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Communications: electrical August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110205012 - System and method for determining characteristics of a physical environment with simple motion patterns: A system and method for determining characteristics of a physical environment with simple motion patterns are provided. A plurality of raw orientation readings are received from a simple motion pattern. A distribution of possible wall orientations upon each raw reading is determined. Wall direction is determined as the mean value... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20110205013 - Method and system of conditionally operating a movable barrier: A method and system provides conditional allowance of access by operating a movable barrier such that access is not granted unless another condition is met. In one illustrative approach, a first signal is received and, if a second signal is received within a set time frame relative to receipt of... Agent: The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

20110205016 - Method and apparatus for access control using dual biometric authentication: A biometrically authenticated access control in which a wireless authentication signal is provided from a primary instrumentality of access, only after a dual-stage biometric verification of the user's identity is performed. In one embodiment, an accessing device includes memory for storing a device identification code and an authentication code, along... Agent: The Domain Standard, Inc.

20110205014 - Method and apparatus for training a learning movable barrier operator transceiver: A system and method for training a learning transceiver to a movable barrier system includes a learning transceiver that is configured for being trained to the movable barrier system. To provide ease of use to consumers, a user is able to train the learning transceiver to the movable barrier system... Agent: The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

20110205017 - Vehcile remote starter using an electronic igniion module emulator: A remote starter system for a vehicle having an electronic ignition module connected to vehicle controller modules by a serial data interface. The electronic ignition module is capable of receiving at least one keycode from a cryptographic controller vehicle key for verification before changing the state of at least one... Agent: Psi Patents, LLC

20110205018 - Input apparatus, remote controller and operating device for vehicle: An input apparatus for a vehicle includes: an operation element operable by an occupant of the vehicle; a biological information acquisition element acquiring biological information of the occupant; an unawakened state detection element detecting an unawakened state of the occupant based on the biological information, wherein the unawakened state is... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110205015 - Method for challenge response authentication between a reading device and a transponder using contactless data transmission: A method for challenge-response authentication between a reading device and a transponder based on a contactless data transmission, according to which challenge data (CH) are transferred within an anti-collision loop from the reading device to the transponder by means of one or several commands (AC) of an anti-collision method, with... Agent:

20110205019 - Medical treatment system and method for operation thereof: A medical device comprises a device adapted to perform a medical procedure; a biometric information sensing device adapted to sense biometric information of a user; a controller adapted to retrieve stored biometric registration information of a user from a storage device in communication with the controller, to determine an identity... Agent: Wavelight Ag

20110205020 - Method for improving false acceptance rate discrimination for biometric authentication systems: A method, system and computer program product for improving error discrimination in biometric authentication systems. The error discrimination is set to a predetermined security policy. A plurality of biometric samples are provided and authenticated by a computer system in conjunction with a security token. An alternate embodiment allows inputting of... Agent:

20110205021 - Global trak: My invention “Global Trak” is comprised of a GPS tracking unit, a lithium ion battery, a microprocessor, and a plastic square protective carrier. This invention is intended to be used for airline passengers whom want to know where their luggage is located at all times. The unit will be linked... Agent:

20110205023 - Mobile asset tracking unit, system and method: An asset tracking unit, system, and method. The asset tracking unit, system, and method may include at least one transceiver having communicative connections with at least one SATCOM network and at least one GPS network via at least one antenna, wherein tracking information for at least one asset associated with... Agent: Blackbird Technologies, Inc.

20110205022 - Tracking system: A system simultaneously tracks multiple objects. All or a subset of the objects includes a wireless receiver and a transmitter for providing an output. The system includes one or more wireless transmitters that send commands to the wireless receivers of the multiple objects instructing different subsets of the multiple objects... Agent:

20110205025 - Converting between different radio frequencies: The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for converting between different radio frequencies. In some implementations, a method includes receiving a request from a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) reader configured to communicate with a first type of RFID tag. Independent of digital signal processing, the received... Agent: Sirit Technologies Inc.

20110205028 - Electronic communications device with antenna and electromagnetic shield: An embodiment of an electronic communications device, including: a body of semiconductor material defining at least one integrated electronic circuit and having a top surface; an electromagnetic shield; a radiant element; and a capacitive element formed by a first electrode and a second electrode, the radiant element being set on... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110205024 - Inspection system: An inspection system according to the present invention includes a sensor (2) that obtains a position of a delivery vehicle (6) that carries an item (7) attached with an electric tag; a communication control device (4) that calculates a communication area using the position that is obtained by the sensor... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110205026 - Radio frequency identification reader antenna having a dynamically adjustable q-factor: Turning now to the drawings, systems and methods for reading RFID transponders utilizing readers in which the Q-factor of the resonant antenna of the reader shifts over the course of the reader's interrogation cycle in response to the detection of data from FDX and HDX RFID transponders in accordance with... Agent:

20110205027 - Radio frequency tag: The invention relates to a radio frequency tag. The tag comprises a receiver for receiving radio frequency waves having an amplitude spectrum provided with a first frequency component and a second frequency component. The tag also comprises a converter associated with the receiver for generating a signal having a frequency... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijf Onderzoek Tno

20110205029 - System for receiving data from an object: A system for receiving data from an object, whose particularity consists in comprising at least one radio frequency transponder adapted to be connected to an object, said transponder containing information related to the object that one wishes to send to a user, at least one receiving device, adapted to be... Agent:

20110205031 - Remote maintenance system and relay unit: A remote maintenance system includes: a medical device which includes: a first power source; a first power source controller which controls an ON/OFF operation of the first power source; a checker which checks a check item; and a first communicator which transmits first information including a result of a check... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20110205030 - Method of de-activating and activating an electronic article surveillance (esa) device, and an eas device: A device for use in electronic article surveillance EAS is disclosed which comprises a resonant circuit, typically designed for 8.2 MHz operation, in addition to a transponder, such as RFID, for non-contact communication with a communication station. The RFID transponder can provide a signal to detune the resonant circuit to... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110205032 - Display device: According to one embodiment, a display device includes a display unit and a mounting stand. The display unit has a housing, a display panel housed at least partially within the housing, an engaging member joined to the housing at a first predetermined location and a processing unit configured to control... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110205034 - Identification device for a pneumatic spring: An identification device (1) for a pneumatic spring (2) includes an RFID transponder (8), which is completely embedded into the elastomer matrix (13) of the flexible member (4). An electromagnetic field is generated by a read device (9), wherein the energy necessary for supplying the RFID transponders (8) is taken... Agent:

20110205033 - Wireless information and safety system for mines: The wireless information and safety system for mines of the present invention enables continuously tracking and monitoring underground miners and moveable equipment in underground mines using ZigBee-enabled active RFID devices forming a wireless network among them and other static and mobile ZigBee devices placed at strategic locations. The present invention... Agent:

20110205035 - Power line communication system: A power line communication system includes a plurality of communication nodes, a communication line coupling the communication nodes, a direct current power line coupling a connection point of the communication line with one of a positive terminal of a battery and a supply terminal of a load, and a capacitor... Agent: Nippon Soken, Inc

20110205036 - Power-saving wireless input device: This invention relates to a power-saving wireless input device. A pulse-width-modulation unit is introduced to generate a pulse-width modulator signal for controlling a light-source control unit to produce a driving signal. The driving signal is of the same duty cycle as that of the pulse-width-modulation signal so as to control... Agent:

20110205037 - Circuit buzzer: The presently disclosed embodiments, as well as features and aspects thereof, are directed towards providing a device that can produce an audible, and adjustable, noise signal or annunciation in response to being energized by an electrical circuit. Generally, embodiments of a circuit buzzer are useful for remote determination of a... Agent:

20110205038 - Device for haptic feedback control: The invention relates to a device for haptic feedback control, that comprises a bearing plate (3) for transmitting a haptic feedback to a user's finger in a circular movement area of said finger, a touch-surface sensor (5) for detecting a bearing of said finger in said area, characterised in that... Agent: Dav

20110205039 - Shift stage display device: The shift position display device includes a control section configured to automatically shift a shift position by operating actuators based on a shift change command. A gear position display section is configured to display a condition of an automatic transmission based on the display command of the control section. A... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110205041 - Antitheft device for vehicle: An antitheft device for a vehicle includes a main ignition switch, an auxiliary ignition switch disposed at a location which is predetermined so that a driver, when seated on a driver's seat, can operate the auxiliary ignition switch and the auxiliary ignition switch is invisible in a vehicle interior, and... Agent: Beat-sonic Co., Ltd.

20110205040 - Method and systems for detecting an unauthorized use of a vehicle by an authorized driver: Various embodiments may include detecting an unauthorized use of a vehicle in the absence of GPS location information. Vehicle component condition data may be received for one or more vehicle components. Historical vehicle component condition data for the one or more vehicle components may also be received. A comparison between... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110205042 - Information processing device associated with vehicle traveling: Provided are an information processing device and a processing method both of which are capable of executing processing in response to a traveling situation of a vehicle, thereby securing safety at the time of emergency while securing convenience. The aforementioned information processing device includes: an image obtaining section which performs... Agent:

20110205044 - Apparatus for coaching a driver for driving operation to improve fuel efficiency: Advice on fuel efficiency is provided for each driving operation. A storage is provided for, for each driving operation to be performed by a driver of the vehicle and each state of fuel efficiency corresponding to each driving operation, storing at least one advice message indicating an advice about the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110205043 - Apparatus for promoting improvement of driving skill to improve fuel efficiency: An apparatus for performing a display indicating a state of fuel efficiency of a vehicle according to a driving operation, detects an operating state of the vehicle according to a driving operation performed by a driver of the vehicle. A score for representing the state of fuel efficiency of the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110205045 - Automotive vehicle and method for advising a driver therein: An automotive vehicle may include a navigation system, a speed sensor, an audio, visual or haptic output system, and at least one controller. The controller may be configured to determine if a current speed of the vehicle exceeds a target speed of an upcoming road curvature based on information from... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110205046 - Tire detection apparatus: A tire detection apparatus detects the conditions of a tire of a vehicle and a host device controls a voice broadcasting device to make voice broadcasting of the result of detection. An operation device is also provided to allow for a driver of the vehicle to operate the apparatus. With... Agent:

20110205047 - Methods and systems for determining a tire pressure status: Various embodiments may include methods and systems for determining a tire pressure status. The system may include at least one computer. An input defining an inflation status of one or more vehicle tires, as well as tire inflation data of the one or more tires, may be received. A specific... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110205048 - Computer software and apparatus for control and monitoring of electronic systems: A system for interfacing with a vehicle broadly comprises a processing element, a memory element, a display, a user interface, a network port, a device port, and a vehicle interface unit. The processing element executes computer code or programs and is in communication with the memory element, which stores programs... Agent: Ev Instruments, LLC

20110205049 - Adaptive lighting system with iii-nitride light emitting devices: A device includes a light source, a sensor, and a controller. The light source includes at least one light emitting device connected to a mount. The light emitting device comprises a plurality of segments with neighboring segments spaced less than 200 microns apart. In some embodiments, the plurality of segments... Agent: Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, LLC

20110205050 - Methods and systems for remote management of security systems: In one embodiment, the method of these teachings includes the steps of utilizing a remote server to manage security alerts, utilizing the remote server to administer security system updates and utilizing the remote server to configure the security system.... Agent:

20110205052 - Burn diagnostic and intervention tool for emergency dispatch: A system and method to assist an emergency medical dispatcher in responding to emergency calls is disclosed. A computer-implemented emergency dispatch protocol is provided that includes interrogatories for a dispatcher to ask a caller to generate an appropriate response. A diagnostic tool is provided to aid a dispatcher in calculating... Agent:

20110205051 - Pulse width coding for interference-tolerant telemetric signal detection: A monitor provides a wireless signal with respective pulses, based on a heartbeat, repetitive physical movement, or other repetitive bodily action of a user. The pulses include longer duration pulses whose duration identifies the monitor, and distinguishes it from other monitors which may provide crosstalk interference. The longer duration pulses... Agent:

20110205053 - Method and apparatus for enhanced indoor position location with assisted user profiles: A method of wireless communication includes maintaining user profile information, receiving a plurality of position locations, correlating the received position locations to determine failed correlations, determining blackout periods based on whether there is a gap in the received position locations, obtaining location information for the failed correlations and the blackout... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110205054 - System for providing alert-based services to mobile stations in a wireless communications network: System for providing alert-based communication services for which corresponding alert conditions to be met by mobile stations are defined. The system includes an alert engine capable of firing alerts associated with the alert-based communication services if location data regarding the mobile stations is indicative of the mobile stations meeting the... Agent: Wavemarket, Inc.

20110205055 - Valve malfunctioning detection system for a vacuum sewer and associated methods: A valve malfunctioning detection system for use in a vacuum sewer system including a vacuum pit in fluid communication with a vacuum station is provided. The vacuum pit includes a vacuum sewer valve that is moveable between an opened position and a closed position. The valve malfunctioning detection system may... Agent:

20110205056 - Adding social networking to devices: A communication interface of a device communicates with a personal electronic device, and a processor associated with the communication interface automatically directs the personal electronic device, through the communication interface, either to operate in a first mode in which the personal electronic device interacts with a wearer of the personal... Agent:

20110205057 - Personal security backpack and method: A personal security backpack and method of use include a portable container having a first compartment and a second compartment, the second compartment having an audible alarm siren window for transmission of an audible siren; a strap attached to the portable container; and an alarm system responsive to at least... Agent:

20110205058 - Rfid bridge antenna: A package for at least two objects includes RFID bridge antennas, having RF antenna elements, for wirelessly communicating data between a tag associated with each object and a reader. An electromagnetic carrier signal transmitted by the reader antenna is received by one of the RF antenna element and retransmitted to... Agent:

20110205059 - Identification band: Updateable, customizable identification bands are disclosed herein. The identification band may include a band having an opening therein and at least one transparent surface. An information tag is insertable into the opening and is visible through the at least one transparent surface. The information tag is updateable, customizable or replaceable.... Agent:

20110205066 - Ambulatory medical device with alert controller: An ambulatory medical device is disclosed. The device comprises a device controller, an alert controller, and an indicator. The device controller may be configured to control the operation of the ambulatory medical device. The alert controller may be configured to: determine a first alerting interval, the first alerting interval defining... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110205064 - Analyte testing method and system with high and low blood glucose trends notification: Described herein are systems and methods to utilize factual information based on stored blood glucose data to allow greater insight into the management of diabetes of a user.... Agent: Lifescan Scotland Ltd.

20110205065 - Analyte testing method and system with safety warning for insulin dosing: Methods and systems to provide for safeguards in the insulin dosing calculation as part of the diabetes management. The system or method provides a warning if the person with diabetes is calculating a dosing regimen outside of a preselected time period in which certain dosing parameters are customized to the... Agent: Lifescan Scotland Ltd.

20110205060 - Child safety seat system: A portable child safety seat system has three lightweight, easily transferable modular components. The system utilizes one or more pressure sensor switches configured to be placed under the cushion of a vehicle's infant seat or cushions of multiple infant seats to detect the presence of a child in that seat.... Agent:

20110205068 - Communicating in-casino emergency notifications: A wagering game system and its operations are described herein. In embodiments, the operations can include determining emergency information that indicates a potential threat to the well being of one or more individuals (e.g., patrons, staff, etc.) within a casino. The operations can also include determining and presenting emergency content,... Agent: Wms Gaming Inc.

20110205062 - Nurse call system with additional status board: A healthcare information system for use in a healthcare facility having patient beds in a plurality of patient rooms is provided. The healthcare information system has a nurse call computer which is located at a nurse's station and which is configured to receive nurse calls and/or safety alerts originating from... Agent:

20110205061 - Patient room and bed management apparatus and system: The patient room and bed management apparatus and system may include a user interface module that is not mounted to the patient's bed. A list of actions to be performed by a staff person in the patient's room, the status of the patient, the status of the patient's room, and/or... Agent:

20110205063 - Pulse width coding with adjustable number of identifier pulses based on change in heart rate: A monitor provides a wireless signal with respective pulses, based on a heartbeat, repetitive physical movement, or other repetitive bodily action of a user. The pulses include longer duration pulses whose duration identifies the monitor, and distinguishes it from other monitors which may provide crosstalk interference. The longer duration pulses... Agent:

20110205067 - Walking assist device: A walking assist device which allays uneasiness felt by a user when a wearable device actively applies torque to a leg. A walking assist device comprises a controller, a headphone and a wearable device attached to left and right legs. The wearable device has a sensor that detects motion of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110205069 - Pet safety warning ring: A pet safety warning ring comprises a collar body, a vibration frequency sensor, an information transmission module, a warning flash device, a microcontroller chip, a sensing adjustment means and an ultrasonic transmitter. When a pet is moving, the vibration frequency sensor receives a vibration and transmits a message to the... Agent:

20110205070 - System for monitoring an alertness of an operator of a powered system: A system is presented for monitoring an alertness of an operator of a powered system which operates based on a profile. The monitoring system includes a controller to initiate a query to the operator during an operation of the powered system. The query is used to prompt the operator for... Agent:

20110205071 - Electronic apparatus and method of controlling electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus includes: a temperature measurement section that measures a temperature of a heat generation source generating heat by consuming power or a temperature of an inner position of a casing of which the temperature changes due to the heat generation of the heat generation source; and an environmental... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110205072 - Leak detection band: The leak detection band is mounted about a pipe joint for generating an alert signal when a liquid leak from the pipe joint is detected. The leak detection band includes an annular mount having a pair of opposed annular edges and an annular recess formed in an interior surface thereof... Agent:

20110205073 - System and method for air sampling in controlled environments: A system and method for sampling air in a controlled environment that includes two or more air sampling devices at different locations within the controlled environment. A controller is provided at a location outside of the controlled environment and in separate air flow communication with each of the two or... Agent:

20110205074 - Iv infusion monitoring device: An IV infusion monitoring device is provided to measure and to display, during whole infusion process, the liquid level data including the weight of remaining medical liquid in an IV bottle, the liquid flow rate and the remaining time from the completion of an IV infusion process. It also gives... Agent:

20110205075 - Hand cranked energy efficient light: A hand cranked energy efficient light has a housing which houses a dynamo and associated electronic control circuitry that allows a user to turn a crank to charge a battery or capacitor which provides the energy required to operate LED lights and a clock. To help conserve energy, the number... Agent:

20110205076 - System and method for monitoring a mobile compputing product/arrangement: Described is a system and method for monitoring a mobile computing Arrangement. The arrangement may include a sensor and a processor. The sensor detects first data of an event including a directional orientation and a motion of the arrangement. The processor compares the first data to second data to determine... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20110205077 - Tracking system using proximity and/or presence: A system simultaneously tracks multiple objects. All or a subset of the objects includes a wireless receiver and a transmitter for providing an output. The system includes one or more wireless transmitters that send commands to the wireless receivers of the multiple objects instructing different subsets of the multiple objects... Agent:

20110205078 - Component installation guidance: In accordance with embodiments, a system includes a plurality of component slots and at least one indicator associated with each of said slots. The system also includes a controller coupled to the indicators. The indicators selectively provide installation guidance of components into said slots based on signals from the controller.... Agent:

20110205079 - Flow assurance monitoring: In one oil production operation, a fluid conduit transports a fluid from a wellhead to a floating production platform. To prevent an occurrence of formations that obstruct the flow of fluid in the fluid conduit, a forecast is made as to whether a flow assurance curve will intersect an operating... Agent: Invensys Systems, Inc.

20110205080 - Transmitter and receiver synchronization for wireless telemetry systems: A method and system are presented for transmitting data along tubing in a borehole, comprising generating an acoustic signal using a transmitter at a first location on the tubing, and receiving the acoustic signal at a receiver at a second location on the tubing. The method and system further comprise:... Agent:

20110205081 - Methods and apparatus for applying tactile pressure sensors: A method of wireless communication includes transmitting configuration information to a tactile pressure sensor apparatus, receiving pressure sensor data from the tactile pressure sensor apparatus based on the configuration information, and providing the received tactile pressure sensor data to a user.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110205082 - Sensor emulation using mote networks: A method may include and/or involve collecting readings from a number of mote sensors of a mote network, the mote sensors at a number of mote sensor locations, and emulating, as a source or sources of the readings, a number of sensors at a number of sensor locations.... Agent:

20110205083 - System and method for communicating with a telemetric implant: A telemetric system (10, 300) is disclosed. The telemetric system (10, 300) includes a telemetric implant (400, 500), a reader unit (20) adapted to read signals from the telemetric implant (400, 500), and an antenna (12, 212, 312) adapted for connection to the reader unit (20, 320) and to receive... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20110205084 - system and method for coordinating harvester and transport vehicle unloading operations: A system and method for positioning a transport vehicle relative to a harvester is disclosed. The system includes an imaging device mounted on the transport vehicle and a control system for analyzing image data and executing a computer program to provide commands to position the transport vehicle in an acceptable... Agent: Cnh America, LLC

20110205085 - Lighting, signage and storage apparatus for traffic control vehicle: A lighting chassis and equipment rack apparatus for use with a dual purpose lane control vehicle and pilot vehicle. The lighting chassis provides an apparatus for positioning and supporting a flashing arrow board and traffic control signage above the cab of a vehicle, and provides a system of racks for... Agent:

20110205086 - Traffic control system and method: A traffic control system is provided including an arrangement of traffic lights at a traffic intersection, and a radar sensor installed at the intersection such that its field and range of detection covers at least one approach to the intersection. The radar sensor is adapted to sense the presence of... Agent: Tmt Services And Supplies (pty) Limited

20110205087 - Gen ii meter system: Apparatus for controlling and monitoring vehicle parking meter systems wherein a plurality of programmable single space parking meters enable the resetting of time upon a vehicle departure and the occurrence of any other operational parameter; multiple low power microprocessors for monitoring and initiating changes in the logic for all the... Agent:

20110205088 - Park assist system and method: A system and method of parking assist includes a detection device located in a rear portion of a vehicle. The detection device acquires data representative of a viewable area behind the vehicle. The detection device is in communication with a park assist controller. A first viewable area that includes an... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110205089 - Aircraft power failure simulation apparatus and method: Disclosed is a flight management means verification apparatus (1) adapted to verify at least one flight management means (36,38), wherein the flight management means in use outputs a warning, disables an aircraft means and/or inhibits the activation thereof in response to a power fail condition. The flight management means verification... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110205090 - Aircraft attitude systems: Aircraft attitude systems are provided, in which a representative system includes: an instrument face having a bank angle scale, a bank status indicator, a pitch angle scale and a pitch status indicator; the bank angle scale being fixed in position relative to the instrument face and being operative to present... Agent: Pilot Disorientation Prevention Technologies, LLC.

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110199178 - Portable input device and input method in portable input device: It is intended to be able to perform an input operation with a simple configuration in which the number of components such as keys or switches is reduced. A remote controller (1) includes an angular velocity detecting section (21) for detecting an angular velocity caused in a casing when a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110199179 - Proportional joystick with integral switch: An input device, such as a joystick, provides proportional input signals related to a position of an actuating member along an actuation surface and also includes a switch that provides an additional signal when the actuating member is moved in a direction perpendicular to the actuation surface.... Agent: Invacare Corporation

20110199180 - Consumer interactive music system: A user-interactive music system is described. The system includes a web application in communication with an electronic device such as a mobile device. The web application receives an input from the electronic device, requesting a specific song or preference of songs be played on a music player at a remote... Agent:

20110199183 - Lockable enclosure having improved access system: A biometric security system, including a biometric validation module for receiving a biometric profile (such as a fingerprint scan) and asserting a control signal responsive to a biometric evaluation of the biometric profile for securing access to a physical locking storage unit, such as a cabinet. Disclosed is a system... Agent:

20110199184 - Lock release apparatus: A lock release apparatus in a vehicle includes a vehicle unit and a portable device, for an exchange of the first and second reference signals transmitted therebetween from the portable device through human body of the driver toward the right and left hands of the driver onto the first and... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110199181 - Coded remote controller and means to secure entry: Systems and methods to ensure security over remote controlled entries using a remote control transmitter that only transmits a command to open a secured entry (e.g. gate or garage door) if a unique pattern (e.g., number pattern or biometric) is entered into a wireless remote control and transmitter. The remote... Agent:

20110199182 - Sensor actuated storage compartment: A storage compartment is provided that includes a sensor configured to generate a signal based on presence of an activating object. The storage compartment also includes a controller communicatively coupled to the sensor and configured to detect an object adjacent to the storage compartment based on the signal. The storage... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110199185 - Building a location based service reference database based on encountered rfid tags: A RFID reader of a RFID enabled mobile device receives RFID information from a RFID tag attached to an object. In instances where the RFID enabled mobile device is GNSS enabled, a GNSS position of the RFID enabled mobile device is determined to associate, for example, by location stamping, with... Agent:

20110199186 - Passive wireless memory device: A passive wireless memory device includes a memory unit and a passive tag. The passive tag converts data stored in the memory unit into a data packet in response to first to third data request signals from a reader and transmits the data packet to the reader. The passive tag... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20110199188 - Ringup/ ringdown interrogation of rfid tags: The method of interrogating an RFID memory device (14) including one or more vibrating members (16-34) each being able to resonate at a different known resonant frequency uses a ring-up/down interrogation technique which exploits a property of the resonance increments in relation to the background that is not exploited in... Agent: Bluechiip Pty Ltd

20110199187 - Tracking biological and other samples using rfid tags: RFID tags are affixed to vials used to store samples, such as biological samples stored in liquid nitrogen dewars or mechanical freezers. In one set of embodiments, an RFID tag is inserted into a recess at the bottom of a vial and held in place by an insert that engages... Agent: Biotillion, LLC

20110199190 - Rf tag reader and rf tag information acquisition method: There is provided an RF tag reader including an omission-in-reading determining section which determines that an RF tag belonging to a predetermined group might be unread when tag information is not acquired from an RF tag, which belongs to the group and whose tag information is not acquired yet, within... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110199189 - Rotation-activated electronic component with time-limited use: A rotation-activated electronic component, preferably a RFID tag mounted on or incorporated in a support that is rotated when read, e.g. a CD or DVD. The RFID tag comprises an antenna, a rotational switch, a component, advantageously a processor, and a time usage limiter. The antenna is adapted to transform... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20110199194 - Programmable device and programming method: The present invention discloses a programmable device (10) comprising a controller (14) for processing a sequence of program instructions to control the programmable device; and a near field communication device (12) for retrieving the program instructions from at least one transmission tag (24) and for providing the controller (14) with... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110199191 - Reconfiguration of a radio frequency reader: A radio frequency (RF) reader, comprising a memory; and a processor in communication with the memory, the memory including computer code executable with the processor. The computer code is configured to: determine a first communication characteristic for a first device coupled with the RF reader, the first device being operable... Agent:

20110199192 - Reconfiguration of a radio frequency tag: A method for configuring a radio frequency (RF) tag is provided. The method comprises determining communication characteristics for a first RF device coupled with the RF tag, and configuring the RF tag as a function of the communication characteristics for the first RF device. The first RF device uses the... Agent:

20110199193 - Rf tag reader and writer: An RF tag reader and writer is provided which includes: a communication unit that communicates with one or more RF tags as an information acquisition target using an anti-collision method of avoiding a collision between signals and that performs an acquisition process of acquiring tag information which is information stored... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110199195 - Power line communication system based on constant current source: Disclosed herein is a power line communication system in which multiple loads are connected in series to constant current source, each individual equipment connected through an insulation transformer to a power line forming a closed loop has a current/voltage conversion part and a voltage/current conversion part, wherein a voltage signal... Agent: Ls Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.

20110199196 - Integrated remote controller and method of selecting device controlled thereby: An integrated remote controller and a method of selecting a device controlled thereby are disclosed. The present invention is implemented such that it can store position data of devices to be controlled by the integrated remote controller; recognize devices around the integrated remote controller and displaying the devices; determine as... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110199197 - System for monitoring the area around a vehicle: A system 1 for monitoring the area around a vehicle of the present invention capable of visually notifying the passenger in the vehicle 10 of not only the presence but also the kind of an object in images around the vehicle displayed in an HUD 7, for example, according to... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110199198 - Method for operating a heads-up display system, heads-up display system: In a method for operating a heads-up display system of a vehicle, the roadway state of the roadway to be traveled by the vehicle is checked using at least one suitable sensor, and a warning message is displayed at a location on the windshield in the case of detection of... Agent:

20110199200 - Method and device for automatic direction indication:

20110199199 - Pedestrian alert system and method: A pedestrian warning or alert system and method are disclosed. The warning system is mounted on an electric vehicle. The warning system includes a front speaker system, a rear speaker system, a front pedestrian detector, a rear pedestrian detector, and an electronic control unit (ECU) electronically coupled to the front... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110199201 - Method and system for signaling an aquaplaning condition of a tyre fitted on a vehicle (as amended): A method of signalling an aquaplaning condition of a tyre, the latter rolling on a rolling surface, a footprint area being defined between the tyre and the rolling surface, a layer of water being interposed between the tyre and the rolling surface, includes: detecting a first signal representative of a... Agent:

20110199202 - Near-to-eye tracking for adaptive operation: A method and a system are provided for adaptive vehicle operation. The method includes the steps of sensing a position and an orientation of a near-to-eye display device worn by the vehicle operator, determining a direction of gaze of the vehicle operator in response to the position and the orientation... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110199203 - Temperature sensing light-emitting device: The present invention provides a temperature sensing light-emitting device, applicable for use in electronic devices, and is structured from a temperature sensing element, a processing unit, a display element, and a voice unit. The temperature sensing element is used to sense the temperature of the area under measurement, after which... Agent:

20110199204 - Communicating device and method of locking out an item of equipment: A communicating lockout device of an item of equipment comprising locking means able to maintain the equipment in a fixed position, a communication module able to communicate data relating to said device and a local power supply module adapted to supply electrically at least the communication module, the power supply... Agent: Electricite De France

20110199205 - Devices and methods for behavior assessment and modification: In one embodiment, a behavior assessment and modification device comprises a strap for fastening the device about a user's limb; a data interface for receiving input by the user; a sensor for detecting movement by the user; a processor for processing movement data detected by the sensor and interpreting the... Agent:

20110199206 - Information providing system, information providing method, information providing server ,and computer program: A positioning terminal (10) including a positioning function transmits location identifying information (IL) received from a positioning infrastructure (30), and transmits destination designating information for designating a destination of location-related information generated by an information generating unit (120) to an information providing server (100). With this arrangement, a user can... Agent:

20110199208 - Method of detecting the operation of a voice signal wireless transmission device: p

20110199207 - Receiving apparatus, information processing method and program: An information receiving apparatus that includes a receiver that receives an alert signal including a predetermined number of bits, and a controller that detects that the alert signal includes alert information by processing a subset of the predetermined number of bits of the alert signal, and outputs an indication corresponding... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110199209 - Thermostat with utility messaging: The present disclosure pertains generally to thermostats that are adapted to assist utilities in communicating with its customers. In particular, the present disclosure relates to a thermostat having a display, a controller and a receiver that is coupled to the controller. The receiver is adapted to receive messages from a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110199210 - Or relating to security devices: A security device for items is provided comprising a locking cable which is connected to a device worn by the owner which activates an alarm if broken or damaged while in the locking environment, the device and the item are bridged by the cable and the device may be worn... Agent:

20110199211 - Method of assigning and deducing the location of articles detected by multiple rfid antennae: In accordance with preferred embodiments or the invention, a method (and corresponding apparatus) is provided for deducing the location of one or more items or objects to be monitored. In exemplary embodiments, the method (and corresponding apparatus) is implemented in RFID (radio frequency identification) applications (e.g., reading RFID tags at... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20110199213 - Rfid integrated circuit with integrated antenna structure: An integrated circuit for use in an RFID tag includes an integrated circuit die having a circuit, a radio frequency identification (RFID) interface for providing communication between the circuit and a remote RFID reader via RF signaling between the RFID interface and the remote RFID reader. An antenna section facilitates... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110199212 - System and case for tracking articles: The present invention provides an article tracking and control system that records articles when they are entered into or removed from a case. Each article is tagged with an RFID tag and is identified individually by the system. The system comprises: wireless identification means attached to each article; a case... Agent: Logitag Systems Ltd

20110199216 - Fall detection system: There is provided a fall detection system, comprising one or more sensors for monitoring the movement of a user of the fall detection system and for generating corresponding signals; means for determining a threshold from one or more measurements of the physical condition of the user; a processor for analysing... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110199214 - Medical personnel alert rules based on grouping: A method, a system, and a computer-readable medium are provided for generating an alert based on a physiological characteristic of a patient. A user interface window is configured to allow a user to define a first alert value, an indicator of a physiological characteristic of a patient associated with the... Agent:

20110199215 - Programmable touch-activated signaling device: A call-for-service device includes touch targets coupled with a control circuit. A light source is coupled with the control circuit and responsive to selection of the touch targets as controlled by the control circuit, which associates lighting patterns of the light source with respective touch targets to signal to wait... Agent: Magibrands, Inc.

20110199217 - Animal training apparatus having multiple receivers and method of controlling the same: An animal training apparatus with multiple receiver control function is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a single transmitter and multiple receivers corresponding to the respective animals. The transmitter includes a plurality of level adjustment switches for setting shock levels of the respective receivers. When the volume of a level adjustment switch... Agent:

20110199218 - Wireless code game enuresis alarm for the treatment of enuresis: A system (10) and method for use by a subject with a sleep disorder, such as nocturnal enuresis. The system (10) comprises at least one sensor (11) that detects at least one attribute of the sleep disorder, for example urine, and outputs at least a first signal on or after... Agent:

20110199219 - Life spring: Apparatus and methods for indicating whether a vehicle is partially or completely submerged. In one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a circuit and a body. The circuit includes a moisture sensor, indicator, and power adaptor. The moisture sensor generates an output signal responsive to whether it senses moisture. The indicator outputs... Agent:

20110199220 - Methods and apparatuses for detection of properties of fluid conveyance systems: A system and method for monitoring and/or detecting the flow of one or more fluids in a fluid system including leak detection system integral to the fluid system (e.g., at any point along a conduit, at a connection between conduits such as at a fitting assembly, etc.) configured to detect... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20110199221 - Harvester bin sensor: A harvester grain bin monitoring system is disclosed. The system includes a sensor that monitors the perimeter of the bin proximate to the top rim to provide a warning to an operator when the grain level reaches approaches the bin rim. The sensor may be optical or mechanical.... Agent: Cnh America LLC

20110199222 - Gas activated changes to light absorption and emission characteristics for security articles: Disclosed are security articles and methods and systems for authenticating security articles using a plurality of stimuli. According to one embodiment, an illustrative security feature includes activation of phosphorescent or fluorescent materials by the simultaneous presence of a source of electromagnetic radiation and a specific gas environment. A detector detects... Agent: Spectra Systems Corporation

20110199223 - Apparatus and method for sensing leakage current of battery: An apparatus for sensing leakage current of a battery includes a voltage distribution node installed on a first conductive line connecting both terminals of a battery; first and second switches installed between the voltage distribution node and positive/negative terminals of the battery; an insulation resistance and a current sensing resistance... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20110199224 - Substrate inter-terminal voltage sensing circuit: A substrate inter-terminal voltage sensing circuit which can promptly sense a plasma charge-up occurring on a semiconductor wafer across a wide range without connection of a voltage measuring instrument. The substrate inter-terminal voltage sensing circuit is adapted to sense a voltage occurring between a pair of electrodes arranged on a... Agent: Oki Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20110199225 - Use of token switch to indicate unauthorized manipulation of a protected device: An apparatus to indicate unauthorized manipulation of at least one protected device enclosed in a housing is provided. The apparatus includes a structure attached to a first portion of the housing and a token switch attached to a second portion of the housing. The token switch is operably positioned with... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110199226 - Methods and apparatuses using control indicators for data processing systems: A control indication assembly. A first control mounted on a surface of a computer is coupled to a first sensor, to a first sensing circuit to send an electrical signal to the first control when a user-touch occurs to the first sensor, and to a first indicator to indicate an... Agent:

20110199227 - System for underwater communications comprising fluid modifying means: The present invention provides a system for underwater communications by electromagnetic signals capable of providing a higher data transfer rate for a given range of communications than current prior art systems for underwater communications by electromagnetic signals. The system has an active mode of operation and an inactive mode. In... Agent:

20110199228 - Use of micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) in well treatments: A method of servicing a wellbore, comprising placing a plurality of Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) sensors in a wellbore composition, placing the wellbore composition in the wellbore, obtaining data from the MEMS sensors using a plurality of data interrogation units spaced along a length of the wellbore, and telemetrically transmitting the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20110199230 - Information device for the adapted presentation of information in a vehicle: Information for a vehicle driver is transmitted to the vehicle by vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and is individually conditioned in the vehicle in line with the respective needs of the driver. The conditioned information is then presented visually and/or audibly.... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20110199229 - Method and system for detecting the typ of tire: Disclosed is a method and a circuit configuration as well as a navigation system are disclosed, wherein the extraction and transmission of signals running on a line bus (1, 2) is carried out without having to sever the bus cable. Furthermore, a sensor (4) is disclosed, which outputs sensor signals... Agent:

20110199231 - Traffic management system: A method and system for managing traffic via a plurality of traffic signs positioned sequentially along a stretch of roadway. Each traffic sign in the plurality of traffic signs is capable of displaying more than one different traffic message. The method comprises receiving at a first traffic sign in the... Agent:

20110199235 - Controllable sign for use with alternate side street parking: A method for dynamically changing information conveyed by a street sign to alert drivers that parking is permitted as a result of an official vehicle approaching and/or passing the sign and transmitting a control signal to cause updating of the sign.... Agent: American Gardens Management Co.

20110199234 - Laser guided parking apparatus and method: This abstract describes an apparatus and method for accurately parking a vehicle within an enclosed space such as a garage. The apparatus uses a compact diode laser and is mounted directly to a ceiling or to a device mounted to the ceiling such as a garage door opener unit. When... Agent:

20110199236 - Method and device for parking a motor vehicle: A method for turning at least one steerable wheel of a motor vehicle during parking on a longitudinal inclination of a roadway, having the following steps: activating a parking brake of the motor vehicle, ascertaining the inclination angle of the vehicle inclination that is effected by the longitudinal inclination of... Agent:

20110199232 - Rack drive-on assistance systems: An apparatus is provided for guiding a vehicle onto a service lift having a pair of runways for receiving the wheels of the vehicle. In one embodiment, a light beam is directed toward the vehicle along the lift center line between the runways, to provide a visual reference to guide... Agent:

20110199233 - Wireless monitor voice indication parking indicator: A wireless monitor voice indication parking indicator includes a transmitting part and a receiving part. The transmitting part includes a camera, an ultrasonic transmitting circuit, an ultrasonic receiving circuit, a power circuit, a voice indication circuit, a video superimposed circuit, a wireless transmitting circuit and a Single-chip Microcomputer (SCM) processor.... Agent:

20110199237 - Methods and systems for depicting a data driven minimum safe altitude: A method for providing a minimum safe altitude indication on an aircraft display is described. The method includes utilizing current aircraft heading and position data to generate a location and orientation for an own-ship depiction with respect to an aircraft display, utilizing the current position data, along with terrain data,... Agent:

20110199238 - Method and system for indicating a location of a vehicle: Methods and systems for indicating the location of a vehicle to a user are provided. An alert is generated with a device onboard the vehicle when a distance between an electronic device and the vehicle is less than a predetermined distance. A property of the alert is varied to indicate... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110199239 - Aircraft charting system with multi-touch interaction gestures for managing a route of an aircraft: A method and apparatus for managing a route for an aircraft or managing a map of an airport. The map is displayed on a display device. A movement of a number of fingers with respect to a number of aeronautical objects on the map is detected. The route for the... Agent: The Boeing Company

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110193676 - Control method, control system, rfid antenna and connection investigation method: RFID control arrangements in a system including a plurality of RFID antennas and a control unit that controls each of RFID reader/writers. A storage unit stores an antenna use procedure, and a plurality of RFID antennas included in each of the use timings in the antenna use procedure are operated.... Agent:

20110193677 - Base station, sensor network system including the same, and method of determining security threshold for sensor network system: In the method of determining a security threshold for a sensor network system, the sensor network system includes a base station and a plurality of sensor nodes. The plurality of sensor nodes is deployed in an area of interest. Routing paths from the deployed sensor nodes to the base station... Agent: Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration

20110193678 - Utility meter tamper monitoring system and method: A method includes activating a tamper monitoring circuit of a security seal configured to securely lock a utility meter. The method also includes wirelessly transmitting an identification data and/or an integrity information associated with the security seal and/or the utility meter to the external transceiver upon activating the tamper monitoring... Agent: Brooks Utility Products Group, Inc.

20110193680 - Vehicle appliance control system: A vehicle system includes a body control module for controlling at least one body control system. The body control module has a microcontroller. A garage door opener module is adapted to be mounted within a vehicle. The garage door module provides an actuating signal for a garage door opener. A... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110193679 - Electronic shelf label system, communication control device, relay station device, electronic shelf label information distribution method, and program: Provided is an electronic shelf label system capable of shortening a period of time required in distributing a large amount of information such as update information for all electronic shelf labels. In the electronic shelf label system, a communication control device (200) distributes shelf label information for an electronic shelf... Agent:

20110193681 - Office notification systems and methods: A system for use in multi-rooms of an office space, provides wireless or other communicative connection among paired devices for each separate room and a central device. The system includes a central control device, an inner panel device communicatively connected to the central control device, and an outer panel device... Agent:

20110193682 - Remote fire detection bypass for testing fire-smoke alarm and indication devices: The importance of fire safety equipment and systems is great as they protect buildings and the people within those buildings from the danger of fire. Regular testing of these systems is highly important to ensure their ability to provide such protection. However, current fire safety equipment, especially fire and smoke... Agent:

20110193683 - Physical addressing for transient voltage surge suppressor modules: A multidimensional addressing network for a power system comprising a number of substantially identical modules monitoring a plurality of surge suppressors. Each module may be uniquely selected or identified based at least in part on its physical relationship with the base plates and other modules.... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20110193684 - Method for the detection and identification of failed electronic radio frequency (rf) transmission devices: A method and system for analyzing an electromagnetic (EM) carrier signal that is operating outside transmission parameters by determining that an original carrier signal is operating outside one or more transmission parameters, modulating the original carrier signal and a meta-carrier signal, the meta-carrier signal comprising meta-data that identifies a transmission... Agent: Comtech Ef Data Corp.

20110193685 - Rfid communication systems and methods, and rfid readers and systems: A method of coordinating a plurality of RFID readers includes controlling the RFID readers such that only one of the readers performs an inventory of RFID tags at a time. A system for coordinating a plurality of RFID readers is also provided.... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20110193686 - Tag reader, tag reader control method, and tag reader control program: There has been a problem that it is impossible to ensure the ability to acquire RFID tag state information and at the same time reduce the power consumption necessary therefore. Provided is a tag reader including a read means, which detects the loss of communication with a tag during communication... Agent:

20110193688 - Charger for implant: A system for supplying energy to an implantable medical device when implanted in a patient's body can comprise an internal charger arranged to be implanted in the patient's body, the internal charger comprising a first coil. The system can further comprise an external charger arranged to wirelessly transmit energy to... Agent: Milux Holdings S.a.

20110193687 - Radio-frequency tag communication device: A radio-frequency tag communication device configured to appropriately minimize a failure in reading out of a targeted radio-frequency tag is provided. The radio-frequency tag communication device comprises a polarization-plane switching control portion 78 operative to switch polarization planes of an antenna within one-third of a time interval TStay preliminarily set... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110193690 - Method for identification of components in an electrical low-voltage switchgear assembly: In one embodiment of the present invention, a method for identification of components in an electrical low-voltage switchgear assembly is disclosed. The electrical low-voltage switchgear assembly according to one embodiment of the invention includes at least one truck module, which can be positioned in a truck slot. In at least... Agent:

20110193689 - Information processing apparatus and method, and non-contact ic card device: An information processing method includes the steps of: detecting a magnetic field variation that occurs in the vicinity of a receiving section that receives a magnetic field signal; determining whether or not a detection result satisfies a predetermined condition that is set in advance; connecting a storage section, which stores... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110193691 - Vibration module and vibration method: A vibration module is suitable for an electronic device. The vibration module includes a vibration element, a plurality of pressing units, and a vibration regulating circuit. The pressing units are disposed on the electronic device and respectively have a coordinate relative to the vibration element. The vibration regulating circuit is... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20110193692 - Anti-theft system for vehicle: An anti-theft system for vehicle includes a lock mechanism comprising an anti-theft steering shaft lock and a hood lock; an access controller comprising a programmable processor, a digital identification device, a receiver, and a remote control; a hand brake sensor; a seat pressure sensor; a door lock sensor; a lock... Agent:

20110193693 - Vehicle and method for advising driver of same: A method for advising a driver of a vehicle including a haptic driver interface may include determining a speed of the vehicle, determining a distance between the vehicle and another vehicle, and activating the haptic driver interface based on the speed and distance.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110193694 - Hidden offset pointer over reconfigurable display: An operator configurable vehicle instrument panel with the ability to provide both analog and digital style outputs, and more particularly to an instrument panel configured to provide a digital style display in a first state and an analog state display in a second state using a physical pointer that was... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20110193695 - In-vehicle emergency report apparatus: When determining a collision possibility of a vehicle while an emergency report is not being executed, an in-vehicle emergency report apparatus secures a wireless communications resource by one of the following: (i) Rejecting a connection request for connecting a wireless communications link from a navigation system to a wireless communications... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110193696 - Method for monitoring the load of vehicle tires: The invention relates to a method for monitoring the load of vehicle tires which are each contacting a pavement with a circumferential section during travel, by means of monitoring devices (4) which are mounted to the tire (1) and contain a transmitter and a generator which is driven by the... Agent:

20110193697 - Supplemental alert generation device for retrofit applications: A battery-powered supplemental alert generator is disclosed that is adapted to be mounted in close proximity to, such as within 3 or 4 feet of, a conventional smoke, heat and/or fire detector/alert device. The supplemental alert generator operates in a relatively low power mode while listening for the nearby detector/alert... Agent:

20110193698 - Event annunciator: An event annunciator may be provided. The event annunciator may comprise a housing, an alerting element, a switch, and a lanyard. The housing may be configured to mount on a pole that supports an electric power line. The alerting element may be in the housing and may have an active... Agent:

20110193699 - User feedback engine: There is therefore provided a user feedback engine, comprising a message generation module for generating messages for a user; a queue management module for managing a queue of the generated messages; wherein each message includes respective values for a plurality of parameters including a priority, a period of validity and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110193700 - Apparatus and method for operating devices based upon vehicle detection: A movable barrier operator controls access to a secured area which houses vehicles. The movable barrier operator is operable to move a movable barrier from an open to a closed position. A sensor controls the operation of a service-providing device through the controller of a movable barrier operator or by... Agent:

20110193701 - Utility meter tamper monitoring system and method: A method includes activating a tamper monitoring circuit of a security seal configured to securely lock a utility meter. The method also includes wirelessly transmitting an identification data and/or an integrity information associated with the security seal and/or the utility meter to the external transceiver upon activating the tamper monitoring... Agent:

20110193702 - Wireless apparatuses, systems, and methods for locating items: Presented are wireless apparatuses, systems, and methods for locating items. According to one embodiment, the apparatus includes a sensor module and an indicator module capable of wireless communication.... Agent:

20110193704 - Displays for a medical device: Embodiments described herein relate to an analyte monitoring device having a user interface with a display and a plurality of actuators. The display is configured to render a plurality of display screens, including a home screen and an alert screen. The home screen is divided into a plurality of simultaneously... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20110193705 - Prescription compliance device and method of using device: A prescription compliance device which aids patients in complying with instructions given by a physician for taking prescription medication. The device reminds a patient when the next dose of medication is to be taken and indicates whether a specified dose has been taken. The device includes a microcontroller, a display,... Agent:

20110193703 - Wearable fluid-sensitive hygiene compliance device: Described are systems having for sensing that a hygiene activity has commenced and alerting a user upon completion of a minimum hygiene compliance period for that activity. For example, a wearable wrist-band can include a fluid sensor, timing circuitry, a power source, and an indicator. The fluid sensor can begin... Agent:

20110193706 - Sensor collar system: The Sensor Collar System provides a pet tracking system comprising an electronic transponder which incorporates Global Positioning System (GPS) technology which monitors the specific whereabouts of a pet as soon as it leaves the house. Configured to mount onto any pet's collar, this device features an internally contained, high-tech computer... Agent:

20110193708 - Motion sensitive interlock: Apparatus for use with a vehicle is disclosed and comprises an interlock device. The device is adapted to, in use: at least while said vehicle is in motion, periodically generate a prompt; assess motion of said vehicle; at least when said vehicle is assessed by said device to be at... Agent:

20110193707 - Vehicle operator alertness monitoring system: An exemplary vehicle operator alertness monitoring system includes a heart rate monitor and a vehicle operator alert module. The vehicle operator alert module communicates with the heart rate monitor and determines whether a vehicle operator's heart rate is within an acceptable range. The vehicle operator alert module is configured to... Agent:

20110193709 - Mobile device and method of detecting temperature: A mobile device includes a temperature sensing module, a determination module, and a warning module. The temperature sensing module detects a body temperature. The determination module determines whether the body temperature is beyond a predetermined temperature. The warning module sends a warning when the body temperature is beyond a predetermined... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110193710 - Refrigerated container monitoring system: A monitoring system for a refrigerated container carrying temperature-sensitive cargo. The system includes sensors disposed throughout the container and/or an associated vehicle for measuring parameters of the container or vehicle, including temperature, motion, and fuel efficiency, among many others. The system optionally includes a global positioning system receiver to monitor... Agent: Par Technology Corporation

20110193711 - Method and device for detecting the presence, in a load, of objects suspected of containing at least one material having a given atomic weight: Method for detecting, in a load (2), the presence of objects suspected of containing at least one material having a given atomic weight, in which the load (2) is exposed to at least a first X-ray beam having a first spectrum and an atomic number class to which the materials,... Agent: Smiths Heimann Sas

20110193712 - Smoke detector: To enable an air velocity of sampling air to be precisely measured, a smoke detector (S) includes: a smoke detection part (22) connected to a sampling pipe (11); a fan (12) that sucks sampling air (SA) into the sampling pipe; and an air velocity sensor (15) that measures an air... Agent:

20110193714 - Supplemental alert generation device: A battery-powered supplemental alert generator is disclosed that is adapted to be mounted in close proximity to, such as within 3 or 4 feet of, a conventional smoke, heat and/or fire detector/alert device. The supplemental alert generator operates in a relatively low power mode while listening for the nearby detector/alert... Agent:

20110193713 - Supplemental alert generation device with piezoelectric sensor: A battery-powered supplemental alert generator is disclosed that is adapted to be mounted in close proximity to, such as within 3 or 4 feet of, a conventional smoke, heat and/or fire detector/alert device. The supplemental alert generator operates in a relatively low power mode while listening for the nearby detector/alert... Agent:

20110193715 - Dynamic condition monitoring system with integrated web server: A dynamic condition monitoring system is disclosed, such as for monitoring vibrations in complex machine systems. The system includes monitors on which server software is provided. The server software may access pre-defined graphical user interface pages that can be populated and served directly from the monitors. The data may be... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110193716 - Apparatus and method for providing an audible identification of the contents of a container: An apparatus includes a container and a content identification device providing an audible identification of the contents of the container. The container can be included in an automatic dispensing system. A method is also provided. The method includes providing a container, and producing an audible identification of contents of the... Agent: Upmc

20110193717 - Large area position/proximity correction device with alarms using (d)gps technology: A movable boundary detection apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a receiver operable to receive a positioning signal including actual position coordinates of a movable device in a first space and a memory module including a memory to store predefined position coordinates for defining boundaries of a second space being... Agent:

20110193719 - Discovery phase in a frequency hopping network: The present technology relates to protocols relative to utility meters associated with an open operational framework. More particularly, the present subject matter relates to protocol subject matter for advanced metering infrastructure, adaptable to various international standards, while economically supporting a 2-way mesh network solution in a wireless environment, such as... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110193718 - System, method and integrated circuit chip for wireless multi-network meter reading: A wireless monitoring system comprises a remote asset about which data is to be collected and a wireless data-transfer device connected to the remote asset. The wireless device includes a radiofrequency transceiver and a chip having a memory for storing a plurality of subscriber identifiers corresponding to different wireless networks... Agent:

20110193720 - Asset performance optimization: Included are embodiments for asset management. At least one embodiment of a method includes receiving, at a performance assessment and optimization center, data from at least one asset, the asset being configured to service an environment and performing at least one calculation, from the received data, to determine whether the... Agent: Prenova, Inc.

20110193721 - In-vehicle communication apparatus: An in-vehicle communication apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes: a wireless communication device; a vehicle stop state determination section configured to determine whether a vehicle is in a stop state or a not-stop state; a connectibility determination section configured to determine whether wireless communication between the wireless communication device and... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110193722 - Monitoring and diagnostics of traffic signal preemption controllers: Management of traffic signal preemption control equipment. In one approach, logged preemption data is periodically read from each of a plurality of intersections having respective preemption controllers for preempting traffic signals at the intersections. The logged preemption data at an intersection describes operational states of the preemption controller and each... Agent:

20110193723 - Wireless earth magnetic induction detection system for vehicle and its installation method: The present invention providing a system and installation method of wireless vehicle detection based on earth magnetic induction a signal collection module, a signal conditioning module, a MCU control module, a wireless communication module, a battery module and a signal receiver module includes. When the system is installed, firstly, a... Agent:

20110193724 - System and method for managing audio warning messages in an aircraft: In particular, in this system (1), the said central broadcasting module (40) comprises means (402, 420) for determining at least one priority warning condition among the warning conditions detected by the monitoring systems, and means (410, 430) for generating at least one audio message (SIG) corresponding to the at least... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20110193725 - Methods and systems for displaying a symbol representative of an aircraft in flight: Methods and systems are provided for displaying a symbol that is representative of an aircraft in flight. The method includes, but is not limited to, the steps of detecting an attitude of the aircraft and a view direction of an operator of the aircraft, and displaying with a near-to-eye display... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110193726 - Emotive advisory system including time agent: An emotive advisory system for use by one or more occupants of an automotive vehicle includes a computer. The computer is configured to receive input indicative of an operating state of the vehicle. The computer determines at least one of a need to provide time information to an occupant based... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110187488 - Alarm consolidation system and method: Methods and system for consolidating alarms using a data center monitoring appliance are provided. The method includes receiving at least one alarm from an physical infrastructure device via the network, determining that the at least one alarm is subject to a consolidation filter, the consolidation filter specifying characteristics of a... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20110187489 - Power saving apparatus, power saving system and method of operating the same: A power saving apparatus adapted for electronic equipment is disclosed. The power saving apparatus includes a detection module for detecting a motion of an object in a detection field around the electronic equipment and generating a detection signal, a wireless transceiver unit, and a processing unit for transmitting a control... Agent: Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110187490 - Control network system: A control network system may control a control target by using control data. The control network system may include a wireless field device that transmits the control data through a wireless communication, a relay apparatus that relays the control data from the wireless field device, the relay apparatus including a... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20110187491 - Apparatus, systems and methods for remote control learning: Device control systems and methods learn to control an electronic device. An exemplary embodiment has a base device and a learning remote control. The learning remote control receives a device command signal transmitted from a remote control that controls the controlled electronic device. The base device receives a first identifier... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20110187492 - Fascia panel assembly having capacitance sensor operative for detecting objects: A fascia panel assembly includes an electrically non-conductive fascia panel, an electrically non-conductive isolator, and a capacitance sensor. The sensor capacitively couples to an electrically conductive object proximal to the sensor while the sensor is driven with an electrical charge such that capacitance of the sensor changes due to the... Agent: Uusi, LLC

20110187495 - Electric release fastening device for thin-profile space: An electric release fastening device for a thin-profile space has a fingerprint identifier, a micro drive motor, a change gear set, an electric controller, an electric battery, a moveable fastening cassette, a fastening cassette control unit and a locking locator. When the fingerprint identifier reads the correct identification information, the... Agent:

20110187496 - Electronic access control device and management system: A mobile electronic control device, such as an electronic key, is used to access or otherwise control the operations of a field device, such as an appliance, power tool, shipping container, etc. In a control event in which the mobile control device interacts with the field device via wired or... Agent:

20110187497 - Comparison of an applied gesture on a touch screen of a mobile device with a remotely stored security gesture: A method of a mobile device comparing an applied gesture on a touch screen of a mobile device with a remotely stored security gesture is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of a mobile device includes determining that an applied gesture on a touch screen of a mobile device in... Agent:

20110187493 - Method and system for permitting remote check-in and coordinating access control: Methods, systems, and devices for controlling access within a multi-facility room are provided. More specifically, a guest of the multi-room facility is allowed to remotely confirm reservations to the facility as well as bypass the front desk of the multi-room for check-in purposes. At a location within the facility, the... Agent: Assa Abloy Hospitality, Inc.

20110187498 - System and method of haptically communicating vehicle information from a vehicle to a keyless entry device: Various systems, devices, and methods for communicating vehicle information from a vehicle to a keyless entry device are provided. The system may include a keyless entry device for communicating vehicle information from a vehicle to a user. The keyless entry device may include a haptic actuator and one or more... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110187494 - Method and apparatus to validate a subscriber line: A method is described of providing validation data associated with a subscriber line of a telecommunication network using a validation system. The method includes obtaining line data of the subscriber line wherein the line data is suitable for interrogating a line identification database (LIDB). The method interrogates the LIDB with... Agent: Paymentone Corporation

20110187499 - Method for operating a motor vehicle: In a method for operating a motor vehicle (1) an identification identifier (2) for a driver of the motor vehicle (1) is determined depending on the time lag between at least two events.... Agent:

20110187500 - Environmental adjustments using biometrics: Systems and methods for environmental adjustments using biometrics are described. A scanned biometric parameter of an individual may be received and a determination may be made as to whether the scanned biometric parameter of the individual matches a stored biometric parameter of a plurality of stored biometric parameters. Biometric parameters... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20110187501 - Method and apparatus for determining authenticity: A method of determining the authenticity of a document of value provided with a watermark pattern, the method comprising determining whether the watermark pattern exhibits a discontinuity.... Agent: De La Rue International Limited

20110187502 - Active badge localization using passive sensors: A network in an environment includes passive sensors with associated sensor identification numbers. A set of active badges with associated badge identification numbers, wherein each badge is associated with an object, and wherein a particular sensor broadcasts a packet in response to detecting a particular object, wherein the packet includes... Agent:

20110187503 - Method and system for data center rack brackets for automatic location tracking of information technology components: Methods and systems provide the automatic tracking of the physical location of information technology components in a data center. These systems automatically identify where a given IT component, such as a server, router, switch or other device, is located. They automatically identify which slot the IT component is located in... Agent:

20110187505 - Access using a mobile device with an accelerometer: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to systems, apparatuses and methods for using a mobile device with an accelerometer to gain access into a secured or restricted area. A first device and a second device interact by making physical contact with each other thereby generating interaction data that is... Agent:

20110187507 - Automatic data collection device, method and article: A radio frequency identification system comprises a radio-frequency identification substrate and an interrogator. In one embodiment, the radio-frequency identification substrate comprises a plurality of radio-frequency identification devices. In one embodiment, a controller on the substrate controls a first one of the plurality of radio-frequency identification devices based on a state... Agent: IntermecIPCorp.

20110187504 - Circularly polarized antennas for a wireless sensor system: A wireless sensor system for an aircraft including a central access point and a plurality of slave nodes arranged in a star network in which the central access point wirelessly exchanges data with the slave nodes in a bidirectional manner. At least one of the antenna at the central access... Agent: Simmonds Precision Products, Inc.

20110187506 - System and method for dsrc communication: A system and method for Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) between beacons and onboard units of a road toll system, wherein the beacons have a system-wide key and the onboard units have only individual keys, which are respectively formed from the system-wide key on the basis of a derivation code specific... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

20110187508 - Tag for rfid, wireless transmission system and method for large scale multimedia contents using the same: The invention provides an RFID tag for storing large scale multimedia contents data readable only when it is authenticated, remote authentication for accessing the multimedia contents data stored in the RFID tag, and a wireless communication system and method for transmitting/receiving the multimedia contents on a radio frequency through the... Agent: Korea University Industrial & Academic Collaboraton Foundation

20110187509 - Software-defined multi-mode rfid read devices: Devices and methods for reading multiple types of RFID tags having different frequencies and/or encoding schemes are disclosed. One or more search signals covering a plurality of RFID bands are transmitted. A presence indication of an RFID tag in one of the plurality of RFID bands is detected. An interrogating... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20110187510 - Radio frequency identification device with visual indicator: An RFID device includes a chip, an antenna operatively coupled to the chip, and a visual indicator operatively coupled to the chip. The visual indicator provides a visual indication of an operative state of the device. The visual indication may be human readable and/or machine readable, and may provide visual... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110187511 - Method and apparatus for managing content, configuration and credential information among devices: An approach is presented for efficiently managing content, configuration and credentials among devices. A determination of information and related metadata associated with one or more devices available in an information space is made, wherein the information includes content, configuration, credentials, or a combination thereof of the one or more devices.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110187512 - Controlling device using visual cues to indicate appliance and function key relationships: A controlling device, such as a universal remote control, that uses visual and/or audio cues, such as sounds, color, patterns, shapes, etc., to indicate a relationship between a function key and an intended target appliance for a command transmitted in response to activation of the function key.... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20110187513 - Remote control method and system, vehicle with remote controllable function, and control server: A remote control method for remotely controlling the operation of equipment furnished in a vehicle in response to a remote control request generated by a remote controller is provided. The method comprises the steps of (a) acquiring vehicle status information from the vehicle; (b) determining whether to operate particular vehicle... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110187514 - Apparatus for providing haptic feedback: Disclosed is an apparatus used in an electronic device for providing haptic feedback. The apparatus includes a base defining a receiving space, a piezoelectricity vibrator suspended in the receiving space and being capable of vibrating in the receiving space, a pair of contacts partially accommodated in the base and electrically... Agent:

20110187516 - Techniques for presenting vehicle-related information: An apparatus for presenting a time-variant information element in a vehicle, which has a steering wheel (1602), comprises one or more remotely and individually controllable tactile pads (1620), which produce a tactile sensation in response to a respective pad output signal, which is produced by a controller (CTRL). The tactile... Agent: Senseg Ltd.

20110187515 - Vehicle control apparatus: According to conventional art, if there is an obstacle on the left of a vehicle, a control threshold value is set so as to avoid the obstacle. If the control threshold value is exceeded, the vehicle is controlled in accordance with a deviation quantity so as to return to a... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20110187517 - Safety warning light: A method of providing a safety warning light for a traveler over a period of months of intermittent travel, that makes use of a battery operated lighting apparatus that provides light when motion and darkness are detected and that when still or in daylight uses, on average, less than 4... Agent:

20110187519 - Motor vehicle door lock having a circuit arrangement: The invention relates to a motor vehicle door lock, comprising a circuit arrangement having at least one sensor (5) and a connected control unit (7), wherein the sensor (5) has at least two switching states (“open” and “closed”), which correspond to varying current intensity (I1; I2) at the output of... Agent:

20110187518 - Steering wheel human/machine interface system and method: A system and methods for communicating to a motor vehicle driver a desired direction to turn a steering wheel. The desired direction may be determined by, for example, a turn-by-turn navigation system, a lane-keeping aid system, and/or a forward collision warning system. A plurality of lights disposed on the steering... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110187520 - Vehicle and method for advising driver of same: A method for advising a driver of a vehicle may include measuring a plurality of parameters representing the vehicle's current handling condition and the vehicle's limit handling condition, determining a margin between the vehicle's current handling condition and limit handling condition, and initiating an alert for the driver before the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110187521 - Tactile driver feedback regarding the operational readiness of a vehicle: A method is described for generating a tactile driver feedback regarding the operational readiness of a vehicle, in particular a hybrid vehicle, the feedback being generated as a function of the state of a drive train of the vehicle.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110187522 - Vehicle and method of advising a driver therein: A vehicle may include a driver interface and at least one controller operatively arranged with the interface. The at least one controller may be configured to determine a speed and acceleration of the vehicle, to predict a time until a future speed of the vehicle exceeds a predefined speed based... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110187523 - Pluggable security device: A pluggable security device for protecting an electronic device, such as a laptop, is disclosed. The pluggable security device has a battery, a siren, and an optional accelerometer. The security device is triggered by unplugging from the electronic device, or by sensing acceleration, or by disconnecting the electronic device from... Agent: Cicada Security Technology Inc.

20110187524 - Method and system for communicating with instrumented tools utilized by emergency responders: An instrumented emergency response tool system and method for wirelessly communicating emergency response condition and location information to a team of emergency responders. An emergency response tool utilized by an emergency responder can be integrated with one or more sensors to detect at least one parameter with respect to an... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110187526 - Automatic determination of location for ethernet devices: A method for automatically locating an Ethernet patient monitor in one or more buildings includes querying, by a computing device of a central monitoring system, a switch using a Media Access Control address of the patient monitor, and receiving a port number to which the patient monitor is connected from... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20110187528 - Footwear with embedded tracking device and method of manufacture: Footwear with an embedded tracking device includes a sole and an upper. The tracking device is disposed in a cavity formed in the top surface of the sole. A wireless communication antenna and/or a location signal antenna is disposed on the upper. The antenna(s) is/are connected to the tracking device... Agent:

20110187527 - Portable tracking/locating system, method, and application: A tracking system including a tracking device and a tracked device. The tracking device includes a smart phone type device with a radio transceiver dongle connected to it through a USB connection. Communications from the traced device to the tracking device (for example, the transceiver in the dongle) take the... Agent:

20110187525 - Search area reduction for estimating the location of a wireless terminal based on indoor detection: A method of using a non-GPS-derived technique to estimate the location of an Assisted-GPS-enabled wireless terminal for the purposes of generating location-specific assistance data for the wireless terminal is disclosed. The wireless terminal then uses the assistance data to acquire and process one or more GPS signals and to derive... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20110187529 - Method for monitoring the quality of a fuel comprising alcohol in a storage tank: The disclosure relates to a method for monitoring the quality of a fuel containing alcohol in a storage tank (1) including a sump area (8), wherein the density of the fluid present in the sump area (8) of the storage tank (1) is measured and compared to prescribed values characterizing... Agent: Fafnir Gmbh

20110187530 - Portable security container: A process and security container that enable local protection and remote transportation of items found with the environment of a contemporary office, while generating a log of users who have gained access to the container. e container may be constructed with one or more sidewalls bearing a removable lid. The... Agent: Myspace LLC

20110187531 - Systems and methods for securing handheld electronic devices: Systems and methods are provided for securing handheld electronic devices. To provide an optimal shopping experience for consumers, handheld electronic devices must be made accessible to users, while simultaneously being secured to prevent theft. A security system can include a coupler connected to an electronic device. The coupler can include... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110187532 - Pluggable security device: A pluggable security device for protecting an electronic device, such as a laptop, is disclosed. The pluggable security device has a battery, a siren, and an optional accelerometer. The security device is triggered by unplugging from the electronic device, or by sensing acceleration, or by disconnecting the electronic device from... Agent:

20110187533 - Antenna for near field radio-frequency identification and method and system for use thereof: An antenna array and method of operation are disclosed for providing a very thin antenna arrangement with large coverage area for RFID applications and long distance sensitivity. The antenna arrangement comprises two or more antenna elements, each element comprises a planar spiral of conductive material with a feed terminal at... Agent: Mti Wireless Edge Ltd.

20110187534 - Insertable form factor for an instrument tray: An apparatus including a device having a slot formed on an exterior wall and a slot wall within the slot. A form factor may be insertable into the slot. The form factor also may include a transmitter embedded in the form factor, wherein the transmitter is adapted to wirelessly communicate... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110187535 - Methods, systems, and apparatus for detecting medical devices: A passenger screening device includes a transmission coil that is configured to apply radio frequency (RF) energy into a region of interest of a passenger at a frequency that is associated with a normal human body temperature, and a reception coil that is configured to detect an energy perturbation in... Agent:

20110187536 - Tracking method and system: A lighting system and method is provided for tracking movement within a predetermined area. This system includes a plurality of lights installed at predetermined locations throughout the predetermined area, each having at least one sensor with a field of view. The lights include a computing module operatively associated with each... Agent:

20110187537 - Time of flight animal monitoring: A system and method are provided for monitoring the movement of an animal. An animal transceiver unit is placed on the animal for transmitting and receiving signals. A base transceiver unit for transmitting and receiving signals relative to the animal transceiver unit is operated to monitor relative movement of the... Agent:

20110187538 - Drowning alert transmitter: The present invention relates to a drowning alert transmitter comprising: a) a head component 1 for securing on a swimmer's head, b) a head sensor 6A,6B to sense if a swimmer's head is inclined back relative the upper torso and to then generate an alert signal, and c) a transmitter... Agent:

20110187539 - Interaction device: The invention relates to an interaction device (1), comprising a) a first input unit (20) with a first sensitive surface, especially a touch display, and a first sensor unit, b) a second input unit (2-12) with a second sensitive surface and a second sensor unit, c) wherein the second input... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20110187540 - Wet alert! systems: A drip tray alarm and container caddy system comprising a receptacle having an inner volume, a top side with a center and a perimeter lip, a bottom side and a plurality of side walls. The receptacle comprises an inner volume for containing leaked fluid. The top side of the drip... Agent:

20110187541 - Audible alarm device and fire alarm system including the same: Provided is an audible alarm device including a piezoelectric buzzer, which is capable of suppressing wasted current consumption not contributing to increased sound pressure of the piezoelectric buzzer. The audible alarm device includes: a piezoelectric buzzer; a coil connected in parallel to the piezoelectric buzzer; a current limiting means for... Agent:

20110187543 - Home safety 911 system: A home safety 911 system which comprises a battery disposed in an enclosure that supplies power to a smoke sensor, a carbon monoxide sensor and a gas leak sensor. An audible alarm module, a visual alarm module and an escape route module are all disposed in the enclosure and can... Agent:

20110187542 - Radio frequency notification system and method: A notification system including an electrical switch wherein the switch includes a radio frequency receiver circuit coupled to a power supply and the RF receiver circuit, in response to an alarm signal, engages an output relay to close at least one electrical contact in the switch. A notification method comprising:... Agent:

20110187544 - System and method for extending the battery life in inventory control devices: Systems and methods of extending battery life in inventory control devices are disclosed. A passive receiver configured to wirelessly receive an initiation signal having an associated energy field from a remote control system and to output a mode change signal is provided. The passive receiver is configured to be powered... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20110187545 - Method and system of monitoring mass in a pulverized coal fired furnace: A system 100 of monitoring mass in a furnace is described having a number of hanger rods 110 used to support at least a portion of the furnace. The system has at least one pressure sensor 111 that may be a load washer 111 operatively engaging a hanger rod 110... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20110187546 - System and method for safing and monitoring a plurality of vehicle sensors: A system and method for safing vehicle sensors includes two safety systems, each with a primary sensor for monitoring vehicle motion and activating its corresponding safety system in response to certain vehicle motions. Each sensor may act as a safing sensor for the other in the event that activation of... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110187547 - Information display apparatus and method thereof: The information display apparatus comprises a communication unit configured to receive a call signal, and a controller configured to detect a vehicle speed when the call signal is received, and configured to display a sender's to information corresponding to the call signal, on a display unit, based on the vehicle... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110187548 - Lifting device efficient load delivery, load monitoring, collision avoidance, and load hazard avoidance: A lifting device sensor unit is disclosed. In one embodiment, the sensor unit comprises a housing configured to removably couple about a load line of a lifting device. A first global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver is coupled with the housing and is configured for determining a sensor unit position... Agent:

20110187549 - Smart medicine cabinet: Disclosed is a medicine cabinet, comprising; a housing having at least one shelf to support at least one medicine bottle thereon; and a sensing arrangement within the housing, the sensing arrangement monitors dispensing of medicine from each medicine bottle, wherein the sensing arrangement detects pickup of each medicine bottle from... Agent:

20110187550 - Display device: The invention relates to a display device for emission parameters of an internal combustion engine with a linear representation of a value range, wherein a first and a second part region are provided for the display of difference values with differing sign relative to a given set value.... Agent: Johnson Controls Gmbh

20110187552 - Ground detection circuit and method of manufacturing the same: In some embodiments, a system including an electronic device. The electronic device includes an electric power input configured to receive an electric power signal and has an input line terminal and an input neutral terminal. In some embodiments, the electric power input can also have an input ground terminal. The... Agent: Belkin International, Inc.

20110187551 - Illuminated door bell: The present invention relates to a doorbell comprising: a pushbutton illuminated by a first light source; and a front cover illuminated by a second light source. The first light source and second light source may be positioned within a main body of a doorbell in a manner that ensures that... Agent:

20110187553 - Method and system of an electromagnetic telemetry: An electromagnetic telemetry repeater. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are methods comprising inducing an electrical signal along a metallic tubular (the electrical signal carrying the information and the inducing within a borehole beneath the ocean floor), sensing an electric field proximate to the ocean floor, sensing a magnetic... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20110187554 - Integrated permanent monitoring system: A technique facilitates monitoring of parameters in a well environment. At least one sensor is positioned downhole in a wellbore to measure a desired parameter or parameters. Data from the sensor is sent uphole to an electrical wellhead outlet which is integrated into the wellhead. The wellhead and integrated electrical... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110187555 - Method and apparatus for decoding a signal sent from a measurement-while-drilling tool: Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for decoding a signal sent from a measurement-while-drilling tool. In order to decode the signal, a decoder implementation that is communicative according to a decoder implementation protocol and that is configured to decode the signal into a decoded signal is instantiated. The decoder... Agent:

20110187556 - Use of micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) in well treatments: A method of servicing a wellbore, comprising placing a plurality of Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) sensors in a wellbore composition, placing the wellbore composition in the wellbore, and obtaining data from the MEMS sensors using a plurality of data interrogation units spaced along a length of the wellbore. A method of... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20110187557 - Method and arrangement for measuring electrical usage and curtailing electrical usage of individual electrical components: A method and system to curtail electrical use of a residential or commercial establishment to prevent a user from exceeding a user defined threshold amount. The method and system may monitor and control individual electrical components.... Agent: Patrick Energy Services Inc.

20110187558 - Method and system for improved traffic signage: An improved traffic sign is discussed. The traffic sign includes an RFID tag configured to transmit a traffic information to a vehicle-mounted receiver. The traffic information can be associated with a priority. The receiver can be in communication with a vehicle-mounted display, wherein the display displays information selected from received... Agent:

20110187559 - Emergency vehicle warning device and system: An emergency vehicle warning device and a vehicle warning system method for notifying a person (and plural) in a moving vehicle (and plural), an approaching emergency vehicle (and plural), including a transmitter for transmitting an emergency signal from an emergency vehicle and a receiver embedded in a siren and light... Agent:

20110187560 - Traffic guidance system: Traffic light installations for producing meta information on the basis of input information about the surroundings of the traffic light installation. The traffic light installation acts as a data pool and can independently reproduce a road section using the information which it has measured or which it has obtained from... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20110187561 - Method and device for preventing an anti-collision system on board an airplane from emitting alarms, during an altitude capture maneuver: According to the invention, the device (1) comprises means (3) for detecting, during an altitude capture maneuver, the emission of a first type alarm by the anti-collision system (2) and means (4) for controlling the vertical speed of said airplane (AC), after the emission of such an alarm, until the... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20110187562 - Method and device for preventing an anti-collision system on board an airplane from emitting alarms, during an altitude capture maneuver: According to the invention, the device (1) comprises means (4) for adapting the altitude capture maneuver, means (5) for first detecting the emission of a first type alarm, means (6) for determining a first alarm threshold and means (7) for establishing an activation height threshold from said first alarm threshold... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20110187563 - Methods for remote display of an enhanced image: A method is provided for providing remote display of an enhanced image. The method receives data from the image source, creates an enhanced image with the received data, and transmits the enhanced image via a wireless link to a display device capable of displaying the enhanced image. The method may... Agent: The Boeing Company

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