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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110121938 - Learning device interaction rules: Devices and methods are disclosed for establishing interaction among electronic devices of an environment. The device has a transmitter, receiver, memory for storing interaction rules, and a processor for learning the interaction rules in association with the transmitter, receiver, and other devices of the environment. The device also includes components... Agent:

20110121939 - Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, wireless communication system, and computer-readable recording medium on which control program of wireless communication device has been recoded: To prevent temperature rise caused by increase in communication speed and increase in output power and to provide a mobile terminal device which has a small size and is of low cost, a wireless communication device comprises: a detection means for detecting the temperature inside the device; and a control... Agent:

20110121942 - Mobile device: The invention relates to a mobile device for activating an electrical component (50), especially a switch (50), which is arranged inside a housing (10), with a recess (13) provided on the housing (10), at least one elastic key element (31) accessible from the outside, which is accommodated in the recess... Agent: Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110121941 - System and method for changing key status in a vehicle based on driver status: In at least one embodiment, a vehicle apparatus for changing status for a key is provided. The vehicle apparatus comprises a controller. The controller is configured to receive a key identification signal from a first key and to transmit a key status signal indicative of whether the first key is... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110121940 - Smart door: A smart door comprising devices for monitoring activity at the door, providing alarms at the door and providing information from devices at the door.... Agent:

20110121943 - Biometric remote control device and methods and computer program product for operating the same: A remote control device is operated by receiving biometric information from a user, authenticating an identity of the user based on the received biometric information, and facilitating user operation of a device in accordance with a functionality profile associated with the user's identity, the functionality profile specifying at least one... Agent: At & T Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110121945 - Antenna design and interrogator system: Where a single cable conveys bidirectional RF signals and bidirectional data using a data carrying DC power signal where the RF signals and the bidirectional data carrying DC power signal are separated using frequency selective networks. Alternatively a single cable conveys bidirectional RF signals and bidirectional data using a modulated... Agent:

20110121946 - Antenna gasket for process housings: A method and apparatus for providing wireless communication and optionally power to the interior of a housing assembly is disclosed. In one embodiment, an antenna is molded within a gasket material, such as silicon, so as to be completely encapsulated. The gasket preferably includes at least one support arm, which... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110121944 - Radio frequency identification device: A radio frequency identification (RFID) device senses whether electrostatic discharge (ESD) fail occurs in a RFID chip or not so as to detect a failed RFID chip. The RFID device includes an antenna configured to transmit and receive a radio frequency signal with an external reader, and an electrostatic discharge... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110121947 - Rf tag and method for producing same: An RF tag which comprises a prepreg plate having a first dielectric layer (20a), and prepreg layers (30a, 30b) respectively arranged on the two major surfaces of the first dielectric layer (20a). The first dielectric layer (20a) is composed of a graft copolymer which is obtained by polymerizing 15-40 parts... Agent: Nof Corporation

20110121948 - Security screening: An RF screening apparatus comprising a scanning chamber and an RF inspection device or reader, the chamber having chamber walls which are substantially reflective to radiation at a frequency of operation. The chamber walls or at least a portion of the chamber walls may be visually transparent. This enables visual... Agent: Qinetiq Limietd

20110121949 - Neighbor discovery techniques: A system including a number of wireless communication nodes spaced apart from one another. The nodes are structured to transmit and receive unique signatures. A neighborhood of nodes may be discovered based on the unique signatures.... Agent:

20110121951 - Anti-fake battery pack and identification system thereof: An anti-fake battery pack and an identification system thereof has a casing and multiple battery cells, each of which as a battery body, an inner identifier mounted outside the battery body, a protection layer mounted around outside of the battery body and the outer identifier formed on the protection layer.... Agent:

20110121950 - Unique identification of devices using color detection: Methods and apparatus for uniquely identifying wireless devices in close physical proximity are described. When two wireless devices are brought into close proximity, one of the devices displays an optical indicator, such as a light pattern. This device then sends messages to other devices which are within wireless range to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110121952 - Data communication over power lines: A system for receiving and processing signals received from a plurality of endpoints. Each endpoint includes an endpoint transmitter in electrical communication with a power distribution line within a power distribution system. The system comprises a power line coupler. A substation receiver is in electrical communication with the power line... Agent: Hunt Technologies, Inc.

20110121953 - Handheld computer interface with haptic feedback: Various systems, devices, and methods are provided for generating an impact and/or surface haptic effect for a handheld computer interface such as a video game controller. For example, the handheld computer interface may include a handle coupled to an impact actuator. The impact actuator includes a movable mass and an... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110121954 - Method and apparatus for distributing haptic synchronous signals: A haptic signal distribution system capable of distributing haptic synchronous signals includes a master haptic device and groups of slave haptic devices. In one embodiment, the master haptic device is configured to distribute haptic synchronous signals to slave haptic devices. The haptic synchronous signals, for instance, may include information relating... Agent: Immersion Corporation, A Delaware Corporation

20110121955 - Energy-saving control circuit: This invention related to a kind of energy-saving control circuit connected between the electrical appliance and commercial power for turning on and off the power supply of the electrical appliances, said energy-saving control circuit comprises a relay control circuit for connecting and disconnecting the power supply of the electrical appliance;... Agent: Ningbo Huadian Envirotech Co., Ltd.

20110121957 - Light film device: A light film apparatus having an illuminated graphics panel with at least two segments that can be individually powered. A controller manages a power which is delivered from a power supply to each of the segments, so that each of the segments is either powered on, powered off or powered... Agent: Lightfilm LLC

20110121956 - Security system for preserving life left inside hot vehicle: A security system which comprises temperature and movement sensors, and two timers. One of them for controlling a relay and the second timer. The relay, upon activation, triggers the theft alarm system. The second timer switches activate the power window motors to open the windows and to make a phone... Agent:

20110121959 - Instrument driver: An instrument driver is provided in which a radical new representation can be used in presentation operation to improve marketability and design. The instrument driver includes an instrument 2 indicating vehicle information by turning of a pointer on a display plate and first and second illuminating means 2d and 2e... Agent:

20110121958 - Method and device for generating a user recognition signal: In a device and a method to produce a user recognition signal upon an actuation by a user in a vehicle using a control unit linked with a transmitter and receiver which are disposed relative to one another to set up a user-specific high frequency transmission path therebetween upon actuation... Agent:

20110121960 - Driving monitoring device and method utilizing the same: A driving monitoring device and method includes controlling a camera to capture a face image of a driver, identifying the face image to determine if the driver is awake, and controlling a camera to capture a first image of the steering wheel. The driving monitoring device and method further includes... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110121961 - Wheel watcher: A vehicle driver safety device that encourages drivers to drive attentively and with both hands on the steering wheel is disclosed.... Agent:

20110121963 - Method and apparatus for determining premises semantics: An approach is provided for generating trace data corresponding to one or more mobile devices detected within a premises, where the trace data specifies movement of the mobile device(s) within the premises. A map customizing platform utilizes the user traces to determine accessibility information about areas within the premises using... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110121964 - Personnel tracking system: Disclosed is a tracking and Geofencing system. Zones are classified into three types: safe, hazardous and travel, with the travel zone being defined in the preferred embodiment as any territory not in a safe or hazardous zone. The system monitors an asset by determining whether the asset is within a... Agent:

20110121966 - Real-time event notification: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media provide for the real-time notification of user events. According to various embodiments described herein, a user initiates a notification process in which the geographic location of a device associated with the user, as well as any desired activity data, is generated into a real-time notification... Agent:

20110121962 - Real-time method and system for locating a mobile object or person in a tracking environment while conserving electrical energy in a battery-operated tracking tag associated with the object or person: A real-time method and system for locating a mobile object or person in a tracking environment while conserving electrical energy in a battery-operated tracking tag associated with the object or person are provided. The method includes modulating a first carrier signal with a first packet including a first set of... Agent: Versus Technology, Inc.

20110121965 - Sensory enhancement systems and methods in personal electronic devices: Disclosed are personal electronic devices (PEDs) having a sensory enhancement (SE) system for monitoring environmental conditions and detecting environmental events, for example but not limited to, changes in acoustic, thermal, optical, electromagnetic, chemical, dynamic, wireless, atmospheric, or biometric conditions. The detection of such events can be used to invoke a... Agent: Innovation Specialists, LLC

20110121968 - Alarm system: The present invention is an alarm system comprising an alarm handset (10) having a housing (30), a detector circuit (100) having means (102, 104) for receiving a preselected signal from a remote transmitter (40) and generating a first detection signal in response thereto, first sensing means for sensing change in... Agent: Fire Angel Limited

20110121970 - Communication terminal device, lighting control method, and lighting control program: In order to make it possible for the user to recognize a charging system corresponding to a communication function that is being used, a communication terminal device includes illumination means and lighting control means for displaying a charge state corresponding to a type of the communication function that is being... Agent:

20110121969 - Remote maintenance of medical imaging devices: A medical imaging device that uses electromagnetic or acoustic information to generate a patient image is remotely maintained. A set of operational characteristics for the device is maintained by a maintenance system disposed remotely from the device. Data from sensors disposed local to the device are received over a network... Agent: Unisyn Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110121967 - Tamper-proof security system component: A tamper-proof security system component allowing a security device with a tamper detection switch to be mounted on an irregular surface. The component includes a rear housing portion, which is mounted on a surface and its actuating surface adjusted, and a front housing portion affixed to the rear housing portion,... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110121971 - Illuminated wall-mountable object controlled by pir sensor: An ornamental wall-mounted or freestanding décor object, such as a cross or crucifix, which utilizes LEDs or some other form of lighting technology to illuminate itself in a decorative and aesthetic fashion when a PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor detects motion in the vicinity of the object.... Agent:

20110121973 - Asset protection system: An asset protection system maintains a radio frequency field or signal in a monitored area. Assets have tags attached to them and are placed in the monitored area. The tags have a mechanism to attach them to the objects and have electronic components on board including a microprocessor, motion detector,... Agent:

20110121972 - Rfid enabled crate with wraparound antenna: A radio frequency identification (RFID) enabled crate (50) includes: a plurality of sides (52); an RFID inlay (54) supported on a first one of the plurality of sides; and an antenna (56) coupled to the RFID inlay (54). Suitably, the antenna (56) extends at least partially across at least a... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110121974 - Real-time method and system for monitoring hygiene compliance within a tracking environment: A real-time method and system are provided for monitoring hygiene compliance within a tracking environment provided by real-time tracking apparatus. Auto-ID personnel tags are associated with personnel whose hygiene compliance is desired to track locations of the personnel within the environment. Each of the personnel tags is capable of transmitting... Agent: Versus Technology, Inc.

20110121975 - Mobile system for probation release monitoring programs and other security-oriented applications: A tracking system including a transceiver, an attachment system for connecting the transceiver to a wearer, a microprocessor periodically connected in wireless communication with the transceiver, and a database operationally connected to the microprocessor. The transceiver is operationally coupled to a GPS satellite system and generates sets of datapoint pairs,... Agent:

20110121976 - Alertness sensing device: A head worn device for monitoring alertness and attention which includes a) sensors to monitor eyelid and eye movement, b) a motion sensor and c) data storage means for storing data from said sensors. The motion sensor is an accelerometer to provide data that allows the head position to be... Agent: Optalert Pty Ltd

20110121977 - Pneumatic fire detector: A pneumatic fire detector is disclosed having a switch module comprising a manifold operatively connected to a sensor tube, the switch module incorporating respective forming tubes for applying a sufficient pressure to the outer surface of an installed diaphragm to deform it and thereafter the diaphragm is exposed to a... Agent: Pacific Scientific Company

20110121978 - Handheld device for infrared temperature measurement with simultaneous image and temperature display: The invention relates to a handheld device (1) for infrared temperature measurement, comprising an infrared radiation detector (3) for measuring the temperature of a measuring spot (4) on an object under measurement (5), comprising an optical pickup device (2) for sensing the region containing the measuring spot (4) and comprising... Agent: Testo Ag

20110121979 - Apparatus and methods for real-time detection of explosives devices: The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to apparatus, devices, systems, and/or methods for real-time detection of a concealed or camouflaged explosive device (e.g., EFPs and IEDs) from a safe stand-off distance. Apparatus, system and/or methods of the disclosure may also be operable to identify and/or spatially locate and/or... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110121980 - Ionising radiation detector: An assembly (13) for monitoring ionising radiation comprises a detector substrate (2) for generating electronic charge responsive to incident ionising radiation, the detector substrate (2) having an array of ionising radiation sense volumes (12) formed in it. A circuit substrate (14) supporting an array of read-out circuits (16) corresponding to... Agent: Radiation Watch Limited, LLC

20110121981 - Multi functional monitor: A multi function monitor for monitoring environmental conditions and events, the monitor comprising: a monitor panel having a plurality of monitors thereon; and a measuring device attachable at either end of the monitor panel for measuring the circumference of an object around which it is placed. The monitor panel includes:... Agent:

20110121982 - Methods and apparatuses for indicating the location of water flowing in a field: Signaling methods and apparatuses are described for preventing flood irrigation water from overflowing in a trench, field, or other area. Signaling devices may include indicators such as a reflector, a flag, a light, or a sound device provided on an end of an elongate member having its opposite end engaged... Agent:

20110121983 - Heat dissipation device: A heat dissipation device is assembled on an electronic device inside a computer case to decrease temperature generated when the electronic device is operating. The heat dissipation device includes primarily a cooling fan which is electrically connected with a rotation-speed-signal processing chip, and the rotation-speed-signal processing chip is electrically connected... Agent:

20110121984 - System for combining direct current power from multiple inputs: A system for combining multiple direct current power sources is provided. The system is operable to combine multiple feeds from an array of power generating elements, such as solar panel arrays and combine the feeds into a single voltage output. The system includes a current monitoring assembly operable to monitor... Agent:

20110121985 - Electronic device: According to one embodiment, an electronic device, includes: a short-circuit mechanism configured to be provided with a potential difference between a first conductor and a second conductor, the first conductor and the second conductor being disposed on an insulator, the second conductor being disposed on the insulator apart from the... Agent:

20110121986 - Magnetic field strength threshold alarm: A magnetic field strength threshold alarm that includes sensing means responsive to a magnetic field and actuating in response to field strength above a predetermined threshold, the sensing means being configured to be operational and able to actuate without consumption of energy; and alarm means for outputting an alarm responsive... Agent: Kopp Development Inc.

20110121987 - Ice rink door safety system: A warning system comprising a proximity switch, fluorescent light and power source (AC or DC) which illuminates when the door of an ice rink is not fully closed and latched. The proximity switch, light and power source are all connected and installed on the inside of the ice rink boards,... Agent:

20110121988 - Method and system for recognizing statuses of electric appliances: A method and a system for recognizing the statuses of electric appliances are provided. In the present method, a loop is taking as a unit for recognition, and a power consumption factor sensor which is capable of measuring a single power consumption factor is used such that the current status... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20110121989 - Remote sensing system: An imaging system (10) and method (200) for reading residential and/or commercial meters. The system and method comprise a transmission element (12) that attaches to an external location of a meter (24). The transmission element (12) selectively communicates a reading signal (40) corresponding to a meter value. The system and... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20110121990 - Module with a radio transceiver device and an actuator, system, and method with this module and a central unit: A module with a radio transceiver device, an actuator, and an activation device. Also disclosed is a system comprising such a module and a central unit, and a method with such a module and a central unit and the activation device with the radio transceiver device. The radio transceiver device... Agent: Enocean Gmbh

20110121991 - Vehicle to vehicle chatting and communication system: A vehicle communication system includes a plurality of user accounts, each user account corresponding to a user. A server is programmed to receive communication invitations from inviting vehicles, and is programmed to transmit the communication invitations to invitee vehicles to facilitate inter-vehicle communication.... Agent:

20110121992 - Wrong-way-travel warning device and wrong-way-travel warning method: A wrong-way-travel warning device comprising a vehicle speed detecting part configured to detect a vehicle speed of a vehicle, a part configured to detect a position of the vehicle, an angle detecting part configured to detect an angle of a vehicular longitudinal direction of the vehicle relative to a lane... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110121993 - Optimizing traffic speeds to minimize traffic pulses in an intelligent traffic system: According to a method of vehicular traffic management, a computer system receives, from devices distributed in a plurality of roadway segments of a physical roadway system, real-time traffic information individually describing vehicular traffic in each the plurality of roadway segments. The computer system determines from the real-time traffic information an... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110121994 - Method for detecting objects having a low height: The method includes performing the following: (a) continually recording the distance from an object using the distance sensors or recording the distance from an object at specified intervals, (b) checking whether the object continues to be recorded by the distance sensors when approaching the vehicle, in response to falling below... Agent:

20110121995 - Device and method for traffic surveillance: A vehicle detector (10) comprises a vehicle sensor (14) arranged for sensing disturbances caused by a vehicle, a digitizer of a microprocessor (20) connected to the vehicle sensor (14). The vehicle detector (10) further comprises a memory (18) connected to the digitizer and arranged for storing the digital representation, an... Agent:

20110121996 - Method and system for detecting an occupant using reflected signals: An occupant detection system emits an ultrasonic signal for detecting the presence of an occupant by reflecting the signal off the occupant and then determines that an occupant is present by detecting motion of the occupant. One type of motion that is detected is the small rhythmic motion associated with... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110121997 - Visual landing aids: A visual aid for the pilot of an aircraft approaching to land on an aircraft carrier comprises a series of lights (9) embedded along the landing deck and controlled in response to pitch and heave of the vessel so that the light(s) illuminated at any time indicate a visual aim... Agent: Qinetiq Limited

20110121998 - Systems and methods for alerting to traffic proximity in the airport environment: Systems and methods for alerting to traffic proximity in the airport environment. Knowledge of the geographic position, speed, rate of change of speed, heading (or track-angle) and/or altitude of own-aircraft (or vehicle) and another, potentially conflicting aircraft (or vehicle) are used to calculate a predicted distance between the two aircraft... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110121999 - Automatic reminder function: Technologies are described herein for providing an automatic reminder function. The technologies are adapted to receive a definition of a reminder as an occurrence or are non-occurrence of an event and to receive operationally relevant data from a system data device. The technologies then determine whether the operationally relevant data... Agent:

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110115604 - Remote control for multimedia system having touch sensitive panel for user id: Operating a remote control to identify a user by receiving touch pad input from at least one touch sensitive element of the remote control that has a plurality of touch sensitive elements. The touch pad input corresponds to the user's touch of at least some of the plurality of touch... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110115602 - Systems and methods for commissioning access control devices: Described herein are systems and methods for commissioning access control devices. In overview, a carrier substrate such as a smartcard is used to commission a plurality of access control devices. Measures are implemented such that the individual access control devices are uniquely commissioned. That is, no two devices apply identical... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110115605 - Energy harvesting system: An energy harvesting system for use with a vehicle including an RF transmitter positionable in a vehicle and a key fob having an antenna configured to receive an RF signal from the RF transmitter and convert the RF signal to electrical energy, a power management circuit configured to distribute the... Agent: Strattec Security Corporation

20110115603 - Systems and methods for access control: The disclosure describes various systems and methods for access control. One such method includes providing an access control module that is capable of operating at least a first frequency and a second frequency. The method further includes interacting with a first credential utilizing the first frequency and granting access via... Agent: Xceedid Inc.

20110115606 - Touch sensitive panel in vehicle for user identification: A vehicle control system includes at least one touch pad having a plurality of touch sensitive elements and processing circuitry communicatively coupled to the at least one touch pad. The processing circuitry is operable to receive touch pad input from the at least one touch pad, the touch pad input... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110115609 - Jump rope training apparatus, method, and system: An apparatus, method, and system for jump rope training is disclosed, comprising at least one jump rope, at least one RFID device associated with the at least one jump rope, at least one RFID reader antenna, at least one RFID reader, and at least one coaching device.... Agent:

20110115610 - Laboratory sample archiving apparatus and method: An archive apparatus is provided for storing and archiving laboratory samples including radio frequency identification means. The apparatus comprises a support structure or cabinet (4), a drawer (6) translatable in a translation direction (12) into and out of the support structure (4), and sample support means comprising ribs (8) associated... Agent:

20110115608 - Rfid tag communicating apparatus: An RFID tag communicating apparatus transmitting a transmission signal to a predetermined RFID tag and receiving a return signal returned from the RFID tag with a plurality of antennas to communicate information with the RFID tag, includes an information communication control portion that executes the process for narrowing down the... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110115607 - Transmitting / receiving antenna and transmitter / receiver device using the same: The present invention is concerned with a transmitting/receiving antenna, which includes a dielectric board, a driven loop antenna provided to the dielectric board, transmit processing portion connection terminals connected to the driven loop antenna, a transmitting/receiving loop antenna arranged in close vicinity to the driven loop antenna in a non-contact... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110115611 - Encoding module, associated encoding element, connector, printer-encoder and access control system: An encoding module and related systems and components are provided. The encoding module includes a plurality of encoding elements arranged in an array of columns and rows and one or more switching elements configured to selectively connect the encoding elements to a reader. The connection of the encoding elements may... Agent:

20110115612 - Media management system for selectively associating media with devices detected by an rfid: A system and method for managing media is described herein. The system includes a camera oriented towards a visually distinguishing mark, at least one actuation device that generates an instruction for at least one of the camera and an RFID reading system, and a central control unit in communication with... Agent:

20110115613 - Wireless ic tag, concrete structural object quality management system using same: A wireless IC tag 1 attached to or embedded in a concrete structural object 11 including a ferroelectric memory using a ferroelectric having a power source unit for receiving a radio wave from outside and for generating an electric current by resonating with the radio wave and an antenna unit... Agent:

20110115614 - Direction light and illumination device for bicycle: A direction light and illumination device for bicycle includes a direction light unit arranged to a bicycle handling and a rear portion of a bicycle frame. The direction light unit includes a front support, a rear support, a front left light, a front right light, a rear left light, a... Agent:

20110115615 - Rear-view multi-functional camera system: A rear-view camera system for a vehicle. The rear-view camera system includes a first camera positioned on a rear side of the vehicle. The first camera produces a first data set that includes image data corresponding to a first field of view. A second camera is positioned on the rear... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110115616 - Vehicle countdown timer and user interface: Aspects of the present invention are directed at allowing a vehicle to idle for a predetermined amount of time before shutdown. In accordance with one embodiment, a method is provided that accepts input from the vehicle operator to initiate a countdown to vehicle shutdown. When the input is received, a... Agent: Paccar Inc

20110115618 - System and method for detecting use of a wireless device in a moving vehicle: A system and method for detecting use of a wireless device is disclosed. In one embodiment, wireless device activity data is received from a wireless network. User account data is searched using selected parameters from the wireless device activity data to identify one or more subscribers that are or were... Agent: Inthinc Technology Solutions, Inc.

20110115617 - Wheel watcher: Disclosed is a vehicle driver safety device that serves the purpose of helping and encouraging drivers to drive attentively and with alertness with a degree of vehicle control that adapts to driver experience, vehicle speed and road conditions. Should the unsafe habits persist the system warns nearby cars and officials... Agent:

20110115619 - Rear warning lights apparatus for vehicles: A first embodiment 100 discloses a traffic control arm having warning lights operationally coupled to a linear actuator attached to the rear of a vehicle. The actuator is switch activated that causes the traffic control arm to move horizontally extending out from the side of the vehicle a distance equivalent... Agent:

20110115620 - System and method of preventing patient drug mismatch: Aspects of the invention disclose a method and system for preventing patient drug mismatch. The method and system may be implemented using RFID technology to match medication to a particular patient. Aspects of the disclosure may be part of a medication administration system and/or a medication dispensing system that may... Agent: Kmc Holding, LLC

20110115621 - Multiple device loss status retrieval without id provision: A system is disclosed that enables multiple electronic devices to be tracked in the case of theft or loss without the need for monitoring or tracking the devices prior to the loss or theft. The system operates by sending bulk status information regarding the lost/stolen statuses of multiple devices to... Agent: Absolute Software Corporation

20110115622 - Solar powered portable control panel: A solar powered portable control panel is disclosed herein for wirelessly controlling one or more lights or other devices. An embodiment of the control panel includes a solar panel, a regulator connected to the solar panel, a power storage device connected to the regulator, a wireless transceiver, a controller connected... Agent: Innosys, Inc.

20110115623 - Alert system with zoning using wireless portable detectors and a central station: A system and method of monitoring zones for alarm conditions and automatically alerting individuals in a plurality of zones about the safety of a particular zone is provided. The method includes providing a site map of a predefined area, configuring a plurality of zones in the predefined area, receiving ambient... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110115625 - Aquatic product transportation monitoring system and method thereof: The present invention illustrates an aquatic product transport monitoring system and method thereof. The aquatic product transport monitoring system includes a test terminal and a control terminal. Also, the test terminal tests a liquid having at least one aquatic product held therein to obtain a test value. When the test... Agent: Ding Li Tong Technology Co., Ltd.

20110115624 - Mesh network personal emergency response appliance: A monitoring system includes one or more wireless nodes forming a wireless mesh network; a user activity sensor including a wireless mesh transceiver adapted to communicate with the one or more wireless nodes using the wireless mesh network; and a digital monitoring agent coupled to the wireless transceiver through the... Agent:

20110115626 - Method of auditory display of sensor data: At least one exemplary embodiment is directed to a method of auditory communication comprising: measuring a data set; identifying the type of data set; obtaining the auditory cue associated with the type of data set; and generating an auditory notification; and emitting the auditory notification.... Agent:

20110115628 - High-security self-adhesive stickers:

20110115627 - See ya alarm system: A stand-alone motion sensing, lighting and alarming system for indoor use includes a box with mounting brackets and face plate, a motion sensor and alarm for receiving motion sensor and audible alarm electronics therein, a light holder pivotally mounted to the unit box, for receiving light therein. The unit box... Agent:

20110115630 - Laboratory sample carrier tray and tracking method: A tray (1) is provided for transporting laboratory sample slides (40) or other carriers including radio frequency identification means (42). The tray (1) comprises an upper tray portion (2) including positioning means (6a, 6b) defining a plurality of carrier bays (10), and a lower tray portion (4). The tray portions... Agent:

20110115629 - Tracking compliance of personal protection articles: Methods and systems for tracking compliance of personal protection (PP) articles in working environments. Tracking compliance includes providing at least one PP article configured with a smart tag; providing at least one predetermined criterion that governs compliance with respect to the at least one PP article in a particular working... Agent:

20110115631 - Electronic label, method for monitoring products and method for data communication: A label comprises at least one support component, at least one antenna, at least one display, the display comprising electronic ink arranged on a support, at least one transponder, at least one sensor means, and at least one touch-sensitive surface for operation.... Agent: Btvg Gesellschaft Fur Beteiligungen & Vermogensverwaltung Mbh

20110115632 - Eas tag using tape with conductive element: An electronic article surveillance apparatus for monitoring large objects is comprised of a base, at least one segment of tape, and an electronics housing. The segment of tape has a least one electrically conductive element running the length of the tape. The base rests on an object to be monitored,... Agent:

20110115633 - Methods and systems for using rfid in biological field: Biological reagent carrier devices and methods are disclosed, which employ RFID techniques to associate information with biological reagents.... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20110115634 - Behavior monitoring system and behavior monitoring method: A storage element stores identification information identifying to-be-monitored objects (TBMO) and prohibited behavior conditions indicating behaviors respectively prohibited to the TBMO in an area. Entry monitoring elements monitor as specific TBMO, TBMO which enter the area, and judge whether or not specific identification information identifying the specific to TBMO exists... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110115635 - Control schemes and features for climate-controlled beds: A climate-conditioned bed includes an upper portion having at least a first climate zone and at least one fluid module associated with such a first climate zone. The fluid module comprises a fluid transfer device for selectively moving a fluid and a thermoelectric device for selectively heating or cooling a... Agent:

20110115636 - Wireless temperature measuring system: A wireless temperature measuring system, including multiple wireless temperature sensors, and multiple communication terminals; the wireless temperature sensors communicate with the communication terminals via RF, the wireless temperature sensor operates to obtain temperature signals from a temperature detection point, to perform cyclic-interleave and error-correction coding on the temperature signals whereby... Agent:

20110115637 - Charged corpuscular ray apparatus: The present invention relates to: measuring in advance the relation between an amount of focus shift and a degree of coincidence at the time of acquiring tilted series images; calculating backwards a focus shift from the degree of coincidence on the basis of this relation; correcting the focus shift by... Agent:

20110115638 - Method for controlling cleaning device: A method for controlling a cleaning device is presented, which includes the following steps. A cleaning device includes a control unit, a fan module, an optical emitter, and an optical sensor. The optical emitter and the optical sensor are located in an air inlet of the fan module. The control... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110115639 - Integrity monitored concrete pilings: A pile having first and second strain gauges installed in the piling core near and at the piling tip is provided. The second strain gauge is placed co-linear and at a known and controlled distance up the pile from the first strain gauge. Independent strain gauge measurements are made and... Agent: Smart Structures, Inc.

20110115640 - Automated remote water quality monitoring system with wireless communication capabilities and the method thereof: An automated remote water quality monitoring system with wireless communication capability and the method thereof is provided. A water quality monitoring system is provided, including: a plurality of monitoring apparatuses, each of which has a radio communication module transmitting at least one environmental parameter; a server receiving the at least... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110115641 - Three-phase multifunction verifier: Multifunctional meter measures voltage, current, demand, factor, power consumption also water, natural gas, fuel and other items. The design has a 16 bit micro-programmed processing unit, and manages interaction with different hardware components and realizes the functions of communication, data registry and operation control. Composed of a modular form and... Agent:

20110115642 - Utility network interface device configured to detect and report abnormal operating condition: A utility network interface device is provided for operation with a utility network. The utility network interface device includes a detector configured to produce a state signal upon occurrence of a prescribed state that interferes with the ability of a utility meter, with which the utility network interface device is... Agent: Silver Spring Networks, Inc.

20110115643 - Utility network interface device configured to detect and report abnormal operating condition: A utility network interface device is provided for operation with a utility network. The utility network interface device includes a control unit configured to detect a tampering with a software component of a utility meter with which the utility network interface device is associated. The utility network interface device also... Agent: Silver Spring Networks, Inc.

20110115644 - Method and apparatus for warning of emergency vehicles in emergency service: A method and an apparatus for warning of emergency vehicles in emergency service. The emergency vehicles use vehicle-to-vehicle communication to transmit warning messages which are received by other vehicles and are indicated to the driver of the receiving vehicle. In order to allow rapid orientation of the driver, provision is... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20110115647 - Driving assistance device: Provided is a driving assistance device capable of assisting safer driving of a vehicle. A driving assistance device 1 assists the driving in a case where a subject-vehicle C is advancing in the right-turn direction at an intersection where a traffic light S is installed which has a right arrow-indicating... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110115646 - Driving supporting device: In this driving supporting device, the light color change cycle of a prediction object traffic signal is acquired on the basis of the light color change cycle of a prediction basis traffic signal installed before the prediction object traffic signal, and the light color state of the prediction object traffic... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110115645 - Led light bar for optical traffic control systems: Various approaches for activating a traffic control preemption system. A light bar includes a support structure and a plurality of LED modules individually mounted on the support structure. Each LED module includes a plurality of LED groups, and in at least one of the plurality of LED modules, at least... Agent:

20110115648 - Information system and method for traffic in road network: The information system concerning traffic in a road network (R) comprises a server (30) comprising: means (34) for obtaining at least one real duration (DEAB) of a run traveled by at least one vehicle (5) between two points (A, B) of the network, on the basis of information transmitted by... Agent: Association Pour La Recherche Et Le Developement De Methods Et Processus Insdustriels Armines

20110115649 - Intelligent crew alerting system and method for aircraft and other vehicle applications: A method of managing alerts associated with the operation of an aircraft is provided. The method maintains an alert model database that correlates root causes to alerts associated with onboard aircraft subsystems. During operation of the aircraft, the method receives first alert data indicative of at least one alert of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110115650 - Wheel guide rail, car wash system and method for centrally positioning a vehicle: The invention relates to a wheel guide rail (9; 10; 13; 14) for a car wash system for laterally delimiting a travel range (4) of a vehicle to be treated in the car wash system and a car wash system comprising treatment devices (1, 1′, 3, 3′) that can travel... Agent: Washtec Holding Gmbh

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110109423 - Systems and methods for minimal haptic implementation: Systems and methods for minimal haptic implementation are disclosed. For example, one disclosed system includes: an actuator; and a control-circuit in communication with the actuator, the control circuit configured to: receive a 2-bit signal including a first bit indicating a power state and a second bit indicating an actuation state;... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110109424 - Wireless sensor: Systems and methods for wirelessly detecting area changes are provided. Predetermined thresholds may be stored in memory. Each predetermined threshold is associated with a time of day, calendar day, and/or activity. The sensor may detect a change in the in the targeted area. The detected change is evaluated to determine... Agent:

20110109425 - Ip protection and control method thereof: An embodiment of the invention provides an integrated circuit with IP protection. The integrated circuit includes a hardware IP, an ID generator and a lock circuit. The ID generator generates an ID according to each manufactured hardware IP. The lock circuit locks the manufactured hardware IP and unlocks the manufactured... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110109431 - Method and system for communicating access authorization requests based on user personal identification as well as method and system for determining access authorizations: A control system for access to a limited access area requires identification and preferably authentication of the accessing person; in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness, the system need to be automatic. According to the present invention, the arrangement associated with the accessing person is split into at least two... Agent:

20110109426 - Method, device, and system for secured access to gated areas: Embodiments of the present invention allow vehicular ingress and egress to an automotive facility using a mobile communication device, such as a smart phone, having thereon a software application adapted to communicate with a gate unit. The mobile communication device may transmit one or more parameters to the gate unit,... Agent:

20110109432 - Integrated antenna module for push button start vehicle and emergency start method using the same: The present invention provides an integrated antenna module for a push button start vehicle and an emergency start method using the same, which can perform a series of processes of starting a vehicle, such as power supply to a transponder, secret code authentication, start-up authorization, etc., when a driver simply... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110109433 - Method for accessing a locked object: A method for accessing a locked object. A first SMS message addressed to a short code and requesting access to the locked object is received by an Approval Authority computer and/or short code from one of a locked object and a requestor's wireless communication device. The Approval Authority computer determines... Agent:

20110109427 - Image processing apparatus and method of controlling the image processingapparatus: Upon logout of the user from an image processing apparatus, if a processing request that is received is generated by an external apparatus on the basis of operation information transmitted in accordance with an operation by the login user, the image processing is permitted to be performed in response to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110109430 - System and method for article authentication using blanket illumination: A method and apparatus for determining a digital signature from an article. A coherent light source directs a beam to illuminate the article and a detector arrangement collects data points from light scattered from many different parts of the article to collect a large number of independent data points, typically... Agent: Ingenia Holdings Limited

20110109428 - System and method for article authentication using signatures: A method and apparatus for determining a digital signature from an article. A coherent light source directs a beam to illuminate the article and a detector arrangement collects data points from light scattered from many different parts of the article to collect a large number of independent data points, typically... Agent: Ingenia Holdings Limited

20110109429 - System and method for article authentication using thumbnail signatures: A method and apparatus for determining a digital signature from an article. A coherent light source directs a beam to illuminate the article and a detector arrangement collects data points from light scattered from many different parts of the article to collect a large number of independent data points, typically... Agent: Ingenia Holdings Limited

20110109436 - Accelerometer-based ce device wireless access point mapping: A CE device for, e.g., displaying the time can incorporate an accelerometer to provide various features and enhancements. For example, using position derived from the accelerometer, the signal strength of a wireless access point (AP) can be mapped in a house.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110109438 - Method and a system for enabling a wireless communication between a master unit and a sensor unit: A method of enabling a wireless communication between a master unit and at least one sensor unit is executed within a frame, the sensor unit having an internal data sampling frequency and being adapted to store samples with corresponding sample sequence numbers. The sensor unit transmits an integrated value to... Agent: Xsens Holding, B.v

20110109435 - Method and apparatus for the retrieval of similar places: An approach is provided for determining the similarity between a reference point-of-interest and similarity candidate points-of-interest. Data specifying a reference point-of-interest and location data of a search region are received. A reference vector specifying a plurality of features associated with the reference point-of-interest is retrieved. A plurality of candidates for... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110109437 - Smart personal communication devices as user interfaces: A personal communication device or “smart phone” is connected to a utility locator system or pipe inspection system and serves as a user interface, communication interface, and control system for such systems.... Agent: Seektech, Inc.

20110109434 - Tracking passengers on cruise ships: Systems and procedures for tracking the locations of passengers on a vessel are provided. Example systems may include a portable tag configured to be assigned to a passenger, the tag encoded with a tag identifier; a plurality of tag readers configured to be positioned at predetermined locations on a vessel,... Agent:

20110109439 - Interpersonal communication system: An interpersonal communication system (1) includes a portable personal item (2) (such as an item of clothing, a clothing accessory or a portable device) fitted with a recognition device (3); a server (4); and network communication means (5). The recognition device (3) has a sensor (6) for detecting a physical,... Agent:

20110109440 - System for reading information transmitted from a transponder: A reader device (110) for reading information transmitted from a transponder (120), the reader device (110) comprising a distance estimation unit (112) adapted for estimating a distance between the reader device (110) and the transponder (120) based on a propagation related difference of a property of two sidebands of a... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110109441 - Systems and methods for object localization and path identification based on rfid sensing: A networked radio frequency identification system includes a plurality of radio frequency identification (RFID) tag readers, a computer in signal communication with the RFID tag readers over a network, and a software module for storage on and operable by the computer that localizes RFID tags based on information received from... Agent: Lucomm Technologies, Inc.

20110109442 - Passive rfid tag reader/locator: Systems and methods for use in reading and locating passive RFID tags. A reader/locator system sends out a signal with varying frequency. A tag reflects the signal back and the receiver portion of the reader/locator system receives the signal after a certain propagation delay. Since during this propagation delay the... Agent:

20110109443 - Wireless ic tag, management system using same: A wireless IC tag to and from which data can be written and read between a writing/reading apparatus by way of wireless communication, wherein a ferroelectric memory using a ferroelectric having a power source unit for receiving a radio wave from outside and for generating an electric current by resonating... Agent:

20110109444 - Serial programming of a universal remote control: A method and system for programming a universal remote control (URC) to operate with a remote-controlled device is disclosed. After initiating a serial programming mode on the URC, a user may be instructed to operate a plurality of control elements of an original remote control (ORC) of the remote-controlled device... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110109445 - Lamp color matching and control systems and methods: Lamp color matching and control systems and methods are described. One embodiment includes a lighting node and a controller. The lighting node can include a plurality of light emitting diodes configured for illumination and further configured for optical communication with the controller, a communicator configured for radio communication with the... Agent: Lumenetix, Inc.

20110109446 - Alarm enabled earplug and related method of use: The invention is directed to an enhanced earplug having a first and second portion. The first portion includes both an external casing and an internal cavity of sufficient size and dimension to maintain a digital sound system. Preferably, the first portion is essentially rounded in shape having a first flat... Agent:

20110109447 - Key locator for electronic key system: A key locator includes a first and second antenna arranged in a vehicle. A first query unit transmits a challenge from the first antenna. A second query unit transmits a challenge from the second antenna to an electronic key responding to the challenge of the first query unit. A key... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20110109448 - Method and system for identifying wet pavement using tire noise: A wet road surface detection system is provided for a vehicle driving on a road. The wet road surface detection system includes a sound sensing device coupled to the vehicle for capturing noise of the vehicle tires as the vehicle drives on a road surface. A processor processes sounds captured... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110109449 - Axial relative speed indicator: A speedometer displays a numeric representation of the speed of a vehicle, and further displays an indicator above the numeric representation to indicate the speed of the vehicle is above an established speed limit, or displays the indicator below the numeric representation to indicate the speed of the vehicle is... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110109450 - System and method for detecting child left in vehicle using vehicle ignition detection via on-board diagnostics: A child detection system for a vehicle having an on-board diagnostics and a car seat, including a seat sensor, a detection system, and a monitor system. The seat sensor indicates whether the car seat is occupied. The detection system retrieves ignition information from the on-board diagnostic system and detects whether... Agent:

20110109451 - Cheatham's seat belts usage indicator: The present invention provides the Cheatham Seat Belt Usage Indicator comprising a vehicular lighting system that provides a visual indication to law enforcement whether or not a motorist is driving with the seat belt fastened. This invention comprises a series of lights, and the appropriate wire assemblies for connecting these... Agent:

20110109452 - Methods and apparatus for a pervasive locationing and presence-detection system: A locationing system for use in a wireless network generally includes a wireless switch and a global positioning system (GPS) located proximate to or integrated into the wireless switch such that it communicates GPS data to the wireless switch. At least one access port (AP) is coupled to the wireless... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20110109453 - Apparatus for warning of an expiration date: An apparatus for warning of an expiration date includes a casing, a processing unit located in the casing, and an attachment unit connected to the casing. The processing unit includes a power supply unit, a switch and a warning unit electrically connected to one another. The warning unit warns a... Agent:

20110109454 - Remote inspection of emergency equipment stations: An Apparatus for remote inspection of emergency equipment at one or a system of emergency equipment stations includes, e.g., at each emergency equipment station: a detector for detection of the presence of an obstruction to viewing of or access to the emergency equipment station; and an electronic circuit in communication... Agent:

20110109455 - System and method for reducing cart alarms and increasing sensitivity in an eas system with metal shielding detection: A system for detecting electronic article surveillance (“EAS”) marker shielding includes an EAS subsystem a metal detector, a cart detection subsystem and a processor. The EAS subsystem is operable to detect an EAS marker in an interrogation zone. The metal detector is operable to detect a metal object in the... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics Corporation

20110109456 - System and method using proximity detection for reducing cart alarms and increasing sensitivity in an eas system with metal shielding detection: A system for detecting electronic article surveillance (“EAS”) marker shielding includes an EAS subsystem, a metal detector, an object detector, a timer, a cart detection subsystem and a processor. The EAS subsystem is operable to detect an EAS marker in an interrogation zone. The metal detector is operable to detect... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20110109457 - Apparatus for keeping documents such as cards: A cardholder in a book form, comprising a plurality of units each having two pockets, wherein each pocket is sized to hold a card, comprises an alarm circuit in its cover or in a special compartment. Conductive strips/traces on both sides of the walls of said pockets are configured such... Agent:

20110109458 - Endotracheal tube cuff pressure measuring device: The invention relates to methods and devices related to improvements in the use of a medical breathing tube. In some embodiments, the invention reduces injuries, diseases and death associated with the use of said breathing tube. In preferred embodiments, said breathing tube reduces the risk of inadequate inflation in the... Agent:

20110109459 - Interference detector for patient monitor: A system is disclosed for detecting and calculating the level of ambient and/or environmental noise, such as electromagnetic interference generated by electric power lines, ambient lights, light dimmers, television or computer displays, power supplies or transformers, and medical equipment. In some embodiments, the system performs frequency analysis on the interference... Agent: Masimo Laboratories, Inc.

20110109460 - Animal control system: An animal control system for use in a plant to facilitate management of the trapping of animals in the plant, the system including: a plurality of animal traps located at discrete locations of the plant, each trap including an animal sensor associated with the trap for detecting an animal trapped... Agent: Nisus Corporation

20110109461 - Tamper detection system for use with personal monitoring devices: A tamper-detection system for personal monitoring devices featuring an improved configuration of tamper-detection components uses micro switches to detect movement of the attachment strap and a ratcheting anchor plate with breakable teeth that both allow quick emplacement of the personal monitoring device, and, if broken provide visual evidence of tampering.... Agent:

20110109462 - Driver configurable drowsiness prevention: A driver drowsiness mitigation system of a vehicle includes a driver impairment detection system for detecting drowsiness of a driver of the vehicle. A plurality of alert devices is provided for countering a drowsiness of the driver of the vehicle. A controller enables at least one of the alert devices... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110109463 - Contact for fluid level detection apparatus and fluid level detection apparatus: A contact is provided for a fluid level detection apparatus. The contact includes a contact support spring for rotating in response to a change in fluid level. The contact support spring includes a cantilevered spring arm having a proximal end to be fixed to a holder and a free end,... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110109464 - Sensing network and method: A system and method are described for detecting toxic gas releases in an urban environment. The system includes a series of repositionable remote sensor nodes that are located in an environment containing a toxic gas, the sensor nodes including a chemical sensor and/or a meteorological sensor. The sensor nodes gather... Agent: University Of Surrey

20110109465 - Method and arrangement for generating an error signal: A method generates an error signal indicating the location of a ground fault in a line between two line ends. A voltage and a current are measured at both ends of the line, establishing measured values, and the location of the ground fault is determined when or after a ground... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110109466 - Power supply system: A power supply system can conveniently supply power to a network transmission device and a sensor. When a host sends instructions to obtain environmental readings as pulse signals to a radio frequency (RF) antenna, the RF antenna absorbs electrical energy from the pulse signals to charge an ultra-capacitor. The ultra-capacitor... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110109467 - Tension indicator: The present invention concerns a tension indicator for indicating when a strap (2) has reached a predetermined tension level, comprising an audible signal producing member (7) having an abutment surface for engagement with said strap, said audible signal producing member altering its physical configuration in reaction to tension in said... Agent: Inneva Limited

20110109468 - Safety system and method for partial deactivation of a personal communication device while vehicle is in motion: A method of partial deactivation of a personal communication device in a vehicle when the vehicle is in motion including receiving, by the personal communication device, velocity information of the vehicle, determining, by the personal communication device, whether the vehicle is in motion from the velocity information, and deactivating, by... Agent:

20110109469 - Collision alert system: A method and system for generating an alert for a possible collision between objects and a swinging barrier is provided. The method and system provides multiple sensing devices, a control unit, and multiple indicator devices at predetermined areas proximal to the swinging barrier. The sensing devices and the control unit... Agent:

20110109470 - System and method for detecting casing in a formation using current: The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for relative positioning of wells. A method in accordance with an exemplary embodiment may include drilling a new well in a field having at least three completed wells using a drilling tool that includes a magnetometer. The method may further include... Agent:

20110109471 - Sensor node and method for sampling preamble, and apparatus and method for computing preamble interval: Provided are a sensor node and method for a preamble sampling, and an apparatus and method for computing a preamble interval. A transceiver may verify a number of neighboring nodes positioned in a sensor network, and a sampling unit may perform the preamble sampling using a sampling duration that is... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110109472 - Resource monitoring on a mobile device: A first set of data reflects usage of a resource based on readings from a metering device located at a first user's premises. A second set of data reflects usage of the resource at multiple other user premises. Comparison and usage indicators are generated based one the first and second... Agent: Google Inc.

20110109474 - Electronic parking disc: Parking disc for mounting on a vehicle in a location so as to be at least externally visible for indicating a time for initiation of the parking with an electronic display which shows the actual time during normal driving and during parking constantly shows the time of initiation of the... Agent: Bent Neubauer Holding Aps

20110109473 - Instrument panel image display device, instrument panel image changing method, vehicle, server, instrument panel image changing system, instrument panel image display program, computer readable recording medium on which instrument panel image display prog: An instrument panel image display apparatus for displaying an instrument panel image on an instrument panel mounted on a machine includes an image display section arranged to display, in accordance with image data encoding instrument images that provide a user with information about an inside and an outside of the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110109475 - Travel lane advisor: A traffic flow advisory system includes a locating device for identifying a position of a driven vehicle. A communication device exchanges vehicle position data, speed data, and heading data with remote vehicles. A processor constructs a traffic flow rate in a plurality of road lanes based on the position data... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110109476 - Method for recognizing traffic signs: A method recognizes a set of traffic signs in a sequence of images acquired of a vehicle environment by a camera mounted in a moving vehicle by detecting in each image, a region of interest (ROI) using a parameter space transform. The ROI is tracked and classified as a particular... Agent:

20110109477 - Monitoring traffic signal preemption: Approaches for monitoring traffic signal preemption at one or more intersections. According to one embodiment, a road map that includes a plurality of roads and intersections is displayed with a computer system. Preemption data periodically received by the computer system from at least one preemption controller at a respective intersection... Agent:

20110109478 - System and method for expanding preemption and bus priority signals: A system for controlling traffic for allowing passage of an emergency vehicle through an intersection controlled by traffic signals includes an intersection module for transmitting signals for preempting the traffic signals and one or more circuit cards coupled to the intersection module. Each expansion card includes a plurality of contact... Agent:

20110109479 - Method and system for collecting traffice data, monitoring traffic, and automated enforcement at a centralized station: A distributed individual vehicle information capture method for capturing individual vehicle data at traffic intersections and transmitting the data to a central station for storage and processing is provided. The method includes capturing individual vehicle information at a plurality of intersections (122) and transmitting the individual vehicle information from the... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20110109480 - Navigation device and method for providing parking place availability: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a device including a processor, a location determining device to determine a geographical location of the device and a communication device to wirelessly transmit data. In at least one embodiment, the processor is arranged to determine when the device is located in a... Agent:

20110109481 - Systems and methods using multiple zones of detection as a function of accuracy: Embodiments of the present invention relate to avionics systems, and more particularly, to collision avoidance systems. In one embodiment, a system is delineated comprising a plurality of detection zones for a plurality of aircraft and means for issuing a report based on one or more of the plurality of detection... Agent:

20110109482 - Reliable broadcast transmission in a vehicular environment: Methods for reliable broadcast transmission in a vehicular environment comprise providing a dynamic local map for a driven vehicle, selecting a pivot vehicle based on the local map and optionally on a radio frequency coverage limit and performing a RTS/CTS handshake between the driven vehicle and the pivot vehicle. The... Agent: Autotalks, Ltd.

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110102128 - Monitoring system and input/output device thereof: A monitoring system includes a controller, a plurality of sensors, a plurality of alarms, and a plurality of input/output devices. Each input/output device is connected between the controller and a sensor or an alarm. Each input/output device includes an input circuit, an output circuit, and a connector. The input circuit... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110102129 - System for monitoring and/or controlling equipment in a hazardous area: A system for monitoring and/or controlling equipment in a hazardous area can include at least one sensor disposed within the hazardous area. Each sensor can be non-electrical and can be adapted to interact with the equipment and generate at least a first sensor output and second sensor output. The first... Agent:

20110102130 - Programmable power miser: The Programmable Power Miser (PPM) is a power saving and convenience device for household electronics, small appliances, and lamps The PPM enables manual or infrared controller on, off, and optionally dimming control to devices with or without a built-in infrared receiver. The PPM effectively unplugs devices to prevent them from... Agent:

20110102131 - System and method for controlling device location determination: A controlling device such as a remote control has programming for transmitting a signal response to a plurality of control environments, each environment including a signaling device. Each signaling device in receipt of the signal request sends a signal response having a unique ID which is chosen to be characteristically... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20110102133 - Programmable security system with transmitter: A security system comprising an audible alarm with a microphone within acoustic range of the audible alarm. A storage circuit configured to store at least one acoustic fingerprint. A processing circuit coupled to the storage circuit and configured to create a first acoustic fingerprint from a first signal from the... Agent:

20110102132 - Reteachable switching circuit with ability for locking: A method for teaching a switching circuit is provided. The method includes presenting a target within a sensing range of a sensor of the switching circuit for a pre-determined duration and acquiring an identification code of the target via the sensor. The method also includes storing the acquired identification code... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110102137 - Biometric security device: The invention relates to a security device (1) comprising at least one authentication device (17) and a locking device (18), which authentication device (17) comprises at least one sensor (2) and an evaluation and comparison module (10), and a communication link (21) exists between the locking device (18) and the... Agent: Nanoident Technologies Ag

20110102138 - System and method for authorizing a remote device: A system and method for authorizing a remote device amongst multiple remote devices for passive functions, such as passive entry and passive start, includes a vehicle having a plurality of strategically located antennas, combinations of which transmit a query signal and receive query responses, a challenge antenna amongst the plurality... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110102139 - System and method for authorizing a remote device: A system and method for authorizing a remote device amongst multiple remote devices for passive functions, such as passive entry and passive start, includes a vehicle having a plurality of strategically located antennas, combinations of which transmit a query signal and receive query responses, a challenge antenna amongst the plurality... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110102134 - Energy saving security system: A method and apparatus are provided for protecting a secured space. The method includes the steps of providing a secured space including a first secured area and a second secured area accessed through the first secured area and where the second secured area has a relatively higher security level than... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110102135 - Geographic based remote control: An intermediary between a remote control device and a remotely controllable device implements identification and/or authentication. The intermediary is, e.g., a node or set of nodes within a head end of a cable network service provider. A remote control device at a customer premise sends a command intended to control... Agent:

20110102136 - Information processing apparatus, power-supply control method, program, and power-supply control system: An information processing apparatus includes: a first connection section to which a first power-supply device is connected; a second connection section to which a second power-supply device is connected; a setting determiner that determines whether or not identification information is to be set for each power-supply device on the basis... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110102140 - Universal validation module for access control systems: A validation module provides for the upgrading of a physical access control system (PACS) to full HSPD-12 compliance without requiring modification or replacement of the existing PACS. The validation module may contain all of the validation functionality required by federal specifications and technical requirements. The validation module may be installed... Agent:

20110102141 - Tamper-proof secure card with stored biometric data and method for using the secure card: A tamper-proof secure card comprising biometric data of an individual for identifying or confirming authority of the individual. Prior to issuing the secure card a cardholder's biometric data is stored in a transparent biometric data section of the secure card. Also, a unique card number is created using a cardholder's... Agent:

20110102142 - Webcast viewer verification methods: A system and associated method verify the attendance and/or identity of viewers of audio/video/data streams transmitted over the internet. The system and method captures various types of interaction with the viewers and either takes appropriate action, as configured by a webcast program administrator, or simply logs this interaction to a... Agent:

20110102143 - Authenticating signals and identification and security documents: The present disclosure relates to signals and identification and security documents and methods and systems for authenticating such. In one claim, a financial instrument or identification document is provided with an organic light emitting diode (OLED) array. The OLED array displays information thereon. The information is preferably correlated to the... Agent:

20110102144 - Information display system and management device: An ESL server (3) includes a management-device storage unit for storing information indicating a position at which a second electronic shelf label terminal (1) is installed, a management-device reception unit for receiving information transmitted from a transmission unit of a handy terminal (5), and a management-device control unit for identifying... Agent:

20110102145 - Remote control apparatus with dialing scheme providing haptic sensations: A remote control apparatus that provides haptic sensations. The remote control apparatus includes a dial, a motor, a rotary encoder, an encoder counter, a control unit and a motor controller. The remote control apparatus further includes a storage unit, a movement detection unit and a display unit. When a user... Agent:

20110102146 - System and method for wirelessly pairing and enabling the reciprocal locating of keys and handheld communication devices: A system locating portable devices includes a fob wirelessly matched to a handheld device. The fob includes a transmitter, receiver, controller and memory storing codes/signals matching signals stored at a handheld device. The codes/signals supporting bi-directional communications between the fob and handheld device. The fob and handheld device can discover... Agent:

20110102147 - Mobile asset tracking unit, system and method: An asset tracking unit, system, and method. The asset tracking unit, system, and method may include at least one transceiver having communicative connections with at least one SATCOM network and at least one GPS network via at least one antenna, wherein tracking information for at least one asset associated with... Agent: Blackbird Technologies, Inc.

20110102148 - Configuration information provided to configurable electronic device residing in a shipping box: An apparatus comprises a shipping box containing an access area and a configurable electronic device. The configurable electronic device comprises an electrical connector accessible via the access area on the shipping box. The configurable electronic device also comprises a management module that receives electrical power via the electrical connector when... Agent:

20110102154 - Detection of moving objects: The present invention concerns a system for detecting and determining the position of moving objects, where electronic transceiver units communicate with at least two fixed transceiver stations. It is the object of the invention to perform a constant position determination of movable objects within a delimited area. This may be... Agent: Smarter Farming A/s

20110102153 - Document including an integrated microcircuit device and a method of detecting an attack on the physical integrity of the document: A document including an integrated microcircuit device, in particular an RFID device, the document including at least one detector configured to detect a change in at least one physicochemical magnitude, which detection is capable of being performed away from the read field of an external reader capable of obtaining at... Agent: Arjowiggins Security Integrale Solutions

20110102152 - Double side identification notation-containing test strip and test instrument thereof: A double side identification notation-containing test strip and test instrument thereof, comprising: a substrate, having a first surface and a second surface, and at least a test area and an identification area provided thereon, hereby forming a double side identification notation-containing test strip. In said double side identification notation-containing test... Agent: Hmd Biomedical Inc.

20110102150 - Metallic cover having ic tag, and metallic container: An IC tag can be mounted without deteriorating appearance of a container, breakage or the like of the IC tag can be prevented and excellent wireless communication between a reader/writer becomes possible by eliminating influence of the metal container by ensuring a long communication distance to the reader/writer by allowing... Agent: Toyo Seikan Kaisha ,ltd.

20110102151 - Rfid reader and method for controlling gain thereof: Provided are an RFID reader and a method for controlling a gain thereof. The RFID reader includes an amplifier and an AGC circuit. The amplifier controls the gain of an RX signal, received from an RFID tag, in response to an AGC signal. The AGC circuit measures a signal level... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110102149 - System and method for operating an rfid system with head tracking: A method of transmitting radiofrequency identification (RFID) interrogation signals is disclosed. The method comprises detecting a first movement of a user in a first direction, determining a command from the first movement, and transmitting a RFID interrogation signal in response to the command.... Agent: Symbol Technologies, Inc.

20110102157 - Wake-up for wireless devices based on requested data: Various example embodiments are disclosed herein. According to an example embodiment, a method may include generating, by a first wireless communication system, a first label based on performing one or more hash functions on at least information relating to data to be requested; storing the first label in a set... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110102155 - Digital price displayer and esl system comprising the same: Disclosed is a digital price displayer and an ESL system comprising the same, wherein the displayer includes a power supplier mounted on a product-displayed shelf for supplying a power; a display main body attachable to and detachable from the shelf and receiving power supplied from the power supplier, and outputting... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110102156 - Rfid tag with occupancy status recall: An RFID tag for use in a vehicle for use in an electronic toll collecting system. The tag is capable of transmitting data to a tag interrogator indicating the occupancy status of the vehicle. In an embodiment, the tag has a user input and a visual and audible tag status... Agent: Tc License Ltd.

20110102158 - System and method for widget-assisted setup of a universal remote control: A system and method for enabling set up of a controlling device capable of controlling a plurality of appliances provides an interactive instruction set and associated programming which is downloadable to a controllable appliance having an associated display, such as an Internet enabled television. The programming is accessible by the... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20110102159 - Systems and methods for controlling communication over a power distribution network: An embodiment of a communication system can control transmission of a data signal to a power distribution network based on signal data measured from the power distribution network. The signal data may represent an amount of crosstalk or an amount of noise experienced on the power distribution network. The signal... Agent:

20110102160 - Systems and methods for haptic augmentation of voice-to-text conversion: Systems and methods for providing voice-to-text haptic augmentation in a user interface are disclosed. For example, one disclosed system for converting audible speech information to a haptic effect includes a microphone and a processor in communication with the microphone, the processor configured to receive an audio signal associated with a... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110102162 - Haptic feedback generation based on resonant frequency: A system that generates a haptic effect generates a drive cycle signal that includes a drive period and a monitoring period. The drive period includes a plurality of drive pulses that are based on the haptic effect. The system applies the drive pulses to a resonant actuator during the drive... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110102161 - Systems and methods for haptic confirmation of commands: Systems and methods for haptic confirmation of commands are disclosed. For example a system for generating haptic effects to confirm receipt of a voice command includes a microphone; a housing configured to be contacted by a user, and an actuator in communication with the housing, the actuator configured to output... Agent: Immersion Corporation

20110102163 - Movable object periphery monitoring system and method for controlling data transmission in the same: A transmission device includes a transmitter and a receiver and transmits an image signal of an image of a periphery of a movable object from an imaging device to a display device near a driver of the movable object. The transmitter transmits an image signal to the receiver through a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110102164 - Remote fob integrated in a personal convenience device: A combined personal convenience and remote fob device is provided for use with a transportation vehicle. The personal convenience device includes a housing and is adapted to perform a non-transportation related convenience function. The remote fob device is supported within the housing and is capable of performing at least one... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110102165 - Taxi-roof sign: A taxi sign device, which can display various details is provided; the taxi sign device utilizes the unit which is installed today on the taxi's roof (the yellow hat with the writing “TAXI”) and comprises a keypad or buttons for entering the driver's commands, a control unit controlling the display... Agent:

20110102166 - Vehicle and method of advising a driver therein: A vehicle may include a driver interface and at least once controller operatively arranged with the interface. The at least one controller may be configured to categorize a driver's dynamic control of the vehicle by type, determine a target speed of a road curvature, and determine a speed of the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110102167 - Driver attitude detection system: A driver attitude detection system for a vehicle includes a forward facing imaging sensor for capturing image data of a scene occurring forwardly of and in the direction of forward travel of an equipped vehicle. An image processor is operable to process image data captured by the forward facing imaging... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20110102168 - Pneumatic product-on-demand delivery system for an agricultural machine with a hose disconnect monitor: The present invention provides a monitor of the hose connection of a pneumatic product-on-demand delivery system in an agricultural machine. This can be done in several ways. One way is to sense the product flow in the product hose and how long it is running. If the product is constantly... Agent:

20110102169 - Safety arrangement for and method of alerting vehicle operator to remove rear occupant from parked vehicle: A safety arrangement for alerting an operator of a parked vehicle having an ignition and rear doors that a rear occupant, e.g., a child, is still present in a rear of the vehicle, includes door sensors for detecting when either rear door is open or closed, an ignition sensor for... Agent:

20110102170 - Remote monitoring of real-time information: A method for remote monitoring of real-time information is provided. In the method, a representation is displayed of each of a plurality of items configured to generate the real-time information. Also displayed is a representation of each of a plurality of destinations configured to receive the real-time information. The real-time... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110102172 - Delayed user notification of events in a mobile device: A sender-specified courtesy notification scheme to delay notification by a receiving device of the receipt of a data message is disclosed. A sender may specify a notification parameter defining a delay and send the parameter in association with the data message to a recipient. The recipient's receiving device evaluates the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110102171 - Integrated security system with parallel processing architecture: An integrated security system that includes a security coprocessor coupled to a conventional security system panel and an interactive security system. The integrated security system enables conventional security system features as well as the consumer-oriented interactive features and functions of an interactive security system without sacrificing reliability or the significant... Agent:

20110102173 - Navigation system with context boundary monitoring mechanism and method of operation thereof: A method of operation of a navigation system includes: receiving a context boundary; receiving a boundary criteria for the context boundary; identifying a personal physical characteristic for monitoring a monitored person; detecting a personal noncompliance to the boundary criteria based on a discrepancy of the personal physical characteristic; and generating... Agent: Telenav, Inc.

20110102174 - Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and communicating with a user: A baby monitor including a receiver configured to receive a plurality of digital signals, each produced by a separate electrical unit and representing an audible acoustical signal. The baby monitor also including a speaker configured to output the sounds represented by the plurality of digital signals, a microphone configured to... Agent:

20110102175 - Communication devices and methods for devices including generic indicators configurable for real-time announcement of received communication signals: Disclosed are communication devices and methods of communication devices including generic indicators and a user interface to configure the generic indicators so that a user can privately determine, in real-time, from whom a communication signal has been received and the type of communication signal received. A user may select contacts... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110102177 - Diver monitoring and communication system: The present invention relates to a system, method and software for monitoring a diver comprising: a topside monitoring system 13 on a vessel comprising a receiver for receiving data from at least one diver 12, the data being transmitted using an acoustic modem 207 and specifying information relating to the... Agent: Prink Limited

20110102176 - Reteachable non-contact switching circuit: A method for reteaching a switching circuit is provided. The method includes presenting a target within a sensing range of a sensor of the switching circuit for a pre-determined duration and acquiring an identification code of the target via the sensor. The method also includes comparing the acquired identification code... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110102178 - Intrusion detection system and its sensors: An intrusion detection system, that comprises a multi sensors array deployable along a physical barrier means and linkable to it in a manner that enables sensing various phenomena (one or more), typically take place when an attempted intrusion act occurs through the physical barrier means, and generation of an indication... Agent: Sabra De-fence Technologies Ltd.

20110102179 - Adjustable dual loop cable security device: Various embodiments of the invention may be directed to a security device comprising a housing, a rotatable assembly, a locking assembly, and a cable. The rotatable assembly may include a plurality of locking teeth, a spool, and an engagement portion configured to facilitate rotation the rotatable assembly. The locking assembly... Agent: Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

20110102180 - Apparatus and method for estimating tag location: A first tag that is located in a communication coverage area among a plurality of tags is selected as a base tag in order to estimate tag location in an apparatus for estimating tag location that communicates with a plurality of tags. A second tag whose location is estimated among... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110102181 - Bed exit lighting: A person-support apparatus includes a frame, a plurality of sensors, and a controller. The plurality of sensors are configured to determine a person's position relative to the frame. The controller is operatively coupled to the sensors. The controller determines whether an exit condition has been met. A light source is... Agent:

20110102182 - Alcohol concentration detecting device: An alcohol concentration detecting device for a vehicle includes an alcohol sensor to detect alcohol component contained in an expiration of an occupant of the vehicle, a gas sensor to detect gas components other than the alcohol component contained in the expiration, and a controller to calculate alcohol concentration based... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110102183 - Spatially resolved temperature measurement inside a spatial detection region: A device and a method enable a spatially resolved measurement of a temperature inside a spatially linear detection region. The device includes a measuring body having a first electric conductor, a second electric conductor, and an insulating material, which extends between the two electric conductors. The insulating material has a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110102184 - Radiation image capturing system: The present invention relates to a radiation image capturing system. A radiation detector of a radiation detecting cassette detects a radiation that has passed through a patient, and an accumulated exposed radiation dose calculator calculates an accumulated exposed radiation dose by accumulating radiation image information detected by the radiation detector,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110102185 - Power-driven window shade with an alarm device: A power-driven window shade mainly utilizes a controlling device connected to an alarm which includes a power storage respectively connected to a power device and a processing unit of the controlling device, and a detector connected to the power device. If a sudden interruption of electricity supply occurs while the... Agent:

20110102186 - Method and device for the detection of defects or correction of defects in machines: The present invention relates to a method and device for the detection or correction of defects in machines, whereby a defect is optically and/or acoustically displayed at its point of origin and/or correction by means of at least one reporting device (5). According to the invention, the reporting device (5)... Agent: Khs Gmbh

20110102187 - Audio driven synchronized light display: Disclosed is a light display comprised of a light display unit containing 24 LEDs of various colors, a USB connector connecting the light display unit to a computer, and light display custom software that is loaded onto the computer. When the computer plays music audio such as a WAV file,... Agent:

20110102188 - System and method for determining stretch or compression of a drill string: A system and a method for determining stretch or compression of a drill string is disclosed. Sensors are positioned along the drill string for collecting data for determining the stretch or compression. The stretch or the compression of the drill string may be used to calculate depths at which measurements... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110102189 - Method and system for remotely monitoring the location of a vehicle: A telemetry system coupled to a vehicle can communicate with a remote site using a wireless network, such as a cellular mobile radiotelephone network. The telemetry system can monitor aspects of the vehicle's operations based on remote user input. The telemetry system can monitor a vehicle's location or a crossing... Agent: Numerex Corp.

20110102190 - Facilitating power supply unit management using telemetry data analysis: Some embodiments provide a system that analyzes telemetry data from a computer system. During operation, the system obtains the telemetry data as a set of telemetric signals from the computer system and validates the telemetric signals using a nonlinear, nonparametric regression technique. Next, the system assesses the integrity of a... Agent: Sun Microsystems, Inc.

20110102191 - Method and device for operating a night vision system for cars: Poor visibility at night is a tiring and dangerous situation in traffic, feared by many drivers. As a result of poor visibility, the frequency of accidents at night is significantly higher than during the day with good visibility conditions. Cars are thus prospectively fitted with night vision systems, in order... Agent:

20110102195 - Intersection driving support apparatus: When a vehicle attempts to enter a priority road from a non-priority road, a visibility determination processing section compares moving object information on the priority road obtained from a first infrastructure facility installed near a stop position with moving object information on the priority road detected by an autonomous sensor... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110102192 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for displaying forecast weather products with actual and predicted ownship: A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided for displaying forecast weather products in relation to a planned flight path of an air vehicle. The method, apparatus and computer program product may display a representation of future weather conditions along with the planned flight path of the air vehicle... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110102193 - Personalized updating of digital navigation maps: A digital navigation map is updated by floating car data, wherein vehicles transmit their own position to a traffic control center, the traffic control center and/or at least one vehicle identifies a hazard situation, and an update for the digital navigation maps of the vehicles in the surroundings is initiated... Agent:

20110102194 - Road-vehicle communication system and vehicle-mounted device: A road-vehicle communication system comprises roadside apparatuses, a center device, and a vehicle-mounted device mounted in a vehicle. The roadside apparatuses are each given identification information for identifying itself. The center device transmits to the vehicle the identification information about a first roadside apparatus installed on the road where the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kenwood

20110102197 - Automated parking guidance and management system: A signalling means (1) for indicating whether a parking place (34) for a vehicle is available or occupied, wherein the signalling means (1) comprises a housing (2) and at least one LED (3) arranged within said housing (2), wherein the housing (2) comprises a cover (4) that is at least... Agent: Software System Solutions Fc-llc

20110102196 - Parking support device: A parking support device capable of reliably supporting a parking driving operation by a driver, comprising an image acquisition portion for acquiring an image peripheral to a vehicle captured by a vehicle-mounted image pickup device; an image display portion for displaying the peripheral image; and an indicator output portion for... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110102198 - Aircraft control cabin with avionics display device: This aircraft control cabin comprises an avionics display device with multiple fixed screens (10a-10d) and at least one screen (15, 16) as an accessory, designed to be a replacement screen or extra screen for the avionics display system. The screen (15, 16) is a touch screen housed in a retractable... Agent: Airbus Operations (sas)

20110102199 - Aircraft visual display system with direct page navigation: A visual display system is provided for an aircraft having a flight plan with a plurality of flight plan pages. The system includes a display unit configured to display at least one of the flight plan pages; an input device configured to receive an input from a user corresponding to... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110102200 - Marine security system: There is proposed a marine security system which comprises at least two different monitoring elements (IRC, IRS) and a controller (PC) connected thereto in particular for warding off pirates, said controller triggering an alarm and/or activating alarm devices as a function of the displays or outputs of the different monitoring... Agent: Lexgabinia Ug

20110102201 - Method and system for stabilizing a vessel: The invention relates to a method for stabilizing and/or keeping afloat of a vessel after an incident like a marine accident, whereby by inflating at least one inflatable element in a subspace of the hold of the vessel by feeding inflating gas into the inflatable element, the inflatable element in... Agent:

20110102202 - Traffic control system and method using positioned data: The invention provides a traffic control system and method. In particular, the traffic control system and method according to the invention utilizes GPS, AGPS, GLONSS, Galileo global navigation satellite system, and so on to generate and transmit a preemption request signal for an emergency vehicle, such as ambulance, etc. At... Agent: Quanta Computer, Inc.

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