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Communications: electrical July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110181386 - Providing guidance during operation of a universal remote control: A system and method for providing guidance to a user of a universal remote control is described. In some cases, a backlight color remote is provided to indicate the mode of operation of a universal remote control console. In some cases, the remote control console powers down a successfully connected... Agent: Monster Cable Products, Inc.

20110181387 - Contact detection device for vehicular use and security device for vehicular use: Disclosed are a contact detection device for vehicular use and a security device for vehicular use that are capable of identifying whether contact is human-induced and that prevent erroneous detection due to raindrops and the like. A security device (10) is equipped with a contact detection device (11) comprising a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110181389 - Electronic device with coding/decoding system: An electronic device includes an input unit, a processing unit and a coding/decoding system. The coding/decoding system includes a reflector array, a knob group, an infrared emission unit, an infrared receiving unit and a coding/decoding unit. The reflector array includes at least one mirror mounted rotatably in the electronic device.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110181388 - Portable electronic device and method for controlling portable electronic device: According to one embodiment, a portable electronic device includes, a first communication module configured to communicate with an external device by a first communication scheme, a second communication module configured to communicate with the external device by a second communication scheme, a command processing module configured to process commands, a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110181390 - Vehicle key for storing a vehicle identification: A vehicle key for storing a vehicle identifier with a communication unit and a memory unit, wherein the communication unit is designed to receive the vehicle identifier from a transmitter, and wherein the memory unit is designed to store the received vehicle identifier.... Agent:

20110181392 - Real time locating system, reader, rfid tag and driving method of rfid tag for locating: Provided are a real-time locating systems, a reader, an RFID tag and a driving method of the RFID tag for locating. The locating system includes an RFID tag, a plurality of readers, and a location processor. The RFID tag outputs a first or second transmission message frame according to whether... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110181391 - Tracking device and a tracking method of a shipping container truck: The present invention discloses a tracking device and a tracking method of a shipping container truck. A tracker and an identifier are installed respectively on a truck tractor and a shipping container. After the truck tractor has been connected with the shipping container, information will be connected between the tracker... Agent:

20110181395 - Audio broadcasting device and portable device using the same: An audio broadcasting device with a radio frequency identification function is disclosed. The audio broadcasting device includes a loudspeaker comprising a metal coil for generating sounds, an audio processing circuit for outputting an audio signal to the loudspeaker to drive the loudspeaker to generate the sounds, and an electronic tag... Agent:

20110181394 - Method and apparatus to account for transponder tagged objects used during medical procedures: Medical procedure related objects (e.g., instruments, supplies) tagged with transponders may be accounted for in a medical procedure environment via a medical object accounting system using a number of antennas, and optional readers. A first set of antennas may be configured to interrogate sterile fields and/or non-sterile fields which do... Agent:

20110181396 - Rfid information data on external memory: A computer operating system runs a computer. The computer operating system executes a computerized method including sending an RF signal to an external memory device, eliciting and receiving an input from the external memory device that identifies the external device and a set of files stored on the external memory... Agent:

20110181393 - Wireless collection of fastener data: Data is remotely collected from a plurality of fasteners in response to a query signal wirelessly transmitted by a reader. Each of the fasteners includes a sensor for measuring a parameter related to the stress on the fastener. A device adapted to be attached to each of the fasteners receives... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110181397 - Backscattering type rfid communication system: A backscattering type radio frequency identification (RFID) communication system, and more particularly, a backscattering type RFID communication system in which an RFID tag transmits a signal back to an RF reader by using energy of a carrier wave transmitted by the RFID reader. Provided is a backscattering type radio frequency... Agent:

20110181399 - Energy harvesting with rfid tags: RFID tags, such as those in boluses for ruminant animals, comprise RFID tags may be provided with energy harvesting (EH) capability so that they may collect energy from the environment, either deliberately radiated (such as RF) or gathered from existing sources (i.e., motion, heat, etc.). The energy collected by the... Agent: Dvm Systems, LLC

20110181398 - Method for adjusting the transmission time of a continuous wave and reader thereof: A reader and method for adjusting the transmission time of a continuous wave (CW), wherein the method comprises setting an initial value for a response waiting time, sending the CW to a tag after sending a command to the tag and waiting for a response from the tag, judging whether... Agent: Siemens Ag

20110181400 - Baggage arrangement management method and carrying apparatus: A baggage arrangement management method includes acquiring information for identifying a collection place of an arrangement destination from a RFID tag of an arrangement target piece of baggage, acquiring information for identifying a collection place at which baggage is arranged from an RFID tag of the piece of baggage lastly... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110181401 - Smart power management system and related method: According to one disclosed embodiment, a smart power management system includes a power conversion unit having a communication module and a power management module that can convert mains power into a form that can be used to power a plurality of electronic devices. In one embodiment, the power conversion unit... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110181403 - Generation of consistent haptic effects: A system generates a consistent haptic effect in a handset that includes an actuator. The system determines performance data for the actuator, and generates haptic effect controller parameters from the performance data by comparing the performance data with reference performance data derived from a reference actuator. The system then stores... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110181404 - Method for haptic feedback control: The invention relates to a method for haptic feedback control that comprises a control device for transmitting a haptic feedback to the finger of a user in a movement area of said finger, characterised in that said control method comprises a first step (101) of determining the direction of an... Agent: Dav

20110181402 - Novel tactile apparatus and methods: Tactile apparatus that, in electrical embodiments, comprises an electrically conductive dome; at least one outer edge portion of the electrically conductive dome that contacts a first electrical contact underlying the dome when the dome is in the electrically closed configuration; and an inner portion of the dome that contacts a... Agent: Snaptron, Inc.

20110181405 - Force feedback interface with improved sensation: An haptic interface including a knob manipulated by a user, a rotation shaft with a longitudinal axis to which the knob is fixed in rotation, an interaction element with a magneto-rheological fluid in rotation with the shaft, the fluid, a system for generating a magnetic field in the fluid, and... Agent: Comm. A L'ener. Atom. Et Aux Energies Alt.

20110181406 - Display system and vehicle having the same: A display system for a vehicle includes an image capture module, a control module, and a display module. The image capture module includes a left camera and a right camera mounted on left and right sides of the vehicle to capturing images of surrounding traffic. The control module includes a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110181407 - Vehicle overhead clearance detection system and method of operation: An overhead clearance detection system and method of operation are provided. The system includes a sensor for measuring a distance to an object. A vertical height for the object is determined and compared to a user defined clearance height. If the object's vertical height is less than the user defined... Agent:

20110181408 - Public tactical message system: An emergency message system provides localized tactical emergency messages to the public.... Agent:

20110181409 - Interchangeable communication device: An interchangeable personal storage and communication device can include a main body having a memory for storing data, a communication unit for communicating with at least one external device, and a display. The device may further include a host apparatus that can be worn on or about a user into... Agent:

20110181411 - Apparatus and method for providing presence service in communication device: An apparatus and a method for determining a state of a counterpart without executing a separate program executed in order to determine a current state of the counterpart in a communication apparatus are provided. The apparatus includes a state information server and a communication apparatus. When receiving state information, the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110181410 - Monitoring or feedback systems and methods: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for monitoring and/or providing feedback for drugs or other pharmaceuticals taken by a subject. In one aspect, the present invention is directed to devices and methods for determining a species within the skin of a subject; and producing feedback to a... Agent: Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

20110181414 - Access control system based upon behavioral patterns: A method and apparatus for detecting behavioral changes in a security system is provided. The method includes the steps of providing a secured area having a plurality of security zones where access to each is controlled by an access controller, detecting entrances to at least some of the plurality of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110181413 - Automated vault mapping and security system: A system and method to enhance vault security and management. An identity of a user is electronically validated. A floor plan of the vault and associated location of an authorized resource is retrieved in access computer. The user is then signaled a location of the resource within the vault.... Agent: Automated Management Systems, Inc.

20110181412 - Energy management and security in multi-unit facilities: Methods, systems, and devices for managing energy consumption in multi-room facilities are provided. In particular, intelligent mechanisms for determining a room occupancy state and then for managing energy settings of that room are provided. Some logic for implementing these mechanisms may be provided in an in-room device, such as a... Agent: Assa Abloy Hospitality, Inc.

20110181415 - Method and apparatus for maintaining and locating lost, misplaced or stolen articles: Theft increases the average product cost to consumers. A mentoring system is presented that can help to reduce or prevent the inventory from lost or theft. Theft is a serious concern in the consumer market place. Industry loses billions per year on theft of merchandise. According to a Reuters report,... Agent: Lctank LLC

20110181416 - Manipulation detection system for cash boxes that can be inserted in and removed from automatic teller machines: e

20110181417 - Method and apparatus for beverage dispensing: A beverage dispenser (10) includes a concentrate container (30) coupled to a connector (46). The connector (46) couples gas to the concentrate container (30), and couples concentrate from the container (30) to a dispensing valve (44). A combined carbonation and refrigeration unit (38) produces cold soda and provides cooling for... Agent: Lancer Partnership, Ltd

20110181418 - Communication system for impact sensors: Systems and methods for monitoring head-accelerations data for a plurality of athletes. An exemplary system includes a plurality of athlete-mounted sensor units that record acceleration information and wirelessly transmit the recorded acceleration information and information identifying the sensor unit, if the recorded acceleration information exceeds a predefined threshold. A base... Agent: X2impact, Inc.

20110181420 - Head impact event display: Systems and methods for evaluating and displaying an impact. A computer implemented method for interacting with a sports impact sensing and reporting system. The computer implemented method receives sensor data from one or more player modules configured to detect a force experienced by a player. A user interface is configured... Agent: X2impact, Inc.

20110181419 - Head impact event reporting system: Head impact event evaluation systems and methods. A system and computer implemented method for event detection includes collecting sensor data transmitted from one or more sensor devices being attached to one or more users. The sensors transmit data when an event results in sensor data above a threshold value. At... Agent: X2impact, Inc.

20110181421 - Mobile electrical device: A mobile electronic device comprising an odor sensor and methods of operation are disclosed. An odor is detected using an odor sensor coupled to the mobile electronic device, and a predetermined process is performed if the odor is a predefined odor.... Agent:

20110181422 - Personal emergency response (per) system: A personal emergency system includes a motion sensor wearable by a human being to sense motion of the human being; a processor; wireless communications circuitry; computer code to match the acceleration signature with at least one of a plurality of stored acceleration signatures, wherein each stored acceleration signatures corresponds with... Agent:

20110181423 - Electronic tether system and method with rate of change detection and vhicle braking features: A dynamically controlled retractable tether provides a mechanism by which a pet can be safely exercised on a bicycle or other vehicle. The pet avoids injury when running in front of the bicycle and stopping short, by having a detector detect the relative motion of the pet and the bicycle... Agent:

20110181424 - Temperature control switch, method for using the same and alarm system using the same: The present disclosure relates to a temperature control switch. The temperature control switch includes a bistable resistance element. The bistable resistance element includes a low-conductivity matrix; and a number of high conductivity particles dispersed in the matrix. The bistable resistance element switches from a low resistance state to a high... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110181425 - Server and method for detecting a pipeline: A server and method detects a pipeline. The server reads pipeline data from a data collector and analyzes the pipeline data to determine if the pipeline works abnormally. An alert command is sent by the server to an alarm computer to notify a user in response to a determination that... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110181426 - Wireless fuel level sensor for a vehicle fuel tank: A vehicle fuel tank is provided. The vehicle fuel tank includes a housing defining an interior region, a fuel level sensor coupled to the interior region, the fuel level sensor responsive to a fuel pressure, and a radio frequency identification (RFID) device electronically coupled to the fuel level sensor configured... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110181427 - Gas analyzer: A gas analyzer includes: a gas measuring portion which performs a measurement on a gas; a case which houses the gas measuring portion; a liquid separator which includes a reservoir for storing a liquid component separated from the gas; a holder portion which holds the liquid separator; and a rotation... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20110181428 - Circuit for detecting computer states: A circuit that can detect computer states. When the computer in a S3 state, a S3 state pin of the computer is at low level, and a S4 state pin of the computer is at high level. A first light emitting diode is turned on and emits light, indicating that... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110181429 - Voice notification circuit and electronic device using the same: A voice notification circuit includes a plurality of comparison circuits, a plurality of switch circuits, a plurality of resistors and a plurality of voice storage circuits. The comparison circuits compare power levels of wireless signals to a plurality of reference voltage ranges, and output a plurality of logic control signals.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110181430 - Pressure control switch, method for using the same and alarm system using the same: The present disclosure relates to a pressure control switch. The pressure control switch includes a bistable resistance element. The bistable resistance element includes an organic, soft, low-conductivity matrix, and a plurality of high conductivity particles dispersed in the matrix. The bistable resistance element switches from a low resistance state to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110181431 - Pump controller system and method: A method and apparatus for a pump control system. One or more embodiments of the invention include a pump controller that can perform a self-calibrating procedure, can provide precise motor speed control, can provide a limp mode before shutting down the motor when system parameters are exceeded and/or fault conditions... Agent:

20110181432 - External device having low power detection and protection and method thereof: When an external device connects to a connecting port of a host, a current detection circuit of the external device detects if the current provided by the host is less than the working current needed by the external device. If the current provided by the host is insufficient to initialize... Agent:

20110181433 - Acoustic wave probe: An acoustic wave probe which includes an acoustic wave conversion element which receives an acoustic wave, a liquid-tightly sealed protecting unit which contains the acoustic wave conversion element, a portion of the protecting unit being an acoustic wave transmitting part having high acoustic wave transmittance, a detecting unit which detects... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110181434 - Proximate location detection system: A proximate location detection system includes a wireless signal transmitter and a wireless receiver and light emitter. The wireless signal transmitter receives power in response to a first pressure signal and transmits repeatedly a transmission signal generated in response to a second pressure signal during a preset period. The wireless... Agent:

20110181435 - Electronic apparatus, and control method thereof: An electronic apparatus including: a first device that includes a first display portion, the first display portion displaying information concerning the operation of the first device; and a second device that includes a second display portion, the second display portion displaying the information which the first display portion has displayed,... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20110181436 - Communications connection in a subsea well: A communication connection in a subsea well for converting an optical signal from an optical fiber to an electrical signal, comprising a small form factor pluggable device.... Agent:

20110181437 - Data reduction in a multi-node system: An advanced metering infrastructure comprises intermediate nodes. The intermediate nodes receive data from child nodes and relay a subset of the data that is not according to an expected value. The expected value may be determined based on a forecasting function computed based on past data. The expected value may... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110181438 - Meter device with supporting communications: A meter device having supporting communications. The meter device may monitor a plurality of determinants. The determinants may be stored and displayed at the meter device. The meter device may support various communication protocols, such as dual communication protocols for simultaneous transmission via RS-485 and the Ethernet. The meter device... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110181439 - Providing sponsorship information alongside traffic messages: A method and system for providing sponsorship information to a user of a traffic message receiver is disclosed. Sponsorship messages are sent to the traffic message receiver and include data to be stored in the memory of the receiver. The transmission of the sponsorship messages is performed as a background... Agent: Navteq North America, LLC

20110181440 - Method for optimizing the traffic control at a traffic signal controlled intersection in a road traffic network: A method of optimizing the traffic control at a traffic signal-controlled intersection in a road traffic network. The vehicle traffic in entrances to the intersection are controlled by signal groups of a traffic signal system according to associated signal times. For vehicles approaching the signal group, traffic parameters are determined... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110181441 - Parking guidance system: The present application discloses a parking guidance system. The parking guidance system is mounted on a vehicle and includes a camera, a display device with a display correction system, a parking mode selection apparatus, a parking area selection apparatus, a first turning guidance apparatus, and a second turning guidance apparatus.... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110181442 - Vehicle presence notification apparatus: A vehicle presence notification apparatus is disclosed to notify a presence of a vehicle by providing easily-perceivable and less uncomfortable notification sound to an outside of the vehicle. The vehicle presence notification apparatus includes: a speaker and a controller. The controller is configured to cause the speaker to generate the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110181443 - Emergency and traffic alert system: Systems and methods are disclosed for providing event notification to navigational applications and devices. An event notification system determines whether to send application information to a navigation application or device based upon the proximity of the device to the event. In other embodiments, the event notification system sends all event... Agent: B&c Electronic Engineering, Inc.

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110175701 - Facility monitoring/controlling system and facility monitoring/controlling method: A facility monitoring/controlling system and method enabling provision of a screen display function having an adequate real-time property in the range of a low rate, e.g., around 64 kbps. An on-site facility monitoring/controlling subsystem (10) operates/controls a controlled facility (200) by an on-site input means (14) through an on-site manipulation... Agent: Enecyber Co., Ltd.

20110175703 - Electronic imager using an impedance sensor grid array mounted on or about a switch and method of making: An novel impedance sensor for use together with a switch is provided having a plurality of substantially parallel drive lines configured to transmit a signal into a surface of a proximally located object, and also a plurality of substantially parallel pickup lines oriented substantially perpendicular to the drive lines and... Agent:

20110175702 - Fingerprint reader and a method of operating it: A fingerprint reader comprising a fingerprint sensor adapted to output information relating to a fingerprint of a finger engaging a sensitive surface the sensor, and a stiff element comprising an indentation/cavity or through-hole, the sensor being positioned in the indentation/cavity/through-hole so that the sensitive surface is exposed to the surroundings.... Agent:

20110175704 - Two-person linking biometric identification device and methods of use thereof: A biometric identification device (100) for two-person (for example parent and child such as a newborn infant) identification and matching. The device is adapted to provide a system for obtaining unique biometric identifiers from a parent and a child, which will remain linked through the life of the device. For... Agent:

20110175707 - Identification card apparatus: An identification card apparatus is provided. The identification card apparatus includes a main body formed by a first housing member and a second housing member and an active radio frequency identification module which includes a battery unit having at least one coin cell, an integrated circuit board and a plurality... Agent: Wade/garcia And Associates, Inc.

20110175709 - Information processing apparatus: An information processing apparatus according to an embodiment includes a communication control unit controlling communication of a radio communication device with a data carrier transmitting a signal including communication distance information regarding a communication distance; an output variable control unit varying transmission output of the radio communication device; and a... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110175705 - Passive rfid triggering systems and methods using antenna reverse power detection: The present disclosure provides systems and methods for a truly passive trigger in a hands-free device, e.g. an RFID system. Specifically, the present invention includes a passive trigger antenna, an RFID reader system, and an associated passive triggering method. The passive trigger antenna may include any type of antenna solely... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20110175706 - Radio frequency identification tag: An RFID tag includes a substrate, a chip, a conductive unit, and an antenna. The substrate is attached to an article. The chip is disposed on the substrate to partition the substrate into a first region on one side of the chip and a second region on the other side... Agent: Userstar Information System Co., Ltd.

20110175708 - Rfid memory devices: An RFID memory device includes two arrays of resonant members. A first array extends in a first member direction and a second array extends in a second member direction. The device includes one or more elements for transforming energy associated with vibration of the resonant members into a change in... Agent:

20110175710 - Rfid tag assembly and method of managing a race: A race management system which includes an RFID tag located between an inner and outer layer and is removably secured to a participant's bib through a mounting film. The inner layer is secured to a second inner layer having at least one fold line and an adhesive portion outward of... Agent: Miller Products, Inc.

20110175712 - Enhanced power supply unit for powerline networks: A power unit includes an AC/DC converter for converting VAC input to DC, a zero cross unit for modulating the AC/DC converter output to facilitate zero crossing detection based on the output, and a high pass filter (HPF) for filtering data signals, where the data signals are transmitted and received... Agent:

20110175711 - Power control device: A power control device includes an electric outlet strip having female receptacles for providing power supply to electric products being respectively connected thereto and a signal transmission and receiving module adapted for receiving an external control signal, and a control module having a signal adapter controllable to provide a control... Agent:

20110175714 - Vehicle control system: In the case that a vehicle 1 is making a reverse movement, a control section 4 sets a braking control operation distance according to an angle formed by the vehicle 1's proceeding direction and an extending direction of a road on which an approaching vehicle is traveling. With this, a... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20110175713 - Vehicle presence notification apparatus: A vehicle presence notification apparatus uses several ultrasonic transducer devices to generate a notice sound by emitting an ultrasonic wave in mid air based on an ultrasonic signal modulated according to an audible sound. At least one of the speaker-use ultrasonic transducer devices is a two-way transducer device that is... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110175716 - Central tire inflation wheel assembly, valve and central tire inflation system: The present invention is a valve for use in a central tire inflation system including a casing securable to the rim of a vehicle in communication with the tire that houses a main body connectable to a pressurized fluid supply of the central tire inflation system, and a valve member... Agent:

20110175715 - Tire pressure monitoring system sensor association indicator: A system and method of manually associating, in a predetermined order, each sensor in a plurality of sensors used by a tire pressure monitoring system with a corresponding wheel location on a vehicle comprising, activating an indicator at a first location, associating a first sensor for the first location in... Agent:

20110175718 - Active acoustic control apparatus: An active acoustic control apparatus includes an alert sound signal generator configured to generate an alert sound signal. An alert sound output device is configured to output an alert sound to an outside of a vehicle. A cancellation sound signal generator is configured to generate a cancellation sound signal representing... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110175717 - Pulsating vehicle reverse alert light systems: A pulsating vehicle reverse alert light system comprising an enclosed signal light bulb having a connection base wherein the connection base is installable to an open reverse light region/enclosure of a vehicle. The enclosed signal light bulb integrally comprises a first illumination element and a second illumination element. In a... Agent:

20110175719 - Mesh lighting system for emergency vehicles: A mesh lighting system for emergency vehicles and method for retrofitting a vehicle with emergency lights is disclosed. The system comprises a plurality of independent signalling light sources each supplied by a dedicated source of energy, a control module, and a low powered wireless network connecting said control module with... Agent:

20110175720 - Monitoring system and input device thereof: A monitoring system includes a controller, a number of input devices, a number of digital sensors, a number of analog sensors, and a number of alarms. Each input device comprises a switching circuit, an input circuit, and a connector. The connector is connected to a digital sensor or connected to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110175721 - Monitoring system and input device thereof: A monitoring system includes a controller, a number of input devices, a number of first sensors, a number of second sensors, and a number of alarms. Each input device comprises a switching circuit, an input circuit, and a connector. The connector is connected to a first sensor and a voltage... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110175723 - Method for reminding of battery power level: The present invention discloses a method for reminding of a battery power level, which generates a grading instruction according to the battery power level of an electronic device, and which controls the electronic device to present an obvious reminder corresponding to the grading instruction. The present invention uses a progressively... Agent:

20110175722 - Wireless device inventory scanner: The invention relates to an apparatus that Alerts a user that one or more Wireless-Capable Devices are not present at the time of a Triggering Event. The presence or non-presence of the Wireless-Capable Devices is determined by Wireless Detection of the Wireless-Capable Devices by the present invention.... Agent:

20110175724 - Event and time tracking and emergency notification system: A system and method for tracking subscribing users and time periods input by users for a specific future event occurrence. Tracking is determined by a computer network based system which allows for users to input details of specific upcoming events including but not limited to, time of departure, location, and... Agent:

20110175725 - Personal locator device for a child having an integrated mobile communication device that qualifies to be carried in an educational setting: A personal locator device includes a housing that has a processor being coupled to a bus and a memory being coupled to the bus in the housing. The personal locator device also has a global positioning system comprising a receiver and a transmitter being coupled to the bus. The memory... Agent:

20110175726 - Wireless distress system: A wireless distress system and method compares signals transmitted from fixed wireless devices to more accurately determine the location of a mobile wireless distress device. The system and method may compare the signal pattern of a mobile wireless device to the signal patterns of fixed wireless devices in known locations.... Agent:

20110175730 - Alarm-triggered gun safe: An electronically-operated gun safe or other lockable container is communicatively connected to an alarm system or one or more alarm system elements. When the alarm or the alarm system elements is/are triggered, a signal is received by the gun safe, which then unlocks the door to the gun safe to... Agent:

20110175727 - Apparatus and method for self-contained inspection of shipping containers: Provided herein are new apparatuses and related methods for an automated global shipping container inspection system for inspecting a shipping container during transportation at a shipping container handling facility including at least one detection device located within the shipping container and in communication with a computer communications network comprising electronic... Agent:

20110175729 - Capacitance-type liquid level measuring probe: A capacitance-type liquid measuring probe 10 includes two concentric metallic tubes 12 and 14 extending downwardly into a tank of oil. The concentric metallic tubes 12 and 14 form the plates of a capacitor. The probe 10 measures the oil level in the tank during jet engine testing by detecting... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20110175728 - Nuisance alarm reduction method for therapeutic parameters: This disclosure describes systems and methods for reducing nuisance alarms associated with monitoring non-physiological parameters in a ventilatory system. Non-physiological parameters may include, but are not limited to, parameters that are internally monitored by the ventilator based on pre-configured ranges dictated by the manufacturer, by an applicable protocol, or by... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110175732 - Power management system for electronic shelf labels and the like: A power management system is disclosed in which ESL labels communicate with a server through a base station. The frequency and times at which each ESL label communicates with the server is optimized for the minimum communication necessary to provide up to date pricing and related information, and to simultaneously... Agent: Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

20110175731 - Vending machine with an interactive light device: A product vending machine having a casing housing products for dispensing; a pay unit having a pay interface; a product dispenser unit having a product pickup compartment formed in the casing; and an interactive light device having a first and a second light emitter located on the casing, adjacent to... Agent: N&w Global Vending S.p.a.

20110175733 - Silent anti-theft protection system for goods presented to the public: An anti-theft protection system for goods presented to the public includes a set of sensors connected to the goods and linked to a control unit capable of determining states, the states being at least a state of presence of the goods and a state of theft attempt and/or actual theft,... Agent: Saaa Sas - Systemes D'automatismes D'alarmes Automatiques

20110175734 - Method and apparatus for tracking objects and people: An object locating, identifying, tracking, and surveillance system, denoted the Assets Locating, Tracking, and Surveillance System (ALTSS), is provided for managing physical objects and evidence in environments such as police departments, law offices, and the Courts. ALTSS employs radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, computer programming and database applications, networking technologies,... Agent:

20110175735 - Medication regimen compliance monitoring systems and methods: A system for monitoring compliance with a medication regimen comprises a patch. The patch includes an RFID apparatus and a sensor. The patch is configured to be removably securable to a body of a biological organism. The sensor is in electrical communication with the RFID apparatus and is configured to... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110175736 - System for measuring body balance signals and a method for analyzing the same: A human body balance signals measuring system and the method of analysis thereof that has a measuring device, a filter amplifier, an A/D convertor (analog to digital convertor), a signal receiving module, and a data analyze module. The measuring device is linked with the filter amplifier. The filter amplifier can... Agent: Yuan Ze University

20110175739 - Anti-theft alarm for a liquid storage tank: An anti-theft alarm for a liquid storage tank, said alarm comprising a housing having means for securing the housing to the storage tank, said housing containing a motion and/or vibration sensor for detecting tampering with the liquid storage tank, an alarm means and a control means for activating the alarm... Agent:

20110175737 - Apparatus and method for monitoring heated liquid baths: The invention relates to a method for operating a heated liquid bath heated by a heating device, particularly an electric resistance heater, particularly for monitoring overheating and/or a decrease in the liquid level, wherein by means of a temperature sensor an actual temperature is determined and, as a function of... Agent: Peter Huber Kaltemaschinenbau Gmbh

20110175738 - Surveillance system, method and computer program for detecting and/or tracking a surveillance object: The invention relates to a monitoring system (1) for detecting and/or tracking at least one moving monitoring object (4) in a monitoring area (2), having a plurality of monitoring sensors (6) which are and/or can be spatially distributed in the monitoring area (2) and which are designed to detect the... Agent:

20110175740 - Liquid level monitoring system: A liquid level monitoring system is configured for a wood-stemmed plant in which the stem is receivable by a reservoir configured to hold a liquid. The system includes a housing attachable to the stem of the plant. The housing may include an aperture for receiving some of the liquid in... Agent: Miner Products, LLC

20110175741 - Electro/optical smoke analyzer: A system for analyzing smoke has a plurality of units, wherein each unit includes an optical emitter for alternately directing horizontally and vertically polarized light along a beam path, and into a smoke cloud, to generate scattered light. A horizontally polarized detector and a vertically polarized detector are positioned at... Agent:

20110175742 - Refrigerator and control method thereof: A refrigerator and a control method of the refrigerator are discussed. According to an embodiment, a control method of a refrigerator connected to an electric power management network comprises steps of receiving power-rate information via the electric power management network; setting an over-cooling period and a power-saving period based on... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110175743 - Tower elevator alarm system: An elevator within a tower, such as a wind tower, includes a traction or drum type hoist powered by an electric motor where the hoist provides the mechanism to cause the vertical ascent or descent of the elevator. An aspect of the invention is to allow the descent of the... Agent: Safeworks, LLC

20110175745 - Embedded arm strain sensors: A portable articulated arm coordinate measurement machine (AACMM) can include a manually positionable articulated arm portion, a measurement device attached to the first end, a structural component of the AACMM, wherein the structural component has an axial direction, at least three strain gage sensors, each having a sensitive axis, coupled... Agent: Faro Technologies, Inc.

20110175744 - Systems and method for the mobile evaluation of cushioning properties of shoes: Shoe having at least one pressure sensor provided in the shoe cushioning element, as well as system components for emitting, receiving and evaluating the signals of the sensor.... Agent:

20110175746 - Scanner for vibration mapping: A method of detecting motion in components that form part of a structure. The method includes flooding a first component with transmitted radio frequency signals and receiving reflected radio frequency signals from the first component with an antenna. The method further includes generating a first set of intermediate frequency signals... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110175747 - Interactive electronic device shell: An interactive electronic device shell and light source may enable personalization and increased functionality of an electronic device. The shell may at least partially cover a light source and attach to an electronic device. The shell includes at least some transparent or translucent portions (e.g., light stencils) that enable light... Agent: T-mobile Usa, Inc.

20110175748 - Element mapping to control illumination of a device shell: An interactive electronic device shell and light source may enable personalization and increased functionality of an electronic device. The shell may at least partially cover a light source and attach to an electronic device. The shell includes at least some transparent or translucent portions (e.g., light stencils) that enable light... Agent: T-mobile Usa, Inc.

20110175749 - Planar distributed element antenna isolation board: An antenna isolation circuit, meter reading device, and method of manufacturing an antenna isolation circuit are disclosed herein. A multilayer planar structure antenna isolation circuit uses distributed elements to provide high voltage isolation and RF coupling functions. The distributed elements may be implemented, for example, as multilayer distributed capacitors. In... Agent: Elster Solutions, LLC

20110175750 - Decision support control centers: The disclosed subject matter relates to an integrated decision support “cockpit” or control center for displaying, analyzing, and/or responding to, various events and contingencies that can occur within an electrical grid.... Agent: Consolidated Edison, Inc.

20110175752 - Methods and apparatuses for informing an occupant of a vehicle of surroundings of the vehicle: Methods and apparatuses for informing an occupant of a vehicle of surroundings of the vehicle are provided. A recording unit of the vehicle generates at least two images, which contain different road sections of a road plane in the surroundings of the vehicle. The at least two images are processed... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20110175751 - Navigation device and method for providing warnings for a speed trap: At least one embodiment of the invention relates to a navigation device for providing warnings when a detection point of a speed trap is approached, including a processor unit arranged to communicate with memory unit and to receive positional information from a positioning device. The memory unit may include a... Agent:

20110175753 - Robotic influenced self scheduling f.l.o.w. trafic management system: Thus, with optimization of FLOW patterns as they are being consolidated, there can be increased following distances, more uniform distribution, adding more places, resulting in increased safety and even more mobility than that provided by autonomous self-scheduling FLOW outputs alone.... Agent:

20110175754 - Dynamic dashboard display: This invention relates to an electronic instrument panel for vehicles consisting of information display that provides on-demand imaging where instruments are not in static, fixed position, but rather change in location, dimension, information presented based on conditions and environment the vehicle is in, and based on user or factory preferences... Agent:

20110175755 - Vehicle location detection device and vehicle location detection method: The vehicle location detection device includes: a sound source location specifying unit which calculates an attenuation amount of a sound pressure of a vehicle sound by subtracting a sound pressure detected by a sound pressure detecting unit from a sound pressure indicated by vehicle sound pressure information stored in a... Agent:

20110175756 - Methods and devices for providing route information: Route information for at least a first route and a second route is displayed using display indicators assigned to each route. The routes may be decomposed into discrete segments, some of which may be shared among the routes. Upon determining which segments are shared by routes, the shared segments may... Agent: Transloc, Inc.

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110169603 - Distinguishing between user physical exertion biometric feedback and user emotional interest in a media stream: The present invention discloses a method, system, and computer program product for determining user interest in media. The invention can select one of a set of different activity profiles specified within a data store. Each activity profile can include biometric attributes and associated baseline attribute values specific to an activity... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110169604 - Universal garage door opener and appliance control system: Universal garage door opener and appliance control system operable to facilitate garage door opener and appliance control with a fob or other wireless device operable to wirelessly communicate corresponding instructions to a vehicle other device for subsequent relay to the garage door opener or controlled appliance.... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110169602 - System and method for monitoring products in a distribution chain: In a product distribution system, a product with a product identification code (e.g., a serial number) is shipped between the different entities of a chain with a security label having a security label code. At each entity, the product can be authenticated by sending a query with the security label... Agent:

20110169605 - System and method for providing remote indication: An apparatus for providing remove indication over a teleconference environment. The apparatus comprises a first location and a second location having a suitable furniture arrangement in each location to allow teleconferencing in multiple zones within each location. The apparatus has a remote indicator system arranged for an object to be... Agent:

20110169606 - Automatic address selection for controllable devices: Controlling controllable devices (12) such as lamp units that are installed in a building (10) with a plurality of control interface units (14) such as light switches. Each control interface unit (14) has a receptor (20), such as a light switch, for receiving user actuations. Addresses to be used for... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110169609 - Apparatus for the treatment of containers with combined size-part and fitting detection: An apparatus for the treatment of containers may include a conveying device which conveys the containers along a pre-set conveying path and a size part which is arranged in an interchangeable manner on the apparatus. The size part may include a first identification element based upon RFID technology in order... Agent: Krones Ag

20110169611 - Laminate tamper evident construct: Security of packages and other articles of containment if left unattended in crowded public areas will be declared as suspicious raising concerns over the contents of the articles. The laminate construct of the present invention produces a tamper evident construct having at least one layer in combination with cold seal... Agent:

20110169607 - Long range passive real time location system: Methods and systems for providing a long-range real-time location system comprise transmitting a power signal from one or more exciters to at least a portion of the tags, wherein the exciters are located a distance from the tags within a range required to power the tags; initiating transmission of the... Agent: Naratte Inc.

20110169608 - Method of operating an rfid reader in an rfid system: A method of operating a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader used in an RFID system for use with a device includes the steps of: providing that the RFID system includes the RFID reader and an RFID tag, the RFID tag being attached to the device; controlling dynamically the RFID reader;... Agent:

20110169610 - Radio frequency animal tracking system: An RFID system provides a transponder having a power store that can be recharged when located within an electro-magnetic field generated by a transceiver unit. The power store can be a battery and/or a capacitor. In certain embodiments, the transponder can communicate over at least two different frequencies so that... Agent: Destron Fearing Corporation

20110169617 - Methods and systems for identifying stacked sets and locating and tracking stacked sets: One embodiment of the present invention is a method for determining when a set of RFID tags on a set of stacked objects belongs to a same defined subset of stacked objects (“set identification”). This method includes the steps of: (1) detecting the set of RFID tags on the set... Agent:

20110169612 - Method and system for discovery and transparent status reporting for sensor networks: A system and method for monitoring the status of wireless node devices in a network. A network controller polls one or more sensor devices for status information. The sensor devices are in communication with at least one wireless node device. More than one sensor device may be associated with a... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20110169614 - Packaging closures integrated with disposable rfid devices: A packaging system (20), has a container (22) which delimits a container volume which can hold at least one unit-measure or unit-quantity of a selected commodity or article (24). The container includes at least one access portion (26) that can provide a selective closed arrangement and a selective open arrangement.... Agent: Binforma Group Limited Liability Company

20110169613 - Portable radio frequency identification (rfid) reader: A particular portable radio frequency identification (RFID) reader includes an active antenna array including a plurality of antenna elements to receive RFID signals from RFID devices. The antenna elements include control circuitry to control a beam pattern generated by the active antenna array. The portable RFID reader further includes sum... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110169615 - Adaptive control for improved rfid transponder read and write performance: System, methods and computer program product are provided for an adaptive control for adjusting the electromagnetic interrogation signal of an RFID transceiver where said signal is used to read and/or write to an RFID transponder, or to adjust the gain of the RFID transceiver, or adjust both the gain and... Agent: Zih Corp.

20110169616 - Data storage mechanism & communication mechanism for portable dosimeter: Described is a device comprising a dosimeter reader including an RFID tag reader for retrieving and/or updating all or a portion of the data stored in the non-volatile memory of an RFID tag on a dosimeter sled that is part of a radiation dosimeter. Also described is a method retrieving... Agent: Landauer, Inc.

20110169618 - Power controller: A power controller includes an infrared emitting circuit, an infrared receiving circuit, and a switching circuit. The infrared emitting circuit emits an infrared signal received by the infrared receiving circuit which outputs a corresponding control signal. The switching circuit is connected to the infrared receiving circuit to receive the control... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110169619 - Remotely controllable receptable system and managing method for operating the same: A remotely controllable receptacle system is disclosed. The remotely controllable receptacle system includes a remote control device for emitting a first request signal and a searching signal, and a plurality of receptacle devices for emitting a first reply signal according to the first request signal. The remote control device determines... Agent: Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110169620 - Communication device and unlocking alarm method thereof: A communication device locks input of the communication device and executes an alarm if a current time reaches a set alarm time. When the alarm is executed, an unlock input set is generated for unlocking the input and an alarm disable button set is generated for disabling the alarm. If... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20110169621 - Time updating and load management systems: An electrical distribution system for distributing electrical power throughout a residence. The electrical distribution system includes a plurality of electrical distribution lines configured to distribute electrical power to one or more appliances; and an electrical panel in communication with (i) a utility company and (ii) the plurality of electrical distribution... Agent:

20110169622 - Enhanced communication through vibration: A mobile communication device and/or the network by which it communicates may comprise logic to associate a specific vibration pattern to aspects of an outgoing call. The vibration pattern may be associated with one or more of an urgency, seriousness, or humorousness of the outgoing call, or with aspects of... Agent: Patent Navigation Inc.

20110169623 - Passive control of vehicle interior features based upon occupant classification: The present invention includes a method of monitoring and controlling interior functions of a vehicle, for example, a memory seat position, a vehicle pedal position, a steering column position, a vehicle interior temperature, and/or whether the vehicle is occupied or unoccupied at certain times and under certain conditions. The interior... Agent:

20110169624 - Assistive driving aid: One embodiment of such a method of assisting a driver of a vehicle comprises receiving a command from the driver attesting that the driver has performed one of a plurality of driving requisites; in response to receipt of the command, presenting an audible cue commending the driver for performing one... Agent: Shepherd Center

20110169625 - Combining driver and environment sensing for vehicular safety systems: An apparatus for assisting safe operation of a vehicle includes an environment sensor system detecting hazards within the vehicle environment, a driver monitor providing driver awareness data (such as a gaze track), and an attention-evaluation module identifying hazards as sufficiently or insufficiently sensed by the driver by comparing the hazard... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110169626 - Hand-held device integration for automobile safety: A system for aiding a user when travelling in a vehicle with a portable, handheld electronic device includes a sensor that detects an object outside the vehicle and that detects a condition regarding movement of the vehicle with respect to the object outside the vehicle. The sensor is supported in... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20110169627 - Method, sensor, detector and system for locating at least one wheel on a vehicle: A method, a sensor, a detector and a system are provided for locating at least one wheel on a vehicle. A signal is received from a first sensor mounted on the wheel, the signal providing a position of the wheel. Additionally, a measurement value is received from a second sensor... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20110169628 - Wireless voip network for security system monitoring: A Voice over IP (VoIP) module is used to connect an alarm system to a monitoring station over the Internet. A built-in wireless or Ethernet over A/C power component is described, such that the Voice-over-IP equipment can be placed at a distance from a router, without the need to run... Agent:

20110169629 - Detection apparatus: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a range reduction detection apparatus that is able to detect blocking of its field of view. Detection of an event, due to movement or intrusion within the field of view, is arranged to start a timer, which will time-out thereby providing an indication... Agent: Pyronix Limited

20110169630 - Sensor foreign material exclusion devices and methods: A foreign material exclusion device adapted for use in a cavity of a system or construction, for example a tube, pipe, or the like, the device having a body that is adapted to seal a first side of the cavity from a second side of the cavity and prevent passage... Agent: Advanced F.m.e. Products

20110169631 - Real-time alarm system: A real-time alarm system comprises an image capturing element, a network transmission system, a control processing unit and a mobile device. The image capturing element is installed on different sites to generate image information. The image information is transmitted through the network transmission system with one end linking to the... Agent:

20110169632 - Methods, device and systems for delivery of navigational notifications: The disclosure is directed to a method, computer program product, mobile device for delivering a navigational notification generated for a mobile device. The delivering of the navigational notification comprises obtaining one or more notification parameters and one or more audio parameters; and controlling the delivery of the navigational notification at... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110169633 - Systems and methods of automated correlation of weapon fire data with monitored persons-of-interest/location data: Systems and methods are disclosed for processing information associated with monitoring persons/devices and weapon fire location information. In one exemplary implementation, a weapon fire location system is used to characterize and locate impulsive events and these locations are correlated with the positions of monitoring persons or devices, such as monitoring... Agent:

20110169635 - Activity monitor to alleviate controlled substance abuse: An activity monitor which can be pre-programmed at the factory, the doctors office or the pharmacist, or that can be programmed by the user. The activity monitor is affixed to a medicine bottle or container and activity associated with the bottle or container, such as movement, opening, volume changes, etc.... Agent:

20110169634 - Apparatus and methods for distributing and displaying emergency communications: Methods and systems are disclosed for event management, allowing authorized users or authorities to distribute and display emergency communications on digital displays. In one aspect, an emergency management communications system receives event data sent by an emergency detections system comprised of a network of sensors. The emergency management communications system... Agent: Thinxtream Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20110169636 - System and method for generating a transporting instruction using an environmental sensor: A system including an environmental sensor that can travel with a product within a carrier's logistics network. The environmental sensor being configured to sense an environmental condition capable of affecting the product to generate product environment data. The system includes a scanner configured to read product environment data from the... Agent: United Parcel Service Of America, Inc.

20110169637 - Control system, security system, and method of monitoring a location: A control system for a security system having a plurality of sensors includes a sensor communication device configured to communicatively couple to the plurality of sensors and to receive a plurality of sensor notifications from the plurality of sensors. Each sensor notification of the plurality of sensor notifications includes at... Agent:

20110169638 - Subsurface intrusion detection system: A system to detect subsurface activity. The system employs vibration sensor pairs, with each sensor pair having a shallow sensor and a deep sensor. Outputs of the sensors of a pair are processed together and events are detected based on the relative values detected by the sensors of the pair.... Agent: Us Army Corps Of Engineers

20110169639 - Security system for sales device: A security system (SYS) is proposed for a sales facility having at least one first equipment (CP) for issuing a proof of payment for articles and/or services purchased and having at least one second equipment (CTR) for inspecting the proof of purchase, where the first equipment (CP) generates an electronic... Agent: Wincor Nixdorf International Gmbh

20110169640 - Turbo-machine control installation equipped with a passive radiofrequency identification chip unit verification system: s

20110169642 - Beverage container authenticity and provenance devices and methods: An RFID label and optional secondary security label ensures the authenticity of a beverage contained in a beverage container. The RFID label cannot be removed without destroying the RFID label or rendering it inoperable. A secondary security label may be placed over the closure of the beverage container to provide... Agent:

20110169641 - System and method to embed a wireless communication device into semiconductor packages: A wireless tag includes a wireless transceiver, a memory and an antenna all formed on a thin film substrate. The wireless tag is inserted into the packaging material of a microelectronic device to implement tracking and authentication functions. In some embodiments, the wireless communication device stores identity or other identification... Agent: Rfmarq, Inc.

20110169643 - Hygiene compliance monitoring system: An electronic hand hygiene compliance system and award indicator that provides realtime reporting of the percent number of hand hygiene events against a programmed target number of hand hygiene events for a given functional area over a given period of time, yeilding hand hygiene compliance. The system keeps up to... Agent:

20110169645 - Hygiene compliance monitoring system: An electronic hand hygiene compliance system and award indicator that provides realtime reporting of the percent number of hand hygiene events against a programmed target number of hand hygiene events for a given functional area over a given period of time, yielding hand hygiene compliance. The system keeps up to... Agent:

20110169646 - Methods and systems for monitoring hygiene habits: A method for analyzing hygiene habits of a user. The method comprises attaching a personal hygiene monitor to the user, using the attached personal hygiene monitor for detecting a plurality of personal hygiene events related to the user, logging the plurality of personal hygiene events to allow configuring a user... Agent: Hyginex Inc.

20110169644 - Systems and methods for storing, analyzing, retrieving and displaying streaming medical data: A method of storing streaming physiological information obtained from a medical patient in a multi-patient monitoring environment includes receiving identification information, retrieving parameter descriptors, creating a round-robin database file, receiving a data stream, and using a predetermined data rate to map the data stream to locations in the round-robin database... Agent:

20110169647 - Method of providing crime-related safety information to a user of a personal navigation device and related device: To alert a user of dangerous driving or parking conditions, a personal navigation device for providing a safety notification includes a positioning device for determining position of the personal navigation device, a networking device for receiving safety information corresponding to the position from a safety data server, a display for... Agent:

20110169648 - High sensitivty sensor device and manufacturing thereof: A sensing device able to do concurrent real time detection of different kinds of chemical, biomolecule agents, or biological cells and their respective concentrations using optical principles. The sensing system can be produced at a low cost (below$1.00) and in a small size (˜1 cm3). The novel sensing system may... Agent: Banpil Photonics, Inc.

20110169649 - Gas sensing method and instrument therefor: A method and instrument capable of producing an audible tick that increases with detected gas concentrations, is suitable for indicating relatively low levels of gas concentrations, and enables the adjustment of the tick rate to provide an accurate audible indication of gas levels at higher concentrations. The method and instrument... Agent: Sensit Technologies

20110169650 - Integrated condition or actuation monitoring and control component for switches, circuit breakers, panel boards, and other items for electrical control and circuit protection: A sensor is coupled to a device positioned within an enclosure and is configured to determine the status of the device or its surrounding environment. The sensor transmits the information to a central computer and/or a local indicator. Once the information is received at the central computer, the information is... Agent: Cooper Technologies Company

20110169651 - Open circuit wear sensor for use with a conductive wear counterface: A component including a surface subject to wear by an electrically conductive wear counterface (50). The component comprises a substrate (10); one or more material layers (32) overlying the substrate (10); a wear surface layer (16) overlying the one or more material layers (32); a first pair of spaced apart... Agent:

20110169652 - Equipment and method for controlling a wireless communication terminal: A sensor pad (105) is adapted to be worn and operated by a user (100) to control a separate wireless communication terminal (103) carried by the user. The sensor pad includes a plurality of discrete sensors each operable to produce an indication signal indicating proximity of a user's finger to... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110169653 - Person-support apparatus height indicator: A person-support apparatus 10 comprises a lower frame, a support, an upper frame, and a light source. The support is coupled to the lower frame. The upper frame is movably supported above the lower frame by the support. The light source is configured to selectively emit light at one of... Agent:

20110169654 - Multi function bluetooth apparatus: A method and apparatus for secure access to data, to application and to systems and for providing an alarm to users upon detecting that a monitored device is not within a desired proximity using a multi-function BLUETOOTH apparatus are described. The multi-function BLUETOOTH apparatus can also provide voice and location... Agent:

20110169655 - Method for a pressure release encoding system for communicating downhole information through a wellbore to a surface location: A method for a pressure release encoding system for communicating downhole information through a wellbore to a surface location includes positioning a valve and a brake in a drilling mud circulation system, initiating flow of drilling mud through the system, sensing flow through the valve and setting the brake at... Agent: Welltronics Applications, LLC

20110169657 - Low frequency inductive tagging for lifecycle managment: A lifecycle management system for detection and tracking of drillpipes which carry low radio frequency tags that comprise an inductive antenna and transceiver operable at a first radio frequency below 1 megahertz, a transceiver operatively connected to that antenna, an ID data storage device, a microprocessor for handling data from... Agent: Visible Assets, Inc.

20110169656 - Surface communication device and method for downhole tool: A device for communicating with a downhole measurement tool includes a processor module comprising a set of commands and configured to issue a command from the set to the downhole tool and receive a corresponding reply from the downhole tool. The set of commands includes at least one of a... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20110169659 - Amr meter to zigbee communications bridge: A communications bridge facilitates communication between an automatic meter reading (AMR) meter and a home area network (HAN) that uses the ZigBee smart energy (SE) protocol. The communications bridge includes a variety of components, including an AMR receiver, a microcontroller, and a ZigBee radio. The AMR receiver reads AMR data,... Agent:

20110169658 - Device for determining communications parameters and method of operation: A device and method for determining communications parameters such as signal strength is provided. The device includes a plurality of meters, each having an associated transceiver configured to receive a different communications protocol. Communications signals are received by a communications module and transmitted to the plurality of meters. The plurality... Agent: Consolidated Edison Company Of New York, Inc.

20110169660 - Gps-generated traffic information: Disclosed herein is a traveler information monitoring and dissemination system. The system disclosed herein provides real time information to a traveler, wherein the real time information may be pre-selected by the traveler. The system ensures consistent and quality data are produced and issued to the traveler.... Agent:

20110169661 - Prioritization of traffic signal preemption requests received from multiple sources over different communication mediums: Approaches for prioritizing multiple candidates for preemption of a traffic signal phase at an intersection are disclosed. Light signals transmitted from light-signaling vehicles approaching an intersection encode priority codes using a first set of values. Radio signals from radio-signaling vehicles approaching the intersection encode priority codes using a second set... Agent:

20110169662 - Display: The present invention provides a display for traffic control within a region of traffic flow, comprising an array of lights arranged for illumination to indicate to traffic seeking to negotiate the region in accordance with a first path of travel the likely movement of traffic seeking to negotiate the region... Agent:

20110169663 - Device and a method for detecting motor vehicles and their approach angles: A device and a method for detecting motor vehicles and their approach angles by passive or active transponders which are provided on the motor vehicles is described, which can be triggered by a transceiver device to transfer information stored in the transponders. It is recommended that on a motor vehicle... Agent: Adc Automotive Distance Control Systems

20110169664 - Acoustic signature recognition of running vehicles using spectro-temporal dynamic neural network: A method and apparatus for identifying running vehicles in an area to be monitored using acoustic signature recognition. The apparatus includes an input sensor for capturing an acoustic waveform produced by a vehicle source, and a processing system. The waveform is digitized and divided into frames. Each frame is filtered... Agent: University Of Southern California

20110169665 - Aircraft navigation accuracy display system: An aircraft display system is provided for rendering at least aircraft estimated position uncertainty (EPU) and/or vertical estimated position uncertainty (VEPU) values non-numerically and in a fairly intuitive manner. The system may also render the EPU and VEPU values non-numerically for other traffic entities within range of the aircraft.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110169666 - Graphical display for munition release envelope: A method and module for displaying a munition release envelope.... Agent:

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110163843 - Medication chamber lock for medication reminder device: A medication reminder device may be programmed with a set of medication instructions comprising a medication regimen to be presented to an individual in order to promote compliance with a medication regimen, and may also include one or more medication chambers, each containing the medication doses of medications specified by... Agent:

20110163844 - Identification element having an optical transponder: An identification element has a transponder with a data-emitting transmission unit and with a data-receiving reception unit in order to communicate with a device for registering and/or controlling access authorization to spaces or objects. In addition, a control circuit is provided for the transmission unit and reception unit. The transponder... Agent:

20110163845 - Wireless fingerprint card: A wireless fingerprint card comprises a CPU, a fingerprint scanning device, a fingerprint identification device, a wireless communication device, an information input device and a storage device. The fingerprint identification device, the wireless communication device, the information input device and the storage device are coupled to the CPU respectively, and... Agent: Shining Union Limited

20110163846 - Monitoring unit depletion in an independent real-time mass storage unit system by using an estimated tare mass of the item: Embodiments of the present invention provide a computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for estimating, refining, and using the tare mass for an item to determine and monitor item depletion. In response to detecting an initial presence of an item in the storage unit, a controller collects data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110163847 - Method for receiving and transmitting a paging message: A method for receiving and transmitting a paging message is disclosed. A method for receiving a paging message in an idle mode of a mobile station comprises receiving a paging indicator channel included in a super frame header from a base station; if a paging message of the mobile station... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110163850 - Mems sensor enabled rfid system and method for operating the same: An apparatus provides environmental monitoring of an item and includes an RFID tag, and a passive switch for sensing an environmental parameter to which the item is subjected, and coupled to the RFID tag so that a measurement of the sensed environmental parameter can be stored, the RFID tag for... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110163851 - Method for locating a backscatter-based transponder: A method and apparatus for locating a transponder is provided. A carrier signal is transmitted by a base station and a transponder transmits a locating signal that is generated through phase modulation and backscattering of the carrier signal sent by the base station when the transponder is within a transmission... Agent: Atmel Corporation

20110163853 - Method for selecting one or more transponders: A method and device for selecting one or more transponders, in particular backscatter-based transponders, from a plurality of transponders by a base station, which method is based on a slotted ALOHA method, in which the base station defines numbered time slots and a random number generated in a given transponder... Agent: Atmel Corporation

20110163852 - Rfid tag communication system and rfid tag communication apparatus: This disclosure discloses an RFID tag communication system comprising: a communication antenna that performs wireless communication using a plurality of communication formats with a plurality of types of RFID circuit elements, each of the RFID circuit elements having an IC circuit part configured to store information and a tag antenna... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110163854 - Surgical object tracking system: A method and apparatus for identifying and tracking surgical objects is disclosed. More specifically, a method and apparatus for identifying and tracking surgical objects such as needles, scalpels, blades, sponges and instruments in a medical industry using an identifier encoded on a fluorescent paint attached to the surgical object combined... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110163849 - Systems and methods for stirring electromagnetic fields and interrogating stationary rfid tags: RFID tags are used for many purpose including tracking RFID interrogators are used to retrieve information from tags. In many applications, RFID interrogators and RFID tags remain stationary during interrogation. Regions of low energy due to interference from either additional antenna or reflections from RFID tags and objects can impede... Agent: Neology, Inc.

20110163848 - Telephone connection control method and telephone connection control system: A telephone connection control method for performing connection control by using a telephone connection control server having a telephone connection control function having a software telephone exchange function, connecting to plural kinds of telephone networks and being capable of switching plural kinds of telephone communication lines, the method comprising steps... Agent:

20110163855 - Contactless ic card reader and data reading method: A contactless IC card reader and a data reading method which are capable of improving data reading accuracy while preventing a decrease in processing speed. Specifically, in a contactless IC card reader which transmits signals composed of amplitude modulated carrier signals to a contactless IC card, the contactless IC card... Agent:

20110163856 - Intelligent rfid tag identifier: The invention relates to an RFID transponder device configured for responding to a request of an RFID reader device, by sending a response (UID) comprising information for encoding a feature set of the RFID transponder device. The invention further relates to an RFID reader device and to an RFID system... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110163857 - Energy harvesting for low frequency inductive tagging: A system for detection and tracking of objects which carry low radio frequency tags that comprise an inductive antenna and transceiver operable at a radio frequency below 1 megahertz, a transceiver operatively connected to that antenna, an ID data storage device, a microprocessor for handling data from the transceiver and... Agent: Visible Assets, Inc.

20110163858 - Energy harvesting for low frequency inductive tagging: There is provided a remote commander including an input section which accepts input of operation information from a user, a communication section which communicates with a control target device via a radio signal, a service information-acquisition section which acquires, from the control target device via the communication section, service identification... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110163859 - Systems and methods for sleep management: A sleep management application on a computing device having a processor and a storage medium executes code that establishes to a server that maintains data pertaining to the computing device or to a user, retrieves data from the remote server, and generates a custom interface to configure a feature of... Agent: Sdi Technologies, Inc.

20110163860 - Apparatus and method for vibrotactile mobile device: This disclosure relates to a vibrotactile mobile device which induces a tactile sense at various positions in an interface method of operating the mobile device so that a user may intuitively interact with the mobile device while seeing a program execution status, and to a method of driving the vibrotactile... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110163861 - Terminal device and control method for terminal device: A terminal device includes an operation section in which an operation instruction is performed by being touched with a finger or a pen; an operation detection section that detects that the finger or the pen touches the operation section; a vibration motor that rotates a shaft with a weight having... Agent:

20110163862 - Imminent collision warning system and method: The invention is directed to methods and systems for sensing the presence of objects in the intended path of an automobile with a system to warn both the operator of the vehicle and the object of regard.... Agent: Nattel Group, Inc.

20110163863 - Driver's alert system: A device to aid an operator of a vehicle includes a steering wheel of the vehicle operable to steer the vehicle, a touchscreen mounted on the steering wheel of the vehicle, a detection system to detect the contact of the operator with the touchscreen, and an alarm to be activated... Agent:

20110163864 - Display device for vehicle: A display device for vehicle 1 includes an image display device 10 and control means 20 for displaying vehicle information as an image in the image display device 10, wherein, in transition from a first display form in which each of a first display image GR1 and a second display... Agent: Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.

20110163865 - Method of early warning for vehicle: Pre-alert device (1) for vehicle comprising an access (20) to data making it possible to define a journey, an access (10) to data relating to the pressure of at least one tyre of a vehicle provided to make said journey, a test module (30) specially adapted, on the basis of... Agent: Trw Automotive Us, LLC

20110163866 - Sun protection system for automotive vehicle: A sun protection system for a transportation vehicle has plurality of LCD zones laminated into one or more glazings of the vehicle. An occupant sensor detects an expanse of at least one occupant in the vehicle. A navigation system determines a vehicle location, a date and time value, and a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110163867 - Vehicular instrument device and vehicle with vehicular instrument device: A first meter cluster panel and a second meter cluster panel are disposed on an instrument panel of a vehicle such that the first meter cluster panel and the second meter cluster panel have respective centers of display disposed substantially coaxially with each other. The first meter cluster panel is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110163868 - Warning system: The present invention relates to a warning system mounted on a vehicle comprising detection means for detecting an object, and signalling means connected to said detection means, wherein said detection means are arranged to remotely detect an object in the vicinity of the vehicle and that said detection means is... Agent: Binar Aktiebolag

20110163869 - Method and system for controlling, guiding and warning: A method for guiding, controlling or warning people, particularly for controlling and guiding people to a desired route, e.g. an emergency exit, in a dangerous situation, in which method, a person is guided by means of audio sources. In the method, audio sources (1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, 1f, 1g,... Agent: Marimils Oy

20110163871 - Rfid monitoring of drug regimen compliance: Disclosed is an apparatus and system for monitoring drug regimen compliance, the system utilizing a Radio Frequency Identification (RfID) tag affixed to a pharmaceutical agent and a wearable RFID reader that identifies a patient. The RFID tag identifies the pharmaceutical agent and the RFID reader wirelessly communicates with a central... Agent:

20110163870 - Wireless monitoring and communication for sanitizer dispenser systems: A monitoring and communication system for sanitizer compliance monitoring, comprises a plurality of sanitizer monitoring sensors for collecting sanitize compliance data at a respective plurality of sanitizer stations, each sensor located to monitor whether a person passing through a portal has undergone a sanitization procedure, at least one hub which... Agent:

20110163872 - System, device and method for emergency presence detection: A detection device and method includes a transducer array (20) located at a designated area and configured to perform an ultrasonic sweep of the area in response to a trigger event. The transducer array is capable of determining a presence of a live being (16) in the area in accordance... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110163873 - Determination of time zone and dst participation: A local time zone setting for a device is automatically provided based on a location and a date and time. Location information is obtained for a present location of the device within a geographical area and the date and time. An association is established between the present location and a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110163874 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for tracking movement on a map: A method includes: receiving location information for the portable electronic device; and entering a tracked mode of a mapping application. The tracked mode includes: displaying a map on the display with an orientation that is independent of a current orientation of the portable electronic device; displaying a current location icon... Agent:

20110163875 - Manufacturing control device: Errors in work in a bolt or nut tightening process are reduced to an extremely low level. Further, the process of the work is accurately recorded and quality of production processes is improved. A production management device receives information on a production instruction from a superordinate device, optically displays, according... Agent:

20110163877 - Method and system for enhancing the safety of a region: A method of enhancing the safety of a region includes defining a set of rules for the region. Collecting field data from a plurality of mobile stations movable throughout the region. The field data includes information relating to the relative movement of the mobile stations. Comparing the collected field data... Agent: Acumine Pty Ltd

20110163876 - Millimeter wave imaging apparatus: A millimeter wave imaging apparatus includes: an imaging device having a plurality of millimeter wave sensors that are arranged in a planar manner and receive millimeter waves radiated from a subject to detect signal levels thereof; an image data generation device that generates image data of the subject based on... Agent: Tohoku University

20110163878 - Capacitive occupant detection system having aging compensation and method: An occupant detection system and method are provided. The system includes a capacitive sensor having an electrode arranged in a seat proximate to an expected location of an occupant for sensing an occupant presence approximate thereto. The capacitive sensor is configured to provide an output indicative of the sensed occupant... Agent:

20110163879 - Systems and methods for stirring electromagnetic fields and interrogating stationary rfid tags: RFID tags are used for many purpose including tracking RFID interrogators are used to retrieve information from tags. In many applications, RFID interrogators and RFID tags remain stationary during interrogation. Regions of low energy due to interference from either additional antenna or reflections from RFID tags and objects can impede... Agent: Neology, Inc.

20110163882 - Passive low frequency inductive tagging: A system for detection and tracking of objects which carry low radio frequency tags that comprise an inductive antenna and transceiver operable at a first radio frequency below 1 megahertz, a transceiver operatively connected to that antenna, an ID data storage device, a microprocessor for handling data from the transceiver... Agent: Visible Assets, Inc.

20110163880 - System and method responsive to an alarm event detected at an insulin delivery device: Embodiments include an alarm unit responsive to an alarm event detected at an insulin delivery device. The alarm unit includes circuitry to select an action to occur remote to the insulin delivery device in response to the alarm event. Embodiments include an alarm center responsive to an alarm event at... Agent:

20110163881 - System and method responsive to an event detected at a glucose monitoring device: Embodiments include an apparatus responsive to an event detected at a glucose monitoring device. The apparatus includes circuitry to select an action to occur remote to the glucose monitoring device in response to the event. Embodiments include a response center responsive to an event at a glucose monitoring device to... Agent:

20110163883 - Drinking-water level alarm lamp: A drinking-water level alarm lamp for being placed in a water feeder is disclosed. The drinking-water level alarm lamp includes a watertight casing including therein a lamp, a rolling ball tilt switch, a battery and a weight. When the water feeder contains drinking water, the drinking-water level alarm lamp half... Agent:

20110163885 - Adjustable therapeutic mattress: A therapeutic mattress is provided having a base layer, a plurality of separate air cell sections, an air source and a valve. The separate air cell sections have a plurality of fluidly interconnected air cell members extending vertically from a bottom wall. The air cell members of the air cell... Agent:

20110163884 - Emergency event detector: Through the use of an electro-acoustic transducer, a pressure wave of at least a predetermined intensity may be detected, such as one that may occur upon the activation of a vehicle's air bag. As the electro-acoustic transducer has a diaphragm that can be displaced under the influence of a pressure... Agent:

20110163886 - Systems and apparatus for battery replacement detection and reduced battery status transmission in a remote control: Various mechanisms are described for indicating to a user a low battery condition of a remote control for a controlled device. More particularly, a remote control detects a low battery condition as well as the replacement of batteries in the remote control. The remote control transmits a low battery message... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20110163887 - Monitoring system for moving object: A monitoring system for a moving object including a leaking transmission device having a first and second leaking transmission paths extending substantially in parallel to each other, first equipment for transmitting a first transmission signal from one end side of both the ends of the leaking transmission device as a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110163888 - Method and system for providing diagnostic information regarding a commercial television: Systems, apparatus, and methods relating to facilitating diagnosis of issues with commercial televisions are provided. For example, embodiments are directed to a commercial television including an interface configured to facilitate communication between the commercial television and an auxiliary device, and an indicator configured to coordinate with the interface and provide... Agent: Shenzhen Tcl New Technology Ltd.

20110163889 - Telemetry wave detection apparatus and method: The present invention enables detection of telemetry wave detection in space-constrained situations. The invention also teaches a substantially contactless method of determining the time-based changes of the propagating telemetry waves. A final benefit of the present invention is that it demonstrates a particularly simple contacting means of directly measuring wall... Agent: Xact Downhole Telemetry Inc.

20110163890 - Down-hole wireless communication system: Apparatus for the wireless transmission of data, and preferably also of power, across a space between a length of production tubing and a surrounding casing in a petrochemical well, includes a pair of inductively-coupled coils, a first of which is located on the exterior of the production tubing generally coaxially... Agent: Qinetiq Limited

20110163891 - Methods and systems for downhole telemetry: Subterranean oilfield high-temperature devices configured or designed to facilitate downhole monitoring and high data transmission rates with remotely pumped lasers that are configured for operation downhole, within a borehole, at temperatures in excess of 115 degrees Celsius.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110163892 - System and method for mobile environmental measurements and displays: An environmental measurement system and method are disclosed. In one aspect of the invention, the system includes a base station having a processor, a plurality of environmental detectors located remotely from the base station that measure one or more environmental conditions that are in communication with the base station to... Agent: Emilcott Associates, Inc.

20110163893 - Method and apparatus for reducing and controlling highway congestion to save on fuel costs: One estimate indicates that rubbernecking and congestion consumes about 4% of this country's fuel. Two approaches are presented to help solve this problem. The first uses shields to block the view of a car accident. Rubbernecking is reduced since the visibility of the car accident is reduced. A second approach... Agent: Lctank LLC

20110163894 - Parking arrangement with an automatic vehicle detection system, and method for putting into operation and managing a parking arrangement: A parking arrangement with parking places for vehicles and with an automatic vehicle detection system which comprises a central computer system and a wirelessly operating parking sensor module for determining the presence or absence of a vehicle in the parking place, which parking sensor module comprises at least one vehicle... Agent:

20110163895 - System and method for tracking assets within a monitored environment: A system associates change in the state of an asset to an event trigger within a monitored environment. This environment includes a plurality of assets and a tag transmitter positioned on each asset and operative for transmitting a wireless RF signal based on an event trigger based on one of... Agent:

20110163896 - Security system for mass transit and mass transportation: A security system and method for mass transit and mass transportation whereby high capacity mobile vehicles such as ships, buses, planes, trains and subways transporting large numbers of passengers or cargo, are continuously monitored and secured. Sensors are utilized to detect and alert the presence of radioactive or explosive materials... Agent:

20110163897 - Test arrangement for a laser threats identifying system of an aircraft: The test arrangement includes a light emitting source (L) arranged for selectively generating a plurality of predetermined optical signals for simulating virtual threats (S1-Sn), and a plurality of optical guides (F1-Fn) for the simulation signals (S1-Sn), directly coupled with the source (L) and adapted to be connected to the aforementioned... Agent: Alenia Aeronautica S.p.a.

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