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Communications: electrical January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 51 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20120019350 - Sensor system for plant monitoring: A sensor system includes at least one safety sensor unit for monitoring a safety relevant zone of a plant. The sensor system also includes a display unit connected to the sensory unit or integrated into it. The sensor system outputs a safety switch signal on an intrusion of an unpermitted... Agent: Sick Ag

20120019351 - System and method for monitoring computer servers and network appliances: A sensor board includes at least one sensor in communication with a controller having a single board address to facilitate sensor polling by standard, product-independent modules of a circuit board for a computer server or network appliance. Miniature low-cost sensor boards can be placed in multiple locations on circuit boards... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20120019352 - Media recognition and synchronisation to a motion signal: The present document describes a device and method for synchronizing a motion signal corresponding to a media content with a media signal for the media content, the motion signal being for controlling a motion feedback system. The method comprises: receiving a portion of the media signal; obtaining a fingerprint corresponding... Agent: D-box Technologies Inc.

20120019353 - Systems and methods for automatically activating monitoring systems: Systems and methods for activating monitoring systems are provided. One or more parameters associated with the automatic activation of a monitoring system may be identified. The one or more parameters may be identified by a learning algorithm based upon historical information associated with the monitoring system. A determination may be... Agent: Mysnapcam, LLC

20120019354 - Methods and devices for a multi-protocol wireless security controller: Methods and devices for a wireless security controller that is able to receive data transmissions over multiple frequency channels and decode security messages that use different data protocols is provided. The security controller monitors an incoming security message transmission from a security sensor. As the transmission is received, the security... Agent: Quel Technologies, Inc.

20120019356 - Fingerprint scanner: A machine including a processor, a power button, a fingerprint scanner coupled on the power button, and an authentication application executable by the processor for comparing a user fingerprint image with a stored fingerprint image.... Agent:

20120019355 - Protective-control measuring system and device and data transmission method: According to one embodiment, when sending a transmission target main data 21, an authentication-tag generator unit 13 generates an authentication tag 23 by using a main data 21 and a key data 22 stored in a key-data storage unit 12. A transmitter/receiver unit 14 adds the authentication tag 23 to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120019357 - Access control device: The invention relates to an access control device, in particular for a switchgear cabinet system, having a central unit, which is designed to receive and evaluate access authorization data stored on personal transponders and to output release signals via a wireless signal transmission link and to release a relevant interlocking... Agent: Rittal Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120019358 - Systems and methods for managing inventory of items held in a cabinet using radio frequency identification (rfid): A RFID cabinet comprises a cabinet structure and one or more drawers or shelves. Chambers are formed within the cabinet to house the one or more drawers or shelves. An RFID scanner is configured to scan items tagged with RFID tags in the chambers via one or more antennas. The... Agent: Neology, Inc.

20120019359 - Vehicle security system and method of using the same: A vehicle security system includes a trigger module, an image acquisition module, a microprocessor and a database. The trigger module triggers the image acquisition module to capture a pupil image of a proximal party triggering the trigger module. The database is coupled with the microprocessor and stores at least one... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120019360 - Vehicle activity module: Systems and methods are disclosed for maintaining security and data gathering for a number of vehicles. The systems include a vehicle activity module for each of the vehicles. The vehicle activity module has a wireless transmitter, a storage device, at least one sensor for receiving event information from identification devices,... Agent:

20120019361 - Systems for three factor authentication: A method and apparatus for three-factor authentication using a short wireless device. The short wireless device stores a digital key and sends the digital key wirelessly to a third party application or device. The short wireless device can authenticate the user voice or movements in 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional... Agent:

20120019366 - Determining a communication state of a cable subsystem: A handheld or portable reader is operable to read, from a memory associated with an integrated circuit (IC) device of a cable communication subsystem, data associated with at least one physical layer characteristic related to quality of communication performance of the subsystem, and to process the physical layer characteristic data... Agent:

20120019363 - Dual transponder radio frequency identification: Embodiments are discussed herein related to radio frequency identification (“RFID”) and, more particularly, to systems, methods, apparatuses, computer readable media products and other means for integrating two transponders into a tag, where each transponder functions independent from and does not couple with the other transponder. In some embodiments, one of... Agent: Zih Corp.

20120019364 - Rfid reading apparatus: An RFID reading apparatus (10) is provided for stationary mounting at a reading zone (18) of a conveyor (12) or of a reading portal (40) for reading out at least one RFID transponder (22) moved on the conveyor (12) or through the reading portal (40), having a receiver (32) and... Agent: Sick Ag

20120019365 - Short-range communication-enabled mobile device, method and related server arrangement: A mobile device for enhancing context awareness in social networking includes a processor for processing data, a memory for storing data, a wireless transceiver for wirelessly transmitting and receiving data relative to remote devices, a short-range wireless transceiver, for wirelessly transmitting and receiving data relative to remote devices equipped with... Agent: Solocem Systems Oy

20120019362 - Single antenna single reader system and method for locating a tag: A single antenna single reader (SASR) system and method for locating a tag. The reader connects to a single antenna that is in motion. The reader transmits an interrogation signal to the tag. The reader receives a response signal from the tag. The reader determines the range of the tag... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20120019369 - Arrangement for controlling image plate and its image information and a method for controlling the arrangement: A medical imaging system comprises at least an image plate, X-ray device for producing an image of an object on said image plate, and a reading device for reading image information held by the image plate. In connection with the image plate there is a tag containing information for controlling... Agent: Palodex Group Oy

20120019368 - Method of authenticating an article using microradios: A microradio is provided with a hysteretic switch to permit an optimum range increasing charging cycle, with the charging cycle being long relative to the transmit cycle. Secondly, an ensemble of microradios permits an n2 power enhancement to increase range with coherent operation. Various multi-frequency techniques are used both for... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20120019367 - Electronic device, electronic system, and method of providing information using the same: There is described an electronic system including a first electronic device and a second electronic device communicating with each other. The first electronic device includes a first output unit, a first communication unit, and a first controller automatically transmitting supplementary information related to multimedia contents to the second electronic device... Agent:

20120019370 - Devices and methods for providing wireless command and control to electronic devices: A device/system and method for providing remote wireless control to electronic devices such as a tactical flashlight or an electronic night vision scope are disclosed herein. In a preferred embodiment, a smart battery is employed that uses a battery sized external housing, but however replaces a power cell with wireless... Agent:

20120019371 - Apparatus and method to facilitate universal remote control: One embodiment of the present invention provides a universal remote control, which includes a display screen and a user input mechanism. The universal remote control also includes a processing unit that is configured to display information on the display screen and to accept selection data from the user input mechanism.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120019372 - Dog bark door bell notification and personal protection system: A security system includes a warning notification module adapted to recognize at least one of a wireless or audible signal. A door bell ringer or emergency transmission signal from a wireless transmitter can provide a recognition signal to a microprocessor in the security system via the warning notification module. The... Agent:

20120019373 - Method and apparatus for wearable remote interface device: A method and apparatus of using a wearable remote interface device capable of detecting inputs from movements are disclosed. The wearable remote interface device, which could be attached to a finger or a hand or any parts of a body, includes a sensor, a filter, an input identifier, and a... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20120019374 - Graphic meter display device and method: A graphic meter display device includes a tick mark information retaining section that retains information about display coordinates of respective positions of three or more typical tick marks among tick marks, in correspondence with typical numeric values assigned to the respective positions; an indicator needle coordinate calculation section that extracts... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120019375 - Alarm output control apparatus: An output adjustment ECU (1) includes: a request reception section (11) for receiving an output request of alarm information to a driver from a drive assist ECU (2); a usefulness determination section (12) for, when the request reception section (11) receives the output request, determining whether or not outputting first... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120019376 - Utility vehicle with parking brake warning sound generator: A utility vehicle equipped with a parking brake is provided, which includes a parking brake warning sound generator immediately operated when the vehicle is driven while the parking brake is engaged. A parking brake warning sound generator is provided, which includes a parking brake detector detecting whether a parking brake... Agent: Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120019377 - Adjustable headlight assembly: A headlight assembly includes a gyro detector, a control unit and a curved frame to which multiple Light Emitting Diodes installed. The gyro detector detects the angles change of a vehicle and sends a signal to the control unit which controls operation of the Light Emitting Diodes on the curved... Agent:

20120019378 - Appliance monitoring system and method: A method and system for monitoring an appliance is disclosed. The method includes establishing a wireless communication connection between a communication module in an appliance and a communication network, transmitting operational data in real-time from the appliance to an external monitoring system over the communication network, determining a status of... Agent:

20120019379 - Systems for three factor authentication challenge: A method and apparatus for three-factor authentication uses a short wireless device to authenticate access to a computer or device. The computer or device issues a challenge question to the user, for example, requesting the user to say a phrase or write symbols. The user biometric information is captured and... Agent:

20120019380 - Methods, apparatus and systems for generating accuracy-annotated searchable electronic records of underground facility locate and/or marking operations: Generating an accuracy-referenced electronic record of a locate and/or marking operation performed by a locate technician. The locate and/or marking operation comprises locating and/or identifying, using at least one physical locate mark, a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility within a dig area, wherein at least... Agent: Certusview Technologies, LLC

20120019381 - Swim monitor: A swim monitor comprising a motion sensing device and a controller is provided. The motion sensing device is capable of detecting motion in a plurality of mutually orthogonal axes and the controller is arranged to capture motion data generated by the motion sensing device and to generate swim motion information... Agent: Dayton Technologies Limited

20120019382 - System and method for the remote monitoring of potted plants: The invention relates to a system and method for determining the state, state changes, and/or condition changes of a potted plant and for indicating the determined state of said object to the owner or user thereof, wherein the system and method locally determine at least one physical and/or chemical parameter... Agent: Eidgen&#xd6 Ssische Technische Hochschule Z&#xdc Rich

20120019383 - Merchandise display security devices including anti-theft features: Exemplary embodiments of merchandise display security devices including anti-theft features for preventing theft of an item of merchandise being displayed in a display area of a retail store are shown and described. The security devices provide a dual alarm merchandise security system including an alarm unit attached to the item... Agent:

20120019384 - Systems and methods for indicating a quality of grouped items: Systems and methods for determining a relative quantity of recyclable items with respect to a total number of items are disclosed. In one embodiment of the present invention, a computer-implemented method includes reading an identifier respectively associated with at least some of a total number of items. The computer determines... Agent: Re Community Holdings Ii, Inc.

20120019385 - Multi-attach disposable tag: A multi-attach disposable security tag that is attached to an article in two stages. In a first stage, an attachment clip is coupled to an article, such as but not limited to clothing, to be protected by a manufacturer or assembler. This attachment clip is durable to withstand harsh manufacturing... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20120019387 - Fall-down alarm system: A fall-down alarm system includes a contact detection unit, a non-contact detection unit and a fall-down evaluation unit connecting respectively to the contact detection unit and non-contact detection unit. The contact detection unit and non-contact detection unit respectively detect an abnormal detected shape of an object and abnormal life symptoms... Agent:

20120019386 - Wireless biosensor network for point of care preparedness for critical patients: A biodegradable, bio-compatible material is described for use in wireless biosensors for point-of-care applications. The biosensor made from this biomaterial is capable of sensing environmental effects and as well as presence of bio-logical entities in the environment of concern simultaneously. Such a sensor can be used for evaluating point-of-care environmental... Agent: Oxfordian, L.L.C.

20120019388 - Method and apparatus for detecting water leaks: A low cost, robust, wireless sensor system that provides an extended period of operability without maintenance is described. The system includes one or more intelligent sensor units and a base unit that can communicate with a large number of sensors. When one or more of the sensors detects an anomalous... Agent:

20120019389 - Accuracy improvement in flowmeter systems: Implementations of the present disclosure are directed to a flowmeter method and system. In an implementation, a signal is received a signal from a flowmeter and a value is determined based on the signal. The value is compared to a threshold. A heartbeat value is provided when the value is... Agent: Invensys Systems, Inc.

20120019390 - Warning and preparatory system for a portable device: The disclosure is directed at a system and method for preparing a device for power loss when the presence of a component cover is not sensed. The system includes a component cover with a detection portion; a sensor adapted to detect the presence of the detection portion in the component... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120019391 - Power indicator assembly for an electrical box: An electrical box assembly for a facility being served with electrical power via a power supply line includes an indicator assembly electrically connected to the power supply line. The indicator assembly indicates whether power is being supplied from the power supply line. The indicator assembly includes a switch and an... Agent:

20120019392 - Usb charger: A USB charger comprises a power input, a microprocessor, a resistor network, and a USB port for charging electronic devices through the USB port. The USB charger defaults to provide 2000 mA when power is applied through the power input. When a device is detected at the USB port, it... Agent: Ever Win International Corporation

20120019393 - System and method for tracking carts in a retail environment: A system and method for tracking a shopping cart in a retail store may include communicating signals into the pathways from multiple locations, where the signals may include identifiers indicative of location of respective signals. The communicated signals with the identifiers may be received, and the identifiers may be recorded.... Agent:

20120019394 - Surface acoustic wave transponder package for down-hole applications: A method and apparatus for packaging surface acoustic wave transponders for use in down-hole or other extreme environmental applications is provided. An exemplary ID tag transponder may include a surface acoustic wave (SAW) piezoelectric device, wire bonds, antennae structure, an antenna reflector, a radome, and a base constructed of a... Agent: Hm Energy LLC

20120019395 - Apparatus and method for network-based grid management: An apparatus for providing automatic metering capabilities to a resource grid is provided. The apparatus includes a plurality of existing automatic meter reading (AMR) meters and a plurality of interface devices. Each of the plurality of existing automatic meter reading (AMR) meters is coupled to a resource consumption point, the... Agent: Enernoc, Inc.

20120019396 - Relative time system: A system, method and device are provided for obtaining, from each endpoint device, meter reading data where the meter reading data are recorded and managed based on a relative time clock in each endpoint device. The relative time clock may be a simple inexpensive clock that tracks minutes and triggers... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20120019397 - Wireless broadband communications network for a utility: A communications network (12) for use by a utility (10) for communication, command, and control of the utility's distribution area for gas, water and electrical services including the utility's distribution system, security, workforce, and asset management. The network includes apparatus for obtaining information and data concerning usage of the electricity,... Agent: Aclara Power-line Systems, Inc.

20120019398 - Methods and systems for certifying provenance of alcoholic beverages: A system for certifying provenance of an alcoholic beverage includes a radio-frequency identification tag and a server. The radio-frequency identification tag, associated with a bottle containing an alcoholic beverage, periodically measures a plurality of values of an environmental condition of the bottle. The radio-frequency identification tag stores the plurality of... Agent: Eprovenance, LLC

20120019399 - Method and system for correctly identifying specific rfid tags: A system and method for identifying a specific RFID tag includes RFID reader circuitry, such as within an RFID reader, configured for sending and receiving RF signals to detect RFID tags and for obtaining signal parameter information associated with the RFID tags. Processing circuitry is configured for using the signal... Agent:

20120019400 - Multi-function remote control device: In an embodiment, a method for operating a target media device is described. The method includes receiving a user command by a remote control device for operating a target media device, where a signal to operate the target media device is not stored on the remote control device when the... Agent:

01/19/2012 > 52 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20120013434 - Wireless sensing module, wireless lighting controlling apparatus and wireless lighting system: Provided is a wireless sensing module, a wireless lighting controlling apparatus, and a wireless lighting system. The wireless sensing module may include a motion sensor to sense a motion, an illumination intensity sensor to sense an intensity of illumination, and a first wireless communication unit to generate and transmit a... Agent: Samsung Led Co., Ltd.

20120013435 - Method and apparatus for providing identification: A method of providing identification of an entity includes maintaining a database of identification data specific to the appearance and condition of entities, providing a unique description for each entity enabling access to the entity's identification data in the database, providing identification means adapted for portage with the entity and... Agent: Neotechnology

20120013437 - Biometric authentication apparatus, biometric authentication method, and computer readable storage medium: An authentication processing device receives biometric data to be checked from a biometric measuring device; transforms the biometric data that is input from the biometric measuring device by using a checking transformation parameter that is different from a registration transformation parameter; and creates checking biometric data. Then, the authentication processing... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120013436 - Biometric authentication device, biometric authentication method and storage medium: A biometric authentication device including: a data-for-matching generation portion generating a data for matching from biometric information; an update-demand determine portion determining whether a registered data registered for matching with the data for matching needs updating or not, based on a difference between biometric quality of the registered data and... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120013438 - Data security system: A data security system comprises a host processor, and a plurality of remote computers. Each remote computer provides biometric authentication of a user prior to responding to the user request for data access. The remote computers are handheld when in operational mode. A sensor in the handheld computer captures a... Agent:

20120013439 - Methods and apparatus for comparison: An apparatus and a computer implemented method compare a first representation of an identifier with a second representation of an identifier to establish a likelihood ratio considering the probability the first representation and second representation originate from the same identifier and the probability of the first representation and second representation... Agent: Forensic Science Service Limited

20120013440 - Method and apparatus pertaining to module-based scanning of rfid tags: These teachings comprise accessing an identifier as corresponds to a given module of RFID-tagged items and then using that identifier to filter the RFID tag readings. By one approach, one can obtain this identifier for the module by reading an optical code as corresponds to the given module of items.... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20120013441 - Method and apparatus pertaining to facilitating the reading of rfid tags: These teachings generally comprise interrogating a plurality of RFID tags and receiving corresponding responses from various ones of these tags. A corresponding plurality of end user-perceivable indications are then provided to thereby inform an end user of the RFID tag reader with respect to a completeness level of the reading... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20120013442 - Power cord: A power cord is disclosed. The power cord includes a plug unit, a cable unit, a device connecting unit, and a control unit. The control unit could be installed in the plug unit or the device connecting unit. The control unit has a detecting module, a processing module, and a... Agent: Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120013443 - Building security system: A security system that can be used in a home, office, or other building in order to generate alarms or take other actions depending on conditions within the building. The security system may rely on sensors within the building which sense various conditions and collect other data. The information learned... Agent: Comcast Cable Holdings, LLC

20120013446 - Communication system and communication apparatus: A communication system includes: an interrogator transmitting an interrogation signal while switching a carrier-wave frequency and receiving a response signal; and a plurality of responders each having a unique resonant frequency and returning the response signal in response to the interrogation signal with the own resonant frequency.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120013445 - Ic tag control method and apparatus: A data processing unit (113) divides received user data by a division number s into n-byte divided user data and stores them in a data buffer (115). A data processing unit (113) generates Header information concerning the divided user data and stores them in the data buffer (115). The data... Agent:

20120013444 - Item tracking system and arrangement: An item tracking system including at least one signal emitting element directly or indirectly attached to a portion of at least one item, wherein at least a portion of the at least one signal emitting element extends from the at least one item. The system further includes a container, including:... Agent: Mobile Aspects, Inc.

20120013447 - System for recovering data from an unreadable tag: A system includes a population of items each including a tag, each tag including a plurality of identification bits and a plurality of redundancy bits, and a tag reader configured to read tags and determine the identification bits of at least one unreadable tag in the population based on the... Agent:

20120013448 - System and method for enhanced rfid instrument security: A system and method for using an RFID read/write device to secure an RFID-operable instrument or an RF communication is provided. The invention includes security databases in communication with a processor for storing and communicating security protocols to the RFID read/write device. The invention includes a method for restricting the... Agent: Xatra Fund Mx, LLC

20120013449 - Radio frequency remote controller device, integrated circuit and method for selecting at least one device to be controlled: A radio frequency (RF) remote controller device comprises radio frequency (RF) circuitry operably coupled to an antenna arrangement and arranged to transmit and receive RF signals to and from controllable devices. The RF remote controller device further comprises signal process logic operably coupled to the RF circuitry and to a... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20120013450 - Remote control apparatus and system thereof: A remote control apparatus and a system thereof are disclosed. A remote control apparatus includes a main body; a sliding unit that is slidable along a plurality of positions at the main body; a communication unit to communicate with an external device; a controller to control a mode of the... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120013451 - Alert gateway, systems and methods: Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for distributing urgent public information. Merely by way of example, urgent public information, such as an alert message, may be received by, inter alia, an alert gateway device. The alert message may then be distributed to a subscriber in any of a... Agent: Qwest Communications International Inc.

20120013452 - Association of support surfaces and beds: Systems, methods, beds, supports surfaces and machine readable medium for associating beds and support surface of a healthcare facility are disclosed. A surface association system for a healthcare facility may comprise a plurality of beds. The system may further comprise a computing device and a plurality of support surfaces to... Agent:

20120013453 - Rfid safety system and method: The system and method for detecting and warning of the proximity of a hazard. In one embodiment this may be achieved by receiving a signal from a RFID tag, determining that the RFID tag is associated with a safety article, and activating a warning device. In another embodiment, a system... Agent: Mi-jack Products, Inc.

20120013454 - Elevated stop indicator lights for passenger bus: An elevated stop indicator light system for vehicles such as school buses comprises a translucent or transparent tubular housing having a strip of light emitting diodes extending therethrough, the housing being secured to a drip rail extending along and above side and/or rear windows of the vehicle by clips fastened... Agent:

20120013455 - System for determining a vibration dosage: A system determines a vehicle vibration dosage. The system includes a movably mounted vehicle component, a sensor for sensing movement magnitude of the vehicle component and an evaluation unit. The evaluation unit calculates the dosage magnitude reflecting the vibration dosage, on the basis of the sensed movement magnitude. The evaluation... Agent:

20120013457 - System and method for monitoring transportation system vehicle operator use of mobile devices: A system and method are provided for monitoring transportation system vehicle operator use of a mobile device. A directional antenna detects a signal produced by a mobile device within a vehicle operator area of a transit vehicle. The signal is transmitted from the directional antenna to an antenna controller. An... Agent: Clever Devices, Ltd.

20120013456 - System and method for signaling, marketing, and advertising alternative fuel-based vehicles: A system and method for signaling, marketing, and advertising alternative fuel-based vehicles that easily installs into new or pre-existing alternative fuel-based vehicles. In a preferred embodiment, the system comprises an electronic control unit (“ECU”) installed in the vehicle, which determines whether an internal combustion engine or alternative power source powers... Agent:

20120013458 - Tire information monitoring system and setting method for a tire information monitoring system: A tire information monitoring system includes a transmitting device, provided in a tire cavity region, for transmitting tire information, a receiving device, provided in a vehicle body, that receives the tire information from the transmitting device and determines a tire condition based on the tire information, and a setting device... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20120013459 - Motor vehicle coasting caution light: A rearwardly facing vehicle warning system for alerting nearby motorists of a coasting condition on a highway or similar high speed road. The system comprises a light source placed in the rear of a vehicle that illuminates when a motorist is neither applying pressure to the accelerator pedal or the... Agent:

20120013460 - Environmental alarms sent via sms text messaging: One example embodiment includes a system for remotely conveying a deleterious condition of a controlled environment. The system includes a sensor, where the sensor is configured to produce a signal which indicates a measured value of an environmental condition in a controlled environment. The system also includes a monitoring unit.... Agent:

20120013461 - Microprocessor controlled security tag: A microprocessor controlled security tag and accompanying security system is described. The tag generally includes a housing having external contacts to interface with elongated contacts on a connecting band. The band forms a complex impedance circuit with a patient's limb that allows detection features such as removal and band compromise.... Agent: Innovative Control Systems, Inc.

20120013462 - Personal radio location system: Methods and apparatus for using an energy emanating device to find a person (17a,b) or an object based on preselected attributes (33) stored in the energy emanating device (10) are disclosed. An alternative embodiment provides a relationship prediction based on the correlation of personal characteristics and the analysis of genetic... Agent:

20120013463 - Display control device, method, program, and integrated circuit: The display control device is a display control device which receives a signal from the operating device having a touchpad and generates screen data to be displayed on a screen, the display control device including: a touch information detecting unit (201) which detects touch information including position information about a... Agent:

20120013464 - Security system for a medical emergency crash cart: A utility cart includes a sensor or plurality of sensors to determine the state of a cart and secure cart contents. A sensor may be used to determine whether the contents of the cart have been accessed. When the sensor determines that the cart has been accessed, an alarm sequence... Agent: Metro Industries Inc.

20120013465 - System for monitoring caregivers and equipment at a patient location: A hospital monitoring system for monitoring hospital personnel, a plurality of patient locations for patients, and associated devices is configured to control the associated devices based on the presence of hospital personnel or alarms.... Agent:

20120013466 - Lock mechanism for an alarm security device: The invention provides a new personal security alarm system which has a reliable, non sensitive actuation mechanism. In a first aspect the inventive concept regards an alarm security device comprising an activation clasp characterized in that said alarm security device comprises a lid and a lock mechanism comprising structure and... Agent: Boomslang Instruments Ab

20120013467 - Electronic shelf label system and method for driving the same: Disclosed herein is an electronic shelf label system. The electronic shelf label system includes a plurality of electronic tags that are installed on a product display stand and confirms the residual amount of a battery to turn-on a battery warning light when the residual amount is smaller than a reference... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120013468 - Wireless object localization and registration system and method: A system for the accurate determination of the position of an article and the location of lost articles through wireless ranging. Provision is made for positional exception monitoring, as well as the centralized tracking of the whereabouts of articles.... Agent:

20120013469 - Antenna sheet, tag, and method of manufacturing tag: An antenna sheet includes a mounting section on which an integrated circuit (IC) chip electrically connected with an antenna pattern is mounted, a first loop forming section that extends from both ends of the mounting section that holds the IC chip therebetween and forms a first loop, an intersection portion... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120013470 - Information sharing hygiene apparatus: A method and apparatus are disclosed which involve an improved way to coerce use of a soap dispenser (or other hygiene device). A soap dispenser according to at least one embodiment, includes a teaching or entertaining device that is fun and informative that is triggered when the soap dispenser is... Agent:

20120013471 - Busway joint parameter detection system: A system for detecting an improperly secured busway joint in an electrical distribution busway includes a busway joint parameter sensor, a transmission circuit and a remote computer. The busway joint parameter sensor is disposed so as to sense a selected parameter of the busway joint. The transmission circuit is in... Agent: Jones Group Forensic Engineers

20120013472 - Systems and methods of monitoring combustible gases in a coal supply: A method of monitoring a coal supply includes receiving a sampled level of at least one combustible gas in the coal supply from a combustible gas sensor device embedded in the coal supply, analyzing the sampled level to identify an accumulated combustible gas condition, and indicating a combustible gas alert... Agent: General Electric Company

20120013473 - Hdmi detecting device: The instant disclosure relates to a detecting device for diagnosing the connector pins of a HDMI cable. The device includes a housing unit, a detector component, and a power component. The housing has a receiving compartment within. The detecting component is partially received in the receiving compartment of the housing.... Agent: Hobbes & Co., Ltd.

20120013474 - Method for informing a user of a possibility to complete the execution of a process in a computing device: A method for informing a user of the possibility to execute a given process using existing resources is disclosed, the method comprising selecting a process to be executed, receiving information indicative of a level of battery charge, determining if said level of battery charge is sufficient for completing the execution... Agent:

20120013475 - Location determination using radio wave measurements and pressure measurements: A method and apparatus for determining a location of a wireless device using radio waves and pressure measurements is disclosed. In one embodiment, a plurality of Radio Signal Strength (RSS) measurements are used to trilaterate an approximate location of the wireless device. The wireless device also takes pressure measurements that... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120013476 - Illuminable indicator of electronic device being enabled based at least on user presence: An electronic device includes an illuminable indicator, a presence detector, and a controller. The illuminable indicator is to indicate information to a user of the electronic device by one or more of being illuminated and not being illuminated. The presence detector is to detect presence of the user in proximity... Agent:

20120013477 - Sensor system for an alarm security device: The invention provides a new personal security alarm system which has a reliable, non sensitive actuation mechanism. The alarm security device according to the invention comprises an activation clasp which comprises an electronic contact characterized in that said clasp comprises a male part and a receiving female part; and that... Agent: Boomslang Instruments Ab

20120013478 - System and method for assessing the risk of conjunction of a rocket body with orbiting and non-orbiting platforms: A system and method for assessing the risk of conjunction of a rocket body with orbiting and non-orbiting platforms. Two-body orbital dynamics are used to initially determine the kinematic access for a ballistic vehicle. The access may be represented in two ways: as a volume relative to its launcher and... Agent:

20120013479 - Led system and driving device with error detection, and error detection module thereof: A LED system and driving device with error detection and an error detection module thereof is disclosed. In which, through the detection of the error detection module, the errors associated with the LED module and the driving circuit may be detected. If the errors are detected, the error detection module... Agent: Lien Chang Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20120013480 - Method and apparatus for providing a notification appliance with a light emitting diode: A method and apparatus for providing a strobe alarm unit employing at least one light emitting diode.... Agent: Wheelock, Inc.

20120013481 - Wellbore telemetry and noise cancellation systems and method for the same: A method of signal processing includes providing at least a first pressure sensor and a second pressure sensor spaced in a drilling system and using an algorithm to separate the downwardly propagating waves from the upwardly propagating waves. In one or more examples, an algorithm may include determining a velocity... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20120013482 - Aligning inductive couplers in a well: An apparatus that is usable with a well includes a first equipment section that includes a first inductive coupler and a second equipment section that includes a second inductive coupler. The second equipment section is adapted to be run downhole into the well after the first equipment section is run... Agent:

20120013483 - Water supply maintenance system: A GIS-based computerized system is provided for maintaining a water supply system having a pipe network and a plurality of measuring sensors. The maintenance system includes a transmitter that receives information from the measuring sensors, and transmits the information, a collector that collects the information transmitted by the transmitter, an... Agent:

20120013484 - Sign system for roads: A sign system for roads includes a back sign. The back sign has a mount affixed to the ground that is adjacent to a road. A back sign device is affixed to the mount. The mount has a front face that is visible to oncoming traffic. The back sign device... Agent:

20120013485 - Method for warning a driver of a collision: In a method for warning a driver of a vehicle about a collision with an object in the course a parking operation, the distance of the vehicle to at least one object in the environment of the vehicle is detected, and if a specified minimum distance is undershot, the driver... Agent:

01/12/2012 > 40 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120007711 - Method, system, and apparatus for secure media checkout: A method, system, and apparatus for secure media checkout of media contained within locked media cases that have information tags thereon identifying at least the media contained therein and the checkout status thereof, and specifically for controlling and effecting the unlocking of media cases presented for unlocking as part of... Agent:

20120007712 - Non-contact control method and device: A non-contact control method and a non-contact control device are applied to a lock control device in a non-contact mode for manipulation. The non-contact control device includes a master control module and a slave control module. Both the master control module and the slave control module include a radio frequency... Agent: Deutron Electronics Corp

20120007713 - Handheld computer systems and techniques for character and command recognition related to human movements: Systems and methods for human hand gesture recognition through a training mode and a recognition mode are disclosed. In the training mode, a user can move a handheld device with a hand gesture intended to represent a command. Sensors within the handheld device can record raw data, which can be... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20120007715 - Multi-mode rfid tag architecture: A multi-mode RFID tag includes a power generating and signal detection module, a baseband processing module, a transmit section, a configurable coupling circuit, and an antenna section. In near field mode, the configurable coupling circuit is operable to couple the transmit section to a coil or inductor in the configurable... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120007714 - Sewer pipe repair liner with radio-frequency identification transponder and method of using same: A repair liner for repairing a lateral/main pipe junction and method of using the same to identify a lateral sewer pipe are disclosed. The repair liner includes a radio-frequency identification transponder capable of transmitting an identification signal that is unique to the repair liner. The method comprises the steps of:... Agent:

20120007717 - Cables and connector assemblies employing a furcation tube(s) for radio-frequency identification (rfid)-equipped connectors, and related systems and methods: Embodiments disclosed in the detailed description include cables and connector assemblies employing a furcation tube(s) for radio-frequency identification (RFID)-equipped connectors, and related systems and methods. In one embodiment, a connector assembly is provided that comprises a cable comprising a cable end, an interior area, at least one communication line, and... Agent:

20120007718 - Radio frequency identification signal receiving device and positioning system using the same: An RFID signal receiving device includes a receiving element disposed inside an electromagnetic absorption shell. Radio frequency signals emitted from a signal source can only enter the interior of the electromagnetic absorption shell through a window formed on the electromagnetic absorption shell. Therefore, only the radio-frequency signals which pass the... Agent: Getac Technology Corporation

20120007716 - Rfid tag tracking system and rfid tag tracking method: A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag tracking system is provided for performing an RFID tag tracking method. The RFID tag tracking system includes an RFID tag, at least one RFID reader, and a backend-server. The RFID tag periodically emits tag signals having different original signal strengths, and the original signal... Agent: Getac Technology Corporation

20120007719 - Wireless communication device and wireless communication method: A wireless communication device includes a transmitter configured to transmit test signals a predetermined number of times at an interval shorter than a transmission interval of data signals and a processor configured to measure reception status of a plurality of acknowledgement signals transmitted back in response to the respective test... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120007721 - Fast block write using an indirect memory pointer: A fast block write command includes providing an RFID tag having a memory, and using a stored address pointer to point to a known address in the memory, wherein the stored address pointer points to a starting address at a known safe block in the memory. The method is performed... Agent: Ramtron International Corporation

20120007723 - Interrupt generation and acknowledgment for rfid: A memory circuit includes a memory, a memory access control circuit coupled to the memory, an RFID interface coupled to the memory access control circuit, a secondary interface coupled to the memory access control circuit, and an interrupt manager coupled to the memory access control circuit, the RFID interface, and... Agent: Ramtron International Corporation

20120007720 - Low power, low pin count interface for an rfid transponder: A serial interface includes a select node, a clock node, a first bidirectional data port, a second bidirectional data port, and shift register circuitry coupled to both data ports such that a leading edge and a falling edge of a clock signal associated with the clock node are used to... Agent: Ramtron International Corporation

20120007722 - Rfid access method using an indirect memory pointer: A method of operating a memory in an RFID application includes locating a memory pointer at a fixed read/writeable memory location in the memory, determining a range of a pedigree buffer, initializing the memory pointer to a lowest value in the range, providing a second memory location that serves as... Agent: Ramtron International Corporation

20120007724 - Remote control system and mobile device: A remote control system includes a mobile device and a receiver connected to a control target. The mobile device includes an input unit accepting user's input operation; an operation signal transmission unit wirelessly transmitting an operation signal corresponding to the input operation during the input operation; a frequency switching determination... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120007725 - Method and apparatus for selecting at least one device to be wirelessly controlled: A method for selecting at least one device to be controlled by a radio frequency (RF) controller device is described. The method comprising arranging a plurality of controllable devices into a plurality of groups; determining at least one link quality value for at least one device associated with the plurality... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20120007726 - Apparatus, systems, and methods to support service calls: In an embodiment, an apparatus, method, and/or system support a service request made by a computer user in an Internet café or similar electronic service environment. A user may operate a café-provided user terminal in a multi-terminal network controlled by a café service console. The user may operate a switch... Agent:

20120007727 - Brake warning device and method: A brake warning device and method includes acquiring acceleration data of a bicycle, and calculating a specific parameter according to the acceleration data acquired within a preset interval using a preset calculation method. The bicycle is determined to be decelerating if the specific parameter is less than a preset threshold... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120007728 - Onboard vehicle information notifying apparatus: An onboard vehicle information notifying apparatus has a moving body position acquiring section that acquires a moving body position for at least one moving body existing in a vicinity of a host vehicle and that acquires map information of the vicinity of the host vehicle. The map information is divided... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20120007730 - Incentive-based method and system for reducing vehicle fuel consumption: The present invention provides a computer-controlled tire pressure control system and method for reducing fuel consumption of a vehicle over a time period, the system including an air pump system including an air pump unit adapted to fill at least two tires concomitantly of the vehicle, at least one double... Agent:

20120007729 - Method for learning and setting warm placard pressure threshold for a direct tire pressure monitoring system: A method for setting a warm placard tire pressure threshold for a motor vehicle tire pressure monitoring system that initiates a learn mode in the tire pressure monitoring system, starts a timer upon determining a vehicle speed is greater than a predetermined speed threshold, stops the timer upon determining the... Agent:

20120007731 - I c u helmet stop lamp: The Helmet Stop Lamp is incorporated into motorcycle helmets. At the lower rear of the helmet, a horizontal array of five red LED, light-emitting diodes, are incorporated into the helmet. These diodes are powered by current from a secure plug-in jack which is incorporated into the right rear of the... Agent:

20120007732 - Rotary adjustment for dual switch assembly: The present disclosure provides for systems and methods for fabricating sensing and/or control device assemblies, e.g., a dual pressure switch sensing and/or control device, a dual temperature switch sensing and/or control device or the like. More particularly, the present disclosure provides for systems and methods for fabricating sensing and/or control... Agent: Ashcroft, Inc.

20120007734 - Communication system with remote activation: The system of the present invention includes a conductive element, an electronic component, and a partial power source in the form of dissimilar materials. Upon contact with a conducting fluid, a voltage potential is created and the power source is completed, which activates the system. The electronic component controls the... Agent: Proteus Biomedical, Inc.

20120007735 - Wearable device and system for tracking a person's location: A wearable personal tracking device that can communicate over a cellular network. The device includes a wrist mounted part, having a wristband and a clasp which holds the wristband on to the wrist of a user. The housing holds a position detecting part which detects the position of a user... Agent: Paragon Gps, Inc.

20120007736 - System and method of determining gas detector information and status via rfid tags: In large systems of ambient condition detectors the respective detectors can each include an RFID-type tag or integrated circuit. The tag can transmit detector identification information and status information wirelessly to a displaced receiver. Receivers can be installed in docking/test stations as well as in portable units which can be... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120007733 - Method operating wireless device according to power state: A method of operating a wireless memory device is provided. In the method, the wireless memory device detects the power state of a power supply source in response to a power measurement command received from a host and controls data transmission/reception based on the measured power state.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120007738 - Point-of-transaction checkout system with zero-footprint cordless electro-optical reader: A checkout system employs a bi-optical workstation having dual windows and a main reader for electro-optically reading indicia on products to be processed at the workstation through at least one of the windows. The workstation is supported by a countertop and has a raised housing extending upwardly away from the... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20120007737 - Providing a user alert: A method, apparatus and computer program are provided. The method comprises: determining that an event has occurred; obtaining, from at least one detector, a detection of one or more bio-signals from a user; and processing the detection of the one or more bio-signals to decide whether to control at least... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120007739 - System, control station, and method for controlling circulation of media materials: A system for controlling circulation of media materials from a library includes a control system and a circulation control station having a housing defining a receptacle which is configured to receive a packaged unit of securable media therein. The circulation control station includes an electronic security control mechanism and a... Agent: Central Technology, Inc.

20120007741 - Auto reminder: Apparatus for warning a driver of a car that a child, pet or valuable is still in the car when an attempt is made by the driver to lock the car doors after the car is parked and the engine is turned off comprising a keyless remote entry device having... Agent:

20120007740 - Controlling a user alert: A method, apparatus and computer program are provided. The method comprises: performing a first detection of at least one bio-signal from at least one user; controlling a user output device to initiate a user alert, after performing the first detection of the at least one bio-signal; performing a second detection... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120007742 - Consumer electronics device having replaceable ion wind fan: A consumer electronics device can be thermally managed using forced convection. In one embodiment, the present invention includes such a consumer electronics device having a heat sink thermally coupled to a heat source. The device also includes a power supply configured to power an ion wind fan, and an ion... Agent: Ventiva, Inc.

20120007744 - Leak detector: A leak detector for detecting and locating leaks in a water supply pipe of plastics, the leak detector comprising a first sensor at a first position arranged to detect a leak signal travelling along a pipe, a second sensor arranged to detect a leak signal travelling along the pipe at... Agent:

20120007743 - System method and device for leak detection and localization in a pipe network: The invention provides a system for leak detection of a fluid in a pipe network. The system includes flow meters, and vibration detectors adapted to be attached to a pipe at a location in the pipe network. A processor analyzes signals generated by the flow meters and vibration detectors to... Agent: Aquarius Spectrum Ltd.

20120007745 - Method and handheld electronic device for detecting and providing notification of a device drop: A method and handheld electronic device for detecting and providing notification of a device drop are provided. In accordance with one embodiment, there is provided a method for providing notification of a device drop on an electronic device having a processor coupled to a memory and an accelerometer, the method... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120007746 - Mounting plate for a notification appliance: A mounting plate assembly for a notification appliance is disclosed. For example, a mounting plate is designed with at least one aperture for receiving a plurality of leads, e.g., from a backbox. In turn, these leads can be received by a plurality of contacts that are deployed on the mounting... Agent:

20120007747 - Method and system for transmitting data from a device to a receiving unit: The invention relates to a method for transmitting data from a device, such as is used in endoscopy or microsurgery, for example, to a receiving unit, wherein a magnetic dipole disposed in or on the device is rotationally driven, the data are generated by a change in the rotational frequency... Agent: Rayonex Schwingungstechnik Gbmh

20120007748 - Controlled electro-pneumatic power tools and interactive consumable: A controlled electro-pneumatic power tool includes an electro-mechanical adjustable valve, a pneumatic motor and a rotational speed sensor connected to a microcontroller for the selection, monitoring and adjustement of the rotational speed in real time. The electro-pneumatic power tool may include input buttons, data ports to save data and a... Agent:

20120007749 - System for identifying vehicles in a parking facility: A sensor system for detecting a vehicle on a driving surface includes a sealed casing, an integrated circuit vehicle detector, an integrated circuit transmitter and controller, and a battery. The sealed casing has a top surface and defines a cavity therein. The integrated circuit vehicle detector is disposed within the... Agent: Stallion Systems, Inc.

20120007750 - System and method for automatic distress at sea: The embodiments herein provide a system and a method for automatic distress alerting at sea. The method comprises detecting a distress situation by the sensors, sending a distress signal to the processor device, initiating an alarm for a pre-defined time, confirming the detected distress situation by a responsible officer, sending... Agent:

01/05/2012 > 53 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20120001722 - Orientation-sensitive signal output: Orientation-sensitive signal output, in which a neutral position of a device is automatically determined in relation to at least a first axis, an angular displacement of the device is measured about at least the first axis, and shaking of the device is detected. A selection of the first control is... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120001723 - Display of devices on an interface based on a contextual event: In one embodiment, a method includes displaying a portion of a plurality of devices in a viewing area on an interface. The portion of the plurality of devices are controllable automatically through the interface. A selection of a device in the portion of the plurality of devices is received. A... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20120001724 - Interacting with peer devices based on machine detection of physical characteristics of objects: An inherent physical characteristic of a target object is detected via a sensor of a user device. The inherent physical characteristic is not intended for machine reading. The target object is identified based on comparing the inherent physical characteristic to data representative of a type of the target object. Data... Agent:

20120001726 - System and method for providing secure identification solutions: The present invention provides a method and system for verifying and tracking identification information. In an embodiment of the invention, a system for delivering security solutions is provided that includes at least one of the following: a radio frequency (RF) identification device, an identification mechanism (e.g., a card, sticker), and... Agent: Neology, Inc.

20120001725 - Identification processing apparatus and mobile device using the same: An identification processing apparatus is provided for performing an identification procedure according to a smart card, including a storage unit for storing a first password; and an authentication unit for determining whether to perform the identification procedure according to a second password and the first password.... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20120001727 - Saw filter: A SAW filter includes at least four electrically interconnected DMS tracks. First and second tracks of the at least four DMS tracks are connected in parallel in opposite directions to form a first filter element. The first and second tracks have two resonant frequencies that are offset from one another... Agent: Epcos Ag

20120001729 - Method and device for storage with association of visual indicator and object sensor: The current invention is related with the search, storage and collection of objects, more precisely of laboratory samples, more precisely blood tubes identified with barcodes. The current invention is useful for increasing the speed for finding a specific subject, without robotics or mechanical moving parts, thus allowing greater flexibility and... Agent:

20120001728 - Method and system for determining location information: An exemplary location detector includes a receiver that is configured to receive a low power signal from a locating beacon and to receive a transmission from at least one other location detector. The location detector includes a processor that is configured to determine an identifier of the locating beacon from... Agent:

20120001733 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a retrieval unit for obtaining an activator for preparing activation of a communication function of the information processing apparatus and a driver for activating the communication function of the information processing apparatus, an execution unit for executing the activator and the driver... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120001734 - Led based identification and communication systems: In one aspect, identification and communication systems are described herein. In some embodiments, an identification and communication system comprises one or more query units and one or more response units, wherein at least one query unit comprises a query beam source comprising a light emitting diode (LED) operable to emit... Agent: Analysis First LLC

20120001730 - Methods and systems for integrated interrogation of rfid sensors: An integrated interrogator for a RFID sensor is provided. The integrated interrogator comprises a digital reader in communication with the RFID sensor, an impedance reader in communication with the RFID sensor, and one or more controllers that coordinate actions of the digital reader and the impedance reader.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120001731 - System and method for operating rfid devices on single-use connectors: This invention provides a system for operating RFID tags on a single-use connector. The system includes: a first single-use connector configured to receive a first RFID tag and a second single-use connector configured to receive a second RFID tag. The invention also includes a reader placed close to the first... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bioscience Bioprocess Corp.

20120001732 - Variable rate preamble detection using ratiometric methods: A method for detecting a pattern in a signal according to one embodiment includes determining a time between symbol transitions in a signal derived from a radio frequency signal; determining ratios of relational times between consecutive symbol transitions; and comparing a sequence of the ratios to a target pattern for... Agent: Intelleflex Corporation

20120001736 - Method and apparatus for efficiently querying and identifying multiple items on a communication channel: Systems and methods for efficiently querying and identifying multiple items on a communication channel are disclosed. The invention is well suited to use with radio frequency identification with interrogation devices and systems that identify radio frequency identification transponders. A depth-first tree traversal protocol algorithm, including commands and symbols, is used... Agent:

20120001735 - Extended range passive wireless tag system and method: A passive wireless tag assembly comprises a plurality of antennas and transmission lines interconnected with circuitry and constructed and arranged in a Van Atta array or configuration to reflect an interrogator signal in the direction from whence it came. The circuitry may comprise at least one surface acoustic wave (SAW)-based... Agent:

20120001737 - Method and system for computed radiography: A method for obtaining an X-ray image of a subject on a flexible information carrier plate for computed radiography. A memory is affixed to a surface of the plate, wherein the affixed memory stores information about the plate and is in wireless communication with a computer. A first scan date... Agent:

20120001739 - Custom code setting system of a remote control chip: In a custom code setting system of a remote control chip, M keyboard input/output pins are connected to an external keyboard to receive the input of the external keyboard. A first pin is connected to one terminal of an external resistor, while the other terminal of the external resistor is... Agent: Generalplus Technology Inc.

20120001740 - Power supply circuit: According to one embodiment, a power supply circuit includes a source, a sink, and a connection unit. A first control circuit of the source is configured to send an inquiry about the presence/absence of a power supply function to a second control circuit of the sink using a first line,... Agent:

20120001738 - System for controlling a device: The invention describes a system (1) for controlling a device (D, D′), which system comprises a remote control unit (30) for transmitting a signal (35) in the form of electromagnetic radiation (EM1), and a repeater unit (10) comprising a detector (R10) for detecting electromagnetic radiation (EM1, EM2) to obtain a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120001741 - Vehicle-mounted electronic device: Disclosed is a vehicle-mounted electronic device provided with an input unit which designates a destination, an incident-prone area storage unit in which incident-prone area data is stored, a report unit, and a control unit, wherein incident occurrence rates in a plurality of time zones in each of areas or incident... Agent:

20120001742 - Obstacle search system: An obstacle search system includes an operation unit for accepting a direction input operation by an occupant of a vehicle and a displacement sensor for detecting displacement of the operation unit according to the direction input operation, for moving a detection enabled area of an obstacle detector. Based on the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120001743 - Mine personnel carrier integrated information display: In certain embodiments, a mine personnel carrier includes an integrated information display and one or more processing units. The processing units may access life support data from devices associated with a life support subsystem of a mine personnel carrier. The life support subsystem provides breathable air to passengers of the... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120001744 - Vehicle statistical measurement game: A vehicle communication system is operable to calculate and compare vehicle statistics based on information received from a vehicle sensor. This statistic information can be used by the vehicle communication system to execute a plurality of statistic based games. Additionally, relevant statistic information may be transmitted to a remote network... Agent: Ford Motor Company

20120001745 - Tire pressure monitoring-car security integrated system and tire pressure monitoring method: The invention provides a tire pressure monitoring-car security integrated system for realizing car security and tire pressure monitoring and method thereof In the system, a conventional tire pressure monitoring system and car security system are integrated with each other. The learning machine or signal match device of the &Inner is... Agent: Steelmate Co., Ltd

20120001746 - Vehicular electric charge control apparatus and emergency notification system: A charge control apparatus includes a main control unit and a power source control unit. The main control unit acquires time-divided temperature information, which corresponds to a predetermined period covering the present time, based on present time information and the time-divided temperature information indicating a location temperature of a backup... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120001747 - Electronic drive selector assembly systems and methods: A drive selector assembly arranged on a console of a vehicle for selecting a transmission gear from a plurality of transmission gears includes a housing; a gear selector control arranged in the housing, the gear selector control having a plurality of switches for selecting a transmission gear of the plurality... Agent: Fisker Automotive, Inc.

20120001748 - Methods and apparatus for visually supplementing a graphical user interface: Methods and apparatus for visually supplementing a graphical user interface are described. An example method includes detecting an opportunity to provide an alert (to a user) on the display of a mobile device and in response to the detection, providing supplemental information on a display of the mobile device for... Agent:

20120001749 - Method and apparatus for generating mood-based haptic feedback: A method and apparatus of generating mood-based haptic feedback are disclosed. A haptic system includes a sensing device, a digital processing unit, and a haptic generator. The sensing device, in one embodiment, is configured to detect user's modalities in accordance with mood information collected by one or more sensors and... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20120001750 - Central facility that communicates with portable container via mobile device: A central facility communicates with a portable container via a mobile device. A computer at the central facility receives (a) usage data, in association with identification tag information for the portable container, from the mobile device associated with the portable container, the usage data generated by a usage sensor in... Agent: Henry Schein, Inc.

20120001751 - Body area network pairing improvements for clinical workflows: A method for establishing a connection between a first electronic computing device and a second electronic computing device includes moving the second electronic computing device so that it is proximal to the first electronic computing device. When the first electronic computing device detects the proximity of the first electronic computing... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20120001752 - Communication system with partial power source: The system of the present invention includes a conductive element, an electronic component, and a partial power source in the form of dissimilar materials. Upon contact with a conducting fluid, a voltage potential is created and the power source is completed, which activates the system. The electronic component controls the... Agent:

20120001753 - Satellite aided location tracking with user interface: A satellite aided location tracking and data services with user interface. A graphical user interface is provided that enables users to monitor the status of movable assets. Detailed information in a position history enables the user to obtain status information (e.g., starts and stops) at each position report. This status... Agent:

20120001754 - Security system for a building: A method of operating a security system (20) including a plurality of sensors (30) and cameras (34). The security system (20) includes a monitoring device (24) and a monitoring database (32), at least one of which stores a plurality of contacts and notification methods for contacting the contacts. When one... Agent:

20120001755 - Virtual presence after security event detection: A virtual presence of an resident or owner of a monitored premise (home, office, etc.) is provided by automatic detection of the presence of a visitor, automatic establishment of a video feed to a remote device of the resident or owner, and automatic establishment of two-way audio communications between the... Agent:

20120001756 - System, method, and apparatus for triggering an alarm: According to some example embodiments, systems, apparatus, methods and computer program products are provided for triggering an alarm. In this regard, one example apparatus includes means for receiving an instruction to alarm a security gate device, and means for tuning a security resonator at a location such that a field... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20120001757 - Container electronic seal device which can be selectively locked and unlocked using external memory and method of operating the same: A container electronic seal device and a method of operating the container electronic seal device are provided. The container electronic seal device is installed on a door locking rod and a lock handle provided in a container door. The apparatus includes a body unit, a locking arm unit, and an... Agent: Dh Technology, Inc.

20120001758 - Documents management using remote document location and retrieval: A documents management system with remote location and retrieval of documents contained in file folders positioned in file drawers in a collection of file cabinets. Each document has an RFID tag containing a document identifier and the contents of the document stored in a read-only memory. Each file folder has... Agent: Imicrodata

20120001759 - Using iptv as health monitor: An IPTV can receive a user name and present a screen enabling a user by means of a remote control to select health information categories, inputting numeric parameters into the selected categories which can be uploaded to an Internet server for analysis and viewed by the user for subsequent monitoring/charting.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120001760 - Optically redundant fire detector for false alarm rejection: A system for confirming the detection of a fire using a plurality of radiation or flame sensors each equipped with a radiation detector and an optical filter having a spectral transmission characteristic in which at least one optical filter is redundant to at least one other optical filter. The result... Agent: Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc.

20120001761 - Apparatus and method for detecting radiation: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is provided, including a scintillator configured to convert ionizing radiation into photons, and a photo detector including at least one graphene layer configured to detect said photons. In accordance with another example embodiment of the present invention, a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120001762 - Determining flow rate: A method and apparatus are disclosed for determining a flow rate in a topical negative pressure (TNP) system. The method includes the steps of determining a pumping speed associated with a pump element of a TNP system, determining a pressure associated with a flow path associated with the pump element,... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20120001763 - Methods and systems to simplify population of modular components in an information handling system: Systems and methods to simplify population of modular components in an information handling system are disclosed. A method of populating modular components in an information handling system comprises a first step of initializing a populating sequence. A first socket corresponding to a first modular component is then identified. The first... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20120001764 - Apparatus for energizing a protective device, and associated method: An improved overload relay includes a number of current transformers that draw power from a circuit it protects to power itself. The current transformers charge a capacitor which powers a processor and which can energize a solenoid to initiate the interruption of the circuit. The overload relay further includes a... Agent:

20120001766 - Interactive system and method for sensing movement: A system for sensing emotions, which produce color or sound variation in a series of elements, which experience different patterns of movement.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120001765 - System for monitoring the utilization of personal protective equipment by workers in the workplace: The present invention concerns a system for monitoring the utilization of personal protective equipment by workers in the workplace. Said system comprises a set of first slave electronic modules, each of which is paired to a corresponding piece of personal protective equipment to be used in said workplace and is... Agent: Selex Sistemi Integrati S.p.a.

20120001767 - Warning horn control system, radar system, and method: There is provided a radar system that includes an emitter system (e.g., an antenna), configured to emit electromagnetic pulses and detect electromagnetic pulses, and a reflection target, placed opposite the emitter system. The emitter system and the reflection target define an area of interest. A controller is configured to identify... Agent:

20120001768 - Multisensory meter system: A multisensory meter system is disclosed. The system comprises one main unit and a plurality of remote units. Each remote unit has at least a sensor to measure a physical parameter and wirelessly transmit the measured parameter as a signal to the main unit. The main unit and the remote... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20120001769 - Roadside detection system, driver assistance system and roadside detecting method: A roadside detection system installed in a vehicle to detect a roadside of a road on which the vehicle travels includes detection results acquiring means, first edge line detecting means and second edge line detecting means. The detection results acquiring means emits light waves or electromagnetic waves to a target... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120001771 - Computer based system and method for providing a driver assist information: A computer based system for providing a driver assist information for a vehicle driver comprises a capturing device that captures an image, a recognition device that recognizes an object or a situation in the captured image, and a categorizing device that assigns a category of a predetermined set of categories... Agent:

20120001770 - System and method of providing traffic information with turning information at intersections: A technology is provided that improves reliability of traffic information guidance by reflecting traffic information for each turning direction. A system of providing traffic information with intersection turning information includes a vehicle information collection unit is configured to collect vehicle information and a control unit is configured to calculate general... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120001772 - Flashing beacon: A flashing beacon may include a signal unit, a control unit associated with the signal unit, a solar panel or collector, and an activation device that may all be mounted or otherwise positioned on a post of a roadway sign. Light units associated with the signal unit may be programmed... Agent:

20120001773 - Avionics device, systems and methods of display: The present general inventive concept relates to methods and systems to select and display information on an avionics display screen. The systems and methods allow for the selection and display of information using knobs to highlight and select the desired information for display, eliminating the need for a cursor function.... Agent:

20120001774 - Electronic avionics systems and methods: The present general inventive concept relates to a system of method having an electronic flight display that meets the FAR 23.1311(b) regulatory requirement for redundant backup instruments in the cockpit. The present general inventive concept also provides a system and method to detect failures, obstructions, or improper operation of the... Agent:

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