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10/27/2011 > 63 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20110260827 - Electronically-controlled water dispensing system: The present invention provides an electronic shower system or other water dispensing system used for personal hygiene that incorporates both electronic access control technology and electronic water flow control means and, optionally, stored value monitoring technology.... Agent:

20110260828 - Method of printing indicia on vessels to control a beverage dispenser: A method of printing indicia on a container to control a product dispenser. The method may include the steps of printing indicia on the container, the indicia controlling access to dispense from the product dispenser, reading the indicia about the product dispenser, determining if the container is authorized to use... Agent: The Coca-cola Company

20110260829 - Method of providing security on a portable electronic device having a touch-sensitive display: A method of providing security on a portable electronic device and a portable device for the same are provided. In accordance with one embodiment, there is provided a portable electronic device, comprising: a processor; a touch-sensitive display having a touch-sensitive overlay connected to the processor; wherein the processor is configured... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110260830 - Biometric interface for a handheld device: Methods and systems for applying biometric data to an interactive program executed by a portable device are provided. According to embodiments of the invention, raw bio-signal data is captured and filtered so as to determine the bio-signal of the user of the interactive program. The bio-signal is analyzed so as... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20110260831 - Door handle and locking system for vehicle: Provided is a door handle for a vehicle that can eliminate wiring between a circuit mounted on a vehicle including a door panel having the vehicle door handle and a circuit mounted within this door handle, so that the door handle can be provided as an independent unit. The door... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110260832 - Secure voice biometric enrollment and voice alert delivery system: In one embodiment, a method includes enrolling a potential enrollee for an identity-monitoring service. The enrolling includes acquiring personally-identifying information (PII) and capturing a voiceprint. Following successful completion of the enrolling, the potential enrollee is an enrollee. The method further includes, responsive to an identified suspicious event related to the... Agent:

20110260833 - Event communication system for providing user alerts: An event communication system involves facilitating entry by a user of one or more device addresses via a network accessible user interface of the event communication system. The device addresses are associated with alerts provided by the event communication system. Test alert messages targeted for the device addresses are sent... Agent: Honeywell International, Inc.

20110260836 - Device and method for radio programming wireless terminal devices: A method and device for radio programming wireless terminal devices, which have a unique radio identification and an optical or acoustic signal device, with a transceiver for radio communication with the terminal devices and a control device connected to the transceiver. The control device is configured for radio programming the... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

20110260835 - Methods and systems of tagging objects and reading tags coupled to objects: Methods and systems of tagging objects and reading tags coupled to objects. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are systems comprising a reading antenna, a tag reader coupled to the reading antenna, and a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag comprising a tag antenna electromagnetically coupled to the reading antenna.... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20110260834 - Tracking the usage of wear components by an embedded rfid system: An imaging apparatus having RFID tags associated with wearable components of a system to track the usage and wear levels of the wearable components. The RFID tags can be antennas formed from conductive material impregnated in the wear components such that the RFID tags are worn with the wearing of... Agent:

20110260837 - Transponder unit: A transponder unit for transferring data to a reading device by modulation of an electromagnetic field includes a device for varying the data block size of the data by restricting the same or by modifying a clock signal, in dependence on a frequency difference between a clock frequency of a... Agent:

20110260838 - Systems and methods for rfid tag arbitration where rfid tags generate multiple random numbers for different arbitration sessions: A radio frequency identification device (RFID) tag includes a processor, a memory configured to store an identification number that distinguishes the tag from other tags, and a transponder coupled to the memory and the processor. The tag arbitrates by selecting a random number in response to an inventory query from... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20110260839 - Autonomous battery-free microwave frequency communication system: An autonomous battery-free microwave frequency communication device which includes a capacitance, at least one antenna, a microwave energy harvesting system, a microwave frequency transceiver, and a control system. The energy harvesting system is configured to harvest and store microwave energy received via the antenna onto the capacitance. The transceiver is... Agent: Passif Semiconductor Corp

20110260840 - Twist remote control with keyboard: A remote control includes a top portion with programming receiver functionality selection members and a bottom portion with a keyboard. The two portions are rotatable between a closed position (where the top portion covers the keyboard) and an open position (where portions of the keyboard project laterally out from under... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20110260841 - Interactive timing system for a play system: An interactive timing system for use with a play system includes a base unit configured for mounting at a base location on the play system and a plurality of remote units each configured for mounting at a location on the play system remote from the base station. The base unit... Agent: Backyard Leisure Holdings, Inc.

20110260842 - Apparatus, method, computer program and user interface: An apparatus, method, computer program and apparatus wherein the apparatus comprises: at least one processor: and at least one memory including computer program code; wherein the at least one memory and the computer program code are configured to, with the at least one processor, enable the apparatus to: provide a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110260843 - Haptic feedback device and electronic device: There is provided a lightweight, slim and compact haptic feedback device due to an actuator module constituted of a piezoelectric element and a vibration plate, and an electronic device having the same. The haptic feedback device includes a haptic device receiving contact pressure applied thereto, and an actuator module being... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110260844 - Vehicle burglar alarm circuit: A vehicle burglar alarm circuit includes a transformer having first to fourth taps, a center tap provided at a center point and output taps, wherein the number of coil turns between the first and second taps is greater than the number of coil turns between the third and fourth taps;... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110260846 - Method of controlling a collision warning system using line of sight: A collision warning system for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The collision warning system includes a first mode and a second mode. The system operates in the first mode when there is line of sight with a target vehicle. The system operates in the second mode where there is no... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110260845 - Side rear view mirror assembly indicator of blind spot occupancy: A side rear view mirror assembly is used in conjunction with a motor vehicle equipped with a blind spot sensor designed to detect objects in blind spots of the motor vehicle. The side rear view mirror assembly includes a base fixedly secured to the motor vehicle. A mirror case is... Agent: Smr Patents S.a.r.l.

20110260847 - Warning system: A warning system in which an audio pulse train is continuously emitted from an item of equipment and wherein a person, exposed to the audio pulse train, carries a detector which, in response to detection of the pulse train, emits audio pulses which are detected at the item of equipment.... Agent: Sandvik Mining And Construction Rsa (pty) Ltd

20110260848 - Automotive vehicle early open door warning system: The invention relates to an automotive vehicle early open door warning system, including a first light device arranged in a first external area of a side of the vehicle, for emitting a warning light signal, prior to the opening of a door, a second light device arranged in a second... Agent:

20110260849 - Apparatus, method, and program for detecting decrease in tire air pressure: An apparatus for detecting a decrease in a tire air pressure includes: a rotation information detection means for periodically detecting tire rotation information regarding the respective wheels of a four-wheel vehicle; a wheel speed calculation means for calculating tire wheel speeds based on the rotation information; a comparison value calculation... Agent:

20110260850 - Display device: A display device for a motor vehicle comprises only a single pointer and two scales. The scales may indicate, with the pointer, vehicle speed and engine rotational speed. At least one of the scales may be dynamic. Scaling may indicate available gears in segments, and the segments may be illuminated.... Agent: Johnson Control Technology Company

20110260851 - Method and protocol for real time security system: A security system comprises one or more sensor devices configured to detect conditions at one or more sites; one or more checkpoints at each of said one or more sites configured to receive signals from the one or more sensor devices; and a central headquarters processor configured to receive signals... Agent: Richman Technology Corporation

20110260852 - Security device and system for monitoring pipes: The invention relates to a security device for a cover device of a pipe and/or for a pipe, that can be used for producing pipelines having a series of further pipes welded to each other, wherein the cover device comprises a sleeve covering an inner wall of the pipe, and... Agent: Rosen Swiss Ag

20110260853 - Covering arrangement for a pipe, and pipe having such a covering arrangement: Covering arrangement for a pipe which can be welded to a series of further pipes to produce pipelines intended, in particular, for transporting gaseous or liquid media, wherein the covering arrangement is designed for sealing at least the pipe edge which is at risk of corrosion, and wherein the covering... Agent: Rosen Swiss Ag

20110260855 - Management of cardiac data transmissions: A medical alarm communications system comprises a pager like device to be kept near a patient. The pager like device communicates medical alerts regarding the patient to a remote central station, which can provide therapeutic and/or diagnostic assistance by communicating to the pager like device. When the pager like device... Agent: Angel Medical Systems, Inc.

20110260860 - Geosocial network system and method for aggregating group members: A geosocial network system and method for aggregating group members. A plurality of geosocial groups is generated for each user, if desired. Each geosocial group might be based on particular topics of interests specified by the user. Each geosocial group can receive map data contributions from members depending upon the... Agent:

20110260858 - Hybrid tracking device: Apparatus and methods for tracking various assets. The apparatus includes a hybrid tracking device (HTD) for tracking an associated asset. The HTD includes a personal area network (PAN) transceiver to couple the HTD to a gateway, proxy or slave HTDs. The HTD may include a sensor to generate sensor information.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110260859 - Indoor and outdoor security system and method of use: A security system uses tags that are able to transmit RF signals to readers located around a college campus. The tags may transmit signals periodically or in the event of an emergency. Certain locations use LF readers with exciters that trigger a signal from the tag. The security system may... Agent: Mgm Computer Systems, Inc.

20110260857 - Insoles for tracking, data transfer systems and methods involving the insoles, and methods of manufacture: A multilayer insole for removable placement in an article of footwear, the multilayer insole including a bottom insole layer having a top side, a top insole layer having an underside, an intermediate layer that is (a) an insole material layer, (b) a flexible circuit layer or (c) a bonding region... Agent:

20110260856 - Position-monitoring device for persons: A position-monitoring device for persons in tunnel systems having an evaluation device. Reliable determination of the position of persons in the tunnel system is achieved because a locally distributed arrangement of wireless transceiver units is installed in the tunnel system, at fixed anchoring points known to the evaluation device, in... Agent: Rittal Bmbh & Co. Kg

20110260861 - System and method for providing a task reminder: Systems, methods, and computer readable media for providing a task reminder are disclosed herein. The method includes receiving information identifying a historical presence of a user of a mobile communication device at a location. The method further includes receiving task information that identifies a task and a task location. The... Agent:

20110260862 - Monitoring method for security system: A monitoring method for a security system is disclosed. The security system mainly comprises a remote communication device, a local communication device, a main controller and a main sensor or a plurality of main sensors. Each main sensor detects the status of a monitoring location, and sends sending an output... Agent:

20110260854 - Power supply having a wireless transmitter: A power supply having a wireless transmitter includes an input receiving a first voltage from a power source, a power converter operable to convert the first voltage to a second voltage, and an output providing the second voltage to a load. A communication module is operable to receive a data... Agent:

20110260863 - Wireless device locations services: A system for determining location information for a wireless device is described. The system includes a UE, a LE and multiple LMUs. The LE sends, to the LMUs, reception instructions with characteristics of the signal transmission from the UE and each LMU receives, from the LE, the reception instructions. The... Agent:

20110260864 - Information handling system status alert system: An information handling system status alert system includes an information handling system (IHS). The IHS includes a frame, a processor supported by the frame and a memory module communicatively coupled to the processor. The IHS additionally includes an operational display device coupled with the frame such that the operational display... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20110260866 - Enhanced system and method for theft prevention in a solar power array during nonoperative periods: Solar panel theft protection system operable both during daytime and nighttime. Power is feed into a solar array system sufficient to operate local management units. The units monitor solar panels; in the event that a panel is disconnected, an alarm is set off.... Agent: Tigo Energy

20110260865 - Method for reducing metal detection system false alarms: A system and method for reducing the occurrence of false alarms in metal detection systems and combination EAS/metal detection systems. The system includes a motion sensor mounted on or near an antenna housing, such as an EAS pedestal, at the entrance/exit of a given interrogation zone. The motion sensor detects... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20110260867 - Cable lock with alarm: A lock for engaging a cable. The lock has a housing with an aperture through which the cable may pass. A first locking member and second locking member are coupled to the housing. A first biasing member is configured to bias the first locking member towards the cable to prevent... Agent:

20110260869 - Method and device for tracing objects and detecting change in configuration of objects: A change in the configuration of an object is detected by an antenna from at least a portion of the object or providing an antenna closely electrically coupled to said object, receiving remote radio transmissions with a radio receiver using said antenna, and detecting a change in the configuration of... Agent: Tektrap Systems, Inc.

20110260868 - Tag reader: A tag is attached to each piece of a set of goods mounted on a palette, and a tag storing the quantity of goods that should be mounted on the palette is also attached. A reader/writer counts the number of tags attached to all of the goods, reads quantity information... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110260872 - Interactive packaging for development of personal hygiene habits: The disclosure is directed to an interactive packaging system for monitoring the usage of personal hygiene products, personal hygiene product packages, and restroom facilities. The interactive packaging system may include a plurality of usage monitoring devices each configured to detect physical stimulus associated with the usage of the product, package... Agent:

20110260870 - Method of preventing an inmate from committing suicide: A method of preventing an inmate from committing suicide is disclosed wherein an oximeter having an RF transmitter associated therewith is mounted on a bracelet which is locked onto the inmate's wrist or ankle. The RF transmitter transmits data collected by the oximeter and furnishes the same to a control... Agent:

20110260871 - System for tracking a presence of persons in a building, a method and a computer program product: A system for tracking a presence of persons in a building, a method and a computer program product Abstract The invention relates to a system for tracking a presence of persons in a building. The system comprises a sensor network a computer system that is communicately connected to the sensor... Agent:

20110260873 - Apparatus to requests assistance for a service animal monitoring a person: In the present invention, a service animal is trained to observe a person to detect conditions when assistance should be requested and trained to use a communications device with a service animal activated trigger to call for assistance with a recorded message.... Agent: M & K Ouchi Foundation

20110260874 - Device for fire protection in electrical systems: An apparatus (30, 50, 60) for protection against fire in an electrical system (10) at connection points for electrical cables (510) comprises at least one thermal element (50) which is operable to register and warn in response to increased temperature in the electrical cables (510) or in one or more... Agent:

20110260875 - Alert device and method: An alert device and method include an elongated cavity (306) and a loudspeaker (302) coupled to a first end portion of the cavity wherein sound produced by the loudspeaker is directed through the cavity to provide an audible sound. The cavity and the loudspeaker are configured and dimensioned to provide... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110260876 - Light receiver device having a shielding device extending on a back side of a substrate: A light receiver device, which is particularly suited for a smoke detector, has a flat substrate, a light receiver mounted on a front side of the substrate, and a shielding device present on at least a back side of the substrate opposite the front side. The shielding device is configured... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110260877 - Replacement battery indicator on a battery powered device: A method is provided for presenting battery degradation of a rechargeable battery to a user of an electronic device. The method comprising the following steps. An initial capacity and a remaining capacity of the rechargeable battery are obtained. The battery degradation is determined as a proportion of a difference between... Agent:

20110260878 - Device for detecting the load and/or fill status of a medical waste container: The invention relates to a device for detecting a load and/or fill status of a medical waste container (10) with a supporting unit (12) designed for the detachable mounting of the medical waste container (10), a pressure sensor unit (14) allocated to the supporting unit (12) and designed to interact... Agent:

20110260879 - Automated recovery and escalation in complex distributed applications: Alerts based on detected hardware and/or software problems in a complex distributed application environment are mapped to recovery actions for automatically resolving problems. Non-mapped alerts are escalated to designated individuals or teams through a cyclical escalation method that includes a confirmation hand-off notice from the designated individual or team. Information... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110260880 - Solar powered light and alarm system: An elliptically housed solar powered intrusion detection/notification device having a flashing LED light source and audible human voice alarm activated by a passive infrared (PIR) sensor motion detector in conjunction with a battery recharged via surface mounted photovoltaic cells, and a control circuit coupled to the light source/alarm, the PIR... Agent:

20110260881 - Electronic device and automatic warning method thereof: An electronic device includes a detection unit, a comparison unit, and a warning unit. The detection unit generates a detection signal. The comparison unit determines whether the detection signal exceeds a predetermined detection signal. If it is determined that the detection signal exceeds the predetermined detection signal, the comparison unit... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110260882 - Method and apparatus for proximity sensing of a portable terminal: A proximity sensing method of a portable terminal and a proximity sensing apparatus thereof are provided. The proximity sensing method of a portable terminal with an illumination sensor includes determining an output of the illumination sensor, determining that the portable terminal is proximate to an object when the output of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110260883 - Light emitting diode module with controllable luminosity: The invention discloses a light emitting diode module with controllable luminosity, comprising a light emitting diode (LED) chip, a first switching unit, and a processor. The LED chip is electrically connected to a protective resistor, and the protective resistor is provided to avoid the LED chip from being burned. The... Agent: Advanced-connectek Inc.

20110260884 - Method for collecting data and system for accomplishing the same: A method for collecting data is disclosed herein. The method involves selecting, via a processor associated with a telematics service center, a mobile vehicle to collect data from a sensor configured to wirelessly communicate with one or more selected vehicles and, via a telematics unit disposed in the selected mobile... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110260885 - Method and system for transmitting a warning message to a driver of a vehicle: A method and system for transmitting a warning message to a driver of a vehicle is provided. Authorization for uploading message data is provided followed by the provision of message data indicative of a plurality of pre-recorded warning messages. The message data are then stored in memory of the transmitter.... Agent:

20110260886 - Driver assistance device and method of controlling the same: A driver assistance device to be disposed in a vehicle includes a traffic signal information acquiring section, an intersection distance acquiring section, a target speed calculating section, and an outputting section. The traffic signal information acquiring section acquires traffic signal information that includes current and future lighting colors and lighting... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110260887 - Vehicle park assist with steering centering: A park assist system for parking a vehicle in a parking space makes steering control inputs and prompts the vehicle driver to make necessary brake and/or gear shift actions to execute a desired steering trajectory. After the vehicle is properly parked, the park assist system actuates the steering system to... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110260888 - Forklift activated mirror alert: A partially transparent dome minor is used to display messages generated from within the dome by a light generating system. The minor is incorporated in an apparatus for seeing and warning traffic crossing at an intersection in a commercial, industrial or other space to improve worker safety and to avoid... Agent:

20110260889 - Electrical stimulation system and process: A method and apparatus to electrically stimulate a driver of a vehicle using a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device is disclosed. A signal supplied to or received from a vehicle instrument indicating operational characteristics of a vehicle is monitored. A determination is made from the signal when the vehicle... Agent:

10/20/2011 > 55 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20110254654 - Battery car anti-theft device: A battery car anti-theft device, which is mainly characterized in utilizing an electronic control circuit to control the external power supply state of a battery, and when set in the anti-theft state, if it is detected that the supply current is greater than a preset value, then the entire external... Agent:

20110254655 - System & method for driver training in a controlled driving environment: A method and system for monitoring and controlling driver performance in a controlled driving environment. A portable information device is provided to a driver who registers with a server computer for controlling vehicle operation in the driving environment. A record for the driver is stored in a database associated with... Agent:

20110254657 - Door closer with teach mode: A door closer with a teach mode is disclosed. The door closer that can be self powered and includes a control unit to intelligently control a valve within the door closer to vary the operating characteristics of the door closer as needed. The control unit includes a teach mode that... Agent: Yale Security Inc.

20110254656 - Medicine station and alert device: A medicine station or stand-alone alert device has a processor having access to memory, wherein the memory stores a control module, and the processor is configured to execute the modules stored in the memory. The medicine station or stand-alone alert device also includes one or more indicators. The control module... Agent:

20110254658 - Door locking system: A door locking system configured to lock and unlock a door frame of a cabinet is provided. The door locking system includes a handle rod; a digital or mechanical door sensor configured to detect whether the door frame of the cabinet is open or closed; and a latch configured to... Agent: Austin Hughes Electronics Limited

20110254659 - Electronic locking system with wireless update and cascade lock control: A wireless access control system comprising a central access control system connected through a wireless network to a remote access control system comprised of a plurality of localized remote access controllers (locking mechanisms). The plurality of remote access controllers will generally be used to lock parts of a facility, whether... Agent:

20110254660 - Integrated system and method for tire pressure monitoring and remote keyless entry: An integrated system and method for tire pressure monitoring and remote keyless entry are applied to a vehicle and an RKE (remote keyless entry) fob (30). The RKE fob (30) transmits a wireless signal with a predetermined carrier frequency. An in-vehicle integrated controller (10) detects an unlocked request signal from... Agent:

20110254661 - Programmable security system and method for protecting merchandise: A programmable security system and method for protecting an item of merchandise includes a programming station, a programmable key and a security system. The programming station generates a security code and communicates the security code to a memory of the programmable key. The programmable key initially communicates the security code... Agent: Invue Security Products Inc.

20110254662 - Biometric identity validation for use with unattended tests for medical conditions: An initial signature may be generated from an initial set of biometric data. A subsequent set of biometric data may be received along with diagnostic data, and a subsequent signature may be generated from the subsequent set of biometric data. The initial signature and the subsequent signature maybe compared to... Agent:

20110254663 - Work information processor, program, and work information processing method: Although techniques for determining the positions of workers and products and displaying their tracks on a two-dimensional layout were available in the past, they were inconvenient in that work times and process shifts over time could not be grasped. A technique for grasping work contents of a worker highly accurately... Agent:

20110254664 - Systems and methods for detecting patterns in spatio-temporal data collected using an rfid system: Systems and methods are described that collect spatio-temporal data using an RFID system that is capable of locating the spatial position of a sensor, which is typically unaware of its location. Such systems and methods can be contrasted with conventional RFID systems in that they are able to determine the... Agent: Mojix, Inc.

20110254667 - String material with radio frequency identification tags: A product includes a string material; and a series of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags secured along a length of the string material. Each RFID tag has an identifier stored therein for transmission to identify that RFID tag and a path along the string material to a reader. A method... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20110254665 - Reversibly deactivating a radio frequency identification data tag: Reversibly activating or deactivating a radio frequency identification (RFID) data tag comprising a circuit responsive to an environmental factor. An RFID tag includes an RFID chip for storing an RFID code, an antenna for communicating a radio frequency (RF) signal, and an environmentally sensitive switch.... Agent: Binforma Group Limited Liability Company

20110254666 - Data communication system, device for executing ic card function, control method for the device, and information processing terminal: An information processing terminal defines a data transfer state for permitting a contactless data communication through an IC card and a data not transfer state for not permitting the contactless data communication so that the IC card manages the communication state of the information processing terminal. The IC card can... Agent: Felica Networks, Inc.

20110254668 - Wireless remote control device: A wireless remote control device for controlling an electronic device includes a switch module, a wireless transmission module, a wireless receiving module and a control module. The switch module receives a DC voltage and outputs a first control signal. The wireless transmission module receives the first control signal and encodes... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20110254669 - Fast repeater latch: A repeater circuit is disclosed. The repeater circuit includes an input circuit coupled to receive a data input signal and a clock signal, and an output circuit configured to, when activated, drive an output signal on an output node. The input circuit is further configured to activate the output circuit... Agent:

20110254670 - Method and apparatus for processing virtual world: In an apparatus and method for processing a virtual world, haptic information regarding a virtual object in the virtual world, the haptic information corresponding to sensed information, is extracted and transmitted to a haptic feedback device. Accordingly, interaction between a real world and the virtual world is achieved. The processing... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110254671 - Tactile feedback method and system, computer program and storage medium that stores the computer program: A tactile feedback system includes: a removing section for removing a contact-device-specific oscillating waveform, included in both a first contact-generated waveform representing a frictional vibration produced when a contact device contacts with one object and a second contact-generated waveform representing a frictional vibration produced when the contact device contacts with... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110254672 - Method for actuating a tactile interface layer: A method for actuating a tactile interface layer for a device that defines a surface with a deformable region, comprising the steps of detecting a gesture of the user along the surface of the tactile interface layer that includes a movement of a finger of the user from a first... Agent:

20110254673 - Method for managing the strain of a user of a human propulsion vehicle, and vehicle adapted for said method: A method of managing physical effort expended by a user of a human-propelled vehicle provided with a control unit connected to an electric motor that is powered by a battery and that is arranged to take the place at least in part of the user for the purposes of propelling... Agent:

20110254674 - Hostless automobile reverse radar warning system: A hostless automobile reverse radar warning system installed to an automobile includes a reverse signal light power module for supplying an electric power required by the system, a plurality of distance sensing modules installed to an external periphery of the automobile for performing a distance detection to detect external environment... Agent: Whetron Electronics Co., Ltd

20110254675 - Control unit and method for automatically guiding a vehicle: A control unit for automatically guiding a vehicle, in particular during a parking procedure, has an interface to a monitoring unit of a brake operating unit of the vehicle to ascertain a braking readiness of the driver in such a way that automatic guiding of the vehicle is interrupted if... Agent:

20110254676 - Drive recorder: A drive recorder of the invention includes a trigger judgment circuit that calculates, with respect to acceleration data of a vehicle, first and second moving averages as moving averages of two different time series, and that generates a trigger signal according to a result of comparing a differential value of... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110254677 - Smart antenna system and method for tire pressure monitoring and smart tire pressure monitoring system: A smart antenna system (32) and a method for the same for tire pressure monitoring are provided. The smart antenna system (32) comprises a plurality of antennas (212A˜212E). The smart antenna system (32) transmits respectively a test signal to a vehicle controller (10) via a plurality of antenna. The vehicle... Agent:

20110254678 - Two-way tire pressure monitoring system and method using ultra high frequency: A two-way tire pressure monitoring method using ultra high frequency (UHF) is used for a vehicle controller 100 and one or more tire pressure monitoring module 200. When a tire pressure data signal is transmitted to the vehicle controller 100 by the tire pressure monitoring module 200, the tire pressure... Agent:

20110254679 - Vehicle brake monitoring system and method: A vehicle brake monitoring system comprises a sensor assembly configured to detect, during vehicle braking, relative position of a longitudinal member contacting a brake pad carrier, and processing structure communicating with the sensor assembly. The processing structure processes output of the sensor assembly to determine brake status.... Agent:

20110254681 - Security monitoring method: Disclosed is a method for alarm verification including the steps of collecting data representing a potential alarm event and applying the collected data to an alarm verification module. This exemplary method also includes the steps of generating an alarm validation score indicating the likelihood that an alarm condition exists and... Agent: Infrasafe, Inc.

20110254680 - Security monitoring system: Disclosed is a system for alarm verification, comprising a server in communication with one or more sensors configured to detect a potential alarm event, and a data collection module in communication with the server and the one or more sensors. The data collection module is configured to collect data from... Agent: Infrasafe, Inc.

20110254682 - Hand hygiene system: There is provided a system for monitoring hygiene compliance in a medical facility. The system includes personnel tags for patients and for healthcare workers within the facility; sensors, to be carried by healthcare workers, which recognize personnel tags for patients within a distance of 1 meter; washing stations provided with... Agent: Clean Contact Aps

20110254684 - Bag attachment for alert notification and device retrieval: Some embodiments provide a bag attachment that provides wireless alert notifications for messages received on a portable communication device. The bag attachment includes a clasp, a short range radio, a speaker, and a tether. The clasp attaches the attachment to a bag or other personal item carrying article. The short... Agent:

20110254683 - Controllable device selection based on controller location: Controllable device selection based on controller location is described. In embodiments, a companion utility is executed by a portable device to interface the portable device with a selected one of multiple controllable devices via a wireless network. A location of the portable device can be determined based on a positioning... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110254687 - Method and apparatus for activating a device: An approach is presented for activating a device. The activation platform receives a request to make a device operable, wherein the device is in an inoperable state because one or more components for operating the device are absent from the device. Further, the activation platform, in response to the request,... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110254685 - Method and apparatus pertaining to barrier movement controllers and employing a camera and a wireless transmitter: A control circuit, upon detecting a condition of interest, automatically forwards information regarding a recently-captured image to a predetermined recipient. Upon then later receiving an instruction (which instruction was prompted at least on behalf of the predetermined recipient), the control circuit then wirelessly transmits a movable barrier remote control signal... Agent: The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

20110254686 - Reservoir monitoring for implantable fluid delivery devices: A number of parameters related to the operation of a fluid delivery device are determined based on a pressure within the device sensed using a pressure sensor. In one example, the volume of therapeutic fluid added to or removed from a reservoir of a fluid delivery device is determined based... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110254688 - User state recognition in a wireless communication system: A method for user state recognition, of a user equipment having a microphone, in a wireless communication system, is provided where the microphone receives audio signals, the received audio signals are divided into segments, an audio signal level indicator for each audio signal segment is calculated and a user state... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110254689 - Door alarm and method of use: The present invention relates generally to a personal door alarm and more specifically to a battery powered door alarm that can be easily transported from location to location, can be installed on most door knob assemblies and is simple to deploy. The personal door alarm provides protection for valuable property... Agent:

20110254690 - Container power sensing system and method: An automated and/or remote method for identifying and/or changing the source of power for these generator sets, which may apply to any environment where there are alternative sources of power available which must be managed remotely (such as for other powered containers not used for refrigeration transport).... Agent:

20110254691 - Display device and control method: Provided is a display device including an imaging unit that captures a moving image in a predetermined range in an image display direction, a moving body detection unit that detects whether or not a moving body is present in a predetermined range in the image display direction, an image analysis... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110254692 - In-vehicle communication system and in-vehicle apparatus: An in-vehicle communication system is disclosed. The in-vehicle communication system is configured to connect a short range wireless communication link between an in-vehicle apparatus and a portable device, and predicts a battery level threshold reach time, which is a time when a battery level of a battery of the portable... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110254693 - Method and device for configurable ground monitoring of a workbench: The invention provides a method for configurable ground monitoring of a workbench, and the method comprises the steps as follows. The step of detecting if each of monitored objects of a monitor device is enable should be performed first. A digital value of each of the monitored objects according to... Agent:

20110254694 - Safety means for a construction machine: The invention relates to a safety means for a construction machine having a carrier unit and an actuation unit, which is adjustable with respect to the carrier unit, comprising at least one detecting means for detecting the current position of the actuation unit relative to the carrier unit, an indication... Agent: Bauer Maschinen Gmbh

20110254695 - Tapered thread em gap sub self-aligning means and method: A generally three-part EM gap sub comprising a first conductive cylinder incorporating a male tapered threaded section, a second conductive cylinder incorporating female tapered threaded section, both axially aligned and threaded into each other is described. One or both tapers incorporate slots whereby non-conductive inserts may be placed before assembly... Agent:

20110254696 - Meter right sizing: The present subject matter relates to apparatus and methodologies for determining an appropriate size for a consumption measurement meter to be installed for a particular application, and/or for validating the appropriateness of a previously installed meter. A remotely controllable endpoint is associated with a consumption measure meter, which may be... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110254697 - Utility monitoring: Novel tools and techniques that can allow utility customers, utility providers, and/or other parties to more effectively monitor utility usage at a customer premises utilizing utility monitoring devices, systems, and methods. A utility monitoring device might provide real time (or non-real time) data regarding utility usage for one or more... Agent: Qwest Communications International Inc.

20110254698 - Interactive data view and command system: A method and information system for capturing signals, for processing signals, and for providing signals at least partially based on, or bearing correlation to, the captured signals is disclosed. The information system includes a signal input unit, a wireless communication unit, and an output unit. The signal input unit (preferably... Agent: Metaio Gmbh

20110254699 - Vehicle-mounted narrow-band wireless communication apparatus and roadside-to-vehicle narrow-band wireless communication system: A vehicle-mounted narrow-band wireless communication apparatus includes: information storing/managing section 905 for storing and managing roadside information from a wireless communication unit and operating condition information from an operating condition detection unit 903; an information provision determination unit 904 for determining whether or not information can be provided on the... Agent:

20110254700 - Integrated object detection and warning system: In one aspect, an object warning system for a machine is disclosed. The object warning system includes an object detection system and an operator interface having a visual display, and a controller in communication with the object detection system and the operator interface. The controller is configured to control the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20110254702 - Drive support device: Disclosed is a drive support device in which a receiver acquires time-series signal information relating to the lighting state of a signal, and a display and a speaker provide the signal information acquired by the receiver through at east one of screen display and voice. The display and the speaker... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110254701 - Driving assisting device: In a driving assisting device in which a receiver acquires the time-series traffic signal information regarding a lighting state of the traffic signal and a display and a speaker provide the lighting time information regarding a time remaining until a red signal of the traffic signal changes, the display and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110254703 - Pedestrian safety system: Techniques are generally described related to a pedestrian safety system. One example pedestrian safety system may include a sound collector configured to collect an audio signal in an environment of a pedestrian; a processor configured to analyze the collected audio signal to determine whether the audio signal is associated with... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110254704 - Device for formulating the alerts of an aircraft system: A system and device is provided for formulating alerts of the items of equipment of an aircraft. The device includes a database of virtual objects representing the items of equipment for constructing a virtual model representative on the one hand of the topological configuration of the network of items of... Agent: Thales

20110254705 - Electrically activated latch for aircraft stowage bins: An electrically activated latch for aircraft stowage bins includes an overhead stowage bin module having a stationary support structure and a movable stowage bin portion. An electrically operated stowage bin latch mechanism latches the movable stowage bin portion in a closed position and unlatches the movable stowage bin portion to... Agent: Be Intellectual Property, Inc.

20110254706 - Methods and systems involving viewing angles in aircraft displays: A method and system for presenting environmental data including receiving environmental data from a sensor, processing the data to generate a graphical representation of the environment, wherein the view point of the graphical representation of the environment is a distance (d) and an angle (θ) relative to a point in... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20110254707 - Device for aiding flight for an aircraft: A device for aiding flight for an aircraft includes means for locating the localities situated in the operational area for rescue missions. The device is able to present to the crew a landmark of the positions of the localities in relation to the position of the aircraft, this landmark also... Agent: Thales

20110254708 - Context-based sound generation: A method for directing a vehicle to operate in a noise generating mode based on a context is provided. A present location of the vehicle is determined using a location sensing device. Then, it is determined whether the present location of the vehicle is within one or more noise generating... Agent:

10/13/2011 > 52 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20110248817 - Synchronized vibration device for haptic feedback: The present invention relates to synchronized vibration devices that can provide haptic feedback to a user. A wide variety of actuator types may be employed to provide synchronized vibration, including linear actuators, rotary actuators, rotating eccentric mass actuators, and rocking mass actuators. A controller may send signals to one or... Agent: Coactive Drive Corporation

20110248818 - Visitor management systems and methods: Various apparatus, methods, techniques and systems are disclosed for admitting, tracking, monitoring and processing data about visitors and vehicles that visit an access-controlled environment. A network having one or more greeting stations and a number of linked answering stations collects and manages data concerning visitors and/or vehicles in the access-controlled... Agent:

20110248819 - Antenna core and method of manufacturing the same, and antenna and detection system using the same: An antenna core includes a laminate of a plurality of Co-based amorphous magnetic alloy thin strips in which a length ratio of a long axis to a short axis is greater than 1. 60% or more of the Co-based amorphous magnetic alloy thin strips in terms of the number of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110248820 - Device for automatically unlocking an openable panel of a motor vehicle: The present invention relates to a device for automatically locking and/or unlocking at least one openable panel (3) of a motor vehicle (1) comprising a remote-opening system (4) comprising a central processing unit (5) designed to be installed inside the vehicle, and a portable identification element (17), said central processing... Agent: Valeo Securite Habitacle

20110248821 - Interlock system and method: A network of interlocks and input devices and a system for tracking their use and control, in which each interlock and input device is associated with a machine which performs a process. Machines are associated with input devices by reading machine identifications from Data Storage Devices (DSDs) with input devices.... Agent:

20110248822 - Systems and apparatuses and methods to adaptively control controllable systems: A system can include a presence apparatus, an identification apparatus, an interaction apparatus, and a controlling apparatus.... Agent: JcIPLLC

20110248823 - Asset identification and tracking system and method: An asset identification and tracking system includes a plurality of antennas each constructed and arranged to be mounted to one of a plurality of rack positions within an equipment rack, a receiver coupled to each of the antennas, and an antenna selector coupled to each of the antennas for selectively... Agent:

20110248831 - Device and method for content searching between peer devices: A portable communication device is equipped to search for content stored on a target electronic device. The portable communication device transfers user-defined content search query to an electronic device via a near-field communications (NFC) module. The portable communication device receives search results from the electronic device via the NFC module... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110248828 - Electronic uhf radiofrequency identification for a constraining environment: The invention relates to electronic radiofrequency identification in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) range for marking an article (4) that is to be identified in a constraining environment. For this purpose, an electronic device (2) comprises: a dielectric substrate (12) having a peripheral edge face (13) and a ground face (15);... Agent: Systemes Et Technologies Identification

20110248824 - Keyboard video device: This invention relates to a device for displaying information concerning a part such as a chair or keyboard tray having articulating components as well as a method of displaying information on the use of the components of a chair or keyboard tray. In particular this invention relates to a device... Agent:

20110248829 - Method and device for identification of articles: The directions of at least two fibers arranged at a tag are detected to identify the tag and an item intended to be attached thereto. The fibers have an impedance for high frequency electromagnetic waves, which impedance is dependent on a magnetic field at said fiber. Electromagnets generate a modulation... Agent: Sarci Ag

20110248830 - Radio frequency identification tag: the conductive material is electrically connected from the first side of the slot (105, 205, 305, 405) to the second side of the slot (105, 205, 305, 405) via contact points (221) and through the communication device (101, 201, 301, 401) at a position between the inner end (106, 206,... Agent: Br-technic V/henrik Risbo Jeppesen

20110248825 - Remotely powered and remotely interrogated wireless digital sensor telemetry system to detect corrosion: A corrosion sensing system includes a reader, a radiation receiving device, a sensing transponder, and a member. The sensing transponder includes a communications device, a processor, and a sensor. The member is subject to corrosion. The sensor is located to detect corrosion of the member. The communications device is connected... Agent:

20110248827 - System and method for radio-frequency fingerprinting as a security layer in rfid devices: A system and method for authenticating a radio-frequency identification tags based on the features of the modulation features of the RFID signal. Dynamic wavelet fingerprint features are extracted from the signal by applying a wavelet transform to the signal to determine wavelet coefficients at a plurality of times and frequency... Agent: The United States Government In The Name Of The Secretary Of The Navy

20110248826 - System for resolving a service to be provisioned to a terminal device,a related terminal device and a related service resolving server: The present invention relates to a system for resolving a service to be provisioned to a terminal device (TD) by, a service resolving server (SRS). The terminal device is coupled over a communications network (CN) to the service resolving server. The terminal device comprises an auto-identification reader (ARP) for reading... Agent:

20110248833 - Rfid system: An RFID system comprising: an RFID tag, an exciter, and an RFID reader. The RFID tag is an active RFID tag operating at an UHF band and being connected to an energy source for energizing the RFID tag, the RFID tag further comprising at least one tag antenna for wireless... Agent: Confidex Oy

20110248834 - Method and system for low cost, power efficient, wireless transponder devices with enhanced functionality: This invention provides a method and system for inventorying wireless transponders, specifically referred to as RFID transceiver devices. The RFID transceiver devices are certifiable by a recognized standards body, such as EPCglobal, or are compatible with recognized standards but have higher functionality than typical passive RFIDs, and yet are implemented... Agent:

20110248832 - Non-contact communication device and method of operating the same: i

20110248835 - Methods and systems for controlling devices via power lines: Methods and systems are provided that control devices using signals transmitted over power lines in many different applications and configurations. They provide a lower cost approach for controlling devices via signals transmitted over power lines. The methods and systems may control intensity, spectral, and other characteristics of lighting devices, such... Agent:

20110248836 - Lighting apparatus with encoded information: A solid state emitter or emitter package has an associated information containing element including machine readable encoded information that may be indicative of or enable retrieval of information useful for operation and/or control of at least one emitter An information containing element may be dynamically updateable, and may receive signals... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20110248837 - Generating virtual stimulation devices and illusory sensations using tactile display technology: Systems and methods providing tactile displays that present two-dimensional moving tactile stroke sensations are described herein. Systems and methods provide for controlling the characteristics of stimulation devices arranged in a grid topology to generate virtual stimulation devices and illusory sensations. Embodiments provide for the generation of illusory sensations including, but... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20110248838 - Apparatuses, methods, and systems for an electronic device wiht a detachable user input attachment: An electronic device (100) is configured to be operable with the user input attachment (102) so as to provide a user with the option of using a touch sensitive display (101) alone, or in conjunction with the control device or keypad having physical keys to enhance the tactile user experience.... Agent:

20110248839 - Portable electronic device and method of controlling same: A method includes detecting a touch at a touch location on a touch-sensitive display of an electronic device, identifying a first threshold value associated with the touch location, comparing the first threshold value to a force value related to the touch, and providing a first tactile feedback in response to... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110248840 - Stroller with frame position sensor: A stroller includes: a first stroller component; a second stroller component comprising a child receiving portion; a drive mechanism operatively engaged with at least one of the first and second stroller components to move the at least one of the first and second stroller components from a first position to... Agent: Thorley Industries, LLC

20110248841 - Vehicle engine operation: Disclosed is a system for detecting an operating state of a vehicle engine, for example, in order to arm or disarm a vehicle alarm system. The system comprises: an input coupled to a power line of a vehicle; means to filter out relatively high frequency transient noise components of a... Agent: Tracker Network (uk) Limited

20110248842 - Method for displaying a warning message in a vehicle: A method for displaying a warning message in a first vehicle, includes transmitting from a second vehicle a warning and position data relating to a position of the second vehicle to the first vehicle, wherein if, after reception of the warning and of the position data by the first vehicle,... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110248844 - Method for controlling a locking system of a motor vehicle and a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a method for controlling a locking system of a motor vehicle wherein, as the states of the locking system, there is an unlocked state, a locked state from which it is possible to switch to the unlocked state via at least a first operating element inside... Agent: Audi Ag

20110248843 - Traffic information warning systems and methods: A driver alert apparatus and related systems. The driver alert apparatus includes a controller and a wireless receiver connected to the controller and configured to receive data from a transmitter, The driver alert apparatus includes an at least partially transparent packaging containing the controller and receiver. The driver alert apparatus... Agent: Lamar University

20110248845 - Architecture for controlling signal lights of vehicles: An architecture for controlling signal lights of vehicles comprises a control assembly, a movable shaft, and a warning signal switch. The warning signal switch is arranged corresponding to the third connecting means and the movable shaft, the warning signal switch being electrically connected to the first signal indicator and the... Agent:

20110248846 - Wireless sensing module and method of operation: A wireless sensing module with extended service life containing at least one sensor of a physical parameter, a data acquisition hardware acquiring output electrical signals from at least one sensor and converting it into digital measurement data, a microcontroller, a non-volatile memory, at least one transceiver for wireless communication with... Agent: Green Shm Systems, Inc, Incorporated

20110248847 - Mobile asset location in structure: A system and method are used to determine at least two distances to a mobile asset in a structure from first and second anchor transceivers placed a known distance from each other. A view of the structure is created as a function of a location corresponding to the two anchor... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110248848 - Autoaccreting database for eas-rf applications: A method for entering information regarding monitored items into a database in a security tag system includes reading barcode item information from a barcode associated with a monitored item, determining whether a tag is present with the monitored item to provide tag presence information, and storing the barcode item information... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110248849 - Method for managing communication record and communication device performing the same: A communication device and method for managing communication records by using priorities of the communication records so that a user can easily find a desired communication record are provided. In the method, the device receives a priority input for a selected one of the communication records, saves the received priority... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110248850 - Door system comprising a sensor device for monitoring vertical door edges: A door system comprising a sensor device for monitoring vertical door edges. The sensor device includes a transmitter that generates a light beam that runs along the vertical door edge, and a receiver to receive the light emitted by the transmitter. According to the invention, an element of the sensor... Agent: Cedes Ag

20110248852 - Method and system for supplying target information: In a method and a system (1) for providing target information of an event message for an event occurring at a tag reader (2), the target information is extracted from a signed digital certificate of a tag (4). The event is triggered at a tag reader (2) and can be... Agent:

20110248851 - Method for authenticating a person's identity by using a rfid card, biometric signature recognition and facial recognition.: A method is provided for validating an individual's identity by using a combination of a RFID card, signature captured by a touch screen computer, and a facial photo captured by a built-in camera of a touch screen computer. Using third party biometric signature recognition algorithms and facial recognition algorithms are... Agent:

20110248853 - Tracking device incorporating enhanced security mounting strap: A mounting strap assembly of a tracking device includes a primary mounting strap and one more secondary reinforcing support straps. Continuity sensing elements and other tamper detection means detect any attempt to cut through the mounting strap assembly during an attempted removal of the tracking device from an offender or... Agent: Securealert, Inc.

20110248854 - System and method for magnetometer installation: A method and system for determining the suitability of a particular location on a mobile craft for mounting a magnetometer includes positioning a magnetometer in a particular location. The magnetometer including at least one output indicating magnetic measurements made by the magnetometer. A computer is connected to the magnetometer and... Agent: L-3 Communications Avionics System, Inc.

20110248855 - Method and system for analyzing variations in monitored gas flow using flow signal analysis and amplification: A signal analysis method to enable flow and leak detection devices to accurately detect and amplify the signal from a flow measurement means detecting the pressure effects of very small leaks in contained fluid systems, and leaks in fluid systems that have small flows, where the raw signal is an... Agent:

20110248856 - Gas flow and pressure error alarm: A gas flow warning alarm device to produce an alarm indication when the gas flow rate in a pressurized gas system violates at least one predetermined limit. The alarm device includes a gas flow sensing and error signaling subassembly to generate an error signal upon sensing a violative gas flow... Agent:

20110248857 - Smart methane monitor: A method and apparatus for the detection of methane gas including a low-cost low-power infrared methane sensor integrated with a smart energy network endpoint node, a volume corrector, or an electronic data recorder for transmission of alarm conditions and detector data between the instrument and a remote gas utility company.... Agent: Heath Consultants, Inc.

20110248858 - Electrical low voltage building installation: An electrical low voltage building installation, wherein excess current protection devices are provided for conductor branch offs with cross-section reductions, wherein at least one distributor conductor is provided at which conductor branch offs for branch conductors with a reduced cross-section compared to the distributor conductor are arranged in the building... Agent: Woertz Ag

20110248859 - Method of providing 3d image and 3d display apparatus using the same: Provided are a three dimensional (3D) display apparatus, a method of setting up a graphic user interface (GUI) thereof, and 3D glasses. The method of providing a GUI of the 3D display apparatus operating in association with the 3D glasses includes receiving a signal including battery information from the 3D... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110248860 - Secure data entry device: A secure data entry device including a housing, a keypad mounted in the housing and including a plurality of selectably depressible keys, tampering alarm indication circuitry and at least one electrical conductor located in the housing in operative association with the keypad, the at least one electrical conductor being coupled... Agent:

20110248861 - Method for detecting gross vehicle weight overload: A method of detecting gross weight overload of a vehicle comprising the steps of positioning one or more ultrasonic sensors on the vehicle so that said sensors measure the distance to a ground surface, using the sensors to measure height above the ground surface of the vehicle in a non-overloaded... Agent:

20110248862 - User interface for devices with limited input/output hardware capability: A method includes receiving, at a device operating in a first mode, a communication including a status indicator from a plurality of sensing devices, and storing the indicators in a memory. Operating in the first mode, a first input that includes a first actuation duration is received via a button,... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110248863 - Multimedia alerting: Alert information is provided to a user of a device. In response to receiving an alert notification, a current location of the device is determined and converted to a device geographical tile that encompasses the determined current location; alert data received about the alert are processed and stored in an... Agent: Weather Decision Technologies

20110248864 - Tip-to-work distance communication system for a welding mask: Methods and systems for transmitting a torch angle and/or a torch-to-workpiece distance error to a welding operator when these parameters are outside of a preset optimal range via real time visual and/or audio cues are provided. One embodiment of the present disclosure relates to weld characteristic communication via intuitive arrays... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20110248865 - Sensor device with flexible interface and updatable information store: A sensor device includes an interface that receives a request. The sensor device includes an updatable information store that responds to the request if the request is directed to the updatable information store, the updatable information store being in a first power domain of the sensor device. The sensor device... Agent: Silicon Laboratories, Inc.

20110248866 - Communication system and method: The invention relates to a communication system and a communication method, the communication system comprises a first communication module (11) and a second communication module (12). The first communication module (11) is located inside a vehicle (1), and the second communication module (12) is located in a Garage Door Opener... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110248867 - Method and apparatus for providing traffic information service using a mobile communication system: A method and apparatus for providing a traffic information service using a mobile communication terminal are provided. A method of a mobile communication terminal for a traffic information service is provided. The method includes constructing a cluster with at least one neighboring Mobile Station (MS), receiving traffic information from the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110248868 - Traffic density based safety shutoff mechanism for compression or converging traffic management system: During any kind of traffic management involving consolidation or compression, or converging readouts or outputs, shortening of individual vehicle headway, there is a necessity that vehicles in a moving pattern must get closer together. For the particular case of taking random traffic approaching a traffic signal and consolidating traffic to... Agent:

10/06/2011 > 86 patent applications in 61 patent subcategories.

20110241821 - Control of electronic devices: Methods, systems, apparatuses, and computer readable media for controlling one or more electronic devices are described. According to one described aspect, an embodiment of a method includes providing a plurality of schemes, each scheme defining features that are operable on an electronic device and which features each of the features... Agent:

20110241822 - User interface device and method: A user interface device (1) comprises a non-flexible part (3); at least one flexible part (5) coupled to the non-flexible part (3); and at least one sensor, for detecting bending of a respective flexible part (5) with respect to the non-flexible part (3), and for producing a command in response... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110241826 - Reconfigurable security systems and methods: Reconfigurable security systems, devices, and methods are provided. These can include systems having a configuration device, a reconfigurable lock system, and a reconfigurable key system, where transferable tumbler code carriers, having transferable tumbler codes, may be exchanged in order to provide controlled access to the devices or structures secured by... Agent:

20110241827 - Method, apparatus and system for automated change of an operating mode relating to a wireless device: A method, apparatus, and system for automatically changing the operating mode of a wireless device are provided. A determination is made whether at least one state of the wireless device has changed. This determination is performed using at least one integrated device of the wireless device. A determination is made... Agent:

20110241828 - Bottle cap with lock: A bottle cap includes a reservoir; a screw cap; a magnetic lock comprising a magnetically actuated spring bolt on the reservoir, and a hole on the cap; a fingerprint scanner on the reservoir; and a battery powered controller on bottom of the reservoir for fingerprint identification and fingerprint storing. In... Agent:

20110241829 - Remote keyless entry device: A remote keyless entry device for keyless entry into a vehicle comprising: a first side, where said first side includes a numerical keypad; a second side, where said second side includes a plurality of activation buttons; a memory device, where said memory device stores a numerical code; and a means... Agent:

20110241830 - Portable transmitter: A portable transmitter has an inner cover, an outer cover, outer knobs, a cover, a circuit substrate, etc. The cover has projection parts made of elastic material. Each projection part projects toward a corresponding opening part of the outer cover through a corresponding penetration hole of the inner case. The... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110241825 - Identification information management system, method of generating and managing identification information, terminal, and generation and management programs: p

20110241824 - In-vehicle mount type battery charging system, managing server, managing server control method and computer-readable medium storing program for managing server: An in-vehicle mount type battery charging system including a charging station having a charger for charging an in-vehicle mount battery of an electric vehicle, and a managing server connected to the charger. The managing server receives registration for enabling use of the charger from a user, authenticates the user when... Agent: Kanematsu Corporation

20110241823 - Tag-based personalization: Embodiments of methods and apparatus for tag-based personalization of kiosk computing devices are disclosed. In embodiments, an authentication server/system may receive, from a mobile device, a plurality data packets having data associated with a display tag of a kiosk computing device. The authentication system/server may, in response, instruct the kiosk... Agent:

20110241831 - Storage system: A storage system (500) comprises a storage unit (100), wherein said storage unit (100) has sites (S1a, S1b) for accommodating two or more of said objects (G1), said storage unit (100) further comprising one or more capacitive proximity sensors (50) arranged to detect the presence of said objects (G1) in... Agent: Marisense Oy

20110241832 - Computer navigation: An electronic device comprises a display for displaying data stored on said electronic device; input means; sensing means for sensing the three-dimensional position of the input means relative to said device; and control means for controlling the data displayed on said display in dependence on the three-dimensional position of the... Agent: Power2b, Inc.

20110241833 - Handheld device for on-site datacenter management: In various exemplary embodiments, a system and associated method to provide management of a plurality of electronic elements in a datacenter is disclosed. The system includes a datacenter management system coupled to a wireless network to receive information regarding a spatial location of a handheld device within the datacenter. The... Agent:

20110241836 - Information storage medium, object of management and management system: An information storage medium, a managed product and a management system in which the possible communication distance of an IC tag for wireless communication can be improved and the reading direction limitation can be reduced are provided. The information storage medium includes a wireless IC tag in which information is... Agent: Nitta Corporation

20110241834 - Intrinsic consumer warnings and pinch peel plates for rfid inlays: The present invention provides for efficient use of radio frequency identification (RFID) inlays by eliminating the need for a printable face stock layer. The present invention provides improved and simplified RFID tagging operations to dispense RFID inlays thus eliminating the need for additional steps to convert RFID inlays into RFID... Agent:

20110241840 - Method and device for improving communication distance accuracy of a transaction system via temperature compensation: A method for improving communication distance accuracy of a transaction system via temperature compensation includes: storing a reference temperature value and a reference field intensity value in a card read micro-controller (101), wherein a temperature sensor (104) is used for detecting an external ambient temperature; based on a difference between... Agent: Nationz Technologies Inc.

20110241842 - Method for a battery and passive power supply to an rfid tag and a switching circuit for carrying out said method: The invention provides for an automatic selection of a way of supplying an RFID tag in a way that it is stably supplied by a battery as far as still possible, but just according to the invention this is rendered possible for a longer time due to a very low... Agent:

20110241841 - Method for checking the reading of a mobile transponder: A method for checking the reading of at least one mobile radiofrequency transponder moving relative to an antenna of a reader of the transponder, includes: at least one guaranteed reading area is defined around the antenna; at least one checking transponder is attached in the periphery of the guaranteed reading... Agent: Siemens S.a.s.

20110241839 - Self-powered, piezo-surface acoustic wave apparatus and method: An autonomous, self-powered device includes a radioisotope-powered current impulse generator including a spring assembly comprising a cantilever, and a piezoelectric-surface acoustic wave (P-SAW) structure connected in parallel to the current impulse generator. Positive charges are accumulated on an electrically isolated 63Ni thin film due to the continuous emission of β-particles... Agent: Cornell University

20110241837 - Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method: There is provided a signal processing apparatus, including a first antenna to perform non-contact communication with a reader writer, a second antenna installed adjacent to the first antenna to perform the non-contact communication with a non-contact communication apparatus, a metal body that is arranged between the first antenna and the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110241838 - System, method, and apparatus for rfid, emulated rfid and rfid-like based enablement and privilege allocation: A method of emulating a physical RFID tag includes storing in a machine readable memory an RFID tag encoding, communicating the RFID tag encoding to a system, and using the RFID tag encoding at the system to emulate the physical RFID tag and perform a function without emulating an RFID... Agent:

20110241835 - Tag communication devices: A contactless tag reader device comprises upper and lower electrodes which together define a tag location zone between them in which multiple tags can be placed. The lower electrode and the upper electrode are offset from each other such that they substantially do not overlap. This structure is used to... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110241844 - Appliance including a radio frequency identification (rfid) device and method for two-way communication of dynamic data by the appliance via the rfid device: An appliance including a two-way radio frequency identification (RFID) device for dynamic communications, with for example, an RFID reader used by a technician. The RFID device may include an electronic controller structured to control operating functions of the appliance. The RFID device may further include a storage medium structured to... Agent: Bsh Home Appliances Corporation

20110241843 - Battery-less operated bi-stable display by wireless power transmission: Updating content of e-paper ESL device(s) otherwise in a powered-down state is disclosed. One or more e-paper ESL devices need only be turned on when it is desired or needed to change and update content displayed. Transmission of a wireless energy burst having a magnetic resonating power coupling characteristic powers... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte, Ltd.

20110241845 - Automated material handling system with identification features: Amongst other things, a material handling system comprises a controller; a transport system, the transport system comprising transport track sections and at least one transport vehicle, the at least one transport vehicle configured to move along the transport track sections and configured to transport a carrier; and at least one... Agent:

20110241846 - Technique for effective communications with mobile sensors in a sensor system: In a sensor system, an edge element receives data from at least one mobile sensor, and sends the data which may be preprocessed by the edge element to a server for further processing. The edge element may communicate to the mobile sensor to change a value of a run-time parameter... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20110241847 - Lin bus remote control system: A local interconnect network BUS remote control system, including a printed circuit board antenna for receiving wireless communications signals and transmitting them to at least one radio frequency module, the printed circuit board antenna including a digital layer; a power layer; a ground layer; a radio frequency layer; at least... Agent:

20110241848 - System and method for automatically integrating a device in a networked system: l

20110241849 - Programmable audio device:

20110241850 - Steering wheel sensors: A sensor for installation on a steering wheel includes a pressure sensitive material mounted on a base material of the steering wheel. The pressure sensitive material is configured to provide an electrical signal to a controller when pressure is applied. The controller provides a command to a vehicle system based... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20110241851 - Haptic actuator systems and methods thereof: A haptic actuator system and a method of making the same include an ultrasonically vibrating motor body. A shaft is coupled to the vibrating motor body, the shaft arranged to rotate in at least one direction in response to the vibrating motor body. At least one unbalanced mass is coupled... Agent: New Scale Technologies

20110241852 - Hybrid control of haptic feedback for host computer and interface device: A hybrid haptic feedback system in which a host computer and haptic feedback device share processing loads to various degrees in the output of haptic sensations, and features for efficient output of haptic sensations in such a system. A haptic feedback interface device in communication with a host computer includes... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110241853 - High-mount projection display apparatus for a vehicle: A projection display apparatus that presents a high-mount image to the driver of a vehicle includes an LCD or OLED display device and a set of projection minors embedded in an instrument panel forward of the driver. The display includes a first display portion facing away from the driver, on... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110241854 - In-vehicle wireless communication terminal: An in-vehicle wireless terminal is disclosed. The in-vehicle wireless terminal includes a disconnection detection section for detecting whether an antenna is disconnected, and a determination section for determining whether the vehicle is located within a predetermined distance from a wireless base station. The in-vehicle wireless terminal further includes a control... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110241855 - Combined motion /thermal detection system and method for a vehicle: A motion/thermal detection system and method for detecting the presence of a child or pet comprising: a detector where said detector includes a motion/thermal detection lens and provides a mechanism to detect motion and thermal activity over a range of space; a receiver to electronically collect the image passed thru... Agent:

20110241856 - Automatic networking apparatus for vehicles: The present invention relates to an automatic networking apparatus for vehicles for a vehicle with a first component and a second replaceable component, and it comprises a first identity recognition module disposed on the first component and a second identity recognition module disposed on the second component. When the second... Agent: Shanghai Baolong Automotive Corporation

20110241857 - Driver assistance method for moving a motor vehicle and driver assistance device: A driver assistance method for moving a motor vehicle, in particular for avoiding collisions, using at least one first sensor system which provides first items of obstacle information within a first detection zone for notifying the motor vehicle driver of an obstacle while an obstacle is located in the first... Agent:

20110241858 - Vehicle-use object detection apparatus: The vehicle-use object detection apparatus includes a plurality of ultrasonic sensors mounted on a vehicle, each of the ultrasonic sensors being configured to receive a reflected version of an ultrasonic wave transmitted by itself and not to receive reflected versions of ultrasonic waves transmitted by the other ultrasonic sensors, a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110241859 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus includes a display plane and a control unit. The display plane configured to display a first display portion that shows a locomotion region in the first locomotion mode in a display region based on the output request and a future locomotion distance of the vehicle and a... Agent:

20110241860 - Occupant sensing system: An occupant sensing system for a vehicle includes a pressure sensitive material installed in one or more pressure sensing zones in or around at least one vehicle seat. The pressure sensitive material of each zone is configured to provide an electrical signal to a controller when pressure is applied. The... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20110241864 - Apparatus for coaching a driver for driving operation to improve fuel efficiency: Coaching for driving operation for improving the fuel efficiency is provided. A first region and a second region adjacent to the first region are visually distinguishably displayed in one direction with respect to a predetermined reference position. A third region and a fourth region adjacent to the third region are... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110241863 - Driver operation prediction device, method, and driver operation prediction program: A deviation angle, between a progression direction of a vehicle and a direction of a target destination point after a predetermined forward gaze duration on a target course the vehicle is travelling on, is detected by target destination point deviation angle detection unit. A yaw angular speed proportional to the... Agent: Riken

20110241865 - Driving condition evaluation device and evaluation method: A driving condition evaluation device is provided. The device includes a vehicle speed detection portion configured to detect a vehicle speed. A driving force estimation portion is configured to estimate driving force for driving a vehicle generated in accordance with a driving operation performed by a driver. A threshold value... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110241862 - Method and system for ensuring operation of limited-ability autonomous driving vehicles: A method for ensuring operation of a limited-ability autonomous driving enabled vehicle includes monitoring a plurality of specific conditions necessary for preferred and reliable use of limited-ability autonomous driving, and initiating a fault handling and degradation strategy configured to maneuver the vehicle to a preferred state if the driver is... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110241861 - Vehicle fuel efficiency display: A fuel efficiency display for a vehicle includes a scale extending vertically on a screen with a bar superimposed over the scale to represent the instantaneous fuel efficiency of the vehicle. A numerical representation of the instantaneous fuel efficiency of the vehicle is displayed above the scale and the bar.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110241866 - Vehicle brake monitoring system and method: A vehicle brake monitoring system comprises at least one sensor for detecting relative rotational position of a brake camshaft during vehicle braking. The at least one sensor is unconnected to the camshaft for remotely detecting the position. Processing structure communicates with the at least one sensor, and processes the output... Agent:

20110241867 - Summer alert systems: An alarm device of the infant car seat alarm system may comprise a transmitter and receiver system whereby a vehicle user will be alerted audibly upon the inadvertent abandonment of an infant or pet inside a vehicle when the vehicle is parked and has been or is about to be... Agent:

20110241868 - Sound producing apparatus for vehicle: A sound producing apparatus for a vehicle notifying a vehicle's approach outside the vehicle comprising an original-tone generating portion generating an original tone of a vehicle's approaching sound for recognition of a vehicle's approach, a modulation-tone generating portion generating a modulation tone from the original tone with a comb filter... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20110241869 - Robust alarm system: A robust alarm system has an alarm controller adapted to input an alarm trigger and to generate at least one alarm drive signal in response. Alarm subsystems input the alarm drive signal and activate one or more of multiple alarms accordingly. A subsystem function signal provides feedback to the alarm... Agent:

20110241870 - Tether cord and sensor alarms: Methods, systems and other embodiments associated with protecting merchandise items are presented. A method of protecting merchandise items includes displaying merchandise items at a consumer display so that the merchandise items can be handled by a consumer. A detection is made if one merchandise items has been moved beyond a... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110241871 - Sensor alert: A stand-alone alert device that monitors electrical inputs from a third party sensor and alerts a user of a condition change via a cell phone or embedded transmitter. Typical inputs are one or more switches or environmental sensors of various types. User accessible settings allow configuring the device for different... Agent:

20110241872 - Mobile device geolocation: GPS receivers are included in many mobile communications devices; however, there are circumstances where GPS is unavailable or undesirable to use. In an implementation, a device identifies nearby wireless signals, such as Wi-Fi access points and cell towers, and compares them to a database of known signals to determine an... Agent: Lookout, Inc., A California Corporation

20110241873 - Transmission of data to emergency response personnel: Emergency equipment stations (e.g., fire extinguisher stations, fire alarm pull stations, defibrillator stations, etc.) distributed throughout a facility monitor one or more internal or external conditions (e.g., ambient air temperature near the station, presence of an obstruction restricting access to the station, etc.) and relay information about the monitored conditions... Agent:

20110241874 - Electronic device and procedure for locating pieces of luggage gone astray: An arrangement and a method for locating pieces of luggage gone astray in a commercial air flight shipment, comprising a plurality of mobile units (11) for associating to a piece of luggage to be located if gone astray, and a set of locating units on the ground (21, 22, 23,... Agent: Francisco Domingo Polledo

20110241879 - Cable wrap security device: A security device for protecting a merchandise item that includes a housing, a first cable, a second cable, a spool, a locking mechanism and a crossover device that is in the housing and is rotatable about a vertical axis. The locking mechanism locks the spool so that it is not... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110241880 - Electronic device and computer-readable medium: A CPU 11, in the condition where the limited mode is not set, outputs the data arbitrarily selected by a user operation from a display unit 18 and a sound speaker 23, and in the condition where the limited mode is set, predetermined data is output instead of data specified... Agent: Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.

20110241877 - Evacuation system: A method includes receiving, at a server, an indication of an evacuation condition from a sensory node located in a structure. The method also includes determining a severity of the evacuation condition. The method further includes adjusting a sensitivity of at least one sensory node in the structure based at... Agent:

20110241876 - Indicia reader with dirty window indicator: A method of operating an indicia reader comprising the steps of: transmitting light partly through a window toward a target; receiving reflected light from a target and the window onto a photodetector; converting the received light into photodetector output signals representative thereof with the photodetector; storing a baseline photodetector photodetector... Agent: Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

20110241878 - Medication safety system: A medication safety system includes a panel mounted to an IV pole above a multi-channel infusion pump also mounted to the IV pole. The panel includes multiple RFID readers for reading the RFID tags placed on each of the medication containers mounted to the panel. The pump includes a controller... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20110241875 - Twisted fiber optic security mesh: A fiber optic mesh intrusion detection system includes a mesh structure made from twisted fiber optic cable to form a plurality of rhombic openings. For each of the crossings, a fastener is wrapped around the crossed fiber optic cable, serving both to provide the mesh structure and to protect the... Agent:

20110241881 - Systems and methods for optical secure alarmed protective fiber distribution systems and management: A fiber optic network has alarmed fiber optic lines in the cables connecting a secured junction box to plural user lock boxes. An outgoing alarm line and return alarm line in each cable connect the junction box to each user box. The outgoing alarm line is looped to the return... Agent:

20110241882 - Mobile terminal, location-based service server, and information providing system: f

20110241883 - Method for using a table of data to control access to a secure container: A container has a lid and a locking mechanism. The locking mechanism includes a male wall with a switch. A female wall mounts to the inside wall of the container and, when closed, encompasses the male wall. The female wall has a magnet that activates the switch. A lever contained... Agent: Safetystream Mobile Limited

20110241884 - Asset protection keychain: This is an invention that seeks to help preserve consumers largest assets in a unique but wholly relevant manner. For most consumers their houses and cars are their most expensive and largest assets, (but the invention holds it's relevance with all assets that use keys), as it so happens both... Agent:

20110241885 - Animal identification system and related method: A system for identifying an animal, comprising an identification tag/transponder device (4) surgically implanted into tissue of said animal and a scanning unit (5), wherein as said animal passes in the vicinity of a scanning unit, the system causes the identification device to send a signal to a receiving portion... Agent:

20110241886 - Presence detector and occupant support employing the same: An occupant support 20 augmented with a detection system for assessing the condition of an occupant includes first and second detectors 58, 62 for detecting presence of the occupant, an occupancy detector for determining if the occupant is occupying the occupant support and an analyzer for assessing whether a presence... Agent:

20110241887 - Waterproof optically-sensing fiberless-optically-communicating vitality monitoring and alarming system, particularly for swimmers and infants: The vitality of a swimmer, or of a child, is monitored by a periodically-activated micro-powered solar- and battery-powered waterproof microminiaturized (1) optical sensor of heart activity, electrically connected to (2) a microprocessor monitor, for jointly determining when a person's heart activity has stopped. When and if required, the microprocessor causes... Agent:

20110241888 - System and method of detecting cavitation in pumps: A system and method for detecting cavitation in pumps for fixed and variable supply frequency applications is disclosed. The system includes a controller having a processor programmed to repeatedly receive real-time operating current data from a motor driving a pump, generate a current frequency spectrum from the current data, and... Agent:

20110241889 - Bulk grain storage spoilage detection apparatus: An apparatus is disclosed for facilitating spoilage detection in bulk grain storage bins via dust-free or substantially dust-free air sampling. Dust particles are passively removed from sampled air without the use of barrier filters or electrostatic screens, but instead through the use of a non-linear pathway that is open at... Agent: Bin Tech L.l.l.p.

20110241890 - Collective objects management system with object identification using addressable decoder units: A collective objects management system for objects such as documents contained in file folders in drawers of file cabinets. Each file folder has an electrical circuit with a visible indicator mounted on the file folder. Each folder circuit has an address decoder with a unique system address which generates a... Agent: Imicrodata

20110241891 - Ground fault indicator: A constant current source, a measurement unit, an indication unit, and a controller are provided. The constant current source is connected to a shell of an electric device and configured to supply a constant current to the shell. The shell is connected to a ground line terminal of a power... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110241892 - Frequency monitoring to detect plasma process abnormality: Abnormal conditions within an RF-powered plasma process chamber are detected by detecting whether the frequency of a variable-frequency RF power supply moves outside established lower and upper limits. In a first aspect, a first pair of lower and upper limits are established as a function of the frequency of the... Agent:

20110241894 - Low voltage warning circuit: A low voltage warning circuit includes an input terminal configured to receive a supply voltage, a reference voltage connected to the input terminal for providing a reference voltage, a transistor connected to the reference voltage circuit and the input terminal, and a silicon controlled rectifier connected to the transistor and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110241893 - Voltage drop cancellation: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for bypassing a voltage drop. A protection module allows electric current to flow from an electric power storage device to a load. The protection module prevents electric current from flowing to the electric power storage device. The protection module includes a voltage drop... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110241895 - Object detection system and method using sub-sampling: An object detection system, controller, and method using sub-sampling for detecting a presence of an object at the location. An electrode arranged near the location radiates an electric field that corresponds to an electrode signal that arises in response to an excitation signal. When the excitation signal is coupled to... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110241896 - Aural warning processor: An aural warning processor includes a warning signal monitoring circuit and an audio output generation circuit under the operable control of a microcontroller. A system interface provides off-system electrical connectivity for the processor. The warning signal monitoring circuit is monitors the states of various subsystems of a host system with... Agent:

20110241897 - System and method for real time data transmission during well completions: Presently, existing completion tools have not been designed to couple with wired drill pipe. As such, present completions operations and tools have not been able to take advantage of the expanded bandwidth in wire drill pipe. Instead of designing new completions tools with wired pipe connections, the disclosed system and... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20110241898 - Method and system for locating an available vehicle parking space: A method and system of the invention locates an available vehicle parking space. In the method, parked information indicative of a parked condition is stored in a first vehicle. The first vehicle may detect a change in condition from the parked condition to a vacating condition. The first vehicle then... Agent:

20110241899 - Targeted enforcement for road user charging: A method is disclosed that includes, for a set of passages of a vehicle, where each passage is associated with at least one confidence level, applying at least one heuristic to confidence levels corresponding to the set to determine at least one score. The method also includes performing the applying... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110241900 - Navigation aid instrument for aircraft: two left (R2) and right (R1) display devices that extend vertically at a distance from each other and have the function of indicating the angle of inclination of the aircraft wings relative to the horizontal respectively on the left side or right side of the aircraft, wherein a mobile marker... Agent: Omega Sa

20110241901 - Standby display aircraft management system: One embodiment of the present invention includes an aircraft instrumentation system for a cockpit instrument panel having a first device associated with a first pilot of an aircraft and positioned on the instrument panel substantially in front of the first pilot. The first device may include a first display and... Agent: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

20110241902 - Systems and methods for aircraft flight tracking and display: Systems and methods are provided for automated collection and analysis of aircraft flight data. In accordance with one aspect, a system for collecting flight data associated with an aircraft is provided to transmit collected flight data to a remote system for storage and processing. In accordance with another aspect, a... Agent: Cloudahoy Inc.

20110241903 - Apparatus and method for simulating a vehicle tracking device in a vehicle: A simulated vehicle tracking device is installed in a conspicuous location in a vehicle. The simulated vehicle tracking device outwardly resembles the appearance of a functional vehicle tracking device, including indicator lights which flash on and off in a pattern to simulate the operation of indicator lights on a functioning... Agent:

20110241904 - Communication method for monitoring location of construction equipment: The present disclosure relates to a communication method for monitoring the position of a construction machine. The communication method according to the present disclosure includes: generating positional information of the construction machine and at least one piece of state information and at least one piece of operation information associated with... Agent: Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.

20110241905 - Vehicular travel guidance device, vehicular travel guidance method, and computer program: A vehicular travel guidance apparatus and method are provided. The apparatus includes a map image display unit that displays a map image on a display device and a maximum energy amount acquisition unit that acquires a maximum charging energy amount of an in-vehicle battery. The apparatus further includes a charging... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20110241906 - Motor vehicle: A motor vehicle includes a plurality of electronic detection devices for detecting and making available vehicle-related information items, wherein the vehicle-related information items relate to various areas or components outside or inside the motor vehicle; a display unit for displaying the vehicle-related information items; an operator control device for detecting... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

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