - Electronic open-loop or closed-loop control device for electrically powered furniture: a microprocessor, which carries out the open-loop and/or closed-loop control functions during operation, and an interface for wire-free communication between the open-loop or closed-loop control device and the outside world, wherein the microprocessor and the interface are arranged in a common housing and are arranged either on printed circuit boards... Agent:

20120098651 - Method and apparatus for displaying system status with a wide range of viewing angle: A network device and method for improving performance monitoring capabilities using wide view angle indicators are disclosed. The network device or system, in one embodiment, includes a first plate, a second plate, and a first light source. The first plate includes an edge lip or lip containing a graphic viewing... Agent: Netgear, Inc.

20120098652 - Bright onboard display: The present invention, Bright OnBoard Display and Control System, relates to a communication system, and more specifically to a message display unit. Bright Onboard Display and Control System utilizes illumination technology configured to display preset or user programmable text messages and graphics. The onboard display can be rectangular-shaped LCD, LED,... Agent:

20120098653 - Worksite proximity warning and collision avoidance system: A proximity warning and collision avoidance for a machine on a worksite operating near obstacles is disclosed. The proximity warning system includes an operator interface including first group of visual indicators including a low level indicator and a high level indicator, a second group of visual indicators including a low... Agent:

20120098654 - Heavy equipment proximity sensor: A safety system for an ore processing facility using a mobile mechanisms such as dozer-type wheeled vehicles operating in proximity with an excavator providing ore to a remote milling site. Each mobile mechanism employs a transmitter transmitting a signal on a first frequency which is sensed by the excavator and... Agent:

20120098656 - Method for generating turn-signal sound of vehicle and device using the same: There is provided a method for generating turn-signal sound of a vehicle and a device using the method which can output from a speaker the turn-signal sound close to operating sound of a mechanical relay. The method outputs a pulse signal for turn-signal sound having varying frequency and duty ratio... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120098655 - Smart light with power backup: The disclosed inventions comprise a device that may be mechanically and electrically associated with a typical lighting fixture found in a building or home, has low power consumption, provide a typical lighting when such lighting fixture is providing power to the device and comprises a battery backup to provide an... Agent:

20120098657 - Tracking lane marker position through use of information-transmiting device: Detecting position of the vehicle with respect to the lane marker lines through use of information-transmitting devices has been proposed. At least one row of information-transmitting wireless devices is provided for a lane marker line, wherein each of the devices is adapted for transmitting information to a reader usable for... Agent:

20120098658 - Apparatus for the wireless monitoring of linear heat detection systems for storage tank roofs: An fire monitoring apparatus for large storage tanks of combustible fluids permits wireless communication between a Linear Heat Detector system and a Fire Control system. The system comprises a Communication Unit and a Remote Unit. The Communication Unit relays status and control signals between the Fire Control system and the... Agent:

20120098659 - Global location system: Embodiments of the present invention allow a user to locate lost items on a global basis without the need for a paired transmitter device. The missing item may be located using a call in phone number, SMS message, or through a web-based or mobile device application. The missing item (or... Agent:

20120098660 - Method and apparatus for determining the amount of media on an elevator that supports a media stack in an image production device: A method and apparatus for determining the amount of media on an elevator that supports a media stack in an image production device is disclosed. The method may include sensing one or more identification mark on a segmented positional reference scale, determining the elevator's position based on the sensed one... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120098661 - Detector and optical system: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a detector comprising first and second lenses for use with respective first and second sensing means; each lens comprising a plurality of Fresnel facets having respective fields of view adapted such that the fields of view of the first lens are alternately arranged... Agent: Pyronix Limited

20120098662 - Safety system, method, and electronic gate with the safety system: An electronic gate includes a foldable portion, a motor, a camera, a switch, and a safety system. The foldable portion is located between a first support and a second support. The motor controls the foldable portion. The camera captures an image between the first support and the second support. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120098663 - Tamper protection system for preventing theft of cargo: A tamper protection system (1) for preventing theft of cargo comprising a flexible cover sheet (3) for covering said cargo ; a first set of electrically conductive wires (5) distributed along the flexible cover sheet; and a measurement and processing circuitry (6). The measurement and processing circuitry is configured to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120098664 - Rfid system: The present invention provides an automated system for asset tracking and management and utilizes near field Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology. RFID tags are attached to the assets, and RFID antennas (and corresponding readers) are strategically located in close proximity to read the tags. As applied to a rack or... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20120098665 - Theft deterrent device: A theft deterrent device includes a carrier having a pivotally mounted pin and an alarm tag for receiving the pin to secure the carrier and alarm tag together when secured on an item of merchandise by an adhesive pad on the carrier. Spaced electrical contacts within the alarm tag receive... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20120098666 - Detecting and automatically responding to airborne hydrocarbon gas: Embodiments of the invention include a system and method for controllably delivering hydrocarbon gas to a hydrocarbon gas-fueled device. According to one embodiment, a valve having an open state and a closed state is used to control the flow of hydrocarbon gas from a pressure vessel to a supply line.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120098667 - Method for monitoring the operation of a metal detection system and metal detection system: A method for monitoring the operation of a metal detection system that comprises a balanced coil system with a transmitter coil that is connected to a transmitter unit, which provides transmitter signals having a fixed or variable transmitter frequency, and with a first and a second receiver coil that provide... Agent: Mettler-toledo Safeline Limited

20120098668 - Infusion monitoring alarm and method for monitoring and alarming for intravenous infusion: An infusion monitoring alarm is attached to an infusion tube between a solution bottle and a dripping chamber, including a clamping piece; at least two polar plates forming a capacitor; a capacitance measurement unit configured to measure a capacitance of the capacitor; a micro control unit configured to collect data... Agent:

20120098669 - Solar powered devices using location-based energy control and method for operation of solar powered devices: A solar powered device and a method of operating such a device to allow it to receive and store information about its physical location, from which it can determine the minimum expected solar energy levels that will be available to it. Based on the minimum expected levels, the device then... Agent: Carmanah Technologies Corp.

20120098670 - Signaling method and device for impaired function of an electronic power system in a multiple-phase alternator: The signalling method is implemented in an electronic power system (6) of a multiple-phase alternator. The system (6) is of the type comprising a set of rectifiers (5) capable of rectifying the voltage of phases (Ph1, Ph2, Ph3, Ph4, Ph5, Ph6) produced by the alternator, and a control assembly (2,... Agent:

20120098671 - Dynamic pet imaging with isotope contamination compensation: A nuclear imaging system includes a scanner (8), such as a PET scanner. A patient is injected with a [13N]ammonia radioisotope tracer which is contaminated with a small percent of 18F contamination. The scanner receives radiation from the injected tracer and a reconstruction processor (28) reconstructs the detected radiation into... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120098672 - Arc fault detection method and apparatus: Load current from an electrical AC supply circuit is monitored so that both high frequency (10-100 kHz), and low frequency (60 Hz) signal current components are measured over certain time periods. A high frequency energy component is measured in an integral fashion, e.g., summing a plurality of samples taken. A... Agent: Cooper Technologies Company

20120098673 - Method and apparatus for displaying system status with a wide range of viewing angle: Network device includes a plate, an OTST plate, and a light source. First plate is situated at a first side of the network device wherein the first side can be the front side of device. OTST plate is situated at a second side of the network device and positioned substantially... Agent: Netgear, Inc.

20120098674 - Wireless subsea monitoring and control system: A subsea system for producing or processing a hydrocarbon production fluid comprises a plurality of sensors, each of which generates a sensor signal that is representative of a condition of a component of the system or a property of a fluid. A base unit mounted on or adjacent the system... Agent: Fmc Technologies Inc.

20120098675 - Verfahren zum lokalisieren eines bohrgerÄts einer erdbohrvorrichtung method for localizing a boring device of an earth boring apparatus: The invention relates to a method for localizing a drilling device of an earth drilling apparatus, wherein a localization signal is emitted by the drilling device, said signal being received by an external receiver and evaluated for determining the position of the drilling device, wherein an output signal, which is... Agent: Rayonex Schwingungstechnik Gmbh

20120098676 - Information providing system, information center, in-vehicle device and information providing method: An information providing system (1) for providing a passenger with information includes an in-vehicle device (30) installed in an electric vehicle (EVn), wherein the passenger is provided with the information via the in-vehicle device (30). The in-vehicle device (30) includes a notifier (38) for notifying the passenger of a congested... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20120098677 - Navigation apparatus, server apparatus and method of collecting parking location information: A navigation apparatus (200) comprises a processing resource (202) operably coupled to a receiver (224) for location-related data and arranged to perform, when in use, location determination. The processing resource (202) supports a parking location determination module (266). The parking location determination module (266) is arranged to determine when the... Agent:

20120098678 - Method for assessing driver attentiveness: A method is provided for assessing the attentiveness of the driver of motor vehicle traveling in a lane including, but not limited to detecting the position of the motor vehicle on the lane transverse to the direction of travel, determining the extent of fluctuations of the position, and assessing the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120098679 - Electronic flight data display instrument: An electronic display instrument configured to secure in a desired position over multiple pre-existing instrument holes in a dashboard of an aircraft in place of multiple conventional display instruments, each conventional instrument having a conventional readout. The instrument comprises a display screen having a plurality of readouts corresponding to the... Agent:

04/19/2012 > 71 patent applications in 52 patent subcategories.

20120092124 - Method and apparatus to accommodate both a learn mode of operation and a pairing mode of operation during a relationship-establishment mode of operation: A control circuit initiates a relationship-establishment mode of operation and operates in both a learn mode of operation and a pairing mode of operation. When the control circuit completes one of these modes of operation (for example, the learn mode of operation, the pairing mode of operation, or either) the... Agent:

20120092126 - Biometric module for vehicle access control: A biometric module for a vehicle access control employs a base assembly and a cover assembly which is pivotally mounted to the base assembly. The cover assembly forms a chute and has an access opening at one end. A bio-reader, which is preferably a fingerprint reader, is located adjacent the... Agent:

20120092127 - Multifunctional input device for authentication and security applications: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for a combined sensor device. In some implementations, the combined sensor device may enable a single touchscreen to perform additional functions such as handwriting input and fingerprint recognition. In some implementations, these multiple features allow increased security through user authentication, and allow better... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20120092128 - Vehicular electronic key system: A vehicular electronic key system includes a vehicle having a key cylinder and a portable device. The portable devise includes a key body and a mechanical key. The key body is communicatable with the vehicle. The mechanical key is attachable to and detachable from the key body and mechanically rotates... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120092125 - Method and apparatus pertaining to message-based functionality: A movable barrier operator transmits a message to a remote peripheral platform and, upon determining that the remote peripheral platform is presently able to carry out a given functionality, responsively permits a particular function to be carried out by the movable barrier operator. Conversely, upon determining that it cannot be... Agent:

20120092129 - Method to track vehicle key near vehicle for smart entry: An entry system for a vehicle includes a fob, a transmitter on the vehicle, a receiver on the vehicle, a control unit on the vehicle, and a vehicle lock in communication with the control unit. The fob is configured to transmit fob signals and to receive vehicle signals. The transmitter... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120092131 - Annular light guide illuminator and optical scanner: The disclosed annular light guide illuminator (10) is operable to guide light from its entry surface (12) to its exit surface (16) for illuminating a zone (17) at its distal end (19), and comprises a truncated-cone-shaped inner cavity (18) of which base opens onto said distal end (19), and of... Agent: Sicpa Holding Sa

20120092134 - Determining item location within a space based on feedback from radio frequency identification (rfid) readers and tags: The present disclosure describes a system, methods and apparatus for determining location of an item within a space. Each particular item is associated with a particular Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) item tag that uniquely identifies the particular item. A plurality of fixed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers are provided in... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20120092133 - Portable electronic apparatus and control method of portable electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, a portable electronic apparatus which generates random number and makes response at timing associated with the generated random number, including, a reception unit which receives initial response request from external device, recognition unit which recognizes total time frame number set in external device based on initial... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120092130 - System and method for operating a synchronized wireless network: A system and method for operating a wireless network comprising a plurality of devices each having a powered down mode, a receive/transmit mode, and a timer, may include a master device and a defined time interval. Time interval information and synchronizing information are communicated to the plurality of devices of... Agent:

20120092132 - Tracking system and method: A tracking apparatus (1) comprising: a first mobile transceiver unit (2), and a second mobile transceiver unit (3), the first mobile transceiver unit being in wireless communication with the second mobile transceiver unit for the transfer of data therebetween, the first mobile transceiver unit being arranged for location within an... Agent: Edith Cowan University

20120092135 - Wireless bed locating system: A system includes a unit having associated therewith first identification (ID) data. The unit is mountable to a room wall and has a first transmitter that transmits the first ID data wirelessly. The system also includes a hospital bed having associated therewith second ID data. The hospital bed is spaced... Agent:

20120092136 - Radio frequency identification system and tag counting ending method for anti-collision thereof: The present invention provides a radio frequency identification (RFID) system and a tag counting ending method for anti-collision thereof. The RFID system comprises a reader-writer and tags. The tag counting ending method comprises: in the counting process, when the reader-writer does not receive a response signal from a tag and... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120092138 - Data writing apparatus writing data to wireless ic tags: The present invention is aimed at providing an apparatus to firmly write data to wireless IC tags and to charge wireless IC tags having been written with data to the object to be charged. The data writing apparatus 1 includes a radio communication means 2 for writing data to wireless... Agent:

20120092137 - Near field communication device and method for near field communication: Near field communication (NFC) device including a processor and a front end unit (FEU) to communicate with an external reader/writer device. The FEU stores, by first memory, a first number of sets of application parameters, each set including first and second identifiers. The processor stores, by second memory, the application... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120092139 - Method for operating a household appliance, portable operating unit and household appliance: In a method for operating a household appliance, a portable operating unit is docked to a selected one of a plurality of household appliances. The selected household appliance is identified using the portable operating unit which is then configured to operate the selected household appliance only. The portable operating unit... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xc4 Te Gmbh

20120092140 - System and method for controlling functions on electronic devices: A system and method are provided that adapt or configure an electronic device to be capable of detecting movement of the plug of a headset relative to a socket therefore (i.e. be capable of detecting relative movement of the coupling between the headset and the device). The plug can then... Agent:

20120092142 - Detecting actuation of electrical devices using electrical noise over a power line: Activity sensing in the home has a variety of important applications, including healthcare, entertainment, home automation, energy monitoring and post-occupancy research studies. Many existing systems for detecting occupant activity require large numbers of sensors, invasive vision systems, or extensive installation procedures. Disclosed is an approach that uses a single plug-in... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20120092141 - Power supply device: There is provided a power supply apparatus capable of supplying information as a power line communication signal superimposed on a voltage of a commercial frequency, although currents of the commercial frequency are not supplied to power receiving side external equipment, and capable of supplying power to a specific external apparatus... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120092143 - Method for selecting a controllable device: The present invention relates to a method for selecting at least one of a plurality of controllable devices (121-123), wherein each of the controllable devices (121-123) is adapted to transmit a distinguishable signal. The method comprising the steps of receiving (301) the signals from the plurality of controllable devices by... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120092144 - Electronic device, control device and control method thereof: An electronic device, a device for controlling the electronic device, and a control method for controlling the electronic device are provided. The electronic device including: a first communication unit which is connected to, and communicates with, another electronic device; a second communication unit which communicates with a control device used... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120092145 - Gunfire sound system: A device includes a housing and a hammer. A motor is coupled to the hammer to move the hammer away from a side of the housing and release the hammer. A tension spring is coupled to the hammer to cause the hammer to strike the housing after the hammer is... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120092146 - Method for expressing haptic information using control information, and system for transmitting haptic information: Provided is a method for expressing haptic information using control information, and a system for transmitting haptic information. In the method for expressing haptic information using control information, a tactile video is generated from tactile information for driving a drive array of a tactile device; force feedback data are generated... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

20120092147 - Electronic device with automatic notification function for personal emergency and method thereof: An electronic device having an automatic notification function for a personal emergency is provided. The electronic device includes a position unit, a storage unit, a collision sensing unit, a processing unit, and a communications unit. The position unit provides locating information of the electronic device using longitude and latitude. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120092148 - Cellular telephone detection and alarm activator for vehicular safety: Methods and devices are disclosed that generally involve deterring the use of portable electronic devices (“PEDs”) while operating a motor vehicle by triggering one or more visible or audible alerts when such use is detected. These alerts can be sufficiently embarrassing or irritating to the vehicle operator to cause them... Agent:

20120092149 - Tire inspection apparatus: A inspection apparatus arranged with a plurality of cameras located at relatively displaced circumferential positions and set for the respective shooting positions different from each other in the axial direction of the tire. Thus the images of the inner circumferential surface of the tire are shot by the plurality of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Bridgestone

20120092150 - Brake monitoring system: An air brake monitoring system for monitoring a pressure of the system and providing various alarms and/or warnings to a user. The air brake monitoring system configurable to function with the existing wiring of the vehicle and including an air brake monitoring device to be positioned in the vicinity of... Agent:

20120092151 - Electronic control circuit for lamps of a vehicle: An electronic control circuit controls a vehicle's lamp to selectively operate as a turning signal, emergency signal, or vehicle running lamp. Notably, the circuit permits the lamp to operate as an emergency signal lamp even when the vehicle is off. The circuit includes a supply circuit, a control circuit, and... Agent: Custom Dynamics LLC

20120092152 - Method and device for obtaining alarm solution: The present invention provides a method and a device for obtaining an alarm solution, wherein the source alarm of the alarm currently examined is found according to the preset correlations among alarms (100), and the alarm solution corresponding to the found source alarm is used as the solution for the... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120092153 - Rest and rss enabled access control panel: A method and apparatus are provided for operating a security system. The method includes providing a security system having at least one sensor, coupling a detected state of the at least one sensor to a web server, the web server publishing the detected state and a remotely located user subscribing... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120092154 - Systems and methods for monitoring conditions: Systems and methods for monitoring conditions are provided. A system can comprise a plurality of wireless transmitters and a plurality of repeaters. At least one wireless transmitter can be integrated into an alarm. The repeaters can be dispersed throughout a region at defined locations. The system can also include a... Agent: Sipco, LLC

20120092155 - Body area networks: where said one device is acting as a relay for low-priority links with other devices (13), maintaining, modifying or dropping those low-priority links in dependence upon whether or not the other devices are in emergency, a level of congestion or QoS of the high-priority link, and/or the electrical power available... Agent:

20120092156 - Personal emergency response (per) system: A method of automatically requesting assistance for a patient includes wearing a wireless device with one or more accelerometers on the patient to detect patient motion; determining a fall based on detected motions; and automatically requesting assistance for the patient if needed.... Agent:

20120092157 - Personal emergency response (per) system: A system includes one or more sensors mounted on a mobile patient; a wireless transceiver to communicate with a remote station; and a processor coupled to the sensor and the wireless transceiver to request assistance if the processor detects a fall by the mobile patient.... Agent:

20120092158 - Integrated mobile identification system with intrusion system that detects intruder: A method and apparatus are provided for identifying wireless devices within a security system. The method includes the steps of providing a security system monitoring a secured area for an intruder, the security system detecting an intrusion of the secured area, the security system detecting a mobile device within the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120092159 - Failsafe signal transmission for wireless sensor mesh: An apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a plurality of transceivers arranged in a mesh network that each synchronously communicate with at least one other of the plurality of transceivers in an assigned slot of a TDMA channel, at least a first of the plurality of transceivers asynchronously transmitting a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120092160 - Dual-signaling location system: A dual-signaling location system including a location device and a cellular phone case. The location device may include a sensor fob including an electronic mechanism, where said electronic mechanism activates a location button and a fob alarm; and a chain to attach said sensor fob to a key ring, where... Agent:

20120092161 - Systems and methods for notifying proximal community members of an emergency or event: Aspects of the present disclosure generally relate to systems and methods for an automated community notification system (“CNS”) that is configured to notify certain individuals with relevant information relating to occurrence of an event or emergency at a given geographical location. Generally, aspects of the system include operative connections to... Agent: Smartwatch, Inc.

20120092162 - Infectious disease warning system: A system comprising a portable unit which can be temporarily placed outside a patient room comprising a processor, memory, a speaker or voice generator, and programming to allow an authorized user to select (A) a disease or medical condition which corresponds to preprogrammed simulated voice warnings, for example “wash hands,”... Agent:

20120092163 - Intruder detection and interdiction system and methods for using the same: Intruder detection and interdiction system and method for using the same. An intruder detection system comprises sensor devices, countermeasure devices, and a control unit connected to the sensor and countermeasure devices. Sensor devices include voice recognition components. The system may detect intruders with the sensor devices, query for identification by... Agent:

20120092164 - Device and its use for deterring wearing and returing of merchandise: Provided is a device for deterring purchase-wear-return of merchandise, particularly women's dresses, by a consumer.... Agent:

20120092165 - Digital disc alarm: An alarm for digital storage discs includes an alarm module positioned within the central indention found in conventional CD and DVD jewel cases. A lid sensor in communication with the alarm module includes a pair of spaced trigger arms that form an ovate opening. A nodule on the uppermost arm... Agent:

20120092166 - Synchronization of electronic article surveillance systems having metal detection: A method and system are provided for minimizing metal detection signal interference by dividing a standard EAS system metal detection burst timeslot into a plurality of timeslots per burst in order to minimize triggering metal detection false alarm signals between adjacent metal detection systems. The method and system include synchronizing... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20120092167 - Apparatus and method for playing and/or generating audio content for an audience: The present invention relates to an apparatus and a corresponding method for playing and/or generating audio content for an audience, comprising a sensor input that receives sensor data from one or more sensors monitoring the audience, a situation recognition unit that analyzes said sensor data to identify characteristic movement patterns... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120092169 - Method of assessing human fall risk using mobile systems: A method for determining the motive instability of an individual using foot pressure, foot speed and foot direction data collected from sensors on shoes. The sensed data is used to determine the minimum number and the placement of pressure sensors in the shoe. The data from the sensors is processed... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120092168 - Signal converting cradle for medical condition monitoring and management system: A monitoring apparatus is disclosed which includes a receiver unit for receiving data and outputting a first alert signal based on the received data; and a docking unit comprising a converter unit which converts the first alert signal when the receiver unit is connected to the docking unit.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.

20120092170 - Gesture-based animal trainer: A gesture-based animal trainer is provided. The gesture-based animal trainer is configured to be used by a person that provides gesture commands to an animal. As used herein, the term “gesture commands” refers to gestures that are each associated with a respective animal training command, wherein a gesture is defined... Agent: Radio Systems Corporation

20120092171 - Mobile device sleep monitoring using environmental sound: A sleep monitoring application is installed on a mobile device. The mobile device is placed in a location when a user sleeps and records environmental sound. The sleep monitoring application determines indicators of sleep activity such as breathing sounds made by the user, and determines a sleep state of the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120092172 - User fatigue: Detect a head position of a user viewing a display device with a sensor, determine a duration of the user viewing the display device, identify a user fatigue in response to the head position, and provide a response to the user with the display device based on the user fatigue... Agent:

20120092173 - Alert generation: The different illustrative embodiments provide a method, apparatus, and computer program product for generating alerts. Responsive to an occurrence of an event, a current gaze zone in a plurality of gaze zones associated with a current view of an operator is identified. A desired gaze zone in the plurality of... Agent:

20120092174 - Well fluid leak detection and response apparatus and method: Embodiments of the inventive technology may provide a leaked fluid detection and response system in one aspect, and in another aspect, an environmental enclosure for at least a component of such leaked fluid detection system. Various embodiments of the leaked fluid detection and response system may provide wireless communication of... Agent: Ur Technologies, LLC

20120092175 - Pre-smoke detector and system for use in early detection of developing fires: A pre-smoke detector and system for use in the early detection of developing fires whereby vapors of marker chemicals generated during the melting and/or smoldering of common household materials are detected before detection by conventional smoke detectors. Vapors resulting from the heating and resultant vaporization of substances are detected as... Agent:

20120092176 - Calibration of an electro-optical signal path of a sensor device by online signal level monitoring: A sensor device detects an object, in particular for optically detecting smoke particles. The sensor device contains a transmitting device for emitting transmit radiation, a receiving device for receiving receive radiation having scattering radiation that is generated by an at least partial scattering of the transmit radiation by the object,... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120092177 - Electricity meter tampering detection: Tampering with an electricity network is detected from an electricity meter by transmitting a probe signal over at least part of the electricity network (12) from a signal source (106a) in the electricity meter (10). A reflected signal produced by reflection of the probe signal in the electricity network (12)... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120092178 - Methods and apparatus for conformal sensing of change in motion at an arbitrarily-shaped surface: Sensing a change in motion proximate to an arbitrarily-shaped surface via a single sensing element (e.g., a pressure sensor, an accelerometer) disposed on a flexible substrate having a sufficient mechanical coupling to the arbitrarily-shaped surface. The change in motion may include at least one of an acceleration, an orientation, a... Agent: Mc10, Inc.

20120092180 - Predictive analysis for remote machine monitoring: Methods for predicting a machine event are described. In one aspect, a method includes receiving data for current events for the machine, and determining whether the data for the current events is within operational limits. The method also includes, when the data for the current events is within operational limits,... Agent:

20120092179 - System and method for turbine bucket tip shroud deflection measurement: A measurement system measures a gap between a plurality of rotating bucket tips and a stationary shroud surface. The system includes a sensor secured to the shroud surface, where the sensor senses a distance between each of the rotating bucket tips and the shroud surface, and a key phasor indexing... Agent:

20120092181 - Event sensor including printed electronic circuit: An event sensor device comprises a detector and circuitry, connected thereto, produced by printed electronics processes. This circuitry may be comprised of fixed characteristic devices, such as a series resistive chain, or variable characteristic devices such as thin film transistors (TFTs) and the like. A pulse is input to the... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120092182 - Method for event sensing employing a printed event sensor: A method for event sensing employs an event sensor comprising a detector and circuitry, connected thereto, produced by printed electronics processes. Operation may rely on fixed characteristic devices, such as a series resistive chain, or variable characteristic devices such as thin film transistors (TFTs) and the like. A pulse is... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120092183 - Emergency lighting system with projected directional indication: An emergency lighting device for providing a directional indication on a recipient surface with first and second guidance indication light sources retained relative to a housing to emit beams of light, each with a directional indication, onto a recipient surface. The light sources can be individually operable and can have... Agent:

20120092184 - Method for synchronizing meter clocks in a network: Methods and systems are provided for synchronizing meter clocks in both basic residential meters and in advanced and C&I meters with advanced communication modules. The synchronization methods and systems provide easy-to-manage solutions from the head end, without impacting billing data.... Agent: Trilliant Incorporated

20120092185 - Vehicular annuniciation device and method for notifying proximity of vehicle: An electromagnetic alarm device includes a current interrupter to interrupt an electricity supply to a coil on application of a self-excited voltage to oscillate a diaphragm with a moving core to generate a first alarm sound including a fundamental tone at a first predetermined frequency, when a switch is manipulated... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120092187 - Traffic event monitoring: Information on a traffic event, such as a traffic accident, may be provided to a vehicle equipped with a system for performing a wireless data communication with a traffic event center. The system can determine automatically if the vehicle approaches the traffic event by receiving corresponding information in a wireless... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20120092186 - Wireless communication device: A wireless communication device adapted for transmitting and receiving information in a wireless access in vehicular environment (WAVE) is proposed. The wireless communication device includes a WAVE module. The WAVE module broadcasts a WAVE announcement frame as a beacon, where the beacon includes a WAVE service information element (WSIE), and... Agent: Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd.

20120092188 - Road gantry: The invention relates to a road gantry comprising a horizontal beam (2), the upper surface (21) of which constitutes a passageway for service personnel to cross, the gantry being characterised in that it comprises arms (25) for bearing apparatuses (30) for monitoring road traffic, electronic toll collection, or signaling, wherein... Agent: Sanef

20120092191 - Computer-implemented system and method for hands-free tagging and reserving of parking spaces: A computer-implemented system and method for tagging a parking space for a motor vehicle through a gesture is provided. Motor vehicle parking spaces are managed through a server. Smart parking devices physically proximate to the parking spaces are interfaced. Vehicle occupancy sensors also physically proximate the parking spaces are interfaced.... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120092190 - Computer-implemented system and method for managing motor vehicle parking reservatons: A computer-implemented system and method for managing motor vehicle parking reservations is provided. Motor vehicle parking spaces are managed through a server. Smart parking devices physically proximate to the parking spaces are interfaced with the server. Vehicle occupancy sensors physically proximate to the parking spaces are interfaced with the server.... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120092189 - Estimating parking space occupancy using radio-frequency identification: An example system configured to determine a status of a parking space includes an RFID reader, and at least one RFID tag positioned at the parking space. The RFID reader interrogates the RFID tag. The RFID reader determines that the parking space is unoccupied when the RFID reader receives a... Agent: Federal Signal Corporation

20120092192 - Method, system and apparatus for controlling an electrical device: A system, method and apparatus for controlling an electrical device are provided. At least one image of at least one moving entity is processed to determine when the moving entity (or entities) is at least one of entering and exiting a monitored area, and to determine when the moving entity... Agent:

20120092193 - Method and device for aiding the managing of air operations with required navigation and guidance performance: The device (1) comprises means for implementing monitorings, and means (5) for determining a global status that indicates if the aircraft is able to carry out air operations with required performance.... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20120092194 - Transportation alert application for a mobile communication device: A system and method for providing notification about approaching transportation. A transportation notification application on a mobile communication device associated with a transportation vehicle is activated. An operator of the transportation vehicle selects a predefined route, having multiple transportation stops to be traversed by the transportation vehicle, from the transportation... Agent: Crucs Holdings, LLC

04/12/2012 > 41 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20120086543 - Data buffer apparatus with wireless transmission function: The present invention relates to a data buffer apparatus with wireless transmission function, including a transmission interface module, a memory module, a wireless transmission module and a microprocessor module. The transmission interface module is coupled to a monitoring unit and continuously receives at least one transmission signal data to be... Agent: National Yang Ming University

20120086544 - Following data records in an information feed: Various embodiments described or referenced herein are directed to different devices, methods, systems, and computer program products for following data records in an information feed in an on-demand service environment. The modification of a first parameter value associated with a first parameter may be determined. The parameter may be one... Agent:, Inc.

20120086546 - System and method for controlling access to a source of electrical power: A system for controlling access to a source of electrical power. The system includes a readable access information device with access information that is associated with an electrical load device electrically connectable to a receptacle, a switch device for connecting and disconnecting the receptacle to and from the source of... Agent:

20120086545 - System and method for the authentication of components within a self-service machine: s

20120086548 - Electronic access control systems and methods: An embodiment of an electronic access control system includes an electronic key, an electronic lock, and an access control administration program. The electronic key can include program code for switching between a lock mode and a computer mode. In some embodiments, the lock mode and computer mode allow for simplified... Agent:

20120086549 - Facilitating entry into an access-controlled location using a mobile communication device: Systems and methods facilitate entry into an access-controlled location using a mobile communication device. The method comprises receiving at the mobile communication device via a communication network an entry code that facilitates access to the access-controlled location, storing the entry code in a memory associated with the mobile communication device,... Agent: Wounder Gmbh., LLC

20120086547 - Interface system for wirelessly actuating a relay associated with a moveable structure and method for use of same: An interface system for wirelessly actuating a relay associated with a moveable structures and method for use of same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a local access device having call box functionality and a server communicate over a wireless network such as cellular network. The interface provided by the local... Agent: Celaccess Systems, Inc.

20120086550 - Pedobarographic biometric system: A method and system to characterize the wearer of at least one item of footwear having a sensor means which, while the item is being worn, collects from the wearer current pedobarometric data that is characteristic of the wearer, and the current pedobarometric data is compared with corresponding reference data... Agent:

20120086551 - Headset ear detection: A device capable of providing information to a user through a plurality of different alerting signals, includes a sensing system capable of sensing indications that the device is in a first particular physical relationship to the user's body; an alerting system capable of conveying information to the user through a... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20120086552 - System for, and method of, monitoring the movement of mobile items: A system monitors parameters (e.g., speed, position, threshold boundaries) of mobile items attached to beacons and produces signals indicating these parameters. The system also monitors non-mobile parameters (e.g., battery life, door locks, windows) in the items. Different technologies (e.g., wireless) are provided for communicating between the beacons and a beacon... Agent: Contigo Solutions, Inc.

20120086553 - Method and apparatus pertaining to an rfid tag reader antenna array: One or more frame components that each comprise 1/Xth of a 360 degree RFID tag reader antenna array can be physically coupled to one another to thereby form a multi-frame component. One or more RFID tag reader antenna mounts can comprise a part of such frame components and can be... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20120086554 - Method and apparatus pertaining to use of a plurality of different rfid tag interrogation modes: A control circuit that operably couples to an RFID tag reader can cause the latter to automatically utilize more than a single RFID tag interrogation mode. By one approach this can comprise automatically toggling back and forth between at least two different RFID tag interrogation modes. If desired, and by... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20120086555 - System and method for correlation of mobile communication terminals and individuals at control checkpoints: Methods and systems for correlating mobile communication terminals with individuals. The methods and systems take advantage of scenarios where individuals pass through control checkpoints, such as passport control and immigration counters. When an individual is served by a control checkpoint, the individual's mobile communication terminal is known to be located... Agent: Verint Systems Ltd.

20120086556 - Wireless ic tag, reader-writer, and information processing system: A wireless IC tag includes a wireless IC chip and two coil-shaped antennas. One end of each of the coil-shaped antennas is electrically connected to the wireless IC chip, and the other ends of the coil-shaped antennas are electrically connected to each other. The winding axes of the coil-shaped antennas... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120086557 - Wireless terminal and information storage method: A wireless terminal is provided that can ensure security while gathering a communication history using little memory. The wireless terminal (200) has a secure ID generation unit (221) for generating a secure ID that includes a terminal ID, and a transmission unit (224) for broadcasting the secure ID generated by... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120086558 - Lane position detection arrangement using radio frequency identification: A lane position detection system includes one or more RFID tags positioned at stationary locations along a traffic lane, and an RFID reader positioned and oriented near the traffic lane to interrogate the one or more RFID tags. A vehicle can be detected in the traffic lane when the RFID... Agent: Federal Signal Corporation

20120086559 - Service provisioning method, a related service provisioning system a related service provisioning server and a related event registration server: The present invention relates to a method for Service provisioning in a communications system that comprises a plurality of communications devices, each including a tag reader for reading a tag-identifier from a tag attached to an object and for forwarding this tag-identifier to a service provisioning server. This service provisioning... Agent:

20120086561 - Outdoor lighting system: An outdoor lighting system and operating methods are presented in which Power-Line-Communication (PLC)-enabled outdoor lighting fixtures form an outdoor lighting network and a lighting control system obtains data from PLC-enabled utility meters by communications through a general purpose network and the outdoor lighting network.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120086562 - System and method for optimizing use of plug-in air conditioners and portable heaters: Thermostatic HVAC and other energy management controls that are connected to a computer network. For instance, remotely managed load switches incorporating thermostatic controllers inform an energy management system, to provide enhanced efficiency, and to verify demand response with plug-in air conditioners and heaters. At least one load control device at... Agent: Ecofactor, Inc.

20120086560 - Outdoor lighting system: An outdoor lighting system and operating methods are presented in which RF-enabled outdoor lighting fixtures form one or more mesh networks and a lighting control system obtains data from RF-enabled utility meters by communications through a general purpose network and the RF mesh network.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120086563 - System and method for appliance control via a network: A first remote control application is configured to cause a smart device to transmit at least one command for controlling at least one functional operation of a controllable appliance in response to a user interface element of the smart device being activated while a second remote control application of a... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20120086564 - System and method for outputting virtual textures in electronic devices: A system for outputting virtual surface textures, related mobile and other devices, and related methods are disclosed. In one embodiment, the system includes a first haptic component that is configured to output a first virtual surface texture in response to being provided with an electrical signal. The system further includes... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20120086565 - Pulsed indication unit for vehicle: An indication unit for vehicles is suggested, which comprises at least one LED and at least one electrical circuit in a housing. The indication unit is connected to a first control, which is arranged in the vehicle, and connected to an LED driver circuit. A second control circuit, which is... Agent: Smr Patents S.a.r.l.

20120086566 - System and method for evaluating surface finish of tire retread: A measurement system scans the given surface of a tire component (e.g., a brush-finished tread or buffed tire casing) to electronically measure data points corresponding to vertical and horizontal coordinates along the given surface. Associated computer processors electronically calculate the slope at a plurality of different locations by determining the... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique

20120086567 - Vehicular control system and in-vehicle apparatus: An in-vehicle apparatus operates on a second frequency by a second vibrator while wirelessly receiving from a portable apparatus a wireless signal on a first frequency by a first vibrator along with information on temperature of the portable apparatus. The in-vehicle apparatus previously stores a data map of a frequency... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120086568 - Inferring building metadata from distributed sensors: Inferring building metadata from distributed sensors is described. In an embodiment multiple sensors are situated at various locations in a building detecting physical quantities (e.g. light, heat, motion). The data from at least one sensor is analyzed in order to detect events occurring in proximity to the sensor. Data about... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120086569 - Multi sensor detection, stall to stop and lock disabling system: A multi sensor detection and disabling lock system includes detector cases for holding interchangeable detectors that sample for chemical, biological and radiological compounds, agents and elements, with each detector case disposed in or upon the monitored product. The detector case transmits detection information to a monitoring computer terminal and transmits... Agent:

20120086570 - Digital telephony distressed sound detection: A system and method for monitoring for a distressed sound is disclosed. The system comprises a noise detection module configured to monitor ambient noise through a microphone on a digital telephony device operating in an idle state and determine an ambient noise level. A sound processing module is configured to... Agent: Mitel Networks Corporation

20120086571 - Adaptable user interface for monitoring location tracking devices out of gps monitoring range: A system for monitoring objects and individuals. In this system, a monitoring station is remotely accessible through a user interface. The interface is adapted to provide a visually cognizable rendering of an area and a tool useful for selecting at least a portion of said area, and to communicate a... Agent: Location Based Technologies Inc.

20120086573 - Monitoring activity of an individual: Embodiments of the present invention relate to methods, devices, and systems to monitor activity. One method to monitor activity includes monitoring activity of an individual including detecting a sensor activated by an individual during the individual's daily activities. The embodiment also includes comparing the sensor activation to a predetermined sensor... Agent: Healthsense, Inc.

20120086572 - Temperature monitoring system and method: A microcontroller receives color codes of pixel points in an image captured by an infrared camera. If there is a color code falling within a color code range corresponding to a warning temperature range, the microcontroller determines a location of the pixel point of the image corresponding to the color... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120086574 - Tracking and alert apparatus, system and method: The present invention is directed to a tracking device, system and method that may utilize GPS, global system for mobile communications (GSM) or general packet radio service (GPRS), including using triangulation, and/or wireless local area network (WLAN) technologies to improve the scope, range, reliability, convenience and speed of current tracking... Agent:

20120086575 - Hospital bed having alert light: A bed includes a frame, a controller coupled to the frame, and a patient position detection system coupled to the frame and coupled to the controller. The patient position detection system has at least three modes of operation of varying sensitivities for determining whether a person supported on the frame... Agent:

20120086576 - Multifunctional emergency lighting device: A multifunctional emergency lighting device includes at least one base formed of a heat sink, at least one LED lighting module, at least one emergency LED lighting module, a power control circuit, and at least one backup power supply device. The LED lighting module and the emergency LED lighting module... Agent: Unistar Opto Corporation

20120086577 - System for verifying the integrity of an electrical union: A system is provided for verifying the performance of an electrical union. The electrical union provides electrical connectivity across an interface between first and second elements which rotate relative to each other. The system includes a signal source associated with the first element. The signal source is adapted to send... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20120086578 - Systems and methods for providing notifications regarding status of handheld communication device: Systems and methods of the present invention include, among other things, a system, comprising a handheld communication device and a receiver for carrying with a user of the handheld communication device to report to the user when the handheld communication device receives an incoming communication.... Agent:

20120086579 - Communication support device, communication support system, and communication support method: It is provided a communication support device, which analyzes communications among a plurality of persons who belong to an organization, comprising a recording module for storing data that indicates the communications among the plurality of persons, a network constructing module for constructing a network structure of the plurality of persons... Agent:

20120086580 - Intelligent universal wireless adapter: A system for communication in an oil and gas well, the system including a controller, a first universal wireless adapter (UWA) wirelessly coupled to the controller, where the UWA is coupled to a first field device, a second UWA wirelessly coupled to the controller, where the UWA is coupled to... Agent: Ch2m Hill, Inc.

20120086581 - Water monitoring system: A water monitoring system includes a plurality of remotely-located nodes for measuring water characteristics, and transmitting measured data to a central gateway device over at least one local RF connection. The gateway is operative to transmit cumulative data received from the plurality of nodes over a single cellular or satellite... Agent: Measurement Specialties Inc.

20120086582 - Method and system for using intersecting electronic horizons: A method and system for using data associated with a first vehicle and a given road segment defined for a road network and using data associated with a second vehicle and the given road segment to determine a multi-vehicle probability value that indicates a probability that the first vehicle and... Agent: Navteq North America, LLC

20120086583 - Passive traffic alert and communication system: A passive traffic alerting method includes: identifying traffic events from analyzing traffic information; selecting an identified traffic event based on a location of a mobile communicator; and alerting the mobile communicator with a passive message regarding the selected traffic event without prompting the mobile communicator to launch an application on... Agent: Global Alert Network, Inc.

04/05/2012 > 31 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120081207 - Application launching in conjunction with an accessory: Embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for launching an application in response to a launch request from an accessory. In some embodiments, the mobile computing device can determine whether it is in a state that allows launching of an application and/or can determine whether the application or... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120081208 - Apparatus for operating door of connector connection part in ev charging stand: Disclosed is an apparatus for operating a door of a connector connection part in an EV charging stand, which is configured to control an operation of opening or closing the door of the connector connection part of the EV charging stand to which a connector of an electric vehicle is... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20120081211 - Apparatus and method for supporting and shielding a wireless device: A receptacle for supporting a transponder on a support structure includes a housing having a first housing portion securable to the transponder and a second housing portion securable to the support structure. The first housing portion is pivotally secured to the second housing portion. The first housing portion and second... Agent:

20120081210 - Portable electronic device and recording medium: A portable electronic device having a power supply unit and an IC chip that conducts wireless communication with a reader/writer and operates when power is supplied from the power supply unit includes a first determining unit that determines whether or not the portable electronic device, in a state in which... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120081209 - System for selecting resources accessible to a mobile device server: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium operating in a mobile device server having computer instructions to execute a web server application at the mobile device server. The web server application can be operable to cause the mobile device... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I.l.p.

20120081213 - Active electronic media device packaging: Active packaging for supplying power, data, or both power and data to an electronic media device while the device is housed within the active packaging is provided. The active packaging may include one or more electrical traces in-molded or printed onto the packaging that couple to a suitable connector on... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120081212 - Remote activating device: A remote activating device remotely activates a device to be activated connected to a first network and a second network. The remote activating device includes a first interface connected to the first network, a second interface connected to the second network, an arrival confirmation processing unit that transmits an arrival... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120081214 - Method and system of managing the safety of a plurality of personal protection equipment items: A system and method are provided for managing the safety of a plurality (10) of personal protection equipment items (11). The system and method assign unique identifiers (12) to each of the items (11) and encodes the identifiers (12) into Ultra High Frequency RFID chips (18) attached to each of... Agent:

20120081216 - Remote-controlled motion apparatus with acceleration self-sense and remote control apparatus therefor: A remote-controlled motion apparatus is controlled by a remote control apparatus. The remote control apparatus transmits a target motion signal by radio. The remote-controlled motion apparatus includes a communication module, an acceleration sensing module, a processing module and a driving module. The communication module receives the target motion signal from... Agent:

20120081215 - Programmable multimedia control system having a tactile remote control: In one embodiment, a remote control device is configured to receive a portable control device into a recess, such that the portable control device is mechanically and electrically coupled to the remote control device. The portable control device communicates with a programmable multimedia controller, by way of a bi-directional wireless... Agent:

20120081217 - Vehicle approach notification apparatus for electric motorcycle: An electric motorcycle includes a front cover for covering a head pipe of a vehicle body frame from a forward direction and a speaker for notifying an individual, such as a walker or the like, of the approach of a vehicle. The speaker has a sound emitting direction directed forwardly... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120081218 - Overhead obstacle avoidance system: A vehicular collision avoidance system includes a sensor mounted on a vehicle, wherein the senor is operative to measure the distance between an overhead obstacle ahead of the vehicle and the sensor; a processor connected to the sensor; means for determining a reference height which is the height above ground... Agent:

20120081219 - Motor vehicle with warning system: A motor vehicle includes, but is not limited to an environment sensor for identifying a source of danger external to the vehicle and detecting at least one first direction in which the source of danger lies when viewed from the vehicle, and a loudspeaker arrangement which can be triggered, when... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120081220 - Vehicle approach notification apparatus for electric motorcycle: A vehicle approach notification apparatus for an electric motorcycle, which outputs notification sound for notifying a walker or the like of approach of a vehicle from a speaker attached to a vehicle body includes a control unit for controlling the notification sound. The control unit is attached to a position,... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120081221 - Vehicle, in particular a hybrid vehicle, having an electrical device: In a vehicle, e.g., a hybrid vehicle, having an electrical device, which has an inadmissibly high voltage for being touched by a person, a signaling sensor configured to respond in the event of an accident is connected to a warning device for signaling the voltage level.... Agent:

20120081222 - Vehicle approach notification control apparatus for electric motorcycle: To provide a vehicle approach notification control apparatus for an electric motorcycle, which can output notification sound for notifying a walker or the like of approach of an electric motorcycle with an appropriate sound volume. The vehicle approach notification control apparatus for an electric motorcycle includes a speaker for generating... Agent:

20120081223 - Tracking system with separated tracking device: A separated tracking device includes a first portion including a location determining device operative to receive signals from a positioning system, a wireless communication device operative to communicate the location data from the first portion to a second portion of the tracking device, the second portion including a wireless data... Agent:

20120081224 - User customizable monitoring system: Embodiments of the disclosed invention provide a user customizable monitoring system. For example, in one embodiment, the user customizable monitoring system includes a set of user-programmable portable sensors and a communication hub for enabling a user to customize features associated with the set of user-programmable portable sensors. In one embodiment,... Agent: Embarq Holdings Company, LLC

20120081225 - Medication delivery and validation system, method and apparatus: A system, method and apparatus for validation of medication for consumption by a patient. A patient unit, which is one node on a communication network, is operated to present medication elements stored at the patient unit in an order corresponding to the order of a prescribed course of treatment for... Agent:

20120081226 - Burglarproof security system and installing method thereof: A burglarproof security system includes a substrate, a conducting wire layer, a sensing control unit, an alarm device and a power supply. The conducting wire layer is disposed on the substrate, and includes plural conducting wires. The plural conducting wires collectively define either a resistive sensing circuit or a capacitive... Agent: Yun Xiang Technology Inc.

20120081228 - Copper tracking method: Tapes for marking valuable components and their housings and supporting posts are described along with a process for utilizing the tapes including the steps of sequentially marking the copper and the equipment with a MR marking (e.g. barcodes, Q-R codes and/or EF transmitters). EF or related broadcasting transmitters or their... Agent:

20120081227 - Method and apparatus for asset management in an open environment: A method and apparatus for asset management in an open environment are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method correlates a person's RFID tag with an RFID of an asset and uses this information to determine whether an asset is allowed to pass an access point.... Agent:

20120081229 - Covert security alarm system: A system for covertly activating an alarm comprising: at least one processor; at least one covert 3D sensor; and computer executable instructions readable by the at least one processor and operative to: use the at least one covert 3D sensor in conjunction with gesture recognition software to sense at least... Agent:

20120081230 - Power conserving alert for medical devices: Techniques are provided for alerting a person to check a medical device while conserving battery power. The medical device initiates a status alert if a readiness condition of the medical device is no longer being met. The status alert includes notification periods during which an audible sound is emitted alternating... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20120081231 - Method and system of controlling media devices configured to output signals to surrounding area: A system of controlling media devices configured for outputting signals to a surrounding area. The system including a control strategy for controlling operation of the media devices to execute operations according to a common schedule and a communications strategy for use in communicating the control strategy between the media devices... Agent:

20120081232 - Lower atmosphere ascent and descent observation experimental tool: Provided is a low atmosphere ascent and descent observation experimental tool. Since a position of a radiosonde and a ground captive position of the radiosonde is accurately grasped using a GPS radiosonde, accurate observation results may be obtained.... Agent: Korea Meteorological Administration

20120081233 - Audible blind spot indicator: An audible blind spot indicator for a motor vehicle having a blind spot detection system is provided. The audible blind spot indicator can include an audible module that has a first tone generator operable to generate a first tone frequency and a second tone generator operable to generate a second... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120081234 - Lane departure haptic warning with compensation for road-caused vibration: A method of alerting the driver of a vehicle to a lane departure condition. The method includes operating a lane detection system to detect that the vehicle is experiencing a lane departure condition, operating a sensor to detect background vibration experienced by the vehicle, determining a characteristic making a haptic... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120081235 - Power control in wireless traffic detection devices: Methods, systems, and devices for monitoring roadway traffic. A method includes transmitting wireless signals from a first roadside equipment (RSE) device and from a second RSE device that is geographically separated from the first RSE device. The method includes receiving responses by the first RSE device and second RSE device... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20120081236 - Near-to-eye head tracking ground obstruction system and method: A near-to-eye display allows an operator of a vehicle, such as a pilot of an aircraft, to see an obstacle on a conformal pathway, such as a runway or taxiway. The obstacle may be boundaries of the pathway or an object captured by an optional Infrared camera.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120081237 - Method and system for gps based navigation and hazard avoidance in a mining environment: A system and method for GPS based navigation and hazard avoidance in a mining environment are described. The system includes a central application that has a dynamic roadmap definition module adapted to at least allow a user to arbitrarily define features in a geographical information systems database and import overhead... Agent:

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