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Communications: electrical June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110156861 - Electronic device including a wireless actuator and a method thereof: Disclosed are electronic devices and methods of electronic devices having a housing including a wireless actuator without an electrical interface, the wireless actuator located on the housing, the wireless actuator being configured to provide tactile feedback and configured to generate an acoustic signal with a unique acoustic signature upon actuation.... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110156862 - Systems, methods and apparatus for locating a lost remote control: Described herein are techniques for locating a lost remote control. The method includes receiving user input, at a controlled device, the user input requesting to locate a lost remote control for the controlled device. The method further includes lowering a volume of the output of content associated with the controlled... Agent: Echostar Technologies LLC

20110156863 - Ultrasonic transmission / reception for electromagnetic transmission reception: First apparatuses (10) such as tags and batches comprise receivers (11) for receiving ultrasonic signals (1) comprising first codes from sources (27, 30), analyzers (12) for analyzing first codes, transmitters (13) for transmitting electromagnetic signals (2) comprising second codes to second apparatuses (20), and controllers (14) for, in response to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110156864 - Security document, security systems and methods of controlling access to a region: A security document is provided comprising a first RFID tag readable only within a first range, and a second RFID tag readable within a second range, the first RFID tag containing data pertaining to the owner of the security document and an identification code, and the second RFID tag containing... Agent: De La Rue International Limited

20110156865 - Wireless control system and method using multiple fingerprint recognition: Provided are a wireless control system and method using multiple fingerprint recognition and thus improving security and convenience by controlling a control target depending on a multiple fingerprint inputted by a user. In the wireless control method for a selected control target, a wireless control device recognizes a multiple fingerprint... Agent: Dong-a University Research Foundation For Industry-academy Cooperation

20110156866 - Electronic access control device and management system: A mobile electronic control device, such as an electronic key, is used to access or otherwise control the operations of a field device, such as an appliance, power tool, shipping container, etc. In a control event in which the mobile control device interacts with the field device via wired or... Agent:

20110156867 - Gesture-based signature authentication: Embodiments of the invention are generally directed to systems, methods, devices, and machine-readable mediums for implementing gesture-based signature authentication. In one embodiment, a method may involve recording a first gesture-based signature and storing the recorded first gesture-based signature. Then the method compares the first gesture-based signature with a second gesture-based... Agent:

20110156868 - System und verfahren zur automatisierten analyse eines wettkampfverlaufes: System, consisting of at least one active or passive position detection system which sends data about the position of at least one athlete to a central evaluation unit; and a central evaluation unit which stores received positional data in a database, automatically calculates a movement pattern consisting of at least... Agent:

20110156869 - Adaptive multi-sensor handheld computing device: A handheld computing system for adaptive multi-sensor, a manipulator grip and its method is provided. A system includes: sensor systems for sensing characteristics of a physical object, the characteristics including at least one identifier; and a distance analyzer for dynamically determining the activation of at least one of the sensor... Agent: Psion Teklogix Inc.

20110156877 - Apparatus and method for monitoring refrigerated containers: An apparatus (10) for monitoring operational parameters of at least one refrigerated container (12), the at least one refrigerated container (12) having an interrogation port (124), the apparatus (10) comprising a receiver (106) configured to receive data from the refrigerated container (12) via the interrogation port (124), a processor (108)... Agent:

20110156875 - Apparatus for and method of processing data: An apparatus for processing data includes a plurality of signal processing units, each signal processing unit including a register that stores identification (ID) information to store a parameter, the signal processing units operative to sequentially perform an operation of storing the parameter or an operation of processing a signal in... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110156879 - Communication device: Setting and operation of a TV, a mobile terminal, and the like are extremely complex to an ordinary user. Even when part of the setting and operation is automatically done, still a change needs to be performed so as to meet the needs of the user according to a use... Agent:

20110156871 - Frequency calibrating: Disclosed are a device and a method for calibrating a frequency of a transponder applicable to an RFID system. The device may comprises: a pulse generating unit configured to generate a sequence of pulses based on a PIE symbol sequence from an interrogator of the RFID system; a counting unit... Agent: The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

20110156876 - Method and device for recognizing functional states in rfid or remote sensor systems: A method for recognizing time-variable functional states, e.g., in the course of a programming process, in RFID systems is disclosed, which includes at least one transponder or remote sensor and at least one base station, which transmits data and/or power to the transponder or sensor by a carrier signal. According... Agent: Atmel Corporation

20110156870 - Method and system for locating a hand-held terminal: Disclosed herein is a system for and method of determining the location of an RFID reader, the system comprising: a plurality of transmitters having a known reference point. Each transmitter includes a circuit for transmitting a sequence of unique RFID pseudo tag signals. Each unique RFID pseudo signal in the... Agent: Psion Teklogix Inc.

20110156873 - Rfid system having multi-subscription function and operation method thereof: An RFID system having a multi-subscription function, an RFID tag and an operation method thereof are provided. The RFID tag includes an RFID tag antenna, a tag storage unit, a sensor and a tag controller. The RFID tag antenna communicates with the RFID reader or the user terminal. The tag... Agent: Dong-a University Research Foundation For Industry-academy Cooperation

20110156874 - Rfid tags, rfig transmission methods and rfid devices: A radio frequency identification tag for multi-path transmission is provided, including: a plurality of antennas, receiving a wireless signal transmitted by a reader and generating an antenna signal, respectively, and backscattering an encoded and modulated backscatter signal to the reader, in which the polarizations of the plurality of antennas are... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science & Technology

20110156872 - Smart rfid reader/router: A smart RFID reader/router is disclosed for connecting RFID readers to a data network. The smart RFID reader/router includes a plurality of connection ports for RFID readers, a plurality of data network ports for connection to a data network, and an internal processor for providing middleware and routing processing functionality.... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20110156880 - System and method for customizing a computer system: A system and method for customizing a computer system is disclosed herein. The computer system includes a controller and a storage device connected thereto. A software package having a plurality of modules is installed on the storage device. A reader is installed in the computer system. An identifier is placed... Agent:

20110156878 - System and method for providing timing services and dme aided multilateration for ground surveillance: The present invention utilizes the existing DME transponder system infrastructure to augment existing ground surveillance multilateration (MLAT) capabilities by providing additional measurements for determining the position of an aircraft equipped with a DME transponder. DME listeners receive DME interrogation signals and DME reply signals, determine TDOA between the DME transponder... Agent: Sensis Corporation

20110156881 - Reader control system: An RFID reader control system and method is provided. A protocol for controlling an RFID reader and an RFID reader control unit of a mobile phone is defined. Messages, information, commands, responses, and notification are constructed and transmitted between the RFID reader and the RFID reader control unit.... Agent:

20110156883 - System for monitoring a state of operation of a photovoltaic panel, corresponding photovoltaic system, and control method and unit for remote monitoring: A system for monitoring a state of operation of a photovoltaic panel. The system comprises a transponder for connection to the panel, wherein, when the panel is in a first state of operation, the transponder transmits an individual identifier code in response to a pre-determined received signal and wherein, when... Agent:

20110156882 - Reader control system: An RFID reader control system and method is provided. A protocol for controlling an RFID reader and an RFID reader control unit of a mobile phone is defined. Messages, information, commands, responses, and notification are constructed and transmitted between the RFID reader and the RFID reader control unit.... Agent:

20110156884 - Industrial instrument and machine tool: A control device of a machine tool includes a first determination unit determining an amount of rotation, rotational speed, and direction of rotation of a rotary handle based on a pulse signal generated by rotation of the rotary handle at a manual pulse generator, and a second determination unit determining... Agent: Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.

20110156885 - Bidirectional remote control system and method using mobile interface device: Provided are a bidirectional remote control system and method using a mobile interface device, while allowing a remote control over a control target even when a user and the control target are separated beyond a visible range, allowing an automatic control over the control target within a given distance between... Agent: Dong-a University Research Foundation For Industry -academy Cooperation

20110156886 - Paging interface adapter: A system for interfacing between medical devices using different output protocols and medical personnel is provided. A user may configure the system to accept different external device outputs on different input ports of the system. The system may be programmed to correctly associate the input signals with alert conditions based... Agent:

20110156887 - Method and system for forming surrounding seamless bird-view image: A method and system for forming a surrounding seamless bird-view image by processing a plurality of surrounding images associated with a carrier captured by different imaging devices is provided in the present invention. During the process, the surrounding images are converted into corresponding bird-images respectively and then an overlapping area... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110156888 - Vapor alarm in flotation fob: A system includes a vapor sensor mounted in an engine compartment of a powered vehicle and an alarm device adapted to couple with a key ring, the alarm comprising hardware logic and-or logic embodied in machine readable memory devices to communicate with the vapor sensor and to provide an alarm... Agent:

20110156891 - Judgment line calculations for a vehicle safety system: A vehicle has a safety system including at least one object sensor to detect a distance from an object in a path of the vehicle and the speed and acceleration of the object. The sensor data is input into a control to determine a desired braking judgment line and a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110156890 - Proximity detection device for a motor vehicle: This device (4) allows the detection of the presence of an object in a detection zone by measuring a variation in capacitance brought about by the presence of the object. It includes an element (6) for emitting an electric field, an element (8) for receiving an electric field, and elements... Agent: Faurecia Bloc Avant

20110156889 - Vehicle warning system and method: A warning system for a stopped vehicle includes an alarm device for mounting in the stopped vehicle, and a warning sign for being placed away from the stopped vehicle in the direction of oncoming traffic. The warning sign includes a display module, an image capturing module, an image processing module,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110156892 - On-board equipment and control method thereof: An on-board equipment 1 includes a main body 2 arranged in a vehicle and an operation panel 3 detachably attached to the main body 2. The on-board equipment 1 further includes a sensor 34 for detecting whether or not the operation panel 3 has been detached from the main body... Agent: J&k Car Electronics Corporation

20110156893 - Rear view mirror for a vehicle with an antenna module and an electronic display module: A multiple radio data service antenna module integrated in a rear view mirror being exposed towards a windscreen in an activated state enhances quality of reception of multiple radio data services and a display unit being integrated in a rear view mirror surface displaying information received by said antenna module... Agent: Smr Patents S.a.r.l.

20110156894 - Tail lamp system for vehicles: A tail lamp system for a vehicle includes a dynamic signal unit, a control unit, a set of input lines electrically connecting the dynamic signal unit with the control unit, an LED display board, and a set of output lines electrically connecting the LED display board with the control unit.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110156895 - Subscribing to alarms and events in a hierarchy: An alarm provision system comprises a recognizer component that receives an alarm/event and recognizes the alarm/event. A provision component analyzes hierarchical relationships associated with an industrial environment and automatically provides a subscribing entity with the alarm/event and at least one other alarm/event that is related to the received alarm/event, the... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110156896 - Internet appliance system and method: An Internet appliance, comprising, within a single housing, packet data network interfaces, adapted for communicating with the Internet and a local area network, at least one data interface selected from the group consisting of a universal serial bus, an IEEE-1394 interface, a voice telephony interface, an audio program interface, a... Agent:

20110156897 - Determination of an alarm-issuing time of an alarm device: A method for determining a triggering time for the issuance of an alarm by an alarm device. A measured value is sensed at a measuring time, and the measured value is indicative of a hazard potential within a monitoring range. A waiting time is identified by way of a function... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110156899 - Cell phone detector for washing machines: An apparatus is disclosed comprising: a clothes washing machine (30); a detector (33, 44) attached to the washing machine in a location that receives radio frequency (RF) signals that emanate from an interior (48) of the washing machine; and a warning device (35) that receives a signal from the detector... Agent:

20110156898 - Environment sensing system for the hearing-impaired: There is provided an environment sensing system for the deaf/hearing-impaired. A user wears a personal unit for notifying him/her of a sound event in its surrounding environment. The personal unit is also in communication with a central station, for the user to request immediate assistance. When receiving a sound event... Agent:

20110156900 - Information acquisition device, positional information storage method and storage medium: An information acquisition device, includes: a positioning unit that measures a current position and acquires positional information thereof; an information acquisition unit that acquires information; a storage unit that stores information acquired by the information acquisition unit and positional information acquired by the positioning unit; and a control unit that... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20110156901 - Method and system for providing tracking services to locate an asset: The present invention is directed to a method of asset location. Location data is received from a cellular transmitter associated with a selected asset, which location data includes data representative of a cellular receiver with which direct communication with the cellular transmitter is made. The location data is then communicated... Agent:

20110156902 - Surface mounted technology monitoring system and method: A Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) monitoring system and method includes setting an alarm threshold of an accident probability, and obtaining the output data from a monitor unit. The SMT monitoring method further includes calculating the accident probability according to the obtained output data, and sending an alarm command to trigger... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110156903 - Waste collection system for collecting solid medical waste including metal detection, pre-detection apparatus, and/or bag- tensioning mechanism: A solid medical waste collection system for collecting solid medical waste. The system includes a mobile cart with a bag for storing the waste. A pre-detection apparatus detects metal-containing objects prior to placing them inside the bag to reduce costs to the facility in which the cart is employed. The... Agent:

20110156904 - System and method for extension of entry delay in a security system: A system and method are provided for extending the expiration of an entry delay period for disarming a security system based on the entry of a keypress that matches a valid access code before expiration of a preprogrammed entry delay period. The security system includes a plurality of detection devices... Agent: Tyco Safety Products Canada Ltd.

20110156907 - Apparatus for communicating with rfid tag and system for article management: This disclosure discloses an apparatus for communicating with a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, comprising: an apparatus antenna device configured to perform radio communication with a plurality of RFID tag circuit elements including a first RFID tag circuit element and a second RFID tag circuit element; a power control portion;... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110156909 - Gateway radio frequency identification tag system: A system and method are disclosed for transporting deterministic traffic in a gigabit passive optical network. A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an Optical Line Termination (OLT) for exchanging data traffic in a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) having a controller programmed to... Agent:

20110156906 - Near-field communication apparatus and associated method: A near-field communication apparatus comprises an antenna, a signal processing circuit, a storage unit and a signal transmission interface. The antenna receives and transmits a wireless signal transmitted from and to a reader. The signal processing circuit, comprising a first port, a second port and a third port, generate a... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20110156908 - Operation state detection device: An operation state detection device comprises data communication devices and a detection device. The data communication devices are respectively attached to an operator, and a person or an object as an operation target. The data communication devices mutually perform data communication when the operator contacts the person or the object... Agent:

20110156905 - Two-part security tag: Disclosed is a security tag that contains two parts. The contact (or lack thereof) of the two parts defines the operational state of the security tag. In one state, the security tag responds when a central control station runs a wireless security scan. In the other state, the tag does... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110156910 - Method for the securing and monitoring of containers and container with securing and monitoring device: A method of monitoring a container that holds goods, in which one or more surfaces of the container have an electrically conductive material that acts as a sensor to detect state changes in physical properties of the container, comprises obtaining state information from the electrically conductive material and determining a... Agent:

20110156911 - Occupancy-based control system: A system including an assembly; a sensor substantially encapsulated in the assembly and configured to sense an environment associated with the assembly to generate an occupancy signal; a wireless transmitter substantially encapsulated in the assembly; and a controller configured to transmit a remote control command with the wireless transmitter in... Agent: Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20110156912 - Sick signal, embedded intelligent continuous pulse monitor and monitoring method thereof: A sick signal, embedded intelligent continuous pulse monitor and monitoring method thereof is covered by a flexible material so that the flexible material is fitted to a pulse's position of a human body (such as wrist or ankle) and comprises: a processing unit connected with a pulse detecting unit to... Agent:

20110156914 - Systems and methods for detecting use of an electronic control device: A system detects that an electronic control device for inhibiting use of skeletal muscles by a human or animal target has been used. The system includes a radio receiver and a circuit. The electronic control device causes a radio signal when used. The circuit detects a plurality of properties of... Agent:

20110156913 - Warning device and warning method thereof: A warning device includes a sensing unit, a comparing unit, a controlling unit and a warning unit. The sensing unit sense whether a part of the body of a person is sticking out of the window and generates a sensing signal. The comparing unit detects if the sensing signal is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110156915 - Bed exit warning system: There is provided a bed exit warning system for use in monitoring a user on a bed that comprises one or more sensors for measuring one or more physiological characteristics of the user and for producing corresponding signals indicative of the one or more physiological characteristics; and a processor adapted... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110156916 - Nuclear radiation-warning detector that measures impedance: Disclosed is a nuclear radiation-warning detector that measures impedance of silver-silver halide on an interdigitated electrode to detect light or radiation comprised of alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays, X rays, and/or neutrons. The detector is comprised of an interdigitated electrode covered by a layer of silver halide. After exposure... Agent:

20110156917 - Electronic device and method for monitoring water level: An electronic device with a water level monitoring system monitors a buoy to determine if a water level is acceptable. The device separates level markers of the containment facility and the buoy floating therein. The device traces a trace of the movement of the buoy and compares the trace and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110156918 - System for monitoring oil level and detecting leaks in power transformers, reactors, current and potential transformers, high voltage bushings and the like: System for monitoring oil level and detecting leaks in power transformers, reactors, current and potential transformers, high voltage bushings and the like, notably for a system that through the use of sensors and other electronic components measures and monitors transformers and similar equipment in real time, filled with insulating oil,... Agent:

20110156919 - Semiconductor storage apparatus and early-warning systems and methods for the same: Provided are early-warning methods and early-warning devices for indicating a usage condition of a semiconductor storage device comprising a semiconductor storage medium. The semiconductor storage medium comprises a plurality of physical storage blocks. The method comprises: retrieving a usage condition value; comparing the usage condition value with a preset threshold;... Agent: Netac Technology Co., Ltd.

20110156920 - Protective electrical wiring device with a center nightlight: The present invention is directed to an electrical wiring device that includes a cover assembly is coupled to the housing. The cover assembly includes at least one set of receptacle openings disposed on either side of a central portion of the cover assembly in communication with a portion of the... Agent: Pass & Seymour, Inc.

20110156921 - Method for detection of a fluid leak related to a piston machine: A machine includes at least one piston and a pump shaft. A method for detecting a leak in the machine includes receiving a vibration signal from a vibration sensor disposed on at least one of an upstream pipe and a downstream pipe of the machine, receiving a rotational speed signal... Agent: National Oilwell Norway As

20110156922 - Early warning method and device for ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic apparatus: An early warning device for use with an ultrasonic probe includes a service lifetime acquisition unit configured to acquire service lifetimes of individual parts of the ultrasonic probe, a total working time acquisition unit configured to acquire total working times of the individual parts of the ultrasonic probe, a calculation... Agent:

20110156923 - Information feedback or message to end-user for led light-control systems: A lighting system comprising a lamp arranged to transform electricity into a light beam having properties such as intensity, colour, colour temperature, direction and beam cone angle; a light control means arranged to adjust said light beam properties; a processing means arranged to send control signals to said light control... Agent: Lite-on It Corporation

20110156924 - Estimation of travel times using bluetooth: Methods for estimating travel time using at least two remote systems to record the times amps associated with obtaining identifying information of a wireless Bluetooth enabled, or other WPAN technology, electronic device in a vehicle. A remote system in one embodiment is a Bluetooth enhanced traffic controller. Characteristics of Bluetooth... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20110156925 - Visible light communication apparatus for vehicle, system and method for vehicular communication inside tunnel using visible light communication: A visible light communication apparatus for a vehicle is provided. The visible light communication apparatus for the vehicle includes a vehicle optical receiver for receiving a visible light signal including a tunnel light node ID, a front passing vehicle node ID, and tunnel environment data, from a tunnel light and... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20110156926 - Led solar traffic marking panel fitted with integrated dimming controller: A multifunctional integrated dimming controller and an LED solar traffic marking panel fitted with this controller. The multifunctional integrated dimming controller is applied to the marking panel for combining and controlling its dimming function. The multifunctional integrated dimming controller includes a controller casing having an assembly surface and a terminal... Agent: Safety Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd.

20110156927 - Vehicular traffic control system: A traffic control system and a traffic signal to increase traffic signal visibility. The traffic control system has a traffic signal with a first face and an oppositely facing second face. The first face has a first red light, a first amber light and a first green light. The first... Agent:

20110156928 - Parking-assistant system: A parking-assistant system for “multi-manoeuvre parking”, which is designed for generating, before the parking manoeuvre is started, a predetermined path, via the simulation of a manoeuvre of exit from a parking space. The control effected by the system, during the real parking manoeuvre, limits itself to comparing the effective position... Agent:

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110148565 - Monitoring system and input and output device: A monitoring system includes a controller, a number of sensors, a number of alarms, and a number of input/output devices. Each input/output device is connected between the controller and a sensor or an alarm. Each input/output device includes an input circuit, an output circuit, and a connector to selectively connect... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110148566 - Remote ignition system for a vehicle and method for securing a remote ignition function: The invention relates to a remote ignition system for a vehicle with a remote ignition control device for activating a remote ignition by providing a release signal, means for detecting a driver's intention to start driving, and an engine control device which comprises the following: a first evaluation unit for... Agent:

20110148567 - Facilitating user sensor self-installation: User self-installation of a sensor network for activity monitoring may be facilitated by providing a computer system that prompts the user through the installation process. Particularly, the computer system may prompt the user to identify an object to which a sensor has been attached and the activities with which identified... Agent:

20110148568 - Apparatus and method for controlling contents player: Provided is a technology for controlling a contents player based on a grasping power information of a hand by measuring a change of the bundle shape of a tendons in an inside muscle of wrist, in which the device and method for controlling the contents player comprises a sensing unit... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148571 - Device for powering on computer: A coded entry controlled device can power on a computer. A control circuit receives a power on coded entry via a keyboard and compares the input power on coded entry with an entry pre-stored in a storage circuit. The microcontroller actuates a switch circuit to power on the computer in... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110148572 - Touch-control lock: A method for operating a touch-control lock system according to a gesture or a figure, comprising steps of: (a) sensing a designated gesture or figure while a user uses his finger touches a touch-control panel of the touch-control lock system and outputting an electronic signal according to the designated gesture... Agent: Best Solution Technology Inc.

20110148574 - Mobile identification transmitter of a security system: The invention relates to a mobile identification transmitter (10) of a security system for a keyless activation of a locking mechanism (43) of a motor vehicle (40), having a housing (11) in which an electronics unit (12) is disposed, having at least one transmitting and receiving unit (13), the transmitting... Agent: Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110148573 - Passive entry system and method for a vehicle: A passive entry system and method for determining the location of a remote transmitter positioned near a vehicle. The system and method may include an irregularly shaped authorization zone. The authorization zone may be formed using as least three LF antennas. Alternatively, at least two antennas may be used to... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110148575 - Extendable flush door handle for vehicle: An extendable flush door handle assembly for a door or liftgate of a vehicle includes a base portion and a handle portion movably attached to the base portion. The handle portion is movable between a recessed position, where the handle portion is at least partially received in the base portion,... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20110148569 - Method for gap characterization in inductively coupled access systems: An access facility for a vehicle has a first transmit/receive device for transmitting a first radio signal and for receiving a second radio signal, a second transmit/receive device for transmitting the second radio signal and receiving the first radio signal, a transmission strength determining device for determining a transmission strength... Agent:

20110148570 - Configuration rfid circuit: A radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader circuit includes a transceiver configured to communicate with a plurality of different types of RFID transponders using radio frequency signals. The RFID reader circuit includes a processor circuit that is configured to detect and communicate with the plurality of different types of RFID transponders via... Agent:

20110148576 - Device, system and method for personnel tracking and authentication: A personal surrogate device has a central processing unit (CPU), a digital memory including a machine readable medium, and a display screen, all interconnected through a bus network, one or more biometric input mechanisms coupled to the bus network, a wireless transceiver, a GPS system, a software suite executing from... Agent:

20110148577 - Controlling a striking means for a bell: To improve the striking of a bell, first of all a signal is registered. An actuator is then induced, by means of a signal generated following the registered signal, to transfer the striking means into a predefined starting state.... Agent:

20110148578 - Automotive direction finding system based on received power levels: A system is provided for locating a vehicle. The system comprises a transmission device such as a key fob for transmission and receiving of a signal. Typically the key fob has a plurality of indicators such as LED indicators arranged in a circle. The key fob is adapted to transmit... Agent: Oakland University

20110148583 - Antenna unit with automatic tuning: An antenna unit provided with an antenna which comprises at least one turn, wherein the antenna unit is further provided with an electronic circuit which is connected with the antenna, wherein the electronic circuit comprises connection contacts for connecting the antenna unit with a transmitting device, wherein the electronic circuit... Agent: N.v. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabrick Nedap

20110148590 - Data transmission method and apparatus in rfid and remote sensor systems: A method and apparatus is provided for data transmission in RFID and remote sensor systems with at least one reader and a plurality of transponders or remote sensors being located in an electromagnetic field of the reader, in which a multipart return link header containing transmission parameters for the return... Agent:

20110148588 - Device for the secure contactless data exchange between a reader and a card: m

20110148586 - Hygiene monitoring systems and methods: Hygiene monitoring systems and methods are described herein. In various embodiments, the systems and methods may be used to monitor cleaning events (e.g., hand washing events, equipment sanitation events, etc.).... Agent:

20110148587 - Method and apparatus for operating server for rfid reader and method for operating rfid reader: A method and apparatus for operating a server for an RFID reader by using both an SNMP command language and an RM/RP command language, and a method for operating an RFID reader are provided. The method for operating a server for an RFID reader includes: generating a mapping table including... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148579 - Method and system for adaptive operation of a power amplifier of a radio frequency identification (rfid) reader device: A method and system for adaptive operation of a power amplifier of an RFID reader device enables more efficient power management of the reader device. The method includes transmitting an RF interrogation signal from an antenna of the RFID reader device (step 505). A reflected signal is then received as... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20110148584 - Method of placing rfid tag for underground use under ground surface: A method includes: placing a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag for underground use under a ground surface, wherein a ground plate which has a diameter greater than that of the RFID tag or a tag antenna and on a top of which the RFID tag is mounted is placed underground... Agent: Chonbuk National University Industrial Cooperation Foundation

20110148585 - Passive rfid system and method: Disclosed are a passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system and method capable of recognizing a great deal of tags at a high speed. A reader of a passive RFID system, including: a processor dividing slots and subchannels to configure a round, recognizing subchannels that are not involved in a collision... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148589 - Real-time location system using tag interrogator and embedded or fixed tag transmitters: A system tracks vehicles within a terminal and includes at least one tag interrogator mounted on a vehicle to be identified and tracked within the terminal. The tag interrogator is operative for emitting a signal containing data identifying the vehicle to which the tag interrogator is mounted. At least one... Agent: Zebra Enterprise Solutions Corp.

20110148582 - Rfid transponder and method: An RFID transponder comprising an RFID module including an IC and a matching and coupling elements, and a plastic enclosure. An electromagnetic transmission line is coupled to the IC, said electromagnetic transmission line capable of making a galvanic, a capacitive or an inductive coupling between the IC and an external... Agent: Confidex Oy

20110148580 - Rfid transponder using ambient radiation: A tag operates in an environment where transmitted interrogators are not possible or desired. High-efficiency diode rectifiers and low-power oscillators are used in combination with an energy storage element and hysteretic switch. The combination of multi-diode rectifier, low power tunnel diode oscillator, energy storage element and hysteretic switch allow for... Agent: Bae Systems Information & Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110148581 - System for asset tracking: An asset tracking system includes one or more RFID readers and one or more RFID tags cooperating with the readers, and at least one garment, wherein the readers each include an RF wideband transceiver and a linearly polarized antenna. Each reader polls periodically a corresponding one or more RFID tag... Agent: Psst Mobile Equipment Ltd.

20110148591 - Methods and apparatus for operating a radio device: A radio device such as a wireless tag reader communicates with multiple types of wireless identification tags in a monitored region. The radio device includes a network interface to receive messages transmitted over a network. In response to receiving a message indicating to reconfigure the radio device to support an... Agent:

20110148592 - Antenna assembly for a tag reader: An antenna assembly includes a stand having a convex outer surface positioned to intercept and engage a vehicle tire as the vehicle tire passes over the convex stand surface. The height and contour of the convex stand surface slows the rotational rate of the vehicle tire, and thereby a transmitting... Agent:

20110148593 - Method for reading a vehicle tag within a read station: A method of reading a data transmission from an electronic transmitting device mounted to a vehicle tire assembly includes: positioning a convex upper surface of a stand to intercept a vehicle tire of the vehicle tire assembly; establishing rotational engagement between the vehicle tire and the convex upper surface of... Agent:

20110148594 - Rfid system: An RFID system controls a device using a serial interface protocol through the use of a wireless communication scheme thereof. The RFID system includes: a digital unit configured to control the command signal generated according to a radio signal, and generate an address, data, and a control signal; a memory... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110148599 - Rfid reader, rfid tag, and method of recognizing plurality of rfid tags: The RFID reader of an RFID system includes a processor for processing a command for the RFID tag and a response from the RFID tag, a modem for modulating the command from the processor or demodulating the response from the RFID, and an RF unit for transmitting the modulated command... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148600 - Apparatus and methods for self-powered wire free data networks: A self-powered wire free data network method (D) that includes at least one self-powered wire free transmission apparatus (A), self-powered wire free receiver apparatus (B) or self-powered wire free transceiver apparatus (C) makes capable the wire free transmission and reception of environmental conditions whereby the processing of said data makes... Agent:

20110148601 - Radio frequency identification (rfid) device: A radio frequency identification (RFID) device is disclosed. The RFID device is configured to read/write data in response to a radio frequency (RF) signal received from an antenna unit. The RFID device includes an event controller, a connection unit, and a driving controller. The event controller outputs a control signal... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110148595 - Apparatus and method for integrating a transmitting device and a battery pack: An apparatus is provided that includes a processor mounted on a battery pack and a communication pathway from the processor to an electronic device comprising power battery contacts. The apparatus also includes an antenna mounted on the battery pack and coupled to the processor and adapted to transmit and receive... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110148602 - method and a system for determining the location of a subject, and a radio frequency identification tag assembly: According to one embodiment of the present invention, a method for determining the location of a subject is provided. The method includes receiving, by a first set of receivers out of a plurality of receivers, a first signal from a radio frequency identification tag being assigned to the subject, wherein... Agent: Cadi Scientific Pte Ltd

20110148603 - Oilfield equipment identification method and apparatus: A system comprising a piece of oilfield equipment, an identifier assembly and a reader. The piece of oilfield equipment has an exterior surface. The identifier assembly comprises an identification tag storing a unique identifier. The identification tag is capable of outputting a signal indicative of the unique identifier. The identification... Agent:

20110148597 - Dosing system and method for the dosing of a medium: A dosing system and a method for dosing a medium, having a dosing control unit (4), at least one exchangeable container (2) containing a medium to be dosed, and a dosing valve (3, 3′) that can be connected to the container (2), wherein at least one part of the dosing... Agent: Sartorius Ag

20110148596 - Rfid device: A radio frequency identification (RFID) device includes: a first amplifier configured to amplify a level of a first radio signal applied through a first antenna, and output an amplified signal; a second amplifier configured to amplify the amplified signal to a predetermined level, and output a power signal; a demodulator... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110148598 - Rfid system: An RFID system includes: an input unit configured to generate a command signal according to a radio signal applied through an antenna; a digital unit configured to control the command signal and generate an address, data, and a control signal; a memory unit configured to perform a data read or... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110148604 - Device and method for converting a computing device into a remote control: There is provided a method and device allowing a user to remotely control an electronic device with infrared signals using a media player device. Sound signals, either generated by or saved on the media player device correspond to infrared commands and are invoked by the user through a user interface.... Agent: Spin Master Ltd.

20110148605 - Magnitude comparator, magnitude comparator based content addressable memory cell, and non-equal bin width histogrammer: A magnitude comparator for comparing magnitude of a first data and a second data is disclosed. The first data and the second data are both binary data. The magnitude comparator includes many non-least comparator cells and a P-channel transistor. Each of the non-least comparator cells includes a first transistor, a... Agent: National Changhua University Of Education

20110148606 - Alarm organizer systems: A programmable alarm organizing device comprising: a settable alarm capable of sounding at least one audible tone over speakers; a timing mechanism; a recording mechanism. The settable alarm is able to be programmed at one interval to actuate audible tones at multiple times during a period such as a day,... Agent:

20110148607 - System,device and method for providing haptic technology: System and method of for providing haptic feedback to a subject. The method may include providing signals to an electronic interactive device, the device including an array of micro-step motors for contacting a skin surface of the subject and converting the signals to provide input signals to the array of... Agent:

20110148608 - Portable electronic device and method of control: A method includes generating an actuation signal for tactile feedback, wherein the tactile feedback comprises a ramp-up segment that comprises at least one ramp-up characteristic that changes during the ramp-up segment and providing tactile feedback to a display in response to the actuation signal.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110148609 - Apparatus and method for reducing false alarms in stolen vehicle tracking: A determination is made as to whether an expected signal has not been received from a stolen vehicle tracking (SVT) module in a vehicle. When the expected signal has not been received, at least one operating parameter of the vehicle is determined and based upon the at least one operating... Agent:

20110148610 - Apparatus and method for compromised vehicle tracking: Before a vehicle is parked, a signal is received from at least one of a base station and a location determination system. It is determined when the signal fails to meet at least one predetermined criteria. When the signal fails to meet the at least one predetermined criteria, a warning... Agent:

20110148611 - Wireless brake light and signal indicator for transportation: A wireless brake light and signal indicator for transportation has a front controller mounted on a handlebar of a bicycle, a brake signal generator mounted to a brake lever and connected to the front controller, and a tail signal indicator wirelessly controlled by the front controller. The brake signal generator... Agent: A-team Design Group Co., Ltd.

20110148612 - In-vehicle monitoring system: An in-vehicle monitoring system is configured to determine the presence of an object when the number of continuous generations of an object detection signal obtained in connection with a transmission signal reaches a threshold. The in-vehicle monitoring system comprises an adjustment unit configured to decrease the threshold if the distance... Agent:

20110148613 - Device and method for approving automatic guidance of a vehicle: A device for approving automatic guidance of a vehicle, having an interface to a monitoring apparatus for at least partially monitoring a vehicle driver located in the vehicle, having an interface to an apparatus for automatically guiding the vehicle and for ascertaining a travel direction of the vehicle when automatic... Agent:

20110148614 - Display and method for calculating an \"eco\" meter index to be displayed for the driver of a motor vehicle: A device and method are provided for calculating an “eco” meter index that indicates the driving efficiency and to a display of this “eco” meter index for the driver of a motor vehicle. The display is based on calculating an “eco” meter index in dependence on the accelerator pedal position... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110148615 - Method for determining at least one operating state of a hybrid vehicle and a hybrid vehicle: A method determines at least one operating state of a hybrid vehicle, wherein the at least one operating state is determined by way of at least one time duration. Furthermore, a hybrid vehicle is provided which has a unit for implementing the method.... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20110148616 - Systems and methods for comprehensive tire pressure monitoring and wheel speed detection: Systems and methods facilitate the monitoring of tire pressure, the detection/determination of wheel speed, or a combination thereof. A system is provided comprising a hub cap, a target coupled to the hub cap, and at least two displacement sensors configured to measure a displacement between each displacement sensor and the... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20110148617 - Tire inflation pressure monitoring apparatus: An inflation pressure sensor is mounted in a wheel of a vehicle and determines a tire inflation pressure. A wheel-side communication device transmits a detected tire inflation pressure to a body-side communication device at a predetermined interval. An inflation pressure storing unit stores, as an after-travel inflation pressure, a tire... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110148618 - Fuel-saving driving diagnostic device, fuel-saving driving diagnostic system, travel control device, fuel-saving driving rating device, and fuel-saving driving diagnostic method: An accelerator opening determining unit determines whether an accelerator opening achieved through an accelerator operation by a driver of a vehicle exceeds an upper limit value thereof. A travel distance adding-up unit adds up a travel distance within accelerator-opening upper limit value when the accelerator opening is not determined to... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20110148619 - Embedded system and method for monitoring and verifying an emergency situation of a subject: A method of verifying alerts received from alerting devices associated with a user. The method includes: verifying the received alerts from the user by applying a specified procedure to the user; analyzing the received alert in respect to specified temporal characteristics of the received alerts; classifying each received alert as... Agent:

20110148620 - Test mode circuitry for a programmable tamper detection circuit: An integrated circuit includes an output pad, an alarm output pad, and a test mode output pad. A first multi-bit register is programmable to store programmable data such as data that identifies a customer for whom the integrated circuit has been manufactured. A second multi-bit register is programmable to store... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20110148621 - Device with magnet arrangement: To extend the possible uses of the device, it is proposed that a signal-emitting functional device (6) having a functional element (6.1) be provided that can be actuated automatically to trigger the signal when the first contact surface (5) of the device (V) contacts the base (U), either by the... Agent:

20110148622 - Systems and methods for remote patient monitoring: A system includes a local patient monitor and a plurality of remote patient monitors. The local patient monitor may display a plurality of physiological parameters for a local patient. The local patient monitor may further display a remote monitoring interface with the local patient's physiological parameters. The remote monitoring interface... Agent: Mindray Ds Usa, Inc.

20110148626 - Gps device and portal: A portable GPS device and portal for communicating with the GPS device and methods of use thereof are described. A method of tracking movement of a portable GPS device using a geofence comprises: initializing a geofence, the geofence specifying a geographic boundary; storing parameters of the geofence in a portable... Agent:

20110148625 - Method and system of providing location-based alerts for tracking personal items: An approach is provided for tracking personal items. A triggering event associated with tracking a personal item is detected via a bearer tag coupled to the personal item. Sensing of the bearer tag is initiated in response to the detection of the triggering event. A determination of whether location of... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20110148624 - Systems and methods for determining a location of a medical device: Disclosed herein are systems and method for locating medical devices on a network. The medical devices to be located comprise a unique identifier, which may be transmitted to a server over the network. The network may have a plurality of network connection points. The server may include a location subsystem... Agent: Mindray Ds Usa, Inc.

20110148623 - Transit stop detection: Techniques are described that may be implemented in a portable electronic device to provide automatic detection of transit stops made by mass transit system vehicle in which a user of the device is a passenger. In an implementation, the portable electronic device includes an inertial sensor assembly to sense motion... Agent: Garmin Ltd.

20110148627 - Tracking unit: A tracking unit for assisting in the recovery of stolen monies or other property includes a housing containing a GPS receiver for receiving GPS signals from overhead satellites, a cellular phone transceiver, a microprocessor, and a battery. Following a theft, the microprocessor activates the cellular phone transceiver to dial the... Agent: 3si Security Systems, Inc.

20110148630 - Apparatus and method for sensing photoplethysmogram and fall: Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for sensing photoplethysmogram and fall. According to the present invention, the apparatus and for sensing photoplethysmogram and fall may include: a sensor unit that senses acceleration and photoplethysmogram; a photoplethysmogram/fall determining module that synthetically tests sensed acceleration signals and photoplethysmogram signals sensed by... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148628 - Content processing system capable of event detection and content management: In accordance with at least some embodiments of the present disclosure, a process for transmitting a signal is presented. The process may be implemented to detect an occurrence of a predetermined event associated with an object and in response to detecting the occurrence of the predetermined event, transmit a signal... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110148629 - Electronic device and method for noise alerting: A method for noise alerting includes: recording ambient sound around an electronic device and generating corresponding sound signals; determining a volume of the ambient sound according to the sound signal; obtaining a noise grade corresponding to the determined volume of the ambient sound in a first table mapping relationships between... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110148631 - Manhole security cover: A manhole security cover includes a manhole cover body comprising a non-metallic RF signal transmissive material. The manhole cover body is seatable on a manhole frame to cover a manhole opening. In the seated position, the first side is accessible from outside the manhole, the second side is disposed within... Agent: Mcgard LLC

20110148632 - Smart reminders: Systems and methods for scheduling appointment reminders are based on multiple conditions including estimated travel time. An estimate of the time needed to travel between the user's location and the location of the appointment cam be determined by retrieving location information from a global address list (GAL), a local address... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110148634 - Predictive geofence crossing: A predictive geofence system predicts a geofence crossing for a distance-horizon and/or a time-horizon. The predictive geofence system includes a predictive geofence platform that predicts future positions of objects, and generates an alert if the predicted future positions of the objects result in a geofence crossing or the predicted future... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20110148633 - Using trajectory for authentication: An authentication system authenticates a device based on a detected trajectory of that device within a physical environment. The device includes a wireless transmitter that communicates with sensors distributed throughout the environment. As the device moves throughout the environment, the sensors send location information to an authentication system. The authentication... Agent:

20110148635 - Surveillance method for monitoring an object of value: A method of monitoring an object of value to optimize energy consumption, the object of value being equipped with an event detection device including: a circuit configured to provide contactless communication with a remote entity; a sensor configured to detect an event related to the monitoring of an object of... Agent: Cassidian Sas

20110148636 - Detection system: A detection system, which detects items present within a radio frequency field generated by the detection system. The detection system may be used at the exits of a facility and assists in detection of items leaving the facility.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110148637 - Rfid anti-theft tag structure: An RFID anti-theft tag structure is disclosed. The RFID anti-theft tag structure includes a first protective layer, a paper sheltering layer, a permanent-magnetic alloy film, an RFIC, a sticky film, at least one alloy sheet, and a second protective layer sequentially disposed one on another from bottom to upper side.... Agent:

20110148639 - Animal management system including radio animal tags and additional transceiver(s): An animal management system includes a beacon, a radio animal tag configured to monitor the proximity of the animal tag to the beacon, and a reader configured to read information from the animal tag.... Agent: Destron Fearing Corporation

20110148641 - Apparatus for detecting survival status of living thing and method using the same: Disclosed herein are an apparatus and method for detecting the survival status of a living thing. The apparatus for detecting the survival status of a living thing includes a tilt sensor, a determination unit, and a communication unit. The tilt sensor is attached to a target living thing, and detects... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148640 - Crime prevention system using human body communication and crime prevention method using human body communication: Disclosed are a crime prevention system using human body communication and a crime prevention method using human body communication capable of actively and effectively preventing a generation of a crime by using human body communication. The crime prevention system using human body communication includes: a monitoring device attached to a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148638 - Security monitor method utilizing a rfid tag and the monitor apparatus for the same: A security monitor method and monitor apparatus utilizing a RFID tag. A wearer wears a RFID tag having an acceleration sensor and a magnetic field sensor. The status of the wearer is determined by an acceleration variation and an angle variation of an included angle with the terrestrial magnetism on... Agent:

20110148642 - Reliable sensing of nose and mouth immersion: Electronic Tags are mounted on swimmers to reduce their risk of drowning by identifying when their heads are underwater for periods of time which may indicate a dangerous submersion situation, and for triggering corresponding alerts and alarms. In this method, each monitored person is equipped with a lightweight electronic Tag... Agent:

20110148643 - Tsunami warning system and method for providing tsunami warnings: A tsunami warning system (10) comprising a remote server with evaluation system with means for monitoring tsunami indicating parameters (16, 20), means for determining the possibility of a tsunami occurring and means for issuing a triggering signal, wherein the evaluation system is configured to issue a triggering signal when the... Agent:

20110148644 - Visual alert timing device: I have invented an improvement to a basic timer device that allows for a visual alert mode and pray that Letters Patent may be granted for the improvement idea for a visual alert timer, as set forth in the patent application specification which uses electrical power, however the device can... Agent:

20110148645 - Ladder warning system: A ladder warning system comprises a pressure sensor attachable to a first step of a ladder; one or more warning devices; and a battery that distributes current to the one or more warning devices upon the pressure sensor sensing pressure exerted on the first step of the ladder.... Agent:

20110148646 - Device for conforming recycle of disposable medical handpiece: Disclosed is a device for confirming recycle of a disposable medical handpiece, which can prevent imprudent recycle of the medical handpiece that should be discarded after one time. The device includes a signal conversion unit which receives DC power from the handpiece and detects voltage applied to a driving motor... Agent: Allotech Co., Ltd.

20110148647 - Manhole security device and methods thereof: A security device for detecting the position of a manhole cover includes a pinger device, such as an acoustic pinger, that transmits a signal in the direction of the expected position of the manhole cover. The device takes energy samples to determine if the signal has been reflected back by... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110148648 - Capacitive occupant sensing system and method: An occupant detection system and method are provided for detecting an occupant seated in a vehicle seat. An electrode is arranged in a seat proximate to an expected location of an occupant for sensing an occupant proximate thereto. The electrode may be integrated with a seat heater. Control circuitry controls... Agent:

20110148650 - Mechanical proximity sensor enabled electromagnetic service connector system: An electromagnetic service connector system includes first and second electromagnetic service connector components for communicating an electromagnetic service between an electromagnetic service provider and an electromagnetic service consumer. The electromagnetic service may be any form of electrical power or data. An electromagnetic service switch is provided for selectively transferring the... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20110148649 - Proximity sensor enabled electromagnetic service connector system: An electromagnetic service connector system and components for providing or receiving an electromagnetic service, such as power or data. An electromagnetic service switch is provided for selectively transferring the electromagnetic service from the host or other electromagnetic service source to the electromagnetic service consumer. The electromagnetic service switch is activated... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20110148651 - Substance communicating device with sensor enabled connector: A substance communicating device for use in conjunction with an appliance or a system including an appliance and a substance communicating device. The appliance has a first service connector component and a first proximity system component. The substance communicating device has a second service connector component operably engageable with the... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20110148652 - Walking guidance apparatus using human body communication: A walking guidance apparatus using human body communication, including: a first human body communication device acquiring a walking guidance information signal, converting the acquired walking guidance information signal into a signal available for human body communication, and transmitting the converted signal through a user's body; and a second human body... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148653 - Door bell system: The present invention illustrates a touch input and display device of door bell systems to replace conventional bells, which only have push buttons. Having a variety of input options, the door bell systems in the present invention can produce customized products, such as visitors ringing the bell, door opened automatically,... Agent:

20110148654 - Event reminder method: A method includes setting, by a mobile device, a notification based on the mobile device being within proximity of a predetermined location at a predetermined date or time. The mobile device detects that the mobile device is located within proximity of the predetermined location at the predetermined date or time.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110148655 - Usb flash drive and method for determining available storage capacity of the usb flash drive: A Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive includes an USB interface, a control unit, a storage unit, a timer, a logic circuit, and a quartz meter that includes a scale dial and a dial pointer. The control unit calculates a storage capacity difference between a current storage capacity and a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110148656 - Downhole power generation: Downhole electrical power generation apparatus and methods of using stored pressurized gas and/or ambient downhole pressure. One example comprises first and second fluid receiving chambers, a fluid communication path for allowing flow of fluid from the first chamber via the fluid communication path to the second chamber and a turbine... Agent: Expro North Sea Limited

20110148657 - System and method to provide value added services in an asset network: A telematics system in an asset network is provided. The telematics system includes one or more sensors configured to acquire data from multiple assets at different locations in the asset network. The telematics system also includes a transceiver configured to receive the data acquired from the one or more sensors.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110148658 - Method and system for interacting with a vehicle over a mobile radiotelephone network: A telemetry system coupled to a vehicle can communicate with a remote site using the overhead control channels of a wireless network, such as a cellular mobile radiotelephone network. The telemetry system can monitor or control aspects of the vehicle's operations based on remote user input. The telemetry system can... Agent: Numerex Corp.

20110148659 - Road traffic information providing system, road traffic information providing device, road traffic information providing method, and program: An utterance type road traffic information providing device (system) provided with a roadside apparatus (100) set on a road where a vehicle travels, at a parking lot or a place adjacent to the parking lot for transmitting alarm information by wireless communication, an utterance type vehicle-mounted device (200) mounted on... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kenwood

20110148660 - Advanced accessible pedestrian system for signalized traffic intersections: Pedestrian call systems with bidirectional communication between pedestrian call stations and traffic controllers are arranged so as to detect system errors. Communications can be provided over power conductors, and systems can be configured and monitored using a web browser. In one example, traffic systems are provided with Ethernet interfaces that... Agent:

20110148661 - Guiding device: A guiding device includes: a laser light source that emits a laser beam; and a linear guiding portion that propagates the laser beam and is extended in the guiding direction on a road surface on which a mobile body moves. The linear guiding portion is provided with a function of... Agent:

20110148663 - Method and apparatus for supporting a parking process of a vehicle: So that the parked position (G) of the vehicle (1) can be defined by the evaluation unit in a particularly reliable way, the profile of the travel (V) of the vehicle (1) is measured by the measuring device as said vehicle (1) passes the longitudinal parking space (P), and is... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20110148662 - System and method for notification of parking-related information: Devices, systems and methods for notifying vehicle owners of parking-related conditions are described. Particularly, devices, systems, and methods for identifying and presenting at the appropriate time relevant parking information to an owner are disclosed. Present embodiments can accomplish this presentation using a common handheld device, providing an easy and accessible... Agent:

20110148664 - Galley control system of aircraft: The invention provides a control system adopting a communication network using wireless visible light and IR light communications in a galley of an aircraft which is subjected to limitations of aviation regulations regarding wired communications. Insert equipments 6a through 6c each having a visible light receiving element and an IR... Agent: Jamco Corporation

20110148665 - Method and a device for detecting lack of reaction from the crew of an aircraft to an alarm related to a path: e

20110148666 - User interface passive haptic feedback system: A user interface system includes a user interface and a plurality of torsion bars. The user interface is configured to rotate, from a null position, about two perpendicular rotational axes. The plurality of torsion bars are coupled to the user interface and include two or more torsion bars disposed along... Agent: Honeywell International, Inc.

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20110140829 - Mobile robotic device having a collision sensor: A mobile robotic device comprising at least one displaceable sensor member (8,9) for sensing a collision between the mobile device and a stationary object. First detection means (12,13) are present for detection a predetermined first displacement of the sensor member (8,9) and second detection means (14,15) are present for detecting... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110140830 - Temperature tracking device and method using same: A device, system and method for monitoring conditions within an environment in which an item is disposed includes a reusable environment monitoring tag operably connected to a return postcard that can be disposed adjacent an item to be monitored, the tag equipped to sense and store surrounding environmental conditions thereof... Agent:

20110140831 - Cabinet system: A cabinet system for securely storing items includes a cabinet housing, a controller, and at least one drawer unit. The cabinet housing has a locking mechanism, and the controller is in communication with the cabinet housing and configured to operate the locking mechanism. The drawer unit is designed to be... Agent: Automed Technologies, Inc.

20110140832 - Updating scenes in remote controllers of a home control system: The invention relates to synchronizing settings in a home control system such as settings for lighting scenes in a lighting system with a plurality of light units. A basic idea of the invention is to synchronize settings such as lighting scene settings in a home control system with a network... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110140833 - Remote control apparatus and method thereof: Provided are an apparatus, system and method thereof for a remote control including a radio frequency (RF) antenna operable to transmit an RF signal to a first device; an infrared (IR) transmitter operable to transmit an IR signal to a second device; a user input unit operable to receive an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110140835 - Electric vehicle, taxing server, charging apparatus, drive management method, and program: An electronic device that includes an interface that connects to a charging apparatus and exchanges authentication information with a server via a network. The electronic device also includes a control unit that controls charging of a battery of the electronic device based on power received from the charging apparatus. Upon... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110140834 - Secure identification, verification and authorization using a secure portable device: A system for providing authorization is disclosed. The system includes a server configured to: allow a user to conduct a transaction using a computer, and present an image to the user in connection with the transaction, the image having information embedded therein, and a portable device configured to: allow the... Agent:

20110140837 - Universal security access control: An embodiment is a technique for universal security access control. A panel provides user interface to a user. The panel is capable of showing a plurality of structures and receiving a user input from the user. A controller assigns access codes to the plurality of structures based on the user... Agent:

20110140838 - Access control system: This comprises a control centre (1) via which, in a coded means of key and user identification (2) an identifying code of the means themselves, an identifying code of the user, a first set of information referring to opening operations permitted in reading means (3) for permitting access, a third... Agent: Salto Systems, S.l.

20110140839 - Method and system for disabling passive entry key located inside a vehicle: A method for disabling a passive entry key includes receiving a search request into an electronic control unit (“ECU”) on a vehicle to search for a passive key inside a vehicle cabin; emitting a search signal via an antenna in communication with the ECU in response to the received search... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110140836 - Communication pad for a communication terminal: A communication pad for communication with a communication terminal is provided, wherein the communication pad comprises a processing unit and a non-volatile memory having a crypto key and/or a unique identification code stored thereon, wherein the processing unit is adapted to process the crypto key together with authentication challenge data... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110140841 - Secure smart card system: A smart card usable in magnetic stripe swipe transactions with a transaction terminal configured to read transaction information encoded on a magnetic stripe of a standard transaction card includes a card body, which includes a magnetic stripe emulator for use with the transaction terminal, a smart card chip programmed with... Agent: X-card Holdings, LLC

20110140840 - User personalization with bezel-displayed identification: An identity of a person proximate to a display device is determined by an identity profile controller. The identity profile controller determines whether a configured viewing profile exists for the person. Upon determining that the configured viewing profile exists for the person, the identity profile controller instructs a bezel display... Agent:

20110140843 - Sheet-of-paper processing device: A paper sheet processing apparatus which can accurately determine whether the paper sheet is legitimate or not even if a conveyor member has a manufacturing error. The apparatus includes: a conveyor roller to convey the paper sheet inserted into an insertion slot; a paper sheet reader to read the paper... Agent: Universal Entertainment Corporation

20110140842 - System and method for identifying a genuine printed document: A system and method for verifying that a document is included in a document management system is disclosed. This system and method includes radio frequency scanning at least a portion of the document, generating document data dependently upon the radio frequency scanning, comparing the generated document data to stored document... Agent:

20110140844 - Packaged product having a reactive label and a method of its use: A reactive label is capable of reacting with a shopper that peruses the label while considering the purchase of the labeled product. The label includes sensors and a display unit and is powered by incorporated batteries or photovoltaic cells. The sensors can include a timer that provides the shopper with... Agent:

20110140845 - Personal safety device: There is disclosed a personal safety device having one or more lamps and lamp lenses located at the end of a body, and wherein pressure applied at least one lens causes a control circuit to initiate a mode of operation of the device.... Agent:

20110140846 - Apparatus and method for network-initiated attachment and registration-less paging: An apparatus and method for registration-less paging comprising establishing a mobile device identity for a mobile device in a wireless network; determining a time instance for the identified mobile device to listen to pages; sending a page from the wireless network to the identified mobile device during the determined time... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110140847 - Audible feedback for input activation of a remote control device: A method of informing a user of an identity of an input of a remote control device is presented. In the method, user activation of one of the inputs of the remote control device is detected. An audible signal associated with the activated input is determined. Each of the inputs... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20110140848 - Broadcast receiver: A broadcast receiver stores history information about switching between sending-out stations, the history information including broadcast display state information, in a storage unit 7 while bringing the history information into correspondence with position information about a position of a vehicle, and compares current broadcast display state information acquired at a... Agent:

20110140849 - Geographic localization system: A geographic localization system and method, which is able to accurately calculate its current location anywhere in the world based on the processing of information received from at least one of several wireless sources available at the moment, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, etc and from available positioning means such as... Agent: Rfid Mexico, S.a. De C.v.

20110140850 - Real time tracking and monitoring of gas cylinders: A gas cylinder transport cap is described. The cap has a bottom opening adapted for reversible attachment to a gas cylinder, where the attached cap surrounds a cylinder valve coupled to the gas cylinder. The cap also has a side surface which at least in part defines the perimeter of... Agent: Matheson Tri-gas, Inc.

20110140851 - Wakeup-on-demand apparatus and mehtod, sensor device using the same, and wakeup-on-demand method of sensor device: A wakeup-on-demand apparatus includes: a wakeup radio receiver (WRR) receiving a first radio signal to detect an address; and a main radio transceiver (MRT) responding to the first radio signal, transmitting and receiving a second radio signal for data communication, when the detected address coincides with a preset address.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110140860 - Heat transfer printing electronic radio frequency identification tag: The present invention relates to the filed of the radio frequency identification (RFID) tag technology, and particularly to a heat transfer printing electronic RFID tag, which includes a substrate, a release layer and a RFID tag, the release layer adhering to the substrate. The RFID tag adheres to the release... Agent: Dong Guan U.r. Lable &printing Co., Ltd.

20110140858 - Methods and apparatus for rfid tag communications: The present invention provides backscatter interrogators, communication systems and backscatter communication methods. According to one aspect of the present invention, a backscatter interrogator includes a data path configured to communicate a data signal; a signal generator configured to generate a carrier signal; and a modulator coupled with the data path... Agent:

20110140852 - Power management in an electromagnetic transponder: A method of evaluation, by an electromagnetic transponder in the field of a terminal generating a magnetic field, of power that can be extracted from this field, including the steps of: evaluating the current coupling between the transponder and the terminal; and deducing therefrom information relative to the power available... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

20110140859 - Radio frequency identification tagging: A RFID tag or label comprises a RFID tag module (comprising an electronic identification circuit and a coupling means) and an antenna structure coupled to the coupling means. The RFID tag module is separate from, separable or arranged to be severable from, the antenna structure. The tag module can be... Agent: Zih Corp.

20110140856 - Rfid condition latching: A passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) system has an RFID reader that communicates with and provides power to an RFID tag. The RFID tag has an RFID integrated circuit chip that contains a memory device for storing information to be transmitted to the RFID reader, and energy storage device that stores... Agent:

20110140853 - Rfid reader and signal receiving method thereof: The present invention relates to an RFID reader and a signal receiving method thereof. The RFID reader according to one embodiment of the present invention down-converts transmission leakage signals introduced into a reader receiver and then suppresses them through a band stop filter in a low frequency band and up-converts... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110140855 - Signal processing device and method: Disclosed herein is a signal processing device including: a correlation signal output unit configured to, about a received signal transmitted from another device, calculate a correlation value between the received signal and a pattern of a waveform of a known signal and output the calculated correlation value as a correlation... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110140857 - Techniques for performing actions based upon physical locations of paper documents: According to one set of embodiments, techniques are provided for performing actions based upon physical locations of one or more paper documents. According to another set of embodiments, techniques are provided for tracking the physical locations of paper documents. According to another set of embodiments, techniques are provided for determining... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110140854 - Wireless communication system: A handheld device is configured to communicate with a base unit in an audience response system having a multiplicity of handheld devices that are like in kind and perform a same function. The handheld device includes a transceiver, a user interface configured to receive a user response, a unique address... Agent: Responsive Innovations, LLC

20110140861 - Two directional information flow in real time location sensing rfid networks: An RFID system with a plurality of tags and base stations where transmission of information to a specific tag is carried out by one of the base stations, where said one of the base stations is selected based on received signal power of the tag relative to the plurality of... Agent:

20110140862 - Technique for effectively realizing a network of sensors and services thereby: In a telephonic system, a multiplicity of telephonic devices are connected through a telephone network. Each telephonic device incorporates therein a radio frequency identification (RFID) sensor capable of reading data from an RFID tag, e.g., a tag ID. The telephonic device sends the tag ID, and a reader ID identifying... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20110140864 - Methods and apparatus for identifying and categorizing distributed devices: Systems for identifying and categorizing distributed devices, e.g., lighting fixtures and thermostats, is disclosed. In an embodiment, a user (200) sends a low power discovery message to devices (201) using a portable programming tool (100). The devices (201) within range respond with identification information. The portable programming tool (100) organizes... Agent: Pyramid Meriden Inc.

20110140865 - Waste storage and method and system for managing waste in waste storage: The present invention provides a waste storage comprising a storage container, and an identification element. The storage container is utilized for storing a waste and the identification element disposed on the storage container has an identification information with respect to the waste. In addition, the present invention further provides a... Agent:

20110140866 - Wireless aircraft maintenance log: A method of aircraft maintenance involves storing part information relating to an aircraft part on the aircraft part. The part information is wirelessly transmitting from the aircraft part to a receiver. A note of a change relating to the aircraft part is made. The part information with the note of... Agent:

20110140863 - Non-contact ic card system: A non-contact IC card system includes a non-contact IC card having a display element and an IC card reader/writer communicating with the non-contact IC card. The IC card reader/writer disables detection of a load modulated signal from the non-contact IC card when the non-contact IC card displays data on the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110140867 - Remote control and method for the remote control of multimedia appliances: A remote control having a touch-sensitive control panel and a transmission unit for transmitting encoded signals which are produced on the basis of a direction of movement of contact with successive regions of the control panel, regardless of the location at which contact is made with the control panel. It... Agent: Fm Marketing Gmbh

20110140868 - Method and a system for exchanging information: A system for exchanging information between a remote control device, at least one alarm detector and a gateway. The remote control device comprises a wireless communication unit, displays and inputs. Also included are motion detectors and an arming input for receiving arming instructions, wherein the arming input is operatively coupled... Agent: Securitas Direct Ab

20110140869 - Patient bed: A patient bed with a multimedia system is disclosed. A patient can access a net work through the multimedia system, and to join a net meeting to chat with other patients. The multimedia system can also provide a consolidated platform of medical information for a doctor or a nurse. An... Agent:

20110140870 - Haptic feedback device using standing waves: Haptic output devices and related systems and methods are described in the present disclosure. In various implementations, a haptic output device includes a reservoir filled with a liquid. At least one side of the reservoir includes a flexible membrane. The haptic output device also includes a first actuator in physical... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110140871 - System and method for disabling a vehicle: Systems and methods are provided for disabling a vehicle. An exemplary system includes, but is not limited to an antenna that is adapted to be attached to the vehicle. The antenna is configured to transmit and receive communication transmissions. A telematics unit is communicatively connected to the antenna. The telematics... Agent: General Motors LLC

20110140872 - Vehicle lane departure warning system having trailer mode and method: A vehicle lane departure warning system and method are provided having a trailer mode. The system includes an imager capturing images of a roadway forward of a vehicle and an input receiving a towing signal indicative of whether the vehicle is towing a trailer. The system also includes a processor... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110140874 - Driving diagnosis information providing apparatus and system: A driving diagnosis information providing apparatus for a vehicle is disclosed. The driving diagnosis information providing apparatus acquires vehicle information indicative of a vehicle state, and makes a diagnosis of a driving state of the vehicle based on the vehicle information. The driving diagnosis information providing apparatus acquires, as useful... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110140873 - Navigation system for a complex, menu-controlled, multifunctional vehicle system: A system and method for a navigation system for a complex menu-controlled multifunctional vehicle control system. The system has a navigation unit and a man-machine interface which are arranged separately at different locations in the vehicle. Between the two units there is a communication link which is of bidirectional design.... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20110140875 - Tire pressure adjustment based on vehicle load: A device for monitoring and adjusting tire pressure of a vehicle having a monitoring module and a computing module operatively coupled to the monitoring module. The monitoring module is configured to sense a tire pressure. Further, the monitoring module is configured to compare the sensed pressure with the low pressure... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110140876 - Tire pressure monitoring apparatus and method: A tire pressure measuring device is configured with a plurality of communication protocols. Tire pressure information is sensed using the tire pressure measuring device. The tire pressure information is transmitted from the tire pressure measuring device to an external receiver device according to each of the plurality of communication protocols.... Agent:

20110140877 - Fuel monitoring apparatus and methods: A fuel monitoring device for a vehicle having one or more fuel tank sensors, the fuel monitoring device comprising a control module in communication with the or each fuel tank sensor, wherein the control module is operable to receive data from the or each fuel tank sensor and operable to... Agent:

20110140878 - Control device for vehicle flasher assembly: A control device for a vehicle flasher assembly configured with an informing circuit to inform a disconnection state of any one of main flashers out of vehicle flasher assembly including a left front part main flasher disposed at a left position on a front part of a motor vehicle, a... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20110140879 - System and method for sensing presence of media in a mailing machine: A sensor is paired with an emitter, such as in a postage metering machine, and the sensor is calibrated for ambient light conditions. Ambient light is measured with a sensor while the emitter is unpowered. If the measured ambient light is less than a current trip level (voltage level at... Agent:

20110140880 - Power delivery with power source identification: A system and method is described in which energy source identification information is impressed upon electrical conductors employed in an electrical energy distribution network. The present invention negates the concept that electrical energy in a power distribution system is or should be treated as a fungible quantity. The present invention... Agent:

20110140883 - Communication apparatus and positional information communicating method: A communication apparatus includes: a transmitter configured to transmit to an external apparatus a search signal for requesting the external apparatus to transmit an address that is uniquely assigned to the external apparatus; a receiver configured to receive a response signal being transmitted from the external apparatus in response to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110140882 - Emergency alert system and method thereof, and relay device: An emergency alert system includes an alert device, a relay device, and a security device. When a signal-generating-button click signal is sensed, the alert device generates a first alert signal including identification information stored in advance, and transmits the first alert signal to the relay device by using a local... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110140885 - Sensor for container monitoring system: A detection system for an enclosed container for an enclosed cargo container includes a sensor device for sensing a material harmful to human beings within an enclosed cargo container and a detection device coupled to the sensor device for transmitting a corresponding signal to a monitoring device outside the cargo... Agent:

20110140884 - Simplex personal and asset tracker: An asset locator device including (a) a wireless receiver capable of receiving an identifier signal transmitted from a short range wireless transmitter device; (b) a wireless transmitter capable of transmitting a message to a space based network; (c) a positioning system capable of determining the location of the locator device;... Agent: Globalstar, Inc.

20110140881 - Wireless terminal, method for operating wireless terminal, and method for operating wireless network: Provided is a method for operating a wireless terminal. In the method, an event is detected through a user interface. Location information is detected through a wireless channel in response to the event detection. The detected event information and the detected location information are outputted to the user interface.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110140886 - Emergency warning device: an overboard detection device (15) arranged to determine when an overboard situation exists, a transmitter (14) for transmitting a warning signal indicative of an overboard situation, and a transmission control sensor (22) arranged to produce transmission control information indicative of whether the device is appropriately disposed for transmission of a... Agent: Mobilarm Limited

20110140887 - Hardware equipment hire cabinet: Hardware equipment hire cabinet. An automated hardware equipment hire cabinet is provided in which the hiring of pieces of hardware equipment is monitored by the use of individual tags being read by tag readers such that their removal and replacement can be monitored and hire times and service intervals monitored.... Agent: Ahstead Plant Hire Company Limited

20110140889 - Inspection of asphalt during installation: An apparatus and a method for monitoring a ratio of at least two components being mixed use sensors detecting ferrous taggant particles in the component(s) and the mixture. The sensors include an annular drive coil positioned between inner and outer annular sense coils all surrounding a passage for material being... Agent:

20110140888 - Printed article: A printed article, such as a greeting card, comprises a substrate formed of card, a sensor for detecting exhaled breath directed at the substrate, the sensor comprising first and second spaced electrodes supported on the substrate, at least one transducer for supplying a user-perceivable signal, such as light emitting diodes,... Agent: Novalia Ltd

20110140890 - Shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and associated methods: A shoe wear out sensor includes at least one detector for sensing a physical metric that changes as a sole of a shoe wears out, a processor configured to process the physical metric over time to determine if the shoe is worn out, and an alarm for informing a user... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110140891 - Electrode for an occupant sensing system having fault detection and method of operating the same: An electrode formed of electrically conductive material and configured for use in an occupant sensing system. The electrode includes an antenna portion and a diagnostic portion. The antenna portion is configured to provide an electrical impedance indicative of an occupant presence. The diagnostic loop portion is configured to provide an... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110140892 - System and method for detecting multi-level intrusion events and computer program product thereof: A system and a method for detecting multi-level intrusion events are provided. The system includes an area recognition module and an area classification module. The area recognition module performs a geometric topology operation to recognize a plurality of areas in a ground plane that has a plurality of boundaries and... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110140893 - Smart motion detector for electronic fence: The present invention relates to a smart motion detector for electronic fence the type of the fence is a wire strings fence that stretched horizontally between two poles and in the middle of those poles there is a detectors pole which contains the motion detectors, the motion detector is construct... Agent:

20110140894 - Article surveillance tag: A housing comprised of substantially arced configured first and second pieces pivotally coupled with one another to form an enclosure that defines a substantially circular-cylindrical hole for encompassing and securing an article therein. The housing includes a magnetic switch for resetting an internal alarm system of the EAS alarm tag... Agent: Universal Surveillance Corporation

20110140895 - Article surveillance tag with multiple straps: An EAS system alarm tag is provided with two or more straps that enable secure and reliable simultaneous engagement of the tag with one or more articles that are detachably coupled at an angle. An interlock actuator switch enables the two or more straps to interlock within a housing of... Agent:

20110140897 - Circuits, systems, and methods for monitoring and reporting foot impact, foot placement, shoe life, and other running/walking characteristics: Various embodiments of the present invention provide an electronic virtual running/walking coach that notifies a person as to how hard the person's feet have been impacting a surface, notifies the person as to whether the person's feet are impacting a surface at a proper relative distance from the body and/or... Agent:

20110140896 - Systems and methods for selecting parameters used in a portable patient monitor: A patient monitoring system allows medical personnel to customize multi-parameter alarms for particular patients and/or medical conditions. A patient monitor provides a user interface that allows medical personnel to create custom alarms by selecting patient parameters, desired levels or limits, comparators, and logic connectors to define an alarm condition that... Agent: Mindray Ds Usa, Inc.

20110140898 - System and method for visually indicating unsafe handling temperature of an information handling system component: Systems and methods for indicating the unsafe service handling temperature of an information handling system component are disclosed. A method may include sensing a surface temperature of the component and comparing the surface temperature to a first and second threshold temperatures. The method may further include displaying various temperature warning... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20110140899 - Temperature measuring instrument with audio feedback: The combination is that of a temperature measuring device with a built-in variable audio signal output to quickly differentiate between and locate cold or hot spots and zones in applications for temperature measurements. Temperature measurements may be performed by means of solid state temperature measuring devices, thermocouples, infrared sensors, thermistors,... Agent:

20110140900 - Monitoring systems and methods for monitoring the condition of one or more components of an electrical device: Methods and systems for monitoring a component of an electrical device and/or a brush of a brush holder assembly are disclosed. One method includes receiving data from a plurality of remote monitoring locations at a central control unit, where the data may be evaluated in order to monitor states of... Agent: Cutsforth Products, Inc.

20110140901 - Point-of-use status indicator: A point-of-use energy status indicator monitoring the presence or absence of energy at a monitored device that is required for proper operation of a point-of-use device. The point-of-use indicator being in two-way communication with a status determining device that monitors the monitored device. The status determining device being capable of... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20110140902 - Fuse box system and method: A fuse box system and method providing for visual and/or remote sensing of interrupted fusing elements is disclosed. The system incorporates LEDs and/or remote sensing apparatus to permit indication of a “blown” fuse and/or circuit protection breaker. This system may be configured for both polarized and/or non-polarized applications and generally... Agent: Roy Allen Huss

20110140903 - Human waste bag overflow alarm: An alarm unit for signaling impending overflow of a urine or ostomy (waste) bag includes an external magnet held at the end of an arm. An internal ferrous armature attracts the magnet which provides flux holding a switch element open when the magnet provides at least a predetermined flux to... Agent:

20110140904 - Detecting patterns with proximity sensors: A method and system are disclosed for displaying a message on a display. The present subject matter takes into account the movement pattern of an object while displaying the message.... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20110140905 - Reference signal synchronized to clock signal: A system comprising a clock board comprising a clock generator, a first board comprising an indicator and coupled to said clock board. The clock generator generates a clock signal, and the first board is configured to receive said clock signal. The first board further comprises a clock synchronizing unit that... Agent:

20110140906 - Use of one led to represent various utility rates and system status by varying frequency and/or duty cycle of led: A demand supply management system for an appliance receives information related to cost of energy use and communicates data to the associated appliance in response thereto. A single chip, light emitting diode (LED) device is preferably associated with a module or portion of the home appliance. The LED device conveys... Agent: General Electric Company

20110140907 - Downhole communication: A downhole system (10) comprises a tool (16) suspended on a reelable support (18). The support (18) has an optical fibre and the tool communicates with a surface controller via the fibre. The tool (16) has a number of units (24,16a,16b,16c), the unit (24) functioning as a router to transmit... Agent: Saber Limited

20110140909 - Apparatus and method for establishing communication from remote sites in a fixed meter reading network: A method and apparatus is disclosed for adjusting a transmission power level of a transceiver (12, 15) at a utility meter data origination site (10). A power level of transmission at the site transceiver (12, 15) is adjusted to an optimum level if an acknowledgement is not received from a... Agent:

20110140912 - Method for providing visualization of a data age: Medical monitor readings (150) are displayed along with an indication of along with the age of the reading. The reading display is changed by altering the intensity of the reading value (210-240), color of the reading value (310-330), a subscript next to the reading (400), a shape of the background... Agent:

20110140910 - Mobile network back-up for fixed meter reading networks: A method and apparatus is disclosed for providing a metering site transceiver (12 or 15) with the ability to operate in a mobile back-up network (26) to signal utility consumption data that would otherwise be transmitted to a fixed receiver (30) in a fixed network AMR system. A mobile collection... Agent:

20110140911 - Reliable, long-haul data communications over power lines for meter reading and other communications services: A system, method and computer program product provides for power line communications (PLC) over electric power lines includes a device mountable near an electrical distribution transformer (DT) to provide a high speed interface and communicates with one or multiple access devices, which provide low speed interfaces for analog signals or... Agent: Powermax Global LLC

20110140908 - Wireless sensor having multiple possible antenna mounting locations: A wireless valve-position monitor includes a housing having a plurality of possible antenna module mounting ports. A position sensor is within the housing that interfaces to a movable portion of a process-control valve for providing a position detection signal that reflects a position of the process-control valve. A wireless transceiver... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110140914 - Controller system: A system and apparatus facilitating enhanced control of apparatus, equipment and appliances. In particular, the present invention relates to a system and apparatus which can be readily retro-fittable to a wide range of appliances thereby enhancing energy saving properties and wear reduction. According to the present invention, there is provided... Agent: Midori Technologies Ltd.

20110140913 - Multifunctional telemetry alert safety system (mtass): A Continuation-in-Part (CIP) of application Ser. No. 12/286,210 for the system of the present invention “Multifunctional Telemetry Alert Safety System” or “MTASS”, which comprises a personnel accountability and situational awareness monitoring communications system for hazardous work personnel that comprises wireless network-adaptable sensoring-monitoring devices, peripherals and base station dashboard software for... Agent:

20110140915 - Distributed personalized energy and carbon accounting and feedback system: Disclosed is a system for providing personalized energy usage feedback. The system comprises an arrangement to determine respective energy-usage of a specific person for each of a plurality of energy-consuming devices. The foregoing arrangement comprises power-usage sensors for the plurality of energy-consuming devices, an allocation arrangement for determining an estimated... Agent: Energy Focus, Inc.

20110140916 - Radar warning device with gps wireless transmission and drive recording function: A radar warning device with GPS wireless transmission and drive recording functions is revealed. The radar warning device includes a host processor respectively connected with a Global Position System (GPS) module for receiving signals from GPS satellites and providing reliable positioning of vehicles to drivers, a speed-detection warning unit that... Agent:

20110140917 - Vehicle exterior rearview mirror system with indicator module: An exterior rearview mirror system for a vehicle includes an exterior rearview mirror assembly and a unitary indicator module disposed at the exterior rearview mirror assembly. The unitary indicator module includes a plurality of illumination sources disposed behind an at least partially light transmitting portion of the unitary indicator module.... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20110140918 - Magnetic field communication arrangement and method: An automotive communication method includes installing a sensor within a vehicle such that the sensor is submerged in a liquid during operation of the vehicle and/or substantially surrounded by a metallic structure during operation of the vehicle. A long wave magnetic signal is transmitted from the sensor. The signal is... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110140919 - Vehicle support systems for pedestrians to cross roads and support methods for pedestrians to cross roads: A vehicle support system for supporting a man in safely crossing a road without crosswalks installed is provided. The vehicle support system includes a man-detecting unit detecting a man, a subject-vehicle-position detecting unit detecting a position of a vehicle, a man-position/waiting-score calculating unit determining the detected man to be a... Agent:

20110140921 - Method and device for assisting the driver of a motor vehicle: In a method for assisting a driver of a motor vehicle during a parking process, the surroundings of the vehicle are recorded during travel, and with the aid of the surroundings pattern recorded, it is ascertained whether there is a parking space and whether the parking space is a parallel... Agent:

20110140922 - System and method for identifying parking spaces for a community of users: A mobile communications device includes a locator unit to receive and process information regarding a current location for the mobile communications device, a parking status determination unit to determine a parking status for the device based on at least changes in the current location, and a communication unit to forward... Agent:

20110140920 - Vehicle safety device: A vehicle safety system that provides an improved line of sight for oncoming traffic as the vehicle is backed out of a parking space. A set of rear side looking cameras input video information to a display used by the vehicle driver. The cameras are positioned on the rear side... Agent:

20110140924 - Devices and methods for controlling a change of a status of traffic light at a crosswalk: The change of the status of a traffic light at a crosswalk is controlled based on an impaired individual's location with respect to the crosswalk. An appropriate alert indicating the status of the traffic light is determined based at least on the location of the impaired individual. The type of... Agent:

20110140923 - Pedestrian signal housing with information display: A traditional pedestrian signal housing with a video display screen mounted to a pedestrian side of the traditional pedestrian signal housing is disclosed. The video display screen is mounted to the pedestrian side of the pedestrian signal housing by way of a face plate. Tunnel visors may be attached to... Agent:

20110140925 - Automated warning system for waterski boats: There is provided an automated warning system which includes a receiver/controller, an actuator, one or more relays electrically connected to both the receiver and the linear actuator, a flag holder and a mechanical linkage connecting the linear actuator to the flag holder such that movement of the linear actuator causes... Agent:

20110140926 - Vehicle key: A vehicle key for radio communication with a vehicle. The vehicle key has a radio transmitter for transmitting radio signals to the vehicle. The vehicle key has a radio receiver and/or audio receiver to be able to locate the vehicle within close range. A bidirectional communication with a transceiver of... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co., Ohg

20110140927 - Method and apparatus for avoiding parking violations: The driver of a parked vehicle receives a warning message if the vehicle is parked in violation of parking restrictions. In one aspect, the driver belongs to an organization that monitors vehicles parked in restricted areas. When an informant observes a vehicle parked in violation of parking restrictions, the informant... Agent:

20110140928 - Method for re-using photorealistic 3d landmarks for nonphotorealistic 3d maps: A method of displaying a navigation map includes preprocessing photorealistic three- dimensional data offline. A location of a vehicle is automatically determined online. A portion of the preprocessed photorealistic three-dimensional data is identified that is associated with objects that are disposed within a geographic area. The geographic area includes the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

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20110133884 - Method and apparatus for configuring an access control system: A method and apparatus is provided for configuring a security system. The method includes the steps of providing a plurality of configuration files on a computer readable medium where each configuration file defines an access control system or integrated security system and each configuration file is different than any other... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110133885 - Remote control devices and method for preventing accidental operation thereof: A remote control device and method, the remote control being changeable between an unlocked state and a locked state includes a communicating unit for allowing the remote control device to communicate with and remotely control a controlled apparatus and a processor electronically connected with the communicating unit. The processor is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110133886 - Mobile identification transmitter in a safety system: The invention relates to a mobile identification transmitter (10) in a safety system for a keyless activation of a locking apparatus (43) of a motor vehicle (40), with a housing (11) in which an electronic unit (12) with at least one transmitting and receiving unit (13) is arranged, which electronic... Agent: Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110133882 - Apparatus for detecting coordinates of an event within interest region, display device, security device and electronic blackboard including the same: There is provided an apparatus for detecting the coordinates of an event within an interest region including: a light source limiting an interest region; at least two light receiving units receiving reflected light of an event within the interest region; a reflector refracting the reflected light received in the light... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110133883 - Anonymous authentication method based on pre-shared cipher key, reader-writer, electronic tag and system thereof: An anonymous authentication method based on a pre-shared key, a reader-writer, an electronic tag and an anonymous bidirectional authentication system are disclosed. The method comprises the following steps: 1) a reader-writer sends an accessing authentication requirement group to the electronic tag; 2) after the electronic tag receives the accessing authentication... Agent: China Iwncomm Co., Ltd.

20110133887 - Image registration method for image comparison and document authentication: A method for authenticating a printed document is disclosed. Barcode stamps are added to an original document image near the corners of the page to act as registration markers. The original document image bearing the barcode stamps is printed and circulated, while the original document image is stored in a... Agent: Konica Minolta Systems Laboratory, Inc.

20110133888 - Contextually aware monitoring of assets: An apparatus, method and system for contextually aware monitoring of a supply chain are disclosed. In some implementations, contextually aware monitoring can include monitoring of the supply chain tradelane with tracking devices including sensors for determining location, velocity, heading, vibration, acceleration (e.g., 3D acceleration), or any other sensor that can... Agent:

20110133889 - Device for locating objects by rfid communication: The invention relates to the locating and identifying of objects with radiofrequency communication by inductive coupling, without electrical contact, between a reader and a tag. The device includes an array of N fixed RFID markers of RFID tag type, with inductive antennas placed at known positions, N being an integer... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20110133899 - Circuit board with radio frequency identification for collecting stage-by-stage manufacturing metrics: A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag is coupled to a circuit board to track the specific operating and environmental conditions of each manufacturing stage as the circuit board passes through the manufacturing stages. An RFID reader and data collector are used at each stage to read the RFID tag and... Agent: Sanmina-sci Corporation

20110133898 - Dual use rfid/eas device: A radio frequency identification (RFID) device has multiple modes of operation. One of the modes of operation is an electronic article surveillance (EAS) mode, which is used to allow use of the RFID device as an EAS device. Another mode of operation is an RFID mode, which allows normal function... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110133892 - Identifications and communications methods: The invention relates to improved methods and forms for automatically and non-unobtrusively to detect, without human interpretation, the identification of people(s), object(s), and other, with various methods utilized in connection to creating, storing, adding, connecting, modifying, sharing, inputting, recalling, authorizing, approving, tracking, generating, formatting, monitoring, accessing, locating, deleting, controlling, linking,... Agent:

20110133890 - Method and device for improving the signal to noise ratio (snr) of a backscatter signal received from a radio frequency identification (rfid) tag: A method and device enables improving a signal to noise ratio (SNR) of a backscatter signal received from a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. The method includes generating a continuous wave (CW) carrier signal at the reader device (step 505). An amplitude modulation (AM) noise component of the CW carrier... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20110133891 - Methods and systems for real time rfid locating onboard an aircraft: An aircraft communications and item tracking system is described. The system includes an RFID reader and a communications device located at fixed locations within the aircraft, a plurality of passive RFID tags operable for association with items within the aircraft, and a distributed antenna system comprising a plurality of antenna... Agent:

20110133896 - Methods for coupling an rfid chip to an antenna: A method for mounting multiple small RFID chips onto larger antenna. The chips are mechanically aligned with an interdigitated gap at the feed point of the antenna by electrostatic or magnetic techniques. In an alternate embodiment RF field coupling between the chips and the antenna is employed.... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110133895 - Multi-protocol rf transceiver: A transceiver for a RFID reader and a transceiver for a RFID transponder (tag) allow communication between the two devices. The RFID reader utilizes an analog front end and a digital backend. In the receiver portion of the transceiver, the front end of the RFID reader uses a pair of... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110133894 - Passive transponder for an rfid system, and method of transmitting data from/to a data source of such a passive transponder: A passive transponder includes an antenna, an antenna oscillator circuit and a data source. The antenna oscillator circuit is configured to operate at a first resonant frequency or at a second resonant frequency, depending on reception of energy at the transponder or on a data transmission from/to the data source.... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20110133900 - Radio-based activation and deactivation of a zero-energy standby mode of automation systems: A method for radio-based activation and deactivation of a zero-energy standby mode of automation components, wherein a passive unit of the automation component receives a radio signal, energy transmitted with the radio signal is converted into energy for actuating an electronic switch, and the energy supplied to a functional unit... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110133893 - Recycle bag identification tag: A recycle identification (ID) tag and method for organizing and labeling a recycle ID tag connected by an attachment mechanism to an aperture in a flat body at a first end, and the attachment mechanism connected to a recycle bag at a second end. A first identifying inscription of an... Agent:

20110133897 - Rfid device time synchronization from a public source: A radio frequency identification (RFID) device includes an antenna linked to a receiving circuit, the antenna tuned to receive a radio frequency (RF) time-code signal from a public source, a controller circuit and an internal clock linked to the receiving circuit, a microcontroller linked to the receiving circuit, a memory... Agent:

20110133901 - Method and device for reading radio frequency identification (rfid) tags: A method and device enables reading radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in a localized area. The method according to one embodiment includes commencing transmission of an interference signal from a reader device (step 505). A command signal is then transmitted from the device while the interference signal is still being... Agent:

20110133902 - Electronic label authenticating method and system: An electronic label authenticating method is provided, the method includes: the electronic label receives an accessing authenticating request group sent by a reader-writer, the group carries a first parameter selected by the reader-writer; the electronic label sends a response group of the accessing authenticating to the reader-writer, the response group... Agent: China Iwncomm Co., Ltd.

20110133903 - Identification of objects using frequency characteristics of rfid tags: An apparatus that identifies an object includes a frequency detector (112) that detects a frequency over which an RFID tag (102) communicates, and an object identifier (120) that identifies the object based at least in part upon the detected frequency. The frequency detector may detect a plurality of frequencies over... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110133905 - System and method of identifying tagged articles: An automatic data collection system tracks articles by providing a robust electromagnetic (EM) field within an enclosure in which the articles are stored. Respective data carriers, such as RFID tags, attached to each article respond to the electromagnetic field by transmitting unique data identified with each article. Where the frequency... Agent: Meps Real-time, Inc.

20110133904 - Permanent rfid luggage tag with security features: An integral, one-piece, resiliently flexible, planar, reusable, programmable radio frequency identification (RFID) luggage tag has a planar flexible sheet core of at least first and second microporous polymer material strips fixedly and permanently joined together completely surrounding first and second RFID transponder assemblies operating at different frequencies. The tag further... Agent: Vanguard Identification Systems, Inc.

20110133906 - System and method for simplified setup of a universal remote control: A system and method for enabling set up of a controlling device capable of controlling a plurality of appliances, via an interactive instruction set and associated programming. The programming is accessible by a STB or other controllable appliance and is configured to appropriately display interactive instructions and prompts to a... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20110133907 - Transmitter apparatus and system for remote signaling: An electronic system is described for controlling vehicle message lighting including turn and stop indicator signal lights, which system does not require any pre-existing wiring harness in either a towing vehicle 101 or any towed vehicle 104 to be in serviceable condition. In one embodiment the system implements a reliable... Agent:

20110133908 - Universal mobile communication system for wireless and wire line sensor network: A universal mobile communication system for wireless and wired sensor networking. The system is based on a sensor network comprising both hardware (wireless and/or wire-line sensor nodes) and software (universal mobile communication system logic, communication portal, etc.). The system of the instant invention may also comprise mobile communications devices (MCD),... Agent:

20110133909 - Alarm panel phone number capture and substitution: A method and apparatus are provided. The method includes the steps of connecting a rerouting processor to a communication port of an alarm panel, the connected processor capturing an alarm notification sent from the alarm panel through the communication port, said alarm notification including a destination telephone number of a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110133910 - System and method for transmitting haptic data in conjunction with media data: Methods, systems, and apparatus for generating sensations in response to haptic data. A sensation output device can include a processor adapted to generate one or more control signals corresponding to a haptic command, an actuator adapted to output a force to a drive mechanism in response to one or more... Agent: Internet Services LLC

20110133911 - Antitheft apparatus for equipment with prime mover: In an apparatus for preventing theft of equipment having a prime mover, an prime mover controller, and an authenticator that acquires ID information from an electronic key when the key is brought close thereto by an operator, and permits the prime mover controller to start the prime mover when the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110133912 - Parking and long distance remote vehicle disabler: A vehicle disabling device with a remote control able to wirelessly disable an essential component of a vehicle. The essential component of the vehicle is required to maintain the normal operation of the vehicle. The present invention is able to help prevent car thefts by stopping the vehicle from driving... Agent:

20110133913 - child's carriage, in particular a stroller: A child's carriage including a frame that supports a seat or the like for a child and from which a rear bar extends for pushing the carriage and from which a front rod extends to a fork to which a front wheel is mounted. A swivel is mounted between the... Agent:

20110133914 - Image based vehicle object detection sensor with range finder: An image based object detection system and method having a range finder are provided. The system includes an illuminator located on a vehicle to generate an illumination beam in a coverage zone relative to the vehicle. The system also includes an optics device spaced from the illuminator for collecting reflected... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110133915 - Proximity notification device, proximity notification program and method for notifying proximity of vehicle: A probability acquisition unit reads a collision probability that a pedestrian collides against a self-vehicle, from a data map, in which positions of a pedestrian are beforehand associated with collision probabilities, with reference to an obtained position of a pedestrian around a self-vehicle. A function control unit activates an alarm... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110133916 - Vehicular information notification system: Disclosed is a system for notifying information projected on a windshield, on the basis of a virtual image containing the information. The system controls a virtual image creation unit (23) so that the virtual image is displaced in at least one of a direction corresponding the advancing direction of a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110133917 - Cross traffic collision alert system: A cross traffic collision alert system is provided that includes an image-based detection device for capturing motion data of objects in a region of a direction of travel. A motion analysis module monitors the captured motion data. A salient region detection module identifies regions of interest within the captured motion... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110133918 - Mobile terminal for bicycle management and method for controlling operation of the same: A mobile terminal and a method of controlling the operation of the same are provided. In the method, position information of a different bicycle user or bicycle riding course information is displayed. Riding information of the different bicycle user is displayed or the bicycle riding course information is changed according... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110133921 - Fuel-saving driving diagnostic device, fuel-saving driving diagnostic system, control device of prime mover, fuel-saving driving rating device, and fuel-saving driving diagnostic method: An accelerator-off, fuel-cut traveling determining unit determines whether the number of engine revolutions of a vehicle is equal to or higher than a predetermined value, whether an accelerator opening rate is equal to or lower than a predetermined value, and whether a traveling state is an accelerator-off, fuel-cut traveling state... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110133920 - Method & apparatus for improving fuel efficiency of mass-transit vehicles: Vehicles (and particularly mass-transit vehicles) that are powered by internal-combustion engines can realize fuel savings and reduce greenhouse gas and waste heat emissions by moving some of the load of generating electricity for the vehicle's systems to different times in the vehicle's operation. During periods of heavy engine load (e.g.,... Agent:

20110133919 - Steering wheel hand position sensing device: A system is provided for the detection of user hand position on a steering wheel, the system having: a sensor array disposed on the circumference of the wheel configured to detect contact of first and second user hands with the sensor array; a processor whereby data from the sensor array... Agent: The Inventioneers

20110133922 - Tire localization system: A tire localization system for locating the position of a tire of a vehicle having five or more wheels, includes a number of tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) wheel modules of a vehicle TPMS, each wheel module being attached to each one of the wheels or a tire thereof, respectively.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110133923 - Wireless brake electronic wear sensors: Devices and methods for sensing wear of a component are described. A wear-sensing device has a wear component and a wireless sensor disposed within the wear component. The sensor generates a signal, detectable by a detector, for confirming the presence of the sensor. Further, the claimed invention includes a positioner... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110133924 - Alarm reordering to handle alarm storms in large networks: In one embodiment, a sensor device in a network detects an alarm condition. The sensor device generates an alarm message based on the detected alarm condition and waits for a delay whose length is inversely proportional to a distance between the sensor device and a downstream destination device for which... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20110133925 - Container monitoring system: A detection system for an enclosed container includes many nanosensors for detecting materials harmful to human beings within an enclosed container and transmitting a signal representing a condition thereof. The nanosensors are carried on a carrier material, such as a corrugated sheet. At least one detection device detects a condition... Agent:

20110133927 - Environmental risk management system and method: A system and method for directing and monitoring the whereabouts of persons within an environmentally hazardous area includes equipping each person with devices for monitoring personal physiological conditions (56), equipment conditions (64), topographical locations (34), environmental conditions (57) and other pertinent data. The data are individually encoded and uploaded to... Agent:

20110133926 - Tow team communication system: The invention relates to a tow team communication system. More specifically, the invention relates to an apparatus that assists with the process of moving very large objects with the following elements: 1) a signal generating means adapted to be held or attached to a person or object, 2) a means... Agent:

20110133928 - Systems and methods for variable collision avoidance: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and method for collision avoidance. As an example, a system for collision avoidance is disclosed that includes: a first monitoring device, a second monitoring device, and a monitoring system. The monitoring system is operable to: receive information from the first monitoring device... Agent: Bi Incorporated

20110133929 - Safety device for a motor vehicle service workplace: A device for ensuring the safety of a motor vehicle service workplace has at least one receiver for receiving a signal emitted by at least one associated transmitter, and an evaluation device which is configured to determine on the basis of the received signal whether the at least one transmitter... Agent:

20110133930 - Filtering video events in a secured area using loose coupling within a security system: A method and apparatus for detecting events in a security system. The method includes the steps of providing a secured area having a plurality of physical sensors that detect events associated with the secured area and a plurality of video devices that each collect video images of the secured area... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110133931 - Electric field sensing device: A sensing system is disclosed that uses at least one conductive plate and associated electronic circuitry to provide an output that is indicative of an object's position in relation to the at least one conductive plate. The sensing system is provided with a high impedance drive signal that varies as... Agent: Zephyr Technology Limited

20110133932 - Security seal: A security electronic seal is described. The electronic seal uses a first shaft to lock an asset, and a second inexpensive consumable shaft to lock the first shaft. These shafts provide an electronic means of monitoring the security of the seal. The seal can detect tampering of the asset secured... Agent:

20110133933 - Portable security container with rotation detection system: A device and method for protecting personal property. The device includes an angular rotation detection system utilizing a gyroscope and an alarm adapted to signal when the device has tilted or rotated beyond a predetermined position from a reference position.... Agent:

20110133936 - Interactive multilevel alarm: This disclosure describes embodiments of alarm systems and methods for use in devices such as medical ventilators. Embodiments described below provide for an apparatus of an interactive multilevel alarm system. Embodiments of the alarms also provide, at a glance, current alarm and device status information and historical alarm information to... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110133934 - Sensing mechanical energy to appropriate the body for data input: Described is using the human body as an input mechanism to a computing device. A sensor set is coupled to part of a human body. The sensor set detects mechanical (e.g., bio-acoustic) energy transmitted through the body as a result of an action/performed by the body, such as a user... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110133937 - Systems and methods for disrupting criminal activity: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and method for behavior determination. As an example, a system for behavior determination is disclosed that includes: a first monitoring device, a second monitoring device, and a monitoring system. The monitoring system is operable to: receive information from the first monitoring device;... Agent: Bi Incorporated

20110133935 - Wireless patient monitoring system: A wireless patient monitoring system employs room units to collect and display information from a variety of room based sensors, the latter of which may be battery-powered and have low range. The room units may relay collected data from the associated sensor units and, as identified to the room unit,... Agent:

20110133938 - Hippa privacy infectious control screen for gurneys and other mobile transportable beds for emergency and other inter and intra healthcare facility transfers: A movable privacy screen includes a plurality of privacy screen segments that are attachable to a bed or gurney. The plurality of screen segments include at least first and second screen segments. Each of the first and second screen segments include a first support pole, a second support pole and... Agent:

20110133940 - Multi-sheet glazing unit with internal sensor: A system and method is provided for a multi-sheet glazing unit including two or more sheets oriented by a spacer in a substantially parallel and spaced apart relationship. The sheets may include a peripheral edge and an air space or gap therebetween. A sensing device may be inside or in... Agent:

20110133939 - Thermal stress indicator: The present invention provides a device for non-invasive monitoring thermal stress of a user. The device is capable of monitoring the internal body temperature and changes in the internal body temperature of a user. Also, the device is capable of alerting a user when the user is in danger of... Agent:

20110133941 - Optical proximity sensor with improved shield and lenses: Various embodiments of an optical sensor comprising a novel shield that may be quickly and accurately aligned and positioned with respect to an underlying light emitting and light detecting assembly are disclosed. Also disclosed are novel lens arrangements for efficiently collimating light emitted and received by the optical proximity sensor,... Agent: Avago Technologies Ecbu (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110133942 - Apparatus and method for clustered wellhead high integrity protection system: A high integrity protection system (HIPS) for protection of a gathering line downstream of a number of wellhead flow lines includes: an inlet; an outlet; two sets of two series-connected isolation valves (ZVs) in fluid communication with the inlet and outlet, the two sets being in parallel fluid flow relation... Agent:

20110133943 - Connection confirmation system and main body device: An electrical connection confirmation system includes a cartridge type HDD 200 and a storage device main body 100 into which the cartridge type HDD 200 is inserted. The cartridge type HDD 200 includes a HDD connector 230 configured to comply with SATA standard, and having pins 210a to 210j and... Agent: Buffalo Inc.

20110133944 - Systems and methods of controlling a fan in an electronic system: Systems and methods of controlling a fan in an electronic system are disclosed. One example method includes obtaining a control setting of the fan and current speed of the fan. The example method further includes determining a fan speed threshold associated with the obtained control setting. The example method further... Agent:

20110133945 - Metric for planned downtime: A metric of a system is monitored using a monitoring tool that receives an operation metric and a planned downtime metric that reflects whether the monitored system is currently in a planned downtime, the planned downtime metric received as another one of the multiple metric inputs. The operation metric and... Agent: Sap Ag

20110133946 - Guided user help system for an ambulatory infusion system: An ambulatory infusion pump can include a guided user help system that allows for a user to correct an error with the pump without needing to summon a home healthcare aide or other medical professional. When an error occurs with the pump, the user can select an option to receive... Agent:

20110133947 - Grocery bag alert system and method: Systems, devices and other embodiments associated with shopping bags are described. In one embodiment, a device is configured to detect when the device is in a physical vicinity of a grocery store and to generate an alert signal for reminding a user to take grocery bags into the grocery store.... Agent:

20110133948 - Method, system and apparatus for controlling patient access to medicaments: A method, system and apparatus for controlling and tracking patient access to medicaments. A patient is provided with medication in locked pill containers that must be unlocked with an access code before the patient can access a limited quantity of medication in each container. Thus the patient is forced to... Agent:

20110133949 - Instrumented component for wireless telemetry: A telemetry system for use in a combustion turbine engine (10) that includes a first sensor (306) in connection with a turbine blade (301) or vane (22). A first telemetry transmitter circuit (312) is affixed to the turbine blade and routes electronic data signals, indicative of a condition of the... Agent:

20110133950 - Instrumented component for wireless telemetry: A telemetry system for use in a combustion turbine engine (10) having a compressor (12), a combustor and a turbine (16) that includes a sensor (306) in connection with a turbine blade (301) or vane (22). A telemetry transmitter circuit (312) may be affixed to the turbine blade with an... Agent:

20110133951 - Multi-mode safety system for spotter-assisted vehicle maneuvering: Apparatus and associated methods involve a handheld illuminated module to communicate safety information from a spotter to a driver during a vehicle maneuver. In an illustrative example, the spotter operates the module at a position from which to monitor a region in the vehicle's path. The spotter communicates to the... Agent:

20110133952 - Devices, systems and methods for detecting a traffic infraction: Devices, systems, and methods are disclosed for identifying a driver within a vehicle using short range wireless communication in order to ticket or alert the driver in response to a traffic infraction by the driver. In exemplary embodiments, a short range wireless communication device registers drivers of vehicles at a... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20110133953 - Information distribution system and vehicle-mounted device: An information distribution system includes a roadside apparatus which transmits an utterance type provided information containing audio instruction information based on a traveling direction to be provided by the utterance type provided information. When an vehicle-mouned device receives an utterance type provided information via a communication unit from the roadside... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kenwood

20110133954 - Vehicle approach warning system, portable warning terminal and in-vehicle communication apparatus: A vehicle approach warning system is disclosed. The vehicle approach warning system includes: an in-vehicle communication apparatus to be mounted to a vehicle, the in-vehicle communication apparatus being configured to wirelessly transmit vehicle travel data to surroundings of the vehicle; and a portable warning terminal to be carried by a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110133956 - Drive assist device and method: A drive assist device and method capable of preventing the confusion of a driver at a traffic signal with an arrow lamp are provided. An ECU has a section for determining whether or not it is possible to pass a signal, which determines whether or not a vehicle can pass... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110133955 - Traffic control system using multiple yellow lights to divide a cautionary signal into equal parts: A traffic control system for controlling vehicular traffic flow at intersections in which the conventional red/yellow/green three-light traffic signal that informs a motorist to stop, prepare to stop, and go is supplemented with multiple yellow light signals which are integrated as part of the traffic light. The additional yellow light... Agent:

20110133959 - Unoccupied parking area notification system and method for notifying information on unoccupied parking area: A data generation unit generates parking schedule data, which includes information on an expected arrival time of a vehicle at a parking lot, for each vehicle being due to arrive at the parking lot. An arrival time calculation unit calculates an expected arrival time of a first vehicle at a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110133958 - Vehicle detection: A vehicle detection unit (VDU) is embedded beneath each of a plurality of parking spaces. Each VDU has a sensor which detects magnetic field fluctuations caused by the arrival and departure of a vehicle in the parking space. The VDU runs a vehicle detection algorithm to distinguish magnetic fluctuations caused... Agent:

20110133957 - Vehicle parking locator system and method using connected vehicles: A vehicle parking locator system and method are provided. The system includes a database storing data pertaining to the vehicle parking locations including available parking locations, and a communication link for communicating with vehicles and other sources. The communication link receives parking location information including information pertaining to availability of... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110133960 - Aircraft vertical speed instrument device with multi-functional design aspects: The present invention provides a unique and novel device for indicating flight information to a pilot or co-pilot of an aircraft. The present invention is adapted to fit into an existing aircraft instrument panel at the location of, for example, a VSI instrument, and provides a digital display capable of... Agent:

20110133961 - Automobile locating system: An automobile tracking system for use in locating an automobile whose location is generally but not specifically known includes a housing removably mountable in an automobile. A transmitter is positioned in an interior of a housing and electrically connected to a power source. A transmitter processor is positioned in the... Agent:

20110133962 - Compass based car locator: A remote keyless entry system is provided comprising a handheld remote keyless entry transmitter in selectable wireless communication with a car based entry system. The handheld remote keyless entry transmitter comprises an integrated electronic compass element and logic adapted to store a first compass direction when activated and directed towards... Agent: Lear Corporation

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20110128116 - Communication system: In a work machine, a communication system is provided, in which, when damage of disconnection or the like of a communication line occurs, desired communication is enabled without requiring manual replacement of the damaged communication line. The communication system is provided in a hydraulic excavator and comprises a vehicle body... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20110128117 - Method and apparatus for synchronization in vehicle network: For synchronization between the wireless communication device of a vehicle and a synchronization device installed on a road in a vehicle network, when the passage of a vehicle is detected, the synchronization device generates and transmits a beacon signal for synchronization. That is, a synchronization signal is transmitted to the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110128118 - Authorization system: An authorization control device for selectively enabling operation of a vehicle on which it is installed is described. The device employs vehicle identity logic for storing or reading a vehicle identifier for the vehicle on which the authorization control device is installed.... Agent:

20110128121 - Remote access procedure for electronic locks: There is provided an electronic lock and method for unlocking an electronic lock using an access code. In particular, the electronic lock of the present disclosure may be unlocked by an authorized user even if the access code is forgotten or lost. The electronic lock generates a random number, which... Agent:

20110128119 - Unlocking a locked user device using a computer generated unlock code provided by a user: According to one embodiment, a first unlock code is received 420 at a user device 210 from a computer based unlock code generator. The first unlock code is received at a part of receiving a lock command for locking the user device 210. The unlock code generator is not under... Agent: Hewlett-packard Developement Company L.p.

20110128120 - Systems and methods for determining authenticity of substances: One embodiment of the present invention includes a system for determining authenticity of substances. The system comprises a plurality of RF sensors distributed in a predefined location pattern relative to a location for placing a substance under analysis. Each of the RF sensors is configured to transmit a response to... Agent:

20110128122 - Paper sheet processing apparatus: A paper sheet processing apparatus capable of preventing authentication accuracy from degrading even when a state change occurs due to attachment of water or the like. The paper sheet processing apparatus includes: a light receiving unit which receives transmitted and reflected lights from the paper sheet radiated by light emitting... Agent: Universal Entertainment Corporation

20110128123 - Electronic shelf label and electronic labelling system: The invention relates to an electronic shelf label and an electronic labelling system including an electronic shelf label, the label comprising a display for displaying information related to a product, a receiver for receiving commands and/or data from a central unit, a control unit for controlling the display and the... Agent: Pricer Ab

20110128124 - Real time location system and method for caching location information based on finger printing: Disclosed is a location tracking system and the method thereof for storing location information. The location tracking system includes at least one beacon apparatus arranged to transmit a beacon signal to a tag; a tag at any position respectively measuring a signal intensity of beacon signals received from surrounding at... Agent: Ls Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.

20110128125 - Antenna device and system including antenna device: An antenna device performs communications with an identification tag by being connected to a reading device that reads identification information of the identification tag. The antenna device includes a first power feeding unit configured to receive power from the reading device; a resonator that is electromagnetically coupled to the first... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110128126 - Electronic shelf label, handheld device and method for use in an electronic labelling system: The present disclosure relates to an electronic shelf label comprising a control unit and at least one memory unit holding information about a product associated with said label, said label comprising a receiver to receive from a handheld device a request for information about the product associated with the electronic... Agent: Pricer Ab

20110128127 - System and method for monitoring people and/or vehicles in urban environments: System which comprises a plurality of devices for acquiring (1) identifiers of transmitter devices (2) by means of radio frequency in the 2.4 GHz band, these acquisition devices (1) being connected to a central management computer (3) for sending the captured identifiers of the transmitter devices (2) in form of... Agent:

20110128128 - Method and apparatus for improving rfid tag reading: An apparatus and method for improving RFID tag reading. The apparatus includes a substrate element having a predetermined active area, and a plurality of resonant elements each having a resonant frequency, a quality factor, and a response band. The resonant elements are distributed within the predetermined active area of the... Agent:

20110128129 - Asset tracking system including a tag controller: A tag includes a processor, a radio frequency transmitter coupled to the processor, and a capacitively driven communication circuitry coupled to the processor. The processor is to energize the capacitively driven communication circuitry to receive a serial set of binary bits via the capacitively driven communication circuitry.... Agent: Rf Code, Inc.

20110128130 - Group proving method and radio frequency identification reader and tags using thereof: A group proving method includes the following steps. First, a query command is broadcasted to radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, each of which responds the query command with tag identification data. Next, a first round parameter is generated and broadcasted according to the tag identification data, and each RFID tag... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110128131 - Head node selection method for clustering in wireless sensor network and wireless sensor network: The present invention relates to a wireless sensor network, and more particularly, to a head node selection method for clustering in a wireless sensor network and a wireless sensor network. The wireless sensor network for determining a head node that includes: a first node; and a second node wirelessly being... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Science Technology

20110128133 - Actuating a tactile sensation in response to a sensed event: Systems and methods for actuating a tactile stimulation in response to detecting a specific event associated with exposure to a particular environmental or physiological condition are described herein. A tactile stimulation device, according to one of several implementations, comprises a sensing layer, an actuating layer, and an adhesive layer. The... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110128132 - System and method for automatically producing haptic events from a digital audio signal: In an embodiment, a system and method for automatically converting a plurality of events in a plurality of channels in a structured representation sequence into haptic events. The method comprises calculating an event score for each event of the sequence in one or more channels. The method also comprises calculating... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110128134 - Apparatus and method for providing haptic function in portable terminal: An apparatus and method for synchronizing a sound source and a vibration generated according to a user's touch input in order to implement a haptic function in a portable terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a response processor for synchronizing a time when a vibration is generated and a time... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110128135 - Haptic interface with increased braking force: A haptic interface including an element that interacts with a user; a rotation shaft with a longitudinal axis to which the user interaction element is fixed in rotation; a fluid interaction element, the fluid interaction element being fixed in rotation to the shaft, the fluid being of magneto-rheological type, a... Agent: Comm. A L'ener. Atom. Et Aux Energies Alt.

20110128136 - On-vehicle device and recognition support system: There is provided an on-vehicle device including an image acquisition unit, a moving-object detector, a display unit, a switching unit, and a switching instruction unit. The image acquisition unit acquires an image obtained by imaging a peripheral image around a vehicle. The moving-object detector, when the vehicle approaches an intersection,... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20110128137 - Vehicular blind spot indicator mirror: A vehicular blind spot indicator mirror includes a transparent glass substrate having a mirror reflector coated onto the substrate. Visible light reflectance by the mirror reflector coated substrate is at least about 40 percent visible light reflectance for visible light incident upon a front side of the mirror reflector coated... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20110128138 - On-vehicle device and recognition support system: An on-vehicle device mounted on a vehicle includes an imaging unit that captures an image of a wide angle range through a curved light receiver, a moving-object detector that detects a moving object approaching an own vehicle from a mounting direction of the imaging unit and from any direction other... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20110128139 - Information presentation apparatus: An information presentation apparatus includes an action determination section to execute a determination as to whether a driver becomes aware of an attention-seeking display sign or an alarm display sign, and an information presentation control circuit to cause a display device to perform a display changeover to change a display... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110128140 - Method for indicating the process of leaving a parking space: In an automated method for providing an indication, with the aid of a turn signal indicator, that a vehicle is leaving a parking space, a vehicle control system detects initially whether an executed driving maneuver is a maneuver related to leaving a parking space, in which case the maneuvering out... Agent:

20110128142 - Vehicle mirror apparatus and method for displaying traveling information: Provided is a vehicle minor apparatus operated in conjunction with left/right mirrors of a vehicle. The vehicle mirror apparatus may include a traveling information collection unit to detect a peripheral vehicle located in lateral and rear sides of the vehicle, and to collect traveling information corresponding to the detected peripheral... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110128141 - Vehicle turn signaling apparatus that projects a low divergence line onto an adjacent driving lane: A vehicle turn signaling apparatus includes a light source that is powered by a turn signal circuit of the vehicle. The light source is configured to project a low divergence visible line onto a driving lane adjacent to the vehicle in response to activation of the turn signal circuit to... Agent:

20110128143 - System and method for countering terrorism by monitoring containers over international seas: The present invention is directed to a system and method for countering terrorism by monitoring shipping containers using an advanced communication system network for tracking and monitoring the container as it travels over international seas.... Agent:

20110128145 - Methods and systems for door access and patient monitoring: Methods and systems for door access and patient monitoring are described. The patient monitoring system includes a door access control system coupled to one or more doors of a facility for monitoring and controlling the access of patients coupled to a patient monitoring device. Whenever a patient coupled to a... Agent:

20110128146 - Caring system at home: A caring system at home having two-way wireless network and reminding & warning functions is disclosed. The caring system at home includes a physiological signal measuring instrument, a wireless integrated control module, a reminding & warning device, a graphic user's interface system, as well as a database server. The physiological... Agent: National Yunlin University Of Science & Technology

20110128147 - Miniature life-saving device: A miniature life-saving device for an emergency situation is disclosed. The device, for example, is useful for a trapped person under a mound of debris created by a fallen building during an earthquake or a terrorist attack. The device comprises a communication unit, a sensory unit and a power supply... Agent:

20110128148 - Wireless tracking system and method utilizing tags with variable power level transmissions: The present invention provides a solution to mistaken location calculations based on multipath effects. The present invention utilizes tags attached to objects that transmit signals at various power levels for reception by sensors stationed throughout a facility. Sensor readings at the various power levels are utilized to determine the location... Agent: Awarepoint Corporation

20110128144 - System and method of providing real-time site specific information: A weather alert manager is used to provide real-time, site specific information to a user regarding weather and possibly other hazards. The weather alert manager compares meteorological data, a user profile including information on points of interest to the user, and geographical data to determine if weather will impact one... Agent: Baron Services, Inc.

20110128149 - Method and apparatus for detecting command wire utilized to detonate an improvised explosive device (ied): A method and apparatus is devised for detecting command wires utilized to detonate an improvised explosive device or other objects of interest in which frequency-scanned RF in the HF region of the electromagnetic spectrum is projected out across a given area and returns are detected and converted into image data... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110128150 - System and method for electronic surveillance: A system and method for surveillance of a scene comprising the steps of: capturing a scene via at least two image streams; processing the first of the two image streams to detect an act, event or object; and, wherein when an act, event or object is detected, storing portions of... Agent:

20110128151 - Attention assistance device and method: An attention assistance device for providing attention assistance including various features that help maintain a user's focus on a given task. The attention assistance device may include an activity sensor that generates an activity output in response to detection of a user generated activity. The attention assistance device may also... Agent:

20110128152 - Device for monitoring the condition of a fluid receptacle: A device for monitoring the condition of a fluid receptacle such as one that is gradually filling or emptying is disclosed. The receptacle is attached to a torque weighing device, coupled with a transducer that outputs a measurement signal representing the weight of the receptacle. An alert or alarm may... Agent:

20110128153 - Power converter with reduced power consumption when toggling between sleep and normal modes during device charging: Electronic devices may have batteries that power internal circuitry. A power converter may connect to an input-output port in an electronic device to deliver power to the electronic device. Battery charging circuitry in the electronic device may be used to charge the battery in an electronic device while power is... Agent:

20110128154 - Battery electrolyte level indicator: A battery electrolyte monitor including a probe and a control circuit. The control circuit includes a capacitive element within the probe. The probe is acid resistant, and therefore the probe protects the capacitive element from contact with the battery electrolyte. The control circuit periodically charges and discharges the capacitive element... Agent: Flow-rite Controls, Ltd.

20110128155 - Eye protection apparatus and method: An eye protection apparatus includes a distance sensor, a mode selecting unit, a power supply, and a processor. The distance sensor detects a distance between a user and a monitor and sends out a distance signal. The mode selecting unit selects one of alarm modes. The processor compares the distance... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110128156 - Ball-rolling type orientation sensor: A ball-rolling type orientation sensor includes a housing, a light emitter, two light receivers, and a rolling ball. The housing has a ring-shaped tunnel and a first opening connecting to the tunnel and two second openings respectively located on two sides of the first opening. The light emitter is arranged... Agent:

20110128157 - Image notification on security panel for protected assets: A method and apparatus for use with a security system. The method includes the steps of providing a plurality of sensors within the security system where each sensor of the plurality of sensors is associated with an asset, detecting activation of a sensor of the plurality of sensors and displaying... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110128159 - Elevator evacuation supporting system: Provided is an elevator evacuation supporting system which can appropriately guide people living in a building to the hall of an elevator in the case of occurrence of a disaster. For this purpose, the elevator evacuation supporting system includes an elevator provided in a building, an evacuation operation device which,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110128158 - Network device capable of remotely updating firmware thereof: A network device includes: a memory unit including a buffer memory and a read-only memory that has a device firmware stored therein for execution by the network device; a transmission interface unit for establishing connection to a host device via a network; a status-indicating unit; and a firmware-update control unit... Agent: Inxtron, Inc.

20110128160 - Method and system for operating a well service rig: A system for automating service operations at a well includes a service rig having at least one input device, an engine connected to an engine electronic control unit having a engine controller area network, a plurality of crown sheeves, a cable, an output device, a communication infrastructure, and at least... Agent: Tiger General, LLC

20110128161 - Vehicular warning device for pedestrians: A pedestrian warning system includes a sensing device that is provided on the vehicle for detecting a pedestrian within a predetermined zone around the vehicle. A warning device on the vehicle generates a warning signal perceived by the pedestrian outside the vehicle indicating a presence of the vehicle. A speed... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110128162 - System for the detection and the depiction of objects in the path of marine vessels: System for detection and depiction of objects in the path of marine vessels and for warning about objects that may constitute a risk to the navigational safety. The system includes a sweeping unit for illumination of objects within the field of view of the system, including a light source which... Agent: Jk Vision As

20110128163 - Positioning system: A positioning system determines location information based on reading one or more of a set of machine readable markers positioned about a facility, for example using a proximity reader. A memory stores an association between each machine readable marker and location information so that the system can determine location information... Agent:

20110128164 - User interface device for controlling car multimedia system: The present invention features a user interface device for controlling a car multimedia system that preferably includes a remote touchpad unit, a display unit displaying various kinds of modes of a multimedia system in accordance with a three-dimensional signal received from the remote touchpad unit, and a control unit controlling... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

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