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Communications: electrical December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 59 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20110316663 - Method and apparatus for providing energy-aware connection and code offloading: An apparatus for enabling provision of energy-aware connection and code offloading may include at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program code. The at least one memory and the computer program code may be configured, with the processor, to cause the apparatus to perform at least... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110316664 - Remote control for sound system: A remote control for a sound system includes a first type of wireless system for transmitting commands for controlling operation of a sound output device. The remote control also includes a second type of wireless system for wirelessly transmitting signals that represent sounds created by a first human voice to... Agent:

20110316665 - Personal writing device with user recognition capabilities and personal information storage: Systems and method for a handheld biometrically secured user input device are described. A biometric authentication device may be coupled with a handheld enclosure, the biometric authentication device capable of collecting user authentication information from a user to authenticate the user's identity. A computer-readable storage device may be coupled with... Agent: The Western Union Company

20110316666 - Information device, computer program product and method thereof: According to one embodiment, an information device is provided with a display screen and a camera that face the same direction. The information device includes a determination module and an output control module. The determination module determines whether face recognition information obtained from image data of the face of a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110316667 - Mesh network door lock: Systems and methods are disclosed for sending a code from a mesh network key and wirelessly communicating the code with one or more mesh network appliances over a mesh network such as ZigBee; receiving the code over the mesh network by a mesh network lock controller; and providing access to... Agent:

20110316668 - Method and apparatus to facilitate message transmission and reception via wireline using different transmission characteristics: Upon providing (101) message content (such as a wireline remote control instruction) to be transmitted via wireline, and in conjunction with provision (102) of a plurality of different wireline transmission characteristics (as correspond, for example, to different types of wireline transmission) and a corresponding plurality of correlated recovery identifiers (103),... Agent:

20110316669 - Apparatus for automatically changing state of vehicle closure: An apparatus for changing the state of a vehicle closure is disclosed. The apparatus includes a primary mobile unit, a secondary mobile unit, and a detection device. The detection device is operable to automatically detect whether the primary mobile unit is within a first range of the detection device, and... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20110316670 - Biometric kit and method of creating the same: A biometric kit and method of using the same includes the collection and verification of photographs, friction ridge detail, DNA profile, and dental radiographs of an individual along with a personal information profile. The collected and verified data is converted to a digital format and stored... Agent:

20110316671 - Content transfer system and communication terminal: A communication terminal including an interface that receives an input requesting a reservation to record content; a control unit that acquires image data corresponding to a user of the communication terminal; a recording reservation unit that generates recording reservation information based on the input and the image data; and a... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Japan, Inc.

20110316672 - Mobile communication based tagging: A plurality of tags can be generated by a user using the mobile electronic device and is associated with the current location of the mobile electronic device. A message can include metadata associated with the current location and at least a subset of tags from the plurality of tags. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110316674 - Asset tracking system including a tag controller: A plurality of tags communicates a plurality of messages to a reader device. A message collector at the reader device collects at least a subset of the received messages, and provides the collected messages to a set of logical readers. The message collector and the logical readers filter the collected... Agent: Rf Code, Inc.

20110316673 - Rfid tag and method receiving rfid tag signal: Provided are a Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) tag with a signal reception method. The RFID tag includes a demodulator that receives a read signal containing read data. The demodulator includes; a voltage generating circuit that provides a first voltage signal and a second voltage signal derived from the received read... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110316676 - Apparatus and method for managing power-constrained wireless devices: A method of interrogating a set of tags with an interrogator is provided. The method includes defining a duration of a wake-up superframe that matches that of a wake-up cycle of the tags; defining an integer number of time periods within the duration of the wake-up superframe such that each... Agent: Savi Technology

20110316675 - Apparatus for communicating wtih rfid tag: The disclosure discloses an apparatus comprising: an apparatus antenna; a signal transmitting portion configured to transmit a response request signal; an information obtainment portion configured to obtain tag identification information of the RFID tag circuit element; an identification information storage portion configured to store the tag identification information obtained; a... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110316677 - Method and system for intra-chip waveguide communication: Methods and systems for configuring one or more electrical waveguides in an integrated circuit by adjusting a geometry of the one or more electrical waveguides, and communicating one or more electrical signals between components within the integrated circuit via the one or more electrical waveguides. The geometry of the one... Agent:

20110316678 - Radiant electromagnetic energy management: A device provides a radiant electromagnetic energy output. During standby operation of the device, the output is provided at one or more frequencies selected to dissipate excess power through atmospheric absorption. Circuitry is included to tune the output of the device to a second frequency different than the first frequency... Agent:

20110316679 - Apparatus and method for proximity based input: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, a method is provided for controlling display operations in an electronic device. The electronic device provides an input mode, in which a first function is associated with a hovering input and a second function is associated with a touch input... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110316680 - Method for operating an access arrangement: In a method for operating an access arrangement (ZA) for a vehicle (FZ), access to the vehicle can be obtained by a mobile identification transmitter (IDG). With this method, first an ambient brightness around the vehicle is determined. Furthermore, the presence of an authorized mobile identification transmitter in an approach... Agent:

20110316681 - Shape memory polymer-based haptic devices: A haptic device includes a shape memory polymer member. A plurality of user interface locations is defined on the shape memory polymer member and a plurality of activation elements is located proximate to the plurality of user interface locations. The plurality of user interface locations of the shape memory polymer... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110316682 - Method for enhancing security of a vehicle: A vehicle includes at least one sensor. When the sensor of the vehicle is enabled or triggered, turn on the surveillance camera installed on the vehicle or near the vehicle. When an intruder triggers the sensor, use the surveillance camera to capture the images of the intruder. Thus the identity... Agent:

20110316683 - Anti theft locking system: An anti theft locking system for the cargo carrying portion of a truck, trailer, shipping container, and/or railcar having at least one access door. The anti theft locking mechanism and associated signal processing means for locking the access door are all located entirely within the cargo carrying portion and cannot... Agent:

20110316684 - Remote keyless entry fob: The present invention relates to a remote keyless FOB for manipulating functions on a vehicle comprising: a housing, where the housing includes a top side and a bottom side; a lock button, an illuminating indicator and a unlock button on the top side; a depression button on the bottom side;... Agent:

20110316685 - Method and apparatus for controlling lane keeping and apparatus for warning of escape from lane: The disclosure relates to a lane keeping control method and apparatus, and an apparatus for warning of a lane escape. More particularly, the disclosure relates to a method and an apparatus for controlling lane keeping and an apparatus for warning of an escape from a lane, which generate a lane... Agent: Mando Corporation

20110316686 - Obstacle position indicating apparatus and system: An obstacle position indicating apparatus is disclosed. In the apparatus, multiple actuators are arranged in a periphery of a conduction plate so as to give an external force to an end of the conduction plate in a planer direction of the conduction plate. A drive control component determines a ratio... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110316687 - Spare tire pressure monitor: A spare tire monitor that connects directly over the valve stem in order to provide a driver with a means of being notified when the spare tire experiences a significant loss of air. The spare tire monitor relates to a conduit that attaches a first connection to either the internal... Agent:

20110316688 - Alarm management system having an escalation strategy: An alarm management system having an escalation strategy which may be applied to each state of an alarm and increase a level of escalation if a required action has not been taken in response to an alarm. This approach is for avoiding an overlooking of any alarms and for assuring... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110316689 - Systems and methods for detecting and geo-locating hazardous refuse: The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for scanning refuse (garbage, trash) from a large geographic area to detect the presence of hazardous materials in the refuse. Hazardous material may comprise CBRNE agents, components of terrorist devices, environmental pollutants and toxins and illegal drugs and may include trace particulates... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110316690 - System and method for identifying electrical equipment using wireless receivers: By utilizing a transmitter that plugs into a power socket of a piece of electrical equipment, that equipment may be locatable using a specialized power source that interacts with the transmitter. The specialized power source sends a command signal across a power cable and causes the transmitter to send a... Agent:

20110316691 - Flat-hierarchy system for condition-based monitoring of distributed equipment: Systems and methods for monitoring the condition of equipment in a manufacturing plant or other facility. A computing node is attached to each piece of equipment under consideration. Each node gathers relevant information from the machine using sensors and is capable of determining the condition of the machine from a... Agent:

20110316692 - Space location device, associated reference transmitter and location system: The invention pertains to the field of systems for locating a person, an animal, a vegetable, a parcel or more generally any entity mobile in motion or that can be moved. More precisely, the invention relates to a location device that comprises means for receiving an identification message transmitted by... Agent: Talismart

20110316693 - Body coupled antenna system and personal locator unit utilizing same: A body coupled antenna system usable in a personal locator unit includes an antenna element for connection to an RF circuit; a coupling plate for conductively coupling to an adjacent body for broadening the tuning frequency and reducing the loading sensitivity; a first capacitance interconnected between the coupling plate and... Agent:

20110316695 - Hygiene monitoring and management system and method: A Real Time Locating System (RTLS) hygiene management and monitoring system for individuals and companies to manage and monitor the hygiene of their surroundings. In some embodiments of the invention, RTLS is used to monitor and manage cleanliness of rooms and surfaces and the location of cleaning supplies and cleaning... Agent: Diversey, Inc.

20110316694 - Overhang warning device: Suspended or overhanging of obstructions are selectively signaled to an individual by a device that can worn by an individual. The device includes a first sensor that is oriented to selectively detect a suspended or overhanging obstruction at an elevation above the housing and a second distance sensor that is... Agent:

20110316699 - Multi-sense environmental monitoring device and method: An environmental monitoring device for detecting and warning users of unhealthy levels of a given substance is disclosed having more than one sensor for each substance to be detected. Each sensor for each substance detected may be positioned in more than one plane or surface on the device. The device... Agent: Industrial Scientific Corporation

20110316696 - Multi-stage color activated system to detect unauthorized processing of medical devices: A medical device (101), such as a blood pressure cuff or other device, includes an unauthorized reprocessing warning (406) printed in a first printable media (103). The first printable media (103) is configured to change from a first state to a second state upon exposure to an applied stimulus (203).... Agent:

20110316697 - System and method for monitoring an entity within an area: A system and method for monitoring an entity within an area is disclosed. The method includes specifying at least one criterion associated with an event of interest. The at least one criterion is specified visually on a display screen. At least one entity to be monitored is identified, and a... Agent: General Electric Company

20110316698 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses for providing adaptive user notifications: Methods and apparatuses are provided for providing adaptive user notifications. A method may include detecting an event. The method may further include determining usage of one or more connected apparatuses. The method may also include determining, based on the determined usage, a notification method for notifying of the event. The... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110316700 - Device for detecting entry and/or exit monitoring device, and method for detecting entry and/or exit: A reliability extracting section (102) extracts the reliability of positioning at a person's position calculating section (101) on the basis of an image captured from an imaging section (121). A section (104) for creating a possibly-existing area determines a possibly-existing area (AR1) on the basis of the result of positioning... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110316702 - Electronic device with automatic notification function for personal emergency and method thereof: An electronic device having an automatic notification function for a personal emergency is provided. The electronic device includes a positioning unit, a storage unit, a sensor unit, a processing unit, and a communications unit. The positioning unit provides location information of the electronic device using longitude and latitude. The storage... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110316701 - Monitoring system: A group monitoring system for dispenser usage compliance is provided. The system is for a predetermined group of interest in a predetermined facility type. A dispenser data collection system is operably connected to a plurality of dispensers and is capable of providing information. The information includes a unique dispenser identifier... Agent:

20110316704 - System and method for automatic capture and archive of clinically meaningful vitals: Medical vital signs (110) are captured, recorded, processed, and a signal quality assessment (160) is computed based on signal waveform components such as slope, amplitude, time to rise, time at peak, and degree to which signal peaks (420) and valleys (430). The signal assessment (160) may be used as a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110316703 - System and method for ensuring sanitation procedures in restrooms: A system and method for automatically monitoring hand sanitation practices in a lavatory. The embodiments involve identifying a user, determining a proper hand sanitation protocol for the user, and monitoring the user to ensure the user satisfies the protocol. If the user does not satisfy the protocol the user may... Agent:

20110316705 - Devices, systems, and methods for monitoring sleep position: Systems and methods provide a position sensing component that carries a gravity sensor sized and configured to provide a position dependent output indicative of the relative sleep position of the individual. The position sensing component can take the form of a strap sized and configured to be worn about the... Agent:

20110316706 - Filter fouling detection using comparative temperature rise analysis: One embodiment involves detecting the fouling of an air filter used to filter airflow entering a computer system. An expected airflow rate is obtained from a current fan speed. An expected temperature rise between two positions is computed as a function of the expected airflow rate and the power consumption... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110316707 - Remote monitoring system for multiple steam traps: A system for remotely monitoring multiple steam traps includes a plurality of steam traps, each including a monitor comprising one or more sensors for sensing selected operating conditions of the steam trap, and a programmable controller operatively connected to receive the outputs of each of the sensors, convert the sensor... Agent: Armstrong Global Holdings, Inc.

20110316708 - Monitoring circuit for vehicular lamp: A monitoring circuit includes a first detecting unit, a second detecting unit, a comparing unit and an indicating unit. The first detecting unit is configured for detecting a temperature of a vehicular lamp and sending out a first signal. The second detecting unit is configured for detecting the surrounding temperature... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110316709 - Method of determining a remaining capacity of an energy source of an information tag for agriculture: The invention relates to a method of determining a remaining capacity of an energy source of an agricultural information tag. The method includes adjusting, such as increasing or decreasing, a counter at the occurrence of an event which leads to a consumption of energy from the energy source, and determining... Agent: Lely Patent N.v.

20110316710 - Detecting device and battery box using the same: A detecting device is used for detecting a battery leak, a positive terminal of the battery is electrically connected to a first contact, a negative terminal of the battery is electrically connected to a second contact. The detecting device includes a first conductor, a second conductor electrically connected to the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110316711 - Pocket grounding device without power socket: A pocket grounding device without power socket has a casing, an AC plug and a circuit board. The AC plug is mounted in the casing and electronically connected to the circuit board. The circuit board has a ground detecting circuit having three ports respectively connected to the AC plug, an... Agent: Cyber Power Systems Inc.

20110316712 - Assessing structural repair integrity: A strain measurement device to assess the integrity of a structural repair to a surface comprises a detector, a processor, and a memory module coupled to the processor. The memory module comprises logic instructions stored in a computer readable medium which, when executed by the processor, configure the processor to... Agent:

20110316713 - Sample processing apparatus, sample container transporting apparatus, sample processing method and sample container transporting method: The present invention is a sample processing apparatus including: a sample processing unit configured to process a sample contained in a sample container; one or more detectors located to detect the sample container both before and after the sample contained therein is processed by the sample processing unit; and a... Agent:

20110316714 - Method and laser receiver for acoustically indicating a laser beam: A laser receiver (1) for acoustically indicating a laser beam, including a housing (4), a detector unit (6) that ascertains the actual position (2) of the laser beam, an evaluation unit (8) that determines the difference between the actual position (2) and the target position (3), and an acoustic indication... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110316715 - Mobile device including a solar battery: A mobile device including a solar battery having a light-receiving surface provided on a casing of the mobile device, an illuminance detector that detects an illuminance of light incident on the casing, an output section that outputs a state of light incident on the light-receiving surface of the solar battery,... Agent:

20110316716 - Low power wireless parking meter and parking meter network: A parking meter and parking meter network is described as well as a method of operating the parking meter and parking meter network. The parking meter network includes a gateway that transmits a first beacon message that is received at the parking meter. The parking meter synchronizes an internal timer... Agent:

20110316717 - Virtual smart energy meter with integrated plug: Various embodiments include a virtual meter. The virtual meter includes a controller configured to communicate, with a utility meter, meter information, using a first communications protocol. The controller may also be configured to translate between the meter information and virtual meter information. The controller may further be configured to communicate,... Agent: Digi International Inc.

20110316718 - Off-road motor vehicle warning system: A warning system for vehicles that comprises a transmitter and a receiver for respectively transmitting a signal to an approaching vehicle or receiving a signal from an approaching vehicle. A light actuated upon receiving a signal from another vehicle and visible to the other vehicle indicates to the other vehicle... Agent:

20110316719 - Intersection safety driving system: A vehicle sensor and a human sensor are comprised to a traffic sign and the road surface indicator, and warning is displayed in mark, indicate lamp where a driver is easy to make viewing. With intersection safety driving system 100, the control unit can detect vehicle V1, V2 which are... Agent: Cosmo Research Co., Ltd.

20110316720 - Optical parking guide: An optical sensor based parking guidance system using visual indicators to guide a driver into an optimal position to park a vehicle. The optical sensors create a safe parking envelope and provide visual indicators to the driver in the event the vehicle leaves the established safe area. The invention also... Agent: Tracker LLC

20110316721 - Laser projection system: A laser projection system including a projection screen and a laser projector is revealed. The projection screen includes at least one light emitting layer having at least one luminescent material that is excited by excitation light with a specific wavelength range to generate excited light with another wavelength range. The... Agent:

12/22/2011 > 44 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20110309910 - Security document control system and control method thereof: A security document control system and a control method thereof are disclosed. The system functions to automatically control a series of security operations including sensing security documents, storing all records with respect to check-out of security documents in a database, closing exit gates if illegal removal of security documents is... Agent:

20110309911 - Apparatus for detecting and processing data in cash desk: An apparatus for detecting and processing identification features by using a detecting device in a cash desk, a microprocessor having a memory is assigned to the apparatus, characterized in that the identification features detected locally can be linked with the features stored centrally and the local function can be locked... Agent:

20110309912 - Handle unit: The invention relates to a handle unit (10) to trigger the function of a lock (19) for opening and/or for closing a moving part (42), in particular a door, a tailgate or similar of a motor vehicle (40), with one electronic unit (20, 20′) and one actuating element, wherein the... Agent: Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110309913 - Card reader device for contactless readable cards and method for operating said card reader device: A card reader device is configured to carry out communication with a contactless readable card according to standard ISO/IEC 14443 type B. In order to provide that a modulation index, which self-adjusts in close range in a presence of a contactless readable card, corresponds to a desired specified modulation index,... Agent: Bundesdruckerei Gmbh

20110309914 - Remote control system: A remote control system includes an emitter and a remote controller. The emitter is installed in an electronic device and is configured for emitting a search signal. The remote controller includes a wireless receiving module and a beacon module. The wireless receiving module is configured for receiving the search signal... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110309915 - Controller for controlling illumination: Disclosed is a controller for controlling an illumination device participating in a wireless network by setting a scene of illumination according to a configurable schedule. The controller for controlling an illumination device includes: a control unit controlling an illumination scene of an illumination device selected from among a plurality of... Agent: Samsung Led Co., Ltd.

20110309917 - Ac power supply circuitry: AC power supply circuitry comprising an AC power source is provided. The circuitry further comprises a semiconductor switching device in an AC power line between the power source and an output and a switch that switches the semiconductor switching device between a first state in which it transmits power from... Agent:

20110309916 - Circuit arrangement and method for controlling communication between a control circuit and a transmitter/receiver unit via a supply line: A circuit arrangement is disclosed comprising a transmitter/receiver unit (1), a control circuit (2) and a supply line (3). The transmitter/receiver unit (1) comprises a supply input (4) for connecting the supply line, an energy storage unit (5) that with a first connection is coupled to the supply input (4)... Agent: Austrimicrosystems Ag

20110309919 - Providing directional force feedback in freespace: Technology is presented for generating directional force feedback in free space to a user using a mass rotatable about a movable axis. The mass and movable axis are responsive to a control signal to generate a force vector having a direction and a magnitude in three-dimensional space to provide feedback... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110309918 - System and method for compensating for aging haptic actuators: Systems and methods for compensating for the effects of aging on actuators are provided. For example, the system may obtain and/or otherwise maintain aging information of an actuator. Based on the aging information, the system may determine a compensation factor. Using the compensation factor, the system may adjust a control... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110309920 - Tactile prompting system and method for tactually prompting an operator of a rail vehicle: A tactile prompting system includes a control module that forms an instruction to prompt an operator of a powered rail vehicle to take an action in response thereof, an input device of the powered rail vehicle that is configured to be actuated by the operator, and a haptic feedback device... Agent:

20110309921 - Communication apparatus and method of controlling the same: A communication apparatus for transmitting data to a data accumulation apparatus via a relay apparatus detects, by communication with the relay apparatus, which is the relay function used by the relay apparatus to operate, a proxy relay function of temporarily holding and proxy-transmitting the data and a transparent relay function... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110309922 - Low latency inside/outside determination for portable transmitter: A method and system is disclosed for determining presence of a portable transmitter relative to a boundary. The presence may be determined according to whether the portable transmitter is interior or exterior to the boundary. The boundary may be defined as a wireless boundary that corresponds with an intersection or... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110309923 - Thermal detection device for a reversing vehicle: The present invention is a thermal detection device for a reversing vehicle. The thermal detection device for a reversing vehicle warns driver of any warm bodied obstruction such as a person or an animal. The present invention utilizes digital pryoelectric sensors as means to detect a warm bodied obstruction. The... Agent:

20110309925 - Display device for vehicle: A display device for a vehicle includes first and second display units that respectively display vehicle information and are arranged behind a steering wheel of the vehicle, and a front face cover that covers a front face of the first display unit and a front face of the second display... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110309924 - Vehicle display: A method of displaying information to a person viewing a configurable display in a vehicle. The method displays one of a plurality of page formats at a time. Each page format includes one or more images, including a first image in a distinct region of the display. The first image... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110309926 - Method and system for determining a route for efficient energy consumption: Various embodiments relate to determining a route for efficient energy consumption. Data defining one or more routes and one or more consumption influencing parameters which influence a consumption of an energy source of the vehicle along the one or more routes may be received at a vehicle computer. Based on... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110309927 - Intelligent tire systems and methods: Embodiments relate to intelligent tire systems and methods. In an embodiment, a sensor module mounted in a tire includes a sensor configured to generate sensor data related to a condition of the tire; and a transceiver communicatively coupled to the sensor and configured to communicate with another in-tire sensor module... Agent:

20110309928 - Display for hand-held electronics: The invention disclosed here is a display system for managing power and security for a plurality of hand-held electronic devices sold to consumers in a retail location. The display includes features that allow power to be supplied to individual devices without hard wiring or multi-conductor retractor cables. The display also... Agent: Mti, Inc

20110309929 - Security system with keyfob alert notification: A system and method are provided for notifying a hearing impaired user of one of a plurality of qualified events via a personal device rather than an audible alert to avoid unnecessary false alarms. The security system includes at least one detection device for monitoring a portion of the premises... Agent:

20110309931 - Low-power wirelessly-linked rfid tracking system: A wirelessly-linked RFID tracking system is disclosed herein. The system includes low-power wirelessly-linked RFID readers in communication with a mine radio network to detect and transmit information received from a plurality of RFID tags. The RFID readers transmit tag information to a local server for providing notification and/or alarm information... Agent:

20110309930 - Method and system for managing geographically distributed resources: A system for managing geographically distributed resources, comprising a plurality of shoes associated with said resources; each pair of said plurality of shoes comprising an electronic circuit; said electronic circuit comprising a control circuit for said electronic circuit; a locator module which provides the geographical coordinates to said control circuit;... Agent: Fm S.r.l.

20110309932 - Apparatus, system, and method for implementing and monitoring breath alcohol testing programs, usually from a fixed point location, such as a home: The invention relates to devices, systems and methods for thwarting attempts to circumvent breath alcohol level testing and monitoring programs. In-home monitoring systems as well as ignition interlock systems are described. Accelerometers and/or compasses are used to detect movement of the device. GPS and image data are collected at the... Agent: Consumer Safety Technology, Inc.

20110309933 - Systems and methods for determining location from wireless signals: A computer, media player, remote control or other device is configured to determine its relative location within a home, office or other given environment based upon the reception and/or sensing of wireless network signals and/or other electromagnetic signals emitted by other devices present at any time in the environment. The... Agent: Sling Media Inc.

20110309934 - Display for hand-held electronics: The invention disclosed here is a display system for managing power and security for a plurality of hand-held electronic devices sold to consumers in a retail location. The display includes features that allow power to be supplied to individual devices and security sensors without continuous hard wiring or multi-conductor retractor... Agent: Merchandising Technologies, Inc.

20110309935 - Workplace management system: The present invention relates to the field of managing tasks undertaken by employees or contractors in the work-place. In one form, the invention has application to a construction site in which vehicles moving onto and/or exiting the site need to be tracked. In one particular aspect the present invention is... Agent: Southern Plant Hire Pty Ltd

20110309936 - Intelligent switching method and apparatus: An intelligent switching method and system. The method includes retrieving by a computer processor of an intelligent switching device, detection data indicating that an individual is located within a specified proximity of an apparatus. The intelligent switching device is lockably attached to the apparatus. The computer processor receives a request... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110309937 - Sensors and systems for detecting environmental conditions or changes: Sensors and systems for detecting predetermined environmental conditions or changes may include a device capable of providing information. The device may include either a shield or reconfigurable antenna. For example, in a first condition, a shield is configured to prevent communications with the device and, in a second condition, the... Agent: Vigilan, Incorporated

20110309938 - Method for providing a uniform and comprehensive programming interface for an electronic device: A method of providing an electronic monitoring or controlling device with a uniform and comprehensive programming interface as a means for accessing, either individually or in subgroups, various parameters, for the purposes of programming device operation, performing system diagnostics, or for activation, deactivation, selection or changing of other device functions.... Agent:

20110309939 - Unit for monitoring and/or signaling or visualizing operating parameters of a gas-insulated switchgear system: Exemplary embodiments are directed to a monitoring unit and method for monitoring and/or signaling or visualizing a plurality of operating parameters of a gas-insulated switchgear system, where a current and voltage supply unit are located in the housing of the monitoring unit. At least one measurement cell capturing the density... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110309941 - Interactive technique to reduce irradiation from external source: Exemplary methods, systems and components enable detection and/or monitoring and/or control of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure of target body-related portions of a user operating a telecommunication device. In some embodiments a risk-assessment output is provided based on a safety threshold or predetermined intrusion level of EMR exposure. A further aspect... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110309942 - Mapping system for irradiation protection: Exemplary methods, systems and components enable detection and/or monitoring and/or control of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure of target body-related portions of a user operating a telecommunication device. In some embodiments a risk-assessment output is provided based on a safety threshold or predetermined intrusion level of EMR exposure. A further aspect... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110309940 - Personal telecommunication device with target-based exposure control: Exemplary methods, systems and components enable detection and/or monitoring and/or control of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure of target body-related portions of a user operating a telecommunication device. In some embodiments a risk-assessment output is provided based on a safety threshold or predetermined intrusion level of EMR exposure.... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110309943 - Self-diagnosing transmission system: A system transmits electric signals, electric energy or media over short distances between units movable relative to each other. The system has at least one first unit disposed along the trajectory of the movement and at least one second unit disposed for movement relative to the first unit. A diagnosis... Agent: Schleifring Und Apparatebau Gmbh

20110309944 - Patient table system for medical system for medical applications and associated medical imaging device: A patient table system for medical applications is provided. The table system comprises: a table top; at least one sensor configured to measure information representative of a pressure exerted by a patient on the table top when the patient is in a lying position; and a safety detector configured to... Agent:

20110309946 - Adaptive media object reproduction based on social context: A media-reproduction device for adaptively reproducing media objects based upon social context of one or more people in proximity to the media-reproduction device is disclosed. The media-reproduction device includes an output device for reproducing a media object and a control circuit. The control circuit is configured to identify a person... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110309945 - Irradiation self-protection from user telecommunication device: Exemplary methods, systems and components enable detection and/or monitoring and/or control of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure of target body-related portions of a user operating a telecommunication device. In some embodiments a risk-assessment output is provided based on a safety threshold or predetermined intrusion level of EMR exposure.... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110309947 - Light-emitting diode control system and method: A light-emitting diode (LED) control system and method sets a number of virtual LEDs according to a number of error events of a computing device. The system and method further assigns a priority level to each error event and a unique indication status of the error event. If more than... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20110309948 - Synchronization between devices: The present disclosure relates to a method to determine a clock signal when separate clocks are used. In one embodiment, a disciplined clock system comprising an update subsystem and a synthesis subsystem is provided. A first clock phase estimate is provided to the update subsystem and used, along with the... Agent:

20110309949 - Electromagnetic telemetry assembly with protected antenna: Oilfield drilling utilizes downhole data transmitted to surface for formation evaluation and steering of directional wellbores. A leading technology in providing subsurface to surface communication is Electro-Magnetic (EM) Telemetry. This technology is typically employed with a downhole antenna concentric with the bore of an electrically insulating “gap sub” portion of... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110309950 - Method and system for traffic condition detection: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for vehicle speed acquisition and citation. In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, multiple different imaging systems can be placed individually at different locations along a route of travel, such as a highway, byway or... Agent: Ariel Inventions, LLC

20110309951 - Vehicle traffic flow data acquisition and distribution: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for vehicle traffic flow data acquisition and reporting for onboard vehicle navigation. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for vehicle traffic flow data acquisition and reporting for onboard vehicle navigation can include acquiring imagery of... Agent:

20110309952 - Accessible pedestrian signal system: Methods and systems are provided for conflict monitoring and error detection in accessible pedestrian signal systems. A primary conflict monitor and error detector is configured to control output of audible and vibrotactile pedestrian signal indications. The primary conflict monitor and error detector monitors the current traffic state, and verifies audio... Agent:

20110309953 - Systems and methods for monitoring vehicle parking: Embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to systems and methods of monitoring vehicle parking. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a vehicle parking monitoring system that includes a parking space sensor enabled to detect the presence of at least one vehicle in a first parking space... Agent: Sipco, LLC

12/15/2011 > 58 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20110304424 - Device to control an electronic or computer system utilizing a fluid flow and a method of manufacturing the same: A device to facilitate a user interface of a computer system utilizing breath includes a body, a user side inlet defined by the body to receive a fluid flow generated by a user, an exhaust opening defined by the body, a conduit positioned between the user side inlet and the... Agent: Inputive Corporation

20110304426 - Security recognition system: A security recognition system comprises an electronic card, a card reading module, a biological feature capturing module and a comparison module. The electronic card has a biological feature storage module containing signature data. The card reading module reads a biological feature accessed by the electronic card. The biological feature capturing... Agent:

20110304427 - Closing-in sensor for locking/unlocking a door leaf: The invention relates to a closing-in or presence or detection capacitive sensor (6) for locking/unlocking a door leaf (4), in particular for a vehicle. More precisely, the closing-in capacitive sensor is to be integrated into the handle (1) of a door leaf for locking/unlocking the same. The sensor includes at... Agent: Valeo Securite Habitacle

20110304428 - Security system for managing information on mobile wireless devices: A security system is provided for managing information stored on mobile wireless devices upon exit from a building. The security system includes an exit system and a device management system. The exit system is configured to detect that a user has requested to exit a building. The exit system is... Agent:

20110304425 - Systems and methods for efficient authentication: A communication system is configured to operate in an ad hoc wireless network. The communication system includes a transmission device configured to send and receive a message, a signing module configured to generate a hierarchical signature using the message, and a verifying module configured to hierarchically verify a predetermined portion... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc

20110304429 - Method and apparatus for improving biometric identification systems: The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for identifying a person, in which biometric data are acquired for the person to be identified, wherein the person to be identified must carry out a recognition action, on the basis of which the biometric data used for identification are... Agent:

20110304430 - Method of tracking a container using microradios: A microradio is provided with a hysteretic switch to permit an optimum range increasing charging cycle, with the charging cycle being long relative to the transmit cycle. Secondly, an ensemble of microradios permits an n2 power enhancement to increase range with coherent operation. Various multi-frequency techniques are used both for... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110304437 - Antenna and sensor system for sharply defined active sensing zones: A sensor system having a sharply defined zone of active sensing comprising a compound antenna system comprising an antenna structure disposed in relation to a shield structure and spaced from the shield structure, the shield structure having an open aperture in front of the antenna structure in the direction of... Agent: Plus Location Systems Usa LLC

20110304436 - Communication device and communication method: A communication device includes: a communication unit configured to perform proximity communication with a reader/writer; and a control unit configured to control writing of data as to nonvolatile memory in accordance with a command from the reader/writer; with the control unit writing data in a buffer unit that serves as... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110304431 - Devices employing delay matching to mitigate local oscillator noise and methods thereof: In one embodiment, a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader circuit includes a Radio Frequency (RF) source, a RF power amplifier coupled to an output of the RF source in a transmitting path, a first RF bandpass filter coupled between the output of the RF source and a mixer module, and... Agent:

20110304432 - Devices employing modulator switching and methods thereof: In one embodiment, a RFID reader circuit includes a RF source input in a transmitting path, a RF modulator in parallel with a bypass, the RF modulator and the bypass being selectively coupled to the RF source input, at least one switch for selectively coupling an output of the RF... Agent:

20110304434 - Multi-protocol electronic toll collection system: A system and method for dynamically selecting a communication protocol in an electronic toll collection system. A first reader communicating under a primary communication protocol is connected to a roadway antenna. If a transponder of the primary protocol is detected within a predetermined duration, then the first reader maintains its... Agent: Mark Iv Industries Corp.

20110304438 - Rfid-based personnel tracking: Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for RFID-based personnel tracking. A method of tracking employees includes, in a first computer system, prompting a user for identification input, validating the identification input, receiving data from a first scan of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag upon initiation of a task,... Agent:

20110304435 - Secure method for transmitting data: A method for transmitting data between a responder and an interrogator communicating in a secure mode includes the interrogator transmitting an interrogation signal comprising an authentication sequence to the responder which replies to the interrogator with a signal subjected to a time delay depending on said authentication sequence. A message... Agent: Thales

20110304433 - Towel tracking system: A system for dispensing, receiving, and tracking towels or other items includes a cabinet structure having first and second interior spaces. An access door provides access to the first interior space, and a return door permits items to be returned to the second interior space. An RFID system conducts read... Agent:

20110304439 - Devices employing fast carrier cancellation and methods thereof: In one embodiment, a RFID reader circuit includes a RF power amplifier coupled to a coupler; an amplitude and phase adjustor module coupled to an output of the coupler; a signal combiner module coupled to an output of the amplitude and phase adjustor module; and a low noise amplifier coupled... Agent:

20110304440 - Rfid devices using a common master clock and methods thereof: In one embodiment, a RFID reader circuit includes a master clock for providing a timing signal on a timing signal output thereof, a switching regulator synchronized with the timing signal for providing power to the RFID reader circuit, a Radio Frequency (RF) source in a transmitting path, the RF source... Agent:

20110304442 - Recognizing tire sensor location in factory mode for tpms and smart entry system: A method for localizing tire sensors includes determining a wake up field power, transmitting an LF wake up field having the wake up field power from an LF antenna on the vehicle, receiving an identification signal from each tire sensor awakened by the transmitted LF wake up field, and determining... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110304441 - Multilane vehicle tracking system: A vehicle tracking system and method of tracking vehicles in multiple traffic lanes is disclosed. One system includes an RFID reader including a plurality of antenna ports. The system also includes a first antenna connected to a first antenna port of the plurality of antenna ports, the first antenna oriented... Agent: Federal Signal Corporation

20110304443 - Systems and methods for operating media devices: A wireless adapter enables communication between a content source and a content player for rendering of content at the content source by the content player, and a remote controller allows for control of the content delivery, and one or more features of the content source, player, or both.... Agent:

20110304444 - Portable vision system: A method and system for integrating a camera-equipped handheld mobile device with a vehicle's electronic systems, such that the imaging capabilities of the mobile device can be utilized by the vehicle, and information from vehicle's systems can be utilized by the mobile device. The mobile device is placed in a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110304445 - Vehicle presence notification apparatus: A vehicular horn device of an existing electromagnetic type is used as a dynamic speaker so as to generate a false engine sound. The shortage of a low-pitched sound in a parametric speaker device is complemented with a false engine sound which the vehicular horn device generates. Thereby, without need... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110304447 - Drive recorder: The drive recorder disclosed in the present specification comprises a data collection portion for collecting image data and other driving condition data of a vehicle; and a control portion for designating a data compression system, a file format, and a hierarchy of a folder in an output destination when the... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110304448 - Electronic control unit and information management system: A VIN storage electronic control unit stores a vehicle identification number (VIN). A standby RAM that holds data constantly with an electric power supplied by a battery stores failure diagnosis related information and a rewriting history flag. When the VIN storage electronic control unit rewrites the VIN upon receiving a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110304446 - System for preventing handheld device use while operating a vehicle: Techniques for preventing a driver of a moving vehicle from using a handheld device while driving. An example system of the invention includes a plurality of biometric sensors configured to receive biometric data from the driver and a user of the handheld device. Contemporaneously with operation of the vehicle and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110304450 - Door open detection for use with tpms and smart entry system: A vehicle system that can overcome at least some of the aforementioned shortcomings includes tire sensors mounted in, on or adjacent respective tires of the vehicle, LF antennas including a door-mounted antenna on a door of the vehicle, a receiver mounted on the vehicle, a door switch associated with the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110304451 - Localization of tire for tpms and smart entry system: A vehicle entry/tire pressure management system includes a plurality of tire sensors, a plurality of low frequency (“LF”) antennas and an ECU. Each tire sensor is mounted in a respective tire of the vehicle. Each LF antenna is mounted on the vehicle and is configured to transmit an LF field... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110304449 - Unique header format for tpms and smart entry system: A vehicle entry/tire pressure management system includes an ECU, tire sensors mounted in, on or adjacent respective tires of the vehicle, a portable transmission/reception unit configured to be carried by an operator of the vehicle, and an antenna mounted on the vehicle and in communication with the ECU. Each tire... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110304453 - Memorizing location of tires in tpms and smart entry system: A vehicle system includes a plurality of tire sensors, a plurality of low frequency (“LF”) antennas and an ECU. Each tire sensor is mounted in a respective tire of the vehicle. Each LF antenna is mounted on the vehicle and is configured to transmit an LF field to wake up... Agent:

20110304454 - Radio system adjustment with tpms and smart entry system: A tire pressure monitoring system includes tire sensors mounted in, on or adjacent respective tires of the vehicle, LF antennas mounted on the vehicle, and an ECU. Each tire sensor is configured to transmit an RF signal and to detect an LF field. Each antenna is configured to transmit an... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110304452 - Two axis antenna for tpms sensor: A vehicle entry/tire pressure monitoring system for a vehicle includes an ECU, LF antennas mounted on the vehicle and being in communication with the ECU, and tire sensors mounted in, on or adjacent respective tires of the vehicle. Each LF antenna is configured to transmit an LF tire sensor wake... Agent:

20110304455 - Automotive brake light with graduated display: An automotive brake light system producing a graduated display according to the level of vehicle deceleration as sensed by an onboard piezoelectric accelerometer. Taillight assemblies are divided into segments which are illuminated in sequence to produce a graduated display. The vehicle anti-lock brake system may be connected into the system... Agent:

20110304456 - Collective objects management system with object identification using addressable decoder units: A collective objects management system for objects such as documents contained in file folders in drawers of file cabinets. Each file folder has an electrical circuit with a visible indicator mounted on the file folder. Each folder circuit has an address decoder with a unique system address which enables generation... Agent: Imicrodata

20110304457 - Organically reactive cell for underground sensing (orcus) and system: A movement detection system includes a microwave antenna able to transmit microwave frequency signals into a space. An electronics controller is connected to the microwave antenna, and is configured to continually measure the impedance of the microwave antenna while it transmits microwave frequency signals into the space. An interpretive device... Agent:

20110304458 - Article surveillance system: An electronic article surveillance (EAS) system comprising a combined plurality of surveillance systems that operate independent of and autonomous from each other and are physically located within pedestal systems having at least a first EAS system for detecting a magnetic EAS tag (which are immune to foil lined bags and... Agent:

20110304459 - Rfid reader and method of controlling the same: A radio frequency identification (RFID) reader and a method of controlling the RFID reader are provided. The RFID reader includes a link frequency calculator which calculates a link frequency by using a signal transmitted from a tag and a sampling signal; a first decoder which converts the signal transmitted from... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20110304463 - Data center server location and monitoring system: A data center server location system includes both hardware and software to provide for location and identification of servers and other equipment in equipment racks. The system provides a wired alternative to the wireless RFID tag system by using electronic ID tags connected to each piece of equipment, each electronic... Agent:

20110304462 - Reusable 3d glasses embedded with rfid and rf-eas tags for use at 3d movie theatres: Reusable 3D glasses are provided, comprising temples embedded with RFID chips, a detachable lens portion, and a curved bridge portion. The RFID chips are to be used with a tracking system that performs a plurality of functions of: monitoring available inventory levels; counting the number of 3D glasses used by... Agent:

20110304461 - Rfid tag and method for receiving signal thereof: Provided are a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and a method for receiving a signal of the RFID tag. The RFID tag includes a voltage generator configured to generate a voltage signal from a received signal, a common gate circuit configured to convert the voltage signal into a current signal,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110304460 - System and method for monitoring golf club inventory: A system for monitoring an inventory of golf clubs includes a plurality of golf clubs with wireless transceivers and a monitor that transmits a first interrogation signal to the plurality of wireless transceivers, the first interrogation signal being an invitation for each of the plurality of wireless transceivers to respond... Agent:

20110304464 - Attachment detection method and system: An attachment detection method and system. The method includes receiving, by a computer processor of a computing system, attachment data describing different devices associated with and attachable to an electro/mechanical apparatus. The computer processor retrieves first data describing a first attachment device currently attached to the electro/mechanical apparatus and analyzes... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110304465 - System and method for driver reaction impairment vehicle exclusion via systematic measurement for assurance of reaction time: A system and method for measuring impairment in an operator and stopping an impaired operator from operating a vehicle. The method empirically measures an operator's cognitive and motor skills requisite for safely operating a motorized vehicle and verifies the person's identity. The invention includes three interlocking major subsystems. The first... Agent:

20110304466 - Refrigeration system management and information display: Embodiments of the invention provide methods of displaying information associated with a refrigeration system, methods for managing a refrigeration system, refrigeration systems, methods of providing redundancy to a refrigeration system, and injector systems. A refrigeration system and method for displaying information associated with a refrigeration system includes monitoring a temperature... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (asheville) LLC

20110304467 - Image monitoring device and method: In an image monitoring method, a target area is monitored using a computing device connected to an image capture device, a light detection device, and an alarm device. A current image of a target area is acquired using the image capture device, and an illumination intensity of the target area... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110304468 - Fluid volume alarm system: A fluid volume alarm system is presented. The alarm system has a container for storing fluid, and alarm module coupled to the container for notifying a user or observer that the fluid within the container has reached a predetermined level. The container has at least one exterior wall and defines... Agent:

20110304469 - Alarm connectable to an external ac power supply for standby power and comprising battery: An alarm for detecting radiation and/or pollutants such as smoke, carbon monoxide or the like, the alarm comprises: an alarm circuit (12) including detection means (14) for detecting the radiation and/or pollutants, and an audible alarm (16); a power supply circuit (24) connectable to an external AC power supply for... Agent: Sprue Safety Products Ltd.

20110304470 - Gas concentration monitor: Techniques are generally described related to a method and system for monitoring gas concentrations. One example gas monitoring apparatus includes a light source, a MEMS micro-mirror arranged to be in an optical path of a light from the light source that has passed through a sample and configured to direct... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110304471 - Multi-functional infrared thermometer: A multi-functional infrared thermometer having an infrared sensor device, a sensing device and a light-emitting diode (LED) light source is provided, wherein the infrared sensor device and the sensing device are disposed in a shell and used for measuring a temperature and an electric field state of a subject to... Agent:

20110304472 - Display system adapting to 3d tilting adjustment: A display system utilizes a tilting sensor in a viewing device to transmit a wireless signal containing tilting information to a display device when a person who puts on the viewing device has tilting movements about an axis that connects between the viewing device and the display device. The display... Agent:

20110304473 - Residential emergency activated locating device (rld): An emergency location apparatus is described including a power source, a control panel for one of activating and de-activating a high intensity light and an activation switch. Also described is a method for operating an emergency location apparatus including receiving a signal, determining if the received signal is an activation... Agent:

20110304474 - Compact wireless transceiver: A communication device for an electromagnetic telemetry system for use in a well is adapted to be attached to a conductive pipe of the well and includes at least one transmitter unit for emitting a modulated electrical current in the pipe and at least one receiver unit for receiving the... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110304475 - Server monitoring of flow and sampling apparatus and/or logger: Described is an apparatus and method employing one or more environmental instruments in communication with a communication server that monitors the operation of the environmental instruments based on a task schedule.... Agent: Hach Company

20110304476 - Control of traffic signal phases: Controlling a traffic signal phase at one or more intersections. A control system at an intersection is configured to operate in one of a first mode or a second mode. While operating the controller in the first mode, in response to a transit priority signal received by the control system... Agent:

20110304477 - Parking support device: To provide a parking support device for easily and quickly moving or rotating a target parking frame to an appropriate position. The parking support device includes a target parking position setting unit configured to set a target parking position at which a vehicle is to be parked with a target... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110304478 - Bicycle alert safety system (bass): The wireless networks of the LED's that function in the Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) are used for turn indications, braking and illumination of the bicycle and the rider while in traffic. The WPAN incorporated onto the bike and the bicycle accessories is a new feature that provides a new... Agent:

20110304479 - Perspective runway system: A method, apparatus, and computer program product for displaying information about runways. A runway for an aircraft is identified when the aircraft is within a selected distance of the runway. A number of graphical indicators are displayed on a display in a flight deck. The number of graphical indicators corresponds... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110304480 - Apparatus for locating one mooring in a field of moorings: An apparatus and system for locating a mooring in a field of moorings is provided. The system includes a receiver either releasably attached to or integrally formed with a mooring, and a remote transmitter. The receiver is configured to include one or more visual and/or audible indicators. In other implementations,... Agent:

20110304481 - System and method for vehicle identification: A vehicle identification system includes a vehicle identification information extraction unit to extract vehicle identification information of a vehicle, a network unit, a vehicle identification information checking unit, a locating unit, and a matching unit. The vehicle identification information checking unit communicates with a missing vehicle database through the network... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

12/08/2011 > 62 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories.

20110298579 - Dynamically adaptable safety zones: Systems and methods are provided for defining a safety zone in an industrial automation environment. The method includes monitoring an object that approaches an operating zone where equipment is controlled within the operating zone. This includes determining the speed or direction that the object approaches the operating zone. The method... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110298580 - In-vehicle device control system: In an in-vehicle device control system, an in-vehicle device is controlled based on a checkup result of checkup operation, in which a checkup about a portable device is performed by mutual communication of transmitting a request signal from a vehicle-side unit mounted on a vehicle and transmitting in return a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110298581 - Universal remote controller: A universal remote controller comprises a controlling and processing module to control and process the universal remote controller for operating; a storage module coupled to the controlling and processing module and utilized for storing information data, such as remote digital codes of several remote controllable electric devices; a display module... Agent:

20110298583 - Beverage dispensing control: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for control of beverage dispensing. In one aspect, authorization data specifying that a beverage dispensing node is authorized to be activated are received. Activation data that request activation of the node are also received, where activation of... Agent: Table Tap, L.L.C.

20110298584 - Securing a cash safe with a circuit: Disclosed embodiments relate to a method for opening a cash safe secured with a circuit. For example, the method may comprise receiving a key by a circuit connected to a locking mechanism for securing a cash safe closed and retrieving, by the circuit, a stored key. The method may further... Agent:

20110298582 - Visibility radio cap and network: A pedigree tag for tracking and validating authenticity of contents in a container includes: a radio frequency modem operable at a low radio frequency, not exceeding one megahertz, and including a full duplex transmitter and receiver; an antenna operatively coupled with the radio frequency modem; a programmable microprocessor operatively coupled... Agent: Visible Assets, Inc.

20110298585 - Smart card and mobile communication device comprising the smart card: There provided an exemplary smart card. The exemplary smart card comprises a microphone for capturing an audio signal. The exemplary smart card also comprises at least one processor for processing the audio signal.... Agent: Vodafone Holding Gmbh

20110298586 - Locating device: A locating device, particularly a handheld locating device, includes a housing, a display unit, and a locating unit, which is provided in order to detect a presence of an item arranged in an examination object by means of a measurement signal and which comprises an arithmetic unit. The arithmetic unit... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110298589 - Identification of devices on touch-sensitive surface: The identification of a data storage device detected on a touch-sensitive display surface of a display device is described. In one embodiment, the presence and location of the data storage device is detected on the display surface and the data storage device is detected on a wireless communications channel. It... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110298588 - Rfid tag with an improved communication between an external logic element conductively connected thereto and an interrogator as well as a method for such communication: A memory access arbiter (MAA) in an RFID tag is connected to an unique address space (UAS), which comprises a non-volatile memory (NVM), a transferred data memory (TDM) and a status-information memory (SIM) storing information on the status of the transferred data memory (TDM). The transferred data memory (TDM) and... Agent:

20110298587 - Safety system for avoiding wrong use of medicine: A safety system (1) for avoiding wrong use of a medicine (2) with the aid of an applicator device (4) consisting of an RFID system of reader (5) and transponder (3) which are alternately assigned to the applicator device (4) and to the medicine (2). A use of the applicator... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20110298590 - Apparatus comprising display driving integrated circuit and radio-frequency identification reader: A display driving integrated circuit operates as both a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader and a display driver. The display driving integrated circuit operates as the RFID reader by supplying power to an RFID tag, verifying the RFID tag according to communication between the RFID tag and the processor to produce... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110298591 - Methods and apparatus for switching a transponder to an active state, and asset management systems employing same: A transponder that may be used as an RFID tag includes a passive circuit to eliminate the need for an “always on” active RF receiving element to anticipate a wake-up signal for the balance of the transponder electronics. This solution allows the entire active transponder to have all circuit elements... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh-of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20110298593 - Electronic device and method for controlling the same: An electronic device includes a reader-writer unit configured to read from and write to an RFID tag and a control unit. The control unit is configured to control the reader-writer unit to read a tag ID or a tag data of the RFID tag and configured to prevent or warn... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110298592 - Rfid apparatus and control method of same: A radio frequency identification (RFID) apparatus includes a radio communication unit, a scanning unit, an analyzing unit, and a setting unit. The radio communication unit is configured to transmit and receive radio waves. The scanning unit is configured to control the radio communication unit to scan radio waves by receiving... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110298594 - Remote control for an e-reader: An apparatus for remotely controlling an eReader device including a transceiver. The transceiver can receive an input data from a user, convert the input data to an output data and send the output data to the eReader. Further, the output data can include an eReader command.... Agent:

20110298595 - Indoor line terminal state determination apparatus, plc adaptor, and method for determining indoor line terminal state: A technique capable of recognizing a usage state of a power of a user, curbing additionally needed power consumption is provided. Scanning bit stream data containing information regarding scan frequencies and an initial-stage power of each of the frequencies is outputted from an output part, decomposed into data of respective... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110298596 - Method of operating one or more controllable devices in dependence upon commands received from a mobile device and system controller thereof: A system controller for operating one or more controllable devices in dependence upon commands received from a mobile device includes a first communication interface for receiving a command from the mobile device and a second communication interface for receiving a message from a controllable device. One or more processors are... Agent:

20110298597 - Wireless sensor system: A wireless sensor system includes a wireless sensor, a wireless device, and a magnetic field generator connected to the wireless device. The wireless sensor includes an ambience sensor that detects status of an ambient environment to output ambient data depending on the detected status of the ambient environment, a magnetic... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110298598 - System and method for low latency sensor network: A system and method for low latency sensor network schedules transmissions in the network is described herein. In some embodiments of the technology, information associated with at least two network devices is received. Each network device can be associated with at least one event in a sequence of events. A... Agent:

20110298599 - Image generation apparatus: An image generation apparatus mounted to a vehicle to generate a display image to be displayed on a display device is disclosed. The apparatus is configured to: acquire a video signal of a main image that is generated by an in-vehicle apparatus as being smaller in the number of pixels... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110298600 - Communication system for vehicle: A communication system for a vehicle includes a portable identification device including a portion for receiving an interrogation signal and a portion for transmitting an indication indicative signal responsive to the interrogation signal, multiple tire sensor devices each of which includes a portion for receiving an initiation signal and a... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110298601 - Bicycle alarm: The invention herein described is a device and system for a mobile security alarm system for mobile valuable property, and especially for bicycles. The system contains visual and audio alarms, a motion sensitive trip mechanism, and a remote transmitter for remote activation and deactivation. A special feature is a secure... Agent:

20110298602 - Dual-vision driving safety warning device and method thereof: The present invention discloses a dual-vision driving safety warning device and a method thereof. The device of the present invention comprises an image capture unit, an image processing unit, a vehicle status sensing unit, a warning judgment logic, and at least one warning unit. The image capture unit includes at... Agent: Automotive Research & Test Center

20110298603 - Intersection collision warning system: A system for detecting a collision in an intersection includes a plurality of vehicle detection sensors, a base station and a warning signal apparatus. The plurality of vehicle detection sensors are positioned preceding the intersection for detecting and transmitting velocity and position data of at least two vehicles. The base... Agent:

20110298604 - Protective advertisement cover for barriers: A protective advertisement cover for barriers is disclosed. The cover functions as both a protective cover and as an advertising substrate. The cover provides damage control and protection to anything coming into proximal contact with the bather while an advertisement component makes the barrier more noticeable and therefore more avoidable... Agent:

20110298605 - Alarm light structure: An alarm light includes at least one light emission element, a control unit, and a central lock unit. The light emission element is mounted to a vehicle. The control unit is electrically connected to the light emission unit to control the light emission unit to selectively give off light. When... Agent:

20110298606 - Tire pressure monitoring system having a test function for the sensor module: A device is described for detecting and wirelessly transmitting at least one measurement signal of the state of a vehicle tire of a vehicle (e.g., tire pressure and/or tire air temperature), which has at least one sensor module arranged in/on the vehicle tire and at least one sensor for detecting... Agent:

20110298607 - Low-cost high-fidelity asset tracking in data center facilities: In one embodiment, an activation unit may render a passive radio frequency identification tag visible to a tracking infrastructure. A radio frequency identification reader may read at close range a passive radio frequency identification tag 304 attached to a server 302. A controller may create an active radio frequency signal... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110298608 - Site and alarm prioritization system: An approach for site prioritization and then a review and prioritization of the alarms at the site. A feature may to first find the site most in need of attention and then check the alarms of that site. A rule algorithm may determine a prioritization of site according to primitive... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110298609 - Method of conserving energy and water using an apparatus to locate leaks in subsurface pipelines: A method of conserving energy and natural resources transported in subsurface pipelines and preventing environmental contamination therefrom by identifying the subsurface location of leaks of oil, gas, water or other natural resources transported in these pipelines includes adhering a continuous tape having a plurality of uniquely identified radio frequency identification... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20110298611 - Apparatus and method for an alert notification system: In one aspect of the teachings herein, an alert notification system provides targeted and mass notifications via wireless transmissions within a defined network coverage area served by a radio network, which may be a closed private radio network and which, in one or more contemplated embodiments, comprises an appropriately configured... Agent:

20110298613 - Emergency detection and notification system:

20110298612 - Method and apparatus for personal alert: An alert system and apparatus for an emergency alert system is provided to disseminate emergency information to the public utilizing a universal paging system through a personal alert device such as a cellular telephone, pager, PDA or E-FOB. The alert system utilizes an emergency alert system signal from an alert... Agent:

20110298615 - Custom-shape wireless dog fence system and method: A custom-shaped wireless fence system is provided that contains one or more dogs in a user-defined containment area without the need for a physical fence or underground wire. The system, which is easy to set up and use, includes at least three base units and at least one collar and,... Agent:

20110298614 - System and method for escalating event alerts: An event entry is stored in a computing device, the event entry having a start time associated therewith. A plurality of alerts are provided at respective times prior to the start time, and one of a plurality of levels of notification to be associated with each of the plurality of... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110298610 - Compressing data in a wireless network: A distinguished node is dynamically selected from a subset of nodes in a wireless network. Data samples from the subset of nodes are received in view of the distinguished node status. At least one estimate is generated from the data samples and the data samples are compressed conditioned on the... Agent:

20110298616 - Alarm monitoring telecommunications line condition detection and automatic calibration: A method at an alarm monitoring station and security system arrangement for detecting alarm signals originating at security systems on incoming calls carried by a telecommunications line includes, for each call, measuring a noise level on the line in the absence of signals originated by the security systems. Based on... Agent:

20110298617 - Radio frequency identification devices, remote communication devices, identification systems, communication methods, and identification methods: The present invention provides radio frequency identification devices, remote communication devices, identification systems, communication methods, and identification methods. A radio frequency identification device according to one aspect includes a substrate; communication circuitry coupled with the substrate and configured to receive a wireless signal including an identifier, to process the identifier... Agent:

20110298619 - Animal monitoring system and method: An animal monitoring system, comprising at least one tag attachable to an animal, a real time location system (RTLS) for determining the three dimensional position of said at least one tag within a monitoring zone, orientation determining means for determining the orientation of said at least one tag, and discriminating... Agent: Faire (ni) Limited

20110298618 - Remote user status indicators: A user interface on a device allows a user to set their remote user status for viewing by other individuals on their devices. The user or an application can select from a number of predefined remote user status indicators representing remote user status, and the user can optionally include a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110298621 - System and method for generating alerts: In one embodiment, a method of generating alerts in a patient monitoring system is provided. The method comprises steps of monitoring a physiological parameter of interest within a plurality of physiological parameters, tracking data values of the physiological parameter for each predetermined interval, determining a data range for data values... Agent:

20110298620 - System, method and device for auditory representation of rhythmical parameters: An auditory representation method is used to generate an audible signal which characterizes the instantaneous value of a rhythmical parameter such as the pulse of a human patient. A periodic signal (15) from a sensor (10) is standardized by a pulse detector (20) to generate a shaped pulse sequence (25)... Agent:

20110298622 - Radiation portal with occupancy and motion sensing system: Disclosed is a radiation monitoring system that has a radiation detector for making radiation measurements within a monitored area. An occupancy sensor may be provided for detecting a presence of an entity in the monitored area, and a motion sensor may be provided for detecting a motion of the entity... Agent: Nucsafe, Inc.

20110298623 - Method and a device for early detection of fires: A method and device for early detection of fires is based on the detection of volatile thermolysis products which are characteristic of the material to be monitored, ambient air being aspirated from an area to be monitored with respect to fire and being ionized, the ionized gas flow being channeled... Agent: Minimax Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110298624 - Vehicle power management system: A vehicle power management system (VPMS) controls a charging voltage of a battery in a vehicle, wherein a VPMS controller evaluates state-of-charge (SOC), battery temperature, and battery charging current to determine a charge mode. A rapid charge mode is used when the SOC is less than a first threshold, wherein... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110298625 - Metering apparatus: A metering apparatus is connectable to the terminals of a circuit breaker and includes a detection apparatus that is configured to detect a status of the breaker and one or more operational parameters of the breaker. The metering apparatus may further include a communication apparatus that is configured to communicate... Agent:

20110298626 - Battery system and management method: A system and method for monitoring the status of a system of battery strings is described. The system includes a current sensor for each of the battery strings, and a controller configured to compare the measured current with criteria to determine whether the battery is in a thermal runaway state.... Agent:

20110298627 - Flex-mount sensor: A flex-mount sensor has an electrical contact portion that is at least partly surrounded by a lower housing. The lower housing has a central portion. A flexible adhesive strip has an opening that is placed over the upper portion. An upper housing serves as a cap that sandwiches the flexible... Agent: Mti, Inc.

20110298628 - Methods for pressure detection: A device may include a first locking mechanism configured to connect a first end of the device to a needle, a second locking mechanism configured to connect a second end of the device to a syringe, a pressure transducer, a microprocessor and a light emitting diode. The pressure transducer may... Agent: Mobitech Regenerative Medicine

20110298629 - System and process for monitoring and scheduling maintenance on mechanical equipment: A method of scheduling maintenance on mechanical equipment includes monitoring the mechanical equipment with a sensor and collecting diagnostic information provided by the sensor with a local controller associated with the mechanical equipment. The diagnostic information relates to an operational characteristic of the mechanical equipment. The method also includes generating... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20110298630 - Test apparatus and test method: A test apparatus comprising a plurality of test units that test a device under test; a plurality of housing sections that respectively house the test units therein; a plurality of opening/closing sections that are disposed respectively in the housing sections and that expose the test units to the outside or... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110298631 - Portable head of bed alert device: An alert device is positioned on a bed, such as on the head region of the bed. The alert device is configured to detect or otherwise measure the angle of orientation of the head region such as relative to the horizontal plane. The alert device is configured to provide an... Agent:

20110298632 - Totally 110 volt ac door alarm system: This alarm system operates on 110 volt AC and provides audio and light illumination. Toggle switch (19) is enclosed in switch box (28). It has a flat rectangular flexible extension strip (20) attached to its knob (24). Switch box (28) is attached to assembly bracket (17), component (16). Assembly bracket... Agent:

20110298633 - Underwater detection device: An underwater detection device includes a transceiver module for transmitting underwater an ultrasonic pulse signal that is frequency-modulated and receiving an echo signal corresponding to the transmitted signal, a pulse compression module for pulse-compressing the signal received by the transceiver module and outputting a signal pulse-compressed, a suppression range determining... Agent:

20110298634 - Apparatus and method for priority addressing and message handling in a fixed meter reading network: A method and apparatus is disclosed for prioritizing the processing of messages sent between site transceivers (12, 15) at utility meter data origination sites (10) and gateway transceivers (20, 30, 40) in a fixed meter data collection network. To reduce message processing time, priorities are assigned for processing messages destined... Agent:

20110298635 - Self dynamo smart flow utility meter and system for flow utility real-time flow usage monitoring and control, self error and leakages monitoring: A self dynamo smart flow utility meter providing self electric energy, real-time wireless data transmission ability and remotely flow control ability is disclosed. Also, a method and system for flow utility real-time flow usage monitoring and control, self error diagnostic and self leakage monitoring is disclosed.... Agent:

20110298638 - Distributed maintenance decision and support system and method: The present disclosure is directed to a computer that receives weather information from a weather service provider (“WSP”) server and automatic vehicle locating system (“AVL”) collected information from an AVL server, accesses a material performance specification for at least one treatment material, and determines, based on the weather information and/or... Agent: Concaten Inc.

20110298637 - Traffic information client device: The invention provides an electronic device configured to operate as a traffic information client. The traffic information client device comprises an interface adapted to receive traffic information messages, where a traffic information message comprises a location code which identifies a location of a traffic event. The traffic information client device... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20110298636 - Vehicle-mounted device and information distribution system: An information distribution system comprises a roadside apparatus, a center apparatus, and a vehicle-mounted device. The center apparatus transmits to a predetermined area through the roadside apparatus first distribution information including a predetermined division number for identifying a road where the roadside apparatus are installed or second distribution information including... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kenwood

20110298639 - Parking assist apparatus: A parking assist apparatus includes a parking target position setting section for setting a parking target position when a vehicle is to be parked by reversing, a parking pathway determining section for determining possibility/impossibility of direct parking for parking the vehicle to the parking target position without turnaround, and a... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110298640 - Method and system for calculating and displaying travel range information: A display system for a vehicle includes a display screen and host machine operable for calculating a maximum theoretical range for a predetermined criterion, formulating a value function for each point in the maximum theoretical range, and calculating a solution to each of the value functions. The method also includes... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

12/01/2011 > 70 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20110291794 - Electronic device and method of controlling the same: An electronic device is provided that comprises a communication unit; an output unit; and a controller configured to output at least one of a first user interface and a second user interface through the output unit, in a case of entering a high rate time slot determined based on electricity... Agent:

20110291795 - Wireless control of an adjustable bed: Aspects of this invention relate to an adjustable bed that may include one or more articulating portions, and may include one or more components, including an air inflatable mattress associated with the adjustable bed frame, a programmable logic controller, a remote memory storage facility, a remote storage location of user... Agent:

20110291796 - System of a number of remotely controllable screens, such as window coverings, a remote control for operating the screens and a method intended for application with the system: A system of remotely controlled screens including a transmitter and a receiver including a memory at each screen adapted to successively select each screen by setting them into the selected mode and to establish communication between the remote and each screen in the selected mode.... Agent: Coulisse B.v.

20110291797 - Bypass system and method for the remote start of a vehicle: A bypass module for bypassing an immobilizer of a vehicle. The immobilizer includes a transceiver for transmitting a security information request and receiving security information from a vehicle transponder key. The bypass module includes a first communication interface for interfacing with the immobilizer, a controller for processing the security information... Agent:

20110291798 - Wireless encrypted control of physical access systems: Physical access systems and methods securely grant physical access to restricted areas in high-volume applications. An electronic device, such as a smartphone, stores a digitally signed physical access rights file. An individual uses this rights file to gain access to a restricted area only after self-authenticating to the device. A... Agent: Suridx, Inc.

20110291799 - Debounce strategy for validating switch actuation: A debounce strategy is disclosed for use with a switch detection circuit to validate whether the switch is properly actuated or whether interferences, switch bounce, or other interruptions are presenting indications of switch activation. The debounce strategy may be implemented in a multi-stage process so that systems relying on debounce... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110291800 - Handheld x-ray system interface with tracking feature: In one embodiment, an X-ray system includes a handheld X-ray interface device. The handheld X-ray interface device includes a wireless interface for communicating with an imaging system and a tracking device configured to provide a location and/or to track movement of the handheld X-ray interface device relative to the imaging... Agent: General Electric Company

20110291801 - Personal warning device: A personal warning device for preventing or stopping attacks on individuals by persons or animals. The device may be manually activated or may be activated by voice recognition. The device may be programmed to recognize a specific user's voice and may be reused and programmed by multiple users. The device... Agent:

20110291809 - Drug delivery management system: The present invention relates to assisting patients in the taking of medication, and to assisting third parties in accumulating information regarding patient medication intake. The invention may be embodied a system including a portable medication monitor used in association with an instrumented medication package to provide intake data acquisition and... Agent:

20110291806 - Food package with integrated rfid-tag and sensor: A container for containing a perishable substance has a container wall with an inner side and an outer side. The wall has an electrically conductive layer extending between the inner side and the outer side. The inner side faces the space containing the substance. The container comprises electronic circuitry having... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110291807 - Low voltage low power cmos temperature sensor circuit: The present invention provides an ultra-low power embedded CMOS temperature sensor based on serially connected subthreshold MOS operation particularly well suited for passive RFID food monitoring applications. Employing serially connected subthreshold MOS as sensing element enables reduced minimum supply voltage for further power reduction, which is very important in passive... Agent: The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

20110291810 - Method and apparatus for detecting rf field strength: A method and apparatus for detecting RF field strength. A field strength reference generator develops a field strength reference current as a function of a field strength of a received RF signal; and a field strength quantizer develops a digital field-strength value indicative of the field strength reference current. In... Agent: Rfmicron, Inc.

20110291805 - Passive rfid chip reader antenna and embedded rfid chips: m

20110291803 - Rfid security and mobility architecture: A method of communication between RFID devices that includes mutually authenticating the RFID devices is disclosed. Once mutual authentication is completed, one or more encrypted messages based on the encryption scheme can be exchanged between the RFID devices.... Agent:

20110291808 - Safe initilization procedure for a communication system: A transponder (140) for communicating with a reader device (120), the transponder (140) comprising a processing unit (142) adapted for generating an identifier (210) during an initialization phase of a communication session with the reader device (120), the identifier (210) being generated as a combination of a first part (214)... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110291802 - Structural health management device and associated system and method: A structural health management device, system and method are provided for facilitating the inspection of a structure, such as in accordance with a condition-based maintenance strategy. A structural health management device may include a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and at least one sense line communicably coupled to the RFID... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110291804 - Tactile paving pad, tactile system and method: A replaceable tactile paving pad with electronic components is disclosed. The tactile paving pad comprises a base, a plurality of protrusions extending upwards from the base, a duct portion comprising at least one duct provided on a top surface of the base with an opening provided on the top surface... Agent:

20110291811 - Information processing device and receiving method: A receiving method includes the steps of: performing contactless communication using a wireless antenna and electromagnetic coupling, subjecting a signal received by the wireless antenna in the communication step to IQ detection, subjecting the signal received by the wireless antenna in the communication step to ASK detection, firstly automatically controlling... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110291813 - Asset identification and management method and system: A power distribution apparatus includes a reader, one or more electrical outlets, and one or more antennas mounted in proximate relation to one or more of the electrical outlets. An asset includes a power cord having a transponder attached thereto, and the power cord may be coupled to one of... Agent:

20110291814 - Auto activation of a mobile device: Embodiments of the invention are directed to apparatuses, systems, and methods for automatically activating a consumer device using a sensor capable of detecting an external stimulus and location determination system capable of providing current location data for the consumer device when a user receives a device. The location determination system... Agent:

20110291812 - System for creating a certain atmosphere in a room: A system for varying the atmosphere in a room, the system comprising at least one adjustable atmosphere-creating device (3, 4, 5, 6) and control means (8) for adjusting said device. Furthermore, the system comprises signal-receiving means (7) for receiving data being carried by a consumer product (1), wherein the control... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110291816 - Semiconductor device: An object of the present invention is to achieve a wireless chip with high reliability, a small chip area, and low power consumption, where voltage that is generated inside is prevented from excessively increasing also in a strong magnetic field such as in the case of approaching an antenna. A... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110291815 - Method and apparatus for configuring a tag: A source is able to configure a tag, such as an RFID tag, associated with it such that, when the tag is read, a responsive action is initiated. The responsive action may be detectable by the source or may be a message shown to a person reading the tag, for... Agent:

20110291817 - Av equipment control device: An AV equipment control device includes a detecting portion that detects a state of a signal line which is connected to a controlled object equipment to transmit an audio signal or a video signal, a control signal generating portion that generates a control signal to control the controlled object equipment,... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110291818 - Method for storing control signals of remote controller and electronic device using the same: The present invention provides a method for storing control signals and an electronic device using the method. An object thereof is receiving and storing control signals sent from a remote controller. The method comprises: using the electronic device to receive a first control signal sent from the remote controller by... Agent: Avermedia Technologies, Inc.

20110291819 - Reception circuit and signal reception method: A reception circuit according to the present invention is a reception circuit (6) that operates based on a first power supply GND1 belonging to a first power supply system and receives, through an AC coupling element (10), a transmission signal V1 output by a transmission circuit (5) that operates based... Agent:

20110291821 - Haptic device: Disclosed herein is a haptic device 100. The haptic device 100 includes: a substrate 20 receiving a touch of an input unit 10; a piezoelectric vibrator 30 provided on the substrate 20 and applying vibration; a piezoelectric vibration sensor 40 provided on the substrate 20 and sensing the variation in... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110291820 - Passive user input attachment engaging compressible conductive elements and method for using the same: A user input attachment (201) is configured to selectively attach to an electronic device (100) such as a mobile telephone. The electronic device (100) includes a plurality of electrode nodes (205), which can be configured separately from each other across one or more surfaces of the electronic device (100). A... Agent:

20110291822 - Method and system for rendering content on the exterior of a vehicle: One embodiment induces a display system for use on the exterior of a vehicle having a display, a vehicle speed sensor, a trigger device, and a processor coupled to the speed sensor and the trigger device. The trigger device is configured to identify a trigger event. The processor is configured... Agent:

20110291823 - Method of unauthorized vehicle movement detection: A system and method for detecting unauthorized vehicle movement that includes measuring a resting angle of a vehicle using a vehicle sensor; thereafter, detecting a change in the measured resting angle of the vehicle; determining that the detected change is not authorized; and sending an alert message based on the... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110291824 - In-vehicle image display apparatus: An in-vehicle image display apparatus, for use in a vehicle, which comprises a state detecting device that detects a state of surroundings of the vehicle; a display device that is provided at least in a window section of the vehicle and capable of displaying information over the window section; an... Agent: Adc Technology Inc.

20110291825 - Car collision global positioning system: The car collision global positioning system transmits an emergency alert signal to emergency authorities upon detection of a collision or other vehicular accident. A plurality of collision sensors are mounted in a body of a vehicle for detecting a vehicle collision. Preferably, each collision sensor further measures a velocity of... Agent: Kuwait University

20110291826 - Method for assigning tire pressure sensors of a tire pressure monitoring system to wheel positions: A method is provided for the assignment of tire pressure sensors of a tire pressure monitoring system to wheel positions on a vehicle. In each case a tire pressure sensor of a tire pressure checking device is assigned to a wheel. The method includes, but is not limited to measurement... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110291827 - Portable monitor for elderly/infirm individuals: The present invention is directed to a portable monitor for use by elderly/infirm individuals that desires a significant degree of independence but recognizes that their ability to handle many situations by themselves is or will become substantially attenuated. In one embodiment, the portable monitor includes: (a) a sensor system that... Agent:

20110291828 - Embedded communication system for refrigerated transportation containers: A communication system for a climate-controlled container. The system includes a controller and a radio expansion module removably connected to the controller. The controller is coupled to the refrigerated container and configured to monitor a status of the refrigerated container. The radio expansion module is configured to support a communication... Agent:

20110291830 - Cleaning indicator, associated test specimen and method for testing cleaning processes: A cleaning indicator tests cleaning processes that facilitates a differentiated and gradual assessment of the cleaning processes. To this end, the cleaning indicator contains a plurality of indicator elements that are arranged on a common carrier and alter their properties depending on the cleaning action of a cleaning process, wherein... Agent:

20110291829 - Electronic device with an alarm function: An electronic device includes a main body. The main body includes a hook and a sliding button. The hook is connected to the sliding button. A first groove and a second groove are defined in the main body and communicate with each other to form a slot. The hook protrudes... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110291833 - Intercom exchange: An intercom exchange is connected to multiple terminals, and includes multiple communication paths, a digital switch circuit for switching connections between the terminals and the communication paths, and a CPU that controls the DSPs and the switch circuit. The CPU performs control for preferentially allocating a communication path to the... Agent: Toa Corporation

20110291832 - Presence detection system and method: A presence detection system for detecting objects which move through an entrance of a space. The system is based on the idea to create a signature of a moving object which can be used to determine whether the object is a human being.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110291831 - Time based visual review of multi-polar incidents: A system and method for time based review of multi-polar incidents is provided. The method includes selecting at least one past alarm incident, and populating a floor plan map with representations of the past alarm incident and a set of alarms that were active during the past alarm incident.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110291834 - Method and apparatus for transferring data via radio frequency (rf) memory tags: An approach is presented for transferring data via radio frequency (RF) memory tags. The UE manager receives a request, at a device, to grant access for interaction between a first RF memory tag and a second RF memory tag, the first RF memory tag associated with one or more trusted... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110291835 - Method and system for tracking: A system for tracking using electronic addresses is disclosed. The system stores an identification code, an electronic address, and a counter. The electronic address is made up of either single values or pairs of single values. A pair of single values for at least one of value of the counter... Agent:

20110291836 - Microstrip antenna for rfid device: Microstrip patch antenna (46), feed structure (48), and matching circuit (50) designs for an RFID tag (10). A balanced feed design using balanced feeds coupled by a shorting stub (56) to create a virtual short between the two feeds so as to eliminate the need for physically connecting the substrate... Agent:

20110291837 - Alarm generation method for patient monitoring, physiological monitoring apparatus and computer program product for a physiological monitoring apparatus: A method for managing alarms in a physiological monitoring apparatus, a physiological monitoring apparatus, and a computer program product for a physiological monitoring apparatus are disclosed. A plurality of averages of a physiological parameter are derived, wherein the parameter is derived from at least one physiological signal acquired from a... Agent: General Electric Company

20110291838 - Alarm generation method for patient monitoring, physiological monitoring apparatus and computer program product for a physiological monitoring apparatus: A method for generating alarms in a physiological monitoring apparatus, a physiological monitoring apparatus, and a computer program product for a physiological monitoring apparatus are disclosed. A quality measure is calculated for a physiological parameter, the quality measure being indicative of confidence level of the physiological parameter. An alarm is... Agent: General Electric Company

20110291839 - Control system actuated by a human touch for folding partitions: An electrically operated folding operable wall is controlled by an electrical operation circuit of the type having at least one control station, an extend control switch, a stack control switch, control relays and a motor. The electrically operated folding operable wall includes a safety system which includes (a) at least... Agent:

20110291840 - Hand hygiene compliance system: A system and method for performing hand hygiene compliance. The method includes receiving a notification that an individual has entered a physical location. The notification is received by a node in a wireless mesh network that includes a plurality of nodes corresponding to objects in the physical location. A hand... Agent: Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp

20110291841 - Monitoring hand hygiene: A method of monitoring hand washing by individuals comprises monitoring the movements of individuals in an area using one or more sensors, identifying the performance of an act by an individual that requires the hands of the individual to be washed and determining whether the hands of the individual are... Agent: Infrared Integrated Systems Limited

20110291842 - Apparatuses and methods for a physiological alarm: Alarm apparatuses and methods for awakening a person are provided, the apparatus including a data analysis unit; an input unit; and an alarm control unit; wherein the data analysis unit is configured to analyze data related to a state of sleep of a person; wherein the input unit is configured... Agent: Kingsdown, Inc.

20110291843 - Fire alarm: The present invention concerns an apparatus and a method for detecting a fire, which apparatus includes at least one alarm signalling device and at least one detecting unit, and wherein the apparatus interacts with a switchboard. The invention is designed to achieve early warning when abnormal condition occurs in a... Agent:

20110291844 - Water alarm: The present invention provides an alarm for detecting and alerting of a water spill, having an audible transducer angled for optimally transmitting an alarm sound into a space adjacent to the alarm.... Agent: Bralin Company

20110291845 - Fluid leak detection and alarm: A method and a device are disclosed for reliably detecting fluid leaks while minimizing false alarms. A leak sensor in proximity of a flat leakage surface, such as a floor area, is used to sense a permittivity of a media, such as water, coming in contact with the leak sensor.... Agent:

20110291846 - Efficient and safe door locking control in power-off and power-on conditions: Systems, methods, and devices that efficiently control the operating state of an electromagnetic lock under power on and power off conditions are presented. A lock component includes a solenoid component (e.g., bi-stable latching solenoid) that holds a lock pin in a locked or unlocked position without using power to hold... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110291847 - Power line carrier (plc) communication of standby generator status: A method and system for remotely monitoring the status of a standby generator. The system includes a PLC transmitter in communication with the control unit for the generator. The PLC transmitter receives error codes from the control unit of the generator and transmits encoded error codes over the power distribution... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20110291848 - Variable adjustable door latch: Systems, methods, and devices that efficiently stop and latch a door are presented. A first bracket component is attached to a door frame and has an overhang portion, comprising a holder component, that extends into the doorway to act as a door stop. A second bracket component, comprising an extended... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110291849 - Self-illuminating handle for a vehicle emergency egress assembly: A self-illuminating handle assembly for a release mechanism of an emergency egress system for a vehicle. The handle assembly includes a sensor for sensing a predetermined condition and providing a sensor signal in response thereto, and a sensor-activated switch assembly for causing the handle assembly to self-illuminate in response to... Agent:

20110291850 - Machine vibration monitoring: A system and method of monitoring vibrations, in a machine having a rotating element, where composite vibration signals are measured and filtered into discreet vector components associated with machine operating frequency. The filtered vectors are then evaluated to obtain a mean and standard deviation, whereupon a further value is obtained... Agent:

20110291852 - Rack system cover: A cover for use with a rack system defining a bay for mounting electronic components may comprise six mounting brackets, a door frame, two hinges, and a door. The six mounting brackets may each have a respective first end and a second end. The first end of each mounting bracket... Agent:

20110291851 - Systems and methods for transmitting alert messages relating to events that occur within a pre-defined area: A computer-implemented method for receiving alert messages relating to events that occur within a pre-defined area is described. The user interface for a reporting application is provided. A map associated with a location of a user is displayed. A neighborhood is created according to input received from the user via... Agent: Public Engines, Inc.

20110291853 - Remote shut down of offshore wind turbine: The method for initiating of shutting down a wind energy turbine comprises approaching the wind energy turbine by a vehicle like an aircraft, in particular a helicopter, a car or a boat, and initiating of shutting down the wind energy turbine by means of wireless remote command signal transmitted from... Agent:

20110291854 - Obtaining data from an underwater component: A method of obtaining data from a subsea control module of an underwater well facility is provided. The method comprises: providing a tag which stores data relating to the module, the tag being operable to wirelessly transmit the data to a reader device; locating the tag at the module; providing... Agent:

20110291855 - Logging tool with antennas having equal tilt angles: The present disclosure relates to a downhole logging tool that includes two or more tilted antennas having equal tilt angles mounted in or on the tool body. The downhole logging tool may be, for example, a wireline or while-drilling tool, and it may be an induction or propagation tool. Various... Agent:

20110291856 - Frequency shift compensation, such as for use in a wireless utility meter reading environment: Methods and apparatus for computing the carrier frequency of a transmitter using frequency modulated digital data to compensate for frequency shifting of the transmitter and the receiver local oscillators and for bandwidth adjustment of the receiver's filter. In particular, methods and apparatus are disclosed for binary systems transmitting “1” and... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110291857 - Method of power amplifier calibration: The exemplary embodiments include methods, computer readable media, and devices for calibrating a non-linear power detector of a radio frequency device based upon measurements of the non-linear power detector output and the associated power amplifier output level, and a set of data points that characterize a nominal non-linear power detector.... Agent: Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

20110291858 - Device and method for activating a horn of a motor vehicle, motor vehicle and alarming system: A device for activating a horn of a motor vehicle by a remote transmitter independent of a vehicle user includes a receiver and a control unit. The receiver is implemented to receive an activation signal from the remote transmitter. The control unit is implemented to activate the horn of the... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20110291859 - Driver assist system with a device for detecting traffic signs: A driver assist system includes, but is not limited to a device for detecting traffic signs and/or for receiving and for processing information of a traffic sign on a road shoulder and/or geographical data, particularly with respect to downhill routes, and/or further road users installed in a motor vehicle. The... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110291860 - In-vehicle display apparatus and display method: An in-vehicle display apparatus includes a communication device and an in-vehicle device. The communication device acquires posted information and geographical location data indicating the destination of the posted information. Then, the communication device generates map data in which the posted information is displayed at a position specified by the geographical... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20110291861 - Device for communication with an aircraft: A device for assisting in understanding the traffic surrounding an aircraft during communications between aircraft with one or more ground control organizations performed via a digital data link set up on a frequency, each of the control organizations communicating and exchanging digital messages with a plurality of aircraft on said... Agent: Thales

20110291862 - Ice data collection system: Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) collect and transmit information about ice floes with respect to their areal extent, vertical underwater profile, thickness, density, location, speed, direction and other properties to determine the possible trajectory of the ice floe. This information is used to alert drilling platforms in icy ocean conditions of... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20110291863 - In-vehicle display apparatus, display method, and information display system: An in-vehicle display apparatus includes a communication device and an in-vehicle device. The communication device acquires information posted by the user and geographical location data indicating the destination of the posted information and classifies the acquired posted information into categories. The communication device generates map data in which the posted... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

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