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11/24/2011 > 52 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20110285499 - Electronic equipment, and restriction removal method: Electronic equipment includes a GPS dongle for acquiring current location position information, and a PC for acquiring planned installation position information indicating a planned installation position of a machine tool previously registered with a server device which is a supplier-side device of the machine tool from the server device. The... Agent: Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.

20110285500 - Remote control device with directional mode indicator: Methods, systems, and products disclose a remote control device that controls multiple consumer electronics devices based on orientation.... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110285502 - Rfid-based data collection, correlation and transmission system, and method for collecting data and correlating same to system participant identities and actions thereof: An RFID-based data collection, correlation and transmission system and method carried out thereby is provided. The system, which comprises one or more RFID-readers, a radio frequency identification (RFID) recognition and control component. a storage device interface, a portable and/or internal data storage device in communication with the storage device interface,... Agent: Barcoding, Inc.

20110285501 - Electronic lock with screen: An electronic lock with a screen includes an outer base body and an inner base body. The outer base body and the inner base body are correspondingly installed on inner and outer sides of a door for controlling the door to be open or locked. The outer base body is... Agent:

20110285503 - Locking system for a motor vehicle door: A locking system is provided for a motor vehicle door. The locking system includes, but is not limited to a door lock, an internal actuation unit having a pickup that is mechanically linked to the door lock and alternately transferable into a locked position and an unlocked position. In the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110285504 - Biometric identity verification: A method and apparatus for providing biometric authentication of a user uses a registration process in which a reference data sample representative of a biometric attribute of a reference user is used to train a statistical classifier such as a neural network to achieve a target output. The set of... Agent:

20110285505 - Electronic shelf label control apparatus and method: According to one embodiment, an apparatus includes an article information detecting unit, an identification information detecting unit, and a distribution unit. The article information detecting unit detects article information displayed on the electronic shelf labels specified by shelf label identification information. The identification information detecting unit detects group identification information... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110285506 - System and method for tracking items: The present invention is a system and method for tracking items. The present invention includes a device configured to perform registrations of items. The present invention may involve registering an item through use of a short-range communication system. The item may communicate via a short-range communication protocol and be associated... Agent:

20110285508 - Apparatus for removing transmission leakage signal in rfid system and rfid system having the same: Disclosed is an apparatus for removing a transmission leakage signal of an RFID system including a reader controller that sends a transmission signal to an RFID tag and receives a receiving signal transmitted from the RFID tag to read tag information, the apparatus including a leakage signal canceller that receives... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20110285511 - Dual-frequency rfid tag with isolated inputs: An Integrated Circuit (IC) for an RFID tag includes two electrically isolated antenna ports for connecting to two antennas, with each antenna port configured to operate at a different frequency range and/or with a different communications protocol. In some embodiments a rectifier coupled to one of the antenna ports is... Agent: Impinji, Inc.

20110285510 - Implementation of on-off passive wireless surface acoustic wave sensor using coding and switching techniques: Methods and systems for passive wireless surface acoustic wave devices for orthogonal frequency coded devices to implement ON-OFF sensors reusing orthogonal frequency code and distinguishing between ON and OFF states using additional PN sequence and on/off switches producing multi-level coding as well as external stimuli for switching and identification of... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20110285509 - Shipping container security process: A process for monitoring containers including use of a severable security lock with an radio frequency identification (RFID) antenna adapted sever upon dislocation of the lock. The process utilizes an electronic identification number to ensure security lock integrity. The process includes detecting the security lock in transit by the use... Agent:

20110285507 - Tamper detection rfid tape: A wrapping material includes a sheet of non-rigid material; a first substantially planar RFID that is attached to the sheet of non-rigid material, the first RFID having a main body and a closed-loop conductor extending from the main body of the first RFID; and a second substantially planar RFID is... Agent:

20110285515 - Lighting remote control system: A lighting remote control system includes an illuminating device for irradiating illumination light in a changeable direction, a remote controller for irradiating visible light, a direction sensor for detecting an irradiating direction of the visible light based on a posture of the remote controller, and a position sensor for detecting... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110285512 - Radio communication module, remote controller, and radio system: A radio communication module transfers user's control instructions to controlled devices with improved reliability. The module transmits, by radio, control data for controlling a controlled device to provide remote control to the controlled device, a communication section for outputting the control data via a radio signal, a control section, and... Agent: Smk Corporation

20110285513 - Radio communication module, remote controller, and radio system: A radio remote controller precisely transfers user's intended control. A radio communication module transmits control data for controlling a controlled device by radio communications to provide remote control to the controlled device. The radio communication module includes a communication control section, and a communication section. The communication control section creates... Agent: Smk Corporation

20110285514 - System and method for providing wireless control on an electronic device: The invention provides a system 100 for providing wireless control on an electronic device 30. The system 100 comprises a control station 10 and a wireless device 20. The control station 10 is configured to send a wireless exciting signal and a wireless control command. The wireless device 20 comprises... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110285516 - Self-organizing extensible distributed sensor array architecture: This invention relates to methods and systems for providing data from a distributed array. In one aspect, the array is a sensor array that includes sensor nodes that are each associated with one or more sensors, and the data includes sensor data acquired from the sensors by the sensor nodes.... Agent: Raytheon Bbn Technologies Corp.

20110285517 - Terminal apparatus and vibration notification method thereof: The present invention is related to a terminal apparatus and a vibration notification method thereof. The terminal apparatus comprises: a touch screen panel for inputting a contact point by users and generating a touch control signal in response to the contact point; a detecting unit coupled to the touch screen... Agent:

20110285518 - Method for detecting rumble strips on roadways: A method and system for detecting the existence of rumble strips on a roadway by a vehicle. Wheel speed data is obtained from a wheel speed sensor, and frequency-based analysis is then performed on the wheel speed data. The presence of a rumble strip can then be detected based on... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110285519 - Static officer proximity alert system: An architecture is presented that provides a system of sensors and other components that allow law enforcement officials to continuously monitor the exterior perimeter of his or her stationary vehicle for approaching attackers. The system affords 360 degree surveillance and protection and is capable of alerting the vehicle's occupants and... Agent:

20110285521 - Remote ignition, theft deterrence, and records keeping system for a vehicle: Disclosed is a key-less ignition system for a vehicle. The system allows a user to automatically start the engine of a vehicle via a push button and a remote passive transponder. The system finds particular application in conjunction with smaller vehicles such as motorcycles. In one specific embodiment of the... Agent: Bulletproof Electronics, Inc.

20110285520 - Vehicle burglar alarm circuit: A vehicle burglar alarm circuit includes a transformer including an input unit having taps and a center tap, and an output unit magnetically coupled to the input unit; a first and a second power source each having one electrode connected to the center tap to respectively output a higher voltage... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110285522 - Door locking system for a motor vehicle: A door locking system is provided for a motor vehicle. The door locking system includes, but is not limited to a mechanical door opening safety catch and a warning unit configured to generate a first warning signal that is exclusively suppressed by a manual activation of the mechanical door opening... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110285523 - Rear under view mirror system for vehicles: The present invention provides a rear under view mirror system for vehicles. The rear under view mirror system includes a rear under view mirror unit having a semitransparent glass and a smart glass. When a vehicle moves forwards, the rear under view mirror unit does not protrude rearwards relative to... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20110285524 - Method for preventing children being left in car and device thereof: A method for preventing children from being left in a car and a device thereof. The method comprises testing a <starting signal>, a <trip ending signal> and driver judges if have children, send these information to a controlling device, if have children in car then the controlling device sends a... Agent:

20110285525 - Display apparatus for vehicle: A display apparatus for vehicle includes: a first display unit which is provided in a region within a horizontal width of a steering wheel when viewed from a driver, and which displays at least single piece of notification information regarding a state of the vehicle; a second display unit which... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110285526 - Lighting apparatus: A lighting apparatus of the present invention includes: a light source; a power source unit arranged to power the light source; a detector unit arranged to detect the deterioration of ability of the power source unit to power the light source; and a determination unit arranged to determine the life... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110285527 - Wireless structural health monitoring system with synchronized timekeeper: A method of obtaining data about a structure includes providing a plurality of sensor modules on the structure. Each of the sensor modules includes a sensor, a processor, a sensor module precision timekeeper, and a sensor module transceiver. One of the plurality of sensor modules includes an energy harvesting device.... Agent:

20110285529 - Activity trend detection and notification to a caregiver: In one example, a process includes receiving a plurality of first communications and a plurality of second communications, each first communication capturing activity of a patient using a first device at a different time and each second communication capturing activity of the patient using a second device at a different... Agent: Pomdevices, LLC

20110285528 - Wireless network apparatus and method for lock indication: An apparatus for tracking the status of a lock, comprising: at least one lock tracking device for tracking a status of a lock; and at least one wireless key unit; wherein each of said at least one wireless key unit is connected to one of said at least one lock... Agent: Keylockit Ltd.

20110285532 - analysis system: generating a digital output signal (O) having a second plurality (OLENGTH) of samples, the second plurality (OLENGTH) being a positive integer and lower than the first plurality (ILENGTH); the digital output signal (O) being generated in response to the first signal portion (2070) and the second signal portion.... Agent: S.p.m. Instrument Ab

20110285530 - Alarm color plate structure of a micro-differential pressure gauge: An alarm color plate structure of a micro-differential pressure gauge includes a transparent casing. The transparent casing has a slot which is located corresponding to the range of movement of a pointer or a scale plate. An alarm plate is provided in the slot. The alarm plate has a plurality... Agent:

20110285531 - Pointer- type alarm mark structure of a micro-differential pressure gauge: A pointer-type alarm mark structure of a micro-differential pressure gauge includes a transparent casing. The transparent casing has a shaft thereon. At least one alarm index is provided on the shaft. By adjusting the alarm index to a desired position, the user can know whether the pointer of the gauge... Agent:

20110285535 - Mobile asset security and tracking system and method: A mobile asset security, tracking and recovery system and method are disclosed. One or more radio frequency identification (RFID) tags each include an attachment mechanism for attaching to the mobile asset, and having a unique identifier that is continuously transmitted as a radio frequency signal upon activation. A server system... Agent:

20110285534 - Remote control apparatus using rfid and method thereof: Disclosed is a remote control apparatus using an RFID, capable of controlling an object equipment on the basis of control information according to a user input, including a transmitter that includes a plurality of RFID tags that sends control information, to control the object equipment, selected by the user input,... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20110285533 - Wake up device for communications system and methods: The present invention teaches a communications system comprising a first communications device for receiving data and a wake up signal. The first communications device comprises an active mode of operation and a sleep mode of operation for reducing power consumption. Further, the system comprises means for switching the first communications... Agent:

20110285536 - Dynamic control containment unit: The present invention is a dynamic control containment unit for holding a plurality of discrete items, including a signal emitting mechanism associated with each of the plurality of discrete items, an enclosed housing having at least one receptacle accessible by a user and having at least one of the plurality... Agent: Mobile Aspects

20110285537 - Method for the estimation of oil viscosity in an internal combustion engine: A method for the estimation of oil viscosity in an internal combustion engine, the engine subjected to fuel post injections to activate Particulate Filter regeneration processes and to fuel hydrocarbons (HC) evaporation events affecting said oil viscosity. The method includes, but is not limited to determining if the particulate filter... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110285538 - Apparatus and method for diagnosing abnormality in cell balancing circuit: Provided are an apparatus and a method for diagnosing an abnormality in a cell balancing circuit. The apparatus may include a plurality of cell balancing circuits respectively connected to a plurality of battery cells included in a battery pack for balancing the voltages of the battery cells, a diagnosis resistor... Agent:

20110285539 - Apparatus and method for diagnosing abnormality in cell balancing circuit: Provided are an apparatus and a method for diagnosing an abnormality in a cell balancing circuit. The apparatus may include a floating capacitor charged with voltage of a battery cell, a cell balancing circuit for discharging the floating capacitor, a voltage measuring unit for measuring the battery cell voltage of... Agent:

20110285540 - Systems, methods and apparatus for determining whether a low battery condition exists in a remote control: Various embodiments of systems, methods and apparatus are provided for adjusting a low battery detection thresholdin a remote control. An embodiment of a method includes determining a type of a battery powering a remote control of an entertainment device and determining a first low battery threshold for the battery based... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20110285541 - System, method, and apparatus for detecting wear in a screening arrangement: A system, method, and apparatus for detecting wear in a screening arrangement is disclosed. The system, method, and apparatus can include a sensor that is configured to provide a notification signal when a surface of a screen panel has worn to a threshold level. The threshold level can be based... Agent: Polydeck Screen Corporation

20110285542 - Filtering method and system: An alert generation method and system. The method includes receiving by a computer processor, alert data indicating filters for specified alert types associated with possible future events. The computer processor receives monitor definition data and media generated audio/video data; compares the alert data to the media generated audio/video data; determines... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110285543 - Commodity meter: A commodity meter. The meter includes a power/meter circuit board, a communication circuit board, and an antenna. The power/meter circuit board is configured to electrically sense a plurality of parameters of electricity flowing through terminals of the meter. The communication circuit board is configured to transmit one or more commodity... Agent:

20110285545 - Apparatus and methods for searching and selecting an rf telemetry channel to establish a link with an active medical device: An apparatus and method for searching and selecting an RF telemetry channel to establish a link between an active medical device and a remote device is disclosed. In the absence of any communication request, the available communication channels are scanned periodically to perform a long-term analysis. For each channel, a... Agent: Sorin Crm S.a.s

20110285546 - Audio-enabled energy meter devices and methods: Devices and methods for generating audio alerts while monitoring power consumption of a load are provided. For example, an audio-enabled energy meter may include metering circuitry and a processor. The metering circuitry may monitor the power consumption of a load. The processor may generate a speech audio alert based at... Agent: General Electric Company

20110285544 - Pulse verifier and method of operation: A device and method of counting pulse or switch contact signals over time from any commodity in various applications such as manufacturing and process control is provided. The device includes a pulse splitter relay that generates a first output pulse signal and a second pulse output signal. The first output... Agent: Consolidated Edison Company Of New York, Inc.

20110285547 - External conditions audio playback system and method: A method and system that controls the playing of different audio or video files by an electric device in a motor vehicle that includes a plurality of different audio or video files and an audio file player software program. The electronic device is coupled to at least one external sensor... Agent:

20110285548 - Traffic sign: A traffic sign includes a post; a base plate mounted on the post; at least one panel formed on the base plate, at least one panel formed on the base plate, each of the at least one panel being red, yellow, green, or blue; and at least one letter each... Agent:

20110285549 - Service vehicle safety bar: The present invention relates to a full functioning service vehicle safety bar and sign assembly. A light system that utilizes a wiring harness assembly equipped with flashing directional arrows (<<<), the word SLOW or a combination of both. This light bar is mounted to a traveling device that allows the... Agent:

20110285550 - Airfoil performance monitor: There is described a method for generating a parameter for airfoil performance monitoring, the method comprising: receiving at least a first signal indicative of a first airflow parameter measured at one of an aft position and a side-facing position of a sensor mast mounted to an airfoil and at least... Agent:

11/17/2011 > 65 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20110279222 - Travel assistant for the visually impaired: The present invention relates to a system for guiding the blind, visually impaired, and low vision riders to a specific transportation device (mobile landmark) on a transit system. The network for guiding individuals through a transportation system involves at least one transmitter displaced on a transportation vehicle which identifies the... Agent:

20110279223 - System and methods for enhanced remote control functionality: A hand-held device having a touch sensitive surface uses a relative distance from an origin location to each of a plurality of touch zones of the touch sensitive surface activated by a user to select a one of the plurality of touch zones as being intended for activation by the... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20110279224 - Remote control method and apparatus using smartphone: A remote control method using a smartphone is disclosed. In the method, a smartphone adapted for mobility interworks with a stationary computer to overcome performance limitations thereof and to provide more advanced services. The method, for remotely controlling a stationary computer using a smartphone, includes: accepting user manipulation and sensing... Agent: Koreafirstec Co., Ltd.

20110279225 - Methods and apparatus for a security electronic drop safe: Systems and techniques for providing an improved electronic safe are described. In one aspect, an electronic safe is provided with enhanced security, increased functionality and ease of use. The electronic safe may contain a camera, proximity sensor, vibration sensor and other sensors to sense and identify users. A wireless tag... Agent: Ellenby Technologies, Inc

20110279227 - Systems and methods for identifying and collecting banned waste: Systems and methods for authorizing a waste item to be removed from a site are disclosed. In one embodiment, a waste collection vehicle includes a reader configured to obtain identification information from an identification tag associated with the waste item. A transceiver associated with the vehicle is configured to: receive... Agent:

20110279226 - Charging system and charging method thereof: A charging system and the charging method are provided. The charging system comprises a charging unit and a rechargeable unit. The rechargeable unit includes a first wireless communication apparatus and a first wireless charging module. The charging unit includes a second wireless communication apparatus, a second wireless charging module and... Agent: Topco Scientific Co.,ltd.

20110279228 - System and method for remote test administration and monitoring: A system and method for remote test administration are disclosed. The system includes a testing station having a processor and a memory in communication with the processor. The memory configured to store processor executable instructions configured to acquire biometric information related to a user, wherein the user is substantially adjacent... Agent: Weyond Conferencing LLC

20110279229 - Methods, apparatus and systems for generating location-corrected searchable electronic records of underground facility locate and/or marking operations: Generating a corrected electronic record of a locate and/or marking operation performed by a locate technician. The locate and/or marking operation comprises locating and/or identifying, using at least one physical locate mark, a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility within a dig area, wherein at least... Agent: Certusview Technologies, LLC

20110279230 - Methods, apparatus and systems for generating searchable electronic records of underground facility locate and/or marking operations and assessing aspects of same: Assessing at least one aspect relating to a locate and/or marking operation performed by a locate technician based on an electronic representation of the locate and/or marking operation. The locate and/or marking operation comprises locating and/or identifying, using at least one physical locate mark, a presence or an absence of... Agent: Certusview Technologies, LLC

20110279231 - Method and apparatus for transmitting data in an automated control system: A control system has a plurality of spatially distributed stations. At least some of the stations have input connectors for connecting sensors or output connectors for connecting actuators. The stations are connected from station to station to form a series of stations. The series has a first station, at least... Agent:

20110279233 - Input-protected structural health monitoring system: A structural health monitoring (SHM) system that protects its active and passive components with filter circuits, instead of switches. The active module of the SHM system utilizes a high pass filter, and the passive module of the SHM system utilizes a low pass filter. The active module transmits its interrogating,... Agent:

20110279238 - Method for locating items: A convenient handheld locator is provided for locating an item in an urban environment in which the locator is programmed to search for and locate specific items, with the detected item being displayed on the locator as to its identity or name, also displaying where the item is relative to... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110279235 - Radio frequency identification (rfid) tag and interrogator for supporting normal mode and secure mode, and operation method thereof: A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag and an interrogator that support a normal mode and a secure mode, and operating methods thereof are provided. The RFID tag may notify the interrogator of whether a current operating mode of the RFID tag is the normal mode or the secure mode, may... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110279234 - Rfid system and method for removing transmission leakage signal thereof: Disclosed is an RFID system that includes a controller that outputs the transmission signal to be transmitted to an RFID tag and reads a receiving signal transmitted from the RFID tag; a leakage signal canceller that receives a portion of the transmission signal and the receiving signal, and performs an... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20110279236 - Sealing device: A sealing device including a housing and a closure member having a first end and a second end, at least one of the first and second ends being removably attached to the housing, the housing having means for checking the integrity of the closure member and a first transponder for... Agent: The European Union, Represented By The European Commission

20110279237 - Securing a data transmission: A method for securing a data transmission between a memory tag and a reader/writer device, the device operable to inductively power the tag in the near-field for data transmission using a near-field antenna of the device, comprising, generating an obfuscation signal in the device, and transmitting the obfuscation signal using... Agent:

20110279232 - Systems and methods to selectively connect antennas to receive and backscatter radio frequency signals: Systems and methods to selectively attach and control antennas via diodes and current sources. In one embodiment, a system includes: an RFID reader having a plurality of reader antennas of different polarizations to transmit radio frequency signals; and at least one RFID tag. The RFID tag includes: a plurality of... Agent: Keystone Technology Solutions, LLC

20110279239 - Multi-protocol rfid system using bit-lock or step-lock synchronization: A multi-protocol RFID interrogating system employs a synchronization technique (step-lock) for a backscatter RFID system that allows simultaneous operation of closely spaced interrogators. The multi-protocol RFID interrogating system can communicate with backscatter transponders having different output protocols and with active transponders including: Title 21 compliant RFID backscatter transponders; IT2000 RFID... Agent: Tc License Ltd.

20110279240 - Multi-protocol rfid system using dynamic reconfiguration: A multi-protocol RFID interrogating system employs a synchronization technique (step-lock) for a backscatter RFID system that allows simultaneous operation of closely spaced interrogators. The multi-protocol RFID interrogating system can communicate with backscatter transponders having different output protocols and with active transponders including: Title 21 compliant RFID backscatter transponders; IT2000 RFID... Agent: Tc License Ltd.

20110279244 - Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data: Provided is an apparatus and a method for transmitting power to electronic devices and of transmitting and receiving data. The method of transmitting power includes searching for a device to be charged located in an area, determining whether the found device needs charging, and transmitting power to the found device... Agent:

20110279246 - Methods and apparatus to visualize locations of radio frequency identification (rfid) tagged items: Methods and apparatus to visualize locations of radio frequency identification (RFID) tagged items are described. One example method includes receiving a request from a portable electronic device to access product information associated with an individual radio frequency identification (RFID) tagged item, determining a location of the product information in a... Agent:

20110279245 - System and method for associating rfid smart labels with customer database records for use with automated tracking of waste and recyclable material: A method of quickly and accurately associating a customer name and address with a unique RFID identification tag to be used on a waste or recyclable materials container by the customer. A self-adhesive RFID label including an embedded RFID identification tag is provided in an envelope. Using a hand-held RFID... Agent: Advanced Manufacturing Control Systems Ltd.

20110279241 - Reader/writer, radio tag, transmission/reception system and transmission/reception method: A transmission unit of a reader/writer transmits, to an active-type radio tag to perform detection of a signal at a constant time interval by supplying power to a reception unit from a power supply unit for a time period, a signal including an instruction to temporarily extend the time period.... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110279247 - Data reading writing apparatus for active tag device, active tag device and system thereof: An active tag device includes a controller to cause the wireless communication unit to carry out data transmission at intervals of a first period, and to cause to start measurement of a second period set for determining a timing for causing a wireless communication unit to carry out carrier sense... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110279242 - Batteryless stored value card with display: A stored value card such as a transit card, college meal plan card, other card such as a credit card, coupon redemption card or rewards/awards card has within it an integrated thin film flexible display and has RFID and security capabilities. In a preferred embodiment of a transit card or... Agent:

20110279243 - Intelligent device integration using rfid technology: A method of integrating devices using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology can include tracking movement of an RFID tag, wherein the RFID tag is associated with a user, and determining proximity of the RFID tag to a communication device. The method also can include initiating a programmatic action with the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110279248 - Remote instruction transmission/reception system: A remote instruction transmission/reception system has a first transmission/reception apparatus, a plurality of second transmission/reception apparatuses, and an information processing apparatus. The second transmission/reception apparatuses each make a selection (choice) and emit an electromagnetic wave. The information processing apparatus transmits an instruction for electromagnetic wave emission states of the second... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110279249 - Systems and methods for immersive interaction with virtual objects: A system to present the user a 3-D virtual environment as well as non-visual sensory feedback for interactions that user makes with virtual objects in that environment is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, a system comprising a depth camera that captures user position and movement, a three-dimensional (3-D) display device... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110279250 - Detecting touch input and generating perceptible touch stimulus: An apparatus including a body portion having a surface; at least one feedback electrode configured to provide to a user a feedback stimulus when the user contacts the surface; and a touch sensor arrangement for discriminating different user contacts on the surface.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110279251 - On-vehicle information processing device, information providing device, and vehicle information processing system: A road-side support device which provides support information to a vehicle includes a device-side receiver unit that receives equipment information on equipment of the vehicle or detectable information detectable by a sensor unit of the vehicle, a priority calculating unit that calculates a priority of a support using the support... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110279252 - Systems and methods for locating and controlling powered vehicles: A system for controlling movement of a personal mobility vehicle near a restricted region is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system includes a detector that is configured to be disposed on the personal mobility vehicle and that is configured to receive an electromagnetic signal transmitted to the restricted region. The... Agent: Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.

20110279253 - Apparatus and method for rfid-plc container identification and tracking: An RFID-PLC includes an RP tag mounted on a vehicle trailer, which is coupled to a power line communication system coupled between the trailer and a tractor. An RFID interrogator subsystem in the RP tag wirelessly obtains data from the RFID container tag and transmits the RFID date through the... Agent:

20110279254 - Method and device for carrying out an avoidance maneuver: Disclosed herein is a method and device for carrying out an avoidance maneuver of a motor vehicle. An object in the surroundings of the motor vehicle which is on a collision course is detected. A warning is output to the vehicle driver, to the effect that the motor vehicle is... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20110279255 - Route retrieval apparatus and navigation apparatus: A route retrieval apparatus is disclosed. The route retrieval apparatus includes a storage component, a first correction component, a second correction component and a retrieval component. The storage component stores therein probe information to specify fuel consumption in each section, the probe information having been collected from probe vehicles. The... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110279256 - Imaging system for vehicle: An imaging system for a vehicle includes an imaging array sensor and a control. The imaging array sensor has a plurality of photo-sensing pixels and is positioned at a vehicle equipped with the imaging system and has a field of view exteriorly of the equipped vehicle. The imaging array sensor... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20110279257 - Automatic signaling system for vehicles: An automatic signaling system for a vehicle having a turn signal light, includes a sensor configured for sensing at least a portion of a lane, and a processor coupled to the sensor, wherein the processor is configured to activate the turn signal light of the vehicle based at least on... Agent:

20110279258 - Systems and methods for transmission of trigger-based alarm indication suppression messages: According to one embodiment, a method may include communicating an alarm suppression indication trigger message from a maintenance end point to an alarm indication suppression generator. The method may further include communicating, by the alarm indication suppression generator in response to receiving the alarm indication trigger message, an alarm indication... Agent:

20110279259 - Automated, remotely-verified alarm system with intrusion and video surveillance and digital video recording: An automated self-monitored alarm verification solution including at least a premises portion, a server portion, and an end user device portion. Alarm verification includes capturing by an image capture device at least one image in response to a detection event, and transmitting a first data signal including the image to... Agent: Cernium Corporation

20110279260 - Room management system: Apparatus and method for managing utilization of rooms in a clinic, for example, include a visible display, for example, colored lights at an examining room, indicating one or more of several available room status values for the room. An input device including, e.g., push buttons, is coupled to the display... Agent:

20110279261 - Event warning system and method thereof: An event warning system is provided. The innovation can provide real time, personalized and meaningful alert warnings to either or both a machine operator/driver and pedestrians who are in harm's way, or are potentially approaching harm's way. Different from generic warnings such as backup alarms and flashing lights, the innovation's... Agent: Proxisafe Ltd.

20110279262 - Method and system for storing, retrieving, and managing data for tags: This invention relates generally to a method and system for storing, retrieving, and managing data for tags that are associated in some manner to any type of object. More particularly, the present invention writes data to these tags, reads data from these tags, and manages data that is written to... Agent:

20110279263 - Event detection: A location aware mobile device may include an accelerometer or similar motion sensing component that can measure changes in speed or direction. An application executing in the mobile device can determine whether particular motion changes are indicative of the mobile device being involved in a crash event. If the motion... Agent:

20110279264 - System and method for asset tracking and monitoring: A multi-mode asset tracking and monitoring system and method is provided that enables comprehensive reporting of asset position, status, and alerts. In one embodiment, the multi-mode system and method is based on the addition of a local network monitoring system to a wide area satellite network monitoring system. In this... Agent:

20110279266 - Automatic verification of network cable connections: A system and method for guiding server chassis enumeration in a computer system are disclosed. One embodiment provides a method of connecting a plurality of computer server chassis configured as a plurality of nodes. For each cable connection between any two server chassis, a port on the first of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110279269 - Countdown timer application and method for programmable personal digital devices: s

20110279267 - Display device with alarm function: A display device includes a dial, an alarm setting member, and a warning unit. The alarm setting member includes an A/D converter, a recognition module, a storage module, and an analysis module. With rotation of the dial, a variation voltage is generated. The A/D converter converts variable voltage from analog... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110279268 - Medical apparatus: An ultrasound output apparatus includes: a priority level judgment section for judging a priority level for preferentially notifying a user of a plurality of abnormalities that occur in the plurality of handpieces; a display control section for causing a display section to display abnormality information whose priority level judged by... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110279265 - System for displaying information related to an operational parameter of a biological safety cabinet: A system for displaying information related to an operational parameter of a biological safety cabinet that may change during ongoing operation thereof, comprises a sensor for detecting a prevailing value of the operational parameter at least periodically during operation, a display comprising a pictorial graphic having a series of adjacent... Agent: Kewaunee Scientific Corporation

20110279270 - Intruder deterrent: The present invention relates to an alarm system that incorporates wireless technology along with cellular telephone service technology for example, to provide a unique and effective deterrent to illegal entry. The present invention further relates to an alarm system that first captures images of an intruder and then attacks the... Agent: Python Intruder Deterrent Solutions, LLC

20110279271 - Product container for use with device capable of long-range and short-range communications: A container for a product is used with an external device having long-range communication capability and short-range communication capability and location sensing capability. The container has a storage element for storing an access code for a central facility and a container identification code, a first data acquisition component for detecting... Agent: Henry Schein, Inc.

20110279272 - Theft protection for self-service stores: In order to detect attempted theft, the time that a shopping cart remains in a self-scanning zone in a self-checkout line is monitored. If a certain duration is not met between the time at which the region of the self-scanning register is entered and the exit is passed, an alarm... Agent:

20110279273 - Automated motion disturbance detection and alerting: Several methods and a system of automated motion disturbance detection and alerting are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes associating a protection device with a movable tangible personal property. The method also includes activating the protection device remotely. The method further includes detecting, through a sensor in the protection... Agent:

20110279274 - Rfid reader: A radio frequency identification (RFID) reader includes an antenna unit and a signal processing unit. The antenna unit splits an input RF signal into a plurality of signals and respectively transmit the split signals through a plurality of antennae by setting the amplitudes or phases of the split signals to... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20110279275 - Wireless detection apparatus and method: A wireless detection apparatus includes an antenna, a voltage control oscillator, and a processing unit. The antenna receives a first wireless signal and generates an electrical signal according to the first wireless signal. The first wireless signal is generated by reflecting a second wireless signal from an object under test.... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110279276 - Modular system for monitoring the presence of a person using a variety of sensing devices: A capacitive sensor element for use with a patient monitoring system and a method for manufacturing and dispensing such sensor elements for use. Sensor elements include a flat, flexible, substrate layer that is manufactured into a roll that also includes at least two longitudinal conductive elements printed onto one side... Agent:

20110279277 - Vision protection method and system thereof: The vision protection method and system thereof is provided to ensure a viewer to rest his/her eyes after viewing on an electronic device for a certain period, wherein the eyesight protection method includes the steps of detecting one of more working parameters of the viewer in responsive to a preset... Agent:

20110279278 - Monitoring and early warning alarm system for high voltage insulator failure: The monitoring and early warning alarm system for high voltage insulator failure provides an early predictor for high voltage insulator failure, allowing repairmen to either already be on site when a high voltage insulator fails in order to expedite repair time, or allowing repair and/or replacement of a faulty insulator... Agent:

20110279279 - Secure point of sale terminal: A data entry device including a housing formed of at least two portions, data entry circuitry located within the housing, at least one case-open switch assembly operative to sense when the housing is opened and tamper indication circuitry operative to receive an input from the at least one case-open switch... Agent: Verifone, Inc.

20110279280 - Device for verifying the electrical output of a microcurrent therapy device: A device and method verifies the electrical output of a microcurrent therapy device. The current and/or voltage of an electrical pulse, being supplied to an electrode adapted to contact tissue, is measured by a control unit. The current and/or voltage is supplied by the control unit according to a predefined... Agent: Synapse Microcurrent Limited

20110279281 - Laundry machine: The laundry machine includes a control panel having a main selection unit for selecting one from a plurality of washing courses, one or more than one sub-selection units for adjusting step conditions in one or more than one course selected by the main selection unit thus, and a plurality of... Agent:

20110279282 - Memory features for a manually adjustable apparatus: A system is disclosed for manually pre-selecting and retrieving a position of an apparatus arranged inside a vehicle. The system includes an adjustment device operatively connected to the apparatus and configured to manually pre-select and lock the position of the apparatus relative to the vehicle. The system additionally includes a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110279283 - Product tracking and alert system: A tracking and monitoring system to be used in conjunction with high value mobile collateral, including but not limited to RVs and other vehicles, and other equipment, both self propelled and non self propelled, that are sold or rented. The system is GPS based, and is automated to track and... Agent: Rv-id, Inc.

20110279284 - Angle control alarm for a sickbed: An angle control alarm for a sickbed comprises a housing and a alarm circuit, he alarm circuit comprises a control chip which has a first two pins electrically connected to a power source, a second two pins electrically connected to two alarm lights via two resistances, a third two pins... Agent:

20110279285 - Switchable strobe lens: An alarm system notification device that comprises a single strobe, an input selector, and a controller is disclosed. The single strobe may be configured to operate at a first wavelength band in a first configuration and at a second wavelength band in a second configuration, the first wavelength band being... Agent:

20110279286 - Energy-related information display apparatus and method thereof: Disclosed is an energy-related information display apparatus included in each energy consumption place, which displays energy price information that a central server transmits according to a time zone, harmonizing with a floating energy rate system. When not receiving energy price information from a central server, a predicted energy price is... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

11/10/2011 > 50 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20110273267 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same: A mobile terminal and a method of controlling the mobile terminal are provided. The method includes displaying an operation screen on a display module; receiving a fingerprint-touch input through a user input unit capable of identifying a fingerprint; and if fingerprint information of the received fingerprint-touch input matches any one... Agent:

20110273268 - Sparse coding systems for highly secure operations of garage doors, alarms and remote keyless entry: A system for remote entry includes at least one trainable radio frequency transmitter having a plurality of selectable codes, any of which selected in accordance with a corresponding training code data. At least one receiver is configured to receive signals from said radio frequency transmitter, where the radio frequency transmitter... Agent:

20110273269 - Method for monitoring and locking aircraft compartment doors: The invention relates to a system for monitoring and locking aircraft compartment doors (1, 2, 3, 4), characterised in that said system includes a centralised device (12) for controlling the locking/unlocking in the form of a central processing unit (12) for controlling remote bolt devices having a radio transceiver device... Agent: Airbus

20110273276 - Communication device and wireless communication method: According to one embodiment, a communication device including: a CPU; a wireless communication module; a radio signal detection module; a power supply circuit. The wireless communication module includes; a receiving module configured to receive a radio signal containing identification information from another device; a storage module configured to pre-store at... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110273277 - Electronic device capable of identifying external antennas and related external antenna module: An external antenna module includes a signal terminal for connecting to an electronic device; an antenna, electrically connected to the signal terminal, for transmitting and receiving corresponding radio signals; and an identification tag unit, coupled to the signal terminal, for generating a specific identification signal.... Agent:

20110273275 - Location information based upon electronic tags: A method of producing location information relating to articles (e.g. 9o) utilizes tag devices (10, 1112, • • •)• The method comprises the steps of: • the tag devices (e.g. I0), when in each other's proximity, exchanging identification data and storing the time and date of the exchange together with... Agent:

20110273271 - Method and system for radio frequency idenfication tag using reduced set communication protocol: A method and tag for decoding a signal received from a radio frequency identification (“RFID”) reader. A signal is received from the RFID reader in which the signal has a series of pulses. A time frame between receipt of two consecutive pulses is measured to determine whether the pulses represent... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20110273273 - Methods and apparatus of a multi-frequency rfid system: Methods and apparatus of a RFID system in which multiple frequency bands are utilized are described herein. In one aspect, a dual frequency RFID system consists of dual frequency RFID tags which operate at the first frequency band and the second frequency band, RFID readers which operate at the first... Agent:

20110273270 - Physiological sensor system with automatic authentication and validation by means of a radio frequency identification protocol with an integrated rfid interrogator system: This invention relates to a physiological sensor which acquires pre-programmed data from an electrode or an electrode array using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The source of the sensor may be authenticated by means of a wireless interface between an RFID transponder affixed to the electrode array, and an RFID... Agent:

20110273272 - System and method to determine sterilization of a device: A system and method for verifying the occurrence of an environmental condition is disclosed. Rather than store information concerning the occurrence and/or success of the sterilization process, the present invention modifies the wireless transmission characteristics of the device. In some embodiments, the bandwidth of the wireless transceiver is altered as... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110273274 - Transceiver which removes phase noise: A transceiver is provided. The transceiver includes a transmission portion which generates a transmission signal; an antenna which transmits the transmission signal and receives a reception signal; a signal division element which receives the transmission signal from the transmission portion and inputs the received transmission signal to the antenna for... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20110273278 - System and method for transmitting information: A system and method for transmitting information within a space, including sensory modules that each include a data signal receiver and an output element; a first signal emitter that emits a data signal of a first broadcast breadth that directs a signal with a first information set on the operation... Agent:

20110273279 - Vehicle system interaction using remote device: A method for querying a vehicle system from a remote wireless device includes receiving an inquiry at a cellular transceiver included in a vehicle. The inquiry is sent from a remote server in communication with the remote wireless device and initiated by the remote wireless device. The method includes accessing... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110273281 - Electronic device and method of controlling reminder notifications: A method of controlling reminders for an electronic calendar event record includes: displaying a reminder notification at a first electronic device, the reminder notification associated with the calendar event record, displaying an option at the first electronic device for taking a first action at the first electronic device, sending an... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110273280 - Medicament reminder device: A medicament reminder device for reminding patients to ingest or administer medicaments includes an output (3) assembly operable to generate a reminder signal (14), and to generate messages of pieces of information associated respectively with the medicaments (3), and a timer (100) electrically coupled to the output assembly (3) and... Agent:

20110273282 - Headlamp light source lighting apparatus and communication apparatus: Lighting apparatus 100 lights a light source 2 of a headlamp, and includes: a connection terminal 113 to which a abnormality notification apparatus 200 is connected; a notification signal output unit for outputting a notification signal relating to a condition of the light source 2 and/or a condition of the... Agent:

20110273283 - System and method for integrated facility and fireground management: The present invention provides an intelligent, integrated facility and fireground management system which is efficient, assures first responder, pedestrian and appliance safety, as well as precise performance in extreme emergency situations, regulatory compliance, easy and flexible integration with building systems and add-on components, as well as advanced internal component monitoring... Agent:

20110273284 - Emergency notification device and system: An audio warning monitoring device, system and method including an audio detector, one or more audio screens to determine if monitored sound is an alarm, a processor or logic device to potentially analyze sound data and then instruct a transmitter to send a message with the monitoring device identification and... Agent: Fireear Corporation

20110273285 - Intrusion detection device: To provide an intrusion detecting device of a type in which a battery for supplying an electric power to both of the main unit and the transmitter is provided in a unit holder for holding the main unit, including the detecting element, to thereby increase the overall electric power capacity... Agent: Optex Co., Ltd.

20110273287 - Medical data transport over wireless life critical network: A portable patient communicator (PPC) includes a portable housing that supports a processor coupled to memory for storing medical firmware and wireless radio firmware, first and second radios, a processor, and a power source. Communications between a patient implantable medical device (PIMD) and the first radio of the PPC are... Agent:

20110273286 - System for monitoring a person wearing head gear: A cranial orthosis includes a sensor to monitor one or more conditions of an infant wearing the cranial orthosis. The cranial orthosis is preferably contoured to match the curvature of the fronto-temporal, parietal and occipital areas of an infant's cranial vault to provide protection against the acquisition of postural cranial... Agent:

20110273289 - Keyboard: A keyboard includes a fingerprint input unit, a storage unit, a switch unit, and a control unit. The fingerprint input unit receives fingerprint information of a user. The storage unit stores a fingerprint model. The control unit is connected to the fingerprint input unit, the storage unit, and the switch... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20110273288 - Pump control unit: A pump control system includes a controller coupled to first and second pressure sensors. The sensors couple serial pressure related information to the controller. The controller can evaluate respective liquid levels, in response to received pressure related information from the sensors. A current sensor coupled to the controller can provide... Agent: Metropolitan Industries, Inc.

20110273290 - Door assembly, wall construction, and system for detecting objects near a door and forces applied to a door: An object sensing arrangement is provided in combination with a door that is adapted to be supported for movement from one of an open position and a closed position to the other of the open and closed positions without moving in a first direction in which earth gravitational force acts... Agent:

20110273291 - Drowning prevention system: A method for providing a security barrier proximate a body of water such as a lake or a swimming pool. One or more beams—preferably infra red light beams—define the barrier. A detector is positioned to monitor each beam so that a moving object “cutting” the beam can be detected by... Agent:

20110273292 - Security sensor system: Since a sensor signal intermitted on the basis of a sensor signal including an abnormality detection signal, detected as a result of a persistence of an abnormal condition of a security sensor, is generated and an intermitted output signal in dependence on an intermitted sensor signal input is transmitted from... Agent: Optex Co., Ltd.

20110273293 - Light-curtain alarm with proximity-detected access authorization: A light-curtain alarm system is disclosed that provides to authorized persons uninhibited access to a protected item by automatically, temporarily deactivating the alarm whenever proximity of an authorized person is detected. Each authorized person carries a deactivating device that is detected at short range, preferably using radio waves or Bluetooth.... Agent:

20110273296 - High level rfid solution for rental tools and equipment: A system for monitoring use of a tool. The system may include an RFID tag coupled to the tool. A collar may be removably coupled to the tool and configured to be de-coupled from the tool prior to the tool being used. An RFID reader may be coupled to the... Agent: Ppi Technology Services, Lp

20110273297 - Method and system for identifying missing items: A system for identifying a lost or stolen device includes a transmitter, a receiver and a computer. The transmitter is coupled to the device and transmits identification information. The receiver receives the identification information transmitted by the transmitter when the transmitter is within a defined distance from the receiver. The... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20110273295 - Pin alarm tag: An alarm tag comprising a first input unit for generating signals for setting (to ON) or resetting (to OFF) an alarm system of the alarm tag. The alarm tag further includes a second input unit for generating signals for arming the alarm tag and triggering an alarm, and an independent... Agent:

20110273294 - Systems and methods for rfid surveillance: A RFID monitoring system, which can be used to track and identify RFID tags and tag readers as they are used, can include a computing device including an RFID tag database for storing a list of authorized RFID tags that have been licensed by an intellectual property owner or licensee.... Agent:

20110273298 - Apparatus and method for monitoring hygiene: Method and apparatus for monitoring and reporting hand washing at a sanitizing station employs a sensor for signaling the dispensation of a sanitizing agent from a dispenser and setting a clear signal to permit passage through a portal, such as an entrance to a room. The module in turn includes... Agent:

20110273299 - Ventilator-initiated prompt regarding auto-peep detection during volume ventilation of non-triggering patient: This disclosure describes systems and methods for monitoring and evaluating ventilatory parameters, analyzing those parameters and providing useful notifications and recommendations to clinicians. That is, modern ventilators monitor, evaluate, and graphically represent a myriad of ventilatory parameters. However, many clinicians may not easily identify or recognize data patterns and correlations... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110273300 - Method of tracking an animal using microradios: A microradio is provided with a hysteretic switch to permit an optimum range increasing charging cycle, with the charging cycle being long relative to the transmit cycle. Secondly, an ensemble of microradios permits an n2 power enhancement to increase range with coherent operation. Various multi-frequency techniques are used both for... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110273301 - Method and system for sliding door pattern cancellation in metal detection: A method and system for reducing the signal interference effects of metal doors in a metal detection system. The system includes a transmitter operable to transmit an interrogation signal that is used to detect transitory metal objects within the detection region, a receiver operable to receive instantaneous signals that represent... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20110273302 - Method and apparatus for indicating a disconnection within a distributed generator: A method and apparatus for indicating a disconnection within a Distributed Generator (DG). In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises an alarm module electrically coupled to a conductive portion of a component within the DG, wherein the conductive portion is grounded via a ground rod system, and wherein the alarm module... Agent: Enphase Energy, Inc.

20110273303 - System and method to collect status information from light based indicator systems such as stack lights, status lights, traffic lights, safety lights: A system and method for monitoring status information from a light based indicator system (e.g., stack lights, status lights, traffic lights or safety lights, etc.). At least one light sensor is positioned adjacent to an existing light indicator system, the existing light based indicator system having at least one indicator... Agent: Ils Technology LLC

20110273304 - Telemetry system and apparatus: An apparatus for receiving information at a location and communicating at least a subset of said information to a second location comprising an energy module; a communications module; and a data module.... Agent:

20110273306 - Remote metering device: The invention relates in particular to an integrated device for the adaptation of fluid metering devices, comprising an attachment means for attachment to the meter, a pulse generating means for generating electrical pulses at a rate dependent on the volume of fluid used, means for counting and storing the number... Agent:

20110273305 - Secure collector diagnostic portal activation: Disclosed are methodology and apparatus for providing communications with an Automatic Meter Reading/Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMR/AMI) collector device. The collector is provided with a WiFi radio that is enabled for operation from an AMR/AMI head end and turned on in response to a transmission coming from a physical device via... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110273307 - Systems and methods for auto-configuration of a generic data device on a wireless network: Systems and methods are provided for the automatic configuration of digital utility meters. One embodiment provides for pre-producing digital devices, the digital devices comprising integrated module components, configured for communication with a data management system via a wireless network and further configured for monitoring capability, producing a list file associated... Agent: Smartsynch, Inc.

20110273308 - Systems and methods for auto-configuration of a generic data device on a wireless network: Systems and methods are provided for the automatic configuration of digital utility meters. One embodiment provides for pre-producing digital devices, the digital devices comprising integrated module components, configured for communication with a data management system via a wireless network and further configured for monitoring capability, producing a list file associated... Agent: Smartsynch, Inc.

20110273309 - Mobile network terminal device and method for monitoring electrophysiological data and pathological image: A mobile network terminal device and method for monitoring the electrophysiological data and a pathological image are provided, including: a baseband processor module, an electrophysiological data collection module, a keyboard module, a graphics and image display module, an image and picture sensor, a voice communication module, an external data memory... Agent:

20110273310 - Parking assist apparatus: There is provided a parking assist apparatus capable of allowing an automatic steering control to be started smoothly, without requiring any special operation after confirmation of a parking target location. The parking assist apparatus includes a parking target position setting section for setting a parking target position, a guiding path... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110273311 - Photographic multiple vehicular traffic ticket issuance and monitoring system: A photographic traffic ticket issuance system or an automatic traffic ticket issuance system, preferably used within a police vehicle; the police vehicle, either mobile or stationary, is preferably used with a photographic device. The system includes a processing system within the police vehicle, which detects and determines that a vehicle... Agent:

20110273312 - Queue control system: A queue control system for guiding persons waiting for service by a plurality of service desks, such as check-in desks at an airport, the system comprising computer control means for controlling the system, wherein system further comprises: stripe-like or band-like lighting means arranged for each desk (Desk 1-Desk 3) provided... Agent: Marimils Oy

20110273313 - Infrared communication system for activating power drive units in an aircraft cargo loading system: An air cargo loading system also includes a controller, a main control panel and a plurality of PDUs (PDUs), at least the controller and the PDUs being connected by a wired network. Each PDU has a motor, at least one driver roller element coupled to said motor, a light source,... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20110273314 - Method for providing a pilot warning signal for a pilot of an aircraft, computer program product and warning device: The method comprises: providing a first signal to indicate a pedal angle of a pedal which can be actuated by the pilot; providing a second signal which is directly dynamically dependent on the pedal angle; in each case, forming a pair of values from the first signal and the second... Agent:

20110273315 - Systems and methods for adjusting landing gear alert envelope for offshore platforms and building-top landings: Systems and methods for improving landing gear alerting on a rotary wing aircraft. An example system includes a user interface device that allows a user to set a bug altitude value and a radio altimeter that produces an altitude value, both of which are in communication with a processor. The... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110273316 - Method for synchronizing the display parameters of screens in an aircraft cockpit: The invention relates to the field of display management of display devices of an aircraft cockpit and particularly to a method of synchronizing display parameters of the display devices and associated monitoring system. The invention includes a method for synchronizing at least one display parameter, such as a luminance parameter,... Agent: Thales

11/03/2011 > 38 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20110267169 - Method for determining the configuration of a danger warning system, and danger warning system: A danger warning system has a central station and appliances which are connected thereto by a monitoring line. Each appliance has an insulator switch, an unequivocal identification number, and a communication address. In order to determine the configuration of the danger warning system, the appliances that can be decoupled by... Agent:

20110267170 - Method for processing signals received by a wireless controlled circuit of a steam device: A method for processing signals received by a wireless controlled circuit of a steam device, includes the steps of: judging a received signal is a registration signal or a control signal; if the received signal is a registration signal, storing an ID code contained in the registration signal; and if... Agent: Foshan Shunde Sincere-home Home Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110267171 - Sensor-location system for locating a sensor in a tract covered by an earth-based sensor network: A sensor-location system for locating sensors in a tract covered by an earth-based sensor network. The sensor-location system includes at least one sensor-identification device, and at least one sensor locator. The sensor-identification device is affixed to a respective sensor in the earth-based sensor network. The sensor locator is configured for... Agent:

20110267174 - Directional sensing mechanism and communications authentication: The present invention is directed toward an RFID device that includes a motion sensing mechanism. The motion sensing mechanism is adapted to sense motion of the RFID device and then selectively allow or restrict the RFID device's ability to transmit messages, which may include sensitive data, when the RFID device... Agent: Assa Abloy Ab

20110267176 - Rfid interface and applications thereof: A wireless power interface includes first coil, a plurality of coils, and a control module. Each of the plurality of coils has a different orientation with respect to at least one axis of a multi-dimensional axis system. The control module is coupled to enable at least one of the plurality... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110267173 - Rfid tag: An RFID tag comprising a coil and an RFID chip having two inputs/outputs, each input/output being connected to the coil. The tag further comprises an electrical circuit connected to the inputs/outputs, the circuit being adapted to operate in one of two modes, one mode outputting substantially no signal whereby the... Agent: Cardlab Aps

20110267175 - Systems and methods for providing quality of service to rfid: Embodiments of the present invention include systems and methods for providing Quality of service to RFID. In one embodiment the present invention includes a method of providing quality of service in an RFID network comprising storing RFID priority information corresponding to the RFID network, wherein the RFID network comprises one... Agent: Radiofy LLC A California Limited Liability Company

20110267172 - Triggering a radio frequency identification scan using image recognition: A system and method for triggering a radio frequency identification, RFID, scan using image recognition includes; storing (300) image attributes of inventoried RFID-tagged items in a database along with information associated with the RFID-tagged items, capturing (302) an image of an item from an imaging device, determining (304) if there... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20110267177 - Effective low voltage to medium voltage transmission on prime band: Coupling and interface circuits for powerline modems are disclosed. A powerline modem may be coupled to a low voltage (LV) line or a medium voltage (MV) line using a circuit that is designed to compensate for signal attenuation and loss that is created by the a LV/MV transformer and/or a... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110267178 - Bicycle electrical system: A bicycle electrical system is provided with a first electric component, a second electric component, and a third electric component. The first electric component includes a first electric power line communication section. The second electric component includes a second electric power line communication section. The third electric component includes a... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20110267179 - Route guidance system: A route guidance system for guiding occupants of an enclosed space to a location, such as an exit, said system comprising a network of interconnected nodes located at spaced locations throughout said enclosed space, at least some of said nodes being adapted to convey route guidance instruction to said occupants,... Agent:

20110267180 - Method and apparatus for generating an audio notification file: A method and apparatus for generating an audio notification file for a computing device are provided. A first audio file associated with a first mental state is selected as a first section of the audio notification file. The audio notification file enabled for storage in a memory. The audio notification... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110267182 - Active vibrations: Active vibration techniques are described. In implementations, a selection of a type of writing surface or a type of writing implement is received, the selection made through interaction with a user interface. The selected type of writing surface or type of writing implement is simulated using vibrations of a stylus... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110267181 - Apparatus and method for providing tactile feedback for user: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, a method is provided for providing tactile feedback in response to a user input. Force sensing information associated with force to an input surface by an input object and detected by the force sensor is obtained and a tactile output... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110267183 - System and method for generating an alert for an asset: A system and method for generating an alert signal for an asset. Proper truck/trailer matching is based on a proximity analysis between position reports for a truck and position reports for a trailer. In one embodiment, this proximity analysis is triggered by a detection of movement in a trailer. In... Agent:

20110267184 - Video display apparatus and method: A apparatus and method for preventing a crash between a vehicle and an obstacle are discussed. A video display apparatus includes a capturing unit configured to capture an image of a vehicle and surroundings of the vehicle. A controller is configured to detect an outline of the vehicle and a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110267185 - Vehicle and driver monitoring system and method thereof: A monitoring system is presented. The monitoring system includes a plurality of sensing devices disposed at various locations of a vehicle to generate signals comprising vibration and acoustic data of the vehicle, a processing device configured to determine one or more events based upon the generated signals, and generate alert... Agent: General Electric Company

20110267186 - Occupant detection: A system and method are disclosed for detecting an occupant in a vehicle. Successive images from an infrared camera are analyzed to detect thermal characteristics of an occupant as well as movement. If an operator of the vehicle has exited the vehicle, the vehicle is deactivated, an occupant is detected,... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110267187 - Sports insignia brakelight: The present invention includes an illuminated sports insignia for a vehicle comprising: a sports insignia; a body portion, where said body portion is behind the sports insignia; a bulb within the body portion; and a plug extending from the body portion, where said plug provides a means to connect to... Agent:

20110267188 - Configurable control of data storage device visual indicators in a server computer system: A server computer system includes a set of visual indicators for representing status of one or more data storage devices that are connected to one or more nodes of the server system. Control circuitry has at least first and second bus interfaces and is configured to set the state of... Agent:

20110267189 - System and method for network-based jump area monitering: A networked jump safety system and method for monitoring a jump area is described. The system comprises a safety analysis station connected via a network to least one monitoring station. The output of a sensor is analyzed at the safety analysis station to determine if it is safe for a... Agent:

20110267190 - Anti-tampering detection using target circuit rf signature: An anti-tampering device and method to inhibit or prevent unauthorized probing of an electronic circuit. Propriety target circuitry transmits a distinct signature in the form of an RF signal which is received by the RF anti-tampering detection circuitry. The transmitted RF signature is monitored by the RF anti-tampering detection circuitry... Agent: Irvine Sensors Corporation

20110267191 - Network-enabled device with improved status indication of said device's network state and device state using a single light indicator or a set thereof: A network-enabled device is provided, The provided network-enabled device includes at least one light indicator, and an electronic circuit capable of controlling brightness of said light indicator and driving said light indicator in a manner that allows simultaneous indication of at least a first and a second dimensions of said... Agent: Tibbo Technology, Inc.

20110267192 - Individualized baggage tracking and notification system: An individualized baggage tracking and notification system provides airline baggage tracking information to individual customers for purposes of customer convenience and/or theft avoidance. The individualized baggage tracking information may indicate, for each of one or more baggage items affiliated with the customer, indicia of one or more baggage handling nodes... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20110267193 - System and method for identifying object and releasing its security: For identifying an object and releasing a security of the object an identification element is associated with the object and recognized by recognizing unit, a securing element is attached to an object and releasable from the object, and the identification element and the securing element are formed so that a... Agent:

20110267194 - Compact directional coupler using semiconductor process and mobile rfid reader transceiver system using the same: A compact directional coupler and a mobile Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) reader transceiver system using the same. The compact directional coupler can include a primary transmission line, a secondary transmission line, and a second capacitor connected in parallel to the secondary transmission line. The coupler can further include a first capacitor... Agent:

20110267195 - System for displaying and quantifying hits in real time using monitors or large-format projection screens: For displaying impact, impulse, acceleration, and/or pressure effects on a part of the body of a living thing, having a covering element for covering the part of the body that is to be monitored, said element having sensors for detecting the impact, impulse, acceleration and/or pressure effects, and a transmission... Agent:

20110267196 - System and method for providing sleep quality feedback: A system and method for providing sleep quality feedback that includes receiving alarm input on a base device from a user; the base device communicating an alarm setting based on the alarm input to an individual sleep device; the individual sleep device collecting sleep data based on activity input of... Agent:

20110267197 - Monitoring operating parameters in a distributed computing system with active messages: In a distributed computing system including a nodes organized for collective operations: initiating, by a root node through an active message to all other nodes, a collective operation, the active message including an instruction to each node to store operating parameter data in each node's send buffer; and, responsive to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110267198 - Automatic analyzer: Pressure fluctuations are sampled at fixed time intervals and subjected to arithmetic processing, using as a trigger the event (or a sign temporally close to that event) of the reverse motor rotation for the backlash correction, thereby discriminating normal suction from suction of sample liquid with undesirable air bubbles.... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20110267199 - Portable system and power adapter thereof: A portable system includes a portable device and a power adapter to supply power to the portable device. The portable device includes a rechargeable battery and a measurement chip to measure charge remaining in the rechargeable battery. The power adapter includes a transmission line, a microprocessor, and a display unit.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110267200 - Weigh-in-motion scale: A system includes a camera, a weigh-in-motion scale, and a processor. The camera is configured to capture one or more images of a vehicle as the vehicle goes over the weigh-in-motion scale. The weigh-in-motion scale is configured to generate one or more weight measurements of the vehicle as the vehicle... Agent:

20110267201 - Dual purpose toilet seat light: A device to provide night time illumination in the area of a toilet, providing a motion detector to indicate when illumination should be turned on, and providing two light sources, one to provide general illumination around the toilet when the seat is in its lowered position, and the other to... Agent:

20110267202 - Data transmission apparatus and method: A system comprising a data collector and a plurality of end consumers connected to and supplied with a utility by a utility distribution station. Each end consumer comprises a metering device arranged to meter the end consumer's consumption of the utility supplied by the distribution station. The metering device is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110267203 - Alarm apparatus and alarming method: An alarm apparatus includes a first camera facing a first direction of a road, a second camera facing a second direction of the road, a first output device facing the first direction of the road, a second output device facing the second direction of the road, a processor, and a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110267204 - Vehicle auto-detection system: Disclosed is a vehicle detection system including the processing device, the bi-stable display connected to the processing device and the detector connected to the processing device. The detector detects the status information of the vehicle to be processed by the processing device, and then the processed status information is displayed... Agent: Prime View International Co., Ltd.

20110267205 - System and method for monitoring and updating speed-by-street data: System and method for identifying speeding violations, comprising determining a current speed and a current location of a vehicle, determining a posted speed limit for the current location from a speed-by-street database, comparing the current speed of the vehicle to the posted speed limit, and evaluating whether the current speed... Agent:

20110267206 - Systems and methods for providing a swath-based display of terrain height information: The present invention provides a system and a method. The method includes receiving data representing a position of a host aircraft, and based on the position of the host aircraft, receiving data extracted from a database representing an elevation of at least one of a terrain and an obstacle surrounding... Agent:

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