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09/29/2011 > 62 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20110234366 - Methods for selecting and controlling devices: A method of selecting and controlling devices based on wireless communication technology. The wireless controller sends a probe message to one or more devices; each device receives the probe message, obtains information in respect of its relative position with respect to the wireless controller, determines a response time to respond... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110234368 - Temperature control device and temperature control method: A temperature control device is used to control a temperature of an electronic component. The temperature control device includes a temperature sensing circuit, a controlled unit, a caution circuit, and a microcontroller. The microcontroller is used to sense the temperature of the electronic component, and determine whether the sensed temperature... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110234367 - Remote control and monitoring of barrier operators with radio frequency tranceivers: Low cost, low power consumption radio frequency transceivers are incorporated in barrier operator control systems for transmitting signals between an operator control unit, one or more remote control units, a diagnostic or calibration device and an obstruction detector. Similar detector devices, including such transceivers, may be employed in loading docks... Agent: Overhead Door Corporation

20110234369 - Intuitive multiple degrees of freedom portable control device: A control device for a vehicle or mechanism includes a portable displacement controller which permits a non-technical user to achieve effective control of the vehicle or mechanism, by moving the portable displacement controller intuitively with little learning effort. A first sensing device, attached to the displacement controller, detects the user's... Agent:

20110234370 - User identification device: A user identification device for an access system and/or starting system of a vehicle has an energy source such as a battery or an accumulator for making available a supply voltage. In addition, there are provided a measuring device for sensing the supply voltage currently made available by the energy... Agent:

20110234371 - Radio frequency identification method and system of distributing products: A method and system for vending products from a defined area, such as a micro-warehouse with a door. The method includes fitting each product with a radio frequency identification tag, positioning the plurality of products in a micro-warehouse, sensing opening and closing of the micro-warehouse door, scanning the plurality of... Agent:

20110234372 - Interactive phone message control apparatus for a motor vehicle: A motor vehicle includes control apparatus for establishing an interactive human-machine interface (HMI) between a vehicle driver and an on-board communication system that is wirelessly coupled to a nomadic communication device carried by the driver. The on-board communication system has the ability to activate the nomadic communication device to check... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110234373 - System and method for selectively enabling a control system: A system and method are disclosed for selectively enabling a control system using a biometric and a physiological sensor to determine the status of an operator. An input component is operatively coupled to the sensor to permit an operator to initialize the sensor. A central processor unit is operatively coupled... Agent:

20110234379 - Automatic transmission apparatus and method of automatic-transmitting signal between efid tag and mobile terminal in the same: An automatic transmission apparatus includes an RFID tag including a one-shot call command data signal, a one-shot SMS command data signal and/or a one-shot Internet access command data signal, and a mobile terminal that includes an RF antenna, a base band chip, and an NFC controller that performs NFC with... Agent: Aq Co., Ltd.

20110234374 - Determining conditions of personal protection articles against at least one criterion: The present disclosure is particularly adapted for determining whether the condition of personal protection equipment PPE articles satisfies at least one criterion. A method and system provide at least one predetermined criterion that governs use of the PPE article in a working environment; a PPE article is configured with a... Agent:

20110234376 - Device for scanning the division mark of a mechanical roller-type counter, for any type of counter: The invention relates to a device for scanning the division mark of a mechanical roller-type counter (1), for any type of counter, comprising a number of rotatably driven ciphering rollers (2), each ciphering roller carrying a number of digits (3) or symbols that are distributed homogeneously over the circumference and... Agent: Hengstler Gmbh

20110234375 - Electronic shelf label system, processing method, electronic shelf label, and program: To suppress power consumption when product information is not received from a server apparatus. A transmission section (302) of an electronic shelf label (300-1) transmits a registration request signal to the server apparatus. A transmission interval determining section (308) extends a transmission interval of the registration request signal in a... Agent:

20110234377 - Method and apparatus for identifying an rfid type: An apparatus is disclosed for use in interrogating a RF signal. The apparatus includes a reader module that determines the transmitted RFID information associated with the RF signal based on tag type parameters associated with a first RFID tag type. The apparatus further includes a validation module that compares at... Agent: Rf Ideas, Inc.

20110234378 - Tracking device, system and method: A tracking device for tracking with a radioactive material, a container including such a device, and a tracking method are described. The device has a radiation detector associatable with a radioactive material adapted to be placed in use within a container defining a radiation-shielded enclosure for containing a radioactive material,... Agent: Kromek Limited

20110234380 - Data collection system and wireless tag: A data collection system includes: a plurality of wireless tags; and a data collection device that performs time-division multiplexing communication with the plurality of wireless tags, the wireless tag including a tag-side transmission unit that transmits a signal in a frequency band higher than the LF band to the data... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110234382 - Coupled radio frequency identification (rfid) and biometric device: A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based identification device can comprise first and second RFID antennas. When first and second RFID antennas are in a first arrangement, the resonant frequencies of the antennas can be away from an interrogation frequency such that no identification information is transferred. When the first and second... Agent: Rcd Technology Inc.

20110234381 - Radio frequency identification device: A radio frequency identification (RFID) device performs a test on tag chips using a parallel test mode to reduce a test time and improve a test speed. The RFID device includes a plurality of tag chips each configured to perform a test in response to an externally applied test input... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110234383 - Spaced apart extended range rfid tag assemblies and methods of operation: An RFID tag assembly for use in tracking or timing of a progress of a user and the method of operating thereof the assembly including an RFID tag having a mounting substrate with an exposed first planar surface and an opposing second planar surface with one adapted for selective attachment... Agent: Innovative Timing Systems, LLC

20110234385 - System, carrier, program and controller device: The present invention relates to a system (1) comprising a controllable device (10) for executing a program; and a carrier (30) having a surface comprising a plurality of surface markings (34, 36), each marking being located over a RF tag embedded in the carrier, each RF tag comprising a unique... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110234384 - Apparatus for instantaneous translation of sign language: An apparatus for instantaneously translating sign language in to voice and video is introduced. The present invention uses accelerometer sensors to compute the position and movement of each finger, thereby instantaneously determining the posture of the hand. The location of fingers with respect to body is accurately determined by placing... Agent:

20110234386 - Information processor, information processing method and program: Disclosed herein is an information processor including, a storage section configured to store data representing the appearance features of a target device and data of an operation image used for operation of the target device, an acquisition section configured to acquire an image captured by a camera, a recognition section... Agent:

20110234387 - Tactile man-machine interface with data communication interface: The invention relates to a tactile man-machine interface comprising an interfacing surface comprising a means for transforming impacts on the interfacing surface into input electrical signals and a data interfacing means, configured for data communication with at least a first and a second device In this configuration, it becomes possible... Agent:

20110234388 - Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling tractor/trailer vehicle systems: A status of one or more subsystems positioned on one or more trailers is communicated to a tractor electrically and mechanically connected to the trailer. The status may be automatically supplied by the subsystem or may be requested either by the operator of the tractor/trailer combination or automatically by another... Agent: Power Talk, Inc.

20110234389 - Guidance and collision warning device for forklift trucks: There is provided a forklift truck for lifting and moving goods placed on a palette. An exemplary forklift truck comprises a lifting device that is vertically positioned with a lift pole. The lifting device comprises a horizontal bar to which at least two parallel forks are fixed. The forklift truck... Agent: Deutsche Post Ag

20110234390 - Driver assistance system and method for supporting the driver of a vehicle in maintaining a traffic lane limited by traffic lane markings: In a method and apparatus for assisting the driver of a vehicle in maintaining a traffic lane limited by traffic lane markings, the traffic lane markings and the position of the vehicle in the traffic lane are detected. Upon an actual or impending change of traffic lanes a lane change... Agent: Daimler Ag

20110234391 - Method and device for wear diagnosis of a motor vehicle: In a method and a device for wear diagnosis of a motor vehicle, driving events and driving conditions occurring during driving operation are detected, the detected driving events and driving conditions are assigned in each case a wear index value using a table which is stored in a memory of... Agent:

20110234392 - Method and system for communicating with and controlling an alarm system from a remote server: A communication system is provided that can be added to a legacy alarm system to provide a plurality of communication modes to a remote server system from the legacy alarm system and provide remote control and monitoring to a user of the system via two-way communication links. The communication system... Agent:

20110234393 - Method for processing received event message: Techniques for processing an incoming message from premises equipment at a monitoring location. In one embodiment, an event message, including digits with varying amplitudes, is generated at a premises (such as a home, office, factory, etc.) in response to an event at the premises. A communication channel is established between... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110234394 - Advanced alert, notification, and response device: Contemplated devices and methods employ a system in which at least two receivers are configured to receive at the same time a first and a second emergency signal via a first and a second communication pathway, respectively. The device further has a control unit that is programmed to assign priority... Agent:

20110234395 - Two-axis inclinometer head of bed elevation alarm and method of operation: An apparatus used for reducing the incidence of aspiration in patients using a two-axis inclinometer is disclosed. The apparatus uses a two-axis inclinometer that is attached in the region of the patient's upper body to measure the absolute angular elevation of the patient's upper body, which is then transmitted to... Agent: Egresson, LLC

20110234398 - Apparatus, system, and method for automated item tracking: Disclosed is an automated item tracking method, comprising the steps of reading an RFID signal, obtaining a reported position of an RFID signal generator, measuring the strength of the read RFID signal, creating a read profile, obtaining a physical package profile, comparing the read profile to the physical package profile,... Agent: Element Id, Inc.

20110234396 - Fire and emergency warning and locator system: Devices, systems, and methods for locating remote objects and notifying animals that alarms are active comprising detecting an alarm signal with an alarm sensor and a processor in communication with the alarm sensor and transmitting a locator signal and/or an audio signal having a frequency greater than 20 kHz in... Agent: Safeawake, LLC

20110234397 - Wireless tracking device: An apparatus and method for a tracking device to inconspicuously track a person to be monitored (such as a child or at-risk adult) are presented. Some embodiments of the present invention combine a positioning receiver (e.g., a GPS receiver) and a locking mechanism to act as a tracking device, which... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110234399 - Method and apparatus for providing a remote lost-and-found service: An approach is provided for a remote lost-and-found service. A local sensor manager causes, at least in part, pairing of a device and a local sensor. The local sensor manager then determines when the local sensor is beyond a predetermined distance from the device, and causes, at least in part,... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110234400 - Alarm unit for monitoring or detection of an analyte: An alarm unit for monitoring or detecting presence of an analyte on a separate sensor portion. The present invention comprises only the alarm unit and its means for attachment to a user's clothing. A square plastic casing protects the alarm electronics portion including a signal processing means. A large clip... Agent: Theos Medical Systems, Inc

20110234401 - Circuit monitoring device: The circuit monitoring device is disclosed. The device is for monitoring circuit resistance. At configurable thresholds digital flags are triggered, the device can be used as a Security/Building management system. The device uses open technology is fully scaleable and allows programmable logic controllers to be used as security management systems.... Agent:

20110234403 - Headgear and method of using same: Headgear techniques are provided. The headgear has a crown configured to fit on a wearer's head, a bill extending from the crown with at least a portion of the bill being transparent, and a filtration material positioned about the transparent portion of the bill. The filtration material is reactive to... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20110234402 - You've got mail mailbox signaling device: The present invention provides a transmitting and receiving system that provides an audible alert, inside the home, that mail has been left in an outside box. The transmitter is an electronic unit featuring a frequency generator, amplifier, internal antenna, and the required electrical and electronic components and circuitry encased within... Agent:

20110234404 - Intrusion detection system and sensor device thereof: A intrusion detection system includes a first sensor device having a first transmission circuit unit that transmits a modulation wave of a first transmission spectrum diffusion signal to a first transmission leakage transfer passage and a second sensor device having a second transmission circuit unit that transmits a modulation wave... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110234405 - Theft deterrent device: A theft deterrent device includes a carrier having a pivotally mounted pin and an alarm tag for receiving the pin to secure the carrier and alarm tag together when secured on an item of merchandise by an adhesive pad on the carrier. Spaced electrical contacts within the alarm tag receive... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110234408 - Body position monitoring system: A bed includes a frame, a controller coupled to the frame, and a patient position detection system coupled to the frame and coupled to the controller. The patient position detection system has at least three modes of operation of varying sensitivities for determining whether a person supported on the frame... Agent:

20110234407 - Hand hygiene compliance device: A device, system, and method of ensuring hand hygiene compliance is provided including a device for dispensing hygiene maintenance material that also monitors a detection zone to determine if an individual is present. The device, system, and method provide reminders and tracking of use of the dispensing device and the... Agent: Harkap Partners, LLC

20110234406 - Signature analysis systems and methods: A signature analysis system can include a mobile signature analysis unit and a home unit. The mobile signature analysis unit can include a sensor module to monitor and capture an entity's activity information and a processing unit to analyze the activity information to detect a signature and determine an event... Agent: Sanvalto, Inc.

20110234409 - Telemedicine application for remote monitoring, viewing and updating of patient records: Systems and methods of providing telemedicine services are provided. A system can include a medical device that obtains diagnostic information, a gateway device coupled to the medical device, an application server coupled to the gateway device via wired and wireless networks, a database coupled to the application server, the database... Agent: Elevate Technologies Pty Ltd.

20110234410 - Solar powered animal containment/repellent system: Described is an animal containment/repellant system for containing and animal within or repelling an animal from a designated area and for optimizing an integral power source of the system. More specifically, the animal containment/repellant system supplements the operating power provided by its internal power source with power derived from solar... Agent:

20110234411 - Occupant support system and associated method of operation: An occupant support system 28 comprises a receiver 104 for receiving an order 106 from an information system 10 and a processor 102 capable of communication with the receiver and able to execute instructions in response to the order to change the state of the occupant support system and also... Agent:

20110234412 - Alarm unit for monitoring or detection of an analyte: In one example embodiment, an alarm unit for monitoring or detecting presence of an analyte on an analyte sensor comprises a square plastic casing protecting the alarm electronics portion and including a signal processing means, a clip attachment means configured to be separated and attached from the casing and used... Agent: Theos Medical Systems, Inc.

20110234413 - Grip responsive sleep alert system and method: The present invention is related to a grip responsive sleep alert system, comprising a housing, including a trigger mechanism electrically connected to a first electrical contact, and a second electrical contact attached to the housing and connected to a battery and to an audible alert device. The first and second... Agent:

20110234416 - Systems and methods for detecting a patch cord end connection: Systems and methods for detecting a patch cord connection are presented. The insertion of a patch cord into a device jack physically closes a circuit, thereby permitting determination of the patch cord connection. The connection of only one side of a patch cord to a jack is able to be... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20110234415 - Uninterruptible power supply and detection device: The uninterruptible power supply and detection device contains a power detection member and a power supply member, both connected to a house mains. The power detection member contains an AC (alternate current) transformer, a power detection unit, and a wireless transmitter. The power supply member is configured with an electronic... Agent:

20110234414 - Wearable live electrical circuit detection device: A wearable electrical circuit detection device is provided with a plurality of modules configured to functionally execute the necessary steps of detecting an energized electrical circuit. These modules include a wearable holder worn at or near a finger, a sensing module positioned on the wearable holder, an alarm module in... Agent:

20110234417 - Failsafe oscillator monitor and alarm: A failsafe oscillator monitor and alarm circuit receives clock pulses from an external oscillator that if a failure thereto occurs, the failsafe oscillator monitor and alarm circuit will notify a digital processor of the external oscillator failure. The failsafe oscillator monitor and alarm circuit is a very low current usage... Agent: Microchip Technology Incorporated

20110234418 - Abnormal discharge alarm device for steam trap: An abnormal discharge alarm device is applied in a steam trap. The steam trap is installed in a pipeline of a steam system. The abnormal discharge alarm device includes a power generation component and a control circuit. The power generation component receives a fluid discharged from the steam trap and... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110234419 - Medication storage device usage status notifications: A usage status notification method and corresponding medication storage device (e.g., mobile medication dispensing cart, medication cabinet, nurse server, etc.) are provided. To generate the usage status notification, the status of one or more components of the medication storage device may be monitored. An in-use notification signal may be generated... Agent: Mckesson Automation Inc.

20110234420 - Electric function module assembly: An electric function module assembly is disclosed. The assembly includes an electric switch box having a pair of electrical contacts adapted for slidable connective engagement with a respective pair of electrical contacts of a switch cover. The contacts of the switch cover are electrically connected to a function indicator to... Agent:

20110234421 - Method and apparatus for a subterranean and marine-submersible electrical transmission system for oil and gas wells: The present invention is directed towards methods of oil and gas well logging, monitoring, and the field of electrically powering submersible devices like electrical motors in oil and gas wells.... Agent:

20110234422 - Vehicle approach warning system: A control unit detects presence of a person and a direction of his/her face based on image information inputted from an imaging device, and determines that a warning need be provided to notify the person of vehicle approach if the person is detected but his/her face is not detected. The... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110234423 - Defining approach maps for traffic signal preemption controllers: Methods and systems for creating an approach map for a traffic signal preemption controller. A road map is displayed, and in response to user input for instantiating a first segment of an approach map, a first instance of a graphical object overlaying one of the plurality of roads is displayed.... Agent:

20110234424 - Led water-proofing diffuser embedded into a shell plate: An LED water-proofing diffuser embedded into the shell plate, said LED water-proofing diffuser includes an LED baseplate retaining shell, which is a 3D holding space formed by an end wall and a circumferential flange. An LED assembly port is formed at the other end of the circumferential flange. An LED... Agent: Safety Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd.

20110234425 - Adapting selective terrain warnings as a function of the instantaneous maneuverability of a rotorcraft: A method of generating a terrain avoidance warning for a rotary wing aircraft including generating an avoidance trajectory including a proximal segment representative of a transfer time and an avoidance curve including at least one distal segment of a conic section curve following on from the proximal segment, wherein the... Agent: Eurocopter

20110234426 - Apparatus and method for pressurising an aircraft cabin structure and measuring the amount of leakage of the aircraft cabin structure: An apparatus (10) for pressurising an aircraft cabin structure (12) and measuring the amount of leakage of the aircraft cabin structure (12) comprises an air supply line (14) which at a first end is connectable to a pressurized air source and which at a second end is connectable to the... Agent:

20110234427 - Communication system including telemetric device for a vehicle connected to a cloud service: A telemetric device for a vehicle includes a location determining device arranged to determine the vehicle's location and a transmitting device arranged to continuously or nearly continuously transmit location data concerning the vehicle in real-time or near real-time. The transmission of the location data is not based on a condition... Agent: Samtec Inc.

09/22/2011 > 67 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20110227694 - Catheter interfacing: The present invention relates to a device (100) and method for interfacing a signal transmission/reception device (200) and a catheter (300). A signal transmitted by the signal transmission/reception device (200) and supplied to the device (100) via a first interface (102, 104, 106, 108) can be sensed by a first... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110227693 - Environmental access control system: An access control system (10) includes a door (11), a locking device (15) which includes a latch (16) which is moveable from a locking position in which the latch (16) prevents the door (18) being opened and a released position in which the latch (16) permits the door (11) to... Agent:

20110227696 - Operation system: The present invention relates to an operation apparatus including an operation terminal used for operating a domestic apparatus near a wall surface. An operation host section (20) includes a module of an accessing function element and electric supply function element, which module discharges an operation signal in the air, or... Agent:

20110227695 - Remote control system of outdoor shading group: A remote control system for controlling two or more outdoor shading devices includes a plurality of control modules providing at the outdoor shading devices respectively to control an operation of the outdoor shading devices, and a central control unit remotely linked to the control modules to form a control network... Agent:

20110227697 - Passenger flow monitoring method and system: A method for passenger flow is described. A boarding pass identifier of a boarding pass is electronically identified at a workstation of one or more first workstations at a first level. Boarding pass information associated with the identified boarding pass identifier is electronically retrieved at the workstation. It is determined,... Agent: Icts Europe Systems Ltd

20110227698 - Wireless control system and method: A wireless control system for use in a vehicle and for use with a remote electronic system is provided. The wireless control system includes a transceiver for mounting in the vehicle. The transceiver is configured to communicate according to a Bluetooth communications standard. The transceiver is further configured to provide... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110227699 - Personalized location tags: Systems and methods are provided for creating and using personalized location information tags (geotags). Personalized geotags take the place of generic location information such as latitude/longitude coordinates or granular city/state information. Such geotags may be published to present to selected people, e.g., family and friends, a user's current location. Thus,... Agent: Google Inc.

20110227700 - Determining conditions of components removably coupled to personal protection equipment: Method and system are disclosed for determining conditions of components that are removably coupled to articles of personal protection equipment (PPE) by tracking the components against predetermined criteria.... Agent:

20110227706 - Eas tag with wrapping tethers and cover: An electronic article surveillance (EAS) system is comprised of a first EAS housing and a second EAS housing, each having electrically conducting tethers and a cover to hold the housing in place on an object to be protected. The covers have a surface with adhesive on it. Each housing is... Agent:

20110227701 - Gate system: Disclosed is a gate system arranged on two gate frames and detects a tag passing between the two gate frames, the gate system including at least two gate frames that are vertically arranged facing with each other; at least two antenna units that are arranged on the at least two... Agent: Ls Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.

20110227702 - Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving message using customized tag: A message receiving method and apparatus using a customized tag including: receiving a message including a first customized tag from a message transmitting device; determining whether the first customized tag is included in the message, and, if the first customized tag is determined to be included in the message, extracting... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110227704 - Rfid-based enterprise intelligence: An “RFID-Based Inference Platform” provides various techniques for using RFID tags in combination with other enterprise sensors to track users and objects, infer their interactions, and provide these inferences for enabling further applications. Specifically, observations are collected from combinations of RFID tag reads and other enterprise sensors including electronic calendars,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110227705 - System for checking the location of equipmrnt: The invention relates to communication technology. Use of the invention allows to check the location of equipment in telecommunication racks. This technical result is achieved by steps of: providing the rail of rack with lengthy antenna connected to an RFID interrogator; installing on the rail sensors of location that change... Agent:

20110227703 - Systems and methods of reading gaming chips and other stacked items: Systems, methods and computer program products associated with wirelessly (e.g., RF) readable gaming chips are disclosed.... Agent:

20110227707 - Method and communication system for controlling communication distance of rf sim card with the aid of tag identification: A method and RF SIM card communication system using a tag recognition to control the RF communication range, a tag for providing data information is installed on a mobile communication terminal equipped with an RF SIM card, a tag reader module for reading out and transmitting the data information is... Agent: Nationz Technologies Inc.

20110227709 - Wireless asset management and demand floor plan audit system: Disclosed is a vehicle tracking and system for a vehicle dealerships, storage facilities and financial institutions. The vehicle tracking system includes wireless security apparatus that is coupled with a vehicles OBD-II system. The wireless security apparatus communicates with one or more GPS satellites to obtain location and other GPS generated... Agent:

20110227708 - Portable electronic device, communication device, and command processing method: According to one embodiment, a portable electronic device includes a communication unit and a command processor. The command processor controls the communication unit to send a first response in response to normal execution of the plurality of processes. The command processor controls the communication unit to send a second response... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110227710 - Rfid tag, rfid tag set and rfid system: Provided is an RFID tag by which the communication distance is not shortened even when wireless communication is performed with a metal object and broadband and high gain are achieved. An RFID tag set and an RFID system are also provided. In an RFID tag (1), an antenna section (4)... Agent: Omron Corporation

20110227711 - General purpose wireless control system: One embodiment of a general purpose wireless control system comprises a means for practically interfacing any type of sensor with a network capable radio, plus a means for practically interfacing any type of actuator with a network capable radio, plus a means for practically interfacing any type of controller and... Agent:

20110227712 - Computerized multiple technology based vehicle alarm system and method: The present invention is a computerized multiple technology vehicle alarm system that includes a closed circuit surveillance camera system, a plurality of door sensors, a plurality of microwave motion sensors, a plurality of shock sensors, a plurality of glass breakage sensors, a GPS system, an engine disabling device, a plurality... Agent:

20110227713 - Method for the avoidance or mitigation of a collision, control apparatus for a driver assistance system and vehicle: A method is provided for the avoidance or at least mitigation of a collision between a first vehicle driving in a first lane and a second vehicle driving in a second lane when the second vehicle changes lane from the second lane to the first lane. The method includes, but... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110227714 - Control device and control method for vehicle: If a condition about the state of a vehicle is satisfied, if charging connectors are being connected, and if a parking position has been released, an ECU performs a program including the steps of performing brake pressure increase control and performing notification control.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110227716 - Ambient lighting to reflect changes in vehicle operating parameters: An interior lighting system which responds to changes in vehicle operating parameters, such as fuel economy, electric power consumption and battery recharging, by changing color of interior lighting. The system includes an engine vacuum sensor associated with the internal combustion engine and, when used on a hybrid vehicle, a motor... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110227715 - Vehicle information display and method: An information display system includes an information display that communicates relevant information relating to the operation of a vehicle. The information display conveys a score representing lifetime or long-term driving or operating efficiency of the vehicle. The score can be conveyed numerically or graphically using a number of indicators, or... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110227717 - Vehicle display device and display method: In a vehicle display device in the invention, because the display position of a displayed image is adjusted by a display position calculation portion (14) and a drive control portion (15) when a predetermined vehicle travel condition is detected by a travel condition detection portion (12), the display position is... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110227718 - Multi-function display and operating system and method for controlling such a system having optimized graphical operating display: The invention relates to a multi-function display and operating system (2) in a motor vehicle (1) and to a method for operating such a system. The multi-function display and operating system (2) comprises at least one display device (6) for displaying information, a control unit (3) controlling the representation of... Agent: Volkswagen Ag

20110227719 - Motor vehicle having hybrid drive and external display device for displaying a current operating mode of the hybrid drive: A motor vehicle has a hybrid drive that includes a first drive unit and a second low-emission drive unit. The motor vehicle can be driven in travel mode in different modes of operation of the hybrid drive at least either by the first drive unit or by the second low-emission... Agent: Audi Ag

20110227720 - Cooperated filtering with real time and non-real time system: To separate a module as a description of a service from another that gains access to sensors and actuators used in the module. The present invention provides cooperated filtering with realtime and non-realtime system including a realtime system to which sensors and actuators are coupled and a non-realtime system coupled... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110227721 - Leak detection system for pipes: The leak detection system for pipes and couplings is a system for generating an alert signal when a liquid leak from the pipe joint or coupling is detected. The leak detection system includes a transmitter mounted adjacent a pipe joint formed between a first pipe and a fitting of a... Agent:

20110227722 - Tracking system and device: A tracking device and system for tracking containers, in particular, containers and their contents, is disclosed. The tracking device utilizes AGPS/GPS/GSM/CDMA/LTE/EVDO/WiFi/RFID/Bluetooth®/TDMA technology to enable an individual to locate and monitor the movement of a Container at any given time and for any desired period of time. The tracking system utilizes... Agent:

20110227724 - Automated location-intelligent traffic notification service systems and methods: Traffic notification systems include a location determination system that is configured to determine a geographic location of a subscriber and an automated traffic notification system that is configured to automatically transmit a traffic notification message that is based on the geographic location of the subscriber to a wireless.... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110227723 - Remote machine monitoring: A system for monitoring a machine includes a monitoring relay for coupling to one or more sensors on the machine and a communication device. The system also includes a remote monitoring unit (RMU) coupled to the monitoring device and the communication device, the RMU receiving data points from the monitoring... Agent: General Electric Company

20110227727 - Device, system and method for tracking mobile assets: A device attached to an outside surface of a shipping container for tracking the shipping container includes a solar panel, a battery, a GPS receiver module, a cellular data transceiver module, and a microcontroller for controlling the GPS receiver module and the cellular data transceiver module to periodically obtain the... Agent: Trackpoint Systems, LLC

20110227726 - Location detection system using an rfid tag: Provided is a U-safety (Ubiquitous-safety) service using RFID. Unlike conventional systems using RFID which are locally used in one apartment complex, theme park, or the like due to spatial restrictions, the system of the present invention enables RFID readers having a wide range of recognition to be located everywhere all... Agent:

20110227725 - Pallet with wireless transceiver for communicating pallet manifest, condition and location information: The inventions involve material handling apparatus including pallets developed to operate in radio frequency rich environments. Apparatus are provided having at least one large compartment capable of enclosing at least one electronic device or a package populated with a plurality of devices. Articles with attached RFID item tags are loaded... Agent:

20110227728 - Deterrent alarm system: The invention relates to a system and method of using a remotely electronically-activated visual, auditory, or transmitted signal to alert persons within close proximity to the visual signal of an emergency situation. In an embodiment of the method of this invention, a visual signal is placed in a location within... Agent:

20110227730 - System and apparatus for locating and surveillance of persons and/or surroundings: An embodiment includes a method for receiving a safety device alert activation notification; determining a user profile associated with the safety device; and determining an alert level based on the safety device activation notification, where the determination may a first and second alert level. One embodiment includes determining that a... Agent:

20110227729 - Systems and methods for a secure shipping label: According to various embodiments, a shipping label validation system is provided for determining whether a shipping label is valid or counterfeit. The system may be used, for example, by a shipping entity (e.g., a common carrier) to prevent counterfeiting by generating and embedding onto the shipping label a shipping label... Agent: United Parcel Service Of America, Inc.

20110227732 - Accessory actuator: An accessory actuator device includes a housing member with an opening. The housing member comprises a detachable front cover, back cover and mounting plate. The actuator activates when a sensor located in the opening senses movement. The sensor then communicates a signal to an accessory activating unit, which in turn... Agent: Mr. Christmas Incorporated

20110227733 - Animal detection system and method: A system for detecting an animal proximate a roadway is disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, there is at least one warning station, a plurality of sensor stations, and a processor. Each of the plurality of sensor stations may have a first sensor and a second sensor. The processor... Agent:

20110227731 - Marine optic fiber security fence: A fence for establishing a secure marine perimeter includes a floating platform, at least two uprights extending to a predetermined height, at least one anchor, at least one anchor line, an optic fiber net extending from a first predetermined point above the surface of the body of water to a... Agent:

20110227734 - Pharmaceutical product container with motion sensor and alarm: Systems and methods for monitoring a container (180) for storing a pharmaceutical product (190) are presented. The container (180) may be monitored (210) such that container movement may be detected (212) and logic may be provided for determining if the movement was authorized. In the event of unauthorized movement, an... Agent: Mallinckrodt Inc.

20110227735 - Merchandise display security system including magnetic sensor: A merchandise display security system for displaying and protecting an item of merchandise having a movable or removable cover includes a sensor configured to be attached to the cover. The sensor may include a magnet assembly that produces a magnetic field defining a predetermined minimum strength when the sensor is... Agent: Invue Security Products Inc.

20110227736 - Acceleration-based theft detection system for portable electronic devices: A theft prevention system for protecting portable electronic devices is disclosed. An acceleration sensor detects the acceleration of a portable electronic device, and a controller analyzes this acceleration to determine whether a theft condition is present. If so, an alarm can be initiated. The theft prevention system can include a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110227741 - Emergency rescue system triggered by eye expression recognition and method for same: In an emergency rescue system triggered by eye expression recognition, an eye expression recognition based emergency rescue client and an eye expression recognition based emergency rescue server are provided which are connected to each other over a wired or wireless network, wherein said eye expression recognition based emergency rescue client... Agent:

20110227739 - Multi-display bedside monitoring system: The present specification discloses systems and methods for patient monitoring using a multitude of display regions, at least two of which have the capability to simultaneously display real time patient waveforms and vital statistics as well as provide display for local and remote software applications. In one example, a primary... Agent:

20110227740 - Personnel location and monitoring system and method for enclosed facilities: A wireless time-of-flight distance measurement device a motion detector is used at each of a plurality of stations in a wireless network in an enclosed facility to accurately locate a badge-wearing person near the station. The location, badge number and time of detection are transmitted through the network and stored... Agent: Xhale, Inc.

20110227737 - Physiological sign assessment security scanner system: A security system for determining if a screened individual is a potential perpetrator of a crime. The following scanning devices are connected to a scanning system control computer: a physiological sign scanning device for measuring the physiological signs of the individual, an iris scanner for scanning the individual's iris, and... Agent:

20110227738 - Wearable electronic ground integrity monitor: A device that can electronically track operator ground connectivity to; a) provide continuous visual and/or auditory indication of connection state, b) optionally provide that the ground connectivity state may be monitored and displayed remotely using RF communications, and c) optionally provide that the operators device can track RFID ‘follower’ tags... Agent:

20110227742 - Method for measuring remaining hydrogen capacity of hydrogen storage canister incorporating rfid device: A method is provided for measuring remaining hydrogen capacity of hydrogen storage canister incorporating tag information. An information identification tag is attached to a hydrogen storage canister. The information identification tag contains therein at least one record of tag information indicating the hydrogen storage quantity of the hydrogen storage canister.... Agent: Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd.

20110227743 - Remotely actuatable locking system and method for forming doors for accommodating such systems: A door usable for after market installation of remotely actuatable locking systems is provided with a spacer element within its interior. The spacer element includes an orifice sized for accommodating a motor and locking mechanism. A tubular element is also provided through the interior of the door body adjacent to... Agent:

20110227744 - Diagnostic information supply apparatus for construction machine: An information supply apparatus for a construction machine is adapted to enhance alarm/trouble cause checking accuracy. A user-side personal computer 4 or other apparatus, remote from a hydraulic excavator 1, acquires chronological data relating to alarm/trouble occurrence information on the hydraulic excavator 1, chronological data relating to engine on/off and... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20110227745 - Operational management system of agricultural work vehicle: Positional information transmitted from a mobile unit mounted on an agricultural work vehicle is displayed overlapping with map data obtained from a map database. Display of the field data on the display screen is color-coded based on a result of comparison of a date of the positional information transmitted from... Agent: Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

20110227746 - Door control apparatus: A door control apparatus and methods for controlling a door motion device for a hinged door and, optionally, illuminating a designated area on the floor. During the time the designated area is illuminated, a person can expect that the door will not close. The door control apparatus may include control... Agent: Yale Security Inc.

20110227747 - Collision avoidance: A method for avoiding collisions may include receiving a signal from a device, where the signal includes an identifier of the device transmitting the signal. The method for avoiding collisions may further include determining strength of the signal. The method for avoiding collisions may further include reading from a database... Agent: Wirefree Corporation

20110227748 - Radio-frequency identification (rfid) safety system: A system and method for alerting operators of mobile equipment to the presence of people in monitored areas around the periphery of the mobile equipment they are operating is provided. The system includes an RFID detection system which is installed on the mobile equipment and alerts the operator to the... Agent: Marlex Engineering Inc.

20110227750 - Radiation imaging system having radiation imaging cassette and console device, and radiation imaging program: A radiation imaging system includes a radiation imaging cassette and a console device. A communication mode between the cassette and the console device is switchable between a wired mode and a wireless mode. Due to shortage of a battery of the cassette, the communication mode is switched to the wired... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110227749 - Charger loss prevention adaptor: A reminder system for a portable-device charger is designed for determining when it is likely that the charger is about to be left behind. Detection which may be in real time can pertain, depending on the embodiment, to disconnection of a portable device from the charger, and/or movement of a... Agent:

20110227751 - Sunroof and vehicle having same: An exemplary sunroof for mounting in a vehicle roof is provided. The sunroof includes a panel and a warning apparatus. The sunroof includes a first bottom surface for facing toward an inside of the vehicle. The warning apparatus includes a PCB attached to the panel, and a warning unit mounted... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110227752 - Plate position display vibration machine: The Plate Position Display Vibration Machine is a Whole Body Vibration Machine which represents visually the oscillating plate position as a ratio of the actual position.... Agent:

20110227753 - Reinforced marine optic fiber security fence: A fence for establishing a secure marine perimeter includes an optic fiber net. The optic fiber net includes an optic fiber wire with an input end and an output end. A light transmitter connects to the input end to introduce an input optic signal into the optic fiber wire. A... Agent:

20110227754 - Methods and systems for data aggregation and reporting: The present application is generally directed to mediums, methods, and systems for providing a data aggregator and reporting engine for utilities data. Exemplary embodiments provide procedures for aggregating and reporting data. According to exemplary embodiments, a base configuration for a data aggregator is provided. A variety of characteristics and functionality... Agent: Entegrity LLC

20110227755 - Metering and measuring point system for measuring and metering electrical energy and method: e

20110227756 - Wireless traffic calming, cautioning, early warning and emergency notification system: A traffic calming (broadly defined as methods and apparatus for the purpose of reducing or otherwise controlling vehicle speeds and improving safety appropriate to the state of the road), cautioning, early warning and emergency notification system using secure wireless transmitters, receivers and transceivers for localized point to point notification. Static,... Agent:

20110227757 - Methods for context driven disruption tolerant vehicular networking in dynamic roadway environments: A method and apparatus for optimizing communication of data within a disruption tolerant network. The method comprises of receiving a data packet, said data packet including a context and a state related to said context, storing the data packet to a buffer and disseminating the data packet to neighboring vehicles... Agent: Toyota Infotechnology Center, U.s.a., Inc.

20110227758 - Interactive mobile service system: An interactive mobile service system for a transportation system includes a plurality of vehicle hosts deposited in a plurality of vehicles of the transportation system, and a plurality of servers for providing a plurality of services for the plurality of vehicle hosts, wherein the plurality of vehicle hosts request the... Agent:

20110227759 - Method and system for ascertaining a local information item for a vehicle: A method and system for ascertaining at least one traffic-related local information item for a vehicle includes a reception device in a radio system to receive sent data from a radio system in at least one other vehicle in the vicinity of the one vehicle as defined by the reception... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

09/15/2011 > 51 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20110221566 - Authenticating device with wireless directional radiation: A directional, wireless, user-authenticating electronic token is disclosed. The token is embedded as an integrated system (generally, within a protective electronic enclosure). Typically the present invention includes a fingerprint sensor, a processor, a power source, a token transceiver and antenna, and orientation indicia. The antenna propagates highly directional signals. This... Agent:

20110221565 - Dynamic access control in response to flexible rules: A dynamic access control facility that enables an operator to determine whether to grant or deny access to an individual based, in part, on the status of the individual. The operator scans the individual's identification information from an identification record using a scanning device. To determine the status of the... Agent:

20110221567 - Biometric identification and analysis: A system and method for identifying an unknown individual from a plurality of enrolled individuals is provided. In an embodiment, the method comprises comparing at least two parameters of the unknown individual to at least two enrolled parameters of the enrolled individuals. The method then determines a score correlating to... Agent:

20110221568 - Proximity-based system for automatic application or data access and item tracking: A system and method provide automatic access to applications or data. A portable physical device, referred to herein as a Personal Digital Key or “PDK”, stores one or more profiles in memory, including a biometric profile acquired in a secure trusted process and uniquely associated with a user that is... Agent: Proxense, LLC

20110221569 - Remotely powered and remotely interrogated wireless digital sensor telemetry system with a plurality of transponders connected to a single receiver coil or antenna: An electronic system includes a reader and a remotely powered and remotely interrogated transponder. The transponder includes a plurality of transponders connected to a single radiation receiving device. Each of the transponders receives power derived from radiation from the reader. Each of the transponders has an address. Each of the... Agent:

20110221574 - Apparatus, system, method and rfid tag for the location of devices integrated into a building: For locating of devices installed in a building, the devices are provided with RFID tags, on which data pertaining to the devices are stored and which emit only in a predetermined range. A locating apparatus has a receiver module for receiving data pertaining to a device from an RFID tag... Agent:

20110221570 - Position transmitter system: A measurement system for finding the position of a primary part of a linear motor with respect to a secondary part includes an absolute value measurement system for recording a first reference position of the primary part with respect to the secondary part, and an incremental measurement system for recording... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110221573 - Real time monitoring of ship cargo: Remote monitoring and control of the interior environment of a refrigerated shipping container is described. A communications and monitoring device is coupled to a data communications port of a controller of a shipping container. The device is able to receive an operational parameter directly from the controller, without having to... Agent:

20110221572 - Rfid converter module: A tag communication method includes providing a tag reader operating at a first frequency and having transmit and receive antenna ports, providing a frequency converter module having transmit and receive plugs adapted to directly mate with the transmit and receive ports, and directly mating the transmit plug with the transmit... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110221571 - Tag communication apparatus, tag communication apparatus control method, and tag communication apparatus control program: A tag communication apparatus conducts wireless communication with an RFID tag through a radio wave. The tag communication apparatus includes a data receiver that receives transmit data to be transmitted to the RFID tag, a data compressor that compresses at least a part of the transmit data obtained by the... Agent: Omron Corporation

20110221575 - Rfid circuitry and methods of using the same to provide information of events pertaining to an electronic device: An electronic device with RFID circuitry is provided. The electronic device is operative to instruct the RFID circuitry to provide a desired message indicative of an event associated with the electronic device. For example, if the electronic device experienced some type of system failure, the device may instruct the RFID... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110221576 - Information processing apparatus, wireless tag reading apparatus, and wireless tag reading method: There are provided a reading unit emitting radio waves to a predetermined region and reading information from wireless tags responding to the radio waves; an output level control unit changing output levels of the radio waves emitted by the reading unit to values corresponding to the plural kinds of wireless... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110221577 - Communication information display system: A commodity information display apparatus includes a shelf on which a commodity is displayed, and a display unit for displaying the commodity information about the commodity. The commodity information about the commodity related to an RFID tag detected by an antenna and a read device is acquired in advance from... Agent: Sanden Corporation

20110221579 - Systems and methods for rfid-based access management of electronic devices: Disclosed are systems and methods for preventing unauthorized persons from using an electronic device within a facility. In such an embodiment, the system may include a RFID tag having unique identification information associated with a wearer of the RFID tag. The RFID tag may be comprised in a non-removable item... Agent: 3v Technologies Incorporated

20110221578 - Wireless identification card: The wireless identification card (10) includes an identification information storage (11) configured to store identification information, and a transmitter (12) configured to transmit, to a reader (90), a wireless signal including the identification information stored in the identification information storage (11). The wireless identification card (10) further includes a solar... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110221581 - Method for controlling appliances by swing motion: A method for controlling appliances includes a wearing step, a swinging step and a controlling step. The control device is attached to a movable part of a user's body and the user swings the movable part to generate and send a control signal to the appliance so as to activate... Agent: National Formosa University

20110221580 - Minimization of power consumption of remote controlled appliances: Power consumption of an appliance under remote control is minimized. The appliance receives a wireless energy burst having a wireless magnetic resonating power coupling characteristic transmitted by a remote control device. The appliance is powered up from a powered-down state to a standby mode if the appliance is in the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Kk

20110221582 - User-assisted programmable appliance control: A transmitter is configured to transmit activation signals based on transmission schemes in which one of the schemes is an appropriate scheme such that the appliance activates upon receiving an activation signal that is based on the appropriate scheme and has a code associated with the appliance. The transmitter is... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110221583 - Skin-patch type infusion pump comprising a resonant buzzer: Disclosed are methods and devices that include a therapeutic fluid dispensing device (10) to deliver a therapeutic fluid into a body of a patient. The device includes a controller to control one or more of fluid delivery operations and notification operations, at least one auditory notifier (800) to produce one... Agent:

20110221584 - System for recording collisions: A system for recording collisions in motor vehicles. The system includes a control unit that is connected to ultrasound sensors that can be disposed on or in the vehicle and is connected to acceleration sensors that can be disposed in the vehicle. Accident events are detected by the control unit... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20110221585 - Driving support device for vehicle: A driving support device includes: a position detector; a traveling direction detector; a map data memory; a map matching element for matching a current position of a vehicle on a road of map data; a traveling segment estimation element for estimating a current segment of the vehicle in the parking... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20110221586 - Method and device for assisting a driver in developing a fuel-saving driving style: Various embodiments relate to a method and device for assisting a driver of a motor vehicle to develop a fuel-saving driving style. A route section which permits driving at a constant speed may be determined. Further, the constant speed may be determined. An acceleration or deceleration for approaching the constant... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110221587 - Tire wear detection device: A tire wear detection device includes a wear detector embedded in a tread of a tire, a sensor unit arranged on a wheel, and a receiver unit arranged on a vehicle body. The wear detector includes a piezoelectric element and a resonance circuit, which generates a radio wave signal from... Agent: Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110221588 - Exterior mirror with indicator: A minor reflective element sub-assembly suitable for use for an exterior rearview mirror assembly of a vehicle includes a mirror reflective element and a mirror back plate having a generally planar portion and an indicator receiving portion established via a plastic injection molding operation. The indicator receiving portion includes a... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20110221589 - Hazard light for a vehicle: One embodiment of the invention relates to a light system for use in a vehicle. The light system includes a door coupled to the vehicle, a portion of the door having a surface that is visible from outside of the vehicle when the door is opened, and an illumination device... Agent: Spartan Motors

20110221590 - Personal area network pairing: A method for automatically adding a first sensor device to a first personal area network in a healthcare application includes receiving a signal with out-of-band pairing data at the first sensor device. The first sensor device is disposed on a patient's body. The out-of-band pairing data is injected into the... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20110221591 - System, apparatus and method for automated emergency assistance with manual cancellation: A system, apparatus and method for automated emergency assistance with manual cancellation that is responsive to physiological, environmental and/or input sensors associated with an individual. In embodiments, the invention enables a sensor system or device to be biased toward what would be false alarms, which may be avoided by the... Agent: Intel-ge Care Innovations LLC

20110221593 - Apparatus and method for dynamic lane operation in multi-lane based ethernet: Provided is a method and apparatus for a dynamic lane operation that may determine a number of necessary lanes in a current network state according to an amount of input traffic based on queue information and monitored traffic information for a lane operation in a multi-lane based Ethernet apparatus, and... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110221592 - Computer monitoring and reporting infrastructure: A computer health monitoring server may distribute several alerts to client devices within a network. The client devices may filter the alerts to identify alerts that apply to the client device, based on the hardware and software configuration of the device. The alerts may monitor various items and collect data... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110221596 - Combination of a portable monitoring device and a portable drip infusion set and a method of monitoring a portable drip infusion set: There is provided a combination of a portable monitoring device for monitoring a portable drip infusion set for use in hospitals and the like and said portable drip infusion set, preferably being of the type comprising a liquid supply, a drip chamber downstream of said liquid supply for forming liquid... Agent: Dripmate A/s

20110221594 - Method and apparatus of monitoring and updating security personnel information: A method and apparatus of monitoring security personnel in a building facility is disclosed. One example method may include storing a plurality of information records associated with each of the security personnel in a database. The method may also include compiling, via a processor, a list of the information records... Agent:

20110221595 - Sensor device: There is provided a mobile communication device. An exemplary mobile communication device comprises an input unit, a display and a processing unit being connected with a subscriber identity module and with an adapter module, wherein the adapter module is in communication with at least one sensor capturing biological and/or medical... Agent: Vodafone Holding Gmbh

20110221597 - Animal training device having a programmable stimulus delivery switch: Described is an animal training device having a menu-driven user interface, a programmable stimulus delivery switch, and the capability to activate a stimulus delivery device such that it delivers a customized stimulus to an animal. More specifically, the menu-driven user interface enables a user to define the programmable parameters of... Agent:

20110221598 - Device for avoiding sudden infant death: A device for avoiding sudden infant death. It includes a recording device for recording at least one infant-specific state parameter and an awakening device for waking up the infant as a function of a value of the recorded state parameter.... Agent:

20110221599 - Imager with multiple sensor arrays: An imager array may be provided as part of an imaging system. The imager array may include a plurality of sensor arrays (e.g., also referred to as lenslets or optical elements). Each sensor array may include a plurality of sensors (e.g., pixels) associated with a lens. The sensor arrays may... Agent: Flir Systems, Inc.

20110221600 - Method and apparatus for supervisory circuit for ground fault circuit interrupt device: An apparatus and method for a supervisory circuit for a ground fault detection device or ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) device is disclosed in which is a test stimulus signal for a self test of the GFCI device is generated on a second secondary winding on a toroid of a... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20110221601 - Detecting engagement conditions of a fiber optic connector: A fiber optic device is connectable to a fiber optic cable connector to provide an optical communication channel. The fiber optic device is operable to detect a plurality of engagement conditions of the fiber optic device relative to the connector and to provide output signals indicative of a present engagement... Agent:

20110221603 - System, device and method for providing power outage and restoration notification: A system, computer program product and method to provide information related to a power distribution system based on information provided by a plurality of network elements electrically connected to a plurality of power lines of the power distribution system at a plurality of locations is provided. In one embodiment, the... Agent:

20110221602 - Systems and methods for stray voltage detection: A system for detecting stray voltage in a conductive object is disclosed herein. The system includes a pick-up element, electrical circuitry, a housing for enclosing the circuitry, a support for mounting the housing, and an indicator. The pick-up element is separated from the conductive object and capable of detecting an... Agent:

20110221604 - External power source voltage drop compensation for portable devices: A portable electronic device has a connector with a first pin and a second pin, and a battery charging circuit having an input coupled to receive current through the second pin to charge a battery of the device. The portable device also has a controller to determine whether the connector... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110221605 - Mat activated indicator: A mat activated indicator is disclosed. The indicator includes a mat to be placed either inside or outside a door. The mat can be activated by an increase in weight such as by a pet stepping on the mat. The mat includes a lower and upper plate which are held... Agent:

20110221606 - System and method for detecting a moving object in an image zone: A system and method for detection of a moving object in an image zone for possible use in the field of road and traffic safety related and/or gate monitoring systems includes an image sensor for imaging a field, a user interface for defining at least one detection zone within the... Agent: Kama-tech (hk) Limited

20110221607 - Dynamic device adaptation based on proximity to other devices: A communication device receives remote location data and uses the remote location data to determine whether an associated communication device is nearby. The associated communication device is nearby when the user is able to concurrently perceive actions performed by the communication device and the associated communication device. The communication performs... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110221608 - Electronic device and method for monitoring user state: A method that monitors user state using an electronic device locates a face shape from a current image of a user captured by an image capturing device of the electronic device, and calculates a current area of the face shape when the user reads digital material using the electronic device.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110221609 - Cable connection component configured to provide visible indications: A cable connection component is receivable in a housing of a host information handling device for coupling to a circuit of the host device. The component has a status light and a light guide configured, in use with the component at least partially received in the host housing, to guide... Agent:

20110221611 - Emergency vehicle alarm system and method: The emergency vehicle alarm system and method allows a user to select an emergency vehicle alert as a telematics service in a mobile vehicle. Once the user selects the alert service, a telematics operations center determines a service fee, bills the user, and debits the user's account accordingly. The emergency... Agent:

20110221610 - Smart chip radio: The present invention, the Smart Chip Radio, provides a smart chip or electronic sensor into a vehicle's audio system. This chip or sensor senses the siren of an approaching emergency vehicle even when the driver cannot. It then either reduces the audio system's volume or shuts down the audio system... Agent:

20110221613 - Abnormality detection apparatus: An abnormality detection apparatus has: an abnormality detection portion that detects at least one of an abnormality of a vehicle and an abnormality of an in-vehicle device based on an output of the in-vehicle device that indicates a state of a vehicle; an environmental drive condition information obtaining portion that... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110221612 - Traffic sign notification system and method for the same: In an embodiment, a traffic sign notification system is configured to notify a driver of a moving vehicle regarding the presence of a traffic sign. The traffic sign notification system may include a traffic sign including a traffic sign body attached to a pole, and a transmission apparatus configured to... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110221614 - Traffic control system: A traffic control system for converting an intersection into a roundabout during periods of heavy traffic includes a mechanism for monitoring traffic flow through the intersection and about the roundabout. The system also includes a concave opening in and around the intersection and a concrete disc disposed in the cavity,... Agent:

20110221615 - System and method for informing public transport vehicle arrival information: A system for informing public transport vehicle arrival information includes a plurality of on-board devices installed on respective public transport vehicles, each of the on-board device having a transceiver for transmitting and receiving data from and to public transport vehicle stops along a public transport vehicle line, a first processing... Agent:

09/08/2011 > 56 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20110215896 - Safety apparatus having a configurable safety controller: A safety apparatus having a configurable safety controller (10) and a configuration means is provided, wherein the safety controller (10) has at least one input (18) for the connection of a sensor (20), at least one output (22) for the connection of an actuator (24), as well as a control... Agent: Sick Ag

20110215897 - Key control and related fleet management methods and systems: A method and system for managing a fleet of vehicles including a reservation system for generating a reservation code; a key cabinet including user-entry means for entering said reservation code and one or more key compartments storing keys for each vehicle in the fleet; a control module in communication with... Agent: Assetworks Inc.

20110215898 - Locking system: An electronic locking system in which the control computer and a plurality of locking devices are connected by a data bus, and in which the communication between the external computers and each locking device is carried out by element of commands sent through the data bus.... Agent: Rfid Mexico, S.a. De C.v.

20110215899 - Method and system for authorizing a vehicle driveaway: Various embodiments may include methods and systems for authorizing a vehicle driveaway. A vehicle driveaway authorization code may be received by, for example, a computer system and circuit configured to receive the vehicle authorization code. The vehicle driveaway authorization code may have a corresponding user authorization code. Input may be... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110215900 - Mobile device communications management: Implementation of mobile device communications (MCD) management is provided. A method includes intercepting an input command received on an MCD, the command intercepted in response to detecting a presence of a fixed communications device (FCD), which is embedded in a vehicle within range of the MCD. The method also includes... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110215901 - Method and system for enabling an authorized vehicle driveaway: Various embodiments may include methods and system for enabling an authorized vehicle driveaway. A vehicle driveaway authorization code for authorizing a vehicle to be driven and a user authorization code that corresponds to the vehicle driveaway authorization code may be generated. The codes may be generated by, for example, at... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110215902 - Customer recognition method and system: Disclosed embodiments describe a customer recognition method and system. The customer recognition system has an acknowledgment server that carries out the customer recognition method. The customer recognition method may include storing customer profile data related to a customer and identity device data related to an identity device; receiving a unique... Agent:

20110215903 - Apparatus and associated methods: In one or more embodiments described herein, there is provided an apparatus configured to identify a particular motion state of a portable electronic device, and vary the geographical location data sampling rate for the portable electronic device based on the identified particular motion state of the portable electronic device.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110215910 - Emergency ingress/egress monitoring system: A system to monitor the entry and exit of individuals from a facility and to identify individuals who safely evacuated the facility and those who have entered, but apparently have not safely evacuated it and indicated safe evacuation by use of a card reader or similar device at an emergency... Agent:

20110215906 - Interrogator and control method of interrogator: An interrogator includes: an acquisition unit acquiring an identifier which is stored in a wireless tag and specifies a type of the wireless tag; and a communication unit executing wireless communication using a communication command at transmission power according to the acquired identifier.... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110215905 - Method for protecting data privacy and wireless communication system: A method for protecting data privacy of a mobile communication device includes detecting whether any RFID tag data is received, determining whether an RFID tag data is equal to a first RFID tag data corresponding to an RFID tag device stored in the mobile communication device when the RFID tag... Agent:

20110215907 - Radio frequency identifcation (rfid) tag and operation method thereof, and system and method for controlling network access based on mobile rfid: Disclosed are a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag capable of supplying an Internet service quickly and conveniently, an operation method thereof, and a system and method for controlling network access based on a mobile RFID. Network access data is generated by communication between an RFID terminal and an RFID tag.... Agent: Cisc Semiconductor Design+consulting Gmbh

20110215908 - Radio security leader controlling operation mode, and radio security tag supporting security mode and normal mode: Disclosed are a radio secure reader and a radio secure tag for supporting a secure mode and a normal mode. The radio secure reader for controlling an operation mode of the radio secure tag may include a reader modem to receive the operation mode from the radio secure tag, and... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110215904 - Shelf lavel managingsystem, shelf label managing method and shelf label managing apparatus: Provided is a shelf label management system that offers improved convenience to a user. Each of a plurality of electronic shelf label terminals detects power-on and determines, based on the detection of the power-on, whether a system ID, which indicates the shelf label management system in which the electronic shelf... Agent:

20110215909 - Structure including at least two integrated microcircuit devices with contactless communication: A structure including at least two separate integrated microcircuit devices with contactless communication, each including at least one chip and at least one antenna, said at least two integrated microcircuit devices being placed in or on the structure such that any simultaneous reading of more than one of the integrated... Agent: Arjowiggins Security

20110215911 - Method and system for monitoring data of personnel: A method and system (100) for monitoring productivity of employees in an enterprise. An identification device (102) is associated with an employee of the enterprise. The identification device (102) is configured to send signals to a reader (104). The reader (104) is associated with an area in the enterprise. When... Agent:

20110215912 - Rfid tag reader/writer: According to one embodiment, an RFID tag reader/writer includes a handle section, an operation input section arranged on the upper part of the handle section to receive an operation input and an antenna section rotatably supported by the handle section such that the antenna section is foldable and unfoldable against... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110215913 - System and method for automatically producing haptic events from a digital audio file: In an embodiment, a system and method for automatically converting a plurality of events in a plurality of channels in a structured representation sequence into haptic events. The method comprises calculating an event score for each event of the sequence in one or more channels. The method also comprises calculating... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110215914 - Apparatus for providing touch feedback for user input to a touch sensitive surface: An apparatus is provided that includes a graphic overlay or display for a touch-sensitive surface with which an object comes into contact. The touch-sensitive surface is divided into a plurality of regions each of a number of which is associated with a distinct set of one or more of the... Agent: Mckesson Financial Holdings Limited

20110215915 - Detection system and detecting method for car: A detection system used for a car includes a number of time-of-flight (TOF) cameras and a processing unit. The TOF cameras capture images and obtain distance data between objects near the car and the TOF cameras. The processing unit receives the images and the distance data to determine a speed... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110215916 - Device for preventing a collision of a pivoting element of a vehicle: A device is provided for preventing a collision between a pivoting element of a vehicle, with an obstacle located in its pivoting area, with a control unit which controls the pivoting movement of the vehicle pivoting element and with a lighting device which is coupled to the pivoting movement and... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110215917 - System and method for communicating a signal to emit a visual display at different frame rates: A receiver system integrated with a vehicle, transmitter system, and methods thereof are provided. The receiver system includes an antenna configured to receive the signal, and a receiver device in communication with the antenna, the receiver device is configured to process the received signal, wherein the receiver device is further... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110215918 - Warning device for automobile alternator replacement: Provided is a warning device for automobile alternator replacement which warns a driver of the replacement timing of an automobile alternator in advance. A conducting sensor that surrounds a conductor with an insulator is embedded into a brush so that the conducting sensor can be electrically conducted before the brush... Agent:

20110215919 - Apparatus and method for power and performance monitoring of electric appliances: A power monitor for an electrically powered device provides audible and/or visual alarms in the event of a power failure in a particular branch circuit. A timer records the duration of the power outage and reports the result on a built-in display. Optional performance sensors may monitor and report the... Agent:

20110215920 - Alarm processing method, device, and system: An alarm processing method, device, and system are provided. Reported alarm information is received, alike alarm duration accumulation information in an appointed period is obtained from the reported alarm information, and an alarm notification is sent when the alike alarm duration accumulation information satisfies a report condition, so the method,... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110215921 - Systems for wireless authentication based on bluetooth proximity: A method and apparatus for wireless authentication, secure automatic access to application and to systems and for providing an alarm to users upon detecting that a monitored device is not within a desired proximity using a BLUETOOTH apparatus are described.... Agent:

20110215922 - System and method for locating an individual: A system for locating an individual includes a chip with a unique code, a monitor with the unique code, a monitoring station in communication with the monitor, a satellite communication station in communication with the monitoring station, and satellites in communication with the satellite communication station. The chip is implantable... Agent:

20110215923 - Aspirating environmental sensor with webserver and email notification: A detector is described. The detector includes one or more environmental sensors that measures a predetermined environmental parameter, a processor that compares the measured parameter with a plurality of threshold values and detects that the measured parameter exceeds one of the plurality of threshold values and constructs a message to... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110215925 - Method and apparatus for fall detection and alarm: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for indicating a fall of a user by means of an alarm message. According to the invention, the apparatus (20) comprises a unit (21) for receiving a first alarm message (FAM) sent by a fall detector (30) intended to be worn on... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110215924 - Method for dynamically adapting a diagnostic system: A method has been invented for dynamically adapting a diagnostic system, which is at least partially implemented in a controller, and which has at least one diagnostic block. In such case, the controller is, in communication via a fieldbus with at least one field device, wherein the at least one... Agent: Endress + Hauser Process Solutions Ag

20110215926 - Position change sensing anti-theft device: Position change sensing apparatus including at least one audio signal transducer for emitting audio signals and receiving audio signals and computer software embodied in a medium readable by the apparatus and having anti-theft functionality including learning functionality and theft-prevention functionality.... Agent:

20110215927 - Electronic device with anti-theft protection and mercury connector thereof: An electronic device with anti-theft protection includes an alarm unit, a mercury connector, and a microprocessor connected therebetween. The mercury connector includes a body containing mercury, and first and second leads arranged on the body. The microprocessor includes a first signal terminal and a second signal terminal. The first signal... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110215928 - Method and system for reducing effect of interference in integrated metal detection/electronic article surveillance systems: An integrated electronic article surveillance (“EAS”)/metal detection system. The system includes a transmitter operable to transmit an EAS interrogation signal, where the EAS interrogation signal establishes an interrogation zone and is used to detect EAS markers and metal objects within the interrogation zone. The EAS interrogation signal is transmitted at... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20110215929 - System for testing reusable electronic article surveillance tags and method therefor: A system and method for automatically sorting, cleaning, testing and counting reusable visible source tags (VSTs) and for detecting and rejecting tags that are not functioning within predetermined parameters. The system includes a first sub-system that stores and feeds the VSTs to a vibratory bowl where they are initialized. A... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20110215934 - Electronically triggered personal athletic device: A personal athletic device is worn by a runner during a race. A race course is provided with a plurality of mats along the race course. The mats have antennas and generate a magnetic field. The personal athletic device has a chip system having an RFID tag and a display.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20110215930 - Method and system for interpreting medical image data: According to one aspect, methods and systems for identifying a pattern of injury from thermal data are disclosed. Some embodiments provide for medical image collection and analysis for a region of interest on a patient and determine whether a pattern of injury, such as a pattern of injury indicative of... Agent:

20110215931 - Methods and apparatus for assessing head trauma based on conformal sensing of force and/or change in motion of a person's head: Sensing a force and/or a change of motion proximate to a person's head via one or more sensing elements (e.g., a pressure sensor, an accelerometer) disposed on a flexible substrate having a sufficient mechanical coupling to the person's head. The conformality of the sensing element facilitates intimate proximity to the... Agent: Mc10, Inc.

20110215932 - Security system and method: A system comprising: at least one processor; at least one sensor; and computer executable instructions readable by the at least one processor and operative to: use the at least one sensor to determine a number of persons or identity of a person; and trigger an alarm based on the number... Agent:

20110215933 - Systems and methods for electronic reminders: A method of automatically reminding an attendee of an appointment and a system implementing the method are disclosed. The method includes one or more computers implementing: obtaining an appointment reference from a registrant, predicting the likely behavior of the attendee, transmitting at least one reminder to the attendee based on... Agent: Txtflash LLC

20110215935 - Canine security system: A computerized security system which enhances the security provided by watchdogs on a given premises by analyzing the auditory and physiological indications given by the dogs to assess the level of security at any point in time. By attaching sensors to the dogs and placing microphones in their proximity the... Agent:

20110215936 - Thermal measurement system and method for leak detection: A system includes a controller configured to receive a signal from a thermal radiation sensor indicative of a temperature of a region including at least one fluid passage. The controller is also configured to detect a leak within the at least one fluid passage based on the signal.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110215937 - Device for growing plants on a vertical substrate: A device for growing plants on a substantially vertical surface includes a carrier and a flexible curtain wall substrate suspended from a track of the carrier. The curtain defines an array of pockets for receiving the plants to be grown and a growing medium, each of the pockets having an... Agent:

20110215938 - Point of sale terminal having enhanced security: A data entry device including a housing formed of at least two portions, data entry circuitry located within the housing, at least one case-open switch assembly operative to sense when the housing is opened and tamper indication circuitry operative to receive an input from the at least one case-open switch... Agent: Verifone, Inc.

20110215939 - Trigger mechanism: A trigger mechanism including sensing electronics, a power source and a length of bifilar wire. The bifilar wire has two electrically conductive filaments separated by an insulator, with a first end in electrical connection with the sensing electronics and the power source and a second end that is free. A... Agent: Becatech Ltd

20110215940 - Free fall detection system for protecting hard drives in mobile devices: In a method for detecting free fall, a first acceleration parallel to a first axis, a second acceleration parallel to a second axis perpendicular to the first axis, and a third acceleration parallel to a third axis perpendicular to the first axis and to the second axis are measured. A... Agent:

20110215941 - Fueling status monitor and alarm: A device fueling status monitor and alarm includes: a portable powered device; a refueling energy source adapted to refuel the portable powered device; a monitor associated with either the portable powered device or the refueling energy source, wherein the monitor monitors conditions of the portable powered device or the refueling... Agent:

20110215942 - Ladder position indicator light module: A flasher module, installable on a ladder, incorporates multiple high-intensity light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which are coupled to an electro-chemical power source (battery or single cell). The LEDs may be wired for a continuous “ON” condition, but are preferably connected to flasher circuitry. For maximum visible intensity, the flasher circuitry is... Agent:

20110215943 - Display device for an actuator and actuator for an armature: The invention relates to a display device (54) for an actuator having at least one mechanical display element (10, 11) and a variable speed gear unit, particularly a signal gear unit designed as a variable speed gear unit, having at least two gears with differing transmission ratios, wherein there is... Agent: Ps Automation Gmbh

20110215944 - Process variable transmitter with display: A process variable transmitter for use in measuring a process variable of an industrial process includes a display. The transmitter comprises a housing, a process variable sensor configured to sense the process variable of the industrial process, transmitter circuitry coupled to the process variable sensor configured to provide a transmitter... Agent:

20110215945 - System and method for monitoring resources in a water utility network: A computerized method for monitoring a water utility network, the water utility network comprising a network of pipes for delivering water to consumers and a plurality of meters positioned within the pipes across the water distribution network. The method includes receiving meter data representing parameters measured by the meters, such... Agent: Takadu Ltd.

20110215946 - Sensing environmental conditions using rfid: RFID tag sensor devices are adapted to be mounted in locations relative to a rack mountable device to wirelessly report a condition relating to an operating environment of the rack mountable device at the location. The sensor device in some embodiments has a body having a mounting portion adapted to... Agent:

20110215947 - System and method for collision warning: A system and method for collision warning in a host vehicle including: detecting a collision risk between the host vehicle and an other user of the road with a detection means based on input from at least one sensor which detects at least one parameter related to the other user... Agent: Volvo Car Corporation

20110215949 - Method and system for providing location information of a vehicle to a user device: A user device application transmits the device's location and unique identifier with a message requesting location information that corresponds to a vehicle associated with the user device's unique identifier. The application sends the request message over a communication network to a central computer. The central computer obtains location information corresponding... Agent:

20110215948 - System and method for generating commodity flow information: This invention provides a global strategic picture of commodity movements generated by tracking ships from satellite and other sources and then combining ship location and movement information with at least one other data set, such as vessel, port, cargo, weather, or market data. Ship positions are integrated with other data,... Agent: Globalflows, Inc.

20110215950 - Method and device for displaying information in a vehicle: In a method for displaying information in a vehicle, a geographic map is displayed on a display surface, a symbol for the vehicle is displayed within the geographic map, the position of the symbol relative to the geographic map changing as a function of the geographic position of the vehicle,... Agent:

20110215951 - System and method for assisting with safe driving, computer program for assisting with safe driving, storage medium upon which the computer program is stored, and navigation device: Disclosed is a system and method that offer improved assistance with safe driving using navigation devices, incorporating traffic regulations pertaining to route changes into guidance offered by the navigation devices. The system comprises a traffic regulations data memory (21), which associates, with roadways, data on traffic regulations pertaining to route... Agent: Toyota Mapmaster Incorporated

09/01/2011 > 57 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20110210816 - Mesh network remote control device: The mesh network remote control device is able to dynamically exchange information with other mesh network devices via a mesh network, partial mesh network, ad-hoc network or with an non-mesh network such as the Internet or an intranet. The mesh network remote control device controls devices connected to such mesh... Agent: Mobitrum Corporation

20110210817 - Light for at least one led and transmitter for generating a radio signal for such a light: A lamp may include at least one LED; a solar module; an accumulator; charging electronics coupled between the solar module and the accumulator; a drive circuit for the at least one LED, which is coupled to the accumulator; a receiver which is coupled to the accumulator and is configured to... Agent: Osram Gesellschaft Mit Beschraenkter Haftung

20110210818 - Electronic access control device and management system: A mobile electronic control device, such as an electronic key, is used to access or otherwise control the operations of a field device, such as an appliance, power tool, shipping container, etc. In a control event in which the mobile control device interacts with the field device via wired or... Agent:

20110210821 - Device for automatically unlocking an openable panel of a motor vehicle: The present invention relates to a device for automatically locking and/or unlocking at least one openable panel (3) of a motor vehicle (1) comprising a remote-opening system (4) comprising a central processing unit (5) designed to be installed inside the vehicle, and a portable identification element (17), said central processing... Agent: Valeo Securite Habitacle

20110210819 - Secured bag locking and tracking device: A secure container for controlling and monitoring access to at least one secured bag locking device is disclosed. The secure container is lockable to prevent access by unauthorized parties, and may include any feature of prior art secure containers, such as shock detection or a camera to photograph access. The... Agent:

20110210820 - Multiple near field communication tags in a pairing domain: A system and method for simply and securely pairing multiple Bluetooth or other wireless electronic devices in a network. Multiple Near Field Communication (NFC) read-only tags are places in a vehicle or other defined space, such that users of NFC-enabled electronic devices can pass their device near one of the... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110210826 - Cash handling facility management: Cash handling facilities, such as cash vaults, receive and process large quantities of cash. The cash handling facility may have a plurality of custody points at which the amount of cash being processed is verified, counted, stored, or otherwise processed. Cash handling personnel that are handling the cash may be... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20110210823 - Hdx demodulator: Low noise mixers for use in RFID readers and RFID readers configured to receive data from ISO HDX transponders in accordance with embodiments of the invention are illustrated. One embodiment of the invention receives the HDX FSK signal using a resonant antenna, upwardly mixes the FSK signal to an intermediate... Agent:

20110210825 - Mobile terminal device, program storage medium, and information displaying method for displaying information for user in display area part not covered with rfid tag: There is provided a mobile terminal device designed to perform wireless communication with an RFID tag being held over the device by using electromagnetic waves. The device includes a plurality of antennae arranged in or in vicinity to a display area of the mobile terminal device, and a control unit... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20110210827 - Portable electronic parking permit tag and a method for using thereof: A portable electronic parking permit tag for vehicles transporting disabled persons, which comprises (a) a memory module for storing data regarding the person(s) allowed to activate the tag, in which the stored data represents at least the personal biometric information of each of the person(s); (b) a biometric identification module... Agent:

20110210822 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator is provided. The refrigerator includes a voice recognition unit for recognizing a voice of a name of food, a memory for storing location information of the food received in a storage chamber, a controller for determining the voice recognized by the voice recognition unit and searching a storage... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110210824 - Signal cancelling transmit/receive multi-loop antenna for a radio frequency identification reader: In an inductively coupled radio frequency identification (RFID) system deployed in animal and livestock applications, reading system efficacy can be compromised by animal movement on, around, or near metal structures prone to producing sonic frequencies. Such is the case, for example, when a walk-by antenna is mounted at the entry... Agent: Allflex Usa, Inc.

20110210828 - Method for card-reading anti-collision with automatic frequency hopping: A method for card-reading anti-collision with automatic frequency hopping is provided, which is used for a system in which a card reader simultaneously reads a plurality of cards in radio frequency identification technologies. The method comprises: both the card reader and the cards to be read are configured to have... Agent: Nationz Technologies, Inc.

20110210829 - Method of actively tagging electronic designs and intellectual property cores: In an embodiment of the invention, an active security tag is embedded within the digital logic of an electronic design for logic destined for an integrated circuit such as an FPGA. The security tag includes security tag data which permits identification of the electronic design, and facilitates efforts to enforce... Agent: Algotronix, Ltd

20110210832 - Radio communication apparatus: Upon receiving a command for writing data to a transponder, a reading unit performs radio communication with the transponder to which data should be written, thereby reading, in non-contact fashion, a data item stored in the transponder. A collating unit collates the data read by the reading unit with a... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110210831 - Simplified device pairing employing near field communication tags: A system and method for simply and securely pairing two Bluetooth devices. A Near Field Communication (NFC) read-only tag is placed in a first Bluetooth device such that a user of a second Bluetooth device can pass the second device near the tag, which then transfers encryption key data for... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110210830 - Simplified vehicle bluetooth pairing employing near field communication tags: A system and method for simply and securely pairing Bluetooth devices in a vehicle. A Near Field Communication (NFC) read-only tag is placed in the vehicle such that a user can pass an NFC-enabled Bluetooth device near the tag, which then transfers encryption key data for the vehicle's Bluetooth device... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110210833 - Combined power and data cord and receptacle: A system for use with a hospital bed having circuitry and a standard AC power outlet spaced from the hospital bed is provided. The system includes a cable assembly couplable to the circuitry of the hospital bed. The cable assembly has power conductors and at least one data conductor. The... Agent:

20110210834 - Method of providing tactile feedback and apparatus: A method includes detecting when a portable electronic device having a touch-sensitive display is disposed in a holster and monitoring an area of the touch-sensitive display for a query gesture. When the query gesture is detected in association with the area, a function associated with the query gesture is performed.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110210835 - Emergency notification system and method for notifying emergency: An emergency notification system includes: an in-vehicle emergency notification device; and a center device in a service center. The in-vehicle device transmits a preliminary notification signal to the center device when a possibility of collision exists, transmits an emergency notification signal when the vehicle collides, and transmits a cancel signal... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110210836 - Method for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas of internal-combustion engines: A method is provided for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas of internal-combustion engines in motor vehicles, reducing agent being fed into the exhaust gas of the internal-combustion engine from a reducing agent tank internal to the vehicle. An electronic control device, by way of... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20110210837 - Warning device for automobile starter replacement: Disclosed is a warning device for automobile starter replacement which warns a driver to replace a starter in advance for a certain period before each brush of an automobile starter is worn down to its wear limit. Among a conducting sensor having a conductor surrounded with an insulator, a push... Agent:

20110210838 - Apparatus for coaching a driver for driving operation to improve fuel efficiency: Coaching for driving operation for improving the fuel efficiency is provided. An instrument panel of the vehicle is structured to be a two-tier panel of an upper level and a lower level. A display means for displaying a color on a display unit disposed in the upper level is provided.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110210839 - Visible in-vehicle laser beam projector providing variable projection region as function of vehicle speed: A projector projects a visible laser beam onto a region of a vehicle compartment. A control unit controls a direction of projecting the visible laser beam to provide information to at least one occupant in the compartment. The control unit expands the region of an object to which the visible... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110210840 - Position identification system and method: A position identification system and method include a receiver configured to receive an initiation signal and attenuate the initiation signal until the initiation signal is within a first predetermined range of a reference signal. A controller identifies the position of the receiver in response to the attenuation.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110210841 - System and method for indirect indication of tire pressure loss: A method of indirect tire pressure monitoring for indicating when a pneumatic tire on a wheel at one end of a motor vehicle axle is underpressurized relative to a pneumatic tire on a wheel at an opposite end of the axle while the vehicle is being driven on a road... Agent: International Truck Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20110210842 - Multi-signal device for vehicle, comprising a light-emitting core: A multisignal device is applicable to a rear-view mirror of a vehicle, the device being installed in the inside of a housing carrying the mirror. The device includes two signaling units arranged in a joint or separate arrangement, one of them comprising an array of light emitters being adapted to... Agent:

20110210843 - System and method for location of mobile devices in confined environments: The sensor network may include a location capture processing unit; and a plurality of sensors in communication with the location capture processing unit. Each sensor of the plurality of sensors includes a controller and a RF receiver configured to receive RF signals. The RF receiver is in communication with the... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110210844 - Apparatus and method for remote electrical cable monitoring: An apparatus and method for monitoring an electrical cable, wherein a sensor, which is mounted in contact with the electrical cable, monitors at least one characteristic of the electrical cable, and reports an alert when a monitored level of the at least one characteristic satisfies a predetermined condition. A termination... Agent: Nstar Electric & Gas Corporation

20110210845 - Allocating method of moving area list of user equipment and corresponding apparatus: A method of allocating the moving area list of user equipment which relating to wireless communication technology. Interacting signaling between network and UE is reduced. The utilization efficiency of network resource is enhanced. The method includes, receiving the area ID which is pre-defined from UE, acquiring the history information of... Agent: Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd.

20110210846 - Mobile security system: A mobile security system is described herein. A detector communicates with a mobile device if an event has occurred. The event may be various types of events, such as fire or motion. Once the mobile device receives the communication of the event occurrence, the mobile device may, among others, sound... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20110210848 - Adjunct device and a handheld wireless communication device with location features: An adjunct device includes a first housing for coupling to a handheld wireless communication device via a communication port of the handheld wireless communication device. A short-range wireless receiver receives a first RF paging signal from a remote wireless device. A user interface emits a first detectable alert signal in... Agent:

20110210847 - System and wireless device for locating a remote object: A wireless device includes a user interface that generates a first location request signal in response to an indication from a user to locate a handheld wireless communication device. A short-range wireless transmitter transmits a first RF paging signal in response to the location request signal. An adjunct device is... Agent:

20110210849 - Wireless device and methods for use in a paging network: A wireless device includes a user interface that generates a pairing signal in response to an indication from a user to pair the wireless device to at least one remote device and generates a first location request signal in response to a second indication from a user to locate the... Agent:

20110210851 - Generation of a disparity result with low latency: A powerful, scaleable, and reconfigurable image processing system and method of processing data therein is described. This general purpose, reconfigurable engine with toroidal topology, distributed memory, and wide bandwidth I/O are capable of solving real applications at real-time speeds. The reconfigurable image processing system can be optimized to efficiently perform... Agent: Tyzx, Inc.

20110210850 - Touch-screen keyboard with combination keys and directional swipes: A touch-screen keyboard for small mobile devices that improves typing accuracy and speed by using directional swipes to select letters or symbols in combination keys containing multiple letters or symbols per key.... Agent:

20110210852 - Security storage container having an internal alarm: A security storage container securely retains an item of merchandise and typically includes a base and lid. An alarm system in the container is activated when the container is locked and deactivated when the container is unlocked. The alarm system may include a flashing LED, an EAS tag for activating... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110210853 - Method and system for simultaneous guideline execution: A system and method for retrieving a plurality of sets of recommendations, each of the sets of recommendations corresponding to a condition of a patient, displaying a first one of the sets of recommendations, monitoring data related to each of the plurality of sets of recommendations, determining, based on the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110210854 - Building safety detector assembly: A building alarm system detector arrangement, comprising a system detector base, at least one detector, and at least one interface, wherein the interface is adapted to provide a mechanical and electrical connection between the system detector base and the at least one detector a plurality of the detector and between... Agent:

20110210855 - Temperature sensitive alarm circuit: A temperature controlling alarm circuit includes a power source including a high level terminal and a low level terminal, the low level terminal being grounded; a thermal diode including an anode and a cathode, the anode connected to the high level terminal; a resistor connected to the thermal diode in... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20110210856 - Nuclear leakage detection system using wire or optical fiber: A system for detecting and containing a breach in a container includes a first containment layer and a first sensor layer. The first sensor layer includes at least one signal path extending the first sensor layer. The first sensor layer may be provided by either a fiber optic or a... Agent:

20110210857 - Sensor unit for checking of monitoring areas of double-walled containers or double-walled pipelines, or double-walled vessels: An apparatus for checking of monitoring areas (9) of double-walled containers (1), double-walled pipelines (7) or double-walled vessels by means of at least one pressure sensor (10) for measurement of the monitoring area internal pressure and by means of a media sensor (13) for detection of a medium in the... Agent: Sicherungsger&#xe4 Tebau Gmbh

20110210858 - Method of detecting fluid flow through a domestic fluid source: The disclosed invention relates to a method of detecting a flow condition in a fluid supply system. The invention is particularly useful for detecting flow in a toilet system. The flow detection method uses a device comprising a processor associated with a flow sensor. Predefined flow criteria are stored in... Agent:

20110210859 - Method and apparatus for managing battery pack: An apparatus for managing a battery pack for a vehicle includes a temperature measurement module for measuring temperature of the battery pack; a current measurement module for measuring a charge/discharge current of the battery pack when the measured temperature is not within a predetermined temperature range; a time measurement module... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20110210860 - Usb port connectible device locater: Alarm control circuitry is provided for a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port connectible device including an alarm generator emitting an audible alarm when powered by internal voltage from a capacitor charged by external voltage from a computer during connection of the device to a computer and actuated with a power... Agent:

20110210861 - Energy saving exit sign retrofit lighting system using light emitting diodes: The present invention relates to an exit sign retrofit lighting system kit including a low profile switch mode power supply contained in internal and external enclosure and use Light Emitting Diodes with long life. The system is powered by a high energy efficient switch mode power supply with low power... Agent: Radionic Hi-tech, Inc.

20110210862 - Method and apparatus for collecting and displaying consumption data from a meter reading system: A method and an apparatus for collecting and displaying real-time utility consumption data and an estimate of utility costs from various utility metering modules upon request by the consumer within the comfort of their own home or business. According to one aspect of the invention, a utility display module is... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110210863 - Remote sensing device: A remote wireless network includes a plurality of sensors/transmitters wherein each sensor is uniquely identifiable and lends its unique identity to the transmitter to which it is attached.... Agent: R3 Sensors, LLC

20110210864 - Vehicle communication system: A vehicle communication system including a communications link and optionally a vehicle position indicator provided at a medical facility. A visual indicator is provided that is temporarily attachable to or usable in a non-official passenger vehicle to alert other road users that a vehicle is traveling in an emergency situation.... Agent:

20110210866 - Method for avoiding collision: The present invention relates to a method for avoiding a collision between a vehicle and another traffic participant. According to the inventive method, a cell phone carried by the traffic participant sends a signal including a position of the traffic participant. A processing unit processes the signal including the position... Agent: Universitaet Kassel

20110210865 - Traffic control apparatus and method using navigation route information of vehicle for each navigational situation: Disclosed herein is a traffic control apparatus and method. The traffic control apparatus includes a navigation route database (DB) for storing navigation routes of a vehicle for respective navigational situations. A vehicle situation information collection unit collects current navigational situation information of the vehicle. A preferred route extraction unit extracts... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110210867 - System and method for improved vehicle safety through enhanced situation awareness of a driver of a vehicle: The present invention provides a situation awareness system of a driver of a vehicle in a multi-vehicle environment, said system comprising: a. a remote central server communicatively connected to a vehicle, comprising: i. a server computer comprising a CPU, a memory, and an operating system; ii. a wireless server transceiver;... Agent: Aser Rich Limited

20110210869 - Intruder, theft and vandalism deterrent management system for controlling a parking area: A parking area control and management system employs a card reader, which reads identification information from a card commonly carried by a person, such as a driver's license or credit card or other identity card carried by a user that is issued by an entity other than a parking area... Agent:

20110210868 - Parking assistance apparatus: A parking assistance apparatus includes: a generation unit that generates an overhead-view image as seen from a predetermined viewpoint, in accordance with an image captured by at least one image capturing apparatus mounted in a vehicle; and an output unit that superimposes, in the same coordinate system as the overhead-view... Agent:

20110210870 - Method for automatic delay of standby message to maximize time for response to electronic text message: A method for electronic communications comprises transmitting an electronic text message from a sender to a receiver, starting a sender timer when the text message is transmitted that monitors an initial time period to accept a response message from the receiver, and starting a receiver timer when the text message... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110210871 - 3d navigation aid system and display for same: The invention relates to an aircraft navigational aid system with 3D display including an anti-collision device, with means of storing data representing obstructions, means for calculating a representation of the obstructions in a three-dimensional space and a device for displaying the obstructions data in three dimensions. The system includes means... Agent: Thales

20110210872 - Using image sensor and tracking filter time-to-go to avoid mid-air collisions: A collision avoidance system for deciding whether an autonomous avoidance manoeuvre should be performed in order to avoid a mid-air collision between a host aerial vehicle equipped with the system and an intruding aerial vehicle. At least one electro-optical sensor captures consecutive images of an intruding vehicle such that the... Agent: Saab Ab

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