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Communications: electrical March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 72 patent applications in 52 patent subcategories.

20120075053 - Automated personnel screening system and method: The present specification discloses a system for controlling a movement of at least one person into a controlled location. The system includes an X-ray screening system having an entrance area defined by walls and a gate, and an exit area defined by walls and a gate. The gates are automatically... Agent:

20120075054 - Electronic device with self-learning function and intelligent control method thereof: An electronic device with self-learning function includes an input unit, a state detecting unit, a state recording unit, a state analysis unit, and a processing unit. The input unit generates input signals according to operations of a user. The state detecting unit detects real-time values of the state parameters. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co.,ltd.

20120075055 - Facilities controlling system and method: An evaluation processing portion changes a user level of a user, in a user level storing portion, to a value that is equal to a region level when an evaluation result indicates that entry is authorized.... Agent: Yamatake Corporation

20120075056 - Facility controlling system and method: When an evaluation result by an evaluation processing portion indicates that entry is authorized, the evaluation processing portion obtains a resident region of the user from a user information storing portion and obtains a movement destination resident user count of the movement destination region of the user from a region... Agent: Yamatake Corporation

20120075059 - Security system providing temporary personnel access based upon near-field communication and related methods: A security system may include a plurality of electronic devices, each having a unique identification (ID) associated therewith and configured to generate a temporary security code based upon the unique ID. The system may further include at least one mobile wireless communications device including a first Near-Field Communication (NFC) circuit,... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120075057 - Communications system providing personnel access based upon near-field communication and related methods: A security system may include an access control device associated with a personnel access position. The access control device may include a first Near-Field Communication (NFC) sensor, and a first controller configured to selectively grant personnel access based upon receiving a valid security code from the first NFC sensor, and... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120075060 - Systems and methods for secure portable patient monitoring: A patient monitoring system that enables a healthcare provide to request access to patient data via interaction directly with a local patient monitor and subsequently provide patient data to the healthcare provider's portable communication device regardless of device location.... Agent:

20120075058 - Entry/exit controlling system and method: Comparison data required when a visitor enters/exits a region for which entry/exit is controlled, including one shared code that is shared between visitors and personal information of the visitor, is generated by a comparison data generating portion, where an entry/exit authorization evaluation for the visitor of a region is performed... Agent: Yamatake Corporation

20120075061 - Automatic association of medical elements: A system and method of associating a plurality of objects is disclosed. A physical space is defined and a real-time locating system (RTLS) is used to determine objects that are within the physical space. The objects determined by the RTLS to be within the physical space are associated. The objects... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20120075062 - Method and system for access to secure resources: A system and method for accessing secured resources using a portable device. When a user with such a portable device is within close proximity to a locked door or other secured resource, a verification process can be automatically initiated on the device. The user verification could utilize all the input... Agent:

20120075063 - Engine starting/stopping switch device: An engine starting/stopping switch device is provided that includes a switch unit that switches over switching modes in response to linear movement of a movable member, a push button that is linked to the movable member so as to drive the movable member in response to a pushing operation, and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Honda Lock

20120075064 - Proximity wake-up activation of electronic circuits: A lock system including a gateway device for generating a wireless activation signal and an electronic lock in communication with the gateway device, the electronic lock being activated in response to the activation signal whereby the electronic lock becomes operable.... Agent: Inncom International, Inc.

20120075065 - Electrical household appliance: In order to provide an electrical household appliance comprising control elements for the selection and/or activation of a control function as well as preferably comprising a display for indicating functions selected, to be selected and/or activated, which permits a simple and safe operation of the device by the user even... Agent:

20120075066 - Remote device location identification: A method, system, and computer usable program product for remote device location identification are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A command to identify a remote device is received, at the remote device in a data processing environment. The command is included in a predetermined communication directed to the remote device.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120075072 - Co-located radio-frequency identification fields: The present disclosure is directed to methods and systems for co-locating an Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) signal field with a representation perceptible by one or more human senses. A user interface may accessing a representation of a signal field stored in a memory element. The representation may include a plurality... Agent:

20120075068 - Radio frequency identification (rfid) system providing meeting room reservation and scheduling features and related methods: A meeting room reservation system may include at least one radio frequency identification (RFID) sensor to be positioned adjacent a meeting room, and a plurality of mobile wireless communications devices, each configured for RFID communication with the at least one RFID sensor. The system may further include a reservation server... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120075070 - Real time measurement of rotor surface: Real time measurement of a rotor surface is disclosed. In one aspect, at least one radio frequency identification (RFID) tag with an integrated sensor is placed on the rotor to measure operational data therefrom. An RFID reader reads the operational data measured from the rotor by the at least one... Agent: General Electric Company

20120075069 - Reversibly deformable and mechanically tunable fluidic antennas: A method of manufacturing a fluidic structure is disclosed. A cavity that defines a shape of an element of the fluidic structure within a material is formed. The cavity is filled with liquid metal. The cavity is sealed. The fluidic structure behaves as an antenna. A fluidic antenna includes a... Agent: North Carolina State University

20120075073 - Rfid reader device: An RFID reader device (10) for reading an RFID transponder (36) is provided, the RFID reader device (10) comprising an antenna (16) for the transmission and/or reception of an RFID signal and at least one transceiver unit (18) connected to the antenna (16) to transmit and/or receive the RFID signal... Agent: Sick Ag

20120075067 - Sensor based truth maintenance method and system: A truth maintenance method and system. The method includes receiving by a computer processor from RFID tags embedded in sensors, event data associated with events detected by said sensors. The computer processor associates portions of the event data with associated RFID tags and derives assumption data associated with each portion... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120075074 - System and method for reading one or more rfid tags in a metal cassette with an anticollision protocol: Reading apparatus for objects each bearing at least one RFID tag, said objects being placed in a cassette that can also be furnished with an RFID tag, said system comprising at least one element in the form of a tunnel in which said cassette can be placed, said element comprising... Agent: Satyatek Sa

20120075071 - Universal and reusable rfid system and method for use in supply chain and logistics management: An universal and reusable RFID system comprises an universal and reusable RFID reader, an universal and reusable RFID data carrier, a universal and reusable RFID neutral tag, a RFID neutral tag equipped collapsible and reusable pallet and a RFID neutral tag equipped collapsible and reusable box. In various embodiments, the... Agent:

20120075075 - Label anti-collision method and system: A label anti-collision method is disclosed, which is applied in a radio frequency identification system including a reader and labels. When the labels enter into an arbitration process, the reader sends the predetermined number of labels to the labels; the reader sends start counting instruction; after a label receives the... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120075077 - Rfid interrogator with improved symbol decoding and methods based thereon: An improved Interrogator (and method of operation) for use in a radio frequency identification system wherein at least one tag modulates a radio frequency signal by modulated backscatter operations.... Agent:

20120075076 - Terminal for line-of-sight rfid tag reading: There is provided a terminal for use in determining which of one or more candidate RFID tags having unique data stored thereon is a target RFID tag within a line-of-sight of the terminal. The terminal can comprise program instructions to direct an RFID reading device of the terminal to perform... Agent: Hand Held Products, Inc.

20120075078 - Radio frequency identification device: A radio frequency identification device includes: a radio frequency interface, a core control unit and a universal storage interface; the core control unit is adapted to receive radio frequency identification instruction from another radio frequency identification device within predetermined range or portable terminal apparatus through the universal storage interface or... Agent: Potevio Institute Of The Technology Co., Ltd.

20120075081 - Pld package with coordinated rfid tag: A RFID tag programmed with a distinct binary code is embedded in an IC and is electrically integrated with the IC so as to establish a communication path between the RFID tag and the IC. An electronic ID for the IC is defined and coordinated to match with the binary... Agent:

20120075080 - Reader/writer control apparatus: A reader/writer control apparatus includes a behavior correspondence table having recorded a plurality of pieces of control information including respectively a control item and a control content for the control item in association with a unique tag ID corresponding to each piece of the control information; a search portion for... Agent:

20120075079 - Tool management method of die bonder and die bonder: r

20120075082 - System for learning control codes of a remote controller: One embodiment of an electronic device configured for supplying control codes to a programmable device may include a first receiver configured to receive a first command signal from a remote control device, a processing device coupled to the first receiver, and a transmitter configured to transmit a second command signal... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120075083 - System for initiating interactive communication in response to audio codes: A communication appliance has a processor, a data store, a display screen, an interface to a wireless network, a microphone, and software executable from a machine-readable physical medium, wherein the software provides a function for comparing incoming audio signals with signals stored in the data store as trigger signals, and... Agent:

20120075084 - Short-distance wireless signal extension apparatus and method thereof: A short-distance wireless signal extension method for extending the transmission range of a short-distance wireless remote control is provided. In the short-distance wireless signal extension method, a short-distance wireless signal is received. An n-times sampling is performed on the short-distance wireless signal to generate a sampled short-distance wireless signal, wherein... Agent: Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd.

20120075085 - Medical device having a reminder function: There is provided a medical device having a reminder function, the medical device comprising a reminder generator for issuing a reminder to a user to perform a predetermined action with the medical device; and a controller for selecting the reminder from a plurality of available reminders and for controlling the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120075087 - Dynamic tactile interface: A method and system for exciting a dynamic tactile interface having a plurality of electrodes includes identifying an area within an image that is capable of tactile feedback and identifying a first subset of the plurality of electrodes in the dynamic tactile interface that correspond to the plurality of areas.... Agent:

20120075086 - Input device, vibration device and input detection method: An input device includes an input operation unit, on which an input operation is performed; an input operation detection unit that detects at least one of acceleration and pressure to the input operation unit; an input determination unit that determines whether the at least one of acceleration and pressure detected... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20120075088 - Safe distance measuring device for a vehicle: A safe distance measuring device, methods, and processor-readable medium for measuring and displaying a safe distance between vehicle and surrounding traffic. A distance measuring device measures the distances between the vehicle and surrounding traffic. A speed sensor can be utilized for sensing a current speed of the vehicle. A processor... Agent: Mesa Digital, LLC.

20120075089 - Tire monitoring in vehicles: An apparatus, method, and computer program product for monitoring a tire are provided. An apparatus comprises a laser system comprising a number of lasers configured to identify a radius of a tire of a vehicle located on a ground, wherein a laser in the number of lasers is associated with... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120075090 - Charge display unit: A charged-amount display part displays a battery charge rate of an entire battery pack according to kinds of charge sources. An example of displaying the battery charge rate in the form of a bar chart is shown. A speed display part displays a vehicle speed of a running electric vehicle.... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120075091 - Automatic door: In some implementations a storage device having a voice-recognition engine stored thereon is coupled to a microcontroller, a device-controller for an automatic door is operably coupled to the microcontroller.... Agent: Altorr Corporation

20120075092 - Mobile inventory unit monitoring systems and methods: Embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to mobile inventory unit monitoring systems and methods. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a mobile inventory unit monitoring system comprising a computer configured to execute at least one computer program, at least one wireless transmitter located proximate to a... Agent: Sipco, LLC

20120075093 - Portable remote control device with anti-hidden camera and anti-wiretapper functions: A portable remote control device with anti-hidden camera and anti-wiretapper functions has a remote controller and a detecting module. The detecting module is mounted in the remote controller. When the detecting module senses wireless signals transmitted from a hidden camera or a wiretapper in surroundings, the detecting module will output... Agent:

20120075096 - Handheld communication device for monitoring protective headgear: A handheld communication device for monitoring protective headgear includes a device interface that receives event data that includes power data that represents power of impact to the protective headgear. A processing device executes an event simulation module that processes the event data to generate simulation display data that animates the... Agent: Thl Holding Company, LLC

20120075095 - Method, system and wireless device with event detection for monitoring protective headgear: A wireless device includes a sensor module that generates sensor data in response to an impact to the protective headgear. A device processing module generates event data in response to the sensor data, wherein the device processing module includes an event detection module that analyzes the sensor data and triggers... Agent: Thl Holding Company, LLC

20120075094 - Sobriety monitoring system: A system and method of monitoring sobriety using a hand-held breath testing device that, on receipt of a user's breath, generates a breath test signal comprising substance content data and user identification data, and wirelessly transmits the breath test signal to a breath test signal receiving station. The breath test... Agent:

20120075097 - System and method for utilizing a security beacon device: Methods, devices and systems for implementation in a campus environment including an interface module, a storage device and a server. The interface module configured to receive user profile information. The storage device may be coupled to the interface module for storing the user profile information. The server may be coupled... Agent:

20120075098 - Misplaced device recovery: Methods, articles, and systems for enabling the return of a misplaced device to a rightful user of the misplaced device are described herein. The misplaced device is configured to communicate with a misplaced device server, indicating to the misplaced device server that the misplaced device has been found. The misplaced... Agent: T-mobile Usa, Inc.

20120075099 - Systems and methods for managing lost devices: A method for a device to determine that it has been lost is provided. The method comprises the device determining its current location, the device comparing its current location to a plurality of stored locations, and the device determining that it has been lost when its current location is a... Agent: Certicom Corp.

20120075100 - Shipping container vent cover for theft detection, theft prevention and logistics management: A vent cover (16) for installing on a shipping container. The vent cover includes a housing (16a) adapted for covering a vent hole (24) of the shipping container. A direct current (DC) power source is encased or enclosed in the housing. The DC power source includes a battery. The vent... Agent: Loginno Logistic Innovation Ltd.

20120075102 - Portable lap counter and system: A highly portable, vertically-standing RFID tag reader, referred to as a “bollard,” is presented. The bollard includes a vertical element supporting an internal RFID tuner component above the surface on which the bollard rests. Additionally, each bollard includes a base element that provides vertical stability to the vertical element and... Agent: Orbiter, LLC

20120075101 - Rfid reader with motion detection: A technique for operating a Radio Frequency Identification, RFID, reader with motion detection includes detecting a motion in proximity to the RFID reader, and triggering the RFID reader to read any tags in proximity to the RFID reader in response to detecting a motion in proximity to the RFID reader.... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20120075103 - Systems and methods for viewing patient data: Methods of measuring features of a digitally generated waveform include communicating patient data to a device that is remote from a source of the patient data, generating the waveform on a touch-screen display of the device, and measuring along an axis of the waveform. The measuring includes generating a first... Agent: AirstripIPHoldings, LLC

20120075104 - Illuminated wind indicator: An illuminated wind indicator including a wind chime assembly with a moveable pendulum assembly. The pendulum assembly includes a suspension member to support moveable suspension of the pendulum assembly proximate the wind chime assembly and further includes a component configuration of components including power and control circuitry, at least one... Agent:

20120075105 - Indication device, method for producing indicaton device, and electronic device with the indication device: An indication device includes a substrate, a printed image, and a backlight source. The substrate is transparent or semi-transparent. The printed image is printed on a surface of the substrate and includes a first sub-image with a first color and a second sub-image with a second color. The backlight source... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120075106 - Portable computer system: A portable computer system including a battery, a power switch and a computer unit is provided. The battery provides a supply signal to the power switch. The computer unit includes an embedded controller (EC), a driver and a user interface device. The EC determines whether the battery satisfies a low... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20120075107 - Battery state indicator on a battery powered device: A method is provided for representing battery degradation of a rechargeable battery for use with a battery operated device. The method comprises the following steps. At predefined intervals, the battery degradation of the rechargeable battery is determined. An indicator is selected from one of a plurality of predefined indicators based... Agent:

20120075108 - System and method for voltage-based plasma excursion detection: The present invention provides a system and method for the detection of plasma excursions, such as arcs, micro-arcs, or other plasma instability, during plasma processing by directly monitoring direct current (DC) bias voltage on an RF power electrode of a plasma processing chamber. The monitored DC bias voltage is then... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120075109 - Multi sensor position and orientation system: A system is invented to combine different signals from various sensors together so that an object (such as a car, an airplane etc.)'s position and/or orientation can be measured.... Agent:

20120075110 - Subject detection: The application describes a child monitoring system and method for detecting and discriminating between children and adults passing under a sensor that is independent of the position of the sensor in relation to the subject. The system determines a distance to a surface on which a person can stand, and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120075111 - System and method for optimizing the position of a mobile device: A system and method for providing a visual indicator for optimizing the position of a mobile device when the mobile device is being used in a hands free mode. One or more position components in the mobile device can determine the position of the mobile device. The position of the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120075112 - Display system and display apparatus: Display system for guiding, advising or evacuating, in which system people are guided, advised or warned with display means, such as with display apparatuses, which display apparatuses comprise information, such as images or signs. The display apparatus (1) comprises a display panel (2), which is an e-paper display, such as... Agent: Marimils Oy

20120075113 - Method and apparatus for automatic down-hole asset monitoring: A method and apparatus for automatic down-hole asset monitoring is provided that monitors tagged down-hole assets wherein the assets travel into and out of an oil or gas well. A rig reader system, a controller and a computer incorporating a graphic user interface are connected to monitor tagged assets moving... Agent: Hm Energy LLC

20120075114 - Monitoring system for sucker rod: An intelligent monitoring system for a sucker rod including a monitor center, a remote wireless communication equipment communicating with the monitor center and connected with a movement detection and storage equipment of the sucker rod, a radio frequency reader/writer, and a radio frequency storage chip. The movement detection and storage... Agent: Shandong Nine-ring Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.

20120075115 - System and method for measuring polar substances: A system for measuring polar substances includes a measurement module, a transfer module, a display module and a store module. The measurement module includes a measurement unit and a transmitter. The measurement unit measures the polar substances and produces a data-related signal. The transmitter transmits the data-related signal. The transfer... Agent: Chung-shan Institute Of Science And Technology, Armaments, Bureau, Ministry Of National Defense

20120075116 - Systems and methods for improved perinatal workflow: Certain examples provide systems and methods for improved perinatal workflow. An example system includes a user interface to display a time continuum of live data for a selected patient. The user interface includes a compressed view of the time continuum of live data over a first time period; an expanded... Agent: General Electric Company

20120075117 - Alert system for detecting an emergency vehicle: An alert system comprising a rearview mirror attached to a windshield of a vehicle, a light connected to a front portion of the rearview mirror, an audible alarm attached to a back portion of the rearview mirror, a processor mounted within the rearview mirror, where the processor activates the light... Agent:

20120075118 - User-centric traffic enquiry and alert system: A method for notifying a user about traffic including the step of determining an origin of the user. A destination of the user is also determined. Traffic conditions between the origin and the destination are determined. The user is notified of the traffic conditions.... Agent:

20120075119 - Workload management sytem and method: A system and method are provided for facilitating workload management. The system processes first sensor data to estimate the current cognitive state of a first person, and processes second sensor data to estimate the current cognitive state of a second person. Information representative of the estimates of the current cognitive... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120075120 - Stepped instrument panel for aircraft: An instrument panel for a rotorcraft having two pilot seats, said instrument panel being arranged under an anti-glare shield (4) and including display means (2), at least some of the display means (2) being suitable for acting as communications means, said display means (2) comprising a first set (5) of... Agent: Eurocopter

20120075121 - Airport incursion notification system: An airport incursion notification system includes a fiber optic configured as an interferometric sensor to detect noise and buried adjacent at least at select runways and taxiways of an airport. At least one interrogator unit is for determining the location of and classifying noises detected by the fiber optic. Indicators... Agent:

20120075122 - Alert generation and related aircraft operating methods: A method of generating aircraft flight deck alerts is provided. An onboard alerting subsystem determines that an alert needs to be generated, and an onboard monitoring subsystem obtains a fatigue level of a flight crew member. An alert is generated with nominal audiovisual characteristics when the fatigue level is indicative... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120075123 - Dynamic task and adaptive avionics display manager: A system and method are provided for intelligently managing the avionics display, information, and controls to more evenly distribute pilot task loads and/or automatically configure/reconfigure displays during flights.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120075124 - Datalink message prioritization system and method: A system and method are provided for prioritizing incoming datalink messages. When a datalink message is received in an aircraft, it is parsed into individual information elements. The relevance of the received datalink message is then assessed from the individual information elements. The received datalink message is then categorized into... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

03/22/2012 > 52 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20120068812 - Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and program: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a projection control section configured to control projection of a projection image containing first information for authentication onto a second information processing apparatus placed within a projection region, an authentication control section configured to control an authentication process with the second information... Agent:

20120068813 - Data processing apparatus and associated user interfaces and methods: A processor (108) configured to associate (302) RFID data (124) obtained from a scene (202) with captured image data for the scene (202). The association can be displayed (304) to a user to enable a user to select (306), using the image data, which RFID data to interact (308) with.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120068816 - Systems and methods of operating a secured facility: In one embodiment, a method of providing security operations in a secured facility in which access control operations are performed, wherein the secured facility includes a plurality of access control units physically distributed at different physical locations within the secured facility, comprises: processing the first data, by software executed on... Agent:

20120068814 - Systems and methods of operating a secured facility: In one embodiment, a method of providing security operations in a secured facility in which access control operations are performed, wherein the secured facility includes a plurality of access control units, comprises: generating second data reflective of dynamic events within the secured facility, the second data being indicative of the... Agent:

20120068818 - Access control system: An access control method can include sending an identification code to an access node using a mobile telephone. If the identification code is recognized as valid, an access code is sent from the access node to the mobile telephone and presented on the display of the mobile telephone. The access... Agent: Inventio Ag

20120068817 - Electronic lock box proximity access control: An electronic lock box system includes a wireless portable transponder that communicates with an electronic lock box using a low power radio link. The portable transponder includes: a wide area network radio to communicate to a central clearinghouse computer, a motion sensor to activate its wide area network radio, and... Agent:

20120068815 - System and method for automatically updating, backing up or restoring access control systems: An access control panel can be updated substantially automatically by loading a thumb drive with executable instructions, or information, and coupling the drive to the panel and transferring the instructions or information to the panel for execution or storage. Alternately, the coupling can be implemented via a computer network.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120068820 - Systems and methods for collecting biometrically verified actigraphy data: Systems and methods are provided to collect biometrically-verified actigraphy data, comprising: obtaining and processing a subject's measured biometric input from a biometric sensor to generate a current biometric signature of the subject; verifying the subject's identity by comparing the current biometric signature to one previously obtained from a database and... Agent: Pulsar Information, Inc.

20120068819 - Systems and methods for remote long standoff biometric identification using microwave cardiac signals: Systems and methods for remote, long standoff biometric identification using microwave cardiac signals are provided. In one embodiment, the invention relates to a method for remote biometric identification using microwave cardiac signals, the method including generating and directing first microwave energy in a direction of a person, receiving microwave energy... Agent:

20120068821 - Electronic device comprising led indicators and an energy saving method: The present invention concerns an electronic device comprising more than one electronic indicator, an electronic indicator being adapted to indicate a state of a feature of the device, the state being among others set to enabled, disabled or enabling, the electronic indicator consuming energy, and ECO indicator configuring means for... Agent:

20120068822 - System and method for determining the location of wireless sensors: A system and method for determining the location of wireless sensors are disclosed. The system may generally include a plurality of wireless sensor nodes communicatively coupled to a plurality of sensing devices. Additionally, the system may include a paging device configured to wirelessly transmit a page command to at least... Agent: General Electric Company

20120068823 - Magnetomechanical markers for marking stationary assets: An article, system and method related to a magnetomechanical marker used to mark stationary assets. Magnetomechanical markers can be arranged in clusters and associated with stationary assets, including assets buried underground. Markers can be associated with an asset by being attached to the asset, arranged in a particular spatial relationship... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120068824 - Method of assigning a system address to control devices of a load control system: A system for independent control of electric motors and electric lights includes a plurality of two-wire wallstations coupled in series via power wires between an alternating-current (AC) source and a light/motor control unit. The light/motor control unit is preferably located in the same enclosure as an electric motor and an... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20120068825 - Combination electronic article surveillance/radio frequency identification antenna and method: A combination EAS/RFID antenna for use in an EAS/RFID surveillance system. The antenna includes an EAS antenna element and an RFID antenna element. The EAS antenna element includes an EAS loop antenna defining an interior portion. The RFID antenna element includes an RFID patch antenna having a hatched conductor pattern.... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics Corporation

20120068826 - Directional radio frequency identification (rfid) label tag for measuring postal matter delivery service: Provided are a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag, a method of manufacturing the RFID system, and an RFID system. The RFID tag may include a plurality of tag units. An input impedance of a tag antenna may be matched based on a coupling characteristic of the plurality of tag units,... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120068828 - Method, apparatus, and computer program product for detecting risk tags: It is presented a risk tag detector server for detecting risk tags, the risk tags being tags which are likely to be faulty. The risk tag detector server comprises: a tag manager interface configured to obtain a tag list comprising at least two tags to evaluate, and to obtain tag... Agent: Telefonaktieolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20120068827 - Self-powered rfid sensing system for structural health monitoring: An RFID-based sensing system includes a piezoelectric arrangement mountable at least partially on a structure, an RFID transponder connected to the piezoelectric arrangement, and an antenna connected to the RFID transponder and/or being integrated into the RFID transponder. The piezoelectric arrangement and/or the RFID transponder are adapted to convert kinetic... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120068829 - Anti-collision method and system for reading data from multiple rfid tags: A radio frequency identification (RFID) system for reading data from multiple RFID tags without radio frequency (RF) signal collision. The system includes a RF caller (102) for transmitting a calling message (106) with a tag ID through a calling channel (104), a plurality of RFID tags (108) for receiving the... Agent:

20120068830 - Physical layer management using rfid modules and common mode signaling: An intelligent network patch field management system is provided that includes active electronic hardware, firmware, mechanical assemblies, cables, and software that guide, monitor, and report on the process of connecting and disconnecting patch cords plugs in an interconnect or cross-connect patching environment. RFID tag integrated chips are used in some... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20120068831 - Wireless tag writing/reading apparatus and method by the same: Certain embodiments provide a wireless tag writing apparatus including: a generation unit configured to generate an identification code to be written in a wireless tag having a memory storing data, the identification code identifying an object attached with the wireless tag; an adding unit configured to calculate the identification code... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20120068833 - Closed loop universal remote control: An electronic device configured for closed loop remote control functionality and related methods are disclosed herein. In particular, in one embodiment, an electronic device configured for closed loop remote control functionality is provided. The device includes a processor and a transmitter configured to wirelessly transmit instructions to a remotely controlled... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120068832 - Wall-mounted control system for a portable touch screen device: Presented is a wall-mounted control system for a portable touch screen device. The control system includes a housing, a touch screen mounting member moveably coupled to the housing and configured to releasably hold the portable touch screen device, a processor configured for providing an interface between the portable touch screen... Agent: Crestron Electronics, Inc.

20120068834 - System, apparatus, and method providing 3-dimensional tactile feedback: Provided is a three-dimensional (3D) tactile sensation transferring system, apparatus, and method. The 3D tactile sensation transferring apparatus may include a stationary unit and a movable unit that is accommodated in the stationary unit and moves in at least one horizontal direction relative to a surface of a body for... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120068835 - Devices, systems, and methods for tactile feedback and input: Devices and methods are disclosed which relate to tactile communication. Devices are included for direct tactile input and having logic for conversion of speech and other forms of audio into vibrotactile sequences. Vibrotactile sequences are transmitted to devices equipped with tactile output, such as vibrators. Voice coil vibrators create sensations... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20120068836 - System and method for producing an audible alert for a vehicle: A method for controlling a vehicle to emanate an audible alert. The method includes determining when the vehicle is operating, and controlling a speaker system in the vehicle to emanate the audible alert outside of the vehicle for a period of time when the vehicle is operating. The audible alert... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20120068837 - Apparatus and method to detect vehicle theft: Disclosed is an apparatus and method to detect vehicle theft. In one embodiment, a processor may be configured to execute instructions to: receive a vehicle detection signal from a vehicle detector; determine whether a vehicle is present or absent based upon the vehicle detection signal; establish an authentication credential after... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120068838 - Bariatric patient lift apparatus: There are many types of bariatric lift apparatuses. Some of the present designs are inherently unstable in nature because of their basic design philosophy. Others are extremely large and bulky and can not be used effectively in the bariatric patient's living quarters. In others there is inability to transfer bariatric... Agent:

20120068839 - Interior rearview mirror assembly with integrated indicator symbol: This invention relates to interior rearview mirror assemblies for vehicles and to interior rearview mirror assemblies without a frame or bezel having inputs corresponding to elements representing a symbol. The symbols are located behind a reflective element and not visible until activated by selection of the corresponding input or other... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20120068840 - Image generating apparatus and image display system: A technology that does not require complicated operation to select a display mode is provided. In an image display system, a back mode stores a display mode that has been recently set as a current mode. When the display mode becomes the back mode next time, the display mode that... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20120068842 - Automatic configuration of initiating devices: A method and system for configuring initiating devices in a fire alarm system is provided. Groupings of the initiating devices in the fire alarm system are determined entirely automatically (or partially automatically). For example, the fire alarm control panel may communicate with the initiating devices to receive grouping information from... Agent:

20120068841 - Pseudo non-addressable alarm system: A pseudo non-addressable alarm system that uses addressable notification appliances and/or detectors is disclosed. In one aspect, the addressable notification appliances and/or detectors may be entirely automatically (or partially automatically) grouped. One manner of automatic grouping is to use the wiring of the pseudo non-addressable system in order to automatically... Agent:

20120068843 - Hand cleanliness: Among other things, an entry monitor has circuitry to detect when a person enters a monitored space and an indicator perceptible to other people in the space to indicate a cleanliness state of the hands of the person who has entered the space.... Agent:

20120068845 - Measuring and improving the quality of a user experience: A disposable nozzle for use on the discharge end of the barrel of a needleless injector is threaded onto the front end of a holder mounted in the barrel. A resilient detent extending outwardly at an acute angle from the inner wall of a recess in the rear end of... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120068844 - Providing event indications to prevent indication storms in an event model: A method, apparatus, and computer program product for providing event indications in an event model in a manner so that indication storms resulting from excessive indication generation and delivery is prevented. An object behavior change in an information model corresponds to an event. An indication of interest is sent to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120068846 - Tamper event detection: A tamper-indicating assembly includes a container formed by a plurality of walls and a door mechanically coupled to at least one of the walls via a hinge. At least one cable extends at least partially through the hinge between the door and the at least one wall. The cable transmits... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120068848 - Multi-sensor environmental and physiological monitor system and methods of use: A system and method for monitoring the condition of a human, companion animal, or livestock animal in an extreme environment is disclosed. In particular, a system and method to process at least one environmental measurement and at least one physiological measurement to assess at least one condition of a human,... Agent: Colorado State University Research Foundation

20120068847 - System, device and process for remotely controlling a medical device: A system for controlling medical devices, wherein this system can comprise a device having at least one wireless or cellular based communication module. The module can be in the form of a GPRS module associated with a SIM card, or a CDMA module. The SIM card can be adapted such... Agent:

20120068849 - System and method for optically detecting low liquid level condition: A system and method for remotely determining a liquid level condition within a tank includes a liquid level gauge connectable to the tank, a dial assembly associated with the liquid level gauge and an optical transceiver for determining a reflectivity of the dial assembly. The dial assembly includes a reflective... Agent: Rochester Gauges, Inc.

20120068850 - Storage device: According to embodiments, a storage device, which has a wireless communication processing part providing a wireless communication function and a memory, includes an acceleration sensor, a buzzer, and a control part which detects a user's operation based on acceleration information output from the acceleration sensor and determines whether or not... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120068851 - Member integrity monitoring system and method: A monitoring system for monitoring the integrity of a member disposed within a machine includes an image analyzer configured to receive image data from an imaging device and to determine an amount of radiation incident on one or more of one or more pixels of the imaging device. The monitoring... Agent: General Electric Company

20120068852 - Tool system with mount configured to be removably coupled to a surface: A tool system with a mount configured to be removably coupled to a surface.... Agent:

20120068853 - Method and apparatus for providing a notification appliance with a light emitting diode: A method and apparatus for providing a strobe alarm unit employing at least one light emitting diode.... Agent: Wheelock, Inc.

20120068855 - Medical telemetry system and medical telemeter: A medical telemetry system includes: a medical telemeter including: a measuring portion which measures a biological signal of a patient as biological signal data; a communicating portion which wirelessly transmits the biological signal data; and a connection information storing portion which stores connection information; and a receiver including: a non-contact... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20120068856 - Remote identification device associated with a vehicle including means for remotely communicating with the associated vehicle: The invention relates to a device (1) for remotely identifying a motor vehicle (2), including means (3) for remotely communicating with the associated vehicle (2). The device comprises means (4) for querying the state of charge of at least one vehicle battery and means (6) for receiving said state of... Agent: Valeo Securite Habitacle

20120068854 - System and method for programming and monitoring energy use and cost: The present invention can provide a method, apparatus, and system for providing energy usage information to a user. One embodiment displays, on a display interface of a display device, a virtual analog clock and receives energy usage data for a metered environment. A graphical representation of a first level of... Agent:

20120068857 - Configurable remote control: An electronic device self-configurable for remote control functionality and related methods are disclosed herein. In particular, in one embodiment, a method for configuring a multifunctional electronic device to operate as a remote control is provided that includes capturing an image of an electronic device and comparing the image with data... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120068858 - Traffic negotiation system: A method for managing flow of vehicular traffic includes advising drivers of directed vehicles to form a first pack of directed vehicles that has a lead vehicle and at least one trailing vehicle, advising each of the drivers of trailing vehicles in the first pack to maintain a selected inter-vehicle... Agent:

20120068859 - Method of controlling a collision warning system using line of sight: A collision warning system for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The collision warning system includes a first mode and a second mode. The system operates in the first mode when there is line of sight with a target vehicle. The system operates in the second mode where there is no... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120068861 - Method and onboard-unit for radio communication in a road toll system: A method and onboard unit for radio communication between a radio beacon and an onboard unit with a transceiver as part of a road toll system, wherein the radio beacon has a limited radio coverage area and the onboard unit has two operating modes, i.e. a first energy-consuming working mode... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

20120068860 - Traffic control database and distribution system: A database for storing intersection data efficiently is disclosed. The database stores two or more points for each approach to the intersection along with the intersection control type. A third point can be used to help define the geometry of each approach. The database can be used with a warning... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120068862 - Systems and methods for early detection of aircraft approach to volcanic plume: Onboard systems and methods for early detection that an aircraft is approaching a volcanic (ash) plume or a gas plume having a concentration of a volcanic gas which would be toxic to humans. The detection method generally comprises the steps of measuring the concentration of one or more volcanic gases... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120068863 - Systems and methods for remote detection of volcanic plumes using satellite signals: Systems and methods for remote detection of volcanic plumes using satellite signals. The invention solves the problem of remotely detecting volcanic plumes, including those embedded in clouds, by providing a system that can be installed onboard a mobile platform, such as an aircraft, a satellite, a weather balloon, a ship... Agent: The Boeing Company

03/15/2012 > 42 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120062356 - Antenna device, particularly for a mobile radio system, having a plurality of associated functional units: The invention relates to an improved antenna device, characterized by the following additional features: that each functional unit (21) can communicate bidirectionally with the remote control unit (RC) by means of the communication bus (23), the configuration, the controller, and/or the querying of one or more functional units (21) of... Agent: Kathrein-werke Kg

20120062357 - Remote guidance system: A method of providing assistance from an assistant to a user, wherein the user and the assistant are remote from each other, includes obtaining an image of an area adjacent the user, transmitting the image from the user to the assistant, and displaying the image on a display to the... Agent: Echo-sense Inc.

20120062358 - Multiple-frequency solutions for remote access systems: Aspects of the present disclosure are directed toward a system in which a three-dimensional low-frequency (3D-LF) antenna and a high frequency (HF) antenna are used. The 3D-LF antenna includes three coils each oriented relative to X, Y and Z axes that define a Cartesian coordinate system for a three-dimensional space.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120062359 - System and method for wireless interactive security services using a key-switch interface: In one aspect of the present invention there is provided an alarm communicator configured to communicate directly with an alarm panel. The alarm panel includes a key-switch input terminal which is in direct communication with a relay switch defined on the alarm communicator. The alarm communicator is capable of sending... Agent: Telular Corporation

20120062361 - Wireless communication system for vehicle: A wireless communication system for a vehicle has a portable device that transmits a wireless signal and a vehicle-mounted device that receives the wireless signal from the portable device. Each time a switch in the portable device is turned on, the portable device updates a portable device rolling code and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20120062362 - Apparatus and method for accessing a secured storage space: Access to one or more storage areas is controlled. An indication that a packaged asset is available for delivery to an intended recipient, an indication of a size of the asset, and an identity of the intended recipient are received. An available storage space is determined based at least in... Agent:

20120062363 - Wireless device operable cash drawer: Cash drawers that are operated by wireless devices are disclosed. A cash drawer illustratively includes a communication interface that receives commands from a wireless device, and a controller that process the command received from the wireless device. The cash drawer may optionally include a reader that reads an identifier associated... Agent: Apg Cash Drawer

20120062360 - System and method for controlling the access to a networked control system: s

20120062364 - Biometric imaging using an optical adaptive interface: Embodiments of the invention provide for a biometric system with an optically adaptive interface. In some embodiments, an optically adaptive interface changes optical characteristics in response to the placement of a finger on the optically adaptive interface. In some embodiments, the optically adaptive interface can include an active layer and... Agent: Lumidigm, Inc.

20120062365 - Extended range rfid tag assemblies and methods of operation: Radio frequency identification (RFID) tag assemblies and methods having an RFID semiconductor chip, a conductor and an antenna, the RFID semiconductor chip has an antenna interface mounted on a mounting surface of a mounting substrate and a predetermined operating frequency, the conductor is electrically coupled to the antenna interface of... Agent: Innovative Timing Systems, LLC

20120062368 - Hospital identification bracelet: A hospital identification bracelet includes a flexible strip (1) with several self-adhesive labels (2) for receiving printed or printable bar codes, a writable area (5) for patient data and the label codes, together with a simple closing device, and a RFID transponder (6) of Identification by Radio Frequency, fixed to... Agent: Veridentia, S.l.

20120062367 - Near field communication enabled permanent rfid luggage tag: An integral, one-piece, resiliently flexible, planar, reusable, programmable radio frequency identification (RFID) luggage tag has a planar flexible sheet core of microporous polymer material permanently and completely surrounding a first RFID transponder assembly. The first transponder assembly includes a programmable memory portion with space to store information externally programmed into... Agent: Vanguard Identification Systems, Inc.

20120062366 - Radio-frequency identification tiles: The present disclosure is directed to methods and systems for a modular, configurable radio frequency identification (RFID) system receiving RFID communications and packaged in a casing for incorporation into a host object. The RFID system may interact with other systems based on the received RFID communications, and may include an... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20120062369 - Wireless communication system, wireless communication method, radio equipment, and data transmitter: Provided is a wireless communication system including a first radio equipment that transmits first data using first radio waves, a data transmitter that outputs a second radio wave generated by modulating the first radio wave according to second data to be transmitted, and a second radio equipment that receives the... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120062370 - Control system for augmenting a portable touch screen device: Presented is a control system for augmenting a portable touch screen device having integral processing capability. The control system includes an enclosure configured for housing the portable touch screen device, an internal docking connector configured for communicatively mating with the portable touch screen device, and hard buttons. At least one... Agent: Crestron Electronics, Inc.

20120062371 - Haptic communication: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus comprises: a material attachable to skin, the material capable of detecting a magnetic field and transferring a perceivable stimulus to the skin, wherein the perceivable stimulus relates to the magnetic field.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120062372 - Method for representing objects surrounding a vehicle on the display of a display device: A method represents objects of varying visibility surrounding a vehicle for a driver on a display device. The surroundings are automatically recognized by object recognition devices. For recognized objects, it is determined whether the respective object is a first object classified to be visible, or a second object classified to... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20120062373 - Vehicle crash hazard notice system: An apparatus and method for deploying vivid notice to a first responder, wherein the deploying event is triggered by the vehicle crash motion or by signal from the vehicle's own crash detection system, and the vivid notice is coded to the particular hazard present at the vehicle crash site and... Agent:

20120062374 - Vehicle crash hazard notice system: Provided is a method for providing information to a mobile object or acquiring information from a mobile object. The method for providing information to a mobile object includes providing information obtained by an information acquisition system to an interoperable communication system and providing information outputted from the communication system to... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120062375 - Control system for vehicle: A control system for a vehicle, includes: a controller that is configured to obtain an index on the basis of a running condition of the vehicle, to vary a running characteristic of the vehicle on the basis of the index, and to vary details output from an effect producing device,... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120062376 - Apparatus and method for enabling an automotive module device indicator in a wireless communication system: An apparatus and method for enabling an automotive module indicator in a wireless communication system comprising receiving a capability inquiry message from a wireless network; determining an information content for a capability message in response to the capability inquiry message; and transmitting the capability message to the wireless network. In... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120062377 - Device and method for monitoring waters: A system for monitoring waters, particularly swimming pools, including at least one control unit assigned to one person, which has at least one sensor device, one analysis device and one transmitter, at least one receiving device disposed within the waters, at least one transmission device which is signal-connected to the... Agent:

20120062379 - Communication system incorporated in an ingestible product: The system of the present invention includes a conductive element, an electronic component, and a partial power source in the form of dissimilar materials. Upon contact with a conducting fluid, a voltage potential is created and the power source is completed, which activates the system. The electronic component controls the... Agent: Proteus Biomedical, Inc.

20120062378 - Hand cleanliness: Among other things, from a wireless device, a command is transmitted to wearable monitors within range of the wireless device to update their states to a non disinfected state of the hands of users of the wearable monitors.... Agent: Biovigil, LLC, A Michigan Corporation

20120062380 - \"invisi wall\" anti-theft system: A system which monitors a display of products includes a motion detection unit. The motion detection unit is configured to receive an electromagnetic signal from a sensor concerning a portion of a plane disposed between at least one product held in a display and an individual. Further, the motion detection... Agent: Fasteners For Retail, Inc.

20120062381 - Motion tracking techniques for rfid tags: Techniques for tracking the motion of an RFID tag using signal strength information. A single antenna of an RFID reader may be used to take a sequence of readings from an RFID tag in motion. A signal strength indicator (e.g., received signal strength indicator (RSSI)) is determined for each reading.... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120062382 - Hand washing enforcement system: A hand cleansing monitoring system that electronically monitors and communicates hand washing frequency and procedures to management through a computer based system.... Agent:

20120062383 - Method for determining operator condition, device therefrom and their use in alarm response system in a facility: A method is disclosed for alarm distribution, the method including receiving one or more physiological parameters of one or more operators; detecting a condition of the one or more operators based on the one or more physiological parameters; deciding the condition of the one or more operators; and generating an... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20120062384 - Roof drain overflow sensor: An exemplary embodiment providing one or more improvements includes a positive acting sensor which detects the flow of water through a flat roof secondary or emergency roof drain. In embodiments a signal from the sensor is conveyed by a conductor or by wireless means to an alarm box. In embodiments... Agent: Jay R. Smith Manufacturing Company

20120062386 - Controlling user input devices based upon detected attitude of a handheld electronic device: A wireless handheld electronic device configured to send and receive text messages. A microprocessor for receiving, processing and outputting data is located within the handheld device. A display screen in data-communication with the microprocessor presents information for user observation based upon data output from the microprocessor. A sensor is provided... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120062385 - Shore power cord set: A shore power cord includes a power supply connector electrically connected to a vehicle connector. In some cases, the vehicle connector includes features to selectively secure the vehicle connector to a vehicle power receptacle inlet. In some cases, the shore power cord includes a test module that evaluates the condition... Agent:

20120062387 - Human interface device input filter based on motion: A device for filtering human interface device inputs based on motion. The device includes a motion event generator configured for generating at least one motion event based on information readings associated with a movement of a patient care device and at least one motion detecting filter, and an input filter... Agent:

20120062388 - Firearms management system: A device, system, and associated methods for the management of firearms for locating, tracking, monitoring, indentifying discharge, and related management tasks are disclosed. In one embodiment, a firearm is disclosed having a processor adapted for storing information and receiving and acting upon command and a location monitor adapted to provide... Agent:

20120062389 - Locating utility metering devices: Disclosed are various embodiments for locating utility metering devices. Utility metering devices that are lost or stolen and that are facilitating unauthorized utility service access. Many AMI and/or AMR deployments lack the ability to remotely deactivate a meter. Accordingly, embodiments of this disclosure can generate a zone of interest in... Agent: Southern Company Services, Inc.

20120062390 - Locating utility metering devices: Disclosed are various embodiments for locating utility metering devices. Utility metering devices are those that are lost or stolen and that are facilitating unauthorized utility service access. Many AMI and/or AMR deployments lack the ability to remotely deactivate a meter. Accordingly, embodiments of this disclosure can generate a zone of... Agent: Southern Company Services, Inc.

20120062391 - Vehicle external warning sound generation system and method: A vehicle external warning sound generation system and method. A transducer generates warning sounds external to the vehicle in response to an input sound signal. A sensor senses sound external to the vehicle and has an output signal that represents both sensed ambient noise and sensed warning sounds. A processing... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120062392 - System and method for protecting assets from harm and for reducing insurance risk: A method for warning at least one contact person associated with a vehicle that the vehicle is within a geographical warning zone includes initiating and establishing a wireless communication link between a vehicle telematics system of the vehicle and a control system remote from the vehicle. The control system includes... Agent:

20120062393 - Method and system for determining the occupation state of a parking space: A method for determining the occupation state of a parking space, including the steps of: providing a first detection unit equipped with a frequency modulated continuous wave radar; preparing a decision unit and a second detection unit; transmitting via the radar a communication signal modulated on the basis of a... Agent: Selex Elsag S.p.a.

20120062394 - Parking assistance system for assisting in a parking operation for a plurality of available parking spaces: A parking assistance system is described for assisting in a parking operation of a vehicle when a plurality of parking spaces is present. A method in a parking assistance system includes performing the following: detecting a plurality of parking spaces; selecting one of the detected parking spaces based on a... Agent:

20120062395 - Parking information collection system and method: An integrated parking information system is disclosed. The system includes a collection system and a means for collection of parking data, and an information provision system and a method for the provision of parking information, for instance, enabling a driver to know exactly which city parking rules and fines apply... Agent: Parkme, LLC

20120062396 - Parking support device: A parking support device is provided for extracting detection point data corresponding to a corner portion of a parked vehicle 2 from detection point data showing a series of detection points at each of which the distance to the parked vehicle 2 is detected, performing a noise component removing process... Agent:

20120062397 - Traffic inferior tag recognization bus information system: A traffic inferior tag recognition bus information system is disclosed. The traffic inferior tag recognition bus information system comprises a bus terminal for generating and transmitting a position information of the bus via a communication network, a traffic information center for receiving the position information via the communication network and... Agent: Bngrotis Inc.

03/08/2012 > 51 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20120056710 - Data transmission method, pipeline monitoring method, rf transceiver and system: The present invention discloses a data transmission method, pipeline monitoring method, RF transceiver and system. The method comprises: broadcasting and transmitting, by a first radio frequency (RF) transceiver, a data transmission request, and receiving, by the first RF transceiver, a data transmission response returned by a second RF transceiver, wherein... Agent:

20120056711 - Network-enabled valve management system: A system for remotely operating endpoint devices, such as valves for utility services, comprises a server, one or more network access hubs, and one or more endpoint devices. The network access hubs communicate with the server through a network and communicate wirelessly with the endpoint devices. The network access hubs... Agent: Qmi Manufacturing Inc.

20120056712 - Method of configuring a two-way wireless load control system having one-way wireless remote control devices: A radio-frequency (RF) load control system includes both two-way and one-way (e.g., transmit-only) remote control devices, and provides a simple, reliable process for configuring the one-way devices into the system. The one-way device may be programmed to operate at one of a predetermined number of radio frequencies as part of... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20120056713 - Tethered digital butler consumer electronic remote control device and method: The present invention relates to a tethered digital butler consumer electronics product and method. The tethered digital butler, of a price and form factor suitable for consumer electronics markets of developed and developing countries, includes a communications and multi-media console and a wireless remote. The remote may resemble a handheld... Agent: Nexstep, Inc.

20120056714 - Biometric visitor check system: A system for biometric exclusion of certain individuals from entering a facility. A biometric exclusion system may use biometric acquisition and matching and a database to screen a large population of subjects by looking for individuals enrolled in a database. A screening approach may be used to match biometrics having... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120056717 - Furniture and building structures comprising sensors for determining the position of one or more objects: A system, device and method for determining the position of objects comprising one or more furniture items and/or building structures having one or more sensors and a controller coupled to the sensors. The sensors detect when one or more objects having at least one sensor tag are positioned proximate one... Agent: Tweedletech, LLC

20120056715 - Locating remote control devices utilizing base unit positioning: A base may locate a remote control by transmitting a first location signal, receiving a second location signal at base receivers from a remote control device transponder transmitted in response, and calculating a location of the remote control device based on the received second location signal. The base may provide... Agent: Sling Media Pvt Ltd

20120056716 - System and method for situational location relevant invocable speed reference: Situational location dependent information is transmitted from a server data processing system to a receiving data processing system. The server data processing system communicates with the receiving data processing system in a manner by pushing content when appropriate. A candidate delivery event associated with a current positional attribute of the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120056723 - Method and system for baggage claim at the airport: The present invention provides a method and system for baggage claim at the airport. The method includes when an RFID claim tag taken along by a passenger gets close to an RFID reader, the RFID reader reading the RFID claim tag and obtaining baggage claim information; searching corresponding baggage identification... Agent:

20120056721 - Movable golf range target with rfid ball identifier: A movable golf range target system is described. The movable golf range target system includes an issuing area RFID reader and a movable target. The issuing area RFID reader reads a plurality of RFID golf balls associated with a player account, each RFID golf ball has a unique identification and... Agent:

20120056720 - Pluggable small form-factor uhf rfid reader: A Pluggable small form-factor UHF Radio Frequency ID reader having in an enclosure: a host CPU; volatile memory; non-volatile memory; power inputs; digital circuitry comprising the CPU and supporting components; analog circuitry comprising power and Radio Frequency components; one or more antennas; networking components; user interface components; debug and test... Agent:

20120056722 - Rfid reader with camera, video, and/or audio capture device: A media capture device coupled to an RFID reader and/or antenna. A system in one embodiment includes a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader; an antenna coupled to the RFID reader; and a media capture device coupled to at least one of the reader and the antenna. A method in another... Agent: Intelleflex Corporation

20120056718 - Transponder and method for operating a transponder: An RFID transponder having an adjustable response field strength including a determination circuit formed to determine a quantity which is derivable from a field strength of an electromagnetic field prevailing at the location of the RFID transponder, a comparator formed to compare the determined quantity derived from the field strength... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120056719 - Uhf rfid wristband with a long read range: A radio frequency identification wristband for attaching to a patient that has a band, a wristband housing attached to or integral with said band, one or more radio frequency identification tag(s) or tag inlay(s), an insulator material, wherein said wristband housing is adhered to said radio frequency identification tag or... Agent:

20120056725 - Electronic system and a method for the automatic identification of a vehicle: A system for the automatic identification of a vehicle according to the present invention comprises electronic identification means associated with a vehicle and electronic means for reading and/or writing the electronic identification means associated with the vehicle. The electronic identification means and the electronic reading and/or writing means comprising radio... Agent:

20120056724 - Method of controlling communication: In a communication system including a RFID tag, which has a function to record information and a function to carry out wireless communication with an external device and is capable of transmission with using both FM modulation and AM modulation, and a reader/writer for writing and reading information onto and... Agent: Riso Kagaku Corporation

20120056730 - Click position control apparatus, click position control method, and touch sensor system: A click position control apparatus (3601) that controls a click position on a touch sensor (102) clicked by a user when the user operates an input device (101) including a clickable touch sensor (105) including the touch sensor (102) and a click detecting unit (103), the click position control apparatus... Agent:

20120056729 - Two-way communication between a bed facility controller and a remote control for the bed facility: A remote control communicates via two-way communication with a controller for a bed facility to allow a user of the remote control to control a function of the bed facility. Adjustable features of an adjustable bed can be controlled through the two-way communication. Inflation or other features of an air... Agent:

20120056727 - Equipment status controlling method and equipment: The present invention discloses an equipment status controlling method and equipment. The method comprises arranging a corresponding wireless communicating part for at least one component of a piece of equipment, the wireless communicating part comprising a storage unit for storing component information and a transmitting unit for transmitting the component... Agent:

20120056728 - Method for controlling transmissions from a resource-restricted device, and batteryless device: The present invention relates to a method for controlling transmissions of a batteryless device (1) operating in a wireless network, the method comprising the following steps: the batteryless device (1) transmitting a frame including elements for controlling operation of a remote device (2a), or controlled device, the batteryless device being... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120056726 - Radio controlled step dimmer control for fluorescent light fixtures: A lighting system includes a remotely controllable step dimmer for controlling one or more fluorescent light fixtures with a fixed or transportable light controller with a wireless signal transmitter and at least a first control input or switch configured for manual actuation by a lighting system user. The light controller... Agent:

20120056731 - Device control system: A controller 20 includes means that communicates, as need arises, with each of other controllers 20 and players 10 to create a device list representing that each of the other controllers 20 and the players 10 is operative; means that communicates, as need arises, with each of the players 10... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20120056732 - Portable, in particular media-enabled console: A portable console includes at least one control and display unit, and at least one communication interface for communicating within a predefined range of functions with at least one household appliance. The range of functions includes a plurality of functional areas which are dependent on and limited by a distance... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

20120056733 - Systems and methods for haptic information preview: Systems and methods for haptic information preview are disclosed. For example, in one embodiment a method for haptic information preview includes: receiving a message including data; receiving a data quality metric associated with the data; determining a quality of the data based at least in part on the data quality... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20120056734 - Method of monitoring vehicle surroundings, and apparatus for monitoring vehicle surroundings: A technology is provided for monitoring the surroundings of a vehicle in which a driver approaching the vehicle is recognized, obstacles present in the surroundings of the vehicle are searched for, obstacle information is generated for searched and found obstacles, and the driver outside of the vehicle is notified of... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120056735 - Collision warning system: A method of estimating a time to collision (TTC) of a vehicle with an object comprising: acquiring a plurality of images of the object; and determining a TTC from the images that is responsive to a relative velocity and relative acceleration between the vehicle and the object.... Agent: Mobileye Technologies Ltd.

20120056736 - Display device for vehicle: A display device for a vehicle includes an information acquiring unit, a display unit and a control unit. The information acquiring unit acquires vehicle information regarding the vehicle. The vehicle information includes engine information indicating an engine on and off state. The control unit controls the display unit to display... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120056737 - Restraint system including a disengaged coupling apparatus indicator: A restraint system for a motor vehicle includes a coupling member, a coupling apparatus configured to receive and engage the coupling member, at least one indicator, and an electrical circuit configured to determine whether the coupling member is engaged with the coupling apparatus and to control the at least one... Agent: Indiana Mills & Manufacturing, Inc.

20120056738 - Vehicle exterior rearview mirror system: A vehicular exterior rearview mirror system includes an exterior rearview mirror assembly that includes a mirror reflective element fixedly attached to a mirror back plate attached to a mirror actuator. The mirror back plate includes a display indicator, fixedly secured thereto, having a light source that is activatable to emit... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20120056739 - Displacement diagnosis sensor of brake pedal having stop lamp switch function: A displacement diagnosis sensor of a brake pedal having a stop lamp switch function is provided. According to the present invention, one sensor performs both a function of a stop lamp switch and a function of diagnosing a rotational displacement of the brake pedal simultaneously to thereby save a manufacturing... Agent: Donghee Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120056740 - Radiofrequency circuit embedded onboard in a satellite comprising a thermal control system based on an alarm signal generated by the reflection of power: A radiofrequency circuit embedded onboard a satellite, data being transmitted on several channels by radiofrequency signals, includes a channel corresponding to a frequency band, and a succession of gains being able to be associated with a channel so as to generate the radiofrequency signal to be transmitted on the latter.... Agent: Thales

20120056741 - System to track one or more indoor persons, outdoor persons and vehicles: The present invention is a system to track one or more indoor persons that includes an application server with a first processor, a base station, a plurality of tags, a plurality of medical device sensors that includes a wireless blood pressure sensor, a wireless temperature measurement sensor, or a wireless... Agent:

20120056743 - Hvac air filter check reminder refrigerator magnet: An HVAC air filter check reminder refrigerator magnet easily attaches to top of mind locations within the home which visually and/or audibly alerts the user to check or change the HVAC air filter at the United States Department of Energy recommended lapse of time with a push of a single... Agent:

20120056742 - System for image analysis in a network that is structured with multiple layers and differentially weighted neurons: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for facilitating the usage of an online workforce to remotely monitor security-sensitive sites and report potential security breaches. In some embodiments, cameras are configured to monitor critical civilian infrastructure, such as water supplies and nuclear reactors. The cameras are operatively connected to a central... Agent:

20120056744 - Monitoring apparatus: An apparatus and method for bi-directional communication with an external transceiver; the apparatus comprising a transmitter for transmitting an engagement request message from a tag to said external transceiver when said tag is in a non-engaged mode and for transmitting a directed message from said tag to an engaged external... Agent: Attenti Ltd.

20120056746 - Monitoring systems, devices and methods: A system for monitoring wellness of a person, includes a local system in the vicinity of the person. The local system includes a plurality of sensor systems. Each of the plurality of sensor systems is associated with at least one monitored system to monitor changes in state of the monitored... Agent:

20120056745 - Notification control apparatus, electronic apparatus, timepiece apparatus and program: The invention is intended to prevent sunburn of a user. A CPU prompts the user to perform sunburn preventing treatment after an elapse of a first period, and notifies the elapse of a second period after the elapse of the second period from the prompt.... Agent:

20120056747 - Bed monitoring system: There is provided a bed monitoring system comprising a sensor for detecting and measuring the pressure or force exerted on a bed; and a processor configured to process signals from the sensor to identify a pressure or force pattern that is characteristic of a state of a user relative to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120056748 - Providing sensory feedback indicating an operating mode of a thermal process stream device: Technologies are described herein for providing sensory feedback to users of microwave oven or other thermal process stream device indicating operation in an interpretive language architecture mode. An indication is received through a device data entry mechanism that the interpretive language architecture mode of the device is to be initiated.... Agent: Microwave Science Jv, LLC

20120056749 - Vapor resistant tank level alarm system: A tank level alarm system in which all of the electrical components are located in a sealed housing above the tank's upper surface. There is no direct electrical connection between the tank liquid level detector within the tank interior and the alarm electrical components in the housing. A magnetic switch... Agent: Tank Specialties, Inc.

20120056750 - Pressure sensor device and emergency informing apparatus: Provided are a pressure sensor device and an emergency informing apparatus. The pressure sensor device includes a portable frame including a concave portion, a connector connected to the frame across the concave portion, a sensor disposed side by side with the connector and connected to the frame across the concave... Agent: H3 System Co., Ltd.

20120056751 - Method and system for integrating sensors on an autonomous mining drilling rig: An autonomous drilling rig (200), including a carriage including a mast (204), a rotary head (202) configured to traverse up and down the mast (204), and a wireless transmission system. The wireless transmission system includes a wireless transmitter (208) mounted on the rotary head (202) and configured to send a... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20120056752 - Content signaturing: Content signaturing is provided by a display receiver device comprising one or more source inputs, where each source input is configured to receive a content signal from a corresponding content source. The display receiver device further comprises a content identification module to send sample information derived from each received content... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120056753 - Meter and communication relay method: A meter receives a new communication frame from a power line, and determines whether the new communication frame is used to read power consumption of the meter. If the new communication frame is used to read power consumption of the meter, the meter generates a response frame of the new... Agent: Ambit Microsystems (shanghai) Ltd.

20120056754 - Energy management system and method and repeater for energy management system: Disclosed are an energy management system, an energy management method and a repeater for an energy management system. The repeater receives information on an amount of energy consumption of the individual user from the meter, and receives information on an energy pricing system from the central management server. Then, the... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20120056755 - Utility meter tamper monitoring system and method: A method includes activating a tamper monitoring circuit of a security seal configured to securely lock a utility meter. The method also includes wirelessly transmitting an identification data and/or an integrity information associated with the security seal and/or the utility meter to the external transceiver upon activating the tamper monitoring... Agent: Brooks Utility Products Group, Inc.

20120056756 - Method of estimating intersection control: A method of estimating the type of intersection control for two or more roadways includes steps of classifying each roadway at an intersection and estimating the type of intersection control used for each roadway. Roadways can be classified by size, traveling speed, number of lanes as well as any other... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120056757 - Emergency vehicle traffic directional lights: A removable vehicle directional light unit for use on a police or emergency vehicle which will be highly visible from a long distance for directing traffic to one or more specified lanes to reduce congestion and avoid accidents, particularly accidents involving police and emergency vehicles parked in the vicinity. The... Agent:

20120056758 - Vehicle parking spot locator system and method using connected vehicles: A vehicle parking spot locator system and method are provided. The system includes a database storing data pertaining to the parking spot locations including available parking spot locations, and a communication link for communicating with a vehicle and other sources. The communication link receives parking spot location information including information... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120056759 - System for displaying multiple overlaid images to a pilot of an aircraft during flight: A system for displaying first and second images to a pilot of an aircraft includes, but is not limited to, a sensor subsystem that detects a light transmission originating from outside the aircraft and generates a first signal indicative of the light transmission, a dynamic condition sensor that detects a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120056760 - Method and device for automatically determining an erroneous height value of a radioaltimeter mounted on an aircraft: Method and device for automatically determining an erroneous height value of a radio altimeter mounted on an aircraft. The device (1) includes means (12, 13, 15) for comparing the duration between two height thresholds to a predetermined reference time, by taking account of current height values of the radio altimeter... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

03/01/2012 > 77 patent applications in 51 patent subcategories.

20120049998 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the mobile terminal: A mobile terminal and a method of controlling the operation of the mobile terminal are provided. The method includes executing an application, determining whether a level of a brain wave of a user classified into a particular frequency band falls within a reference range, and storing at least image data... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120050000 - Apparatus and methods for temperature-based control of communication device operations: In one or more embodiments, an intelligent communications device is disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus is disclosed for controlling the operations of temperature-sensitive electronic devices in an enclosure, based on a requisite temperature range. The apparatus includes a main circuit board with a plurality of secondary circuit board connectors... Agent: Smartsynch, Inc.

20120049999 - Method and system for monitoring operation of a dispensing system: A method and system provides for monitoring, troubleshooting and acquiring diagnostics information from an aspirating dispensing system (10). The dispensing system (10) uses an aspirator (12) with a plurality of liquid inlet ports and a flow meter (30) connected in liquid communication with at least one of the liquid inlet... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc

20120050002 - Apparatus having a rotary switch: In an apparatus having a rotary switch which can be moved into a plurality of positions, each of which is assigned a different function of the apparatus, a different input signal is respectively supplied to a microcontroller when each position is assumed. In at least one embodiment, a firmware program... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120050001 - Security system with control device: Access control systems, for example in buildings, have the task of checking the authorization of persons wanting to enter or leave the building or partial areas thereof. The invention relates to a security system (1) for monitoring and/or controlling partial areas in a surveillance area, comprising at least one control... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120050003 - Processing system and apparatus and method for protecting a processing system: An apparatus and method for protecting a processing system, in particular a sorting system for postal items having at least two working planes above one another, is operable in a protection state and an access state. When the protection apparatus is in the protection state, a covering prevents access to... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120050004 - Systems and methods for position-based loaning of electronic documents to electronic device users: Systems and methods for position-based loaning of electronic documents to electronic device users are disclosed herein. According to an aspect, a method may include determining a position of an electronic device. The method may also include determining a registration status associated with the electronic device. Further, the method may include... Agent: Rhonda Enterprises, LLC

20120050008 - Methods and systems for secure pass-set entry: Methods and systems for secure pass-set entry are disclosed. In one example, an authenticator device is configured to generate a pass-set menu to output in visual format on the display. An I/O device is configured to output audio corresponding to the pass-set menu to the user. A user input interface... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20120050009 - Electronic device with unlocking function and method thereof: An electronic device with unlocking function includes an accelerometer, an unlocking module, a touch screen and a storage. The accelerometer detects a direction of movement of the electronic device. The touch screen provides output and input for the electronic device. The touch screen detects a contact path of a user... Agent: Foxconn Communication Technology Corp.

20120050005 - Security key entry using ancillary input device: A physical, non-human readable representation of a digital key may be in a physical key article. The key article may enable a person to generate a signal representing the digital key from a user interface device in communication with a computer by physical manipulation of the key article. Access to... Agent:

20120050006 - Dynamically configured user interface for access control systems: A system and method provide real-time configuration information as to a plurality of doors which are part of an access control system. Configuration information can be obtained for each one of a plurality of door of the system. That information can be forwarded to a requestor to provide a real-time... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120050010 - Restricting the operation of a motor vehicle: A camera (402) is provided for receiving a candidate image of a portion of a driver's upper limb, such as a palm, emphasising patterns of blood transferring pathways, such as veins, within the exposed portion of the driver's palm. A candidate image is compared with stored template images (411) and... Agent:

20120050007 - Methods and apparatus for interacting with an electronic device application by moving an object in the air over an electronic device display: In a first aspect, a first method is provided of interacting with an electronic device. The first method includes the steps of (1) tracking the x, y and z coordinates of an object moving above a display of the electronic device, wherein a top surface of the display is substantially... Agent:

20120050012 - Adaptive media content scrubbing on a remote device: Systems and techniques are disclosed for controlling, from a mobile device, media content stored on the mobile device to a media client for presentation on a display device. Data can be provided from the mobile device to the media client for identifying the location of the media content and a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120050013 - Economic method for operating a passive tag: Disclosed is an economic method for operating an active tag. The active tag includes a pulse module, a power supply module and a signal module. The economic method includes the steps of providing a signal to the pulse module so that the pulse module identifies the signal, and providing a... Agent: Chung-shan Institute Of Science And Technology, Armaments, Bureau, Ministry Of National Defense

20120050016 - Method and system for determining the distance, speed, and/or direction of movement of an rfid transponder: A method and a system for determining the distance, speed, and/or direction of movement of a radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder, wherein a RFID reading device transmits a power supply carrier signal that is modulated during some phases to interrogate the RFID transponder. A radar module simultaneously transmits a radar... Agent:

20120050014 - Method for operating a system of readers: Disclosed is a method for operating a system of first and second readers. In the method, a processor is provided to produce a command. The command is used to get the first reader in an active mode and the second reader in a standby mode. The second reader is wakened... Agent: Chung-shan Institute Of Science And Technology, Armaments, Bureau, Ministry Of National Defense

20120050015 - Parasitic circuit for device protection: Exemplary embodiments are directed to a device include a parasitic coil for protection of the device. A device may include a first circuit configured to receive a first transmitted signal at an operational frequency. The device may also include a second circuit a second circuit configured to generate a field... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120050011 - Rfid tag including environmentally sensitive materials: According to one exemplary embodiment, and RFID device is disclosed. The RFID device includes a substrate, an antenna structure having a first sheet of electrically conductive material including two parts and an elongated slot extending therebetween, a wireless communications device coupled to the substrate, and an environmentally-responsive material disposed within... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20120050018 - System and method for interactive user-directed interfacing between handheld devices and rfid media: Systems and methods for interactively interfacing handheld devices and RFID media are described. A method for interactively interfacing HHDs and RFID media. The method includes starting an application on a HHD for interfacing with RFID media, the HHD including a RFID reader, receiving user input relating to the storing of... Agent: Q Street LLC

20120050017 - System and method for multiple reading interface with a simple rfid antenna: A multi-field antenna able to receive a signal over one field selected from a plurality of different fields of the antenna includes an interface to connect the antenna to a signal processing device, such as an RFID reader, to receive and process the signal. The antenna includes a first magnetic... Agent: Psion Inc.

20120050019 - Table tek systems: An electronic communication system for increasing the efficiency of communication between restaurant patrons and wait-staff to enhance the dining experience using remotely connected communication devices. A communication device is used by patrons to electronically signal a desire to order, request service, or request a bill. Similarly, a communication device is... Agent:

20120050020 - System and method for producing an audible alert for a vehicle: A method for controlling a vehicle to emanate an audible alert including determining when the vehicle is operating, and controlling a speaker system in the vehicle to emanate the audible alert outside of the vehicle when the vehicle is operating based on stored information representative of an internal combustion engine... Agent: Nissan Technical Center North America, Inc.

20120050021 - Method and apparatus for in-vehicle presence detection and driver alerting: A method for alerting a driver of an automotive vehicle (or other responsible party) to the presence or inferred presence of an object, a person, or a pet animal in rear seating rows of the vehicle. The open/closed condition of rear vehicle doors is monitored to determine whether the driver... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120050023 - Planter monitor system and method: A planter monitor system and method that provides an operator with near real-time data concerning yield robbing events and the economic cost associated with such yield robbing events so as to motivate the operator to take prompt corrective action.... Agent: Precision Planting, Inc.

20120050022 - Safety warning device using a visual tape and motion sensor component: A Safety Warning Device which when the visual tape and motion sensor mechanisms are components of vertical posts (both primary and corresponding), can be mounted to a base (permanent or portable) or customized to fit on a flatbed trailer, which when the visual tape is extended and the motion sensor... Agent:

20120050024 - Vehicle camera system: A vehicle camera system having features to attract the attention of a vehicle driver for discerning an object about the vehicle. The vehicle camera system has a camera configured to view an area about a vehicle and an infrared sensor configured to detect an object at a location within the... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120050025 - Vehicle steering assist system and method of operation: A steering assist system for a vehicle is provided. The steering assist system includes a steering angle sensor that detects an angular position of a steering wheel. The system also includes one or more first sensors that scan a first area for objects. The first area includes at least a... Agent:

20120050026 - Impact alert system and method: An impact alert system and method for reducing personal injury at vehicle impact, include at least one sensor arrangement adapted to monitor the surroundings of a vehicle, and to generate surrounding signals dependent thereon, a control unit adapted to receive the surrounding signals, and to evaluate the signals in order... Agent:

20120050027 - System and method for assisting driver when reversing motor vehicle: An exemplary system for assisting a driver while reversing his or her car is used in conjunction with the car being fitted with a real-time information acquiring module to collect information concerning a road behind the car. The system includes a wireless communication device for wirelessly communicating with the real-time... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120050028 - Vehicle text messaging system and method using a meter cluster display: A method for presenting a new message received by a vehicle that includes a meter cluster display, an audio system, and an input device. The method includes receiving the new message at the vehicle, presenting a notification of the new message upon receipt of the new message by providing an... Agent: Nissan Technical Center North America, Inc.

20120050029 - Programmable tire monitoring device and its method of use: A programmable tire monitoring device includes a casing having an air nozzle on its one end and a set of pin-connection holes and a switch hole on its top side, a circuit board mounted in the casing and carrying a processor and a memory, a pressure sensor and a temperature... Agent:

20120050030 - Detectors: A detector (101) for detecting smoke from a fire and generating an alarm has a detection chamber (105) in which a light source (111) and a light detector (113) are arranged. In normal use, the light detector (113) only receives light from the light source that has been scattered by... Agent: Marshell Electrical Contractors Limited

20120050031 - Fall prevention system: There is provided a fall prevention system that is suitable for being worn by a user, comprising a sensor for determining an indication of the risk of the user falling; two or more feedback devices for attachment to respective parts of the user's body, each feedback device being controllable to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120050034 - Digital event notification system: An event-paging device and method designed for use by elderly individuals in community settings. The device receives transmissions from a central system and provides notification to the user of individual or group events. The device is equipped with a digital display screen, upon which the user may read the transmitted... Agent:

20120050035 - Position information acquisition apparatus and method of controlling the same: A position information acquisition apparatus capable of wireless communication with an imaging apparatus, the position information acquisition apparatus includes position information acquisition means configured to acquire position information that indicates a position of the position information acquisition apparatus, reception means configured to receive a request for the position information from... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120050032 - Tracking multiple contacts on an electronic device: An electronic device configured for tracking multiple contacts is described. The electronic device includes a processor and instructions stored in memory. The electronic device receives a plurality of current contact locations for a plurality of contacts. The electronic device tracks the plurality of contacts, which includes calculating distance approximations between... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

20120050033 - Variable precision location sharing: A secure location sharing system is disclosed that allows publishers to share their locations with subscribers. Each publishing device generates, encrypts and publishes its location information with a specified precision to a distribution service for distribution to one or more subscribing devices. The distribution service provides secure distribution of the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120050038 - Apparatus and method for microfabricated multi-dimensional sensors and sensing systems: A universal microelectromechanical (MEMS) nano-sensor platform having a substrate and conductive layer deposited in a pattern on the surface to make several devices at the same time, a patterned insulation layer, wherein the insulation layer is configured to expose one or more portions of the conductive layer, and one or... Agent: Kwj Engineering Inc.

20120050037 - Critical peak pricing audio alert: An energy management system and method of alerting a consumer of a peak pricing event receives information relating to cost of energy use and communicates data to one or more appliances in response thereto. An audible source operatively associated with a controller/module or one or more appliances signals a response.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120050039 - Emergency notification system utilizing digital signage and remote surveillance monitoring: An emergency notification system is provided. The emergency notification system comprises an emergency notification server (206), a signage server (202), digital signage displays (208); and a data communications network (134), wherein the emergency notification server (206) is configured to communicate with the signage server (202) via the data communications network... Agent:

20120050036 - Harness for fall protection: A safety harness includes at least one of integrally formed electrical conductors or optical conductors. The conductors can be energized by a replaceable electrical supply. An electrical or an optical sensor can couple an associated signal to sensing circuitry. The sensing circuitry responds to variations in the signal as the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120050040 - Device and method for switch-isolated power control of one or more communication devices: In one or more embodiments, an intelligent communications device is disclosed. In one embodiment, a plurality of circuit boards are operative to perform communication functions in a network, where the device includes a first circuit board and a second circuit board. The device includes a first actuatable member that is... Agent: Smartsynch, Inc.

20120050042 - Anti-theft security device: The invention relates to an anti-theft device primarily for securing articles of goods. In the preferred embodiment, a main housing of the device is secured to an article by way of a cable having two ends, whereby each end is inserted into the housing to form a loop around the... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20120050041 - Rfid system and components for rolling mill: A system and method of use within a rolling facility comprising a plurality of mill stand assemblies with each assembly further comprising components including liners, chock sets, and rolls. An RFID system utilizes RFID tags on each of the plurality of components in order to track and/or monitor characteristics of... Agent:

20120050043 - Rtls-enabled tag reclamation receptacle: Techniques are provided for reducing the transmission of infrared (IR) signals outside of a reclamation receptacle. Techniques include using a reclamation receptacle having an IR transmitter configured to transmit IR signals when the reclamation receptacle is in a closed configuration and configured to cease transmission of the IR signals when... Agent: General Electric Company

20120050044 - Head-mounted display with biological state detection: Control of a head-mounted display includes providing a head-mounted display, the head-mounted display includes a switchable viewing area that is switched between a transparent viewing state and an information viewing state. The transparent viewing state is transparent with respect to the viewing area and enables a user of the head-mounted... Agent:

20120050045 - Methods for improved forewarning of condition changes in monitoring physical processes: This invention teaches further improvements in methods for forewarning of critical events via phase-space dissimilarity analysis of data from biomedical equipment, mechanical devices, and other physical processes. One improvement involves objective determination of a forewarning threshold (UFW), together with a failure-onset threshold (UFAIL) corresponding to a normalized value of a... Agent:

20120050046 - Systems and methods for monitoring physical, biological and chemical characteristics of a person, animal, object and/or surrounding environment: Systems (100) and methods (500, 600) for monitoring at least one dynamic characteristic (DC) of a surface or surrounding environment. An RFID Tag and Sensor Module (RFID-TSM) is disposed on a surface. The RFID-TSM (1081, . . . , 108N) collects information relating to DC. A communication device (CD) is... Agent: Harris Corporation

20120050047 - Terminal and server for integratedly managing phd standard and phd non-standard data: A method, a terminal, and a server for integratedly managing Personal Health Device (PHD) standard and PHD non-standard data are provided. The terminal includes a first sensor for sensing a biological signal, and outputting PHD standard data that is in accordance with predetermined PHD standards; at least one second sensor... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120050048 - Child locator: An electronic locator system comprised of at least a beacon, a display assembly and a key. The beacon receives a GPS signal, calculates its position and wirelessly re-broadcasts the encrypted position. The display assembly is only able to receive and decrypt the encrypted position information when in close proximity to... Agent:

20120050049 - Safety alarm and method: A water safety alarm apparatus and method to detect the presence or absence of persons while taking baths or showers in bathing units or structures. The alarm and method are also for detecting the presence or absence of adults or personnel assisting the persons in the bathing units or structures.... Agent:

20120050050 - Alarm system for an air conditioner assembly: An alarm system for an AC assembly having an exterior located condenser supplied by a pressurized refrigerant system flowing between interior and exterior locations of a structure. A power source supplies an alarm panel at interior locations of the structure. A normally closed fluid pressure switch is electrically coupled between... Agent:

20120050051 - Scattered-light fire detector with a device for suppressing an acoustic warning in the event of a low battery voltage: A fire detector has a detection unit working on the optical scattered-light principle, as well as an electronic evaluation unit. An acoustic and/or optical warning device outputs an acoustic and/or optical alarm when a fire is detected. The fire detector has an energy storage device, in particular a battery, for... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120050053 - System and method for detecting generator incipient failures: A method, system and computer software for detecting an incipient failure of a generator in a power system including the steps of ascertaining one or more generator reference parameter of the generator for use as a baseline reference; measuring one or more operating parameter values of the generator; using the... Agent: Basler Electric Company

20120050052 - System and method for informing a customer of remaining life in a customer replaceable unit during replacement of the customer replaceable unit: A system and method have been developed that enable a printer user to exhaust completely the useful life of a customer replaceable unit. The system and method also ensure that a user of the printer knows how to remove a persistent reorder message.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120050054 - Apparatus, system and method for battery management: A vehicle having a battery package as a power source includes a memory device for storing authentication information of battery modules in the battery package. A battery controller in the vehicle has an authentication unit. The authentication unit determines whether the battery module is a genuine product or not. When... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120050055 - Ground-fault circuit interrupter with circuit condition detection function: A GFCI device with circuit condition detection function includes a leakage current detection circuit, a disconnect mechanism, a reset mechanism, a circuit condition detection and control circuit, and a selection switch. The disconnect mechanism includes a first SCR controlled by the leakage current detection circuit. The circuit condition detection and... Agent: Bingham Mccutchen LLP

20120050056 - Methods and structures for monitoring offshore platform supports: A method for monitoring a leg of an oilfield platform, the platform having a plurality of legs, each leg with a plurality of chords, each chord with a corresponding rack, the platform including a rack-and-pinion leg jacking system with a motor and gear system with pinions for jacking the legs... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20120050057 - Circuit board integrated motion sensor: A motion sensor capable of detecting the direction of motion in three dimensions is disclosed. The motion sensor can be built into a printed circuit board allowing for simple and cost effective manufacturing. The motions sensor is designed to utilize a through hole in a printed circuit board, which is... Agent: Dei Headquarters, Inc,

20120050058 - Bed: Height adjustable beds involve the risk for the patient to fall out of the bed. In order to prevent this to happen, the bed is furnished with a device which observes whether a nursing person is within a proximity zone of the bed. When the nursing person leaves the proximity... Agent:

20120050059 - Method for device loss prevention: A method and apparatus of preventing a handheld data capture device from getting lost. The handheld data capture device includes a barcode reading arrangement or an RFID reader. The handheld data capture device also includes a cue-generating element that is operative to generate a perception cue if (1) the handheld... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20120050061 - Dynamic electronic communication device: An dynamic electronic communication device. The tag according to embodiments of the invention is designed or set to discount, promote, incentivize, or apply information at certain states or within a certain timeframe at initial deployment, the tags themselves being capable of handling the logic. The tag generally includes a circuit,... Agent:

20120050060 - Functional control adapter for light generating device: A functional control adapter for light generating devices includes a female portion, a male portion, and a control module. The female portion has an inlet body. The inlet body has a housing member having a first contact module. The male portion has an outlet body connected to the inlet body.... Agent:

20120050062 - Identifying an end of an electrical cord: An electrical cord is disclosed that includes a power line for transmitting electric current from one end of the electrical cord to the other end of the electrical cord. The electrical cord also includes a cord identification activator integrated into at least one end of the power line and coupled... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120050063 - System for gathering and recording production data and allocation thereof to a remote database: A wellbore data acquisition and communication system includes a mobile communication and computing device. the device includes at least a data input device, a geodetic position signal receiver and a data communication device. The system includes a remote database having stored thereon information related to specific wellbores. The database is... Agent:

20120050064 - High speed utility backhaul communication system: A local area utility network includes a utility, a low-speed backhaul between the utility and a utility provider, and a high-speed broadband network interface module in the utility coupling the utility directly to a broadband network. A plurality of utilities is coupled via a wireless mesh home area utility network.... Agent: Digi International Inc.

20120050065 - Systems and methods for network enabled data capture: Networked meters in a distribution system are enabled to detect a trigger event, record its time-stamped local data, and to issue a capture command via the network. The capture command includes timing data of the trigger event so the networked meters receiving the command are able to go back into... Agent:

20120050066 - Mobile device user interface for health monitoring system: In one example, a portable device comprises a processing device configured to monitor the health of a user and notify a caregiver according to the monitoring. The portable device also comprises a network connection configured to utilize a network protocol to interface with a display of a mobile device and... Agent: Pomdevices, LLC

20120050067 - Determining status of high voltage battery for emergency responders: The described method and system provide an early notification to emergency responders regarding a non-nominal condition associated with a vehicle involved in a collision. The system provides a short range wireless system controller in communication with a battery controller. The short range wireless system controller is further in communication with... Agent: General Motors LLC

20120050068 - Interior rearview mirror system: An interior mirror system for a vehicle includes an interior rearview mirror assembly and a display element disposed within a mirror housing and behind the mirror reflective element. Information displayed by the display element, when backlit by a plurality of white light-emitting light emitting diodes, is viewable through the reflective... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20120050070 - Recreational vehicle (rv) slide-out parking indicator apparatus: In one embodiment, the present invention includes an apparatus to aid in parking a vehicle. The apparatus includes a mounting member, a horizontal member, a vertical member, and an indicator. The horizontal member is coupled to the mounting member. The horizontal member extends from the vehicle and defines a required... Agent: Jatcom Corporation

20120050069 - System for remotely managing parking areas: A system for remotely managing one or more parking areas having one or more equipment, the system comprising a central server, a control module associated with each of the equipment, each control module being in communication with the central server. Wherein each control module is operative in controlling its associated... Agent:

20120050071 - Aircraft tire pressure loop link: The aircraft tire pressure loop link is formed of first and second single metal loops connected by parallel spaced apart metal shafts, and provides for coupling a magnetic field between a wheel hub coil and a tire pressure sensor coil to provide electromagnetic communication between a control unit connect to... Agent: Eldec Corporation

20120050072 - Metal fin pipe foundation apparatus and method: Disclosed are a metal fm pipe foundation apparatus and method for airport approach lighting and method of making, using, and installing a metal fin pipe foundation for airport approach lighting. The metal fin pipe foundation (MFPF) of the present invention requires a small 16 inch diameter hole to be drilled... Agent: Mfpf, Inc.

20120050073 - Systems and methods for rapid updating of embedded text in radar picture data: Systems and methods for efficiently updating text or symbol annunciations outputted by an avionics system on legacy displays. Instead of using a set sweeping pattern to update the display, a smart updating concept is used. The smart updating concept senses when the pilot is adjusting the selected altitude control (or... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120050074 - Automatic vehicle equipment monitoring, warning, and control system: An automatic vehicle equipment control system and methods thereof are provided, the system includes at least one imager configured to acquire a continuous sequence of high dynamic range single frame images, a processor, a color spectral filter array including a plurality of color filters, at least a portion of which... Agent:

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